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It was late at night when little Lizzy began to stirr in her bed, roused from her dreams by a familiar pang in her bladder. She groaned and shifted in her bed, partially awake and aware of her growing need to pee, but not quite ready to get out of bed. For a moment, she considered just letting it loose right then and there, the bathroom was cold and she was sleepy...but at 9 years old her parents made it very clear to her that she was getting way to old to still be wetting the matter how much she swore it was an 'accident'.

Finally Lizzy gave in to her better judgement and pulled away the sheets, sitting upright and sleepily rubbing her eyes. She wore a light green pair of cotton Pajamas as well as green and white striped socks on her little feet, the soles greyed from a days worth of playing. She sat there for a moment, not quite free of sleeps grasp, yet another pang in her bladder made certain to remind her of ever more urgent need for a toilet. The 9 year old swung her legs over the bed and scootched to the edge, droopping down to the floor before walking to her door.

With a twist of the knob she pulled her door open...and was greeted by a wretchedly dark and forboding hallway. The typically familiar Hallway out of her room seemed to have been swallowed up by the night. She swore it was darker than she had ever seen it. A sharp chill went down her spine causing the little girl to quiver as her heart was gripped with a sudden fear. A small tinkle of pee loosed into her panties, soaking the fabric with a tiny fear squirt.

Lizzy quickly slammed her door shut, her heart pounding as her young mind filled with all the possible terrors that lurked in that inperceptable void that was once her hallway. Her little cooch was already wet and warm with fresh urine, yet she was far from what she would consider peeing herself, still her pladder was now throbbing and the odd pangs were becoming more frequent


...and more painful, Lizzy groaned looking around her room as she began to grow desprate, hoping to find some sort of recepticle that she could use as a make shift potty. Unfortunately for her, her room was only barely any more visable than that forboding hallway. Still she squinted and scanned her room, the pain in her bladder mounting more and more. She burried her hand in her crotch, shifting her weight from side to side. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't see anything, not even so much as a little cup.

Lizzy whined softly as sharo painful cramp hit her, her body begging for her to release yet through a force of will and tight clenching of her body she managed to keep herself from losing control. The need to pee was getting dire now, and if she didn't get to her bathroom soon, she knew she would be in big trouble in the morning, so she gave it one more shot. Quickly turning around she threw the door open and tried to force herself to face the darkness. She took one step and froze, in the dark she began to see shapes that certainly weren't there before and before she could even make sense of them her young mind filled in the gaps. There were things in the dark and they were coming for her, she gasped and stifled a scream, a jet stream of urine shooting out of her, squriting her panties and soaking right through to her Pajamas.

Lizzy stepped back and slammed the door short, panting with sheer terror as she braced herself against the door..feeling safe and relieved to be back back in her room...only then noticing the odd warmth trickling down past her knees. She was still peeing and before she could even try and stop she quivered with releif and the soothing warmth gushed down her thighs and calves. Only then did her senses take hold.

"No no no!" She whined and she reached down and gripped her crotch, trying to stop the flood despite it long being too late. She tightened her grip on her cooch, yet succeeded only in peeing all over her hands. Lizzy whimpered, feeling her piss begin to seep into her socks, flooding all the way to her soles before spilling into a golden yellow puddle. She couldn't stop herself, it just kept coming, finally she dropped her hands away from her girlhood. Giving in to the sensation of releif as the puddle beneather her feet grew and grew. Her toes warmed by her own fresh piss.

She let out a little sigh the last of her piss spilling freely down her legs and dribbling into her rather large puddle. It sat just infront of her door, much of her piss having seeped underneath. She groaned...upset at her own failure and already lameting the punishment that was sure to come tommorow...alas there was nothing she could do...exausted she walked over to her bed, her soaked socks splashing in her puddle. Leaving a trail of wet footprints on the hardwood floor. She climbed into bed, covered in her own piss and dozed off with shocking ease.


(quick note on the story, this like my other one was writting from a phone in a hurry, so excuse the spelling errors. Furthermore, I accidentally posted this halfway through, so the tags I listed aren't fully accurate. For now, the story only contains wetting. That being said I don't have any intention on writing more for this one, unless there is significant demand for me to include soiling/continue the story. Even then, no promises)


damn, was hoping there'd be farts and poo. not really into urine, still good writing tho


Yeah agree, like urine, but put in some of that promised farting and pooping ,


Can't wait to see Lizzy's next accident!


A couple more hours would pass before Lizzy would stirr again, this time a dull ache in her gut forced her to shift in her bed. Her pajamas had dried somewhat, leaving a damp stain down her pants and socks. The scent of urine had grown stronger as her pee dried leavin her smelling like a public bathroom. She groaned and sat up in her bed, pouting as she took notice of the salty smell of her own piss. Her guts began to gurgle ominously, bubbling as a mass began to move within her bowels.

"Oh no..." She whined to herself as she began to recognize yet another familiar urge. The growing urge to poop had stuck her suddenly and it was still the dead of night, her house was just as dark as it had been a few hours ago when she peed herself. She lamented wetting her favorite pair of pajama's looking over the stained pants as pressure began to build in her rear. Lizzy sighed, and shifted her butt a little, spreading her cheeks as she prepared to loose some gas. With a little grunt she pushed an airy crackling fart, that rumbled out loudly between her little cheeks. She sighed, the loud toot relieving the pressure in her gut yet filling the air with a hot, foul stink.

The little girl didn't mind too much, it was her stink after all. Yet it still left the problem of her need to poop. Once again she scanned the room looking for some sort of make shift potty...yet once more their was nothing that she could use. A faint glimer of moonlight came through the window and shone of her pee puddle. For a moment she thought about simply pooping on the floor...She had already peed...but she began to imagine how much worse of a punishment she would get for peeing anf pooping on the floor. Lizzy groaned, exasperated and disttressed...made all the worse by a sudden and painful cramp that gripped her young belly.

Lizzy whined sharply and gripped her tummy as thr thick mass withing her writhed and shifted, sending sharp pain through her abdomen. She felt a hard mass push doen inside her rectum, pounding her sphincter from within as her body made an effort to void her bowels against her will. Yet the little girl fought hard and with a great effort she outlasted the cramp. Beads of sweat running down her forehead. 'That was a bad one...' she thought. Her situation becoming more dire by the second.

Before she could even fully collect herself another cramp came, starting slowly, her abdomen tightening. 'Oh no...I can't...theres nowhere to go!' The little girl lamented as the pressure in her stomach built more and more. It began to hurt imensely, yet before it even got to its worst, the little girl gave in, knowing she wouldnt be able to hd it much longer and not wanting to suffer through more painful cramps she bucked her rear end outward and loosed and explosive fart. It crackled and splurted, soon becoming nothing more then muffled pops as a thick soft mud filled her panties.

Her poop came out in one smooth movement, her young colon giving in and the pressure squirting out a soft flood of hot, light brown mess. It piled into her panties, bulging the seat of her pants outward before sagging them with its sheer heft. By the time she was finished she was panting, with drool running down the side of her mouth. She hopped out of her bed and looked behind her at the massive poop filled bulge, a light brown tint on her favorite pajamas. The weight tugged at her pants and panties, pulling the waistband down and exposing the pale crack of her prepubescent ass. There was no way she could fall asleep in this...


The second part with the pooping and farting was 10/10. Loved your gross descriptions


so cute. Love her lil toots


Didn't expect an update so soon 10/10


pls write more poo and farts :3


do write more :3


do write more :3


Might do a new one later today. Though I am curious, I wonder if any of you would like a shota based story. My next story isn't one, but I may do one pretty soon after.


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