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Welcome to the free use thread. The free use world is just like ours, except a man can fuck any woman he wants at any time (and vice versa). Snuff is not necessarily encouraged but not prohibited either. Most people will watch or spare a brief glance before moving on. Most girls don't want to be murdered but a rare few might enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy the stories I plan to write for this thread. Comments and feedback are welcome, as always.


Roommate Removal


John peeked through the door to Melissa's room. She sat in a gaming chair at her desk, streaming a popular first-person shooter to an audience of around ten thousand. He and the audience knew that she was wearing her beach dress with the thin shoulder straps and the black and white stripes, the hem pushed up just enough to tease a hint of the lacey white thong underneath. Only he knew that she had his cum in her belly, emptied into her only fifteen minutes prior.

Melissa Moore, twenty-one years old, was his roommate and fucktoy of three months. She streamed video games for a living, didn't pay any rent but John didn't really care. As far as he was concerned, getting to stuff her full of cock whenever he wanted was payment enough. As he stood there by the door watching her, he stroked himself through his sweatpants. The blowjob she'd given him earlier hadn't been enough to satisfy him. He decided he was going to help himself to more.

He stepped into the room, cock out and still stroking, and walked up to Melissa's chair. He glimpsed himself in the recording and the lightning-fast chatbox that erupted with emotes when he and his cock came into view. He grabbed a handful of Melissa's brown hair and guided the glistening head to her mouth.

She grunted, more in surprise than protest, but her mouth yielded to his length. He stuffed himself deep down her throat, held it until she gagged, brought it back up and thrust his hips, his balls smacking into her chin. She strained to keep our eye on her game while she sucked his cock, only to die over and over. Not that she was all that good to begin with. John knew most just watched for her tits and the occassional flash, when she was feeling generous. He reached down to squeeze the modest C-cups while he worked his hips.

"Hope you're enjoying the stream, fellas." He flashed a cheeky grin. "Figured I'd show you a little technique since most of you are probably getting sucked off now anyway."

Melissa's hand bobbed dutifully up and down his cock. She still played her game, better adjusted to the awkward position. Her throaty moans filled the gaps between the wet escape of air and the smack of her lips. He grabbed a handful of hair and held it out of the way behind her head.

"That's a good girl. Keep suckin."

John felt his balls and his cock swell as he approached climax. His knees wobbled, his vision blurred as a white-hot orgasm struck him. He shot a sticky load down her throat, filling her belly with more of his cum, and she sucked it all down until he was empty. He pulled out and smeared the tip against her nose and mouth, leaving residual seed on her face for the viewers to see.

"Hope you enjoyed that." He looked at the chatbox exploding with comments. "I know I did."

Melissa licked her lips and turned her attention back to the game. "Done? I've got to keep playing."

John dug into his pocket for the knife he had stuffed there. "Yea, just one more thing."

She was too busy gaming to see the knife but she sure felt it. A loud gurgle escaped her mouth as he hacked into her throat. The blade had severed an artery and blood sprayed all across the screen. Melissa dropped her controller, grabbed her bleeding neck and gawked at him, eyes bulging in shock and pain. Her bloodied lips opened and closed like a goldfish, mouthing silent words. Her eyes pleaded with him to stop but he kept on slicing through flesh and cartilege until he reached the spinal column. Her entire throat was open at this point so he took her head in both hands and ripped it from her body. The headless Melissa spammed and twitched and shuddered in her seat and then went limp, her body and her bladder relaxing. The severed head still moved, eyes blinking rapidly and lips gaping. Eventually her eyes went blank and her mouth slack as the last vestige of life left her.

John stuck his cock down her open mouth, holding the head level to his crotch. Melissa's eyes stared blank at his pubic hair, her lips moved effortlessly up and down his length. He blew another load into her wet mouth and some of the cum leaked out of the open cavity of her neck stump. He held up the head, dripping with blood and spunk, to the camera for the audience to see, all 10,000 of those viewers on the other end of the screen. The chat was going too fast for his eyes to track.

"Thanks for watching," he said, with a smug grin, as he switched off Melissa's final stream.

He met the eyes of her severed head and glanced at the headless corpse slumped in the chair. "Eh," he said, with a shrug. "I'll fuck the rest of you later."


Very good story. Short and concise. I like the idea of free use, I think I'll write some story myself in this setting.


That was very well written. Thanks for the story


Would You Please Be Quiet?

(asphyxia, killed while fucked)

The librarian's assistant was in the health section stacking, ironically enough, sex ed books on one of the shelves. Jacob knew, offhand, that her name was Rachel Spear and that she was a sophomore of dubious academic achievement. He had seen her from time to time in the midst of his studying; only now had she come close to his actual study area.

She stood on her tip-toes, straining to place a book on a high shelf. Long black hair fell down her back as she stretched, stopping just short of the tight black skirt that struggled to contain her plump ass. His eyes roamed down her backside to the long, slender legs, clad in fishnets and patent leather jodhpur boots. Rachel was dressed warmly, in a dark green wool sweater and a red scarf, leaving only her creamy white hands and face bare. He hadn't gotten much studying done to begin with but the girl was downright distracting.

He pushed off from his study desk and glanced around. There was little in the way of sex occuring in the library. He glimpsed a blonde girl giving a guy head under the table while he typed furiously on his laptop. Near the printer, two guys were spit-roasting a redhead at reasonable speed and a noise level courteous of the other students. Most others were too busy preparing for finals to give or get a literal fuck.

Jacob rose from his seat and sauntered into the row where Rachel worked. Her cart was stuffed with books and she went about stacking the shelves with single-minded focus. He slipped behind her, grabbed a handful of her plump ass and slapped his open palm against the mound in her skirt. "I'm looking for a certain book," he growled into her ear. "Maybe you can help me."

Rachel gasped and turned her blushing face to him. Her green eyes were colored with surprise. "Have you tried asking the librarian? I'm a bit busy..."

"It's in the anatomy section, on the lower level." He lifted up her skirt, peeled down her fishnets. A pale, bubbly ass greeted him. He spanked her, hard, and watched the flesh jiggle from impact. "Ah, there it is. Strange. I couldn't find it in the catalog."

Jacob pushed her against the bookcase. A few tomes rattled loose and clattered to the floor. He gripped a handful of blacker-than-black hair, spat on his hand, whipped out his stiff cock and guided it into her puckered asshole.

"Fuck," he hissed. "So tight. You haven't even been used here, have you?"

Rachel failed to answer. Her face was pressed against the cover of a sex ed book, her mouth squished against the edge of the binding, muffling the low, panting moans that escaped her throat. His balls slapped loudly enough against her bubble butt that some nearby students stopped to look. He rammed her with slow but hard thrusts, his cock stretching the inside of her hole, sliding in and out with a slick wetness borne from saliva and generous pre-cum. He slipped his free hand between her legs, felt her wet cunt and her throbbing clit on his fingertips. "Enjoying this, huh? I know I am."

"Yes," she gasped. "Fuck me...harder!"

A brunette girl peeked her head around the corner of the bookshelf. "Would you two please be quiet? Please?"

Jacob glanced over at her, in between thrusts. "Sure thing, sweet tits. Why don't you get on your knees and wait for me to finish?"

She rolled her eyes and disappeared around the bend.

By now, he pistoned in and out of Rachel's tight ass. His cock and balls swelled to bloated girth. With a grunt, he shot thick ropes of his load in her, pumping away until he had emptied considerable amount of cum inside of her. He loosened his grip on her hair, let her catch breath but he was still hard and still eager to fuck. He withdrew from her ass, turned her around and shoved her to the ground.

He tossed her skirt to the side, ripped off her fishnets and chucked her boots away. He forced her bare legs apart, guided his cock into her wet and waiting cunt. She bit her lip when he entered her and moaned as he buried himself to the hilt in her.

Jacob clamped one hand on her mouth and another around her throat. "Would you please be quiet?" His voice took on a mocking tone. "Would you please be quiet? Please?"

Rachel's green eyes went wide in their sockets. She grabbed his wrists, tried to pry his hands off her throat and mouth but she was much too weak to resist him. She beat her knees against his hips yet he kept on pounding her cunt with his slick, hard cock.

Only a gurgle managed to escape her smothered mouth. Her eyes had grown strained, unfocused, as he robbed her of breath and a vein bulged on the side of her forehead from the effort. He dug his fingers deep into the soft flesh of her neck, until he could feel her weakening pulse beneath his thumb and the cartilage in her throat crushed beneath his grip.

She used her last breath to scream. Muffled by his hand, it did not carry any further than his ears. Her eyes rolled up, her hands slipped off his wrists and her body shuddered underneath him. He felt her cunt clench around his cock and the warm rush of her cum as her corpse released its final orgasm. He climaxed moments later, flooding her womb with a thick, creamy load.

Jacob pulled out, scrubbed the spunk off the tip of his cock and pulled up his pants. He left the twitching corpse of Rachel to lie on the floor in a pool of piss and cum and returned back to his desk. Another, luckier man could have his leftovers.

He had an exam to study for.


God damn I love free use in general, and free use guro even more. Such an untapped goldmine. Thank you for taking the time to make this thread and write these stories.


so good, do another decap one


Love it


Do you want this to be a general free use thread, or were you planning on only having your own stories on here?


I had planned on the thread featuring my stories. I might open it up in the future though.


Going to the Car Wash

(forced inhalation)

Mark was washing his car with the garden hose when he saw the neighbor’s house sister emerge from their backyard.

He had heard that her name was Kat, that she was a freshman in college and that she had at least three boyfriends who had exclusive access to her. He had learned all of that through word of mouth from his neighbor’s wife, after stuffing her ass full of cock. These details did not mean as much to him as what he saw with his own two eyes. What he saw pleased him.

Kat wore a red spandex one-piece swimsuit that clung to her lithe body like a second skin. Her dirty blonde hair and creamy skin were wet from the pool, droplets glistening in the afternoon sun. Her hips swayed to and fro as she strutted across his neighbor’s front yard and into their house. She re-emerged, still wet, with a glass of lemonade in her hand.

He waved at her, casually, and turned his attention back to the car. The next time he glanced over at her, she was standing beside him.

“Nice ride,” she whistled. “You take a lot of girls for a spin in this thing?”

“If you count fucking their brains out a spin, yea.”

She laughed or rather snorted at his joke. Then her voice lowered to a conspiratorial whisper. “I wanna take you for a spin.”

Mark was distracted by her nipples poking through the swimsuit. Her breasts were small but he found that an asset rather than a flaw. “Don’t you have a boyfriend? Three boyfriends?”

She sank to her knees and tugged his shorts down to his ankles. He gasped as she snaked her hands around to grab his ass and swallowed his cock in one gulp. She worked her lips and mouth on the stiffening rod, her head bobbing up and down like fish bait on a lake. She serviced him so lovingly that he thought, for a head-spinning moment, that he was one of her boyfriends.

His cock twitched and pulsed in her mouth, swelled to a rock-solid length. She closed her eyes, let out a gagged moan as she worked her lips on the head. She slavered over the tip with her tongue, rolling the little pink thing over the top before swallowing his cock whole.

“Fuck...oh fuck...”

Kat withdrew with a pop and a smack of her lips. She smiled at the glistening head, nodded with approval at his dangling length and took the whole cock down her throat. She held it there, hands free, all of five seconds until he came. The little apple in her throat bobbed as she swallowed his thick load down to the last drop. She pulled away and licked her lips with a satisfied hum.

Mark took a moment to catch his breath. “God...damn.” He looked down at her with a look of pure incredulity. “Why do you have boyfriends again? That mouth needs to be open-source.”

She smiled coquettishly and reached for her lemonade. “They know how to please a girl,” she remarked, washing down his cum with her drink. “Three dicks are enough. Plus the occasional random.”

Mark glanced at the fallen garden hose. “I think you ought to change your mind about that.” He picked up the leaking hose and grabbed her head. “Open up. I’ve got something else I want you to suck on.”

Her eyes had been closed from drinking the lemonade. When the hose slipped into her mouth, she opened them widely and made confused, gagged noises with her throat. He shoved the hose as far down her gullet as he could and turned up the pressure.

Kat struggled wildly against him. She pushed at his legs, shoved at his hips, tried to yank the hose out of her mouth but his grip on her scalp was viselike. He watched her throat bob as the water gushed down into her belly. Pain and panic colored her features and her brown eyes pleaded with him for her life.

“Your boyfriends will be disappointed when you don’t show.” He yanked her shirt, wet hair back to force more water into her. “Oh well. They can find another set of holes.”

She answered him with watery gurgles. Foamy bubbles escaped from the corners of her mouth and her body began to twitch and convulse. A small bloat had formed in her belly and her eyes, though fixed on him, grew unfocused.

Mark held the hose in her throat until her twitching had grown weak. He twisted the knob counterclockwise and lowered the pressure until the water slowed down to a trickle. When he pulled the hose out, water spilled from her slack mouth to splatter on the concrete of his driveway. Her eyes were glazed over, her face frozen in a kind of blank agony and moments later, she pissed out some of the water she had been forced to drink.

Mark released his grip on her hair, let her collapse into a drooling heap on the ground. He picked up the hose and turned the water back on.

Her holes could wait. He still had a car to wash.


2B or Not 2B

(neck snap, implied necro)

Marcus glanced around at the hotel room orgy being played out before him and wondered just how he had gotten here.

It was the week of a cosplay convention and nerds, gamers and fictional fanatics had come from all over the world to play dress-up in his town. He wasn’t complaining, of course. He had fucked his fair share of scantily-clad sluts over the past few days. A few slave Leias here, some Pharahs and Mercys there, along with a few exotic beauties from some Asian MMOs whose names he couldn’t pronounce. His knowledge of various imaginary women had increased tenfold and he had gotten to know a few of his favorites far more intimately than he would have expected. It was turning out to be a good week for him.

He turned his attention back to the orgy. More characters than he could count writhed around on the queen-sized bed. He glimpsed a Thor and a Captain America spitroasting a Black Widow. Genji was going missionary on a blue-haired Chloe while Kate fingered herself next to them. The Hulk (no more than a walking six-pack painted green) had Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII locked in a piledriver, his green cock pounding her with rage befitting his character. Marcus sat on the couch watching all of this, his black dick hanging limply between his legs. The tip glistened with cum, both his and the Sombra he had creampied thrice earlier. He needed a short break before he dived back in.


A girl, in the exact likeness of Yorha 2B, stumbled and fell against the couch next to him. She slid into his lap, spread out languidly and smiled up at him. “Well hello Falcon,” she purred, quite drunkenly.

He took in the nubile body stretched out before him. Her outfit was a perfect recreation of the character, right down to the lacy thigh-highs and the supple black leather boots. She even wore the blindfold. He peeked under her dress and found her panties missing but that was a detail not worth fretting over.

“A 2B, falling into my lap. It must be Christmas.” Marcus slipped two fingers into her slick pussy. She shuddered and bit her lip at his touch. He was vaguely aware that his cock was now standing at attention, where once it had been flaccid. “You wanna hop on this dick?”

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” 2B jumped off his lap and lowered her bubbly ass on his long dick. A moan escaped her almost immediately and she started hopping, bouncing on his cock with all the eagerness of a bunny on sugar. “Oh fuck...yes!”

He grabbed her hips, sat back and watched her ride. Her cheeks clapped together each time she came down, her moans somehow able to climb in volume above the others. She was a firm fit for his cock and she gripped the length easily with her round, jiggling backside. He mushed them together with his hands, pressed and kneaded them like dough, slapped them and watched them tremor from the impact.

2B bounced until she was breathless. Her moans became nothing more than harsh suggestions. Her asshole contracted and clamped down on his length and when she shuddered and her thighs quivered from climax, he blew his nut inside of her, filling her up with a thick, creamy load.

She leaned back against him, caressing his head with a shaky hand. “I need...more,” she panted. “Fill me up.”

“With pleasure.”

Marcus withdrew from her ass and guided his cock into her wet and waiting cunt. He groped her breasts as he thrusted slowly into her, elevating his hips and filling her up to the hilt. She touched the side of his face, moaned softly in his ear and gyrated her own slender hips against him.

His powerful hands roamed up her chest. One settled under her chin, the other came to rest on the crown of her head. He pressed his fingers down and twisted her neck the other way. Her spine snapped, a mere pop compared to the noise of coke-fueled cosplay sex, and her body shuddered. He held her close to him while she twitched, kissing and wrestling with her shaking tongue while he continued to thrust in her. She pissed on his cock as her bladder relaxed only to cum moments later from his continued pounding.

He fucked and savored her a long time before he filled her with a hot, thick load. It dripped out of her cunt as he pulled out and plopped onto the carpet in white gobs. She slumped in his lap, drooling mouth agape, a perfectly dead porcelain doll.

“Mission accomplished 2B,” he said, with a smile and patted her thigh just above the stocking. “Time for extraction.”

Marcus cradled the dead 2B and carried her out of the bedroom into the living room where he spent the rest of the night filling all of her holes.


I love your stories. In fact i always love and dream of a universe like that, only downside is that i don’t think many women would ever become adults without being killed.

Can’t wait for more !


Dying For Him

(poison, necro)

Isaac rubbed the inside of his girlfriend’s thigh, under the hem of her little black dress, as she cried.

Kim laid back against the couch, her long yellow legs stretched out across his lap, sipping wine from a tall glass. They had just gotten home from a friend’s party and a nice dinner and now sat sharing furtive glances. Her long hair, black as night and soft as silk, fell across her shoulders as she sipped, her slanted eyes wet with tears.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Kim?” He caressed her thigh with his fingertips. “Are you really sure?”

“Yes,” came the choked reply. “I’m done with this, all of it.”

He had known Kim was depressed for a long time now. In all that time, he had subtly encouraged her misery while keeping up the appearance of the concerned boyfriend. He sensed now that her sadness had finally reached a head and the anticipation of her coming request delighted him far more than it should have.

“Will me, babe?” Fresh tears fell down her cheeks. “I know it’s not the easiest thing.”

Isaac hid the smile that threatened to creep up to his face. He squeezed her thigh supportively. “Whatever you need. You know I’m here for you.”

She wiped her face with the back of her hand. “Thank you.” She set her glass down on the coffee table across from the couch. “I guess we’ll have to make a plan.”

“Don’t worry your pretty head about that.” His hands roamed down her legs, the smooth skin sliding under his fingers like velvet. He kissed along her ankle and her sole as he removed the black designer heels she’d worn to the party. Her foot dangled before him, a petite temptation, and he pressed it to his lips, tasting and smelling the distinctly feminine musk. His cock strained against the confines of his pants. He would miss those long legs and feet most of all. “I’ll be right back.”

“Come back quick.”

He withdrew to the kitchen with her wine glass, peaked over the bend before he reached into the cabinet. He came away with a glass vial of a clear liquid, of which he popped off the stopper and poured the solution into the wine. He had kept it hidden away for a night just like this. After a few sips, his girl wouldn’t have to cry anymore.

Isaac returned, glass in hand, to the couch. “Here,” he said, pressing the glass into her hands. “Drink up.”

“Oh thanks.” Kim sipped once from her wine then took a few long drags before she set it down on the table. “I’m sorry, babe. We were having such a nice night. I didn’t meant to ruin it for you.”

He rubbed her legs again, trailing his fingers up he thigh. “Shhh. It’s ok. Everything’s ok.”

The poison was relatively slow-acting. Kim had closed her eyes, reaching over to take more sips. He had to wait fifteen minutes before the first signs began to show.

Kim’s chest heaved, as if she were preparing to vomit. Her face scrunched up in discomfort and she grabbed her throat with a frantic gasp.

“What’s wrong,” he asked, feigning ignorance. His cock strained against his pants once more as he watched her struggle to breathe and speak.

“H-h-h-hurts to b-br-breat-he.”

He removed his hands from her legs and slipped an arm under her neck. He saw her reach a shaky hand for her phone on the coffee table which he gently grabbed and drew back. “’s ok.” He laid down on the couch beside her, threw his leg over her and nestled up against her quivering body. He turned her head toward him. “It’ll hurts for a little bit but then it’ll be all over. No more pain, no more sadness.”

Kim’s eyes gaped, as did her mouth, and bubbles of saliva formed between her teeth and the corners of her mouth. Her free hand reached for his chest and grabbed the front of his shirt. She could only communicate through gurgles and the occasional cough, globs of spit dribbling down her chest and cleavage.

Isaac slipped a hand under her dress and rubbed against the lacy fabric of her black panties, teasing her clit with his fingertips. He kissed along her jaw and the curve of her ear. “I know how much you wanted to die,” he whispered. “My parting gift to you, love. I’ll enjoy using your body once you’re gone.”

She coughed up spit and blood and froth formed at the corners of her mouth. Her face was red from the pain and exertion of dying, the vein in her forehead bulging with effort. Her body bucked and spasmed against his but her pussy was soaked against his fingers. He rubbed her vigorously, in the attempt to give her one last orgasm.

A bubbling death rattle signaled Kim’s end. The light went out of her eyes and her head lolled to the side. Aftershocks, the quivers and the spasms of her last orgasm racked her body but afterwards only weak twitches remained of her fading life. He kissed her, tasting the saliva, the blood and the bitter remnants of the poison on her tongue. “Goodbye, my love. No more pain.” He wipes away the wetness in her eyes. “No more tears.”

Kim’s corpse lay stretched out on the couch before him. Her sweat-slick yellow skin, her long silky hair and her lifeless eyes filled him with a lustful hunger that he had never felt for her while she was alive. He withdrew his fingers from between her legs, tasted her sweet cum and smiled. She was his dead little Asian doll, to play with and enjoy.

Isaac pulled her panties down her legs and tossed them on the table. He unbuckled his pants, hiked up her legs and guided his stiff cock into her wet, waiting cunt. He filled her to the hilt with slow thrusts, sliding in and out of her slick hole. He found a rhythm and quickened his pace, pounding her with animal lust. The straps of her dress slid down, revealing those modest c-cup breasts that bounced happily with each thrust. He cupped them in his hands, rolled the hard brown nipples under his thumbs, kneaded the tender flesh with his fingers. Her eyes stared blankly to the side, her mouth slack, tongue dangling to the side, beyond all pleasure or pain.

He pulled out at the last moment and emptied thick ropes of cum on her chest. The sticky white seed splattered on and between her tits, against her cleavage and the notch in her neck. He shook the last drops of her belly and flipped her over onto her stomach. He grabbed her pert ass with his large hands, groping the bubbly flesh. She rarely let him play with her ass while alive. Dead, she had no such reservations.

“Like that, love?” He slapped her ass with an open palm. “Of course you do. You’re liking everything I’m doing to you. Even this.”

Death had done little to loosen the tightness. Even with the muscle relaxed, he had to push his cock deep in, stretch her cavity as far as he was able. The lubrication her cunt had provided him made the ordeal much easier.

His balls slapped wetly against her ass as he pounded her. He savored each thrust and he fucked her savagely. It took little time for him to cum again and he painted her back with a white splatter that dropped down into her hair.

Isaac leaned back with a sigh, basking in his afterglow. He glanced over at Kim’s cum-splattered corpse, laying spread out on her stomach and patted her thigh. “You were the best a man could ask for.”

He leaned over and kissed the side of her forehead. “Sleep tight, love.”


these are great. fucking love Free Use stories, and Free Use Snuff is all the better

Any chance of talking you into doing some snuff of younger girls too? especialy something with a mother/daughter getting snuffed out (or one or the other talking a guy into snuffing the other)


These stories are great. Do you have any more?

Also, have you seen Spidu on pxiv? That's where I saw freeuse stuff for the first time.




How do traps and ladyboys/hermaphodites work in this world?


More to come soon?


Hey all. Between the New Years and all the site outtages, I haven’t been able to provide an update. New story coming soon, with prepubescent murder for you individuals of discerning tastes. Stay tuned!


looking forward to that update... lets hope the site stays stable long enough for you to post it.... and for me to see it!


Brother Dearest

(loli, shota, strangle)

Connor was relaxing at the pool's edge when his sister swam underneath him and burst through the surface of the water.

"Connor," she shouted. Her ginger curls were matted, dull and soaked through. The freckles on the corners of her mouth dipped with her frown. "I need you help. Now."

He spared her a weary glance. She was an hour younger than him yet she acted as if she were a decade older. At 11 years of age, she was beginning to exhibit some measure of growth. Small, budding breasts and thighs that retained some weight. He also knew, more intimately, the patch of red above her cunt. "What is it this time, Keira?"

Keira pouted and wrapped her arms around him. He felt heat coming off her through the red one-piece swimsuit she wore. "Some girl called me a slut! A red-headed slut! She-she said I fuck boys for candy money! That's not true!"

Of course not, he thought. You only fuck me for candy money. He stroked her heaving backside. "You know it isn't," he assured her, before the tears began in earnest. He had a face full of her damp hair, smelling of chlorine and the remnants of fruit-scented shampoo. "Forget what she said. Don't let it get to you."

She only hugged him tighter. "That's not good enough," she cried, rubbing her knee against his balls. "She hurt me. I want her to pay!"

Connor winced, tried to shove her knee away. None of the other swimmers seemed to notice or care about his sister's aggressive embrace. "What do you want me to do about it?"

"Teach her a lesson." Keira drew back her head, bore into him with angry green eyes. "Kill her."

"Kill her? Keira, we can't just-"

She cut him off with a hot, chlorine-flavored kiss. A haze of lust fell over him as she worked her devilish mouth on his. He traced his fingers up her thigh and slipped his other through her curly mane, pressing her body hard against his.

"Won't you help me, brother dearest?"

Her kisses smothered him, stole his breath. Like a little succubus, she had him ensorcelled, charmed and helpless to her demands. "Fine," he sighed. "I'll help you."

Keira squealed with delight. "I knew I could count on you!" She turned in the water and pointed to the far end of the pool. "It was her, the bitch. That one."

Connor followed her finger to a slim, dark-haired girl sitting on the other end of the pool. She wore a black one-piece and she was as pale as a full moon. "Her?"

"Mhm. Kill her and show me afterwards."

He sighed, resigned to his fate, and moved away from his sister. As he climbed out of the pool, the girl stood up and walked to the showers. He followed a short distance behind and tracked her to a stall on the far end of the room. The white-tiled floor was slick and his feet smacked against the wet ground but she didn't seem to notice. She stepped into a stall, twisted the shower head and stepped under the stream.

Eavesdropping, he could examine her more closely. Her hair, black as a raven's feathers, was cut to shoulder-length. He felt a shot of arousal and a swelling between his legs as he watched the soaked swimsuit cling to her body like a second skin. He slipped into the shower stall. The girl let out a frightened squeak when her eyes met him.

"Who are you? Get out!"

He realized just how clever his sister was as he closed in on the girl. It was illegal for anyone older than 13 to mess with anyone younger. No such rule applied to interactions between children of the same age. He could in theory do anything he liked to the girl.

"Shhh!" He clamped a hand down on her mouth and used his elbow to press her into the wall. "My sister says you called her a slut. That wasn't very nice."

Pale grey eyes widened and she answered him in muffled protest. She beat at his chest with bawled, bruised-knuckled fists and tried to knee him in the crotch but his boyish strength proved too much for her. All her struggle achieved was to turn him on.

"She said I should punish you, make you suffer." He wrapped a hand around her throat and squeezed. "I've got just the idea."

A startled cry was the only noise to carry over the din of the showers. Her gasps and croaks were muffled by the running water. She fought in vain to pry herself free, kicking and clawing, writhing and thrashing but the harder she squirmed, the harder he squeezed. Her eyes were a mixture of terror, pain and anger, her mouth gaping, her lips working to curse him and to scream. The heat of the shower water on his back compared little to the heat between his legs. He felt a hunger for this struggling flesh beneath him, salivated like a predator before his prey.

The dark-haired nymph weakened, her thrashing reduced to mere twitches and quivers. He stared into her eyes until the light went out of them and her body went slack under him. He drew his hands away from her bruised throat, watched the death throes of her body fighting for its last snatches of life. Only when she stopped moving and left a stream of urine swirling down the shower drain did he finally finger her swimsuit to the side and fuck her.

Later, he went to go fetch his sister. Keira bounced up and down when she saw her erstwhile bully sprawled out in the stall. "It's perfect," she exclaimed and kissed him on the cheek. "You're the best brother ever!"

He rubbed his arm, oddly pleased with himself. The image of her pale, soaked corpse, staring blankly at the ceiling light while the hot water splashed against her became burned into his memory.

The words that came out of his mouth next surprised him more than anything else that day.

"Do you think we could do this again?"


a beautifull little story. hopefully we'll see more like it. though of course, doing some more sex before the death would be nice.... and of course, no reason to keep it to just kids killing kids... a little boy who snuffs a lustfull busty woman would be ideal ;)


Excellent snippet, not to my tastes, but still good. Hope to see more of the good stuff.


Love love this free use stuff.




can we see some straight shota free use (with or without snuff)

would love to see a story in your style and universe with younger males taking advantage of willing adult women

either way just hope to see more from you in general!


The Butcher's Shop


There was never such a thing as a slow day at the butcher's shop. Ever since Pete had started working as an assistant there, he'd been busy. If he wasn't cutting meat for orders, he was salting, curing or refrigerating it for future use. It was steady work and the pay was decent so he stuck with it.

That day, orders had been minimal and very few walked in asking for a cut. He manned the register, bored out of his mind, while the boss handled packaging in the backroom. He was on the verge of taking a nap when the front door of the shop swung open on its hinges and rattled the bells above it. A young woman stepped in, dark-haired, with a dancer's body. She wore a skirt with floral prints and a simple white top. Her skin was slick with sweat; she'd been out in the heat for a time.

"Hello," greeted Pete. "How can I help you, ma'am?"

She smiled at him and cast a cursory glance at the cuts of meat on display. He could tell by the anxious flick of her eyes that she wasn't interested in any of the products she was looking at. He waited for her to finish her examination and meet his eyes. "Well, truthfully, I'm not looking to buy anything."

He quirked his eyebrow at her. "Oh? Would you like to order something for a later date?"

She rubbed her arm. "No. I have another sort of request."

Pete leaned against his elbows on the counter, intrigued by the air of mystery the strange girl projected. "Well, I'm all ears, ma'am. What can I do for you?"

She swallowed, apparently gathering her courage, and looked him in the eyes. "Do you deal in human meat?"

The question struck him. He teethered on the heel of his foot. "Um...not usually. I mean, it's been known to happen but generally just for custom orders."

"Well, I want to surrender myself. For a custom order or general consumption."

Pete chewed on his lip, his face furrowed with confusion. He'd never dealt with work of this nature before. "Uh, sure. I think I can help you. Let me see if I can find the form." He knelt below the counter, searching among stacks of paperwork for the appropriate document. In between his search, he glanced above the counter. The girl eyed the cuts of meat behind the display glass with an odd curiosity. After a long time, he found the form and brought it up. "Here. Let me see if I can find a pen."

"No need," she said, withdrawing a pen from her purse. "Thank you."


He watched her in stunned silence as she filled out the form, her hand flowing effortlessly over the printed lines. Just as soon as she had started, she finished and slid it across the counter to him. He held it up and read over the information. Her name was Anna, she was an Asian female, aged 21, with an O blood type and no known illnesses. Under the section titled 'Additional Notes', she had written that she only wished to be meat and nothing more.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" he asked, placing the paper down on the counter. He groped under the desk for the stamp of approval.

Anna nodded firmly. "Yes, I'm completely sure."

Pete shrugged and brought the red stamp down on the document. It was done; she was officially meat now. "So be it. Come around the side. I need to take your measurements and then get you cleaned up. Take off your clothes please."

She crossed eagerly around the counter and started stripping down, discarding her shirt, skirt, bra and panties on a pile by her feet. She held her arms out for him to measure her.

"Hmm...5'7, 132lbs." He pinched her arms and legs. "Quality of meat seems firm and supple." He groped her small breasts. "Very supple."

Anna watched him with lustful eyes and a blushing face but she said nothing as he felt her up. He winked at her, unwrapped the measuring tape and scribbled a few more notes on her release form.

"Come with me to the back. I need to get you cleaned up."

She nodded obediently and trailed behind him into the backrooms of the shop. His boss was nowhere to be seen. He brought her into a large chamber with drains embedded into the floor. From a rack on the wall, he withdrew a hose and tweaked the nozzle to low pressure. "Stand still."

She stood up, spine erect and straight. He sprayed her down with a few short bursts of water until her skin was raw and clean. He noticed the stiff pink nubs of her nipples as droplets of water beaded down her breasts, her toned belly and the small tuft of hair between her legs.

"Good." Pete rested the hose back in its place on the rack and beckoned to her to follow him into another room. "Now we'll begin the process of turning you into meat. Are you ready?"

She nodded, clearly aroused by the whole business, and followed him into a small room with cutting boards and an assortment of blades lining the walls. He grabbed a large meat cleaver from a rack and stood by a table with a small, flat wooden board. "Bend over and lay your head down on the board. Tie your hair up in a bun so it doesn't get in the way."

Anna did as she was told and prostrated herself against the cutting board. He placed the cleaver beside her head and worked on freeing his cock from his pants. "First I need to tenderize the meat. Spread your legs please."

She spread her legs and tensed the muscles in her ass like a good girl. He grabbed her cheeks, squeezed them, spat on his hand and stroked himself as he entered her. He eased in her slowly, stretching her tight hole and then he began to thrust away, gripping her ass as he pounded into her.


She had been quiet up until that point but his cock was making her sing. She moaned and arched her back into him, providing all of herself for his use. He slipped his fingers between her legs, teasing her cunt with probing thrusts as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. "Meat's wet, enjoying this. As well she should."

Neither of them lasted much longer. He moaned and she cried as he filled her up. Pete took a moment to catch his breath then lifted her up and laid her flat across the board. He took up the cleaver, raised it above her head and looked her in the eyes. "Ready?"

Anna nodded. It was the last movement she made with her head. The blade came down with a swift cut and decapitated her in a red spray. The stump of her neck spurted blood all across the cutting board, her body spasming violently from the sudden severance. He watched, mesmerized, as the cords in that dancer's body tensed and flexed from the last commands of frantic nerves. Her head, having rolled against his wrist, looked up at him with beaming eyes and a wide smile.

Her headless body fought for a long time before at last growing still. Twitches were all that remained of the life within; when that subsided, her bladder let loose a yellow stream that stained the cutting board with dark splotches. She used the last of her life to blow him a kiss before her eyes rolled up in the back of her head and her tongue dropped slack out of her mouth.

Pete took in a moment to drink in the sight before him. Had he known butchering could be this fun, he would have started the job sooner.

"Looks like I'll have to clean you up again," he said to the fresh corpse before him. "And fuck you again."

Later that day, cuts of Anna were put on display at reasonable prices. His boss, pleased with the profit that the girl had brought in, started to advertise girl butchering services.

Pete took Anna's head home. It held a special place in his collection, along with all the others.


a glorious new addition. great to see this thread active again after the time offline


Birthday Best

The party was already in full swing when Nathan and his sister Kim arrived.

“Looks like they already started without us,” she remarked, eyeing the pool party orgy in the background.

Nathan shrugged, cradled the wrapped present under his arm and passed through the fence into the backyard. Anyone who was not already fucking was eating or enjoying the pool. He counted over a hundred guests from a cursory glance alone, most of them female, in varying degrees of half-dress and nudity. There was no such thing as being late to a party of this nature; they went on from sun up to sundown, with more girls coming in to replace the ones that had been snuffed. Whatever hour one arrived, it was sure to be a good time.

He found his friend by the refreshments, gorging himself on mini hot dogs and a mug of fruit punch. A dead girl laid next to him on the table, bent over across the length of it, her ass splattered with cum both fresh and dried. The words “party favor” were markered across her hip in thick black lettering.

“Hey! Daniel!”

His friend turned around, expression lighting up when he saw him. “Bro! You made it!”

Daniel gave him a bearhug and a brotherly clap on his back. They’d been friends since high school, with countless memories between them.

“Happy birthday, man. I couldn’t miss this.” He gestured to his sister. “This is Kim. Finally convinced her to come home for summer vacation.”

Daniel greeted her politely, eyeing her one-piece swimsuit with a subtly lewd gaze. “Glad you two could come. Feel free to mingle. Eat as much as you like. Enjoy the party favors or fuck whoever you want. We’ve got so many kinds of girls here today.”

Nathan nodded and brought up his gift. “Actually, my man, I’ve got a present for you that I think you’ll just love. Go on, open it.”

“A present? Bro, you shouldn’t have.” He ripped open the wrapping paper and gasped when the contents were revealed. “Is this? No way...”

Within a small glass case resided the blonde, blue-eyed head of Nathan’s other sister, Sasha. The case had been designed with an opening that led directly into her mouth.

“Your own portable fucksleeve,” said Nathan. “I know how much you liked Sasha so I figured I’d do something special for your special day.”

Daniel could only stare, wide-eyed with surprise. “This is the greatest present ever, dude. I don’t even know what to say.”

“Happy birthday, man. Nothing else needs to be said.”

“Huh. So that’s what happened to Sasha,” remarked Kim. “I was wondering why she’d stopped texting me.”

Daniel hurried into his house with his present in tow and came back downstairs with a bottle of champagne and three glasses. He popped off the cork and poured their drinks. “A toast. To the greatest best friend ever.”

“To my man, Daniel. Here’s to many more birthdays.”

They clinked glasses and drank.

“But that’s not all,” he said, when Daniel was finished drinking. “I’ve got one more present for you.”

“Bro, are you serious?”

Nathan gestured at him to wait. He snuck up behind Kim, who had wandered off to the pool’s edge and snapped her neck in one smooth motion. By the time he had finished dragging her back to the refreshments table, her bladder stained the crotch of her swimsuit, a thin yellow stream trickling down her thigh. “Nothing better than a little Asian meat for your birthday, wouldn’t you agree?”

Daniel stared, dumbstruck, at the twitching girl in his arms. “Alright, I’m just gonna shut up and get to fucking. Join me?”

Nathan laid his dead sister across the table, next to the discarded party favor, and unzipped his fly.

“With you? Anytime.”


short and sweet. super casual. love it.


Sis' birthday present

"Mom! Mom! Andy wants to snuff me!"

Sandy came running to the kitchen, complaining loudly.


"What is it mom? I's her birthday, Its allowed now!"

"No snuffing on the carpet! I just spend two hours cleaning the house after the mess her friends made, I'm not going to start over. If you want to snuff her, do it in the bathroom. And clean up after you're done! Spotless! Have I been clear?"

"But Ma! You're ruining all the fun."

"Don't but me. Bathroom, or no deal."

"Aw fine ... Comeone Sandy, lets go to the bathroom." Andy ran ahead.

"B.... bye mom." Sandy sniffled a bit as she followed.

"Bye sweety. Try to not scream too loud, you know, the neighbours."

"Don't worry, we'll keep it down." Her brother answered for her.

Sandy looked quite a bit scared as she entered the tiled room. Her brother was waiting for her smiling.

"Hey, cheer up. Remember when you told me you wouldn't care how if someone snuffed you, cause you wouldn't get a say anyway?"

Sandy nodded, seeing her fears confirmed.

"Well, guess what. That's my birthday present for you. I'm letting you choose. I'll snuff you whichever way you want."

Sandy's face lit up. "Really? I get to choose?"

Andy nodded. "Really. Biig bro word of honor. And we have all evening too. I thought about doing it while your friends are here, but I thought you might want it slow and drawn out. We could even try several things to see what you like best."

Sandy beamed. "Even... even if its really perverted and dirty and disgusting?"

Andy nodded. "Especially. Even though mom now will make me clean it all up on my own."

Sandy went and hugged Andy. "You're the best bro ever. I'm so glad you're snuffing me and not some mean stranger on the street."

"Sure thing, sis." He said and hugged her back. She felt so fragile in his grasp. Countless times he had wondered how it would feel wrap his hands around her slender neck and just squeeze until her eyes popped out, or her neck snapped with a cute little pop. In his fantasies he had smiled at her, or tried to make out the soundless words her lips were forming as she was dieing with a broken neck.

And now he finally could!

"I have dreamed of this for years." He confessed and wrapped his hands around her neck. It was so more real than his fantasy, he could feel her breath, her heartbeat through her skin.

She gasped, then eeped, as her neck was constricted. Her eyes looked at him, doubt in her face at first. Was he going tosnuff her just like that after all? He had promised!

Her heart sped up. Dudum Dudum Dudum, her heartbeat pressed against his fingers and yet didn't really manage to push the blood through the constriction.

Her vision started to fade black from the fringes, but she saw his face expression and realized, he was just fooling around. Just before her vision went completely black, she managed to smirk back.

Andy squeezed a bit harder as he saw her smile. Like so many games they played between siblings. Except this one really gave him a hardon. He wondered how much more he'd have to squeeze or at what angle to snap her neck for real.

Sandy's hands tried to grab his arms, then suddenly started shivering. Her mouth went open, as if to cry or breathe but she didn't make a sound. Her eyes tilted upwards a bit, like a corpses. Her heartbeat went even quicker, but also weaker. This was it! She was actually dieing there in his hands. It really was that easy.

Andy took a deep breath and had to fight the urge to finish it here and now. Afte all, he had promised, and there were other things he wanted to test.

He let go and let her drop. She half fell against him, then slumped to the floor like a ragdoll. Her feet were under her skirt, but her knees spread invitingly open. She was on her back, her arms over her head and her face looked like a pretty little corpse, her lips a little bit blue. But he could see her chest heave ever so slightly with a shallow breath. And her nipples... they were pointy!

His eyes went down to her skirt. There was a dark stain now between her legs, and he could smell pee. There was also a little puddle growing between her legs.

"Heh, sis, you peed yourself!" he commented.

She couldn't hear him. She still impersonied the pretty little corpse he had always dreamedof. He unzipped his jeans and took out his penis.

He had to pee too, for a moment he considered if he should pee on her. Maybe later.

Sandy took a sudden deep breath and her eyelids went closed. Then she slowly opened them again, gasping for more air. It took her a second to realize where she was. And why.

"You...." she sat half up and reached between her legs. "You made me pee myself!"

Andy giggled. "You said you wanted it dirty. How did you like dieing?"

"I wasn't dead... was I?" She touched the squeeze marks on her neck.

"You make one sexy corpse. I think I'm gonna fuck you when you're dead."

Sandy opened her mouth to complain, but then closed it and bit her lips, as she realized she actually found that thought kinda hot. "Even if I'm all messed up and soiled?" she asked mischievously.

Andy had to think of that. "Yeah.... yeah, there isgoing to be some hole that I can stick my dick in. Or I just make a new one. You know what? I could keep a piece of you as a sex toy."

"You really would? That's awesome. But... you'd have to preserve it somehow, so I don't rot. Or would you still keep me when I'm rotten and stinking?"

"I would!" Andy laughed. "But mom would never let me. So I guess preserving it is. Dad has a book about making girl taxidermies.


Andy nodded. "So... how do you want it done?"

Sandy got up and squeezed some of her pee out of her skirt.

"Messy. Do me like a famous serial suffer.... like Jack the ripper!"

Andy smiled "That sounds fun. So you want me to slash your throat first and then mess your corpse up?"

Sandy made big eyes. "No! Not like that. The other way around, like... like that guy who hung girls without limbs by their entrails all over town."

Andy grinned. "That was Butcher Bill. But I know what you mean. You wanna be raped too?"

Sandy almost looked insulted. "Of course. I don't wanna die a virgin!"

Andy's grin widened. "Don't worry about that. I just meant, while I'm butchering you."

His sister went down on her knees. Kneeling in the very puddle she had made, right in front of him, and inspected his throbbing dick up close.

"I'd like to see you cum all over my spilled guts. Make a big mess outa me."

Andy smiled. "I'll do that sis. I'll mess you up real good."

You are the best. Should I give you a blowjob first? I always wondered how that would feel and... oh. I crap, I wanted to have a sleepover with Claudia on the weekend. Could you tell her that I can't come? Or... even better, visit her and surprise snuff her. She has a bit of a crush on you, I'm sure she'd love it."

"Sure, guess I could." He watched her grab his dick with two fingers. Then she opened her mouth and took it in. She looked so cute like this.

Andy put his hand on the back on her head and pulled her towards him, until she swallowed his cock with a bit cute little gagging sound.

It was too much for him. He moaned, then grabbed her head with both hands and started thrusting into her forcefully.

She played along and used her tongue but not her teeth. Her eyes watered and she couldn't get any air as she gagged hard. His cock repeatedly was thrust down into her neck only to be pulled out again, but she didn't pull away and kept her mouth shut.

Her stomach revolted and a with a retching sound, a few drops of bile came out her nose. Her hands went to her neck, and she started coughing. But she couldn't get away.

Andy moaned as he kept thrusting into her. He knew, if he kept going, she'd eventually suffocate. There were so many ways to snuff his sister. But he couldn't last any longer. He pulled out, which freed his cock along a generous amount of puke which stained his jeans even though his sister was still conscious enough to put her hand in front of her mouth. That redirected most of it over her own blouse.

Andy shot his load over her face and hairs in several squirts. He even hit her eyes, while his sister still convulsed. Only then she turned away and started coughing, freeing her throat and windpipe. Again and again she gagged and caughed, until most of the bile that she had inhaled went on the floor.

"I... *hack* I'm sorry I puked on you..." she appologized. She herself was full of it, and it stank rather bad.

Andy had to take a few deep breaths to recover from cuming all over her.

"Thats fine, sis... they are gonna get more stains when I open you up."

He shook his cock and zipped his jeans close. He still needed to pee.

"Wait here, I need to get a big knife from the kitchen."

"Mom? Can I borrow a knife?" Andy shouted ahead, as he went back down to the kitchen.

His mom turned towards him and opened her mouth, but she couldn't speak. Her tongue looked a bit blue. She sent him a smile though, while his father was strangling her in his massive hands.

"Go ahead, son. You know where they are, third drawer."

"Thanks pa."

"She isn't making you any trouble is she? Do you need help?"

Andy shook his head proudly. "Nah, its fine dad, we got it covered. She's really into it."

Andy's father was pleased to hear that. "Great, sounds like you'll have a lot of fun. I'll get you a few large garbage bags and paper towles when I'm done with your mom and put them in front of the door then."

Andy smiled. "Awesome, you're the best pa!"

He went back as quick as he could, while his mom started convulsing uncontrollably. Any other day he would have watched and jerked off, but he had better things to do.

His sister was sitting against the bathtub and had lifted her skirt up and her hand in her undies, fingering herself. She looked up, saw the knife, and moaned. Her body started shivering.

"Having fun, sis? Greetings from mom, dad is snuffing her downstairs."

Sally blushed. "Really? I always kinda wished he'd do me. He has such a strong chokehold. But... wow, that knife... I'd have you do me with that ten times over. Is it sharp?"

Andy smiled. "Let's find out."

She took his hand to let him pull her to a stand. He grabbed her blouse and cut through it with ease. It left her belly exposed and even a thin line of red, where the knife tip had scratched her skin.

Sandy moaned. Her brother took her and turned her around she was standing with her back to him and her front to the large bathroom mirror.

He ripped and cut the rest of her shirt away. She wasn't wearing a bra and her tiny breasts sprouted very erect nipples. Then he cut through her skirt and finally through the fabric of her undies. All fell to the floor, leaving her bare.

Andy decided to tease her. He made her close her own hand around the knife handle, then guided her hand to turn it against her own body.

Sally moaned, and stared into the image of the naked girl in the mirror, as the knife tip traced across her belly then scraped across her chest. It left the tiniest scratch in her underdeveloped left breast. Andy could feel her shiver but she didn't fight him as he guided her hand higher and across her throat.

Sally gulped and lifted her head just a bit higher, then she felt the blade bite into her neck - oh so shallowly.

Andy pulled through with a quick motion, as if he had just slashed her throat, but the knife only left a thin red line, barely deeper than her skin. His sister trembled.

He allowed her to catch her breath, then turned her hand with the knife around and stabbed her in the belly.

A short, interrupted scream escaped her and her knees went weak. He had to steady her. Her gaze went from the mirror down to her belly, where the knife was stuck in two thirds to the hilt. A drop of blood formed at the bottom and started to leave a red trail behind on the way to her little pussy.

A shiver went through her. She grabbed to the rim of the sink for support. Then he took the knife himself and pulled it out.

With a moan she bent forward. Blood dripped to the floor and red drops rinsed down her legs.

"Oh fuck this hurts, this ... uuuh... fuck... fuck me..."

Sally held on to the sink while her brother had started to play with her pussy. His right hand still held the knife, his left went between her legs and rubbed over her slit using her blood as a lubricant.

Sally groaned but panted heavier as she put her legs further apart. A mix of agony and pleasure washed over and through her.

Andy's cock was rock hard and throbbed. He tried to push his finger into his sister but found resistance. She still had her hymen, and a sturdy one at that.

With a grin, he brought the kitchen knife between her legs, spread her pussy apart wide with two fingers, then shoved the knife tip into her love tunnel.

Sally screamed, then whimpered. Her brother pulled the knife out of her then guided his cock into her bleeding pussy.

"Oh fuck.. fuck ... fuck.. fuck me!..." Sally groaned, but once she felt his dick inside her, she didn't care about the pain anymore.

Andy could easily have ruined her pussy. Cut her slit open wide into a gaping hole, but he had other plans. If any part of his sister was worth preserving, it was her cunny, right? And once she was dead, cuts wouldn't heal. He had to keep the damage minimal.

Almost immediately he was rewarded for that foresight. His sis spasmed and shivered and her tight teenage pussy clenched down so hard on him it almost hurt.

"Oh wow, you're so tight. I'm kinda glad I didn't snuff you first, this is awesome!" he explained and thrust into her.

Sandy clenched her hands on the sink and whimpered and moaned. Blood spurted out of her stabwound as she arched, while pleasure and pain continued their mixed onslaught on her brain until she could no longer distinguish between the two. "Oh fuuuck, bro!" she exclaimed and looked up into the mirror at her brothers face who was pounding her from behind. He still held the knife.

"You're so tight, sis! I'm gonna cut you! I'm gonna slice you right open while I fuck you..." he promised, as their eyes met. His thrusting sped up as he brought his hand with the knife under her.

Sandy braced herself. "Do it.... gut me... like a pig..." she moaned. "Whooaaaaaaahhhh"

Her moan died down into a soundless gasp, as he stabbed her a second time. The knife went in just above her pubic bone, and then he sliced up, past her navel, almost all the way to her ribs. A gush of blood splattered against his legs and painted her's red.

He could see tears in her eyes and she opened her mouth for a scream, or a moan, but no sound came out. What he had done to her belly had driven the wind out of her lungs. It was so hot. He let go of the knife and let it clatter to the floor, then grasped her waist and pounded again and again.

After he almost thought she'd remain silent, she started to make little, strained moans and gasps with each of his thrusts. Her body started to shudder. And then she climaxed. Her pussy tensed much tighter than before and she arched. A gurgling moan escaped her throat. At the same time something wet hit the floor with a splat. It was her guts. Driven out through the chasm in her belly, she had emptied her contents to the floor, although some still dangled from her opened abdomen.

Sally once more couldn't breathe. She stared down beneath her, at the pile of eviscerated girl-innards and shivered. Cold sweat had formed on her back, and her knuckles were white from clenching onto the sink.

Andy felt her tremble, and he thought it was the hottest thing ever.

A second later she collapsed on the bathroom floor, curling next to her own entrails in a puddle of her own blood. He could see her breast heave and convulse as she tried to catch some breath, but she only managed to gulp down a little bit.

But to his astonishment, her own hand went down to her legs and started rubbing her pussy.

Andy had to correct himself. Now THIS had to be the hottest thing ever! He started stroking himself.

Laying on the floor, Sandy managed to get a bit more air into her lungs than before. It was enough to fight the dizziness. Her eyes went to her own guts and then to her brother who stood over her, jerking off, and she tensed once more as a shiver of orgasm ran through her.

Andy erupted right there, sending streams of semen over the body of his dieing, orgasming sister and her entrails as he watched in fascination how she came, even though she was surely as good as dead.

Well, Andy was wrong about that second part. She came, came hard, but once the climax ebbed down, his sister was still alive. She had lost quite a bit of blood, but somehow his knife had missed any really big veins inside her.

Her bowels were a different story. His knife had sliced through some of them, and stinking bile and shit had escaped her innards and stained the floor tiles.

She took some loops of her enrails into her hand and felt them. There was still some weak movemnts in them, like worms, they wriggled. Sally looked up at him with a silly face expression as she watched some of her colons contents spill through one of the cuts and over her hands with a wet squishy sound.

"This.... this is so ...fucked up..." she spoke wth shallow breaths. "You made such a mess out of me."

Andy really had to pee, and as his cock slowly deflated, he finally could. He aimed for the pile of entrails and blood and shit and started peeing. His piss hit his sister's guts with a wet sound, then splattered over the tiles, mixing with shit and half digested food that had spilled out of her gits.

Then it hit her and finally he was peeing right into her gaping hollow belly.

Sandy groaned, stared in disbelief, then started fingering once more, as her brother used her ruind body as a toilet bowl.

I'm just a pile of waste... she realized. Guts and blood and shit and piss. The bathroom floor was covered with unspeakables she normally wouldn't date touch. Her hands were covered in blood and feces, but she fingered herself anyway, felt the squishy gooeyness against her cunny. Her other hand smeared the mess over her breast and erect nipple.

She could feel her brother's pee fill her belly, slosh around in there, mixing with her blood until she overflowed. It burned, oh god it burned so much, but it was so deranged and... she was going to die anyway, she didn't care about the pain.

Andy was amazed by her utter aceptance to having become a smelly messy corpse before she had even finished dieing. He had reduced her to less than a thing. She was basically a stain, the very mess his mom had told him to clean up when he was done.

First though he stepped into the mess. Her guts made a squishy sound, as they gave way and soiled his feet with red brown and beige. It stank worse than a toilet, worse than an abbattoir. More like the waste tank of an abbattoir where all the guts were dumped.

"You..." Sandy was still fingering frantically. Her heartbeat was weak but fast, and she felt lightheaded, but she drove herself to another orgasm anyway. "You stepped into me. Yuck... Look what a mess you made, you're so gonna have to clean that. Clean your sis' stinking rotten corpse of the floor..."

He grinned at her, delighted that she was still so into it in her current state. He was more than glad to play along. He took soiled shoes and socks off, then and made one more step. He pushed his naked foot into the gaping hole in her belly, and felt the liquids and floating guts and organs between his toes. She moaned and started kicking and thrashsing, whimpers escaped her as her brothers weight came down on what was left of her entrails inside her..

"Ugh, what a mess. I'm gonna have to wash my foot now." he said and lifted his foot out of her sister. Blood and gore dripped of his foot and a brown mixture of blood pee and liquified shit sloshed out of her ruined belly and spilled on the floor.

Sally moaned. For a while she was just shivering and jerking in what he wasn't sure if it was death throesor another orgasm, or both. Blood and more puke escaped her mouth, but she didn't even wipe it away. For a moment her gaze was blank, but then she blinked and looked at him.

"Andy?... I... I don't think I'm gonna make it much longer... I... I have an idea..."

He smirked. So far her ideas had been awesome.

"You know... about... cleaning... this mess... just... drop me in the loo."

Andy giggled. "Sis, you look like shit, but I'm pretty sure you'd clog the drain."

She grinned. "Dad... dad has a blender... in the garage... It's aong rod with a blade at the end... Goes into the drilling machine. He did the same with Anne." She took a deep breath "My classmate."

Andy smirked. He liked the idea.

"Not yet. I want to keep some of you, need to clean that up first. Let's put you in the tub!"

He didn't wait for her answer, he bent down and picked her up by the shoulders, then heaved her over the bathtub rim.

What was left in her belly came out as he pushed her over. Most of the liquids went into the tub and almost immediately clogged the drain with floating bits of shit and entrails.

Most of Sandy's innards were however still outside of the tub. He fished the knife from under the guts and simply cut the surplus.

Sandy moaned, weakly. She seemed to be turned on by it when he started the water hose and flushed her face and breast, then directed the stream to her open belly and washed her out.

"Ooooooooh.... it's so nice.... and warm...." she said weakly.

The water dissolved some of the bits that clogged the drain. Pieces of innards he needed to cut away and threw them out of the tub.

Then he noticed that she was watching him quite intensely.

"What part of me do you wanna keep?" she asked with a weak voice, but a smile.

Andy shook his head. "Take a guess."

"You're gonna keep my pussy, right? So you can fuck me every day." she answered with a knowing smile.

To his amazement she spread her legs, so he had easier access. Did he even see her pussy twitch?

"Yeah, I thought to make a fleshlight out of it."

She smiled. "That'd be nice. I'm looking forward to that. Heh.... maybe... maybe I can still feel that even when the rest of me is gone..."

Andy snickered. "Oh yes, you will. Once I'm done with you, you'll be my sex toy for all eternity..."

Sandy moaned weakly and her pussy twitched again.

Her brother noticed that her pussy was still a bit stained, so he directed the stream of the hose on it, and once the outside was clean, he stuck the entire hose into her.

Sandy gasped, and a few seconds later her brother could see something in her belly bulge. It was her womb, first filling with water, then spilling it through a hole that he had apparently cut with his knife. At first the water was red, then it became clear, while what was left of his sister was whimpering helplessly.

She came one final time, when he cut once all around her pussy. Down on one side, up on the other. And then he pulled the entire thing out of her and dangled it in front of her face. Her womb, her vagina, her pussy. A perfect hysterectonomy. Water, cum and blood dripped from it.

It took her quite a while to recover from that one, and her voice sounded even weaker than before.

"Bro... I think... I think I'm dieing.... I love you bro...."

He smiled at her. Then gave her a little kiss.

"Finnish me..." she more shispered than spoke.

Andy realized that if he wanted to do that he had to hurry. He had thought a lot about how to do that. Break her neck? Cut her throat? No, the best way was to cut out her heart while it was still beating.

He inserted both arms into her gaping belly, then cut her diaphragm. With a wheeze, her lungs collapsed and she took her last breath. But she was still conscious, and a shiver ran through hr as his hands found her heart and his knife severed the arteries, freeing the organ among a bucketload of cum.

It really was still trying to beat as he held it up for her to see.

Sandy strained her eyes to see it against the looming blackness. Her lips tried to form words, but Andy never knew what her final parting words would have been. Her eyes locked on him, and her lips trembled, as the hart in his hand stopped beating.

And then she was gone. Her eyes still looked at where he had been that last moment, but they could no longer see.

"Cya on the other side sis..." Andy said smiling. He closed her eyes for her. "I hope you're gonna fell every bit that I'll do to your pussy. I really hope."

He'd turn her into the best fleshlight ever, using the skin from her very womb for the outside.

But first he had to clean up this mess.


Little Freudian mistake there. "Bucketload of cum" was supposed to say "bucketload of blood".

well, details, details. one leads to the other, so why bother.


>13612 Just when I was about to release the thread to the public, someone posts in it. Good timing.

I’m kinda done with this concept anyway. I want to focus on the Vaniria thread so if anyone wants to try their hand at free use stories, feel free.


Thank you, these are wonderful little short stories.


Oops, I thought you had already ;)
What do you think? Fitting, or not casual enough?


Definitely casual. You did a pretty good job of it.


God Tier^^


a beutifull addition. love to see more that trend younger like that last one.... and hopefully we'll get a followup with little andy visiting that crush of his for the "suprise snuff" that was hinted at.


in the hopes this resumes now that gurochan is back up again at last






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The little girl came basically running into my arms, as I came around the corner. She was completely out of breath.

"Hey, careful, little one… you could have hurt yourself…" I still held that knife from gutting that sexy teenager over in the park.

She was more worried about something else, looking around her shoulder as if someone was after her. But now that I mentioned it, she looked at the knife with a weird mixture of fear and fascination.

"You… sir… would you maybe mind to…" she stammered, not finding the right words as she blushed. But she lifted her shirt and exposed her belly and her still flat chests with tiny but pointy nipples.

I understood what she was suggesting, and with a smile, I buried my knife deep in her belly.

She arched, screaming a silent scream as my knife had knocked all wind out of her.

I put an arm around her back to steady her, then sliced her open all the way to her chest. She was so hot and needy, she literally drove the blade through herself.

I didn't know why she was in such a hurry to die, but short but intense sometimes could be quite fun too. I sliced through her diaphragm, then reached in and ripped out her heart while it was still beating and she was still conscious.

That moment, two teenage boys came around the corner, one was holding a knife and one a chainsaw. They stopped as they saw me.

"Ah crap, we were too slow again!" the one with the knife moaned. "Told you that fucking chainsaw would slow you down.

The girl was still alive enough to turn towards them and stick out her tongue in a cute little mocking gesture. I liked that and rewarded her by crushing her little cute heart in my fingers.

She didn't stay conscious for more than a few more seconds, but I swear she came, with a smirk on her smile.


The proposal

Jenny was walking down the corridor chatting with her classmates. Chatty Susi wouldn't shut up about that awesome butcher knife set she had seen in the window display at Mc. Killroys. "And my aunt said she was going to buy it and give it to her lover. Can you believe that?"

The girls in her group giggled, but then she saw Tina come round the corner, with her brother in tow. "Noooo, Tina, don't…" he was squirming and horribly embarrassed.

"Hey Jenny." Tina greeted her laughing. "Do you have a second, I think my brother Steve wants to tell you something."

Jenny looked from one to the other with a questionmark in her face. This looked like they were playing some sort of prank at each other. Except Steve looked really really embarassed. He glanced at jenny for a split second, then blushed and looked down."

"Come on Steve, tell her, she's right here…" Tina encouraged him, teasing.

"Yeah, Stevie, what do you wanna tell to Jenny?" Susi played along, swarming the boy.

Jenny sighed, expecting this to be really embarrassing.

"I…." Steven started, then gulped. "I'd like to … you." he said very quickly silently and almost completely inaudible.

Jenny got curious. "Sorry, I didn't understand."

"Yeah, speak louder. We wanna hear." Karen, who had been talking to Susi insisted.

Steven blushed even more. he gulped again, took a deep breath, and spoke "I wanna snuff you, Jenny…"

You could really see the reliev on his face as it was finally out, although he seemed quite scared of Jenny's reaction.

Jenny blushed, not having expected that.

"Ooooooooh!" Both Susi and Karen did at the same time, while Tina had a naughty smirk on her face.

"You'd like to … snuff me?" Jenny asked, flustered.

"He has photos of you from last year on his comp, and manips, with knifes and all. Ask him, I think they are quite kinky." Tina said with a grin, which earned her a hateful stare from her brother, who then turned back to Jenny, as if awaiting judgement.

Jenny sighed. "That's… really cute. Maybe you can show me another time." The entire thing started to get embarrassing for her.

"Aaaaaaaw." Did both Susi and Karen. "Come on, don't be like that."

Jenny sighed. "Look, I barely know you. Maybe when we're older…"

Tina interrupted. "You should really hear him out, Jenny. He has a really kinky plan. Give him a chance."

"Yeah Jenny, hear him out, we wanna know too." Susi tried to convince Jenny.

Jenny sighed, and looked at Steven, who looked at her apologetically, then glanced at his sister. It was clear he didn't want it, like this. At all. She felt almost sorry for him.

"OK, then. Let's sit down at the table and you describe what you want to do to me, OK?"

"Yay!" Susi, Karen and Tina were cheering, while a smile crept on Steven's face. Maybe not all was lost.

He was obviously not letting his eyes of Jenny, it was clear the boy had a crush on her.

"Well, I was of course going to ask you. And if you don't wanna, I wont force you, but if you said yes, then I'd like strangle you, and carry you to the old playground."

"Ooooh." Karen said, intrigued. Tina had her hand somewhere between her leg and seemed to get turned on by that. "Like, her corpse?" Susi wanted to know.

"No… not dead… only a little bit strangled."

Jenny blushed, imagine how that would be. He was smaller than her. "And… then?" she asked.

"I'd bring ropes, and bind you to the picnic table. Like, on it. And then I'd wrap one around your neck and pull it tight, until you almost faint. But only almost. Every time I think you faint, I'd let you take a breath, and then pull it tight again…"

"Wow…" Karen expressed. Tina gasped, flushed. Susi had placed her chin on both her palms, with her elbows on the table and listened, eyes wandering from Steve to Jenny and back.

Jenny involuntarily put a hand to her neck and her breathing became faster.

"Then I'd take out my knife and cut all your clothes off."

Tina moaned, then jumped up. "You…. oooh… you… sorry. You should see his knifes. he got that new set from Mc Killroys. Just for you. They are awesome."

"No way! The one with the engraving?!?" Susi explained, wide eyed and excited. "Oh Jenny, you so have to let him do that. This is awesome!"

Jenny blushed more… she looked to her friends, then back at Steve. "And then?"

"I'd stare at you, and ask…. 'do you want to have sex with me, while I slice you apart….' " he said, trying to do that with the best 'serial killer' voice the teenager could muster.

"Oh wow!" Susi explained.

"How naughty….." Karen giggled.

Tina just smiled silly, biting her own lip, her hand again in her crotch.

Steve looked at Jenny, wondering how she took that. He seemed to wait for a reaction.

"What would you want me to answer to that?" Jenny asked.

"I'd of course loosen the rope a bit so you can say a word. And… " he fidgeted… "I'm kinda hoping you'd want to, but I also think if you'd say no and tried to fight it it be so hot…"

Jennies heart was beating so hard as she imagined herself squirming, bound, strangled, with him forcing himself on her.

"Oh yes…." she whispered.

"So, you want me to?" Steve asked, hopeful.

Jenny took a deep breath, flushed, then nodded, then shook her head. "I'd want you to force me…"

"Ooooooh" "Right on!…" Karen and Susi were really into this now.

Steve was more into it now too. He was more confident.

"Well, then I'd fuck you, and strangle you. And maybe beat you a bit. And then…. I'd wrap a rope really tight around your upper arm, so you don't bleed as much. On both sides. And your thighs too. I#d wait a bit to see if your arms and legs get pale. And then I'd take that large knife and chop you up. Piece by piece."

Jenny let out a moan.

"And then I'd take your arms in my hands and slap you with them and hit you."

The other girls were really into that, too.

"Or… I'd cut your other wrist loose and tell you to finger yourself. Or grab your boob. And then I'd chop your arm off, while you're pleasureing yourself with it.

Tina let out a moan, like she was coming a little bit.

Jenny grasped her boob and squeezed a bit through her T-shirt. She felt herself really pointy. "Like…. like this?"

Steve smiled. "Yeah, thats it. And then CHOP!"

Jenny gasped, and grasped her breast harder, then dropped her arm as if it had fallen off. Her breath was getting labored.

"Then I cut your legs off. Really close to your hips. I wouldn't even leave you wriggle stumps. Just nothing at all but your pussy."

"Oh fuck me, that's hot…." Karen explained. Susi grinned at her, hungrily, as if she was thinking on doing just that to her, causing her to flush.

Jenny's gaze were glued to Steve's lips…. "and… then?" she dared asking.

"I'd pick you up. All you could do is wriggle in my grasp. And then I…. I carry you over to where the little merrygoround used to be. That hollow pipe in the ground. And I'd stick you on that, like a kebab. Push it into your pussy and then I'll push you deep down, until you sit almost on the ground and you can feel the pipe going through your guts into your chest."

"Ugh!" Jenny explained and sat all straight, imagining the sensation of the pipe impaling her.

Steve liked that. "I tried. The pipe can still rotate. You could be my merry go round. I'll wrap a rope around you, and when I pull it you go faster and faster. And I open the straps on your armstumps and you spew your blood like a little fountain. And then your tits rotate by my knife and it slices through them. Right through your nipples. Again and again. I'll slowly rise and lower the knife and cut a crisscross pattern in you

"And then?" Jenny whimpered, close to coming herself.

"I'm going to set all that overgrown crap on fire around the merry go round and let you roast in the middle of it.

"Fuck that's brutal!!!" Karen explained, excited.

A shiver of pleasure went through Jenny. "So… thats how I die?…" she asked, more exited about this than she thought she could be.

Steve smirked. "Noooo. It's only underbrush. Will make you a bit crispy from the outside. But I'll make sure you're still there. I wait until the fire stops, then take a chair and stand in front of you and let you give me a blowjob. At the same time I start cutting your neck. So you'll deep throat me and I cut all around my cock until your head is on my cock. And if you are a good girl and swallow it all and make me cum while you're still conscious, I'll take you off my cock, and turn you around so you can see whats left of your body."

He made a dramatic pause, while Jenny hung on his lips.

"And then I let you take one last bite out of your own roasted tits!" he explained.

Jenny shivered and shuddered, as she reached her personal little climax right in front of the others.

"Told you, it'd be worth it." said Tina, who had already come down from hers.

"So… when are you two gonna do that? Right after school?" Susi asked.

"Oh yeah, let me get my camera! We gotta tape that!" Karen added excited.




This was the best story of this thread.

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