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"I miss Yalsi." Sister Izka spoke of the Sister Repentia who slept just outside the window. "I hope I get to see her again."
It had been a rough week. The process of stripping and shaving Sister Yalsi was tiring and confusing. Speaking of her like she was dead, Izka knew her former Battle Sister could still hear her, but she reasoned it as being like a spirit or ghost.
Yaski, for her part, stayed quiet. Was she sleeping? Izka wanted her to hear her.

'Always the sweetest one, how'd she become such a badass?' Yalsi wondered, eyes wide open and glued to the stars above her. So few could ever be lucky enough to have a home under the open sky. This was her last night like this.

The rest of the planet's citizens lived within miles of skyscrapers, never seeing direct sunlight. Her week of penitence as human being was over. She had been whipped and made to crawl through boiling water. Her skin was bruised everywhere. Bandages covered her.


Zaz woke. 'Alley way in Commorragh' He thought to himself 'And I'm still alive. Man I'm just too awesome to die.'
He knew deep down it was only because he was sleeping in a smelly dumpster in a forsaken miles of trash, and he wasn't worth wading through all that. Several years ago some Hellions flew over and tossed grenades everywhere before being shredded by splinter-fire. Nothing major happened since that, except perhaps the odd rumor of a Khymera.


'Like dogs...' The military parade was illuminated by a bright yellow light. Alya had been told that was what their sun was like. She was only 17 and considered enlisting. She didn't need to as only men were required, and some looked down on letting The Emperor's precious daughters risk their lives, but it had an appeal.
The tanks, the guns, the camaraderie... the Sisters of Battle blessing you and fighting by your side!
...but not how they treated people, sometimes. They muse deserve it, she told herself, but did The Emperor really want people to be whipped to death for forgetting their morning prayers? Sure, demon hoards would kill everyone. Still, what did the Sisters Repentia ever do? But like everything else, they looked really cool, like the PDF with trained warhounds, the Mistresses with Repentia had well trained dogs.

Yalsi felt like less than a dog. She was a biological machine, but not a cyborg. She was even better than a cyborg. With no cybernetic augmentations, she had bested several cyborgs in melee combat. Her childhood had been filled with training like any other Battle Sister, but the last year was unlike anything she thought survivable. It was proof that a human can do more than a human knows.
She had a giant scar on her head from a robot fighting her as fast as it could. She couldn't outpace it, but with precision, she took out its CPU and swiftly sawed its torso apart. She killed it in seconds, but it did a number on her.

A fellow Sister Repentia, Kaschrra, met a similar victory but lost an eye. She wore an eye path for some time but several days ago had been given a cybernetic eye. She stood at the middle of the front row of Sisters Repentia, her sword held high. Yalsi stood behind her and admired her shoulders and hair, though it had been roughly cut apart in places.

Izka and Alya looked at the Sisters Repentia and Alya then looked at the prettier Battle Sisters, seeing Izka wipe a tear.

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