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I'm starting a longer story using a bit reshaped version of the Fire Emblem Heroes universe. Any comments/suggestions will be appreciated, especially suggesting characters, since the game already has about 90 girls to choose from.

Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition


As he saw a flash in some dark alley, Kiran decided to check it out against his better judgement. The light disappeared when he got there, but there was a weird gun on the ground. He picked it up and examined it with some interest. Since looked quite weird, he didn’t believe it to be a real gun. Still, he had to make sure. He aimed it at the wall, and squeezed the trigger. The gun did fire, but instead of a bullet, Kiran was greeted with a portal opening in the wall. Before he could react, he was sucked inside it, and then everything went black.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself on some grassy hill. The gun was on the ground next to him, so he picked it up. Far in the distance he could see a gigantic castle, so he decided to walk towards it.

Anna was furious. Their ancient relic, the Breidablik, had disappeared from its resting place! She could only think of how the Askrian royalty would nag her about it when they find out, not to mention the potential profit it could give them if it was still there. She didn’t even consider that it might have been found by someone who would abuse its power.

A knock on the door made snapped out of her moping. “Come in!” She shouted, and the door to her office opened. “Ma’am, we found this man wandering around our castle grounds. He claims to have come here through a portal, and your orders were to bring all like him to you first.” She nodded, remembering she had said something like that. Since the man was unarmed, she decided she didn’t need the guards. “Leave us alone.” She ordered, and the two guards let go of the man and left.

Kiran stared at the redheaded woman behind the desk. The golden adornments on her armor, as well as the beautifully crafted axe on one of the side walls, not to mention the guard’s words which he could miraculously understand, all told him she was an important figure. Being left alone with her presented him with a certain opportunity...

“So, what’s your story?” She asked him, and he stopped admiring her for a moment.
“Uh, I found this weird gun in some alley, and I was suddenly transported here.” He replied, and placed the weapon he found on her desk. She clapped her hands and exclaimed happily: “Oh, you found the Breidablik! I was considering ordering my people to search for it just now. It’s great news that we don’t have to do that anymore.” She stood up and walked around the desk, then bent over to inspect the gun. Kiran took a step back as he watched her do that, his feet taking him straight towards the axe hanging on the wall.

He stared at her ass through her skirt, but one of his hands crawled up the wall until he could feel the handle of the axe. Since the woman’s attention was still on the handgun, she didn’t notice as he grabbed it and raised it above his head, trying not to make a sound. She only noticed when he slammed it into her back with all his strength.

She didn’t even get a chance to scream in pain. As a huge gash opened in her back, Kiran raised the axe again, and swung it at her for the second time. Another cut opened in her back as she fell to the ground, the attack shattering her spine. Surprise and pain appeared on her face, but Kiran couldn’t see it - he just struck her with the axe for the third time, just at the base of her neck. The attack took her life, with her head nearly cut off by it.

Kiran lowered the axe and stared at Anna’s body. His heart was beating rapidly, and he tried a few deep breaths to make it calm down. He wasn’t sure why he decided to kill the woman, and what exactly he was going to do now, but he knew he had to calm down and think. The guards in front of the door would probably stop him if he tried to leave, and even then, he still had no idea how to return home. But how could he stay here after killing one of their officials?

As he wondered that, the door suddenly opened. A blonde girl walked through it, smiling brightly as she slammed the door shut behind her. “Hello Anna, I’m here to talk about-” She stopped suddenly as she noticed Anna’s dead body on the ground, and Kiran standing over her. He didn’t know that, but the visitor was Sharena, an Askrian princess and another of the leaders of the Order of Heroes.

Kiran moved without thinking as he saw the girl enter. He pulled the gun from the desk, and aimed it towards Sharena. He knew he couldn’t let her leave. As he pulled the trigger, another portal opened in front of him - he had forgotten that it wasn’t a real gun. To his shock, another redheaded woman came out of the portal - one looking exactly the same as the one he just killed.

“Anna?” The princess asked, just as confused as he was.

“I’m Anna, leader of the Or- Oh hello Sharena, how are you?” The redhead began to speak as she stepped forward. However, her foot ran across her body on the ground, and she looked down to see what it was. “Oh.” She then turned around towards Kiran, who was staring at her with wide eyes. A forced smile appeared on her face. “Since you have summoned me, I’m bound to obey your wishes.” She told him, trying to sound cheerfully - she knew obeying her summoner was the correct choice. She didn’t really care for her self from this realm, and only hoped that the man who killed her wouldn’t decide to end her life as well - and she wanted to give him no reason to do so.

“For real? You will do anything I say?” Kiran asked her, not believing his ears. That would solve all his problems! “That’s the case - a magical contract forces the people you summon to obey you.” She explained, while Sharena watched with growing fear in her green eyes.

“If that’s the case, then grab the girl -I believe you called her Sharena?- and stop her from leaving.” Kiran ordered Anna, and she descended upon Sharena. “Sorry, princess.” She told her, only out of respect for the princess from her own world. She crashed her body against Sharena’s, overwhelming her without using her weapon. Sharena didn’t have her lance with her, since there was no need for her to have it inside their castle - not that it would help her even if she had it. Anna had her pinned to the ground in seconds, and Kiran just watched her, still not believing his luck.

Eventually, he managed to decide what to do next as he watched Sharena struggle on the ground. The position she was in caused her skirt to flip upwards, revealing her white panties, and the suggestive position proved too much for him to give up on. He quickly walked over to her, and with a gesture shooed Anna away from there. She proceeded to sit on top of Sharena, holding her down with her entire body weight. The princess sobbed quietly her cheerful demeanor broken as she felt Kiran tear her panties away, exposing her virgin pussy to him. She was hoping to save her virginity for a hero from another world, but a villain arrived instead.

Kiran quickly removed his pants, his cock already erect. Anna watched with some sadistic pleasure as Sharena squirmed underneath her, trying desperately to break away. That was not happening though - and as Kiran finally stabbed her cunt with his dick, she could only scream. The pain of having her hymen broken proved to be quite strong, but the embarrassment also got to her, and she resumed her sobbing as the unknown man continued to rape her.

Anna, sitting on top of her, also didn't rest. She knew perfectly well how to undo the knots holding her armor in place, since it was the same as the armor of the Sharena she knew. She removed Sharena’s armor, and with more sadism showing on her face, quickly did the same for the top of Sharena’s battle dress, pulling it down so that her small breasts were exposed. She gleefully grabbed them in her hands, fondling and squeezing them as Sharena’s sobs intensified.

Eventually, Kiran had enough, and he blew his load inside Sharena’s snatch. The princess briefly shivered at the thought of getting pregnant with the man’s baby, but that wouldn't be something she would be worried about for long. As Kiran stood up, pulling his pants up as well, he also took the axe out of this world’s Anna’s corpse. And as the redhead continued to play with Sharena’s bosom, Kiran brought the axe down on the blonde’s throat. Her head was severed neatly, and get eyes continued to stare blankly as her body went motionless.

He let go of the weapon again. Anna released Sharena’s body, and stood up with questions in her eyes. “Did I do well?” She asked, her safety being her main priority. “Yes, I appreciate your help. However, it's not over yet.” She smiled brightly. If he needed her, then he couldn't kill her! “I need someone who can convince the guards that I'm now running this place. Since you're basically their leader, you can easily do that - and will still be in some control of them, just reporting to me. Is that clear?” Kiran asked her, and she nodded. “To my knowledge, all Askr kingdoms look and work pretty similar, so I won't have any trouble with that. Oh, I can already see the profits I could make here!” She almost moaned as she spoke the last sentence, visibly excited. She calmed down almost right away, and continued: “But before we do take over, you need to summon another Sharena - we need her to avoid any suspicions. Fortunately, I think I know how you can do it - just fire that weapon again in the same way you did before.”

Kiran agreed that she raised a valid point, so he walked over and took hold of the weird gun. He aimed it at the wall, and fired. As expected, another portal opened, and through it came another version of Sharena. “Oh! This must be another Askrian Kingdom!” She exclaimed as she looked around. Her cheerfulness faded as she saw two corpses on the ground, recognizing one as belonging to another version of her. “My idea worked, then. I thought that if you just fired it now, it’d still open a portal to another Askr and hopefully pull her.” Anna commented, and Sharena looked towards her again. “Anna? What’s going on?” She asked, the commander being a reasonable figure for her.

“That man can use the Breidablik, and he killed this world’s you and me. He summoned us so that he can take over it without any troubles.” Sharena nodded carefully, deep in thought. Seeing her dead body shocked her, making her rethink some of her values a bit. She also realized that the man would kill her if she refused to cooperate.
Eventually, she looked at the man again. “I’ll do it.”

Kiran looked at her for a moment, then decided to test if she would obey him. “Remove your underwear. From this moment on, I forbid you from wearing it.”

Sharena bit her lip as she heard the order. She tried to ignore the cum stains on her doppelganger’s dead body, but with that order she knew her life would be more sexualized from now on. Still, she didn’t falter - it was better than dying anyways. She removed her boots, and slid her white panties down her legs. As she was doing it, Kiran looked at Anna. “That stands for you, too.” The commander just nodded, and removed her panties as well.

When Sharena was done, she handed Kiran her panties. He stuffed them into her pocket, then looked at the pair, surprised and emboldened by their compliance. It already gave him some more ideas for the future...

Getting rid of the bodies wasn’t easy, but the trio managed to do it eventually. Getting to know the chain of command in the kingdom required some effort, but after some time Kiran managed to do so. Anna and Sharena got everything running smoothly - Anna’s usual weird antics were an easy explanation for any changes in her behaviour, and Sharena impersonated the other her perfectly, her fear constantly reminding her that she had to. She was sure she could even fool her brother when he returned home from his mission.

As Kiran finished settling into his new quarters, having changed into this world’s clothes, Someone knocked on his door. “Yes?” He asked, and Anna walked in.
“Now that you’re all ready, we need to test that thing!” She yelled ardently, her eyes glowing as she imagined all the various possibilities his power could open. Kiran knew she was right again, so he asked her. “What do you have in mind?”
“There’s a summoning circle on a hill nearby. The weapon you wield was originally stored there, and according to what we know, it will help you with your magic - especially since you still have no idea how to control that power.”

Soon the two of them were walking up the hill. As Anna lead him there, he recognized the place as where he first arrived to this world. When they reached the top, he approached the magic circle, while Anna stayed behind to watch from the sidelines. He felt the energy flowing through him, and as he fired the gun, he could focus a bit better. His mind wanted to summon another woman, and his wish was fulfilled.

“I'm Lyndis of the House of Caelin. Yet I truly belong to the open plains. Just call me Lyn, all right?” The woman spoke as she appeared, Kiran stunned as he saw her. He devoured her exposed legs with his eyes, arousal building up as she shifted sideways, her shapely ass showing to him for a moment. “Hello, Lyn. By the magic of summoning, you are bound to do as I order.” The woman nodded to show she understood, and Kiran decided to try it out.

“First, I want you to undress.” Her smile disappeared as she heard that, but she knew she had to obey. Reluctantly, she undid the sash on her waist, letting it slide down. She also removed her sword, the Sol Katti, that was still in its scabbard, and gently set it down on the ground. Then she stopped for a moment, drawing a deep breath. Since no man had seen her naked before, she was slightly nervous as she pulled her blue one-piece outfit over her head. She didn’t wear any panties, so her slightly hairy pussy was exposed to Kiran. She shivered in the cold air, feeling the summoner’s hungry gaze, and removed her gray undershirt as well. Her breasts bounced freely as they were released, and Lyn blushed heavily as she saw the man undo his pants and free a growing erection. She knew what was coming, and she didn’t like it - but she also knew she had to obey. She looked away as he approached her, until she could feel his hands grabbing her by her wrists.

The thought of resisting briefly flashed through her mind, but she rejected it, preferring not to anger the man and hoping that after the intercourse he would treat her better. She turned towards him and allowed him to force her to the ground, his dick sliding inside her. She closed her eyes for a moment to hide the pain she felt as he broke her hymen, but after she got the pain in control, she started to enjoy the feeling, moaning ever slightly as she looked at the man’s face. After concluding that she wouldn’t resist, Kiran let go of her hands and started moving them down her ass and legs, wishing to feel them with his own hands. He could feel Lyn’s breathing speed up as he did, enjoying her trembling beneath him. He could see her face flushing, with arousal instead of shame this time, and concluded it felt a bit better than just simply raping the girl like he did with Sharena.

As Kiran continued to fuck her, he couldn’t help but feel fascinated with her sword. It was on the ground just next to them, so at some point he reached over and took the Sol Katti out of its sheath. He examined the golden blade with interest, the artful handle raising his curiosity as well. The summoner held the sword between himself and Lyn, but he could still see most of her body, so he could also see her looking at him with caution. He figured she was probably worried about her sword more than about him using it on her - and it gave him the idea of actually doing that. Thinking about it, he recalled the thrill he felt while killing the two women before, and he realized he wanted to experience it again. As he was nearing his orgasm, he concluded he should kill Lyn. She was squirming in her orgasm now, her pussy squeezing on his cock as she moaned. With one hand, he brushed her green ponytail away from her neck, causing her to jerk underneath him. As she opened her eyes, he brought the sword down from the side, slitting her throat. Her eyes widened at the sudden betrayal, her hands moving to the gush in her neck in a futile attempt to tame the blood squirting from her neck. She opened her mouth, trying to speak, but only blood and gurgling came out of it. Her body started to twitch wildly, a feeling that Kiran enjoyed a lot. He blew his load inside her snatch almost right away, her dying pussy milking him for all semen it could as she watched her slowly lose her strength. She realized that trying to stop the bleeding wouldn’t work, so she let go of her throat, her arms falling limply along her body. Her green eyes seemed to be asking him one thing: “Why?”, but after she seemed to have accepted her fate, Kiran could see it slowly transforming into resentment and then hate. He rested on top of her until her body shook with a final twitch, and she stopped moving forever.

As he got up, and pulled up his pants, Anna came over from the spot she was waiting in. The sweat and redness on her face made him suspect she had been touching herself - with her being forced to wear no panties, it certainly would make it easier for her.

“That was nice and all, but please do not kill every heroine you summon straight away. After all, your power has much more potential than that - and additional manpower is always good.” She scolded him, but her obvious arousal made Kiran treat what she said with some skepticism. Still, she was right about that, and after moving the body away so that it wouldn’t scare off the people he summoned, he got back in the summoning ring. With his arousal sated for now, he managed to summon quite a number of people before deciding it was enough practice for the day. Returning to the castle and having Anna assign the rooms to all of the summoned heroes, he already had a few ideas of which girl he should kill next…
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Watching from above, Velouria sobbed quietly. She knew Selkie was going to die from the moment the group of men got to her, but this was far more degrading than what she was expecting. And one of her friends was in that group… Before she was hoping that they could escape and live in the forest near the castle, asking her friends from within the castle for help - but now it seemed impossible. Running away and preying on the people of Askr… This would make her a monster just like those of her brethren who had transformed in that terrible event that lead to this. She would feel even worse if she tried attacking the heroes who ventured into the forest from time to time. But if she didn’t want to torment them, and staying near the castle would be impossible… Then there was no way the wolf girl could escape dying. Velouria started crying again as she reached that conclusion. Why was her life so unfair? Still, she made sure that the soldiers below couldn’t spot her. If she was going to die, then she’d do it on her own terms - and not die in such a horrifying way like her friend just did. Still, it wasn’t really possible for her to kill herself now - she had no weapon with her to do it. If she threw herself off the tree, there was a chance she’d survive and just end up crippled - and then the men below would rape and finish her off just like they did with Selkie. Then, she should just stay on the tree and wait for the men below her to leave. Preparing herself for a long wait, Velouria could already feel her stomach growling a bit. Even if she was disgusted by what the men did to Selkie, she still found herself looking down to watch them as it was the only thing she could do to pass the time.

The heroes continued to fuck Selkie for quite some time. Her pussy and anus were both constantly filled by a cock each, the girl’s lower fuckholes taking so many loads that they were both overflowing with semen. The two gaping holes in her ears received perhaps even more attention, the men curious about an unusual orifice to use. With her mouth unused while the fox girl lived, her tongue hanging out invitingly, it also received its fair share of cocks that were punched down her throat. Her tits were used for some boobjobs too, and some men used her hands to jerk off, as well. One of the heroes even took her soft, bushy tail and wrapped it around his cock to masturbate with it. The group of heroes Velouria sensed earlier also returned, having recovered from their earlier rape of the taguel girl, and they also joined in on the fun, already recovered from their rape of the taguel woman, leading to even more creamy loads for Selkie’s body to take. By the time they were all completely spent, every inch of her corpse was covered in sticky cum. Once that happened, the group of heroes began to leave, with heroes going back towards the castle one by one. After the last one left, Velouria made sure to wait another couple of minutes before getting down, making sure that they were not coming back. But with how much her stomach was growling at this point, she couldn’t wait for long and soon the wolf girl jumped off the tree’s lowest branch and landed near her friend’s cum-covered corpse.

Velouria immediately approached it to take a closer look. They… they left her to rot here, completely covered in their semen. Was the girl not even deserving of a burial in the grave where the other heroes were placed? She deserved at least a bit of dignity, Velouria decided. Fortunately, Selkie’s robes were still intact nearby - so Velouria grabbed them and used them to wipe most of the semen off her friend’s body. As she did, her hands squeezed hard on Selkie’s huge boobs. Even if hers were even bigger, Velouria found herself loooking hungrily at them as way they wiggled under her touch. Velouria shook her head a bit. Selkie was the more sexual one of the two… She shouldn’t be having these kinds of thoughts, especially now that her friend was dead.

However, her stomach gurgling loudly provided her with a different explanation for her sudden fascination with her friend’s tits. Velouria, just like her father, had no qualms about eating human flesh. Most of the time, she defaulted to eating parts of corpses from foes that were defeated in battle - but when the craving for human meat hit her in Askr, she would just journey to the castle’s kitchens and ask for some. She had done that enough times that she got really acquainted with the cook there - a village girl by the name of Mozu, who had also been a part of Corrin’s pack - who seemed pretty happy to provide her with snacks. That she also asked to see her massive breasts, then to touch them, and eventually even to see her cunt… Velouria had no problem doing that as long as she received her delicacies afterwards. Velouria was aware that if this had continued, she’d eventually feel Mozu’s strong fingers brush her to an orgasm, but was impossible now. Now, with how hungry she was, Velouria would do anything for the villager’s tasty treats… But there was no way to get one. All she had with her was Selkie’s corpse… The pangs of hunger she felt as she wiped the semen off Selkie’s thighs, even if they didn’t carry too much meat… And the way her boobs jiggled again as her arm brushed against them while cleaning Selkie’s hands… All that left her with a desire to take a few huge bites off her friend’s dead body. The wolf girl tried to fight back against these feelings - she was cleaning Selkie’s corpse so that she could have some peace after death. Eating parts of her would defeat the point of doing this… Still, Velouria could do nothing to stop herself from feeling this way. As her hunger grew even stronger, so did her longing to chomp down on Selkie’s body - and eventually, she couldn’t resist it anymore.

Finally giving in to her carnivorous urges, Velouria opened her mouth, flashing a plethora of sharp teeth before biting down. Her first target was one of the breasts that spurred her urge to do this the most. Stretching her mouth wide open, she was able to fit the majority of Selkie’s left boob into it - and her teeth, well-trained on numerous bodies in the past, easily tore through her skin when she bit down. Even though her body had cooled down a bit, with parts of it going stiff, the massage she gave it while wiping the cum off it tenderized it back up again. Because of that, it was very creamy - and she happily chewed on the flesh and fat that it was made of. It was so sweet, Velouria couldn’t help but moan as she finally swallowed most of it, sending it into her famished stomach. Selkie’s second tit was also quickly devoured, and Velouria found it even tastier than the first one. She tried to hold on, to savor the taste for as long as she could, but her hunger made her sent it to her stomach fairly quickly, taking just a bit more time with it than the first one. These two treats, no matter how tasty and huge they were, were only an appetizer. Once she swallowed the last bits of the breasts, any doubts the wolf girl was having about this before were gone. No longer thinking of this as the carcass of a good friend, instead just seeing a delicious corpse for her to devour, she bit down on it in the earnest, ripping huge chunks of meat out of Selkie’s arms, stomach and legs. Stripping Selkie’s thighs of all the meat they carried, Velouria flipped the dead body over and bit onto her friends small ass instead. Even if it didn’t carry too much meat, and was spiced up with the semen dripping out of her anus, it still carried a flavor that the normal human meat didn’t have. With each bite and swallow, Velouria was becoming more and more convinced that this was the tastiest meal she had ever eaten. She always preferred raw meat to having it prepared - since she usually went for corpses on the battlefield there was little opportunity for her to have it roasted. But Selkie… the kitsune’s felsh tasted better than any other human she had consumed before. Because of how long she was forced to wait on the tree, there was almost no limit to how much food could Velouria wolf down. In a hunger-induced stupor, she didn’t stop eating until Selkie’s body turned into little more than a skeleton and a head. Her skeleton wasn’t even full, either - the wolf girl found it fun to rip off bones that carried no more meat and chew on them.

Once she finished eating, breathing heavily and patting her stomach - which now had a small bulge at the front that wasn’t there before - Velouria just stared at Selkie’s corpse. Her friend just opened a whole new world to her - that of eating animal shapeshifters instead of just humans. However, she had just decided to kill herself - so there was little she could gain from this knowledge. Still, the wolfskin wanted to share this with someone… Her red eyes widened as she thought of a way to do this. What if she offered her body to be eaten? Velouria looked down at Selkie’s eaten up form… Her friend was devoured like this, but with the killing of shapeshifters that had been going on she’d have troubles finding someone else to eat her like this. Instead, she could just go to the castle’s kitchen and find Mozu. Only now Velouria realized that the girl feeling her up before might not have been just her trying to be sexual with her. Instead, the villager could have been trying to grade the quality of her meat… As the hooded girl thought of this, a shiver of excitement shook her body. After having eaten the flesh of countless humans, she would now become meat herself… And Velouria found the thought surprisingly erotic. She had never thought of this before, but now that she was considering it, her pussy started getting damp - further convincing her that this was how she should end her life
“Thank you, Selkie.” Velouria bowed her head at her friend’s corpse, then took off.

Sneaking back into the castle took her some time, but avoiding the heroes proved fun enough that she didn’t get too impatient. Walking into the kitchen she used to go to, Velouria quickly confirmed that the cook there was still Mozu - the brown-haired woman busy with whatever meal she was preparing.
“Hello, Mozu.” She greeted the short woman, making her jump up and snap out of her focus, spilling some of whatever she was brewing.
“Velouria? How are you…” Mozu had already gotten used to the wolf girl’s sudden appearances in her workplace, but with Kiran’s new orders the girl should be dead. Looking around, she grasped one of her cleavers from a nearby table, trying to keep it between herself and the hooded wolf for whatever little protection doing that would give her. “If you lived through the summoner’s purge… Why did you come back here?” She asked, knowing well enough that the wolf girl would quickly stop her if she tried to scream for help. If only she had a real weapon with her, she could use it to fight back. Fortunately for the flatchested cook, Velouria wasn’t there to hurt her.
“I almost ran away. I don’t want to hurt innocent people to survive outside of the castle, so I came back.” Velouria explained a bit, but Mozu furrowed her brow.
“But you’ll just get killed here!” She called out, and Velouria nodded in return.
“I know. That’s why I’m here. Before coming here, I…” For some reason, Velouria’s face grew red as she she spoke, and she laid her ears against the sides of her head, trying to cover herself up. Was admitting to eating Selkie’s corpse this embarrassing? “I ate another shapeshifter. Her meat… It tasted so good! Better than any other meal I had in my life! So I figured I should tell you that a shapeshifter’s meat tastes better than what you typically make. And…” Her pussy began to drip again. “Since I’m going to die either way, you can just cut me up and make me into meat for people to enjoy.” The excitement in her lower parts felt so good, Velouria almost moaned just because of it - and she rubbed her thighs together, with them brushing against her entrance, while she waited for Mozu’s answer. Although the cook wasn’t expecting this from Velouria, she had thought of doing this to her before. From all the feeling up she had done to make Velouria pay for her treats, Mozu easily confirmed that the girl’s meat was first-rate. She was secretly hoping that the wolf girl would one day get killed by someone, with her being able to snatch her body to use it as meat… But now Velouria came to her on her own, asking her to do just that. It was like a dream come true!
“Sure, I will do this. First, we need you out of those cute clothes.” Trying not to show, how happy she was, Mozu calmly delivered her order. Velouria hesitated for a moment - even if she had shown Mozu her feminine parts before, she had not stripped completely for the woman yet. Still, it made sense - her clothes would only get in the way, just like they did whenever she was feasting on a corpse.

With that in mind, Velouria began to undress. Undoing the strap of her coat, she took her hood off along with the rest of the red coat. With it gone, her long wolf ears were clearly visible instead of being mostly obscured. Then, her hands moved for the belts on her belly. Unlocking them, she was able to quickly remove her brown vest. It only covered her torso, leaving her chest covered only by her white shirt. Without it in the way, Velouria was able to unbutton it easily. Pulling it open, she let her big breasts breathe as they bounced out - a bra would get in the way of her transforming, so she didn’t wear one. Getting the shirt off, Velouria flicked her tail down so that it didn’t interfere. Then, she quickly undid her real belt - one keeping her tight, black pants in place. With how meaty her thighs were, her pants clung to them, barely moving down her legs. Lifting one of her legs, she quickly ripped her high boot off, then repeated that for the other leg. Her huge, bare feet dropped onto the cold kitchen floor, sending a shiver up her body. Without these, she could proceed with taking her pants off - not without some trouble, as they hugged her legs tightly. Even if they brought out the shape of her legs nicely, it was still a hassle to take them off. She tried her best, but then she realized she would no longer need them - and just ripped them at the sides to make it easier for her. Now, she could take them off without much trouble - her bare cunt quickly revealed to Mozu who couldn’t help but lick her lips as she saw it. While Velouria undressed, she quickly prepared some sauce to boil for later use - turning back just in time to catch the end of Velouria undressing.

The villager could easily tell how aroused Velouria was. Even if her interest in the girl was mainly to make a great meal out of her, with how eager she looked Mozu just couldn’t give up on that. Approaching her, the short woman quickly reached for Velouria’s boobs - which were just on the level of her face. Feeling them up for a moment, she confirmed that they were as tender as when she last checked - and then proceeded to massage them for a moment, her thumbs rubbing against her nipples. She continued to do so until Velouria let out a half-howl, half-moan, then let go of them for a moment. Pushing her head forward, she began to lick on one of her breasts, using her other hand to keep tickling her other nipple. With the hand she freed this way, she trailed a path down to Velouria’s cunt. Before entering it, Mozu took the time to rub her succulent thighs, which were now soaked with Velouria’s pussy juice. Her meat really seemed to be of the highest quality - high enough that Mozu considered sending it to the summoner once it was ready. After rubbing her hand up and down the wolfskin’s thighs a few more times, Mozu slid her fingers into her pussy - causing another moan to reach her from above. Sucking on her nipple with more force, Mozu began to finger her in the earnest. By the time Velouria reached her climax, her loud moans were bouncing off the walls of the kitchen they were in. Mozu’s hand was covered in her honey, and to a bit of her surprise Velouria’s breasts squirted some milk out onto her face as well. However, the lactation was over as soon as it started - not that Mozu didn’t enjoy the sweet taste as it filled her mouth.

Mozu stood by while Velouria’s orgasm played out. She quickly moved to wash her hands, and to prepare the tools she needed. She picked a sharp knife, readied a bucket for the blood and checked if the restraints were working. Confirming that they were, she lowered them to a level where she could easily lock Velouria into them. Then, she checked up on the sauce set to boil earlier - it seemed to be almost ready. Once she did that, the wolf girl’s orgasm had finished, and she walked over to Mozu. “Get onto the table - and lay on your belly.” Mozu ordered once she saw that the girl was nearby. Velouria did just that, completely obedient. Mozu took the time to tie the straps around Velouria’s ankles. Then, she moved the bar they were fastened to up - causing Velouria’s legs to lift. The wolf girl crawled backwards, her body slowly lifted from the table as her legs were lifted higher and higher. Eventually, she got off the table completely - hanging upside down just by her ankles. She could feel the blood slowly starting to flow down to her head. Her brown eyes looked into the bucket below - it still had some dry blood of an earlier kill inside it, making her aware that this was about to happen. In a few hours, her body would be roasted and hopefully consumed, as well - she shivered in excitement at the thought of that. With the way she was hanging, her arousal began to trickle down her stomach instead - enough so that she could see it if she looked upwards. Velouria, however, was not looking there. Her eyes were glued to the small woman standing in front of her. More specifically, at the sharp knife Mozu was holding.

Using one hand to make Velouria turn her head forward and stretch her neck out, Mozu took a look into her brown eyes. They were full of excited anticipation. Without dragging it out any longer, Mozu used the knife to open a massive cut across Velouria’s throat. Her blood began to flow freely, fountaining all over Mozu’s hands. However, most of it went straight into the bucket. Although Velouria didn’t enjoy the pain at all, and her heart was beating uncomfortably fast, pumping the blood out through the cut, the knowledge that she was no more than just meat at this point caused her cunt to ooze with even more of her arousal than before. Mozu just watched her bleed out for a moment. Weakness and numbness spread through Velouria’s body, her tail hanging limply behind her back, her arms and ears dropping at the sides of her head. However, Mozu could see she was still alive. Assuming the girl was into the pain she was getting from this, Mozu decided not to wait until she had bled out - and so she lifted the knife up to the girl’s stomach. Stabbing it into her soft stomach, she then dragged it down as Velouria’s body started spasming because of the new pain. Her body was screaming out in pain, but with her throat cut Velouria couldn’t give that pain a voice. Pulling the knife out, Mozu stretched the cut open and started to systematically remove her organs one by one - all while Velouria lived out her final moments in excruciating pain. Tears began to pour from her eyes and down her forehead in the few painful instants it took her to lose enough blood to pass on. Mozu missed that moment, too engrossed in preparing Velouria the best she could. Once her belly was emptied, Mozu quickly sawed it back together. Seeing no life in Velouria’s eyes, she brought the knife back to her neck again - this time cutting it off in full. Holding onto it, the village girl placed it on one of the tables while feeling up her fluffy ears - and decided that she wanted to keep it. It would serve her both as a normal toy, and as masturbatory help as well.

With that decided, Mozu turned back towards Velouria’s headless body. In one quick slide, she removed her tail, deciding to have it be a gift to Oboro - she always loved new things she could make into new clothes. In fact, the tailor’s insistence to make a new outfit for her led to them getting close enough that they became lovers. Once the fluffy, white tail rested in her hands, she lowered the body a bit, and easily moved it back onto the table - showing strength that one would not expect from her height. Quickly, she sawed the opening in her stomach back together, deciding not to stuff it. If Velouria’s words were true, it didn’t need any seasoning at all. Still, with how abundant the woman’s thighs were, Mozu decided it would be more efficient to roast her in pieces. Grabbing a big cleaver, she chopped both of Velouria’s legs off near her torso, and did the same for her arms. Then, another idea struck her. If she was going to send this to the summoner, including a gift for his lady wouldn’t hurt. Another two quick chops of the cleaver, and Velouria’s huge, wolf-like feet were cut off neatly. With their size, they would not roast properly anyways. Then, she moved for the cauldron of sauce she had prepared - and quickly basted all of Velouria’s body - enjoying the way her breasts felt under her fingers as she rubbed the liquid into it, and feeling up her cunt too. Once Mozu was finished with that, the body was ready for roasting. Carrying the four limbs and the torso separately, she pushed them into different parts of the massive oven she had. Once that was done, Mozu had some free time - so she just pleasured herself using Velouria’s head while pouring more sauce onto the roasting pieces of meat from time to time.

When the meat finished roasting, a pleasant smell filling the kitchen, Mozu took out the four limbs and the torso, and arranged them on a platter. Then, she grabbed a fresh knife and fork - and carefully cut herself a small slice of Velouria’s thigh. Quickly, she raised it to her mouth, and pushed it in. Gods! Velouria wasn’t lying... It tasted incredible! Mozu could barely stop herself from taking a bigger slice for herself. Alas, she was only the cook - such an amazing meal should go straight to the summoner. Placing Velouria’s feet on the platter too, she covered it with a hood, then hurried off. She carried the magnificent meal straight to Kiran’s quarters.
When she entered, both lovers were in the middle of playing with a corpse. The ears she could see on the sides of her head told her it was another animal shapeshifter. Kiran was pounding the woman’s ass, his back turned towards the door, while Hinoka was using a cutoff foot to rub her cunt, her other hand working on fingering herself. The redhaired woman saw her enter, and watched her carefully in case she had any ulterior motives.
“Lord Kiran. I’ve brought you a gift - the finest meal I’ve made yet.” Mozu announced, while showing the platter she had.
“Plaaace it over there.” Hinoka lifted one of her hands, pointing towards one of the tables while letting out a sharp moan. Mozu did as she was told, and Hinoka followed with another order.
“Lift the cover.” Hinoka commanded once Mozu set it down. The short woman did just that, and she could see hunger appearing in Hinoka’s eyes as she looked over the steaming pieces of meat that were laid out there. Her hunger turned to excitement as she saw the pair of feet there. Understanding that it was a gift for her, it was enough for her to come to a climax. By the time it finished, Mozu had already left - and Hinoka got up, eager to check out both her new toys and the meal itself. If it tasted as good as it smelled, it would be a divine experience.

Mozu headed back for her kitchen, as there was still a bunch of things she needed to do. The village girl preferred to stay in her robes instead of dressing up, except if it was her beloved’s clothes that were hand-made just for her, so she should do away with Velouria’s clothes. Then, she should take the head and the tail to some taxidermist - perhaps she should have the tail turned into a scarf? Oboro would definitely like that… But she might also want to make it into one herself. As the cook walked, Mozu couldn’t believe how lucky this day was for her. She got to work on an amazing piece of meat, got to taste it and eventually delivered it to the summoner - that was sure to keep her on his good side. Besides that, she was able to get herself a new toy in the form of the wolf girl’s head, and a gift out of her tail. That was a lot for just a single body. “Thanks a bunch, Velouria!” Mozu thought to herself as she reached the kitchen and lifted the head of her dead friend off the table she left it on. Even if Velouria was dead, Mozu could swear that her lips twitched at her when she said that - lips that were frozen in a smile. A smile that left Mozu convinced that Velouria was just as happy about this outcome as she herself was.


Hope you haven't given up on this story. Panne's hanging was quite interesting even if I prefer victims to be unbound.


>>15120 I haven't given up, just taking a break of sorts. Been working on >>15031 in the meantime. It might take me some time to finish the next chapter of this story though. It's going to be bigger than usual, with 7 snuffs in it - and I have only just started writing it.
As for Panne, most of the time the hanged girls in my stories are not bound, so doing that was a fun change of pace for me :)


This one's accompanied by a commission I got from M0zg that can be seen here

Intermission 6: Micaiah Visits a Hot Spring
tags: F/F, M/F, F-solo, non-con, strangling, necro, feet stuff

Kiran’s eyes glistened with satisfaction as the cloud of smoke and dust created by the Breidablik dispersed, showing him that the girl he had just summoned was the Silver-Haired Maiden of Daein, Micaiah. He remembered the last time the girl had showed up in Askr, she ended up being quite the willing whore. His cock stirred in his pants as he recalled just how tight the girl’s ass was. She was truly a pleasure to fuck back then. However, he also remembered the girl’s summoning had not exactly been a typical one. Was it just a fluke, or would this Micaiah also feel that good to fuck? Kiran was really eager to test it out now. However, he also had other responsibilities for the day. His forces still needed to be strengthened, and he also knew Hinoka wouldn’t be too happy about him fucking that particular girl. Still, he wanted to shove his dick up the light mage’s perky ass as soon as he could. He’d have to sent Hinoka off on some mission that would keep her busy long enough that the Hoshidian princess wouldn’t come back and interrupt them.

As Kiran decided on that, the fog surrounding Micaiah disappeared fully, and the girl’s golden eyes snapped open.
“I'm Micaiah. The townspeople call me the Silver-Haired Maiden. I'm pleased to meet you!” The girl spoke out as she saw him, her warm voice also contributing to the summoner’s boner. She looked at him curiously, but her smile dropped as her fortune-telling powers began to kick in. Just taking one look at Kiran provided her with visions of him viciously raping and killing countless girls - some of them she even recognized as the members of the Daein Liberation Army. H-how… how was a man like this still able to do as he pleased?
While Micaiah tried to wrap her head around the reality she found herself in, Kiran replied to her:
“Oh, I know. You are now in the world of Askr - of which I’m the ruler. And coincidentally, the magic that brought you here also forces you to obey my commands… Though I feel both of us will find it more pleasant if you do that willingly.” And there was her answer - the people just couldn’t stand up against him, even if they wanted to. Because of her world’s Blood Contracts, the Priestess of Dawn was already used to carrying out orders that she had no will to.
“I’m quite busy right now, so you should get going. However, later tonight, I’d like for you to join me at my private hot spring. It’s not an order, but I think we’ll both enjoy it. Heroes who listen to my orders can find their lives here to be quite… pleasing. Before that, you can learn more about how things work here from other heroes.”
Although Micaiah had no desire to do that, she still nodded to show that she understood him and then left. Meanwhile, Kiran proceeded to go ahead with his summoning session.

Going through the castle, Micaiah took her time examining the heroes she passed. However, despite living in a world with such a cruel ruler, they all seemed pretty happy. And to her surprise, as she continued to go along, she saw that it wasn’t just the summoner taking pleasure in killing other. The heroes, who she had expected to be disgusted with Kiran’s cruelty, were just as happy to kill one another as their summoner had been. With that also went increased sexuality - Micaiah wasn’t expecting to see heroes just having sex in the middle of some of the castle’s rooms with no concern that everyone could see them. That gave her a better idea of what was going to happen if she accepted Kiran’s offer and arrived at the location he mentioned. However… If everyone was so accepting of this… Maybe it was her who was in the wrong to be disgusted with him? After that thought first appeared in her mind, flickers of arousal began to rise in savior of Daein’s loins as she continued to wander across the castle, seeing a number of girls die all in different ways. To take her mind of it, she wandered onto the training grounds - and listening to the heroes there while practicing her magic, the priestess began to learn what the heroes’ duties were in this world.

Her training allowed her to get rid of her budding arousal. However, Micaiah found herself getting pretty sweaty after she did it. That made her feels a bit uncomfortable - especially as the gathered sweat began to soak through her red top. It cause it to clung tighter to her huge breasts - making their shape and size completely clear. Because of that, the girl began to desire a bath - and her long, shapely legs took her towards the castle’s hot springs. She had heard from others that it had a part open to all heroes, so she figured she’d just bathe there.
However, as Micaiah arrived at the hot springs, that scenario suddenly seemed a lot less appealing to her. The hot springs were filled to the brim with heroes, and there was almost no spot for her to squeeze into. However, there was still the other option… On the side, there was a door leading to the summoner’s private hot spring. Now, she was no longer disgusted by the visions she had seen of Kiran. Instead, she was just curious - how did he get all these heroes to follow him without them showing any distaste? And so, she took a number of fateful steps towards the door - and then crossed it.

As the door closed behind her, a vision appeared before eyes. A vision of her… dead! Hanged to her death with her own scarf! Seeing herself like this caused Micaiah’s insides to twist. She was completely naked. Her bloodshot eyes were rolled up, her tongue was sticking out of her mouth, and her hands hung limply at her sides. If she stayed there, this was what fate had in store for her. And yet… Micaiah found herself stepping further into the private hot spring. She took her boots off as she ventured further in, placing them at the side of the room near the entrance. Even if her visions had never failed her before, she wanted this one to be fake… So she ignored it. Near the entrance, she found a note - along with a glass of some liquid near it. Picking up the note, Micaiah let her eyes take it in.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from coming. You probably understand, how this world works now. Right now, I’m still pretty busy making sure one of the Azuras can give a performance that will last forever. I will come to the spring once I’m done with her, and then we can both enjoy each other together. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you tonight - it would be a waste to do it right away. For now, you can just enjoy yourself while taking a look at my private gallery. The drink is a gift from me, too. Kiran.”

Reading that, Micaiah was reassured a bit. Although she didn’t like the way the summoner was talking about killing her, the light mage decided she could trust his word on that. After all, how could he enjoy killing more than one person a day? Wouldn’t the first kill leave his lust for death satisfied for the day? Justifying it to herself like that, Micaiah had convinced herself that the vision she had seen before was wrong. After all, if it wasn’t the summoner who’d kill her, then who could it be? Even if the priestess found the deaths she had witnessed during the day at least a bit arousing, Micaiah had no desire to be the snuffee for someone’s else’s pleasure. Even if she wasn’t ready to admit it, deep down Micaiah wanted to be involved in a death like that - but as the one doing the killing. Well, if she was in no real danger here, they she could have her fun here without feeling bad about it. Setting Kiran’s note back down, Micaiah reached for the drink Kiran’s letter said that was a gift for her. She carefully lifted it to her face, her nose drawing in its smell. It was quite pleasant, actually - but the girl had no idea, what it could have been made of. Feeling adventurous, she put it directly against her small lips - and then drew a deep sip from it. It tasted great! It was pretty sweet, but also carried a nice aftertaste that stung her in her tongue a bit. A shiver went down Micaiah’s spine as she swallowed it, her body taking it in. However, instead of taking another gulp, she carried it with her, and then set it down on a small table she saw in front of her. If she was going to wait here until Kiran came, it would not be wise to drink all of it so quickly. Now, what was that about Kiran’s private gallery?

Micaiah’s attention finally turned to the rest of the room. In the middle, there was a pretty huge hot spring. On the side she was, there were a few deck chairs. However, on both sides of the springs - and basically all over the room, even on the walls - there were various ornaments. Most of them showed nude or almost nude girls, and they were all in various stages of being killed. Fascinated, she approached the nearest one, of a purple-haired woman with gigantic tits - ones that dwarfed those of any other woman. The girl, who’s name unbeknownst to Micaiah was Camilla, was a princess of Nohr. Between the woman’s incredibly curvy body and Hinoka’s distaste for all things from Nohr, Kiran’s lover was delighted to kill her. A massive hole in between the girl’s boobs had been opened up by the redhead’s spear, one that showed her neatly impaled heart. However, just killing her wasn’t enough. Hinoka handed the corpse over to the castle’s taxidermists, and they turned her into a trophy that would forever stay fresh. Now, the woman had her very meaty legs spread to the sides as she squatted down, allowing for easy access to the girl’s pussy - with the fingers of one of her hands spreading her labia in a inviting way. More than that, the hole in her chest had also been made into an onahole, with the fingers of her other hand pulling one of her boobs to the side and making it seem like she was fondling it while also making room for the person who was going to use that fuckhole - Camilla’s preserved heart receiving Kiran’s semen a number of times already.

Initially, Micaiah thought of these as just very realistic sculptures. However, as she touched Camilla’s dead body and felt genuine skin beneath her fingers as her hand squeezed the woman’s boob, her understanding of that changed. If this was a living woman… It only made sense that all the other girls in here had also been alive once. She curiously stabbed one finger into the hole between her boobs, and saw real blood on it once she pulled it out. The realization that the girls here have all been killed before excited her - and the white-haired girl ran across the room, checking out all some of the other varied pieces of Kiran’s gallery. A number of headless corpses served as water fountains, while others were just standing in places and presenting their bodies. On the walls behind them, there were heads that most likely belonged to these girls, with what was definitely Kiran’s semen flowing from their open, slack lips. A number of girls had been impaled as well, long poles entering through the pussies of some, and the asses of others, but most of the time exiting from between the dead women’ lips anyways. Besides that, Micaiah had also noticed a flat-chested, blue haired girl clutching her cut throat with both of her hands - ineffectively trying to keep the blood from flowing out of it. But that wasn’t all - besides these, there were other women, women that Micaiah had a harder time putting a name on what had been done to them. A number of them were just set up in some really compromising positions, but Micaiah saw nothing that showed how they girls had been killed - unaware of the holes in the backs of their heads that allowed Kiran to thrust directly into their brains.

As Micaiah went around the room, taking looks at each and every hot corpse that was immortalized there, her arousal skyrocketed - but she hadn’t noticed it yet. She knew that some of them were real girls, but others were ice sculptures. These had to be fake, right? One such sculpture caught her attention. It was a statue of a young girl, with long, messy blonde hair and a headband that failed to keep them in check in any way. The girl was naked, and she had a cord tied around her neck. That’s what made Micaiah interested in her in the first place - after all, she saw herself dying in a similar way. However, the girl seemed extremely happy about her predicament - her face was carrying the expression of extreme sexual pleasure, with no regrets showing at all. Although her eyes were blank, the smile in her open mouth and the tongue hanging free from it made it clear just how aroused the girl must have been. And to go along with that, she also had her hands on her tits - making it obvious that she had been playing with them. The girl’s nipples were squirting water directly into the pool - making it seem like she was a fixture of the hot spring. Still, Micaiah couldn’t stop herself from reaching one of her hands towards the girl’s frozen pussy. As she touched it, a sound filled her ears - the sound of some very loud moans:
“Please, o summoner of legend! I’m… I’m coming! Make me the subject to your otherworldly magic nooooow!” Micaiah withdrew her hand, and the voice immediately went quiet. W-What was that? Had this girl been alive too, and then turned into ice? With those being the words she said in her final moments? It seemed so unreal, and yet Micaiah knew it was possible. She shivered as she remembered the mass petrification that took place in her world… She really despised that kind of magic. And yet, the girl there seemed so happy to be subjected to it. She reached her hand out towards her again, and the same sounds played out - making it clear that it was some enchantment on that sculpture. The girl’s moans were so hot! Hot enough that while the mage inserted one finger into the frozen pussy, she also moved one towards her own pussy too. Only with a great dose of willpower was she able to stop herself from doing that, backing off before she managed to swipe her finger across her lower lips. Although Micaiah couldn’t know that, she was right about the girl - Ophelia had willingly offered herself up to Kiran, and the summoner turned her into a piece of ice with the magic of Nifl he had received from Fjorm.

Even if she had backed out, seeing Ophelia’s frozen corpse was the catalyst for it that made Micaiah aware, just how wet she was now. She didn’t know about it, but the drink Kiran had provided her with was in reality a very powerful aphrodisiac. Kiran wanted to make sure that once he came to see the Daein girl, she’d be all nice and wet and ready for him - also hoping it would be a start for conditioning her to become just as a willing slut as the first Micaiah that came to Askr was. With each step she took, the heat between Micaiah’s legs seemed to grow. Because of that, she turned back towards the line of deck chairs and made her way back towards it. On the way, her arousal started to get the best out of her, her cunt juice starting to drip through her tights. The aphrodisiac also made her body a lot more sensitive. If earlier she was annoyed as her sweat-soaked top clung to her tits, squeezing them hard and squashing her nipples, now it became almost unbearable. Because of that, when she had reached the lounger closest to her, the upper half of her body had been freed from her red dress, saving her round boobs from the merciless squeezing her clothes had subjected them to. To remove the dress, her belt also had to come free - and with it, the satchel that was fixed to it. Knowing fully well what she was going to do once she got to the lounger, Micaiah decided to uncover her hands too. Even if her long, black fingerless gloves kept her fingers free, the woman wearing them expected to use more than just fingers - and for that, the rest of her hands had to be bare as well. She figured that the summoner didn’t know of the significance of the Brand on her arm anyways, so she could very well show it to him.

When she arrived at her destination, the golden-eyed girl was holding the dress, the belt, and the gloves all in her hands. Letting it all slip onto a table near the lounger, Micaiah threw herself at the deck chair. The backrest was at such a pleasant angle that Micaiah could half-sit, half-lie on it, letting her get completely comfortable as the Maiden of Miracles prepared to masturbate. Her tights would be too much of a hassle to get off, so Micaiah just stayed in just them, keeping her blue scarf around her neck as well for the same reason. Then, she forced her hand through the hem at the top of her wide hips and under her tights. Next, she had it crawl down her abdomen until it reached her pussy.

Just having her fingers brush against her already swollen labia was enough to send a surge of pleasure through the light mage’s body. She shivered in pleasure, her knees shaking as she continued to massage her lower lips. Her arousal was squirting freely from her opening, covering her hand in her honey and having more and more of it seep through her tights. While she did that, her lips parted, and the commander of Daein’s armies started to moan in a way more befitting of one of the whores that followed her soldiers. But here she was no longer a commander, and if Kiran’s words were anything to go by, he intended for her to end up as one such whore. As such, she did not feel ashamed to give a voice to her pleasure, her usually melodious voice now letting out loud cries of her pleasure. And these only grew even louder as she finally slid three fingers into her cunt, the other two remaining outside and still brushing against her cunt lips. At that point she was basically screaming, her voice going off high up through the non-existent roof. As her other hand still laid idle, Micaiah directed it towards her breasts. She massaged her left one for a moment, before squeezing it with her hand. Her index finger and thumb were on two sides of her nipple, and so she moved them together, squashing her nipple between the two of them. Then, she proceeded to move her fingers up and down it, causing the sensitive pink numb to become fully erect. Touching herself like that, and with the aphrodisiac coursing through her body, each second of doing this caused the girl pleasure that she would have thought was impossible to achieve before. Her cheeks lit up with a powerful blush, and as she allowed herself to be consumed by her pleasure, her tongue slipped free from her mouth. In the end, the girl came - with an orgasm so powerful that her eyes rolled back up, tears being squeezed out of them because of how good she felt.

A flood of juices left her cunt, her tights ending up completely see-through as their were quenched with it. Her hand ended up taking some of them too, but the majority of them squirted directly through the tights - and onto the deck chair she was on. Wet spots appeared on it in front of her crotch, showing that her pussy sent some of its release towards them. The spot where her perky ass rested took the rest of it, completely drenched with her cunt juice too. The climax was so powerful that Micaiah was almost taken out, making her unable to do anything but lie on the lounger and revel in her pleasure. Twitches of excitement went through her body from time to time, but otherwise the girl remained motionless - all her muscles loose because of her climax.

For a while Micaiah remained like that, her body recovering from what the branded girl knew was the best orgasm of her life. Eventually, strength began to return to her body. And as the pleasure subsided, other feelings surfaced again. That let Micaiah realize just how thirsty she was. Letting go of her boob, she reached for the drink that was waiting for her on the table. All she needed was a single slurp of it, and the sexual flutter returned to her coil in full strength. Micaiah wondered, how was that possible - but as her other hand was still buried inside her cunt, having her inner walls clench on her fingers quickly chased these thoughts away. It seemed that she wouldn’t go for a swim now, after all… Instead, Micaiah began masturbating again. At first, she proceeded to do it the same way she did it the first time, but her left nipple felt pretty sore. Her fingers were still squeezing it through her orgasm, and it didn’t feel that good anymore when she tried to do it now. She could go for her other boob with it… But the pleasure coming from her cunt gave her another idea. She’d just focus on it in full this time. To make that work, Micaiah moved her left hand down her body, grabbing the hem of her tights. One hand could fit under them, but with how tight they are, it would be almost impossible to stick two under them. Lifting her ass up from the seat for a moment to get them past it, she then settled it back down - her buttcheeks resting on the sticky, wet spots that were showered with her honey earlier. She moved the tights down her legs just a bit further down her thighs, enough to uncover her pussy and allow for easy access to it with both of her hands. Then, the girl started to touch herself again - one hand sliding back into her vagina while the other stayed outside. That one was pressing on the hand that went in, allowing it to push further in - while its fingers began to work hard on the outside, rubbing the skin around her entrance harder than before. Just as before she grasped a nipple between two of her fingers, this time she did the same for her clit - and just like before, fiddling with it provided her with unbelievable pleasure.

In fact, it made the light mage feel so incredibly good that black spots started to form in her vision as her mind began failing to grasp all the sensory input it received. To help herself with that, and also to be able to focus on her pleasure even more, the Daein girl closed her eyes - the blackness in front of her eyes making her sexual high even stronger. Micaiah continued to touch herself forcefully, but this time didn’t bother with moaning - just focusing herself fully on the pleasure she was in as she began bucking her hips against her hands. Her mind began filtering out anything else that got to her, so Micaiah couldn’t hear as someone else entered the hot spring and after some time began walking towards her. She only became aware of the other person’s presence once she felt a pair of gloved hands fall onto her shoulders, giving them a few nice rubs and letting her muscles there relax. Assuming it was the summoner, Micaiah voiced how good it made her feel:

“Mmmm… Kiraaan!… This feels… Amazing…” In response to her words, the hands slid across her collarbones, and started to knead her neck. Micaiah didn’t realize just how tense her neck had become while she laid there, and the massage her unknown helper was giving her let it loosen up - and the relief washing over her as it did mixed in perfectly well with the waves of pleasure going through her body. Micaiah failed to notice, but the person standing behind her also began to shift her scarf around - making it form a tighter loop around her neck, but one just wide enough that it didn’t start touching it yet. With the help of the other person, Micaiah quickly reached her second climax. “Kiran!!! I’m coming!!!” The branded girl screamed out while her coil snapped and she began to squirt all over her hands and the lounger again. Shivering in the deck chair, she continued to ride out another powerful orgasm - while the mysterious person’s gloved hands continued to massage her neck. For a while, she continued to let them do their thing. However, as her climax slowed down, the silver-haired maiden began to feel the touch on her neck even more - and some worry began to surface in her mind. Weren’t these hands a bit too soft for Kiran? And too small to be a man’s hands, anyway? That confused her enough for her to finally open her eyes, and her expression instantly turned into that of shock as she saw a red-haired woman standing over her. From what Micaiah could see, the other woman was almost nude - just wearing her gloves and having a scarf drop down between her boobs - which Micaiah couldn’t help but compare to hers, taking some satisfaction in hers being bigger. But… Who was she? And why was she here? Where was the summoner?

Before Micaiah had the chance to ask any of these questions, the other woman had noticed the golden eyes that were looking up at her. As if in return to that, the redhead let go of her neck - and grabbed onto Micaiah’s blue scarf instead. “Who-ghhh” Micaiah opened her mouth to ask, but the other woman pulled on the scarf, quickly tightening it - and cutting Micaiah off mid-word. With the pleasant massage the woman had given her neck before, her muscles there were all loosened up. Because of that, her neck offered no resistance to the cloth she had worn around it for so long. That in turn meant there was nothing stopping the scarf from completely crushing her neck. Her body was still weak after her two climaxes, so in those precious first moments she offered almost no resistance - letting the scarf crush her throat and shut her windpipe fully. With her airflow cut off, Micaiah suddenly became much more afraid of what was going to happen. Her vision did show her her corpse, strangled to her death… Remembering it, Micaiah knew that her struggles would end up completely meaningless. Despite that, she still tried her hardest to fight against her would-be-killer. Both of her hands went towards her neck, grabbing onto the scarf that was wrapped around it. Her fingers tried to dig in between her skin and the cloth, and even were a bit successful in that, letting her pull harder on her keepsake that would now be the end of her. However, the position they were in left her assailant with a tremendous advantage - and even if the roles were reversed, Micaiah’s rather frail physical form would mean her losing.

But her pulling on the scarf wasn’t the only way her body was trying to resist. The white-haired girl’s back arched up, her fit digging into the lounger as she tried to use them to reduce the pulling on her neck. However, doing that quickly led to her using up all the air she had in her lungs. Without it, her struggles only grew more desperate - the burning sensation in her lungs a good enough motivator to bring out new strength within her. However, the grip on the scarf was unshakable - and it seemed no matter what Micaiah did, it would not be enough. After a few more moments, the branded girl lost control of her body - which began to thrash on the deck chair. Her legs stretched out forwards, and her hips continued to sway from side to side. She had some faint hope that maybe the strong spasms shaking her around the lounger would be enough to pull the scarf out of her killer’s hands, but that wasn’t the case. All that achieved was sending her boobies into a series of wild jiggles - which only put more strain on her lungs, making them hurt even more - and giving her murderer a better look at her soaked cunt. Miacaih’s body continued to squirm, her legs kicking out from time to time while the pain in her neck and chest continued to grow.

Inside her head, Micaiah was terrified. She did not want to die! Not before she got to experience what this world had to offer! However, she now knew that dying here was her fate. But that didn’t make it any less painful. She should have trusted her vision… And now the fortune teller was paying the price for it. As her asphyxiation became worse, the agony that was contained in just her lungs began to spread through her body. Her head began to hurt, and the white-haired girl could feel the blood pounding within it. If she could, she would have screamed now - but instead, all Micaiah could do was let out a choked-out whizz. Hearing that caused a sadistic smile to appear on the face of the woman strangling her. It was obvious that the woman was taking pleasure in doing this to her. Micaiah stared right at her face with her golden eyes, eyes which whites were now bloodshot - but her killer’s orange eyes were merciless. As Micaiah’s eyes started to bulge in their sockets, tears began to flow from their corners, trickling down the sides of her head. The blush that showed up on her cheeks earlier now spread to the rest of her face, except it was a darker shade of red this time. Her tongue escaped from between her open lips again - with a line of drool travelling down her chin.

The rest of her body was also signalling that her life was about to end - her convulsions on the bed reached their apex, then suddenly stopped. She dragged her feet one more time across the deck chair’s pillow, then they stopped too. As her lower body went still, a small streak of yellow left her slit - her bladder ended up releasing the drink she had taken in before. Her chest heaved a few more times, making her tits swing around one more time - then Micaiah went completely still. With her mind dying, her vision began to wane. Still, the silver-haired maiden continued to stare at the face of the woman who was strangling her, even as it became completely distorted. That allowed her to see a smirk of satisfaction show up on it right before her vision went completely black.

Micaiah had no way of knowing this, but the woman who had killed her was called Hinoka. She was a princess of the kingdom of Hoshido - though titles like that barely mattered in this world. However, her status in Askr was even higher than in her own world - she was Kiran’s current lover, granting her a level of autonomy no other heroes could have. Among what she thought her privileges were was being able to kill any hero she desired - and Micaiah was someone Hinoka was always willing to kill.

Having arrived at her lover’s private spring, Hinoka had not noticed the light mage immediately. Kiran dropped a mission on her suddenly, but she managed to deal with it far more quickly than anyone could have expected her do it. With how worn out the day had left her, she wanted nothing more than to just refresh herself. To start it off, she removed her red combat boots - letting her feet finally rest after a day of battles. She happily waggled her toes as she dug her hands under her skirt, taking her garters off so she could remove her socks too. She took pleasure in placing the perfect arches of her feet on the ground, letting her soles rest against the cold floor and enjoying the thrill it sent up her spine. Even if her focus was usually on others’ feet, taking care of hers also was entertaining. Once she got rid of her socks, her hands ended up on the her powerful, full-figured thighs. The Hoshidian wanted to take a dip in the hot springs as quickly as possible, so she just worked on her dress since her hands were closer to it. It was already partially lifted when she accessed her garters, too - so getting it off didn’t take her too much time.

While Hinoka was removing most of her clothes, she continued to walk forwards. As her only her accessories remained, she was now able to take a look at the hot spring. And to her surprise, Hinoka saw the unmistakable silver mane sticking out from behind one of the loungers. Oooh, this was perfect! It has been so long since she got the chance to kill a Micaiah - in fact, her killing the last one was what lead to her and Kiran getting together! Hinoka chose to ignore that she also ended up almost dying because of that - Kiran didn’t have any issues with her killing anyone else since then, after all. She began to approach it while trying to stay silent, the bath in the spring suddenly pushed back to the corner of her mind. Going ahead, she noticed the Daein girl’s blue scarf going over the back of her chair - giving her just the perfect idea on how to take care of her. If the girl was here, then it was very much possible that she was trying to take Kiran away from her. Even if she wasn’t just bursting with excitement to finally kill another Micaiah, this would be the best course of action anyways.

Reaching Micaiah, Hinoka grabbed onto the scarf then peeked over the back of her seat. Seeing the light mage touching herself wasn’t too big of a surprise - but her closed eyes made it clear that she had not noticed her yet. If so, then… Maybe she could have some fun with her first? Letting go of the scarf, Hinoka placed her hands on the white-haired girl’s shoulders. She squeezed them a few times - she wasn’t too proficient in the art of massage, but had learned the basics from Azama after her retainer once did it for her. That seemed like a lifetime ago… But now, she’d be able to use that knowledge. Micaiah’s reaction seemed to confirm that her memories weren’t wrong - the Daein slut moaned out Kiran’s name while starting to fist herself even harder. Hinoka had to use all of her willpower not to snap her neck now as she heard her say her lover’s name like that - but managed to prevail, moving her hands closer towards Micaiah’s neck. At the same time, she wrapped parts of the scarf around her hands, and made sure that it was tied in a way that would easily allow her to strangle the girl. Once that was done, she just continued to rub her hands properly against Micaiah’s neck - making the muscles in it relax so that it would offer no resistance when she started strangling her. The white-haired whore screamed the summoner’s name out again when she came - but this time, Hinoka didn’t feel the need to kill her right away, knowing that the girl’s time would come soon. Killing her now would be just too easy - and Hinoka wanted her to feel all the pain of her death, whereas her climax would most likely dull it.

Once Micaiah had recovered from her climax, her golden eyes snapped open. Hinoka was thrilled to see the shock within them, but that didn’t stop her from reacting immediately - tightening the scarf around Micaiah’s neck just as she tried to ask her some question. Just as Hinoka hoped, it put up no fight, quickly letting her squash her throat in full. She could feel a dampness forming between her legs as Micaiah began to throw around on her deck chair, but she knew she needed both hands to strangle her properly. So while she brought her thighs together and started to rub them against one another, her hands still continued to choke the life out of the so-called ‘maiden of miracles’. She proceeded to stare at the other woman’s body, flickers of jealousy growing within her as she watched her sizable titties bounce. As Micaiah’s struggles dragged on, Hinoka began to feel tired in her arms - but she continued anyways, even if her grip had loosened up a bit. Fortunately, as that happened, Micaiah’s body entered the final part of her struggle - and so after one final hurrah the girl went limp on the deck chair. Hinoka looked directly at Micaiah’s dark red face as that happened, finding pleasure in the way it looked and the way her bloodshot eyes were bulging. She made sure to keep choking her until she saw the light of life leave the light mage’s eyes as they rolled up, and even then she continued for some more time as the post-mortem spasms began shaking it again. Eventually, she gave up on that - but at that point, Micaiah was already long gone.

Letting go of the scarf, Hinoka took one of her hands to her pussy and began to finger herself. While doing so, she walked around the lounger - seeing the glass of the aphrodisiac-spiked drink Micaiah had drunk before. Hinoka knew exactly what it was, having witnessed the behaviour of other girls who had drunk it - and having tasted it herself at one point. However, she preferred her orgasms to be more natural - the Hoshidian felt the drink dulled her senses. Finishing going around, Hinoka took a look at the corpse from the front. With some amusement she noticed Micaiah had pissed herself. Getting closer, Hinoka knelt on the lounger next to Micaiah’s round backside. Then, she groped Micaiah’s tits - which were still pretty squashy. Squeezing them harder, they revealed themselves to be pretty firm too - just about the perfect breasts Hinoka always wished she had. Once, she wished for the stupidly overgrown milk jugs the Nohrian princess had, but now Hinoka knew something more reasonable while still big would be better. She could easily get these for herself, as she knew the clerics had breast transplant spells ready. Why hadn’t she done it already? Hinoka wasn’t sure… But a part of her was afraid that it was her small tits that made Kiran want her, and losing them would make her lose his affection.

After some more playing with Micaiah’s tits, Hinoka slid down the chair. Her face arrived at the dead girls pussy, and Hinoka took a few slurps at it. Eh, its taste was nothing special. She continued to crawl back, on the way taking her hand out of her pussy so she could use both of them to pull Micaiah’s tights off her legs. She took her time freeing Micaiah’s feet - but once they did come free, Hinoka squealed happily. They were pretty large, but their size only added to their beauty. Her soles showed no signs of wear that should have been there after the girl’s long life, perfectly unscathed flawless skin adorning them. She couldn’t tear her gaze away from the curves of her arches. The girl’s toes were also huge - and seeing it all made Hinoka even more excited than before. Getting her head very close to them, she sucked in their smell. They were soaked through with the aroma of her tights, also carrying some odor of her sweat. Hinoka drew a few deep breaths of it, savoring their scent, before running the fingers of one of her hands across them. Even if her soles were pretty rugged, the gentle skin of her arches more than made up for it. If Micaiah was still alive, she would have let out a laughter as Hinoka tickled her for a while. Then, Hinoka pulled her hand back - and send one of them towards her cunt again.

Starting to finger herself again, Hinoka pressed her face directly against Micaiah’s right foot. Her lips parted, and she drew her tongue across it. The tights provided the feet with protection from almost all dirt, but they did nothing to stop the sweat that Micaiah had worked up during the day. Because of that, Hinoka could now enjoy the salty taste on her tongue as she proceeded to lap most of it up from the dead mage’s foot. While she worked on one of them with her mouth, she send her idle hand towards the left foot. She proceeded to rub it against the firm soles first, proceeding to soften them up a bit. Once she was satisfied with that, Hinoka moved it towards the dead girl’s toes. At the same time, she moved her mouth towards the toes of the right foot, sliding her tongue into the gaps between the dead girl’s toes. Hinoka continued to lick up the sweat that had amassed in between each of them, while her hand proceeded to massage each and every toe of the left foot. When she was done with that, Hinoka wrapped her tongue around one of Micaiah’s middle toes. Then, the redhead stretched her mouth further open - taking all of her toes in. She knew she was nearing her climax at that point, and so she proceeded to suck on them - the sensation pushing her over the edge.

As she came, Hinoka let out a moan that was muffled by Micaiah’s foot. The hand that was buried deep within her cunt stayed there as it was soaked with her juices, her glove completely getting really messy with her come. Her other hand was clutching one of Micaiah’s toes in her hand, and her grip was so hard that Hinoka ended twisting it to the side as she came, the toe letting out a quiet crack. Once she had recovered from her climax, Hinoka looked at it again - only to see that it was now broken, snapped away from the rest of her toes. For some reason, breaking the otherwise perfect pair of feet like that left her with satisfaction that could almost compare to the thrill that filled her when killing the girl. Now, no one else would get to experience these at their most beautiful state.

Getting back up, Hinoka took another look at the corpse - and as she did, she again recalled who the girl was. Micaiah… Kiran had been really mad at her when she killed the first her… Enough that he executed her partners in crime - and she herself barely escaped from the verge of death. She realized that it was because the summoner must have liked her. And she had not been summoned since. With her being invited here, it was clear that Kiran wanted to fuck her today. Her lover probably had been looking forward to this… If he came here and found her strangled to death like this, it would be easy for him to make out who had killed her. She was the only person other than him who wasn’t scared enough of him that she could get in here without being scared for her life. Then, she would have to come up with something else… There was no way she could get rid of the red marks on Micaiah’s throat - so she should just set it up as if the girl had killed herself. Perhaps as an autoerotic asphyxia moment that got out of hand? Hinoka’s eyes scoured the room, searching for something she could tie Micaiah to. There! The statue of Lyn at the edge of the spring! Kiran had erected that statue in honor of his first lover. Hinoka always despised seeing it, being reminded that there was another woman in Kiran’s life before her that was so important to him. However, now it could be of use to her…

Lifting Micaiah’s corpse from the lounger, Hinoka carried it around the hot spring. On the way, Micaiah’s feet were covered with some dirt - and that bothered Hinoka enough that she failed to notice the drag marks they left on the ground. Reaching Lyn’s statue, Hinoka had to admit that even despite her hating the woman, it really was a work of art. Mounted on a pedestal above ground level and made out of stone, it had Lyn kneeling down. Of course, the ponytailed girl was naked. A pole went into the Sacae girl’s ass - Hinoka wasn’t too sure about it purpose. Her bare breasts, which were also the object of Hinoka’s jealousy, looked beautifully as stones. Up above them, the girl’s head was gone. The stump of her neck was still spurting a liquid - however, instead of blood, it was just water. A bit to the front were Lyn’s arms - and in them, the woman was holding her head. Her mouth was open, and out from it was hanging her tongue. Even if the girl was not real - in fact, she was the only ornament in the room that was not made out of a real girl - water that stood for her drool still leaked free from it. Besides that, water also flowed from the stump of her neck at the bottom of the head. All in all, there were three sources of water - the tribute to Lyndis doubling over as a water fountain. The water was redirected directly from the spring, so it was just as hot as the liquid it was shooting into. Together, the three streams connected to form a curtain of a waterfall. Both Kiran and Hinoka had masturbated before while standing under it, imagining they were taking a shower in Lyndis’s blood and using that idea to get off along with the sight of her headless body.

Once she reached it, Hinoka set Micaiah’s corpse down near it. Then, she grabbed the scarf again. Loosening it up, she quickly transformed it so that it formed a noose around Micaiah’s neck. With how long it was, a lot of it still remained unused. Hinoka created another loop at the end of it. Then, she dragged Micaiah into the water - the girl’s legs ending up below the water’s level. Once they were on the right side of the statue, Hinoka climbed up onto the pedestal while still keeping the scarf in one hand. Once there, she put the loop around the stump of Lyn’s neck - there was just enough of it still there so that the scarf wouldn’t come off. Jumping back down, Hinoka took a few steps back to judge, how well it came out. Micaiah was slumped down in a noose made out of her scarf, and her pussy showed just how wet she was. Cascades of water from the Lyn fountain poured down her body. It was entirely plausible to her that the girl had just slipped while in the noose, and just didn’t manage to find proper footing again, leading to her demise. Satisfied with that, Hinoka finally decided it was time to do what she came here to do in the first place. Finally slipping free from her own scarf and her gloves, she set them back down and threw herself into the water. Having the warm waters of the spring surround her body let her relax, washing away the sweat and blood she brought here from the battle earlier.

Finally getting herself all clean and nice, Hinoka get out of the spring. She quickly picked her clothes back up, and slipped back into them. It wasn’t ideal but she knew she should avoid Kiran for the time being. If he could tell she had taken a bath, it would be easier to him to realize that she had killed Micaiah. With that in mind, she ventured out of the hot spring - hoping to find herself a proper hiding spot until her body dried down.

Some time later, the door to the hot spring opened as Kiran had finally arrived at it. Going in, he was happy to see Micaiah’s boots standing near the entrance - it meant that the girl had come here. The glass with the drug was gone too, so he could already feel his cock growing hard as he imagined just how great Micaiah would feel to fuck. Slipping out of his robes, he let them slide off to the ground as he walked towards the spring. Taking a look at the deck chairs, he could see one of them had Micaiah’s clothes piled up next to it - along with a number of wet spots on it that could only be her come. However, the girl herself was not there. His gaze turned towards the spring - maybe she was soaking in it now? He failed to see her anywhere near it, tho. But things seemed a bit different than how they were before… He looked across the spring again, this time paying more attention to the statues around it. His cock got painfully hard as he finally noticed Micaiah’s corpse - the girl hanged by her scarf from the neck stump of the tribute to his old lover. Quickly, he walked towards it, letting his legs get a bit wet as he trudged through the shallow water on the spring’s edge.

Arriving at Micaiah’s body, just a single look was enough to confirm that the silver-haired maiden was dead. Her bloodshot eyes were rolled up, no life visible within them - and her neck was beautifully stretched in a way that also made it obvious she was no longer there. Kiran couldn’t help but feel disappointed with this - he wanted to keep her alive and fuck her for some time at least. And once he was done with her, it should have been him who took her life! Despite his anger, his cock was still throbbing. To act out his anger, he took a few steps forward, letting the Lyn waterfall start hitting his body. Pushing Micaiah’s bountiful, wet thighs to the sides, he easily slid into her pussy - which was still wet because of the aphrodisiac she had ingested. He began to fuck her with powerful, angry thrusts, holding on to her lovely booty to keep her stable while driving his member deep into the dead girl’s cunt. It was as tight as he remembered… But sadly, it wasn’t really reacting to his thrusts. Despite that, each time he slid in it really felt good - good enough that the man started groaning too. With the way her body was, her lifeless face was on the level of his now. Leaning a bit further in, he found her defunct lips with those of his, planting a kiss on them while taking her lolled out tongue into his mouth. Biting down on it with his teeth, he drew some blood from it, then proceeded to wrap his tongue around it - proceeding to make out with the dead girl’s body as his thrusts became even more intense. It felt good… But he had been hoping that she’d return his kisses. That regret stayed with him even as he drove his cock all the way inside, slamming it against her cervix while shooting his load into her dead womb. He continued to hold on to her body, shaking on his knees as a powerful orgasm overtook him.

Once he pulled out, his semen started to seep out of her cunt. But Kiran was far from done with her. After one more round of feeling it up, his hands let go of her ass and soared for the dead girl’s large boobies. They were so nice to grope! Her nipples were still erect, perhaps because of the hot water that was still pouring down them. Kiran’s hands squeezed and crushed them for some more time, taking them through a thorough feeling around that he had failed to give Micaiah while she was still alive. He kept this up for some more time, also giving her nipples some attention with his mouth once he was satisfied with the licking he had given to her lips. Eventually, his cock was ready for another round. Grabbing hold of Micaiah’s body, he made it turn around - the scarf from above allowing for a way to do it easily. Now, her great, full ass was directly in front of him. However, he didn’t thrust in right away. If the girl was dead, there was no sense in causing her extra pain - and some lubrication would make fucking it even more enjoyable. Dropping down, he got his face at the level of her butt cheeks. Holding on to her meaty ass, he delved in between them with his tongue. The hot water stung him a bit as he searched for the girl’s anus, slowly pushing his tongue deeper inside it. Spreading his saliva around her sphincter for a few moments, he took some pleasure in wiping his tongue around the walls of the tight little hole. If only he could hear her moan as he did that… Once he decided it was lubricated enough, he stood back up - his shaft agonizingly erect again. Lining the tip up with her asshole, Kiran slowly worked his way inside it. His saliva allowed his dick to get past the ultra tight ring of her sphincter, letting his hard-on enter her rectum. Aaaah… It was even tighter than her pussy… Her inner walls were hugging his cock so hard! Killing her made them grew a bit more stiff, which in turn meant they wouldn’t be able to stretch as much - leading to her ass being a lot tighter overall.

Grabbing her hips to keep her from moving around, Kiran pushed deeper inside her. He reveled in the pleasure that got to him as all of his cock was engrossed within her extremely tight hole. If Micaiah was alive, she’d be screaming in pain as her insides were forced to stretch to accommodate him. With how much pressure her ass was putting on his cock from all the sides, it almost hurt him too. However, it also made for an unbelievingly pleasurable fuck as each spot on his length was squeezed by her anal walls. Each time he thrust in, he groaned in pleasure just because of how good it felt - his erection going deeper and deeper inside her back hole. Even if Kiran was usually one to last longer than that, the sensory overload on his cock was enough to make him come relatively quickly - his spunk shooting deep into her guts. He called out in pleasure as he came, collapsing backwards as an unusual for him orgasmic weakness spread through his body. Ripping his cock out of her ass, it too began to leak his sticky white jizz as the man fell into the spring. His hands, that were still on her hips, shoved the girl around while he fell - making her spin around on the scarf while Kiran rested in the spring.

Once the summoner had recovered from that, he knew what needed to be done. He had to make sure that Micaiah’s corpse had been immortalized like this just like any other dead body in here. As the spot under Lyn’s statue was a favorite of his, Micaiah’s carcass would need to be moved somewhere else - it had to be taken out anyways so that the people who would turn it into a taxidermy could access it. Making her into a statue wasn’t an option - he really wanted to fuck the girl’s holes again. Just thinking of it was enough to make his cock throb again. Deciding on that, he got up and began to make his way out. However, walking on the spring’s edge, he couldn’t help but notice some marks on the ground. Marks that started near the Lyn statue… Following them, he arrived at the lounger which had Micaiah’s clothes near it. The drink was still there, but he noticed that it was only barely touched - as if the girl didn’t get the chance to drink more of it. Taking a closer look at it, Kiran realized that the damp spots he had noticed earlier weren’t just Micaiah’s pussy juices. There was a small yellow puddle on it too - and he could easily tell that it was piss. But why would Micaiah piss herself here if she died over there at the Lyn statue? Thinking about it, Kiran realized that the girl must have been killed here instead. And that meant someone else had killed her, too - and then moved the corpse over there. It was fairly obvious to him who had done that - it must have been the work of Hinoka. Now knowing who took his chance to fuck a living Micaiah away from him, Kiran was filled with anger directed at his mistress. This was one thing he couldn’t tolerate. He’d have to punish Hinoka for this… A sadistic grin forming on his face as he thought of the best way to make the Hoshidian princess suffer.


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Fallen Celica vs Celica remade

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The corrupted soul inhabiting the body of the red-haired woman who was once Celica, the caring princess of Rigel, didn’t expect to be summoned to a different world. Moments after arriving in Askr, and letting the man who summoned her know that he should be afraid of her power, the girl took away. She was searching for a secluded spot, powerful purple flames enveloping her entire form and showing just how much it put her off. The flames surrounding Celica died down a bit as the red-haired girl sat down to pray to Lord Duma. His dark, deep presence embracing her mind was always such a thrill… It let her relax, and also provided her with guidance. However, that would not be the case here. Her entire world shattered momentarily when she found out that there was no response - Duma’s might didn’t extend over to Askr. She fell to the ground, convulsions shaking her entire body as the realization she was no longer bound to Duma’s will struck her. What was her purpose now? The replacement soul’s control of Celica’s body waned, breaking the hold it had over her body and mind. Celica’s memories came crashing back into her mind… But instead of returning unscathed, they were still tainted by Duma’s will. Celica’s soul returned to her body, but the foul presence still remained within her mind. However, instead of fighting back against it, the soul of a witch Celica’s body was implanted with latched onto the corruption that was pouring back inside the priestess along with her real mind. Grabbing onto each and every tidbit of her that returned, it twisted them all - ensuring that Duma’s malice would stay within her. Eventually, the two souls merged together - and once they did, Celica came back to her senses and began her life as a witch with free will.

Almost nothing remained of the personality the girl used to have - she had access to each of her old self’s memories, but recalling that time filled the girl with both amusement and anger. The cruelty and power so common to Duma’s servants were also now a part of her. The purple flames reappeared around her again as the woman swung the Beloved Zofia, seeing with satisfaction that her swordsmanship was as good as ever. Besides it, she now had magic at her disposal far more powerful than what that stupid girl could have ever dreamt of. The cruelty and power so common to Duma’s servants were also now a part of her. She regained the sense of self, but one far more twisted than the gentle soul that she was before.

Remembering her time as a priestess of Mila, her body writhed with distaste. She would help people no more. Strength was the only thing that mattered in this world. As she thought of it, her mind was filled with hatred for her body. It still bore the Brand of Mila - the sign that she had once been chosen by the goddess herself. Even if looking through these old memories seemed pointless, Celica found herself going through them anyways. For all the things she no longer cared about, one tidbit of her original personality still remained. In her memories there was one steady pillar of hope. The figure of the boy from Ram Village. Alm… The man her old self loved… With his body bearing the brand of Lord Duma… Celica’s heart started to beat faster when she remembered that detail about him. Even now that she was free from Duma’s control, she was still drawn to things relating to the mad god. She found her purpose now: To find Alm and make his body hers. She set out to search for him, eager to take the man as his lover yet again.

However, her search proved to be in vain - even with multiple Alms in this world, each and every one of them had a Celica to match him. Having found out about that, it didn’t dishearten her in any way. Instead, her face was twisted with mad laughter. She just had to replace one of the other hers. With her new powers, Celica knew the other her would never stand a chance. With her old memories back, she was also certain she’d be able to imitate her old self well. There was no point in wasting any time - so she decided to do it the very same day.

Inviting one of the other hers to a forest in the middle of the night definitely wasn’t the subtlest of her ideas. Fortunately, the other her didn’t suspect a thing. To even imagine that another her would be twisted enough to plot against another version of herself was impossible for the Zofian princesses who hadn’t experienced the power of Lord Duma, she decided. She was happy to see it proven true - it seemed that all the other hers thought of one another as sisters. Well, even sisters could get into fights sometimes, right? Hours quickly went by as the witch got herself accustomed to the Askrian life, relishing in the sexual freedom she saw wherever she went. As Mila’s mind had deteriorated, the goddess succumbed more and more to her carnal desires. A fallen priestess of her would go through exactly the same process - it being another side effect of Celica’s corruption. And the killings! The sexual killings! She could feel herself getting so damp whenever she saw one. Duma’s main interest was always power - and what was a better way to show your power over someone than defiling them sexually while killing them? Celica had to try her hardest not to start touching herself in the middle of the castle. From the memories she could tell that while Celica had quite the skill in bed, she wouldn’t just masturbate in front of everyone. Panting and red in the face, the girl made her way out of the castle, going for the meeting spot where she and the uncorrupted her were supposed to meet. The witch didn’t need to wait for too long for the other her to arrive, and because of that so she still hadn’t calmed down when the unsuspecting princess arrived. The other her was looking around curiously, but seemed to have failed to notice her.

“Hello? Are you there?” The other Celica called out towards the empty crossing in the forest. The moment she did, someone crashed into her from the side. The other person burst into purple flames, and they let her Celica see that it was another her. However, her twin seemed different. Her eyes were bright red instead of their usual orange, and her entire being resonated with malice that terrified her. Because of how strong the blow was, both of them ended up going to the ground. Celica’s fears only grew as the other woman pinned her to the ground, landing on the top and straddling her abdomen. The pure Celica thought of blasting her away with magic - if this was simply some joke, she’d apologize later. However, she was unable to do it in time as the other her sliced at her with her white sword. The arms Celica had in front of her chest in preparation for her magic served as a shield. They deflected the strike that was supposed to cut her chest in two, saving her life in the process. However, they both ended up cut off as Beloved Zofia sliced easily through her elbows. Both arms were thrown away with the strength of the blow, confirming to Celica that the other her was really trying to kill her. But why? Why would she do that?

The Celica enveloped in flames almost ended it on this spot. Her entire body was calling out for the blood of the other her, telling her to stab down and take her head or impale her heart. However, staring at the woman underneath her, another idea appeared in her mind. With all of her memories contained within her, she knew that the other girl had no way of defending herself now - so instead of a quick kill as she originally planned for, she was given the chance to savor this moment if she wanted. The numerous situations she had witnessed earlier that day also played a part in her decision, the fallen girl excited to act one of these scenarios out in person. And of course, with each moment she stared at the other hers face her hatred for the Zofian bitch only grew, so taking her time to make her suffer more was something she was definitely going to enjoy.

To start it off, she had to remove the other Celica’s clothes. The other her began to sob as she stared at the stubs that now ended her arms, at the crimson liquid gushing from both her wounds. Then, she lifted her gaze back towards the other her - taking a look at her crazed face. Just as she did, the evil her forced her flames to grow brighter so she could see her body well, and that lit her face up too, giving the girl on bottom a good look at the insanity that her eyes housed. Once the flames were there, Celica grabbed the other hers chestplate and with a strong pull managed to rip it off, the strap holding it behind her back snapping free. Then, with a few slices of her sword, she was able to remove a few big patches of her white dress, including the ones covering her breasts. She stared at them hungrily for a moment as the other hers sobs grew louder and the tatters of her dress fell off, then moved on. Moving back a bit, Celica looked at the black skirt that served as the other Celica’s underwear. Her hands dug into her hips, her long nails sliding into her skin and opening small wounds in them, before pulling the other hers black skirt off. With it out of the way, she uncovered the other hers neatly shaved snatch. Of course she’d shave for Alm. She wasn’t able to peel her eyes away from. Immediately, she reached for it, her fingers causing the other her to shiver on the ground as they brushed against her opening. She massaged the other hers labia for a while, taking in her reactions and learning all about the other hers vagina. Finding the spots that were more sensitive pleased her, because she knew she’d be able to use that knowledge later to pleasure herself, too. Once she decided she had teased the other her enough, she pushed a few fingers through the opening, burying them in the warm, damp depths of the other hers pussy. Although the other her was sobbing, her body was still reacting properly to her touch, showing that the evil Celica’s actions turned her on.

Despite that, the uncorrupted her still tried to struggle - but the fell Celica was now sitting on her thigh, making it impossible for her to get away. Just for a moment, her resolve waned, and she let out a quiet moan as the other hers fingers touched her inner walls. However, that angered the other woman. If she was fingering her roughly before, now she began to actively try to hurt her. Now, she dug her nails deep into the walls of her cunt, scratching at the oversensitive flesh and opening a few shallow, yet really painful wounds. These caused the other her to scream in pain, her pained shrieks a delight to hear for the corrupted Celica. Once the pain died down a little, the other her was able to make out a sentence:
“Alm… S-save me, please!” Hearing that, the other her burst into mad laughter. “Oh, he won’t be coming here to save you. And when I’m done with you, I’ll take your place at his side! Heh… Heh heh heh!” She continued to paw away at the other hers inner walls for some more time, eventually being able to bury her entire hand within her cunt. Because of how deep she send it it, besides her fingers, the fabric and knuckles of her gloves also began to rub against the other her’s pussy. The new, different sensation was something the helpless Celica welcomed - at least the gloves weren’t actively trying to hurt her. At some point, the corrupted Celica decided to switch hands. Once she pulled the one that was in out, the fallen priestess saw that it was now covered with blood from the wounds she had inflicted on her victim’s pussy. Eager to taste it, she lifted that hand to her mouth, sucking on each of her fingers. Both her pussy honey and the blood tasted well, but the blood’s metallic taste also caused sparks to go down Celica’s spine - showing just how thrilled she was to take it in. While taking the other hers liquids off the fingers of one of her hands, she still fisted her with the other one, going faster and faster with each moment. Eventually, her copy came, her body shaking with an unwanted orgasm. Listening to her shameful orgasmic outburst, the corrupted Celica found herself getting wet too - her arousal dripping out of her pussy and onto the other hers thighs.

Satisfied with sexually abusing the other like that for now, the Celica filled with Duma’s might climbed off the other hers leg. The girl was still limp because of her orgasm, so there was no chance that she’d get away. Because of that, the fallen Celica could savor the moment and take her time thinking, how to proceed. She could use the sword, but that almost seemed like a waste of the kill - magic had the potential to make this much more entertaining. Deciding that Beloved Zofia was of no use to her now, she went to stab it into the ground. However, as she looked down towards the forest floor, the flames-covered Celica noticed that the other hers detached hands had ended up right below her. Using the sword to turn her right hand around, Celica flipped it over so that she could stare at her palm. Even with the black glove still covering it, the Celica with Duma’s powers knew precisely what laid underneath. The brand of Mila… Even now, she could feel her hand burning in an unpleasant way because of it. She hated the white mark so much already… And that caused her to want to get back at it. Moving the tip of the sword around for a moment, the crazed Celica lined it up with the vertical line of the birthmark - not being able to see it in no way stopped her, as she knew precisely where it was. Then, she drove the golden blade down, right through it - drawing more blood from the severed hand as a thrill of excitement rushed through her.

Leaving the sword like that with it pinning the cut-off hand to the ground, the dominant Celica’s attention returned to her soon-to-be victim. She had to figure out, how exactly to kill her with her magic. She could always set the girl on fire… But reaching deep inside herself, she knew there were also powers Lord Duma had granted her. They still worked, even if she no longer served Him. Among them was one locked to only the most powerful of his witches, one that she had not used before: the power to call forth beings of the dark. This seemed like the perfect moment to test it. She wasn’t sure, what monster would answer her call, but the purple-tinted girl was delighted to find out. Her flames grew higher as she gathered some magical energy within her. Once she released it, she was surprised to see that her powers were enough to summon a single Mogall. But even a single Mogall was enough! The flying, dark red orb swayed mindlessly in the air, its multiple red eyes staring at the two women in front of it, its long tentacles swirling around. With the power to summon monsters came the power to control them as well. Quickly establishing control over the flying monster, she quickly made it replicate. It was a power unique to them, but she knew their powers well enough from the times before she was enlightened with Duma’s power. She encountered many of them on her journey to the Tower of Duma, back when she still fought against His servants.

The Celica on the ground watched with horror as the other her began summoning monsters, still ashamed that she was able to make her cum. Why was she able to call upon the power of Duma? Was her destiny to fall under his influence? “NO! I’d rather die than let him control me!” She exclaimed forcefully in her mind. Still, however it happened, the harsh reality was that the other her was using the dark arts of Duma Faithful. Her words left Celica no hope that she’d let her go, and her wounds left her unable to fight back. Still, that was no reason not to fight back with her words, at least. She managed to muster enough strength to stand up, and she looked straight at the other her while her knees were still shaking. “Alm will see through your lies! And then he will avenge me!” She exclaimed defiantly, determined to stay strong until the very end - and not to show the fear that the small swarm of Mogalls was making her feel.
“If he does find out about this… Then I’ll kill him!” The other her replied loudly, grinning sadistically while her insanity flashed again in her red eyes. If the other her still had the strength to defy her, then she’d better take it away from her - and she had just the perfect tools for that. Looking at the group of Mogalls she had, she decided there were enough of them now. Stopping the multiplication, she instead directed the tentacle monsters towards normal Celica.

Her strength of mind disappeared within moments of seeing the monsters fly towards her. She screamed out in fear as she was able to get a better look at them. Usually, she fried them with her magic, destroying them from a distance, so only now she would learn how they looked like up close. Her insides turned at the sight of their red, bare flesh. She barely kept herself from puking as she looked at their skinless appendages - and the revolting feeling in her belly increased even more when she felt tentacles rub against her bare breasts. They wrapped around them and started to squeeze on them, harsher than Alm had ever groped them. The tentacles’ tips began to rub against her nipples, the pink buds of flesh forcefully turned erect through a harsh rubbing. But that was just the first monster that reached her. Another one was floating a bit lower, and his tentacles went towards her stomach instead. The tip of one began to wriggle its way into her bellybutton, going inside her belly. It moved around inside it, a bulge showing through her skin as the tentacle moved around. Having the contents of her stomach rearranged as the tentacle moved them around hurt a lot, and Celica writhed in pain in the tentacle’s embrace before her legs gave way. She fell over to the ground again, landing on her back again, but there would be no getting back up this time. Going down, she dragged the Mogalls down with her, the pulling on her breasts and the pain in her stomach both increasing as the monsters still floated in the same spots - only swooping back down after her once some time had passed. It was enough to make the tentacles let go of her tits for a while, granting the girl at least some respite. However, the pain in her stomach was so much stronger, and because of it Celica opened her mouth and screamed out her pain.

Celica realized opening her mouth was a mistake as another tentacle appeared before her face. Before she could shut her lips, her mouth was penetrated by it. The thick appendage was quickly shoved down her throat, the slimy flesh touching against her lips and pressing her tongue down as the monster began to slide it in and out. Celica considered biting the thing off, but she realized there was no point in that - there were so many Mogalls around her that doing it to one would just lead to another one replacing it. As it continued, it was getting harder and harder for her to breathe - her face turning red because of the reduced amount of air.

As that transpired near her face, her lower body wasn’t ignored by the monsters either. Another Mogall hovered down to her crotch, and quickly pushed itself in between her rich thighs before forcing one of its tentacles into her pussy and anus each. Alm had taken her before in each of these holes, but the green-haired boy was never so rough… Feeling the wet tentacle rub against the already wounded walls of her snatch, would have caused her to scream out in pain again. However, Celica wasn’t even able to let out that pain that she felt since her mouth was already filled with a tentacle. Her rectum was handling the abuse a bit better, and compared to the other parts of her body that suffered the tentacles abuse it almost didn’t hurt. Her head was locked in place by a monster that on the side of it, one of its tentacles inside of her mouth and the others rubbing against the lobes of her ears in a way that was nothing but alarming. Despite that, she was able to see the other her once she approached her. The woman had taken her breastplate off, and pulled her white dress down just enough so that her full breasts were now uncovered - allowing the evil her to have clear access to them and play with them easily.

With even more disgust, Celica saw the other her grab the hems of the dress, lifting it and showing off her pussy from under her black miniskirt that the girl pulled up next. Then, the red-haired woman spread her legs and sit down on one of the Mogalls, its tentacle filling her cunt. The corrupted Celica moaned loudly as she pushed herself onto it, with it easily going all the way into her vagina and quickly sliding into her womb. She shivered as without her ordering it another tentacle slipped into her asshole, but the rectal penetration was just as pleasant, so she didn’t stop it. Instead, she began to grind up and down the two tentacles, really enjoying the way her insides were feeling inside her. Her huge, bare mammaries bounced as she rode it, but the girl was hungry for even more stimulation. As a few Mogalls were idle, she ordered one of them to get closer to her, and ordered two of its tentacles to play with her boobs. At the same time, her hands went for the tentacles of the Mogall that was still beneath her. A few of them were still unused, so she grabbed onto different ones with both of her hands - using them as handles to pull herself harder onto the tentacles that were fucking her. She continued to moan loudly while riding the monster, taking full pleasure in seeing the other her be violated by tentacles as well.

Between that, her being into it, the additional stimulation, and the fact that she was already aroused earlier, it didn’t take her too long to come. Once she did, squirting her juice all over the Mogall she was sitting on, she dismissed the mogall hovering before her. With her body weakened by the climax, she couldn’t remain in an upright position anymore. Because of that, she fell over to the front - with her upper body ending up on top of the Mogall that had one of its tentacles inside the other hers mouth. Her breasts were squashed against the monster’s body, with her hard nipples sticking directly into its flesh. In response to the new, juicy flesh slamming into him from above, the Mogal extended one of its tentacles upwards, cupping its summoner’s orbs of tit meat. As Celica fell forwards, her entire body ended up sliding off the Mogall she fucked before, with the girl falling to her knees. However, her shapely butt ended up right in front of it anyways - and the dress that she had lifted earlier had fallen over onto her back, leaving her sizeable butt and hips uncovered. Because of that, the Mogall only had to rotate itself a bit before being able to access her two fuckholes again. Celica welcomed it, the unexpected penetration taking her to the heights of her pleasure as her climax began to subside. Because of her constant moaning in mindless pleasure, her mouth remained open and so her tongue slipped out after a powerful enough thrust.

Seeing the other her give in to her lust completely was unhinging for the suffering Celica. To see her own body performing such crude acts - and with monsters, too! - felt so unreal… But she knew it was real - and so were the tentacles that were still taking her body. To make Celica feel even worse, she realized that her body started responding to them. If she was ashamed earlier when the other her made her cum, it couldn’t even compare to the way she felt once her damaged pussy started going damp around the tentacle raping it. She hated it, but shocks of pleasure began to soar through her body with each of the Mogall’s thrusts. Her sanity suffered with each of those, the girl’s mind falling apart as she finally let pleasure claim her too. It was almost enough for her to forget the pain coming from her stomach and the stumps of her arms. Even the knowledge that the other her was watching her every move did little to stop her arousal from spiraling out of control. After a dozen more thrusts, Celica’s pussy started clenching around the red tentacle as her body reached her last climax.

Even if a huge part of her mind was filled by pleasure, the Duma-empowered Celica still watched the other her carefully. As soon as she saw her body shaking in orgasmic release, she ordered the monsters to finally attack her with their tentacles. A Mogall that just floated aimlessly behind Celica’s head until then struck straight at Celica’s face, crushing one of her eyeballs as its tentacle slid into her eye socket. The sudden pain and blindness in one eye surprised Celica, but that was just the beginning. The tentacles fucking her pussy and ass punched their way through the back of her womb and through her guts respectively and arrived inside her stomach. The tentacle coming in from her throat joined them there too, going down her esophagus and arriving at her abdomen. Then the three of them struck out against the walls of her stomach, and broke through it easily, going free from her body. Her guts and blood splashed high in the air, with parts of it going onto the other Celica’s tits and even her face. The tentacle that had entered through her navel made its way up her body instead, and after scuffling with the tentacle going in the other direction inside her gullet and her throat came free from her mouth as well. The tentacles that were wrapped around her breasts earlier latched onto them again and began to squeeze them, making it as if they were about to tear them off. Their tips attacked her nipples again, and made their best to slip into them. Only one of them succeeded, causing a gruesome bulge to appear on the surface of the girl’s tit. However, that was not the end of it. Her whole body was already in excruciating pain, but it somehow grew even worse when the Mogall who just joined in decided it wanted to have more of its tentacles inside her as well. The back wall of her left eye socket gave in easily as the fleshy shaft entered her brain. Having it destroyed like that only accelerated the girl’s death. Her control over her body was lost, and her body started to spasm on the ground, her feet closing together behind the Mogall that was still using her cunt as her thick thighs squeezed it. With the functions of her brain rapidly ceding because of the intrusion, foam appeared over her lips, with her drool leaking onto the flesh of two tentacles that was filling her mouth up. Her surviving eye rolled up to the back of her head as she too lost control over it. Despite her body dying, she could still hear the other hers moans - which seemed to have gotten even more intense than before. And yet, even despite that, she couldn’t bring herself to hate the other woman. Surely it was Duma’s influence that made her do this. Alm would laugh at her being so naive if he heard this… Thinking of him made her recall his face one final time.
“A… Alm…” Celica whispered her lover’s name before the Zofian princess went limp in the Mogalls’ embrace.

The fallen Celica didn’t miss that moment, her pleasure skyrocketing as she realized the other her had died. At this point, her body was ready to get off again - so she began to buck her hips harder against the monster taking her from behind. However, this wasn’t the only Mogall lusting for her body now. Even if some of the monsters who had killed the other Celica were happy just pounding into her corpse, some of them directed their attention to the living one too. Her boobs were squashed against the Mogall her chest was on top of, so the tentacles didn’t have to search for it too long before latching onto them - multiple tentacles wrapping around the orbs of tit meat. Another Mogall hovered to her face, with the tentacle going for her open mouth. She opened it wider to let it in, and started to eagerly suck on it while it slid past her lips and quickly reached the back of her mouth. Once she did that, another Mogall floated behind her back, and started to run its tentacle through the crack of her butt. She was surprised by that, but it wasn’t the only one. Others followed suit, starting to rub their tentacles against every exposed part of her skin - her thighs, butt, elbows and the upper part of her chest all locked in a slimy embrace. The Mogalls didn’t stop with just that - the tentacles quickly slipped under her dress, wrapping around her midsection. The slimy meaty cords rubbing against her skin made quickly made her cum again, and Celica slumped down as the tentacles continued to slither around her, eventually covering her entire body.

However, as the tentacle-covered Celica regained her senses after her climax, and the Mogalls continued to behave like that, she realized that she had never ordered them to do it. Had they slipped out of her control? The ex-Duma witch tried to order them to get away from her, but to no reaction. If that was the case, then… Fortunately, she was still capable of moving her hands. Although she despised White Magic and anyone who used it now, she was still capable of casting it herself. With her hands capable of moving, the girl managed to cast Expel. Usually, the spell didn’t work on Mogalls. However, with Celica being the one who summoned the monsters there in the first place, it was able to affect them. As the magic unfolded, the Mogalls all disappeared at once as flashes of white light enveloped each and every one of them.

Getting up, her entire body felt sore. The fallen Celica knew just how close a call this was. Fortunately, the monsters decided to just satisfy their urges with her instead of killing her - but there would be no guarantee that would happen the next time. Although she hated limiting herself like this, she decided not to make use of the summoning magic again - unless it was really necessary. With the monsters gone, she was now able to get a good look at the other hers corpse. Her pussy and anus were dripping with blood, and her stomach’s wall was completely obliterated by the tentacles that burst through it - enough that she could take a look inside and see her ruined womb. Her breasts survived the ordeal, but there were red marks across them that came from the spots they had been squeezed tightly. The contrast between her nipples was amusing - one of them looking normal, if just erect, and the other having a huge gaping hole within it. That caused Celica to get down near it again, and force one of her fingers into her hole - curious about the texture of her stretched out lactation tract. Once she get down like that, she was also able to get a closer looks at the dead hers face. Her pointy jaw was dislocated, making her show off the inside of her mouth and the teeth that were stained with slime and blood. Twin trickles of blood went from both of her nostrils, and up her face - mixing with the blood and tears that had been pouring out of her eyes. The dark Celica stuck her fingers into the bloody hole that once held an eye within, her fingers delving deep into it. All the way to the dead Celica’s dead brain. She moved it around for a moment, then withdrew her fingers - with parts of Celica’s brain matter on them. She looked at them curiously for a moment, before lifting the hand back to her mouth to taste it. Even if the taste wasn’t great at all, it was a thrill to take something that used to be the other her’s mind and just destroy it like that.

Satisfied with her check of the body, Celica stood back up. Now, she couldn’t hold back a triumphant laughter. With her obstacle removed, she was now able to get closer to the man she yearned for. However… Even if the corpse provided her with a lot of enjoyment, in fact it was the most enjoyable sight of her life, the fallen Celica still knew she couldn’t leave it like that. Fortunately, she knew just how to get rid of it. This body still had its magical prowess she had relied on in the past. Joining her hands together, she moved them around in a circle and she called for the magical flames. Then, she outstretched them towards the corpse on the ground, setting it on fire with the spell Ragnarok. Flames quickly ate away at the dead body, and Celica just stood and watched it burn out until nothing remained. Seeing them, she was reminded of the purple flames that had been hugging her body this entire time. The time would come to show them again, but for now she’d have to pretend she had none of the powers granted to her by Lord Duma.

As the fell Celica walked away from the charred spot on the ground that used to hold Celica’s remains, she headed for the spot she left her sword in. It still had Celica’s sliced off arms below it… She should probably get rid of hem, too. However, the corrupted Celica had another idea. Even if she was fairly fresh in this world, she had seen these people in the castle… Ones who could turn these limbs into permanent sex toys. With that, she would forever have some memento of this day and the her that she had killed. As for the sword… Alm already knew that she had used it on her journey - she could just say she decided to use it here as well.
Lifting both arms and the sword from the ground, Celica realized one issue still remained - the color of her eyes. Turning them their usual orange with a simple spell, Celica walked away to wash the blood from her body in some spring in the forest - making sure to get most of the blood off her dress, too. Then, adjusting her clothes so they looked normal again, she was finally done with her personality theft. Happily, she headed almost straight for the dead Celica’s and her Alm’s room back in the castle - stopping at a taxidermist to drop Celica’s arms off first.


This one shows another version of the battle from >>13028 - except this time the world is a little different… For one thing, the summoner is female in this one
There are two scenes based on Veiled's drawings in this one - Lianna's and Camilla's

Chapter 17x: Askr Falls
F/F, M/F, non-con, rape, necro, amputation, beheading, trampling, stabbing, hanging, throat cutting

Kiran leaned forward, her hands grabbing on to Ophelia’s as the two girls’ mouths locked in a final kiss. The combined armies of Emblia and Muspell began to invade the world of Askr, and the summoner’s forces were about to head out to face them in battle. However, the summoner herself couldn’t very well held her own in battle, so she’d just have to wait in the castle while her heroes fought for her. Now, she and the dark mage she had fell in love with were having their goodbyes before Ophelia made it off to battle as well.
“Please, be careful out there. I’d hate myself if anything happened to you.” The hooded woman asked once their lips were parted, her worry and care for the blonde mage clearly showing in her voice. She placed her hand on Ophelia’s slightly swollen belly. Because of Ophelia’s skin tight, transparent bodysuit, it was as if she was touching it directly. Within it Ophelia carried their child. After spending a long time working with Rhajat on it, Ophelia was able to create a spell that allowed her to get pregnant with the summoner’s kid, even if they were both girls. Her pregnancy wasn’t too pronounced yet, and the blonde maiden would never pass the opportunity to fight for her beloved.
“Worry not, my maiden of the stars! The chosen heroine Ophelia Dusk shall never fall to the forces of fire! It’s my destiny to show our enemies why they should fear us!” Ophelia called out, as energetic as ever. Kiran smiled back at her and nodded. “You definitely will, my love.” Beaming a bright smile back at her, Ophelia took Missiletain from the shelf and headed for the door. “The stars will watch over you while I’m gone.” Ophelia muttered while leaving, the summoner looking at her longingly as the mage left. Now, all she could do was wait as the battle unfolded… But Kiran couldn’t shake a feeling of worry as she did, one she had never experienced before. They were standing against the full might of two combined kingdoms, and word was Surtr himself had taken to the field as well…

Silvia trailed behind a squad of soldiers, the dancer’s green eyes locked onto the back of Lewyn. The mage’s kindness made her grow really attached to him. Being summoned together made them stick together at first, and that only amplified her feelings for him. However, he seemed not to care about her in that way - flirting with the other girls just like he did with her, even once she offered to show him one of her special dances. That didn’t stop her from trying to get his attention anyways - providing both him and the other soldiers nearby with her revitalizing dances, while still dreaming that the prince of Silesse would respond to her feelings.

As another group of Emblian soldiers approached them, Silvia was delighted to see that Lewyn’s eyes snapped back to her. He needed strength to take on them, and Silvia was more than happy to provide him with her finest dance. Setting her blade down, she closed her eyes so she could focus properly. Then, Silvia’s mind filtered outside sounds out while her body was dancing on the spot like there was no tomorrow. Too absorbed in her dance, she failed to see or hear that the group of Askrian soldiers suddenly began a retreat, Lewyn also leading away and leaving her behind. Once she had finished her dance, with surprise Silvia saw that her allies were now gone.

The cause for their retreat became clear as she turned towards the approaching group of enemies. However, instead of a group that was heading there earlier, she saw just a single girl heading in her direction. She had darker skin, and was wearing an ornate black-and-red armor. Her hairstyle looked similar to Silvia’s own, but Silvia’s hair was green while the woman’s twintails were pink. In her hands was a wavy golden sword - one that looked really dangerous. The lights on it constantly shifted… It was as if the blade itself was a burning flame. And the woman wielding it was heading directly for her… What should she do? Maybe Lewyn would come back and protect her? Silvia turned back towards the bulk of the Askrian forces, but the green-haired mage was nowhere to be seen. Then… she should run away! Picking her sword up from the ground, Silvia tried to run towards the Askrian forces. However, even if her bare feet allowed her to dance easily, they also made it a lot harder for her to run quickly. Craning her head backwards, she saw that the pink-haired girl was going at a much faster rate than she was - and was about to catch up. If running away wouldn’t work… Silvia stopped and turned back towards the tanned woman, waiting for her to pass the few final metres.

Laevatein stopped directly in front of the scantily-clad girl once she stopped running away. Surtr’s orders were still burning in her mind; Her father ordered her to slaughter as many opposing heroes as she could. Her hand was itching to swing herself at her, to bury her blade in her flesh… However, Laegjarn told her a different thing. Before attacking, her sister suggested to offer her enemies a chance to surrender. With her sister’s kindness and wisdom, Laevatein always listened to what she said. So now she spoke out in her calm, quiet voice: “You… yield to me… or I will kill you.”

Although Silvia did not recognize her opponent as the princess of Muspell, she knew what fate would await her on the other side. The soldiers would rape her… and then they would kill her anyways. If anything, she’d rather meet her end in battle - and there was always a chance she could win it, too. So instead of doing what Laevatein asked for, she drew her own blade. The blue-glowing weapon was enchanted with anti-magical powers, offering her protection from hostile magic. However, that would do little in direct combat… And Silvia would be the first to admit that her battle skills were lacking. She tried to keep a brave face as she faced her, but her mind was telling her that this would be suicide. If the woman caused the group of trained fighters to retreat, what hopes she had of defeating her? Silvia cursed her carelessness while waiting for the pink-haired woman to attack.

“As you wish…” Even if Laevatein’s voice betrayed no emotion, on the inside the girl was pretty happy about this outcome. Acting as one of her father’s top warriors led to her having her fair share of battles. Even if she tried to stay emotionless and cold just like the blade she thought of herself as, as she continued to fight the fiery princess found herself enjoying the thrill that went through her body whenever she took a life with the blade. Now, she’d feel it again! A spark appeared in her eyes as she quickly readied her sword. The girl opposite her seemed like she wasn’t too used to fighting, but Laevatein was not about to underestimate her. Approaching carefully, she tested for the girl’s reactions. As they were pretty slow, that told Laevatein that her enemy would not be able to stop her attack - but she still could get one in return. Then, she should just prevent her from being able to do that.

Dashing forward, the sword lighting up in her hand, Laevatein covered the gap between the two of them in an instant. With flames around the edges of her blade, Laevatein swung it at the dancer before Silvia could react. The Muspell girl directed her weapon towards Silvia’s right arm, as it was the one in which the dancer was wielding her sword. Sneaking the blade between the girls’ arm and her stomach, Laevatein flinged it upward. It easily cut through the woman’s arm, and its sharpness combined with Laevatein strength allowed her to cut through all of it in one go. Silvia’s sword-wielding alm flew off, going in a short arc and spinning around for a moment before falling back to the ground a couple feet away from them. Shocked, Silvia’s head turned to watch as her suddenly gone limb did that, unaware that the flames from Laevatein’s blade crawled up her pink frill and caught on to the yellow shoulder strap of her form-fitting top. The bleeding stump near her shoulder pumped out some blood, staining the side of her chest with it.

While Silvia’s attention was on her now-lost arm, Laevatein wasn’t going to waste hers on it either. With the way the girl was eyeing it, there was a chance that she’d go and pick her sword back up. What if she could wield it with her left hand, too? It would be best to just stop her now. While Silvia’s back was turned to her, the muspell woman lifted her blade again. Then, she brought it down on Silvia’s surviving shoulder - easily cleaving her left arm off, too. This one fell directly towards the ground, ending up near the two girls’ feet - and splashing some blood onto Silvia’s bare toes. And just like before, flames from Laevatein’s sword crawled over to the orange shoulder strap - leading to both sides of Silvia’s top catching fire. The dancer began to panic even more now that both of her arms were gone, twin explosions of pain on both sides of her shoulders. The force of the blow made her turn around, back towards Laevatein - who was just standing there, holding the sword and watching her carefully. Silvia’s gaze dropped downwards. Even if she already knew that now both of her arms were gone, she still had to see it for herself. And that was when she noticed - her top was now burning! And with no arms, she had no way to take it off. Was she going to burn to her death now? For a moment she was certain that would be the case. However, as the flames continued to devour the thin cloth of the bra she wore as her top, Silvia realized that it wasn’t hurting her skin at all. It only felt a little warm. Was the sword’s protection from magic still affecting her? Well, that beat getting her breasts roasted… Finally calming down, she looked at Laevatein - the girl’s face being a little flushed. Escaping wasn’t an option, and she was unable to fight anymore… All Silvia could do now was wait until the dark-skinned girl decided to end it.

Laevatein was happy with just waiting as the dancer’s top turned to ash, the flames dying down once there was nothing of it left. Now, Silvia’s bountiful chest was revealed, her boobies just a little pinkish because of the flames. With some surprise, Laevatein found that looking at it caused her abdomen to get a little heated up… Was it just the thrill of the fight, or was there something more to it? Laevatein had a clue to what could this be. Still, once she was able to see the dancer’s breasts, and her cute blush as Silvia noticed that she was staring at them, there was no point keeping the green-haired girl alive. The girl wore a small black collar over her neck. Lifting her blade again, Laevatein targeted it with her next attack. Just a flash of the sword, and the collar was cut in half, and Silvia’s neck with it. The head was flung away, but Laevatein was able to hold on to it, grabbing one of the dancer’s green twintails right after the swing - bringing the head around and back to her body. She let it hit her on the hip, but her attention was only on Silvia’s body. Blood was squirting out of her neck hole, sending a wave of crimson down the front of Silvia’s chest - with a red river travelling between her boobs and down to her stomach. Without the head to control it, the dancer’s body kept standing just for a moment - before falling forwards to Laevatein’s feet. Laevatein’s red eyes followed it, and she turned the body over to its back with her golden shoe. In response to her touch, the body started spasming on the ground - Laevatein watching hungrily as the girl’s flushed breasts were swung around. She completely ignored the head hanging at her hip, failing to notice as Silvia’s expression quickly deteriorated from distressed to calm and then fully dead. Watching her body spasm in such an erotic way didn’t bother her - but the fact that she was no longer in control of it did. However, having her cheek rest on the warm, strong thigh of the Muspell woman calmed her down in her final moments - these were just so soft and welcoming. Dying on a battlefield like this sucked… but at least her death wasn’t too painful. Able to find a silver lining even in death, Silvia lost her consciousness while Laevatein was still enjoying the show the dancer’s body was giving her.

Watching it move around on the ground only strengthened the tingling in her abdomen Laevatein was feeling before, even if she was trying to ignore it. As she continued to watch it, mesmerized by the girl’s bouncing breasts - and unwittingly comparing it to her sister’s - they allowed her to make a decision. Her sister was telling to her that struggling to stay emotionless all the time wasn’t a good thing - and the pleasure she was getting from watching the girl on the ground made her agree with that. She was able to tell that the feeling within lower body was sexual arousal - and now she intended to take full pleasure of it. Her father used to rape the girls that stood in his path on the battlefield all the time - surely he wouldn’t mind if she took some time to do the same. In fact, he’d definitely approve of this! Having cleared her doubts, Laevatein still knew that staying in an exposed spot like this would not be safe. After taking one final look at the corpse, the princess of flames took some time to withdraw behind the lines of the combined Muspell and Emblian forces. Heading off, she noticed a few soldiers with leery grins heading in the opposite direction. Laevatein failed to make the connection, but they were going to use the body the princess provided them with - an occasion to fuck a small, yet busty girl like that didn’t come too often.

Finding a secluded spot, Laevatein sat down, curling her legs to support her perky butt, and spreading them to allow for easy access to her pussy. She tried to close and open her fingers to make them ready, then she remembered that she was still carrying Silvia’s head with her. She could just not pass an occasion like this. However, a new problem arose. Knowing that she should be ready for battle any moment, she couldn’t exactly take her form-fitting black armor off. Well, there was a simple way to fix that. Lighting a small flame, she pressed it against her crotch - enjoying the heat as it tickled her pussy while burning through the black leather and the purple bodysuit beneath it. Having created a small hole to expose her dripping pussy, there was nothing stopping her from continuing. Setting her blade down, Laevatein used one hand to grab the head by one of the buns on it, while her other hand opened Silvia’s mouth. Delving into it, she pulled on the dancer’s tongue, taking it out of Silvia’s mouth. Now, she grabbed the head with both of her hands - and shoved it in between her legs, with Silvia’s slack tongue ending up directly over her labia. A little more shuffling around, and she managed to slide the dead girl’s tongue through the entrance to her pussy. Having done that, there was nothing stopping Laevatein from finally giving in to all the arousal she had built up through the battles today - running into Silvia was just the one that drove her over the edge. She grinded her hips against it, swiping her pussy all over the dead dancer’s face with powerful thrusts. Her hands worked to push the head back towards her, making it slide back and rubbing it against her entrance with the same strength she used to cut the girl up beforehand. Fairly quickly, Laevatein was able to reach her climax. Her inner walls were so warm at this point that most of her come evaporated away, but some of the steaming hot liquid still squirted onto Silvia’s dead face. The creamy liquid also got on her thighs, but the warmth of her skin was enough to turn it into steam even through her purple bodysuit. If her high boots, her armor or the armored protectors over her hips also received some of it… Well, she’d just have to live with it.

It took her some time to recover - Laevatein breathing heavily - her sizeable boobs going up and down as she did - and pushing her hands out behind to support herself. Once she regained enough control, even if her body was still a bit shaky, Laevatein let go of the head. She was a little sad to part with it, but she could always recover it after the battle - and there was no way for her to carry it around without it harder for her to fight. There was also the matter of the hole directly over her pussy… Oh, it’s not like anyone was going to actually hit her anyways. If anything, it would provide her with an extra advantage - it could very well distract the foes she was going to face. Revitalized completely by her orgasm, the pink-haired princess returned into battle with strength she couldn’t muster before - happily diving right into the biggest group of enemies she could see.

Sue bounced up and down in her saddle, the young Kutolah nomad riding into battle on her steed. Hanging over her shoulder was the girl’s bow, and she had her quiver hanging from the horse’s side. For this battle, she had been assigned to a squad of other heroes who specialized in horseback combat. She wasn’t too happy about it - the black-haired archer preferred to be left alone. Because of that, she didn’t try to talk to any of them. She preferred to just commune with the land they passed, apologizing to the grass the hooves of their horses trampled and conversing with Father Sky. Even seeing another Sacean woman in the saddle a couple horses ahead didn’t make her open up - ignoring Lyn as the green-haired girl tried to speak to her, until she finally gave up on that.

The mounted squad proceeded to ride until a group of enemies appeared in the distance. This was Sue’s time to shine. She, along with the rest of their ranged fighters, quickly prepared her weapon - pulling the bow over her head and putting an arrow on the string. Then, they let loose all at once - both archers and mages alike - sending a rain of death onto the group opposite them. A few of their enemies fell off their mounts, struck by either the magic or one of their arrows. Sue lost track of hers, but she enjoyed thinking that hers hit one of them too. However, she didn’t get to enjoy that idea for too long. The enemy group retaliated with a salvo of their own, and their arrows and magic surged towards her group. And coming right after the salvo was a group of cavalry who charged towards them. To avoid the arrows, their formation dispersed - but with where Sue was in the group, she still remained in the area that had been targeted by their foes. Because of that, multiple arrows fell towards where she was. Some grazed her skin, and one was stopped by her breast guard, but they haven’t hurt her too badly. She let out a breath of relief - only for it to be cut short as a late arrow struck her body. It hit her squarely in her belly, piercing through the belt of her tribal dress and sinking into her soft skin - its tip getting mixed into her guts. The force of the impact made her sway in the saddle, making her lose her balance for a bit.

Before she could return to her proper way of seating, and take care of the arrow impaling her belly in any way, the enemy riders were upon her. The front of the group was still scattered, so they were able to go directly for the backlines and target people like her who had no way to defend themselves at close range. In just an instant, one of them got directly to her - and swung his blade at her. She tried to get down to dodge, but because she was still shaky on the horse, she didn’t avoid his attack in full. Sure, she saved her life through this - but it would only make it more painful for her in the end. Instead of the heavy sword cleaving her body open, it only hit her in the side of her torso with the dull, flat part of the blade. She could feel her ribs breaking because of the force of the powerful strike, but it had another effect on her body, too. Because she already wasn’t stable in her saddle, as the blade continued to go ahead it lifted her off it and threw her off her mount. Sue found herself suddenly flying through the air for a short while, before coming down to the ground as she crashed into it - her bow flying out of her hands on impact.

She landed with her legs first, and they took the brunt of the damage. Terrible pain flared up in both of them as she felt something snap in each one. She took her brown eyes down to look at them, only to see them bent in a weird way - making it obvious that she broke both of them. “Mother Earth… why do you hurt me so?” The nomad thought to herself while trying to get up, but as more pain flashed in her legs she fell back down. Her horse had ran away, far enough that she couldn’t even see it anymore - and the other members of her group were still on top of their mounts, fighting for their lives against the group that had attacked them. No one but her paid attention to the ground below - so now she doubted any of them would notice her. Calling out for help could very well result in the enemies noticing her first, and once they did, they would finish her off. It was safer to just stay quiet, she decided.

Although moving her legs hurt, she was still able to get herself going and crawl across the ground - hoping to get away from the battlefield of the horse riders, as staying on the ground here was definitely not save. The arrow inside her belly hurt, but she knew that pulling it out could lead to too much dangerous bleeding - so she decided to just let it stick in, unaware of the more dangerous internal damage she was causing herself like this. Each length of her body she had crawled caused her more pain than the last one, her orange robes getting more and more dirty as earth and mud get onto them and the arrow pushing deeper into her insides. For a while it worked, no riders getting too close to her. As she slowly moved forward, she had the time to watch the battle unfolding above her on the horse’s backs - and it seemed that her side was winning. Maybe it would be safe for her to ask for help soon? She pondered that as a bigger group began to make their way towards her.

Sue was hoping that they would spot her and help her off the ground, but unfortunately for her none of them saw her. With horror, she realized that no one did - and that despite that, they were still going directly for where she was. She considered calling out to them to let them know that she was there, but before she gathered the strength to speak out to them, they were already running into her, the horses’ hooves slamming into the ground near her. It was just a matter of time before one of these hit her - and as the group began to cross over the nomad laid out in front of them, one eventually did. Smashing into her already broken left leg, it broke it further - causing a huge part of her bone to shatter into countless shards, each of these hurt her flesh from the inside. After the first one, more followed, rough hooves hitting her other limbs and bashing into her bones until they too shattered, leaving red marks on her skin and squashing her flesh whenever they connected with a less firm part. Her abdomen received a kick too, Sue in incredible pain as the strong, horseshoed hoof squeezed her womb against the ground until it popped. Her chest also was used as a step for one of the horses, the rest of the girl’s ribs breaking down and stabbing into her lungs. However, even if they gave in, they still protected her lungs and heart from being turned into a paste - the same couldn’t be said for her other body parts, though. The only reason she had not thrown up as a horse leg caught her in her stomach was that the entire organ burst right away, its contents flooding into her abdominal cavity. As the first group of horsemen passed, Sue was still conscious, and in incredible pain. Her long bones were all completely mangled, and her torso wasn’t doing much better. However, her head had survived - and so did her heart, keeping the girl alive even as it pumped itself dry because of her internal bleeding.

“M-Mother E-Earth… Help m-me…” Sue begged weakly as the last horse jumped over her, smacking her on the side of the head and opening her skull. Although parts of her brain began to leak out through the hole, the girl was still alive - and before her eyes went out, she noticed another, larger group of horses heading in her direction. It was a fresh group of Emblia’s riders, eager to chase the squad Sue was a part of down - and so they followed the route they took, which took them directly over Sue’s position. She was still barely holding on to her life as they reached her. However, that wouldn’t be the case for long - another hoof quickly smashing through her forehead and turning her brain into a paste. The following barrage of kicks that fell on her spasming, dying body turned the rest of her bones to dust, and without bones to catch them, her flesh into mincemeat. The nomad girl’s body was reduced to a lump of bloody paste, the only way to recognize who it ever was being by the girl’s ripped, bloodied robes that once had been orange - but even then, only barely.

Lianna drew her sword, the Facinna, as she looked upon the group of enemies ahead of her. The princess of Aytolis had just been summoned to Askr, and this would be her first battle here. Judging the enemy group by her world’s standards, there would be no way these soldiers could pose a threat to her. Even if the blonde girl wasn’t as hot-headed as her brother, preferring to take a calmer approach to things, her blood boiled at the thought of battle - but perhaps for different reasons than his would. Taking the usual results of fighting against common soldiers back in her world, it was clear to her that they could never hurt her in any way - so having her slaughter them all seemed like the best choice to her. There was no reason to bother anyone else to help her with it. Keeping that in mind, she happily ran towards the group of enemies.

Lianna’s overconfidence would prove to be the girl’s undoing. All it took was for her to clash with the first of the enemy soldiers to realize that in this world she was no longer capable of the inhuman feats she was used to. Why was the man not dead? She swung her blade at him, his lifeless body should have been sent flying across the battlefield. But instead, he was able to deflect her attacks. Now that she wasn’t able to take her enemies out with a single blow, all the battle’s result depended on was how her skill with the blade compared to how the soldiers could handle it. While she wasn’t a complete novice, because of how her battles usually went in her world, she had very little practice in this kind of combat. While she was able to fight the first soldier to a standstill, he wasn’t alone. While she was locked in her duel with him, his peers proceeded to go around her - locking her off from the rest of the Askrian army as they encircled her. And once they did, they began to all approach her.

Once they got close enough, there would be no way for her to defend herself from attacks from all the directions. Knowing that, Lianna tried to get rid of them right away. Stabbing her sword into the ground, she called upon her magic - a golden circle spreading out on the ground from the spot she stabbed Facinna in. Once it reached the enemy soldiers, Lianna unleashed her spell - a line of golden explosions appearing on the circle’s perimeter. However, these weren’t strong at all - Lianna reminded once again that she wasn’t in her world anymore. There, the spell would have blown the men away, ripping their legs off like the cannon fodder they were. Here, all it managed to achieve was pissing the men off as their pants get a bit scorched. Converging on her, they stabbed away at her - and they were close enough that the girl had no space to dodge. Two weapons sunk into her exposed thighs, a sword cutting her meaty left one while a dagger was stabbed into the just-as-thick right one. However, the men wasn’t going to kill the girl just yet - they wanted to make her suffer. Because of that, most of their attacks weren’t aimed at the girl’s body, but rather at Lianna’s clothes. Going over her chest, they sliced through the blue ribbon that she had over it, then freed her modest tits from their defence, her nipples hardening immediately in response to the battlefield’s cold air. A sword went through the golden corset the girl wore around her midsection, making it come off - and show the girl’s toned stomach while it did. While no weapons went for her waist - letting the girl keep her suspenders that only accentuated the beauty of her now-impaled thighs - they did go for her skirt. The outer blue layer had been sliced off clean, and the lower parts of the inner grey layer were removed, too - showing more of the girl’s hips. And revealing Lianna’s embarrassing secret. While the girl sometimes went into battle wearing just shorts and a tank top, she did not bother putting them on most of the time, just going commando into battles. The thrill of flashing enemy soldiers in their final moments as she did her kicks and jumps or soared high in the air to use some of her stronger magic was really thrilling to her - knowing that her pussy would be the last thing they would ever focus on really turned the princess of Aytolis on. However, now it meant that all the soldiers around her could get a very good look at it - now it didn’t feel good at all. As she tried to cover herself up, they just grabbed her arms and restrained her.

Their cocks all throbbed with desire as they savored the sight of her feminine parts. However, the men also knew they had no time to do something fun with the girl. Although lord Surtr sometimes enjoyed taking his time with the girls who were dumb enough to stand against him, he very much looked down on his soldiers doing the same. And the punishment for those who would slack off like that was death. Meaning they couldn’t just take the time to fuck the girl, or to even just all jerk off together on top of her at the simultaneously to save time. But it would be a waste to just not do anything with the girl’s pussy now that they all had seen it. Well, if they couldn’t enjoy breaking it in with rough rape, it could still be used to hurt Lianna in another way. One of them offered his dagger, and another one grasped it firmly, then took his hand towards her slit. Lianna watched his hand move with her eyes wide, terror appearing in them as the cold, merciless blade approached her cunt. Her pussy provided her with so much relief as she fingered herself after almost every battle during the conflict in her world, as those usually left her soaking wet because of her exhibitionism. She didn’t want to lose it!

But her wishes were of no concern to the soldier holding the knife. In fact, her fear only made it more enjoyable for all of them - their erections throbbing harder as they saw the fear in her blue eyes. The pained scream she let out once he finally stabbed in, her sensitive walls grazed and cut open by the terrible blade, only further helped them. Moving the knife around and cutting her insides some more, the man made sure that the weapon wouldn’t slide out once he let go of it, but rather be stopped by the walls of Lianna’s vagina. Once he did let go of it, the weapon slid out just a bit - then stopped, Lianna’s blood flowing from her cunt and down its handle.

With her pussy taken care of, the men moved on to something more harmful. One of them picked the Facinna up. The girl eyed her ornate, golden blade. It served her in numerous battles, taking the lives of countless Gristonne soldiers. But now, it was going to be used against her. She shivered in fear as the soldier flicked the tip of it across the skin of her stomach, before stopping it just as it sunk into the small incline of her bellybutton. Wiggling it a bit and drawing some blood, the men then shoved his arm forwards - driving Lianna’s blade through her belly. He made sure to push it in at an angle that wouldn’t cut through the girl’s spine, as he knew the blade would go all the way through. The bloody, golden tip came out of Lianna’s back, but the men didn’t stop, driving the sword further in. As the blade grew in width, the entrance hole at her bellybutton turned out to be too small. More of her belly was cut open as the blade continued to go further in, until the man was satisfied with the pained expression Lianna was wearing.

Having her guts impaled with her own sword hurt a lot, but it was less painful than taking a dagger up her pussy. However, the stab took more of a toll on her body. Even if her spine was spared, the girl’s legs still gave way to the dull pain that was coursing through her belly. Unable to stand anymore, Lianna fell to the ground, her legs going into a split. That led to her falling with full force onto her crotch - driving the dagger within her cunt even deeper in. She screamed again as her cervix was impaled by the tip of the piece of metal stuck within her lower body. Her pussy walls received fresh cuts across them because of that, too - putting the girl in even more pain than before. She looked at the men with just pure suffering in her eyes, begging them to end her suffering.
“Pleaseee… Let me die alreadyyyy!” Lianna called out to them, hoping one of them would be merciful enough to grant her her wish.

Even if they all enjoyed seeing her in pain like this, it had to come to an end. Even if Lianna told the group of heroes she was with that there was no need for them to follow her, as she hadn’t returned, they began to move towards where she disappeared. The soldiers torturing the blonde were running out of time. Although they did not want to do what Lianna asked them to, they just had to. The girl’s current wounds weren’t too severe - if they left her like this, it was possible that the Askr’s clerics could have saved her, even if her pussy would be ruined for life. They had to fix this, as fast as they could. One of them lifted his spear and walked directly in front of Lianna. She looked at his weapon longingly, eager to feel the reprieve from pain that would come once he killed her. She almost didn’t mind having the spear sink into her chest, directly in the middle and just above her tits. It pierced all the way through her body, going directly through her spine on the way out of her back. She almost smiled as she lost contact with her lower body, finally free from the pain. Her mouth opened, trying to speak out, how thankful she was, but she would never get to voice these feelings. Seeing the heroes approach, another of the soldiers took his bow and just fired at her head directly from close range. The arrow punched through the side of her skull, its tip going into her brain and successfully preventing her from speaking, thinking or doing anything at all ever again. As blood began to flow from the wound in her head, Lianna’s life ended.

The force of the arrow made her head tip over to one side, and because of that the blood from the wound in it proceeded to flow down her face - with the blood reaching the corner of her still open mouth. Her entire body went limp, her arms now hanging freely and pointing towards the ground. However, her body would stay just the way it was. The man who drove the spear into her chest did it at a very downwards angle, leading to its tip sinking into the ground. Now, the spear would serve as a pylon that would keep her from falling over, keeping the girl locked in the position she had died in. The morbid sight was so pretty that the soldiers decided to leave her weapons within her, to serve as a threat to the heroes who were heading their way. Hastily, the soldiers left, with some of them heading for their supply wagons to get new weapons for themselves - leaving Lianna’s half-naked corpse to remain on the battlefield.

Camilla soared through the sky, the Nohrian’s heavy cleavage bouncing as the her wyvern beat hard with its wings. She had made her distress clear to her mount, and it was trying its best to fly as fast as it could. It also had the side effect of shaking her around more than usual, causing her exposed thighs to rub against the saddle - with their lower parts also sliding across the wyvern’s scales. But Camilla paid no mind to that. The purple-haired woman was driven by vengeance. Moments before, she had witnessed as her sister had been killed in battle. Seeing Corrin’s red eyes going blank as the dragon princess succumbed to her wounds was enough to drive the overprotective woman over the edge. Now, it was only filled with anger - anger directed at the woman she decided was responsible for this. If Veronica never went to invade Askr, her sister wouldn’t have been thrown into this battle - and then, she would have still lived. Camilla intended to punish the Emblian princess for this - the punishment would of course be her life. Flying high above the battlefield, Camilla avoided other both enemy and allied fliers while seeking out the girl she was now fixated on. Eventually, Camilla was able to see her - and so she swooped in towards the flat-chested princess.

Holding her axe in a strong grip, Camilla happily swung it towards Veronica while leaving out of her saddle. The Nohrian princess enjoyed the surprised look that showed up on Veronica’s usually emotionless face. The emblian noticed her too late, and there was nothing she could do to stop her now!
“I WON’T allow it!” A forceful voice called out from below - one that Camilla instantly recognized. Instead of Veronica’s pained scream, a loud clung of metal hitting metal resonated in the air. Camilla made her wyvern turn around to face Veronica again, confirming what she saw before. Standing between her and the Emblian princess was Camilla’s very own brother, Xander.
“Xander? What are you…” Camilla tried to ask, but the blonde man raised Siegfried, then swung it, sending a wave of dark energy towards her. It cut through the wings of her wyvern, bringing her down to the ground - while also opening a small gush on Camilla’s right breast. “Xander? Brother?” Camilla tried to call out to him again, but to no avail. It seemed that the man was determined to protect Veronica - and would even go against his family to do that. “So be it…” Camilla thought to herself while jumping off her wyvern and trying to make her way towards her brother and his new princess. Even with the length of her heels, she was able to move quickly, her wide hips inadvertently swaying in her sexiest walk.

Xander didn’t wait for her to get close, though. Swinging Siegfried again, the crown prince of Norh sent another wave of dark energy towards his sister. Although she smacked it away with her axe, it just caused it to split into multiple smaller ones, the weaker beams slipping through the cracks on her golden thigh guards. They showered her exposed thighs in a multitude of small cuts, and ripped into the purple cloth on her hips as well. To make things even worse for the purple-haired woman, once Veronica saw that her knight was there to protect her, she also began to attack her. With a spell from her tome Elivagar, she summoned a cloud of poisonous mist that enveloped Camilla in an instant. Taken by surprise, Camilla breathed it deep in, her lungs filled with the green gas. She immediately began to cough, her massive tits jumping up and down as her chest was shaken, but still she struggled to go on. Xander stopped attacking her, watching her with what could very well be remorse. Just a few steps later, Camilla collapsed, the poison taking away all of her strength.

Seeing her assassin-to-be fall, Veronica felt a surge of satisfaction. No one should get away with trying to attack her directly. However… Was just dying enough of a punishment? No, Veronica realized. She deserved so much worse than just that. Calling her mist off, she spoke out quietly: “…Xander. Tie her up.” Hearing this, the prince of Nohr felt a surge of hope. He had already accepted that he would have to watch his sister die, and was ready to pay the price, but learning that he wouldn’t have to put his heart at ease. Having decided to stay with Veronica even after his summoning contract was broken, the man had dedicated himself to fighting for her with all he could - and that included fighting his family if necessary. However, he still cared for them… It was just that he decided Veronica needed his help more. Still, without Loki warning him that he should stay close to Veronica before the battle, he would have been out there fighting instead, and Veronica would have been helpless against his sister. Walking over to where Camilla had fallen, he easily bound her hands and legs together while trying to ignore that with her unconscious, her tits were slipping out of her top. Instead, he thought about Veronica. Showing mercy like this was not typical of the emblian princess… Maybe he was finally starting to influence her?

The assault of combined forces of Emblia and Muspell was relentless, and the Askrian side found itself defeated at every turn. With a huge chunk of their heroes dead, the rest broke under the onslaught, surrendering en masse. Although Ophelia kept fighting as hard as she could, defeating countless opponents, she too had eventually been overwhelmed. The invaders seemed to know her status in Askr, and they made sure not to kill her, restraining her and taking away her magic tomes. Soon enough, the wave of soldiers reached the castle that served as the headquarters of the Order of Heroes, and with little resistance going up against them seized control over it. A bunch of more problematic heroes, as well as the summoner herself, were all thrown into the dungeons Kiran would sometimes use for her fun. However, this time she was the one held there… At least Ophelia was held in the very next cell - letting her and Kiran exchange warm words and hold their hands as they waited for whatever fate had in store for them.

Both Veronica and Surtr made their way to the castle sometime later, biding their time on the way - both of them enjoying themselves while slaughtering some of the prisoners. Reaching the castle, however, Veronica saw the hatred in the eyes of heroes that she had passed. She had no contracts over them to control them… Veronica realized that it was only a matter of time before one of them would attack her. She wouldn’t stay here for long, just enough to make sure that the Askrian royal bloodline had been completely wiped out, but for the time being, she should discourage them from trying. There was one simple way to do that - making an example out of someone. Since she was already going to have Camilla executed, she decided that she could as well use her for it. Quickly giving orders to prepare for that, as well as ordering all the Askrian heroes to come to the main hall, Veronica herself headed for the hall and waited for the execution to start.

In a couple of minutes, the soldiers walked into the main hall, leading Camilla in her usual outfit on a leash behind them. It tied her still-gloved hands together behind her back, still letting her cast her charm on the people watching as she walked with powerful steps that left her breasts bouncing and her hips swaying from side to side. Even if she was being led against her will, she just couldn’t stop her body from moving like that - it was the only way to walk she knew. She was very much aware of what was in store for her now, having been witness to other public executions like this… But the Nohrian would be lying if she said she was not enjoying the attention. Usually she turned the eyes of only those she passed, though - and now she’d have the full attention of the entire surviving population of the Askrian castle. She let herself bask in their lustful gazes as the soldiers escorted her to the stage at the room’s center. However, she had less appreciation for their actions that followed. Their rough hands grabbed her boobies, fingers slipping over the hem of the purple, tight cloth that hugged them, and dragging it down - with her huge knockers slipping free, springing up and down some more to release the tension from the outfit. Only the people closest to the stage could make out the small cuts on them that were caused by Xander’s weapon, but Camilla wasn’t too happy about that - she was more than happy showing off parts her body, but fully stripping was something she wanted to keep just for her dear Corrin. Then again, there was no point getting too mad about it - all the public executions had the dying woman show her intimate parts. With that in mind, she wasn’t very angry as the soldiers removed the golden protectors from her thighs - along with the scraps of purple cloth on her hips that survived Xander’s attacks. And once they were done with that, their inconsiderate fingers reached for her purple thong. In a simple strong tug, they ripped them off - leaving Camilla’s pussy exposed to all. She withstood all the stares with a calm face, but on the inside she was loving all the attention. And that began to show, as the pink buds that topped her huge mountains of breast meat quickly turned hard as diamond, as erect as the cocks of many a hero in the audience. Her pussy was less direct than her nipples, only a weak dampness settling on her labia giving her arousal away.

Even if she had accepted showing her body off like that, there was no way the Nohrian princess could get behind what followed next. Her face was tainted with strong disgust as the soldiers whipped their dicks out. Coming at her from the front, he pushed her very meaty thighs apart. He then grabbed to the outer sides of them, his fingers rubbing against the small cuts there, and once she had stabilized her hips like that, he slammed his dick into her vagina. Camilla let out a gasp of annoyance at his roughness, but thanks to her earlier self-lubrication it didn’t really hurt. What was hurt was her pride - in no scenario she would have given herself to that man willingly. As much as it angered her, though, Camilla knew that this too was normal part of the execution. It was a certainty that she would too be a victim to rape like this. There was nothing she could do about it… With her hands behind her back, she couldn’t even shove the man away. Even if she was disgusted with herself because of that, she concluded that the best way to face it would be just to enjoy the sex - after all, there would be no time for that once they moved on to the main event. The man left a lot to desire as a lover. In no way he compared to Corrin’s gentleness or stamina, so Camilla had a hard time enjoying herself as he continued, unable to even get close to a climax of her own while the man blew his load into her cunt.

As some of his sticky semen began to leak out of her cunt once he pulled out, another two Emblian soldiers already approached her. With a rough push on the back, they forced her onto her fours - her high boots and long gauntlets offering protection for her knees and elbows. Then, one went for her behind while the other went for her front, Camilla’s purple eyes looking with disgust at the front one’s erect cock. Feeling defiant, she kept her mouth shut, so as the man at the front moved his shaft towards her face, he just slid his dick across her cheek, wiping some precum onto it. However, the man behind her had no such troubles. After running his member a few times through the crack of her butt, he put the tip in front of her anus. Camilla had tried anal in the past - even if Corrin was hesitant to try it out at first - but didn’t do it very often, and only after using some lube. Now, she was forced to take a dick raw - and the soldier wasn’t giving her too much time to get used to it. In one strong thrust, he pushed past her sphincter and into her rectum - the tight canal forced to painfully stretch in order to accommodate his dick. The pain forced a gasp of pain past her lips - and the moment they parted, the man at the front pushed his member into her mouth. The taste of cock wasn’t alien to her either - but with Corrin’s dragon cock having barbs it wasn’t too pleasant to suck her sister off, so she had little practice in that too. However, Corrin’s girth left her more than ready to take on the dick currently trying to slide into her throat. She had no troubles breathing even as the tip of the man’s dick touched against the back of her mouth. The man’s repulsive smell filling her nostrils only strengthened her resolve, making her double down on her refusal to give the man any sort of pleasure using her tongue. She endured as he grabbed on to the spikes of her headdress, letting him drive deeper into her as his balls rammed against her curved chin. The man roughly pounding her asshole sent pain through her spine with his every thrust, but she was able to quickly get used to that. The only way for her to win in this scenario would be to die with dignity - and Camilla swore to herself that she would not break down, no matter what happened to her.

As the two soldiers continued to rape her, the sound of heels cracking against the wooden floor reached Camilla’s ears. Her purple eyes darted to the side, and her heart filled with fury as she saw Veronica. She was the one who killed her sister… And also probably the one who put her in her current predicament. There wasn’t anyone else Camilla would love to see in front of herself - if only she could use her axe to crack the girl’s head open… However, tied up as she was, all Camilla could do was shoot dead glares towards the flat girl in black clothing. To her surprise, the girl seemed to be shivering a little bit… But Camila knew better than to attribute that to the looks she was giving her.

Drawing a deep breath, Veronica let magic carry her calm, quiet voice all over the room. “I rule over you now… If you try to resist… This is how you shall end up.” Sucking another breath in, she continued: “…For now, however… You can all enjoy her body.” Even if Kiran also let them do that, Veronica not taking this away already warmed some of the heroes up to her. Even if some of them were fond of Kiran, for most of the heroes it was just exchanging one twisted overlord for another. And some of them could feel their cocks twitching and their pussies getting wet as they added two and two together: If Veronica punished her enemies like this too, then one day in the very near future they might get to see the summoner herself executed on stage too. As result of Veronica’s announcement, a queue of heroes began to line up in front of the stage - Camilla’s heart swelling with more anger for the grey-haired girl. Still, the woman was determined to stay strong through all of them - even as her ass, cunt and mouth all received discharge after discharge of semen. Her heavy breasts were coated with semen as well, as some heroes using her upper body preferred to unload onto them instead of her face or inside her mouth.

Even with her slit and rectum hurting hours later, Camilla had still not given in - despite the fact that the line of heroes had no end in sight. Even if the climaxes she had come to were shallow and short, she was still able to find herself enough pleasure to stay sane throughout her prolonged rape session. Veronica watched for some time, then walked away - but recently, she had come back. And as yet another hero sprayed Camilla’s tits with his cream, her soldiers prevented another one from ascending the steps to reach her. Once the man using her lower half left too, Veronica gave out the order to move on to the deadly phase of Camilla’s show. Camilla was forced back to her feet as the soldiers readied what was prepared for her: three nooses, with a 4th one binding them together at some distance from the loops of rope. Why would there be three of them, though? Just for a moment, fear flashed through Camilla’s heart - did the small bitch decide to kill someone alongside her? She couldn’t have… But the two additional nooses could very well be for two of her sisters… Twisting her head around, the purple-haired princess was able to put her heart at ease as she failed to notice neither Corrin nor Elise among the nearby crowd.

The cluster of ropes was secured to a single notch at the on-stage gallows, with the soldiers taking her towards them. Once she was near the three nooses, one of them took the middle one and with some struggles got it past the abundant purple strands of her very long hair. He tightened it around her neck, and with some surprise Camilla noticed that it wasn’t too restrictive yet. Once they did that, they set her hands free - she wouldn’t be able to get the noose off anyways. Finishing with that, the other two loops were lowered to the level of Camilla’s feet. She tried to keep them on the ground, to drag them across the ground as they shoved her around, but eventually they managed to get both of them past her feet and onto her legs. Raising both loops just past the spikes that signified her ankles, they tightened both loops directly above them. As they backed away from her, Camilla took it as a sign that the preparations were over - and began to steel herself for the drop that she presumed awaited her.

However, the platform below her feet never opened. Instead, the Nohrian was puzzled as the ropes above her ankles began to pull them up. To keep herself standing, Camilla had to move her upper body backwards as her legs slowly angled upwards. However, the pulling showed no signs of stopping - and had to lower her huge chubby ass towards the ground too - inadvertently putting some tension into the rope around her neck as she tried to move her body lower. Her legs remained straight as they continued to bend up, stopping for a moment once they ended up perpendicular to her torso. At that point, Camilla’s legs were barely even touching the ground anymore, with her heels as the only spot where they connected. A huge part of her mass was now supported by the rope that was squeezing her neck, making breathing harder and harder as it continued. With her arms, Camilla tried to grab on to the ropes, but the ones near her feet were too far away because of how long her legs were, and it was hard for her to get a grip onto the one behind her head that would last for a longer time.

After giving Camilla a short break, the force pulling her ankles up returned again. Right away, the very busty woman lost all contact with the ground - letting her weight - and that of her torso’s armor and the pair of her high, armored boots - rest on just the three ropes that were holding her. As her legs continued to go up, the force around her neck increased too - squeezing her windpipe dangerously tightly. She could still draw fresh air in, but just a fraction of it could make it in - her mouth opening to suck in all the oxygen she could and letting out whishes and whizzes. With wide she stretched it open, drool and semen from before began to trickle out of it - travelling down her chin and dripping onto her massive mammaries. Her legs continued to twist upwards - spreading to the sides to keep her mass centered. Because of that, everyone could see her pussy as it dripped with more semen, as well as the number of small cuts on her succulent thighs. They didn’t stop until they were angled directly upwards, her feet and heels pointing directly at the ceiling. Along the way, it passed a point where too much of Camilla’s weight was put onto her neck, increasing the of compression of her trachea enough that no more oxygen could make it through. Her jugular was blocked as well, cutting off the blood that was flowing to her head as the rope dug directly into it. Being put in this position was not the end yet - they continued to lift Camilla up until her ass reached the height of about two-and-a-half feet, enough so that there was no chance for her to use the ground to help her. With the ropes around her legs accessible now, her hands shot towards them - but were unable to grant her any respite. It were her legs that were her stronger limbs, and her hands just didn’t have enough strength to pull her back up - leading to most of her body weight contributing to the crushing that her neck was receiving.

The pain in her neck was so strong that Camilla’s eyes started to bulge. She wanted to scream out in pain, to throw out threats at the woman who was putting her through this, but with no success - only choked gurgles making it out of her wide-open mouth. Her face quickly turned red, signalling her struggles to even those further away. And struggled she did - trying desperately to reduce the pressure on her neck for just a moment, to gain just another single breath of air that would alleviate the pain resonating within her oxygen-starved brain. The ropes kept her facing forwad, so all she could do was swing towards the crowd that was watching her and go away from them on the other swing - making her giant titties prance up and down while she did. The tight, armored corset that liked so much when fighting now proved to be detrimental as well. Normally she didn’t notice just how much it squashed her lungs, used to the little discomfort in her chest it caused. However, now that her lungs’ reduced capacity directly translated into more pain rippling through her body, Camilla couldn’t help but regret her choice in clothing. Her scrunched up lungs felt as if they were burning, throbbing around in her chest as if they were trying to burst out. And yet, maybe because of all the pain she was in, her hips still defaulted to their usual swaying - showing off her wounded thighs and her cunt that was already flushed because of all the usage it received earlier.

Camilla’s struggles dragged on for a few minutes, with the Nohrian unable to ease her pain in any way. Now, she wished for nothing more than the pain to end - bitter tears flowing down her face. Any defiance and strength she wished to preserve was gone, crushed away by the pain that had taken over her entire body. As Veronica saw the last flickers of resistance fade away from Camilla’s eyes, the Emblian decided she was ready for the next stage. “You can use her again.” Her voice once again sounded out in the hall, leading to more happy screams than before - all the heroes who failed to reach Camilla during her first gangrape were thrilled to hear that they’d have another opportunity to do it. Camilla could only barely make out that Veronica was saying something - so the man approaching her was a surprise. Even if her purple eyes were clouded with pain, she could still see him walk up to her. Her pussy was on just the perfect level for the approaching heroes to use, making it clear why they hung her up like that. With her legs spread access to her cunt was completely unobstructed - letting the heroes ram into her without any troubles. Camilla only barely registered the initial thrusts, her mind too focused on the pain to pay attention to them. However, the man’s powerful thrusts pushed her up - and just for an instant, the pressure on her neck was removed, with fresh oxygen flowing into her body. That dulled the pain she was feeling - bringing her back to reality, even if it still persisted within her. Enough so that she could feel the man’s next thrust - and made an effort to bounce higher up to suck more air in. Doing so, Camilla failed to notice that she was falling right into what Veronica had set up for her - the momentary respite from the pain only would prolong her suffering in the long run.

Camilla failed to think about it, sending her body bouncing on the man’s cock enough to reduce the pain to just an annoyance. The man who was raping her enjoyed the way she reacted to his thrusts, granting him more pleasure than he’d get if he got to fuck her before she was strung up like this. And the same was the case for her, too. Even if she managed to suppress the pain in her body, with only the one in her neck remaining as it was squeezed shut and then opened up repeatedly, the side effects of the pain still persisted - making her body more sensitive, for one. Her inner walls were suddenly able to tell her every nudge and vein on the man’s dick, clenching hard on it and sending a wave of arousal up her body. The fact that he was holding on to her ass for stability, giving her huge round buttcheeks a nice feeling up as he drove his member all the way in, and that his thumbs played with the red opening in her skin… All that ended up making her even more aroused than her oxygen-impaired brain could recall. Sadly, the feedback from her inner walls was enough to milk his semen out of him before she could reach a climax of her own. However, once Camilla’s pussy was awakened once, even the pain coming back as he withdrew and let her drop would not be enough to chase it away. As the next man walked up to her, Camilla eagerly pushed her hips out towards him - and let out a choked out moan as he penetrated her. However, this man was not as willing to let her breathe as the one before her was. Instead of holding on to her ass, his hands fondled her massive tits - his thumbs twiddling on her erect nipples as he pulled her down. Instead of him granting her a respite from her strangulation like the man before, he made it more intense as the rope fought back against his pull, Camilla’s neck caught in the middle and crushed much harder than before. This time, however, another force fought against it within her - one as mind-numbing as the pain was. Despite the rope cutting away the control Camilla had over her body, her hips began to move on their own, bucking against the man who was taking her with even more force then when she did it consciously. With the first fuck getting her close to the edge, this time Camilla was able to reach a climax - and unlike the ones she reached before on this day, this one shook her to the very core. With her mind and body already weakened through the hanging, they were body entirely enveloped in incredible pleasure as her pussy began to squirt out its juices. With how powerful her climax was, her cunt easily squeezed a load out of the man currently fucking her, and once he was done, he dropped her - but Camilla didn’t mind, still completely overwhelmed by the pleasure.

Camilla was never really able to recover after her mind was shattered like that. As her climax died down, she returned to her senses while being railed by another man - who was kind enough to let her breathe again. Her eyes rolled back up, her mouth opening mindlessly and her tongue slipping out to show that nothing of the strong woman remained inside her head. All Camilla cared for now was being able to cum again - and so she rode out the cocks that proceeded to fill her up, be it inside her vagina or her rectum. The pain constantly stayed with her too, but the men using her lower half made sure to let her breathe from time to time. This carried on until Camilla’s orgasms drained her body out of all the strength it had, her life withering away in between two dicks going into her body. There was little to signify that she had passed away - her cunt still responded to the cocks that went inside it, and with her eyes already rolled to the back of her head no one could see her life escaping through them. However, some time after they had gone limp, a particularly powerful thrust into her cunt travelled all the way through her body to her head, shaking it around and making her irises roll back to the front. The lack of life in her purple irises took some more time to notice, but even once it became clear that the Nohrian princess was no longer there, it didn’t change anything with the heroes men waiting to satisfy their lust using her body.

Not even dying would grant Camilla a relief from her new fate. It took Veronica some time to notice that the woman she wanted dead did di


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Not even dying would grant Camilla a relief from her new fate. It took Veronica some time to notice that the woman she wanted dead did die, but once she did, the Emblian princess quickly prepared a spell Loki had taught her. A spell that would prevent Camilla’s body from ever rotting away or being otherwise affected by her death. It would keep the big-boobed Nohrian’s holes as serviceable as ever, and her flesh and skin as soft as it was during her life. According to Loki, the spell lasted an indefinite amount of time - meaning there would be no end to the necrophilia Camilla’s corpse was subjected to. With that in mind, Veronica gave her final orders on what to do with the corpse, then left the main hall - where Camilla’s rape still continued.

Although the number of heroes who wanted to fuck Camilla’s corpse was huge, it was still finite. Eventually, it had to come to an end - at least for that day. Once it did, Veronica’s soldiers began to fulfill her remaining orders. Taking the nooses off the hooks on the gallows, they carried her to a spot near one of the hall’s doors. Up on the wall, there was number of hooks to which they secured the ropes - twisting Camilla into the same position she had during the hanging, her her back resting against the wall. The combined cluster of lines was swinging nearby, allowing the future users to bring the body lower or higher according to their needs. For now, since it was not to be in use, it had to be stabilized. After a quick trip to the dungeon, the soldiers retrieved Camilla’s axe. Placing it directly under her, they slid it’s shaft into a newly-created hole in the ground that was placed right below her while holding the axe in an upright position. Then, moving her up and then back down, they lowered her ass onto the axe’s upper part - specifically, the shorter shaft directly above the blade. Forcing the fairly long and ornate metal into her anus, they were able to provide her body with another point that would keep her up. The extra support meant that her legs and neck would not get stretched out too far, preserving her body’s beauty as close to her living appearance as possible. If anyone wanted to use her, they just had to take the axe out of the hole again, and move her to the height they desired. Camilla could go down enough that her tits and even her face were still able to be used. The freedom, combined with her outstanding body, made her corpse a popular attraction for male and female heroes alike, with the women fucking Camilla’s holes with dildos or just pushing their pussies into her face. Camilla herself would be thrilled to learn that the Corrins that were still in Askr were more than happy to give their sister the attention she desired. Even other Camillas were happy to use her body…The Nohrian’s princess, so regal in life, in death was reduced to being just a very popular cum dumpster - her vagina, ass, breasts and face all receiving a new coat of semen every day. She was so sought-after that the Askrians quickly decided to have her body cleaned every day - but every day left her covered in more cum than the one before.

As the day went by, Veronica listened to the reports about the battle. King Gustav and prince Alfonse had been felled in battle, leaving princess Sharena as the only surviving Askrian royal. However, the blonde seemed to have gone into hiding - and that bothered Veronica. She wanted to slaughter them all, and now the girl who was slightly older than her managed to escape her grasp. However, the very next day, her soldiers managed to find the lance-wielding girl. One of the heroes who had sheltered the girl had been swayed to turn her in after getting to fuck Camilla’s corpse. It seemed he was hoping for Sharena to pay him back for his help with her body, and once the princess refused him, he turned her in out of spite. Upon hearing that, Veronica requested for her to be brought to the room she had established herself in. Then, she began to think, how to deal with the blonde she had always despised. With her being the final of the Askrian royals, Veronica knew she had to savor the kill. As much as she hated to admit it, she wasn’t too experienced in that yet - she preferred to have others act out her orders while she just watched. This time, however, she’d take the matter into her own hands. Thinking about it a bit more, she decided to ask Loki for some tips. Even if she wasn’t too fond of the busty illusionist, the purple-haired lady was far more experienced in that kind of stuff - so a bit embarrassed, Veronica made her way to the quarters of the hyper-curvy woman.

Loki was delighted to see her, acting almost like a proud mother the Emblian princess never had once she heard, what Veronica wanted from her. Veronica wore an unlikely blush on her face as she listened to Loki say that the best way to make the kill unforgettable would be raping her prisoner. Although Veronica knew what sex was about, the young girl had no practical experience with it. Loki sensed that, and took delight in telling her all about it in full detail - the trickster taking pleasure in how uncomfortable the princess was. Once she finished her explanation, Loki brightened up while reaching into one sacks.
“I have something perfect just for you! Please, accept this small gift from your humble servant, o Emblian princess.” She spoke out while taking out a strap-on - with a small dildo on the inside, and a bigger one on the outer side. Veronica was a bit hesitant to take it, but realized that if she came to ask Loki for help, she should go through with it. Taking the pitch black gift from Loki, she began to bow inn order to voice her thanks - however, Loki just waved her hand at her. “Don’t mention it. I’m just trembling with excitement to see, what you’ll do with it…” Taking some more time to calm down and hide her blush, as she didn’t want to be seen like that by anyone, Veronica eventually left Loki’s quarters and made it back to her own - not without more teasing from the big-boobed lady. She, too would one day have tits like that… She definitely would! They would be fitting of her status as the ruler of a kingdom.

Coming back to her room, Veronica was delighted to see Sharena already there. Perhaps it was because of Loki’s orders that the woman somehow managed to give out behind her back, the Askrian princess was already strapped to the bed in a cross position. “Princess Veronica!” Although Sharena tried to keep her face cheerful, there were still hints of fear in the woman’s voice. Being tied up like this scared her - and the numerous times when Veronica boasted about killing them all also were fresh in her head.
“…Princess Sharena. Final of the royal line of Askr.” Sharena took a moment to process this, then pain appeared in her eyes as she realized that both her brother and her father were dead. “Oh, how I am going to enjoy killing you!” Veronica called out, while her eyes scouted out the room. For some reason, the soldiers who brought the girl there also carried her lance there with them. Why, she wasn’t sure - but suddenly she was captivated by the idea of using an Askrian legendary lance to put an end to that world’s bloodline once and for all.

Lifting Sharena’s weapon from the place it was in, she somewhat clumsily began to wield it. Veronica was not accustomed to fighting with weapons like this, and it was too big for her, too - but despite that, she managed to keep her balance as she turned towards the princess. The first step was to get rid of her victim’s clothes, Loki said. Keeping that in mind, Veronica stabbed out at her, the Fensalir stabbing through a chink in its usual wielder’s golden armor. Once she worked the tip beneath it, she began to use it as a lever to get more of the armor off. The golden scales that Sharena’s armor was made of began to snap away one by one, each one giving in faster than the last until Sharena was stripped of her armor. Beneath it, the girl wore a short white dress - which became Veronica’s next target. Now Veronica’s inexperience came more into play, clumsily guing the blade across Sharena’s body and opening shallow cuts in her skin at the spots she cut through the white cloth. Still, doing so, Veronica managed to get Sharena down to her underclothes - a white pair of shorts and a bra that bound her breasts down so they would fit under her armor. Veronica stabbed out at the girl’s chest, freeing her deceptively huge tits from the confinement of her bra while opening a small gash in the valley between them. Jealousy grew within Veronica again - how come the Askrian princess got to have tits this big, while hers were still so small?

Sharena’s face grew flushed as Veronica stripped her from her bra. If the girl was going to kill her, why wouldn’t she just do it now? But with the way she was acting, it was obvious that the Emblian girl was trying to make this sexual. Sharena would have never expected that from her - in her eyes, Veronica was just a bitchy brat that had too much power at her disposal. Still, she was hoping that one day the two of them could get closer - Sharena believed she could become friends with almost anyone. But what did she get out of that friendship in the end? A dude that just wanted to screw her, and once she refused, he just gave her over to the Emblian soldiers. With such a betrayal, and her entire world already in shambles in front of her, it was hard for Sharena to stay optimistic. In Sharena’s eyes, she saw this as a twisted way to fulfill her wish. Her only hope now was that Veronica would decide to keep her as her toy. But she already said she was going to kill her…

Veronica set the lance down, and headed for Sharena by herself. She wasn’t too happy with how she could control its movements, and for the girl’s shorts she had to be in full control - she wouldn’t want to cut Sharena’s maidenhood up by accident. Placing her small, cold hands on Sharena’s hips, she grabbed the hem of her shorts and pulled them down too. Now, Sharena’s lower body was fully uncovered to the younger princess - her pink, untouched pussy captivating her for some reason. As the girl’s legs were spread, Veronica wasn’t able to get the shorts too far down Sharena’s thighs - however, as she continued to pull, she just ended up ripping them away. She continued to stare at her opening for some more time, making Sharena even more uncomfortable. Then, the Emblian princess got back up. Litfing the front flap of her dress, she reached for her leggings and began to pull them down. Once she created enough of an opening, getting them about halfway down to her knees, she reached for the thing Loki gave her - and froze. Embarrassment washed over her, and suddenly she blushed almost as hard as Sharena was. She had never had sex before… And now she’d lose her virginity to a toy given to her by the woman who took pride in messing with others. She wasn’t one to get too nostalgic over things, but this moment should be significant to her. Taking deep breaths to prepare herself for it, Veronica put the strap-on into the opening between her legs, and pulled it up. The smaller dildo on the inside touched against her entrace, and she stopped again. Another deep breath, then Veronica pulled it up. Having it break through her hymen hurt, but unknown to her, the black dildo began to radiate purple as it ventured deeper into her, sending soothing magical waves throughout her vagina. Because of that, it stopped hurting her fairly quickly - as Veronica finished tying it up on her hips, the pain was already gone - replaced by the kind of pleasure the Emblian princess had not felt before. The earlier blush on her face was now replaced by the flush of sexual excitement.

Turning back towards Sharena, she noticed that the frontal flap of her dress would still be getting in the way - so she pulled it to the side, and tugged it behind her waist. Now, the dark dildo was uncovered to Veronica’s captive, too - and even if she expected something like that, she was still surprised. She wouldn’t get the chance to look at it for too long - Veronica quickly approached her, climbing onto the bed and going in between her legs. Pushing her hips forward, Veronica slid the black dildo into Sharena’s pussy. Blood began to pour down it as Veronica tore through the princess’s hymen, the girl starting to thrash in her restraints because of the pain she was feeling. With each of her thrusts, it was as if someone was stabbing her. Within Sharena’s cunt, the dildo began to glow a green residue. Loki made sure to enchant that part with Veronica’s poison magic - and now that the Emblian princess inserted it into her first victim’s cunt, the poison began to work on Sharena’s insides. It began to seep into her inner walls, making them even more sensitive - and making each contact with them extremely painful for the blonde woman. Of course, neither of them knew about it - but the effects of that were apparent as Sharena continued to thrash against her binds while screaming out in pain. For Veronica, bucking her hips against Sharena’s opening provided her with pleasure that overshadowed anything she had expected - and despite trying to hold them in, the younger girl began to moan quietly - an embarrassed blush reappearing on her cheeks.

After Veronica managed to get used to the pleasure coursing through her body, she was able to get her thoughts straight again. Sure, this felt really good, but hadn’t Loki advised her to do more than just that? The illusionist mentioned that cutting the victim made her spasm more. Even if she couldn’t feel Sharena’s inner walls through the strap-on at all, she still decided to go through with it. Withdrawing for a moment - Sharena being extremely thankful for her momentary respite - Veronica found Sharena’s spear, then returned back to the bed. Going right in between the Askrian’s legs, she forced the dildo back into her cunt, bringing back the pain Sharena still had not recovered from. Each inch of her pussy was screaming out in pain, and Sharena wanted nothing but for the pain to stop. However, that was not going to happen - instead, Veronica would deliver her even more pain. Bringing the spear down into Sharena’s waiting body, Veronica proceeded to stab her. She still wasn’t able to control it too well, so she avoided the major important regions of the body and just struck out at Sharena’s stretched out arms and legs - sometimes going for a short stab in the girl’s stomach.

Seeing Sharena react to the small geysers of blood that followed cutting her with the spear was fun, but it quickly got boring. Perhaps if she could feel the twitching of her pussy then she’d appreciate it more. Going back through what Loki said, she remembered one more thing the woman suggested - and blushed yet again as she thought of it. She suggested that she should lean in and kiss the other girl. Her first kiss… Veronica took another deep breath while pushing her hips forward with more intensity. Then, she laid the spear on the side at the bed, letting it rest on one of Sharena’s legs. Following that, Veronica leaned forward. It made it harder for her to thrust in, but the gift from Loki was flexible enough that she was still able to fuck the girl - forcing more pressure onto the back part of Sharena’s pussy and making it hurt even more. Sharena screamed out in pain again, directly into Veronica’s face which was hovering just inches away from the Askrian princess’s own face. As Sharena stopped screaming to draw a breath in, Veronica lowered her face the rest of the way in. Her lips ended up on Sharena’s slightly bigger ones, and Veronica left a kiss on them just as Loki told her to. She let her tongue wander across the other woman’s lips, too, because Loki also advised her to do it - and Veronica had to admit it was pretty fun. However, the absolute lack of feedback from the other girl - Sharena was too confused at this point to react to the kiss - made her stop it too.

Springing back up, Veronica felt her body slowing down. She had not experienced this before, but Loki had explained it to her too. Realising she was on the brink of the first climax of her life, Veronica picked the lance up again - while continuing to move her hips forward at a rapid pace. Then, she lifted it towards Sharena’s neck - and stabbed it into it just as she reached her edge. Loudly screaming out her pleasure with her usually cold voice, Veronica came just as Sharena’s spear cut the girl’s neck open.

Now, Veronica really could feel the other princess’s twitches against her body as the blood began to fountain from her cut neck. She continued to ride her orgasm out while watching Sharena bleed out - incredible pleasure coursing through her entire body. Loki’s magical strap-on worked on making her feel as good as it could, and the Emblian girl’s body could barely handle feeling this good. Even more, once her climax started to ripple down, the magical item send a shot of energy through Veronica’s body, bringing her back to fully conscious again. Sharena was still alive as that happened, and once Veronica had experienced how good it felt once, she wanted more - so she proceeded to thrust back into Sharena’s dying body. This time, as the aftereffect of the magic, the Emblian wouldn’t be able to last as long as the first time - and she reached her second climax just as the last remnants of life left Sharena’s body. Now, the Askrian royal family was truly dead - and that, combined with her orgasm, made Veronica feel so good her brain couldn’t handle it - the girl collapsing on top of the bed, twitching in mindless pleasure unbecoming of the usually calm, intimidating dark lady she tried so hard to be.

It took Veronica a looong time to fully recover from that climax, but she eventually managed to do it. Now, her mission was truly finished - and the ruler of Emblia felt so empty… However, Loki had just shown her a whole new world of pleasure. If she had accomplished her main goal, for some time she could just indulge herself in this… She would find out a new goal for herself once she had some fun with some of the others heroes that she and the summoner had both summoned.

With that decided on, Veronica had no further use for Sharena’s corpse. She was almost ready to order it to be thrown away - but then she remembered Camilla and what she did to the hyper-busty Nohrian. Her corpse was strung up in the main hall for everyone to use… There was no one more fitting for that fate than the princess of this kingdom. Calling on the spell Loki had taught her again, she made it so that Sharena’s body would never wither - staying just as fair and tight as the girl was now. Even if Veronica couldn’t really enjoy her tightness, the other heroes who would get to fuck the princess surely would. Ordering the girl to be put up in the same way Camilla had ended up in, Veronica was completely done with the golden-haired princess of Askr. While the girl’s corpse didn’t enjoy as much as the much bustier foreign princess did, it still grew to have its fans. Her much more reasonable, but still pretty big breasts and her tight cunt both were appreciated by the heroes who not so long ago used to look up to the bright, cheerful girl. She’d still raise their spirits like she used to - but now, she’d do it as a stress reliever instead of talking to them with her happy voice.


Chapter 17x-2: Death of the Flame Sisters
tags: non-con, F/F, M/F, futa, necro, cut-in-half, head crush

Laevatein stared at the naked, headless, armless corpse of Silvia that she had secured for herself once the battle ended. Although the girl tried to show no emotion, her face still betrayed her excitement - and so did the way she was grinding her thighs against one another. She had failed to find Silvia’s head in the aftermath, but the unlucky dancer’s dead body was still pretty close to where she left it. The extra servings of semen dripping from the dancer’s pussy, asshole and neck stump didn’t bother her in the slightest. She had put the corpse over her new bed in the room her sister had assigned her, with no care for the sheets that were now soaked through with both blood and cum. She wanted to thrust her fingers into her slit to satisfy the urge that was now driving her lower body, but she had to do something else first. With both of her hands, the girl was going through her belongings that she had brought with her to Askr. There wasn’t too many of them - Laevatein usually wasn’t one to get too attached to simple items. However, she did keep a bunch of them. And one of these was a gift from Loki. The Trickster had gifted her a purple dildo, saying that if she ever wanted to drop her stoic facade, it would let her have some fun. And now that Laevatein had felt the pleasure of an orgasm brought through killing another woman, she intended to make the most of it.

Happily, she had managed to find it. Taking it out, the younger princess of the flames didn’t waste any second and thrust the thing directly into her dripping pussy through the opening she had created on her crotch during the battle. She paid no mind to her hymen giving way to it - focusing on the way her warm walls reacted to the phallus that was filling them in. To her surprise, the dildo propelled itself deeper inside her - disappearing behind her entrance completely. How was she supposed to use it to fuck the corpse that she had brought?

She wouldn’t have to wonder about that for too long. As she moved towards the corpse, her pussy hovering near Siliva’s cooled down entrance, the proximity of it awakened the magic within Loki’s gift. She knew that Laevatein would love to play a dominant role, so she gave her something fitting for that. Sprouting from the girl’s crotch, just over her clit, was now a cock made out of bright red flames - color that matched Laevatein’s other flames perfectly. It was already erect, and as Laevatein curiously moved one hand towards it, it twitched in response to it just like a normal one would. She gave it a few strokes to test it out, and the pleasure that followed was of dual nature. The dark-skinned girl could feel her fingers running up and down the length of her new cock, but at the same time she could also feel them touching the inner walls of her cunt - both of these sources making her feel good. Loki’s gift that was stuck in her cunt transferred everything that the dick was feeling directly to her pussy. After experimenting for a few more moments, closing her eyes as her face grew red with excitement while she moaned, Laevatein decided to put her new tool to use. Guiding her cock with one hand, she took it towards Silvia’s pussy again.

Slowly pushing it in, Laevatein moaned as she could feel the dancer’s cold pussy closing over her newest organ. It was as if the cold of the girl’s inner walls was trying to suck out the heat from her flaming dick, squeezing them tightly. But that wasn’t the only reason for the pink-haired girl to moan. The dildo that was still inside her pussy began to move as well, slowly pushing deeper in and reflecting the depth to which Laevatein managed to push her cock to. After testing her new weapon out like that, Laevatein pulled back - feeling Loki’s gift retract in her vagina, as well. Then, the girl put all of her strength into her hips as she drove them forward - pushing her flaming dick deep into Silvia’s cunt, with its burning tip hitting against the dead girl’s cervix. In sync with her sensitive tip slamming into the divide between the green-haired girl’s vagina and womb, the dildo hit Laevatein’s cervix too. Her inner walls clenched hard on the purple magical item, her boiling hot juices starting to leak freely from her pussy as a surge of pleasure hit her. The girl proceeded to fuck convulsively, her entire body shaking as she slammed her burning shaft against the dead dancer’s flesh. “This~ Feels~ So~ Great!” Laevatein thought to herself in between her moans, pleasure unlike any other taking over her entire body.

As her thrusts proceeded to shake Silvia’s corpse on the bed, Laevatein grabbed onto her with her hands to keep the body from moving. At first, she held onto the girl’s wide hips - stabilizing them to let her cock go in deep. However, even if that kept the body pretty much in one place, parts of it were still moving. Silvia’s massive mammaries - that already caught Laevatein’s attention back when she and Silvia fought - were once again bouncing around wildly. Just like last time, it was because of Laevatein’s actions - and just like last time, the heat in Laevatein’s cunt only grew as she watched them. She just had to touch them! Letting go of Silvia’s hips, Laevatein’s small hands tried to close over the dancer’s tits - with the dead, slightly burnt orbs of flesh being just too big for them. Despite that, Laevatein was able to take even more pleasure as she proceeded to feel them up - but with Silvia being dead for some time now, they weren’t as bouncy and squeezy as they used to be when Silvia was still alive. Still, Laevatein enjoyed having them pool through her fingers - and digging her nails into the girl’s nipples to have them spill some blood and milk onto her hands felt great too.

As her body continued to be driven by pleasure, the younger princess of Muspell began to get closer and closer to her climax. But that had another effect besides getting her closer to coming, too. As her pleasure grew, so grew the heat of the flames that were making up her futa tool. Enough that the flesh surrounding it started to get affected by it. Her cock had already long forced its way into Silvia’s dead womb, and now with each thrusts was shaking her uterus around. Adding the heat to that, it didn’t take long for Silvia’s uterus to start being roasted, the flames of Laevatein’s dick licking away at the stretched-out walls. The liquids of Silvia’s dead vagina provided to be the baste for the process, making Silvia’s womb and cunt roast well from within. The tasty smell of well-done meat spread around Laevetain’s chambers by the time the girl came, sending a flaming hot to continue searing Silvia’s uterus some more while squirting her come all over Loki’s gifts and the Muspell’s princess’ very rich thighs. Screaming out in pleasure, the woman collapsed on top of Silvia’s body - her medium-sized tits ending up on top of Silvia’s bigger ones. The climax she had before on the battlefield couldn’t compare to the pleasure this one put her through… Loki really gave her an amazing gift.

“SHE DID WHAT?” Surtr called out in anger while listening to one of his soldiers’ report. The man spoke about Laevatein, Surtr’s daughter. The soldier always had a bit of a crush on the girl. He was lucky enough to see the girl head off with Silvia’s head during the battle, and his curiosity made him follow her. Because of that, he was able to watch as the twintailed princess behaved in a way most unbecoming of royalty like her, bucking her hips against the face of the green-haired dancer until she came. The man enjoyed the show a lot, his hand working on his cock and shooting his load onto the ground from a distance long enough that the girl had not noticed him. Of course, he omitted that detail from his report to Surtr - admitting to that would basically mean suicide. At first, the man considered trying to blackmail the girl - but he knew that if he tried that, she’d just kill him. So instead, he went directly to the king - hoping the king would reward him for bringing him information like that. Maybe even he’d get to shove his cock in between the girl’s meaty thighs once Surtr would be done with her… Well, a man could dream. Still, his king reacted just as he expected him to - and so the man decided to stick in front of Surtr’s office while Surtr ordered some other soldiers to bring his younger daughter to him.

Laevatein was pleasantly surprised to feel her burning cock twitch inside Silvia’s pussy while she was still recovering from her climax. It seemed that the magical tool did not require any rest at all - bringing fresh pleasure into her body while she waited for the rest of her body to catch up with it. With it ready for another round, it somehow made the rest of her body recover far quicker than it should - and it only took Laevatein a little time before she was pounding uncontrollably into the half-burnt cunt. She was able to catch a tasty smell before, but she had no idea that it was the effect of her flames working on Silvia’s insides. Ignoring it for the time being, the woman continued to plow the dancer’s pussy - and enjoying the force of her thrusts being transferred back up her cunt. Going for the second round, she could already picture herself doing this to other of her kills in the future too - and her pussy twitched harder when she thought of this. The once emotionless shell was broken, Laevatein moaning louder and louder with each thrust. Being Surtr’s daughter, she knew no one but him could deny any of her whims - and it was so exciting to picture, who could her next prey be! Doing that let her bring her thrusts up to a new level of intensity, one that anyone else would have a hard time replicating - pushing her well-trained body to its limits. She continued to do it for some more time, until…

“Lady Laevatein! King Surtr wishes to see you!” Laevatein groaned as the door to her room suddenly flew open, an Askrian soldier standing behind it with a message from her father. She was so close to coming again! However, she knew Surtr didn’t look too kindly on people ignoring his orders. “…I’ll be theeeeere right away.” She replied, trying to keep a cool voice - but a moan escaped her lips anyways. Getting up and pulling out of Silvia’s roasted pussy, Laevatein watched curiously as the magical cock went off as if it was never there. As she walked a few steps, the dildo within her still vibrated, her warmth keeping it going. Being this close to another climax, she decided she could very well leave it in - just a slight bulge at the skin of her abdomen showing that it was there. Of course, it also spread her pussy lips a bit more - and as her shorts had a hole in them, anyone that she walked past could see them dripping with her juices.

Reaching what used to be Kiran’s office, Laevatein wasn’t surprised to see her older sister already there. Laegjarn was going to rule over this kingdom in Surtr’s name, and she had to get in touch with how the Askrian’s kept everything going - so she had to go through all of Kiran’s documents. As busy as she was, she still rose her head and smiled at Laevatein as she saw her younger sister enter. She was surprised to see the blush on the girl’s cheeks, and as Laevatein came closer Laegjarn could also see her sister’s exposed pussy. This was unusual… Laevatein would never do something like this normally. Even so, Laegjarn was happy for her - anything to break the girl out of her emotionless shell was welcome.

“…LAEVATEIN. YOU DISOBEYED MY ORDERS.” Surtr’s powerful voice boomed through the room. “NO ONE’S ALLOWED TO SLACK OFF IN BATTLE.” The dildo inside her picked up the pace, sensing that the girl was on the verge of a climax. That led to her not being able to reply, her mind focusing mostly on the pleasure - and on keeping herself standing as pleasure-born weakness spread through her legs. What orders? Didn’t she do just fine?
“THE PUNISHMENT FOR THAT IS DEATH.” Laevatein wasn’t able to take in, what that meant, her mind consumed fully by her climax. She started to shake on her feet as she squirted come down her thighs and onto her tights, as well as to the floor below her. She had no strength to reply, to defend herself in any way. She just looked on, confused, as Surtr drew his scythe and approached her.

However, before her father did get to her, another voice spoke out.
“Father, please! Have mercy on her! She’s your daughter, after all!” Laegjarn called out, trying her best to protect her sister. For just an instant, she thought she had succeeded - for Surtr stopped and turned to look at her. “IF YOU WANT MERCY FOR YOUR SISTER, YOU SHOULD KILL HER YOURSELF.” Laegjarn froze, the elder flame princess completely taken aback by this. She always did her best to protect her sister from danger, how could she kill her now?
“IF YOU DON’T DO IT, I WILL MAKE HER DEATH EVEN MORE PAINFUL.” Surtr seemed entertained by the thought, his face housing a huge grin. That man really did not care for them, even if they were his daughters. Still he was their father - and their king. She should obey his orders… And taking her life herself would be the final service she could give her sister. Drawing Niu from the sheath she had at a hand’s reach, Laegjarn stood from behind Kiran’s desk and began to walk towards her younger sister, the sword shaking in her hands in anticipation of what she was about to do.
“Laevatein… I’m sorry, sister.” Laegjarn apologized, and it seemed to finally bring Laevatein out of her stupor. Her orgasm made her miss out on most of her father and sister’s talk, so she was confused to see her coming at her with her weapon drawn.
“LAEVATEIN! PROVE YOURSELF IN BATTLE AND I MIGHT LET YOU LIVE!” Surtr’s scream at her awakened her battle spirit within her. Even if she was to fight against her sister, she wouldn’t lose. She drew Laevatein from her sheath, her namesake carrying small flames on its golden blade as she energetically put it in a fighting stance in front of her.

Without any hesitation, Laevatein untied the belts that kept her hip guards in place, letting them fall to the ground. Her father’s orders were absolute, after all. She quickly discarded her gauntlets, too - and removed the emblem of her father that she wore over one of her breasts, placing it respectfully on the ground. Then, she began to work on her form-fitting black suit. Opening it up at her collar, the younger sister quickly dragged it down her body - taking it off along with her boots. That left the pink-haired girl in just her purple bodystocking. While it cover up most of her body, it was also see-through - so Laevatein’s erect nipples were clearly visible through it. Even if it wasn’t, the hole at her pussy would make it show anyways. The slight bulge in her skin that was caused by the dildo which was still inside it was now visible, too - but neither Surtr nor Laegjarn were able to tell the difference.

While Laegjarn wasn’t as eager to undress as her sister was, she knew very well that if Surtr told her to do something, it had to be done. Removing her father’s embled and the clasp that together with it held her cape in place, she let it slide off her shoulders along with the feathery piece that was on her right shoulder. She quickly took off her gauntlets too. Then, she reached behind her back and untied the red bands that kept her chestplate in place. Without them holding it to her body, the black-and-golden piece of armor came free - revealing the older woman's huge tits. Just as her younger sister, Laegjarn also wore a purple bodysuit underneath, even if hers was a bit darker - and just like with her sister, it also meant her boobs were fully visible now. Why was her sister looking at them in such a crude way? Connected to the older sister's chest guard was a crimson veil that covered her stomach and her crotch. Without the chesplate there, the veil also disappeared - allowing for a better look at the general's muscular stomach. Now, all that let Laegjarn keep her dignity was the bright red skirt she wore on her hips. However, it had to go too. Unclasping the belt at the front of it, she let it slide down her powerful thighs - having to shake her hips a little to make it get past them - and past the armored boots that reached to her knees. Without it, her neatly shaved pussy could be seen - and to Laegjarn’s surprise, Laevaten’s gaze was drawn to it. Why was that? Hadn’t they seen each other naked countless times already on their trips to the hot springs together? The lewd expression on her sister’s face as she continued to stare at her body was pretty unsettling for the older woman. She was more than okay with her sister finally awakening to her sexuality - but why was it directed at her, too? “All armor had to come off…” The teal-haired woman reminded herself, trying to send her thoughts in some different direction. She still had her boots on. Bending over, she began to drag them off her legs one by one. That position covered her pussy from her sister’s sight, but it also made her massive mammaries heave over and dangle down, jiggling around as she did that even despite the tight bodysuit that was hugging them. Laevatein was more than happy to see them like that - she was more interested in her sister’s milk jugs anyways.

As both sisters were now just in their purple bodysuits, they were now read to fight. Laevatein continued to stare at Laegjarn’s body, while the older woman looked at their father instead - waiting for his next order. Surtr didn’t waste any time before saying it, either.

Immediately, Laevatein darted towards her sister, her burning sword lighting up. Her eyes were still locked onto her sister’s sexual parts, but Laevatein knew better than to let that distract her - at least that’s what she told herself. As she missed Surtr’s sentence for her, she wasn’t sure, why was she to fight her sister - but that in no way meant she’d go easy on her. Laegjarn watched her approach, her hand gripping the handle of Niu tightly. Her curved sword was a bit smaller than her sister’s, giving the pink-haired girl more range. Usually, it did not matter as she could just take a hit from her opponent before retaliating with a powerful blow. However, now she didn’t have her armor on - so letting Laevatein hit her would be more dangerous than usual. However. there was little else Laegjarn could do - she much rather preferred to respond than to take the initiative. So the green-haired woman waited as her younger sibling covered the distance between them.

Finally, Laevatein was directly near her sister - and quickly started off with a powerful slash to her sister’s upper body. Laegjarn lifted Niu to meet her sister’s blade with her own, but the attack was too strong to stop it successfully - her hand and blade knocked aside as the golden, flaming sword continued towards her. However, her defense managed to deflect it just a bit from its original course - and Laevatein wasn’t really trying to hurt her, anyways. Because of that, Laevatein only hit Laegjarn on her left arm with it’s blunt side, the flames burning off the sleeve of her bodysuit from it. Continuing down to her forearm, however, it was far more harmful - slicing off a layer of her dark skin along with the cloth from her sleeve that started to fall apart. Even with Laegjarn’s body being resistant to fire, it still was pretty painful as the flames tickled against her now-exposed flesh. She recoiled back, reestablishing her grip on the blade, before striking back just as Laevatein did the same. Even if her sister had the upper hand in strength, Laegjarn still had her beat when it came to speed. And while Laevatein had no intent of hurting her sister, their father’s words resonated in Laegjarn’s head. Because of them, she was very much trying to kill her little sister. Her blade went directly for her sister’s neck, hoping to end it all with a single slice through the slim bridge between her head and the rest of her body. However, their blades clashed again - and now it was her attack that ended up being deflected. Instead of reaching Laveatein’s neck, it opened a deep gash in her sister’s chest, just over her tits. Blood began to flow from it right away, staining the purple material of her bodysuit with a darker crimson. Because of the slice, the front of her bodysuit began to come off - Laevatein’s boobs slipping free from it. However, what mattered the most to Laeavatein at that point, was that she realized that her sister had tried to kill her. But why? Wasn’t this just a sisterly spar?

Laevatein’s blade also didn’t reach its target. Instead, her fist slammed hard into Laegjarn’s chest - the force of the blow, amplified by the heavy handle of the sword, causing a few of her upper ribs to crack. She hit her hard enough that Laegjan stumbled backwards again, much further than before - going out of range of her another attack. Laevatein took that opportunity to examine her wound. It was deep, but not life-threatening - and it wouldn’t really affect her battle performance. What would affect it, though, was the hot blood running from it and down her heavy tits - especially the droplets of it that trickled down her erect nipples. That caused her arousal that surfaced as she watched her sister strip to reappear again - and so her gaze returned towards Laegjarn’s body. Now, her sister far far too bothered by her wounds to remember to cover herself up - giving Laevatein a better look at both her gigantic boobies and her hairless slit. That caused Laevatein’s insides to stir again - and responding to that, the dildo stuck inside her also began to move. As it rubbed against her vaginal walls, the girl began to have troubles concentrating. A more lewd expression formed on her face as she moaned silently, taking her gaze up Laegjarn’s body - and her face flushed as her and her sister’s eyes locked.

Was Laevatein… Getting off during the fight for her life? This was not something Laegjarn would expect from her. Still, her sister seemed to be lost in her pleasure, just standing there while leering at her. She, however, could not afford to wait like that - at any point, Surtr could decide he’d rather kill her himself. However, approaching her seemed dangerous because of her strength. Instead, Laegjarn just prepared her sword again. Lifting it over her head, she called for the flames to appear around her sword. A long, blazing trail appeared behind it. She let it build up for a while, before swinging her sword towards her sister from a distance. The flames formed a burning whip that cracked through the air before hitting Laevatein all over her body, a long vertical path of flames going from between her boobs down her muscular stomach and all the way down to her pussy. A searing wound opened in her bodysuit and her skin beneath it, one that the flames hungrily began to devour. Now, pain flooded Laevatein’s mind, fighting with the pleasure that was there earlier. And the pleasure wasn’t giving up without a fight - being hit on the abdomen stirred Loki’s gift within her even more, making it vibrate even faster.

The fire quickly died down, unable to bite too deeply into the body of the daughter of the flames. Still, a long gash ran down the front of her body now - and it caused her noticeable pain. As her bodysuit turned into shreds, its pieces falling off her body and leaving her fully naked, Laevatein was reminded again that her sister wasn’t playing around this time. If she used another attack like that on her… Laevatein wasn’t sure if she’d be able to survive it. That knowledge allowed her to push the pleasure to some corner of her mind. It was still there, and the dildo was still working on her pussy oh so hard, but Laevatein was used to bottling her feelings up, so it being there should not affect her. Her gaze turned back towards her sister, but this time there would be no daydreaming - instead, she set out to win this fight. Approaching her sister more carefully than the last time, the twintailed girl tried to make it super obvious, where her next strike would come from. And it seemed to be working - Laegjarn shifted her stance to a more defensive one agai, one meant to block an attack from her left. Her sister was doing just what she wanted… Finally reaching her sister again, she swung her namesake towards her again. However, this time she was aiming directly for her weapon. The elder princess used her sword to defend herself, but that was what Laevatein was hoping for. Her golden, heavy sword slammed right into it, easily knocking Niu out of Laegjarn’s hands.

With her sister disarmed, it was obvious to her that the battle was over. Laevatein turned around, facing her father while in full control of herself for the first time today. However, his expression was stern - and it soon cracked into an angry one:
“WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? KILL HER!” To say the sisters were surprised to hear that would be an understatement. Laegjarn knew he wanted her to kill her sister, but never considered that the opposite scenario was also the case. “F-Father?” She asked, fear showing up in her voice. “YOU FAILED. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO LIVE.” W-what? This was not supposed to happen… Laegjarn shifted on her heels, looking back at her sister - who was just about to carry out her father’s will.

The pink-haired princess didn’t expect her father to order her to do this. However, it caused Laegjarn trying to kill her before make more sense. She did miss some of his words while in her orgasmic throes earlier… But how could he be telling her to kill her sister? Just the thought of doing that was so wrong… And yet, thinking of it awakened a heat in Laevatein’s abdomen unlike anything before. With shock, Laevatein realized that she wanted to kill her. With how amazing it felt to kill Silvia, killing someone she had loved the most all her life would definitely make her feel even better - and the sudden spike in her arousal as she thought of it confirmed it to her. Even if father’s demand was horrifying, it did not mean that she couldn’t enjoy it. She turned back towards her sister, getting her arousal in check once more, just barely - the sword-wielding girl knowing well that her mind was nearing the breaking point.

“Laegjarn… Big sister… I’m sorry…” Laevatein mouthed a half-hearted apology as she drove her blade through her sister’s chest, directly in between her two boobs. Fresh, hot blood splashed onto her hands as she did that, burying the large sword almost all the way in to the handle. Laegjarn’s sternum offered no protection from the huge sword, cracking in easily as the golden weapon smashed through it. Most of her ribs were broken by the sheer force of the blow too, and combined with the ones that were broken earlier, made her ribcage cave in. Shards of her bones stabbed into her lungs, puncturing in multiple spots them and causing blood to flood them as more pain got to her. Despite her pain, Laegjarn tried to pull a smile onto her face. “Don’t worry… I-It’s okay…” She managed to mouth before Laevatein proceeded with her cut. Pulling down the sword, she had it slice right through her sister’s heart. A spasm shook Laegjarn’s body when it happened, the two halves of her blood pump struggling to keep it circulating - her ribcage flooded with even more blood that started to pour out from her aortas. Laegjarn continued to shake in her legs, her knees feeling weaker and weaker with each passing moment.

The younger girl didn’t stop at just that - she continued to drag her sword down Laegjarn’s well-built stomach. Even if her abs were toned, it in no way helped to stop the sword from just slicing through them. A red vertical line began to open in Laegjarn’s abdomen, just like the one she gave Laevatein earlier. However, while that one wasn’t too deep, this one opened her up in full - and as the sword proceeded to travel downwards, Laegjarn’s guts began to slide free from it. Because of the heat of the flames on the sword, they were steaming hot too - just enough to make Laevatein smell something tasty again. As she continued to cut through her sister’s stomach, Laegjarn’s legs finally gave way - and the older woman collapsed to her knees. Even if she was still alive, Laegjarn slumped down on the sword - and Laevatein let go of it with one hand, placing the other on her sibling’s shoulder to straighten her up again. Still, it was harder to cut like that - so Laevatein bent over too. Now, her face was soooo close to Laegjarn’s… Enough that she could almost feel the heat of her skin on her cheeks… And that was what finally broke through the walls she put to stop her pleasure from interfering. Giving in to her desires, Laevatein pushed her head forward all the way in - placing her lips on Laegjarn’s as she delivered a powerful kiss onto them. That in no way stopped her from moving her sword further down Laegjarn’s body - the sword proceeding to slice into her womb.

Laegjarn could feel her body rapidly giving way to the pain and the loss off blood as her sister continued to cut her open. And now, she also kissed her too! Her earlier suspicions about her sister being interested in her body were correct, then. Laegjarn wasn’t sure, how to feel about it. If Laevatein asked her to educate her on her sexuality, she’d be happy to teach her… But the passionate, even if somewhat clumsy kiss her sister was giving to her lips told a different story - one of burning desire, and not just curiosity. Laegjarn tried to wrap her mind around it, but with the state her body and mind were in now, she was unable to decide if she liked it or not. Still, she knew well enough that her feelings on the matter weren’t important - this was a part of the spoils for her sister’s victory…

With her heart in two halves, Laegjarn wasn’t too sure how she was still living - unaware that the undying flames of Muspell expanded her life. Even without the Rite of Flames, they still allowed her to live on far longer than a normal woman would. Thanks to them, she was able to experience in full as her uterus was cut in half, too. It hurt, but it wasn’t too bad compared to having her lungs impaled with her bones. Besides, if the blade was so low now, it would just be a little longer before this was over… Usually so strong mentally, as the elder princess was submitted to all the pain, she quickly found herself wishing for the release of death - and knowing it was close let her relax a bit… Enough that she didn’t scream too loud once the blade cut through her cervix and right into her vagina. Having her inner walls be parted as flames began to lick them from inside stung, but as before her body was still resistant to the flames, leading to it not being too painful. If anything, the way they tickled her pussy could work on getting her aroused instead - if her pussy wasn’t falling apart, that is. With a small flick of her wrist, Laevatein pushed her namesake out of her sister’s body, slicing directly through the short-haired woman’s clit on the way out. It really hurt, but her weak brain wasn’t able to feel all of it. Instead, she was just sad about losing the source for so many of her climaxes.

Finished with her cut, Laevatein let go of the handle, her weapon falling to the ground between Laegjarn’s knees. Now, she was able to use both of her hands to enjoy Laegjarn’s body. Her hands reached for the cut in between Laegjarn’s boobs, freeing them from the older woman’s ruined bodysuit. With it gone, she could finally stare at them unobstructed. She cut the kiss short to do just that, taking in the marvelous sight that was her sisters giant titties. She groped them with both hands, squeezing them hard and enjoying the way her firm flesh pushed back against her grasp. Silvia’s dead, slack boobs couldn’t compare to the amazing pair of living, even bigger mammaries that her sister carried. She continued to squash them in her hands, getting to feel the faint pounding of Laegjarn’s cut-up heart as she still went on living - and the dying spasms that her body was now locked in. Leaning her head forward again, she delivered another kiss to Laegjarn’s mouth - this time having her tongue explore its depths.

Getting to feel something so intimate from her sister pushed Laevatein’s arousal even further. Eventually, she decided that dildo working on her pussy wasn’t enough. Letting go of Laegjarn’s boobs with one of her hands, she directed it towards her pussy. There, she quickly began to run her fingers across her clit - sending shivers of pleasure up her spine. Even with Loki’s gift stuck deep inside her, she could still work on rubbing her hand across her entrance - and the combined pleasure quickly began to affect her body. Laevatein lost herself in the pleasure, even missing the moment when the flames of her sister’s life finally went out. She did notice that Laegjarn suddenly went completely limp, but failed to realize that her sister wasn’t there anymore. With her final thought, Laegjarn carried no resentment for her killer - hoping that her death here would allow her sister to live on instead.

Surtr, however, had different plans for her. The girl did show her obedience and battle prowess now… But her earlier disrespect still was fresh in the Ruler of Flame’s mind. He also recalled Laegjarn’s request before the duel - and that made him consider giving her another chance. However, it had to be something that would prove that her obedience to him was still beyond that of anyone else. Seeing what she was doing now - standing over her sister’s corpse, her legs shaking as she fingered herself on the edge of her climax - it was obvious what his order should be.

“LAEVATEIN! I FORBID YOU FROM COMING!” He screamed that order at his daughter, and watched carefully, how she’d react.

The surviving princess of Muspell registered a loud scream in her direction, but was unable to make out any words. She was just about to come - and her mind blacked out anything else that wasn’t pleasure. One more pinch to Laegjarn’s nipple - now swollen because of the abuse she put it through; one more rub across her clit… And the princess came with another incredible climax. She moaned loudly, small flickers of flame lighting up and flying off her body as the orgasm went on. Her legs were already shaky, so they couldn’t support her for much longer - and she collapsed forward, with Laegjran’s body cushioning her fall. Laevatein’s boobs ended up right on top of her sister’s as she fell, making both of them jiggle wildy because of the force of the fall. Now laying on the warm surface of her sister’s corpse, Laevatein continued to ride out her climax. The dildo within her continued to rub at her inner walls, trying to bring out all the pleasure from her pussy that it could. Her pussy had been dripping for so long on that day, and yet coming allowed yet another puddle of steaming hot cunt honey to show up on her thighs, with it dripping down to Laegjarn’s legs too - and the ground beneath them both as well. And so she laid there, blissfully unaware that she would be joining her sister soon.

The pink-haired girl’s failure to obey his orders caused Surtr to decide to end her life as well. She wouldn’t get a third chance - and the sentence was to be carried out immediately. He could use Sinmara on her, but he knew the girl would have appreciated if he used his weapon on her… So he decided to kill her with his bare hands instead. The oversized man began to walk towards his living daughter - who showed no signs that she heard him approach. Her short, yet shapely legs were still twitching, spread just a bit to give him a good look at her pussy that was still overflowing with come. Anyone else would have loved to see that, but Surtr had no desire for his daughter body - just the need to see her death right away. As the legs were the closest to him, he closed one of his giant hands around one of her ankles, pulling it towards the other one. Once he held both of them in his fist, he lifted it - pulling Laevatein off Laegjarn’s corpse. As his hand rose, Laevatein ended up hanging upside-down with her front towards him. Her chest ended up hitting the golden Emblia emblem over Surtr’s crotch, her boobs bouncing away as she started to dangle around.

With her blood flowing down to her brain, it successfully managed to snap her out of her orgasmic numbness. W-What was her father doing? Why was he holding her like this? Her ankles hurt, the bones struggling not to get crushed in the king’s powerful grasp. “F-Father?” Laevatein asked as she felt him walk, her body swinging around some more, but Surtr ignored her. He turned towards one of the room’s stone walls, switching the hand which was holding his daughter’s legs with to allow for a better grip on it. He lifted her a bit more, taking her over his head. Then, he swung her body forward as if it was a club - with her head being its tip. With the force he put into the swing, for a moment she flew through the air, her insides twisting because of the speed. Then, she came to a rapid stop as her head was slammed into the wall. The back of her head was smashed open, shards of her skull flying off in all directions at high speed. Her skull wasn’t the only part of her head that suffered - the back of her brain was damaged too, with some of her brain matter mashed into a bloody red spot on the wall. With the part of her brain responsible for it gone, her father’s grinning face was the last thing she saw before her eyes went off, but besides that Laevatein was still fully conscious. The flames of Muspell held their protection over her body, too - and that would let her live on through the gruesome end her father had chosen for her.

It only did that, however - it didn’t let her maintain control over her body. Her head began to slide down the wall, leaving a trail of her brain on it - and the more damage to her brain caused her body to start squirming. Spasms began to shake her entire body - and as that continued, that had another effect on her lower body, too. Her hips were moving around so much that her pussy was shaken a bit too - bringing the dildo buried within it back to life. As tears of pain were flowing freely from Laevatein’s eyes, her body out of control with parts of her brain gone, Loki’s gift cared for none of that and started to fuck her once more. Because of the pain, Laevatein found no pleasure in it anymore - instead, feeling completely violated as the device started to pound her cunt. Why… why was father doing this to her? Wasn’t she always a perfect tool for him? Even if her eyes weren’t working anymore, Surtr could still see all the pain and confusion that was still within them. He looked at them for some time, before lifting her again - and then slamming her right back into the wall.

This time, most of her brain had been crushed, with the brain matter squeezing out of every hole in her head - mouth, nose, ears and even through her eye sockets. Her bright red eyes popped out of their sockets too, the orbs dangling on from them on a cluster of nerves. The top of her head had been completely obliterated, her skull there shattering into a thousand pieces. Strands of her long hair mixed with what still remained of the flesh and bones of her head, but with her scalp destroyed, most of them came off too - falling to the ground. However, even if the top of her head was now destroyed, her face still remained unscathed - save for the streams of blood that were now pouring down it. And even without her brain, Laevatein could still feel the suffering in every inch of her body. The flames were there to help her in battle, but now they were there doing the opposite - causing her to suffer beyond what she could have imagined.

Surtr wasn’t done with her yet. He pulled her up again, and Laevatein could feel her insides revolting, nausea settling in. If the situation was a little different, she would have thrown up - but she had no way to do that anymore. Surtr swung her at the wall again, and this time it was her beautiful face which took the brunt of the blow. The front of her skull was smashed into pieces just like the rest of it did, her nose, cheekbones and jaw all falling apart. The sharp pieces of her bones sliced through the skin that was still hanging on the front, shredding it and ensuring that nothing would remained of the once fair face of the Muspell princess. Now, her head was all but gone - just a part of her jaw still remained, with her tongue hanging out from it. At this point, Surtr was happy with the outcome. With a jerk of his hand, he snapped both of her ankles, then let go of her - Laevatein’s headless body slamming into the ground.

Laevatein laid on the ground for some more time, waiting for the death to claim her as blood continued to spurt out of the stump of her neck. Her body laid there in its dying spasms… Surtr had long left the room at that point. And yet, despite everything else that had happened, the thing in her pussy continued to work on getting her off one final time. There was little else Laevatein could think of at that point… And Laevatein pondered how it all had happened because of it. Had Loki not given her this before they travelled to Askr, she probably would not have given her desires a chance during the battle with the summoner’s forces - and a part of her knew that it was all how this started. Still, if it was all that was left to her now… The girl decided she could at the very least enjoy it. With her body unresponsive, she couldn’t get her pussy to start clenching on it on its own. But the deathly spasms it started to go through on its own were enough… Filling her final moments with at least a bit of pleasure. However, death claimed the younger daughter of the flames before she managed to come once more. But her death in no way stopped the magical device from carrying out its work - it continued to fuck her after she slipped away, making her pussy come yet again just moments after the girl had died. Weak squirts of cunt honey left her body as she came, her headless corpse spasming on the ground some more.

As Surtr had left the room - finally going to check on the summoner who was still locked in the dungeon - the soldier who had informed him about his daughter’s negligence was still waiting outside of it. Trespassing into the king’s room was treason… But as minutes went by and Laevatein still stayed inside, he was more and more convinced that Surtr had killed the girl on the spot. With his desires for her body already strong enough to make him tell on her, it was only a matter of time before he gave in and pushed the door open. Sneaking in, he was careful not to alert anyone on the inside, of what he was doing. His heart began to beat faster as he saw the headless, petite form of the girl he fantasized about on the ground. Her boobies were out… And her pussy was dripping wet! His cock began to throb in his pants as he saw that, making it much harder for him to move around stealthily. However, past that corpse, he saw another one. His crush’s older sister, the well-respected general Laegjarn, was also dead on the floor. She had been cut in half from her tits down, and Laevatein’s sword on the ground told the man just what had happened. If they were both dead, then there was no reason for him to be careful anymore. Removing his pants, he ran over to Laevatein’s corpse. He spread her legs, feeling up her amazing thighs for a moment and getting his hands sticky with her honey. Her corpse was still so warm… Just feeling her warmth against his touch caused his erection to throb some more. Finally, he let go of them - and touched her pussy instead. Even if he could see just how wet the girl was, he wanted to make sure that his eyes weren’t deceiving him. As his fingers easily slid inside, he realized that they weren’t. He pushed them a bit deeper, and to his surprise came across something hard stuck inside. Feeling it around, he came to the conclusion that it was some kind of a sextoy. She died while having it stuck inside her? This really was incredible. However, it would make it harder to fuck her now - so he knew he had to get rid of it. Even if it was really slippery with all of her come over it, he still managed to grab onto it - and then started to pull it out. The wet sounds her pussy made as he removed it were enough to drive him crazy - and the moment it was out, the man immediately replaced it with his dick.

Gods, was she tight! Her pussy was so pleasantly warm! With how long she kept the dildo inside her, her inner walls formed a perfect tube around it - one that provided for an incredible canal to fuck. Combined with her wetness and her natural higher-than-usual body warmth, sliding into her couldn’t feel any better. And so he quickly buried all of his shaft inside her vagina - then proceeded to fuck her with all of his vigor. With strong and fast thrusts, he plowed her pussy harder than any other girl’s before. As he did that, he proceeded to examine her body in more detail. Her once flawless skin was now stained with a long vertical gash, one that made him wonder, what happened here before. Did Surtr whip her before killing her? Oh, what he’d do to hear her cries of pain while the man was torturing her… Moving on up, he noticed that her bodysuit was all torn up, only adding more ground to his guess. Above the purple scraps were the girl’s perky, round titties. Titties that the man immediately reached for with his hands, squeezing them with a firm grip. He proceeded to move his hands all over them for some time, while his eyes moved even further up. The princess’s head was gone - but the bloody marks, brain matter and shard of bones on the walls and ground all around her told him just what had happened. Still, her jaw was still there - and her dead tongue was hanging free from it too. Once he saw it, he couldn’t get his eyes away from it. Eventually, he bent over, moving his head towards the girl’s destroyed one. Then, he opened his mouth - and took Laevatein’s tongue into it. Closing his eyes, he proceeded to suck on it and move it around in his mouth, imagining he was making out with the princess. That made his cock grew even harder inside her, each time he rocked his hips giving him even more pleasure than before. Just a few moments of imagining it, and the man blew his load - already getting lost in his fantasy and thinking he was going to get the princess pregnant.

Of course, he realized his mistake as his eyes snapped open again. In anger, he bit on the tongue in his mouth - separating the tip of Laevatein’s tongue from the rest of it. Munching it with his teeth for a moment, he then swallowed it - thrilled to get a piece of her within him. Then, he sucked on the tongue some more, enjoying the taste of her blood flowing into his mouth while he rested, waiting until he was ready for another round. While doing so, he left his cock inside her pussy, her inner warmth making even the wait really pleasant too. Once his cock had recovered enough, he grabbed her by her small shoulders while pulling out. Then, he flipped her body around, being able to get a better look at her nice butt. Letting go of her shoulders, he cupped it with his hands for a moment, before grabbing onto them and pulling them apart - opening a clear path to her asshole.

As he was about to slide in, the door to the room suddenly opened. The sound of it opening terrified him - he was sure it was Surtr coming to end him. However, he still craned his head back towards the door - and was relieved to see that it was just another soldier. The man was surprised to see him there, too - but as he noticed Laegjarn’s body was free, he decided to join in and have some fun too. No one would be stupid enough to kill Surtr’s daughters unless the man did that himself - and if he did, then he most likely wouldn’t have any issues with people fucking their corpses. He had to give his report to Surtr, anyways, so while waiting he could very well pass some time like that. As he went in and headed for the older princess’s body, the soldier focusing on Laevatein returned his attention towards her. Stretching her buttcheeks to the sides again, he ran his cock through the crack of her ass a few times before pressing the tip against the entrance to her anus. The small, unused before hole required him to put more effort into getting in - especially that it lacked the lubrication her cunt had. Still, some of her juices remained on his member - and that would let him get in more easily once he worked his tip in. Her sphincter was still holding strong, resisting for quite some time before the man finally broke through it. But once it did give in… Her asshole latched onto his dick just as tightly as her pussy did, if not more. It wasn’t too easy to fuck her ass at first, but with enough force he was able to start pumping in and out of her, still holding on to her ass to pound into her body as strongly as he could.

Approaching Laegjarn, the soldier who just entered the room worked on getting his dick out too. Getting closer, he realized that fucking the girl might be a bit more problematic than what he first thought. Her body was sliced in half all the way from her boobs - and that included her vagina, too. Getting in between her muscular legs, he pushed into the divide between her two parts - but rubbing his cock against the separated halves didn’t feel too good. A bit disappointed, he pulled out - thinking of an different hole he could take. If this was the case with her pussy, then her ass was probably out of the question too… However, her face seemed to be perfectly fine. Going around, he reached her head. Her mouth was already open, a bit sticky with the saliva Laevatein had left there. Still, he pulled on her jaw to stretch it some more. Then, he pushed his cock inside it. The woman’s mouth was quite wet with her saliva - and the warmth her sister had shown was here, too. With the woman dead, she offered no resistance as he moved his cock to the back of her mouth and then worked it into her throat. He enjoyed the bulge that appeared in her neck as he did that, feeling great as it squeezed his dick.

He proceeded to fuck her face like that for some more time, but eventually came down her throat - his semen going down her esophagus and straight to her stomach. If he waited long enough, he’d even get to see it leave through the hole Laevatein had cut in it. Now that his fuck session was over, he was able to turn back towards the rest of her body and examine it much closer. Her huge tits caught more of his attention - and he fondled them for some more time. As he pulled them to the sides, he was able to take a look into her wound. And inside it, he could even see the two halves of her heart. Looking at it, he considered giving fucking it a chance, pressing her boobs against his cock while he fucked it. However, before he was ready to do that, her entire body began to glow. Cautious, he backed away just in time, for a portal opened around the body, taking it from this word. Looking over to the guy who was fucking Laevatein’s corpse, the younger princess’s body had disappeared too. The man was looking very disappointed that the girl was gone - but at least he managed to shoot his load into her guts.

Neither of them had any way to know, why that happened. With the female summoner’s fall from power, all of her heroes were now able to be summoned by the summoners from other worlds. For some reason, that magic was also able to work on both the princesses of Muspell. Now, their bodies were taken away from this world - the world-crossing magic bringing them over to an unsuspecting summoner - one that would be sure to appreciate the new two fucktoys his magic had provided him with.


Chapter 17x-3: The Summoner's Fall
tags: non-con, M/F, rape, pussy destruction, burning, beheading, roasting, cann, large insertion

Surtr headed straight for the dungeons of the Askrian castle, carrying his massive scythe with him. Walking down the corridor leading up to it, he could already hear wet slapping sounds as well as sobs and cries for mercy bouncing off the harsh, cold walls. His orders were clear - the summoner was to be detained but not killed, as it was something he wanted to do himself. Learning that the woman who was his enemy had taken a lover from among her slaves, he decided to extend that same treatment to her as well. He knew that torturing her in front of the summoner would do wonders to help him break the ex-ruler of Askr. But even if he asked his soldiers not to kill either of them, he was indifferent to letting them rape the two women - in fact, he decided that it would soften them up for his time with them. And so, crossing the final corner, he found the prison cells open - with his soldiers doing just that. The summoner was on her knees, her robes and the blue tunic she wore underneath them both in shreds. With them in that state, her unimpressive chest was uncovered - but she didn’t seem to be too bothered by that. She seemed much more upset about the cock plowing her asshole from behind - but wasn’t too unhappy about another one fucking her pussy from the front. The woman had gone on a sex spree before, testing the dicks of all the heroes she had summoned, so she had a lot of experience with taking cocks up her cunt. However, even if she had found some great fucktoys among them, none of them seemed to be capable of granting her emotional support she desired. Instead, she found it within Ophelia - the blonde-haired mage sitting in the cell opposite her, locked in the same state as Kiran was. Still, even if the men’s rough thrusts into her anus hurt, the summoner was still in a pretty good mental state.

Ophelia didn’t have the sexual expertise her lover had. All she had taken up her pussy before were the fingers and tongue of her lover - and once she finished her research on a spell to grant it, also a magical cock she could give and take away from Kiran whenever the black mage wanted. And the summoner was always gentle and loving with her, only going as rough with her as Ophelia felt comfortable with. That in no way could have prepared her for the painful, uncaring fucking the enemy soldiers were giving her. Her already revealing outfit had been ripped off her body just like Kiran’s, but the mage’s chest had received much more attention from her captors. Her pretty huge titties were constantly the subject of some rough groping by one or another soldier, their hands tugging harshly on her nipples or slapping her tits around. Both her pussy and ass were constantly given a harsh pounding by the men, and they also shoved their cocks into her face from time to time. All in all, her great body was now backfiring on her - because of it, her rape was far more degrading and painful that what the summoner had been put through. And yet, despite all that, Ophelia in no way had been affected by it - expect for the short spikes of pain in her womb that made her worried for the child she carried within.

Once they had been captured, both of them knew that this was coming. However, the soldiers didn’t come for them right away - and so the two lovers had been able to come up with ways to cope with it. If one of them was ever feeling really hurt, all it took was a single look at the other’s face, they just had to lock their eyes for a moment - and it was as if all the pain disappeared. Fortunately, from the spots they were in, they could see the other very well - and so, both Kiran and Ophelia were able to share loving looks and encourage each other to stay strong. Even if the situation was terrible, Ophelia just knew they would be able to make it through this together. After all, they were the legendary summoner of Askr and the chosen maiden of the stars! No one could hope to keep even one of them contained for too long - and together, they were unstoppable! With that in mind, Ophelia thought she would be able to last through anything - but she didn’t know yet that her resolve was yet to be tested in full.

Surtr’s flames and the sound of his heavy steps signalled the man’s arrival. Even if Kiran tried to share her beloved’s optimism, the woman knew well that their situation was looking grim. She hoped she’d never get to see the terrifying King of Muspell in person - knowing that if he did get close to her, her life would most likely end right there. And now, they were both at his mercy - and Kiran wasn’t one to believe in miracles. If her heroes were to help her out in this situation, they would have already done that… And now that Surtr had come to visit them in their cell, Kiran was really close to giving in to despair. It just all seemed so hopeless… However, as she thought that, she eyed Ophelia again. Despite the rough sex her blonde sweetheart was put through, she in no way had lost the stars in her eyes. And as Ophelia saw her look at her, she smiled back at her again - her grey eyes showing the depth of her love for the summoner. “I’m sorry, Ophelia…” Kiran thought to herself as she saw it - she really did not deserve someone like her. After all, she had failed as a commander - her forces had all surrender to the might of her opponents. In fact, being raped by the enemy soldiers seemed like a fitting punishment to her. But just for her! Ophelia didn’t do anything to deserve this, and she was having it much worse! She was so beautiful and so kind… the girl really did not deserve to suffer like this. Sighing unhappily, frustrated with their situation, Kiran closed her eyes so she could forget all of it - even if only for a moment. However, her eyes snapped open again after the guy fucking her ass slid his cock the deepest it got in yet - a fresh stab of pain going through her body as an untouched part of her anus had to stretch. And to her utter horror, in between her and Ophelia’s cells was standing the giant who could only be the king of Muspell. Seeing him so close to her, Kiran quickly found herself completely consumed by her terror - her body starting to shiver, making raping her more pleasant for the two men doing it. She lost control over her bladder, and a streak of yellow squirted from her urethra - covering the inner sides of her wide thighs with the hot, smelly liquid. Her legs were one part of her body Kiran felt she could be proud of - and now they were stained with her piss, bringing them down in her eyes.

“LEAVE THEM.” Surtr cut straight to the point, ordering soldiers to cease the rape for now. His soldiers reluctantly obeyed, not too happy about having to give up fucking such important women - but they also knew that Surtr’s words were the law. “BRING THEM TOGETHER.” He ordered again, and the two prisoners were lead into a single cell - with Surtr walking into it as well. When the soldiers let go of them, Ophelia and Kiran immediately clung to one another. They joined in a powerful embrace, both of them knowing deep down that this was the last time they would be able to do it. “S-Sorry, Ophelia…” Kiran whispered into her ear as they hugged, and listening to that made Ophelia realize that her lover really had no plan to get them out of this. Then… They really were doomed? N-No! This couldn’t be the end to their story! They were to grow old together, and start a line that would rule this and all worlds for generations! They stayed locked in their embrace for as long as they could, only Surtr barking out an order to the men to separate them making them let go. They stood together, still holding hands and looking at the huge, frightening form of the evil king who was standing in front of them. Ophelia did her best to put a defiant look on her face, but Kiran had troubles even doing that - it took all she had in her to even keep standing still.

Surtr grinned as he looked at the two almost naked women in front of him. This pathetic worm was the summoner he had heard so much about? She was just another weakling! And weaklings deserved to be broken. Drawing his scythe, he saw that both their eyes were drawn to Sinmara’s blade as he let it rest against the ground. He quenched the flames around it, making it just an oversized weapon fit for a man of his size. That in no way made it any less terrifying. He lifted it again, and slowly directed the tip towards Kiran. The fear showing up in her dark eyes was so delicious! She was trembling at the very idea he was going to hurt her! He savored her fear for a bit longer - waiting for any other reaction to follow, unaware that the woman had already pissed herself in fear before. Then, with a small twist of his hand, he turned the tip of the scythe in Ophelia’s direction instead. To his surprise, the blonde girl was holding up much better against it - but her eyes still showed, just how scared she really was. He continued to move the weapon’s tip around in circles, slowly moving it closer and closer to their bodies - and enjoying the way Kiran’s shivers intensified, and Ophelia’s expression changing from a strong look to a weaker one, and then falling into a scared look just like the one Kiran carried from the start.

Eventually, the scythe was close enough to their bodies, that even if the flames were gone, both girls could still feel just how warm it was. They squeezed the other’s hand as hard as they could, desperately reminding the other that they were there together in the seconds that dragged on painfully long while they watched Surtr’s weapon. Until finally, it happened - Surtr pushed the weapon ahead enough that it touched one of their bodies. It reached the summoner’s body, the golden blade rubbing against the woman’s pussy for a moment, before he moved the tip against the patch of skin just over it. Up there, Kiran’s skin was covered by a pretty big bush of pubic hair - left there by the request of Ophelia, as the dark mage enjoyed the way it tickled her nose when she ate Kiran out. To give both girls a scare, Surtr lit a little flame at the scythe’s tip. It began to sear away at Kiran’s cunt, quickly burning through the patch of Kiran’s pubic hair. It didn’t really hurt, but it still made her feel really uncomfortable. The flames licked away at her pussy and her skin, but it seemed that Surtr was keeping them from hurting her. The smell of burnt hair filled the cell as all of her pubic hair was consumed by the flames, leaving the skin over her pussy pinkish because of the heat it was subjected to. Once the hair was gone in full, Surtr’s attention turned towards the sensitive flesh it covered. With some effort, he made his flames into a particular shape - and applied them to that already strained skin. The flames were made into the emblem of Muspell - and now they burned the very same mark into the skin over Kiran’s pussy. Having her skin be ravaged like that hurt a lot, the woman starting to squirm on her feet as it continued. Surtr let it go on for a few more moments, branding the woman as Muspell property. Once he gave up on that, a dark mark stained the flesh which was so pure and flawless just a moment before - causing Kiran’s pussy to ache, too. Satisfied with that, Surtr pulled his weapon back a bit - only to turn it on Ophelia instead.

If the girl was the summoner’s lover, then Kiran surely must have treasured her cunt. That just meant Surtr would have to take it away from her. Just like with the summoner, he ran the tip across her pussy lips. However, instead of having it cross them, he just drove it deep in. Ophelia screamed as the huge blade cut through the entrance to her pussy, her cunt walls cut apart by the golden weapon - but the pain of having her pussy ruined wasn’t the worst part of it. Sinmara passed through her cervix as if it wasn’t there, and sliced right into her swollen womb. Having it torn apart hurt, but what hurt more was the knowledge that the life which was growing within it had now been brutally cut short. As the weapon’s tip left the ruined remains of her uterus and pressed against the skin of her abdomen from the inside, a bulge appeared on the skin of her belly. Instead of a baby bump the mage had been hoping she’d soon grow, all she got was a weapon buried all the way up her cunt. She cried out in pain as that happened, tears starting to flow from her grey eyes. It took her this long to realize, but it wasn’t just the two of them that would die here… Their unborn child would be taken away from them first. And that knowledge finally made her mental walls break down, the mage breaking into a series of powerful sobs that were strong enough to shake her entire body.

Listening to her pain-filled cries, Kiran squeezed her hand harder, trying to convey that she was there for her - turning away from Surtr to look at Ophelia. She ran her hand across Ophelia’s body just like she did before the battle - but this time, instead of the faint life she could feel within it, all she could sense within was Surtr’s blade. While it didn’t shatter her mentally like it did for Ophelia, she had too been looking forward to becoming a mother… And now Surtr took it away from them. Hatred swelled up deep within the summoner’s soul - but she also knew there was no way she could unleash it now. The Breidablik had been taken away from her right after she had been captured - so her only way to fight back was taken away from her. That, along with the pain her lover was in, left Kiran feeling completely useless and hollow.

“ATTEND TO HER!” Surtr delivered an order to Kiran. He expected that the summoner had done this many times in the past, and corrupting her memories of that like this seemed entertaining. And the flat-chested woman knew just what he was trying to do - and she refused to do his bidding. Right! There was something she could do now! She could just tell no to him! “…N-No.” Kiran hoped it would come out as more forceful as she turned on the spot to face Surtr again. Drawing a deeper breath, she spoke up. “I refuse! I will not do it!”
Hearing this, Surtr raised one of his eyebrows. Good. It seemed that the woman still had some fight in her left. Holding on to his weapon with one hand, he lifted the other towards the woman. With a snap of his fingers, he caused flames to erupt around her right arm. They quickly began to devour her weak flesh, the earlier smell of burnt hair quickly turning into one of roasted meat too. The flames were hot enough to consume her body within moments, her burnt skin peeling off and allowing access to her flesh and bone. Kiran watched in horror as the flames started to reduce it to ash, the terrible pain of having her limb burnt alive taking its toll on her. The pain was so strong that it forced tears out of her eyes, both lovers ending up crying in their pain as the rest of Kiran’s arm withered away. In the end, all that remained of it were a few bones hanging limply at her side. But even that was too much for Surtr’s liking. With another snap of his fingers, he made the flames go even hotter - and even the bones began to melt, dripping into a puddle down by her feet. At this point, it hurt her so much that the girl began screaming - her mind blanking out because of the intense suffering. Despite the flames warmth, he kept them contained to just one of Kiran’s limbs, making sure that the rest of her body would stay intact for now. That let her suffer without any danger of dying too soon as her body began to trash because of all the pain having her arm be taken by the flames caused her. Ophelia cried too as she watched the woman she thought was so strong be reduced to a crying mess just after two gestures by their captor.

Finally, the flames went off - as nothing remained out of Kiran’s arm. The pain disappeared as quickly as it had appeared before - and that allowed Kiran’s thoughts to start making sense again. She felt so disgusted with herself for thinking of giving in to his demands… But she didn’t want to feel that kind of pain again. Because of that, she made her way towards Ophelia - just as Surtr asked her to. With her remaining arm, she reached for Ophelia’s boobs. Squeezing one of them, she tried to think this was just them having their fun in private. However, she just couldn’t get her heart into it - not with Surtr’s looming presence behind them. And so, she cried again while fondling her beloved’s tits. “Forgive me, Ophelia…” She whispered while leaning closer to her, pressing her face against Ophelia’s. “I-it’s alright…” Ophelia replied - the pain she was in making her unable to bring out her usual way of speaking. She was just hoping her lover wasn’t feeling too terrible about this… The mage sure was not going to blame her for this. Anyone would snap after being put through this… Kiran’s lips found her own now, and while Ophelia felt too weak to explain her feelings to Kiran now, she hoped she could still convey them with her kiss. Still, with how weak they both were, and how off putting their situation was now, neither of them could really put in any of the usual passion they shared into the kiss - measly mixing their lips together without doing anything else.

And yet, even if Kiran’s actions lacked the drive within them that Ophelia enjoyed so much back in their bedroom, to her surprise the mage could still feel some heat starting to appear in her abdomen. Was the summoner’s touch enough to get her aroused even in the state they were currently in? No… Her womb and vagina had both been sliced into pieces… There was no way she could be enjoying herself with them like that… Fear swelled within her as she realized, what was the source of it then. Surtr’s weapon was still buried deep within her snatch - and with his control over the flames… Ophelia shivered again as she remembered how much pain her lover had been in when her arm was taken away from her. The heat continued to grow, making it less and less comfortable for the girl. Kiran, however, didn’t seem to notice - still trying her best to make the best out of their makeout session and going from teasing one of her tits to the other. Ophelia felt it was very much welcome - there was at least a small beacon of good in what she knew would be her final moments.

“YOU. TAKE HER NOW.” Surtr delivered another order, this one directed at one of his soldiers. Tormenting her with rape while he proceeded to roast her lover’s insides was surely going to bring the summoner even more mental pain. However, his member was too massive to unleash on the woman for now - he intended to torture her some more before doing that. The soldier quickly obeyed, coming right for the summoner. Having waited long enough while watching Surtr torture both women, his tool was ready for another go - and he quickly slid into the summoner’s cunt, his hips ramming into Kiran’s piss-stained ones. The woman was bending over a bit to get her head lined up with Ophelia’s, so that allowed the soldier for easy access to her pussy - letting his quickly shove his dick deep up her cunt. And while Kiran wasn’t bothered by the vaginal rape before, once Surtr had branded her, her pussy was a constant source of pain. Feeling a cock rub against the inner parts of her vagina which were burnt too back then really hurt. Kiran squirmed as she felt that, her hips shaking. Still, she did not break off her work on Ophelia’s upper body - too afraid of what Surtr would do to her if she gave up on that. And so, the summoner proceeded to make out with her blonde lover, pain radiating from her pussy as she was taken from behind.

The heat in her stomach grew and grew - and eventually, Ophelia could feel her that insides were starting to roast. Now, she truly understood just why Kiran gave in to Surtr’s demands - it really really hurt! Her usual self would have compared it to the flames of seven hells all coming together inside her body - and she wouldn’t be too far off to say that. That man was really a demon. To put both her and her beloved through pain like this… No human could do something like this to others. And yet, roasting her guts wasn’t enough for Surtr. He turned the heat even more up, keeping it contained to the girl’s stomach. Now, just like with Kiran’s arm, her insides began to melt - turning into a fleshy soup that began to leak down the blade’s length, eventually leaving her body through the cut in her vagina. On the way out, it left burns on her pussy walls because of how hot it was. Even with her mouth blocked off by Kiran’s, her screams still made it past it - the girl voicing just how much it hurt. As Surtr kept the flames going, eventually Ophelia’s belly ended up completely hollowed out - what remained of their unborn child consumed too by the flames that took her cut-up womb. Although Surtr had a harder time telling that it happened, the bigger freedom in moving the weapon’s tip around tell him what he needed to know. And he took that as the sign to finally push the weapon forwards. The skin of her belly opened around the bulge the weapon had created earlier, with the flames quickly setting on to devour her skin. Surtr kept them just to her midsection, and so they only consumed the wrapping for the how empty part of her body. However, Surtr took caution not to burn through her spine yet. So once he pulled out and the flames disappeared, it turned out a lot of Ophelia’s body had survived this. Her body from the waist up was pretty much unscratched - and while her pussy was ruined by Surtr’s scythe, her legs from her hips down were still intact too. Two parts of her body were connected by her spine - now charred black because of the flames - with a large batch of empty space between the two. Her spine had troubles keeping her standing like that, but the girl was still able to do it. Somehow, she was able to find the strength within herself to keep standing strong against Surtr in her final moments.

Kiran could feel the flames as they finally burst free through Ophelia’s skin, as they began to tickle against her flat chest too. However, they did not really hurt her. That was taken care of by the man raping her pussy - and as if on cue, as Surtr pulled his weapon out, the guy came - spilling his seed into her snatch. He pulled his shaft out too, both women left with something dripping from their pussies. While for Kiran it was semen, Ophelia had her liquified insides leaving her body instead. “KISS” Surtr told them both as he began to approach them. Ophelia closed her eyes and moved her head towards Kiran’s - the summoner sealing their final kiss. Knowing just how important it was, Ophelia used her strength up to make it a kiss to remember - her tongue going into Kiran’s mouth and moving around it. She continued to do it until she felt Surtr’s giant hands touch her - one closing around exposed part of her spine and the other grabbing her by her neck. Next, in one strong tug, Ophelia found herself suddenly separated from the rest of her body. Her eyes snapped open, only to see the horror in Kiran’s eyes as she stared at something below her. Ophelia turned her gaze downwards too - just in time to see two disconnected halves of her body collapse to the ground. Weakness overtook her as she saw it - understanding that Surtr had ripped her head off from the rest of her body. Her spine was dangling down from the stump of her neck, wiggling around as the girl rapidly waned in Surtr’s grasp. Looking back up, Ophelia saw Kiran looking directly at her. With all she had, Ophelia channeled all her love into one final loving look at her - and she kept that loving expression as Kiran stretched out her hand towards her, cupping her disembodied head with her fingers. Surtr let her do that for just a moment - enough that she could start hoping she’d get to see her lover pass out. Then, precisely to hurt her the most, he threw the head away. As she died, Ophelia felt she was flying through the room. The final thought she registered was someone grabbing her head, and immediately pulling it onto their erection - her throat stretching around the head of a dick as she slipped away.

Kiran watched with regret and pain in her heart as the Muspell soldier began to fuck the throat of the girl she’d believed she’d be with forever. Tears were flowing freely from her eyes - and yet, the woman felt some newfound strength within her. Ophelia stayed strong until the very end, trying as she could to support her. Now, the summoner was determined not to give in - for doing so would be disrespect to her lover’s memory. Surtr very much liked that look in the woman’s grey eyes, defiance radiating clearly from them. It meant she was going to provide him with some more fun - and he was looking forward to the moment she’d finally break for good. Well, if she was this willing to go up against him, there was no point wasting any time waiting around. With a gesture of his hand, he summoned his flames again - and unleashed them on Kiran’s surviving left arm. They immediately began licking away at it. This time, however, Surtr kept them down compared to before - there was no rush in doing it now. Instead, both he and Kiran would get to experience in full as the summoner’s limb was slowly taken apart by the flames. Her skin lit up again, cracks starting to appear in it as the heat got to it. Her skin was turned into a dry shell, patches of it coming off before long. Without it, the flames started to rub against the naked muscles of her slim arm. With her right arm, Kiran didn’t really get to feel it too long - it was reduced to ash so quickly that the pain put her in shock. While the pain was really intense, it didn’t go on for too long. This time, however, she’d get to feel as each all the tissues and tendons making up for the muscles in her left arm were taken apart by the fire, one by one. Reduced to their very base elements, the flames feeding off whatever magical essence the woman still had and turning beautiful Askrian gold. However, as much as it hurt, Kiran was able to silently suffer through it. The pain really was excruciating… But she wouldn’t give in to it - not anymore. Surtr watched calmly as the pieces of charred meat began to fall off from her bones, falling to the ground. Kiran could feel her nerves in the burning arm die off, numbness spreading through it. She was no longer able to move it, and there was little else of it that remained other than the skeleton.

Eventually, Surtr saw the last piece of the summoner’s arms disappear. Once that happened, he called the flames off. Then, he lifted Sinmara again - and delivered a powerful blow to the bone of her upper arm, shattering it with one strike. Shards of her bones spread around, some of them stabbing into her side, while the rest just showered the already dirty ground at her feet. What remained of her arm was separated from her shoulder through this, falling to the ground, and leaving only small pieces of bone on that side of her body - contrasting with the clean limb removal that had transpired on her right side. However, Kiran showed no signs of being moved by that. If anything, the woman stood even prouder than before - as if she was flaunting her armless torso and her flat chest at him and the soldiers that were there. Well, if this was the case… Surtr knew her legs deserved something different.

With another flick of his hand, the Ruler of Flame set both of Kiran’s legs on fire at once. The summoner usually wore baggy pants to conceal them, but without them, it was clear to see, just how much of a treat to the eye they were. Now, columns of flames erupted around both of them - this time, however, the flames seemed even more gentle than before. It was almost… pleasant to feel them tickle against her skin. Some of the flames wrapped around her fleshy thighs, and as they shifted she could feel them flicking against her pussy. After the harsh pain Surtr put her through with both of her arms, this was a surprise to Kiran. With the flames leaving their mark on her legs, her pale skin brightened up with a pleasant-looking flush. The piss that coated the inner sides of her legs evaporated too at that point. By then, Kiran still had no idea what was going on. But as the fat contained in her fat thighs began to simmer, her skin moving on to a golden brown while the flames continued to heat it up, the summoner got a clue as to what was happening to her. The smell of roasted meat, one that appeared for a moment around Ophelia’s body before being replaced by the foul smell of burnt flesh, now again began to spread through the air, giving her a further hint as to what was going on. Instead of having her flesh burn again, Surtr decided to heat it up to the point where it would be roasted.

Kiran managed to handle the pain it brought her firmly, her mind used to all the pain filling it at that point. Still, it wasn’t pleasant as she felt bubbles of fat breaking under her skin, her muscles going sore and then stopping responding as the heat killed all the nerves within them. Her legs went numb pretty quickly, saving her from having to keep feeling that for too long. However, as that happened, worry began to grow within Kiran’s heart again. Now, with all of her limbs disabled in some way, she truly felt helpless… And for some reason that terrified her even more than anything. Surtr let her legs sizzle for some more time, rivers of sweat and fat running down her legs, before he was decided it was enough. Somehow, Kiran was still standing - even if her legs were no longer responding to her, the muscles responsible for keeping her upright were still working. That allowed Surtr a perfect view at the summoner’s wonderful roasted thigh - as well as easy access to it. Picking his scythe up again, in one quick slice he cut through both the steaming hot flesh and the bone within it, slicing the woman’s leg off perfectly. She staggered on her remaining leg, about to fall over, but the King of Muspell followed up with a second slice - and her other leg was detached from her body too. The slices only hurt a little, the golden blade going through the line between what was now only tasty meat and the part of her body spared from the flames. Still, falling to the ground as a limbless torso wasn’t really pleasant - her rump hitting the ground with a wet sound, landing directly in all the excretion her body had given out through the torture. Surtr’s next action really surprised her. The man walked over to her, and picked one of her delightfully brown legs from the ground. Moving it towards his mouth, he placed her thigh right in front of it. Then, stretching it wide open, the man bit down hard into it - taking a huge chunk of the summoner’s thigh meat into his mouth. More fat squirted from the place he bit, but it was joined by some blood, too. To Kiran’s horror, Surtr continued to gnaw at the rest of that leg, stripping her bones out of most of the tasty flesh - and driving it deeply just how terrible her position was now, just how little her life meant. She was Muspell’s property, to be used as Surtr seemed fit - and now she was reduced to little more than cattle. As if in response to that thought, the brand over her pussy reminded her of its existence with a new stab of pain through her cunt. With how much her mind had deteriorated watching Surtr now, all her defiance was gone again - and so she let out a quiet outcry of pain in response to it.

Hearing it, Surtr knew he succeeded. Now, the summoner was ready for the final act. Setting his weapon down, Surtr directed his hands towards the codpiece at the front of his armor. Getting it off, her freed his giant, flame-enveloped cock. It towered over anything else in the room, making everyone feel small compared to the size of it. And Kiran knew exactly who was it for - her body shivering in fear as she imagined that… thing… going inside her. It was just too big! It would never fit! Her eyes briefly darted towards Ophelia’s corpse, hoping to see some kind of encouragement from her dead lover - only to see that with her pussy cut apart, the soldiers have settled for fucking the dark mage’s head and neck stump. For some reason, she could see that the body of the one currently fucking the neck stump flickered, some kind of purple leaving his body and flowing right into her. Before Kiran got the chance to think, what happened, she could feel powerful arms closing around her waist. Surtr picked her up from the ground - and turned her so that she was facing him. Struggling as much as she could, the summoner flailed in his grasp as he directed her towards his monumental erection. He grinned as he saw her face twist with fear, her struggles growing more and more intense as he continued to slowly bring her down. Finally, the tip of his cock rested between the stumps of her legs, pressed right against her entrance. He savored the sheer panic in her eyes for a few more moments, before pulling her onto the head of his cock with one strong jerk.

Immediately, the flesh between her cunt and her anus had ripped, her two fuckholes forced to join together as they were both penetrated by Surtr’s gigantic member. Her body continued downwards, easily ripping her womb apart as it continued into her abdomen. Just like her lover’s before, Kiran’s innards were about to be ruined. She began to scream loudly as the cock ventured past her hips, dislocating her pelvis and making her back bend in a painful way in Surtr’s hands. Then, the contents of her abdominal cavity began to be turned into a bloody paste, mashed between Surtr’s cock and the skin of her belly. A huge, obscene bulge appeared in her stomach as Surtr continued to drag her up and down on his cock, hammering his erection into her ruined stomach. A new wave of tears began to leak from her eyes, eyes that were now bulging because of how much everything hurt. This pain was so much worse than anything he put her through before! But mentally, the woman suffered too. It worked off what Surtr did before that - all she really was now was a toy for him to fuck. And if her body broke during this… As horrible as Kiran felt to admit it, she still agreed it was because she deserved to be broken. Despite that, she continued to scream - giving a voice to just how terrible it felt to have her insides crushed like that.

Eventually, nothing remained within her belly - except for Surtr’s dick and a bloody paste that was once her organs. It offered no resistance to him now - the skin of her stomach clinging to his cock, and moving together while the bloody contents of her stomach poured free down his cock and out of the single giant hole between her legs. Noticing that, Surtr decided to move on to the upper parts of her body. Ripping through her midriff with one quick thrust, his cock broke into her ribcage. Her ribs all snapped as they were forced to extend to make room for it - but her organs had nowhere to go. Her already broken heart was smashed against her shattered ribs, squeezing through the holes between them as just strips of cardiac meat. Her lungs followed the same fate too, ground into mincemeat as Surtr proceeded to ran his cock into her upper body over and over again. However, it didn’t just stay there. Surtr’s dick was now high enough to force that bloody mash up her esophagus, making the woman throw up, coughing out her ruined lungs. Her flat chest was distended from the inside so that Surtr’s cock could fit inside it, but now it other side received a coat of bloody meat. And yet, to Kiran’s horror, she was still alive - and more than that, she could still feel every part of her body as they were screaming out in pain. Why couldn’t she die? Her heart was gone now! New anguish appeared on her face… Death should claim her already, and free her from all this pain, why hadn’t it already?

The sensual, seductive voice coming from the soldier’s direction provided her with an explanation: “Oh, did you thought you would die, o summoner? Worry not, my magic will keep you alive so you can feel just what Lord Surtr is doing to you.” Surtr turned her around, her insides wrapping around his dick as she rotated. He let her get a glimpse at the person speaking - it was Loki, the busty illusionist who served Surtr. Kiran barely recognized her, unable to really think straight. But… wasn’t Loki a woman? How was she… -even with no insides, Kiran could still feel something twisting in her stomach as she thought it - fucking Ophelia’s head?
“I thought you’d appreciate this, your highness. Now, we can enjoy her struggles for so much longer! Isn’t it amazing, my king?” Loki boasted about her magic while hammering her magical cock all the way into Ophelia’s mouth, the tip of it coming from between her lips as the overly busty woman made sure her purple eyes caught Kiran’s grey ones - smiling smugly and sadistically at her. Aaaaw, her eyes bulged so nicely! Even if her screams were gone, unable to go on without lungs, her mouth was still open - with fresh servings of bloody mesh escaping them each time Surtr pulled her down his shaft. And once she heard her, the summoner’s struggles seemed to have reawakened - the limbless woman squirming around Surtr’s erection once more.

Loki’s words hurt and terrified Kiran even more. N-no death? Was she to stay like this forever? That dealt another strong blow to her already weakened mental strength. Despite that, the woman was still there as Surtr reached a climax - sending molten hot semen directly into her body. His spunk had the consistency and temperature of lava, and he unloaded enough of it to flood her entire torso. It was overflowing, leaking both through her open mouth and through the hole between her legs stumps, but the rest of it filled all of her torso. It enveloped everything that was still contained within her skin, mixing with all the bloody remains and bones that still were inside her. Having each part of her body seem like it was coming apart hurt so much that Kiran’s mind had finally snapped. Her eyes rolled to the back to her head, bulging even harder than before. Her tongue, burnt with the lava, hung free from between her open lips as the woman went limp in Surtr’s grasp. Sensing that, Surtr slowly lifted her off his dick. As he removed the plug of his cock from her connected ass and pussy, the lava was able to start pouring out of her unobstructed. And so, her body was emptied, Surtr’s semen taking all that remained inside it as it left her body. Now, Kiran’s torso was nothing more than a sack made out of skin and some meat. Still, she was still functional as an onahole for Surtr’s oversized dick.

For the next few days, Surtr would use the summoner’s body whenever there were signs that her mind was starting to piece itself back together. Loki’s magic kept her alive, but the same could not be said for her sanity. Each time, it took Kiran longer and longer to recover from that - and the moments where her mind did work were filled with her wishing for the relief that would come with death. However, each time it didn’t come - instead, she was just filled with Surtr’s cock once more. The fucking didn’t hurt her too much, with it coming down to just Surtr squeezing her body around his cock and jerking off with her. As there were no organs left within her, all that could hurt was the shell out of skin. However, Loki’s magic that was keeping it from breaking also dulled the pain that could come from these - bringing it to a manageable level. However, Surtr’s climaxes never failed to wreck her mentally. His semen was always burning hot, and each time more and more of it began to shoot up her throat - the flaming hot liquid burning the insides of her throat and mouth each time. That was enough to make her snap again each time, the woman’s mind falling apart each time without a fail. At some point, Surtr decided that the wait was getting too annoying - deciding the next time Kiran would come back, he’d finish her off for good.

And so, once Kiran’s consciousness returned to her, she found her grey eyes adjusting to the illuminated main hall of what used to be her castle. Gathered there were the most of her heroes - Surtr ordered them to come there so they could all see for themselves, what had become of the woman who used to be their ruler. She had been reduced to just a limbless torso and a head, with the torso hollowed out and with a massive hole in place of what had been her pussy and her ass. The stretched-out skin over her cunt covered the mark of Muspell, showing to all that she had been turned into Surtr’s property. And now, it would be the time to demonstrate it. As Surtr saw that she was awake, he picked her up and moved her towards his cock. She was used to being penetrated by him, so feeling him fill the empty shell of her body didn’t hurt. That Surtr was doing this in public would have humiliated the woman, but she was long beyond the point of caring about her dignity. He squeezed her around his cock like usual, and like usual she could just passively wait for him to be done with it. Her eyes scoured the hall as she did that. Some heroes were shocked to see it, and others seemed very happy to see her like that, but most of them weren’t too moved by the sight - it was just another execution like many others they had witnessed, most of these coming from the woman’s orders. It only made sense that she’d die there too. In the front rows, Kiran spotted Veronica. The Emblian princess was watching her with her eyes wide at first, but then that surprise turned to satisfaction - the princess deciding that letting Surtr handle the woman really was the better choice. Near the white-haired girl, the summoner also noticed Loki. The sorceress was sitting with one hand buried under her dress, obviously working on getting herself off. Despite that, her other hand was at the ready - and once Kiran began to sense that Surtr’s climax was coming, Loki sensed it too. Her hand reacted to that, sending another spike of purple towards the limbless woman. Her magic worked to remove the spell she put on Kiran before - taking away what was keeping Kiran alive and letting her body hold together around Surtr’s cock.

Kiran only had a few instants to realize, what Loki’s new magic did. As if on cue, following up Loki’s spell, Surtr came. And this time, there was nothing keeping her head stuck to the rest of her body. The force with which his cock was shooting semen up her throat was enough to pull her her away from the rest of her torso - tearing away in just a moment. Kiran’s head shot through the air, flying above the gathered heroes while droplets of the lava-like semen began to burn her head from the inside. However, these weren’t enough to do any significant damage to it. The flesh condom of her torso fared much worse - with no magic preventing Surtr’s spunk from melting it, the whole thing began to come apart. When her head was finally caught by one of the heroes, the remainder of the summoner’s body was already halfway to being just a puddle on the floor. Kiran, for one, welcomed what just happened - happily slipping into the embrace of death that meant her pain was finally over. “Ophelia… I’m coming to you…” Just before that, she felt a cock slipping up her seared throat - life leaving Kiran with her head in the same state as her lover when she died.

Surtr let all of Kiran’s body melt away, then tucked his giant cock back under his codpiece. He was fine with letting the heroes have a go at using Kiran’s head - he had no further interest in it. However, the same couldn’t be said for Loki. The purple-haired woman lurked in the room for some more time, making sure she managed to snatch it away before leaving the hall as well.


This one marks the end of the Female Summoner side story; The soldier Veronica kills at the start is supposed to be a generic Mage Flier

Chapter 17x-4: Be Careful Who You Trust
tags: F/F, futa/F, non-con, rape, impalement, cutting-in-half, necrophilia

With the summoner dead, Surtr had no further reason to stay in Askr. Commanding his army to withdraw, he too began getting ready to leave. However, just moments after giving that order, Loki was at his door - who had just added Kiran’s head to her collection. Coming in, the illusionist wasted no time in getting to the point:

“Lord Surtr. If I recall correctly, you intended to kill princess Veronica once the matter with Askr was settled.” The flame king's mad grin told her it was still the case.
“I beg you to reconsider, my lord. She'll be far more useful alive. After all, Laegjarn is now dead - you need someone to rule over this kingdom in her place.”
“THEN I SHALL JUST SLAUGHTER THEM ALL..” Surtr replied, his grin growing wider.
“Oh. I take it you don't want to conquer more worlds after this one, do you? Having the Askrian army at your disposal would definitely be of use if you do - it's always better to have more strength.” Loki hoped that even Surtr could understand something so basic, and the lack of flames heading towards her confirmed to her that he did.
“Veronica's already on the way to making most heroes here listen to her - It will be far more efficient to let her continue, than to pick someone else to rule them instead.” Loki stopped for a moment, allowing Surtr to process her words.
“And if the girl disobeys you later, you can just kill her anyways.” Loki finished her explanation while dropping a smile of her own, and after a moment Surtr agreed with her. Happy with that, Loki spoke again:
“Then I shall relay your orders to her - she's far more likely to keep cooperating with us if it's me telling her the news.”
After receiving a nod of confirmation from Surtr, Loki took off - heading directly for the princess’s quarters. She had been anticipating this outcome, and already made some preparations for what she was about to do.

Veronica groaned as she slammed her strap on deep into the cunt of the woman on her bed, enjoying the feedback Loki’s gift was giving to her own pussy. The woman whose corpse she was fucking had been one of her soldiers - and she had arrived a few moments before, relaying a message from Loki to Veronica. The illusionist had been encouraging her to take advantage of her situation and let her dark urges loose on the woman - giving Veronica just the push she needed. Because of that, she stabbed the unsuspecting mage through the back as the slightly older woman was about to leave - the tip of Sharena’s lance that Veronica decided to keep for herself emerging from her chest. Leading the dying girl towards her bed, Veronica shoved her so that the girl collapsed on it while taking the spear out, then clumsily began to strip the woman out of her battle dress. The princess freed her victim’s small, yet shapely breasts from the soft cloth under the girl’s armor, and as she got the dress off, her round hips were also revealed to her. The mage’s body had a nice, hourglass figure - one Veronica hoped she’d also grow to show another day. The mage’s wide thighs were already uncovered, Veronica giving them a few squeezes before pulling them open. Between them waited the flier’s pussy - but it was covered by a pair of dark panties. Veronica’s fingers latched onto them, hastily pulling them down the girl’s legs. However, she didn’t drag it for too long - stopping just over her knees. On her legs, the mage wore long, black thighhighs, ones that accentuated how slim the legs were. Veronica admitted to herself were really cute, so she decided to leave them on.

Now that the mage was ready, Veronica had to get ready herself. Dragging her leggings down, she shivered while feeling the cold air of the room brush against her entrance. Finding the strap-on, Veronica quickly put it on. As the small dildo contained within it slid into the depths of her pussy, a pleasant warmth filled her body, making it pleasant from the very start. Loki’s magic was sooo helpful - even if Veronica wasn’t someone to do it usually, she decided to thank the busty woman next time she saw her. While thinking that, Veronica thrust into the mage’s pussy - her eyes lighting up as she saw a trickle of blood go down the girth of her sex toy. Veronica continued to fuck the rapidly dying woman for some more time, her moans getting louder and louder as she watched the mage die on her bed. Eventually, the Emblian princess came - voicing her pleasure with a sequence of moans.

As if on cue, when that happened, new magic sprung forth from the device in her cunt. However, instead of revitalizing her like the last time, this magic was far more sinister. It quickly spread through her whole body, paralyzing her before Veronica could understand, what was happening. The girl collapsed on top of the corpse in her bed, completely surprised as to what had just happened. She laid there for a few more moments as her orgasm washed over her, and then she heard the door open. The clacking of high heels on the floor gave her a good idea, who just came in, but it wasn’t until the person flipped her over on the bed that Veronica had the confirmation who it was. She was looking back up at the overly curvy form of Loki - and the smile the woman was wearing on her face terrified her. With a flick of her hand, Loki got rid of the corpse that Veronica was lying beside, making it disappear in a purple smoke. The princess tried to demand an explanation, but her voice wouldn’t get out either - her vocal chords just as unresponsive as the rest of her body. However, she could still feel every inch of it - and so she was able to feel it as Loki began to remove her black robes. Her flat chest was uncovered, the small patches of skin only hints of what her breasts could one day grow to be. As the robes came off, her crotch was shown to Loki too. Veronica shot a glare straight at her as the woman removed the treacherous gift out of her young pussy - and Loki smiled back at her cruelly.

“My my princess, are you angry with me? You should have known not to trust anything I gave you, dearie. I’d say I pity you, but I don’t - I’m going to enjoy this too much.” Unclasping the front of her robe, the older woman tugged it to the side, uncovering her crotch area too. Veronica watched with horror as a long, thick phallus sprung from there - from just over the woman’s clit. It was already erect, and it was clear to Veronica what Loki was going to do using it. However, the thing’s size worried the princess a bit. Without much further ado, Loki thrust right in. With Veronica’s pussy self-lubricated by her climax, the illusionist was able to go in deeply in her first go. Because of her youth, Veronica’s vagina was still really tight - and Loki moaned loudly as she felt it hug her dick, knowing fully well that showing her pleasure like that would upset the princess.

As this was Veronica’s first time getting penetrated by a real cock, it felt really uncomfortable. Loki put in no effort to make Veronica feel good, going at it as harshly as she could, quickly getting the tip of her erection to slam into the young girl’s cervix. Between it and her pussy feeling a bit sore already from her climax from before, Veronica felt no pleasure at all from it - instead, her pussy walls only hurt as they were filled to the brim with Loki’s member. The girl continued to glare angrily at Loki’s face, her anger spiking higher with each sensual moan that left the illusionist’s lips. As the woman began to open her mouth louder, wiping her tongue across her lips in between each moan, it became obvious to Veronica that she was doing that just to taunt her - but Veronica couldn’t help but get annoyed by it anyways. After a couple more thrusts, Loki began to speak again.

“I probably owe you an explanation, my dear. With Surtr killing his daughters, he needed someone else to take over Askr - and you’re a perfect fit for that. However, I can’t just let you do as you please here. So instead, I’ll be killing you now once I’m done having my fun with you - and then, I’ll bring you back as a doll that’s bound to obey my every whim… but I’ll even let you do you most of the time. Isn’t it lovely? You’ll still get to rule this place!”
Loki smiled brightly while delivering a few powerful thrusts in quick succession, amused by knowing that Veronica couldn’t answer her anyways. Once she said that, she leaned forwards - her hands going for Veronica’s chest. Even if her breasts were almost nonexistent, two pink buds of cute small nipples were still there. Loki grabbed onto them with the thumbs and index fingers of each of her hands, squeezing and tugging on them, trying to stretch them around before letting them snap back into place. She continued to abuse them like that for the rest of her rape session, until she was ready to come. Her cock tensed up before shooting number of generous spurts into Veronica’s aching pussy, all the way up into her developing womb.

Loki rode out her climax, her legs shivering as she let the pleasure flow through her. She had wanted to do this ever since she first laid her eyes on the young, cute princess of Emblia - and the main course was still to come! That was making her so giddy, she just couldn’t contain herself. Finally, as her cock stopped pulsating in pleasure, Loki pulled out. No one should walk in on her, but the purple-haired woman knew she should not play in here for too long. She took a glance across the room. Amusement appeared in her eyes as she saw the Fensalir resting nearby. Keeping the weapon of her first real kill as a trophy? Clever girl. However, that also meant Veronica could one become its victim - and the time for it came now. Grabbing Sharena’s weapon, Loki spun it in her hands for a moment while thinking of the best way to utilize it. She took a wistful look at the girl’s probably tight asshole - she would have loved to feel it clench around her cock, too. However, she didn’t have the time for that - so she’d have to make do with just impaling her through it.

However, using it’s blade would mean cutting the girl open as well - and that could be just a bit too much for her magic to fix seamlessly so that people interacting with the Risen princess later wouldn’t suspect a thing. Instead, she rotated it around - the spike at the butt of the spear moving towards the small, tempting hole in the crack of her butt. She let the tip linger near Veronica’s ass for a moment, having it touch the outer ring of her ass a few times and enjoying the fear that showed in the princess’s eyes. Then, Loki shoved it in - easily making it go through Veronica’s sphincter. The protrusion near the base of the spike sliced through the ring of flesh, loosening it up and making it easier for the shaft to move up Veronica’s rectum. If the princess felt uncomfortable before, words failed to describe how awful this felt. Her ass felt as if it was going to pop any moment, her inner walls forced to painfully stretch around the metal pole of Sharena’s weapon. The spike at the tip continued to cut two lines on them, causing her anus to start bleeding. In time, it reached the end of her rectum. While Veronica’s digestive tracts turned, the spear would do no such thing. Veronica could feel the sharp end of the weapon poke against the back of her rectum while another protrusion on the lance struggled to get through her sphincter. Loki let it open a few small holes in Veronica’s insides, enjoying the hatred appearing in the girl’s eyes. Easily, Loki cast a proper spell on Veronica - one that would keep the girl alive until Loki decided otherwise. Having made sure that her toy will not expire too early, Loki gave the Fensalir a stronger jerk forwards - making it go past the chokepoints.

Veronica’s sphincter gave in for good as the bigger golden nodule on the spear was forced through it - stretching to the point of breaking and then giving out. The rest of the shaft wasn’t as wide, but now it would have an easier way going inside. The weapon’s tip broke into her abdominal cavity, skewering through her guts as it surged up her body. As it did, Loki could feel her cock harden again, so she picked up the pace. It punched its way through the back part of Veronica’s stomach, releasing the contents of her half-digested last meal to mix with her guts. Quickly passing her midsection, the weapon continued to her upper body - while the lower body was stabilized with the hard shaft which had entered through her ass. Entering her ribcage, the spear was close to Veronica’s spine - however, as her spine curved backwards, the weapon didn’t, and so it pierced through the top of one of her lungs - causing blood to fill it. Exiting through the hole at the top of her ribs, the weapon stabbed a hole in Veronica’s esophagus. Traveling up the fleshy pipe, it made its way through Veronica’s neck. Then, Loki stopped for a moment. Leaning over Veronica, she placed one hand on the girl’s chin. She cupped it gently as if she was turning it for a kiss. Next, she tilted Veronica’s head upwards - ensuring that the spear would have an easy way through her head. Then, she gave the Fensalir a small shove - and the spike at the end left Veronica’s body through her small mouth. Veronica’s eyes looked at the thing that emerged from between her lips in horror. After the initial stage, the impalement didn’t hurt that much - almost enough to let her still think this was just Loki messing with her. However, having her face be splashed with her own blood took that delusion away from her - the princess of Emblia understanding that the illusionist really meant it when she said she’d kill her.

Letting go of Veronica’s face and of the lance, Loki gave her dick a few strokes while thinking, how to proceed. Then, she let go of it - and grabbed Veronica by the shoulders. Lifting the girl from the bed with the help of her magic, Loki made her stand up - taking the paralysis off Veronica’s feet so that the girl could keep standing. The blade at the end of the spear was near the ground, so Loki stabbed it into it - making it so that the pole within her body would support Veronica and ler her stay like that. With that done, Loki was ready for round two - and so she slid her cock straight up Veronica’s vagina again. The girl’s small body made it so that Loki had to bend her knees a bit to bring her crotch to the level of Veronica’s, Loki’s shapely long legs working against her in that matter. Despite that, she was still able to grind her hips forward with much force - quickly starting to hit the entrance to Veronica’s uterus once again. With the girl impaled, there was no point in keeping the paralysis on her - so Loki undid that in full. Immediately, Veronica started to flail around on the spear, swinging her short arms and legs around. Even if her face was turned towards the ceiling, she could still stare down the length of it and onto the woman raping her - shooting dead glares at her. “I’ll kill you!” A muffled threat made it past her lips, making Loki laugh as she heard it - the princess was still as feisty as ever, even in a situation like this. “Right you will, my dearie. For sure.” Loki replied, while delivering a particularly powerful thrust inside her - one that finally made Veronica’s cervix gave way. Now, Loki was able to sent her length into the girl’s underdeveloped womb - and she did just that, making it stretch around the head of her huge cock.

Going a little further into her fucksession, Loki dropped the spell that was keeping Veronica alive. Immediately, having her body skewered began to affect the princess. Her squirms intensified, but there was no way she could free herself from this. The waves of internal bleeding quickly began to sap her strength away, sending the princess to the brink of dying. Her pussy started to twitch madly as that happened, enough so that even if Loki was used to the feeling, it still quickly pushed her to the edge too. For some reason - be it the girl’s tightness, or just that she was finally getting to do it to Veronica - the illusionist was feeling even better than usual. This also meant she reached her climax quicker than expected - and so, she came again, new streaks of semen squirting directly into Veronica’s womb while the girl was in her dying throes.

While her climax took over Loki’s body, she could still hear the door open behind her. However, at that point she knew Veronica could die every second, and she was too caught up waiting for the girl to die to let herself be distracted by it. Whoever the soldier who came in was, and whatever they wanted, it could surely wait a few moments. Not wanting to lose even a second of Veronica’s final moments, Loki spoke out without turning her head towards the person she was speaking to. “Please, wait outside for a moment… I’ll get back right to you, dearie.” Staring at Veronica’s face, Loki could see that for some reason her hatred turned to satisfaction now - right before the girl died. Why? Was the girl able to see the person who had entered?

Before Loki had any chance to think about it or to react to it in any way, suddenly pain exploded in her neck. Looking down, she saw the tip of a golden blade emerge from it. The only person with a weapon like that who’d dare to do this to her… Was Surtr himself. “Y-Your M-Majesty…” The illusionist gurgled out while taking a step back, pulling her still huge cock out of Veronica’s dead, cum-dripping snatch. However, Veronica’s body still remained there - undeniable proof that she had just lied to him. And Surtr wasn’t someone who’d look kindly on that - so him stabbing her made perfect sense. How could she make such a basic mistake? Well, no point in thinking of it now - she had to save herself somehow… Her hands lit up with purple as she tried to access her healing magic, feeling herself rapidly bleed out through the cut on both the front and the back of her neck. Relief washed over her as her magic affected her. It didn’t stop the pain, and with Sinmara still within her it couldn’t close her wounds, but it’d prevent her from bleeding out.

The healing magic flowing through her body now was very similar to the magic she sometimes used to get herself hard again quickly. Now, it flowed through her half-erect dick - and brought it back to fully erect. Even more than that, the magic continued to flow through it - making her painfully hard. And even if Loki hated being in a situation like that, she couldn’t deny just how erotic it was to be so close to experiencing the thrill of dying by herself. It was just sooo tempting to give in now… Let go of herself and just start jerking off in her final moments… However, even if the perspective of going for a perfect morbid climax was enticing, Loki knew she couldn’t do it now. If she did, all her plans would be left unfulfilled… And that would be such a waste. So instead, the woman knew she had to struggle - ignoring the pulsating pleasure coming from her erection.

Reaching behind her head, Loki grabbed onto Surtr’s scythe with both of her hands. The woman ignored the pain that she felt as she cut her hands open on it, knowing that she’d get to heal her wounds later. Putting all her strength into it, she tried to push herself off the tip of Surtr’s weapon. And for a moment it seemed it worked - she was able to move forward a bit, getting the Sinmara an inch out of her neck. Yes! She had a chance to live through this yet!

However, that hope was soon dashed as Surtr realized, what she was doing. After testing both of his daughters’ loyalty and confirming that they both deserved to die, he decided to put Loki through a test too. So he followed her to Veronica’s quarters. And he was glad that he did - for he had confirmed that the illusionist also deserved to die. Because of that, he immediately stabbed her through the neck with his scythe. Usually, that was enough to kill - but looking at it now, he should have known Loki wouldn’t die so easily. Fine - if she struggled, it made it much more interesting. He reaffirmed his grip on his weapon, stopping Loki from being able to get herself off it anymore. Pushing it a bit, he made it go back to point where it was before Loki started her struggles. For a few moments, he watched her squirm, watching her blood flow down his blade. He remembered what the woman’s magic could do - realizing she was keeping herself alive now, too. He’d have to hurt her more, then. However, the way his weapon was lodged in the back of her throat provided him with the perfect way to do it. He didn’t stab her from the side, but rather directly from the back - and the tip was oriented vertically instead of horizontally. That meant he could just pull the weapon upwards - and it proceeded to slice through Loki’s body again.

With horror, Loki felt Sinmara’s tip move - proceeding up her body. It cut into her pointy chin from below, her throat now fully cleaved in two. But it didn’t stop there. Surtr pushed it forward while dragging the weapon upwards - starting to cut her head in two. Her face began to be sliced apart as well, the woman’s full, succulent lips separated into two parts each. Continuing up through her mouth, it sliced her tongue in two as well - its two halves twitching wildly while escaping through her open mouth. As they did, Loki couldn’t help herself but use them to lick Surtr’s blade, tasting her own blood off it - and noting that it did taste good when given to her like that. Surtr cared none for that - in fact, he couldn’t even see that she did it. All the man could see was the woman’s purple ponytail on both sides of his golden blade, covering up the wound in her head. But that in no way stopped Surtr - he could feel her body giving in to his merciless cut, and that was enough for him. Going past her mouth, the weapon began to slice into the stem of her brain - causing Loki’s mind to start getting hazy while also slicing her perky nose in two. “I guess… That’s it for me, then…” Loki thought to herself while she felt that - knowing that once her brain got damaged, she’d be unable to fix her body by herself.

The blade moved forward, taking most of Loki’s senses away. She took one final look at the world - at Veronica’s satisfied, vengeful expression she wore in her death - and then her vision went dark. As the weapon sliced up between her eyes, one of them rolled to the back of her head - while the other one stared straight ahead, unfocused. Moving past her empty forehead Sinmara cut into the main part of her brain. As it did, her mind began to rapidly decline. All her knowledge of magic, all her plans for controlling this world and all the others, and even all her memories - all these things began to disappear, one by one. Once they were gone, Loki was just barely herself - just a consciousness remained, but one driven by her basic instincts. And the most basic instinct of all was to mate. Her cock was still fully erect, and it combined with how arousal witnessing the death of others usually made her made lust take control of what remained from her mind. Letting go of Sinmara, and with blood running both of her hands, Loki reached for her futa dick, closing both of her hands around it. The blood on her hands acted as lube for her hands, letting her jerk off easily. The strong piece of flesh twitched hard in her hands, letting the woman feel the veins within it as they pressed against her palms. With each stroke more pleasure filled her dying brain, making it go harder and harder at it. However, Surtr didn't slow down either. Sinmara reached the upper parts of her brain, ones responsible for motoric functions. Her fingers relaxed, and her hands came free - leaving her cock unattended while the woman was close to coming.

Going out through the top of her skull, it sliced through Loki’s headdress. As Surtr retracted his weapon, there remained nothing that held the two halves of her head together - and it opened up, two halves falling to the sides and landing on her shoulders. As they did, Loki’s soul left her body - but not before the woman get one final thought off: “Heh… I’ve always wanted to see Hel one day…”

With her brain no longer in control, the rest of her body started to spasm wildly. She began to shake on her legs, her arms flailing for a few moments as her shoulders spasmed wildly. Even confined within her dress, her large breasts bounced around within it. With her legs taking small steps around, her wide hips were sent into sways too - and because of that, her cock also was shaken around a bit. With how close she was to coming, it was enough to get her over the edge. With Loki gone, she could no longer feel the pleasure it’d give her, but her body still shook in a post-mortem climax. Her erection ended up shooting a lot streaks of thick, creamy semen all around. The amount of it was much higher that in an usual climax of the illusionist. Usually, the cum was produced using her magical energy - now that she was dead, Loki had no way of stopping all of it from being used for it. Some of her cum got onto her flat stomach and onto her purple dress, some shoot onto the ground or onto her feet, and some ended up going onto the torso of Veronica, as her corpse was still directly in front of Loki. Finally, some of it began to leak down her cock - which began to turn flaccid as the rest of her body slumped down too. Usually, Loki dispelled it before it’d get to that point - but now she was unable to make any changes to her body at all. Because of that, the cock would stay on her corpse forever - cum still leaking out of it and onto her thigh as Loki collapsed forwards, her body sliding down Veronica’s corpse before ending up at the princess’s feet.

Surtr watched her collapse with some satisfaction. Traitors like her deserved no mercy at all. Just to make sure that the woman was truly dead, he stabbed her through the back once more - impaling her heart from behind. He twisted his weapon around, ensuring that the woman’s blood pump ended up in shreds - a few more spasms going through her body, and causing her cock to leak more semen onto the ground. With the way she was slumped down, her round ass ended up sticking up in the air - and its size and shape was enough to catch Surtr’s eye for a moment. However, knowing there was no way for him to use her body easily, he decided to just leave her like that. Leaving Veronica’s quarters, the ruler of flame was ready to leave this kingdom for good - he had taken care of all the loose ends now.

The soldiers standing guard tried not to go in after Surtr left, but eventually their curiosity got the best out of them. Once they took a look inside and saw both Loki and Veronica dead, both of their corpses became just fucktoys to be used by them. Surtr wouldn’t mind if they did that - after all, there was no point guarding the room of a dead woman. Freeing Loki’s ass from the confinement of her tight dress, one of them quickly slid his cock into her tight asshole. As Loki preferred to be the one playing the rapist’s role, that particular hole of hers didn’t get too much usage. From time to time, she’d take advantage of a male hero, and sometimes she’d give it some use, but that in no way could compare to the amount of times her pussy had been used. As the word spread around, more heroes began to walk into the room. Some were willing to rape the hell out of the corpse of the woman who started this war in the first place, Veronica taking many a load up her young pussy and onto her dead face. Still, Loki’s curves caused her to be the object of attention of many of the heroes too. Flipping her around, another hero who came in to fuck her was surprised to see a cock sprouting from her crotch - but below it, the woman still had a perfectly functional vagina. That allowed the man to use her properly, with his thrusts causing her dead cock to sway around - and even as he proceeded to fuck her hard enough, start getting hard again. That hardness would be taken care of by yet another hero who came in - or more specifically, a heroine. Katarina was more than happy to give Loki’s cock a number of strokes to make it harden in full - taking it into her mouth a few times to get a taste of it and suck out some of the cum that was still left inside it. Then, the pink-haired tactician started to grind her cunt on the illusionist’s hard erection - and even if she was unable to milk a load out of it, the woman was still happy to ride it to a climax of her own. Loki would probably found it an amusing turn of events that after she had used so many corpses as fuckdolls, once she died she too had been reduced to one - with her body continuing to satisfy the urges of male and female heroes alike for the next few days.


This one's a story for the Xmas set Veiled did that just came out on his pixiv ^^

Intermission 7: An Xmas LHB: Legendary Lucina
Tags: M/F, futa/F, non-con, rape, brain gore, amputation, beheading, necro, impalement

Ever since her arrival in Askr, Lucina felt her life had been pretty satisfying. The summoner was kind enough to provide her with a new set of armor - and more than that, he had also gifted her with a legendary weapon: the divine bow Thogn. Although she wasn’t the best with a bow - she’d rather prefer wielding the Falchion in battle instead - it would be rude to turn such a gift down. And so, the young exalt continued to fight using it for her weapon - and in time, had come to appreciate the magic it carried. It was able to grant its wielder visions of the future. Lucina was someone used to fighting against bad futures, so she knew perfectly how to handle it. Whenever she saw one of her allies die, she’d charge into battle herself to protect them - overturning the terrible fates which were in store for them. That led to her gaining flawless victory after victory, not losing even a single one of her subordinates while carrying out the missions her summoner had given her.

Now, she was standing in a field that would be the stage for her next battle. Usually it was covered in grass, but now a small layer of snow was covering it instead. A road ran down the middle of the field, and there was a number of stone walls set around it, offering protection from the enemy eyes. Sadly, that would also mean her foes would be shielded from her arrows - but she could live with that. According to the reports of her scouts, a portal had opened ahead - with the forces of another summoner going through it. Lucina had immediately sent someone to ask for reinforcements. Her sister Cynthia and her regiment of pegasus knights was relatively close, so they would be arriving pretty soon. The blue-haired woman was fairly certain that her army was capable of taking care of any invaders. Still, it never hurt to get some additional help. The heiress to the exalted bloodline was pretty excited about the upcoming battle, too - according to the reports, Grima had been spotted among the enemy units. The Fell Dragon who had ruined her world and so many others… Lucina was looking forward to finally making her pay for it.

With a flash of purple in the distance, Lucina had been notified that her enemies had arrived. Putting an arrow at the ready, she waited for the first enemy to go in her range - while looking around carefully, to check if everyone was ready. The familiar feeling of a vision approaching took her attention, and so the blue-haired girl opened her eyes wide not to miss anything. Figuring out one details that she could overturn was always the most important thing in changing the future…

However, this vision was different than an usual one. In fact, it was so bizarre that Lucina had troubles figuring out, what was even going on. It was her and Cynthia, she could tell that much from the shape of the two bodies she saw… But what, for Naga’s sake, were they wearing? All they had on were red-colored corsets that left their breast out… And matching crotchless panties too. Her taste in clothing wasn’t the best, but even Lucina could tell how wrong it seemed. However, that wasn’t the worst thing about that sight… As her vision got used to all the snow in the air, she realized that for some reason their limbs - and even their heads! - were missing. Her insides were twisting at the gruesome sight, but it only got worse. The light moved, granting her a much better look at the scene. Their torsos were both impaled on one pole - and above them, their arms were impaled as well. On the ground, she could see their cut-up legs - and behind their torsos, she finally got to see their heads. Impaled on two poles tied together in an X shape, both she and her sister’s heads were wearing expressions that were without a question dead. But… Were these horns coming coming out of their heads? What could that mean? Her stomach grew more upset as she saw all the semen their corpses were covered with - making it clear that whoever did that also raped them both beforehand. As terrible as that sight was, Lucina found it burned into her mind - and even as the vision finally disappeared, she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

As hard as the princess of Ylisse tried to think, how could a scene like that could come to pass, her mind ended up turning up a blank. The summoner of her world was a gentle soul, and even the horrors of the bad future of her world didn’t grow that bad. No one could be twisted enough to do something like that, much less to her and her sister. The vision was just wrong, r-right? However, no matter how hard she tried to calm herself down and forget about it, that sight continued to stay in her mind - making it much harder for her to focus. Her aim was so much worse than usual now… And for the first time since arriving here, Lucina’s worst fears had come to pass. She was forced to watch her allies fall one by one, just like in the future she had escaped from. And just like back then, the woman slaughtering most of them was no other than Grima, the fell dragon inhabiting the body of her father’s old friend and tactician, Robin. Even if Lucina did take down a few enemies, her side’s losses were still so much heavier… And the princess couldn’t help but feel that it was all her fault. If only she was able to fight to the full extent of her capabilities! If only she had taken Falchion with her!

Before long, the blue-haired woman found herself surrounded. This was the end for her, then? She wouldn’t give her enemy the satisfaction of seeing her break down. Closing her eyes, she did her best to hide the sorrow and regret she was feeling. “Father… Sister… I’m sorry…” However, instead of stabs of weapons entering her body, Lucina heard a voice instead - a voice filled with malice that she knew so well. Grima herself had come to her. Lucina opened her eyes, glaring angrily at the woman in her baggy clothes. From her appearance, no one could suspect that she was powerful enough to rule entire worlds - but her red eyes revealed the depths of her insanity. And right now, Lucina was the main focus of it. The princess of Ylisse had been a thorn in her side for so long back in their world… She was the one who organized the resistance against her in the first place! Grima had though many times of what she’d do if she ever got her hands on her… And now, that wish would finally come true! A voice in her head was saying that the summoner ordered her to leave no survivors… But killing the girl right away would be a waste - and she didn’t care for that worm’s orders either way. Even if his magic was somehow forcing her to obey him, that magic couldn’t last forever - and once it dropped, she’d make sure to put him through a world of suffering for daring to order her around. “Tie her up, you worms!” Grima screamed at her soldiers, and as they did that, she floated right to Lucina - enjoying the hatred that showed up in the woman’s eyes. Stroking her cheek with one hand, Grima called for just a little of her destructive energy. Ripples and cracks began to show on Lucina’s skin as it started falling apart. Even if Lucina stayed silent, the slight twitches of her body were signalling just how much it hurt. Still, the moment the white-haired woman took her hand back, Lucina’s face returned to its flawless, beautiful shape. It was far too early to do any permanent damage to her.

“Lady Grima! More enemies are incoming!” The soldier addressing her pointed towards the sky. Flying high from one direction was a regiment of pegasus knights - and as Lucina looked towards them too, she was terrified to see Cynthia at the front of the group. She wanted to call out to her, to tell her to run away with every fiber of her being - but there was no chance her sister would hear her anyways. And even if she did tell her that, it wouldn’t work - Cynthia was too happy pretending to be a hero to pass on an opportunity to save a damsel in distress - especially if the damsel in question was her sister. And so, Lucina only watched as Grima picked up the Thogn. Even if the woman wasn’t too skilled with the weaponry of the mortals, much preferring to kill her enemies with her magic, she still recognized the destructive power bows held over flying foes. Putting a destructive spell on an arrow, she then set it loose towards the approaching pegasi. The huge explosion of shadow and darkness was enough to knock most of them out of the sky, with the riders who survived holding on to their dying mounts as they fell towards the ground. Discarding the bow, Grima floated towards the survivors to check if there was anyone else who caught her eye. The unmistakable blue of the Exalt’s bloodline on the pigtails of one of the girls who lived through her attack was something Grima noticed quickly - telling her she had struck gold once more. Not only would she punish the future Exalt, but also her little sister as well!

Cynthia tried her best to fight back against the enemy forces, determined to take out as many of her foes as she could. Dying in battle sure was terrible, but at least she’d go off in a blaze of glory, taking a final stand and slaughtering a hundred foes! Or at least trying to. The enemies didn’t seem too willing to kill her - instead, they just kept avoiding her attacks. The spear she and Sumia had made together was a bit too big and clunky for her to score any hits - the knight being just a bit too slow to reach her enemies. As the girl started to grow more frustrated with that, more inheritance from her mother began to show up - namely, Sumia’s signature clumsiness. Even if she wasn’t as big of a klutz as her mother was, it still showed up from time to time. And eventually she made a goof she wouldn't be able to recover from. Stabbing madly with her spear at one of her opponents, its tip got stuck in the ground - and before the knight was able to pull it out, her enemies were on her. They’ve quickly overpowered her, before tying her up and leading her away. As she walked, Cynthia was devastated to see that both her regiment and her sister’s small army had been both completely wiped out, all the corpses strawn out on the ground. However, Lucina seemed even more crushed to see that she too had been captured. Cynthia tried to cheer her up as they walked, but nothing seemed to work as the invaders led them back through the portal they had arrived through, taking them away to a different world.

Once there, the girls were surprised to see that this too was the world of Askr - but perhaps one a bit different from the one they were used to. The first thing Lucina noticed was the rampart sexuality everywhere - from girls - Including different hers! - walking around in skimpy clothes or no clothes at all, to the people having sex in the halls without anyone seeming to mind. Suddenly, the cum covering their corpses in her vision didn’t seem too outlandish - and Lucina couldn’t help but feel afraid. So far, everything seemed in line with it… And that really scared her, even if she tried not to show it.

On Grima’s orders, the soldiers took them into the castle’s dungeons. On their way, they passed more heroes Lucina could recognize. Was that aunt Lissa happy servicing a number of heroes she didn’t know? She’d never imagine the Lissa she knew doing something like that. But even worse was the fact that death seemed to be pretty abundant in this world, too - they walked past a number of executions, and no one but them seemed to be surprised by that. Among them she noticed lady Caeda, her ancestor… Locked into the guillotine and moaning happily as the Hero-King Marth himself took her from behind. The royal couple seemed so happy about it… They disappeared from her sight within long, but the whoosh of the blade and then a loud thud told her just what happened. Even the Hero-King himself couldn’t resist whatever evil force had been at work here… It wasn’t just a few heroes who were twisted - it seemed the entire world had been corrupted.

Arriving at the cell, it didn’t take too long for the soldiers to get started on them. Lucina’s armor and clothes received some tears in battle, but it wasn’t enough to keep the men satisfied for too long. Quickly, they were onto her, their rough hands grabbing on to parts of her body. Before long, her lighter blue dress and her suspenders were gone, along with the high boots they were keeping up. That left Lucina just in her bodysuit and a few torn-up pieces of her armor still remaining on her body. However, the bodysuit didn’t cover her in full already - there was a number of cuts on her strong, meaty thighs. But that still wasn’t enough for the soldiers. One of her jailors readied a knife. Then, he reached for her chest. With a quick slice, he removed a piece of her bodysuit on the right side of her chest - one that was covering her pretty small boob. To have it be exposed to these men annoyed her, and she shoot the men an angry glare as they continued to stare at her naked tit. But that wasn’t satisfactory for them either. One patch of particular interest still remained in her bodysuit - the one over her crotch. She spat at the man as he reached towards it to show him her disgust with it, but he ignored her while creating an opening in her clothes. Now, her pink pussy was revealed to all. She wanted to cover herself up, but her hands were still tied behind her back. No… It was supposed to be just the eyes of for whoever she’d chose to be at her side… Not for these brutes… However, the reality of this world was that prisoners like her didn’t get a choice like that. Instead, she’d be forced to service her captors - and the same went for her sister.

Cynthia watched unhappily as the men undressed her older sister - knowing well that her time was coming too. As she was a close-range fighter, her clothes and armor had suffered much more than her sister’s. The chestguard already came off, and her battle skirt had been cut dangerously short. However, she was still able to keep some decency - for the moment, at least. Once her sister’s cute little cunt had been freed from her clothes, the men’s attention turned to the pegasus knight. In moments, the cloth over her chest had been cut off - freeing her sizeable breasts from their confines. Cynthia was quite proud of her chest - it was one thing where she had the advantage over her sister. And having these men look at it so hungrily was a bit pleasant… Even if she was really afraid of what was about to come. The scraps of her skirt over her legs had quickly been removed too, leaving her thighs naked as her garters had been torn off. Because of her training as a rider, the muscles her legs were almost caught up with her older sister’s - making them just as pleasant a sight as Lucina’s.

Once the girls’s assets were both visible, the men weren’t going to hold back any longer. Quickly, the soldiers removed their pants, freeing their erections. As they began to go towards them, Lucina stepped in front of Cynthia - shielding her sister with her body. “I can’t let you hurt her. Just take m-me instead, and leave her alone!” Lucina spoke out in a commanding voice, hoping she would be able to protect her sister like that. All that got her was a punch in the stomach as the men shoved her out of the way, going directly towards her sister. Even if Grima had not ordered them to rape both girls, their bodies were looking so good that the men would have done that regardless - and Lucina’s defiance was not going to stop them.
“Don’t worry Luci, I’ll be fine…” Cynthia whispered to her as the men forced them both to the ground, but Lucina could tell, just how afraid her sister was. She failed to protect her even now… How terrible of a big sister was she?

Her first penetration hurt, both physically and mentally. Her pussy hurt, and so did her pride. How could she ever look anyone else in the face after being forcefully taken like that? The man was taking it pretty rough with her - he was holding on to her legs to be able to go in harder inside her. As much as she hated to admit it, once her pussy got used to the feeling of being filled up with a dick and stopped aching, Lucina found the experience surprisingly pleasant… But still, the princess hated it - she hated how her dignity was taken away like this, and she hated how she was forced to take the man’s surely filthy dick up her to-this-point virgin pussy. Cynthia was even less happy about it than her sister was. She wasn’t as stuck-up as her sister, so she had sex a few times before that. However, even if these were one-time flings, both she and her lovers had consented to them - and they were always so gentle with her… They cared for her pleasure too, making sure they weren’t hurting her. However, the soldier raping her now paid no mind to how much her pussy ached because of his rough thrusts - and comparing it to the kind and caring sex she had had before just made it seem so much worse. Even if her pussy started to respond naturally to the man’s cock, Cynthia herself found no pleasure in the men’s thrusts.

Being forced on the ground onto the ground only added to the girls’ humiliation. It was harsh and dirty, with puddles of dried-up semen from the girls who had inhabited the cell before them all over it. It made Lucina sick to feel her head getting greasy with the come from some of the fresher damp spots. These told them another story about this place - it meant their treatment wasn’t anything special. Despite their royal lineage, and despite their prowess as warriors, the men treated them as if they were just whores to be used - and being treated like that angered Lucina even more. And to add to their humiliation, the men came inside them - both girls feeling as if they were about to throw up as they felt the men’s semen be released into their pussies. As the first men left, another two replaced them - having an easier time sliding into their cunts now that they started to react to the thrusts of the first men, with some cunt honey starting to leak out of both of their vaginas. Even if Lucina hated the feeling of being raped, even if she hated her body for responding to it favorably, her virgin pussy was still sending pleasure through the rest of her body - enough so that the tiara-wearing girl started working towards a climax of her own. Her face grew flushed as she began to work towards the first orgasm of her life - and eventually, she came with a few quiet moans while hating herself for it, her eyes still shooting glares at the man raping her as her pussy clenched around his dick.
Listening to her sister’s orgasmic outcry, Cynthia couldn’t help but feel scared even more. If the strongest woman she knew gave in to the rape so easily, what chance she had resisting? Her pussy was pretty responsive to the men’s thrusts, getting wetter and wetter against her will. In time, the pigtails-carrying girl also came - squirting her arousal all over her rich thighs while her inner walls started clenching on the dick inside her. Both of their climaxes brought the men taking them much closer to coming - and before long, they spilled their loads inside them too. Just in time for Grima to arrive at the cell - both girls recovering from their climaxes as the female dragon entered their holding place, bringing a number of things with her that she set down first.

“The flat-chested bitch is mine now, worms.” Grima delivered her order while pulling down the baggy pants her vessel used to wear. For a moment, her naked pussy was flashed to the soldiers and their rape victims both. Then, a cock suddenly sprung from the woman’s crotch. It was as if the neck and head of her dragon form had been shrunk to the size of a mortal’s penis - one on the bigger end, that was. It was dark just like her scales, with spikes on the sides of its segmented length. Instead of a jaw at the end, it had a relatively normal penis tip - except for a number of glowing red eyes. While approaching Lucina, Grima let her dark magic flow through her creation. The dragon-like dick was overflowing with shadowy energy as she reached the blue-haired girl - and erect because of it as well.

Getting down, Grima thrust inside Lucina’s cunt right away. If the girl felt bad about the penetration before, now it was truly something she didn’t want happening. How was that even possible? Wasn’t Grima’s vessel a woman? But the cock going inside her pussy was very much real - and it hurt a lot more than the one before. The spikes on the sides of Grima’s dick dragged across her inner walls, opening small wounds in them. And that wasn’t all - as Grima pulled her cock back, the scales at the end of the segments would drag across her walls too, scraping them to the point of bleeding. As if that wasn’t painful enough, as Grima continued to fuck her, the dark energy started to seep out of the holes in her cock. And just like the magic Grima put on Lucina’s cheek, the magic began to eat away at Lucina’s pussy walls - making them crumble and decline just like her skin did in the first. The pain was excruciating - her entire vagina was coming apart around Grima’s dick. The evil dragon fucked her with a satisfied smile on her face, enjoying the way Lucina was squirming on the ground below her. It was especially satisfying to see tears appear in the girl’s eyes and run down her cheeks. As the rape continued, less and less remained out of Lucina’s pussy - but the pain only continued to grow harder anyways. It was strong enough that Lucina’s mouth ended up opening - and even if she tried not to show how much it pained her, quiet screams still made it past her lips. Along with that, droll began to spill from the corner of her mouth - the woman in too much pain to stop it from happening. Grima continued to enjoy herself while raping the Falchion-wielding princess, taking a lot of pleasure in Lucina’s suffering. Eventually, Grima came - and along with a huge load of her come, more dark energy shoot deep into Lucina’s cunt - past her cervix and into her womb, too. Grima let her cock rest inside the woman for a moment, enjoying the way she screamed in pain as her uterus was being taken apart by the magic. In the end, she pulled out, cutting the magic off - and as she did, Lucina’s vagina returned to its original state. Suddenly, it was unscathed - with just the mix of Grima’s and the soldiers’ semen leaking out of her opening. As Grima took her cock out, Lucina curled up on the ground - lifting her legs up in front of herself in a futile attempt of covering her pussy with them. However, the amount of cum flooding out of her cunt was still clearly visible to the people nearby. Her face showed just how broken she was now, lines of drool and tears brought out by her earlier rape. She turned away from where Cynthia was, trying not to show her just how bad of a shape she was in now.

Since the dragon forbade them from interfering with the fun she was having with Lucina, the soldiers all turned to Cynthia instead. Lifting her from the ground, they sandwiched her between two of their bodies - one of them sliding into her cunt while the other attacked her asshole. Her untouched-before anus was now roughly penetrated by a thick cock, her sphincter hurting as the man forced his erection through it. Her rectum started to burn as the man immediately started plowing her fast and hard, not giving her body any time to get used to it - once again, their roughness making it impossible for Cynthia to enjoy herself. Instead, she was hurt so much that she started to sob - tears starting to flow from her grey eyes too. But opening her mouth wasn’t a good idea either - she wailed for only a few moments before a soldier plugged it with his dick. That was a first for her too - and she gagged on the man’s dick as it pressed against the back of her mouth. She had troubles breathing as the man shoved it into her throat, making her choke on his erection while the three dicks were pounding her holes with a lot of force. That only caused her to start crying harder, struggling as she could against them - but with her hands behind her back there was little she could do to resist them. The man holding his cock in her mouth kept it in almost to the point of making her pass out, only pulling out as he noticed she was starting to slump down on his erection. And once the girl had taken enough air in, he resumed the rough face-fucking. It did have a positive effect on Cynthia, too - she focused on the fear of choking and the pain in her neck so much that the pain of having her virgin ass taken seemed only like a mild annoying. But the pain from her three holes combined was enough that she started to break down too. Feeling a streak of warm semen shoot deep into her bowels, another one right up her cunt and a third one down her throat in quick succession only helped with that, and as the men let go of her the girl ended up curling up on the ground as well. Some semen of the guy who fucked her mouth was leaking out of it, and her thighs were also covered with the semen that had poured out of her pussy and ass. Laid out on the ground together, both girls were now really close to one another - but they were looking away from one another, trying not to show their pain to the other. Combined together, they made for a very sad sight - raped, crying, tied up, with torn clothes and semen coming out of their pussies.

Grima for one very enjoyed that sight. Sadly, she was unable to go another round so soon - she wasn’t too experienced with the magic that she could use to grant her her dragon cock, and it drained a lot of her magical powers after she came just once. Because of it, she did end up shooting a huge amount of semen up Lucina’s tight pussy - semen that she could still see come out of it - but the dragon had to admit it also was pretty frustrating. But if she wasn’t able to fuck the girl again now, it was time to move on to the next stage of her plan. Grima knew that the mortals had some of their holidays around this time of the year. And the summoner, too, made some preparations for that. So she just came and took a number of things he had prepared for it. First off were two sets number of clothes Grima understood were meant for the man’s favorites. If anything, Grima thought they made them look more like cheap whores, so they were fitting for the humiliation she wanted to dish out to the two Ylissean princesses. On her orders, the soldiers quickly encircled the girls once again. Now, they removed the remainder of their clothes - leaving the girls completely in the nude. Neither of them had the strength to cover herself up at that point, so they just remained in the same positions they were in as that happened. And once they had been stripped naked, next step was making them wear the clothing. First, the men made them wear two red corsets that only went over the girl’s midsections, leaving their breasts uncovered and ending up just over their hips. After tightening it so they hugged their stomachs tightly, just the pairs of crotchless panties remained. Slipping them up their shapely legs was pretty fun for the soldiers, and so was tickling the girl’s pussies through the holes once they were on. The weak squirms of their hips and legs showed that both girl’s strength was already pretty drained for the day, but their weakness only made them seem more cute - and that in turn made them perfect to be defiled some more.

And so the soldiers carried on with raping the girls some more while Grima just watched, the magical cock disappearing as the red-eyed woman began touching herself. However, the girls weren’t too energetic at that point - and so the soldiers quickly grew bored of them. After some quick discussion, they decided to let the girls rest up a bit - and so they all left, Grima following soon after. The sisters were left in their cell, with their hands still tied behind their backs and still wearing the red-colored lingerie. At first, they just laid there, too exhausted to do anything - but eventually, Lucina managed to sit up and take a look at her sister. Finally, she got a better look at the clothes they were forced to wear - clothes that were matching perfectly what they had on in her vision. Just the sheer thought of it coming true terrified her… But it wasn’t going to happen! No! Their situation was bad enough as it was. With how the heroes in this world were, it seemed no one would come to their help. Lucina had to admit, that there was little hope for them left. At best, they would have to face more abuse tomorrow… And then what? Just live the rest of their lives as sex slaves for the twisted dragon? Lucina shivered as she considered that fate. The pain of having her pussy fall apart around the dragon woman’s dick really was something else compared to any pain the future Exalt had felt before. To think she would have to experience that kind of pain every day of her life from now on… Maybe dying really was a better alternative? “NO!” Lucina screamed out, angry with herself for even thinking this. As long as they were still alive, there would always be hope. Death was never the right choice - how did it ever cross her mind?

Hearing Lucina’s outrcry, Cynthia snapped out of her lethargy. Turning to the side, she saw her sister’s face be reignited with determination - but Cynthia could tell just how frail it really was. Being raped together liked that really left her sister in a weaker mental state… And Cynthia knew she had to do everything she could to support her. “I-it will be alright, Luci…” She stuttered out while also getting up to her knees. Now, the two sisters were facing one another - and after just a moment, their bodies pressed against one another. They were trying to hug one another, to share their sisterly love so that they could relieve just some of the weariness that was weighing them down. However, having the arms bound behind their backs made it harder for them to embrace - all that happened in the end was just their shoulders rubbing together while Cynthia’s huge tits pressed against Lucina’s smaller ones. And as they did, to her surprise Cynthia found her nipples hardening - and her pussy getting wet again. What was this? She had seen her sister naked before… Why was this turning her on now? How was she even able to feel aroused after what happened earlier? While having her flings with heroes back in the Askr they came from, she did it with both male and female heroes alike… But to feel this way about her sister? And yet, there was no mistaking it - as it continued, the wetness between her legs continued to grow. By now, Luci must have surely had noticed just how hard her nipples have gotten… Thinking about it, Cynthia decided to take the plunge. Their situation already was terrible - maybe they could cheer themselves up better through this?

Suddenly moving her head forward, Cynthia laid her lips on top of her sister’s - and then delivered a kiss that was anything but sisterly. Lucina’s eyes grew wide as she felt it. What was Cynthia doing?… Was this her way of coping with what had been happening? She had failed her already, dragging her into this in the first place… If this was what her sister wanted, Lucina felt she had no right to reject it. So instead she just kissed Cynthia back - opening her mouth so their tongues could battle for dominance and ignoring the semen that was still on Cynthia’s cheek. This was one area of fighting Lucina had no experience in, so Cynthia was able to easily force her tongue into her sister’s mouth. While going at it, Cynthia waggled her chest, enjoying the way her nipples were brushing against Lucina’s skin. After some time, the kiss had to be broken, and as she backed out Cynthia looked at her sister with mostly lust in her eyes. “Are you really okay with this, Luci?” She asked sheepishly, only for her sister to give her a weak smile and nod in return. “Y-Yes, go ahead.”
“Leave it to me!” Cynthia managed to even smile a bit while moving her ass a bit back, then bending over. Her head landed on Lucina’s amazing thighs, and for a few moments Cynthia was happy to just rub her face against them - feeling her arousal climb again even more. Alas, she had offered to do this first - so she had to endure the wetness growing between her legs with no way to work on it for now. If only her hands were untied!

As Lucina felt Cynthia’s head press against her lap, she spread her legs a bit - granting her sister access to her pussy. Cynthia took the hint and delved deeper in between her sister’s legs. Opening her mouth, she let her tongue out - and began to lap away at the skin around her sister’s pussy. At first, her tongue slid across the lace of her new panties, so she focused her efforts to just the area they didn’t cover. While doing so, she had come across the taste of semen of the people who had raped her sister before, as a lot of it was still both inside and directly outside her snatch. Cynthia’s insides twisted again as she was reminded of the man who fucked her face. However, the knight knew she had to be strong for her sister, so she was able to overcome her disgust and continue to take it in with her tongue. In fact, once she decided she had to handle it, her attitude towards it did a 180. Doing this, she had the perfect opportunity to clean her sister’s pussy out of the filth that these people had left inside her - so it was also her duty to make it so that not a drop of their semen was left on and inside Lucina’s body. While Lucina wasn’t aware, of what Cynthia was trying to do, her sister still made her feel really good. Her sister’s tongue was much more kind to her pussy than the cocks she had to take were, brushing gently against the entrance and her inner walls. Cynthia was doing her best to make her feel good while eating her out - and for the first time, pure sexual pleasure began to flow through Lucina’s body, untainted by the pain of rape which she had to endure earlier. Because of that, Lucina was able to start moaning - quietly at first, but as it continued her moans grew louder. Listening to them, Cynthia found herself dripping even more cunt honey than before - and as a side effect, emptying her pussy of the semen that was still stuck inside it. Rubbing her legs together so that they brushed against her entrance helped a bit, but she desired to feel something inside it so much! That caused her to continue sucking and licking at her sister’s pussy, until finally Lucina came - announcing it with a loud moan as her juices began to squirt all over Cynthia’s face.

The moment they did, Lucina started to collapse backwards as orgasmic numbness took over her body. And Cynthia didn’t waste any time either - immediately getting out from between Lucina’s thighs and rushing over to her head, squatting down with her bare feet on two sides of her head. Her pussy ended up pressing directly against Lucina’s mouth - and even if Lucina was unable to move her tongue, still in the throes of her climax, just rubbing it against her sister’s tongue and lips was enough to grant Cynthia the reprieve she desired so much. She moaned too, much louder than her sister did, while continuing to grind her pussy against Lucina’s lips. As Lucina had recovered from her orgasm, her sister was nearing a one of her own. She dragged her tongue across Cynthia’s labia a few times, making her emit a few moans, before sticking her tongue inside. And just a few moments after she did, while she was taking a taste of her sister’s pussy walls, Cynthia came - squirting a huge amount of her come over Lucina’s face. Having all of it wash over her face was a bit surprising, but the feeling wasn’t exactly unpleasant - and the happy orgasmic outcry her sister released warmed her heart. Unlike the terrible moans they had been making while the men raped them, these were brought out by an union accompanied by love - and that made them sound much more sweeter. Although the taste of her sister’s come wasn’t too much to her liking, Lucina still made sure to suck in as much of it as she could into her mouth - her cheeks and chin getting sticky with Cynthia’s love liquid.

Cynthia rode her orgasm out while sitting on top of Lucina, her knees shaking heavily while she did it. Eventually, her legs gave way, turning her squat into a kneel while the girl still moaned. In time, her climax had died down, and Cynthia climbed off her sister’s face. Once she did, Lucina sat back up while Cynthia turned around to face her. The two sisters proceeded to stare at one another, both staying silent. Words were not enough to convey what they were feeling, the sisters staring at each other with love in their eyes - sisterly in Lucina’s, but romantic in Cynthia’s. While they looked right at the other, Cynthia’s body quickly became ready for another go. After thinking about it for a moment, she decided to speak out. “S-So… Want to do it again?” Lucina once again found herself unable to refuse such a request - and prepared her face for some more licking. However, Cynthia had a different idea this time. After seeing Lucina nod, she moved closer to her and spoke out again. “Spread your legs, and lift one for me!” Cynthia called out happily, and Lucina was happy to oblige. Spreading her legs, Cynthia pressed her hip against the leg Lucina lifted. Next, she moved her legs a bit more - letting one slide right under Lucina’s. Then, she moved her other leg so that it was on top of Lucina’s - with their pussies ending up rubbing together. Bucking her hips, Cynthia let out a moan as she felt her clit move across Lucina’s cunt lips - and her sister moaned in return as her pussy slid against Cynthia’s entrance. Seeing how great it felt, Luci began thrusting her hips back at her - the sisters both moaning loudly as they started to grind their pussies against one another.

With the position they were locked in, they had little opportunity to do anything else but moan. With their legs scissoring, the upper halves of their bodies were driven apart - and since their hands were tied behind their backs, they were unable to use them to pleasure the other some more. So they just kept rubbing their cunts together, both sisters moaning over and over again. Cynthia was the first to turn her moans into something intelligible - specifically, she started to call out Lucina’s name. And once she did, Lucina followed almost immediately after - both girls calling out the other’s names as pleasure coursed through their bodies. The cries of “Luciiii!” And “Cynthiaaa!” Continued for some more, until Cynthia came - with her juices going all over both of their thighs and onto the red panties. Lucina wasn’t too far behind, and soon the sisters were both arching their backs up as their bodies were both shaking in orgasmic throes. Their legs continued to be interlocked with one another throughout that, letting each of them feel the pleasure shaking the other’s body - and making them both really happy that they could help each other wind up.

As the sisters’ orgasms calmed down, they slowly unwrapped their legs from one another. While they were doing that, the sound of the cell door opening had reached their ears. To their disgust and surprise, they saw a soldier walk in - one hand stroking his cock while the other carried a tray of food. “Lady Grima sent some food for you sluts. Thanks for the nice show you gave me now - I really enjoyed it.” He commented while placing the tray at the ground, his strokes intensifying as he did. In a few moments, he came over the two plates of food the girls had received. Listening to him, the girls realized that someone could have been watching them through the iron bars that kept them locked in the cell - and suddenly they were both blushing hard.
As the man left, they both moved over to where the plates were. He gave them nothing to eat the food with, and combined with their hands being tied up they were humiliated once more as they had to eat just with their mouths, just like animals did. The extra serving of semen he gave them made them both disgusted, but after such a rough day they needed the food. Swallowing their pride, both girls bit into the meat they were given, and once they managed to get through the semen, they were even able to enjoy the taste a bit while doing so. While the water their received lacked any taste, they still drunk from it hungrily. But before Cynthia had drunk all of it, she thought of something. If they were going to do their best to resist their jailors again tomorrow, they should look for the part too. And right now their faces were covered with drool and the other’s come, not to mention she still had some semen sticking to her chin. So instead of drinking the remainder of her water, she stuck her face into the bowl - splashing it all over her mouth. She rubbed it against the side of the bowl for some time, hoping she made it so that her face was presentable at least. And once she was done, there was just a little water in her bowl too. “Luci, come wash your face.” She asked quietly, and Lucina turned to look at her - the older sister’s water all but gone. Still, she had a piece of her meat left too. “You go eat this then.” She ordered with a commanding voice Cynthia would always obey. The sisters switched places at the bowls, with Lucina getting herself clean while Cynthia chomped down on the meat they were given.

Once they were finished with the bowls, there was nothing left for them to do anymore. Their fatigue set in in full, making it impossible for them to enjoy the other’s bodies a bit longer. So instead, they just curled up together on the ugly, cold floor - drifting away into the embrace of an unsteady sleep.


The sisters were woken up a few hours later by the rattling sound of metal bars sliding against one another as the door to their cell was opened again. Even if it was pretty short, it helped both of them a lot - Lucina returning to her normal self for what she hoped was for good. She had to stay strong for Cynthia’s sake - she wouldn’t fail her again. Because of that, she stepped to the front again while the soldiers began to go in - Grima coming in last. The dragon woman made sure not to show what she was carrying to the two prisoners, having the soldiers shield the items she took from Kiran’s stache from their sight. Then, she set them down - and handed two soldiers the pair of deadly instruments they were to start off with. The soldiers turned towards the two blue-haired girls, and Lucina’s eyes widened for a moment as she saw two pairs of antlers in their hands – the main branches ending with sharp spikes. These were exactly like the ones she had seen in her vision… No! She would challenge that fate! She stood up proudly, looking at the soldier who came up to her without a trace of fear on her . Surely, if she stayed like that, some opening would allow her to fight back… “If you’re so eager, come here you slut!” The man closer to them screamed at her, and Lucina did walk towards him - if everything else failed, at least she’d buy Cynthia some more time. She stopped in front of him, and he made her turn around. She could see Cynthia staring at her with a worried and confused look on her face. What was going on with these antlers?

The younger princess got her answer as a whoosh went through the air, the man standing behind Lucina stabbing both antlers into her head, just below her headband. The man was really careful as to which spots he chose, making it so that Lucina’s brain was mostly left intact. Her mind would mostly stay the same – except for one switch that the brain penetration had flipped in her. But first, her brain would have to adjust to that Still, it hurt, and her eyes bulged as the left one rolled up, tears squirting out of both of her eyes as the girl’s body shaking in powerful spasms. Her mouth opened, and her tongue lolled free, with fresh saliva dripping down it. The man let go of her, and Lucina’s body walked a few steps forward before falling to her knees – a mindless expression on her face.

“NOOOO! LUCIIIIII” Cynthia screamed out as she saw that, tears starting to flow freely from her eyes. How could they do this? How could they do something this terrible to them? She didn’t want to die… She didn’t want to die! While Lucina writhed on the ground, the man holding the second pair of antlers turned towards Cynthia. It was obvious these were meant for her - and so Cynthia panicked. She tried to run away, but their cell was small and soon she was standing in a corner, sobbing quietly. She felt hands fall onto her shoulders to keep her from moving, so she just began shaking her head. “No… Noooo… This can’t be happening…” She muttered while facing away from the men behind her. As she heard the whoosh coming from behind, the blue-haired knight knew what was happening. She had just a split of the second to react - and yet, she managed to lash out backwards, towards the man who was about to stab her in the head. That threw his hands off the course. They still reached the girl’s head, but not in the proper spots the man had planned to. Sinking into her skull at the bases of her pigtails, these caused much more damage to her brain than it was planned too - Cynthia too turning into a drooling, mindless fleshdoll on the ground.

Lucina’s mind had recovered from all it quicker. However, now she knew that her defiance wouldn’t do her any good. If she still wanted to overturn their fate, she’d have to try something else. She just the perfect idea what to do, though - one brought out by the spikes messing her brain up. The men were thinking of them as whores to be used - then why not prove to them just how good of a whore she could be? Normally, Lucina would never consider such a thing - but with how her brain was now, that seemed like the perfect idea to her. Getting up, she willingly crawled over to the nearest man - ignoring the body of her sister that was still spasming in the corner. The princess hungrily eyed the man’s erection - opening her mouth so she could take it in. The taste which seemed so repulsive the day before now didn’t bother her in the slightest. Although she wasn’t skilled in fellation at all, this being her first blowjob, she still was able to make up for it with her enthusiasm. She took as much of the soldier’s length in as she could, wrapping her tongue around it while running it across it. As she did that, another soldier approached her from behind. Once she sensed he was there, Lucina just lifted her backside, allowing him for easy access to both her pussy and her ass. Her virgin asshole looked more enticing to the soldier, so after spitting on his cock he started to shove it in. The extra little bit of lubrication made it work a long way towards easing his way up down her anus. Feeling her sphincter stretch so that the man’s dick could go in didn’t bother her in the slightest. Instead, she just started to move her ass backwards, pushing herself deeper onto the man’s cock. Seeing how eager she seemed now, the soldiers decided that there was no need to keep her hands tied - so they sliced through the ropes binding them together. Her muscles were sore from staying in that same position for so long, but Lucina didn’t care about it at all - immediately putting her hands to work on the dick of the soldier she was sucking off. With one hand, she began stroking the part of the cock she couldn’t get to fit into her mouth yet, and with the other she began to massage his balls. The additional level of stimulation was enough for the man to cum quickly, with Lucina happily drinking as much of it as she could - just little droplets of semen she weren’t able to swallow making it out through the corners of her mouth.

The man fucking her ass continued to plow it for a bit longer, while the man at her face was quickly replaced by another one - with two more in tow. Instead of using her mouth and hands to work on a single cock, Lucina suddenly had three she had to handle. She happily began slurping down on one of them, while using both of her hands to start jerking the other two soldiers off. Once she felt a load go up her asshole - sensing it flowing up her bowels - Lucina let out a moan that was muffled by the cock in her mouth. This was fun! And so far, the soldiers all seemed satisfied with using her! Another soldier quickly slid into her cunt, granting Lucina the sexual pleasure that only now she realized she desired so much. She continued to grind her hips wildly at the man using her cunt, making both of them feel better and better with each time her pussy clenched down on his dick. The tiara-wearing princess-turned-slut proceeded to service the men for a while, while her sister slowly returned back to consciousness.

Consciousness was a bit of a strong word when it came to what happened to Cynthia. Although some resemblance of intelligence returned to her, her eyes were still pretty mindless - and her tongue was still hanging free from her mouth. Still, she was able to move - and her body still reacted to various stimulants. Her vision was a bit blurry, but she could still make out the shapes of things in front of her. And as she scoured the room, one type of objects caught her attention - the ones in the phallic shape. Just looking at them awakened a warmth in her loins, and so the girl was more than willing to use them to get off. While Lucina became willing to service the men because she thought it was the best course of action, Cynthia was incapable of thinking like that anymore. She just gave in to her carnal desires while making her way to the closest soldier - and even if she could only let out groans now, she managed to say one so inviting that the soldier understood her intentions. Quickly, he mounted her - his dick sliding deep into her damp pussy. The knots on her wrists were quickly undone, and the first thing Cynthia did once they were was starting to play with her boobs. Because of their size, the men were pretty interested in her - the knight having a line of soldiers lined up to her really quickly. She crawled on top of one of the men, letting him pound her pussy, while another one mounted her ass from behind. Instead of the reluctance and disgust she felt towards the cocks filling her mouth before, she was indifferent towards them. Her mouth was open, with her tongue hanging free from it - an inviting orifice for anyone to fuck. In no time it was filled with a cock, but Cynthia didn’t care for it at all. As her hands were mostly hanging limply at her sides - from time to time giving weak squeezes to her own boobs - the men started to make use of them as well, tugging on them and wrapping them around their dicks. Still, they were so limp that instead of Cynthia giving them handjobs, it was as if they were just jerking off with hands that weren’t their own. While still pretty pleasant, it was nevertheless a bit disappointing for the soldiers. Despite that, her willing gangfuck continued for a while longer.

Grima watched the two sisters willingly give their bodies in to the massive orgy, her hand working on her pussy again. She considered going to fuck one of them again, but it seemed the duo was now in no state in to appreciate the dark magic which would flow through their pussies. So instead, she just fingered herself a few times, her powerful moans carrying a weight of a thousand-year-old dragon with them. Both princesses came a number of times as well, but their climaxes were easy to miss in the midst of all the loads of semen they were forced to take. It seemed that Lucina’s idea was working… But only for a while. Eventually, the soldiers got bored of them. Their willingness quickly grew old, and the lack of any resistance wasn’t entertaining either. And as they did grow bored, they all turned to Grima - awaiting the next order their dark lady would give them. Even if the dragon wasn’t officially in any position of power in Askr, her tremendous magical powers and absolute lack of tolerance for disobedience set fear into the hearts of all of these soldiers, making them obey her anyways. Deciding it was time to move on, Grima held on tightly to her bag of treats she took from the summoner while quietly issuing orders.

Once the Fell Dragon went quiet, the soldiers began to carry them out. Lucina looked happily at the new group of men going towards her, since less and less of them had been coming to her recently. She happily stretched her left arm out towards them - only for it to catch the blade of one of their swords on her upper arm. The slice wasn’t clean, and the arm, while partially severed, was still connected to the rest of her body. Still, if they were doing that… All traces of hope disappeared from Lucina’s mind. They really were going to end up as that messed-up tree… And there was nothing she could do to stop it. Even normally, Lucina would have given up at this point. However, with the way her brain was working now, she came to a much better conclusion - she should just enjoy her final moments. And so she eagerly swung her half-cutoff arm towards the men, with the lower part of it dangling from strained patches of muscle and skin, presenting it to them so they could cut it off. She watched it fall to the ground, then laid down on the ground as well - spreading her legs and using her surviving arm to touch herself. Her hair ended up all messed up below her, providing a bit of a cushion for her back. Her mind didn’t even feel the pain coming from the stump of her arm as blood continued to pump out of it, the girl just fingering herself while waving her legs at the soldiers. With how thick and meaty her thighs were, the soldiers weren’t going to do it with just their regular weapons. Instead, they brought in Cynthia’s lance. Lucina was still able to recognize it - and just started touching herself more furiously with her remaining hand while waiting for the blade to sink into her skin. The man placed it on her right thigh, so that a part of her leg would still remain after the cut - then brought the weapon down. With it’s size and weight, once it was put in motion, there was no stopping it. The sharp tip of Cynthia’s spear broke through her skin, drawing fresh blood, and the rest of the blade followed. Still, with how wide her thighs were, even having her leg impaled like that didn’t cut them off in full. The man holding the weapon had to repeat this two more times, once to get rid of the flesh and skin on each side of the first hole in her body he had created. But once he did, her leg had been cut off - with Lucina moaning harder and harder each time he brought the weapon down. The pain and blood loss were working against her, even if Lucina was not paying attention to things like that anymore - making it harder for her to reach a climax. She tried as she could, tugging on her crotchless panties to make them rub against her entrance once she had decided that her fingers weren’t enough - but still was unable to go over the edge.

With each of the cuts, the men noticed a slight increase in the amount of twitches going through Lucina’s body. Lucina’s fingers were also getting more and more desperate in their thrusts, fighting back against the blood loss and failing. To make her struggles even more entertaining, the soldiers decided to take care of her left leg in turns. Still carrying the heavy spear belonging to her sister, they started to work on her leg from it’s lower parts. The first one brought it down at Lucina’s foot, slicing it off with a clean chop just below her ankle. Picking the foot from the ground, he immediately pressed it against his erection, starting to rub his dick against her soles. Even if they were a bit dirty because of all the filth on the floor of the cell, he paid no mind to this as he proceeded to slide his cock across the small arch of her foot. Getting to experience the princess’s gentle sole press against the length of his shaft brought him the pleasure her holes couldn’t. Running the foot against his dick with one hand, he used the other to manipulate it a bit - bending her twitching toes so that he could feel the small digits hit him on the sensitive tip of his erection. Doing this, the man was quickly able to cum, shooting his semen through the holes between her toes and across the base of her foot. Letting out a satisfied groan, he was about to put the foot down - but another soldier, his curiosity spurred by seeing the man give himself a footjob, took it away from him and also started to use it to get off.

While Lucina’s foot was the object of attention for a few of them, her left leg was playing the main role for the rest. The blade struck it again, this time just below her knee. Her calf was quickly discarded, and the men moved on to the final cut. Instead of using Cynthia’s weapon for this one, one of them had picked up a saw - another one of the things brought by Grima. The man dragged it across her thigh, giving it just enough of a push so that it broke through her skin. Once it did, he began sawing away at it, moving his hand back and forth with powerful motions. These were necessary to go through the mountain of flesh that was Lucina’s leg. Even if he was cutting a bit below its widest point, its size still required him to go through it relatively quickly. Reaching her femur, his efforts had to increase to break through her bone - but he was able to do it and carry on. The prolonged pain of a slow sawing was a nightmare for Lucina - the pain coming from the leg making it almost impossible for her to come. Frustration welled up within her, but all she could do was finger herself some more as the man continued to cut her leg off. Once the cut was finished, the men took all the parts of the limbs they had removed and took them away. As Lucina was working so hard to get off, they decided to let her keep at it, moving on to Cynthia for now.

Cynthia didn’t understand what was happening to her sister, or what was about to happen to her. She just moaned happily while seeing the men turn towards her, knowing it meant more pleasure was headed her way. While they were working on removing Lucina’s legs, she saw that most of them were around the older girl so she crawled over to where she was, waiting on her fours on the ground nearby. Her weapon was quickly brought down through her right arm - since Lucina still had hers, starting off with it seemed like the correct choice. Losing a limb didn’t feel bad at all - at this point, Cynthia’s mind was taking all stimuli and just turning them into pleasure. So the pain of having her arm be cut just made her feel even better, the way her blood slowly pumped out of the stump of her arm making her pussy wetter and wetter. The girl let out a prolonged moan, one that spiked each time a fresh spurt of blood left her arm. Moaning like that she let her voice sync with her sister’s for a bit - and as she noticed that, she was reminded that Lucina was also there. She threw herself on top of her sister, her chest landing on the girl’s midsection. Both of her boobs rested on the red corset that covered it, but one of them also ended up pressing against Lucina’s flatter ones. Because of the way she lunged forward, her legs were stretched out behind her - as if she was offering them up to the men there. Another of the soldiers took the advantage of that. He was wielding a huge cleaver in his hands - and quickly brought it down on one of Cynthia’s legs. The knight squealed in pain as she felt it, her hips shaking as the pleasure grew almost unbearable. That caused her breasts to wiggle around a bit too, making her right one rub against Lucina’s again. That was just the push Lucina needed to finally come, her pussy squirting a huge amount of semen as she started shaking on the ground too. She pulled her hand out, letting her arm rest on the ground to the side of her body - and the moment she did, a quick chop detached it from the rest of her body - leaving the tiara-wearing woman limbless as her orgasm continued. A broad smile graced her lips as she did, the stumps of her limbs spasming a little while the girl continued to act as a pillow for her sister’s tits.

The men taking care of Cynthia weren’t wasting any time either. Her second leg was gone now too, the girl sent into a near-orgasmic state as both of stumps pumped out more blood. She was in so much pleasure that tears started to flow out from under her eyes, unable to keep her tear ducts shut anymore. Her tongue was still hanging out, more drool leaking from it as she was on the edge. Her remaining arm was limp at her side, making it hard for the man behind to get a clean cut. Because of that he walked a bit further in, and grabbed the arm just over her wrist. He stretched the arm out towards himself, and Cynthia turned her head to take a look at what he was doing. That gave her a good view of the cleaver coming down onto her arm and delivering a clean cut through her skin, flesh and bone, taking the girl’s final limb away. At that point she came, her pussy squirting like crazy while the stumps of her legs curled up below her. She just rested on Lucina’s body, the two sister’s going through their respective orgasms, while the next part of their torture was to be uncovered.

First, the men took the remaining removed limbs and put them aside. Next, both girls had been lifted from the ground - and brought onto a short table in one of the nearby cells, one that had been emptied before. Then, they put white stubs over the stumps of their legs - ones that would prevent them from bleeding out from the huge cuts in them while also allowing them to be pretty stable. Next came another thing from Grima’s bag: two pairs of fake reindeer legs with hooves at the ends. The girls willingly slid the stumps of their arms into the small openings in the hollowed-out replacement limbs, so the men just had to adjust them a bit and tighten some ribbons to make sure these wouldn’t accidentally come off. After they did, they let go of the arms - and the girls let them drop onto the table, both on their fours while facing one another. Between the hooves and the antlers, once could argue that the girl were halfway to being transformed into two very sexy reindeers.

The place they were on was short - short enough to grant the soldiers clean access to their pussies while they were standing. So they proceeded to do that immediately, sliding right into the two very wet pussies. They felt as good as even, clenching hard on the dicks that were inside them, but it wasn’t enough for the men - not anymore. Grima had given them the heads-up to mess with the girls’s brains even more - and so, the soldiers grabbed onto each horn with one hand. Twisting them around, they were able to bring out more powerful spasms from the cunts they were using, at the price of driving the stakes deeper into Lucina and Cynthia’s brains, also moving them around and having it slice through their brain matter. Both girls were already fully devoted to enjoying themselves as much as they could, so their mood didn’t change because of that - but their bodies started to show the effects of it fairly quickly. Any control the girls still had over them quickly dispersed. At first, their bodies devolved into a series of spasms - but the replacement limbs they received also doubled as pylons that kept them standing despite that. Cynthia’s huge titties started bouncing wildly as her chest was affected by these jerks too, making for a great spectacle for the men who were just standing and watching. Whenever the spasms seemed to die down, the girls would slump down in their artificial limbs - but these kept them standing nonetheless. With that the frequency and power of twitches within their pussies cut down too, it no longer felt as amazing to use them as before - so the soldiers would just twist the antlers around some more, pushing them deeper and deeper into the depths of their brains. That sent them into a fresh series of moves each time, and the cycle continued.

Even if their bodies were unresponsive to their commands, they were still alive and working. And naturally, having their vaginas be pounded with powerful thrusts let them build up towards some climaxes of their own. Although their minds were unable to tell the difference between the men fucking them at that point, the hot loads filling them up and the short breaks as one guy was replaced by another one were still noticeable - at least for their pussies. That made the first few thrusts inside them much more pleasing, as the vaginas squeezed the dicks tighter after getting even a small pause. The sisters both came multiple times throughout this - their juices running down their legs and onto the wooden table beneath them. Their mouths were open, drool leaking freely from them and down the tongues that had slipped out, while moans still escaped through the wide-open lips as well. Tears of mindless pleasure were running down their cheeks, from both the blue and the grey eyes, eyes that were rolled to the top to complete their hyper-aroused look.

However, even jiggling the antlers around in their brains had its limits. And eventually even it was unable to bring the blue-haired girls out of the numbness that had spread through them. It was a sign that it was the time to move on to the finale. The fresh pair of soldiers who moved in to fuck them next only grabbed onto the horns with one of their hands - in the other ones, each of them was holding a single simple silver sword. Waiting just a few moments as they got used to the first few initial thrusts, the men simultaneously brought them from the sides towards Lucina and Cynthia’s necks - slicing right into them. That was a stab of pain that was able to bring Lucina back despite all this, even if the princess’s mind was really weak. Now, her body started shaking in its dying throes - and death itself was waiting for her in just a few moments, that knowledge being what brought her back, her mind working with full clarity. As her jugular was cut through, she could feel a lot of blood starting to squirt out of the red line that had opened in the side of her neck - the only thing of her body she could still feel in full. She had no need to feel her body parts right now though - she was perfectly aware of everything that had been done to her before. They reduced her to just a fucktoy… And she behaved like one, too. Fortunately, now the pain and humiliation would end… And that knowledge made her feel so relieved. Even if the would end up just like in her vision, at least they won’t be forced to endure it for much longer. Because of that, Lucina let a smile linger on her lips as the man continued to saw through her neck with his sword. But the control she had over the muscles of her face was gone again soon after. The dying spasms of her cunt were enough to make her cum one final time, and because of it the smile turned into a huge grin - her teeth gritting as her body had it’s final climax. The man finished his slice, removing Lucina’s head from the rest of her body. The body still kept standing on its fours, with the man pounding it harder and harder, until he spilled his seed into her womb. As for her head, he lifted it upwards - her eyes going blank after just a few more moments, one of them rolling up while the other remained still.

Cynthia’s mind did not get revitalized as much as Lucina’s - just enough to bring out her slutty tendencies from before. Having her neck cut provided her with a pleasure just like losing her limbs did, only one much more intense - leading to the younger sister also coming in her final moments. She tried to voice her pleasure out with a moan, but with her neck cut all she let out was a few gurgles. Seeing the smile that appeared on Lucina’s face, Cynthia too tried to mimic it - a similar toothy grin being her expression as she lost her head. Her head was lifted from the rest of her body as well - the man bringing it towards Lucina’s already dead face. With her dying lips pressed against Lucina’s slack ones, her tongue acted on its own - Cynthia making out with her sister’s head until death claimed her. Herr tongue wrapped around Lucina’s as both of their salivas began to drip down from both - and they stayed interlocked ever after Cynthia passed on too.

With the heads removed, the bodies now had an additional hole for the men to fuck. The stumps of their necks were quite a tight fit, but once the men were able to force their cocks into them, they could feel just how good these were. Their esophagi were quite tight each, and had a pleasant coat of saliva and mucus on their walls, letting the man easily slide deep into them. Fucking them like that also allowed the men to feel the warmth of their bodies slowly start dying out as they continued to be dead for longer, the transition quite thrilling for the men who were fucking their necks as it happened. It was also noticeable, albeit weaker, for the men using her lower holes - her tight asshole for Lucina and her still willing pussy for Cynthia. Their stomachs had taken quite a few loads into them as this continued - not nearly as close as their lower holes did, but catching up fairly quickly to them.

Their heads weren’t given any respite either. Lucina’s throat had been penetrated from below, impaled on a cock that proceeded to make its way to the back of her mouth. Cynthia’s face was used for a more traditional blowjob instead - her cheek swelling as a dick stretched it out from inside. With the thrusts from below making Lucina’s head bounce, her mouth was swung open - with fresh drool being shaken out of it after every single thrust. The man continued to fuck her with a lot of force, letting his tip slam into the roof of her mouth as he stretched her throat out to the fullest. Eventually, he came - his semen flooding her mouth, most of it escaping through her open lips. The man hammering his cock into Cynthia’s cheek wasn’t too far behind, releasing a load into her mouth soon after. Even if her lips were wrapped around his cock tightly, some of his spunk still managed to escape through the chink between his swollen cock and her lips. Some of his semen began to run down his dick, but most of it filled Cynthia’s mouth - with a few streaks of semen seeping into her nasal cavity and dripping out of her nostrils. The next pair of men who were to use the heads changed the positions - Lucina being the one giving a post-mortem blowjob now while the stump of Cynthia’s throat had to stretch around an erection instead.

Grima just watched it silently while touching herself. She would have loved to give Lucina’s head a go like that - so eventually, she got up and called for her dragon dick again. Approaching the man holding Lucina’s head, he handed it over to her when he saw her come near him - fully aware that the dark lady would have killed him otherwise. And so Grima slipped her dick up Lucina’s neck hole - the scales on her cock dragged across the inside of Lucina’s throat. Magic started to pour out of her cock’s holes again - it was just Grima’s way of leaking precum. Because of that, the insides of Lucina’s mouth began to deteriorate - the barrier between it and her nasal cavity dissolving. That in turn gave Grima a much bigger hole to use, Grima’s vessel was able to push all of her dragon dick inside Lucina’s head. As she continued to ram it in, the dark energy started to fill Lucina’s mouth and nose - and eventually, even started to leak free from it. The men nearby watched with some horror as Lucina’s head started to dissolve around the dragon woman’s cock, sad that they wouldn’t get to use it. As Grima came, a mixture of come and magical residue shot into Lucina’s head, making a way through the insides of her head until it reached her brain. It was already pretty messed up because of the two sharp blades cutting it up, but now Grima’s come would devour the rest of it. Happy with truly destroying her enemy like that, Grima pulled out. Now, she didn’t have to worry about returning Lucina to a good state - in fact, she’d much rather keep the magic going inside her. Still, her head needed to be presentable for the final part - so Grima rescinded the magic working on the outside of Lucina’s head, fixing her skin on the outside once more. However, her magic would go on inside her head until it consumed all of her brain. To make sure that the dark energy wouldn’t spill out of Lucina’s mouth and start working on the outside again, Grima grabbed her chin and pulled it up, squeezing her mouth shut- and putting a simple spell on them to keep it like that. Just a simple opening between her lips remained, but her teeth filled it anyways, keeping anything from escaping her mouth again. Once she was done with that, Grima decided to move on - the bodies of the two girls she hated had been defiled so much that it left even the Fell Dragon satisfied.

Even if the soldiers weren’t too happy that their fun with the corpses had to come to an end, no one dared to disobey the red-eyed woman. The men fucking them at that point refused to stop, just picking the corpses up and carrying them with them while still using them as they brought them out to one of the castle’s outdoor squares. A huge layer of snow covered the ground there. Others took the cut-off limbs with them, and the rest carried a bunch of poles Grima ordered them to take. Once they all arrived there, getting curious looks from the other heroes who had been there before, it was time to get started. The men fucking them finally came, freeing their torsos up for it while others removed the replacement limbs, showing off the girl’s stumps again. A huge, slightly curved wooden pole was prepared as Cynthia’s corpse was taken towards it. It had a sharp spike at the end, one that allowed for easy insertion. A man spread her pussy open, semen still dripping from it as she was brought onto the tip. After the pole slid through the hole in her crotchless panties, her wetness allowed it to get in without too much trouble, the slick wood quickly making it through her vagina. The men had to give it a stronger shove once it reached its end, the tip going into her guts as her breasts started bouncing around. They continued to shove her onto the pole until it left her body through her neck stump - setting her down for a moment. Lucina’s body was brought over moments later - and was also impaled pussy-first, the piece of wood escaping her body with a huge part of it still unused. Lucina’s body was impaled at an angle a bit different from her sister’s, but while the pole still was horizontal it wasn’t too visible. Next, all four of the girl’s arms were impaled on the wood too - each one perpendicular to the one below it. The main pole of the Lucina&Cynthia tree had been finished. To top it off, a golden star had been placed over the tip - covering the bloodiest part of it up.

Once it was there, the pole had been lifted from it’s position and turned vertical instead. It’s butt was forced into the ground, with the men digging a proper hole for it so that it wouldn’t fall over. As they did that, gravity pulled the bodies down the pole a bit. Cynthia’s butt and what was still there of her powerful thighs landed directly on the slow, supporting her body as it slumped down. Lucina’s torso was pressing down on it from above, her just as meaty thighs resting on her sister’s shoulders. The arms stayed in their spots above her neck. Between the pole already being curved before, and it being forced to support the full weight of the two sisters, it ended up bending to one side a bit - the star at the top leaning over to the right.

Next up were the girl’s heads. Each was quickly impaled on a shorter pole of its own. Cynthia’s pole ended up going into her mouth, forcing her tongue out of it again while getting lodged in what still remained of her spine. As a huge part of the inside of Lucina’s head was liquified at that point, the pole had to travel deeper inside it. Still, there was an intact part of her skull it could go right into - making it so that Lucina’s head wouldn’t fall off. Her long hair ended up waving around behind the pole as the cold wind moved against it. The poles carrying their heads were then tied together in the shape of a X-cross, and next inserted into the ground behind the main pole. They were long enough that their heads ended up on the level of Lucina’s chest, her small boobs perfectly on the line connecting their chins. When it came to her boobs, her nipples were pretty hard - the cold air making them stick out of her chest even despite the fact she was dead. The antlers were still stuck in their heads, two of them pointing towards the sky while the other two were parallel to the ground.

It still wasn’t finished, though - putting some decorations near it was still necessary. Cynthia’s spear, which had taken so many of their limbs, was driven into the ground below Cynthia’s head, with it’s heavy blade ending up near her head. The men tried to do the same with Lucina’s bow, but as they thrust it in it snapped in the middle, the decay from Grima using it to fire a tainted arrow causing it to break. They left the two halves on the ground nearby, just sticking a few of Lucina’s arrows into the ground below her head instead. The girl’s legs were dropped off on the ground nearby it - Lucina’s chopped off foot ending up near one of Cynthia’s leg stumps while one of her sister’s legs landed on the opposite side.

At that point, Grima was truly done with the corpses of Lucina and Cynthia. She gave her pussy a few final rubs while looking at the castle’s newest sex installation, which had already gathered the attention of a number of heroes, then left. Although their holes weren’t available to be fucked, it was still quite an arousing sight - and so many a hero would end up jerking off to it, sending their semen all over their torsos, arms, and slack faces.


Madelyn is an OC of mine; Veiled drew her for me here

Young Lady of Askr 1: Madelyn’s Death on the Plains
tags: non-con, M/F, rape, gutting, impalement, beheading, roasting, cann

Madelyn did quite enjoy the life in the outrealm she had lived all her life in. Being the daughter of Kiran and Lyn, her life was nothing but flawless - people bent to her every whim, not wanting to bring the summoner’s
wrath down on them. However, that also made her life pretty boring - as nothing required too much effort from her. The world also housed many other children who had been born to the heroes of Askr, but they were just afraid of her as the caretakers. The only person who had become her friends was Morgan. The young tactician was the daughter of a Tharja and a Robin who had given her life up for her mother’s pleasure so that Morgan would be cared after - and Lyn made sure that the black-haired girl would be treated the same way as her own daughter was. With life being as simple as it was, Madelyn spent her days practicing for battle - hoping that one day she too could become a hero fighting battles on her father’s orders. Kiran visited her from time to time, and once she became of a proper age, gifter her the Mulagir - the same one that belonged to her late mother. Madelyn quickly learned how to use the legendary bow, her skill with it quickly catching up to the level her mother showed - she was clearly able to inherit the talent for the bow that Lyn had. She was a little less confident with the sword, though. Her father gave her the Sol Katti too, but she wasn’t too fond of it - and so the girl had it reforged into something more fitting her tastes. The golden blade still looked similar, albeit slightly smaller and shorter. The grip had been changed too, making it easier for her to quickly draw it. The size reduction had turned the legendary sword into a short sword, but it was still just as deadly. And as she grew up, Madelyn started making use of it more and more often.

Now, Madelyn had grown into a fair woman of her own. Even if it was hard to keep track of the time in the outrealm, she looked just as old as her mother did when she had been summoned to Askr. A bit shorter than the average height, the girl wore her hair - a darker shade of green like her mother’s - in a messy mane that only went a little past her shoulders. Her silver eyes carried a playful, if slightly sadistic glean within them. With a perky nose and a pair of small lips, along with a slight blush on her cheeks and a slightly pointed chin, the girl was cute enough that she could easily pass for another heroine her father had summoned. Her body was fit, if a bit too thin - the girl’s consistent practice giving her a shapely body. Her weapons weren’t the only thing she had inherited from her mother - Lyn had also given her a pair of huge, round breasts, and fairly long legs. Her thighs were now just as juicy, if not more, as her mother’s.

The green-haired girl preferred to dress in clothes in a style similar to the Sacae dresses her mother used to wear - even if she never got the chance to see her properly, the idea still seemed right to her. Her dress was white, with short sleeves that ended midway through her upper arms. Across her waist Madelyn wore a blue sash that kept the lower part of the dress mostly in the proper place - with two ends of the sash going behind her back and flapping around with each step she took. It was the same color that the dress Lyn used to wear - another way Madelyn was paying the tribute to her mother. Going down, the dress continued into two flaps - a wider one behind her, covering her small, yet bubbly ass - and a more narrow one down the front. It covered what it should at the front, cascading down between her legs almost to her feet - while leaving her meaty legs uncovered. Madelyn was more than happy to show them off like that - it just was in her blood to let people see them. The dress’s seams were all golden, along with a couple patterns at the front of it - keeping it in the colors the clothes of the other Askrian royalty were.

The dress was accompanied by a number of accessories, as well. On her chest she wore a golden emblem of Askr - one that doubled over as the symbol of her status as the summoner’s daughter and a chest guard for her archery. On her forearms and hands she wore black, fingerless gloves. The gloves fit her hands, but they got looser further away from them. The gloves also had blue ribbons over her wrists. Higher up her right arm Madelyn wore an armband. It was red, with two blue feather-like strips of cloth tied to it. It was another keepsake of her mother - it was the headband Lyn used to bind her ponytail with. Besides the sash at her waist, Madelyn also wore two belts on her hips. One of them was carrying the sheath for her sword, while the other held a quiver of arrows. Going further down were the girl’s exposed thighs. While their sides were fully naked, at the front she wore thin garter belts - ones that disappeared underneath her dress in a tantalizing manner. They were holding up a pair of black thighhighs, ones that covered the length of her legs while bringing out their shape. At their seam, they pressed harder into her skin - bringing up a bit of meat and thigh fat to be pressed against them. Lower down her legs the girl wore brown boots - padded ones that were just a little over her ankles. With a pair of heels, they held her feet at a pretty curved angle - but the heels were short enough that she was able to get around in them fairly quickly.

Below her dress, Madelyn wore only a tight, form-fitting top. It crawled up the opening at the top of her dress, a thin layer of black covering her the base of her neck and its lower part. It barely covered her shoulders, and it clung to her huge tits - pressing right against her nipples. With how thin it was, the extra layer of cloth wasn’t too huge of a barrier between her body and the air outside - if her nipples got hard enough, one could see them through it and her dress. It did, however, fulfill another role - along with the emblem covering her left boob it prevented her titties from bouncing around too much while in battle. That was the only piece of underwear she wore - if one were to move the frontal flap of her dress to the side, they’d get a direct look at her neatly shaved pussy. The pink flesh of her pussy lips and the small divide between them looking like a treasure that any man would have a hard time turning down. While not too often, the woman sometimes would force one of the male heroes in the outrealm to take it - but with her specific interests, far more often she’d just have to use her hands to pleasure herself there.

With her one day having to inherit the summoning powers from him, Kiran made sure that she had learned all about the heroes she would one day be able to summon. The records about them weren’t too interesting, but she still proceeded to study them. Having Morgan study them with her also was fun, the two girls working more efficiently together. Besides that knowledge, Madelyn also studied tactics and strategy - so that one day she’d be able to lead her father’s heroes into battle if the need ever arose. Here, Morgan was helpful as well - the tactician-in-training getting the hang of it far more quicker than Madelyn was. But there were also subjects Madelyn had the advantage over Morgan: Namely, when it came to torturing and killing other girls. Once their bodies had developed enough, Kiran had taken them along while going to kill and rape one of his summons. And just like he expected, both of them found it very exciting - Madelyn’s first climax coming from touching herself while her father fucked his way into the brain of some poor heroine. Beacuse of it, Madelyn proceeded to learn all about the female body, studying it and the proper ways to torment it - while also testing out her knowledge on the various girls who had lived in the outrealm with them. Morgan preferred to play a passive role, watching from the sidelines - but she was enjoying this just as much as Madelyn did.

Among the knowledge she studied about the heroes, Madelyn had come across a huge bunch of heroes from the region of Sacae. Her mother was among one of them, and that was what picked her interest about them in the first place - but studying it in detail, the girl found herself more and more fascinated with it. Finding out that her mother named her after her grandmother was nice, but the savage, primal lifestyle of the Sacae nomads was far more interesting to her. While they seemed to have cut down on it by the time of her mother, the multiple mentions of ‘girl hunts’ and cannibalism the nomads used to indulge in really got her all excited just reading about them. Her pussy was dripping wet as she read about the different ways the girls had been butchered in preparation for them to become meat. As she continued to learn more about it, Madelyn was inspired to give it a try herself - and so one day instead of just killing the girl she chose as her toy for the day, she also put a spit through her and threw her over the fire. The succulent taste of female meat was one that captivated her, and she continued to eat most of her meals like that ever since - supplied by the near-infinite legions of heroines her father would summon.

That wasn’t the only product of Madelyn’s growing interest in the Sacaean lifestyle. After finding out that for half a year after her grandparents have been killed in a bandit attack, her mother lived alone in a cottage on the plains, the green-haired girl awakened a desire to do the same. It would mean finally getting away from all the people who always looked after her, and give a bit of freedom she always desired. No one dared to oppose her as she announced her intention to do it - forbidding anyone from coming after her. She did made one exception to that rule, however - asking them to send over new heroines for her to play with that would also double over as a supply of food for her. Asking Morgan to explain to situation to her father if Kiran came to visit while she was gone, Madelyn was then ready to set off. She had found an abandoned cottage a few days of a walk away from where the main village in the outrealm was - and she decided that would be her home for the foreseeable future.

Currently, Madelyn was living just there. Bringing the cottage up to a state for her to live in took her a few days, but the girl was quite happy with the modifications she had made - especially setting up a spit that she had since then tested out on a bunch of tasty heroines. That wasn’t the only cooking implement she had put up, but one she had enjoyed using the most by far. Besides that, Madelyn had taken her weapons with her - both the Mulagir and her reforged Sol Katti, as well as a supply of ammunition for it. Of course, she had also taken a bunch of her father’s summoning records with her - she knew she had to get as knowledgeable about the heroes as she could. Now, she spent her days reading, hunting for animals or for the heroines that had been sent over, feasting on girlmeat that came from them, and masturbating to their remains or roasting bodies. She’d also practice her archery or swordsmanship sometimes, but alone it wasn’t so productive. Because of that, sometimes the Sacean heiress would have the girls that came over play the roles of bandits that were trying to invade her home - taking even more pleasure in fighting back against them and delivering them the justice they deserved as once they lost, they’d sizzle over the coals.

However, for all the pretend fights Madelyn did, it still did not leave her prepared for when a real bandit would have come to her. The green haired girl still relied on her position, whether she was aware of it or not. The women fighting against her knew very well who she was, and what the summoner would do to them if they hurt her, so they weren’t fighting to their fullest. That in turn meant she had no experience fighting against an opponent who was really trying to kill her - but that was about to change. She was pretty surprised to see a man approach her cottage, but not knowing who he was, she decided not to shoot him - it was no fun killing men, anyways. Because of that, she let him approach - until he was right at her cottage. Cautiously and with her sword in hand, Madelyn came out to him, and spoke out: “Who are you? Why did you come here?”

A cottage the bandit remembered destroying before had been rebuilt, piqueing his curiosity. Finally, he decided to check it out - and was greeted with quite the eyecandy coming out to see him. A beautiful, green-haired girl walked out of it - wearing a tight form-fitting dress that hugged her tits tightly, his eyes lighting up as he saw them. The dress also showed off the girl’s legs - and combined with her black thighhighs and garter belts, the very sight of them was enough to make his dick harden and his mouth water. “That’s not important… All that matters is your great body - and that I’ll get to enjoy it myself!” The man called out, getting a stronger grip on his axe while continuing to devour her body with his eyes. Madelyn quite enjoyed his leery gaze, happy with the proof that her was looking great. As the man prepared his weapon, she too drew her blade. It seemed that the man was pretending to be another bandit… Weird they sent a man over this time, though. The comments about her body were a bit unusual, too - but she was still convinced the man was just a hero she had not come across yet in her studies. The two opponents measured themselves cautiously from a distance, each of them reluctant to make the first move. However, as that continued, Madelyn started growing more and more impatient - and eventually, darted towards him. Maybe it was time she should give killing men a go, too? As the girl ran, she wondered, for which part of his body to go to - but she wouldn’t get to put these thoughts to use anyways. She failed to take the man’s size - and the size of his weapon - into account, while he perfectly knew his capabilities. And the moment she had entered his range, his axe was already flying towards her. Her silver eyes widened as she saw it, only her fast reflexes saving her life. No one had attacked her with the intent to kill before, and so she was not prepared for an attack of that kind at all. Despite that, she managed to take a step to the side, but the weapon still hit her on the arm - cutting through her glove and making it fall off while knocking her blade out of her hands. She stopped on the spot, and as the weapon came down at her took a step back - right back into the open door of her cottage - while eyeing him cautiously.

“Okay, you won. Now what?” She asked without a shred of fear in her voice while watching him pick her sword up, too.
“I already told you, girl.” He told her while walking towards her again, only for Madelyn to start taking steps back into her house. There was something off about his voice… But he wouldn’t dare lie a hand on her - would he?
The man entered the cottage too, and now she had ran out of space to back off to - he got her cornered now. He was happy to see that the girl had a spit ready, and it even had a fire running underneath it too! He just knew he was going to make use of these later. Putting the two weapons down behind him, the bandit decided to get hands-on with his helpless victim. Madelyn let out an angry moan as the his huge, harsh hands groped her breasts. While it felt good, it wasn’t something she could just let anyone do as they pleased. After fondling them through her dress for a moment, the man pulled back - ripping the front of her dress off, along with the golden pin that symbolized who she was. That was another red flag for her - who’d dare to disrespect her father’s emblem? But it wasn’t like she could do anything to stop him, either… As the man managed to grab onto her undertop too, it too got ripped off. Because of that, her sizeable breasts were exposed to the man now, swinging up and down a bit for a moment before coming to a stop. The man’s fingers dug into the opening in her dress below them, opening a huge tear in it down one of her sides - and ripping the lower part of the dress off in full. Without it in place, the girl’s cleanly shaved cunt was revealed to him - his dick growing even harder at the the sight of it. Madelyn could see his erection throbbing through his pants - and as he removed them, his dick springing free, she became really worried. “Alright, that’s enough of it. Cut it off, or I’ll kill you later.”
“Not if I kill you first.” The man replied, while taking the final step towards her, pressing her against the wall. His erection hit her on one of her thighs, making her flesh there jiggle a bit - then, he slid his erection into her pussy. She groaned as she felt him penetrate her, his huge dick sliding across her inner walls in a pretty pleasant way. The man groaned in return too, enjoying how tight the green-haired slut’s pussy was. His words, however, were terrifying. She had ended the lives of so many heroines, she thought she’d gotten used to death - but the thought of dying herself was one that never crossed her mind. “If you do, my father will have your head!” She called out angrily while feeling his cock slam into her body with a lot of strength.

“He seems like a dangerous fella. I’ll just have to make sure he won’t find me, then - thanks for the warning!” The man laughed happily while continuing to hammer his dick right up her cunt, his laughter confirming to Madelyn that her rapist wasn’t one of the people bound by her father’s summoning magic. That in turn made her realize just how grave her situation was - it seemed she had to accept his earlier words at face value. That in turn meant he was going to kill her… And just thinking of it made her struggle more. As he was holding on to her thighs with his hands to keep her stable, she didn’t really have too much of a way to struggle against him. With her fists, she tried to hit him, but her punches seemed not to have any effect at all. After doing that for a moment, she then turned her hands towards the man’s face, trying to claw away at it. However, as her nails touched it, delivering just the slightest scratch on it, the man let go of her hips - and instead grabbed both of her wrists at once with one of his heavy hands. The girl had realized far too late just how terrible her situation was, then? Too bad it wouldn’t help her at all. Pinning both her hands above her head, he pulled her up a bit so that gravity help with pulling her back down onto his dick, making using her cunt even more pleasurable than before. He proceeded to use her pussy like that for a moment longer - then decided it was time to move on. The girl’s body felt great to fuck, but he could feel some hunger growling down deep in his belly - and with her trying to hurt him, he was also eager to hurt her back in return.

Reaching out behind with his free hand, he searched for the golden blade he took from the girl. Next, in one quick stab, he drove it directly into her belly - right above her navel. The girl shivered on the wall, pain spreading through her body as she began to trash on the sword that pinned her to the wall. Letting go of her wrists now, the man grabbed onto her tits while pounding away into her cunt with more force than before. He fondled them for only a moment, though. Once free, Madelyn’s hands were directly for the sword buried in her stomach. With the strength the man put into thrusting it into her, it went all the way through her body and came free out of the curve of her back - going right into the cottage’s wall behind her. That in turn meant she had issues pulling it out - and the stimulation coming from the way her tits were being manhandled, distracting her, didn’t help, either. To make things worse, her efforts were pretty much useless. The moment the man saw the sword start sliding out, he let go of one of her tits and closed his hand directly over hers that were on the blade’s handle. She tried to struggle against him, but the forceful dicking of her pussy was getting to her, causing her to grow weaker - and besides, even if it didn’t, the man would be too strong for her to win a strength battle like that anyways. So all she succeeded in was slowing him down as the man proceeded to draw the sword down her stomach. Experienced in this, he did it at an angle - avoiding her womb and any possibility that he’d cut his dick too in the process. He continued to drag it down until he reached the bottom of her abdominal cavity, then with a more powerful tug ripped the sword out - the blade flying off behind him as he put a little too much force into it.

With the almost vertical cut open in her belly, as the man continued to thrust into her, the shaking around it delivered to her lower body caused her guts to start spilling out of her stomach. The man helped with that, grabbing onto the pieces of her exposed intestines and pulling on them, helping them spill out of her belly - splashing onto her boots and covering the ground below them red. They also went onto his stomach, covering his belly and as it fell further down also his balls with red spots of her blood. Madelyn’s struggles intensified again, but after one more punch he again pinned her hands to the wall and continued to pound into her. The man proceeded to fuck her like that while gutting her - working his free huge hand into the cut in her belly and using it to rip out organ after organ. Her stomach seemed more and more hollow as that continued, that feeling even worse than the pain that would go through her whenever she felt him pull another part of her insides out. Eventually the only thing that remained within her lower body was her womb and her ovaries. Because of his actions, his lower body was spasming more and more - that in turn brought him closer and closer to a climax. And as he removed the final piece of meat from her stomach, he also pushed himself over the edge - spilling his seed into her vagina and up into her womb. Having taken a few creampies like that before, this one still felt so degrading… The humiliation of being raped was sooo annoying… Surprisingly, though, she still enjoyed the new perspective it provided her. That put the struggles of some of the girls she abused sexually before killing them in a new light - and knowing the way it had to hurt them mentally would make it even hotter to rape another girl in the future. However, Madelyn also knew she’d never get the chance to experience it… And that knowledge also hurt.

Done with fucking the girl, the bandit pulled his cock out of her pussy - which was now dripping both with his semen and the blood that had flowed down from her stomach. That gave her a bit of a respite - but that in turn left her frustrated that she was unable to come while he took her. The constant pain in her belly successfully took away the pleasure it would have given her otherwise. Now, however, that pain had died out pretty much - just the dull feeling of internal bleeding coming from inside her stomach. If these were her final moments… As the man grabbed her by her shoulder, then began to drag her towards the spit, the girl directed her hands towards her pussy - quickly working on getting off one final time. Once they reached the spit, the girl had been moaning, both of her hands going hard at her pussy. Her change in attitude was surprising, but welcome - that meant he didn’t have to watch over her too much for now. Still keeping an eye on her, he picked the spit up from over the fire. “Get on the table now slut, and I’ll even let you come before putting that thing inside you.” He spoke out. While Madelyn wasn’t exactly happy about being ordered around like that, at this point she was aroused enough that she just needed to come that final time - even if that meant cooperating with her rapist and would-be-killer. So she climbed onto the preparations table, table that was still sticky with the blood of her latest victim - and with how things were going, what would be her last. Spreading her legs, she proceeded to finger herself much quicker than before - the feeling of half-dry blood beneath her buttocks exciting her some more. While she worked her hardest on getting off, the man proceeded to remove the rest of her clothes. Grabbing onto one of her legs, he pulled her boot off - then did the same for the other one. Madelyn was tempted to kick him while he did, but with how close to a climax she was, she just let him do it. As she felt him tug on one of her thighhighs - her garter belt brushing against her thigh for a while before snapping - the girl finally came, her pussy honey soaking her thighs with a sticky surface.

Breathing heavily as her climax took her, Madelyn put up little resistance as the man dragged her socks off her long legs - leaving them fully uncovered for the first time. Seeing them like that caused his erection to throb again - they were just soo perfect! That would make digging into them once they were done even better. He continued to take in their beauty for a few more moments - from her strong, wide thighs, through her knees, past her pretty meaty calves and down to her feet - which were a bit on the longer side. She wiggled her toes at him while she noticed him staring at them, and that spurred him to move on. All that remained now anyways were the two things on her arms - everything else had been removed along with her dress. He pulled her fingerless glove off her hand, and dragged her armband down it - with Madelyn watching him carefully as he did that. Because of the way she was looking at him, he decided to treat the trinket with some respect - getting it past her fingers instead of just tearing it off. Now, the girl was truly in the nude - and for the first time, a real blush appeared on her cheeks. She had never took all of her clothes off for someone - but now it made sense, as they would only get in the way of her roasting. The Sacaean heiress watched him cautiously as he picked the spit up again, pointing the tip towards her. He didn’t even had to tell her what to do, or tie her up - she willingly laid down on the table, presenting her cunt to him and spreading it with her hands so that he’d have an easier way putting it in. From her own experience with spitting girls, she knew that not doing that would be just a slight inconvenience for him - and would cause her a lot of extra unnecessary pain.

The wetness in her pussy caused by her climax left it lubricated enough that the tip of the cold metal pole was able to easily slide into her pussy. Having it touch against her sensitive walls caused a thrill to go through her body - Madelyn had to admit that the feeling was quite pleasant. The man thrust it in without caring of what she thought about it, and the sharp tip pierced through her cervix and began to stretch her womb the discomfort outweighed the pleasure. She let out a quiet groan - the man was unable to discern, whether is was one of pain or pleasure - as the rod’s end poked against her womb for a moment. After teasing her like that for a moment, the bandit delivered a stronger thrust to it - tearing through the back wall of her womb. Now it hurt, but the slick metal rubbing against her pussy as more and more of it moved into her body was still pretty exciting. As her abdomen had been hollowed out, for a while the puncture in her womb was the only source of pain for her - the rod continuing through the emptiness while her arousal started to leak out of her pussy again. She was surprised by her body’s reaction to it, but as it continued she realized she was getting more and more turned on. By the time the sharp end of the rod poked into her midriff from below, the green-haired girl had already moaned quite a few times, her hands working on rubbing her pussy again. Why was she so aroused by this? She was about to die… She should be afraid, and here she was just moaning while rubbing her pussy like crazy. Listening to her voice was driving the man crazy, too - his erection throbbing hard, a satisfied grin appearing on Madelyn’s face as she saw it spring back up at his crotch. That distracted the man enough that the rod deviated off it’s course a bit, continuing through the side of her right lung as he forced it forward. The fresh pain as her lung was flooded with blood would have thrown her off before, but now she just took it in while touching herself even harder. She let the fingers of one of her hands to play with her clit while the other one continued to rub her lower lips as hard as she could. The moans started to sound more and more like wet gurgles as blood from her lung moved up her neck and through her lips, but Madelyn wasn’t bothered by that in the slightest - going at it until she came again, her pussy clenching hard on the pole going through it while letting more of her honey and some blood out.

Listening to her moans, and exploring her body with his eyes before, the bandit’s erection was painfully hard - enough so that he needed to cum again soon. But with her body about to be put over the fire, it would be impossible for him to use to take care of it soon. Unless… He wasn’t going to eat her head anyways. Letting go of the spit for a moment, he searched for her sword for a moment - and once he found it, he returned to the table. From her moans picking up the pace, it seemed the slut was near another climax. Impressive, considering she had been impaled from the cunt up to her neck. With how cooperative she had been throughout the impaling, he decided to let her go on a little longer - stroking his cock with one hand while holding the golden sword in the other. The moment the girl screamed out in what only could have been her final orgasm, he brought the sword down - slicing neatly through her neck in one go. Between his strength and the blade’s sharpness, her skin and her bone didn’t even slow the slice down at all, the sword stabbing into the table beneath her. The moment it did, he let go of the sword and grabbed her head with both hands - bringing it down towards his cock.

As Madelyn laid while her orgasm held its influence over her body, fresh pain suddenly exploded in her neck. It did for just a moment, though - and the flash of gold that appeared before her eyes moment before gave her a good idea, what it was. Losing the contact with the rest of her body was also a good hint, but she could only be certain what happened when she felt her head being lifted from the table while the rest of her body remained in place. The orgasmic numbness was no longer there, a far more morbid weakness quickly filling her head. She watched her body spasm on the table for a moment, felt the man work his cock into the stump of her neck and into her throat, while acceptance filled her mind.
“So… That’s how I’ll die, then…” Madelyn hated that her life was about to end, but at least she died in a pleasant way… Also, with what the man was doing, her body wouldn’t go to waste either. That knowledge filled her with some satisfaction - and the dying girl had to admit that with how many girls she had eaten, it was a fitting end for her, too. She drifted off to the rhythm of a cock slamming up her esophagus, her silver eyes glazing over as life left them.

Without the head to control it, and with her last orgasm still over it, her body spasmed on the preparatory table for some time. The pole provided it with some stability, keeping it mostly in one place - but her limbs still flailed around a bit. Her arms started off at her thighs, but the spasms threw them off so that they landed on the table next to her hips. Her legs kicked out a few times, her feet striking out against the clean air without a target. Her boobs heaved over with the spasms as well, shaking like jelly while her corpse moved on the table.

At first, the man had some troubles forcing the head of his dick into her neck stump. The orifice was just a bit too tight to let him fit easily. After putting a bit more effort into it, he still was able to push it in - groaning right away as the tight wetness of her esophagus hugged his cock tightly. He proceeded to run his erection deeper into her next, using it as an onahole while holding on to it with both hands. Her fairly long hair rubbed against his balls as he drove her head up and down his dick. Eventually, he got his dick deep enough that he could use just one hand to keep the head in place. With the other one, he shoved the rod through her body again - the tip coming out of the stump of her neck. Pushing it out a little bit more, he continued to grind his erection into her head while working with one hand to tie both her wrists and her ankles to the metal shaft. Once it was done, the man then managed to pick the rod up - and her body with it. Turning around, he let it fall into its rightful spot - the flames getting to work on their ex-owner’s corpse right away. Letting go of it, the man proceeded to fuck her head for just a moment longer - streaks of his semen escaping free through her lips and covering her face with them as he came. Settling onto one of the girl’s old chairs near the flames, he proceeded to wait for the girl’s body to roast. While waiting, he still kept her head over his cock - fucking it one more time once his dick was ready for another go to pass the time. Her body sizzled over the flames, her skin turning a mouth-watering brown as whatever fat she had in her body began to pour out of her pores, bringing out the taste of her flesh. A tasty smell of roasted girlmeat filled the cottage once more - this time, it was the smell of its inhabitant’s body.

In time, Madelyn’s body was ready - the man lifting her from the roasting rig once it was done. Taking her head off his cock for now, he proceeded to bite in into her yummy flesh. Using her sword to chop it up into manageable pieces, the man let his teeth sink into what captivated him the most about her - one of the girl’s thighs. Her meat was so tasty… It basically melted right in his mouth, filling all of it with an unearthly taste. He was trying to take it slow, to take delight in how incredible it tasted, but his mouth and body desired more and more of it - making him pick up the pace and quickly devour all of her flesh from the leg he started off with. There was enough food on it to keep a lesser man fed for quite the time, but with how hungry he was - his hunger only growing stronger after his multiple orgasms - he was still not full yet. Setting the bones of her leg down, he weighed her sword in his hand again while thinking of what to go next. Eventually, he settled on another delicacy. With a quick slice, he cut one of her huge boobs off. Lifting it to his mouth, he took a bite out of it - the sweetness of her pure tit meat giving his taste buds a taste of heaven itself. He made sure to let the taste linger within his mouth, shuffling the meat around it so that each part of her mouth would get to experience the divine delicacy properly, before finally swallowing it. He continued to take bites of her breast, taking extra time to chew on her nipple when he got to the top part of it, but eventually all of it went down her gullet.

As the day continued, the man continued to eat more and more of her - the harder flesh of his rump also made its way into her stomach, as did her other tit and some of the walls of her belly. He also stripped her arms of most of their meat, her muscles trained with the sword and bow tasting well too. However, he knew he couldn’t linger here for too long - the people the girl had mentioned before could come and look for her, and he would want to get away from the cottage before that happened. With that in mind, he chopped her up some more - her surviving leg and huge chunks of her ass that he haven’t eaten yet filling up most of his bags. He had to leave the rest, but he still had enough room for the two symbols of her womanhood that were remaining. With a quick slice he freed her other boob and put it safely among his belongings. Next, he reached into her open stomach - and cut off her uterus and her ovaries with it. Pressed directly against the pole, the stretchy walls of her womb were melted into just the perfect consistency that made it into a great meal. With no more room for the rest of her body left, the man had to leave the rest of her roasted corpse on her table. Still, he had managed to eat the most tasteful parts by himself - if anyone else found her, they’d have to make to with the leftovers.

Setting out to leave, the man realized he had no room for Madelyn’s head either. He’d have loved to take it as a trophy with her, but if he ever ran into other people who could recognize the girl with it, he could get into trouble - her words signified she was pretty important in her group. Then, he’d have to leave her head here… He’d make it a warning to others who would come here, then. Sticking her sword into the ground in front of the entrance hard, he then stretched the hole at the bottom of her head and forced it onto the weapon’s handle. Letting go of it, he was happy to see that it didn’t fall off - just twisting over to one side, the vacant look in her silver eyes clearly visible. Looking into them, and at her open mouth, almost made her seem as if she was asking for another load of semen, he decided. Freeing his cock from his pants once more, he jerked off one final time - providing Madelyn’s head with a facial as his goodbye to her. Once he was done, he left - leaving the cottage while thinking happily of the filling meal he had eaten and the extra meat he had stashed away.

Madelyn felt her consciousness return to her. “Where… Where am I?” She wondered while trying to ascertain her position. Didn’t the man kill her? As none of her body responded to her commands - in fact, she wasn’t sure she even had a body at all - an idea appeared in her mind. Was this… The afterlife? The cold, unresponsive void stretching out all around her seemed so cruel… Was this to be her fate for all eternity? Floating around in the emptiness forever? That thought terrified her… The girl felt that if it continued for too long, she’d definitely lose her mind…
With some effort, she was able to get her soul to start moving within the sea of void. She continued to float in one direction, hoping she could stumble onto something - anything! - that would help her out of there. After continuing for some time - she had no idea of telling how long it was, but it seemed like an eternity to her - she was able to sense something ahead of her. There were other souls in here! Getting closer, these felt like the souls of the heroes her father was summoning. However, as she got even closer, she was able to tell there was something different about them. They were being pulled through the void with some incredible power - and because of it, they were going too fast for her to interact with any of them. As they were flying past her in groups of five, Madelyn was able to tell that it was a summoner like her father calling them forth. She considered going into the pull and letting it take her too, to pull her out of the void, but it seemed dangerous - she had no guarantee her soul would survive it. However, another idea flashed in her mind. Ever since she had awakened here, her soul had been absorbing magic from what was surrounding it. Even if she had no magical prowess of her own, the girl was still able to recognize that feeling after what Morgan had explained how it felt to her. Testing out what she could do with it seemed safer than surrendering her soul to the powerful stream of souls nearby.

After enough magic had built up within her, Madelyn released it all around her - unleashing the magical powers she had inherited from her father. However, while Kiran’s magic was all about summoning others, his daughter’s magic was very much directed at herself. She found herself being pulled through the fabric of time and space, a new body forming for her, as a portal opened back within her cottage. Madelyn emerged from it, crashing down onto the ground. Instead of being able to summon heroes, Madelyn was able to summon a new body for herself - even after her previous body had died.

Getting up, Madelyn’s head felt heavy. Was this just some kind of weird dream? No… Her corpse was still on the table, most of its meat stripped from her bones. She could see her torn dress in another corner of the cottage - and that sight made her realize that her new body was naked. Kiran’s magic could grant his heroes their usual clothing, but with her powers being so fresh all she managed to create was a body. Still, she had spares, so that wasn’t too big of a deal. Walking around a bit, the girl stretched to get used to her new body - quickly finding out that it was a perfect replica of her original one. She peeked out of the house to check if the bandit was still around, but he seemed to be gone. Her pussy flared up as she saw the result of the man’s final action - her cut-off head impaled on the handle of the Sol Katti, the sword stabbed into the ground right in front of the entrance to her home.

Running towards it, she picked the head up right away - her pussy aching as she looked at her own slack face, at the cum coming out from between her agape lips and out of her neck stump. This was just so hot! She had the opportunity to play with her own corpse! She felt it up with both of her hands for some time, her arousal quickly starting to flow down her powerful thighs. Eventually, she couldn’t handle it anymore - and just forced the head in between her legs. Her pussy touched against the open lips of her removed head, and once it did, she started to force her hips down onto it while pulling the head back up and into her crotch. Rubbing her cunt all over her dead face, it didn’t take long for the girl to come - and she added her own come to the semen the man had left all over her head.

Breathing heavily, Madelyn stumbled back into her home - carrying both the head and the sword in her hands. Placing them down, she fell over onto her bed, trying to come to terms with what just happened. Was that just a fluke? Or did it mean she would always be able to come back from dying? A pleasant thrill went through her body as she considered that. Just thinking of her first death was enough to make her wet again… And now, she would be able to enjoy the great pleasure that came with dying without worrying about the consequences! The girl squealed happily as she thought of that. She’d still have to test it out a bunch - and the girl still had no idea how long did it take her to come back, either - but the summoner’s daughter was really looking forward to finding out about the limits of her newfound ability in great detail in the near future.


Apologies for a bit of a longer wait. I have another, longer chapter pretty much ready tho, should be up on Sunday or so ^^
Rhajat's scene is based on Veiled's drawings of her that can be seen on his pixiv:

Chapter 37-1: A Young Tactician's Boredom
tags: non-con, F/F, M/F, rape, throat cutting, disembowelment, beheading, dismemberment

“I can’t get you to stay, right?” Morgan asked Madelyn once more as the green-haired girl was to head off. Her best friend was leaving ‘to live as her mother did’. Morgan wasn’t too happy about it - just what was she supposed to do here without her?
“Nope!” Madelyn replied happily, and Morgan just rolled her eyes. “Take care of yourself, then. I’ll make sure to send you over some heroines that will be to your liking.”
“Aww, thanks!” Madelyn replied happily, before taking off - the flaps of her dress waving behind her as she walked away, sword and bow in hand.

Being the daughter of Robin, Morgan had quite the aptitude for both tactics and magic. Inheriting Tharja’s magic from her other mother, the girl had quite the proficiency for it. Studying the heroes and tactics together with Madelyn, she was given a proper education that let her turn into a fine young lady of her own. And while they weren’t studying, once they both realized they were into killing other women, the two girls would go and hunt for someone fun to kill together. Madelyn was the one to kill them, while Morgan was happy with just watching - getting off to the sight of Madelyn killing various girls just as much as the green-haired girl did. She wasn’t entirely passive about it, herself - she’d come and torment some of their kills from time to time, but she really preferred not to get involved directly - just suggesting targets or ways to kill to Madelyn making her happy. Their partnership worked just fine like that, both of the girls enjoying themselves a lot while going through the population of heroes Madelyn’s father had sent to them.

However, with Madelyn leaving, Morgan was left without her playmate. She tried to deal it with studying more of the tactics books various other versions of her mother had given her, but there was only so much she could handle before getting tired of it. In just a few days since her friend left, Morgan was suffering from the worst curse of all - boredom.
Directing her clever young brain to work, Morgan started to think of way to keep herself entertained. Once she had felt the thrill of watching a girl die, that was the first thing to came to mind when it came to ways of enjoying herself. She could give killing girl a try herself, but the black-haired girl still wasn’t too willing to get her hands dirty. So, she came up with a different solution - what if she just got other people to kill for her? She had read plenty about manipulating others in some of the books she had received from her alternative mothers, but never really put that knowledge into use - and was just itching to test them out, too.

Eager to put her idea to a test, Morgan set out in search of someone she could get to do her bidding. It didn’t take her too long to find someone she deemed fitting: The black-haired, scantily clad Wind Tribe diviner, Rhajat. Approaching her, Morgan already had an idea in mind. Rhajat noticed her approach, and spoke out to her in a weary voice.
“…What do you want?” The magician wasn’t too happy to be interacted with - she preferred to be left alone most of the time.
“Hello, Rhajat. I was reading through a magic book, and came across something I think you’ll find interesting.” Undeterred by that, Morgan still planted the seeds for her plan.
“…Oh? And what would that be?” Rhajat replied with a bit of curiosity in her voice, less apprehensive than before.
“It was a type of dark magic that the summoner uses. Basically, you can use it to transfer powers from one person to another. It of course results in the death of the person you take the power from… But I don’t think that will bother you.” Morgan let a smile linger on her lips as she said that, while watching Rhajat’s face carefully. The curious glean in the magician’s grey eyes showed her that the girl had caught the bait.
“I see… That does sound interesting.” A weak smile graced Rhajat’s lips as she said that. “…Would you share that book with me?” She added after a moment, and Morgan replaced her smile with a frown.
“Here’s the thing. See, the book didn’t actually have any details on that magic - just said that it exists. So I was thinking you could be able to work something out and recreate it on your own?” This was the most risky part of her plan. If she judged Rhajat incorrectly, she’d just refuse now… However, the more energetic look that Rhajat had about her now made Morgan pretty sure that Rhajat wouldn’t refuse the challenge. For a moment, Rhajat considered it - but the more she considered it, the more she thought it would make for some entertaining experiments.
“I can try… Will talk to you again if I get any results…” Turning around, the black-clad girl signalled that their discussion was over. Now, she had to find herself a good test subject… And drag her off to her secret study. Morgan watched her leave, a large grin showing on her face as the curvy magician walked away. Depending on who she settled on, she could already see it leading to the girl’s demise as well… Heading off to her own room, Morgan was able to focus on her studies with newfound excitement. With a well-cast scrying spell, she opened a one-way portal to Rhajat’s not-so-secret lab - one that would let her watch whatever the magician would try out on her soon-be victim.

Going across the Outrealm for the Askrian children she and Morgan both lived in, Rhajat carefully examined the people she passed. No one caught her attention though, she just didn’t know too much about the other children to know if they had any powers worth taking. However, the dark magician was still able to find someone that grabbed her attention. Among the caretakers working in the Outrealm caring for the younger generation of Kiran’s army there was one woman from her world that Rhajat had gotten a bit of interaction with. It was the maid from the Ice Tribe, Flora. Rhajat had been told that she was the daughter of Felicia - Flora’s sister. Her hair stayed black like the Rhajats who were summoned instead of being pink because of the way the summoning magic worked - binding the children of his heroes to Kiran as well. If Felicia really was Rhajat’s mother, that made the blue-haired woman her aunt - and because of that, Flora tried to interact with her a bit in the past. Although Rhajat pushed her away just like the others who tried to get closer to her, the maid had shown her a bunch of interesting ice powers. According to Flora, Felicia was much more skilled at magic than she was - and while Rhajat inherited much of her magical prowess, ice powers were something she did not get. So now that there appeared a possibility for her to claim them, it didn’t take the girl too long to decide that her aunt would be the woman she’d test it on. Coming up directly to the maid, she asked her for some assistance in her room later - and even if the blue-haired woman tried not to show it, Flora still looked pretty happy that her niece finally came to her out of her free will.

Once Flora did arrive there, all it took was a simple spell to knock her out, and then Rhajat could get to work. The maid didn’t even get a chance to realise what happened to her before the sleep spell took her down. Then, she dragged the blue-haired woman to her lab. It was once the room of the girl living next to her… The dark mage turned her into ingredients for her potions, and morphed her room with some spells so that no one but her could access it. She failed to proof it against scrying magic though, so Morgan had the perfect view of Rhajat strapping the maid into an operation chair. The dry blood of the Hoshidan girl’s old test subjects still covered it in many spots. After making sure that Flora wouldn’t get away once she awakened, Rhajat prepared a cauldron and quickly added a few ingredients to it. Although she had no idea how to replicate the effect Morgan was talking about, she had some ideas she wanted to try out for it that could succeed. After getting started on one of these, she’d need to wait for it to brew. However, the dark-haired girl was not going to waste that time. Instead, she took up Flora’s own knife - and approached the maid who was still unconscious in the chair. If she was going to experiment on her, then she’d need access to all of her body parts, just in case… That’s how Rhajat justified it to herself, at least, as she began slicing Flora’s maid outfit up. With a number of quick cuts, she turned most of the black dress into shreds. Throwing them off her aunt’s body, Rhajat did not spare her thin, black panties and bra - Flora’s average breasts uncovered to her along with the woman’s cunt. The mage couldn’t stop herself from getting a bit handsy with it, rubbing her fingers against the maid’s labia for a while then sliding a finger inside. She told herself she was doing it in case she needed Flora’s honey for anything, but deep down the magician knew she was just doing this because she enjoyed it.

Responding to her touch, Flora began to stir in her chair - but Rhajat was not concerned by that in the slightest. Instead, she just removed her hand - and turned to take a look at her cauldron. The first of her concoctions was almost ready. She would have wanted to wake Flora up right about now anyways. Taking a ladle, she poured a number of it into a pitcher. Then, she turned with it in hand towards Flora - whose silver eyes had just opened. “Rhajat? What is the meaning of this?” Trying to move, Flora looked down and saw the bindings around her wrists and ankles - as well as the fact she was nude now. “Rhajat?” Flora asked again, with confusion and just a hint of fear in her voice. She knew that her niece had some dark, dark secrets… But she wasn’t expecting to become one of them as well. In response, Rhajat laid a finger on her closed mouth. “Shhh. Test subjects do not talk unless I tell them to.” Moving towards Flora, she grabbed the woman’s chin and pulled it down. However, Flora squeezed her mouth shut in return. She wasn’t going to let Rhajat do whatever she wanted to her like this! Even if her hands were tied town, she could still use her ice powers - and an icy mist began to form over them as the temperature in the room began to drop. Annoyed by Flora’s lack of cooperation, Rhajat let go of her chin and slammed that same hand into Flora’s stomach instead. The pain caused her to gasp out, and Rhajat took advantage of that to pour her mixture right into her mouth and down the maid’s gullet. Flora coughed a lot as that happened, trying to get the unknown substance out. It was her duty to serve her master the best she could - and she was certain that whatever Rhajat had prepared for her, it was going to affect her negatively, making her less capable of doing what was expected of her. With her struggling not to give in, the maid was able to get a huge part of Rhajat’s brew out of her body, making it drip down her chin and splash down onto her exposed boobs.

Rhajat wasn’t too happy to see that - and the coldness in the air was also annoying her. It could affect the things she was brewing, too… She needed it to stop, and she needed that to happen now. Rhajat still had a second plan if normal potions failed - and with how uncooperative Flora was being, she decided it was time to move on to it instead. Turning around, Rhajat searched through her shelves for a moment, until she found what she was searching for. It was a funnel - one with really sharp edges on the thin end of it. Returning to Flora, Rhajat spread a part of her hair on the top of her skull with one of her hands. Then, with the other one, she stabbed the funnel right into Flora’s exposed skin. Flora’s eyes bulged in her sockets as the sharp metal broke through her skull, sending shards of it into her brain before it slid right into it as well. Flora’s mouth opened again, but instead of asking Rhajat to stop now, all that came out was incoherent babble. The fingers of both of her hands started to twitch uncontrollably, breaking the simple ice spell Flora was trying to cast. However, the maid was still fully conscious despite that - but unable to do anything harmful now. Satisfied with that, Rhajat returned to her cauldron - and proceeded to prepare another potion. Flora watched her with increasing fear, her struggles growing stronger in the chair as she felt more blood drip down the side of her head. She tried to beg Rhajat to stop this, to untie her and take her to a healer, but no actual words made it out of her lips - just strings of sounds no one could understand leaving them instead. And even if her niece had been able to understand her, she wouldn’t have done that anyways - she was too invested in seeing if her ideas were correct to bother with something trivial such as Flora’s life. It was a necessary sacrifice… And it wasn’t as if her death would be a problem to anyone? People died in this world all the time… Who would care about one more death?

Once the second thing finished brewing, Rhajat poured some of it into a cup and then carried it towards Flora. Next, she poured it all right into the funnel sticking out of the top of Flora’s head. Through it, it went directly into Flora’s brain - quickly mixing with her grey matter. It wasn’t the best way of feeding someone her mixtures, but if what she was going for was in the woman’s brain - and Rhajat was pretty sure that’s where the magic abilities resided - then affecting it directly like this seemed like a good shot. And if it didn’t work out… Well, she could always try again with another girl. All the new ingredients she added were ones that prevented and prohibited all magic usage - so hopefully they would affect the source of Flora’s ice powers and make it so that she could take them away. Rhajat waited for a while, enjoying the less and less intelligent look in the eyes of the older princess of the Ice Tribe - her potion was slowly seeping deeper into her brain and taking away her ability to even make out coherent thoughts. As that happened, the woman’s struggles slowly turned into mindless spasms instead. In the end, her hands and feet were beating against the air with her fingers and toes all twitching in different directions as the rest of her arms and legs just shook against the chair. However, as satisfying as that transformation was to watch, Rhajat could tell there was no success on the front that interested her.

Eventually, Rhajat decided that she was not going to be successful like that. However, Morgan did mention one detail in her explanation that she might have misunderstood. The young tactician mentioned that the power transfer resulted in the death of the donor… But what if the death wasn’t a result of the process, but rather was a necessary component of it? If that was the case… What moment exactly would be the trigger for it? She considered it for a moment, but in the end came to the conclusion that she couldn’t guess the answer to that. It was something she’d have to work out with proper testing… And she still had one of them just waiting here.

Picking up Flora’s knife again, the dark mage approached the tied-up maid again. However, this time Ice Tribe princess did not show any signs that she could see her. The vacant look in her eyes did not change even as Rhajat dragged that knife across her aunt’s throat. It was a deep, deep cut - one that caused a huge fountain of blood to start spurting from the woman’s neck as the knife sliced through her jugular. A river of blood flowed down her slightly-angled torso, continuing down the valley between the woman’s breasts and coming to a stop near her navel. More blood continued to pump out of the red opening in the woman’s head, some squirts sending the blood in different directions - onto her shoulders, her arms, and some of it onto her breasts. At first, the blood coming out of her neck was going at quite the high pressure, but as it went on fresh blood would have less and less force, eventually just leaking out of her cut veins and arteries and flowing down the sides of her open neck.

While braindead, Flora’s body was still alive - but the cut in her neck was quickly going about changing it. A new wave of spasms shook her body for a moment, but as it finished, the maid went still for the final time. Rhajat watched her carefully, her hopes renewed with each time the woman twitched in her bindings - hoping one of them would mark the moment Flora’s powers would be broken away from her body and she’d be able to claim them for herself with her dark magic. However, that moment never came - the blue-haired maid bleeding out in her chair without that ever happening. As Flora’s body went still, and the mindless, yet alive look in her eyes was replaced with a lifeless one, Rhajat understood that she would have to mark this experiment as a failure. She pouted for a moment while looking at Flora’s corpse - failing like that was pretty upsetting.

Still, Rhajat was able to overcome that anger - the dark magician knew could always try again soon. To not make this a complete waste of time, she stabbed the knife into Rhajat’s lower belly and dragged it all the way up to between her breasts. The maid’s internal organs could be of use to her for some elixirs in the future. Pulling the woman’s insides out one-by-one, she threw them into the right spots in her sorted storage for ingredients. The contents of her stomach were first to go, but her abdominal cavity wasn’t spared either - Flora’s womb and ovaries both ending up stashed away as well. Her upper body was not spared either. Prying Flora’s ribs and sternum out of the way, Rhajat took out her lungs and her heart - hollowing her ribcage out. With a pair of quick slices, she cut off Flora’s breasts too - never knew when these could be of use. Moving up, Rhajat finished the cut that went through Flora’s neck. Reaching inside through the stump of it, she took out the maid’s tongue, and also put it into her closet. Rotating the head in her arms, Rhajat sliced off both of the woman’s ears - and then her nose as well. All of these could be useful at some point, right? Stabbing the knife into one of Flora’s eye sockets, she used it as a leverage to get the woman’s grey eye out - and then repeated the same process for the other one. The two hollowed holes which stared back at her as she finished that would be enough to unnerve any normal person, but Rhajat wasn’t bothered by it in the slightest.

Rhajat considered taking the woman’s brain out as well, but decided against it. There was no telling what kind of an effect her potions had on it before, and she’d rather use a fresh one if she needed any for one of her recipes. Coming to that conclusion, the dark mage decided she was done with Flora now. Taking the funnel out of her head, she concealed herself from sight with some magic. Helping herself carry the corpse with another spell, Rhajat took it to the group grave where the bodies of all the heroes who were killed in this Outrealm were left at. Leaving both the corpse and the head there, Rhajat then returned to her room. Done with experiments for the night, the dark mage drifted off to sleep, dreaming of testing some of her new ideas on another victim.

While Flora’s body, cut up as it was, did not get too much attention, it was much different with the head. Heroes of both genders used to go to the corpse dump to check if there was any that caught their eye - and Flora’s head, even disfigured as it was, would make for a pretty good fucktoy. The stump of her neck and her mouth were two obvious choices, but her hollow eye sockets also could serve as orifices for a dick. Even the hole in her skull that Rhajat had opened with her funnel could be of use there - provided one pried it open so that his dick would fit through it. That happened fairly quickly, and a huge part of Flora’s potion-saturated brain was mushed into a paste by dicks that had slid right into her skull.

Morgan spent the night in her room, spying on Rhajat with her magic. While Rhajat did not appreciate the transformation from a strong, living maid into a brainless body Flora went through, Morgan really enjoyed watching it. The tactician laid on her bed, fingering herself like crazy up until Rhajat dragged Flora’s knife across the maid’s throat - cumming buckets of come as she watched the blood squirting from the woman’s neck. Seeing Rhajat butcher the corpse afterwards, Morgan was able to work herself up enough for another powerful climax. Watching Rhajat do that reminded her of Madelyn - the green-haired girl usually did some pretty similar things to her kills. But the summoner’s daughter was preparing them as meat to be consumed, whereas Rhajat was just gathering ingredients. Despite that difference, Morgan came a second time, and then cut the scrying spell off as Rhajat proceeded to get rid of Flora’s corpse.

Lying on her bed, Morgan let her muscles relax after her two climaxes. This was a really successful test… as she laid on her bed, drifting off to sleep, her mind was racing to come up with other ways she could cause women to die. Inspired by the success of this one, multiple ideas on how to cause other girls to die mixed in her mind. Oh, which one should she go for next? She had a really hard time picking just one of them. However, one idea won out in the end - since she started this out with Rhajat, Morgan decided it’d be most fun to see the dark mage die next.

Waking up the next day, Morgan set off to put that plan in motion. Morgan laughed as she walked through the village - it seemed to her that the plan was a really good shot. Luckily enough, Rhajat put herself in a terrible position yesterday. Picking Flora as her test subject was just about the worst woman she could have chosen for that. With her diligence, and her prowess as a maid, as well as the eagerness to fulfill her duty and help all of the younger heroes, and the warm personality the woman had under her cold outer shell, she was the most beloved of all the caretakers the younger heroes in this Outrealm had. Of course, seeing her corpse and head show up in the body pile was a welcome sight for them - as the countless loads of semen Morgan could see flowing out of all the holes in the maid’s head showed her. However, she was also certain that after the initial hype of being able to fuck the maid that all of them liked so much, a desire to get back at her killer would awaken within them. And once she saw that no one was fucking Flora’s head anymore, she decided it was time to act. All she needed to do was spread the news that it was Rhajat who killed Flora - and soon, a group of heroes wanting vengeance for the dead maid set out right for the dark mage’s quarters. As the crowd arrived there, and demanded to know if it was Rhajat who had done it, the dark mage didn’t really put too much weight to that question - so she just admitted that that was the case. The dark mage realized her mistake as the heroes rushed into her room and began to drag her out. She struggled and cursed at them as they did so, but was unable to fight back in any significant way, only earning holes in her bodysuit as the heroes dragged her off to the village’s main square.

Her struggles, however, had a consequence she did not anticipate. They made her gigantic breasts bounce around in her tight top - making the men holding her more aware of their size. At first, their plan was just to execute the girl publicly for what she had done. However, the feeling of their cocks rising in their pants as the dark mage’s titties tried to break free out of her clothes because of her struggles made them change their minds. Without even discussing it, the men all decided to first inflict some punishment on Rhajat while she was still alive. Once they’ve reached the main square - making sure that everyone who wanted to participate in this lynch rule or just watch was able to do just that - their rough hands groped her breasts through her top. It’s cloth was slightly thicker than her bodysuit, but could not protect Rhajat’s tits from the feeling-up they received. The men ripped it up in multiple spots, uncovering huge chunks of them - including the dark mage’s puffy nipples. Her succulent breasts began to pour through the holes opened up in her top, painfully squeezed by the strings of cloth that remained from her top. It almost seemed like they were going to burst free, ruining her top completely… But somehow it persevered, her breasts looking even more enticing while pressed down with the tight strands of dark cloth than if they were fully nude.

The young magicians mammoth mammaries made for a much-appreciated sight, but they also made the heroes’ boners even more painful than they already were. The men quickly undressed, freeing their cocks, while Rhajat watched in disgust.
“…If you even touch me with these, I’ll make your dicks fall off!” Eventually she screamed out at them, but her threats didn’t scare anyone off. Instead, their hands fell onto her wide hips. Her loose pants were the only thing that was pleasant to wear with the way her thighs were - hints of their looks shown through the holes in the pants. Now, the men pulled strong on them, and their combined strength was enough to rip them off. Without them, Rhajat’s lower body was revealed - and it was a sight to behold. Just like a leotard, her bodysuit clung past her hips and over her crotch, putting up a coat of grey over her pussy. However, it was still see-through - so now all the men could see her perfectly shaved skin. As the result of some of the experiments Rhajat had done in the past, her labia were permanently on the swollen side - so the men could get a good look at the depths of her cunt already. But as great as it was, it was not the only amazing thing they were able to see. On both sides of her pussy were the dark mage’s legs - and what legs these were! Her loose pants could deceive an onlooker into thinking they were thinner, but without it everyone could see just how great they were. These were some of the richest, thickest and meatiest thighs of all of Kiran’s heroes - you’d be hard pressed to find any girl with better legs than hers. Her flawless skin only complimented their size, making them really pleasant to touch. But that wasn’t all - a stronger squeeze would reveal that they were just as perfect on the inside as on the outside, fighting back against the whole length of a hand that would close on them. They were as juicy as they could be, and for a few moments the men who removed her pants just ran their hands against them, captivated by their looks and the feeling of touching them. As Rhajat was held standing, that was what the people on the front of her could see. However, the people behind the girl also had something to lay their eyes on. The diviner’s ass, just as huge as her other most tantalizing parts were, stuck out from her backside. Her bodysuit did not cover it, so with her pants gone there was nothing stopping the onlookers from leering at Rhajat’s massive buttocks, all of the girl’s supersized curves equally appreciated by the heroes who had gathered around her.

Feeling up Rhajat’s legs only built up the urges of the men at the front even further - their cocks the hardest they would ever get because of that. Eventually, they could not be satisfied with just that any longer. The crotch of the dark mage’s bodysuit was torn off to grant them access to her cunt - and one of them sat down, grabbing her by her breasts and pulling her down right onto his waiting erection. Rhajat let out a squeal as his dick penetrated her, the man’s tool sliding deep into her warm folds right away. “Y-You will suffer for this!” She screamed out, but had troubles fully believing in it. To be brought out and shamed publicly like this… Rhajat wanted to hate this - wanted to hate her would-be rapist and the onlookers who just watched - or even worse than that, were touching themselves while doing this. There were women among them, too - Rhajat spotted a blonde girl in a dark mage’s attire clearly working on getting herself off while watching, and to her surprise she saw Morgan watching this and touching herself too. Rhajat preferred to keep to herself so she hated the attention all these people were giving her now… There were just so many reasons for her to hate what was happening! And yet, all it took was a dick to ram into her cunt, and her hatred suddenly waned. Was she this weak that just a bit of pleasure sent into her body right from her slit was enough to make her forget all of that? No! Why was her body betraying her like this? Rhajat added her body’s weakness to the list of things to hate about this situation - but nevertheless, she proceeded to enjoy herself as the man continued to fuck her. The hatred and the pleasure continued to fight within her body as the man continued to rape her.

Her arms were hanging idly at her sides. Their inactivity was quickly noticed by the other men near her - who picked the woman’s hands up and placed them on their cocks. Although the men began to pump her hands up and down their cocks, Rhajat already knew what to do with them. In the past, she needed to acquire a man’s cum for some of her recipes, so she jerked off a few men to get a proper supply of semen. That meant she could do it herself… But why would she? “I’ll rip rip your cocks off!” She barked at the men doing that, but as she did her fingers involuntarily began to twitch, making the men feel better than if her hands were limp. The part of her that was hating it was telling her to hurt them, to twist or squeeze their dicks painfully to get at least a bit back at them… But the part of her who was enjoying it was saying she should whack them off. S-she had no desire to play with these men like that, why was she thinking of that? But the pleasure coursing through her body kept telling her that she’d feel better if she gave in… Deep down, was she really just a slut? Rhajat tried hard to defend herself against that thought, but as the man fucking her continued to pound her pussy, the feeling of being fucked so roughly taking up more and more of her brain, she finally gave in - and started to moan, her deep voice so different from the threats she was throwing earlier. Her hands began to move on their own, stroking the men off. Her expression was still a mix between hatred and enjoyment - two parts of her mind still fighting for dominance as the man continued to fuck her. As fierce as that struggle was, the part of her hating it was going to lose eventually - because Rhajat’s nature really was one of a whore. She struggled not to show it, but despite that the dark mage began to buck her hips down on the man fucking her, striving for more sexual pleasure to get for herself so that this public rape would be an enjoyable experience in the end.

That was about to change, however. Rhajat was still working in weak curses between her moans, but they were becoming less and less common as the woman began to approach a climax of her own. As that happened, Rhajat became more and more focused on her own pleasure - unaware of what was happening behind her back. One of the heroes had drawn his sword, and was approaching her from behind - with his blade hovering just a bit behind her head. As Rhajat knew her climax was coming, her hands picked up the pace - precum leaking out of the tips of the two cocks in her hands. Before long, these two cocks came - squirting their spunk onto Rhajat’s face and her giant titties. As that was happening, one of their squirts hit her straight on the nipple - and that extra bit of stimulation, combined with the cock which was still pounding her pussy really hard, finally made the magician come. She screamed out in pleasure as that happened, her entire body shaking in a climax as her big breasts began to bounce. However, as the waves of what would be her last orgasm moved across her body, suddenly strong pain erupted all over her neck. Rhajat found herself flying through the air as the pleasure going into her brain was abruptly cut short.

She had troubles understanding what had happened. It took her her head falling onto her rich thigh and bouncing off it, rotating in the air to give her a view of her now-headless, twitching body, for her to get what had been done to her. Blood was fountaining from the stump of her neck, splashing onto her stupendous chest jewels and mixing with the semen that was already on them - with some squirts going further down her body, and onto the cheeks of her cut-off head. Her meaty legs were kicking out, moving their mesmerizing flesh around while the heels of her sandals were striking at the air. Her cunt was still flooding out the honey from her dying climax, but it was also now joined by the sperm milked out of the man fucking her by the deathly spasms of her slit. That sight was just sooo hard for Rhajat to comprehend… Why would these men kill her? She still had so many spells she wanted to research… Tears began to flow from her grey eyes as she thought of these possibilities she’d never see through. As life began to fade from her dying eyes, she felt someone pick her head up. The last thing Rhajat felt was a cock sliding into the back of her throat through the stump of her neck. By the time the man moved his cock to reach her lips - which were still parted because of the orgasmic moan that was the last sound the girl made before her head was separated from the rest of her body - Rhajat was already gone, her grey eyes blank and vacant. That in no way stopped the man who was fucking her head from driving his cock right into it with great force, using her cut-off head to get off and eventually shooting his seed out of her mouth and onto her face.

The man fucking Rhajat’s pussy pulled out after coming into it, right as the body lost most of its inertia that kept it upright and started to fall over right on top on him. He moved out of the way just in time - but he was the first of many that would fuck Rhajat’s now dead snatch. As another man shoved her powerful thighs aside and slid right into the woman’s still warm cunt, the other approached her from the opposite direction - and forced his dick down her neck hole instead. Her warm blood was still squirting onto his length as he did that, providing him with pleasant traction as he moved his erection down her esophagus, his hands on her breasts to fulfill the desires they have built up in him. But these were enough for just two men - and while hatefucking the girl for killing Flora was really satisfying for them, the others weren’t lucky enough to feel that way. More and more voices were calling to ruin the dark mage’s corpse just like she did with Flora. While cutting the girl open did not seem too safe with two cocks buried inside her, they decided to hurt other parts of the girl’s corpse. Sharp blades slid through Rhajat’s upper arms, taking them both away from her torso as the two cut-off arms began spasming on the ground. They didn’t for too long, however - her left arm was quickly picked up by another hero who wrapped her hand around his dick. The ring around her middle finger and the cloth of her fingerless gloves along with the delicate skin of her fingers turned jerking off with it into a very pleasurable experience, with the man using her severed arm to get off until he came all over her closed hand and the woman’s torso.

Rhajat’s other cut-off arm was picked up by a Severa instead. The redhead who picked it up began to work more and more of Rhajat’s digits into her dripping pussy, until eventually she was able to fit the dead mage’s entire hand into her pussy. At that point, she had to stop for a moment to remove the golden disc that Rhajat wore over her wrist. Moaning loudly as she did that, the girl proceeded to touch herself with Rhajat’s hand all the way until she came - her cunt honey covering most of Rhajat’s hand and lower arm, soaking into the girl’s glove. The mercenary’s actions spurred the others female heroes to join in the rape of Rhajat’s corpse, with her girlfriend Cynthia being the first one to take Rhajat’s arm away from her and start working on getting herself off instead. Morgan, however, decided to stay away and just watch from a distance - her fingers under her short dress as the black-haired tactician worked hard on coming by herself.

After Rhajat’s legs were cut off, her legs did not fare better for much longer. With how thick they were, her thighs required several cuts to be cut through, but once that was done, most of her bountiful thighs had been separated from the rest of her legs. The cut-off legs also were used to get off by some of the heroes, be it to try to force one’s dick into the meaty stumps or to rip her heeled shoes off and rub his dick or her pussy across the woman’s relatively soft soles. Rhajat’s toes were well-groomed, because the girl wore sandals and wanted to keep them presentable for the rare occasions she left her laboratory since everyone who looked at her could see them. That resulted in her toes feeling extremely good to drag across the heroes’ dicks or to slide them into the heroines’ pussies. Morgan couldn’t help but feel her mouth water as she stared as the meat of her cut-off thighs, feeling a bit sad that the men were ruining them with their cocks. Looking at them made her think of Madelyn - her green-haired friend would have loved to turn Rhajat’s meat into a few tasty meals. Too bad she wasn’t there with her to watch all this… And that got Morgan wondering - what would her friend think of this? Would she be proud of her now that she was able to cause two women to die in quite the hot spectacles? Her friend’s smiling, nodding face flashed before her eyes - and thinking this would get her friend’s approval gave Morgan’s own pride and pleasure quite the boost, making it so that Morgan reached her climax a few moments later. The black-haired mage started screaming and shaking in her high boots and high socks while squirting her come all over her hand and onto the inner side of her dress. As her orgasm took hold of the tactician, she was already looking forward to orchestrating more of her peers’ deaths - hopefully in scenarios that were just as hot to watch as this one. Morgan continued to ride out her orgasm while looking at Rhajat’s dead face from afar, the hero currently fucking it luckily having turned towards her.

Rhajat’s various body parts continued to be used by the heroes for some more time, the group of people waiting to use her corpse growing smaller and smaller until just a few of them remained. The dark mage’s tight little asshole was also forcefully spread open before having to stretch around a cock that had entered it, none of Rhajat’s holes spared from the public use. As the situation slowed down, less and less people would use her body at the same time - until eventually it was left alone in the middle of the village square. A group of male heroes still waited nearby, still eager to take another go at Rhajat’s corpse - but for now they waited for their dick to recover after the rough fucking they had given the dark mage’s dead body before. But for now, her body was given a momentary respite. Her cut-off head was placed between the stumps of the girl’s huge thighs, with tears, drool, blood and semen running down it - a fresh spray of semen having been shot all over her face after it was placed in that spot. Still, the dark mage’s body would serve to ease this Outrealm’s heroes’ urges for a few more days - the dark-haired girl getting to interact with more people after her death than she did in life.


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Chapter 37-2: Ophelia's Dream Come True
tags: non-con, M/F, F/F, non-con, necro, beheading, brainfuck

Morgan was breathing heavily as her body recovered from the climax she brought herself to while watching Rhajat receive the crowd’s justice. The diviner’s public rape and murder was really pleasurable to watch - and the knowledge that she was the one who caused it made the young tactician prouder of herself than ever. And yet, as the orgasmic high died down, Morgan already found herself wishing for more thrills like this, with the girl thinking of whose demise she should cause next.

Losing herself in her fantasies, Morgan didn’t notice as she bumped into someone. Morgan returned to reality to see a pink-haired girl in a black and white outfit.
“Heya, cutie! You’re Morgan, right? Wanna grab some tea?” The girl’s cheerful voice was one Morgan was able to immediately recognize - it was the hyper-outgoing swordfighter, Soleil.
“Sorry, I already have a girlfriend.” Morgan replied, even if that wasn’t exactly the case, and Soleil laughed back at her. “No worries, I just had to try.” Upon getting a closer look, Mogran noticed that Soleil seemed a bit down today. “Is there something wrong? You seem less cheery than usual.” Soleil dropped her smile for a moment, surprised that Morgan could tell that so easily. She tried to bring it back up before speaking again, but Morgan could tell that it was a forced one. “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just that I tried asking Ophelia out once more, and she turned me down yet again…” Soleil’s voice trailed off for a moment, then she spoke with the same energy as ever. “Well, I’ll just have to try again tomorrow!”

Hearing Ophelia’s name, Morgan recalled a blonde girl with long hair, wearing the very revealing outfit of a dark mage. Bringing her image up in her brain, a memory from Rhajat’s gangrape surfaced in her mind. She was too caught up in watching Rhajat to notice back then, but an Ophelia was indeed standing in the crowd too. What made her stand out, however, were the stars in her eyes that appeared as she watched Rhajat be raped. Focusing on that memory more, Morgan was also able to recall a wet stain on the girl’s panties - why did she wear them like that out in the open anyways? - and the specific way she was rubbing her meaty thighs together that could only be interpreted in one way. That girl was definitely enjoying herself throughout the gangfuck Rhajat received, but seemed at lot less happy about seeing the magician die. She was only aroused by the rape, then? Morgan’s face brightened up with a wide smile as she realized that she had a shot at being the indirect cause of another death. The young tactician would give Soleil just a little nudge… And then enjoy herself in the privacy of her room while spying on the swordswoman using some spells.
“I can help you!” With her rapid train of thoughts over, Morgan called out, immediately catching Soleil’s attention again. “She’d like you more if you did her some favor - and I have the idea for a perfect one. You know how she always talks about being the chosen one and everything? That’s just a face she puts on; Really she’s envisioning herself as the loser, and thinks all the time what those bad, evil man would do to the poor, helpless Ophelia if she lost…” Morgan left that sentence unfinished, but the lights that lit up in Soleil’s orange eyes told her that the girl caught the bait. The two of them shared a knowing look before parting ways, and then Morgan made for her room.

Soleil kept grinning as she went over the idea once more, happily prancing across the village’s center.. If Ophelia really was fantasizing about being raped, the pink-haired girl could easily set that up… Granting her the best night of her life could be her best shot at getting the mage to go out with her. And Rhajat’s predicament earlier today showed her a group of men who’d be more than happy to help her with it. Fortunately, they were still gathered near Rhajat’s corpse - with one of them still boning her corpse. Soleil could feel herself getting wet as she took a few glances at Rhajat’s body. Even without a head, and with most of her limbs gone too, what remained was still incredibly sexy. Great, rich thighs, and the biggest tits Soleil had ever seen - beating out even Ophelia’s tatas. If anything, the fact that the head was gone only made it even sexier for her. Maybe she could feel it up later? For a moment, Soleil let herself dream about it - then she reminded herself that she had a job to do here.

“Hey, you all! Wanna have some more fun tonight?” Soleil called out towards the group while walking towards them. “What do you mean by that?” One of them asked her, and she grinned while answering him. “We’ll rape someone together! I’m sure you’ll all like it!” For a moment, the men seemed to discuss that - but in the end, they all agreed. Having asked them to quietly meet up with her just before the sun went down, Soleil asked one final question while pointing at Rhajat’s body. “Can I have a go?” After receiving a positive answer, she happily ran over to Rhajat’s corpse and started to fondle the girl’s massive mammaries, burying her face in between them. However, she knew she had to hold back. The time for enjoying herself like never before would come in just a few hours. As the pink-haired mercenary didn’t bother with wearing any underwear, her tights were already pretty dump with the come that squirted out of her at the height of Rhajat’s death. Keeping that in mind, Soleil managed to get her urges under control - at least for now - and headed for Ophelia’s room. She already knew the girl’s usual schedule, having stalked her on multiple days, but being careful never hurt - she never knew if Ophelia decided to change anything today.

Hours trickled by as Soleil kept imagining herself with Ophelia, staying outside of her cottage and getting some nice visual stimuli from time to time as Ophelia walked past her window. Her surely-cute moans, her amazing body that the mage outfit showed off, and the parts that it still concealed - thinking of the physical aspects made it hard for the pink-haired girl to stay focused, another damp spot appearing on her purple tights. However, she also thought of the less tangible qualities Ophelia had - she had always been fascinated by the girl’s personality. Her kindness and coolness were as much an aspect in making her fall for the blonde girl as her body was. Usually, her crushes burned bright but quickly died off - however, the one on Ophelia persisted a lot longer than the others. Flirting with the other girls was just her having fun - the one whose reaction really mattered to her for the past few months was Ophelia. If everything went well, tomorrow that fantasy would be reality… Soleil could barely contain herself just thinking about it.

Since Soleil knew all about Ophelia’s schedule, she could also pinpoint the moment when the girl would be the most vulnerable. Every day at dusk, the ‘chosen heroine’ settled down to meditate. In her own words, it was to absorb the stars’ first lights of the night. During that, Ophelia would pay much less attention to the world around her. And that was the moment Soleil had chosen to strike. As the sky grew darker, the men began to appear at the spot Soleil had commanded them to: Near Ophelia's cottage. With the group ready, Soleil led them a couple meters ahead before stopping in front of it. Pressing her head against the door, Soleil was able to hear the same magical incantations as usual. Having confirmed nothing had changed, Soleil backed away from the door and gave the men the go-ahead. On her mark, they broke the door down and quickly surged into the blonde mage's room.

Ophelia was sitting on the floor in the center of the room. She was wearing her most of her usual outfit, but her cloak was hanging near the entrance. Also, she wasn’t wearing her heels as they were uncomfortable to sit around in - leaving the soles of her small feet uncovered. Even if the sun had just began to set, the room was all lit up with countless candles Ophelia took care of earlier. Her legs were crossed, and she had her back towards the door - in front of her was a table with various things she claimed were powerful artifacts. Her warm voice was reciting some words that no one but her could understand as the girl continued to meditate. Too focused on that, she didn’t hear the door opening nor the men running towards her. She only snapped out of her trance once a pair of strong hands clamped down onto each of her arms. She opened her grey eyes and turned her head to take a look at who it was - and they widened as she recognized the man as one of those who raped Rhajat earlier that day. “Let go of me! If you shall not harm Ophelia Dusk, then I will strike back at you with the magic granted to me by the stars!” Ophelia screamed out, but inside she was torn. She had some suspicions to where this could go… And couldn’t help but be excited about one possibility. These men ravaged another mage like her earlier - her mind chose to ignore that they also killed Rhajat in the end - so maybe they were here to do the same to her?

A shiver went down the blonde’s spine as she thought that. However, she had her reputation to maintain. Because of that, she put up a struggle as they pulled her up from the ground and towards the table nearby. Seeing her artifacts be forced off it to make room for and hearing them hit the ground made her a bit worried - did her divine gifts survive the fall? As the dark mage tried to put up a token resistance, she got the chance to look at the group that broke into her room. They were all male, except for one girl. Ophelia felt anger as she saw the pink mane of hair that topped Soleil’s head. Was she behind this? Did Soleil do it because she turned her down again? Why couldn’t the girl get that she just wasn’t interested in her? Was she this desperate to see her naked? Ophelia was shooting icicles at Soleil with her eyes, but Soleil took her stare as a good sign and gave her a wide smile in return while getting closer. However, Soleil was a bit distracted at the moment - a certain item she had noticed on Ophelia’s table caught her attention. She dove towards the ground, not aware of the gazes her curvy tights-clad butt received from some of the men. While on the ground, she moved her leg across something sharp - opening a small hole in her tights on her calf and even drawing some blood. Without trouble, she found what she was looking for while ignoring the wound in her leg. It was a phallic crystal shaft that glistened with what Soleil just knew was Ophelia’s nectar. Picking it up from the ground, she stood up and took a step back - accidentally running her ass into the erection of the man behind her, who groaned at her. However, she paid no mind to that, all of her mind taking in the beautiful girl that was spread out on the table in front of her. Still, she had to give him some attention once she felt his fingers moving up her butt towards the seam of her tights. She reacted by dropping an elbow onto his hand and taking a few steps forward towards Ophelia.

Ophelia’s back was pressed down at the table as the men pushed her down onto it - with two of them pinning her hands to the table on both sides of her body. Her heart started beating faster as one of them reached for her yellow panties. In a strong pull, he caused string on her right hip to snap. He dragged it up onto her thigh - now, all of them could see her pussy through the crotch of her see-through bodystocking. “N-nooo! You can’t defile me like thaaaat!” She called out in pretended horror, her eyes locked onto the bulge at the front of his pants. With a mixture of arousal and disgust, she watched as he pulled them down, freeing his throbbing erection. Even if she fantasized about a situation like this, his tool looked just so repulsive to her now! As Ophelia was gazing at it, she paid less attention to her surroundings. Suddenly, she felt a pair of soft hands on her chest jewels. As the person squeezed them, Ophelia twisted her head to take a look at the person - only to see that it was Soleil. She opened her mouth to complain, to call the girl out on doing this all for her gain, but Soleil was too bewitched by her big breasts to hear her.

Seeing the maiden’s adorable pink cunt, Soleil couldn’t control herself anymore. After stuffing the dildo she picked up behind her belt to keep her hands free, she fell forwards, ending up on her knees while her hands reached for Ophelia’s chest. She was wearing white gloves, soft enough that their touch should be pleasant on its own, and thin enough that she could feel through them as if they weren’t there - while still keeping her hands and fingers clean. Because of that, she was able to feel Ophelia’s boobies up as if she was groping them directly, her heart beating really fast as she saw Ophelia look at her. However, Soleil just focused on her big boobs for now. Finding the seams of her black top that went barely past her nipples, Soleil dug her fingers below them and pulled them to the sides - freeing Ophelia’s giant titties from their confinement. For a moment, nothing else existed to her. Their size - not as gigantic as Rhajat’s, but still really huge - their shape of almost perfect half-spheres, those pointy pink nipples with round, darker areolas around them… Soleil wanted nothing more than to bury her face into them, to nibble down on one of her buds and try to suck out all her fears from her… She began to lower her head towards Ophelia’s body. However, on the way down, she heard the divine voice of her crush as she spoke out to her. What was Ophelia saying? She was being selfish? Why, she was doing all this so Ophelia could enjoy herself! Why couldn’t she see that? Maybe playing with her breasts wasn’t the correct choice now… She should rather show Ophelia the depth of her feelings for her. Her head moved to the side, and instead of locking onto one of Ophelia’s nipples, she put her lips on top of Ophelia’s open ones as the girl tried to speak to her again. She kissed her with as much passion as she could, hoping that it would convey her love. Ophelia’s eyes widened as she did that, but Soleil made sure not to intrude more than that, keeping her tongue to herself while kissing her. Once she broke away for air, Ophelia couldn’t voice whatever she was trying to say before. Instead, Soleil was the one to speak - or rather, whisper to her.
“It’s all for you, Ophelia… You’re the strongest and the coolest, a chosen one… And yet, I know what you really desire… To be brought down to the level of a common whore… Now you’re helpless, and we’ll do just that.” Listening to Soleil, Ophelia felt another thrill travelling down her spine. These words were making her sooo wet! How did Soleil find out her secret? She had misjudged her… Soleil really cared about her feelings if she managed to learn something she never shared with anyone. It wasn’t just her lust driving her actions. As if to respond to her wetness, she could feel fingers popping through the crotch of her bodystocking - ones creating a hole that would allow access to her vagina and using it to rub against her lips. She took a sharp breath to contain a moan that she’d otherwise give out as the fingers brushed against her opening - Soleil smiling at her as she heard it. Their faces were so close now… Ophelia could feel the warmth from her energetic flush, which only grew stronger as Soleil pushed her head down again. This time, when their lips connected, Ophelia weakly kissed her back - the joy it brought Soleil clearly visible in her orange eyes.

After creating a hole for his dick, the man between Ophelia’s legs didn’t wait any longer. His shaft was throbbing as he watched the lesbian kiss unfolding in front of him, but enough was enough. The self-lubrication Ophelia’s cunt was working on as her arousal grew proved to be quite helpful now, letting him slide in without any trouble. Now, the degrading feeling of being taken against her will as well as the pleasure her inner walls were sending to her brain, combined with arousal from Soleil’s words and the reaction to her still playing with her tits - all of that broke through Ophelia’s miniscule resistance. She let out a quiet moan that only Soleil could hear, just as cute as the pink-haired girl hoped. It didn’t stop with just one, too - Ophelia continued to moan with each of the man’s thrusts, her body shaking in pleasure against Soleil’s touch. Even if her mouth was still muffled by Soleil’s, as the moans grew louder they were soon clear to hear for all the people in the room - and Soleil also took that as a sign that she could get more handsy with her. Her hands proceeded to squeeze the mage’s boobies with more strength than before, dragging the flesh orbs around and squeezing on them. Now that Ophelia began to kiss her back, Soleil took that as an invitation to also push her tongue into her open mouth - and their tongues wounded around one another curiously.

“What a slut. That black-haired witch at least tried to pretend she wasn’t enjoying it.” One of the men commented to another as they waited for their turn.
Hearing such crude words directed at her only thrilled Ophelia even more, her moans picking up in frequency as the man proceeded to fuck her harder. In response to these, the men’s desire to use her body also skyrocketed - enough that one of them began to approach her too. His dick already free from his pants, he walked towards Ophelia’s head. Going around the table to be directly opposite the man taking her cunt, he stopped. As Ophelia and Soleil were still locked in their kiss, he pushed his dick forward towards their faces - hoping maybe he’d get a double blowjob from the two of them. However, as soon as the tip of his cock touched Soleil’s cheek, smearing some precum onto it, the girl’s head bounced off in disgust. Soleil looked at him, disgust showing on her face as she eyed his shaft - one of her hands going to her face and wiping his liquid off it. She had to admit that even if the man chose a bad way to remind her of this, he was right to come here. She shouldn’t just hog Ophelia’s mouth all to herself. Even if Ophelia showed that she started to enjoy their kisses, she was still going to enjoy it if her mouth was filled with a dick. She promised the men a gangbang - taking up one of her holes for herself for too long would mean she didn’t keep her part of the deal. Going in for one more kiss, Soleil let go of Ophelia’s breasts and moved backwards. For a few moments, Ophelia’s face was fully uncovered, and her loud moans echoed from the walls of her house. However, it was hushed up again as the man placed his hands on two sides of her head, near her headband, and craned her head backwards. She was forced to angle her neck to the back painfully as it was hanging off the table’s edge until it was upside down. However, seeing the man’s erection hanging directly in front of it was exciting, and she opened her mouth invitingly to let him in. One more high-pitched moan as the man fucking her pussy thrust his cock deeper than before, his erection starting to swell and throb inside her, and her mouth was filled by another cock. She couldn’t squeal in pleasure as the swollen cock inside her cunt began to shoot his semen into her body, but the pleasure of receiving his load - maybe even being impregnated by a man she had never really dealt with before - was enough to make her eyes roll back as she reached a climax of her own.

Even if the men had troubles discerning her orgasmic cry from her usual moans, Soleil could easily tell the difference - and Ophelia’s sudden silence that followed clued some of them in. The primal sound the blonde mage let out confirmed that this was going just like she wanted, with Ophelia truly enjoying herself. It, combined with the expression of pleasure she could see on the girl’s face, were more than enough to remind Soleil of her own arousal. Going a few steps off not to interfere with the men using the blonde’s body - watching the change of guard at her lower half - Soleil started to get working on her body instead. Without a care for the men around her, she lifted her skirt and moved her hands for her hips - finding the seam of her tights. Dragging them down, Soleil completely missed that as she pulled it down to her thighs, she was also flashing her pussy to everyone until her skirt fell down. However, the men weren’t as oblivious to that as she was. The moment she did that, they took that as an invitation to go and use her body. One of them took a few steps towards her, his hard-on swaying as he reached her. Grabbing to her from behind, he shoved it between her thighs - with the tip coming out on the front between her legs and her pulled-down tights. “Ew, gross!” She called out as she looked down to see it. Driving her thighs together, she squeezed it in a way that she hoped was unpleasant and would discourage him from doing that again - only making him even harder. Annoyed by that, Soleil drove her elbow into his stomach, making him stumble backwards. She turned around to face him, anger showing on her face as she pulled the tights back onto her ass to prevent that from happening again. Instead, she ripped a hole at the front that allowed access to just her cunt while speaking out angrily: “If you’re so desperate to cum now, just jerk off! If not, then just wait for your turn with Ophelia. I’m not you guys’ plaything!” The stare-off between her and the man would escalate to something worse, but - as if on-cue - Ophelia moaned yet again, loudly enough to take attention of them both.

That particular moan was caused by the cock filling her mouth. She sensed that it began to swell, being able to tell that it meant the man was about to cum. And cum he did, spurting streaks of white straight into the back of her throat. Even though she tried to swallow, she only managed to take a bit of it - with her head upside down it wasn’t easy - and she couldn’t hold it all inside for too long. Streaks of semen began to trickle out of the corners of her mouth, and even from her nostrils, she began to gag - finally having troubles breathing. Her face started turning red because of the lack of air, even if her cheeks were already red with the blush that marked her excitement. However, once the man was done with his climax, his cock shriveling inside her, he pulled out. Ophelia opened her mouth immediately, drawing deep breaths as semen started to leak out of her mouth. That alone would be hot, but the guy using her snatch followed suit soon after, making her body take two loads in quick succession. Her face was twisted with mindless pleasure, her tongue slipping out of her mouth and towards her nose - with cum flowing down it and dripping from its tip. That sight was accentuated by a loud, primitive moan that she let out as the man who creamed her cunt pulled out - and another one replaced him, rubbing his cock against her entrance and sliding it across her clit. However, instead of sliding his dick inside, he just rubbed it between her lower lips for a few moments - wiping some of her wetness onto his cock. Having provided himself enough lubrication to it, he backed out and angled his cock downwards - towards her anus. That was a hole Ophelia never tried stimulating on her own. With her pussy, she had used both her fingers and a dildo to get herself off, but the black gate of her asshole was something she never dared to cross. Having his tip rub against the ring of flesh there before pushing in felt weird, and it hurt her as she felt him push in. She felt her sphincter stretching as the wider parts of his dick made it through it, her inner walls hurting as he slid against their tightness even despite the lubrication he put on. He didn’t really gave her the time to get used to it, either - before long, he started to ram in and out. Instead of pleasure with each thrust like it was when they used her pussy, all it did was send spikes of pain through her body. However, with each of his thrusts it hurt a bit less, and another man also thrust into her mouth, distracting her from the pain in her backdoor. To help herself get her mind off it, the mage began to suck on it, trying to rub her tongue against it. She wasn’t experienced in it at all, and the taste was pretty icky, too, so her service wasn’t the best. It still beat fucking Rhajat’s face, the man thought to himself - the dark-haired girl did nothing like that to make him feel better. Focusing on that, Ophelia herself didn’t even notice the moment the pain in her ass was reduced to being just a weak side-effect. The pleasure itself she was getting from that wasn’t too strong, either - but the mental image of this being the utmost degradation a girl could be submitted to more than made up for that. Here she was, a chosen heir to the exalted bloodline, carrying the mark of her divine heritage, with magic skills that could make anyone go jealous - and yet, to these men she was worth about as much as the cheapest whore. All that mattered to them now was her admittedly great body - and being reduced to just that made her wetter than ever before. Soon, her moans returned, as lively as before.

With the situation with the man being defused for now, and Ophelia’s lewd face as the girl let semen pour out of her mouth, Soleil’s arousal returned to being her main concern. She remembered the thing she picked up earlier - the crystal that definitely acted as Ophelia’s dildo. With the girl’s pussy juice still looking pretty fresh on it, Soleil pulled it from behind her belt and lifted it to her mouth. Sticking her tongue out, Soleil ran it across the cold item - licking Ophelia’s honey off the side it passed. It was just as sweet as she imagined it would be - and Soleil really enjoyed its taste. Her curiosity was satisfied with just one swipe of her tongue, but now she wanted more of it. Stretching her mouth wide open, Soleil slowly slid the thing inside it. She made sure to take breaks once its size became too much of her to handle - wrapping her tongue around the parts that were already in and sucking on the crystal as if it was a delicious lollipop. Along with Ophelia’s flavor, it also carried some of the girl’s smell - and Soleil loved being able to draw it into her nostrils. While taking Ophelia’s liquids off the crystal, Soleil also replaced them with her saliva - applying fresh lubrication to it. Once most of Ophelia’s juice was gone, there was only one thing Soleil could do with it next. Taking it out of her mouth, she lowered it towards her legs. Driving it into the opening she created in her tights right in front of her pussy, she let it rest against her entrance for just a moment - and then shoved it in. Just knowing that it was inside the pussy of her dreams not too long ago was enough to make her squirm in pleasure. Her saliva and her earlier wetness allowed her to easily push it deep in, taking almost the entire thing right away. Soleil moaned as it came to a stop - in her mind it wasn’t as cute as Ophelia’s moans, but the men around her would have a hard time choosing. Then, she pulled it out so that only the tip remained, and rammed it into herself again - letting out another moan. She proceeded to use it to fuck herself as she watched Ophelia be almost continuously stuffed with two dicks - synching her pace with the speed of the man currently using Ophelia’s pussy. The pink-haired girl was finally able to fully give in to the desire that was bottled up inside her for the entire day, letting her climax both hard and often.

The men continued to use Ophelia’s body, Soleil still rebuffing all of their attempts to fuck her. As the men noticed that Ophelia was really into it, they let go of her arms - letting her support herself with her elbows and suck them off in a more comfortable position than before. Her hands didn’t remain idle for too long - right away, they were filled with two more cocks. Ophelia immediately knew what to do with them. She started to run her hands up and down, providing the men with handjobs. The men’s queue to her holes continued to circulate, giving them enough time to get hard again just in time for another go. For some time, Soleil was satisfied with just watching Ophelia moan in pleasure as the men continued to thrust into her various holes, happy to see the girl she loved enjoying herself. However, as it went on while she just continued to use Ophelia’s dildo on herself, Soleil realized she wanted to do more than just that. She wanted to make Ophelia moan, and hear her lovely voice cracking as she made her come. Waiting until both the man at her mouth and her pussy were done, Soleil cut through the queue so she could have Ophelia all to herself. “It’s my turn now! You guys will just have to wait.” Ophelia looked at her curiously as she approached, her hands still working on jerking two of the men off. Her mouth was still slightly agape, fresh cum drooling down her chin. Soleil went for the girl’s lower body, sitting down with her legs curled under her body - pushing the dildo deeper into herself as she spread her feet to lower her crotch onto it.

Moving her head forwards, Soleil went directly for Ophelia’s pussy, her tongue swiping across her labia before sinking into the mage’s cunt. Even if it was leaking with some semen, Soleil was able to ignore it thanks to how amazing doing this felt otherwise. She could taste Ophelia’s honey straight from the source as the girl was squirting it out! The fresh one tasted even sweeter than before, making eating her out extremely pleasant for her. Having her head be squeezed by her crush’s powerful thighs, letting her feel the girl’s warmth, also added to the experience. With one hand, Soleil constantly adjusted the crystal filling her cunt, sending ripples of pleasure through her body as the cold material slid across her inner walls, but with the other she stimulated Ophelia’s clit. Her gloved fingers squeezed and pulled on the oversensitive pink nub, causing Ophelia to emit high-pitched squeals that to Soleil sounded even cuter than before. Listening to them, Soleil soon let out a squeal of delight of her own - reacting to Ophelia showering her face with a fresh climax. A moan, louder than ever, reached her ears - going in sync with the waves of come pouring over her face. That encouraged her to eat her out even harder than before, the fingers on her clit going at it more aggressively too. More pleasure washed over Ophelia as she was in the middle of her climax, pushing the girl even further over the edge - enough that the blonde couldn’t even scream out anymore. The sudden cut-off in Ophelia’s moans was just what Soleil needed to come as well. Her body loosened up because of the climax, leaving her with no energy to continue eating Ophelia out. Instead, she moved her head just a little backwards, still letting it rest between Ophelia’s thighs. With her tongue now freed up, and the last of Ophelia’s squirts going onto her face, Soleil rode out her climax while using her tongue to swipe off all the Ophelia’s juice from around her mouth that her tongue could reach - her open mouth locked in a happy smile.

After riding out her climax, Soleil’s body was still weak, so instead of getting up to make room for another guy to fuck Ophelia, she just crawled along one of the table’s sides until she ended up near where Ophelia’s head was. As she laid down and happily waited for her body to recover, watching Ophelia’s tits as they bounced forward and backward in the rhythm of the man’s thrusts, Soleil’s ears heard something wonderful.
“Thank you, Soleil…” Ophelia’s melodious voice reached her ears again - and this time, the words were much kinder than before. “This all feels sooooo good… As if the stars themselves have blessed me on this day… But no, that it all your doing. I’ve misjudged you… Please, forgive me…” Soleil’s heart fluttered as she heard this - Ophelia was really thanking her for this! Just as Soleil hoped she would! “Oh, no worries! What’s just a little gift between friends?” Soleil tried to play it down, but Ophelia knew better than that - she didn’t think of Soleil as a friend before this. Her father did tell her all about Soleil’s father, and how the two of them were the best of friends, so Ophelia once hoped she and Soleil could end like that too. Recently, however, all she thought of Soleil was how annoying the girl was - and she treated her badly because of that. And for what? She was just trying to get closer to her… It was her who should have been trying more. “Maybe I can make it up to you later…” Ophelia gave a voice to her guilt, and Soleil barely held in a triumphant scream. This was the best-case scenario! Getting up, Soleil grabbed Ophelia’s head with both hands and twisted it towards her - delivering another fierce kiss to Ophelia’s lips. Ophelia kissed her back with more passion than before - relief washing over Soleil as she did. This, combined with her words, could very well mean that Ophelia had accepted her feelings - and maybe in time she was going to return them. That put Soleil in a much better mood - and even having to make room for another man who wanted to fuck Ophelia’s face did not put her down.

Soleil was able to rest while watching Ophelia be fucked, but the mage had no such breaks. Whenever one man was finished with her, another one replaced him - and while she tried her best to please all of them, it was quite draining. Even if there wasn’t a moment Ophelia wasn’t enjoying herself as her face, pussy and anus were stuffed with dicks, enduring it for so long it left her pretty worn out. Eventually, she had to put a stop to the handjobs, using her forearms to support herself once her elbows weren’t enough. With how things were, Ophelia wasn’t sure she’d be able to stay like this for much longer. However, she had a way to fix this. Among the many magical artifacts she had claimed for herself was a staff that could revitalize multiple people at once. Ophelia thought of it as potentially helpful in battle, but the merchant she got it from told her it would also cause… interesting side effects, to say the least. Ophelia wasn’t expecting to use it anytime soon, but it seemed perfect for this night - and if the merchant’s words were true, it could also make the fuckfest that would follow more pleasurable for her than this one already was. Ophelia was planning to ask for a break so she could go and use it, but as she noticed Soleil heading towards her again, the mage decided to have some fun with Soleil first. She didn’t want to disappoint the pink-haired girl after she went out of her way to set all of this up, so instead she just moved on the table to where Soleil was coming from. Soleil squatted down by the table, at the level of Ophelia’s chest - with the way Ophelia was set up now, their heads ended up pretty close together. Soleil leaned closer, rubbing her nose and mouth against Ophelia’s cheek - and enjoying the warm groan Ophelia let out in response. With one hand Soleil was still pleasuring herself using Ophelia’s dildo - but with the other, she reached for Ophelia’s left tit. Now, her grip on it was much rougher than before, squeezing the flesh orb with more force and enjoying the way it bulged through her fingers as it was brought upwards. She placed a kiss on Ophelia’s flushed cheek, then moved her head down - towards the slightly erect nipple of the breasts her left hand was squishing. She opened her lips, pressing them against the tense surface of Ophelia’s breast. Her tongue circled around Ophelia’s broad areola for a moment, Soleil enjoying Ophelia’s heavier breaths coming from above. FInally, she moved on to the nipple itself - dragging her wet tongue across it, the nipple pulled by it before springing back to its normal state. Then, she brought her tongue back down, with Ophelia moaning as she did. Soleil continued to suck on the boob’s surface with her mouth while fiddling with Ophelia’s bud using her tongue - picking up the pace with her both the hand groping the lower part of the boob and the one she was using to fuck herself as Ophelia’s moans intensified.

While Soleil was doing that, Ophelia’s lower body was approached by another man. Even though Ophelia was spreading her legs to allow for easier access to her pussy, he decided it wasn’t enough. Grabbing her left leg, he lifted it and put it onto his shoulder. Ophelia’s petite foot - bare for her stocking that covered her heels - ended up pressing it’s gentle arc against the side of his face. With the other changes to Ophelia’s position, this let him thrust much deeper into her than when he first fucked her. In just a single thrust, he buried almost his entire length inside her. Grabbing onto her thighs for better balance, he pulled back a bit, then rammed his dick all the way in - his tip slamming into her cervix. That had not happened to her before… But Ophelia welcomed the novelty after so many similar fucks, and she just moaned even despite the slight discomfort his thrusts were causing her. They were strong enough to shake her entire body, and along with Soleil’s worship of her breast were able to quickly get her to the edge. She signalized her climax with a shift in the pitch of her moans, riding her climax out happily while the two people playing with her body continued to do so. These squeals of pleasure were a sign to Soleil that she was doing her job well - and that made her happy enough that she came, too, while Ophelia’s orgasm was coming to a close. Once she did, Soleil no longer had the energy to work on Ophelia’s boob with her mouth - so instead, she lifted her head. Seeing Ophelia’s mouth open to let out countless moans put a broad smile on Soleil’s face - enough that she continued to squeeze her boob using her left hand. She was less happy to see a man kneeling down on the table’s edge, his erection going towards Ophelia’s face. However, she was pretty satisfied for now - so she just leaned in and gently nudged Ophelia’s head on the cheek. With her body pretty loose, Ophelia’s head turned around, and before she could say anything, her mouth - still open because of her moaning - was immediately filled with another cock. However, with the way they were, he couldn’t push it too far in. Because of that, Ophelia tried even harder to get him off - the sooner she did, the sooner she’d be able to voice her tiredness. Her tongue twirled around the head of his shaft, constantly teasing his glans while she spread her saliva all over it. Her lips squeezed the part of his cock they could reach - the girl determined to get him to go off as quickly as possible. Her eagerness surprised the man, and before long, he released his load into her mouth. As his cock wasn’t too deep in, most of it pooled at the front of it - and once he pulled out, it all flooded free through the opening in her mouth. With her tongue still sticking to his cock, it slid out of her mouth as he withdrew - his semen leaking down it as she let it all out through her lips - with the semen dripping down onto her right shoulder and down her arm. As she was still wearing her gloves, she was a bit bothered that her right one would get dirty - but then again, all of her clothes would need to be washed once they were done here. If they were even recoverable, that was - the numerous holes and tears caused by the man roughly grabbing on to various parts of her body pretty much ruined her outfit anyways.

After making sure that she could speak while watching the man’s cock shrink, some of his semen also dropping onto her arm - and even her forearm, covering her Brand with his spunk - Ophelia began to speak. However, she had to voice her gratitude first. “S-Soleeeeil… Aaah! Pleeaaase, kiss me~!” She moaned out, her voice surging high as the man inside her pussy hit her cervix again. Soleil was beyond happy to hear that - the girl already started touching herself again, but hearing this made her go sooo damp again! “I could get used to this, too… The taste’s not too good, but it’s still fun. This all feels so good…” Ophelia thought to herself while starting to crane her head around. “And once we do kiss… I need a break. Could you make them stop for now?” As these words left her lips, with her head being mid-turn from facing the man to facing Soleil, suddenly she felt a hand fall on the top of her head, stopping her from turning. What was going on? Was there another man who wanted to fuck her mouth before that?

The man’s eyes flicked with anger as he heard Ophelia ask for a break. Did the blonde slut not understand the situation she was in? She seemed to be thinking that the pink-haired girl was in charge here - no, it just happened that their and Soleil’s goals overlapped for the time being. Ophelia was only there to provide them with pleasure - and only they would decide when it was time to give her a break. Was Ophelia so arrogant she still thought she had a say in the matter? The man decided that she needed to be punished for that. A break she would get - but a more permanent one than she was hoping for. He was looking down at the girl, but the sides of his vision went past her and to the ground below the table. Now, he focused more on that - his eyes scanning Ophelia’s stuff that was thrown off when they first forced her onto it. Fairly quickly, he came across something that could be of use now. It was a ceremonial dagger, one carrying droplets of Soleil’s blood from when the girl was scouring through these things earlier before. Still holding on to her head with one hand, he leaned over and recovered the dagger from the ground. Then, he pulled her head slightly to the back to make her lift her chin. Once it was exposed, he just cut into it with the dagger. A red gash opened across her throat, blood spurting onto her collarbones. Her moans instantly turned into wet gurgles as he sliced her throat, the blade cutting through her larynx. Just one slice wasn’t enough for him - he continued to slice it across her neck again and again.

Ophelia’s mouth was open so she could emit quiet moans as the man continued to fuck her. She also considered asking the man, what was he doing, as she watched him bend over and reach for something below them. Her eyes widened as she saw the Blade of the Seven Stars in his hand. What could he need it for now? Responding to his other hand, she lifted her chin just a bit - and immediately got her answer as he drew a line with it across her neck. The pleasure she was in immediately disappeared, her mind taken over by the pain in her neck. Her eyes bulged as she stared at the blood spurting from the cut - with each slice of the knife, another squirt left her body. He sliced through her jugular, causing a bigger wave of blood to leave her. As the pulsating wound continued to pump her blood out, the pain resonated within her head - head that was desperately trying to piece what was happening. They… They killed Rhajat too, how could she forget this? But everything they did felt so good… It was incredible to just give them the power over her body. After the first one took her, how could she not want more? Well, it was the wrong choice and now she was paying the price. Was this night of incredible sex worth losing her life for? Ophelia wanted to say no… But couldn’t deny that up until now it really was the best night of her life. She could still feel the man roughly fucking her pussy, but it no longer felt good. Even him repeatedly slamming into her cervix couldn’t in any way conceal the pain - instead, her body spasmed violently in line with the man’s thrusts. And Soleil was still going at it with her hand on her boob. Was this a part of Soleil’s plan? It couldn’t be… The girl seemed genuinely interested in her. She wasn’t someone who would abandon her like that. And yet, Soleil did nothing to help, continuing to fiddle with Ophelia’s tit as the guy cut through her neck.

Soleil couldn’t believe her eyes as the dagger sunk into Ophelia’s neck. They weren’t supposed to do this! Her face was wearing the expression of pure shock as she watched the blood start squirting from it, her mouth opening in a dumbfounded look. Her mind was screaming at her to do something, to take the dagger away. She couldn’t get a look at Ophelia’s face, but the erratic way her body was twitching made it was clear that she was in pain. She should save her, and take her to someone who could heal her right away, or maybe try using one of Ophelia’s staffs in hopes it would heal her… Or should she? Her body was telling her otherwise. Her hands were still as busy as they were before, one working on Ophelia’s huge tit while the other was still thrusting the mage’s crystal into her pussy - and they seemed to be refusing her commands. There was a strange, powerful heat crawling over her entire body - enough that her face got really flushed for the first time that night. She did enjoy watching Rhajat die earlier, but she didn’t really care for that girl too much aside for her incredible body - whereas with Ophelia she was hoping they would end up together after this. And yet, the surge of pleasure spreading through her body couldn’t compare to anything she had felt before - even hearing Ophelia’s orgasmic moans after eating the girl out didn’t make her feel this good. Then… Should she let this continue? Let the man kill the girl she loved just so that she herself could experience a climax beyond any she had before? As she thought that, a forceful, pleasant thrill shook her entire body as it tingled up her spine. Y-yes! Soleil groaned loudly, unable to contain the pleasure inside her anymore. Once she had a taste of the mind-breaking delight that claimed her body once she saw the start of Ophelia’s death, there was nothing that would make her stop it. Even getting a look at Ophelia’s tear-covered, still blushing face, and seeing the begging look in her grey, pain-filled eyes wouldn’t be enough. Soleil’s arousal only soared even higher with each slice at Ophelia’s neck that she saw. Before long, the man started slicing through Ophelia’s spine - and even if the mercenary changed her mind now, there would be no saving the mage.

Ophelia lost all hope that Soleil would save her - there was nothing waiting for her but death. She was a chosen one! This couldn’t be how her story ended! And yet, there was no way she could get out of this on her own… Her body was too weak because of all the wonderful extended fucking her body received… She was forced to let the man continue sawing through her neck using her own dagger. Eventually, the dagger grazed against her spine - and a terrifying jerk went through her body, along with an overwhelming sense of dread filling her mind. The blade was sharp enough to start cutting through the bone - with each slice, taking away a part of the control she had over her body as the connection between her head and the rest of it weakened. Her hands, clenched into fists as she used them to support herself before, now opened up and her fingers began to twitch. The rest of her body was was stirred into out-of-control spasms, only kept in check by the hands and dick of man using her pussy and Soleil’s hand that was still holding on to the left of Ophelia’s jugs. For some reason, her nipples became fully erect - not that Ophelia could tell anymore, barely able to feel them or any other part of her body below her neck. The leg that was placed on the shoulder of the man plowing her heavily clenching pussy kicked out in a strong move, her bare foot sticking out high in the air - showing how each of her small toes was twitching in a different way. As the connection was fully severed, her spine sliced in two, the beheading was almost over. The remaining tendons and skin at the back of her neck offered little resistance, letting the man easily finish the cut. At this point, Ophelia was still holding on to her life - but her brain failed to control even the muscles of her face. Ophelia’s eyes bulged another time, rolling back up as her tongue slipped free from her mouth, letting blood, drool and semen onto her chin. The man lifted her head and turned it to give her a look at her headless body. Ophelia regained control of her eyes for just long enough to take a look at her swollen breasts, watching a droplet of blood trickle down her chest in between them. The hand in the white glove was still squeezing her left tit - and with great effort she turned her eyes towards its owner, ignoring her lower body and the streaks of semen leaking out of her dying pussy because the man using it just released his semen inside her vagina. Her eyes looked at Soleil, but Ophelia wasn’t really able to convey any emotions through them - and the mindless look on the rest of her face in no way could tell Soleil anything, either. Ophelia herself couldn’t even decide, how should she feel about her. She did cause her death and just watched… But at the same time, she just wanted to make her feel good. She couldn’t really blame her for that…

Before Ophelia’s clouded, barely-living brain could come to any conclusion on that, suddenly she was moving through the air. The soft touch she recognized as Soleil’s gloves appeared on both of her temples. Soleil’s warm, blushing face appeared directly in front of her - but instead of her usual smile, it was twisted with a grimace that Ophelia couldn’t understand - one signifying Soleil being on the brink of the biggest orgasm of her life. She let go of the dildo in her pussy, thrusting her hips downwards over and over to pound her cunt over Ophelia’s toy furiously. Despite her being this close, she was still able to think straight - and as she stared at Ophelia’s detached head, she remembered the last words Ophelia muttered. She was begging her to kiss her… Soleil couldn’t fail her now - she had to do it before the girl passed on. Because of that, she plucked the head from the man who cut it off and held it in front of her face. Pulling it closer as she looked into Ophelia’s grey eyes, she opened her mouth to take Ophelia’s rolled out tongue into it - her tongue sliding it into Ophelia’s mouth as their lips connected before following it into the depths of Ophelia’s mouth. Even though she had to twist her head a bit so that their noses didn’t get in the way, Soleil still stared into Ophelia’s eyes as they rolled back up again - almost certain that she saw life leaving them. However, before she could process that, the mage’s tongue moved. It was just the tiniest swing to push against Soleil’s tongue, but Soleil was sure it was intentional - and that pushed her onto the very edge of coming. The faint tension of Ophelia’s lips as the girl used up all of her remaining energy to kiss her back was the trigger that made her cum. As the waves of unbelievable pleasure took the pink-haired fighter, she again saw Ophelia’s eyes go blank again - this time, signalling that the girl was dead.

Relief filled Ophelia’s mind in her final moments as she felt the tongue going around the insides of her mouth. “S-Soleil… She kissed me now… Just as I asked her to… So she did care about me after all…” Her barely working brain couldn’t see anymore that it was also Soleil’s fault she was dying. With whatever strength the mage still had, she tried her best to kiss Soleil back - but she wasn’t sure if the mercenary even noticed. “I guess… We won’t end up… as friends for life… like our fathers did…” If her eyes were still working, tears would swell up inside them. “Still… My life… Wasn’t too bad…” Being at peace with herself, and Soleil’s warmth comforting her, Ophelia was able to go happily as her life finally disappeared from their world.


Soleil tried to hold on to Ophelia’s lifeless head, frantically making out with her dead mouth. However, the pleasure wrecking her body was so strong that she soon collapsed forwards, falling on top of Ophelia’s body. Her fingers were barely holding on to the head anymore, almost completely limp because of her mind-shattering climax - so the impact knocked the head out of her grip. It fell down and bounced off the table’s edge, but a man grabbed it before it could fall any further. Soleil’s head landed directly on top of Ophelia’s right tit, and her mouth instinctively closed over the dead girl’s still erect nipple. The girl immediately suckling on it, as if she was trying to drink Ophelia’s breast milk - even if her body was nowhere near producing it, as Ophelia’s first real creampie was earlier that night.

While Soleil rested on top of Ophelia’s corpse, the men didn’t slow down at all. Ophelia’s pussy clenched down hard on the next cock that filled it in post-mortem spasms - but while quite pleasurable, it was the least interesting way to use her now. The man who caught her head didn’t waste any time with it - sliding through her slack slips, he easily moved through a mix of Ophelia and Soleil’s saliva, into the slowly cooling inside of her mouth. Getting a stronger hold on the head, he was able to pull the head further onto his erection - although it was less fucking it and more using it to jerk off, the head sliding up and down his cock. Eventually, he dragged it far enough that if the head was still attached to her body his cock would have gone into her gullet. As it wasn’t instead it just came out through the hole in her neck. The sensation of having most of his dick surrounded by the still-warm inside of her mouth, and the tip not having anything like that was very weird - but it didn’t matter, as each time the head went up and down on his cock it felt really good. As he took the head all the way down, her small nose hit him on the base of the cock. In the same way, her wet chin slapped him on the balls. He groaned when it first did that, but enjoyed it - and continued to do it repeatedly until he reached his climax. Most of his load was sprayed onto Ophelia’s long, blonde hair - but the rest of it was left inside her mouth as he dragged the head off his cock. The moment he did, another guy took the head from him - already thrusting his erection into the stump left by her neck.

As the head was being passed around, the rest of her body was still getting attention. Her two holes between her legs continued to be pounded by cocks, with one of the men sometimes bending the legs together behind her back to get her petite feet together to rub them around his dick. Her upper body also received some attention, with a man quickly heading for it. Going past Soleil who was still sprawled out on top of the mage’s chest, he went towards the stump of her neck. The bleeding had mostly stopped at this point - but whatever blood still remained could still serve as a lubricant. The hole in her neck stump seemed almost too tight for his cock to fit inside. He slid the tip across the stump, bumping it into her severed spine, then pressed it against the hole. It required him to put a lot of force into it, making it a little painful for him as his most sensitive flesh pressed against the tense flesh of Ophelia’s esophagus, but as it continued the flesh seemed to stretch out - eventually, letting him push the tip inside. Now, he just had to power his way through to get the rest of his cock in. Since the rest of his cock was thicker than that, it required more stretching from Ophelia’s body. However, once he got in… The tightness moved from being an issue to making it an incredibly good fuck. Her food pipe hugged his cock tighter than any cunt before that. It lacked the lubrication of pussy juices, but the blood and the mucus coating the inner membrane that his shaft was wrapped in almost made up for it. After a few test thrusts to see how easily he could slide in and out, the man started to fuck it violently, quickly bringing his tempo up to a pretty high speed. And he wasn’t only going fast - he was also putting a lot of force into it, burying his cock all the way to his balls. He wasn’t able to keep it up for too long - his body couldn’t really handle it, and so he sent his load into her gullet and towards her stomach. As he withdrew, another man took his spot - also struggling at first to push inside her.

Because of how rough the man who was fucking Ophelia’s neck was going, he also caused her upper body to shake heavily. Soleil was still slouched over her chest, the fighter's body still pretty limp because of her mindbreaking climax. His thrusts was enough to throw her off the comfy pillow of Ophelia's tits as they resonated in sync with them, making Soleil slide over onto her midsection. However, her mouth was still latched onto the mage's right nipple. Sliding off the boob, she proceeded to drag it along with her for as long as she could; the entire breast tensing all over as its peak was stretched down towards her midsection, the rest of it following close behind.

With how slumped down Soleil was, her chubby ass ended up sticking higher up again. Even if she pulled them down at the front, her tights still hugged her buttcheeks tightly, adding more allure to her feisty ass. It had already grabbed the attention of some of the men before, and now it returned. Staring at it lustfully from time to time, eventually one of the soldiers decided to go for it again. Stopping behind Soleil, for a moment he let his eyes feast on her meaty backside. Then, he grabbed it through the tights. Their outer layer felt really squishy and soft, but deeper down it was so firm… He proceeded to grope her butt for a while, his erection throbbing harder than when he fucked the mage's ass. While it was also pretty lovely, the pink-haired girl sure had the blonde beaten when it came to their asses. Once his cock became too painfully erect for him to handle it anymore, he grabbed it with one hand. Giving it a few strokes to enjoy the momentary relief, he guided it to the crack of her butt. Her cheeks subsided, hugging the sides of his cock really tightly through the thin purple material - which also stuck to the front of his cock as he buried it deeper into her buttcrack. Eventually, the tights and her cheeks tensed up enough that they couldn’t do it anymore, his cock enveloped in a warm, squishy cushion of tights and her soft flesh. Once it did, the man began to ram his dick forward and backwards, fucking her buttcrack. With the texture of her tights and her unworldly ass, using the barely conscious girl’s body to give himself a buttjob was the man’s greatest fantasy coming true. Because of that, despite him trying to make it last as long as he could, it was just too much for his cock. Before long, he ended up shooting his seed all over Soleil’s ass, with some of it also shooting onto the girl’s back, going under her skirt and clinging to her tunic on both the inner and outer sides.

After wiping the rest of his climax into a dry spot on the tights on one of her butt cheeks, the man withdrew - immediately replaced by another one. His desires were more typical - he just wanted to feel the warmth of Soleil’s cunt around his cock. Placing one hand on her bubbly ass, he pushed it forward - getting a better angle to approach her pussy. That allowed him to see the glowing piece of crystal which was still stuck inside Soleil’s body. Well, he had to make room for his shaft. Reaching for the sticky crystalline dildo, he was able to close his hand over the base, getting a strong grip on it. Then, in one quick move, he ripped it all the way out in one go. As he did, he could see a spasm going through Soleil’s entire body, as well as some liquid squirting out of the girl’s pussy now that it was uncorked. Setting the dildo down, he grabbed his trembling erection, and led it to her pussy. However, just as he was about to slide it in, he felt a gloved hand grabbing his cock and stopping it.

“Oh no you don’t.” Even if Soleil’s voice was still warm on the surface, there was steel hiding within it - warning the man not to go on. His rough removal of the dildo sent a shock through her body strong enough to finally wake her up from the stupor her last climax put her in - even if her body still felt a little weak. Her voice was a little muffled by Ophelia’s tit at first, but as she opened her mouth she let go of it - with the spherical chunk of dead meat still springing back up, her stiff, erect nipple stopping about halfway between where it started and its usual position because of death’s slackness slowly setting in Ophelia’s flesh. Even if Soleil wasn’t fully recovered yet, she had enough strength to react as the man ignored her warning and tried to push through her hand and into her exposed cunt. In response, she bent her leg towards her ass and then brought it up, slamming the heel of her high boots into the man’s balls. “I warned you.” She commented coldly as he recoiled back in pain, with her using her hand to hold on to his cock and twist it around a bit to cause him extra pain before letting go of it. Waiting for a bit longer while cuddling with Ophelia’s boobies, Soleil finally gathered enough strength to get back up. With a few steps back, she was at a spot where she could watch Ophelia’s corpse as the men continued to gangfuck it. Although the head was gone, the body shape and torn-up clothes still made it clear just who that corpse belonged to. Seeing it completely still and unresponsive, with just the men’s thrusts causing it to move, put her in a bit of a sad mood. It was obvious that Ophelia wouldn’t be able to move anymore - she was dead, after all. But the knowledge that she’d never get to see this particular Ophelia smile again, see her playful smirk as she’s spouting some nonsense only she understood, hear her cute voice (even if it was usually shooing her away) and that she’d never feel her kiss her back… All the things she already missed made Soleil have some second thoughts about not saving the girl she loved.

However, these disappeared as she switched to watching a man using her detached head to give himself a blowjob. By then, her pussy had fully recovered from the incredible orgasm from before. Seeing the bleeding stump of the mage’s head with some cum dripping from it, as well as the complete emptiness in her grey eyes whenever she could look into them, these both caused Soleil to start getting wet again. She just watched as the guy proceeded to fuck it while letting her arousal grow. Along with it grew a desire to take the head for herself again - and Soleil found herself unable to resist it. Once she saw the man release his jizz through the stump of Ophelia’s neck, coating her hair and the ground with the sticky globes of his sperm, the mercenary ran over and pulled the head away from his cock - with the semen still dripping from the tip of his cock wiped on the insides of the mage’s head, his last drops getting caught on her lips. Noticing that while holding on to Ophelia’s head, Soleil decided that she wanted it gone. Pressing the head directly against her midsection, she wiped most of the semen and blood stuck to Ophelia’s slack lips against her tunic. Once she was satisfied with the result, she took a few steps back and sat down on Ophelia’s bed. Spreading her legs and lifting her skirt, for a moment she showed her cunt to the men who were watching her again - before covering it with Ophelia’s lips. Shaking it around a little so that the girl’s tongue slipped out and into her entrance, she could already feel pleasure going through her body as Ophelia’s cooled-down mouth rubbed against her entrance. What’s more, as the small mouth pressed against her labia, the girl’s small nose also began to rub against it - the tiny, yet pointy organ going directly across her clit. Soleil drew a deeper breath when it did for the first time, and just moaned loudly the next few times it did. Once she found the perfect position for the head to be in, Ophelia’s dead tongue inside her cunt and her slack lips rubbing against the mercenary’s lower lips, she moved one hand to the back of the head while stretching the other out behind her while leaning backwards. A bit more adjusting, and then Soleil was able to buck her hips against Ophelia’s head while still keeping her balance. As her pleasure grew, it only drew her to shove the head deeper into her crotch - pressing it harder against her pussy. That, in turn, meant even more pleasure for her - leading to more cute moans escaping her lips. Fairly quickly, Soleil was able to reach another climax - causing her to call out in pleasure, her warm voice bouncing from the walls of Ophelia’s room and gathering the attention of most the men inside. Any single one of them would be happy to make her scream like that, and knowing that she’d just turn them down made them resent her. However, they still had Ophelia’s body to satisfy themselves. Once Soleil’s climax had died down, the girl squirting her honey all over Ophelia’s mouth and onto her cheeks, she let them take the head away - so the while the men’s dislike of Soleil grew, they had no reason to take it out on her now. Taking turns, they were all able to be satisfied with the parts of Ophelia’s body - so there was no need to force Soleil to please them too, especially that most of them were pretty spent at this point. While some of them tried going for her as she splayed out on top of Ophelia’s bed to rest after her climax, drawing deep breaths of the dead girl’s scent from her sleeping spot, the weak kicks of her legs were enough to discourage them from going for it - and Soleil was able to return to full strength fairly quickly, going back to just touching herself while watching them do their part.

The man who took the head from Soleil had a different idea on how to use it. He carried it back towards Ophelia’s corpse - where another man just left the spot between the girl’s legs. There wasn’t anyone who seemed ready to fill the spot again, so he was free to go there. There, he put the head so that the stump of her neck was directly over her pussy. Grabbing her legs by the knees, he spread them a bit, then lifted them until they were almost upright - with her lower legs still angled downwards, completely limp. Once he was happy with their position, he proceeded to bring them back together - Ophelia’s head squeezed between her bountiful thighs. Just taking a look at her dead face, then taking his gaze for a trip up to her breasts and her severed neck was enough to make him extremely hard - enough that he could aim his dick just the way he wanted. Bringing his hips forward, he used it to touch the hole in her neck. With the cocks that stretched it out earlier, his tip was able to go in seamlessly - with the start of her esophagus sticking to it in a wet embrace. To test things out, he slowly pushed it deeper in - going all the way through until he could see the tip of his cock through her agape lips as his cock went into her mouth from the back. As he did, he could see her tongue reacting to his cock. Parts of it were still out after Soleil got them out, and he could see them moving in response to his dick pressing against the parts of the tongue hidden within her mouth. Then, in one quick move, he pulled all the way out - and thrust back in right away. The head went up and down a bit, but most of the force of his thrust was transferred to the girl’s rich thighs - making them wobble just a bit. This meant he could fuck the head as roughly as he wanted - and as long as he kept on holding to Ophelia’s knees, the head would stay in place. That led to him being able to pound into her head from the back with much more force than any of the men earlier - getting to enjoy her throat sliding across his cock over and over again with speed no one before him could. Even if the head stayed mostly in one place, a part of his thrusts was also going through it. What reached her eyes was enough to make them roll around again, her grey irises returning to the front of her eyes even if they were still pretty high up.

With the way her throat and mouth clung on to his cock while it flew through them at a fast pace, each of his thrusts filled his cock with incredible pleasure. However, that also meant he wouldn’t be able to keep fucking her like that for long. Eventually, he reached his climax. Knowing he was nearing it, he finally pushed the cock all the way through - the tip sticking out from between her lips. Some of her saliva stuck to his tip as he came, his semen squirting onto her face. His first streaks ended up going pretty far, reaching her forehead and sticking to her headband. Following ones got to her dead eyes, acting as tears that the mage produce even when dying. Some of his spunk made its way onto her cheeks, but a huge part of it stayed near her mouth - mixing with the come Soleil left there earlier. A single line of semen clung to Ophelia’s tiny nose, too. Once his climax had finished, he pulled his cock out of her head and let go of her knees. With her legs no longer holding the head in place, it collapsed to the front - exposing her cunt again, which now had some of the blood from the cut in her neck around it. The head fell off the table, rolling on the ground for a moment before reaching another guy’s legs - who picked it up, and quickly put it on his cock.

Even if the lengthy gangfuck of Ophelia’s corpse felt incredible for everyone involved, it couldn’t last forever. Eventually, every of the men in the room was completely spent, and no one tried to fuck Ophelia’s body anymore. Soleil, too, was pretty tired - no longer even having the strength to finger herself. Because of that, the men started preparing to leave. Ophelia’s corpse was to be taken by Soleil - but the men still could take some of Ophelia’s stuff. Some of them were warriors, so they were satisfied with some of the fancier weapons Ophelia took for herself - be it as gifts for her father, or because she wanted to practice giving names to them. The others were magic users, so they took some of the girl’s tomes. However, there was also a priest among them - and his attention was captured by a certain staff. It was a staff he had only seen in history books, one by the name of “Anew”. The more modern staves of that type could revitalize a single person, just like the magic of a dancer. However, the very old ones were said to possess an incredibly powerful effect that could revitalize even an entire army! He decided to take it and show it to his peers - if it was really one like that, and they could replicate its effect, the Askrian forces would really benefit from that. Reaching for the staff, he could already feel the powerful energy coursing within it. That got him pretty excited - who knew a night of carnal pleasures would give him a weapon this strong? The staff also seemed to be reacting to his excitement - trembling in his hands. The long wooden shaft seemed as if it was about to burst. And just a few moments later, it did. Beams of white, rose-tinted light shot out from the orb at the top of it - one for each person in Ophelia’s room. The man identified the staff correctly, but he wasn’t aware of the modifications that it had received. The Anna that Ophelia bought the staff from wasn’t lying about its powers. The merchant girl had no qualms about using ancient Archanean artifacts to make more money off the guests of her brothel. Because of how useful it was, she also came up with the means of easy production of it - and while she did, she also caused it to treat each person it affected with an extremely potent aphrodisiac. Anna had created so many of these staffs that she began selling them - and that’s how Ophelia came across it. And now, it was used on each of the men who had just spent the night emptying their balls into Ophelia’s corpse - bringing them back to perfect vitality and their cocks to fully erect. Soleil was also affected by it - the girl revitalized just like the rest. Her pussy ached because of her many orgasms earlier, but now that feeling was gone. With surprise, the pink-haired girl felt it overflowing with fresh honey that signalized just how wet the staff made her. Springing back up on Ophelia’s bed, she took a look at the girls body while her fingers - that were already sticky with her come - went towards her pussy. Fingering herself as fast as she could, she proceeded to moan loudly while watching the reenergized men force their dicks into Ophelia’s pussy, ass and neck stump - another one taking the head and starting to fuck it, too. But that was enough for just a few of them. As for the rest… Some of them began jerking off right away, trying to coat Ophelia’s body with their spunk. The others, however, wanted a woman’s body. And there was one still untouched in the room - so they all began to approach Soleil together.

The girl didn’t notice that they were coming to her, her vision too blurry because of the pleasure she was in. All she could see was Ophelia’s headless form being penetrated by multiple cocks - the corpse being pretty stiff at that point in no way stopped them from doing it. The swordswoman touched herself furiously, reaching a climax just as the men got to her. She screamed out in release, collapsing back onto the bed as her body was overtaken by the pleasure of an orgasm - except that rough hands grabbed on to her shoulders on her way down, taking her shield away. That brought her mind back to reality - but her body was still not working, made completely useless by her climax. All she could do was glare furiously as the men used the weapons they took from Ophelia’s collection to slice through her clothing. The upper part of her black tunic was sliced into shreds - and her breasts sprung forward without it binding them down. Soleil was not wearing a bra, so her boobs were visible right away. While they were smaller than Ophelia’s, their size being pretty much average, they were pretty pleasant to the eye anyways. The men eyed them hungrily - after getting to stare at Ophelia’s milk makers for so long, them being different was welcome. Having them exposed like that didn’t exactly make Soleil mad - she had flashed them to plenty of men without even thinking about it because of her habit of changing clothes literally anywhere. However, she knew that this would not stop on just that - and she knew she was going to hate what was about to come. However, her body was too slack to stop them from doing this - so she just glared at all them angrily while they basked in the sight of her tits. After a moment or two, one of the men reached for them - his big, unpleasant hands groping her harshly. Now, Soleil was boiling over with anger. The only person she would let do that was Ophelia - the mage caressing them multiple times with her small, soft hands in Soleil’s fantasies. To have them be touched by people who she didn’t care about was really annoying, much more a problem to her than how exactly he was feeling them up. She too had squeezed Ophelia’s tits tightly, so while they hurt a bit, it was to be expected.

With the way she was sitting, her skirt had dropped over, meaning that her pussy, overflowing with even more of her honey now that the girl came, was visible to those close to her through the hole she herself made in it. And most of them wanted to be the first to go inside it. After some more boob-gazing, one of them decided he couldn’t wait any longer - and whipping his cock out, got onto the bed too. Soleil tried to get away, but her body was only barely responding to her commands, and the man were firmly holding her down. Then, it happened - he slid his cock into her wet pussy. Feeling his huge cock press against her inner walls, sensing him twitch within her, that almost made her want to throw up. Just like Ophelia’s, it was Soleil’s first time with a man too - but the mercenary never dreamed of anything like this. All she wanted was for another girl to go within her - so being penetrated like this was the worst she could think of. Because of how wet she got earlier, the man was easily able to pound her hard - waves of disgust going through her body with each of his thrusts. As he continued to rape her, she found her body slowly recovering from her climax - enough so that she was capable of speaking, even if weakly.
“D-Damn you… I told you I’m into girls, just like you guys…” She spoke out, and all the men just laughed. “You’re far too hot for us to not do it! Your friend was great too, but you just kept teasing us over and over.” One of them voiced what they all were thinking.
“Didn’t we have a deal… F-fuck you all…” Soleil’s usual happiness was gone, replaced by the shame of being defiled with a man’s prick.
“Don’t worry, we will!” Another one told her and they all laughed again. But Soleil wasn’t fully beaten yet. “I’ll show you…” She thought to herself while waiting for her body to be at full strength again. Even if her cunt was responding to the man’s cock, clenching on it, she quickly blocked out all the feeling that were coming from it - but not before noticing it was at least a bit pleasant. Because of her wetness, the man wasn’t able to last too long - and soon he came, spilling all of his seed into her cunt. As she felt his gross, slimy semen shoot into her vagina, she felt as if she was going to throw up again. He… He came inside her! What if she’d have to carry his child because of that? The sheer thought of that filled her with so much disgust that she didn’t even notice as another man took his place, stuffing her pussy with another cock.

However, as he did, the men agreed that going one-by-one was not going to be effective. Quickly, they lifted Soleil from the bed, letting the guy get down onto the bed below - and forced her to face him as he took her, thrusting his hips upwards again and again as her weight drew her down onto it. With the way she was sitting on top of him, her round ass was again visible to all - her tights bringing out its shape and size as it jiggled hypnotizingly because of the man fucking her and making her bounce. Fingers dug into her tights and through then into the fatty flesh of her butt, the men driving their nails into it to cause her more pain. Moving their hands back, they ripped out small parts of her tights - enough to grant access to her anus. The small hole was almost untouched - Soleil only fingered herself there once to test it out, and decided she didn’t like it. Now, it laid invitingly, the small ring of pink flesh looking so pure when compared to her pussy that showed the signs of her many climaxes today. It wouldn’t remain that way for much longer. Another man got onto Ophelia’s bed, and quickly guided his erection towards her shapely butt. After having it bounce off both of her cheeks, enjoying the way they shook because of that, he placed his tip at the entrance to her ass. Then he pushed forward, applying as much force to it as he could - making her entire form shift forward. She tried to clench the hole shut, to make it impossible for him to get in - but that wouldn’t keep him outside forever. The pressure on her sphincter was so strong the girl felt her entire body was going to break, making her scream out in pain. ‘Aaaaugh!” She called out with more force in her voice than before - telling Soleil she was almost back to full strength. Eventually, her sphincter popped in, causing even more pain to go through her as he finally made his way inside her cock, her insides forced to stretch just enough to accommodate him with pain that was nothing but excruciating. “Please, stop! Don’t put it in there!” She screamed again, unable to keep her cool. Soleil felt so violated now, both of her lower holes taken by filthy men she had never interacted with before… and if anything, her voice only made him buck his hips harder, driving his shaft deeper into her asshole. Her inner walls were screaming out in pain as they were forced onto a cock. Her rectum was a bit tighter than Ophelia’s, making it even better for the man fucking her - but on the contrary, it only hurt the mercenary. To make things even better for the man, her anal canal was clenching hard on his cock because of all the pain going through it - Soleil’s body acting against her to bring the man more pleasure. He continued to pound her a few more times, more pain building within her, before it broke free and escaped in another scream - this one really forceful:
“This hurts so muuuuch! You bastard! Get it out!”

With these words, she was certain her body had in full recuperated from her climax. Because of that, she started to struggle against the men who were holding on to her arms, keeping her from escaping - but with no real effect. She could take any single one of them on in a duel, but together they were able to overpower her. That didn’t stop her from trying - and using her mouth to throw more insults at them and complain about her pain. While for a part of men her screams only made them even harder, others just found them annoying. Her mouth could definitely be put to a better use, they thought. Shortly after, one of these men also approached them. He kept standing on the side, grabbing on to Soleil’s long, pink hair to twist her head around and bring it down towards his crotch. As she opened her mouth to ask him what he was doing, he just slid his cock inside it - making Soleil choke on her words and his dick. Between his girth and how deep he was able to shove it in in one go, her throat was completely plugged - and Soleil found herself suddenly unable to breathe. Having to take a smelly, sleazy piece of meat into her mouth made her insides revolt again - even if her nose picked up a faint smell of Ophelia’s cunt also coming from it. She started to struggle even harder, letting out another scream which was made completely unintelligible by the cock that was filling her mouth. As that was not successful, Soleil found herself in a bind - but she wasn’t going to just give up. She still had not given up - she would endure this for now, break out and once she got her hands on a sword… then she would get her revenge on them. If she was going to hurt them just like they were hurting her now, why not start right away? Even if her hands and legs were still immobilized, her mouth was still working - and it even had a part of a body that was sure going to hurt. Focusing her strength in her jaw for a moment, she then bit down hard on the man’s erection. The taste of blood filled her mouth, replacing the disgusting flavor of cock, as she broke through the man’s skin and sunk her teeth into his shaft. However, she wasn’t strong enough to do much more than that - but judging from the man’s reaction, she still managed to hurt him a lot. Letting go of her head, he forcefully stretched her mouth open to free his cock, screaming like a madman. “The b-bitch… She b-bit me!” He eventually managed to duke out in between howls of pain while stumbling around the bed, just as the man fucking Soleil’s ass released his seed inside her rectum.

The man’s screams and then words drew the attention of most other men in the room - including the ones who were holding Soleil down. Between that, and the man who sodomized her leaving, Soleil saw this as her chance. Breaking her right arm free, she threw a punch at the man on her left - knocking him away and making him release her other arm. The guy who she was unwillingly riding cowgirl-style did not hold her at all, so after quickly bringing her hips high enough to get his cock out of her, Soleil was free to go. Jumping away from the bed, the mercenary broke out into a mad dash, semen leaking from both her pussy and her ass. Scraps of her cut-up top hanged from her upper body, but even despite of that her practical battle clothes allowed her to move quickly, the swordswoman making her way through half of Ophelia’s room before the man even noticed she was trying to escape. And it seemed that she would be able to make it - there wasn’t anyone between her and the entrance. However, as Soleil went, she couldn’t help but take one final look at Ophelia’s corpse. Men were still railing her pussy and her neck stump, with another one of them fucking her head through the stump at the bottom. Seeing that, Soleil promised to herself that she’d come back for it - and she’d treat the corpse with more respect than they did. She’d still use it to get off, of course - but not through penetrating the girl with filthy cocks like they did, but just using her fair fingers and mouth. Just thinking of that made the disgust that piled up within her during her rape disappear, a pleasant tingling reappearing in her pussy. Because of that, she just kept looking at Ophelia’s corpse while going towards where she though the door was. Making her unaware of a weapon rack placed near the exit - carrying the weapons that the men had chosen to take with them before the staff give them back their vigor. Soleil crashed right into it, making the whole thing fall over, weapons that were on it flying around while she collapsed to the floor as well.

That delay cost her dearly. Besides giving her more tears in her tunic, skirt and tights, it also allowed the few men who reacted the fastest to catch up to her. Realizing that this would happen, she tried to pick a sword for herself to have some way of holding them at a distance. However, they armed themselves earlier with other weapons - and her right hand was punctured with a lance’s tip the moment she placed it on the handle of a sword. The weapon went through her hand and into the ground, pinning her hand to the floor. The moment she tried to pull it free with her other hand, it was also pierced with a weapon - leaving both of her arms pinned down, and making escaping impossible for her. All she could do was look at them angrily as one of them dropped to the ground and slid right into her cunt. Now, laying on the floor and some piled up weapons, Soleil had to admit that at least on the bed she was on something comfortable - whereas having the weaponry press against her back wasn’t too pleasant.

While one of them proceeded to fuck her, the rest of the men gathered to discuss the situation. Between Soleil’s annoying complains, her complete lack of cooperation when it came to sex, and now her trying to escape, the conclusion was fairly simple. These troubles would all disappear if the pink-haired cunt was dead. However, Soleil remained blissfully unaware of their decision. Leaving the choice to chance, one of them was randomly chosen to be the one who would get the honor of killing her. Now, the chosen man looked through the room, trying to come up, how to kill the bitch. His eyes scoured the weapons on the ground, until he noticed a certain spear. Its jagged blade would make it perfect for something slow and painful. Lifting it from the ground, he grabbed the wooden shaft near the tip, and snapped it off - leaving just enough of it to make for a nice handle.
“Bring her over here.” He commanded while taking a position near the room’s center, and the others did as he asked. Ripping the two weapons out of Soleil’s hands, they freed the girl to be moved. The guy fucking her unloaded his junk into her vagina, too, and then withdrew, letting them take her away. Dragging Soleil to him, they stopped right in front of him.
“To your knees, cunt.” He commanded, and as Soleil didn’t obey, the men on both sides of her tried to force her to kneel down - but were stopped by him again. “No, she should also fuck someone.” One of them quickly laid down on that spot, his erection sticking high. Now, he allowed them to continue - Soleil’s pussy ending up on top of the guy’s cock as she was forced down onto him. Circling around, Soleil’s soon-to-be-killer stopped right behind her - with his crotch at about the level of her head.

Soleil felt one of his hands on the top of her head, stabilizing it as he grabbed her by her hair. What was he trying to do? At first, she was expecting him to just shove his erection into her mouth - but once he walked behind her, he couldn’t do that anymore - leaving her puzzled. What was he planning to do? She soon learned the answer as he pressed the jagged spearhead against the back of her head, cutting through some of her hair. He pushed it deeper in, making it sink into her skin until it pressed against her skull. Then, he began to move it left and right, sawing away with the blade and slowly going through her bone there. Eventually, he made it past her skull, the weapon brushing against Soleil’s brain, opening the smallest cut in it and causing a shiver to go through her entire body. Once it did, he moved the blade slightly to the side - and began sawing through her skull again. He proceeded to cut into her head, taking the saw in a circle around the top of her head, opening a red line on its surface. As he did, Soleil still couldn’t tell, what he was doing - but she knew very well that it wasn’t anything good. Him going through her skin and the tissues between it and the skull hurt, blood flowing down down the sides of her head and onto her forehead. Even if him sawing through the skull didn’t as much, it still made her uncomfortable. The main effect of him doing this was making Soleil realize that the men were willing to truly hurt her. Now that they did, and with them already having killed Rhajat and Ophelia, it was obvious that they were going to do the same to her… Now that she broke out once, their grip on her was unshakable - making it clear to her that she was going to die. As the man continued to saw through her skull, more and more fear began to settle down her spine. He seemed to be dragging it on, going at it pretty slowly - giving Soleil a lot of time to scare herself even more as she struggled to come to terms with her incoming demise. She didn’t want to die! There were still so many cute girls she hadn’t flirted with! Her body began to shiver in fear, and while her upper body was mostly held in place by the men holding on to her, her lower body proceeded to move around. As her pussy walls weren’t fully clinging to the cock filling them up, her ass squirming around resulted in more stimulation to it as different parts of her vagina touched it different parts of the dick. Still, the guy was far from coming - and he just proceeded to pound her as the man standing over them finished his cut.

Once he was done, the man working on Soleil’s skull put the spearhead that was his makeshift saw down. Then, using both of his hands, he dug his fingers into the crevice in her head he had created. Working them into it, he was able to lift a part of her scalp. Just a little at first, but he forced his fingers into the new openings, wedging the part of her skull away from the rest of it. Now, his fingers trudged along the surface of her brain - getting sticky with the girl’s blood and grey matter. Pulling the entire thing away, he uncovered a huge chunk of the girl’s brain. Even if Soleil couldn’t see him, she remembered that her head was at the level of his crotch - and the mercenary finally understood his intentions. And that knowledge really terrified her - enough for the remnants of her defiance to disperse, the pink-haired girl bursting into tears.
“N-No, please! Don’t do it! Don’t put it in there! Please, don’t kill me! I don’t want to dieeeeeeeeeee~!” She sobbed, unaware that her words turned the guy’s erection the hardest he could get. Her final word dragged along, the pitch of her voice going upwards, as the man slowly pushed his cock into the opening he had created. The hole was a relatively huge part of her skull, big enough to potentially fit in more than one cock if necessary - but for now, he just slid his cock directly into the lower part of her brain. However, it was just the tip - he didn’t want to kill her too quickly.

More tears began to pour from her orange eyes as the part of her brain responsible for sight was impaled on a dick. Her vision devolved into mixing masses of color before going completely black, Soleil suddenly regretting that her final look at the world wasn’t at Ophelia’s corpse, but just at the half-clothed man waiting for his turn in front of her. Her eyes glazed over, signalling that they weren’t working anymore as they tired to bulge free out of their sockets. And they almost did as he wiggled his dick around, carefully turning the back part of her brain into a bloody mush. Some of the bloody mixture began to leak out of the back of her head and flow down her long hair. Similarly, at the front of her head, blood began to leak from her nose, combining with the tears that were already moving down her face.

“Pleaseeee! Stoooop!” Soleil screamed out again, unsuccessfully trying to struggle against the people holding her - and only succeeding in moving her head around a little, driving his cock a bit further inside her head. Well, if she was this hungry for his dick that she took it further in herself, then he definitely was going to grant her her wish. Driving his cock forward, he smashed into the part of her brain responsible for speaking. As he did, her desperate cries suddenly turned into incoherent blabbering. It also messed with her sense of touch - suddenly making her much more aware of the man who was still fucking her pussy. With utter disgust, Soleil noticed that because of that her cunt was responding to it positively, clenching around him with what she recognized as pleasure going through her abdomen. As the cock continued further inside her head, it was getting harder and harder for her to keep that pleasure in check.

He thrust deeper in again. Now, the majority of the man’s cock was encompassed by the warmth of her brain. His tip slid into her frontal lobe from the back, making her rapidly lose control over most of her body. Her mouth opened, tongue slipping free from it and adding her drool to the liquids that were trickling down her chin. Powerful spasms began to shake her entire body, driving the cock further inside her head - which in turn resulted in more functions of her brain collapsing. Her upper body shook too, making her boobs bounce around. As for her lower body, her pussy began clenching down ever harder - and it was easily enough to make the guy fucking her come as well. His final rapid thrusts before coming carried pleasure within them so intense, that it would require all of her willpower to hold out and not give in to it normally. Now that her mind was being taken away from her, she stood no chance. The inner barrier she had set up within herself collapsed, pure pleasure overwhelming her cunt and lower body, making it spasm even harder as the girl came too. Her legs began kicking out, uncurling from below her body with the short heels of her boots smacking the ground as her toes twitched around within them, concealed from sight. Within her deteriorating mind, Soleil was filled with disappointment and disgust with her body for giving in like that. Only for an instant, though - then the pleasure surged into her mind, consuming all that remained of her in another mindbreaking climax. She wouldn’t get the chance to recover from this one, though. As he saw her entire body twitching, the guy boning her brains took that as a sign that the girl was dying. Because of that, he finally pushed his cock all the way through her brain - taking Soleil’s life away from her. The dying lesbian’s brain couldn’t even form a final thought - fully consumed by the pleasure of the only climax a man gave her during her life. And as her mind was filled with a climax, her head had been flooded with one too - the guy who took her life also came, spurting his semen directly into what still remained of her brain.

After a few more twitches, her body went limp. She leaned forwards, sliding off the shrinking cock that was stuck inside her head. Before her corpse fell over completely, it was stopped by the men who were still holding on to her arms. One of them pulled her towards him and twisted her head around - with her lips ajar, it was easy for him to slide into her mouth. Now, however, there would be no danger of Soleil trying to bite it off. The guy on the other side also thrust into her head - straight into the goopy remains of Soleil’s brain. They proceeded to hammer into her head with no avail, the head sliding on and off their cocks as if they were rails made specifically for it. Down below, the guy who had been fucking her pussy grabbed on to her ass to lift her off himself - and another one quickly took his place. He made for Soleil’s tiny asshole - although it was still really tight, the lack of her pained screams as her rectum stretched to let him fit was a bit disappointing. Now, the girl couldn’t resist them at all - and what little feedback her dead body offered was nothing but pleasant.

The men proceeded to rotate between fucking each of the two corpses, with Ophelia’s cooled down, voluptuous form offering a nice contrast to Soleil’s still warm, if slightly less curvy goodies. For Soleil, the hole in her head enjoyed a lot of popularity. The size of the hole proved perfect now - offering more than enough space for two cocks to slide inside her skull at the same time. Because of that, her brain was reduced to a mingled mess of blood, meat and brain matter, with a hearty dose of semen topping - with more and more spunk flowing into it with climax, filling it up almost to the brink and eventually spilling over. White streaks of semen began to leak down her hair as well once that happened. Each time someone moved her body, or thrust too strongly into the opening or into her mouth, her head moved, causing some semen to pour out of the hole where grinded meat that was once her brain was.

Still, as Soleil’s body began to stiffen once rigor mortis started to set in, she became less popular - Ophelia’s already broken-in corpse requiring less effort to use. After the initial surge of strength, it wasn’t necessary for all of them to fuck the girls at once. Even if the staff gave them some vitality to fuck the girls and allowed them to make the best out of the erections it also gave them, it failed to provide them with long-term stamina. Because of that, the men weren’t able to keep going for as long as they did when only fucking Ophelia. Eventually, they began to go away one by one - this time leaving for good. The few men who had a little more in them left had the two beautiful corpses all to themselves.

After moving the two girls around for some time, trying to find the perfect spot to fuck them, they were both set down on top of Ophelia’s body. Taking one of them and getting to see both of their almost naked corpses so close together was really exciting - and so was being able to feel them both up at the same time. With one hand, it was possible to grope one of Ophelia’s big, stiff tits, and with the other he was able to reach for Soleil’s smaller, softer ones. Of course, burying your head between them and suckling on either girl’s tits was fun too. Perhaps even more enjoyable was taking Ophelia’s head, and making the girl’s slack tongue wrap around her own nipples. Taking it to Soleil and fulfilling her dream of having Ophelia’s lips touch her boobs was also great - especially that Soleil couldn’t even tell now that it had happened. With some effort, it was also possible to get the two girls to make out again - their dead tongues wrapping around one another while sticking out of their mouths. As more of the men left, eventually even both of their corpses weren’t being taken at the same time. Getting to fuck one of them and fingering the dead, cold cunt of the second girl was an unique experience that not many of the men got to enjoy - but those who did, treasured it and the amazing climaxes they reached because of it. However, after cumming like that, even they couldn’t go any longer. Staying for a few more moments, they also prepared to leave. But first, there was one final thing they decided to do. Soleil’s dream was to have sex with Ophelia - after the hours of fucking the girl had provided them with, she deserved at least that. Lifting one of Ophelia’s thick thighs and the same leg for Soleil, they then pushed their bodies together so that their legs intersected while not getting in the way. Another shove forward, and the two cum-dripping pussies pressed against the other’s.

Leaving the two girls scissoring on top of Ophelia’s bed, the men walked back to admire their beauty one final time. Bloody semen still dripped out of the top of Soleil’s head. Ophelia’s head was left over her stomach, the top of it resting against her massive titties. Their faces showed nothing of the two girl’s personalities, both carrying blank looks of pure pleasure that was accentuated with the semen dripping from their lolled out tongues - but even like that, they were still dazzling. Even if Ophelia’s tits had sagged over, they still kept their enticing shape and size - and Soleil’s smaller boobs looked as great as they did in life. Their lower bodies were interlocked with another - Ophelia’s ample legs clearly visible as they crossed with Soleil’s thinner, but still fairly meaty ones. Their pussies were rubbing against one another - and even in death, it seemed as if Soleil was bucking her hips against the other girl to bring them some post-mortem pleasure. Although their butts were mostly obscured by their legs, the semen trickling out of their anuses pooled beneath them on the bed. Their legs were laid out on the bed, with Ophelia’s small, bare feet sticking out near Soleil’s chest. Their gentle arcs contrasted with the way her toes were all gruesomely angled in different directions, and the semen dripping from them after a man used them to give himself a footjob. Soleil’s bigger feet were still covered by her boots, but her toes were just as mangled inside them. After feasting their eyes on the two sexy corpses, the men left - leaving their lifeless bodies to stay in Ophelia’s room. The magic artifacts that Ophelia had gathered would hold their influence over them for some more time - keeping them from rotting too quickly.


This one's based on Veiled's Ishtar set, which is out on his fanbox now and will be out on his pixiv later

Intermission 8: Grand Hero Battle: Julius
tags: non-con, M/F, Futa/F, rape, beheading, amputation, hanging, necrophilia, futa death

There was little of strategy in Kiran’s choice of heroes he had sent through the new portal that had opened near the Askrian castle. Katarina noticed that straight away as she and the other three male heroes ventured through it, ending up within a dense forest. The tactician understood that choice, however - with so many heroes he had summoned, each and every single one of them was expendable. If they failed in their mission here, he’d just send another group in - having a bit of a better grasp of the enemy’s forces if they had managed to defeat them. To be treated just like a tool to kill his foes… Katarina couldn’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for the time she was a part of Eremiya’s assassins. Even if their actions were terrible, they still were a family… She felt no such kinship with the men accompanying her, though.

According to their intel, this was a portal to the world of Jugdral - more specifically, to the Grannvale Empire. The forest they ended up in was quite close to Belhalla, the capital. One of the heroes originally came from this world, and he confirmed that that was the case as well. Their task was to deal with Julius, the imperial prince and de facto ruler of it all. Katarina doubted just four of them would be up to the task - but she’d strive to succeed in it nevertheless. First, they would have to lure the prince out. A quick skirmish with some of his forces would be enough to gather his attention - or so Katarina hoped. After setting up a small camp within the forest, they moved to the edge of it - looking for an opportunity to strike. Luck was on their side, for just a short time later a group of enemy soldiers rode their way, setting themselves up for a perfect ambush. It was the squad called the Weissen Ritter - led by the Thunder Goddess herself, Ishtar. Katarina recognized the woman as one of the heroes who had been summoned to Askr. She knew just how potent her thunder magic could be - so she suggested taking her out as their first target. When the fight broke out, they didn’t give Ishtar even a bit of a chance to protect herself - knocking her out right away. With the commander down, the rest of their foes broke their formation and began to escape. Oh, how good it felt to bring shadow flames upon them and take their worthless lives! The thrill that came with killing was incomparable to almost any other Katarina had experienced in her life. Only thing that felt better was the genuine care Kris had given her… Oh, why couldn’t the royal guard have accompanied her here? Why did the summoner have to decide to separate them like this? However, without the blue-haired Altean with her here, Katarina had no reason to hold back with her magic - relishing in the excitement that came with killing, the excitement that kept her an assassin for so long.

The other heroes had no issues dealing with the panicked, fleeing soldiers either killed or knocked out by the other three of Kiran’s heroes. They made sure to let just a few of them escape - they needed to make sure that Julius would be notified of their appearance here. Until that happened, though… They would need to pass the time somehow. To help with that, Katarina spotted a cute archer flier trying to fly away from them. The girl had short blue hair and a pretty short skirt, along with a pretty petite body - Katarina also had a hunch it was going to be fun to break her. Her flames burnt the girl’s pegasus down, causing her to fall right onto the battlefield - and another one of their group knocked the girl out as well. As that happened, most of the enemies were already gone - the battle was already over. For a while, the heroes just went around the battlefield - finishing off the enemy males and tying up the female soldiers. Once they were done with that, the four heroes grouped up - one of them dragging the main prize that was Ishtar’s body with him.

“Oh, this is perfect.” The Jugdral hero couldn’t help but voice his excitement as he saw Ishtar. “That bitch is Julius’s top whore. He’ll definitely come to search for her.” For a while, he stopped, then a cruel smile crawled onto his face. “Still, it is quite a long ride from Belhalla to here, after all…” He paused yet again, taking at look at the three other heroes. “We can have some fun with her now… and I’m sure that will throw him off-balance, when he comes here.” Broad smiles appeared on all of his companion’s faces as he said that, including Katarina’s. All the heroes had spent some time in Askr, and the overall murderous atmosphere of the place got to them - so that course of action was all natural to them. “Sounds like a great plan. Let’s do it!” Katarina replied warmly, her voice showing the excitement the tactician felt.

“Alright, so let’s get started. If you don’t mind, could you go over to the camp and bring the portable guillotine over here? I feel it’s the perfect time to use it, and I don’t think you’re… as well-equipped to have fun here as we are.” Another of the heroes turned towards Katarina, making an awkward pause in his last sentence. “Oh, you’d be surprised. I can do that though.” Kat replied with a playful smile. She had no issues waiting for her turn - there would be plenty of time for her to get to enjoy Ishtar’s body later. Besides, she had also spotted a staff among the things they brought with them that would be quite useful to bring along as well, considering their plans. She wasted no time lingering behind as the men were to get started on Ishtar, her high boots carrying her quickly through the patch of the forest she needed to traverse. Pulling the guillotine back to them took her a bit more time because she wasn’t too strong physically, plus she also had the Anew staff to worry about.

As Katarina walked away, Ishtar’s body was already pushed down to the ground. A hand grabbed onto her breasts, pulling the front of her dress down and freeing her giant boobs from it. The other’s hands went for the lower part of her dress - ripping off the frontal flap of it. Pulling her panties off to the side, the cunt that served Julius so many times in the past was revealed to them. The man in the middle already had his pants off, his erection springing into action. With a strong push of his hips, he buried his erection deep into her vagina. Just doing that was enough to make him understand, why’d Julius pick the woman over the many courtesans he could have had otherwise. It felt just so soft around his dick! Her cunt’s walls were hugging his dick perfectly, her pussy stretching around him in a way that made him feel better than even the tightest girls he had fucked before. With each of his thrusts, her luscious hips were shaken around, his legs slamming into her very rich thighs.

While the other two man had to wait for their turn with her pussy, they weren’t going to just sit around idly. Those voluptuous curves were just sitting there, waiting for them to do something to them. One of the heroes let his hands rest on her right tit - it was too big to grab onto it properly using just one hand. Then, he began to massage it - his hands squeezing the massive boob strong enough that it caved in a bit under his touch. The third hero was more gentle with the tit on his side. Bending over in full, he squashed his face against her boob. His lips ended up near her nipple, and he pushed his tongue out, letting it twirl around it. He gently dragged it across it, making the nipple harden in his mouth in just a few moments. He continued to play with her nipple even then, his hands pressed against the base of her boob to make the upper parts shoot up a bit.

The combined stimulation to both of her breasts and her vagina was enough to wake Ishtar up. With how good she felt at that moment, she assumed her lover must have decided to wake her up with some nice loving to start the day off. “Oooh, Julius…” She moaned in a deep sensual voice towards her absent beloved. However… Something seemed wrong - Ishtar couldn’t be doing all of that alone. Her purple eyes snapped open, looking right into the face of the hero who was raping her. All the pleasure she was in before now vanished, the woman’s insides revolting as she realized she was being raped. “How dare you do this to me!” She called out angrily while trying to push the men off her tits, but they were too strong for her to fight back against - and they had the numerical advantage over her, too. So there was nothing she could do to resist them as her pussy was violated with the man’s firm thrusts. She recalled how she ended up in this situation. She was riding with the Weissen Ritter, passing near a forest… And then everything went black. As the men weren’t holding her head down, Ishtar used that to take a look around. They were still nearby that forest… Except that now the ground was littered with corpses of her subordinates. She… She had failed them… Ishtar closed her eyes for a moment, but when she felt the cock ram into her cervix her eyes opened up again, full of fury. “You will die here!” She called out angrily at the man, and in return received a hot creampie straight into her womb. She shivered as she felt that - the only one allowed to do that was Julius. “Julius will have your heads!” She called out again as the rest of her rapist’s semen was pumped into her, before the man pulled out.

He was immediately replaced by another of the men - the one who was roughly feeling her tit up before. Now, he grabbed onto her great hips, reaching behind her and squeezing her curvy ass with his hands instead. He used that as a way to propel himself deeper into her more easily, but he still appreciated just how well-fitting her vagina was. It fit his dick like a glove - and even if he preferred to be rough about it, he knew just how much better he was going to feel this way. That, however, wasn’t the case for Ishtar - she could feel each of his strong thrusts perfectly well, her entire body shaken to the core every time. Even if she had plenty of sexual experience, it still hurt - especially that the men were going in basically raw. Her pussy let out some juices when she was still dreaming, but after waking up it was just impossible for her to feel good and so her cunt was pretty dry because of it. Julius was rough with her in the past too, of course… But she enjoyed every second of it back then, and now it just felt awful.

The rape dragged on for what felt like an eternity to Ishtar, until eventually the man came, his semen shooting deep into her bowels as well - mixing with the cum the first man left there before. As he slid his cock out, droplets of semen of both of Ishtar’s rapists dripping out of her cunt and from his dick, they could hear a sound coming from the forest - so they all looked towards the source of it. Katarina had returned - bringing just the things she set off to get. The pink-haired girl had one finger in her mouth, sucking on it hard. On the way back, she felt the urge to hurt herself a bit - so she dragged one of her fingers across the guillotine’s blade. Cutting it open to the point of bleeding, Katarina reveled in the pain that came with that for the rest of the trip - which was now almost over. She had just a small patch of ground to cover now.

While Katarina walked closer, Ishtar stared curiously at the pink-haired woman. That men would rape her made sense, but to see another woman helping them with it surprised Ishtar for some reason. Then again, she knew the best just how twisted women could be - just her family had some very terrible woman - and albeit hesitantly, Ishtar would include herself among them as well. It was quite obvious what the device that girl was dragging behind her was. Even if it was a pretty small one, Ishtar had no troubles telling it was a guillotine. Along with that, the unknown woman had also brought a staff with her - one that Ishtar could not recognize.

Katarina’s arrival gave Ishtar a break she very much appreciated, but it was over as soon as it started. Once the contraption was there, the men picked her up from the ground. Even if she struggled as much as she could against them, she failed to hamper that in any way - her back soon ending on the wooden board reserved for the guillotine’s victims. Her neck slipped right into the lunette, staying in the curved hole right underneath the blade massive blade even despite her trying to move it out of the way. The two men who had taken her already grabbed her by her arms, forcing them right onto the board and preventing the woman from moving around. She stared at the blade hanging above her in a mixture of fear and fascination - was this thing really going to claim her life? They wouldn’t dare…

As they did that, the third man approached the lower end of Ishtar’s body. Kneeling down, he placed his face at right about the level of her pussy - but just a bit lower than if he wanted to focus on it. His gentle tongue and fingers that caressed her breasts before now began to work on posterior - stretching the Friege woman’s buttcheeks to the sides. They were as firm as her hips and thighs - but with a little force, he was able to spread them enough that her anus was now uncovered to him. Then, he just let his tongue out again - and started to whisk his tongue around the small hole in her flawless skin. Ishtar tried to squeeze it shut instinctively as she felt him do that, but the man expected that, and that in no way turned him away from that course of action. Instead, he just continued to swipe his tongue across the skin nearby her asshole, trying to cause her muscles to relax. He could feel them loosening up a bit under the touch of his tongue, but he wasn’t satisfied with the speed it was going at. Even if her asshole has opened up just a little, he moved on to a different technique. Now, instead of leaking with his tongue, he proceeded to deliver a series of quick kisses - little more than fast pecks, really - all across the divide in her butt and her upper thighs. All these sensations were so new to Ishtar. Julius had never done something like that with her… And she had to admit that it really did feel good this time. She could almost imagine Julius going ahead and doing that to her… He could be so gentle and sweet with her when he wanted to… Ah, Julius… Ishtar closed her eyes for a moment, imagining it was her red-haired prince giving her asshole the attention like that. With that, she stopped clenching her sphincter - and that was a sign for the man to stop with the kisses. Now, he sent his tongue forth into her anus - with it smoothly going in. He moved it around while inside, pushing it deeper in while dragging it across her inner walls. As he stretched it out as far into her body as he could, he began to swing it from one side to another really quickly - delivering a lot of saliva to her anal entrance while while providing her with quite the stimulation. This feeling was also alien to Ishtar - but she couldn’t deny it felt really good. Halfway into her fantasies, she moaned again - the main goal the man was going for in the first place. After hearing it, he pulled his tongue out, and stood up. Then, he lined his erection up with her anus - and slowly started to make his way into it.

Because of the treatment he had given to her asshole, he didn’t have too big of an issue with pushing his dick inside it. Her sphincter stretched enough to let his tip in, and the saliva he put in lubricated her ass enough to let him push in comfortably. His shaft spread her inner walls around it, giving him a lot of friction around his cock that let him feel quite good. By that point, Ishtar had snapped out of her delusion. She and Julius had tried anal in the past, but he did not go through the effort the man did now, and it just wasn’t too enjoyable for her so they only tried it a few times. Now, however, as much as she hated to admit it, it actually did feel good. Of course, that in no way helped with the fact that she was being raped. However, the man took his time with her, allowing her anus to get used to the feeling of his erection being inside it. Because of that, it didn’t hurt at all when he finally started to fuck her with more force, sending his shaft deeper into her rectum. His thrusts were slow and calculated, with a method the man has used numerous times in the past to break multiple woman in. Ishtar, too, couldn’t help her body’s reflexes as it responded to his thrusts. Tidbits of pleasure continued to travel up her body - and they were enough for her pussy to start getting wet against her will. Her ass clenched around his dick too, squeezing him well enough that it brought him more pleasure. Ishtar clenched her hands into fists in frustration as her pussy continued to grow wetter and wetter - why was her body weak enough to give in to this? She tried to strike out with her arms to vent just a bit of it, but they were still being held down by the other two men - so she couldn’t do that at all. However, her legs weren’t held down like that - so she was free to kick out with them as much as she wanted, even if she was unable to hit the man raping her with her long, pointy heels. She continued to do so as the man continued to fuck her ass, until eventually he shoot his seed into her bowels - the woman disgusted with her body for enjoying it.

While the man fucked the thunder mage’s ass, Katarina stood nearby and watched. The pink-haired girl was quite enjoying herself as that happened. With one hand she was massaging her boobs through her dress, alternating between one and the other. Her second hand was under the front of her dress, working on touching herself, albeit gently - she wouldn’t want to come just yet. Because of Kris’s insistence, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it… Not that Katarina disliked that - she sure enjoyed the breeze brushing against her sexual parts.

As the man who managed to get Ishtar wet pulled out, Katarina saw that the man who fucked the mage first shifting towards her lower body again. She too moved towards her then - cutting him off as she stopped right between Ishtar’s legs. “You three already got to cum inside her once. It’s my turn to rape her now!” Katarina demanded with a voice that was hard to argue with. However, the man wasn’t going to pass on Ishtar so easily - so he just eyed her while stopping in place. “Oh, but aren’t you a woman? Wouldn’t you rather go and use one of the slut’s dead soldiers? I’m sure you’d find someone with a nice cock that could fill you up properly among them…” He tried to convince her, though his words were based on a wrong assumption. The man who just sent off a nice creampie up Ishtar’s ass chimed in as well. “I think you might just lack the proper… equipment to enjoy her body to the full extent.”
“What does me being a woman have to do with anything here? I’m a part of the group, so it’s only fair that I get to have fun with her too. As for me being ill-equipped to do so… Just watch me!” Katarina smiled as she replied, enjoying the bits of frustration and confusion showing on the three men’s faces. To prove her point, she started off with loosening her scarf up a bit so it wouldn’t cause issues with her dress. Next, Katarina reached for the front of her dress - her fingers finding the zipper that her scarf usually covered up. Dragging it all the way down to her crotch, Katarina opened the dress up at the front. Pulling it to the sides, she was able to take all of it off - the loosened scarf allowing her not to have any troubles with that. The long straps of the back part fell to the ground first, and the rest of the dress followed suit - the long purple dress no longer covering anything up.

Underneath it, Katarina wore a thin, pink and loose shirt that covered her boobies up. However, the tactician didn’t wear anything over her abdomen. Kris took her shorts away from her, telling her it was something she’d need to come back for to get back. Katarina was quite touched by that - that was her lover’s way of telling her they believed in her. It also granted her easy access to her lower body - the access that she always appreciated. Without the shorts, though, now there was nothing stopping the men from seeing her tools for sex - both her cleanly shaved pussy, and the average dick spurting out from her crotch over it. The men’s eyes widened as they saw it. Of course, they’ve heard that among the heroes there were women blessed with both masculine and feminine reproductive organs, but knowing was one thing and seeing one of them was something else entirely. Now, Katarina’s earlier comments made much more sense - and seeing it, the men had no problem letting her have a go at Ishtar’s corpse. Still, if she was going to strip, she could as well go all the way. Grabbing her pink shirt, she pulled it upwards - taking it off along with her scarf while her sizeable boobies were uncovered. They weren’t as massive as Ishtar’s, but they were still quite pleasant to look at. The air wrapping around her tits right away gave her a thrill she quite enjoyed, her curvy hips shaking a little as a shiver went down her spine and her nipples grew erect. She let the shirt fell to the ground as well, but recovered the scarf right away and put it back around her neck, fixing it into a proper position. It was a gift from Clarisse - about the only thing the blonde assassin had ever given her - so she wouldn’t take it off for anyone. The only person who deserved to see her not wearing it was Kris - but Altea’s finest knight wasn’t there with her now. Keeping it while fucking someone else was Katarina’s way of showing where her true affection always laid. Her heart, body and soul belonged to Kris, now and always. The leader of the 7th platoon would have no issue with her having sex with another person anyways, but Katarina liked to wear a reminder about their relationship on her body constantly.

Once Katarina dealt with that, enjoying the way the scarf rubbed against her skin for just a moment, the tactician took hold of her dick with one hand. Stroking it a few times, she felt it harden and swell in her hard - all while looking at the other heroes. She always enjoyed seeing the reactions her unusual body stirred, a broad smile stretching the petite lips of her small mouth while she spoke out to them. “So, do I get a pass?” She asked, even if she already knew the answer.
“Y-yeah, go ahead.” The man replied, Katarina already turning towards Ishtar before he even started speaking. A few more pumps on her cock, then she slowly inserted it into Ishtar’s waiting cunt. Now, the Friegian princess shivered upon the penetration - an unwanted thrill of pleasure travelling up her body as Katarina’s hard erection violated her quite wet pussy. The rimjob left her body in quite an aroused state, and Ishtar did not succeed in calming down before Katarina’s cock moved into her. Now, not only was her pussy servicing Katarina’s dick by clinging to it perfectly, it was also wet enough that the tactician’s futa tool could fuck her both fast and deep with ease. Katarina let out a quiet moan as she slid her dick into the damp confines of Ishtar’s pussy, as it was squeezing her erection in quite a pleasant way. And even if Ishtar despised herself for it, hearing Katarina’s softer voice spurred her to moan as well - her deeper voice letting out quite an sultry sound in response to that.

After the initial penetration, Katarina took her time taking a look at Ishtar’s body while ramming her cock deeper and deeper inside Ishtar’s welcoming slit. Her hands felt up the woman’s very rich thighs, thighs which Katarina was now pretty jealous of. They felt so pleasant to feel up with her hands, though… And it seemed that stimulating them also granted Ishtar pleasure, as her moans lined up with the moments Katarina was touching their innermost spots. Higher up was Ishtar’s flat stomach, but past it laid the woman’s incredible breasts. They were so big that Katarina felt jealous of the woman again. Even if Katarina’s own titties were huge, in her eyes they could not compare to Ishtar’s gigantic flesh orbs. Past them laid the thunder mage’s face, which was now red with excitement. Her lips were open, both to let out moans and to take deep breaths that were necessary to keep her going. After looking at her face for a few moments, Katarina’s attention turned back to Ishtar’s tits. They were moving around just a little with each of her thrusts, and watching them could be both exciting and pretty addicting. Enough to make Kat’s dick even harder while deep inside Ishtar’s vagina - making her want to fuck the woman as hard as she could. Still, with her physical strength lacking, it was a bit hard of her to do it easily. To help herself out, the pink-haired futa let go of Ishtar’s thighs - and instead let her hands rest on her own ass. However, as she rested her fingers across it, she came across a few scratches that she had received in battle before - the result of not wearing pants over her butt. These successfully distracted her from her earlier idea, as the assassin enjoyed the mixed thrill of pain and pleasure that went through her body as she touched them. In fact, once that happened, she desired to feel more pain than just that. Pain always came mixed with pleasure for her… So she just dug her nails into the shallow wounds, scratching them open with powerful rubs. She lifted her head and closed her eyes, letting out a deep breath that mixed into a higher moan as pain and pleasure overlapped within her brain. This always felt sooo goooood…

However, once Katarina opened her eyes, her desire to be hurt was satisfied in full - so fucking Ishtar harder became her priority again. Squeezing her butt for a moment in a more gentle way just to remind herself of Kris a bit, Katarina then pushed on it quite hard - shoving her hips forward with much more force than before. That, in turn, made her breasts bounce a bit - but more importantly, she was able to ram her cock much deeper into Ishtar than before. The strength of her thrusts travelled up Ishtar’s body, causing it to shake on the outside while sending a powerful spark of pleasure on the inside. With the jerk going through her body, it also caused her tits to bounce around - all four of Ishtar’s rapists eyeing them hungrily as they moved. The pleasure inside Ishtar caused her to moan again, even louder than before.

Seeing the great reaction this brought her, Katarina proceeded to drive her boner deeper into Ishtar’s pussy for some more time. With each of these, Ishtar was pushed a little closer to the edge. The only solace she could find in what was happening that at least she wasn’t going to come on the cock of one of these men. Even if a woman with a dick was a surprise, she could still feel a bit of kinship with her since they were both women. It also helped that the girl was pretty cute, at least - unlike the three men who used her before. Yes, Ishtar concluded, it could have been much worse. At that point, each of Katarina’s thrusts shook her to the core, stars appearing on her vision because of the unwanted pleasure. Just a few more thrusts, and~! Ishtar screamed out once more, with a louder groan than any before, as her coil snapped and her last climax took over her. Her come started to pour out of her vagina, onto Katarina’s erection and down the crack of the mage’s butt - a pool of it forming on the guillotine’s board. Her pussy started clenching har on Katarina’s dick, causing the assassin to start moaning loudly too as Ishtar’s insides tried to milk a load out of it. However, as Ishtar was in the throes of her climax, her purple eyes glazed over with pleasure that made it almost impossible to pay attention to see anything, her mouth wide open as her face was struck with orgasmic glee, her ears heard a weird sound. A loud clang coming somewhere from the side - but when her mind had figured out what it meant, it was already too late.

Ishtar screaming out her climax was the trigger for one of the men to activate the guillotine. Listening to her moans and knowing that they had managed to bring Ishtar down to the level of a whore who’d moan on any dick felt amazing, but the woman actually enjoying herself wasn’t something he wanted. Because of that, once the woman had announced that she came, it was time for her life to end. So he pulled the lever, and the blade released instantly - descending onto Ishtar’s waiting, defenseless neck. The sharp, big blade fell in the blink of an eye, cutting right through her skin, flesh and spine as it severed her head from the rest of her body. Now, instead of a moan, Ishtar was trying to scream out in pain and shock, but no sound would make it past her lips. With the signals from her brain cut off, her body started to twitch on the table - her breasts swinging around some more as she squirmed on the guillotine’s board. Her pussy was still clenching hard around Katarina’s dick, her dying spasms mixing with the orgasmic ones to deliver powerful, frequent squeezes to the whole length of Katarina’s cock. That, combined with the extra bounces of Ishtar’s body - and especially the sight of her oversized boobs moving around - pushed Katarina’s pleasure to her very limits. The massive splash of red appearing on the blade and pooling down beneath the woman’s back was just a little extra push that brought Katarina’s excitement through the edge, and after a few more thrusts the tactician came as well. Her hips continued to buck forward on their own as her creamy seed was shot deep into Ishtar’s pussy, Katarina’s boobs bouncing up and down in tune with her thrusts and squirts of semen leaving her cock. Ishtar’s final creampie filled her pussy to the brim while both woman’s bodies rode out their climaxes.

However, that pleasure was not accessible anymore to Ishtar’s head. Even if her body was still responding favorably to Katarina’s climax, the thunder mage couldn’t feel that anymore. Instead, her head just rested on its own separate part of the guillotine. She was already quite lightheaded because of her orgasm, so it was hard for her to make out what was going on. Her neck hurt, blood pouring out of it onto the cold blade that was pressed against it - and the rest of her body was simply gone. The pain forced tears out of her eyes as she finally understood, what happened. They really… Killed her? She never really believed they would go this far with it… “Julius…” Her beloved’s face filled her mind for her final moments. She was sure he’d come here - and see her like this. She was just worried what losing her was going to do to him… “Please… Don’t lose your temper when you see me…” If he managed to stay calm, then she was certain he’d be able to deal with these invaders. The guillotine’s blade hid her rapist’s from her sight for her last moments, but she still remembered well the naked form of the woman who made her cum. Oh, how Julius was going to hurt her in return! The knowledge that she’d be avenged was quite a soothing one. Combined with Julius’s face still staying at the front of her mind, she was able to stay calm as her consciousness began to slip away. She tried to call a vengeful smile forming onto her lips as she pictured Katarina being killed. But that image flicked across her vision for just an instant - and then she was gone.

Katarina proceeded to hump Ishtar’s corpse for a bit more as most of her semen was drained by the woman’s dying spasms. Cumming in a dying woman always felt incredible - that was one reason both her and Kris were fine with the other fucking someone else. However, Ishtar’s high-quality pussy made it feel even better than usual. Katarina had troubles keeping herself standing as a powerful limpness spread throughout her body, with her almost collapsing on top of Ishtar’s corpse. Still, as the last of her semen entered Ishtar’s body, Katarina stumbled back and made room for another person to fuck the headless corpse - falling onto her butt while trying to recover. The clothes she took off earlier provided her with a soft spot to sit at while she waited for her body to get back enough strength that she’d be able to use magic. The man who took her place didn’t thrust into Ishtar’s cunt, though. It was the Jugdral hero - and he had another idea on what to do. While Katarina was fucking Ishtar, he took a moment to find a wooden board that would work with what he had in mind. Now, he approached the upper part of Ishtar’s body. Lifting the blade, he uncorked her neck - with the blood that had built up within it fountaining on the outside. Staining two of his fingers with it, he spelled out a word on the board: “RAPED”. With his weapon, he carved four diagonal lines in it - signalling just how many times they had fucked Ishtar so far. This was Ishtar’s ultimate fate - turned into a cumdump for the four of them. Seeing his lover like that, with the board leaving no room for misinterpretations, Julius would surely be hurt the most.

Now that that was taken care of, he looked at the others. “Now that the bitch is dead, we can spread out and play with some of our other captives. I think it’s for the best if one of us was to use her at all times though - and that we’d mark our climaxes with her on this thing.” The other three heroes nodded while listening to him, all getting up as they did - though Katarina was still a bit shaky. Walking back to the guillotine, the pink-haired woman grabbed the staff she brought earlier, and used it on herself - its magic revitalizing her body and making her cock grew hard again as the magic flowed through it. She drew a deep breath because of the sudden hard-on she got, moaning out in the sudden pleasure - then called a smile onto her face. “To help out with that, I have a staff that will get us all right back into action after coming. Just wave or scream at me and I’ll use it on you - meaning we would need no downtime before going at it again. Pretty neat, isn’t it?” The grins the three men gave her showed her that they liked that idea as much as she did. After agreeing on the order, in which they’d go about abusing Ishtar’s corpse, they all separated - each of them going for a different girl from among these they have defeated.

As the others walked away, the man lifted Ishtar’s head off the board, grabbing it by her ponytail. Her holes looked quite inviting there, but he’d rather not mess with her expression for now. Instead, he placed it back down - and his hands latched onto the woman’s giant boobs instead. They were still really firm against his hands - and he felt them up for a moment while feeling his erection throb. From his point of view, just beneath them laid another hole which was calling out invitingly to him - so after a few moments he pulled harder on the tits, pulling all of Ishtar’s corpse closer to his edge of the board. Once it was close enough for him to reach with his dick, he let go of it. Then, he grabbed his erection - and guided it into the tight hole of her neck stump. As he penetrated it, her esophagus was already wet with both mucus and blood, so he was able to move his cock deeper with a slick slide. Letting go of his dick then, he proceeded to hammer his tool down her gullet. Admittedly, it did not feel as good around his cock as the woman’s vagina - but it was just because Ishtar’s cunt was so incredible. He still enjoyed fucking it - but there were things he could do to do even more. Picking her head up once more, he put it on her chest. Pulling one of her breasts to the side with one hand, he then forced the head into the small valley between her extremely huge tits. That resulted in them being showed apart, making them a proper stand for the head.

He put Ishtar’s head it in there with her face towards him, blood leaking from her neck stump and onto her chest. As the head was facing him, he could still see her final expression as he fucked her. The smile she put an effort to put on right before dying had not appeared there, her mouth gently open just a little but not too much. The tears he could see running down her face, and just the dead look in her eyes, were both really satisfying to him. That expression was just sooo arousing! He was breathing heavily with each of his thrusts, but despite that managed to say a few sentences right at Ishtar’s unresponsive, highly-arousing face.
“Do you like this, slut? I bet Julius chose you just for your cunt. You didn’t matter to him at all - it was just all about your body. And now you get what you deserved for selling your body like that!”
He grinned with satisfaction as he said that. The slut offered herself willingly to the worst man this world had seen - and she continued to support him even once he had shown his true face. She deserved all this - and finally giving her the due punishment excited the man even more. Even if she couldn’t hear him anymore, finally getting to say that to one of his hated foes excited him even more. The emotional closure he was finally able to get for all the friends who had been killed by the empire like this was as if a weight was lifted off his heart - letting him fuck her now like no other woman he did before. With all that mental pleasure, Ishtar’s gullet being both tight and slick and also the look on her slack face, his pleasure was amped up more than ever. It soon led to him blowing his load right up her neck hole - screaming out in pleasure as sent his semen into Ishtar’s stomach. With the climax taking him, he buried his erection all the way to the base into her neck hole - her esophagus stretched out with all of his dick forced down it.

Once his climax was finished, he pulled out - with the last drops of his sperm dripping from both the tip of his dick and her neck stump. His erection went limp, but all it took was just turning around and waving in Katarina’s direction for his dick to be invigorated with her magic. With his turn at Ishtar finished, he carved a diagonal line across the earlier four ones, marking another climax that Ishtar had been used for - then moved towards one of the girls who caught his attention during the battle earlier. Another of their group replaced him at Ishtar’s corpse soon after - his dick sliding right into Ishtar’s cooling down cunt. It was starting to get a bit rigid because of her death, but that in no way reduced the pleasure it could give to the cock which was filling it up.

Even if Ishtar got the preferential treatment, other female soldiers they had defeated would have their turn too. The bow flier Katarina had taken down had been among them. The last thing she could remember was falling down, purple flames consuming her pegasus and eating away at her clothes. She did not remember the harsh landing, or that one of her enemies rammed the butt of his weapon into the back of her head. Coming to her senses, the light-blue haired girl noticed that she had been tied up now. Her hands and ankles had been tied together, making it impossible for her to move around to far other than just crawling around - so she had no chances of getting away. Getting up to her knees, the girl took a look around - and the sight terrified her. Most of her fellow soldiers were dead… And Lady Ishtar was forced into a guillotine in the distance. The archer thought she knew how fighting would play out when she signed up for the army, and she quite enjoyed all the training - but it was her first battle experience. And the cruelty and death all around her was something she did not expect at all. Enough that her eyes began to water while she watched lady Ishtar be raped. When the blade was released and it sliced right through the Goddess’s of Thunder neck, the archer couldn’t help but scream. “No! Lady Ishtar!” Her voice in no way could help, but the girl just had to voice the fear that had built up in her as she saw that. If even lady Ishtar wasn’t spared by these men… Then there was no way they would do that for her. Tears of fear swelled up in her eyes as the people who killed her commander separated, and she saw that one of them moved towards her. He must have heard her scream…

Knowing that a man was going towards her - and that he probably was going to rape her, too - made her think more of her body. Her boots were still on, and even if her helmet was dislocated a bit because of her fall, it still stayed just fine on her head. Taking a look down, she realized that her light leather armor had been burnt away by the flames which brought her out of the air before. Even worse, the dress she wore underneath it was also burnt away, all the way from her puffy sleeves to her black skirt. All that remained from it was a short loop over her hips, with only small snips of cloth still attached to it. Beyond that, all the archer was left in was just her underwear - a purple bra and dark blue shorts. As the man got closer to her, she tried to cover herself up - but with her wrists tied behind her back, she had no way to do it. She continued to sob as the man closed on her, until finally he was standing right over her. She took a look up at him with her tear-filled eyes, the man’s expression only changing for a more cruel one as he saw how scared the girl was. Getting down, he grasped her bra and ripped it off - freeing the girl’s boobs. They weren’t exactly flat, but they couldn’t compare to Ishtar’s or Katarina’s with their size. Still, the girl blushed hard as he did that, in a cute and innocent way - and that made his dick harden in return. Freeing his erection, he slapped the kneeling girl on the face. “Suck it.” He ordered her with a harsh voice - and even as scared as the archer was, she still couldn’t refuse. Opening her mouth, she extended her tongue in the direction of the man’s dick. After she licked it clumsily for a few moments, the man sighed with disappointment. It was obvious the girl had no experience or skill with it. Grabbing her by her short hair, he forced her head onto his cock. Her small mouth was only able to hold a part of his dick though - and that wasn’t too satisfying.

“You’re not too good at this…” He told her coldly while drawing his axe menacingly. The girl’s eyes bulged as she saw that, both in fear and because she was having troubles breathing. However, all he did was lean over behind her back and slice through the rope binding her wrists.

“Here. Use your hands to help.” He told her while slamming the tip of his cock into the back of her throat. Her face began to grow red because of the lack of air, but despite that she worked her arms to the front of her body. After being forced into a single position for a while they felt quite sore, but she didn’t have time to waste on stretching them out. Instead, she had to force them to lift themselves to the level of her shoulders - but the fear gave her the strength she needed, even if it hurt a lot. Still, her fingers were stiff, and the archer had to spent quite some time before being able to wrap them around the base of the man’s dick. Then, she began to run them along his shaft - but because her fingers still were stiff, she wasn’t holding onto it too hard. That also meant her hands weren’t going too fast - and because of that, it made almost no difference for the man facefucking her. Even if she tried to suckle his cock as hard as she could, it wasn’t enough. Her efforts left him pretty disappointed - sadly, the girl’s looks seemed not to translate into her oral skills at all. He considered just choking her to the death on his dick, enjoying the gurgling sounds she was making while desperately trying to pull in some air from around his erection, but decided against it. It would be too quick to kill her now - but he did keep in mind how nice she sounded while choking. He pulled out a bit, allowing her to breathe while keeping just the tip of his dick in her mouth. Then, he lifted the axe again - and brought it down onto the girl’s left arm. The archer’s arms were pretty frail - they had just enough strength to use her bow properly, but nothing much beyond that. That in turn meant it put up no resistance as the axe rammed into it from above with a lot of force, cleaving off her entire arm. But he didn’t stop on just that - with a second powerful swing, he removed the girl’s other arm as well, both of them falling to the ground near her knees.

“They were no help at all anyways.” He commented as the girl looked at the two stumps of her arms in shock, her eyes wide open while more tears began to leak from them. Down at her crotch, a damp yellow spot appeared in her shorts - the archer pissing herself because of all the pain and fear she was feeling. She tried to scream, but her voice was muffled by the cock that was filling her mouth. Why was this happening to her? As she thought that, the man rammed his dick deep into her mouth again. If the girl could not make him feel good, he’d just make up for it with roughness. With some powerful thrusts. he was able to reach a climax of his own. His initial spurts went down the girl’s throat, but he pulled out as his climax reached him, with some semen going into her mouth before he sprayed it all over her face. Some of it even got onto the neatly-cut hair on the sides of her head. She just sobbed quietly as the man’s orgasm ended, unable to wipe his seed off her face as her arms were gone.

Once his dick shoot the last streak of cum onto the archer’s face, the man decided it was time to kill her. The wet slurps she had let out as he facefucked her were still fresh in his mind - so he decided that the girl would choke to death. However, instead of using his dick to do it, he had another idea. Grabbing the girl by her frail neck, he proceeded to drag her towards the forest that was nearby. She began to choke again as he did that, her legs sliding across the ground and grazing against the ground - covering them with dirt while chafing her skin. Once they reached the trees, he threw her to the ground - the girl drawing in deep breaths again in an attempt to recover from having her throat half-crushed by his strong grip. While she did that, the man picked up some rope. With some effort, he tied it to one of the tree’s branches - tying a noose just a little below it. It was obvious to the archer what it was for, and she started crying again while looking at the piece of rope that was soon going to take her life. She began to shiver in fear as the man finished his work on the rope and turned back towards her. “P-please! D-don’t do it!” She stuttered out while he walked towards her. Her hips were shaking so much now that they caught his attention - the enticing way they moved and the scraps of cloth that were the ruined remains of her burnt skirt both creating quite the spectacle. However, it also reminded him that he had not removed her shorts yet. Placing one hand on her hips, he grabbed her remaining underwear by its seam. Then, in one quick pull, he ripped them off, right and clean - the girl’s nethers revealed to him while still letting the remnants of her skirt stay on her body. Her thighs were still wet with the piss from before, giving them a nice glow. At that point, the archer was too scared to remember to even be embarrassed about that - only shaking in more fear as the man’s hands grabbed her body again.

Now that the final important detail had been fixed, it was time to go ahead with killing the girl. Working his hands into her armpits, he lifted the archer by the stumps of her arms - bringing her off the ground and towards the noose. She struggled in his grip for a bit, her legs moving around while still tied together - but it was no use. Once he brought the girl about a feet from the ground, her neck at about right the level of the noose. He brought her towards it, then lifted one of his knees and pressed it against her crotch. He did that to keep her in this position while letting go of one of her arms, but he also liked the look of distress that appeared on her face as he did that. Because of that, he rubbed his knee across her pussy while removing one of her arms - which he then took hold of the noose with. Pulling it around her neck without having any troubles with her short hair, he quickly tightened it so that the girl wouldn’t slip out. The girl looked at him with tear-filled eyes, begging him to spare her. “P-please…” She sobbed once more, but with no real effect - and once the noose was properly fixed in place, he let go of her other arm. Now, all of her weight was resting on his knee - bringing more unwanted stimulation to her pussy. The rope began to bite into her neck as he did that - but despite the slight troubles it was causing with her breathing, she could still do so. He enjoyed her squirming on his leg for a few more moments, until he felt a proper dampness on his knee - the sign that he managed to get her wet through just that. Satisfied with that, he pulled the knee back and then stepped away - removing the final barrier keeping her away from the merciless noose.

She only dropped just a little bit, the rope stopping her fall right away. The man’s actions before gave her a little practice with not having fresh air flow into her lungs - but these were just momentary, while this time it would be quite permanent. Before falling, she was taking quick and shallow breaths as the man forcefully made her aroused. Because of that, her lungs weren’t too full - and just in moments she used up all of the air she breathed in before, just as the rope finally shut the air supply to her brain off. A flood of tears began to flow down her cheeks now that nothing was keeping her tear ducts shut - the blue-haired girl’s eyes quickly starting to bulge in their sockets. Her face grew redder than it did when he pulled her bra off - but this time, it was not a voluntary blush, but the flush of strangling. She could feel the stale blood in her head pounding hard within it as that happened, blood vessels on her eyes bursting and covering her sclera in red marks. Her small mouth was open, but unlike the last time she was choking, this time she wouldn’t be able to take another breath. The cute, wet gurgles that the man liked so much before returned, this time more desperate than ever - the sounds of air being sucked through her open mouth enough to make him grow hard again. With the weight of her arms gone, the girl’s remaining body weight wasn’t enough to crush her neck in full, her trachea still open - so her gurgles actually had the purpose of keeping most of her body going. But the same couldn’t be said for her head - her tongue slipping out from between her lips as she lost control over it too.

Because of that, most of her body was still functional - though as her brain was slowly dying, she couldn’t control it. Because of that, her body set out into a series of spasms. As her chest heaved, so did her breasts - but just a little, their firmness keeping them from moving around too much. The stumps of her arms waved around as well without any purpose other than sending her into twirling around. By far the strongest jerks were coming from her boot-clad legs. Even if tied together, they were stretching out in powerful kicks - kicks that made her entire body spin around. With the way the rope was tied, she could rotate in the air freely - so the woman spun a full 360 degrees a few times because of her kicks. The trees she saw while looking towards the forest were relaxing, but the grim battlefield that covered most of her field of vision was as terrifying as before. Nearby, she could see the guillotine at which Ishtar had been killed - her corpse still being raped on it. Across the battlefield, she could see the other attackers going at it with the corpses of her squadmates - and her weak, dying brain noticed how lucky she was. Both her pussy and ass were left intact by the man so far… So she wouldn’t get to feel the pain of them being penetrated. The man who hanged her was eyeing her perky ass hungrily each time she turned her back towards him - the sight of it being contributing to his erection as well. But she had no idea about that - spinning around quickly got her dizzy, so her weakened brain failed to notice his cock being hard again.

The strength of the archer’s kicks intensified, until it reached the culmination point - and then, it stopped, the girl going limp in the noose while simply swinging around because of the force of her earlier spasms. Her bladder was released again, but there was no piss left within to leak out of it anymore. Still, her thighs still had the piss from before and some of her juices the man’s knee caused her to leak out. The limpness of her body signalled that her life was about to end. Both of her arms were gone, and she was hanging naked for some man she had never seen before… That was not the fate she hoped for when signing up for the army. Why did it have to go this way? Bitter regret filled her final thoughts before she slipped away.

The hero who did that to her let her dangle around for a bit more before approaching her again. Showing her thighs open, he slid his erection right up her pretty unused pussy. The archer didn’t get to have a lot of sex before dying, and because of that she was still pretty tight. Not as good as Ishtar, but still quite a pleasant fuck as well. While he was shoving his cock into her pussy, his hands proceeded to feel up the girl’s ass. Her pegasus riding make it quite a trained one, making it really pleasant to touch with just the perfect combination of firmness and squashiness. The girl’s face was just a little above his while he fucked her, so with a bit of effort he was able to start making out with the dead girl - his tongue wrapping around the girl’s lifeless for a bit before exploring the depths of her mouth. He continued to fuck the girl until he came inside her a second time, this time making his love liquid flow right into her vagina. As he pulled out, he backed away - satisfied with what he did to the archer for now. It was about his turn with Ishtar’s corpse, anyways - so he began to walk towards it while hoping Katarina would notice that he’d now benefit from her magic.

Katarina strolled through the battlefield. She didn't bother putting her dress back on, as she would have to strip out of it once she found another victim. Because of that she walked almost naked, just wearing her scarf and boots. With one hand she holding her dick, stroking it to ease the magic-induced hard-on. Sadly, one of the men was already having his way with the bow flier she had taken down before. The assassin figured she would get her chance at her once he was done with her, her dick also throbbing at the sight of the girl's cute ass as it spun around in the noose. She really wanted to shove it right up her anus - but that would come later. For now, she had to make do with another of their foes. So she searched for someone who would catch her attention - eventually settling on one of the enemy clerics. It was a troubadour - and she had broken one of her legs as she was thrown off her horse before. That spurred them not to tie her legs, really - just did that for her arms so she wouldn’t be able to use her magic to help herself. Her staff was still nearby, though - and that gave Katarina an idea how to kill her.

As she got closer to the girl, the healer looked at her with some relief in her eyes. Was she underestimating her just because she was a woman? Katarina found that pretty amusing. She had ways to violate the girl just as much as the men did - and the cleric should have seen that, since she was pretty much waving her erection around while going to her. Letting her own staff rest on the ground, Katarina picked up the one belonging to her enemy instead - and brought it over to where the cleric currently was. Dropping it for a moment, Katarina pushed the girl’s legs apart. The woman was wearing very high boots, and blue tights underneath them below it - a pretty exciting combination of legwear. Above that she wore a black dress - with a high cut on her left thigh that allowed the troubadour to show off her nice legs. However, the dress wouldn’t protect her for much longer. With a quick gesture, Katarina called forth some flames, and set them loose on the girl’s dress. It quickly ate through all of it, as well as the feathery sash she wore around her waist, the healer suddenly finding herself in just her underwear - not even her long sleeves were spared. Since she spread the girl’s legs, Katarina could see that her pussy was protected both with a pair of panties and the upper part of the girl’s tights. Calling another, weaker flame onto her hand, she then pressed her hand directly against the cleric’s crotch. She made sure to rub it right against the girl’s pussy through the two layers of cloth as the magical fire proceeded to devour them - quickly removing the protection the cleric’s cunt had. Even after making sure that nothing of the girl’s panties remained over her entrance, Katarina let the flame linger a bit longer - tickling the cleric on her labia and her clit in order to make her wet. The cleric squirmed on the ground as she felt that, the magic making her feel pretty uncomfortable. Even Katarina was as gentle as the cleric’s lover usually was, it just felt so alien to her! Being forced to get wet against her will would have bothered her anyways, the girl now remembering the tool she spotted between Katarina’s legs. She did not want to get raped! However, with her leg broken, she could only crawl away - and Katarina would catch up with her anyways. Even if she knew it was a futile effort, the cleric just had to beg the mage not to do it. “Why are you doing this? We’ve never done anything to you!”

In response to that, a cruel smile appeared on Katarina’s lips. “Because it feels great!” And because she had never known a different life… But Katarina kept that to herself. This was just the way she was… Kris was more than happy to support her with it - and that was all that really mattered to her. She kept the flames up for just a moment longer, until she saw that her victim’s labia have swollen nicely, and that some juices were leaking out from between them. Now, she removed the flames entirely - and just rammed her erection right into the girl’s pussy instead. It felt good, but not too good when Ishtar’s cunt walls were still so fresh around her dick. Katarina wasn’t one to complain about that, either way - it was not the initial tightness that mattered the most. She proceeded to slowly thrust in and out of the cleric’s fuckhole, each time going a bit deeper in, while enjoying the distress that was showing on the girl’s face. Her hands removed the girl’s bra, uncovering her rather small breasts - small enough that Katarina didn’t give them any attention beyond that. As she began to pick up the pace, the pink-haired girl she picked up the troubadour’s staff - grabbing it by the heavy steel part that made up for more than its entire lower half. The cleric watched her do that curiously. What could Katarina use it for? The spike at the end of it hovered dangerously close to her face as the girl wondered about that - but she wasn’t able to make the connection at all.

Eventually, the cleric had to moan in pleasure - her body would have to give in at some point. And that was just what Katarina was waiting for. As the cleric’s lips parted, showing off the pink depths of her mouth between them. The moment she did, Katarina shoved the staff right into the opening - and the girl’s eyes widened as the metal shaft snuck in between her lips and into her mouth. With its size, it forced her lips to stretch open to even make it fit - but the force Katarina put into it caused her to do it before she could think about that. The huge spike at the end was within her mouth - but that was just the build-up to what Katarina wanted to do. Now that the girl had no way of getting it out, Katarina put both hands on the staff - then brought it down with more force than before. That, in turn, caused the spike to go right through the back of the healer’s throat - leaving her head through the back of it in a cloud of blood.

The cleric coughed out more blood from around the shaft, her eyes bulging a bit before rolling back. Impaled through the head like that, her body couldn’t spasm too much - her legs only delivering a few weak kicks and squeezes to Katarina’s hips. However, what mattered to Katarina was the clenches of the girl’s pussy - and these were just as strong and lively as usual whenever fucking a dying girl. Driving the staff a bit deeper and making sure it wouldn’t come out, Katarina then let go of it - her hands going straight for her own sizeable titties. With her fingers, she began to pinch and pull at her nipples - the tidbits of pain from her breasts playing right into her masochistic tendencies and making her moan even harder. The tactician continued to fuck the cleric hard with her cock for some more time, until the girl’s twitching pussy caused her to come. A creamy load travelled into the troubadours vagina out of Katarina’s futa cock as she did that, the staff-wielding girl dying because of her wound moments later.

Pulling out, Katarina’s hands went for the staff she brought with her. Soon, the revitalizing magic coursed through her body again - and she proceeded to look for another enemy soldier to rape and kill. As the day continued, she’d do that to quite a few of their captives - also sending a hot load up the hanged archer’s ass at one point. She didn’t slack off with her Ishtar raping duties either - she pumped a few loads up the woman’s throat and onto her lifeless face. The other heroes did their part too - Ishtar’s body being on the receiving end of countless climaxes. However, eventually even the magic wasn’t enough to get them hard again - the multiple orgasms leaving all of them pretty exhausted. They all agreed that it was time to move on now. But first, they had to do one final service to Ishtar’s corpse. She’d have to be made presentable for when Julius arrived here.

It turned out that the most central of the trees was the one the bow flier was already hanging from - but they decided to set Ishtar’s corpse up at it regardless. Wrapping some rope around her right ankle, they fastened it to one of the tree’s branches. Then, they let the rest of her body dangle from it. Her limp arms pointed towards the ground. Her heavy breasts were pulled hard on by gravity too, making them stretch out down as well. Her other leg had fallen backwards, at quite an acute angle away from the rest of her body. From that leg, specifically from about her knee, they hung the board marking how many times they used Ishtar’s corpse. Their marks covered both sides of it - there were almost too many of them to count. And her body had the evidence of it as well - with splashes of cum all over it. Her pussy was gaping with all the semen it had received, and so was her ass and the stump of her neck. Her giant boobs also had some semen on them, with it leaking down her body now that it was hung upside down like that. Her head was put up from a different branch than the rest of her body, tied to it using the woman’s ponytail. It also had sperm all over it, mixing with tears on her cheeks and dripping down of the tongue that had slipped past her lips. Her dead, purple eyes were half-closed now - her eyelids heavy because of the extra spunk that was on them.

Just tying the woman up like that wasn’t the end of it, though. There was still one final touch to be added. Drawing his weapon, the Jugdral hero approached her upside-down corpse. He stabbed it right into her midsection, although not too far in. Then, he started to carve a message into it. He put in crude, irregular letters, but they were still perfectly legible. Once he was done, he took a step back to check if his message was correct. The bloody carving denounced the woman as the “D


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And this one's based on Veiled's Katarina picture, which comes from here:

Just tying the woman up like that wasn’t the end of it, though. There was still one final touch to be added. Drawing his weapon, the Jugdral hero approached her upside-down corpse. He stabbed it right into her midsection, although not too far in. Then, he started to carve a message into it. He put in crude, irregular letters, but they were still perfectly legible. Once he was done, he took a step back to check if his message was correct. The bloody carving denounced the woman as the “Devil’s whore’. It was all that she was, really - but he knew words like that would also upset Julius. Leaving the corpse hanging like that, the four heroes returned back to their camp - trying to get ready for the fight with Julius that would come once the man finally arrived. Hopefully, him seeing Ishtar like that would upset him enough that it’d give them the advantage in battle…

Upon hearing that Ishtar’s group seemed to have troubles with some enemies from the few of her soldiers that did escape, Julius set out immediately with his elite force - the twelve Deadlords. Still, the forest was about half a day’s ride from Belhalla - so between the runaway soldiers getting there with the news and him going back it still gave the heroes all the time they desired to debase the corpse of the Goddess of Thunder. When he finally did arrive, the sight of Ishtar’s corpse, ravaged as it was, was more than enough to make Julius furious. All these dead soldiers he passed on the way did not matter to him at all. They were his soldiers, they were meant to die for him - but Ishtar was different. To see one of the only people he still cared about be killed in such a violent way - and the semen flowing from the woman’s orifices - filled him with desire to repay her killers for it. They could not be allowed to escape. A number of weaker soldiers also accompanied him - these would be used to cut off the invader’s escape routes. Once they had encircled the forest the squad of Kiran’s heroes was hiding in, he and the Deadlords ventured inside. There would be no mercy - these people would suffer just as much, or even more, than his lover did.

While the group of heroes found valiantly, they ended up falling under the assault of the Deadlords. The creations of Loptyr’s dark magic were simply too powerful to fight against, especially the whole group at once. It also didn’t help that all four of Kiran’s heroes ended up raping Ishtar’s course throughout the night. With enjoying themselves like that for so long came without a price to be paid - and quite a steep one. Even if the magic Katarina used had revitalized them, it was still quite a draining experience. Now, their battle capabilities suffered because of that. Even if they were able to defeat some of the Deadlords, as all of them moved in on them at once they just simply got overwhelmed. Katarina watched as her teammates were defeated and then killed without mercy. The pink-haired tactician stayed back herself, bringing down flames onto their enemies from a distance, so she got to see all of the other heroes that came her with her slaughtered by Julius’s undead slaves. Even if she provided them with the revitalizing magic earlier, she didn’t really care for any of them either way… If Kris was with her, she’d have reacted differently, but like this there was no reason to even get attached to them. She’d only get hurt later… And now, seeing all of them die, Katarina couldn’t help but feel at least a bit satisfied that she made the right call on that. Still, as the last of her companions fell, she couldn’t help but feel a bit afraid - it would be her turn now… Well, it was high time her sins have caught up with her. She had always known the day would come… And it seemed a fitting comeuppance for all the things she did with Ishtar’s corpse the night before.

She continued to throw her flames at them even as they closed in on her. She expected to be killed quickly, just like the other heroes. However, with her being the only female hero in the group, Julius had a different plan for her. Whoever these invaders were, he was going to show them that he could be just as ruthless as they were - and Katarina’s body would serve as the demonstration of that. So instead of striking her down, the first pair of deadlords just restrained her, taking her tome away from her and pulling her hands away from her body so she couldn’t struggle. Coincidentally, they were both female - one was a cleric and the other one an archer. The next ones were both male - and once they got to her, they wasted no time before getting to work. Now that she couldn’t cover herself up or move out of the way, there was nothing she could do to avoid the sword strike coming for her torso. However, it was not an attack meant to kill her, or even hurt her. The expert slice cut well through her dress, slicing through all of it’s important seams at the front. When he was finished, the dress was ruined - huge scraps of it falling off her body, with little more than strips of cloth remaining on both sides of her torso. The thin, loose shirt she wore underneath was also cut through fairly quickly. Without these two pieces of clothing, her huge tits were now uncovered - Katarina feeling no shame about having them be revealed. She had strolled with them out the entire day before, anyways. She also considered it a fair response to what they had done to Ishtar. Because of that, the girl didn’t shiver either as the final cut-up parts of her dress covering her abdomen were brushed off by the next deadlord, exposing her crotch area. Now, Katarina couldn’t help but blush - both her average dick and her pussy clearly visible to all gathered around her. When exposing herself on her own, she enjoyed the attention - especially the one given to her dick - but being forcibly stripped like this wasn’t as fun. Still, she could tell the Deadlords were surprised to see her like that, even if no emotions showed on their dead faces - and the reactions to that surprise were always pretty entertaining. She also appreciated that they let her keep the scarf, though she was sure that wasn’t intentional. If Julius knew just how much it meant to her, he’d surely take it away from her.

After a bit of confusion, the Deadlords decided to go on. Even if their victim had a dick, she still had a perfectly functional pussy underneath it - not to mention the rest of her body was also more than fine. Pushing her down onto the forest floor, one of them quickly shoved her legs apart. Going in between her thighs, he quickly rammed his dick up her pussy. It was remarkably tight - the aftereffect of her abdomen having to accommodate both her feminine reproductive organs and the base of a dick inside it. Even if they were raping her, Katarina had no problems with enjoying herself throughout that - Kris would have understood, given the circumstances. She just lowered her head and rubbed her chin against her scarf and cheeks so that she’d stay faithful by her standards to her lover. Her pussy went damp within moments of the penetration, the tactician starting to moan soon after - her dick bouncing up and down because of the thrusts which shook her entire lower body. As her hips were on the wider side, their swaying from one direction to another was a sight that usually would be pretty arousing. The Deadlords were not immune to that. The little level of autonomy Julius gave them allowed them to react to their bodies’ urges. Katarina’s frailer physical form along with her boobs and hips - and her swelling dick for the female Deadlords - was more than enough to arouse them.

It was only a matter of time before the others began to act on that arousal as well. Katarina found herself straddled by the female swordfighter, who quickly slid her pussy onto Katarina’s waiting dick. Now, Katarina moaned harder. The thrill of both being penetrated and and having a pussy wrapped around her cock was a pretty rare one, but quite a welcome one as it also felt really good. Still, these two organs could only satisfy two of the deadlords - and there were many more around her still left. As one of them was going in between her legs, they were splayed out on the ground behind him - just waiting for someone to give them some attention. Same went for her arms - her small hands and her short fingers squeezing shut because of the pleasure coursing through her body. One of them whipped his dick out and forced her right hand open, then tried to wrap it around his tool. Her hand wasn’t big enough for her fingers to curve around the shaft and come back, a part of the man’s erection left untouched. However, how delicate her fingers were made up for that, just their touch enough to send sparks of energy up his dick. He dragged her hand up and down his cock a few times, but as he felt her fingers move, he let go of them - and Katarina just continued to stroke him off out of her own free will. This was a way for her to repent for her sins - and she had to do it willingly for it to count. She lacked the strength for her fingers to squeeze his member properly, so she had to resort to digging her soft nails into him to truly let him feel it - but her performance was still satisfactory enough that the man did not correct her.

On the other side, a female cleric went for the girl’s other hand. Spreading Katarina’s fingers open, she pulled them underneath her skirt and straight towards her pussy. Their gentle, warm touch was quite appreciated by the revived corpse, as her own fingers were cold and not really able to provide her with what she desired. Katarina had no issues working on it too, finding its coldness an interesting deviation from the norm. She fingered the girl eagerly, her digits sliding into the deadlord’s pussy and touching against its cold walls.

Her legs were also the subject of similar behaviour. Strong hands grabbed onto them, stretching them out on the ground. They grabbed onto the zippers at the front of her boots and pulled them down, allowing them to slide them off her legs easily. Her short socks were just ripped off as well, uncovering the girl’s feet. While they were thin, they were also pretty long - with two sets of cared-after toes ending them off. The two sets of hands that grabbed her legs on later proceeded to squeeze them - getting a feel of her soft skin and their gentle arches. Her soles were a bit worn out because of the small heels of her shoes, but it was barely noticeable to the dead hands which were handling them. After some pretty rough feeling up, these two deadlords proceeded to take their cocks out as well. One of them grabbed hold of Katarina’s foot and roughly pressed his dick against its bottom, the length of his cock going from her toes all the way to her heels. Next, he just started to jerk off like that - running his hand back and forth both his erection and her foot. She still wiggled her toes at him, having them tap against his cock while he did that. The other one was a lot gentler with her. Instead of dragging his cock against her entire foot, he just slid it into the arch of it - and proceeded to thrust his hips against it as if it was a hole for him to fuck. Even with only the stimulation on one side of it, he was still feeling quite a lot of pleasure as he did that - Katarina unsure how to feel about the more passive stance she was forced to take on that front.

Her face did not remain unused for too long either. Her small mouth had troubles opening wide enough for the deadlord’s cock to fit, so it hurt her quite a bit as he finally slammed it past her lips. She gagged hard on his massive erection as it filled her small mouth, having troubles breathing as the man rammed his tip into the back of her throat. Her face grew red as she choked, the lack of air quickly getting to her. Her lungs ached, but the assassin had no problems with that. In fact, she welcomed the pain - it was just another way to add to her penance. Even if the deadlord did not know how hard it was for Katarina to deal with his cock, he knew that they shouldn’t kill her too fast - so he made sure to let Katarina breathe from time to time, the girl desperately sucking in deep breaths of clean air before her mouth would get plugged once again.

The first round of the gangrape continued for some more time, Katarina enjoying herself just as much as her rapists were. In fact, she was the first one to cum - her pussy squirting out some juices and clenching hard on the dick filling her up while her erection shot her seed into a dead pussy. That in turn pushed both of the deadlords to their respective climaxes too - Katarina experiencing heaven as her dick was squeezed hard by the pussy around it while she felt cold semen shoot deep into her vagina. As the dead girl climbed off her and the man pulled out, the other Deadlords started to blow their loads too. Her hands received their share of come soon after - her right one covered in the sperm run down the cock of the man she jerked off as he came, and the other one drenched with the pussy liquids of the girl she had fingered. Her feet were also covered with some some semen too - her left one across the whole base of it and the right one just had some over its arch.

She would get no time to recover between these. The dark magic that kept the Deadlords going also helped their sexual drives when necessary. When Julius desired for them to rape someone, they were going to do it - both hard and a lot. Before Katarina’s climax even ended, a second dick slid into her still-clenching pussy. Another of the female Deadlords climbed onto her twitching cock as well - Katarina groaning as she felt another cold pussy wrap around her dick. Her dick wasn’t ready for it so soon - but there was nothing she could do to stop it. As the woman began to grind herself down onto her erection Katarina’s dick become erect again - ripples of pain going down it because it had happened so quickly after her last climax. However, the other deadlords did not repeat their last actions. Julius was surprised by the assassin’s eagerness to pleasure his men - and decided that she was enjoying herself too much throughout that. If rape did not bother the girl, then it was time to give her some physical pain instead.

After a short break, the group of rapists resumed their work with Katarina again. Four of them moved for one of her limbs each - and the orphaned mage expected them to use her hands and feet to pleasure themselves again. However, instead of that, she just felt a sharp pain in her right wrist. She took a look at the side, lifting the arm to take a look at it - and saw that her right hand was gone, a small streak of blood flowing from the stump. Similar pain flashed in her left arm, and Katarina just tried to move the fingers of her left hand. As they did not respond, it was clear to her that both of her hands were gone now. The pain coming from her bleeding stumps - ah the pain! It wasn’t a very strong one, but Katarina did enjoy it nonetheless. This was just what she deserved for all the terrible things she had done in her life. She deserved to suffer any pain that would come her way. Initially, Kris hoped to change Katarina’s mindset on that - hoping that the girl could start working towards making up for her evil deeds. However, Katarina wasn’t letting up on that - and eventually the Hero-King’s guard just accepted that part of her. It helped that Katarina was more than welcoming of these feelings - taking in all the punishment and pain she could willingly, and sometimes asking Kris to hurt her while she was having a worse day thinking about her past. The sexual pleasure that came with all pain for Katarina was initially just a way to cope with that mentality that Kris had suggested after accepting that Katarina wouldn’t change in that way - but soon the tactician became the biggest fan of it. Kris’s one-time suggestion quickly led to Katarina turning into a willing, masochistic slut. Because of that, the pain that Julius’s soldiers were inflicting on her now was more than welcome in her eyes. If anything, it thrilled her even more than the things she had tried out with Kris. Back then, they always had healing magic at their disposal, so all wounds were only temporary - but now the knowledge that these would be permanent caused her pussy to start dripping again and her cock to harden inside the cunt that was grinding on it.

Just a few moments after she lost her hands, her feet also were cut off, one after another. The sharp stabs of pain shot right into her abdomen, bringing her some more pleasure - enough to force a quiet moan past her lips. Listening to that, Julius couldn’t help but feel furious. Why was that bitch still enjoying herself? Angry, he ordered for more agony to be brought down on her. While they prepared for that, Katarina lifted her head off the ground and took a look at the Deadlords who cut off her feet. She was pleasantly surprised to see one of them tying them together with some rope - leaving enough of a hole between her arches that a dick could pass through it. Her toes were still twitching as the undead man drove his dick through the freshly-made onahole, starting to jerk off with it fairly quickly. Turning her vision to the side, Katarina took just a few glimpses at each of her cut-off hands. One of them was wrapped around a dick - she couldn’t jerk that one off, this time - and the other was half into a female Deadlord’s cunt. She enjoyed seeing all of her removed parts be used like that. The idea that even after her death, her body just wouldn’t go to waste - but instead would be used by someone to pleasure themselves - was really exciting.

Now, Katarina she had four bleeding stumps at the ends of her limbs. The tingling in her body that came with them was exciting, but it was also pretty weak. But that would change pretty quickly. The clung of weapons being drawn sent sparks of anticipation into the assassin’s body. Just what they’d take away from her next? She was excited to find out. She got her answer as she felt a blade slice into the middle of her thigh, at just about the height where its width started to go down. The pain of having her flesh cut apart was as sudden as before, but this time it wasn’t over in a flash. No, her rich flesh required more than a single cut to go through it - with the second cut slicing through her bone and taking her right leg away. That same process was repeated for her other leg - the girl moaning louder and louder each time the cold steel sunk into her flesh. Julius’s frustration continued to grow as he saw that but he began to accept it. Even if the girl was not going to react like he wanted her to, her body could still serve as the message to any future invaders like these - so he just ordered his men to continue. There was still a chance that she’d break later, on, after all…

Her arms were the next to be removed. As she felt one of their hungry blades cut through her thin upper arm, it pushed her right onto the verge of coming. Another quick slice, and the futa came again, squirting her seed both out of her vagina and into an undead cunt that was covering her cock. Her dicked ached as she did, but it still didn’t change just how good it felt. With all of her limbs gone, just shortish stumps left out of each of them, she was now truly helpless. That was a pretty interesting feeling - but she couldn’t appreciate it in full, her mind clouded by a powerful twin climax that was going through both her male and female reproductive organs. The orgasmic squeezes of her vagina milked a load of spunk out of the man fucking her cunt, and the woman riding her dick came soon afterwards in response to the junk Katarina was sending into her body. As they did that, Katarina took the time to look at the other Deadlords - who were still getting off with her cut-off hands and feet. The longer parts of her limbs were just left on the ground, with no one paying attention to them - but her fingers were still working hard to help them come, and so was the combined pair of her feet. As Katarina saw some semen shooting out of the divide between them, suddenly she felt something wet and cold over her face. Her vision straightened out, and looking upwards she saw another of the female Deadlords sitting on her face. It was one of the clerics, the woman’s dress lifted to allow for easy access to her cunt - and the dead woman’s panties were being tugged to the side, making it so that she was rubbing her cunt right across her face. Katarina had plenty of experience with eating other women out - Clarisse had made sure to give her a good training in that back at the orphanage. Then, however, she still had access to her hands… But now she’d have to make do without them.

Katarina proceeded to try her hardest on that. She wiped her tongue across the dead girl’s labia for a few times, then moved on to poking her clit with it and enjoying the way the over-sensitive nub was squeezing right back into the flesh of her tongue. Surprisingly, her lifeless skin and flesh did not taste too bad. After feeling the woman’s juices ooze all over her face, Katarina knew she had aroused the deadlord enough with that - so she slid her tongue in between the girl’s pussy lips. In life, this deadlord was the young cleric Sara. Even if her body was not developed in death, she was still old enough to feel sexually aroused like this. Now, the white-haired girl proceeded to ride Katarina’s face with enthusiasm that was pretty fitting for a girl her age - even if the action itself was anything but that. The girl’s pussy was developed enough to let her come, though - and as Katarina moved her tongue within the girl’s tight walls, Sara’s undead body began to move towards a climax.

Sara’s body pressed Katarina’s head against the ground, and it also obstructed most of her view - so she couldn’t see what was going on around her lower body. However, with how short the downtime was the last time, she expected that her pussy would get filled again soon. However, instead of that, her abdomen got a different kind of attention. Fresh pain blossomed in it as a knife sliced right into it, a horizontal red line opening in her skin with some blood spilling out of it. The cut wasn’t too deep, though - the woman who stabbed her did not want to mess with any of her insides. Taking the knife out, the woman handed it to the man she borrowed it from - she wanted a weapon more precise than her sword for it. Next, she slipped her fingers into the wound and tugged it open - allowing her to take a look inside the pink-haired girl’s lower body. And within it was a perfectly fine womb. Even if she was a futa, her insides were these of a normal woman - and that’s what the deadlord would go for next. She pushed one hand into the opening, and closed it right over Katarina’s womb. Having fingers press against it from the outside felt really weird - but also caused a warm tingling to go down from it and into her vagina. Her eyes rolled back in both pain and pleasure as the woman began to pull on it. With the strength boost that came with the magic which brought the woman back from the dead, it made it easy for her to pull it out. Katarina screamed as she felt her ovaries being ripped out, and she screamed even more when her vagina began to tear right below her cervix. No one could tell if these screams were because of how much it hurt, or because of how good it made her feel, though…

Her screams were tuned down a bit by the cunt that was pressing against her open mouth - Katarina taking a break with lapping away at it because she needed to give a voice to what she was feeling. As the woman at her lower body finished her job with a sound tug, taking her uterus away from her for good, the pain flowing into her ended - except for the bleeding at the end of her vagina - and she could return to Sara’s lifeless pussy. With her youth in life, her sexual endurance was pretty low - and she wasn’t able to last much longer afterwards. Her come, mixed with slime and mucus, flooded onto Katarina’s face as she brought Sara’s body to a climax. However, the undead cleric did not stay over her face for too long as she shook in her orgasm - instead, she was pushed away by the woman who still had Katarina’s womb in her hand. The tactician stared at it for a few moments. This was the part of her that could one day give birth to new life… She wasn’t sure, how to feel about it. She never really thought about having children before - her life as an assassin never gave her the time for that, and neither did her atonement in Marth’s army and her time in Askr. Well, it’s not like she’d get the chance to get pregnant now…

As Katarina was thinking about that, the older undead woman stood directly over her face - holding Katarina’s womb right over it and letting blood from it fall onto the girl’s cheek. After a few droplets of blood did, the swordmaster moved it towards her crotch instead. Squeezing it in her hand to give it a more phallic shape, she then shoved it right into her waiting cunt. Then, she proceeded to ram it in and out of her, fucking herself with it as if it was a dildo. It was not at stiff as one, but it still was able to give her walls enough pleasure to let her feel good. With the way she was standing, the deadlord was forcing Katarina to watch all of it - and Katarina was quite fascinated by that sight indeed. Such an intimate part of her body was now being used as a tool to pleasure herself by another woman, and Katarina couldn’t get her eyes off it. Just like with her hands and feet, seeing it used in this way made her quite happy - and excited, too. Her dick began to harden again, even despite the open hole right over it.

With it standing up as proudly as it did, her dick caught the attention of another of the female deadlords. However, that one didn’t desire to feel it inside her. Instead, she just got down next to it - and squeezed it hard with her hand. Then, she began to run it up and down Katarina’s dick, jerking the futa girl off. Along the way, she tried to twist it around in order to give Katarina some more pain, but that only caused it to twitch harder in her hands, so she gave up on that - and continued to stroke Katarina’s dick while doing that. Katarina was pretty happy about that - with her hands gone, she’d thought she’d not get to feel fingers being wrapped around her cock again. The woman’s cold fingers caused shivers to go down her spine, especially as she ran her fingers over the tip of her erection. After some time, it was enough to get her close to cumming again. Katarina was breathing heavily with each stroke the woman did then, making it clear what state her body was in. Just~! A few~! More~! Strokes~! Aaaand~! Katarina’s dick exploded all over the dead hand that was moving up and down her shaft, thick streaks of semen shooting out of it.

However, Katarina wouldn’t get to experience the orgasmic pleasure for too long. Her mouth opened to scream in pleasure again, making a small “O” that her moan would come through - but before she could do that, a sword cut right through her neck. Just like with Ishtar, the tactician’s climax was what brought about her demise. The flash in her neck felt great, but losing the pleasure of an orgasm was disappointing. She knew she was about to die now. She knew she deserved it - so she accepted it without feeling bad about it. There was just one thing Katarina did regret… She promised Kris that she’d come back… Oh, if only it was Kris who killed her instead of these soldiers she did not care about! She would have loved to die for her lover’s enjoyment…
“Ah, Kris…” The royal guard’s face flashed right in front of her grey eyes. Her dream of the two of them happily living together did come true, for at least some time… At least the leader of the 7th platoon would have something to remember her by… Turned out leaving her shorts in their room did have another upside they did not consider… “Kriiiiiiiis…” She thought one final time before passing away.

Katarina dying was no reason for the deadlords to stop having their way with her body. Her vagina was still an enjoyable fuck. Being able to go so deep in that the tip would go out through where her cervix used to be was also interesting - interesting enough that Julius himself had tried it out. Her corpse also took a few dicks down her neck stump, and her head was forced down onto a few cocks as well - along with more undead pussies being dragged right across her lips. Julius was keeping count of the climaxes his undead soldiers had - until eventually they passed the number that was on the plaque which had been hanging from Ishtar’s leg. As that happened, Julius ordered them to stand down - and instead work on making Katarina’s body an example of what those who crossed Julius got.

Taking one of the banners of Ishtar’s decimated squad, they removed the cloth from it - leaving just the wooden cross as a base. Katarina’s head was impaled on the uppermost part of it. The stumps of her arms were covered with iron lids, with loops of rope tied to them that were used to hang her torso from the arms of the cross. Centering her properly, her neck stump was just a little below her detached head. That position also meant the vertical pole was caught in the crack of her shapely butt. While her juicy thighs could still sway to one side and another as her body would be carried around, her butt would still stay centered - though it was still possible to get a nice look at it from the side or from behind. Up the front of her torso were her boobs - with their above average size adding to the sight. She still had her scarf and the scraps of her dress on, but they were no help in covering them up. But that didn’t mean they were completely uncovered. There was a pair of golden chains that latched onto one of her nipples each. With their other ends, they were tangled with her ovaries - meaning the girl’s womb was hanging from her tits in the central part of her midsection. Further down was the horizontal cut through which her womb had left through - and just a bit below it was the girl’s dick. It has shrunk a bit after her death, but it was still erect - and would stay like that permanently. There was also a long streak of semen leaking out of its tip, dangling from it with no signs it’d fall later on. Right below its base was Katarina’s cunt - which was dripping with semen from those who had used her there before she was put up like that. That cum also continued onto what remained of her large thighs, running down them all the way to the stumps of her legs. However, her legs, as well as her arms, were just discarded - there was no spot to put them at. However, the same wasn’t true for her hands and feet. Her long feet were already tied together, so all it took was adding a loop onto the rope binding them and then they were hanged from one of the cross’s arms. The same was done with her petite hands, which were hung on the other side of the cross. Katarina’s body ended up as a banner that would surely show Julius’s enemies what to expect if they tried to upset him - giving the girl a way to impact others even after dying.

And just that she did - telling the next group of heroes Kiran sent into this world to be more careful as they run into her corpse just moments after coming out of the portal. Among them was Kris, the Hero-King’s guard asking Kiran to go on this team after Katarina had not returned. It was quite a shock to see her like that - but Kris knew that Katarina desired to die. Being more cautious than the first group, this team of heroes managed to deal with Julius just fine - and they returned to Askr without any troubles. Katarina’s body was taken back home by Kris, too. Kris knew that the girl would have been delighted to find out that all the various parts of her body were now being used by her lover as masturbatory tools. Getting proper preservatory spells cast on it, Kris made sure that Katarina’s corpse would not age or rot. That would let the tactician stay with Kris forever - which was the fate Katarina was always hoping for anyways.


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Ayra's part of this scene is based on a pic of her by Veiled that's from here:
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Chapter 38-1: An Isaachian Duel
tags: M/F, non-con, rape, beheading, necro

Kiran was quite amused to find out just how alike Ayra and Larcei looked. If it wasn’t for Larcei’s shorter hair, and the women’s different choice of footwear, they would be almost indistinguishable - both in looks and in personality. It made sense, though - after all, Larcei was Ayra’s daughter. With how much alike the women were, the summoner was curious, who was the stronger one out of them. So he ordered them both to come to one of the training fields - and to take their swords with them. He’d pit them against one another to find out just that.

Larcei couldn’t believe what had happened when she was called to Askr. Their war against the Grannvale Empire was just reaching its final stage, and to be taken away from the rest of the liberation army at a moment like that really pained her - with her throwing a bunch of angry screams at the summoner once she realized there was no coming back. However, as the Isaach girl got to stay in Askr more, it turned out she was quite happy about it. Because of the summoning, she was given the chance to meet some of the heroes of the previous war who fought with lord Sigurd - and she cherished each of these meetings. One person seemed to have been avoiding her, though - the one she cared for the most. Her mother Ayra always seemed to have just left when she arrived somewhere, unable to find her. So, once she arrived at the training field the summoner had called her to, and saw the long raven hair and good looks of her mother, she was ecstatic. She’d finally get to meet her! However, Ayra avoided her eyes, looking away from her - and that rejection pained Larcei just a bit. But Ayra wasn’t doing that to hurt her - she was just scared of meeting her daughter like that. She was never good with words, and back in her world she was never given the chance to talk to her daughter, or even see her grown up like that. She was afraid of talking to her and getting emotional - especially in front of the summoner. So instead, she forced herself to look away - even as her heart called out to her to say something to her child.

“I want to know, which of you is stronger - so go and fight.” Once both black-haired swordswomen were close enough to the bench he was sitting at, Kiran ordered them to clash. Ayra had no issues accepting that order - in fact, she welcomed the opportunity to distract herself from the pain in her heart that her actions were making her feel. So she rushed at Larcei with her blade flashing in her hand. Larcei was very reluctant to fight back - it was her mother, after all! This should be a reunion, not a battle! However… She’d be lying if she said she had not imagined herself in this position before. Ah, she yearned to throw blades with her mother so much before! But it should come later… And not be their first interaction! For all these doubts, Larcei still drew her sword once her mother had reached her. She wouldn’t allow anyone to best her in a duel - even if it was her own mother she was facing.

For a while, both princesses of Isaach fought valiantly with no one being able to get the clear advantage on the other. If one of them delivered a small cut in the other’s dress, the other retaliated almost instantly - and either of them failed to deliver any significant wounds to her enemy. However, as they fought, Larcei found anger building up within her. The weeks of frustration as her mother her avoided her all built up within her, and she was finally able to vent them like this - adding just a little punch to her attacks that was needed. Eventually, her swings became visibly stronger than Ayra’s. In time, that would lead to her victory - but she wanted more than that now. She wanted to give back at Ayra for all the time she ignored her - to hurt her, if even for just an instant. That desire led to her suddenly delivering a far more powerful hit to Ayra’s chest than before. In fact, it was strong enough to break through the woman’s chest armor - with most of it flying away from Ayra’s body as it gave in to the powerful blow. As it was a sideways attack, it wouldn’t be too harmful to Ayra - it did, however, slice through the front of her dress, and suddenly Larcei found herself staring at her mother’s bountiful tits. She didn’t let that distract her though - as her previous attack threw Ayra off-balance, she capitalized on that and struck out at her mother’s right hand - forcing the sword out of it and making it fly off and away from them.

Once that happened, it was clear that the duel was over. Now, Larcei suddenly realized just how dangerous her attack could have been - and she spoke out to apologize. “Mother… I’m sorry…” Ayra didn’t respond, so Larcei continued, “I’ve wanted to meet you for so long, mother!” Tears flashed up in her eyes as she said that, and she lowered her sword and approached her again. However, before she could reach her, Kiran has stepped in. “Okay, that’s enough. Ayra, you’ve lost… Let’s see if you can serve me with your body better than with the sword, then.” As the summoner said that, he already popped his erection free out of his robes. Ayra shivered in disgust at the sight of it… But she knew she was in no position to disobey him. She knew perfectly well that there was no way she could resist the summoner - and if she didn’t go along with it, she knew that an even more terrible fate would reach her.

Because of that, she didn’t fight back as Kiran sliced through her dress with a knife. He easily sliced off both the front and the back of it at around the level of her midsection, exposing the woman’s from the front - Larcei blushing heavily as she now could see both of her mother’s most feminine parts. To Kiran, he could now see Ayra’s curvy ass. After feeling it up for a moment, he grabbed her by the forearms. “Bend forward, slut.” Kiran ordered, and Ayra hated every part of herself as she did just that, presenting her lower body to Kiran at an angle that was easier to make use of. She drew a deep breath as she felt him slide in - but managed to stay quiet throughout the first penetration.
“Oh, you’re pretty tight!” Kiran commented as he slammed his prick deep into her cunt. His praise didn’t matter to Ayra, the woman just gritting her teeth and hoping she could endure this through. But this was just so shameful! And she had to endure it in front of her grown-up daughter… Now that the summoner was taking her from behind, she had even more issues avoiding Larcei with her eyes than before - so instead she finally took a good look at her daughter. Ah… She had grown into such a fine woman… Tears of happiness appeared in Ayra’s eyes as she finally was able to see how beautiful her daughter was. And she was so good with the blade, too! She couldn’t be any more proud of her. Just seeing her like that was almost enough to let her deal with Kiran raping her like that. However, the pained look in Larcei’s eyes as she was forced to watch her hurt Ayra too.

Kiran was about to make it all the more painful for her, though. “Are you liking it, Larcei? Are you enjoying seeing your mother be fucked like the common whore she is?” Fire lit up in both of their eyes as they’ve heard it. How dared he speak of Ayra like this? Larcei refused to answer, keeping her mouth shut and just glaring daggers at the man as he proceeded to fuck her mother with enough force that her hips shook with his each thrust. Kiran took just as much pleasure in the pain and anger he could see in Larcei’s eyes as he did from ramming the head of his cock into the long-haired swordfighter’s cervix. “Oh, she’s clenching so hard. She’s just trying to look tough for you, but deep down she’s enjoying it.”
“Sh-Shut up!” Ayra called out in annoyance as she heard that, very much aware just how true Kiran’s words were - and hating just about everything for that. Her cheeks were lit up with her excitement, and her pussy was sadly squeezing him hard, her juices dripping from her cunt. How could her body do this to her? And how could the summoner know that?
“Oh, did I strike a chord? I tell you, she really is a slut.” Anger welled up within Ayra again. “You bastard! Shut up!” She called out, but her pussy began to grow wet around Kiran’s cock. That was just the reaction Kiran wanted - and so he continued with just the right question.
“Do you even know who your father is, Larcei?” Tears flashed up in Larcei’s eyes as she heard that - she didn’t know that, and that lack of knowledge pained her.
“YOU BASTARD! I WILL KILL YOU!” Ayra screamed out, extremely pissed off by Kiran’s latest insinuation. How dare he imply that she was unfaithful to her lover? She would never do something like that! And yet, the tears in Larcei’s eyes made it clear that that scenario seemed plausible to her. Just what happened in their world in the future that would ever let her think that?
“I bet she slept around with Sigurd’s entire army!” The summoner added triumphantly while driving his dick all the way inside her again. That made Ayra completely forget her position, and she just started screaming curses at the summoner incoherently. Just… The whole idea was so wrong… But the hurt look in Larcei’s eyes and just the possibility that her daughter could ever think that was the case… All logic gave way to Ayra as she began to struggle against the summoner, giving voice to her fury while trying to break free. That was what Kiran was going for from the start, though - the man enjoying her struggles even more than before. With his goal achieved, it was time to go ahead to the final part of Ayra’s life - just as he felt himself getting closer to a climax, as well.

“Larcei… Go and cut that noisy slut’s throat.” He ordered the younger girl, and Larcei froze in surprise. What? He was telling her to kill her mother? She could never do that… Then again, she’d heard tales of the summoner’s atrocities before - and she knew she shouldn’t get on his bad side. As much as it hurt to admit it, her mother’s life was forfeit at this point - and if she refused to do it, she’d be dying herself for nothing. Still, it hurt so much… “M-mother, I’m so sorry…” She mouthed at Ayra as the long-haired woman squirmed in Kiran’s grasp, trying to break away and save her life somehow. Fresh tears began to flow from her eyes as she heard her daughter’s voice, but Larcei’s steps were unshaked by that - and the short-haired woman slowly drove her sword through her mother’s neck. A few large squirts of blood left it right away as her skin and flesh gave way to her daughter’s deadly weapon. Her esophagus was cut through right away, just as Ayra opened her mouth to tell her daughter that she didn’t blame her for it. Instead of the kind, heartful words she was trying to say, all she made out was a few wet gurgles as her body began to spasm.

Ayra’s hips began shaking heavily, the woman’s ass and thighs jiggling enticingly in such a sexy way that was wasted as the only person who could see them was her mortified daughter. What Kiran could appreciate, though, were the more powerful spasms that were now affecting all of the dying woman’s vagina. These were enough to push him over the edge - making him blow his load right up Ayra’s clenching cunt. Ayra’s waning mind could still feel as his semen shot into her pussy, the woman unable to voice her disgust even if she was very much feeling it. With the amount of semen Kiran released into her, and the woman’s tightness, most of it proceeded to leak out of her snatch - her delicious thighs covered with many white streaks of cum. With the twitches of her body, her ass bounced on Kiran’s cock in a nice way, granting him additional pleasure even as the man rode out his climax - her huge butt bucking against his pelvis. Higher above, her huge breasts were swinging around with her nipples sticking out proudly off her chest - but just like with her legs, the only one who could appreciate them was Larcei. However, the short-haired girl was too busy sobbing to even think about doing something like that - not that that idea would ever cross her mind even if she wasn’t. She was still holding on to the sword which was still edged into Ayra’s neck - more of the woman’s blood pouring down the blade. However, her hands were shaking so much that she was actually moving it around - cutting further through her mother’s neck. With how sharp the blade was, and the way she put the sword into Ayra’s neck in the first place, Larcei’s shivering hands eventually caused it to slice through Ayra’s spine - severing the woman’s brain from the rest of her nervous system. Not that it was of any use to her at all now - she was only barely conscious at that point anyways.

She should still have control over her face, but relinquished it willingly in a futile effort to cling on to her life for just a little longer. Her mouth was still open, and now her tongue lulled out of it. Along with it, a streak of saliva leaked out of it, and ran towards the woman’s pointy chin. Her cheeks were still burning with the unwanted arousal Kiran’s rape made her feel, with older streams of tears travelling down it. Her eyes were moving out of control as well, with the left one half-closed while the right one was wide open - with more fresh tears pouring out of them. Both of her purple irises were zoned out though, staring at some invisible image. Was the woman thinking of her lover who she had Larcei with? Was she even still able to think at that point? Larcei would never find out the answer to that as her mother died in front of her, the woman slumping forward - with Kiran still holding on to her arms as she did. However, the little move forward pushed her neck further onto the blade - and that, combined with how shaky Larcei still was, was enough to cut through it in full - Ayra’s head severed from the rest of her body. It slid off, falling forward onto the ground at Larcei’s feet - the younger Isaach princess staring at her mother’s face as blood from her neck stump squirted onto her white boots.

At that point, Kiran’s climax was pretty much finished. The man pulled out of Ayra’s still-warm snatch, adding more cumstains to the woman’s legs and ass as he did - and looked at Larcei with a cruel smile as he let her dead mother fall to the ground. “Did you like it, Larcei? That’s what you get if I feel you’re worthless to me. So make sure that I don’t think that same about you, okay?” Larcei was about to explode with rage at the very suggestion that she might have enjoyed the man’s perverted fun. However, just like before, she was able to stop herself in time. Her mother would have wanted for her to live… She shouldn’t throw her life away to spite the man, especially not now. So as bad as she felt about it, the black-haired girl still nodded at him. “Yes, lord Kiran.” She replied, careful not to show her distaste with the man in her voice - and hoping the tears that were still welling up in her eyes hid her hatred from him as well. They weren’t, really, but Kiran wasn’t bothered by that - her reaction made a lot of sense. A part of him was hoping that the girl would enjoy it and make for a fun and willing partner in this, but forcing her to do it was more than fine with him as well.

“Well, let’s get started right away, then. First, I want you to strip - off with the dress and the armor!” Larcei looked at the summoner in surprise. They weren’t done for the day? Wasn’t forcing her to take her mother’s life enough for him? …And yet, just like before, her survival instinct won out in the end. She resigned herself to this and proceeded to take off her shoulder pads, and then her chest plate. Once her armor was gone, she undid the red sash that was binding her purple dress down. With it gone, Larcei reached for her dress - then froze. She was just so hesitant to strip for the man who threw her off like that… And it didn’t help that Kiran was watching her every move. To buy herself some time, Larcei bent over and took off her boots, taking it slow with each one to stretch it out as long as she could while her fingers touched the red splashes of Ayra’s blood that were covering them. Once she was done, however, there was no other way for her to delay it - so with a heavy blush, the girl proceeded to strip out of her dress. Below it, she wore a matching pair of black panties and a black bra - but she knew Kiran wanted them off as well. Her body began to shake as she undid her bra, her fingers sliding against her skin because of her stress. Her knees were hitting against one another as she pulled her bra to the side, exposing her tits to Kiran. With the ongoing war, she never found the courage to profess her feelings for Seliph back in Jugdral. She sure wasn’t going to share them with the versions of him she ran into in this world - they weren’t HER Seliph. Because of that, she had no experience in doing something like this. That in turn led to her being really curious of what Kiran would think of her body - she knew the man was very experienced in these, after all. His reaction, however, didn’t give her too much info. Kiran had to admit that her breasts were pleasant to look at, but he also noticed right away that they were just the same size as her mother’s.

With her titties exposed and no visible reaction out of the summoner, Larcei’s uncertainty about her body was there in full force as she reached for her panties. She tugged them down a little, exposing the patch of hair that was there to the summoner, before pulling them further down and showing her pussy to him. The small, pink, untouched slit of the Isaach girl was shown to Kiran as Larcei proceeded to pull her panties down her long, shapely legs. She had to lift them a bit to get the panties through her fit, giving Kiran a better look at her cunt as she did so. However, he wasn’t impressed by it in the slightest - it wasn’t anything she had not seen before. Once the panties went through her feet, Larcei dropped her legs down and stood still - looking at Kiran nervously and waiting for more of his orders.

“Okay, now take your mother’s head, and use it to get off.” What? WHAT? Why? How could be so cruel? Gods, no… She really didn’t want to do something like this. However… She also realized that Ayra wouldn’t hold any ill will towards her if she did that - it was all the summoner’s doing, after all. Her mother would surely encourage her to do just that if it meant she’d get to live on… So with fresh tears running down her face, Larcei picked her mother’s head up. Then, she sat down and spread her legs - and pushed Ayra’s cut-off head right in between them. She was no stranger to masturbation, though she had only tried using her fingers on herself - and the handle of her sword one time, but that didn’t really work out. So, what was she supposed to do now? Looking down, a fresh shot of pain stabbed her in the heart as she saw Ayra’s lifeless face. The tongue that was still out seemed like it could be useful - so she maneuvered Ayra’s head around until the woman’s wet tongue was pressed against labia. With a proper hold on the head, Larcei was able to make it rub up and down on them for some time - trying her best to get herself aroused. Her body responded to it favorably - a slight wetness growing within her pussy as her pussy lips swelled, revealing her clit. She dragged her mother’s tongue across it once, with a spike of pleasure travelling through her as her juices finally proceeded to leak out of her pussy - then plunged Ayra’s tongue right into her cunt.

While Larcei was doing that, Kiran’s attention returned to Ayra’s corpse. Now that he fucked her pussy, he was more interested in the hole Larcei had just created. Going for the upper part of Ayra’s body, he quickly forced his dick into the woman’s neck stump. After a few initial thrusts to get started - her neck hole was even tighter than her cunt, and it was self-lubricated with saliva and her blood, making it quite a good fuck - he proceeded to drag her body around so he could watch Larcei while fucking her mother’s neck stump. That in turn resulted in Larcei getting a perfect view of him defiling Ayra’s headless corpse - making it impossible for the woman to forget about the harsh reality for even a moment. Ayra’s tongue did feel good as she made it probe her pussy - but the whole situation was making it really hard for Larcei to enjoy herself. Her mother just died, for Naga’s sake! She was so shaken about that that there was no way she could feel any pleasure at all - and her body was still so tense that there was no chance she’d be able to come like that. She tried closing her eyes and drifting away from this whole scene, imagining it was the Heir of Light’s tongue that was eating her out instead. However, the wet slapping sound coming from the direction of her mother’s corpse made it impossible for her to do that. It was constantly reminding her just what Kiran was doing to her mother’s corpse, stopping any kind of mental detachment dead in its tracks. And so Larcei continued to forcefully rub Ayra’s head against her slit, with little pleasure going through her frustrated, teenage body as the girl continued to watch Kiran fuck her mother’s neck.

Kiran watched Larcei in return - and he was pretty disappointed with how the girl was doing. It was clear that she wasn’t really enjoying herself, but he was hoping the girl could break through that reluctance. If she took that little step on the way to depravity, the summoner was certain that the girl could bring him a lot of fun. He’d even consider sparing her if she did that… But as she was now, there was no point in keeping her alive. He gave her the time to deal with her reservations as he continued to pound Ayra’s neck stump - but as he came, filling the swordfighter’s esophagus with his seed, and Larcei still had not made any progress, he decided that that time was up for her.

Pulling out of Ayra’s neck, his erection slumped down a bit because of his two recent climaxes. However, the man wasn’t done in the slightest - and he had no desire to wait. However, that wouldn’t be an issue - he had some of his create an item for him that would help with that. It was a ring imbued with revitalizing powers, letting him get hard again quickly whenever he used it - which was what he did right then. The magic flowed right into his cock, getting him hard again as he walked towards Larcei. The woman looked at him with a mixture of fear and disgust, but there was little else she could do. “Okay, give me that - it’s clear that this isn’t going to work.” Kiran told her while reaching for her mother’s head. Larcei let him take it away, and just laid with her legs spread on the ground for a moment - giving Kiran a better look at her wet pussy. Trying for a climax like that was pretty exhausting, and her legs grew a bit sore because of that - so it was some time before she could move them again enough to get herself into a different position.

While Larcei waited for her legs to become responsive again, Kiran grabbed Ayra’s sword from the spot it fell to, then returned to Larcei. He sat down at the bench, his erection sticking out of his crotch hard as he did. Then, he set the sword down next to him, then forced Ayra’s head right onto his dick. He impaled it all the way through, with his cock going in at her neck stump and its tip coming out from between her lips. He ran Ayra’s head up and down his cock a few times to get a little more of his cock to stick out, then looked at Larcei - who had just managed to stand up. “On your knees, and service my dick now.” He ordered her without any hesitation, with Larcei’s insides revolting as she received that command. Who could have thought her first experience with a real dick would be something so vile? She already decided to go along with his request though, so she did just what Kiran asked her to. As she dropped to her knees, her heavy tits bounced up and down in quite an exciting way - but that was far too little for Kiran to spare her now.

Leaning forward, Larcei placed her mouth at the tip of Kiran’s cock. She had no experience in what she was doing, so her work was pretty sloppy, but she still took the head of Kiran’s dick in between her lips and into her mouth. She let her tounge out of her mouth, and proceeded to whisk around with it at what she could access of the man’s prick - her insides twisting every time she accidentally touched her mother’s slack tongue or lips. She was almost going to throw up because of these - but she very well knew that it would most likely mean her doom. The girl was blissfully unaware that her life was already at its final stage as she proceeded to suck Kiran off to the best of her efforts - but no matter how good she’d be, it wouldn’t let her save herself. As she continued at it, Larcei would move her head forward and backward a bit, sliding her lips back and forth on what she could access of Kiran’s dick, while her tongue was getting better and better at wrapping around Kiran’s erection. Just like with her swordsmanship, Larcei had a natural talent at handling a man’s lower sword too - but that talent would never get the chance to blossom

Kiran didn’t really interfere with Larcei as she worked on his dick, letting her do her work by herself as the girl tried to get him to his third climax of the night. He placed a hand on her head, and used it to pull her up and down his dick from time to time whenever he was feeling the girl needed to adjust her position, but otherwise just remained dormant. However, once he felt another orgasm rising up within his balls, he picked up Ayra’s sword from the bench. He was able to do it quietly, and at that point Larcei was so into it that she didn’t notice it. It was a surprisingly fun thing to do - and now she was actually able to imagine it was Seliph who she was sucking off, her eyes closed to fully engross herself in that thought. The short-haired girl was finally starting to get off on the situation as well, even if it was only because of her fantasies. Because of that, she worked one hand down towards her pussy, and started fingering herself - the pleasure finally making her able to forget about the horrors she had witnessed so far. She was getting so into it that she began moaning around the summoner’s cock, her fingers plunging deeper into her cunt than she’d been able to make Ayra’s tongue reach before. With her relative lack of sexual experience compared to the man, even if it took her some time to finally start feeling good about it, she was able to catch up to Kiran - the girl reaching the verge of an orgasm at about the same time Kiran did.

As the first spurts of Kiran’s semen proceeded to shoot into her mouth, suddenly pain exploded in her neck. Larcei’s eyes snapped open again, only to stare up the length of her mother’s blade - with its tip clearly going into her throat. Kiran made sure to put just a little of his cock into her mouth as he did that, so there was no danger to his erection as Ayra’s blade took her daughter’s life, clearly slicing her head off. With his hand still on her head, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled it just a bit off his dick - making it so that the majority of his cum wound up going right onto Larcei’s dying face. It mixed with the fresh tears that began flowing from her eyes because of the pain, and because of how unfair this whole thing was. Her mother and she had not done anything wrong! Why was the man tormenting them both like this? She still had her entire life in front of herself - but now the summoner brutally cut that short as he shortened her body by the length of her head as well. In the end, it was all pointless - she did away with her dignity and it didn’t even matter. She what happened, and she hated the man who put her through it - her hatred clearly visible in her purple eyes even through the mixture of tears and semen that was covering them up in her final moments. As they went blank, Larcei’s dying brain went towards lord Seliph. She wondered if the liberation war went okay back home - but somehow even that thought didn’t bring her relief. If it did go just fine… Then wouldn’t that mean she was worthless in that battle too? Maybe the summoner’s words really were true? What if both she and her mother truly were just worthless whores? That degrading thought accompanied the girl into oblivion.

Her body was acting as if it was trying to prove her final thought, too. With the girl being about to come as she lost her head, she still had her fingers deep inside herself. The lack of orders from her brain did caused her body to spasm out of control, with the digits stuck inside her pussy providing enough stimulation to set her off. Larcei’s body was shaken with both dying and orgasmic spasms as her headless body fell slumped forwards, falling over in front of Kiran. Her pussy was squirting her juices with so much force that Kiran was able to see a few streaks of it that went the furthest away from her body even despite the position he was in. That caused a smile to appear on his lips as he finished showering her lifeless face with his cum - wiping the remains into one of the streaks of hair on the side of her face.

The revitalizing magic was still working on his dick, though - and Larcei’s death didn’t mean he was done with their corpses. Instead, he took Larcei’s headless body, and brought it close to Ayra’s - spreading them both on the ground to compare them. And just like his initial impression of them was, they were pretty much indistinguishable now. With their heads gone, the best bet for one to tell them apart was removed. The two generations of Isaachian princesses ended up with just the same bodies - their boobs, legs and asses just about perfect replicas of the other. Same went for their other body parts as well, but Kiran wasn’t really focusing on these. The only thing that let him tell which girl was which were the ruined scraps of Ayra’s outfit that were still clinging on to the mother’s body - and the two loads of semen leaking out of that swordfighter’s neck and pussy. It was time to balance things out. Approaching Larcei’s corpse again, he flipped the girl onto her belly - and just like he did with Ayra, he played with her butt for a moment. After squeezing and slapping them for a while, and watching her ample flesh jiggle under his touch, he spread her cheeks to get access to her tight, untouched asshole. With how similar their bodies were, he was certain Larcei’s cunt would feel the same to fuck as her mother’s vagina - so he went for her ass instead.

It was a bit hard to her his cock to squeeze into the small hole of her sphincter, but Kiran had a lot of experience in doing things like that. That meant it took him just a little of work to actually delve into the depths of the girl’s anus - and get to appreciate, just how tight it was. It was even better than Ayra’s pussy! Sadly, Larcei was in no state to feel her anus being forced to painfully stretch around her killer’s dick, the man pounding her fast and hard. At first he was holding on to her ass, pulling it onto his dick to help himself deeper and deeper into the girl’s rectum. As he continued, however, he switched his grip to something else. He had to bend over for a bit to reach them, but he was able to reach for her tits. That was another part of their bodies he had not given proper attention yet - and so he proceeded to fondle them from behind while using them as handles to drag her body onto his erection. It wasn’t as helpful as a strong hold on her ass, but it was still making it a bit better - and groping her tits was fun too. Eventually, he blew a load right into her bowels, his cum going deep into her guts as Larcei’s body gave him another climax.

Pulling out, he was almost done with the corpses - but first, there was just a little more he wanted to do. Flipping Larcei onto her back again, he then turned towards Ayra. With a few quick rips, he got rid of the rest of the woman’s dress - and dragged her boots off her legs too. Now, both mother and daughter were fully nude - with no way to tell one’s body from the other except for his cum. To further help mix their corpses up, he proceeded to drag Ayra’s corpse towards Larcei’s. Once they were close enough, he lifted their opposite legs - and dragged each of the Isaachian corpses right onto the other’s, their legs scissoring as he made their pussies rub against one another. To add to the image of incestous perversion, he took their arms and placed them right on top of the other’s boobs. It was a bit tricky with how limp they were, as they would just slide off whenever he’d accidentally touch the bodies in the wrong way, but eventually managed to do just that. Now, all that was left were the girl’s heads. Taking both of their swords, he stabbed them into the ground close to the bodies - very close to one another, as well. Then, he took Ayra’s head - and forced it right onto the handle of her blade, making it so that her neck stump was impaled on the blade. He repeated the same process for Larcei - but there was just one final touch to be added. Rotating the heads around, he turned them towards one another. With how close they were, their faces were almost rubbing against the other. He helped them with just that. As their lips were still open because of the state he left them in - Ayra’s were opened up with his dick, and Larcei’s didn’t close after she sucked him off - he was able to reach right into them and pull their tongues out. Then, he proceeded to entwine them together - making it seem like the mother and daughter were sharing a passionate, intimate kiss. Strands of their saliva started to leak from the two interlaced tongues, adding to the titillating look of their post-mortem kiss. Satisfied with how the two of them were looking now, Kiran was done with the two of them - the summoner departing from the training grounds and leaving the two corpses behind as a sign of the man’s fun.


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Chapter 38-2: Golden-Laced Tragedies
tags: non-con, M/F, bestiality, hard vore, rape, stabbing, impalement, eyefuck, neck snap

Being summoned to Askr left Altena in a really weird state of mind. For as long as she could remember, she lived in Thracia, working her hardest to become a warrior worthy of the role of king Travant’s daughter. And when she wasn’t doing that, she’d care for the citizens of her country, bringing them the help they very much needed with how poor their country was. She did not approve of her father’s policy, of working for anyone who’d pay them for their services, of allying with the Grannvale empire, but she had accepted these - doing her best to just help the people even despite that. The magic tearing her away from there - with no real way of coming back - threw her off at first. She’d no longer be able to see her father or her brother Arion, she’d no longer be able to give her help to those of her countrymen who needed it so much… What was she even supposed to do in this world? Just fight? It was the very fate she was hoping she’d one day be able to save all of her country from… And it pained her that she wouldn’t be able to see it through now.

After the initial period of wariness, Altena ended up caring for the lesser heroes in Askr just like she did for the people back home. She tried her best not to play favorites, but she ended up gravitating towards the people from her own world despite that. Their stories were so interesting… Old heroes of the war that happened when she was still too young to remember anything would provide her with their first-hand records of what transpired back then. But there was also another group among them - those speaking of the war for liberation. Altena herself had troubles believing that the empire could be toppled, but she did hear about the uprising in Isaach before being taken away from her world. To learn about what happened in the future of her world was really captivating. They were even saying she’d fight with them against the empire! She found it hard to believe - her father was Grannvale’s only ally, she’d never go against him…

In the end, the people that pulled her towards them the most were the heroes of Northern Thracia - saviors of the Manster District, if their story was to be trusted. For some reason, she felt an odd familiarity towards the brown-haired prince of Leonster, Leif. Same went for his blue-haired guardian, sir Finn - it was as if she had met him someplace before… Even if Manster wasn’t a part of her kingdom, interacting with them served as an alright substitute for the people she had to leave behind after being summoned. However, all that changed today. Finn had called her to speak to her privately… And revealed a truth that she had found to believe. That all this time, she had been living a lie. Travant wasn’t her real father. Arion wasn’t her real brother. She was the daughter of prince Quan of Leonster and Ethlyn… And Leif was her real brother. It seemed impossible, and yet… It would explain why the two men seemed so familiar to her. She WAS the only one capable of wielding the Gae Bolg, too… Which was said to be the weapon of the Leonster royal family, after all. She had troubles accepting it, though - and needed the time to think about it, alone.

Because of that, Altena grabbed her lance and went towards the wyvern pens. She wanted to go for a fly on her mount - it would give her the peace and quiet she needed to process the news Finn had dropped on her. However, as she arrived there, she realized it was impossible. Her wyvern was still injured after today’s battle… It would be dangerous to ride it now. Still, arriving there, she spotted a rampart along the castle’s walls that seemed to be empty - maybe she could stay there for a bit and think? Yeah, that seemed like a good idea. The fake princess of Thracia climbed the nearby stairs that took her to the rampart. It was overlooking the animal pens below, and Altena was grateful for that. Her wyvern accompanied the lance-wielding woman when she was summoned, and it served as her last true link with the specific world she came from - making the brown-haired girl treasure her mount a lot more than she did before. Even if the wyvern pens were mixed, all the animals in a single connected area, she could easily make out the green-scaled form of her wyvern. Looking at it helped her put her mind at ease. Watching it down below her for a few moments let Altena calm down. To help her body relax, she set the Gae Bolg down against the wall next to her. Even with her impressive physical strength, her body still welcomed a relief from being forced to support the without the heavy weight of the lance. Once she did that, the Thracian woman just stood near the wall and closed her eyes, and began piecing everything together in her mind.

Because she was socusing herself on her thoughts, Altena’s awareness came down a lot. That meant she didn’t hear the quiet knocking of heels against the stone floor that came from the stairs she herself had ascended so recently. She only became aware that someone had been following her when terrible pain blossomed in her lower back. Looking down, she saw the sharp, long tip of the Gae Bolg exiting her body and piercing through her armor at the front. Whoever had attacked her, managed to drive the weapon directly through her spine - and her legs suddenly gave out as she was no longer able to control them. Altena dropped to her knees, the lance pulled out of her body as she collapsed. Using her hands, she pushed herself against the wall to turn around and take a look at her attacker. To her surprise, it was the short-haired blonde girl she had seen hang out around Leif most of the time - as Altena recalled, the girl’s name was Nanna. But… Why would she attack her?

Nanna wasn’t someone to harbor grudges or act against others. The girl was a healer, and she very much preferred helping people to actually fighting against them. Fortunately, she was skilled enough with her healing magic that she was able to do just that. However, there was just one subject where her kind nature made way for more sinister desires. The matter of the Leonster prince Leif. She was lucky enough to have been summoned together with her Leif. She spent her entire life alongside him, as the prince grew up under the care of her father, Finn. Obviously, the blonde had developed feelings for the prince - and once they crossed to this world, she finally acted on them. And he accepted her! For a while, everything was perfect, at least in the young Nordion noble’s green eyes. However… Recently, this unknown brown-haired wyvern rider had been getting closer and closer to them - and Leif specifically. This was something Nanna simply couldn’t tolerate. Leif was hers, and hers alone! She tried to make the other woman aware of how things stood between her and her prince, but Altena failed to get the hint repeatedly.

Because of that, Nanna finally decided to confront her about it this day. She in no way intended to hurt the woman, but rather finally explain to her that she should stay away from Leif. However, as she climbed the stairs to the part of the castle walls the woman she was getting increasingly jealous took, she saw that Altena was too lost in her thoughts to notice her. She took a few steps closer, intending to alert the woman of her presence and finally talk to her. However, she noticed the woman’s weapon propped against the wall nearby. The moment she saw it, it was as if a switch in her mind was flipped. The weapon was calling out to her. The lance of love and sorrow sensed Nanna’s feelings, and was providing her with a way to solve her problem with Altena for good. As if in a trance, Nanna picked the lance from its spot at the wall with the intent to kill. With the way Altena was standing, she was presenting her head and neck to her nicely - so Nanna intended to stab Altena’s spear right into one of these. Although twisted, the girl’s kindness was still there - trying to give her perceived rival an immediate death so she wouldn’t have to suffer. However, the girl didn’t consider just how heavy the weapon was - and so as she swung it towards Altena’s vulnerable neck, its tip took a dive downwards, with the weapon going right through the Thracian’s back instead. The hot splash of Altena’s blood going onto Nanna’s hands was enough to make the healer come back to her senses - and she watched, horrified, as a fresh coat of red was added to Altena’s red armor with the girl’s blood pouring from the new opening in her back. Nanna couldn’t believe what she had just done - shocked, she pulled the lance out of Altena and watched as the woman collapsed in front of her. Suddenly, the lance seemed even heavier than before - and Nanna found herself unable to keep holding it anymore, the Gae Bolg slipping out of her hands and crashing hard into the ground with a loud clang.

As that happened, Altena used what still remained of her strength to flip around so that she was facing her - and Nanna found herself unable to look the woman in the eye. “N-Nanna… Why?” The Thracian princess’s voice reached Nanna’s ears, but she had no idea how to answer. What took over her that spurred her to do this? Nanna was unaware of the Gae Bolg’s cursed history, of the path of tragedy that followed the lance wherever it went. So instead she blamed herself for it. However, a part of her was against that blame. There was nothing here to regret - she had finally dealt with a threat to her and Leif’s happiness. For a moment, Nanna stood over Altena’s body, unable to decide, what to do next. The limpness in Altena’s legs told her that she had managed to struck the woman’s spine. It was quite a heavy wound, but nothing magic couldn’t heal. Maybe… She should heal her now? This could be enough of a lesson to teach the wyvern rider to stay away from Leif from now on. She could also just leave - and leave Altena to bleed out. It was a part of the castle that was rarely visited, with Altena’s body being obscured from sight from the people that would come to visit their wyverns by the castle walls. No one should be able to find her in time. However, it was still possible - and Nanna didn’t like that. If the healer wasn’t going to help her rival, then she should just make sure Altena would die here herself. As she thought that, a thrill went through her body - and once more Nanna could hear a voice calling from the lance lying at her feet.

Nanna’s eyes darted towards the spear, which was almost vibrating on the ground, as if it was trying to get her to pick it up again. Once her green eyes did rest on the short lance, a cruel gleam lit up in her eyes. She found herself reaching for the Gae Bolg again, now fully devoted to finishing Altena off. However, she was able to stop herself in time before her hand closed around the weapon’s handle. No. With how her first time using the weapon went, she did not want to use it again. She’d rather have full control over what was happening - and she did not feel that was the case when wielding the spear. If she wasn’t going to use the Gae Bolg, Nanna needed another way to kill Altena. Now, her focus on healing magic turned back on her, as the girl had nothing on herself that she could use to finish the crippled Thracian off. Altena did not have another weapon on her, either… Nanna considered just sticking around for a moment to watch over Altena until she bled out. But… What if someone stumbled upon her here? What if Leif saw her like this? That should not be allowed to happen… No, she needed to kill her right away. But how?

As Nanna asked herself that question again, she heard a loud roar from over the wall. Looking over, she was reminded just where they were - that there were numerous deadly wyverns just a little below them. To Nanna’s surprise, she could also see the pieces of a few women on the ground below them. Were they feeding the wyverns with dead heroines, too? If that was the case… No one would bat an eye if one more girl ended up in the pen among them. Nanna got down near Altena, shoved her hands under the wyvern lady’s armpits, and tried to pull her up. However, with how limps her legs were, and how heavy the woman’s armor was, Nanna was unable to do it. She wasn’t that weak physically, but Altena’s armor weighed the woman down too much. Well, she’d just have to get rid of it. The healer also realized that it would have another benefit - it’d make it easier for the wyverns to devour Altena if her armor wasn’t in the way. With that in mind, the young noble proceeded to remove most of Altena’s red armor. She had to struggle a bit to get it off, but eventually she managed to succeed in that - leaving Altena in just the black bodysuit she wore underneath her armor, and her beige boots and gloves. None of those would offer any protection against the sharp jaws and claws of the dragon-like creatures. After setting Altena’s armor down on the ground, Nanna inserted her arms under the woman’s armpits again - then proceeded to pull her up. It wasn’t easy, but she was able to use the wall to support herself during it - all up to the point where she lifted Altena high enough that she was able to start pushing her over the wall. “Nanna, please, don’t do it!” Altena tried to ask her not to do it when she realized what the troubadour was trying to do, but her words fell on deaf ears as Nanna pushed Altena further over the gap in the wall - until eventually, Altena’s weight was enough to pull her over the rest of the way. Nanna watched her fall, and the girl found herself drawn to the gruesome fate she doomed Altena to - so she stayed there to watch, how exactly Altena’s death would play out. Once she’d be done here, she still needed to dispose of Altena’s armor, and get rid of the Gae Bolg… But for now she just proceeded to enjoy the sight as the wyverns below gathered around the brown-haired girl she gave them.

Once Nanna let go of her, Altena found herself falling for just a moment. Then, her body crashed into the ground. She was falling head-first, so her good looks ended up tarnished as the girl’s head slammed into the ground, her nose breaking. Her face was dragged across it, scratching her cheeks hard as she moved. On impact, one of her eyes was thrown out of its socket, popping out but still holding on through her optic nerve. She received a powerful strike that caused her bones to rattle, her spine cracking but not breaking. Still, it left her pretty stunned - leaving her defenseless as the rest of her body smashed into her ground. Then again, with the lower half of her body paralyzed, she wouldn’t be able to escape anyways. The loud sound of her graceless landing grabbed the wyverns’ attention - and by the time Altena’s head had recovered from the rough impact of her landing, her single working eye was greeted with the sight of several hungry, bloodthirsty animals standing around her crippled body. To Altena’s utter horror, she spotted her green wyvern among them - and not trying to protect its rider from harm. No, the hungry look in its eyes and its open, drooling jaws made it clear just what the injured animal intended to do to her.

Altena watched closely as the animals finally decided to take a bite of her. The woman’s clothes threw them off a bit, since most of their food was already naked when thrown in, but her lack of movement was enough for the animals to classify her as food. As her spine had been punctured with her lance, she didn’t feel a thing while their strong jaws closed over her thighs and pulled hard, ripping both of her boots-clad legs off with little trouble. Altena watched horrified as they took off huge bites of them, the shrunken legs falling back to the ground again as they were unable to hold on to them. The moment they fell, though, they were picked up by another pair of wyverns, who proceeded to gobble up all that remained of them. Altena was very much able to feel what followed, though. Like before, two pairs of strong jaws bit right into her upper arms. This time, however, she was clearly able to feel the dozens of sharp teeth sinking into her skin and the flesh below it, multiple stabs of pain coming from each opening in her body they created. She also felt them go through her bones, crushed by the wyvern’s jaws as their jaws bit down in full. Then, with powerful jerks of their heads, the animals tore her upper limbs off, leaving Altena as just a torso clad in a black bodysuit and a head.

Another of the wyverns picked her up right away. To her surprise, it lifted her off the ground as its maw grabbed her by her waist. It proceeded to shake her around a bit, with some of the insides of her stomach leaking into the monster’s mouth through the hole Nanna had created. Her head bounced around as it did that, the girl ending up quite dizzy because of it - the eye that had fallen out now ripping free and flying off across the enclosure. The wyvern wasn’t too happy about the amount of food it was getting from doing that, though, as the hole was pretty small. Because of that, after a moment the animal bit down - separating her body into three parts. Her abdomen survived, her lower guts spilling out of the giant hole at the top of it as it fell to the ground. Same went for her upper torso and her head - it fell to the ground again, with another powerful blow sending shivers down what still remained of Altena’s spine. Her midsection, however, didn’t - travelling down the animal’s gullet and into its stomach.

As Altena’s upper torso landed, she came face-to-face with her own wyvern. She looked at it in fear, searching for any shard of the bond she thought they shared. None of it seemed to be there, though - and it was the last thing she ever saw before her trusted mount bit down on her, taking her head and a huge chunk of her chest inside it. It bit through her ribcage as if it wasn’t there, huge chunks of her lungs also eaten by the wyvern along with her heart. Altena was still conscious as that happened, but only barely - surviving the trip into the beast’s stomach, but succumbing to her loss of blood once she splashed right into its stomach acids. Now, Altena’s head and heart would become a part of the animal which used her to carry her around.

The final uneaten part of her body would eventually succumb to just the same fate as the rest of her body did, but not right away. As fate had it, it fell right in front of a wyvern that was looking at Altena for a different reason. It wasn’t hungry in the slightest - instead, it was in heat. It’s throbbing, enormous erection tore right through the crotch of what was still there of her bodysuit and into the woman’s tight pussy. It quickly shot all the way up her vagina, slammed through her cervix, and hit the back of her womb hard. Enough to get the womb to pop out of the giant hole that topped off her abdomen now. The animal wasn’t satisfied with just that, though. A few more thrusts, and it tore through the back of her womb, it’s gigantic prick exiting what the animal had of her body. Even if it was only able to hug a part of the huge erection at time, the animal still proceeded to hump it happily with a lot of force - all the way until it shot a huge load of its semen all over the floor of their pen. Once it slid off the satisfied animal’s erection, the cum-glazed abdomen was quickly devoured by yet another wyvern - no signs that Altena had ever been there remaining in the pit.

The Gae Bolg’s curse had claimed yet another of its wielders as its victim.

Upon hearing that a nearby village had been attacked by pirates, Brigid just knew she had to go and fight them. Having led the Orgahill pirates for most of her life, she upheld them to a strict code of honor - and attacking defenseless villagers went against just about everything that being a pirate should be about. So she volunteered for the mission to protect that village, and sprinted off right towards it, not even waiting for the other heroes who would go on that mission and act as her support. She charged right in, Yewfelle glistening in her hand. Upon arriving there, the blonde archer proceeded to shoot at any of the pirates she could spot - all their actions she could see filling her with disgust and making her feel nothing but vengeful satisfaction as she sent arrow after arrow into the bastards’ heads. Each of them struck true, her holy weapon helping her with her aim. Almost no one could withstand a shot from it - and these pirates certainly weren’t among the select few that could. Still, since the attack was already ongoing when she had arrived there, the village had already suffered quite a bit. A few of the houses were burnt, and those that weren’t had their doors broken down, all of the valuables taken away. That was enough to condemn them already, but the pirates didn’t stop on just that. As she walked across the village, Brigid saw many a village maidens crying on the ground, their clothes torn and their slits oozing with what Brigid knew was the pirates’ semen. Not only did they steal from the poor, but also raped the poor, innocent villagers? What had they done to deserve such a fate? Hatred welled up within Brigid as she saw that. These men would get no mercy from her.

Brigid’s arrival was quickly noticed by the pirates. It was as if some demon had arrived and proceeded to slaughter them, one by one - putting fear into the hearts of many of the pirates. Their chief, however, wasn’t that easily scared. The woman’s angry screams about honor, and how their actions weren’t the true pirate way gave him just the idea on how do deal with her. During their pillage, they’ve captured quite a few of the village girls. The original plan for these were to entertain them once they returned back to their hideout, and act as insurance if the village tried to summon help - but they did already. If that was the case, the girls lost one of their main uses. They could still give them some fun, though - and if his plan worked out, also help them with dealing with that blonde demoness with a bow. It also helped that some time after the archer had arrived, more of Askr’s cursed heroes followed her. The men were quickly dealt with, but there was also a blonde cleric with them. After taking her staff away, she was shoved right into the group of their captives. “Don’t worry, my sister will definitely save us.” Even if captured, Edain had not lost any faith that Brigid would be able to help them all. She proceeded to tell just that to the other captured girls, calming them down with the warmth in her voice and the full belief she showed in what she said. However, the priest made sure only to say that when the pirates weren’t around - she was certain that they wouldn’t be too thrilled to hear her say that.

Eventually, the captured women were all dragged to the center of one of the bigger streets, and forced to their knees there - with the pirates drawing their weapons and standing all around them. That scared almost all the girls, but Edain still had no doubts her twin would come to their rescue.
“You! Cunt with the bow! Surrender now, or we will kill these girls here!” The pirate chief screamed at the top of his lungs in the direction his men reported Edain was last seen from. Brigid shivered in fury and disgust as she heard it. How could one turn to such underhanded tactics? She peeked out from behind one of the houses, taking a look at the situation. They’ve had the rest of the village maidens, and - her heart dropped as she saw it - they’ve had her twin sister, too! How did Edain even get here? Did she decide she wanted to go on this mission too in order to help her? Brigid carefully examined the situation. She could easily take out a few of the pirates before they realized that she struck, but what remained of their entire band had now gathered together. With how they had acted before, Brigid had no doubts that once they noticed that she was attacking, they’d slaughter their prisoners - and the archer knew she was unable to deal with them all in time. If Edain wasn’t among the prisoners, Brigid would have considered still fighting them anyways. As terrible as it’d be if she failed to save them all, she also knew that it’d be far worse if the village had lost their only source of defense it currently had. However, she couldn’t risk her sister’s life. They’d only just been reunited, and she had only began recalling their childhood together. She needed Edain to be there for her, to tell her about all the things she had forgotten about her past. With that in mind, there was just no way Brigid could fight back against these pirates. Setting Yewfelle down, she emerged fully from behind the house, her hands raised in the air.

“Look, boss, your plan worked! The bitch is coming here empty-handed!” Edain couldn’t believe her ears as she heard that. What was her sister doing? Was she really going to give in to the demands of these brutes? As outlandish as that sounded, Edain rose her head and saw just that - Brigid walking slowly towards the bandits without their family’s bow on her. Did her sister care about her so much? Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized that. “Ah, Brigid…” Edain muttered to herself while watching her approach. However, soon she’d have a real reason to cry. Once Brigid was close enough, a group of men quickly grabbed her, making sure she wouldn’t be able to fight back if she suddenly struck out at them. With the village’s final defender out of the way, the pirate chief knew it was time to play now. Freeing his member from his clothes, he turned towards one of the captured girls and in seconds was on her. He ripped just enough of her clothes off to gain access to her vagina, then quickly began pumping right into the squirming villager below her - enjoying the trickle of blood appearing around his cock that showed him that he had taken the girl’s virginity.

His subordinates didn’t waste any time with that either, quickly forcing themselves onto their captives, including Edain. The blonde cleric wasn’t a stranger to being raped. After Munnir kidnapped her - pulling Grannvale into a war with Verdane in the process - the man made sure to enjoy his captive’s body thoroughly. She still shivered at the memory of taking his erection into her pussy, of how rough he was with her when doing it… Fortunately, because of the kindness of prince Jamke she was able to escape from him. As terrible as that experience was, it at least gave her the knowledge, what to expect, as the men ripped her white robe off. Her beauty, which stole the hearts of many of Grannvale’s knights, wasn’t ignored by the pirates either - more of them going in her direction than the captured villagers. She prepared herself for the rape mentally, and even as two men squeezed her between their bodies, their erections sliding deep into her cunt and ass both, she managed not to feel too terrible about it. Tears of pain were still squeezed out of her eyes because of the rough, raw pounding her pussy and asshole were both receiving, but Edain herself still had hope. Once they’d be done with them here, they’d set them free, right? And if they didn’t, and took them back to their hideout… The summoner surely wouldn’t just abandon them. Edain held on to that thought as she felt two dicks fuck her with a lot of force, and rough hands fondled her tits. Her robes concealed their size well, but without them her breasts gathered a lot of attention.

While Edain and Brigid were twins, Brigid’s upbringing in a pirate fortress meant she never learned how to bring out her beauty properly, unlike her sister. Because of that, even if they should look just like the other, Edain’s makeup and clean look on her face brought out her features in a way that Brigid didn’t have. Edain was clearly the more beautiful and ladylike of the pair. Despite that, however, Brigid also had a crowd gathered around her - albeit for different reasons. The archer has killed so many of them already, she deserved to be hurt in return. Once the archer’s battle dress was gone, the men forced her to the ground and proceeded to take her - with even more force than the other villagers received. Hatefucking the girl for what she had done was something they all wanted to do. Still, only a few of them could actually use her at once - one going up her pussy, another right into her tight, virgin ass, and a third cock into her mouth. The rest would need to wait - but they didn’t wait idly. Instead, they proceeded to take their anger for Brigid right on her through other means. Many a fists cracked down on her ribs, her stomach, her breasts or her face - covering the blonde archer in multiple bruises and bringing her further away from her sisters’ beauty. However, Brigid didn’t snap under such a treatment, suffering silently through it without any signs they managed to actually hurt her.

Brigid’s lack of reactions annoyed the pirates gathered around her. They wanted to see the bitch suffer, to see her face be twisted with pain. Like this, Brigid was still defying them - and that pissed the men off. That anger grew within them, until finally the men decided to do more. If just beating her up wasn’t enough, they could easily hurt her in a more proper way. The woman’s quiver ended up as on the ground near the spot they stripped her in - so they could easily acquire her arrows. Then, they proceeded to hit her with their fists again - but with an arrow clenched inside each of these each time. Brigid’s muscular abdomen, her strong arms and her tits all received a bunch of stab wounds as the men forced her ammunition right into her body. These hurt, finally making Brigid squirm on the ground a bit at first - but once she got used to it, she returned to not showing anything as more arrows ripped into her skin. With how shallow these wounds were, the blonde knew she was in no danger of dying. She wouldn’t give the men the satisfaction of listening to her pained voice - or at least, that’s what she was trying to do. However, the men took notice of her reduced reactions - understanding that they needed to hurt her even more. Grabbing the arrows stabbed into her breasts and using them as handles, they stretched both of her tits out from her chest. Then, another two men grabbed yet another two arrows - and punched them right into Brigid’s helpless nipples. Now, the woman finally screamed, her voice muffled by the cock still inside her mouth, as her nipples were torn apart by the sharp, pointy arrowheads, their ruined holes squirting out milk as the rough shafts entered her tits through them. Having her tits ruined hurt her mentally. The woman was already insecure about her femininity. With her nipples ruined, she could still become a mother, but she’d never be able to feed her child by herself properly. The men targeted something that Brigid was very vulnerable to - and in turn that made her more responsive to the physical pain she was being put through. Tears flashed in her eyes, a sign that they’d finally managed to get the ex-pirate to snap. They cheered as they saw them, celebrating their success as the one using her pussy creamed it because of her stronger struggles. The man fucking her ass blew his cum deep into her bowels too soon after, Brigid feeling more ashamed about her body than ever before as he did. As another climax covered her face with the semen of the man facefucking her, Brigid had a harder time bringing the hatred out in her eyes while on the receiving end of a cum shower.

Once the pirates pulled out, a few others moved to replace them - but were stopped in their tracks by another pirate. He went for the spot that Brigid had emerged from earlier, and now returned with her bow in hand. Brigid looked at her Holy Weapon as the man brought it back towards her. Even if she was the only one able to wield Yewfelle, the man wasn’t exactly going to shoot at her with it. Instead, he knelt right beside her - and asked a few of his companions to spread her legs. Then, he showed the bow’s upper limb right into her pussy - it’s sharp tip scraping against her cum-covered inner walls as it traveler deep into her cunt. It took him no time at all to reach her cervix, but that didn’t stop him as he pushed the tip past it and into her womb. As he got it further in, another part of the bow also got closer to her body. After some twisting the weapon around, he was able to make it so that the spike over the sight window was now pointing towards her ass. Then, with a strong shove, he forced the golden, pointy guard right into her tight, inexperienced asshole. Even if her sphincter was stretched before by the man who raped her ass, it was still pretty small - making it all the more painful as the sharp spike proceeded to tear it up. Fresh blood trickled out of her ass and down the bow’s length as that happened - but the man wasn’t done yet. With a final, even more powerful push, he buried the spike all the way into her ass - making it so that the bridge between it and the bow’s upper limb rammed into her crotch. Her anal pain was already quite strong, but that wasn’t all she felt. With that extra push, the man caused the tip of the bow’s upper limb to tear through the back of her womb - sending it just a little into her abdominal cavity while painfully tearing a hole in her womb. Just feeling that caused another wave of uncertainty and self-consciousness into Brigid’s head. How was she ever going to have a kid with a hole there now? More tears proceeded to flow down her face as the man who put her bow to good use decided he was done with her - but the other pirates still remained standing over her, poking the bow and moving it around to cause her more discomfort in both her ass and her vagina. Brigid rolled on the ground, all of her body aching from the bruises and shallow arrow wounds as the pain from these finally caught up with her, with more tears running free from her eyes.

With Brigid successfully broken in, there was no point in waiting any longer. The villagers needed to be punished for daring to call for help from the Order of Heroes. Starting with the one the pirate chief was currently raping, each of the captured girls was brought out to the middle of the square, and then executed. Some of these lost their heads, while others were stabbed directly through their chests or had their bodies cleaved apart with axes. A few of them were forced to take the lances of some of the dead pirates up her cunts, impaled pussy-to-mouth and withering quickly around the merciless shafts. Edain watched that occur with buckets of tears flowing down her face. She promised these girls they would be alright, and the pained, disappointed and even accusing looks the girls were giving her hurt the blonde noble a lot. She felt so guilty about that… And it was even worse once she realized that Brigid had surrendered to these pirates instead of trying to fight them once she saw her among the captives. Her emotions were running strong within her, and so once the men grabbed her and proceeded to drag her towards her execution, the beautiful cleric proceeded to scream. “Brigid! Ah, sister! Please, help me!”

Brigid watched bitterly as the men proceeded to kill most of their captives. How could she ever have trusted their words? If they were using hostages against her, it should have been obvious to her that they wouldn’t keep their word of not hurting them. But the archer lived with honorable pirates all her life, she thought she could at the very least trust these pirates on that. Now, Brigid just cursed her naivete as she watched so many innocent lives be thrown away because of her stupidity. However, that changed once she saw them drag Edain, and heard her calling for her help. She struggled harder, but the men were still holding her down, just in case she tried to pull anything off. Instead, all she could do was call back at her. “Edain! No! You bastards!” She screamed at the men while throwing herself on the ground with more force than ever before. The men took notice of that - stopping Edain instead of killing her right away as planned. It was clear that this woman was very important to the bow-wielding bitch if she actually called out to her - so it meant they could use Edain to hurt her some more.

Dragging Edain towards her twin sister instead, the men wasted no time in hurting her. First, they forced her onto the other end of Brigid’s bow, forcing her to take its other limb up her cunt just like they did with Brigid. Edain endured that better than her sister did, who continued to throw on the ground again as Edain’s weight pushed the weapon deeper into her. However, she wasn’t even bothered by the pain that much. She remembered how much this hurt her before - and felt really guilty that her outburst caused her sister to go through the same thing. Brigid even realized it could be even worse for Edain - since they were pushing her down onto it instead of carefully inserting like they did with her - and she proceeded to feel even worse about it. “S-sorry, Edain…” She muttered as she heard Edain’s voice crying out in pain as the bow’s spike took the Jungby girl in the ass. Even with her having more experience with sex than her sister, it didn’t really help as the cold, sharp metal ripped through her sphincter and into her rectum. Both sisters stared at one another with tears in their eyes as the men dragged Edain fully onto the bow, it’s tip tearing through the back of her womb just like it did with Brigid’s. In a cruel twist of fate, the holy weapon which could only be inherited by the descendants of Ulir was what destroyed the wombs of both women carrying that holy blood.

Once Edain was just as impaled on Yewfelle as Brigid was, the men let go of her - and for a moment, watched the two sisters as they tried to balance their position out. Whenever one of them moved, the other one felt it very well as the weapon buried within her was also moved, causing her additional pain. All it took was just getting them to move once, and then the twins would perpetuate a circle of pain as their bodies moved against their will. For a while, the men watched it, happily listening to their pained cries while jerking off right onto their pained bodies.

Once Brigid and Edain had both been turned into a sobbing mess each, the pirates decided it was time to kill them. Edain would be the first one to die - Brigid would have to watch her sister die to hurt her some more. And it wouldn’t be a pretty death either. Edain’s head was grabbed by two men who approached her from opposite sides, but both waved their dicks in front of her face. Her amber eyes looked at them through her tears - all the way until the tips of their cocks slammed right into her eyeballs. Both of her eyes were crushed at the same time, Edain suddenly going blind in an explosion of pain. A lot of goo and eye matter was splashed onto her face, running down her cheeks while mixed with her tears and blood as the cocks proceeded to go further into her eye sockets. She screamed, and she screamed hard, as pain stronger than ever overwhelmed her and caused her to trash around - further ruining both of their wombs and assholes as she caused the bow’s ends to move around inside them with far more force than before. But the men didn’t stop there. Instead, they just rammed their dicks deeper into her sockets. For just a moment, they were stopped by the backs of them - but all it took was a more powerful shove, and they both entered Edain’s brain.

Just like that, in an instant, Edain was gone. Her body was still alive, but their dicks ruined her frontal lobe right away - taking away her sense of self along with the ability to think. She lost control over her body, too - her mouth opening and her tongue flapping free as drool run down her chin. Nothing remained of the dignified Jungby lady as the pirates drove their pricks further into her head, causing her body to start spasming uncontrollably on the bow. Brigid howled in pain and regret as she saw it - both physical as the bow continued to poke around her insides and mental as she knew she lost her sister for good. Edain’s fair breasts moved up and down with her spasms, and the pirates who weren’t raping her brain enjoyed that sight, making them the target of their climaxes as the healer’s demise brought them over the edge. They were showered with semen, with some of the less accurate ones shooting their seed onto her flat stomach or even onto Brigid instead. That wasn’t the only liquid Brigid was covered with now - as Edain was unable to control her bladder anymore, she released a stream of hot, golden liquid right over the bow linking them and onto her sister’s abdomen. But Brigid had no mind for being disgusted with it now - she was fully focused on watching her sister’s final moments. “Edain… Ah, Edain…” Brigid muttered through her tears as Edain’s final twitches shook the blonde girl’s body, her sister’s body shutting down just as she took two fresh creampies into her brain. Her skull was flooded with spunk, and once the men pulled out - cum mixed with brain matter dripping from their dicks and leaking out of the two hollow holes at the front of her head - her corpse collapsed backwards, without a sliver of life in it.

With Edain dead, nothing remained of the strong, brave woman Brigid once was. The woman just sobbed loudly on the ground with her eyes closed, unresponsive to anything the men threw at her - ignoring the extra stirring of the bow caused by the new men thrusting into Edain’s eye holes and the kicks and punches the men gave to her to check for her reactions. After another round of punches and kicks confirmed that Brigid wasn’t going to respond to them in any way, the pirates agreed that it was time to off her. Since she wasn’t going to be any fun with it anyways, they agreed to make it a quick kill. One of them knelt down and grabbed Brigid’s head. Her brown eyes lacked any emotion as she stared at the face of one of her rapists, further confirming that it was a good choice. He gave it a strong twist to the side, up to the point when he could feel her spine breaking - snapping the archer’s neck. Her body convulsed on the ground for a few moments, a streak of piss escaping her body and mirroring the splash that Edain had created, but otherwise Brigid’s body showed no signs that her life had ended - except for the head that was now twisted well to the side. Once he had done that, the man pried her lips open - and as her tongue slipped free, he forced his dick right in between them. With her neck twisted, it was much harder to push deep inside her than before, but the man wasn’t bothered by that. He just thrust in as deep as he could, using Brigid’s dead mouth to get off once more.

After humping the corpses for a bit longer, both the man in Brigid’s mouth and the two pirates taking her sister’s eye sockets came, filling Brigid’s open mouth with his cum while Edain’s brain was drowned in semen. Once that was over, and the men pulled out, the pirate chief announced that they were retreating. The corpses of the two blonde heroines, as well as the multiple dead villagers, would serve as a warning to the surviving villagers not to try requesting that kind of help anymore. And as terrible as they felt about it, the villagers couldn’t really help themselves once they did come out of their hiding spots after the pirates had left. They proceeded to fuck the corpses that the pirates left behind, the necrophiliac pleasure a good way of forgetting about their losses for just a while. Brigid and Edain’s corpses weren’t spared from that either - the two sisters providing the people they tried to save with a final service as they took a number of cocks up their ruined pussies and asses.



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Xenologue 1: Rinkah's Final Battle
tags: futa/F, M/F, cons, head crush, amputation, beheading, headfuck, impalement

Ever since her arrival to the world of Askr, Rinkah found herself drawn to the arena that had been built there. It allowed for heroes to fight against one other for fun and pleasure - and the princess of the Flame Tribe loved the thrill of competing against others like that. In the arena, she could further her physical skills far better than ever before. Even if there were combat arenas back in her world, these usually had the loser back out whenever they lost the battle. Here, no such rules were in place - and fighting against live opponents in battles to the death caused both combatants to fight to the fullest of their abilities. That offered new room to grow, and Rinkah hungrily run to the arena in each spare moment she found. The ever-present knowledge that any mistake could lead to her dying thrilled her, the woman able to feel the danger in a much more real way than the skirmishes she fought while in Corrin’s army. However, being able to indulge in killing others also was just as, if not more, exciting than the feeling at the back of her head that was telling her it could be over any moment. Both of these mixed within her head, subtly influencing Rinkah through the early stages of her arena journey.

For a while, Rinkah was more than happy just fighting in the arena, showing off her combat prowess to the numerous spectators. Having more and more eyes seek her out as she climbed the ranks of the fighters was exciting - the club-wielding girl losing herself in the pleasure that was nothing but sexual more and more often as she paraded around the arena after each of her kills. The pleasure grew and grew, and eventually she started using her club to masturbate while in the break rooms - anything to get off after how good she was feeling. And once she really started getting off on people watching her, she quickly adopted the other strong feelings that were going through her in the arena as sources of sexual satisfaction as well. First came getting off on killing others - her loincloth luckily covering the damp spots which showed up more and more often on her pants as she brought her club down on the heads of her opponents. The smashing of their skulls and the splashing of their brains synced perfectly with the squirts from her pussy as Rinkah came while taking the lives of her foes. Eventually, it became less about making herself better, and more about getting off on each and single kill she got. Eventually, she began to moan openly with each kill, touching herself through her pants and enjoying the knowledge that the she was being watching by so many people. Her clothes were already quite revealing, showing off the girl’s very muscular stomach to all spectators. The white bindings she had wrapped around her chest provided a reliable image of her tits, even if they were also underselling their size a bit as they bound her breasts down.

At about the same time, Rinkah became known as the arena’s champion. It was rare for someone to last so long without dying, but Rinkah had managed to do just that - and her continuous success had earned her a fair number of fans. While many of these enjoyed watching her kill and get off on it - the Flame princess was getting more and more daring about that, too - there was also a huge group among them who just waited for her eventual slip-up. They knew that the girl couldn’t fight flawlessly forever, that she’d eventually also fall victim in the arena - and they were looking forward to that day a lot. As for Rinkah… The knowledge that she could die any moment was still in her mind. For a while, it took a back seat as she proceeded to smash her weapon right into the heads of many opponents. However, the pleasure she was getting from that eventually began to die down. The flame tribe girl tried her best to keep it up for as long as she could. Using her newfound exhibitionism, she proceeded to show more and more of her body as she touched herself - undoing her bindings sometimes and letting her breasts breathe as she fondled them with one hand, and happily taking in all the stares they were getting from the audience. However, that only kept her sated for a little longer - and eventually, Rinkah found herself unable to climax in the arena through doing just that anymore. Going from orgasming without even touching her pussy to being unable to get off frustrated her a lot. Finally, because of all that, she decided to give that last feeling that was always with her a go - her body tensing up in intense pleasure as she imagined herself losing. All it took was doing it once, and she was completely hooked on it. Gods… This felt better than all the other things she had tried while climaxing before!

At first, Rinkah tried to keep it just a fantasy, but she found herself unable to make it just that. Before long she proceeded to give a little less into each fight than before. Of course, she still won each of her fights, but she began toying with her opponents, giving them a faint shot at injuring her and enjoying taking the defensive from time to time. At the same time, whenever she wasn’t in a fight, her imagination run wild as she thought of what could happen to her when she lost. She stayed away from playing with the corpses of her defeated foes, but she very much knew that she was an unusual champion with that - usually, the winner of a duel would proceed to rape the loser’s corpse. So Rinkah imagined herself stripped in front of the crowd, imagined herself being penetrated against her will as she laid down with a sword impaled through her heart or an axe buried all the way into her head. Just taking the dying spasms of any of her kills, and putting herself in that position, was enough to let her cum in full force. As the days went on, she continued to give her opponents more and more opportunities to get a strike in on her. Now, she wasn’t just aware that each battle could be her last - she welcomed that possibility and tried to make it as likely as she could. Despite that, her well-trained body still allowed her to win each time - Rinkah’s instincts working well for her and saving her life even if the strong princess didn’t want them to. And the people watching her could sense it too - knowing that the moment of the fighter’s death was closer than ever. That spurred more challengers to go against her than usual - and eventually, it led to her having to fight multiple people at once, as a huge group of fighters was all trying to be the one to kill her. And more importantly, to claim the great prize that came with it - to fuck Rinkah’s dying body once they would triumph over her.

In the end, Rinkah couldn’t resist that urge - and decided to give in to it completely. Her next duel would be her last one. The night before, she couldn’t fall asleep at all - instead she’d masturbate without any breaks while trying to come up with what exactly was going to happen to her. Would it be an impalement? Maybe they’d slice her open and gut her? Or maybe they were going to take her limbs away? How about just roasting her with magic? She could lose her head, too. Or maybe someone would feed her a piece of her own pie and smash her head open with a club just like she had done to so many enemies? Oh, the possibilities were truly endless - and Rinkah was determined to cum to each and every scenario she could think of before the dawn would break. She ended up quite exhausted at the end of the night, her body all sweaty as her sheets were drenched with her come, but sexually she was more satisfied than ever. Refreshing herself up with a nice, steaming-hot bath - just like the ones she enjoyed back home - Rinkah proceeded to look at her body in the water’s reflection. She was still very fit - in fact, she was certain that her muscles grew here. The battles and the extra practice she was able to get her surely helped them grow a bit. Her dark skin was now covered with many new fresh scars, scars that served as proud reminders of many battles she had fought here. She was in a better shape than ever, and her body showed it very well - making her quite proud of it. Yes, a body like this definitely deserved to be seen.

Once her bath was over, Rinkah proceeded to get ready for her final duel. After putting her clothes on and grabbing her trusty club, Rinkah walked into the arena for what she knew would be her last time, her entire body shivering with excitement. Her arousal leaked freely down her strong legs, and even her baggy pants couldn’t conceal it this time - lots of damp spots appearing on the inner sides of her loose, white pants as she got past the gate. Most of her juices run down her fairly meaty thighs, but the sheer amount of the girl’s arousal pouring free was enough to make so many spot in her pants that it was clear to see, how she was feeling. Well, either that or the person who saw that would think she had pissed herself in fear - but anyone who had seen her fight in here even once would never make such a mistake. Walking in, Rinkah listened happily to the loud cheers coming from the crowd. She had made so many fans here… The princess of the Flame Tribe hoped that she would give them an unforgettable show tonight.

Rinkah stopped on the sand, and looked at the opposite entrance to the arena - the one where her challengers - and future killers - would enter from. The gate rose, and Rinkah watched as her enemies entered. There were three of them - a man with an axe, a girl with a sword, and another girl with a lance. Rinkah knew these were some heroes, but ones she couldn’t really recognize. That was perhaps even better than if she knew them - she was placing her life in the hands of complete strangers.

Without any warning, her opponents all charged at her. Rinkah watched them move, and happily saw that at least in that matter they were doing it properly, not getting in the other’s way as they quickly covered the ground between them and her. It would be a shame if her killers weren’t even capable of doing that. The man with the axe was the first one to get to her, quickly swinging it at her from above. As she saw him do that, Rinkah quickly threw her hands upwards, bringing her club right into the man’s left elbow from below. The satisfying crack of breaking bones reached her ears as she shattered the man’s elbow to pieces, with his left forearm hanging limply from the rest of the arm. That took much of the force out of his blow, but not enough to stop his attack completely. The axe reached her body - more specifically, her chest. It lacked the power to do any significant damage to her, though - only opening a small red line in the dark skin of her chest. It did, however, slice through the bindings she wore over her tits - with a huge part of them coming off and giving everyone around her an unobstructed look at her cleavage. They were still clinging on to her body, but just barely - and most of her sizeable boobs were now revealed, their size no longer concealed by the cloth.

The man was clearly shocked by her attack, but still managed to muster enough common sense to get away from Rinkah before she attacked him again. In a normal scenario, this wouldn’t help him in any way - the club-wielding champion would just claim his life later after she dealt with his fellow fighters. As it was now, though, it was going to save him, and more - let him enjoy his victory later. He stumbled away from her, and as he did, another of the combatants replaced him. Although Rinkah didn’t know her, it was Est, the pink-haired pegasus rider from Macedon. The girl came at Rinkah with her spear, but the white-haired Oni savage had no troubles out of the way of her strike, the pointy weapon harmlessly going past her. As her attack missed, the youngest Whitewing found herself far closer to Rinkah than she should ever be. She had forgotten that she wasn’t on her pegasus for this fight, as usually it would take her away to safety even if she missed her enemy like that. All Rinkah had to do was bring her club down, and it smashed through Est’s skull, huge chunks of the pink-haired girl’s brain and skull thrown up as a bloody cloud as Rinkah felt a pleasant tingling in her pussy. “Should have worn a helmet, girl.” She told the twitching, dying lance fighter as Est collapsed to the sand, the blood from her ruined brain squirting onto the ground as her spear landed close to her body. There was no coming back from this, and the axe-wielding man was in no state to fight her. Because of that, Rinkah knew that her last enemy needed to be the one to kill her. She already put up enough of a fight to make her champion’s role justice.

Rinkah took a look at the girl with the sword. She had long, blue hair, and wore a white headband at the front of her hair. She dressed mostly in orange - save for her high, black socks - and carried quite a huge blade with her. She was also eyeing her from a bit of a distance, having watched both of Rinkah’s small skirmishes to decide on the best way to deal with her. The look on her face, and the way the girl was holding her sword, both were telling Rinkah that she knew her way with the blade - and wouldn’t miss an opening if she gave her one. Which was just what Rinkah intended to do - and so, the woman with the club went ahead to attack her final foe. With the way she was moving, and the way she was holding her club, she telegraphed what her attack would be perfectly - and hoped that her enemy would pick it up. Rinkah’s heart was beating incredibly fast as she got closer - she knew this was the moment of truth. Her heart almost burst out of her chest as she saw the girl move against her in return, her sword going to take advantage of the opportunity Rinkah was giving her. A strong pain bloomed out in her right shoulder as the resolute blade sliced right through it. Her club was sent flying away, and her right arm went right with it. The very muscular limb raced away from her body as Rinkah’s life entered its final phase - and the woman couldn’t be any happier about it.

Mia was a bit frustrated about what happened as she took Rinkah’s arm away from her. With Rinkah’s reputation of a very powerful warrior, the blue-haired girl was just so excited to fight against her! A chance to fight someone like that was well worth the risk of dying. However, now Mia was more than a little disappointed. It was clear to her that someone of such a renown couldn’t have just made that mistake on accident. No, Mia was probably the only person in the arena who knew that Rinkah just threw her life away on purpose. Oh, why did it have to be their duel? She wanted to fight Rinkah without her holding back, with both of them doing their hardest to kill the other. Instead, she got a fight that was over in an instant, without any chance for her to experience Rinkah’s battle prowess herself. That pissed her off so much! Her anger swelled up within her, clearly showing on the girl’s cute face - and something else also swelled up on the lower part of her body. Well, if Rinkah wasn’t going to entertain her like that… She could make use of the perks that came with winning her duel to have a different kind of fun. Rinkah was standing in place, looking curiously at the stump of her arm - but she wouldn’t get to do that for long as Mia attacked her again. The girl’s hand grabbed the white bandings from her chest, and quickly ripped them the rest of the way off - freeing Rinkah’s breasts completely. Just the sight of their size as they sprung proudly so close to her made Mia excited - enough that the front flap of her orange battle dress began to rise with her arousal, pushed back by her dick.

The mercenary pushed Rinkah to the ground - annoyed again by Rinkah’s lack of any meaningful resistance. Despite that, she grabbed the top of Rinkah’s pants - and pulled hard on the belt that kept them in place, pulling all of them down. Without them, Mia was free to see Rinkah’s cunt and the white, fuzzy patch of white hair over it - and was the only one to see just how wet it was, further confirming that this was what Rinkah wanted. Aaaah! It was driving her mad! A chance for a duel of this caliber, just lost like that! Mia only barely kept herself from shivering in rage. She needed to get back at her right away. Pulling the front of her dress to the side, Mia exposed her futa cock, and then drove it right into the folds of Rinkah’s pussy. Ooooh… This felt good… Rinkah’s wetness allowed her prick to go deep into the woman. Mia always enjoyed the warmth of a pussy clenching around her dick, but Rinkah’s lineage meant her insides were warmer than these of a normal girl - and Mia loved the hotness embracing her dick from all sides. She moaned happily as she proceeded to slam her erection into Rinkah again and again, the sexual pleasure letting her forget about the frustration for at least a little.

Rinkah only barely stopped herself from moaning as Mia exposed her breasts. Now, everyone could see them - and there was nothing she could do to stop them! Her legs grew weaker as her pussy started leaking again, so when Mia tried to topple her Rinkah wasn’t even able to resist. Next, Mia removed her bottoms - or at least got them low enough to gain access to her cunt. That was something she had not shown to anyone yet - and now, the whole arena could see them. The looks she could feel going towards it only aroused her even more, turning her pussy into the perfect orifice to fuck. And to her surprise, it was penetrated right away. She looked toward Mia in surprise, and saw that the girl had a dick which she was now using to penetrate her. Rinkah was pretty surprised by that - she wasn’t challenged by a futa in the arena before, so she had no idea that there were girls like these among Kiran’s heroes.

“W-what’s this?” She asked after Mia thrust into her a few times, and the first moan left her rapist’s lips.
“Oh, I have more than one personal sword. Don’t worry, I’m just as skilled with it as with the full-sized one!” Mia called out in return along with a small chuckle, and to emphasize her words pushed her hips forward with more strength and speed than before.
“W-What? You’re a freak! This is not right!” Rinkah called out angrily, and Mia sighed. She had met with some scrutiny like this before, and it was pretty annoying. Rinkah must have noticed her reaction, for she proceeded to say more things in a similar vein, further pissing Mia off. The frustration from earlier was there - and as much as she was enjoying herself through the fucking, she found Rinkah’s words too much of a bother to just ignore them. Eventually, she decided to hurt the girl more because of it. Forming fists out of her hands, Mia then proceeded to shower Rinkah’s very muscular abs with a barrage of punches. Each hit let her take out just a bit of her anger, and that combined with the increased speed of her thrusts let her enjoy herself to the fullest. Rinkah’s abs were quite firm, but despite that, Mia was able to feel some of her stronger punches through her dick, the extra stimulation helping with bringing her off.

Rinkah continued to badmouth Mia like that as the girl fucked her, quite happy about the reaction she was getting from her. As Mia’s punches grew stronger and her thrusts became more intense, Rinkah couldn’t stop herself from moaning in between them. It was everything she had come to want. Even with the pain from the stump of her arm, she never felt better. Because of her excitement, she was able to come fairly quickly - and as she did, her jabs at Mia came to an end. However, as her pussy clenched hard around Mia’s dick, with her come covering most of it as well as the front of Mia’s dress, Mia didn’t stop hitting her - the myrmidon finding it too fun to stop. Before long, Mia found herself closing on an orgasm too. As she did, she let up with the punches. It was time to deal some real damage to Rinkah. Grabbing her sword again, Mia quickly brought it through Rinkah’s left upper arm. Now, her strong muscles provided more of a resistance, so Mia had to cut more than once. The moment she finally sliced through it, and a powerful shiver went through Rinkah’s body to signify it, Mia came as well, her creamy semen shooting deep into Rinkah’s pussy. The swordfighter shivered as she did that, using her sword to keep herself from collapsing as numbness spread through her body. It helped her get through the most of her climax. Once it was over, she pulled her dick out, with her sperm leaking out of Rinkah as she did, and got up. She adjusted her dress so that it covered her flaccid dick for now, and picked Rinkah’s left arm up. Her eyes went in the direction of where the first one flew towards - and to her surprise, saw that it got all the way into the crowd of spectators on that side of the arena. Unsurprisingly, it was already being used to help get multiple people off, the Flame Tribe girl’s fingers, the stump at the end of it, and even her bindings and gloves all used by the spectators to help themselves cum. Well, if that was what was happening to that arm… Mia threw Rinkah’s other arm into a different part of the crowd as well, and watched with some satisfaction as the crowd proceeded to divide it between them so as many people could use it as possible.

Even if Mia needed to wait before she could fuck her again, Rinkah wasn’t left alone for that time. The man whose elbow Rinkah had crushed before was now able to pay her back for it - his dick going right into her snatch as well. He proceeded to rape her, but to Rinkah’s surprise didn’t hurt her beyond that. That was a bit disappointing… So she proceeded to taunt him just like she did with Mia. At first, she tried calling him out on how easily she took him out, but that didn’t really work. Then, she switched subjects - comparing the man’s cock to Mia’s. She proceeded to tell him in much detail about how Mia’s felt better in every way, and that Mia showed much more force with her thrusts. She didn’t even get to telling him that Mia was fucking her faster than he did before his only surviving arm began smashing into her body. Her stomach was already a bit bruised after Mia’s part, but the man was putting much more force into his punches - with darker bruises appearing all over her abdomen. Rinkah liked how much rougher he was going, but wasn’t going to tell him that - and continued to egg him on like that. After throwing some punches at her stomach, the man switched to her upper body instead. Her ribs and then her breasts took a few hits each, and then he moved on to her head. His first strike broke her nose, with shards of if going onto her face along with a splash of blood. But he didn’t stop with just that - he put his fist down onto her jaw as well, dislocating it as well as breaking a few of her teeth. He slammed his fist right over one of her eyes as well, giving her a black eye and causing her eyelid to swell so much that she couldn’t keep it up, that eye squeezed shut because of it. His knuckles smashed into her forehead as well, opening a small crack in her skull just like Rinkah did to so many of her opponents in the arena. And yet, for all that blunt force trauma, the woman’s arousal didn’t go down. The stronger pain, did, however, make it a bit harder for it to build up - enough so that she wasn’t able to come before the man did. Rinkah took another creampie into her pussy, just moaning happily as the man’s punches stopped until he pulled out of her.

Rinkah laid on the ground as the man did that, painfully close to a climax. With her arms both gone, all she could do to get off was grinding her thighs together. Fortunately, she was able to do just that - and she moaned some more as she closed her eyes and tried to push herself over the edge. Just a little bit, and then~! Yes! She moaned louder as her pussy began to squirt out her last climax, pleasure proceeding to spread through her body. However, as that happened, suddenly pain appeared in her neck - and the pleasure disappeared completely. Her healthy eye snapped open, only to see Mia standing over her - finally giving her a good look at her dick that as again erect. What was more surprising, however, was the sword that had slid through her neck. Mia had been watching her from above for a moment, stroking her dick to get hard again and waiting for her to reach her climax. Now that she did, she quickly sliced her neck off - denying Rinkah the pleasure that came with it just like Rinkah denied her a fair fight before. This was Mia’s way of getting back at the women. She left the sword in Rinkah’s neck, and picked the head up, then quickly forced her futa tool into the back of Rinkah’s throat. The Flame Tribe girl would pass on without getting to experience the release she was going for as Mia took her neck with as much force as she could muster before. And yet, Rinkah was still happy about it. She could see her body twitching on the ground below, and she could tell in just how much pleasure it was. It sucked that she couldn’t feel it herself, but she had at least accomplished one mind-blowing climax as Mia fucked her before - so Rinkah accepted it. In her dying brain, this seemed like a fitting end to her arena fighting career. She died without any regrets while her head was impaled on Mia’s dick.

While Mia fucked Rinkah’s head, the axe fighter was working on her corpse. First, he grabbed the spear that Est had dropped - the dead Whitewing’s corpse already completely cool on the ground. Then, he shoved the weapon right into Rinkah’s cunt, to a splash of blood, Rinkah’s come, and both his and Mia’s cum. Even with one hand, he was able to quickly push the weapon all the way through her body - with it eventually leaving through the stump of her neck. It was time to parade the champion’s corpse around - and the weapon of her final kill was the perfect tool for that. He grabbed the spear by its lower end, and tried to lift her up. However, as he still could only use one of his arms, he found it too heavy for that. However, there was an easy solution for that. Letting go of the spear for a moment, he grabbed his axe again - and then brought it down through both of Rinkah’s large thighs in quick succession. With both of her legs detached, the girl’s weight would surely be manageable. Before testing that, though, he took Rinkah’s pants off the cut-off legs, and threw them into the crowd just like Mia did with the girl’s arms. The ex-champion’s fans were more than happy to get their hands on these, removing Rinkah’s boots and rubbing their cocks against Rinkah’s feet or the crevices they could create by bending her legs around.

Just like the man expected, he was now able to pick what remained of Rinkah up. He proceeded to do just that, then carried her limbless torso around the arena for a while. As expected, most of the spectators who weren’t lucky enough to be near the spots where her limbs landed were just jerking off to the sight. To give them a chance to leave a mark on Rinkah’s body as well, the man proceeded to carry her very close to the stands - enough that a powerful cumshot would easily reach her. And that’s just what the spectators would try to do, paying their respects to the now-dead champion by trying to hit her with some streaks of their cum. The many bruises all over her fit, powerful body were coated with a layer of spunk. Even if each spectator couldn’t give too much to her, all their climaxes combined were enough to create a thin layer of cum over her corpse. Once the man completed a full walk around the arena, Mia had just finished her climax as well, Rinkah’s bruised face also receiving some sperm. Then, the two fighters set both parts of Rinkah’s corpse down, and left the arena. But that wasn’t the end of the abuse Rinkah’s corpse would go through. As the arena’s champion, her corpse was put up on display near the arena entrance. Anyone who wanted to jerk off onto her plump tits or strong abs, or fuck her dead face, could easily do so - and the preservative spells put on it ensure that it’d stay there for quite a while.


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This one's based on Veiled's Clarisse set, which is out on his fanbox now, and will be up on his normal pixiv later!
This story wasn't uploaded early to my Patreon, but most of them are!

Intermission 9: Clarisse's Bad Luck
tags: non-con, M/F, Futa/F, F/F, rape, amputation, stabbing, shooting, cannibalism

Clarisse found herself straight at home in the world of Askr. The cruel, merciless way the summoner treated his heroes fit her just fine - it was just like how Eremiya was ruling the children at her orphanage - and that included Clarisse as well. However, while the man was usually exceedingly cruel towards the heroes who caught his attention - especially the female ones - you needed to do something to catch his attention in the first place. Clarisse noticed it straight away that if she’d manage to lay low and not get him to notice her, she’d be able to enjoy herself in this world for as long as she’d like to. And the best thing about this world was that as long as Kiran didn’t direct his attention at her, no one here would stop her from doing just about anything she wanted. Heroes were constantly killing one another here for fun - and Clarisse was more than happy to join the ranks of killers. For a while, Clarisse took pleasure in kidnapping the allies of prince Marth and torturing them to death, just like her mission back home was. The three whitewing sisters all fell by her hand, one-by-one, as she indulged in her cruelty, cutting them up for days in the safety of her room. That same fate took the light sage Linde, the young noble’s cries for help and screams of pain a music to Clarisse’s ears. In just these first kills, Clarisse already enjoyed herself more than on her missions at home. There, she had to stay professional during her kills, as showing any weakness could be deadly - she had no doubts that her fellow assassins would turn on her if they ever saw her not at peak performance even for a moment. Here, however, there was no such danger - and the sadistic woman could do just what she wanted with each of her kills, getting off multiple times while torturing each of the girls she had kidnapped. Ah, hurting them felt so good! With each life she snuffed out like that, Clarisse ended up desiring more. She quickly decided that limiting herself just to the targets from her own world was a pointless restriction. No, she should do just as her new liege did - wander across the halls looking for some girl to catch her eye, and if she did, kill them.

For some time, Clarisse continued on living like that - fighting in missions that the summoner would sent her on from time to time, and otherwise just losing herself in her sadism, killing many a heroine to get off on the pain she would cause her. However, deep down, the blonde had to admit to herself that she missed her assassin companions… Ah, Reese… She really did miss her sister, especially. She could even see that she had been summoned here! However, the archer was far too prideful to go and approach her. It would be showing weakness… And Clarisse decided she was perfectly fine just killing other girls without talking to Reese again. Besides, the Reeses she did spot seemed more than happy with their relationships with the blue-haired knight who had spoiled their plans back home… Clarisse had to admit that she was jealous of them. Maybe one day she’d take her jealousy out on one of them - but she’d need to find one who wasn’t together with Reese first. One thing she wouldn’t want to do was to cause Reese pain by taking away her lover - unaware that many of the Katarinas and Krises she’d met would have no issues letting her join them for some fun or even let her kill Kris and then Katarina directly.

Eventually, though, her luck had run out. She had taken on a green-haired girl in a white dress she had spotted during archery practice, followed her to her room, and then quickly knocked the girl out. Tying her up while she was still unconscious, Clarisse amputated all of the girl’s limbs with her own sword once the girl had woken up - all while furiously mastubating. To her surprise, her victim wasn’t too unhappy about her fate - no, in fact the girl continued to moan throughout the whole torture. The blonde archer found that deeply unsettling - how could anyone enjoy herself through such terrible pain? The girl seemed to be getting off as she was cutting her up, even coming as she finally stabbed the sword into the girl’s heart! With how weird this whole thing was, Clarisse wasn’t really able to enjoy it that much herself. The blonde wasn’t even able to get off, and instead just ended up quickly leaving once she had killed the girl. Because of how fast she left, the assassin failed to see that her kill had come back to life in a new body, leaving her completely unaware that her carefree life in Askr was about to come to an end.

Madelyn herself wasn’t too mad about being killed like that. Sure, it sucked that she’d need to have her sheets changed yet again after she just did it, and the green-haired princess wasn’t too happy about losing a few hours of her life just like that, but she did enjoy it a lot - and that was what mattered. She could easily feel that her killer was someone who knew how to torture, and Madelyn was really able to appreciate it. How strong her climax was was the best proof that she’d hold no grudge towards her killer. It did cause her to get more interested in who the girl was, and Madelyn quickly began considering asking Clarisse to come over and torture her again sometime. The thought of killing the blonde didn’t even cross her mind yet - even if Madelyn would easily admit that Clarisse’s thighs were looking very tasty. However, her father wasn’t as merciful. Later on, Kiran asked her how her day was, and Madelyn gave it little thought as she admitted that Clarisse had killed her - even expressing her delight at how great of a surprise it was. But Kiran didn’t care if Madelyn enjoyed it. He was very much aware of his daughter’s masochistic tendencies, but he was also certain that her killer didn’t - and he wasn’t going to look to kindly on anyone who would kill his little girl for their fun. As Madelyn admitted who exactly it was, Kiran decided that Clarisse deserved to suffer - setting the girl up for quite the pain for the next few days.

The very next day, Clarisse was given a rough awakening as a few soldiers stormed her room. She struggled against them as much as she could, but even if her strength was impressive, it wasn’t enough to fight against multiple people in close range without a weapon. As the archer fought against them, her clothing received a lot of rips - her white stocking tearing in multiple spots. Her top was ripped open as well, her heavy tits slipping out of the opening - only barely contained by her bra. Eventually, they overwhelmed her, and tied her hands together with a piece of rope. Then, they took the assassin to the castle’s dungeon - where the summoner was waiting for her. Clarisse had no clue, what she did to gather his attention, but she refused to simply accept it. She spat at him as he grabbed her bra, and roughly pulled it up to free her tits. She tried to fight back again as the rope around her hands was fixed to a wall, and then her hips were pulled back, forcing her to bent over and present her huge, meaty ass to Kiran. Her skirt only barely covered it up, especially in a pose like that. After enjoying the sight for a moment - and enjoying the angry looks she was shooting at him - Kiran approached her with his cock out. Her skirt was far too short to cover her us properly in this pose, so he grabbed it up close and felt it up happily. Next, he tugged her panties to the side - exposing both her cleanly-shaved pussy and her small, tight asshole. While he did that, he pressed his erection against the crack of her butt. He slid it up and down between her very bubbly buttcheeks a few times, a bit of his precum leaking onto her ass as he did it. Clarisse shivered in rage as she did it - she knew very well that she would be regarded as nothing but a snuff toy now. But why? Why did he had to pick her out of all those possible sluts? She knew the best that life wasn’t fair - the strong would always torment the weak. Kiran was certainly one of the strong - but she perceived herself as one of them too. How could this be happening to her?

As Clarisse angrily repeated that question in her head, Kiran moved his dick down towards her cunt. Then, he quickly inserted it - Clarisse’s rage soaring up once more at the unwanted penetration. Despite herself, the frustration building up within her caused tears to appear in the corners of her eyes. There was no way it would end like this for her… And yet, Kiran’s strong, merciless dick pounded her pussy with a lot of force. As if she wasn’t angry enough already, as it continued, her body began responding positively to the cock pounding her. What was this? She thought she was able to control her body in full - so why was her pussy growing damp? Why were her nipples hard as diamonds now? Once the assassin began having her fun with many of Kiran’s heroines, she had made a decision to only go for the female heroes. Even if Clarisse enjoyed torturing men as much as she did women, girls went missing at such a higher rate in this world that going just for them seemed safer if she wanted not to gather any attention. Because of that, and her refusal to bond with any other heroes, she had not taken a dick up her cunt ever since her summoning. She thought she had subdued such bodily urges a long time ago, and yet here she was, getting damp because of her first penetration in weeks. Her cheeks began to flush with excitement as Kiran continued to rape her - and before long, her mouth cracked open with an unwanted moan.

Once he heard that, Kiran grabbed Clarisse’s butt and gave it a rough squeeze - feeling the mass of meat and fat that made up for her ass pleasantly encompass his fingers. He used it to pound into her with more strength. The girl was pretty tight, and Kiran had to admit she wasn’t a bad fuck - for someone who wasn’t trying to make it feel any better for him, that was. As more and more pleasure surged through her body, Clarisse found herself getting closer to a climax. Since it had been so long since she last had proper sex, her endurance had suffered - so she came before the summoner did. The unwanted pleasure of a climax was strong enough to force the tears she had in her eyes out of them, making them pour down her face as her cunt honey got onto Kiran’s dick. Her mouth was forced open to let out a loud cry of pleasure, and stayed open even once it finished, the assassin’s body too limp after her climax to close it. With her jaw hanging down like that, drool began to leak out of the corner of her mouth - trickling down all the way to her chin. Shame filled the proud assassin as she did that, but it only fully kicked in once she had recovered a bit - just in time for Kiran to shoot his seed into her slick cunt. The man’s cock swelled and twitched within her as it sent streaks of cum into her, with some of it dripping out of her and down his cock.

Pulling out, Kiran wiped his cock into the blonde’s panties, staining their black with the white of his cum. Then, he took a few steps back - and commanded the soldiers who brought her here to rape her as well. He just stood by and watched as Clarisse’s shapely ass took dick after dick inside it. After her first climax, the girl had more troubles resisting the pleasure going through her body with each subsequent penetration. Because of that, Clarisse just submitted to her body’s urges, finding at least a little enjoyment in her current situation. Only the bitter tears which continued to flow down her face showed how much she resented this situation. However, she bore no ill will towards her rapists - it was only natural of them to abuse their position like this. No, her anger and frustration turned back at herself. The assassin knew she must have made some mistake - and hated herself for it. Was she wrong to even consider herself one of the strong in the first place? No, she had dished out quite a lot of abuse and pain on others, that much was true. Then how? How could she do that, and yet be weak enough to let this happen to her?

While Clarisse mulled over that in her head again and again, the next of her rapists lined his cock up with her ass. The pain coming from her tight, virgin sphincter caused her to scream a lot as he proceeded to shove it in. Clarisse screamed - not in pleasure, but in agony this time. The pulsating pain coming from the ring that was the entrance to her rectum, and it forcefully stretching around the thick cock that entered it, both hurt a lot. It’s been so long since she had experienced a pain this strong… Without realizing it, she became less skilled at enduring it than she once was. Now, tears of pain joined the angry ones as the girl began to sob, sodomized with a prick as the guy repeatedly thrust his prick into her asshole. Eventually, he came - Clarisse welcoming the relief that followed him pulling out once his seed shot deep into her bowels. While her pussy being used gave her pleasure, there was none of it here - and Clarisse found herself wishing something that she would have never believed before: wishing that the next man would take her cunt again.

Seeing Clarisse cry like that gave Kiran another idea. He was considering killing her straight away here, but decided she deserved more pain than just that. If just penetration hurt her this much, then he should make use of that first. As the soldier pulled out of her, he ordered them to take her to the main hall. They still kept the rope around her wrists as they dragged the blonde archer there, with Kiran following close by. There was always plenty of heroes there, so Kiran knew he’d find plenty of people who were going to want to fuck a new toy like her. On the way, he tore off the girl’s shirt in full - she wouldn’t need a cover like that anyway. Arriving there, his soldiers quickly strung her up at one of the pillar - tying her so that she was hanging from some rope tied to her hands, and nothing else. Kiran was glad to see that he didn’t even need to explain, what was Clarisse’s purpose there - her pulled-up bra and her panties still being tugged to the side told the heroes enough. Just as he hoped, a line of them quickly assembled to test out their new equal-turned-sextoy. “Just don’t kill her yet.” Kiran told the gathered group, then left - certain that once he came back, Clarisse would end up broken in.

Having to support her body weight hurt a little, but Clarisse was more than happy about the break she got from the rape and so wasn’t bothered by that too much. The break also allowed her to pull herself together again - she was still quite good at recovering from pain after the hellish training lady Eremiya put her through. Even if her ass still ached, and her cunt was dripping with the semen that all her rapists left her, she was able to get some of her resistance back. Hanging nude in front of all these heroes was shameful, true, but that only stirred her to fight back a little more. As the blonde swung around a bit, testing her restraints while the first heroes approached her, she also appreciated the freedom of movement this gave her. In the dungeon, all the archer could do was stand and take cocks inside her because her hands were tied up and her legs were necessary to keep her balance. Now, however, her arms were taking care of both of these things - leaving her legs free to do just what she wanted. The assassin wasn’t going to let anyone approach her if she could help it - and now she had the means to prevent them from approaching. Once the first man got in range of her legs, she lashed her leg out towards him with a powerful kick. Her leg went right for the man’s unprotected crotch, the woman driving her strong heel right into the man’s dick. The cry of pain and the way he recoiled back were quite satisfying to hear, but Clarisse knew she didn’t have the time to bask in that feeling for too long. Spinning around, and bending one of her legs back to drive herself up a bit, she drove her leg right into the head of the hero closest to her in a display of impressive flexibility. The crack and the way his head bopped back at her kick were also very satisfying. Letting her leg go down again, she twisted her head around to check, where would her next rapist-to-be approach from.

Now aware of Clarisse’s resistance, the next heroes to approach her were a bit more careful. Without even discussing it, they agreed that Clarisse needed to be shortened a bit - by about 3/4s of the length of her legs. The assassin kicked out at a female heroine who approached her next, but the girl dodged - and instead grabbed her by her stocking-clad foot. She twisted the foot around, causing Clarisse to stop struggling as the blonde tried to pull her leg free - and stopping a second kick mid-swing. With Clarisse’s leg outstretched like that and immobilized, her torturers were free to work on it. One of them procured a huge black cleaver with a black blade - and then drove it right into the middle of Clarisse’s very rich thigh, into the spot that wasn’t protected neither by her stocking nor her skirt. The edge of his tool wasn’t too sharp, so it only sunk about a fourth into her leg. However, that was just the start of it - the man proceeded to grind the weapon back and forth in a sawing motion, slowly cutting through the rest of the assassin’s leg. The pain he was causing her was excruciating - enough for her mouth to open with a loud, pained scream. But the pain didn’t stop, in fact it only grew stronger - and on an entirely different level to what she had felt ever before. The tortures Eremiya put her through at the orphanage, and the recent buttfucking hurt, but they weren’t anything permanent - whereas this was taking her leg away from her for good. That added extra psychological pain to it, but even without it it’d make her feel worse than ever. With both of these combined, Clarisse’s body writhed in pain in the air as the sharp teeth of the cleaver got further and further through her body. Her screams took a higher pitch as her tongue left her mouth, the girl unable to keep it in. The agony was so strong that it took all over her body, making it move on its own. More tears were forced out of her eyes, shaken out of her tear ducts as her body twitched madly. As she lost control over her body, her bladder released, a stream of piss mixed with some older cum squirting out of her pussy. The golden, hot liquid fell onto the ground below, mixing with the fresh blood from the cut in her leg.

Eventually, the man cut through all of her limb, the assassin’s leg falling to the ground below. Fairly quickly, it was scooped up by one of the heroes surrounding the blonde girl. He was only interested in the girl’s foot, though. Slicing it off, he let what was left of her leg fall again. It would later be picked up by the heroes tasked with clearing up the bodies and carried off to be turned into a meal for some of the heroes. The man holding Clarisse’s foot quickly freed it from her white stocking. Then, he proceeded to rub it against his erect dick - the strong arc of her feet and her tough soles providing him with all the stimulation he desired. Clarisse’s rough life also left her feet in quite a rugged state - many crevices and small scars on their surface adding to the experience. Closing Clarisse’s long toes over the tip of his dick, the man really enjoyed himself as he blew his load all over her foot.

Once her right leg was gone, the incredible pain stopped. Sure, her leg still hurt, her bare flesh pulsating as blood was pumped out of the wound, but that break allowed Clarisse to calm down a bit - enough to regain control of her body again. She was disgusted by her own weakness. She thought she was used to pain, and yet she broke down like so many of her victims? Still, now that it was over, her experience did help her to recover very quickly - enough so that when someone tried to approach her again, she struck out at them with her surviving leg. The assassin knew very well what it was going to lead to, but she had nothing to lose at that point - so she wanted to hurt a few more people before that opportunity was taken away from her forever. A cruel smile appeared on her face as her foot went through the loincloth of a female red-haired hero. It crushed into the girl’s panties, with her toes smashing right into her cunt. As the bitch in some weird bucket-like armor around her neck doubled over, grabbing herself by her cunt and howling in pain, Clarisse entertained herself with the possibility that she had ruptured Sully’s womb.

However, with just one leg, Clarisse found it much harder to keep her balance. Another girl got close to her, but Clarisse was unable to kick her properly. Her attack was too weak and too slow, and the attacker - a black-haired ninja - just dove under it. Then, she latched onto the leg as if she was hugging it - Clarisse getting to feel her huge boobs pressed against her thigh. Using her full body weight, the ninja was able to successfully prevent Clarisse from moving her remaining leg. Then, she then took out her dagger, and quickly plunged it into the exposed part of Clarisse’s thigh. The assassin screamed in pain again as her bountiful flesh was sliced apart by Kagero, the Hoshidan ninja doing a great job at separating Clarisse’s leg from the rest of her body. Her jagged knife was especially painful when applied against bare flesh, and Kagero took pleasure in hurting the girl as much as she could - working on Clarisse with sloppy slices that she knew would hurt more than if she cut it properly. The blade of her dagger was also coated with some potent poison - its only use being causing incredible pain to whoever she used it on. With all that combined, the ninja’s actions brought Clarisse pain unlike even the one she felt when her right leg was being sawn off. She trashed around in the air again, but Kagero’s grip on her was steady enough that she couldn’t ever break out. Instead, the blonde’s torso just spun around, her breasts swung to the sides and up and down as she screamed in pain once more. Unbothered by that, the ninja continued to carve through Clarisse’s leg until she managed to get all of it off. Then, Clarisse swung back to an idle position as she recovered from the pain, while the ninja took Clarisse’s leg for her and Orochi to enjoy.

Now, there was nothing preventing the heroes in the hall from raping Clarisse unobstructed - except for the availability of her holes. A hero immediately approached her from the front, and grabbed her by the waist. Lifting her backside in that way and moving her skirt out of the way, he leveled her crotch with his dick - and then shoved it right into her waiting pussy. He proceeded to pound her with a lot of force as Clarisse just took it, the woman’s breasts sliding to the sides because of the angle her body was at. Clarisse’s mind was pretty broken by the pain Kagero had put her through, so she was pretty unresponsive. However, her body’s instincts were still there - and like with the vaginal rape in the dungeon, they made sure that a steady stream of pleasure poured into Clarisse’s body. Despite the two massive, bleeding stumps now ending her legs, Clarisse’s snatch easily got wet - and the sexual thrill proceeded to take over her body. The woman was given no chance to recover before the sexual limpness directly took over the pain-induced one. She lacked any control over her body as the man continued to fuck her silly, her eyes rolling up to the back of her head as a mindless expression took over her face. Her mouth opened, and her tongue slipped free again, her drool leaking out of it and onto her chin as the girl got closer and closer to a climax. In the end, her body started shaking as she came, her cunt juices squirting onto the erection of the man penetrating her. As she came, her muscles relaxed further - and just as her come squirted out of her pussy, tears squirted out of her eyes. Some of these continued to go down her her face as the man fucking her pulled her body onto his erection harder, in sync with the final few thrusts he made before coming, his cock erupting with semen inside the assassin’s vagina. After coming, the man pulled out and let Clarisse swing back to a proper vertical position. She was free to be used by anyone else - and the people nearby were all too ready to fuck her too.

From that point on, Clarisse lost herself to the rape she was constantly being put through, her body enjoying it - both the vaginal and ana penetrations - as her mind floated freely. However, there were certain scenes she did get her consciousness back for. One of them was when she was approached by Reese - and her apparent girlfriend Kris - the knight-slut that they were supposed to kill! However, Clarisse had no strength to feel angry with her for betraying them like that - in fact, she just enjoyed that her adoptive sister would come to her now. It was no surprise to her that Reese had a cock springing from above her pussy, as the Reese from her world did sprout one too - and Clarisse had even taken it inside her on a couple of occasions. Kris, however, just equipped herself with a strap-on, and headed behind her. Then, the two lovers forced their cocks inside her at the same time - Reese into her slit, and Kris into her ass. At that point, her rectum had been loosened up enough for it to almost not hurt. Still, Clarisse bounced up at the double penetration - as the feeling was quite surprising. Initially, both girls were in perfect sync, but as it continued, Kris’s fake prick started to fall behind the pink-haired tactician’s very real one. In fact, her fellow assassin was fucking her with much more power showing than most other heroes who raped her before! Kris didn’t fail to catch it either.
“Kat, dearie, why are you showing more enthusiasm here than when we’re together? Is the thought of raping your little sister turning you on so much? Maybe I should leave the two of you together…” The blue-haired girl teased her lover, and Katarina blushed in return. “N-no, please! I love you Kris, I truly do! It’s just that…” The rest of Katarina’s sentence was replaced with a loud moan as she finally drove the tip of her cock through Clarisse’s cervix and sheathed it within the assassin’s womb.
“Oh, I know you do. And I know the real reason you’re going so hard at it, too: It’s because both of her legs are sliced off, isn’t it?” Kris followed up in a much more sensual voice, which thrilled Katarina even more. Kris could always see right through her… Seeing Katarina’s reaction to her words, Kris smiled at her over Clarisse’s shoulder. “Maybe we should try this together one day…” At this point, Katarina was almost in heaven. She needed to give voice to her love for Kris, and she needed to do it now. Her hands let go of Clarisse’s boobs, and wrapped around one of Clarisse’s shoulders to pull Kris to her. Then, their mouths joined, some of Clarisse’s hair getting in the way as their heads rubbed against her armpit. That little display of love was enough to push Katarina over the edge, the pink-haired mage spilling her seed directly into Clarisse’s womb. Feeling that her partner had reached her climax, Kris picked up the pace of her own humps, coming herself soon afterwards. Then, the two girls pulled out of Clarisse and left - but as they walked away, Kris couldn’t help but think about the suggestion she made. Katarina’s birthday was coming soon… And she might have just stumbled upon an idea for the perfect gift for her.

At another point, Clarisse found herself face-to-face with a green-haired girl just like the one she had killed the day before. She assumed it was just coincidence - that the girl was just another of the many heroes Kiran had summoned. Hell, with the amount of people who did come to fuck her, The assassin would be more surprised if she wasn’t raped by one of them. The girl mounted an orange strap-on and then proceeded to fuck her in the cunt - all while using her mouth to suck on her titties. Even if they had suffered quite some abuse from the hands of Clarisse’s rapists, the girl still seemed to enjoy it - moaning quietly into Clarisse’s chest while pushing the strap-on inside her. After a few thrusts, she began to speak - and her words puzzled Clarisse a lot.
“Thanks for yesterday, Clarisse. I really enjoyed what you did to me! Too bad we won’t get to do it again. I was thinking of asking you to come over and torture me again, you really knew what you were doing. Sadly, my Papa wasn’t too happy about it. If you had just asked me first, I would have been happy to let you kill me - but for some reason my father decided that for doing it without my consent you deserve to die. Don’t worry though, I’ll take care of your body once you’re gone - you’re going to make for a delicious meal!” W-what? It was the same girl as yesterday… But she killed her! She knew she did! Why was she alive again? Listening some more, Clarisse began to understand. Was the girl the summoner’s daughter? That still wouldn’t explain why she was alive now, but it certainly made sense that he’d want to punish her for killing the girl. She wasn’t sure how to feel about the girl’s final words. To hear her tell so freely that she was going to make her into food… It felt surreal. Even if Clarisse knew she was going to die soon, having someone openly talk what they’ll do to her corpse was unsettling. But then Clarisse shook her head, chasing these thoughts away. Why would she care about what was going to happen to her body once she was gone? With that in mind, the assassin dealt with what was bothering her and slipped back into the pleasure Madelyn was bringing her with her artificial dick.

After what had seemed like an endless stream of rape-fueled orgasms to Clarisse, but was in reality only a few days, Kiran had decided it was time to finish the girl off. She had been forced to survive like that without any food or water, her body drained of most of its strength by the neverending abuse - and she wasn’t given even a moment’s rest over the course of it. She just smiled mindlessly as Kiran approached her, no sign of her strong spirit inside her eyes anymore. This simply wouldn’t do - he’d rather have the girl be more active for her execution. All it took was a simple cleric with a healing spell, and the blonde was brought back to her senses - blinking rapidly as she felt energy flowing directly into her body and revitalizing her. Despite that, her body still felt sore - both her vagina and anus feeling loose after all the dicks they were forced to take. She looked at Kiran with what could only be fear as the man ordered for her to be cut down. Then, the assassin was taken outside the castle - towards one of the training fields. Specifically, the archery range. Clarisse had a weary look on her face as the men strung her up by her hands yet again, the assassin hanging in front of the normal archery targets. The girl tried to look at the heroes gathered in the distance, but her fear got the best of her - so she just looked down without seeing any of them. She thought she had accepted her death, and yet… She didn’t want it to be over now. And yet here she was - waiting for her execution alone, as punishment for something she had no way of knowing about.

Before long, her ears heard the whoosh of the first arrow soaring through the air towards her. It buried itself in the upper part of her stomach, the sharp stab of pain telling Clarisse it was really happening. Somehow, she mustered the strength to look up again - only to see that she wasn’t only a target for the archers, a throwing knife flying through the air towards her. It buried itself in her right thigh, the weapon sinking itself deep into her rich flesh. She jumped up at it, her eyes opening widely and her mouth stretching open to give voice to her pain - even if it wasn’t anything special compared to how she was hurt before. Another knife flew towards her next, its tip cleanly going into the upper part of her left boob - her left nipple only growing more erect as her tit was mutilated like that. Clarisse heard the swish of another arrow soaring through the air, before the arrowhead sunk into her lower abdomen - and punctured the assassin's womb. That extra pain caused her to scream some more, her tongue escaping her mouth for a moment as tears began to run from her eyes. Losing her womanhood now should not have hurt so much, especially that her life was at its end now anyways, but it still did - and so Clarisse cried strongly as she felt the pain coming from her womb and the blood flowing within it through its ripped walls. And yet, despite that, she tried to prepare herself for more pain as she waited for another projectile to hit her. However, nothing could prepare her for the next arrow that hit her - right in the middle of her forehead. The arrow punched through her skull and buried itself deep in her frontal lobe, destroying the part of Clarisse’s brain that made her her. She bounced up and down as her consciousness faded away, her body spasming out of control as the assassin’s mind died. Her body was still functional, but any hints of the proud assassin it belonged to were gone - just like Madelyn intended when she released her arrow. She wasn’t going to let anyone else take this kill from her.

With Clarisse dead, her head slumped forward, the blood from the hole in her forehead flowing down her face. Her purple eyes dimmed out as more tears left them, mixing with that was already there. Her jaw hung open, allowing for more drool to leave it and fall onto her tits as Clarisse’s corpse continued to hang by her arms. These arms became a target of archery too, with an arrow going directly through one of them. The shooter found the slim length of her arm to be a more enticing target than the big, wide mass of her body - and his arrow struck just the mark he wanted. Another archer took aim at Clarisse’s left thigh - and soon had his arrow impaled into it as well. Between Clarisse’s wounded thighs, her bladder gave away again. The magic that healed her refilled her bladder too, only for it to be released shamefully like that once the muscles that kept it shut relaxed enough to let her piss escape. The piss mixed itself with the cum that was still dripping from her cunt, her inner thighs coated with a sticky, gross liquid. At that point, the heroes shooting at her noticed that Clarisse was dead - and so, they put an end to shooting at her.

Instead, they began to go towards her - eager to make use of her still warm body. The many arrows sticking out of her front made it hard to approach her from that direction, but her backside was spared from any harm. Because of that, her tight - the healing magic brought back some of her tightness back - , warm asshole became the prime orifice for them to use - many an archer popping his load up the ass of the girl who used to practice with them there only a few days ago. They would hump her body for a few more hours - before finally leaving Clarisse’s corpse alone.

Madelyn kept close tabs on the heroes using Clarisse’s body. She promised the orphaned blonde that she would take care of her body, and she intended to keep that promise. She was fine letting people fuck it for a while, and just practiced her archery instead in the meantime, but if anyone tried taking the body for themselves her arrow would strike them down. However, no one did - they were all too afraid of the summoner’s retaliation if they tried to do anything like that. So in the end Clarisse’s bloody corpse was left alone, rich with semen dripping from her asshole and pussy of the more adventurous heroes leaking from her cunt. Because of that, Madelyn was free to approach it and cut the girl down. With her legs gone, Clarisse’s corpse was light enough for Madelyn to carry - and the green-haired girl carried her future meal to the castle’s nearest kitchen.

Arriving there, Madelyn dumped the blonde corpse on a preparatory table. The heroes who served as cooks there knew well enough to get out of her way when she cooked already, so she wouldn’t have anyone distracting her as she worked. But first… The girl stripped out of her white dress. She knew well enough that she was going to get quite dirty very soon - and would rather keep her dress without too many stains, as she only just had it washed. Well, and she also enjoyed feeling the blood splash against her bare skin… Now that she undressed, she had to do the same for Clarisse. She quickly ripped off her black bra - a bit surprised that it had survived through her rape session - and did the same for her panties which were barely hanging from one of her thighs. Next, she pulled out the knife and the arrow in the archer’s thighs - and then, pulled her skirt down. Clarisse’s pussy was still gaping open, and it still had cum going out of it, but it was still an enjoyable sight. Ripping the arrow out of her stomach and the knife out of her boob, Madelyn enjoyed the small splashes of blood from her kill’s corpse as she did that. Then, she walked around the table and leaned over - her mouth going straight for Clarisse’s face. She licked some of the blood and tears from it before ripping her arrow out, and even forced her tongue into the hole her arrow left in it for a moment. Then, the Askran princess placed her hand on Clarisse’s jaw, and closed her mouth - before delivering a kiss straight to it. “Thanks again for last time, Clarisse.” She told the cool, lifeless husk before going back up. The first stage of preparations was almost over - but there were still the girl’s arms to take care of. However, these would not be an issue - as Madelyn just drew her golden sword and sliced through both of Clarisse’s arms at about halfway through her upper arm: the level Clarisse’s long gloves ended. Madelyn doubted the girl’s arms were going to be tasty at all - so she just threw them away.

With this, her corpse was fully naked and with no unnecessary things attached to it - but that just meant the first stage of preparations was over. Picking up a few buckets of water, she splashed them all over Clarisse’s corpse - washing away most of the blood, sweat and cum which had covered her skin. Still, Madelyn wasn’t satisfied with the outcome - so she just picked up a rag and wiped the rest of it away. On the way, she had to stop for a moment and play with Clarisse’s tits, enjoying squeezing them in her hands after wiping them clean so she could feel her soft, clean skin again. Moreover, Madelyn gave extra attention to all the cum from and around Clarisse’s pussy. Dropping her gloves, she buried one of her arms deep inside it to make sure she’d get even the cum that was sent quite deep into it out, soaking it in the girl’s juices in the process. Well, now that Clarisse was clean, she could enjoy seeing the girls’ flawless, save for the few holes that her execution had given her, skin for a bit longer - before ruining it again. She plunged her sword deep into Clarisse’s lower belly, and then dragged it all the way up to her ribcage - gaining access to all of her abdominal cavity in the process. Inserting the fingers into the line of the cut, she stretched it open - opening up Clarisse’s belly. Burying her arms inside it all the way to her elbows, Madelyn proceeded to take out all of the organs that filled it up - splashing her arms and the outer layer of Clarisse’s stomach with more blood. She threw them all in a bin specifically used for innards like these - the army’s carnivorous mounts were usually fed with them. Madelyn carried on with that until she had hollowed Clarisse’s stomach out. Then, she pulled her arms out - and walked away for a moment.

The green-haired girl returned just a moment later with a huge bowl of stuffing. Then, stretching the cut open with one hand, she proceeded to force it all inside the girl’s stomach. She was more generous with it than usual, with enough of it eventually going into Clarisse’s belly to bulge through her skin. Once she was done putting it it, Madelyn quickly procured a needle and some strands, and used them to sew the wound back close. With it out of the way, Madelyn dumped another bucket of water to clean Clarisse’s stomach from the newly-added blood. Now, Clarisse was all but ready for the roasting. Madelyn moved her to a plate which had a giant piece of lettuce stretched out on it so that the girl on it wouldn’t be laid out directly against the metal once it grew really hot. Then, she pulled Clarisse’s hair past her shoulders, and shoved her into one of the many ovens - with her head sticking out of it. With the whole thing running on fire magic, there was a clear divide in the air between the heated-up part, and the normal air of the room. Madelyn decided she’d rather keep Clarisse’s head with her body, but without roasting it - and that setup allowed her to do just that.

As the meat girl slowly roasted in the oven, Madelyn found herself getting quite bored in the kitchen. From time to time, she did pull Clarisse out and sprinkled her body with some oil so it would roast nicely, but other than that she really had nothing to do. She took a look at the girls who were being prepared here before she stormed in, but none of them caught her attention too much. All she could do was watch Clarisse slowly turn a delicious red, listening happily to the sizzling of the girl’s fat. With the few holes opened in her body, the fat which was just under her skin would pour out through the holes, coating her warm skin with an extra layer of grease which would only enhance her taste. Madelyn quite loved the smell that filled the kitchen as Clarisse’s body turned into a delicious meal. For some reason, she found the whole thing more exciting than usual - maybe because she put more effort into making Clarisse into the best meal she could. That in turn led to her pussy getting wet pretty quickly, and so Madelyn proceeded to touch herself while waiting for the roast to be done. With Clarisse’s head out of the oven, she could even rub her pussy against the girl’s face as she masturbated, eventually squirting her come all over her own thighs and Clarisse’s face. Once Madelyn recovered from her climax, she wiped most of it from it though - she wanted the finished meal to look as presentable as she could.

Eventually, Madelyn knew the meat was ready - and so she pulled Clarisse out of the woman. Her reddened skin was now dripping with fat in numerous spots, and she looked so delicious Madelyn couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into her. But she knew she should restrain herself at least for a little longer. Procuring her sword again, she cut a huge slice of Clarisse’s thigh off - and then quickly put it into her mouth. Ah, she tasted sooooo gooood! It was definitely one of her best roasts. In fact, she was so proud of it, that she wanted to share it with her father. Putting her dress back on, Madelyn took the plate with Clarisse’s body with her, along with a small cup for some sauce - heading straight for Kiran’s quarters. Father and daughter shared a nice meal together, Clarisse fulfilling the ultimate purpose all of Kiran’s heroes carried - bringing him and now also Madelyn all the pleasure they could.


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Xenologue 2: Anna Snuff Fest
tags: F/F, futa/F, semi-con, rape, cut throat, neck snap, brainfuck, beheading, strangling, impalement, cutting in half

Anna held the handle of her Levin Sword tightly as she eyed her sister which was standing on the opposite end of the clearing. The other redhead had her bow trained at her, but her lightning sword locked the two of them into an impasse. If one of them tried to attack the other, she’d be able to retaliate, leading to both of their demises. So they just waited, watching each other vigilantly until another Anna would cause the situation to change. As they waited, the Levin Sword Anna began to think back on how this come to be. One of their sisters mentioned coming across an incredible treasure in what they thought was an otherwise empty world - and once they’ve heard it, a huge number of Annas ventured there. However, the fierce competition that was between them usually had evolved into something far more dangerous in this world. She wasn’t sure what started it, but before long they Annas began to slaughter one another - quickly forgetting about getting to the treasure and just taking pleasure in killing many of their sisters. Once that happened, the sensible thing would be to run away, to go back to their homeworld and wait it out - but no Anna would ever do that. They were all gamblers, and this was gambling with the highest stakes possible - pitting their lives against the lives of their sisters. The thrill that came with killing another Anna, and the ever-present possibility that yet another of her sisters would take their lives, all of it made it almost too addicting to quit - and so, the group of Annas proceeded to fight against one another.

Suddenly, something crashed into the side of the head of her opponent. She could barely catch it, but it looked like a crossbow bolt. It cracked through the side of her sister’s skull, sending shard of bone flying around, and shot directly into her brain. A cloud of blood and brain matter was forced out of the wound, spraying out of her sister’s head like a red mist as the other her fell to her knees, then collapsed forward. Staying fully alert, Anna lowered her sword and began to approach the twitching body of her sister. She looked in the direction the projectile came from, but failed to spot the shooter. It seemed that her sister that shot had already moved away - and this Anna was more than fine with that. That would give her some time to enjoy herself with the corpse. Along with the extra bloodlust that had awakened in them in this world also came an increase to the redheads’ sexual drives. The bodies of their sisters were just the perfect outlets for that - and the pleasure that came with using them was more than worth putting herself in an unfavorable position for a while.

Reaching her sister’s body, she grabbed the girl’s short skirt, and pulled it up - exposing the other hers red panties. Tugging them to the side, Anna was able to take a look at her sister’s cunt - which was still pretty wet even in spite of the other redhead being dead. Tugging her own pants down, the living Anna dragged her panties down too - and let the air brush against her pussy lips. Even if she wasn’t the one to kill her sister, seeing her dead face - her lifeless eyes, and her tongue slipping free from her mouth - was more than enough to get her quite wet. Reaching for the bag hanging at her hip, Anna quickly procured a dildo for herself to use - and once she put it on, she thrust right into the still warm corpse of another her.

The Anna who had shot the crossbow hurried away from her latest kill, carefully reloading her weapon while hiding in between the trees. She wasn’t too skilled at fighting - she just ran a few shops. However, her boyfriend Jake was a ballistician - and he taught her how to handle them as well. Most of his ballistae were too big for her to carry around with her, but a simple crossbow was light enough to take it with her into a situation like this. The weapon packed much more of a punch than the bows some of her sisters preferred - enough to break into the head of any of her sisters if she aimed at it. With how little armor they all were, it was enough to kill her with one shot. Still, it had its downsides too - the weapon took much longer to reload than a bow. Each of her shots had to count, then - especially that she had no expertise in close combat. Because of that, she just snuck around, picking off those of her sisters she spotted being alone. However, her luck in that was about to run out.

Peeking from behind a tree, she was completely startled as she saw one of her sisters looking directly at her. She moved back again, hoping the other her didn’t see her - but she knew she did. And she was far too close for her liking. Anna could feel her heart start beating faster and faster as she waited - her body was already understanding that she wasn’t going to survive this. Springing from behind the tree again, she fired her crossbow towards her sister - which was now much closer than before. Unsurprisingly, the other her managed to avoid her shot - and Anna knew she’d have no time to reload it. Scarily, the other her seemed to be carrying double daggers - and now she was imagining how it would feel once they sliced into her skin. The other her got to her, and she clumsily tried to hit her with her crossbow, but the other Anna evaded her strike - and instead stabbed one of her knives right up her right armpit, taking out her arm and any way she’d still have to defend herself. Her crossbow slipped out of her limp fingers, leaving the Archanean villager completely helpless before her sister.

The knife-wielding redhead’s main job was also being a shopkeeper, but she worked in a world that was far more dangerous - meaning she needed a way to defend herself. Her daggers allowed her to do just that. They also allowed for some nice fun now. With some quick slices, she cut through the clothes of her sister - who seemed to have accepted her fate. Huge shreds of her red shirt fell down, and her short skirt fell off in full - giving her a good look at her sister’s underwear. She wore lace, both for her bra and for her panties - her boyfriend enjoyed seeing her like that. Too bad he wouldn’t get to see her ever again. Ripping the girl’s bra and panties off, Anna felt herself grow excited as well as she saw the girl’s wet cunt and her nice tits. Each of them was a little different, and that played into their bodies too - including a variance in tit sizes. This of her sister had quite the huge knockers - and the dominant Anna would appreciate their size. But first… Reaching down for her own short shirt, she pulled it down - freeing her huge erection from it. Some of the Annas were just born with dicks, and she was one of them. Stroking her dick a few times, she then inserted it right into her sister’s waiting cunt. As with the other Annas she had taken today, she was amazingly wet already - letting her slide in without any issues. She proceeded to fuck her sister with a lot of force - both redheads moaning at the pleasant sexual experience.

With her having no means of defending herself, the Anna who wielded the crossbow knew there was nothing she could do to prevent her sister from having her fun with her. And yet, that thought excited her too. The pain pulsating within her right shoulder was really enjoyable - and the knowledge that she was going to die soon, even more so. That was yet another reason why so many Annas stayed in this world once they found out, what was going on. The thought of dying was enough to get many of them wet - and even those who weren’t as welcoming of it, still would enjoy themselves while dying - it would be a waste not to. Just thinking she was going to be dead soon made her pussy extremely wet. Her sister having a dick was a pleasant surprise, too - if she was going to die now, she was happy to get one real dicking before she went. She moaned underneath her sister as she continued to thrust inside her, getting closer and closer to getting off. While her sister fucked her, her hips going forward to drive her cock deeper and deeper - she could even feel the tip of the dick ram into her cervix from time to time - her hands weren’t idle either. One of them kept holding the knife - just in case - but the other set it down and proceeded to feel her tits up. Her sister played with her boobs in quite a nice way, her fingers squeezing her harshly just like she liked it. At the same time, the knife-holding hand was messing her up - delivering many small cuts in various spots of her body. The shallow slices got her blood going faster and faster with each short slither of pain that they gave her, helping towards getting her off. Before long, the redhead was on the brink of an orgasm - and finally, with powerful clenches of her cunt squeezing the dick buried deep inside her, she came.

The moment she did, her sister took notice - feeling her climax through her dick. Now, it was time to kill her. Moving her knife-wielding hand towards the other hers neck, she stabbed it right into it from the side. She cut through the other hers jugular, her weapon slicing deep into it, going through the other hers esophagus and the veins on the other side of her neck before the weapon’s tip left through it. Leaving her throat impaled like that, she enjoyed listening to the wet, bloody gurgles her dying sister was producing while shaking in her orgasmic throes - the other Anna’s expression a happy, pleasure filled one as she quickly bled out. Her eyes rolled back in mindless enjoyment, her mouth opening too and letting her tongue out as the corners of it rose up into a happy smile. Her body’s twitches were very enjoyable, giving Anna great stimulation to her oversized dick as she had almost its entire length inside her sister’s cunt. Eventually, she managed to shove it all the way in - her dick’s tip tearing past her victim’s cervix and right into her uterus. That extra little friction on her very sensitive tip was enough to make her climax too - and she came as well. However, as the first streaks of cum proceeded to shoot into her dying sister’s cunt, suddenly she felt some gloved hands press against her head from the sides. She shivered in a climax, unable to react, as another of her sisters jerked her head to the side with a lot of force - breaking her neck. The knife-wielding futa would join her crossbow-using sister in death as they both enjoyed their dying climaxes - the dying spasms of her dick syncing with the weakening ones of the pussy it was buried in.

The Anna who had just caught the two of her sisters having sex off-guard wasn’t proficient at fighting at all - she was more than surprised to see that what she did worked in killing the other merchant. She did it! She killed one of her sisters! The adrenaline rushing through her body at that thought, at the memory of that satisfying crack she heard as her sister’s neck broke under her touch, caused her dick to harden. Working a hand into her pants, she pulled them down, and whipped out her erection - slapping her dead sister on the face with it. Her slack jaw was already hanging open, but she still grabbed it and pulled it down to open her mouth in full - and then shoved her dick past her dying sister’s lips. She pumped her dick as deep into her slippery, wet mouth as she could, but the crack in the neck made her throat unusable for a dick - so she had to make do with just facefucking her. Still, with the thrill of her first kill washing over her, that Anna was more than happy to do so - pumping right into her dead sister’s face while quickly working her way to another climax. When she was close to coming, however, she pulled out - and pushed her sister over, making her collapse on top of the other corpse. Stroking her dick to finish herself off, Anna sprayed both of her sisters’ corpses with her seed once she came.

In another spot of the world, two Annas have ganged up on one of their sisters. Neither of the merchants made the deal with the intention of keeping it, planning to turn on their sister once she least expected it, but for now they were working together. One of them had pinned their sister down, and the other was standing over her with a sword in her hand. The Anna between them was shaking with excitement, her pussy dripping wet as she watched the blade go towards her head. However, instead of it slicing into her neck like she expected it to, it cut into the top of her head as well. Her sister sliced off a huge piece of her scalp - including the base of her ponytail - and exposed her skull beneath it. However, that wasn’t satisfying - so she cut through it again, this time taking a piece of her skull with her too. She poked her finger into the opening she created, enjoying the warmth and wetness of her sister’s brain as she shivered under her touch. Now, she was reading. Freeing her erection from her pants, she stroked it to hardness - and placed the tip against the newly-created hole. On the other end, her sister had moved down their victim’s body, pulling the other Anna’s skirt off. The girl had an artificial prick already mounted at her crotch. She was a merchant, and her shop provided her customers mainly with a variety of sex toys - so she always had the access to the best there were. Now, the redhead was able to feel the artificial prick as if it was her own - and even now, while she was waiting to penetrate the other her, a small dildo inside it was steadily pumping into her. She guided her strap-on to the entrance to her sister’s cunt, placing its tip against her sister’s dripping lips - and looked up at her futa sister. The two of them looked at one another to make sure they would slide into her sister at the same time. Almost right away they decided that a countdown would make the most sense for it - so they began to count down together.

Below them, the third Anna couldn’t get any more excited. She came from the world of Tellius, and was a battle instructor. She provided future tacticians with the information they needed to succeed in their journeys - and was quite skilled at it. Ironically, now the brains that landed her such a nice spot would be taken away from her - but she didn’t really mind, shivering in anticipation as her thighs were flooded with her come. Her entire body trembled with pleasure as she heard the numbers slowly go down, each of them making her heart beat even faster and her cunt get even wetter. The dildo pressed against her lower lips also helped with her arousal - and so, the moment her sisters’ countdown reached one, she came. Her body began to twitch in pleasure as her climax took her, and then her body took two cocks. Her pussy clenched hard on the nice piece of hard, enchanted wood slid inside it, coating it with a layer of wetness right away. The real dick slid right into her brain. It went into the upper part of it, but one towards the back - right into the instructor’s parietal lobe. With it being crushed into mincemeat with a dick, it suddenly became much harder for her to make sense of what was happening. She was… having sex, wasn’t she? And yet, there was some incredible pain in her head. She tried to move her head up, but was unable to - so she just looked to the front to see who was having sex with her. It was a woman, a redhead with a ponytail. She seemed familiar, but Anna was unable to place, who she was. She opened her mouth to ask, what was going on, but the futa fucking her brain took that moment to thrust deeper in - further ruining her brain. Now, the tip of her dick was stuck inside the center part of her brain - the one responsible for language. She tried to speak, but all that left her mouth was complete gibberish no one - even herself - could understand. A couple more thrusts, and she had forgotten all she had ever learned. Her sharp mind was now all but gone - a expression lacking any intelligence showing up on her face. It would be hard to pinpoint the moment she slipped away, as her body showed no change once she did.

Her sisters didn’t notice the change in her body’s movements as she died - the orgasmic spasms of her cunt easily mixing in with the dying spasms once the change did occur. Both of these made it incredibly pleasant to fuck her - and the Anna was grateful for her magical strap-on letting her experience just that. Between these, and the extra dildo pumping in and out of her own cunt, it didn’t take her too long to climax herself. She announced her orgasm with a loud moan, her head jerking up and looking towards the sky as her face was twisted into an expression of pleasure. The movement of her head, however, presented her neck nicely to her sister - who was only waiting for an opportunity like that. With the orgasm keeping hold of that Anna, it was the perfect moment to betray her - so she quickly used her sword to cut through her neck. An impressive fountain of blood began to squirt from the beheaded redhead’s neck as her head flew high in the air, the sight enough to push the futa over the edge too. As her sister’s head slammed into the ground nearby, her dick began to shoot its cum directly into the skull of her other sister, mixing with the minced meat that her brain had been turned into. Her dick remained inside her sister’s head as she waited for her body to recover from her climax. While she did, she watched as her headless sister’s body collapsed backwards. Now, the two dead Annas were laid out on the ground, with their pussies connected with the very flexible strap-on the beheaded one used. Like that, they would almost pass for a pair of lovers in some intimate session with a double-ended dildo - if it only wasn’t for their gruesome wounds. Once her body was ready, the alive Anna pulled out, and made herself presentable again. With a sword with hand, she headed off - but would it be towards another kill, or towards her death? She was fine with either outcome.

Anna trudged through the forest, walking carefully. In the distance, she could see one of her sisters - but she seemed to be in a predicament of sorts. Getting closer, she saw that her sister was clawing desperately at her neck - and once she got even closer, she could tell that there was some wire wrapped tight around it. It was too tight for her to breathe now - her face almost as red as her hair as she desperately tried to get it off. Anna looked around, but she couldn’t see any other of her sisters nearby. Well, she could see a couple corpses, but not any alive ones. Then… Just how did this happen to her? Well, however it did, it was clear that this sister of hers wouldn’t be a threat to her at all. With the relative safety of the situation, she got all the way to her. What stuck out to her the most was the very visible bulge in her sister’s pants. If there wasn’t anyone else here… Oh well, she could very well provide the girl with a final service. Even if a part of her was against doing it free of charge, Anna still knelt down and pulled the other hers pants. As she expected, the strangled hers cock popped free, and it was very erect. She stroked it a few times, spreading the precum that was leaking out of the tip all over the meaty shaft. Once that was done, Anna placed her mouth against the tip - and stuck her tongue out. Leaking the throbbing erection for a bit, she enjoyed the taste it send into her mouth - it was just as if she was eating a tasty popsicle. After a few moments, though, she opened her mouth wider and proceeded to take the dick inside it. With the lubrication she spread over it before, she was able to take it quite deep inside it by herself. It was no surprise after all, as this particular Anna humored herself with running a brothel - and eventually even joined her whores in their job. That left her pretty skilled in giving blowjobs, among other things. She proceeded to bob her head forward and backwards on the dick for a while, all while slowly getting wetter and wetter between her thighs.

As she sucked her sister off, her eyes flicked upward - she wanted to see, how her sister was doing. By then, the futa had long accepted that the wire was tied too tight around her neck to get off, and she accepted that she was going to die. Her face was now a deep shade of red, with her eyes bulging and tears running down it. And yet, despite that, and despite all the pain she was in, it was very clear just how aroused she was. The erection was already good proof of that, but now that her dick was getting gobbled up by an expert, her pleasure skyrocketed. She had long since used up all the oxygen she took in with her last breath. Stale blood pounded within her head, and her vision was growing weaker and weaker with each second. And yet, she hold on to life - trying her best to last long enough to cum one final time before dying. As she felt her dick start to release its seed into her sister’s mouth, she passed on - her bloodshot eyes rolling to the back of her head as her dick released thick streaks of semen into the willing Anna’s mouth.

The sight of her sister’s red face was enough to excite her even more - enough that the Anna with less troubles breathing eventually forced her hand under her dress. It quickly began working on her dripping pussy, the brothel owner as skilled in masturbation as she was in sucking people off. She delivered precise strokes with her fingers to her lower lips, her inner walls, and her clit, all while her eyes were smiling at her dying sister’s face. Eventually, she felt her release her semen into her mouth - and she did her best to swallow all of it. Her sister’s cum was just as delicious as her precum was before, and she eagerly took all of it down her gullet and into her stomach. Her sister went limp above her, a sign that her asphyxiation got to her, and Anna let go of her - letting her corpse fall over to the ground next to her with its pants still down. While it collapsed, Anna continued to touch herself, up to the point when she came as well. She shivered in place as her pussy squirted her come all over her legs and onto the forest floor, waiting for the moment her body would be ready to get moving again.

Once it did, she got up, and began to go through the forest again. However, she only took a couple steps, before she felt the foliage give way beneath her feet. The ground suddenly gave way, and she found herself falling into a pit. She got just enough chance to dart her eyes down and see the sharp poles beneath her before she came crashing down onto one of them. The merciless wooden pole slipped right into her cunt, and with how slick it was travelled right up her body - or rather, she traveled down it. The pole ascended through her body, tearing through her cervix and quickly punching out of her womb in a split-second. It ripped through her guts and her midsection, travelled up through her ribcage, and tore into her neck. It surged through her head, punching through the roof of her mouth and up into her skull. A huge chunk of her brain was crushed as the pole went right through it, before it finally broke free through the top of her head - the merchant’s impalement complete. She died in an instant, barely able to understand what happened - her corpse twitching in the pit for some more time.

Up above, one of her sisters screamed out in pleasure as she reached a climax of her own. She had set up a huge number of traps all over this part of the forest, and they proved to be working more than fine - killing her sisters for her without her even needing to do anything. That left her free to enjoy herself as they all fell victim to her traps - so she just masturbated while watching them die. With this climax, however, something was different. She shook on the tree a little too much, and suddenly found herself losing her balance. She tried her best to grab onto one of the branches, to stabilize herself again, but her hands were limp after her climax - and so she could do nothing to stop her fall. She fell, and to her horror fell right onto the piece of rope which served as the trigger for one of her traps. She closed her eyes and focused herself on the pleasure of her last climax as an axe she took from one of her dead sisters came swinging from above. It cut directly through her waist, cutting the trickster who set up all of these traps in half. Laying on the ground, she just accepted her death, and let herself bleed out. If she tried to get away from this spot, she’d just trigger more of her traps anyways - so the redhead remained in the spot she fell at while waiting for the blood loss to take her.

Back in the world which served as the main meeting spot of the Anna clan, one Anna couldn’t help grinning by herself. She was the one who spread the news about the treasure in the other world - and she knew very well that it was nothing more than a rumor. However, she knew really well what would happen to them in that world - after staying in it for a while, she was only barely able to contain her bloodlust towards her sisters once she had returned. She did manage to keep it in check - and because of that, was able to come up with a plan. She was more than certain that all of her sisters who went to that world would wound up dead - and with them dead, their businesses will be without an Anna to take care of them. Since she was the only one who knew how their venture was going to end, she had the jump on all the other Annas when it came to taking over them. Now, she was going through the info she could get on her sister’s occupations, seeking out the most lucrative ones. This was really an easy way to get rich, just taking over the fortunes of her sisters who were better off. If her lust for money wasn’t sated with these - and she knew well that an Anna’s lust for money could never be satisfied - she could see herself killing some of her other sisters to claim their assets too…


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Chapter 37-3: Archery Misfortunes
tags: M/F, non-con, rape, stabbing, nipple fuck, shooting, beheading, necrophilia

Morgan happily hopped across the field of their Outrealm. She was extremely satisfied after what she had witnessed last night using her magic. Between Ophelia’s beheading and Soleil’s brainfuck, and the abuse the two girl’s corpses had received, the young tactician found herself cumming like crazy while in the safety of her own cozy room. She slept like a stone afterwards, her body completely exhausted after her intense, prolonged masturbation session. Once she woke up, the black-haired girl found herself a bit disgusted with how sweaty her body was now - as she didn’t have the energy to clean herself last night. Getting up, the young tactician grabbed a change of clothes and headed for the communal baths. Ah, it always felt so good to submerge in the nice, warm water… Her muscles, sore after how hard the girl had been touching herself the night before, finally began to relax as the water washed over her. As the pleasant warmth proceeded to spread through her body, her mind began to wander again. Ah, who else could she be the cause of deaths like that? The possibilities truly were endless, and the tactician just couldn’t stop herself from looking at each girl which was with her in the bath and thinking, how could she make her die. Her hands surged underneath the water, making their way towards her pussy again as she let herself soak in the water.

After some time, she heard two men leaving, and listened to them talking. They were discussing last day’s events - both Rhajat’s public execution and the snuff orgy Soleil and Ophelia were the stars of. From what she caught of their conversation, they have missed both - and were just itching to get their hands on some girl and kill her together. As they left, they were just starting to talk how to get started on that - and Morgan smiled to herself as she considered, how they could be of use to her. As if to answer her thoughts, a few moments later some girl got over to her. It was the white-haired archer, Nina - and she quickly began to nag her. “Hey, Morgan. Did these two say where they were going?” Ah, yes. The girl was quiiiite into relationships between men - Morgan knowing right away she could make use of that.
“Yeah, they actually did - they were heading to practice at the outer training field, alone. From what I’ve heard, you might enjoy seeing their meeting there even more than usual…” Morgan said in a suggestive tone, knowing fully well that Nina wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation to check it out. “Thanks, Morgan! I mean it!” Nina called back at her while climbing out of the water, splashing the tactician on the way out, before running off. Morgan watched her leave with an smile, hints of arousal awakening again in her loins. Oh, this was going to be fun. She had no doubts that if Nina followed the men, she would end up dead. Getting up herself too, Morgan put her clothes on again, then returned to her room - quickly setting up another scrying spell to see Nina’s fate.

Once she put her clothes back on, Nina began to head for the forest. Then she remembered that she shouldn’t just go there by herself - if the men would realize she was watching them, their behaviour would change. Without thinking about it too much, she took her trusty barrel - and slowly carried it with her towards the field. Getting closer, she could hear the men’s blades clashing against one another - seemed that they were sparring now, after all. Oh, it’d be so fun to see them move on to sparring with their other sword! Just thinking that was enough to make Nina wet between her legs. Getting a bit closer, she placed her barrel among the supplies at the edge of the field - then quickly climbed inside it. Peeking through the cracks in the wood, she spied if either of them had noticed her - but it seemed that they hadn’t. Making herself comfortable in her barrel, Nina pressed her eye against a hole she had specifically carved out for this, and proceeded to watch as the men would spar. She could hear them talk from time to time, but she couldn’t make out the words. However, she happily substituted these with ones she made up herself, declarations of love and protection that would definitely push the men over from just friends to lovers. As she did, she proceeded to imagine them together, and the mental image was exciting enough that her pussy began to drip. Her leggings absorbed some of her juices before she pulled them down, putting a hand below her battle dress and quickly plunging it into the depths of her cunt.

That situation continued for some more time - the men carried on with their mock fight, unaware of their secret spectator, while Nina sat in her barrel and fingered herself. As she did that, her fantasies began to get more and more daring - she’d moved on to more and more open displays of intimacy, starting off with kisses and ending with the two men having sex as she felt her climax approaching. “Ah! Aaaah! AAAAAH!” Her fingers were going really fast in and out of her slit, up until the point where she came - her juices squirting out of her body and onto the barrel’s floor. However, her climax was so powerful this time, that she began to move around inside the barrel - with enough force to move the entire barrel around. Enough to make it ram into one of the other things near her - what it was, Nina didn’t know. However, she did hear the loud crashing sound the whole thing made as it collapsed - and was certain the two men heard it as well. A quick peek through her hole revealed that they had now stopped their fighting, and were both looking in her direction - and then, the two of them began to walk to her as well.

Dragging the lid of her barrel back on top, Nina hoped that they didn’t see her do it as she proceeded to lay still inside her hiding spot. She hoped the men would not search inside, and that they wouldn’t find her. She dared not look outside at that point, only listening to the men walking around the supplies and checking them out. Eventually, they seemed to have stopped. She could hear them talk, but their voices were so hushed that she couldn’t make out their words again. Were they done here? Nina was getting tired of staying motionless - she’d rather they returned to sparing, or even something more… However, the men were far from being done there - and she was about to find out about it. Suddenly, a sword slid into the barrel through one of the cracks between its planks - and right into her body. Nina couldn’t help but squeal in pain as the blade sliced through her dress and into her belly, opening a huge cut in it and causing her guts to spill out. Moments later, another sword entered her barrel - this one a bit higher than the first one. It stabbed directly into her chest, cutting through the belt holding her cleavage in place from an angle before going into her body and puncturing one of her lungs. She coughed a little, blood from her lung leaking out of her mouth and down onto her now-exposed tits, as the men removed the barrel’s lid to take a look at their soon-to-be victim.

Looking up, Nina couldn’t help but feel a little happy as she saw both men’s faces looking down at her. They were so close together now! Just a little more, and maybe they’d kiss! The pain in her belly and her lung sucked, but it made sense to stab her in case she was someone not from Askr. However, now that they had confirmed she was one of the heroes just like them, they’d let her go, right? She calmed herself down like that, especially that the men disappeared from sight for a moment. However, they reappeared a moment later - a bit higher up than before. They have put up boxes near the barrel to stand on - and now, their crotches could reach over the upper end of it. Her heart began beating faster as she saw them both pull their pants down - the men’s cocks springing free into her field of vision. To her surprise, they both began jerking off. She didn’t like that - couldn’t they first help her out of here? If it was to help them get closer together, she’d even be fine getting them off with her hands - as long as their relationship was what she hoped it was. Well, it was still a fine bonding experience for the men - but she was bleeding out here! “P-please, help me!” She called out to them, before some more bloody coughs escaped her lips. Her breasts shook as she did that, and because her body moved, while the swords were stuck, it made them move around a little inside her - just enough to grant her some extra pain. Her words were ignored by the men - or rather, they only began stroking their dicks faster when they heard it. She tried asking them a few more times, but with no success - until eventually the men both came, showering her face and tits with their cum.

Nina took that cum with some happiness. She loved that the men managed to cum so close to one another, and she hoped that now that they were done jerking off, they would help her. However, they didn’t - instead, they just talked to one another some more. “Look, the slut’s still alive - maybe we’ll still get to fuck her while she’s warm.” Uuuuh, when she’s warm? Was he saying that because… “No! Please, don’t kill me!” Nina called out as she realized the men’s intentions, but just like with her earlier outcries, they wouldn’t be of any help. For a moment, they let her bleed while in the barrel - the swords making her unable to escape as they waited for their cocks to be ready for round two.

Once they did, they both removed the sword from the barrel. Then, before she could react, they pushed the barrel over - her inertia causing her to partially go out of the opening at the top. Her body crashed against the other wall of the barrel, causing some more of her blood and guts to fall out - but her arms were out of the barrel now. That let the men grab onto them, pulling her out of it in full - and stretching her out on the ground on her back. She looked up at them with tears in her eyes as they hungrily eyed her tits, finally able to get a better look at them. In fact, they were both mesmerized by them. Enough, that instead of considering fucking her lower holes, they both decided they wanted to stick their cocks into her boobs.

Grabbing her left breast by her nipple and stretching it out, the man quickly put her sword near it. Then, with one quick slice, he cut off a slice off the top of her tit. It included her nipple, her areola, and a part of her skin near it - creating a hole in the breasts surface and giving a better look at the structure of veins, fat and meat that formed her boob. Nina shuddered on the ground, screaming in pain and shock as she watched her nipple be discarded. Throbbing pain appeared in her boob after the slice, but even without it the feeling of having her nipple be missing was very unsettling. She’d never get used to that feeling - but before she could even try, a similar feeling bloomed in her other tit. The white-haired archer began to cry in the earnest as her second nipple was taken away from her too, finally realizing for good that she was going to die here.

The men grabbed her by her arms, pulling her up from the ground a bit - their cock standing proudly as they guided them towards the newly-created holes. Nina screamed in pain as the men penetrated her breasts through the holes that were once her nipples. She began to trash on the ground with all her strength, but all she achieved through that was driving their dicks deeper into her breasts - their hold on her was too strong for the Nohrian’ daughter to break free. Huge chunks of her tit flesh and fat was squashed, the substance of her boobies quickly becoming a paste around the men’s dicks. However, since her tits weren’t massive, only just above average, the men weren’t able to stick the full lengths of their cocks into them. Parts of their members were still left out - even if the men tried to push their dicks in as deep as they could. Still, the warm depths of her now-ruined chest jewels were incredibly pleasant orifices to fuck. The men continued to thrust in and out, and despite her pain Nina once again appreciated the uncommon way of bonding she had helped the men to. They fucked her with a lot of force, her breasts torn apart around their pricks, as she continued to bleed out. Eventually, the men came - their seed shooting deep into the mixed contents of her boobs. Once they pulled out, their cum proceeded to leak out of the gaping holes in place of her nipples - making for a cruel parody of lactation. By that time, Nina’s strength was all but gone. The archer succumbed to her numerous wounds before the men would be ready for a third round - during which, they finally got to fuck the tight holes of her pussy and asshole.

Back in her room, Morgan enjoyed herself again while watching just that. However, as the men began to fuck both of Morgan’s lower holes, something else caught her attention, and she ended her spell. She could hear some angry should and screams coming from outside her room. Going off the voice, Morgan was able to recognize the speaker as her half sister Noire. Even if the two black-haired girls were born to different Tharjas, it still made them related in a sense - and so, they did spend some time together in the past. However, Noire had some issues with her choice of friends - specifically, the girl really disliked Madelyn. With the green-haired girl gone for now though, this could be a chance for them to spend some more time together again. With that in mind, Morgan left her room, and walked over to her sister’s. She knocked on the door, and after a moment the door was opened. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU W- Oh, M-Morgan, it’s y-you.” Noire returned to her timid personality as she spotted it was her not-sister who came to visit.
“I heard your screams. What’s wrong?” Morgan asked once she came in and the two girls sat down together.
“Ah, s-sorry about that. It’s just that…” A terrifyingly angry expression appeared on Noire’s fair face as her voice switched tone again. “THAT BITCH MADELYN! SHE MADE US ARCHERS ALL PRACTICE ONLY ON LIVE TARGETS!” Noire shivered in anger as she said that, closing her eyes for a moment to calm down. “Now that she had left… I-I was hoping we could get b-back to normal practice… But the others are still going on as if nothing has changed.” Tears flashed in the girl’s eyes as she began to sob. “I-I’m j-just so tired of hurting others for n-no reason… AND IT’S ALL THAT CUNT’S FAULT!”
Morgan could perfectly understand Noire’s unwillingness to hurt others by herself - as she herself also didn’t like hurting people directly.
“Well, no one’s forcing you to go there and do it, right? Can’t you just practice by yourself?” She asked her bow-wielding sister, but Noire shook her head.
“I do not have the privileges you do, M-Morgan. I need to show up for group practice… Or they’ll put me down as slacking off and I’ll be e-executed for that.” That much was true, Morgan had seen some girls killed precisely because of those reasons. Because of the deal her mother made with Kiran’s lover after she was born, she was exempt from that - but Noire wasn’t lucky enough to have that for herself. “Then, why not just try talking to them? I’m sure they would listen to you if you said what you think.” She wasn’t - she knew that trying to take away an opportunity to murder girls for fun from the heroes wouldn’t end up well for the one suggesting it. If Noire listened to her, there was a very high chance that she’d end up dying… And Morgan found herself looking forward to it - even their sisterly bond did not exclude Noire from the group of girls the young tactician wanted to see die. If anything, it only made her want to see Noire die even more - even if she only had realized it now.
“T-talk to them? Oh, I-I couldn’t…” Noire, however, didn’t even think it would be dangerous for her. The black-haired girl trusted Morgan, and she also believed other heroes were just as unhappy with the way their practice worked now as she was.
The stuttering in the archer’s voice could be a good way to convince anyone else that Noire wasn’t fit for the task, but Morgan knew her better than to be fooled by it. “Please, Noire, I know you can speak your mind just fine if you get worked up. You care a lot about it, right? Then you just need to go there and tell them how you feel about it.” Listening to her sister tell her that, Noire easily believed in it - Morgan’s support giving her the mental strength she felt she needed for that. “T-Thanks Morgan… I’ll give it a shot during our next practice…” Morgan smiled at her in return, but her intentions were far more nefarious than her kind smile showed. She was looking forward to seeing Noire try it out - and the way the other archers would punish her for suggesting it. The two sisters stayed in Noire’s room for a bit longer, bonding together and enjoying themselves for Morgan knew would be the last time.

Eventually, the time came for Noire to leave for her archery session. After saying goodbye to one another, Morgan returned to her room and quickly set up another scrying spell, while the archer set out toward the training field. Getting there, the girl in green told herself that it was going to be fine.
“E-Excuse me…” She spoke out once she had arrived. Then, she shook her head to get herself in a proper mood - and spoke out with much more force. “I’M SICK OF HAVING TO KILL SOMEONE HERE EVERYDAY! AREN’T YOU TOO? WE NEED TO GO BACK TO SHOOTING NORMAL TARGETS NOW THAT THE BITCH WHO FORCED US TO DO THIS ISN’T HERE!” Hatred flashed up on her worked-up face as she thought of the girl who’s doing this was.

In reaction to her words, the other archers bundled together, and began to discuss something - without letting her into their group. As she waited for their discussion to be over, she looked at the girl who was supposed to be their target for the day. She recalled her name was Kjelle. From what Noire knew, the girl was pretty tough - so she’d last a long time while being shot at by her peers. Hopefully, she had saved her from that. No… She definitely did. Walking over to their black-haired target-to-be, she smiled at her. “You’re free to go now.” She told the armor knight, who looked at her thankfully - she could see a hint of tears of relief in the tomboy’s eyes - then quickly began to walk away. Once that was done, since the other archers were still busy discussing something, Noire grabbed her bow - and her face turned into one of deep focus as she drew the bowstring. She eyed the target in the distance, but inside she was still burning with anger after she had spoken out. She really despised the girl who changed their practice sessions into brutal executions - it would be one person she wouldn’t mind shooting dead. With that thought, she imagined it was Madelyn standing there instead of the relatively unused target at the end of the field she chose to shoot at. Anger and disgust showed up on her face again because of it - the black-haired girl focusing entirely on her fantasy. After a moment, she released her arrow - and heard a satisfying whoosh as it flew away. However, the moment she did, another whoosh began to approach her. Noire didn’t even get a chance to react as an arrow was shot right at her, her head thrown back as an arrowhead broke through her skull. It stabbed into it right below a small protrusion in her circlet, entering her head dead center just a little above the line of her eyes. It burst into her brain, sending pieces of skull into it that tore through her valuable organ - the sorceress’s daughter dying on the spot. Her body began to shake and twist as it fell down, her huge boobies bouncing up and down as she succumbed to her death.

Just as Morgan predicted, the archers weren’t too happy about Noire’s suggestion. They were willing to overlook it, though - up until the point when she went and released their kill for the day. That was too much for them to tolerate - and so, they all agreed that she was to die. Grabbing a bow, one of them quickly shot at her - releasing an arrow that took her life. The man realized his mistake a moment later - half the fun was having their target live for as long as she could, and yet he killed her right away. Noire simply wouldn’t do now. With that in mind, some of the archers took away to find the armor knight Noire told to leave, aiming to bring her back here. Without her, they could still practice using the targets just like Noire wanted them to - but the girl not being here was a good excuse to have some fun with Noire’s corpse.

Approaching Noire’s corpse, the man quickly pulled out a dagger and sliced through her belt. Without it to keep them in place, he was easily able to pull her pants off - all the way down, along with her knee-high boots. Grabbing her dark green panties - which were soaked with piss Noire had released after the arrow crashed into her brain - he ripped them off too, exposing the girl’s cunt. Kneeling down, he grabbed Noire’s corpse by her knees - and then pulled her right onto his throbbing erection. His dick went deep into her cunt straight away - it was still quite warm. It was also very tight, making fucking her a pleasure - and so the man quickly started to groan as his dick began to slam against her cervix. At first, her cunt wasn’t wet at all, so it wasn’t going in too smoothly, but as he continued her pussy began to get wet. Even if she was dead, her cunt still reacted to the stimulation it was given, making it easier for him to fuck her later on. His thrusts caused her huge boobs to jiggle within her top, very visible through the cleavage window in the girl’s shirt. Their movements didn’t go unnoticed - letting go of one of her knees, the man grabbed the part of her shirt that covered them, and pulled it down, freeing her tits from it. Once he did, they were able to bounce much harder than they did before - garnering more attention from the archers around them. Up above her breasts laid the girl’s head - with tears leaking from her rolled-up eyes and running down her cheeks. Her mouth had been swung open with surprise as the arrow entered her life, so now it remained open - with some drool leaking free from it too.

Her head was getting quite some attention from the archers as well. Eventually, one of them knelt next to it - and tried to shove his dick into her open mouth. However, with the angle he was at, he wasn’t really able to get it too deep in. After trying without success for a moment, he decided some action was necessary. Pulling out his curved knife, he proceeded to cut through Noire’s neck. With the girl dead, it didn’t affect her body at all - so he was able to saw through it easily up until her head came free. Once it did, the man turned it so that she was facing him now - and then pulled her mouth open in full. Now, it was easy for him to drive his cock into her mouth - so he did just that. He forced his erection all the way into her mouth, with it sliding into the girl’s throat too - and proceeded to thrust out and in while enjoying the wet cavern that was her mouth. After a moment, however, another of the archers came to him - and asked him to get away, as he was blocking access to the girl’s neck. He had no issues going away, and soon Noire’s neck stump was being filled with a dick - her breasts shaking harder now that there was someone causing them to move from up close.

The two men spitroasted Noire between them like that, but it wasn’t enough at once. Her arms were splayed out on the ground, her gloved hands bent in weird ways because of her dying spasms. Soon, more heroes grabbed them. One took the glove off, and the other decided to keep it on - but both of them placed her hands around their cocks. Pulling the girl’s hands up and down their shafts, the men began to jerk off using the archer’s small, yet precise hands. Her legs were bare, since the man fucking her pussy removed her boots along with her pants. There were still black socks over her trembling feet, but these were quickly removed as well once someone got interested in her feet. Her toes were still twitching from time to time, seducing some of the heroes to them. However, with the way the man fucking her cunt was, it would be pretty hard to make use of them. Because of that, one of the men simply sliced both of her feet off - and pressed both of them against his dick. He squeezed the head of his cock with both of her heels, and dragged them down his cock. In the initial position, her toes were tickling him on the balls, but as he moved the feet down they stopped doing that. He had the feet turned around a little, making it so that the inner side of her feet would rub against his cock too - all because of how gentle the arches of them were. He continued to stroke himself off like that as it continued, until he came - with his semen going all over them.

Kjelle put up quite the fight against the people who came after her. She had accepted her death at first when she was chosen to be the archery target, but Noire’s intervention had reawakened her desire to live. Because of that, give them a lot of trouble - with subduing her taking a lot of time. That meant the archers using Noire’s corpse had a lot of time to fuck it. Once the man using the girl’s cunt had pulled out, another one worked his way into her ass. Her waist had been straddled a few times, some archers tittyfucking Noire’s corpse. With the way her breasts were, it felt amazing to have them squeeze around one’s dick. They were just so soft! their size also let them touch a huge part of the cock at once, making the valley between them a very serviceable onahole.

The few rare female heroines among the archers also joined the males ones in using Noire’s body - grinding their cunts against her hands or rubbing her feet against their slits. One of them also managed to snatch her head for herself at one point, pleasuring herself by forcing Noire’s slack lips against her cunt. The head suffered more abuse beyond that, too. Besides her mouth and her neck being taken by many dicks, there was also a new fuckhole opened in it. The arrow had been ripped out, and for a moment a small bleeding hole was open in it. That hole, however, had been broadened with a knife - making it big enough for a dick to fit inside. The newly-made hole had been penetrated a few dicks as well, the men grinding her already injured brain into a meaty mush.

Once Kjelle had been dragged back to the field, meaning it was time for the archers to let go of Noire’s body, it had been throughoutly coated with semen. The gruesome sight of her corpse all cut up like that only made Kjelle struggle harder, the knight crushed by the sight of the girl who was so kind to her completely ravaged like that. She did see one good thing in it though - if most of the archers had satisfied their urges on Noire’s corpse, then maybe her own body would get less attention once they killed her. For that, and for the help earlier, Kjelle looked at Noire’s severed head - and mouthed a silent thank-you at the lifeless archer.


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Intermission 10: Strangling Bunnies
tags: M/F, futa/F, non-con, accidental death, asphyxia, strangling

Palla hummed to herself as she worked on preparing another carrot projectile. Catria asked her to go to the spring festival with her, and the green-haired pegasus knight was happy to agree. Her bunny costume was already finished, and Palla quite liked the mixture of green and white she was wearing now. Still, she needed a weapon to go with that theme - and decided to make herself a bunch of throwing carrots. She had grabbed a basket of these, and was now sharpening them one by one - picking out the especially long and thin ones from among them. Whenever she finished one, she also tied a nice bow over it’s ending - with an egg ornament attached to it. She was trying to work diligently as usual, but the outfit put her in a more silly mood than usual. From time to time she’d just take a break and hop around a little, pretending to be a rabbit and enjoying the way the bunny ears of her headband were flapping around. Sometimes, she also wiggled her butt to shake the small rabbit tail she had there - and just having fun with the silliness of it all.

Just as one of such fun sessions ended and she was almost ready to get started on another carrot, she heard the door to her room open. Did Catria come to visit her? Her sister was going to use a magical egg as her weapon, using it to channel magic - meaning she didn’t need to prepare anything like she was doing now. “Hello, Catr-” She turned towards the door, and froze. Abel came to visit her! The handsome, tall, green-haired knight of Altea was here, and without his armor, too. He was Est’s boyfriend… But Palla also had a crush on her younger sister’s boyfriend. What made him come to her? Palla wanted to ask him that, but her usually firm voice didn’t want to come out in his presence. She only managed to say something once he was very close to her, her heart beating so fast she thought he might even be able to hear it. “A-Abel? W-What brings you h-” Before she finished her question, he took the final few steps to her - his face dangerously close to hers. Then, he pushed his mouth against hers - and all reason left Palla as the man of her dreams began to kiss her. This couldn’t be real! It couldn’t be! And yet here he was, his lips pressed hard against her own as their tongues wrapped around one another. Her face grew red with a heavy blush as she tried to wrap her mind around what was going on, but with no success. Did he… find out about her feelings? And reciprocated them, too? But wasn’t he with Est? Whatever the reason for it was, Palla was happy to give in to his strong arms as he embraced her. Breaking off the kiss, she looked at his face with nothing but love in her green eyes. Ah, he was just so handsome! “Abel… ah, Abel!” She tried to voice her happiness at him before they joined in another kiss.

The first one took her by surprise, but this time Palla was more ready for it - her tongue fighting fiercely against his as their mouths were locked together. She wanted to scream happily as he held her tight, and that feeling only intensified as he began to nudge her towards her bed. They parted again, hungrily gasping for air, and walked the few steps towards the bed she had in her room. She had fought in two wars besides the man - and her feeling for him never faltered after being summoned to this world. If anything, they only grew stronger here. She had imagined this moment so many times in her head, thought of all the ways it could go… And yet, now they moved in silence. She was hoping for some kind, loving words from him as they took the few fateful steps towards her bed, but could accept the silence too. There was no need for words now, they both knew what they wanted - and Palla was so happy that her fantasy would finally come true.

Once they reached the bed, Palla happily fell on top of it on her back, stretching her long legs covered in white tights on top of it. She happily extended her arms towards him, eager to pull him closer to her. However, instead of climbing on top of her, Abel got down - his head and hands both going for the bunny girl’s crotch. His strong, yet gentle fingers found the zipper that was in the folds of it. It was supposed to let her pee without the need to take the whole thing off, but it could also double as the access to her most feminine bits - access that Abel was going to take advantage of. But how did he know that it was there? Palla forgot that question as the knight pulled the zipper open and pulled the two flaps of her corset to the sides, exposing her pussy to him. She blushed heavily as that happened, but was also incredibly glad about it. His warm fingers brushed against the skin of her abdomen - going through the neatly trimmed patch of her pubic hair - before touching against her pussy lips. Palla shivered on the bed as she felt it - happily welcoming the arousal and pleasure that his actions brought her.

His fingers danced across her labia as it grew a little under his touch, her body responding favorably to his actions. He continued it for some time, all the way until first drops of her arousal began to leak out of her and appear on the tips of his fingers. Once they did, one of his hands moved towards her clit - and proceeded to massage it with just the right amount of force that brought Palla the most pleasure. A bitter part of her brain told her that he knew exactly how much force to apply there because he practiced it already with Est. However, that thought quickly gave way to the pleasure as her most sensitive nub was put through Abel’s care. Stronger shivers went through her body as more of her juices began to gush out of her cunt, the green-haired girl happy to give in to the touch of the man she loved. He proceeded to do it for some more time with one of his hands, the fingers of the other one still going across her entrance. He was able to touch her in all the right spots - with Palla amazed at how skillful he was at it. No one had ever given her such attention before - her partners in the past only focused on the penetration, not giving foreplay any thoughts. Abel, however, was trying to make her feel good before it… And he was doing a damn well job at it. At one point, he stopped it though - lifting that hand towards his mouth. Palla watched him stuck the fingertips into his mouth, the sound and sight of him sucking on them turning her on sooo much for some reason. A smile she saw on his lips once he finished it caused her heart to skip a bit - even despite the fact that he stopped touching her clit. It was only a temporary respite though - the man began to lower his face towards her crotch.

She expected him to go for her pussy right away, but he dragged his tongue across her tights on her thighs at first. He would tease her like that for a couple moments, Palla breathing heavily all the same as if he was eating her out, able to clearly feel his tongue through the tights. Then, he moved on to her slit - lapping at the edges of her pussy and scooping up her honey. It felt better than before, but still it was driving her crazy - she desired to feel him inside her so much now. “A-Abel… Please…” She finally muttered as his tongue still refused to go in - and it seemed that her words finally pushed him to do it. A strong, wet stream gushed out of her snatch the moment his tongue finally went in between her lips. “Abel!!!” She called out as she felt his tongue go against her inner walls, burying her fists in her mattress as she shook on the bed again. He licked her pussy hard with powerful strokes of his tongue, his hands on her thighs to keep her legs spread. Each time he went just a little deeper in, and each time it felt even better than before for her - with a girl quickly building up to a climax. Her breaths picked up the pace as it happened, the girl gasping loudly for air as her body had troubles taking in because of the pleasant numbness and the collar she had around her neck. “Abel! Abeeeeeel!” She screamed out as she came, the man’s face completely drenched with her come as she squirted all over it. Her body squirmed around on the bed in orgasmic throes while Abel withdrew his head, more of her juices oozing into her sheets while she rode her climax out.

Her lustful eyes watched Abel as he got up, a fire lighting up in them once the man pulled his pants down and freed his cock. She reached out towards him with a limp hand again, eager to repay him for how amazing he made her feel - even if she wouldn’t be able to do much with her fingers as stiff as they were - but Abel just ignored that. Instead, he stroked his already erect dick a few times, his erection throbbing in his hands as he got it ready for penetration. Then, he just climbed on top of her - sliding his dick into her slit. Palla moaned hard at the penetration, the wetness of her climax allowing him to take his dick easily inside her with no issues at all. She did take a few things up her cunt in the past - be it when helping her sisters with their sexual frustrations, or when fulfilling lady Minerva’s desires - but these couldn’t compare to the firm, warm rod of the person she loved. His initial thrusts were gentle, but after taking notice that Palla had some experience being fucked, he proceeded to fuck her harder. He hammered his prick deep into her dripping cunt, each of his thrusts answered by Palla’s moans.

As the knight took her, his hands weren’t idle. At first, he held her by her hips, to keep her stable for the initial penetration. However, once that was finished, he proceeded to move them. He ran them down her long, shapely legs, stroking her skin through her tights. Having them return that same way, he took them towards her upper body. He grabbed onto the white cleavage of her bunnysuit, and pulled it down - freeing her huge breasts from it. Palla was more than happy to have him check them out, only moaning louder once he finished examining her perfect chest jewels and his hands closed around them. He felt them up kindly as they filled out his hand nicely, kneading them steadily while continuing to fuck her. Her breathing intensified again, making it clear she was getting near a second climax too. Just like before, she was having a hard time getting air in - and the neckerchief tied around her neck didn’t help with that at all. She was gasping for air hard - her face red both because of her arousal and the lack of air. However, Abel seemed to have noticed that - with the man letting go of her tits and reaching for the neckerchief. He untied it, releasing the pressure on her neck - with Palla taking hungry, deep breathes just as she was to come. Her lungs were filled with delicious air, air that let her scream out her pleasure louder than ever before once she came - her pussy clenching on Abel’s dick hard as her juices escaped her body.

As her body shivered in her climax, Abel’s hands went towards her head again. Palla was hoping for him to caress her face, or to hold her hands - so she moved one towards his. However, his hands went towards her neck - wrapping her neckerchief around her neck again. She smiled at how kind it was of him to do it - even if she felt he was putting it on a bit too tightly. She’d need to adjust it later - but was endeared at how sweet him trying to to it was. She realized just how wrong she was as the man pulled on the ribbon, tightening it far further than it was before - cutting off her airflow. She gasped hard for air as it happened, but nothing came in as her neck was crushed by the gentle, soft fabric that she was supposed to wear around it. Tears sprung up in her eyes as she looked at the man she loved, unable to understand, why would he do this. He was just so gentle with her before… Why was he hurting her like that now? Through her tears, she could see the sadistic satisfaction popping up on the man’s face - a much happier look than the ones he gave her while making love to her before. Seeing him like that eased her pain a little - if he was turned on through this… Maybe, just maybe, she’d be happy to give herself to him fully like that?

Her face started growing a darker shade of red because of the asphyxiation. Her green eyes began to bulge in their sockets as tears poured freely from them and down her warm cheeks. A net of red lines popped up all over her eyes as her blood vessels began to burst, with the corners of her eyes turning a deeper bloody crimson. Her mouth was still open, with wet whizzes escaping her lips again and again - but no air would make it back in instead. Below her jaw, her neck was heavily crushed by the green ribbon - with red ligature marks popping up on her skin underneath it as it rubbed against her neck. Abel’s hold on it was unshakable, so even if Palla tried to defend herself, she wouldn’t have any success with it. All she did was stretch out her hand towards him, and just watched him as she slowly strangled to death. Further below, her tits were still out, sticking up proudly even if they were a bit sore because of Abel’s earlier treatment of them. Inside, she could constantly feel the pressure in her lungs rising - with painful sparks going all over her chest as the stale air was stuck inside her. Even lower, her pussy was twitching even harder than it was during her climax - with it being enough to bring Abel off and spill his cum right into her womb. However, even while coming, he didn’t let go of the neckerchief - keeping Palla’s neck squeezed shut as his dick throbbed inside her. She felt much tighter than before now - and so fucking her felt even better.

Palla could feel her blood pounding within her head. The oxygen deprivation was quickly taking its toll on her, making it harder and harder to stay focused. Her brain cells were slowly dying, succumbing to the lack of fresh air as the girl was losing control of her body. However, as that was happening, somehow her body felt better than ever before. Her strained brain caused her senses to go more intense - and that included feeling the cock that was still buried within her pussy well, too. She was able to feel each and every single twitch Abel’s tool made while within her - and each of them still made her feel good. Palla wasn’t expecting to feel this good like this… This could be something that would be fun to do by herself some time… However, Abel showed no intention of letting her go - and soon, the damage done to her would be irreparable. As more of her brain cells died, she began to lose control over her body - which began trashing on her bed. Her head began to bounce and twist, but the hold on her neck kept it from moving around too much. Her arms spread out on the bed again, rolling around on it helplessly. Her torso spasmed again, making it so that the bunny girl was bouncing on the man’s cock - with her breasts swung around as well. Her long legs have been spread by him to gain access to her snatch before - and now, they were rubbing against his waist as they kicked out randomly. However, none of these struggles helped at all - Palla’s life coming to an end while being fucked by the man she loved. At least he was enjoying himself through it…

However, even that delusion was shattered before she died. Her eyes were still showing her Abel - and so, they also showed her as the person she thought was her lover changed form. Suddenly, she was looking at some purple-haired woman - who was also wearing a bunny suit, albeit a black one. Palla wasn’t even able to spot the woman’s oversized breasts, or notice that there was a dick still inside her - her mind completely crushed by that final betrayal. She jerked on the bed violently a few times as she found some newfound reserves of strength, but her body was far too gone at that point - and so she fell back down onto it moments later. She died while looking at the face of her killer, as her pained brain was still trying to understand, what happened.

Loki wasn’t really planning to kill the green-haired Whitewing. She wanted to just prank the girl a little, tease her with the possibility of having sex with the man she loved before revealing it wasn’t really him. However, the way the girl was gasping for air while she was near a climax… Loki just couldn’t help herself - she wanted to hear more of it. Listening to the sounds Palla made while choking was such a turn-on… And it also made her pussy squeeze her in such a pleasant way. Oh, and the way she tightened around her cock once she changed shape! It had really been a while since she railed someone this remarkably tight, even if it was only for the few moments of Palla’s dying struggles. Definitely made it worth changing her plans, especially that she still changed forms before the green-haired girl passed on - the truly broken look in her now-dead eyes the best proof of it. Sure, she missed out on listening to Palla’s proper, embarrassed reaction to what she did - but the sexual satisfaction she got instead made up for it. Finally letting go of the neckerchief she used to strangle the Whitewing, Loki enjoyed seeing her dark, bruised skin below it - the ligature marks a nice proof of what she had done to the girl. The girl’s corpse looked very inviting the way it was, so Loki leaned over again - squeezing her lips against Palla’s open, dead ones. She placed a strong kiss on them, her tongue twirling around Palla’s dead one for a few moments, before she backed away again - but just a little. Then, with her hands, she grabbed onto Palla’s breasts - while as not as big as hers, Loki still found them pretty hot. She felt them up for a little, squeezing them more gently than how she did as Abel - happy to just have the substance of Palla’s breasts fight back against her gloved fingers. Pulling them towards one another, she made them press against the other for a few moments - before she released them, Palla’s tits springing back to their original position while jiggling around.

When she transformed, Loki kept her dick as it was still inside Palla’s cunt. Even if she kept it idle, it was still enjoyable to keep it sheathed inside the dead girl’s snatch - Loki enjoyed getting to feel her body slowly cool down around her cock. However, once Palla’s cunt loosened up around her dick as the dead girl’s muscles relaxed, the trickster decided it wasn’t as fun to keep it inside her anymore - she knew fucking Palla now wouldn’t feel as good as it did before. Because of that, she dispelled it, her prick disappearing without a sound. Now that the plug in Palla’s pussy was gone, Loki-as-Abel’s semen was free to leak out of her opening, staining the girl’s bed with white semen. However, a single climax wasn’t enough. Even if the trickster got off with her dick, her pussy still ached for release. Palla’s death got her worked up too much for one orgasm to let all of it out. Because of that, the illusionist got off the bed, and took a look at Palla’s room - searching for anything that could serve her as a sex toy. Her eyes lit up as she saw all the carrots lined up on Palla’s desk - and the basket full of fresh ones below it. The purple-haired illusionist hopped over there, jumping from leg to leg and sending her oversized tits into a bouncing spree. It also caused the frontal flap of her bunny corset to swing around, the thing already unzipped after she turned back into this body because her dick needed to stick out through it. With it gone, though, it only waved the thing around - her pussy taking in the exposed air, droplets of her arousal already escaping it and falling onto the floor. On the way there, Loki decided that her jacket hugged her breasts too tight for her to enjoy right now - so she quickly took it off, letting her gigantic boobies breathe. Sometimes, she enjoyed the way they were squeezed by the dark cloth, but after just transforming she would rather give them all the freedom she could. Without the form-fitting jacket to hold them down, they were able to move around much more freely - still going up and down for a few moments once Loki got to Palla’s workplace.

Arriving there, Loki eyed the carrots the woman had already prepared curiously. Most of them were too thin for her tastes, though… So she looked into the basket instead. Oh! There it was! Loki leaned over, letting her heavy boobs hang down as she retrieved a particularly thick carrot from the basket. She held it in her hand to weight it, while considering, what to do with it. At first, she moved it towards her mouth, opening it wide to take the carrot in. The illusionist took it deep inside, as if she was taking a nice, cone-shaped cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue all over it, coating the carrot in a lot of saliva - providing it with the first layer of lubrication. Once Loki finished drooling all over the thing, she pulled it out - with a satisfying wet sound so similar to the one that turned Palla on not so long ago. Still staying in her bent-over position, Loki took it to the other end of her body - quickly letting the carrot’s tip go against her lower lips this time. She was already sufficiently wet after Palla’s last moments, so she just plunged it right into her cunt. She couldn’t stop her body from shivering a little at the penetration, the carrot’s tip going deep inside her and brushing against her inner walls. “Oooh, this is really a big one!” Loki thought to herself while moving the carrot in and out of her cunt a few times - making sure to thoroughly cover it with her cunt honey. She couldn’t help but moan a few times as she did that - but once she decided it was enough, she pulled the carrot out. Then, she brought the carrot up a bit - angling its tip right towards her asshole.

Gently driving it inside herself, Loki pushed the carrot’s small tip through her sphincter. With the amount of lubrication she provided the carrot with, it slid in without much issues. Loki made sure to take delight in the penetration, slowly inserting the carrot into her tight anus. Eventually, it stopped going in so easily. The first time it did, Loki just wiggled the carrot around a little and it was enough to let it continue deeper inside her. The next time, she decided she was ready - and just shoved it inside her. She gasped hard as the carrot suddenly surged deeper into her ass - her inner walls forced to stretch around the sizeable carrot. Still, her cunt juices made it so that it didn’t cause her too much discomfort. After shoving it just a bit deeper, so that only the butt of the carrot and its long leaves were sticking out of her butt, Loki let go of it - leaving her asshole plugged with the orange vegetable. She shook her ass a little to test if it was sitting firmly inside her, and after confirming it was true, decided to move on.

Springing back up and stretching her body backwards to help with her back a little - as it hurt after being bent over like that for so long - Loki eyed the carrots again. She decided that for proper vaginal masturbation, the carrots Palla had prepared would be the best. Their upper ends were still pretty thick, and their shape would allow her to touch herself in just the right spot within her cunt - letting her use all of her expertise on herself. There was also just something in using the tools prepared by the girl she had killed… Removing the bowtie Palla added to it and a few thin leaves that Palla left on the carrot, Loki took it with her while returning to the dead girl’s bed. She eyed the dead corpse again… Palla’s lifeless face - her bloody, rolled-up eyes and her tongue lulling free from it - and the girl’s tits were both telling her to use the corpse for her fun too. She had just the idea on how to do it, too. Setting the carrot down for a moment, Loki climbed onto the bed - and worked her arms under Palla’s slack shoulders. Lifting the girl up, she pulled her into a sitting position - and to make sure the dead girl stayed that way, Loki positioned her against the wall. The girl’s hands were hanging limply at her sides, and her legs were stretched out in front of her. Loki grabbed the legs next, and spread them. Then, she bent them both in a v-shape - making it easy for her to go in between them.

With the legs positioned like that, Loki picked the carrot up again. Then, she laid down on the bed in between Palla’s legs - her shoulders pressing on the inner sides of the girl’s thighs. Her upper back pressed against Palla’s cunt, which was still dripping with the semen she shot into it earlier. Her head rested just below Palla’s tits - her long hair spread out against Palla’s green corset. Even with her hat on, Loki could still feel the tits as she forced her head into them from below. The long flaps of her bunny ears came down on top of Palla’s legs. Loki moved around a little, settling into a the most comfortable pose, before finally being ready to enjoy herself. She plunged the carrot into her dripping pussy - her head craning backwards as she moaned loudly. With her position, doing that let her look straight at Palla’s lifeless face - which only turned her on more. Looking at it, she was reminded of Palla’s struggles before… Ah, her desperate gasps for air! They were so exhilarating! In fact, she liked them enough that she decided she needed to go through it herself. While still fucking herself with the carrot with one hand, she took the other one around Palla’s leg and back towards herself - and used it to pull one of her long bunny ears towards her. She wrapped it around her neck, shivering in pleasure as she had it squeeze her neck tight. With just a little force, she was able to cut off her airflow - the busty illusionist using the carrot even harder on her pussy as her body was affected by the pleasant asphyxiation.

Loki continued to do that for a little while. She slid the carrot inside her expertely, hitting just the spots inside her pussy she wanted with it’s thick side. At the same time, she tugged on the rope - making herself unable to take more air in. Her head continued to be angled upwards, the woman still taking pleasure in seeing Palla’s dead face. However, whenever she was just getting to feel good as the lack of air causing her muscles to tingle in all the pleasant way, just as the lack of oxygen in her brain was starting to cause her body to become more sensitive - her fingers would always let go of the ear, making it slip from around her slim neck. That, in turn, let fresh air into her lungs as her body involuntarily breathed in, and the pleasant state escaped her. She hated how that happened - so decided she needed to fix it somehow. If anything, it’d also be good to free her hand fully - Loki was feeling her lovely, giant mammaries were suffering with no care given to them. The solution was very simple - just tie a knot around her neck. Letting the carrot stay in her pussy for a moment, Loki’s second hand surged towards her head as well. Grabbing her outfit’s other ear, she pulled it towards her neck as well. Then, with some quick moves of both of her hands, she tied the ears together into a firm knot. But just that wasn’t enough. The pink-haired woman tightened it until it was completely restricting her breathing - and then tugged on it a few more times to check if there was a chance that it’d come loose by itself. However, she tied it so well that she had troubles trying to undo it - meaning there should be no chance it was going to come off by itself and kill her fun. With it taken care of, Loki was able to return to her masturbation with both of her hands available - and the busty woman eagerly did just that.

With her carrot, Loki still thrust in and out of her pussy. Her other hand went for the her breasts, giving them a nice squeezing as she rotated her hand between the two. Her perky nipples were standing out proudly from her massive boobs, and she tickled these with her fingers for a while too - but eventually returning to groping them. The never-ending feeling of having her rear end stuffed with a carrot also helped with making her feel even better. If her breathing wasn’t restricted, Loki would have moaned loudly - but as she couldn’t, she just kept her pleasure to herself. The ears around her neck were doing just a fine job in helping her to cum too. She enjoyed the way her neck was being squeezed by the cloth, but it was only the first of the ears’ benefits. There was something incredibly thrilling in being unable to breathe. As she lasted longer and longer without air, parts of her body slowly began screaming at her in pain - pain that Loki welcomed. Her lungs burned, but she took it only as a pleasant tingling. Her head was feeling heavier and heavier, but her senses only got stronger - amplifying how good she along with all the pain she enjoyed. Before long, her body began to be shaken with small twitches, twitches that signalled that her body was nearing a climax. Her abdomen was burning with desire, her head clouded with pleasure as she furiously forced the carrot all the way inside her. Then, she came, the illusionist’s red face twisted into an ahegao as her entire body began to shiver. She came hard, a lot of her juices squirting out of her and onto Palla’s bed - but the dead girl wouldn’t mind anyways. Her body ached as she spasmed on the bed, shoving Palla’s legs further apart as she moved uncontrollably.

Loki’s face grew redder and redder as her orgasm went on. Normally, an orgasm would leave her breathing heavily - but now, she was unable to get even a sliver of air in. Eventually, she decided enough was enough - it helped her cum, but now the stronger pain was getting annoying. However, she found her body was really weak now - she was barely able to lift her hand - that was resting on her tits - towards her neck again. The orgasmic numbness was still keeping a hold of her fingers - and they were unable to move in the way needed to untie the knot on her neck. She tapped them helplessly against the ears, but she did tie them in a way to let them last through just that. Suddenly, the woman realized the gravity of the situation - but it was far too late for her to save herself. She didn’t give up trying to get it off for some more time, but with no success. Her eyes bulged hard as she looked at Palla’s dead face again - very much aware that soon she was going to look just like her. Her body began to trash on the bed as the illusionist lost all control over it, but the recent orgasm made it so that she didn’t move around too much. The illusionist’s mind was already clouded because of the asphyxia, but there was still a part of her that saw how stupid a death it was. How could she have been this careless? Then again, she always lived on the edge… And she had to admit, that she at least had a good time before dying. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she finally passed on, tongue slipping out of her mouth as a final shudder went through her body

Loki’s lifeless form fell on top of the woman she had killed. Her now-purple face was right under Palla’s tits, drool going down the woman’s chin while the face held an expression which showed nothing of the dead woman’s cunning. Her ears were still tied around her neck, a testament to the illusionist’s carelessness - with her hand limp just next to it. Her gigantic tits were hanging down from her chest, her nipples still very much erect even after she died. Past her corset-covered belly were her two lower holes - both her pussy and her ass stuffed with carrots. As she laid limply, the angle still allowed anyone that would come in a good look at her ass - and at the small bush of leaves from the carrot which’s tips was only barely sticking out of her. By comparison, the carrot in her cunt was only barely noticeable - only its tip showing if one took an attentive look at her come-flooded slit. Next were the trickster’s legs, which were stretched out on the bed in front of her - still wearing her high boots. The two dead women would make for a terrible surprise for Catria when the blue-haired girl would come to fetch her sister…


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Intermission 11: Visiting Wolfskin Peak
tags: M/F, bestiality, non-con, beheading, hard vore, ripping apart

Velouria dragged her feet as she walked up the slopes of Mount Garou. She had found a portal in Askr that led to her daddy’s world - and luckily enough, just near the lands of his tribe of Wolfskin. Or at least she assumed that was it, because she was able to sense numerous other Wolfskin once she came there. Even if the girl usually wasn’t too social, the opportunity to visit her daddy’s tribe was one she couldn’t pass on. Still, it would be a bad move to go there unprepared - so she returned to Askr to prepare herself properly for the trip. However, as she got herself ready, she was noticed by Panne and Leanne. Upon the taguel’s questions, she hesitantly admitted that she was going to visit a tribe of her kinsmen. To Velouria’s annoyance, the bunny shapeshifter seemed very interested in that. As the last of her race, Panne was always searching for potential mates - searching for someone who would let her offspring be strong enough to let her race continue once she was gone. Because of that, she decided to join her on her trip - with Velouria not too happy about their presence. Neither of them could understand, what Leanne was saying, but the white-winged girl followed them as well as they stepped through the portal. Now, they were approaching the Wolfskin’s grounds, she could feel their smell getting stronger with each moment - but was a little embarrassed to bring these two women with her as well. The idea seemed great when she was to go there alone… But now, she wasn’t as happy about it. Still, the chance of seeing her daddy in his own place excited her - enough that she still went through with it.

As they walked, she began to sense the smell of other wolfskin. Surprisingly, her daddy’s smell wasn’t among them - the girl was able to recognize without any failure. His scent still lingered there, but she was able to tell that Keaton was gone - this world’s wolfskin chieftain having left to join Corrin’s army some time before. Despite that, she still ran ahead, hoping that the reality would prove her wrong - eventually passing a small thicket of trees. Behind it, she could see a small clearing in which she could see a bunch of other wolfskin. They looked at her curiously, but upon seeing that she was one of their own, they returned to what had caught their attention. A few of them were gathered around something on the ground - and if the smell of it wasn’t misleading her, then… Yes! It was a delicious, delicious corpse! The usually lazy wolf girl dashed to it, getting down near the body as well - and taking a good look at it. It was the corpse of some woman - and although her face had been ruined, Velouria could still see that the woman had purple hair. What caught her eye, though, was the woman’s outstanding figure. Even if partially devoured, the wolf girl was able to see just how big and round the woman’s breasts were - boobs like that made Velouria jealous. Her own chest was already pretty big, and she knew she still had the time to have her tits grow - but she still wished they’d one day just expand to the size she hoped they’d be instead of forcing her to wait for it. While huge chunks of the dead woman’s breasts were already eaten, there were still many parts of her body which weren’t. Beyond the woman’s hips, which helped with her hourglass figure, were her very meaty legs - and luckily for Velouria, one of them was almost untouched. And so the young wolf girl dropped her head to the level of the dead girl’s meat, and then used her sharp fangs to bit right into the succulent flesh.

The dead woman’s name was Sonya - and she was a mage from the continent of Valentia. Even if she hated the orders she got, finding herself just a bit too vulnerable to physical attacks to do it, the purple-haired woman still obeyed them - for she knew what the punishment for not doing that was. And so she ventured through the portal, cursing at the summoner who sent her on this mission once she knew no one could hear her - all while venturing deeper up the mountain in order to scout it out. Velouria had reported about her findings, but didn’t say that she was planning to return to it - and so Kiran sent someone else to search around in that world instead. Sonya’s trip to this world didn’t last too long - she quickly ran across a few of the wolfskin. Okay, so there were these wolf shapeshifters there - that was already a result that she could bring back. Having spotted them, she quickly began backing away - but the wolfskin had already spotted her. The mage dressed herself very skimpily - wearing a high-cut dress which showed off her breathtaking legs, with a huge cleavage on it which showed off her tantalizing, giant breasts. Her outfit’s main purpose was to drag in the leery gazes of man who would see her - for the woman enjoyed teasing them with her appearance. She had a killer body and she knew it, taking pride in it. Each unpleasant boner she could spot in the pants of the men she passed and knew she caused amused and excited her - and so, she’d never change it for any other outfit. However, this outfits would also cause her not to return to Askr at all. The few wolfskin who had spotted her were captivated by her appearance, a strong lust awakening in them as they saw her. The truth was, it was the wolfskins’ mating season now - and a beautiful woman like that venturing into their hunting grounds was just giving herself over to them, at least in their eyes. They quickly caught up with her and overwhelmed her - and once they did, they quickly ripped her dress off. This was something Sonya didn’t enjoy at all. She was all for teasing, but not for actually letting the man get a full look at her privates - and certainly wasn’t going to let some furballs get their stinky dicks into her well-kept slit. She struggled and struggled, only annoying the wolves with her actions. It didn’t take them too long to agree that the woman would be more pleasant dead. One of them grabbed her head while another one was thrusting into her cunt - which, against Sonya’s wishes, was gripping him tight - and then just pulled it to the side. As skilled as the woman was in magic, her body was frail - making her reservations about going on this mission are the more valid. Her head snapped without almost any resistance, her head bobbing around to the wolfskin’s thrusts as her pussy began to squeeze him even harder. Once the man came inside her, he let her drop to the ground - and quickly buried his teeth in one of her tits. With the lust sated for a moment, his hunger took over - but that didn’t stop his friends from fucking her as well. By the time Velouria had arrived there, they were all done taking their turns with Sonya’s cunt - not much of it remained, anyways. The grey-haired girl was able to indulge herself in the mage’s tasty meat, paying no mind to what the two women with her came would think once they, too, arrived at the clearing.

In truth, both Panne and Leanne were disgusted by what they’ve seen. Cannibalism was a terrifying practice to them, even if many of the heroes in Askr accepted it. Both the taguel and the heron were grossed out - with them sharing looks of disappointment with one another. Panne would have voiced her opinion outloud, but she knew it might not have been a good idea now, since they were surrounded by so many practitioners of cannibalism. Leanne didn’t hold herself back, though - speaking out her thoughts freely. However, the golden-haired girl spoke in the Ancient Language of her world - making it impossible for anyone to understand her. Her beautiful, melodious voice did catch the attention of the wolfskin however - with more of them gathering around and giving both Panne and Leanne hungry looks. Panne was very much aware of the erections she could spot through the wolves’ pants - they reminded her of the reason she ventured to this world in the first place. Oooh, she just hoped one of these men would be a satisfying mate for her…

Velouria was among the last of the wolfskin who had satisfied her hunger on Sonya’s corpse. Getting back up, she returned to her companions. Her nose already told her as much as she needed to know - it was clear to her that they’ve come here during the tribe’s mating season. And she was very much happy about it - her daddy always refused to tell her the details of how these would go. Now, she would get to experience one first-hand! “…It’s their mating season - I’m going to join them now.” Velouria told the two other female shapeshifters, then spun around, her tail wiggling a bit. To her surprise, most of the male wolves were taking their pants off - so she realized she should do the same. Or maybe… It’d be enough if she just showed them what she had between her legs. She grabbed the seams at the front of her pants with her hands, and then pulled it apart. The fabric of her dark leggins couldn’t last for long against her strength, and so the girl was able to rip it open, uncovering her pussy. Once she finished, her eyes began to sparkle as she saw their cocks. It was the first time she saw anything like that, and yet her instincts were telling her just what to do. Because of them, the young wolf began to slowly walk towards them. As she moved, she could feel a hotness appear between her legs as well. The smell of the other wolves’ arousal caused the young wolfskin’s body to respond favorably, putting the girl in heat as well. Behind her, she could hear some clothes shifting - but she ignored that, far too caught up in the weird feeling between her legs. All the way until she reached one of the wolves, and reached for his dick with her hand. She could feel the prick twitch in his hand, the man tensing as she did that - the girl curiously sliding her gloved fingers down his shaft. Ah, the way it shivered in her hand… It made it look so tasty! Dropping down to her knees, Velouria’s tail waggled excitedly as she directed her mouth towards the dick. The lips of her small mouth parted, the girl slowly wrapping them around the tip of the wolf’s cock. With her head placed right in front of the man’s crotch, her nose was directly next to it too - flooding her sensitive nostrils with more of the man’s smell. That, in turn, caused her pussy to start dripping with her arousal - the girl’s instincts turning her on. Velouria found the wetness between her legs very enjoyable. However, that wasn’t the only thing these caused her to feel. As she took the cock deeper inside her mouth, her hunger and lust for blood surfaced again. A voice in her head was telling her to bite right into it - and the girl clamped her mouth just a little down, her sharp fangs going into the man’s skin. However, Velouria stopped herself from going ahead with it. She knew it’d be wrong to do it… So instead she just continued to suck the wolf off.

As Velouria managed to keep her hunger in check, another wolfskin walked behind her. Getting down as well, the man lifted the girl’s tail - and pulled it out of the way. Then, he guided his erection in between the bottom part of the girl’s massive buttcheeks, taking it towards her cunt from behind. Velouria let out a startled “Eeehhhh?”, which was muffled a bit by the dick in her mouth, as she felt his cock enter her cunt. The wolf’s shaft went right inside her, spearing through her hymen on the way in. However, the stab of pain that went with it was quickly replaced with pleasure, the girl’s self-lubrication allowing the man to slide into her cunt without a lot of additional pain. Instead, the wolf girl felt good as the man’s dick ventured deeper inside her - her fluffy ears flicking happily as she put in more into the blowjob she was giving. She was able to take the man’s dick all the way into her throat, her mouth stretched out to make it fit. Her work was able to make the guy cum soon afterwards, his dick swelling before unloading deep streaks of cum into her gullet. Velouria swallowed it all happily, happy to use it to satisfy her hunger at least a little. Once the man she was sucking off finished, and pulled out of her mouth, Velouria’s back twisted a little as she took a look at the man taking her from behind. With a powerful shove, she made him fall over, his erection leaving her pussy for a bit - the man falling to the ground. However, that was just for a moment, for Velouria climbed on top of him - taking him inside her cunt cowgirl-style while using her body weight to drive it onto the man’s cock. The way she was sitting, she needed to put one hand behind her to keep her balance. With the force of her bounces, her breasts were sent swinging within her shirt - and she found the way it confined them annoying. Because of that, her fingers grabbed her white shirt - and then ripped it off in full, freeing both of her tits in the process. Her nipples were already very erect, standing out proudly in the cold mountain air as the young wolf continued to happily mate with the man she had never seen before - a huge smile on the girl’s blushing face.

While Velouria gave her virginity away like that, Panne was even more eager to go ahead with it. The ruffle of clothing Velouria heard behind her was the sound the taguel made as she took off her already skimpy leather top - the bunny-eared girl starting off with exposing all of her feminine bits. Her pussy was still covered her very rich bush of hair, and she still wore her leather over her belly. On its own, the hair could serve just fine as shorts, covering her private regions from side because of how thick the hair was. However, one could easily get his dick through it - and Panne was looking forward to taking one like that. With her huge ears, she put her keen sense of hearing to work - listening to the wolves’ heartbeats to find one she deemed fit for her goals. The ones who were too excited already wouldn’t be able to last too long with her… And she wanted endurance for her spawn. In just a few seconds, she was able to identify a wolf who could potentially be a good mate. She threw herself at the man, causing him to topple over to the ground. She landed on top of him, using her hand to guide his cock through her bush and into her cunt. Once the taguel did that, with the man’s cock sitting firmly inside her, Panne went on to showcase just what rabbits were famous for - hopping up and down on the wolf’s dick like crazy, with a speed no normal human would match. The wolf she took on tried to keep up with her at first, bringing his hips up in response to her bounces, but Panne was going too fast at it - and he just gave up. The way she was grinding on his dick was just too pleasant for both of them. Panne’s face grew flashed with excitement as she rode him out, but for the man it meant the intercourse wouldn’t last for too long. Even if Panne’s initial method of choosing him worked, it was only a preliminary one. As she felt the first streaks of his cum squirt inside her, she bounced up with more force than before, unlocking her pussy from his dick and causing him to fountain the rest of his cum onto her thighs. Panne shook her head in disappointment at the man’s weakness while looking around again - her orange eyes searching for another possible lover. Once she found one, the woman quickly shot towards him - bringing him to the ground and his dick into her slit within seconds. At that point, she ended up quite close to where the wolf cub was mating as well - both animal girls happily riding their partners, even if they had different goals in mind. Seeing as how good it felt, Velouria was just trying to have some fun - while Panne was trying to prolong her race with the strongest seed she could find.

Leanne, however, had no such desires. She was curious about this unknown race of laguz, but what were they doing? The white-winged girl blushed heavily as she saw all these men with their dicks out around her… They had her surrounded… And the image of that other girl being devoured by them was still fresh in her mind. She was terrified of what the men would do to her if she refused… So as scared as she was, Leanne knew she had to act on their expectations. However, with how slow she was taking it, the wolves closest to her decided they weren’t going to wait around. Their sharp claws ripped through her long, white dress, tearing out huge chunks of it - more importantly, those covering up her breasts and her slit. Embarrassed, Leanne tried to cover herself up - but the men just pulled her hands out of the way. Then, the heron girl was forced to the ground - with one of them quickly sheathing his erection inside her cunt. Her beautiful voice made out a cry of pain as her hymen was impaled, the girl struggling on the ground as the first wolf began to rape her. She called at him, begging him to stop, but he couldn’t understand her - the girl speaking in a language no one but her could understand. Even if they could get what she was saying, the wolfskin wouldn’t be stopped by that - their lust far too strong for her words to sway them. If Leanne had the time, she could sing the Galdr of Rebirth, in hopes of giving the men the control of their bodies - unaware that their lust was perfectly natural. However, with the pain coming from her pussy, she doubted she’d be able to sing it properly - so all she could do was lie on the ground and take a wolf’s erection as he fucked her, thrust after thrust. Once the first one creamed her pussy, he was quickly replaced by another one. That wolf took her from missionary and lifted her on top of him, while getting down near the other two girls - all three female shapeshifters fucked together in cowgirl at the same time. He also ripped on her dress some more, removing the part of it that covered her legs - with the only part of her dress making for a relatively useless corset that only covered her belly. As that happened, Leanne’s face was still red with embarrassment. Still, this man was a bit more gentle with her… And the pain from her pussy had almost stopped at that point. Instead, to Leanne’s surprise and more embarrassment, she was starting to feel good. Her angelic voice began to sounds out again, but this time it were moans of pleasure - and each of them was enough to turn the wolves on even more. Was it because of how sweet she sounded, or because she was unconsciously slipping some magic into her voice? No one taking part in the orgy would be able to tell, either way.

For some time, the wolves continued to fuck their new fuck mates - changing positions and giving all three women a much-welcome variety in sex. Eventually, Velouria ended up on her fours on the ground, with one of the men mounting her from behind. His claw-like hands were holding on to her massive butt, squeezing her enormous, overly curvy backside. The fingers sunk into her skin, even drawing blood in a few spots as the soft flesh of her ass dented around them - even through her skin-fitting leggings. Grabbing onto it, the wolf-man was able to pull her onto her dick - using it to drive his erection deep into her cunt. She was looking behind at him with an expression of arousal on her face, howl-like moans leaving her mouth every couple of his thrusts. Ah, this felt incredible! Why was her daddy so reluctant to tell her about this? She would have loved to take daddy’s dick inside her, to make him feel good with her body while he did the same to her… So why did he keep it a secret from her? When she returned to Askr, she was going to find him and ask for an explanation - while happily going servicing him with her body as he’d try to answer. “Oooooh, Daddy…” Velouria let out a long moan as she imagined it was her father who was taking her from behind now - putting his face over the face of the man she was having sex with. However, to her surprise, the man’s face began to shift on its own below her imagination. Blinking a few times to fully remove the image of her father from there, she was surprised to see the man shift forms - turning into a his werewolf beast. Her eyes widened, her mouth opening up as well as she let out a cry of pain as all the changes to the man’s body began to affect her. His hands turned into full, proper claws. The man’s nails - which were just popping against her skin through her skintight leggings for the most part before - extended into very sharp appendages, tearing through both her leggings and the skin of her butt. Having it torn apart like that hurt… And yet, a part of her was also very excited by it. She had always liked the smell of blood… And with how into the sex the girl was now, it only turned her on even more. The girl’s predatory instincts were making her aroused now - even if the blood she could smell was her own. And the dick, oh, the dick! As the man’s whole body grew larger, so did his shaft - stuffing her pussy to the brim. It was filling her up pretty much perfectly - even if she felt her pussy stretching a bit to accommodate it. Being a wolfskin herself, her body was naturally made to take these big cocks inside her - and cause her incredible pleasure as she felt that. Once the pain from the initial transformation subsided, the girl began moaning, loudly and happily - as the man proceeded to thrust deeper inside her. His shaft popped through her cervix, burying itself in her womb and making it stretch out as well - a bulge distending from her belly and showing the wolf dick inside her. Velouria didn’t mind at all: She just dug her hands into the ground, steeling her body for his thrusts. Then, she kept shoving her ass against the beast in line with his thrusts, enjoying herself all the way.

The other two girls weren’t as enthusiastic about the men suddenly changing form as Velouria was - for all the wolfskin around them all did it at the same time. Panne found it a bit hard to take their new, bigger pricks inside her - her body not used to such large insertions. It was making it very hard for her to enjoy herself… And yet, a part of her was glad that they did that - maybe if the men shoot their seed while transformed inside her, her children would be affected by that and become stronger. With that possibility in mind, Panne happily continued to take dick after dick - an obscene bulge in her belly as well as her womb, too, was filled with a werewolf’s dick. While Panne accepted it, Leanne had no way to see it as a good thing. Her inexperienced pussy didn’t have the advantages of birth Velouria had, or the countless hours of training Panne’s cunt had while she searched for her perfect mate. Instead, when forced to stretch to an obscene size to make room for the wolf’s dick, her body just wasn’t capable of making it work. Her womb was just ripped apart, the animal cock continuing deeper into her innards and making its way through her belly. She screamed, and she screamed hard, her powerful voice reaching the ears of all around her as she felt nothing but pain. And yet, despite that, the beast went on with fucking her - the blonde heron continuing to scream as more of her guts became tangled around the wolf’s cock. S-She was right to be scared before… These beasts weren’t just going to rape them… They were going to kill them! And there was nothing they could do to stop them now… Leanne began to cry at how terrible a fate this was, and at her own helplessness, as she felt the dick ravage through her insides.

Velouria was thoroughly fucked for some more time, her cunt gripping the dicks inside her tightly as the wolf girl slowly lost herself to the pleasure. The rest of her clothes have been removed during that time, Velouria losing both the lower part of her shirt and most of her leggings. All that remained of her clothes were her gloves, and a part of her leggings still on her left leg. Eventually, one of the wolves hoisted her up in the air - and dragged her onto his dick. She just moaned as he penetrated her, happy to take his massive cock. Her moans continued as the man proceeded to pound into her, pulling her down by her legs to make his cock go deeper inside her. However, as much as she liked it, she had issues with keeping her balance - it was almost as if she was going to fall over. The wolf fucking her could feel that as she began to fall, pulling his dick with her because of how deep it was embedded inside her body. He wasn’t happy about that at all, as it wasn’t a very pleasant feeling. He needed to keep the girl stable. But both of his hands were taking hold of her legs… The girl’s shoulders were right in front of his head. With the wolfskin consumed by lust, it was a simple solution to him - so he went ahead and bit down on Velouria’s shoulder. With how massive his jaws were, he was able to take all of her shoulder inside his mouth - all the way from her arm to her neck. His rough teeth bit right into her clavicle. His teeth on the side even sank into Velouria’s neck - her hot blood coming out of the many holes and flowing into his mouth. And all Velouria did in response was moan. Her animalistic lust had taken over, and to have blood spilled so close to her mouth, its smell going right inside her, was incredibly arousing. Her body spasmed a little on the wolf prick, but Velouria didn’t notice at all - overwhelmed by the pleasure. Her lips were agape, the girl letting out happy moans as the man proceeded to fuck her like that. Her face wore a happy ahegao as it continued, her hips humping against the hard, strong dick which was penetrating her.

As she slowly bled out, parts of her body began to go limp. She lost control over her arms, with them hanging in front of her body while she just let the wolf fuck her. Her body’s numbness made no difference for the wolf inside her, though. Between the jaws holding her upper body, and the arms pulling on her legs, she was perfectly stable - the girl little more than a doll in the man’s hands. However, because of the strong grip on her shoulder, the man had no way to actually pull her down onto his erection anymore. He could lower his snout a little to push her lower, but that was it. Instead, he began pulling her legs apart - stretching them around so that her thighs didn’t get in the way of his dick. For some time, it helped - the man going deeper inside her every time he thrust in. However, eventually he reached the point where Velouria was at her limit - unable to stretch her legs even further. That didn’t stop him from tugging on her leg - Velouria being able to feel more and more strain in it. At the same time, the wolf girl was getting closer and closer to a climax. The man’s dick hammered against the back of her womb with each thrust, a huge bulge in abdomen showing that off, and that was putting the wolf girl in heaven. Just a little more, and then…

Suddenly, strong pain exploded in her right thigh. The stretched muscles finally gave way, with her skin and flesh both ripping into two parts. In a few seconds, her meaty thigh was torn apart - huge chunks of meat falling off from it and to the ground. In the end, her bone snapped - most of her leg ripped away from the rest of her body. The stump of it hung down limply, with the stretched skin and meat hanging down below her belly. And yet, despite such a loss, and a lot of pain getting to her, it only made Velouria feel even better. It was gory, it was gruesome - and it was what the wolfskin naturally enjoyed. Even with it being her own body that was put through it, Velouria was incredibly aroused by it. As she was already on the verge of a climax before, it pushed her way beyond a normal one - granting the wolf girl an orgasm that was nothing short of mind-shattering. Her petite mouth opened out as wide as it could as she screamed out her release, her tongue slipping free out of her mouth as she howled and howled. Her eyes were wide open as well, bulging inside their sockets while blankly staring straight ahead. Her pussy was clenching hard while her come left her, squeezing the entire length of the cock within her at once. Her body started shivering, Velouria losing all control over it. Her tail straightened out behind her, all fuzzy as the hair in it stood on its ends. The wolf girl just rode her climax out while her brain was shattered into pieces - each of these pieces carrying the pleasure of a normal climax.

Velouria’s climax was very noticeable to the wolf knotting her. All these spasms were quite pleasant to him - enough to drive him onto the edge as well. That, in turn, awakened his hunger in full. Because of it, he finally pulled back with his head - ripping huge chunks of Velouria’s shoulder and neck out and sending them down his gullet. Swallowing these, the wolf finally came - a massive explosion of cum going both into her cunt and out of her. Her thighs and belly were completely splashed with the wolf’s semen. Velouria had not recovered from her climax yet at that point. She did feel a lot of pain, but it just bounced around in the empty walls of her mind, unable to affect her at all. Her eyes were still bulging, and they reacted to the pain without her control, tears starting to run down her cheeks. However, the girl herself didn’t notice anything at all. Instead, her face just changed into a confused ‘oh?’ as the man let go of her other leg, the girl sliding forward and off his dick as her tail slumped down behind her. She popped off the wolf’s cock and crashed down to the ground, face-first, as gallons of wolf cum began to leak out of her pussy. The wolf’s climax continued for a bit longer - with him spraying her back with his semen as well. As that happened, Velouria just twitched on the ground. She’d never get the chance for her brain to recover from her incredible climax. Instead, the female wolfskin just laid on the ground with an ahegao returning to her face, quickly bleeding the rest of the way out. Her spasms continued for a bit longer, but when the next wolfskin picked up their kin-turned-cocksleeve, Velouria’s life had already left her body.

Panne laid on the ground on her back, happily working to milk a load off another of the wolves taking her. Once the wolfskin had transformed, she became unable to get off of their dicks in time, and had already taken quite a few sweet creampies inside herself. She had accepted that one of these wolves would become the father of her children by then - so she just worked her hardest to satisfy as many of them as she could. If she did that, then surely the strongest of their seed would win out, making her child the best it could be in that scenario? That’s what the taguel believed at least, and happily devoted herself to making that idea a reality. If anything, she was very happy - both because she had finally taken that step forward, on her way to being pregnant with the future generation of the Taguel, and also because she was simply enjoying the sex a lot. This current wolfskin using her had his massive claws on her huge titties - and she liked the way his paws were squeezing it. What bothered her, however, was that his claws were poking right through her skin - at a level that seemed a bit too much for her. Still, the taguel knew she had no way to make him stop - so she just bucked her hips against the wolfskin’s rough dick. Her actions were affecting the wolf a great deal - with him throwing his head back in ecstacy. His grip on her boobs tightened, with Panne feeling actually feeling pain because of it. He was squeezing them enough that it seemed he might crush them any moment! She shook her chest a little, hoping to cause his grip on them to slip as she made her tits sway around. She succeeded in that - but didn’t expect what the man did next. His hands let loose for a moment, so he just tried to grab her breasts harder from the new position there were in. However, his paw was a bit too high above her left tit - and as he closed his hand, he dragged two of his claws across Panne’s tit. They cut right through the skin of her tit, uncovering the muscle and fat that made up for Panne’s breasts while splashing both of her breasts and her chest with her blood. That hurt a lot more than what she expected, and so Panne began to throw on the ground in pain - but the wolf’s dick was embedded deep inside her.

It wasn’t the first wound the woman had received by the wolves’ sharp claws. Earlier, one of them grabbed her by her thighs to pull her onto his prick - and his claws cut through the skin of her leg as well. However, she didn’t pay too much mind to that. It was pretty shallow, so shouldn’t be too harmful - and she knew wounds like these healed well. On the other hand, the rips in her boob were something knew and unknown. Would she still be able to feel her kids using it after something like that? Even if she would, once the wounds closed, they’d surely leave scars… Spoiling the flawless surface of her tits. The taguel was pretty proud of them, and it made her really sad that they would no longer look as perfect as they did. If she knew what was going to happen to her, she’d know that worrying herself like that was pointless.

As that happened, the shapeshifter was still fucking her. Once the pain had died down, Panne began enjoying herself again. Her midsection curved up again, the woman lifting it to allow the man for a better angle of going inside. She could feel just how tense the dick inside her was… It was twitching so hard, she knew he was going to blow his load any second! The wolf seemed to have troubles keeping his balance, no doubt because his orgasm was approaching. He had leaned forward, much more than how he was before - placing one arm to prop himself up against the ground and keep himself from falling. That also made his snout get closer to her face - letting her feel the wolf’s heavy breaths. All in all, it showed her that the man was just about to cum - and she happily readied herself for another creampie.

However, while the man was about to come, her overeager actions did have another effect on him as well. Namely, they tired him out - and with that exhaustion came hunger. Now, with Panne spread out below him, her tantalizing flesh just so close to the wolfskin’s jaw, and on the verge of a climax, he gave in to that urge as well. As he fired the first shot of cum inside her, the wolfskin bit down right at Panne’s fur-covered neck. His teeth bit deep, almost all the way through - Panne’s head suddenly only connected to her body by a thin layer of skin and muscle. The wolf bit through her spine and her esophagus, ripping out a huge part of the meaty tube as he pulled his head back up. He howled to give voice to both his pleasure and his bloodlust while thrusting his hips once more, burying his dick all the way to its balls inside her pussy while his head went higher up. Parts of her skin and flesh which were still connected to her body were mixed in between his teeth, and as he pulled the head up, he stretched out both her muscles and skin. The thin skin connected her torn neck with the wolfskin’s jaws as her esophagus hung from them, the shapeshifter finishing his climax off into the dying taguel’s womb.

Panne was caught completely by surprise as that happened. Her mouth opened as she tried to scream in pain, but all that got out was some wheezes as blood exited her mouth instead. Her eyes bulged in pain as her body began spasming on the ground, the connection between her brain and the rest of it severed by her killer’s merciless teeth. These spasms were far more powerful than any climax-induced ones she had - working even better at milking the cum out of the cock which was giving her its load at that moment. Her belly and chest surged upwards, driven up by the final thrust the man delivered into her cunt. Her legs curled up and kicked out around the fur-clad legs of the wolfskin taking her pussy. Her toes curled up, clearly visible in the air as the woman never wore any footwear. Her arms laid on the ground, bouncing up and down as her fingers opened and closed randomly. With her back curling upwards, her tail wasn’t squashed beneath her body anymore - stretching out in pain and surprise behind her as well. Up at Panne’s head, it fell back to the ground as her neck was no longer able to support it. Her tongue was curled up because of the pain, sticking out of her open mouth. One of her eyes was almost shut already, blanking out in pain as parts of her brain were already shutting down. Her other eye was stretched wide open - staring at the wolfskin who had just done that to her. She could see the fleshy connection that linked her neck to him, she could see a meaty tube hanging from between his teeth. This sight was so alien… How could this happen to her? She was supposed to ensure that her race survived here, not doom them to extinction. And yet here she was - the last of the taguel, dying on a man’s dick with her head almost ripped off. Or was she? Panne’s body shivered as the man inside her pulled out, a small flood of semen pouring out of the hole. Panne’s weak brain wondered for a moment, if all that semen did end up fertilizing her in the end. Thinking about it hurt - for she knew it didn’t matter now. There was little left she could do as she rapidly bled out through the hole in her throat. Her body continued to twitch for a little longer on the ground, with her mind drifting away. Before she passed on, however, she did get to feel a giant, transformed cock make it past her hair and ravage her ass too. That hole of hers was pretty much unused - Panne was trying to reproduce here, after all. That, in turn, meant that the dick hurt a lot as it forced itself into the far-too-tight hole of her anus. Panne was saved from enduring that for a long time, though - her body giving in and dying just seconds after the painful anal penetration.

Leanne had nowhere as much fun as the other two female shapeshifters. Her voice had long since given out, and she just sobbed quietly while being fucked by wolfskin after wolfskin. Her dress had been long gone - all that still remained of it were its sleeves. Right now, she was sitting on top of one of the wolfksin - her legs painfully stretched into a full split. If she could, she’d pull them into a more comfortable pose - but she had no way to do it. The wolfskin held her with a strong grip - one of his hands grabbing Leanne’s strong thigh, while the other held her by her calf. He used them to drag her onto his erection - his cock popping through her already torn womb and straight into her guts. She got used to all the pain at that point - the heron broken mentally after all the pain the wolves inadvertently put her through. She had fully given up at that point - little more than just a winged flesh doll in the wolf’s hands. Somehow, she was able to live the longest out of the three. Seeing the other two die like that didn’t help her mental state either. It was terrifying, but she knew it was coming. Still, it also made it clear that her own death couldn’t be too far behind these. Before her lengthy rape, Leanne would be afraid of it… But now, she was almost looking forward to it.

Leanne could hear the wolves move around all the time, so she didn’t really think anything as she heard some heavy steps from behind. What she did feel, however, was a rough wolf paw grabbing her wing from behind. With his other hand, the wolfskin grabbed her by her waist - with Leanne feeling some painful claws rip into her skin there. However, instead of just holding her like that, he proceeded to pull with it - his claws tearing through her waist. Suddenly, a huge horizontal hole opened up in her waist - with her guts spilling out of it. The wolfskin’s claws stopped right before her spine, making it so that she was still able to all the pain as more guts were forced out of the hole by the thrusts of the wolf fucking her. The claws did graze right against her spine, though - causing strong shivers to go through her entire body. That was so different from her passive state, that it made both wolves grab on to her harder. The pulling on her wing was suddenly so strong that the long muscle making for the wing couldn’t keep it together anymore, tearing in two and leaving the heron with just a little wing that would be too small even for a kid. On the opposite end of her body, her legs weren’t faring much better. First patches of strained skin were already popping up on her right thigh, and her left knee had already given way too - her kneecap shattering as the bones it connected were forced apart, with only pieces of skin still holding her leg together. The pain was intense, enough to drive almost anyone insane… But Leanne had already long stopped caring about it. Her body still responded, fresh tears forced out of her tear ducts - but the girl herself didn’t really mind. Then, suddenly, there was a sharp stab of pain in her neck - and all the agony stopped for a moment. Deadly fangs snapped through her neck, and with how frail it was, ended up completely severing it from the rest of her body. For the first time, Leanne reacted to that. “H-huh?” Her expression seemed to be saying as her head was taken away in full. Her eyes opened as wide as they could, her mouth opening to ask a question that would never pass her lips. Was it… finally over? Would her pain stop now? As the world turned sideways in her eyes, her head held sideways by the wolf who bit her head off, and she was able to see some winged girl on a wolf’s dick, she understood that it was it. Now, more tears began to flow from her eyes - tears of happiness that all this torture was finally over. The heron princess didn’t last long after her head was removed - her green eyes going blank just seconds afterwards as she welcomed the calm, painless embrace of death.

With her head removed, the wolfskin who bit it off began to walk away. However, before he did that, he finished the rip in her stomach - separating Leanne’s headless body into two pieces. Her torso fell off to the ground, but not for too long. It was very quickly picked up by another wolfskin - who quickly shoved his dick into the giant hole that some of her guts were still falling out of. His dick crashed straight into her ribcage, turning her heart into mincemeat as it went right through it. Her lungs were a bit better off, but a huge part of them ended up destroyed as well as the wolf’s cock rushed past them. The dick slammed past her ribcage and just travelled out of her body. It left through her neck stump in a small cloud of blood and gore. That was the end of the initial thrust - but that was only the beginning. Leanne’s chest was used as an onahole by the wolves for some more time - with one of the girl’s tits ending up halfway eaten as the wolfskin fucking it suddenly got the urge to bite something. Leanne’s lower half didn’t fare much better. Her left leg was already torn off, but the right one was about to be gone too. As soon as the wolf fucking her pussy came, he messily ripped that leg off as well - Leanne’s thigh as ruined as Velouria’s. The wolf lifted the leg to his mouth, and bit down hard on it - all while his semen shoot out of the hole in her midsection. As his dick went flaccid inside her, he let Leanne’s hips and leg stumps slide off his dick - but they were immediately picked up by another wolfskin.

Their partners being dead was no reason for the Wolfskin to put an end to their fuckfest - with them continuing to hump every orifice of the three dead girls that they could find. Eventually, though, they ended up all gathered together as the men got tired of fucking them - but they still weren’t done with them, just taking a break. All of their clothes had been removed at that point, leaving the three shapeshifter corpses completely naked. The girls’ bodies had suffered additional wounds, even after death. Leanne’s second wing had been ripped off in full, her a cloud of her feathers flying around in the air. One of her arms had been bitten off - and her ribcage had received enough of a pounding that most of her ribs had been dislocated. Cum-covered guts spilled out of the bottom of it, and her breasts - one eaten, and the other intact - had also been sprayed by these of the wolves who came as their dicks were sticking out of her neck stump. Her lower body laid discarded nearby - with the stumps of her legs sticking up at an angle. Her pussy and ass were both leaking cum, which was also sprayed all over her thighs and belly. Some guts were spilling out of her open midsection too. Many of these had been pulled out quite far, and most of them carried teeth as well. Her head laid on the ground not too far away, either - splashes of cum on her face and leaking out of her neck stump, with extra streaks of it all over her hair. Her lifeless green eyes showed no signs of the pain she went through anymore - only her tears the testament to it.

Velouria’s body was directly resting against Leanne’s spread-out cr