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Just another story I wrote, based on a guro picture. Let me know what you think!

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

“Next!” an unseen man shouted from inside the room.

Ahead of her, the line moved forward as a girl she couldn't see started pleading. She sounded terrified, but her pleas were of no help. Trembling in fear, she moved forward silently, following the girl in front of her.

The air in the hallway was cold, and her body was covered in goose bumps, but despite that she was sweating. Around her a few girls were crying hysterically while other looked blankly ahead.

She was tense as she tried to hear what was happening, and a moment later she finally heard it. A shrill scream escaped the room, only to be cut short by a wet crack.

“Next!” another men ordered a few seconds later, and the line moved forwards once more.

Anna was terrified, as each step took her closer to the room, but she was powerless to stop moving. A moment later she bumped into the girl ahead of her, not realizing that she hadn't moved.

Like her, she was also naked and her hands were cuffed behind her back. She could hear her sobbing softly as she looked down, her long brown hair hanging loosely in front of her. She looked much younger that her, though she couldn't see her face.


The line moved forward again, and the girl made a soft wail as she started peeing herself. Warm urine trickled between her legs, forming a small pool around her feet. Anna took a step backwards, bumping into the girl behind her as she tried to get away from it.

Sobbing harder now, the girl turned around. Her eyes were puffy and red from crying and she looked miserable. Looking into Anna’s eyes, she shook her head from side to side.

“Sorry… I… I couldn't…” she stammered weakly before she looked forward once again.


A moment later the line moved forward and Anna stepped around the puddle of piss. Trembling in fear, she closed her eyes, trying to calm herself as her heart beat furiously inside her chest. When she looked up again she saw the door, much closer to her than before.

Closing her eyes once more, she too started sobbing as she remembered the moment they had come to pick her up.

It had been her 15th birthday. The last day she was eligible for conversion. One last time to become meat, and then she would be safe for the rest of her life.

Feeling terrified, she sat in front of the TV, her mother right next to her, as they both waited for the lottery to begin. That morning when she woke up, she had feared that her luck would end just at the last possible moment, and thought the idea terrified her, there was nothing she could do about it.

Both sat silently, watching as one by one, the names of the girl chosen that day appeared on the screen, along with the usual warning of the consequences of trying to run away.

She knew consequences all too well, as they were always broadcasted live, as a warning to others. She had once believed that becoming meat was the worst that could happen to her, but now she knew different.

It seemed to last forever, but finally the last name appeared on the TV screen, and she was finally able to breathe.

All the stress of the last few weeks finally burst free, and she started sobbing hysterically as her mother hugged her fiercely. Her older sister had been selected the year before, and she still remembered her mother's screams when she found out. Since then she was a broken woman, haunted by the knowledge than her last daughter could follow the same gruesome fate.

But as the two hugged each other in joy, she started to look younger and happier than she had been for a long time, as if a great weight had been lifted from her. From now on Anna was safe, and that was all that mattered to her.

But life is sometimes cruel, and not an hour later, a white van had stopped in front of her house. Her mom had gone to open the door while she watched a cake baking in the oven. Her mother wanted to celebrate, and she was making her favorite, strawberry and cream cake, just for the two of them.

A moment later she heard a scream, and before she could stops herself she was running towards the door.

Her mother was kneeling on the floor, her head hanging in defeat as she cried softly.

Standing just outside the door, a man wearing a white uniform was looking at her, a smile on his face.

“Noooo…. you… It must… it’s a mistake…. the lottery…” she stammered as she leaned back against a wall.

She felt her heart beating furiously inside her chest as the man shook his head slowly, his smile getting wider than before.

“I am sorry to inform you that there was an error in today's lottery indeed. A few girls that had been converted before were selected again. Once the error was discovered we had to run the lottery again, to fill those spots… your name came up.” he said.

Unable to speak, she had collapsed on the floor as she started crying.

Before she could realize what was happening the man had stepped around her mom, dismissing her completely. He stopped in front of her, towering above her.

“Are you gonna run?” he asked her as he smiled cockily.

Unable to speak, she shook her head, blinking away tears.

The man smiled once more before grabbing her arm. He pulled her up quickly, his hand clamping hard on her arm as he held her in place. With practiced ease he cuffed her hands behind her back and then he led her towards the van.

It was over so quickly that she couldn't even say goodbye to her mother. The last time she ever saw her, she was still crying on the floor, right by the open door.

An hour later she was locked up in a cell, naked and with her hands cuffed behind her back. She was late for that day schedule, so she would have to wait until tomorrow morning to be converted.

“Next!” she heard another man screaming, and the sound brought her back to the present.

With her eyes still closed, Anna took another step forward, feeling a blast of cold air washing over her body as the smell of blood became overwhelming.

Fearing what it could only mean, she slowly opened her eyes, looking around the brightly lit room for the first time.

The place was bigger than what she had imagined, its walls and floor covered in white tiles and harsh fluorescent light illuminated everything in perfect detail.

There were only three girls left in front of her, and beyond there was the processing line. She had seen videos of it before, but nothing had prepared her for that moment.

A couple of big logs were lying on the floor, just in front of the last girl. Two men were standing around each log, one in charge of the axe, and the other in charge of positioning the girls as their turn came up.

Behind them a few men stood in front of a line of hooks than hung from the ceiling. A couple of headless bodies hung from the hooks and as she watched a couple of men hung yet another one from it. The line moved slowly, carrying the bodies along the line of men as they worked silently, taking the bodies apart with ease before they laid the cuts of meat on tables, sorting them by type.

By the end of the line the bodies were mostly gone, leaving just the carcass, which other men laid on a table. The free hooks kept moving in an endless circle, going to the start once more, ready to pick up a new body.

Unable to keep looking at the gruesome spectacle, she looked forwards one more. But to her surprise, two of the girls ahead of her were gone, and only one remained now.

Terrified, Anna kept her eyes locked on the younger girl’s back as she heard a surprised gasp and then a wet cracking sound. A moment later she jumped in horror as a dull thud sounded a few feet away.

“Next! Come one, with are behind schedule here!” a man screamed in front of her.

The girl in front of her suddenly shook her head.

“Noooo… please, you can't…” she moaned weakly.

The man looked at her, looking confused for a moment before he shook his head in anger.

“Fucking piece of shit…” he said, walking quickly towards the girl.

Upon seeing the man, charging angrily towards her, the girl panicked. She took a desperate step backwards, bumping into her as Anna watched in horror. Before she could react though, the man was standing next to them. He grabbed the girl by her hair and then he pulled mercilessly from it.

The girl screamed hoarsely as he dragged her towards his partner, who was laughing softly.

Once there, he kicked her behind her knees and she fell heavily to the floor. Before she could recover, he pulled her halfway up and then he slammed her face against the log. A wet thud reverberated around the room as a few of the men stopped their work to laugh.

Her face, now covered in other girls blood, looked stunned, and even from where she was standing, Anna could tell she had a broken nose.

“That... is for wasting my time!” he said.

Before the girl could even open her eyes, he grabbed her wrists and then he pulled her arms up, forcing her face against the log.

“Aaaaarghhh!” she moaned in agony as he kept pulling from her arms. Her muscles stood under her skin as she struggled back, but it was useless. Anna knew that if he wanted, he could have a easily pulled her arms right off.

To one side, his partner nodded once, raising his axe high above his head.

The axe started moving slowly, as if in slow motion, as he brought it down with all his strength toward the girl's neck. She heard a high pitched scream, realizing a moment later that it was hers, and then she closed her eyes, unable to watch the girl's death.

The axe hit its target a fraction of a seconds later, and though she wasn't looking she could still hear the horrifying sound it made as it cut her head clean off before it buried itself into the blood soaked wood.

A moment later the girl’s head fell to the ground, and she heard the two men grunting in satisfaction.

Unable to breathe, she stood frozen in place as she heard them picking up the girl’s body before they carried her to the hooks. Her lungs screamed in agony, but still she couldn't breathe, until finally she heard him.

“Next!” one of the men ordered.

Opening her eyes, she saw one of them picking the girl’s head from the floor. Her hair was soaked in blood, and her once pretty face was forever locked into a grimace of agony. Looking into her eyes, the man threw the girl’s head into a bin, where it bounced before disappearing inside.

Suddenly, it all became too much for her. The smell of blood, the sobbing girls behind her, the men, smiling as they watched her. Before she could stop herself she started peeing herself.

Warm urine trickled between her legs, forming a small puddle under her feet as she started hyperventilating, her breath becoming shorter and faster.

“Nooooo…” she moaned, suddenly too terrified to move.

Closing her eyes once more she started praying against all hope that it was all just a nightmare. For a second she was sure that she would wake up any minute now, safe in her own room. But deep inside she knew she was only lying to herself, trying to make time.

She knew that resisting would only make it worse, but she couldn't move. Panic rose inside her, even stronger than before, until even breathing became impossible.

“Are you mad? What are you doing? Move!” the girl behind her whispered desperately before she pushed her forward.

Before she could realize what was happening she took one step forward, and then another, moving slowly towards the two men. Her feet felt heavy and every step took a tremendous effort, but when she opened her eyes once more she was standing in front of him.

Without a single word, he grabbed her arms, turning her towards the log.

For a moment she tried desperately to keep her eyes closed, knowing that she would panic once more if she saw the log, but she was unable to resist. Finally, she looked down at the log, at its pitted surface, filled with cracks and soaked in blood.

This was it. She was going to die now.

A short, weak wail escaped from her as she blinked away the tears that kept running down her eyes.

Then the man clamped his other hand firmly behind her neck and she found herself kneeling on the blood covered floor. Without wasting time, he pulled her arms up, behind her back, forcing her body against the log.

She gasped in surprise as she finally laid on top of it, feeling the warm blood of the previous girls over her face and her chest. The edge dug painfully into her small breasts, but he pulled a little harder, holding her in place.

Pursing her lips, she tried to hold her breath, but it was impossible. Before she could realize her mistake, she took a deep breath, filling her lungs with the smell of blood. She could feel it burning inside her as she started feeling sick and the stomach cramped painfully inside her.

“Shit...” one of them cursed.

A moment later she felt his hands, brushing her short blond hair away from her neck. After raising again, she heard him taking a step back and then she felt the axe, laying softly over her neck. The metal was freezing cold, and she felt the icy sensation moving deeper into her.

Then he grunted in effort as he pulled the axe high above her, holding it in place for what seemed an eternity, and then without warning she heard a soft whistling sound as it started moving towards her neck

She started gasping in surprise but before it was over she felt the steel digging mercilessly into her neck, cutting her head off without effort.

Bright pain exploded from her neck as the world around her became pure agony. All her senses seemed to disappear in an instant, overwhelmed by the agony she was feeling, but slowly they started to come back.

Her vision returned first, and only then she realized that she was falling. The room spun around her, making her feel even sicker, and for a brief moment she thought she would puke before she realized that she couldn't. A second later her head hit the floor, and the blow left her stunned.

Unable to move in any way, she was forced to watch as her body flopped uselessly over the log. A torrent of blood erupted from her neck, washing over the log before it dripped down to the floor.

Leaving the axe still stuck on the wood, the two men grabbed her feet and after counting to three they lifted her easily from the floor, carrying her towards the line of hooks just as an empty one moved towards them.

Working together, the two men lifted her higher before they pressed the hooks just behind her ankles. Her own weight helped them as the points pierced her flesh, grabbing her tendons and holding her firmly in place.

Without another look, they left her body hanging there as they returned towards the log.

Her body, now hanging upside down from the hooks, gave one last twitch as another man approached it. He was whistling softly as he grabbed her left arm, and after pulling a knife from his belt, he started cutting her hand off.

She watched all this with horror, unable to look away, but mercifully for her, her tortured mind had had enough. The room finally faded away as her vision became blurry and dark, and sounds became muted.

The pain too faded away, becoming something distant and unimportant. She was tired, she thought, and as the darkness finally closed around her she finally felt calm.

A moment later she felt herself moving once more, and she heard one last sound before she was gone forever.



I love your work, but I do think you could use a proofreader :). I'm always excited to see your name show up with a new post


Thanks man! I tried using proofreaders but its a bit hard, since they have to like the story to work on it, and sometimes they don't. I give it a couple of checks before posting, but some things just slip by anyways!


How much is the minimal age for conversion in your story?


Hey, nice to see you're back.

Any chance you'll be reuploading your stories to asstr, or somewhere else?


That is a tricky question! On the one hand, the younger they are the more tender the meat will be, but on the other you want some meat on those roasted ribs, don't you!?

You are in luck, I already have! (add the dots back)

www asstr org/~Eficient/


>>11840 Cool! It's a shame you're so demotivated by the lack of responses. I guess this just isn't the right "genre" to be able to enjoy the "fame". Just know that I (as many others, I'm sure) really enjoyed your stories. Some were more up my alley than others, but you were (and are) definitely in the top ~10% for me.


Always nice to see more nc processing stories around here.


I don't think I am after fame, but a nice comment from time to time is always nice. However, as I said before, I am as much a lurker as others, so I can't really complain! And thanks!

Thanks man. There more on my site if you want to check them out!

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