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There is far too little non-con snuff on this board, so I decided to post some stuff and hopefully inspire and/or attract some non-con fans here. I'd also like to say that violence against women and sexual assault are very big problems in society, and these fantasies are not meant to condone or perpetrate those issues in any way.

Julie is a character that embodies just about everything I enjoy in my fantasy victims, and although her personality may vary slightly from story to story, she remains fairly consistent. I've penned quite a few of her demises, and hopefully some of these tales you'll also find enjoyable. Some are reposts I've shared here previously, and some are new.
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Great new story. Thanks!


Jesus Christ


Captivating stuff, BL. The new story, that is. I did not stop to do anything until I had finished reading it all.

Really good stuff. As always, I do enjoy Julie's tenacity and personality throughout the stories.


Nice, I'm glad at least a few people liked it. I flip flopped a few times on the ending. Originally I planned for another boy who Julie had rejected or who just obsessed over her to kill her, I briefly considered the idea of a jealous female culler, and then I decided Jack should be the one to do it. My worry was that it would be too similar to Julie's Anatomy Lesson, and I'm trying not to be too repetitive, but I just really like the idea of Julie's best friend and lover betraying and killing her.


It def worked out best this time


Bloodlust, I've got an idea. In your stories Julie is usually an atheist. What if you make her a firm believer an kill in such way that dying she thinks of how god has failed her, allowed her to be killed, did nothing to stop or even to punish the killers? Make her despair over her broken faith and wasted time and the prospect of not going to heaven.


I appreciate the input, but Julie doesn't normally start out as an out and out atheist except when her story is set in a dystopian future. She usually starts out as a Christian, or at least someone who wants to believe, or believes she believes, but then she has a crisis of faith along the way and by the time she dies she's basically an atheist. I've thought of a more extreme version of that crisis of faith scenario, which might be similar to what you're suggesting, but in the end she still dies an atheist.

I like to explore her faith, or lack thereof, because it's important to me that the victim doesn't believe in an afterlife. If death isn't final, it sucks all the drama out of it and ruins the fantasy, and to be honest I'm not entirely sure how to write someone that really, truly believes in God, but then blames God for her own death and doesn't believe she's going to heaven. I am an atheist and I try to be respectful to those who are religious, but it seems to me that if someone truly believes Heaven is the ultimate paradise, death is the best thing that could happen to them.

That said, it might be possible to work that angle into the story I'm writing now, but we'll see how it goes.


I have had an idea for a story for a while now, but im just awful ad getting motivated to write. And when I do, im never satisfied with it. Putting ideas into words just seem to not really work with me.
So if you're looking for input and inspiration for a future story im happy for you to take from my idea. It would be interesting to see your take on it.

But the basic premise is based off these Mexican/Brazilian cartel executions. My main character (in this case however, Julie) and some of her friends would get caught up into a bit of trouble while on a girls holiday or a business trip. Something like getting asked to smuggle some drugs in for a high price in which they stupidly agree, only for them to loose it or have it taken off them maybe?

Then after a long and pretty brutal game of cat and mouse (one of the friends here would die. A short video then being sent to Julie and the remaining friend of her torture/death), the cartel would catch them finally and then execute them slowly brutally, so they can use the footage as a "message" for anyone that tries to fuck with them. No sudden headshots or instant beheadings, but instead stuff limb removing, eye gouging, slow disembowling, stabbing and slashing, debreasting ect. All to really get that shock factor for the recording before leaving them to finally die.

I think with Julie's seemingly unbreakable mentality, it would make for quite the plot. Her going through and taking everything they throw at her. Outlasting her other friend, and surprising the cartel members with her resilience, while they try to figure out more brutal ways to break her body, but more importantly her mind.

I tend to look at those low quality executions that get posted online every so often, and it got me thinking about this. As much as im not really into real gore, I do use it to get whatever creative juices I have flowing.

I hope you like it. Its all yours to play with if so.


I like it! It’s an intriguing idea that I can hopefully work on soon. Right now I’m writing something that should be quite a bit shorter than the culling story, and I want to get through it before starting anything new. I also want to fill Julie with arrow shafts, and I’ve got a couple stories where I started down that road, but they’ve sort of sputtered and stalled.


Yes on the Arrow shafts, I always get excited when I see an update here. Your probably one if my favorite authors :3 personally I'd live to see some fucking and stabbing like internet dating gone wrong, fuck her while you gut her I love that stuff.


I can't wait to see. Hopefully one of those shafts buries itself in Julie's snatch~ Just to cause max pain


Thank you, TastyMonk, and this story I've been working on sounds like it will be right up your alley.


Hope to hear more from your fiascos with Julie, BL. Hopefully the recent downtime and moderation neglect of Gurochan hasn't stopped you from posting your excellent writing online.


Hey, thanks for bringing the thread back from the dead, Malesor! I didn't have a link saved and I thought I might have to post everything all over again. If the site stays up, I'll probably keep posting stuff as I write it. If it goes down for good, I might end up posting on DS again.

So this next story I don't think is one of my better ones, but it ticks several boxes that people here had asked for. Hanneko wanted to see Julie die a firm believer, lamenting over her wasted faith, and this story does that. TastyMonk wanted to see some gutting while fucking, and this story does that too. Before the massive spam attack a girl had asked for stories involving a lesbian serial killer/serial rapist, and this has that as well.


Julie Gets Drugged

When Carla saw her, she knew immediately she was the one. Everything about her was perfect. Her full figure with curves in all the right places, her pubescent skin glowing with a supernatural vibrancy, her sparkling smile, her thriving vivacity, her body language expressing an air of both innocence and sexuality, the warring factions somehow brought to peace within her exquisite features, her soft and rich brown hair caressing her bare shoulders, her strong jaw and full cheeks, and the real kicker, what really took your breath away, her piercing blue eyes.

The more Carla watched the girl, the more enchanted she became. When she pointed the vixen out to Luis, he was equally captivated. How could he not be? He had eyes, after all. They were completely in agreement that she would be the one, so Carla stalked her. She watched the girl laughing and joking with her friends as they sipped their drinks, watched her deftly send would be suitors away with a giggle and a few kind words, watched her flirt and dance, her sleek black dress hugging tightly to her supple teenage body, and when the girl was alone at her table, her two friends on the dance floor, Carla made her move.

She strolled casually by, glanced in the girl's direction as if by chance, and then, as if this was all on a whim, suddenly said, "Oh, hey, I'm Rose," and extended her hand.

The girl took it and gripped it with her own soft and tiny fingers, and replied, "I'm Julie," flashing that beaming smile.

"So that guy you were dancing with, is he with you?"

"Oh no, we just met. He just asked me to dance."

"You planning on going home with him?"

Julie giggled. "No, I'm with my friends." She pointed to the dance floor.

"Ah, you're from the U.S., aren't you?" Carla had known Julie was a high school kid who crossed the border to take advantage of Mexico's legal drinking age as soon as she saw her, but she played coy.

Julie nodded.

"Alright, well I just didn't want to step on anyone's toes, you know? I was thinking of asking your dance partner if he'd be interested in a one night stand."

Julie made a flippant gesture to indicate she was fine with it. "Be my guest. You want me to introduce you?"

"Oh would you? You're a doll!"

"Of course, no problem. Come on." Julie stood up and led Carla across the club, ducking and weaving through the crowd with a simple, almost clumsy grace, and Carla wondered if the roofies were already beginning to kick in. "David," Julie called as they arrived at another table.

Carla noted the four local boys and another high school girl from the States seated there, and she recognized the boy with whom Julie had danced among them. The boy stood up, truly a strapping lad, with broad shoulders and an aw-shucks smile, and she could see he was trying to be cool as he reciprocated Julie’s greeting. “Hey, Julie!”

“I want you to meet my friend, Rose.”

David smiled good-naturedly at Carla and embraced her warmly. “Hey, Rose, nice to meet you.”

He was cute and all, but really not Carla’s type, so she had to feign interest. “Hey, David, so how do you know Julie?”

“Oh, we just met tonight, actually. Why don’t you join us?” David looked at both Carla and Julie as he extended his invitation, but his eyes lingered a bit longer on Julie. Carla could hardly blame him. Julie was even more exquisite up close, which in Carla’s experience was a rare treat. The old adage about sitting too close to the stage almost always rang true, but Julie seemed to defy even the laws of nature with her beauty.

Carla eagerly accepted, taking a seat on David’s side of the table and ogling him with false hunger in her hazel eyes.

Julie flashed that adorable smile, her innocence shining through, and politely declined. “I’ve gotta get back to our table and keep an eye on my friends’ drinks, but we’ll catch up later.” Carla smirked at the irony of keeping an eye on drinks that were already drugged.

“So, you’re a friend of Julie’s?” David said, returning to his seat.

“Yep, I told her I wanted to talk to you so I could ask if you wanted to fuck me, but I’ve seen the way you look at her. I know when I’m beat.”

“You did? You have?”

“Shh, relax. I mean it’s kind of obvious, but it’s okay. She’s an amazing girl.”

“She is something, isn’t she?”

“She really is.”

“But wait, if she introduced you to me so you could, you know, try to fuck me, doesn’t that mean she’s not interested?”

“She’s into you, she just wants you to take charge. Be assertive. She wants a guy who knows what he wants and is willing to fight for it.”

“You sure? What about all that shit about respecting boundaries?”

“Yeah, I mean that’s important with some chicks, but not Julie. She’s a traditional gal. Just go over there and tell her I tried to steal you away, but you’re only into her. Tell her she’s the only thing you care about, and you’re going to make her yours. You’re going to take her home with you, no matter what it takes.”

“You really think that’ll work?”

“Trust me, I know Julie. I know it will work. Just don't tell her I put you up to it. It'll ruin the magic.”

Once David had set off on his fool's errand, Carla went to work on his buddies. One of them seemed preoccupied with chatting up the high school girl at the table, but the other two were restless. They nursed their drinks, eyes skirting the club for potential mates. Their attention turned to her as she scooted towards them.

"You're looking for some company?" the one closest to her said. He was tragically short and his nose was broad and flat, and she guessed he sought to make up for it by being the brashest of the group. That would work in her favor.

"Sorry, champ, you're not my type, but I got some good news." She pointed to Julie's two friends, who were dancing with each other at the moment. "Those two are looking to get laid tonight, and they’re not as selective as I am. They said they’ll go home with whoever buys them the most drinks and is still hanging around at the end of the night."

“No bullshit?” the short one asked.

Carla shook her head.

“Come on, Jerry, let’s give it a shot.” He led Jerry off to the bar, and Carla leaned back and smiled. It was too easy. She’d give things a few minutes to develop, and then go rescue Julie from David.

Jerry and the short kid were apparently not completely incompetent, because very soon they were dancing with Julie's friends and sharing drinks. Julie, meanwhile, appeared to be every bit as uncomfortable as Carla anticipated, and David showed no sign of relenting. It was time to take action.

She meandered back over to Julie's table, where David was laying it on thick. "I don't think you realize how beautiful you are, baby. I'm never gonna be able to forget you. You're in my head forever now. You have to give me a chance here. I swear you won't regret it."

"Rose," Julie said, seeing Carla approach. The poor girl looked overcome with relief. "David seems to be... really taken by me."

"Can't say I blame him," Carla admitted.

"Like he's crushing hard," Julie continued, and Carla could detect a slight slurring in her speech. "I was just telling him it won't work, and he should just shack up with you. Maybe you can help me out?"

Carla shrugged. "I mean, I can't say I didn't tell him the same thing, but the kid knows what he wants. What can I do?"

"Tell her, Rose. Tell her I need her, and she just needs to roll with it."

"Honey, I think it's time to read the room," Carla said in her most soothing voice.

"But you said..." David protested.

"I know what I said, but take a break. Go get us some drinks."

"Rum and coke," Julie said, knocking back what was left in her cup.

"Gin and tonic for me," Carla said, and David, although exasperated, obeyed.

"I think I'm getting fucked up," Julie admitted, once David was out of earshot, "and that dude's starting to creep me out."

"I see what you mean. I'm a little glad he rejected me now."

"Right? You're lucky. Motherfucker can't take a hint. Do me a favor. Looks like my friends like..." The slurred speech was becoming more pronounced. "My friends are dancing, or I'd ask them, but make sure this asshole doesn't take advantage of me." Carla found herself swimming in the girl's eyes - she was just incredible. It didn't seem real.

"You got it. Sisters before misters."

Julie giggled at that, and held out her pinky. "Pinky swear?"

"Pinky swear," Carla agreed, and she interlocked her own pinky with the girl's tiny finger. It wasn't difficult after that to convince Julie that David had drugged her, and Julie's friends were soon too out of it to notice or care when Carla helped Julie out the front door of the club and into a black 2002 Ford Taurus.

When Julie clawed her way back to consciousness, the first thing she noticed was the shackles around her wrists and ankles keeping her hogtied. She tested their fortitude and found she had at least enough wiggle room to move her hands to her hips and rise up on her knees. That's when she realized she was naked.

She saw she was on a bed in a windowless room, and judging by the lack of furniture and the staircase on the far end, she guessed it was a basement. There were two people looking at her, a man and a woman, both of whom were oddly familiar.

"Good morning, sunshine," the woman told her, and she knew that voice. Everything was groggy, but...

"Rose?" Julie asked. Rose was chunkier than this woman, and had long black hair, and green eyes, but somehow...

"No dear, Carla. Rose is simply the identity I adopted last night. I'm impressed you could recognize me without the body suit, wig and contacts."

"And he's the bartender." Julie nodded to the man.

"Luis," Carla added. "He's the one that slipped you and your friends the mickey. That poor boy David was just our fall guy, I'm afraid."

"What did you give me? I still feel weird." The truth was, despite being tied up and naked in some stranger's basement in a foreign country (was she still in Mexico?), she felt good. Damn good.

"Last night, Rohypnol. About an hour ago we dosed you with MDMA."

"What are you gonna do to me? Rape me?"

"We're going to have sex with you. Whether or not you consent is up to you. But if I may make a suggestion - fight us and you'll be miserable, but relax and let the narcotics in your system do what they were designed to do, and you might just end up having the time of your life."

Julie pondered it for a moment. She knew it would be a sin to willingly participate in lesbian sex, and sex out of wedlock, and a threesome couldn’t be godly, but what was the use in fighting it? Besides, she had the rest of her life to repent. "So you're going to have sex with me whether I want to or not. That sounds a lot like rape, but I guess I'll play along. Can I at least be untied?"

"Sorry, dear, your restraints are necessary."

"Fuck. Alright. Well, how do we get this shit started?"

"Ooh, look at you, raring to go." Carla ran and jumped onto the bed with Julie, and immediately began feeling her up. Her hands started with Julie's face, caressing her cheeks, then moved down her shoulders and over her breasts until they reached her belly. They lingered there, and the woman purred. "Mmmm, so soft and warm, mmmm, I just love tummies." Carla worked a finger into Julie's navel and prodded gently around.

"I'm seventeen," Julie said tentatively. "Not sure if it matters, but full disclosure." She didn't think it mattered.

Carla only giggled, then moved her fingers down to Julie's slit. She did something magical down there, causing Julie to have a sharp intake of breath. "You like that?" Carla asked.

Julie nodded. She liked that very much. Carla continued her magic trick on Julie's snatch while moving one hand up to massage the girl's tits. She kneaded the buoyant, pliant flesh that composed Julie's modest bosom, giving the nips a twist now and again, and Julie lost herself in ecstasy. She barely even noticed when Luis stripped down and climbed on the bed behind her.

Her gaze was held by Carla, whose eyes had been green last night but now were brown. The woman was staring intently at her and wearing a creepy smile, but she was so good with her hands, and as Julie felt an orgasm building in her loins one of those skilled hands moved away to grab something. "Don't stop," Julie moaned. "Oh God, please."

A double headed dildo appeared from underneath the pillows, and Carla eased one end into her own wet cunt, then guided the other end into Julie as she carefully slid beneath the teen girl. Julie's gasp was one of both pleasure and pain as her hymen burst, and blood trickled down onto Carla.

"Oh, a virgin. Mmmm. You're really something, Julie."

"I'm... ah... ah... sorry," Julie grunted in between moans as they found their rhythm together.

"Don't be," Carla said through clinched teeth. "I like virgins."

Julie responded with a series of girlish cries that suddenly became squawks when Luis' throbbing pecker was crammed up her ass. It was painful at first, then mildly unpleasant, but soon after she found it only added to her pleasure. For several minutes they fucked like this, the two adults creating a teenage sandwich, and Julie was panting in immeasurable delectation. She never dreamed anything could feel so good.

She was in the midst of what was either her third or fourth orgasm when she felt an acute discomfort in her belly pushing its way through all the pleasure. When she glanced down, she was appalled and amazed to see the glint of a steel blade protruding nearly six inches from her midriff. She had been stabbed! Luis had run her clean through.

Carla continue to be impressed by how perfect Julie was. In the nude the girl was even more beautiful. Her breasts were just on the small side of average, but they were wonderfully perky and went well with her body shape. Her hips were curvy and her ass was plump and round and her stomach was the best part of all. It was a delectably smooth, soft, slightly pudgy wall of flesh, but there was no bulge to it - her tummy was completely flat. Her navel was a vertical slit squeezed in the middle of a spectacular sea of moon-colored flesh.

And she was a virgin. That little revelation had done wonders for Carla’s libido. Julie's voice, so cute and high-pitched and girlish, her virginity, and her sweet, adorable visage all painted a picture of innocence that was countered only by her bright, daring eyes and her subtly sexy body language.

Watching the girl ride the dildo, working herself into a frenzy, her incredible teenage body glistening with sweat, was the greatest thing Carla had ever seen. That is until Luis' bowie knife emerged from the poor girl's belly. The face Julie made was priceless. Her blue eyes widened in shock, her lips curled into something akin to a sneer, and her sexy moans became deeper and more throaty.

The blade disappeared and left a wide vertical slit about an inch to the left of Julie's belly button, and a spurt of blood jettisoned from Julie's tummy and splashed onto Carla. Luis wasted no time in shoving the knife through Julie again, and this time it punched through an inch and a half to the right of the girl's navel, again running parallel to her natural slit.

"Wait, stop," Julie croaked. The blade disappeared as it was withdrawn from her flesh again, and they continued to fuck. Julie's blood ran down to her crotch and mixed with her cunt juices, making for a different kind of lubricant. The girl tried to reach her belly so she could cover her wounds, but her hands stopped short around her hips. "Stop. I need... I need help."

Carla scrunched up so she could lick the girl's tummy, dipping her tongue into the crack of her navel, then she laid back and fumbled under the pillow until she found her hunting knife.

Julie's eyes fixated on Carla's weapon and she managed a meek protest, "No, wait, please," just before Carla plunged the blade into her soft flesh. She began thrusting in and out, matching the rhythm of the knife to the rhythm of her hips pumping against Julie's crotch. Her flurries were all focused in the center of the girl's abdomen, in between the two gaping wounds Luis had left.

Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. In and out. In and out. She savored the gentle resistance the knife met each time it moved forward into Julie's guts, the soft grunts the cute teen made each time her belly was pierced, and the quiet squishing sound of the blade parting tender teenage flesh over and over. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Some of the wounds began to overlap, and pink tubes began to press through the gaps in Julie's beautiful skin.

Carla paused, then planted the knife in the left side of Julie's abdomen. This was Luis' cue to run the girl through again, and his bowie knife poked through high in Julie's stomach, only an inch and a half below her ribs. Her perfect lips formed a wry smirk as her eyebrows furrowed, and a spray of blood spewed between her gritted teeth. Luis pried the front of his blade downward through Julie's tummy, and Carla pulled her blade sideways, slicing the girl open.

"Awk," Julie squealed helplessly, as more and more of her digestive tract spilled out of her belly. A massive tangle of glistening pink tubes drooped from the eight inch vertical slit Carla's knife made, tracing from the left side of her gut to just beneath her navel. So much more gore and blood along with a bulging mess of her large intestine made an exodus from the gaping wound Luis had just left in her.

"Oh fuck, my guts! I can see my guts!" Julie's cute, girlish voice had grown even more shrill and incredibly small, and her terror gave Carla a massive surge of pleasure. In a frenzy, she savaged the poor teen’s belly six more times with her knife. Julie wordlessly articulated her devastation with a sound that wasn’t quite human, and when she regained enough of her wits to speak, she blabbed, “Fucking fuck. Fuck my guts. Oh fuck, those are my intestines.”

Carla hadn’t even noticed when Luis had removed Julie’s restraints, but the girl’s tiny hands were free and clutched uselessly at her spilled entrails. Meanwhile, Luis had stood up, his formidable pecker standing at attention, and he set aside his Bowie knife and helped himself to a loop of Julie’s small intestines, wrapping them around his throbbing penis. “Fuck your guts? Don’t mind if I do.”

It was the first time since they had awoken Julie that he spoke, and Carla bleated with laughter. Julie seemed less amused.

“You fucked me up. You really fucking butchered me. I can’t believe it.” Julie’s strength was gone, and with Luis no longer behind her she slumped backwards until her shoulders touched the bed. Her feet were still pinned beneath her buttocks, so this stretched her stomach taught, pulling some of the gashes in her belly open even wider. Blood was spilling from her mouth as she spoke, and she lifted her head just enough to look at the mess they had made of her midsection.

Both hands splayed across her breadbasket, trying to cover as many wounds as possible and perhaps stave off death a little longer, she offered one final plea to her captors. “Please, help me. I don’t wanna die. Please take me to a hospital.”

Luis grinned demonically and looked at her with wide, psychotic eyes as he stroked his cock with her bowels, but he did not reply. Carla only laughed and bit her lower lip as she continued to fuck her dildo and watch Julie intently. Julie understood then that they were sadists, and her begging was getting them off. It’s what they wanted. She was going to die on that bed, and no one was going to help her.

The MDMA made the emotional impact of this realization all the more powerful, and there are no words to express the turmoil and devastation Julie felt. Her God had tested her, and she had failed. All the years she spent praying and going to church and practicing abstinence and trying to do the right thing, and in the end God had put her in an impossible situation just to see if she could overcome the drugs and the peril of her own life to fight off sexual deviance.

Of course she had failed, because it wasn’t a fair test. It was an act of a cruel and uncaring God, and the reward of eternal life would not be hers. She would not even live to see the tender age of eighteen.

Julie wrestled with these thoughts as Luis finally climaxed, and he pointed his one-eyed willie at Julie’s stunning face, spurting his seed onto her cheeks and her mouth and her eyes. It was the ultimate insult, and all Julie could do was blink at the salty semen and try not to cry.

It occurred to her that these two had done this before to other girls, and they would continue to do it many more times without suffering any consequences. Who knew how many innocents would lose their lives and their chance at Heaven because of these two? God wouldn't stop them, clearly, but perhaps Julie might. There was a Bowie knife within her reach, and she was no longer restrained.

Summoning all her remaining strength and all her will power, Julie suddenly shoved herself off the bed, and in the process she managed to snag the Bowie knife that had spilled her colon. She ended up on the floor, fighting off severe disorientation, and she somehow rose to her feet. Her vision was spotty and her head was spinning, and she had no idea how she was standing, but she could see that her actions had caught Carla and Luis off guard.

She tried to lunge forward but her legs were wooden and her balance was shaky, and she slipped on her own ropy guts and went mostly sideways. Carla was still on the bed, still pounding her snatch with that double-headed dildo, her eyes wide and intrigued, but not fearful. Meanwhile Luis' initial surprise had subsided and he pulled up his pants and found a Ruger LCP .380 in his back pocket.

Julie tried again to close the distance between her and this hateful bastard, hoping to bury that huge knife in his black heart, but before she could, Luis raised the pistol and put three holes in her right breast. The gunshots were frighteningly loud in the confines of the basement, and the impact stole her breath from her.

Her right lung was in tatters, and her forward motion stalled before it had even rightfully begun. Instead of charging ahead as she had intended, Julie took a wavering half step, then slumped back and sat down on the bed again. She peered at her wounded tit and saw two neat holes in her areola, one of which had consumed a small portion of her nipple, and the third hole a little farther towards the inner curve of her breast.

“Of course,” she sighed, blood beginning to flow more freely from her mouth, and now also trickling from both her nostrils. She looked up at Luis and told him, “Fuck my life.” He smiled at her as she let the Bowie knife slip from her fingers and rattle on the floor, and he put the Ruger back in his pocket.

All she had earned herself was a quicker death, and although she was suffering greatly, she wanted to cling to every second of her life. When it was over she either had Hell to look forward to, or possibly just an eternity of nothingness, but she was not eager to experience either of those things.

She lay back on the bed and just tried to breathe - a task that used to be so simple and automatic but now required a great deal of labor. This is it, she thought. This is where I die. She still managed to spend nearly ten harrowing minutes lying on her back and thinking about her death before her life finally ended.


Could Julie eventually get hung?


Great new story. Interesting combinations of elements in it.

Personally, I'm more for the excessive and long-winded shooting scenarios, but either way it's always fun to read about Julie's tenacity, no matter the situation.

In any case, just fun to see you posting more.


Thank you, Malesor. I’m not sure what I’ll do next. I’ve had a couple suggestions in this thread that I like, including the failed drug mule scenario where Julie’s apprehended by a cartel, and the idea of rats eating Julie’s belly, but I really want to finish a story where Julie gets arrowed to death.

To the anonymous poster asking for a hanging, it’s possible I suppose. I’m not nearly as big a fan of asphyxiation as I am of shootings and stabbings, hence the screen name, but I do enjoy a good hanging now and again. I have one fantasy that’s been floating around in my fucked up head for quite a while that ends with Julie being hanged, but there’s so much shit up there that I never get around to writing, so we’ll see.


You could satisfy both the blood lust and the hanging with a scene like the death of Judas. See what you can do with hanging (Matthew 27) and disembowelment (Acts 1:18). You may as well review the source material of my faith before you dismiss it, right? It's easier than you might think to be a Christian guro fan. Just read some Old Testament. (Oddly, though, crucifixion doesn't turn me on.)


I was actually raised to be a Christian, and spent countless hours in church; it just never made sense to me. I didn't just dismiss it off hand, I had to go against everything I was taught from a very early age. Anyway, I don't want to turn this thread into a religious debate, and I'm not trying to bash Christianity with my stories. It's really not my intent. Like 95% of the people I love most in this world are Christians.

My one fantasy that does involve hanging also involves disembowelment, so we're on the same page there.


You're writing one with arrows? That'd probably be fun to read, you've used them before in a different scenario, and I did like it then.
The one you currently have in your head, is it all arrows? Or are more methods involved? In any case, any story from you sounds great.


Hi bloodlust,
I like to read that you think about writing a story about rats biting and eating Julie's poor belly. THANK YOU!!!!


Yes, Malesor, I keep picturing her just full of arrows. I don’t know what I’ll end up writing right now, though.


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Your stories don't feel like Christian-bashing at all. Except of course when there is literal bashing involved. What good is faith if it is never questioned? I love the stories, on many levels, and I'm looking forward to the next one.


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Looks like Gurochan is back in action. Thanks for the heads up, BL.
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The Escape Room

“Have you been to an escape room before?”

“No, have you?”

“I went with my brother and a few of his friends like three months ago. It’s pretty tight. I was the only reason we escaped.” Julie flashed a big shit-eating grin.

“So what, you’re the escape room queen now?” Kari asked.

“Fucking goddam right I am.”

“How do you know they didn’t just let you think you were solving everything? Maybe they all had a crush on you and wanted you to think you were the hero.”

“My brother had a crush on me?”

“Maybe not him, but the rest of them? Boys are pigs.”

“Dude, I’m smarter than that. Don’t be a hater, slut.”

“Yeah, well I guess we’ll see.”

“We’ll see? Does that mean we’re going?”

“Fuck it. I can’t have you gloating about your escape room skills forever. Lauding that shit over me. I’ve gotta show you how it’s done.”

“Yes!” Julie cackled and clapped her hands. “Game on, bitch!” Hanging a right, she exclaimed, “I think it’s like five minutes from here.”

"We can't do the same puzzle you already solved though."

"No shit, dumbass. This is actually a new place. Tommy tried it a couple weeks ago with Tony and Kevin, but they failed. That’s because he didn’t invite his little sister." Julie winked and stuck out her tongue.

"You're so full of it," Kari said, laughing.

"I can't wait to solve this shit in record time and go home to rub it in his face. I need you to be kicking ass though. We gotta work as a team."

"Oh, so now you need my help, do you?" Kari asked coyly.

"Fuck yeah, I do. You're the Batman to my Robin."

"I'm Batman?"

"I mean… yeah, fuck it, you're fucking Batman." Julie laughed loudly. "You're gonna hafta use your badass detective skills and I'll be your trusty sidekick. We're gonna crush this shit and escape so fucking fast we'll demand our money back."

"How much does it cost?"

"I don't know, this is my first time going to this place."

"But your brother went."

"Yeah, but the dick sucker didn't tell me what it costs. He just told me how much dick he sucked. The other place I went to was twenty bucks a person, so it'll probably be like that."

Kari frowned. "It better be worth it."

"Bitch, don't get cheap on me. It'll be worth it."

Kari rustled through her purse and pulled out a wallet, then peeked inside. "What if I'm short?"

"How short?"

Kari smiled. "Twenty dollars?"

"You lying cunt!"

"Okay, but I might be short a couple bucks."

"I got you, sister bitch."


"This is it!" Julie said, pulling into a small, eight-car parking lot. They were in a crowded commercial district, with the occasional fancy home crammed between office buildings. There were no signs or obvious markings to indicate this was the place, but Julie knew it was across the street from a gynecologist's office - the aptly named Dr. Kooter. Her disgusting brother had been keen on pointing that out.

There was a sidewalk that led to a stairway behind the office building they had parked beside, and through double-swinging doors was a clerk behind a desk and a waiting area with a few plush chairs. The clerk was a mousy man in his mid thirties with spectacles, short black hair, and his nose buried in a book, and he didn't even bother to look up when the girls made their entrance.

"Is this the escape room?" Julie asked cautiously, and the clerk cast his squirrely eyes upon her.

"Yes ma'am, is it just the two of you?"

"Yes sir, it's just us."

"It's twenty-five dollars each, please."

Kari gave Julie a bashful look and handed her a ten, a five, and two ones. "You still got me?"

Julie stuffed the bills in her pocket and answered, "Of course." She pulled a fifty from her own wallet and handed it to the clerk.

After holding the fifty up to the light and inspecting it, he stowed it in the register and pressed a button. "Have a seat. Our host, Mike, will be right with you."

"Must be nice to have cash to blow," Kari muttered as they sat down.

"You're such a fucking hater," Julie retorted. "Besides, we're not blowing it. This is gonna be fun."

Mike arrived very quickly from behind a door and introduced himself with a practiced grace. Rules were laid out about where and how to look for clues without damaging the property, and he collected their cell phones so they wouldn’t be able to cheat. He gave them the familiar spiel about working together and communicating to get through the challenges they were about to face, and then he led them beyond the door from which he had appeared and down a corridor.

There were rooms on either side of the hallway, but they passed them, turned a corner, and at last came to the room they would be occupying. Mike let the girls enter first, and Julie was about to ask why the room was so empty when the door shut behind them. She heard the rattling of locks and grabbed the door handle, but it didn't turn. They were trapped.

"Is this not how it works?" Kari asked, curious about Julie's sudden apprehension.

"No, this is not how it's supposed to fucking work. They're supposed to give us a scenario. There's supposed to be stuff in here." Julie waved a hand at the white, windowless walls and bare marble floor. "How can we find clues and solve puzzles in a room that's completely fucking empty?" She hammered a fist against the door.

“Dude, calm down, you’re freaking me out a little.”

“You should be freaked out a fucking lot. This is wrong.”

“Wait, quiet.” Kari had her head tilted slightly and her smoldering hazel brown eyes staring intently at nothing, the way a person looks when she's listening for a faint sound.

After a second or two of silence Julie heard it. “What is it?”

“Sounds like a snake?”

“There’s no way there’s…” Julie trailed off as she glanced up towards the ceiling. A cloud of light gray was seeping through an air duct, and as soon as she spotted it she began to smell it. “We’re being gassed.”


"We're being fucking gassed." Julie pointed out the ominous cloud, and the girls exchanged looks of horror before Julie asked, "You think they’re gonna use us for human trafficking?”

“You mean get us hooked on drugs and make us hookers?”

Julie nodded.

Kari smiled sardonically. “That doesn’t sound so bad.”

“It doesn’t?”

“No, I was thinking they were gonna torture and kill us."

Julie gulped and her blue eyes widened. "Okay, you're right. Whoring doesn't sound that bad. What kind of gas do you think it is?”

“Maybe it’s acidic. It’ll turn our insides to mush and we’ll start bleeding out our eyes and ears.”

“Fucking Jesus, Kari. What the fuck?”

Kari shrugged. “I figure if I go for something so ridiculously awful it can’t be true, then we’ll end up being pleasantly surprised.”

“Yeah, right. Nothing about this is pleasant.”

“I don’t know about that. I think I’m starting to get high.”

“Me too.”

“Could be they just wanted to hotbox us. Get us stoned before we solve their puzzle.”

Julie laughed, “Bitch, this ain’t fucking Cheech and Chong. Besides, that doesn’t smell like weed. It smells like burnt rubber.”

“I think it smells like one of your farts.” Kari wrinkled her cute little button nose.

Julie laughed again. “Goddammit, Kari, we’re being abducted and poisoned. We’re probably gonna end up on Dateline or some shit. How the fuck can you make jokes?”

“You gotta keep your sense of humor in a time of crisis.”

“I guess you’re right. This could be the last time we get to laugh.”

"You don't really think we're gonna die, do you?"

"I thought we were gonna be drugged up whores, remember? You're the one that went with the torture and death scenario."

"I wonder if they'll rape us first," Kari smiled playfully.

"Maybe they'll just rape us and let us go?" Julie never thought she'd be so hopeful to be raped.

"Maybe. Maybe they'll get a horse to fuck us while they disembowel us."

"Jesus Christ, Kari. How the fuck do you come up with this stuff?"

Kari shrugged and yawned. “Are you getting sleepy?”

The room had taken on a foggy quality, and Kari shimmered behind waves of mist. “Yeah, I think it’s the gas. They’re putting us to sleep.”

“What if we never wake up?” Kari asked, her big eyes suddenly wide and fearful.

"I guess that would be better than getting raped by a horse with my guts hanging out."

“I don’t wanna die, Julie.”

“Yeah, me neither. How about we just take a quick nap instead?”

Kari offered a half-hearted grin, “Okay, just a quick nap.” Her eyelids felt like they were filled with lead, and before she knew it she was asleep.

Julie was the first to wake and soak in their new surroundings. They were still in the same room, at least as far as she could tell, but the room was no longer empty. There was a file cabinet in the far left corner, there was a desk with some notes, some books, and a computer on it pushed up against the right wall, and in the center of the room there was a girl with her guts on the wrong side of her body.

The girl was strapped to a steel table tilted at a seventy degree angle, so she was almost completely upright. Her wrists and ankles were held by leather restraints, and there was an outcrop on the low end of the table that served as a foot rest, keeping her from sliding down or putting undue strain on her arms. It was unclear if she was alive, although Julie thought she saw the girl’s chest moving ever so slightly with the admission and expulsion of breath.

Quite a lot of blood was spattered on the girl’s clothes and pooled on the tiled floor below, and still more was dripping and trickling down. The girl, despite her disembowelment and massive blood loss, was beautiful, with a round face and big pouty lips, dirty blonde hair and fair skin. She had a full figure with generous curves, clothed in a white cotton half shirt adorned with a dead yellow emoji and a black sarong draped skirt, and her feet were bare.

After only a few seconds, Julie realized her own attire was oddly similar, as was Kari’s, the only difference being the emoji on their shirts. Julie’s was a smiley face, and Kari’s was frowning. The clothes Kari and Julie had been wearing when they entered the establishment were mysteriously gone.

“Kari,” Julie called to her friend, who was just beginning to stir. “Kari, wake the fuck up. There’s a dead chick in here.”

“Wha… huh?” Kari murmured, rubbing her eyes and slowly sitting up.

“I’m not dead,” the eviscerated girl croaked.

“Oh shit, my bad,” Julie answered.

“What the fuck?” Kari asked, horrified. “Shit really got real in here, didn’t it?”

“Pluh… please. Help me,” the blonde begged.

“Who are you?” Julie asked her.

“Sara. They cap…”

Sara was interrupted by a voice booming from a speaker somewhere in the ceiling. “Welcome to the first ever life or death escape room. Your game begins now. You will have sixty minutes to figure out how to escape, and if you should succeed, you will be free to go. This facility has been rented by a phantom, made up entirely of forged documents, so nothing will be traced back to us. Good luck.”

“Holy shit, are they serious?” Kari asked, her voice shrill.

“They gutted Sara here, so I think they’re pretty serious.”

“You think we could be dead in an hour?”

“We could be dead in sixty seconds, but I’m not planning on dying here, so wudduya say we figure this shit out?”

“Alright. Okay. We got this, right?”

“Fucking goddam right we do. I’m the escape room queen, remember?”

"Sure. Of course. So what do we do? How does this work?"

Julie tried the door handle, confirming it was locked. There was a keyhole on their side of the door, so the goal was to find the key that fit it.

"You go look at the stuff on that desk. See if that computer turns on. Be Batman. I'm gonna ask Sara some questions." Kari nodded and rushed over the desk, and Julie approached Sara. The dying blonde looked as if she was slipping in and out of consciousness, so Julie hoped she could get some answers. She lightly caressed the girl's face and gave her cheek the gentlest slap she could manage, "Sara, are you still with me?"

Dark, hazel eyes looked up at Julie, and in them she saw the terrible torment this girl was enduring. "Help," Sara pleaded.

"Hang in there, sweetie, we're gonna get you outta here. We need your help first, though. I need to ask you some questions."

Sara nodded and whispered weakly, "Okay."

“How long have you been here?”

Sara glanced at something over Julie’s shoulder, and Julie followed her gaze to the clock above the door. It was a classic clock with a minute hand, hour hand, and second hand, and Roman numerals to mark the time, and it currently announced it was 3:47. Julie made a mental note that they needed to escape by a quarter til five. “A couple hours.”

“Did you come in to try the escape room too?” Sara looked confused and her eyes lost focus for a moment. “Sara, stay with me, baby.”

“I was taken… Two guys. Never seen them before… They grabbed me outside my apartment. Said it was for some kind of game.”

“And they’re the ones that did this to you?”

Sara nodded.

“Did you see them setting things up in here?”

“No. This was all… already here. They just brought ya… you two… in like ha… half an hour ago.”

Julie realized this was not the same room where they were gassed after all. “Is there anything else you can remember that might help us get out?”

Sara’s chin quivered and she shook her head, “No,” but Julie thought she detected a hint of dishonesty in the blonde girl’s eyes.

“Julie, take a look at this.” Kari had managed to turn on the PC and she had several pieces of paper strewn across the desk.

“What do you got?” Julie asked, walking over with piqued interest.

“There’s a few diagrams of, well, guts and stuff,” Kari pointed to some fold outs that looked like they were taken from a health magazine, some showing images of internal organs and one a complete map of the female digestive system. “The PC needs a password to be unlocked, but there’s this note that probably has some clues.”

Julie picked up the note and read it.

[i][b]Sara has proven to be uncooperative. All we could get out of her was some cryptic message about us knowing the hour of our demise. She knows more than she has let on, that much is certain. We have other methods at our disposal to get her to spill her guts.[/b][/i]

“What else do you think she knows?” Kari asked in a whispering voice.

“It’s a prop,” Julie said, “Just some bullshit story they made up to set the stage for their escape room.”

“So what do we do next?”

“Check out those books. Flip through them, see if anything’s hidden inside. I’m gonna try the file cabinets.” Kari did as Julie instructed, and Julie soon found each drawer to be locked tight. She pushed the cabinets away from the wall and peeked behind them, but saw nothing of import. “You see anything?”

Kari shook her head. “Not unless they expect us to study up on interrogation techniques and the human anatomy.”

Julie mulled it over. “The hour of our demise. They wouldn’t have put that in there if it didn’t mean anything.” She looked up at the clock. It kept time well enough. The second hand ticked away the seconds and they had less than fifty-five minutes to escape this death trap if the voice over the intercom was to be believed. She hurried over to the doorway and stretched her fingers as high as she could, but the clock was just out of her reach. “Come over here and get on my shoulders.”

Julie was a stout and sturdy girl with an athletic body that was taller and meatier than Kari’s, so she was easily able to hoist her slight of build companion onto her back, and Kari snatched the clock from the wall. “There’s a key taped to the back!” Kari cried excitedly.

“Score! Now be careful when you put the clock back. We need to know how much time we have left, so don’t fuck with it.”

“Yup. Got it.” Kari hung the clock back on the wall, hopped nimbly off Julie’s shoulders and held up the key.

“It’s gotta open one of those cabinets,” Julie told her. The girls scurried across the room, eager to test the key in each lock, which as it turned out wasn’t necessary. It opened the first one they tried, and inside they found a hunting knife, a box of surgical gloves, and a small spiral notebook.

The book was titled [u]Sara's Journal[/u], and on the first page they found the following scrawled:

[i][b]They found me! How am I going to get out of this? Everything’s at stake now. People are counting on me. All that we've worked for could come crumbling down around us. Six of them outside my door, ready to burst through any second. Someone must have sold us out. Who could be the mole, I wonder? Oscar? Roberto? Doesn't matter. I've got no time left, and one more key to hide. Swallow it.[/b][/i]

Julie and Kari read it together, then looked at each other and looked at the knife. "No," Kari said, horrified.

"It fits. It makes sense. The diagrams of the digestive system, the books about anatomy."

"We can't."

"We have to." Julie picked up the knife and a pair of gloves, ever mindful of the clock, and walked around to face Sara. "Sweetie, I'm sorry."

"You found out, didn't you?" Sara was trembling.

"Found out what?"

"They… made me swallow a key."

Julie nodded. "It's our only way out. Either we find the key inside you, or we all die.” She pulled the rubber gloves over her hands and took hold of Sara’s bowels. “I’ll try to be gentle.” Several coils of intestines dangled between the blonde girl’s knees, totaling nearly eight feet in length, and Julie began to smooth them out, squeezing as tenderly as possible up and down the piping, feeling for something hard and metal inside.

Her efforts didn’t pan out, so she began to tug, and more slippery guts snaked their way through the gash in Sara’s tummy. The poor blonde whined and whimpered, but to her credit, she didn’t scream. Time slipped away, and Julie still found nothing. Her fingers became less benign as four o’ clock came and went, and she gave the glistening pink snakes a yank.

Sara yelped as nearly all of her small intestines and a sizable portion of her large intestine came unraveled and spilled messily out of her belly. Julie paid little mind and went right to work feeling for that damned key. Squirts of excrement spattered the table when Julie squeezed the lower portion of Sara’s colon, and still she found nothing.

The search became exponentially more frenzied, and Julie took the knife to Sara’s midriff and sliced open her upper abdomen. Digging through muscles and fat, Julie found the girl’s stomach and pulled it free. She tore it apart like a paper bag, Sara’s brown eyes opened wide in astonishment, and at last the key rattled on the floor.

“I found it!” Julie squealed, peeling the gloves off her hands and plucking up the key in excitement.

Sara gurgled on a mouthful of blood, and Kari watched it all unfold as if in a trance. “You killed her,” Kari finally said. It wasn’t an accusation, just a statement of incredulity.

“No. The people that put her here did that. I’m trying to save the people that are still alive.” Julie stuck the key in the second file cabinet’s lock, and it turned easily enough. Within the drawer she found a loose piece of paper and a lockbox with a combination lock. The paper had the tell-tale torn loops along the left edge of a note ripped from a spiral notebook. On it the following was penned in the same handwriting as contained in the previously discovered journal:

[b][i]Combination is stored on PC. Open Microsoft Word. Search for Lockbox Combo. Take what’s inside the box. 1 of you escapes. loss is part of life. it cannot be prevented. fret not. everyone dies in the end.[/i][/b]

“Well that’s not very encouraging,” Kari noted, her large brown eyes wide and her arching eyebrows raised cutely.

Julie’s own brilliant blues narrowed and her brow furrowed. “I don’t give a fuck what that says. We’re both escaping, and we’re both winning. Losing is not gonna be part of our lives today.”

“Looks like we need to figure out the password for the computer.”

“Yup. Any ideas?”

“There must be something more to this note. So far we haven’t really learned anything from it.”

“Yeah, like why is it written like some lame ass haiku?”

“Well, it’s definitely not a haiku.”

“Whatever, bitch. This isn’t English class. You know what I mean.”

“I do?”

“Like there’s a pattern or something somewhere. It’s just too weird.”

“I get it, yeah. Wasn’t the other note like that too? The one in the journal?”

"No shit, I think you're right!" Julie pulled out the journal from the top drawer and compared the notes. "Wudduya see?"

"You're never supposed to start a sentence with a number. You know, like a digit. One should be spelled out here."

"Okay, what does that tell us? Somebody sucks at grammar?"

"Maybe, but more likely there's a reason for it. Like they did it on purpose. Look here. They didn't capitalize the first word of the last four sentences either."

"Why would they…" Julie trailed off, deep in thought for a few seconds. She was onto something, surely. Her shockingly beautiful and expressive face slowly lit up like a Christmas tree, and she nearly screeched with delight. "Kari, you fucking genius! That's it. It [i]is[/i] intentional. It's part of the password. Look at the first letter of each sentence!"

Julie left the journal and the paper in Kari's hands, not sticking around for Kari to have her 'oh shit' moment. Instead she rushed over to the PC, the clock ever present in her mind, and typed COST1life into the password field and hit enter.

The desktop appeared, and she found Microsoft Word and opened the document saved as ‘Lockbox Combo’.


Each of you holds a key. One leads to life, the other leads to death. Choose wisely.[/i][/b]

Julie felt her skirt for pockets, knowing there were none. There was nowhere else she could hold a key. Kari was watching her, and Julie was reluctant to share the disturbing message, but Kari could see the obvious concern on her friend’s gorgeous and expressive face. “What’s wrong? What’s it say?”

Julie hesitated still, “It says… each of us holds a key. One leads to life and one leads to death.”

A horrible realization dawned on Kari. “Holds a key? Where?” They both knew, but neither of them wanted to say.

Julie looked to Sara, and while she appeared more sickly than ever, the blonde’s eyes were half open and she somehow still clung to life. “Did they make us swallow keys as well? Did you see them do that?”

Sara’s only reply was a desperate, inhuman moan.

"Open the lockbox," Kari advised. "Maybe we're jumping to conclusions too soon."

"Maybe," Julie agreed. Taking a deep breath, she spun the numbers on the combination lock to match the computer screen. There was an audible click and she lifted the lid. Inside was a scalpel and another note. Her heart sank at the sight of the scalpel, but she picked up the note and read it aloud.

[i][b]Two girls are trapped in a room with only two exits. One exit is guarded by a fire-breathing dragon with a taste for human flesh. The other leads to a room composed of glass prisms that reflect sunlight in such a way that anyone who enters is immediately burned alive. How do they escape?[/b][/i]

Kari, who didn’t know about the scalpel, appeared thoughtful, welcoming the riddle. “Let me think. Give me a minute.”

Julie decided not to tell her friend about the surgical tool in the lockbox. It already had Julie shaken up enough - there was no sense in distracting Kari from solving their latest puzzle. So while all Julie could think about was what it would feel like to have her belly slit open and her insides fondled, Kari considered their riddle.

After a couple of minutes in silence, Kari posed a guess. “What if they opened the door to the dragon, got him to breathe fire through the room they’re in and melt the glass in the other room?”



“Her,” Julie repeated. “The dragon’s a her. Why assume it’s a he?”

“Jesus, Julie. This is hardly the time for a lesson in feminism. Yeah, male shouldn’t be the default sex. I get it. So?”

“So I like the way you’re thinking, but it’s too complicated. Too many things could go wrong, and it doesn’t help us figure out how to get out of here. There’s gotta be a simpler answer.”

Kari thought a bit longer, then posited another solution. “Okay, what about this? One of the girls sacrifices herself in the glass room, cooking herself alive. The other girl then feeds her buddy to the dragon, giving her time to escape.”

“Better. It almost fits. But who’s the sacrifice? How do we know the dragon isn’t intelligent enough to kill the escaping girl and save the one that’s already dead for dessert? The answer to these things is usually more obvious. Like once you get it, there’s no doubt it’s the right answer.”

“Well, I’m still waiting for your guess.”

“I know, I know. Fuck! I can’t fucking think! I need to focus. Okay, let me read it again.” Julie read the note silently this time, carefully contemplating each word. When she got to [i]sunlight[/i], a lightbulb went off. “I got it!”


“Yeah, they escaped at night. Wait until night, then go through the glass room.”

“Of course!“ Kari cried. “[i]You’re[/i] the goddam genius.”

“I dunno about that.” Julie offered her best ‘aw shucks’ smile. “I’m not totally sure how that riddle helps us.”

Kari looked at the clock. It was 3:27. “How much time do we have?”

“Like twenty minutes, maybe a little less.”

“Well we can’t wait until night time, that’s for sure.” Kari chewed her plump lower lip.

“Kari…” Julie thought it might be time to tell her friend about the scalpel. It was there because one of them needed to be cut open, and perhaps the riddle was meant to tell them which one.

“Wait!” Kari interrupted. “There’s a light switch.”

Julie held her breath, allowing herself to hope. Maybe the next clue would change everything. Maybe they were being led to incorrect assumptions, only to find the key was not so difficult to acquire after all. Kari hit the switch and the room darkened, the only remaining light emanating from a black light fixed in the center of the ceiling.

Kari went to try the door, but Julie was frozen, her heart sinking. “No. No no no no no No!”

Kari took her hand off the handle after confirming it was still locked and looked at Julie. “Okay, Shia LaBeouf. What’s wrong?”

Julie pointed to the glowing letters on the west wall.

[b][i]Don’t be sad, girl. Happiness inside you is the key.[/i][/b]

“It’s me,” Julie lamented, pointing at the yellow smiley emoji on her half shirt. “I have the key. I’m happiness. I fucking paid thirty-three dollars for you to gut me!”

“Julie…” Kari looked like she had something important to say, but she trailed off.

“Maybe I can shit it out. Maybe it’s far enough along already.” Julie scurried off to the far corner, pulled down her skirt and panties and squatted.

“You’re really gonna take a shit right there?”

“If there’s a chance you don’t have to gut me, fuck yeah I am.” Julie’s exquisitely beautiful face scrunched up and her chiseled jaw clenched as she squeezed her bowels with everything she had.

“Well make it fast, because we’re running out of time.” Kari flipped the lights back on and Julie lost any semblance of privacy, but she didn't really care.

In a strained voice, Julie replied, “Hand me a pair of those surgical gloves and that journal.” Kari obliged, taking a pair of gloves for herself as well, then she moved over to the steel table and released Sara from her binds. The blonde had died at some point while the girls were working out their latest puzzle, so she slumped limply to the floor once the leather straps were removed.

A chill went down Julie's spine as she realized Kari was getting the table ready for her. It was the sensible thing to do - if the key wasn’t in this pile of feces she was creating, they’d need to act quickly - but she still wished Kari had waited a bit longer.

Julie pulled the rubber gloves over her hands, and after pushing as much excrement through her asshole as she possibly could in the space of ninety seconds, she swiped at her crack with some crumpled up paper and got to work digging.

Terds were plucked apart with a feverish and steadily increasing desperation. She was fairly certain she would have felt a key sliding out her butt, so she didn’t really expect to find anything, but the thought of being disemboweled was too terrible to entertain.

“Julie… Julie, we’re running out of time.”

When Julie realized she was picking through the same piece of shit for the third time, she knew what had to be done. “Fuck! FUCK! Alright. Okay.” She pulled off the gloves and started towards the table. "There's a scalpel in that lockbox. Maybe you could use it? Try not to butcher me too badly, and then I can be stitched up when we make it out of here?"

"Yeah, okay. You got it. Let me strap you in first."

Julie stepped onto the outcrop at the foot of the table and stretched her arms up into the restraints, pulling her supple tummy taught. "Okay, Batman," she said, somehow finding the courage to smile. Kari secured her wrists and ankles, then removed the scalpel from the lockbox. Julie's white half shirt was pulled high on her perky young breasts, giving Kari a full view of her tender, white belly. The clock was fast approaching 3:35, and both girls took notice.

“Okay. Do it,” Julie said, biting her lip.

Kari obliged, pressing the tiny blade into her upper abdomen. It dimpled the creamy skin before it was swallowed up, bright red blood welling up in its place. Only the slightest of gasps escaped Julie’s soft lips, and Kari drew the scalpel sideways. It began in the left side of her stomach, close to an inch below her ribs, and ended up almost directly over her navel before it left her flesh.

The cut was not deep enough to penetrate the layers of fat and muscle below the skin, so Kari had to take the blade to her a second time, retracing it through the furrow. When it still wasn’t deep enough, Kari tried a third time. Finally the incision permeated the abdominal wall, and Kari was able to push her fingers through and find a sac-like internal organ, which she assumed was the stomach.

When she began to cut her way into the sac, Julie grunted and tried not to retch. Fingers and sharp metal poked and prodded in places they did not belong, and it was far more unpleasant than she imagined it would be.

“Shit, I can’t fucking see anything,” Kari complained.

“Are you sure that’s not my liver?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t have time to read the Anatomy books. What does a liver look like?”

“I think it’s reddish?”

“Well, maybe this is your liver.”

“Don’t destroy my liver, you cunt.”

“What does a liver even do?”

“It fucking lives.”

“Is the stomach next to the liver?”

“Yes. Behind it, sort of, and to the side.”

Kari dug deeper inside Julie, and Julie made some horrible guttural sounds. “Wait, maybe this is it?”

“Oooo fuck!” Julie suddenly upchucked blood as Kari cut something new open. “Yuh. You’re fucking me… up.” The blue-eyed beauty’s teeth were clinched and more blood sprayed from between them, her lips pulled back in a snarl.

“I’m sorry, Julie, I think I might be onto something. Hang in there.”

“It burns.”

Kari explored the smaller, adjacent sac as thoroughly as possible but found nothing. She glanced back at the clock and saw she had roughly five minutes to find the key. “Julie. I’m going to need to search your intestines, and we don’t have a lot of time.”

“Of course,” Julie croaked. Kari’s gloves and forearms were bright red with gore, and more of Julie’s blood was spattered all over her shirt and face. The gaping gash in Julie’s stomach was leaking fluid like a busted transmission, and the pain was immense. “I think I’m already dying.”

“I’m going to use the knife this time,” Kari explained, already having swapped the scalpel for the larger, less precise cutting tool, and she wasted no time in plunging the blade into Julie’s tummy.

“Oooof,” Julie exhaled heavily as she was stabbed. Kari used both hands as she pulled the knife downward through Julie’s guts, carving the larger girl open. When she was finished a gaping wound that began several inches above and to the left of Julie’s center, curved down below her navel and finished slightly to the right remained.

Pink ropes had already begun to spill out, and Kari grabbed hold of them and tugged. It wasn’t as easy as one might think, but Julie felt something give inside her and a messy tangle of plumbing slopped onto her skirt between her thighs. Kari hastily began unscrambling and cajoling the pink tubing, feeling for that evasive fucking key.

Julie watched it all with wide eyes and strained groans, morbidly enraptured by this spectacular mistreatment of her innards, and it didn’t take long for Kari’s search to become increasingly brutal. As time wore on and she failed to find the key, she gave no consideration to the girl to whom these intestines belonged. She wrenched them this way and that, sometimes slicing right through the viscera instead of working out a particularly troublesome tangle.

“You’re killing me,” Julie murmured through clinched teeth.

“No, I’m trying to save you. I only have a couple minutes to find the… wait. Wait! I think I felt it. I think I’ve got it!” The excitement in Kari’s voice was unmistakeable, and she ripped and sliced and diced until a small gore-covered key rattled onto the floor.

Even though her bowels were in tatters and mostly dangling between her legs, Julie allowed herself to hope. “You did it,” she breathed. “Thank God. Let me loose and let’s get outta here.”

But Kari was already at the door, shoving the key into the lock. “I need to get the door open first,” she answered, glancing over her shoulder as she turned the key. “I…” She stopped speaking and cried out softly as ten wide blades suddenly thrust forth from within the door and ran through her midsection.

They were vertical and lined up in two rows of five, with roughly one and a quarter inches in between them. The middle blade of the lower row was less than a centimeter to the right of her oval shaped belly button. In an instant they rotated forty-five degrees, ensuring the wounds wouldn’t close, rotated back, and retracted, and the edges of the blades were serrated, so when they left Kari’s lithe flesh they took bits of her with them.

It was a roller coaster of emotions, going from the tense and traumatizing race against the clock to the relief of finding the key to the horror of having her guts shredded. Kari turned around and Julie could see the devastation and defeat on her friend's lovely face. "Oh fuck," Kari muttered, clutching her belly and sliding down, her back to the door, until her soft buttocks touched the floor.

"Did we run out of time?" Julie asked, looking at the clock. She could have sworn they had at least a minute or two left.

"It's the wrong key," Kari said miserably, and she hooked a thumb through a loop of her own entrails and pulled. "Happiness inside you. It's not addressed to you. It would have a comma…" she winced as she pulled even more of the viscera from her midriff, "after happiness. It's addressed to me. Happiness inside me. You inside me… is the key."

Julie's eyes widened and her mouth gaped as she understood. "I was supposed to pick through [i]your[/i] guts."

Kari nodded, feeling up the several feet of small intestines she now held in her lap.

"Let me loose. I can help."

"There's no time," Kari answered. In truth, there was no time for even Kari to somehow find and extract the key from her own insides, then make an escape, and they both knew it. The clock had already moved beyond 4:45, but neither of them were ready to face that fact.

Not twenty seconds passed, with Kari pulling more and more of her bowels from her belly, before the intercom sounded their doom. “Your time is up. You have failed to escape within the allotted sixty minute window. You will now be locked in this room until you are no longer living.” They heard the dead bolts engaging inside the door as those chilling words filled the air. “Thank you for participating in the first ever life and death escape room. We hope you enjoyed the experience.”

“Best thirty-three bucks I ever spent,” Julie said with a smirk. When Kari gave her a quizzical look, she added. “What? A wise-ass bitch once told me you hafta keep your sense of humor in a time of crisis.”

Kari tried to laugh, but it hurt too much. Instead she smiled sadly and answered, “You’re right. I’m going to write a rave review on Yelp.”

“Maybe if you tell them that, they’ll let us out.”

“Oh, Julie. I wanna go home.” Two large tears rolled slowly down Kari’s smooth red cheeks.

“Me too.” Julie looked down at the mess that had been made of her belly and sighed. “The escape room queen, killed by a comma.”

“Lack of a comma,” Kari corrected her.

“You knew the whole time. You were gonna tell me… but you didn’t.”

“I saw what you did to Sara. I didn’t want you to do that to me.”

“Neither did I,” Julie agreed.

“I was hoping you were right… and I was wrong. I’m so sorry, Julie.” More tears reddened Kari’s hazel eyes.

“It doesn’t matter.” [i]Nothing matters anymore.[/i] Julie almost said that second sentence out loud, but decided to keep it to herself.

“Oh, it hurts so bad. Why target our stomachs?”

“They’re probably perverts. Just waiting for a couple of cute girls to come in so they could gut them.”

They both bled in silence for the next several minutes, tortured by thoughts of their rapidly approaching mortality. They were at that stage in life where death was something that always happened to other people, and they didn’t really believe it could ever happen to them. At least until now.

“Julie, do you think there’s a heaven?”

Julie gave her pal a pensive look, “I fucking hope there is.”

“You didn’t answer the question.”

“I don’t know, Kari. I just… don’t know.” What Julie wouldn’t, or couldn’t, say, was deep down she didn’t believe. No matter how badly she wanted to.

“What if this is really it? Like this is all we get?”

“That would fucking suck,” Julie agreed.

“I’m so scared, Julie.” Kari’s lush lower lip was trembling, and her perfect, creamy skin had gone ghostly pale and waxy. She was sitting in a huge pool of blood that was growing at a grim rate.

Julie, who was actually terrified herself, didn’t know how to comfort her friend, so she tried to make light of the situation. “Yeah, no shit you’re scared. We’re fucking dying.” It was meant to be funny, but it came across as mean-spirited, and it was clear Kari didn’t appreciate the dark humor. Incidentally, it was the last thing she ever said to her friend.

“Julie… Jooo…” Kari’s big beautiful eyes bulged in her skull, and Julie watched all the terror and panic and desolation fade away, leaving a blank and lifeless stare. Kari was gone, and only a corpse remained.

Julie held on for another six endless minutes, left to endure the tortuous agony in her belly and the horror of her fading young life all by herself. Then she too faded away into oblivion.


That was really creative! Thank you for another wonderful story!


This is a rewrite of the first story I posted online, like 10 years ago. Hope you like it.

The Hitchhiker

It had been a great day so far for Julie Huerta. It was a Friday, she had felt very comfortable with her Physics exam in sixth period, she had crushed it in basketball practice, and Vinny had finally found the balls to talk to her. That conversation had been both intriguing and stimulating to say the least, and they had tentatively set up a date for this weekend.

To top it all off, it was snowing. While snow was an annoyance for some, for kids in the New Mexico desert it was a rare treat. Julie wasn’t exactly a kid, but she wasn’t too old to build a snowman or smack her brother in the face with a snowball, and if her luck held, the snowfall would continue all night and into the morning. When Cyndi Lauper began to belt out Girls Just Wanna Have Fun from the car radio, Julie couldn't help but sing along. Unfortunately it seemed not everyone was having as great a time as she was.

Through the shifting veil of snow shuffled the muddled shape of a man. As Julie approached the figure this man's terrible misfortune became painfully more apparent. Wrapped tightly around his body was a light wind-breaker; the type of garment better suited for a stroll through the park on a sunny autumn day. It offered very little protection against the frigid air on an unforgiving day like today. The man's chin was tucked tightly against his chest, his arms hugging his body, in an effort to preserve what little body heat he might still be retaining. Narrow legs clothed in thin slacks and capped with leather loafers trudged stubbornly through drifts of snow alongside the road.

Julie's heart went out to the man. She could not remember passing one single vehicle since she had piloted her yellow VW Beetle onto this barren stretch of pavement. Realizing that they were still at least ten miles from town, she pulled onto the shoulder. It was the only humane thing to do. Watching in her rear view mirror, she saw the man's face light up as he hustled to her passenger door. She leaned over and yanked the handle, popping the door open. A cold blast of air rushed over her, instantly dropping the temperature inside the bug ten degrees or more.

There, outside her vehicle in the wintry air, stood a strikingly handsome, clean shaven man who appeared to be in his early thirties. A sheepish grin shown from his windblown, cherry red face. Dark, guarded eyes peered up at her as she studied his wonderfully symmetrical features.

An overwhelming impulse to stomp on the gas pedal, peel out of there, and never look back washed over Julie, but she quickly shook it off. That was nuts. She couldn't drive off and leave this poor man standing here like this.

"Need a lift," Julie asked coolly.

The man said nothing, but he climbed into the car with liquid speed and agility.

"It's fucking cold out there, huh?" Julie offered. The man smiled. Julie was still not completely comfortable cursing in the presence of adults and it pleased her that this man was not put off by her use of the 'f' word.

Beaming at her own maturity, Julie extended her hand. "My name's Julie." The man looked at her hand for a moment before seizing it with his own sturdy grip. His hands were deathly cold from the icy weather outside.

"You're very beautiful, Julie," the man told her. It was true, Julie was amazing. Every inch, every curve of her soft, young, athletic body was perfectly proportioned to her five foot six, one-hundred thirty pound frame. Rich, shoulder-length, chocolate-colored hair spilled down around her high cheek bones and squared jaw, while her lush lips, sparkling blue eyes, square chin, and celestial nose completed the most stunning face to ever grace man’s existence. Her flawless body was wrapped in a fair, pink skin so smoothly complected it might have been stolen from a new born’s ass. Much of that skin was presently on display, as she had swapped her shorts for sweats but opted to remain in her practice top, a sleeveless half shirt with the number thirty-four printed on it, which meant her belly and shoulders were bare despite the freezing temperatures. It was impossible to even imagine such beauty, but something about this man’s comment struck Julie as odd.

Perhaps it was the way he said it, with a hint of regret and sadness. As Julie tried to pin down what exactly was off, the man released her hand and produced a Heckler & Koch HK45 from the confines of his jacket. He moved in the same smooth, fluid motion he had used to climb aboard Julie's ride.

No stranger to deftness and dexterity, Julie averaged nearly three steals a game her sophomore year. Her hands moved lightning quick, but she had just managed to grab the barrel of the gun and only slightly alter the angle in which it was pointed before flames flashed, a deafening boom filled the car, and Julie cried out in surprise.

Warm pressure began to build in her guts and she tasted metal in the back of her throat. A thousand thoughts raced in her mind at once - the most prominent one being, [i]Am I going to die?[/i] It just didn't seem possible. It all seemed so surreal, like a bad dream. As she sought to solidify her grip on the gun, it bucked in her hands again and she felt the pressure in her abdomen swell to something greater.

[i]I've gotta stop the slide,[/i] she thought, and when the gun went off a third time she succeeded. More lead smacked violently into her belly and ripped through her bowels, but the slide was held in the back position, unable to chamber a new round. Julie kept her right hand firmly in place and brought her left thumb up into the handsome bastard's eye. She had the satisfaction of hearing him scream before his left fist clouted her in the side of the head.

It took a second to shake out the cobwebs, and when she regained her senses the hitchhiker was rubbing his eye and recklessly waving his weapon at her. She flinched back against the door as another shot boomed, and she felt the impact in her right shoulder.

[i]So much for stealing his gun.[/i]

She decided that she had to get out of there; she had to get out of the bug and away from this man. As she turned to open her door she saw that the bullets had passed clean through her body. Her blood was splashed across the handle of the driver's side door and she could see a couple of holes in the paneling. She pushed open the door and gingerly stepped out into the snow.

Another booming shot rang out behind her. The slug entered the small of her back, furrowed through her intestines, exited her belly, and careened off the pavement on the other side of the road. She squawked and stumbled to the ground as more of her blood sprayed from her body.

Julie struggled awkwardly to get back to her feet while clutching the numerous holes in her midriff. There was a tight trio of entry wounds around her navel - left, right, and above - and an exit wound nearly the size of a fifty cent piece farther off in the left side of her gut. Blood was pouring over her hands and between her knuckles. The taste of it filled her mouth and she spat red. Leaning against the car for support, she managed to stand.

[i]Am I dying?[/i] she wondered. [i]Am I really dying?[/i]

With her tiny hands splayed across her tummy, Julie tried to run. Normally she was one of the fastest girls on the basketball team, but while there was nothing wrong with her legs, the fire in her belly made her ungainly and the most she could achieve was a graceless lumber. She was around ten yards beyond the rear bumper when she heard the crack of another gunshot behind her.

Her right leg went stiff as a bullet punched through her thigh. Another shot quickly followed, and Julie caught it with her perfectly rounded right butt cheek. An exit wound exploded in her hip, severely hobbling the beautiful teen, but she continued to limp forward, desperate to outrun her fate. A quick glance over her shoulder revealed the bastard had gotten out of her car and was now pointing his pistol at her.

"No no no no no no no no no," Julie muttered in a panicky little voice. The hitchhiker clearly had no intention of letting her escape. This was so fucking bad.

Another pair of gunshots rang out in the quiet desert air, and both rounds found their mark in Julie's lower back and punched fresh holes in her midriff. A gurgling sound escaped her throat and she sank to her knees. Her eyes grew wide with disbelief as she examined the latest exit wounds in her belly. The two holes were a couple inches right of her navel, one just above the other, spilling alarming amounts of blood down the front of her sweat pants. Spurts jettisoned from her wounds in rhythm with her heartbeat and landed steaming in the snow before her. She kept both palms pressed against her belly, but it did little to slow the bleeding. Her guts burned with intense discomfort.

"Ah fuck!" Julie squealed, her voice rising shrilly in terror. Another slug ripped through her, spraying more of her precious blood from just beneath her right breast. Her back arched as the bullet pierced her body, then she twisted and fell forward, pressing her right hand against the ground to support herself. She coughed up more blood and swiped the drips from her lips with her free hand.

"Oh Gawd," she muttered miserably. The pain was terrible, but it was better than feeling nothing at all. She began to straighten her back and try to get her feet back under her when she was shot again, this bullet catching her in the back of her left shoulder and tearing through the tender flesh below her collar bone. She cried out and spun with the force of the shot, ending up with her back in the snow and her legs twisted beneath her.

Her killer was now quickly approaching, swapping an empty click for a fresh one he had found inside his jacket. She turned her stunning blue eyes upon herself, dismayed to see what had become of her healthy, young, seventeen-year-old body. All of her wounds were bleeding profusely. Her white top and gray sweats were soaked. The snow beneath her was stained an ugly red.

"Oh God, lookit me," Julie moaned. Her eyes widened as the man pulled back the slide and chambered a fresh round. "Oh shit," she mumbled.

Her tennis shoes scuffed at the snow as she tried to scoot backwards, desperate to get away from this psycho and his gun, when he plugged her high in the abdomen. The bullet smashed into the soft flesh beneath her sternum, pummeled the tissue and organs housed there, chipped off a piece of her spine, and exited the center of her back. She coughed up another mouthful of blood and grunted in agony.

"Fuck, you fucking bastard," she gasped, a split second before the bastard shot her in the chest. The bullet left a hole in the top of the three over her right breast, and it also must have punctured a lung, because Julie suddenly found it increasingly difficult to breathe.

Still intent on resisting her fate, her animal instincts still locked in the flight of survival, she sighed tiredly, flipped onto her knees and elbows and began to scuttle away from her Beetle and her killer.

She managed to cover maybe three or four feet of ground before she was shot for the fourteenth time. The bullet chewed into her back and left an exit wound the size of a sand dollar where her left nipple used to be. Her plight was becoming grimmer by the second. Blood spewed from her lips, she muttered, “Oh fuck,” and she dragged her dying body forward another foot or two.

The gun barked for the fifteenth time that day, and Julie felt her left shoulder pulverized and smashed by hot lead. Her arms gave out and her face ended up in the snow, but she continued trying to pull herself forward. She was still struggling to find her grip when the handsome hitchhiker’s boot nuzzled against her ribs and flipped her onto her back.

Her bewitching blue eyes blinked against the snow, staring up into the barrel of a gun. [i]Is this it? Is he gonna blow my head off now?[/i] Her brows arched and her perfect face grimaced in terror, and she begged for mercy, “Please. Please no.”

The man hesitated, the gun wavering ever so slightly, and then he exhaled heavily. “I’m sorry, Julie.” He knelt beside her and began rummaging through the pockets of her sweat pants. All he found was her Samsung flip phone and her lip gloss. “A flip phone?!” He seemed insulted.

Julie tried to answer him, but she spit up blood instead. If she had been able to speak, she’d have told him he sounded like her friends. Everyone was always busting her chops for it ([i]Who are you calling, Julie? 2005?[/i]), but her parents weren’t well off, and she didn’t need to be on Twitter and Instagram all the time like the other girls in her school.

“Don’t you have a wallet?”

Julie gurgled and coughed and let a torrent of blood spill from the corners of her mouth before she replied, “It’s on the dash. I think there’s like thirteen bucks in there.” She was amazed at the tranquility and steadiness in her voice. It sounded as if they were discussing the weekend weather forecast over a cup of tea, even though in Julie’s mind she was desperately throwing water out of a sinking ship.

“Thirteen dollars? You bitch! You stupid fucking cunt!” The bastard kicked her in the jaw.

“I wanted to help you,” Julie protested.

“Help me?” the man asked, and he punctuated his question by shooting Julie in her perky right tit, inside the upper arc of the three this time.

“Oof,” Julie grunted.

“Do you have twenty-thousand dollars somewhere? Because that would fucking help me.” He shot her again, in the lower curve of her right breast, near the middle tip of the three.

It was then that Julie understood that she was dying for nothing. This man was in debt to some dangerous people, and he would not be able to pay them back. Despite the fact that he was killing her, it was easy to empathize with his situation. After all, he was just trying to survive, and as she lay there staring death in the face, she knew what that was like.

“Take my car,” she told him. She lifted her head to look at her bullet-riddled body before adding, “I’m not gonna need it anymore.”

“That piece of shit isn’t worth five hundred dollars, and now it’s full of blood and bullet holes. Nobody will buy it.”

Julie loved that car. Her parents had bought it for her on her sixteenth birthday, and it cost them countless hours of overtime and working weekends. It was a representation of their devotion to her, so hearing this man call it a piece of shit stung her. She laid her head back in the snow, licked the blood from her lips, and rolled her sparkling blue eyes. “Well, I guess you killed me for thirteen bucks then.”

“Hardly even worth the ammo I spent on you.” The man seemed to consider putting one more round in her, and Julie wondered if she’d feel the bullet caving in her forehead or if everything would just suddenly come to an end before she even realized it. In the end the man just took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry, Julie. You shouldn’t have stopped.” Then he turned and left her for dead.

She heard the door to her bug slam shut and raised her head just enough to see her beloved yellow VW Beetle disappear into the snow. [i]I shouldn't have stopped,[/i] she thought. [i]Oh God, what I wouldn't do to rewind the clock by two minutes and just not stop.[/i] Sadly, there were no second chances this time, and she understood with absolute certainty that this is where she would die.

Her mind returned to the conversation she had with Vinny that morning. Ironically, they had discussed how fleeting life can be, and how important it is to cherish every moment. In hindsight, it seemed almost prescient.

Vinny had told her that the average life span was around eighty years, which meant they only got eighty springs, eighty summers, eighty autumns, eighty winters, eighty birthdays. [i]I want so badly to have eighty birthdays.[/i] He had been watching a video on YouTube, a Ted Talk maybe, and it had inspired him. It was what motivated him to finally tell her how he felt. He told her that she gave him hope, that the world was a little brighter because it had people like her in it, that she made him feel so many things at once it was overwhelming.

They had both agreed to live in the moment and to stop stressing over petty, insignificant things that wouldn't make a difference in the end. Still, no matter how stirring that discussion had been and how much weight she had given Vinny's words, she never imagined that this would be that end; that she wouldn't even live to see another sunset.

For some reason her killer had left her flip phone in the snow beside her. It was probably the same reason he had shot her seventeen times without managing to hit her heart even once - he wasn't cut out for this sort of thing. The reason didn't really matter though, it fell into the category of insignificant things that wouldn't make a difference in the end. What mattered was the phone was here, and she intended to use it.

There was no point in calling nine-one-one. They couldn't save her and she didn't want to spend her last moments talking to a stranger. Her parents would both be at work and wouldn't be able to answer her call, so she recalled the number Vinny had given her that morning and dialed it.

As the phone rang she considered how amazing a simple thing like a memory was. It was something she always took for granted, but there was so much information and experience and emotion in her memories, and soon it would all be gone. All of it lost forever, as she would cease to exist. It was a devastating thought.

"Hello?" It was Vinny's voice, made distorted and metallic by technology, but Vinny nonetheless.

"Vinny, I'm dying."

"What?! Is this Julie?"

"Yep. I…" A convulsion overtook her mid-sentence, but once she got it under control she continued, "I’m fucking bleeding to death."

"Julie, that’s not funny. Don't even play like that."

"I'm dead serious," and Julie chortled at the unintentional pun.

"You’re not fucking with me?"

“I wish I was.” There was a moment of silence from Vinny’s side of the connection, and Julie tried to imagine what he must be thinking. It had to be a mind-blowing call to receive.

“Julie, you gotta hang in there. Where are you?”

“Lying on the side of the road like fucking road kill.”

“Did you call an ambulance?”

“Vinny, I’m fucked. They’d never make it in time.”

“Is it really that bad? What happened?”

“I got shot to fucking shit. A bullet for every year of my life. My stomach looks like swiss fucking cheese." Julie lifted her head again to look at herself, as if to reaffirm what she was saying. A part of her was still in disbelief.

“You got shot? Who shot you?”

“Just some guy. Doesn’t matter. Don’t sweat the small stuff, remember? I didn’t call you to talk about him.”

“It’s not small stuff, Julie. He shot you.”

“Yeah, seventeen fucking times. I don’t want vengeance or justice or any of that bullshit. What I really want is to live, but… that’s not happening. Listen…” Julie felt the world fading, and she forgot what she was saying. All she could think about was the crushing finality of it all.


Vinny’s metallic voice was in another world as despair took hold of her. [i]This is it. This is really it. There’s nothing left.[/i] A snowflake landed in her eye, and she blinked at the tears spilling down her temples. [i]It’s so beautiful.[/i] She was staring up at the wintry sky - a blanket of gray dotted with floating white flakes. [i]I won’t get to play in the snow. I won’t be able to enjoy this beauty ever again.[/i]


It was that voice again, from somewhere far away. She remembered the boy she had called. The boy with whom she had connected earlier that day. It was too late. It wasn’t fair. Everything was being taken from her.

“Julie, are you there?!” Vinny’s voice was loud and panicked.

Julie’s response was soft and trembling with emotion, but she still sounded remarkably calm. “Yes. You were right. Life is too short. Way too short…” She had wanted to tell him something, but what? Did it even matter? Does anything matter when you’re dead? “You should…” Julie licked her lips and summoned all her strength. “You should have asked me out years ago. Don’t make that mistake again. Don’t… keep things inside.”

“Julie, I’m sorry.” He was crying. “Please don’t die.”

“I don’t want to…” It was the last thing she said. Her words trailed off, but she still clung stubbornly to her life, struggling mightily to fill her ruined lungs again and again.

It took several minutes for her to finally bleed out, and she suffered immensely. Vinny remained on the phone, calling out to her every few seconds, but she could no longer respond. She made choked gurgling sounds often enough for him to know she was still there, but it was not an attempt to communicate. Vinny and her phone were forgotten. All her efforts were focused on the continuation of her existence.

[i]I wanted to help. This is how my kindness was repaid. I can’t believe this shit.[/i] It was her last coherent thought before her consciousness descended into delirium. Soon after, her jaw wrenched in agony, her perfect, full lips parted, as she finally fell back into her death throes. Her back arched and her blood-stained tennis shoes dug at the snow. This went on for close to ten seconds. Then Julie lay still. She was dead at last. It was a terrible death that no one could possibly deserve, especially one as young, innocent, and naïve as Julie.


Ah, I remember that one from a long time ago. Indeed, I think it was the first story I read by you.
Really cool to see it remade / reapproached like this.
Am I right in assuming the mahor difference is the whole wallet / phone call scenes?
At least I don't recall those. Maybe she got shot more times? I think it was 17, though.. it IS Julie after all, I wouldn't be surprised to see her still somehow managing to walk after 30 shots, haha! That's just how she goes… her stubbornness and determination knows no equal. That's why she's so great for these stories. :-)

Forgive me if I'm not remembering details of the original story, it's been a long time since I read it.


Yeah, in the original version it was just a serial killer that she picked up, and she was shot 18 times instead of 17. Also, it was a .357 revolver used in the original (reloaded twice to total 18 shots), and there was no phone call at the end. She just laid there and bled out while her killer watched.


I would love to get together on chat or email to discuss our fantasies. Mine are nearly identical to yours.


I would love to meet up and talk on chat or email about your stories. I’ve written a few myself and our interests are nearly identical.



I noticed that the old [i] doesn’t italicize text anymore. Does anybody know how it’s done now?



Yes. Put the text between pairs of 2 single quotation marks.

like this

For bold use 3 single quotation marks on each side:

like this

Hope that makes it clear. I don't know how to show it without it doing it's thing.


BTW, big fan of your writings. I love the detail you put into making cuties die a slow death. Looking forward to the next one!


Thanks, Squunch!


I’m glad you’re enjoying my stuff. I saw some of your posts on the hard core thread, and those are some cool images. If I ever get around to writing it, I’ve got a Jurassic Park type scenario in mind for Julie that would probably be right up your alley.

Bellystabber, feel free to email me, but I don’t talk much online. If you want to share stories or ideas for stories with me, I’m open to it.



Ah - don't use the 66-99 type quotes, just use these apostrophes ( ' )

Dino Vore would be cool, tbh I've enjoyed all your stuff so far. The one with the lizards might be my favourite.



Reminds me there's a nice gory dino story "Massacre" here:


We picked up Julie last, and she came bounding out of her house with her usual jubilance, without a clue she was going to her death. "Hey, fuckers!" she called cheerily to Ashley and Fernie.

"Hey bitch," Ashley replied.

"What up," Fernie answered.

Then she climbed into the back of the jeep, beside me, and looked at me like I was some kind of purple alien. My dick immediately stiffened, pressing painfully against my jeans, and I tried to conceal my lust as I met her striking blue-eyed gaze. "Andy," she remarked cautiously.

"Julie," I returned the awkward salutation. As amazing as she was to look at, I really wished Fernie hadn't invited her. Or had invited her but not me. It'd been almost a year since I'd summoned enough courage to ask her out, but things were still weird between us.

She'd been completely courteous in her rejection, explaining that she just didn't want the drama of a relationship, and to her credit she still remained single, adding a ring of truth to that explanation, but it was a rejection all the same. I had poured my heart out, perhaps laying it on a little too thick, so any uncouthness between us was truly of my own making, but that made it no less unpleasant.

The morning of what would be her final day, Julie wore loose faded jeans and a beige rib cropped crew tee. It was not what most people would consider an exceedingly provocative outfit, but I was always a sucker for girls in jeans, and I absolutely adored a bare midriff. Julie had one of the sexiest belly buttons I'd ever seen, and here she was, sitting next to me with a small triangle of exposed skin around her navel, tempting my basest desire.

I resisted the urge to look for all of thirty seconds, maybe less. We had barely made it down the block from her house when my eyes wandered down to that cute little vertical slit set in the middle of her smooth, moon-colored flesh. I tried to be subtle. I tried not to stare. I believe I failed at both attempts.

She was hypnotizing. I don't know how long I lingered there, one second or twenty, but when I managed to tear my gaze away I saw her looking at me. Our eyes locked for the briefest of moments before mine flitted away in shame. Julie giggled and squeezed my shoulder, while simultaneously tugging at the bottom of her shirt in a vain attempt to hide her navel.

Neither action had the effect she intended. Instead of comforting me, her touch only fueled my untethered libido, and her shirt refused to meet the waistline of her jeans. Desperate for a distraction, I sought conversation with Fernie. "So where are we headed today?"

He glanced over his shoulder and grinned. "Deep into the jungle. I took my drone out last weekend and scouted a bunch of desert about thirty miles off I 40. There's a cave in one of those cliffs I want to check out."

"Nice, sounds like an adventure," Julie commented.

“That’s the spirit!” Fernie agreed with a little too much enthusiasm.

“You know me, always down for whatever.”

“That’s why I love this bitch,” Ashley said, “She’s fucking fearless.”

“Relax,” I butted in. “We’re going to explore a cave in the Arizona desert. We’re not exactly Lewis and Clark.”

“Way to dampen the mood,” Julie said admonishingly, and she made a pouty face that set my loins on fire.

Unruffled, Fernie stretched his right arm back behind the seat and offered Julie his phone. “Here’s some of the pictures I got of it.”

When Julie took the phone and began swiping through the photos, my interest was piqued in spite of my earlier scoffing. I didn't want to seem overbearing, so I tried to keep my distance and wait patiently, but I soon caught myself leaning over to get a better look. Julie noticed, and she moved closer and held the phone up between us.

I had to admit there were some interesting shots. This was no small cave in the side of a mountain. It went deep into the rock, too deep to properly gauge with these photos. As Julie scrolled forward, we saw another cave with a rope bridge anchored to the mouth, and Fernie explained that he thought the caves were connected.

"I think it's a tunnel. It comes out on the other side, and that bridge leads across a chasm to another tunnel in the next mountain. I was afraid to fly my drone through because I didn't want to crash it, but I'm curious to know what's inside."

"What do you think it was used for?" Julie asked, her eyebrows raised curiously.

“No idea, but we’re going to look for clues,” Fernie answered.

“Now we’re fucking Scooby Doo,” I muttered, and that got a chortle out of Julie.

“Maybe it’s cave people,” she speculated, and I could see the humor dancing behind her bewitching eyes.

“Cave people?” I asked.

“Yeah, like savages. Maybe they eat people.”

“You’ve seen too many movies,” Ashley told her with a giggle.

"Exactly, like some Hills Have Eyes shit," Julie continued, her soft lips now curled into a smile, "Or fucking Wrong Turn? Which one is it where the girl gets an arrow through her tit?"

"Wrong Turn 3," Ashley answered.

"Yeah, who's seen too many movies?" Julie asked with a smirk. “But wouldn’t that be something, if we have to fight some desert cave mutants?”

“Well, I hope it doesn’t come to that,” Fernie admitted. “I left my shotgun at home.”

“And I don’t want to get shot through the tit,” Ashley added.

“Aw, you guys are lame,” Julie lamented. “I guess it might just be some old mining equipment or something, but that wouldn’t be as much fun.”

“You think getting shot through the tit would be fun?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“Probably not,” Julie conceded, and she looked down and thoughtfully cupped her perky right breast. A powerful surge went through my groin and I knew that was an image that would stay with me for a long time. “But getting chased by mutants? That would be a hell of a story to tell.”

The trip was around ninety minutes - thirty minutes of freeway followed by an hour of off-roading. Fernie pushed his poor Jeep to its limits trekking through the desert, easily averaging a steady thirty mile per hour clip, even when it meant our tires leaving the ground on the downward slope of a dune. I understand that’s part of the thrill of off-roading, but I’d prefer a more leisurely, and safe, approach.

Julie, on the other hand, was loving it. She kept her window down so she could pop her head out every few minutes, and the entire ride she was grinning, laughing, whooping and hollering with glee. She seemed almost disappointed when we reached our destination, but I suppose she took solace in the fact that we still had the return trip ahead of us. Sadly, she would not be making that trip.

Fernie was able to park less than a hundred yards from the cave he had scouted, so we had only a short climb before we reached the entrance. It was even more impressive up close. The mouth stood at least fifteen feet tall, and it was nearly twice as wide. We could see where it narrowed and a tunnel branched out to the right, but beyond that was a mystery. There were no obvious signs of human inhabitants up to this point, and I was convinced there would be nothing else of note besides the rope bridge. I had no idea how wrong I was.

"You ready, Clark?" Julie asked, nudging me with her elbow and sporting a stupid, goofy grin.

I knew she was referencing my earlier Lewis and Clark quip, but I pretended I didn’t. “Clark Kent? Are you Lois Lane?” I was trying to be witty and flirtatious, but her awkward laugh made me immediately regret it, and I felt the blood rushing to my face.

“Oh, Andy.” She spoke as an exasperated mother might when patronizing an unruly child, and I hated her for a moment.

“Dude, check it out!” Fernie called from up ahead. He was already in the cave and peering into the tunnel with his flashlight.

Julie and I were both eager to chase after him and leave yet another uncomfortable exchange behind us. She was far more nimble than I, so she beat me there, but I was okay with that. Being behind her meant an uninterrupted view of her gloriously rounded glutes flexing and contracting, and her ass was the perfect combination of both soft and firm, just plump enough to be sexy while still retaining a natural shape.

She glanced over her shoulder before we reached the back of the cave, and I tried to look away in time, but for the second time that day she caught me staring. We both pretended it didn't happen, but I knew she knew.

The tunnel began as little more than a crack in the rear wall, and it was not particularly maneuverable, with just enough room for us to squeeze through in single file. Fernie went first of course, since he had the flashlight, and Ashley followed. I let Julie go ahead of me, acting as if it was the gentlemanly thing to do, but once again I just wanted to look at her. I mean it was impossible not to.

Her shirt rode up as she turned sideways and eased herself past the outcrops of rock jutting into the crevice, and I caught a wonderful glimpse of bright, alabaster skin. I think she was conscious of my leering eyes by then, and as soon as she had enough room to adjust she yanked at the bottom of her shirt.

Once we were in the corridor we were able to face forward, but with little wiggle room. We had to remain in single file, and the ground was bumpy and uneven. It was clear that this formation was not created or shaped by humans. It snaked deep into the rock, and we followed it obediently for what must have been sixty or seventy feet, ducking at times and climbing at others, until it spilled into an expansive chamber.

This is where things really began to get interesting. The ceiling was initially scarcely over five feet high, all of us except Ashley having to hunch over just to move forward, but near the center of the alcove it rose to nearly twenty-five feet. Above that a crevice reached up to the surface of the mountain, allowing sunlight to bathe us in a soft, distant shimmer, and we could plainly see this for what it was - a living quarters.

Far to the left, where the western wall curved and became the northern wall and the ground was smoother, blankets and pillows were laid out, forming at least six makeshift bedrolls. Farther along the northern wall were niches in the stone which served as shelves, and clothes were piled within them. In the center of the chamber was a fire pit, with remains that had burned not long ago. The crevice that shed light on us also served as a chimney.

We drifted in different directions as we studied the scene. I gravitated left, toward the blankets and clothes, and Fernie moved towards the fire pit. The girls went right, where the ground was raised and I had seen what looked like a bucket of water, but nothing else of note.

The beds were matted and wreaked of sweat and what might have been piss. I knew long before I even got near them that their owners practiced poor hygiene, and I tried to imagine the hobos and vagrants that must call this place home. I wondered if they might be hiding in the shadows, watching us with a venomous mixture of fear, resentment, and contempt. "Maybe we should…" Shouldn't be in here, is what I meant to say, but I was interrupted by Ashley's scream.

Fernie was there within seconds, and I was still plodding past the fire pit when I heard Julie's high pitched voice exclaim, "Holy shit! Fucking Hills Have Eyes, I'm telling you." Ashley looked horrified, and Fernie's mouth was agape, but Julie had a wild glean in her eyes and half a grin on her lips. The poor girl really was fucking fearless. It would be her undoing.

There were piles of bones along the southern edge of the chamber. Most of them looked like animal bones. Canine and avian skeletal remains, which had most likely belonged to coyotes, turkey buzzards, and perhaps the occasional fox or owl, littered the ground. A few skulls lay among them, which were undeniably human.

“Okay, we need to get the fuck out of here, like yesterday,” I said.

Julie looked at me with those eyes of hers that could turn my knees to jelly. “Oh come on, Clark, don’t be a bitch.”

I didn’t know how to respond. It was madness - she was mad - but I felt my manhood being attacked. Clearly we needed to alert the authorities, not go playing Nancy Drew, but how could I tell her that and retain my chauvinistic pride? Instead it was Ashley that answered her.

“Julie.” It was all she said, but her tone and her expression said the rest. It was a plea for sanity. A plea to leave this place, and leave it in a hurry. Julie might have been rash, reckless, and headstrong, but she was not a sociopath. She was sensitive to her friend’s feelings. I thought for a moment she was going to relent.

She looked at me, weakening me with her gaze, then told Ashley, “Go on back to the Jeep with Fernie. Andy and I are gonna check this place out a little more.”

I should have rebuked her. I wanted to, but her stare melted my brain. It shouldn’t have even been possible for anybody to possess such beauty. I was powerless to resist.

I suppose some part of me thought it would be romantic to explore this cave with my crush. If by chance we did encounter danger, I might be able to prove myself a hero and save her life. It was every boy’s fantasy. I imagine she knew that, and she played upon it.

“I guess if you’re set on staying, I can’t leave you behind,” I conceded.

She laughed excitedly. “That’s my Clark.”

"Be careful," Ashley warned us with a worried look on her face.

"Five minutes," Fernie said sternly. "If you're not back in five minutes, we're leaving without you." We both knew he'd never leave us behind, but we nodded as if we didn't.

"Alright, Lois," I said, once it was just the two of us.

"Lewis," Julie corrected me. "You're my sidekick."

"Sure," I agreed sarcastically. "So what do you want to look at?"

"The tunnel continues over there," Julie pointed to the northeast corner of the chamber, opposite from where we entered.

"After you." I followed her to the shaft, which began almost as wide as the cave outside but quickly narrowed, and again my eyes drifted to her ass. It took all my self control to not reach out and squeeze one of those healthy, plump, round butt cheeks. Maybe I should have. Maybe things would have turned out differently if I had. She might have slapped me and decided she no longer wanted to be in my company. She might have appreciated the forward gesture and invited more of the same. Either of those things would surely have led to a better outcome than what we ended up with.

This tunnel was much more symmetrical and smooth, clearly shaped by human hands. It was also considerably shorter than the one leading into the chamber, and after less than forty feet we were back in daylight, staring across the rope bridge we had seen in Fernie's photos.

We looked at each other, and I could tell Julie had the same misgivings as I about testing the bridge's fortitude, but she was the bravest person I knew. "After me?" she asked, grinning that lively, bright-eyed smile that was always so eager to touch her lips.

I should have stopped her, but I agreed. "After you."

It was the first time I'd ever seen her hesitate, even if it was for the briefest of moments, but the moment passed and she took hold of the ropes that served as hand grips. Cautiously, she tapped her left sneaker on the first cross rope. After shooting me a quick glance, she leaned forward and screamed. I saw her start to go over, down into the deep abyss before us, and damned if I didn't freeze up. I wanted to reach for her and try to stop her fall, but I was afraid she'd pull me down with her.

I was standing still, eyes wide and jaw slack, when she looked back again and cackled with laughter. It had been a ruse, meant to get a rise out of me, and it had succeeded spectacularly. “You fucking bitch,” I told her, not without a smile. That only made her laugh harder.

She leaned forward again, in earnest this time, and the bridge held her. "It feels pretty sturdy," she noted. More and more of her weight shifted onto it, until there was nothing but rope separating her from a three hundred foot drop. Before trekking any farther along she bounced lightly, making sure there was no give. There wasn't. "Yup, it's sturdy."

The girl was deceptively graceful. Her figure was wasn't lithe or slender, but she moved with the dexterity of a gymnast. She was halfway across the bridge before I took my second step, and I was so focused on not falling to my death that I never noticed when she reached the other side.

It was only when she turned to watch me and cheer me on that I looked at her, and even then I had to tear my eyes away so I could focus on my footing. God what I wouldn't give to just stare into those magnificent blue eyes again. I was nearing the midway point when she warned me of the danger.

"Andy, run!" Her voice was hushed but urgent. Her earlier ruse flickered through my brain, but I knew this was not that. This was real. I glanced at her and followed her gaze to the cliffs behind me, and looking back, my heart stopped. It was what I had feared. There were four kids perched on the rocks, on either side of the opening from which we had emerged, with quivers of arrows hung at their hips and bows held at the ready. The cave’s inhabitants had found us.

Kids. They were fucking kids. The youngest maybe nine or ten, and the oldest no older than fourteen. It might have been reassuring, knowing that the ones keeping human skulls in their kitchen were even younger than we were, but they were comfortable with their weapons, possessing an air of confidence that chilled my bones.

I was a sitting duck out on that bridge, and I knew I had to move quickly. Unfortunately, panic got the better of me. I couldn’t feel my legs as my head swiveled back around, and my feet tangled beneath me. I didn’t know why or how, but I knew I had lost my balance, my grip on the rope bridge had eluded me, and I was falling.

I heard Julie scream, and I remember thinking that at least the last thing I'd hear before my life was cruelly snuffed out would be her lovely voice, even if it was a shriek of horror. Ropes went by me in a blur. I was tumbling; spinning; lost in vertigo and somehow upside down. I wondered how long it would take before my body was smashed against the rocks below, but for some reason I no longer felt like I was falling.

It must have taken a second or two to get my bearings, but I soon realized my foot had become entangled in the rope bridge. I tried to steady myself, fearing too much movement might loosen my already tenuous second lease on life. The slightest twist or turn could be the end of me. Then an arrow whizzed past my face and I forgot to be still.

I don't know how long I thrashed in panic, or how much piss I sprayed in my pants, but once I was finished screaming I tried to turn my head enough to see which kid would be the first to shoot me. Maybe if I was looking at the little cunt the arrow would go through my eye socket. I had time to wonder if it would have been better, easier, to have just fallen to my death and been done with it, but when I finally managed to catch sight of the little sons of bitches, they weren’t even aiming at me. Their target was above me.

Looking up, I was awestruck to see Julie back on the bridge. She had abandoned the safety of the cave in a bid to save my life. “Give me your hand!” she shouted, one hand pulling on my leg and the other reaching out to me. I immediately bent at the waste and grabbed her, and she hoisted me up like I was a bag of groceries. I must have outweighed her by forty or fifty pounds, but her strength was remarkable.

She helped me regain my footing and for a moment we looked at each other, my brown eyes dazed and shell shocked, hers steely blue, cool, calm, and full of compassion. I noticed a hole in her left bicep and realized it had been pierced by an arrow, but Julie must have pulled it out before she reached me. “You got shot,” I told her, and she simply nodded nonchalantly.

I had never been more thoroughly infatuated, more in awe of her beauty, than I was in that moment. I was admiring her high cheek bones, her strong jaw line, her perfectly white teeth glimmering beneath the goofy grin that played upon her soft lips, her celestial nose that tied it all together, when she broke up the moment with, “Hills Have Eyes shit, huh?” and she giggled inanely.

Reminded of how much danger we were in, I caught movement behind her and saw three more kids on the opposing cliff, the oldest a girl of maybe fifteen or sixteen, the other two boys who should be attending elementary school. Like their counterparts on the rocks behind me, they brandished bows, and I watched as all three released their drawstrings and sent arrows in our direction.

I clung tightly to Julie, using her body as a human shield, and I heard the sickening thumps as the sharpened tips met her soft flesh. I heard her quiet grunts as the shafts slid deep into her body, and I saw the smile fade from her face, replaced by dawning horror. I saw the tails of the arrows jutting in the air, one in her upper back, almost inline with her right tit. If there had been more force behind it, I imagine it might have slid right through her and exited her nipple, just like the Wrong Turn 3 scene she described earlier. Another had struck her lower and on the left side of her torso, and the third was embedded in her shapely left buttock.

She was reaching for the arrow in her upper back, perhaps hoping to pull it from her body as she had the arrow in her arm, but it eluded her. Instead, all she managed to do was pull her cropped tee high on her breasts, inadvertently exposing to me the entirety of her soft, flat tummy. I would have loved nothing more than to stand there, soaking in the view, but there were kids behind me, no doubt looking to do the same to me that the other three brats had done to Julie.

I spun around to face them, just in time to see them all fire on me in unison. I threw myself flat, no longer afraid of falling, and I heard the wind parting as the arrows buzzed over head. Again I heard Julie’s grunts as the projectiles buried themselves in her body, missing me and hitting her instead. Her reward for saving my life, I thought grimly.

“Fuck me sideways,” Julie muttered, and I wondered how bad the damage was.

Without looking back, I scrambled on all fours until I was close enough to dive to safety, and launched myself at the mouth of the cave from which we had emerged. I landed on my chest and skidded through dirt and gravel, but never had the feel of tiny jagged rocks tearing at my skin been so welcome. Having blissfully returned to solid ground, I flipped onto my back and surveyed the scene.

Julie hadn’t moved much from where I left her. She had given up on trying to retrieve the arrow from her back, but the arrows in her front prevented her shirt from settling, and I could still see all of her lovely midriff. It seemed the pale, creamy skin of her abdomen held both of our attentions, albeit for different reasons.

One arrow had been driven home just to the right of her navel, and she cupped that shaft gently with her left hand. Off in the left side of her belly were two more arrows, one nearly level with her navel and the other a few inches higher and farther to the side. Her right hand circled the latter of the two, and I couldn’t tell if she was trying to convince herself of their solidity or if she was considering plucking the shafts from her gut.

All three were jutting from bare flesh as soft and smooth as butter, and a fourth had pinned her shirt up, finding a path through her rib cage just beneath the swell of her right breast. I knew straight away she was dead meat, and I knew I'd never be in the presence of such an extraordinary girl again, so when our eyes met and she saw me staring at her midriff, I didn't look away. Her modesty no longer mattered, and I no longer had anything to hide.

"Lois Lane sure could use some help from Clark Kent right abouuuhhh," she said, her sentence cut short by another arrow in her back, courtesy of the teenaged girl behind her. It was a nice shot, directly into center mass as any good marksman is taught. One of the smaller boys on the far cliff sent a shot astray, missing his mark entirely, and the other found pay dirt in Julie's left hamstring.

Julie hobbled for a moment, torn between reaching for her wounded leg and clinging to the ropes for stability, and she had nearly steadied herself when another arrow whizzed forward from off to my left and buried itself in her right thigh. It brought her down, yet somehow she remained upright, her knees and shins delicately balanced on the shifty bridge beneath her, her hands clinging desperately to the ropes that acted as handrails on the catwalk.

"Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! Fucking fucking fuck," she cried, her voice full of heartbreaking frustration and pain and anger, and perhaps a touch of underlying fear, although on the surface she still appeared resolutely calm. Her string of obscenities was punctuated by another arrow, this coming from my right, which also found center mass and sank deep into her stomach, nearly two inches above her navel.

The other two kids on my side of the chasm fired, and one hit Julie in the fleshy part of her chest, up near her left shoulder, and the other pierced her right breast, right around where I imagine her nipple must have been. Julie grunted and moaned and her blue eyes widened, then she looked at me and said, "Shot through the tit. Hills Have Eyes shit."

"Wrong Turn 3," I corrected her, and that made her smile.

Incredibly, I watched as she began to stand. She had been hit with fourteen arrows and still she rose to her feet. Clearly she had not accepted her fate, and I could see her trying to move forward. She actually managed to take a step before the girl behind her shot her again, near the center of her back but a little low and to the left.

The other two boys on the far side put arrows in both her upper back, near her left shoulder blade, and in the upper curve of her left buttock. Grunting, twisting, torn between reaching for the numerous shafts buried in her body and gripping the ropes to keep her balance, Julie’s torment was palpable.

There was no reprieve for her, however. The kids on my side of the cliffs kept the volley going, and two more arrows smacked into her belly in quick succession, THWOK! THWOK! There was one maybe a centimeter to the left of her navel, and another an inch above and to the right. An arrow shaft appeared in her right breast, above the previous arrow already buried there, and another appeared in her right hip.

Her beautiful face contorted in a moue of pain, she told me, “I don’t wanna die.” I could hear the quiver in her voice, and I could see her fearlessness crumbling. Three more arrows quickly struck her, one near her spine in the small of her back, one in the back of her right shoulder, and one in the left side of her upper dorsal region. Her grunts had become small shrieks with each passing strike, and blood had begun to drip from her lower lip.

Her eyes went to the bridge, and I could see her trying to focus all her efforts on taking another step, but it was not to be. Yet another volley of arrows was launched from my side of the cliff, and all four found purchase in her tender flesh. The first pierced her right through the center of her perky left breast, the second through the lower curve of her right breast. The third drove deep into her abdomen, an inch and a half below her sternum, and the fourth sank into her right thigh, slightly above the arrow already embedded there.

Her immaculate balance was finally spoiled, and she flailed at the hand grips in desperation. The ropes evaded her and she fell through the bridge, into the vast chasm below. That should have been the end of it, but somehow she caught one of the cross ropes that made up the base of the bridge as she fell, and there she dangled, refusing to die with arrows jutting obscenely from all over her body.

Her stunning blue eyes looked up at me, and I could see the panic in her exquisite features. "Please," she told me, and then she reached out and grabbed the next cross rope, swinging herself forward like a kid on monkey bars. That was as far as she got before the teen girl behind her shot her again, this time in the lower lumbar region, just above the waistline of her jeans above her right butt cheek.

The two little boys accompanying the teen across the bridge fired their arrows, one missing entirely and the other finding the back of Julie's right hamstring. Julie scowled and reached for the next rung, faltered and nearly fell, swinging with her right hand grasping at air and her left clinging fiercely for life. It was in this position, dangling precariously over two hundred feet of empty space, that the next arrow found its way into her gut, slightly to the left and half an inch above her navel.

Julie cried out, and instead of reaching for the bridge her right hand went momentarily to her stomach, clutching at the latest shaft to puncture her flesh. Another arrow soon followed, driving through the outer rim of her pert left tit. With an agonized gasp, Julie waved her right hand wildly, then reached up and took hold of the bridge again. Seconds later an arrow punched through the muscles of her right bicep, and another pierced deep into her thorax cavity through her right armpit.

"Zooooo, I can't believe this is happening," Julie muttered, and she reached again for the next foothold with her right hand, but again she came up short. This time she did not make any effort to regain her grip on the bridge, and instead she simply dangled from one arm, her face the very definition of sorrow and dejection.

For a moment it seemed all of us, the murderous children included, could only watch the terrible tragedy unfolding - a wonderful, beautiful, courageous girl cut down in the prime of her life. The kids on the cliffs across from me had lowered their weapons, and for the first time since I spotted them they were not nocking arrows. I could see Julie wrestling with the reality of her situation, trying to come to terms with the fact that she was dying, but in the end her dogged perseverance won out one final time.

She made another stab at the next foothold, and at least one kid on my side of the chasm thought there was enough fight in her for him to quell, so he put another arrow in her stomach, an inch and a half above and two and a half inches to the right of her navel. The arrow punched into her gut just as the fingers of her right hand closed around the rope and she swung forward, her left hand now free and her right faintly clutching for dear life.

Two more of the kids on my side of the gap decided she hadn't had enough, and an arrow sliced through her right forearm, and another drove through the lower curve of her left breast. Julie wailed in horrible agony, her lips peeled back in a snarl, and she looked at me. I saw so many things in those expressive blue eyes - regret, terror, inconsolable sadness, despair and dismay - but what stuck with me, what still sticks with me to this day, was the resentment.

With those amazing blue eyes she was telling me she wished it was me. It should have been me. She had saved my life without a second thought, never thinking it would cost her her own, and I left her behind like a penny I'd dropped in a well. "Goodbye, Andy," she said softly, and her fingers slipped off the rope. She fell from my vision, and I never saw her again.

I turned and ran. I ran like the devil himself was after me. I made it back to Fernie’s Jeep and we sped away, leaving a poor, dead eighteen-year-old girl behind us. Well, she may have been dead. A forensics team later determined the fall didn’t kill her outright.

She was close enough to the cliff that she hit some brush and outcrops of rock on the way down, shattering her hip, fracturing her left leg in six places, and ripping open her belly. They said she crawled some forty feet from where she landed, her guts dragging in the dirt behind her, before succumbing to her wounds.


That's awesomely sad! Always love it when there's a new Julie story!


As I said in another post, I love betrayal and disappointment of expectations. And I love how he think "what she thinks doesn't matter anymore", like the boy in Last Julie Trip. I prefer when the story (or, at least the death) it's from her point of view but are details in this case.

It's good to see Julie in action again.


Yeah! Awesome to see another story from you Bloodlust. Definitely one of my favorite writers.
Julie is fantastic as always. Is this the first arrow related scene? In any case, someone as tough as Julie sure makes one hell of a pincushion!

Great scene. I agree with the comment above that I would've loved to read the scene from her perspective, after the fall. That's one thing I love about Julie is her supernatural tenacity really makes for some incredible and creative death scenes.

Either way! Still a great story, very much enjoyed it. Always fun to read more deadly Julie shenanigans! :-)


Thanks, you all.

Yes, Malesor, this is the first time I've completed and posted a story where Julie is shot with arrows. I've started several more, but for some reason I have trouble finishing them. This story was no different.

I originally planned to retell the ending from Julie's perspective, as I also prefer to read about the death from the victim's point of view, but I just found myself not that into it anymore. These arrow fantasies dominate my thoughts for a couple weeks, and I get to fleshing out a scenario and a plot and then the interest just fades away. I don't really get it. Then again, I don't get why this stuff turns me on in the first place. *shrugs*


Please do a seppuku story!!!


Seconding this, Julie would be perfect for a bit of seppuku


I certainly appreciate the interest, anon posters, and I am open to requests and suggestions. The fact that you asked nicely makes it difficult to say no, but much like the previous requests for a pregnant Julie or debreasting, I must respectfully decline, as I am not at all into consensual snuff or suicide. I’m sorry.

I do have plans for a story that involves Julie being disemboweled by a katana, if that helps. It just wont be her doing the cutting.

And that’s if I get to that. Right now I’ve shifted back to hard vore, and the plan is for her to be ripped to pieces by dinosaurs.


>Right now I’ve shifted back to hard vore, and the plan is for her to be ripped to pieces by dinosaurs.

You've no idea how excited I am by that! :)

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