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This was done as part of a collaboration/trade with another Author who goes by Ms. Masterson on Hentaifoundry (hxxp:// This was my end, and in return I got a really neat schoolgirl story that I helped her write and edit. I'll probably post it here at some point...

Anyway! enough explanation, here's' the story:

Roasted Asari Tits

Tags: F/self, Xenophilia, Debreasting, cooking, microwave, hints of cannibalism and incest, Mass Effect Setting

Ryelle looked at the microwave oven, checking to make sure that she'd managed to install the new timers correctly. The oven was small, not really large enough to prepare a meal for a family. It was awkward too, the entire front was made of a clear glass, specially treated to contain the microwave radiation. The main opening was the front of the machine, which swung upwards to provide access to its contents, but there were also a pair of openings in the back of the oven, two perfectly circular holes that irised open and closed with inflatable rubber gaskets in the rims.

Ryelle had gotten the device at an estate sale and once she found out what it was, she'd bought it, mostly on a lark.

A breast cooking oven.

They were rare human-made novelties from a few colony worlds where cannibalism was legal. Ryelle had heard they sometimes served cooked breasts to wealthy tourists, very rarely indulging themselves. Something in the story had sparked a flame in her azure when she heard it though, and upon seeing the partially busted microwave oven for the first time, Rylle couldn't manage to keep herself from buying it.

Ryelle had taken to playing with herself while she looked at it, imagining how it might feel to actually use it. She'd started to repair it the second week after she bought it, scrubbing the actuators on the automated carving arms clean, wiping down the surfaces, making sure the openings irised open and closed properly and the rubber gaskets inflated, both when empty, and with her own blue g-cup Asari  tits in the way when she used the openings to see if her ample assets would fit. They did, though with the breasts of an Asari matron much larger on average than an equivalent human's she'd found that her aroused nipples were in constant contact with the specialized glass in front, tracing tiny lines every time she shifted.

It had taken a couple of months, but the oven was finally completely cleaned and repaired. She'd checked the power adapter and switched it out for a portable mass effect cell when she realized the original adapter was fried. It didn't have the visceral feel of plugging the device in, but it made up for the loss with added portability. She'd fixed the hinges, and even experimented a bit with the irising breast doors in the back, fingering herself to completion as she secured her big blue tits inside.

The machine was a bit of a growing obsession. She hid it from her daughter, only taking it out to play with while she was away at school. It was amazing. Goddess! The machine turned her on like nothing else. She could feel herself getting wetter by the second just staring at it.

Ryelle had replaced all of the broken parts. She'd even replaced the timers for the cooking and locking mechanisms. The oven had two timers, both broken when she bought it, one to dictate when the microwave started and when it stopped, and the other to lock the microwave and trap a woman's tits inside until they were finished cooking, so as to avoid any half-cooked assets. Everything else was automatic; the oven would shut off if opened (once it unlocked), the actuators would carve up her tits when the oven sensed they were fully cooked, in fact, originally the cooking timer was linked to a weight sensor, and the unlocking mechanism was tied to a temperature sensor that checked if the meat was done. Ryelle had replaced both with random timers, the cooking timer was a simple random number generator she'd programmed, the unlocking timer was scavenged from a sex toy her ex partner had given her, a two-part vibrator where a remote with a random button controlled how long the little egg buzzed for. That remote had been cannibalized. It still controlled the vibrator, but now it also controlled the unlocking mechanism. Once a girl's tits were locked in and the microwave started, the little vibrator wouldn't stop running until the oven unlocked.

Ryelle had even run it through a test drive a few days ago. She'd locked in her tits, slipped the vibrator into her copiously dripping slit, and started up the machine. Her breasts were trapped completely. Nothing she'd tried could free them, not that she could concentrate all that well on finding a solution with the little egg buzzing inside her azure. The seconds had ticked by, the oven liable to start at any moment, but the only sound in the room coming from her own heavy breathing and the buzzing in her slutty blue cunt.

Then, she heard the oven turn on. Her heart raced, her fingers seeking her nethers as she realized that she was about to lose her tits.

She could feel them heating up from the inside, in moments she'd start cooking as her tits turned slowly purple as they were nuked to perfection. She could feel the heat inside her massive mounds increasing until *pop!*. The microwave emitter blew, saving her tits from a fate on the dinner table, leaving them feeling warmed, like she'd left them out in the sun too long.

Ryelle had been left trapped in the machine, vibrator buzzing away inside her for almost five minutes before it released her; her tits saved by a lucky fluke.

She'd replaced the blown emitter the very next day.

It had taken a week for her to build up her courage and try the newly repaired breast-cooker once more. Her heart had raced in her chest as she pulled her tits inside and locked them in place. In her haste and nervousness, she'd even forgotten to grab the linked vibrator before she trapped herself inside. She played with herself almost frantically as the timers started running, each second ticking away to potentially losing her tits. Her blood was pumping, adrenalin was coursing through her veins, little threads of biotic energy swirling between her fingers and her eager azure. It was incredible! Her climax hit her like an air-car, plowing through her entire being and leaving her so stunned that she barely even noticed the oven unlocking before the emitter even started up.

She'd sat there, coming down from her explosive orgasm, her own arousal dripping down her thighs for what seemed like an hour before realizing her daughter might be back from her evening classes at any second. Between the hurried clean up and hiding the machine she hadn't really had time to come down from it.

That encounter lingered in the corners of her mind for days. Until now.

Now the machine sat on the table, teasing her. It was daring her to use it, and Ryelle couldn't bring herself to resist.

Tapping a button the holes in the back of the machine irised open, looming like a pair of mouths ready to consume her large, firm tits. 'I shouldn't do this,' Ryelle thought to herself, 'I really would be risking my tits if I did this,' her head warned her, but the danger only made Ryelle want it more.

Carefully, Ryelle rolled down her dress freeing her prodigious breasts from their confinement and letting them slap onto the table with a heavy thud. From experience, Ryelle knew just how awkward it would be to drag her ample bosom through the holes meant for a pair of above average human tits.

Meticulously, she squeezed and kneaded her scaly blue breasts through the holes provided for them, gasping a bit as the feel of the rubber gaskets rubbing against her tits. It wasn't an easy process, the closest Ryelle could compare it to was when she used to regularly slip into a skin-tight latex dancer's outfit before her daughter was born. The gaskets squeezed her like a body glove one size too small.

Of course, there was only so far she could force her firm mounds into the holes from this end, so Ryelle reached around the machine and unlatched the massive forward facing curved glass door, opening it up so that she could reach around and grab her own nipples from the front of the machine.

"Ah!" Ryelle moaned as she pinched down on her own nips, tugging on them roughly to pull them all the way through the rubber-coated openings. Goddess! This was heavenly! The excitement and perilous thrill she got from the possibility of losing her tits was incredible, but pulling and twisting her own nipples as she dragged her own tits through their short rubber sleeves to their possible doom? That always set her azure drooling.

Ryelle relished the sound of her massive G-cups squeaking past the rubber as she struggled to get her tits in place. Bit by bit, she tugged her breasts into place, using the full-length mirror she'd set up in front of the counter she'd decided to use for her dangerous game to watch their progress and make adjustments, her nipples aching pleasantly as she used them to drag her tits into the proper position.

It could have taken minutes or hours, Ryelle couldn't tell for sure so lost was she in the exquisite sensations of the work, but finally, the blue scaled matron managed to maneuver her massive mounds to the point where they were almost perfect. She could feel the thin slots in the machine below her tits. Each one housed a tiny omniblade generator, and she'd personally checked each and every one of them when she fixed up the machine. Her nethers clenched at the thought of them activating, and they -would- if she was unlucky enough that her tits ended up cooking for real this time. They'd activate one after another, slicing her prized assets up into thick, meaty slices, ready to serve.

There were just a couple of steps left now. The cooker wouldn't activate with the front door open, and while that would certainly be safer, it would also lack the element of peril that turned her on hard enough that she was risking her precious tits once more. 'Of course,' Ryelle thought to herself as she looked at the inconspicuous egg shaped device she'd placed next to the machine, 'There was also the fact that her vibrator wouldn't start unless the oven was locked and turned on.'

Reaching forward, Ryelle grabbed hold of the edge of the front door. The microwave was built for humans, well-endowed humans, but humans nonetheless; it just wasn't meant to accommodate a bosom as full and generous as her own. That meant more than a little bit of squeezing as she forced her tits, whose tips were currently overhanging thr front edge of the oven, into place so she could lock the door in front of them.

With her free hand, Ryelle pushed her tits back, squishing them into place, her stiff nipples pressing one at a time into the soft scales of her palm. Now came the hard part.

As quickly as she could, Ryelle slammed the door shut on her tits, stinging them slightly as the treated and tempered glass hit home on their soft surface.

The door didn't latch, but unlike her attempt a few days back, she didn't feel the edge of the oven digging into the underside of her breasts. Grimacing a bit, Ryelle began to squeeze the door shut, slowly forcing her engorged nipples flush against the glass as she slowly squished them into the oven using the door as her tool.

The process wasn't quick. Ryelle's massive tits languidly oozed into position as they slowly shifted under the pressure, the Asari matron savoring every little sensation until the oven locked in place.

Ryelle's eyes were drawn to the mirror in front of her. Her dark blue, almost purple nipples looked massive, pressed against the glass as they were. Her breasts looked almost uncomfortable, contained as they were; though in reality the slight discomfort Ryelle felt from the pressure her mounds were under was overshadowed by the pleasure of seeing them packed into the oven like so much meat. The thin, chest-high table that they rested on almost didn't look sturdy enough to support them (though the numerous times that Ryelle herself had been fucked on this very same table by various lovers gave lie to that impression). Beneath the table her dress looked rumpled in the mirror in front of her, the top rolled down, only hanging up by the shoulder straps, she looked every inch the sort of frumpled MILF freshly fucked by the milkman she'd seen in her collection of human pornographic vids. It was a sexy look, certainly, but Ryelle wanted something more revealing to watch during her little game.

Carefully, Ryelle used her newly freed hands to push her dress' straps off of her shoulders, taking care not to accidentally pull the oven off the table as she shimmied out of her dress. She'd done that once, during the testing of the locking mechanisms early on in the repairs. In her excitement, she'd dragged the oven by her chest until it fell off the counter completely. The sudden weight of the sturdily built machine hanging from her tits was an unexpected surprise, one that had left the bases of her tits aching somewhat pleasantly for hours after she managed to heft the oven back onto the counter and release her abused breasts. It was a memorable event for more reasons than the obvious though. Without that event she never would have known just how secure the locking mechanism really was; and without that mechanism, the oven would have slipped free of her copious bosom the crash into pieces on the floor. A lingering, almost pleasant aching in her tits for a couple of hours afterwards was a small price to pay for the knowledge she had gained, and knowing that there was no way for her tits to slip free until either the machine unlocked or she was fully cooked and sliced? Well, that was the most arousing bit of this whole endeavor!

Ryelle shimmied out of her dress, the fabric slowly sliding past her hips and over her thighs to reveal her aptly named azure. Ryelle was well aware that her sex looked like something out of a porn vid, the perfect shade and color, but seeing it slowly revealed like this in an almost sensual strip show she was giving herself really brought that fact home to her. Her Azure was dripping wet, the moisture visibly shining against her lower lips in the ample light of the kitchen. Her dress fell in a pool at her feet. Ryelle kicked it away, hoping to the goddess that he daughter didn't come home early and catch her like this, naked, with her tits trapped in an oven and potentially being converted into an entree for two. Goddess! Why did that thought make her so hot!?

There was only one thing left for her to do, well, two, but the last one hardly counted; all she had to do there was flip a switch. No, the other thing was much more important.

Reaching across the table, Ryelle picked up the unassuming egg-shaped device that occupied her thoughts.

The egg was simple and smooth, one solid-seeming piece of plastic with biotically conductive eezo-dust sprinkled throughout with no openings or seams. The plastic was a shell around a tiny battery and an eezo-powered motor. The motor inside the vibrator used tiny mass effect fields to cause vibrations, thereby adding even more possible sensations than a typical vibrating egg. The dearth of moving parts meant that it would last much longer than a traditional vibrator, a necessity in a species as long-lived as the Asari. Of course, an eezo core eventually builds up a charge that it has to discharge; the makers of the egg had worked that into a feature rather than a maintenance issue, every so often, on a schedule impossible to time, the motor at the core would discharge, the charge was never very big, and it was dissipated a bit as it traveled through the shell until it finally hit her sensitive inner walls with a powerful, though not at all harmful electric jolt that sent her azure tingling and seizing in response.

Prior to the oven, Ryelle used the egg almost every day. Some days more than once. It was her favorite toy, but the purchase of the microwave and the cannibalization of the egg's remote changed all that. Now the two devices were inextricably linked. They were one, for all intents and purposes. She couldn't use the egg without activating the oven, and right now? She intended to do both.

Ryelle carefully slipped the egg into her dripping folds. The egg was large, as large as her daughter's clenched fist, but Ryelle had plenty of practice accommodating this particular guest inside her. Of course, that didn't mean that getting it in was easy! No, not by any means. Ryelle gasped and moaned as she forced the over-sized egg up inside her completely sopping slit, her chest heaving as much as it could with her tits trapped in front of her as she panted from the combination of the way the egg stretched her sex and her own deft digits periodically brushing against her inner walls.

Ryelle grunted and groaned as she pushed the egg deeper and deeper into her well-used azure until it reached its usual perch, firmly ensconced in her sex and unlikely to fall out during her session with -the machine-.

With her vibrator nestled pleasantly in her folds it was time to activate the oven.

Ryelle's chest felt heavy. She was keenly aware of every sensation in a way she'd only felt twice before. The pressure of the gaskets at the base of her breasts, the small slits beneath her heaving bosom, the way her own body heat had warmed the air inside the the oven that now pressed almost anticipatorially against her tits in a way that the cool air of other home flowing across the rest of her bare skin did not. She could feel the heaviness of the moment. She could still manually release her trapped tits now, but after this she would be locked in for real, unable to do anything but enjoy the ride as she gambled her tits against the mercy of the random timers she'd installed. It was madness! Risking her breasts like this for what? An orgasm? A better climax? But... Ryelle couldn't bring herself to stop.

Her fingers trembling, Ryelle reached around the device and flicked it on.

The device locked with a heavy click, sealing her fate whatever it may be.

Almost immediately Ryelle could feel the egg start up inside her. The heavy rumbling hum of the eezo core deliciously teasing her sex as the timer to the microwave unlocking started counting down.

Goddess! She was already close to cumming just from setting herself up! This was almost too much. Ryelle remembered her last time strapped in this position as wave after wave of orgasms crested over her body. She knew there was a chance that this time would end with her lovely tits roasted, that any time she used the machine she might end up with her tits roasted, but that just made it that much more -exciting-! Her whole body thrummed in time with the buzzing egg nestled in her folds. This was -incredible-! For one shining moment, everything was perfect!

And then the microwave turned on.

The machine started with a noisy hum, a heavy buzzing accompanied by an immediate increase in the temperature inside the machine. Ryelle's squished breasts were beginning to quickly warm up. At first it felt like they had spent a couple of hours in the sun, baking in the solar heat to no real lasting harm, but the heat kept increasing, going from gentle to decidedly less so.

Ryelle's heart was pounding in her chest. This was happening! She was really cooking! Oh Goddess! What had she done!? Why was this still so -hot-!

Her sex was gushing as her chest heated up, starting to cook in earnest. Ryelle knew from doing the calculations that she had a good two minutes left before her tits were unsalvageable hunks of meat, and three more minutes after that until they were actually done. If the microwave didn't shut off before those two minutes are up, the sensors would trigger to ensure that her tots ended up completely cooked. Of course, every second she was cooking was still damaging her tits, but within those two minutes they -might- be saveable. After those two minutes were up? She was meat. Or... at least her tits were.

The egg inside her sex released a jolt, causing her azure to clench down as pleasure cascaded through her core. Goddess! She was cumming! Her tits were being nuked and she was fucking -CUMMING-!

Ryelle couldn't control herself. Her hips were bucking as she grabbed hold of the edge of the counter with both hands, desperately holding on for dear life as her legs turned to jelly beneath her.

In the full length mirror in front of her she could see her tits starting to purple as the outer layers of her breasts cooked. She knew from her first attempt, when the emitter blew out that if the timer unlocked her now she'd be back to normal in a week or two; though until then her tits would be so incredibly sensitive that she'd be cumming every time she put on a bra.

Goddess! The memory of the smooth fabric rubbing against her raw, barely sunburned tits, the spikes of pain and pleasure lancing through her every time she moved too quickly... just the memory of it was sending her over the edge once more as a second wave of pleasure crashed into her naked, quaking body!

She could feel her breasts cooking in front of her, the heat seeping in from the outside, dripping through her flesh like a slow glaze, setting the nerves throughout her tits alight in the process!

Goddess! This was wrong! It was bad! It was- UNGH! It was so -hot-!

Ryelle lost track of time as her tits began to sizzle, pain lancing through them as waves of pleasure surged up from her sex mixing in an exquisite mixture inside her that she knew she'd never get to feel again. Her nipples felt like they were on fire as they pressed, rock hard, against the confining glass. Goddess! This was incredible!

Her breath came in broken pants and gasps as she lost herself in the experience. Her once-blue tits were a deep purple, darker than anything she'd ever seen on an Asari before. Had the two minutes passed yet? She didn't know; couldn't know until she was released! Fuck! She could barely even think she felt so amazing!

Her tits were being ruined! She knew it was wrong, she loved her tits. She should stop it, she should break the machine! But she couldn't! With every second her tits sizzled she reached a new height of ecstasy! Biotic lightning trailed across her limbs as her body tried to meld with her non-existent partner. The energy was flowing into her vibrator, which only made it thrum harder, sending her flying into yet another level of satisfaction. 

Goddess! She had to stop this! She had to- had to do... Goddess! She had to do something!

Her fingers sank down to her lower lips without her bidding, pinching and stroking her sex as her body tried to milk as much pleasure as it could out of this before it ended. She could feel them pinching her clit, -twisting- it just the way she liked it- Goddess! Her thighs were -flooded- with her own arousal! It was a wonder she wasn't -slipping- on it!

The world was going white, explosions bursting behind her eyes as the heady mix of pain and pleasure overwhelmed her senses. Goddess! She felt like she might -die- from it! Her heart burst as the pleasure overwhelmed her ability to -feel- it!

Goddess! Was this it!?

The two minutes must have passed by now. She could smell her tits roasting through the small gaps in the seals which she'd briefly created with her orgasmic thrashing. Goddess... she smelled incredible!

Her tits felt numb now. The massive, sensitive mounds were beyond saving. They were almost completely cooked. -She- was almost completely cooked; in part anyway.

Ryelle could still feel the microwave running, but her tits looked done to her as she gazed into the full-length mirror she had set up to watch herself play with her new toy. A toy that had been rendered newly useless by her foolishness.

Still, somehow she couldn't bring herself to regret it. That had been -incredible-! Losing her breasts... Goddess! It was something she'd -never- forget!

Of course, the machine she'd painstakingly repaired wasn't done with her yet. With a snapping hiss the omniblade fabricators below her scrunched and roasted tits activated, one after another, shearing her massive mounds into thick meaty slices of delicious smelling meat, starting from just behind her nipples and continuing backwards in a wave towards the bases of her breasts.

Even with the reduced sensation, Ryelle could feel the burning orange blades as they effortlessly sliced through her breasts in an instant, cauterizing the wounds in the process.

Her vibrator was still running, and this latest abuse was the final straw. Ryelle's legs gave out beneath her completely as the blade next to the gaskets slashed through her tits with a sense of finality, freeing Ryelle from her confinement. The newly titless Asari tried to grab hold of the counter but she couldn't. She could feel her muscles turn to jello as they finally succumbed to the onslaught of pleasure directed against her. She fell into a thoroughly satisfied puzzle, unable to move as the microwave, and the vibrator, shut themselves off, their missions fulfilled.

Goddess... what was she going to do with her tits now? Ryelle wondered as she floated on the afterglow of her experience, in no danger of bleeding out due to the cooked and cauterized nature of the wound.

The mechanical hiss of the front dor opening roused her from her thoughts. 

Only one other Asari had that key!

Fear rushed through her veins as she realized the sight that would greet her daughter as she entered the kitchen. Her mother, naked and debreasted, lying in a cooling pool of her own arousal as the remnants of her tits cooled in the combination microwave/sex-toy that she'd reassembled.

There was no way to stop it, no way to clean it up in time. Her daughter would be here any second.

"Hey mom! Class let out early, so I decided to swing by," Tyana, her daughter, called put as the door hissed closed behind her.

"Goddess, that smells incredible, Mom! Just what did you end up making for dinner?"

Ryelle stared into the mirror, her eyes firmly fixed on the contents of the oven. Tyana would be there any second! She needed to say something, anything to throw her daughter off the trail. What did she just ask? What did she make for dinner?

Ryelle opened her mouth, she could hear her daughter just around the corner. What did she end up making for dinner?



Dinner had been... awkward, Tyana thought to herself as she made her way to her room and quickly locked the door; but there was no doubt about just how delicious her mom's roasted tits had been. Goddess! She tasted so -good-! Better than anything else Tyana had ever eaten before...

Then again, her mom had the most amazing rack. She should know, she'd been staring at it since puberty, sneaking surreptitious glances whenever she thought she could get away with it. She even had a high res pic of her mom in a bikini from last summer in her dorm-room at school to look at for inspiration on lonely nights.

Tyana's fingers slipped down to caress her azure, removing the barriers in the way one by one until her synth-leather panties hit the floor and she could stroke her deeply aroused sexlips -directly-.

Goddess! She wished she'd gotten to see her mom actually cooking dinner! Instead she just had yo imagine it from her view of the aftermath...

Yes, dinner was awkward. Finding your mom naked and debreasted on the floor in a pool of her own girlcum would do that, even if your mom was as unbearably hot as Tyana's was; but the meal itself had been the most incredible tasting thing ever. Her mom's tits had been carved into thick, meaty slices, each one juicy and tender enough not yo need any sort of gravy or spices beyond her mom's own sweat and arousal. Nnnngggh! Just thinking about it made her want more!

That was impossible of course, her mom only had one pair of tits to give after all. Idly, Tyana wondered if the only reason that tonight's dinner tasted so fantastic was due to the source of its ingredients. Was it the fact that they were her mom's tits that made them so amazing? Or was Asari breast just naturally delicious?

Tyana wasn't sure, but she wanted to find out.



I love these Asari stories. If only some artist would pick them up for illustration...


Ooh, lot of great foreplay in this one! Instant favorite.


Nice story !
I hope there will be another part to enjoy ! :-)


It'd be interesting if she took her moms cunt while she slept. Great read, I love it

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