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CBT Shorts, Number 2

Four short stories: Fae, A Little Extra Spending Money (Part One), Pool Party (Alternate Ending), A Little Extra Spending Money (Part Two), and a bonus epilogue for Pool Party.

All these stories share a general theme of male genital objectification and abuse, penectomy and castrations, cannibalism, and dominant females casually indifferent to the suffering and pain their male peers experience on their behalf.

1 - Fae

 "Thanks for agreeing to this."

 The girl kneeling before you smiles brightly, as she strokes one soft hand up and down the shaft of your erect cock, while rolling and fondling your relaxed balls gently with her other. Her large, gorgeous green eyes regard you steadily, twinkling happily as she contemplates you and your manhood, and what you've just agreed to allow her to do to it. Her pink tongue pokes out and wets her full, luscious lips in apparent anticipation.

 You're both completely nude, and comfortably so, as it's about noon on a lovely, warm spring day. The combination of the large, grassy, and peaceful meadow, surrounded on all sides by tall, vibrant oaks and aromatic incense cedars, along with the girl's eyes, her sunlight-through-pouring-honey colored hair, her pale, flawless skin, and her slim, almost elfin build, nearly lets you believe that you've somehow stepped through a portal from your normal, humdrum universe into a fantasy world. One with mighty kingdoms and monstrous creatures, foul orcs who want to capture and eat you, and fair elves who want to sing, dance, and make make merry with you.

 Although, in this particular case, the orcs aren't the ones who are eyeing you hungrily...

 "Hardly any boys will let me do this." the girl continues. "Which is such a shame, because it always tastes so, so good."

 "You.. You've done this before?" you ask her, as a fluttering butterfly of trepidation wings its way around in your stomach.

 "A few times.. Not nearly often enough, though." she answers, with a mischievous grin and a sly little wink up at you. "Now, let's see how you taste.."

 With that, she envelopes the head of your cock with her soft, moist, and oh-so-eager mouth. Her tongue dances and flickers around your sensitive tip as she sucks gently on your flesh, the sensations exquisitely pleasurable, making your hips buck slightly and your legs tremble. An approving hum issues forth from the girl as she takes in your flavor, the subtle vibrations of her throat adding even more to the pleasure you are already experiencing.

 "Oh, you ARE good." she exclaims, happily licking her lips again as she pulls away from your member a minute later. "This is going to be great. Do you want to come one last time, before I start?"

 "Ah, well.." you start to say, hesitating a little.

 The truth is that you very much do want one last orgasm. It aches inside you, desperate to be released, but the sight of the beautiful kneeling girl, who has caused you to come to this condition, also gives you pause. You're doing this for her sake after all, not your own, so shouldn't she have a say? Isn't her will, her desires, more important than your own are right now, in this affair?

 You hesitate a moment longer. You want to come. You REALLY want to come. But, even more, you can't bear the thought of that beautiful, happy smile on her upturned face turning into a disappointed frown if you give her the wrong answer.

 "I.. I guess it's up to you." you finally manage to say. "Whatever you want."

 She rewards you with another sunny smile, which fills your chest and heart with happy fire.

 "Aww, that's sweet of you." she says, as she lays your throbbing, erect cock along her warm cheek and looks up at you. "All the other boys I've done this with wouldn't let me do it before I'd made them cum three or four times. Several even chickened out after I'd put all that work in too, the ingrates."

 "I'd never do that to you." you say, meaning every word.

 "I know. You're the best." she says, as she gives you a few more appreciative licks. "And the best tasting! Are you ready, then?"

 You shiver at her words, as the realization that she isn't going to bother to give you one final orgasm washes over you. Your manhood isn't an instrument of pleasure to her anymore. It's just a meal now: living meat waiting to be eaten.

 "Y.. Yes." you say, voice catching a little, as you bite your lip in worried expectation of the pain you're sure you are about to experience.

 "Okay, here I go." she says, as she opens her mouth to take in your cock for the final time. "Try not to squirm too much, 'kay?"

 You brace yourself for the feel of her strong, white teeth on your flesh, but she surprises you. Instead of biting into your cock, she settles for merely suckling on it some more. Her pleased and delighted moans make it clear to you just how much she enjoys the taste of your manhood. Her tongue caresses your cockhead incessantly, and her eyes never leave your own.

 This goes on for long enough that your orgasm, which you had been sure you would never have a chance to enjoy, begins to build and peak. She senses your apex approaching, and, as your hips begin to buck and jerk, she brings her teeth to rest just behind the head of your cock, pressing them gently into your flesh. Then, as the first spurt of ejaculate begins to pulse up your shaft, your pleasure reaching its climax, she bites down on you, fiercely.

 The pressure of her bite stops your ejaculation cold, and your orgasm stalls as your cum begins to build up painfully inside your shaft. You hardly notice this, however, as what is dominating your attention is the girl's vigorous attempts to bite through your cock. Human teeth are not really made for cutting through raw meat, a fact which is becoming more and more obvious to you as she saws her jaw back and forth, grinding her incisors and canines into your flesh, only slowly making progress, despite her best efforts.

 Instinctively, you reach your hands forward to push her away from you, off of your penis, but manage, just barely, to restrain yourself from doing so. You agreed to this, after all. This is all for her.

 Finally, after nearly a minute of biting, and grinding, and gnashing of teeth, the girl manages, with a last, firm jerk backward of her head, to take your cockhead completely off. She leans back, while still keeping a steady grip on your remaining manhood, and looks up at you, smiling and satisfied with her accomplishment, and begins to chew.

 You hunch your upper body over a bit, in reaction to the pain, whimpering as you watch her slowly, but relentlessly, reduce the end of your cock to nothing but easily swallow-able morsels of meat. One, then two, and then a final third gulp are all it takes for the girl to make an end of the head of your penis, and she licks her lips in obvious appreciation of your sacrifice to her stomach.

 "Oh, I love that taste so much.." she sighs, patting her tummy happily, as she looks up at you.

 "It.. It hurts.." you moan in reply.

 "Well, of course it hurts, silly." she replies, while rolling her eyes. "I am eating you, after all."

 "I.. I didn't expect it to hurt THIS much.." you manage, shuddering.

 "Well, you're not going to back out now, are you?" she asks, smiling sardonically. "There wouldn't be much point, anyway. I've already taken the best bit."

 No, of course you won't back out. This is all for her, after all. Your pain is only a minor consideration compared to her pleasure, her hunger.

 "No, of course not." you say.

 "Good." she replies, happy smile returning. "Oh, you're dribbling."

 Indeed, the semen that had been trapped within your penis, from your abruptly interrupted orgasm, has begun to ooze weakly from the now ragged, and considerably shorter, end of your cock.

 "Better not let it go to waste." the girl says, grinning, as she opens her mouth and leans in toward her meal once again.

 She licks up the stray threads of your semen, then seals her mouth around the end of your shaft and suckles on you, drawing the rest of your last ever ejaculation into her mouth and down her throat in one slow swallow. Humming in appreciation, she then clamps her teeth an inch further down the shaft of your still erect cock, and begins the task of removing yet another mouthful of your meat.

 She proceeds, over the next ten minutes or so, to remove your penis from you, one inch at a time. Each painful bite of your flesh is chewed up and swallowed down with relish, the girl obviously ecstatic at the taste, texture, and feel of your meat in her mouth. Finally, she buries her nose in your groin as she tears off the last little bit of your cock, mouth and throat working as she chews it up and then gulps it down, to join the rest of itself in her stomach.

 "Whew, that was good!" she exclaims, as she leans back and looks up at you. "Cocks are always so chewy, though. I suppose that it does mean I get to enjoy the flavor longer, but it tires out my jaw so.."

 "Not like these, at all." she continues, cupping, squeezing, and hefting your testicles appraisingly. "That's why I like to save them for last. They're much easier to chew up."

 "Plus, they taste even better than cocks, in my opinion." she finishes, as she leans forward to take your balls into her hungry mouth. "Save the best for last, right?"

 She sucks both of your gonads, your entire sack, into her mouth and lets them rest on her tongue for a moment, rolling them slowly and appreciatively around, tasting them, suckling them. Then, winking at you and smiling around the top of your scrotum, she begins to chew.

 Both of your balls are quite a mouthful for her, and she's obviously in no hurry. She traps one of your balls between her teeth and slowly, slowly crushes it, chewing it thoughtfully and thoroughly to pieces, her beautiful eyes locked on your own as she does so. You watch and feel, trying not to squirm or scream, as she repeats her efforts on your second testicle, the tender orb offering no meaningful resistance to her firm and steady chews, as she grinds it and its brother both into meaty, chunky paste.

 You feel her start to swallow the last of your manhood, both balls masticated and pulped, but still attached, before she uses her incisors to nibble and bite your scrotum and testicles completely free.

 You watch the large lump of meat flow down her throat, which she has to swallow hard on several times, before it disappears into her at last, as she leans back away from your now empty crotch. You realize, as you gaze upon her slim, gorgeous form, her hands resting contentedly on her full belly as she licks her lips in satisfaction, that everything that had defined you, everything that had made you a man, is now just a slowly dissolving collection of meat scraps in her churning stomach. Your cock and balls are now mere calories and nutrients, to power and warm her beautiful body for the next few hours, and nothing more.

 As she shifts her weight from her knees to her toes, and begins to stand, you, clasping the empty spot where your manhood was, just minutes ago, slump to the ground. You come to rest on your knees, body hunched over your ruined groin, gazing up at her as she stands up straight and proud, her hands resting on her hips and her small but shapely chest thrust out, pert, pink nipples erect and seeming to beg for attention. Your relative positions, now perfectly mirrored from only moments before, drive home to you exactly what she's taken from you. What you gave to her, freely.

 "Oh, wow. That was great!" she exclaims, quite enthusiastically, rubbing her stomach appreciatively. "Thank you so much! It was very kind of you to let me have you for lunch."

 She reaches out and pats you affectionately on the head, like one would a well behaved pet who has performed an unexpected, and moderately impressive, trick. Then, she bites her lip and runs her other hand up her flank, slowly, letting her fingers come to rest lightly on one hard nipple.

 "It's too bad you don't have a cock now, though." she muses, as she begins to gently play with herself. "Eating a nice set of cock and balls like yours always gets me excited. It puts me on edge, you know?"

 "It's a bit ironic, isn't it?" she continues, smiling wryly. "Now that it's gone, I kinda want it back. I guess that old saying is true: you really can't have your cock and eat it too, ha! It would have been perfect for me if you had happened to bring a friend along with you today, huh?"

 "Oh, well." she finishes, with a dismissive, flippant wave of the hand that had been ruffling your hair. "I guess I'll just have to go find another guy, one who still has his dick, and see if he wants to have some fun."

 "Maybe he'll even treat me to dinner afterwards!" she says, grinning at the prospect, as she turns from you and begins to skip, on her bare toes, cheerfully away from your kneeling, submissive form, obviously no longer interested in you since you've nothing left to offer her.

 "Thanks again!" she calls, as her pale, lithe form disappears down the grassy trail, into the trees, taking the digesting remnants of her meal, your former manhood, with her into the verdant forest.


2 - A Little Extra Spending Money, Part One

 "I'll give you sixty dollars for him."

 Mrs. Mayweather frowned at this news, her disappointment obvious.

 "Is that all?" she asked, as she peered questioningly at the form of her restrained and disbelieving son, who was being held firmly in place by the large, strong hands of the mistress of the shop. "You can't do any better?"

 "Sorry, that's all I can offer." the enormous woman replied, shaking her head. "The market's flooded right now. Forester's Farms does their annual cull this time every year, and the glut of substandard boys they dump into the supply chain always drives ALL the prices way down for a few weeks. Even the higher grades of boy won't fetch as much as normal, right now."

 "Drat." Mrs. Mayweather responded, her frown deepening.

 She and her daughter, along with her son, had stopped by the shop to see if they couldn't boost their finances for their weekly shopping trip a bit. The proprietress, Ms. Livingstone, was a regular dealer of boys and boy flesh. The extremely tall, extremely thick (but not particularly fat) woman, who looked like she might regularly squat dump trucks instead of bar bells when doing her morning exercises, had taken Mrs. Mayweather's startled son firmly in hand. Ms. Livingstone had quickly divested the protesting and squirming boy of his clothes, bound up his wrists behind his back, and then begun a thorough and surprisingly invasive appraisal of his body.

 Thrusting her thick fingers into his mouth, she'd pried his cheeks apart so she could inspect his teeth. Then, she'd run her hands up and down his boyish form, squeezing and kneading his muscles, paying particular attention to his shoulders, rump, and thighs. After that, much to the boy's dismay, she had donned a set of disposable rubber gloves and poked several of her meaty digits deep into his anus, running them around the inside of his bottom ring, then hooking them sharply and tugging on it mercilessly, looking pensive, while ignoring his sputtering, outraged wails of protest entirely. Finally, she had, after removing and discarding her soiled gloves, taken his surprisingly engorged manhood in one of her strong hands and eyed it critically, as she hefted and weighed the young cock and balls in frank appraisal.

 "I really thought he'd bring a better price, even so.." Mrs. Mayweather mused, as she gazed at her son, considering her options.

 "Well, he's a bit underdeveloped." Ms. Livingstone replied, casually and dismissively flicking the end of the boy's erect penis for emphasis. "A bit weedy. It brings the price down some."

 "Hmm.." Mrs. Mayweather hummed to herself, as she tapped one index finger to her chin in apparent thought.

 "So, do you want to sell him, or not?" the shop owner prompted, not appearing particularly impatient, merely a bit bored as she waited for the woman to come to a decision.

 "Yes, I suppose so." Mrs. Mayweather finally said, sealing her son's fate. "We won't have enough for everything we want to buy today, otherwise. And even so, we'll still have to be careful with how much we spend."

 "I'd give you more, if I could." Ms. Livingstone replied, as she took out a roll of bills and peeled three twenties from it, handing them casually to the woman. "But if I did, I wouldn't be able to make any money on him at all. I might even lose some!"

 "I know." Mrs. Mayweather said, nodding understandingly.

 "Be a good boy, dear, and do whatever Ms. Livingstone tells you, won't you?" she then said to her son, ignoring the babble of pleading and begging that had begun to tumble out of the boy as he realized just how dire his predicament had become.

 "Whatever do you do with them all, anyway?" Mrs. Mayweather's daughter, Tracy, asked, after the noise her brother was making was abruptly cut off by a large ball gag inserted firmly into his mouth by the boy's new owner.

 The girl, who had been silent up until that moment, had been idly poking, fondling, and examining the rest of the shop's stock. Said stock consisted of nearly a dozen shivering boys, all as nude, restrained, and gagged as her own bother now was, leashed to posts by small collars cinched tightly around the base of their manhoods.

 "Well, some I keep here to sell retail." the large shopkeeper answered, smiling benevolently at the girl. "But most I gather up and take 'round to some of the other businesses near here, to sell wholesale. Madam Hortense usually takes the pretty ones off my hands, for comfort boy and servant training. Ms. Bramble picks out the larger and stronger ones, for work or pony boy training. The rest usually go to one of the nicer restaurants nearby. And, if I've still got any left after that, I send them off to a dog food manufacturer."

 "Dog food?" Tracy asked, eyebrows raised up in surprise.

 "Yes, but it's almost always just the skinniest and scrawniest leftovers that I need to dispose of that way." Ms. Livingstone replied, nodding. "And, honestly, it's all they're really good for, anyway."

 "I see." Tracy replied, satisfied that her mild curiosity had been sated. "Thank you."

 "You're welcome, dear. Have a nice day shopping." Ms. Livingstone said, bidding the girl farewell.

 "Come along, Tracy." Mrs. Mayweather instructed, as she pushed open the door to the shop, causing its bell to tinkle merrily. "We've a lot to do. We need to get you your clothes for your new school today, remember?"

 "Yes, mother." the girl replied.

  She and her mother exited the shop, leaving both the shopkeeper and their whining and whimpering young former male relative behind.

END Spending Money, Part One

3 - Pool Party, Alternate Ending

 "Was it on the middle shelf?" Jenna asked.

 "You know, I think it might have been." Amy replied, tilting her head quizzically and sounding surprised. "You don't think..?"

 "Yeah, that was probably it." Jenna confirmed, looking a little grim.

 "Oh, I'm so glad." Jeremy said, sounding very relieved. "Can I have it back, please?"

 "Uh, maybe, little brother." Jenna said, her tone evasive. "Maybe.."

 "What? What do you mean, maybe?" Jeremy asked, his voice becoming strained again. "Either you have it, or you don't, right?"

 "Well, the thing is.." Jenna began, before trailing off with a glance to the side, looking a bit uncomfortable.

 "We started cooking the hot dogs over ten minutes ago." Amy supplied for her, waving one hand casually in the direction of Jenna's gaze, over to the patio grill, which was surrounded by hot dog buns, assorted condiments, and hungry looking girls in skimpy, damp bikinis.

 "Oh.. Oh, no!" Jeremy gasped, his mouth dropping open in horror, as understanding of Amy's implication washed over him. "Oh, no!"

 "It's probably too late." Amy said, her laughter starting to return as her mouth twisted up into an amused smirk. "S-sorry, boy."

 "It.. It might not be!" Jeremy exclaimed, as he jumped past the two girls and began to frantically dash in the direction of the grill.

 "Ah, jeez.." Jenna muttered quietly, as she rolled her eyes while slapping one hand to her forehead in apparent disbelief and exasperation. Then she and Amy followed after her brother.

 They caught up with Jeremy a moment later, and found him arguing with the bikini-clad girl running the grill, trying desperately to grab the meat fork with which she was using to roll and serve the cooking hot dogs. The girl was holding the cooking implement away from Jenna's brother, while pushing him back with her other hand, looking bemused and a little annoyed with him. The other girls around the grill were looking on as this happened, their expressions a mixture of amusement and curiosity.

 Several were already munching on condiment slathered hot dogs.

 "Jenna, what the heck is your brother going on about?" Stacy, the grill girl, asked, as she fended off another attempt by Jeremy to steal her fork. "Why does he seem to think that I have his.. his penis?"

 "Ahh.. umm.." Jenna began, flushing crimson, obviously completely embarrassed by the entire situation, before Amy came to her rescue.

 "Jenna's brother left his penis in the refrigerator, and I, uh.. I may have grabbed it along with the hot dogs earlier." Amy explained, succinctly. "He's worried that you might have it on the grill right now, that you might have even cooked and served it up already."

 "I.. His penis..?" Stacy replied, looking utterly perplexed. "..What?!"

 "That was exactly my reaction.." Jenna moaned, shaking her head again.

 "Why was his penis in the refrigerator?" one of the other girls asked, as several of the girls with half eaten hot dogs looked down at the meals in their hands with surprise and sudden suspicion.

 "You know, that is a good question.." Amy began to say, before being interrupted by Jenna.

 "Oh, who knows? Or cares!" Jenna exclaimed, her tone disgruntled and disgusted. "Just.. Just check all the hot dogs, alright? See if any of them are.. are my brother's.."

 "Penis?" Amy prompted, trying and failing to hide her amused smile behind a raised hand.

 "Penis." Jenna confirmed, with a disbelieving sigh and shoulders slumped in defeat.

 "Uh.. Mine's not.." one of the hot dog eating girls said, before she popped the last bit into her mouth and began chewing it up.

 "Neither is mine."

 "Or mine.."

 Soon enough, all of the girls confirmed that their hot dogs were, in fact, just normal hot dogs.

 "Here it is. I found it." Stacy called out, a moment later. Her voice was curiously flat and subdued, as she bent over the grill, inspecting its contents closely. "It's this one, right here."

 "Oh, god!" Jeremy gasped, as he looked to where the girl was pointing with her meat fork. "Please, get it off the grill, quickly! Before it gets too singed!"

 "Um.. I don't think you have to worry about that.." Stacy said, as she poked curiously at the boy's sizzling sausage on the grill.

 "Wh.. Why?!"

 "Because it's done."

 There was a moment of shocked silence, as everyone there, girls and boy, took in Stacy's words.

 "D.. Done?!" Jeremy asked, his face betraying his shock and horror.

 "Yep." Stacy replied, her tone filled with finality. "Done."

 Then, with practiced, expert motions, Stacy ran her long fork through the cylinder of cooked meat, prying it off the grill easily, and served it up on a paper plate, which she deposited on a folding table next to the grill.

 All the girls, and Jeremy, bent over the table to peer closely at the penis laying there before them.

 It was definitely cooked.

 No one spoke for several moments, as everyone present took in the enormity of what they were seeing.

 "It's kind of small.." one girl at the back of the crowd, who was a bit shorter than average, said, as she bounced on her toes, trying to see over the shoulders of her taller friends.

 Jeremy whimpered.

 "Right?" Amy asked rhetorically, grinning once again. "So, what do we do with it?"

 "Throw it away? Please?" Jenna pleaded, shaking her head once more and pinching the bridge of her nose between her thumb and forefinger.

 "Bury it?" another girl suggested.

 "Um.. Maybe we could feed it to a dog." yet another girl supplied. "I mean, it's already cooked, so we shouldn't waste it, right?"

 "Hah, no way!" Amy said, enthusiastically. "If anyone is going to eat it, it's gonna be me!"

 "Whaat?!" came the collective response of the group, as several girls gasped or laughed in shocked response to Amy's suggestion.

 "Oh, my god.." Jenna moaned, flushing in embarrassment once again. "Amy, you.."

 "Well, like Julie said: it IS already cooked, so why let it go to waste!" Amy said eagerly, as several of the other girls looked thoughtful.

 "It's Jeremy's penis." Stacy said, cutting into the conversation. "Or, at least, it was.. Shouldn't he get to decide what happens to it?"

 "That's a fair point.." one of the other girls said quietly, into the silence that followed.

 "Well?" Amy asked, as all the girls looked to Jeremy, peering at him curiously as he regarded his cooked cock with a tragic expression. "What do you want to do with it? Can I eat it, or what?"

 "Hey, wait a minute." another one of the girls interjected. "I wanna try it too!"

 "Me, too!" came yet another voice, from the back of the crowd.

 The short girl who hadn't been able to see very well over her friend's shoulders pushed her way to the front of the crowd.

 "I want to know what it tastes like." she continued, eyeing the former penis and potential hot dog intently.

 "Aww.. I wanted it all to myself.." Amy pouted, frowning at the girls around her.

 "Ugh, you can have it." said another girl, who looked a little green at the thought of what her friends were contemplating. "Gross."

 Several more girls chimed in, agreeing with her and expressing their disgust at the very idea of putting any amount of Jeremy's penis, cooked or not, into their mouths.

 "I have to admit, I'm curious about it, too." Stacy said, interrupting the growing chatter. "So, Jeremy? Can we have your penis?"

 Jeremy finally looked up from his penis, laying there on the plate where it was steaming gently, and into the faces of the girls crowded around him, some eager, others mildly disgusted, and still others merely curious what he would decide.

 "I.. I.." he began, dazed and unsure, his mind overwhelmed by the events that had overtaken him and his poor penis.

 "It isn't going to do you much good now, the way it is." Stacy prompted, nudging his elbow gently.

 "I.. suppose not.." Jeremy replied, biting his lip as his eyes moistened, tears threatening to fall, finally accepting the total loss of his manhood. "Yes.. You can eat.. eat my p-penis."

 "Whoo! Awesome!" Amy cheered, as she pumped a fist into the air. "Let's get it into a bun! Hand me the relish, would you, Stacy?"

 "Hey, I don't like relish!" objected the short girl, starting a brief, but intense, debate over the merits of various condiments with Amy and all of the other girls who wanted a piece of Jeremy's penis.

 Once the argument had settled, and compromises had been reached, Amy picked up the former penis and newly christened hot dog with a set of tongs and laid it in a bun. The chosen condiments were carefully applied, and Amy then picked up the hot dog and bun, lifting it close to her nose. She inhaled deeply, taking in its aromatic scent, and smiled.

 "Hey, it smells pretty good." she reported. "It was my idea to eat it, so I get the first bite, okay?"

 The other girls grudgingly agreed, and watched, faces filled with curiosity and envy, as Amy opened her mouth wide and, with no further ado, bit the head off Jeremy's cooked penis.

 "Ooh.." Amy moaned, around her mouthful of cock meat, as she passed on the now shorter hot dog. "This is gooood. Really tender."

 "Hmm.." the short girl said, after she had taken her own bite and begun chewing thoughtfully. "It does taste pretty good, but it's actually fairly tough and chewy."

 "I.. I can't.." another girl said, as she looked at the penis hot dog she had just been handed, flustered and blushing. "I changed my mind!"

 "Hah, you're totally missing out." Amy responded, still chewing, as she watched the girl who had chickened out shove the bun clad penis into the next girl's hands. "More for the rest of us."

 "Hmm, you're right, this is pretty chewy." Stacy said, a moment later. She was the last girl willing to eat a part of Jeremy's cock, and she frowned thoughtfully at the last few inches of hot dog in her hand after she had taken her bite. "But your bit wasn't chewy, Amy?"

 "Nope!" Amy said, smiling, after she had swallowed her mouthful of masticated meat and bun down. "Super tender, actually."

 "Huh." Stacy mused, chewing. "I'll bet it's because you got the head."


 Jeremy watched the girls slowly consume and enjoy his male member, his face forlorn and sad. Amy caught his expression, and seemed to misinterpret it. She considered him for a moment longer, eyes fixed on his, then held her hand out to Stacy for the rest of the hot dog.

 "Hey, you don't get two bites.." the short girl protested, seeing Amy accept and then lift the dog and bun up to her mouth once again.

 "Oh, be quiet, Nancy." Amy replied, rolling her eyes. "This one isn't for me, anyway."


 Amy took another bite of the hot dog, her eyes locked on Jeremy's. Then, without chewing, she made her way around the table to him. Wordlessly, she laid her free hand behind Jeremy's neck, then pulled him close.

 Jeremy gasped in surprise as he felt his lips touch his sister's best friend's lips, and Amy used this opportunity to pass him, from her tongue to his, the bite of his cock she had been holding in her mouth. Then, after whispering the word "Chew." to him, she pressed her lips firmly against his once more.

 Jeremy obeyed. He, while getting the first kiss of his life, (and possibly his last, considering his newly cock free condition) began to chew up his own penis. The crowd of girls around them gasped as they watched this happen, with a few, mostly the ones who had also partaken of Jeremy's penis, cheering Amy and him on.

 Amy giggled against his lips as she felt him chew himself up, then released him and stepped back after he had swallowed. His cock tasted.. good. Really good, which just made Jeremy's confused, conflicted emotional state even worse.

 "Thanks for leaving your penis in the fridge." Amy whispered to him, directly into his ear, as she leaned in again. "Definitely the best hot dog I've ever eaten."

 Then she stepped away again, and, winking at him, popped the last piece of his manhood into her mouth. Amy then turned to his sister, and, grinning evilly around her mouthful, pointed at her meaningfully.

 "Oh. Oh, no. No, you don't." Jenna exclaimed, backing up as Amy began to advance upon her.

 Amy just nodded her head, her grin growing wider, as the girls around them began laughing and cheering again.

 "Stay away from me, you frea..!" Jenna managed, smiling and laughing despite herself, before Amy glomped onto her and planted a big kiss right on her mouth.

 Jeremy, and the rest of the girls, heard Jenna moan into Amy's kiss, a wordless negation that ended with both girl's mouths working, as Amy obviously passed the final bit of Jeremy's penis into his sister's mouth.

 "Chew it, girl!" Amy commanded, before she resumed her fierce kiss.

 Jenna, with the laughter that was trying to bubble out of her stymied by the lips of her friend, rolled her eyes and complied, jaw working hard as she struggled to kiss, eat, and giggle, all at the same time. The girls around them, even the ones who had been disgusted at the thought of eating Jeremy's penis, cheered them on, much more enthusiastically than they had for Jeremy.

 "Okay, okay." Jenna admitted, after she had swallowed the last of her brother's penis and the kiss with her best friend had finally ended. "That did taste pretty good, Amy. You sneaky little bi.. Ah!"

 Jenna's words were cut of with a squeak, as Amy goosed the girl's bikini covered bottom, causing her to jump, blush, and swat at her friend playfully.

 "Oh, man." one of the girls complained, watching this display with envy. "I kinda wish I had taken a bite now."

 "Me, too." said the girl who had almost gotten up the courage to try some of Jeremy's penis, before chickening out.

 "Well.." Amy said, turning to them after overhearing their comments. "We've still got his balls, you know.."

 All the girls quieted at that, contemplating Amy's words for a moment, then, as one, the whole group turned to look at Jeremy, eyeing him and his cock-free, but not entirely empty, crotch speculatively. Hungrily, even.

 "Uh, oh." Jeremy thought to himself, and gulped.

END Pool Party, Alternate

4 - A Little Extra Spending Money, Part Two

 "Mother, can I order a "C&B Special"?" Tracy asked, looking up hopefully at her mother over the menu she was holding.

 "Hmm.. I don't know, dear." Mrs. Mayweather replied, as she perused a menu of her own. "They're a bit expensive.."

 "Pleeease?" Tracy wheedled, making pleading puppy dog eyes at her mother as her lips curled into a cute little pout.

 "Oh, very well." Mrs. Mayweather answered, acquiescing with an amused little snort at her daughter's antics. "I suppose that you'll want to go pick out your meal yourself, rather than simply accepting whatever the chefs might select for you, too, hmm?"

 "Yes!" Tracy stated, nodding eagerly, almost bouncing up and down in her chair in her excitement.

 "Well, go on, then." Mrs. Mayweather said. "Don't take too long, though, dear."

 "Okay!" the girl agreed, as she got up and made her way eagerly to the register.

 Mrs. Mayweather chuckled quietly to herself, as she fondly watched her daughter speak to a waitress, and then be escorted back behind the counter, to the restaurant's kitchens and stock holding area.

 Their shopping trip had gone much better than she had anticipated, and the paltry sum she had been able to raise from the sale of her son had been more than offset by the excellent bargains and sales she and her daughter had happened to come across during their busy morning. They had even had some money left over after all was said and done, well over fifty dollars, in fact, which had lead to Mrs. Mayweather suggesting to Tracy that they treat themselves to a late lunch at a nice, nearby restaurant.

 Mrs. Mayweather idly wondered, for a brief moment, just how her son was faring, where he might have ended up after they had parted ways that morning, then dismissed him from her thoughts with a little shake of her head. She had more important matters to consider, she mused, and went back to browsing through the restaurant's rather extensive menu. It was so hard to pick. Really, everything on it sounded simply delicious.

 Tracy had to stand to one side at the entrance to the kitchens, to let another customer, a young woman who appeared to be somewhere in her early twenties, pass out of it. The girl had a satisfied and expectant expression on her face, as if she were quite pleased with herself. It appeared that she was eagerly looking forward to her lunch.

 Tracy's smile at the girl was returned with a twinkling of eyes, and a knowing wink, and after the young woman had returned to the dinning area, Tracy herself went into the kitchens.

 The thing that struck her first was the noise. The kitchens were very loud, with bustling chefs moving back and forth, talking, preparing ingredients, tending to the dishes already cooking, and serving up finished meals on elegant plates, which waitresses would then whisk away to hungry customers.

 The second thing she noticed was the line of boys bound to one otherwise bare wall. Some, the ones still with their manhoods intact, had their arms bound behind their backs. The rest, which were the majority, had their hands hooked high to the wall above them, their toes barely touching the ground. This group were all writhing and shuddering in obvious discomfort and agony, and their groins were conspicuously empty.

 "Here to select your lunch special, dear?" a woman, her chef's apron improbably immaculate, called to Tracy when she saw the girl enter the room.

 "Yes!" Tracy had to reply loudly, to be heard over the general noisy din of the active kitchen.

 "Have at it, then." the woman instructed, smiling genially, as she motioned toward the wall of bound boys with the large cleaver she was wielding in one hand.

 "..'Kay!" Tracy said, nodding, but stood near to watch what the woman was doing for a few moments first.

 The woman, who appeared to be a butcher of some sort, was dragging a boy by his leashed penis and testicles over to a large block. In addition to being bound quite securely, the boy was also gagged and blindfolded, and was evidently quite frightened, judging by his halting steps and swiftly cocking head, as he tried to take in and interpret all of the different sounds surrounding him.

 The woman positioned him in front of the block, facing it. She removed the collar and leash from around his manhood and tossed them into a box by her feet, which was already nearly overflowing, full to the brim with identical restraints. Then, she swatted his bottom firmly with the palm of her free hand, which caused him to squeal in surprise and thrust his hips out over the butcher's block, making his erect cock and plump balls protrude vulnerably onto its rough surface. The woman's other hand, which held the thick cleaver, came down, with precision timing that could only be the result of years of experience, and chopped his manhood cleanly off, right at the base.

 The hefty kitchen implement made a heavy thwacking sound as it cleaved easily through the boy's meat and connected with the wood of the block.

 The boy jerked violently as this happened, and almost immediately began thrashing and wailing through his gag, struggling against the strong grip the woman had promptly taken on his bound wrists.

 "Got a special here, for table thirteen, that needs some attention!" the butcher called out, toward the working chefs, before she began dragging the boy back to an empty place on the wall.

 Once there, she unceremoniously hooked his bounds hands up over his head, ignoring his feeble, squirming resistance. She turned and left him there, writhing and whimpering in pain, without a single glance back. Then, she stepped forward a few feet, folded her arms, and looked to Tracy, her expression satisfied and contented.

 "Let me know when you're ready, dear." she said, smiling again, her demeanor patient as she waited for the girl to make her selection.

 Tracy nodded, then licked her lips as she began walking up and down the line of boys, eyeing their manhoods critically. Unfortunately, none were nearly so nice as the set she had just watched the butcher separate from their former owner, and she grumped to herself, mildly irritated that she hadn't been able to get to the kitchens just a minute or two earlier, so she could have claimed them for herself.

 Mindful of her mother's instruction to not dawdle, she came to a stop before the boy who's manhood, because it was slightly larger than all the rest, was the obvious choice for her lunch. If she'd had a bit more time, she would have taste tested all the options available to her, just to make sure, but, alas, she didn't. So, she'd just have to pick out the biggest and hope that it tasted as good as it looked.

 As she neared him, Tracy realized that the figure of the boy was familiar to her, somehow. Frowning, she reached up and pushed back with one hand on the sadly drooping head of the boy, even as she reached down and began fondling and hefting his bound penis and testicles appraisingly with her other.

 "Oh, it's you." Tracy said, blinking in mild surprise, as she recognized her brother underneath the gag and blindfold.

 "Mmph?!" was the boy's own very surprised, and quite muffled, response.

 Chuckling quietly, amused at the coincidence of running into her brother again here, of all places, Tracy released his head and focused her attention on what was important: his manhood. As she examined it closely, lifting and weighing it in her hands, squeezing and kneading it thoroughly as if to check for ripeness, the bound boy began to gabble through his gag. Tracy thought she heard her own name a few times, along with the words "please" and "help" repeated over and over, as she contemplated her options.

 It made her feel a bit funny to think about picking out her own brother's cock and balls for lunch, but, really, his meat WAS the best available to her at the moment. Despite being "a bit weedy", as Ms. Livingstone had put it, all the rest of the penises on display were even smaller than his, some by a fairly significant margin. Sighing, and putting her mild squeamishness aside, Tracy looked up from considering her former brother's manhood and back toward the butcher woman.

 "This one." Tracy said, nodding to the woman. "I'll have this one."

 "Mmph, MMPH?!" was her brother's response to this, even as the woman smiled and nodded her own head in acknowledgement.

 "Okay. It'll be ready in about twenty-five to thirty minutes." came the woman's reply. "What table are you?"

 "Seven." Tracy said. "Umm.. I think."

 "Closest to the door going out to the patio, on the right as you face the counter?" the woman queried, raising an eyebrow.

 "Umm.." Tracy hummed, thinking for a moment. "Yes. Yes, that's our table."

 "Alright, table seven it is. Have a nice lunch, dear."

 Smiling, and happily anticipating her impending meal, Tracy thanked the butcher and turned to leave, even as the woman unhooked her brother's leash from the wall and began dragging him over to the block. Just as she passed through the door back to the dining area, she heard the smack of a hand on a bare butt cheek, a sudden, loud "Thwack!", and a squeal of muffled pain.

 "Another special, table seven!" the butcher woman called out.

 Tracy's tummy growled, and her mouth started to water, as she went to sit back down with her mother and wait for her lunch to be ready.

END Spending Money, Part Two

5 - Pool Party, Alternate Ending Epilogue

 "If you don't quit squirming, Jeremy, then this is going to take forever." Stacy said, frowning at the boy as she poked and rolled his balls, which were still attached to him, around on the grill.

 "I can't believe we're doing this.." Jenna muttered, shaking her head as she watched Amy, her best friend, try to hold her brother still, so Stacy, her other best friend, could finish cooking up his testicles.

  Two more of her friends, the girls who had earlier called dibs on the boy's balls, stood to one side, watching them progress from manhood to meat, with mouths watering.

 "Hey, he agreed to it." Amy said from behind Jeremy, as she held him as still as she could, her arms wrapped around his chest and her hips thrust against his bottom. "It's not our fault if he didn't realize how much it would hurt."

 The boy in question only moaned, and wriggled his hips again, in a futile attempt to pull his cooking gonads away from the grill.

 "Is he done, yet?" asked one of the waiting girls, who was holding the top half of an open hamburger bun.

 "They're starting to smell pretty good, so I bet they're close.." said the other girl, who was holding the bun's bottom half and a bottle of ketchup, as she licked her lips slowly in anticipation.

 "Another couple of minutes, I think." Stacy replied, as she poked Jeremy's roasting testicles with her meat fork again, provoking a new bout of squirming from the agonized boy.

 "Wow, this pool party's really starting to heat up.." Amy commented, as she gazed around the back yard at all the girls there. "Julie just took her top off.."

 "She's not the only one." Jenna sighed, shaking her head in consternation. "I really didn't think my party would end up like this.."

 "Yeah, who knew that watching a couple of girls eat a boy's penis would be such an effective aphrodisiac.." Amy said, happily. "Oh, there goes Julie's bottom, too! Nice.."

 "Even the girls who didn't like the idea at first are starting to get into it." Stacy said, looking up from her grilling and chuckling, clearly amused. "Look at Nancy.. It looks like she's trying to see how many girls she can get licking her boobs at the same time."

 "It's beginning to look like the set of a cheap porn video around here." Jenna complained, sounding rather put out. "All I wanted was a nice, normal party!"

 "Cheap porn video?" Amy retorted, giggling. "More like awesome porn video! Look at what Julie's doing with her hot dog, now."

 "That doesn't seem very sanitary.." Stacy commented dryly, glancing over at the indicated moaning and liquidly writhing girl, who was laying on her back by the poolside surrounded by other raptly attentive girls, before bending back to her work at the grill.

 "Sanitary, schmanitary." Amy replied, grinning. "It's awesome! I just hope she'll let me eat it after she's done with it."

 "You only say that because you're a giant dy.." Jenna started to huff out, before Amy cut her off.

 "Hey, mean words!" the girl said, glaring at her friend.

 "S-sorry!" Jenna replied, flushing in embarrassment. "I.. I just don't really like this kind of thing.. Really.."

 "Oh, I don't know.." Amy said, her glare morphing into another grin. "You seemed to like that kiss I gave you earlier. You were quite enthusiastic about it, actually, if I recall correctly."

 "I.. Sh-shut up..!" Jenna stammered, blushing even redder at her friend's words.

 "If you two are quite finished.." Stacy said, smiling wryly at her two friends, then looking back down at her roasting charges. "So are these."

 She speared her meat fork through Jeremy's browned scrotum, one large tine impaling each of his now cooked testicles, causing him to whimper pathetically, then used a long knife to slice his sack, balls and all, free from his trembling body.

 "Order up, girls." Stacy said, motioning to the two girls who had been waiting patiently for her to finish. "Bring that bun on over so I can slap these in it and cut it in half for you."

 The girls hastened to comply, and, a few moments later, each held one half of a ball burger; one still sizzling testicle, some crispy scrotum, and some bun each, which they garnished with their preferred condiments. They then looked at each other, grinned hugely, and each took a big bite.

 "Goood." moaned the first, chewing slowly.

 "Soo Goood." confirmed the second, closing her eyes in bliss.

 "When's your next pool party going to be, Jenna?" Amy asked, as she released her grasp on friend's brother, allowing him to drop backward to the grassy lawn. "We totally need to do this again!"

 The girls watched Jeremy shudder and curl up on himself, groaning and clutching at his now empty groin, with expressions of mild interest or amusement on their faces.

 "Again?" Jenna asked, as her friend sidled up to her and draped one arm casually around her waist. "How? I've sort of run out of brothers, and their little penises too."

 "Well, we all know plenty of boys.." Amy said, licking her lips in anticipation. "I don't think it would be too hard to convince some of them to.. contribute.. to the cause. It would probably be rather easy, really, if we used the right sort of.. persuasion."

 "I don't want to invite a bunch of boys to my next pool party." Jenna said crossly, frowning at her friend. "No boys allowed!"

 "What about him?" asked one of the burger eating girls, as she poked Jeremy pointedly in the stomach with her bare toes.

 "Oh, he doesn't count." Jenna sighed. "At least, not anymore."

 The girl shrugged, conceding the point, then popped the last little bit of her burger, and Jeremy's maleness, into her mouth and chewed it up.

 "We don't have to actually invite the boys over.." Amy said, as she, and the other girls who had watched Jeremy's balls be grilled, turned to take in all the rest of their friends' increasingly lewd antics in the back yard. "In fact, we don't need any boys at all."

 Jenna's pool party, which had started out innocently enough, seemed to be devolving into a full fledged lesbian orgy. An orgy fueled, at least in part, by her brother's (mostly) accidentally cooked manhood.

 "Really, the only thing that we need from them are their dicks." Amy finished, smiling smugly, like a cat that had managed to eat the canary and get away with it, and was planning out how to do it again.

 "And their balls!" interjected the other burger eating girl.

 "And their balls." Amy agreed.

 "Well.." Jenna mused, thinking it over.

 "..I guess that does sound like fun." she allowed, then leaned over and gave her friend a chaste little kiss of her own on the lips, blushing again and smiling shyly at her afterward.

 "Awesome." Amy sighed, gazing back at Jenna happily. "You know, I think that cooking up your brother's penis might just be the best accident that has ever happened to us."

 "Maybe it worked out for us, but what about him?" Stacy asked, looking back over her shoulder toward the now apparently unconscious former boy.

 "Who cares?" Jenna and Amy said together, as they walked forward to rejoin the now completely debauched party, arms wrapped fondly around each other's waists.

END Pool Party Epilogue

Author's Note:

 I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. Fae is a bit of an experiment, as I've never written in second person perspective before. I'm very interested to hear what people think of it. Do you like the second person way it was written (you, your, etc.), or would you have preferred it to be third person (he, him, etc.), like the way I normally write?

 The alternate ending to Pool Party (see CBT Shorts 1, if you're confused and want to read the original story) was inspired by a suggestion/request from a commenter, and I think that it turned out even better than the original did, ha ha. ("Wow, Htabdoolb, do you take requests now?" you might ask. "No." I reply. I write what I feel like, whenever I feel like it, which is why I'm able to enjoy this little hobby of mine so much. If something you say in a comment tickles my brain, I might, MIGHT, do something with it some day, but that's as far as I'm willing to go.)

 A Little Extra Spending Money is just me rolling around (like a little piggy in a sty) in my objectification fetish. I love it when people are treated like things, mere expendable products, to be sold, used up, and discarded at the casual whim of their owners, bwa ha ha. Delicious, delicious objectification..

 Please feel free to comment. I love each and every bit of feedback I get, even the negative stuff. Finally, I realize that these really aren't all that short, but I'm trying, trying SO hard, to make my stuff more concise. I suppose the main title is more my hope than it is reality.

 Collections of my stories may be found at several different locations, aside from this one, under the name of Htabdoolb; at the Eunuch Archive(castration and penectomy stuff only), at HentaiFoundry, at Eka's Portal, and at the Dolcett Girl's Forum(look for the index of story indices stickied thread), as well as on Gurochan's literature board. If there is any other site that you think might be a good place for my stories, please, let me know, because I also love reaching a wider audience.

END CBT Shorts 2



Wow! You turned my suggestion for Pool Party into far more than I'd hoped. Thanks!



Htabdoolb, would love to see some holiday-themed penectomy stories. Hope the season has inspired you!


Wow!!! It was wonderful!!! You must to continue....


"Penis roasting on an open fire.
Cute girls tearing off your balls."



Candy canes, cock and ball ornaments, baking some cock cookies for Santa, etc. would have been great!

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