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There is far too little non-con snuff on this board, so I decided to post some stuff and hopefully inspire and/or attract some non-con fans here. I'd also like to say that violence against women and sexual assault are very big problems in society, and these fantasies are not meant to condone or perpetrate those issues in any way.

Julie is a character that embodies just about everything I enjoy in my fantasy victims, and although her personality may vary slightly from story to story, she remains fairly consistent. I've penned quite a few of her demises, and hopefully some of these tales you'll also find enjoyable. Some are reposts I've shared here previously, and some are new.
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I noticed that the old [i] doesn’t italicize text anymore. Does anybody know how it’s done now?



Yes. Put the text between pairs of 2 single quotation marks.

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BTW, big fan of your writings. I love the detail you put into making cuties die a slow death. Looking forward to the next one!


Thanks, Squunch!


I’m glad you’re enjoying my stuff. I saw some of your posts on the hard core thread, and those are some cool images. If I ever get around to writing it, I’ve got a Jurassic Park type scenario in mind for Julie that would probably be right up your alley.

Bellystabber, feel free to email me, but I don’t talk much online. If you want to share stories or ideas for stories with me, I’m open to it.



Ah - don't use the 66-99 type quotes, just use these apostrophes ( ' )

Dino Vore would be cool, tbh I've enjoyed all your stuff so far. The one with the lizards might be my favourite.



Reminds me there's a nice gory dino story "Massacre" here:


We picked up Julie last, and she came bounding out of her house with her usual jubilance, without a clue she was going to her death. "Hey, fuckers!" she called cheerily to Ashley and Fernie.

"Hey bitch," Ashley replied.

"What up," Fernie answered.

Then she climbed into the back of the jeep, beside me, and looked at me like I was some kind of purple alien. My dick immediately stiffened, pressing painfully against my jeans, and I tried to conceal my lust as I met her striking blue-eyed gaze. "Andy," she remarked cautiously.

"Julie," I returned the awkward salutation. As amazing as she was to look at, I really wished Fernie hadn't invited her. Or had invited her but not me. It'd been almost a year since I'd summoned enough courage to ask her out, but things were still weird between us.

She'd been completely courteous in her rejection, explaining that she just didn't want the drama of a relationship, and to her credit she still remained single, adding a ring of truth to that explanation, but it was a rejection all the same. I had poured my heart out, perhaps laying it on a little too thick, so any uncouthness between us was truly of my own making, but that made it no less unpleasant.

The morning of what would be her final day, Julie wore loose faded jeans and a beige rib cropped crew tee. It was not what most people would consider an exceedingly provocative outfit, but I was always a sucker for girls in jeans, and I absolutely adored a bare midriff. Julie had one of the sexiest belly buttons I'd ever seen, and here she was, sitting next to me with a small triangle of exposed skin around her navel, tempting my basest desire.

I resisted the urge to look for all of thirty seconds, maybe less. We had barely made it down the block from her house when my eyes wandered down to that cute little vertical slit set in the middle of her smooth, moon-colored flesh. I tried to be subtle. I tried not to stare. I believe I failed at both attempts.

She was hypnotizing. I don't know how long I lingered there, one second or twenty, but when I managed to tear my gaze away I saw her looking at me. Our eyes locked for the briefest of moments before mine flitted away in shame. Julie giggled and squeezed my shoulder, while simultaneously tugging at the bottom of her shirt in a vain attempt to hide her navel.

Neither action had the effect she intended. Instead of comforting me, her touch only fueled my untethered libido, and her shirt refused to meet the waistline of her jeans. Desperate for a distraction, I sought conversation with Fernie. "So where are we headed today?"

He glanced over his shoulder and grinned. "Deep into the jungle. I took my drone out last weekend and scouted a bunch of desert about thirty miles off I 40. There's a cave in one of those cliffs I want to check out."

"Nice, sounds like an adventure," Julie commented.

“That’s the spirit!” Fernie agreed with a little too much enthusiasm.

“You know me, always down for whatever.”

“That’s why I love this bitch,” Ashley said, “She’s fucking fearless.”

“Relax,” I butted in. “We’re going to explore a cave in the Arizona desert. We’re not exactly Lewis and Clark.”

“Way to dampen the mood,” Julie said admonishingly, and she made a pouty face that set my loins on fire.

Unruffled, Fernie stretched his right arm back behind the seat and offered Julie his phone. “Here’s some of the pictures I got of it.”

When Julie took the phone and began swiping through the photos, my interest was piqued in spite of my earlier scoffing. I didn't want to seem overbearing, so I tried to keep my distance and wait patiently, but I soon caught myself leaning over to get a better look. Julie noticed, and she moved closer and held the phone up between us.

I had to admit there were some interesting shots. This was no small cave in the side of a mountain. It went deep into the rock, too deep to properly gauge with these photos. As Julie scrolled forward, we saw another cave with a rope bridge anchored to the mouth, and Fernie explained that he thought the caves were connected.

"I think it's a tunnel. It comes out on the other side, and that bridge leads across a chasm to another tunnel in the next mountain. I was afraid to fly my drone through because I didn't want to crash it, but I'm curious to know what's inside."

"What do you think it was used for?" Julie asked, her eyebrows raised curiously.

“No idea, but we’re going to look for clues,” Fernie answered.

“Now we’re fucking Scooby Doo,” I muttered, and that got a chortle out of Julie.

“Maybe it’s cave people,” she speculated, and I could see the humor dancing behind her bewitching eyes.

“Cave people?” I asked.

“Yeah, like savages. Maybe they eat people.”

“You’ve seen too many movies,” Ashley told her with a giggle.

"Exactly, like some Hills Have Eyes shit," Julie continued, her soft lips now curled into a smile, "Or fucking Wrong Turn? Which one is it where the girl gets an arrow through her tit?"

"Wrong Turn 3," Ashley answered.

"Yeah, who's seen too many movies?" Julie asked with a smirk. “But wouldn’t that be something, if we have to fight some desert cave mutants?”

“Well, I hope it doesn’t come to that,” Fernie admitted. “I left my shotgun at home.”

“And I don’t want to get shot through the tit,” Ashley added.

“Aw, you guys are lame,” Julie lamented. “I guess it might just be some old mining equipment or something, but that wouldn’t be as much fun.”

“You think getting shot through the tit would be fun?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“Probably not,” Julie conceded, and she looked down and thoughtfully cupped her perky right breast. A powerful surge went through my groin and I knew that was an image that would stay with me for a long time. “But getting chased by mutants? That would be a hell of a story to tell.”

The trip was around ninety minutes - thirty minutes of freeway followed by an hour of off-roading. Fernie pushed his poor Jeep to its limits trekking through the desert, easily averaging a steady thirty mile per hour clip, even when it meant our tires leaving the ground on the downward slope of a dune. I understand that’s part of the thrill of off-roading, but I’d prefer a more leisurely, and safe, approach.

Julie, on the other hand, was loving it. She kept her window down so she could pop her head out every few minutes, and the entire ride she was grinning, laughing, whooping and hollering with glee. She seemed almost disappointed when we reached our destination, but I suppose she took solace in the fact that we still had the return trip ahead of us. Sadly, she would not be making that trip.

Fernie was able to park less than a hundred yards from the cave he had scouted, so we had only a short climb before we reached the entrance. It was even more impressive up close. The mouth stood at least fifteen feet tall, and it was nearly twice as wide. We could see where it narrowed and a tunnel branched out to the right, but beyond that was a mystery. There were no obvious signs of human inhabitants up to this point, and I was convinced there would be nothing else of note besides the rope bridge. I had no idea how wrong I was.

"You ready, Clark?" Julie asked, nudging me with her elbow and sporting a stupid, goofy grin.

I knew she was referencing my earlier Lewis and Clark quip, but I pretended I didn’t. “Clark Kent? Are you Lois Lane?” I was trying to be witty and flirtatious, but her awkward laugh made me immediately regret it, and I felt the blood rushing to my face.

“Oh, Andy.” She spoke as an exasperated mother might when patronizing an unruly child, and I hated her for a moment.

“Dude, check it out!” Fernie called from up ahead. He was already in the cave and peering into the tunnel with his flashlight.

Julie and I were both eager to chase after him and leave yet another uncomfortable exchange behind us. She was far more nimble than I, so she beat me there, but I was okay with that. Being behind her meant an uninterrupted view of her gloriously rounded glutes flexing and contracting, and her ass was the perfect combination of both soft and firm, just plump enough to be sexy while still retaining a natural shape.

She glanced over her shoulder before we reached the back of the cave, and I tried to look away in time, but for the second time that day she caught me staring. We both pretended it didn't happen, but I knew she knew.

The tunnel began as little more than a crack in the rear wall, and it was not particularly maneuverable, with just enough room for us to squeeze through in single file. Fernie went first of course, since he had the flashlight, and Ashley followed. I let Julie go ahead of me, acting as if it was the gentlemanly thing to do, but once again I just wanted to look at her. I mean it was impossible not to.

Her shirt rode up as she turned sideways and eased herself past the outcrops of rock jutting into the crevice, and I caught a wonderful glimpse of bright, alabaster skin. I think she was conscious of my leering eyes by then, and as soon as she had enough room to adjust she yanked at the bottom of her shirt.

Once we were in the corridor we were able to face forward, but with little wiggle room. We had to remain in single file, and the ground was bumpy and uneven. It was clear that this formation was not created or shaped by humans. It snaked deep into the rock, and we followed it obediently for what must have been sixty or seventy feet, ducking at times and climbing at others, until it spilled into an expansive chamber.

This is where things really began to get interesting. The ceiling was initially scarcely over five feet high, all of us except Ashley having to hunch over just to move forward, but near the center of the alcove it rose to nearly twenty-five feet. Above that a crevice reached up to the surface of the mountain, allowing sunlight to bathe us in a soft, distant shimmer, and we could plainly see this for what it was - a living quarters.

Far to the left, where the western wall curved and became the northern wall and the ground was smoother, blankets and pillows were laid out, forming at least six makeshift bedrolls. Farther along the northern wall were niches in the stone which served as shelves, and clothes were piled within them. In the center of the chamber was a fire pit, with remains that had burned not long ago. The crevice that shed light on us also served as a chimney.

We drifted in different directions as we studied the scene. I gravitated left, toward the blankets and clothes, and Fernie moved towards the fire pit. The girls went right, where the ground was raised and I had seen what looked like a bucket of water, but nothing else of note.

The beds were matted and wreaked of sweat and what might have been piss. I knew long before I even got near them that their owners practiced poor hygiene, and I tried to imagine the hobos and vagrants that must call this place home. I wondered if they might be hiding in the shadows, watching us with a venomous mixture of fear, resentment, and contempt. "Maybe we should…" Shouldn't be in here, is what I meant to say, but I was interrupted by Ashley's scream.

Fernie was there within seconds, and I was still plodding past the fire pit when I heard Julie's high pitched voice exclaim, "Holy shit! Fucking Hills Have Eyes, I'm telling you." Ashley looked horrified, and Fernie's mouth was agape, but Julie had a wild glean in her eyes and half a grin on her lips. The poor girl really was fucking fearless. It would be her undoing.

There were piles of bones along the southern edge of the chamber. Most of them looked like animal bones. Canine and avian skeletal remains, which had most likely belonged to coyotes, turkey buzzards, and perhaps the occasional fox or owl, littered the ground. A few skulls lay among them, which were undeniably human.

“Okay, we need to get the fuck out of here, like yesterday,” I said.

Julie looked at me with those eyes of hers that could turn my knees to jelly. “Oh come on, Clark, don’t be a bitch.”

I didn’t know how to respond. It was madness - she was mad - but I felt my manhood being attacked. Clearly we needed to alert the authorities, not go playing Nancy Drew, but how could I tell her that and retain my chauvinistic pride? Instead it was Ashley that answered her.

“Julie.” It was all she said, but her tone and her expression said the rest. It was a plea for sanity. A plea to leave this place, and leave it in a hurry. Julie might have been rash, reckless, and headstrong, but she was not a sociopath. She was sensitive to her friend’s feelings. I thought for a moment she was going to relent.

She looked at me, weakening me with her gaze, then told Ashley, “Go on back to the Jeep with Fernie. Andy and I are gonna check this place out a little more.”

I should have rebuked her. I wanted to, but her stare melted my brain. It shouldn’t have even been possible for anybody to possess such beauty. I was powerless to resist.

I suppose some part of me thought it would be romantic to explore this cave with my crush. If by chance we did encounter danger, I might be able to prove myself a hero and save her life. It was every boy’s fantasy. I imagine she knew that, and she played upon it.

“I guess if you’re set on staying, I can’t leave you behind,” I conceded.

She laughed excitedly. “That’s my Clark.”

"Be careful," Ashley warned us with a worried look on her face.

"Five minutes," Fernie said sternly. "If you're not back in five minutes, we're leaving without you." We both knew he'd never leave us behind, but we nodded as if we didn't.

"Alright, Lois," I said, once it was just the two of us.

"Lewis," Julie corrected me. "You're my sidekick."

"Sure," I agreed sarcastically. "So what do you want to look at?"

"The tunnel continues over there," Julie pointed to the northeast corner of the chamber, opposite from where we entered.

"After you." I followed her to the shaft, which began almost as wide as the cave outside but quickly narrowed, and again my eyes drifted to her ass. It took all my self control to not reach out and squeeze one of those healthy, plump, round butt cheeks. Maybe I should have. Maybe things would have turned out differently if I had. She might have slapped me and decided she no longer wanted to be in my company. She might have appreciated the forward gesture and invited more of the same. Either of those things would surely have led to a better outcome than what we ended up with.

This tunnel was much more symmetrical and smooth, clearly shaped by human hands. It was also considerably shorter than the one leading into the chamber, and after less than forty feet we were back in daylight, staring across the rope bridge we had seen in Fernie's photos.

We looked at each other, and I could tell Julie had the same misgivings as I about testing the bridge's fortitude, but she was the bravest person I knew. "After me?" she asked, grinning that lively, bright-eyed smile that was always so eager to touch her lips.

I should have stopped her, but I agreed. "After you."

It was the first time I'd ever seen her hesitate, even if it was for the briefest of moments, but the moment passed and she took hold of the ropes that served as hand grips. Cautiously, she tapped her left sneaker on the first cross rope. After shooting me a quick glance, she leaned forward and screamed. I saw her start to go over, down into the deep abyss before us, and damned if I didn't freeze up. I wanted to reach for her and try to stop her fall, but I was afraid she'd pull me down with her.

I was standing still, eyes wide and jaw slack, when she looked back again and cackled with laughter. It had been a ruse, meant to get a rise out of me, and it had succeeded spectacularly. “You fucking bitch,” I told her, not without a smile. That only made her laugh harder.

She leaned forward again, in earnest this time, and the bridge held her. "It feels pretty sturdy," she noted. More and more of her weight shifted onto it, until there was nothing but rope separating her from a three hundred foot drop. Before trekking any farther along she bounced lightly, making sure there was no give. There wasn't. "Yup, it's sturdy."

The girl was deceptively graceful. Her figure was wasn't lithe or slender, but she moved with the dexterity of a gymnast. She was halfway across the bridge before I took my second step, and I was so focused on not falling to my death that I never noticed when she reached the other side.

It was only when she turned to watch me and cheer me on that I looked at her, and even then I had to tear my eyes away so I could focus on my footing. God what I wouldn't give to just stare into those magnificent blue eyes again. I was nearing the midway point when she warned me of the danger.

"Andy, run!" Her voice was hushed but urgent. Her earlier ruse flickered through my brain, but I knew this was not that. This was real. I glanced at her and followed her gaze to the cliffs behind me, and looking back, my heart stopped. It was what I had feared. There were four kids perched on the rocks, on either side of the opening from which we had emerged, with quivers of arrows hung at their hips and bows held at the ready. The cave’s inhabitants had found us.

Kids. They were fucking kids. The youngest maybe nine or ten, and the oldest no older than fourteen. It might have been reassuring, knowing that the ones keeping human skulls in their kitchen were even younger than we were, but they were comfortable with their weapons, possessing an air of confidence that chilled my bones.

I was a sitting duck out on that bridge, and I knew I had to move quickly. Unfortunately, panic got the better of me. I couldn’t feel my legs as my head swiveled back around, and my feet tangled beneath me. I didn’t know why or how, but I knew I had lost my balance, my grip on the rope bridge had eluded me, and I was falling.

I heard Julie scream, and I remember thinking that at least the last thing I'd hear before my life was cruelly snuffed out would be her lovely voice, even if it was a shriek of horror. Ropes went by me in a blur. I was tumbling; spinning; lost in vertigo and somehow upside down. I wondered how long it would take before my body was smashed against the rocks below, but for some reason I no longer felt like I was falling.

It must have taken a second or two to get my bearings, but I soon realized my foot had become entangled in the rope bridge. I tried to steady myself, fearing too much movement might loosen my already tenuous second lease on life. The slightest twist or turn could be the end of me. Then an arrow whizzed past my face and I forgot to be still.

I don't know how long I thrashed in panic, or how much piss I sprayed in my pants, but once I was finished screaming I tried to turn my head enough to see which kid would be the first to shoot me. Maybe if I was looking at the little cunt the arrow would go through my eye socket. I had time to wonder if it would have been better, easier, to have just fallen to my death and been done with it, but when I finally managed to catch sight of the little sons of bitches, they weren’t even aiming at me. Their target was above me.

Looking up, I was awestruck to see Julie back on the bridge. She had abandoned the safety of the cave in a bid to save my life. “Give me your hand!” she shouted, one hand pulling on my leg and the other reaching out to me. I immediately bent at the waste and grabbed her, and she hoisted me up like I was a bag of groceries. I must have outweighed her by forty or fifty pounds, but her strength was remarkable.

She helped me regain my footing and for a moment we looked at each other, my brown eyes dazed and shell shocked, hers steely blue, cool, calm, and full of compassion. I noticed a hole in her left bicep and realized it had been pierced by an arrow, but Julie must have pulled it out before she reached me. “You got shot,” I told her, and she simply nodded nonchalantly.

I had never been more thoroughly infatuated, more in awe of her beauty, than I was in that moment. I was admiring her high cheek bones, her strong jaw line, her perfectly white teeth glimmering beneath the goofy grin that played upon her soft lips, her celestial nose that tied it all together, when she broke up the moment with, “Hills Have Eyes shit, huh?” and she giggled inanely.

Reminded of how much danger we were in, I caught movement behind her and saw three more kids on the opposing cliff, the oldest a girl of maybe fifteen or sixteen, the other two boys who should be attending elementary school. Like their counterparts on the rocks behind me, they brandished bows, and I watched as all three released their drawstrings and sent arrows in our direction.

I clung tightly to Julie, using her body as a human shield, and I heard the sickening thumps as the sharpened tips met her soft flesh. I heard her quiet grunts as the shafts slid deep into her body, and I saw the smile fade from her face, replaced by dawning horror. I saw the tails of the arrows jutting in the air, one in her upper back, almost inline with her right tit. If there had been more force behind it, I imagine it might have slid right through her and exited her nipple, just like the Wrong Turn 3 scene she described earlier. Another had struck her lower and on the left side of her torso, and the third was embedded in her shapely left buttock.

She was reaching for the arrow in her upper back, perhaps hoping to pull it from her body as she had the arrow in her arm, but it eluded her. Instead, all she managed to do was pull her cropped tee high on her breasts, inadvertently exposing to me the entirety of her soft, flat tummy. I would have loved nothing more than to stand there, soaking in the view, but there were kids behind me, no doubt looking to do the same to me that the other three brats had done to Julie.

I spun around to face them, just in time to see them all fire on me in unison. I threw myself flat, no longer afraid of falling, and I heard the wind parting as the arrows buzzed over head. Again I heard Julie’s grunts as the projectiles buried themselves in her body, missing me and hitting her instead. Her reward for saving my life, I thought grimly.

“Fuck me sideways,” Julie muttered, and I wondered how bad the damage was.

Without looking back, I scrambled on all fours until I was close enough to dive to safety, and launched myself at the mouth of the cave from which we had emerged. I landed on my chest and skidded through dirt and gravel, but never had the feel of tiny jagged rocks tearing at my skin been so welcome. Having blissfully returned to solid ground, I flipped onto my back and surveyed the scene.

Julie hadn’t moved much from where I left her. She had given up on trying to retrieve the arrow from her back, but the arrows in her front prevented her shirt from settling, and I could still see all of her lovely midriff. It seemed the pale, creamy skin of her abdomen held both of our attentions, albeit for different reasons.

One arrow had been driven home just to the right of her navel, and she cupped that shaft gently with her left hand. Off in the left side of her belly were two more arrows, one nearly level with her navel and the other a few inches higher and farther to the side. Her right hand circled the latter of the two, and I couldn’t tell if she was trying to convince herself of their solidity or if she was considering plucking the shafts from her gut.

All three were jutting from bare flesh as soft and smooth as butter, and a fourth had pinned her shirt up, finding a path through her rib cage just beneath the swell of her right breast. I knew straight away she was dead meat, and I knew I'd never be in the presence of such an extraordinary girl again, so when our eyes met and she saw me staring at her midriff, I didn't look away. Her modesty no longer mattered, and I no longer had anything to hide.

"Lois Lane sure could use some help from Clark Kent right abouuuhhh," she said, her sentence cut short by another arrow in her back, courtesy of the teenaged girl behind her. It was a nice shot, directly into center mass as any good marksman is taught. One of the smaller boys on the far cliff sent a shot astray, missing his mark entirely, and the other found pay dirt in Julie's left hamstring.

Julie hobbled for a moment, torn between reaching for her wounded leg and clinging to the ropes for stability, and she had nearly steadied herself when another arrow whizzed forward from off to my left and buried itself in her right thigh. It brought her down, yet somehow she remained upright, her knees and shins delicately balanced on the shifty bridge beneath her, her hands clinging desperately to the ropes that acted as handrails on the catwalk.

"Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! Fucking fucking fuck," she cried, her voice full of heartbreaking frustration and pain and anger, and perhaps a touch of underlying fear, although on the surface she still appeared resolutely calm. Her string of obscenities was punctuated by another arrow, this coming from my right, which also found center mass and sank deep into her stomach, nearly two inches above her navel.

The other two kids on my side of the chasm fired, and one hit Julie in the fleshy part of her chest, up near her left shoulder, and the other pierced her right breast, right around where I imagine her nipple must have been. Julie grunted and moaned and her blue eyes widened, then she looked at me and said, "Shot through the tit. Hills Have Eyes shit."

"Wrong Turn 3," I corrected her, and that made her smile.

Incredibly, I watched as she began to stand. She had been hit with fourteen arrows and still she rose to her feet. Clearly she had not accepted her fate, and I could see her trying to move forward. She actually managed to take a step before the girl behind her shot her again, near the center of her back but a little low and to the left.

The other two boys on the far side put arrows in both her upper back, near her left shoulder blade, and in the upper curve of her left buttock. Grunting, twisting, torn between reaching for the numerous shafts buried in her body and gripping the ropes to keep her balance, Julie’s torment was palpable.

There was no reprieve for her, however. The kids on my side of the cliffs kept the volley going, and two more arrows smacked into her belly in quick succession, THWOK! THWOK! There was one maybe a centimeter to the left of her navel, and another an inch above and to the right. An arrow shaft appeared in her right breast, above the previous arrow already buried there, and another appeared in her right hip.

Her beautiful face contorted in a moue of pain, she told me, “I don’t wanna die.” I could hear the quiver in her voice, and I could see her fearlessness crumbling. Three more arrows quickly struck her, one near her spine in the small of her back, one in the back of her right shoulder, and one in the left side of her upper dorsal region. Her grunts had become small shrieks with each passing strike, and blood had begun to drip from her lower lip.

Her eyes went to the bridge, and I could see her trying to focus all her efforts on taking another step, but it was not to be. Yet another volley of arrows was launched from my side of the cliff, and all four found purchase in her tender flesh. The first pierced her right through the center of her perky left breast, the second through the lower curve of her right breast. The third drove deep into her abdomen, an inch and a half below her sternum, and the fourth sank into her right thigh, slightly above the arrow already embedded there.

Her immaculate balance was finally spoiled, and she flailed at the hand grips in desperation. The ropes evaded her and she fell through the bridge, into the vast chasm below. That should have been the end of it, but somehow she caught one of the cross ropes that made up the base of the bridge as she fell, and there she dangled, refusing to die with arrows jutting obscenely from all over her body.

Her stunning blue eyes looked up at me, and I could see the panic in her exquisite features. "Please," she told me, and then she reached out and grabbed the next cross rope, swinging herself forward like a kid on monkey bars. That was as far as she got before the teen girl behind her shot her again, this time in the lower lumbar region, just above the waistline of her jeans above her right butt cheek.

The two little boys accompanying the teen across the bridge fired their arrows, one missing entirely and the other finding the back of Julie's right hamstring. Julie scowled and reached for the next rung, faltered and nearly fell, swinging with her right hand grasping at air and her left clinging fiercely for life. It was in this position, dangling precariously over two hundred feet of empty space, that the next arrow found its way into her gut, slightly to the left and half an inch above her navel.

Julie cried out, and instead of reaching for the bridge her right hand went momentarily to her stomach, clutching at the latest shaft to puncture her flesh. Another arrow soon followed, driving through the outer rim of her pert left tit. With an agonized gasp, Julie waved her right hand wildly, then reached up and took hold of the bridge again. Seconds later an arrow punched through the muscles of her right bicep, and another pierced deep into her thorax cavity through her right armpit.

"Zooooo, I can't believe this is happening," Julie muttered, and she reached again for the next foothold with her right hand, but again she came up short. This time she did not make any effort to regain her grip on the bridge, and instead she simply dangled from one arm, her face the very definition of sorrow and dejection.

For a moment it seemed all of us, the murderous children included, could only watch the terrible tragedy unfolding - a wonderful, beautiful, courageous girl cut down in the prime of her life. The kids on the cliffs across from me had lowered their weapons, and for the first time since I spotted them they were not nocking arrows. I could see Julie wrestling with the reality of her situation, trying to come to terms with the fact that she was dying, but in the end her dogged perseverance won out one final time.

She made another stab at the next foothold, and at least one kid on my side of the chasm thought there was enough fight in her for him to quell, so he put another arrow in her stomach, an inch and a half above and two and a half inches to the right of her navel. The arrow punched into her gut just as the fingers of her right hand closed around the rope and she swung forward, her left hand now free and her right faintly clutching for dear life.

Two more of the kids on my side of the gap decided she hadn't had enough, and an arrow sliced through her right forearm, and another drove through the lower curve of her left breast. Julie wailed in horrible agony, her lips peeled back in a snarl, and she looked at me. I saw so many things in those expressive blue eyes - regret, terror, inconsolable sadness, despair and dismay - but what stuck with me, what still sticks with me to this day, was the resentment.

With those amazing blue eyes she was telling me she wished it was me. It should have been me. She had saved my life without a second thought, never thinking it would cost her her own, and I left her behind like a penny I'd dropped in a well. "Goodbye, Andy," she said softly, and her fingers slipped off the rope. She fell from my vision, and I never saw her again.

I turned and ran. I ran like the devil himself was after me. I made it back to Fernie’s Jeep and we sped away, leaving a poor, dead eighteen-year-old girl behind us. Well, she may have been dead. A forensics team later determined the fall didn’t kill her outright.

She was close enough to the cliff that she hit some brush and outcrops of rock on the way down, shattering her hip, fracturing her left leg in six places, and ripping open her belly. They said she crawled some forty feet from where she landed, her guts dragging in the dirt behind her, before succumbing to her wounds.


That's awesomely sad! Always love it when there's a new Julie story!


As I said in another post, I love betrayal and disappointment of expectations. And I love how he think "what she thinks doesn't matter anymore", like the boy in Last Julie Trip. I prefer when the story (or, at least the death) it's from her point of view but are details in this case.

It's good to see Julie in action again.


Yeah! Awesome to see another story from you Bloodlust. Definitely one of my favorite writers.
Julie is fantastic as always. Is this the first arrow related scene? In any case, someone as tough as Julie sure makes one hell of a pincushion!

Great scene. I agree with the comment above that I would've loved to read the scene from her perspective, after the fall. That's one thing I love about Julie is her supernatural tenacity really makes for some incredible and creative death scenes.

Either way! Still a great story, very much enjoyed it. Always fun to read more deadly Julie shenanigans! :-)


Thanks, you all.

Yes, Malesor, this is the first time I've completed and posted a story where Julie is shot with arrows. I've started several more, but for some reason I have trouble finishing them. This story was no different.

I originally planned to retell the ending from Julie's perspective, as I also prefer to read about the death from the victim's point of view, but I just found myself not that into it anymore. These arrow fantasies dominate my thoughts for a couple weeks, and I get to fleshing out a scenario and a plot and then the interest just fades away. I don't really get it. Then again, I don't get why this stuff turns me on in the first place. *shrugs*


Please do a seppuku story!!!


Seconding this, Julie would be perfect for a bit of seppuku


I certainly appreciate the interest, anon posters, and I am open to requests and suggestions. The fact that you asked nicely makes it difficult to say no, but much like the previous requests for a pregnant Julie or debreasting, I must respectfully decline, as I am not at all into consensual snuff or suicide. I’m sorry.

I do have plans for a story that involves Julie being disemboweled by a katana, if that helps. It just wont be her doing the cutting.

And that’s if I get to that. Right now I’ve shifted back to hard vore, and the plan is for her to be ripped to pieces by dinosaurs.


>Right now I’ve shifted back to hard vore, and the plan is for her to be ripped to pieces by dinosaurs.

You've no idea how excited I am by that! :)


I guess you would be even more excited if those were robotic dinosaur machines in the dinosaur theme park LOL


Ha! You read my mind. Although I'm quite partial to 'normal' hard vore too.


I love the newest story, Bloodlust! Everything you write is seriously a treat. I have a couple ideas for things that I would love to see happen to Julie in a story, if you're still open to ideas!

- let her get stabbed (or shot) once in the stomach and then escape and try to survive for a while. I think usually she gets a dozen bullets right away, so it might be interesting to see her deal with a single wound for a while that slowly bleeds, makes her wonder if she'll live, maybe cause stomach acid to leak out and injure her other organs. Of course her pursuer would find her before she made it to a hospital or anything!

- One of her murderers is her high school biology teacher. He knows the human body all too well, and makes sure to target parts of her body that won't be lethal right away. He could describe to her which internal organs he's damaged, and maybe even give her a little 'pop quiz', hurting her more for every question she gets wrong.

- Put her in another scenario where she has to choose the location of injuries on herself and/or others. One of my favorite stories was Surviving the Game, especially the end scene where they had to try to survive bullets to the torso. The way she bravely says 'okay try to aim for my stomach, but try not to hit my spine' was amazing. I think a similar scenario would be a fucked up game/island setting, but this time Julie is made captain for a team of girls, which are given near-impossible tasks to complete. Each time someone fucks up, Julie is given 2 options for what happens to them (eg a bullet in her stomach or cut off her left hand). That would add stress of trying to pick the least harmful option each time to keep her friends alive.

Anyway, hope at least one of these resonates with you, but even if it doesn't I know I can expect some good stories either way!


Where is this story “surviving the game”?


Damn it, Jarrod. I like the way you think. Now you’ve gone and got my mind going in all different directions.

All of those scenarios sound awesome. I sort of did the single stomach wound thing for a while in Julie Goes on the Lam or whatever the fuck I called it, although she also got shot some shotgun pellets in her shoulder early on in that one. I’ve been wanting to write something like that for a while, so maybe I’ll finally figure it out and do it.

Bellystabber, Surviving the Game is an old tale I posted on another forum years ago. I might edit it a little and throw it on this thread, probably after I wrap up my story about Julie in Dinoworld, which I’m very close to finishing.


I look forward to it. I’m not a vore fan, but I love all your work where Julie gets gutted and stabbed. Hopefully there will be more to come from you bud.


Two of my favourite things:

Bloodlust's writings
Girls being torn apart

I can't wait!


Julie's Jurassic Adventure

"We're gonna get to see fucking dinosaurs," Julie laughed, giddy with excitement. "Can you fucking believe it?"

“You got your permission slip signed?”

“Fuck yeah, I fucking did. Holy shit, I’d forge that shit if I had to. No way I’m missing this shit.”

“My mom didn’t want to sign mine,” Melissa said. “I guess she saw one of those Jurassic Park or World or whatever movies when she was a kid, and it fucked her up.”

“That’s bullshit! So you’re not going?”

Melissa pulled a piece of paper out of the back pocket of her jeans and showed it to Julie.

"Ha!" Julie squawked. "So you forged it?"

"Nah, I was pretty convincing."

"Nice! What'd you tell her?"

"Mostly that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if she didn't let me go I'd hate her forever. I mean do you know how much these tickets cost?"

"Like fifty thousand dollars, right?" Julie had looked it up online a few nights earlier, out of curiosity.

"Yeah, just to get in the park. They're pretty much comping us everything."

"I still can't believe it. What are the odds?"

“I know right? I think Principal Harrison said like eight thousand schools applied for sponsorship, and they only picked ours.”

“Makes me wanna play the lottery.”

“You bitches ready to get eaten by a dinosaur?” Mikey asked, meandering over.

“Dude, shut the fuck up,” Julie retorted. “I read the park is safer than most zoos.”

“It’s safe, sure, but you know the only reason our school got picked is because Principal Harrison’s going to feed you two to a T-Rex.”

Julie giggled. “You’re fucking stupid, Mikey.” She saw the lust in his gaze, and he seemed quite pleased with himself for making her laugh. It was something she had become accustomed to over the last couple years, since puberty had kicked in and she was no longer a chubby little girl.

Her butt had grown particularly round and prominent and her stomach had flattened out, although there was still some baby fat that created tiny love handles around the waistline of her cut off jean shorts. Her breasts hadn't grown as much as she'd hoped, but they had a nice shape to them, and they perked up the front of her white, cropped, sleeveless, button down blouse. She saw Mikey taking it all in before finally making eye contact. She was told her bright blue eyes were her best feature.

“You’ve seen too many movies, Mikey,” Melissa grumped, sounding far less jovial than Julie about the prospect of being eaten.

“Alright, don’t believe me. Just wait and see.” Mikey winked, and Julie stuck her tongue out at him.

They were nearing the front of the line, and any second now they’d be stepping onto drone six. It was clear Mikey intended to sit with them on the flight, and Julie braced herself for an hour and a half with his leering eyes glued to her. She supposed it could be worse.

Despite his creepy, lingering glances, he was a relatively nice guy. Unlike so many others, Mikey didn’t turn suddenly cold and hostile when she told him she wasn’t interested in a relationship. He also knew how to make her laugh, which was always welcome.

“You ever ridden on one of these things?” she asked him.

“Only a few times, when my jet pack broke down,” Mikey said with his most deadpan face, and Julie giggled.

It was their turn to board, and Julie gestured Mikey ahead. “After you, smart ass.” Melissa followed close behind, and the three of them chose a seat near a window.

“I’ve never flown before,” Melissa noted as they strapped themselves in.

“Nervous?” Mikey asked.

“Just a little.”

“Don’t be. The worst that could happen is we die horribly in a fiery crash.”

“Thanks,” Melissa said with a scowl.

Julie laughed some more. “I was on a plane when I was like five,” she put in. “I flew to L.A. I heard these things are much smoother and faster than most jets.”

“You sound like a fucking commercial,” Mikey told her.

“You sound like you want my foot in your mouth,” Julie shot back.

“Fuck yeah, I’m down to suck on some toes.”

Julie dropped her jaw to indicate she was shocked and appalled before cracking a smile, “Don’t be gross, fucking sicko.”

“Hey, you’re the one talking about putting your foot in my mouth.”

“We’re taking off,” Melissa interrupted, going tense.

Julie took Melissa’s hand and squeezed gently. “Relax, sweetie, we’re gonna be fine.” She wanted to look out the window and watch the ground zoom away, but instead she gazed calmly into her friend’s wide brown eyes and gave her courage.

Melissa was just beginning to smile and settle in when their ascent abruptly stopped and they lurched forward with tremendous speed. A startled little gasp left her parted lips, and she crushed Julie’s hand like a vice.

Once she had overcome her own sense of vertigo, Julie pretended her hand wasn’t turning to pulp and smiled sweetly at her friend. “Sshhhh, the worst part’s over. Smooth sailing from here.”

After a moment Melissa began to see that she was right. It felt smoother than riding in a car, actually. There was the quiet hum of the propellers outside, and if she looked down she could see the ground speeding past in a blur, but it was otherwise nearly impossible to tell they were in a moving vehicle. Melissa breathed a heavy sigh of relief and laughed, “I think I nearly pissed myself.”

Julie chuckled. “Well now that that’s over, you think I could have my hand back?”

Melissa looked down with embarrassment and quickly released her iron clad grip. “Sorry.”

“No worries,” Julie answered amicably, flexing her fingers.

Eighty-two minutes later, the intercom clicked on. We are now passing over the apatosaurus grazing area. We have a total of four of this species in the park. The mechanical voice began to rattle off a plethora of facts about this dinosaur, ranging from what it ate to what it weighed to when it lived, but Julie heard none of it.

Just outside the window, less than thirty feet below, was the biggest fucking lizard she had ever seen. It was majestic. Not too far off she saw one of its mates plucking leaves from an exotic tree. “Holy shit, do you fucking see that?”

“It’s beautiful,” Melissa cooed.

“It’s badass,” Mikey commented.

“Fuck yeah, it is,” Julie agreed.

For the next several minutes the drone weaved deftly above, around and between the beasts, giving Julie and her classmates an exceptional view of these creatures from an age long past, until at last it touched down on the far side of a thirty foot concrete wall, along with its other seven counterparts.

Welcome to Dinoworld. Please exit the craft.

Julie and her friends shuffled off the drone amidst a throng of kids, and they all joined the even larger crowd that was forming as the rest of her classmates exited the other aircraft in the fleet. Excited chatter reverberated through the group like a pulse of electricity, and Julie felt its influence on her.

“Fucking A! That shit was fucking insane! I can’t wait to see a goddam T-Rex.” Her voice squealed with excitement, and she was practically running through the front gate of the park, urging her friends to match her pace. It was one of those euphoric moments in a young person's life, when it was possible to believe that all of the universe existed just for her. The world was her oyster and life was a piece of pie.

Her enthusiasm was contagious, and Melissa jumped and skipped right alongside her. "Yes! This is going to be the shit!"

Mikey also shared in their joy, although he was less emphatic about seeing dinosaurs. The source of his elation had much more to do with being in the company of such a stunning girl. Julie never knew how truly infatuated he was with her, and in that moment she had never been more beautiful. Her blue eyes beamed with life and laughter. Her playful, sensuous lips stretched into a smile, revealing her perfect, pearly white teeth. Her rosy, soft cheeks were full of color. Her chocolate colored pony tail bobbed cutely with each step she took.

The cheerful trio hurried along until they reached a map and several forking paths. To the left were the ornithopods. Down the center were the bone plated and horned herbivores, like the stegosaurus, the triceratops, and the ankylosaurus, and beyond that were the various species of raptors. To the right were the large, bipedal carnivores - most notably the T-Rex.

“Ooo, I want to see the triceratops,” Melissa pleaded.

“Bitch, please, is this even a question? We have to see T-Rex first,” Julie countered.

“I told you, you’ll be seeing more of the T-Rex than you’d like when Mr. Harrison feeds your ass to him,” Mikey warned.

“Get the fuck outta here with that shit,” Julie told him. “Nobody’s getting eaten by a dinosaur.”

Mikey laughed, still not tired of his joke.

“Alright, Julie, we’ll see T-Rex first,” Melissa relented.

“Yes!” Julie pumped her fist.

“But then we’re circling back through the raptor park and checking out some triceratops.”

“Deal,” Julie agreed.

The first dinosaur on the path was the T-Rex’s smaller cousin, the allosaurus, and Julie quickly spotted two adults and a child stalking their territory. These dinosaurs weren’t kept behind giant electrical fences like in those stupid movies. They were in displays much like large predators in any other zoo - a recessed area of land with high walls on all sides that were impossible for the inhabitants to scale.

It was considerably more expansive than the area afforded a lion or a tiger, primarily because the size of these animals necessitated that space, and there were trees and rocks and plenty of natural terrain for the dinosaurs to interact with, but they were still very much conspicuous. Julie had been to zoos where the attractions hid in caves or behind shrubbery, but the allosaurus was guilty of no such transgressions.

“I wonder what they eat?” Julie asked no one in particular.

“I read that they have a cattle farm nearby that feeds most of the predators.” Melissa answered.

“There’s a sign over here that has their breakfast, lunch and dinner all scheduled for them,” Mikey remarked, “like prison.”

“Lemme see,” Julie said, and she rushed over to see what Mikey was looking at. The allosaurus’ next meal was nearly two hours away. She hoped the T-Rex would be feeding sooner. “Well these guys are cool as shit, but there’s no action here, and I think T-Rex is next. Y’all ready?”

Mikey nodded and Melissa said, “Sure.”

There was a small exhibit across the path that announced erectopus superbus dwelled behind its walls. Julie elbowed Melissa in the ribs. “Hey, they got an erectopus.” Julie giggled hysterically and Melissa joined her. “Who named these poor fucking things?”

Julie cast a glance over the wall but didn’t spot them. They were apparently a little better at concealing themselves than the allosaurus was. She quickly lost interest and had already diverted her attention back to the east side of the path, to the section she had been dying to visit since this trip was announced five weeks ago, when Melissa yelled, “Oh shit!”

Julie looked back at her friend, saw the alarm on the girl’s face, and followed her gaze to a kid teetering on the wall of the erectopus exhibit, his arms pinwheeling in a desperate attempt to maintain his balance. It was a fight he lost, and he went toppling into the pen.

Julie’s reaction was wordless and immediate. While everyone else was standing frozen in terror, she darted to the wall and leapt over it without any hesitation. Mikey was saying, “No fucking way,” behind her, but she barely heard him. There was a kid in the pit with these carnivorous dinosaurs, and he couldn’t be more than five or six years old.

Where the fuck were his parents? she wondered. She hit the ground twelve feet below and rolled, gracefully absorbing the impact, and instantly popped back up on her feet. The kid was lying on his side, clutching his shoulder, and Julie ran to his side.

"Are you okay?" she asked him.

"I think my arm is broken," the kid answered, tears filling his eyes.

Julie thought his shoulder might be dislocated, from the look of it. "What's your name, kid?"


"Cute name. Now we gotta get you outta here, Tommy, okay? I'm gonna pick you up, and it'll probably hurt a little, but you're gonna be okay? You got it?"

Tommy nodded.

"Ready? Here we go." Julie scooped him up and screamed for Melissa and Mikey, “Hey! Come help me get this kid outta here!”

Her sharp blue eyes remained focused on the top of the wall, waiting for someone to appear and bail her and the kid out of this mess. We’re gonna die down here waiting for someone to give a shit. She glanced behind herself, expecting to see a beast of a lizard charging her, ready to pounce, but there was nothing but brush and trees and sand. Come on, hurry up you fucks!

Finally she saw her friends peeking over the barrier, and she thrust Tommy at them. When their outstretched arms were just short of reaching him, Julie cried, “Catch him!” She squatted, lowering the boy in her arms, and then shot up with all her strength. Tommy flew five or six feet over her head, and Mikey and Melissa both snagged him out of the air and pulled him to safety.

Julie jumped and cheered, her arms raised high in the air, and only then did she begin to wonder how she would get out of there. She was looking up, measuring the considerable distance between her fully extended fingers and the reach of her friends, when she heard movement behind her and sharp teeth clamped down on her left buttock.

Shrieking, she pulled away as the jaws closed and the soft, fatty flesh of her ass was torn to shreds. Before she could fully turn around another bite nipped at the right side of her lower back. The wound was superficial but painful, drawing another startled cry from the beautiful teen. Once she had completed her about-face and her back was to the wall, she saw there were four dinosaurs eyeing her, deciding she’d make a tasty lunch.

“Fucking hell.” The beasts were waist high and must have weighed between two hundred and three hundred pounds. They were formidable killing machines, but Julie had trained to be a kickboxer and she was a black belt in taekwondo, so she was prepared to fight.

One of them lunged at her and she deftly dodged the attack and brought her elbow down forcefully on the beast’s head. That seemed to have stunned it if nothing else, and she had just enough time to launch a side kick into the throat of the beast attacking from her left, slowing its progress. She then twisted away as a pair of jaws snapped closed on the left side of her midsection, trying to minimize the damage, and she clouted the monster that bit her, punching it in the eyeball.

It pulled back, taking a chunk of flesh with it, and Julie had just enough space to dart out of the way of the next snapping mouth. A fifth beast had evidently joined the fray at some point. It must have been an adolescent, as it stood nearly a foot shorter than its peers. Perhaps Julie hadn’t noticed it due to its slightly more diminutive stature, but she noticed as it tore into the meat on the outside of her right thigh.

Momentarily hobbled, she allowed another bite to sneak past her defenses. She was reaching for her thigh, her belly stretched taut, when razor sharp teeth dug into her tender midriff. She doubled over and slammed her knee up into the chin of the bastard that was latched onto the right side of her abdomen, and the fucker came away with a mouthful of her.

She felt the warm liquid soaking into her denim shorts and trickling down her thigh. She felt the burning pain and the horrible discomfort of her intestines trying to squeeze through the gash in her gut. She ignored it all and delivered a roundhouse kick to the face of the closest dinosaur. It connected solidly, nearly putting the poor lizard on the ground, but one of its companions took a piece of her right calf from her.

Julie pivoted on her left foot and swung her free leg at the next closest threat, but her injuries got the better of her and her accuracy was off. A hungry mouth snapped shut, and when Julie pulled her foot back she was missing her shoe, her sock, and two of her toes, and there were deep, bleeding grooves torn in the sole. Before she was back on two feet another set of jaws closed on her left forearm, biting deeply into the muscles and tendons and crunching into bone.

She aimed a powerful right cross into the nostril above her left elbow, and her left arm came free. In the meantime, she suffered a deep bite in the middle of her tummy. Skin, fat, and muscle next to her navel were stripped away, and loops of entrails spilled between her legs.

“Oh fuck,” Julie muttered. Those are my intestines. I can’t believe I’m looking at my intestines. “Help me!” she screamed, just before backing away and narrowly avoiding another bite.

Somehow the dinosaurs had drawn her into the open and the wall was no longer behind her, a fact that hit home when two sets of mouths snapped shut on the soft flesh of her dorsal region. Julie arched her back and tried to spin around to defend herself, and the youngest dinosaur managed to get in close and take a chunk out of her inner right thigh, up near her hip.

She drove her right fist down hard into the crown of its head, and had the satisfaction of seeing the fucking thing crumple to the dirt. She pulled her left hand back as another mouth snapped dangerously close to her, and her left pinky and ring fingers disappeared at the second knuckle. A second set of jaws chomped shut a split second later and took a chunk out of the love handle on her right side.

Maybe when this is over I’ll have hit my target weight of one twenty-five, Julie thought, and she nearly chuckled in spite of herself.

Looking around, she saw there were now six dinosaurs attacking, and she stomped violently on the neck of the creature lying at her feet, hoping to cut that number down to five. Incapacitating as many of the fucking things as possible seemed to be her best chance of survival, and realizing this, she threw her shoulder at the next dinosaur to get close to her.

They rolled to the ground, but unlike T-Rex, these things had arms of an adequate, perhaps even formidable length. Sharp claws raked down Julie’s back and along her sides, and dozens of sharp teeth bit into her right shoulder. Despite terrible disadvantages in strength and weight, Julie used her dexterity and dogged determination to wrestle her way into a dominant position, and she managed to get the thing in the headlock.

She screamed as bites and scrapes from her opponent’s mates ripped her back to ribbons, but she held on, and with a ferocious twist of her arms she snapped the thing’s neck. Julie, the dinoslayer, she thought with a sick sense of pride.

Rising up to her knees, she was assaulted from all sides. A pair of jaws clamped down on her right triceps, and another dug deep into her upper abdomen. The left side of her chest felt like it was in a vice, and her ribs cracked and chunks of flesh were torn from her left breast. A chunk was taken out of her right buttock.

She yanked her right arm free, then slammed her elbow into the face of the dinosaur to her right, and immediately followed that with a right hook to the bastard chowing down on her stomach. With her left forearm she clubbed the fucking beast that had crunched her ribs and shredded her tit, and Julie was able to create enough space to get her feet back under her.

The two dinosaurs she had taken down remained on the ground, but two more adolescents had joined the fray, bringing her opponents’ numbers back up to six. Taking quick stock of her condition, she saw that her shirt had lost its buttons and hung open and her bra had come off in the scuffle, so her breasts were bare. There were several deep furrows starting on the outer rim of her left areola and leading to the edge of her bosom. Several feet of intestines slapped against her thighs when she moved, and there were chunks missing from all over her body. All things considered, she figured it could be worse.

A blood transfusion and a lot of stitches, and I'll be alright. A Dinoworld employee will be down here any second to put these things down. It would be a hell of a story to tell - the time she saved a kid's life and killed a bunch of dinosaurs. She imagined the awesome scars she would have when this was all over. "Come on, you fucks," she growled, blood spilling over her lower lip.

The largest of the group lunged at her and she backed up, using its forward momentum and smashing its head into the wall. The beast was dazed, and Julie took advantage of the situation, twisting its head around and feeling the bones snap. It went down squealing, but the victory came at a cost. While her attention was focused on putting the big guy down, three other dinosaurs managed to close in on her.

One tore away more of her left love handle, another nipped at the tendons on the back of her right knee, and the third ripped at the hole in her belly, resulting in even more of her guts bulging through the ever widening gash. It also raked its claws down the front of her, starting at the top of her breasts and ending in her stomach.

Julie held her guts in with her left hand and punched the fucker assaulting her anterior square in the nose with her right, then delivered a devastating front kick that put the motherfucker on the ground. Attacks continued to come from all angles, with another bite being taken out of the left side of her midriff and another loop of bowels poking through, and a strip of flesh being torn from the back of her right hamstring.

“Help me, please!” Julie shouted. What the fuck is taking so long? she wondered. She had no idea that the permission slip her mother signed was actually a waiver, and that it stated no help would be rendered to anyone inside the dinosaurs’ living quarters. If she had bothered to read it, she would never have gone leaping over that wall.

Her elbow collided with the dinosaur nibbling at her leg. It was one of the young ones, maybe three feet tall, and its head slammed against the wall, causing it to retreat. Julie simultaneously threw her left foot out in a side kick and caught the bastard to her left in the jaw.

A pair of claws snatched her left calf before she could retract it, and she nearly lost her balance. Teeth dug into her thigh, near her left knee, and Julie performed a move she'd never even attempted before. Flipping backwards, she was able to generate an impressive amount of force with her right foot before it collided with the mouth latched onto her thigh, buying her just enough wiggle room for her to pull free and complete the back flip, landing gracefully on her feet.

Before she could get her bearings one of the smaller creatures leapt forward and planted its hind legs on Julie’s thighs, digging the claws on its hands into her sides and burying its face in her tummy. Julie grabbed the thing by its tail and screamed loudly as she yanked on it. Its claws raked deep furrows in her sides and legs and more of her innards were wrenched from her body as it fought to retain its perch on her, but Julie won the battle and flung the beast into the feet of its nearest mate.

Another attack came from her left and Julie tried to fend it off by throwing a left jab, but so much of her usual quickness was lost due to her weakened state, and rather than her fist connecting with the dinosaur’s snout, teeth sheared through her elbow like daggers and her arm was ripped in half. She was staring stupefied at the bloody stump that used to be her left arm when three mouths converged on her belly all at once.

The poor girl grit her teeth as her midsection was rightly shredded, and she stumbled backwards until her shoulder blades hit the wall. She lifted her left knee into the chin of one of the monsters feeding on her bowels, and she dropped her right elbow onto the head of another. They pulled back, and one of them looked at her with a rope of her intestines dangling from either side of its mouth. It reminded her of a dog eating spaghetti, and for one crazy moment Julie nearly laughed.

The moment passed when the third dinosaur ripped a huge mess of plumbing from her body, and she looked down at what was once her smooth, soft abdomen. Now there was blood spurting everywhere, jagged flaps of mangled flesh, and so many exposed internal organs that were never meant to see the light of day. Fuck, this is bad. It finally began to sink in that she was going to die down here.

The largest dinosaur lunged forward and snapped at her ribs below her right breast, and she felt the bones splintering beneath its formidable bite. It ripped a sizable chunk from her, and meanwhile the two adolescents chewed through her left knee while one of their older companions crunched her left calf between its teeth. She grabbed at her thigh with her one remaining hand, but it was useless and the lower half of her leg came unattached.

Incredulous, she watched as the sickening beast claimed its prize. It clutched her limb and casually stripped the meat from her calf like a person eating a chicken leg. Her sneaker was still on her foot. It was surreal. I can’t believe it. This is how I’m going to die. This is really it. Eaten by fucking dinosaurs.

Julie had never felt such utter hate and disgust for another creature in all her sixteen years. It was so unfair. These stupid fucks were going to live happy, leisurely lives after feasting on her flesh and ending everything she had worked for. What might she have accomplished if not for these stupid lizards? What joys and experiences might she have had? I never even got to see the T-Rex, she thought sullenly.

With only one full leg left, Julie dropped to her butt, her back still to the wall, and she watched the things eat. One of the little ones pecked at her right foot and calf, leaving the bone bare in some places. The other adolescent fed on her right arm. Three of the larger beasts gorged themselves on her midsection and the veritable cornucopia of internal organs there that were no longer internal.

A large sac spilling bodily fluids was snapped in two right in front of her, and Julie thought it was her liver. She saw her stomach still mostly in tact attached to her small intestines and resting on her lap. She watched as her bladder was ripped from her body and her piss dripped from the mouth of the dinosaur that devoured it. The largest dinosaur found some tiny little sacs inside her, and Julie wondered if they were her ovaries, or maybe her kidneys.

The young one at her leg had picked most of her right foot clean and was going to town on her calf. She'd always had meaty calves. The bastard that had claimed her lower left leg was still finding strips of meat on the bone, leaving the main course to his pals. She looked at her right arm and saw that most of the flesh on her forearm was gone, and the beast there had moved on up to her biceps and triceps.

Two dinosaurs munching on the same loop of her entrails nearly kissed, and Julie remembered the scene from Lady and the Tramp. Maybe that's why she thought of a dog eating spaghetti earlier. She smiled sadly, remembering all the sweet moments of her childhood, the classic Disney movies and eating too much candy and playing with dolls, never knowing that it was all leading up to this terrible ending.

One brave beast finally slurped up her stomach, the acid burning its tongue, but it didn't seem too put off. It quickly went back in for more of her guts. Julie saw ribs and a bit of her hip bone glistening in the sun. The innards in her lap were dwindling, as well as what was left of her belly. One of the beasts had already opted for the meat on her thighs in lieu of the tender, tastiness of her vanishing abdomen. Not much left of me.

Above her someone was calling out. She heard her name. Julie looked up, her once radiant cheeks ashen and sallow, her skin slick with sweat, her blue eyes wide and traumatized, yet she was still beautiful. She saw Melissa and Mikey peeking over the wall, and Melissa screamed. "Eaten by erectopussies," Julie called to them. "How about that?" She chortled softly, then her diaphragm was snapped in half and she could no longer breathe.

Suffocating, she looked up at the sky and found the sun. It was so bright and beautiful. They always told you not to look directly at the sun or you'd go blind, but Julie didn't need to worry about that anymore. She pondered the little she'd heard about God in her short life. Some people still believed in Heaven. They believed God was good. She had hoped they were right, and she had almost believed herself, but now she knew better. A benevolent god would never have allowed something like this to happen. Soon she would be gone forever, and there would be nothing else.

Her world was ending. She was ending. I can't believe this is happening. I just wanted to see some dinosaurs, and now I want to go home. I don't want to die. I want to live. Tears rolled down her cheeks and the brightness of the sun faded to darkness.


Epically brilliant, Bloodlust. I think that is my favourite of your works so far, and that's saying a lot.


I could hardly contain myself with the excitement of the build up, and the slow destruction of poor Julie was lovely. Very sad, and very hot.


Not fan of vore but it's always wonderful to see Julie meet her demise.

Always waiting for new stories (and now I'm curious for Surviving the game)


First of all, nice dinosaur story. I love how she's such a badass that she manages to fight off actual dinosaurs for a while.

Also I'm glad I could spark some creativity for you! I had forgotten about the story where she goes on the lam… that one is also great, but I feel like the first bullet doesn't affect her too much and she gets several more before long in the story. I was picturing a single bullet (or stab) that really wears her down over time, getting more painful as she loses blood. You could play around with stuff like her drinking a beverage to quench her thirst, but being horrified to see some of the liquid leaking out of her. Or maybe throwing up blood, along with the bullet if it's still inside her. But it's obviously your story to go in any direction with :)

I'm happy to post more ideas as I think of them if you want. I have plenty of sadistic ideas but could probably never flesh out a full story as well as you haha


Really glad you liked it, Squunch. Of the people who have been active on this thread lately, you were definitely the target audience for this one.

You know, i’m not really into the whole crushing thing, but if you ever have another death involving blades kinda like Tensi’s in your Death Factory series, I’d love it if a certain blue-eyed, steel-willed brunette was the victim.

Jarrod, I hear you. That thing about her taking a drink and it spilling out her stomach is really turning me on now. I think I’ve got the start of a story coming together where something like that could happen.

I’d love to hear any other ideas you have, although I make no promises on being able to turn them into something bigger here. There were some great suggestions in this thread about rats eating Julie’s belly and a failed drug smuggling that I’ve been meaning to flesh out for a year or two now, and I haven’t even started on them.

OfixN, I’m working on a few changes to Surviving the Game and it should be up before too long.


>You know, i’m not really into the whole crushing thing, but if you ever have another death involving blades kinda like Tensi’s in your Death Factory series, I’d love it if a certain blue-eyed, steel-willed brunette was the victim.

No problem! It'd be an honour for me to do a chapter or two with Julie (Or do I mean 'do Julie over a chapter or two' lol), to pay you back for the pleasure you've given me reading your stories. Now I have to think up something suitable… slow and fighty…


Oh I've got an idea already, and Julie would be perfect. It's amazing how just one character suggestion can spark a whole delicious scenario!


>Really glad you liked it, Squunch. Of the people who have been active on this thread lately, you were definitely the target audience for this one.

Wow! Thanks for that! I might add, I really liked the way you kept the sci-fi future aspect of it completely believable and reasonable.

In fact the only thing I had to suspend my disbelief over was the lack of a fence to prevent small children falling into the pit. But of course, if the park had proper safety measures, there'd be no story.


Sweet, that’d be really cool, Squunch. I hate to put any boundaries or limitations on where you go with your story, but if I may ask that you keep her face intact. A big part of the fantasy for me is facial expressions, and if you can’t see the terror in her eyes because she has no eyeballs or you can’t see her slack-jawed horror because her face has been mutilated, it ruins the scene for me.

I struggled with keeping the dinosaur story believable. Part of me really wanted to just have dinosaurs running amuck and multiple girls getting mauled to death, and I also kept toying with the idea that Mr. Harrison really did make a deal to feed his students to dinosaurs. They both sounded like they’d be fun ideas to explore.

In the end I decided to go the realistic route, and while I think it’s nutty to have a power grid that can easily be sabotaged or go offline as the only thing protecting your guests from bloody, gory death, there is some precedence for idiots ending up in pens with the animals at the zoo.

Like this guy:

Or this shitty situation:

That gorilla thing was really my main inspiration for how Julie’s dinosaur mishap played out. I then considered that if you were a multi-billion dollar corporation powered by greed, and dinosaurs cost a fortune to create, you might just let your guests die if they were negligent enough to jump into an enclosure like this.


Awesome, I'll look out for something like that in the future! Also totally understand you might not actually incorporate every idea, only so much time unfortunately. But I'm happy to provide a little inspiration either way!

On a side note, I'm excited to read a revamped version of Surviving the Game. That was always one of my favorites



>Sweet, that’d be really cool, Squunch. I hate to put any boundaries or limitations on where you go with your story, but if I may ask that you keep her face intact. A big part of the fantasy for me is facial expressions, and if you can’t see the terror in her eyes because she has no eyeballs or you can’t see her slack-jawed horror because her face has been mutilated, it ruins the scene for me.

That's fine. I don't have a thing with faces really, so no problem.

>I struggled with keeping the dinosaur story believable. Part of me really wanted to just have dinosaurs running amuck and multiple girls getting mauled to death, and I also kept toying with the idea that Mr. Harrison really did make a deal to feed his students to dinosaurs. They both sounded like they’d be fun ideas to explore.

There's nice story with dinos
running amok, link to the first chapter:

It's quite fun, lots of cuties getting chewed, and some stomped on in graphic detail too. The writing isn't up to your standard though.

>In the end I decided to go the realistic route, and while I think it’s nutty to have a power grid that can easily be sabotaged or go offline as the only thing protecting your guests from bloody, gory death, there is some precedence for idiots ending up in pens with the animals at the zoo.

Did you see the vid of the woman at the safari park with her little kids? She gets out of the car with them to take some selfies or whatever.

What I liked best about it, was at first the cheetahs were like WTF? Then you can see they start to coordinate for an attack / kill, moving around into positions. Anyway the family managed to get back into the car in time. I could imagine small dinos behaving the same way.

>That gorilla thing was really my main inspiration for how Julie’s dinosaur mishap played out. I then considered that if you were a multi-billion dollar corporation powered by greed, and dinosaurs cost a fortune to create, you might just let your guests die if they were negligent enough to jump into an enclosure like this.

So in a way, this story is Harambe's legacy! Let the memes commence!


Harambe lives in Julie's story.

Only a curiosity, Bloodlust: you talk about Tensi's death in Death Factory but I didn't found a character with this name. It's a naming error or I have to check better?


My bad. It’s Tesni.




Make sense. I were to lazy to search all the story, I used "Search" and didn't found. Thanks.


>My bad. It’s Tesni.

It's funny because I made the same mistake several times but no one called me out for it.


bloodlust, I don't post super consistently but I want to thank you for all that you've written. Especially the story where Julie gets culled; that one for some reason got me real good. I don't remember when I first read a Julie story, but it must have been years ago at this point. Either way, they have always been consistently good.


I didn't notice the mis-spelling either until Ofix queried it. The brain filters these things out quite often.


Thank you, Sol! I'm glad you've enjoyed my stories. I had a lot of fun writing Julie Gets Culled. Something about a girl sitting down and having a civil conversation with her killer while she's dying just gives me that warm and tingly feeling.


Squunch, it just occurred to me that I never acknowledged the story you shared from DA. This is the 2nd time you shared the link actually, and I read through it the 1st time. It’s well written, but it mostly didn’t do anything for me, because the characters die in seconds (which is probably much more realistic than what happened to Julie) and their heads and faces are often destroyed in the process. It’s a good story though.

On the subject of Surviving the Game, I’ve discovered I don’t really like it that much. I guess that’s why I didn’t post it before. I wrote it six or seven years ago, and I wouldn’t say I’ve made monumental advancements in my writing ability, but I do think I’ve improved some. I thought I’d fix the parts that are particularly awkward, but I find myself trying to rewrite the whole damn thing. One of two things will probably happen - either I’ll get frustrated and just post it mostly as it is, or it will take quite some time before I post it here.


I'll never be over that 1st story. I can't stop wondering what those lizards are like. Just over 5 inches with stubby tails and big heads?

What of their legs, how thick and long are they, where do they begin?
What of their jaws how narrow? Mmmm


Well here it is, flaws and all. People seemed to like it, so hopefully you all do too, but I don't think I did a very good job on this one. There are some glaring flaws, like what the fuck happened to Barbi? Why do the number of girls on the opposing team not really add up? Maybe you can ignore those, because I tried to go back and fix what I didn't like and I just didn't have the energy, so I'm posting it in its original form (with just a couple name changes).

The scoreboard glared down its foreboding warning, the seconds ticking away – 27, 26, 25… The home team led by a score of 57 to 55, and the girls on the court battled for position with gritty determination, hardly hearing the roaring chants of 'defense', and 'let's go Cardinals' cascading from the crowd. The air in the stadium seemed to pulse with a life all its own, an electricity flowing between the spectators and the participants locked in grim competition. The district championship was on the line, and a conclusion to the contest was fast approaching.

Picking up her dribble, Darla was trapped by a double team. Julie broke to the top of the key, cutting at such an angle that Darla was able to slip the ball past the harassing defense, into her awaiting, and very capable hands. The double team followed, almost instantly smothering her with suffocating defense, but Julie threw a head fake, suckering the opposing two guard into leaving her feet. She launched herself into the leaping defender, creating contact, hung in the air long enough to regain her balance, and released a perfect shot. The ball bounced off the back of the rim on its downward arc, dropping through the net with a sweet swishing sound, a sweeter music than the most practiced orchestra could ever hope to produce.

The whistle blew and the ref signaled for a defensive foul. Julie pumped her fist, gave a few high fives to her teammates, and strode to the free throw line with an air of confidence that was chilling. Drawing a deep breath, Julie's steely, cool blue eyes focused on the rim, blotting out all her other surroundings. In her mind, she was back in her driveway knocking down free throws, easy as shooting fish in a barrel. It was second nature. Countless hours of practice paid off, as she raised the ball and stroked it flawlessly through the net.

A glance at the scoreboard revealed the visitors now held a one point advantage, and less than twelve seconds separated them from victory. Neither team had any timeouts remaining. There was little time to celebrate, so Julie galloped down the court to D up. Number twenty-five, the lightning quick black girl she was saddled with guarding, caught a pass mid court and dribbled towards her, weaving ever so slightly left to right, then left again.

The offense spread out, running an isolation attack, leaving the lane open. The only thing between number twenty-five and the basket was Julie. A fake to the left, where Julie was leaning, followed by a dazzling crossover dribble left Julie in the black girl's wake. Turning on her heels and hustling like the devil, Julie struggled to make up ground, but it was hopeless. She was beat. As she gave chase, number twenty-five went up for a layup and Julie leapt with everything she had, knowing it was too late, knowing just as well that she had to try. Swatting at the ball, certain she would miss, she surprised even herself as the tips of her fingers made contact with rubber, and the altered shot bounced harmlessly off the backboard.

As she came back down to earth she spun around, trying to locate the ball, and saw that Teresa had already claimed the rebound. Her 6'2" teammate hunched over, protectively wrapping both arms around the rock, and the buzzer sounded. Stunned, the crowd fell silent, and Julie felt a surge of triumph coursing through her body, blotting out rational thought. In that moment, she was a rock star, the biggest sensation since the Beatles. Her team mauled her, whooping and hollering. It was pandemonium, and every Parker girl felt a high that is nearly impossible to articulate with any words.

The game was over; the Parker Bulldogs were district champs, and Julie couldn't believe it.

Mariah Carrey belted out hit after hit from the confines of Erika's boom box, helped along by Julie's badly out of tune but enthusiastic Soprano voice. Her pitchy lyrics were masked amid a myriad of other equally unharmonious voices. The atmosphere was euphoric, everyone laughing and in good cheer. Julie had thought the elation would subside, but on the contrary it only seemed to intensify. This was the best she'd ever felt in her life, even better than when her parents built a basketball court in the backyard for Christmas, better than being kissed by Omar Sifuentes in the schoolyard back in seventh grade, better than the first time she discovered her sexual organ and the orgasms it could produce.

They had only been on the road for less than an hour, and that evening's events had replayed in her mind countless times. Her break to the top of the key, her foul drawing jumper sinking like a dagger, her cool as ice free throw, her game saving block. All this on top of seventeen total points, eight assists, two steals, and five rebounds. It was a heroic tale of triumph with which she would undoubtedly regale her children, her children's children, and, God willing, her children's children's children for seventy or eighty years to come. Her heart swelled with pride as she anticipated how her parents would receive the news, and how she would share the story with just the right amount of humility when the subject presented itself at school. All this passed through her head as she belted out the chorus to Always Be My Baby.

It was on the third and final set of do do doop do do doop do doop da dum's when the evening took a turn for the south. A God awful noise rose from the floor of the bus, and the entire vehicle shook as though the smooth blacktop upon which they were travelling had suddenly turned to rubble. Mariah missed her line as the CD skipped, but no one noticed. There were some screams, some horrified faces, but no more gleeful singing. The bus fishtailed, then entered into a skid. While girls around her panicked, Julie braced herself for the impact that would come when the bus tipped onto its side, which judging by the inertia tugging at the roof was now unavoidable. The sounds from below, first of rubber shredding as the tires came apart, then of metal grinding against pavement, assaulted Julie's ear drums, drowning out the panicked shrieks of her teammates. Just when it seemed they would roll, somehow the vehicle righted itself and the driver, a square little man named Mario with greasy black hair, a walrus mustache, and a raspy voice that was the product of twenty six years of heavy smoking, was able to grind to a halt on the shoulder.

"Holy f*cking sh*t," Erika breathed. "What the f*ck was that?"

Julie looked at her friend and busted up laughing. "Oh my God, you almost sh*t your pants."

“I did f*cking sh*t my pants,” Erika shot back, which sent Julie into a fit of hysteria that neared delirium. Chuckling mildly, Erika asked, “weren’t you scared?”

Giggling too hard to respond, Julie only shook her head.

“Bullsh*t, you lying bitch.”

Finally getting herself under control, Julie answered earnestly, “No, I wasn’t scared, I was more worried about someone getting hurt so they couldn’t play in State.”

"Yeah, f*ck dude, that would f***ing suck."

“It was actually kind of exciting, you know, like invigorating somehow,” Julie confided. It was as close as she could come to articulating how alive this nearly disastrous accident made her feel.

“Bitch, you’re f*cking crazy.”

Julie supposed there might be something to that. Around that time Coach Lopez started making her way down the aisle, and when she asked Julie and Erika if they were alright they told her they were. A lot of the girls were a little shell shocked, but no one seemed to be harmed.

"Alright, so listen up," Coach called to them. "We blew out our tires."

"All of them?" Teresa asked.

"Mario's checking it out, but it looks like we're going to have to wait here for another bus to come pick us up."

"Nice," Lucy, the backup small forward, chimed in sarcastically.

"I need for you all to just relax, take it easy, and stay on the bus. Okay?"

There were some unenthusiastic replies of, "okay," but Julie wasn't too put off by the whole ordeal. She was among friends, and they could laugh, tell jokes, gossip, and just be teenagers. It would be like a big slumber party. She was getting used to the idea of spending a few hours on a deserted highway when there was a cry of horror from the front of the bus.

It sounded like Kari, their mild-mannered team manager, whom used to be a descent player before she let alcohol and sex take command of her priorities. Averting her attention to discern the cause of this distress, Julie noticed several masked men, clothed completely in black rushing into the aisle. They were all armed with rifles, and casting her eyes towards the rear door in hopes of making an escape, Julie noted that some girls had already tried that way and been met with more of these mysterious gunmen.

“What the f*ck is this sh*t?” Julie whispered to Erika, and her friend gripped her hand, squeezing so tightly her knuckles turned white and her bones ached. The men were asking some of the girls to stand, and when one of them pointed his rifle at Julie and told her to get up, her heart leaped into her throat.

No way, no f*cking way is this happening, Julie thought, but she stood up on numb legs, legs that didn’t even seem to exist. She recognized the sound of Darla’s voice squealing in terror from somewhere behind her, and cringed. Darla was their starting point guard, and quite possibly the sweetest girl in the entire world. You bastards.

The gunman motioned for Julie to step into the aisle, then led her to the front of the bus, where Kari was already being escorted off onto the dark highway. Before climbing down the steps to join her, Julie cast a quick glance over her shoulder and saw Becky and Lucy being shoved along behind her, with Darla and a final masked highjacker bringing up the rear. The fact that the five most attractive girls on the bus were being abducted did not escape her, and her mind immediately began speculating as to the motives behind their capture.

Rape was obviously high on the list, but such a well coordinated operation did not seem to be the work of backwoods yokels. These masked men were professionals, and a lot of money had been spent on this undertaking, which lent plausibility to her next theory - their kidnappers were involved with a human trafficking ring. Her conjecture did not stop there, however. Although they were almost certainly the fabric of urban legends, the thought of snuff films crossed her mind. Perhaps they would be gruesomely murdered, their deaths filmed, all to please some wealthy businessman in a foreign country who got off on this type of sh*t. Julie was surprised to discover that her hopes were riding on the human trafficking scenario; before now she had never realized just how badly she wanted to live.

Once they were all shuffled off the bus, the girls were herded into a boxed in cargo area on the back of a military style vehicle. The truck was designed for off road terrain, and the box was shut off from the night with a sliding door, leaving its reluctant passengers in utter darkness. Before all light was extinguished, Julie got a good look at her comrades' faces, and they appeared to be every bit as terrified as she was. Kari was weeping quietly, Darla's lower lip was trembling, Lucy's eyes were wide as saucers and Becky was ghostly pale, the color drained from her face.

The truck began to move, and judging by the bumpy terrain it was apparent they were travelling into the desert, away from the highway.

“Where are they taking us?” someone asked in a small voice, and Julie thought it might have been Becky, but her nerves were too frayed to properly identify the speaker. No one bothered to reply, and seconds later Julie’s eyelids felt impossibly heavy. To her amazement she felt herself drifting off to sleep, despite the chaotic turbulence stirring in her belly.

The first thing Darla noticed upon regaining consciousness was the foul stench of body odor resonating in her olfactory lobes. This was followed by baking waves of heat on her skin, and on the heels of that, the realization that her skin was bare. Recalling her last waking thought before passing out - the bewildered terror of being abducted with no known cause - Darla sat up with a lurch, taking in her surroundings.

Her teammates were with her, all of them still asleep on sweat-stained cots, all equally naked, and they were enclosed in a room with dimensions not much larger than their locker room shower back at the gym, fifteen feet by fifteen feet, concrete walls, concrete floor, concrete ceiling, the only way in or out being a steel door with a small slot in the bottom and a four inch by four inch grating at eye-level.

"Julie? Becky?" Darla called to her snoozing classmates. "Wake up!"

Julie was the first to stir from her slumber and join Darla in wakefulness. Her facial expression when she realized none of them were clothed would have been comical, were it not for their grim situaion. Still, Darla managed a smirk.

"We're naked," Julie exclaimed, beautiful blue eyes staring.

"You think?" Darla asked sarcastically.

Julie burst into inexplicable laughter.

Darla tried to remain serious, responding to her shooting guard's giggles with, "This isn't funny," but she couldn't help but chuckle. Julie's laugh was infectious.

The other girls were beginning to wake up now, and regarding the guffawing pair with wary eyes.

“What the f*ck, I’m naked, why am I f*cking naked?” Becky squawked. This sent Julie over the edge, splitting her sides to the point of tears.

“Why are you laughing?” Kari asked, sounding more than a little annoyed.

Julie looked at her, recognizing the blatant disapproval expressed plainly on her face, and tried to control herself. “I… eeeeheeeeheeeee… I’m… ooooohhoooooohaaaaaa… I’m sorr….eeeeeeeeeheeeeeee.” she squealed, then blurted out, “Oh sh*t, I can’t help it,” before losing it again.

“I think Julie’s gone bye-bye,” Darla told everyone with a wry smile.

“Yeah, well I don’t think this is funny,” Kari remarked. “We could end up dead, or raped, or something.”

Slowly, Julie began to sober up. When at last her ability to speak returned, she said, “You’re right, Kari, I’m sorry, you’re right,” while wiping tears from her wet cheeks. “Oh God, I don’t know why I’m laughing.” She chortled a couple more times, then managed a straight face.

“You done,” Darla asked her?

“I think so,” Julie said, then let loose another giggle. Once her laughter tapered out, however, dread began to set in, and Julie's sense of humor dampened.

“So why do you think we’re here?” Darla asked. “And where is here?”

Aside from the ratty cots, there was no other furniture in the room, and the only fixtures were a toilet mounted in the corner and a shower head with some recessed tiling and a drain beneath it, only one knob to control the water pressure, and a small indention in the wall which shelved a solitary bar of soap.

“Looks like we’re in some sort of luxurious resort,” Julie commented, grinning widely but maintaining her sobriety.

Becky laughed, but it was a nervous laugh, devoid of all good cheer.

“Good one,” Darla remarked, smiling out of the corner of her mouth.

“Do you think they… did anything to us?” Kari asked.

“I dunno, I’m a virgin, how would I know if I’ve been f*cked?” Julie asked. “Should my pussy hurt?”

Glancing at the smooth, creamy skin of Julie's inner thighs, Kari speculated, "Well, if you were raped, either you're lying about your virginity or they did a hell of a job cleaning up after themselves."

"What makes you say that?" Julie asked.

"You're spotless," Kari answered. "You do know why they call it popping your cherry, right?"

Julie glanced at her crotch for a moment, then blushed brightly when she realized what Kari meant. "So I guess that's a good thing, cuz I'd like to be conscious when my cherry gets popped." Quickly shifting subjects, she asked, "did you all fall asleep in the truck, too?"

They all nodded, with Lucy adding, "I think they gassed us."

"What do you think they're gonna do to us?" Kari asked.

There was an awkward silence before Julie spoke up. "Have you ever heard of snuff films?"

Apparently none of them had, and Darla asked, "What's a snuff film?"

"I'ts like a porno for people that get turned on by death. They kill somebody and show it on camera."

"Oh God, Julie, don't even joke about that stuff," Darla said apprehensively.

“Who’s joking?” Julie shot back.

“Who gets turned on by death?” Kari asked, wrinkling her nose at the thought.

“Some people do,” Julie said, withholding the fact that she was one of said people.

“That’s crazy. So you think that’s what they’re gonna do to us? Kill us and tape it so some sick f*cks can get their rocks off?” Kari asked, horrified at the thought.

“I mean, I guess it’s possible. But I’m not really sure these snuff films even exist. Like, they’re just like, urban legends,” Julie answered.

“Maybe they’re just holding us for ransom,” Darla suggested.

“Dude, Vicky’s parents are loaded, why wouldn’t they take her? My parents don’t have sh*t," Julie said.

"You think it’s a coincidence they took all the best looking girls on the team?” Kari asked, cutting straight through the red tape and addressing the elephant in the room. “Maybe they just wanna rape us?” she said, phrasing it as a question. She looked hopeful. Julie couldn’t blame her; remembering how appealing the prospect of forced prostitution had been to her when compared with certain death.

“Do you think somebody would hire all those masked men to hijack our bus, kidnap us, gas us, and bring us to this cell in God-knows-where, just so they could rape us? That’s a lot of money and effort to spend when all you gotta do to rape a girl is slip a couple pills in her drink when she’s not looking.” Julie replied. "The good news is they want us alive, at least for now. Otherwise we'd already be dead."

The girls took turns showering, and within an hour of their waking, trays of food were pushed through the slot in the door. They were served small portions of runny scrambled eggs, stale toast, and cartons of low fat milk. Just as Julie began to dig in, Karica lent a word of warning.

“You’re gonna eat that?” she asked.

“Why the f*ck not? I’m hungry,” Julie responded.

“What if it’s drugged or poisoned or something?” Kari asked.

“What if it is? If these f*ckers wanna drug me they won’t have much trouble doing it. Meanwhile, I’m gonna eat.”

Convinced by this line of reasoning, the rest of the girls joined Julie and scarfed down their meals. A short time later a face appeared behind the metal grating that functioned as their window to the outside world, and explained their predicament.

“You all have been chosen based on a combination of athletic ability, youth, and a certain aesthetic quality,” the stranger told them.

“But I’m not an athlete,” Kari protested. “I’m just a manager. I don’t run or exercise or anything, I just drink beer.”

“You were not scouted. You were a last minute addition; too cute to pass up, I suppose.” The anonymous person told her.

“You should be honored,” Julie told her jokingly. Kari elbowed her in the ribs, and Julie giggled quietly.

“You will take part in a game show, broadcast only to a select crowd. In this game you will risk death, and should you triumph your reward will be your freedom and a sum of $250,000.” There were several gasps at the mention of death, and several more at the mention of the sizeable cash prize. “You will compete as a team against a group of five other girls, whose selection was based on the same criteria as yours.”

“Uhmm, how is this legal?” Becky asked.

“It is most certainly illegal, stupid girl. Julie, Kari, you two will take part in the first challenge. You will need to come with me when I open this door. Should any of you try to escape, you will be gunned down. Is this clear?”

"Wait a minute, if this isn't legal, how do we get paid a reward? Why would we be set free?" Julie asked, smelling a rat.

"While this operation is not legal, a lot of very wealthy people have paid a lot of money to ensure the public remains ignorant of what we do here. We only recruit in countries where top ranking government officials have agreed to keep things quiet. Should you survive, no one of any importance will question your new-found wealth, and you will have no knowledge of this location."

"How come nobody ever talks about this game show competition thingy, like after you set them free? You'd think there'd be a news story or something on youtube or something," Julie continued her questioning.

"Those that talk, are killed."

"Yeah, I guess I could see that," Julie conceded. Then, to Kari, she said, “You ready to go risk your life for entertainment’s sake?”

“Uh, not really,” Kari answered, her voice quivering with fear.

“I don’t think we have much of a choice here,” Julie told her, and recognizing the cracks in her manager’s composure, she added, “let’s just do what we have to do and we’ll get through this.”

Still looking a little uncertain, but somewhat less wavering, Kari followed Julie through the steel door when it opened.

The two girls were led through an empty corridor lined with armed guards, through another heavy steel door bolted shut with padlocks, to which their escort possessed a set of keys, and into the bright morning sunlight. Outside more armed guards stood watch, and a couple of pretty, naked, young girls awaited them, along with a man dressed sharply in a business suit, silver hair, and a salt and pepper mustache. Beyond the guards was a vast wood, thick with tightly growing sandalwood and saman and banyan. Julie looked back at the complex they had just exited, a stout concrete structure built strictly for utility, utterly lacking in style or fanfare. There was no second floor and little space for much else save for a few simple cells similar to the one that held her and her teammates captive.

The well dressed man introduced himself as Gerard, and explained what the girls would be facing. “You will be hunted as wild animals until dusk tomorrow evening,” he told them. “If you successfully evade our hunters and are still alive when this horn sounds at sunset tomorrow,” he pulled a cord dangling beside the door and a deafening air horn blasted apart the peaceful silence of the morning, “then you will remain in the running for your cash prize of $250,000, and your freedom.”

“Sounds like fun,” Julie joked.

Gerard motioned to some clothes folded on the ground. “You’ll be outfitted with cargo shorts, a tank top, hiking boots, a survival knife, a canteen, and jerky.”

A brunette from what Julie supposed was the opposing team was the first to make a move for the gear. She had been standing there with her arms folded across her chest, and was clearly eager to put something on. Reluctant to mingle with the "enemy," Julie waited patiently while the brunette's red-headed teammate joined her in outfitting herself, and when they had finished she and Kari took their turn getting dressed. The jerky fit snuggly in one of the thigh pockets of the cargo shorts, and the twenty-four ounce canteen fit just as well in the other thigh pocket. The survival knife came equipped with a compass on the handle and a sheath that snapped onto the waist band of their shorts. The shorts were dark green and the tank was a slightly lighter shade of green, which would help provide them with some camouflage when in the jungle. Julie's hopes were high.

"You'll have fifteen to twenty miles in every direction in which you can conceal yourself, but beyond that you'll find escape to be impossible. When you hear this air horn," Gerard gestured toward the cord he had pulled earlier, "you can return to this complex for medical aid, if necessary, and food and shelter. We'll give you all a two hour head start. Julie, Kari, you girls head west, and Lauren and Lola, you two will head east. Your time begins now."

Julie grabbed Kari by the arm and began running west, in the direction Gerard had pointed them. Kari seemed reluctant to follow at first, but one look at the urgency on Julie's face cured her of that. It took them less than thirty seconds to cross the tree-line and disappear into the surrounding jungle, at which point they slowed to a more deliberate pace.

“Maybe we should split up,” Julie said, once they were well into the thick of the bush. “It’ll make us harder to spot, and if they get one of us the other still has a chance to get through this.”

“Julie, no, don’t leave me. I’m scared.” Kari was on the verge of tears, and Julie didn’t have the heart to abandon her, even though she knew that by sticking with the girl she lessened her chances of survival. Using her compass as a guide, Julie kept them heading due west, in order to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the complex, where she assumed the hunters would be based. After what felt like several hours of travel, they both paused for a strip of jerky and a swig of water.

“How far do you think we’ve gone?” Kari asked.

“I dunno, seven or eight miles maybe?” Julie guessed.

“What do you think that guy meant when he said escape is impossible?” Kari wondered.

“Maybe we’re on an island or something,” Julie answered. Karie appeared to mull it over. “So listen,” Julie continued, “I think we better alter our course so we’re not so easy to track. What do you think, north or south?”

“What? I… I don’t know, Julie. Maybe we should just stay here?”

“F*ck that, I’m not sitting around waiting for whoever’s coming after us. You can stay if you want.”

"North, then," Kari replied.

"Okay, why north?"

Kari shrugged. "Why not?"

"Works for me," Julie agreed.



"Aren't you scared?"


"You don't act like it."

"I don't have time to act like it," Julie replied coolly.

It had been decided, and the girls spent the next several hours trekking north, until Kari could no longer stand it. She was flagging badly, a consequence of her unhealthy lifestyle, and she finally spoke up.

“Juh… Julie, please, we gotta stop. I can’t do this.”

Julie looked back at her companion with a critical eye. Kari was leaning against a sturdy Malabar chestnut and wheezing heavily, and Julie knew the girl couldn’t continue. Faced with a decision to either abandon her manager or seek out shelter and hope for the best, Julie opted to stick with her friend. “Alright, I’ll look around for a spot we can hole up in. Just take a breather.”

Seeing the immense relief on Kari's face, Julie found it impossible to suppress a smile. “Lazy slut,” she called playfully as she trudged further into the wood. Kari was too tired to retort.

It wasn't more than five minutes before Julie heard the sound of rushing water, and her heart pounded and hope surged. She had worried they left too clear a trail as they trampled their way through the wood, but a brook would help them move without a trace, losing all but the most skilled of trackers. She hurried back to the maple where she had left Kari, and coaxed her into following her a little farther.

Once they were in the stream the going was much easier. The water refreshed them, and there were long stretches where the river bed dropped away beneath them and they could simply float while current carried their weight. When they reached a bend and an eddy, and the sun dipped below the western tree line, they decided to seek shelter for the night.

Julie led them several hundred yards from the northern shore, they concealed themselves in brush and leaves, and while Kari drifted off to sleep, Julie lay awake and kept watch. The night passed uneventfully, and several hours before sunlight Julie felt her eyelids gaining weight, woke Kari up, and the girls swapped duty. At dawn both girls roused from their nest and made their way back down to the brook to wash up.

They had not been outfitted with underwear, so they needed only to strip off their tank tops and their shorts before they were fully nude, and they rinsed the dirt and sweat from their lithe, young bodies in the stream. Julie refilled her canteen, drawing an objection from her brown-eyed friend.

“You’re gonna drink that? What if you get sick? Isn’t that how people get malaria?”

Julie laughed. “Really? We’re probably gonna die today, butchered by a bunch of lunatics, and you’re worried about me getting malaria from drinking river water?”

“You think we’re gonna die?” Kari asked, suddenly fearful.

“Well, you are,” Julie teased. “I might make it out of here alive, though. Who else is gonna put up twenty points a game for our team?”

“That is not funny, Julie,” Kari said sternly.

Julie giggled and splashed her. “Relax, bitch. I’ll protect you from the scary hunters.”

"You're f*cking crazy," Kari replied.

Julie only laughed, as if to imply agreement with Kari’s diagnosis, then quietly exited the water and ascended the embankment.

The girls had left their clothes atop the acclivity, where they would remain dry, and Julie shook the excess water from her body before breasting the slope to dress herself. Her spectacular body gleamed with dampness in the early morning light, and Kari felt a tinge of jealousy at the sight of the gloriously stunning shooting guard. It should not have been possible to look so good, as if such perfection was an obscenity in the face of nature. Julie pulled her shorts up over her waist, and as she fastened the button across her lower belly she suddenly squawked and fell forward. She caught herself just in time to avoid tumbling and rolling down the hill, but her balance seemed spoiled, all the grace and poise which made her such a threat on the basketball court suddenly absent.

She rambled awkwardly down to the shore, clutching her right buttock, her face contorted in pain. “They shot me in the ass,” she explained plainly, and Kari stared at her, perplexed.

“I didn’t hear a shot,” Kari said, not yet fully alert to the danger.

“Arrows,” Julie exclaimed through gritted teeth, and, twisting her hips, she gave Kari a view of the shaft jutting from her right butt cheek.

“Holy sh*t,” Kari breathed.

“Help me,” Julie groaned as she sloshed into the stream. Without hesitation Kari came to meet her and put Julie’s arm around her shoulders, then supported her until they were in deeper waters.

“How far back are they?” Kari asked.

“I don’t know,” Julie answered. “I didn’t look, I just ran.”

Without another word, both girls took a deep breath and dropped beneath the surface. Julie’s injury limited her kicking and stifled her ability to propel herself through the water, but Kari took her hand and valiantly tugged her along. They covered an admirable distance before Kari popped up for a breath, while Julie remained under, not daring to risk exposure. When Kari came up a second time, Julie joined her, and they both spared a glance back up the banks of the creek, neither of them spotting any sign of the hunters.

Opting for prudence over recklessness, the girls submerged themselves once more and swam another fifty yards before resurfacing and making their way to shore.

They climbed the southern embankment, hoping to lose the hunters on the other side of the stream. Kari had to help Julie up the incline, their arms around each other’s shoulders, and when they reached the top, Kari’s soft, hazel brown eyes widened and her back arched. She looked at Julie with incredulity, and her left hand, the one that was not helping support her friend, reached around to the small of her back where Julie had buried her survival knife.

Kari’s mouth opened as she sought to articulate her amazement, but she couldn’t find the words. Instead she let out a small whimper as the knife was pulled from her back, then rammed home a second time, slightly higher up.

“I’m sorry, Kari,” Julie whispered to her, and with that she plucked the blade from her friend's flesh and wiped it on her shorts, put it back in its sheath, and limped off into the jungle, leaving Kari to fend for herself.

“What the f*ck,” Kari breathed. Nothing that was happening made any sense. She had no idea how badly she was hurt, but her bowels felt like they had been filled with molten wax, and she could feel alarming amounts of blood spilling over her bare buttocks and down the backs of her thighs. She tried to chase after Julie and distance herself from the hunters, but her legs had turned to rubber, and she repeatedly lost her footing.

Perhaps a minute had passed since Julie stabbed her in the back, both literally and figuratively, and Kari had managed to cover approximately forty yards when the first arrow struck her. It speared into her lower back, far to the left of her spine, and the tip poked through the left side of her abdomen.

“Awwwahhhh!” Kari wailed, twisting in agony as she dropped to her knees. She looked to the bloody arrowhead protruding from her gut, glanced back over her shoulder, then struggled to get back on her feet. Before she could manage to stand another arrow skewered the meat of her left thigh.

“Ayyyuhhhh,” she cried, falling forward onto her elbows. She remained that way and continued onward, crawling on her knees, until she caught a glimpse of one of the hunters in her left peripherals. Rearing up on her haunches, Kari looked at the man who had tracked her down, her eyes wild and panicked. The man wore a khaki hunting vest over green fatigues, his face was hard and wrinkled like tanned leather, his hair was white as ice, and he held a loaded crossbow out in front of him. “Please,” Kari blurted, but she earned herself no sympathy.

The hunter fired a bolt into the gentle bulge of her left breast, and she went down, collapsing onto her back. As she lie writhing on the forest floor, clutching at her wounded tit, a second hunter approached and put an arrow into the right side of her tummy. She grunted and squirmed, reaching for the newest shaft to become embedded in her torso, and the hunters watched with grim indifference.

They filmed her demise, which included nearly half an hour of choking, pleading, and finally gasping for breath as she stared wide-eyed at the trees above her. When she finally lay still their cameras lingered on her lifeless body, still naked from her bath in the stream, and panned up and down each lovely curve and crevice.

They were moving too slowly to have any chance of escape, and Julie was leaving behind a trail of blood a blind man could follow. She could see only three possible ways this situation could resolve itself: 1) Kari could leave her behind, and the hunters would eventually catch up to her and kill her, 2) Kari could stay with her and the hunters would kill them both, or 3) Julie could disable Kari somehow and leave her as bait, throwing the hunters off her trail, at least temporarily. The first two options were just not feasible. It broke her heart, but Julie did what needed to be done.

With Kari left bleeding in her wake, Julie moved east along the stream, then climbed back down into the water. Burying her face beneath the surface to stifle her scream, she yanked the arrow from her hind quarters. Just before she chucked the projectile into the current, inspiration struck. The bolt was forged of fiberglass, with a screw on tip and tail, and Julie worked quickly to unscrew both ends, leaving her with a hollow tube. She wrapped her full, lush lips around the shaft, dipped her head under the water and drew a breath of air as if from a snorkel. It works! she thought, bubbling with excitement.

Using her make-shift breathing apparatus Julie floated downstream for hours, concealed within the muddy confines of the brook, until she came to a steel grating rooted deep beneath the bottom of the river bed. She chanced a brief glance above the surface, and noted the mesh was just a tiny portion of a massive fence that stretched to the horizon in either direction. The structure was capped with rolls of barbed wire waiting to shred anyone fool enough to scale it.

So now Julie had the answer to Kari’s question, although Kari was no doubt dead, murdered for sport by savages.

There Julie remained until sun down, and when the air horn sounded she was still beneath the rippling brook, the sound of her triumph muffled by water. The journey back to the compound was particularly arduous, the stiffness in her ass plaguing her all the way, but she arrived before dawn and was led to an emergency room buried within the bowels of the earth, where her wound was treated, and she was allowed to rest.

Darla stared across into Lucy’s big brown eyes, and she knew she couldn’t hold on. It just wasn’t possible. She had held the weights up for seven grueling minutes, but her arms were spent, her muscles were worn away to nothing, and she could feel her hands lifting against her will. When they rose above her hips a mechanism was released and a blade shot forward into Lucy’s lower back. It was positioned to narrowly miss her spine, and the tip jutted several inches from the girl’s trim belly. She, like the rest of the girls in this challenge, was topless, wearing nothing but tiny denim shorts, so there were no clothes to hide the unsightly wound.

Lucy’s eyes widened, but remained staring straight ahead, without so much as a flicker downward. Darla blinked as spurts of Lucy's blood spattered her lovely face, her mouth twisted in horror at the cruel fate befalling her companion. Once your guts were pierced, you would not be saved; the man in the stiff suit had made this rule painfully clear. Lucy was doomed, yet, amazingly, her slender arms remained at her side, sturdy as steel.

“I’m sorry, Lucy,” Darla groaned, still straining to keep the weights down. It was a losing battle, however, and as her hands continue to rise, so did the blade protruding from Lucy’s midriff. When Darla's fists had risen above her shoulders and all the strain was released from her arms, the blade had furrowed neatly through Lucy’s tummy and was wedged up against her sternum. Long, slithering pink snakes glistening in the sun spilled from her belly and fell at her feet, but Lucy never once lowered her eyes to look at them. She stood still as stone, staring with unflinching determination into Darla’s kind, horrified face.

Darla knew it was only a matter of time until Lucy broke, and when her arms gave out Darla’s own entrails would be spilled, but somehow that wasn’t happening. Four long minutes passed. Lucy’s face was a mask of pain, her eyes a haunting window into the unfathomable depths of terror, and blood and gore poured from her soft lips and her savaged belly, but still she didn’t budge.

After some time, there came a horrible cry from Hannah, one of the girls against whom Darla and Lucy were competing, and Darla glanced over to see that Hannah’s midsection had sprouted a steel flower, painted blood red. It all happened fairly quickly after that. Not bothering to keep up the struggle, Hannah immediately released her weights and held her hands around the blade running through her abdomen. This caused her teammate, a stunning brunette named Vanessa, to be promptly disemboweled, and ended the match. Cold, harsh metal slid upwards through Hannah’s soft flesh, and the blade behind Darla was locked in place, sparing her.

Lucy’s reaction was immediate, her arms going slack and her entire body sagging. She was kept on her feet and held upright by the harness around her shoulders and her waist and the blade transfixing her stomach, but she slouched with exhaustion, on the cusp of death. Released from her own trap, Darla rushed to her dying friend, tears streaming down her pudgy, round cheeks.

“Oh God, Lucy, I’m so sorry,” she sobbed. Lucy was unresponsive, her eyes bulging in sightless terror, and Darla broke down into hysterics. Two pairs of powerful arms gripped her, and she was dragged, kicking and screaming, from her dying friend.

“Becky, come with me.”

Becky was sitting on her cot chewing on her fingers when the iron door swung open and they came for her. She and Lucy grew up in the same neighborhood, and had been best friends since they were toddlers. The news of her close friend’s death had been particularly hard on her, and she spent the ensuing twenty-four hours trying in vain to imagine what Lucy had felt during the final moments of her life.

“Awk, oh sh*t,” Becky mumbled, with a nervous smile. She eyeballed Darla and Julie, the only comrades she had left at the moment, then laughed awkwardly as she made her way to the door. “Wish me luck,” she told them. In spite of it all, Becky remained doggedly cheerful. She was a girl with the unique ability to find humor in everything.

She was led outside, across an open field, and toward a fenced off section of forest which came equipped with a gate facing her and her captors. She was offered no clothing, and along the way she passed a stark naked, attractive young blonde being escorted back to the compound. My competition, she thought to herself.

“That there is Barbi,” a sharply dressed man told her. “She survived this little challenge. We’ll see if you can do the same.”

"Barbi!" Becky laughed, and with that, she took heart. Whatever horrors awaited her, they were not unconquerable.

“Beyond this gate is a stretch of jungle the size of two football fields. Your goal will be to make it across, to the gate on the other side,” Sharp Business Suit said.

“Sounds easy,” Becky told him.

“Now, for the tricky part. Inside you’ll find two hungry hyenas. Pray they don’t find you.“ With that Becky was shoved through the gate, and lock and latch fell in to place behind her.

For just a moment she froze, scanning the trees wildly for any sign of the beasts. Wherever they were, they weren’t here. A deep breath raised her small, perky breasts high on her chest, and she was off like a bullet, tearing through the woods with reckless abandon. “Two hundred yards, just two hundred yards,” she kept telling herself. “Piece of f*cking cake.” She burst through a patch of trees and briefly caught sight of a blur of teeth and fur and claws, and she suddenly felt a terribly unpleasant pulling sensation in her belly. In a natural reflex to try to reclaim the loop of intestines being yanked from her body, her hands went to her midsection, but before she could even begin this twisted game of tug of war, a violent collision sent her sprawling.

They were on her then, tearing her abdomen wide open. Unlike lions or other big game cats, they didn't bother going for her jugular. These scavengers were content to feast upon her innards while she lay squirming in unimaginable torment.

"Awwwwkk, ahhkk, aawwulh," she groaned as her insides were devoured by these callous and uncaring creatures. I guess I know now how Lucy felt, Becky thought. She clung to her life for another ten agonizing minutes before finally dying of shock and blood loss.

For the next week Julie and Darla faced no more challenges, and they lived together in their drab cell, with nurses making an occasional visit to see that Julie's wound healed properly. When the hole in her buttock was nothing more than a fleshy scar, both Julie and Darla were visited by the man in the suit and his hired muscle. They were escorted outside, where an elaborate obstacle course had been constructed in the clearing surrounding their prison. They were met with four lovely girls, all of them nude, and Julie knew this was what remained of the opposing team.

"This is the labyrinth," suit man told them. "Now that each of you has participated in at least one test of stamina and survival, this event will bring us closer to our conclusion, and it's entirely possible a victor will be named today. One contestant from each team must pass through the labyrinth for that team to move on. We will begin with our Sacramento girls. Lauren, you'll be first."

Lauren's bright green eyes widened, and she was grabbed by a pair of hulking goons and drug over to the entrance of the fearsome structure. The first task in defeating the obstacle course was to navigate a plank nearly two feet wide and twenty feet long, while avoiding the giant bladed pendulums swinging above. The pendulums were spaced far enough apart that one could stop and stand still in between each of them, but there was precious little space for such a feat, and one's timing would need to be impeccable. Likewise, it would be impossible to crawl across the plank without being sliced in half. Lauren stepped forward onto the plank, just past the first pendulum, and sucked in her breath as she watched the second pendulum whip past her with frightful speed, inches from her face.

Her generous bosom narrowly avoided a messy size reduction, and she stood still as a statue while the blade pivoted back down in front of her. After a beat she took a quick step forward and she was past the second pendulum, and she began to settle into a rhythm. She stepped easily past the third and fourth blades, but slipped a bit after passing the fifth. Her arms extended to steady herself and avoid a fall, and the pinky and ring fingers on her left hand were sheared off above the second knuckle as the sixth pendulum rebounded in front of her.

Lauren screamed in pain and clutched the severed fingers with her good hand. Spurts of blood splashed her breasts, providing a bright red contrast against her milky white skin. Sobbing miserably, she forced herself onward, but her composure was noticeably besmirched. She managed to dodge the sixth blade mostly out of pure dumb luck, and the seventh took off her right nipple as it passed her. She threw herself forward onto the platform beyond the seventh and final pendulum, narrowly surviving the first of many obstacles.

Lauren picked herself off the deck, and eyed the next hurdle in her path to survival. She held both hands over her wounded tit, still clutching the stumps of her severed fingers, and her blood streamed down the right side of her belly. Ahead was a rolling log positioned above fifteen feet of spikes. Each spike was several feet high, and although their spacing was somewhat sporadic, no more than eighteen inches separated one spike from the next. If Lauren lost her footing on the log, her doom would be certain.

With seemingly suicidal disregard for the danger she faced, Lauren bounded forward onto the log. She made it only a quarter of the way across before her balance failed her and she flopped face first onto the trestle spinning out from under her feet. She tried to cling to the timber as it tipped her over, but it was no good. Her grip was spoiled by her lack of fingers and the slickness of the blood on her hands, and her inertia was too great. She was thrown to the spikes below and skewered in half a dozen places.

She was still squirming on the prongs when Business Suit Guy led Lola to the entrance of the labyrinth. Getting right to it, the fit, slender brunette stepped past the first pendulum with a calm composure, then continued methodically across the plank with surprisingly little difficulty, emerging safely on the platform beyond. With the graceful fluidity of a deer, she bounded across the rotating log in the blink of an eye, not even bothering to glance down at her dying comrade. Two obstacles down, Lola had not even broken a sweat.

The third challenge was a glass corridor with slots at various levels in the sides, through which buzz saws randomly passed, but there was no pattern which they followed, making them virtually impossible to anticipate. Lola moved cautiously forward, and when a spinning blade whirred into motion, nearly sawing off her feet, she leaped over it and rolled forward. When she rose up another saw spun at her waist, which she leaned back to avoid. There wasn't enough time, however, and the blade behind her blocked her retreat, so she could only watch helplessly as the teeth bit into her midriff, splashing her blood on the walls, and her belly was sliced wide open. Loops of intestines pushed their way through the gaping laceration, and Lola did her best to hold herself together.

With both hands pressed grimly against her stomach, she lurched awkwardly forward. A saw came at her shoulder-high, threatening decapitation, and Lola screamed and threw herself to the floor, narrowly averting disaster. Keeping her left hand on her belly she picked herself up and pressed on. When she was nearly through a blade passed too close to her right thigh, leaving a shallow gash in her leg, but she otherwise avoided further injury. Miraculously emerging from the far end with her guts in her hands, Lola prepared herself for the fourth obstacle.

A pool of crystal clear water lay before her, and she could see the entrance to the tunnel beneath the still surface. Approximately one hundred yards ahead lie a similar pool, where the tunnel no doubt ended. Lola had been a life guard before her capture, and under ordinary circumstances she could make this swim with her eyes closed. She didn't imagine it'd be quite so easy going in her current state, however. She plunged into the water, immediately tainting its transparency with clouds of red, floundered over to the edge of the tunnel, drew several deep breaths to fully expand her lungs' capacity, and went under. The wound in her thigh did little to hinder her progress, but water tugged on the open cavity of her abdomen, and she could feel it pulling her apart as she propelled herself forward. Streams of entrails flailed about her feet, and occasionally her toes would catch on a loop of intestines, sending searing jolts of pain through her belly. Still, she powered on.

It was slow work, and nearly fifty yards in she estimated she had been under for close to a minute. A year or two earlier, in what now seemed another lifetime, Lola had made a sport of timing herself as she held her breath underwater. Her personal record was one minute and forty-six seconds, and that had been while remaining perfectly still. At her current pace it would take her more than two minutes to reach the surface, and she was exerting a tremendous amount of effort, putting a strain on the limited supply of oxygen her lungs had reserved. It was hopeless, but she swam stubbornly onward anyway.

The end of the tunnel was tauntingly close when white spots began to blot out her vision, and she realized she was going to pass out. If she lost consciousness now, she'd never wake. Before she was completely gone, she slammed her fist into the opening in her belly, grabbed a handful of guts, and gave them a wrenching twist. Frightening amounts of pain blasted through her entire body, and with it came a release of adrenaline and the return of her vision. Somehow she made it out of the tunnel and to the surface, where she gasped deeply at the fresh, open air.

Lola clumsily climbed onto the next platform, which led her to the fourth obstacle of the labyrinth, a narrow ledge along a wall, positioned above an aquarium teeming with hungry piranha. Adding to the challenge were spears which periodically shot forth from the wall, seeking to puncture firm, lithe girl flesh. Gathering up as much of her fallen entrails as she could, Lola edged her way out over the fish tank. Her rapidly deteriorating condition made it all but impossible for her to try to avoid the sharp tips protruding from the wall, so she just had to work her way across and hope for the best.

Luck seemed to be on her side as she inched along, with spears popping out all around her, until she neared the halfway point. It was there that a pointy metal rod suddenly popped out of her right thigh, coated red with her blood, then just as quickly disappeared into the wall behind her. Lola screamed and reached for the wound with her right hand, while keeping her left hand pressed against the wall for balance. Not more than two seconds later another spear poked through her chest above her left breast, and Lola's sultry brown eyes opened wide. For one terrible moment she felt a sense of vertigo and was sure she'd go toppling face first into the water, making a fine lunch for the school of eagerly awaiting piranha, but her balance returned and she took a moment to regroup before continuing across the ledge.

Three fourths of the way across a spear pumped through her stomach, above her navel and the gash in her belly, and Lola released the handful of guts she was holding and arched her back as the iron ran her through. Long ropes of her bowels sagged well below her feet and dipped into the water, where they were quickly devoured by hungry, greedy fish. When the spear was retracted and Lola was once again pressed flat against the wall, she scooped up what remained of her plumbing and scooted the rest of the way across the ledge without further incident. At last she had reached the final obstacle.

Separating her from safety, and the end of this nightmare, was a treadmill spanning forty feet, and positioned above it were five massive blades which were fixed to pistons, and they alternately pounded the belt with a fierce, relentless rhythm. Lola lurched forward, ducking under the first blade, and narrowly dodging the second. She had to pause to allow the third blade to fall in front of her before lumbering past it, and she stumbled too close to the fourth, severing the toes from her left foot. When the piston rose up she threw herself forward, no longer capable of walking or running. She managed to pull herself mostly clear of the fifth blade before it came crashing down and removed her right foot, just above the ankle. What remained of her made it off the treadmill and across the finish line. Paramedics immediately went to work on her, but she died just minutes later.

There was a thirty minute recess while blood was filtered out of the water and Lola's remains were cleaned up and disposed of, and then Julie was escorted to the entrance to the labyrinth. She ducked and dodged her way through the pendulums, slightly less graceful than Lola, but equally effective. She lunged across the spinning log, but midway through her footing slipped and she tilted forward. Certain disaster awaited her on the spikes below, disaster she somehow averted by throwing all of her power into her legs and throwing herself at the platform on the far end. She caught the ledge chest high, and with a few kicks of her feet and a heave of her arms, she hoisted herself to safety.

The glass hallway loomed ahead, and Julie belted into it at a full on sprint. The first saw to threaten her came at her midsection, and an image of Lola's guts spilling out of her belly flashed through Julie's mind as she dove over the blade. Her landing was smooth, and she tucked and rolled as a second saw passed above her head. As she rose to her feet a third saw spun towards her legs, and she hurdled it with liquid agility. Just before the exit one final blade came at her breast-high, and Julie dropped to her knees, leaned back, and slid beneath it like a girl doing the limbo. Then she was out.

Feeling fully invigorated, Julie flung herself into the pool and paddled over to the tunnel. She did not have the training Lola had, but with her healthy young body fully in tact, she dove underwater and was able to negotiate the tunnel in just over a minute. There was a bad moment around twenty yards from the exit when she thought she wouldn't make it, but her lungs held more air than she realized, and she emerged winded but otherwise none the worse for the wear.

The next obstacle gave her some pause, because she didn't like the idea of having to choose between being skewered unexpectedly from behind or taking a swim with piranha. She took a moment to study the spears, trying to pin down a pattern, and when she finally edged out over the water she kept her belly facing the wall. This allowed her to stick her butt out and put some space between herself and the holes from which pointy objects were dispensed.

A third of the way out Julie displayed remarkable reflexes by twisting sideways, just in time for a spear to shoot past her. Carrying on, Julie was nearly across when she spotted movement in the hole directly in front of her chest. She leaned back, her balance shifting to her heals until she was falling backwards toward the pool of piranha, but she caught the metal bar protruding above her and remained momentarily suspended above the fish tank, then rode the momentum as the spear retracted until she was back on the ledge. After taking a moment to steady herself, she inched the rest of the way across.

From there, Julie hopped onto the treadmill and matched her pace to the belt spinning beneath her feet. It was little more than a casual trot, and she found it easy to up her speed at just the right time to pass beneath the first blade, then slow down to avoid running into the second. Using this method, she passed just as easily below each of the next four blades, and she was out of the obstacle course, without so much as a scratch on her.

Her spirits soared, and she felt a rush that dwarfed what had followed the district championship victory. She knew then that she would be okay. The odds were now in her favor, with only one remaining girl on the opposing team, and she had survived the hunt and the labyrinth. Besides, it would be Darla's turn to compete in whatever challenge awaited them next.

After being led to a clearing outside the compound, Julie and Alicia were instructed to suit up, Julie in a white latex one-piece with a zipper in the back, which left her shoulders, arms, and calves bare, and Alicia in an identical black latex outfit. Julie balked, questioning why she should be the one participating when Darla had only put her life on the line once, and she was assured that Darla would be an active participant this round. When Julie and Alicia were strapped into position, their feet anchored to stakes in the ground, and their hands tethered to posts on either side of them, Julie remained skeptical, but she had no choice but to comply.

It was then that she caught sight of Darla and a well built blonde girl, both stark naked, being escorted to a marked off area fifteen feet in front of her and Alicia. Gerard, dressed in typical fashion, addressed them all.

"This will be the final event of the competition. Each team requires two people to participate. Therefore, we have brought in an outsider to fill out Alicia's team. Because of this, Alicia will not be allowed to win this competition." He cast his eyes on the trembling brunette, and then turned his gaze to Julie. "Both of you will die here, today." Julie's heart stopped at that. She tried to object, but her voice caught in her throat. Why should she die? This was all wrong. She strained against her binds, but they wouldn't give an inch. Meanwhile, Gerard turned his attention to Darla and the blonde girl.

"You will each in turn be handed a pistol loaded with one shot, and you must shoot your partner in the torso. The shot must be placed above the hips and below the neck. Shots in the shoulders or the arms will be scored as a miss. Shots must also be placed at least one inch apart from each other. If your shot strikes your partner within one inch of a previous shot, that shot will be scored a miss. Missed shots will result in one penalty shot, and the original shot will need to be replayed. Penalty shots must also meet the stated specifications. After every four successful shots, you may target your partner from the knees to the hips. The first girl to kill her partner loses. Questions?"

Numerous questions floated in Julie's mind, but her tongue felt like cotton, her mouth as dry as sandpaper. While Gerard spoke, a woman in a white coat stuck a syringe in her neck. When neither Darla nor Blondie asked for clarification, Julie suddenly spoke up. "So if she dies first," Julie nodded her head towards Alicia, "then I can live? You'll stitch my wounds?"

"We'll do what we can, but in all likelihood you'll be too far gone," Gerard answered. "No one in your position has ever survived this event. The shot Nurse Francis administered was adrenaline, and it will keep you both alive and conscious long after you should have succumbed to your wounds. Alicia, if Julie is the first to die, we will make no attempt to save you. Your team has been eliminated. All that remains is to see if Darla can triumph."

And with that, Darla was handed her weapon. She looked at it, then looked at Julie with uncertainty.

"Okay, it's okay, Darla. Just do what you gotta do," Julie said, remembering how she had left Kari behind in the woods. You didn't just leave her behind, a voice whispered inside her head, but she did her best to ignore it. "Just aim for my stomach, but try not to…" Julie's voice cracked, and she whimpered meekly before continuing, "try not to hit too close to my spine."

Darla leveled the gun at her, and Julie felt her heart pounding quickly in her chest. She swore she could hear the bullet punch into her guts before the sound of the shot crashed through the air. "Uhhnn," she grunted, and looked down at the neat, round hole in her latex suit, two and a half inches to the right of her navel. Bright red blood was already spilling down her thigh, and her insides burned something fierce. When her eyes returned to Darla's, she remarked flatly, "Sh*t."

"I'm sorry, Julie!" Darla cried back.

"No, that was a good shot," Julie told her, fighting to stay brave. Maybe the other girl will die quickly. Maybe blondie there will plug her in the heart. Maybe she'll f*ck it up.

"F*ck, does that hurt?" Alicia asked her, eyes wide.

"Hell yeah, it hurts," Julie answered. "You should probably just tell her to shoot you in the chest. It'll be less painful." Please tell her to shoot you in the chest. Right between those perky breasts of yours. But blondie didn't shoot her in the chest. Instead she answered with a well placed shot in a nearly identical location. Alicia moaned and cried, but she didn't die. "Oh f*ck," Julie murmured. Then, to Darla, she said, "Okay, same thing, just aim for the other side now."

Darla's pistol was loaded, she took the weapon, aimed, and fired, but Julie felt nothing. She looked for the fresh bullet hole in her body, and found she had not been hit. "You missed?!" she cried in despair.

"Sh*t!" Darla cried. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Julie."

"A penalty shot is required," the man in the suit told her, and sh


"A penalty shot is required," the man in the suit told her, and she was handed a loaded weapon.

Darla bit her lip, took careful aim, and this time she hit Julie square in the belly, very close to her navel.

"Ooooff," Julie groaned. Darla swapped guns and fired again, striking Julie a couple inches to the left of her navel. "Huh," Julie gasped, then looked approvingly at her friend. "Okay, that was good, Darla." Three steady streams of blood trickled and forked down Julie's shiny white latex suit, with the center wound gushing a bit more profusely than its two counterparts. Julie tried to steady her heart rate and minimize the bleeding, and again began to hope for a slip up from her opponents. She watched nervously as the blonde girl put another hole in Alicia's gut with expert accuracy, dashing her dreams of an early victory.

Darla took a newly loaded pistol and added a fourth hole in Julie's belly, but before Julie could resign herself to another brief reprieve, a judge stepped up to her and deemed the last wound too low, as it was located just beneath the line of her hips, only slightly to the right of her navel.

"No," Julie whispered. "You've gotta be kidding me."

"F*ck! I'm sorry!" Darla cried.

"A little higher, Darla," Julie advised.

Darla heeded her advice, plugging Julie in the upper abdomen, a little off to the right.

"Huh," Julie grunted. "Maybe a little lower next time," she said with a wince. "I think that was my liver."

Darla put the next shot in her belly, a couple inches up and to the left of her navel.

"Better," Julie sighed. She peered down at her wounds and wondered if there was any chance she could survive being shot six times in the stomach. While she mulled that question over, Blondie shot Alicia for the third time, again demonstrating impressive marksmanship. Alicia now had three evenly spaced gun shot wounds across her belly, none of which were anywhere near vital parts of the body. Evidently she was in this for the long haul.

I'm f*cked, Julie thought. Darla took aim, and then put a bullet through her approximately an inch to the right of her navel.

"Uhhhnn," Julie cried, and blood flew from her lips. If there was any doubt that she was dying, it was quickly erased. Oh God, I'm really f*cked. I'm already spitting up blood. The judge verified the bullet hole was more than an inch from the second gun shot wound Darla had inflicted on her, and the turn passed to Blondie.

Alicia caught a round in the left side of her gut, and she screamed in agony. When Darla was handed a freshly loaded pistol, she was informed that she would be permitted to target Julie from the hips to the knees, as this was the fifth official shot.

"Okay," Julie croaked, blood trickling down her chin, "try to hit me in the thigh." Darla did as Julie asked, punching a hole in Julie's right thigh, tearing through the meat to the right of her femur. "Ahhhh! Okay, nice one," Julie told her.

As usual, Blondie answered with remarkable aim, plugging Alicia in the left thigh.

Julie steadied herself for yet another hole in her belly. "Darla," she said, "I don't think I'm gonna be able to play in state." She tried to laugh to show she was making light of a dire situation, but what came out was half giggle and half sob.

Squinting through tears of her own, Darla managed to shoot Julie an inch and a half above her navel, just barely to the right of her spine.

"Ulllhhnn," Julie grunted. There was now a trio of bullet holes clustered together around her belly button. "Maybe… you could aim a… a little closer to the side of… of my stomach, next time."

"I'm sorry," Darla told her again. Julie wanted to scream at her to stop apologizing. Saying you're sorry didn't make dying any easier, but she lacked the strength to scream, so she just stood there and bled.

Alicia was shot for the sixth time, taking another round in the stomach.

"Remember… not so close to my spine," Julie said, prepping Darla for the next shot. She licked blood from her lips and watched Darla pull the trigger. "Unnnngg." The bullet slammed into the left side of her lower abdomen, clearly below her hips. "Sh*t," Julie muttered.

"This shot is a miss," the guy in the suit announced, without bothering to check with the judge for confirmation. "A penalty shot will be required, and the original shot must still be taken."

"Noooo!" Darla cried.

At least she didn't apologize, Julie thought. She couldn't take much solace in that, however, since Darla was promptly handed another freshly loaded pistol, and when she leveled the gun at Julie, her hand was trembling so violently that Julie was sure the next shot would be errant. "Darla," Julie said with surprising composure, "take it easy. Take a deep breath." Darla's hand steadied slightly, and when she pulled the trigger she managed to score a valid hit, the bullet striking Julie just below the left side of her rib cage. "Urrrgghh," Julie winced as hot lead wreaked havoc on her insides. "There… there you go," she said with a sigh. "Just stay calm."

"I can't," Darla cried, bawling uncontrollably.

"Dar, I'm already dying," Julie said softly. "You can't… save me. I'm dead meat. Just… think of it like ya… you're shooting a target." Because that's what I am, target practice, she thought with unbridled and thinly concealed horror.

Sniffling, Darla took her next shot, and found a previously unblemished section of Julie's midriff, low and far to the right of her navel. The judge deemed it legal, just above Julie's waist line, and Blondie was given her turn. Alicia's belly absorbed its sixth bullet, and the holes were creeping ever closer towards her center, where the blood flowed more freely. Julie looked at her own bullet-riddled belly and wondered if it might be time for Darla to target her chest. Before she could say anything, however, Darla plugged her in the gut, hitting her a little to the right and very close to the seventh gun shot wound she had suffered. The judge approached, and using a tape measure he determined the two wounds were less than an inch apart, rendering this a miss.

"Darla, yuh… you can sh… shoot me in the chest… if you need to."

"No," Darla said, "I can do this." She fired a shot through the left side of Julie's belly, and it was ruled a clean hit. She then found another spot in the lower left quadrant of Julie's abdomen to ventilate, and the turn passed to Blondie and Alicia. Without missing a beat, Blondie plugged Alicia in the gut, and Darla was armed for the eighteenth time. Sixteen of the previous seventeen bullets had found their way into Julie's body, but only eight qualified as legitimate hits. With fifteen bullet holes scattered across her abdomen, Julie urged Darla to shift her aim higher.

"No more… n… no more sh… shots in m… muh… my belly," she stammered.

Darla nodded and blasted a hole in Julie just above her right breast. Julie wheezed heavily, and thousands of droplets of blood flew from her mouth in a red mist as she exhaled. As if in consolation, after Alicia sustained the eighth bullet wound in her belly, blood began to well from her lips as well.

"This is the tenth official shot, so you may once again target Julie's hips and thighs," Gerard declared as Darla was handed another freshly loaded pistol. Aiming low, Darla fired at Julie's leg, and the bullet grazed Julie's left thigh.

"This shot is a miss," the judge announced.

Darla moaned miserably, but ended up putting a pair of holes in Julie's quadriceps, successfully completing her turn. Alicia similarly sprouted another hole in her left thigh, and Darla popped Julie below her right breast. A crushing tightness in her chest made breathing difficult, but Julie continued to gasp and wheeze, somehow drawing air into her lungs. Alicia was crying and pleading for mercy, babbling on about how much she didn't want to die, and Blondie plugged her in the gut for the ninth time. Incredibly, all nine shots were spaced perfectly across her belly, and Julie knew this game was rigged. Blondie was a planted marksman, and Darla had no hope of defeating her.

"Duh… uh… *slurp* *gurgle* duh… De… bee," Julie managed, but she couldn't get anything more out.

"fk, Julie," Darla squealed, "how can I pretend you're just a target when you're f*ing talking to me." Tears streaked down her cheeks as she fired, drilling Julie's right breast, just above the nipple.

"Guuuuuhhhh!" Julie grunted.

Meanwhile Blondie's shots were now encroaching on Alicia's ribs, and she put a round into the girl's upper abdomen. Julie began to wonder if she might still outlast her, even though Julie had nearly twice as many bullet wounds in her. Her body was failing, but she fought against death with stubborn determination, not only for Darla's sake, but for the sake of being alive. Unfortunately she suffered another setback, as Darla's next shot missed its mark and punched into her right shoulder. The judge uttered those hateful words, "This shot is a miss," and Julie steeled herself for two more slugs.

The next round caught her just beneath her right collar bone, and the one after that tore a hole in her left breast, ruining the one good lung she had left. After that, it seemed no matter how hard she sucked at the air, scarcely any oxygen found its way to her brain. Her breath rattled loudly in her throat, interspersed with guttural, choking noises.

I don't have much time left, she thought grimly.

A bullet ripped through Alicia's chest, high above her right breast, where none of her vital organs would be damaged. With the knowledge that yet another bullet was about to strike her, Julie tensed, and Darla shot her just beneath her sternum, shearing off part of spinal column and spraying chunks of bone out her back. The spinal cord itself remained in tact, however. Although this was a critical injury, Julie was just relieved that Darla had avoided punching another hole in her lungs. She no longer possessed the strength to turn her head and watch as Alicia took on another bullet hole, but she heard her anguished cries.

Darla received word that this was the fifteenth official shot, although twenty-five bullets had already ripped holes in her target, and she blasted Julie in the right hip. Julie could only presume that Blondie's turn went without a hitch, in typical fashion, and that one of Alicia's thighs was pierced by hot lead, before it was once again time for Darla to take aim at her.

Darla switched back to targeting the right side of her chest, and the twenty-seventh bullet to enter Julie's flesh drilled through her right nipple. The judge ruled that this wound was within an inch of her twenty-first wound, and was considered a miss. Darla squawked in frustration, and took another shot. This time she aimed for the left side of Julie's chest, and hit her above the breast, near her shoulder. Thankfully, no serious damage was done. The next shot, which was to make up for the miss, went slightly astray and slipped into Julie's chest on the inside curve of her left tit, pulverizing her left ventricle. Julie's eyes bulged wide in her sockets and her mouth yawned in a silent scream as her damaged heart spasmed and stopped.

This is it, she thought, sick with horror. Her muscles tautened, rebelling against the finality of her being, and somewhere far away she heard Darla screaming. Then Julie was gone, leaving a beautiful, bullet riddled corpse in her wake.

"NOOOOO!!!!!" Darla cried. Julie was staring at nothing, her eyes wide and blank and glossy, and Darla knew she was dead. Since she had taken her turn first, the blonde girl still had to put one more bullet into Alicia without killing her to clinch victory, but Darla didn't notice. Her mind was reeling from the fact that she had just killed yet another of her teammates, and the prospect of her own death had not yet even entered her mind. She didn't hear the gun go off next to her, or see the bullet strike Alicia in the right breast.

It wasn't until a pair of guards grabbed her arms and a third pressed the barrel of a .50 caliber hand cannon against her belly that she was snapped out of her trance. Her eyes widened and a gasp escaped her lips just before the trigger was pulled. Unlike the rounds she had fired at Julie, which were of a small caliber and encased in steel for maximum penetration, this weapon was loaded with massive hollow points, which expanded immediately on impact. The slug mushroomed into her guts, shredding her intestines and expending all its kinetic energy before it could reach her spine. Darla was released and she fell back onto her plump, round ass, and slapped both hands to her belly.

Thick, dark blood coursed relentlessly through her fingers, running down between her legs and turning the dirt a rusty red color. Too stunned to speak, she simply sat there making quiet slurping sounds, until after bleeding profusely for a couple of minutes she finally fell on her back, still clutching her stomach. Everyone's attention was divided between Alicia, who was still clinging desperately to life, and Darla, who writhed on the ground in excruciating agony, until the clock ran out on Alicia several minutes later. Darla continued to fight for two more hours before she ultimately bled out.


As usual, great job even if it's an old story, these games with lots of girls to kill are always a classic. Some inconsistency with the numbers but you had already announced it. I did not understand the game with the weights: in practice the couple must keep low two weights that are pulled up and activated spikes placed behind them?

Julie's move to the first game was unexpected, a beautiful scene as well as the final shooting.

Every time it is a trauma, undecided between cheering for Julie or hoping to see her die slowly


My hero once again! This one was the best for me. So many girls killed in so many ways, so dramatically. I must be a horrible person for loving it so much >_<


OfixN, I imagined something like this:

Just picture her with her arms extended outward instead of in front of her, and once her arms rise to a certain level it triggers a blade behind her partner.

Hanneko, thank you so much, but if you're a horrible person for liking it, what does that say about me?



I enjoyed it even though it lacks the polish of your newer stories. As always, I look forward to more of your work. Ready for more belly damage to our beloved Julie.

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