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I'm starting a longer story using a bit reshaped version of the Fire Emblem Heroes universe. Any comments/suggestions will be appreciated, especially suggesting characters, since the game already has about 90 girls to choose from.

Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition


As he saw a flash in some dark alley, Kiran decided to check it out against his better judgement. The light disappeared when he got there, but there was a weird gun on the ground. He picked it up and examined it with some interest. Since looked quite weird, he didn’t believe it to be a real gun. Still, he had to make sure. He aimed it at the wall, and squeezed the trigger. The gun did fire, but instead of a bullet, Kiran was greeted with a portal opening in the wall. Before he could react, he was sucked inside it, and then everything went black.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself on some grassy hill. The gun was on the ground next to him, so he picked it up. Far in the distance he could see a gigantic castle, so he decided to walk towards it.

Anna was furious. Their ancient relic, the Breidablik, had disappeared from its resting place! She could only think of how the Askrian royalty would nag her about it when they find out, not to mention the potential profit it could give them if it was still there. She didn’t even consider that it might have been found by someone who would abuse its power.

A knock on the door made snapped out of her moping. “Come in!” She shouted, and the door to her office opened. “Ma’am, we found this man wandering around our castle grounds. He claims to have come here through a portal, and your orders were to bring all like him to you first.” She nodded, remembering she had said something like that. Since the man was unarmed, she decided she didn’t need the guards. “Leave us alone.” She ordered, and the two guards let go of the man and left.

Kiran stared at the redheaded woman behind the desk. The golden adornments on her armor, as well as the beautifully crafted axe on one of the side walls, not to mention the guard’s words which he could miraculously understand, all told him she was an important figure. Being left alone with her presented him with a certain opportunity...

“So, what’s your story?” She asked him, and he stopped admiring her for a moment.
“Uh, I found this weird gun in some alley, and I was suddenly transported here.” He replied, and placed the weapon he found on her desk. She clapped her hands and exclaimed happily: “Oh, you found the Breidablik! I was considering ordering my people to search for it just now. It’s great news that we don’t have to do that anymore.” She stood up and walked around the desk, then bent over to inspect the gun. Kiran took a step back as he watched her do that, his feet taking him straight towards the axe hanging on the wall.

He stared at her ass through her skirt, but one of his hands crawled up the wall until he could feel the handle of the axe. Since the woman’s attention was still on the handgun, she didn’t notice as he grabbed it and raised it above his head, trying not to make a sound. She only noticed when he slammed it into her back with all his strength.

She didn’t even get a chance to scream in pain. As a huge gash opened in her back, Kiran raised the axe again, and swung it at her for the second time. Another cut opened in her back as she fell to the ground, the attack shattering her spine. Surprise and pain appeared on her face, but Kiran couldn’t see it - he just struck her with the axe for the third time, just at the base of her neck. The attack took her life, with her head nearly cut off by it.

Kiran lowered the axe and stared at Anna’s body. His heart was beating rapidly, and he tried a few deep breaths to make it calm down. He wasn’t sure why he decided to kill the woman, and what exactly he was going to do now, but he knew he had to calm down and think. The guards in front of the door would probably stop him if he tried to leave, and even then, he still had no idea how to return home. But how could he stay here after killing one of their officials?

As he wondered that, the door suddenly opened. A blonde girl walked through it, smiling brightly as she slammed the door shut behind her. “Hello Anna, I’m here to talk about-” She stopped suddenly as she noticed Anna’s dead body on the ground, and Kiran standing over her. He didn’t know that, but the visitor was Sharena, an Askrian princess and another of the leaders of the Order of Heroes.

Kiran moved without thinking as he saw the girl enter. He pulled the gun from the desk, and aimed it towards Sharena. He knew he couldn’t let her leave. As he pulled the trigger, another portal opened in front of him - he had forgotten that it wasn’t a real gun. To his shock, another redheaded woman came out of the portal - one looking exactly the same as the one he just killed.

“Anna?” The princess asked, just as confused as he was.

“I’m Anna, leader of the Or- Oh hello Sharena, how are you?” The redhead began to speak as she stepped forward. However, her foot ran across her body on the ground, and she looked down to see what it was. “Oh.” She then turned around towards Kiran, who was staring at her with wide eyes. A forced smile appeared on her face. “Since you have summoned me, I’m bound to obey your wishes.” She told him, trying to sound cheerfully - she knew obeying her summoner was the correct choice. She didn’t really care for her self from this realm, and only hoped that the man who killed her wouldn’t decide to end her life as well - and she wanted to give him no reason to do so.

“For real? You will do anything I say?” Kiran asked her, not believing his ears. That would solve all his problems! “That’s the case - a magical contract forces the people you summon to obey you.” She explained, while Sharena watched with growing fear in her green eyes.

“If that’s the case, then grab the girl -I believe you called her Sharena?- and stop her from leaving.” Kiran ordered Anna, and she descended upon Sharena. “Sorry, princess.” She told her, only out of respect for the princess from her own world. She crashed her body against Sharena’s, overwhelming her without using her weapon. Sharena didn’t have her lance with her, since there was no need for her to have it inside their castle - not that it would help her even if she had it. Anna had her pinned to the ground in seconds, and Kiran just watched her, still not believing his luck.

Eventually, he managed to decide what to do next as he watched Sharena struggle on the ground. The position she was in caused her skirt to flip upwards, revealing her white panties, and the suggestive position proved too much for him to give up on. He quickly walked over to her, and with a gesture shooed Anna away from there. She proceeded to sit on top of Sharena, holding her down with her entire body weight. The princess sobbed quietly her cheerful demeanor broken as she felt Kiran tear her panties away, exposing her virgin pussy to him. She was hoping to save her virginity for a hero from another world, but a villain arrived instead.

Kiran quickly removed his pants, his cock already erect. Anna watched with some sadistic pleasure as Sharena squirmed underneath her, trying desperately to break away. That was not happening though - and as Kiran finally stabbed her cunt with his dick, she could only scream. The pain of having her hymen broken proved to be quite strong, but the embarrassment also got to her, and she resumed her sobbing as the unknown man continued to rape her.

Anna, sitting on top of her, also didn't rest. She knew perfectly well how to undo the knots holding her armor in place, since it was the same as the armor of the Sharena she knew. She removed Sharena’s armor, and with more sadism showing on her face, quickly did the same for the top of Sharena’s battle dress, pulling it down so that her small breasts were exposed. She gleefully grabbed them in her hands, fondling and squeezing them as Sharena’s sobs intensified.

Eventually, Kiran had enough, and he blew his load inside Sharena’s snatch. The princess briefly shivered at the thought of getting pregnant with the man’s baby, but that wouldn't be something she would be worried about for long. As Kiran stood up, pulling his pants up as well, he also took the axe out of this world’s Anna’s corpse. And as the redhead continued to play with Sharena’s bosom, Kiran brought the axe down on the blonde’s throat. Her head was severed neatly, and get eyes continued to stare blankly as her body went motionless.

He let go of the weapon again. Anna released Sharena’s body, and stood up with questions in her eyes. “Did I do well?” She asked, her safety being her main priority. “Yes, I appreciate your help. However, it's not over yet.” She smiled brightly. If he needed her, then he couldn't kill her! “I need someone who can convince the guards that I'm now running this place. Since you're basically their leader, you can easily do that - and will still be in some control of them, just reporting to me. Is that clear?” Kiran asked her, and she nodded. “To my knowledge, all Askr kingdoms look and work pretty similar, so I won't have any trouble with that. Oh, I can already see the profits I could make here!” She almost moaned as she spoke the last sentence, visibly excited. She calmed down almost right away, and continued: “But before we do take over, you need to summon another Sharena - we need her to avoid any suspicions. Fortunately, I think I know how you can do it - just fire that weapon again in the same way you did before.”

Kiran agreed that she raised a valid point, so he walked over and took hold of the weird gun. He aimed it at the wall, and fired. As expected, another portal opened, and through it came another version of Sharena. “Oh! This must be another Askrian Kingdom!” She exclaimed as she looked around. Her cheerfulness faded as she saw two corpses on the ground, recognizing one as belonging to another version of her. “My idea worked, then. I thought that if you just fired it now, it’d still open a portal to another Askr and hopefully pull her.” Anna commented, and Sharena looked towards her again. “Anna? What’s going on?” She asked, the commander being a reasonable figure for her.

“That man can use the Breidablik, and he killed this world’s you and me. He summoned us so that he can take over it without any troubles.” Sharena nodded carefully, deep in thought. Seeing her dead body shocked her, making her rethink some of her values a bit. She also realized that the man would kill her if she refused to cooperate.
Eventually, she looked at the man again. “I’ll do it.”

Kiran looked at her for a moment, then decided to test if she would obey him. “Remove your underwear. From this moment on, I forbid you from wearing it.”

Sharena bit her lip as she heard the order. She tried to ignore the cum stains on her doppelganger’s dead body, but with that order she knew her life would be more sexualized from now on. Still, she didn’t falter - it was better than dying anyways. She removed her boots, and slid her white panties down her legs. As she was doing it, Kiran looked at Anna. “That stands for you, too.” The commander just nodded, and removed her panties as well.

When Sharena was done, she handed Kiran her panties. He stuffed them into her pocket, then looked at the pair, surprised and emboldened by their compliance. It already gave him some more ideas for the future...

Getting rid of the bodies wasn’t easy, but the trio managed to do it eventually. Getting to know the chain of command in the kingdom required some effort, but after some time Kiran managed to do so. Anna and Sharena got everything running smoothly - Anna’s usual weird antics were an easy explanation for any changes in her behaviour, and Sharena impersonated the other her perfectly, her fear constantly reminding her that she had to. She was sure she could even fool her brother when he returned home from his mission.

As Kiran finished settling into his new quarters, having changed into this world’s clothes, Someone knocked on his door. “Yes?” He asked, and Anna walked in.
“Now that you’re all ready, we need to test that thing!” She yelled ardently, her eyes glowing as she imagined all the various possibilities his power could open. Kiran knew she was right again, so he asked her. “What do you have in mind?”
“There’s a summoning circle on a hill nearby. The weapon you wield was originally stored there, and according to what we know, it will help you with your magic - especially since you still have no idea how to control that power.”

Soon the two of them were walking up the hill. As Anna lead him there, he recognized the place as where he first arrived to this world. When they reached the top, he approached the magic circle, while Anna stayed behind to watch from the sidelines. He felt the energy flowing through him, and as he fired the gun, he could focus a bit better. His mind wanted to summon another woman, and his wish was fulfilled.

“I'm Lyndis of the House of Caelin. Yet I truly belong to the open plains. Just call me Lyn, all right?” The woman spoke as she appeared, Kiran stunned as he saw her. He devoured her exposed legs with his eyes, arousal building up as she shifted sideways, her shapely ass showing to him for a moment. “Hello, Lyn. By the magic of summoning, you are bound to do as I order.” The woman nodded to show she understood, and Kiran decided to try it out.

“First, I want you to undress.” Her smile disappeared as she heard that, but she knew she had to obey. Reluctantly, she undid the sash on her waist, letting it slide down. She also removed her sword, the Sol Katti, that was still in its scabbard, and gently set it down on the ground. Then she stopped for a moment, drawing a deep breath. Since no man had seen her naked before, she was slightly nervous as she pulled her blue one-piece outfit over her head. She didn’t wear any panties, so her slightly hairy pussy was exposed to Kiran. She shivered in the cold air, feeling the summoner’s hungry gaze, and removed her gray undershirt as well. Her breasts bounced freely as they were released, and Lyn blushed heavily as she saw the man undo his pants and free a growing erection. She knew what was coming, and she didn’t like it - but she also knew she had to obey. She looked away as he approached her, until she could feel his hands grabbing her by her wrists.

The thought of resisting briefly flashed through her mind, but she rejected it, preferring not to anger the man and hoping that after the intercourse he would treat her better. She turned towards him and allowed him to force her to the ground, his dick sliding inside her. She closed her eyes for a moment to hide the pain she felt as he broke her hymen, but after she got the pain in control, she started to enjoy the feeling, moaning ever slightly as she looked at the man’s face. After concluding that she wouldn’t resist, Kiran let go of her hands and started moving them down her ass and legs, wishing to feel them with his own hands. He could feel Lyn’s breathing speed up as he did, enjoying her trembling beneath him. He could see her face flushing, with arousal instead of shame this time, and concluded it felt a bit better than just simply raping the girl like he did with Sharena.

As Kiran continued to fuck her, he couldn’t help but feel fascinated with her sword. It was on the ground just next to them, so at some point he reached over and took the Sol Katti out of its sheath. He examined the golden blade with interest, the artful handle raising his curiosity as well. The summoner held the sword between himself and Lyn, but he could still see most of her body, so he could also see her looking at him with caution. He figured she was probably worried about her sword more than about him using it on her - and it gave him the idea of actually doing that. Thinking about it, he recalled the thrill he felt while killing the two women before, and he realized he wanted to experience it again. As he was nearing his orgasm, he concluded he should kill Lyn. She was squirming in her orgasm now, her pussy squeezing on his cock as she moaned. With one hand, he brushed her green ponytail away from her neck, causing her to jerk underneath him. As she opened her eyes, he brought the sword down from the side, slitting her throat. Her eyes widened at the sudden betrayal, her hands moving to the gush in her neck in a futile attempt to tame the blood squirting from her neck. She opened her mouth, trying to speak, but only blood and gurgling came out of it. Her body started to twitch wildly, a feeling that Kiran enjoyed a lot. He blew his load inside her snatch almost right away, her dying pussy milking him for all semen it could as she watched her slowly lose her strength. She realized that trying to stop the bleeding wouldn’t work, so she let go of her throat, her arms falling limply along her body. Her green eyes seemed to be asking him one thing: “Why?”, but after she seemed to have accepted her fate, Kiran could see it slowly transforming into resentment and then hate. He rested on top of her until her body shook with a final twitch, and she stopped moving forever.

As he got up, and pulled up his pants, Anna came over from the spot she was waiting in. The sweat and redness on her face made him suspect she had been touching herself - with her being forced to wear no panties, it certainly would make it easier for her.

“That was nice and all, but please do not kill every heroine you summon straight away. After all, your power has much more potential than that - and additional manpower is always good.” She scolded him, but her obvious arousal made Kiran treat what she said with some skepticism. Still, she was right about that, and after moving the body away so that it wouldn’t scare off the people he summoned, he got back in the summoning ring. With his arousal sated for now, he managed to summon quite a number of people before deciding it was enough practice for the day. Returning to the castle and having Anna assign the rooms to all of the summoned heroes, he already had a few ideas of which girl he should kill next…


Can we expect necro in future stories


>>12400 Quite possibly in the future

Chapter 1: The First Scouting Mission

The next day Anna looked up what was this world’s Order of Heroes operational status was, learning that her predecessor didn’t really do much exploring outside of their realm. As she heard that, she was again overcome with countless possibilities it presented. After she calmed down, she headed to Kiran’s quarters to discuss that.

It was quite easy for her to convince him to start sending out scouting teams - after all, what would be the purpose to just keeping all the Heroes that he summoned at the castle? And so a few hours later Kiran was ordering his first scouting team to head out. Among the soldiers he was sending out were Ayra, a sword wielding mercenary from the land of Judgral, and also Cordelia, a Ylissean Pegasus Knight. However, this time she wasn’t riding a pegasus, and instead of her armor she was wearing a wedding dress. She had been pulled away from a wedding festival, but she was confident she could fight just right without it - but not with her usual lance, but instead a bow - since her clothes only allowed her for movement like that, and she didn’t wish to change them after arriving. Ayra still had her usual sword and armor.

As the squad left, he could see some of the other heroes that weren’t picked for today’s mission, gathered in the entrance hall to wish the leaving heroes luck. He could tell there were already hints of more intimate relationships between the heroes, but decided he should let them grow - having someone to fight for would certainly help with the heroes’ battle performance.

After the scouting team was gone, Kiran decided to go back to his room. On the way there, he ran into a girl with a flower crown in her hair. He recalled her name was Linde. She was wearing a long pink dress with a high cut that went all the way to her hip on one side. Her long brown ponytail flowed nicely behind her as she walked past him, her eyes lowered as she tried not to be noticed. However, Kiran already had taken notice of her, and grabbed her by the wrist. “Come with me, Linde.” She smiled brightly at him, a blush appearing at her cheeks. She didn’t want to disobey the summoner, but she was also hoping that being obedient would make him be nice to her in the future. So she let him lead her to his room, and lock the door behind her.

Once the door was closed, Kiran looked at Linde again. “Take the dress off.” He told her, and she blushed hard as she heard that. What kind of an order was that? She had never let another man see her naked before… She knew disobeying him would make it even worse for her, her innocent mind not realizing that it wouldn’t end on that. She removed the puffy cuffs on her arms, then undid the collar that was holding the dress up. As the dress loosened on the top, it slid over her petite breasts. It stopped at her hips, and she let it stay here as she looked at the summoner again. His hungry gaze caused her to feel even more uncomfortable, so to calm herself she knelt and started undoing her sandals. The systematic action of untangling the golden straps that were wrapped around her legs nearly up to her knees made her ease in to her nudity. When her bare feet touched the cold stone floor, she didn’t hesitate to pull her dress past her hips, taking her panties with it as well as she slid it down her shapely ass and long legs. As she stepped over it, still blushing but not as embarrassed as when she started, she stood upright and presented herself to the summoner.

As Linde’s naked form was revealed to him, Kiran couldn’t help but compare her to Lyn. While Linde’s thighs weren’t as nice as hers, they still were nice and shapely. Her snatch with a small bush of brown her looked pretty inviting to him, and he could see that her pink nipples on her small breasts had already stiffened because of the cold. He walked to her and cupped her pointed chin with one hand, the other undoing his robes. Anna forced him to wear the robes as they fit his new status, and he was thankful for how they allowed him to free his cock quickly. Linde’s eyes widened as she saw the man’s cock, her mind finally understanding what she wanted to do to her. However, she quickly got over it - she couldn’t prevent it anyways, so perhaps she should try to enjoy it?

She winced in pain as the man forced his dick inside her. Her hymen was quickly torn, a stab of pain flowing through her. However, the pain was replaced soon enough with pleasure - just as she wanted. She locked her hands with his, feeling herself slowly beginning to like what was happening. Kiran’s hands broke away from hers after some time, but as one hand started going down her back and to her thighs, she enjoyed it as well. The other hand grabbed her ponytail, moving upwards her back until it reached her throat. He squeezed the ponytail together, turning it into a more solid and firm makeshift rope. She didn’t understand what he was doing even as he let go of her ass and used his first hand to wrap the ponytail around her throat. Only when he finished the knot and pulled on it, making it tighten around her throat, did she realize what was he doing.

Her hands shot up instantly as her breathing became restricted, her instincts telling her she should fight against it. However, Kiran pulled harder on the hair, and her fingers just clawed helplessly at her hair as he started strangling her. Her face grew red as the pain in her neck and her chest increased. Her eyes stared at the hooded face of the man that was about to kill her. She didn’t understood why - wasn’t she one of his soldiers now? Tears started to flow from her eyes because of how unfair it felt, but the pain showing on her face meant nothing to Kiran.

Linde’s pussy was pretty tight, but the asphyxiation made it twitch nicely around his cock. And it was enough to push him over the edge, his hot semen shooting deep inside Linde’s cunt. However, she didn’t even notice - her life was nearly gone at that point. Her eyes had a vacant look to them, her tongue lolling out of her open mouth with drool leaking. He kept his cock inside her, still strangling her. Only after he felt her go fully limp did he let go of her, and her body slid off his cock as it collapsed. He watched her slumped over body as it twitched on his floor, fully satisfied with what he did.

He confirmed what he suspected earlier - fucking a dying woman was extremely pleasurable, it wasn’t just a fluke back with Lyn. And with a seemingly endless source of new women to kill, he expected to test it countless more times.

Cordelia didn’t like where they were going. As they advanced, their surroundings turned from pleasant into some dangerous volcanic wasteland. She shied away from various lava pits, knowing how dangerous it would be if her dress caught fire. After they entered, they split into smaller groups to search the area quickly. She could see Ayra a couple meters ahead, walking carefully with her sword drawn, ready to strike at anyone that appeared. Cordelia’s eyes snapped upwards as she heard the flapping of pegasus wings in the distance - that was a sound she’d always recognize. She readied an arrow on her bow, but when she wanted to warn Ayra, the black haired woman ran away. “She must have noticed something. Well, I can handle a single pegasus rider myself.” She thought to herself as she aimed for the enemy in the distance.

She released the arrow, and watched it fly towards its target. The flying horse swayed in the sky as the arrow pierced one of its wing. It let out a cry that sounded pretty familiar to her, but she forced the thought away as she prepared another arrow. That clipped the other wing, and the pegasus shook again, with a cry that sounded heartbreaking to her, then began falling from the sky. She walked over to where she saw it fall, going a bit slower than usual because of her dress.

Finally she was close enough that she could see the pegasus and its unlucky rider. Unlucky, because they had fallen into one of the lava pits. She walked closer to confirm what she was seeing. The pegasus had its neck broken by the fall, and just as she got there it lashed out, throwing the rider was off and into the lava. Cordelia shifted her vision towards the woman. And to her shock, it was another her. As she noticed that, she just stopped in place, looking at the other woman, not understanding what was happening. How could there be another her?

It puzzled her for a moment, but eventually she understood the other her could have been summoned, just as she was. She walked closer to confirm what she was seeing, getting on the edge. The other Cordelia took a quick soak in the lava, with it eating away at her entire body. It mostly ate away at her clothes, but the exposed part of her thighs was in direct contact with the burning matter. She got up quickly, but some lava stuck to her as she did. Because of that, her chances of getting out were lowering with each passing second. It didn’t help that she checked on her pegasus at first, confirming she couldn’t help it. And as she turned towards the edge of the flaming pit, she finally noticed who was watching her from the shore, just as confused as the other woman was a moment ago.

She was dumbstruck, not moving as she tried to get what was happening. However, she didn’t have the time for that. Her boots could only survive being submerged in lava for a short time, and so the lava burned through them. She jumped up as her socks caught fire almost instantly, but as she landed the pain returned. She realized too late that she should have gotten out first, because now she was quickly losing the ability to walk. Her legs gave out in a few more moments, and she collapsed into the lava again.

The upper part of her body was protected by her armor, but her waist and abdomen wasn’t. She could support herself with her hands, as their gauntlets provided enough protection, but her clothes quickly caught fire as well. Her long hair also touched the lava, and she could feel the heat on it. Her once shapely legs were quickly charred, and she eventually lost control in them as well. Her ass slammed into the lava when she couldn’t no longer keep it out, her cunt touching the fire as it sunk beneath the surface. The flames licked at her pussy, quickly burning the small patch of pubic hair there. The pain finally proved too much for her, and she screamed in pain.

Watching her slowly burn was painful for the first Cordelia, but the scream really pushed her over the edge. The slow realization that she caused the death of another version of herself was eating away at her, and seeing just how much pain she was causing the other her was also quite painful to her mentally. So as she started crying out in pain, Cordelia raised her bow again. She wanted to save the woman in the fire pit from any more pain, so she aimed towards the other’s head. She let go of the arrow, and it buried itself right between her eyes. The other Cordelia collapsed lifelessly, but Cordelia kept standing over there as her body slowly burned away. Only when the entire body submerged under the lava she decided she should leave, but at that time almost nothing remained from the lower half of that her’s body.

However, as she was about to leave, a small explosion sounded over from where the pegasus was. She confirmed sadly that it identical to the pegasus she used to fly on as another explosion sounded from beneath it. And suddenly, a pillar of flame shot out from underneath it, the sudden eruption completely consuming the pegasus as well as its rider. As the lava began to fall, a few flaming pieces of debris slammed into Cordelia. She watched with horror as her dress caught fire in a few spots. She looked around in desperation, trying to figure out what she could do to extinguish the flames, but nothing caught her attention. With that failing her, she grabbed the fabric around one of the burning spots, and quickly cut it out using one of her arrows. She did that for the burning spots at the bottom of her dress, but it wasn’t very precise. As she was cutting one of them, her hand slipped, and she cut all through her dress the way up to her hip.

Despite her quick action, most of the outer shell of her dress was either burned or cut away. One patch of flames also remained - one at her chest, just beneath her breasts. She was trying to come up with a different idea for that part, but as that failed her, she concluded she had to do it. Since the dress hugged her skin directly there, she cried out in pain as she cut through the dress and her own skin. Steadying her hand, she managed to cut out that piece of fabric as well, but as she did, the part of her dress over her breasts lost its support, and it simply fell away. She tried to hold it in place with one hand, but she knew it wasn’t very practical, so she let it fall, her breasts now exposed. Still, she concluded the damage to her dress was worth - it she got off with only a couple of burns. She decided to go look for Ayra now, and she finally left.

What she didn’t know however, was that another woman was watching the other Cordelia die as well. Selena, watched her mother die from the other side of the flaming pit. Losing her mother a second time filled her with enough pain to nearly go mad with grief, and when she saw her being finished off, she ran away. Fury and pain was coursing through her body as she searched for anyone she could blame the death on. She knew there were people exploring the swamp other than her group, and she was determined to pay them back. As she saw a black haired woman with a sword, she charged at her with an angry shout.

Ayra finished exploring the area she was told to, and was now going back to the spot they agreed to meet at. As she walked, suddenly she heard a scream. She turned around, just in time to notice a girl with long red twintails running towards her with a sword in hand. She had no idea who she was, but she had no intention of just letting her attack her. She drew her own sword, and ran straight at the girl that was attacking her. She believed in her speed, so she wasn’t afraid of testing it against another sword fighter.

Selena saw the woman dash towards her, a bit surprised by her quick reaction. Still, she was not going to back off from such a fight, and so she continued running. However, when the woman was in range, a sharp pain exploded in her right arm. The black-haired woman’s sword moved almost to fast for her to see, but fortunately the woman didn’t hurt her much. The sword tore through her sleeve, and left a shallow cut along the length of her arm. Selena turned towards the woman as she ran past her, a smug smile showing on her face, as if she was taunting her.

Ayra smiled as she proved herself superior once again. She chose not to hurt the other woman deeply, only to show her what she could do - and to warn her that she wouldn’t be that generous if she attacked her again. Still, it seemed that the girl didn’t get a hint, as determination lit up in her eyes, telling Ayra she was about to attack her again. Well, if she wanted to give it another go, Ayra was more than happy to provide. Her sword started to glow slightly as she prepared to use her special technique, Astra.

Selena ran towards her again, this time more angry than before. That rage provided her with a bit more strength, and this time she was certain she could strike before her opponent did. She swung hard towards the other’s waist, cutting through the purple cloth there. A small gush opened in Ayra’s stomach, but she evaded in time for it not to become more severe. She wasn’t angry that the other hit her - it made the fight more fun than simply defeating her with no resistance. Still, she had to make sure that didn’t happen again. As the girl was standing and preparing to attack again, Ayra jumped towards her, calling for the power of Astra.

She swung towards Selena’s hand first, knocking the sword out of it and cutting though her glowe. She quickly rotated the sword and delivered a strike across Selena’s chest, easily slicing through both her leather armor and her skin. Continuing with the technique, she spun in place and swung the sword at Selena’s opposite leg now. Her black thighhighs provided no defence against a sharp blade, and another bloody gash opened in her leg. Complete panic showed up on Selena’s face as Ayra delivered an upwards cut, slicing through Selena’s skirt as it cut all the way through her front, the blade touching her pussy as a vertical cut appeared in her abdomen. Ayra rose her blade above her head, magical energy flowing around her body as she grabbed the handle with both hands and delivered a devastating downwards cut with all her strength.

Selena barely moved her head out of the way so that it didn’t get split in half, but Ayra’s blade cut easily through her shoulder. She watched in horror as her left arm was cleanly cut off. She clutched the stump with her remaining hand as blood started to spurt from it. She knew she lost this fight, but she still didn’t know if the other girl was done with her. After all, she disarmed her straight away, but still continued to hack away at her. Even through pain, she was more sad about not being able to avenge her mother than about her sudden amputation.

Ayra looked at the girl she just defeated, slowly calming down. The other girl couldn’t do anything dangerous now, but still the earlier determination proved she could become dangerous again. With her loss now she would most likely hold a grudge against anyone who would come there again, and Ayra knew this first mission certainly wasn’t going to be the last in this direction. And such a grudge could become dangerous for anyone who came there.

“I won’t let you live.” Ayra told the girl as she decided to finish her off. The pure hatred suddenly flashing in Selena’s eyes told Ayra that was a wise decision. She got closer and lined up the sword’s tip with where she knew Selena’s hearth would be, her other hand grabbing her by the shoulder so that she wouldn’t move away. The girl stared at her with more intense fury glowing in her red eyes, but Ayra ignored that and forced the sword through her. It’s tip came out of Selena’s back, but looking at the way Selena’s body started shaking she was sure it sliced straight through Selena’s heart.

Ayra pulled her sword out, and let go of Selena’s shoulder. The girl fell to her feet, still shaking. Still, her eyes widened as she noticed someone behind Ayra. Her final thoughts were filled with confusion - did she get herself killed for nothing?

Ayra turned around when she noticed Selena’s reaction, and came eye to eye with a crying Cordelia. She noticed her rather torn dress and her unexpected nudity, but what mattered was that she was alive. Still, the tears and that hurt expression made Ayra a bit worried.
“What’s wrong?” She asked, and Cordelia answered her with more sobs. “That… That was my daughter…” She replied weakly, and Ayra stared at her at first. How could she have a grown up daughter when she didn’t seem much older than her? But the pain showing on her face convinced her it was genuine. She didn’t know how to console her, though. “Do you want some time alone with her?” She eventually asked, and Cordelia nodded vigorously through her tears. Ayra got away a bit, standing on guard so that Cordelia could say goodbye to her daughter in peace. When she was gone, the pair returned to the rendezvous point and their scouting team returned to the Askrian castle.


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Prologue: M/F, non-con, rape, snuff, beheading, throat-slitting
Chapter 1: M/F, non-con, rape, snuff, strangulation, burning?, shooting, Stabbing


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Chapter 2: Advanced Growth

tags: con, non-con, M/F, F/F, rape, necro, beheading, hanging, stabbing

Kiran listened with interest as Anna explained to him some of the magic available to the Order of Heroes. “So if I understand correctly, we can transfer magical powers and other capabilities from one hero to another?”

“Yes, but the used hero is gone afterwards.” Anna replied. Kiran nodded, then asked: “If so, would it be possible to kill them after their powers are transferred instead?” Anna frowned, then answered: “It’d probably work, yes. And on similar principle, if you summoned a hero more than once, you can use one of them to strengthen the other - and if you wanted, you could snuff the weaker one instead.” Kiran nodded again, and Anna gestured for Sharena to come closer.

“I’ve told Sharena to do some research on all the heroes you’ve summoned.” Anna said, and Sharena picked up:

“I prepared a list of all the heroes that are currently in here, along with the skills they have. I’ve been getting pretty… friendly with some of them to get that information, but here it is.” Sharena blushed as she said that, some of the more enjoyable memories filling her mind as she handed over a scroll with the list. Kiran quickly looked over the list, not sure what to do with it yet.

“Let’s test it out. Do you have any recommendations?” He asked them both, and they answered him with a couple suggestions. He agreed on two of them and told them to bring the chosen heroes to the chamber that was used for this type of magic. He headed straight there, and looked through various equipment he asked to be brought there. Just as he finished doing that, the door to the chamber opened. Two identical pink-haired girls walked in, holding hands and smiling brightly as they did.

“Hello, Soleils. I’ll get straight to the point: using the magic of this chamber, we can take one of you and use her to strengthen the other, at the cost of her life. And I’ve decided to try it out on you two.” Kiran told them. Both girls looked at him with shock. “That’s not cute at all!” One of them exclaimed, while the other clinged closer to her. Kiran looked at the one at spoke, and looked straight into her eyes. “You’ll live. Now, let’s have your lovely girlfriend strip for us.”

The Soleils parted, and the one ordered to undress looked at the other one. Seeing a nod of encouragement and a smile on her lover’s face, she a bit hesitantly set down her sword and her shield, and also took off her boots. She then undid the straps that were holding her leather armor in place. She pulled her hands out of the reinforced sleeves, and the armor slid down her body, falling off to reveal her white bra, as well as her gray skirt. Another encouraging nod from the other Soleil, and she pulled the skirt down her legs as well, leaving her just in her brown leggings and the white bra. Since she stopped for a moment, the other Soleil embraced her from behind. Soleil lost herself in the hug, and she didn’t notice as the other girl’s fingers clawed at the strap of her bra. Only when the cold air of the chamber started tickling her nipples did she realize what happened. She blushed momentarily, but the other Soleil groped her breasts, giving her a nice massage. She also started to kiss and lick one of her ears, the additional stimulation starting to arouse her. She could feel herself getting wet, her juices sipping through her leggings since she wasn’t wearing any panties.

She stayed like that for a moment, her arousal quickly making her lose sight of where she was. However, Kiran reminded them of his presence by beginning his magic chant. Soleil’s eyes snapped open as she heard him, fear reemerging in her mind. She pulled out of her lover’s embrace, much to her disappointment. However, she also remembered that the two of them weren’t in their quarters now, and she calmed her lust for now. She just watched hungrily as the nearly naked Soleil pulled her leggings down her legs, then stood upright again, fully naked now.

Her arousal didn’t escape her lover’s eyes, and she couldn’t hold back any longer. Soleil walked to her, throwing off her gloves so that her fingers free, and slid two of them inside her beloved’s pussy. Soleil moaned loudly as she felt the warm touch, throwing her head back as did, her neck clearly visible. She stayed in that position and kept moaning, moving her hips against her lover’s hand, not caring for Kiran at all now. The clothed girl also started rubbing herself through her leggings, and the naked one started to mold her exposed breasts, hoping for a final climax. Kiran watched them enjoy themselves as he finished the spell, but neither girl noticed that he stopped his incantation. They also ignored him as he walked over to where one of them left their weapon, and returned to them. Soleil’s outstretched neck was an extremely alluring sight, and Kiran prepared himself to behead her. Still, he decided to let the girl come first - after all, she did exactly what she was told do. When her orgasmic cries sounded loudly in the room, he took it as his cue and swung with the sword. The white blade with its slight red glow easily cut through her neck, cleaving Soleil’s head away from the rest of her body, with a fountain of blood flowing from her neck stump. He watched as the head flew in an arc, landing on the floor and splattering it with blood as well.

Kiran returned his vision to the other girl. The Soleil that was still alive was staring at him. He could see tears appearing in her eyes as she briefly looked away, but when her head turned to face him again, she was smiling. “I… I can already feel that I’m stronger than ever now.” Her eyes still showed signs of sorrow as they glanced over the headless body, and stopped on the head in the distance. “Can… Can I take her body with me?” Soleil asked him, and since the summoner saw no reason not to let her do that, he nodded at her. “Thank you!” She said as she walked towards the body, picking it not without some trouble and throwing it over her shoulder, blood from the neck stump throwing another layer of blood onto her already bloodstained armor. She then walked over to the head and picked it up as well, finally heading to the exit afterwards.

As she was walking through the door, she stopped and glanced at him over her shoulder, a bright and playful smile back on her face. “Hey, you’re also pretty cute under that hood after all! Wanna grab some tea sometime? Preferably without killing me afterwards?”
Before Kiran could answer her, she already legged it, going towards her room - she was still pretty aroused, and she had a new toy to help with that.

As she saw Soleil leaving the chamber, Sharena knew she should lead Genny in now. The cleric looked at the woman carrying a body on her shoulder, scared what that could mean for her. As Soleil passed her, she gave her a smile. “You’re a cutie too! What a shame…” She muttered the second sentence to herself as she left. Sharena walked back behind Genny, and grabbed her by the arms, pushing against her back to make her walk to the chamber. She reluctantly walked through the door, and was scared yet again as she saw the blood on the floor. What awaited her in this room?

Kiran watched as Sharena forced a girl with orange curly hair into the room. Her long pink dress shifted a bit as she slowly walked in, fear clearly showing on her face. He didn’t think much of her when she was summoned, but according to Sharena the girl had great affinity for offensive light magic - one that would really benefit a more powerful mage than her. Because of that, she had been chosen to be killed now. But before that, Kiran had another plan for her.

“Remove your dress, girl.” Kiran ordered her with a commanding tone as Sharena let go of her. Genny couldn’t believe what she heard. These past few days seemed wonderful, living in a castle far more luxurious than the orphanage by the chapel where she spent her childhood. But now, within just a couple minutes, her dreams of a better life had been shattered. However, she knew she couldn’t obey such an order - she couldn’t do something so shameful! Even if she was afraid of disobeying the summoner, she still managed to look up at him and shake her head in denial.

Kiran knew someone would try to disobey him eventually, so he didn’t feel too angry about that. Her refusal only meant he had to undress her himself. He noticed Sharena stayed in the room, watching him with some curiosity. He paid no mind to that as he quickly walked over to Genny, and grabbed her dress by the cloth covering her chest. She closed her eyes as he tugged the dress in opposite directions with his hands. The sound of cloth ripping could be heard in the room, and Genny’s petite bosom was revealed to him. He didn’t stop with that, grabbing the lower part of the opening and ripping it further, until he tore all the way to the hem of the dress. Genny couldn’t hold back tears as her most private parts were forcefully exposed, but she also felt some relief that her dress, even if in shreds, was still hanging from her shoulders.

Kiran looked her exposed parts over. She wasn’t anything special, but she would do, he concluded. With that conclusion, he walked away and took a rope ending with a noose that he had prepared earlier, one that he put through a ring on the ceiling, then came back to her and put it around her neck. He also cuffed her hands behind her back. As he was about to use the rope, he noticed that Sharena was still watching them. “Come here, and grab this rope.” He told her, and the blonde princess took the rope from his hands. “Now, hoist this girl up in the air.” He said before starting the chant that would transfer Genny’s powers. Sharena pulled hard on the rope, and Genny was jerked up in the air by her neck.

Genny started jerking violently in her air, her legs kicking wildly as she tried to reach for the ground. The strain on Sharena was obvious, but Kiran had prepared for that. Without stopping his chant, he pointed to another metal ring - this one sticking out of one of the walls. Sharena understood what he meant, and pulled the rope in that direction. She tied it to the ring, and let go of the rope, Genny now held in the air just by the rope itself. Kiran felt satisfaction as she saw that he prepared the perfect length of rope - Genny was hanging just barely above the floor now, and she was also providing perfect access to her snatch. He quickly freed his dick from his robes, and walked to Genny to make use of that.

Even though Genny resented the man for violating her like that, some part of her was also thankful as his cock tore through her hymen. The pain was nothing compared to the burning in her lungs, and his body provided enough support to keep her from choking any further - he grabbed her ass to keep her body from swinging. She wrapped her legs around his waist, desperately trying to take advantage of that, and the strain on her neck was relieved a bit as some of her weigh rested on the summoner. With how much her body was shaking, Kiran was able to really enjoy raping her. Her tear-filled eyes showed just how much pain she was in, and that also made him enjoy it more. Even so, looking at her face got old pretty quick, and Kiran's eyes moved towards Sharena. The blonde princess was watching them closely, with fascination clearly showing on her face. One of her hands was buried beneath her short skirt, but with how short it was Kiran could clearly see her touch herself. Kiran could tell she wasn't doing it consciously, her hand moving on its own. Still, her reaction was pretty entertaining, so Kiran decided to let her do even more.

"Do you want to join in?" He asked her, and she blushed furiously as she realised what she was doing - and that he could see her. She removed the hand that was covered in her juices from under her skirt, clearly showing she was taking advantage of him ordering her not to wear panties. Even so, she nodded enthusiastically, and approached them carefully. Since Kiran was taking up Genny's front, Sharena pushed her body against Genny's back again, fondling her breasts with both of her hands. The hand that was sticky with her juices provided to be more stimulating to Genny as Sharena slowly explored her body, finishing with her hands returning to Genny's breasts and teasing her nipples. Genny’s growing arousal made her shake again, and she slid a bit down from her point on Kiran's body. The increased pain to her throat cleared the pleasure from her mind, and the cleric started to sob again. The increased pressure on his cock caused Kiran to come pretty soon after that, and he blew his load inside Genny’s slit.

As he withdrew, Genny dropped again, the rope digging fully back into her neck. Sharena let go of her and moved away so that the cleric couldn’t use her to support herself. She swung on the rope as she used up the last bits of oxygen, her legs twitching wildly as Kiran’s semen leaked out of her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to return to her earlier state, but this time no one would support her. Her lungs were burning, her head was hurting, and she started losing control over her body. Her tongue hung out of her mouth, drool leaking out of her open mouth as tears trailed down her cheeks. Her body gave out a series of strong jerks on the noose, but as it finished, light faded from her eyes. Her body swung for a bit longer before stabilizing itself.

When she stopped, Kiran decided it was enough. He looked at Sharena - who was touching herself again, staring at Genny’s corpse - and decided not to interrupt her. He simply walked towards the exit, but as he was about to leave, he spoke. “After you’re done, please get rid of the body.” And then he walked through the door. After leaving, he decided to check out on some of the heroes that were practicing fighting. He headed to the training field and settled down to watch. A few heroes looked at him with some curiosity and caution, but most of them ignored him.

Walking back to her room, Soleil gently set the corpse down on the bed they used to share, placing the head just next to it. She got a few confused looks as she walked, but for the most part she managed to avoid other people. And now that she was there, she could fully enjoy herself. She quickly got her armor off, and jumped on the bed as well. Her earlier arousal quickly resurfaced as she buried her head between the bloodied tits of her lover, licking some of it off her body as she rubbed her face against the slowly cooling down breasts. After a moment, she shifter down on the corpse, her face moving across the other Soleil’s belly before locking in place between the lifeless thighs. She tried to lick at the other’s pussy, getting some of her juices on her face. The insides of her pussy were a bit colder than usual, and with the lack of her lover’s moans it wasn’t as satisfying as usual. So after lapping at it for a moment, she broke away and climbed atop the corpse again.

She moved the body so that it lined up with hers, with the corpse’s pussy rubbing against hers. She moved against it, feeling a familiar sensation as it touched her clit. Still, the lack of response was felt unusual, and she felt she could use a bit more stimulation. Since her hands were free, she moved one of them towards her pussy, slipping a few fingers in. The familiar warmth of her own cunt was welcoming her as always, so she continued to hump against her lover’s corpse while also rubbing herself. Still, something felt missing. Her eyes fell at the severed head of her lover, and she realized it was just what she needed. With her other hand, she grabbed the head by the hair and raised it to her face. Her lips locked with the head’s, providing her with just the thrill she yearned for. She stayed in that position for a moment, her tongue entering the other’s mouth and finding the lifeless tongue. It was a weird feeling, but one that she quickly found very arousing. And she continued to touch herself until she came.

After her orgasm, she set the head down and looked at the dead body again. She was pretty sure there was a way to preserve it for future use, and now that she satisfied her lust she intended to look into that. She put some clothes on, and set out to find a mage that would do it for her.

Kiran’s time watching the heroes fight wasn’t very eventful. It let him assess the strengths of some of his soldiers, letting him rely less on insight from others in the future. There were a few whose performance was far below average - one of them being a purple-haired lancer. He recalled she introduced herself as Florina - and that she acted pretty shy while she did that. She just lost another duel, and it seemed she was done training for today, since she headed for the exit. Kiran decided she was the girl he should kill today, and also headed towards the castle. A few heroes noticed him moving after the girl, but he paid no mind to them as he walked away.

He moved quickly, and caught up to Florina a few seconds after walking through the door. The girl looked at him curiously, her shyness reflected in her deep, green eyes. He could tell that she was wondering what he wanted from her, so he told her. “I want you to follow me.” She walked after him without a word, getting more and more nervous as she did. Still, she continued to follow him - she knew she couldn’t run away from the summoner anyways. However, instead of leading her towards the castle, he actually lead her away from it, ending up in the forest that was near the castle.

After he was sure they were far enough, Kiran turned back to face Florina. She was still dragging her spear along with her, since she didn’t get the chance to drop it off at her room. “Can I have a look at your lance?” He asked her politely. “...Yes, here you go.” She answered him as she handed the lance over. Kiran grabbed it with both hands, and examined it carefully, paying some more attention to both the blade and and the smaller spike at the end. As he looked over it, Florina shifted, a bit uncomfortable at being alone with a man. She took a few glances at him, but at one point their eyes met and she averted her gaze away, then walked away a bit.

Because of that, she didn’t see Kiran grabbing the spear with both hands, and turning towards her. He spun around to gain more momentum, then suddenly rushed forward with the spear, running it through her abdomen, with the blade’s tip sticking out of the front of her stomach. He rotated the blade so that it shred through more of her insides, then pulled the spear out. Florina turned around to face him, her face showing just how confused she was, and how much pain she was in. She pressed one hand against her open wound, getting it bloody as she tried to keep her guts from sliding out. Most of her skirt was already soaked with blood now, and with her insides minced together she knew she was in deep trouble. However, she knew she had no way of escaping it now - with the pain in her stomach growing, she doubted she could outrun anyone, and she had no weapon as well. So she just stared at the summoner with pleading eyes, her mouth opening to beg him for mercy. Before she mustered enough courage to overcome her shyness, Kiran rushed at her again, this time holding the spear backwards.

“..P-Please! Don-” Her gentle voice sounded so fearful, but that meant nothing to Kiran. He rammed the spike straight into her forehead, easily piercing through her skull and reaching her brain. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as most of her motoric functions were stopped, and she collapsed to the ground, sliding off the spear. Her body twitched a bit, still alive for the moment, but it was obvious she’d die soon. Kiran took that time to slice through both her white shirt and her blue dress that she wore under it, along with removing her underwear. When her body gave a final shudder, he had just freed his cock from his robes. With a few quick strokes he got it fully erect, and got to her body, wanting to fuck her. However, as he saw the hole in her abdomen, another idea came to him.

Instead of her natural holes, he forced his member inside the gaping wound just beneath her belly button. It felt a lot different than what he felt before, but it also felt pleasingly warm. He could feel her guts wrapping around his cock as he pushed in, his cock sliding against some of her organs as well. Still, the quite unusual feeling was enough to make him come quicker than usual, and soon he shot a round of semen into her stomach.
As he pulled out, he stared at the body in front of him for some time. The experiment with a different hole went pretty good, but there was also another hole he created in her body that he created. He stared at the hole in her forehead, waiting until he was ready to go again, knowing he just had to turn the brain matter he could see into a bloody mess.


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Chapter 3: A Double Dance

=tags: non-con, M/F, rape, hanging, debreasting, impalement

Kiran walked through the castle, wondering what to do today. As he walked, he noticed heroes looking at him with more far more emotions than usual, be it fear or anger. With some people also whispering to each other as he walked past them, it made him quite curious what was going on. Have the heroes figured out what he was doing yet? As he noticed Sharena walking past him, he grabbed her and led her to some empty room.

“Do you know why the heroes seem more… angry with me?” Kiran asked the girl, and she shifted on her feet, a bit nervous. “Well, with the heroes that had gone missing recently people started talking it might be you behind that. People saw you lead some of the dead girls somewhere, and also they saw you follow Florina before she died. Soleil’s excursion with the other Soleil’s body also didn’t help. I also kinda messed up while disposing of Genny’s body, and people noticed me while I was doing that.”

“I know one way to get rid of that rumor.” Kiran grinned sadistically. Still, Sharena’s mistake also angered him. He decided to kill her if she screwed up like that one more time. The easiest way to get rid of the rumor would be making sure everyone knew that it’s true. He decided to publicly execute the next girl he saw. He walked to the exit, and opened the door.

On the other side, he saw two dancers practicing together. He recognized the two dancers as Azura and Olivia. Azura’s melodious voice provided the rhythm to which both women danced, and it seemed that they didn’t notice him yet. With how revealing her outfit was, he had been considering taking advantage of her earlier, but that would not be the case now. As he looked at her, he noticed that her outfit much more detailed than usual now, and perhaps even more titillating. Twin black pieces of cloth covering parts of her breasts and a very high-cut black skirt hanging from her hips, instead of her usual all-white garb. He also noted that she wore black socks, and that she wore golden wristbands that had huge black curtains connected to them, flowing beautifully as she danced. His eyes moved on to Azura, and realized the singer also had a different looking set of clothes than usual. instead of the usual white, it was dark blue, and she wore a veil on her face, but other than that it was pretty much the same outfit as earlier - a long, decorative dress with a cut above her hip, showing her thong and both of her legs, a one sock from her ankle up to her thong while the other leg was uncovered, and her feet left bare. He wondered briefly why did the pair decided to change their outfits like that, so he stayed and listened to them, while thinking how he was going to kill them.

Their movements were interlocked in perfect sync. Olivia seemed less shy of her movements now, Azura’s voice reassuring her. Their dance seemed more sensual than what he remembered them doing earlier, and as he watched them he began to suspect why. The loving looks the girls were giving each other were good hints, but he got his confirmation as the pair finished their dance and they embraced, with Azura lifting her veil so that their lips could connect, her emotions overwhelming her. Olivia kissed her back with much passion, both dancers fired up by their shared dance.

After they separated, Olivia was the first to speak. “Dancing together like that… It really felt incredible. Changing our outfits like that was a great idea.” Azura looked at her with love. “I’m just happy you agreed to dance with me… And that you feel about me the way I do about you.” Olivia cupped Azura’s cheeks with her hands, then lifted her veil and kissed her again. After another passionate kiss, Olivia replied: “I knew how I felt since we met at that dancing festival, so I could never refuse a suggestion like that. However, I never expected you to love me back.”

“Being summoned here together must have been fate then.” Kiran couldn’t help but chuckle as he heard that, knowing just what their fate had in store for them, and both dancers finally noticed he was standing there. As Olivila saw him, she immediately ran off, and Azura took off after her.

As they ran away, Kiran looked at Sharena who had appeared next to him, and was also watching the two girls with a dreamy look on her face. “Are you jealous of them? If so, then maybe you’ll feel a bit better after you set up a gallows for them in the main hall. They will dance together again for sure - at the ends of a rope.”

Sharena set off right away, and as she was about to disappear beyond a corner, Kiran called out to her: “Don’t mess up again, or you will be the one hanging instead.” He could see her surprise at the threat, but that was all he saw before she disappeared. He turned around to go back to his room, and noticed a regal-looking woman staring at him with disgust. He remembered her name was Elincia, and that she introduced herself as a princess of the kingdom of Crimea. She had her hand on the handle of her sword, and Kiran could tell she was considering attacking him - she must have hated what she heard, with his plan going against her idea of a good ruler. The girl didn’t back down when she saw him looking at her, and Kiran realized she could be dangerous if he let her go away. Even if she turned away and fled from him, Kiran knew she had to be dealt with straight away. “One more girl for the public execution, then.” He thought to himself before going back to his room, waiting for Sharena to finish her task.

After some time, the Askrian princess came to his room. “It’s all set up - I used some of the stuff from the ritual chamber to prepare it, so it didn’t take that long. I should probably get all the heroes to gather there, right? A few that helped me are already there, so I’ll go and get the others to assemble there.” Kiran could tell she was nervous, but without knowing how good her work was he couldn’t tell her if it was okay. He didn’t interrupt her blabbering, and after speaking some more she took that as confirmation and ran off to round up all the heroes. As she was leaving, he told her to also set up a pair of stocks there. Sharena’s smile dropped for a moment as she wondered if they were for her, but she did it nonetheless.

Kiran walked towards the main hall, and was pleased to see a stage set up there. The gallows were complete, with a pair of nooses currently set up, but he could tell there was space for more if necessary - he could easily see something else set up there in the future. The stocks he wanted were also there, a wooden board with three holes - one for each hand and a bigger one in the middle for the head. Some of the more bulkier heroes were there, and Kiran understood that they were the ones Sharena was talking about. They gave him a few hostile looks, but most of them still were pretty curious what he was planning to do. He climbed to the stage, and waited there as the room began to fill up with heroes.

He saw the two dancers coming in, holding hands and exchanging loving glances as they found a place in the crowd. He also saw Elincia walking in, the green haired princess looking very angry since she knew what was coming. He waited until Sharena showed up, and gave him a thumbs-up from the door - telling him she had gathered everyone now.

“You might be wondering why I wanted all of you to gather here. Before I tell you that, I’d like Azura and Olivia to come here - the pair standing over there.” Kiran pointed towards the pair he saw earlier. The crowd parted to let them come through, and the girls gave each other reassuring looks as they walked, with Olivia blushing as she felt the eyes of everyone focus on her. When they climbed onstage, Kiran resumed talking: “I think most of you have already heard some rumors about how I might be responsible for the deaths that have happened to heroes staying here recently. I wanted to clear it up, so that everyone knows what the truth is.” He paused for a moment, then continued: “They’re all true; I killed most of these missing heroes. And just so nobody can doubt that, these two-” Kiran gestured towards the dancers onstage.”-will be executed right now.” He stopped again let heroes take all of that in.

Olivia broke into tears when she heard that, falling over into Azura’s supportive arms. The blue-haired singer hugged her tightly. She expected something like that from the moment Kiran called them to the stage, so it didn’t surprise her that much - and she had already accepted her death back in her world. Still, she remembered how hard it was to accept it back then, so she understood perfectly what Olivia was feeling. Knowing her newfound love would also die made it pretty hard to her as well, and Azura also started sobbing. Why couldn’t she ever have even a moment of happiness?

Kiran waited for the heroes voices to die down. Some of them looked outraged, like that Elincia he ran into before, but some of them also seemed interested - and some were just indifferent. After the hall went quiet again, he turned towards the two sobbing girls. “Before you die, I want you both to remove your clothes.” Olivia’s earlier blush resurfaced in full force as she heard that, and Azura also couldn’t help but feel surprised by that. She was expecting death, but also to be humiliated like that? She could feel Olivia sobbing even harder against her chest than before, but she knew there was no escaping what the summoner wanted. She gave Olivia a kiss on the hair on her forehead, since her face was too low to reach now, then grabbed Olivia by her shoulders and pushed her away a bit.

“I hate this as much as you, but there’s nothing we can do now.” She told Olivia as the girl stared at her with teary eyes. Azura quickly kissed her on the lips, then let go of her. She took a quick aside look at the summoner, then looked at the crowd. She told herself she performed in front of a much bigger crowd in the past, and that it would just be yet another performance, almost managing to convince herself. She started humming her beloved song to calm herself down, and her fingers moved towards the straps that were holding her dress together. Without the straps to keep it in place, the dress stopped hugging her body - with it coming off at her chest. She let the dress slide down her belly, her breasts bouncing free without the dress holding them down. She shifted on her feet as she got it past her hips, a bit uncomfortable as it uncovered her sizeable butt. With the dress just barely clinging on to her body, she gave it one final tug and it fell down to her bare feet, folding together as she stepped over it. She looked at Olivia to check on on her, and saw the pink haired dancer staring at her body with some lust, but mostly regret - regret that she didn’t ask her out earlier. Azura felt her cheeks getting warm, caring more for Olivia’s opinion of her body than that of the crowd that was surely ogling her.

Azura’s fingers returned to her waist again, and she grabbed her thong. With another deep breath, she pulled it down, uncovering her clearly shaved pussy. She continued to pull them down, syncing it with a dance that resurfaced in her mind. Eventually, it reached her feet, and she easily pulled it off while doing a few steps of her dance, then threw the thong away, and it flew towards the crowd. She realized what she did as she followed it with her eyes, but decided it was fine. She grabbed the end of one of her shoulder-length gloves, but before she could take it off, Kiran interrupted her. “That’s enough, Azura.” She turned back towards Olivia, and approached the girl that was in love with her. “It’s your turn now, love.” She told her, and Olivia managed to nod in reply. Azura pushed her gently towards the center of the stage, and Olivia walked there, shaking slightly as she did.

Olivia’s heart was beating rapidly, and she felt like it was about to burst out of her chest. The knowledge that everyone had their eyes locked onto her was almost too much for her, and she searched her mind for a way to counter it. Her mind came across one of her earliest memories as a dancer - when she tried working at a brothel. She didn’t stay there even a single night, with her shyness making it impossible for her to stay there, but they did teach her a strip dance. She never expected it to be useful, save for maybe when she found a lover, and in a cruel twist she had to use it just after she did. She recalled the movement to her mind, and began her dance.

She regarded her movement as a bit sloppy, but it didn’t matter that much. She basically flowed through the air, her moves clean and just as sexual as they were beautiful. She knew the moves from the dance she practiced with Azura were sneaking in, but they fit almost perfectly. Eventually, after dancing her way around the whole stage, she undid the strap that was holding the clothes over her tits in place. It fell down, yet she didn’t reveal herself yet - using the cloth hanging from her wrists as a curtain as she spun, She did a few more spins, her boobs bouncing wildly as she twirled around, and eventually moved the cloth away, her breasts free for everyone to see. At that point a blush reappeared on her face, and she looked away from the crowd, her pink eyes meeting up with Azura’s golden. The warm and loving look Azura gave her was enough for her to carry on with her dance. Facing the crowd again, Olivia loosened the straps on her skirt and started another series of complicated dance moves. With each step she took, the skirt moved a bit lower on her hips, until eventually it simply fell off. Olivia wanted it to happen that way, since she knew she didn’t have the courage to take it off directly. As it fell, she felt like everyone was staring at her snatch, and the small bush of hair over it. Her face went redder than her hair as she felt the cold air brushing against her pussy lips, instantly freezing in her dance. It was too much for her, and she simply couldn’t continue it - besides, she already took off what mattered the most. She undid the clasps on her armbands, and the piece of cloth she used for her dance fell off as well, leaving her just in her gauntlets, her socks and her shoes. She bowed deeply, marking the end of her dance, and returned to where Azura was standing. As they stood together, she could feel Azura’s fingers brushing against her pussy, and she blushed yet again. She didn’t stop her from doing that, only wishing the two of them could have been doing that alone.

Kiran couldn’t help but smile as he saw what Azura was doing, but it was no time for that. “Go to where the nooses are.” He told them, and the dancers obeyed. They stopped right beneath them, on a big trapdoor, Olivia grabbing Azura’s hand and squeezing it hard. Kiran put the noose around Azura’s neck first, not without some struggle with her very long hair, and not without groping her tits. Since Olivia’s hair was tied up in a ponytail, it didn’t cause him as much trouble, and he delved his fingers inside her pussy, finding it was wet from Azura’s earlier touch. After confirming that both nooses were set correctly, he pulled the lever and their trapdoor opened.

For a short moment, Azura felt weightless, as if she was floating. The sudden falling sensation and the painful bite of the rope that started to crush her windpipe replaced that right away, with the sudden jolt breaking her fall her and Olivia’s hands were separated, each of them swinging in the opposite direction. Her lips opened, trying to call another familiar melody so she could calm herself, but no voice came out - only her saliva leaked out of the opening, wetting her veil. Her long legs started to kick as she instinctively searched for some support, but she quickly got them in control. It hurt her, but so far it wasn’t anything compared to the strain on her body that came after using her medallion. The pressure in her lungs was slowly increasing, and she could feel her heart beating rapidly. She hung for a moment almost motionlessly as the rope dug further into her neck, then an idea came. This was her last performance - she could make it more entertaining. She twisted her legs again, sending her body into a twirl on the noose. It was harder than usual, each move feeling like it required far more energy than usual, but she also started moving her hands, her body moving in some sort of a dance routine. Her naked pussy flashed at the crowd as she moved forwards and backwards, her face turning red from all the strain on her body. With all her energy refocused into her suspended dance, at one point she felt her bladder coming off, piss running down her long legs - some of it soaking into her sock - and dripping from her bare toes. Soon after, she tried moving her body into another dance position, but her limbs refused. Her dance was finished off by her entire body giving a few violent twitches as she lost control over it. Her golden eyes glazed over as her body returned to its earlier stabilized position, this time completely still.

Olivia wasn’t as accepting of her death as her lover. From the very moment she fell, her hands darted up to the rope, pulling at it in a futile attempt of helping herself. She thought it helped a bit, but her hands soon gave out and she slumped down again. She started to kick wildly with her legs, one shoe falling off as she was desperately searching for any support. Her hands started clawing away at the noose around her neck, but it was far too sturdy to give in like that. As she was swinging, she was very aware of how her breasts were bouncing with her each move, her nipples finally stiffening against the cold air. Her earlier wetness persisted into her hanging, only increasing as her thrashing turned her so that she was facing Azura. Her beloved was dancing beautifully, and Olivia could feel a familiar heat starting in her loins as she watched. It only encouraged her further to continue her struggle, tears flashing in her eyes when Azura finally slumped still for good. With loneliness suddenly striking her, and her earlier arousal, she suddenly let go of the noose with one hand, rubbing her thighs together and bringing the hand to touch her pussy. Most of her tension was released within a few touches and rubs, her pussy juices oozing down her legs and getting caught by her socks. But with her muscles suddenly loosened by pleasure, she took away any resistance that she had against the noose. Her throat was fully crushed, and Olivia cursed her moment of lust as the pain in her neck was strengthened. Her limbs went limp almost immediately after, leaving her with additional sexual tension she had no way of releasing. She opened her mouth, her tongue sliding out as her body started to shut off. The pussy juices on her socks were joined by the contents of her bladder, but she didn't notice that - her mind focusing fully on Azura in her final moments.

The heroes were watching with mixed emotions as two of them - a pair that was fairly well-liked and respected - was stripped basically naked, hanging to their deaths. While some were outraged, Soleil was rubbing herself through her leggings - aroused even if she knew one of the women was her grandmother. She was joined by another woman in her lust, a Lyn with a bow. Soleil’s eyes moved to the woman, briefly considering hitting on her, but the girl’s passionate and yet dreamy expression as she touched herself made her reconsider. The almost crazed look on her face seemed a bit too off for her.

Others weren't touching themselves, but still watched carefully. Ninian couldn't believe two dancers that she considered friends were simply taken away like that - and yet she couldn't shake the effect Azura’s final, beautiful dance had on her. She found herself stealing glances at Eliwood, whose hand she was holding as they watched. He seemed interested, and the bulge in his pants was even more telling. She traced a line on his penis through his pants with a finger of her free hand, an idea forming in her mind. She wasn't alone in these kind of thoughts - they were flashing in the minds of many, including a Julia, a Mia and an Eirika. Overall, most of the watchers seemed fine with the show.

With both of the hanged bodies having gone motionless, Kiran faced the crowd again. “These two won't be the only ones to die now. I can tolerate many things, but one that I cannot is treason. And if someone is staring at me with hatred, barely controlling the urge to strike then I cannot let them live. Come here, Elincia!”

The green-haired princess shivered as she heard her name being spoken out by the summoner. She realized Kiran was talking about her, but didn’t want to believe it - she didn’t want to die, and especially not in front of a crowd. She cursed her past self for the moment she was considering attacking the summoner, then scolded herself mentally. His actions were only confirming that it would have been the correct choice! With that in mind, she straightened up, trying not to show any signs of fear as she walked towards the stage. She wanted to at least try to resist him for as long as she could.

Her prideful walk slowed down as she approached the stage, the fear creeping up in her mind making her go slower in spite of her plans. She ascended the stairs in the front, and stood in what she hoped was a confrontational pose.

“Hand over your sword, you won’t be needing it anymore.” It pained her to be separated from the sword that belonged to her family for generations, but she had to obey an order like that. She handed over the Amiti, and Kiran inspected it with some curiosity, examining both its sharpness and the golden adornments at the base of it. He put it down for later use, then looked at Elincia again. “Take off your clothes.” Elincia knew this was coming, so she was prepared mentally for that. Without dropping her stern expression, she removed her shoulder pads and the reinforced piece over her chest. She removed her gauntlets as well, then undid her belt . Her hands went to the hem of her battle dress, but then she stopped. It was only a brief moment of hesitation, but it emphasized that her calmness was only a mask. Without a belt or the chestguard to hold the dress together, it came off fairly easily, leaving her in her yellow undershirt, pants of the same color that were hugging her thick ass and thighs just by her skin, and white overknee boots. Her hands went towards the boots now, and as she removed them it was revealed that her pants were shorts, long enough to fit into her boots but stopping just over her knees. Now she stopped once more, her eyes going towards the audience. She knew some of heroes enjoyed watching the dancers die, and she knew they would also enjoy her death, but exposing herself like that in front of so many people was a barrier she had troubles crossing. Going over the people looking at her, she noticed Ike among them. She had no way of knowing if he was the Ike she knew, but she hoped he was. With her eyes focused on him, she found the courage to continue undressing. Grabbing the hem of her undershirt, she pulled it upwards, carrying all the way to her head. Her round shaped flesh orbs jiggled as she pulled it over her head, presenting them to everyone. She was still looking straight at Ike, his stare encouraging her to continue. With that, she grabbed her shorts and pulled them down. She shielded herself with her legs while pulling them off, and then her slightly hairy slit was revealed to all. She closed her eyes as she felt hungry stares all over her.

Because of that, she didn’t notice as Kiran approached her, only learning that when he shoved her to the side. She opened her eyes as she crashed into an open pair of stocks, a small bruise showing on her belly. She understood what was expected of her, yet she didn’t do it - with this it was obvious what he’d do next, and she was not ready for that. Kiran had to come closer and force both her head and her hands through the holes before being able to lock her in. With that done, he returned and picked up her sword from the spot he left it in - but she couldn’t see that he did that. He freed his cock from his robes, and moved it towards her ass - with the way she was bent, it was just lining up perfectly with his dick. He forced it into her tight, virgin asshole, and Elincia cried out in pain. She wasn’t expecting him to do that, and she cried out in pain, her calm mask finally broken. He kept it still for a moment, letting her ass stretch a bit so that it could accommodate him, then pushed his cock further in. Elincia cried out again, the pain in her anus continuing with Kiran’s every thrust.

Once Kiran’s full length was in, he pulled back, then rammed it in again, answered by another cry from Elincia. Since he was holding her sword in one hand, he could only use one hand to stabilize her as he grabbed her by the waist. Within a few more pushes her ass was stretched enough that he could pump in and out at a comfortable pace, while still feeling very tight. With that in place, he could finally use her sword. Her breasts were hanging down from her chest, gravity pulling at them and stretching them out a bit. He couldn’t see them well, so he bent over a bit, moving his hand from her chest to one of her breasts, getting a feel of where it was. With that in mind, he could easily guide the other hand to the base of her breast, Elincia feeling some fear as she felt the cold metal pressed against her skin. While pulling on her nipple with his free hand, he moved the sword up her body, slicing easily through meat and fat, with the breast remaining in her hand. Elincia couldn’t understand what just happened, the sudden lightness of her chest not clueing her in. Only when Kiran repeated the process with her other breast she understood, bitter tears flowing from her eyes. She didn’t consider her breasts anything special, but for them to be taken away just like that was too much for her.

Holding both of her breasts in one hand, Kiran blew his load inside her ass. Elincia’s sobs increased in frequency as his hot semen shot up her bowels. Kiran leaned back as he pulled out, his hand grabbing the bloodied sword again. As Elincia let out a relieved sigh, he forced the sword into her snatch, burying it all the way in to the handle. Elincia let out a bloodcurdling scream as her sword easily sliced through her sex. It cut cutting through her hymen, her cervix, and went straight through her womb. It slid all the way through her, coming out of her mouth. By chance, the blade didn’t cut any vitals, and Elincia was fully conscious as the tip sliced through her lips on the way out. Her body started jerking wildly, but with the stocks holding her in place it didn’t help that much.

Kiran was fully satisfied with the outcome, enjoying the extreme pain showing on Elincia’s face. He realized that while this method of dealing with prospective rebels wasn’t very efficient, at least some of them would get intimidated enough to give up - and it was also way too enjoyable. Watching her slowly bleed out from her wounds probably wouldn’t be that entertaining, but he intended to do that anyways - and the heroes had to stay and watch as well.

Elincia’s prolonged suffering continued for some time. The pain was far too much for her, and she was simply wishing for someone to kill her, as it was the only way the pain would stop. Her eyes was moving from a hero to a hero, trying to beg them to finish her off. Her wish was finally answered as a Lyn drew her bow and aimed it straight at her. The arrow cut through the band on Elincia’s forehead, sinking deep into her brain. She tried to mouth a silent ‘thank you’, but couldn’t do it because of the sword in her mouth. Her suffering was finally over as her body finally gave out. Her body went limp, kept in place only by the stocks she was in.

Lyn was telling herself she did it for the poor, suffering woman on the stage, but deep down she knew it was a lie. She had been touching herself when the dancers were swinging, earning her first orgasm after being summoned there then - she had come to this world earlier that day. As she watched Elincia expire, her hand sunk between her thighs again - the knowledge that it was her arrow that ended Elincia’s life turned out to be even more arousing than just watching Azura and Olivia die earlier. She could feel the summoner looking at her, and the crowd suddenly seemed distant to her. Some part of her was wishing the man would pick her as his next victim, her loins firing up even more as she thought of that, but her mind then had another idea. She continued to touch herself while thinking of it, her eyes looking straight at Kiran as he let Elincia’s body out of the stocks. She came when Elincia’s body crashed to the ground, moaning loudly as others stared at her.

Soleil congratulated herself on not hitting on the nearby archer as she watched her kill Elincia and then touch herself again. She didn’t find that prolonged suffering very hot, and was thankful she could return to her room. She’d probably pick a one-night stand if she wanted, but the preserved corpse waiting for her was also a viable alternative. She hummed happily as she considered both options, as the waves of heroes started trailing off to their rooms.

Sharena walked up to the stage, and asked the summoner: “Did I do good?” Kiran gave her a nod as he walked down, and she found the courage to ask another question. “What about that girl who killed Elincia? Do you plan to punish her for that?” Kiran was wondering that himself - why didn’t he simply kill the girl for going against his plan? “I can always do that later. Honestly, I found her a bit… interesting, perhaps?” Sharena opened her mouth in surprise - she didn’t expect Kiran not to take an opportunity to kill a girl like that. She decided it was enough, and walked away. As she walked, she could hear heroes talking about what happened. The surprising amount of positivity she was picking up calmed her down a bit - such reception to Kiran’s show opened more possibilities for Kiran, so he probably wouldn’t kill her anytime soon.

Kiran decided to leave the bodies on the stage, taking Elincia’s breasts with him as he left. He assumed that the bodies would get picked up by some heroes willing to use them, also raising their opinion of him in the process. He was right - the next morning, all three bodies had already been taken, thoroughly abused during the night.


Completely unfamiliar with FEH/Fire Emblem in general, but am greatly enjoying this nevertheless.


It was more than I'd hoped for... You tapped into one of my favorite fantasies by total chance when you made her debreasting\cunt stabbing a public execution preceded by anal rape. It was perfect!


Yaay Gurochan's back!

Celica's death here, as well as Genny's death in Chapter 2, are inspired by Veiled616's drawings of them.

Chapter 4: Dying for Love

con, M/F, hanging, beheading, breast mutilation, gutting

Ever since Ninian had seen Azura and Olivia meet their demise at the gallows, that image never left her thoughts. Azura's rolled back eyes and her red, yet lifeless face as she pissed herself in death; Olivia's tongue protruding out of her mouth as the pink haired woman fought against her death till the very end. Her fellow dancer and singer's deaths seemed so undignified, so vile - and yet she also found it very erotic. And she knew such a death also had the potential to be incredibly intimate. It seemed to be a perfect final proof of love, at least in her mind.

Because of that, and also because of the increasing rate of death of the heroines in the Order of Heroes making her afraid she'd die in another way, she was now in Eliwood's quarters, a single noose waiting for her. Her lover tried to make her change her mind at first, but now he seemed to have accepted it. Getting the summoner to agree was even easier than that - he just made her give him a blowjob before he let her do that. Right now she was laying on Eliwood’s bed, with his head under her dress, having just eaten her out. She rolled up her dress pretty heavily to let him do that. She wanted to hang after she got her permission, but Eliwood insisted on eating her out a final time before she did that.

As the two of them slowly raised from their position, her dress unwinding and cascading around her shapely legs, Ninian looked at Eliwood, her red eyes brimming with happiness and gratitude. “Is it alright if I start now?”
“Please, go on.” Eliwood replied, looking at his lover with affection and a hint of sadness. Ninian’s idea initially threw him off, but as she brought up his arousal while watching her fellow dancers hang, he knew he couldn’t deny that he found the idea hot. Ninian also said that she wouldn’t leave for long - the summoner had to summon another her at some point. But the truth was that he would have agreed anyways - there was nothing he could deny his beloved half-dragon.

With his confirmation, Ninian began. First, she undid the collar around her neck that was holding the top of her light blue dress in place. Without the support, it fell forwards - uncovering her breasts in the process. Eliwood eyed her breasts hungrily, his throbbing erection clearly visible through his pants. Ninian moved to the front of the bed and fell to her knees, pulled his pants down, and freed his dick. It sprung upright and slapped her on the face, some of his precum smearing onto her cheeks. After doing that, she grabbed her breasts from below, and brought them upward, placing Eliwood’s cock between them. Eliwood let out a grunt of pleasure as she let her breasts drop, going along his shaft to the base of his cock. She tipped her head a bit forwards, taking the head of his dick into her mouth as she started moving her breasts up and down his member. Eliwood caressed her face as she began working with her tongue, the entirety of his dick being stimulated at once. It didn’t take long for him to come - and Ninian removed her head from the tip, so he came all over her face and breasts. But that was just what she wanted - a part of him would still be on her as she died.

With that done, Ninian stood up and planted a final kiss on Eliwood’s lips, a bit messily since her lips were sticky with his semen. While kissing him, she worked at getting her dress past her hips, and when they parted, all that remained was getting the dress down her legs - she decided to keep her white overknee socks on, with the stone floor being too cold for her to walk on comfortably. She stepped over the dress, showing her still wet pussy to Eliwood as she did, before twirling in place, showing off her nearly naked form. Even if Eliwood had already seen it many times, she wanted the last one to be memorable. To that effect, she danced for him for a moment, going through some of her common dance moves - whenever he'd see another her dance, his mind would automatically go back to this moment.

After she was satisfied with that, she turned and faced the noose. It was hung on just the perfect height for her. She climbed the stool that was under it, and put it over her neck. She turned towards Eliwood again, her lover standing up to walk to her. “Don't be worried about me… I am certain that you… you will see me again.”

As she finished speaking, Eliwood stopped right next to her, one foot on the stool. “Until then… Goodbye, Ninian.” He pushed the stool away and immediately took a step back, opening up space in which Ninian could hang. She didn’t fall for long, dropping just a few inches before the rope stopped her. She tried her best to force a smile to her face as her entire weight started pulling her down, spreading her legs and giving Eliwood another view of her wet snatch. After that, she tried doing what Azura did - she threw her body into a dance. But while Azura’s dance was not intended to be sexual, her most certainly was. She remembered the dance she had shown Eliwood when they first fell in love. She remembered just how aroused he was then, and how great their lovemaking was afterwards. She weaved a few moves similar to these into her dance, and Eliwood’s reaction showed he also remembered. She could see he had one of his hands on his dick, pumping up and down on it as he watched her. Seeing him this happy made it worth any pain she was feeling. Still, without any air it was becoming harder to carry on, so she stopped her dance. She was far from done though, and even as the pain in her neck increased again, she moved her hands to her cum-covered breasts and started squeezing them, her fingers flicking her nipples before she let go. Her boobs bounced up and down as she released them, but her hands went limp after doing that. She wriggled her hips again, her face going all red as she forced whatever energy she still had to do it, and then went limp. Before passing out, she could feel Eliwood’s semen being shot onto her socks, and her eyes locked onto Eliwood’s orgasmic expression, convincing her it was all worth it as everything went black.

Eliwood left her body sway back and forth on the noose for some more time. Only when he felt his cock harden again did he grab his sword and cut the noose, catching Ninian’s body before it crashed to the ground. He checked her pulse, confirming that she was truly dead. Once he made sure of that, he placed her gently on his bed and climbed on top of her. He checked if her pussy was still as wet as before, and his hands ended up on her breasts as he easily slid in. He leaned in and placed a kiss on her dead lips while moving in and out. “Thank you, my love. It really was a marvelous dance.” He told her corpse just as he was about to come.

Afterwards, he rolled off her, and checked how her body felt pressed up against him now. But without her clinging to him of her own will, it seemed a bit lacking. “I wonder when another Ninian will be summoned.” He thought to himself while absentmindedly feeling up the dead body, fully convinced that Ninian’s final promise to him would come true. And indeed, another Ninian would be summoned the next time Kiran went to summon heroes, and would become Eliwood’s lover once more… though the two would also end up having fun with the corpse of the previous Ninian on multiple occasions.

Kiran was laying in his bed, his mind wondering what to do today. He had fully familiarized himself with the list of heroes, and he could sense some ideas forming of who to kill next. Before he could settle down on one idea, a knock on his door brought him out of his pondering. He got up and opened it, seeing a red-haired woman on the other side. A quick search of his memory provided him with her name - it was Celica.

“Lord Kiran. I have a request for you.” Kiran moved to the side, letting the girl come into his room. “What is it?” He asked her after closing the door behind her. Celica seemed lost in thought for a moment, then answered:
“At first, I didn’t approve of your methods. I found that execution very… unpleasant to watch. Still, after some debates with Princess Sharena, she brought up many advantages to such a way of leading your people. And one she spoke of was the possibility of transferring the power from one person to another. And from what Princess Sharena told me, I make for a perfect person to transfer my power from.” Celica took a deep breath, then concluded: “So I ask of you: use that magic to strengthen my beloved, Alm.”

Kiran was just fine with doing that. “Of course, I can do that. But first, you’ll have to convince me that you really want it.” He smiled suggestively at her, while undoing his robes and setting his cock free. Celica’s eyes flashed with disgust for a moment, but she reminded herself she was doing it for Alm. Fully knowing what was expected of her, Celica undid the straps holding her breastplate in place. She set it down on his table, and tried to pull the front of her dress open. But since she never removed just a part of it, she ended up tearing off the part covering her breasts. She frowned for a moment, sad to ruin her favorite dress, then laughed - it’s not like the state of her dress would matter in a few hours.

With that done, she approached him and knelt in front of him, taking his shaft between her huge breasts. She rubbed them up and down his tool a bit, then took it inside her mouth. She sucked him off with some proficiency, having done that with Alm a couple times before. Her tongue licked against his member, and she sucked on it as she struggled to take it further and further in. Kiran considered holding her there and just choking her to death with his dick as she broke off for air, but decided Celica was so dedicated to her cause that he’d grant her her wish. After a few more licks from Celica, he came, blowing his load all over her face, with some of his seed falling onto her breasts and hair as well.

“Now, follow me.” Kiran ordered her after they both got up, and he led her to the magical chamber. On the way, Celica was a bit afraid they’d run into someone she knew. Her fears proved to be true as they passed Faye. However, the blonde villager seemed happy to see her like that - Celica knew the girl was also in love with Alm, and she was probably thinking that if the summoner was taking her away, she’d get a chance with Alm now.

Once they got to the chamber, the summoner looked around, thinking how to kill her. As they walked, he kept staring at Celica’s shapely ass, and he knew he wanted to have access to her fuck hole as he killed her. Upon seeing a short wooden pole with some rope near it, he knew how set her up for that. “Get on the ground in front of it.” He told her while pointing in the direction of it, and Celica walked over there, reminding herself it was for Alm’s sake. She sat on the ground there, and Kiran tied her hands to the pole above her head. With how slippery the floor was, she found herself sliding forward a bit. After tying her up, Kiran started the incantation for the power transfer spell, and walked over to the table, deciding on a weapon. A golden dagger there caught his attention, and he decided to kill her with it. He grabbed it, and got on his knees in front of her. She looked at him with some curiosity, and was a bit angered when he started slicing the bottom of her dress away. The short, black skirt she wore underneath gave way as well, and her hairless cunt was exposed to him as he threw the cloth he cut off away. She wasn’t very surprised, though - she knew he usually raped the women he killed. So she was prepared when he forced her legs to the side - still in her armored boots and black high socks - and forced his shaft inside her snatch. She managed to endure it, reminding herself yet again that she was doing it for Alm, but also admitting to herself that Kiran’s cock wasn’t half bad.

As Kiran was sliding in and out, he started to run the dagger against some crevices of her body, sending a few shivers through her body. As he did, Celica couldn’t help but start feeling a bit aroused, and she decided she should enjoy her final sex as well. With that in mind, she started grinding her hips against him, her face flushing up as she tried to reach an orgasm. Just as she was about to, she felt Kiran release his load inside her, so she desperately grinded against him, her bare ass sliding on the ground. She felt release just as Kiran sliced the dagger through her neck, and her orgasmic moan was brutally changed into some gurgling. Still, she could feel the orgasm shaking her entire body as Kiran continued to methodically saw through her neck. By the time her orgasm died down, her head was holding on by just a scrap of her skin, and she was nearly unconscious. With a final slice, Kiran removed her head from the rest of her body, and stood up. He placed her head on the top of the pole, then walked out, his lust sated for now.

“Lord Kiran!” A man’s voice called out for him just as he left. He looked around, and knew right away who the green haired man approaching him was. “Do you know where Celica is?” Alm asked him, his voice full of concern for her.
“She’s in there.” Kiran pointed towards the closed door. “She asked me to do it so you could become stronger.” A worried expression appeared on Alm’s face as he walked through the door, and was greeted with a headless body of his lover. At first, he couldn’t hold back his tears. But as he stared at Celica’s body, he couldn’t help but find her detached head erotic. When he felt himself growing hard, he silenced his conscience and walked closer, picking her head up. After quickly undoing his belt, he freed his cock and forced it into Celica’s neck stump. She’d give him this one final favor before he accepted her death.

After Alm closed the door behind him, Kiran noticed a girl in long, white robes looking at him. He walked up to her, and the girl smiled at him gently. “I don’t want to be a bother, but… did you just kill that red-haired lady?” Julia asked him with a calm voice. “Yes, in fact I did.” Kiran replied, and for a moment the girl’s face lit up a bit. “Ah. She was very kind to me when I met her here… I just remembered! Her name was Celica.” Kiran wasn’t very interested in what she was saying, so he just cut straight to the chase. “Girl, if you want something from me - like to kill you, for example - then simply ask for it.” Julia’s heartbeat sped up when she heard him, and she replied: “That’s… That’s exactly what I wanted to ask for.”
“If that’s the case, follow me.” Kiran answered while walking away. A small smile appeared on her face - she’d finally get her wish. Ever since coming here, the memories of her world have been getting more and more blurred in her mind. She could only recall a few faces now, and the overall feel she was getting from what memories she still had was one of a dark and cruel world, with a bloody and long-lasting war taking the lives of many. After coming here, she was already forced to battle in a few skirmishes, and she realized she didn’t want that to continue - especially with her amnesia progressing. Killing herself while still retaining memories of her own world seemed like the only way out. However, she lacked the courage to do so herself. Being able to have someone else kill her was a wonderful opportunity for her, then.

Kiran led her back to some empty room, deciding not to interrupt Alm’s time with Celica’s body. It was an unused armory, so all he had to kill Julia with was one knife that was still there. He picked it up, and pointed with it at the girl, thinking how to kill her. “Take your dress off.” he ordered her. “What?” She looked at him for a moment, then gave him a weak smile. “Ah… That’s right. The girls you kill are usually naked… Of course, I’ll do that straight away.” She removed the clasps from her shoulders that were golding her cloak up, then untied the sash on her waist. With that done, she knelt and grabbed the hem of her white dress, then pulled it up, eventually getting it over her head. She removed on the ground after getting it off, her hands covering her chest while her legs were obstructing her pussy from his view. A dreamy expression appeared on her face - she must have been remembering something. “Ah, Seliph!” She cried out suddenly, one of her hands going between her legs as she remembered the last time she undressed in front of someone, before remembering where she was. She immediately withdrew it, then looked at Kiran. She got up and apologized, her slit finally visible to him. “Sorry, I just... remembered something from my world.” She could see Kiran looking at her chest, and she remembered she was still covering it with one arm. Apologising yet again, she dropped the arm, revealing her decently sized breasts. She tried not to look away as he went over her naked body, her mind going back to the memory that just resurfaced in her mind.

Kiran approached her, his fingers playing with the knife as he did. When he was right next to her, he cut with it at her chest, the blade easily slicing into one of her breasts. She cried out in pain as it left a bloody mark in her tit, but before she could fully experience the pain, he sliced again, this time slicing neatly through her other nipple. She cried out in pain, but another memory appeared in her mind, and it turned into a moan halfway through - she remembered how it felt when Seliph’s tongue was wrapped around that nipple. Her hand went towards her pussy again, but she stopped when Kiran sliced at her again. However, she decided with these memories back she could at least go for a final orgasm. She closed her purple eyes, and started touching herself while Kiran turned what remained of her breasts into a bloody mess. “Seliph! SELIIIPH!” She screamed when she reached her orgasm, the image of her lover clear in her mind now.

By that time, Kiran was done with her breasts. He decided to let her masturbate and just waited for her to finish. Julia was panting heavily, shaking as she remembered more things from her homeworld. When her eyes opened, she understood a bit more about who she was. Still, she couldn’t back out now, so she looked at Kiran, and spoke gently. “Please… Carry on… and kill me.” As she finished speaking, Kiran buried the knife in her abdomen, with only the handle sticking out just beneath her bellybutton. Julia cried out in pain again, her scream increasing in pitch as Kiran pulled the handle to the side, cutting her abdomen open. And yet, through the pain, more memories returned to her. She remembered some of her friends, but she didn’t recall meeting any of them in this world.

Kiran continued to cut her open until he was satisfied with how big the gash in her belly was. Parts of her guts were slipping through the hole, so he grabbed one and started pulling it out. The pulsating pain in her abdomen caused another memory to come back to her. Tears flashed in her eyes as she recognized the figure as her mother, Deirdre - and it was even more heartbreaking to her that she met her in this world, but hadn’t recognized her. Kiran continued pulling her guts out, until most of her belly was empty. When he was done with them, he forced both of his hands inside her, and grabbed hold of her womb. She started crying even harder as her womanhood was forcefully removed, her womb and ovaries pulled out of her tummy. And yet, because of that, the final barrier in her mind was also shattered. Her entire body shook as all of her memories returned to her. “Th-Thank you…” She stuttered out as the images of her life flashed before her eyes. However, with the amount of blood she had already lost, she didn’t get much time to enjoy them. She kept staring blankly somewhere beyond Kiran when life left her body.

Kiran wasn’t alone in witnessing Julia’s death. Next door, Lyn was also watching them, her fingers going in and out of her slit as she watched him kill her. She’d been following him around since she the public execution, trying to figure out why watching Kiran kill was so arousing to her. She realized how lucky she was to be shielded by a wall with just the perfect hole for her to watch through, but even as she came she still had no idea why she found it so hot. As Julia died, Lyn was shaking with her second orgasm that day. She decided that no matter the reason, such pleasure was far too good to pass on, and she should continue to follow him like that.

As Kiran let Julia’s body drop to the ground, the armory’s door flew open. “I was looking everywhere for you!” Anna called out, grinning as she saw the corpse on the ground. “A new portal suddenly opened, and I need you to choose someone to command the squad that will go there.” Anna squatted by the dead body, placing her cunt over Julia’s lifeless lips - it was easy to do so because she still wore nothing under her skirt.
His mind went over the list of heroes he could trust with such a mission, and he decided Eirika should lead it. With how occupied Anna was with Julia’s body, he decided to go and tell that to Eirika himself.


Chapter 5: The Spring Festival

cons, F/F, roasting, impalement, cannibalism

The portal Eirika’s squad came through transported them to a world in its spring, with bright green grass and green trees - just looking at all that life made them feel a little more alive. Among the grass, they could see many big painted eggs, and in the distance they could see some people. As they wondered where could they be, a girl wearing a hat with white bunny ears noticed them, and hopped over to them, her short white skirt flapping as she did.

“Welcome! You’ve come during a perfect time, as we’re now holding a spring festival. The townsfolk do it in hopes of it leading to good harvest, and I along with a few others decided to come and help them.” Eirika recognised the very enthusiastic speaker as Lucina, and smiled back at her. Since her orders were only to check out where the portal led, she decided she could spare some time to stay for a while. “We’d be delighted to watch that.” She told Lucina, and a bright smile showed up on her face: “Wonderful! We’re just about to hold one of the main events, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” With that, she turned back and hopped back towards the main scene, with Eirika’s squad following close behind.

As they came closer, Eirika was able to see that at the center of the stage, there was a big, transparent oven. She wondered for a moment what it could be used for, but her questions were soon to be answered as Camilla walked onto the stage, also wearing a bunny costume and carrying a large, green egg with her.

People cheered and welcomed her with a loud ovation. Not wasting any time, Camilla set the egg down on a table next to a few pots, then quickly removed the clasp on the front of her corset. The corset opened and slid off, with the skin tight part it was keeping in place falling off afterwards. Her voluptuous breasts were exposed for all to see, Eirika feeling a bit surprised that a princess like Camilla would expose her body so readily, but with the way a Camilla used to dress back in the castle, she could picture her doing that. Camilla didn’t stop there - she removed her black gloves, then with a quick tug she removed her white, wrinkled skirt, tearing it off. Her shoes were already long gone, so after she got her black pantyhose off, she remained stark naked - except for a hairband with bunny ears, and a bunny tail just above the crack of her large, shapely ass.

Once her outfit was gone, Camilla grabbed the egg again. She cracked it on the table, then put it over her head and opened it. It contained a lot of oil, that poured down onto her body.

“Oh, that’s my cue!” Lucina exclaimed excitedly and ran off towards the stage. Camilla used that time to rub some of the oil into her skin, focusing on her mammaries since most of the oil stopped there. It was easy to tell that she was enjoying herself as she did that. What she was doing could easily be mistaken for just playing with her breasts if one didn’t know what was its purpose. As Lucina got to her, Camilla rubbed the remainder of the oil into her nipples with a lewd look on her face.

Lucina quickly grabbed one of the pots, and poured it out onto Camilla’s body. Lucina’s nimble fingers started rubbing the oil into Camilla’s body in various spots, Camilla doing the same with the spots she could reach. Some of the oil trickled down to the floor, but most of it was used to prepare Camilla’s body. Lucina had to soak Camilla with the contents of a few more pots before it was done, however. As they were nearly done, Camilla guided Lucina’s fingers to one part they didn’t cover yet - the area around her twat. Camilla started moaning loudly as Lucina started rubbing the oil in, showing clearly to everyone just how aroused she was. Before Lucina finished covering all of the area, she felt Camilla coming onto her hands. It didn’t stop her, and soon Camilla’s body was fully covered with oil.

Since that was done, Camilla walked away from Lucina, her hips swaying suggestively as she approached the oven. She touched her breasts after stopping in front of it, with them wiggling wildly for a moment. After they stopped, she climbed inside the oven, settling in on her fours with her face towards the entrance. Lucina was already gone by then, halfway to where Eirika and her squad were standing. However, another girl walked onstage.

Sakura was a bit embarrassed when she was told to put a bunny suit on, but since everyone else was also wearing it, she put it on as well. Still, coming in front of a crowd in such a form-fitting outfit was pretty embarrassing for her, and she blushed as she approached the oven. Inside it, she could see princess Camilla, waiting for her to do her task. Sakura had nothing but respect for the older princess, but she couldn’t stop herself from wondering: how did she find the courage to do something like that?

No matter how Camilla did that, Sakura still had to do her part. She bent over so she could reach underneath the oven, aware of how she was giving everyone a perfect view of her slim ass. The torch she was holding in her hand lit up the fire, and she ran off after it did, her shyness overwhelming her.

With the temperature slowly raising, it didn’t take long for Camilla to start feeling the effect it was having on her body. Droplets of sweat were dripping from all parts of her body, her skin quickly turning a deep shade of brown due to the oil. She could feel the air being harder to breathe, quickly tiring herself out because of the heat. Still, she endured, staying conscious as the fat in her breasts started sizzling, with some of it running down her breasts to her sticking out nipples, stimulating her easily before splashing onto the oven’s floor. Whatever juices were still leaking out from her pussy had evaporated almost straight away. Since her legs were in the deepest part of the oven, the heat around them was quickly becoming unbearable. Camilla soon found herself unable to feel her pussy, with the rest of her legs becoming just as unresponsive afterwards. But that was just the way she wanted it - her head was the furthest away from there, so she’d be able to experience all of it.

With no response from the lower parts of her body, Camilla checked if she could still move the upper half. She shifted ever slightly to one side, but her swollen breasts bounced to the side, their sensitive flesh slapping together. She tried to draw a sharp breath of the hot air, then moaned loudly, closing her eyes for a moment. With great effort, she managed to open them up again, struggling to take a look at the crowd that was watching her. A happy and warm feeling filled up her mind as she saw her sister, Corrin, watching her from the front seat - even if it was her idea to have her roasted, it still pleased her to see her beloved sister watching her final moments. With another satisfied moan, Camilla slipped away into death.

Her body remained in the oven for some more time, a delicious smell of her flesh filling up the air around the stage. After some time, a woman with her red hair tied up in a ponytail walked on the stage, also wearing a bunny suit. Eirika recognized she must have been this world’s Anna. The merchant was carrying a small cleaver with her, and she pulled Camilla’s body out from the oven, placing her on her back on a big table on the stage. With a quick smash, she cut Camilla’s head off, the busty princess’s lewd expression staying on her face as Anna placed her head to the side, the bunny headband still on it. With that out of the way, Anna quickly placed her cleaver against Camilla’s belly, and with a few chops managed to cut off Camilla’s gigantic breasts, with their swelling from the roasting taking them far beyond the size of a normal woman.

Moving on, Anna removed all of her limbs with for strong cuts, then with a series of quicker chops turned them into nice slices for people to enjoy. Her hands and feet were also placed to the side, and Anna flipped Camilla’s body over. She grabbed a meat knife instead, and started carving away pieces of meat from her shapely rump. She only finished when all of Camilla’s buttocks was gone, but she had one final task to complete. She stabbed the knife into the flesh just above Camilla’s cunt, and started carving it out. When she was done, she placed it on a special platter, one meant for Corrin in the audience. Camilla’s body was almost unrecognizable now, her once very curvy body reduced to just a torso without any feminine features. Her job almost complete, Anna took a step back and called out to the crowd: “Alright, everyone who’s paid for a part of her meat line up in front of the stage. Don’t try to trick me though, or it just might be you who’ll be roasting next!” She pointed with the knife towards the crowd, smiling playfully.

“So? Did you like it?” Lucina beamed happily at the confused group of heroes as they watched Anna give out pieces of Camilla’s meat. Still, with how things were back at the Order of Heroes, it didn’t seem too weird to her Eirika found herself replying: “It really was enjoyable. I bet she tastes great!” Lucina nodded, and then her smile dropped. “I can’t speak for her, but girl meat usually does! Unfortunately, I can’t give you a taste of her - her entire body had already been spoken for.” A smile returned to her face as she threw her hand cheerfully in the air. “I know! I’ll give you a taste of my own meat!” Before Eirika could react, Lucina ran off, waving for them to follow her.

Eirika found it hard to believe that this Lucina would just throw her life away on a whim like that - she got to know one Lucina pretty good during her stay with the Order of Heroes. Still, it seemed that it was about to happen - Lucina ended up bringing them to some pretty huge fireplace, and was already speaking with Caeda. The other blue haired girl was also wearing a bunny suit, and Eirika assumed she was the cook. Before Eirika’s team got there, Lucina had already finished taking care of everything - and she was already taking parts of her outfit off. It didn’t come as a surprise - after all, that bunny Camilla was also roasted nude. Lucina had already undone the clasp over her corset, and took it off as Eirika got there, Lucina’s small breasts exposed to the air. Without the corset to hold it in place, her puffy skirt simply flew off - not that it actually covered anything. With a few quick pulls she got both gloves off, as well as the back part of her outfit - she just had to take her arms out of the sleeves, and she let it drop to the ground. Just her pantyhose and her pointy shoes. She kicked the shoes off, then grabbed the hem of the pantyhose and pulled it down. With how quick everything was happening, Eirika only found herself being able to speak after Lucina was standing there, fully naked save for the cap with the bunny ears - and a small belt keeping the rabbit tail in place. Stopping her now seemed almost cruel to Eirika with how enthusiastic the girl was - so she decided to let Lucina do it.

Lucina jumped enthusiastically onto the table, laying down on it. “You won’t believe how long I’ve wanted to do this.” She laughed at Eirika, her voice full of joy. She grabbed one of the oil pots next to her, and started pouring it onto her body, with Caeda helping her with spreading it out. However, Caeda didn’t give her as much attention as Lucina had given Camilla, the princess of Talys obviously wishing to do it quickly - and Eirika understood her, for she saw just how much work she had. Camilla’s roasting inspired many volunteers to come and get roasted as well, and all the cooks were busy with handling them all. Once they were done, Lucina’s body was glittering with oil. Caeda walked off momentarily, and returned with a spit for her. She lined the tip up with Lucina’s ass before forcing it inside her.

Lucina managed to stay relatively calm through her impaling, Caeda’s hands expertely leading the spit through her so that it caused only as much pain as was necessary. Since her hands were free, Lucina moved one of them towards her pussy, and started touching herself. Before she could finish though, the tip of the spit came out on her face, and Caeda forced it quite out before stopping. Lucina’s hands were still going at it, her mind fully conscious through that, but she was interrupted when Caeda forced a second, stabilizing pole into her snatch. The penetration let her come, and Eirika watched with fascination as the princess she thought she knew squirmed in an orgasm on a table in front of her, impaled and about to be roasted.

Caeda didn’t really care about Lucina’s orgasm, and she walked over and grabbed her feet, tying them to the spit so that Lucina’s legs wouldn’t fall in the fire. While doing that, she looked at Eirika. “Mind helping me out? I’d appreciate it if you tied her hands to the spit.” Eirika walked there, shaking slightly, and grabbed one of Lucina’s hands. She could feel how sticky it was with her cum, finding it quite captivating. Lucina’s eyes followed her as she tied her up, and Eirika could tell that the woman was still satisfied with her choice. “Help me put her over the fire, okay?” Caeda asked her again, and Eirika found herself helping her carry Lucina’s body to the fireplace, setting the spit on two poles that supported it from opposite sides.

The pain coursing through her body was nothing to Lucina as she was dropped over the fire. She accepted it as necessary to do what she wanted to. The sudden heat coating all of her body didn’t even feel painful at first. She felt her skin gently reddening as Caeda rotated her body, droplets of her sweat and fat falling off her and into the fire. As small an increase it was, Lucina could still tell it was causing the flames to become just a bit hotter. Thanks to Caeda, all of her body was roasting evenly, so when the pain came to her it hit her from all directions at once. She couldn’t struggle even if she wanted to, so she had to just endure it as it grew more and more painful, her face twisting in pain around the spit.

Eirika felt her pussy getting damp as she watched Lucina on the spit. She couldn’t understand why she was so aroused. Was it because of how intense the pleasure Lucina was in earlier? Or was it just her fantasizing about dying in such a primal way? Whatever the cause, Eirika decided to take a step back, and hopefully calm down a bit. She walked off a bit, but wherever she went, she was greeted with more girls being turned into food. She recognized quite a few, and they all seemed extremely happy with what they were doing. When she saw a Clair grinding herself at her spit, about to be roasted, Eirika’s arousal spiked again. She pinched herself, hoping for the pain to shoo away her arousal, and returned to where Lucina was, returning more aroused than before she left.

By the time she was back, Lucina was only barely clinging to her life. Still, the blue-haired princess wished for her guest to see the moment of her death, and she managed to hold on until Eirika reappeared in front of her. Once she saw the green-haired woman, Lucina passed away, very content with giving her life up for her. Caeda kept her body over the fire for some more time, until she was sure it’d taste just perfect.

“Can you help me again? We need to take her back.” Caeda lifted one end of the spit, and Eirika mechanically moved on and lifter her part. She tried not to look at Lucina’s browned body as she did, but she was forced to when dropping it onto the table. Once that was done, Caeda started carving pieces of Lucina’s meat straight from the spit. “Here, have a taste.” She handed Eirika a cut from Lucina’s backside, and Eirika finally understood, why all these girls were doing this. Its taste was beyond anything else Eirika had ever eaten. She closed her eyes, trying not to squeal in pleasure as she let the slice of Lucina’s meat slide down her gullet.

Caeda continued to carve meat out of Lucina’s body, and all of her squadmates got a taste. She presented them with a full meal, Lucina’s athletic thighs providing enough meat for all of them. They all seemed to agree with her - a girl’s meat had no competition as the best thing they’d ever eaten. Sitting at the table, Eirika found her arousal returning to her. However, this time she welcomed it, fully embracing the festival now. She dropped one of her hands beneath the table, moving it under her skirt. She pushed her panties to the side, and delved with her fingers into her slit. With the other hand, she could still eat parts of Lucina’s body, the pleasure coming from her pussy mixing with the pleasure from her taste buds. Some of the heroes with her gave her a weird look as she started moaning, but that was of no concern to her. When she got to taste Lucina’s small, yet extremely flavorful breasts, she couldn’t contain her arousal anymore and came.

They continued to eat away at Lucina’s body, until it was reduced to just the bad-tasting parts. Eirika didn’t want any of it to go to waste - Lucina gave her life for that, after all. As they were finished, and her squad started preparing to leave, she stood up firmly and approached Caeda.
“Yes? Do you want anything else?” Caeda looked at her, a bit annoyed to be bothered again. Eirika put one hand in front of her chest, feeling her rapidly beating heart, then spoke:
“I want to offer my body for roasting as well.” Her subordinates didn’t seem very shocked upon hearing this, having already seen just how agitated she was before. Caeda sized her up, but she wasn’t convinced. “I have to see your body first. Please, remove your clothes.”

Eirika nodded, then started to undress. Her cloak, pauldrons and chestguard all came off without any trouble. The belts holding her red battle dress in place didn’t were also fairly easy to take off, and without them her dress was barely clinging to her body. She removed it quickly as well, eager to get judged fast. Her modest, yet perky breasts sprung free as the dress stopped pushing them down, and the slightest flicker of embarrassment passed through her mind. Still, with that many other naked girls all around her Eirika quickly pushed that emotion aside, and bent over to work on her long legs. Her ornate knee-guards were unceremoniously thrown to the ground, and without them she had no trouble removing her red overknee boots and the socks she wore underneath. Her bare feet touched a few blades of grass and she set them down, the tickling feeling sending a shiver through her body.
With her legs uncovered, she was able to pull her white skirt down without anything in the way. With it out of the way, her snatch was uncovered to all, a small trimmed patch of pubic hair showing over it. To finish it off, Eirika pulled both of her gloves off, going through each finger one-by-one. And as she let them drop as well, she reflected at how unthinkable such an idea would be to her before - she was standing stark naked in a field where girls were being roasted for meat, and she was willingly offering her body up to that same fate.

Caeda stopped looking at her, so Eirika had to get her attention again. Caeda felt her tits up first. “These will do.” She commented, them started tracing her fingers down her body. The rough touch of Caeda’s fingers as she was evaluating her body still managed to thrill Eirika - it had been very long since someone touched her like that. Caeda seemed to give much attention to her fit legs, her meaty thighs earning her a pass in Caeda’s eyes.

“You’ll do just fine as meat.” Caeda told her, and Eirika’s heart fluttered again. That was it! She’d really die like that! However, Caeda wasn’t too sure the green-haired girl wouldn’t try to bail out, so she decided to give her a way that wouldn’t let her back off - she’d seen too many girls get cold feet at the last moment for today.
“Come here and get on the table. I want to tie you up.” Eirika obeyed her without a word, and Caeda bound her hands behind her back. She also bound her feet together, and with a third piece of rope she tied both earlier ropes together. She then tightened the knot, forcing Eirika’s chest to raise as she bent her legs backwards until they met her hands.

With that out of the way, Caeda grabbed an apple and showed it inside Eirika’s mouth, successfully muffling any comments she might have had. Caeda basted her body fairly quickly, wishing she could be done with all that already. When she was done, she took a step back to judge her work. Satisfied with what she saw, Caeda gave Eirika’s rump a quick squeeze. “Now, let’s throw you over the fire.” Caeda looked at the people she’d seen following Eirika, and choose one that seemed particularly muscular. “You there, carry her over there.” Caeda ordered her pointing in the direction of an open grill with a free spot, and returned to the other girls she had to watch over as they roasted.

Effie, who was Eirika’s second in command, walked over and grabbed her former superior up, then carried her to where Caeda suggested. She gently let Eirika down onto the iron bars, the heat already hitting her in her face and hands even though she stayed there for just a moment. She returned to her fellow soldiers, and they all watched Eirika roast from a safe distance.
The strain on Eirika’s body increased tenfold when the heat got to her. It already hurt her to stay in this position, but she told herself it was nothing she couldn’t endure. Still, she wished she could relax her legs just for a moment, but she knew that was not happening. She could see a few other girls in various stages of being roasted close to her, but she didn’t really give them much thought. What was of main concern to her was the growing pain all over her body. Her belly was taking most of the pain now, since it was pressed right against the warmed up metal, and she could feel it burning away at her skin there. The pain didn’t stop there, only increasing when she leaned forward and her bosom pressed against the bars instead. She tried to scream in pain as the sizzling and the smell of burnt fat reached her nostrils, but the apple in her mouth stopped her outcry, letting out only a high-pitched squeal.

She heaved backwards, lifting her breasts from the rods, but her thighs came in contact with the metal instead. The area in pain was far bigger in size, so the pain also deepened proportionally. Eirika started to shake, trying to stabilize her body again and failing unsuccessfully. Some doubt appeared in her mind, considering it too much pain for her. She realized that Caeda must have expected it, and that’s why she tied her up. Her bonds were far too well tied to tear through them, and with her mouth filled she couldn’t ask anyone for help. She could only jump around on the grill, but she realized that even if she jumped over the edge, someone would just pick her up and return her back onto it. Since there was nothing she could do, Eirika gave up on that thought - and just continued to endure the pain. The burn marks over her body were replaced with a beautiful golden color as her roasting progressed, and she found herself giving in to death within the next hour.

Caeda gave Effie a grumpy look as she approached her again while carrying Eirika’s body with her. Still, the blue-haired butcher carved Eirika up quite skillfully, and Effie soon found herself leading the squad back towards the portal, carrying most of Eirika’s meat with them - as well as her severed head. As she walked, Effie could hear one of the girls commenting to another about how interesting this was, and the other agreed, suggesting doing a thing like that for her lover. Although Effie couldn’t pick up on who it was, she found herself agreeing with that motion - a girl’s meat tasted perfectly fine, and she found herself wondering if she’d get the chance to taste it again.


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Chapter 6: What Would You do for Love?

tags: non-con, M/F, F/F, amputation, beheading, suffocation

Lyn watched with a bit of frustration as the arrow she released hit the target. It was too far from the center for her liking, and she readied another arrow, intending to practice until she was back to her usual aim. WIth how much time she spent stalking Kiran since that public execution, she found out her battle skills declined. Once she realized that, she went to the training range - and was still there hours later. However, she already saw she did some progress, and since it was far into the night, she considered stopping for today. A quick look around revealed that the field was completely empty. “Just a few more shots.” She told herself while taking aim again.

However, she was distracted as she heard someone approaching. She lowered her bow, her eyes moving off to the side. And she saw a pink haired woman walk into the field, going for some other spot in the field.
The girl’s name was Katarina. She had just barely been called to this world, so after settling in she just had to test if her magic was working correctly - it didn’t matter to her if it was late. Lyn watched her as she started practicing her magic for a moment, but after watching the girl summon some burning birds, Lyn decided to practice for some more time. However, she couldn't focus on her arrows anymore, stealing glances towards the other girl every few minutes. During one of these glances, Lyn’s arms also moved towards the girl, and she wondered how it would feel if she shot her. The memory of Elincia dying because of her arrow was already pretty arousing, so considering doing something like that again caused Lyn to feel some heat in her loins. She stayed in that position for a moment, only shifting back towards her target when she saw Katarina looking back at her.

When Lyn was considering leaving, sure that she couldn’t stay there any longer or the urge to kill that mage would overpower her will, she heard another person approaching. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw it was the summoner himself.

Kiran was very aroused at that point, having just heard about the expedition to the Spring Festival from the heroes who had returned from it. They also gave him some of Eirika’s meat that they brought bag with them, which he found pretty tasty. Because of that, he decided to search for some girl to kill. Seeing just two girls in the entire training field, he concluded he could kill them both. He watched the women practice for a moment, then moved over to one of the weapon racks and picked up an axe from it.

Lyn’s heart started beating rapidly as she saw what Kiran was doing. With the summoner walking towards them, there was no doubt to what he intended to do. Some part of her was disappointed when he turned towards Katarina, but the mage didn’t notice him, too caught up in her spells. Lyn lowered her bow and broke into a sprint towards Kiran when he raised the axe. She could clearly see as Kiran brought the axe down, slamming it into her arm just next to her shoulder, easily cutting through the entirety of it and removing the limb from the rest of her body.

Lyn stopped a few steps from him as the mage was thrown to the ground, screaming in pain and surprise while internally cursing her lack of attention. Fingers of her hand were already working on undoing the belt that was holding her blue Qipao dress - cut on both sides high enough that the full length of her legs was visible - in place around her hips, when she opened her mouth:

“Please, let me assist you!” She begged him, her hand switching to her collar now that the belt was undone. Kiran looked at her with some amusement - if the girl ran away, he probably would have forgotten about her, but coming to him like that was pretty much suicide for her. He imagined splitting her head open with a strike of the axe, her grey matter slipping out of the wound and giving him a nice hole to ram his dick in, but decided she could help him for now.

“Take your clothes off.” He told her before turning towards her, only to be greeted with her already nude form, her dress having just slidden down her legs. Her eagerness was quite surprising, but it was felt somewhat good to him. “Now, remove her clothes.” He told her while pointing towards Katarina, who was still cradling her cut off arm in her arms, laid out on the ground. Lyn knew that the girl was listening to them, having felt her eyes going over her body when she was taking off her dress.

Lyn gently placed her bow on the ground, ignoring the understanding look in Katarina’s black eyes as she knelt next to her. It didn’t matter to her if he legs were now covered in dirt - Kiran gave her an order, and she was happy being able to fulfill it. Lyn quickly removed her red scarf, and her hands descended on Katarina’s sleeveless dress, removing it without any troubles. Katarina’s light undershirt was next, but at this point Katarina started struggling. However, Lyn easily overpowered her, exposing Katarina’s medium-sized bust, leaving her just in her black shorts and black boots.

The look on Katarina’s head became one of intense hatred upon that, and she struggled hard against Lyn with her remaining arm, clawing away at her face and regretting that her tome was thrown away when Kiran cut off her arm. After receiving a few scratches, Lyn pinned Katarina’s arm down with one hand, the other quickly removing her shorts. Lyn couldn’t help but run the hand up Katarina’s thighs, enjoying them for a few seconds before her hands reached Katarina’s slit. She squirmed upon being touched there, but Kiran interrupted Lyn before she could go any further:

“That was very entertaining to watch, but that’s enough. However, I have something else for you to handle.” He told her while releasing his cock from his robes, Lyn’s eyes going hungrily over his erection. Kiran walked over to them, since Katarina managed to get a bit away before, and waited for Lyn to start working. Lyn moved next to him while still on her knees, her hands feeling his cock up from the side. She decided to stay at his side, because staying in front of him would get in his way of killing Katarina. One of her hands started going up and down his dick while she pressed her mouth against one of his balls, her tongue wrapping around it as she licked it. Her other hand was buried in her cunt - she was touching herself furiously.

Since Katarina tried to crawl away again, Kiran decided to restrict her movement. He cut through the backs of her knees one by one, cutting both of her legs off at the joint. When Katarina couldn’t escape anymore, she turned back again, all of her naked body clearly visible. “Please, don’t kill me!” She cried out as she stared at the axe Kiran was holding above his head. It didn’t work - Kiran brought the axe down straight into her chest, going straight between her breasts and easily smashing through her ribcage. The axe’s blade cut easily through her heart when it reached it, Katarina’s body suddenly going limp.

Lyn heard the crunch of Katarina’s bones snapping, so she turned her head for a moment to check what happened to her. Seeing the wound in her chest, Lyn moved over to the front - she wouldn’t get in Kiran’s way anymore, so she could fully focus on getting him off. She moved her head down his cock a few times before getting his entire length to fit inside, her hands massaging his balls as she deepthroated him. WIth how aroused Kiran was, it only took her a few slurps like that before he erupted all over her face - his orgasm reached him as she was moving away. She opened her mouth, wanting to catch as much of his semen as she could, while both her face and her upper chest was covered in it.

After his orgasm finished, Lyn moved back a bit and continued masturbating, the knowledge that Kiran was watching her providing her with more excitement.
“I already killed a girl just like you - when I first arrived in this world. Your pussy was pretty good as well - and you didn’t even struggle much.” Upon hearing that, Lyn came, too aroused to even think. A very strong orgasm took hold of her, but after a few deep breaths she managed to choke out a few words between her moans.

“I… don’t care… for some… other me!” She finished furiously, then looked straight at him: “I’ve been following you since that public execution. I really enjoyed that, and from that moment I tried to watch whenever you killed a girl. Being able to join you for even one kill feels like a dream coming to life.” As she said these words, fear appeared in her mind - Kiran removed the axe from Katarina’s corpse, and was now preparing to hit her. Her heart was beating so fast she felt as if it was about to burst free from her chest. As she was staring at his weapon, the fear made her blurt out a few words:

“Please! I love you! Let me become your lover!”

That was one thing Kiran wasn't expecting to hear. Threats or girls begging him for mercy was something he was used to by now, but that was the first for a confession of love. He lowered his axe, his eyes going over her entire body, thinking. Lyn had an outstanding body, he concluded, and her words were showing her devotion to him. He was about to agree on that, but another thought came to him - what if she was just saying that to avoid getting killed? She might have been thinking that a different approach like hers might get him to spare her. However, there was also a chance that she actually meant what she said. He decided to test her, and began to speak:

“I won't kill you - at least for now. Now, bring someone you know to me.” Lyn got up, her naked form covered in dirt, Katarina’s blood and his seed. She took off towards the castle, and as she left Kiran looked at Katarina’s corpse again. Since he was to stay there for some time, he figured he could have some fun with it.

Lyn was running, energy flowing through her entire body. She was happy beyond any reason - Kiran was giving her a chance! She slowed down a bit when she started hearing moans in the distance. As she got closer, she realized she recognized them - they belonged to her friend from her world, the lovely half-dragon dancer Ninian. She considered taking her back with her to Kiran, but when she walked past some trees and saw her and Eliwood, she abandoned that idea. They looked very in love in each other, and Lyn felt she could relate to them now - taking one away from the other seemed almost too cruel to her. Because of that, she simply passed next to them, and the lovers didn’t even notice her, too caught up in their act.

Lyn followed the trail back to the castle, and headed along towards the castle. Once there, she ignored the stares she got from heroes she passed, but she couldn’t ignore Tana as she ran into her. “Are you okay?” The blue haired princess asked as the two bumped away, then her face turned to concern: “Woah girl, are you okay? Where are your clothes? Did someone attack you?” The flurry of questions came as Tana noticed the state Lyn was in, but the naked woman only cared about her task now. She ignored Tana’s questions, and hurried on through the corridors.

As she approached the part of castle that was dedicated to her world’s heroes, she noticed Serra angrily pacing along in the corridor. “I can’t believe that just happened!” She exclaimed roughly while placing her hand on one of the doors. “Clarine, let me in!” She screamed at the door, then noticed Lyn stopping next to her. Giving up for now, she turned towards the green-haired lady. “Oh Lyn, Clarine locked me out of the room we share! This is truly terrible!”

Lyn didn’t care for the self-centered cleric that much, but she seemed to fit into Kiran’s request. “Hello, Serra. I would like you to accompany  me somewhere.” Serra eyed her up, only then noticing how dirty Lyn looked - and that she was naked. Initially, Serra found that repulsive - she couldn’t believe Lyn would do something that would leave her in such a dirty state. Her mind couldn’t figure out, why she would invite her - until the pieces clicked in her mind. Lyn surely was inviting her to a threesome! Serra decided Lyn didn't say so because she didn’t want to stain her mouth with such crude words, and nodded. “Fine, I can join you - but I hope you will make it worth my time.”

Lyn just nodded - whatever worked for her. They walked back towards the training field, Eliwood and Ninian already gone when they walked through their spot again. When they got to the training field, Kiran was holding Katarina’s body in his lap. He hacked off her second arm when Lyn was gone, leaving the body as a limbless torso now. He was bouncing it up and down on his cock, a bored expression showing on his face. Lyn’s bow, the Mulagir, was placed on the bench next to him as well.

“It took you some time to get here.” Kiran spoke towards Lyn when she and Serra approached him, the cleric looking around curiously - she never went to train, deciding it was too tiring for her. Lyn’s heart sunk as she heard it - was she not good enough?
“Well, whatever. You brought her here, so now you have to kill her.” He commented while moving his head towards Serra. The pink-haired girl froze, not believing what she was hearing. Kill her? Would Lyn do that?
Lyn was expecting an order like that, and she was already going over a weapon rack, searching for something to kill Serra with. Her face lit up as she noticed the Sol Katti among the swords laid out there. She figured it belonged to that dead Lyn Kiran told her about earlier. It was some time since she last used a sword, but it belonged to her now - and she was sure she’d use it well. She turned to face Serra, who was still frozen in place, not believing in what was happening. Lyn decided to take advantage of that, and ran towards her. As soon as Serra was in range, Lyn slashed with the sword at her.

To test if she still had the control over the blade she wanted, Lyn decided to just cut at Serra’s cloak first. After it fell off, neatly cut near her neck. “Please! You wouldn’t really do that to that to little old me! I’m so fragile and helpless!” Serra put up the usual shtick of what she thought was adorable, hoping it would discourage Lyn, but she had nothing of that, delivering a diagonal slash across Serra’s chest. Her white dress received a cut to the front of it, and after Lyn followed up with another slice, most of it fell away. Serra blushed, covering her breasts, which were sticking out away from her chest even if they weren’t that big in size. Lyn cut at her hips next, and Serra’s double-layered dress soon had no way to stay on, sliding off and leaving the cleric in just her gloves and shoes. Serra started crying at that point, unsuccessfully trying to cover both her breasts and her snatch with her hands. Her teary purple eyes locked up with Lyn’s greens, failing to raise any compassion in her. Sure of her sword now, Lyn decided to finish Serra off. She walked up closer to her, and slashed through her neck.

Lyn caught Serra’s head as it slid off, a new layer of blood pouring onto her chest from the fountain of blood shooting from Serra’s neck stump. Serra’s body collapsed, a few twitches going through it as it hit the ground. Lyn could tell the head still conscious as she walked over to Kiran, and handed him the head. Katarina’s body was now placed on the side, forgotten as Kiran watched Lyn. Her actions were convincing enough for him - he decided to give her a chance.

“Okay Lyn, I won’t kill you now - or anytime soon.” Lyn almost exploded with passion as Kiran grabbed her hand and pulled her to him, planting a kiss on her lips. She kissed him back, channeling all of it into her tongue as it struggled for control with his, hungrily sucking it when it entered her mouth. They stayed like that for some time, Kiran’s erect cock pressing against her abdomen as they did. When they parted, hungry for air,
one of her hands went down and started to stroke it. Kiran cupped her face and looked deep into her green eyes.

“I don’t love you…” Lyn’s disappointment showed up in her eyes as she heard that. “Yet. But I hope I will grow to love you soon.” Lyn smiled, tears of happiness forming in her eyes. “Ah, Thank you for giving me this chance!” She exclaimed happily before leaning in for another passionate kiss - this one fueled by all the time she spent watching him since Azura and Olivia’s public execution. While kissing, she tugged at his cock, climbing up onto him and trying to get it to slide inside her.

“Now now, let’s go somewhere more private first.” Kiran interrupted her, breaking the kiss away and placing a hand over hers. “Okay, my love.” She replied, feeling intense happiness at being able to call him that. They both got up, and Kiran led her back towards the castle, his hand locked with hers. Lyn carried her sword with her free hand, while he took her bow.

Kiran led her to his room, then stopped. If Lyn was to become his beloved, she’d need a room close to him. He knocked on the door to the next room, and after a few moments Eldigan opened the door. “My liege?” he asked him, wondering what could cause Kiran to come to him in the middle of the night.

“I want you to move away from this room.”
“It shall be done, my liege.” Eldigan went back in to gather up his things, and in just a few minutes he left. Lyn simply stood there, watching and grinding her body against his leg. Once Eldigan left, the pair walked inside the now empty room.
“I was thinking you should have a room near me, so you can take this one.” Lyn walked around, familiarizing herself with the room. As she noticed a closed door, she opened it and was greeted with a basin full of water. She suddenly realized just how dirty her entire body had gotten during the night. “I’d like to wash now - if you don’t mind waiting, of course.”
“Sure, go ahead. It will make this more enjoyable for both of us.” Hearing that, Lyn jumped into the basin, eager to get herself clean for her lover.

“Well, this entire scenario is pretty unexpected.” Kiran thought to himself as he settled down on Lyn’s new bed. “Who would have thought a woman could love me if all I do is murder and rape them?” He sat on the bed for a moment, getting free of his robes to match Lyn’s nakedness when she came back. But before that happened, he heard a weak knock on the door. He ignored it, but the knock repeated. “Big brother? Are you there?” A girl’s voice sounded out, and Kiran decided to check who she was. He walked over to the door, and pulled it open.

Outside, he could see a short girl with long, golden hair. She smiled brightly as he opened the door, and he wasn’t sure she’d even seen him since she closed her eyes as she did. She was wearing just a short, pink dress, that reached barely beyond her hips, and nothing else. Kiran realized it was probably her nightwear - but why was she here?

“Big brooother, I’m so happy you finally accepted my feelings!~” She beamed with happiness at him, her eyes still closed. “And since we agreed to be lovers now, I came to you to show just how much I looove you!” She twirled, her dress flowing upwards and exposing her small, plump ass. “Big brother? Are you there?” She asked, expecting at least a comment from Eldigan by now. She opened her eyes, and screamed as she saw Kiran, his naked body only scaring her further. “W-Where is my brother?” She asked, him, blushing suddenly as she tried pulling her dress down so it covered more of her body.

“I had him move away, since I found a new use for this room.” Lachesis took a step back as he answered her, obviously preparing to run away. “But since you came here, it’d be rude to just leave now.” He told her as he grabbed her by her shoulder, and pulled her inside the room. She tried to struggle against him, but he managed to overpower her and drag her through the door, closing the door behind him.

Once that was done, Kiran grabbed Lachesis’s dress and just tore it away, with the girl breaking into tears as she did that. She wasn’t wearing anything under it, and one of her hands went to cover her small tit flesh as he did that. He slapped her hand away, wanting to see all of her unobstructed. It seemed that she had only just turned into a woman, but before Kiran could decide what to do with her, Lyn returned to the room.

Water was dripping from all of her naked body, the green-haired lady wearing a very satisfied expression on her face. “These hot springs here are not that bad, but they’re nothing compared to a warm bath alone by myself.” She commented, closing the bath’s door behind her. Her eyes immediately took in all of the room, and she saw Kiran with another, naked girl. A pang of jealousy entered her mind, but as she saw that the girl was crying, she understood that she was just another girl to be killed. To make sure it was the case, she walked over to Kiran and Lachesis, smiling brightly. “Ooh, you brought me a gift? That’s so nice of you!”

Kiran smiled back at her, and pushed Lachesis towards Lyn. Together, the pair forced the girl towards Lyn’s new bed, with Lachesis eventually falling over onto it. Her pussy ended up just on the edge of the bed, and since Kiran was already hard, he forced his dick into her virgin fuck hole. “I hope you don’t mind.” Kiran apologized to Lyn after doing so, but the girl just smiled at him again, rubbing her cunt again. Another idea came to her, and she climbed onto the bed, then crouched over Lachesis’s head. She looked down to make sure she was doing it correctly, and then pressed her booty all over Lachesis’s face. Her pussy lips ended up covering the girl’s normal lips, and most of Lachesis’s face was covered by her sizeable ass. Lyn looked at Kiran again, and leaned in for a kiss as Lachesis started struggling beneath her.

The blonde princess couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She was expecting to lose her virginity on that night, but it was supposed to be the work of her brother, and not the summoner! Her concern only increased when the green-haired woman she recognized as Lyn climbed onto the bed above her. When Lyn’s butt pressed against her face, Lachesis found herself unable to breathe as her nose was squeezed shut. Something wet covered her lips, and she understood it must have been Lyn’s slit. She easily figured out what was being expected of her, and her tongue flicked upwards to lick at Lyn’s cunt. She felt a bit disgusted while doing so, but still continued to do so, Lyn’s cunt honey leaking into her mouth. Since she wasn’t able to breathe, her tongue started moving more rapidly as the pain in her lungs increased. In panic, she was desperately trying to suck in air, but instead only received more of Lyn’s juices, giving Lyn further pleasure as she sucked on her cunt. By that time, the pain in her abdomen was almost forgotten, Kiran’s rough pounding of her snatch pushed back to some distant corner of her mind. Lachesis’s hands were wriggling madly, and she hit Lyn on the side of her legs in some hope of making her move, but it was all futile. Lyn was far too absorbed in her kiss with Kiran to even notice, and Lachesis began to understand that she would die like that. Her thoughts went towards her beloved brother - they were only able to reunite in this world, and their time together seemed far too short to her. Her small fist pounded weakly against Lyn’s leg one final time, and Lachesis found most of her body going limp. “Ah, Eldigan…” She thought to herself as her tongue moved inside Lyn’s vagina for the final time, and her golden eyes rolled back as she was smothered to death.

Her death throes were enough to bring both Lyn and Kiran to their orgasms, and Lachesis’s dying form received love juices from both of them. The pair realized what they’d just done - it was their first true kill together! Lyn’s passion at the thought was reflected in another kiss. Kiran removed his dick from Lachesis’s body while Lyn climbed off of it, and she embraced him as soon as her bare feet touched the floor. She was still very wet, both literally and sexually, so she stroked his cock while pressing her breasts against his chest. With how eager she was, Kiran was already convinced the choice of giving her a chance was correct, as she turned his body around and pushed him back onto her bed. She climbed on top of him and started bouncing on his cock, fully consumed by her lust. Aside glances at Lachesis’s corpse reminded her just how much luck she had, only magnifying her pleasure to another level.


I'm really loving this story. I love how creative and varied you've been the chapters, but this latest one really hit one of my favorite fetishes I don't see much guro of, couples dominating. Curious to see where you go with it.

...but also, and this is kind of silly, I'm a bit curious what's going on with the villains in this world? What the hell are Veronica (and Bruno?) up to when the Order of Heroes is spending as much time killing themselves as they are fighting the Emblians?


Miriel please! Torture her senseless. :)


>>12561 Thanks! I try to stay fresh, but I'll probably have to start repeating some of the ideas eventually. As for Lyn's role, the idea of getting Kiran a more permanent lover was all Blau Sturm's. I have some ideas for her, so she'll probably stay - for the foreseeable future at least. You can expect more of that for sure :)
As for Veronica, the original idea I had for her would just have her open the portal for Surtr, with him filling the villain role in some scenarios I had in mind for the future. I do think that she's probably as sadistic towards the heroes that have to fight for her as Kiran, and I now plan to expand on that in an incoming chapter. My original idea included a bit more of fighting chapters like the first one, and they would probably show more of this version of Emblia, but I think juggling ideas worked out better than that :D
>>12576 I'd love to, but she's not in Heroes atm. She'll probably get added to Heroes at some point, and I might also start using characters not in FEH at some point, but for now I'd prefer to stick to heroines that are already there. Any other character you'd like to see instead?

Chapter 7: A Midnight Stroll

tags: non-con, con, M/F, F/F, gutting, drowning, strangulation

The next day, Lyn found herself practicing with her bow and her newly reacquired sword without any distractions. Her mind was working wonderfully with the knowledge of her new relationship, and even if her body was feeling a bit sore she still paid no mind to that. However, Kiran told her he was busy the entire day, so she was only able to get back to him late at night. During the day, she managed to get her herself a new set of clothes, similar to her earlier ones, from the tailor girl - Lyn remembered her name was Oboro.

Kiran really did spent the day quite busy, reading up on his heroes again and planning a few missions. He decided to give Sharena a chance at leading her squad just as Lyn opened his door. A smile crawled onto Kiran’s face when he saw Lyn enter his room. It was enough work for today, he decided. Lyn couldn’t contain her excitement anymore and ran towards him, throwing herself onto him and pulling him in for a kiss as he stood up from his desk. With her passion sated for a moment, she let go of him and looked at him.

“I kept thinking about you the entire day. I came up with a thing we could do together - let’s go for a stroll and gaze and the stars!” Lyn told him happily, and Kiran figured they could do it. “Sure, let’s go!”

Their walk took them outside the castle and into the forests that were surrounding it. Lyn couldn't help but compare the sky to the one she remembered from her world, with both being completely different. As they wandered around, Lyn could contain her happiness - it proved to her that all that happened yesterday wasn’t a dream. At some point, they could hear angry shouts coming from one direction, so they went towards them.

When they reached the clearing from which the shouts were coming, they could see two girls locked in a heated duel. Kiran recognized one as Mia, the girl’s sword glistering with blood as she swung it at the other woman. Her opponent was Tana, her lance similarly bloodied as she was carefully dodging Mia’s attacks, waiting for her opportunity to strike. Lyn remembered that this girl had interrupted her yesterday, and she looked at the girl angrily, hoping she’d get injured. Although their battle seemed quite real, the presence of a third girl - the sweet and petite princess Sakura - holding a healing staff told Kiran and Lyn that it was only practice. Lyn’s wish was answered though - as Mia buried her sword through Tana’s slim belly, Sakura’s staff glowed, returning her to full strength right away.

“All right, I need a break.” Tana told Mia as she placed her hand on the hole in her dress, her finger tracing against the spot that was cut open. She raised her head and noticed the pair spectating them. She slashed a bright smile at them and waved, but the angry glare she got from Lyn discouraged her from coming to them. “Actually, I think this will be enough for today.” She spoke, dropping her smile. Still, going back to the castle would require passing next to the girl that was sending her these death glares, so Tana didn’t want to do that. She remembered, however, that there was a spring nearby, and with how bloodied she got during the fight, she got another idea. “I’m going to take a soak in that river over there. Want to join me?”

“Can’t wait! I’m also quite tired now, so it will be just great!” Mia replied, smiling happily. The girls headed off with Tana leading the way, and since Sakura’s job there was over, she turned around and headed towards the castle - careful not to get too close to Kiran as she walked past him and Lyn.

Lyn was about to walk away as well, but Kiran stopped her, grabbing her by her hand. “I saw the way you were looking at the girl with the ponytail. I don’t know what happened between you, but if you wish to kill her, then we sure can do it.”

“Really?” Lyn asked, then gave him a sharp kiss. “I’d rather you killed her, and I’d just watch you do it. What do you think?” She replied, and Kiran smiled back at her. “I can work with that, too.” Holding hands, they followed the girls into the forest towards the spring Tana had been talking about.

When they reached it, Tana was already bathing, her pink dress, most of her utensils and her lance laid out nicely on the shore. Mia was still in the state of undressing, her black boots, gloves and belt already on the ground. She had been in the process of removing her back overknee socks when she saw Kiran and Lyn, and she flashed them another smile as she pulled them off. Her hands immediately went towards her short orange dress, and she pulled it off quickly while still looking at Lyn and Kiran.

Kiran approached her, but she playfully laughed and ran off into the water. She wasn't his main focus now, so he just picked her blade up before undoing his robes as well, not wanting them to get wet. Lyn was already naked next to him, and she ran after Mia into the stream. A smile appeared on his lips as he saw her approach Mia, then he turned towards Tana and started to make his way towards where she was through the river.

As Tana saw Kiran approach her, she already knew what was going to happen to her. But the yesterday’s image of Lyn gave her some hope as she connected the dots to what must have happened yesterday. If Lyn managed to convince Kiran not to kill her, then Tana would have to at least try to do the same. A blush formed on her face as she told herself that, but she was determined to try it anyways.

When Kiran was close to her, Tana did her best to smile seductively at him, then spun in the water, showing off her naked and quite curvy body. As she stopped, she bobbed her head at him and smiled again, her fingers between her things and spreading her pussy in his direction.

Kiran took the opening, his dick easily sliding inside her. She cupped her breasts as she did, trying her best to maintain her smile while her vagina was stretched with his cock. She played with her boobs for a moment, keeping herself aroused so that her pussy would stay wet for Kiran, then put her hands around his head, pulling him closer and embracing him. She didn’t expect to enjoy it, but she found herself grinding herself against his cock for a moment. Her face lined up with his, and she leaned even closer, her lips touching Kiran’s However, as she tried to kiss him, a blinding pain erupted from her abdomen. She tried to pull away in horror as she saw Mia’s blade going through her flat belly. She could feel it sticking out of her back as well, her blood rapidly pouring out of the wound. She was cut open at just around the water level, so the running water only sped up how fast she was bleeding out. Kiran continued to fuck her through that, but all her pleasure from earlier was gone now. He pulled the sword out, letting Tana’s guts slide out of the wound. Although the water current was pulling at them as well, Kiran still had to pull on some of her organs so that they would get pulled away.

With all the blood loss and pain taking a toll on her body, it didn't take her too long before she bled out completely, succumbing to her wounds. Kiran blew his load inside her moments before, and he stabbed Mia’s blade through Tana’s chest just as the princess of Frelia died. Tana’s short twin braids hung sadly on both sides of her face as she leaned back limply, with the sword burying itself into some mud on the stream’s floor and stopping her from collapsing any further. Having let go of the sword, Kiran turned around to see what Lyn had been doing. He smiled as he saw his lover enjoying herself, one of his hands going down to his dick as he watched.

Mia let out a moan as Lyn’s hands closed over her average breasts. That was just what the blue-haired mercenary had been hoping for, though she thought it would be Tana instead. Still, she wasn’t one to complain about such a change, and she turned around, her hands grabbing Lyn’s chest in return. Only for a moment though - then she broke off and playfully splashed Lyn with water. In the corner of her eye, she caught Kiran and Tana having sex. She felt her arousal growing, and she returned to Lyn, her mouth connecting with Lyn’s. She forced her tongue against Lyn’s as one of her fingers went towards her wet snatch, and she began to rub herself. Lyn pulled the girl closer with her hands, embracing her while they kissed. Her fingers touched against Mia’s as she explored Mia’s fit legs, and Mia removed her fingers to make room for Lyn’s. She let out another moan when Lyn pushed her fingers inside her, just as she saw Kiran slice Tana open with her sword.

Eventually, the girls had to break away for air. Lyn took that moment to take a glance towards Kiran, and her arousal spiked as she saw what her beloved had been doing. Mia’s warm voice was also a factor in that as the girl spoke to her quietly:

“You know, this is quite hot watching him kill a girl like that. But being in the place of that killed girl… I can’t shake the feeling that it might feel even better.” Lyn recognized some of her earlier thoughts in what Mia was saying. Nevertheless, if Mia wished to be killed, then Lyn was happy to oblige.She pushed the girl away from her, using her body weight to push her underwater. Surprise flashed on Mia’s face for a moment as her back hit the stone bottom, but as her head was forced beneath the surface understanding replaced it, her arousal returning in full force.

Lyn climbed onto her, holding Mia down with most of her body as she rubbed her pussy against Mia’s. With how clear the water was, she could easily see bubbles of air coming out of Mia’s mouth as Mia’s face was twisted with another lewd expression. It was soon replaced with a pained one, as the girl tried to suck in some air, but couldn’t. Her face was red, both because of her arousal and because of the lack of air. Her legs kicked wildly as her survival instincts activated, her hands moving out of the water and sliding weakly against Lyn’s stomach. Lyn shivered at the extra stimulation, but continued holding her down. The speed with which she was rubbing her pussy against Mia’s increased though, and after a few moments she could tell that Mia was having an orgasm. A blissful look filled her face and green eyes. Her body started to jerk wildly underneath her, and as it continued Lyn understood that it turned into death throes. As Mia’s hand fell, floating limply on the water’s surface, a vacant expression appeared in her eyes. Her tongue lulled freely out of her open mouth, which was now filled with water.

Lyn bent over, placing a kiss onto her dead lips, before leaning back and starting to rub her cunt hard against Mia’s dead one. She took a look around, and noticed Kiran watching her with a smile, with Tana’s dead body sticking out of the water behind him. She blew his a kiss, but continued to rub herself against Mia’s corpse. With how pleasureable the flow of water on her nethers was for her, it didn’t take long until she came as well.

When she was finished, she stood up, water leaking all over her body. Mia’s body floated slowly to the surface, the stream’s current slowly taking it away. Lyn walked over to Kiran, her hand going towards his cock and closing over his. He let her control his hand as she jerked him off, and she kissed him again while doing so. She continued that until she felt his hot semen on her hand, at which point she let go of his member and licked his cum off her hand. She savored the taste for a moment, while Kiran started staring at something behind her.

As focused as they were on each other, they hadn’t noticed as Sakura appeared near the stream as well. The young princess’s cheeks became very flushed as she saw just what happened in her absence. When going towards the castle, she tripped over some tree root while trying to stay away from other heroes she passed on the way. With how dirty both she and her clothes got, she decided to wash herself - and maybe wash her dress as well. But the springs at the castle were too crowded for her, so she returned towards the stream. Seeing what transpired there scared her, but since she was already standing on the shore she decided to do it anyways.

She muttered some apologies while removing her red dress, her white socks and white gloves. Her white panties and bra came off as well, with her folding them all neatly and placing them gently on the shore, and she slowly stepped into the stream. She hoped to be done with it quickly - maybe the summoner and his lover wouldn’t even notice her? Her hopes for that were dashed as she saw him looking at her. She closed her eyes, blushing again. Something touched her leg, so she opened her eyes, and was greeted with Mia’s lifeless face. Her body ended up washing up against her leg, and the surprise along with fear caused Sakura to cry out. She also splashed some water around as she gently pushed Mia’s body away. By this point, she knew both Kiran and Lyn must have been staring at her, so she turned around to hide from their sight.

“I-I’m nearly done! There’s no need to bother yourselves with me!” She called out, her cheeks the color of her dress as she continued to wash herself. Her delicate body bent forwards to splash her face with some more water. When she straightened up again, she could hear the louder and louder water splashes behind her, and she understood that the summoner and his lover must have been approaching her. She tried to stay calm, telling herself that they were already done, and they wouldn’t do anything to her. She was proven wrong as a pair of arms sneaked under her shoulders, warm hands groping her small tits.

“Eek!” She squealed out in surprise as Lyn’s wet fingers flicked her nipples. Sakura drew a sharp breath, not fully understanding what was happening. It was a very sharp feeling, but with surprise she also noticed that it felt a bit… enjoyable? As Lyn continued to do play with her small breasts, Sakura found herself melting into more pleasure under her touch. She closed her red eyes for a moment, and a quiet moan escaped her lips. She leaned back into the green-haired woman’s embrace, her back pressing against her breast. Sakura’s mind replaced her with the memory of her older sister, comparing it to the baths they shared together. Since Sakura wasn’t very experienced in carnal pleasures, that was the only she could compare it to. She found out, however, that the image of Hinoka doing that to her caused a warm sensation to rise in her abdomen.

After a few more, louder moans, she opened her eyes and squealed in surprise again. Standing in front of her was the summoner - and she was given a full view of his naked body. Hinoka momentarily chased away from her thoughts, Sakura found herself focusing on the man’s prick with some fascination, since it was the first cock she saw in her life. She squirmed as another shiver ran through her body, another moan escaping her lips. She blushed hard as she did that, realizing that he was able to see her in such an exposed state now. She tried to cover herself with her hands, but with a quick jerk, Lyn forced them away to the side. Sakura gave up on doing that, and Lyn’s hands returned to her breasts.

Kiran enjoyed watching her face, her curious, yet innocent expression changing gradually into a sensual one while his girlfriend continued to knead her small flesh orbs. Still, he couldn’t just stand there and watch them all night. Sharing a glance with Lyn, e shifted closer, and one of his hands delved in between Sakura’s thighs. He tickled the outside of her pussy, running his fingers through the red bush growing outside it, and Sakura shivered in Lyn’s embrace. “Ah! Hinoka!” Sakura called out in pleasure, back to her fantasy. Satisfied with her reaction, Kiran continued to finger her, increasing the speed slowly and enjoying each jerk of her body as he was forcefully bringing her to the first and last orgasm of her life. With the combined stimulation from both of them, Sakura eventually came, her gentle voice cracking as she called out in pleasure. Her body started shaking hard as her juices started pouring onto his hands. She twitched again as he pulled out his fingers out of her. A post-coital expression appeared on her face as her muscles loosened, and she slumped a bit in Lyn’s embrace.

However, her ordeal was only starting now. Kiran’s hand moved upwards, joined by the other one, and they both enclosed around her throat. Her eyes snapped open as her windpipe was crushed, her fingers instinctively trying to defend herself - but Lyn’s hold over her stopped her right away. Her already heated up face turned up a deeper shade of purple, her mouth opening in a futile try to grasp another breath. Kiran responded by squeezing her neck even harder, and he could feel something snap there with a loud crack. Sakura could only stare at him as he continued to choke her. Her body was already quite frail, and the exhaustion caused by her forced orgasm only shortened the time she could survive without air. She slumped against Lyn, her legs giving out. She lost control over her bladder, and some piss trickled down her thighs and into the water. Another shiver rocked her body, and she went limp in between them.

Kiran continued to squeeze her throat for some more time, while leaning in for a kiss with Lyn. His erect cock pressed against Sakura’s belly as their tongues struggled for domination, Lyn letting go of Sakura. Her body slumped further against her, squeezed between the two of them. Kiran finally let go of her after their kiss was finished, and he looked at the body under him. He wondered how tight her dead pussy would feel around his cock, but he had a far more eager and curvy woman looking at him with love. But as he looked at Lyn, she nodded encouragingly, grabbing his dick and guiding it towards Sakura’s snatch. He pushed in, Sakura’s body jerking again, stretching the inside of her still warm pussy to beyond its limits. Her hymen was torn through straight away, and Kiran continued to pump out of in of the corpse for a few more moments. Killing her made him already quite aroused, so with the way it hugged his cock it didn’t take him long to blow his load inside her. While he was fucking her, Lyn continued playing with Sakura’s breasts. She also twisted Sakura head towards herself, and started to explore her open mouth with her tongue.

As Kiran came and pulled out, letting go of Sakura’s body, Lyn also did that, and Sakura’s body collapsed into the water. Lyn smiled at him brightly, and asked happily:

“Did you enjoy our walk? I sure did!”

Instead of replying, Kiran pulled her in for another kiss. The pair continued to enjoy themselves for a bit longer, before returning to the castle.


Wow. How many chapters did you write during downtime? These things keep popping like corn!

Anyway, can you do more combat gore? Say, the 3 pegasus sisters getting shot down, finished off and their corpses ganhbanged by a bunch of generic emblian soldiers?



I finished chapter 4 just as the site went down, but chapters 5 and chapters 6 were halfway done then. I finished them up and started preparing 7, so it didn't take that long to finish it now. They're probably gonna slow down a bit now - it's just that I'm very passionate about writing this.

If I stick to my current plan, the pegasi sisters are up for chapter 9, and more combat gore is planned for 11. Might add a combat death to chapter 9 as well, if I decide to let go of the "3 deaths per chapter" rule I had



Oh, nice! Thanks for the reply. I'm not actually in for the combat gore, I'm more interested in what's in store for the bodies afterwards, hehe.


To help give you some ideas for more consensual snuff, would you mind me posting some scenarios?

—Tharja willingly and quite eagerly stabbing herself as part of a “ritual” to “ease Lyn’s pregnancy” (read: cum her brains out while a pregnant Lyn watches on)

—Princess Arya basically giving a pistol a rather intense and enthusiastic blowjob and pulling the trigger as she cums

—Olwen happily locking herself into a guillotine’s lunette and begging people to fuck her senseless, demanding that whoever makes her cum the hardest drop the blade


>>12588 Thanks for your suggestions! I've already had some scenarios for these characters in mind, so if I do use these the characters might be different. The first scenario I'll definitely use if Lyn becomes pregnant at some point. The second one doesn't really work cuz there are no guns in FE, but I guess she might steal Kiran's summoning gun and use that instead. I'll try to fit the third idea in what I already have planned, but even if I can't, I will use it for sure later on.


Chapter 8: The Price of Failure

tags: non-con, rape, M+/F, F/F, eyefuck, stabbing, cutting

Sharena was on her knees in Kiran’s office. Tears were running down her usually cheerful face, as she looked at the summoner with a pleading look in her eyes. Her armor was in tatters, her body covered in blood and bruises, but she knew that would gain her no sympathy from him.

“Please, give me another chance!” She tried to beg him through her tears, but Kiran’s face showed no signs of mercy. Her mission against the Emblian forces went horribly, with only her returning from it. Although she was scared of reporting that, she knew she had to so she went straight to him when she returned to the castle. However, it seemed Kiran was going to punish her right away.

“You knew this would happen if you failed again.” Kiran told her, thinking how to kill the girl. “You know what to do.” He told her while staring into her green, teary eyes.

Sharena sniffled as she began to remove whatever remained of her clothes. With how destroyed they were, it didn’t take her long, and soon she was standing there in the full nude. Her mind thought of the Sharena that she saw dead when she was summoned here. Was that her similarly scared of dying? It seemed with all the deaths she saw since coming here, her fear only increased. She looked at Kiran again, and tried to beg him again.

Kiran stood up from his desk, undoing his robes and freeing his cock. He walked closer to her, and she reached out towards it, but he pushed her hand aside, slapping her on the cheek with it before stopping. Sharena’s head recoiled back a bit, and his dick lined up right with one of her green eyes. As he saw it, he just knew what he had to do. He thrust his hips forward, forcing his dick into her eye socket. Ocular liquid and blood splashed out of it as Sharena’s eyeball was squashed, the tip of Kiran’s cock piercing through it in one go. Sharena’s body shook as she felt that, the pain beyond anything she ever felt before. Kiran’s cock neatly fit in the hole, but he wanted to fit more of it inside her. He grabbed her head by the hair with one hand, stabilizing it. Sharena looked at him with her surviving eye, tears running from it as she held out her hand to him, and tried to plead again: “P-Please, this is enough! Don’t kill meeeeeee!” Her final word was interrupted as he forced his dick through the back of her eye socket, ramming it into her brain.

Sharena’s remaining eye rolled back, her tongue hanging limply from her open mouth. The words leaving her mouth turned into senseless blabbering, drool leaking out of her mouth. Her entire body started jerking wildly as Kiran’s dick started moving again, sliding through the new hole in her head and mincing through more of her brain, her twitches synchronized with his movements. The somewhat rough feel of her bones felt quite interesting, while the tip of his cock was warmly enveloped with her brain matter. Sharena’s bladder released, a streak of it squirting out of her pussy and onto his cold, stone floor. Her mind was pretty hazy now, the brain damage causing her not to think straight, so her mind was just showing her random images. Many of the heroes she met had appeared, but one appeared more than the others. Sharena remembered that she and the girl with short green braids became very close, but she couldn’t even remember her face now, nevermind her name. Recalling their pleasure-filled moments together was beyond her ability now. And with another shove of Kiran’s cock, all of that disappeared as well. When Kiran pushed in yet again, her body slumped completely, held up just by his hand as she died.

Kiran felt the increased weight on his dick, and it only took him a couple more thrusts until he blew his load. His semen mixed in with her brain matter, some of it leaking out of her eye socket as he pulled his gore-covered cock out. He let Sharena’s head drop for a moment, and wiped most of it into her blonde ponytail. As he let go of her body, it fell forwards onto his floor, her small breasts squashed against the floor. Kiran walked over behind her, staring at Sharena’s butt, which was now sticking up in the air. Her asshole looked quite inviting, so he stroked himself for a moment until he got hard again, then pushed his dick into her anus. He continued to enjoy her body for some more time, but eventually grew tired of it, so he ordered some heroes to remove the body. He wondered briefly what Lyn was doing at the time, since she said she had some business she had to take care of.

Lyn knocked at the door to Oboro’s room. The Hoshidian opened after a moment, and Lyn walked inside. The room looked more like a tailor’s workshop than a fighter’s, but Lyn was just fine with that - that’s why she had come there, after all. She could see the dress she wanted from her, waiting for her on a desk. She walked over, and picked it up - then quickly undressed, not caring for the blue haired woman that was watching her, a bit uncomfortable with her presence. Oboro’s fingers were playing with one of her sewing needles, and she started seeing a bit mindlessly while watching her.

With how cut up her current dress was, she came and asked Oboro to make her a new one - as well as a bunch of spares. Trying the new one on she found out it fit her just right - perfectly hugging the curves of her body, and still letting her move unobstructed. Lyn took out her sword, and swung it around a little to test that out, then turned towards Oboro with a smile on her face. “Thanks, it’s perfect.” Oboro’s face lightened up as she heard that, but still was a bit wary of her.

“Now, what about the lingerie I asked you for?” Lyn asked her. Even though she wasn’t used to wearing underwear, while talking with some of the girls she heard that it could make her even sexier for Kiran, so she decided to go through with it. The hoshidian tensed as she heard that, but mustered her courage and answered:
“Don’t you think you asking me for too much? I’ve already sawn you a dozen dresses, and I don’t think you’re going to pay me for them. Unless you find some way of paying me back for these, I won’t give them to you.”

Lyn’s mood turned to anger as she heard that. She asked Oboro for that for Kiran’s enjoyment, so being turned down like that meant Oboro was getting in her way. The blue-haired girl turned back to her tailoring table, showing Lyn she was done talking to her. She weighed the sword in her hand as she looked at Oboro. Her words were implying that she already prepared the underwear Lyn wanted. With that in mind, Lyn decided that Oboro probably wouldn’t be of any use to her in the near future. Getting the stuff she wanted from her was quite easy then - she just had to kill her.

Once she decided on that, Lyn walked towards Oboro. The tailor was bent over her table, focused on her work again. So she didn’t know that Lyn was approaching her, only learning of that as pain exploded in her back. Lyn stabbed her right through the middle of her back, slicing easily through her leather belt and her orange kimono. Since Lyn lined her stab perfectly, the Sol Katti went straight through Oboro’s spine, Oboro suddenly losing control of half of her body. With the sword sticking out of her belly, she wouldn’t be able to move that much anyway. Her kimono was quickly soaked through with her blood. Oboro turned her head to look at Lyn again, glaring at her intensely with hatred she usually reserved for Nohrians. She understood quite well why Lyn attacked her, blaming herself for her misjudgement.

Half of Oboro’s body was crippled now, but she could still resist with her upper body. Because of that, Lyn grabbed two pairs of scissors from Oboro’s desk, stabbing them through her wrists and pinning her hands to the table. Since Oboro was pretty much stuck in place now, Lyn grabbed another pair of scissors. The tailor couldn’t help but feel a bit curious about what Lyn would do with it. She didn’t have to wait long for the answer. Lyn put the tool at the point on her hip where her kimono was cut, and started scissoring through it. She continued to do so all the way to her collar, and after she was finished, Lyn tore the kimono away from Oboro’s body. WIth it out of the way, Lyn continued to strip her. WIth another few snaps of the scissors, she removed Oboro’s bra and her panties, leaving her just in her boots and high socks. The pain pulsating in her abdomen wasn’t too strong, so Oboro was able to watch Lyn do it without any distractions.

Lyn leaned back to take a look at Oboro’s body, held upright by the sword. Oboro continued to glare at her, so she decided to give her some pain to think about instead. She stabbed the scissors into one of Oboro’s breasts, and twisted them a bit. A pang of pain appeared on Oboro’s face, breaking her angry expression, telling Lyn it was just what she wanted. She stabbed Oboro with the scissors a few more times, leaving a few bloody marks on the upper part of her body - she only hurt her there, since Oboro lost all contact with her lower half. Eventually, she decided it was enough. However, she had one more idea of what to do with the bloodied scissors.

Grabbing hold of Oboro’s breast with less cuts on it, she flicked her nipple with her fingers until it was nicely hardened. With that done, she lined up the scissors with it. Fear appeared on Oboro’s face as she realized what the other girl was doing, and her face twisted in pain as Lyn cut her nipple off. Lyn enjoyed the tailor’s pained expression, so to cause her even more pain, she stabbed the scissors through where Oboro’s nipple used to be, burying it deep inside it. Satisfied with that, Lyn looked at Oboro’s table again, thinking what to do. The Sacean woman considered taking one of the clothes there and using it to choke her, but she thought of another idea as she saw a long iron needle on the table.

Lyn grabbed it, touching the tip of it with her finger to check how sharp it was. She winced a bit as it drew blood from her finger, but she confirmed the needle was just as sharp as she wanted it to. Having done that, Lyn turned back towards Oboro. She bent over towards the girl’s ear, stroking it gently with fingers of one hand. Oboro could only wait in horror as she did that, very much aware of what Lyn was going to do. Then, in one quick motion, Lyn stabbed the needle into Oboro’s ear canal, and it slid all the way to Oboro’s brain.

The upper half of Oboro’s body started twitching, as much as it could with the hands being impaled at the table. Oboro’s tongue lolled out of her mouth, the expression on her face becoming quite mindless. Lyn wiggled the needle for a moment, causing additional brain damage, then backed out, leaving Oboro to die. She watched her for a moment, her fingers playing around her pussy, but decided to do what she came to the room for instead of continuing that.

While Oboro was dying, Lyn took that time to scavenge around her room. She quickly found the undergarments she requested from her. She considered taking some other clothes for herself, but decided against it since she was quite satisfied with what she got. Searching around, she found a bunch of swimsuits in different sizes. Without thinking much about it, she decided to take them with herself as well. When she was finished rummaging through Oboro’s workshop, the Hoshidian lancer had already been dead. Lyn got closer to the dead body to confirm that was the case, then walked out of the room.

Lyn headed straight to her room, leaving the stuff she took inside it. She wondered if she wanted to put some of the lingerie on, but decided against it for now. She walked out, and was about to knock on Kiran’s door, when she heard a loud metallic crash behind her, followed by the sound of some glass breaking. She turned around, seeing the pink-haired maid Felicia on her knees, picking up the pieces of broken glass.

“I’m so sorry that I startled you! It’s just that I’m very clumsy with these things.” Lyn watched the girl as she tried to gather all the broken glass, only hurting her fingers. She wondered how did a girl like that even become a maid, coming to the conclusion that keeping her around would do more harm than good. The girl was also carrying a dagger on her hip, so Lyn walked to her, careful not to step on the glass. She crouched, and took the dagger from her. “Whoa, why did you take my dagger?” She eyed up the woman, realizing she was the summoner’s lover everyone had been talking about recently. She realized how bad an impression she must have made on her.

Lyn didn’t bother with answering her, swinging the dagger at her already. With how wasteful the maid’s hands have been, Lyn decided she’d start with taking them away. The dagger sliced easily through the wrist of Felicia’s left hand, leaving the hand that used to wield it disconnected from the rest of Felicia’s body.
“I’m sorryyy!” The maid apologized as Lyn did that, realizing just how much trouble she was in. Tears appeared in her blue eyes as Lyn grabbed her other hand with her free one, and used the dagger to cut it off as well. Felicia stared at the two bleeding stumps, wondering if it was even possible for her to help around or fight like that.

As Felicia was thinking about that, Lyn stabbed the dagger into her abdomen. Felicia cried out in pain, suddenly aware that this wouldn’t be a concern for her soon. Lyn pulled the dagger out, stopping it just out of Felicia’s body, and started to cut upwards. Felicia’s white apron and her black maid dress provided to be no defense against it as Lyn cut through them all the way to her throat, getting rid of Felicia’s cravat. With a quick slice downwards, Lyn sliced through the parts that were still intact, the apron falling off quickly. The dress was still holding on, so Lyn had to work with the knife for a bit longer until she managed to remove it.

Lyn decided to leave Felicia’s white undershirt on, only removing her white panties before standing up. Before Felicia could wonder what that meant for her, Lyn lifted the front of her dress and pressed her snatch against her face. Her earlier arousal reappeared in full force, so she forced the maid to help her with that. Felicia understood perfectly what she had to do, helping lady Corrin with her arousal many times when she still served her at the Northern Fortress. So she started working with her tongue right away, hoping desperately that if she did that Lyn wouldn’t hurt her any more. Since Felicia couldn't use her hands to keep herself stable, her stumps slowly bleeding into her undershirt as she pressed them against it, Lyn had to hold her head with one hand. Her other hand was still holding Felicia’s dagger. Lyn leaned her head back, her ponytail swinging wildly as the pleasure of being eaten out by someone capable coursed through her body. Felicia’s tongue proved to be very skillful in bringing her pleasure, and Lyn wondered briefly if it was worth keeping her just for that. However, she remembered the girl probably would get summoned again at some point, and just decided to keep her proficiency in mind if that happened.

Felicia continued to lap away at Lyn’s cunt, until she felt her come onto her face. Felicia closed her eyes to avoid it getting into them, so the sudden pain in her throat came as a surprise. She opened her eyes to see fresh blood on her dagger, and with the sudden surge of blood coming from her throat she understood that Lyn must have cut it. She rose the stumps at the end of her arms towards it, knowing fully well that even with her hands intact it wouldn’t have helped her. Lyn had already left, opening the door she had approached before. As Felicia felt energy leaving her body, she felt someone shove her against the cold stone wall. She turned her head to see that it was Niles. Felicia didn’t even have the energy to protest as prince Leo’s retainer shoved her thighs apart, his cock entering her pussy. He groped her tits through her undershirt, using them as handles to pound into her faster. She didn’t even notice Lyn passing them again, smiling as she saw Felicia being used while a bit annoyed that her lover wasn’t in his room, only finding Sharena’s abused corpse there. She also went over to her room, and added Felicia’s dagger to the growing arsenal of weapons she had there, before going off in search of Kiran.

By the time the one-eyed man came inside her, all that remained of Felicia was a lifeless husk, the rapid blood loss from 3 major wounds being more than enough to take her life. However, It didn’t stop the line of men that appeared, all waiting to get back at the girl who poured hot water on them or otherwise annoyed them with her clumsy behaviour. The men continued to use her for a long time, with most of her covered with their semen as they used both her holes and her face to pleasure themselves. When they were done with using her, her corpse had already turned completely cold.

After using Sharena’s corpse for some time, filling her bowels with his semen, Kiran decided to go and watch some heroes practice their fighting again. A few of them stuck in his memory a bit more than others: Clair’s fluid movement with her lance as the noble’s short dress bounced to show off her shapely legs. Another similarly skilled pegasus rider fought on the other side, Kiran remembering her as princess Hinoka of the Hoshido kingdom. The tomboyish redhead was locked in a heated duel with the Macedonian princess Minerva, the wyvern knight standing her ground against her with her axe. From his observation of them Kiran could tell that the two redheaded princesses had a bond deeper than usual friendship, their affection for each other pretty clear to him. With the loving gazes they shared while stopping in their duels, and the caring gestures whenever one hurt the other, he was certain they either already were lovers, or were about to become a couple. One final performance that seemed memorable to him was princess Ayra’s show of her swordsmanship, easily evading the fire from an adult Tiki who was in her dragon form.

Just as he was about to leave, deciding to send Clair on the next mission, he heard someone call out to him: “Lord Kiran, watch out!” As he turned to check who said that, Soleil pushed him to the side, an arrow sinking into her body shoulder. She let out a slight moan as it did, but Kiran realized just how dangerous that was, anger welling up inside him. If it wasn’t for the pink haired girl, he was quite sure that the arrow would be quite harmful to him. He turned in the direction the arrow came from, seeing a green-haired archer readying another arrow to shoot at him. Before Rebecca could do that, she felt someone crashing into her side, throwing her off-balance. Another person forced the bow out of her hands, and the men restrained her. “Lord Eliwood… Why?” She muttered as she saw that one of the men holding her was the noble she used to serve. However, her sorrow turned to anger as she saw the summoner approach her.

“You murderer! Why did you kill Sharena!” She screamed at him. The Askrian princess was incredibly welcoming to her when Rebecca first came to this world, providing the comfort she was yearning for after being so suddenly separated from her friends - comfort extending far beyond Rebecca thought she’d receive from another woman. When she learned of what happened to her lover from one of the castle’s servants, she knew she had to at least try getting revenge for that.

Kiran didn’t reply, just watching her struggle against the heroes holding her for a moment. Nearby, he could see a healer tending to Soleil’s wound. He was thinking of what to do with her. He had been hoping that the public execution he held swayed people against that kind of vengeful behaviour, but he didn’t realize that heroes summoned afterwards wouldn’t know that. That meant the girl was a prime candidate for another execution like that. However, there was an option even more appealing to him.

“Listen up everybody!” He shouted, getting attention of all the heroes nearby. “This girl tried to kill me. As punishment for her, all of you can now do whatever you want to her.” A murmur of surprise could be heard going through the field. To Kiran’s content, the response seemed to be mostly positive.

Eliwood, whose Ninian gave up her life for his pleasure was one of the men holding Rebecca. Since she did that, it was easier for him to go with this idea. However, he had to do something before that. He looked at the new Ninian, who was watching him from the sidelines, with a questioning look on his face. His lover understood him perfectly, and gave him an accepting nod. With his one concern out of the way, he let go of Rebecca, and grabbed her head by one of the braids on the side of her face and pulling her head down towards his crotch. “Lord Eliwood… Please, don’t do this!” She cried out to him, but he ignored her while undoing his pants. Once his cock was free, he shoved it towards Rebecca’s face. Tears ran down the sides of her face as she opened her mouth, not finding enough strength inside her to resist. He forced his shaft all the way in to her throat, the young archer gagging on it.

Eliwood’s example encouraged others to do as they wanted with Rebecca as well. Rebecca could feel rough hand grabbing her orange skirt and pulling it away, exposing her small ass. Her panties were just shoved to the side, her virgin pussy and anus exposed to whoever did that. Rebecca felt a finger entering her asshole, stretching it open a bit, before it was replaced with a dick. It caused her a lot of pain as it pushed into her tight hole, forcing her to accommodate it while it slowly went further inside her. She’d be sobbing if it wasn’t that hard for her to breathe. Eliwood was letting her break off for air sometimes, but she only could get a few big breathes each time before her mouth was stuffed full again. When Eliwood was finished, he pulled his dick out, his semen shooting onto her face. She got only a few moments of rest before another man replaced him.

Kiran watched from a distance as the gangbang of Rebecca continued, her orange chestguard and black undershirt ending up torn off her body, both her anal and vaginal virginity taken away by the men. Once Soleil’s wound was healed, Kiran watched with a smile as the girl ran towards the archer, eager to get back at her for her wound. Her making Rebecca eat her out also encouraged the female heroines to join in, most of the people in the field eventually getting to use Rebecca for their enjoyment. While watching her, Kiran was eventually joined by Lyn, his Sacean lover enjoying the show as much as he did while the two began making out. At first, Rebecca tried struggling, but as load after load had been blown inside her, Rebecca became broken mentally, not really reacting to the continued abuse towards the end.

Once her reactions pretty much stopped, Kiran decided it was time to carry on with what he had in mind. “Can I borrow your sword?” He asked Lyn while going for a quick kiss on her lips, and she handed him the Sol Katti with a nod. Kiran walked over to Rebecca, and waited for the Minerva he noticed earlier who was currently using Rebecca to have her orgasm, the princess making out with Hinoka and proving his earlier deduction correct. When the girl was done, the pair embraced each other tightly, giving him enough space to do as he pleased.

Kiran didn’t really do that much. As Rebecca fell to her knees without anyone to hold her up, he just delivered a slash across her chest. The pain caused Rebecca to bounce up, bringing her mind a bit closer to the present. “Now, I want each one of you to deliver a cut to her as well.” Kiran called out, and immediately was followed with a bunch of heroes using their weapons to hurt the girl. Rebecca’s ear-piercing screams sounded high in the field as she was sliced and stabbed with a variety of weapons. As it continued, her body was slowly becoming more and more cut up, eventually becoming a bloodied, unrecognizable mess on the ground. Rebecca’s green sash over the corpse’s head was the only thing that could be used to identify it.

Satisfied with that outcome, Kiran walked away from the field, Lyn holding his hand as they returned to Kiran’s room. On their way back, they passed Felicia’s cum-soaked corpse, the maid’s head torn off and her neck stump covered in semen as well. Lyn concluded someone must have taken it to keep it as a toy as she and Kiran entered his room, both of them eager to enjoy the other’s body.


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Chapter 9: Four Clipped White Wings

tags: non-con, M/F, F/F, rape, impaling, hanging, beheading, garroting

“Hiyah!” Est called out, forcing her pegasus to dash forwards towards the other girl as she readied her lance. From her time in Valentia, Est recognized her as Clair. Knowing her proved to make attacking her harder, just because she was hesitating. However, Est could tell the other girl was struggling with the same issues. Still, with Est forced to fight for Emblia, and Clair forced to fight for Askr, they had to attack the other now. Est thrust her lance towards Clair, and the noble girl did the same, with both of them hitting each other. The pink haired girl watched as her lance sliced through Clair’s blue dress, feeling a bit of jealous satisfaction knowing she left a cut on the noble’s sizeable breasts. Est’s own, small bust was also under attack, but the chest guard of her armor protected her from any damage. As they circled around each other in the air, Est saw that one of Clair’s tits was uncovered now, her earlier attack removing the cloth that covered it. With another battlecry, she turned towards Clair and made her pegasus dart towards her again.

Knowing her earlier mistake, Clair didn’t waste her time in attacking towards Est’s chest again. Instead, she directed her lance towards the younger girl’s abdomen. A sudden turn in the air let her lance cut through Est’s red dress, but it only left a small cut on her waist. The damage her own dress suffered was much worse, with both her breasts fully exposed now. Clair knew her dress wasn’t really fit for that kind of battle. With the Deliverance not encountering many pegasus riders, her role was to stay and watch for opportunities to strike from far above the battlefield. That meant her dress was mostly to keep her warm there, while also allowing fast movement. Since the upper part of her dress was only barely holding on, she just tore it off so that it didn’t inhibit her movement. She felt a bit thankful that only females could ride pegasi, for if some man saw her now she knew she’d feel ashamed. She made her pegasus turn towards Est, and decided it was her time to initiate an attack now. With the flapping of wings, her mount carried her towards her opponent.

As the two young women clashed again, Est felt a pang of fear as she saw Clair darting towards her. She turned her pegasus in place so that it shielded her, and Clair’s lance pierced through its neck instead, killing it on the spot. Est cried out with concern for her beloved mount as she started falling, and with murderous intent she attacked Clair one last time. It pierced a hole in the pegasus’s wings, and although it desperately flapped its wings to stay in the air, Clair too followed the other rider in falling to the ground.

Catria watched with concern as her sister dueled the other pegasus rider. With some satisfaction she watched as her younger sister exposed the noble’s breasts. It’s not like she disliked the girl, but seeing a noble in a compromising positions like that was always satisfying. She sighed, wishing again she had been born as a noble as well. Then she’d be able to voice her feelings. Pain filled her heart as she thought about her unrequited love. The blue haired girl was snapped out of her daydreaming as she saw her sister’s pegasus die, and she sent her own mount downwards to try and help her.

“Est! Jump to me!” She called out, her usually calm demeanor replaced with worry for her sister. Est gave her pegasus a final look, coming to terms with its demise, and then jumped across to Catria’s pegasus. As Catria’s pegasus heaved in the air, flying a lot slower with double the load, the sisters could see Clair going down as well, her downwards velocity slowly increasing as her mount was growing weaker and weaker. They watched as a group of Emblian soldiers gathered on the ground, encircling the spot they predicted Clair would fall at. “Oh, sister. I’m afraid you can’t fight like that.” Catria said at Est, and the younger girl nodded sadly:
“I don’t want to weigh you down, by any chance. Just drop me off at the ground and take off to the skies again!” Est tried to convince her sister to continue fighting. However, Palla also flew down to them, already knowing what happened. Clair was the last notable defender left here, so she was sure the soldiers would finish the job. Even if she believed in their skills, it didn’t mean she comfortable with letting them take care of her sister.

“I don’t really trust these soldiers. I wouldn’t want to leave you with them, Est.” She commented as the three of them slowly flew away, not seeing just what the Emblians started doing to Clair.
“We can’t fight like that though. I say we go back to the castle then.” Est commented, feeling a bit down, as the three of them flew back towards the portal.

Clair groaned as her pegasus hit the ground, the impact throwing her off it. She hit the ground pretty hard, twisting the arm she landed on beyond the point of it being usable. Her breasts also scratched the ground quite hard as she slid on it, getting covered with some dirt. Her black thighhighs also got torn in a few spots before she stopped, and the part of her dress covering her backside was gone as well, with the only surviving part of it around her waist. She winced in pain as she tried moving her hand, getting up to her knees. She took a look around, and immediately covered her chest with her still-working arm. She was surrounded by a circle of Emblian grunts, and she really didn’t like the way they were staring at her body.

Hopelessly outnumbered, and with her arm crippled, Clair knew she had no chance of prevailing against them in battle. One of the men approached her, and Clair couldn’t help but feel a bit intimidated by him. She steeled herself, then spoke out: “I surrender! I believe you will treat me with the respect becoming of a prisoner and a noble.” She threw her lance away to support her statement. The man just laughed at her, shattering her beliefs. “We don’t believe in that kind of crap in Askr. You can’t defend yourself now, and you’ve got quite a body. It’s only natural that we’d want to use it.” He told her with a grin as he pushed her arm away, revealing her breasts. Normally she would be flattered by such words, but the context made her repulse them. With one of his strong hands pinning hers down, she couldn’t really resist as the man buried his face in her massive cleavage. His tongue flicked against one of her nipples, causing it to stiffen. She winced as he did the same to her other breast, desperately trying to hold back a moan, to act according to her upbringing and not give in to the pleasure. As the men continued to switch between her breasts, it became harder and harder for her, until finally she let out a loud, sensual moan.

“See, guys? The noble girl is as much of a slut as any other girl.” He commented while breaking away, satisfied with abusing her tits for now. Another man approached her from the back, his fingers crawling down her back going all the way to her shapely ass. A few holes in her pantyhose let him touch her skin there directly, so he did that for a moment, before he tore off the parts covering both her asshole and her vagina. With his other hand, he forced her to bent forward. Clair couldn’t see what her was about to do, so it was a surprise to her when his cock pierced her hymen. “No! Please, don’t violate me… like that…” She cried out, slowing down midway as fear settled in, reminding her she wasn’t in any position to object to her abuse. The man continued to use her like that, and she could only resort to quietly sobbing, unable to resist in any way.

Another man grabbed some of her hair together and reeled her her upwards, stroking his cock with the other one. Once her head was turned towards him, he showed his dick into her mouth. Some fighting spirit reignited in her as her mouth was stuffed with his prick, and she suddenly clamped down with her teeth. The man jumped back, screaming in pain as blood began pouring from his hurt shaft. “The bitch bit me!” He screamed, earning a round of laughter from his comrades. His anger only increased by their indifference, he decided to punish Clair straight away. Walking away for a moment, he soon returned with a weapon in his hand - Clair’s lance.

Clair’s fear returned to her in full force as she saw that, and she broke into tears again. She knew the man would want to get back at her after what she did, and her louder sobs continued as the man walked behind her. After she felt the man release his load deep inside her, and him withdrawing his cock from her, a sharp pain filled her cunt. With horror, she understood that the man pushed her lance inside of her pussy, its large blade slicing through the insides of her slit. Her cervix stood no chance against the weapon, its sharp tip tearing through it as if it wasn’t there. The lance continued to go further in, her uterus punctured as the lance slid into her guts. All that time, Clair has been throwing her body wildly to the sides, the men deciding it would be more entertaining to let her struggle through the impalement. With her head and chest still twisted upwards, the lance had to go out of her instead of impaling her completely. It emerged from her chest in between her breasts, but the man continued to push it further in. Clair was still conscious as some of her guts were pulled out through the hole in her chest.

“No… I… don’t want to die… Someone… Please help me… Alm… Clive… Gray… Anyone, Pleaseee!” She cried out for help with whatever energy she still had, even if she knew it was pointless at this point. One of her hazel eyes rolled upward moments later, the control over her body completely gone. Her body jerked a few more times, held in place by her own weapon, and then she passed away.

It didn’t stop the man from using her body - especially that only a few of them actually got to use her. Since her pussy was now occupied, another of the soldiers started out by forcing his member inside her anus. Another one wanted to fuck her face, but after remembering what she did to one of his fellow soldiers, decided not to use her mouth - her body could do some postmortem twitches, leaving him without a dick if she bit it off. Instead, he just jerked off to her dead face, his semen being the first to cover it, but certainly not the last. Clair’s corpse gave them enough entertainment for a long time.

The three sisters didn’t catch even a glimpse of Clair’s painful death, having already returned to the castle when Clair breathed her last. However, just after arriving, the three of them had been called to Veronica’s throne room. The face of the young Emblian princess showed them just how angry the girl was.

“How awful. I had high hopes for the three of you. But what you did… I can’t tolerate that. Running away from a fight. And I went through so much trouble to give you all a chance.” As Veronica spoke, her eyes were fixated on the youngest of the sisters. Est was afraid of the madness she could see growing in the princess’s red eyes. “The pink haired one must die. Maybe I’ll pop her head pop off…” She commented, mostly to herself. She realized that with Est’s defeat, she was freed from the magic that bound her to her will. Fortunately for her, it seemed that the pegasi sisters didn’t notice that was the case.
“Princess Veronica! Please, give-” Est started to speak, but Palla interrupted her. “It was my judgement call to retreat. If you want to hold someone responsible, it’s me.” Catria just stayed quiet, watching both sisters as they tried to convince Veronica to spare the other. Her eyes were clearly showing just how hurt she felt.

“Enough!” Veronica interrupted them, and both sisters went silent. “Change of plans. I want all three of you to die now.” A sadistic smile touched her lips for a moment, before her face returned to its usual emotionless expression. “Right away.” She said, while leaving the room. Suddenly, the girls all have been grabbed by a few pairs of rough hands each, and the trio was led after Veronica, the men taking them to the execution square. The sisters could hear her giving out some orders, but she was too far ahead for them to hear her.

As they made their way towards their destination, all three sisters were already crying. Est understood why she was to die, and Palla accepted that she’d be the one to die instead, but Catria being forced to die as well was too cruel for them - their sister didn’t even do anything wrong, after all. Catria still had troubles believing it would happen - her life taken away without her even getting to do anything about it? However, her level-headedness was also rushed away as one of the men who were restraining her sent a hand under her skirt. She squirmed as the man’s fingers entered her virgin snatch, further bringing their mood down. The sisters knew that the soldiers never viewed them as equals, but that showed they no longer saw them as anything else other than sluts to be used. Since the man showed no intention of stopping, Catria, while hating herself internally for that, imagined it was Marth touching her instead. It almost made her molestation endurable for her.

Another man followed the first’s example, and his fingers entered Est’s cunt. The youngest girl was repulsed. Her lover Abel touched her like that before, but being treated like that by any other man was making her sick. Even so, her body betrayed her, arousal slowly building up inside her. Another man tried to do the same to Palla, but her tights stopped his fingers. Instead he just messaged her clit through them. The eldest of the Whitewings was no stranger to carnal pleasures, and she easily made herself enjoy what she knew would be her last orgasm.

Palla was sure the only thing stopping the men from groping her breasts was her additional chest armor. Their group stopped walking for a moment, continuing with their degrading treatment of the three pegasi riders until all three sisters have received a forced orgasm. After that happened, the sisters quieted down a bit, ashamed of what happened. With their heads sunk low, they were lead into an open courtyard, with the men leading them to the middle of it.

“You took some time to get there. Ah, it doesn’t matter - it’s time to die.” At Veronica’s sign, a woman walked out to them. Although they recognized her as Celica, they couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off about the redhead, as if they could look straight through her.

“Before you die, the princess had a small competition in mind for the three of you. You three are to undress now, but you can’t do it yourself. Only the other two of you are allowed to remove the third’s clothes. The last one naked will become the first one to die.” Horror settled into the trio’s minds as they realized the extent of their humiliation. Getting naked in front of all these people was already awful enough, and now they were making a show out of it? Still, Palla inferred, if there was someone she’d like to strip her, it was fortunate that her sisters were to do it, and not some of the Emblian soldiers.

The three sisters looked at one another. Starting at it was the hardest for them, but Palla eventually overcame that, knowing that if they waited, Veronica would just grow more annoyed with them. She grabbed one of Catria’s shoulder pads, her eyes silently communicating with Est. Her younger sister understood her perfectly, working on Catria’s other shoulder pad. As Palla moved on to Catria’s breastplate, Est bent forward, undoing the blue-haired girl’s belt, before kneeling down and pulling Catria’s boots off her shapely legs. Catria’s fingers moved sloppily towards Palla’s breastplate as well, and Palla decided to let her continue. Once the middle sister’s breastplate was gone, Palla took off her red scarf. While Est stood up, pulling the shoulder straps of Catria’s blue dress off her shoulders, Palla gently grabbed Catria’s hand, taking off one of her fingerless gloves, then moving on to the other one. Catria closed her eyes, blushing heavily as Est pulled the dress down past her chest, revealing her average breasts. Palla moved back for a moment, allowing Est to pull the dress all the way down. With none of the three sisters wearing any underwear, Catria’s bare pussy was revealed to all, a small unshaved bush of blue hair visible over it.

Once they were done, Palla and Est looked at each other. Est understood her perfectly. With how innocent their middle sister was, they didn’t want to force her to do something like that. And in the back of their minds there was also hope that since only the two of them angered Veronica, she’d change her mind and spare Catria after they were both killed… Catria moved away from them, with Celica taking her hand and leading her to a spot where she’d wait. Celica’s hand felt gave her no resistance as she tried squeezing it, with the girl getting the impression that it wasn’t really the woman she used to fight for. Once she stopped, and Celica moved away, another girl approached her. Catria identified her pink twintails straight away, recognizing her as Celica’s friend Mae. “I’m sorry… Veronica ordered me to do this...” Mae apologized to her, regret replacing her usual cheerfulness, as the mage sunk to her knees, her mouth pressing against Catria’s pussy. During their childhood at the priory, Mae was able to practice eating out girls with both Celica and Genny, so her tongue was able to expertly bring Catria pleasure as it sunk into the depth of Catria’s virgin snatch.

Back in the center of the courtyard, Est and Palla stared at each other for a moment. Palla took Ests hands into hers for a moment, and they held hands for a moment. After another encouraging nod, they began undressing each other in some sync. With Catria’s fingers already loosening the straps of Palla’s breastplate, Est managed to get it off quickly. Est moved on to her oldest sister’s sash and shoulderpads, and she couldn’t resist the urge to tickle her armpits as she did so. Palla’s mood was lightened up a bit by the gesture, and she soon caught up to Est, the sisters removing most of their accessories. They both knelt down and undid the long laces of their quite similar overknee boots, until all that remained was their dresses and Palla’s tights.

As Palla watched her younger sister do her work, her fingers delving under her skirt to grab the hem of her pantyhose, some feeling she’d thought she suppressed returned to her. The gentle touch of Est’s fingers reminded her just how Est must have acquired such proficiency with them - that her youngest sister got together with the man Palla also loved. The jealousy stirred up in her as she waited for Est to pull the black piece of clothing down her long, well-trained legs. And once Est was done, Palla’s resentment spiked for a moment, wishing for Est to die as quick as possible. Because of that, she just waited as her pink-haired sister worked on her green battle dress, uncovering her huge rack and a loveable pussy hidden between her muscular thighs.

Once Est was done, a bit curious why her sister stopped, Palla returned the favor by grabbing the bottom of Est’s red dress and pulling it upwards. Est cleanly shaved pussy and her small tits were quickly revealed as Palla pulled Est’s dress over her head, leaving them both stark naked. Once that was done, Est embraced Palla closely, all of Palla’s jealousy vanishing in just a moment. The girl loved her so much - how could she have betrayed her like that? It was her duty to die first as the oldest sister, giving her little sisters a few more moments alive, but now it was too late to have regrets like that. Est’s face was buried in Palla’s chest, their height and age difference clearly visible. The sisters waited in that embrace for a moment, but eventually Veronica gestured for the soldiers to separate them.

“Palla… Thank you for everything… I love you, big sister.” Tears welled up in Palla’s eyes, too moved to answer as the soldiers took Est away. Her eyes told Est everything she wanted to say, anyways. Est calmly walked away as the men led her away, tears running freely down her face. Her eyes were stuck looking at what the soldiers were leading her towards - a single noose.

The soldiers put the noose around her thin, fragile neck. Then, without much ceremony, a few of them pulled on the rope that was curled around the wooden bar above the young pegasus rider. She was quickly hoisted up in the air, her breath cut off by the rope digging into her throat. The violent pull upward squished her windpipe closed pretty hard, the girl’s face quickly reddening because of the lack of air. She looked at Palla, outstretching her hand aimlessly towards her, begging for her sister to save her as the soldiers continued to hold her just a foot above the ground. She outstretched her strong legs, kicking wildly in hopes of getting at least some relief, but it was all in vain, the men just pulling her further up. All she achieved through that was using up whatever endurance her body still had, and making her small breasts bounce up and down.

Palla didn’t want to watch Est suffer so much, but whenever she tried to turn around, the soldiers forced her to watch again. For a few moments they groped her again, but it soon stopped as she heard footsteps of another man approaching them. Her heart fluttered as she saw Abel approach her. Suddenly her nudity felt a bit more bearable, since the man she loved got to see her like that as well. However, Abel seemed to be in much pain. After all, his beloved was now hanging from the noose, fighting for her life. Even so, he knew what he had to do. “Sorry, Palla, but Veronica ordered me to use your body. I can’t refuse an order from her, so please, forgive me.” Against her sorrow, Palla felt arousal building up in her abdomen. Not only did Abel see her like that, but also he was going to fuck her? That made the execution almost worth it in her eyes. She cursed herself for thinking that as she saw Est jerk in the noose again, her own body twitching as well when she felt Abel’s cock inside her. Even if the man was reluctant to do that, Palla didn’t care - now definitely knowing it would the final time she had sex, she wanted it to feel as good as possible. She eagerly moved back towards him, her hands fondling her huge breasts to further stimulate herself. Although some part of her brain was telling her that it was wrong to enjoy herself like that while her sister strangled to her death, Palla decided that she didn’t care. She had to play the role of the oldest and caring sister for far too long now, and with her life also about to end she just decided to enjoy herself. Abel didn’t understand why Palla was enjoying what he thought of as rape so much, but he continued to fuck her anyways. The two of them watched Est as the girl’s struggles were growing weaker and weaker, her face turning a darker shade of purple. Piss ran freely down her legs now, with her having lost control of her bladder.

Even as pain at losing her sister filled her mind, it only made Palla bounce faster against Abel’s shaft, remembering that she was the next one to die. She had her orgasm as Est gave up her final breath, going limp in the noose. Abel’s hot load filled her vagina a few moments later, her pussy milking him for as much as she could. She continued to grind against him while staring at her sister’s limp body, her red eyes carrying a blank expression now. As she did so, someone came up to her. Warm, yet a bit intangible fingers stroked the back of her neck for a moment before grabbing her long, green hair and pulling it up. She didn’t get to understand what was happening, before a sword sliced through her neck. Her body slumped down, her hips still humping against Abel’s limp cock. He watched in horror as his sister-in-law was beheaded by Celica. Palla’s head was still conscious when the redheaded princess brought her head up, letting her watch her headless body for a moment. After that, she carried the head over to Veronica. The Emblian royal stared at the head for a moment, but as the final flickers of life left Palla’s green eyes, Veronica grew bored with it. She turned towards the last remaining pegasi sister, awaiting her death now.

“Thank you, Loki. You fulfilled my wish.” Veronica told the woman, and she laughed sadistically. “I couldn’t pass such an opportunity, after all. I see that siding with you was the correct choice after all.” The woman laughed at her again, emitting a flash of light. When the light died down, the woman was gone. Back in her quarters, Loki got rid of her clothes with a quick gesture, the illusion quickly fading away. She pressed Palla’s dead face in between her thighs, rubbing it against her snatch. However, after a few moments she decided that it wasn’t it. Moving the head away for a moment, she focused on her magic, and a dick sprung from her crotch. Even if it was also an illusion, the pleasure she felt was just as real. She lined the neck stump with her cock, pushing it into Palla’s esophagus. It slid all the way to her mouth, with the tip coming out between Palla’s lips. Loki continued to masturbate with Palla’s head until she covered both Palla’s face and her own chest with her semen. Once she was done, she removed the head from the magical cock, and dispelled her magic again, her sexual organs returning to normal. She placed Palla’s head gently among the other heads she claimed for herself since she got there, quite satisfied with her newest trophy.

Catria was forced to watch as both her sisters were killed, crying freely the entire time. Still, with Mae eating her out, the mage got her to orgasm a few times. Yet, after Palla’s head was removed from her shoulders, Mae stopped doing that as she heard not-Celica report to Veronica. She was felt with relief that the girl wasn’t Celica, meaning her best friend hadn’t suddenly turned into a sadistic maniac. Only later did she realize that Celica was now nowhere to be seen, her head just next to Palla’s on Loki’s trophy wall. At that point, however, all she had in mind was doing exactly as she was told. Standing up again, she grabbed Catria’s hand and began to lead her again. Catria couldn’t help but compare her to her dead sister - they both were quite energetic, they were the same age, and they both had pink hair. More tears welled up in Catria’s eyes upon that, and as she wiped them away she was able to see just where Mae had been taking her. A small wooden chair, with a cord hanging from the pole behind it…

Catria sat down in the chair, and Mae walked back behind her, wrapping the cord around her throat. “I am truly sorry…” Mae told her while backing off. Replacing her at the garrote was Veronica herself, weakly gripping the machine’s handles. Physical exercise wasn’t her forte, the girl preferring to obliterate her foes with magic, but Veronica wanted to kill someone herself. As she rotated the handle, the pressure on Catria’s throat increased, her breath cut off quickly.
The garotte was facing towards where the bodies of her sisters were. Catria’s face turned a dark shade of pink as she could only stare at Est’s limp form. She knew that was the fate awaiting her as well, and she couldn’t help but struggle. Both her hands went towards her neck, her nails scratching her neck as she desperately tried to pull the cord away. And for a moment, her wish was granted. The pressure on her neck was relaxed for a moment, and she was able to draw a few quick breaths.

“I’m tired now. You there, take over.” Veronica called out towards Mae while breathing heavily. With a heavy sigh, the mage returned to Catria yet again. Mae apologized to Catria for the third time. However, the ringing of her blood pulsing in Catria’s ears as her breath was stolen again drowned out Mae’s apology. The pain in her chest returned again, and she clawed at her throat again, scratching her skin away to the point of bleeding. Her last-ditch attempt didn’t work this time, and a final shiver went through Catria’s body as her mind started slipping away. Her eyes glanced over Est’s hanging corpse, and Palla’s headless body, before picturing her own dead body in her mind.
“At least… We all got to die… together…” She thought to herself as everything went dark.

Catria’s body went limp in the chair, Veronica enjoying the sight on her dead face as her tongue hung from her open mouth. Still, since the girls were dead, Veronica was done there now. She returned to her room to think about another battle operation. Loki suggested her a different world for her to invade, promising an outstanding payoff if she managed to find a certain tome for her. As she was walking out, her soldiers have already cut Est down and pulled Catria out of the garrote, intending to use the sister’s bodies some more.


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Also, Clair's death in chapter 9 was inspired by Veiled's drawing of her - forgot to mention it before.


Chapter 10: A Day at the Beach

tags: con, F/F, debreasting, dismemberment, strangulation, impalement, roasting, cannibalism

Lyn let her blue dress slide off her body, revealing the lingerie she got from Oboro to Kiran. From the bulge at the front of his robes, she could tell the summoner found her her tantalizing underwear just as arousing as she hoped for. She walked over to him, stroking his dick through the robes with one hand while the other worked on freeing it. As it sprung free, she wrapped fingers of one of her hands around it. His hands closed over her breasts, feeling the fabric of her bra while giving them a nice squeeze. After a few more strokes, Lyn decided she couldn’t wait any more time, so she grabbed the hem of her lacy panties, and pulled them down a bit, then guided her pussy onto his throbbing member.

Just as he slid inside her, the door to Kiran’s office opened. Lyn looked towards the door, a bit annoyed, but decided to continue riding his cock while the visitor was there. She noted the visitor barely wore any clothing, most of her body exposed. Lyn initially felt jealous of her, thinking she might have come to try to seduce Kiran away from her, but after taking a second look at her she realized that was probably not the case. The woman wore a white front-tie bra covering her huge boobs and a very short white wavy dress on her hips. The girl’s body had droplets of water all over it, and Lyn came to the conclusion that the girl was simply wearing a swimsuit.
“Hello. I’m Corrin. I was resting on a beach when a portal opened, connecting my world to yours. After coming here, I was told that you are the man in charge of things here. Because of that, I would like to invite you to come over to our world, and have some fun there.” As she spoke, Corrin was jumping from one feet to another, the cold stone floor stinging her bare feet.

Lyn’s earlier caution returned to her for a moment. Still, the vision of actually going to the beach to have some fun seemed too pleasant for her to turn down. She remembered the swimsuits she had taken from Oboro’s workshop as well, showing her the possibility of taking numerous heroines with her. “That sounds lovely! I can't wait until we get there!” She shouted, sliding off Kiran’s dick and taking Corrin’s hand, pulling her away from her lover as she moved off to get the swimsuits. Once she got them, she just wandered around for a bit, asking the girls she found hot or simply liked to come with her as well.
Once she was done, she headed back towards Kiran’s room, while telling the group that was following her to change into the swimsuits. She went inside Kiran’s room, and quickly replaced her lingerie lingerie with a proper, yet just as revealing swimsuit. As she did so, she felt Kiran’s semen splash onto her face and breasts. She looked up at her lover, suddenly remembering that she left him in the middle of their sex. She looked at him with an apologising look in her eyes, but since he jerked himself off she decided not to think of it that much.

“Sorry love, but I'd like for you not to come with us there”, she told him, and Kiran looked at her curiously. “I know you'd enjoy it, but I've gotten a ton of swimsuits, and they gave me the idea of an all-girl day out. Can we do that?” She asked him with a pleading voice, and Kiran looked at her lovingly. “There's not a thing I would deny you now.” He told her before pulling her in for a kiss. Once they were done with it, Lyn turned back and walked towards the door. “Have fun! And don't kill too many of them while you're there!” Kiran’s warm voice stayed with her as she left his room. She nodded at Corrin, signaling that she was ready, and the red-eyed princess led them towards the portal to the world she came from.

Lyn dropped a look at the girls following her. Right behind her, Tiki and Cherche was walking right behind her, wearing matching red swimsuits. While the front-tie top was a perfect fit for Cherche, Tiki’s huge melons were barely covered with it. Still, the pair insisted on taking two exactly similar pairs, so Lyn gave them what they wanted. Behind them walked Tharja. The dark mage was pretty reluctant to come, but after she heard Corrin mentioning that Robin had joined her in the beach world, she agreed to come. Right after her came Hinoka and Minerva, the couple trading kisses as they walked. Right after them was the busty ninja Kagero, whose voluptuous breasts made Lyn feel jealous on various occasions. The ninja came with them because Ryoma ordered her to watch over Hinoka. The black haired princess Ayra closed off their small group, her long black hair waving behind her as she strutted after them, her two-piece swimsuit the color of her hair.

It didn’t take them long to reach the portal, and soon they all were blinded by the sun. It was a really beautiful day. It was much warmer there compared to the usual temperature in Askr, without a single cloud on the clear blue sky. Some of the girls just stared at the beach and the rolling waves of water, taken in by the sight, while some ran off towards the water right away. On the beach itself, Lyn could see the Robin, the twintailed tactician wearing a purple swimsuit and waving towards them. She was standing over a firepit, grilling a few fish over it - in fact, once she was done, she took another fish off the tip of her trident and put it over the coals as well.

Once she saw Robin, Tharja moved towards her, her fascination with any version of the Shepherds’ tactician as strong as ever. She stopped a few steps away from her, satisfied with just watching her for the time being as the girl prepared food for all of them. She noted that the firepit seemed far too big to be used for just fish. Nearby, Tiki settled down on the beach, laying down a piece of clothing she took with her underneath her before laying down, letting the sun soak into timeless skin. She laid on her front, and after some thinking pulled the bottom of her swimsuit off. She had hundreds of years to mold her butt into a perfect shape, so she wanted her buttocks to tan as much as the rest of her body. Nearby, Cherche settled down as well, laying on her back instead. To mirror what her older lover did, she undid the top of her swimsuit, letting her average breasts soak up the sun.

Hinoka and Minerva were already in the water, and the tomboy was splashing the wyvern rider with water. Her beloved retaliated by simply pulling her fully underwater, and both girls ended up completely soaked. Up on the shore, Kagero watched them with a bit of boredom. She couldn’t really go far away from the redheaded princesses since she had to watch over her, so she settled down right on the edge of the water and decided to sunbathe as well. As her huge breasts bounced free, Kagero removed her top so that they would get tanned as well, the waves were gently crashing against her bare feet.

Ayra was already far off in the distance in the water, the powerful swordswoman deciding to use that time for some extra endurance training through swimming. Lyn looked at Corrin, and the girl smiled at her brightly. “They all seem to enjoy themselves. But you don’t seem that happy… I know! You can go for a swim with me!” Corrin called out, and Lyn decided she could go along with it. Soon, the two of them were swimming away with regular strokes. They swam in a different direction from the one Ayra went in, and eventually the wielder of Astra disappeared from their sight. As they swam, Corrin tried to pick up a friendly chat with Lyn, but the Sacean didn’t really respond to her. Eventually she got tired of listening to Corrin’s voice. Fortunately, they were about to return to where the other girls were.
“I’m a bit worried about Ayra. Do you know what is out there?” Lyn gestured towards where the princess of Isaach swam off, hoping Corrin would go to find her and stop talking to her. Corrin’s perpetual smile disappeared from her face as she shook her head, but she smiled back right away. “I can go look for her!” She told Lyn, and set off in some direction.

After a few moments, the flapping of wings could be heard as the girl flew on a wyvern, her bare legs rubbing against its rough scales. She found it a bit hard to stay on the mount, constantly struggling to stay in balance, but she considered it a fun challenge as her legs stuck out to the sides. With a few flaps of the wings, she flew off in the direction Ayra disappeared at, her wyvern flying just over the surface of the water.

Ayra had already reached the other shore, and was doing some stretching on the shore. She found the other girls a bit too carefree. They seemed to have forgotten that they had all been pulled to this world against their will. Still, she was happy to be able to put her sword skills to work, as well as staying in a castle that was safe most of the time. Compared to the ongoing bloody war in her world, she found being able to let her guard down sometimes a nice change. Still, even with how cautious she tried to be, she couldn’t have known what her long swim had awaken. She managed to get far enough before the monster awakened, but it would have more deadly consequences for the woman who tried to followed her.

Corrin didn’t notice the shadowy shape moving under the water’s surface, nor the green tentacle that snatched out of the water towards her. She only noticed when the slimy appendage wrapped around her right ankle, before it pulled her off her companion and into the water. The wyvern continued to fly, unphased by the sudden disappearance of her rider.

The sudden jolt that pulled her underwater was surprising, but Corrin wasn’t really moved by that. A short soak under the water’s surface was also not that bad, so she only started to feel a bit worried when the monster emerged out of the water, its slimy appendages stretching her limbs in four directions, making her unable to use her magic or transform into a dragon. She couldn’t make out the creature’s body from behind all the the green wavy sea of tentacles. Some fear welled up in her as she understood that the monster would probably kill her. However, that was soon replaced by amusement. She was planning to die this day after all, so it only changed the way and the time of her death.

The monster didn’t waste any time in unleashing its tentacles on her. It wasn’t much of a surprise to her when the monster tore off the top of her swimsuit, and two slimy appentages wrapped themselves around her shapely chest mounds. The tight squeeze they were enveloped it was a bit too painful for her liking, but she soon had other issues to worry about. Her flower-like skirt was the next object of the monster’s attention, the dark bow on her left hip that was holding it in place torn through. The skirt was torn to pieces, revealing all of Corrin’s nude form to the monster. And once again it wasn’t too surprising to her as she felt a tentacle ram into her cunt, going all the way to her cervix in one go. As it pressed against it, more tentacles entered Corrin’s cunt, stretching the girl to the point of discomfort. The increased amount of tentacles pushed through the tight passage into her uterus, before beginning to pound through her with increased speed.

Her anus was also similarly pierced by a few tentacles. Her discomfort increased as she felt them race upwards through her bowels, before one of them came out between her lips. At this point Corrin tried to struggle a bit, biting down on it. Slimy ichor started pouring out of the opening as the tip of the tentacle fell off into water, filling her mouth. She struggled to keep breathing, barely making it through before the ichor ran off. And she knew it served no purpose anyways, with another pair of tentacles making it out of her mouth.

Another tentacle wrapped itself around her throat, restricting her breathing even further. Still, it didn’t close fully over her, letting just enough air in so that Corrin didn’t pass out because of it. Two more tentacles latched onto her nipples, and started sucking on them as two circles of small teeth latched onto her breasts around them. Corrin’s face heated up as she felt milk starting to come out of her nipples. The additional stimulation was enough to bring her over the edge, and her pussy clamped down hard on the tentacles filling it as she came. She let out a moan that was muffled by the tentacles in her mouth. However, she noticed an increase in the tentacles’ intensity, with them pounding hard against the back of her cervix. It didn’t take them long until she felt lots of slime pour inside her, her abdomen stretching out visibly as she was filled with their load.

Other tentacles also started going harder at her. She felt her limbs being stretched out in all four directions as the tentacles spreading her increased in their force. The ones impaling her from her anus all the way to her mouth blew their load all over her face as well, some of the seed pouring down her chin anto dripping onto her chest. The tentacles wrapped around her chest squeezed her tits even harder than before.
As her breasts stopped lactating, the two tentacles latched onto her nipples pulled off. With the tiny teeth holding on to the skin around them, both her nipples were ripped off, granting Corrin the first real pain she felt through all that. On that mark, the tentacles around her breasts pulled outwards as well, and both of Corrin’s mammaries were torn off as well. The twin circular stumps on her chest started bleeding as she thrashed against the tentacles holding her. The ones pumping inside her cunt finally punched their way through the back of her uterus, ramming into her guts. And yet, despite that, Corrin tried her best for another orgasm. The knowledge that she was about to die was incredibly arousing to her. The pulling on her limbs increased yet again, and then both of her arms were torn off at the same time. She shook against the tentacles again, her arousal spiking. Her legs gave way soon after, her shapely thighs slamming against each other as they hung from the tentacles. This pain was enough for her to come, and her body was shook with her second orgasm.

Her mind was quite clouded by all the pain and blood loss at that moment, but she was still conscious. So she was able to feel as the tentacle around her neck finally closed off her breathing. However, it wouldn’t be strangulation that would kill her off. With the rapid loss of blood she wouldn’t last long enough for that to kill her. Instead of that, the tentacle simply jolted her head upwards, stretching her neck to the point of tearing. Eventually, her head was torn off from her limbless torso, and whatever remained of her body was taken underwater. A small whirlpool sucked in some water and all the pieces of her body ended up going through the creature’s mouth, down to its stomach where they would be digested.

Corrin’s messy demise was barely able to be seen from the beach where the other girls were. However, it seemed that the monster was sated for now, so the girls didn’t feel too bad about the death of their host. All of them were quite accustomed to death at that point, so no one really seemed to care about her. Except for one girl. The Robin standing over the firepit bit her lip as she saw that, visibly annoyed.

“What’s wrong?” Lyn asked her, and the tactician replied with a somewhat angry voice. “We agreed that we would use her body as food for you guys. With her body gone along with that monster, that can’t really happen.” Robin’s brow furrowed as she considered what to do now. “How about you use one of the girls I brought here instead?” Lyn asked her, smiling brightly. Robin nodded back at her. “That could work. Who should I use?” She asked, and the blue haired girl smiled. “I’ll kill someone and you can just take her body afterwards.” Lyn answered her, before taking off to pick one of the girls.

Tharja wasn’t that happy. She tried hitting on the white haired woman, but she was too focused on the firepit to notice. So now she ran off, sad and angry. As she ran, the wound in her heart only deepened as she saw Tiki and Cherche happily together. Cherche’s face was currently buried among the dragon girl’s round ass, working with her tongue to bring her as much pleasure as she could. She was also touching herself, the two of them enjoying themselves thoroughly. In a fit of jealousy, Tharja found herself casting a curse on the pink haired woman. She calmed down instantly, but decided not to stop the curse from working as she walked away, hoping for another go at Robin’s attention.

Cherche noticed some outward pulling between her legs, but she thought it was just her arousal building up. However, as her pussy suddenly closed, a shot of pain going through her abdomen, she backed out, sitting on her legs. She watched with horror as an already erect cock quickly grew between her legs, while she felt her inside organs reforming. Tiki got up as well, looking at her lover while a bit curious why she stopped. Embarrassed, Cherche covered her new organ with her hands, but Tiki gently moved them to the side. Her eyes lit up as she saw what laid behind them, while Cherche looked away, her face as pink as her hair. She expected her lover to hate the new addition to her body, so she was pleasantly surprised when Tiki ran one of her hands down her shaft to check it out. Cherche’s cock twitched under the sensitive touch, sending some pleasure through Cherche’s body. Tiki continued to stroke it for some more time, fascinated with Cherche’s new love tool, letting Cherche understand that she loved it. She further made her feelings evident as she moved her lower body towards her, guiding Cherche’s shaft inside her pussy. Pleasure filled the wyvern rider’s mind as her beloved began grinding against her.

Tiki’s outstanding melons bounced in her undersized top as she began slamming up and down on Cherche’s cock. Their movement was so mesmerizing that Lyn stopped to take a look at her. With how bountiful the green-haired woman’s chest was, Lyn realized she might be perfect for her purpose. She approached the two, bending over Tiki’s head, her fingers undoing her top. The dragon lady only moaned back at Cherche, assuming it was her who did that since she had her eyes closed. Lyn pulled the top up to Tiki’s neck, wrapping the red fabric around it. Tiki’s eyes snapped open as Lyn tightened it further, restricting her breathing. Cherche watched with horror as Lyn began strangling her girlfriend, but Tiki’s moans grew louder for the few moments she could still breathe, and the speed with which she was bouncing on her cock only increased.

Tiki was fine with dying like that. With thousands of years of living, she didn’t put much value to her life anymore. She was far more concerned with the mind-melting pleasure she was feeling at that point. In all her years of sexual intercourses, this one seemed the most pleasurable by far. The burning in her lungs increased as her body was slowly starting to shut off, but she got to feel Cherche releasing her load inside her pussy before that happened. Her own body responded with an orgasm as well, and she continued to ride Cherche’s dick while Lyn carried on with strangling her. Her hands began to twitch for a moment, but she got them back in control, and moved one of them towards Cherche’s face. She cupped one of her cheeks gently, hoping to ease the girl in to her death since Cherche seemed on the verge of tears now. “Please, don’t cry.” She tried to convey that message to Cherche through her green eyes, and it seemed Cherche understood her. Even if the girl didn’t want to lose her, Cherche was okay with her dying as she understood it was Tiki’s choice as well. She grabbed Tiki’s warm hand with both of hers, channeling all her love into squeezing it as she rubbed it against her face.

Quite exhausted by her orgasm, Tiki didn’t last much longer against the asphyxiation. Her body slumped against Lyn’s legs, who continued squeezing her windpipe shut for some more time. When she was done, she gave the body a gentle shove as she let go of it, with it collapsing on top of Cherche’s body. By that time, she was ready for another go, Tiki’s death throes spurring her shaft to action again. She locked her lips with Tiki’s dead ones as she continued to use her body, her tongue sliding inside and touching Tiki’s dead one. With one hand Cherche touched the tip of one of Tiki’s pointy ears, remembering how aroused the woman would get when she played with them.

When Lyn returned, leading Robin with her and Tharja sulking behind them, Cherche was hugging Tiki’s body tightly after having blown another load inside her. “Excuse me, would it be okay if I took her body now?” Robin asked the Valmese girl, and she nodded through her tears. She couldn’t contain the tears any longer after her sexual high died down, but she knew she had to let go of her body now. With much enthusiasm, Robin tried to lift the body, and with Lyn’s help she carried it to a table that had been set up hear the fire.

Grabbing a sharp knife from the table, Robin began preparing Tiki’s body. To begin, she sliced off both of Tiki’s sizeable breasts and threw them onto the grill. Moving on, she sliced off many strips of Tiki’s meat from her ass and thighs. She continued slicing off pieces of Tiki’s meat from the oracle’s corpse as the tasty smell proceeded to spread through the area. During that time she carved Tiki’s cunt out, still filled with her and Cherche’s love juices, and dropping it onto the grill so that it sizzled nicely. Hinoka and Minerva were lured out of the water by the smell, and all the girls proceeded to nibble down on the divine dragon’s meat. Lyn noted that some girls were quite enjoying watching the show, with Kagero looking the most aroused - maybe even more than Robin and Lyn herself.

Having gotten her main concern worked out, Robin could proceed to relax herself as well. She felt someone’s eyes on her her the entire time she was going through it, so she turned towards Tharja when she was done. The black mage seemed startled by her indifference earlier, but she still came back towards her. Her actions told Robin that the Plegian was just as fixated on her as her world’s Tharja, but she seemed just fine with that. What she could see of her body told her she was just as much of a beauty as the Tharja she knew. Robin found herself a bit aroused by what she did to Tiki’s body, so she decided she could grant Tharja her wish. She walked up to the woman, locking her lips with Tharja’s as her fingers ventured under Tharja’s swimsuit and entered her snatch.

The heroines continued with their fun at the beach as the day went by. However, they’ve ran out of Tiki’s meat at some point. Even if everyone got a taste of her body, Lyn decided that simply Tiki’s meat wasn’t enough. As the day was slowly drawing to a close, she approached Robin again. The white-haired woman was busy with eating Tharja out, so Lyn waited for Robin to finish. After Tharja was done, Robin looked at Lyn. “Do you need me for something?” She asked as Tharja was basking in the afterglow of her orgasm.

“I was thinking that we could use another woman’s worth of meat. Would you be up for that?” Lyn asked her, and Robin just smiled at her. “Of course. Anyone you had in mind?” She asked while getting up. Lyn took another look at the group of Heroines she brought with her. She initially planned to have Minerva used up for that, but Hinoka and Minerva looked too lovely together to break them up. Kagero, who was watching them from a distance, was her second choice, especially with how aroused she seemed when watching Robin prepare Tiki’s body.
“Kagero! I want you to come over here and let Robin prepare you as a meal!” Lyn called out, and the ninja turned to face her. She realized that her enjoying herself earlier must have been pretty noticeable. Her time as an assassin led to her fetishizing death itself, and she found herself fantasizing about taking the place as a victim many times. However, she had been thinking it’d just stay a fantasy. But if Lyn ordered her to do so, she had to obey her - disobeying her would only make her suffer more in the long run. She walked over to the firepit, where Robin was already setting everything up. She found the spit that was planned to be used for Corrin, and started to prepare it as the black haired ninja stripped out of her pink swimsuit. She cupped her huge breasts for a final time when Robin turned back towards her, and gestured for her to get on the table.

Kagero hesitated for a moment, taking one final look at the other women that were there. She decided Hinoka would be fine for at least the time it would take her to get back to Askr, so she what she was about to do wouldn’t go against Ryoma’s will. With that in mind, she could fully enjoy what was about to come. She climbed on the table, staying on her fours there. Robin grabbed the tip of the spit and guided it into the ninja’s asshole. Kagero felt her arousal spiking as she felt the cold touch of the metal pole that was pushed inside her. Getting it inside her tight anus was the hardest part, with it sliding in more easily once the tip was in. As it pierced the walls of her intestines and slid inside her viscera, pain mixed with pleasure filled her mind. She couldn’t contain a moan as that happened, her hands going towards her pussy. She started rubbing one against her clit as Robin pushed the spit further inside her, with it going through her abdominal cavity and causing some internal bleeding as it slid through some of her organs. Kagero’s other hand started stimulating her pussy as well furiously, with the Hoshidian assassin doing her best to orgasm before Robin finished spitting her. If her satisfied moans were to be trusted, she managed to do just that as the spit came free out of her mouth. Her body started jerking wildly on the spit, in both orgasmic and pained spasms.

Once she was done with the spit, Robin grabbed one end of it while Lyn grabbed the other. The two of them carried it to the empty space over the firepit, and placed Kagero over the fire. Kagero’s cunt honey began leaking out of her and dripping into the fire as the heat started to take its toll on the assassin. As sweat began to coat her body, along with whatever fat she had on her slim, muscular body melting as well, whatever strength remained in Kagero’s body began to wane rapidly. It didn’t take long before the brunette went limp on the spit, her limbs dangling just over the fire. Her death followed shortly after, Kagero’s life ending long before her body was ready.

Watching her roast, Lyn couldn’t help but think how sexy Kagero looked now. Her huge breasts were hanging directly above the fire, and by that point they had already turned into beautiful brown slumps of meat. Lyn heard the stories about the Spring Festival from some of the heroes who were there, but she thought that they were simply exaggerating. However, it seemed that it was just as hot as they told her, and Lyn decided they should try it out back in Askr as well. As the tasty smell of Kagero’s body filled the air, she took another look at the women around her. Hinoka and Minerva were making out again, both red-haired princesses quite focused on each other.

On another side, Tharja was eating Robin out. The tactician was already convinced that she’d go with them back to Askr, since she had no idea how to get back to her world from this one anyways. Lyn was all up for it, knowing Kiran could always use some more capable fighters - and the girl looked quite sexy as well. Lyn’s green eyes shifter over to Cherche. The still grieving woman was using Tiki’s head to pleasure herself, hoping to lose herself in her lust to forget about her loss. Loneliness returned to her in full force as she watched the two happy couples earlier, and that was the only way she could still cope with it, pumping her cock into Tiki’s neck stump as she looked into her dead, green eyes. Ayra had returned to them as well, using Corrin’s wyvern to carry her back over the sea. While the warrior was a bit off-put at first, as the tasty smell began to fill the air on the beach as well, she decided to give Kagero’s meat as well. Their time at the beach continued for quite a long time, with Kagero’s body stripped of most of its meat before the living girls all returned to Askr.


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Chapter 11: An Unsuccessful Skirmish
=tags: non-con, F/M, combat gore, beheading, dismemberment, rape=

“Take over this place. Kill anyone who stands in you way.” Veronica told her soldiers while going over the directions Loki gave her before leaving. The illusionist suggested invading this world, saying that if she managed to secure a certain tome, it would benefit her greatly. And while invading Magvel seemed quite entertaining - Eirika’s impaled body flashing in her mind after the princess tried to oppose her - Veronica was a bit worried about the overall lack of resistance. Taking over that world while she searched for the tome would be a perfect distraction for the Askrian forces that would inevitably show up at some point. Anger resurfaced in her mind as she thought of the group that continued to hinder her whatever she did. However, she remembered that if Loki’s words were to be trusted, once she was done here she could gain the strength to crush them once and for all. A small smile appeared on her face as she walked off to search for what she wanted, her army getting to work right away.

Robin smiled to herself as she walked through the portal. She’d been given command of a small squad, and she was quite happy to lead it into battle. She decided not to change out of her swimsuit, just staying on the sidelines for the battle to focus on tactics. However, she wasn’t helpless by any means - she still had her trident, and she had borrowed a magical tome from one of the other versions of her she met in Askr.

Robin looked at her subordinates, wondering what was the best way to utilize them. Two of the girls she already met when they came to the beach - Ayra and Hinoka. To support them, the horse-mounted healer Priscilla was with them as well. The heroines weren’t the only people under Robin’s command. Some Askrian foot soldiers came through the portal on their side as well, going into battle with the Emblian army in numerous small struggles. To start it off, Robin decided she wanted some intel. “Hinoka? Could you please go and find out what their forces look like?” Robin asked her, and the tomboyish redhead nodded back at her from atop her pegasus. “Got it.” She replied, before sending her pegasus up in the air. She and the two other girls waited for some time, with Ayra growing increasingly restless. eventually, the black-haired girl decided she’d go off on her own. As she headed off, Robin spoke out to her.
“Ayra? It’d be better if you waited until Hinoka got back.”
“It’s not like I can’t handle whatever they have, anyways.” The swordswoman replied with a confident smirk. Before Robin could reply, she ran off towards the fortification in the distance. Her sword was quickly coated with more blood as she sliced through countless enemy foot soldiers. Robin watched her leave with a worried look on her face. “I just hope she’ll be okay.” She commented to Priscilla, and the noble redhead nodded back at her. As they waited, eventually some Emblian soldiers drew closer towards her, and Robin readied her trident while Priscilla prepared her weak offensive magic.

Ayra let out a breath she was holding as she brought her sword down through the head of a soldier in front of her. Numerous bodies lied among her path, but there seemed to be no end to the Emblian soldiers. Her muscles were sore after all the fighting she did, and she realized it might be time to retreat. Turning towards where she came from, however, it seemed that it wouldn’t be possible. The path she cut through the soldiers had already been closed, the soldiers she killed replaced by reinforcements - and she was far too deep behind their lines now to just hope she could ran past them. Drawing a heavy breath, she readied herself for another encounter. She was no stranger to fighting hopeless battles, her mind returning to that fateful battle in Belhalla. The magic pulled her from it just before she was killed back then, and she wondered if she’d get to escape death again as the first of the soldiers got to her. Forcing her body into a battle stance again, she started to slice through the masses of soldiers again.

With each blow she struck, she could feel herself getting slower, it took her longer to react to each incoming attack. Eventually, it became impossible for her to dodge attacks in time. Fortunately for her, the sword of the attacker was aimed towards her chest, and her breastplate protected her. The attack knocked most of her breath out, however, and she heaved in place as she tried to suck another breath in. Her lack of motion proved to be fatal to her as a spear pierced her through her back, going all the way through her. She looked down in horror at the weapon sticking out of her abdomen. Ayra tried moving forward, hoping to slide off the weapon, only to be pierced with another lance from the front. Her pale skin and her purple battle dress became stained with blood as more and more weapons were stabbed into her. Ayra’s hands slumped limply at her hands, her sword falling out of her hand and to the ground.

One of the soldiers approached her, and sliced off the leather strap that was holding her breastplate in place. Since most of her dress was already in tatters, her once flat stomach now both revealed and containing swords almost to it full capacity, the men that approached her at this point started slicing away at the ample flesh of her breasts. The scraps of her dress fell to her feet, revealing her sizeable tits to the soldiers. One of the men uncovered his prick, and began stroking himself after stabbing her through her chest. Following his example, the other men that were still watching her did so as well. The circle of soldiers all jerked off at the girl as she was slowly bleeding out, covering her face, her quite shredded breasts and her long, black hair with their semen before the princess of Isaach succumbed to her wounds. One of her blue eyes rolled back in its socket while as she passed away, the soldiers all cheering as they saw her die. They knew the bitch had killed many of their fellow soldiers, so the fact that they managed to bring her down was very satisfying to them - especially that they recognized she was a summoned hero, so they’d get rewarded for killing her as well. When they all were done, they approached her corpse again one by one, pulling their weapons out of her body. Ayra’s corpse fell down as the weapons keeping her up were removed, with the body falling down face-first. Her ass sticking up in the air proved to be quite an enticing sight, with it barely covered by the scraps of her dress. It was no surprise that as most soldiers returned towards the front line, a few soldiers stayed behind to have some more fun with her body.

High above all the soldiers, Hinoka watched as the soldiers stripped Ayra’s body of what remained of her clothes. She was filled with disgust towards the men, and yet she felt some fascination with what they did as well. She had just finished mapping out the enemy forces when she saw Ayra fighting her final battle, so she just hovered above them and enjoyed the show. She felt she was becoming wet between her legs, some of her juices running down her legs and soaking into her pegasus’s skin. She reminded herself that after she finished the mission, she would have all the time she wanted with Minerva, and tried to keep her arousal in check as she prepared to go back towards Robin.

Because Hinoka stayed in one place, she proved to be quite the target for the Emblian archers - or at least she would, if they hadn’t joined in covering Ayra’s body with their semen. However, Veronica wasn’t playing around with her invasion - she deployed some of the soldiers bound to her will to fight as well. One of them, the Friegian noble Reinhardt, didn’t miss the redhead’s pegasus as it stayed in one place on the sky. And just as the Hoshidian princess was about to leave, he finished preparing his spell.

“Magic is everything!” He exclaimed as unleashed his magic on her. A lightning bolt came out of the sky just above her, slamming into her shoulder. Electricity coursed through her just as her pegasus began flying away, pain going through her entire body as her nerves were short-circuited. Her pegasus saved her life with its movement, taking her just enough to the side that the second lightning bolt hit her mount instead. Her white pegasus was hit straight through its head, its brain fried instantly. The pegasus beat its wings for one final time, and then it started falling towards the Emblian forces Hinoka had been watching so carefully just moments earlier. With the shock still taking its toll on her body, she couldn’t do much as the pegasus crashed down in a different spot from where Ayra was, but still in the middle of Emblian soldiers. Soldiers, who very much caught attention of the beauty that came down crashing from the sky.

As Hinoka’s pegasus crashed into the ground, another electrical shock went through her body, the sudden crash causing whatever charge that still remained in her pegasus’ corpse to discharge into her. Instead of a graceful leap with which she intended to get off the winged horse, she fell halfway through the jump as her muscles contracted wildly. Her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment as she felt something warm running down her legs, realizing that the current running through her lower body stopped whatever muscles were holding her bladder together, releasing a streak of piss that soaked through her white panties and trickled down her athletic thighs. She managed to climb back to her feet, using her lance to support herself with one hand as she wiped the dirt off her face with the other, coming face to face with the small gathering of soldiers that saw her fall. She tried to shift into a battle position, waving with her lance in a futile attempt of scaring the men off, but as yet another aftershock went through her body she stabbed the weapon hard into the ground, and she pushed it far too deep in for her to be able to remove it easily. Seeing the men slowly approach her, she knew she didn’t have the time to do that.

When the first man got in range, she launched herself of the ground, her hands holding the pole as an anchor while she used her strong legs to kick the man in the head. He stumbled back, her powerful attack making him dizzy as both of her armored feet connected with his forehead. Encouraged by her initial success, she prepared for another kick as the men slowed down, approaching her with more caution. The men looked at one another, encouraging themselves to all go towards her together. And so as Hinoka kicked out towards one of them, knocking him back, the others threw themselves at her legs, grabbing them midair. Before Hinoka got the chance to wriggle them away from their grasp, the men moved in different directions, causing her legs to move into a painful split - and even as she let go of her lance, trying to adjust herself to their movements, they still carried on, dislocating both her legs. Hinoka let out a cry of pain as her legs were bent beyond their usual limits. Her upper body fell to the ground because she stopped holding the spear, her back hitting the ground with a loud thud. She felt the contact through her spine, another round of pain spreading through her body.

The men continued to bend her legs a bit more, until they were positive she couldn’t move them anymore. Hinoka watched them from the ground, her hands clenched into fists as the seriousness of the situation got to her. The fists were seen as another danger by the men, and they all converged on them next, with her upper limbs joining the lower ones in their disability. She felt them snap out of place, now completely helpless to what the man had in store for her.

Satisfied that the girl couldn’t cause them any more trouble, the soldiers could have their fun with the Hoshidian princess. The white piece of cloth on the front of her dress was quickly torn off, and the overlapping twin red parts of the dress underneath it were pulled to the side, revealing that the tomboyish woman didn’t wear a bra to cover her small tits. Her white panties, now yellow with her piss, were removed almost as quickly, along with the suspenders holding her socks up, and the the redhead’s feminine parts were exposed to everyone gathered around her.

Even if her breasts were not that big, it didn’t stop the men from groping them and squeezing them, with one soldier bending over her working on them with his mouth, his tongue going around her nipples. Hinoka soon realized it didn’t feel that bad - even if the soldier wasn’t as skilled in that as Minerva was, it was still quite pleasurable. Her shaved pussy was receiving similar attention from the soldiers, with it soon being lubricated with her juices as her body reacted to the men’s molestation. And Hinoka couldn’t help but moan as her arousal was being brought up by the men, quickly overshadowing the pain pulsating from all of her limbs.

Eventually, one of the men working on her decided she was wet enough, and released his member from the confines of his pants. He easily forced it inside her snatch, a shiver going through her body as her pussy was filled with his dick. The Emblian continued to rape her, with Hinoka squirming underneath him. It didn’t take her long to cum, and after her orgasm died down, she silently apologized to Minerva in her mind for that - and for not being able to return to her. And just as that regret filled her mind, she felt the man release his load inside her. Before she could react to that, one of the soldiers standing over her sliced neatly through her neck with his sword. Her head was removed from the rest of her body, with another man grabbing it by her short hair and raising it up, giving her a final view of her body. Her dead eyes went over it, tears flashing in them as she thought of the people who would miss her - both of her siblings and her lover. As her mind slipped away, the man outstretched the hand holding her head triumphantly in the air, with it being visible to everyone. Then he lowered the head to the level of his crotch and forced his dick between her dead lips, as if Hinoka was about to suck him off. While most of the men moved on after making sure that Hinoka was dead, just as with Ayra, some still stayed behind to make use of her body.

Even though Robin lost sight of Hinoka after the girl fell off the sky, she didn't miss her head showing up above the waves of men without the rest of her body. With no sign of Ayra coming back, regret welled up inside her as she realised that two of the heroines she knew personally were now most likely both dead. With that in mind, she knew she had to do her best to protect Priscilla from any harm.

Her dark eyes moved towards the mounted cleric, on the way to her passing through the lines of Emblian soldiers. And was immediately thankful that she did, for she noticed the noble who struck Hinoka down earlier approach them on his horse. A smile appeared on her lips as she prepared her spell, before unleashing a green spectral wolf on the man. She watched with glee as the wolf gutted the man’s horse, before moving on to the rider, exacting the revenge for Hinoka. However, that didn't last long. After the wolf was finished with the man, Robin heard a horse cry out in fear near her. She turned to look at Priscilla, realizing too late that the girl’s horse would become afraid of her wolf as well. She ended the spell straight away, but it was already too late. Priscilla’s horse carried the healer far away from Robin, disappearing in a direction parallel to the lines of clashing soldiers. Robin considered going after her, but decided to stay and keep watch at the portal instead.

Priscilla felt a bit shaky as her horse rode away from the portal. She was grateful that it didn’t take her straight into the Emblian forces, yet she was also a bit afraid as she left the relative safety of being near Robin. However, she decided that she could use this opportunity to get a little bit stronger herself. And so even as she regained control of her horse, she continued to ride forward. Before the cleric had the chance to change her mind, she saw a masked man on a horse emerge from beyond the enemy lines. She turned her horse towards him, and prepared her offensive magic to use against him.

“Girl, you better leave right away. It’s not safe for you to be here, between two clashing armies.” His words caught her off-guard, but surprise was replaced with anger as it was clear to her that the man was underestimating her. “I think you are mistaken, mister. I happen to be a soldier for the Order of Heroes, and I intend to fight against you if you continue to go this way.”
“Please, I don’t want anyone else to get hurt. I’m searching for my sister - princess Veronica - and when I do find her, I could probably convince her to abandon her invasion of this world. Our goals overlap, so please, get out of my way before something terrible happens to you.” Bruno tried his best to convey his emotions to Priscilla, already feeling that the madness coming from his blood was starting to grow stronger inside him. Priscilla refused to believe him, standing firmly in his way and hitting him with the magic she was preparing.

Although the magic wasn’t very powerful, it released the curse of madness welling up through his veins, and with a sadistic laughter the Emblian prince cast both his hands towards Priscilla. “Hahaha! It seems that you really wish to die, o Askrian cleric! I am happy to fulfill this wish for you!”
In an instant, he fired a spell at the girl, and Priscilla’s horse has been skewered by icy spikes coming out of the ground. Priscilla herself barely avoided being impaled on one of the spikes that tore through her horse’s back directly in front of her, tearing through her dress and pressing directly against her snatch through her panties. The cold made her jump back as the horse slumped down in its final moments, and her rapid movement backwards caused the icy pole to tear a hole in her dress. The hole ran all the way all the way from just beneath her breasts to the bottom of her dress. As she jumped off her horse, it get caught on another icy spike, and she continued to tear her dress further, with the dress falling apart when she landed. She was left just in her underwear and without a horse against a man that was trying to kill her, and she decided that her situation couldn’t get any worse.

Bruno recalled the icy spikes, and directed his horse towards the girl. The hooves of the horse hit her straight on the chest, taking her breath away and knocking her to the ground. Before she got the chance to get up, Bruno released another, similar spell at Priscilla. The cleric’s legs and arms had been pierced with icy spikes, keeping her from any movement and lifting her off the ground. She cried on in pain as four holes opened in her body, with the cold only increasing the pain coming from her wounds. With a spike piercing her wrist, she let go of her staff, and it fell to the ground between two of the spikes.

Bruno get off his horse, and picked the staff up. The voice inside his head was telling him to hurt the girl, but humiliating her was also worth the time. He picked up the staff from the ground, and slid it between her bra and her chest. He used it to tear the white piece of cloth away, revealing her decently sized breasts. Embarrassment flushed up her cheeks as she was forcibly stripped, but at least the man didn’t seem that interested in her chest. That knowledge barely helped her with how she was feeling however, and she was even more embarrassed when he removed her panties in the same way. With her completely naked, Bruno snapped her staff in half. She cried out in pain as he forced one half inside her pussy, with the wooden splinters hurting her insides as her pushed it as far in as he could, with the staff going through her cervix and into her womb. She felt more pain as the second half of the staff was forced inside her anus, her inner walls hurt even more as they had to stretch to accomodate the wooden pole until all that was visible of it was the adorned ending.

Tears were already running down the redhead’s face, but Bruno was only getting started with her. As he saw the twin trickles of blood coming from her anus and her vagina, he decided to move on. Retracting the spike that was holding her left leg up, he grabbed hold of the leg with both his hands. She shivered as his gloved fingers grabbed hold of one of her thighs. But the pain was only about to begin. Calling on his already huge physical strength, only strengthened further by the madness that was currently holding him, Bruno began to pull on Priscilla’s leg. Priscilla felt the strain on her leg increase, until her skin began to tear. A bloody line appeared on her leg, spreading to the entire intersection of it. She started screaming at this point, quickly losing the connection to her leg. A fountain of blood followed as her limb was separated from the rest of her body. He let it drop to the ground as Priscilla screamed her throat out with how much pain she was in.

The side of her body lost half of its support, with it being supported by just one spike now. To even it out, he walked over to the other side of her body, and removed the spike that was holding her right arm in place. Her frail limb proved less resistance than the one he started out with, and soon her arm joined her leg. He carried on with removing the remaining two limbs, and Priscilla’s limbless torso dropped to the ground with four bleeding stumps in place of her arms and legs.

Despite that, the redheaded healer was still conscious. Her voice was long gone by that point, used up with all her screams, but she continued to endure the pain and the bleeding. However, that wouldn’t be the case for long. With another spell, Bruno summoned another group of icy spikes, and they all pierced through her torso, giving her enough internal wounds that she passed away soon afterwards.

As Bruno dispelled the magic, he finally returned to his senses. He stared at the corpse for a few moments, already knowing what happened. He had been afraid of doing exactly that for far too long. Still, he was a bit happy that he snapped on some random woman, and not anyone that he knew. Even so, he decided it would be too dangerous to stay in Emblia anymore - he couldn’t tell when would his blood force him to kill someone like that again. “Sorry, sister. I hope that you will manage without me.” He thought to himself as he headed off away from both the Emblian and the Askrian forces, eager to search for a cure for the insanity that plagued his entire family.

Robin stayed in her spot near the portal for some more time, but it didn’t seem that any of her subordinates were coming back. And from the looks of it, the Askrian foot soldiers were not doing good as well. With a heavy heart, she came to the conclusion that her mission was a failure. Turning back towards the portal, she crossed it and returned to Askr.

“So how did it go, princess?” Loki smiled at Veronica as the young Emblian emerged from the portal back at the Emblian castle.
“…We’ve taken over that world. And I found the tome you wanted.” She handed the magical book to Loki, and the busty woman gave out a triumphant laughter:
“With this, I can summon my master!”
“…And he will help me obliterate Askr.” Veronica followed up.


Think you could do a few more things requested? Arrows in a blonde pussy, preferablly pregnant? Pregnant debreasting? Perhaps a woman has her cunt cut out while still conscious and against her will? And/or roasted while inside her?


Tell it truly: was the real point of Chapter 11 just revenge porn against all the fucking Reinhardts in the arena?


Suggestion: Lilina & Cecilia BHB, but it ends like how Veiled616 drew it.


>>12726 Not too sure about the pregnant stuff. There's a character I think it could go with, but not sure when I'll get to her. I did have an bow related death planned that you would probably like, but I moved that chapter down the list of things to write. Might try to fit it into chapter 12 instead, though. As for cunt removal, will try to incorporate it into an future chapter. The roasting could probably happen in Chapter 15, since I'll be keeping the roasting related stuff to chapters with numbers that are multiples of 5

>>12734 Kind of. Just wanted to include him here, and the scene with him getting killed just worked well in my mind. The real point was setting up Minerva to have a grudge against him.

>>12735 I've actually been thinking about writing that. Was kinda weighing it against another idea I've had for Lilina, so it's quite possible that I will do write it in the future


Here’s hoping that we see some more girls eagerly dying. No tricks, no coercion, just girls willing to die for their own pleasure!


>>12737 This might be up your alley then :)

Here's an extra quick chapter inspired by the grind in the Tempest Trials at the start of this month, featuring the team I used.

Intermission 1: Suicides Within the Tempest

tags: con, F/F, F/M, beheading, stabbing

Effie brought her spear through the throat of the Tempest-corrupted Felicia. She watched as the form of the clumsy maid slumped down to the floor, her dagger falling out of her limp hands. “Okay, that’s the last of them.” She called out to the other armored units that were there with her. “All done here as well!” Amelia cried out from her side, and if the screams coming from the direction where Tharja went off to were to be trusted, the Plegian sorceress must have been having some fun with the soldiers opposing them as well. Although no sounds came from the direction the Black Knight took out in, the blue portal opening in front of them seemed to be confirming that all the enemy soldiers were dead as she and Amelia met up in front of it.

“This portal should take us towards the end. So if we want to go through with it, now’s the time.” Amelia spoke out towards Effie, and the Nohrian knight nodded. “I haven’t changed my mind. How about you?” She asked Amelia back, and the blonde knight bopped her head slightly with a weak smile. “Me neither… I can’t carry on like this.” As she heard that, Effie thought back to how it came to this.

When the masked swordsman using the name of Marth came to Askr, requesting help in containing the threat posed by the Tempest, Kiran wasn’t very happy to do that. In the end, however, he delegated the four of them to that. Although at first they were all eager to fight in it, their enthusiasm quickly died down. Having fought through the Tempest once, they returned only to see it still active in full force. So they went in again. And again. And again. Effie lost count after about twenty times, but it seemed that they would be bound to carry on like that forever. And as if it wasn’t a terrible enough vision of the future, the faceless soldiers they were facing at first had by now all been replaced with corrupted versions of heroes they knew. Effie was still traumatized by the first time she had to kill Lady Elise, the princess coming at her with very powerful magic until she stabbed her through the heart with her lance. And as they continued to go through the Tempest, it seemed they all became very tired of it. So when Amelia suggested a way of escaping the Tempest, a way that had the promise of being very enjoyable for all of them, Effie was all up for it.

Because of that, Effie began removing the pieces of her pink-and-gold armor one by one. She placed them all on the ground close together, continuing to undress until all that she still had on were her dark pink panties and her pink bra. Looking over to Amelia, the blonde soldier had removed her red armor as well, staying just in her white skirt and -Effie’s heart began to beat a bit faster as she saw it - not wearing a bra, her round, average sized breasts clearly visible to her. Effie could feel herself becoming aroused very quickly. During their time fighting together, she found herself developing a crush on the cute and energetic axe knight. However, it seemed that Amelia had feelings for the Black Knight, so Effie was forced to endure her unrequited love while continuing to fight alongside them. Being able to see the girl naked up close was something she very much desired, and one of Effie’s hands began touching her pussy as she pulled her panties off.

Amelia watched as Effie touched herself, not realizing that the girl was fantasizing about her. She grabbed the hem of her skirt, and pulled it off as well, Effie moaning loudly as she was given the view of Amelia’s unshaved snatch. Amelia looked at the Black Knight for a moment, considering her options, then approached Effie. She undid the Nohrian’s bra, exposing her breasts - comparable in size to Amelia’s - and she gave them a nice squeeze with her hands. Effie screamed in pleasure, an orgasm rocking through her as she stared at the beautiful, happy face of Amelia. The knight’s fondling of her breasts easily brought her over the edge, since she never expected her fantasies to be fulfilled. Still, as Effie breathed heavily after her orgasm, she realized she wanted more. Amelia let go of her breasts and took a step back, worry appearing on her face.

“Sorry, I should have asked before I did that. You just seemed like you needed a hand, so I wanted to help.” Amelia tried to apologize, but Effie grabbed her hand with both of hers, eager to correct her.
“You don’t have to apologize. In fact, I’ve dreamt of nothing more than you doing this for most of our time here in the Tempest.” Amelia’s mouth opened as she realized what Effie’s words meant. “And even after you did that, I have another request for you. I beg you, make love to me before we go through with this.”

Amelia stared at the Nohrian knight for a moment. She stole a glance at the Black Knight, who appeared nearby in the meantime, but the black helmet covering all of his face gave her no help. However, it seemed to her that the knight moved his head down slightly, and she took that as a sign of encouragement.

Walking over to Effie, she pushed her fingers inside Effie’s snatch. She slid them in and out for a moment, enjoying the wetness caused by Effie’s earlier orgasm, before dropping to her knees. She forced her tongue inside Effie, and began licking away at her insides. She used her hands to stop Effie from moving her hips, letting her work on her without any interruptions - even if it was her first time eating out a woman, Amelia tried her best to do it. She wanted to repay Effie for all the battles they fought together, and if Effie’s moans were any sign of it, it seemed that she was doing quite a good job. Effie’s fingers were running through Amelia’s blonde hair, with her trying to get a feel of as much of the younger knight’s body as she could before she was finished. With her arousal peaking easily as her deepest fantasy was unfolding, Effie soon came again. And as the girl cried out in pleasure, Amelia found herself quite aroused as well.

Amelia removed her tongue from inside Effie, and moved a bit back before getting up. Her fingers played with her snatch as she walked over and picked up her axe. Effie dropped to her knees, sated with her double orgasm and quite happy with herself as she waited for Amelia to take her life. She outstretched her neck, showing it to Amelia. With a quick, yet powerful swing of her weapon, Amelia sliced cleanly through it, Effie’s head dropping to the ground near her body as it collapsed forwards. After she did that, Amelia immediately let go of her axe and started masturbating quite enthusiastically. Effie’s cut off head was given the sight of the blonde enjoying herself over her corpse before she passed away.

For how aroused Amelia was, she managed to get her lust in control a few moments later. With Effie dead, there was no backing out of what they agreed to, and she knew she had to prepare for her own death as well. With that in mind, she walked over to the Black Knight and dropped to her knees. Although the man had not spoken yet, they had agreed upon the details earlier. Her fingers slid against the cold, black metal, and it didn’t take her long to remove the codpiece. Her fingers, sticky with both Effie’s cunt honey and her own as well, grabbed hold of his already erect cock, and she pumped down on it to bring it to full size. After doing that, she leaned closer, her lips wrapping around the tip of his dick, lubricating it with her saliva. She slurped it inside her mouth, enjoying the feeling of it pressing against the back of her throat as she struggled to take the entirety of it down her throat.

After taking his entire length inside her a few times, Amelia felt herself getting very aroused again. She pulled her head back and got up again, then tried to push the Black Knight down to the floor. Although she wasn’t strong enough to force the man to go over, he did what she wanted and lied down on the floor. She grabbed the knife from the ground near Felicia’s corpse, then climbed on top of him. She positioned her pussy over his cock, then rammed down on him, forcing his dick, lubricated with her saliva, to easily slide inside her. With all the times she managed to get the Black Knight to fuck her, she was still amazed with how full her pussy felt when taking his length inside her. With each of her bounces a surge of pleasure filled her body, and although the man wasn’t showing it, she was sure that the Black Knight was enjoying it as much as she was.

As wave after wave of pleasure went through her body, the blonde knight knew it was the time for her to move on to her death. She placed the knife on one side of her belly, then forced it through her skin. Her bouncing only sped up as the pain shoot through her, trying her best to counter the pain with more pleasure. She continued to cut through her abdomen, opening a bleeding cut across the entirety of her flat stomach, before finishing the cut. As some of her guts began to slip out of her belly, she crashed down on the Black Knight’s cock harder than before, finally getting to the last orgasm of her life.

As the Black Knight felt her pussy clenching on his cock, with the orgasm shaking Amelia’s body, he grabbed hold of Alondite. When Amelia’s orgasm began to die down, he sliced through her neck with the sword, decapitating the girl neatly as well, an expression of pleasure clinging to her face. And just as she had asked him beforehand, he continued to fuck her headless corpse until he blew his load inside her, with her detached head getting a view of her body still being fucked before she too passed on.

Once he was finished, the Black Knight removed Amelia’s body from on top of him and got up, reattaching the part of his armor that Amelia had removed. Moans coming from one direction revealed to him that Tharja had been watching all that as it unfolded, the Plegian sorceress obviously enjoying the show with one hand under the bottom of her red, armored bikini. Her choice of armor - just an armored bikini, with a festive cloak and boots - seemed odd to him at first, but after fighting in countless battles at her side he grow used to it - after all, the girl certainly proved to be quite skilled in battle with her magic. As he turned towards her, Tharja understood that he was telling her to leave. Her arousal only spiked as she realized that her own death would follow up soon, and the black haired sorcerer continued to finger herself until she came.

Once she was done with that, she and the Black Knight both went through the portal, ending up at their intended destination - a distorted version of the Ylisstol Castle. As the two of them disappeared from this world, a masked, blue-haired swordswoman emerged from the portal.
“Oh no…” Lucina’s heart froze as she saw the two naked, headless corpses in front of the portal. She didn’t know the reason why would the heroes she asked for help would do that, but it seemed that the other two were okay - at least for now. She went through the portal as well, and ended up almost walking into the Black Knight. Far in the distance, she could see Tharja walking off towards the castle Lucina knew so well. She wanted to hurry after her, but the Black Knight grabbed her shoulder and shook his head. And began explaining to her just what her asking them for help had caused the three women that were fighting to him to do.

Tharja stormed into the Ylisstol Castle, blasting through anyone that stood in her way with her magic. She got to the final chamber, face to face with the man in charge of the Tempest’s forces. And just as before, it was Robin, twisted with the Tempest’s magic. But Tharja didn’t care if he was corrupted, her hands already undoing her bra and revealing her huge breasts. “Please! Fuck me!” She called out desperately while taking off her bottom, revealing her soaked pussy. She half expected him to kill her on the spot, but it seemed that the Tempest’s magic was no match for basic male instincts.
Although Robin stayed silent, she could see the inviting look in his eyes, and she ran over to him, forcing the front of his robes open. She stroked his cock with one hand, getting him hard enough before sliding onto his dick. Although Robin stayed mostly silent, she still had her fun while riding his cock, trying to steal kisses from him and having her hands explore his body underneath his robes. And so she continued to move against him, basking in the knowledge that she got to have sex with the man she was obsessed with. As she felt him release his load inside her, thought that it was just the perfect way to end her life.

Her orgasm followed shortly after, with her loud moans filling the otherwise empty halls of the Ylisstol Castle. And as her orgasm was dying down, she took hold of the candelabra she was using as the way to channel her magic while fighting. The candles had been removed beforehand, and the part that used to hold them was sharpened into a deadly weapon. Grabbing hold of it with both of her hands, she placed it between her breasts, angling it slightly to the left. And with a swift motion, she stabbed herself with it, the tip of it going straight into her heart. The organ fluttered rapidly as it was skewered with the cold metal, but the hole that she put in it would become lethal to her very soon. She cupped the face of Robin with one hand as the man continued to fuck her dying, twitching body, a happy smile still on her lips as her spirit parted with her flesh.

Tears flashed in Lucina’s eyes, and the girl was happy that the mask covered her face. She never considered that her actions could lead people to go to such measures. Now her guilt was eating away at her as she listened to Black Knight’s story. She mood only went further down as she went inside the castle and saw Tharja’s lifeless corpse there. And her guilt stayed with her as she finished off the remainder of the enemy forces, and went back through the portal to the world she came from. Although she was already thinking of another group of people she could ask for help, a question was stuck in her mind: Should she condemn another group of people to such an exhausting battle? WIth how terrible she was feeling at the moment, she wondered if there was another way of solving her problems. One way of not having to worry about them anymore was obvious: she could always follow the three girls whose deaths she had caused into death as well...


>>12734 >>12736 And Minerva's grudge against him leads her to do what she does in this chapter.

>>12726 This chapter has some arrows in a pussy, hope you'll enjoy it :)

Chapter 12: The Aftermatch of a Skirmish

tags: con, non-con, M/F, Futa/F, heart removal, archery(?), beheading

Robin stumbled through the portal leading back to Askr. On the other side, she saw Minerva waiting for her. The Macedonian princess continued to stare at the portal, expecting others to follow Robin, but Robin was the only one to go through it.

Eventually, Minerva understood that no one else was coming. “Where is Hinoka?” She asked, desperately hoping that the most obvious answer wouldn't turn out to be true.
“She… She's dead.” Robin replied, and watched with regret as the pain of loss showed up on Minerva’s face.
“Can you tell me how she died?” Minerva asked her, and Robin weighed her options. Kiran wanted her to report to him straight away after coming back from her mission, but she was the only one who could recap Hinoka’s final moments to her beloved. And odds were that Kiran would kill her immediately after learning that she failed. Excitement filled her for a moment as she thought of that, but she forced herself to sound sorrowful as she replied: “All right, I will tell you what I've seen.”

Minerva seemed to be taking her story quite well, Robin noted. At least on the surface, that was. Taking just one look into Minerva’s red eyes revealed a flurry of emotions that were eating away at her from the inside. Still, Robin was done with her story, so she prepared to leave. As she was leaving, she could see Minerva staring blankly at the portal, the wyvern rider’s brain obviously very busy with something. Robin could only hope that she'd be okay with what she learned, since she wouldn't be around to see what Minerva was going to do with that knowledge.

Entering Kiran’s room, she couldn’t help but feel a bit afraid. She was certain that he would kill her, and she was also certain that she’d enjoy it, but her survival instinct begged her not to do it. And yet, despite that, she still walked through the door, sharing a nod with Lyn as the green haired woman looked at her, her attention briefly going away from the bow that she had been cleaning up.

“Unfortunately, I have to report that my mission into the Sacred World was a failure. The soldiers under my control have been wiped out, and the Emblian Empire still holds control over it.” Kiran couldn’t help feeling disappointed with her. He had been hoping that if the girl used to work as a tactician, she would be able to carry out her mission well. Still, there was another use for her if she couldn’t do that.

“You already know what that means for you, then.” He spoke out to her, and Robin felt her excitement rising as Kiran’s words confirmed what she had been expecting. “If I may offer a suggestion: after you’re done with my body, please have it roasted and have someone eat it. I spent so much time discussing how it would feel to be roasted with Corrin, and I find the idea of giving my dead body another use really interesting.” Robin spoke out as she removed the cloak from her back, letting it slide off her back. She could tell her pussy was quite wet as she spoke these words, excited to finally say them outloud for real instead of simply playing around. She anticipated an order to get naked anyways, and she preemptively kicked her brown boots off her legs, as well as undid the belt on her waist and another one on her right thigh, leaving her just in her purple swimsuit. She approached Kiran while undoing her top with one hand. Her other hand outstretched towards the summoner, holding her blue trident parallel to the ground and offering it to him.

Her huge, perfectly round breasts bounced freely as she removed the purple clothing holding them in place. Her nipples stiffened against the cold air in the room, and she game her own tits a playful smack. “I’m sure they will taste incredible.” She smiled as Kiran took the trident from her hand, thinking how to kill her with it. She used her hand to play with one of her erect nipples, fondling her breast with it. The arousal she was feeling in her abdomen as she spoke out only increased as she stimulated herself, and when her second hand moved down to her hips and pulled the bottom of her swimsuit down her strong, shapely legs, revealing just how aroused she was to both Kiran and Lyn, who had finished her work on the bow and was now watching attentively.

“Go on and touch yourself, it’s easy to see that you want to do it.” Kiran’s words were all that the white-haired tactician had been hoping for at this point. She let go of her swimsuit, with it sliding down her legs and stopping at her ankles, then pushed the fingers of the hand that she used to take it off inside her. She did it with quite a lot of force, and she moaned loudly while moving her fingers in a way that maximized the pleasure she was feeling. Some part of her was also amplified her arousal when she saw both people watching her, with Lyn touching herself as well and the bulge in the front of Kiran’s robes telling her that both people were enjoying what she was doing almost as much as she was. With that knowledge in mind, and also the vision of her oncoming death vivid in her mind, it didn’t take her long to reach her orgasm.

As her juices spurted out of her pussy and down her thighs, she felt a sharp stab in her chest. She looked down, only to see her trident sticking out of her chest in between her breasts. From the overwhelming weakness spreading through her body, she understood that her weapon must have pierced her heart. Another moan made it past her lips as her face was twisted with both post-orgasmic pleasure and pain. But Kiran wasn’t finished with her yet. A powerful yank forward nearly threw her off balance, but she stayed in place as the organ skewered on the trident was pulled free from her body. She stared at her bleeding, rapidly beating heart as her body was slowly giving way to the lack of circulation, until finally she collapsed backwards, blood spurting from the gaping hole in her chest as her back hit the stone floor.

Lyn continued to touch herself until she reached her orgasm as well, and by then Robin’s body was almost motionless, its post-mortem twitches nearly finished. However, before Kiran or Lyn decided to do anything else with the body, the door to Kiran’s room swung open again. Standing behind it was the black-haired Plegian sorceress, Tharja. She had heard that her lover had returned from her mission, and upon hearing that her mission was a failure, she knew where she’d go and what would happen to her. So seeing Robin’s body on the ground wasn’t too much of a surprise to her. In fact, she wasn’t very sad about Robin’s death. Having spent some more time in Askr, she had seen many versions of Robin die, so she got used to it. And even if this Robin she loved more than any of the ones that she saw before, because of that she also was able to find out that the tactician fantasized about dying. Tharja knew that she must have died happy, so she was just happy for her lover.

However, loneliness hit her hard as she looked at the bloody hole in Robin’s chest. She blinked away the tears appearing in her eyes, and in that instant she knew she had to follow Robin into death as well. Her pussy instantly grew wet at the thought - she found the scenarios Robin shared with her very arousing, and she often joined Robin in her fantasizing. With a powerful yank she pulled the top of her gown down, exposing her supple breasts. She continued to pull her transparent black skinsuit down her body, while calling out with a very excited voice: “I can’t live on without her! Please, take my life as well!”

While Kiran considered that, Tharja got to the other non-transparent part of her outfit - the sash around her hips and the piece of cloth that covered her pussy. Once she managed to pull it off as well, Kiran turned towards Lyn, who by then had already finished touching herself, and was looking at Tharja with interest. “Do you want to kill her?” He asked Lyn, and she immediately nodded enthusiastically, then walked to him and gave him a thankful kiss. Once she did that, the Sacean turned towards Tharja, who had just finished removing her clothes and was looking at them, almost shaking with anticipation. Her hand circled around her pussy, massaging her sensitive flesh while she waited for the green haired woman to begin her fun with her.

Lyn snatched her bow from the spot she put it in, eager to put it to use as she walked over to one end of the room. “Go stand by the opposite wall.” She ordered Tharja, increasing the distance between them so that she could shoot better. Tharja obediently walked there, and pressed her back against the wall, her back moving up and down it as she started sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Lyn pulled string of her bow back and pondered for a moment where should she send her arrow. She knew she shouldn’t injure Tharja too badly at the start, so as she released the arrow it buried itself under Tharja’s left collarbone, right above her breast. Another one joined the first one on opposite side of Tharja, and another arrow was a bit more to the side, sinking into the upper part of Tharja’s left arm. Lyn continued to pierce Tharja’s arm with more more arrows, marking a path with arrows down the entirety of her arm. With each arrow hitting her the Plegian let out a quiet moan, both pain and pleasure surging through her every time. Her other arm was busy with touching her pussy, and as Lyn finished shooting through her arm Tharja was overcome with an orgasm. Her lust got the better of her as her face was twisted with a lewd expression, her tongue rolling out of her face as her entire body was shaken with a very powerful climax. Lyn stopped for a moment, watching Tharja shake against the wall and feeling her own arousal increase again. Still, she knew that if she wanted her arrows to hit exactly where she wanted them, she needed to stay focused, so she had to push these thoughts aside. Since the arm she was targeting was already riddled with arrows, she shifted her aim to a far more interesting target - one she could strike at without feeling too bad for Tharja since she already came.

As the final effects of Tharja’s orgasm were leaving her body, she was painfully brought back to reality with an arrow sinking into her skin just above her pussy, piercing through her pussy walls with the majority of the arrow staying inside her vagina. The assault on her feminine parts continued as more arrows sunk into her abdomen, punching a multitude of holes through the walls of her vaginal canal and her womb. It was very hard for Tharja to feel any sexual pleasure as her main source of it was punctuated with numerous arrows. Even so, she still enjoyed the pain, intending to have as much fun during her final moments as she could. As Lyn shot a few arrows through her upper thighs, then moved up to putting arrows through Tharja’s stomach, the black haired girl’s eyes looked back towards Robin. The hole in her chest between her breasts made Tharja’s hand move up to her own, larger bags of chest flesh, and she started to knead them taking turns with each one. The pain she was feeling was steadily increasing, but with the arrows all staying in her body she wasn’t losing much blood, so she was still having most of her strength as more and more of her body was slowly turned into an arrow cushion.

Kiran watched with glee as his girlfriend carried out her slow execution of the Plegian sorceress, his eyes jumping between Tharja’s arrow-riddled body and the swinging of Lyn’s green ponytail as she fired off shot after shot. The summoner pulled his dick free of his robes and began stroking it, his earlier hardness brought back by Lyn and Tharja's performance. Still, Lyn seemed to be too focused on each shot for him to distract her now, and getting to Tharja would put him in the line of fire. He looked down at Robin's corpse, her legs spread invitingly with the fingers of one hand still buried in her snatch, and he knew he just had to have her. Staying out of the Lyn-Tharja line, he got closer to the corpse and pulled Robin's limp fingers out of her cooling pussy. He then easily slid inside her, with it still lubricated with the juices from her final orgasm. He continued to pump in and out of Robin's corpse as he watched Lyn carry on with Tharja’s demise, though he could tell that the sorceress was slightly jealous of him using her lover’s corpse.

Eventually, Lyn ran out of space that she could shoot her arrows through without causing major internal damage to Tharja. She looked straight at Tharja, her green eyes connecting with Tharja’s black, and as she did that Tharja understood that her life was at its final moments. After giving both her boobs a final squeeze, imagining it was Robin who did that, she moved her still unharmed arm to the side and pushed her chest proudly forwards. Lyn’s arrows struck her breasts dead center, with one arrow sinking directly into her nipple while the other just barely missed it, her breasts swinging a bit up from the impact of the first arrow causing Lyn to miss that shot. Still, the pain of having one of her nipples destroyed by an arrow was quite strong, and the pain pulsing from her other breast was also getting to her. The arrows didn’t sunk that deep into her lungs, mostly stopped by her breasts, but Lyn didn’t want to risk putting any more arrows through Tharja’s breasts. So she aimed between them. Tharja felt a sharp stab going through the center of her chest, and her head was filled with twisted happiness as her heart was pierced with the arrow. She was dying through a heart-related injury, just as Robin did a couple minutes before. With the heart punctuated, her body couldn’t stay alive for much longer. Her back slid down the wall as she collapsed to her knees. Her body, resembling a hedgehog with all the arrows sticking out of it, stayed in that position as life left her body.

Lyn started panting heavily as she saw the Plegian sorceress breathe her last. That meant she could stop holding all the arousal she built up while shooting at the girl. With an almost animalistic groan, she ran over to Kiran and tackled him, pulling him away from Robin’s body and sliding his cock inside her instead as she pushed him to the floor. Kiran was almost as turned on as she was at this point, so the pair continued to fuck for some more time while both Robin and Tharja’s bodies continued to cool off.

“…And that’s why I ask for your assistance.” Minerva finished talking, looking at Cherche with expectation. After regaining control of her body upon hearing Robin’s story, her mind was filled with sorrow, but now she was burning with desire for revenge - to inflict the same pain that her lover had experienced on someone else. That required getting the help of someone capable of raping the person she intended to exact her revenge on. Cherche seemed like the perfect choice for that, still grieving over the death of Tiki. From what Minerva understood, the girl also respected her a lot. According to what she heard from her, in the future she’d become a legend among wyvern riders, with Cherche’s wyvern even being named after her. As flattering as it was, it also meant Cherche was more inclined to agree to anything she suggested. And just as she was hoping, Cherche’s face, distant and spiritless since Tiki’s death, lightened up as she was listening to her. “I’d be delighted to be of use to you.” Cherche picked her axe from its spot on the wall, and the two red-haired wyvern riders left with Minerva leading the way.

Coming from the Archanea’s wing of the Askrian castle to the mostly empty wing of Judgral heroes didn’t take them that long. Minerva stopped in front of the door of her target’s room, and turned towards Cherche. “Wait until I ask for you to come in.” She asked, before storming inside. Olwen was sitting near a table, reading a book. She looked at her with some surprise, curious as to why the redhead trespassed into her room. “Is there a reason for you to burst into my room like that?” Cherche weighed her axe in her hand, considering ending her life straight away. However, she stopped herself from doing that. The girl needed to be alive for what was about to come. Still, Minerva felt that she deserved an explanation. And she decided to answer her honestly.

“In a battle that had just finished, my lover, Hinoka, lost her life because of your brother. Because of that, I want to claim your life to inflict the same pain of losing a loved one on him.” Minerva spoke out, and Olwen’s purple eyes flashed with both understanding and some sympathy.

“I see. Even though me and my brother had been at odds before I came here, with our lives taking different paths, he still means a lot to me and I to him. So I think it would be a fitting way of taking revenge on him. And even if I am sad to part with my life, I knew that my life would end eventually after coming here. So I am just fine with you killing me for that.” Minerva didn’t expect to hear that, but she still welcomed the better turn to her plan. “How do you plan to kill me?” Olwen asked her curiously, with just the slightest hint of excitement in her voice.
“Oh, I was thinking of just whacking your head off with my axe. But before I do that…”

Minerva’s voice trailed off as she approached the table and picked Olwen’s tome from it. Olwen raised one eyebrow at that, but before she could react Minerva used the tome to cast the spell on her. Even though Minerva had little experience in magic, she still managed to call upon the lightning to strike the mage knight, using the same spell Reinhardt used on Hinoka. Two lightning bolts hit the noble straight in her chest, tearing through that part of her tunic and revealing her breasts. As current surged through Olwen’s body, she lost all control over it as most of her nerves were fried. However, she still could feel perfectly well what was happening to it, and so she was able to feel it as Minerva approached her and squeezed her tits hard. Embarrassment flushed Olwen’s cheeks as Minerva did that. She wasn’t expecting the girl to humiliate her like that. Little did she know just what Minerva had planned for her. Taking the sword Olwen usually had at her hip from the side of the table, Minerva used it a bit sloppily to cut off the part of Olwen’s skirt that was covering her nice, huge ass. She forced Olwen off the chair and made her lay on the table with the ass sticking up, then used the sword again to slice through Olwen’s white pants, uncovering a part of her ass as well as the girl’s pussy. Satisfied with that, Minerva walked back to the door and asked Cherche to come in.

Knowing what Minerva wanted from her, Cherche removed the front part of her armor and stroked her futa dick to full erection. Even with the sorceress dead, Tharja’s curse was still in place, only further destabilizing Cherche’s mental stability. Even if Tiki seemed to love her cock, how could she approach another person like that now? Using Tiki’s preserved head to release some of her frustration was a solution, but even that started to grow old. The head couldn’t tell her she loved her, the head couldn’t hold her in a warm embrace and the head couldn’t kiss her back. Getting a chance to fuck a living girl - even if the girl herself didn’t want it - was something that she was hoping would help her get back on track. With that in mind, Cherche easily slid her throbbing member inside Olwen’s snatch. The tightness and the warmth were a very nice change from sliding into Tiki’s cold throat, and soon Cherche found herself hammering inside Olwen with all the force she had, grabbing Olwen’s arms to use as handles. Minerva watched them with happy satisfaction, the sight working very well to comfort the pain in her heart.

Olwen’s eyes filled up with tears as she felt her vagina being pounded with incredible force. There was nothing she could do to resist them, her body crippled with her own magic. Any excitement she felt earlier for her possible death was gone. The lack of control over her muscles and the shoves that her body was being subjected to caused her mouth to swing open, and drool leaked out of her open mouth and down to her chin. It didn’t take long before she felt something hot shooting inside her, and she knew that it was the seed of whoever was raping her. As the cum began to drip out of her pussy, Olwen felt a sharp pain in her neck. Suddenly, her head hit the table, and she could no longer feel the rest of her body. She understood that Minerva must have sliced through her neck, and she welcomed the relief of no longer having to feel her pussy stretch around a cock. She also welcomed the embrace of death as it took her.

The blood flowing from Olwen’s neck stump covered Hauteclare with blood as Minerva kept holding the handle with both her hands, the axe stuck in the table. Excitement filled her as she realized it meant she avenged her lover - at least partially. The excitement stayed with her as she just stared at Cherche, who continued to fuck Olwen’s body even after coming. With some heat building up inside her as she watched the pink-haired woman, she realized she was pretty similar to Hinoka. A similar hair color, also a flier, and she was already quite familiar with her. She also knew that Hinoka would want her to move on from after her death. Because of all that, she approached her, and turned Cherche’s head towards her. She locked her lips onto hers, and after a moment Cherche kissed her back. One of Minerva’s hands traced down Cherche’s exposed back, briefly wondering about the practicality of having an armor open up like that. Seeing the thrill going through Cherche’s body, Minerva decided it didn’t matter that much. And so, a few hours later, instead of pounding Olwen’s corpse or Tiki’s severed head, Cherche’s cock was sliding up Minerva’s vagina, granting her the pleasure she’d never experience with Hinoka. Even if she used to fantasize about her when she was younger, Cherche was not expecting to be able to have sex with the legendary heroine of her dreams, but she was very happy that it was happening.


Hopefully you have more ideas for hangings.Azura and Olivia's hangings along with Ninian hanging herself trying to make her dance as sexy as possible was on of the hottest things ive read.


Thanks :D These three hangings are among my favorites of this whole story too. I have a few more ideas for hangings coming, though I'm not sure if they will be as entertaining as those were. Next hanging is definitely coming in chapter 14, and possibly another one in another intermission if I decide to write a certain one first.

This chapter has a cons death towards the end and four non-con deaths before. 5 deaths are most likely a one-time thing, but it felt just right in this scenario.

Chapter 13: Opening the Rainbow Bridge

tags: con, non-con, F/F, burning, gutting, debreasting, strangulation, beheading, heart removal, necro

Veronica looked at the ritual grounds Loki had been setting up for the past few days. A small stone altar on one side, and a single wooden pole on the other side, along with a base made out of numerous pieces of wood and hay. The illusionist was switching forms on the go, not staying in one for long as she made the finishing touches to various magical runes she'd prepared, as well as ordering around some of the people that Veronica had assigned to help her. Eventually, the sorceress, now taking on Micaiah’s form, walked up to the Emblian princess.

“Everything's ready. If you're fine with it, we can start the ritual now.” The silver-haired priestess seemed to be a form Veronica was okay with, and the young princess nodded after a few seconds. “…Let us begin, then.”

“I believe you can help me with the magic that I provided you with. Please, keep the magical chant going while I do this.” Veronica looked over at the mages she ordered to work on the spell, and they joined her in channeling the magic as Loki set out to do her part of the ritual.

After some preparatory spells, Loki looked at Veronica expectantly. As they discussed before, the ritual required human sacrifices. And Veronica had prepared a few. After her simple commanding look at one of the guardsmen, he took off to notify the others. And within a minute a few soldiers returned, dragging Fir with them. The sword-obsessed girl wasn't sure what was wanted of her, but she knew it wouldn't end up being good for her. Her struggles didn't really help her, and soon she was dragged to the middle of the ritual grounds.

“Remove her clothes, will you?” Loki batted her currently golden eyes, her face showing a gentle, but mischievous smile. Even if she wasn't sure if it was worth her time toying with the soldiers like that, she still enjoyed it. And as the words left her lips, the soldiers were already tearing away at the blue-haired girl’s short dress. Her jacket gone right away, she tried to struggle again while the men’s rough hands grabbed hold of her cyan dress and pulled it in various directions, tearing it off her body. She blushed as her average breasts were exposed to all, but it seemed no one was interested in them that much. Even though one of the soldiers groped them roughly, his hands closing over her small mounds of chest flesh, the others were more focused on her panties. Fir tried to stay positive as her nethers were exposed as well, but she had troubles believing that she'd be fine after this. She squirmed against the strong arms keeping her in place as the soldiers began touching her virgin slit with their coarse fingers.

“That's enough!” Loki couldn't contain a giggle as she watched the man abuse Fir, but as amusing as it was, she didn't have all day. “Remove her gloves and boots and then begone!” She commanded the men harshly, and they released Fir almost straight away, taking Fir’s fingerless gloves and high boots with them as they hurried away. They all knew that angering the illusionist had bad consequences.

Fir looked around as the men released her. She didn't pay much attention to the mages she met in this place, so she only recognised the princess. However, it seemed that the girl in the red dress in front of her wanted her to come closer. She seemed only a bit older than she was, and her warm, inviting smile seemed to be telling Fir that it was going to be alright. She approached the girl, while looking at the stake near her, but as soon as she got close enough, the silver-haired girl’s expression changed. With a somewhat sadistic grin, she grabbed Fir by the shoulder, and shoved her towards the stake. Before Fir could react, her back hit as she felt the hay under her feet.

Fir’s breath was knocked out of her by the impact, and so she didn't have the strength to resist as Loki-as-Micaiah approached her and dragged her wrists upwards, locking them in place with the metal bindings. She knelt and did the same with her legs, binding them at her ankles, while avoiding a kick that was Fir’s last attempt at breaking free. As the manacles snapped into place, she knew she was not going to break free unless someone released her.

Taking a few steps back so that she was safe, Loki waved towards Veronica, then continued with the ritual magic. The princess looked at the first mage nearby, Mae. The pink haired girl was back to her energetic self, having gotten used to Veronica’s delights of killing heroes since the execution of the Whitewing sisters. Then she was apologetic towards the woman she was forced to kill, but now Mae was quite happy to kill on Veronica’s orders. In fact, she experienced so many of these scenarios by now, that she was enjoying them, her fingers under her skirt and her undershorts as she touched herself while watching Fir’s predicament. And as Veronica looked at her, Mae took that as a sign that she was to cast a spell on her. Using her free hand, Mae threw a fireball towards the stake at which Fir was, and the flammable base easily caught on fire.

Fir couldn't help but squeal in pain as the flames started licking away at her soles, with the powerful flames climbing up her legs quite fast. The skin of her feet quickly became charred as the flames were up to the young girl’s hips, with her jumping and twisting in her chains as she felt the touch of the flames on her most sensitive parts. The flames only blazed up then, the skin on her legs burnt through and falling off her legs in pieces, taking some of her flesh down with it into the flames. The exposed meat and muscle of her legs became new fuel for the flames, and as they surged upwards, Fir’s legs gave in and her body was now only supported by the metal rings around her hands. She screamed in pain as the increased hotness of the flames started eating away at the flesh of her thighs, with flames flickering directly inside her pussy and setting it aflame as well.

By then, almost nothing remain of the base of her legs, her feet barely keeping together with the remainder of flesh and her bones, with the same state slowly moving up her legs as less and less of them remained. Fir’s buttocks were the next to catch fire; even if they weren't that fleshy, they still worked as the next boost to the flames intensity. As the insides of her vagina, her womb, and even her ovaries were turned into burnt pieces of meat, the flames continued to consume her body both on the inside and on the outside. Her abdomen was fully devoured fairly quickly, and as the walls of her stomach rolled open, falling off in a few parts that were black with cinder, it was revealed that all the organs in her stomach were already in various stages of burning.

Fir was still alive when the flames reached her heart, but at that point her struggles and screams have all died down. All her remaining energy was going towards staying alive, even if she knew that was just prolonging her pain. Still, as the flames tickled her nipples, and her midriff gave way to the fire as well, she knew she wouldn't last much longer. The flames claimed her surviving feminine parts, the small-yet-ripe flesh of her titties providing the flames with even more intensity that hit her in the face. Her heart caught fire as well, and she welcomed the embrace of death as she passed away. The flames didn't stop there, continuing to crawl up her body until all that remained of the blue-haired swordswoman was a skeleton with chunks of simmering flesh within.

Before that happened, however, as the flames were still burning strong, Loki got closer again. With a gust of wind, she caused some of the flames to fly through the air and settle in one of the five basins she prepared there, with the flames bursting upwards from it an ever-burning column of fire.

Loki looked at the burning pillar to make sure everything was working correctly. After confirming that that was the case, in a flash of light she changed shape into that of Eirika. Killing the sacrifices as people who they trusted her was a lot more entertaining than simply killing them. When on Veronica’s whim L’Arachel was led into the room, Loki knew straight away that her she made a correct decision.

“Ah, Eirika! I am so glad you are here! You will not believe what these fiends tried to do to me! Their action all were so.. vulgar!” The yellow-green haired woman called out immediately upon seeing who she thought was the princess of Renais. She walked of her own will, with the soldiers too afraid of her to get too close to her, but still escorting her. “They even forced me to remove both my boots and my gauntlets, and even my shoulderpads! How can I show my face to you now?” L’Arachel lamented as she realized just how unladylike her current clothes were, at least in her opinion. Loki looked at the woman again, analyzing her clothing. She seemed to be wearing only a battle dress, with the skirt part of it only barely reaching past her thighs. Still, for what Loki had in mind for her, the dress had to go.

“Get her dress off as well.” She ordered, and L’Arachel stared at her, not believing what she heard.

“Eirika? Explain yourself!” L’Arachel called out towards the cyan-haired woman, but Loki gave her no reply. The princess of Rausten looked at the soldiers around her. “Do not touch me, or I will smite you with my grace and righteousness!” She called out, trying to intimidate them, but a commanding look from Loki was all that the soldiers required to overcome their fears - or remember that Loki was far more frightening than the noble. “No! Back off!” L’Arachel called out, but their rough hands grabbed on to her dress and began removing it. Her breastplate came off, and the purple shoulder straps that were keeping her dress in place were forced down her arms as well. With nothing to support the dress anymore, all it took was a few tugs and the dress ended up sliding all the way down to L’Arachel’s feet. Her breasts were uncovered, showing that they were just as enormous as her armor suggested. L’Arachel folded both her arms in front of her chest, visibly flustered. Even so, she couldn’t really defend herself from the soldiers as they worked on her underskirt, exposing her snatch with a small bush of green hair above it to all.

“L’Arachel, please come here.” As confused and embarrassed as L’Arachel was, she still couldn’t refuse a request coming from Eirika. She didn’t even notice the bowl over which she stopped, and neither did she notice the ornamental knife in Eirika’s hand. Before L’Arachel could demand an explanation, Loki leaned in and her lips connected with L’Arachel’s. The green haired woman was surprised yet again - she never expected Eirika to do something so crude. With a flurry of emotions taking over her mind, she decided to rely on who she thought was her friend - and kissed Loki-as-Eirika back. Loki couldn’t hold back an excited moan as she felt that, knowing that her next action would hurt the woman even more.

With one swift motion, Loki stabbed her knife straight into L’Arachel’s belly. L’Arachel tried to take a step back as she felt the pain exploding in her stomach, breaking the kiss. However, Loki’s other arm firmly kept L’Arachel in place as she sliced L’Arachel’s abdomen open. L’Arachel looked down to check the source of pain, and more questions filled her mind. Why was Eirika doing this to her? L’Arachel couldn’t help but feel incredibly betrayed as she thought that. Because of her experience with healing magic, the pain in her belly as Eirika’s knife sliced through her guts was telling her that unless she got the wound treated immediately, it would turn out to be fatal. With Eirika showing no intention of stopping, L’Arachel realized that her death might be approaching. “N-No! I have not proven myself yet!” She called out, her words like music to Loki’s ears. The cyan-haired woman took a step back, looking at the hole she opened in L’Arachel’s belly. Satisfied with the size of it, she pulled at the skin from the line she cut, revealing L’Arachel’s insides to her.

Grinning madly as she did it, Loki grabbed one strand of L’Arachel’s intestines and pulled at it. A long segment of L’Arachel’s guts slipped out of her belly and fell into the bowl placed at her feet. L’Arachel could only watch in horror as Loki continued to pull out most of the organs filling up her abdominal cavity and throw them all into the bowl. At this point L’Arachel was reduced to a sobbing mess, still not able to understand how her trusted friend could be doing this to her. She didn’t even react much when Loki finished her job, L’Arachel’s stomach just an empty hole now. She did react, however, when she saw Eirika grab the knife again, with one hand squeezing one of her breasts. Her massive mammaries were quickly removed in two slices of the knife, with them ending up in the bowl as well.

Leaving L’Arachel with two bleeding stumps on her chest and no organs inside her stomach, Loki grabbed the bowl and carried it back towards the altar. L’Arachel watched as her organs were poured from the bowl into one of the five basins on the altar, with another column of flames shooting up from it. Feeling that she at least somewhat understood now, L’Arachel deduced that her life was necessary for whatever ritual Eirika was carrying out - after all, she was surely the most noble woman Eirika ever met. Her ego sated with that conclusion, L’Arachel collapsed forward, the loss of blood finally getting to her. She looked up at Eirika, believing that her life had been taken for a just cause, and her mind slipped away.

With L’Arachel dead, there was no need for Loki to stay as Eirika anymore. Shifting her form again, she turned into the purple haired Nohrian princess, Camilla. According to Veronica’s words, the next girl she’d sacrifice would be one of Camilla’s retainers, the emotionless assassin Beruka. She knew that the girl could be very troublesome if not handled correctly, so pretending to be her liege seemed to be the safest option.

Beruka approached the ritual grounds by herself. Being told that her lady was awaiting her there, it wasn’t even necessary for the soldiers to lead her there - a fact for which the soldiers were thankful, as that meant they didn’t have to deal with forcing her to go with them. When she got there, her first concern was lady Camilla. To Beruka’s content, it seemed that her liege was enjoying herself among the ritual grounds. The ritual itself, and the group of mages, were only distractions to her. “Lady Camilla? Do you have a mission for me? You summoned me here, after all.” She spoke out as she got closer, and the purple haired woman turned towards her. Beruka couldn’t help but feel that something was off about her, but she told herself that it was just her imagination. “No, not at all. I just wished to see you, my dear.” Beruka was accustomed to Camilla calling for her when she was bored, so she thought nothing of that. “What would you have me do now, then?” Beruka inquired further, this time examining their surroundings closer. A cut open body on the ground and another one, still burning while tied to a pole, both made her feel a bit uneasy. She was quite accustomed with dead bodies, and she knew her lady was just as skilled in battle as she was, but wasn't the castle supposed to be safe? She didn't stay in the Emblian castle for long periods of time, going out most of the time on various missions, so her vision of the castle was a bit different from how it really was.

And so, Beruka suspected nothing as Camilla stretched out her arms towards her and spoke out tenderly: “I just want you to give me a hug.” Beruka’s heart raced a bit as she heard that. She had a crush on her employer for a long time, and she suspected that Camilla knew about it, but the assassin also knew that her lady was fixated on Corrin most of the time. Despite that, there were moments when Camilla called for both her and Selena and had them join her in relieving some of her sexual tension, probably after failed attempts to seduce Corrin. Even so, Camilla never showed her that much affection just to her - kindness, yes, but not anything like that. So when given a possibility that her hidden desires for her purple-haired lady would be answered, she eagerly walked straight into Camilla’s embrace. Her skin felt different than usual, but Beruka didn't care about that. As she felt Camilla’s fingers on her neck, undoing her purple scarf, a thrill went through her body. Her chest was pressed straight against Camilla’s, with her enormous mountains of chest flesh making her bounce away from her. Her face was so close to Camilla’s that she could feel her breath on her. Looking up at her, Beruka mustered all her courage and leaned in with her head, her lips connecting with Camilla’s.

Her heart started beating even faster when she felt Camilla kiss her back, her nimble fingers stroking the back of her neck after untangling her scarf. Beruka found herself breathing rapidly when the kiss finished, her usually emotionless face burning with an excited blush. She felt Camilla grab the ends of her scarf again, but she ignored it, trying to steal another kiss from her. Before she managed to do that, however, Camilla pulled on the scarf in two different directions, taking her breath away. Camilla’s face showed her that her lady was enjoying herself as she used her scarf to strangle her.

As strong as the assassin was, she couldn’t do much to break free. Her fingers, still in the gauntlets of her black armor, clawed hard at the scarf, but the fabric proved resistant to tearing. And even if she was quite strong physically, her lady had just as much strength, if not even more. Looking at Camilla’s face, Beruka noted with sadness that her lady was enjoying her struggle as her body was pressed against hers. She had thought that Camilla was someone she could really trust, and to have her trust betrayed in such a way really hurt her - even more than the knowledge that she would die soon, and the crushing pain coming from her chest. With no air coming into her lungs as the far bustier woman crushed her windpipe using her scarf, and no success in her struggles, Beruka found herself growing weaker as the dizziness got to her head. Her arms dropped by her side, Beruka longer having the strength to fight against the strangulation. Even so, her assassin training left her capable of surviving for a longer time, so she just suffered the effect of asphyxiation while staring straight at Camilla’s face. Unwanted tears trickled down her cheeks as Camilla leaned in and kissed her on the headband covering her forehead. As Camilla’s face was twisted with a smile in mockery of Beruka’s desires, Beruka found the last remnants of her strength leaving her. Her armored legs kicked out for a bit against the ground in dying spasms, and then life left the body of the Nohrian assassin.

Loki continued to squeeze the scarf around Beruka’s neck for some more time, until she was satisfied with how the girl slumped against her lifelessly. Letting the body slide down to the ground, Loki knelt down beside it and started to remove the corpse’s armor. Quickly removing the chest guard, gauntlets and boots, Loki moved on to remove the girl’s leg armor and the purple piece of cloth over her crotch, leaving the girl just in her underwear and the scarf still tied around her neck. Taking off Beruka’s purple bra and panties came next, revealing to her that Beruka pissed herself while being strangled. Loki groped her average breasts for a moment - even if their size was not that hard, they still felt nicely under her touch. After letting go of them, Loki stood up and looked towards Veronica. Another gesture coming from the young princess, and another ball of fire flew from Mae’s fingertips, the mage’s pink twintails bobbing up and down, the girl filled with ecstatic pleasure caused by the show unfolding before her eyes.

The fire spell slammed into Beruka’s body, and it instantly burst into flames. Loki moved some of the flames to light the 3rd pillar on the altar with magic, and before long Beruka’s corpse became yet another charred husk.

Loki changed her form yet again, this time shifting into the blue-haired mercenary, Mia. And she did it just in time, as the Emblian soldiers dragged in Mist. The young cleric had already been stripped naked, with signs of rape all over her body nude body. It seemed that with the girl’s limited combat usefulness, she had been used as a stress reliever for many of the Emblian soldiers. With many bruises over her frail form, her small breasts and her cute face covered with semen, and her pussy dripping with the men’s seed, even Loki felt a bit bad for the brown haired girl. Mist looked very confused and hurt, and the relief on her face as she saw a familiar figure was far too real. The girl seemed to be far too broken mentally for Loki to have much fun with her now, so instead of torturing her for long, she decided to grant the girl a quick death. After the soldiers pushed Mist forward, slapping her pert ass again before letting go of her, she ran over to where Loki was standing, examining with interest Mia’s sword, that she also called forth with her magic..

“Ah! Mia! I was so scared without anyone of the Greil Mercenaries here. But now that you’re here, I’m sure it will be f-fine now? Right, Mia?” As she got closer to Mia, she wondered why the girl wasn’t smiling back at her like she usually did. She stopped a few steps away from her, not sure what to do next. Taking a look around, it seemed that the other people inside the room were preparing some kind of a powerful spell. Having her share of experience with powerful magic, she recognized immediately how strong the magic in the air was - and just how sinister it seemed. She shivered as she realized how strong the magic was and how dangerous it could be if the spell was finished.

Since Mia didn't respond to her, Mist turned around to look at the mages gathered there, and just as she expected, she could see the Emblian princess there. She’d hoped to become friends with her when she was first summoned there, but the princess proved to be far too difficult to approach. Moving on to the mages she saw chanting next to her, they all seemed quite familiar. To her surprise, she saw Ilyana among the group as well. She wanted to call out to the light-blue haired thunder mage, to beg her not to be a part of the magical summoning, but before she got the chance to speak to her, pain exploded in her neck.

Mist’s body suddenly felt almost weightless, and she felt as if she was flying. The world spun in her eyes as her head fell off from the rest of her body. But before she touched the ground, she felt someone grab her by her hair. She could make out the orange of Mia’s tunic, and she realized it must have been her who beheaded her. At this point, she wasn’t even surprised that it was the case - it seemed that from being summoned here, her life was just filled with suffering, so a trusted friend taking her life was just another part of that. Fresh tears trickled down her face as Mia carried her head. Even with how limited her view was, Mist could still see her naked, headless body collapsing without a head to control it. And even despite the pain, she still hold on to her consciousness, until Loki-as-Mia dumped her head into another of the basins on the altar, and the fourth column of flames erupted from it, reducing most of Mist’s head to ash in mere seconds.

With four pillars of flame around the altar lit up, there was still room for one more. As some time passed and the Emblian soldiers didn’t bring the fifth girl to sacrifice to the ritual grounds, Loki looked towards Veronica with a somewhat inquiring look on her face. A playful smile graced the usually emotionless lips of the Emblian royal as she saw that. She had already decided on who would the fifth sacrifice be, but she decided to keep it a secret before the ritual started. Now it was time for her to reveal it. Dropping her magic chant for a moment, she looked at the pink-haired mage next to her. Even if turning her into a willing participant in all the executions was quite entertaining for some time, at this point Veronica considered Mae’s behaviour to have become a bit stale. So stale, in fact, that about the only way she could get any entertainment from her would be watching her die. “Mae. It’s your turn to die now.” She spoke out quietly, and the pink haired mage stopped her chant mid-word.

Mae turned her head toward Veronica to check if she heard correctly, then her face lit up in almost orgasmic pleasure. “Really? I can’t wait!” She called out enthusiastically, throwing one of her hands in the air. As Veronica nodded back at her, Mae squealed happily and ran over to where Loki was standing, her excitement and arousal only growing as she saw that Loki turned into Celica now. She looked at the girl impatiently, and Loki smiled back at her. It was rare that she got such a willing victim, but she was also quite happy about it. “Strip out of your clothes, and follow me.” She said while going towards the altar. Mae immediately kicked off her boots and took off her chestplate, hurrying after Loki while removing the pink extension for her dress. Once that was gone, she removed the one-piece short dress that hugged her chest tightly, revealing that she wore no bra as her huge rounds of flesh bounced free. All that covered her modesty now was the mage’s black shorts, already soaked through with her arousal. She pulled them quite eagerly down her legs, showing off her shapely thighs as she bent forwards while Celica stopped at the altar and turned towards her. When Mae was fully naked, the redheaded woman invited her with a gesture to climb onto the table there.

Mae responded to that with much energy, getting on top of it quite fast, her breasts bouncing again as she laid down on the stone table. She steadied them with one hand, the other going back towards her slit as she rested her back against the stone floor. Looking up at Celica standing over her, she almost forgot that it wasn’t her friend but rather the illusionist that was about to kill her. With a begging look in her eyes, Mae masturbated furiously, one hand playing with her breasts while the other went in and out of her pussy. Thrilling her even more, Loki joined in on that, Celica’s hands in fingerless gloves massaging her other breast while she leaned forwards and placed a kiss on her lips. Mae moaned in sexual pleasure as she kissed her back, happiness and pleasure flowing through her body as she bucked her hips against her fingers. In almost no time, she felt the most powerful orgasm of her life hit her, strengthened both through her making out with her best friend and the knowledge that she was going to die soon. Her pussy juices squirted hard onto the altar as her body was shaken with orgasmic spasms, the pink-haired mage fully satisfied with how her life turned out.

Loki enjoyed the warm touch of Mae’s lips and the way her pert felt in her hands, but as the mage came below her, Loki broke off the kiss, and took the ceremonial dagger she had prepared. She waited for Mae’s orgasm to die down as she rubbed the cold steel against Mae’s chest right between her breasts. The mage shivered as she felt the metal touch against her sternum. When Loki was sure Mae’s orgasm died down, she flipped the knife and started to cut Mae’s chest open. Quickly revealing the center part of her ribcage, Loki manoeuvred carefully with the knife as she moved or cut through Mae’s bones, until finally she revealed her target: Mae’s rapidly beating heart. Yet another shiver went through Mae’s body as she felt Loki’s fingers close on her heart. After giving it a squeeze, Loki pulled hard on it and tore the blood-pumping organ out of Mae’s chest. She showed it to Mae, the girl’s expression turning to happy in her final moments as the circulation in her body stopped. Her heart continued to twitch in Loki’s hand, just as full of energy as Mae herself was, until Loki walked over to the final basin on the altar and dropped it into it, the fifth column of flames bursting upward as they formed a summoning pentagon.

Mae was still alive as she saw the flames erupt, telling her that Loki did just what she expected her to with her heart. And she also felt Loki come back to her, the woman’s fingers sliding into her spasming cunt. She closed her eyes for a moment, and when she opened them with much effort a few moments later, she was greeted with Celica’s slack eyes staring into nothingness out of her severed head. And even that made her smile, reminding her that in death she would be reunited with Celica. With that thought, the last slivers of life left her body.

Loki couldn’t help herself - she just had to explore the dead mage’s body with her fingers. As the ritual entered its final stage, so did Loki’s arousal. She felt her pussy being soaking wet again and again throughout the whole day, and Mae’s response to her actions only made her arousal spike even higher. So using magic she sent her body back to her quarters for later use, shifting back into her original form while she did so. However, she tugged down the part of her already quite revealing dress that covered her voluptuous tits, revealing them to all as she teased her own nipples for a moment. Passing the time required to pass before her final spell while doing her best not to orgasm yet was quite the fun challenge for her as she stared at the chanting mages one by one, testing them if any of them could prove to be as fun to fiddle with as Mae was. Only a couple managed to hold their ground against her, with most looking away, turned off either by her visible lack of morals or her rather sudden nakedness. One of them was (Ehh perhaps someone that would die in the invasion on Askr that’s supposed to happen in a future chapter, not sure who exactly yet.)

As the gathered mages all went silent, Loki spun while conjuring her staff to her. She called the final incantation out in some language that no one but her understood, before slamming the staff into the table, pointing upwards, while falling to her knees. And her hopes and plans came to fruition as she saw a portal opening in front of her - a portal to the kingdom of flame, Muspell. Her heart fluttered with desire and happiness as she thought what chaos and havoc the alliance between Emblia and Muspell meant for all the worlds. She looked up at Surtr as the king of Muspell walked through the portal, the flaming pillars bursting higher in the presence of the Ruler of Flame.

“My king, I bid you welcome to the Emblian Empire. I hope that you and Princess Veronica-” Loki stopped for a moment to put a hand on the young princess’s shoulder, trying to reassure her, for she could tell that the princess was afraid of the man “-will prove to be valuable allies to each other.” She smiled at the pink-haired woman who walked through the portal behind Surtr, but Leavatein was as unresponsive to her advances as usual. Now Loki realized that she forgot to pull her top back up, her bare breasts exposed for the king to see. However, with the heat coming from Surtr’s massive body tickling her nipples quite enjoyably, she decided not to bother doing that anymore.

Surtr looked at the busty illusionist. The woman annoyed him, and he considered killing her many times, but he couldn't deny that she was without comparison when it came to covert operations. And maybe that's why he tolerated her - most of the time, she was not there to annoy him in person.

"Infiltrate the Askrian Kingdom. It will help when I burn it to the ground." He ordered her, and she replied straight away: "As you wish, my king." In a flash of light, she disappeared, teleporting away to her room. Once there, she could finally stop holding herself back, climbing on top of Mae’s lifeless body while moving the bottom part of her dress to the side, lining up her snatch with Mae’s dead one. She humped the body like crazy, her hands closing again on Mae’s tits and her tongue exploring Mae’s dead mouth. With all the arousal she had built up, it didn’t take her long to reach her orgasm, and she collapsed on top of Mae’s body while shaking heavily.

Once she was done with that, Loki stood up and looked at her room again. She was a bit sad to part with her trophy collection, so she said goodbye to each of the heads she gathered with a kiss on the lips. She also knew that her new mission would let her gather more heads for her collection, so she was excited about it. However, she still wanted to take at least one head with her. Turning back towards Mae’s body, she took a sword she stashed away in her room just for cases like that, and in one quick strike removed the twin-tailed head from the rest of her short body. Having finished going through her most treasured possessions, and with a quick spell to conceal Mae’s head from the eyes of others, she set off towards one of the portals that would take her closer to Askr.

As intimidated by the man’s form towering over her, Veronica reminded herself that he was supposed to be her ally, and anyways it was her territory and she was quite a powerful mage herself, so she shouldn’t be afraid of him. Reassuring herself like that, she managed to talk to Surtr on equal terms as they discussed the details of their joint invasion of Askr.


Here's another shorter chapter

Intermission 2: Ending the Tempest

tags: con, F/F, impalement, heart removal, beheading

Lucina went through another portal, chasing after another group of heroes that she had asked to fight against the Tempest. Seeing what it lead the last group to, she intended to ask them to give up on that. However, it seemed that she was already too late. The corpses she saw on the ground showed told her that the heroes either just fell in battle or have also decided to end their lives. However, Titania wasn’t among the corpses on the ground. With her heart beating fast, Lucina realized that she could save the life of at least one more person - and she rushed forward to find her.

As she pressed on, however, she began finding pieces of Titania’s armor on the ground, Lucina realized she might have been too late after all. Her fears only deepened as after going through all of Titania’s armor, she began finding her normal clothes one by one. She stopped in place for a moment after finding Titania’s bra, marvelled both by its size and the face that the older woman was stripping fully. After progressing further on, also gathering Titania’s red panties, Lucina finally was able to see the red-haired woman in the distance. It seemed that she had been busy setting something up, but Lucina couldn’t tell what exactly it was.

Titania pushed the butt of the lance she took from Nephenee’s corpse into the soft soil. With a few shoves she pushed it deep enough so that it would stay in place. Once she was satisfied with it, she stood up to check if she did it correctly. She had to search for some time to find a spot that fit what she had in mind - one where she could set the lance up nicely with an easy way of getting onto it. As she climbed the stairs, getting ready to step off them onto the lance, her mind was going over her reasons on why she was doing it once again.

With most of her life spent fighting, first as a royal knight, then a mercenary, Titania had seen her share of friends getting killed in battle. So while seeing another group of them die as she cut through her enemies with her trusty axe, even if she was sad, normally it wouldn’t be enough to make her go suicidal. However, the time she spent in Askr wasn’t too good for her mental health. Although she enjoyed it at first, especially seeing the possibility that she could be reunited with Greil. However, as days turned into weeks and then months without him, all while being forced to watch what went against her ideals, it was too much of a strain for her. So the deaths of the other members of the squad she was fighting was enough to decide it was time for her life to end as well.

Titania didn’t originally intend to strip naked, but after deciding to kill herself she had to figure a way of doing it. As much as she hated to admit it, she found some of the sexualized deaths she had seen in Askr quite hot. She was especially captivated by Elincia’s execution. She was so aroused after seeing her, the girl she and her friends work so hard to help, get raped, humiliated and then killed in public. Because of that, Titania decided to die in a similar way to her - and that included stripping naked. Unable to find a sword as long as the Amiti, she had to settle down for a lance that belonged to Nephenee. Returning from where the corpses were, she removed her armor and then her clothes. As she felt the cold air on her nipples, another though surfaced in her mind - if she was trying to emulate Elincia’s death, she should also cut her breasts off first.

Stopping on the stairs for a moment, Titania got down to pick up her axe again, not noticing that Lucina was watching her from a distance. Once the redhead found her weapon, she grabbed it up near the blade, and raised it up to her chest. Gritting her teeth as she did it, Titania lined it up with one of her oversized breasts and then used it to slice it off. She watched with fascination as one of her fleshy orbs fell to the ground. Although it hurt, she also felt a pang of arousal going through her. Pushing both of these feelings aside, she lined it up with her surviving breast, before slicing it off as well. With two bleeding stumps instead of her sizeable cleavage, Titania climbed up the stairs, stopping in just the right spot for her suicide. Staring at the tip of the lance waiting for her, she couldn’t help but feel scared for a moment - but she got a hold of herself and stepped off, straight onto the lance.

With the way she set it up, the lance easily slid into her pussy. As gravity pulled her body down the pole, the lance easily pierced through most of her vagina and punctured the back wall of her womb. The small protrusion at the front of Nephenee’s lance rubbed her pussy as it slid through it, giving her some pleasure to help her handle the pain. Her body continued to slide down the pole, with it easily going through most of her belly without much resistance. It only picked up as the lance started to near her chest, but the force of her fall was still enough for it to slice through that part of her as well. More pain got to her as she felt one of her lungs become impaled on the lance, knowing that she failed to stay fully perpendicular to the ground. With blood flooding her lung it was becoming increasingly hard for her to breathe, but she still endured it while the lance continued to come out of her, slicing through her collarbone on the way out. Her bare feet touched the ground, stopping her body from sliding any further down. As the mercenary continued to bleed out, she saw a masked person running up towards her. She recognized that it was the girl who asked them to fight in the Tempest in the first place. She could tell that she was trying to tell her something, but Titania couldn’t make out the words now. A warm hand touched her cheek, and Titania could feel just how sorry the blue-haired girl was. She tried to reassure her, to tell her that she’d end up like that eventually even without fighting the Tempest, but she had no voice left in her. It wasn’t long before she bled out, slumping motionless on the lance.

Lucina continued to stare at Titania’s corpse for some more time, overcame by guilt again. Her mind was a flurry of emotions until eventually she tore off the mask covering her face, and undid her hair, letting it flow down her back again. She was done with concealing her identity while trying to make others fight the Tempest. Now, she was going to take things in her own hands. Heading towards the portal, she knew what she had to do. Closing the Tempest wouldn’t be safe, but that’s exactly what she wanted at this point - if she could atone for all the deaths she caused with her own life, all the better for her.

It didn’t take her long to get to the center of the Tempest. She fought with newfound ferocity, in a style that she considered too reckless usually. As she cut through her enemies with the Falchion, she wondered if she was subconsciously trying to get herself killed before getting to her destination. Still, she managed to get out of that almost unscratched, only getting her leggings cut in a few spots and also losing her belt.

When she finally arrived, she quickly sliced through the unimportant group of hostiles until all that remained was the woman in charge of them - the Zofian princess Celica. However, it was obvious to Lucina that the girl had been corrupted by the Tempest’s magic. Angrily swinging her sword towards the woman, Lucina called out: “I’m here to bring an end to you and the entire Tempest once and for all!”

She expected the redhead to attack her with her powerful magic, but it seemed that her words actually struck a chord in the corrupted princess. Her eyes returned to their usual lively orange instead of the vile corrupted red, and the girl looked at Lucina with longing in her eyes. “Please, do help me! I have been stuck like this for far too long. I am forced to die again and again as heroes come here and slaughter me, only for me to come back to life and fight another group of them. And fighting them is a pain a swell, for I know that they all want to do well while I am being forced to kill them through the Tempest’s magic. So I beg of you - end my life permanently and save everyone else from being forced to endure such a fate.”

Lucina was surprised by Celica’s emotional outburst, touched by it. “I didn’t know you knew what was happening, and that it was just one you…” Lucina commented sadly. However, she was also glad that at least she didn’t have to fight the mage. Having fought her before, Lucina knew already just how skilled Celica was with both her magic and her white sword. “Do you know of a way to close it?” Lucina asked while getting closer to her. Celica closed her eyes for a moment, thinking hard. “I recall spell that could work, but I cannot cast it by myself.” Celica shivered as she said that, suddenly afraid. “And I do not know how long I can stay like that - your words broke the control the Tempest had over me, but it can return any second now.” Her eyes snapped open again, and Lucina could see the hints of corruption returning to them. “I know!” Celica called out while removing her breastplate, letting it fall to the ground. “Slice me open with your sword - the pain should keep the corruption at bay for some more time.”

Even if Lucina was planning to kill the redhead, she couldn’t help but feel sad as she heard her words. She seemed to be genuinely trying to help her, so Lucina decided to listen to her. Slamming the Falchion into Celica’s gut, Lucina watched with surprise as Celica smiled. “It feels exactly like when Alm stabbed me with his Falchion.” She basically moaned into Lucina’s ear since the blue-haired girl ended up pressed against her. Lucina backed out almost immediately, but she couldn’t deny she was thrilled by what she heard. Removing the Falchion, Lucina couldn’t help but stare at the bloodied hole in Celica’s chest.

Somehow, Celica was still standing. It seemed that her idea actually worked, so reassured by that, she began some preparations for the spell. She couldn’t deny being aroused as she worked on the spell, just as excited as Lucina by her earlier words while also being thrilled by the prospect of ending her suffering for good. She worked the fingers up the front of her dress and inside her skirt, desperately trying to get off while keeping up her magic. Lucina just stared at her while she did that, thinking that it might have been another way Celica tried to fight off the corruption. Watching Celica touch herself with a hole in her chest like that was quite arousing for the Ylissean princess as well, and Lucina could tell her leggings were being soaked with her pussy juices as she watched Celica go at it.

Eventually, Celica came. Just as she did, she also finished her spell. As the orgasm began rocking her body, the energy began to rapidly leave it to fuel the spell. “Please… Tear… My heart… Out…” She managed to call out in weakening moans, asking Lucina for the final component to her spell. Lucina’s hands immediately reached for the hole in Celica’s chest, pulling it open while covering her fingers with blood. After stretching the hole a bit more open, Lucina reached inside Celica and searched for the girl’s heart. She easily found it, rapidly beating while trying to support her host’s dying body. Lucina’s fingers closed over it, and with a strong yank she tore it out, ending that Celica’s life permanently.

As Lucina removed her hand from Celica’s chest, her heart still shaking in Lucina’s hand, she felt a powerful spell go off. The entire room - no, the entire world - started shaking. It seemed that Celica’s words were true - her spell was enough to close the Tempest. The portal she came through closed in the distance, telling her she wouldn’t be able to escape. Her pussy ached again at the thought. She looked at Celica’s limp corpse, one of her hands still buried between her thighs. With Celica getting off right before dying, and with how aroused she was feeling, Lucina decided to start touching herself as well.

Letting go of the Falchion and forcing a hand into her blue leggings, Lucina forced a few her fingers inside her already dripping snatch. As she watched the world swirl and shrink around her, magic flowing freely as it was slowly falling apart, Lucina picked up the pace, trying her best to come before the masses of magic got to her. The thrill of knowing that these were her final moments, along with happiness of knowing that her life was used for a good cause, both contributed to how good she was feeling. Overwhelmed with pleasure, Lucina dropped to her knees. She enjoyed the way Celica’s heart felt in her hand, but she wanted to feel more of the girl. Letting go of the heart, Lucina forced her hand into the hole in Celica’s chest again, enjoying the warmth of Celica’s chest as she explored it with her hand again. Looking at the orgasmic expression still locked on Celica’s face, Lucina impulsively leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Her tongue entered the small opening between Celica’s lips, tasting the inside of her mouth as Lucina approached her final orgasm. Screaming out an unintelligible moan, Lucina collapsed on top Celica’s body as she felt the orgasm rocking through her.

The Ylissean princess rested on the redhead’s body for a moment, and when she got up, almost nothing remained of the world she was in. As she watched the magic unload all around her, she realized just how painful it would be to get hit with such magic. She didn’t feel like experiencing that, so her mind searched for alternatives. It seemed to her that the magic was converging exactly on the spot where Celica was - and on extension on her as well. The conclusion she came to was fairly simple - she should just end her life before the magic got to her. Getting up from Celica’s corpse and rising Falchion from the ground, Lucina took hold of it with both of her hands - one covered in Celica’s blood, the other in her own cum. Bringing it up to her neck, Lucina felt the cold touch of steel against it. Taking a final, deep breath, Lucina steadied herself and cut sideways. Her neck erupted with pain for a moment as the connection to the rest of her body was severed, but she managed to cut all the way through anyways. Her head fell off along with some of her some hair, but her body kept standing for a few more moments. As her head hit the ground, Lucina stared at her headless form. Its hands closed shut on the handle of her sword, but the rest of her muscles loosened and her body collapsed on top of Celica’s again. A fountain erupted from her neck stump, but she wasn’t able to notice it. Happy that she at least somewhat atoned for her deeds, Lucina died a happy women moments before the magic tore into her head, reducing it to less than ash.

The remaining space continued to shrink as the whirling magic took more and more of it, until finally both Lucina’s and Celica’s bodies got reduced into nothingness, the Tempest finally closing… for the time being.


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Chapter 14: Accidents and Murder

tags: F/F, bestiality, headfuck, hanging, beheading, drowning

Peri walked around the castle. She had really been enjoying her stay in Askr. It let her satisfy her killing intent in battles all the time, and she was able to met several people who enjoyed killing as much as she did. Currently the short cavalier had decided to check up on her horse, since it got injured in her last battle.

She walked into the stables readily. After reaching the box where her horse was she noted with satisfaction that it had already been healed up. She placed one hand on the horse’s nose, patting it happily. As she felt the horse react to her touch, she decided she wanted to reward it for its performance today. At first, she considered just getting some special food for the horse, but that idea seemed too boring. To get some ideas, she crouched for a moment and crawled into the stall. Careful not to get stomped on, she looked up at the horse. Her eyes caught sight of the stallion’s massive cock, and she knew instantly what to do - she’d reward her horse through bringing it to an orgasm.

She couldn’t help but feel a bit aroused at the thought. As she reached out and touched the animal’s member, it twitched in her hand, some of its precum leaked onto her glove. Taking her hand back and tasting the liquid, she decided to take her chest armor off. She didn’t want it to get dirty, after all. After some tampering with her chestpiece, she gently put it on the ground. Her fingers quickly undid the buttons at her collar, and the blue-and-pink haired woman took her tunic off as well. Giving her breasts a playful squeeze, she moved under the horse and began stroking its shaft with both of her hands.

As the horse’s cock grew to its fully erect state, Peri moved her mouth over to its tip. Tasting it with her lips, she flicked her tongue over it for a moment. After doing that, she stretched her mouth open and took it inside her. She slowly pushed her mouth further onto the horse’s erection, trying her best to take it as far in as she could. However, even with how much passion she tried, she still had to stop a few times, breaking off for air. With her mount’s member coated with her saliva, it was becoming easier and easier for her. She could hear the horse neighing in pleasure as she took the dick down her throat, fighting away whatever discomfort she might have been feeling. Her hands continued to stroke the cock at a point she was sure she wouldn’t reach with her mouth, but as she continued to take it deeper and deeper inside her, sucking with her mouth and covering the surface of the horse’s shaft with her saliva, she realized her pussy was soaking too. Because of that, she let go of it with one hand, and delved with it into her leggings. Tugging her panties to the side, Peri began to touch herself while she continued bringing off the horse.

In no time she was able to orgasm, soaking her leggings through with her juices. Her moans were mostly muffled since her mouth was still stuffed with the horse’s dick. She continued to suck on it as her body shook in orgasmic spasms. Just as she was about to recover from them, she felt a hot load of the horse’s semen shoot down her esophagus and into her stomach. She started sliding her mouth off the horse’s cock, as so some of the semen poured into her mouth, leaking out of it and dripping down her pointy chin.

As she continued to stimulate the horse’s cock while pulling her mouth off it, she felt it harden in her mouth again. “Sorry, but I’m only gonna do it once.” She thought to herself as only the tip of her horse’s shaft remained inside her mouth. However, she did not realize that her actions had awakened a lust in her horse, and that it wanted to get off again. As it felt her remove her mouth, it instinctively pushed forward, trying to force its cock deeper inside her again. Peri didn’t even have time to react as the dick smashed through the back of her mouth. She could only feel incredible pain as the horse’s cock came out of the hole in the back of her head in an explosion of blood and meat. With a hole in the back of her head, she had only a few moments to realize that she was dying before her life left her. Her thighs, already soaked with her juices, were also additionally stained yellow as her bladder released. Still, it made no difference for the horse whether his rider was alive or not. As her body slumped motionless, it didn’t stop the horse from thrusting back and forth through the hole in Peri’s head. Her body was still kept upwards by the horse’s shaft when the horse came again, covering Peri’s bare back with his seed. Sated for the time, the horse’s cock slowly shrunk back to its resting size, Peri’s head sliding off it as the girl’s corpse collapsed to the straw that was laid out on the floor.

Peri’s body was discovered a few hours later, when one of the stablehands brought a new meal for the horse. Instead of reporting her death, however, he decided to have some fun with her corpse. Both Peri’s lifeless womb and her tight asshole were filled with the semen of several of the stablehands, the hole in the back of her head also enjoyed by some of them, before her death finally got reported to Kiran - who decided to let them keep her corpse anyways.

Setsuna was busy moving things around in one of the storage rooms. She wasn’t sure why would anyone choose her for the job with how clumsy she was, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t try her best to do as she was told. Because of that, she had currently been carrying as many pieces of rope as she could. With her dozing off as she carried them over, she didn't notice as Ninian appeared straight in front of her. The half-dragon girl collided with her, and they both fell over. Both Setsuna and Ninian apologized for what happened, each blaming herself for that, but after getting up they both headed their way. Ninian took a single, long coil of rope before leaving. Setsuna watched her for a moment, while checking out how the ropes she was carrying have wrapped around her body. She found it quite interesting that they even managed to loop around her neck, but since it didn't cause her any discomfort yet she paid no mind to that, and decided to keep the ropes on her as she walked off to carry them away.

Once Setsuna left the storage room and walked through the castle for some time, she realized that she had no idea where she should bring all these ropes to. After some thinking, the archer decided to just wander around until she managed to find the spot she was supposed to bring them to - from what she understood, they were to be used as a replacement nooses for the gallows in the main hall. Cursing silently her lack of spacial orientation, Setsuna set off again while thinking how funny a coincidence it was that the ropes that would become nooses were now wrapped around her neck. The ropes dragged on behind her as she scoured the Askrian halls for some more time.

Eventually, she ended up in some unused part of the castle - she could tell because she didn’t see anyone nearby, and the halls were usually crowded at this time. And to confirm her suspicions, suddenly the ground under her feet gave way as the pitfall trap she was on opened - no one would put one in an used part of the castle, would they? Setsuna was so used to falling into traps like this one that she didn’t even mind the falling sensation. That is, until her fall was suddenly broken by a sharp tug to her neck. With horror, Setsuna realized that the ropes wrapped around her neck were now suspending her up in the air in between the ground level of the corridor and the bottom of the trap. She realized that the part of the rope dragging on after her must have gotten stuck somewhere up, and in an afflux of hope she tugged at the rope above her head with as much strength as she could muster with her breath being cut off.

Once that proved not to be helpful, Setsuna started clawing desperately at the rope wrapped around her neck with both of her hands. The lack of air going into her lungs started eating away at her strength at this point, so she tried her best to free herself. Her fingers dug deep into her skin there, even drawing blood as she scratched away at the ropes, but somehow they got wrapped too tight for her to get them off. She kept pulling and scratching away at them to no avail as the rope dug deeper into her throat. Her moves grew more and more desperate as the pain in her lungs increased, but still with no success. Her mind couldn’t accept the possibility of dying like that - being killed in battle or by the summoner would have been okay, but such a death seemed very unfair to her. Her emotions didn’t matter, however, and her struggles began to slowly die down as the pulsating of blood in her ears grew louder and louder.

The archer could feel her bladder going off, leaving a stain on her panties and running down her tights-covered legs. She swung in the rope, desperately kicking against the walls of the pitfall trap in some final attempt of supporting herself, but all that achieved was making her body swing from one side to another as the last of her strength left her body. Her body continued to sway on the ropes, hanging inside the pit as the trapdoor closed over her. It didn’t close fully, however, with the ropes causing a crack to stay open - and because of that, her body was discovered when someone went through that part of the castle next. By that time, her body had completely managed to cool down, with the first stages of decomposition already settling in.

Anna smiled at Marisa as the two entered Anna’s room. It wasn’t easy to break the Crimson Flash away from her sword practice, but Anna deemed her cute enough to keep trying. And now they were there, with her successfully getting the pink-haired girl to follow her into her quarters. Anna wasn’t sure what she’d do with the girl afterwards, but for now she was happy just for some hot girl-on-girl action. She quickly set down her axe, and turned towards Marisa to take her sword from her. After removing her high, armored boots, Anna began taking off her adorned Askrian armor. While doing so, the commander turned to look at the mercenary, only to see her blushing back at her. Anna smiled invitingly at her after slipping out of her battle dress, only to show that she wore no underwear underneath - just like Kiran ordered her to when he first arrived there. Marisa’s face turned just as crimson as her nickname suggested when she saw that, her fingers reluctantly working at removing her belt, her feet already bare with her boots placed neatly near the door.

“Come on, don’t be shy now. We both know that you want it!” Anna spoke to her kindly while getting closer, taking Marisa’s hand into her own and gently placed it on one of the clasps holding Marisa’s purple battle dress in place. With a thankful look on her face, Marisa clumsily undid the clasps, and forced her dress open through the split on the front. Anna looked hungrily at Marisa’s huge, shapely breasts, still covered with a purple bra. After an encouraging nod from Anna, Marisa took a deep breath and undid the bra as well. Anna couldn’t help but whistle as she saw Marisa’s bags of flesh in the nude, confirming to her that Marisa was a correct choice for the night. She immediately grabbed them, feeling them up with her hands while Marisa looked away, another blush showing up on her cheeks. Once she had her share of playing with them, with Marisa joining in on the action and touching her breasts too, with one finger Anna traced a path down Marisa’s flat stomach from the breasts to her panties, and slowly tugged away at them. Marisa moved one of her hands downwards as well, touching Anna’s as they pulled her panties off together.

Once Marisa’s pussy was revealed, Anna playfully pushed her back so the girl fell on her back onto her bed. Getting on her knees, Anna buried her face between the girl’s thighs, her mouth already working on sucking the girl’s clit. Her tongue started exploring Marisa’s pussy, savouring the sweetness the girl had within her. From the discussion she had with her earlier when seducing the girl, the mercenary was still a virgin. The moans coming from the girl were so full of passion that Anna had some troubles believing that, but whether that was true or not, she still enjoyed eating her out. And as the girl’s juices flushed into her face, a fast orgasm rocking the girl’s body, her lack of endurance convinced Anna that she had been telling the truth.

Once she was done with that, she rose, and was greeted with Marisa’s enamored face. The girl was visibly shaken by her orgasm, and as Anna climbed on top of her she managed to speak out in between her moans: “I’ve… Never felt… anything like that… beforeee…” Anna smiled gently at her newfound lover before replying. “Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty more chances to feel like that in the future.” At this point, Anna heard some sound coming from behind her, but she paid it no mind - she had a hot girl underneath her, and nothing would distract her from that. Lining her pussy up with Marisa’s, Anna began rubbing against the girl while bending forward and locking her lips onto the swordswoman’s.

She continued to rub her cunt against Marisa’s for some more time, making out with her while bringing them both to a pair of orgasms. Marisa’s inexperienced moans against her face were enough to make Anna cum far faster than the pink-haired mercenary, and so Anna continued to bring pleasure to her with her hands after coming herself. Her hands continued to explore Marisa’s body, feeling up her nice butt as it was pressed against her sheets and massaging the girl’s heaving tits. It wasn’t long before Marisa cried out in another orgasm, her body giving in to Anna’s skilled fingers. As their juices mixed together on both Marisa’s and Anna’s thighs, Anna let go of the girl and laid down on the bed next to her.

The two girls didn’t realize that they weren’t alone in the room. When they first got in, Loki sneaked in behind them. She intended to kill Anna and take her place since it seemed that would give her the access to most information about the Askrian kingdom, but after seeing what the two girls were up to she decided to postpone that a bit. Instead, she just stayed concealed with her magic, touching herself while watching the two girls having sex together. She managed to stay quiet through most of that, only a few moans escaping her lips while she tried to stay undetected. Both women were too focused on each other to notice that, however, so they had no idea that Loki was there, watching them. And as the two laid in post-coital poses on the bed, Loki decided it was time to proceed. She didn’t expect to be killing two girls today, but she certainly wasn’t going to complain about that.

However, before she made her move, Anna got up from the bed. WIth how sweaty all the sex with Marisa had her, she decided to go and bathe. “I’ll be back soon, and then we can do it again… If you want that.” Anna said while getting off the bed and heading towards the door separating the bath from the main part of the room. Marisa just mumbled something back incoherently, her mind still filled with all the pleasure that Anna brought her. She shifted on the bed a bit, watching as Anna went into the side room. Slowly lifting her body, Marisa realized she should probably wash as well. However, it seemed that Anna would let her use her bath, so she slumped back onto the bed, closing her eyes and losing herself in a pleasant daydream about what Anna would do to her when the girl came back. Her fingers circled her snatch as she thought of that, and quiet moans began to escape her lips again as she started to finger herself. With this being her first time with a lover, her lust was still unsated after two orgasms.

Loki moved silently not to alert the girl on the bed, happy that her prey had separated. She walked over to where Anna placed her axe and Marisa’s sword, and decided that using the sword to end Marisa’s life would be most fitting. Lifting the blade from the table, she couldn’t stop the metal from emitting some clinking sounds, but Marisa’s brain discarded them as sounds caused by Anna’s bath. Because of that, she had no clue what was about to happen as Loki moved to the bed, sword in hand. Lining it up with Marisa’s uncovered neck, Loki removed the spell that concealed her from sight, and waited for the perfect moment to strike.

In just a few moments after she did that, Marisa let out an exceptionally loud moan, her eyes snapping open as she called out: “Anna! Oh, Anna!”, her fingers connecting with the most sensitive spot inside her. Before she could react to seeing an unknown figure standing over her, Loki cut downwards with her sword. Marisa began to move one of her arms in a futile effort to protect herself, but she wasn't fast enough and the sword easily sliced through her neck. She didn’t even emit a sound as it was severed from the rest of her body, its twitches causing it to writhe on the bed as blood poured heavily from the stump on her neck.

Loki lifted Marisa’s head by her ponytail, and lifted it to her face. “Don’t worry, your lover will be joining you soon.” She said with a cruel smile, and then kissed Marisa on the lips intensely. After breaking the kiss, Loki put one hand on Marisa’s body to keep it from twitching, and with another sadistic smile she forced Marisa’s head between her thighs, giving the girl a taste of her own pussy before she died. To Loki’s disappointment, Marisa didn’t stay alive for much longer, but even with how short her time was, she still tasted both hers and Anna’s juices, licking them from her thighs with her tongue. Her mind was completely broken at that point, and she just ached for a taste of Anna’s before she died.

After a few quick rubs to her pussy, Loki reminded herself that she still had another girl to kill - the time for playing with the corpse would come later. Fortunately for her, it seemed that Anna was still bathing, so she wouldn’t come out to her anytime soon. Still, Loki decided to kill her off first, and then enjoy Marisa’s body more. However, if she just went invisible into the bathing room, Anna would suspect something. Instead, Loki turned her body into Marisa’s with her magic, knowing that Anna would be more than happy to see her come in. With a quick adjustment to the spell, Loki removed Marisa’s clothes from her body, and approached the door. Gently opening it, she tried to imitate Marisa’s behaviour as she walked through the door, forcing a blush to appear on her face.

“Oh, I see you couldn’t wait for me to come back! You’re more than welcome to join me here, if that’s what you want.” Anna called out to her happily, glad that Marisa was willing to join her. Maybe she should consider having her as a more permanent lover? Anna wondered about that for a moment as she watched Marisa descend into the bath, covering herself with her arms again. Moving to her, Anna pulled her into the water, her lips moving towards Marisa’s again. The girl kissed her back, and Anna proceeded to squeeze her breasts again as Marisa collapsed on top of her.

Anna ended up going underwater, but she expected to surface again a few moments later. However, that didn’t happen. Her eyes grew wide as she saw that Marisa had been holding her down, and she began attacking the girl with her fists, but to no avail. Marisa’s hands were locked firmly onto her shoulders, keeping her underwater and not letting her get any air no matter how hard she tried. Anna wasn’t afraid of dying - in fact, ever since she had been summoned she had been expecting that her death would come. She didn’t expect it to come from a girl she picked herself, however, thinking that Kiran would kill her eventually, as he did with the Sharena summoned along with her. Bubbles emerged from her face and floated to the surface as the last remnants of air left her lungs, and she shut her mouth closed before attempting to overpower the girl on top of her again. It didn’t work this time either, and Anna knew that her death was unavoidable. Once she was sure that she wouldn’t be breaking free, she accepted her death and just laid motionless while water filled her lungs. Her heart received a sharp blow as she saw Marisa transform into a more purple-haired woman, her dying mind recognizing her as Loki, the illusionist that worked for Emblia. There were a few times when she and the woman met before… Anna couldn’t remember much more about her as the headache caused by the lack of breath caused her brain to slow down.

“Marisa’s already dead. Now, be a nice girl and just join her!” Anna’s heart ached as she heard that, the news somehow hurting her more than the pain coming from her water-filled lungs. However, as the pounding of blood in her head grew louder, her mind slowly becoming clouded, memories of Marisa slowly disappeared from her mind, and instead she wondered if her death would affect the Order of Heroes that much. She also wondered what would happen to all the money she had gathered, and that thought was all that remained in her mind as she gave in to the asphyxiation, her body going limp in the water.

Loki kept Anna’s corpse underwater for some more time, until she was fully sure that the redhead was dead. Getting up from the bath, she let go of Anna’s body and it floated up to the water’s surface. Now that her target was dead, Loki could fully enjoy herself. First, she shifted her form into that of Anna’s in case anyone entered the room. Feeling up the tits of her new more permanent form with some curiosity, Loki cast a concealing spell on Anna’s floating corpse and ran over to the main room. Lifting Marisa’s head from between the girl’s thighs, Loki placed it between her own, and started to rub her pussy furiously against Marisa’s slack lips. That head was the first to join her collection in Askr, but she was sure it wouldn’t be the last as she came all over Marisa’s dead face.


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Intermission 3: Bound Hero Battle: Lilina and Cecilia

tags: non-con, M/F, burning, stabbing

“General Cecilia, don’t you wish we had more soldiers at our disposal?” Lilina asked her green-haired teacher while looking over at the group of soldiers that was gathered nearby. Even though the two mages have suddenly found themselves in Castle Ostia, the familiar halls seemed off somehow. The fact that they both had no memories of coming there was also quite unsettling, but Lilina was certain that with Cecilia watching over her, they would definitely find out what was going on. 

“I certainly do, but I think that even with how small our forces are, both your magical talent and my experience will be enough to help us through any troubles.” Cecilia adjusted Lilina’s headband, giving her a warm smile as she did so. Lilina’s heart grew as she heard that, both at the praise her teacher was giving her and because her words helped calm down a bit.

A loud sound and the feeling of a powerful magical distortion startled her again. Cecilia felt it as well, and both mages hurried in the direction it came from. Before long, they came to an open portal. Coming through the portal was a small squad of soldiers, led by a redheaded girl in full, pink armor. With some concern Cecilia compared the sizes of two armies, realizing that hers was at a numeral disadvantage.

“Fall back for now!” She called out, and her army that just arrived quickly hurried back the way to the throne room.

Sheena watched the Ostian army retreat with deep focus. It seemed that she had more soldiers, but she wasn’t too sure if the Askrian regulars would prove to be good fighters. She wasn’t sure why Kiran chose her to lead the assault squad, or why were they even attacking that spot in the first place. All she was told was to go through the portal and kill the people she’d find there. It seemed that the summoner was certain about that being a necessity, but Sheena couldn’t help but pity the two women she saw that were leading the enemy soldiers. They seemed to be almost as lost on why were they fighting as she was. Still, she had an obligation to follow, so with a commanding “Advance!” she lead her soldiers deeper into the castle.

Their hastily put up defences didn’t help at all, and Lilina watched helplessly as her soldiers were slowly killed off one-by-one. They didn’t come down easily, inflicting losses on the attacking troops, but with them outnumbering the defenders it was obvious that they would soon win. “General Cecilia, I wish to fight them as well.” Lilina almost begged the older woman while they kept watch in the throne room.
“All right. Time for a practical demonstration of what you’ve learned recently. Show me what you’ve learned… And please, be careful.”

“Right! You’ve taught me magic, and now I can use it to protect us!” Lilina called out enthusiastically, grabbing her tome and moving towards the enemy forces. To test out her magic, she picked one of the enemy soldiers and outstretched the hand holding the tome towards him. Flames wrapped around her body for a moment, before taking off towards the soldier she chose and enveloping him in a fiery embrace. He called out in pain as the magical explosion easily burned through his weak armor, turning the man into a living torch. Lilina watched him burn with just the slightest hint of sadistic pleasure - he shouldn’t have chosen to attack her home castle. Emboldened by how successful her spell was, Lilina decided to aim for a more ambitious target - she would attack the enemy commander directly. Unbeknownst to the young mage, her spell also caught the attention of a few of the attacking soldiers, who decided to gang up on her together.

Looking at the knight in charge, Lilina put her hands together for a moment, then outstretched them both towards Sheena. “I call upon fire!” She exclaimed as flames left her fingertips and surged towards the princess of Gra. And once again watched with glee as the flames reached the redhead.

Sheena noticed when the young mage appeared again, but any pity she had for her disappeared when she saw her set fire to one of her men. Turning to face her, Sheena realized she’d have to take care of the girl now. However, before she could get to her, she realized that the girl was targeting her now. Sheena held up her shield to deflect the flames, but instead they wrapped themselves around her. Before Sheena could realize what was happening, she became the center of a tornado of flames. With some relief, she realized that her armor was shielding most of her body, with flames only touching on her leather-wearing thighs and her exposed face. The feeling of her long hair catching on fire was sure unpleasant, but Sheena was confident it wouldn’t hurt her in the long term - and neither would the burns she was getting on her face and her thighs.

However, instead of dying down, the flames seemed to only grow stronger. What worried Sheena though was that she noticed that her armor was slowly becoming hotter. She felt it was becoming harder to breathe as the temperature only increased. However, it didn’t stop her from screaming in pain as her armor finally grew hot enough to start burning her skin under it. Tears were forced into her eyes by the pain as she realized that the clothes she wore under her heavy armor were no protection from the heat. As the flames grew even hotter, she began to fear for her life as she felt her skin slowly become consumed by the heat. She could feel the pain spreading all over her insides, and with horrific realization she came to the conclusion that because of her armor, the flames were actually roasting her alive. The weak smell of burnt meat reached her nostrils, although it was mostly restricted by the armor.

Her body was sweating heavily as Sheena desperately tried to undo her armor, to break free from her metal prison. However, the buckles and straps of the armor were too hot to touch, and even as she forced her fingers to fiddle with them, her muscles were already too weakened, halfway roasted, and she didn’t manage to free herself. “No! I can’t die! Not like this!” She called out in despair as she felt her perfect breasts melting slowly as the fat inside of them sizzled away. Sheena felt her muscles completely giving way to the numbness, and she slumped down to her knees under the suddenly heavy weight of her armor. Her head ended up directly inside of the flaming pillar. However, with her body almost fully roasted, turned a nice shade of brown, she died before the flames burned away most of her face, leaving the girl’s head unrecognizable once the flames finally died off, leaving Sheena’s body perfectly roasted while inside her armor.

However, Lilina didn’t get to watch Sheena as the redhead slowly lost her life. Her spell was able to continue even after she stopped focusing it because of how much energy she spent on it, fueled by desire to make the one she thought was responsible for the invasion pay. She was so focused on that, that she didn’t notice the soldiers approaching her. She was brutally reminded of their existence as two of them crashed into her, one tearing her magical book from her hands whereas the other tackled her to the ground.

“Damn, she’s a real fine girl. Glad we didn’t kill her straight away.” The one restricting her commented, and the other soldier nodded while struggling to tear her spellbook apart. “Aye. What do we do now? The girl that was supposed to lead us is dead.” With a somewhat sad tone in his voice, the soldier pointed towards where Sheena’s body was steaming on the ground.
“Our orders are still true - we are to kill everyone here. Including this bitch.” The soldier replied while hitting Lilina in the back of the head. “Most of their soldiers are dead. The older woman might still be dangerous, though.” The first soldier said, deep in thought while looking at Lilina with a gaze that made her feel sick. “However, I have a plan that would make her submit to us - just show her that we’ve captured this little slut here. From the looks she was giving her earlier, I’m sure she’d turn herself in to save that cute little ass.” A thrill ran down Lilina’s spine as she realized what the soldiers wanted to do, and she was filled with disgust when the man forced a hand under her skirt and squeezed one of her ass cheeks.

Cecilia watched with sadness as the remnants of her army were wiped out, her mind filled with concern for her favorite student. Her fears were confirmed as she watched two of the enemy soldiers lead Lilina between them, and a third one holding a knife to her throat. “Surrender now or I’ll cut her throat!”
“No! General Cecilia, don’t listen to-” Lilina’s desperate plea was silenced as one of the men holding her roughly punched her in the gut. “Quiet, bitch.” He commented, and the pain cruising through her body prevented her from speaking again - at least, until it was too late.

Cecilia looked at the men holding Lilina with regret that she failed to protect the girl. She briefly considered her options, wondering if she could take them all out with her wind magic. However, she knew that even if her magic reached the men, they would still have the time to kill Lilina beforehand. As she saw the men’s impatient gestures, with a heavy heart Cecilia threw away her tome and raised her hands up to show that she was surrendering. The men approached her, and the lips of the man who was speaking were twisted with a sick smile, while dragging Lilina with them as well. “Good. Now, remove that beautiful armor of yours.” Cecilia was outraged at the bare idea of doing something so crude, but another impatient flick of the dagger in Lilina’s direction reminded her that she was in no position to refuse.

“I’ll do it. I’ll satisfy your desires… Just please, leave Lilina out of it!” Cecilia called out while letting her purple cloak float to the ground, quickly removing her chestguard, the extra pads on her hips as well as her boots. However, even if she was trying to do her best to undress as fast as possible, it still wasn’t enough for the men gathered around her. Getting closer to her, the men quickly started tearing away at the purple dress she wore under her armor. Her massive breasts were quickly freed, and became the object of men’s attention as they started to grope them roughly - with one man locking his face onto them and starting to lick her nipple with his tongue. Lilina averted her eyes, trying not to watch as her teacher was humiliated like that, held in place by the man who groped her backside earlier. It seemed that he was getting aroused as well, since he grabbed the knife used to threaten her earlier and started slicing away at her skirt, exposing her tights-clad ass to him. Cecilia’s purple tights offered no protection from the men’s lust, numerous holes opening in them before finally one of them decided to attack her crotch. Her hairless slit was revealed to all as she shivered in disgust, tears briefly appearing in her eyes. Their rough fingers have began to touch upon her womanhood, and she shivered under their touch, hating her body for giving in to the men’s abuse as she felt herself slowly become wet.

Upon seeing that, the man holding Lilina in place couldn’t hold himself back any longer. Roughly grabbing the front of her dress, he simply tore it off, revealing Lilina’s small breasts. It still wasn’t enough for him, and after tearing a few holes in her brown tights, he uncovered her slit as well. Tears flashed in her eyes as she felt the air touching against her most intimate parts. She’d kept herself shaved in hopes that Roy would agree to finally do it with her soon. Sadly, that had not happened yet. “No! I’ve been saving myself for Roy!” She begged the man, but he simply laughed at her, keeping it quiet so that Cecilia wouldn’t hear him. “You already know there’s no point in that - our orders are to kill you all. Might as well enjoy the one sex you’ll get before dying.” Upon hearing that, tears began to flow down her teenage face.

They only increased in frequency when she saw the man free his cock and feel him penetrate her virgin snatch. The man wasn’t just satisfied with raping her, however. Making her turn towards Cecilia, she was able to see that her teacher was also the subject of rape now, penetrated by one of the men as he lifted one of her legs off the ground. Forcing Lilina to go forward as the man pounded her, in no time she was just next to Cecilia, her huge breasts touching against hers as the man pushed her face to rub against Cecilia’s. Lilina could feel the hand being squeezed by Cecilia, understanding that she was trying to apologize to her and to support her through that.
“Oh, it’s me who should apologize. It’s all my fault thi-” All her thought processes were ended mid-thought as the man filling her pussy forced a sword through the side of her head. Since their heads were pressed together, as the sword left on the other side of Lilina’s head it immediately sunk into Cecilia’s head as well. Even as the tip emerged from a hole in the side of Cecilia’s head, the man continued to push the sword in until only the hilt remained outside. Enjoying the twitches of the two dying women, their murderers continue to fuck them even as Lilina’s tongue hung limply from her mouth, drool leaking from the corners of her mouth. Her eyes quickly went blank as the man blew his load inside her. However, one round wasn’t enough for him, and the man continued to ride Lilina’s body until he got hard again - brought partially to full hardness again as Lilina’s cooling pussy was brought to a post mortem climax, covering him with all the juices that were inside her while giving a pleasant squeeze to his member.

Cecilia lasted a few moments longer, enough to realize exactly what had just happened. Tears flowed freely from her eyes as her face was twisted with pain, the expression sticking to her as her mind lost control over her body, Lilina’s hand slipping away from her grasp. One of her green eyes rolled upwards, nothing but the white of it remaining visible. Her tongue also leapt free from her mouth, with more drool running down her chin and even dripping onto her huge tits - which were still pressing onto Lilina’s smaller ones when the man who was raping her released his load inside her. It was not enough for him either, and he also continued to fuck Cecilia’s corpse until he too was able to fully satiate his lust - and once he was done, another of the surviving soldiers replaced him.

The abuse didn’t end on just the two women who were their enemies. Sheena’s faceless corpse also wasn’t able to escape it once her armor had cooled down enough for the soldiers to remove it. Even if the men recognized that the corpse belonged to their former superior, it was not an issue to them. From their experience with these missions, once the portal closed no one would find out that they did that - manipulating the attractive leaders they were given into dying on a couple of occasions. Sheena’s death was not one of those times, but they still would enjoy her before leaving her corpse to be forgotten - at least, until one of them realized that the roasting meant that bringing it back for food could work too. With how much semen it was contaminated with at that point, it would require a serious wash beforehand, but the soldiers knew it wouldn’t be that much of an issue.

The portal wouldn’t stay open forever. Because of that, after enjoying the corpses for some more time, the soldiers returned back to Askr, carrying Sheena’s corpse with them as they came back. Kiran was waiting for them when they returned, a bit annoyed that Sheena had died when he heard that. Still, the boost to his summoning magic he felt when the portal closed was genuine - and he was sure Sheena’s death was a fair tradeoff for that.


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Chapter 15: Day of Devotion

tags: con, F/F, M/F, vore, strangling, hanging

“Hello, Lilina… I’m happy that you’ve come to me… But wouldn’t you rather spend the day with Roy instead?” Ninian asked the young blue-haired mage and she gave her a beautiful smile in return. “I’ve already spent some time with him… and we really enjoyed it!” Lilina laughed, and Ninian smiled at her as well. She was happy to hear that her future son and his beautiful lover were having so much fun together. “Well… If you’re sure about that, I would be delighted to keep your company… Maybe entertain you with a dance?” Ninian twirled in place while smiling at the younger mage. Lilina shook her head slightly, then opened her mouth again. “That probably won’t happen. I have a different request for you though. But first, I’d like you to follow me outside.” Ninian followed Lilina as the girl led her through the halls of the castle, noticing all signs of affection between lovers as she walked. Watching them all made her realize that she had completely forgotten about the holiday, and that she had nothing for Eliwood. The half-dragon girl was a bit bothered by that, but as she and Lilina left the castle, she decided not to think about it for now.

Eventually they reached some spot that haven’t already been occupied by a pair of lovers. Once she made sure that no one else was there, Lilina removed her arms from the sleeves of her puffy dress, and took off the collar over her neck as well. “What… Are you doing?” Ninian asked her, and Lilina stopped after removing the white cloth that covered her arms. “Oh right, I haven’t even asked you about it yet.” She smiled brightly at Ninian again, folding her arms in front of her chest. “Oh, this is embarrassing to say out loud…” Lilina blushed, then shook her head to calm herself down. “To put it simply, I’d like you to… eat me.” Ninian looked at her with surprise, not understanding what the mage meant at first. When she understood, her eyes widened suddenly. “You want me… To transform into a dragon and eat you? I could never do that!” Ninian called out. “Even if you weren’t the lover of my future son, I would never do something like that!” She elaborated, visibly worked up while starting to head back towards the castle.

“Please, listen to me at least.” Lilina asked calmly, almost beggin Ninian to listen. The emotion in her voice made Ninian decide to grant Lilina that wish. She stopped, and turned back towards the deep-blue haired girl. “It’s just that… Ever since I’ve come here, I’ve felt a strange desire. I became obsessed with the idea of being eaten. I’m not too sure how that happened, but that idea…” Lilina blushed again. “...really makes me wet. I discussed this with Roy today, and he was very supportive of that idea. I immediately knew that it was you who I had to ask first. If you refuse, I’ll just have to ask another of the dragons living here, but I wanted to keep it in the family.” The last words convinced Ninian that the girl was serious about that, and as sad as she was, she didn’t want Lilina to go to anyone else. “Fine then… I will do it. I will eat you.”

“Wonderful!” Lilina called out happily, running over to Ninian and hugging her. “Thank you.” She stayed there for a moment, then broke off. “Before you do though, I have to strip. I don’t want you to get sick because of me.” Lilina said while removing the suspenders from her shoulders, and forcing the top of her dress to slide off her shoulders. She forced it past her breasts, quite modest in size, revealing that she wore a red bra underneath. Undoing the straps that held her corset in place, Lilina let it slide further down and forced it past her hips. The long dress piled up around her feet as she pulled it down her legs, revealing that they were covered with brown tights.

Ninian watched the younger girl slowly undress with mixed feelings. Eating a human wasn’t something she had done before, especially not someone she knew and cared for. And yet she found the idea quite intriguing. “Maybe… I will enjoy it as well?” She thought to herself while Lilina kicked off her shoes and proceeded to pull the tights off her long legs and her little feet. The mage stopped for a moment after that, standing still just in her panties and bra. She was very excited at this point, so she tried to calm down a bit by waiting a moment. Since it didn’t work, Lilina resumed stripping by removing her bra. Her breasts, still on the small size, moved up and down a bit as she exposed them to the cold air. Her cheeks were flushed as she grabbed her panties on both sides of her hips, and gently lowered them, trying to make it just as sensual as when she undressed for Roy earlier. As her snatch was uncovered, Ninian’s eyes briefly moved over Lilina’s patch of pubic hair before locking onto her pussy - and Lilina knew that the dancer saw how dripping wet she already was.

“I’m ready now!” She exclaimed once she decided Ninian had been staring for long enough. Ninian jumped up a bit, realizing what she had been doing. She thought staring like that might have been considered rude, but it seemed that Lilina didn’t mind. Since the mage did her part, Ninian knew it was now time she did hers. Taking her blue dragonstone out, Ninian closed her red eyes while transforming into a massive green dragon. Once she opened her eyes again, she was able to see that Lilina was rubbing her thighs together, fingers of one hand rubbing at her clit. Her dreamy eyes told Ninian that the girl couldn’t wait to get swallowed. She walked closer to Lilina, and the girl’s hand movement sped up. Stretching her mouth wide open, Ninian lined it up with the top of Lilina’s head.

As Lilina felt the cold breath coming breathing onto her head and running down her body, she shivered in ecstasy, especially as she felt the freezing air touch her nipples. That was enough for her to come, shaking in the most powerful orgasm of her life. Before she got the chance to experience it fully, Ninian suddenly bit down, swallowing her whole. She felt the warm walls of Ninian’s gullet around her head and chest, while her legs were still sticking out of Ninian’s mouth. Ninian rose her head upwards, getting Lilina’s bare legs sticking out in the air, and shook her head a bit, making Lilina slide downwards. Her small feet disappeared past Ninian’s mouth as Lilina descended down her long esophagus, ending up in her stomach.

All through that, Ninian could hear Lilina’s pleasured moans. It seemed that after reaching her orgasm, Lilina continued to feel high on it through the entire process of being swallowed, her arousal constantly kept high. She could feel the mage rubbing herself again as she went down her throat, until finally she felt her falling into her stomach. Once there, Lilina’s movement picked up, though Ninian couldn’t make it out that much. She still heard the girl moaning loudly from inside her, even as the digestive acids inside her started eating away at her. She was certain Lilina managed to come a second time while inside her as the skin and meat on her legs was melted away, the younger girl falling face-first into her digestive juices after her second orgasm. Before she was fully digested, however, Ninian could make out her voice, even if she was quite quiet. “Thank… Thank you, Ninian…”

Ninian stayed in her dragon form for some more time, until she was sure that all that remained of Lilina was a pile of bones inside her. Because of that, she had quite some time to think what to do afterwards. She remembered again that she had nothing prepared for Eliwood. One idea crossed her mind, however. Speaking with another her that she met in Askr, it seemed that that Ninian’s Eliwood had a thing for dead bodies, since he kept a dead body of another Ninian. That meant that her Eliwood would probably be the same in that matter, so she had something to gift him - her own dead body. Once she came across that idea, her thoughts turned to figuring out the way to set it up for him. She had no issue dying as a gift for him - she loved him with all her heart, and would gladly give her life up for that.

Transforming back into a human, Ninian already knew where she was headed to. First, she picked up Lilina’s clothes, and headed back towards the castle. She walked towards the Elibe part, and easily managed to find Roy’s room. As she walked in, Roy looked at her, immediately understanding why she was there. Tears appeared in his eyes as he took Lilina’s clothes from her hands, so Ninian knew she had to say something to cheer him up. “She was very happy as she died.” She said gently, and Roy’s face brightened up a bit as he heard that. “That’s relieving to hear. I was afraid she might have had some second thoughts as she died, but hearing that, I think I can accept her death.” Ninian smiled at him warmly as he said that, then left his room.

Returning back to her and Eliwood’s room, Ninian took a look around to figure out how exactly would she set up her death. Acquiring a rope proved to be quite easy. All it took was a trip to one of the castle’s storage rooms, where she crashed into the Hoshidian archer, Setsuna. It seemed that the gray-haired woman was tasked with moving a lot of ropes, since she ended up all covered with them after the dragon girl crashed into her. After a quick apology, Ninian took a length of rope for herself and quickly returned to her room.

Once there, she quickly removed her dress, folded it nicely and placed it on the table. Since she wore no underwear, her huge breasts and her wet snatch were both uncovered as she did so. With that out of the way, Ninian tied the rope to one of the bed’s corners, and laid it out on the bed. Letting go of the rope for a moment, Ninian looked over the room again as she wondered what to use as a weight. Her eyes found the collection of dragonstones she had received from Eliwood to have one in case she ever wanted to transform. Quickly walking there and putting them all in a bag, she smiled while weighting them in one of her small hands. Satisfied with it, she returned to the bed and tied it to the other end of the rope, then put it on the edge of the bed.

Once that was taken care of, the half-dragon woman climbed on top of the bed. She laid down on her back, and wrapped the rope around her neck. Ninian enjoyed the way it rubbed against her throat as she made sure it was going to strangle her. Once she made sure of that, she reached out with one hand and forced the bag of dragonstones off the bed. As gravity forced it go fall and tug on the rope, Ninian suddenly found herself unable to breathe - just as she wanted. The rope squeezed her windpipe shut, applying just enough force to prevent any air from getting through.

Fully aware that her time was limited now, Ninian spread her legs and started to rub her hairless pussy furiously. Thinking of Eliwood as she touched herself, Ninian found herself unable to moan excitedly with no air in her lungs. She wondered what his reaction would be when he comes back - would he react with horror, or maybe arousal? She imagined his cock filling up her dead snatch, and picked up the pace of her masturbation. She intended to make her body as arousing for Eliwood as she could, and that included getting her pussy to a wet enough state that he would enjoy fucking her even after her death. Because of that, she continued to touch herself as the lack of breath began to take its toll on her body. Her face turned red both because of the asphyxiation and her arousal, and with the other hand Ninian began to fondle her breasts.

The dragon girl came soon afterwards, her pussy completely drenched with her juices as some of the poured out onto the bed. At this point, the burning in her lungs became almost unbearable to her. The light-blue-haired girl was fully aware that she could end her pain at any moment - she set the rope up in a way that was quite easy to undo. However, even as she felt that her lungs were about to burst, and the pain in her head growing even stronger, she still didn’t free herself. Even if she was a bit scared of dying, she knew that Eliwood would be happy when he would find her, and that was all that mattered to her - no amount of pain could make her change her mind.

Her body was growing too weak for her to do it anyways now. Her orgasm exhausted her, and the strangulation was sapping away at her endurance with increasing speed. Laying her hands down on the sides of her body, Ninian spread her legs so that her pussy was an inviting sight for Eliwood when he came in. After doing that, she simply waited for death to claim her while hoping her body wouldn’t spasm too much after her death, throwing it off the perfect position she had placed it in. Her lips were blessed with a bright and happy smile as she died - a smile that would stay on them forever.

Her fears didn’t come true - although her legs kicked a bit as her body twitched in post-mortem spasms, after her body became motionless again it was almost in the position she wished it would be. And her other wish was also granted - after Eliwood returned, he understood perfectly what his beloved had done. And even if her death saddened him, he couldn’t deny that Ninian gave him a perfect gift as he slid his cock up her coldening pussy, his mouth sucking on one of her dead nipples.

Lyn adjusted the hem of her long dress as she knocked on the door to Kiran’s room. After arriving in Askr, the Sacean girl quickly found out that another her was in a relationship with the man in charge. She was quite happy for the other her, and wished her only good luck with that. Still, after being at the Day of Devotion festival, her mind was filled with desire to bring happiness to others through gifts. And one person she wished to give a gift to was certainly the other her. In her short time in Askr, Lyn had already grew accustomed to the way both Kiran and Lyn enjoyed the death of others, so that gave her the perfect idea for a gift she would give them: She should just willingly give up her life for their enjoyment. She’d been waiting to make sure that the other Lyn had left before coming to Kiran, and after seeing her leave she knew it was her moment to approach the summoner.

“Come in!” Kiran’s voice had invited her to go in, and Lyn entered through the door with her heart beating very fast. “Back so soon? The dress looks great on you!” Kiran asked her while admiring her attire. “Oh, I’m not your Lyn.” A surprised expression appeared on his face, but Lyn continued to speak: “However, she is the main reason I’ve come here.” The look on Kiran’s face shifted to intrigued, and Lyn smiled. “You’ve summoned me here from the festival based on relationships. As it turns out, the holiday it was celebrating falls on today in this world. It's the Day of Devotion - a holiday focusing on relationships. Seeing another me in a loving relationship with you is definitely an incredible feeling - and I wish to contribute to your happiness. I would like to become a gift from you to the other Lyn. I know that both of you would enjoy taking my life together - especially because I and she are the same person.” To emphasise her point, Lyn grabbed the front of her dress, and pulled it down, revealing her shapely breasts. Kiran was so familiar with his lover’s chest mounds that he immediately realized that they were exactly the same. She walked over to Kiran, took his hands and placed them on her tits. “Go ahead, take a feel of them.” She told him with a playful smile.

As Kiran squeezed her breasts, Lyn began forced the dress off her shoulders and removed her hands from the long sleeves. Already halfway free off it, she continued to gently tug the dress lower until she became free of it. “The dress is also my gift for her.” Lyn commented while placing it on one of Kiran’s tables, fully naked save for her high boots since she didn't wear any underwear. “Do I pass?” She asked, certain that Kiran has been going over her body with his eyes.

As more of Lyn body was revealed, Kiran could clearly see that she was a perfect copy of his lover now. Upon hearing her question, Kiran smiled. “Of course you do! I'd have killed you no matter the reason if you wanted, but your story makes me sure that all three of us are going to enjoy it. However, Lyn isn't here yet. She should be back fairly quickly, but before that happens…” Kiran undid the front of his robes and allowed his member to spring free, already erect. “You could give me some pleasure as well.”

Walking closer to him, Lyn placed her hand on his cock and began stroking it. As she felt Kiran’s cock twitch under her touch, she slowly continued to pick up the pace, while wrapping her other hand around his body and pulling him closer for a kiss. Losing himself in her embrace, for a moment Kiran was made to forget that this wasn’t his Lyn, surrendering to her touch. Lyn continued to jerk him off for a few more moments, before she decided it was enough and slowly moved her pussy onto his cock, letting it slide into her. Kiran remembered that she wasn’t his lover when he felt her hymen giving in to him - his Lyn’s pussy had already been filled with his cock countless times. Even so, her pussy was still almost as tight as this Lyn’s, both girl’s vaginas giving him incredible pleasure. With her relative lack of sexual experience, Lyn didn’t last that long, feeling incredible pleasure both as she reached an orgasm and a few moments later, when the squeezes of her snatch caused Kiran to cum inside her. She hungrily kissed him again, but after that she separated from him, getting off his half-erect cock.

And just as she did that, another Lyn walked into Kiran’s room - his Lyn. She quickly gauged the situation, and couldn’t help but feel a bit hurt. She was fine with Kiran having sex other women - She also enjoyed having her way with them as he did - but him going for another her on a day like this hurt. The other Lyn turned towards her and quickly walked over to her. Lyn wanted to give her an angry piece of her mind, to tell her that Kiran was hers and hers alone. She considered killing the girl straight away, her hand on the handle of the Sol Katti hanging at her hip as she watched the girl approach her. Her angry thoughts were chased away as the other Sacean suddenly locked her lips onto hers, one of her hands sneaking against her thigh and under her dress. She shifted against the other her as her fingers began to rub against her snatch, and so she kissed the second Lyn back passionately, her tongue dominating over that of the other Lyn’s as she forced it into her mouth. Surprised by her passion, the other Lyn moved back, scared off by that, moving her hand back as well, though it still continued to rub against the Kiran’s Lyn’s thigh.
“Lyn. As you probably noticed already, I’m also Lyn. I’m here as a gift from Kiran to you. Both my body and my life are yours to take.” Hearing the most familiar voice telling her that was quite unreal for her, and before she had the chance to process that the other Lyn reached for the collar of her dress with one hand, the other starting to touch her pussy again. Lyn subjected herself to her surprisingly skillful touch, not knowing that before she had been summoned, the other her used to be in a loving relationship with her world’s Florina which let her practice pleasuring another woman immensely. Because of that, she was able to bring Lyn to an orgasm fairly quickly while removing the other her’s dress, and when the two of them both became equally naked, Kiran’s Lyn has fully given in to the other her’s actions.

The two continued to make out while one Lyn fingered the other, Kiran watching them as they did so. With their clothes gone, their naked bodies were impossible to tell apart - except for their boots. His Lyn wore a brown pair, while the other’s boots were white. They both seemed very focused on each other, with no intention of getting to him anytime soon. After his Lyn’s orgasm, she decided to repay the favor, dropping to her knees and burying her face among her copy’s thighs. As Lyn started to eat her out, Kiran decided to join in. Walking in behind the other Lyn while giving his already erect again cock a few strokes, he positioned himself behind her, and forced his cock inside the girl’s anus while his lover continued to stimulate the girl’s pussy. Noticing what he was doing, his Lyn reached out with one of her hands to massage his balls as he started to pound the standing Lyn’s ass. It caused her some discomfort at first, but being the center of attention of both Kiran and his beloved was enough to quickly make her get used to it, and so Lyn was able to orgasm long before Kiran blew his load up her anus.

After that, all three of them needed a short break, but after they were done, Kiran’s Lyn decided she wanted to snuff the other her already. “Thank you for giving your life up for me. I think it’s time for me to claim it.” The other Lyn shivered as she heard that. She knew this was coming, but hearing her own voice telling her that quite thrilling for her. She could feel the heat coming up in her abdomen again, and she wondered if she’d be able to orgasm yet again before her death.

Lyn turned towards Kiran, smiling at him. “Love, I’d like you to fuck me while I do this. Please, lay down on the bed for now.” Kiran walked away, obeying Lyn’s order without question. Lyn approached the other her, running both of her hands down the other her’s ponytail. She rubbed her hands against it for a moment, then took the end of it and wrapped it around Lyn’s neck, as if she was putting a scarf on her. After making one coil with the hair, she created a small knot with the hair, letting her easily tighten the hair around the other Lyn’s throat while making sure it wouldn’t slide away if she let go of it. Enjoying the touch of her silk-like hair against her hands for a moment, Lyn led the second her towards the bed. She climbed on top of it, and squatted down on top of Kiran, his cock sliding up her pussy as she forced Lyn to bent backwards a bit. As she started to bounce up and down on Kiran’s cock, she tightened the coil of hair around the second Lyn’s neck, restricting her breath. That was the cue for her to start touching herself, and while both Kiran and Lyn wasn’t able to see much of it, they could still tell that the strangled girl was enjoying herself almost as much as the two lovers were. This kill felt completely different than the other ones they had done before - taking the life of another Lyn put them in a state of arousal beyond anything they’re ever experienced.

Tightening the hair constantly, it wasn’t long before Lyn stopped being able to breathe, and her air ran out soon afterwards. Even so, she tried her best to make herself come, fingering herself while rubbing her thighs together and using the other hand to stimulate her breasts. She was fully convinced that the pleasure both she and the two lovers behind her were feeling was definitely worth giving her life up for. The orgasmic cries of the Lyn behind her as she let go of her hair, collapsing on top of Kiran in a mind-shattering climax were enough to push her over the edge as well, choking on the hair that was still restricting her breath as she turned towards Lyn and Kiran. Red in the face, her body was shook with both her own release and uncontrollable twitches as she quickly lost control over her body. Kiran and Lyn were given a perfect look of her face turning purple as one of her green eyes rolled back, her tongue lolling out of her face. Kiran released his load deep inside the Lyn that was on top of him as he saw the girl collapsing, her lifeless form spreading out on the floor in front of his bed.

“That… was… incredible…” Lyn moaned quietly into his ear before placing her lips on top of his, kissing him with more passion than ever before. Her hips started to move again, the girl fully intent on milking each and every single drop of semen out of him. Watching the other her die has only made Lyn more aware of her own mortality, and that resulted in Lyn wishing for something more permanent - she’d keep riding Kiran’s cock until he’d make her bear his child. Reaching into her boot, she took out the scroll she’d taken off to get before. She intended to give it to Kiran as her own gift - it contained a spell that would make him constantly hard, letting her do just what she wanted. As she was filled up with load after load of Kiran’s semen, Lyn was sure that she’d end up pregnant. And the knowledge made her happier than ever.

“Damn it. We’re not getting anywhere like this.” One Charlotte in a bridal dress commented, and the other nodded, while angrily punching at the wall with her fist. “You’re right. And I was so certain we’d be able to grab someone’s attention like this. We’re both the perfect bride material, after all.”
“What else could we do to grab their attention?” The first Charlotte asked, her brow furrowed as she tried her best to think of something. However, after just a moment, the two were approached by Anna - Loki taking her form, to be precise.
“I heard you girls talking, and I just couldn't go by without at least trying to help you.” The two blondes looked at each other. Anna’s money fixation made them feel some kinship with the woman, and even if her catching them without their usual ‘fragile girl’ face on, they were sure she wouldn't tell others about that.
“Commander Anna, we would both be very thankful for your help.” Loki smiled as she began speaking:
“Oh, my idea is simple. Just have one of you killed publicly, while the other would rack up the profits from that. I'm certain you'd be able to find a man that suits your tastes then.” Judging by the look on their faces, the Charlottes didn't like her idea. “Oh well, no harm in trying.” Loki thought to herself while leaving the two Nohrians.

“Having one of us killed? I thought she was was a reasonable woman, but she's just as sick as the others in charge here!” One Charlotte exclaimed, but the other leaned on her weapon in a pose that would show off her ample ass while still looking innocent if it wasn't covered by her long, puffy dress. “She does have a point though - with our skills I'm sure we'd make it a memorable performance, and it'd surely lure in a lot of people.”
“We're both going to die here sooner or later anyways, so giving up one of us to give the other a better chance at achieving our goals might be a fair tradeoff.” The first one commented, quite convinced at that point. “Let's do it then!” the other girl exclaimed excitedly, and the two hurried off from their secret meeting spot.

After reaching the main hall, the two girls looked at the various execution devices that were there. After some hushed discussion, the two decided to use the gallows for their plan. Charming the people in charge of them was a simple task for the two girls, even if it required them to drop the fully innocent face for some time and just suck the men off for that. After making sure that their dresses didn't get covered with semen, they both split in order to advertise their incoming hanging. In almost no time, the hall began to fill with male and female heroes alike, all eager to watch one of the very cute and fragile girls hang - somehow both Charlottes were able to keep their act up even when inviting people over to an event where one of them would die in a highly sexualized way.

The bridal dress wearing girls got together at the stairs leading to the gallows. After some hushed discussions on which hero the other should try to seduce, both ascended the stairs, getting ready mentally for their show. Private shows for rich individuals were a thing they were both used to, but it would be a first for them to strip in front of such a huge crowd. To start it off, they both took off their high heeled shoes, leaving them barefoot.

The girls stood on the stage, facing each other. Locking eyes, they both counted down silently, and when they reached, zero, they both began stripping at the same time. One started off by undoing her blue sash, letting the extra layer of her dress fall to the ground. The other grabbed that layer of the dress as well, but instead tugged it upwards, pulling it up until she got it through her head. The first Charlotte grabbed the front of her dress, and quickly pushed it down, revealing her nicely shaped breasts. After forcing it past her waist, she had to struggle a bit to make it go past her wide hips. Once she forced it past them, it was just a matter of time before it slid down her legs, with Charlotte remaining only in the third layer of her dress - a translucent one, hanging from her hips so her chest was already revealed. The other Charlotte took the other way again - kneeling to pick up the hems of her dress, with some struggle she managed to pull that part too over her head - leaving her in exactly the same state. She removed the third layer of the dress in the same way, leaving her in white panties - and the other her on the opposite side of the stage pulled it down, but they still managed to keep in sync. Then, in one dramatic move, they both quickly tore off their panties - they made sure they wore panties that were easy to tear off in a way like that. That left them wearing just their gloves, as well as a bow tying up their hair.

Their stripping left the spectators in a state of excitement already, but they both knew they needed more. Walking closer to one another, they knew exactly what they had to do now. A competition - who’d make the other cum first. Embracing tightly, they shared their one and only kiss. Although neither Charlotte was attracted to the other, they still did so in hopes of titillating their viewers. However, all that disappeared from their minds as they began to touch the other’s pussy. All that remained was the desire to outlast the other - even if neither girl wouldn’t have an issue with dying if it was her who lost, they also didn’t want to throw their life away if they could help it. And so, both Charlottes tried their best to make the other orgasm first, using everything they could to do so. Vaginal and anal fingering, giving the breasts attention with both their hands and their mouths, and everything else the Charlottes could think of. Eventually, one of the Charlottes came, her juices spurting freely for all too see.

“What… Bliss!” She called out as she came, before the realization that she’d lost hit her. While she was recovering from her orgasm, the other Charlotte came to the center of the stage, and called out: “Since she was the one to cum first, she’s now going to be hanged!” Her words spurred an ovation to break out as the heroes expressed their approval. After saying that, Charlotte approached the other one and took her by the hand. As she led her towards the noose at the front of the stage, the Charlotte that was to be hung whispered to the other one: “Make sure to find a man good enough for the two of us…” The other simply nodded back at her with a reassuring smile, before stopping right in front of the noose. With some trouble, Charlotte managed to get it past the other Nohrian’s long blonde hair, and tightened it so that she wouldn’t slip out of it. After giving the other her a final embrace, Charlotte took a step back and pulled the lever, letting the second her drop.

As her short fall was broken by the rope wrapped around her neck, all of Charlotte’s earlier thoughts have been quickly replaced by the pain. However, looking at all the heroes gathered and watching her, and also stealing a glance at the other Charlotte, she remembered that she still had her final duty to do: Presenting her body well enough that literally everyone in the audience would want to fuck her double. And even though she couldn’t charm the men with her voice anymore, she would do her best to make that happen.

She started off by spreading her legs, showing her perfectly clean, shaved slit to everyone. The pink piece of flesh probed to be quite the eyecatcher, especially as she bent her legs in a perfect split to show off how much she could stretch if needed. As she did, the extra strain on her abdomen as she forced her legs to stay in that position made her piss herself in a curved arc, without leaving a stain on her milky white skin. Letting her legs fall, and kicking madly a few times as she lost control of them, Charlotte felt her chest was on fire. Still, she had other stuff to show off, so forcing the pain to another corner of her mind, she sent her body into a spin. While doing so, she used one hand to grab at one of her buttocks, and slapped it, showing off the flesh as it jiggled, trying to impress people with both its size and firmness. All the twirling around made her feel feels bit dizzy, her head hurting from both the confusion and the lack of air. Her face turned a lovely shade of red as her body went for a few more kicks and twitches, inadvertently showing off her huge breasts again as they started to bounce. As she felt the control over her body slipping, she did her best to call a small upon her face, trying her best to show that she enjoyed it all. Her body continued to spin on the noose as her mind slipped away, the blonde bride finally finding her true lover in the noose wrapped around her neck.

The other Charlotte had been watching the other hang from the front spot in the audience. As soon as she got down, still naked, one of her hands went towards her snatch to set herself off. She knew just how close their competition was, and throughout her setting up the other Charlotte’s death her arousal still stayed high. Because of that, she came almost instantly after doing that, as the other Charlotte was still very well alive and kicking. Afterwards, she just watched with as much fascination as the other heroes gathered nearby. And to her great happiness, she was soon approached by a man. She didn't recognize him, but both his clothes and his face were telling him that he was a noble - just the one they both have been searching for all this time. It seemed that the plan succeeded, since soon after Charlotte was riding the man’s dick while sugarcoating him in between her moans. And yet, even as she achieved her goal, her eyes were still fixated on the flailing form of the other her, slowly burning out on the end of the noose. Her mind almost wished that the show would have worked too well, and that she'd manage to get the men to kill her off as well. While that didn't happen, she was still the center of attention of many heroes when the other her finally passed away. It meant that instead of looking for the hero they wanted, Charlotte would simply be able to pick one. “Well, unless I decide that dancing on that noose would be a better thing to do - it certainly was very hot.” She thought to herself while her eyes were going through all the people gathered around her.


This latest chapter was one of your best. The hanging was almost as great as Azura and Olivia's and Ninian's. I hope the other Charlotte decides to ride that noose sometime soon.


>>12900 Thanks! I was pretty happy with the way this chapter turned out, but I'm happy to see that others also enjoy it. The other Charlotte could definitely die in the future as well, but probably not very soon - if another version of her gets added, or enough time passes it might happen. I'd rather not have her die in the same way, though - but I can definitely think of an idea that would be enjoyable too.
And speaking of hangings, I'd definitely recommend checking out my Persona 3 story, and also the Persona 4 story though it seems to have fallen off the site now :/ They both have hangings that I think you're going to enjoy :D


>>12909 I hope you haven't run out of ideas for interesting hangings. I've like most of them so far, except for Setsuna's, I just couldn't help but feel bad for her with her shifty luck and sheer obliviousness.


>>12911 More hangings are still to come for sure. With that chapter I was going for accidental deaths, and Setsuna was a perfect target for that - I feel that her dying in such a way works well with her character.

This one's been planned originally as chapter 6, but it got pushed back a lot. I feel this might have been for the better, though ^^

Faye's death is based on Veiled's drawing of her.

Chapter 16: Sacrificial Souls

tags: cons, M/F, F/F, garroting, shooting, neck snap, pussy destruction

Kiran sat in his room, wondering what to do this day. However, before he managed to decide on something, two knocks on his door brought an end to his dilemma. “Come in!” He called out, and his door opened to reveal two Effies looking at him. “We heard you can make us stronger! One of us, at least!” One of the knights called out forcefully. Kiran nodded, and the other Effie followed up: “Please, use your magic to do so!” Kiran got up and looked at the two knights. “You do realize that it requires the death of one of you, right?”

“Yes, and we’ve both decided that it’s worth it.” One Effie replied, and the other continued, a bit softer than before: “And we’ve already chosen which one of us would die.”
“If you’re both sure, then let’s go.” Kiran walked out, and the two Nohrian girls followed him as he walked to the ritual chamber. On the way there, one Effie spoke out, struggling to speak her mind: “After I d-die, I’d like for my body to be used for meat. And for the other me to enjoy my meat as well - I’m sure that would let her become even stronger.”
“Ever since she visited the Spring Festival, she had been quite focused on giving up her body to be eaten.” The second Effie elaborated when they reached the ritual room. As they entered it, Kiran took a look around to think of a way to end the knight’s life.

The empty garrote standing unused in the corner seemed to be the most inviting this time, so Kiran gestured towards it. “This is how you’ll die. Feeling excited yet?” With one’s Effie’s cheeks slightly reddened, Kiran didn’t need her to answer - he knew that she was. “Before you die, however, I need you to take off your armor.” Both Effies nodded, equally excited to hear that. The knight started off by removing her massive shoulder pads, while the other Effie got closer to her and removed the extra armor hanging from her hips. As the stripping Effie removed her heavily armored gauntlets, the other one removed the girl’s armored boots, revealing the leather straps that ran down the outer sides of her legs. Once that was taken care of, it was finally time for the main part of the armor to come off. The leather padding that kept the armor from rubbing directly against her skin came off as well, revealing her muscular midriff, and all that remained between Effie and full nudity were her pink bra and panties, as the second Effie already removed the leather from her legs.

Removing her bra, Effie cupped her breasts with her hands, enjoying her shapely tits for the last time. She had no time to prepare herself mentally for full nudity, as the second Effie quickly pulled her panties out of the way. After revealing her pussy, with just the smallest patch of hair over it, the still-armored Effie couldn’t help but lean in for a moment, her mouth locking in onto her doppelganger’s cunt and giving it a quick suck. She quickly pulled herself together and got up after that, some of the naked Effie’s cunt honey still on her lips.

“Perfect. Now go and sit down at the garrote.” Kiran commanded, and the exposed knight obeyed him, sitting down in front of the deadly device while painfully aware of just how wet she was. She roughly thrust two fingers inside her and started moving them around while waiting. The other Effie looked at Kiran expectantly, seeing as he still remained near the entrance. “You’re not going to use the garrote?” She asked him, and Kiran laughed back at her. “Oh, no. You will.” Excitement returned to Effie’s face as she heard that, and she ran off towards the garrote as fast as she could in her armor. Placing the loop around the second her’s neck, Effie leaned over and messily kissed the other Effie, who was still touching herself. She moaned loudly against a familiar face, preparing mentally for the pain that was about to come to her.

With her unmatched strength, she instantly cut off the other her’s ability to breathe. Instead of slowly scaling the asphyxiation to drag on the pain like during a normal garroting, Effie proceeded to the final stage of it immediately. Getting closer, Kiran began his magic spell as he watched Effie struggle to come before asphyxiation claimed her. With her incredible endurance built up by her harsh training routine, it didn’t prove to hard, and she experienced her final orgasm while still fully conscious. The lack of breath was nothing she couldn’t handle for a short period of time that had passed between Kiran starting his spell and Effie reaching her orgasm.

Once that had passed, however, and the pleasure of coming left her slightly numb body, all that remained for Effie was the pain of strangulation. The rope digging deep into her throat wasn’t too bad, and neither was the slowly increasing pressure in her chest, but as it persisted for a longer time, even Effie’s titanic endurance proved to be limited. Her face went red as the girl started sweating heavily, twisting and moving on her chair as she slowly lost control of her body. The Effie standing behind the garrote watched with arousal as the other her’s breasts bounced up and down along with the rest of Effie’s body. Her legs started kicking heavily for a few moments, and the pussy juices on her strong thighs were joined by her piss as she let go of her bladder. One of her eyes went bloodshot as a blood vessel broke inside it, and the pain coming from that only increased the way her head was hurting. Her body’s shakes came to a close in one final powerful twitch, and Effie went slump on the chair again, barely conscious. Looking up at Kiran who was now just in front of her, she remembered that all the pain was just to help the other her get even stronger. “Lady… Elise…” The young royal she wished to protect at all times surfaced in her mind just before she passed away, her face turning a darker shade of purple.

The living Effie’s face was burning red with desire as she watched the other her die, her arousal reaching highs unknown to her before. She didn’t realize it, but some part of it was thanks to Kiran’s magic reaching her and increasing her power, and the boost also increased the sexual pleasure she was feeling. She had been strangling the other her with one hand, while she used the other to rub herself through her pinkish panties, thankful for the design that allowed her to reach it so easily. As the other her went limp in the ropes, Effie cried out in a powerful orgsamic moan, her panties soaked through with her cunt honey as she rested against the garrote.

“Are you satisfied?” Kiran asked the knight with some amusement, and the girl nodded back at him, unable to speak. “After you’ve regained your strength, you’re free to take her body to be butchered - I’m sure you’ll find someone who can do it.” Kiran told her while heading towards the exit. Effie felt her mouth water as she looked at the corpse in front of her. If what she had told her was true, her meat would taste better than anything she had eaten before. Effie was eager to find out if that was the case, so she quickly managed to remove the rope from the dead her’s throat and pick the body up, carrying it off towards the castle’s kitchen wing.

As Kiran was leaving the ritual room, he saw a tall, blonde woman walking towards him. With some thinking, he recognized the woman as Mathilda of the Deliverance. “Excuse me, Lord Kiran. Do you have a moment?” She asked, and after the summoner nodded at her, continued: “I need your advice. It’s about my love’s sister. I’d like to close the gap between us, but no matter what I do, I feel that it’s not enough. She’s so similar to him… Attractive, intelligent and strong…” Mathilda trailed off for a moment, a somewhat dreamy look appearing on her face. “Sorry, I got quite carried away for a moment. What I really wanted to ask is this: Can you help me with that?”
Kiran looked at the girl for a moment. Mathilda’s reputation as a soldier was outstanding, and so was her body, but he decided not to approach the girl out of respect for her lover, Clive - the man joined them out of his own will after being rescued from the Tempest, and seemed to be quite happy to be reunited with the love of his life, so Kiran didn’t want to give him a reason to resent him. However, now Mathilda was approaching him out of her own will. That meant he’d be able to justify his actions, no matter what he’d end up doing to Mathilda. However, he decided not to kill the knight himself - or at least not yet. “Find Clair and get her to come to come to me as well.”
“Thank you, Lord Kiran.” Mathilda replied, before hurrying away.
Kiran watched her go away, but before she’d gone too far, he heard the footsteps of another girl running towards him. It was another of the Valentian heroines, the villager Faye. Ever since she came here, she’d been trying out a bow, and proved to be quite skilled with that. To see her carrying a bow while approaching him was nothing extraordinary. What was more unusual, however, were the tears in her eyes. “You! Perfect, I’ve been looking for you.” She called out to Kiran. A bit annoyed at her directness, Kiran decided to ignore that and looked straight at the villager, showing her that she had his attention.
“Oh, I just don’t know what to do anymore. I tried confessing to every Alm here right now. Each and every one of them turned me down. The ones that are hooked up with one of the Celica’s I didn’t expect to accept me. Why did the others have to reject me? Am I just too ugly? Too weird for them? I would literally give my life up for each and every one of them if they asked.” She stopped for a moment, bursting into tears again. While continuing to sob, Faye continued to speak: “Oh, I’m just too tireeed of thiiis. A-All my life I’ve had to deal with my love for Alm while he l-loved someone he’d only seen for a few days… Oh, please, just end my life. Use it to strengthen someone, or just kill me for fun - I don’t care anymore.” She collapsed forwards into his arms, and Kiran couldn’t help but pity the girl a bit. “If that’s what you want, I’ll end you life.” Her face brightened up as she heard that, a smile appearing on her tear-stained face. “T-Thank you…” She muttered while Kiran took her hand and led her into the ritual chamber.

As they walked inside, Kiran remembered the last time Faye approached. Back then, she demanded he summoned an Alm for her, with Kiran having her suck him off before he agreed. She came back soon afterwards, lamenting that the newly summoned Alm didn’t love her either. She seemed to have chosen him as some kind of her confidant, and he was able to watch as her frustrations continued to grow. Over time, she started to become more and more desperate, so her snapping like that wasn’t unexpected. What did surprise him, however, was her throwing her bow to the ground angrily, then grabbing the part of her dress covering her chest, and tearing it off.
“Tell me, do these look ugly? I know you enjoyed seeing them before. Are all these Alm missing out on anything good, turning me down?” She called out as her lovely round breasts were revealed, and she turned towards him to show them off. While not the biggest in size, Kiran recalled them more than making up for it with their firmness. He felt them up with one of his hands to confirm if what he remembered was correct, then gave her a kind smile.
“Yes, they’re all missing out on quite much. Your body is quite hot, and touching these is quite pleasant.” Happy tears flashed in her eyes as she grabbed the dress by one of it side parts, and with some struggle started to tear it away as well. To Kiran’s pleasant surprise, Faye’s cunt was also revealed to him, the tiniest patch of hair showing up over it.
“I don’t care about this dress anymore! I’m done being the dumb lovestruck girl who can’t move on! I want to get rid of all that reminds me of that time!” She called out while tearing the lower part of the dress that covered her from the back. All that remained on her now was the uppermost part of her dress, covering her shoulders in pink, and the white bow composed of white cloth that was tied around her waist. Kicking her boots off her feet, Faye looked at the summoner with passion ignited by her anger.
“Take me, Kiran! Fuck the pussy I’ve been s-saving for so long for that heartless bastard! Make love to me~e!” She called out, so Kiran pulled her closer and kissed her, his cock already free from his robes. She jumped up in some pain as he penetrated her, her hymen torn by his shaft, but her thoughts were quickly filled with a twisted sense of revenge. Alm would never get to use her pussy like that now. She moaned against Kiran as he continued to fill her up, shivering in pleasure stronger than everything she’d ever felt before as she finally climaxed against him. He continued to hump against her until she felt his hot semen fill her up as well, then he pulled out.

Faye was still slumped against him, her mind quite broken by the pleasure she’d experienced. Was she having second thoughts now? Kiran couldn’t tell, and it didn’t matter to him at this point. Even if he liked the girl, now that she gave up on her life he was definitely going to snuff her. And he had just the perfect method for that in mind now. Lifting her gently from the ground, he carried her to one of the tables. Pulling her legs backwards, he tied them together with some tape, preventing them from obstructing her pussy in the future. She stared at him with blank eyes, her mind still not recovered, as he tied her wrists together over her head, then picked her up again. He carried her to one of the hook hanging from the ceiling, and put the rope around her wrists onto it, making her hang from her hands. She swayed to the side a bit, her mind brought back from it’s apathetic state by the pain. She looked at him, opening her mouth as if she wanted to say something while she watched him pick up the bow she had thrown away from the ground. However, she closed it, and just prepared herself for more pain as Kiran pulled the bowstring back, aiming towards her.

Kiran couldn’t decide what to aim for at first. Aiming for Faye’s head was an option, but that would end her life too quickly. That was the opposite of what he wanted for her - a prolonged death he could enjoy for a long time. He decided to start if off simple, and just aimed at the bow covering her waist - he decided that a big target like that would fit his level of archery. The light-blue arrow flew quickly through the ritual chamber, easily piercing through the remnants of her dress and into her toned stomach. The arrow carried enough force for the villager to start swinging on the ropes, additional strength put on her shoulders. Faye thought fondly of her bow training in Askr having increased the strength of her arms, or they would have been dislocated already - if not torn off. The circular movement her body was doing, as well as the vertical position she was in, caused Kiran’s cum to began leaking out of her snatch, the white liquid trailing down her thighs.

As Kiran wondered, which part of her body to aim at next, the door snapped open. Kiran turned towards them, and smiled as he saw Lyn go through the door. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” She called out while checking out Faye’s body. “What’s the plan for her?” She asked as she walked closer to Kiran. Kiran greeted her with a kiss, then handed her the bow. “I thought her bow would make for a nice gift for you.” She weighed the bow in her hands, smiling back. “Thank you, I’ll surely put it to good use. But first, I’ll have to test it out…” She trailed off, both of them knowing exactly what she had in mind. With a somewhat sadistic grin, she turned towards Faye, who looked at the two with envy with heart - wishing her luck in love had been better. Yet another round of tears began to trickle from her eyes while Lyn readied the string of her new bow.

Lyn started off with a shot towards one of Faye’s breasts. Although she was aiming for Faye’s nipple, the lack of experience with the bow she was using caused the arrow to end up a bit off the mark. It sunk into her right breast, a few inches above the blonde’s nipple. It sunk deep inside her, punching a small hole through one of her lungs. After some corrections to her aim, Lyn shot again, this time aiming for Faye’s other breasts. This arrow ended up going through Faye’s breast in full, hitting the girl just an inch under her left nipple. With holes in both of her lungs, Faye started to cough out blood as the strain on her shoulders suddenly increased tenfold - or was it just her body weakening? Before she had the chance to think about it, another arrow pierced through her abdomen, easily punching its way into her uterus. That was the first point when the pain actually felt more real to her than the mental suffering caused by her broken heart, yet she had no problem with that - she was grateful that Kiran and Lyn would relieve her of that pain. Her small mouth opened again as she tried to voice how grateful she was, but before she could say anything, yet another arrow sunk into her body - this time, into her forehead. With the tip making its way to her brain, there was no way Faye would ever say anything. She lost any control she still had over her body, and it twitched as much as it could while being suspended in the air. However, it only made Lyn appreciate the challenge even more. With a very satisfied look on her face, Lyn watched as her final arrow flew through the air of the chamber and sunk into Faye’s right eyeball, ending the life of the girl from Ram.

“It seems different than the bow I usually use, but it definitely will prove useful. Thank you, Kiran!” Lyn squealed in happiness, before trying to initiate another kiss as she embraced him. “Just a moment, I have to finish this spell.” Kiran gently stopped her mouth with one hand, wrapping up the power transfer ritual. Transferring Faye’s powers to Lyn wasn’t something he planned to do, but after seeing her walk in he just knew he had to do it. And as Lyn’s body shivered against him, he knew that his spell worked just as intended. They stayed in their embrace for a moment, Lyn working her hand into Kiran’s clothes and starting to jerk him off. However, Kiran stepped out of their hug after a moment, taking Lyn’s hand from his cock.
“Later, Lyn. I don’t think we’re done here yet.” As if to answer his words, the door snapped open again. Standing in them was the half-dragon oracle of Arcadia, Sophia.
“Excuse me... I was told that I would find the summoner here… Oh? I deeply apologize... If I’m intruding on something…” With how shy Sophia was, she immediately felt that her presence was unwanted. She leaned in on the door as she began to feel lightheaded, almost falling over before her headache passed. It gave Kiran and Lyn time to get closer to her, and Kiran spoke out to her. “No, it’s okay. What did you want from me?”

“I foresaw that… I am going to die… In a very gruesome way...” She stopped for a moment, grabbing onto the door frame again and leaning forward, her long neck showing off for a moment. She managed to pull herself together, then continued. “And so I’ve come to ask… Kill me painlessly instead.” She breathed out as she said it, her cheeks turning red. Kiran and Lyn looked at each other, then at the frail dragon girl in front of them.
“If you want it, we can sure do that!” Lyn called out after a moment, then gave the girl a warm smile. “But first, you should remove your clothes.” She added after a moment as Sophia weakly smiled back at her.
“This is… quite exciting…” Sophia commented, her cheeks flushed again as she removed her long, purple cloak. With some struggle, she managed to take her long dress off, revealing that she wore no underwear underneath. She’d feel too hot while wearing them back in her village in the desert, and she never got to switching her habits after leaving it. Her breasts, grown quite big during her long life as a half-dragon, bounced freely before she stopped them with one hand, covering it with her elbow.

“No, that just won’t do.” Lyn commented, grabbing her hand and moving it to the side, then leaning in to take one of her nipples into her mouth. Sophia shivered as pleasure surged through her. She had never done anything like that before, preferring to stay alone and not get involved with people. Lyn’s tongue and hands proceeded to give Sophia pleasure, her fingers briefly touching her labia before starting to rub against her clitoris. Sophia moaned loudly, her head jerking backward as pleasure surged through her. Her long neck was exposed again as well, her long purple hair cascading all the way to the ground as a wave went through it.

Kiran watched Lyn pleasure Sophia for a moment, enjoying the way she squirmed under his lover’s touch. As enjoyable as it was, Kiran started to feel a bit impatient. He walked behind Sophia, and placed one hand on the top of her head. With the other one, he grabbed her chin, enjoying the way her soft skin felt against his fingers. Then he simply waited. Sophia most likely felt his touch, but she didn’t react, too focused on the pleasure Lyn was giving her. As he felt Sophia suddenly twitching heavily, a very loud moan leaving her lips, he just tugged on her head as hard as he could, twisting it around up to the point when it was sideways. A loud snap filled the air as he felt her neck breaking, her body suddenly going limp. He watched as her eyes went blank, wondering if she got the painless death she wanted.

Lyn moved away just in time not to get covered by a streak of piss that was released from Sophia’s bladder, then got up. Kiran’s erection was rubbing against Sophia’s huge backside, but Lyn was having none of that. Both deaths she witnessed have left her very aroused, and she needed to work it off immediately. Pulling the dragon girl’s corpse free from his arms, she set it down on the floor and clung to him, forcing her dress to the side. His cock quickly filled her pussy, granting her the pleasure she desired. The green haired girl leaned back while lifting one of her legs, resting against the door as Kiran pounded her loving cunt.

After some loving sex, the pair left the ritual chamber, ordering some of the castle’s servants to take care of the bodies. They didn’t go far, however, before they heard someone calling out towards them. “Lord Kiran!” Mathilda came back to them, this time leading Clair with her. The younger noble seemed to be a bit intimidated - the woman she respected the most lead her towards the leadership of their army. Her noble birth wasn’t that special in this world, so Clair lost some of her usual confidence. Being accompanied by Mathilda didn’t help her, either.
“I’ve brought Clair here, just as you requested.” Mathilda spoke, and Clair couldn’t help but feel afraid. Was the summoner planning to kill her if he requested her presence? Kiran watched Clair nervously shift in place as she looked at him with suspicion, and came to a different conclusion. It won’t be him who would kill Mathilda - but rather, her.

“Don’t be scared, Clair. I’m not going to kill you - not now, anyways. You’re here because Mathilda wanted to become closer to you - and Mathilda requested my help in that. In my opinion, the easiest way to achieve it is you killing her.”
Both blonde nobles were quite surprised by that. Mathilda noted that she should have been expecting that, and quickly wondered if she was okay with that. She quickly realized that it would definitely leave the girl more attached to her when a new her was summoned. Was her life worth it? Kiran seemed to be convinced that it was, and since nothing else she tried before had worked to break Clair out of her shell, Mathilda decided to put her trust in him. Just as she came to that conclusion, Clair lashed out verbally:
“I would never do something like that! Lady Mathilda is a respected friend of mine, not to mention the bride-to-be to my dearest brother. It would be most unfitting of a noble like me to take her life!” Kiran watched her with some amusement. If the girl didn’t want to do it willingly, he could always order her to do so. Would she choose her life, or Mathilda’s? Before Kiran had a chance to do so, however, Mathilda placed a hand on Clair’s shoulder.

“Please, Clair. I really wish to become closer to you - perhaps even as close as I am to your brother. I trust the summoner’s judgement, and I beg of you - give his idea a chance. I’d gladly give my life up for you - so now I beg you, please take it.” Clair stared at the older woman, not believing her ears. Her mind was a flurry of emotions, and she couldn’t quite make out, what to think.
“Oh… If that’s the case… I’m not sure I can refuse…” She began to mutter, dropping her highly sophisticated manners for a moment. As Mathilda heard that, the knight pulled Clair closer together. “Thank you, Clair.”
Kiran watched them with satisfaction - it seemed that he wouldn’t have to force Clair to do so. He waited until the two blonde women separated, then approached Clair. Embracing the girl for a moment, he whispered the directions into her ear. The younger noble blushed heavily as she heard what he was saying, but at this point Clair knew she had to go through it. So when Kiran finished speaking, she nodded back at him. “Very well. I’ll do it. Lady Ma-Oh, I should probably call you just Mathilda now. Please, follow me.”

Kiran and Lyn watched the two women head off. “Do you want to watch them?” Lyn asked him, clearly sensing what Kiran was thinking. “I think it’d work better if we give them some privacy. Let’s go back to my room for now.”

Clair opened the door she shared with Faye. The villager girl was a source of constant information about the life of the common people, but Kiran told her that she shouldn’t worry about her walking in on them - her roommate was dead. Clair was a bit surprised that she didn’t really care about it, but her mind was far too preoccupied with what she was about to do. She watched Mathilda close the door behind her, and she locked it - just in case. Once that was done, the pegasus knight blushed heavily again as she began to remove pieces of her armor. “We are to both… be naked…” She told Mathilda, and the older woman nodded as she heard that - it made perfect sense to her. Removing her armored chestguard, she couldn’t help but glance over at the undressing Clair. She couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous of Clair’s shapely legs, feeling that her own were too big and awkward. On the other side, Clair was just as jealous of Mathilda’s muscular stomach. She was also a bit intrigued by the older girl’s breasts - even if similar in size to hers, Clair found herself wanting to touch them.

Once they both were naked, they no longer pretended not to be interested in the other’s body. Both women openly stared at the other, quite taken by their second girl’s beauty. In a trance, Clair took a step forward, her hands closing over Mathilda’s breasts as she gave them a squeeze. Mathilda didn’t even respond to that at first, just taking in all of Clair’s beauty - she really was similar to her brother in that matter. However, what Clair did pushed her over the edge after a moment - and Mathilda returned the favor, Clair’s breasts fitting her hands perfectly as she closed them over Clair’s chest. She didn’t stop on that - leaning in, she pressed her lips against Clair’s, and the younger girl kissed her back, forgetting about any crushes she might have had for the soldiers fighting in the Deliverance before. All that mattered to her now was Mathilda.

“You really have turned into a fine woman recently.” Mathilda commented after they finally broke off the kiss. Clair was melting under her touch, and her objections were basically written on her face, so Mathilda knew she needed to remind her what had to be done. “Clair. I want you to be happy - and I believe that this includes taking my life now. So please, tell me what should I do now.”

Clair stood up. She still wasn’t sure how to handle her emotions, so she settled down into her usual personality instead of acting around Mathilda as she did before. In her typical commanding voice, she ordered Mathilda to climb on the bed. “Now, spread your legs.” Clair called out while going over the weapons stashed away in the room and picking up a knife. Once she came back, she was given a perfect view of Mathilda’s pink snatch, and she couldn’t help but wonder how often had her brother used it. She reached out towards it with one hand, enjoying the thrill she saw go through Mathilda when she did. However, after rubbing it for a moment, just as she saw Mathilda starting to enjoy it with first moans leaving her lips, she withdrew. With some surprise she noticed that she enjoyed denying the older woman the pleasure like that. Before Mathilda could look up at her, Clair took the knife and stabbed it straight into Mathilda’s inviting cunt.

The blade sunk neatly between her pussy lips, almost instantly resulting in a splash of blood pouring out of Mathilda’s snatch as it cut through the sensitive flesh there. Clair pushed the blade all the way in, so that just the handle remained outside. Recalling what Kiran told her, she twisted the handle a bit, and again was able to see Mathilda squirming under her touch - this time, in pain. However, her brother’s lover gave her an encouraging smile. It pushed Clair to carry on to what Kiran told her to do.

Letting go of the knife, she moved the blood-stained hand towards her own clit. Even though she was still a virgin, Clair was no stranger to masturbation - even if she had only ever used her hands for that. She doubted she’d be able to go off now, but after riling herself up through playing with her clit, the pegasus knight found herself wet. With that out of the way, Clair climbed on top of her bed as well, and lined her pussy up with the knife sticking out of Mathilda. Preparing herself for the incoming pain, Clair stayed there for a moment, until eventually she squatted down, pushing the knife’s handle into her own pussy. She jumped up a bit when she felt it tearing through her hymen, her blood trickling down the knife and mixing with Mathilda’s. With her pussy clamping down on the knife, it moved around Mathilda’s vagina, cutting at her inner walls a bit more. Still, the knight didn’t think of the pain that much - her training left her toughened up enough that it was just some discomfort to her.

Clair continued to move up and down on the knife, slowly picking up the pace. The handle seemed a bit rougher than her fingers when it came to giving her pleasure, but the feeling of being filled up with it was enough to make up for that. It also helped that she had another attractive woman squirming under her. Clair leaned back to ride the handle easier, but she still could see Mathilda, the woman’s face just as red with excitement as her was. Her huge breasts were moving up and down in an enjoyable pattern as Mathilda was breathing heavily, still trying to keep her cool on the outside. Clair wasn’t much for subtleties anyways, so she let go of all cares and just continued to enthusiastically bounce on the knife’s handle, playing with her breasts with one hand while supporting herself with the other. Before long, Clair was overtaken with an orgasm more powerful than ever before. Mathilda watched her eagerly, once again confirming her thoughts that Clair really looked attractive - especially in a position like this. Her submissive tendencies she showed just around Clive were taking over her, and even with her pussy quite shredded she still found herself feeling pangs of arousal - even if with Clair’s each move, another shot of pain coursed through her body. She considered Clair’s postorgasmic face almost as arousing as her brother’s, and with some regret she wished she could enjoy it as well. Then she remembered, why was she doing this in the first place: So that when another her gets summoned, she’d be able to enjoy both Clive and Clair fully. Reaching down with her hand, she touched her clit, granting herself some more pleasure while waiting for Clair to come around.

Eventually, Clair managed to calm down. Mathilda’s wounds weren’t too severe for now - they could easily heal her with magic now. However, Clair realized that she enjoyed having the power over her life - Mathilda’s face twisted with pain helped her with the orgasm a lot. Getting off the knife, Clair placed her hand on the handle which was now wet with her pussy juices along with all the blood. With a somewhat shaky grip, Clair pulled the knife upwards, slicing through Mathilda’s crotch. Mathilda lashed out on the bed as the knife sliced through her clit, her vaginal walls cut through completely as the knife shifted its position. After slicing through one of the frontal bones with some trouble, Clair continued to pull the knife up Mathilda’s abdomen, opening it up while she cut through her cervix and womb. As the knife continued to move upwards, Mathilda stopped moving on the bed, the rapid blood loss quickly sapping most of her strength. When her intestines began to slide out onto Clair’s bed, Clair let go of the knife, shaking heavily. She thought she was accustomed to death - she fought in a war, after all - but this death was far more personal than just cutting through the nameless soldiers. Clair enjoyed that feeling a lot, her pussy begging for release yet again. As she watched Mathilda slowly bleed out on her bed, Clair couldn’t resist that urge any longer. Climbing on top of Mathilda’s body, she quickly forced the knife’s handle inside her, rubbing her thighs against the sides of Mathilda’s belly as she rode it out to another powerful orgasm. By the time she was done, Mathilda had already expired.

Sliding off the corpse, Clair lay on her bed, struggling with her thoughts again. She never expected she had a side like this before. Was she just as depraved as the summoner and his loved one? She thought just of the way to test that out. After regaining some strength, she went off and searched for the other Clairs she had seen in Askr before. With the flushed cheeks and thighs rubbing against each other, and one version of her that just straight up started touching herself as she told her the story, Clair realized that it was not just her who felt like that. And if there were other hers like that, she was completely fine with her own feelings. There was one more thing that Clair was certain of: When another Mathilda got summoned, she’d definitely have to pay her back for this.


Are you planning anything with the manaketes? (*cough* Myrrh *cough* Nowi *cough*)The falchion upgrades would let them learn their place.

Also loved the Faye part. Usually not into cons but that was really good, with her swaying, cum dripping and all.


>>12950 There's this chapter planned called "The Loli-Slaying Special", but it's not very fleshed out yet. I've only put in the ideas for Elise and Nowi, so not certain when I might get started on it. The four next chapters are probably set in stone unless the next banner includes some characters that I really like, but after that I might go and write this one - and when I do, a Falchion related death for one of them will definitely be included :) If you have any suggestions for the other lolis, I’d definitely appreciate them as well :)
For the Faye story, I tried to stick as close to Veiled's drawing as I could while making it a cons death. I guess I might have gone more into detail on that one because I've been playing Echoes recently - the same can be said for the Mathilda and Clair scene. Glad you enjoyed it :D


Shameless Suggestions:
>Manakete team having a bad day at the arena due to enemy falchion team. Gets defeated, dismembered, body parts used(esp the heads)

>Elise- team gets ambushed, nearly escapes but falls off horse, hits head on a conveniently placed rock, enemy converge on her and have their way with her as she slowly dies

>Nino & Maria - killed by jaffar and Michalis(against their will) because they are on opposing teams but not before having some fun with them.(possibly swapping partners).

>Delthea- never played SoV/Gaiden. Just hate her for to killing some of my armors for monthly quests. Humiliate, fuck, kill, mount her head in a pike( in any order), idc. Little bitch deserves it

> Is Kiran just an evil,horny, overlord/manager? Or is he also a genius field tactician? Maybe the next chapters can showcase his talents (or lack of) since he is our protagonist.

>Belated congratulations on predicting Celica alt by incorporating her twice on your stories.


I'm definitely going to use that first and 3rd scenario :D
The story so far has been implying that Kiran doesn't take command of the battles in the fields, only creating the squads. That seems to be working out decently for him so far - but that doesn't mean he can't make a blunder sometimes. For example, he might have sent a full flier team for Takumi's GHB...

So far, the combat-oriented chapters (1,11, one scene in 9) simply follow the characters that are in the fight. I'd expect that would continue, so Kiran won't show up during a battle while it is still going. Well, unless Askr got invaded, but even then Kiran wouldn't show up until the Emblian/Muspell forces managed to reach the vaguely-located castle that houses the Order of Heroes...

More battle-focused chapters are definitely coming soon ^^

Celica wasn't that much of a prediction - I just wanted the character in a Tempest-related story to be one of the old Tempest bosses, and she seemed like the best fit for the story (When I was planning it, only her, Sonya. and Julia had been the female Tempest bosses)


To celebrate her arrival, Morgan getting her pretty little brains fucked.


>>13010 Honestly, I'm not too crazy about Morgan. I do like her, so she'll show up relatively soon, but I'm not going to adjust any of the currently planned chapters to accommodate for her. I'd expect her to show up in about chapter 23/24, unless I add her on a whim while writing - this chapter got both the Corrin and the Shanna scene added like that.

On that note, this chapter got quiiiite long because of that. I hope reading it is as enjoyable as it was writing it for me ^^
Olivia's death is based on Veiled's picture of a scenario like that.

Chapter 17: Steel Sears the Land

tags: non-con, M/F, large insertion, cutting, stabbing, beheading, amputation, debreasting, rape

A fiery portal opened in one of the most remote corners of the Askrian Kingdom. As flames began to pour from the opening, Surtr marched through the portal with a sadistic grin on his face. “Now we march! The flames of Muspell will soon claim all of this land - as it did with the kingdoms before.” Numerous Muspell and Emblian soldiers continued to pour out of the portal, along with Veronica and some of her heroes. Surtr watched his ally with some disdain. “The young girl might be thinking that she’s my equal, but when this land falls, her kingdom shall be next.” Surtr thought to himself, then outstretched one hand towards where the first sound of the Askrian army were coming from. As unquenchable flames started to consume legions of the Askrian army, Surtr wondered, if the kingdom would prove to be entertaining.

Upon hearing of the new foe attacking Askr directly, and with most of the Askrain army already tied up fighting with them, the Order of Heroes was also required to send a group of heroes to help combat this new enemy. One of these heroes was Nephenee. The Crimean soldier was given the command of a small group of soldiers. What the girl lacked in speaking skills, she more than made up for with her bravery. When she saw who she presumed to be the enemy commander, she immediately charged his position, her soldiers following her lead. That proved to be quite the wrong choice: Now most of her soldiers were dead, and she was barely holding up against Surtr. It was as if her lance wasn’t able to harm him - stopped by an impenetrable coat of flames.

The overbearing heat beaming at her from the gigantic man caused her to sweat heavily, making her slow down with each of his attacks she avoided, her skirt flapping wildly and making the village girl painfully aware that her panties were showing. He was getting closer and closer to hitting her, but Nephenee decided to take that gamble - the flames couldn’t protect him forever, she decided. She was given a flicker of hope as her lance ventured past the man’s flames, but it just fruitlessly bounced off his armor. Before Nephenee could give voice to her frustrations, with horror she noticed that her skirt had caught fire. Immediately forgetting about her enemy, she pulled the skirt down her strong thighs, tearing it off to speed up the process. As she felt the flames licking her pussy, she immediately tore her panties off as well - and then she suddenly remembered, that she was in the middle of a fight. She instinctively tried to dodge, but the momentary distraction took enough time from her for Surtr to hit her with his axe.

As Nephenee was thrown away, her chest armor cracking under the heavy blow Surtr dealt her, the king of Muspell watched her with disappointment. At first, he enjoyed fighting her, even going as much as to let her get one attack in. However, with how weak it turned out to be, as well as the girl suddenly getting distracted, were enough for Surtr to get bored with her. She deserved a punishment for boring him. Walking over to her body, laid out on the ground, he saw that Nephenee was still conscious. “Good. She will know pain now.” Surtr placed the tip of her axe between her breasts, and used it to slice through her chest armor - a red, bloody trail appearing on her torso where the axe touched her. “Horsefeathers. I broke a couple bones when hittin’ the land. Can’t move now.” (Trying to imitate her accent is hard) Staring at the man standing over her, with her feminine parts on display for him, she couldn’t help but blush. Unable to cover herself, she could only wait and watch with disgust as she saw Surtr’s massive shaft.
Even if she was familiar with animals’ sex tools because of her childhood in a village, Nephenee still had no experience with human cocks. She was still able to tell that there was no way that thing would fit in her - it was about as thick as her leg. Nevertheless, the flaming man approached her, and grabbed her by her neck, lifting her off the ground. Her legs kicked weakly as her breath was suddenly taken away, but it didn’t last for long. She hung limply from one of his hands as she felt his enormous, throbbing prick touch against the opening to her vagina. Flames surrounding his body licked her pussy again, burning away the snatch of unshaved pubic hair over her slit. Her hips wriggled desperately as she tried to keep him from entering her, but to no avail - he slowly pulled her down onto his cock.

With the pain of having her hymen broken, Nephenee couldn’t even be thankful for the support her body was now receiving, preventing her from choking to death. Her small virgin cunt was stretched far beyond its limits as she slid further down his cock, with its tip forcing her cervix open. Her belly bulged, expanding forwards as her womb was filled with his member. She barely had the time to get used to the pain, when she realized that his cock was now starting to heat up. As the highly sensitive walls of her vagina and uterus started to get hurt by the heat, burnt by the flames, Nephenee found that the pain was too much too handle for her, breaking down into tears. It seemed that her sobs caused Surtr to start pumping her body up and down his cock. With each pull, his member rubbed against the damaged walls of her pussy, causing her additional pain, before slamming the tip against the back of her womb. With the hand on her throat switching between choking, and letting her breathe, Nephenee was able to feel it fully when he finally pushed through, with his cock sliding into her stomach.

Nephenee thought that at this point nothing more painful could happen to her, but the green-haired woman was proved wrong when Surtr reached his orgasm. His burning hot semen was released inside her. It felt as if she was being filled up with lava, her insides set aflame as Surtr buried all of his cock inside her body. When his cum reached her heart, consuming it in a small burst of flames, Nephenee was glad that death was claiming her, releasing her from her pain.

Surtr didn’t even notice her going limp on his cock, keeping her on as he turned towards the battlefield again. Her body gave more fuel to the flames surrounding him, while he went on to choose another combatant worthy of fighting him.

The battle raged on. Micaiah found herself enjoying the battle a little as she blasted through another of the Askrian heroes. With the contract binding her, she had to do so - and she couldn’t help but compare that to the blood contract that once made her face off against the Laguz Alliance. Her experience in fighting shapeshifters proved to be quite vital for her, as she was able to dodge just as a quadrupedal dragon jumped through the air where she had been standing just moments before. Even if it was different from the dragons she fought back in her homeworld, the same tactics proved to be successful as Micaiah jumped and rolled around, blasting the dragon with her light magic. She had only received minor cuts to her dress and her black tights when the dragon transformed back into a human, a white-haired shapeshifter she recognized as Corrin.
The red-eyed princess transformed back into a human, heavily bleeding from the wounds she received from the Silver-Haired Maiden. Her grey armor had been cut in numerous spots, and the pointy-eared girl collapsed to the ground once her transformation ended, too wounded to stay standing. Micaiah was sure that the girl was too wounded to fight, yet a sadistic smirk materialized on her face. Her orders were to show no mercy - and she intended to follow them to the letter. “There’s no way to prevent her from transforming again, anyways.” She tried to justify it to herself, even if her subconsciousness was telling her that she was going to do that because she enjoyed it. Corrin raised her head towards her, her red eyes filled with pain as she tried to beg Micaiah to spare her, sending a thrill through Micaiah’s body.

As enjoyable as it was, Micaiah closed her eyes for a moment. She knew she had to focus for this part. She called upon the power of the ultimate Light spell, the Rexaura. A whirlwind of light appeared around Corrin, with a giant sphere materializing above her. Blades of semi-solid light started to spiral down the whirlwind and cut into Corrin’s body one by one, the girl calling out in pain as each very sharp tempest of light tore through her armor and her skin. Her blood stained the ground underneath her red as the spell entered its final phase. When the light finally disappeared, going through Corrin’s body and cutting the girl on the way, her armor and clothes were in shreds. One of her breasts was cut in half, her nipple neatly split in two, whereas her belly was open in a number of spots, but there were cut wound all over her body. Her heavily bleeding, naked form looked at Corrin with incredible pain showing in her eyes, asking the silver-haired girl: “Why?” Why did she put her through that much pain? Micaiah felt the crotch of her tights get wet with her pussy juices as she watched her pass away, fully aware that was the only reason she did that. She gave herself a few quick rubs, her arousal peaking, but had to break that off to blast another hero that attacked her with her light magic. Remembering that this was no place for that, Micaiah took off in search of a place where she could masturbate in peace - leaving Corrin’s bloodied corpse on the ground.

Hinoka blinked away the tears that formed in her eyes. She watched her sister get executed from a distance, but was too caught up in her own fighting to help her. Still, she was able to see perfectly that Corrin was killed while unable to defend herself - unable to fight anymore. She flew over to the spot where Corrin’s body was, and after seeing just how cut up it was, she teared up again. She spent most of her life training with a spear to be able to be reunited with her, and just as she finally got her back, someone brutally took her away from her. The silver-haired bitch that killed her beloved younger sister was nowhere in sight now, but Hinoka was filled with bloodlust. She wished to inflict that same pain as Corrin felt on someone responsible for her death. If her killer was unavailable, she’d have to settle for the enemy commander. However, instead of going for the flashy flaming man she could see in the distance, she decided to search for someone else. She had only just been summoned to Askr, so she didn’t know much about the politics of this war, but from what she understood, this battle was happening because the Emblian princess wanted to conquer Askr. The redhead Hoshidian decided to search for her - her white pegasus soaring over the battlefield as she surveyed for someone she thought could be Veronica.

Her red eyes were so focused on going through the forces gathered on the ground, that she lost track of the airspace ahead of her. She was steering her pegasus instinctively, trusting it to keep her safe in the air as she continued to look for the Emblian princess. Because of that, she didn’t notice as another lance-wielding pegasus rider started to fly towards her.

Shanna, the Illian pegasus knight, wasn’t too happy about being forced to fight in a enormous battle like that. Still, she still managed to find a positive in it - she’d spent her time here mostly ignoring the ongoing battle, believing that her sisters might have also been summoned. However, after spending some time searching for them, she came to a sad conclusion that they weren’t here. She didn’t dwell on that much, finding another thing to focus on - she could practice her fighting skills. Again trying to ignore the bloody battle happening on the ground, she flew around, searching for someone she could defeat. Eventually, she found a redhead on a pegasus, completely lost in thought as she focused on something beneath them. Shanna decided that attacking her would be safe, and so she forced her begasus to fly towards her. However, just as she was about to reach Hinoka, an arrow emerged from her shoulder. Shanna turned around just in time to see a flock of arrows all descending on her and her pegasus. More arrows sunk into her body, a number of them sticking out of her back. Her pegasus was killed by the arrows, and Shanna abruptly came crashing downwards with her mount no longer keeping her in the air. Hinoka snapped out of her fixation just in time to watch her fall, suddenly aware how much danger she had been in. With a quick glance, she saw Takumi with a group of archers on the ground nearby, saluting her with the Fujin Yumi. “Brother… You saved me…”

Shanna had a few moments to think while she was rapidly falling, the ground approaching with terrifying speed. Even with how optimistic she usually was, there was no way this would turn out good for her. Looking around, she couldn’t really tell whether the soldiers were her allies or not, and she could only hope someone friendly would find her. The impact was as scary as she thought it would be, even if her dying mount took the most of it. She could feel her bones snapping, pain surging through her arms as she landed on them. Her spine was also damaged by the landing, with her barely being able to move when the pain died down. Most of the arrows stuck in her body were shaken away by the impact, only a few still remaining in her body.

Shanna tried to get up, knowing that remaining on the ground with the fight raging on around her wasn’t safe. However, her body refused to listen, and she was only able to roll over. She was stopped by an arrow sticking out of her hip, propping her against the ground. Only with more effort she was able to fully flip over, but her white skirt ended up being torn on the side as she did that, exposing her perky ass. As she ended up on her back, Shanna was able to see that her fall had already garnered some attention - a few soldiers were heading towards her. With some fear she noticed that those were Askrian soldiers.

After helping Takumi protect his sister, a few of the Askrian archers decided to check up on the woman they shot down. She fell pretty much onto their position, so the men were quickly able to find her. They approached her carefully, watching out both for any movements from her, and for anyone else approaching as well. Getting closer, they saw how mangled her arms were, they were able to relax. “It’s your turn this time. Do try to hurry, though.” One of the soldiers tapped another one on the shoulder. As the other men stood watch, the chosen soldier approached Shanna, taking out his dagger. Sitting on top of Shanna, he struggled with her chest armor for a moment. After getting it off, he used the dagger to slice through her blue battle dress. After freeing Shanna’s small breasts, he pulled down his pants, freeing his cock. He lined it up between her breasts, and started to rub against them, the tip of his cock slapping Shanna on her face. Using an arrow stuck in one of her breasts as a handle, he managed to get her tits to form a nice, warm hole for him to fuck. Shanna turned her face away in disgust - however, she could still feel the tip of his cock rubbing against her cheek.

With the others telling him to go fast, the man didn’t take long to cum - trying to get as much pleasure as fast as he could from her. Pulling one of the arrows still stuck inside her out, he used it to pierce through both of her nipples, keeping her breasts together even as he let go of them. Shanna screamed in pain as she felt that, but she was unable to resist in any way - and her voice didn’t have much strength at this point. Once the soldier reached his orgasm, he blew his load all over Shanna’s face and breasts. His free hand closed on the dagger again, and immediately after pulling his cock out from between her breasts, he stabbed her just under her left tit. The knife neatly pierced her heart, and Shanna was actually grateful for that - a quick death seemed better to her than slowly bleeding out. The man pulled the knife out and stabbed her again, making sure that her death would come right away. After he was done, he stood up, pulling his pants back up. The group of soldiers returned towards Takumi, eager to shoot down another girl for them to enjoy.

Veronica was quite enjoying the battle. With the fighting getting even to her, the Emblian princess was able to enjoy it without getting too bored of simply watching it. Currently, she was fighting the redheaded princess of Macedon. The girl’s wyvern was already dead on the ground, the woman coming for her with her axe. Using her preferred tome, the Elivagar, Veronica called forth a cloud of green, poisonous fumes. Minerva couldn’t stop mid-run, so she charged into that cloud headfirst. Immediately weakness overtook her, the girl letting go of the Hauteclere as she breathed in the vile air. “They all fall for the same trick. So boring…” Veronica muttered, while walking over to Minerva, immune to the fumes she created as they continued to keep the redhead down. Lifting the enormous axe off the ground was quite hard for someone of such a small posture as hers, but Veronica managed to do so anyways. Staggering a bit with the axe, she gave it a practice swing, burying it in the head of Minerva’s dead wyvern. Its head was cleaved open, giving her a view of the creature’s brain as pieces of blood and bone splattered high in the air. Turning back towards Minerva, Veronica lifted the axe again - she intended to do exactly the same thing she did to the mount to its rider. Minerva looked at the girl despite her weakness, cursing herself for making such a simple mistake. Her current lover, Cherche, was busy keeping the attention of Veronica’s bodyguards. She could only hope that she had been more successful than that. However, Cherche was replaced by another image soon - her first beloved here, the Hoshidian princess Hinoka. She wondered if she’d be able to get reunited with her after dying… Oh, it seemed that fumes she was still breathing in caused her mind to already start going delirious - she could see Hinoka swooping in behind Veronica. That couldn’t be true - after all, her lover was dead.

As the tip of Hinoka’s spear emerged from between Veronica’s breasts, Minerva realized that what she was seeing was actually there. The pegasus slammed into the young mage, Hinoka jumping off it while spinning her spear, pulling it out of Veronica’s body. “This is for Corrin!” She called out, before running over to where Veronica was. Veronica’s green robes were torn to shreds as the curved weapon entered her body again, and again, and again - each time opening a bleeding wound in a new spot. Veronica’s still developing chest was revealed, her little breasts cut open by the stabs of Hinoka’s spear. The Emblian princess still couldn’t process, what was going on. The axe she was holding slipped out of her hand, and slammed to the ground. This couldn’t be happening! She was the princess of Emblia, she was invincible! She was going to crush all of these damned Askrians and wipe out the Order of Heroes! Her red eyes filled with sorrow as she realized that none of her dreams would come true - she met her end on the battlefield, leaving her country in a war she had started. Hinoka continued to stab her with the spear, her chest and abdomen filled with holes, and Veronica regretted the magic that was keeping her alive - she knew there was no way any magic would heal her now, and it was only prolonging her pain. Pain… Veronica closed her eyes, remembering the pain that was ripping through her body before the war started, the voice she would hear in her head back then. Maybe her brother had been right? Maybe she didn’t start the war out of her-”
Suddenly, Veronica felt that she was falling. What worried her was the sudden lack of pain she was feeling earlier. Her eyes snapped open, and were greeted with a headless body in once ceremonial, now ruined Emblian clothes slowly falling over to the ground. It took her a few moments to realize that the body was hers. She cursed the magic keeping her alive yet again when Hinoka lifted her head off the ground.
“My beloved sister died because of you! Just die already!” Hinoka called out straight at Veronica when she saw that the head was still alive. Looking at the dead wyvern on the ground, Hinoka saw another way of releasing her hatred and desire for revenge. Throwing the head up in the air for a moment, Hinoka let it turn in the air just perfectly so that she could cut the top of it open. Veronica’s golden diadem was cut in half, falling off to the ground as a crack opened in Veronica’s skull, Hinoka’s spear entering her brain and taking away any last thoughts she might have been thinking.

Letting the head slide off her spear, Hinoka was filled with a weird feeling of fulfilment as she looked at the dead corpse. Suddenly remembering that there was another girl nearby, Hinoka approached the Minerva who was still on the ground, the effect of Veronica’s spell slowly wearing off. Hinoka extended her hand towards her, and Minerva was overcame with happiness. Her angel had returned to her! Saving her from the brink of death! “H-Hinoka… I’m so happy to see you again…” Minerva said through her tears as Hinoka helped her stand up. She knew that this Hinoka didn’t know her yet, but she was determined to show her her feelings, the depth of her love for the woman. As she watched Hinoka hop onto her pegasus and fly off, Cherche landed next to her. “I managed to lose them for now. I see you succeeded here! Great! Let’s fly off now!” Her futa lover called out to her, but Minerva was lost in her thoughts as she heard that - her feelings for Cherche were muffled by her seeing a new Hinoka.

As her crotch touched the saddle of her pegasus, Hinoka suddenly realized just how wet she had gotten. Forcing one hand under her skirt to check if she was feeling it correctly, she confirmed that her panties were completely soaked with her pussy juices - there wasn’t a dry spot left on them. Her cum also leaked down her strong thighs, and she knew she was feeling more aroused than ever - even more than when she and Corrin spent some time in the hotsprings together. Her mind was too preoccupied with killing Veronica to notice earlier, but reflecting back on that, Hinoka realized that it was the girl’s pain what aroused so much. The battlefield was no place for her to just finger herself, but with how much pleasure she was in now, Hinoka wondered if she could cum simply through taking another woman’s life. With her revenge out of the way, she had nothing else to do but test out her theory as she searched for new prey from the back of her pegasus.

“King Surtr! The Emblian princess has been killed!” Surtr couldn’t help but laugh as he heard the news. “So weak. I thought her to be stronger than this.” He commented, while impaling another corpse on his cock. Taking a look at the enemy forces, it seemed that the battle was going evenly so far. However, with Veronica dead, he knew that chaos would break out among her soldiers - it would be best to retreat for now. Besides, the Askrian army didn’t have anyone interesting to challenge him, so what was the point in staying?
“Call for a full retreat!” He exclaimed, then turned towards his daughter. “Laevatein!”
“Yes.” The pink-haired girl replied laconically.
“You shall cover our retreat. Kill any that will try to follow us.”
“Yes, lord.” She replied, brandishing her burning sword while heading off towards the enemy forces.

Just as Surtr predicted, Veronica’s death threw the Emblian army into disarray. The command to retreat helped them recover at least some semblance of order, but some soldiers decided not to follow through with it. With their princess dead, the soldiers wondered what was in store for them. Would Surtr take over? They didn’t wish to be ordered around by someone like him - so they weren’t too inclined to return home. Instead, they wanted to take advantage of the confusion. And were given a perfect opportunity to do so, as they happened to come across the shy pink-haired dancer, Olivia. They didn’t care if she was fighting for Emblia or for Askr - she would be their entertainment before they would all die.
The dancer tried to fight away her perpetual blush as she saw a bunch of Emblian soldiers approaching her. She looked at them with relief, lowering her silver sword - they would protect her while their army retreated. She had her fair share of dancing for today, helping countless soldiers regain their strength - inspiring them to fight again with her frail, yet very lovely body. She was painfully aware that most of them intended to see her do more than just dance once they returned to Emblia, regretting that she had been reduced to just a whore back in their kingdom. Still, she knew that her fighting skills weren’t the best, and it was probably better for her than getting killed. She approached the soldiers a bit reluctantly, knowing that they would later want to use her as well - as payment for escorting her to the portal.

Because of that, she was painfully surprised when one of the man grabbed her roughly by her hand, twisting her arm in a way that forced her hand to open, making her drop her weapon. Olivia instinctively covered her chest with the other hand, not understanding, what the soldiers wanted. As the another soldier grabbed her other hand, twisting her other arm away as well, and a third tugged away at the white cloth that kept her chest armor over her breasts, she wondered, what was these soldiers’ deal. If they wanted to rape her, couldn’t it wait until they were back in the relative safety of the Emblia castle? It wouldn’t be the first time that happened, either. Her breasts bounced free as her outfit was pulled to the sides of her body, and the soldier who freed them groped them with his hands. Another soldier approached her from behind, forcing her white panties to the side. Olivia was flustered as the men started to tear away most of the decorations her outfit had, worried that they were ruining it. It bothered her a lot more than the cock that entered her pussy. The man that mounted her from behind pushed on her back, forcing her to get down to the ground with her legs spread to the sides.

The additional strain on her twisted legs and arms was quite painful, more than the usual abuse Olivia was now used to. The pain caused tears to appear in her eyes, which proceeded to run down her flushed cheeks. Her face ended up lined up with another soldier’s crotch, and his cock hit her face. She already knew what to do with it, opening her mouth and starting to run her tongue against the length of it. Her eagerness surprised the soldier, letting him fuck her mouth more easily. He proceeded to slide in and out of her mouth while the man pounding her pussy also picked up the pace, and soon she was on the receiving end of two orgasms - one filling her pussy, and the other her mouth - with some of it ending up on her face as well.

As one soldier withdrew from her pussy, he was immediately replaced by another one. Olivia felt her cunt loosening up as he did, but it seemed that he was going to enjoy it nevertheless. Her purple eyes watched with some curiosity as another man approached her face - would his cock prove to be more entertaining to suck than the one before? She wouldn’t be given the answer to that question. With some surprise, she saw her sword in his hand. As he grabbed her cheek, pulling her face upwards and exposing her neck, she understood what he was going to do. More tears appeared in her eyes, the dancer begging the soldier not to kill her with her expression as she couldn’t force any words past her lips. It was no use, and she was able to taste what her sword felt like first-hand as it sliced through her neck.

He held her head in one hand as her body started twitching, staying in the upright position as her legs bent even further backwards. Blood started spurting like a fountain out of her neck stump, covering the soldiers gathered around her with it. The men holding her arms let go of them, and they dropped limply behind her back. One of the soldiers took Olivia’s head from his hand, and proceeded to jerk off all over her face. The last thing Olivia saw was the thick cock of one of the Emblian soldiers twitching as the man blew his load all over her face.

The man that killed her wasn’t done with her just yet. After sticking the sword in the ground, he returned to it, this time freeing his dick. As Olivia’s dead snatch squeezed out a load of the member of the soldier fucking her, he forced his cock into her neck stump, stretching her esophagus open. The bleeding hole was lubricated enough with her blood that he was able to slide in easily, blowing his load down her stomach. Still, some of his semen proceeded to leak out of the hole in her neck, and the semen filling her pussy up started to leak onto the ground again. Another soldier began to fuck her tight asshole, but before he could finish, a group of Askrian soldiers approached them. The men didn’t resist that much, their lives ending quickly. Olivia’s head was dropped close to her corpse, that was still stuck in the position the men forced it into. The Askrian infantry looked at it with some lust - taking note of where the corpse was to return for it once the battle was over.

Laevatein was filled with fury as her burning sword, her namesake, was forced out of her hand. Looking on with anger at the woman who defeated her, she saw that Lyn was about to finish her off. However, before that happened, Anna appeared next to the green-haired woman. Laevatein’s eyes widened as she saw her - the magic aura sorrounding her was unmistakable. “Don’t kill her yet - she’s Surtr’s daughter. I’m sure Kiran would appreciate being able to interrogate the daughter of our enemy - she is bound to know something.” Lyn stayed her hand as she heard that - if that girl was so important, presenting her as a gift to Kiran seemed to be the better choice. Giving the pink-haired girl a hard blow to the head, Lyn knocked her out, then looked towards the portal to Emblia. It seemed that most of the enemy forces had already made its way through it. She wasn’t sure if there was any point in going towards it, but decided to send some troops towards it anyways.

Kiran hurried through a snow-filled field. The directions Anna had given him after he expressed the wish of spectating the battle proved to be quite misleading, and he made a mental note to punish her for that afterwards. Fortunately, he came across one of the Askrian patrols before he got completely lost in the snow. From their words, the battle had ended while he was still searching for the way there, so now they were just making their way back towards the castle. As they were walking, Kiran suddenly tripped over something. He got back to his feet to see, exactly what it was, and was greeted with a half-frozen form of a beautiful blonde woman, buried halfway under the snow. Looking at her more closely, he noticed the crown and the feathery theme of her outfit. Even though he didn’t know her, it seemed that getting her back to the castle was a good idea - if she proved to be dangerous, then she’d be killed. Ordering his soldiers to dig her out of the snow, Kiran had them carry Fjorm’s unconscious form towards the castle, not giving the girl much thought for now.

Back in the castle, Kiran listened to the report on their casualties. He was pleasantly surprised to hear that the Emblian princess has been killed, and told himself to reach out to the Hinoka who killed her later. Even if that battle wasn’t a full victory, he was still satisfied with its outcome. Lyn bringing in Surtr’s daughter was the cherry on top. Once the girl was locked up in the dungeons of the Askrian castle, Kiran wondered what information they would get out of her.

The next day, Kiran approached the cell in the dungeons with Anna following him. Lyn wanted to spectate, but she had to excuse herself, coming down with some sickness. When he got there, Kiran looked directly at Laevatein. Even if her expression remained emotionless, the young princess of Muspell was shooting daggers at him with her angry, red eyes. If it wasn’t for the anti-magic restrains holding her in place, Kiran was sure that she would have already killed him. Her armor was removed, leaving the dark-skinned girl in just a purple, skin tight bodysuit that covered all of her body save for her head and her right arm. It did little to cover her decently-sized breasts, but still covered them nevertheless. Kiran intended to change that. Picking a whip from one of the rooms nearby, he began with a strike across one of Laevatein’s breasts.

Her face twitched for a split-second as the whip touched her, opening a small, red wound across her left breast. Kiran continued to whip away towards her chest, each of his strikes removing another scrap of her outfit, until her breasts were fully uncovered - and covered in numerous red whip marks. Only then did he open spoke out to her, starting off with a simple question: “Surtr is your father, right?” Laevatein didn’t answer, refusing to give in. No matter how much pain he would put her through, she could never betray her father - she’d stay completely silent.
“I see you’re not going to talk yet. I wonder if that will still be the case after I’m done having fun with you…” Kiran commented, before continuing to lash her. Next on his list was her crotch, but before he got there, he left a path of red marks down her belly. As the girl’s snatch was exposed, her pubic hair burnt away by the flames of Muspell, KIran was reminded that Anna was also with him. A moan left the redhead’s lips, the commander having a hand under her skirt as she watched him torture the emotionless girl. Kiran wondered if she’d have any insight on that once she was done fingering herself, then turned back towards Laevatein. One easy way to test her resolve was to strike at her pussy. The whip’s ending connected with Laevatein’s clit, finally getting a reaction from her as the most sensitive part of her body was split in two with a powerful cut. She jumped up in her chains, pain twisting her face for longer this time - it was obvious that the girl was doing her best not to scream. He waited for her face to return to normal, then asked her again - but with no effect.

After decorating Laevatein’s muscular thighs with cuts as well, Kiran walked behind her, and proceeded to work on her back instead. At this point, he wasn’t expecting this to work, but the summoner still proceeded to meticulously mark her back and ass with a layer of bleeding wounds. Just as he thought, there were no more reactions from her. As he stood in thoughts, wondering what to do next, Anna approached him.

“Lord Kiran, it is clear that we won’t get anything from her. I suggest executing her publicly instead - I’m sure that our heroes would enjoy watching that, since she killed many of them during the fight.” That was the first moment Laevatein felt real fear. She recognized that this was Loki, quite familiar with her magic. She was expecting the illusionist to help her - why was she suggesting her death? She dared to give one begging look towards the girl, not caring if doing that blew Loki’s cover, but she only received a sadistic smile from her in return.
“Unfortunately, I think you’re right. Something long and painful, then - let’s give her a chance to change her mind while we do this.” Kiran replied after a moment. With how lost in thought he was, he completely missed the secret exchange between the two girls that were there with him. Leaving the cell, he ordered a few of the heroes he met on the way to bring Laevatein over to the main hall - and to be extra careful while they did that. After checking up on Lyn, who was feeling a little better now, he ordered for all the heroes to gather in the main hall.

When Kiran and Lyn got there, they could see that Laevatein was tied restrained on the stage there, her arms and legs bound with the same magical chains as before. Kiran looked at Lyn with worry. “Are you sure you’re okay now? Maybe it would be better if you took it slow for today…” Lyn smiled back at him, stroking his cheek with one hand. “Don’t worry, I’m perfectly fine!” Reassured by that, they climbed the stairs together, Lyn brandishing her sword and approaching the chained up girl while Kiran started to speak:
“This is Laevatein. She’s the daughter of Surtr: the king of Muspell and man responsible for the invasion that happened yesterday. I’m sure some of you have already seen her, cutting through our ranks during that battle - and you probably want revenge on her. We first tried to torture her for information, but to no avail. Instead, we’re going to execute her. Lyn, time to do it!” The angry shouts aimed at Laevatein and the cheers coming from the crowd showed Kiran that his heroes supported his decision.

Lyn stopped for a moment, very close to Laevatein. With how bloody she expected this to get, the green-haired girl decided she'd rather feel the blood on her skin than have it be stopped by her clothes. Quickly removing her dress, she stood naked on the stage, not really caring that the heroes were able to see her like that. Grabbing the Sol Katti by the handle again, Lyn wondered, where to start. She considered using Laevatein’s sword to kill her instead before this started, but decided not to in case the girl could somehow control it without touching it. Instead, Lyn would just use her sword to carve her up.

She started off with a simple slash towards the girl’s left arm, near the shoulder. The blade easily cut through her flesh and bone, cutting the arm off. It fell off to the ground, some blood spurting from the stump on the shoulder, along with a small cloud of steam. The blood poured onto Lyn’s body, and Lyn grit her teeth as she felt just how hot it was. Still, the sensation was quite enjoyable, Lyn noted, as she looked at the girl’s body again. Kiran whipping her got rid of most of her clothes, but it seemed that the heroes who were bringing her over ripped off the remainder of her purple bodysuit. Looking at the girl’s bloody cunt, Lyn noticed that there was semen leaking out of it as well. She briefly wondered if whoever raped the girl got some burns on his dick, before looking at Laevatein’s shoulder again. It seemed that the bleeding had stopped already, so Lyn cut at her with the sword again. This time, she removed Laevatein’s other arm, and the pink-haired girl realized that she would never be able to wield her sword again. Would her father find any use for her now? She wondered briefly if he’d kill her or have her serve the soldiers as a whore to be used, but she knew that wouldn’t be happening anyways - she knew that she was going to die here. Her final service to her father would be not giving them any intel.

Lyn once again got closer to her, letting the blood from the other arm stump leak onto her breasts. The burning sensation she felt on them was just the masochistic stimulation she desired, and Lyn moaned in pleasure. She was a bit disappointed at the lack of reaction she was getting from the girl, though. Recalling what her lover told her, Lyn realized that the best try would be attacking her sexual organs. Since Kiran got a reaction after going for her clit, Lyn decided to give Leavatein’s breasts a go instead. Lining her sword up with the girl’s chest, Lyn finally noticed a flicker of fear showing up in Leavatein’s eyes. Pulling on her nipple to make the breast stretch out from her chest, Lyn then flicked her sword upwards - cutting one of Laevatein’s tits off. The girl finally screamed in pain as she felt that, the cumulative pain finally making her snap. Tears started to flow freely from her red eyes. With only the chains on her legs restricting her movement now, she collapsed to the ground and started shaking in pain. Her breakdown was further accompanied by flames starting to envelop her body, but the magic on her shackles quickly quenched them. However, even despite all that, she was still determined not to give in. When Lyn, after waiting for her to stop shaking, asked her if she was willing to speak again, she just squeezed her mouth shut.

Lyn replied to that by approaching her again, and quickly slicing the other breasts off. Her body began to spasm in pain again, her bladder going off because of all the pain and of the fear she was feeling. “Loookiiii! I know you are out theeeereee! Make the pain stop! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaseee!” Laevatein screamed out as Lyn approached her and sliced at one of her remaining legs, cutting it off as well. “Laegjarn! Sister! Anyone, Pleaseeeee!” Her screams reached an almost inhuman pitch as she rolled on the ground, and Lyn tried her best not to start fingering herself over her, incredibly aroused. Finishing the amputation process, Lyn cut down on Laevatein’s final surviving limb, and all that remained of the girl was a torso with four stump in place of limbs, two bleeding instead of her breasts and her head.

Lyn set her sword down, then lifted Laevatein by her neck with both of her hands. With most of Laevatein’s body weight gone along with her limbs, she was able to do so and show off the blood-covered torso to the gathered heroes. Squeezing her throat shut, Lyn continued to strangle the girl as the gathered heroes cheered, and Lyn wondered what would do the girl in first? The bleeding? The exhaustion? The asphyxiation? They would never know.

When Laevatein finally went limp in her hands, Lyn threw the body into the crowd. Watching with satisfaction as the heroes almost immediately started to fuck her various holes, Lyn ran over to where Kiran was - craving his cock even more than usual. The pair left towards their room as the abuse to Laevatein’s corpse carried on long into the day.


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Chapter 18: Suicide and Duty

tags: con, F/F, disembowelment, hanging, shooting, beheading, futa

Clair watched the heroes entering the castle with some interest. After the last battle, the summoner had been constantly out at the summoning circle, trying his best to bring their ranks up back to where they have been before that. She didn’t really care all that much for most of the heroes coming, her mind focused on waiting for just one person: Mathilda. Ever since the older woman asked her to kill her, Clair had been obsessed with the idea of repaying her for that. However, it seemed there was no other Mathilda in Askr - so instead, she had to anxiously wait for another Mathilda to get summoned. Her hazel eyes lit up as she finally saw Mathilda walk through the gates. She immediately took off towards her, and grabbed her by her hand.

“Lady Mathilda… I’m sure you’re probably confused, how this world works now. Please, join me in my room, and I shall explain everything.” Mathilda looked at her with some surprise - Clive’s sister usually wasn’t this direct with her. Still, she figured that getting to know this place with someone she knew would be better than figuring it all on her own, so she followed Clair as the girl led her towards her room. On their way there, Mathilda noticed with some outrage that some of the heroes were committing some acts she considered indecent. Clair seemed not to give them any thoughts at all, so Mathilda decided to do the same. Maybe the customs here were different than back home? She was still thinking about it when they reached Clair’s room, and the two blonde nobles entered it together.

Mathilda raised an eyebrow with some confusion as Clair locked the door behind her. “Now that we are alone, Clair, would you like to explain, what’s going on? Why did you lock us in here?” Clair stood for a moment, thinking exactly what to say. Even if she had rehearsed this countless times before, she was still a bit nervous.
“As you probably noticed on our way here, this world is a lot more… open, when it comes to the matters of sexuality. However, that doesn’t stop with just that. With a countless stream of heroes being summoned day after day, our lives have also lost much of their value. Because of that, it seems that people here adapted to using the deaths as a way of attaining higher sexual pleasure. Of course, this world also involves us fighting in a various battles, so you’ll get the chance to practice your battle skills if you want that - but that recently hadn’t been much of a concern recently.” Mathilda stared at Clair for a moment, surprised by her directness.
“You are not the first Mathilda I have met here - and the last you I met is responsible for that change in my attitude…” Clair trailed off as she grabbed the hem of her blue dress, and quickly removed it - uncovering most of her upper body, including her breasts.
“Now, don’t pretend not to be interested in me - I know you find me just as attractive as you find my brother.” Mathilda looked at her with her mouth open, shocked that Clair could tell what she was thinking.
“That last Mathilda was really distressed with the gap she saw opening up between us. So she asked the summoner for help. And he suggested… that I should kill her.” Clair stopped for a moment, then smiled brightly. “And so I did! I really felt incredible doing that - killing someone you know and love is very much different from the kills you earn on the battlefield - and it was also incredibly arousing, at least for me.” She pulled her black tights down, showing her already wet pussy to Mathilda - and noted her hungry stare as Mathilda admired her snatch. “So after I was done with your body, I knew straight away that you deserved to experience the same feeling as I did - I wanted to pay you back for that. The old Mathilda achieved her goal - I now consider you to be closer to me than anyone else. So now I offer you my own body: end my life, and ease yourself into the life in Askr.”

Mathilda continued to stare at Clair’s naked body, a corner of her mind aware that she was slowly getting aroused by it. However, for the most part her mind was completely dumbfounded. Her Clair was doing something like this? Sweet, strong, beautiful Clair, Clive’s sister, was asking her to take her life? Mathilda wasn’t sure if she wanted to live in a place like that if this was what it meant. But before she could voice her objection, the younger girl approached her, locking her lips with hers. Her worries were successfully chased away from her mind through that, and she just gave in, responding to the kiss. She wondered briefly what Clive would say to her kissing his sister like this, but as Clair’s nimble hands began to remove her chest armor, Clair’s fingers tickling her nipples as her breasts were revealed, she decided not to worry about it that much - Clive must have been okay with this if that last her was able to go through with this. And even if this wasn’t a way of getting closer to Clair she had considered before, it seemed to be working quite well.

Clair continued to remove the rest of her clothes, and soon Mathilda was as naked as her guide to Askr was. Fully letting go of herself, Mathilda pushed the girl onto the bed, her fingers going down to where Clive’s cock would be if that was him. As her hand passed there without touching anything, she remembered that it was Clair and not her brother. Her fingers continued a bit further down, reaching Clair’s very wet pussy. Even if Mathilda had no experience at all with pleasuring another woman, her efforts were still enough for Clair to moan in pleasure. She squirmed on the bed in ecstasy, that only was strengthened when Mathilda lowered her head to Clair’s breasts, giving them a fair share of her attention. Her cries of pleasure told Mathilda that Clair enjoyed having her nipples stimulated almost as much, if not more, than her brother did. Soon, she felt Clair’s cunt squirting her juices over her fingers. Mathilda heard Clair call her name out in pleasure, further confirming that the pegasus knight was having an orgasm.

Mathilda waited for Clair to get over it, while slowly touching herself. “Did you enjoy this?” Mathilda asked her when Clair got up a bit, looking at her with a mixture of lust and love. “I really diiiiid….” Clair breathed out, her voice high-pitched as she moved on her bed, searching for something close to it. With a triumphant shout, she sat up, a knife in her hand. “This is the knife I used to kill that other you... I’ve pleasured myself countless times with it… Now, I want you to use it to kill me.” Clair handed the knife over to Mathilda, and she gave it a closer look as Clair continued. “I stuck a knife up her pussy - and then cut her open. However, I’d like you to do what you please. I’ll just lay down on the bed again and wait for you to continue. Oh, and after I’m too dead to be able to help you, just find another me. We’ve all been sharing our experiences recently. They will be more than happy to help you out - and die for your pleasure, if you so desire.” Clair laid down on the bed, spreading her legs to the sides and fully showing her soaked slit to Mathilda.

Mathilda felt the weight of the knife in her hand as she looked over Clair’s body - a body she considered to be almost perfect. It felt almost wrong to spoil it with a tool like that, but Clair had made it fully known to her that she wanted it. “Oh well. If her words are true, I’ll be able to enjoy a body just like this in the future anyways.” She thought to herself, then climbed on top of the bed as well. Moving over to where Clair’s head was, she settled her ass down over her face, with her pussy lining up with Clair’s mouth. She understood what was wanted of her without a need for words, and her tongue entered Mathilda’s vagina, eating the knight out while she wondered, what to do with the knife. She stared at the knife for a moment again, leaning forwards while enjoying the feeling of having Clair’s tongue inside her. After a particularly powerful jolt of pleasure, Mathilda jolted forward, stabbing down with the knife before she realized it. She buried the knife all the way to its handle in Clair’s flat stomach. She could feel the girl shifting underneath her, but Clair continued to eat her out nevertheless. As Mathilda forced the knife down Clair’s body, pulling the knife out a bit not to injure anything inside, one of Clair’s hands made its way to her pussy, and the girl began masturbating as well.

Mathilda stopped cutting Clair open just as she reached the end of her belly, and put the knife down for a moment. Extending her hands towards the cut in Clair’s abdomen, she felt her hands getting wet with her blood as she forced her fingers into it. She lifted a bloodied finger to her face, clearly fascinated with it, before slipping it into her mouth and tasting it. After sucking on the finger for a moment, Mathilda put both of her hands back on top of Clair’s stomach, and started to pull the hole open. She was able to get a look inside Clair’s stomach as she forced the flaps of skin and muscle covering it over the sides of her body. WIth even more fascination, she tore open the part on the bottom open as well, exposing Clair’s womb to her. She reached out towards it, and as her fingers touched it from the outer side, Clair shivered in her final orgasm. She sensed what was coming already, and she was able to get off before Mathilda started to do something more destructive to her.

Mathilda didn’t care for that this much at this point. Ignoring the orgasmic spasms going through Clair’s body, Mathilda squeezed her womb with both hands, then pulled on it with all her might. It easily gave way to her herculean strength, and she tore it out of Clair’s body. She looked at the bleeding organ in her hands with eyes open wide, and at the ovaries connected to it that were torn out along with it. It seemed that pain replaced the pleasure going through Clair at this point, but she still continued to lap at her cunt. Watching the organ twitch in her hands, Mathilda understood what Clair meant before, about how pleasuring it was, as she came all over the younger girl’s face. Any orgasm she felt when with Clive could never compare to this.

That was just the beginning, but nothing came close to that first orgasm Mathilda experienced. Now she wasn’t too concerned that her actions meant that Clair would die, just trying to feel that same pleasure again, pulling out almost everything out of Clair’s belly, but to no avail - she wasn’t able to feel that good again. It seemed that Clair’s movements have mostly died down by now - Mathilda could still tell that her future sister-in-law was still alive, but just barely. The massive blood loss caused by the disembowelment had exhausted the girl extensively, and Mathilda knew that she didn’t have much time left. She had time just for one more thing to do to her before Clair passed away.

Instead of chasing any more evasive pleasure, Mathilda climbed off Clair’s face, and just embraced the girl tightly. She placed her lips onto Clair’s, and felt Clair’s weak tries at kissing her back. The joy she could see in Clair’s eyes was quite heartwarming for her, telling her that Clair didn’t regret her decision. She hugged her even more tightly, as if she was trying to squeeze the life out of her. And indeed, by the time she released her from the hug, the last flickers of Clair’s life were already gone.

Cordelia looked over her and Cherche’s room one final time. Her eyes stopped on her bed for a moment - she had placed her bridal dress on it, along with a note to her roommate that she could have it if she wanted to. With her having pretty much no other clothes here, Cordelia was now standing in just her white panties, her breasts and most of her muscular body uncovered.

Ever since she had been summoned to this world, it was all like a nightmare for her. Between being forced to kill another her on the very first day, watching her daughter die, and continuing to see most of the friends from the Shepherds die one by one while only she prevailed was quite hard on her. She struggled to stay positive through all that, but the battle yesterday proved to be the harshest assault on her psyche yet. She could no longer live like that. With how this world worked, no one would bat an eye if she killed herself - so she decided to do just that. Getting some rope she could use for that was quite easy, and now she was there: a noose wrapped around her neck, her feet in heels standing on a chair. With Cherche spending most of her days with Minerva now, she was sure that she wouldn’t be interrupted. She took one final deep breath, then walked off the chair.

She swung a bit forward, and on the way back kicked the chair so that she wouldn’t be able to use it to support herself later. As she heard it fall behind her, the rope began digging into her throat. Trying to keep her body steady, Cordelia hung almost motionlessly for a few moments. With her windpipe slowly crushed shut, the redhead quickly became unable to breathe - just as she wanted. She was feeling some masochistic pleasure from this, and she rubbed her thighs together to possibly try and make herself come.

However, her thoughts on the matter changed pretty quickly. As her face slowly turned a shade of red almost as bright as her hair, she found herself unable to resist the pain. With the pressure in her chest increasing and the rope digging painfully into her neck, it soon overcame her pain resistance. She despised herself for giving in so quickly - she was supposed to be perfect, no pain should be able to break her! However, as another wave of pain went through her body, these thoughts left her mind, and she only wished for the pain to stop. Desperately kicking out with her legs, she tried to reach for the ground - and when she realized that would be impossible, for the chair that she started on. As her legs failed to find any support, with regret she realized that her kick earlier did the job all too well. One of her heels fell off her leg as she was kicking with it, hitting the ground with a quiet thud. Her breasts bounced heavily as she was swinging, painfully aware just how stiff her nipples were. Foam began to form in her mouth as her tongue flapped out of it. She was about to give up at this point, when she heard the door to the room open.

Cherche walked through the door, anger filling her entire being. Ever since the battle, Minerva had all but forgotten about her. Her moans about Hinoka coming back were incredibly frustrating - wasn’t she supposed to be her lover now? Shouldn’t she have moved on? It seemed that it wasn’t the case, and Cherche felt herself going mad with jealousy as Minerva left her room to search for the Hoshidian princess. To make things worse, she was now left with a painful raging hard-on on her futa cock that Minerva refused to help with. “Oh well. It’s not like I haven’t taken care of it by myself before. However, when Minerva comes back, we’ll have to really talk.” Cherche quickly removed the skirt covering her crotch, her futa cock uncovered and in full length as she stroked it with one hand. She was so preoccupied that she hadn’t even noticed what Cordelia was doing at all. However, a sudden gurgling sound coming from her part of the room caught her attention.

Shifting her eyes away from her cock, Cherche continued to jerk off as she looked towards Cordelia. Her erection became rock-hard instantly as she saw that her roommate was hanging, almost fully naked. Cordelia’s hands were digging into the skin of her neck, trying to pull the rope away to grant herself some leeway. It was obvious to Cherche that Cordelia was regretting deciding to kill herself. That thought was only further supported when Cordelia’s red eyes locked with hers, a pleading expression showing in them before they began to bulge. On any other day, Cherche would have begrudgingly helped her, she would have cut her down from the rope. This day, however, she was far too bitter to do that. She walked closer to Cordelia, seeing hope appear in the pegasus rider’s eyes. Instead of helping her, Cherche stopped very close to her, but outside the range that Cordelia was able to reach with her last-ditch swings and kicks. With a broad, sadistic smile on her face, Cherche continued to look directly at Cordelia as she picked up the pace, stroking her massive dick with both of her hands. She could tell the girl was trying to tell her something, but without any air she was unable to say anything, only wheezes and squeaks leaving her mouth.

As her throat was completely crushed because of the additional strain, Cordelia broke down into tears. She couldn’t believe that her trusted friend would betray her like that. Shouldn’t it be obvious to her that she didn’t want to die? And yet Cherche continued to masturbate while watching her slowly die. There wasn't much more she could do at this point. As she felt Cherche’s semen shoot onto her naked form, Cordelia found herself slipping away. Her body went limp for a moment, her face turning purple, before post-mortem twitches sent her body into another round of swinging on her noose. Her once white panties were soaked yellow with piss - that is, until Cherche pulled them off the body. She looked at the virgin snatch of her roommate with desire. She had begged the girl on numerous occasions before to let her use it, as sometimes she was unable to satisfy her unnatural, curse-fueled urges just with her hands. Cordelia always refused - even if it with how smart she was, it should have been obvious to her that Chrom would never love her, so there was no need to stay pure for him. This time, she couldn’t refuse. Cherche plunged her entire length inside the still hanging corpse, being able to sate her desires - quite enjoying the change from Minerva’s very familiar cunt to a new, unused one. With the magic on that part of her body keeping her hard almost constantly, she had blown many a load both in Cordelia’s snatch and up the dead girl’s anus - all while waiting for Minerva to come to her and apologize.

Elincia took another look at the empty noose in the main hall, then began to rub herself through her yellow leggings. Her first experience in this world was witnessing a public hanging, and she found the idea incredibly hot. However, she had been obsessed with hangings for quite some time before that. During Ludveck’s rebellion, she had been witness to another public hanging. Even if it was breaking her heart to watch her best friend, Lucia, get hanged, in retrospect she realized that she had also been aroused through that entire scene. Of course, she was glad that Lucia managed to survive that, but some part of her wished that she didn’t, and that she would be able to see her meet her end at the end of a noose. Even if the girl hanged when she was first summoned wasn’t Lucia, Elincia still enjoyed it a lot - coming numerous times just during that one hanging. Every day, Elincia would come to the main hall, hoping to see a new hanging. If the noose was filled, she’d either find herself a man to fuck or touch herself a lot. On days like these, when the noose was empty, the queen of Crimea would just stare at the noose and touch herself. She often fantasized about being the one to hang there. After hearing that that the summoner killed another her on this stage before, she almost lost her mind, losing herself in the pleasure. Her disappointment when she found out that it wasn’t a hanging was also quite strong. She considered angering the summoner to make him kill her, but it meant no guarantee that she’d be hanged. So instead, she just looked at the noose and touched herself. Waiting for the day when she’d gather enough courage to just offer her life willingly, giving it all up for the chance of dancing on that noose.

With her surviving the great battle with Surtr just through sheer luck, Elincia was made aware that unless she hurried, she might just die in some other way. That was the extra push she needed. After getting her sweet release, her leggings soaked through again, she walked to the stage, striking up a conversation with the girl currently in charge of it. She managed to keep her perfect royal manners while intending to express a wish really unfitting for a woman of her position: “Pardon, my lady…” However, before she could react, the pink-haired woman in charge gave her a broad smile.
“Hey there, cutie! Can I help you with something? If not, how about we grab a cup of tea together?” Soleil didn’t waste any time in trying to ask out the new girl that approached her. Having earned a few favors with Kiran before, she managed to get herself a post watching over the gallows - so she could spent most of her time just watching the women that crossed the main hall. She’d prefer to keep only doing that, but her job also had her talk with heroes who wanted to use any of the many spots for hanging. On one side it was distracting, but on the flip side, it was mostly cute girls that were forced to talk to her. And while most of them wound up hanging anyways, Soleil managed to get a few of them to go with her - leading to both her and them getting a fair share of pleasure before they did hang, or even managing to lead them away from hanging altogether. The mercenary was fine with either outcome, but she knew it never hurt to try.
A bit taken aback by Soleil’s directness, Elincia looked at her with some confusion. “Forgive me, but I have to refuse. It is my understanding that you are managing these…” Elincia pointed at one of the empty nooses, and Soleil nodded back at her enthusiastically. “Yep! Would you like to use one of them?”
“Y-yes… I want to meet my end through a hanging.” Elincia tried her best to stay calm as she said that, but as she finished that sentence her voice was basically a moan. Soleil noticed that, a bit sad that she wouldn’t get to have her tea with the girl. “Okay, I will help you with that! Come up here!” Soleil climbed onto the stage, gesturing for Elincia to follow her. After Elincia got up to her, Soleil clapped her hands together and spoke again. “Great! First, you’ll have to get out of these clothes… Don’t be so embarrassed, I do that all the time!” Soleil explained, and tried to encourage Elincia when she saw the green-haired woman blush.
“I see… that was to be expected, after all…” That was a thought that somehow avoided her before when she was fantasizing about this moment. She was fully committed to going through with this now, so a requirement like that would not keep her from doing this - and some part of her admitted that it made it even more arousing.

Her ornate gauntlets, shoulderpads, and the chest armor all quickly came off, and so did the white dress she wore as her outer layer of clothing. After taking her white overknee boots off, Elincia placed her hands on the hem of her yellow undershirt. As she pulled it off, she heard Soleil whistle in surprise. “Wow, these babies are huge!” She called out, quite excited by the sight. She walked over and groped them, with no concern for what Elincia was feeling. “And they feel so nice, too! It’s a shame that you haven’t agreed to go with me - we could have had so much fun… Ah, sorry. I got carried away.” Soleil broke off, while Elincia’s face turned even more red than before. She couldn’t deny that it felt good, however - and that knowledge made her ease up a bit as she grabbed her yellow leggings and proceeded to take them off - suddenly aware that she was still quite wet - both because of her earlier orgasm, and the arousal getting to her because of her current situation. Soleil’s eyes instantly locked onto her bare, dripping cunt, but it seemed that this time she was able to control herself. After staring at her for a moment, making the queen of Crimea feel uncomfortable, Soleil pushed one hand in between her thighs and started to rub herself with it. It didn’t stop her from taking Elincia’s hand with the other one, and leading her towards one of the empty, inviting nooses that were waiting for like-minded girls.

Stopping in front of one of them, Soleil struggled a bit to wrap the noose around Elincia’s neck. The feeling of the rough rope rubbing against her throat was enough to make her arousal spike, and Elincia forced a hand in between her strong thighs as well. Tickling her clitoris with her thumb, she used another two fingers to penetrate her pussy, caring only about her pleasure.

With most of Soleil’s job there done, she placed one hand on the handle. At this point, she was supposed to ask if Elincia really wanted to die like this. However, she seemed to be far too preoccupied with her masturbation, so Soleil simply pulled the lever with one hand, and continued to rub herself while she watched Elincia hang.

Elincia was fully aware what was happening. Her greatest sexual fantasy, finally coming true! After a brief fall, the rope clenched around her neck. She closed her eyes for a moment, all air she still had in her lungs set free as she came with a very vocal moan. Her legs and hands both began to twitch as a mind-shattering orgasm surged through her body. Kicking out powerfully, Elincia’s body was quite the spectacle for both Soleil and the few heroes currently gathered in the hall. The perfectly shaped hips and thighs of the young queen moved very enticingly, her small, yet very round ass getting a lot of attention as well as she spun on the noose. Her face was alight red both with passion and with the asphyxiation, her face wearing the expression of pure bliss as the lack of air continued to eat away at her endurance.

Elincia’s orgasmic high couldn’t last forever, even if it seemed this long to her. As she regained some control over her body, she couldn’t stop her thoughts from going towards Lucia.
“Ah, Lucia… What would you think of me now? You stayed strong for me until the very end, even as I left you to die, and now I’ve turned your near-death experience into my own ultimate pleasure…” She rubbed her thighs together for a moment, bringing herself just a fraction of that pleasure, but the extended strain on her legs along with the lack of air caused her to lose control over her legs soon afterwards. They went limp for a moment, her toes pointing towards the ground, before coming to life again, this time just with weak jerks. Her hands didn’t fare much better, Elincia quickly losing control over her body again - this time, for good. Her face turned an even darker red when one of her eyes rolled upward, bloody veins clearly visible in the whites of her eyes. She didn’t even notice as a stream of piss joined the pussy juices on her legs, her life coming to an end. Her body continued to move on the noose for a bit longer, before Soleil cut it down with a slash of her sword.

After giving Elincia’s breasts another lustful squeeze, Soleil pushed her body off the stage, and watched as the heroes there forced their cocks into the holes of Elincia’s body. Elincia’s damp pussy, her tight anus and her mouth were all full of cock almost immediately. Soleil didn’t really mind - her shift was almost over, and she already had the sights on one of the cuties that watched Elincia’s death. Quickly approaching her, and with how aroused both she and her target were, Soleil ended up with her face buried between the girl’s thighs just a few minutes later.

Living in a border town for the most of her life, Athena was quite taken aback by the Askrian castle at first. Her rather lacking language skill didn’t help her with that, either. However, the blue-haired myrmidon was able to quickly grasp the techniques of pleasuring herself that she was able to learn here. Now, she was determined to explore another of these - one that would end with some more permanent effects on her body. The commander, Anna if Athena remembered her name correctly, suggested a way of pleasuring herself that in her opinion would be stronger than anything she experienced before.

Sneaking into Kiran’s room, she didn’t find him there - just as Anna told her. She was aware of how dangerous what she was doing was, so her heart was beating incredibly fast. She searched for a moment, until she found what she was told to. A curved, round piece of metal with a hole at one end - and a detached handguard nearby. Athena recalled that it was called a “gun”.

Kneeling on the floor, Athena pulled the top of her gray battle dress open with one hand. She tore the darker undershirt off as well, freeing her huge tits - she’d have no use for her clothes anymore, so she felt no remorse as she destroyed them. With that out of the way, her free hand moved to her shorts and pulled them down as well. Her unshaved pussy was uncovered, and she played with it for a few moments. During that time, she grabbed the “gun”, and opened her mouth. Sliding it in, she lubricated it with her saliva. Anna recommended treating it as a cock that she was trying to suck off, so Athena ran her tongue around the gun, covering it with more saliva as she started to slide it in and out of her mouth. She continued to do so for some more time, until she was convinced that the cold piece of metal was wet enough. Pulling it out of her mouth with a slurping sound, she instead lowered the weapon to her pussy, and proceeded to penetrate herself with it. Her slit had its share of cock during her stay in Askr, but the cold touch of the gun was an entirely different feeling. She fucked her pussy with it for some more time, her mouth taking over the golden handguard at that time. After getting it nice and slippery as well, she began to rub it against her breasts, rubbing it the valley between her breasts and pretending that she was giving it a boobjob. Athena pressed the cold metal against her nipples, shivering in pleasure coming from that stimulation.

As the golden-eyed girl felt her orgasm approaching, she quickly pulled the gun out of her pussy and back into her mouth. Forcing it all the way in, she began to choke on it as it reached all the way to her throat. The other hand proceeded to touch her pussy again, placing the golden handguard just at the entrance of it before slowly sliding it in. When she reached her climax, Athena pulled the trigger, her moans muffled by the gun in her mouth. A powerful blast of magical energy ripped through the back of her throat, leaving a hole in the back of her head. As Athena’s body slumped down, her body shivering in both deathly and orgasmic spasms, she couldn’t see a portal opening behind where her body was - a portal infused with her dying soul, full of masochistic pleasure.

Micaiah blinked as she suddenly materialized in a room unknown to her. Taking a look at her surroundings, it seemed that she was in the room of some commander. She wondered how was she pulled away from her world while exploring the room, until she saw a blue-haired woman’s corpse on the ground. She was still on her knees, her hips still humping the fingers that were filling her snatch. A giant hole opened up in the back of of her head, and Micaiah could tell that it was magic that ripped the girl open. A loud, metallic noise caught her attention as the corpse’s slack mouth opened up, some piece of metal sliding out of it. It hit the girl’s breasts on the way down, making them bounce up and down before hitting the ground. As she watched the empty expression in the girl’s eyes, blood and drool leaking out of her mouth and down her cheek, Micaiah with some surprise noticed that seeing this was getting her aroused. She didn’t know that Athena’s pleasure while dying had an impact on the magic that summoned her, shifting her psyche. The temptation to start touching herself continued to rise within the silver-haired maiden, until finally she was no longer able to resist it. Pulling her black tights down, she forced a few fingers inside her pussy while moving closer to the corpse and touching it with her other hand.

As she began touching herself, Micaiah dropped into a kneel to get closer to the corpse. She began to feel the corpse up with her other hand - first touching the girl’s heavy breasts, then forcing one finger into the girl’s gaping mouth, then took it out and began to feel up the hole in the back of her head, getting her fingers covered with her blood because of her fingerless gloves. Once she satisfied her curiosity with that hole, she moved the hand down Athena’s body, quickly reaching the girl’s snatch. Pulling the girl’s hand out of it with a wet sploosh, Micaiah raised it to her mouth to taste it, then pushed two of her own fingers inside her. Enjoying the still warm walls of her pussy spasming over her digits, Micaiah moaned in pleasure as she approached her orgasm. Squirting into her tights and the cold stone floor underneath her, she came with a more powerful moan.

She wasn’t done yet, though. She grabbed the device she watched fall out of the girl’s mouth that Micaiah suspected the dead girl used to kill herself. She rubbed it against her clit for a moment, the cold but sticky metal bringing her a ton of pleasure, before forcing it into her own slit. She didn’t know, how it worked, but she assumed it was similar to a crossbow - so she kept her fingers away from the trigger as she buried it all the way inside her. Micaiah didn’t understand, why doing all this was so arousing for her, but she still enjoyed all the pleasure she was feeling - that is, until she heard the door open behind her.

Kiran walked into his room, surprised to see a silver-haired girl on her knees and masturbating. He didn’t recognize her, so he was a bit dumbstruck at first. As the girl turned towards him, and he saw the handle of his summoning gun sticking out of her pussy, and also a body of a girl shot dead behind her, he realized what must have happened - the girl was a heroine summoned after the other girl shot herself. Since he didn’t recognize her, it must have been the first time she was summoned to Askr. With that in mind, the fact that she was feeling up the corpse while touching herself was quite a pleasant surprise.
“Hey there. I’m Kiran, and I act as the tactician for this world’s armies; I am also able to summon heroes from various worlds, including yours. However, I didn’t summon you - it seems that the girl who shot herself with the weapon I use for summonings caused you to be called here. I quite like that you’ve been enjoying yourself already - but I’d like to ask you to leave my room, and give me my gun back. If you’re as skilled in battle as I can see you’re in touching yourself, then I’m sure you’ll prove a valuable asset for us.” Micaiah blushed as she heard Kiran’s words, getting up and pulling the gun out of her. Handing the gun over to Kiran, she was about to pull her tights up, but Kiran stopped her, placing one hand on hers.
“Actually… Seeing you like that has made me quite hard - I’d like you to take care of it.” Micaiah stopped for a moment, considering her options. She didn’t want to have sex with the man she just met, but it seemed that disobeying him like that would be a bad idea. With some reluctance, the branded girl let go of her tights and moved closer to the summoner. Pulling his robes open, she slid onto his cock, granting them both sexual pleasure. She proceeded to ride him until he came inside her, and then backed out.
“Go to the third door on the right - the woman there will assign you a place to go to, as well as question you on your battle skills. Before you leave, can I ask for your name? I already like you.”
“It’s Micaiah.” The girl smiled at him while finally pulling her black tights back onto her ass, feeling the semen and her pusst juices slowly soaking through it. After she left, Kiran grabbed the two parts of the Breidablik and connected them together. Washing the gun to stop it from being sticky, he couldn’t help but wonder. Was it a death-powered summon? Or an orgasm-powered one? Would he be able to take advantage of this version of summoning?

Hinoka was annoyed. Minerva, The girl whose life she had saved when killing Veronica, continued to follow her around everywhere, proclaiming her love for her. From what she said, it seemed that another version of her had been Minerva’s lover in the past. “That doesn’t mean I have to love her as well. Why can’t she understand that?” Hinoka wondered to herself as she tried again to hide herself from the princess of Macedon. Sneaking into one of the unused rooms in the castle, the Hoshidian princess felt frustrated as she heard the door opening behind her again.

“I told you already, stop foll-” Hinoka turned to face who she assumed was Minerva, but instead saw a girl with long, blonde hair, wearing black armor. She recalled seeing the girl during the battle - she was an archer, and she saved her from a bunch of Emblian soldiers while going on her rampage.

“You… you saved my life. I owe you a debt now. I am an assassin - if you want me to kill someone, just tell me and I’ll do it.” Clarisse forced the words past her lips, looking away from Hinoka as she spoke. Hinoka looked at her, seeing a perfect way to alleviate some of her frustration that Minerva had caused her.
“Anyone is fair game?” She asked, grabbing hold of her lance.
“With the exception of the summoner, yes.” Clarisse answered, still looking away from her.
“Then how about instead of having you kill someone, I just take your life myself?” Hinoka asked, feeling quite adventurous.
“My life… I’m not…” Clarisse closed her eyes, her hand clenching into fists. With a somewhat sad smile, she spoke again. “Do what you want to do.”
Immediately charging at the girl, Hinoka went straight for the girl’s head. The blade of her weapon easily sliced through her neck, clearly cutting the girl’s head off. Hinoka didn’t even wait for it to fall to the ground, slicing at the girl’s clothes with it. A downwards slice down the middle, through the seam where two sides of her battle armor connected, and the armor joined Clarisse’s head in falling to the ground, Clarisse’s chest covered only by her bra now.

The blonde’s body collapsed with her ass sticking up in the air, the skirt flopping over and revealing the girl’s panties. Hinoka approached the corpse, and tore these panties away. She got to her knees behind it, and buried her face between the girl’s asscheeks. She explored her anus and her spasming, dying pussy with her tongue as she forced one hand under the front flap of her own skirt and tugged her panties to the side. The pink-haired girl shoved a few fingers up her pussy as she continued to eat the dying corpse out. With this being her first time being able to enjoy herself while playing with a corpse after becoming aware of her sadistic tendencies, Hinoka didn’t last long. She moaned against Clarisse’s ass as she shook in her orgasm, but she was far from being done with the corpse.

Flipping it over, Hinoka took hold of Clarisse’s large breasts. After removing her red bra, Hinoka massaged the corpse’s breasts a bit. However, looking at them made her jealous. She was quite self-conscious on the point of how small her own breasts were, and in that jealousy-fueled rage, she grabbed her spear and started slicing away at those huge tits. When she was done, Hinoka reduced them to just a pile of cut-up meat and fat. As her rage left her, her arousal came back. Grabbing hold of Clarisse’s head that she ignored until now, she forced it between her strong thighs and began to rub her pussy against the sniper’s dead lips.

To her annoyance, she could hear the door opening again. This time, she was certain that it was Minerva.
“Lyn? Are you here, love?” Kiran called out to the empty room. He’d been searching for Lyn for the past hour, but it was as if his lover had simply disappeared. Taking a look at the room, he saw a corpse on the ground, and a woman with a head pushed in between her thighs. She had stopped riding it for now, but it was quite obvious what he just interrupted. Giving the girl a closer look, he recognized her as Hinoka - and the dead girl was Clarisse.

“Oh, Hinoka. I’ve actually been searching for you - I wanted to congratulate you on killing Veronica. The Emblian princess was a fearsome foe, and you’ve done us all a favor by ending her life. We’re all in your debt because of that. With that being said…” Kiran walked closer, and picked Hinoka’s spear from the ground as she watched him with a mixture of fascination and fear.
“With that being said, I really dislike that you’ve killed Clarisse. Summoning her wasn’t an easy feat, since my normal magic can’t reach her.” Raising the weapon towards Hinoka’s neck, she was able to feel the touch of her blood-covered weapon against her neck.
“If anyone else killed her, I’d have killed them now for this. But you’re different… I’m going to let you live now. However, the next time this happens…” Kiran pushed the blade into her skin, opening a small cut on the side of her neck. “I might not be as merciful then.”
Letting go of the weapon, he took his leave. On his way out, he could her Hinoka crying out in orgasmic pleasure - was it because of his words?

The bleeding wound in her neck combined with the pleasure already stocked up in her before and the quite arousing message behind Kiran’s voice all made her come straight away. If she understood him correctly, he would be okay with her killing other heroines as long as she made sure they were common ones in Askr. Still, she wondered, did his threat also have a part in her orgasm? Giving the summoner more attention in the future might prove to be enjoyable, she decided. That knowledge made her happy for some reason - and so, she didn’t snap at Minerva when the redhead approached her again. Instead, she pretended to accept her love - but in her mind, she knew that it was just a way to use her for her own pleasure. Would she snuff her like she did with Clarisse? Hinoka wasn’t sure yet, but that was one approach she had to consider.

Walking through the castle, Kiran remembered one more spot that he forgot about. The castle’s infirmary. With healing magic all over the place, it usually went unused - heroes would usually just go to a healer they knew and ask them to patch them up. This time, however, he was sure that it was in use - the girl they found after the battle with Surtr was still asleep there. Maybe Lyn went to check up on her? Kiran walked towards it, hoping that Lyn would be there.

Opening the door, he saw that the blonde girl was sitting upright in her bed. As she noticed him, she called out: “Excuse me? Could you tell me where I am? The last thing I remember was escaping through a portal as Surtr of Muspell destroyed my kingdom…”
Kiran approached the girl, and decided to update her on what happened. “I’m Kiran - I’m the tactician and summoner for the Order of Heroes. You’re currently in Askr - and I’ve found you after my forces battled the Ruler of Flame.”
“It was you who saved me? You have my sincerest gratitude. My name is Fjorm… I am... I was...a princess of the Kingdom of Nifl. But now it had all been destroyed by Surtr.” Her face turned to a more dreamy one. “In my country, we have a custom… If someone saves you from being buried under the snow, you owe them a debt… My life is yours, o summoner of Askr.” Her face flushed up with heat, her mind already consumed with lust for the man who saved her life - the customs of her land still strong in her. “If you ever wish to take my body, just do iiiit!” She cried out enthusiastically, reaching out towards him.
However, her hands were slapped out of the way by some green-haired woman. “Hands off my man, slut!” Lyn hissed at the girl, and Fjorm backed out for a moment. “If you try to hit on him again, I’ll kill you!” Lyn screamed at her, and Fjorm collapsed back on her bed. The man she already fell for was taken… What would she do now?

“Kiran… I have something to tell you, love. But not with this bitch listening.” The pair left the infirmary, Lyn holding on tightly to Kiran’s hand as they left. She seemed more possessive of him than usual today.
“You must have noticed me acting weird recently, right? I had a hunch and went to see one of the healers now, and now I know why. Kiran… I’m pregnant!” She announced happily. Kiran felt joy like no other before. “That’s amazing, Lyn!” He called out, pulling her closer and hugging her tightly. After releasing her, he kissed her on the forehead, and put one hand on her belly. “I’m so happy…” Kiran told her, and Lyn nodded back through her happy tears.
“We have an open portal to a world where time flies faster… Most pregnant heroines usually go there. If you wanted, you could also stay there until you give birth, and be able to come back in just a few days of our time.” Lyn nodded again. She was aware that it was the case, and was okay with doing it. “Promise you’ll visit me!” The Sacean girl called out, and Kiran embraced her again. “Don’t worry, I will.”


>>13099 Those certainly were interesting. I think your hangings when they are consensual or performance hangings are when they are the best.


>>13110 Thanks, happy you enjoyed it :) That seems to be the case, though it just might be because characters who were hanged like this were ones I happened to like more, giving their scenes more attention? More hanging are coming in the future, so we shall see then.
>>13010 One Morgan having her brains fucked coming up as requested :D

Anyone else ever wondered what happens to the rest of your team in a GHB/BHB after the first unit dies and you receive a game over? Here's my take on what happens afterwards :D
One of the scenes here was inspired by Veiled's drawing again

Chapter 19: Failing a GHB: Possessed Takumi

tags: non-con, M/F, asphyxiation, impaling, beheading, brainfuck, shooting

Kiran looked over the list of heroes, deep in thoughts. With Clair and Elincia both killing themselves, his main flier squad was down to half of it’s normal size. Of course, another Clair could replace the dead one, but he wished to give another heroine a chance. He tried to focus on this, but his mind was filled with thoughts on how Lyn was doing. Her words, even if very happy, still left him very shocked, and he was still thinking about them. Unable to concentrate, he just decided to add two of the most recently summoned fliers to the team: Female Morgan and Tana. He didn’t give much thought to where he sent the girls to - sure that Corrin and Azura would be able to take on anything that was sent their way.

Azura adjusted the hem of her kimono, then climbed atop her pegasus. Looking over to Corrin, she sighed after seeing that her cousin was still dressed in a swimsuit. She tried to convince her countless times to wear clothes that would provide some more safety during battles, but the dragon girl just ignored her on that. “Then again, my outfit isn’t that well-cut for battle either.” The flapping of wings alerted her that the two women joining them on this mission were approaching as well. Morgan was a mage just like Corrin, but she flew on a pegasus - a black one. Tana carried a beautifully-crafted lance, and she flew on top of a white pegasus. “Is everyone ready?” Azura asked, and after hearing a confirmation, the four riders flew through the portal one after another.

Emerging from the portal on the other side, the four airborne women looked around to assess the situation. With some surprise, Azura realized that she recognized the place: It was the Hoshidian throne room. She doubted Corrin would recognize it, though - she didn’t take a longer look at it back in their world, and it was now twisted with some powerful magic. Between the demolished walls, the crumbling columns and the purple residue filling up the sides of the room, she barely recognized it herself. Looking at the soldiers on the ground beneath them, they didn’t seem very strong - however, their numbers seemed quite worrisome. Azura decided not to let the others know that she knew this place - she felt it would only hurt Corrin, and there was no way that knowledge would help them anyways.

The four fliers moved in a close formation, with Corrin and Morgan raining down hell with their magic. However, for every soldier they struck down, another one appeared from the magical mist on the sides of the room. Azura sensed powerful magic at work, and she instinctively put one hand over her pendant. Should she call upon its magic to help them? The blue-haired singer considered it briefly. Her magic and her singing were already providing support for the mages, and she didn’t want to waste her power if necessary.

Azura’s thoughts changed as she saw the man standing at the entrance to the room. It was Takumi, the prince of Hoshido - or at least his body. It pained her to see him in a state like that; even if he still haven’t accepted her, they still spent most of their childhoods together in this very castle. She immediately could tell that the archer’s body was possessed by some incredibly powerful force. She shivered as she realized just how powerful the magic taking hold over Takumi was as she noticed a shadowy, purple copy of him just next to him, mimicking his every move. Her pendant began to glow in her hand as she prepared to use it again - she knew that unless she did that, they would all eventually get killed. Even so, she hesitated. If she followed with the spell to grant them the power they needed, the spell would require her life to fuel it. Even if Azura could see a scenario where she would consider this a fair trade-off, this didn’t look like one. They could simply go back to Askr instead - the singer was sure that if she spoke to the summoner, she would be able to explain the situation.

Just as she was about to suggest that they should all retreat, her pegasus was hit with an arrow infused with dark magic. It swayed in the air, wings beating rapidly as it tried to keep flying. The sudden jolt, together with her less-than-stellar way of riding the winged horse - with her kimono, she wasn’t able to sit on it properly, both of her legs on one side of it - caused her to be thrown away from her pegasus. “No! Azura!” Corrin called out, trying to get to her with her wyvern, to save her from falling. However, the white-haired girl wasn’t able to help her friend - Azura was thrown straight at one of the weakened columns. Her breath was taken away by the impact, her hand letting go of the weapon she was holding. The force of her colliding with it was enough to topple the column, and it slowly fell over, bringing her to the ground in a fairly safe way. She was able to watch her pegasus get riddled with more arrows, the lack of a rider to control it making it an easy target. The princess bitterly noted that she also was an easy target now - wearing a kimono that restricted her movement, and without a weapon. It seemed that the enemy soldiers also realized it, approaching the pillar she was on before it finally collapsed.

It brought her to the ground fairly safely, giving her only minor bruises as the pillar fell apart. Azura was already surrounded by enemies, but she knew she couldn’t give up yet. Snatching an axe of one of the dead soldiers off the ground, she tried to turn in place, ready for the first strike that would come at her. She kicked her sandals off her feet, preferring to go barefoot, regretting that she didn’t have the time to remove the socks as well. The Nohrian princess could see spells shooting down from above, crashing into the soldiers, but they pressed on, getting closer to her. The singer struck with her axe at one of the soldiers that jumped towards her, smashing it into his chest. As the man fell over, she pulled the axe out of him, but she could already tell another man was behind her. She turned around, knowing she wouldn’t be fast enough - and a cross-slice caught her in her chest. Starting at her left shoulder, it reached all the way to her right hip. The kimono shielded her from most of the strike, but it was cut in the process. She struck out at the man, as the kimono started sliding off the front of her body. Her flat belly was exposed, but she placed one hand to keep it in place around her hip. The upper part still managed to stay on her. Holding the axe in one hand, she lashed out against another of the soldiers. However, he smashed his axe into hers in mid-air, and because she was holding onto it with just one hand, her grip wasn’t that strong and the axe was forced out of her hands. With nothing to protect herself with, Azura grasped her pendant again. Opening her mouth, she began to sing, calling on the forbidden power it held. A strong slice across her chest cut her hand in half, cutting through the cloth wrapped around her that it was fastened to, and the pendant flew away as droplets of her blood were thrown up. The force of the strike pushed her back into another soldier, who lashed out at her as well, cutting through the back of her kimono and opening another wound in her once flawless skin.

Her clothing began to fall towards the ground in shreds, as she was no longer able to keep it in place. She remained in her white undershirt, thong and socks as the soldiers restrained her. Looking up at the other fliers, she could tell how distressed they all were about this situation - she understood that they were no longer able to hit the soldiers with their spells, unless they risked hitting her as well. Because of that, they could only watch as the situation underneath them unfolded.
Azura felt the rough hands reaching for her chest. She closed her golden eyes as she felt the cloth over them being torn away, her average breasts already filling the soldier’s hands. She knew the soldiers couldn’t kill her or they would lose the protection from the deadly magic from above, but that gave her little comfort as another pair of hands tore her thong off as well, and she felt heavy fingers forcing themselves into her snatch. She squirmed under the soldier’s touch, until they all moved back a bit, just staring at her naked form for a moment. They discussed something, and Azura’s face turned bright red when she realized they were settling on an order in which they would rape her. Once they were done, two soldiers approached her. They forced her to the ground, with one forcing himself into her pussy while the other pushed his cock into her mouth.

She gained no pleasure as they filled her with their meat, but tears flashed in her eyes. This felt so wrong… She was supposed to pleasure men with her mouth, but it was supposed to be her singing doing the job, not it being used as a hole for a dick. Still, since she had no way to resist now, she was forced to endure it as cock after cock were pushed deep into her throat, rounds of semen shooting into her stomach, as well as into her womb and up her asshole. In fact, Azura found the ones in her mouth far more problematic than the men attacking her lower body. She found it impossible to breathe as the men filled her up, and was thankful for the short moments of respite as one man changed for another, hungrily breathing in as much as she could. Still, the asphyxiation was slowly getting to her. Her head was starting to feel heavy, her lungs slowly starting to hurt her more and more. She wondered if there was any way her teammates would be able to save her, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to last much longer like this.

“No! I can’t do this! I won’t abandon Azura!” Corrin called out, glaring angrily at Morgan. “Please, listen to me! I know that it’ll be hard for you, but there’s nothing we can do for her now. We need to save ourselves now.” The young tactician tried her best to speak gently. “I really thought of everything we could possibly do now. I’m really sorry, but we can’t help her…” Regret showed up in her voice as she said that, but it seemed that her words finally convinced Corrin. Tears ran freely from her red eyes as the dragon princess looked down towards her best friend. “Sorry, Azura…” She muttered softly, then the three girls began to fly back towards the portal.

Takumi watched as the three flying girls flew away. He wasn’t able to hit any of them with an arrow - the shot that brought Azura down was a lucky one. If he was fully himself, that shot wouldn’t have been hard, but with a spirit holding control of his body, that was impossible. With Azura’s friends abandoning her, he had no more use for the girl. He felt no remorse ordering his soldiers to kill the woman he knew for most of his life. As for the other three girls, he already had something planned for them as well. With a maniacal laughter, he began to gather energy for an magical attack...

Azura felt another man release his load into her mouth. She was at her edge now, desperately awaiting the moment he would withdraw. However, that didn’t happen. Her eyes bulged as he grabbed her head by her headband, slamming his full length into her. His balls slapped her on her semen-covered chin as her face was pressed against his stomach. She began to hit him on the chest with her hands, trying as she could to force him away. However, she didn’t succeed. Unable to breathe, she continued to choke as the man showed no intention of letting her go. She was vaguely aware that her lower body was twitching again, her legs spasming around. Her pussy was filled with yet another load, with her dying squeezes forcing a load from that man far quicker than usually. Her face slowly turned a darker shade of purple as her body began going limp. Her chest was about to explode, and her entire body started shaking. “Please… Let Corrin escape…” She thought of her cousin one final time before her body went limp.

The man that choked her to her death on his cock continued to keep her on it for some more time, until he was sure that the singer was dead. He let her drop to the ground. Her now slack lips, once home to powerful chants and marvelous songs, opened again, leaking out semen and drool. Another soldier quickly filled them up again. Yet another soldier grabbed some of her long, light-blue hair, and began jerking off using it. Some soldier cut off both of her feet, and started to rub them against his cock after taking her socks off. Her shapely ass was still an alluring sight - she kept training to keep it in shape for her dance performances, and even if she couldn’t dance anymore, it was still arousing enough that the man filled her up. The man continued to use Azura’s corpse while staring at the three girls that were flying off, wondering if they would get to rape them as well.

Just as Corrin, Morgan and Tana reached the portal, it closed before their eyes. The magic holding it in place required for all four of them to be alive - not that the girls knew about this.
“What… What do we do now?” Tana called out in a panicked voice. Morgan stared at the space where the portal was for a moment, quickly analyzing their predicament. “All I can think off… Is going back and killing that guy. Sorry I can’t think of anything else…” Morgan answered after a few more moments, wishing her father was there to help her. “He would have came up with something better than this…” The dark-haired girl thought to herself while making her pegasus turn around, the three of them flying across the room again. They were careful to avoid Takumi’s arrows, and soon they were over the main group of enemy soldiers again, casting spells to reduce their numbers. Corrin could see Azura’s lifeless corpse being ravaged by the soldiers, and her heart was filled with remorse. She saw herself as a leader, yet she failed to protect one the dearest to her...

Takumi grinned while looking at the three girls approaching him. It was time. Letting go all of all the energy he was building up, he released it in a dark wave that flew straight at the trio in the air. There was no time to avoid it, no way to protect themselves. Their wyverns and pegasus took the brunt of it, but the riders were also stunned by the magic. Even if they weren’t, there would be no way to stay in the air after this, and so all three of them started to fall out of the air. He watched as groups of soldiers hurried towards the spots the girls would touch down at, eager to pay them back for the deaths they had inflicted on them.

Tana’s pegasus stopped her from suffering much damage from the fall. The dark magic hit her the hardest, holes torn in both her high boots and her pink jacket. Because of that, she didn’t have the strength to resist when the soldiers pulled her down from her winged horse. The Vidofnir was pulled out of her hands as the soldiers spread her on the ground in front of them. The rough hands pulling at the front of her dress exposed her massive tits to the room’s cold, steeped with dark magic air, her nipples going fully erect when the men began playing with them. As the skirt she wore on the lower half of her body was also pulled away, her hairless slit revealed to all. The fingers touching her there finally brought out an reaction from her. Even without a weapon, she tried to struggle, her strength quite enough to hurt the soldiers around her with punches and kicks. The soldiers weren’t happy with that. Forcing her arms to the side, they realized that was just a temporary solution - no one would want to stand there holding her like that the entire time. The first of the soldiers forced her back to her legs, his prick slamming into her pussy, tears starting to come out of her eyes. Soldiers holding her elbows forced two lances into the ground, with their tips pointing up while coming from the ground at an moderate angle.

Tana couldn’t tell what they were doing, forced to endure a man playing with her huge breasts while pounding her cunt. Because of that, the sudden pain spiking in her elbows was a complete surprise for her. Her arms were impaled on the lances, making her unable to move them without terrible pain going through them - the bloodied tips clearly visible to her when she turned her head around. Even so, her body still shook in pain, bringing the man raping her extra pleasure as her inner walls squeezed him harder. To only enhance her pain and humiliation, she felt the man fucking her release his hot load inside her. As another man replaced him, the soldiers realized that this position was pretty bad for them. Her head was too high for them to use, and angle at which her body was only allowed for one man to use her pussy. The soldiers decided it was time to make better use of her body. Lifting her lance off the ground, one of the soldiers approached her from behind, then stabbed her straight through her back. Her eyes bulged, one of them rolling upwards as the lance left her body just beneath her breasts. She was clearly able to stare at the bloodied tip emerging from the hole, another round of pain shaking her entire body. Still, the lance wasn’t enough to kill the princess of Frelia. Even with her own spear sticking out of her body, she was still fully conscious, able to feel the hard pounding her pussy was receiving.

That was just the first part of the soldiers’ plan, though. A pair of soldiers approached her next. One grabbed her head by her ponytail, pulling it backwards. She stared straight into his face as he made her stretch her head to the back, her neck clearly visible to the other soldier. He lifted his sword, and immediately slashed down, cutting it off in one clean slice. The man raping her cunt called out in orgasmic release, her deathly spasms bringing him off as a fountain of blood erupted from her neck stump. However, it was quickly stopped by the man who beheaded Tana, his cock sliding down the hole in her neck as he forced her body further down the three lances. The man who was holding her head lifted it to his mouth, the braids on the side of her face hitting him on his as he pressed the head’s lips against his, exploring the blue-haired girl’s mouth with his tongue. Once he was satisfied with the kiss, he lowered the head onto his cock, sliding it into her severed esophagus. After the tip of his cock emerged out of her mouth, he began jerking himself off using her throat as a cocksleeve. As the head was pulled up and down on his cock, her tongue slid out of her mouth - and served as the receiver for most of his cum when he came, his cock half-way through her throat when he did. He passed the head to another soldier, who proceeded to use it more conventionally. After the soldiers all were done with it, the final soldier pushed the tip of Vidofnir up Tana’s neck, placing it just over her breasts. The head completed the picture of abuse and rape that she had endured, its dead gaze watching over her thoroughly used pussy.

Morgan’s senses returned to her at the shock of hitting the ground. It seemed that her mount had given her one last service, landing against one of the columns. With the column protecting the black-haired tactician’s back, she was able to cast magic fairly safely at the oncoming soldiers, sitting on top of the pegasus's corpse. While she was doing that, her brain was working extra fast, trying to come up with a solution. However, she saw no scenario where they would survive that. And as Morgan saw Tana’s headless corpse being raped, she began feeling more and more desperate. She was the daughter of the genius tactician Robin! She was supposed to come up with flawless strategies! She had to protect everyone, not let them die like this! She wouldn’t die like this as well! She still had so much to learn! She wouldn’t die on the battle-

With how sure she was that the pillar behind her would protect her, Morgan had forgotten to watch her back. That proved to be a fatal mistake for her as one of the soldiers climbed up the run-down pillar, and jumped at her from behind. He tried to swing his sword towards her head as he flew through the air, and his blade reached the top of her head. As he landed on top of her pegasus, a slice from the back of her head slid off it and fell onto him - hair, skin and a part of her skull all neatly cut off, her brain exposed to the cold air. The soldier watched with fascination as the slightest scrap of her brain slowly slid out as well.

Morgan’s spellbook fell out of her hand as her fingers suddenly opened up. Her entire body suddenly felt heavy - she tried to support herself with one hand, leaning on to rest on the neck of her dark pegasus. It required far much more effort than ever before. What was happening to her? The pain in the back of her head was telling her that she must have been ambushed. She cursed herself for being so trusting of the pillar. Before she could do anything else, she felt hands grabbing her shoulders and pulling her down from the pegasus. The soldiers laid her on the ground on her ground, with one laying her head in his lap. Morgan was barely aware that the other men tore out the grey part of her outfit, the one covering her small, yet perky breasts. For some reason, it didn’t bother her that much - she found herself being impossible to care about it. She barely even registered that her black, skin tight dress had been torn off around her well-pronounced hips - and that her virginity was taken by one of the soldiers. Her mind could register some sounds of cloth being moved behind her. A twitch went through her body when she felt something hard and wet rub against the exposed part of her brain. Her entire body shook when the soldier who brought her down forced his cock into her head, turning more of her brain into minced meat as his dick pierced through it. Morgan’s body started to twitch, uncontrollably, her tongue lolling out of her mouth. Her once cute face was twisted with a mindless expression as drool began leaking out of it. Her bladder released as well, earning a groan of disgust from the man currently fucking her. Her mind was a complete mess - she was unable to form any articulate thoughts. All that remained was pain - and the feeling of regret. Morgan found herself slipping away into death very soon - if she was able to think, she’d welcome it as salvation from her pain.

“Oh, sweetie, you’re not getting away so easily - not after your magic killed so many of us!” A woman’s voice suddenly called out, and clarity returned to Morgan’s mind. She could instantly tell that her body had been healed with magic - but by who? She was unable to turn her head much - the man plowing her brain was still going at it, and he kept her head looking straight ahead - but she still could see a woman in black robes wielding a staff in the corner of her eye. She realized that it was a simple cleric - one of the many she had seen employed in the enemy army after coming to Askr. It was obvious that it was her who spoke out to her, especially that her staff was still glowing, signalling that the girl was still keeping her magic going… Morgan realized with horror what that meant as the man behind her released a load into her brain. That cleric intended to give her as much pain as she could through keeping her alive. Tears flashed in her eyes as she realized that. The pain was already almost unbearable - how was she going to endure it for Naga knew how long?

Fully aware of what was happening to her body, Morgan was able to tell just how much it hurt as man after man switched places fucking her young cunt. They were very rough with her, considering her reactions once they came back an additional turn-on. Her breasts were roughly tugged at by the men, her nipples pinched and squeezed. Some of the men took out their frustration on her in a different way, cutting at her with their weapons or just punching her with their fists. However, all these minor injuries were immediately healed by the woman standing nearby, who watched it all enfold with a sadistic grin. She had one hand forced into her robes, touching herself furiously while keeping the magic going with the staff she held in her other hand. By the time the healer finally released the spell over her, both Morgan’s womb and her skull were overflowing with semen. All that remained of her was a portion of minced meat, filling up her skull and sticking to the cocks of the men - most of who wiped it away into her hair. Her death didn’t stop them from using her body - Morgan’s corpse was still in use hours later, her ass and mouth receiving their fair share of dick they deserved.

Before she hit the ground, Corrin was able to shake off the magic, and she forced her wyvern to angle a bit upwards, gliding towards Takumi. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to defeat her brother, but it was the only thing she could try now. Jumping off her wyvern, she watched as Takumi split in two, one body rolling to one side while a shadowy, magic-infused copy of him rolled in another. Her dying mount passed harmlessly between them. Corrin landed gracefully, her bare feet touching the cold floor, sending a shiver up her spine. The flowery wreath she wore around her neck was thrown off during the landing. Corrin watched it fall away with some sadness, but she quickly got herself together - she had more important matters on her head. Readying her magic tome, she shifted on her feet while looking towards the Takumis again - ready to move if they got too close to her. Corrin knew she had to tread carefully, not to step into a pool infused with the dark magic - but that didn’t stop the swimsuit-clad woman from casting spell after spell in the direction of her brother’s two bodies. She grew more and more frustrated as not even one of her glowing blue swords connected with its target, and with each missed spell they were able to get closer to her. Fear stirred up in her as the two archers reached her, wondering for a moment why hadn’t they just shot her. She shivered as she remembered what happened to Azura - was this Takumi also going to use her body like this? She almost wished for a quick death instead as two pairs of hands grabbed her, her tome knocked away - falling to the ground between the twin Skadis both Takumis carried.

Suddenly helpless, Corrin briefly considered transforming into a dragon - but without a dragonstone to help her, she couldn’t safely access that power. She regretted getting so dependant on the gift Azura gave her while the illusory hands grabbed at the white top of her swimsuit. Her huge breasts bounced free, her nipples instantly erect as the magic in the air got to them, before rough fingers tarnished her perfect round mammaries. The fingers of the copy run through her body while immaterial, then materialize again - halfway submerged into her breasts. The sudden overlapping of the flesh caused her quite the pain while the illusion pulled its hands back, stretching her tits forward before tearing chunks of flesh out of them. “Takumi, please!” She called out, hoping her voice would cause her possessed brother to snap out of it. It didn’t work, and both Takumis’ attention now turned to her lower body. The half-material fingers ran down her belly, tearing out more chunks of her flesh along the way, until they reached the white skirt she used as the bottom of her swimsuit.

The wavy skirt didn’t last even a moment as it was torn off with inhuman strength. Her hairless snatch was uncovered to both Takumis. Corrin closed her eyes to hide her embarrassment, a blush showing up on her face. Her full hips shook as the copy clapped her bare ass, her buttocks trebling. The hand then submerged into one of them, and yet another piece of flesh was torn out of her body. Corrin screamed out in pain while the real Takumi freed his cock from his clothes. His throbbing member was also engulfed in a purple mist that surrounded his entire body. “Brother, please don’t do this!” Corrin called out as she saw it. Her pleas fell on deaf ears, and his cock entered her snatch - without him paying any attention that it was his sister who he was raping.

Corrin winced in discomfort as he felt him fill her up. She could feel the dark magic slowly eating away at the walls of her vagina. It was sapping away any pleasure she might have otherwise felt from this. Takumi’s cock rammed against her cervix, but within a few pushes he was able to force its way through. Her womb was forced to absorb the dark energy as well as he did that, and Corrin couldn’t help but wonder - if she got pregnant from this, would this magic take hold of her child as well?

A rough hand grabbing her by her shoulders brought her back to reality. The copy was forcing her to bend backwards, and Corrin complied for as long as she could. When she reached a point when her back was about to snap, she stopped - but the pressure on her shoulders continued. Lifting her legs off the ground, she wrapped her legs around the real Takumi’s waist - his hands grabbed her by her waist as well, keeping her from falling. It let her bend backwards just as the copy wanted, until she was in an almost horizontal position. That allowed the copy to force its own dick into her mouth - Corrin could only hope that it wouldn’t phase through her head while doing that. The two Takumis continued to both fuck her, thrusting it and out of her in perfect sync. Corrin was only happy that because of the cock in her mouth being only half-solid, she was able to breathe through it - meaning she wouldn’t die the same way Azura did. Eventually, she could feel dark energy flowing into her body along with Takumi’s semen - her womb was filled to the brink with it, her once belly bulging outwards. The copy followed suit soon after, and as they withdrew Corrin fell to the ground, her mouth and pussy both leaking purple-colored semen.

Since the white-haired girl was free from their control for a moment, she considered crawling away. However, the ground all around her had patches of purple magic all over it - making it unable for her to go for it. Corrin doubted that would have helped her anyways. And as she saw both Takumis lifting both Skadis from the ground and walking back towards her, all hope left her body.
“Takumi, please! It’s me! Corrin! I’m your sister! Don’t kill me, please!” She tried to beg him to spare her one more time, but her words failed to get any reaction from him. The Hoshidian prince and his copy both pulled on the strings of their bows, two dark-infused arrows stabbing into her body almost instantly - one hit her in her belly, while the other pierced one of her breasts. She was speared to the ground with them, while the Takumis readied another pair of arrows. Her cunt received another load of shadow energy as it was pierced with an arrow, while the second arrow went directly into her throat. That proved to be the most damaging to her, Corrin coughing out blood as her esophagus got skewered. She was still alive when the final pair of arrows reached her, one sinking directly into her brain while the other claimed her heart.

With their final enemy dead, both Takumis merged back into one, who then proceeded to fuck Corrin’s yet unused anus. Soldiers who eventually got bored of the other three girls joined him in using Corrin’s body as well, the hole in her throat providing a more unique experience when using her mouth. Takumi, however, didn’t go and check up on the other three corpses - Corrin’s body was all that he wanted.


First death here's con, the other are non-con

Chapter 20: Caeda's Spring Wedding

tags: con, non-con, M/F, impalement, roasting, debreasting, brainfuck, beheading

Catria blushed heavily as she and her sisters neared the firepits. “I can’t believe I let you both talk me into this.” She commented, while holding one hand over her cleavage, exposed by her hare outfit. “Oh don’t make a fuss now, you wanted this too!” Est called out to her, and Palla nodded. “She’s right you know. And I think that’s admirable that you found the strength to do this…” Palla stopped for a moment, lost in thoughts. Both of her sisters were dressed in outfits similar to hers, but it was she who would soon be taking most of it off. The blue-haired Whitewing shivered as she remembered, what she was going to do: She would become the meal for Marth and Caeda’s wedding.

After finding out that the man she loved and his lover were finally to be wed, Catria finally gave in and confided to her sisters about her unrequited crush and the pain she was in. Any hopes she had of ever getting him to love her back were now over. She knew she had to stay strong, but it was just so hard for her! Both of her sisters had come together to come up with some idea to cheer her up. After some quick brainstorming, interrupted by Catria’s suicidal outcries, Est came up with this idea: Catria could offer her body up for the feast at the wedding. She’d get to bring a smile to the face of the man she loved, along with countless other people - and she wouldn’t have to live with a broken heart. Even if initially Catria was outraged by the suggestion, after giving it some more thought she realized that it was perfect. And so, now they were there, about to get started on it. The rabbit outfits were suggested to them by Sharena, who was in charge of organizing some of the wedding. Seeing her on the way to the cooking place, they were able to see that the Askrian princess also dressed like that - a striking contrast to what the other bridesmaid, Lissa of Ylisse, was wearing. The blonde girl argued that she, as a descendant of Marth and Caeda from the far-away future, should be allowed to become one as well, and they had no reason to disagree. That woman was wearing a fancy dress - one she originally gotten for the winter festival. Even if that dress was in contrast with what most of the people wore, the sisters all agreed that she looked beautiful in it.

Stopping in front of one of the pits, Catria grabbed one of the straps on her shoulder that kept the cleavage of her outfit in place. She laughed for a moment - dressing up like that was also an achievement for her, and it required all three of them to get the outfits prepared perfectly, only for her to strip out of it almost immediately. As one strap fell off, so did the piece of dark cloth that covered her left breast in place. She did the same with the other one, trying to ignore Est’s hungry stare. She placed her hand on these fallen put parts, then changed her mind. She was not going to die naked - she didn't want the outfit to waste yet.

After telling that to both of her sisters, Palla agreed and took of in search of a fire mage. She returned some time later, her face and tits covered with semen as she lead a man behind her. He blessed Catria’s outfit with increased resistance to fire, but at the same time had it so that the head was able to go through it without any problems - letting her still wear it for her roasting. After groping her tits for a moment, the mage also cast a spell on her that would help with the roasting - meaning that her body didn’t need to be prepared, ready to be put over the flames. Catria decided to leave her breasts exposed as they were, then climbed onto one of the preparatory tables. There was one element that couldn't be skipped. Spreading her legs widely and lifting the front flap of her skirt, Catria waited for her sisters to drive the rod she would roast on into her body.

Palla grabbed her hand and held onto it while Est lifted a spit from the preparatory table, and then her younger sister shoved the tip into her pussy. A trickle of blood emerged from it as the metal tore through her hymen, earning a chuckle from the pink-haired girl. After Catria gave her a reassuring nod, Est pushed it further in. Catria felt a bit aroused, stimulated by the cold metal that rubbed against her inner walls while moving them to the side. She did her best not to scream when the tip made its way past her cervix, requiring a stronger shove from Est to get through it. Catria squeezed Palla’s hand with titanic strength when the rod reached the end of her womb, steeling herself for what was to come. Est took a moment to adjust the angle, then in one quick move pushed the rod all the way in.

The rod slid through her body, Catria barely managing to twist her head upwards so that the tip came out of her mouth. The pain was quite intense, but Est managed not to hit anything major on the way up, so she was in no danger of immediately dying. Unable to move her head or even speak, she was unable to thank Est for her work. However, Catria was sure Est knew just how thankful she was - after all, they knew each other quite well. With some sadness she felt Palla wringing her hands out of hers, her fingers still clamped down on the ones of her older sister before she managed to pull them free. Moving Catria’s hands to the spit, Palla tied them together with it so that they wouldn’t fall into the fire. On the other side, she could see Est doing the same with Catria’s legs that were covered in blue socks. Once they were finished with that, the green-haired woman grabbed one end of the spit, while Est took the other, and together they lifted their sister off the table. Carrying Catria over to the fireplace, they placed her over it, the flames quickly getting to work on her.

As Est looked at her sister’s slowly browning body, she decided it was missing something. Picking a carrot from one of the other tables, she walked to where the spit entered Catria’s body, then rotated it so that she was facing downwards. Moving the coat with a bunny tail and a floppy white skirt out of the way, Est groped the already warm ass for a second. Pulling her ass cheeks to the side, she then forced the carrot into Catria’s anus. Her sister started thrashing on the spit in visible discomfort, but Est continued until almost all of it was buried inside her anus. Satisfied with this, she took a step back to watch all of Catria’s body roast while Palla continued to rotate the body, making sure that all of their sister’s meat would be evenly roasted. Est’s hands played with the crotch of her bunny outfit while her sister was slowly turned into a piece of meat. Catria couldn’t do much once on the spit, heat and pain spreading through her body in waves. From time to time she twitched on the spit, or let out an unintelligible moan, but that was all the middle Whitewing could do.

Eventually, the aroma of her own meat filled her nostrils. Catria breathed in, ignoring the smoke that she also inhaled. Somehow, she could feel her mouth watering as she wondered if her body was going to taste good. Would Marth like what she did for him? Her heart fluttered as she thought that, in its final loving excitement. That thrill stayed with her even as her sister took her away from the flames, placing her steaming body back on the table. She couldn’t tell what was happening to her, her nerves fried, so she didn’t know that Palla had removed most of the clothes Catria kept before the roasting. However, from the sounds of cut flesh Catria could tell that Palla was busy cutting out fragments of her meat. With more and more of her flesh gone, blood poured out of her in streams. That additional strain along with the exhaustion of being roasted was enough to finish her off. Palla missed the moment she died, focused on carving out the perfect piece of her sister’s flesh with each cut. However, Est managed to see the exact moment it happened, and she cried out in orgasmic pleasure as she saw that. After calming down, she waited for Palla to finish cutting Catria up, and after they both got a taste of Catria’s body, left it there, ready for the wedding.

Kagero sighed. She adjusted the top of her bunny suit, because her voluptuous breasts almost slipped out of it again. Why did she agree to wear this outfit anyways? It was not as if she would take part in the celebration, only being there as part of the security in case they got attacked. They offered her a pegasus to fly around on, but she turned them down. She wasn’t too convinced that an attack would happen anyways - but she tried her best to remain vigilant. She could feel the warm spring breeze going over her body while she walked around patrolling. She stopped for a moment, her breasts bouncing and one of them freeing itself from the black piece of cloth that barely covered it. The ninja was only glad that there was no one around her too see that it was happening - and wondered if Sharena gave her an outfit that was too small for her on purpose. Struggling to pull it back onto her breasts, she dropped her guard for a moment - and missed the moment a portal opened behind her.

Emblian soldiers began to pour out of it immediately, and once Kagero was done with her outfit she found herself surrounded by soldiers. Grabbing her carrot-shaped daggers tightly, the ninja immediately sprung to action. Getting close to the soldiers and slicing away through them with her dagger, she watched with horror as wave after wave of soldiers went through the portal. Each strike of her dagger was lethal, the ninja knowing exactly where to attack to kill in one hit. Still, she noted that her moves were more sloppier than usual - was that the clothes’ fault? She paid no mind to that as she danced around the enemies, avoiding their attacks with ease. The Hoshidian woman laughed as she sliced the throat of another of the opposing soldiers, but that turned into annoyance as her tits bounced free again.

Kagero took a moment to adjust her outfit again, then she realized that this was a bad idea in the middle of the battlefield, her breasts still uncovered . She instinctively dodged to one side, and that was the only thing that saved her life. A sword cut through the front of her outfit, cutting through her black tights, but as small wound was better than getting impaled through her abdomen. Still, that moment of relief for the soldiers attacking her gave them a moment to group up, and Kagero now had troubles attacking them as easily as before. Their constantly increasing numbers eventually proved too much for her, two slices from both sides towards her arms making her let go of her carrot daggers. Without a weapon, she still tried to fight using her fists, but the soldiers were able to overpower her easily, restricting her.

“Kill me quickly.” The ninja asked, knowing that she had failed. However, the soldiers weren’t in mood for that. She had killed quite a few of them, and her breasts were quite the arousing sight either way. One of them sliced at her crotch again, removing the already damaged part of her tights from there, uncovering her pussy to join her tits. As the man penetrated her, other soldiers started working on her breasts - their mouths and hand giving each of Kagero’s magnificent mammaries their share of attention. The ninja squirmed under the men’s touch, while watching a huge group of soldiers head towards where the wedding was to take place. “Don’t worry slut, they will all join you soon enough.” One of the soldiers told her as he released his load inside her. Some of the soldiers surrounding her couldn’t wait for their turn, and they jerked off, covering her boobs with their semen. The abuse continued for some more time, until the soldiers decided they’ve gotten bored with simply using Kagero’s body.

The soldiers all agreed that they shouldn’t kill her straight away. One of them brandished her sword, while another started to pull on one of her breasts. Kagero’s eyes widened in surprise as she watched their actions, but before she managed to piece what they were doing, the soldier sliced down with the sword. Her massive breasts was cut off, and Kagero let out a loud scream, her voice filled with pain. As one of her breasts fell to the ground, the hands moved to the other one, and another bleeding stump appeared on her chest very soon. Taking away her awe-inspiring breasts was all that it took to break the ninja, the strong-willed woman reduced to a sobbing mess as another soldier started raping her. She could see that a soldier lifted her tits from the ground, and used them to rub against his cock. As Kagero continued to writhe away in pain, the bunny ears on her head continued to sway from one side to another.

She also saw that the soldiers picked her carrot daggers from the ground. Even if she thought she was ready to die, her life already dedicated to serving lord Ryoma, knowing her death would come in such an undignified way terrified the black-haired woman. As the men began stabbing the daggers into her body, her screams’ pitch turned even higher. Her perfect skin was stained with ugly red cut marks as each soldier stabbed her in a different spot, then withdrew to let another soldier continue, and with each stab Kagero screamed out again. Her pussy was twitching madly as her body’s condition rapidly deteriorated because of the bleeding. By the time Kagero died, she was covered in numeros stab wounds. A few more soldiers used her body after her death, and once they were done, they forced her carrots into her fuck holes - one into her pussy, and one into her anus.

“Wow, this dress really looks great on you!” Lissa exclaimed happily after helping Caeda put on her bridal dress. “Thank you. Yours isn’t that bad, either.” Caeda replied, smiling. “Oh, I’m so happy for you!” Sharena exclaimed, the bunny ears of her outfit and her ponytail flapping wildly as she jumped up and down excitedly. She adjusted her headband, the happy expression on her face disappearing. The entrance to the tent they were all in flopped wildly, shaken with wind. Sharena jumped up as sounds of steel crashing against steel and various shouts entered the tent for a moment. She didn’t recall anything like that in the plan, so she became a bit worried. “I’m going outside for a moment, okay?” She smiled apologetically at the other two woman, then hopped to the tent’s front and moved outside.

The sight before her eyes terrified her: the world they were in had been invaded by Emblia. “Oh no… No!” The Askrian princess screamed as her eyes took in the damage. Most of the heroes there have already been defeated, numerous corpses on the ground. She saw some still holding on fighting, and with horror she also saw some heroines being raped. Sharena’s heart sunk as she saw a Palla in a bunny suit mounted by two men, with one of them snapping her neck midway through their rape. Sharena’s body was overcome with desire to help them, even if her instincts were telling her to run. It seemed that the Emblians haven’t noticed her yet - perhaps they have been putting off attacking their tent for now? She didn’t really give that much thought as she grabbed her green-golden egg with both hands, channeling magical energy through it. She unleashed it on one of the soldiers, and watched happily as the magic hit him, knocking him out. Sharena proceeded to attack a few more of the soldiers before someone finally noticed her. One soldier pointed towards her, and a group of Emblians ran towards where she was standing. Sharena tried to get away from them, but didn’t get far before one of the soldiers got to her. Her egg was quickly forced out of her hands, and to make sure she wouldn’t try anything else, the soldiers snapped them both at her elbows. With her arms dangling limply at her sides, Sharena could do nothing but wait as the soldiers prepared to have their way with her.

Her already huge cleavage was pulled open by their rough hands, freeing her tits from their confinement. Sharena’s green eyes filled with fear as she felt them grope her, and she shivered when they moved on to her legs. Huge holes were torn in her white tights, exposing both her pussy and her asshole along with many pieces of skin on her thighs. Further crushing her spirit, Sharena saw that a group of soldiers also entered the tent. She hoped that Caeda and Lissa would fare than her better as both her vaginal and anal virginity were taken by the soldiers. They wasted no time in using her body, and Sharena was quickly filled up. She realized that she seemed to be more popular to these soldiers than the other girls she could see - did the Emblians realize that she was the princess of the nation they were fighting? The angry shouts encouraging them to “kill the Askrian slut” seemed to tell her so as load after load were blown inside her. Breaking into tears as she heard that, Sharena wondered why this happy celebration had to turn into such a death-fest.

Sharena knew that she would turn into another of these deaths soon enough. Still, desperation had risen up in her as she saw one of the soldiers pick her egg up from the ground. “Please, don’t kill me!” She begged as the man approached her. Her sobs and cries continued until the man brought her egg down onto her head with full force. The magically strengthened gold crashed against the top of her head with a loud crack, and the splitting pain coming from that part told Sharena that her skull had been fractured there. It seemed that the man also noticed that, and after moving her ponytail out of the way, he crashed down with the egg again. This time her skull cracked open like a broken egg, caving in as shards of her broken skull and bloody chunks of her brain were thrown into the air, staining what remained of her white-and-gold outfit with bloody red. Sharena’s mind was taken by that blow, but she still remained alive despite that even as her body twitched mindlessly, the exposed chunk of her brain making her body act uncontrollably.

However, that didn’t last for long - the man discarded the egg after creating an opening, and took hold of the rabbit ears on top of her head. He grabbed them as if they were handles - and used these handles to pull her head onto his cock, sliding right into her brain. Sharena’s green eyes rolled back as any last thoughts that might have been forming in her mind were chased away, foam on her lips. Her body would have collapsed lifelessly if not for the men holding on to her, who proceeded to move her into different positions while continuing to enjoy the holes her body was offering them. Bending her broken arms to create more spots that could be used to fuck her corpse, the soldiers wanted to fully disgrace the corpse of one of their main enemies. Her breasts were torn off by angry soldiers, while different soldiers fucked the stumps on her chest they created - Sharena’s heart impaled on one of their cocks. By the time they were finished with her, the only signs that could be used to tell it was her were the golden emblems of Askr on her legs and the cuffs of her suit. Her face was covered with too much blood and semen to be recognizable, and the rest of her body was twisted beyond recognition.

Lissa heard the tent’s flap move open again. “What was it?” She asked, while turning towards who she assumed was Sharena. Seeing a group of Emblian soldiers pour through the entrance instead, Lissa turned around to search for anything she could use as a weapon. Unfortunately for her, all that she could find inside the tent was a heavy golden bell. Lifting it from the table nearby with both of her hands, she positioned herself between the incoming soldiers and Caeda. “Please, get behind me!” She asked the defenceless woman, while waiting for the soldiers to approach her. Her dress’s heavy metallic frame made it hard for her to move quickly, but as the soldiers underestimated her she managed to crush the bell into one of the soldiers, the hit throwing him away with a heavy bruise. The soldiers stopped for a moment, before coming at her again with a more coordinated effort. Even if she struck down the soldier attacking her from one side, she wasn’t able to raise her weapon quickly enough to defend herself. The white part of her dress was stained red as a sword neatly sliced through both of her wrists, cutting both of her hands off and making her drop her makeshift weapon. She stared at the bleeding stumps with surprise as another soldier delivered a heavy blow towards her legs. The metallic frame of her dress saved her legs, but it was shattered by the blow. Sharp spikes of the broken dome stabbed into the flesh of her legs and her abdomen, opening bleeding wounds in her skin.

Lissa screamed in pain, unable to do anything but wait as the men proceeded to slice away at her chest, freeing her breasts from the protection of her dress. The lower part of the dress proved to be quite problematic, but after a few more blows aimed at her abdomen the soldiers managed to create a crack that went across the cross-section of it, letting them pull it away. They still had some more work before getting to Lissa’s most feminine parts - slicing away the white and red clothing. They also had to pull all the broken poles out of her body, leaving bloodied holes and pulling a line of her entrails out of her belly from one of them.

Once that was out of the way, the Emblians finally were able to revel in her body. Without the huge dress to make her look bigger, the girl’s frail form was quite the enticing sight. The breasts, quite huge for her body shape, were quickly grasped by their hands as the men made their way around the remains of her dress and got to her. She could also see some soldiers going towards Caeda, showing her that she failed to protect her ancestor, before her attention was forcibly returned to her own body as soldiers grabbed her by her hand stumps and made her bend over. One soldier filled up her asshole, and he kept rubbing his fingers into the bleeding holes at the end of her arms as he used them as handles to slam his dick further inside her. The man on her other end used her yellow pigtails instead as he pushed his cock further down her throat.

Caeda watched with sadness and acceptance as the Emblians proceeded to ravage Lissa’s body in front of her. It seemed that her dreamed-of wedding would never happen now. If only they decided to just hold the ceremony back in Askr! As the soldiers also approached her, she expected them to subject her to the same fate as Lissa, but after restraining her they seemed to be satisfied with just making her watch. The princess of Talys tried to turn her head away as she saw soldiers switching places at both spots where they used Lissa’s body, but the ones holding her kept her head facing straight forward, hitting her on the sides of her head if she tried to look away. And so, Caeda was fully able to see when one of the soldiers pulled out of Lissa’s mouth, and sliced down on her neck, cutting it off. Caeda’s mind was filled with more horror when she saw that the head was immediately picked up from the ground, and the soldier who took his place at Lissa’s neck forced his cock into her neck stump instead. Caeda felt repulsed as she saw the soldier who picked Lissa’s head up force his cock into her neck hole as well, the tip of it emerging from between her lips. To make it even worse, he then approached Caeda, and the soldiers made her bent forwards as well. The man then pressed his cock against her face, Lissa’s dead lips rubbing against hers while the tip of the man’s cock entered her mouth. Caeda’s insides revolted as that happened, and she almost puked as she felt that. The man proceeded to fuck both of their heads until he was satisfied, his semen shooting into her mouth and onto her face.

Afterwards, Caeda watched for some more time while the soldiers carried on with raping Lissa’s corpse. Aside from that one incident, they mostly left her alone, but she couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was going to join her descendant soon enough.

Eventually, another soldier walked inside the tent. She couldn’t hear much of their conversation, but from what she was able to make out it seemed that most of the wedding guests had either been killed or managed to escape. She could only hope that her Marth was in the second group. After the soldiers finished talking, one of them gestured at the two men guarding her, and they shoved her forward. Caeda sneaked one final look at Lissa’s mangled corpse before the men lead her out of the tent. Walking out of the tent, she could tell that her high-heeled shoe had stepped into something sticky. Letting her gaze drop downwards, Caeda was felt sick again as she saw just what she stepped into. Even if most of Sharena’s body was unrecognizable now, the designs on her clothes made it clear to her that it was the corpse of the Askrian princess. And what made it even worse was that her heel was currently resting straight in the middle of her open skull, submerged in what still remained of the blonde’s brain. Fortunately for her, the soldiers shoved her forward again and that image quickly left her mind - replaced by other bodies that she saw. Even if she knew that her wedding guests were mostly killed, seeing their corpses laid out on the ground in various positions made her insides twist again. Weakness and fear spread through her body, and she allowed the soldiers to led her on until they arrived at the main table. She was able to see remains of Catria’s body on top of it, but most of it had already been devoured away by the soldiers. Her head still remained intact, even if it was sticky with the men’s semen, and Caeda touched her cheek for a moment. “Sorry that your sacrifice ended up being pointless in the end…” She muttered towards it, since the soldiers seemed to be waiting for something. Looking around, it seemed that more and more Emblian soldiers started to gather around the main table, and with some fear Caeda realized that she would be the attraction for them.

After most of the soldiers have arrived at the main table, they proceeded with their plan for Caeda. Her beautiful bridal dress was ripped off from her body, leaving her naked save for her sleeves, her white panties and thighhighs, and a headband that was also white. Caeda fully knew that this was coming at this point, and yet despite that she tried to cover her chest with her arms. They were forcefully pinned at her sides as the men pushed her onto the table. Her lacy panties were tugged to one side to reveal her slit, which soon became filled with one of the soldier’s cocks. Her breasts received some share of the soldier’s attention as well, receiving a small coat of semen from a few of the soldiers who couldn’t wait for their turn at fucking her.

Caeda waited patiently as the soldiers filled her up. To cope with her rape, she tried to imagine that it was Marth who she was making love to, but she knew her fiance had already left this world. Their roughness with her didn’t help her with her fantasizing, since she knew that he would be gentle with her. Still, it was working okay in letting her get through her rape while retaining most of her sanity. Only twin tears running down her cheeks showed just how much pain she was in, even as her body responded to their touch with moans and squirts of her pussy juices. However, her mostly eager reaction to their rape made the soldiers grow bored with her quicker than if she tried to resist. They needed another source of entertainment…

One of the soldiers who already had his turn at using Caeda’s cunt wandered around the now deserted wedding camp until he came across a devastated corpse that piqued his curiosity. It was already far too damaged to be recognizable, so his attention was focused mostly on the golden egg that was on the ground near it. Picking it up from the ground, he examined the brain matter he could see on it, meshing it around with his finger. Weighing the egg in one hand, its size was just enough to give him another idea, and he took the egg back to where Caeda was.

When he returned there, it seemed that other soldiers were getting quite restless. Caeda’s tits were on receiving end of more abuse, and her mouth had also been claimed by the soldiers’ cocks. Still, Caeda was able to watch as he approached her, noticing Sharena’s egg in his hand. It was much bigger than an usual egg in size, its diameter abous as wide as one of her legs. As the soldier currently pounding her blew his load deep inside her pussy, freeing up space between her legs, he replaced him. However, instead of shoving his cock in, he pressed the egg against her snatch. Caeda jumped up as the cold metal touched against her womanhood, it being the first new sensation she felt in hours. The constant sex left her worn out, her pussy stretched wide open with all the cocks she had to take in. Still, she couldn’t believe what the soldier was trying to do. There was no way the egg would fit inside her! It was too big! Still, the acute end of the egg slid inside her, and she could feel it rubbing against her pussy lips. Caeda was too tired to feel stimulated by this at this point, but her body shivered anyways as the egg continued further into her body until it was met with some resistance. The soldier paid no mind to that, only increasing the force he was enacting on the egg - and so the egg went deeper inside her pussy. Caeda felt it stretching uncomfortably, and the discomfort turned into pain. At this point, the egg was stuck firmly inside her, and the soldier couldn’t push it any deeper like this.

Deciding his job was done, he took a step back, and just enjoyed as other soldiers replaced him. Taking the blunt ends of their swords, lances and axed they all proceeded to hit the egg with them, each strike driving it a bit deeper inside her. Caeda howled in pain with each strike, but her cries grew particularly loud when the egg’s widest point was forced past her opening. The other tip just began touching against her cervix, but it was easily forced apart as the egg ended up halfway into her womb. A bulge appeared in her stomach, showing to the soldiers that the succeeded in stuffing her womb with it. Unfortunately, it made it impossible for them to use her pussy anymore, but with her asshole still available they proceeded to fuck it instead. The bulge in her belly proved to be a popular target for the soldiers to hit, and with each strike that crushed the walls of her belly and her womb between a soldier’s fist and the hard surface of the egg, another jolt of pain went through Caeda’s body. Tears were now flowing freely from her blue eyes, her bridal makeup washed away along with the remains of her dignity. With all of her strength almost gone, she just laid on the table while the soldiers continued to use her body.

Her unresponsiveness was enough to bore the soldiers again, and it wasn’t long before one of the soldiers decided to act on the final way to make her liven up - by bringing on just the edge of death. Taking out a carrot-shaped knife he picked up from the cunt of some slut he saw on the outskirts of the camp, he continued to ram his cock down her gullet. Just as he was about to come, he pulled out. As his twitching cock began spurting his semen onto her face, he sliced sideways with the knife - opening a cut at the front of her neck. Life returned to Caeda’s eyes as she began trashing on the table, giving the man sadistic pleasure as he watched her face. He continued to saw through her neck with the knife, Caeda’s body continuing to spasm throughout the process, until finally her head had been fully cut off.

Lifting the head from the rest of her body, the soldier handed it over to the soldier on the opposite side of the table, who immediately shoved the head between Caeda’s thighs. Her face was forced into her gaping, stretched just, the tongue hanging out of her mouth just barely able to reach the egg that was buried there. Caeda’s final taste of the world was that of her own cunt, flavoured with the men’s semen and just the tiniest bit of Sharena’s brain.

Her cut-off head and the inviting neck stump gave her body another boost to the attention of the soldiers, but eventually the soldiers’ lust had been satisfied. The main aim of their little raid had been achieved - their morale was the highest it had been since Veronica had been killed. Just as Loki intended them to when she sent the information about a badly-defended world to her contact back in Emblia.


Not sure if I should treat Grima as a separate character or a Robin alt on my list.

Chapter 21: The 'Safest' Outrealm

tags: non-con, con, F/F, pregnancy, stabbing, shooting, amputation, hanging, strangulation, gutting

Lyn found the life in the outrealm pretty boring. Kiran visited her every couple days, but she knew only hours passed between each of his visits for him and he couldn’t visit her more often. With her being able to dedicate less time for training now, knowing that she shouldn’t push herself, her mind had to turn to other attractions. At first she tried to control herself, knowing that the women in this world were put here just to keep them out of harm’s way, but as days turned into months she found herself thinking which of the girls she would snuff. Such restraint after months of being able to kill anyone she wished proved to be very hard to her, until eventually she found herself unable to control the urge to kill anymore.

Tailtiu got pregnant some time after Deirdre did. So when Lord Sigurd suggested that she went to the outrealm to watch over his amnesiac wife, she immediately agreed. Not only was that a chance to be of service to him, it would also give her a break from the fighting, and the purple-haired woman knew she desperately needed that if she wanted to stay sane. However, the days in the outrealm proved to be quite boring - and while trying to watch over Deirdre at all times, she was becoming more and more sure that nothing would happen to her. Instead, she had taken an interest in going on walks around the Outrealm, cheerfully exploring the forests around the little village that was put up there. One of these days, she noticed that a lady with a green ponytail had followed her into the woods. Tailtiu knew that it was Lyn, the summoner’s mistress. She also knew that Lyn and Kiran used to kill heroes for their enjoyment. Some fear began to creep in the mage’s mind as she continued her daily stroll. Surely, Lyn wouldn’t kill her here, right? After all, this was supposed to be a place free of death that the other worlds were filled with!

Tailtiu’s skin-tight robe had been making her more and more uncomfortable recently as it rubbed against her belly while it grew in size. Together with the increased sensitivity of her growing breasts, she was considering getting more comfortable clothes. On this walk, the sensation of it being wrapped around her belly made her so annoyed that with an angry outcry, she tore the dress off her body and left it in the forest. She didn’t really care that much for Lyn seeing her like that - and if that could make Lyn like her more, all the better for her. After undressing, she remained in the nude as a wave of nausea overcame her. She rested with one hand against one of the trees, using her hand to support herself. The Friegian noble stayed like that, and she heard Lyn approach her. Tailtiu stared straight at Lyn’s face as the Sacean girl grabbed her by her shoulder, and forced her back against the tree. Fear appeared in her purple eyes as she saw Lyn pull out her sword, and she screamed in pain when Lyn stabbed her through the chest.

Lyn wasn’t too sure she’d kill the purple haired woman when she followed the girl into the forest, thinking that maybe a walk like that would help her contain the urge to kill. However, as she walked deeper into the forest, she found herself fantasizing about killing the girl she saw ahead of her, her excitement growing steadily. So when she saw the girl slip out of her robe, Lyn couldn’t contain herself anymore. Quickly running up to her, she shoved Tailtiu against the tree, and impaled her through the chest with the Sol Katti. Gods, it felt so good to finally use her sword again! Tailtiu’s body twitched for a moment, the girl’s hand going over her belly while grabbing the sword with the other, as Lyn watched her and rubbed her thighs together. Lyn knew that this stab wasn’t enough to kill her - she made sure of that, as she wanted to savour her first kill in some time. She smiled sadistically while watching Tailtiu try to pull her sword out. However, Lyn made sure that her sword was stuck in the tree behind Tailtiu, and so she knew that it would be futile anyways. The bleeding slowly began to die down, and Tailtiu began calming down as well when she realized that her wound wasn’t fatal.

Lyn’s hand slipped under her dress, rubbing her highly sensitive clit. Her own pregnancy made her desire come and go in quite powerful waves, and this was one of the upswings. She moaned loudly while sliding one finger inside her, intense pleasure filling her mind as she thought of ways to torture her victim next. She still had her bow with her, but using it now seemed like a waste. Looking at the tree again, Lyn suddenly realized just what to do. She grabbed one of the branches that her hands could reach and snapped it off the tree. Taking the jagged piece of wood with her, she returned to Tailtiu and stopped in front of the girl. Tailtiu looked at her with more fear than before - she suspected what Lyn was planning to do now. As Lyn knelt in front of her, lining the branch up with Tailtiu’s cunt, the thunder mage’s fears were confirmed. Lyn drove it into her snatch, and Tailtiu started to struggle against the sword buried in her chest. Shards and splinters of wood stung the inner walls of her pussy, causing her intense pain. However, that pain was soon eclipsed by a far stronger one - The branch quickly slid into her uterus, and straight into the fetus there. Tailtiu screamed in pain, both physical and mental, as she realized that Lyn did this to kill her unborn child. The heavy bleeding she could feel inside her, with blood pouring out of her pussy and onto her strong thighs, Tailtiu knew there was no way to save her pregnancy. The sharp protrusion in her belly let her see the branch through her skin. She could feel her body growing weaker as it desperately tried to keep her child alive, but she knew it was pointless. Tears began to flow freely from her eyes as she looked at Lyn with questions in her eyes. Why would she do something so cruel?

Tailtiu shivered in fear as she noticed that in reaction to the pain she was showing, Lyn began rubbing her pussy more furiously, looking straight into her eyes as she was able to come. Tailtiu felt repulsed by the sheer depravity she could see in the other girl’s eyes, but there was nothing she could do to stop her. Attacking her was out of the question now, and even before it would have been suicide - even if she succeeded, Kiran would have her head anyways. A spark jumped between two of her fingers, and out of spite Tailtiu sent it towards Lyn. Tailtiu did her best to call up a smile onto her face as she watched the jolt of electricity jerk all of Lyn’s body. Even the smallest discomfort she could cause her soon-to-be killer gave her some closure. But even that disappeared when she saw Lyn moaning loudly, realizing that her actions only brought Lyn further pleasure. With the severe exhaustion she was feeling now, and the last remnant of her magical powers drained for that single spell, Tailtiu could only watch as Lyn’s orgasm ended and the green-haired woman picked her bow up from the spot she left it at.

Knowing that her death was approaching, she placed one hand over her belly again. Only to have it pierced by Lyn’s first arrow. The tip of the arrow reached her enlarged uterus even through her hand and the walls of her abdomen, ending up directly in the already damaged fetus there. Tailtiu’s one hand pinned to her belly, Lyn shot another arrow through the other hand, which was resting on the girl’s blood-covered thigh. Another arrow went straight into one of Tailtiu’s breasts, painfully reminding Tailtiu of their increased sensitivity and making her howl in pain. However, the howl was cut short as Lyn released the fourth arrow, which went into Tailtiu’s open mouth and sunk into the back of her throat. Its end was sticking out of Tailtiu’s mouth, and in the final moments before death claimed her, Tailtiu found herself unable to close it. Her body spasmed for the final time as more blood and clot began flowing out of her cunt. Her body’s last act was trying and failing to properly remove her unborn child from inside it.

Lyn watched that process with some fascination. She wondered how that must have felt, placing one hand over her own swollen tummy in some attempt to protect it. Now that she had killed once here, she knew that more kills were to follow. After pulling her sword out of Tailtiu’s corpse, letting the noble’s corpse drop to the ground, Lyn started to make her way back to the village, already thinking who to kill next.

Selena happily put a hand over her pregnant belly. She was no stranger to travelling between realms, even if this trip seemed a bit unnecessary to her, but she was grateful for the opportunity to stay safe like this. The redhead adjusted her black tunic as she headed out of the cottage chosen for her, and stopped abruptly as she saw Camilla waiting for her outside. She was not expecting her liege to visit her while here - what made her do that?
“Lady Camilla! I’m surprised to see you here!” She exclaimed happily, but Camilla’s stern expression made her worry a bit.
“Ah, Selena. You’re such a strong girl! And quite beautiful, as well! You know that you were very dear to me… and yet you chose to run away from me.” The steel in Camilla’s eyes replaced the usual kindness that Selena knew quite well. “You were mine, and mine alone. I once told you that I’d rather kill you myself than see you leave me. And yet you still did.”
Selena’s eyes widened as she heard that. Camilla’s threats seemed like jokes back then, and it’s not like she didn’t intend to return! “Lady Camilla, please! It’s only a few weeks back in Askr, and then I would be back with you, just as eager to serve you as ever!” Selena exclaimed, while placing one hand on the handle of her sword. She didn’t wish to fight her, but if Camilla continued to act this way she’d have to protect herself. Giving her life up for Camilla was something she would do with pleasure back home, but now she had more than just her life to protect - and another Camilla would surely eventually anyways.
“Oh, but it wouldn’t be enough. I ought to be the most important person in your life… And the life growing inside of you is best proof I’m not any more. My darling Selena… I’m very saddened to say it, but I release you from service as my retainer.” Selena opened her mouth to protest, but Camilla shouted before she could speak:
“Now you’re just a naughty girl I should punish!” Swinging her axe towards the red-haired woman, Camilla watched as Selena dodged and tried to attack her with her sword. That was as far as her loyalty went? Attacking her own lady? If Selena begged for forgiveness, Camilla would have considered letting her live - but now all she deserved was death. Selena’s sword bounced off her armor harmlessly, and Camilla hit her in the chest with the handle of the axe. Knocking Selena off, Camilla followed with a swing with the blunt side of the axe, hitting Selena on the head and knocking her over to the ground. As she saw Selena struggle to get up, she remembered one of their old conversations. With a sadistic smile on her face, Camilla cut down at Selena’s legs, and watched happily as her axe cut through Severa’s thigh. Cleanly cutting her leg off, Camilla smiled as she heard Selena scream. After cutting off her other leg, Camilla flipped Selena over so that she was on her back. Digging one of her heels into Selena’s swollen stomach, Camilla watched as the girl twitched on the ground in front of her, tears flowing from her red eyes. Camilla let a tear slip from one of her eyes as well. Even if it was fun to punish the girl like that, it still hurt to see someone so close to her in pain. But that was pain she well deserved, Camilla reminded herself. Now, just how should she finish her off?
“Lady Camilla… Please…” Selena begged, but the Nohrian princess ignored her words.

Not being able to decide yet, Camilla continued to dig her heel into the folds of Selena’s belly while using her axe to slice off Selena’s black tunis and the white shirt she wore underneath, as well as her skirt. Selena’s naked body changed since the last time Camilla played with it. The growing belly replaced most of her perfectly fit and battle-hardened body. However, Selena’s breasts also grew a bit bigger - in preparation for the child, obviously. The countless times she teased her about how much smaller they were compared to hers flashed through Camilla’s mind, but she shook these happy memories away - she had a duty to do. Finally removing her feet from atop her belly, Camilla knelt in front of Selena, staining her kneepads with the blood from her leg stumps. Forcing one of her hands inside Selena’s pussy, she was able to find just the perfect spot to make Selena moan in pleasure. At least that didn’t change. Using her knowledge, Camilla continued to touch Selena until she had forced the twintailed girl to cum. As Selena’s body twitched on the ground, Camilla’s excitement got the best of her as well. The purple-haired woman tugged her thong to the side as well, and began furiously rubbing herself. While doing that, she walked over to Selena’s head. When she reached her orgasm, Camilla made sure that most of her squirt ended up on Selena’s face.

The familiar taste filled her lips as she watched Camilla cum into her, and Selena was almost able to forget that her lady was about to kill her, lost in the memories of when Camilla first accepted her into her service. It seemed so distant now, and yet this pleasure she was feeling was almost as strong as the first time Camilla made her orgasm. Why was that? Her life was soon to be over, and that of her child as well, and yet all she could think of now was the pleasure Camilla had given her. “Ah... Lady Camilla…I’m sorry…” She moaned through the mist that was covering her eyes. But at this point, it was nowhere near enough to make Camilla stop. She felt Camilla lift her from the ground, and she blinked to remove Camilla’s juices from her eyes. To her surprise, she saw Camilla carry her towards a gallows in the middle of the village. Since when did they even had a gallows? Seeing lady Lyndis standing in front of it with a very aroused expression on her face, Selena realized that Kiran’s lover must have ordered for it to be built.
“Mind if used this, dear?” Camilla asked Lyn, and the green-haired girl jumped up, brought out of her daydream. “Sure, go ahead. I was just thinking which of these girls should I kill to test it anyways, so you’re just saving me some thinking!” Lyn laughed at Camilla, and a terrible fear entered Selena’s mind. Camilla was really going to kill her. Camilla wrapped the noose around her neck, then simply let go of her - without her legs, Selena wasn’t able to reach the platform.

But the lack of legs also meant that her body weighed less than it should - more than compensating for the increased weight caused by her pregnancy. Even if the rope digging into her neck hurt her, and the lack of the air was also a problem, Selena was able to last a long time hanging in the noose - even as her blood continued to pour out of the two stumps that replaced her legs. That gave her a long time to think about her choices. Regret filled Selena’s mind, regret that she allowed her body’s urges to control her, leading to her getting pregnant in the first place. And yet… She wished the other hers that would show up in Askr better luck in her - for the pregnancy was really a period of happiness for her. A sudden jolt of pain in her belly reminded her why she was hanging in the first place. Too bad she wouldn’t be able to gave birth to her child… But at least she was able to have one final very strong orgasm - and help Lady Camilla reach one as well. Looking at her now, Selena saw that her lady was locked in a kiss with Lyndis. Selena smiled as she watched Camilla’s fingers venture under Lyn’s dress. “So typical of Camilla to do this...” Selena thought to herself, another memory from Nohr resurfacing in her mind.

However, that memory quickly disappeared as the pain in her lungs suddenly increased. Selena’s body began jerking on the noose, her twintails waving wildly. Blood spurted from the stumps of her legs, along with a trail of piss as she lost control over her bladder. Her face was as red as her hair and her eyes, which were now bulging. A few more bounces up and down the noose as her body lost its last tidbits of energy, and Selena died on the noose. Her face turned deeper purple as her body stopped swinging. The bleeding from her legs stopped, replace by the bleeding coming from her snatch. Breaking out of her embrace with Lyn, Camilla quickly got up to Selena’s corpse and placed a hand on the dead girl’s belly. “Oh, my lovely Selena…” She lamented while removing the corpse from the noose. After talking to Lyn to ensure the corpse would be taken care of, Camilla returned back to Askr.

Tharja’s face filled with happiness and warmth as she stroke the face side of Robin’s face. Her lover had given birth - she had managed to get them both pregnant using an elaborate and long-researched curse. Now Robin was asleep, exhausted from the labour. Watching her peaceful like this, and also the newborn Morgan, filled Tharja with happiness and fulfillment unlike anything she’d ever felt before. And yet as she was standing there, one hand on her swollen belly while she touched various spots on the tactician’s body with the other, the Plegain sorceress couldn’t help but shake the anxiety growing within her. She couldn’t quite place it yet, so to calm her feeling, she placed her hand over Robin’s tummy, sending a simple curse that would tell her if everything was going okay with her body. Then she doubled over in pain and disbelief. This couldn’t be happening… Her spell was supposed to be perfect! “No! Robin!” Tharja screamed, waking her lover up. “What’s wrong, love?” Robin asked her while yawning.
“I just checked your body with my magic… It seems that the hex I cast to support the pregnancy is still draining away at your body. It caused several wounds to show up inside you… I’m sorry, I have no idea how to stop it now.” Tharja’s eyes filled with tears. “Unless I’m mistaken, the spell and these wounds combined will be enough to endanger your life very soon. And there’s nothing I can do to help.” Tharja collapsed straight into Robin’s arms, sobbing.

The sudden revelation was quite a lot to take in for the white-haired woman. Just hours ago she was the happiest girl alive, having given birth to the child of both passion and love. And now her lovely dark witch was telling her that she wouldn’t get the chance to enjoy her happiness? For a moment, Robin’s thoughts were filled with bitterness directed at her lover for causing this - and then she remembered that Tharja had used the same hex on herself as well. “Then this means… We’re both going to die?” Tharja nodded through more tears - she didn’t thought of that before, but she immediately understood what Robin meant. “Together in life, and together in death.” She replied, pulling Robin into a kiss filled with more emotion than ever before - now that their days were limited, Tharja intended not to waste any moment.

“If I’m going to die anyways… Would you like to kill me instead? You technically already did, but I think we would both enjoy something even more… intimate…” Robin managed to sneak in a question in between the kisses Tharja showered her with. The black-haired woman stopped for a moment, considering this, then a smile creeped back onto her face. “Of course, love…”

Lifting off the bed, Tharja reached for one of the bags that held ingredients for her curses. Robin watched her curiously, ever interested about her lover’s hexes. With the components ready, Tharja quickly cast the spell she prepared - both on Robin and herself as well. It was the most powerful aphrodisiac she could find - she had only been able to secure the materials for one dose of it, but there would be no better occasion to use it than this. Her pussy started leaking instantly, and if Robin’s expression suddenly turning into one of pure pleasure was any sign of that, her lover was also affected with it.

Climbing on top of Robin, Tharja’s mind was filled with pleasure as her pussy lips rubbed against Robin’s. The two lovers came almost instantly, both screaming in pleasure unlike anything they felt before. The magic really was working well. Each time she moved her body, each time her heavily pregnant stomach touched Robin’s flat one, another wave of ecstasy washed over her body. She found it had to focus, and yet as orgasm after orgasm shook her body, she was slowly able to get used to this - and remember what was she supposed to do next.

She looked at Robin’s face, that was still showing the expression of mindless pleasure. She had never seen the tactician in this much pleasure - and yet her lover also seemed quite peaceful like that. The Plegian sorceress had a hard time getting her hand to move, but eventually she managed to place both her hands around Robin’s neck. Her black eyes snapped open, also filled to the brink with love and happiness. Her body was locked in a state of constant orgasm, yet Robin was able to nod encouragingly at her. Fighting away the tears that began to form in her eyes, and the pleasure that was brought to her by her curse, Tharja started to squeeze.

She felt Robin’s throat closing under her hands, but she knew it wasn’t enough. The dark-haired woman strengthened her grip, crushing Robin’s windpipe shut. Even if she saw pain showing up in Robin’s eyes for a moment, it was still immediately chased away by more pleasure and the woman’s limitless love. Her face was already red with excitement, so Tharja couldn’t tell if the asphyxiation was getting to her. Robin’s body was twitching, but was that another of her orgasms or was it because she was choking her? Tharja continued to ask herself these questions while Robin grew weaker under her.

Robin’s mind was barely holding together now, too exhausted by her countless orgasm to think. The increasing pressure in her lungs reminded her what was happening from time to time, but that was rare. Looking at the teary-eyed, naked Tharja on top of her, Robin wondered how was she blessed with a lover like this. Her beautiful face, her incredible body, her magical talent - and that all bundled with an unimaginable devotion for her. Robin placed her hands over Tharja’s belly, regretting that the sorceress wouldn’t give birth to Noire. She knew that after Tharja was finished killing her, she’d definitely take her life afterwards. As sad as it was, Robin found some closure when she realized that - maybe they would be reunited after dying. She only wondered what their deaths would mean for their daughter that was already there. “Ah, Morgan…” Robin thought to herself while she her bladder release. It wouldn’t be much longer before her body gave in. Gathering all her love into one final look at the sorceress, Robin was sure she got her message as her body shut down.

Tharja continued to hold on to Robin’s neck for some more time, riding an orgasm after an orgasm caused by her magic. Even so, her hands didn’t let go of it even for a moment, until her body was too exhausted and she collapsed forward. On top of Robin’s body, her head sandwiched between Robin’s tits, Tharja with the last flicker of her energy managed to cast a hex that revitalized her, and dispelled the earlier curse. Dying on top of her lover because of exhaustion caused by countless orgasms wasn’t a bad way to go, but Tharja had one more thing she had to do before she would die. After confirming that Robin was dead, and sobbing against her dead chest for some more time, Tharja managed to let go of the body as she stood up.

The sorceress wondered for a moment, what to do next. Joining Robin in death was the obvious answer, but she had to make sure that Morgan would get proper care before. However, leaving her at one of the other Tharjas or Robins seemed… wrong, somehow. Telling them what happened would also mean that she would admit she killed Robin - and that would earn her scorn from the other Tharjas and presumably fear from the other Robins. So if they weren’t an option, what remained? Leaving the child in the care of people here was one, but without them to check in on the child she wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. But what if she managed to secure a powerful guardian for the girl? And there was one person who immediately came to mind...

But simply asking her wouldn’t work. She also needed something to make Lyn remember her - what about bringing her a gift? This aphrodisiac curse seemed a bit too strong… But if she mixed it with something that helped with endurance, maybe also a painkiller? Just to make sure Lyn wouldn’t end up like she did moments before, Tharja decided to also make an antidote. After deciding to do that, she set out to secure the ingredients she needed, excited to create her final potion. All it took was a trip to the storage room, and using Lyn’s name to get the all the ingredients necessary. Firing up her cauldron, the dark mage prepared the perfect mixture. Pouring it into a flask to give for Lyn, Tharja took a heavy sip from the cauldron herself and set out for Lyn’s cottage...

Lachesis sighed while she took a look around the village. With the recent changes happening there, as well as Tailtiu getting herself killed, her mission of protecting Lady Deirdre grew harder with each day. Her heavily pregnant belly didn’t help either - she found it hard to move as fast as she once could, and she doubted she would be able to intervene if anyone attacked them. To make matters even worse, Deirdre’s amnesia kicked in from time to time, and she had to spent hours explaining to the woman where and why they even were. She had expressed her worry a few times, but Deirdre even despite her timidness managed to reassure her that everything was going to be fine. Lachesis wished that Eldigan was here - her half-brother would have definitely protected them both, especially that she was carrying his child inside her. With her brother on her mind, the blonde girl lost herself in her thoughts, playing with the sword her brother left her.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain at the bottom of her womb. Accompanied by the wetness of her vagina, she could tell that the waters broke, and that she was going into labor. “Lady Deirdre. I apologize, but I’ll have to leave now.” Lachesis announced, doing her best to remain standing as she laid the sword down. Deirdre didn’t answer her, but the older priestess nodded with a warm smile, signalling that she’ll be fine without her for some time. Lachesis only hoped that it would be the case as she stumbled out of their cottage and towards the delivery room, thoughts of Deirdre chased away from her mind as she happily thought that Nanna was soon to be born. So happy she was, that she did not notice the mature silhouette that moved towards their cottage once she saw her leave…

Ursula smiled while she saw the younger woman leave the house of her target. Even if she didn’t mind killing her as well, her employer was only paying her for ending Deirdre’s life. Having observed them for some time, the Black Fang assassin had already confirmed that both Deirdre’s and Lachesis’s pregnancies had been very far along. She had also learned that Deirdre was almost defenceless now - and that was the only reason Ursula decided to go inside the cottage, instead of killing Deirdre indirectly through, say, burning the house down or poisoning their food. Entering through the door, she could see that Deirdre was still in her bed, wearing her loose white dress. She moved on the bed as she heard her enter, and her eyes widened when she saw her.

Without a word, Ursula picked a sword Lachesis left there moments before, and stood straight next to the bed. Her orders were clear: Make sure that Deirdre’s child wouldn’t be born. Taking the sword in both hands, Ursula stabbed down towards Deirdre’s belly. The woman held out one hand in a futile attempt to protect herself, but she didn’t call out for help, knowing Lachesis couldn’t come anyways. The sword easily sliced through the entirety of Deirdre’s huge belly, impaling the woman fully, but Ursula wasn’t satisfied with that. Pulling the sword out, she moved the sword slightly to the side, then cut down again. And again. And again. She repeatedly cut through Deirdre’s belly, getting no reaction from the woman at all, until both her stomach, her womb and the fetus inside it were all a punctured, bloody mess. To make completely sure that there was no chance of her surviving, Ursula finished the job slicing downwards Deirdre’s body, separating both of her legs as she sliced two parts of her abdomen apart. The sword left Deirdre’s body and cut her dress open there, showing Ursula that she managed to cut directly through the woman’s snatch.

Seeing that Deirdre still showed no emotion, Ursula decided to try something different in getting a reaction out of her. “My employer said that the child would have either become the savior of your world, or be the one who would very nearly destroy it. Either one of your sons would have been a very powerful man - and they didn’t want them to appear. A pity that your life had to be lost as well. No worries though, I’ll make sure to make the best use of your final moments.” Still no reaction from the wounded woman. Oh well. There was still one way she could get any enjoyment from this kill. Deirdre’s cunt, cut in half with the sword, was already an arousing sight, and Ursula found herself getting wet because of it. Forcing the front of her blue dress to the side, she uncovered her pussy and slipped one finger inside. After confirming just how wet she was, Urusla climbed on top of the bed and straddled Deirdre’s head, her powerful thighs on both sides of it. Her pussy ended up right above Deirdre’s mouth, and Ursula started to rub her cunt against it.

Humping against the body with no concern that anyone would be able to hear her, the blue-haired assassin enjoyed the way her actions affected Deirdre’s body. She could see jerks shaking Deirdre’s body as the blood rapidly poured out from the wound in her belly, and yet Deirdre showed only acceptance for her fate. Ursula couldn’t help but feel frustrated that the woman was denying her any reaction. However, she able to bring herself to an orgasm even despite her frustrations, covering Deirdre’s face with her pussy juices. When Ursula went off, Deirdre was still alive, but just barely. “Sigurd…” Finally, Ursula was able to hear her target’s voice, only barely louder than a sigh, as the woman’s chest rose for the final time. Even if coated with Ursula’s cum, her face still had a peaceful expression as she expired.

Ursula got up from the corpse, and picked the sword up. Her employer had a specific request for her - she wanted to receive Deirdre’s head, too. Picking the sword up again, Ursula cut through Deirdre’s neck, cutting it off. Adjusting the front of her dress so that it covered her again, Ursula lifted the head from the bed, Deirdre’s very long hair following the head up. Ursula wondered for a moment how to carry the head back to Askr without the guards noticing her. Finding a bag for the head proved to be quite hard, but she still managed to do so and headed back towards the portal. If anyone bothered her, she could just tell them that she was on a mission for Commander Anna.

Tharja knocked on the door to Lyn’s cottage, the flask of her potion in her hand. “Come in!” Lyn’s voice invited her to go in, so Tharja pushed the door open and walked in. “...You. I need your help.” Lyndis looked at her with some curiosity. “Oh? What with?”
“A curse I set up. It would have killed my love. So I killed her first. But I was also the target of that curse. I’ll kill myself before it kills me - but first I need to ensure that our kid will be watched over.” Lyn raised one eyebrow. “And I should help you because?..” The Sacean asked with some amusement.
“I brew you a potion. It’s an incredibly powerful stimulant - and it also boosts one’s endurance.” Tharja replied, while handing Lyn the flask. “I’ve also prepared an antidote - just in case.” Tharja commented while giving her a second bottle. Lyn gave both liquid an interested look, then looked back at Tharja who couldn’t help but stare at her breasts - with how huge her belly had grown, her dress was no longer able to contain both it and them, so Lyn decided to keep them out in the open. “Okay, fine. But you kill yourself here - I want to see if your concoction works as well as you said it does.”

Tharja’s final concern lifter, the Plegian woman quickly removed her black outfit, showing her naked body - and her heavily pregnant tummy - to Lyn. Her pussy was already wet just thinking what she was going to do next. Lyn handed her a knife, one of her hands sinking under her dress. Tharja did the same, massaging her clit until she was near her first orgasm. Once she was on the edge, she plunged the knife into her body, right into her huge belly. She cried out in orgasmic release as she opened a hole in her stomach, stopping for a moment as the pleasure got to her. With much effort she managed to continue the cut, exposing the nearly-formed child in her stomach. However, Noire would not come to the world as a living child, as Tharja let go of the knife for a moment and pulled hard on her daughter’s head, janking her out through the hole. She gently placed the child on the ground, then grabbed the knife again - and continued to cut through the now empty flaps of stretched out skin, opening an even bigger hole that gave Lyn a better view of her abdominal organs.

Once she was satisfied with the knife, Tharja set the knife down again, then masturbated with much ferocity as Lyn watched while also touching herself. After Tharja reached her second orgasm, she could tell that Lyn was nearing hers. Reaching inside the opening, Tharja pulled on her guts and tugged at them, a long strand loosening up and slipping to the ground. Her womb was already quite cut up through her earlier actions, but her ovaries were intact - so she ripped them out, and with a smile threw them towards Lyn. They landed on top of Lyn’s exposed breasts, drops of blood were shaken down onto her nipples, pushing Lyn over the edge. Tharja watched happily as Lyn rode out her orgasm. Her satisfaction doubled as she realized that she was still thinking perfectly straight - it meant that the endurance boost was working!

She figured that the best way to show it off would simply be letting herself bleed out now - so she just continued to rub herself as her blood continued to pour out of the openings in her flesh. However, it seemed that Lyn had another idea for her. Getting up from the bed, Lyn approached the woman, and reached out for the guts spilling out of her. She watched carefully for any sign that Tharja felt that, but the only answer was a muffled moan. Tugging some more of them out, Lyn raised them to the level of Tharja’s neck. The only reaction was Tharja picking up the pace with her hand, trying for another release as she sensed that Lyn was about to sped her demise up.

Putting them under Tharja’s hair and directly against the skin of her neck, Lyn wrapped the guts fully around it. Pulling on them to tighten them around Tharja’s neck, she watched patiently until the first sights of asphyxiation began showing up on Tharja’s face. It seemed that her potion helped with a lack of breathing, as well - but it couldn’t prevent it fully, just made it take longer. Tharja’s face turned red with the asphyxiation, but the woman enjoyed the lightheadedness she was feeling. She showed no resistance at all while her body slowly started responding less and less, her legs going into a series of kicks before stopping. Her lungs were squeezed tighter than ever, but she still was feeling almost no pain. Taking one more look at the ground, at the deformed fetus that would have become Noire and wondered if Morgan’s life would be longer than hers. Her eyes rolled back soon after, only the whites of them visible as Robin replaced Tharja’s vision. Was she holding out a hand towards her? Tharja reached forward to grab it, her body going limp against Lyn immediately afterwards.

Lyn could feel her stomach pressing against Tharja’s back as she strangled her, but for some reason the increased pressure also seemed quite pleasant. Her bare tits also rubbed against Tharja’s shoulder blades, giving her more pleasure. Lyn regretted having to use both hands to strangle Tharja, since with the heat building up between her legs again she wanted nothing more than to touch herself again. Still, she prevailed until Tharja’s final future gesture, then let the corpse drop to the ground while plunging a few fingers inside her. Her release was almost instantaneous, Lyn screaming out in pleasure as her juices ran down her thighs. Looking at Tharja’s body again, she was amazed that she’d go this far to ensure that her child is looked after. Would she feel the same maternity instinct after her own kid was born? Or would she rather sacrifice herself for someone she loved at this moment? Giving her life up for Kiran? Lyn’s mind was filled with a vision of an orgasm-filled night with her high on that potion Tharja gave her. She missed Kiran so much already - when she returned, that was one thing she sure would consider…


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>>13275 You managed to post this at literally the best possible time you could - I was in the middle of moving some scenes in the outline around, and there was a perfect 2-character spot that had just opened up :D
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>>13279 I was thinking of doing the Minerva & Maria one before. However, I have a pretty good idea on how Minerva will die - and it will happen very soon. I might do the BHB in the future, but not straight away. With Nowi and Tiki, they're already getting a chapter that will play out very much like that soon - with Myrrh and Fae dying there as well. It won't be a BHB chapter in the name, but it will play out very similar I feel
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>>13279 Missed the third line last time. Thanks! I'd say my Persona 3 story is the best of my older works, but some of the chapters of this story have topped it. Always happy to hear comments like this!

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>>13295 >>13296 It's too early to say how they'll die yet, but I'll keep that in mind when thinking of how to kill them :) Unless I have a very strong idea for a character, my outline only plans out characters in a more long-term way, the deaths are figured out closer to me writing the chapter. This chapter has one hanging, and one girl's going to be hanged publicly in chapter 24, but I'm sure more will show up as I get there.

Sonya's scene here is based on Veiled's drawing of her.

Chapter 22: Dreams and Deceptions

tags: non-con, M/F, F/F, futa/F strangulation, knife beheading, amputation, impalement, hanging

Kiran’s eyes snapped open. Taking a look around, he saw himself in a snowy field that he didn’t recognize. Before he was able to get a better look, a mature-looking pink-haired woman in a long green robe appeared in front of him.

“Worry not, o summoner of Askr. I apologize for my sudden appearance… My name is Gunnthra, the eldest princess of Nilf - the Kingdom of Ice… I’m using a special rite to speak to you while you’re asleep… I’ve learned that you’ve saved my younger sister’s life… I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart… If there’s anything I can do for you to make up for that, to help you with your war against Muspell, just ask.” Her warm voice enveloped him. It seemed to be coming from every direction at once, even as the woman stopped right in front of him. However, Kiran wasn’t too interested with her offers of help yet, his eyes locked onto the woman’s huge breasts and her wide hips. If this was a dream, he could do anything he wanted to her, right?

“You will do anything that I want?” He asked, feeling the erection in his robes growing as he already thought of what he’d put her through.
“...Yes, Kiran.” Gunnthra gave him a warm smile.
“Then strip. Take this pretty dress of yours off, for starters.” He ordered her with strength in his voice, and Gunnthra froze for a moment. Was doing something like this becoming of the eldest princess of her land? However, she realized that no one would learn of this. If the summoner ever said anything about this, she could just easily deny it as being simply a dream - and she admitted to herself that she yearned for a man’s touch now. Even since the fall of her kingdom, she had no opportunity to enjoy a lover, constantly on the move from the Muspell forces that searched for her day and night. The spell transferred all that happened to her real body, so any pleasure she got here would also apply to her body back in Nilf. And even if it didn’t, the submissive tendencies speaking up inside her were telling her that it was a fair reward for saving Fjorm.
Still with a smile on her face, Gunnthra moved her fingers and adjusted the spell. A puff of snow appeared all over her body, covering her from Kiran’s sight for a moment, and when it dispersed, the pink-haired woman was naked - save for the shoes on her feet that protected them from the snow.

Kiran’s hands reached for her massive tits, and he proceeded to fondle them, his skill in that causing Gunnthra to moan loudly. Kiran proceeded to massage them for some more time, Gunnthra’s face twisting in sexual pleasure. Soon, Nilf’s eldest couldn’t contain her lust, and her hands reached into Kiran’s robes, stroking his erect cock with one hand while the other worked on getting it free. Her eagerness was a happy surprise for Kiran - he expected her to be more reluctant. Her hands were cold with the ice of Nilf, but the despite the snow it was the only cold he was feeling - and that new sensation aroused him further. He let Gunnthra continue for some more time while continuing to work on her breasts, then let go of them with one hand and the hand descended down her back. After a squeeze to her large backside, Kiran dipped a few fingers into Gunnthra’s inviting snatch. After confirming that she was already quite wet, and after touching her there a bit more until she moaned again, Kiran withdrew his hand and placed it over the hand that was still stroking his cock, and moved it away. Then, he leaned even closer to her, his dick sliding easily into her damp pussy with a wet sound. His lips connected to Gunnthra’s, and she responded with a kiss far more passionate than he expected - but the lips were cold as ice as well. The same weird, cold sensation enveloped his dick as he proceeded to fuck her. Despite her mature appearance, Gunnthra’s pussy was still very tight and enjoyable - and Gunnthra’s moans told him that the woman was happy with their sex as well.

While he was fucking her, Kiran’s hands continued to explore her body again. Her thighs received some attention from him, then he returned to feel her ass up a bit more again. His steady thrusts were getting more and more rapid, as well as Gunnthra’s moans, until the princess of Nilf came, her pussy clenching hard on his cock and causing him to climax as well. As his load her up, Gunnthra imagined for a moment how it would feel to be impregnated like that, by a man who forced her into having sex with him - and a thrill went up her body until she remembered that the spell wouldn’t make her pregnant. It wasn’t the first time she fantasized about a scenario like this. Waiting in her various hiding spots, she envisioned numerous scenarios where Emblia finally found her. Being tied up, raped repeatedly until she was made pregnant, and her eventual execution - it all played out in her mind numerous times, leading the woman to numerous lonely orgasms. As Kiran’s dick began to move again inside her, the summoner readying up for round too, she let out a sigh of disappointment that her fantasies wouldn’t come true yet again.

However, she was about to be pleasantly surprised. Suddenly, Kiran’s hands closed over her throat, closing her windpipe shut. Her eyes lit up with excitement as she felt that. “Yessss!” She managed to hiss out through her closed throat, surprising Kiran yet again. As her strangulation continued, Gunnthra wondered if the summoner wanted to go through with killing her. She knew that if she was killed here, the spell would kill her back in her real body. But was that worth stopping him now? With how much pleasure she was feeling, and Kiran being the one who saved her sister, maybe he deserved to claim her life. Her abdomen heat up again with even more excitement. This was it - the ultimate submission. She’d give her life up for the pleasure of the man she had only just met.

Once her mind settled on that, she was about to give in to her pleasure, and then she remembered the threat of Muspell. If Surtr was to be stopped, she had to share her knowledge with those who would oppose him. With her free hands, and whatever energy she still had, she was able to cast one final world-altering spell for this dream dimension there were in. Leaving a parting message to Kiran, Gunnthra gave in to her feelings. Silent moans left her mouth again as her face was twisted with the final orgasm of her life. The pain in her lungs was getting stronger every moment, and her body was slipping out of her control. Still, the expression of pleasure was fixed on her face even as her body slowly began to die. A stream of piss left her urethra as legs gave out a few kicks, one shoe slipping off before her body went limp. Her breasts moved up and down as her chest shook with some deathly twitches, and her pussy’s dying spasms forced Kiran to come inside her again.

After his second orgasm was over, Kiran let go of Gunnthra’s body, and the corpse fell down into the snow, twitching again. Kiran watched with some surprisement at the message in the snow that Gunnthra left behind. She thanked him for the moment of pleasure, and apologized that she wouldn’t be able to help anymore. She also spoke of a sanctuary in Nilf, called the Snjarhof. According to her words, a secret that would help them in their fight against Surtr was hidden there. However, she warned them of Muspell’s general that watched over that area - another of Surtr’s daughters, Laegjarn.

Kiran made sure to commit all of this to his memory, only hoping that the dream wouldn’t disappear from his mind once it was over. Now, how would he go about returning to Askr? He wondered about that for a moment, then suddenly felt his cock harden again. It was as if some hand had gently stroked him back to full hardness. Then, it was as if someone was taking his cock inside her mouth - while he still could see nothing. As the pleasure began to build up in his cock, he could see the world beginning to shake around him - was that the dream falling apart?

Suddenly, he found himself back in his bed in Askr. Looking forward, he was able to see the unmistakable green ponytail that could only belong to Lyn. Had his lover already returned from the other world? Lyn’s eyes smiled at him as she saw him wake up, but she continued to suck him off until he came inside her mouth. Only then, after drinking each and every drop of it, she let go of his cock and sat on the bed next to him.

Speaking for a few moments, Lyn explained what happened since he last visited her. She was able to give birth to their child safely, and it was now being looked after by some of the best mages that were in that outrealm. After keeping watch over the child for a few more days, Lyn decided that she had no reason to stay there anymore, and decided to return to Askr. Now, she was eager to kill someone with him - and she wouldn’t take no for an answer. After quickly explaining the dream he just had to her, the pair set out in search for the woman that would become their entertainment.

It didn’t take them long to happen upon someone who caught their attention. As the voluptuous form of the purple-haired dark mage appeared in their sights, they both immediately knew that she’d be their kill tonight.

Sonya’s thick hips swayed as the very busty mage moved perfectly steadily around the Askrian castle in her heels, fully aware of her own sexiness and the stares she was getting from both men and women alike. She had always dressed like this, and it allowed her to gain multiple favors from people in the past, and the dark mage really enjoyed the attention she was given. Even so, she find more pleasure in teasing the men senseless than actually fucking them - which only seemed to drive them more mad. However, when the summoner himself approached her, she knew she couldn’t refuse him. She wondered if she’d be able to use her body to gain favors from him as well, but Lyn emerging from behind him made her worry. She didn’t know that the summoner’s lover was back yet - and suddenly Sonya became very afraid for her life. She knew precisely what happened to heroes that the two took to their bedroom, and with fear she realized that she would become the next woman they kill. There was no way for her to escape it now, and she resignedly followed them back towards Kiran’s room while the pair exchanged kisses or moved back to slap her on the ass. Irritation grew inside her as that happened, but she knew that she had to let them do it. As the pair went through the door to Kiran’s room and Sonya followed, Lyn quickly pulled her dress off, leaving the green-haired girl naked. As her hands moved on to undo Kiran’s robes, the summoner looked at Sonya. “Remove your dress as well. Keep the thighhighs, though.”

Sonya sighed while reaching for her the clasp of her belt. Her fingers struggled with the tightly tied straps that made her dress hug her hourglass figure fully visible through it. Once they were undone, all that held her dress in place were the black leather armor that barely contained her enormous tits. She stopped for a moment - teasing people with her bust was fun, but actually exposing it fully made her feel a bit nervous. Still, she managed to do so, and her dress slid off her chest and down her very long legs. All her feminine parts were now exposed. She didn’t wear a bra because they just felt uncomfortable with the size of her chest, and she had learned a long time ago that the tiniest flashes of her shaved pussy to the men she passed were excellent tools to make them do her bidding. But standing there, exposed, Sonya couldn’t help but feel like a little unexperienced girl whose sisters introduced her to sex all these years ago. The very next day her father took them both away, sacrificing them to the dark god Duma… She had ran away from home when she learned about it, fearing for her life and swearing vengeance. Ever since then she had lived her life to her fullest. Why was she afraid now? If this were to be her final moments, she should die as she lived - enjoying herself.

Looking at Kiran and Lyn, the man’s cock was already throbbing while the Sacean girl stroked him to hardness. Both were consuming her with their hungry gazes, making Sonya feel uncomfortable again. To regain some of her confidence, she walked over to them, trying to make her walk look as sexy as she could, her hips swinging and her chest heaving until she sat down on the bed in front of them. She spread her legs for them, showing her pussy to them both. She placed her hands on her ass, and moved two of her gloved fingers over her pussy, then spread it as well.

At this point Lyn let go of Kiran’s cock, and the girl moved over to her, dropping to her knees. Her hands reached for Sonya’s cunt, proceeding to touch her with much skill. Sonya shivered on the bed as she felt Lyn do so - she could already tell how skilled she was. Sonya moaned as she began feeling her pussy going damp in response to Lyn’s actions. As Lyn withdrew her fingers and replaced them with her mouth, Sonya couldn’t stop herself from moaning. Lyn’s hands continued to explore her body while the girl started to eat her out. Her hands touched hers as she felt up her ass again, and one of her fingers entered her asshole to give her further stimulation. Sonya continued to shake on the bed, completely at Lyn’s mercy, while Lyn proceeded to bring her to an orgasm. Once the purple-haired woman came, Lyn moved back as Sonya’s pussy began squirting her cum. “She’s wet enough now, love.” Lyn called out to Kiran, who had been going through the weapon arsenal he had in his room, one of his hands pumping slowly on his cock to keep himself hard. He handed her a knife, and the two walked to Sonya together.

Lyn climbed onto the bed as well, and she crawled on behind Sonya. Since her cloak was in the way, she sliced it away with a few cuts of her knife, with only shreds of it remaining on Sonya’s shoulders. Then, Lyn grabbed her by her breasts from behind - and pulled the girl back, making her lean backwards, with her back resting on Lyn’s tits. She continued to fondle them while bouncing up and down, enjoying the way her breasts were rubbing against Sonya’s back. Sonya squirmed again, the pleasure she was feeling making her move her legs uncontrollably.

Kiran climbed onto the bed as well. He grabbed both of Sonya’s ankles and made her bend her legs backwards, and Sonya with some troubles helped them along, until her head was in between both of her feet - feet that were still wearing her high-heels. Her hands ended up on her thighs as she held her legs in place, her pussy in between them looking most invitingly. Lyn’s hands rubbed against her neck as the woman continued to fondle her tits. She had to let go of them for a moment while Sonya moved her legs, but she now resumed the stimulation. As Kiran’s cock entered her pussy, Sonya was already approaching her second orgasm. Her mouth opened when she cried out again, losing herself to the pleasure of another orgasmic release. She blacked out of a moment, tongue hanging limply out of her mouth and drool leaking free from her face.

When she came to, Kiran was still fucking her, but Lyn had released her breasts. Kiran’s lover was still pressed against her back, but her hands were gone now. One of them reappeared and began rubbing against the side of her face, moving her hair out of the side and tugging it behind her ear, then moving on to squeeze and stretch the flesh of it. It was surprisingly stimulating, Sonya noted. Kiran’s thrusts were picking up the pace, and suddenly she was able to feel his semen shooting into her vagina. The feeling wasn’t too unpleasant either, Sonya realized with some surprise.

As Kiran’s orgasm finished, he gave Lyn a sign. Her green eyes lit up with happiness and love as she saw it. Her free hand grabbed the knife again, and then moved around the side of Sonya’s head. The woman was barely able to see the knife appear before Lyn delivered a deep slash across her throat. Immediately letting go of the knife, both she and Kiran watched with arousal and glee as blood began to spurt from Sonya’s neck. The girl started to shake on the bed again, her legs twitching and almost hitting Lyn in the head. Still, her position remained relatively unchanged as Lyn let go of the knife and grabbed a handful of Sonya’s head with one hand, the other searching for Kiran’s hand and interlocking with it. She was unable to see tears that began to flow from Sonya’s purple eyes - even if the woman had thought that she had made peace with the idea of dying soon, when it finally came she found herself filled with fear and despair. Lyn continued to pull back on Sonya’s head, expanding the hole caused by her cut and tearing more and more of Sonya’s head away. Kiran enjoyed the way Sonya’s skin and flesh stretched for some time before finally rending. By the time Lyn managed to tear all of Sonya’s head off, Kiran came a second time inside Sonya’s pussy. Sonya was unable to feel it anymore, the connection to the rest of her body torn. Instead, she felt Lyn’s tongue as Lyn forced it into her open mouth, delivering a powerful kiss as her lips connected with Sonya’s. Even if she was almost gone at this point, Sonya still made an effort to kiss her back. Would she be reunited with her sisters now? Her eyes went blank with that thought still filling her mind as Lyn proceeded to make out with her detached head.

Kiran pulled out of Sonya’s cunt, and waited for a moment while groping Sonya’s oversized tits with one hand, the other still closed over Lyn’s. His lover seemed to be satisfied playing with Sonya’s head for now, but as soon as she saw him grow hard again, she immediately let go of it and tackled him. She wanted his cock in her, and she wanted it now. Moments later she had her face buried between Sonya’s bloodstained tits as Kiran pounded into her from behind. In the hours to follow, both she and he used Sonya’s body until they were both fully satisfied with it - Sonya’s dead head, her neck stump and her anus all received their share of attention from both of the lovers, who happily enjoyed their time together, being finally reunited. And yet, this entire time, Tharja’s potion still remained at the back of Lyn’s mind - reminding her of the opportunity it opened...

Hinoka smiled sadistically while submerging in the bath of her room. She had to wash herself off the sweat she worked up while with Minerva. Having to endure her declarations of love and responding similarly while the two of them brought one another to an orgasm was quite annoying. However, the Hoshidian princess also knew it was worth it - Minerva set out to find the Micaiah that had recently been summoned to Askr. Hinoka’s mind was still filled with hatred for the silver-haired girl. Even if that wasn’t the Micaiah that killed her sister in battle, since that one was fighting for Emblia, Hinoka still wanted to see her suffer. And that was exactly why she employed Minerva to bring her over. With Cherche following the princess of Macedon around, Hinoka was sure they would be able to overpower the priestess. Waiting in the pool, Hinoka started touching herself while thinking of what she’d do to the Daein girl once they brought her in. They already managed to snuff some other girls from her world, to check if Kiran would react to that, but it didn’t seem that he minded. And while she heard that Kiran had some interest in that girl, her hatred for Micaiah was enough that Hinoka wanted to kill her even if it made Kiran execute her later. Once again, thinking of that was enough to make her come as she touched the spot on her neck Kiran cut back then. Shaking in the bath, the red-haired girl continued to wait for Minerva to come back.

Minerva looked back at Cherche as they wandered through the castle. The other redhead seemed to be angry with her recently, but she still followed her when Minerva asked her to. Learning Micaiah’s room wasn’t too hard, they just asked Anna about it - the commander was happy to provide them with the information they requested. Now, after checking inside her room and finding out that the silver-haired maiden wasn’t there, they got out and waited outside it, on the lookout for her to return. As they waited, Cherche’s hand closed on Minerva’s. Minerva realized that she had been neglecting the other woman recently, and she leaned in to kiss her. Cherche accepted the kiss, and the two redheads proceeded to make out. When Micaiah finally appeared, her face and ass stained with cum as the woman pulled her tights onto her perky ass, they took their time breaking off the kiss before grabbing their axes and following Micaiah into her room.

Micaiah had her back turned towards the door, and even as she heard it open, she didn’t turn to check who it was. Instead, the girl hastily pulled her fingerless glove back onto her right hand - but not before Minerva saw a black mark on her palm. Still, that gave Minerva the time to approach her, and ram the butt of her axe into the back of her head. Micaiah collapsed onto her bed, unconscious - with her ass up in the air. Pulling the tights down and exposing her ass again, Minerva turned towards Cherche. “Do you want to have a go at it before we move her?” Cherche smiled back at her, her futa dick throbbing as she freed it from her black skirt. “Definitely.”

After Cherche blew her load up Micaiah’s tight ass, the two wyvern riders lifted her still unconscious body and carried it back towards Hinoka’s room. It was hard to remain undetected while they did, with a number of heroes noticing them on the way. Still, they didn’t care much and finally they managed to bring Micaiah to a restless Hinoka. The Hoshidian’s face lit up with hatred as she saw the woman before her - she looked exactly the same as the girl who took her sister’s life. Hinoka found it hard to believe that it wasn’t her who did that - but that Micaiah fought for Emblia, while this one was on Askr’s payroll. That didn’t really matter to Hinoka anyways - what mattered was making her suffer, making her experience the pain the other her brought upon Corrin. She made Minerva and Cherche tie the girl to her bed, then looked at her body to decide how to start. Her eyes smiled as she happened across an item she had set aside just for this occasion, and her fingers closed around the handle of a golden knife.

Hinoka grinned sadistically while lifting the Peshkatz. After figuring out that Sothe was one of Micaiah’s closest friends, Hinoka just knew that she had to use his knife for this. First, she cut through the scarf wrapped around Micaiah’s neck. After exposing her slender throat, Hinoka proceeded to deliver a vertical slice through the entire length of Micaiah’s red dress, taking the girl’s belt off on the way down. Then, she pulled the two parts of that dress to the sides - exposing Micaiah’s flat stomach. Without a bra to cover them, Micaiah’s huge breasts were also exposed - Hinoka barely stopped herself from stabbing the dagger into them right away to mimic the cuts her beloved sister died from. Micaiah’s tights covered the girl’s body all the way over her hips, so her snatch was still covered. Fixing this with a few quick cuts that uncovered the pink piece of flesh, Hinoka then put the knife down, her fingers delving into Micaiah’s cunt. It seemed that it was still wet, and Micaiah shifted in response to her touch. Realizing that the girl was about to wake up, Hinoka continued to work with her fingers on Micaiah’s pussy - until the girl came to with an orgasm rocking her body.

Micaiah’s golden eyes opened as she moaned loudly, her entire body shaking with pleasure. Ever since the summoned had called her to this world, her life had been turned into one filled with carnal pleasures. She wasn’t too sure what caused her to change like that - she would have never let herself go like this back in Tellius. But here it seemed all too fitting to her. Waking up with an orgasm wasn’t a surprise for her - though it was her first time waking up while tied up. Nudity was not a concern to her, not anymore. Taking in her surroundings, Micaiah saw the three reddish-haired woman gathered around her. She didn’t really know them, though she recalled that the one standing right in front of her, her arm still reaching inside her pussy, had given her some hateful looks in the past. Oh well. If the woman lusted for her, she should have said so - the silver-haired maiden would have agreed in a heartbeat.

The gravity of the situation she was in didn’t settle in until Hinoka reached for her breasts, and Micaiah saw Sothe’s knife in her hands.
“What is the knife f-” Chop!
Micaiah’s thought was interrupted as Hinoka sliced one of her mammaries away. She called out in pain, fighting against her bonds. Just tying her up was fine, but permanent damage to her body like that? Out of the question. Still, the knots around her wrists and ankles were tied too tight, and she was only able to trash on the bed as Hinoka moved on to her second breast, and cut it off as well.

“You might be wondering why I’m doing this to you. My dear Corrin… Another you killed her on the battlefield. Since I can’t get back at her, you’re acting as a replacement.”
Micaiah’s eyes widened as she heard that, and her thoughts darkened as she realized the redhead had no intention of letting her go. She opened her mouth to speak, to try to reason with her, but it was immediately filled with a cock. Her eyes went upward to check, whose cock it was. What unholy magic was this? It belonged to one of the women she saw standing on sides of her captor earlier. But why did she have a dick? Micaiah felt more repulsed by that than the fact that she was fucking her mouth. Still, she had no way of fighting against the other women. If her hands were free, she could have tried to attack them with magic, but as she was now she could only endure what the women had in store for her. She wondered if anyone would come and save her - the summoner seemed to have quite liked her, calling her quite often to fuck her recently. But he had no idea that she was there. Sothe would have definitely searched for her, but the young Daein man had recently gone missing - and if her captor having his knife was telling her that he probably wouldn’t be able to help her. “Oh, Yune…” Micaiah thought to herself while tears began to form in her eyes. Her bird companion was nowhere to be seen, as it hasn’t been summoned into this world when she was. And the voice in her head that warned her of incoming danger went silent back then as well - oh how she wished that she’d been warned of this!

Hinoka noticed with satisfaction the tears that started to run down Micaiah’s face. Did the girl realize that no one would help her, or was it just the pain? Hinoka didn’t really care either way, simply enjoying Micaiah’s anguish that she could see. She turned away for a moment, and took her spear off its rack. The curved blade at the end slid perfectly into Micaiah’s cunt, the girl lashing out on the bed as the sensitive walls of her vagina were turned into shreds. The cold touch of the weapon’s blade as Hinoka pushed it through her cervix could have even been stimulating for Micaiah, if it wasn’t for the constant pain her pussy was now in. The bleeding folds of flesh that had brought here so much pleasure during her stay here had been completely ruined by the time the blade part of the spear had been fully taken inside her. The ornate Hoshidian shaft that entered her body as the tip of the blade pressed on the back of her womb was another experience she’d usually consider pleasant, but not anymore.

The pressure on the back of her womb let up for a moment. Micaiah was glad for the moment of reprieve she received, even if she knew that the pain would resume in just a moment. However, the woman fucking her mouth didn’t stop - her thick cock buried deep down her throat, making it hard for her to breathe. She had to use all her willpower not to throw up - the only thing that stopped the branded girl from doing it to spite her rapist was that she knew that would only make her go through more pain in the end. She had already received one load of semen that went straight to her stomach, but it seemed that the dickgirl needed no rest. Her pointy chin was now covered with the cum and sweat coming from that woman, and also her tears.

After easing up on her lance, Hinoka glanced at Minerva expectantly. She had already explained her role to the Macedonian princess, and she was eager to help her with it - only further confirming to her that she’d do anything for her now. That control over her was something Hinoka enjoyed a lot - and now she gleefully watched as Minerva grabbed her axe and walked closer to the bed again. Lining it up just beneath Micaiah’s right shoulder, she then swung down and easily cleaved through it, taking one of Micaiah’s limbs away. The arm stayed on the bed, with blood spurting like crazy from the wound, so Minerva moved on to another part of her instructions. Grabbing a torch off the wall, she lifted Micaiah’s arm stump a bit and pressed the torch against it. The smell of burnt meat filled the room as Micaiah was put through yet another round of pain, but when Minerva was finished the wound had stopped bleeding.

That was Hinoka’s cue to push her weapon further inside Micaiah’s body. Her womb ruptured by the spear, Micaiah’s voice began to crack as she screamed in pain with intensity even stronger than before. However, Hinoka stopped again after some more time, and instead began twisting the spear around - mincing through the organs of her stomach.

Minerva picked the lifeless arm from the bed and removed the black glove that Micaiah wore. Without it, the weird brand on the back of Micaiah’s hand was revealed to her. She looked at it for a moment, and when her curiosity was satisfied, moved on to Micaiah’s right leg. The tights proved no defence against a heave battleaxe, and so Minerva was able to cut it off as cleanly as with Micaiah’s arm. She proceeded to burn the wound again - Hinoka made it clear that she didn’t want Micaiah to bleed out too soon - and the additional pain it caused the girl seemed to arouse Hinoka even more. Micaiah only sobbed in horror now - this much pain was too much even for her to handle. If her mouth wasn’t filled with Cherche’s cock, she’d be begging for death at this point. To her regret, her endurance allowed her to last through the amputation of her remaining two limbs. She laid on Hinoka’s bed, a limbless torso with her breasts removed and a spear impaling her through her cunt, and the release of death still didn’t come.

Hinoka signalled to Cherche that she had to pull out now. Even if the wyvern rider disliked the Hoshidian princess, she knew she still had to obey as she tried to break Minerva out of her captivation. Cherche had to admit that torturing this girl like that was fun, either way - but she wished it was only her and Minerva as before. She wondered if after Minerva finally got over her crush, would Hinoka be the next one they’d snuff together? Imagining Hinoka’s face twisted with pain as she forced her cock up the woman’s anus was enough to make Cherche come, spurting her cum over Micaiah’s face. It mixed with the tears in her golden eyes, eyes that were begging her for the release of death. Micaiah’s mouth opened as the girl started to cough blood out, her lungs pierced with Hinoka’s lance. Before she was able to say anything, the white-and-red blade of Hinoka’s spear emerged from between her lips. Hinoka pushed it a bit further out, then climbed onto the bed. Lifting the front of her skirt, she rushed over to Micaiah’s head, placing her pussy on top of it. She lined her cunt up carefully not to cut herself on her spear, but in a way that made the tip sink inside her slit. Finally, she was able to release all the heat that had gathered between her legs while torturing Micaiah. Hinoka came with a powerful scream, shaking like never before, just as the silver-haired maiden had finally died.

Hinoka collapsed on top of Micaiah’s bloodied corpse in mindblowing pleasure filling her entire being. When she had finally recovered from her orgasm, both Minerva and Cherche had already left. That didn’t really matter to her anyways - she had just the perfect toy for the nearest future.

Ursula stormed through the door to Anna’s chamber. The redhead seemed to be missing. However, she noticed an opening in one of the walls. Approaching it, she peeked in and saw a trophy room - with walls covered with severed heads of several women. Well, that explained why Anna asked her to bring the heads of her targets. That wasn’t something she expected from the commander of this place. Eh, it made no difference. With the summoner enjoying snuffing heroines, it only made sense that his top aide did so as well. Backing out into the room, she walked straight into Anna.

Loki felt a bit annoyed as she saw that she left the entrance to her secret trophy room open. Seeing Ursula walk out of it was a surprise, but not an unpleasant one. She’d been planning to kill the woman now anyways. Loki prepared for battle, but it seemed that Ursula had no issue with what she saw. The woman tensed down. A battle with the blue-haired assassin could attract attention that the illusionist didn’t want.
“I brought you the heads you requested. It was my pleasure.” Ursula smiled while opening her sack, and taking out the heads of numerous woman she had killed in Askr on Anna’s request. Starting with Deirdre’s head, she lined them all up on Anna’s desk - perfectly preserved by the magic of her sack.
“Thank you, Ursula. Now, about your payment…” Loki faked a smile while reaching into her pockets. Putting a spell over the stone had prepared just for Ursula, she then took it out and handed it towards the mage.
“The first part of you payment is this gem. It is imbued with very… special magic. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy what it can do.” Loki watched with some excitement as Ursula’s hand closed over the stone. Her eyes just had the time to widen in surprise as the magic enveloped her, and the woman collapsed straight into Loki’s welcoming arms, unconscious. Loki gently put the woman down on the ground, then grabbed each and every had that she had brought here and carried them over to her secret room. After making sure she closed the secret door this time, she was able to give Ursula all of her attention now.

Casting a spell to turn Ursula’s body weightless and invisible, Loki lifted the woman off the ground and threw her over her shoulder. Ursula’s huge breasts smashed against her back as she did that, amusing Loki. Walking caused Ursula to bounce up and down on her shoulder, and with each bump Ursula’s tits crashed into her back again. Still, Loki was sure that the spell that hit the woman would keep her soundly asleep until she was ready. Going out of the castle, she hurried towards a spot she had created in one of the caves in the mountains surrounding Askr. The entrance was concealed with her illusory magic to make sure that no one would stumble into there, but she still had put up some magical traps just beyond the entrance. Seeing the unconscious body of Delthea on the ground there, she smiled happily. Even if she had another woman to use now, having an additional girl to rape and kill was always welcome. Kneeling beside the girl, she made sure that the trap would keep her alive and unconscious until the next time she returned here, then got up and hurried towards the main body of the cave.

Inside, Loki had various execution devices ready to go. She stared longingly at the guillotine standing there, then remembered that for her plan Ursula’s body had to remain relatively whole. Taking another look around to help herself decide, she settled for the single noose that was there. But first, she’d enjoy Ursula’s body.

Dropping Ursula down to the ground, Loki lifted both spells that she had placed on her, and the assassin appeared before her again. Reaching for the woman’s breasts, Loki grabbed at the front of her blue dress and tore through it. A downwards rip opened in the front of the dress, and as Loki continued to pull the two split parts to the side, she was able to rip the upper part of Ursula’s dress fully in half, and Ursula’s breasts bounced free. Loki reached for them, making sure to squeeze and scratch them for a bit before letting them go. Then, she reached for the lower part of it, and ripped it at the already existing slit that exposed one of Ursula’s thighs. Tearing the front flap of her dress to the side, Loki uncovered the woman’s purple panties - that she proceeded to rip off as well.

Once she exposed the woman’s pussy - a bit hairy, Loki noted - Loki cast a spell on herself. It returned her to her real form - but naked, with a cock springing up between her legs. She quickly got on the ground and pushed the magical organ into Ursula’s cunt. With how powerful the spell holding Ursula unconscious was, Loki could almost believe that she was fucking not a living woman, but a corpse instead. The warmth coming from the body reminded her that it wasn’t so. Leaning in to kiss Ursula’s lips, Loki was quickly able to come inside her.

Once she was done with that, she removed the magical cock with a flick of her wrist, then grabbed a few coils of rope from one of the preparatory tables. She tied Ursula’s wrists together behind her back, then simply tied her ankles together as well.

With another flick of her hand to temporarily reduce her weight again, Loki carried Ursula towards the gallows. After wrapping the noose around her neck, she let go of Ursula and took a step back to admire her work. The woman’s body leaned forwards, but the noose and the tight bindings over her legs and wrists kept her standing. Happy with how Ursula’s exposed body was presenting itself, Loki released the safety mechanism on the trapdoor. All that was keeping it from opening under Ursula’s feet was now a single piece of rope tied to one of the supporting wooden poles. Quickly untying it, Loki held on firmly to it while walking behind Ursula. She forced the rope into Ursula’s hands, and closed her limp hands into fists over it. After sending a shock through her fingers to make her muscles tighten to ensure Ursula would keep holding it, Loki hurried to the table for the final piece of her deadly setup. Then, she walked back to the front of Ursula and finally lifted the spell keeping the woman unconscious.

Ursula’s mind slowly awakened back to full consciousness. Even before her vision returned, she could feel the ropes around her wrists, ankles and her neck, as well as the one that was tucked away in her hands. How could she have been so naive? She should have been more alert than this - Anna had played her like a child. As her vision returned, instead of Anna she saw some purple-haired woman. Even if she didn’t know her, Ursula immediately understood that she had been impersonating Anna as well. Was she a shapeshifter? That could make her the perfect master she had been looking for.

Any doubts that she had were cleared when she heard the woman speak:
“Oh, Ursula, Ursula… What a predicament you’ve gotten yourself into. Once you let go of the rope you’re holding, you’ll hang. And after you’re dead, I’ll bring you back as a perfectly loyal assassin - with the magic that I learned from your old master when I visited your world.”
Ursula shivered as she heard that. The woman was going to turn her into a morph? Before she was able to speak, the woman leaned in and roughly shoved something up her pussy.
“To make sure that you will drop it, here’s a magically enhanced dildo. It will make you go mad with pleasure… As you live out the final minutes of your life.”

With a smile on her lips, Loki touched the dildo with one finger, sending energy into it that brought it back to life. Then, she walked off the gallows, and took a seat just in front of them - giving her a perfect view of Ursula’s cunt that was stuffed with the magical toy. Despite her best efforts, it was clear to Loki that the device had been working just as intended. Ursula’s breaths were becoming more shallow as the woman squirmed on the trapdoor. Her body was twisting as much as the ropes binding her allowed for, sending the woman’s breasts bouncing as Ursula’s thighs rubbed together against her will. Her assassin training was quickly overcame by the pleasure resonating from her crotch, and even if it allowed her to last longer than the usual girl, she still had to give in in the end. As the orgasmic spasms took hold of her body, Ursula briefly lost control over the muscles in her hands. She desperately tried to catch the rope again, but it quickly slipped out of her fingers as the trapdoor opened beneath her.

The rope digging into her neck midway through her orgasm didn’t stop the pleasure she was feeling. In her mind she was begging for the dildo to stop vibrating inside her, even as her entire body was shaking because of the stimulation it was giving her. She kicked out with her long legs covered with blue overknee socks, her heeled shoes falling off her feet as she tried to reach for some steady ground. With her legs tied together, they had to move together, but even if they were not bound she would not be able to reach anything. Her hands desperately struggled against the rope binding her wrists, her shoulders twisting to one side and then to the other as she tried to tear through the rope. It was no use - Loki made sure that the knots she tied were perfect, and she picked the strongest rope she could find for it.

As her orgasm died down, pain began to settle in instead. Her lungs were burning with pain, and the rope cutting into her neck hurt her a lot as well. The constant vibration between her strong thighs took away any power that remained in her legs, and they simply hung limply now, with her toes pointing downwards. Her toes were still twitching, but Loki wasn’t able to see that through Ursula’s socks. Since Ursula lost any contact with her lower body, she didn’t know that she pissed herself.

Ursula looked at Loki as her face turned red, tears appearing in her blue eyes. “I would have… worked for you… with full loyalty…” Ursula bitterly remarked in whatever part of her mind that was still working as her mouth opened. Her vision was flashing in and out of focus as she stared at Loki… Or was that Loki changing form? She tried to look to the side, at something else in her room, but her eyes stopped listening to her. They just started moving wildly out of her control, but within moments of that happening her vision went blank. Loki, though, was still able to see it, the woman’s hand between thighs as she watched Ursula’s deathly spasms. Ursula’s chest was quite the hypnotizing sight for Loki as her tits moved around, but eventually Ursula’s upper body stopped as well. The life of the assassin who had taken so many lives herself was over now.

Loki continued to touch herself until she came, seeing with amusement that the dildo managed to bring another climax even of Ursula’s now dead cunt. Undoing the knot of the noose, she let Ursula’s body fall to the ground. After dragging it to an open spot, Loki recalled the magic she had learned while visiting Elibe. Sending it into Ursula’s corpse, she excitedly watched as the morph rose from the ground. Finally, her hopping across worlds to learn powerful magic was paying off.

“Uhuhu… I’ll be delighted to slay anyone for you…” The morph’s lips moved, telling Loki that the magic worked just as she wanted it to. After casting a spell to repair the clothes of her new servant, Loki became lost in her thoughts while thinking who should her personal assassin kill next.


Chapter 22.5: Lyn

tags: con, M/F, beheading, strangulation, amputation, gutting, debreasting

Lyn collapsed on top of Kiran, panting heavily as another orgasm shook her entire body. She had lost count of them by this point, but she still enjoyed each and every one of these. Now, however, she was feeling completely exhausted. As she recovered from her climax, she lifted herself on her elbows and looked straight at Kiran. “I need a break - and a bath.” Kiran nodded back at her, understanding what she meant. He was also glad for a chance to regain some of his strength. Between Sonya’s corpse and Lyn’s living, hungry cunt and ass, he had been completely spent.

After one final quick kiss, Lyn jumped off the bed and hurried towards Kiran’s bath. As the warm water enveloped her, her thoughts went back to the first time she bathed there - after killing one of her former friends for her and Kiran’s pleasure…

Oh, she still remembered how fast her heart was beating after she helped Kiran kill Katarina, and how good it felt to masturbate over the mage’s amputated corpse. Her face was coated with his semen as she proclaimed her love. He ordered her to bring someone she knew to him, so she picked Serra - knowing that the vain noble wouldn’t probably be of any use to this army anyways. Oh, how amazing it felt when she sliced the pink-haired girl’s clothes with the Sol Katti, before bringing her sword through her neck and ending her life! Her sweet voice as she begged for her life was burned forever in her mind, and so was the expression of her severed head. If she wasn’t this exhausted now, Lyn would have definitely started to touch herself again, for the memory was just too hot. Since that wasn’t an option now, Lyn’s mind began to move on to other of her kills, with the Sacean girl clearly in a nostalgic mood.

Ah… She still remembered Mia’s moans as she fingered her. And her words… With which she basically invited her to kill her. She was clearly able to see her face when she pushed the mercenary under the surface of water, grinding her pussy against hers as Lyn drowned her. The girl’s eagerness to feel one final orgasm before dying really left an impression on her, along with her willingness to die… Lyn’s abdomen began to heat up again as the flasks she received from Tharja suddenly resurfaced in her brain. Could she give up her life for pleasure like Mia did, and like the dark sorceress did after she handled her the flasks?

She wasn’t comfortable with these kind of thoughts, and quickly recalled another memory - quite the opposite of the last one, a kill on the battlefield. There were numerous women she had sliced through with the Sol Katti or shot dead with one of her bows. Among these, there were a few that she remembered quite vividly. Oh, the expression on that twintailed pink-haired highly energetic mage when she stabbed her through the chest! Her sobs as the woman went limp on her sword, not believing that she was able to pierce through her chest armor… and the cute twitches of her long legs as the laid the girl down while pulling the sword out! Lyn was able to hear her final words - she was begging for one of her friends to come and save her, but all she received was another cut of the Sol Katti. Lyn learned afterwards that the girl’s name was Mae, after she ordered her corpse to be brought back to the castle so she could enjoy it some more…

Or that archer girl who had foolishly challenged her to a ranged duel… All it took were three arrows - one through her neck, another one through the girl’s forehead, and the third one straight between the woman’s breasts. The surprised expression on her face as she stared at the arrow sticking out of her neck, and the sudden realization as the other arrow hit her, with tears starting to flow from her eyes as the last one got to her - Lyn could recall it all perfectly. She also remembered the cries of her friends, only then learning that the archer’s name was Setsuna… Lyn left the corpse on the archery field, but when she returned in a few hours, it had already been used thoroughly. Her tits and crotch had been exposed, along with numerous other cuts to her outfit. Her pussy and mouth were leaking semen, but whoever used the girl decided to leave the arrows inside her. After quickly shooing the queue at the corpse away, Lyn could still remember the pleasure she felt as she masturbated over the girl’s corpse… However, Lyn’s mind betrayed her again, as the girl began to wonder if she was ready to give this kind of pleasure up… Sonya’s death and the countless orgasm she had afterwards left her feeling satisfied with this kind of pleasure for the nearest future - maybe even for life…

Almost done with her bath, Lyn recalled yet another woman that she had killed - another her. She remembered it as if it was yesterday… Kiran’s cock filling her up as she wrapped the other her’s ponytail around the girl’s neck… The mind-blowing pleasure all three of them felt as she strangled her… The way her hair felt in her hands as the girl finally died… And unreal orgasm after orgasm as Kiran released load after load inside her snatch… She was sure that this was the moment she got pregnant with his child. Thinking about her pregnancy, she wondered for a moment if their daughter was okay - with how the time flew in these outrealms, Lyn wondered if she had already grown into a fine young woman? Probably not - the time in that outrealm didn’t move this fast, after all. Still, she was sure that this would happen one day - and that the girl would be happy when the time came. Along with their daughter, the outrealm she had been put in also housed Morgan, the girl put there just as Tharja requested. Lyn wondered if the two girls would become friends - or maybe even more when the time came…

Thinking about her daughter made Lyn feel a warmth in her chest unlike any she felt before, even after Tharja’s potion entered her mind again - brought back because she recalled the moment of Tharja’s death. As the Sacean girl stood up from the bath, water flowing down her naked body, Lyn asked herself the question again: Was she ready to give her life up just so that she and Kiran both had one ultimate round of pleasure?
Shivering as she thought this, Lyn arrived at the conclusion that she was ready to do it.

Excited, Lyn ran out of the bath. In the time it took her to wash herself, Kiran was able to fall asleep, resting on his bed now. Lyn wondered if she should wake him up. However, as she jumped onto the bed, full of energy again, his eyes opened and he looked at her. “You seem wound up. Did something happen?”
“Oh, Kiran… Being with you really was the happiest time in my life. But now… Now I know that you have already given me everything I could have possibly wanted. And so, all I ask for now is one last moment with you - one that you will remember your entire life.” Kiran listened to her with his mouth open - what was his lovely swordswoman suggesting? He had never expected her to feel like this. However, as Lyn got up and drank some potion - she must have brought it to his room when he was dreaming about Gunnthra - and began to speak again, he noticed just how hard her words had made him.
“This was a potion I received from one of the dark mages in your employ… I’ve seen its effect firsthand. It strengthens all my senses, leading to an incredible increase in both arousal and pleasure. See? I’m wet already, and it’s just because of it!” Lyn spread her legs, showing Kiran just how her pussy had managed to become in the time she had been speaking. “But that’s not the only thing it can do. It also helps me stay alive through wounds that would have otherwise killed me.” Lyn showed him another vial. “Here’s an antidote for it…” She leaned in closer, and whispered into his ear. “You can do anything you want to me. I won’t die until you want me to!” Her voice pitched higher as she finished speaking, her words already making her spasm in pleasure.

Kiran stared at her, deep in thoughts. Was this really the right thing to do - to kill his lover just because she asked for it? He had already killed countless heroines before, so why was he hesitating now? He… he didn’t want to lose her. Still, this was her decision to make - and it seemed that she really meant this. If so, then he had no right to stop her - and as Lyn climbed onto him, sliding onto his erect cock, he decided to go along with her wish. If Lyn’s words were true - and he had no reason not to believe her - that meant he could give in to his deepest fantasies he had about her. But just how would he start?

Lyn’s ponytail was swinging around madly as Lyn continued to bounce up and down on his dick. Its movement reminded her of the last time a Lyn had died for their pleasure - back then Lyn strangled the other her using her ponytail. Choking her for at least some time was one thing he had to do to her now, so why not start with that?
Reaching for one of Lyn’s bows that she had left in his room, he grabbed it at the end and struggled for a moment with untangling the string from one of the bow’s ends. The other one was already untied, so Kiran was able to take the bowstring out without any danger. Once it was free, Lyn leaned forward so that he was able to wrap it around her neck. Moving her ponytail out of the way, he made a few coils around her neck, pulling Lyn’s head closer to him because of the strings short length, and then started to pull at the ends of it, effectively cutting Lyn’s breath off.

The linen, narrow wire began to cut into her neck almost immediately, and for a moment Lyn was worried that it’d cut through it and behead her. However, it stopped after getting through a part of her skin, so although it opened a wound in her neck, it wasn’t enough to kill her straight away. That let Kiran accomplish what he wanted to do with it - restrict Lyn’s breathing. The pain of her windpipe being forcibly closed was soon joined by the pain in her lungs, that were unable to bring fresh air in. However, with the potion in effect, Lyn almost didn’t feel any of that - and what she felt only strengthened the pleasure she was already in. Her head was already directly above Kiran’s, so she bent even further forward and connected her lips to his. That let Kiran know that everything was okay with her, so while kissing her back he pulled harder on the bowstring. Blood began to flow from the circular cut in her neck, with more pressure keeping her windpipe fully closed. Lyn’s hands moved involuntarily towards her neck and clawed at it for a moment while the Lady of the Plains rode out another of her orgasms. All that achieved was her getting some of her blood on her fingernails as her body began going out of her control. Her pussy was squeezing his cock like never before, quickly causing him to release his load inside her. Her legs, laying on both sides of his waist, started to twitch uncontrollably. Even if they tried breathplay before, he had never taken Lyn that far into it. Her face was red, her eyes bulging even while the pain she was in was dulled by Tharja’s brew.

With him having strangled many women before, he knew when to release Lyn from the wire’s deadly hold just before it had caused irreparable damage. It took her a lot longer to get to that point, so it seemed that the potion she drank really was working. Still, she needed a moment to rest after the nearly-lethal strangulation before she was able to voice her gratitude. “That… That was really something!” She exclaimed with much force as she straightened up to an upright position again. “Now, please go ahead!” With her urging him to continue, Kiran wondered just how to carry on. Taking another look at the room, he saw another of Lyn’s weapons that she had left at his room before and just told him to keep it. While the sword wasn’t anything special - it was just one of her training swords - it would still do for the next part he had in mind.

Lifting Lyn’s fit body off the bed, she grabbed on to him and crossed her legs behind his back as he carried while walking towards where the sword was. Since it was just next to his desk, he decided to put Lyn down there. Reaching with one hand to move the documents scattered on his desk away, he then set her down on. Sliding out of her pussy, he slammed his cock inside her ass instead. Her strong legs were still wrapped around his waist, her powerful thighs clamping around him with even more strength than the walls of her anus clamped around his cock. Both his and her hands were free, and Lyn grabbed onto one of his while grinding her hips against him.

With his free hand, Kiran lifted the sword, and then immediately cut down. The fingers of one of her hands started to squeeze his other hand even harder as their connection to Lyn’s brain was severed - he cut her left arm off just above her elbow. Blood began to spurt from the open wound, but without much pressure and the bleeding died down almost instantly. However Tharja’s potion worked, it was preventing Lyn from bleeding out now. Her sword arm followed suit soon after, but he sliced it off right at her shoulder. Her hands continued to hold on to his as Lyn understood that Kiran was really going to kill her - there was no way she’d be able to fight now with her both her arms permanently removed. Her hands were holding on to his with a powerful grip, and Kiran had some troubles with getting them off - but eventually he managed to, placing both of Lyn’s arms on the desk as well nearby Lyn’s body. Her earlier realization was bringing her to new levels of pleasure as the summoner plowed her ass. The lack of response from where her arms used to be was pretty unsettling, but Lyn had long accepted her death by now so it only made her happier that she was getting closer to it.

Kiran continued to fuck her ass until he came, panting heavily. To keep standing after the very powerful orgasm he had, he instinctively stabbed down with the sword he was holding to stabilize himself. The sword slid into Lyn’s belly. Holding on to it while the orgasm rocked Kiran’s body, he cut a horizontal line through more of his lover’s abdomen - with some of her guts sliding out as he did that. After his orgasm was finished, he pulled his cock out of her ass - and looked at the gaping cut that he had just created. Lyn looked at him with more love while he walked over to the desk’s side and slid his cock into that wound. She writhed on the desk as she felt his cock slide into her stomach - another new feeling that she’d only be able to experience once. For some reason, that wound reminded her of her mother. She had missed the attack that killed both of her parents, only seeing their corpses afterwards, but thinking back to it now, didn’t Madelyn’s also had a wound like this? Also covered in semen? For some reason that amused Lyn - it seemed that getting fucked like that ran in the family.

While fucking a woman like that wasn’t a new experience for Kiran, knowing that it was Lyn whose insides he was now pounding through with his cock made the experience miles better. As he felt her guts wrapping around it, or the walls of her womb caving in as he slammed into it from the other side, he realized that this was even better than using her cunt. Soon, his semen mixed with the blood flowing freely from her open wound, and as he pulled out, he looked at Lyn’s face again. She seemed to be yearning for another kiss, so he walked to her and kissed her while forcing fingers of one of his hands into the stump of her right arm. Even with Lyn squirming underneath him because of that, the woman still kissed him back. With his other hand he reached for her chest and squeezed one of her breasts, two of his fingers pinching on her nipple. Lyn moaned against him when he broke the kiss away, looking at her breasts with more harmful intent.

Her mammaries had only grown bigger because of her recent pregnancy. Along with their size, their sensitivity also increased. Because of that, and Tharja’s potion still affecting her, it didn’t take long for Lyn to come again when he joined in with his second hand, which was now covered in Lyn’s blood. Kiran watched her face as it was twisted with yet another orgasm, feeling some regret that it would be the last time. Grabbing the sword again, he pressed it against her torso, just beneath her left breast. She moaned in ecstasy as she felt that. Just a few hours ago, she joked about slicing it off since with its current size it could cause problems with her archery. Now, her words would go true - Kiran grabbed the breast with one hand, and with the other he began sawing through the breast’s base from below. More of her blood began spurting from the cut as she slowly moved the blade further through her orb of flesh and fat, wishing for them both to savor this moment. Some milk began to squirt from her nipple, unloading some of the breast milk she didn’t really get to lactate before. He briefly stopped cutting, and placed his mouth over her nipple, biting into it as he took a deep sip of her milk. After his tongue lapped at her nipple for a moment, he straightened up and resumed his cut. Looking just at Lyn’s face, it would be impossible to tell that the girl was just being horribly mutilated - moan after moan leaving her lips. Finally, the blade emerged from the upper side of Lyn’s massive teat - showing Kiran that the cut was over. Lifting the breast from her chest, he showed it to Lyn while staring at the massive round wound where it used to be. Inside it, he could see a few of Lyn’s ribs - and another idea entered his mind.

Moving the sword towards the hole, he carefully slid it in between two of her ribs. Then, using one as the support and using force, he used the sword to dislocate the other rib. As it broke, he immediately pulled both the sword and the broken rib out. Then, he sunk one of his hands into her chest. Moving it leftwards, he came across what he was searching for - her rapidly beating heart. His hand enclosed gently over it, feeling her strong heartbeats. With his other hand, he caressed her face, and enjoyed the feeling as her heartbeats intensified. He leaned in to kiss her, and her heart picked up the pace again. After breaking the kiss, he straightened up again and moved his free hand towards her pussy. The feeling of his hand closed over her heart already caused her to be quite wet, so it didn’t take him long to bring her to another orgasm with skillful moves of his fingers. She bucked her hips against his fingers, since that was the only way she could please herself with her arms gone. Her heart was beating extremely fast in his hand as her armless body shook in what would be the last orgasm of her life. Her remaining breast bounced up and down, hitting him on his forearm. Lyn’s legs were moving out of her control as she lost herself to the pleasure, sensing that it would be the last time she felt like this.

As her orgasm died down, he let go of her heart. His eyes were now fixed on the vial Lyn handed him when they were starting it. She said it was an antidote. He lifted it from the side, then uncorked it. Lyn eagerly opened her mouth for him to pour it in as he slid his cock inside her cunt again. “Kiran… Thank you… For our time together…” Lyn poured her heart into her final words to her lover as she felt the antidote starting to affect her body. The pain was slowly starting to settle in. Now she was fully aware of all the bleeding holes that her body had, as the blood began to be pumped out of each of them. Her body started to spasm again, with each jerk stronger than the one before. She finally called out in pain for the first time that day as a severely stronger jolt of pain reached her. She could still feel Kiran’s cock as it filled her up, but for the first time she couldn’t get off on it - the agony all over her body successfully prevented that. The only relief from it now was the certainty that Kiran was enjoying this, with him picking up the pace and fucking her harder than ever before. And so, even as her body was going unresponsive, she forced a fake smile of pleasure onto her face. One that showed Kiran that she was still enjoying this in her final moments...

“Lyn? Are you still here?” Kiran called out moments later, after blowing yet another load into her snatch. No response. Her green eyes were rolled to the back of her head now. Her body was shaking, but with sadness Kiran realized that she had passed away. Tears flashed in his eyes as he realized that he was alone now. He cradled her body in his arms as the loneliness started to lean over him. Lyn… She wanted this… And they both enjoyed this SO much… so why did it hurt him so much now? He had killed countless heroines before, so why this time he felt… regret? What made her different from all the others? Did he really came to truly love her without noticing that?
He continued to cry as her body slowly went stiff in his hands. And yet, despite how horrible he was feeling, his cock hardened again - he left it inside her after coming, and her post-mortem spasms were enough to make him hard again. Maybe he would feel better if he fucked her corpse?

Using her cooling pussy proved to be a good distraction, but as soon as he was finished he started to feel bad again. “Oh, Lyn…” Kiran muttered while looking at her corpse. Her slack face, which used to be so full of emotion before, now was frozen in a deadly grimace. Even if she was moaning before she died, her expression now only reminded him that she was dead now. Out of anger and frustration, he wished to erase that sight once and for all. He picked the sword up again, and in one swift strike removed Lyn’s head from the rest of her body. With another swing, he almost cut straight at her face, but stopped the blade just inches from it. No. He couldn’t tarnish her beauty in death like this. Her lips that sucked him off so many times were slightly ajar now, and he felt a tingling in his loins again while looking at them. He set the sword down again, and picked the head up by her ponytail. He forced the tip of his cock past her open lips, rubbing it against her tongue as he slammed it down her throat. Even without a response from her body, the still warm depths of her mouth felt good around his dick. And so, he proceeded to fuck her cut-off head until he reached his release yet again. As he put the head down, wiping the last drops of his semen into her hair, he realized that he should get her head preserved. Lyn would have definitely wanted that. But that… That would be an issue for another time. Staring at the corpse, he realized that there was another thing he wanted to preserve. One of Lyn’s organs that had granted him even more pleasure than her mouth.

He stabbed the sword into her crotch at a specific angle, just above her cunt. Then, cutting in a careful motion, he slowly continued to cut until he created an opening all around her pussy. Reaching inside it, he then tugged hard on it, managing to pull a tube of flesh that contained her entire vaginal canal. Oh, they had shared so many orgasms together with her - it was only right that he kept it as well as an onahole. The process made him hard again, but since he just carved her vagina out, that was no longer an option. Her anus was one though, but he ignored it. There was one new opening he hadn’t tried using before.

After fucking her neck stump, Kiran with a heavy heart took one final look at Lyn’s corpse. Headless, armless, one breast cut off, and a big gaping hole where her vagina used to be. This was not a fitting end for a warrior like her, Kiran thought. Then again, were any of his kills? Now it was time to dispose of her corpse. Instead of calling servants for it like usual, he decided to do it himself. While carrying her corpse, he first headed for one of the mages who doubled as both a taxidermist and someone who preserved corpses - all with his specialised magic. Until now, he had no use for the mage’s services, but he had heard from his heroes about it. After leaving both Lyn’s head and the pussy he cut out to him, Kiran stopped there for a moment longer to take a look at some of the mage’s work in progress. After wondering if he should employ him again soon, Kiran carried Lyn’s corpse to the massive grave used for all the heroes that died in Askr. As surprised as the soldiers who stood guard there were when the summoner himself approached them, they still took Lyn’s corpse from him and thrown it in. He stared at it longingly for a few moments, then returned to his room. He still had to take care of his duties for the day. Later on, when falling asleep, he wondered if the empty spot next to him was going to haunt him that night.


>>13275 here they are :)

Chapter 23: Sisterly Love

non-con, F/F, M/F, tentacles, strangulation, skinning, seppuku

The purple flames surrounding Celica died down a bit as the red-haired girl sat down to pray to Lord Duma. Her entire world shattered momentarily when she found out that there was no response - Duma’s might didn’t extend over to Askr. She fell to the ground in convulsions shaking her entire body as the realization she was no longer bound to Duma’s will struck her. Her memories came crashing back into her mind… But instead of returning unscathed, they were still tainted by Duma’s will. And so, when the woman got up, she was filled with hatred for her own body - as it still bore the brand of Mila. The cruelty and power so common to Duma’s servants were also now a part of her - with the flames reappearing around her again as she swung the Beloved Zofia around to test her swordsmanship. She regained the sense of self, but one far more twisted than the gentle soul that she was before.

Remembering her time as a priestess of Mila, her body writhed with distaste. She would help people no more. Strength was the only thing that mattered in this world. And yet, in her memories there was one steady pillar of hope. The figure of Alm… The man her old self loved… Bearing the brand of Lord Duma… Celica’s heart started to beat faster when she remembered that detail about him. It seemed that despite being free of Duma’s influence, she was still drawn to things relating to the mad god. She set out, searching for him, eager to take him as his lover yet again.

Her search proved to be in vain - even with multiple Alms in this world, each and every one of them had a Celica to match him. After finding out about that, Celica’s face was twisted with mad laughter. She just had to replace one of them - she definitely had the power to do it. With her old memories back, she was certain she’d be able to imitate her old self well. That just meant she had to get rid of one of the other hers.

Inviting one of the other hers to a forest in the middle of the night was definitely the sublest of her ideas. Fortunately, the other her didn’t suspect a thing. To even imagine that another her would be twisted enough to plot against another version of herself was impossible for the Zofian princesses who hadn’t experienced the power of Lord Duma, she decided. And so, the unsuspecting princess arrived in the spot the other Celica picked for their meeting, looking around curiously.

“Hello? Are you there?” She called out towards the empty crossing in the forest, before someone crashed into her from the side. The other person burst into purple flames, showing Celica that it was another her - but she seemed different. Her eyes were bright red instead of their usual orange, and her entire being resonated with malice that terrified her. Her fears only grew as the woman pinned her to the ground. Celica thought of blasting her away with magic - if this was simply some joke, she’d apologize later - but was unable to as the woman sliced at her with her white sword. The arms she had in front of her in preparation for her magic served as a shield, so the sword’s strike didn’t kill her, but they both ended up cut off as her blade sliced easily through her elbows. Both arms were thrown away with the strength of the blow, confirming to Celica that the other her was really trying to kill her. But why? Why would she do that?

The Celica enveloped in flames almost ended it on this spot. However, staring at the woman underneath her, another idea appeared in her mind. With all of her memories contained within her, she knew that the other girl had no way of defending herself now - so instead of a quick kill as she originally planned for, she was given the chance to savor this moment if she wanted. Since with each moment she stared at the other her’s face her hatred for the Zofian bitch only grew, making her suffer was something she was definitely looking forward to.

To start it off, she had to remove the other Celica’s clothes. The other her began to sob as she stared at the stubs that now ended her arms, with blood gushing from both her wounds. She forced the flames to grow brighter so she could see it well, then grabbed the other hers chestplate and with a strong pull managed to rip it off. Then, with a few slices of her sword, she was able to remove a few big patches of her white dress, including the ones covering her breasts. She stared at them hungrily for a moment as the other hers sobs grew louder, then moved on. Pulling the other hers black skirt off, she uncovered the other hers neatly shaved snatch. Of course she’d shave for Alm. She reached in, her fingers causing the other her to shiver on the ground for a moment.
“Alm… Save me,please!” Eventually, the other her called out. “Oh, he won’t be coming here to save you. And when I’m done with you, I’ll take your place at his side! Heh… Heh heh heh!” The other Celica began laughing madly as she proceeded to scratch away at the other her’s pussy walls, her nails digging into the sensitive flesh and opening a few shallow; yet painful wounds. After she pulled out one hand and saw that there was now blood on her fingers along with normal Celica’s pussy juices, she lifted one hand to her mouth and sucked on it, enjoying the taste. Still, her other hand continued to go in and out of the exposed cunt with increased speed, until eventually her copy came, shaking with an unwanted orgasm.

Satisfied with sexually abusing the other like that for now, the Celica filled with Duma’s might climbed off the other her and wondered, how to proceed. Reaching deep inside herself, there was a power granted to her by Lord Duma that she hadn’t used yet - the power to call forth beings of the dark. She was not sure what monster would answer her call, but she was delighted to find out. Gathering some of the energy within her and releasing it, she happily saw that her powers were enough to summon a single Mogall. But even a single Mogall was enough! Establishing control over the flying, tentacled orb with multiple eyeballs showing, she quickly made him replicate - she knew their powers well enough from the times before she was enlightened with Duma’s power, when she still fought against His servants.

The Celica on the ground watched with horror as the other her began summoning monsters, still ashamed that she was able to make her cum. Why was she able to call upon the power of Lord Duma? Was her destiny to fall under his influence? “NO! I’d rather die than let him control me!” She exclaimed forcefully in her mind. Still, however it happened, the harsh reality was that the other her was using the dark arts of Duma Faithful. Her words left Celica no hope that she’d let her go, and her wounds left her unable to fight back. Still, she managed to muster enough strength to stand up, and she looked straight at the other her. “Alm will see through your lies! And then he will avenge me!” She exclaimed defiantly, determined to stay strong until the very end.
“If he does find out about this… Then I’ll kill him!” The other her replied loudly, smiling sadistically while her insanity flashed again in her red eyes. That was also the point when she decided she had enough of the eyeball monsters, and directed their swarm towards the normal Celica.

The girl screamed with fear seeing the red flesh of the monster’s tentacles as they floated towards her, repulsed by the sight of their bare flesh. She usually dealt with these monsters from a distance, frying them with her magic, so only now she was able to get a better look at them. She barely kept herself from puking as she looked at their skinless appendages - and the revolting feeling in her belly increased even more when she felt the tentacles rub against her bare breasts. She felt the tip of one tentacle force its way into her bellybutton and move around in her stomach, and she writhed in pain caused by it. A few monsters floated up to her head, and when she opened her mouth to scream, instead it was filled with one of the tentacles. The thick appendage was quickly shoved down her throat, the slimy flesh touching against her lips as the monster began sliding it in and out.

Another of the Mogalls hovered down to her crotch, and quickly forced one of its tentacles into her pussy and anus each. Feeling the wet tentacle rub against the already wounded walls of her snatch, Celica wasn’t even able to let out the pain that she felt since her mouth was already filled with one tentacle. With even more disgust, she was able to see that the evil her had eagerly opened her legs up and let one of the tentacles fill her up, and now was grinding against the monster, moaning heavily. And yet, to her horror, the Celica whose body was being raped by the tentacles realized that her body was responding to these tentacles. If she was ashamed earlier when the other her made her cum, it didn’t even compare to how she felt when her damaged pussy started going more damp, a shock of pleasure soaring through her body with each of the Mogall’s thrusts. Looking at the other Celica again, it seemed that she had already came - no wonder, she was enjoying this from the start - and was now staring at her expectedly. Even the knowledge that she was being watched did little to stop her arousal as it spiralled out of control, and within a few more minutes Celica’s pussy clenched around the red tentacle as her body reached her last climax.

The Duma-empowered Celica watched the other her carefully. As soon as she saw her body shaking in orgasmic release, she ordered the monsters to finally attack her with their tentacles. Two Mogalls that just floated aimlessly above Celica’s head until then struck with them straight at Celica’s face, crushing her eyeballs as they slid into her eye sockets. The sudden pain and blindness surprised Celica, but that was just the beginning. The tentacles fucking her pussy and ass punched their way into her stomach, and joined by the tentacle coming in from her throat, all broke through the walls of her stomach, free from her body. The tentacle that entered her stomach earlier made its way up her body, and after scuffling with the tentacle going in the other direction came free from her mouth as well. Her whole body was in excruciating pain when the two Mogalls who just joined in decided they wanted to have more of their tentacles inside her as well. The back walls of her eye sockets gave in easily as the fleshy shafts entered her brain. With the functions of her brain rapidly ceding because of the intrusion, foam appeared over her lips, with her drool leaking onto the flesh that was filling her mouth up. “A… Alm…” Her dying brain managed to recall his face one final time before the woman went limp in the Mogalls’ embrace.

Seeing the other her collapse as the monsters killed her, Celica couldn’t hold back a triumphant laughter. Now, with her obstacle removed, she was able to get closer to the man she yearned for. Banishing all the Mogalls with a single spell, she ran over to the other her’s corpse and stood over it. Leaving it like this would not be wise, even if it was the most enjoyable sight she had seen in her life. Fortunately, she knew just how to get rid of it. This body still had its magical prowess she had relied on in the past. Joining her hands together and moving them around in a circle as she called for the magical flames, then outstretching them towards the corpse on the ground, she set it on fire with the spell Ragnarok. After watching it burn out until nothing remained, Celica quenched the purple flames that had been hugging her body this entire time. The time would come to show them again, but for now she’d have to pretend she had none of the powers granted to her by Lord Duma. One remaining issue was the color of her eyes. Turning them their usual orange with a simple spell, Celica walked away to wash the blood from her body in some spring in the forest - and then headed straight for the dead Celica’s and her Alm’s room back in the castle.

Kiran awakened after a night of uneasy sleep. Waking up, he found herself yearning for some physical closeness - and then remembered that Lyn was dead now. The feeling stayed with him through the day, and even after he picked up Lyn’s preserved head and cunt, it didn’t help him for long. Using her pussy felt as great as always, but without the warmth of her body it didn’t satisfy him. So instead, he had to turn to some of the other heroines to find some pleasure. His first thought was to summon Micaiah to him - the silver-haired maiden’s tight ass was one that he really enjoyed - but as he tried to do so, he found out that she had been killed. With his current state, losing another woman he enjoyed was very upsetting - and so he ordered a group of heroes with Anna leading them to find out who killed her.

But that meant he still had no heroine to fuck tonight. He returned to his room, and took a look at the full list of heroes that were there. His eyes stopped on the two cat laguz from Tellius: Lethe and Lyre. Maybe the catgirls would be the just the right girls to cheer him up? Calling for the two laguz to come to his chambers, he set out for a few tools he wanted to have when they showed up.

“Aren’t you excited, Lethe? We’ll get to know the summoner in person!” Lyre enthusiastically called out to her sister. However, Lethe seemed less than thrilled about that.
“I’m more concerned about what I’ve heard about him.” Even if her original opinion on the beorc had been revised after the time she spent fighting alongside Ike, she still was wary of humans she didn’t know. They’d both been summoned together, but it was so recently that they were yet to see Kiran kill someone.
“Oh, I’m sure those are just beorc rumors. They always come up with the wildest stories about the laguz, so why not about themselves as well?” Unshaken by her sister’s stoicity, Lyre continued to talk happily while they made their way towards the summoner’s quarters.

Once they got there, and opened the door, Kiran was already waiting for them.
“Well, let’s get started.” Kiran said while the door closed behind them. “I’d like for you both to strip naked.” Without much beating around the bush Kiran ordered the two laguz girls to strip. Lethe was immediately put off - even if she had previously stripped for some of the beorc of the Greil Mercenaries, it was after fighting by their side for two long wars. She definitely was not going to do it for someone who she just met. She hissed angrily, her ears put down to express her hostility.
However, her sister didn’t have any issues like that. She eagerly undid her collar, removed her gloves, and took her arms out of her tunic’s shoulderpads. As she undid her belt, and was about to pull the tunic off, Lethe placed a hand on her shoulder. “Lyre? What are you doing? You wouldn’t strip for some unknown beorc, right?”
“Oh Lethe don’t be like this! You’ve been constantly on your guard since we got here. It’d do you good if you loosened up a bit!” Lyre exclaimed, then moved Lethe’s hand off her shoulder and pulled the red tunic off though her head. She proudly presented her small breasts to Kiran, waiting for his reaction. Her purple eyes smiled and her cat ears waggled happily when she saw Kiran’s slowly growing erection sticking through his robes. Encouraged by that, she quickly removed her black boots and pulled her white, short skirt down her legs, leaving her just in her black thighhighs. Her little pussy was exposed to Kiran as well as she showed it off as well, a patch of orange pubic hair over it. She walked over to Kiran, and he stuck a few fingers up her snatch. She purred happily while pulling the front of his robes to the side until she freed his cock, then turned back and ran over to Lethe - who was still fully clothed, standing with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

Seeing her sister like this was really a hard thing to endure for Lethe. She had only desired to protect her sister. Lyre joining the Gallian military was already quite hard for her to endure, but with them being thrown into another world the dangers only increased. Seeing her discarding her clothes so carelessly was outright horrifying - as Lethe knew the clothes wouldn’t be the last thing they’d lose. Kiran’s first order already gave more ground to the stories she heard about him, and if they were true… Then Lyre’s nudity would soon be the least of her problems. Still, when her sister started to pull at her collar, Lethe found herself giving in to her fingers. Her belt and her glove both came off quickly, and she kicked her boots off her feet. She wasn’t too hesitant about removing her tunic, since her chest was still bound down with some bandages - their size caused her some problems while fighting untransformed. Lyre laughed playfully as she pulled her sister’s green skirt down her powerful legs, Lethe covering instantly covering her snatch with both her hands. All that the older laguz now remained in were three sets of bandages - one wrapped around her breasts, one around her left forearm and one going down from her calf to her feet. She could feel Lyre’s fingers starting to work on the ones covering her chest, so she slapped her sister’s hands away. That was something she wanted to do herself. Slowly unwrapping her chest, she forgot that her pussy was now exposed, looking just as appetizing as her sister’s. Even if the Gallian disliked that she had to undress for him, Lethe couldn’t help but feel a bit satisfied as her breasts sprung free to their full size, and saw Kiran’s erection harden. As the summoner’s cock was now out of his robes, she was able to fully see it - the sight quite fascinating for her despite her reluctance.

“Alright, now both get on the bed.” Lyre pulled Lethe over to the bed, and then made her fall over, collapsing on top of her. “And now, I want you two to make out.”
“Wha-” Lethe opened her mouth to protest, but was silenced as Lyre’s lips locked onto hers. The pure passion her sister was putting into the kiss surprised Lethe. Did… her sister feel about her like this? Lethe was sure the girl had a thing for Ranulf, but her actions now made it seem that it wasn’t the case. Seeing Kiran’s form towering over the two of them, Lethe remembered what the beorcs told her about him - and decided to try to satisfy him, hoping he wouldn’t kill them then. Because of that, she kissed Lyre back - and could hear Lyre purring happily again as their tongues wrestled for dominance. When she finally broke the kiss off, Lyre’s excited voice as she gushed about what just happened confirmed to her that her suspicions were correct.

Lyre moved a bit down on Lethe’s body, until her face lined up with her sister’s tits. Lethe couldn’t contain her moans as Lyre began to lick one of her nipples. Her tail began moving wildly and Lyre moaned as well when it hit her on her snatch. Her braid was swinging at she sucked on her nipple. However, after a few moments, Lethe’s moans died down. She was able to contain the pleasure she was feeling. Knowing they should keep things fresh so that the summoner didn’t get bored, she snuck out from under Lyre’s body and made her roll over, with Lethe ending up on top this time. She forced a finger into her sister’s vagina to check how wet she was, and after sensing the wetness on her fingers crawled around, so that her head ended up between her legs - and Lethe’s cunt forced onto Lyre’s.

Almost immediately Lethe could feel Lyre’s tongue entering her as her younger sister started to eat her out. She proceeded to do so somewhat sloppily - it was obvious to Lethe that Lyre had never done it before. Still, all that mattered was that she tried - it still managed to bring her some pleasure. It couldn’t compare to the hours she and Jill spent together after they worked their race issues out, but for a beginner she was doing quite well. Thanks to her practice with the Daein wyvern rider, she was able to eat her sister out with far more expertise. But she didn’t stop on that. Her fingers continued to hug Lyre’s backside, digging into her tight anus to stimulate her additionally. With her other hand, she searched for the base of Lyre’s tail. It was quite the erogenous zone, as she had found out when with Jill. Massaging it, she happily went on as her sister just moaned in pleasure.

Suddenly, Lyre stopped eating her out. Lethe couldn’t turn around to check what happened, but as a cock filled her up moments later she understood that Kiran must have stopped her. That was the moment when she felt real pleasure - what her sister was doing couldn’t compare to having her pussy stuffed with Kiran’s member. Now, Lethe was able to moan while genuinely aroused, her mouth and hands picking up the pace as she tried to make Lyre come before she did. She couldn’t see that, but after Kiran forced Lyre out of her mouth, her sister moved on to massaging and licking his balls - preventing them from slamming against Lethe’s crotch when Kiran’s full length was pumped in and out of her. Lyre’s orgasmic moans came moment before Lethe reached hers, and the two sisters proceeded to shake on top of each other while riding their orgasms out. Kiran’s seed started shooting inside her a few of his thrusts later, and even in orgasmic pleasure Lethe couldn’t help but fear for her ability to transform - if she was impregnated, that would mean losing it - and how would she fight then?

Lethe rolled off Lyre’s body, worried for her laguz powers. Her long tail smacked Lyre in the face as both sisters laid in their post-coital bliss. Kiran was done with Lethe for now, and he moved on to the younger catgirl. Lyre moaned happily when she felt his cock fill her up. She was in heat now, lusting for any cock that would take her. She squirmed on Kiran’s bed with each of his thrusts, moaning and purring in arousal. With her head rolling on the bed, her short braid swung happily while she rubbed her face against Lethe’s tail. However, soon she saw Kiran take the tail in his hands - and he proceeded to wrap it around her throat. “Lethe?” Lyre called out, feeling fear for the first time. But Lethe didn’t respond. “Sister?” Lyre managed to hiss out through her quickly closing throat when Kiran started to strangle her with Lethe’s tail. The strong muscle contrasting with Lethe’s soft fur made for a deceptively deadly weapon, quickly cutting her breath off.

When Kiran grabbed her tail, Lethe hissed at him angrily, and almost lashed out at him. She managed to control herself, knowing that doing so would only anger the summoner. His rough hands hurt her, but she knew the pain was nothing. Feeling her sister’s neck as her tail wrapped around it was an alien feeling - and she realized what the summoner was planning to do. Normally, she’d do anything to protect Lyre. But now… Throwing her life away to help her temporarily would be completely pointless - the summoner would kill her first and then move on to her sister. Nothing could save Lyre now. Lethe’s only hope now was that the summoner would be satisfied with just Lyre and let her live. And so she allowed him to use her tail while laying on Kiran’s bed, his semen flowing out of her cunt and while she was trying to hold back her tears, her cat ears perking down in sadness.

Lyre began to struggle on the bed as the pain in her lungs slowly began to grow. Forgetting about the pleasure coming from between her legs, Lyre’s hands turned into paws as she clawed away at Lethe’s tail. All that achieved was ripping off patches of Lethe’s fur which proceeded to float up before falling on the bed again. Was that a delusion, or did the tail itself began moving to squeeze her throat harder? Her head turned to the side, to look at Lethe, but all she saw was her sister’s ass that was facing her. Her head snapped back to the front as Kiran tugged it away with another pull at the tail, and Lyre’s purple eyes began to bulge as her face turned red. Her thighhigh-covered legs began to kick out. At first she was trying to hit Kiran, but as the weakness from her pussy spread across her lower body she lost control over them and they simply moved wildly. In embarrassment, Lyre could tell that she had pissed herself. Even if she had been betrayed by her sister, Lyre noted bitterly that she should have listened to her. But would that even have made a difference? Her face turned purple as her struggles began to die down, unaware that her dying twitches made Kiran cum inside her. Her tail flailed desperately for the final time as her body went limp.

Kiran kept squeezing Lyre’s windpipe shut with Lethe’s tail for some more time, until the younger laguz’s body completely stopped moving. After wiping her piss that splashed onto his crotch with Lyre’s tail, he looked at Lethe who had removed her tail from around her sister’s neck, and shielded it under her body. Now, she was sitting on bed, curled up defensively, her purple eyes drawn in into slits as she looked at him with wariness. If he still intended to kill her, Lethe decided she’d shift into her cat form and ran away. Since the stories she’d heard about the summoner from beorc here came true, then she’d probably be unable to attack him anyways.

“Come here.” Kiran ordered her while moving to a spot near the wall, and Lethe reluctantly rose from the bed, hands crossed over her breasts again. As she approached it, she noticed the chains hanging from the ceiling and the ground. Fear began to creep up in her, and she tried to transform into her cat form - she knew that if she let him chain her up, she’d not leave this room alive. However, just as she feared, she found herself unable to change. Then… the rumors about the laguz powers going away immediately were true? Resigned, Lethe approached Kiran and let him tie the chains around her wrists and ankles - removing the bandages from her forearm and foot. Standing in a spread position, she just waited as Kiran picked up the very sharp knife he had prepared before.

There was just enough space for Kiran to get behind her, and so he pressed the knife against the top of Lethe’s back. She writhed in her restraints when he began his cut, creating a red vertical line down her back that followed her spine, only moving to the side when he reached her tail. Her screams increased when the knife reached her buttocks, but he stopped at that point. Instead, his fingers reached into the opening. Lethe screamed in pain as she felt Kiran peel the skin of her back off. There was nothing she could do as the agony of having her flesh exposed surged through her body, with Kiran only stopping once all of the skin from her back was gone. The flaps of her skin hung limply on the sides of her body. Lethe felt Kiran’s hands feel up the base of her tail. She couldn’t help but feel the thrill she inflicted on her sister moments before, only more intense since the flesh around her tail was now exposed. However, that pleasure was quickly dashed away when she felt the knife slicing through it, removing her tail from the rest of her body. It didn’t even hurt her that much - but not being able to feel it for the first time in her life felt very weird. She had to turn her head and take a look to see it missing before she fully believed that - and as she did that, Kiran sunk the knife into one of her wrists and cut down one of her arms. He quickly repeated that process with the other arm, then dug his nails into the opening. Following on the skin removed earlier, he continued to tear away the skin from her shoulders as well as the length of her arms - stopping only once he reached her hands. More patches of her skin hung from her wrists when he walked around, and proceeded to work on removing the skin from her front.

With a quick cut of his knife, Kiran separated the skin at the level of her neck from the rest of it - and so the skin had nothing to hang on to when he started to rip it away. Reaching her huge breasts, he struggled with them for a moment, and eventually decided to just slice them both off instead of skinning them. With a few quick cuts of the knife, both of her round mounds of flesh were quickly chopped off, prompting a pain-filled howl from the cat laguz. Even if she knew it was pointless, Lethe still tried to struggle against the chains binding her - causing them to rattle as the flaps of her skin waved. Kiran grabbed her removed breasts, and placed them carefully nearby - they were necessary for what he had in mind for the girl. Moving on, he managed to tear off all of the skin from her stomach. When he reached Lethe’s pussy, he cut through her skin with the knife again - cutting the skin he had already torn off away from the patch surrounding Lethe’s slit, that was still dripping with his semen.

Before, Kiran stopped just short of Lethe’s asscheeks. Now, helped with a few more stabs of his knife, he was able to get the skin off it pretty easily. After doing another two vertical cuts down the length of her powerful legs, Kiran was able to follow up on them without much trouble. Lethe howled in pain again as her thighs were skinned. Kiran felt himself harden again as he heard that. But the time to deal with that would come later. For now, he just pulled his cock out and slapped it against one of Lethe’s thighs. He rubbed it against it for a moment, knowing well that Lethe’s exposed flesh would be more sensitive. If her screams were anything to go by, that was really the case. As he was close to coming, he moved back and sprayed his seed over her chest - especially the bleeding stumps that were all that remained from her breasts.

Now, almost nothing remained from the catgirl’s skin - almost all of it came off in one huge sheet of skin. Lethe’s exposed muscles and tissues looked just like a normal human’s. With her tail removed, all that was there to remind Kiran that she wasn’t human were her ears - still sticking out from the top of her head. Her head, her feet and her hands were the only spots that still retained skin - along with her snatch.

That was the next spot the summoner decided to attack. Stabbing the knife a bit above Lethe’s cunt, he enjoyed watching her writhe as he slowly cut around it. Then, once he finished the cut, the summoner forced one of his arms inside her. Despite the cut, Lethe was still able to feel herself stretching to accommodate his limb as he punched his way up to her womb. There, he grabbed onto one of the walls and pulled hard on it. Because of his cuts loosening it up, he was able to tear her womb out along with her vagina. Lifting it up, he showed Lethe her womanhood, finally causing the laguz to start crying. Wait… As Kiran carried the pink piece of her cunt meat away and placed it next to her skin and her breasts, Lethe’s weakened brain saw a possibility of escape. If her powers were gone because he came inside her… and now he removed her womb, wouldn’t that give her powers back?

Calling upon whatever energy her body still had, she forced one of her hands to shift. She happily watched as it turned into her paw. With little effort, she freed that arm from the chains. She really could shift again!
Lethe was so excited about this, that she didn’t notice Kiran coming back to her. Just as she was about to transform, more pain appeared in her neck. Suddenly, she could feel her throat opening up, blood spurting freely from the cut. She tried to say something, but only wet gurgles came from her sliced throat. The strength she had gathered continued to rapidly leave her, but she was still able to see Kiran standing in front of her. Turning her gaze downwards, Lethe saw his hand on the handle of the knife sticking out of her throat. That seemed to be his cue to cut again. The rest of her skinless body slumped down in the chains as he sliced through the reminder of her neck, grabbing her head by one of her soft cat ears before it fell off.

Lethe was still conscious, but just barely. Still, she was able to hear the words Kiran directed at her. “You will make for a fine trophy… I’m sure your body will be enjoyed by many more heroes in the future.” For some reason, that terrified Lethe. Wouldn’t there be no end to the abuse she had to suffer? She didn’t have too much time to think about it - her purple eyes went vacant a few second after she heard Kiran’s words.

Kiran stared at her body that was still jerking in its chains for a moment. Once it stopped twitching, he sliced through the catgirl’s wrists. Removing both her transformed paw that caused him to kill her early, and her normal hand, he then proceeded to slice her feet off as well. Gathering all the parts of her he already cut off, he called in a few servants and ordered them to carry them to one of the castle’s taxidermists - With orders to saw her real parts back into her skin before it would be stuffed. He also arranged for both what remained of Lethe’s body and Lyre’s corpse to be disposed of, then just sat in his room, passing time until he got the results of the investigation into Micaiah’s death.

Having killed one Micaiah, Hinoka’s wish for revenge against her sister’s killer had died down a bit. Still, it didn’t provide the closure the red-haired Hoshidian princess wished for. Even seeing other, living Corrins in Askr didn’t help her with that. The same could be said for the Sakuras she saw in the castle as well - even if they looked just like her younger sister, she still couldn’t think of them as one. After the battle with Surtr’s forces, a tearful Hana - the one from her world - described to her how she saw her lady being killed. Hinoka didn’t think much of that back then, too focused on Corrin’s death. But now… that only reminded her how truly alone she was. And today she didn’t even have Minerva and Cherche to take her mind off that. It seemed that Cherche’s tries to free the Macedonian woman out of her obsession with her were working. As she suffered alone, she let her hands wander. One reached for her weapon, and trailed against its blade, letting her enjoy the feeling of the cold metal pressing against her fingers. Her other hand reached her neck. Her body shivered as one finger touched the scar in her neck - the scar that formed after the summoner cut it open when she killed Clarisse. Maybe she should go to the summoner - maybe that would help her with how alone she was feeling now?

Her body shivered again at the thought of offering herself to Kiran. However, it also made her cut one of her fingers open on her spear. The pain, even if it send some pleasure down her spine, reminded her how stupid that was. She wouldn’t throw her life away like this! She much rather preferred to be the one to take lives, instead. So instead of thinking of the summoner, her thoughts went in the other direction. Who could she kill to stop from feeling this bad? There was one person at least partially responsible for it. Yes, Hana would make a perfect kill to cheer her up.

It didn’t take Hana long to come after she summoned her to her room. The katana-wielding girl still respected the orders of her only remaining princess - even if she herself had moved on to protecting the other Sakuras.
“You wished to see me, Lady Hinoka?” Hana’s warm voice showed that the samurai didn’t suspect anything yet.
“Hana. You were supposed to act as my sister’s blade - to even give your life up for her. So tell me, why is Sakura dead? Why is my little sister not here anymore?”
“Lady Hinoka, I already told-” Hana started to explain, but Hinoka cut her off mid-sentence:
“And what of Corrin? I asked you to keep an eye on her as well.”
“I was shaken after Sakura-”
“That’s no excuse!” Hana’s eyes widened at the sudden hostility coming from her princess.
“Tell me Hana, do you still wish to protect the other versions of my sister after this?”
“Of course! I can’t fail them again!” The samurai girl exclaimed enthusiastically.
“No. I won’t allow that. You have stained your family’s honor, Hana. There’s only one way you can make up for your failures in that battle.”
Hana’s eyes widened in fear as she heard that. She couldn’t possibly mean- No! Tears flashed in Hana’s eyes as she saw the knife Hinoka was holding out towards her.
“If you weren’t a noble, I’d have already killed you. However… Sakura really liked you. You deserve a way to die with dignity, even if she died because of your negligence.”

After hearing Hinoka’s words, there was really no way for Hana to back out of this. She removed her belt, grabbing her katana that was hanging it by its sheath, and handed it over to Hinoka, exchanging it for the flat knife the pegasus rider prepared for her. She watched as Hinoka unsheathed her weapon, and prepared to plunge the knife into her stomach. Before she did that, however, she had to removed the blue cloth that would get in the way. Taking off the small shoulderpads of her light armor, she also undid her chestguard and let it all fall from her short body. Remaining just in her pink battle kimono, Hana sighed as she realized she should probably remove it as well. She had no issue undressing in front of Sakura, but for some reason doing so in front of Hinoka seemed very embarrassing. Still, Hana grabbed the opening running down the front of her kimono, and pulled both parts of it to the side. It was already quite loose because of her removing the belt, so it gently slid down her arms, stopping at her gauntlets as her front was exposed. Both her fairly small bust, comparable to Hinoka in size, and also her pussy, which was neatly shaved, were suddenly shown to Hinoka. She had to stop herself from reaching out and touching them for now - the Hoshidian meant it when she said she wanted Hana to die with dignity.

Now that there was nothing in the way, Hana looked expectantly at Hinoka - noticing the way she was staring at her body. Were the rumors about this Hinoka true? The faint bloodstains she could see in the room seemed were hinting that they might. Hana wondered for a moment if that changed anything. No. Hinoka was still her princess, and whether she had become twisted recently or not, Hana was sure that it wouldn’t affect the ceremonial death that was seppuku. Hinoka understood what she wanted from her, walking behind the samurai as she dropped to her knees. Hinoka moved her long, brown hair out of the way while Hana steeled herself for the pain that was about to come. More tears began to ran down her well-rounded face. She… she didn’t want to die! And yet, deep down, Hana knew that she agreed with Hinoka. She had to reclaim her honor; honor that she had lost after letting Sakura die.

Knowing that, Hana grabbed the handle of the ceremonial knife with both hands, then placed the knife’s tip on the left side of her abdomen. Her entire body shook in anticipation as the tip slowly started to sink into her skin, a trickle of blood showing up at the wound. She opened her mouth to take a deep breath, then grit her teeth and drove the knife in. The pain she was feeling earlier immediately increased tenfold. She could feel the knife as it cut through her guts, sending a surge of agony through her body, but she managed to keep her body steady through that. Once the knife was deep enough, Hana began to move it sideways. As she cut through her pale skin, the pain forced more tears to flow from her eyes. With the opening in her skin slowly growing, some of her guts began to fall out. Even as she felt them, she kept her head facing straight until she finished the cut. She could feel more and more of her intestines sliding free, but there was nothing she could do to prevent it - that was the goal, after all. Hinoka’s warm hand holding her hair was surprisingly comforting, Hana noted, when the knife reached the right end of her stomach. Then, she could hear the flash of a sword cutting through air - and all her earlier pain was replaced by the pain coming from her neck.

For a moment her head was flying. As Hana reached the ground, her head bounced off it and turned - giving her a view of her headless body. It was twitching wildly, with her strong hips shaking heavily. Blood spurted from the stump of her neck, covering her small tits in blood. Because she wore sandals, she was able to see that even her toes were moving wildly, her body completely out of control. As she saw it collapse forward, her ass ending up high in the air, Hana felt a bit embarrassed again. Now, it was presenting a perfect view of her pussy to Hinoka. Hana raised her eyes for a moment, and as she expected she saw Hinoka eyeing her pussy, one hand buried under the flap of her short dress. But that didn’t really matter. What mattered to Hana was that she had regained her honor. “Sakura… Will you forgive me now?” Hana’s thoughts went back to her beloved lady before everything went black.

At this point, Hinoka had also gone down to her knees, Hana’s katana discarded on the ground. Her face was buried between Hana’s ass cheeks, her tongue exploring Hana’s very inviting snatch. With one hand, she was touching herself, and with the other she had reached forward and was now pulling on Hana’s guts. As more and more of her intestine left Hana’s body, Hinoka felt her arousal spiking. In almost no time, she was able to make herself cum. While she enjoyed the orgasm as it shook her body, she had something different in mind now. Her tongue continued to desperately lap at Hana’s cunt, the hand that was now covered in blood massaging the dead samurai’s clit. In time, her struggles were rewarded - she was able to make Hana’s headless body cum.

As Hana’s corpse began twitching again, her come gushing freely out of her pussy, Hinoka let go of Hana’s ass and instead crawled to where her head was. Her lifeless brown eyes were quite the turn-on for her. After forcing Hana’s slack lips open, and watching as her tongue came free, Hinoka forced the head between her muscular thighs and under the white flap of her skirt. Feeling her pussy’s lips rub against Hana’s dead ones, Hinoka couldn’t contain her moans. She continued to run Hana’s tongue across her wet cunt until the living Hoshidian came again. Finally, she let go of the head, and just laid down on the ground, recovering from her orgasm.

When she was almost ready for another go, the door to her room suddenly burst open. A group of Emblian soldiers walked in.
“Hinoka from the world of Birthright? The summoner wants to see you.” Hinoka’s heart began to beat faster as she heard that. Even if she had reminded herself not to fantasize about dying earlier, the thought still thrilled her. Besides, it was still possible that the summoner didn’t call for her to kill her. As the soldiers began to lead her out of the room, Hinoka wondered, if she’d prefer that to be true… Then again, she had heard that the summoner had killed his lover recently… No, that couldn’t be it. Probably he just wanted to assign her to another mission - since the first Surtr invasion Kiran had seen her value and sent her to fight far more often than before. Lost in thoughts, Hinoka allowed the soldiers to guide her as they walked through the Askrian castle.

Hana’s ass, still sticking up in the air, was more interesting to some of the soldiers than taking care of Hinoka. Their pricks were able to quickly slide into her cunt, that was still lubricated because of her post-mortem orgasm, and proceeded to fill her up. Her detached head also received more of their attention, her mouth that was covered in Hinoka’s cum receiving its share of their cocks as well. Hana’s body was too dead to care about it anymore. The Hoshidian samurai had died believing she did with dignity, which was promptly taken away from her as the soldiers proceeded to use her corpse until it was completely covered in their semen. Her cunt, her before-untouched anus, the stump of her neck, the hole in her belly, and her cut-off head: all were used by some of the soldiers.


Chapter 24: Executing Redheads

tags: non-con, futa/F, M/F, F/F, strangulation, bestiality, huge insertion, hanging, amputation, heart removal

Kiran sighed while looking at the results of the search for the people who killed Micaiah. Anna had no troubles finding the culprits, but he wasn’t too happy to see Hinoka among them. He already warned her about killing other heroines carelessly once. Even if she had no way of knowing that he liked Micaiah, there was still no way he would forgive killing her. No matter her battle prowess or the fact that she killed Veronica, Kiran couldn’t let her live after this. After she was brought to him - along with Minerva and Cherche, who helped her with the kill - Kiran made it clear to them that they were all going to die. Even so, Hinoka couldn’t focus on what he was saying at all. All through his speech, Hinoka found herself staring at his handsome face. Why did she found his lips to be so enticing, even as sentenced her to death? She barely even listened to him, imagining how would it feel to have these lips brushing against her. His hands, brushing against her small breasts… Oh, what wouldn’t she do to feel them one time! The Hoshidian princess continued to fantasize about the summoner, but kept herself from rubbing her pussy for now.

“However, killing you three now won’t do it. I want to execute you all publicly - but it’s already too late for it today. You shall all die the first thing tomorrow morning. Take them away!” Kiran’s final words for the day left Hinoka feeling both disappointed and even more aroused. The knowledge that her life would end soon left her feeling more alive than usual. As she was lead towards the castle’s prison, she rubbed her legs together, enjoying the pleasure she was getting. That made her miss the angry stares both Cherche and Minerva were sending her - both wyvern riders weren’t too happy that Hinoka’s actions led to all three of them being sentenced to death.
“How… How could I have been such a fool?” Minerva silently cursed her lack of judgement in her mind. This Hinoka was not her lover reincarnated; she should have never believed that. Instead, she should have just stayed with Cherche… The two of them could have been happy together... But now, they would just die, instead…
Minerva’s regret was nothing compared to the burning fury Cherche was feeling. Because of that red-haired bitch, all three of them were going to die! If only she had never showed up and stole Minerva away from her! If this hadn’t happened, Cherche was sure she’d be able to get Minerva back to her - but now her efforts were cut short. The Valmese girl already had to deal with the death of one lover in the past - back then, Minerva helped her get back on her feet. She should have supported her better when this Hinoka appeared - or just deny helping her kill. But Cherche enjoyed the thrill of killing, too - and the idea of indulging in pleasure as girls died on her throbbing cock was too hard to resist. Now, she was going to pay for that… But it was Hinoka who was at fault here! Not her! She should have been the only one to die! Minerva tried to vent her rage as they reached the cell, slamming her fist against the wall, then she saw that all three of them were led into the same cell. The reason for her rage was in one cell together with her - meaning she could make her suffer now. Yes, she should pay her back for all the pain she had caused her: first stealing Minerva away from her, and now making the three of them die. She laughed sadistically, knowing she had just the perfect tool for that - Tharja’s old curse would help her one final time before the execution.

Cherche turned towards Hinoka, who was now openly rubbing herself in her corner of their cell. However, as she was about to approach her, Minerva’s warm hand clamped down on her shoulder. Cherche stopped, and let Minerva pull her closer to her. As their lips connected, most of Cherche’s earlier rage quickly dissipated. She shouldn’t she spending her final hours to make use of her hatred. Instead, she should spend them with her beloved - especially that it seemed she finally fully snapped out of her blind love for this new Hinoka. Pulled into her lover’s embrace, her long, throbbing cock was soon buried up Minerva’s snatch as the pair cuddled together, parts of their armors removed to allow for easy access to the other’s private parts.

Hinoka watched them for a while with moderate interest. She had no use for them now, so instead she just kept to herself while thinking. Both of her sisters featured prominently in her thoughts, but somewhat surprisingly Hinoka noticed that the summoner also kept appearing there. While her two sisters from her world were not a surprise - she loved them more than anything, after all - but why was Kiran also showing up there? Was there more to all her fantasizing about him recently than just lust? That wasn’t something Hinoka wanted to consider, so she chased the man away from her thoughts and reflected on her time in Askr. She stole a few glances at the two wyvern riders going at it, jealous of the love she saw in them. That was the love she and Corrin once had - before that white-haired bitch killed her. After that, she was too consumed by her desire for revenge to think about that again… Or was she? There were numerous other Corrins she could have approached afterwards… Even if her Corrin was gone, any single one of them would definitely reciprocate her unconditional love. But Hinoka realized she didn’t want that then - she just wanted to satisfy her lust for blood. Well, now she got her revenge… But for some reason, her mind would still rather see Corrin swing at the end of a noose than have her respond to her kisses.

Hinoka laughed when she realized this. Had she really changed so much in such a short time, that now she wanted to even use Corrin for pleasure? But as her body responded to the vivid fantasy her mind had created, the redhead understood she really did. Oh, it’s not like she’d get the chance to do so anyways, she reasoned. If this sight was to make her cum again and again, then she’d definitely enjoy it during her final hours. And so, Hinoka completely lost herself in her fantasies - enough to completely miss what was happening at the other side of the cell.

Minerva moaned excitedly as she bounced on Cherche’s cock, enjoying the feeling of it filling her up again. Staring into her gentle red eyes, she happily saw the strong love coming from them. She was filled with desire to protect the other woman as she felt her slam against her cervix with the tip of her futa dick. But there was no avoiding the harsh reality: they were both going to die. Minerva recalled a few public executions the summoner had held in the past. While telling how they were going to die was impossible, one thing was certain - they were definitely going to be naked when they did that. Was she ready to face a public humiliation like that? Even if having her sister see her while die naked like that worried her, she got so used to these kinds of deaths during her time in Askr that she felt this wouldn’t be an issue for her. But Cherche… She knew that the girl was still very self-conscious about her futa dick. Being forced to show that she had it before dying might hurt Cherche even more than simply dying… Minerva ran one hand against Cherche’s face, adjusting her white headband, and her hands joined over Cherche’s throat. She had to kill her now to save her from that humiliation.
Feeling Minerva’s hands take her breath away, Cherche moved on the bunk they were on. She gave her a questioning look, but all she saw in Minerva’s eyes was her love. She wasn’t sure why the Macedonian girl decided to strangle her, but she decided to let her do it and just enjoy herself through that. Her hips picked up the pace even as the pain caused lack of air slowly started to spread across her entire body. If anything, it only made her rigid prick even harder as she tried to come before the asphyxiation got to her.

Seeing Cherche’s face go redder than her hair was pretty hot, Minerva admitted to herself. Even if killing the Valmese woman filled her with sadness, she couldn’t deny that it also did wonders for how good their sex felt. Feeling her legs kicking out of control as she lost control over them, and the way the veins in Cherche’s neck were pulsating against her fingers, and also her barely open lips, all that helped Minerva get very close to her orgasm. Cherche’s face was showing her that the girl was still in pleasure, and as she felt her semen shooting inside her she had the confirmation that Cherche, too, enjoyed it. That put her mind at ease, and within a few more pumps on Cherche’s pulsating cock she reached her own edge. Just a few more times, and she’d be able to come! Minerva’s lips opened in anticipation, and she squeezed Cherche’s throat even harder than before. Another moan escaped Minerva’s lips as she slid onto Cherche’s cock again, only to be violently interrupted.

A few rough hands pulled her off Cherche’s body, her hands peeled from her neck as she desperately hold on to them. She looked to the side, and saw that the door to their cell was open. Restraining her now were a few Askrian prison guards, while a fourth one was examining Cherche - the girl went limp on the bed after her last squeeze.

“Taking Lord Kiran’s entertainment from him is something that you cannot do. You all have to be alive for tomorrow, slut.” The man examining Cherche moved back and gave the others a thumbs up. “It seems we managed to stop you from killing your girlfriend. We’re not going to let you close to her again after this. Don’t worry, though - if you’re hungry for a cock, we’re all more than happy to provide you that.” As the soldier’s laughter filled her ears, Minerva felt his cock slide inside her. Even if it couldn’t compare to Cherche’s, Minerva was so close that after only a few thrusts she came against her will. Her dignity taken away from her, tears began to flow freely down her cheeks. Even the most basic right - to choose the moment of their deaths - had been taken away from them now. One final ray of hope was that Cherche’s unconscious body seemed to be left alone for now - but even that soon disappeared as a female Askrian guard appeared and quickly began riding Cherche’s everhard cock. Crying bitter tears as soldier after soldier raped her, she wasn’t able to get even a moment of sleep during that night.

The next day, the three redheads were escorted to the main hall by the soldiers. Minerva’s cunt felt sore from all the cocks she received during the night - most of the soldier’s attention focused on her. Still, all three of them were pretty exhausted when they reached it. Kiran was already waiting for them there, and the room was filled with heroes. To Minerva’s regret, she managed to catch a glimpse of Maria there. Holding hands with Cherche, she was able to tell just how nervous the woman was. She didn’t care for Hinoka that much now, but she still looked at the Hoshidian princess. Her eyes were fixed on the summoner… and was that a longing gaze? Whatever she was feeling, she wouldn’t be able to do so for long, Minerva commented mentally with some spite.

Behind Kiran, they could make out a garrote and a single noose - but no sign for how the third of them would die. After they ascended the stairs, three pairs of orange eyes locked onto the two deadly contraptions. Seeing the instruments of their death was very fascinating for all of them. They stood motionless, taken aback by the sight, until Kiran’s voice snapped them out of it.
“You all should know what to do. Take these clothes off!”
Minerva started to work on removing her dark red leather bodysuit. Her armor was already gone, as she took it off before she and Cherche started enjoying each other last night - and didn’t get a chance to put it back on. Her clothes were already torn anyways, with the guards removing them to see more of her body. Her pants were mostly intact since she took them off back then, but as the red piece of cloth that covered her chest disappeared, her breasts were uncovered before she removed the upper part of her clothing. She could verily feel her nipples harden as the rough leather rubbed against then when she pulled it down her body, having undone the straps that held it in place. She quickly pulled it all down her legs, hardened by her time as a knight. Fully naked save for the headband that covered her forehead, she tried to stand calmly while waiting for the others to join her in being naked.

Cherche slowly forced two hands under the bottom flap of her shirt. Removing the belt that kept the gray pieces of cloth that hugged her legs in place, she let it slide free - and it slowly fell off, starting at her ass. Her armor was already gone, so once her legs were uncovered, all that remained was her backless shirt. Cherche’s hands began to shake as she started to work on removing it. She closed her eyes as she grabbed the hem again, and pulled it upwards - revealing her magical cock to all the spectators. She blushed heavily as she heard the babble of the onlookers pick up, fully aware what caused it. She quickly pulled it up her chest and over her head, leaving average chest exposed to all - but she knew that her always erect member was a far more memorable feature.

Hinoka’s moved her legs up one at a time, turning towards the summoner and trying to show how wet her pussy was to him while she did while taking her shoes off. Her hands massaged her powerful, thick thighs as she undid the suspenders keeping her socks in place, letting the stretched white cloth slice down her legs. Then, as her golden-white pauldrons and arm-guards were already taken away, she moved on to her dress. Untying the knots that held it together, she then tugged the two parts open, revealing her chest. Her small breasts were quickly uncovered, her heart fluttering when she saw Kiran sizing them up, waiting for any reaction from him. Was he disappointed with them? Taking his slightly amused smile as reassurance, she let go of the dress, and let it slide off her body - shaking her hips a bit to move the dress past them. Her pinkish slit was then revealed, and she turned towards Kiran again - searching for any emotion towards her in his eyes. Why was she doing this? She wasn’t sure…

Once all three of them were nude, Kiran spoke again: “Cherche - go and sit down at the garrote.” Cherche squeezed Minerva’s hand one final time, then slowly walked where she was directed to, and placed her buttocks on the seat. Her dick swayed to the side as she did, and she placed one hand over it to keep it steady. As Kiran watched her do that, he felt somewhat sentimental - and decided to let Minerva please the girl one final time.
“Minerva, you can suck her off now if you want.” The princess of Macedon stood motionless for a moment. Should she accept this offer? Oh, dignity be damned. She wanted to do it! Walking up to Cherche, Minerva got to her knees. Taking Cherche’s entire length inside her mouth was not a task she was up to, but her lips still closed over the tip. Her tongue licked the shaft that had filled her up so many times, and her eyes flicked upwards to stare at Cherche’s face. The sad look she was giving her at first quickly turned into pleasure as she began to ran her hands up and down Cherche’s cock. Very soon, her mouth filled covered in Cherche’s semen as the woman came inside it - with some of her semen leaking free out of it and running down Minerva’s pointy chin.

Once she was finished, a group of soldiers approached them. Leading them was a white-haired woman wearing a very revealing low-cut black dress. The woman blew a kiss towards Kiran, then took a spot behind the garrote - her breasts squashed against it, making it seem as if they were about to slip free. The soldiers had to drag Minerva away from Cherche, and led her towards an open spot on the platform - just near the very front of it. Spreading the naked woman on the ground, they tied her up in a cross position. She wondered, what that meant for her, until she saw the soldiers leading her wyvern in. They couldn’t possibly… No! They couldn’t! Minerva tried to break free out of her restraints when she realized what was about to happen, but they were too strong for her to tear through, so she just trashed on the ground as her mount approached her.

Kiran ignored the kiss Aversa send towards him. Her seductive behaviour didn’t do much for him now - but when she first appeared, she managed to secure herself a spot as an executioner with it. A job that she very much enjoyed, it seemed. She eagerly grabbed the loop of the garrote and put it over Cherche’s neck. She didn’t know much about the woman, but Cherche did recognize her. She remembered that the woman was a very powerful dark mage - and one serving Grima, as well! Why was she even here? These thoughts were quickly chased away from her mind as Aversa began to tighten the rope around her neck.

If Minerva’s hands were sensual and personal, this way of dying was the exact opposite. The rough rope quickly dug into her skin with no concern for the pain she was feeling. Aversa was standing behind her, so Cherche was unable to tell what the woman was thinking. And so, she didn’t know that Aversa was massaging her clit with one hand, strangling her using just the other one. Her pleasure as Minerva rode her cock took her mind off the pain the last time, but this time there was nothing to distract her from it. The pressure rising up in her lungs quickly began to consume her entire body, her legs kicking again as she shook against the rope closed over her throat. Her hands briefly went towards it, but as they were unable to tear through it, she let go of it. Her face turned red again. Her rigid cock moved from one side to another as she moved on the chair, going stiffer and stiffer as she lost control over more and more parts of her body. Her tongue lulled free from her open face, drool running down it and falling onto the seat.

Aversa’s moans began to reach her from behind, but Cherche couldn’t think much of it. Instead, her thoughts went towards her lovers. Tiki… She too died strangled, on that fateful day when Tharja cursed her. She was going to join her soon. Glancing over to where the soldiers took Minerva, she couldn’t see her - her body was obstructed by her mount. “Minerva… I’ll wait for you…” She thought fondly of the other woman as her body was shaken with a powerful twitch. Her eyes started moving on their own - one rolled to the back of her skull, but the other moved down. It let her see that her cock was spurting semen again. Was her near-dead state enough to make her cum? Or was it because of the curse that created that organ in the first place? These was the last thought that crossed Cherche’s mind as she finally went limp against the garrote - just in time for Aversa to reach her orgasm as well.

Hinoka watched Cherche die with little interest. Currently, she was waiting for her own turn, as the summoner didn’t give out any orders for her death yet. So instead, she just stared at him, creeping closer towards him every few moments. Once she reached him, he looked at her with some curiosity - and Hinoka wondered again, why was she doing this. Confused at her feelings, she still reached into his robes and tugged his erection out. Even if she wasn’t that skilled in that, she still proceeded to give him a handjob as they watched Minerva’s death slowly unfold before them.

Minerva looked up with horror as her wyvern stopped in front of her body. Looking to the side, she could see a cleric working to cast a spell on it. Even if Minerva hadn’t seen a Berserk staff before, as the wyvern suddenly started moving violently it gave her a clear idea what the spell did. Her eyes were transfixed at the gigantic phallus she could see under her wyvern’s belly. She never thought about it before, but suddenly the fact that she rode a male wyvern became very relevant. She shivered as she watched the monstrous, curved dick grow even bigger. It was thicker than her leg! There was no way it could fit! She was repulsed when she felt the monster’s precum leak onto her stomach. The redhead could only watch as a few soldiers approached carefully and angled the monster’s cock downwards - straight towards her snatch. She screamed in pain when the drake suddenly shoved forward, its barbed cock forcing it way inside her.

The sheer size of it stretched her pussy to its limits straight away. But that was not the only cause of the mind-breaking pain coming from her crotch. The barbs located on the sides of it easily cut through the very sensitive walls of her vagina, leaving them covered in deep bleeding wounds after just one shove. She howled in pain when the wyvern pushed deeper in, the enormous prick delivering more gashes to her folds. Her cervix was no barrier for the monster she once considered a friend. Her womb was stretched to its limits and beyond within seconds. The massive bulge in her belly let her see just how far deep the wyvern had reached already - and Minerva shook in fear, thinking of what was yet to come.

The wyvern pounded her without any mercy, and with each slam the bulge in her stomach was forced a little more upwards. She could feel her skin stretching as her insides were moved around, but there were limits to how far it could go. With a terrible pain coursing through her body as it did, the wyvern’s cock tore through the outer walls of her stomach, sliding free while throwing blood and pieces of her skin up up in the air. Pieces of it even fell onto the heroes watching the execution from below. What remained of her stomach revolted when she saw the tattered remains of her womb on the tip of the flier’s cock. With blood gushing freely out of the huge hole, Minerva found some hope in the thought that she’d bleed out soon and the pain would stop then.

But before that happened, she had to endure the wyvern’s prick for some more time. The cuts left her vagina in shreds, and with each thrust the monster did a new round of pain hit her. But even a tamed monster like that couldn’t last forever. and so, her upper body was covered in the wyvern’s semen as it spurted huge white globs of it all over her. Her breasts were soaked with it, and Cherche’s semen on her face was mixed with the wyvern’s as well. If she still had energy, Minerva would have thrown up as the feeling was incredibly unpleasant - but as she was now, she simply had to take it.

Her wyvern pulled out, the monstrous cock giving her a few final cuts on the way out. It seemed that the monster’s lust was sated for now. Minerva hoped to die in peace now… And her hopes were brutally destroyed as pain exploded in her neck. Fresh tears flashed in her eyes as she saw her wyvern's snout clamping down on her throat. Its sharp teeth easily bit through it. Jerking its head up and howling triumphantly, the wyvern tore her head from the rest of her body. Throwing it up in the air, for a moment, Minerva felt as if she was flying before the wyvern caught her head in its mouth. Travelling down the wyvern’s gullet, Minerva’s head died while unable to form any articulate thoughts.

The monster continued to nibble on Minerva’s corpse for some more time, until nothing remained of it. Even if Hinoka didn’t feel anything for the woman, seeing this awakened more heat in her loins. After making Kiran come once, she licked his semen off her hands, and tried to kiss him, but the summoner pushed her away. And so, she stood alone while watching Minerva’s final moments, she was finally able to figure out feelings towards him - both her lust and her love. But it seemed Kiran didn’t want them… So when Minerva’s life finished, she walked on towards the noose. It was obvious that it was waiting for her. Her lips twitched for a moment when she realized that. Last night, she fantasized about Corrin hanging - and now it was her turn to swing like that… The short-haired girl couldn’t help but be amused at that as she stopped right in front of the tantalizing piece of rope.

The pegasus rider waited underneath it, very aware of just how wet the sight was making her, until Kiran approached her again. He stopped behind her, and his hands reached for the noose. He put it around her neck, then tightened it so that she wouldn’t fall out. Once he did that, his hands stayed on her neck for a moment, and he ran one down her back. Maybe he was having second thoughts about this? Hinoka shivered under his touch, and reached for his hand with one of hers. Guiding it in between her legs, Hinoka moaned as she felt his fingers enter her cunt. Her hips moved down on their own, taking more of the summoner’s fingers inside her and leaking her juices all over them.

Kiran continued to finger her for a few more moments, but he managed to stop himself before Hinoka reached her orgasm. He tried to back out, to pull the lever and make Hinoka drop already - to get rid of thoughts that were forming in his head, thoughts telling him to spare the woman. However, as he tried to go away, Hinoka turned around and looked at him, lust and love burning in her orange eyes.
“Please, make love to me!” She cried out to him, desperately trying to convey her feelings. “I… I’ve been thinking recently… and I want to spend my days with you!” Even if her voice was quiet, the intensity of it was enough to make Kiran stop again. He looked deep into Hinoka’s eyes, only to see what could only be love in them. He fucked countless women here already, so there was nothing wrong in granting her request, right? And yet, as his cock slid into her very self-lubricated hole, her words continued to bounce within his head.

Hinoka groaned as she felt Kiran push his cock into her vagina. She finally got her wish! She ground against him with her hips, her pussy clenching hard on his cock as she gave in to her arousal. Her strong legs were now as weak as twigs, numb because of all the pleasure filling her mind. With her hands, she stimulated her small tits, her fingers playing with her erect nipples. Kiran held on to her by her slim waist, keeping her mostly steadily as he took her. The lewdest expression was stuck to her face the entire time, her mouth agape and her cheeks flushed. Her love juices flooded down her thighs, Hinoka quickly coming once and doing her best to work up to another orgasm. But she wasn’t able to - as she felt Kiran’s seed shooting deep into her womb, the summoner slowly moved back and opened the trapdoor. The ground escaped from under her feet, and she reached out towards Kiran again. Any last words she might have wanted to say were cut off as the noose began to crush her neck, with only whooshes leaving her still parted lips.

Kiran watched her from behind as she fell, her body jerking wildly on the noose almost immediately. And yet, seeing her bounce on the noose like that wasn’t as satisfying to him as he thought it would be. He watched on, deep in thought, as Hinoka continued to swing. Some of her pain showed up on Hinoka’s face, but the woman was mostly frustrated that she was unable to come a second time. The rope digging into her neck wasn’t nearly as important to her. Even as the pressure in her lungs slowly increased, whatever air that still remained there quickly used up, the arousal still stayed with her. One of her hands brushed against her clit, and she kicked out with both her legs in response to the stimulation. She fondled her most sensitive piece of flesh between two fingers. A moan barely escaped her ajar lips, mostly muffled by the rope that closed her throat.

Fine! If Kiran wasn’t going to grant her the final release she wanted, she’d do this herself! Paying no mind to the pain slowly growing in her lungs, Hinoka rubbed her legs thighs together while opening her pussy up with one hand. The pussy juices on her legs were joined by Kiran’s semen as it leaked out of her spread hole. The fingers of her other hand entered it soon, and the Hoshidian princess proceeded to finger herself while hanging - paying no mind to the gathered group of heroes who were all watching her. Kiran’s thrusts from earlier left her already halfway there, and so it didn’t take her long before she reached her second orgasm with the noose wrapped around her neck. Her pleasure-filled brain blocked out most of the pain that she should be feeling, but there was no helping the toll the lack of air was taking on her body.

Her face, still perversely distorted, was now quickly turning darker and darker shades of red. Her eyes bulged, nearly coming out of their sockets, as the first jolt of pain pierced through the orgasmic shields in her mind. This was it. She really was going to die here… Well, at least she got to have her revenge on Micaiah before this… Her lips moved into a sadistic smile. Yes, she hurt that bitch good! And yet… As her small breasts swayed with her body twitching in the noose, Hinoka couldn’t help but feel some regret in her heart. Since that fight where she ravaged Veronica’s body with her spear, she had been able to enjoy each next killing unlike ever before... And she definitely wished she would be able to do more of it!

Her legs, at first motionless and numb after her orgasm, were now kicking away madly at the air, with no chance of ever finding any steady ground. Her snatch, so wet and eager for touch just moments before, now just clenched hard in random spasms. Her urethra opened up as she let go of her bladder, and a streak of piss emerged from between her strong thighs. Her entire body tensed up as the pain in her lungs reached the peak, going into a series of powerful jolts. As her tongue lolled free from her mouth, her mind flickering out and in of consciousness, and her body almost completely out of her control, Hinoka looked at Kiran again. Even at the brink of death that he caused, her weakened heart still stuttered when she saw the hooded man. She… She truly came to love him… Her mind barely registered the movement in front of her, her consciousness slipping away.

Kiran was very confused as to what he was doing as he grabbed one of the extra blades set aside for the other executions that took place there. He approached the hanging form of Hinoka. The girl was in the final stages of her hanging, just barely clinging on to her life. As her eyes went blank, he sliced with the sword - through the rope just above her head. Cutting through it easily, he caught Hinoka’s body as it was to fall under the stage. He laid her down on the wooden boards, staring at her unconscious form again. Her chest was still moving, but just barely. Kiran knew that she’d succumb to the lack of air anyways in a few more moments. Why did he cut her down? What made her different from all the other heroines whose lives he had taken? Did her parting words really resonate with him that much, that he decided to save her? And what these words held… Would she make for a good replacement for Lyn? Her death surely played a part in his decision now - the recent loneliness he had been feeling was so hard to endure! But would she make a good partner for him? He had to test her first - and if that didn’t work out, then she’d hang again - this time, to the death.

As Kiran came to that conclusion, Hinoka’s body moved on the ground. She was still blacked out - her body began coughing as her lungs started to draw air in again. But the damage done by the hanging was still there - Hinoka needed healing magic immediately. Of course, there were countless healers in the room now - he just needed to single one out. He looked at the sea of heroes who had gathered there, and saw a teary-eyes girl holding a dagger. Her hair was just a bit brighter than Hinoka’s, more of a pink than red really. She wore a white-and-pink dress, and the over her hair she wore a headband with cat ears. Looking at her face, Kiran vaguely recalled killing one version of her before… Her name was Sakura - and she was Hinoka’s sister. The younger Hoshidian princess was a priestess - meaning she would be able to heal her big sister. And she also made for a perfect test for Hinoka - if she put so much effort into getting back at the woman who wasn’t even the one who killed her sister, would she kill her other sister if he told her to do it?

“I changed my mind. You all shouldn’t expect that to be something I do often, though.” As his voice bounced off the walls of the room, reaching all the heroes there, they all began discussing it. Hinoka’s words were too quiet for the heroes to hear, so Kiran’s actions came out of the blue for them. But then again, no one could predict how the summoner would act anyways. Fjorm chuckled as she heard that. If him fucking the girl made him spare her, the Nilf princess was sure that it wouldn’t last for long. And once he got bored of the redhead and inevitably snuffed her, she’d finally have her chance to get closer to him. Lyn’s words successfully discouraged her from pursuing him when she was alive, and Fjorm had only just learned of the Sacean girl’s death. Her body and soul already belonged to Kiran… Fjorm couldn’t wait for the moment when she’d make him hers as well. Looking all around, she could see all the heroes slowly preparing to leave and discussing the unexpected outcome of the execution. She paid no mind to them. All that mattered to her was Kiran, her sister and getting revenge on the bastard who invaded her home - and she was sure that when she’d get Kiran to fall for her, Surtr’s demise would follow soon after as she’d lead the forces to crush him herself. Smiling at her thoughts, Fjorm also prepared to leave.

Kiran watched with some discontent as the heroes prepared to leave. With the clutter of voices growing louder, he had to raise his voice as well. “Sakura, please come here and heal your sister!” He called out while looking directly at the cat-costumed girl. Sakura froze immediately, not sure if he was talking about her. Turning around to face the stage again, she saw Kiran looking directly at her. All around, she could see the other hers breathing out sighs of relief. Being the object of the summoner’s attention was far too dangerous. And, even as she approached one of them and borrowed her staff, Sakura couldn’t feel anything but excitement. She had become more than friends with a Hana from another world recently, but just before coming here she had learned that that Hana had been killed. So if the summoner killed her now, then maybe they’d be reunited? Sakura’s heart fluttered at the thought, and so she eagerly walked towards the stage - almost not noticing the stares she was getting from the heroes who decided to stay and watch what was about to happen. She blushed as she felt their stares linger on her cute butt - accented by her outfit’s two tails and her pink skirt that barely covered it. However, that didn’t discourage her, and she walked onto the stage, staff in hand.

Getting closer to Hinoka, she couldn’t help but stare at her sister’s nude body. The noose was still around her neck, but beneath it she could see the red marks that it left as it dug deep into her skin. Hinoka’s gaping cunt, wet with her juices and piss, was quite a repulsive thing to see… And yet Sakura couldn’t keep her eyes off it. It seemed so different from her own virgin slit… She shook her head to clear it from these thoughts, then lifted the staff. Even if the the long pieces of cloth extending from her sleeves made it harder for usual for her to use it properly, as she put her mind to it the Hoshidian priestess was able to channel the magic through it. A gentle light enveloped Hinoka’s body, healing her internal wounds caused by the hanging. She stood motionless over it, not really knowing if she was allowed to leave, as she and Kiran waited for Hinoka to come to.
“Give me your dagger.” Kiran ordered her while they were waiting. She just nodded and slowly walked closer to him while taking the weapon out of its sheath. She first used a paddle as her weapon - it worked surprisingly well against enemy mages - but she had also been gifted a regular dagger as well to defend herself. If the summoner wanted her to give it away now… Her heart started beating faster again as she realized what that meant. Once she handed the knife to him, Sakura immediately backed away, her heart pounding rapidly in her chest. She continued to move in place, unable to stand still because of her agitation. Hinoka couldn’t wake up any sooner for her.

Hinoka’s orange eyes opened when she finally regained consciousness. She hungrily breathed air into her lungs, enjoying the feeling of being able to breathe again. She recognized the substance she was on as the wood of the stage… But why was she still alive? Her body seemed mostly fine… But the noose was still around her neck; it hadn’t just been a bad dream. Looking around, she saw a pair of adorable feet in red sandals, the toes exposed and wriggling as their owner moved nervously. Shifting her gaze upwards, Hinoka noticed that it was a Sakura. Her sister was wearing the cute nekomata outfit she had picked for her Sakura back when they were still home. It seemed that this Sakura’s version of her had similar taste. Sakura’s face lit up in excitement when she saw that Hinoka was awake, and Hinoka smiled gently towards her sister from another world. Even if it wasn’t her Sakura - that one was gone forever - it still made her happy to see her.

Moving on, Hinoka’s eyes turned towards Kiran. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him. He… he must have saved her! But why? Didn’t he push her away? Or maybe… her words managed to reach him? Slowly getting up and testing if her body answered properly to her thoughts, Hinoka continued to look straight at the hooded man - trying to get a glimpse into his mind, to understand why he let her live. She walked over to him, stumbling slowly because her legs were still pretty numb. Her eyes conveyed a simple question: Why?
“I’ve decided to give you a chance - but you have to prove that you spoke your heart first. With all the problems you’ve caused because one of your sisters died, the only way for you to do it is through killing your other sister.” Kiran forced Sakura’s dagger into one of Hinoka’s hands, and then grabbed her by her shoulders, making her turn around. She stared directly at her young, innocent sister. And yet, she laughed internally - that was one test she was sure she could ace. Even if Corrin played the main role in her fantasies last night, Sakura also showed up there a few times - now it was time to make one of them a reality. Hinoka weighed the dagger in her hand while walking closer to her sister. She must have heard what Kiran told her, and yet she still kept smiling… Was her sister willing to die?

If that was the case, then it only made it easier for her. But before she’d get to that, first she had to get rid of Sakura’s costume - it would only get in the way. With a sadistic smirk on her face, Hinoka reached Sakura and placed a hand over her narrow waist. Her fingers quickly untangled the knot at the front of it, and the blue belt to which her tails were attached slid off Sakura’s body. Her skirt moved down a bit as well, exposing her flat stomach but stopping at the level of her hips. Next, Hinoka grabbed the two long white sleeves, and pulled them off as well - but decided to let Sakura keep the rest of her gloves. Sakura watched her actions with a somewhat worried expression on her face - even if the prospect of dying soon excited her, she’d completely forgotten that she’d end up naked beforehand. Sakura’s mind was now painfully aware of all the heroes who were still gathered in the hall - they’d all get to see her in the nude… Sakura blushed heavily when she thought of that, but she decided to let her big sister do this - her resisting would only drag this on, and the sooner she was naked, the sooner she’d die. Hinoka’s hands grabbed onto the two folds of her white top, and pulled them to the side. Without the belt and the skirt to keep it in place, it had already loosened up a bit - and so Sakura’s small breasts - but only barely smaller than Hinoka’s - were exposed. She covered them up instantly, but only for a moment. If these were her final moments, she should at least be brave enough to show her small body off. Smiling brightly at her sister, she closed her eyes while trying to purr like a cat. Hinoka felt a bit amused when she heard that, her smile becoming more genuine. When was the last time she was able to play with Sakura? With all the battle training she focused on, it had really been far too long. Hinoka stopped for a moment, her hands touching Sakura’s chest as she fell into her memories. Then she shook her head to chase these thoughts away - it was no time to give in to nostalgia. Still, she took her time to tickle Sakura on her exposed stomach before grabbing her skirt and pulling it past her hips - and down Sakura’s legs, over her pinkish socks and through her sandals. Sakura wriggled her exposed toes at her when she did that - and so Hinoka decided to remove the red sandals as well before tickling Sakura’s soles. Her cheerful laughter again made Hinoka happy as well.

Hinoka moved up Sakura’s body again, her hands massaging Sakura’s thighs as she went past them to her destination: Sakura’s white panties. As Hinoka touched them, she noticed with some surprise that they were slightly damp - giving her the idea of playing with her sister’s slit before killing her. She quickly pulled them down Sakura’s thighs, Sakura blushing heavily again. As she pulled them off Sakura’s tiny feet, they again caught her attention. As she wondered what to do with them, Sakura’s voice reached her from above.

“Thank meou~, sister!” Sakura called out happily. Then, blushing yet again, she moved to the front of the stage. While presenting her body to all these heroes was hard for her, she knew it would do good for her shyness - and maybe also help the other Sakuras in the audience. She grabbed and squeezed her small tits, making them bounce a bit, then ran a finger through the small patch of pink hair just above her pussy.
“I-I hope you’ll all enjoy m-my death, meow~!” She bobbed her head to one side and smiled brightly again, then returned to the spot where Hinoka was waiting. Her bare feet moved on the wooden boards as she basically ran back to her sister, who was weighing the knife in her hand again, thinking how to begin. For some reason, she couldn’t get Sakura’s feet out of her head… Maybe she should start with them?

“Sakura, please kneel down.” Her sister immediately dropped down to her knees, placing the staff near one of her legs. Hinoka got down as well, behind her back. Pulling the pink sock up past Sakura’s ankle, she ran the knife against her bare feet. As she saw a shiver go through Sakura’s body, Hinoka quickly cut down with the dagger, straight through the leg just above Sakura’s ankle. After sawing for a moment to get through Sakura’s bones, Hinoka managed to cut her right foot off. Sakura did her best to hold in the cry of pain as she did that - but the pain wasn’t too bad. The stump of her feet continued to bleed as Hinoka raised it from the ground to her mouth. Running her tongue up the sole of the severed foot, Hinoka then placed it gently on the ground again. As she pulled the sock up Sakura’s left leg - along with the blue bowtie that was tied around her ankle - the girl wriggled her toes at her almost invitingly. Slamming the knife through Sakura’s calf, Hinoka proceeded to saw again until Sakura’s other feet came off too. A second pool of blood began to grow beneath the stumps of her legs as Sakura did her best to keep her balance. Hinoka lifted her sister’s left foot to her mouth, and breathed deep in before licking it as well. Her fingers closed over the toes as she felt them up. For some reason, she found this weirdly arousing… But her pleasure had to wait.

Sakura readjusted the headband with the cat ears on her head, since it moved a bit the last time her body shivered. Her sister removing her feet wasn’t that unpleasant, but she’d been hoping for a quick death. Surely, Hinoka wouldn’t carve her up for much longer, and just finish her off now? Once she was dead, then her soul would get the chance to be reunited with Hana… She wondered how that would work if she died in Askr - and hoped that she would. She closed her hands together. “Oh gentle Dawn Dragon, please let me be reunited with my beloved.” As she said a prayer in her mind, she saw Hinoka show up in her vision. Her big sister held the bloodied dagger in her hands. Sakura’s mouth opened as she realized it was her blood on it. Before she had the time to realize how she felt about this, more pain bloomed in her body. Hinoka moved almost to fast for her to see, slicing through both of her wrists in one quick cut. As Sakura stared at the two bleeding stumps at the ends of her arms with her eyes wide open, Hinoka caught both falling hands with one of hers and put them down next to Sakura’s feet. Sakura turned her arms around a bit to get a better look at them - even if she had healed similar wounds before, seeing them inflicted to her own body made her think about them in an entirely different way.

Hinoka knelt in front of her, and placed one hand on her shoulder. Sakura looked straight into her eyes expectantly. Was this it? Would she kill her now? As she felt the cold touch of the dagger against the side of her waist, she realized that wouldn’t be the case. She sighed, a bit disappointed, just as Hinoka started to slice through it. With no bones in the way, Hinoka was able to cut through most of Sakura’s waist without much trouble. And once she reached her spine, Hinoka retracted the blade so that it wouldn’t cut through it. Instead, she just cut through Sakura’s belly. She found almost no resistance as she finished the cut, her sister’s body cut almost in half. The only thing holding the two halves together now was Sakura’s spine as well as some muscles and skin that surrounded it - and so, she still could feel most of her lower half. Still, the pain finally forced tears to appear in her pink eyes. She could feel some of the bowels from her upper half pressing on the ones in the lower half, loosened up by the cut. The cut itself was an almost horizontal line that ran through all of her waist save for a spot on her back - and only her blood had left it so far. Still, it was very hard for her not to fall over - if not for Hinoka’s strong arm keeping her stable, Sakura would have bent in half almost immediately.

Hinoka could feel the weight of Sakura’s upper half as it leaned against her arm. Since Sakura was quite slim, it didn’t cause much problems for her as she prepared for the next part. Setting the knife down, Hinoka leaned closer with her face almost rubbing against Sakura’s, and then ran her fingers through the hair just above Sakura’s pussy - just as Sakura herself did earlier. The younger girl shivered when Hinoka did that, the twinge of pleasure rising up her body - even if it was muffled by the pain coming from her wounds.

But that was just the beginning. Hinoka proceeded to rub her fingers against Sakura’s labia, until she felt the same wetness she did when removing Sakura’s panties. Then, she ran her fingers against Sakura’s clit - only for her to breathe out a moan. Hinoka took advantage of it to kiss her deeply, continuing to stimulate Sakura’s clit. After she broke the kiss off, more of Sakura’s juices began to cover her hand, her sister shivering under her touch. Next, Hinoka slid a finger into Sakura’s vagina. She could feel Sakura breathing rapidly when did that, accompanied by another moan escaping her lips. She continued to finger her sister as her body started spasming more and more, until eventually Sakura came. Withdrawing the hand, Hinoka hugged Sakura as the girl’s body shook in her orgasm, her head resting on Hinoka’s shoulder as their small breasts pressed against one another.

“Big siiister… Please, kill me already…” Sakura whispered to her when her orgasm finished. As good as her sister made her feel, the pain was really becoming unbearable for her. Hearing this sent an excited thrill down Hinoka’s spine. The older of the Hoshidian princesses moved back a bit, taking another look at Sakura while she picked the knife up. Two lines of tears were flowing down Sakura’s flushed cheeks, and Hinoka could see how exhausted Sakura was now. Yes, she should grant her sister’s wish for death now.

Hinoka stabbed the knife between Sakura’s breasts. Another twitch moved Sakura’s body when she did that. Still, Hinoka cut down with it, opening the way to Sakura’s sternum. Then, while careful not to cut into Sakura’s heart, Hinoka removed the ribs that were in the way. Once they were gone, she set the knife down again and reached inside. Her fingers closed over Sakura’s heart as her sister forced one final smile onto her lips. “Hana… I’m coming!” Sakura thought happily when Hinoka ripped her heart out. Her body shivered one final time as Hinoka let go of it, and then collapsed forwards, folding in half.

Getting up with her arm covered in Sakura’s blood, Hinoka approached Kiran and showed him Sakura’s heart, with hers beating almost as fast as Sakura’s before she tore it out. “I hope this shows that my words - and my feelings - are true.”
Kiran took the still beating organ from Hinoka’s hand, unsure what to do with it. He wasn’t expecting Hinoka to carry his order out with such enthusiasm. Maybe… She’d really be able to replace Lyn for him? He smiled broadly at her, eager to see what the future held for them.
“I accept it, along with your love. Now, let’s get out of here.” He started to walk towards the entrance, but Hinoka didn’t follow. Instead, she moved for Sakura’s corpse again and picked her feet up. She stared at them for a moment, before throwing it off towards the crowd of gathered heroes. She did the same with her hands, then moved towards the corpse itself. Stabbing the knife through her spine, she severed the two halves completely - and carried them to the onlookers as well. She could already picture it being used by the heroes when she ran over to Kiran. “Let’s go… my love.”


Nowi's scene here is based on Veiled's drawing of her

Chapter 25: Dragon Slaying

tags: non-con, rape, M/loli, M/F, cut-in-half, battle gore, choking, neck snap, stabbing, bestiality, large insertion

Alm could feel Celica’s hand holding on to his as they walked through the portal. As they emerged on the other side, they were greeted with the sight of a lush green forest. The cleanliness warmth of the air could make for a fine spot for a date. However, the the sounds made by the soldiers that were also coming with them quickly. Turning around, he looked at the man who was also tasked with leading this mission with them. The white-haired tactician from the kingdom of Ylisse looked at him with contempt - it was obvious that he found having to share command insulting. Alm found that weird - the Robins he met before would be all too happy to see another commander’s opinion, but for some reason this one didn’t. And it seemed that he had no interest in working together with them either - once the man got accustomed to his surroundings, he took off towards in one direction towards the forest.

Well, if Robin was getting started, then there was no need for the rest of them to slack off. As they headed into the forest, Alm thought back to the information he was given before they went through the portal. From the reports of the first scouts that had gone through the portal, this world was said to be teeming with dragons. That was the reason he had been chosen for this mission - he had some expertise in fighting dragons already, and the Falchion was known to be very effective against them as well. Once Celica heard about this, she immediately insisted that she had to go as well. The redhead had become increasingly possessive of him recently - but at the same time, her emotions for him also picked up in their intensity. The soldiers were there to help in case there were too many of the dragons even for him. But so far they haven’t seen a single one.

Their squad had reached a large clearing. A sudden rustle coming from the bushes in front of them alerted them that a dragon was probably approaching. Alm prepared for battle, and he could feel Celica tensing up as well. However, instead of a deadly dragon, they saw a group of mostly young-looking girls emerge from them instead. As a few of his soldiers relaxed, Alm’s hand didn’t move from the handle of the Falchion. While not certain of it, it was highly possible that those were the dragons they were searching for - even if he hadn’t seen a Manakete before, he had heard about them while in Askr.

The only adult-looking woman from the group made her way to the front and spoke out towards them, her voice booming out throughout the forest:
“You men have trespassed onto our sacred forest… our home! And interrupted my nap! I ask of you to leave peacefully. If you don’t… Then you shall taste the breath of a Divine Dragon!” Tiki roared as she finished her little speech, her roar striking fear into the Askrian soldiers. However, Alm didn’t falter. The woman’s words confirmed that these girls were their target - and he intended to carry out the orders he received. Even if his soldiers were afraid, seeing his brave form as he pressed on towards the women.

Even if Tiki understood the gravity of their situation, the younger dragons weren’t as perceptive. And so, since the soldier’s were still far away, Fae wasn’t too worried about them. “Hey, want to play tag with me?” She big sis Nowi asked carefreely. “Yes please!” The scantily-clad manakete answered happily, and the two girls suddenly both broke off into a run. Adult Tiki watched in horror as the two youngest-looking of her dragons ran off into the forest. In their time since all 5 of them had been thrown into this world, she had grew accustomed to their playful nature. This time, however, they picked the most terrible time for their games. She looked at the other reasonable dragon that they had, Myrrh. “Can you watch over my younger self? I have to get them before they get too far away.” Tiki asked, while already preparing to leave. The Great Dragon nodded, but also spoke out. “Be wary. I sense that some very ominous power had entered our woods.”
“I will. Thank you.” Tiki replied while trying to suppress a yawn. Then, she moved away in the direction Fae and Nowi ran off in.

Three dragons leaving the area boosted the soldier’s confidence, and so they pressed on towards Myrrh and Young Tiki. Myrrh stared at them for some time - wondering if she should attack them now. So far, even if they were trespassing, the men didn’t seem too hostile - and it’d pain her to hurt people who didn’t wish her harm. And so, she waited, while watching the younger version of Tiki as the girl pink-skirted girl twitched with her pointed ears.

As the group of men walked closer, the familiar feeling Tiki could sense also grew closer. Was Mar-Mar with them? While she couldn’t sense his smell, she could feel powerful magic very similar to his sword coming from them. If they had a sword similar to Mar-Mar’s, they surely were his friends! No good people could have a sword made out of one of her mother’s fangs. Believing that wholeheartedly, Tiki knew she shouldn’t be afraid of the coming soldiers. Instead, before Myrrh could stop her, she dashed towards them - heading towards the green-haired men that held the sword she had sensed.

Any courage that Alm spurred into the soldiers evaporated as they saw one of the girls suddenly run towards them. However, the boy from Ram Village didn’t falter. Instead, he let go of Celica’s hand and pulled the Falchion out of its sheath. Standing steadily, he held the sword with both hands while waiting for the dragon girl to get to him. If she was trying to get a piece of him, them he’d crush her. And so, he prepared to strike, without even thinking of letting the manakete get too close to him. Just a few weeks ago he’d have given her a chance to speak. But now, unbeknownst to him, the dark energy seeping from his Celica had slowly turned him more violent - and Tiki wouldn’t get the chance to do anything. As surprised as he was that she hadn’t transformed, it just made the fight easier. When the green-haired girl came into range, he immediately lunged forward and delivered a horizontal slash.

Seeing a sword very similar to Mar-Mar’s in the man’s hands, all of Tiki’s worries were gone. Alm’s attack came straight out of the blue for her. Before she was even able to realize what happened, it was already over. An excruciating pain exploded in her waist, and suddenly Tiki found herself unable to feel her legs. Looking down, she saw her the red ribbon she had wrapped around her waist was sliced in half, and was now quickly turning real red - stained through with blood.

Suddenly, someone shoved her on the arm. However, her body from the waist down remained standing - the lower part of her skirt sliding off without anything to hold it in place. Her legs started to twitch wildly, a stream of piss escaping her now bare slit. Tiki’s upper body hit the ground hard, forcing the air out of her lungs as some guts began to slide out of the wound in her waist. Looking up, she saw a redheaded girl in a white battle dress standing next to her legs, her hand outstretched and a sadistic smile on her face. Tiki’s mind still couldn’t process what happened. She turned her head around, trying to figure out what was happening. She saw the green-haired man, still holding his Falchion. And on the blade… Was that blood? Her blood? He… He attacked her?

The surprising knowledge hit her psyche hard, and her body responded to that with a series of violent coughs. When it was over, the man with the Falchion and the red-haired woman were already gone, walking away together. But she’d be very mistaken to think that this was the end of her problems. Most of the soldiers followed the Valentian couple to search for the other dragons, but a few of them decided to stay and have their fun with her.

Her legs have collapsed to the ground, first falling onto her weak knees before her small butt ended up falling on the top. What remained of Tiki’s stomach revolted when she saw two of the soldiers pick it up from the ground - her legs still twitching from time to time. She could only watch as two men undid their trousers and pulled out their cocks, before impaling her lower body on both of their cocks - one sliding into her virgin pussy and the other into her tight, unused anus. After the men pushed their cocks deep enough, the tips of their dicks emerged from the wound at her waist, mixed in with some of her guts. Their cocks continued to appear and disappear as they slid in and out of her holes, eventually adding their semen to the mixture of blood and guts that was at the top of it.

But her lower body wasn’t the only think the soldiers proceeded to fuck. One soldier picked her upper body off the ground, and proceeded to force his cock up the open hole in her waist. Even if the hole was way too big, ramming it into her liver and what remained of her stomach provided him with more than enough friction around his cock for him to enjoy it. As the man fucked her guts, he hold on to the sides of her body, but let go of her sides and her back.She weakly tried to hit him with her frail hands, but with no effect. Her body fell back until it was parallel to the ground, and remained in that position, her green ponytail touching the green grass beneath her. However, that left her body in a very inviting position for another of the soldiers. He approached her, and grabbed the front of her pink dress with both hands. Tearing it away, he exposed her nearly flat chest - her barely developed tits in particular. His thumbs immediately went towards her nipples, and Tiki’s head moved around in discomfort. That proved there was still some life left in her - so he pinched her nipples harder, and proceeded to twist them until she cried out in pain. That was the only thing he was waiting for - he shoved his cock into her open mouth, and proceeded to throat fuck the dragon girl while she proceeded to bleed out, impaled on two cocks. When the soldiers covered both halves of her body with their cum, she had already slipped away.

Myrrh hadn’t seen any of this - when she saw Alm slice Tiki in half, any doubts she had whether to fight disappeared. She grabbed her blue dragonstone and transformed into a dragon, then quickly flew away to prepare herself for the fight. She knew that the man was not to be underestimated. Even if this wasn’t the Darkling Woods, this forest had grown into her second home recently - and she had to fight in defense of it and the other dragons.

Even if it cost him some time and a lot of convincing, Alm managed to get Celica to split with him so that they could cover more of the forest quicker in their search. After a parting kiss, he watched her go away until she disappeared behind the trees. Then, he walked off in another direction. While walking, he could hear the footsteps of the soldiers sound in a distance behind him, but for the most part he was alone now. Not that he needed any help in fighting anyways.

As he reached another clearing, a greenish dragon suddenly appeared. With a loud roar, it breathed fire towards him. Alm rolled to the side, dodging most of the flames, but still feeling the heat. The dragon proceeded to breathe fire towards him again and again, and Alm avoided each of her attacks while trying to come up with a plan. The dragon hovered steadily at mostly the same spot and height - if he just managed to get underneath her, he was pretty sure he’d be able to reach her. It also seemed not to breathe towards the trees deliberately - perhaps it was fond of the forest? That let Alm trail from one tree to another while slowly getting closer to it, until eventually he was at the closest tree to it. Alm breathed in to prepare himself, then broke into a run getting directly under the dragon even as the flames enveloped him. Using a bush to bounce him up, he spinged up high towards the dragon. Alm delivered two fast, deep blows straight at the dragon’s vulnerable stomach. Landing from the fall, he quickly managed to quench the flames clinging on to him, mostly unhurt because of his armor.

The same couldn’t be said about the dragon. Myrrh’s dragon form failed her and she transformed back into a human - her green wings still springing from her back. The gashed across her stomach as a dragon translated into a deep, long gash across her stomach even in this form - and the white dress she wore under her red cloak was gone, leaving her lower body naked and her wound easily accessible. Even if she still had her wings, the indigo-haired girl wasn’t able to beat with them in time to keep her in the air - and she slammed into the ground. More precisely, into the same bush that Alm used to launch himself up in the air. The Falchion-wielding man watched her transform with satisfaction - another one of his foes fell to his blade. He ignored his slowly awakening cock that hardened at the sight of Myrrh’s now exposed cunt, and left her there - he still had a few dragons to kill.

Myrrh’s instincts were now telling her to flee. Her stomach really hurt, but she was sure that it could heal given enough time. Beating with her green wings, she tried to take off. However, she found herself unable to. The dragon didn’t know that, but when she fell, her wound slid right onto one of the bush’s branches. Now, its twigs were entwined with her intestines. When she tried to move away, it pulled her back towards it. But that didn’t discourage Myrrh from trying it - she just flapped her wings with more fury, using most of her strength to generate enough force for her to take off. Her indigo pigtails swung madly as she moved all of her body, trying to muster up the power she needed. Eventually, she managed to do so - but the bush hold on to some of her intestines, and as she flew off, a line out of her guts hung free from her belly. A twig snapped off the bush, and Myrhh finally moved from the spot where she fell to. But the rope made from her guts continued to swing under her.

The wound already weakened her, and with most of her remaining strength used to break free from the bush, Myrrh wasn’t able to fly too high. Her mind told her to search for a safe place - they had found so many in this forest during their stay here. If she just managed to find one, the forest’s magic would heal her even from that. And so she slowly flew away, trying to remember which would be the nearest. As she slowly flew around, the Askrians that watched Alm fight from the safe distance were slowly convinced that she wouldn’t pose a threat now. They all began to go towards her - and Myrrh desperately tried to stay afloat not to let reach her. There! There was a treehouse she helped with building. The soldiers wouldn’t be able to reach her if she got there...

Flying over their heads, Myrrh thought that she was safe from the soldiers since she couldn’t see any archers among them. However, the guts hanging free from her stomach proved to be her undoing. One of the soldiers grabbed onto them as she flew near him, and the sudden downwards pull destabilized her flying form. Using the last remnants of her strength to flap with her wings wildly, she was still unable to break free from his grip - and she slowly floated down to the ground. Gently touching down, she looked at the soldiers with fear - suddenly aware that through all that flying, she showed them all her slit. She covered it up with her hands, before her sandals-clad legs gave way and she fell to her knees, crushing on the squishy bowels that had fallen out of her stomach. However, she was also aware that she remembered this too late. Her face ended up against the crotch of the soldier who brought her back to the ground, and as he undid his pants, his erection hit her on the face.

She looked up, question marks in her eyes, only for the man to grab both of her indigo pigtails. The slimy liquid she could feel leaking onto her face, and she shivered in disgust. What… What were the soldiers going to do to her? She opened her mouth to ask them about it, but before she said anything, the man showed his tool into her mouth. Myrrh was annoyed by it - that was no way to treat a lady! The warm, thick piece of meat filling her mouth made her feel uncomfortable, and the sensation only grew worse when it reached her tight throat. He tried his best to fit his cock down the narrow duct, and Myrrh could feel the muscles there stretching to accommodate him. Once he went that deep, the men seemed to be satisfied with that and just proceeded to plow her mouth.

More soldiers approached them now. As her long, red coat still covered most of her body, they decided to get rid of it. One man got down and reached for one place where the coat came together - on her shoulders. Forcefully ripping it open, he was able to pull it off to the side and slide it down the girl’s frail arms. Exposing her flat torso to all the gathered soldiers. It was as if the girl had no breasts at all! As the men stared at her now exposed chest, Myrrh suddenly felt embarrassed. Closing both of her wings over her body, she covered herself up with them as she felt something sticky shooting down her throat and filling her mouth up. As the man pulled out, some of his semen trickled from between Myrrh’s open lips - and she quickly spat out whatever cum still remained there. She looked at the men gathered around her with fear - what were they going to do next?

The fact that the girl was able to cover herself even after they removed her clothes angered the soldiers. Quickly discussing it, they decided to get rid of these nasty wings. One of the men got closer to her from behind, and lifted his axe. He slammed it into her back, right through the base of one of the wings. He cut neatly through it, and the wing fell off - one half of Myrrh’s body uncovered again. Somehow, it didn’t even hurt her that much - and yet, she screamed. Losing a limb like that was a shock to her - she was not sure if this could heal the same way the wound in her belly could.
Even if one soldier decided to remove her wing relatively painlessly, the soldiers who were to remove her other arm weren’t that merciful. They simply grabbed onto it with both their arms, and began to pull together with all their strength. The already strained muscles of her wing were now filled with fresh pain. Even if her wings were usually able to survive great strains, as the men continued to pull on it Myrrh could feel the pain spreading from the base of it. Her tendons were slowly tearing as the fibres of her tissues were tore one after another. She began to cry because of the pain, but that in way stopped the men from doing that. At first she tried to hit them with the spikes at the ends of the wing, but she was mostly unable to hit anyone because their grip made it harder to move it. Eventually, her wing was completely ripped off, just a few shreds of her flesh sticking out of her back in its place.

Naked and exposed again, Myrrh bobbed her head down, unable to look at the soldiers anymore. Suddenly, one of the men grabbed her jaw. She assumed he was going to use fill her mouth with his meat again, but she was unable to close it now. However, instead of doing that, the man just did his best to stretch it as wide open as he could. Another soldier got closer as well. Myrrh’s eyes widened as she saw her blue dragonstone in his hand. What… was he going to do with it? She could feel the cold stone touching her lips, and suddenly her mouth was filled with it. It barely fit inside, but aside from some discomfort it wasn’t too bad. However, the man wasn’t done with it yet. He shoved it further in, straight into her throat. The stone would be too big to fit usually, but with her throat already broken in earlier, it was just barely able to fit - clinging to the walls of her throat and closing it off in full. Suddenly, Myrrh found herself unable to breathe. Her hands went to her throat and felt the stone protruding through it from the other side. She tried to push it out, but the man who placed the dragonstone there held on to it. Her face slowly grew red because of the lack of air. She hit him on his arms with her little fists, but to no avail. Her small toes began to twitch as the lack of fresh air began to affect her. Her body was already very weak - the open wound in her belly and the prolonged flight meant she wouldn’t last long like this.

Her hands went limp at her sides, and the man holding the blue gem in her throat let go of it. Myrrh had seen many people die in her life. Was it her turn to die now? It seemed so, for there was nothing she could do to save herself now. The dragon girl was suddenly thrown off-balance as one soldier couldn’t contain his arousal anymore. Throwing the girl that was still choking on her weapon to the ground, he forced his dick into her snatch from behind. The dying spasms of her very tight hole was able to bring him to an orgasm while Myrrh was still alive. She barely even reacted to that, her body at its limit. “Father… Brother Ephraim… I’m so sorry I won’t be able to see you again…” Her entire body shivered a final time when the man pulled his cock out, before going limp forever.

That was no end for the abuse she was receiving. Another soldier quickly mounted her from behind, also eager to feel her tightness as it clenched on his cock hard. Even if her mouth was unable to be used with her dragonstone still stuck in her throat, there was nothing stopping the soldiers from jerking off all over her face - covering her in more human seed than she had seen in her 1200 years of life.

Fae began to pout as she stopped running. Nowi managed to completely lose her, and now she had no idea where did the green haired girl go. Hiding around in the bushes, she was able to see some of the men that had the bigger Tiki had been angry with. Fae wondered if they had already apologized to her - she had found out that making Tiki angry was a bad idea. And now that she thought about it, the woman didn’t seem too happy about them running away either… Because of that, she continued to hide when she saw Tiki pass her hiding spot. Only when the green-haired manakete had disappeared behind the trees again, did Fae come out.
“Found you.” A cold voice sounded out from behind her, and Fae immediately turned to see who was it. The words came from a red-haired woman in a white dress who Fae didn’t recognize. Fae could sense a malevolent aura coming off of her… And for some reason the smile on her face was more terrifying than any other expression she could wear.
“Now, come here, little girl. I won’t hurt you.” Celica said what she knew was an obvious lie, but maybe the young girl would trust her? Her hand remained on the handle of Beloved Zofia as she prepared to strike - her other hand gathering energy for a fire spell.
“No! You… you seem mean!” Fae called out, and began to crawl back into her hiding spot.
“Is that so…” Celica chuckled when she heard that. If the girl listened, she would have granted her a quick death - but that wouldn’t happen now. She waited until Fae went under her bush, then released the flames with her left hand. “EEEEK!” Fae screamed in pain as the flames enveloped her, her orange dress catching fire. She desperately tried to make her way out from beneath the shrub that concealed her, but the flames made it too hard for her.
“Should have listened to me, girl.” Celica commented, amused at the squeals Fae made as the fire began licking her skin. However, that was a mistake - for this spurred Fae to grab her dragonstone and use it to transform. Her yellow dragon form rose up from the ground, trampling the burning bush and knocking a few trees over. “Rawr!” She roared angrily at the mean redhead who was staring at her with her eyes wide, a look of surprise on her face.

“BWAAAA!” Fae screamed again as she breathed light and fire at the woman, the flames hiding her from sight. Fae wondered if that would get her to leave her alone while she waited for the flames to disappear.

Celica felt her dress tear and burn as the dragon’s breath hit her, an angry expression on her face. However, it did its job protecting her for the precious moments she needed to think, what to do next. She wasn’t expecting this much power from such a little girl… She should not have underestimated her. She sighed as she decided she had to tap into Duma’s power, hoping that Alm wasn’t nearby. Purple flames enveloped her, protecting her from the dragon magic and increasing her strength. Grabbing the sword in both her hands, she used the newfound power to jump towards the dragon girl. She was far too fast for Fae to react in time, and so she was able to ram the sword straight through the base of Divine Dragon’s legs. “Perish!” Celica screamed out as she did that, Fae clearly being able to hear the madness in her voice.

The little limbs that supported the standing dragon were both detached from the rest of her body, and so the dragon collapsed backwards. To make sure the girl wouldn’t cause any trouble, Celica drove the sword through the dragon’s gut. The purple flames died down around her as Celica looked at her body, assessing the damage the dragon did to her. The bulk of her white dress was gone, and so she unbuckled what remained of it and let it fall to the ground. Her huge tits bounced free without it, and she regretted not wearing a bra. Fortunately, her short underskirt survived the flames. Besides her breasts, her flat stomach was also exposed now - and so were most of her thighs, as the skirt ended up torn in many spots. Well, it was better than being fully naked. Her eyes moved back towards Fae - the girl had transformed back into a human, but she was in no condition to fight now. Celica considered killing her off - but before that happened, more rustled bushes caught her attention. Covering her tits with one shoulder, She picked her sword up again, only to see that these were caused by a pair of Askiran soldiers. She relaxed for a moment,. However, she realized that there was a chance that they saw her call upon Duma’s power - and she couldn’t have the word of that spread. She considered just killing them - but the dragons didn’t use conventional weapons, so slicing them up was out of the question - and she was the only magic user here, so blasting them with magic was also not an option.

“How much did you see?” She asked them, her voice betraying no emotion.
“Everything… The whole fight that is, milady.” One of the soldiers answered her with a grin on his face.
“You are to speak to no one of what you saw. …Consider the girl a forepayment to the reward for your discretion.” She and the soldiers shared a knowing smile before the Zofian princess left to search for more dragons - but she’d settle with finding Alm instead.

The soldiers approached Fae, who was laid out on the ground. Her legs, while not cut off like the ones of her dragon form, were still wounded enough that it was impossible for her to get away. Her orange dress ended up completely burnt off by the flames, and she didn’t get it back when transforming since her strength was already depleted - so there was nothing covering her body from the soldiers’ hungry eyes. Tears welled up in her green eyes as she looked up at them. What… what did that mean woman mean when she said something about her being the payment?

Fae was about to find out what they meant when the soldiers picked her up from the ground by her waist - their cocks already out of their pants. Her virgin pussy was pierced by one of the men’s cocks, and Fae screamed out in pain. “Please, don’t do this! It huuurts!” If anything, her words only encouraged the other soldier to dig his fingers into her anus. She squirmed under his touch, her hands hitting the man who was raping her underdeveloped vagina, but her butthole clenched around the soldier’s finger. It hurt her, but he managed to stretch it enough for his cock to fit in as well. Fae bounced up when the man drove his prick into her butt, another round of pain spreading through her. With each of his thrusts, he was able to drive his cock a bit deeper inside her - and her butt hurt even more. Why… why were the men hurting her like that? Fae’s childish brain couldn’t understand. In her life in the secluded dragon village in the middle of the desert, she was shielded from any type of carnal pleasure since her body, even after several centuries, was still that of a young human girl. So she didn’t understand how the man were hurting her - she only wanted for the pain to stop.

The man fucking Fae’s snatch took a deep breath as he drove his cock against the back of Fae’s vagina. Putting some more force into his next thrust, he was able to drive his full length inside her as the hole stretched to accommodate it. But simply fucking the girl wasn’t enough. The man brought his hands up a bit - there was no need to hold Fae in place with them as they kept the girl squished between their bodies. His hands ended up just over her nonexistent breasts - only her nipples showed that her chest could one day develop into bountiful flesh mounds. And on these nipples he focused, his fingers squeezing and pulling on them as he rammed his entire length into her over and over again. Fae began to sob in pain at the additional abuse, screaming in pain from time to time when the soldier put more strength into tugging at her flesh buds. “Tiki… help me!” She cried from the bottom of her heart while the two cocks continued to hammer into her.

Eventually, the man pounding into her cunt groaned as he reached his orgasm. Releasing his load into her pussy, it was quickly overflown with it - and as he pulled out, it poured free from it as well. Since the soldier fucking her anus started later, he was still going. He was able to hear Fae’s sobs, but with her facing away from him he couldn’t see her pained face. He decided he wanted to see it now. Placing one hand on her head, he couldn’t stop but pat the little girl a few times before placing the hand firmly on one side. With the other hand, he grabbed onto Fae’s chin from the other side. Fae wasn’t sure what the man was doing, but it didn’t feel that ba-Crunch!

Suddenly, the man began to pull with both hands, twisting Fae’s head around until her neck snapped. Even if her anus was already hugging his cock tightly, suddenly it began spasming around his cock with even more strength than before. Her face ended up looking directly at him - the pain stuck on her face as her body jumped up and down on his cock in deathly spasms. With head twisted fully around, the connection to the rest of her body was severed. Her legs and arms flailed aimlessly for a moment before going limp. Her eyes bulged for some time as well, fresh tears pumped out of them. Her mouth bounced open with drool leaking out of it as the soldier pounded her anus with even more force than before. Her head bobbled from one side to another with each of his thrusts, one of her eyes rolling back when her tongue lulled free as well. The continued look of absolute pain frozen on her face was also another factor to increase his pleasure, until he finally released his load deep into her bowels. At that point, Fae’s corpse was almost motionless - only limply moving after each of his thrusts. Groaning heavily, the man pulled his cock out of Fae’s asshole - with a loud slurp coming from it as he did. Some of his semen trickled free from it as he let go of her body - only for the second soldier to grab her corpse and push into her vagina again.

He twisted Fae’s head around again while fucking her - in the same direction the soldier before did. With her head about to be turned around a full 360 degrees, her frail neck had been strained beyond its limits. He felt something rip as he did that, and suddenly only the head remained in his hands - the rest of her body slumped backwards. He held on to the head for a moment, only for the other soldier to take it from his hands. The man forced his cock up her esophagus, and with how small her head was, was able to get the tip out of her mouth. Jerking off with the head, the soldier proceeded to come all over Fae’s flat chest - while his partner released his second load into her pussy as well. Satisfied with using Fae’s body, the soldiers finally let go of the corpse, and set out towards the portal leading back to Askr.

Alm called out in rage as he sliced at the older Tiki’s golden dragon form. He tried to speak to her, but as Tiki sensed the deaths of the other manaketes she’d decided the invaders deserved no mercy, transforming right when she saw him. Even if her massive dragon towered over him, the green-haired swordsman felt no fear as he slowly approached the woman. He was perfectly fine with fighting her. As he walked, Tiki shivered when she sensed the Falchion in his hands. This was really bad, she realized. The sword made from her mother’s fang was deadly against all dragons - herself included. If this man possessed half the skill with the sword Marth - or his descendants - had, then there was really no way for her to win this. Even so, she couldn’t run away - not after three of the young girls that she cared for were killed. And staying meant facing this man sooner or later - so she’d fight him now, when he was alone. Breathing pure flames towards him and striking with her claws and snout, she found herself unable to hit him. His cuts with the Falchion hurt her a lot more than these of a normal blade, and with each cut she felt some of her dragon power leaving her, sealed away. The heat of her flames had died down, and Tiki doubted they’d hurt anyone now. She could already feel her dragon form breaking down, and she was sure her opponent sensed it too. Alm prepared for the final strike, steeling himself for one final charge towards Tiki. Just as he broke into a run, flames soared through the air from behind him and crashed into the dragon. As Tiki turned back into a human, Alm found himself unable to stop in time, and so he drove the Falchion straight through her gut - with his velocity making them both fall over as blood splashed through her red outfit and all around them.

He collapsed on top of Tiki, pinning the woman to the ground as Falchion sunk deep into the ground beneath her - making it unable for him to pull it out. The stitches on the side of her red corset were all torn, cut or burned - and so the front and the back of it came free. Even with the sword slicing through her - and so through her clothes as well - as her back slammed into the ground, the upper part of her corset came off, and her huge breasts bounced free. Alm couldn’t help but stare at them for a moment, red in the face. Myrrh’s pussy flashed before him only for a moment, and he easily pushed it out of her mind. But to see Tiki’s massive breasts so close up made him hard again - and this time, he wouldn’t be able to just wish his boner away. But… What would Celica say if she saw him in a situation like this? While he wasn’t fully on top of the woman - Falchion sticking out of her belly prevented that - he ended up straddling one of her legs. His knee that ended up between her legs had managed to flip the front part of her dress upwards. The only thing covering her shapely thighs now were the suspenders to her pink thighhighs. Even through his boots, he could feel them shaking underneath him. He shifted his gaze down her body, and was able to see her pinkish slit. He could feel his cock throbbing in his pants - and then remembered that someone cast the spell that forced Tiki out of her dragon. He turned around, his legs still staying in this position, and felt his cock twitch again at the sight of Celica. Most of his lover’s clothes were gone now, with the girl only wearing a short black skirt - her white-golden befitting of the Zofian royal was gone. Her huge tits looked as lovely as ever as she removed the hand covering them, and they bounced freely as Celica ran over to him. Assessing the situation with a few quick looks, Celica couldn’t believe her luck while ignoring Alm’s apologetic stares. If she played this correctly, she’d be able to steer Alm towards far more pleasure for them in the future… She smiled at the thought, and let the smile linger on her lips as well.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed… There’s nothing wrong in taking advantage of your defeated enemy.” She told him while leaning in and kissing him.

“No, you got it wrong! I’m not trying to…” Alm immediately replied, a blush on the man’s face. Even if the two had been having a lot of fun in the bedroom recently, to have Celica suggest he’d do something like this - and with the dragon girl listening it - both surprised and embarrassed him.
“Oh please, Alm. I wouldn’t mind if you did it… and I’m sure we’ll both enjoy it…” Celica said seductively while forcing one hand under his leather shirt and grabbing the hem of his pants. She quickly pulled them down to his knees, her hand moving to the side for a moment to squeeze one of Tiki’s thighs, before trailing a path up Alm’s leg again and closing around his half-erect cock. She stroked it until it grew to its full size, ignoring Alm’s weak protests. “See? Your Falchion agrees with me!” She told him with a broad, unsettling smile. Pushing on his back to make him bend over, she embraced him from behind while still keeping one hand over his shaft. Her breasts squished against his back as he grabbed on to the Falchion again not to lose balance, and she heard him breathe in loudly as she guided his cock towards Tiki’s snatch. The dragon girl watched them with horror - she had accepted her death, but to be defiled like that beforehand? “Please, don’t listen to her!” Tiki cried out, but it was far too late for that. Even if Alm tensed up, as Celica whispered “Ignore her… She’s just our toy now.” into his ear Alm relaxed again and surrendered herself to Celica’s touch - until the tip of his cock slid into Tiki’s pussy. This Tiki had more experience with sex than her younger counterpart, so she understood perfectly well what was going to happen now. Did… did these soldiers raped the girls who were in her care before killing them as well? More anger welled up in her, but with the Falchion sticking out of her stomach and keeping her power sealed there was nothing she could do but take Alm’s cock. As Celica nudged Alm forward, his cock finally penetrated Tiki’s snatch. Celica smiled as she heard Alm groan in pleasure, and her smile only widened when he started to move his hips on his own, slowly proceeding to rape Tiki willingly. Letting go of him, Celica crawled over towards Tiki’s head.

She was clearly able to see the tears flowing down Tiki’s cheeks. Celica forced a hand beneath her skirt, finally able to work on the arousal that had been slowly building up in her this entire time. While fingering herself, Celica ran the other hand against Tiki’s face - her fingers curiously touching Tiki’s pointed ear. Then, she moved back towards Tiki’s breasts. Grabbing onto one with her free hand, she continued to squeeze the flesh orbs that were comparable in size - if not bigger - than her own. She was quickly able to reach her orgasm, and after coming, she removed her come-stained hand from her snatch and used the sticky limb to molest Tiki’s chest as well. Even if she was unable to move from this spot, the Falchion pinning her down, Tiki’s upper body was still able to squirm under her touch. Running her fingers against Tiki’s nipples, slapping her tits and squashing her breasts together - Celica did all she could think off to get more reactions from the green-haired manakete. Behind her, the red-haired girl could hear Alm’s moans picking up, and she knew her lover was approaching his orgasm. In her desire to make him feel as good as she could, Celica bent over, her lips connecting with Tiki’s. As she forced her tongue into Tiki’s mouth, taking advantage of Tiki’s lips opening up as she groaned after Alm rammed his cock deep inside her, she stuck out her ass towards Alm, showing him her wet pussy. She wasn’t sure if Alm would enjoy seeing her kiss another girl, but his satisfied orgasmic outcry confirmed to her that he did - and she felt his fingers slide into her self-lubricated womanhood as well. That only led her to kiss Tiki with more intensity, even as the dragon girl tried to turn her head away from her. Celica moved her hips in sync with Alm’s fingers, while she held on to Tiki’s head to keep the girl from moving it around. The wet slapping sounds from behind her told her Alm was going at it again… The knowledge that she succeeded in corrupting him at least a little bit was enough to make her cum all over his hand.

Moaning in pleasure, Celica rode her orgasm out. When it finished, she released Tiki’s head and moved back a bit - it was time to finish it. She found Beloved Zofia in the spot she left it at, and returned with it to Alm and Tiki. The green-haired man was now fucking Tiki with almost as much force as he usually showed when they were together. Any reservations he might have had beforehand had disappeared as Tiki’s wet snatch hugged his cock over and over again. His mind successfully blocked out her cries of pain just as Celica told him to, but the woman herself was very much enjoying each and every one of these. However, she knew she had to kill the woman before Alm came a second time. If he did, then he could possibly think about what he had just done and have second thoughts. But making him come inside a dead woman would push him too far in for that. Knowing this, Celica smiled sadistically while turning away from Alm and towards Tiki again. Cutting down with her sword, she sliced through the diadem Tiki wore on her hair - and buried the sword in the girl’s head. Celica pushed the sword further in, enjoying the panic in Tiki’s eyes before they started moving wildly when Beloved Zofia entered her brain. Foam appeared on her lips as they opened up again, while Tiki’s body began to shake in powerful twitches. Turning around, Celica hurried over to Alm and locked her lips onto his. He kissed her back with even more passion than usual, then moaned against her as he reached his second orgasm - the dying spasms of her cunt drained more of his semen into her pussy.

Once he was finished, both he and Celica stood up. He grabbed onto Falchion again, and with Tiki dead, as well as his arousal sated, he had an easier way of pulling the sword out. Celica pulled his pants back up, then retrieved her sword from Tiki’s head. Staring at the half-naked corpse for a moment, another idea appeared in her mind. Tugging onto Tiki’s open corset, she managed to get it all the way off. Wrapping it around her chest, Celica created a makeshift bra for herself and tied it behind her back. It hugger her tits tightly, but at least it covered them. Once she was done with that, the pair began to move towards the spot they entered the forest from. They killed four of the five girls they had seen - Robin had to do his job and find the last one. As they walked, Alm thought of what just happened. He never expected Celica to encourage him to fuck another woman… But not only she did, she also killed her when he was doing that. And surprisingly, it was very arousing - both Tiki squirming around his cock and Celica slamming her sword into her head. Maybe… maybe they could try doing this again in the future? He shyly asked Celica about it as they walked, only for her to smile warmly back at him. “Of course… Anything for you, my dear.”

Nowi stopped when she reached the outer edge of their forest. Fae had completely disappeared from her sight… Maybe they were playing hide-and-dragonseek now? Her purple eyes caught some movement ahead, and she focused to see exactly who it was. Was it Robin? When did he get here? Even if she didn’t know the answer to that, she was still happy to see another face that she knew. These men who showed up before looked quite menacing to her… But if Robin was here, she had nothing to worry about. After all, the tactician was her friend - and even better, he’d definitely play with her, too! She happily hurried towards him, only slowing down when the man noticed her. Something seemed off… The Robin she knew was definitely a good person… Why did this one seem so… angry? Even if this was something she wouldn’t do usually, she decided to transform into a dragon - just to be safe. And she did it just in time, for purple flames suddenly surrounded Robin and a circular portal opened just above him. A horned dragon’s head and neck appeared out of it. A dark bolt of energy left his mouth and surged towards her, crushing directly into her yellow dragon body. What was this dark power? She could feel a wave of death spreading through her body from the spot where the attack reached her.
“Aaah!” She screamed in pain, and retaliated with an attack of her own. Her lightning breath reached the man, but he simply brushed it off and the dragon sent another bolt of energy at her. The expiration magic quickly ate away at the rest of her dragon body, forcing her back into her human-like form. However, that didn’t stop the magic from still having some effect on her. The pink bowtie holding her green top together disintegrated as well, her flat chest exposed to Robin. The twin belts around her hips disappeared as well, but thankfully her pink shorts were still there. That gave her at least some dignity as she stared directly into the eyes of the dragon hovering over Robin. She closed her eyes, understanding that her end has come.

Grima watched the small dragon appear before him. She was little more than a worm to be exterminated… And yet, for some reason, he hesitated. What was this feeling? Was his vessel… stimulated by the nearly naked girl? Nonsense. And yet, that feeling spread through his body and influenced the dragon himself as well. Very well. His vessel also deserved some delight, after all.
Approaching Nowi, Grima worked on removing his vessel’s belt and freeing its cock. It glowed with purple energy as he reached Nowi, slapping her on the face with it. She opened her eyes, understanding that Robin decided to spare her for now. But… what was this thing rubbing against her cheek? Did… This was some new game she hadn’t played before? She opened her mouth to ask him against it, only for it to be filled up with that thing. And yet… it didn’t feel that bad. She ran her tongue against it, licking it like one of Gaius’s lolipops. It moved in her mouth, and something began to leak out of the tip. It tasted salty… Well, the entire thing had this meaty taste to it. Next, she tried to suck on it - and again, more of the liquid came to her. It seemed that Robin was enjoying what she was doing… But suddenly, he pushed the thing further in - all the way to her throat. Now it hurt! It barely fit inside her narrow throat, but she managed to take it there. Tears began to run from her eyes as the pain of her throat stretching continued to affect her. This was no fun at all! Her purple eyes looked up at Robin, begging him to stop, but he seemed indifferent to that and just continued to move his thing back and forth in her mouth. He continued to do so, until more sticky, salty liquid began to spurt out of it - she almost threw up when she felt it, but managed to swallow all of it.

As Grima pulled out, he noticed that his vessel now seemed satisfied. However, the heat from the vessel spread to the small dragon he currently was stuck as - and his own massive member hardened as well. The dragon looked down at Nowi’s body. Maybe there were some advantages of being a smaller dragon like this… Now, worms like this one would be able to fit onto his cock. His dragon form made its way through the portal. Nowi’s eyes widened as she saw the massive member between the dragon’s legs, and she made the connection between it and what just happened. Did the dragon also want to play with her? But there was no way it’d fit inside her!

Robin picked her up from the ground by her shoulders, and began to carry her towards the dragon. She tried to beat him with her little fists, but to no avail. Robin stopped in front of the dragon, keeping her high up with one hand, and the other one reached for her shorts. Ripping the middle part of the off, he exposed her unused snatch. Nowi shivered when he did that. Was the dragon going to put it in there?

As Robin placed her over the dragon’s shaft, it tip rubbing against her virgin slit, she understood that he did. One of the dragon’s claws impaled her through her hand, keeping her in the air even as Robin let go of her. His fingers moved to the level of her crotch, and dug into her vagina. Spreading it open with his fingers, he was able to let at least a little bit of the dragon’s cock inside her. Then, in one quick shove, Grima pushed the cock inside her. Her hymen torn as if it was never there, her vaginal canal was spread with a cock far thicker than her legs. However wide her pussy stretched, it wasn’t enough - both her anus and her vagina became one big hole that only barely covered for the monster’s massive girth as blood began to flow the monster’s cock. Both her legs became dislocated as the dragon pushed them out of their sockets, and they continued to flail wildly. Her insides didn’t fare much better. Her cervix gave way almost instantly, and her small womb was in no way able to contain it either. The massive phallus tore into her bowels next - masticating most of her abdominal organs with massive force. Finally, the dragon reached something that gave him a little more resistance - the walls of Nowi’s belly. They stretched out as much as they could, an obscene bulge taking the place of her tummy. She was able to see it clearly when she looked down past her small tits - and that was enough to make her snap. The pain coursing through her was something she could maybe get used to - but to see her body violated like that was too much for her child-like mind to handle. Her tongue slipped free as she no longer controlled it, her legs and arms moving without any coordination.

Just one thrust, and this was how enjoyable it was to see her suffer it? Grima considered testing this out on a few more of the human worms back in Askr while retracting his cock a bit, then ramming into Nowi’s body again. Her belly stretched out as much as before, and she again squirmed in pain on his cock. His vessel was standing directly in front of them, and he was able to see the broken look in her eyes and the pain shaking her entire body. With each thrust, her belly protruded a bit more forwards. Eventually, Grima could feel something tear - and suddenly, his cock came free as it finally broke through the walls of her stomach. More of her blood and guts were thrown around as he did that, and Nowi screamed in pain when that happened. Even her already broken brain was able to feel that. And yet, he could sense that the girl didn’t have much life left in her. Most of her internal orgasm were already destroyed, and the two massive holes he created caused her to bleed profusely. Still, her body would work as a fucksleeve even after she died. Grima continued to slide in and out of her for some more time, until the dragon reached his climax. With a deafening roar, the dragon released his semen through the hole in Nowi’s belly. Massive globules of dragon semen poured out of her, most of them sticking to her body around the wound.

The dragon waited until his orgasm finished, then had his vessel remove Nowi’s corpse from his cock. The massive flaps of stretched skin piled up on top of her body when it dropped to the ground. With that and her limbs dislocated, her body was almost unrecognizable. The coating of dragon semen also didn’t help with that. Grima’s vessel made his way back towards the portal to Askr, while the dragon returned to its spot through his own portal. Nowi’s corpse remained undiscovered by the others, but even if they did, her pussy had been stretched to a point where no one would be able to use it again.

Five dragons lived peacefully in a lush forest… As Alm, Celica, Grima and the soldiers returned through the portal back to Askr, all that remained of the dragons were their abused corpses.


Chapter 26: Expressing Superiority

tags: con, M/F, debreasting, throat cutting, impalement, strangulation, beheading

The door to Lute’s room swung open. The purple-haired mage looked at it with little curiosity, only to see a woman wearing glasses and a pointed hat walk in, a notebook in her hands. “Greetings, Lute. I have been watching you for some time - and noting the results. It seems that your magic prowess is especially notable.” Lute looked at her with little surprise. “Nothing strange with that - it is only expected of a prodigy such as me.” Unshaken by this, Miriel continued to speak. “Your scholarly precision and perseverance are also to be commended - they truly seem fascinating. Nevertheless, despite my longitudinal research, I still lack data on some of your spells. I would like the both of us to equate our magic - providing me with the data I desire.”
Lute laughed coldly. “Of course I’ll win - I always do. Let’s begin straight away.”

Faye paced nervously around the room where she and Rhajat were waiting for the results of the vote. While the specifics of this competition avoided her - she only signed up as a way to make Alm notice her - there was one thing that stuck with her. In the first round of the bracket, the loser ended up executed publicly. While she wasn’t too thrilled about her potential future death, it beat living her life without Alm’s love. And if she won… Maybe that would make Alm take interest in her? She wasn’t sure why the black-haired girl signed up for this as she avoided talking to her. She had no desire to bond with unknown women - especially one dressed so scantily. The woman’s baggy pants were full of holes, and her top was basically a bra - not to mention the transparent veil that barely concealed most of Rhajat’s torso. Faye herself dressed as a proper woman should - a long dress that covered her from her shoulders to her knees, a cloak and also an apron on the front with a beautiful bowtie behind her back. Just the perfect wife for Alm, if he finally took her in. “Oh, Alm…” She muttered to herself while continuing to walk around.

“Okay girls, the result are in.” Anna’s excited voice broke her out of her musings. “For the first round of Enduring Love voting gauntlet, Faye versus Rhajat… It seems that Faye had won!” Faye felt relief coursing through her body - even if she was telling herself that death would be a relief for her broken heart, she’d still prefer to live. Rhajat didn’t seem that moved by the news. Only her green eyes betrayed the fear that the young magician was feeling. However, she knew that this could happen when she signed up for this… And she’d face her demise proudly. Anna walked up to Faye and shook her hand.
“Congratulations! Do you want to kill Rhajat yourself?” While taking a step back to get away from the annoyingly energetic woman, Faye answered in a cheerful voice, a surprisingly cruel smile on her face: “Yes, please!”
Loki felt a bit disappointed upon hearing this. Still, this might prove to be more entertaining than if she got to kill Rhajat herself. “The stage is yours.” She told her with a fake smile, and turned towards Rhajat. The girl had already gotten up and approached the room’s exit, and now was waiting for the order to leave. When she heard Anna’s words, she walked out - directly onto the stage set in the castle’s main hall. Faye emerged behind her a moment later, carrying a short blade in her hands. Even if she preferred to use a bow in Askr, she had learned how to use a sword in one of her attempts of getting closer to Alm. Now, she’d get the chance to catch his attention! Her heart fluttered as she saw a few Alms in the audience. Maybe one of them would be the one that accepts her?

Sizing Rhajat up, Faye wondered how to start. This was her moment, she shouldn’t waste it. First, the bitch’s clothes had to go. She probably only dressed like this to impress men - including all of her Alms. Rage lit up in her mind as Faye thought this. Once she reached Rhajat, who was standing proudly at the front of the stage. Faye set the sword down, and then embraced the girl from behind, ignoring how repulsive it was for her. Her hands found Rhajat’s boobs from behind, and both reached into the opening between the girl’s breasts. Tugging her top open, Faye exposed both of Rhajat’s tits to the room’s cold air. Pulling the black cloth down the diviner’s slim waist, she also removed her black transparent bodysuit. Faye could sense that under Rhajat’s calm demeanor, the girl was slowly starting to despise her more and more. Perhaps she was hoping for a more dignified death? That was something Faye would not grant her. Faye’s hands struggled with the belts that held Rhajat’s pants in place, but once they were gone, she was able to pull most of Rhajat’s dark clothes past her wide hips and down her long legs. To her surprise, Faye saw that Rhajat wore red shorts beneath them. Maybe she had misjudged the girl? She expected her to wore nothing at all there. Even if that was the case, the village girl decided it didn’t matter. This was her time to shine - and if that included taking away all of Rhajat’s dignity, so be it.

In fact, Faye realized she might as well go all out. Unclasping her cloak, she let it fall to the ground. Her hands reached behind her back and untied the bow that kept her white apron in place, and it came off as well. Grabbing the hem of her puffy dress, she quickly lifted it up and pulled it through her her head - showing that she wore no underwear. Her shaved cunt and her decently-sized breasts were exposed to all as she gave all the onlookers a bright smile - though her eyes and heart only cared for the Alms there. After showing off her body, hardened by her life in a small village, Faye’s attention turned back to Rhajat. She quickly ripped the girl’s shorts off, exposing her cunt and the bush of dark hair above it. Although Rhajat tried to keep her cool, her reddened cheeks showed that the magician had was upset by this. Faye eyed the woman up again, and suddenly realized just how bigger her breasts were compared to her own. She couldn’t have her eclipsing her like that - what if Alm preferred to look at the woman with bigger tits? She picked the small sword up from where she laid it down, knowing fully, what she had to do next.

With one hand, Faye roughly grabbed one of Rhajat’s breasts. Rhajat’s face heated up again. Any pleasure that the woman might have been getting from having her mammaries stimulated disappeared as Faye cut into the breast from below, removing the fleshy orb in one fast slice. Before Rhajat fully processed, what Faye just did, the blonde repeated the same thing with her second breast, smiling happily as Rhajat’s blood splattered her hands and chest. Now, she should receive all the attention she deserved. The dark mage’s stoic facade dropped as she screamed in pain and anger. “I can’t forgive this… I’ll put a hex on you!” Faye wouldn’t give these threats much thought, but as she saw a green glow form around Rhajat’s hands, she knew she had to act fast. Whacking up with the sword, she slammed it into Rhajat’s armpit shoulder from beneath. Putting more force in to push the sword through it, Faye was able to remove one of Rhajat’s arms before she placed her curse on her. However, as the limb hit the wooden boards with a thud, Rhajat’s other hand continued to glow. For good measure, Faye cut it off as well - but this time, only the hand. Rhajat’s hateful gaze was now the only thing the woman could place on her as her blood continued to pour from her four wounds as her detached hand fell off.

Faye’s eyes glanced over her audience. Yes! There was an Alm watching her every move! She smiled straight at him, before turning to face Rhajat again. It seemed that she managed to accomplish her goal - so now it was time for her to finish the Hoshidian dark mage off. Lifting the blade again, Faye touched Rhajat’s neck with it. She enjoyed the fear that showed up in Rhajat’s eyes - along with the knowledge that Alm was watching her, Faye could feel her pussy going damp. In one quick sideways cut, and shivering in arousal, she opened Rhajat’s throat. The blood spraying from Rhajat’s open throat covered Faye’s tits, and as she opened her mouth some of it also sprayed onto her tongue. Dropping a hand between her thighs, Faye proceeded to finger herself while her back was turned to the audience. Still, they could see her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. Rhajat’s titless, amputated body stumbled to the side, so Faye didn’t cover up her dying moments. Her remaining arm was waving aimlessly as she struggled not to cry even in the face of death. Her eyes soared through the group of heroes who had been watching her until they stopped on her lookalike from the world of Awakening. A vision of a sandstorm flashed before her dying eyes. Even if Rhajat wasn’t one to believe in reincarnation, now her mind clinged to any idea that would prolong her life. And if it was real, it wouldn’t be a bad body to wake up in… She clung to that hope while collapsing forward, her dead body falling face-first into the crowd - her dead cunt and asshole stuffed with the onlookers pricks almost immediately.

After Faye reached her climax onstage, and saw that Rhajat’s body was already being enjoyed by some of the spectators, she picked her clothes off from the boards of the stage and then wandered off. She had only been walking for a few moments when she heard footsteps behind her. Turning around, her heart began beating faster again when she saw it was Alm.
“Faye, congratulations on your victory!” And her heart was now beating so fast it could burst free from her chest any moment. She let the clothes that she held in front of her slide down a bit, baring her breasts, as Alm continued to speak: “And seeing you kill that girl… It really was something else. I hope I get to see it again some time!” After raping and killing Tiki, this Alm had become more attuned to watching beautiful woman die. Still clueless about Faye’s feeling, he saw nothing wrong in telling Faye that he enjoyed what she did - he knew how happy it would make her. The tapping of heels on the stone ground caught their attention. As they grew louder, Celica appeared from behind a corner. “Oh, there you are!” She exclaimed happily when she saw Alm. “And hello to you, Faye. You put on a nice show there!” Celica told her with a warm smile, while approaching Alm and leaning against his side, one of her arms wrapping around him. Flaunting their relationship in front of Faye, she kissed Alm, her eyes watching Faye carefully. Then, the pair made their way out - with Celica and Faye exchanging deadly glares as they walked away.

Faye’s had never gone from so ecstatic to so crushed in such a short time. The one Alm that liked what she did already had a Celica at his side? She couldn’t handle a shock like this. Her mind desperately searched for any possible way she could make this work. Maybe… Yes! He must have been inviting her to kill that Celica and take her spot at his side instead. Her mind instantly began trying to figure out, how to do just that. Humming happily, she took off towards her room - she had much to think of.

The mages’ clash ended up with Lute and Miriel evenly matched. For each spell Lute cast, Miriel had one just as powerful of her own. Lute was impressed by the meticulousness with which the redhead carried out each single test, measuring each spell and quantifying its might with some self-invented scale. Eventually, both of them ended up completely drained of their magic powers. To Lute’s frustration, it seemed that the mage was just as durable as she was. Now, she waited while Miriel calculated the results. The woman was quite satisfied - she got the information she needed. When she finished, she stared at her notes for a moment, memorizing the important parts.
“Who won?” Lute asked her, no longer able to contain her anxiety. She had to be the stronger one! She was superior to all! Miriel seemed too caught up in her notes to hear her, so the mage had to repeat her question repeatedly, her voice louder with each word, until
finally she managed to break Miriel out of her stupor.
“If by “winning” you refer to being stronger magically…” Miriel did some quick calculations in her mind. “That is quite surprising. It appears we are matched evenly.”
Lute closed her eyes as she heard that, sitting on her bed, almost fainting. No! This couldn’t be true! This had to be a lie! She was the very best! How could someone she had never seen before be able to keep up with her? Lute tried her best to think, what should she do now. She had to show her superiority somehow - but with the way things were going, magic or knowledge were out of the question. What other options there were?

Getting up from her bed, Lute stopped in front of her bookshelf. She had no use for them back home - she had all her books memorized - but the Askrians were wise enough to provide her with a library that while not worthy of her genius, still provided her with the knowledge of a world other than hers. Going through the books, she tried to see if any gave her the idea for something where she could express dominance over Miriel. Her eyes stopped on one position. ‘The Art of Love’
Love… This was one field her books back home taught her nothing about… and yet, she was drawn to it. If she managed to outperform the other woman in something she knew almost nothing about, there would be no question that she was the superior being. Lute took the book from the bookshelf and opened it up on a random page - only to be greeted with a sight of two people making love. Blushing heavily, she closed the book immediately and looked around. While Miriel was still there, she seemed lost in her notes again - she couldn’t have seen what she just opened up. It also seemed she had no intention of leaving anytime soon, so Lute knew she could take her time. Some part of her was curious about the book’s content…

Opening the book again, she quickly skimmed through it. On each page, it depicted a different sexual position in a very vivid painting, along with a detailed description next to it. Lute continued to scour through the book as she returned to her bed, her face heating up with each page she turned. In a few minutes she learned more about sex than she had known her entire life. With each page, the heat in her abdomen continued to grow. And as if to answer her desires, once it reached the level when it was almost impossible for her to focus, she stumbled across a page about female masturbation. After making sure Miriel was still lost in her notes, Lute set the open book in front of her on the bed, then promptly slipped a hand under her crimson dress. After tugging her panties to the side, she proceeded to follow the book’s instructions to a T. First, she proceeded to stimulate her clitoris, her other hand reluctantly massaging her breasts through her dress. Once her vagina seemed to be lubricated enough, the purple-haired mage slipped a finger inside it. It was as if yet another world opened up to her - she never felt this good before. Undoing the straps that held her top in place, Lute freed her breasts from the dress and started to stimulate them directly. Even as she tried to keep quiet, she couldn’t stop herself from moaning - and each moan was louder than the last. The possibility that Miriel might notice what she was doing only seemed to arouse her even more.
Eventually, Lute reached the first climax of her life. With it out of the way, she was able to finish going through the book without any more distractions - but using only one hand, as the other was sticky with her come, and she didn’t want to ruin the book. Once she was done with it, Lute slowly closed the tome and stuffed it under her cushion. The final page contained a short thesis about the importance of regular climaxes and the effect it had on the body. Equipped with this new knowledge, it didn’t take her long to figure out just what she should challenge Miriel to.

Approaching the woman, Lute quickly ripped her notebook out of her hands. Miriel’s head immediately snapped upward, the woman angered at being so rudely interrupted. Before she had the chance to express her annoyance, Lute spoke out: “I demand you face me in another contest. We shall test which one of us is able to make more men come in the same period of time.”
Miriel listened to Lute’s demand with some interest. It was something she did not bother doing usually. Agreeing here would let her test the theories she had developed on the subject of sexual intercourses. Making it a competition would only make it more exciting, and possibly lead to her acting with more efficiency than usual.  “I shall take your challenge.” She replied, getting up herself.

The two women quickly agreed on the time when they were supposed to meet again and compare their results, then each took off in another direction. A few moments later, Lute stumbled into the main hall. On the stage, she could see two women. They both wore white dresses and their eyes were golden, but one’s hair was blue while the other’s blonde. The blonde also had two white wings spurting out of her back. The blue-haired girl was currently singing some song. Lute didn’t pay much attention to the song while approaching one of the men who were listening in. “You. Show me your penis.” She demanded forcefully, and the men obeyed her. Her eyes widened at the sight of his member, her cheeks flushed again. Trying to calm down, Lute dropped to her knees and placed her lips around the tip of the cock. Remembering the instructions she read in the book, she slowly moved her mouth forward, taking the man’s shaft deeper inside her mouth. Even as her discomfort increased, she did her best to please the man orally. Moments before the man reached his release, he pulled out, and her face was showered with his semen. Some of it went inside her open mouth. It had an interesting taste, the mage noted.

More men approached Lute. Remembering more of the book’s instructions, she unclasped her top again, showing her breasts to all. Then, she proceeded to suck a man off while her hands stroked on two other cocks. As this continued, she could feel herself getting more and more into it. She heard someone kneeling behind her, and then some fingers grabbing her firm buttocks through her dress. She sensed that the man lifted her dress up, revealing her backside. He pulled her come-stained panties down her legs, revealing both her ass and her pussy. Even with a cock stuffing her mouth, Lute couldn’t contain a scream as he penetrated her virgin cunt. The book warned her that her first time would feel painful… But as the pain slowly washed away, pleasure unlike any she felt before replaced it. She could feel herself getting more and more into it, servicing soldier after soldier. She distantly noticed that the winged woman was singing now in some foreign language - it seemed that as the effect of her song, the soldiers were able to last longer while using Lute’s body. Lute had no issue with that, her mind rapidly giving in to the pleasure. She didn’t care much as her dress - which barely covered anything now anyways - was completely ripped off from her body, leaving the prodigal mage naked save for the panties at her knees.

Suddenly, she saw another woman’s face at her level. Focusing at it, she saw the women’s black hair - but something was wrong… The rest of her body wasn’t there! Lute glanced around, and quickly found the rest of Rhajat’s corpse, nailed by some other heroes. Suddenly, each thrust inside her sent a massive surge of pleasure up Lute’s body… What was this feeling? Was she really aroused by seeing another woman’s corpse, the girl’s head ripped off? And yet, each time she saw a cock slide free from between Rhajat’s lips, another wave of heat spread through her. She had been aware of the various unusual pastimes that heroes in Askr enjoyed, but this was her first time seeing it live. After making the men around her come, she moved closer to Rhajat’s body in fascination. Even if she had killed countless people with her magic, it was always from a distance. It was her first time seeing a corpse up close. As one man withdrew from Rhajat’s neck stump, Lute forced her fingers into the hole and stared at the blood and fresh semen that was now covering her fingers. Why was this making her feel this way?

Before Lute could come to any conclusions on that, a round of applause sounded around the room. She had completely forgotten about it, but it seemed that the singing had ended. Looking towards the main stage, she could see that that was the case. She listened in to the words coming from it while searching for another group of men she could bring to their orgasms. It seemed that the winged girl - Lute heard that her name was Leanne - had been chosen as the better singer. What came as a surprise to her was that the loser would have to kill herself now. And yet… Lute felt real excitement as she heard that. She practically forced herself onto one of the heroes as she waited for the blue-haired girl to do it.

Azura smiled when she heard the results. Winning or losing, it didn’t matter to her - as long as she had the chance to show her songs to all. The competition was her idea, and the loser having to die was also her suggestion - Azura knew it would draw in a bigger crowd. She never expected to find another singer who’d agree on that, though. She wondered if Leanne also secretly wanted to die… Now, Azura felt a tingling in her abdomen while picking her lance off the ground. She had settled down on the way of her death before the competition started. Her cunt was dripping with arousal as she prepared for it. At the front of the stage, there was spot for impalings. Approaching it, she removed the pole that was already there, and put her weapon there, upside down. She stared at the tip that went all the way up to her knees, and her arousal only intensified. She had dreamed of this day for so long!

But first, she had to make sure that the lance would slide in easily. Ripping her thong off - she had no need for it anymore - she slipped a finger inside her leaking cunt. Her face heat up as she quickly fingered herself to an orgasm. Knowing that all these people were watching only excited her even more. With her other hand, she worked on untying the blue straps that held her dress together. The ones around her chest were the first to go, showing her breasts to all the gathered heroes. Her moans picked up as more of her dress came off, the singer peaking soon after. She breathed heavily as her thighs were sprayed with her honey, her goal achieved. Her cunt was now lubricated enough that the lance could go in without a hitch.

Squatting, Azura positioned herself above the spike at the end of her lance. She moaned again as she sunk onto the tip. The ease with which it went inside her only brought her more pleasure as the cold metal touched the walls of her vagina. Giving the gathered heroes a happy smile from the bottom of her heart, Azura reached for the lever that would release the trapdoor she was on. As she pulled it, it immediately opened. All of her weight was now supported just by her lance, and she quickly slid down on it. The tip pressed against her cervix, and the gravity quickly forced it through it. Without much resistance at all, Azura dropped down the pole until it punched against the top of her womb. No longer able to keep her long legs in the squat, Azura ran her bare feet against the spear while stretching her legs out. Even if her womb stopped her descent for a moment, within a few more moments the sharp tip broke through it - sending first trickles of blood down the lance. Despite the pain slowly welling up inside her as the spear made its way through her guts, Azura couldn’t help but feel aroused. Her pussy was clenching around the cold shaft of her lance, and as she slid down it she was able to feel every twist and protrusion in the weapon. With her hands free, she was able to stimulate herself. Both hands sank to her clit, and she proceeded to rub herself furiously as the tip of her lance slowly made its way up her body. Her twitching only sped the process up, and so did the powerful kicks of her legs as she came in mind-melting pleasure. Her tongue lulled free from her face as her eyes rolled to the back of her head, just as a stab of pain hit her when the lance tore through her midriff.

Coming back to her senses after the orgasm, Azura was marvelled by her luck. She could feel the cold shaft pressing against her heart, but the lance had missed it - so she’d live until her impalement had finished. She looked at the crowd watching her again. She had to keep them entertained until then. She would do that in the only way she knew how - with a song. Her melodious voice was only enhanced by the pain spreading through her body, letting her sing like never before. Her song now turned to be more beautiful than any both she and Leanne had sung earlier today, even as her voice jumped up and down in tone as the lance ripped through her body.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps behind her. “With this song, you managed to make us reconsider - you should be the winner here, not Leanne. If you wish so, we could get you off that lance - and put Leanne there instead.”

Azura stopped singing, and forced a smile onto her face. “There’s no need for that. I’m happy as I am.”
“As you wish.” The men replied to her, before whipping his already erect cock out. Quickly jerking himself off, he showered Azura’s face with his semen. As he did, the spear made its way through Azura’s esophagus. These combined feelings filled her with more pleasure, and even though she was unable to speak anymore her golden eyes thanked him. The lance’s tip came out between her lips, and Azura looked at it happily. Her body was already weak, and the internal bleeding was quickly taking her away. Her arms went limp, hanging aimlessly at her sides. Her bare feet touched the ground as Azura relaxed them, bliss on her face as death claimed her. Her body jerked on the lance for some more time, before going fully limp.

Lute screamed in powerful release as she saw the blue-haired dancer pass away. She wasn’t alone in that, as heroes all around her all came together at the sight of Azura’s death. This really was something else. As Azura’s performance was finished now, the group of heroes who watched her die began to disperse. A few of them pried Azura’s body off the lance, filling her open, bloodied lips and her gaping cunt with their dicks. Lute felt a desire to join them, to feel Azura’s body with her own hands, but then she remembered about her competition with Miriel. She had completely lost the track of time. She still recalled how many men came because of her, so there was at least that. Running off towards their meeting spot, she realized there was still some time. However, before she reached it, she came across Miriel. The mage was now in the nude, save for her notorious pointed hat. She was methodically jerking two men off while slurping on another’s cock, her backside stuffed with two others’ cocks. She waited for her to finish, then told her her current orgasm count. To her satisfaction, Miriel was behind her - if only by a little. That meant she couldn’t give up now - so Lute took off again, searching for more heroes she could help with their libido.

Even if Miriel didn’t show much of a reaction when she learned that Lute was ahead of her in their competition, it still bothered her. Even if she was a bit reluctant at first, as she proceeded to get sprayed with the men’s semen she began to get more and more absorbed in their rivalry. Now, winning was something she just needed to do; no matter the cost. However, with how the situation was presenting itself now, triumph appeared to be impossible. Unshaken by the man currently pounding her, Miriel opened her notebook again, and searched for a way to counteract Lute’s advantage. As it contained mostly her jottings on the world of Askr and the heroes there, Miriel believed she would find some information there. However, nothing emerged at all. Except for one piece of information: The heroes there seemed to really enjoy watching women die… Should she sacrifice her life up for a petty competition like this? Such reckless behaviour was something Miriel usually condemned, but as another man came deep inside her uterus she, too, shivered in orgasmic pleasure. She found it hard to admit, but the signs of excitement coming from her body as she pondered this were unmistakable. She also desired this, even if this was a violation of common sense.

Leaving the group surrounding her since they must have been thoroughly spent now while disregarding their disappointed expressions, Miriel surveyed the corridors until she found yet another group of heroes. She expeditiously explained her predicament to the assemblage of heroes. Her words were met with much a sympathetic response, and within seconds was again using her body to provide them with the necessary stimulation. After ensuring that the various men remembered her current count, and delegating a few of them to counting the further orgasms once she would become unable to do it herself, Miriel surrendered herself to the pleasure that was building up inside her. Still, some part of her kept track of each load of semen her body took, even while in the midst of her own climaxes.

Eventually, Miriel sensed two steadfast hands close around her feeble neck. That meant strangulation would be how she died. Miriel tried to recall, what her books said about that particular way of dying - but stopped herself before she was able to remember any details. She felt that going into this unknowingly would make this even more pleasurable. Grinding her hips with increased intensity against the pair of phalluses penetrating her vagina and anus, Miriel trembled in anticipation as her breathing was slowly restricted. Her hands, working laboriously on the men’s shafts, slowly began to slow down. Pain originating from her crushed windpipe and her oxygen-deprived lungs pervaded her entire body. This sensation was so different from the pain she felt when suffering wounds in battle. While that was violent, this seemed sensual to her. She had felt this kind of pain before, but she didn’t make the connection until now. In the past, she had experimented on various ways she could cause herself pain, as testing it on herself was the most reliable way to get credible results. Now, she fully understood that the pain of asphyxia was only driving her even more aroused. And it showed: her vagina was clenching hard on the cock delving into her. Even though her head seemed quite heavy now, Miriel still recognized her last orgasm as it started rocking through her body. Her hands went fully limp now, and so the heroes she failed to get off had to finish the job themselves. Her reddened face, and her exposed breasts and shoulders were covered with a fresh layer of cum. Some of it even splashed onto her glasses, clouding her vision further.

The woman’s chest started moving up and down rapidly as her lungs desperately tried to suck any air in. The pain in her lungs would have become unbearable, had the mage still been fully conscious. However, after her orgasm, her highly analytical brain began to shut down. Her usually thoughtful face now dumbed down as her lips opened, her tongue slipping past them. Her face bobbed forward for a moment, and her glasses slid off her ears - showing the blank expression in her eyes to those around her. Her body was now moving uncontrollably. As her head twitched from one side to another, her hat also fell off her head. With her glasses already gone, and the mindless look on her face, anyone who stumbled upon her would have a hard time seeing the perfectionist mage in her. That didn’t stop the men from using her with even more vigor than before - but still keeping the grip on her throat. Her legs, spread on the ground before, now closed around the man currently using her cunt. A streak of piss releasing from between them and spraying onto him didn’t bother the man at all.

Miriel’s face turned from dark red into yet darker purple. After one final shiver shook the mage’s body, her already almost gone life had disappeared. The man who strangled her understood that sign correctly, releasing his grip on her neck. The red marks caused by his hands showed how good a job he did. The man wasn’t done with her yet. He had experienced how her crushed throat felt from one side, but how did it feel from the other? This question puzzled him as he pulled her lips further open and pushed his cock in between them. Making its way into her throat proved to be very hard, as it was much tighter than he expected, but eventually he was able to see a bulge in her throat - a bulge he knew was his cock. The men continued to fulfill Miriel’s request even after she died - using her body to get themselves off in any ways they could think off.

As the time limit for their competition had long finished, Lute hurried back towards the spot she and Miriel had agreed on. She had lost the track of time again, too absorbed in her own pleasure. Now, she was strolling back with as much dignity as she could maintain. With her dress in tatters, and worried about the outcome of her and Miriel’s competition, it was pretty hard to do so, but with her usual confidence she was able to do it. With her shoes gone after she had given a try to pleasuring the men with her small feet, they touched the cold stones of the castle’s floors. Being somewhat absentminded, she didn’t pay the attention to what she was walking through. But as one of her feet almost slipped on some sticky cloth, Lute had to check, what it was. It turned out to be Miriel’s hat… Lute was sure that the woman would never part with it willingly. Looking down, she saw that it had been torn in multiple spots, as well as covered in semen. Lute’s head turned towards the group of soldiers gathered nearby. They seemed to be using some woman’s body. She got closer to them, but before she was able to confirm her expectations, one of the men noticed her and spoke out to her:
“You’re Lute, right?”
“Indeed, I am the genius magician herself. Consider yourself lu-” Receiving the confirmation he wanted, the man cut her off: “The other mage - it seems her name was Miriel - asked me to keep track of our orgasms after her death.” Lute’s purple eyes widened in surprise when she heard that the other mage was dead. That was something she hadn’t considered. And her surprise only grew when the man told her what the current count was. Miriel had managed to overtake her, even if posthumously! Lute was devastated when she heard that - as if her entire world came crumbling around her. She was supposed to be the one to outcompete the other mage, not the other way around! Her mind moved as fast as ever as she tried to make sense of what happened. The time… Yes! She stopped once she remembered that their time limit had arrived, but the men here obviously were still going. That’s how Miriel caught up to her. Then… did that mean she was the winner? No, she realized. That was just her hypothesis - and she had no way of confirming it. What made sense instead, was just extending the time limit to let her make up for the time she had wasted. However, it seemed that these men would keep going while she tried to do so. There was only one thing she could think of that would let her outmatch that amount of men.

Walking off back towards the castle’s entrance, Lute wondered if she really wanted to do it. Was her life - her genius mind, her magical talent without a match - not worth more than to simply let go of it for a simple contest like this? She had almost convinced herself that it wasn’t - but the heat coming from her cum-dripping vagina gave some merit that it was. And… She really had to win this, no matter what it’d cost her. When she reached the entrance, the mage was pleased to see that memorizing the entire schedule for all the fixed escapades had paid off - a huge group of heroes was there, visibly exhausted after a battle. Lute approached the man who she knew was in charge of them.
“I’m Lute, a prodigy in magic. I wish to help you and your brigade of heroes relax after your conquests. I just ask this of you: please, end me in a way that will help most of your heroes come.” Her heart was beating extremely fast as she said this. From this point on, there was no going back. The man looked at her with little confusion; having heroines go suicidal like this was something he had seen many times before in Askr.

Moments later, his cock was buried deep inside her tight snatch while another soldier pounded her arsehole, and yet another of his subordinates stuffed his fat prick between her fat lips. Her face was covered for him, as another soldier had straddled her body and was sliding his cock in between her decently-sized breasts. They were now in one of the rooms adjacent to the entrance hall. He knew they should find just what they needed there. Between her moans, the mage told her that she wanted to go in a beheading. The guillotine in this room seemed pretty unused, but he was sure it would do. He ordered some of the soldiers to bring it to the middle of the room.

After the first round of orgasms, he lifted Lute from the ground and carried her over to the guillotine. As he held her, she moaned a number into his ear - then clarified that it was the number of orgasms she had helped men to today. As he set her down on the guillotine’s board, the purple-haired woman begged him to count the orgasms after she was gone. Even if it was a weird request, he could do that - especially that she was giving her life up for him and his subordinates. As he proceeded to fuck her again, two of them approached Lute’s upper body and put her head in the lunette. The loud click of a lock sliding in place thrilled Lute more than anything before - her death was now just a pull of a lever away. Still, she had to make the best she could out of her final seconds. She doubled her speed with which she was stroking the cocks of the soldiers who fixed her in, and her smart face was showered with their semen. Lute’s moans reached their peak when she felt their cum splash onto her, reaching the final climax of her life. “D-Do it now!” She screamed as she rode out the orgasmic pleasure. It seemed that her words brought the man off as well - his cock started throbbing against the walls of her cunt. She saw him flick the lever that released the blade just as the first drops of his cum began to shoot into her cunt.
Lute’s ears caught the sound of metal sliding against metal, and her eyes flicked upwards - just in time to see the blade as it sliced through her neck. It was over in an instant. She felt a short spike of pain at first, but then it was only nothingness. She could no longer feel the rest of her body - not that it surprised her. Some man grabbed her head, that was still on the guillotine’s table, by her twin braids, and her off it, with her head dangling upside down.. She could feel his dick forcing its way into the stump of her neck, and how her throat stretched to connaturalize to the thick piece of meat that was filling it up. The guillotine obstructed most of the view of her body, but she could see her legs twitching on the sides of the table. She was also happy to see men lifting her limp arms and use them to jerk off - each orgasm counted! Oh, why hadn’t she found out how good sex felt earlier? That was her only regret as she felt the man fucking her detached her push the tip of his cock out from between her lips. Her eyes looked down to see the tip outside her mouth. She knew her death was very near. “This will definitely get me the win…” Lute thought just before passing away.

The young woman’s corpse was enough to entertain his team for the longest time, helping them forget about the weariness of battle. Her tight vagina and anus managed to stay that way even with all the cocks that had already pounded them today, and the corpse also had other holes they could use. That still didn’t stop the soldiers from creating more of them. Lifting the blade, they opened the lunette again, this time putting her narrow waist into it. Another whoosh of the blade, and Lute’s corpse was also cut in half now. Her guts proceeded to spill out of the wounds as they became outlets for the soldier’s spunk. Hours later, they finally were all fully spent. The commander still was able to keep track of his men’s orgasms. When his soldiers dispersed, he took off in the direction of where Lute asked him to: towards Miriel’s corpse. He found an almost unrecognizable body on the ground - but the location seemed correct. The number written on the wall also made him think it was who that mage meant - and not without some pride the man noted that Lute managed to beat the other woman.


Do you have anymore hangings in the next chapter? I'm not a big fan of Hinoka so unfortunately her hanging wasn't interesting to me.


>>13399 One's planned for chapter 30, might also do one in chapter 29. If you're the one who wanted con Awakening hangings, the fastest one can happen is chapter 31, but it's more likely that it'll be in 32

Going past chapter 30, there will be just 6 characters that have not died in this story: Gwendolyn, Sully, Fjorm, Loki, Lene and Ylgr. I do have some ideas for Fjorm and Loki, but any suggestions for the other four will be appreciated. Any character suggestions are also welcome, since they make choosing the girls from outside heroes much easier for me

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Chapter 27: Blood and Snow

tags: non-con, M/F, F/F, impalement, bestiality, crushing(?), drowning, freezing(?), impalement, dismemberment

Fjorm walked nervously in front of the portal that would take her - and the small squad of soldiers she was leading - back to Nifl. She had dreamed of the moment when she’d be able to return to her home. This what not what she had in mind though. Instead of an expedition to crush the Muspell forces there and take her kingdom back, this was a stealth operation. Even if the thought that Kiran trusted her enough to lead this mission made her happy, but a part of her was telling her that he did that just because she knew the lands of her homeland the best. Learning that her sister had died was somewhat hard on her, but even knowing that Kiran killed her did nothing to stop her feelings towards him. If anything, it only made him even more desirable. Leading a mission for him would only allow her to get closer to him when she returned - so the blonde princess was looking forward to finally returning to Nifl. As her entire group assembled in front of the portal, she happily walked straight through it. Their first destination would be the sanctuary of Snjarhof - according to Kiran, her sister’s last hiding place.

Even if they tried to move undetected, there was still no way of avoiding some of the Muspell patrols. One such group had been scouted straight in their path. Fjorm couldn’t help but feel excited about that. Finally, she’d be able to pay back some of the enemies that had invaded her world. Because they had to move fast and stay undetected, there would be no survivors. Nifl’s princess grinned sadistically while giving out that order. She really had been looking forward to this.
Her forces struck without any warning, defeating most of that group without a fight. However, some heroes were observant enough to react to their attack. As Fjorm drove her spear through the head of one such hero, she wondered if the other heroes would go down as fast as this one.

Nanna screamed as she saw Leif get impaled through the head by the woman in charge of the group that had attacked her. He asked her to stay back and hurried off to face the attackers… Only to end up like this. She had to help him! The enemies seemed not to have noticed her yet. Maybe she’d be able to get there and heal her best friend. Her mind couldn’t accept that a wound like that was most likely fatal - Leif would definitely live through this. He had to. She urged her horse to go faster as the staff-wielding woman rode straight into the hostile group. Her boldness seemed to be working - no one suspected she was an enemy as she hurried over to the prince of Leonster’s side and tried to heal him with her magic. “Leif! You have to get up! Please!” She urged him quietly, unable to look at the frozen icicle sticking out of his forehead. As the magic coursed through her, but there was still no response from her beloved, panic slowly began to settle in. No! She couldn’t give up!

A sudden blow from the side told her that her luck had ran out. Flying off her horse, she watched it run off as she fell into the snow face-first. Rolling over and getting a few tears in her dress, she stopped in a kneeling position, her butt resting on her feet as she took a look around. Anywhere she directed her eyes, she only saw her allies dead or dying. And it seemed that it would be her turn next. She stared at Leif’s form on the ground, accepting he was truly dead. He wanted her to live… and she had to honor his last wish. Setting her staff on the ground, Nanna lifted her hands in the air while looking straight at a few men approaching her. “I surrender!” She called out as the men stopped on two sides of her kneeling shape, a bit bothered by the discomfort of having her bare knees pressed against the cold snow.

Nanna shivered in disgust as one of the soldiers lowered his pants, his dick rubbing against her cheek. The meaty shaft twitched in the icy air, and it seemed the man was eager to shield it from the cold inside her mouth. Nanna wasn’t too happy about that - she and Leif never had the chance to do anything like that… But if that was what it took for her to survive and stay true to his final words to her, she’d do it. She turned her head towards him, her green eyes looking up at the man while she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out invitingly. The repulsion stayed with her as he shoved it inside her mouth, slamming deeper with each of his thrusts.

The coldness in the air continued to bother her as the other soldier grabbed her shoulder pads and tore them off her shoulders, along with her red coat and her white veil. That feeling only increased as he proceeded to rip her chest armor off, then pull her green dress down her belly. Her small breasts were uncovered, and her nipples quickly stiffened because of the cold. Even if her head was fixed facing upwards, she could still feel it - and as the men untied her belt, she could feel her dress pooling on top of her thighs. At least it would keep her legs warm, she noted lukewarmly as the man tugged it a bit further down her thighs, only to see her white panties. He ripped them off as the man filling her mouth looked down at Nanna, his eyes locking with her bulging green ones. The blonde girl didn’t react to having her most intimate body part exposed, as she had bigger problems now. Breathing was now almost impossible for her, her throat clenching over his shaft that prevented her from getting any air in. Fortunately, as she was about to lose hope, she felt some liquid shoot into her, and the man withdrew moments later. She only barely was able to stay awake through that, coughing his semen out of her open mouth as she found it impossible to swallow.

As he withdrew, Nanna slowly tried to stand up, her dress sliding further down her legs. However, the other man hit her in the back, and she stumbled over, stretching her hands in front of her as she hit the ground again. Getting on her fours, she realized that her flower was now directly shown to the man behind her, her cheeks flushed again. That was also something she’d never been able to share with Leif… Two tears trickled down her cheeks as she remembered that this chance was gone forever. She glanced towards where his corpse was, and her mind filled up with jealousy as she saw some woman straddling it. But that was not the only issue she noticed as she looked there. His sword was missing…

A sudden pain in her pussy gave her an idea on just where it might have gone. She craned her head backwards, and sure enough was able to see a soldier pushing it deeper inside her. Did… did they actually shove it inside her? The pain of having her most sensitive flesh cut apart with a sword told her that they did. Her hymen ended up being pierced by Leif’s sword, but not in the way she imagined. She screamed out in pain as the man twisted the blade inside her, her body shivering in pain as her vagina was slowly cut into meaty snippets. As the tip of the blade cut through her cervix, she looked at the soldiers above her. “What? Not enjoying your boyfriend’s sword?” One of the laughed at her before giving pushing the sword deeper in. As the flesh of her womb turned into shreds, fresh tears began to flow from her eyes as she bawled. Why were they doing this? She had laid down her weapon - shouldn’t they spare her? Weren’t the Askrians supposed to be more merciful than the forces of Muspell and Emblia? “W-Why…” Nanna called out towards them, but she received no response

With a splash of her blood, one of the soldiers ripped the sword out of her cunt. Nanna’s heart grew as she saw a woman wearing a golden tiara lift her staff from the ground. Maybe she’d heal her? No… it was the woman who killed Leif before! Nanna’s eyes widened when the woman lined the weapon up with her heavily bleeding snatch. Another scream left her lips when she felt the orb at the end press against her cut-up vagina. With her cunt painfully opened up, Nanna realized that it could actually fit there. With a powerful nudge, Fjorm brought the staff inside her. Nanna screamed as the cold metal at the head of the staff scraped against the open wounds in her vaginal walls, drawing fresh blood as it moved deeper inside her. Eventually, it reached her cervix. Paying no mind to Nanna’s protests, the woman applied more force to the base of the sta