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Hi guys. My first /lit/ project around here, I hope you like it.

Although it's designed to be read as one block, if you're feeling horny I suggest ignoring chapters 1-3. Foreplay starts at Chapter 4, fucking starts at 5 and things turn kinky at 6 & 7 with 8 being all about Snuff. I had a blast writing this, I hope you enjoy it.

Part 1: Courage

Slow Burn, F/F, Consensual, Strangulation, Peeing, Lots of Sex.

Chapter 1: Terror

I stood in the cold changing room, alone and paralyzed by fear and doubt. I'd come here hoping to break through the shyness and lack of confidence that had plagued me all my life, but as the heavy door shut behind me I felt an overpowering sense of dread and weakness. The cold concrete room seemed to spin around me as my heat beat frantically, my hands tingling with the onset of a crippling panic attack.

I slumped against the cold concrete wall, my head spinning as the world seemed to recede around me. My blood pressure crashed and I struggled to stay conscious, my eyes rolling in their sockets and my limbs thrashing. All sense of time and place vanished as I fought just to stay alive.

An hour, or maybe a few seconds later my pulse began to slow and I began to regain full consciousness. I found myself laying curled on the floor, facing the two doors. One leading in, and one leading out.

I knew I didn't have a choice. Fear of my attacks had come to dominate and destroy my life; I'd shunned other people for fear of humiliation, had never held a job, had never ever been kissed. I'd shut myself away in the only place I felt safe, and now I knew I couldn't live like that anymore. Walking away wasn't an option. And yet to continue on meant facing everything I was afraid of.

I picked myself up and leaned on a wash basin, my whole body shaking. I raised my head and looked into the mirror. Large, pale grey eyes gazed back, framed by messy pale blond hair. At school I'd often been called pretty, even beautiful. But to me I just looked scared.

I looked down at my body, feeling a cold twist in my gut. Even in self-imposed exile I'd tried to take care of myself, working out helped me manage my anxiety and gave me something to feel proud of. My body was slender, my pale breasts firm and my thighs supple.

Chapter 2: Intimacy

I took a deep, ragged breath and swallowed, catching my eye in the mirror. My heart thumped painfully as I turned for the door. Taking that first step was the hardest thing I'd ever done, but once I was walking I felt strangely OK. I reached the door and pushed it open,and found myself surrounded by sunlight and warmth.

Beyond was a courtyard garden, in what had been an industrial age factory. The roof was gone but the frame remained, forming a frame for a paradise array of plants. I felt strangely calm as I walked through the hidden garden, heading for a clearing in the center.

In the middle of the garden lay a stone platform, on which sat two women. At the sight of them I froze, paralyzed by doubt as I wondered if I could really do this. I wanted to run, to hide in my bedroom until the fear was gone.

The women both rose and walked to me, as I stood frozen. Each took my hand and lead me to the stone bench, sitting on either side.

For a long moment I sat frozen, staring down at my trembling body. And then I felt a tender, soft touch on my cheek, brushing my hair off my face. I felt sudden flutter in my tummy, as I turned instinctively towards the touch.

I found myself staring into beautiful, warm green eyes. Their expression kind, caring, almost tender. I immediately looked away again, before forcing myself to turn back.

She was absolutely beautiful, with bronzed skin and beautiful midnight hair. Her eyes had a gentleness and warmth that completely disarmed me. Her body was curvaceous under a graceful white robe, her breasts full and soft. As our eyes locked I felt the other woman's hands on my shoulders, comforting and gentle and warm.

I opened my mouth to speak, but my throat wouldn't work. So I smiled, and she smiled back, her beautiful eyes warm... She leaned in and I felt my stomach flip, as her gaze drifted to my lips before returning, playful, to lock with my own.

At first I pulled back, but found my path blocked by the second woman. "It's alright Annika" she murmured. It broke the spell that'd fallen over me, and I found myself able to speak.

"W... What's your name?" I managed. The woman before me smiled and said "I'm Diana" She glanced over my shoulder "And this is Helena"

I turned, and found and equally beautiful set of eyes gazing back. Helena was more pale than Diana, her eyes a striking sapphire blue and her hair a deep jet black. Her body was softer and more voluptuous, her breasts large and soft. I gave her a shy little smile, and then felt a playful tug on my hair.

I turned back to find Diana smiling at me, her eyes playful. As our eyes I felt a sudden shock of changed perception. Romance and... sex... had always been something I dreamed about, and yet Diana was undressing me with her eyes, her fingers caressing my hair.

Chapter 3: Desire

I felt a flutter deep in my belly as she leaned in. Her full lips brushed playfully across mine, teasing me as I gasped at the unfamiliar sensation. She draw back for a moment, gazing into my face, and then kissed me passionately on the lips.

I lost myself, my first kiss completely overwhelming me, Diana's gentle arms pinning me against her warm, supple body. It seemed to last forever, and then all too soon she pulled away, her eyes sparkling.

She leaned in again and I closed my eyes, my heart thudding in anticipation. I felt a stab of disappointment as she kissed my nose, and then utter gratification as her lips again engulfed mine. I sighed, melting into the beautiful, passionate, sexy kiss.

Helena's hands massaged my shoulders as Diana and I made out for what felt like hours, and I finally began to relax. Instinctively I melted into Helena's arms, leaning back against her, her warmth soaking into me as I found my head resting against her soft breasts

Chapter 4: Arousal

Diana was beside me, gazing deep into my eyes as she leaned in. Only this time instead of her lips, I felt her warm her caress my belly, rubbing gently as she undressed me with her eyes. I felt an overwhelming flutter in my tummy, as her hand playfully tugged at the hem of my shirt.

"May i?" She asked with a playful smile, her eyes sparkling. My heart thudded wildly as she slowly lifted my shirt, gazing down at my supple, smooth belly. She trailed her fingers over the soft, supple skin, and then bent and placed a gentle kiss on my bellybutton.

I gasped at the unaccustomed intimacy, a pleasant tingle flooding through my tummy as my mind began to haze. She brushed her lips over my soft skin, kissing her way down towards the hem of my pants. My heart beat faster as she worked her way down... Against the chill of nervous anticipation, I felt the first inkling of warmth deep inside my belly.

Diana reached my hips and stopped, grinning like a vixen as she saw my arousal. "Oh no" she said "Not yet"

I shivered as she came closer, her hand caressing it's way along my thigh, up across my tingling stomach and coming to rest, softly on my right breast. She gazed into my eyes, watching my arousal grow as she slowly began to caress and rub my breast.

I felt Helena's fingers caress my back, unhooking my bra as Diana lifted my shirt. I gazed down at my breasts, my pale skin flushed and my nipple standing erect and red. Slowly my gaze met Diana's, as she leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my left breast.

Her warm, soft lips caressed my areola as her tongue flicked my sensitive nipple. I let out a little moan, and then gasped, shocked at myself. Diana looked up, amused at my shock as I felt warmth creeping across my cheeks.

"It's alright to moan" I shivered as Helena's voice murmured into my ear "Just let yourself enjoy it, let the pleasure wash over you - don't try to fight" I closed my eyes as Diana gently, tenderly sucked my nipples, as warmth spread and blossomed in my abdomen.

After a few minutes Diana drew back, and then kissed me passionately on the lips. Her next kiss fell on my chin, then my sensitive throat, making me gasp. She worked down, kissing my collarbones and my breasts, my tummy and my navel, finally reaching my abdomen. She smiled into my eyes and began to unfasten my belt...

She unzipped my fly and slowly slid my shorts down. I gazed down my body, feeling a flutter as she drew in close. I felt her hand on my supple thigh, and my gaze met hers. My legs were trembling at the thought of what happened next, but as we looked deep into each other's eyes I felt like I would be ok.

Chapter 5: Eros

Her hand caressed it's way along my inner thigh, and then circled, before coming to rest on the front of my soft cotton panties. I gasped as her fingers pressed the damp fabric against my mound, heat spreading through me. She slid them down, laying my shaven mound and deep innie bare. I blushed, feeling both shame and deep arousal.

"You're so, so beautiful" She murmured, kissing my lips. I felt my eyes growing wet, and asked "Do you really mean that?" She smiled and nodded, her eyes taking in every curve. And for the first time in my brief, painful life I actually believed it.

She kissed me one last time and then departed along my body, her eyes never leaving mine. She knelt on the soft grass and took my ankles in her hands, lifting them onto her shoulders. She leaned in towards my mound, kissing along my thighs as I shivered in anticipation...

I felt a deep throb in my clitoris, as Diana worked her way to my mound with agonizing slowness. Finally she reached me, her warm, soft lips brushing over me as I gasped. Gazed into her eyes, my body melting as her tongue began to work at me, running up and down my little slit and jabbing, teasing my vaginal entrance

I shuddered, my eyes unfocused as pleasure began to overwhelm me. Diana drove the blade of her tongue between my lips, caressing circles around my clit as I began to moan and my legs began to dance. Her hand grabbed mine as I began to fade out, my hips bucking as warm pleasure flooded through me.

Chapter 6: Orgasm

I felt something new welling up deep in my sex, as a messy heat spread through my pussy rush up into my stomach. I clutched desperately at Diana's hand as my back arched, my first orgasm exploding through me with the force of a tsunami.

Utter bliss overwhelmed me, spreading outwards from the core of my sex as rippling contractions shivered through my vagina. I slumped back into Helena's arms with a groan of abject bliss. It seemed to last forever, I desperately wanted it to last forever.

Chapter 7: Willing Violation

Slowly my orgasm faded, leaving a warm glow in my belly. Every muscle in my body felt warm and buttery. Like I'd just had the best massage of my life. I felt alive, a sense of vitality and blood coursing through me.

I looked down to see Diana smiling at me, and reflect for a moment how utterly beautiful she was. I gave a hazy smile and she came back to me, kissing me fiercely. I wrapped my arms around her neck, guiding her tongue as we made out.

Finally she withdrew with a laugh and we gazed into each others eyes, both knowing what I'd really come here for and both knowing we couldn't put it off any longer.

"Are you ready?" She asked simply. I felt my stomach knot, the fear I'd forgotten slamming down like the fist of a giant. And yet strangely it motivated me to nod, a sense of purpose filling me. For an hour Diana and Helena had shown me how beautiful the world was without my crippling anxiety, if I could face this, maybe I could become part of this beautiful wider world. I would gladly die trying.

Her eyes were sad for a moment, as she rose and came back with a beautiful braided leather crop. I felt a cold shudder pass through me, my minded filling doubt, with images of death, with the fear that maybe I wouldn't come back...

It was Helena that snapped my back to reality, as she gently stroked my hair, her other hand absently caressing my throat. I felt a chill, but suppressed it, smiling as Diana returned to my side and pressed me back down. There was pain in her eyes and I knew she didn't want to do this, but was willing to do it for me. I felt something new, a deep warmth in my heart.

Again I found Diana gazing seductively into my eyes, her flowing raven hair limiting the world to just us. We kissed passionately, her hand exploring my body as I explored hers. She began with my nipples, then my belly, before cupping my soaked mound.

I gasped against her mouth and pulled back, as I felt her fingers begin to open me. Her seductive, beautiful eyes held me as she spread my pussy open, her fingers beginning to caress my folds. It felt even better than her tongue, the slightly rougher texture of her fingers standing out starkly as they caressed my soaking folds.

I gasped in shock, my eyes watering as her fingers pressed into my virgin vagina, reaching deep inside me before coming to rest. I blinked, my eyes wet and pain flaring inside me at the sudden violation. "It's alright" she murmured tenderly "It won't hurt for long"

Chapter 8: Agony

Slowly my pain became pleasure, as Diana's long fingers began to work inside me. She began to fuck me, a rough and pleasant sensation that I immediately adored. And yet I found myself unable to melt the way I had on her tongue, I couldn't feel the heat that'd blossomed into orgasm only minutes earlier.

And then her fingers seem to find something deep inside me. Warmth spread out from my core, a whole new kind of pleasure building deep in my sex. I lay back against Helena's warmth, tension knotting in my belly as heat spread through my core, my breathing ragged and my moans becoming desperate...

Diana leaned close, gazing deep into my eyes with a mixture of warmth, passion and sorrow. For a moment I didn't understand, and then I felt something cold press into my throat. I couldn't breath, my hands flying to my throat and clawing at Helena's leather crop to no avail.

For a moment I forgot everything. Forgot that I'd planned this, forgot that I'd asked them to do it, forgot that I would come back, even forgot the near orgasmic bliss rushing through me. All I could feel was a desperate need to breath, as I began to kick and struggle.

Diana brought me back, caressing my cheek with her free hand. "It's alright" she murmured "Just relax and let it happen, it'll all be over soon" "Focus and me, let yourself cum and it won't hurt at all"

My mind snapped back to reality, I felt her hand working between my writhing thighs, her fingers fucking me passionately as her thumb grazed my clit almost painfully. Every sensation was magnified, my body hypersensitive as my brain began to fade. I knew I was going to cum, I couldn't have stopped myself even if I'd wanted to.

Heat and indescribable ecstasy exploded through my my core, rushing up into my tingling belly and down along my thighs, as I felt a profound sensation of release. A moment later a felt hot wetness trickling down my as I squirted, writhing in bliss.

I lost myself, my world shrinking to Diana, myself, and the infinite pleasure in my core, as I slowly sank into unconsciousness

Chapter 9: Death

My eyes opened slowly and I found myself gazing into Diana's wet eyes at very close range, and wondered why I couldn't breathe. There was a warm, beautiful ember glow in my belly and a strange burning pain in my chest and head...

Stars danced before my eyes, and I felt weak. My fingers felt a cord around my throat and I tugged at it, dimly aware that it was choking me. Panic rose in my chest and I tried to fight, as somebody pulled the cord tighter

My legs feel weak and tingling, as I felt my stomach drop. I felt a warm throb of pleasure and looked down to see a golden shower trickling down my legs. I raised my hand, weakly, staring at it as white spots danced and filled my vision. I felt myself fading, fainting... I fell backwards into warm, waiting arms, as everything went white.

Chapter 10: Ashes

Diana watched as Annika's pretty grey eyes opened. She's hoped the poor girl wouldn't regain consciousness, but she had.

Her eyes were calm but unfocused, and she touched at her throat in confusion, before gazing down at her dying body. She shudder, warm wetness spreading as she wet herself. She turned to gaze into my eyes for the last time, her hand raised as if reaching for help. I took it, as her eyes unfocused and rolled back. She fell sideways and I caught her, her body shuddering once before laying deathly still.


All I could see was white light, all I could feel was an enveloping warmth. I wondered where I was, when it was, I could barely even remember who I was.

Seconds or years passed and my rebuilt brain began to wake. I became aware of soft sheets under me, of laying down, and began to remember who I was and what had happened. I smiled wryly as I remembered the bliss I'd felt, and then touched at my neck as I remembered dying.

I felt strangely calm, calm in a way I hadn't since I was a child. Nothing seemed scary anymore, I'd faced death itself and come back. And it wasn't so bad. With effort I turned my head and found the source of the light. A window was open, the light of a beautiful spring day pouring in.


Sexy! It wasn't too long at all actually. If I may, you do tend to reuse certain descriptive words and phrases. I think it would improve your writing if you tried not to reuse them, particularly in a piece this short. But really, I enjoyed it very much! I hope to read more of your work in the future! :D


I agree with TheMadRaven about the frequent use of same phrases, but I think this is the pretty normal thing to do if you want to focus on that and create a certain mood.

I cant say anything bad about this, but it is an excellent example of female porn since you focus on the idea of being helpless.
This is not entirely my taste as I prefer action stories but it may be useful to take some phrases if I will do some RP later.


Thanks for the feedback, and I agree about repeat phrases. I also think it could've been better edited, I'm annoyed by a couple of missing words. I didn't actually have time to proof read this, let alone do any proper editing.

Anything I do in future will be shorter, and that should improve the editing. It's worth noting how distracted I was feeling by the last couple of chapters.

If there is something I hate, it's that ending. It's dreadful, and being the intended focal point of the story it's weakness drags everything else down. I think I may write the ending first next time, as I've learned that immersing myself in such an erotic fantasy for such a long time is torture. I was genuinely struggling to concentrate towards the end.


Fuck anyone who complains about editing. That was fucking hot. The chapter breakdown just made it more exciting.




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