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My mommy had me when she was younger than I was when I killed her.

She hit me a lot. She never really slapped me, but she threw me on the wall and grabbed my arm and slammed me into the wall again and again, and always put me down, blaming me for being a bastard who's father wasn't good to her.
...And other friends of hers hit me a lot. I don't know how she knew them, but they did jobs for her and she fucked them a lot. I got really sick of it.

She also fondled me and my older sister a lot. I overheard my sister and her slightly older friend discussing how that happened to both of them but usually the daddy or uncle does it. We didn't have such a dad so it fell to my mother to abuse us.

"We should kill her." Era had almost murdered her own father, from what my sister Sandy said to a different friend. Sandy was shaking her head but Era continued. "Run her over. I'm real."

"No! I know you are. We're not doing that."

"Worked for me."

"You didn't-"

"No but I hurt him and now he doesn't hit me or anything." They just stared at each other, and I recalled seeing him bitch at her recently. But he kept his distance.

"Well he's still an asshole."

"Yeah but he's a drunk and he'll die a drunk and he's miserable. That makes me happy, so fair is fair. You want to cut your losses? Kill your mom."


"Yes." I stepped into my sister's room.
"Since when do you care?"
"OK but spying on me?"
"Era is right, we need to stop this."
"...-" Sandy was about to speak but "JUST HURT HER!" Era interrupted her.
It was quiet.

"...Okay, how?" My sister spoke after a pause. She looked at Era, who shrugged and said "Beat her."
"I can't take her! She's my mother!" Sandy's eyes were wider in shock than when I revealed myself.
"We have hammers and clubs."
"We'll just warm her and shout her down and beat her unrelentingly. Show no mercy and we will win."

We waited for her. It seemed like hours, and maybe it was. Sandy or Era possibly kept track of time, I don't know. But our hearts all stopped when the door unlocked. There she was, my 27 y.o. mother, lurching in and then looking up at us, her eyes wide and glittering. It was only a second, if that, but it lasted forever. Her 12 y.o. son, her 15 y.o. daughter, and her daughter's 17 y.o. friend all jumped on her and started beating her mercilessly.
I smashed her knees with a hammer held in my right fist and yanked an ankle as Sandy kicked the other one and smashed her teeth in with a rock. Era knew kung fu- or something.
Whatever martial art she was using, she didn't need a weapon- but she had one. A nice thick metal baseball bat. My poor mother was always such an evil woman and had it coming.

"YEAHHHHHGGGG!!aHHH uhhrrr!" Ok so I was too filled with age to say anything besides yelling incoherently, thinking back on everything we were doing this for.

Before my eyes, both my sister and her friend stripped the witch nude. They dragged her to her own bedroom and bent her over her bed with her forehead touching the ground. They tied her wrists to legs of the bed posts and her feet to the tops of the posts at the head of the bead. Her pussy was spread and midair.


This looks more like "Killing Our Mommy!" than just whipping her


Sandy knelt between our mother's legs. I stood at the side of the bed, some blankets draped carelessly mopped the floor like our origin's hair, which Era stroked. Blood ran from her entire body, dripping especially from her legs. There were blotches of purple and and black bruises and big wounds where skin had simply been torn away. Looking back to the room door, I noticed the trail of suffering in the form of some blood and pieces of her skin, and her teeth, and her shredded clothes.

I put my hand into the pooling blood under her legs and smeared the blood over my arms. It felt amazing but I could never explain it. Just a rush of pleasure and excitement like none other.

"Please (sob) awahhaagh plee ah-uh (sobs)!"
"Shut up!" do you remember your piece of shit friends whipping me?! This is your turn!"

I didn't know that until then, but my memory flashed back to me, seeing several men in another room- was it only 2 or 3? maybe fifty??- and basically dancing around and I could hear my sister's screams. Sandy went through that, worse than anything I endure by a long shot. I got angry for her.

Going to mom's dressers, Era rummaged for belts. Mom looked at her wide eyed and still yet quivering. She flipped her face back and to look up at me as I peered from over her.


Do you want her to stay alive?




Well in this scenario she cannot stay alive :)

While I would prefer some more loving version when she is not that super bad and her kids do not hate her. she just gets punished for purpose of revenge to teach her a lesson without hatred.


You are a retard


Maybe. But it's ok either way because I'm beeeautiful!


Hey, I like your story m8! Ofc they should kill her, the boy must make her cum in a humiliating way and then the girls savagely beat her in a jealous rage.Btw this reminds me of an old horror movie bout some kids born on a bad moon who did something similar to a babysitter.Keep up the good work m8!


Aww. Ty. I like you.

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