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Requested repost of Final Fantasy Snuff Story by M.

Day One

Tifa woke up. She slowly rose, and she realized she wasn't at home. A memory surfaced - of a stranger that offered to show her a way to bring Aerith back.
She was in a room without windows, and instead of one of the walls there were iron bars. There was some light coming from there, but the whole room had a mysterious glow that made everything perfectly visible. The only furniture was the bed she was lying on.
Tifa realized something else - she was nude! She felt her nipples harden from the cold. She walked to the entrance so she could see what was outside. It was a circular area covered with sand, and on the perimeter of it there stood 15 more cells like hers in regular. Beyond it were cold stone walls, giving the place an unfriendly feel.
She wondered if there were other girls in them. Then she scolded herself - if there were name plaques on rooms, then there must be other prisoners in them. She looked around trying to make out who was imprisoned with her. She had trouble reading the ones turn her from her, but she managed to do it.
She read following names: Terra, Celes, Garnet, Lightning, Rinoa, Serah, Selphie, Rydia, Aerith, Cissnei, Rosa, Vanille, Yuna, Ashe and Lenna.
Tifa realised the stranger was telling the truth. Aerith was in there, so maybe she could bring her back. She tried to look if she was really there, but she couldn't see through the bars.
Suddenly, a deep Voice sounded out: „Welcome to my arena. You will battle in duels to death until only one of you survives.” The voice sounded familiar to her, like that stranger but not completely similar.
„Today, only weapons are allowed. No magic or summons, no animals helping. Only weapons I will give you.”
Tifa suddenly became more nervous, as the only weapon she could use were hand knuckles, and that was hardly a match for anything if it was used by a professional.
“And now, our first fight - Celes Chere, formerly an imperial general turned rogue, will fight Yuna, a summoner from the world of Spira.”
Tifa could see two cells opening. She had seen one naked girl coming from the cell on her left and another one leaving the cell on the far side of the ring, opposite the cell the other girl left. It looked that all the girls were naked, and that thought make her even more nervous. What kind of a pervert locks 16 nude girls and orders them to fight to death?
„Walk to the lines in front of your cells.”
The one that left the cell next to Tifa was Celes. She had waist-long blonde hair and a muscular body. The other one Tifa presumed was Yuna. She had shoulder-long brown hair with a braid running down to her ankles and multicolored eyes: one green and the other one blue. Both girls seemed to be confident that they will win. They've both stopped, examining her enemy as they awaited further orders.
„What weapons do you want?” The voice asked them.
„I want a sword.” Celes answered.
„Give me my guns.” Yuna replied.
Several girls gasped - Celes had no armor, so it would probably mean sure death for her.

The requested weapons slowly materialized in girls' hands. Celes weighed the sword, smiling as she felt it fit her just right. Yuna took hold of her guns checking if they were loaded, then grinned after seeing both were fully loaded.

„3... 2... 1... Fight!”

Yuna raised her guns and aimed for Celes, while the blonde charged towards her. Yuna waited carefully before pulling the triggers, waiting for the right moment.
She shot, and two bullets hit Celes in the top of her leg, the impact of two bullets hitting right next to each other making her stagger. Somehow Celes kept running, getting closer as Yuna readjusted her guns.
„I must aim a little higher.” Yuna thought, and she moved her guns so that the end was pointing a little higher. She squeezed the triggers, for Celes got too close for her to be comfortable. A second pair of bullets hit Celes in her belly, going through it and leaving two bloody holes. Celes felt as if she was punched in her gut, stopping and doubling over in pain.
Yuna pulled the triggers for the third time. This time her bullets would hit Celes in the same spot, but she pressed a hand there to keep her guts from falling out. Because of it, bullets not only went through Celes's belly but also they destroyed the hand that was in the way.
Celes cried out in pain, for it was not like anything she felt ever before. That weird weapon the brown haired girl was using hit more powerfully than a crossbow bolt, and taking quite a few, even to her armor, made her respect the weapons. As her hand shattered, shouted in pain while unintentionally drawing power from her sword, which she managed to keep in the second hand despite the pain.
Unfortunately for her it looked that the only effect it had, besides taking some of her power, was that it angered the Voice:
„No magic is allowed! No one can disobey me!” The Voice roared over the arena. Suddenly, she was lifted by an invisible force with her arms behind her back, making her a perfect target for Yuna.

„Punish her!” The Voice ordered Yuna."
„No! Even if it's a duel to death, I won't use such unfair advantage as this!” Yuna shouted, even despite the fact she was secretly glad the other girl didn't get to her.
„Shoot her, or I will kill her myself, and then think of a cruel death for you, torturing you as I'm thinking. And you don't want that to happen. Unless you do... then go ahead and anger me, I can guarantee you it will be more painful than you could possibly think of.”
Yuna sighed, and muttered „I'm sorry.” That kind of an ultimatum was hard to argue with, and so she started walking towards Celes while aiming at her belly again. Yuna shoot two pairs of bullets one right after the other, destroying her belly in an explosion of intestines that covered the sand behind Celes, trenching it with blood.
„P-please K-kill... M-me...” Celes begged for Yuna to end her agony. She wasn't able to speak more than one word at time, so by the time she finished, Yuna was standing just before her body.
„I am really sorry Celes. If you hadn't panicked, you might have stood a chance”
Yuna pressed her guns to Celes's chest, right where her heart was. She pulled the triggers, and Celes's heart was shredded to pieces, bloody remains flying out of Celes's back, giving the sand another coating of blood.
„And so our winner is Yuna! Girl, you can now return to your cell.” Yuna turned back and hurried to her cell, her braid swinging behind her, and her guns dissolving so no one can use them. Celes's sword did the same, as it slipped out of her hand as she died.
„And now, for our next fight”- „I want to fight now! I want to avenge Celes!” A feminine voice interrupted him. Tifa noticed the voice came from the cell just right of hers.
„As much as I despise the fact you have interrupted me, I think I can agree on that you will fight now. You won't be avenging anyone now because Yuna has already fought today. Maybe if you win, I will allow you to duel with Yuna tomorrow.” The Voice stopped for a moment. Terra wondered if he was going to do anything.
The Voice sounded over the arena: „Now it is time for the second fight: Terra Branford, a half-Esper woman and a friend of Celes versus Lenna, Queen of Tycoon and a Heroine of Light.”
Tifa saw another 2 cells opening. From the cell on her right emerged Terra, the green haired girl walking slowly towards the line in front of her cell with fire in her eyes, still furious because of her dead friend.
Opposite her was a girl with short bright-pink hair, clearly trying to look confident. It looked like it pained her to walk to the fight, as if she was fighting herself to keep going.
„Choose weapons you want to fight with.”
Terra immediately shouted „A sword!”
Lenna had to think a bit before saying „I would like to have a sword, too.”

Both weapons appeared in their hand, girls raising the swords to check the weight. When the weapons appeared, the Voice started to count:
„Three... Two... One... Fight!”
Terra immediately went running towards Lenna, the tip of her sword moving in circles as she ran. Lenna slowly raised her sword and braced herself for the impact. Having to defend herself was not a problem for her, she knew it was easier to defend and catch her enemy off guard then.
Terra got to her, immediately swinging her sword, using the momentum of her body to give the swing additional strength. Lenna moved a bit to the side, deflecting the sword with her own weapon so that it went past her without hurting her. Terra continued to attack, not giving Lenna even a moment of rest, not giving her a chance to attack even if she wanted to.
One of the girls had to make a mistake during such an onslaught, and it turned out it was Lenna this time. She defended herself for a long time, but eventually she slipped on the sand. It wasn't even her fault, for she slipped on some blood that was left from the earlier battle. Because of that she didn't parry the sword the way she wanted. Her sword managed to change the direction Terra's sword was going in, changing it from completely lethal to just painful. The sword left a bleeding wound on her right arm, opening a huge gash. She knew she was lucky it didn't cut her arm off, for if it did, it would me sure death for her.
She knew she couldn't risk another situation like that. She decided she needed to think up something unexpected, or she would be cut to pieces.
She thought about it for some time, still blocking Terra's attacks. It took her some time but finally she came up with an idea.
She started to fall back a bit after every one of Terra's attacks, trying to act like if her wound was causing her to do so, trying to show it was weakening her. It wasn't that hard as it actually did, but not to the extent that she tried to convince Terra it did.
Watching the fights caused various reactions among the girls. Some were disgusted, some terrified. A few were interested, either in the girls' bodies or fighting techniques. The smallest group seemed to actually enjoy it. The girls that did already had their hands down, playing with their pussies as they watched the fights.
The fight continued. Terra was slowly gaining advantage, or at least it seemed so.
Suddenly, Lenna slipped again. Terra immediately took advantage of it, trying to behead her as it was the easiest thing she could do. What she didn't realise was the fact this time Lenna controlled the way she fell, turning so that she could use her sword anyways. She stroke Terra's weapon midair. She used such strength, and aimed it so well, that she disarmed the green haired woman, her blade flying away and burying itself in sand.

„You have bested me. Now finish me.” Terra told her, acknowledging let defeat and slightly bowing her head down.
Lenna raised her sword to cut her head off, happy at her victory, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. The spirit of water inside her, and her own gigantic altruism made her do something else.
She watched with terror as she lowered her weapon, handing it over to Terra.
„What... What are you doing?” Terra asked.
„You deserve to live more than I do. Now go on and kill me and then get out of here alive.” Lenna listened to her voice, realising it was the end for her.
Terra grabbed the hilt and looked at Lenna to check if she was planning anything suspicious. As she found nothing, she swung the blade in a sideways movement, swinging it that way as she was not accustomed to the sword she was using. She clearly decapitated Lenna, the girl's pink short hair silencing the thud from the fall.
„Terra is victorious! Go and rest, you probably need it.” Terra left the arena the same moment that Lenna's head had fallen on the sand, a bit shocked by her luck."
After seeing the two duels Tifa was really scared. She couldn't recall a more desperate moment in her life, and she had to face it alone, no one could help her. „What am I going to do against girls equipped with weapons they have trained with my punches and kicks? I'm not weak, but I have to get to them before I can make use of my skills.”
As she was worrying herself, the Voice announced:
„Now it's time for another duel. In it a princess opposing the invasion of her homeland; Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca, will fight a martial arts expert who works as a barmaid; Tifa Lockhart.”
„No! It can't be happening! I am too young to die!” Her mind was filled with such terrified thoughts as she was approaching the line on the sand. She was trying hard not to shake, as she knew showing weakness was not the way to go.
„What weapons are you going to use?” The Voice asked them. Tifa looked at the blonde haired girl opposite and frowned. „I don't know if I can kill her.” She thought, trying not the despair.
„I want a pair of hand knuckles” Tifa muttered, while Ashe asked for a sword. Tifa's knuckles materialized on her hands while the sword appeared in her opponent's hands.
„Three... Two... One... Fight!” The countdown was starting to sink into the minds of all the girls in the arena.
Tifa immediately launched forward, knowing she had to bring Ashe down quickly. She covered the distance between them in some quick jumps, then she jumped again, swinging with one fist at the blonde haired girl's head and kicking with one leg towards Ashe's hands.
When Ashe saw Tifa jumping towards her, she brought the sword down counting for a lucky strike. She knew she had no time for anything else.
They both had a bit of luck - Tifa scored a hit to Ashe's head while getting her left leg cut off because the strength for the kick went straight against the blade. They both came crashing down, Tifa on top.
„I am so screwed right now, what can I do if I can't even stand?” Tifa was sure she lost, and she was probably right. She tried to move, but it was impossible for her. She tried crawling around, but to no avail. She just gave up, lying on the sand and waiting.
Ashe returned from passing out, although the pain in her head was nearly unbearable. „Damn, that girl can hit really hard.” She noticed her sword on the sand just in range of her hand, so she grabbed it immediately.
She shook her head to clear her mind and saw Tifa on the sand close to her. She tried to get up, but without a foot it was really hard to do. She would stand for a moment and then collapse again.
Ashe shook her head again before slowly rising from lying to sitting, and then to crouching. She slowly moved to where Tifa was.
Tifa raised her head, seeing Ashe finally moved. „Make it quick.” The ex-barmaid said, fully knowing it was of no use trying to fight against her.
Ashe couldn't hear the black haired girl, her head still stunned from the hit, but she saw her saying something. She thought Tifa had been probably asking for mercy, so she moved towards her head, took her sword in both hands with the tip pointing at the black-haired girl's neck, and in a quick motion brought her sword down so that she won't lose balance.
Tifa tried to shield herself with her hands, it was an instinct she couldn't control. Ashe's sword came down, cutting through the hands, then through her neck and swiftly cutting her head off.
„We have a winner! Ashe is victorious!” The Voice shouted. „You can get back to your cell.” Ashe couldn't hear the Voice, so she just pointed to her ears and shook her head, not trusting her own voice. She felt a slight tense in the air, and suddenly she was in her room. She felt tingling in the stump where her leg used to be. Her head was still hurting, but now she could rest. She closed her eyes and drifted off to a shallow sleep.
„Now Rinoa, a sorceress from Delling city, will face Cissnei, a Turk raised by ShinRa Company, and also a woman from the same world Tifa was from.”
A black haired girl stepped out if one if the cells and looked at her enemy. She was walking towards the line, her shoulder-long red hair waving as she walked. Rinoa could help comparing the size of their breasts, a bit annoyed as the other girl had bigger tits.
„What do you want to fight with?” The Voice inquired.
„Give me my shuriken” Cissnei said, her voice strong and confident.
„I want to use my Blaster Edge” answered Rinoa.
Rekka, her oversized shuriken, materialized in Cissnei's hands, while something looking like a bracelet with a shuriken attached to it appeared on Rinoa's left forearm.
"The Voice counted down as usual: „3... 2... 1... Fight!”
Both girls attacked immediately. Cissnei had thrown her shuriken just after Rinoa shot her own. The thrown weapon flew in the air, while Cissnei prepared to evade the incoming projectile
Rinoa jumped forward to catch Rekka using the Blaster Edge. The impact of it crashing against her arm threw her back a little bit, but she still managed to catch it. She grinned realizing the other girl was now without a weapon.
Cissnei, on the other hand, was not so lucky. She jumped to her left to avoid the oncoming weapon, but the projectile followed her. She had rolled on the ground, but not before Rinoa's weapon managed to cut her in her right arm. She let out a cry of pain as she felt her skin being cut. The wound was nothing major though, and the small shuriken flew back to Rinoa. It attached itself to Rekka, as it was already attached to the Blaster Edge.
The sorceress thought for a moment about what to do with two things to shoot, as it was quite unusual for her.
Cissnei quickly decided what to do. She realized she couldn't just charge at the black haired girl so the only thing she could do was to try to catch one of them when Rinoa attacked.
Rinoa got an idea - she would fire both shurikens simultaneously to her left and right. Hopefully a synchronized attack from both sides will be enough to defeat the redhead. If not... She could always try again as now both weapons were bound to return to her.
She fired and both shurikens started to fly, Rekka on her left and her own weapon on her right.
The shurikens flew towards Cissnei. She prepared her unhurt hand. She would catch Rinoa's shuriken or die trying.
The shurikens closed in, and she sprinted to catch her opponent’s shuriken. She miscalculated the speed, so after catching the shuriken it pushed her backwards a bit.
It was only a bit, but even a bit was enough. Rekka hit her from behind, one of the arms sticking out of her belly as it was impaling her. Rinoa pressed a button on her device, and her own shuriken sprung from Cissnei's hands and reattached itself again, cutting Cissnei's fingers off on its way out of her grasp.
Rinoa shot again, not aiming for any specific part of Cissnei's body as she knew any hit was bound to be enough. It hit Cissnei in the middle of her chest, just between her breasts, pushing her back and down to the ground. More of Rekka emerged from her belly as it was ripped open. Cissnei watched in terror as the small shuriken buried itself deep inside her chest.
Rinoa pressed the button on her weapon, recalling the small shuriken. Her shuriken have torn its way through the whole Cissnei's body. It sliced through her heart, then through some guts before cutting her womb in half. Finally it left the dying Cissnei by splicing her vagina.

„Rinoa is victorious! Return to your cell.” The Voice announced her being victorious, and Rinoa left the redhead body in its dying spasms, both weapons dissolving as she walked away.
The girls have waited anxiously, but for a few minutes the Voice was not saying anything, and all the girls were too scared to say can it thing so a silence broke over the arena.
Serah came when she heard her name being called out. Being hurt was an even bigger turn on for her than seeing other girls die, and her visions showed her dying anyways, so she decided not to fight for real. She was so aroused hit thinking about it!
She walked to her line, shaking as she did, and watched the girl opposite her. They were both same height, and she had brown hair made into two short braids on the sides, and a longer braid behind her.
„WHAT WEAPONS DO YOU WANT?” the Voice asked his standard question.
„Give me a staff” Aerith requested. She wasn't really scared, she had already died in her own world so winning or losing didn't make much of a difference for her.
„Can I get my moogle? It can turn into a bowsword and- „NO CREATURES HELPING YOU! AND AS A PUNISHMENT FOR NOT LISTENING TO ME, YOU WON'T GET A WEAPON” Aerith heart grew higher: she may actually win it! She wanted to live, and it was such a stroke of luck she had to smile. She was saddened by Tifa and Cissnei's deaths, but she knew they didn't really die as her connection to the Lifestream allowed her to sense the souls of the dying.
„But mister Voice, it’s so unfair” Serah said while trying to sound as innocent and naive as she could, knowing it was only going to make Him even angrier."
Aerith slowly started to move towards her. The pink haired girl just stood there allowing Aerith to close in. Aerith swung with her staff at Serah's arm, just to see how would the other react. The blow wasn't really strong,, but it wasn't that weak, too.
„Ouch! It hurts!” The pink haired girl moaned while feeling a burst of pleasure going down her body. She never felt better than that, even sex with her husband was not giving her that much pleasure.
Aerith brought her staff up, and stroke down, this time going for the left side of Serah's torso. Serah stumbled as another wave of pleasure rolled through her body. It was truly the most arousing experience she could ever imagine!
Aerith, now confident she was going to win, jumped before bringing her staff down on Serah’s left shoulder. It forced a joint in Serah's shoulder out of the socket, effectively making her unable to use her left arm for the closest future. She didn't care about it, for the pleasure was far more important to her, as she actually orgasmed from the blow. She didn't care if her sister learned about her masochism. She decided it was time to end it. She shouted „Firaga!” while trying to throw a ball of fire at Aerith, fully knowing that it won't connect and she will be dead for sure.
The Voice roared, his fury reaching the most extreme values. Serah felt an invisible arm closed around her throat, one that pulled her up so she was giving a perfect way for Aerith to impale her, also choking her as she hung in its grip.
Aerith slowly inserted her staff into the pink haired girl anus, and when she felt resistance she just shoved the staff inside Serah and backed off.
Serah came again the instant she felt her insides tearing, and her cum was all over on the staff and a bit felt on Aerith, too. Her Etro eyes gave her the final vision. It depicted her sister first having see with her, then killing her in various ways. At the end she saw Lightning's dying body, too. She smiled at the sight and everything went black for her...
„AERITH WINS! NOW GO BACK TO YOUR CELL.” The Voice was still angry, but the girls could hear his anger fading.
As Aerith was leaving the arena, Serah's body dropped to the ground, the impact forcing the staff deeper inside her and out through her throat.
„Our first round fights are slowly coming to an end; there are only three fights left. This time Lightning, Serah sister, the warrior of the goddess and the Saviour, will face Rosa, a white mage and Queen of Baron.”
Lightning ran to the line and prepared herself to fight, studying the blonde girl's body. „Not muscular, probably an easy kill.”
Rosa walked slowly and stopped by the line.
„Give me my gunblade.” The pink haired girl said before the Voice had a chance to ask. „What about you, Rosa?”
„I would like get a bow and some arrows. I presume enhancements are also not allowed?” The blonde asked, hoping to gain an advantage.
„You are right, enhancements are also disallowed. Three... Two... One... Fight!”
Lightning immediately sprung towards Rosa, running as fast as she could. As she was running, Rosa had already raised the bow, and she was aiming for Lightning, her hands shaking. „I have never killed a person before!” Doubt clouded her mind and so her first arrow went away not as good as she always shot, going far off the mark, getting close to Lightning but not in the way she wanted it to.
Unfortunately for Rosa, Lightning didn't have such problems: she already covered half of the distance before the arrow reached her, and when it did, she easily dodged it and kept on running. Rosa pulled out another arrow and hastily pulled the string. Because of Lightning’s speed she knew it was the only arrow she could fire, so decided to release the arrow at closest possible range, giving Lightning no possibility of dodging.
Lightning saw the second arrow being pulled out so she went down and started rolling, losing a bit of her velocity but getting closer anyways do that Rosa won't hit her. After two full rolls she jumped, shooting from her gunblade at Rosa.
A bullet struck her in her right hand, destroying muscles and breaking bones, so she had to drop her bow, the arrow flying far over Lightning’s head, not hurting anybody. Lightning then resumed her run, and after few more seconds got to Rosa. „Out of my way!” She shouted, while bringing her gunblade in a slash from the side. Rosa's eye flickered as she felt her lower part being skewered from her body and her upper half being thrown up. She opened her mouth to cry in pain and anger but Lightning’s further attacks stopped her from doing so.
Lightning then struck down, cleaving the lower part of Rosa's body in half, letting both halves them fall to the ground with guts spilling out of them. After doing so, she raised her weapon a bit, then in a single quick motion cut Rosa's head off and threw it high in the air.
Lightning jumped into a backflip, cleaving Rosa's chest in two as she was spinning. After landing the pink haired girl fully outstretched her arm and shot at Rosa's falling head, a salvo of bullets crushing through Rosa's skull and destroying her brain.
„Wow, that was a real performance! Lightning wins! You may return to your cell.” Lightning left the arena, returning to mourn her sister. Or so she thought, because she felt weird arousal along with anger as she recalled the memory of her sister's death.
Remains of Rosa's brain had gone flying insides Rydia's cell and on her body, who came just second before from seeing her friend die a horrible death. Rydia raised her cum-stained hand and scratched them from her belly, before putting them in her mouth. "Mm, Rosa, you taste delicious." She muttered while touching herself again with the other hand. She really enjoyed this place - her life with the eidolons didn't prepare her to the normal life well, but their perverted sexuality easily made her fit this place.
„It will be the second last battle for today. Vanille, the Oracle of Lumerion, will fight Garnet, a summoner and a Queen of Alexandria. Girls, get to your lines.”
Garnet exited her cell and looked at her enemy. She had bright red pigtails, a weird eye-like brand on her left thigh, and Garnet compared their busts too, both quite similar in size. She had a feeling it was going to be important.
„What weapons do you want?” The Voice asked his standard question.
„I want a rod” Said Garnet, and then Vanille launched, then said „It's funny, because I want a rod too.” Garnet looked at her enemy, wondering if she used the same weapon she was asking for.
Their weapons materialized in their hands, and while girls named the same kind of weapon, they actually received something completely different.
Vanille got a weapon which consisted of a handle and four long wires with hooks attached to it, while Garnet had received only a stick with a sphere at the end. She was a bit scared, her opponent's weapon looking far more deadly.
„Three... Two... One... Fight!” The usual countdown was only a formality as both girls remembered the time without any reminding. As the fight started, Garnet started running towards Vanille,. The redhead moved to her right while swinging her rod. The hooks flew through the arena, and connected itself with Garnet's chest. To be more specific, one of her breasts.
„Ouch!” Garnet cried out, feeling her skin pierced and her breast being pulled out. The tiny blades cut through her skin, easily severing it from her chest. Now she understood that weird feeling that made her compare their breasts - she felt she was going to have one removed.
Vanille pulled her weapon hard to force the hooks to return after the swing. She out all her strength in it, knowing the pain the other girl would certainly feel was going to help her win the battle.
Garnet felt even more pulling at her breast, and now she felt the sphere of meat that was her breast just a moment before starting to tear away. Finally, the breast got torn off, and it got thrown away from the hooks as they returned. It disappointed Vanille as she wanted to get the other girl's breast.
It had fallen inside Rydia's cell, and she caught it with one hand. She raised it to her mouth and bit on it while furiously masturbating. It tasted as good as she hoped, the fact she was actually eating a girl easily arousing her more than watching the fight. She knew she was going to fight next.
Garnet kept running to Vanille, although slower because of the blood loss. While the hooks were flying back, she covered the majority of the distance, ignoring the pain from the bleeding stump.
Vanille was still walking, and when her weapon was ready for another swing she got to another girl's cell. She raised her rod and just as she was about to swing again, she tripped over a half of Rosa's torso.
While Vanille was falling, Garnet was rushing the last few meters. She got to Vanille, lying on the ground. She raised her rod, preparing to bring it down with all her strength, and then she tripped over Rosa's leg. She was falling to the top of Vanille, and Vanille had raised her weapon in defence. Fortunately for Vanille, Garnet's throat hit the redhead's rod, and hooks pierced Garnet's throat, cutting her arteries and spilling blood from her neck both on the sand and on Vanille.
Garnet knew she was dying, and she had just enough time to think about her lover, Zidane, before darkness claimed her.
„Vanille is victorious! You can return to your cell.” Vanille freed herself from Garnet's dead body, stood up and went back towards her cell, not believing her luck.
And now, the last fight for today. Rydia, a summoner from the village of Mist, will face Selphie, a SeeD cadet from Trabia Garden. Girls, get ready to fight.”
Rydia left her cell and moved to her line. When she got there, she looked at her enemy. She looked like a weakling, and Rydia grinned looking at her.
„Oh, it will be so fun to kill her!” Rydia though, her pussy already leaking because of it.
Selphie was a bit less confident. Even though she saw Rinoa winning a few fights ago, she was sure it would be harder for her.

„Tell me what weapons do you want?”
The Voice asked them, bringing the answers immediately.
„Give me a whip.” The green haired girl said. She knew the whip was the best thing to fight with, giving so much fun especially if they both wore nothing that could stop it.
Meanwhile her brown haired enemy said „I want my nunchaku.”
Weapons appeared in their hands, and the Voice began to count down: „Three... Two... One... Fight!”
Both girls started running towards each other the moment the Voice finished, knowing exactly the right moment to start running as they've heard it for the 8th time. Rydia had the advantage of range, so she attacked before Selphie was able to hit her. Rydia swung her whip, aiming for one of her enemy's breast. Selphie was not able to dodge it, as the whip struck lightning fast, so it hit Selphie exactly where Rydia aimed for. It struck the middle of her breast, the tip going around the nipple and cutting it away, causing Selphie a lot of pain. She stopped, and rubbed her breast with her free hand to ease the pain. It was the worst thing she could possibly do, allowing Rydia to make more free attacks.
The whip returned to Rydia, and she took Selphie's nipple with one hand and inserted it inside her mouth, licking her fingers while doing it. Her arousal was climbing quickly, but she tried to control it knowing she had to break her opponent before starting to gain ultimate pleasure from the fight.
„Your nipple tastes very good. I will take another one.” Rydia said, grinning, then swung her whip again, this time aiming for Selphie's second breast.
Selphie blushed at the words, then raised her arm to protect herself. She made it just in time. The whip struck her arm, tearing away parts of meat and skin. Selphie kept standing despite the pain, but dropped her nunchaku as she was holding it in the hand she used to shield herself.
Rydia's whip brought her some meat from Selphie's arm. She again brought it to her mouth.
„Eh, your nipple tasted better.” Selphie could hear Rydia’s disappointed voice.
In anger Rydia swung her whip again. This time she was aiming for Selphie's pussy. The pain made Selphie drop to her knees anyways, it was much stronger than anything she had ever felt. Rydia was a bit disappointed that it didn't force her enemy to lose her mind; she knew it was entirely possible.
Rydia walked to Selphie. The brown haired girl raised her head looking into Rydia's beautiful blue eyes, and saw only madness and lust. Then the second wave of pain kicked in, - Rydia's feet slammed strongly into Selphie's cunt. She felt even stronger pain from her pussy, a pain that made her pass out.
Rydia took her leg back, and then kicked the bronze haired girl so she was lying on her back."
"She then took Selphie's hands and tied them together with her feet using her whip, so she was lying on her belly with her arms and legs unnaturally bound behind her.
After tying her up, Rydia took a step back to see the result of her work. As she was satisfied with it, she took Selphie's nunchaku, sat on her back and shoved it in her ass.
Selphie was suddenly woken up. She felt her arms and knees bent in an unusual way, and she couldn't move them. Then she realized what had woken her up - there was an intrusion in her ass! She also felt Rydia sitting on her back. Selphie tried to see what was the summoner doing, and caught a glimpse of her nunchaku sticking out of her ass.
„Why-y are you doing this? Why don't you just kill me? OH SHIT!” She shouted, the exclamation coming after Rydia pushed the nunchaku deeper inside her ass.
“Because it arouses me, and if I am going to die in here, I want to at least enjoy myself before I do.” Rydia replied and then hit the nunchaku moving it even deeper inside. After it went a few more inches in, she felt heavy resistance.
„It won't probably go any further” She stopped, and instead of trying to force it any further, she took the other part of the nunchaku and inserted it inside her pussy. She began to use it as a sex toy, grinding herself up and down on it.
As she was pretty aroused, she quickly came all over Selphie's pussy and ass. Rydia removed the part of nunchaku from her, and shoved it inside Selphie's pussy. It went in quickly, Rydia's juices lubricating it so that it could go really smoothly. She used it to bring Selphie close to an orgasm, enjoying the fact the other girl clearly looked to be a virgin, blood running from Selphie's pussy and dropping on the sand.
She rose from the bronze haired girl body, and then walked towards her head, stopping just next to it. She raised her feet above Selphie's neck, and with the words: „Bye Selphie - It was a pleasure to fuck you.” Rydia brought her feet down, crushing Selphie's windpipe.
„Well, that was a really outstanding performance! Rydia, go to your cell and rest - you really deserve it.” Voice was really satisfied with the last fight, realising one of the girls had such an amazing perversion.
Voice stopped for a moment, clearing his mind, then resumed talking.
„This was the final fight for today. Next round of fights is going to happen tomorrow. Now you can sleep, masturbate, mourn your fallen companions and do whatever you like. Also, some food should get to your cells about now.” Food appeared on the tables in the living girls' cells. It was only meat though, but the girls had no courage to complain.
Suddenly the sky turned dark over the arena. The girls ate what they were given, and started to do different things.
Yuna thought about the fights that happened today. She decided that the voice will probably make her fight with Terra. „If nothing changes, I will probably win it, so there is no point in worrying now. Guns are always better than swords.” She concluded her thoughts, and went to sleep.
Rydia masturbated for the half of the night, cumming like crazy to memories of deaths that happened that day and the thought of being killed or killing again. She supposed she should feel something about her dead friend, but the image of her destroyed body successfully stopped any thoughts, and her upbringing by Eidolons didn't help it too. Finally, completely exhausted, she had fallen into a deep sleep, her fingers still inside her pussy.
Terra mourned Celes for a while as she was slowly falling asleep. „That bitch will see pain for killing you, my friend.” She thought before drifting off to sleep.
Lightning mourned her sister, thinking about all the things she would have been able to do if she was alive. Then she masturbated a bit to the thought of killing another girl, for when Serah had been a masochist, Lightning was turned on by the thought of ending girl's life. After orgasming once she went to sleep.
Ashe quickly ate her food, then immediately returned to her sleep, hoping maybe a full long sleep will get her headache to leave.
Rinoa thought about Selphie, and about how she met her end at the hands of that perverted green haired bitch. „Such a terrible fate. She stood no chance. Hopefully I won't meet such an end. Oh, Squall...” The thought of her love would have quickly made her cry, so she cut it off and decided to sleep. She needed no such distraction now.
Aerith thought about Tifa, and how much stronger and better at fighting she was. „And yet I live and she's dead. If Cloud had known, he would be terribly saddened by this.” She lay in bed for a while, then she snapped her eyes open. „If she died, her soul is in the Lifestream. Maybe I should try to contact her?” She tried and tried, but she simply was not able to. She decided it was no use in it, and went to sleep.
Vanille nearly cried her eyes dry thinking about all the dead girls, especially Serah. „How many times does that girl have to die? It's just unfair!” She had eventually fallen asleep, but just before drifting off, she thought she felt her room move.
The night had passed. The girls slowly started to wake up, one by one. Rydia after waking up fingered herself until she came, and only then stood up. After walking to the gates, the girls saw that the arena had been slightly changed - the bodies and the rooms of the girls who died were gone, and their rooms were moved, facing a room of another of the living girls opposite theirs.


Day Two

„I see you are all awake. In this round you will have your weapons from the round before and you will be able to cast one spell, either summon or normal, for which I will give you energy or whatever you want, like Materia or Guardian Force." The voice explained the rules.
"Now it is time for our first battle today. Either Terra, a half-Esper woman and killer of Lenna, or Yuna, a summonner from the world of Spira and killer of Celes will bring fresh blood for the sand. Girls, walk to your lines."
The green haired woman walked, while searching Yuna's body for any sign of weakness.
"Think the name of the spell you want to have; I will hear you and give you the magic required.”
"Oh, it’s easy. I want to transform into my Esper form." Terra thought, knowing that as Esper she would be stronger and quicker, and magic defense would probably help too.
Yuna, on the other hand had another idea: "Shiva is the only female Aeon, and summoning is probably not a good idea. I would like to be able to summon Shiva."
The weapons appeared in their hands: the sword in Terra's hands and the pistols in Yuna's. "You will only need to shout the name of the spell to cast it. Three... Two... One... Fight!"
Just as the voice stopped counting, Terra shouted: "Esper Form!” Her body started to change. Her hair turned blue, her breasts had grown, her hair had grown too, her fingers turned into claws and her skin changed so it was pale blue.
Esper Terra started to run towards Yuna. "I know! I can use her braid against her." She thought, noticing Yuna's beautiful brown hair swinging behind her.
Yuna get into a shooting position, aiming at the running girl. Unfortunately for her Terra was prepared for it, and as soon as Yuna shot she immediately jumped to the side, bullets flying past her. She kept on running, and got to Yuna. She jumped behind her, pulling her by her braid and bringing her down to the sand.
Terra then with two quick kicks got the pistols out of Yuna's reach.
"Shiva, I need your help!" Yuna cried out. Just when she finished, a woman appeared out of nowhere.
The woman was taller than both girls, and had blue skin. She had bigger breasts than both of the fighting girls, and it was clearly visible as she, because of the magic in the arena, appeared nude. Her hair was also blue, made of many braids all around her head. She also had a yellow tail with a ring at the end.
"You called for me, Yuna?" She asked in her melodious voice. "Give me a hand with fighting her!" Yuna shouted, angry at such an obvious question.
"I'm afraid it is not possible. Look at her - She is clearly an Aeon of some kind, so I cannot battle her, as I will never fight a one of my kind. I am terribly sorry, but I will be going now - good luck!" Said Shiva, and started to disappear.
"No! Wait! Don't leave me!" Yuna cried out, her last hope of surviving dissolving in the air.
Terra watched the situation with interest. When Shiva dissolved, she run around Yuna, her braid still in hand, wrapping it around Yuna's neck. She then made a knot on it, turning it into a garrote. She pulled on it, tightening it and cutting Yuna's breath off. Yuna’s face started turning red.
Yuna desperately tried to free herself puling on the braid and trying to punch Terra, but it was no use. She felt her bladder releasing, pissing on the sand. Her mind was slowly slipping off, until her body fell to her knees. Then she blacked out.
Terra didn't let Yuna's limp body fall all the way down. Instead she brought her sword from the side, cutting Yuna's head off. "That's for killing Celes, bitch." She said with satisfaction.
"Terra is victorious! Your Esper form will eventually wear off. You can go now."

"It's time for another fight. This time Vanille, a girl from Gran Pulse and killer of Garnet, will fight Rydia, the summonner from Mist and killer of Selphie. Go get to your lines."
"Oh no, why do I have to fight this pervert." Vanille thought while getting to the line.
"She has breasts as big as me. Her pigtails are so cute! I must do something to them. Yes, killing her will be fun." Rydia was already getting wet at the thought.
"Think what spells you want to cast." The voice reminded them.
"I’ll summon, of course, as they are the strongest spells I can use. Even if male Eidolons are stronger, summoning them is probably not a good idea. They’d just go berserk and try to rape me. I can summon Shiva, Sylph or Asura. But Asura is a healing summon and it is useless if I want to attack. Sylph are useless too, although those little fairies would both heal me and attack her, they are too weak. So it is set: I will summon Shiva." Rydia made a quick analysis of what should she cast.
"Death is too random, it can kill her but if it won't I will be screwed. Area spells are too dangerous to use while the other are weak. So only thing left is to summon Hecatonheir." Vanille decided.
"You ask, and you will receive." Weapons materialized in girls hands. "Three... Two... One... Fight!"
Vanille swung at Rydia right away, aiming for her chest. "If it worked before, maybe it will work again." Vanille thought as her blades were flying through the air.
As soon as the voice stopped, Rydia started running towards Vanille. "She swung her weapon. Wait, she debreasted Garnet with it! I always wondered how it feels like. I can get her to do it!" Rydia smiled at the thought, raising her chest to make her breasts nice targets.
The blades struck Rydia, closing around her left breast. She was aroused by pain, but kept on running.
Vanille pulled on her handle. The blades started to tear Rydia's breast off. She didn't feel pain however, only pleasure. When the breast went flying in air, Rydia was already close to Vanille. She swung her whip, and since Vanille was distracted, she was able to target any part of her body she desired.
Her whip struck the redhead at her right hand, pulling her weapon out of her hand along with one finger. Rydia thrown the weapon behind herself, and started running to get behind Vanille. As she was passing her, she swung her whip again. This time she aimed for Vanille's breast.
It got to her from the side, and wrapped itself around the breast. As the grip on her breast was firm, and Rydia was behind her, Vanille had fallen down on the sand. The fall, combined with the strength of the grip on her breast managed to pull the breast off. Vanille screamed in pain.
"Scream as loud as you want, bitch. It's called payback, as you have done the same both to me and to that dark haired girl yesterday." Rydia said, turning back so she could see her.
Vanille shouted, "Come on, Hecaton!", while putting her hand on the brand on her thigh. Colorful rings appeared all around her on the sand, and arms started to stick out of the rings.
A weird man jumped out from the sand. He had four arms at the front, and countless arms sticking out of his back. He was, as all the girls in the arena, naked. He looked around, his dick getting harder as he saw all the nude girls. He turned his head back to Vanille, and his dick got fully erect, as he saw his supposed mistress helpless on the sand in front of him.
Vanille looked at him, only now realising it was not a good idea. "Just look at this thing! If he puts his dick in me, it will kill me! And I'm on the ground, so he will probably go for me. But if I turn him into a machine, he won’t be able to rape me." The redhead thought, and shouted: "Gestalt mode!"
Hecatonheir began to turn into a mech. He still stood on his feet, but his torso turned to a horizontal position and his arms became clustered in four groups, which worked as machine guns.
As Rydia watched the change, it struck her - she can tell Shiva it's just a mech, so she would not refuse! "Shiva!" She shouted.
A blue-skinned woman appeared. However, it was not the same Shiva as before. She looked a bit different – her hair was shorter. She was nude so Vanille could clearly see that she had darker skin than the Shiva from before. She also had bigger breasts than Rydia and Vanille. Hecatonheir, even in the mech form, got his monstrous dick hard from the sight of her.
"Can you freeze the redhead and her big turret, Shiva? Not anything lethal but just freeze them?" Rydia asked, smiling to Shiva.
"Of course, Rydia. I am here to help you.“ Shiva smiled back at her, then looked at Vanille.
“Ice!” Sje shouted, stretching her hand towards Vanille and Hecatonheir. Ice twirled up around them, hiding them from sight, and after it cleared out both Vanille and her Eidolon were frozen.
"I gotta go now. Take care and return to Feymarch afterwards." And with those words, Shiva was gone.
Both Vanille and Hecatonheir were unable to move, but the ice was thin and they could feel exactly what was happening to them.
Rydia slowly walked back to them, touching her pussy with one hand and keeping her eyes on the enemy all the time. When she got to Hecatonheir, she stopped and stroked his dick for a while with her other hand, her weapon abandoned on the ground . She then kneeled next to Vanille, running her hand though her hair, and licking her ear. She walked around her, and then put her hand inside her pussy. She explored it whole, still masturbating herself with her other hand.
Vanille felt her pleasure build up, and then she came. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't help herself, Rydia’s touch was too much.
After bringing Vanille to an orgasm, Rydia withdrew her hand from her. Then she turned her eyes to the eidolon standing above them. Seeing that he was still frozen, she took the tip of his dick in her mouth. She sucked on it while stroking it with her hand. She pleasured countless dicks of this size while in Feymarch, so she knew how to do it well. When she felt heat building up, she let go of it.
"You can have her. Come on, fuck her." Rydia said while slowly backing off and fisting herself.
Hecatonheir listened to her. As she gave him control over his dick back, he slammed his dick inside Vanille. It went inside with incredible strength, crushing through her womb and inside her stomach. He backed his cock to her entrance, and then slammed again. This time he get to the redhead's heart, crushing it with his dick. "Is it really over?" Vanille asked with her last breath, and instead of answering he slammed his cock in for the third time. This time it went all the way in, coming out of Vanille's mouth. His hands broke free from the ice, and he grabbed her with them. He stroked his dick using Vanille's dead body.
When he came, his cum went over half of the arena, even reaching inside some of the girls cells, and afterwards he disappeared. Vanille's dead, cum covered body dropped on the sand.
"Rydia is victorious again! Return to your room."
Rydia, instead of immediately heading back, went through the arena and gathered both breasts detached from their bodies during the fight.
"Oh, and what about your breast?" The voice asked her.
"I want to keep it, but it would be nice if you made me grow another one." Rydia said, smiling weakly. Suddenly, Rydia felt some pulling in her chest. A breast sprung from the stump. It was bigger than the one she had before, and she felt the second one growing so it would match the size of the other one.
"You get what you asked for and more as a reward, and now get out from the arena, I want another two girls to fight."

"Okay, now that she is gone, we can have another fight. It's time for Lightning, the warrior of the Goddess and killer of Rosa, to fight Aerith, last descendant of Cetra race and killer of Serah, Lightning's sister. Girls, go to your lines."
When Lightning heard her name being called out, a wave of feelings surged through her, replacing sadness and anger that was there because of Vanille's terrible death. Pleasure, as she would soon be allowed to kill again; fear at the thought of possibly dying; and finally satisfaction when she heard she who was going to fight with. "That bronze haired bitch will get paid back for what she did to Serah!" Lightning thought.
Aerith, meanwhile, was really anxious. She had seen what happened last time after Lightning saw one of her companions fall, and she was the one who killed her sister. "I don't stand a chance." She thought.
"Think what spells you want to cast." The voice reminded them, while the weapons appeared in their hands.
"Summoning Odin is not a good idea, seeing what happened to Vanille. Maybe Thundaga? She seems more like a spellcaster, and if she gets struck by it, it will give me time to get to her, and then I can just cut her down." Lightning thought, preparing herself to run.
"Summon? But only female is Shiva and she was already summoned twice. She is probably tired and won't be a big help. I have seen what summoning males would do here. So no summons. So maybe Graviga? It will take a big part of her strength, and maybe I will be able to defeat her then." Aerith decided what she would cast, feeling a bit more encouraged.
"Three... Two... One... Fight!"
"Thundaga!" shouted Lightning just after she starting running towards Aerith. She got struck by a thunder, and the electric shock going through her body immobilized her. By the time she came to her senses again Lightning just got to her. She tried to raise her staff to defend herself, but she wasn't quick enough.
Lightning swung at Aerith's right arm, cutting it off in one swift motion. Aerith's mind clouded from pain, not allowing her to cast her spell. Lightning then brought a fist to the side of Aerith's head, making her unable to use any spells for the nearest future.
"How does it feel, bitch?" Lightning shouted at Aerith, feeling aroused by the power over her she had. "It really hurts." Aerith answered, dropping to her knees as she was not able to keep standing. "Quiet bitch! You may speak only if I allow you to." Lightning said, kicking Aerith in the chest. A loud crack sounded over the arena, and Aerith had fallen to the ground with a half of her ribs broken.
Lightning then put her gun to Aerith's right shoulder. She pulled the trigger, and Aerith's arm came off, her right shoulder destroyed. She passed out from the pain.
Lightning saw it, and dropped to her knees, kneeling beside her. "Wake up bitch!" She said and slapped Aerith's face.
Aerith's head was thrown to the side, and she opened her eyes. Lightning saw them open, and as soon as she was certain she will feel it, she slammed her fist in Aerith's stomach. "You were not allowed to pass out! You need to be punished!" Lightning shouted, raising her weapon again.
She brought the gunblade down on Aerith's leg. It didn't get cut off, but the cut was heavy and blood started to pour out of the wound. Then she quickly struck again, cutting the leg off. Aerith couldn't hold back a cry of pain.
"I told you to shut up!" Lightning shouted, anger burning inside he eyes. She suddenly grinned. "Oh, look at yourself. You are so unsymmetrical. Tell me, do you want to get your leg removed? It will make you look better." Lightning said, looking at Aerith's face.
"Please... No..." Aerith muttered an answer. "That's too bad, because it's what I'm going to do." Lightning answered with a sadistic smile, and brought her sword down again. It cut through skin and flesh, and through Aerith's femur. Pain nearly made her pass out again, but she resisted it as she knew it would only bring more pain. Lightning cut the rest of the leg off, turning Aerith's body into a limbless torso.
"Immediately you look a lot better than before. You are symmetrical, and now you're ready to die."
Lightning quickly grabbed Aerith's staff, and pushed it in sand between them, its tip pointing up. Then she pulled Aerith's body up by her hair, bringing her eyes so she could look inside them, and placed the limbless torso so the tip of the staff was going inside her ass. "Liking what you feel?" Lightning asked.
"N-no..." Aerith answered, although she lied, as she liked the feeling of intrusion in her asshole. It reminded her of her dead boyfriend. At least she’d join him soon…
Lightning brought her gunblade to Aerith's neck, getting a small trickle of blood to run between her breasts. Then she shouted "It's for what you did to Serah!"
Fear flickered inside Aerith's green eyes again, and it was the last thing she ever felt. Lightning slashed with her gunblade, cutting through Aerith's neck, and her head felt down behind the body. Then she put her both hands on Aerith's dead shoulders, and pushed down hard. The spear went through her, the tip covered in blood and shit sticking out of Aerith's neck.
"Lightning is victorious! You can go back to your cell."
Lightning, instead of leaving, put one of her hands down, and started masturbating with it. She then walked behind Aerith's body, and just as she orgasmed, she brought her gunblade through Aerith's impaled body, the blade sticking out of her chest. She left the weapon there, and walked back to her cell.
"It's time for the final fight for today. It will be between Ashe, a princess whose kingdom is invaded and killer of Tifa, and Rinoa, a sorceress from Delling City and killer of Cissnei. Girls, walk to your lines."
Both girls walked out of their cells and headed to their lines. "I think I don't need to remind you, but just in case: decide what spells you want to use."
"Summoning is probably the best I can do. But what should I summon? Male Guardian Force would probably kill me as it killed that redhead. So which female should I summon? Shiva freezes, Siren silences, Pandemona uses a wind attack. Oh, I get it! I can summon Ultimecia, as she possessed me so I should be able to, and she is the most powerful being in my world." Rinoa decided, her Blaster Edge appearing at her shoulder.
"As those fights had shown, the best is either to summon a powerful creature or using a powerful spell that will allow me to get close. I can summon Ultima, but I don't think there is a spell that I can use. So, I will summon Ultima." Ashe thought, her sword appearing in her hand.
"Three... Two... One... Fight!"
Rinoa immediately fired, deciding that she would summon Ultimecia only if it’s necessary. The shuriken went flying, and Ashe rushed towards Rinoa. She went into a roll to avoid the black haired girl's weapon. As she was going down, the shuriken got a small cut at her back, spilling some of her blood on the sand. She grit her teeth, but kept on rolling, knowing the shuriken will be coming back. She felt her back hurting as the sand scratched the wound.
She saw Rinoa's weapon flying above her, and she sprung to her feet as soon as it went past her. She started running, her sword in her hand, and got to Rinoa. She swung her sword at her, knowing that she needed to act quickly.
Rinoa stepped to her side, and took the blow on her weapon. The blade slipped on the armlet, and cut in Rinoa's shoulder. At the same time, she fired her weapon again.
Ashe put a bit more strength and cut Rinoa's arm off at the elbow. However, the shuriken cut at her with all its might, and Ashe also got her own arm cut off by her shoulder.
"Ultima! I summon you!" Ashe shouted, backing off as her arm and her weapon has fallen to the ground.
"Yes! She is summoning! And Ultimecia can destroy every summoned creature!" Rinoa thought, while dropping to her knees and taking up her cut off arm. She shouted "Ultimecia! I command you to my help!" while trying to get the armlet off from her dead limb.
On Ashe's side a big women started to materialize. She had golden wings, three on each side of her body, and cannon attached to her legs. She was, as all the girls in the arena, nude, and her womanly features were clearly able to see.
On Rinoa's side, on the other hand, a woman also appeared. She had two black wings, one on each side. She was nude, breasts not as big as the other summon, but anyways bigger than breasts of the girls in the arena.
Ultima opened her mouth to ask why was she disturbed, and then Ultimecia snapped her fingers. Ultima suddenly disappeared with a painful scream. Ashe stumbled, as if she had taken a heavy blow. "What did you do?" She asked, fear appearing in her beautiful blue eyes.
"I have destroyed that creature junktioned to you, you inkompetent child. Now, who has summoned me?" Ultimecia said, her eyes burning with anger.
"I have summoned you. I need your help in fighting her. You have already done half of your work by destroying that Guardian Force." Rinoa said, pointing at Ashe, and putting the Blaster Edge on her right arm.
"Oh, it's that stupid child. I will help you, but I do not like it." Ultimecia said, and outstretched her arm towards Ashe. A flaming ball come out of it and flew over the arena towards Ashe. As the flaming ball flew in the air, she started to disappear. "We will meet again, Rinoa, soon. And then you will not be the one in command!" She shouted, and she was gone.
Ashe tried to take cover, but she wasn't quick enough. The ball struck her in her stomach, exploding and leaving a gigantic hole where once her insides were.
Ashe was thrown back; she had fallen on the sand. Her lower body was somehow still connected to her upper half. "Kill... Me..." She said, looking at Rinoa with sadness and acceptance.
"How do you want to die, Ashe?" Rinoa asked, now feeling only pity for her fate, replacing anger and fear that she felt after hearing the parting words of Ultimecia.
"Shoot that weapon through my neck. I want to die the same way my lover died." Ashe said, tears appearing in her eyes on the memory of her happy times with Rasler.
“Goodbye, Ashe." And with that, Rinoa send her shuriken flying. Ashe saw it circling in the air, and that was the last thing she ever saw. The shuriken buried itself in her throat, killing her on the spot.
"Rinoa is victorious! Return to your cell." Rinoa headed towards her room, but at the entrance she stopped. "What about my arm? Can you make it grow back?" Rinoa asked, knowing that she would be in a disadvantage if she didn't have it. "Of course, I just thought you didn't want to have it back. Here you go." Rinoa felt pulling at her elbow, and suddenly her arm was back there as if it was always there.
“Now, have some food to live on." A slice of bread, a piece of meat and a glass of water appeared on the tables in girls' rooms.
"Eat and sleep before your next fight." The voice ordered them.
The sky was getting darker. Although the day seemed shorter than the day before, none of the girls noticed.
However they noticed that the meat tasted weird. "It's almost like human’s body!" Terra thought, and then shrugged. Food is just food. "It's human's body! Probably of the girls we killed!" Lightning shouted, getting turned on by the thought.
After they finished eating, the girls did a lot of things:
Lightning mourned her dead friend, Vanille. She promised to avenge her. Then she started thinking what else had happened today, her thoughts eventually coming to the girl she killed, Aerith. "Bitch got what she deserved." She thought with satisfaction. At some point she caught her hand circling around her pussy. She tried to give in, but her dominant side took control of her. She returned to think what she would have done to her while masturbating furiously. After a while her mind turned to her dead companions - she masturbated to the memories of seeing them dead. She tried to hate herself for it, but she enjoyed it too much. After a lot of cumming she finally drifted off to sleep.
Terra thought about Celes, and how she avenged her. "Now I need to get out of here. Let's see who would be best to fight with. Rinoa won both fights with her shuriken thrower, she will be dangerous. I will probably need to disable it somehow. Or I can try to make her Esper attack her, as she despises her. At least she is normal. Rydia is a perverted sadistic bitch. If I will fight with her either I win and save other girls from her, or get brutally killed and raped. She is a summonner, but her skills with a whip make her a dangerous enemy. Lightning is trying to win for her dead friends, so she doesn't think about losing, just as I did when I was fighting Yuna. She fights well with her weapon and she is a skilful magic user. She is probably the most dangerous one I can fight."
"So, the best is I can hope for is Rinoa as I can probably think of something to deal with her. Rydia is hard to decide, it would be an evened fight. The worst I can fight with is Lightning." Terra concluded. "So now I will go to slee- What was that?" Terra heard moaning coming from Lightning's cell. "What could it be?" She wondered, walking to the exit to try to see something in her cell. She saw she was right. The pink haired girl had her eyes closed, and she was putting her hand inside and out of her pussy. "Those were moans of pleasure. I wonder what it is about. Oh, screw it. I will probably die tomorrow, so I can at least try it." She decided, and then slipped a finger inside her pussy. It felt incredible. She looked towards Lightning again, and then put another two fingers inside herself.
Then she started to put them in and out. She quickly got herself to orgasm. It rocked through her body, and she was shaking like mad from it. "Oh god, it was wonderful!" Terra said after she returned to her senses. "I will try it again, and then I go to sleep."
Rydia stayed up for a long time in her room. First, she masturbated to the images from today, especially to Vanille's gruesome death she had caused. Then she thought about the remaining girls.
"I can kill the black haired one. She is weaker than I am." She masturbated to the thought. "And I can kill the green haired one, as she was fighting to avenge her dead friend, while I fight for pleasure." She masturbated again, this time imagining Terra dying. "Or I will fight with Lightning. I have noticed she is the dominant one. It will certainly be wonderful to fight with her. As she is stronger than me, I will probably die if I fight her." She masturbated once again, this time imagining how it would feel to be killed. She kept it up for over half of the night.
Rinoa, on the other hand, couldn't fall asleep. She already decided she wouldn't worry thinking about other girls and fights. She heard slight moaning coming from the other cells. "They are probably masturbating. Oh, I need release, maybe it will help me to fall asleep." She slipped a finger inside her pussy, imagining it's Squall licking her. They didn't have sex yet, but giving pleasure to each other was a different thing. She felt her pleasure build up, and she closed her eyes. While orgasming, she shouted his name loudly. Afterwards, both her body and mind were completely spent, so she dropped on her bed again and immediately had fallen asleep.


Day Three

The night had passed. Girls were slowly waking up, one by one. The first thing all four noticed was that their cells have been moved, and that the bodies have been cleared away again.

"You are all awake, and we can begin. Today we will have only two fights, the last one is going to take place tomorrow." The Voice stopped for a moment, then continued:

"Today you will be able to not use your weapons and spells from before, but also weapons and spells of girls you have killed. Now, two lists have appeared on the walls of your cells, one for the each girl that you have killed. When you decide, just think what spells do you want to use, and as yesterday I will be able to hear you." The Voice explained the rules of today's fights.

Terra looked at the walls. "I will have two swords and two guns. It's pretty nice, but I am going to fight Rinoa, and she has two shurikens for her weird launcher and a sword. I can only hope she don't know how to use it. However, I have my Esper Form. I probably need to summon another Esper as the spell of Yuna. But that Esper of Rinoa can dispel other ones. On the other hand she doesn't like her, so if I managed to get her to attack her it would be great. Let's see if the girls had any spells that confuse enemies." Terra looked at the wall again. "Lenna was able to cast it. So, I have one spell and I can only hope it will work. Yuna used mostly white magic, so I can cast some positive effects on myself. The best one is probably Reflect, to defend myself against the spells she would cast. So, Confuse and Reflect." Terra concluded her thinking process and sat down at the entrance to her cell.

Rydia looked through the arena, seeing that she would fight Lightning. "She is quick and strong, and she defeated two spellcasters. I can hope to freeze her with summoning Shiva, but I shouldn't make it my only chance. So let's see what they have." And with that, she sat down on her bed and started to browse the spells she was offered.

One of her hands was circling around her pussy, and with the other one she cupped her new breast. Without any thought she started to masturbate, the act not hindering her thoughts in any way. "That redhead had some interesting spells. Death sounds fun to use, so I will cast it. Selphie had some funny spells too. Oh, look! Why would anyone name a spell "The End"? I simply must cast it!" Rydia quickly decided on the spells. "Oh and I will also have their weapons. That nunchaku is useless, but maybe I will get to use it in a more... Sexual way. At least Vanille's weapon is like my whip, only with a bigger range. I can use it well." Afterwards she just kept on playing with her body, waiting for the other girls to finish.

Rinoa looked at the lists on the walls. "As I summon Ultimecia again, I don’t think I will need any other spells. The second shuriken connected to my Blaster Edge will be helpful too. Too bad I can't use swords. Anyways, just in case, I will prepare some other spells. But which one will I need?" Rinoa thought, her eyes going through the lists again and again.

"As I will fight from a distance, I will probably need some way to throw her back if she manages to get close. Cissnei could cast Aeroga, so that will handle it. Maybe slow or something like this? It will make it even harder for her to get to me. So, Slow and Aeroga." Rinoa settled down on the floor.

As soon as Lightning heard the new rules, she became more annoyed. "Those weapons won't help me! What should I so with a staff or a bow if I have a better weapon? Oh, it's so annoying! Rydia has Vanille's whip, so she will have it even easier to attack me. At least the girls were Mages, so they were able to use powerful spells. So let's see what possibilities I have. Damn it the blonde was a Medic, she doesn't have any offensive spells. She had also been an archer, and there is a spell called "Aim" here. It's something at least. What does the brown haired bitch had? Oh, a variety of spells, and there are both offensive and defensive. There are also spells listed as "Limit Breaks". It suggests they are the most powerful ones. The only one that sounds offensive is called "Seal Evil". Oh, whatever. I will cast it only start the battles already!" Lightning shouted in her mind, frustrated by the wait.

"Okay, so now that you have chosen the spells we will begin. First fight is between Lightning, killer of Aerith and Rosa, and Rydia, killer of Vanille and Selphie. Go to your lines."

The girls walked out of their cells. Lightning felt the bow materializing in her hands, and the staff appearing on her back. Her gunblade appeared at her waist, along with a belt and a holster attached to it. Rydia had her whip in one hand, the rod of the redhead in another holster behind her back, and the nunchaku in her other hand.

"Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Lightning immediately threw the bow to her side and pulled out her gunblade. She started running, while also throwing the staff away. Encouraged by that, Rydia let the nunchaku go, and pulled the rod out of its holster, putting the whip in it. She swung with the rod, its blades flying towards Lightning.

Lightning kept on running towards her. The blades quickly got to her, sinking into her left breast. It hurt, also angering her, so she stopped. She already knew what was going to happen. Rydia pulled on the whip, and Lightning felt much more pain in her chest. Nearly instantly the breast went off.
"She will pay for it." Lightning thought, suppressing a scream of pain. Despite the pain going through her, she also felt a bit of arousal from just thinking that she can cause such pain to other girls.

The blades brought the breast back to Rydia. She grabbed it in one hand, and swung the rod in Lightning’s direction again.

When Lightning saw it, she moved to her side, letting the blades pass her. As they did, she shouted "Aim!” She then stopped and raised her weapon, getting into a shooting position. A shot was heard, and a bullet crashed into the handle of the rod in Rydia's hands, rendering it useless. Splinters of it cut her hands and stomach, and she felt a surge of pleasure. She threw the remains of the weapon to her side and pulled out her whip. She then put the breast inside the now empty holster, and prepared herself to run. Now it was her turn to try to get closer.

She started running, and on the run she shouted "The End!” Nothing special happened because of it, and she kept on running, feeling slightly disappointed.

Lightning took another shot from her gunblade. This time the bullet cut through the belt Rydia had the holster attached to. The belt along with the container both fell to the ground.

Rydia finally got to Lightning. She wanted to anger her first, so she struck with her whip. Aiming it at Lightning's pussy. The whip hit her with all its power, and Lightning dropped to her knees, pain overwhelming her. Rydia then shouted "Death!” A sphere of dark energy appeared at Lightning's chest, several smaller spheres orbiting it. Then all the balls came down. Lightning felt her body shaking from the pain, but pain meant she was alive. She raised her head, and shouted "Seal Evil!” Some lights appeared around Rydia, but only for a moment. When they disappeared, Rydia suddenly realized she couldn't move.

Lightning stood up and grinned, noticing her spell worked. "Now you will pay!" She snapped at her, then she grabbed Rydia. She tied her hands behind her back using her whip.
Lightning took a step back to look at her captive again. "Look at your breasts, rewards for bringing so much pain to other girls. It’s only fitting if I do the same to you." Lightning told her, and cut one of Rydia's big breast off. Then another slash, and the second one was also falling. She grabbed one of them and raised it to her mouth, taking a bite.

"Oh, you taste delicious." Lightning taunted her.

Rydia, instead of anger, felt only arousal. Her chest felt unnaturally light, but the pleasure from getting her breasts cut off was nearly overwhelming. And then Lightning said what she did, and Rydia came as she it pushed her over the edge.
"You are such a dirty girl Rydia, you need to be punished." Lightning commented on the sight, now masturbating with one hand and eating the breast using the other, her weapon discarded at her feet. After she was done with the breast, she grabbed her sword and walked behind Rydia. There, she cut Rydia’s hands off, freeing the whip, and bringing herself to an orgasm. She walked away, shaking, and found the nunchaku, then headed back.

"As you have used this weapon to rape a girl you killed, it is only fair to use it on you in return." Lightning kicked Rydia in the side, making her fall over. Lightning kneeled besides her, and quickly shoved the nunchaku in Rydia's pussy. Rydia came again, being raped didn’t bother her at all, she had it far worse in Feymarch.

Lightning stood up and took Rydia's whip from the side. Then she stood up and kicked Rydia so that she was lying on her chest, her ass high in the air. "For each girl you have killed, you will receive 10 strikes. And for cumming twice now, I will add another ten ones. Prepare to get whipped, slut." Lightning raised the whip, and brought it down on Rydia's back. Both girls felt pleasure from the strike. Lightning raised the whip and brought it down again. And again. And 17 more times. After
that, she changed the target and swung at Rydia's ass. Five strikes went for the left and five for the right buttock. And then, as she was overwhelmed by passion, she swung at right at Rydia's pussy, forcing the nunchaku even more inside. The orgasm caused by this strike rocked through both girls, making Lightning forget everything for a moment.

Lightning finally came to her senses. She walked back, and grabbed Aerith's staff, then she returned to Rydia. "Ass higher bitch." She commanded. Rydia had seen her approach, and immediately after the order she raised her ass. And Lightning in one quick motion impaled her from her ass up to her mouth, killing her on the spot. The staff was sharp enough to tear through her heart on its way through.
"Lightning is victorious! You can go back to your cell." However, instead of leaving, Lightning took her time and went through the arena collecting every single part of their bodies that was cut off during the fight. "Can I get my breast regrown?" Lightning asked, her voice full of hope. "There you go. You also get the bonus for such a gruesome kill." Lightning breast sprung again from her chest, and both it and the other one grew in size. Lightning felt the new weight quite heavy as she was walking to her room.

"Let's begin the second and last fight for today. Come, Terra, killer of Lenna and Yuna, and face Rinoa, killer of Cissnei and Ashe."

Both women walked out from their respective cells. A single belt appeared around Terra’s waist, holding the sheaths for her two swords and holsters for Yuna's guns. Rinoa got her Blaster Edge with two shurikens and a belt with a sheath for a sword.

"Three... Two... One... Fight!" The Voice counted down, and when it got to zero both girls jumped into action.

Terra shouted: "Esper Form”, and her features started to change as she rantowards Rinoa, who had already fired both shurikens. Terra was running straight towards Rinoa, ignoring the shurikens, but just as they were about to reach her, she pulled out her swords and swung them at the shurikens, knocking them away without getting hurt. When Rinoa saw it, she used her weapon to get them to fly back to her, and prepared to cast the spell to throw Terra away.

Terra got to her, raising her swords. Just as she was to strike, Rinoa shouted "Aeroga!” A strong gust of wind threw the green haired girl back, and then the shurikens struck her from behind. They hit her at her legs, the blow making her fall over, and bringing her down to the sand. She lost her grip on the swords as she fell. The shurikens flew back to Rinoa and mounted themselves at her weapon.

Terra was now on the ground, finding herself unable to stand up. "The shurikens must have cut some vital parts of my legs." Terra thought. She realized she also had the guns, so she took them out. She immediately aimed at Rinoa's arm to stop her from the Blaster Edge.

The shots could be heard around the arena, and Rinoa's arm fell to the ground, blown away by Terra’s bullets. She screamed in pain, and backed out a bit. Terra shot again, this time aiming at Rinoa's legs. Bullets tore their way through both flesh and bone, and Rinoa also fell down to the sand. "Slow!" She shouted, hoping to make the assault on her body stop. "Reflect!" Terra shouted back, making Rinoa's spell strike an invisible barrier and bounce back to Rinoa.

Her own spell struck her, and suddenly she felt like everything around her was happening much faster. Terra moved too quickly for her, getting another shot in before she could do anything. As it missed her, she decided it was time to summon Ultimecia. Before she did, yet another shot was heard in the arena - Terra pulled the triggers for the fourth time. The bullets buried themselves in Rinoa's torso, but they hadn't destroyed any vital organs.
Rinoa shouted, knowing Ultimecia's help was her only chance. Terra shot Rinoa again, knowing that she had to kill her first before Ultimecia got there to kill her . Her bullets struck Rinoa next to where the other had before, this time tearing walls of her stomach and making the content of it and blood pour out. She realized there was only one bullet in each and prepared to cast her last spell.
The white haired woman materialized in the arena. "What do you want again?" She asked angrily. "Help me!" Rinoa shouted. Ultimecia turned towards Terra. "Confuse!" She shouted, hoping it would work.

Ultimecia faltered, and blinked. "Why am I here?" She asked, looking around the arena with interest. "You can kill your enemy, Ultimecia. I give her to you." Terra said, feeling cheerful. "It actually worked!" She thought with surprise and satisfaction. She’d not die this time!
Ultimecia focused her eyes on Rinoa, and she smiled nastily. "So we meet again, Rinoa. Prepare to die!" With a gesture she raised her from the sand. Then with another gesture a lightning bolt flew from her hand to Rinoa. Ultimecia kept frying her with it and the smell of fried meat was spreading all around the arena. Then she made yet another gesture, and Rinoa's body got encased in a block of ice, immediately cooling down. Afterwards she made a different gesture, and the ice fell down.

Terra watched it silently from the ground, and saw the pleading look in Rinoa's eyes. She raised her weapon, and just as Ultimecia was about to cast another spell, Terra shot. She aimed at Rinoa, trying to kill her. The bullets went through her neck, leaving blood fountain as they left, and Rinoa's head fell to the ground, torn off by them.

"What have you done, you incompetent girl! Can't you see I was having my fun with her?" Ultimecia shouted furiously, glaring at Terra's fallen form. "Anyways, I must thank you for giving me an excuse to break away from her will. Of course you didn't have thought that a simple spell like that one you cast would affect me?" Ultimecia laughed as if it was a good joke. Then she started to disappear, and Terra breathed out a sigh of relief.

"Terra is victorious! I think you will now need your legs healed, so there you go." The Voice said, and Terra felt weird itching in her legs. Suddenly it had stopped and she tried to stand up. Her new legs managed to hold her weight, so she headed back to her cell.

"Okay, now there are only two of you left. The food will appear in your room shortly, and after eating you can do what you want in your rooms." The Voice said.

Terra was sitting on her bed, grabbing her meat and biting hard on it. She ate it all quickly, and then laid down on her bed and started thinking. "Lightning is quite powerful. She uses a long range weapon proficiently, and it can be also used as a sword. I need to disable it somehow. Afterwards she will probably be easy to defeat." She concluded, and laid motionless for a while. After finding herself unable to fall asleep again, she decided that maybe masturbating will help her as it worked the day before. She put a finger in, and started to put it in and out. Soon she was overcame with passion, and she started moaning loudly. Images flashed behind her closed eyes, and strangely they were depicting the girls she has killed. She didn't have time to think about it, because she came after seeing Yuna's dead body sliding from her hands, and how she cut her head off after it. "It's weird. Cumming to a memory of killing another girl." Terra decided after coming back to her senses. "Oh, if it works, then probably I shouldn’t worry." She shrugged it away, and felt asleep soon after.

Lightning dug on her food, eating everything quickly. She watched Terra's entire fight, and couldn’t resist the urge to finger herself back then. She wanted to go to sleep early to regain her strength. She quickly went her bed, knowing she will have time to make her strategy next day's morning. She laid down, but instead of falling asleep she started playing with her body. Her new breasts were really sensitive, and as she discovered earlier, playing with them was giving her a lot of pleasure. She brought one of them up with one hand, and started to suck on the nipple, while putting the hand in her pussy and thinking about Rydia's death. The combined feelings got her to orgasm really quickly, but she kept doing it for a long time, sometimes switching breasts she sucked on, going through every death in the arena she had seen. Afterwards, she had fallen asleep, her hand still in her pussy.


Day Four

Terra was woken up by a sharp pain in her abdomen. She blinked, and she realized was she wasn't in her cell. Instead of lying in a bed, she was strapped to some kind of a rack which held her standing. She realized there was something in both her pussy and ass and that it was what caused the pain. She also had something clasped on her nipples. She looked down, and saw blood running down the one in her pussy. Tubes were coming out all the devices connected do her, going towards a mysterious device on the side of the room.

She looked around, and noticed Lightning in a similar position on the other side of the room, also looking like if she had just been woken up. She was looking around the room like Terra.

The room was smaller than the arena before. On the ground there was sand again, and on one side there were stairs leading to a dark throne on the top. The walls were covered with screens showing the inside of every cell in the arena, and a huge screen opposite the throne was showing the arena.

The girls felt the things inside of them move, and the wires on their nipples gave them a slight shock. "I see it was enough to wake you up. Now try to relax as the machine brings you to an orgasm." The Voice spoke to them as the devices started to thrust in and out. \it was bringing them waves of pain, and as their holes grew accustomed to a new sensation, also pleasure.

Terra felt pleasure building up, and soon enough her body was on the edge of an orgasm. Another thrust, and she came. When she felt the orgasm rocking through her body, the tubes attached to her nipples gave them an electric shock. Terra felt something coming out of her nipples and going down the tubes. She looked down and saw it was green. On the other side of the room Lightning watched the same thing happening to her, but her substance was pink.

The substances travelled through the room and went inside the mysterious device. It shook a little, then sent the substances to the tubes going to their asses and pussies, each girl receiving what was taken from the other one. Terra felt the things in her ass and pussy shooting it into her, and she suddenly felt weird powers available.

The device withdrew its tubes from them and let their nipples free. It sunk down in the floor. Clangs were heard over the arena, and the straps holding her unlocked, setting her free. She fell down, as she was still weak. Lightning had no such problems, and immediately ran towards her. She crashed into an invisible barrier which threw her back on the sand.

"Now that the process is complete, I will explain to you what it was about." The Voice said, both girls looking around, trying to locate where was it coming from. "Basically, that machine first extracted your magic powers, and then granted you new ones, that were taken from your enemy. That means that instead of casting your spells, you will be casting the ones your opponent did. You will also receive her weapons, so it will be a complete swap of powers." The Voice explained.

Lightning grinned. She finally had some useful weapons! "That transformation will probably help, too. If I silence her then it will mean she will not cast my spells. On the other hand she has the spell of that bronze haired bitch, and it can silence and paralyze. Fortunately I also have Reflect, and that Esper form also gave some magic resistance." Lightning concluded, and stood up, walking back to her rack.

"I will need to kill her quickly. If she has two swords and two guns, then the longer it takes the more likely she is to kill me." Terra thought, raising to her fours and then standing up. Weapons materialized in their hands and on their bodies. Lightning got a single belt with two holsters and two sheathes, while Terra got a staff on her back, a bow in her hands and a gunblade in a sheath on her hip.

"Now that you are ready, we can begin. Three... Two... One... Fight!" The Voice counted down as usual. When it stopped, the barriers not allowing them to attack each other dispersed. Lightning immediately started running, preparing the spells on her way. Terra let go of the bow and pulled out the gunblade.

"Esper form!" She shouted, knowing it's the most important spell to cast. Her body started to change. Her skin turned pale blue. Her hair grew longer, looking like a pink storm cloud forming around her head. Her fingers were turned into claws, and overall she seemed more vicious. She started sprinting, covering the distance without any effort.
Terra’s hands were shaking as she tried to aim her weapon. She finally gave up and shouted "Aim!” Her hands immediately rose, this time aiming perfectly, and she pulled the trigger. The bullet went through the arena and dug deep in Esper Lightning's left arm near the shoulder, nearly tearing it off. The impact stopped Lightning in place. She considered it for a while and then just cut her arm off. She knew that if she died, she wouldn't need it and if she won, then she would get it back anyways, while now it would only be a liability. The arm fell, and Lightning shouted "Silence!” to distract Terra, stopping from casting spells for a while.

Terra was just going to pull the trigger when the spell struck her. It shook her a bit, and she lowered the gunblade for a moment to pull herself back together.

Lightning went running again, getting a gun out from a holster and shooting a quick salvo at Terra. Two bullets missed her, but the last one hit her just under her breast. It tore through skin and destroyed muscles, finally crushing into her ribs, stopped by them. Although it didn't hit anything vital, Terra shook from the pain, lowering her weapon without firing once again.
Lightning was getting closer, so Terra prepared herself for a swordfight. Lightning got to her, covering the last meters in a few quick jumps, drawing the sword out of its sheath in mid-air. She landed and swung the sword with an enormous might, using the momentum of the jumps. Terra barely managed to parry it, but the strike made her step back. She defended desperately against Lightning relentless attacks, but at the cost of getting closer and closer to the edge of the arena.

Terra knew she was in trouble. "If she forces me against a wall, I won’t be able to avoid any more attacks. and then she will kill me. That means I need to stop her somehow." She thought. "Probably the Esper form will wear out soon, and then she will lose some strength. But now, how to get out of this situation?" She silently wondered, parrying and dodging Lightning attacks, not even once trying to draw some blood herself.

Finally she realized something- she could fire from that gunblade while using it to protect herself! She prepared herself, and after the next clash of swords she jumped back and pulled the trigger. A shot from that range can't be evaded, so the bullet dug straight through Lightning's belly. It came out of her back, taking some intestines with it, the wound spurting blood on the sand.

Lightning dropped to her knees, still holding her sword. Then she threw it at Terra, and while she was trying to avoid it, the pink haired girl in one motion pulled out the gun that she used before and emptied it towards her. As before, it was fired from such a close range that it was impossible to avoid. All three bullets dug in one of her breasts, shredding it to pieces, making it burst in a fountain of blood. However, the breast stopped them, and apart from it being destroyed, no other damage was done to her body. A sharp pain went through her body anyways, making her falter again.

Lightning saw her waver, and threw her now empty gun at her. It hit Terra right between her eyes, stunning her. Lightning used the time she gained with it to stand up and take her second sword out. She walked towards Terra, but she was going much slower than before. Then she remembered - If it's her gunblade and not a copy, then she knew how to destroy it.

Terra shook her head to clear her mind. She knew that they were both injured, so she just needed to outlast Lightning and keep on fighting. She swung the gunblade, planning to shoot again after they are separated again. Lightning, instead of parrying the blow, brought her blade forward with its point going for a specific spot on the part where the blade was connected with the handle. As she hit it, the sword easily cut through, taking the gunblade apart. The blade was thrown up in the air while the handle stayed in Terra’s hand. Lightning’s sword went further, cutting Terra's hand which held the sword off.

Terra felt pain overwhelming her, but this time she resisted it. "Seal evil!” she shouted, and ran back to grab the sword Lightning had thrown at her earlier. Weird balls appeared in the air around Lightning, and dug themselves in her skin. Some of them felt painful, but some of them didn't, so the only effect the spell had was to make her stop for a moment, allowing Terra to pick up from the ground where it landed.

After she picked the sword up, she turned back towards Lightning. "I can't defeat her while I can only use my worse hand!" She realized that, and she looked around the arena, hoping to find something that would help her.

Lightning noticed her enemy didn't want to come closer, and she sheathed her sword. She took her second gun out, and shot a series at Terra. The bullets went through the air. Terra managed to put her handless arm up, and it caught two of the bullets, getting completely crippled. The last bullet went below the arm, and sunk in her belly, just above her bellybutton. It tore through her skin, exposing the insides of her belly, but not destroying them. Terra in desperation shouted "Thundaga!" knowing it was her only chance now. Lightning, however, was prepared, and just as the words left Terra's mouth she shouted "Reflect!” The thunders struck all around Terra. One struck her in exposed belly, and the pain nearly made her pass out. She sensed fried meat, and she looked down. Her guts were sizzling, and as she was looking at them, another thunder struck her in her back. She fell to the ground, her body convulsing from the shock. She let go of her sword, and it fell on the sand close to her body.

Lightning approached slowly. She knew her enemy was defeated, but she cut her remaining arm off just to be sure. Terra tried to crawl away, so she cut her legs off at knees too. Then she kicked her in the side, breaking some of her ribs and making her roll over to her back. She kneeled next to Terra's open belly, and started to pull her organs out. A few meters of still sizzling guts, a liver and Terra's stomach all get abruptly pulled out of Terra's open torso.

Lightning stood up to watch the effect of her work. Terra's mostly destroyed body looked so arousing for her that she couldn't resist the urge anymore, so she dropped her sword for a moment and plunged her hand in her pussy, masturbating to the sight. "Just... Kill... Me..." Terra begged, her voice failing her after every word she got out. Her cries for mercy only turned Lightning more and more on. When she got to her edge, she stepped over Terra's open belly. As she came, all her cum going inside Terra's belly. After she was done, she walked around Terra to her head, although she was still shaking a bit.

Lightning got an idea. She could have some more fun with Terra before killing her.

"Okay slut, here's the deal: I remember how long it took me to orgasm using my hand. If you get me to cum faster than that using your mouth, then I will kill you quickly; maybe I will even let you decide how. If not, then I will play with your body even more than before, before killing you in the most cruel and painful way I can imagine." Before Terra could answer, Lightning sat on her head, placing her pussy next to her mouth.

"Ready slut?" Lightning asked. "Y-yes. Y-you c-can c-cut my bre-breast off, if it w-will g-give y-you m-more plea-sure." Terra answered, not bothering what will happen to her anymore, just wishing for a quick death.

Lightning moved forward slightly, and Terra slipped her tongue in. It was more pleasurable then her hand or that thing used by that machine. Terra licked and sucked on her clit for a while, and Lightning felt the tension between her legs increasing. She took her sword and in a quick slash cut Terra's breasts off. Then she stabbed the sword into Terra's open belly. She took one Terra’s breast to her mouth and started taking tiny bites, while Terra continued to lick her pussy. Lightning knew she was close now, and as she took the last bite of the breast, she came. Here juices were oozing from her pussy all over Terra's face, but she didn't seem to care.

Lightning rose again. She decided that Terra managed to do what she asked her to. "Okay slut, you actually got your part done quicker. Tell me how you want to die." Lightning asked her while watching Terra's face carefully. "I-I don't know. J-Just do it now." Terra demanded, her voice almost too quiet to hear.

Lightning sighed. She was a bit disappointed by Terra’s passiveness. She stood up. "The quickest way would be to chop her head off." Lightning decided, and brought the sword down at Terra's neck. The blade easily sunk through it, severing the head from the body. Lightning grabbed the head by its hair, and kissed it on the lips, also licking her cum from them. "Thanks, Terra."

"Lightning, you are the last girl alive. Wait for a second while I heal your body." Lightning felt her wounds close and her arm growing back. Meanwhile, Terra's body disappeared, leaving behind a crystal of Magicite.


After The First Tournament

Lightning took the crystal that was where Terra’s body was after she died. As she did, the Voice spoke to her.
"Okay, as you have healed now, come to that throne. There is an entrance to a hallway there."
She walked where she was told to, and she entered a dark corridor. "What now?" She asked. "Go ahead and check the rooms." So she walked along the corridor. As she passed the first room, the Voice told her "You will be staying in the room on your right.” She looked inside with curiosity. There was a big bed with soft cushions, a small pool, a desk with a device there and a weapon rack. Above the bed and on the walls near the pool there were many screens showing different places in the arena. There were also some plaques with name labels beneath them, so she assumed it was for mounting heads.

"Can you put Terra's head on the plaque over the bed?" She asked, wanting the room to have something that made it hers.

"Sure, there it goes." Terra's head, still with some cum on her lips, appeared on the plaque. "Like what you are seeing? If you do, please stay.” She could feel the Voice really wanted her to stay. “On the other side there is a trophy room which also is where the meals for all girls were prepared." Lightning placed the crystal she took from Terra’s body on the nightstand. She left the room afterwards and shoved her head inside the opposite room.

She wasn't prepared for what she saw. Inside, she could see the bodies of every girl killed in the arena. More trophy plaques hung on the walls, with heads of all the girls that were beheaded mounted on them. There were also some bodies put on display. It included all of the girls that were impaled, still with the staffs inside them, but also other girls she didn’t recognize. Lightning walked in as she noticed her sister's impaled body. She moved towards it and thrust her fingers herself with one hand, going inside Serah's pussy with the other. She quickly got herself to cumming, and as she was about to come she pulled her hand out from Serah’s pussy and used a sword that was nearby to cut her head off. "I see you are enjoying yourself. I will put the head next to the other one." The Voice commented, and the head disappeared.

She moved along the line of bodies, and saw Aerith's body, the head already on the plaque. Lightning smiled, remembering how she ended her life.

Next was Vanille's body. It looked a bit different although, as it had the breasts back, and as the effect of the quick regrowing process they were bigger than before. She took her sword out, and cut her head off too. "Hang it next to the others, Ok?" She asked, and moved forward.

There it was. Rydia's body still had that spear in her ass, although it was made to stand. Lightning just stared at it, memorizing the view.

"It's the last body, others in the storeroom. Terra's body is being prepared now. I think you might be hungry. Which girl, and what part do you want to eat?" The Voice asked her, as she was now going back. She stopped, and looked at the bodies again. "I think Vanille would be the best. She was my friend, so it is only right that I’m the one who gets to it eat." Lightning answered, and sat down on the chair which emerged from the ground. Vanille's body appeared on a table in front of her, and then a glass cube has appeared over the table. Lightning felt the heat radiating from it, so she backed out a bit. After a few minutes the glass disappeared, and Vanille's roasted body, her skin now a bit brown, was ready for her to eat.

Lightning started to eat. First she cut off Vanille’s quite huge tits, and ate them with a series of tiny bites. It tasted better than Rydia’s, the roasting made them even tastier. As Lightning was eating them, the finality of what she was doing hit her - eating the body of someone she’d always considered a friend. She felt incredibly aroused by it, so she dropped her other hand to masturbate. Before she plunged it in, she felt something entering her. She looked down and saw that a dildo had grown out of the chair, and now was bringing her pleasure.
"It allows you to keep both your hands free, while giving you pleasure." The Voice explained. She kept on eating, going for Vanille's leg when she finished the breasts. As she was starting to eat the second leg, she came as she cut it off. After she did, the chair started sucking her juices in.

After she was finished, she looked at Vanille’s body again. She flipped it over, so it was lying on her belly. Lightning felt nearly full by then, and she just started cutting small stripes of Vanille's ass until she was full.

"I'm stuffed. Can you keep the meal warm as I go?" Lightning asked, rising from the chair. "Of course I can. Now, have you decided yet?" The Voice pressed her. Lightning didn't answer and walked out of the room. She quickly reached the next pair of rooms. She looked in the one on her left first. It contained racks like the ones she and Terra were tied to before their fight, some gallows, guillotines and poles. The walls of the room had all kinds of weapons mounted on them. Swords, knifes, lances, staffs, various firearms and many weapons Lightning didn’t recognize.

"This is the torture room. It also works as an armory. If you ever wanted to torture someone, than you can just take them here, and do it for as long as you want." The Voice sounded now more like a tour guide for her, and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it.

She quickly got out and went inside the room on the other side. It was a gigantic library, with thousands of regales in it. "It is a database of all the girls from all worlds that could be useful subjects for the arena. Most of them come from those lists. If you don't want to dig in the thousands of files, the computer out there chooses most interesting girls for it." The Voice explained again. As she wasn’t really interested in that, Lightning went out, and turned right. Now she was facing a huge double door. She pushed one wing, and went inside. It was a dark room with a single throne in it. Everywhere there were screens, showing every detail of the arena and the whole building.

"Welcome to my sanctuary. Even that you had won, I won't allow you to see me yet. Maybe I will in the future... I have a proposition for you. I see you have really enjoyed yourself in the arena, so I thought I can hire you. I planning to make another arena like this, and you will be placed in charge. But if you don't want it, I can return you back to your world." The Voice told her, his voice a bit warmer than usual.

"I need to think about it. If I stay here, will I be able to go home later?" Lightning asked him.

"No, the only way out is death. But if you go home now, I can always bring you back if you want it." The Voice answered, his voice now showing some grim finality.

"I need some time to think." Lightning said, looking around the room. "Is there anything I can sit on?" She asked, trying to get some time. A chair immediately appeared behind her, and she sat down, deep in thoughts. After some time, she stood up.

“Now, what did you decide?" The Voice asked her. Lightning took a deep breath before speaking. "I would like to go back to my world, if only for a few days. I still need to say my goodbyes to my friends. They need to know that Serah and Vanille are dead. Afterwards, though, I think I will return here." Lightning answered him, and she could feel the Voice’s satisfaction.

"I will give you three days, and then I will bring you back." The Voice was calm, although there was a slight note of sadness in it. "I will transport you in three... Two... One... There you go!" And then everything went black.

Lightning woke up in a bed. After spending the last few days naked, the clothes she had on felt a bit weird. She opened her eyes, and looked around. Around her there were some of her friends, waiting for her to wake up. Snow sat in a chair on her one side, while Fang sat on the other one.

"Sis! You woke up!" Snow shouted when he saw she was awake. "Calm down. She has just woken up. You don't want to scare her to death, do you?" Fang said from the other side.
"How long was I out?" Lightning asked, trying to sit. "Stay down, you need to rest. We found you yesterday lying in the fields. You were stark naked then, so we brought you here and dressed you, then put you in a bed. And if you mean how long has passed since you, Serah and Vanille went missing, it was 5 days ago. You know what happened to them, right?” Fang explained, worry visible on her face. "Snow... Fang... I have terrible news for you. Both Serah and Vanille are dead." Lightning told them, feeling a bolt of pleasure going up her body from the memory.

Snow grabbed her, and started shaking her. "What do you mean, they're dead! She can't be dead! Not after all we have gone through!" Fang gave him a slap, knocking him back. "Calm down. Look how beat up she is. If it was something strong enough to this to her, then it certainly could have killed them. Lightning, can you tell us how did they die?" Fang spoke calmly, but deep sadness was visible in her eyes.
"Serah had been impaled. A certain brown haired bitch drove her staff in her ass, and pushed until it came off at her mouth. I killed her the same way as payback." Lightning talked, and felt aroused by her memories. "And Vanille... You remember her summon? She tried summoning it for help. Some green haired girl somehow turned it back at her. He raped her, and he has such a monstrous dick, that it killed her, crushing her heart. I killed her too, giving her her share of pain." Lightning finished, and she felt her consciousness slipping away again.

When she woke up, she felt she had her strength back. She got out of the bed, still feeling weird in clothes. She looked at the calendar. It was her last day here! She walked out of her room, preparing to leave.

"Going out before saying goodbye? That's so unkind of you." She turned around and saw both Snow and Fang standing in the entrance. "I just have to go now." Lightning told them with a serious look on her face. "Of course, but you weren't planning to head out alone right?" Snow smiled her Lightning raised her hand, cutting him off. "Fang, will you go with me?" She asked the spear fighter. "Of course I will! I want to avenge Vanille!" Fang shouted. Lightning came to them, and gave Snow a hug. "Thank you for everything." She said, before going past him and out of the house, Fang following her.

"Do you hear me?" Lightning thought, hoping to reach the mysterious person. "Yes? What do you want?" The Voice answered her as always. "Bring me back to your realm. There is a girl with me, throw her in the arena cell the redhead from my world lived in and make her sleep." Lightning explained what she wanted. "There you go. I'm bringing you back in three... Two... One... Now!"

Lightning materialized in the Voice's room. "Nice, you have actually brought in a girl to the arena. That means less work for you. You will go and capture the rest soon." The Voice told her. "Now you can rest, and tomorrow you will go and capture another girl."

Lightning nodded, and then went through the door. She headed for the trophy room. Vanille's body was still on the table, encased in glass to keep it fresh. She sat on a chair, and asked: "Can you remove the glass? I'm starving; I didn’t eat anything since I went home. I didn’t have time for eating." There was no answer, but the glass cube disappeared, setting the body free to eat.

Lightning used her sword to cut off slices of what was remaining of Vanille's ass, every one of them tasting more and more delicious. In no time Vanille's ass had been completely eaten. Lightning felt her pleasure increase again, and the chair, sensing it, thrust the dildo in her pussy. She looked at Vanille's body, wondering what to eat next, and grinding on the dildo to gain more pleasure. She cut Vanille's torso open, and looked at the mess that her guts were. "Is there anything else good tasting in her left?" She asked, bouncing on the chair. "Her heart, and also her sexual organs if you manage to find them. Her insides were so ravaged by that creature, that there is no point in even trying to." The Voice explained.
"What shall we do with her remains? You want to keep them?" The Voice asked her.

"I would like to, but I have a better use for it now. Put it inside the cell of that girl I have brought. Make it the first thing she will see when she wakes up." Lightning answered while cutting into Vanille's chest with her sword. She easily exposed the heart, cutting away some skin. She reached inside with her hand and grabbed it. She pulled it out to study it closer. Although it had been crushed, it still looked edible, so Lightning put it in her mouth, sucking on it and playing with it using her tongue before chewing on it. She chewed it for a while, and when she swallowed it, the machine gave her such a thrust that she came. The dildo sucked all her cum in again.

Lightning rose from the table, and turned to the exit. At the door, she turned to take one last look at Vanille's body as it disappeared, then walked out.

Outside, she was told to head to the library. "You need to decide which girl you will capture tomorrow." She walked there and sat on the chair. "Can you tell how it works again?" She asked, looking at the screens. "You touch the screen choosing categories for girls, like how do they fight or what personality they have. You can also filter them by worlds they are from." The Voice explained, and then continued:

"All the girls came from a set of worlds somehow connected to each other. I’ve been giving them numbers. For example, the world Rydia and Rosa came from is the number IV, and your one is the number XIII. In folders that explain them, you have the girls both still alive and those that were already summoned. I suggest going through the recommended girls for now. If you want to browse by the worlds, then ignore the first three as there are no interesting girls there. After you choose the girl you want to capture, you will be free to do what you want to." The Voice stopped, and Lightning looked at the screen.

"If Rydia was from that world, then there's a chance there will be another girl like her. Let's check the IV folder." She tapped the screen, opening a list of girls from that world. "There are 3 suggested girls, but Rydia and Rosa are dead. That leaves the last girl. Her name is Porom." She tapped the screen again, opening a file about her. "She's a white mage; she fights with rods or bows. She's twenty two and she has a twin brother. She had been a friend of both Rydia and Rosa." Lightning scrolled down to a picture of her. "She has pink hair like me. Look at that dress! It's so transparent, I am able to see her nipples and pussy through it! If she wears something like that, maybe she is like Rydia. Her breasts are quite nice developed, a bit bigger than mine old ones."

Lightning scrolled again. "She is usually calm and respectful. She has been ruling the city of Mysidia after the last elder has stepped down." Lightning finished reading. "So, I go for her. But if she rules a city, then I would be hard to get to her. I will request an audience with her, and try to convince her I know where Rydia and Rosa are. If I'm lucky, she will follow me until we get to a secluded place and then you will teleport us here." She made a plan, saying the last sentence aloud. "So, I'm done for today." She asked, and without even waiting for an answer she stood up and walked out of the room.

She turned left and walked to her room. She entered it, and looked around the room. “What’s the computer for?” She asked.
“On the computer you can browse recordings of all the fights, and send them to the screens. The pool is for when you want to take a bath."

"Ok, now I get it. So I think I will look at those recordings and then I will take a bath." Lightning said, and settled down on the chair. The chair, as all in the building, had a dildo in it, which entered her as soon as she sat down.

The fights were there in their chronological order, as well as the recordings of what was every girl doing at that time. She made a list of battles interesting for her. It included all her fights, the fights of Rydia, and the only fight of her sister. She made them appear in random order and sent them to the screens next to her bed and near the pool. She stood up and headed for the pool. The water was steaming hot, so she slowly got in. She finally was able to relax. The tension that she was feeling all the time since waking up in that dark cell had finally disappeared. She had stayed in the pool, just relaxing, for half an hour before starting to wash. She was quickly done, but she remained in the water. She only reached with her water-dripping hand and got the recording to play. First one was the fight of Vanille's death, and as soon as the girls’ bodies started getting destroyed, she thrust her fingers in. She kept on masturbating for the whole fight, and just as Vanille's heart got crushed, Lightning came, her pleasure enhanced by the hot water.

After her mind cleared, she rose from the pool, water dripping down from her body. She stood like that for a moment, getting used to the cold. After she did, she jumped on her bed. It was really soft and really big. She laid in it for a while, resting. Afterwards, she raised her head and laid her chin on her bent arms. She reached out, and turned the film on, with the other hand reaching for Terra's magicite. This time it was one of her own fights, with the bitch that killed her sister. She thrust the crystal inside her pussy. It felt different, the crystal was cold and it was giving her some new sensations. With her other hand she played with her breasts, pinching and squeezing it, changing the breast regularly. The magicite got her to orgasm twice during the video, and then she dropped on her bed, exhausted. She moved a bit from the cum and sweat stained place. After she did, she sunk in the bed, falling asleep.

When she woke up, at first she couldn't remember where she was. She looked up and saw the heads of her friends and Terra, and she remembered everything. She quickly jumped out of her bed, and ran to the armory. Inside, she looked around, trying to choose a new weapon for herself. She finally decided to take a gunblade looking similar to hers. She had also taken a belt to hold it. Then she walked out to the room of the Voice.

"I will drop you on the outskirts of the city. You will get some clothes to wear. Off you go!"

Lightning blinked. One second she was still there, the other one in a plain with a city in sight.

The way in which the clothes touched her felt weird now, despite the fact she only wore a light dress barely covering her thighs, stockings and high boots. All of it was exactly the color of her hair. She wore neither a bra nor panties, but her breasts were sore, and she felt pangs of pain every time they rubbed against the material.

Lightning started walking towards the city, clenching her teeth to withstand the pain.

As she got closer, she could see the main building. A straight path led from the city entrance towards it, so she walked quickly to it, ignoring the looks that both white and black mages gave her. She passed several walls, and entered the main building.

"Stop! What do you want?" A pair of mages, one black and one white, apparently acting as guards there, stopped her when she wanted to go any further.

"I would like to meet with lady Porom. I have important news for her, news about Rydia and Rosa." Lightning said, hoping that the news of their disappearance have already arrived there. "You may go in. I hope you bring good news, for they were friends of all of Mysidia."

Lightning passed them, and went up the stairs. The next room looked like it was completely made of glass. A platform stood in the middle, over which a blue crystal hovered. Lightning walked past it, and behind it there was a door. She walked through it and up another two sets of stairs. Finally, she got to the top.

There she stood, looking exactly like the picture Lightning had seen. Pink revealing dress, pink stockings, pink sandals and huge tits.

"Yes? What do you want?" Porom asked, her voice full of confidence. "I bring news of where Rydia and Rosa are, and I want you to go with me. I need your help to free them." Lightning said, studying her body and imagining how would she scream in agony. "Ok, so let's go. The city will manage without me for a while, and I want to save them." Porom said, her voice now enthusiastic. "This will be easier than I thought." Lightning thought, and started running down the stairs, Porom close behind her. They have stormed out of the building, and Porom stopped. "I'm leaving to save Rosa and Rydia!" She shouted to the guards, and then run after Lightning.

Porom tried to start a conversation a few times, but Lightning never answered.

"Where are they?" She finally asked. "In an arena ruled by an evil overlord, where they are forced to fight other girls to death. Quite a usual thing, isn't it?" Lightning answered, trying to speak as casual as she could. "And how do we get there?" Porom asked.

Lightning looked around. Instead of answering she looked around. They were in a forest, and probably no one was watching them. "Bring us in." She thought. Suddenly she was in the voice's study again. "Great job! She is already in a cell, sleeping."

The next few days looked similar - Lightning went to capture a girl, ate a body of a girl killed in the arena, and then decided who to capture next, and after that she usually took a long bath while watching the fights, or played using the Terra's magicite. She caught herself falling in a routine.

"It starts to be boring. Maybe I can ask the Voice to start the fights already? But before that I will need to check how many girls are there." Lightning thought one day while biting on Yuna's breasts. She swallowed the last few bites and then stood up. She stormed to the library and opened the file describing the arena.

"Fang. Porom, she's a white mage. Faris, Lenna was her sister. Quistis, teacher to Rinoa and Selphie. Beatrix, a general of Garnet's army. Now three companions of Yuna. Rikku, her cousin. Lulu, her protector. And Paine, a warrior that helped her. Penelo and Fran, they travelled with Ashe." Lightning counted, looking through the list.

"That makes eleven girls. That's not the best number for it, but I'm sure the Voice will be able to think of something." She thought, and stood up. She walked to the study, and knocked on the door. "Come in." The Voice answered.

Lightning walked through the door. The fear she felt at the beginning was not gone, but she was not scared of being there now. She knew he could easily obliterate her, so she feared it may happen one day, but she knew it shouldn’t happen now.

"Yes? What do you want?" The Voice asked her.

"I think we should start the fights. All of the recommended girls are in cells, and I think we shouldn't blend other worlds in." Lightning answered, glad that she found such an excuse.

"I see. Then we will begin tomorrow." The Voice replied, expecting her to leave now.

"There is one problem - there are eleven girls. What should we do with such amount of them?" Lightning asked instead.

"You will just have to wait and see for yourself." The Voice told her. "Oh, and as a little reward for what you’ve done, you can now use magic here." The reward surprised her, so she only bowed her head, then left.

Lightning walked out of the study, and she breathed out a sigh of relief and joy. At least something interesting is going to happen! Cheerful, she walked to her room and jumped in the water. She washed herself, watching Rydia raping Selphie. "I hope there is another girl like her in there."
She jumped out of the pool, and instead of waiting she shouted "Fire!" and flames engulfed her for moment, drying her. She jumped in her bed, taking Terra's magicite. "It's quite funny that I use her crystal to masturbate, as she would have never agreed on that." Lightning thought, watching another fight at the screens and thrusting the crystal in her pussy.

When she came, a wave of energy surged through her body to the crystal, and it started emitting a strange light. Suddenly, Esper Terra appeared, and looked at her with shock. "Why am I here? And is this my head there?" She asked, her mind clouded by the summoning and memories that didn’t make any sense.

"Silence bitch! Yes, that's your head because you have been killed like a slut you were. You need to be punished for your behavior. And refer to me as "Mistress".” Lightning quickly reacted to the unexpected appearance, happy that she had someone she could torture now.
Lightning jumped out of her bed, and rushed to the armory. "Follow me, slut." She ordered Terra. The green haired girl knew she was in no position to resist, so she did, although she knew it was not going to end well.

Lightning quickly got to the armory, and was moving some of the devices there when Terra finally got there. "Get here slut!" Lightning ordered her. Terra walked to her, and Lightning with a kick to her back forced her onto the rack. She closed the restraints, then slipped a finger inside Terra’s pussy. "Oh, look at you. You are already wet." Lightning commented, before turning back towards the arsenal. "Oh, here it is. I knew it was somewhere." Lightning turned to Terra with a whip in her hands. It was a whip with blades at the end. Lightning struck Terra's back to check it. It left a bloody mark, and Terra let out a cry of pain. "Terra, beings like you are healed every time they are dismissed, right?" Lightning asked in between the strikes.

"Yes, mistress." Terra answered. "So if they die, then they return alive?" Lightning asked. "Yes, mistress." Terra answered, feeling a pang of fear while realizing what Lightning was going to do with it.

Lightning stopped whipping her, deciding she deserves a reward. "Nice girl, you will be rewarded soon. But now lick me." Lightning walked to Terra, and placed her pussy next to her mouth, turning on some nearby dildos so they entered Terra’s pussy and ass. Terra tensed a bit at the intrusion, but as she got used to it after a while she started licking. She pushed her tongue inside Lightning, and started to suck on her clit.

Lightning started rocking against Terra's face, synchronizing it with Terra's tongue thrusting in and out. In no time she came, her juices going all over Terra's face. Soon after, Terra's body started shaking, an orgasm rocking her body too.

"Now chose the way you will die." Lightning said, pointing at the devices on the other side of the room. "Guillotine, hanging, garroting or maybe you see something else that you want?" Lightning asked.

Terra thought about it for a while. "I know how a beheading feels, so that is not an option. Some kind of asphyxia, but what do I want more? To be hung or to be strangled?" She thought about it for a while, and Lightning started to get impatient. She came closer, igniting a flame in her hand and grasping Terra's breast with it. "Choose, or I will roast your breast!" Lightning threatened her.

"I'm sorry, mistress. I am just thinking what would give you more pleasure - to strangle me or to hang me. And now I think the garrote is more personal, so it's probably better for you." Terra answered her.

"It took you too long to decide. Say goodbye to your breast, slut." With that Lightning increased the energy she was sending to her hand, and Terra's breast quickly turned brown. Lightning took her sword out and cut the breast off. She grabbed the breast and pushed it in her mouth. "Terra, you taste better than those dead girls." Lightning told her, wetting her lips with her tongue. "Now come with me." She said as she unlocked her from the rack, then walked to the garrote.

Terra followed her, and without being told to do so, she sat on the chair there. "I die and nothing will change it, so I should at least have some pleasure from it as well. Can’t let her have all the fun, after all." Terra thought. A dildo moved from the post her back was pressed against, and entered her. As it was fucking her, she asked: "Mistress, can you turn the one going in my ass too?"

Lightning smiled at the question. She’d finally broken her! She snapped her fingers, and dildo entered Terra's ass. Then Lightning put the wire around her neck, and started to tighten it slowly with one hand, masturbating herself at the same time. Terra felt the pressure on her throat slowly increase, making breathing harder and harder, and she started fondling her remaining breast.

Finally it had cut off her breath completely, making it impossible to breathe. One hand went to her neck, trying to pull the wire off, but she kept playing with her breast with the other one. Her legs started twitching uncontrollably, but that was bound to happen. Dark spots stated to appear before her eyes. Terra's bladder had gone off, so she started pissing. The dildo sucked the piss in, and the additional stimulation made her cum. She felt the orgasm rocking through her body, and everything went black.

When Lightning saw Terra's face turn red while her hand fought with the noose, Lightning stepped back. She knew she was done for now, and used the hand she garroted Terra with to play with her breast. When Terra started to cum, Lightning did the same.

After she returned to her senses, she walked around the body to get a look at it. She stood over it for a while and then turned back, walking back to her room. She washed quickly, and then got in her bed. Tomorrow was her first day in a new work after all, so she needed to be rested.


Lightning's Tournament - Day 1

Lightning woke up early the next morning. It was her first day in work, after all, so she wanted to be prepared. She walked to the Voice's room, and knocked on the door. "You don't need to knock, Lightning. You are now the ruler of the arena. I will watch from here, and work on my research, while you decide what happens there." The Voice told her. "Ok, where should I go? Is there a special control room or anything like that?" She asked, a bit relieved by what he told her. "Yes of course. Remember the throne in the room you fought Terra? It is the control centre for the whole arena. You can transport things down there or otherwise manipulate the arena. About the amount problem, the answer is simple - you kill one of the girls before the first and second rounds. I will leave the decision how to do it to you. Now, anything else?" The Voice explained, then asked a question. "I think it's all. I will be going now." Lightning turned back and started to walk away.

Lightning walked out of the room, and headed for the control room. She got there quickly, and walked to the black monolith. A wall slid to the floor, uncovering a room. Lightning walked in, and sat on the only chair there, then took a look around. The walls begun to glow with a weak light, and suddenly the rooms of the girls appeared on them. Lightning blushed, thinking of what she had done in her room when she thought she wasn't being watched. She looked at the biggest screen. It showed coverage of the arena, with places for fighting girls' names beneath it.

On one side there was a list of all the girls currently in custody. It was also showing the preferred weapon for each girl to use. Lightning made the walls in the cells show a dead body of a girl that the inhabitant will recognize, and who had died in the first tournament. Then she sat back on the chair, ordering it to fuck her as she waited for the girls to wake up.

Porom woke up to a scream. She looked around, and noticed she was nude and not in her room. Nothing unusual for her, but the fact that the room was closed off with iron bars made her a bit worried. She tried to cast a spell to get out of the room, but it didn’t work. She blinked again, and realized that the walls were showing Rosa. To be more accurate, Rosa's body that was cut in pieces. When she understood it, she started screaming in fear.
"Somebody else was screaming a moment ago! I'm not alone in here!" A thought crossed her mind, so she walked to the entrance to her room and looked out through the bars. Outside, she saw ten more rooms like hers. She heard other high-pitched screams coming from them too, and concluded that inside them were other girls that were probably shown something similar.

"Welcome to the arena. You will now fight in duels one to one until death claims all but one of you." Porom let out a gasp. What was going to happen to her here? She recognized the voice as the woman who visited her. “Well, at least she didn’t lie to me.”

Fang, in another cell, was furious. She also recognized the speaker - it was Lightning! "Why is she doing this? Especially after what she told us about Vanille and Serah’s deaths?" Fang thought in anger.

"Welcome to the arena. You will now fight in duels until death claims all but one of you." Lightning announced, her voice going over the arena. She tried not to repeat the Voice's speech from before too much. "But before that we need to do something else. As you might have noticed, there are eleven girls in total in the arena. Eleven is not an even number, so one of you will be killed even before we start. You will vote for the girl you want to die. In your rooms, on a wall, a list will appear. Touch the name of the girl you want to be killed. I know you don't have much idea what the other girls are, so I will also show you whose friend have killed your friend, the body of whom was shown on the walls of your room." Lightning continued her speech. The lists and the information she had already prepared, so she with a few commands she sent the lists.

Porom, Beatrix, Penelo, Fran and Fang voted for the girls they got suggestions about. 2 votes went for Quistis, two for Fang and one for Porom. Faris decided blindly, only trying not to choose herself, and her vote went for Quistis. Yuffie went for Penelo, deciding she had the funnier name of the two friends of the girls who killed Tifa. Lulu knew that the most danger will come from the two girls from the same world, and so did Paine. They both voted for Penelo. Rikku, still in tears after seeing her dead cousin’s face, had chosen blindly, not even looking at the list. Her vote went for the last name on the list, Fang. Quistis decided to vote on a girl from the group that 3 girl came from, casting her vote on Rikku.

"It's a triple draw! Fang, Penelo and Quistis both have 3 votes! We will have a tiebreaker now." Lightning said, looking at the results.

Porom, Beatrix and Rikku in the same way as before voted for Fang. Yuffie, Lulu and Paine voted again for Penelo, and Quistis had joined them in it. Faris, Penelo and Fran voted for Quistis again, they were joined by Fang. It turned out to be a draw between Penelo and Quistis. Lightning was getting slightly fed up with it, but called for yet another vote. The girls voting for them didn't change their votes, so it was up to Porom, Beatrix and Rikku to choose. Rikku had again chosen the lower option, this time it was Penelo. Porom voted for Penelo too, as there was also a second girl from her world. Beatrix's vote didn't matter by then, but for the same reason she voted for Penelo.

"The girl chosen by you to die was Penelo! She will be dead in a few minutes." Lightning said, her voice going over the arena again. She clapped her hands, summoning a chopping block to the arena. Lightning stood up, clapped her hands again and materialized in the arena. She gestured in Penelo's direction, and the blonde was pulled into the arena by an invisible force, her body visible for all now. She wore her yellow hair in pigtails, and she also had quite small breasts. Another gesture, and Penelo was kneeling on the ground in front of Lightning. Lightning kneeled beside her, and positioned her head on the block well. Then stood up, raising a sword she conjured from the armory.

Penelo heard her name being called out. She couldn't believe it. She couldn't die! Not like that! A pink haired woman materialized in the middle of the arena. She made a single gesture towards her, and Penelo was pulled out of her cell. It was so embarrassing! Every girl could just see her small breasts and her unshaved pussy! She tried to cover herself, but another gesture brought her right to the pink haired woman, forcing her to her knees. The woman kneeled close to her and steadied her head on the block, then stood up. She took a sword out of nowhere, and then raised it. "I think you at least deserve a last orgasm before dying." She said, and snapped her fingers. Something was shoved in her pussy, and she felt a sharp pain as it did. Whatever was raping her, it was much bigger than what she was used to.

The thing in her pussy started slowly moving in and out, bringing her some pleasure along with pain. Pleasure soon replaced pain completely, and she started moaning. Then, in one quick moment, she went over the edge. As she stared spewing juices from her pussy, she felt a sharp pain in her neck. It was the last thing she ever felt as Lightning’s sword claimed her life. As her head was falling, Lightning spoke up again.

"Ok, now that we have the number problem resolved, we can begin the fights." She commented, and disappeared, taking Penelo's head with her. Penelo's body was teleported to the kitchen, and the chopping block to the armory. She teleported herself back to the control room and looked at the list of the girls. "In the fights I will give you the weapon you ask me for, but you can’t cast any spells. Now we will begin." Her voice could be heard over the arena yet again. She looked at the list for a moment, before randomizing the pairs as she had no idea how to pair them. Immediately a list appeared.

"The first fight is going to be between Beatrix, a general of Alexandria's kingdom army, and Lulu, a black mage.”

The gates opened, letting the girls in. "Walk to the lines on the sand in front of your cells." Lightning ordered them. Lulu walked slowly, knowing she would die. "No magic means I don't have a way to defend myself." She thought, fully convinced she had no chances of winning.

Beatrix, however, was quite happy. She knew she would defeat a mage, especially if that mage can't use magic. While walking, she threw long brown hair back with a hand as it was covering her eyes, it falling back soon after. She got a good look at her opponent though, and what she saw satisfied her even more.

Both girls stopped at their lines. "What weapons should I give you?" Lightning asked them, preparing the suggested weapons.

"Any sword will do." Beatrix answered her. When she finished, a sword materialized in her hand.

"I don't want a weapon, I can't use them anyways." Lulu said, shrugging, and painful cries could be heard from Paine's and Rikku's rooms. Both girls believed she would win, and Lulu was giving up without even trying, letting them both down. Lulu's breasts started bouncing as she was shrugging, and she crossed her arms beneath the breasts to stop them.

"Is that so? It will be over soon enough then. Three... Two... One... Fight!" Lightning started the battle.

Beatrix immediately started running, going towards Lulu. She quickly covered the distance, and stopped a few steps before she reached Lulu, as she was simply waiting for her. Beatrix swung at her carefully, prepared to back off in case she pulled off any tricks, to check if she was really going to die without a fight. The sword went straight through Lulu's elbow, severing the arm in half.
Lulu let out a cry of pain as the lower part of her arm fell down, then looked at her soon-to-be killer.

Beatrix took her sword back, now knowing Lulu was telling the truth. She felt pity for her, and decided to kill her quickly. The brown headed women raised her sword and in one quick horizontal cut Lulu's head went flying. As blood was spurting from the severed neck stump, Lulu’s body collapsed. Beatrix threw her hair back again while Lightning announced her victory.

"Beatrix has won! Return to your cell and make space for the other girls." Beatrix listened to Lightning's order, and she quickly went back to her cell.

"Second fight is going to be between Rikku, an Al-bhed girl, and Fran, a sky pirate. Girls go to your lines." Lightning ordered.

Rikku wiped the tears from her eyes and walked out of her cell. She felt oddly embarrassed at the thought that all girls are staring at her nude form, as running around naked usually didn’t bother her. She looked through the arena, and saw her enemy. She was really tall. She had dark skin and silver hair kept in a ponytail coming down to her waist. However, her most obvious feature were her ears. "She is a bunny! I wonder why she had been taken here." Rikku though while stopping at her line.

Fran walked to her line, trying to keep calm. Penelo was just killed without even getting a chance to defend herself!

"What weapons do you want?" Lightning asked them. Rikku asked for a pair of knives, and Fran for a bow and arrows. The weapons materialized in their hands, and Fran also got a quiver for arrows on her back.

"Three... Two... One... Fight!" As she was counting down, no other sounds could be heard in the arena.

Rikku immediately started running towards Fran. She knew that if she didn't cover the distance quick enough, she would be shot and if even one arrow hit her it’d mean trouble.

Fran raised her bow and aimed for Rikku. She sent the arrow flying and immediately took out another one. The arrow flew though air, but Rikku easily dodged it. Fran shot another one, and immediately afterwards a second one. Rikku heard both arrows coming, and she dropped to a roll, letting both arrows pass above her. She went running again, preparing to strike now. She was now only a few meters from Fran. The viera shot one last desperate shot at her while trying to get away by going back.

The arrow went straight for Rikku, and she knew she couldn't dodge it. She bent her body to minimize the damage the arrow could do. The arrow buried itself in her hip. She stumbled for a moment, but went running again with just a bit of pain coming from the wound.

In a moment she was near Fran. Rikku punched Fran's bow with her hands, forcing it out of her hands. Fran tried to move back again, but she slipped on the sand. Rikku kneeled beside her, and cut her throat in a quick motion. Then, furious at the whole world, she stabbed her knives into Fran's chest, leaving one of them buried to the hilt in her heart, and randomly stabbing all parts of Fran body with the other knife. "Rikku is victorious! I will remove the arrow, and heal your hip, but now return to your cell." Lightning said, but the blonde girl kept kneeling besides Fran's dead body. "Rikku? Rikku! RIKKU!" Lightning shouted. "Ok, so it will be that way." Lightning clapped her hands, and a gust of wind had thrown Rikku straight to her cell. She crushed against the wall, forcing the arrow deeper in her hip. Fran’s mutilated body disappeared, but Rikku felt a bit better now.

"Okay, let's have another fight now. This time Paine, a warrior girl from the world that Rikku and Lulu come from, is going to face Fang, an ex-L'cie from the world of Gran Pulse. Girls go to your lines." Lightning said, feeling slightly aroused at the thought of seeing her old friend’s fight soon. She waited while the girls walked, and then asked: "What weapons do you want?"

Fang asked for her spear, while Paine asked for a sword.
“Three… Two… One… Fight!” Lightning counted down, while the weapons materialized in girls' hands.
As soon as she shouted out "Fight!" she disabled the magic that was enhancing her voice and turned on the dildo in the chair. Lightning started grinding up and down on it, moaning loudly while watching the fight on one of the screens.

The girls immediately started running towards each other. In just a few second the two girls were close enough to attack. As Fang's weapon had longer range, she was able to attack first. A strike from her spear went straight for Paine's belly, and only her quick reflexes saved her. Instead of a lethal strike it was changed into a light wound, but blood was drawn as the spear grazed some skin off her stomach.

Fang took her spear back, and now it was Paine's time to attack. She slashed quickly at Fang's neck, knowing that ending her fast was the best thing to do. Fang parried the blow, but Paine made another slash, going around her spear. Paine's sword went deep inside Fang's belly from the side going to about half her body. Fang backed out, pulling the weapon out of Paine's hand with her spear. Paine started backing off, and Fang, still with the sword in her guts, impaled her foot, forcing her to stop. Fang knew she had to act quickly before she bled out, so she split her spear into a two bladed staff, one part still pinning Paine's foot to the sand. Fang walked the few steps to Paine, and brought the second part of her weapon through Paine's chest.
Fang dropped to her knees, her belly wound finally getting it at her. Both girls were alive, but only barely.

They kept laying like that, each one wounded too badly to kill the other one. Lightning finally came at the sight, and were shaking at her chair in ecstasy. As her orgasm was slowly going down, both girls were still alive.

Fang was motionless, with each heartbeat growing weaker. She knew her only hope now was Paine dying before she did. She felt the blood being pumped out of her, and she started recalling her life with Vanille, and how, from Lightning's story, had died in the same place. She thought of all her new friends she was never going to see again.

Paine felt pain with her every breath, coughing up some blood every few seconds. The spear punctured her lung, and she knew she wasn't going to last much longer. "At least I’ve wounded the other girl just as badly." Paine thought. Her pierced foot ached too, but she didn't have time to think about it.

Both girls were now dying. Lightning looked at the screens that were showing their vitality. Both girls were so wounded now, that she knew they had mere seconds left. The one that lived that second longer would be the winner. Lightning watched them both closely. They had both passed out, but they were still breathing. Lightning felt her arousal increase once again, so she turned the dildo on again.

Then, in one moment, an arrow went through the air, coming from Rikku's cell. In desperation for her friend, she pulled the arrow out of her hip along and thrown it at Fang with some of her muscles still around it. It fell down with a weak thud on Fang's chest, not causing her any visible harm.

The impact, however, went straight to Fang's heart. Even that it was weak, Fang's heart was beating even weaker. It gave up on the last beat, and stopped. Lightning immediately cast a spell to heal Paine, and then she looked at Fang's motionless body again. The sight along with the pounding to her pussy made her come.

When she returned to her senses, the pink haired mistress immediately shouted:
"Paine is victorious! I was checking the rules about what they sad about outside help, and it looks like Rikku will get a punishment for interfering." Lightning teleported herself to the arena and took the arrow from Fang's body in her hand, transporting the body to her room. Then she made a gesture, dismissing all the weapons, and kneeled next to Paine's body. She was still out, but her breaths were getting stronger and stronger. Lightning cast another spell to heal her, and gently lifted her from the ground. She walked to her cell and placed her on the bed. She rolled the bed so that Paine could see what was going on in the arena. After that she walked out of Paine's cell, closing the gate and casting a spell to wake Paine up.

"Ok, now is the time for Rikku's punishment." Lightning said. She gestured with her hand, conjuring a whipping post and a small guillotine from the armory.

Rikku felt fear at the sight. That girl was going to chop her head off! Rikku looked again, and noticed the guillotine also had two circular holes below the place for a head. Then the pink haired girl moved her hand, and a strong force has thrown her back into the arena.

Lightning made her walk to the whipping post and strapped her to it. "The rules say you get 50 strokes, but I have modified them, and that's what the guillotine is for. Don't worry, you will live... this time" Lightning told her, and struck her back with a whip conjured from the air. She gave Rikku 15 strikes on her back, leaving many bleeding cuts on it. Then she struck her butt cheeks, 5 times each one, with every strike earning a cry of pain from RIkku. Then Lightning walked to her. She started to strap her off, and she slipped a finger inside Rikku's pussy. "You're wet you masochistic slut!" Lightning whispered at her while unlocking the last strap. She took a step back, and struck Rikku's pussy, making her cum. While she was shaking from the orgasm, Lightning took her and placed her at the guillotine. Instead of placing her head in the big hole though, she just put hear breast into the two smaller slots in it. She locked the guillotine around them, and waited for Rikku to return to her senses. When she did, Lightning immediately made the blade go. It chopped both of the Al’Bhed’s breasts off, earning a shout of pain from her and cries of terror and ecstasy from the other girls. Blood went spurting from the two circular stumps at Rikku's chest and dyed some of the sand red, while her breasts were also transported to Lightning's room.

Instead of letting her go, Lightning kept her strapped there. "You think that's all? Now feel this!" She shouted at Rikku, casting a spell. Rikku felt some pulling at the stumps of her breast, and suddenly they grew back! Before Rikku even realized what was happening, Lightning set another blade go, and it came crushing down at them, cutting them off again. Her shriek of pain was even louder, and other girls watched in shock and pleasure.

Lightning made her breasts grow back again, and chopped them off for the third time. This time Lightning let her go, the stumps still having blood flowing from them. Rikku was transported to her room, and Lightning returned to her control room.

"After this interlude we can again begin the fights. This time Faris, a pirate captain, will fight Quistis, an instructor from Balamb Garden. Girls go to your lines." Lightning ordered them, opening their respective gates.

Both girls walked out of their cells, going to the lines on the sand. "What weapons do you want?" Lightning asked them.

"A whip." Quistis said, while Faris said "A sword." Requested weapons materialized in both girls' hands.

"Three... Two... One... Fight!" Lightning found herself getting more and more used to saying those words.

Faris immediately started running, knowing she had to win quickly. Quistis just stood, waiting for her enemy to come closer. Faris ran, her long violet hair waving behind her. As she ran, she tried not to think of her dead sister. It was like her to get killed, but she wouldn’t fall like she did.

Faris was just preparing to strike when Quistis swung her hand holding the whip. It had a much longer range than Faris expected, and it struck her the middle of her chest, just between her medium sized breasts. The strength of the strike, along with the pain and the shock of being wrong all made her stop. It was a huge mistake, because it left her open for another strike. Quistis, of course, took advantage of it, striking at Faris's shoulder, forcing the joint there out of place. Faris's whole right arm went limp, dropping the sword.

Quistis, now sure of victory, walked towards Faris. She was still standing, using all her strength for it. Quistis stopped a few steps from Faris, and, just to be sure, swung the whip for the third time. This time she went for Faris's lower body, and the weapon struck her with its full strength. The whip crushed her abdomen, and Faris bent in pain, holding her belly. She fell to the ground, kneeling on the sand. Quistis walked a bit further and struck Faris in her back, crushing her spine at the place the whip connected with Faris's body. Faris passed out from the pain, her now crippled form dropping fully to the sand.

Quistis discarded her whip, and walked to the place Faris dropped her sword a moment before. She took the sword, and walked towards Faris’s body.

Lightning in her control room above muttered a spell to wake Faris up. Her eyes opened, and as realization struck her, despair appeared in her eyes. Quistis stopped just in front of her, and took the sword in both hands. She then brought it down on Faris's neck, severing it from the rest of her body. Lightning in her room chuckled, remembering it was the same way Lenna died in the first tournament.

"Quistis is victorious! Now return to your cell."

"Now it’s time for today's last fight: Porom, a white mage is going to fight Yuffie, a ninja. Girls go to your lines." Lightning said, looking forward to the end of the fight, as she was getting quite hungry now.

Porom walked out of her cell. On the other side of the arena was a small girl. She had dark hair, and quite small breasts, with a quite foreign look overall.

"What weapons do you want?" Lightning asked them. "A shuriken." Yuffie answered, while Porom said "Bow and arrows."

Weapons appeared in their hands, a quiver on Porom's back, and Lightning started counting down. "Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Both girls immediately got ready. Yuffie swung her arm, throwing her shuriken. Porom reached for an arrow and shot. The arrow went faster than the shuriken, and buried itself in Yuffie's small breast, sticking out of her chest. She stepped back, trembling, but she kept on standing. Her shuriken got to Porom, and she tried to dodge it. The shuriken cut a deep wound on her side, leaving a gash. Pain, along with pleasure, surged through her. The shuriken flew back to Yuffie, and Porom, although with trouble, managed to stand up, pleasantly surprised by the fact she felt pleasure from it.

Yuffie felt pain with every breath, but managed to send her shuriken flying again. It flew, and Porom fired another arrow, and then prepared for impact.

The shuriken cut deep in her arm, staying in it. Her arm went limp, and she knew she couldn't use her bow now. Again, the pain was accompanied by pleasure, and this time her pussy started getting wet.

Her arrow went through the arena, and while she faced different feelings going with the shuriken, it had gone straight into Yuffie's belly. She gasped when the arrow entered her, tearing skin and flesh. The arrow went right next to her bellybutton, opening her belly and spilling some guts. Yuffie started coughing, and noticed she was coughing out blood - the first arrow must have damaged some internal organs too. Her eyes widened with terror as the realization hit her. That first arrow must have pierced her lung, and if she didn’t kill the other girl quickly enough, she was going to die because of it! She tried to keep herself calm. "If I kill her, that creepy girl will heal me. So where is my shuriken?" She told herself silently. The ninja looked towards the pink haired girl, and noticed her shuriken sticking out of the girl's limp arm. "She has it. I won’t get to her in time. So that means I will die." Yuffie lost hope.

Porom walked towards Yuffie. She saw that Yuffie was pretty badly wounded, but walked carefully anyways. She stopped next to her, and to be sure she brought a strong kick to Yuffie's chest. Yuffie's eyes nearly came out of their sockets from the pain, as the kick pushed the arrow further in and shook her already damaged lungs. Blood started to flow freely through them, and she started to choke on it. A few more breathes, and Yuffie's vision went black.

Although her foot hurt from the kick, Porom felt really aroused by the fact she had just killed a girl with just her leg and an arrow she fired earlier. Her pussy was now dripping wet with her juices, and she knew she liked the arena. She started fingering herself as she walked back towards her prison.

"Porom is the winner! Go to your cell, and in a moment I will explain you what is going to happen next."

Lightning sat silent for a while, thinking what she wanted to do next. "No more fights for today. Soon you will get some food. I think there is a number problem again, so you can think who you want to be killed after you eat. Afterwards, you can go to sleep. Oh, and I will send the recordings of your friends deaths to your cells now to replace the pictures. It will keep you motivated. I recommend you to have some sleep, also." Lightning said, and then she stood up from her chair and walked out of the room.


Lightning's Night

Lightning walked to her room, and lay down on her bed. She grabbed the Terra's crystal and started to touch herself with it. After masturbating herself for some time with it she summoned Terra.

She looked at Terra while taking the crystal out from her pussy. "Get here, slut." Lightning ordered her. Terra obediently walked, and Lightning walked towards her. "Lay down." She gave out another order. Terra listened, throwing herself at the bed. Lightning jumped on her, getting her pussy on Terra's face, and burying her own in her thigh. They both started licking simultaneously, but Lightning was already aroused before, so she quickly came over her slave’s face. She kept licking her, making her moan loud before finally coming. Her cum went on Lightning's face. They lay on each other for a moment, then they both got up.
"I hate to interrupt, as that had been very nice to watch, but I want you to go to my room. Take your slave with you, too." The Voice told her. Lightning felt a pang of fear, wondering if she had done well enough. She walked out of the room, gesturing for Terra to follow her. She walked to the Voice's room, Terra following closely behind her.

"You did very well, Lightning. The idea of allowing them to decide is very nice too, as they now can also feel guilty for the executed girl.” The Voice stopped for a moment, and Lightning was relieved to hear she did well. The Voice continued: “I will borrow your slave for a while."
"It’s not like I can do anything to stop you anyways." She answered.

The Voice ignored her words, then ordered her again. "Place the crystal over there. And you slut, come here." A ring of light appeared on the ground. Terra stepped into the ring, followed by Lightning placing the crystal on a stand. Both Terra and the crystal disappeared.

"If you need another slut to pleasure you, you have a whole arena of girls to choose from. You can use Rikku's punishment as an excuse to take her, or just take any other girl that you want.” The Voice informed her. She nodded to show she understood.

“That’s all for now.” The Voice ended the discussion.

Lightning walked to the trophy room. She entered the storage to browse the meat. From the last tournament, besides the heads of already eaten girls, there were only Yuna's and Rinoa's bodies left. Along with the girls killed today, and the other girls Lightning didn't have a clue where did they come from, it was a huge amount to choose from. She decided that Yuffie's and Faris's bodies, along with some unknown woman, will be used as the food for the girls in the arena. She settled down on a seat, and called for Fang's body to be prepared. Her first day was a success, so Lightning decided to treat herself to a feast. She waited a moment while the body was prepared, and then started to chew on her dead friend's body.

Meanwhile, the roasted girl meat appeared in the cells. As the girls were nearly starving from being kept in a long sleep before that day, they have thrown themselves at the meat, not caring about the unusual taste.

After they were done with the meals, the girls were slowly becoming bored. Lightning just finished eating, too, and she went to send the films. Porom received the recordings of both Rydia and Rosa's deaths. Quistis received the deaths of Rinoa and Selphie, while Beatrix got only the death of Garnet. Rikku and Paine received the death of Yuna, and a recording of Lulu's death they have seen this day.

The night started to set over the arena. The girls were getting sleepy, and one by one they were falling asleep. First one to sleep was Paine, quickly followed by Quistis. Beatrix stayed a bit longer, fisting herself until an orgasm before falling asleep. Porom stayed longer, thinking about what the pleasure she got after killing Yuffie meant, and masturbating to the scenes of her old friends dying. She came to a conclusion that being sadistic gave her the pleasure. After the conclusion she fingered herself some more, and just as on the walls simultaneously Rydia got skewered by a staff and Rosa's brain was shot all over the arena, she came, staining her bed.

Rikku, on the other hand, couldn’t fall asleep because she was thinking about her dead cousin. She couldn’t just accept she was gone now. Just as she was going to fall asleep, the pink haired girl that was forcing them to fight appeared in her cell.

"It's time for the rest of your punishment, slut." Lightning smiled at her viciously, and Rikku trembled in fear. "Get here!" She ordered. Rikku obediently rose from her bed and walked towards her, hoping that if she did what she was asked for, she wouldn't be punished.

As soon as Rikku got close, Lightning transported them back to the armory. Rikku looked around with fear, seeing all the torture tools that were kept there. "I can't kill you, at least not yet, but I can hurt you so bad that you will never think of doing such a thing again." Lightning told her.

"I'm-I'm sorry." Rikku muttered out, and Lightning gave her a quick cut, just at the spot the arrow struck her earlier. "Don't speak unless I tell you to, slut! Now, say you're sorry again, this time with respect."

"I'm s-sorry, mistress." Rikku answered, thinking she would like to be referred to like this.

"Ok slut, now get here!" Lightning ordered Rikku to come to the place where she was. There was a rack, which Lightning quickly tied Rikku to. Then she reached out for a knife, and started giving Rikku quick cuts. Each one of them was really deep, but also small so Rikku was kept from bleeding to death. The pain was almost unbearable for her at first, but she started to get used to it. Lightning was getting aroused by Rikku's cries of pain and her spilt blood.

After what seemed an eternity to Rikku, Lightning finally stopped. "That's enough for now, slut." She made a gesture with her hand, sending a wave of healing energy though the blonde haired girl's body.

Lightning unstrapped her, and Rikku fell on her fours to the ground, weak from the session of pain she had to endure. Rikku hoped it will be the end of it, but Lightning just kept walking, clearly searching for something. "Ok slut, we will go somewhere else now, but before that, come here." Lightning ordered Rikku, and she quickly listened. "Kneel in front of me." Rikku did so, and then she felt something warm and wet pressed against her face. She looked up, and saw it was Lightning's thigh.

"Lick me slut. If you do well enough, I might consider easing your punishment." Then Lightning grabbed her head, and forced it back in her thigh.

Rikku inserted her tongue inside Lightning, and sucked on her clit. She pretended it was Yuna who she was doing it to, and it helped her a lot while also arousing her. Lightning started moaning, as Rikku wasn’t doing that bad.
After a while, Lightning started bucking her hips against Rikku's face, in synchronization with the thrusts of her tongue.

Rikku licked her for some more time, and Lightning was starting to feel her arousal build up. As a reward for Rikku, she enabled 2 dildos, and they immediately started to thrust in Rikku's pussy and ass.

Rikku stopped for a moment feeling sharp pain, but following thrusts started to give her pleasure do she have back to her work. Lightning noticed some blood coming down the dildo, and just then Rikku thrust her tongue the deepest she ever had, and the combination brought her over the edge. Her pussy started spurting love juices all over Rikku's face, and she eagerly opened her mouth to take as much in as she could, her mind now overcame with lust. Soon enough she was brought over her own edge, her cum going all over the floor.

When Lightning regained control over her body, she looked at Rikku. The blonde girl had her eyes closed and with a blissful expression she was grinding on the dildos. Lightning walked behind her, and gave her a quick slap on her cheek. Rikku opened her eyes, snapping out of her trance. She looked at Lightning with disappointment. "Follow me, slut." Lightning told her.

They both walked out of the armory, and Lightning headed for the trophy room. Rikku followed her silently.
"No!" Rikku cried out as she entered it, seeing Yuna's head hung on a trophy plaque with her long braid hung on a bolt besides it. She ran towards it, stopping right in front of it. The truth finally sunk in - her friend was really dead too. Rikku leaned forward and planted a kiss on Yuna's lips. "Goodbye, cousin." She said after going back, hardly withholding tears.

"This is both the trophy room and a kitchen. Now, place your breasts here." Lightning ordered her. The Al-Bhed girl walked quickly and placed her breasts in two breast-shaped holes in the table. Something immediately started sucking on them, and she quickly felt tension in them increase. After a second she started lactating. "It feels funny, doesn't it? However it's the best way to get something to drink here. I have been milked quite a few times by now." Lightning said in a conservational tone while pouring herself a glass of Rikku's milk. When she finished, she took a small sip. "You want some too? It tastes really good." Lightning asked her. "Of course mistress, If you say so then I will." Rikku answered, and the suction on her breasts increased. "Here you go. I also made it suck more, as I want to have some of your milk in storage." Lightning handed her a glass of milk, and Rikku started drinking it. She closed her eyes, and started to finger herself. The sensation of having her breasts milked, along with drinking her own milk and all the things that happened before aroused her so much that she needed release, if only to stay sane after all that happened to her. Lightning noticed it, and she turned the dildos on. They started ramming in Rikku's anus and pussy, this time the violation of her holes giving her only pleasure. She started moving sideways a bit, but not much because her breasts were still being milked.
In no time Rikku came, her cum sucked in by the dildo again. Her orgasm also increased the amount of milk her breasts were giving out.

When she stopped shaking, the last drop of milk was just being sucked out of them. The milking stretched her breasts, making them a bit bigger than before. Not as big as Lightning's, but nevertheless huge.

Lightning turned the milking machine off, and instead turned the heating on. Rikku felt heat increasing around her breasts, but the rest of her body remained cool. She stood there, pain from her roasting breasts going through her. It was accompanied by weird pleasure. Fat and sweat was running down her breasts, which were now turning brown.

After some time Rikku could no longer feel her breasts. "Mistress, I think they are good to eat now, before they burn." She suggested. Lightning nodded, agreeing, and turned the magical heating off. Then she took out a sword. A quick cut, and another round of pain and pleasure to Rikku, and one breasts was cut off with nothing of it remaining at Rikku's chest. Lightning gave it another swing, and Rikku's second breast joined the first one. Even with the breasts roasted, Rikku was still able to feel it, and when the blade struck her, she let out a short cry of pain. She took a step back after to see what happened to her.

Her breast, now brown from the roasting, lay on the table. Lightning was already reaching out for a one, a glass of breast milk in her hand. She took a bite and started chewing it.

She swallowed quickly, and then shouted: "You taste delicious! I think you taste the best of all the girls I have eaten during my stay here! Here, eat the second one, you are going to like it." Lightning said while taking another bite of Rikku's breast. Rikku took her second breast in her hand. She bit on it, and agreed with Lightning. Her breasts tasted really delicious. She closed her eyes and played with it using her tongue.

They both sat motionless for a while, sipping breast milk and eating breasts. When they both finished, Lightning smiled to her. "I think you did well, my slut. As a reward, you will not be hurt today unless you want to be, and the bust size increased by the milking will remain. Now come, there is something I want to show you." Lightning said while standing up. Rikku felt that weird pulling at her chest, and suddenly her breast sprung from her chest, and they were as big as the pair from before that had been stretched by the milking.

They have both walked to the storage room, and as they entered, Rikku gasped - There were so many girls' bodies out there! Lightning led here to a single place. In there was a body that, even headless, was unmistakable for her – she knew it far too well. Yuna's dead body was still well preserved, and Rikku, looking at it felt arousal creeping up on her along with sadness.
“This is a warning – if you ever do something like that again, you will end up worse than the girls here.” Lightning warned her They stood there for a while, and then Rikku decided it was enough. "Let's go somewhere else if that's all you wanted me to see." She said, looking at Lightning.

“I think it will probably be all I wanted now from you." Lightning said while they were walking back to the entrance. The moment they left the room the lust from all those things was too much for Rikku to withhold and she had thrown herself at Lightning to kiss her. Lightning hesitated for a moment, but then relaxed and kissed her back. She took some more steps, carrying Rikku to her bed, not breaking the kiss as they tongues were wrestling. When she finally broke the kiss, they were both panting heavily. "Turn around." Lightning ordered her, and soon they had their heads buried in each other's thighs, licking and sucking while their hands were fondling their breasts. A while later they both came over the other's face. After that, they both just lay on each other.
Although she liked it, Lightning decided it's time to send Rikku back to the arena. She sat up and looked at her. She leaned in for one final kiss, and then cast a spell to send her back. Rikku disappeared, and Lightning went to take a quick bath while watching Rikku's fight again.

Rikku materialized back in her cell, and looked around, disoriented. She sat on a small bed, and Yuna's death was playing on the walls. Then she realized the pink haired girl must have had thrown her back in her cell. She sat for a moment, watching Yuna's fight, and she started to masturbate. Yuna's pink face from strangling with her hair looked even prettier than usual, and the moment it hit the ground as Terra beheaded her, Rikku came. After that she went to sleep, exhausted from all what happened.


Terra's Night

Terra materialized in a dark, ominous room. As she looked around she saw many different deadly things, quite similarly to the armory Lightning tortured her in many times. She was now quite used to it, so she simply wondered what was going to happen to her without any fear.

"I'm working on a way to resurrect people. Since you are half-Esper, you return to life every time you are killed. I will need to take some test to get to know how are you brought back." The Voice explained to her. Suddenly two dildos were shoved into her pussy and ass. "Those are the sensors that will be used to examine your body. Now, let's begin." Terra suddenly felt her body pulled to a guillotine. The dildos started to drill into her while she was being forced onto the table. When she got to her edge the blade was released. It came down quickly, severing her head from the rest of her body. It was enough for her pussy to start spurting cum. As her body was spasming in an orgasm, Terra's vision blacked out...

Soon she was summoned again. Her first dead body was now on the ground. "I got very interesting data from it. Now, let's try something else." The dildos were again inserted in her fuck holes, and immediately started pounding her. A force started to pull her again, this time towards the gallows. She scaled the steps and stood beneath the noose, which just wrapped itself around her neck. She heard a loud cling, and the trapdoor beneath her opened. She gasped for air, her eyes widening. Her arms and legs started twitching wildly, only making the rope tighten. She felt her bladder release, her piss sucked in by the dildo. The additional stimulation was enough to bring her over the edge, and the orgasm rocking through her was the last thing she felt...

She was summoned yet again. Her dead body was still dangling on the noose. "It looks that the orgasms you have when you die are what brings you back before I even cast the spell. Since Lightning first summoned you by masturbating with your crystal, it looks like it needs to be an orgasm somehow connected to the person that I want to bring back. If I'm right, it means I can try to bring Celes here." The Voice told her. Another pair of dildos spawned inside her again. This time she wasn’t pulled anywhere, so she decided to go along, and synchronised her hips with the dildos' rhythm. A short while passed and she began moaning, before finally cumming. She felt some energy leave her through her pussy. She waited, hoping to see her blonde friend soon, but nothing was happening. Finally the Voice broke the silence: "Oh well, that means we will have to do some more tests." An invisible force started to pull her, dildos moving again.

"Master, I think I know what the problem is: the energy that left me was not strong enough." Terra said, trying to be helpful. "Oh, I see. That might be the case. Anyways, the best way to get the energy will just be to kill you and summon you again." The Voice answered her, and Terra’s body forced towards another instrument of death.

This time she was being pulled to a pole. Suddenly she was raised in the air and set on the top of it. The end of the pole went inside her ass, but through the dildo, stretching her even further. The deeper it sunk in, the faster the dildo in her pussy seemed to go to her. Terra started moaning, screaming in ecstasy whenever an organ of her was pierced. Finally she came, and as she did, the stick went free out of her mouth. Her lungs were already filled with blood, and once again the orgasm was the last thing she felt.

She was summoned yet again, this time after a longer period of time. After she materialized, the first thing she saw was the beautiful nude form of her friend. It actually worked! Her death brought Celes back! She threw herself on her, pulling her in a hug. "As you see, this time it worked!" The Voice shouted at them, a note of joy audible in his voice. "However, just to be sure, we will kill her and try to bring her back." He added.

Terra froze, and felt Celes do the same. "Not again! Why me!" Celes started shouting. Terra relaxed, knowing that if Voice said something would work, then it was going to happen anyways. She decided she’d just enjoy it and smiled at her friend. “Don’t worry. After a while the pain stops getting to you.” She tried to cheer Celes up.

"Quiet slut! Terra, can you help me with her? I need her at the edge before she dies." The Voice shouted at Celes then asked Terra to check if she’d do it. Terra, despite her not wanting to look like a slut in front of her friend, simply nodded and walked to Celes. Tears were pouring down the beautiful general’s face, and she tried to back off. Terra got to her knees, and sticked her tongue in Celes's pussy, sucking on her clit. One of hers hands was already in her own thigh, the other one fondling her breast as she worked to bring her to a climax.

Celes started to moan quietly. During the interval between her moans she asked: "Why are you doing this?" Terra, with her mouth still full of Celes's love juices, answered, but her voice was muffled: "It's easier this way, as he is too powerful to resist." They just kept silent for a while, the only sound was their moans. Finally, as she felt she was close to the edge, Terra moved away. "She is ready, master." The dildos, similar to the ones Terra had inside her so many times, were shoved into Celes's pussy and anus, making her cry out in pain again. Then a the chopping block appeared in front of her, and she was forced to place her head on it. "You want to execute her?" The Voice asked Terra, and she, although she tried to do it reluctantly, agreed wholeheartedly in her mind. She walked towards the block quickly, a sword appearing in her hand. Her other hand was still in her pussy, thrusting in and out as she was standing over her kneeling friend. She took a swing, and Celes's head was easily chopped off, her body shaking from its orgasm. Terra felt an energy wave leave Celes’s body, so she raised her head from the ground grabbing it by her long blonde hair and looked deep into her dying eyes. She planted a kiss on her companion's dead lips, and stood back to wait for her return.

In no time Celes materialized out of thin air. Her eyes were full of shock, and she was furious with Terra. She rushed towards Terra, but an invisible force kept her in place.

"So it worked!" The Voice shouted, joy now clearly hearable in what he was saying. "Now, probably the only thing left is to make it easy to summon the girl. Since your crystal works pretty well, we can copy the idea. Now let's try to get the blonde slut's essence into a crystal." The Voice ordered her. A crystal appeared on one of the tables in the room. "Be my guest Terra. You probably know what to do now."

Terra walked and grabbed the crystal. She then walked to Celes, kneeling besides her friend, and thrust the crystal in her pussy, causing a shriek from her. She stood up, and began to shove it in and out while leading Celes towards one of the killing spots that were still unused. A very sharp knife was the only thing there. Terra forced Celes to kneel, her knee on her back and grabbed the knife. "No..." Celes begged her, but her plea was futile. Terra forced the knife deep in Celes's belly, and drew the blade deep to the side, cutting the belly open. She let the blade fall and started to pull Celes's intestines out of her body. Celes’s eyes filled with tears again, terrified by her friend’s betrayal.

When all of the intestines were on the ground, Terra grabbed the knife again, pressing the knife at Celes at the base of her breast. In one quick pull she got one breast off, and with another quick pull she got the second one off. Celes shouted in pain again. Terra resumed raping her with a crystal, and when she felt Celes was close to orgasming, drove the knife through her neck, cutting Celes's throat. She gave out a gurgling sound, but her pussy was already orgasming, soaking Terra's hand and the crystal wet.

Terra looked into her dying companion eyes, and saw as the life was leaving Celes's body. She charged her hand with magic, forcing Celes's soul into the crystal and bounding it inside it.

"Good job Terra! I think you deserve a reward for you help. First of all, as I need to get you out of here, you will be allowed to chose how do you want to die. Second, you are no longer Lightning’s slave - you will have your own room now, and although you will still have to listen to her. That means you can refuse if she wants to fuck you, or if she wants to kill you. You will also be allowed to help her in ruling the arena if you want. Third, you are now allowed to use magic here. Fourth, you will also be allowed to have your own slave. But first, even before you die, I want you to make a crystal for a new slave for Lightning. I will get her orgasm energy soon, and we will bring her sister here. Then we can work on a slave for you." The Voice concluded, and Terra felt a wave of joy. She was no longer a slave! Then she had some doubts. "Master, the energy of a dying girl is required to summon her, but no one close to her died recently."

"Don't worry, a girl from their world died today so we can use the energy she produced then and combine it with Lightning's orgasm." The Voice explained again.

Another crystal appeared, and Terra felt energy gathering in the room. Suddenly all of it had been sent away, and Terra felt a powerful summoning spell being cast.

A girl begun to materialize in the room. She had pink hair, looking a lot like Lightning, but she was a bit smaller, in both her height and breasts size. Terra immediately recognized her - she was Lightning's sister, Serah. From watching her fight it was clear that she wanted to die, especially with her orgasm when she died back then.

Terra walked to her while she was still a bit dizzy from the summoning. Terra stopped in front of her, waiting for her head to clear.

Serah finally came round. She blinked once more, and looked around. She noticed Terra, and begun to speak. "Oh, I remember you. You are Terra, right? What's going on?" Serah asked her.

"I'm now going to make the process of summoning you a lot easier, so after you die you can be brought back easily." Terra answered honestly, and Serah since started to object, Terra interrupted her: "Don't tell me you don't want it. I saw your battle, you masochistic slut." Serah was really aroused by the first explanation, but this aroused her even more.
"Now, I will start." Terra told her. She walked to Serah and kneeled beside her. She conjured the crystal to her. Serah took a deep breath, when Terra shoved the crystal in. As she did, she sensed that Serah's pussy was already wet. "You're not a virgin?" She asked, obviously surprised. "I'm married you know." She smiled at her, already grinding on the crystal. It felt different from Snow's cock, but nice as well.

Terra led her to the gallows. Serah gasped, seeing Terra's body swinging there. "That's you?" She asked while moaning. "Yes, it’s my corpse from an earlier summoning." Serah was even more aroused now after seeing what was in her future. Terra slammed her in the back of her head. "Don't you orgasm now, slut, as it's needed to be synchronized with your death." Terra shoved her up the steps to the gallows, jumping up behind her. She quickly put the noose around her neck. Then she released the trapdoor, and Serah dropped until the rope stopped her. Her legs started thrashing around, and her face turned red. She kept swinging for a while when her bladder went off. She started to piss on the floor, not even embarrassed by it. The dildo gave her another thrust in, bringing her to orgasm. She tried to shout in passion, but since her breath was cut off she couldn’t. After a few more moments her vision went black, and she died. Terra prepared to act immediately when she saw Serah orgasming. When she felt Serah's soul leave the body, she threw her magic towards it, imprisoning it inside the crystal.

"Good, I'm sending her to Lightning's room now. She will have a surprise when she wakes up." The Voice commented on the situation. "Now, who do you want as your slave?" The Voice asked her.

Her thoughts were racing trying to choose a single girl from those she saw fighting while in the arena: "Rydia is too volatile, Rinoa is too calm. I don't know much about the girls killed in the first rounds, so that leaves me with four girls: Yuna, Vanille, Aerith and Ashe. But Vanille is a friend of Lightning, and I wouldn’t feel good with that. Aerith killed Serah, so it could also cause problems with them."

"I will take Yuna, so I can pay her back for Celes again." She answered the question, and as a confirmation she felt a huge wave of energy being called.

The brown haired summoner appeared, and she was, as all the girls after the first summon, dazed. Terra ran to her, just standing there so that she is the first thing she would see. Yuna's mind cleared, and she looked at Terra. "You're the one that killed me? Why did you summon me again?" She asked. Terra decided to act rough, and kicked Yuna in her stomach. "Quiet slut. From now on, you are my slave and talk only on permission. Understood?" She asked. "Y-yes, of course." Terra kicked her again. "I'm mistress to you now, slut, so refer to me as such."

Terra knelt beside her, and conjured another crystal. She shoved it in Yuna's pussy, surprised at how easy it went in. "Wow, you’re quite stretched." Terra commented on it. "Yes – I have a loving boyfriend, unlike you, so obviously inexperienced in sex." Yuna taunted her.

"You will never return to him! And now you will be punished for your words!" Terra shouted, standing up and drawing her sword. Two quick swings, and Yuna's breasts were falling to the ground, shock and pain appearing on her face.

Terra decided she wanted to give her most painful and agonizing death, so she went to the impaling spit. Yuna followed her, not wanting to be punished again. She stopped when she saw the spit.

"Get on your fours there slut, or I will make you!" Terra ordered her. Yuna obediently walked to the spit and dropped to the ground. Terra took the spit back, allowing Yuna to crawl there. When she did, Terra knelt behind her ass, placing the tip inside her ass. Yuna took in a sharp breath, seeing her whole life again, thinking it was so cruel to call her back only to kill her right after.

Terra took a step back, savoring the sight, and turned the dildo on, waiting for her to be brought to the edge. Soon enough Yuna was moaning loudly so Terra decided to end her, shoving the spit all way in. It went through her whole body, destroying her vital organs, eventually coming out of her mouth. Her pussy started twitching, spurting out the cum, but she was already dying. Terra captured her soul, getting it in the crystal. Then she bent forward, retrieving the cum soaked crystal out of her pussy.

"Can you send it to my room? Along with this spit when I turn it on? I want to finally eat something after the long time I was not able to eat. Now I only need to suicide and you will bring me back there, right?" She asked. "Yes Terra, that's true. You will get a workstation in your room too, and you will work there on creating crystals for other girls. Now, please go kill yourself." Terra placed the second end of the spit on the rack, and it disappeared. She looked around deciding what would be the most pleasurable way to die.

She decided guillotine was the way she wanted to go, so she walked towards it. She removed a body that was there, and summoned a dildo to fuck her. She lay down and started to moan while the dildo grinded inside her. An idea popped into her mind, and she got her sword with one of her hands. Quickly, she cut her breasts off. The pleasure was enough to get her over the edge, so she let the blade free. It cut her neck clean, and the last thing she felt was her head falling on the floor.


Lightning's Tournament - Day 2

Lightning was woken up by a hand caressing her face. She opened her eyes and saw her sister's face. She was looking back at her with a playful smile on her lips.

"Hi, sis." Serah said, and as an answer Lightning grabbed her by her head and gave her a kiss on her lips. They both needed to feel each other right away, time for questions would be later. Their tongues were fighting for domination, and Lightning slipped her fingers inside her sister's pussy. She returned the favor, and both started fingering each other. Lightning soon got her sister to release, following her soon after. They collapsed on each other, and laid there for a while.

"How did you return?" Lightning asked her sister after a few moments. "That green haired girl, Terra, summoned me back, and she hung me, binding my soul to that crystal." She explained, pointing to a crystal which was on the nightstand.

"Oh, that means you will always come back, no matter how many times you die. Don't act as you don't care; I have seen you orgasming as you died, and I know you're a masochist." Serah felt a pang of arousal go through her body. The way Lightning said it, like the way Terra said it before made her sure she was going to enjoy her time here. "I can show you the recording of your death if you want. Just wait here for a second." Lightning said while getting up. She touched the screen on the wall and slid it until she found the recording of Serah's death. "There you go." Lightning said when the screen starred showing Serah's fight with Aerith. Serah decided there was no point in trying to hide it, and masturbated to the sight of her own death, coming again the moment Aerith's staff entered her ass.

When Sarah came back, Lightning was starting another recording. "I have paid that bitch for it. Just set back and watch."

This time they both masturbated, and came simultaneously, wetting the mattress even more. When they returned to their senses Lightning stood up. "I'm hungry. Let's eat something." She led her sister to the trophy room. There she made a decision. "Get over here, slut." She told her while pointing to the table. Sarah obediently sat on it, and Lightning immobilized her there, while turning the heating on. Sarah started to roast. At first she couldn't get what was going on, but when she realized she smiled and started masturbating. Lightning followed her, and soon they both came. After that Lightning just waited until Serah's body was ready to eat.

When she was finished, Lightning used the crystal to summon her sister. She materialized there, and Lightning smiled to her. "I thought it will be what you want to eat."

"I love you sis." She simply said looking at her own roasted body. They both started eating, Lightning finding the tastier parts and giving them to her sister. When they were finished, Lightning decided to check the time. "I still have some time sis, so I think we can go and kill you once more and then I will have to go to work." Lightning lead her out of one room and in the other. "Any preferred way of death?" She asked, and Serah lead her to the guillotine. "Behead me and mount my head on the wall in your room." She told her sister, and so Lightning did. She strapped Serah to the guillotine, and slid one of her fingers inside her sister.

Then she stopped, as if she had a new idea. She walked around the guillotine, and sat on her sister's face, her pussy straight on Serah's mouth. Serah immediately started locking and ducking on Lightning's clit, and as Lightning was about to orgasm she released the blade, beheading her. The blood was enough to get her over the edge, and her sister's face was stained with love juices. When Lightning got back, she grabbed the head and took it to her room. There she mounted it on an empty plaque, doing what Serah asked for.

After she had done that, she went towards the arena. The corridor seemed longer, and Lightning saw a room on a side. She entered it, and there she was. Terra was eating a body of a girl, some crystals on the desk next to her.

Terra turned her head. "Oh, it's you." She said. "I will now live here, and the voice said you no longer can command me. I work on bringing the dead girls back."

"Ok, I just wanted to say thanks for bringing back my sister." And with that Lightning slipped out of the room, and walked to the control room.

"Wake up you band of sluts! It's time to decide who will die now!" Her shout woke up all of the girls. Girls in their cells opened their eyes, thinking where they were.

"Today, as yesterday, we will begin with a vote. Choose which of you will have to die first today." The list appeared on the walls.

Rikku cast her vote on Beatrix, as she was the one who killed Lulu. Paine voted for Beatrix too, thinking she was the most dangerous opponent. Beatrix vote for Porom to be killed, as she knew she was the most dangerous one for her. Question, influenced by the films, vote on Porom, because she was from the same world Rydia was from. Porom cast her vote on Rikku, as there were two girls from that world.

"Again we have a draw! This time it's between Porom and Beatrix. Please vote again." The only one who had to change her vote was Porom, and she obviously voted for Beatrix. "Beatrix is going to be killed now!" Lightning announced.

Lightning teleported herself to the arena, conjuring the gallows. The mature general accepted her fate calmly, and she didn't resist when Lightning lead her out of her cell. Lightning bound Beatrix's arms behind her back, but left her arms free. They have walked up the stairs and Lightning put the noose around the woman's neck. She took a step back and then released the trapdoor. Beatrix dropped a bit, and then noose cut off her breath. Quickly all her breath left her, and her face turned red. She started to piss while swinging viciously. After some time she stopped, and Lightning along with her and the gallows disappeared.

"Now we will start the fights. But first, there was a change in the rules: you can cast one spell during the fight. Now we will begin."

"The first fight is going to be between Rikku, an Al-Bhed thief and killer of Fran; and Quistis, an instructor and killer of Faris." The gates of their respective cells lowered, and the girls walked through them.

Rikku decided she will Mix , while Quistis decided she will use one of her Blue Magic spells. They both stopped at the lines, and Lightning started counting down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Both girls started slowly walking towards each other, each one waiting for the other one to attack. Finally Rikku dropped to her knees and get a handful of sand from the ground.

"Mix!" She shouted, and the sand turned into a grenade. She threw it at Quistis, and before she could react started running towards her. Quistis stared at the grenade, not knowing what it was. It hit her in her chest and dropped to the ground. Quistis ignored it and swung her whip at Rikku. It struck her in her breast, but after last night the pain had no effect on her, so she was still running.

Suddenly she stopped, and Quistis had another chance to attack. Just as she swung her whip, the grenade went off.

The explosion blew her legs up, throwing her torso up in the air along with a lot of sand. The strength of the explosion threw Rikku back, and she had fallen on the sand. Quistis flew in the other direction, before crashing to the sand.

As she was legless, she knew she was done for, so she just kept lying. Somewhere near Ricky slowly raised and started to walk towards Quistis, carefully in case she still wanted to cause problems.

Quistis raised her head and looked at Rikku. She opened her mouth and shouted: "Aqua Breath!"

She started to spit a wave of water, throwing Rikku back. It only angered her, and when Quistis stopped, Rikku ran to her. There she took her knives and started stabbing Quistis repeatedly, avoiding the places that would kill her too fast. Eventually Quistis passed out, but Rikku kept on stabbing until Lightning shouted: "Rikku is victorious! Will you leave the body now, Rikku?" Lightning asked, and Rikku obediently stood up and walked back to her cell.

Lightning turned the microphone off and summoned Serah. When her sister appeared she told her to enjoy the sight, and to fuck her while doing so.

Meanwhile Terra was working hard on capturing the essences of dead girls.

"Now you probably know that you will fight, but just to be sure; come Porom, white mage and killer of Yuffie; and come Paine, a warrior and killer of Fang." Before saying it, Lightning gestured Sarah to stop for a moment. The girl walked to the lines, and Lightning sent them their weapons and then started to count down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Porom immediately started to aim with her bow, first arrow leaving her bow just split seconds after Lightning shouted. Paine was running towards her, and the arrow went straight in her breast.

The impact made Paine slow down, but her breast, although it was destroyed, stopped the arrow. She kept on running, despite the pain.

Paine was getting closer and closer, so Porom released another arrow. Paine, again, didn't even try to evade it. It reached her, and pierced her skin, going inside. This time the arrow was aimed at her belly, so it destroyed some of her entrails, staying in her belly. Although the pain was overwhelming, Paine didn't stop, for she knew that stopping meant sure death.

Paine was now dangerously close, so Porom shoot another arrow. She knew by now Paine won't evade it, so she aimed at her opponent's thigh. The arrow buried itself deep in her womb.

Paine decided it was time to use her spell, and she started to gather energy for it. She knew it was her only chance.

As soon as she had the necessary energy she opened her mouth and tried to cast the spell. Unfortunately for her, Porom had been expecting it, and her fourth arrow was released as soon as Paine opened her mouth.

The arrow pierced her neck. From Paine's throat came a gurgling sound, she was choking with her own blood.

"Holy!" Porom shouted. By now she knew she'd won, and she wanted to destroy Paine's body, to protect it from being eaten. A great light explosion went off at Paine's dying heart, evaporating her body and blinding all in the arena.

"Porom is victorious! Return to your cell. Tomorrow the two of you will fight in a final duel." Lightning said while preparing to leave the control room.

Lightning stood up and walked out of the room, gesturing for Serah to follow her. Her sister stopped masturbating and left the room too. While they were passing Terra's room, Serah looked in. Terra was sitting on a chair with a brown haired girl between her thighs. Terra was holding another crystal like the one Lightning summoned her with, a shelf of similar crystals behind her. Lightning told her to move, so she continued. Lightning lead her to the trophy room.

"Who do you want to eat?" Lightning asked her.

Serah thought about it for a while. First she wanted to eat herself again, but then she thought about all girls that were killed in the arena. "Who can we eat?" She asked. Lightning walked to a door on the side and opened it. Serah walked to her to see what was behind them. The gigantic storage was a shock for her.

"It's all girl bodies?" Serah asked her sister. "Yes, and not only of girls from our tournament, but also many I don't recognize. So, do you want to walk and choose a girl?" Lightning asked her.

"Yes, I will go and see." Serah answered and went past Lightning into the room.

She walked for some time, checking what girls were there, but eventually decided to eat somebody she knew. As she had seen Fang's body there, she returned to her sister and told her that she wanted to eat her. "Nice choice, she was killed just yesterday so her meat is fresh." Lightning transported the body with magic to the trophy room where it was roasted. Both girls walked there, and while the body was getting ready, Serah pleasured her sister, licking her pussy. After she orgasmed, Lightning got Fang's body on the table and both sisters started to feast on the body of their dead friend.

After she materialized, Terra's first act was to eat the now well-roasted Yuna's body. When she finished she started to work on making the crystals. By choosing a girl from the list she could summon it, and then she only needed to kill her while getting her to orgasm. During the day Terra managed to make half of the crystals of the girls that fought in the two tournaments. She also ate a body of one of the girls she summoned, and from time to time summoned Yuna to pleasure her before killing her again. She watched some of the fights. She went to sleep with her own crystal in her pussy, as she found out it did a great job when it came to masturbating, and she didn't take it out after she was finished.

Rikku couldn't sleep because of the fear that Lightning might want to punish her again. She managed to fall asleep, as she didn't want to worry herself about the next day.

After the fight Porom went back to her room and ate the meat sent by Lightning. Porom knew she had only one girl to kill now. It saddened her as the feeling of killing a girl was surprisingly good. "Maybe they will let me stay here." She thought with hope. She had fallen asleep quickly, as the spell took much of her energy.

When they finished eating, Lightning took Serah to the small arena. "Let's fight, sis." She told her, conjuring her gunblade. "You want a bowsword, right? I remember you asked for it before your fight." Lightning said while throwing her sister a weapon. Sarah nodded, and when she got her weapon, Lightning immediately fired from her gunblade.

The bullet destroyed Serah's left hand, but she managed to hold her weapon with one hand and changed it into the sword before charging at her sister.

Lightning changed her weapons into a sword too, and prepared to fight. Serah swung her weapon at her, and Lightning parried it. They kept throwing blows at each other but each one was parried or evaded.

Finally Serah slipped, and immediately Lightning took the advantage. With a strong blow she knocked the weapon out of her sister's hand, and then with a quick slash she cut her head off, causing her to orgasm, blood from Serah's neck spurting on the sand mixing with her cum.

Lightning took the crystal and summoned Serah once again. "You don't fight that bad, sis." Lightning told her and walked to the armory, Serah following her. Lightning transported two racks to the small arena, placing then on both sides of the room. Then she transported both the girls from their cells up there, and she strapped them on the racks without waking them up.

Afterwards she cast a sleep spell on them to be sure they won't wake up, and then left the room walking to her own. There she jumped in her bath, and started washing herself. Serah joined her quickly, and helped her, as she was clean because of the summoning. Soon Lightning was clean, so they went both to bed. When they had fallen on the sheets, Lightning grabbed her sister's head for a kiss. In response she started fingering her, and it soon changed into a round of lesbian sex. Afterwards they had fallen asleep in each other's arms.


Lightning's Tournament - Day 3

Lightning woke up before her sister, so she decided to wake het up by kissing her. When Serah opened her eyes, Lightning slid her hand inside her sister's pussy. Quickly she got her to come, and Serah started to return the favor. After Lightning came too, she grabbed Serah by her neck and choked her. After a while Serah passed out, and her body went limp.

Lightning went to the arena, but when she was passing Terra's room, the green headed girl walked out.

"Lightning, I need to ask a favor from you. Can you make sure the girls have those crystals in their pussies during the fight? And you too, actually?" She said while giving her three crystals. "Yes, of course." Lightning took the crystals and put one in her pussy before going further. She walked into the small arena and checked if the girls were still sleeping. To her content they were both still asleep.
Lightning walked up the stairs and sat on the throne. She sent a shock through the bodies of still sleeping girls, and the crystals had their way into their pussies
, waking them up. They both immediately opened their eyes and stared at the room they were in, at their enemy on the other side and at Lightning sitting on the throne.
"It's time for the fight between the two of you. This time you will be able to cast as many spells as you want. Now I will release you." Lightning undo the straps holding them and girls felt off from the racks. They both quickly stood up. Lightning send them their respective weapons.

"Three... Two... One... Fight!" Lightning shouted, and both girls started to fight.

Porom raised her bow and aimed it at Rikku, while she was sprinting towards her. An arrow went through air, but Rikku was prepared, and she dropped to the ground.
The arrow flew above her and felt on the sand away from them. The moment it did, Rikku sprung back to feet and started running again.
Porom knew by now she won't hit Rikku like this, her agility was too good for that, so she tried to plan something.
She shot another arrow, and as expected, Rikku felt down. Porom shoot another arrow aiming for the place Rikku was, in her opinion, going to be. As Rikku jumped immediately when the first arrow passed her, the second arrow managed to hit her. Fortunately for her it was not a serious wound, and although her left arm was limp, she was still running.

Porom was disappointed, as she hoped to stop Rikku that way. She knew Rikku won't fall for the same trick twice, so she needed to think of something else. Meanwhile Rick was getting closer and closer. Finally she jumped on Porom and cut with one knife at the pink haired girl's head.
It sunk in Porom's left eye, cutting it in half. Pain was really strong, and she screamed in pain. Rikku took the knife back, and tried to stab Porom again. When the white mage saw it, she shouted "Hold!" in desperation, casting a spell.
The spell worked immediately, a barrier stopping Rikku's hand midair, and paralyzing her. Her whole body stopped it that position, her knife just an inch from Porom's second eye.

Porom stood for a while, not believing that it worked. Then she realized it worked only for a short time so she needed to make it worth. She took a step back and raised her bow and shot at Rikku from that close range. Porom shoot to kill, but having only one eye disrupted her aim and the arrow instead of piercing Rikku's heart went a bit lower, just below her breasts.
The hit brought her out from the paralysis, and she continued the motion she was doing. Unfortunately for her Porom moved and instead of getting her knife in her opponent's eye she bent forward. Her knife sunk into Porom's right breast. Porom screamed in pain and she kicked her in desperation. Her feet found its way to Rikku's cunt, the force combined with the crystal Terra gave them made Rikku drop to her knees, pain finally getting to her. Porom looked at the girl before her, and decided to finish her off.

She released yet another arrow, this time while pressing her bow against Rikku's head. This one sunk in Rikku's brain, and life started to leave her. She had one final look at her, and then the crystal in her pussy started thrashing violently, trying to bring her to an orgasm. It succeeded, and Rikku's last feeling was pleasure. Terra used her magic to get the soul in the crystal the moment it left Rikku's body.
"Congratulations Porom! You are the only one left! Now I think I will heal you." Lightning said, and stood up from the throne. The crystal in her pussy started vibrating, but she ignored it, although it was quickly bringing her to an orgasm.
She walked down the stairs, and as she put her feet on the sand, she came. Terra was waiting for it hiding behind the throne, and when it happened she sprinted to her, her sword in her hands. Lightning heard the footsteps and she turned around, just in time to see it was Terra. Then her eyes widened, as Terra impaled her on the sword through her chest. She felt on her knees, and then died. Terra got her soul and thrust is into the crystal. Then she looked at Porom, and grinned.

"You're the only one without the crystal now. As you are already hurt badly, it will be best to take care of it now."
She walked towards Porom. She tried to shoot Terra, but her wounds made it impossible for her. Terra stopped just in front of her, and stopped. She turned the crystal on, and it started to move in Porom's pussy. She waited for a while. Porom was bleeding out, but simultaneously she was being fucked by the crystal. It quickly managed to get her over the edge, and as soon as Terra noticed it, she walked the last few steps and cut her throat. Combined with her other wounds it was enough to kill her, and so she died. Terra put her soul in the crystal too, and then summoned both Lightning and Porom.

Both girls materialized, and Porom started to ask what happened, bit Lightning talked first. "I guess you captured our souls so we can be summoned again, right?"
"Yes, and I have completed my work by doing so. That means all the girls have crystals to summon them." Terra answered, and looked at Porom. "Sorry for that, I just had to kill you once, because I had to make crystals for everyone. They allow a person to return from dead every time they are killed. Now, let's go to Voice." Porom closed her mouth, for her question had been answered before she had a chance to ask it. Both girls lead her behind the throne and through a corridor, talking about what every room was.

"That's my room. Opposite is a new room, probably for you. Here lives Lightning, and that's the kitchen and also the trophy room. That's a library, and that's our armory." Terra kept talking while they were walking, before stopping in front of a big door. Lightning opened it, and the trio of girls walked inside.
"Congratulations, Porom! You have won the tournament, and now you will join Terra and Lightning in their stay here. Now say a wish, and you will get it." The voice spoke to her. She thought for a moment before saying: "What happened to Rydia and Rosa? I got captured and forced here because I was told that I will be able to find them."

"Girls will show you later. Now if you leave for a moment, I want to talk to the both of them alone." Voice answered her, and she left the room.

"Terra, I see you have completed the task I gave you. You will now help Lightning in organizing the next tournament. Lightning, that was not a bad tournament. I want you both and the third girl to make another one, and after that we will see what will happen. Now you can go and tell her about her companions, and then you will think of how to make the next tournament. Now go."
Both girls left the room. Porom was waiting on the outside, and when they came out, she asked: "So, what happened to them?" Both girls looked at each other, not sure how to begin. "I think it will be best if we just show you." Terra said, and lead her to the trophy room. In it still stood the bodies Lightning put there. Most importantly for Porom, there was Rydia's impaled body. She run to it and knelt in front of it. Her tights were dripping wet at the sight, but she tried to hide it. "My friend... I will miss you." She looked back at the other girls, and asked: "Who did it?"

"That would be me; I killed her in the tournament." Lightning answered her, and gestured at the wall. On it a screen appeared, and she asked: "You want to see how?"

Instead of answering, Porom stared at the screen. Terra gave her a chair, and she sat on it. As it was one of the magical chairs, it sensed her arousal and inserted the dildo in her pussy. It, along with the sight, was more than enough to get her over the edge, and soon she was dealing, a powerful orgasm rocking through her body.

When both she and the film finished, she asked: "And what about Rosa?"

"I have killed her too during the tournament. I will show you again." Lightning answered her, and another film started to play. Porom watched closely the death of Rosa. It was too short to give her another orgasm, but it still aroused her much. When it finished, she looked at them and said: "Thanks to the both of you for showing me that. Even that now I know they are both dead, I needed to see it. What now?"
"I'm probably going to eat something and then go to sleep. You realize we can resurrect them if you want to?" Terra answered her. Porom stared at her, not understanding. "What do you mean, "resurrect"?"

"We can bring them back to life, just like it happened after I killed you both after your fight with Rikku." Terra explained. "Oh, and that reminds me; you can get one of the girls as your slave along with the crystal to summon her. Oh, and there are your own crystals." She said while handing one to each of them. "You will be able to choose later if you don't want to now, just come to my room if you want to." Terra stood up and walked to the oven. There she thought for a moment who to eat until Porom joined her. Lightning stood up and walked out of that room, and headed to her own room. There she summoned her sister and after having sex both had fallen asleep in the other's grasp.
Terra smiled to Porom, and said: "I know you don't have much experience in girl's meat, so let me choose what to eat." Port didn't protest so she thought for a little longer, before saying: "We will eat Rydia; I have summoned her today to make her crystal. You also probably want to eat your friend herself instead of leaving it for somebody else to eat" As she finished those words, Rydia's body appeared and started to roast. Porom stared at her friend's dead body before going closer to Terra. She grabbed Terra's face and pulled her for a kiss. Terra reacted to it by reaching down with her hand and slipping one finger inside her. Porom while still kissing did the same, and they both started to finger each other.

Soon after Terra finally broke the kiss, they both came. After they finished Porom raised her fingers to her mouth and licked Terra's cum from them.

Terra stopped the heating, and they both started to devour Rydia's body. Her huge breasts given to her as a result of being debreasted in a fight quickly disappeared, and so did the rest of Rydia's body. After they finished, Terra yawned and said: "I'm going to sleep now. Bye!" She stood up and walked to her own room. Porom stood up too and walked to her room. There she jumped on her bed, falling asleep quickly after.

Lightning woke up. Her sister was still sleeping, but Lightning decided she didn't want to kill her now. She woke her up by slipping a finger in her pussy. Serah immediately opened her eyes, but relaxed as she saw it was her. Lightning's fingers quickly drove her over the edge, and she came on her sister’s hand and mattress. Lightning sat up and crawled on her sister's face, positioning her pussy just in front of her mouth. Serah understood what it meant and quickly started pleasuring her sister using her tongue. Soon Lightning was shaking as she was coming on her sister's face.

After she finished, Lightning stood up and walked out of the room. Serah followed her quickly.

At first Porom couldn't remember where she was. She lay in the bed, staring at the ceiling. Then her memories returned, many scenes flooding her mind. She lay for a moment before she realized that she could watch all the fights from the first tournament. She sat up and gestured at the wall, trying to mimic what Lightning did the day before. The screen appeared and she started to watch the videos of the first day fights. While watching, her hand found its way to her pussy, and she started fingering herself while watching. She came a lot of times while just lying in bed and masturbating to the recordings. When she finished, she stood up and walked out. She remembered Terra told her she should walk to her if she wanted to get her slave, so she walked across the corridor. Lightning and another pink haired girl walked from a room on her left to another of the rooms on the other side. She walked over to the room in which Terra slept and looked at the beautiful green haired woman's body, admiring it.
Terra woke up, sensing someone was staring at her. She opened her eyes and looked at Porom. "What do you want, Porom?" Terra asked before yawning. "You said I should talk to you if I want to get my slave. So now I do. Can you help me in choosing, Terra? Please?" Porom asked her, and Terra felt she couldn't resist. She sat up, and walked to the shelf where all the crystals, along with names of girls, where kept.

"What do you want your slave to be? Submissive or dominant? Willing or shy?" Terra asked her, and Porom thought about it for a while. "What do you think is the best?" Porom answered Terra with a question. "Well, I took a girl to get my revenge on her, while Lightning took her masochistic sister. So I think you should take either a willing girl or a certain girl you want to humiliate. So, any ideas on the second category?"

Porom thought for a while. First her thoughts went to Rikku, but the blonde seemed almost like she didn't care about the pain. That wasn't really a good idea. She thought again, but her thoughts seemed to go to a certain blonde white mage. She tried to think about other girls, but her mind kept coming back. "She was always so big-headed, and she thought she was a better mage than me! No, I can't believe I'm thinking it! Then she married Cecil, and became a queen, while I had to keep studying back home! Oh, how I hated her. Now it's a chance to get it back at her." She realized trying to resist it was of no use, and looked at Terra. "I've made my mind. Give me the crystal of Rosa." Terra raised her eyebrows at this, but gave her the crystal anyways. "When you are finished, come to the room on the left of the Voice's room. We are going to talk about the next tournament." Porom nodded to signalize she understood, and walked out.
Terra wondered for a while why had Porom chosen so, bit eventually she decided it was not her problem. She walked to the library to check what their options were before the other girls are ready.

Lightning lead Serah to the armory. There she got her to get in a rack, and whipped her. As it was a pleasant experience for the both of them, Lightning continued whipping even after Serah passed out from the loss of blood. Her body changed into a bloody mess before Lightning finally stopped. Then she remembered they were going to make a decision today, and realized they would probably be in the library. She came there and found Terra already waiting for the both of them. "We have a problem." She greeted her. "What problem? And where is Porom?" Lightning answered her. "She is probably enjoying her new slave, and about the problem I want to wait for her." Terra finished the discussion.
Porom sat on the edge of her bed, not knowing how to use the crystal she held in her hand. She decided to channel some of her energy into it, and it reacted to it. The crystal started to shine, and Rosa started to materialize in the room.

"Porom?" She asked when she was fully there, staring at the pink haired girl. "Yeah it's me. However I'm not the same. Now get over here and lick my pussy." Rosa slowly walked towards her, but suddenly she stopped. "Porom, what happened to you? I saw you grow up, and you never acted like this." Porom, annoyed by her words, smote her with a spell. It was not dangerous, but still hurt a lot. "Quiet bitch! Now I'm the one who gives orders." Rosa, now silent, covered the last few steps and knelt in front of Porom and moved her head forward, starting to lock her old friend. Porom moved her legs so they were around Rosa's neck, and started to moan as Rosa locked and sucked her pussy.
When she orgasmed, she came all over Rosa's face. As soon as cum started to spurt out of her, Porom squeezed the ex-queen's throat with her legs, cutting off the way air reached her lungs. Porom kept on squeezing, and she turned the head to one side. Soon she heard a loud cracking sound, and Rosa's head yanked to the side, her neck snapped. "How does it feel, bitch?" Porom asked the dead body. Then she let the body go, it falling to the ground. She sent it to the storage, and then a thought came to her. "Terra said that we are going to have a meeting in the room on the left of the Voice's room. Maybe I should go there?" So she walked to the room, and there both Lightning and Terra were sitting.

"We were waiting for you. Have a seat and we will start talking." Terra told her when she saw her.

"The problem is, that there are no interesting girls left. All the interesting ones were taken either to your or ours tournament. So far I haven't thought of anything to deal with that." Terra began.

"Really there are no good fighters or mages?" Lightning asked in disbelief. "Well, there are some girls but they are just small children, most of them have not even started menstruating. I think they are too young for the arena. We can wait until they grow up, but that doesn't solve the problem now."

Silence felt over the room. Finally Porom asked: "Why don't we just use the girls we have already? You said you can resurrect every one killed in both tournaments, so we can make a tournament out of them?" Terra checked something on the screen. "It's not actually a bad idea. Even the number of them is 24, so there will be no problems with a girl being left without an opponent. We could go to Voice and ask him. What do you think, Light?"
Lightning smiled and answered: "Yes, that's a good idea. Let's go and ask him." The trio rose and walked out of the room. Porom wanted to knock on the door, but the voice interrupted her. "You can go and try to make it. I propose that each one of you should take the eight of the girls and make them fight simultaneously in three different arenas, as there is a lot of fights to come. I have turned the arena to three smaller ones to make it easier. Now go and choose who gets which girls."

The girls walked back to the library. "I think that we should all get the girls from our worlds into our groups before we start choosing. What do you think?" Terra asked them after they sat down. Both girls agreed with it, so Terra started to write. She made a big list of all the girls appear on the wall and three smaller lists each one with one of their names at the top.
After a lot of bargaining and arguing girls finally decided how would the groups look like:
Lightning got Serah, Fang, Vanille, Beatrix, Selphie, Ashe, Paine and Faris.
Porom got Rydia, Rosa, Rikku, Penelo, Garnet, Tifa, Fran and Yuffie.
Terra got Celes, Yuna, Lenna, Rinoa, Aerith, Cissnei, Quistis and Lulu.

After deciding who would take what, girls bid each other goodbye and walked to their own rooms. Terra had fallen asleep quickly, not wanting to bother Yuna the night before she will have to fight.

Lightning summoned her sister and told her she was going to fight. "Please sis, try to actually fight this time. If you want to die, I can give it to you now. Just promise me you will fight tomorrow." Serah promised she would try, and Lightning to thank her let her choose a method of her death. Serah thought she was not impaled recently, so in few minutes from when she told Lightning it through her entire body a big metal rod was going, from her ass up to her mouth.
After that Lightning had gone to sleep.

Porom was not as merciful as Terra, and she didn't summon Rosa to help her like Lightning did. She summoned Rosa because she wanted to have some fun, and so she did. Rosa was tortured nearly to the point where her mind would break from it, but Porom always stopped just before it. The shouts of Rosa were heard for half of the night, along with occasional Porom's shouts of passion. When she finally finished, the night was already getting to an end. Porom then dropped on her bed and felt asleep immediately.

The next day all three of them were summoning their girls, putting them in their cells. Finally the preparations finished, and the tournament was able to start. The girls were put to sleep immediately after being summoned, so that they all could be waken at the same time.


Triple Tournaments - Day 1

Terra started her own tournament by shouting: "Wake up girls! You have been given another chance to live." All around in the cells girls were waking up. "The eight of you had been given into my custody, and in 3 days only one of you will be left alive. Now we will begin. I assume you know the rules: no spells or summons during the first round, you fight only with the weapon you asked for." So, let's begin: the first fight is going to be between Rinoa and Yuna. Girls, go and tell me what weapons you want." Both girls walked out, and stopped at the line on the sand. "Can you give me my Blaster Edge?" Rinoa asked. Yuna asked for her guns, knowing it worked last time.

Terra sent them their weapons and started counting down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Both girls fired from their weapons. Rinoa's shuriken flying up in the air, Yuna's bullets going through arena. While the shuriken was flying, Rinoa dropped to the ground, the first two bullets passing just above her. Yuna ran towards her, now aiming for Rinoa's head. Rinoa managed to roll out from the line of fire, but the bullets destroyed her shoulder, tearing off her arm. The shuriken came back; Yuna threw herself on the ground to avoid it. It passed above her head and circled above the place Rinoa laid, trying to get back to the weapon it was released from. Unfortunately for Rinoa, her weapon was on the arm she got shot off. She just lay helplessly on the ground, the shuriken circling next to her. She reached for it, and another gunshot was heard. The bullets to her arm off at elbow, so she was now helpless. She looked at Yuna and prayed for a quick death. Her prayers have been answered, as Yuna walked to her and shot two bullets through her brain.
"Yuna is the winner! Return to your cell." After Yuna did it, Terra announced another fight.
"Now Aerith is going to fight Lulu. Girls, walk to your lines." Gates lowered themselves, and both girls walked to the lines on the sand. "Weapons?" Terra asked. "Give me my staff, please." Aerith asked. "I want a short sword." Lulu answered the question. "Three... Two... One... Fight!" Aerith started charging at Lulu, but she instead of doing anything against get grabbed the sword with both hands, the tip of it pushing against her belly. She gritted her teeth and thrust the sword in. Yuna shouted in her cell, and Aerith stopped running. Lulu cur with the weapon to the side, leaving a big hole through which guts were beginning to slide out.

"Why?" Aerith asked her. "I can't fight anyways. Now, can you finish me off?" Lulu answered her and handed her the sword. Aerith walked to her and cut at her neck, hoping it would be enough.
It was enough, and Lulu's head got cut off. "Aerith is victorious! Return to your cell."

Aerith left the arena so Terra shouted again: "Come, Cissnei, and you too, Quistis. One of you will soon die." Both girls walked to the lines, and before Terra asked them, Quistis said: "My whip." Cissnei, not wanting to be worse, immediately said: "My shuriken." Both girls received their weapons, so Terra started to count down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Cissnei threw her weapon the moment Terra finished, and Quistis started running the same time. She was not swift enough, and the shuriken got to her around the half of the distance. Her effort to dodge it was of no use, and the shrunken caught her in her hip while she was jumping to the side. The strength of it threw her back to the ground, and the shuriken flew back to Cissnei.

Quistis managed to stand up, and tried to run again. Cissnei threw her weapon again when she saw her enemy stand up. This time it struck Quistis just after she stood up, so she was vulnerable for attacks. The shuriken went through her chest, piercing her lung. She started to cough with blood, and felt down to her knees again. Cissnei walked to her, and grabbed her opponent's whip, which was lying on the sand. Cissnei gave her opponent a blow to the back of her head, knocking her out. She rolled her so she lay on her back, took her shuriken and cut Quistis's throat with it. It was enough to kill her, so Terra shouted: "Cissnei is victorious! Now make some room for the last battle." Cissnei walked back to her cell, and Terra shouted again: "Celes and Lenna are the last two combatants. Girls walk to the lines."
Both girls exited their cells and walked to the lines. "What weapons do you want?" Terra asked them. Both girls answered that they answered they wanted swords. Terra sent them the weapons and started to count down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Both girls started to run towards each other. Quickly they got to each other and started to exchange blows and thrusts. The fight went on for some time. Lenna wanted to win this time, but the spirit of water tried to fight her will. Inside her mind a battle raged on, as vicious as the one fought in the material world. Celes had no problems like this, and she fought with all her strength.

The fight was tiring, so one of them had to make a mistake eventually. The fate had it that it was Lenna who did. She pulled her sword back a moment too late, and that instant Celes made use of it. Her sword went into the opening, cutting through skin and bone.
Lenna's hand got cut off, and with it her sword was falling to the ground. Celes backed off and in a quick cut finished her.

"Celes is victorious!" Terra shouted, her voice full of pride for her friend's victory. "Now you may rest. We will continue tomorrow." With those words she walked out and headed to her own room.

Porom started her tournament by sending a water spell at every girl, soaking them and waking them up. "Girls, you can gain your freedom. The only thing you need is to win the tournament. Now we will begin. The first fight is going to be between Rosa and Penelo. Come, girls and prepare to fight." Both blondes walked out and walked to the lines. "What weapons do you want?" Porom asked them. Rosa asked for a bow, while Penelo wanted a pair of daggers. Porom sent them their weapons, and began counting down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!"
Rosa immediately shot an arrow, while Penelo was beginning to run. The arrow meet her target, but Penelo managed to avoid it, although barely. It scratched her leg.

Rosa let another arrow go, and it flew through the arena. This time it hit Penelo, just above her left breast. It went deep in her shoulder, rendering it useless.
Penelo gritted her teeth but kept charging forward. Rosa released yet another arrow, but nerves get the hold of her this time and she missed. She shot another arrow just before Penelo got to her. It was straight through her opponent's belly, as Penelo had no time to try to avoid it. It went in one side and flew out another, with an intestine being pulled out of her body by it. Penelo was finally able to attack. She cut at her opponent's torso and the knife sunk deep in Rosa's flesh. Penelo twisted the knife, hoping for the pain to stop Rosa.

Rosa, however, was nearly knocked out by the pain. Fortunately for her the remains of her consciousness managed to shoot yet another arrow. This time it went in Penelo's chest, destroying her heart.

"Rosa has won! Go back to your cell."
"Now it's time for a fight between Garnet and Rikku. Girls, walk here." Both Rikku and Garnet did so. "What weapons should I send you?" Porom asked them.

"My pair of knives. You should probably know it, right?" Rikku answered her.

"A rod, but the one used by Vanille, not like the one I had last time.” Garnet said, she still remembered how easily Vanille fought her, and if she hadn't tripped over a body she would have killed her a lot quicker.

Porom send them their weapons, and started to count down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Garnet swung her weapon, hoping that she does it right. She tried to use it like it was a racket, and it seemed to work, for the blades went flying towards her opponent.
Rikku immediately started running. The blades didn't fly wrinkly, so she managed to cover 1/3 of the distance before they got to her. Blades sunk deep in her left arm, and Garnet remembered Vanille used to pull immediately after the blades got to her. She pulled using all her strength, and soon Rikku felt her arm being torn from her body. She still didn't feel the pain, the side effect of Lightning's torture, so it just made her go quicker. As the blades were flying back she ran just behind them, her arm slowing the blades enough for her to keep up with it.

Garnet got the blades just before Rikku get to her, so she did what Vanille did back then: she tried to stab her enemy, hoping for some luck. Rikku easily dodged the blow and thrust her knife up in Garnet's right armpit, rendering her right arm useless. She pulled out her knife and thrust it in Garnet's chest, through her heart.
"Rikku has won! Well, that was not a surprise. Now we will have another fight. Come, Yuffie, and you too, Tifa."

Tifa's heart nearly stopped when she heard it. She could probably try to kill a girl she didn't know, but it was Yuffie! The ninja girl that was with her during so many fights. She knew that she could never kill her. She sighed, and prepared to die.

Yuffie remembered that it was her friend who she had to fight, and she was saddened by it. Both girls with sad faces came to the lines, and Porom asked them what weapons they wanted.

"I want my shuriken." Yuffie said. "A pair knuckles, but I think it won't change a thing." Porom sent them their weapons and began to count down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!"
Tifa started to run towards Yuffie, who threw her shuriken at her. Tifa sprinted towards it, and soon the shuriken was just a few meters from her. She jumped towards it, getting the shuriken in her belly. It hurt a lot more than a punch in a gut, and she doubled over in pain, accidentally moving the shuriken so it cut more of her skin. Yuffie started to walk towards her friend, watching out if she tried to do something, but Tifa was throwing on the ground in pain. She walked the last steps and kneeled beside her, taking Tifa's head in her arms. "I'm sorry, but one of us has to die." Tifa smiled in answer and said: "I know. Win for me, would you?" Yuffie nodded through tears. She pulled out her weapon from Tifa's wound and cut with it at her throat. It was cut easily, and Tifa's head felt from the rest of her body.

"Yuffie is the winner!" As Yuffie, still sobbing, walked to her cell, Porom started to speak again: "The final fight for today is going to be between Rydia and Fran. Girls walk to your lines." Both girls did so, eyeing her opponent. "What weapons do you want?" Porom asked them. "My whip." The green haired woman said, while the viera asked for a bow. Porom sent it to them and starred to count down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Fran started to aim from her bow while Rydia started running towards her. Her willingness to get hurt was quickly answered: Fran's arrow sunk in her body, just above her hip, at the side of her belly. It passed through her skin, tearing it off before coming out. It was painful, but along pain came pleasure and it was just the stimulation she needed. She speeded up, and easily avoided the next few arrows Fran shot at her. Finally she got so close to her she could strike her with her whip.
Immediately she did. Her whip wrapped around Fran's hand, forcing her to drop the weapon. Rydia knew she had her opponent at her mercy now, so she gave her a few quick strikes to show her who was in power now. Then she walked to her and ordered her to lick her pussy.

Porom up in her control room started to finger herself, the sight of her friend doing what she did was really arousing for her.

Rydia was quickly getting brought to orgasm. While Fran was busy licking her, she put her whip around her neck. As she was getting more and more aroused, she tightened the loop around her enemy's neck. When she orgasmed, at the same time she tightened it as much as she could, cutting Fran's breath off. Fran's was getting red, her heart beat as crazy trying to pomp the oxygen she didn't have.

Soon she passed out, and Rydia finally let her go. "Rydia is victorious! I will give you some time to rest, and tomorrow we will continue." Porom shouted immediately, even that an orgasm was going through her body. She managed to get back to her room and dropped on the bed to give herself more release.

Lightning was not as kind as the two other girls. She sent electric shocks through the bodies of all girls. It worked great to wake them up, and after Lightning was sure all girls were conscious, she started to speak: "Somehow you got another chance. I'd rather you rot in hell forever, but mercy is needed to be granted sometimes. So you will once again fight in a tournament. Now let's begin." Lightning finished, and waited for a while to let the words sunk in. Then she resumed: "First fight will be between Vanille and Beatrix. Girls go to your lines." The red head was surprised to hear Lightning giving them orders like that, but obediently did what she was told. Beatrix looked around and noticed that there were 8 cells, so no more voting off. She smiled at the thought while standing on the line. "With what you want to kill your opponent?" Lightning asked them. "My rod, as if you didn't know it." Vanille said, while Beatrix asked for a sword.
"Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Vanille immediately swung her rod. Beatrix was running towards her, her brown hair waving behind her. The bladed chains got to her, and she cut at one of them. Her strength was enough to cut through it, and one of the blades felt to the sand. However, the other three went past her arm, burying themselves around her breast. Beatrix ignored it and continued running. Vanille pulled on the handle, and it started to tear the breast off. It went flying, and while the blades were flying back Beatrix cut with her sword again, cutting another blade off. Seeing how her weapon was handled, Vanille realized she had no chance. Beatrix was too close for another swing, and the way she used her sword had shown that she can do it well. Vanille kept her weapon close, hoping for some luck until Beatrix got to her.
The redhead tried to use her weapon like a spear, thrusting forward. Beatrix easily sidestepped the blow, and while Vanille was behind her she cut at her opponent's exposed back. The sword went in easily, coming through Vanille's body and exiting just beneath her bellybutton. She struggled for few seconds, and then her body went limp. Beatrix let the body slide off her weapon to the sand. Lightning in the control room orgasmed at the sight, but still was conscious enough to say: "Beatrix is the winner! Go back to your cell." Lightning waited for a while, and when Beatrix disappeared in her cell, she resumed: "Time for today's second fight: Ashe will fight Faris. Girls prepare yourselves." Both girls walked out of their cells to the arena. "You both want swords?" Lightning asked them, and both girls nodded in response.

"Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Both girls started to run towards each other the moment Lightning finished. Quickly they got to each other, and started exchange blows. They were about the same level of swordsmanship, so they fought for some time without any of the two gaining advantage. Both girls were slowly getting tired, it was harder for them to block or evade the attacks on time. One of them must have made a mistake, and I'm that case it was Ashe who did it. She didn't parry a slash in time, and it went past her defenses. Faris's sword was going upwards, and without Ashe's sword to stop it easily cut her left arm off. It felt down to the sand, and Ashe stumbled back to gain some breath. Faris immediately took the advantage of it, and she jumped to her opponent in a blink of an eye. There she cut at her other arm, just to make sure she won't cause any more problems.
When Ashe became armless, Faris grabbed her by her hair. She pulled her head back, exposing her throat for a quick cut. She raised her other hand and slit her opponent's throat, keeping the head in her hand while the rest felt down to the sand. "Faris has defeated her enemy! Now go to your cell and make some room for the next fight." Faris left the arena so Lightning spoke again: "Now Serah is going to fight Fang. Girls walk to your lines." As they were walking, Lightning sent them their weapons: Fang got her spear while Serah received her bowsword.
"Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Serah got in a firing position and shot her arrow towards Fang. Fang was already running towards her, and she managed to dodge the arrow. It went past her not causing any damage. Serah was suddenly overcome with desire to drop her weapon and allow Fang to stab her. She almost let go of her weapon, but then she remembered the talk with Lightning. "I promised her I will fight this time." She muttered. The memory gave her enough will to fight, so she raised her weapon and fired at Fang. As she was standing motionless for the last few seconds, Fang nearly got to her. The shot was completely unexpected for her, and because of it the arrow hit its mark - the hand Fang was holding the spear in was shot off as the arrow pierced her wrist. The spear felt to the ground, and Serah changed the bowsword into the sword form by folding both limbs forward so they are connected, and when she finished she charged at the slowly recovering Fang. Serah was merciless, her sword going quickly through her friend's chest, through her heart. Serah felt arousal again, it surprised her but not much as she knew Lightning was being aroused by it too.

Serah dropped the weapon and started fingering herself in front of everyone. Lightning was already coming upside, but once again she managed to order her sister to go away. Serah did so, while still fingering herself. When she got to the entrance she took a final look back. She looked at Fang, and also caught a glimpse of Vanille's body, and she then came.

Lightning managed to calm down, and she started to speak again: "The last fight for today is going to be between Selphie and Paine. Girls, I'm waiting for you."

Both girls quickly got to the arena, stopping where they were told to. "What weapons do you want?" Lightning asked them. "Please give me my nunchaku." Selphie answered, while Paine asked for a sword.

Weapons materialized in their hands, and Lightning started to count down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Both girls started running towards each other. Soon Selphie had Paine in the range of her oversized nunchaku. She swung it and it crushed against the side of Paine's head, as she was not expecting an attack from that far. The blow knocked her to the ground. Selphie walked a bit closer and swung her weapon again. It was brought down on her enemy's elbow, crushing it. Then Selphie decided it will be enough, and walked to the head of her enemy. She brought her nunchaku down against the side of her head, knocking Paine out. She swung her weapon again attacking the same point as before, and she repeated the process until she got the skull to crack. Another blow forced the remains of it into her brain, killing her immediately. "Selphie has won! It's all for today, we will continue tomorrow." Lightning stormed out of the control room and walked to her own.

Terra walked to her room. As Yuna was in the arena, she decided not to bother her while she had the time to rest. She went to the storage, meeting other girls there as each one was getting a meal for herself. They talked a bit about tomorrow's rounds. After she was done eating she returned to her room falling asleep soon after.

As Porom was hungry, she went straight to the trophy room. There she grabbed a body of one of the recently killed girls, not even checking which one it was. She quickly devoured it, and just as she was to leave, Terra entered the room. Lightning already slipped inside as she was busy eating, so Porom asked them what they would do tomorrow. After hearing some ideas they had chosen a single one that they were going to use. Porom went back to her room and set the two fights of her friends to be shown one after another. She masturbated to it and after coming she just felt asleep.
Lightning was lonely. Usually she had a girl with her: First Terra as her slave, then Rikku for one night and finally Serah. But Terra was no longer her slave, Rikku was in the arena and last time it gave her an unfair advantage, while Serah needed rest. "Also if I killed her, and I know she would have wanted it, it would mean the end for the tournament for her. I saw she was enjoying fighting, and I can't take it from her." So she went to eat something. She talked with the other two, and after eating a meal she returned to her room. There she took her sister's head from the plaque and used some magic to make it lick her pussy. She came, staining her sister's lips with her juices, and after that she had fallen asleep.

Girls were slowly going asleep. The food they received tasted well, even if most of them knew it was the meat of dead girls.
Afterwards each girl had something to do, no one had just fallen asleep
Celes though about Terra, and wondered how did she manage to become the arena mistress. As she couldn't think of anything, the blonde general had fallen asleep.

Yuna also thought about Terra, but more about her being the one who killed her, and used her some time before. "Would I become a similar monster if I killed her?" She wondered. She also wondered if the same fate befell her cousin, and if it did, then if Rikku was alive. Lulu's suicide also came to her mind. She thought about all the problems before finally going asleep.

Aerith thought how she survived the first rounds of both tournaments by facing the girls that didn't want to win. "Hopefully this time I will be able to win."
Cissnei, as she was used to discipline, gave no mind to the events of that day and just felt asleep.
Rydia envied Porom her position. She imagined herself killing her and taking over the arena. After orgasming once she thought about Rosa, and how she also killed a girl today. When she got tired of it she went asleep.

Rosa thought about Porom. She now hated her with all her mind, as the things she did to her while she was her slave were still fresh in her mind. She also though for a while about the girl she killed, silently apologizing to her. When she was done she was so sleepy that her eyes just closed themselves and then she was sleeping.

Rikku thought about Porom too. "It would have been me. That pink haired bitch turned me using her tortures into some kind of a monster that didn't felt pain. What would I do then? Would I be as evil as it looks she is?" Those and similar questions kept Rikku up for some time.
Yuffie went quickly to bed; knowing that if she stayed too long it would certainly make her cry, and she wanted to be strong.

Serah was still thinking what an amazing feeling it was when she killed Fang. The way her sword sunk in her chest piercing her heart was just too wonderful. Even that it gave her many orgasms during the day, it was still not enough for her. She longed for her sister, she was the only one to satisfy her lust besides her husband who was out of her reach.

Beatrix didn't think much about the fights, fully believing in her fighting abilities.

Selphie thought about the black haired girl for a while. She wondered who she was, if she had some family to go back too, but it didn't bring her mind peace. It just felt so wrong for her that her mind was completely occupied with it and as an effect she didn't sleep as much as she wanted to.
Faris thought a bit about the other girls and who it would have been the best to for her to fight with, but came to a conclusion that she don't have any way to affect it anyways.

All the girls were asleep. The night was slowly passing. The only one who was awake was the Voice. He kept going with his mysterious research and he felt he was close to finishing it. His work was still being continued when the dawn begun, covering the entire dark building in the rays of light. Even if the trio of mistresses couldn't see it as there were no windows in the whole building. Each of the girls went to the control room for their arena, and so the second day of the tournament was started.


Triple Tournaments - Day 2

This time Lightning woke her girls up by simply shouting at them. "Get up sluts or I may decide to kill you right now!" Of course it was enough to make them get up, so she continued: "Today you are allowed to cast one spell during the fight, and also you get a weapon that's different from the one you got yesterday. Now let's begin: Serah, you are going to fight Selphie. Girls, get to your lines." Both Serah and Selphie did as they were told, stopping over the line in the sand. "So what weapons do you want?" Lightning asked them.

"Send me your gunblade, sis." Serah answered her, grinning as she knew it annoyed her. Lightning smiled, and sent her the weapon.

"Can you send me the Blaster Edge? You know, the weapon Rinoa uses?" Selphie asked her. "You mean the weapon she used before she died? Here it comes."
Lightning answered her, having some fun from the pain she saw passing Selphie's face when she realized what she meant.

The weapons appeared, Serah's humble in her hand and Selphie's Blaster Edge on her arm.

"Three... Two... One... Fight!" Counting down like this was now a routine for her, but for the girls in the arena it was really important, they paying attention to every word she said.

When she finished Serah immediately raised her right hand that held the weapon, and aimed towards Selphie. The shot missed, the bullet going past her a few meters from her.

It took Selphie some time to find out how Rinoa's weapon worked, so it allowed Serah to try some more times, each one getting closer to actually hitting her, but in the end she decided to go closer to her.

While Serah was walking Selphie finally found out how to use her weapon. She sent the shuriken flying, and because Serah was occupied with trying to shoot her, and also her not thinking that she would fight back like this, were enough for it to hit her. It went around her chest, starting just below her right breast, giving her a deep, long gash through her entire torso. Like yesterday, she had to use all her willpower to keep herself from opening to her wounds and allowing herself to be killed. The surge of pain mixed with pleasure gave her some energy, and thinking of death made her think about her last death, which lead her to her sister and the way she used the gunblade. Suddenly she understood how to use the weapon, and to try it out she mimicked one of Lightning shooting positions. However, before she pulled the trigger Selphie's weapon returned to her.

This time it cut her legs, slicing her Achilles tendons in both of her legs. She felt down, and now instead of trying to shoot her she just channeled her energy into a single spell. It was a thunder based spell, chosen by her simply because she knew that this kind of a device must be vulnerable to electric shocks. A lightning went from her hand that was stretched out towards Selphie, coming through the air and connecting with the bracelet that was the Blaster Edge. The temperature caused by the thunder melted iron it was composed of, and Selphie's weapon melted, most of it pouring to the sand, but some of it remained, burning her arm. Selphie screamed in pain, realizing she had no weapon now. Then the shrunken returned to her, but without the Blaster Edge she had no way to hold it, so it stopped by thrusting through her arm, at the place Blaster Edge used to be.

Serah knew she had to act fast, before her enemy could use her spell, so she raised the top of her body using her elbows, then took the gunblade to her arm and using it to hold it up she slowly moved it so that Selphie would get in the line of fire. Finally she had her weapon pointing straight at Selphie, so it was a matter of only pulling the trigger. This time nothing interrupted her, and her bullet flew straight towards Selphie. It pierced her skin at the exact spot Serah was aiming for - her chest, just between her breasts. Another shot a bit to the left, and Selphie's heart was completely torn to pieces. Her body collapsed, falling to the sand. "Serah is victorious! Sis, try not to destroy any weapons next time, ok? You will probably want to be able to walk again, so I will heal your legs just in a moment." Lightning stopped to cast a healing spell, then resumed: "Ok, now you can walk, so get out of the arena." Serah walked to her room, her arousal clearly visible by the cum running down her thighs.

Lightning waited for her to walk away, slowly fingering herself at the sight, and when she was gone to her room she continued: "Now Faris is going to fight Beatrix. Both of you, get ready." Both girls walked, stopping at the lines in the sand, warming up before the fight. "What weapons do you want?" Lightning asked her usual question, and both girls answered immediately: Beatrix asked for a spear, while Faris wanted a pair of knives. The weapons materialized in their hands, and Lightning counted down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!" Both girls started running towards each other, hoping to get them by surprise. When the distance between them was lowered to only a half, Faris cast Haste on herself, causing herself to move even quicker. Soon they were both close to each other. Beatrix tried to impale her through her front, but Faris evaded it by jumping to the side. She got to Beatrix, but just as she was to cut her, Beatrix swung the spear from the side, slamming it into Faris's side.

It knocked her out from the jump she was doing, throwing her down do the sand. She immediately did a somersault backwards so that she kept standing. This time Beatrix charged at her, so Faris took the occasion. She evaded the attack again, and before Beatrix managed to take it back, Faris for to her and started stabbing her with her knives. She gave her a lot of gashes all over her chest before Beatrix used the same technique as before to knock her back. They stood for a while thinking what to do, and then Beatrix shouted: "Jump!". With those words she jumped high in the air, so high the rest was not able to see her, and then coming down. She used all the energy she gained from the fall to bring her spear down. The energy was so huge that she managed to create a small crater, and in the middle of it was Faris, trying to crawl away. Beatrix took a few steps to her, still shaking from the fall, and then just stabbed Faris in her neck, opening a wound that was bound to kill her.

As the outcome was clear, Lightning shouted: "Beatrix is victorious! Go back to your room." As she was walking away Lightning sent some healing spells to cure her wounds. "That's all for today. You should take some rest before tomorrow's fight. Anyways, that's what I'm doing now." She put the microphone down and stood up, leaving the control room.

Terra woke the four girls in her arena by just shouting: "Wake up! It's time for another day of your fights. But before we begin, two rules: one old and one new. The returning one is that you can cast one spell during the battle. The new one is that you have to choose another weapon different from the one you fought with yesterday. Is it clear?" Terra concluded, and without giving them a chance to answer she shouted:

"Our first combatant is going to be Aerith. If you are interested, yesterday at the running simultaneously tournaments Tifa lost, but Yuffie managed to live through the day. You are going to face Yuna. Speaking about your friends, you have seen what happened to Lulu, Rikku won her fight and Paine got her skull crushed. Now, let's begin." Both girls walked to the lines on the sand, thinking what they should use, and wondering if their still living friends will stay alive.
The new rules were not a problem for Yuna. During the time she spent as an sphere hunter she learned how to use many different kinds of weapons. She decided to use a sword.

Aerith had more troubles, as she was used to fighting with her staff. As she couldn't think of a weapon, she was still thinking when she got to the line, and as an effect she didn't answer when Terra asked about the weapons they wanted. After hearing what weapon Yuan took she shrugged and decided to take a similar one.

The sword Yuna got was Tidus's Brotherhood. Tears appeared in her beautiful eyes, thinking again about him. She realized it was another way Terra was mocking her, as she had hurt her when she mentioned Tidus when she was creating a resurrection crystal for her. Her mind went furious: "How I hate that green haired bitch. I hope I will be able to pay her for it."
As Terra saw that both girl were ready, she counted down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Yuna immediately charged towards Aerith, her anger fuelling the speed she was running with. In no time she was close to Aerith, before even she realized how to use the sword she got. Her mind went blank, and she started swinging her sword furiously, cutting Aerith in an berserker's fury. When she stopped, panting heavily, Aerith's body was on the ground, all her limbs severed from it, with heavy wounds opened. She realized she was causing her unnecessary pain, and immediately brought the sword down, piercing Aerith's torso and cutting her heart in half. For some reason when she saw the dying body of her opponent, and looked at her own body covered in blood, she found it strangely pleasuring. Her lower body was staring to show first signs of arousal, and it scared her, but it also felt good.
"Yuna is victorious! Go to your room now and allow us to begin the second fight." She walked to her room, and as soon as she was sure no one could see her from the outside she started slowly fingering herself, moaning while also thinking hoe wrong it was. Terra In her control room smiled at the sight, her screen showing her a perfect view of it. Then she remembered she had the other fight to do, so she said in her clear voice: "The second fight for today is going to be between Celes and Cissnei. Girls, come here." Both girls did it, so she told them to choose what weapons they wanted.

"Send me a flail, if it's possible." Celes told her, still wondering what happened to the girl who was once her friend.

"The electric rod Reno used. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about." Cissnei had no problems with choosing a weapon as her Turk training made know how to use many different kinds of weaponry.
"Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Both girls slowly approached each other, not knowing what their opponents would do. They have gotten close, meeting at the middle of the arena. They stood motionless, thinking what to do. It was Celes who broke the impasse, hoping her weapon had bigger range than Celes's rod. As it was true, the spiked ball of her weapon slammed into Cissnei's left elbow, destroying it. Celes took the weapon back, and took another swing at the other girl was immobilized by pain. Just before she moved her arm forward Cissnei suddenly rushed forward, slamming her weapon in her opponent’s chest, just between her breasts. The weapon shocked Celes, stopping her movement, so she let go of the handle. The ball swinging on her flail crushed in the side of her head, knocking her out.
Cissnei got down as her enemy was falling, so when Celes was on the ground she already had her weapon in her hand, her own thrown behind her. She got up with it, the weapon already with some blood on it, and she slammed it in the same place, crushing the scull weakened by the hit it received before. The skull was cracked, opening the way to the brain and knocking some shards in it. Cissnei knew her opponent was done for now, but just to be sure she pushed her weapon inside the skull, destroying the brain even more.

"Cissnei is victorious! Go back to your room." Terra's shout was a bit less enthusiastic than usual, as her friend had just been killed. Quickly her arousal caused by it replaced the feeling of loss, and she stood up, her hand already playing with her pussy as she was leaving the control room.

Porom woke up her remaining girls by sending a weak earthquake through her arena. It caused all four of them to fall down and hit the hard floor. It of course was enough to wake them, and so each of the girls stood up, waiting for Porom to speak.

"Today you're going to fight again. This time you can cast one spell during the fight. You are also going to fight with a different weapon than yesterday. Now we will start: Rikku is going to face Rosa. Girls, get ready." Even that the change surprised them, girls did what they were ordered to. Both stopped on the sand at the lines, awaiting further orders. "Tell what weapons you want." Porom said, a bit angered by their behavior.

"I think you could give me a staff." Said Rosa, and the requested weapon appeared in her hand.
"Send me a sword!" Rikku shouted in her usual positive mindset. She received a sword resembling the one she used in the warrior dressphere.

As both girls were ready, Porom started to count down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!" Rikku immediately went running towards Rosa, who was thinking how to survive this fight. While running, Rikku muttered a quiet word, casting a spell on herself. She quickly covered the distance, being a few steps from Rosa when she finally acted. She shouted: "Hold!" Hoping to stop Rikku in place. Little she knew Rikku was expecting it, knowing it was how Porom defeated her. She began the fight with casting a reflecting spell at herself, so now the spell was bounced back at Rosa. It paralyzed her, and Rikku was free to do everything she wanted. She walked to her, knowing she had to finish her in one strike, so she cut from the side at the waist level, severing Rosa's body in half.

Then the spell wore off, and Rosa's body parts fell down, the white mage realizing she was dying in the same way as before. Rikku walked to her to finish her off, kneeling beside her head. She put the tip of the sword so that is was touching the head, and then in one quick motion she forced it inside her brain. "Soon we will meet again, Porom. For now one of your friends died the same way you killed me before!" Rikku shouted, and then got up to leave the arena. "Rikku is victorious! If you win, then we will see what will happen. Now it's time for the second fight. You know you will fight now, so come here, Yuffie, and you too, Rydia." Porom was trying to keep herself concentrated on leading the fight, but both Rikku's threat and the way she killed Rosa were too arousing for her.
She waited for the girls to stop walking, sent them the weapons they wanted: Rydia requested a rod so she sent her one she remembered Rydia was once using; and Yuffie asked for a staff, remembering that it was the weapon Aerith fought with. The weapons materialized in their hands, and Porom quickly counted down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!", and finally turned the microphone off, allowing herself to moan. The chair let the fold out, and it started ramming her pussy. The girls haven't yet started while she came for the first time. It was not enough for her, and through the whole battle she kept it going, getting a lot of orgasms from it.

As both girls had blunt weapons, neither of them felt a pressure to get closer. Eventually Rydia decided it's time to act, and charged towards Yuffie. The ninja just stood, waiting for her.
Rydia was close to Yuffie when she attacked her. As her staff was longer, she could do it without being hurt herself, keeping Rydia at distance. She circled around Yuffie, searching for an opening, and silently cursing Porom who instead of that redhead's weapon sent her an usual rod from their world. As she couldn't find a single one, the only things she got were bruises, Rydia decided the only way was to remove the weapon. She prepared a fire spell, a weak one because it was still able to do the job and Yuffie might have had a reflecting spell on.

She let the fire go, and the ball went towards Yuffie's face. The usual reflex made her cover it, and ad she held the staff in them, it connected with the staff, setting it on fire. Yuffie immediately let it go not to get burned, so Rydia took her chance. She quickly run to her, and slammed her over the head with her rod.
It stunned Yuffie for a while, giving Rydia more time to beat her more. A strike to her knee, making her fall down. Then Rydia used her knee to hit Yuffie's head, breaking her jaw and stopping her from casting a spell she was trying to. Another kick in the stomach just to have fun, and then Rydia started to beat her to death. Using their both weapons and her arms and legs she hit the body all over. In the end there was not a single place on Yuffie's body left that was not hit, and only then Rydia stopped. Yuffie died of internal wounds some time before, but Porom wanted to enjoy the sight, and so she didn't stop her until Rydia decided it was enough. "Rydia is victorious! Go back to your room, we will continue tomorrow."

Porom finally took the dildo out of her pussy, and walked out of her control room.

All the three of them: Terra, Lightning and Porom, had gone to eat something. After sending some meat to the girls that were still alive in cells, they had consumed some more of them, using both bodies of girls killed today and the ones in the endless storage. They have exchanged some words about tomorrow's fights, and then each one of them had gone to her own room.

Lightning was still feeling lonely. She tried masturbating as a way to get over it, but it was of no use for her. Finally she realized what she needed: another woman who she could do all to. She realized that if she wanted to summon any of the girls already killed she would have had to go to Terra's room, and she really didn't want to. That left her with the girls in the arenas, but she knew she would probably kill the girl, so she knew that she could take only the girls from her arena. She smiled, realizing that the girl she had to summon if she wanted any must be her sister. With that in mind she used the spell to get her sister to her.
Terra after getting to her room just stayed in bed, watching all the day fights, and fingering herself while doing it. Celes's fight saddened her, but she was already in that state of mind that it had no effect on her. When she was done, she just went asleep

Porom wandered around the building, examining all the rooms. She watched Terra in her bed, then she spied on Farron sisters in Lightning's room. It surprised her, as Serah was supposed to be in the arena, but she accepted it and just enjoyed the sight. After some time she went to the trophy room across the corridor, and went to see all the trophies there again. She took a head from one of the trophy plaques, and used magic to let it live for some time. She put it in her thighs, and it immediately started licking her pussy, quickly getting her to an orgasm. Then she put the head back, ending the spell. After wise she went to the place where Rydia's body was kept.
Porom get Rydia's body down to a kneeling position, and then she started going up and down the staff coming off Rydia's mouth. With each slam down she pushed the body more and more down the pole, her tights crushing against Rydia's dead face. Another orgasm soon shook her body, and then she felt the staff cutting her pussy walls, as she did with the staff still inside, giving her even more pleasure. Blood mixed with cum poured from her pussy down the pole to Rydia's mouth and to her face.
"It is really a mystery how are those bodies preserved. It felt as if the girls I used were just killed, and they have been here for some time now. Anyways, it's better for me, I guess." She returned the body to its usual position, and then walked away, going to the armory. There, she examined all the weapons, imagining how it would feel to kill with them. When she was done there she just went to her room, all the things she had done today so exhausting that she had fallen asleep immediately after healing her pussy from the internal cuts.

Serah blinked. One moment she was in her cell in the arena, fingering herself so she had nothing to do, the other one she was suddenly in her sister's room, kissing her. It was a long kiss, their tongues battling for dominance. When they finally broke the kiss, Serah was already burning with lust, and she threw herself on her sister, starting to fuck her like crazy. The time they had to spend without each other was over, if only for a night. They have been enjoying it for long, each one orgasming a lot of times, but eventually Lightning stopped it. She held her sister a bit, and looked in her eyes. "Listen, Serah. If you win tomorrow, then probably you will be able to stay with me. You understand it? You win, and we can stay together again for as long as we wanted, doing whatever we wanted. But only of you kill that bitch tomorrow. If you feel you won't be able to control your masochistic urges anymore, just tell me. Now I can kill you as many times as you want. You understand, sis?"
Instead of answering, Sarah pulled her for another kiss. After she broke the kiss, she hugged Lightning, saying: "You're the best sister ever, Light." Then she jumped out of the bed, and smiled at her: "So, let's get started with this killing me as much as I want." Lightning smiled too in answer, and jumped out of the bed, already conjuring some torture devices.

The two pink haired girls used many of them, like the debreasting guillotine, many whips, and some other things. They also used some killing devices, including the guillotine, a strangling post, and many others, each one tested on Serah. Both sisters did it happily, knowing each one was enjoying it. The number of orgasms the two had while using them was too high to count, both girls losing the count of them after passing the number of ten. Eventually they both collapsed on the bed in Lightning's room, too exhausted to do anything more, falling asleep while holding each other.
Rydia entertained her sadistic side by imagining what she would do to the girl that was overseeing the arena if she had the chance. As her mind was telling her it was Porom's voice, it only aroused her more. The arousal was soon turned to orgasm, as she started to finger herself at some point while fantasizing. Her night was not going to be spent just on sleeping, and she managed to find different things to fantasies about for about two thirds of the night before finally running out of ideas.

Rikku thought about her vengeance. She knew she sent a message to Porom with the way she killed the last girl, but she just wanted to hurt Porom with it. Then she realized that the other girl alive, Rydia, was also a friend of Porom. She grinned, imagining how much pain it would cause to Porom if she managed to kill her. She knew she would fight with all her strength, and that rest was needed for it, so she went asleep quickly after she finished thinking.
Cissnei, using her military training felt asleep as soon as she was allowed to, knowing that being rested before the fight might give her the necessary advantage.

Beatrix took some time deciding what weapon she should use tomorrow. After deciding she felt asleep, not having anything else to do.

Yuna thought a lot about how her body reacted when she was fighting with Aerith. The berserker rage was not supposed to kick in like that, but what concerned her more was the arousal she felt afterwards, especially that she masturbated after returning to her room. She knew she needed to stop those urges, or she would change into somebody like Terra. She knew she would rather die then became such a monster, so she thought about a way of avoiding killing the other girl directly. Eventually she found one, so satisfied with it she had quickly fallen asleep.


Triple Tournaments - Day 3

Porom get to her arena, and decided to wake the two remaining girls she had gently, rather than doing it by force like she did for the two last days. She sent some energy, but only to wake them up, and as she watched Rikku yawning on the screen, she knew she managed to do it. As she saw Rydia opening her blue eyes on another screen, she was sure both girls were awake now, and she started talking.
"You are the only two remaining girls here, and in some minutes only one of you will be alive. Now get out of your cells, and do your best to make sure you would be the one that survives. As yesterday, you can have one weapon and during the fight you can cast one spell, but both must be different from the ones you used in the previous fights." By the time she was finished, both fighters were standing at their lines, both checking the other's body for any sign of weakness.
"What weapons do you want?" Porom asked them, and Rydia answered her after a while: "I suppose you could give me a pair of knives? I know it's what Rikku used, but it's not a problem, right?" Porom didn't answer her, but the knives she felt materialize in her hands were enough to tell her the answer.

Rikku was relieved to hear Rydia wanted knives, for if there was something she was good at, it was being a thief, and she used knives as her weapons. "I will have to try to get a hold of one of them, and then it would be easy. But is there anything I could take that wouldn't slow me down? I will need all the speed I can get, and carrying a weapon always makes me slower. I guess the fact we're nude will also help me in being quicker than ever." She was silent for some time, and Porom was getting impatient. Just as she was to shout at the blonde girl, Rikku finally opened her mouth.

"Can I choose not to take any weapon know? Maybe I could get it during the fight? I just can't think of a single useful weapon now." Porom shrugged back in her control room - if that stupid slut wanted to be killed, not taking a weapon would certainly help her in doing so. She grinned devilishly, imagining all the pain Rydia would be able to inflict on her. "Yes, I will send you the weapon later if you ask. Now, as you are both ready, Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Rikku started running the moment she heard Porom finish, and she saw the other girl was doing the same. They both run for a moment, and then Rikku realized what could she do to get quicker. It was not a spell she ever cast, but she remembered Tidus did so, and probably if she used the right dressphere she would be able to cast it normally, but here it wasn't her who cast it.

"Haste!" She shouted, and a few glowing disks appeared around her for just a second, and when they were gone Rydia was running slower... or maybe she was faster? She didn't really care. It gave her advantage, and only that was important.

In no time she reached Rydia. The green haired girl tried to cut her, but Rikku was too fast for her. However; she didn't manage to evade the thrust completely, and one knife scratched her, leaving a cut on the side of her breast. Rikku grabbed one of Rydia's hands with her both, trying to pull it out, hurting her fingers while doing so. It left Rydia free to make another attack, and she thrust with her free hand. The knife went handle-deep inside Rikku's belly, and Rydia twisted it, hoping to inflict maximum pain on her enemy. Rikku howled in pain, feeling her guts being cut, but it also made her pull harder, and Rydia let go of the knife.

Rikku immediately turned it so that she could hold it, and as she was getting ready for another attack Rydia moved her knife to the side, opening the wound in Rikku's belly. Rikku felt her guts were beginning to slide out, so she slammed her fist into Rydia's stomach, hoping to gain some time. Rydia bent forward from the blow, and took a step back, leaving the knife inside Rikku's belly. Rikku pressed her hand against her belly, trying to hold her guts inside it, and her hand found the knife. Her hand closed around it, and she watched Rydia carefully, preparing to attack her again. Rydia knew that her enemy was lethal with knives, but she also knew she had wounded her badly. She decided not to attack, hoping the belly wound would be enough to kill Rikku. She took a step back, then another one. Rikku was still watching her, some guts slipping out from her belly despite her desperate attempts to hold them.

Finally Rikku decided she couldn't wait any longer. With each moment she was becoming weaker and weaker, soon she would have no strength to attack. Suddenly she pulled the knives out, jumping at Rydia, surprising her. Rikku stabbed her with her both knives in the middle of her chest, one of them going through Rydia's heart. She felt down to her knees, and as she was falling she managed to say "Firaga". Rikku didn't hear her, but Porom up in the control room was able to hear everything that was happening down in the arena. Even that she knew Rydia was dying, she cast the spell she asked for, because she knew it would hurt Rikku. Then she teleported herself to the arena, her hand playing with her pussy as she was thinking about her friend dying there.

Rikku was barely standing, and she didn't see the waves of fire that merged into a fireball, and as it came down on her she was thrown to the ground. The ball exploded, sending the fire wave through the arena.
Rikku was on the ground, and worse, she felt her guys outside of her belly caught fire. She rolled on the ground, trying to put the fire out.

The fire wave came to Rydia, but it didn't do much to her. Her breath was getting slower and slower, and she saw the Porom only when the other girl stood directly in front of her. She thought maybe her spell worked, but instead Porom knelt, and started to thrust her hand in and out of Rydia's pussy. Despite her fatal wound, Rydia enjoyed it, and she orgasmed quickly, her masochistic side also helping with it. As soon as she did, her cut heart stopped. Porom noticed it, and it brought her to an orgasm too. As soon as she was finished, she looked at Rikku, who was still on the ground. She cast a healing spell on her, before kneeling next to her. "You won, Rikku. Now, I will heal you and then we will go."

Rikku felt energy surging through her body, healing all the wounds she had. What Porom didn't know was the fact she also had the second knife, and as soon as she felt she could do it, Rikku jumped at Porom. She slammed her hand at Porom's face, the knife going through her eye to the brain, all the way through it to the back of her skull. Porom had only the time to realize what Rikku did before she died. Rikku stood up, and gave Porom's body a kick. "I told you I would get you, bitch." She looked around, wondering what should she do now, but before she thought of anything she felt herself being teleported out of the arena.

Lightning woke up with her sister in her arms. It took her some time to realize what happened and why she was there, and when she did, she used a teleportation spell to send her back to her cell, and when she disappeared she quickly jumped in the pool the clean the sweat that came on her body as an effect of last night's entertainment. After quickly washing herself she rushed to the control room of her arena, hoping that the two girls were still asleep. They were, somehow the teleportation didn't wake Serah up. Lightning woke the girls by raising one of the ends of their cells, making them fall from their bed and slide down the floor to the entrance. "It's time for the final fight in this arena. We all know who is going to fight, so get to your line, Serah, and you too, Beatrix." Both girls, even that they were sleepy from being just woken up did as they were told.
Both girls were walking there, so Lightning explained the rules: "Today you can ask for a third weapon, different from the ones you used yesterday and two days ago. You can also cast one spell, but again, it has to be different from the one you used yesterday. Now tell me what do you want?"

Beatrix asked for an axe, as it was another weapon she was good with.
"Noel's blades, sis. You know which ones I'm talking about." Lightning sent them the weapons, and as they materialized she started counting down: "Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Serah immediately combined her two swords into a javelin. She waited for Beatrix to come closer, and she did so, as it was the only way she could attack her. Serah aimed carefully, and threw the javelin when she was sure she wouldn't miss.
The javelin flew through the air, and got to Beatrix, sinking deep in her abdomen. She cried out in pain, but grabbed the javelin, and pulled it out of her belly. She decided to throw it away, as if Serah had no weapon it would be easier to kill her. She threw the weapon on the sand behind her, not thinking about it anymore, and charged at Serah again, using one of her hands to keep the guts from sliding out.

Serah watched with a smile as her javelin pierced her enemy's belly, and touched her pussy, feeling it was already wet. She knew the time for it would come later, so it was as far as she went, instead using some of her magic to get the javelin back to her. It slowly rose, and began to fly back to her. She only hoped it would get to her before Beatrix did. The weapon finally got to her hands, and she immediately returned it to the two swords form, jumping at the other girl.
Beatrix was not expecting it, as she thought Serah was unarmed, and for the first few seconds Serah was not disturbed in attacking. She gave Beatrix a few quick slashes, a few cuts at her breasts, some cuts at her belly, up to cutting off the hand she held there and opening the hole left by the javelin a lot more wide. She finished with a thrust using the sword she held in her right hand at her opponent's chest, just under her breasts. She left the weapon in it, and tried to rest a bit, supporting herself with the handle of her sword.

Beatrix tried to defend herself, but with no effect until Serah finished. She managed to withstand all the pain, but it was a clear attack on her sanity: no normal girl could move so quickly. When Sarah finally stopped, Beatrix swung her weapon, which she desperately clung to as Serah's onslaught was happening, at her enemy's outstretched arm.
The axe clearly cleaved Serah's arm off, the pick haired girl dropping to the sand as her entire right arm was falling away from her. She tried to swing up with her left arm, but she did no good. As much as she was able to fight using it, it was far weaker than her right one, and Beatrix easily dodged the strike. She gave her a kick to her wrist, knocking the sword out of her hands, and then she stomped on her left hand, crushing some bones of it.

Lightning was already masturbating, a bit sad it wasn't her who was killing her sister so easily. Serah was also aroused by the way she was being made unable to fight. She wondered how she could make her death more gruesome, coming to a conclusion that the most gory deaths she saw dame from two things: somebody breaking the rules, or her sister getting angry. She decided to try to make Lightning so angry that she would have to kill her.
She thought about the best way to do it, and meanwhile Beatrix brought her axe down on her hand, crushing it with the blunt end. She felt more of her bones there snap, and she let out a cry of pain. Her arousal was now running down her legs, wetting the sand under her ass. She started moaning, her mind finally found the way she thought it would anger her sister most, especially if taking the previous examples of that kind of rule-breaking. She was now waiting for the best moment to do it.

Beatrix knelt on the sand, close to Serah's body, clearly preparing to end her, so Serah took her chance then. She shouted "Firaga!", Serah hoped that Lightning would unleash on her all hell she could use, for she broke the rule of the fight, one of the only rules the fights had. She remembered that before, in the first tournament, it was the reason the first girl, Celes, as she recalled, was killed, and she was also killed for it back then.
Serah continued her kamikaze attack, punching Beatrix with her left arm, even that she had no hand anymore, in the middle of her chest, just between her breasts.

Lightning was sure angry at her sister, but ad she was on the brink of orgasm now, and also she wanted her young sister to win, she didn't react to her misbehavior. She just watched, interested what Serah was trying to do.

No interruption came to her, and a ball of fire started to form at the end of Serah's arm. As she had her bleeding stump pressed against Beatrix's chest, the flaming sphere was growing inside it, and the brown haired girl felt a weird sensation inside her chest. And then the fireball exploded.

Utter shock appeared in her eyes for a moment, but then the force of the explosion got it toll on her. She screamed in pain as her body was torn to pieces. Her lower body crushing into the sand, guts spilling out from what remained of it, her destroyed womb clearly visible. Her torso torn in two parts, each one going to one side, having one arm with it, and a nearly destroyed breast, while her lungs and heart were completely evaporated. Finally her head, that was blown up, some of her spine swinging as it was spinning high above the arena, before plummeting down to the sand. The crash opened her skull, exposing the pink flesh of her brain. However, she was not the only one who had been hurt by the explosion. The damage to Serah's body was not really huge, just really painful, what also gave her a lot of pleasure. The entire arm she used to hold the fireball was gone, blasted to pieces. Her shoulder at the side, along with part of her chest, was gone too, her breast and her lung both now half of its size. The explosion covered her in a wave of crimson, soaking her with blood completely.
Lightning came simultaneously with her sister down in the arena, but she had enough consciousness to cast a spell that would keep Serah alive until she got to heal her.

Finally she was done, so she shouted: "You won, sis. I'm coming to you now." She teleported herself down to the arena, and immediately cast healing and regeneration spells on her. As she had an excuse to do so now, she cast a spell to increase the size of Serah's breasts, as she knew they both wanted it, and it was a small spell in comparison to the others she had to cast now. It took some time, but Serah's body returned to normal... except for her breasts, now bigger than before. When Lightning saw the spells completed their work, she hugged her sister, whispering in her ear: "You did it, sis. You know what it means, right?" Serah answered her, whispering back, her voice full of lust.
"Of course, Light, I remember." She took her head a bit back, before kissing her sister. They made out for a while, her hands going to Lightning's pussy while her sister massaged her breasts, pinching her nipples checking how her spell worked.

The results were satisfying for both, moans escaping lips of both pink headed girls. "And if we... Ever get... Tired of it... We can always... Return to our world... You want to... see your husband... Don't you?" Lightning managed to say it in between her moans.

Soon it brought them to more orgasms. They again came at the same time, and their cum poured from their cunts down their legs. Lightning promised herself to get those new tits of Serah to lactate as soon as they were back in her room. She remembered that after the fight they agreed to meet, so she grabbed her sister's arm, transporting them to the meeting point.

Terra woke up early next day. She walked to the control room of her arena. There, she woke up the two girls of her. "Wake up you two! Only one more fight and may be free." Both girls hoed out of their beds, getting ready to fight. They both walked to the lines, not waiting for Terra to tell them to do so. "Today, again, you can use one spell, different from the one you used yesterday, and a third weapon. So tell me, what do you want?"

Yuna, instead of answering looked at her opponent, and said: "Cissnei, I have a proposition for you. I won't attack you or resist when you will try to kill me, and before you do attack me you will let me try cast my spell. What do you say?" Yuna made the proposition knowing that she needed to defeat her opponent without doing it with her own hands, still scared by her body reaction yesterday.

Cissnei considered it for a while. "If that spell of her doesn't work I'm earning a easy win, while if I disagree I would have a fight I'm not sure I could win." With that in mind she looked at Yuna, saying: "I accept, by only if Terra agrees to make us both hold the terms, so she would keep me from attacking until you're done with your spell, and then she would immobilize you, stopping you from ant tries of breaking the deal. Do you agree, Terra?"

Terra was not expecting a thing like this, so she considered it for a moment, finally deciding she would do it, or at least say she would. "Ok, so I keep you from attacking until Yuna stops casting her spell, and then I held her for you to kill? I think I can agree on that. Now tell me what weapons do you want?"

"My summoner's staff." Yuna told her.
"Well, anything would probably work, so just give me a gun." Cissnei told her.

Terra send them the weapons they requested, and started counting down: "Three... Two... One... Fight! "

Cissnei, honoring the deal, stood motionless, while Yuna started moving. She started moving slowly to her sides, turning slowly while raising her rod. Her moves were slowly becoming more and more quick, her body making some kind of a dance. Her braid was waving behind her, her legs jumping, her hands making some weird gestures and swinging the rod. Cissnei started to feel a weird feeling in her chest, stabs of pain all over her body, even that her body showed no signs of any wounds. Yuna's movements were getting more and more rapid, her entire body now not stopping even for a while, even her breasts bouncing as she was spinning, or some sudden jumps in the direction of the red headed girl. The pain was getting stronger and stronger, and Cissnei started to cry out in pain as pyreflies were emerging all over from her body. Yuna smiled while seeing the pyreflies, for it meant it was working, she would live, and the cries of her enemy starting a feeling in her abdomen, a one that slowly crept down to her tights.

The pain was getting more and more intense, pyreflies all around her now, up to a point when Cissnei felt she could no longer bear it. She pulled out the gun she received, and aimed for Yuna. Before Terra managed to stop her, she pulled the trigger, a bullet flying towards Yuna. She was not expecting it, as she was fully concentrated on her dance now, so the bullet hit her midair, ripping her skin and bone as it sunk in her shoulder, tearing her arm off. Yuna felt down to the sand, crying out in pain and shock. Terra, in anger for such an act, especially that it meant defying her, only with all her self control managed to keep herself from blasting her with all her magical power, as she was interested in what Yuna was doing, deciding her spell would be more painful. So instead she only teleported the gun back to her, and used some of her magic to held Cissnei in place, not allowing even a single muscle to move, but letting her to speak, to hear her cries of pain.
The shock was slowly wearing out, so Yuna managed to get on her fours and then to stand up, grabbing her rod from the ground. She looked at Cissnei, and seeing that she was now completely immobilized she resumed her dance. The cries of pain her enemy shouted out were doing what she wanted to avoid by this way of fighting: she was getting more and more aroused by it, and again it was scaring her but also it was pleasuring.

Although the dance was hard to complete without her arm, Yuna somehow managed to continue it well, and Cissnei body started to dissolve, even more pyreflies emerging from it. Her cries now were heartbreaking, and it only aroused both girls more. Her final shout was as loud as if she would have been tortured in the most twisted ways, and that's what she felt before her body dissolved fully, her form no longer visible in a swarm if pyreflies.

The sound of it was even more arousing for the two girls, so Terra shouted: "You won, Yuna. Now you can masturbate, even if you wanted to conceal your own perversion I have seen everything yesterday." before enabling the chair so that it was pounding her pussy. Resigned Yuna let the rod drop down on the sand, her hand entering her pussy. Soon she came, her cries of pleasure satisfying Terra. Then the half ester girl looked at the shelf with all the summoning crystals of the girls from her arena, and noticed something weird: Cissnei's crystal was no longer glowing like the other were. She tried to use it to summon her to check if everything was normal, but it didn't work. A fear appeared at her spine, she realizing that Yuna had a way to truly kill somebody. She could only hope Yuna didn't know the full level of what had she done.

Terra teleported herself to the arena, starting to talk to Yuna: "You've managed to win, so now we're going to meet with the other girls. For your information, Rikku was still alive before today's fight. Maybe she will win the tournament she's in too?" She smiled while saying the lady sentence, walking closer to Yuna. When she got close enough, she used the teleporting spell to transport them both to the small arena, as it was the place she and the other two rulers have chosen as the meeting place after the fights were over.


The Goddess of Death

All five girls materialised back in the small arena. They looked around to check if everyone was there, and to their surprise, there was only 5 of them. As surprising as it was, Lightning and Terra didn't really care about Porom, so the fact she was gone was good for them to see.

"I see you are done with your petty little fights." An unknown, feminine voice said, and Terra and Lightning looked at each other in confusion. Who was that woman?

"I see you are surprised to hear me. I guess the owner of this place didn't tell you what was he working on? It didn't work out the way he was planning it to. Now, I think it's time to move on to the main event.” Suddenly Rikku disappeared, and Terra found herself on one end of the arena, with Yuna in the other one. They were both being held away from each other by a wall that was invisible, but her magical sense immediately felt it was there and she saw Yuna touching the wall on her side."

Lightning and Serah found themselves watching them from the throne, both girls sitting at the feet of the stairs leading to the top. The pink haired sisters started to touch themselves. The sight was too familiar for them, and even if that meant they will have to fight each other they wanted to enjoy the sight.

Rikku was transported to a room, hitting the ground there as she was thrown against it. She looked up to see a woman sitting at the control chair there, obviously enjoying what she was seeing in various screens around her. Her hands were doing wonders with the control table, while she was bucking her hips against the dildo that was sticking out of the chair. What surprised Rikku most was she felt recognition, as if she met the other woman before. She couldn't recall how or when she met her, but she was sure she had seen her before. The room was much bigger than she could see, stretching far further than she could see.

“Now, as you seem to have enjoyed fighting back when I watched, fight!” The woman shouted without the usual countdown, and both girls stumbled forward as the walls they were leaning on suddenly disappeared. After she regained balance, Terrace started to run towards Yuna. Yuna stood there, thinking of the last time they fought like that. She decided she had nothing to lose and shouted "Fira!" With her right hand holding her braid at the point closest to her head she could grab. The fire burned through it, and as the smell of burning hair filled the room her braid had fallen to the sand. She raised her head, only to see Terra closing on her. Yuna jumped forward, surprising Terra who though she would stay in place. She thrust her leg forward, aiming for Terra's left ankle. She heard a satisfying crack as the green haired girl collapsed with her foot twisted unnaturally. She gave her opponent a kick in her chest and she curled on the sand.

Terra felt to the ground, hitting the sand with a painful pang from her leg. She tried to move but her left foot didn't react.

„If she used magic, then I can do the same.” She began to cast a spell, but Yuna's kick hit her, breaking a few ribs and interrupting her spell. She pulled her legs close to her chest, her foot dangling from her ankle, and she suddenly outstretched them, using all her body weight to slam into Yuna's legs. The brown haired girl crushed head first into the sand, taking a lot of it in her mouth and eyes. Terra grabbed one of Yuna's legs as the summoner was falling, and twisted it when Yuna was on the ground until she felt it snapping out of the knee joint. Yuna was busy getting the sand out of her, spitting it and rubbing her hands with her eyes to get tears that would remove it. Her leg snapping returned her thoughts to Terra, and she threw herself at the green haired girl. The two collapsed to the ground with Yuna on top.

Yuna sat on Terra's belly to keep her pinned down, and she started to punch the green haired woman with her both hands, her attacks hitting Terra's face, neck and breasts. Terra tried to protect herself, but the blow to her head stunned her for a moment during which Yuna was able to freely devastate her upper body. Yuna added elements to her punches, going through fire, lightning, and ice, each one leaving burns on Terra.

Finally the green haired girl snapped out of not being able to do anything. She grabbed a handful of sand and throwing it at Yuna. For the second time this day Yuna was blinded by sand, and that gave Terra the distraction she needed to prepare a spell. The spell knocked Yuna off her, and Terra jumped with one leg to her opponent, landing on the top of her. The impact knocked the air out of both of them, but both of them knew they couldn't give the other time so they started exchanging attacks.

Yuna knew she was at a disadvantage, so she tried to flip them. She succeeded in it, but Terra also did it the moment she felt Yuna was slipping out from beneath her, and the two rolled in the sand.

They did for some time with no result, both not wanting the other to get even a moment of rest. Their fight for dominance moved then around the arena in a circle, going all over it. Finally they got to the place Yuna had been standing at the start, and as they rolled there Yuna felt something soft, immediately recognising it was not the sand. She risked a look at it, giving the opportunity to Terra to attack her freely for an instant, and she saw the red cloth still wrapped around her braid. She grabbed it with one hand, the other one catching a blow from Terra. She prepared for a moment, then suddenly she slammed her whole body against Terra's, getting close enough that she could get the braid around Terra's neck.

As soon as it was around, Yuna started pulling on both ends of it, tightening it around Terra's neck and twisting it so that it would be harder to break free from it. Terra started to claw at it, trying to pull it away, but with no effect. Her face turned blue, then her bladder released and the hands dropped by her sides as her body went limp.

Yuna felt an overwhelming burst of satisfaction and arousal as she realised she killed Terra the way she died to her the first time they met. „Good job girl, but now it's time for the last two to fight.” As the woman finished talking, Yuna was transported to an empty room, her severed braid still in her hands.

„What is wrong with me?” She asked herself silently as she slid a finger inside her pussy to make us from her arousal. She fingered herself for some time, and when she finished she broke into tears. She needed to stop it, it she would become a monster! As sys told herself that, she looked around the room."

Yuna's eyes moved around it, but she could see anything. The room felt empty, and there was no light anyways so she had to rely on her other senses.

Rikku was lying on the floor of the room, close to the chair the woman was sitting on. Suddenly the woman moved to her and grabbed her head with her both hands. Rikku could help but stare at the enormous breasts that were only centimetres from her face. Then she felt an enormous pain in her forehead. The woman sunk her nails in her skin, cutting it. It felt more like it were claws more than anything. Suddenly the woman moved to her eyes, and Rikku shrieked in pain as she felt her sparkling green eyes being pulled out. Her vision went black, but she could hear the other girl licking, possibly drying her fingers after the act.

The woman laughed. „Ah, Rikku, you never mentioned you tasted so delicious.” Rikku's heart stopped for a moment - it couldn't be! The woman's voice sounded just like Yuna! She shrieked in pain and shock and then her senses became dulled. She couldn't hear anything, but she various parts of her body getting hurt, her bones breaking.

In the arena, the two pink haired women were transported to both ends of it. Lighting looked at her sister and said: „Listen, sis. You're going to kill me now. You will find a way to handle that brown haired bitch, and hopefully then you will get back home. Don't try arguing with me, or I will kill myself, and I want you to have a go at the thrill of killing somebody.” Serah opened her mouth, then stopped. It made sense that Light wanted to get her out of here alive, and it sounded like a reasonable plan as it was unpredictable what that new woman will tell them to do.

The invisible walls disappeared, and the two sisters ran towards each other. Lightning got to her, and sent her sister to the ground with a kick from the side. She planned to die, but before dying she could at least have some fun. She jumped on Serah, sitting on her belly and staring to beat her up. Her sister stared at her with surprise, but her masochistic side was quickly regaining control and Serah started to moan at the pain.

Lightning managed to stop, but only using the most of her self control. She gave her sister a squeeze on her breasts, and rolled off her allowing her to move. Her sister climbed on her, and Lightning smiled at her.

„You know how to kill me or I should show you?” Serah smiled at the question, then replied: „No, you have killed me so many times I get it now.” She pressed her both hands at her sister's neck, staring to choke the air out of her. Lightning moved her hands to finger them both, one hand going in one of their respective pussies. She found it surprisingly arousing to be choked to death, and she felt she could now understand what her sister usually felt. For Serah it was also very arousing, and her sister's fingers were quickly getting her to an orgasm. As soon as she felt she was going to orgasm, she pressed as hard as she could and held it that way, cutting off Lightning's breath completely.

"Her sister managed to get then both over the edge, but even as the orgasm was rocking through her body she kept her hands clamped firmly at her sister's throat. She kept them until she felt her sister's body go limp. She released it, then stood up. She felt really weird, but also really good. Then she looked at Lightning's dead body and smiled. „If I killed you, then surely I will make it out of here.” She wanted to walk away bit she felt being teleported instead. She found herself in a very dark room. She looked around, but she could see anything. Suddenly the lights went on, and she saw Yuna, with teary eyes and pussy dripping with cum.

„Now the two of you will fight.” Serah sighed. She was expecting it but it was annoying anyways. Yuna only replied: „Can we get our weapons? It would be more interesting if we did.”"

There you go. Now kill each other!" Serah grinned as she felt her bowsword materialising in her hands, though the guns Yuna got scared her. Yuna raised her weapon, and Serah prepares for the worst, but instead of firing at her Yuna seemed to be charging a very powerful shot, and she was aiming it at the walls. "Will you help me? I want to end this shit once end for all!" Yuna shouted to her, and Serah made a decision. "With pleasure!" She shouted back aiming her weapon at the same spot Yuna did. They released in a way that caused her arrow and Yuna's bullets to hit almost simultaneously, and the wall exploded, showing a gigantic room. Close to the hole they've just blown a woman was standing, and as the two girls got through the hole she moved her head to them.

„Stupid sluts! No one can disobey the Goddess of Death!” She jumped at them, and the two girls ran in opposite directions. Serah couldn't help getting aroused, as the girl looked better than any other she's ever seen. Serah pulled the string while running, aiming in movement. It was hard, but she got used to it and her arrows started to fly at the woman. She didn't even dodge them though, they all bounced away from her skin. Serah muttered a curse, then started changing her weapon into a sword. She did it just in time, as the woman got to her just as she finished.

Yuna ran in an opposite direction from where Serah did, and she noticed the goddess was going for her friend. She fired a few quick shots, but missed all of them, the woman moving too quickly for her to score a hit. Yuna thought for a moment, watching Serah's attacks working no better than hers."

"She ran again, this time back towards Serah. The woman stopped right before Serah, but before she had any chance to do anything, Yuna fired a flurry of bullets through her back. Serah was bathed in blood from the torn entrails, and she took the opening by swinging her sword at the Goddess.

It never hit it mark. The Goddess roared in anger, turning around. As she spun, she hit Serah with her elbow, throwing the pink haired heroine over the room, pain making Serah let go of her sword. She hit the wall with an agonising thud and slid down the wall, resting at the floor.

„What is this treachery? I don't think you should have such a weapon. Begone!” She shouted, and an explosion blasted both Yuna's guns to pieces, also blowing her arms up to her elbows as she did. The Goddess jumped to her and kicked her in her torso, breaking her ribs and throwing her back, making her hit the ground painfully as she fell.

Serah watched the Goddess destroying her friend with terror. She managed to get up, and even to limp back to her sword. She knew she couldn't fight like that, do she tried healing herself. Probably because the Goddess was occupied with beating Yuna up, she didn't notice that and Serah felt a revitalising energy surge going through her body.

Now that she was ready to fight, she tried casting a concealing spell on herself just to be sure, then ran silently towards the two women. It seemed that they both couldn't hear her. She slammed into the Goddess with her body, throwing them both off balance. She managed to fell on Goddess, and she started beating her up with her sword, hoping to distract her long enough for Yuna to get prepared to fight again. However, the Goddess was much stronger than she was and soon Serah found herself on the ground, with her head painfully slamming against the stones, cold fingers enclosed on her throat.

Yuna pulled in a deep breath of relief. The time Serah was giving her was really needed, but she wasted a lot on just trying to get up without her hands. She finally got herself to stand up, then she cast some white magic at herself in hopes of healing herself. She felt a pulling sensation at her stumps, and her arms grew back. They weren't the same though, and Yuna moved her hand with curiosity. But it was no time for doing so, and she scolded herself. Her hands were more flexible, and she will do more research on then when she has no problems associated with this whole place on her head. She knew she needed a weapon. Looking how good Serah did with her sword, Yuna decided to call hers. Well, not exactly hers. She felt a familiar cut at her heart as her lover's sword materialised in her hands. She was not sure how did she summoned the weapon, but she realised it meant she could cast magic. She looked at the Goddess, then she cast the ultimate white magic spell, Holy.

Various light beams appeared all around the room, all forming a circle around the Goddess. She looked around, freeing Serah from the grip for a moment, and then the light rays started sending brand of energy through her, one by one. She started shouting in pain, fully letting go of Serah, while the light beams were tearing her up.

Serah crawled from under the immobilised woman, grabbed the sword, and then nodded at Yuna. „Now it's our chance!” They both got to the woman, carefully avoiding the beams of light as they got close. Then, in one moment, both girls swung their swords. The both struck the Goddess's neck at the same place.

"Yes!" Serah shouted in excitement, their swords cutting through the Goddess's neck. Her head beautifully flew through the hall, leaving a trail of blood. Sarah looked at Yuna and they exchanged triumphant looks. "So... She's dead?" Yuna asked, and before Serah could answer she was cut off by an evil laughter.

"You can fight well, mortals. Killing you might be even funnier than I thought. Unfortunately for you, I'm the goddess of death. I control if someone dies. For example..." A large stone moved, revealing completely mangled and crushed Rikku's body. "No!" Yuna shouted, running to her cousin. "She hates you now. All the time I've been torturing she could only hear my voice disguised so that it sounded like yours. Now there's nothing you can do about it." As she finished, the Goddess reappeared in the room.

„Now, I will let her feel and hear for a moment. Confirm it's you who had been torturing her and kill her, or I will just blast you two into nothingness, stuck there forever as I won't let you die” Yuna shivered, such a terrible fate was not what she ever wanted, even if it meant doing what she was forced to do now to Rikku. She walked to her friend, then laughed maniacally.

„Yuna? Is that really you?” Rikku asked weakly, all the pain she had been through visible in her voice. „Silence, you bitch! You will die now!” Yuna felt wrong shouting it, and she could feel Serah watching her anxiously too. Why did it feel so good then?

She stabbed through her belly, the sword going so close to her spine it was actually visible. As she was looking at it, she got another idea, one that could possibly take care of that bitch once and for all!

She moved the sword up Rikku's back, opening it carefully so that her spine was easily visible. When she felt she couldn't move it any further, she pulled her sword out and turned Rikku to lie on her back. The Al-Bhed was crying, as the fact it was her cousin and friend doing it all to her really shocked her. Yuna carefully used the sword to slit her throat, then pressed, beheading Rikku but in a way than left her spine intact. When she was sure nothing else was connecting the head to the body, she put the sword down for a moment and grabbed Rikku's spine with her both hands. She carefully pulled, sending energy through her hands so that the spine wouldn't break, but removing it from the body. After a bit of time she grinned triumphantly: the head with the spine hanging from it was clearly detached from the rest of Rikku's body. She send more energy to it to make it stiff then grabbed it by the ending and looked at Serah.

"Attack her at my sign, you must kill her and I will make sure she won't come back this time." She sent her a message telepathically. Yuna didn't even fully realise she could do such a thing, but she certainly hoped the Goddess couldn't hear such a message. Serah did nothing to show she heard her, and Yuna could only hope she did not to show the Goddess they had a plan. Yuna then started moving, coming into a sending dance like the one she had performed so many times, for the first time using such a thing as a ripped out spine as her summoner's staff. The Goddess just watched her dance with curiosity, her clean moves looking both attractive and entrancing. Serah found herself looking at her companion's body slowly feeling her arousal building. The way Yuna spun all around the room looked really sexy for her, and she found herself holding her sword along her body with one hand, the other going in and out of her pussy.

Yuna was increasing the pace at which she was performing the sending. Her improvised staff was doing pretty good, and as she was getting used to it she was able to move quicker and quicker. She noticed the hungry gazes both women were giving her, and she knew she needed to lengthen the sending, for Serah was completely distracted by Yuna's own body.

Serah knew she had to stay focused, but Yuna's movements made it impossible for her. Serah only hoped the summoner will give her enough time to recover before telling her to attack. She slipped a finger inside her pussy and started furiously fingering herself, her sword held in her other hand along her leg. She then moved her hand with the sword and started fondling one of her breasts with it, the cold blade touching her body, only making her even more aroused. She quickly got herself to an orgasm, and as she was shaking on her feet she heard Yuna in her mind: „Serah, attack her now!”"

Serah immediately sprung to action, although she slipped as she was running towards the Goddess. She got towards the heavenly beautiful woman, and as she was to attack her suddenly she felt an energy push to her belly.

The Goddess send an energy beam at the girl, angry that she was obscuring the view. She pulled the body closer to herself, then looked at the girl's face.

„You really shouldn't have interrupted your companion.” She held Serah by her throat, then with her other hand cut through the link haired girl's neck, letting the body fall to the ground. She pulled the head closer, and gave Serah's severed head a long kiss, her tongue exploring Serah's mouth before coming out through the neck stump. She pulls her very long tongue back, letting go of the head, and Serah's head felt down to the rest if her body. „No!” Yuna cried, only then noticing her ally's failure.

"She shouldn't have stopped the performance you were doing. It was pretty arousing, too..." Yuna saw the Goddess slip fingers inside her pussy. "So continue, unless you want to suffer anything worse." Yuna returned to her sending, although the only chance she thought they had of defeating the goddess was gone without a girl to kill the unbelievably sexy woman across the room from her. She started dancing again, slowly feeling the moment when Serah should kill the Goddess in some way approaching. As she was dancing quicker and quicker, she heard the Goddess moans getting louder and louder, possibly because she was approaching her orgasm. Just as Yuna saw the Goddess hitting her orgasm, suddenly a woman with a flurry of pink hair slammed into the Goddess, cutting with her sword through the earlier weakened part of Goddess's neck, making the unearthly beautiful head fly through the room, a fountain of blood erupting from the severed throat.

Yuna know this was the moment, so she quickly cast some spells and broke into the finishing part of the sending ceremony. She saw Goddess's body started to dematerialize, and as she was doing the few finishing spins she saw a swarm of pyreflies flying away from where the Goddess stood a few moments before. She looked at the girl who beheaded the Goddess, and realised it was Serah.

„What? How? I saw you die...” Yuna shouted as she approached the second woman.

„An illusion. That's all it required to fool both you and her. A pretty good one, I must say.” Serah grinned at the last sentence. „Anyways, if your theory won't work then we will listen from her in a moment.” She went silent, and the two women waited for any signs the Goddess was coming back yet again.

Since nothing happened, they've looked at each other in awe. They've actually managed to kill that woman! Suddenly, they both heard the Voice going over the room they were in.

„Stupid bitch thought she got me. I must thank the two of you for disposing of her. She was really the goddess of death. I, as a young man, made a pact with her - in exchange for power I had to summon her to the world. But now I did and you destroyed her, so that means I am no longer bound to do it. As a token if my appreciation, I grant this whole mansion to you. I've just implanted a plan of it along with the spell that you can use to teleport here in your minds. I will probably never return here, so enjoy your new residence.” The Voice finished, and both girls looked at each other again. Could it mean it was actually over?

Serah broke the silence by waving at her and saying: „Come on, let's tour our new house.”


The Goddess is Dead

Serah and Yuna walked through the hall they've broken into. They've passed a man's body shredded to pieces. Both girls assumed it was the body of the Voice, and the fact it was completely destroyed suggested it was the reason the goddess of death thought she had killed him. They've walked further, and the room slowly changed into a lab. They've seen various scientific structures, some body tanks and, most importantly, a portal. At the end of the room there was a simple door. They walked through it and found themselves in the original Voice's room, the one he usually called girls to. They've also got through this room, and finally Serah recognised it was the corridor at which Lightning's room was a long with the others. They've searched through the rooms, taking some weapons from the armory just in case they could be needed, finally coming to the room of Terra. They both stared at the rows of crystals there.

"Are those..." Yuna started to ask, and Serah interrupted her with a smile: "Yes, we can summon all the girls back with those." Serah walked to the crystals and threw one at Yuna. "This one is yours." Serah looked at the girl, suddenly realising how hot the other girl was. Sweating from the earlier fight, it only made her look sexier for the pink haired woman, and she walked to her. Yuna looked at her not trying to stop her, and Serah suddenly got to her, crushing her lips against Yuna's. Yuna tensed at first but quickly responded to the kiss, kissing Serah back. The two of them walked to the bed, still kissing with their tongues battling for domination, and Serah git them both to fall on the bed with her on the top. The fall broke their kiss, but it only made them grow more aroused. Even that it was Yuna's first time with a woman, she turned out to be quite skilled as both girls buried themselves in the others' pussies.

Yuna was sure it was wrong, but she did it anyways. Soon the feeling in her abdomen got close to an orgasm, and then she came on Serah's face. She didn't stop licking her out though, and soon she was hit with a load of love juices in her face. They've just lain for a few moments, resting.

„Now we need to do something about all those crystals.” Yuna said, getting up and breaking the silence as if nothing had happened.

„I think we should just choose one girl from each world and give her all the crystals from it. We won't have any use of the crystals from other worlds, and if we are free from being here they deserve it too.” Serah answered her.

„That's pretty much what I had in mind. So let's get started with it.”

„First, we both get crystals for all the girls from our worlds.” Yuna nodded. It sounded reasonable, and she didn't want anyone to be able to summon her."

Serah walked away, then conjured a table and two chairs for both of them to sit. „I think I'm getting better at this place's magic.” She said with a smile. She took 3 more crystals for herself and another 3 for Yuna. She placed them at the table, then went back and stopped before taking more.

„We will go with the order of world's that was used by the Voice, or do you have any other ideas?” She asked.

„No, that's fine.” Yuna replied her with a smile.

„That makes the first world the world Rydia, Rosa and Porom come from. It's pretty obvious that we should give the crystals to Rosa, the other two are both completely fucked up.” As Yuna didn't reply, Serah separated Rosa's crystal from the three and placed it a bit closer to them the remaining two.

„Next world we have two sisters. It doesn't really matter which one gets it, right?” Serah said and this time Yuna answered her.

„It probably doesn't, so maybe let's give it to the girl that is the queen there?” While saying it Yuna took Lenna's crystal and placed it in front of Faris's one.

„Next it's a world of Terra and Celes. Considering she is the one who created all of those it is only right to give them to Terra.

„Sure, but under only one condition: she has to help me create one more crystal.” Yuna answered. She realised Serah going back and forth between the table and the crystals with her hips swinging at every step were making her aroused again. She moved a hand downwards and slipped it inside her pussy."

„Ok, then we move on to the next world.” Serah either didn't notice what Yuna was doing under the table or she didn't care about it. „Oh, Cissnei's crystal is empty. I wonder why.”

„It was that redhead? If yes, then it's because I sent her spirit back to the world of dead. It was the way I defeated her when we were forced to fight. It means she won't be summoned anymore with the crystal, so we should ignore it.” Yuna explained, her hand under the table moving quicker and quicker.

„Up to my knowledge Aerith is also dead, so maybe you should do the same for this crystal?” Serah handed a crystal to Yuna, but the bronze haired woman only replied: „I don't think it's necessary. That leaves us with Tifa and Yuffie, and I think Yuffie was too childish to get the crystals, so it leaves us only Tifa.”

"Serah walked to take the next crystals again, and Yuna came over the chair. As an organ wad shaking her Serah got the crystals and returned, grinning as dye saw the bliss in Yuna's eyes. „I see you like watching my ass swing. Maybe we should try it again later?” She laughed as Yuna's cheeks reddened in embarrassment. Their intimate moment was a surprise for her, and she wasn't sure she wanted another go at it, as it felt like she was cheating on her boyfriend, even that he was now dead.

„Rinoa, Selphie and Quistis. Any thoughts?” Serah asked the brown haired girl. Yuna broke away from her thoughts, not wanting to give herself false hope. „I've fought Rinoa, but don't have anything to tell about them.” Both girls looked at each other, thinking intensively. „Well I fought Selphie.” They sat on silence for some more time. „Well if we can't think of anything, let's just choose one at random.” Yuna said while playing with her braid, not even realising she git it to grow back."

„I don't want to spend an eternity here, so it's probably the most reasonable thing to do. Close your eyes.” Sarah told her and closed her own too, then she cast a spell to move the three crystals randomly. „Gran one of the three, I will get a second one. The one that is left will be the girl we choose.” Serah grabbed one of the crystals, and opened her eyes. Yuna was already holding one crystal, the third hovering above the table.

„Quistis.” Yuna read the name that was carved into the crystal, then snatched the crystal out of Serah's hand and put the three at the side.

„I will come.” Yuna offered, trying to get the sight of Serah's swinging hips out of her mind. She grabbed two of the crystals, and got back to the table.

„Those two are Garnet and Beatrix.”

„Beatrix was a really skilled warrior, I barely killed her in the finale. Let's give them to her.” Serah suggested, but Yuna had another thought.

„Garnet is the queen and Beatrix is the commander of her army, so I'd say it's better to give them to the Queen rather than give the other woman another advantage if she wanted to rebel.” It convinced Serah, so she quickly got up to get the remaining crystals, walking as provocatively as she could. Yuna felt arousal again as she watched her; she slipped a finger inside her pussy even though her mind cried she should do that.

„Ashe, Fran and Penelo. Penelo had so much trauma here I think it would be best just to leave her alone. She got picked for an execution first, then shot to death without a chance.” Serah smiled inside as she saw what Yuna was doing."

"Yuna replied while trying to keep her voice normal: „Fran is that bunny eared girl? Honestly I wouldn't trust a girl like that with such important items like the crystals.” It didn't really work and her words were paired with moans.

„That leaves Ashe. It means we're done with the crystals.” Serah let out a breath of relief. „It went smoothed than I thought.” Then she grinned. „So what about that sex? Do you want it?”

Yuna really wanted to refuse, her brain shrieked to say no, but what she said instead with a grin: „Of course I do. You're just as sexy as many of my friends, and I need some practice before I go back and start summoning them with the crystals.”

Serah waved for her to come closer. Yuna took the few steps around the table, and sunk again into lust.


Yuna climbed off the bed, looking at the other girl. „Let's finish the job with the crystals.” She jumped down, then used the place's magic to teleport them both and the crystals in their piles to the room with the portal. The two moved to an usual room to give themselves more comfort, and returning there on feet looked too long for her.

„I like this place.” Yuna said, grinning as she realised she never cast a spell like that before.

„Do you have any idea how to use that thing?” Serah looked at the device with suspicion.

„Voice said he would implant a plan of the building in our minds, maybe he also have us the power of using it?” Serah wanted to deny it, but suddenly she knew perfectly how to use the portal."

„You're right, I know how to use it.” Serah sent some energy into the portal, turning it on. „I will keep sustaining the portal and you summon the girls. You have any objections?” Yuna just shook her head in answer, then moved to the crystals.

She was angry with herself for giving in to her urges so easily, and for catching herself looking at Serah and getting aroused by her body again. She grabbed the first pile, then sent a burst of energy into one of the crystals, summoning the first girl.

A blonde haired girl appeared, and both of them smiled at her as she looked at them with hate and defiance. „What? Another stupid fight to death so I can die to pleasure some pervert?”

„Actually, no. We've defeated the one ruling this place, and now we're sending all the girls back.” Serah answered her, and Rosa stared at her in disbelief. "

„Even more, you were chosen out from the girls from your world to be the one that would get the crystals. They're used to summon a girl that had been here, so you will get yours, and also Rydia's and Porom's. They always summon a person, even if said person is dead, meaning you and the other girls can't truly die.”

If Rosa was annoyed and surprised before, now she was completely struck dumb. „Eternal life? That couldn't possibly be true!”

„It is, and here are the crystals. The yellow one is yours, the green is Rydia's and the pink is Porom's.” Yuna said while handing her the crystals. „I assume you will want to summon them. To do so just sent some magical energy into the crystals, and they will surely come to you.”

Rosa was still shocked, but now she was also thankful.

„Thank you girls! I'd have never believed it, but after all we have been through here it's really possible. Can you send me home now? I have seen my husband for a really long time now, and I have lots of catching up to do.” Rosa smiled at them, and Serah answered her: „Go into the blue light, it will take you home.” Rosa obediently walked into the portal, disappearing from the sights of both Yuna and Serah.

Yuna stared at the empty spot where she stood, then asked with pain in her voice: „A husband... Do you think Terra will be able to call someone who was not real?”

Serah didn't understand how Yuna could want so much an unreal person to be brought to the world, but she smiled and said: „I'm sure she will be able to call him. It's a man, right?” Before Yuna answered, Serah shook her head, smiling even more. "

„No no don't answer. Whatever you think about me after my behaviour here, I don't want to invade your private life with questions like this one. Let's sent the next group of girls.”

Yuna nodded in thanks for what Serah said, still a bit concerned with it. She walked to the pile of crystals, taking a pair of them and sending energy to call one of the girls. A girl materialised in front of the portal, and Yuna could help comparing the color of her hair to Serah's.

„What do you want?” The new girl asked them politely.

„We wanted to send you back to your world. We've managed to defeat the one that was ruling this place and we're sending all the captured girls home.” Serah explained, smiling at the way Lenna was behaving.

„Oh, that's great! Do you need any help?” Lenna asked them enthusiastically, eager to devote herself to anything that might help anybody as usual.

„We do, but not from you. We also have two crystals for you, you can use them to summon your sister and someone can use the second one to summon you, no matter what happened to you. Basically it means both you and Faris can never die.” Yuna answered her, giving her the two crystals.

„That's fantastic news! So, how do I go back?” Lenna said back at them, a bit disappointed she couldn't help them.

„Just go through the portal, and you will be back home in no time!” Serah replied, the enthusiasm shown by Lenna getting to her.

The young queen walked through the portal, disappearing, and Yuna looked at Serah, trying to ignore her arousal. „I will get another group.” She walked to get the crystals, stopping for a moment. „Let's leave Terra for the end.” She said not wanting to face Terra yet. She grabbed another pile and sent energy to one of the crystals summoning the girl who was going to take it.

Tifa materialised in the room, looking at the two girls with anger on her face. Before she could say anything, Yuna told her: „No we won't throw you in another fight. We're going to send you home, and also give you crystals that allow the user to summon you and Yuffie. Any questions?” Yuna starred to feel nervous, so she quickly said all the important things. "

"Tifa was a bit , so she just shook her head. „Perfect. Now here you have the crystals, and the portal will take you home.” Yuna put the crystals in Tifa's hands and gave her a weak push in the back towards the portal. Tifa started walking, quickly going through the portal.

„Hmmm I guess you're a bit nervous now. Want to take a break?” Serah asked Yuna with care in her voice. „No, I'm fine. I only needed a moment to catch my breath.” Yuna waited for a moment, trying to calm down. After she succeeded in doing so, or at least she thought she did, the summoner walked and grabbed another pile of crystals. She send the energy summoning another girl.

A blonde girl materialised, looking at them with curiosity. „What's happening?” She asked them, hoping to get at least some explanation."

“We have defeated the ruler of this place, claiming power over it. Now we are sending the girls that were captured and taken here back home.” Serah answered her, giving Yuna even more time to calm down.

„We also have crystals that give the power to summon the girls that were taken here. They can bring the girl back no matter what happened.” Yuna walked towards Quistis, showing her the crystals. „This one is Rinoa's, and this one is Selphie's. The last one is yours.” She handed the crystals to Quistis, and the blonde girl nodded. Yuna was breathing deeply to calm down, and Quistis looked at her with curiosity.

„Now go through the portal and it will take you to your world.” Serah distracted the blonde girl, and she walked to the portal. She looked at it for a moment, then went through it."

„Thanks” Yuna told Serah as soon as she was sure the girl was gone, then walked to get another pair of crystals. She grabbed them and as she walked back she used one of them to summon Garnet.

The black haired summoner appeared in the room, and Yuna looked at her. Garnet was probably such a skilled summoner as Yuna herself was, but she couldn't help a pang of satisfaction as she compared their bust sizes. The other girl was nearly flat-chested. Yuna recalled it was probably partially caused by the fact she was debreasted before she died, so Yuna prepared to grow Garnet's breasts back.

Meanwhile, Garnet was looking around the room. She didn't know how she got there, remembering only lots of pain from the last two times she was summoned like that. "

Suddenly she felt a strange force pulling at where her breasts used to be, and suddenly they grew back, actually getting larger than what they were before she was pulled away from her world and forced to the arena.

„Here, I figured you wanted them back.” Garnet looked at the source of the voice, and she recalled it as the girl who fought with guns. „We've managed to gain control of this place, and now we're sending the girls that were forced to fight here back to where they come from.” Garnet was still suspicious, but she took her breasts regrowth as a mark of good will.

„We also have a few summoning crystals for you. They allow the user to summon you, or with the other one Beatrix, no after where are you or what happened to you before you used it.”

Garnet stared at her in disbelief. „That doesn't mean... With it I'm unable to die?”

„Not exactly. You can die, but it will always bring you back. It may look as a minor difference but it really matters, trust me.” Serah answered her, and Garnet noticed the pink haired woman working at some strange device.

„There you have the crystals.” Yuna have her both summoning gems and asked:

„So, do you have any other questions? If not, then go through the portal and it will take you back home.” Garnet felt energy flowing through the crystals, the same she usually get with summoning crystals back home. She decided they were telling the truth, so she walked through the portal, eager to get back to her lover and her kingdom.

„Are there many more left?” Serah asked Yuna as the summoner walked to get the next crystals. „Only this one and Terra.” Yuna replied after summoning the next girl.

The blonde haired woman materialised in the room. The memories of her failures and how painfully it ended for her afterwards burned in her mind, and she promised herself not to fail this time.

Serah noticed how tensed the woman was, and told her: „Don't worry, we won't force you to fight again.” Ashe looked at her, obviously not convinced by her words. „Why should I believe you?”

Yuna just got to her so she said: „Because I'm now giving you the crystals that can be used to summon the three girls from your world, including you.” She handed the crystals to Ashe and she looked at them suspiciously. „Oh? And what do they do?”

„The one who has a crystal can use it to summon the girl. She will appear, no matter what happened to her before. It means that if you have such a crystal given to someone you trust, you will never truly die.”

„That's good... I suppose. So what are you going to do to me now if you are not planning to throw me in yet another battle?” Ashe answered while looking at the crystals with much more curiosity. She still was not trusting them, but she wanted to get to whatever was going to happen to her as quick as possible.

„We're going to send you back to your world. If you step through the portal, it should transport you there, probably at some place you will recognise. We've managed to take control if this place and now we're sending all the girls back to their worlds.”

"Serah's words still didn't convince her, but she moved and stepped through the portal anyways. She would have had to go through it anyways and it was the quickest way to find out if the girls were telling the truth.

Yuna watched as Ashe entered the portal, then said with a sigh: „I guess that leaves only Terra.”

„You sure you want it?” Serah asked her. „Yes, of course I do. Now let's get her here.” Yuna walked to the crystals and took the one that summoned Terra. She sent her energy through it, and waited for the green haired woman to appear. Soon enough, Terra materialised in the room and looked at them with curiosity. „And what are you two doing?”

„We've managed to kill that bitch and we are now controlling this place. We have summoned you because we gave a deal to offer to you.” Serah answered, as she saw Yuna was again a bit off."

„"And what exactly the offer is?” Terra asked, processing the thought there was no one above those girls that just a few days ago were her and Lightning's slaves.

„We want you to summon a certain person who is now dead. We know you have done it here a few times before, so don't try denying it. If you do it, we will let you go back to your world, and you will get both yours and Celes's crystals. If you don't... Let's say that what you've already endured will feel like nothing compared to what's going to happen to you if you fail.” Serah answered the question, taking pleasure in humiliating the girl.

Terra thought about it for a moment, but she realised she really wanted to go home now. One final summoning was not a problem, and when she got home she would be able to go back from death every time. The matter of being able to summon Celes also came to her mind..."

„"Of course I agree!” She quickly answered, and Serah smiled at her and nodded. „Yuna will explain it to you.” Terra looked at the bronze haired girl. They didn't have a great history, but Terra didn't really hate the other girl. They've settled the score last time they fought, and she hoped Yuna has the same opinion. However, seeing her in pain was always arousing... and she knew she could torture Yuna to death if she agreed.

„So, who do you want me to summon?” Terra asked Yuna as she walked towards her. „It's my lover, Tidus. His entire city was a summon but he never was a real person - he had to disappear with his city when the summoning was stopped. Can you bring him back?” Yuna asked, hope clearly visible in her voice. Terra though about the problem - it was hard, but she could probably make it. „Of course I can. Now, come here...” Terra gestured for her to get closer, then stopped. „Can you get me a bed? It will make it easier.”

Yuna just moved her hand and a bed materialised close to them. She immediately got on it, lying in her back with her legs going over the edge. "You know what I'm going to do, right?" Terra asked her one more time, then as she received a nod in answer she started working. She dropped to her knees, and started licking Yuna's pussy, trying to bring her close to an orgasm while browsing Yuna's memories. She clearly saw who the man was, realising Yuna taunted her with him a long time ago, when she was first in a position like the one she was now in. When she was sure she knew enough to summon the right man, she withdrew her head from Yuna's tights and walked to Yuna's head, then realised she was missing something. She looked at Serah who was now standing close to them and asked: "Do you mind giving me a hand? I need you to get Yuna to an orgasm." Serah grinned and dropped to her knees, burying her face in Yuna's thighs but keeping her eyes above it so that she could watch Yuna's face.

"Satisfied with it, Terra grabbed Yuna's braid and put it around her neck. Yuna's eyes widened as she recognised the feeling, but Terra quickly shut off Yuna's breath and Yuna's eyes widened even more as she couldn't breathe. Terra made a knot so that she could choke her with one hand, then slipped the other between her own thighs and started masturbating. She also saw Serah was doing it too, while still watching her. Terra continued it for a while, then looked at Yuna's face again. The look on the dying girl's face was enough to bring her over the edge, and she screamed in pleasure as an orgasm rocked through her.

She didn't stop strangling Yuna though, and Yuna's vision started to go black. Before she passed out, she felt the heat in her abdomen releasing, and also some energy leaving her as she was soaking Serah's face with juices. She started thrashing on the bed, both in pleasure and in deathly spasms, and then she couldn't feel anything."

"Terra looked at the young woman who was lying lifeless on the bed on front of them. She noticed Serah was still lost in her orgasm, and an idea came to her mind. She remembered Yuna summoned the bed out of thin air, so she tries to do the same with a weapon. It worked, and with her familiar weapon she bent forward and cut at Serah's neck, decapitating the pink haired woman.

She looked around, and suddenly she heard Serah again. „Nice try, but you didn't get me, only an illusion of mine. Now, grab those crystals and get lost.” Serah appeared next to the portal, and threw both crystals at Terra. She caught them midair, surprised that Serah wasn't angry with her for her try, then walked through the portal thinking what she could do with the crystals.

Serah waited for a few more moments. She could feel the spells Terra cast were working, meaning that the person Yuna wanted was being summoned."

"Finally, a blonde haired man appeared. Serah couldn't help but admire his muscular body, comparing it to her husband's. She saw him looking around in confusion, then seeing Yuna's body lying on front of him. She could see his length immediately becoming hard, and him entering Yuna's pussy moments later. Serah slipped a finger inside her, finding this necrophilia arousing, not satisfied with one orgasm she had moments before. She watched him pound his lover's body, and soon enough she received another orgasm. He finished inside Yuna moments later. As he was pulling out, he looked around and saw Serah, still with her hand in her pussy.

„What's going on?” He asked her and she only smiled seductively in answer. She walked to the table with the crystals, giving his cock a stroke as she was getting past him with some energy so he could have sex again. She grabbed Yuna's crystal and threw it at him, which he easily caught.

„Yuna will tell you everything. You know how to use magic, right? Try sending some energy to this crystal.”

Tidus just nodded in answer, excited that he was going to see his love again. The crystal brightened up, and Yuna materialised in the room.



Both lovers shouted the other names as they saw each other. Yuna ran to him, throwing her arms around him and pulling him into a hug. He enclosed his arms around her, then he took her up and get her to kiss him. Both lovers shared a long and heated kiss, and Serah felt she was getting aroused again.

Tidus pulled Yuna further up, bringing Yuna's thighs to the level of his cock. He pushed in, getting a moan of pleasure and a nod of encouragement from Yuna. "

"He started to go in and out, Yuna clinging to him with both her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Yuna closed her eyes in pure delight, then noticed a presence. She opened her eyes, and looked backwards. She noticed Serah watching them with a hand in her pussy.

„You-Oooh!-don't-Aaah!-mind us-So good!-here-Aaah!” She asked Serah, her cries of pleasure interrupting her question. „You see me complaining? Besides, I've watched him fuck your dead body, so what problems would I have?” Serah returned to fingering herself, for she stopped to answer Yuna.

„You-Aaaaah!” Yuna stopped at a more powerful thrust from her lover, and her body started shaking in an orgasm. She looked at her lover, a though forming in her mind. Maybe trying to fight all the dominant and submissive urges here wasn't a good idea? She looked forward to discussing it with Tidus, but for now she just clung to him as he was fucking her.

She took a lot of pleasure and joy as she felt his hot semen pouring inside her, giving him a kiss as a reward after he came. Even though he came, he didn't pull out, only kept his cock inside her. Yuna felt an urge to cast a spell that would make him hard again, but she knew they had to go back to their world. She managed to steer him towards the table, grabbing her crystals there, then get him back to the portal.

„Goodbye, Serah. We need to meet some time. And... Thank you.” As Yuna was saying those words to Serah who was charging the portal, Tidus stepped through the portal, bringing them both to Spira.

Serah watched them leave, then she moved and grabbed her crystals. She looked at them, then got another thought. She closed her eyes, connecting herself to the computers of the realm. "

She found the recordings of all the fight, then conjured a disk to put it on. She copied all of it there, then opened her eyes. She checked if she had taken everything she wanted, then smiled. She could always go back here if she needed anything. She sent a surge of energy at the portal, then walked through it, going back to her world, leaving the arena empty... For now...


Rosa's Aftermatch

Rosa felt energy surging through her body as she was going through the portal. A light blinded her, and suffer she found herself falling to the ground. She touched it with her fingers, feeling grass slip between them. She looked up, realising she was in the forest on the outskirts of Baron.

„They were telling the truth after all.”

She stood up, enjoying the feeling of her bare feet moving over the grass, then realised something else - she was nude, and she had to get to the castle before she could dress herself. She looked at the city that was getting bigger and bigger with every step she took.

„All those people will see my nude body... It's the only way, though. Well, I will just have to deal with it.”

She entered the city. At first, she didn't meet anybody, but as she was getting closer to the castle, she stumbled into more and more people.

She could feel all the men's hungry gazes going all over her body, enjoying the sight of her huge breasts and her clean, shaved pussy. As she was walking, she could see some men taking out their dicks and starting to stroke them. She sighed, her breaststroke swinging as she did. It was sure some people were going to do it. What surprised her, was the fact some women were also doing it. By the time she got to the castle, the whole city was out to see their nude queen. The guards at the gate didn't stop her, but from the look in their eyes she could see they felt their boring gatekeeper's job was finally rewarded. She quickly ran up the stairs, getting through the courtyard. She knocked at the inner gate, which opened shortly after. She ran the two sets of stairs straight to the throne room, hoping to see Cecil. She was surprised, for the throne room was empty.

„He must be in his room, then.”

She get down one set of stairs and out to the castle walls. The crowd that seemed to fade grew back with full force, people pointing at her. She quickly entered the small tower and descended another set of stairs. Outside, the Red Wings were training, but she quickly ran through this courtyard, hoping not to interrupt their training. She finally entered the tower they lived in with Cecil and scaled the stairs to the top. As she was going there, she realized her son was out there training too, and even worse he seemed to have been jerking off to her body, probably because he saw her going through the city before.

She saw Cecil there; her husband had his eyes closed. She saw he was actually masturbating, so she walked to him silently and dropped to her knees, her mouth going around his cock. His eyes snapped open, but he relaxed when he saw it was her.

He removed his hand, and she proceeded to suck him off to an orgasm. She took her mouth out of his cock a moment before he came, and she was showered with a load of cum from him. She always enjoyed being covered by his semen.

Cecil was heavily panting after his orgasm, bit he managed to cough out a question: „Where... Have you... Been all... That time?” She smiled in answer and then spoke: „It's a long story, love.”


„I don't believe you.” A few hours later, they were lying in their bed, his hand stroking her inner thigh. They've made breaks whenever he was ready for another round, but pretty much she managed to tell him the whole story.

„You don't believe what?” She asked back, moving her hand up and down his cock as a reflex."

"Everything. An arena beyond this world, and some crystals me a big you and the other girls can't die?”

Rosa looked at her husband fur a moment, then grinned. „I guess it will be easiest to show you.” She grabbed one of the crystals from where she dropped them when she got in bed, sending in energy to summon Rydia.

Cecil watched her hand, trailing a line of kisses up it as he was sure she was done. A hit started to materialise in the room, and Cecil watched in shock as Rydia, naked, appeared in front in front of their bed.

„What happened?” She asked, and Rosa smiled. „I've the summoning crystal for you now, meaning I can call you whenever I want. It also works if you die, so any death won't be permanent now.”

Rydia smiled a few times while listening to her , then spoke: "From your being in bed, and obviously after sex, I suppose you've called me as a slut to be used.”

„Used, and killed if that husband of mine decides he would enjoy that.” Rydia slipped a finger inside her in answer, then swayed her hips seductively at them. „So? What are you waiting for?”

Rosa gestured at the girl to come closer. Rydia approached them, still fingering herself. Cecil was still lost, looking at the summoner's enormous tits. Rosa jumped out of bed, pulling him behind her. He obeyed her, getting quickly out. His cock was again ready for action, and Rosa guided him to Rydia's pussy, then grabbed the summoner's head and planted a kiss on Rydia's lips. She didn't feel wrong about it, already thinking of her as her sex slave, not the friend they have saved the world with.

Rosa grabbed one of Rydia's hands and guided it to her pussy. Rydia understood her without any words, and soon the rook was filled with moans of the trio. Some time after Cecil was ready, and he poured his load inside Rydia's pussy. The girl moaned in answer, an orgasm shaking her body. Her head was currently stuck between Rosa's tights, but she managed to say: „Now you will have to kill me so that I won't get pregnant!” She giggled, even with her mouth full of Rosa's juices. At her words Rosa hit her orgasm, and the three were shaking in a collective orgasm.

Cecil pulled out of Rydia’s cunt, then tapped Rosa on the shoulder. Rosa also stood up, allowing Rydia to get up.

„To your knees, slave.” Cecil's voice sounded over the room, and Rydia obediently moved to her knees, her breasts swinging in front of her as she sat on her legs.

"I've had it here somewhere... Aaah! There it is!" Cecil took his sword from the desk, and looked at the woman in front of him. He prepared to swing his sword, but he was stopped by Rosa. The young queen dropped to her knees, too, and started to such him off. Satisfied with it, he returned his gaze to the green haired summoner. He noticed she had her eyes closed, and she was furiously masturbating. Not wanting to wait any longer, he swung his sword, cutting Rydia's head off. He watched the fountain of blood spilling from her neck, abs he felt his orgasm approaching, the sight pushing him a lot closer. He looked down to pat his wife on the head, believing her, and saw she was also fingering herself. She couldn't have seen Rydia losing her head, but the sounds were enough to tell her what happened. At that moment Rosa pulled off for breath, and Cecil got overwhelmed by another urge.

He swung his sword again, bringing it through his wife's neck, sending her head flying. This time, the blood managed to spurt on his cock, and he came all over her body, experiencing an orgasm like never before. He stood with his cock throbbing until he was empty, then looked at the bodies again. He walked a few steps and grabbed his wife's head, then pulled it up and planted a kiss on her lips. „You were right, love. Thank you.”

He put the head down, then realised that Rosa's crystal was on the desk. He grabbed it, sending energy through it, and after a few moments his wife was breathing again, lying with him in their bed. He pulled her for a kiss, and she kissed him back with her whole passion. This was going to be a long and hot night for them... and an even longer and hotter one for Rydia.


The next few days Rosa appeared beside her husband and helped him rule their kingdom, but after a few days, Rosa stayed in their room, excusing herself that she was still a bit ill after coming back from the arena. She was also really exhausted after the nights, but she didn't want to tell him that. The first deaths must have snapped something in Cecil. Both her and Rydia have been cum on and inside, then beheaded countless times, and Rosa trembled in fear as she thought it was going to happen every day now. She knew she had another crystal, and she knew perfectly well what to do. She grabbed it and used it, then waited for Porom to appear.

As soon as the other girl got there, Rosa said: „Hi, Porom. I don't blame for what you did in the arena. You weren't yourself. Now we're out of it, and we've received these wonderful crystals.” Porom opened her mouth but Rosa continued:

„They let us come back to life every time we're killed, we're summoned like Rydia usually does but we don't disappear after a few moments. I will let you take some of my clothes, and you can go to the town and take the demon way to Mysidia.”

She didn't give Porom a chance to speak, just pushed in her hands the things and then got her to leave. „At least one girl was spared from those crazy nights.” She thought, then went back to sleep, as she had hardly any time to do it during the night. She'd fallen asleep quickly after, and slept all the day long. Cecil got back in the evening, and woke her up by ramming his cock inside her. She bucked her hips against him, then opened her eyes. She noticed he didn't have his sword yet, hoping it meant he wasn't going to use it. She was of course mistaken, and her blood stains the cushions as her husband's cum stained the sheets.


After some time, Rosa finally managed to convince Cecil they should let Rydia go away. Even though, they've kept the crystal and told her she'd be summoned every time the moon is full. Rydia had gone to various places, visiting Eidolons in Feymarch, her rebuilding village, and all the friends from their adventures, but eventually she settled down with Edge, becoming the queen of Eblan soon after. It didn't stop the Baronians from summing her, though, only they've put the time further away. The ninja prince didn't know about the new crystals, and getting his wife away from him could have made him suspicious. It also meant that everything Cecil and Rosa usually had to satisfy themselves with were each other. She actually came to enjoy being beheaded, and it didn't seem so weird or wrong now. Cecil, after the start period, was also trying to reduce the amount of them, his paladin soul getting him to do it. It didn't stop them from having sex every time they could, though.

One day, she found a letter on her cushion after waking up. It said:

„Go to the forest around Baron. Bring the crystals with you.

Signed: Council Of The Arena.”

Rosa got out quietly, dropping a note on Cecil's desk but not waking him up, grabbing the crystal and quickly going through the city and the portal to Mysidia. There, she got Porom to follow her and they walked to the forest. On the way, Rosa shot her in the back. „That's for everything you've done to me in the arena.” She hissed, kneeling next to the body of her dying's friend and getting the crystal from her. Then she grabbed a knife Porom had at her belt and cut her throat with it to kill her. She wanted to walk away, then realised that leaving the body like that isn't a good idea. She simply said: „Holy!” And the body was gone, vaporised by light.


Lenna's Aftermatch

Lenna stepped through the portal. She was still a bit disappointed she could help them, but soon she smiled as she saw her castle. She was truly happy to be back home. She ran through the forest surrounding her castle, her bare feet hitting the grass and the stones when she got on the road. She got to the castle gate, the guard there looking at her in shock.

„My lady.” The guard said, before hitting the button to open the gate, Lenna found his voice different than usual, and she linked her hands together, pressing her breasts against each other. „What's wrong, soldier? You need any help?”

„It-it's nothing, my lady.” Lenna noticed a bulge in his pants, realising this might be the cause of his weird behaviour.

„I see there's something here...” she dropped to her knees, and pulled his armored pants down, releasing his cock.

The soldier looked at her in awe. His queen was going to give him a blowjob? This couldn't be true! He closed his eyes as Lenna took the tip of his member inside her mouth, and pressed his back against the wall so that he won't fall. Lenna started moving her head forward, taking his cock deeper inside her mouth. She sucked him pretty good, which was weird considering it was the first blowjob she gave in her life. The soldier was reminded of the times when he used to fap while imagining her, and it helped in getting him to an orgasm. When he came, Lenna took his entire load down her throat. Then she pulled away and stood up. "I hope you're feeling better now?" She asked in her sweet voice. He couldn't trust his voice, so he just nodded. She went through the gate, and he could hear her parting words: "If you ever need anything again, just come and ask." He looked around, but it seemed no one even noticed she was giving him a blowjob. He pulled his pants up with a sigh of relief.

Lenna quickly scaled the stairs leading to the main building. She passed under a bridge, and looked around. All over the courtyard she could see soldiers keeping away other people. She stopped too check what was happening, but no one noticed her. She could see the people pressing against the guards were really thin. She frowned, the entered the castle. She went through the hall, both soldiers staring at her.

„The Chancellor is waiting in the throne room.” One of them managed to say that, and Lenna have him a smile as she walked by. She went through the door, entering her throne room.

„Your Majesty! You're finally back!” The Chancellor shouted when he saw her. Lenna walked to him, then asked:

„Chancellor, what happened to those people outside? They look like they're starving.” Lenna asked, her voice full of worry for her people.

„They're look that way because they are. We've been rebuilding the city after the Void strike that happened when princess Sarisa returned and because of it we have no resources for food, nor anywhere to buy it from.” The Chancellor answered his queen, and Lenna's face darkened with sadness. How could she help these people? The Chancellor wanted to say something more, but she ignored him, going to her room.

She had thrown herself in the bed right after slamming the door shut behind her. Then she realised she was still nude, and also that she could summon Faris. She took out the crystal, and cast a spell to get her sister to her. Her sister appeared moments after, also nude. Lenna didn't care about it, they've long get over the concern of nudity when they were alone. They have pleasured each other countless times, but she didn't feel it was wrong. It was just the way they were. "

Another reason was that it also helped in keeping Faris here, so that she wouldn't run away to her old pirate life.

„I see were back home. What happened, love?” Faris asked her, getting closer and slipping her fingers inside her pussy. Lenna immediately pulled her in a hug, longing for the physical contact after such a long time when they weren't together. Her lips instinctively found her sister's, and she started a heated kiss.

After a while Faris broke the kiss, but kept fingering her. „You're gonna tell me or will I have to fuck it out of you?” Lenna blushed in answer, then opened her mouth, moaning loudly. She fought the moans back, and managed to say: „Some girls killed the guy that was running that place, and sent me home. They've also given me small crystals we can use to resurrect the other if needed. Here's mine.”

Lenna eagerly gave her sister the crystal, then fully relaxed and started thrusting back against her sister's hand. Soon she was driven to an orgasm, and she cried out in ecstasy: „Yes Faris! I'm cumming!” Her mind was glad again she had cast spells that rendered every sound coming from their quarters silent for the rest of the castle.

She was slowly calming down. Faris looked at her, then brought her pussy to her sister's face suggestively. „So? You gonna repay me?” Lenna moved back, not in the mood for locking her sister out, troubled by her people's suffering. She could look out of the windows and see her people, and they were starving! She couldn't do anything to help them. Lenna looked back at her sister, who was dropping wet with anticipation. Lenna tasted her, then an idea came to her mind. She knew how to help those people, the only part would be to convince Faris to do it.

She started enthusiastically sucking and licking, now eager to gave her sister back for what she did moments before. Soon enough, she was rewarded with a loud shout from her sister, along with lots of her juices flooding over her face. She took all she could catch in her mouth, the pulled away. She got up and looked through the window, clearly seeing the people down there.

„Look at them, love. They're starving, and there's nothing we could do. At least that's what the Chancellor said, but out time in the arena has given me another idea.” Faris hugged her from behind, putting her chin on Lenna's shoulder and looking outside.

„Well they don't look healthy or well fed. But if the Chancellor said there are no possibilities of helping them, then surely he is right.”

„Actually, I've had an idea that would never come to his mind. You know what the food in the arena was?” Lenna looked at her sister, then whispered in her ear: „Imagine me on a spit.”

Faris opened her mouth, eager to say it's completely wrong, but Lenna interrupted her: „I won't die, because you will resurrect me with the crystal after I'm eaten. What do you think, sis?” Lenna pulled her for another kiss, giving her time to think. Faris still wanted to protest, but the idea seemed reasonable... and it was an idea only her sister could get. The prospect of seeing her on a spit, though... Faris wasn't sure how she felt about it. „I guess I will just have to wait and see.” She thought, then pulled away and smiled. „That's a really good idea, love. We will try to get the Chancellor to agree, tomorrow. For now, let's just enjoy ourselves.” She rubbed her hand against Lenna's crotch again. Lenna grinned, and sunk into lust again.

The Chancellor didn't take long to convince, and the next day both girls walked out of the castle, carrying a spit and two sticks shaped in a way that allowed to place the spit in them. They've walked out through the main gate, and Lenna sent a smile at the guard there. It was the same guard who was standing there the way before. Both girls have submerged into the forest, trying to find where the people were, since they weren't at the castle yet. As they walked, Lenna noticed there was no wildlife.

After some time they've managed to find a clearing with some tents. Some people saw them, and quickly disappeared inside their tents. „The Queen! The Queen is here!” People shouted all around the camp. Lenna took a deep breath, then looked at the group that assembled. „I've seen you all yesterday. I've talked about it with the Chancellor, and he said we had no resources to help you. I've thought differently, that's why I'm now here."

The people looked at her, some with suspicion and some with curiosity.

„As a queen, my duty to my people, so you all too, is to ensure their wellbeing. If you have nothing to eat that's sure a problem. That's why I'm here - to bring you food. More specifically, I'm the food.”

Lenna could hear people talking about what she said, and she got her dress off, taking it off though her head and throwing it to the forest's floor. She didn't put on a bra or any panties earlier, as she didn't want them to get in the way now. Lenna stood before her subjects, completely naked. She could see people were admiring her body, drooling at the sight of her huge breasts and get curvy ass. Faris has already pushed the sticks in the ground, so Lenna lay down on the grass with her legs split. Faris grabbed the spit by the head and knelt beside her sister's ass, the put the tip of it inside her ass.

People were watching them silently, bit at the last Faris's move a young man shouted: „Wait! You're our queen! You can't just roast yourself because you think we need it. We do, but we need you more to rule us!” People started to argue over it, but Lenna just smiled and answered him:

„Don't worry, it's not something you should think about.” The she gestured at Faris, and the purple haired pirate pushed it deep inside Lenna's ass. She shouted in pain, her internal organs pierced as the spit was going deeper and deeper. Even despite the pain, she was still smiling, for she knee her body would be a good eat for her people... and also for her sister. She gasped for air as she felt the spit touch her lung, but it didn't went through it but only slipped by. Finally, the spot went out through her mouth. Lenna was still conscious and fully aware what was happening, so she gave her sister a smile and a thumbs-up to tell her to go on.

She could easily see how aroused Faris was, sensing the wetness through her sister's pants as the other girl also decided not to wear panties. Her sister grabbed the spit by both ends, not without some trouble, then carried her to where both sticks were in the ground. She placed the spit on them, then took a step back for a moment of rest and also to check if everything was correct. As it seemed so, she put her hands together and outstretched them in the direction of her sister's body, sending flames from them. She was careful to use a right spell that would roast Lenna but not burn her, and the air was filled with the smell of roasted meat, for the first time since the villagers haunted down the last animal in the forest. She could feel she was so wet now, but she knew she had to focus on the spell that was turning her sister from a living being into simple meat.

At first Lenna wanted to shout in pain, but she managed to keep her voice down, and soon after she felt only joy that she could help her subjects. She felt the fat in her breasts melt, and her insides being roasted too with the help of the spit that was now really hot. The heat around her pussy, connected with the flames tickling it, we're making her aroused, and after some time she came, her cum vaporised by the flames. She felt enormous pleasure, the orgasm stronger than anything she ever felt before.

She could feel the heat becoming more and more intense, until finally she felt her body finally giving away. She could no longer control her limbs or her chest, but she could still feel what was happening to them. Her head was also done, she doubted they were going to eat it anytime soon though. The flames have finally died, and Faris walked to her, getting her off the spit and placing her on the table the villagers managed to set up.

She placed her there and pulled out a sword, then hacked at a breast, cutting it off and getting some meat from around it too. As she was going away, the people descended on Lenna's body, tearing her to pieces using their fingers and teeth. Lenna could easily feel them strip every single bone of meat surrounding it, and they were going at her from all sides. At some point she could feel her heart being pulled out, but even that didn't kill her. Her vision was black since her eyes have melted when her sister was roasting her, but she could still feel them and so she could feel them being pulled out. Finally she felt her head being cut off, and when Faris could see from where she stood, finishing eating her breast, all that was left of her was a skeleton. Faris quickly made her way to the head and grabbed it, then walked away from the village, in the direction she remembered the castle was in. As soon as she was sure she was far enough, she pulled down her pants and forced her hand inside her pussy, desperately wanting release.

After some time, she grabbed the head and pressed it against her crotch, then started moaning loudly with the other hand under her shirt playing with her breast.

Finally she orgasmed, and as she was spurting her love juices over her sister's dead head and the grass around her, she sent energy to the crystal to resurrect her sister.

Faris had no idea that she was being followed. A certain young hunter decided that the feast was great but they were still hungry, so he followed her to bring her back as a second meal. He stopped when he saw her did the same, and as she pulled down her pants so did he. The image of his queen's sister masturbating himself was enough for him to get him to an orgasm really quickly, and when he finished he saw she was still going at it."

He sneaked closer, and then swung quickly at her neck with the sword he took from his father. He watched with pleasure the utter expression of shock that was all over her face, before it has fallen to the ground with her body convulsing not so far from it.

He grabbed the body, feeling his cock getting hard again, and headed back in the direction of his village. He already knew he was going to make another stop to relieve herself again. He knew just precisely what was he going with the body then, hoping no one would notice if he used her throat. He left her head though, and when Lenna appeared as she was summoned, she could see their both heads lying close to each other on the ground. She called for the crystal she had, and soon she was joined by her sister."

„So, you see it was a good idea?” Lenna asked her, smiling. Faris was still angry that man managed to kill her so easily, but she just answered her: „Of course, love. They even have my body to eat now.” She walked closer and whispered in her sister's ear: „And roasting you made me horny as hell.” Faris pulled her in for a heated kiss. After a few moments, Lenna broke the kiss and grinned: „So you won't get mad if I want to go here again tomorrow?”


A few months have passed. Lenna's offering managed to get the villagers back to a healthy state, the fact that after some time Faris also happily started to offer her body helped too. Finally the reconstruction was over, and they both didn't have to go there anymore. That didn't mean the pleasure they were getting from it was over, though.

They've decided that every week one of them will be roasted in the castle's kitchen for a royal feast. The guests were always enjoying it, as both royal sisters always tasted really good.

One day, Lenna found a letter on their bed after waking in her sister's arms and a morning session of sex. It said:

„Go to the forest around Tycoon. Bring the crystals with you.

Signed: Council Of The Arena.”

Both sisters discussed it and agreed they had to go. They've taken on some light clothes they knew they were going to drop as soon as they left the sight of the guards. They've quickly got out of their castle and sunk into the forest, both going fully nude there.


Tifa's Aftermatch

Tifa walked through the portal. She materialised among the ruins of Midgar, not so far from Edge. She remembered she was nude, so she decided to wait for nightfall before sneaking to 7th Heaven.

As she was waiting she realised she was going to see Cloud after nearly a month, and she put her hand between her thighs and started to masturbate thinking about him to pass the time somehow.

When the sky got dark, she decided it was time to go. She ran towards the city, eager to get to her lover. She got to it, and managed to sneak to the bar without anyone seeing her. She entered quietly, closing the door behind herself, and climbed up the stairs, careful not to wake the children that were living with them. She quietly opened the door to their room, and walked in. She could see he was lying on the bed, awake. He noticed the door opening, and he was now staring at her."

„Hi, Cloud. I'm back.” She smiled weakly at him as she was saying it, and he smiled back at her: „Welcome home, love.” He waved at her to come, and she walked towards him, smiling broadly.

„So, are you going to tell me what happened?” Cloud asked her when she got on her side of the bed.

„Some pervert summoned me and various other girls to fight in an arena. Fortunately some of the girls managed to take over and they let me go. They've given me a crystal that can be used to summon me unconditionally, it will always work, no matter what am I doing or what happened to me. And that's pretty much all.” She smiled at him as she showed him the crystal. „I want you to have it. Now, it would be best if you put that sword of yours to use.” She sunk a hand beneath his covers and grabbed his cock, stroking it as she leaned forwards and whispered: „I've missed you so much. I need you.”

Cloud threw the covers away, and his dick spring to its full length. She climbed over him and started to ride his cock, going up and down on it. She started moaning loudly, and was glad once again that since she moved there the room had Silence Materia working all the time. Soon enough she got to an orgasm, letting her love juices spray over Cloud's torso. Soon enough he followed, cumming inside her pussy. She collapsed on top of him, exhausted. They were both worn out, and she had fallen asleep, his cock still sheathed in her pussy. Cloud felt her go limp, so he just grabbed the cover and put it back on, covering the both of them. He hugged Tifa back and fell asleep afterwards.

The next day she could go back to her job as the barmaid of 7th Heaven, letting Cloud go back to his own delivery service as he had to run the bar when she was away.

During the day she tried to use the other crystals. Aerith's crystal only called an image of her, saying that she was already in the Lifestream and sys didn't want to go back. Cissnei's crystal just didn't work. No matter how hard she tried the crystal remained pale and dark. At last she summoned Yuffie, the young ninja really surprised by it. Tifa gave her the crystal and managed to give her some clothes, and before Tifa could do anything else the ninja was gone. People were surprised to see her back at the bar, but no one had any problems with it. She got back into her usual way of working, and as the days passed her whole arena experience started to look more and more like a bad dream. She knew she could never forget it, yet it was starting to appear more blurred in memory, she started to lose more and more details.

One day she was working at the bar as usual, when Cloud called her to tell her he was going to get home late as his motorbike broke. He had to get home on feet, also beating through various monsters that he would encounter. As it was well past midnight then, she decided it was no use waiting and she told the people in the bar she was closing it for the night. After the last one near she closed the door and ran up the stairs to the living part of the building. The children were sleeping so she had to be quiet. As she was all sweaty from working all day, she decided to take a shower before going to sleep. She undressed quickly and went there, then started the water and started washing herself. She put the soap on, massaging her breasts as she got to them. She found out she was quite aroused, so she slipped a finger inside her, imagining Cloud was back. She closed her eyes and started to finger herself, water and foams running down her body, the other hand going on playing with her nipple.

Suddenly she felt a weird pulling in her chest, and cold on her nude skin. As she was close to an orgasm she didn't care, and she just finished fingering herself, moaning loudly.

Only after she finished she opened her eyes, and shrieked in terror. She was in the Midgar wasteland, and a terrible monster was looking at her, possibly waiting for her reaction. She realised Cloud must have been fighting this thing and summoned her to help, but she was nude! „How am I going to fight such a master without anything to out on my hands or legs? I'm going to hurt myself terribly just trying to attack that thing.”

As she was thinking, the creature decided to solve her problem for her. It took a step closer, and grabbed her in its grasp, lifting her from the ground by her belly, also crushing it.

Tifa started crying, the hold on her belly being extremely painful. She felt some if her ribs being broken, and she swung both her legs and arms at the creature, trying to break free. She also took a look around, and finally noticed where Cloud was standing. He was watching her, and from the bulge in his pants she could tell he was having a boner. „Why isn't he coming to rescue me?” She thought as she continued her struggle, even though it had no effect. The monster still watched her curiously, probably only a bit angered by her attacks.

Finally the monster got bored with her, and he threw her away. She crashed against the ground, breaking her spine as she fell. She was now paralysed, not able to do anything but watch. Cloud charged to the monster and brought it down with a single swing of his sword, then ran to her.

She wanted to scream at him, but she couldn't say anything.

„You squirmed so nice in his grasp it turned me on.” He told her, then took his cock out of his pants and started to stroke it. He quickly got to an orgasm, and Tifa felt hot cum sporting on her face and breasts. Her body was dirty again from the earth she crushed against. Cloud looked at her again. „Well, since you can't go and I can't take you, it's probably the best if I killed you.” Tifa's eyes widened in shock. „That's better than leaving you to die.” He told her, before taking the sword back from the magnetic sheath and cutting at her throat, easily severing her head. He looked at her body and muttered: „Now I'm turned on again. Damn.”

Tifa felt she was being summoned again. Her conscious was pulled from the void and she opened her eyes, appearing in a body back at their bedroom. She looked around, and noticed Cloud with the crystal sitting close to her on their bed."

„What the fuck Cloud? Just watching as that thing killed me and finishing me off after?” She shouted at him in fury. „As I've already said, you look sexy in pain. Wanna check it?” He grinned at her, then got his sword from the nearby stand.

„I think I will believe you on that one. So, aren't you going to apologise?” She asked him, and he smiled back. „I apologise for calling you when you were taking a shower. I suppose that's the reason that beast defeated you so easily.” He continued to smile, then asked her another question while gesturing at her half of the bed.

„So, are you going to get back here?” She sighed, then climbed into the bed to join him. She realised she was nude because of the summoning, and she was nude all the time they talked. She smiled at her lover and hugged him, pulling him in a kiss. „The best way to apologise would be to fuck me hard.” She told him, and he grinned in answer: „As you wish, love."


The next few days passed quietly, without anything important happening.

One night they were having sex, and she noticed Cloud had his sword besides the bed instead of down at the garage with his repaired bike. She wondered about it for a while, then got back to riding him. As her body was being shaken by an orgasm, she heard a metal moving. She ignored it, concentrating on pleasure, her eyes closed as she moved back to support herself with her arms. She felt a pain in her neck, but she didn't care about it as it was not important. When she opened her eyes, she tried to shriek with terror. There was a headless woman on Cloud's cock! She realised she was in a different position than she should, and as she tried to look around she found out she couldn't. Then realisation struck her - Cloud must have beheaded her! "

"She wanted to be mad at him, but she watched his face full of ecstasy as he pounded in and out of her dead pussy. She realised she didn't feel anything ad she was losing her head, and as she saw, pleasure Cloud was experiencing was really huge. „Maybe it isn't that bad?” She thought as her mind went blank.

When she was summoned back she threw herself on Cloud. „That was awesome!” She shouted, as her time in the void made her understand she didn't feel anything because of the most powerful orgasm she ever felt, that was caused by her pussy being pounded while her head was cut off. Cloud smiled at her, glad she liked it too, and thrust inside her as he summoned her only when he was ready for another round.


Tifa was glad. Her life returned to what it was before, only with her and Cloud's sex being much more hotter than it was before the arena. She could feel it turning into a distant memory, one she wished she would never have to recall.

Her hopes were crushed when one day, after waking up, she found a letter on her cushion.

""Go to the Midgar wasteland. Bring the crystals with you.

Signed: Council Of The Arena.""

At first she wanted to ignore it, but she realised that the girls from the arena could easily summon her there, and pissing them off might not be a good idea. She slipped out of her bed and grabbed the phone, hoping to get Yuffie to her. She could reach her, so she just grabbed the crystals she had and headed off into the wasteland.


Yuna's Aftermatch

Tidus carried her through the portal, his cock still buried deep inside her pussy.

„I've missed you so much, love.” Yuna moaned at him. He kissed her in answer, the told her „I did too.” She silenced him with her mouth, fighting with her tongue against his. As they were doing it suddenly Tidus felt sand beneath his feet. The sound of ocean waves crashing against the beach was also heard, and the two lovers broke the kiss to look around. They were on Besaid, but in a secluded place Yuna hoped only she knew about. She felt his cock getting hard again, and she smiled playfully while letting go of him, sliding off his cock and falling to the sand. She playfully gestured at him to join her, and he quickly entered her again, his body going over hers. The two began to wrestle on the sand, Tidus ramming in and out of her as they were rolling."

Finally Tidus managed to grab her in a hold. Both his hands enclosed on her throat, cutting her breath off. Her muffled moan only turned him on more, and his started to thrust in and out more violently. He felt her body shaking in an orgasm, and then he felt his own. His cock pumped it whole load inside her pussy, filling it with cum the third time this day. He collapsed on top of her body, then realised she had the crystals of summoning. He got one he thought it was hers and used it. At few moments passed, and his lover appeared again, smiling at him. Before he could say anything she made a gesture with her hand, and Tidus felt his cock was ready for another round. He spring at her, midair sliding the cock inside her, throwing them both in the water with the strength of his jump. He started pounding her quickly, her body beneath him her head underwater, and he felt her orgasm once again as she was drowning. His cock pumped its load inside her once again.

He could feel her pussy was completely full, probably because of the water and because it was yet another time in a row he cane there. He let go of her body and used the crystal again, letting the waves carry her body away. He didn't have to wait long, and Yuna's lips were crushing against his once again. He pulled her for a hug, his desires satisfied for now. He could feel Yuna also was done for now. They've stayed in a hug, kissing, for some time, just savouring the moment. They were together again, and nothing more mattered.

Finally Yuna broke the kiss, and smiled at him. „You probably want me to tell what happened, love.” Tidus grinned at her, then answered: „Considering what just happened, I think it will be an interesting story.” The pair collapsed to the sand, both on their backs as Yuna started her tale.


„That was a pretty interesting story, love.” Tidus told her a few hours later. She smiled at him, then gave his cock another stroke, before getting crawling there and taking his cock in her mouth. She took his big cock all the way down her throat, savouring the way it passes against the inside of her throat. She kept it there for a while, the started to give him a vigorous blowjob. He let her do her job for a while, then, as he felt he was approaching an orgasm, he grabbed her head and pressed get against his crotch. She didn't react, eager to give him more pleasure. He kept his cock buried all the way in, the warmth of her mouth and throat feeling amazing.

Few minutes later he felt his cock stiffen, then release its load down her throat. Yuna's head was still presses against him, and his cock was keeping her from breathing. Tidus could feel she was starting to weaken, and in mere moments she passed out.

As he just came, he just kept his cock inside her mouth. He knew she was going to choke to death, but he knew it was too arousing fir both of them to let go of her. He looked at Yuna and noticed she still had fingers inside her pussy, and that the sand around it was wet with her own love juices. Soon he saw her eyes rolling back as her body went limp. He just kept his cock inside her mouth for some more time, then summoned her again. She materialised close to him, and he pulled his cock out of the body's mouth.

„Aren't you hungry now, love? I sure am, and I think I might just know what can we eat here...” She walked to where her body laid, and called a small flame on her palm, then pressed it against the breast there. She kept her hand there, roasting the breast pretty fast, then with a strong pull she tore it off. She quelled the flame, then tore a small piece of the breast and put it in his mouth. He took it immediately, licking her fingers clean of fat as he did."

He chewed it a bit, then swallowed with absolute glee. "You taste amazing, love. Now, let's do something more about the food." Yuna nodded at him, a bit of the breast already inside her mouth. Tidus took a few steps into the forest, finding a perfect branch for his idea. He placed returned to the body, Yuna walking right behind him. He knelt next to her, and careful not to move the hand that was still inside the dead pussy he forced it inside. Yuna watched her body getting impaled with curiosity, it was the first time she had to take a longer look at it. When he was finished, the tip of the branch coming out of get mouth, he carefully raised the body so that she could see it clearly. As he did, she outstretched her both hands at it, covering her body with a roaring inferno. She could feel the heat on her breasts, and hoped she wasn't burning Tidus's hands.

"Some time roasting later she decided it was enough, and stopped the energy flow, the flames dying. Tidus walked to her with it, then placed the stick pointing up in the air, getting it a bit deep so that it wouldn't fall. The pair started eating the body, as the strength of the flames caused it to be easily torn by a simple pull, and so both lovers were soon full, on the branch only a skeleton left.

„That was awesome, but I think we should go to Besaid, just to show that were back.” Yuna said as they were lying on the ground, resting after the meal.

„I think Lulu deserves to return to her husband, too. She killed herself without trying to fight in the arena - twice!”

„Why?” Tidus asked her, not believing her.

„She has no knowledge with weapons, right? And she couldn't use magic.” Tidus thought about it for a while, then asked:"

„Lulu's crystal, right? That means getting her to me anytime I want?” Yuna playfully punched him on the arm „Hey, I'm not enough for you?” He pulled her for a kiss, and afterwards replied: „You will always be all I need.” She felt warm at his words, then stood up and gestured at him. „Come on, let's go.”


The pair managed to get close to the village before realising they couldn't possibly enter it nude. The problem was solved easily, as Yuna just cast a spell making them invisible, letting them easily sneak to her house without being seen. The pair got there and grabbed some clothes, not wanting to appear nude in public. When they had clothes on, Yuna grabbed a crystal and tried summoning Lulu. The busty Black Mage appeared in the room, and Tidus deliberately tried not to look at her, knowing it might piss Yuna off. She smiled at him, then moved her head to look at Lulu."

As Lulu was always a kind of a mother figure to her, she managed not to think about how hot the other woman was, especially naked.

„Hi, Lulu. I've managed to take control over that arena, and now I've come back home. I've a crystal that lets anyone summon you, no matter happened to you before.” Lulu heard they weren't at the arena, meaning she wasn't going to die in another fight. She reached for the crystal, asking: „Why am I nude?”

„That's the way the crystals work. I've brought here crystals that summon Me, You, Rikku, Paine, and also I have seen some others working, and that's just the way they are.” Yuna answered the mage, and she looked around the room, noticing Tidus standing in a corner.

„I've managed to bring him back in the arena. That's one good thing that came from that.” Yuna told her before she had a chance to ask.

Lulu felt her nipples harden from the cold, reminding her she was nude. „How did you get on the village if in the arena we had to be naked?” Lulu asked her, wanting to go to her husband now.

„I've cast an invisibility spell on the both of us. You want me to cast one now?” Yuna offered, and Lulu gladly accepted: „Yes, please do it.” Yuna let our some energy, then day the spell, turning Lulu transparent. She waited to hear the entrance door closing, and when she did she looked at Tidus who was already grinning at her. „I bet she's gonna give Wakka a surprise fuck.”

„Well, they haven't seen each other when she was in the arena, so I'm sure she needs it. Just as I still do.” Yuna told him the last few words while working on the straps of his shorts. As she was doing it, Tidus slipped a finger inside her pants, pulling them down and earning a moan from her as she closed her eyes.

A few moans later she snapped them open, realising moans coming from the house that was presumed no one lived in would cause some problems. She get up, shaking and kicking her pants off her legs and letting his shorts drop to the ground, and walked around the room, sending energy into the walls as she was pulling off her shirt. When she was sure the magic would mute all sounds, she turned back towards her lover, who was also pretty much done undressing, as they both wore no underwear. She looked at his huge cock already hard to its full length, wondering again how did she manage to take all if it in. She felt proud of it, and as she was thinking he walked to her, pushing his cock inside her ass. She relaxed at the motion, even though it was the first time they have tried anal. She felt her asshole stretching to accommodate his length, and in a few moments he was going at full speed insider her.

The new sensation was stimulating for the both of them, but still they both wanted more. Yuna closed her eyes, moaning heavily, picturing herself dying like that, impaled on his cock. He didn't feel anything special, except for maybe her asshole being a bit tighter than her cunt. When he felt he was getting close to cumming, he grabbed his sword. He moved her head to the side with one hand, the other one slowly getting ready to kill her. When he was right on the edge, he swung the sword, easily going through her neck, sending it flying and spurting blood all around her. Some drops fell on him, and he enjoyed the warmth of his lover's blood on his chest. Her deathly spasms were sucking his cock, trying to get as much of his sperm as it could. Then he used the crystal, and Yuna appeared in the room once again.

„I can never get enough of it, love.” She told him as she again clung to him, forcing his cock inside her pussy."

The room was filled again with the moans of two lovers, and they both knew they weren't going to leave it for some more time.


When they finally left the house, people greeted them surprisingly well. They saw their summoner was happy, and it was all that mattered for them. The pair lived in their home for a few days, filling their time either talking or having sex, their love only strengthening. One day Yuna remembered she had Rikku's crystal too, and that she was supposed to let her, along with Paine, out so they could live again. She still felt bad for killing Rikku, but she knew it had to be done. She only hoped Rikku would understand her. The two lovers walked out if the town, heading for their secluded island.

When they got there, swimming a big towards it, Yuna's clothing was completely wet, nearly merging with her body, the outfit didn't covering even the most intimate spots now. She could see Tidus's erection, so she just pulled her transparent swimsuit off, the other hand releasing his cock. She pushed him to the ground and immediately started riding him. Her ferocity in don't it managed to get him to an orgasm quickly, his hot seed burning up her pussy up to her womb. She didn't care if she became pregnant, their love git each other was the only thing that mattered to her. The pair laid on the sand for some time, before she grabbed her swimsuit, which was already dry, and put it back on. Tidus just pulled his shorts up, and Yuna used the crystal to summon Paine. The black haired warrior materialised on the sand.

Explaining took a lot less time Yuna thought it would, and soon the warrior was free to depart.

Yuna took a deep breath, thinking about having sex again as she wanted to delay the moment as long as possible. She managed to overcome her list and fear, and the blonde Al-Bhed started to form at the beach.

What Yuna didn't expect was the fact that when Rikku saw her, she rushed at her. Yuna spread he'd arms to hug her cousin, and instead she got knocked to the ground as Rikku slammed into her. The blonde sat on Yuna's chest while she was down, and started punching her anywhere she could, shouting in anger as she did. Even though they were pretty loud, Yuna couldn't make out what she was saying. As much as the sudden attack annoyed her, she also liked the feeling and she could see Tidus stroking his cock, trying to hide it from Rikku. „You Bitch! You killed me! I loved you!” Rikku finally switched on her shouts to a language Yuna could understand, and she realised the strength of her feeling. "

„You were my only friend! How could you do it to me! I hate you! Die!” At this point Rikku grabbed her braid and put it around her neck. Yuna smiled in her mind, dying in that way always felt soooo good! She could see Tidus getting closer, his cock sticking out of his pants as he was walking closer. Rikku started squeezing her neck, and Tidus came, sending his sperm over her back. The Al-Bhed ignored it for now, her mind fully set on Yuna.

„Die die die die die die you fucking bitch! Just die already!” Rikku started shouting again, pulling with all her strength at Yuna's throat. As Yuna could feel her death approaching, she vast a spell that made Tidus's cock harden again. Then she felt her vision go black...

Rikku kept squeezing her throat for some more time, and when she was sure she was dead, she started unleashing all fury on the body, hitting it, kicking, clawing, biting, just trying to destroy it as much as possible.

Tidus watched her with a hard cock for some time, then suddenly descended at her. She was sure not expecting it, and he forced his cock inside her ass. As she turned, finally noticing him, he pressed her to the ground, making her unable to escape. She felt her asshole ravaged, but it felt surprisingly good even if he was raping her. She realised it was Tidus, but before she could say a word, her grabbed Yuna's braid. Even if the head was no more recognisable, the braid managed to survive the ordeal pretty unharmed, and he put it around her neck. Rikku's eyes widened in terror, she wasn't expecting to be snuffed so soon! As Tidus was pounding her, she was emitting cries of pain, but when her anus was stretched enough, she stopped feeling any pain.

At some point she cried in shock. Yuna, fingering herself, came into her sight.

„Going back from the dead sure feels amazing. I think you will get used to it.” Now the shock and terror were serious, as Rikku realised her entire life co u of now look like that. Tidus finally squeezed harder, and she found herself completely unable to breathe. She didn't try fighting against him as she knew she stood no chance. Just before passing out she felt both lovers orgasming - Yuna spurting her live juices all over her body as she was standing over it, Tidus sending his seed deep inside her ass. The feeling of her ass being filled with cum was the last thing she felt.

Yuna and Tidus looked at each other. „As much as I didn't expect it, we have both really enjoyed it. I think we will keep her.”

„Of course, love. She didn't feel as good as you, but another cunt to fuck is always positive. Especially that we can both kill her and she will always come back. I've seen you enjoyed watching me rape her. It's an entirely different story from you, as you're always willing." He finished, can she smiled. "Then it's settled." She walked to him, stroking his cock when she neared him. "You don't need a slave to fuck and kill when you have me, but sometimes it's worth trying out somebody different?" She said, grinning. He just nodded in answer, and she easy slid on his cock, closing her eyes in ecstasy as she didn't want to know how and when will he kill her. She felt his vetting close to an orgasm, and then she felt a strong hit to her head. She opened her eyes just as he slammed her head against a rock again. She felt some bones of her skull breaking, and she moaned loudly as she reached an orgasm. She could feel him cumming inside her too, before he slammed her head against the rock again, this time breaking it open, parts of her brain forced out of her head by it.

She lost feeling in some parts of her body, but she didn't care - she could still feel pleasure, sad that was all that mattered. She felt her vision faltering, before it finally turned black... For another few minutes.

Tidus blew one load inside her pussy, then pulled out and grabbed the side of her head, forcing his cock to go inside. He called Yuna back so she could enjoy the sight and then started thrusting his cock in and out of her head. The squishy remains of her brain lubricated it and it easily sunk all the way in. As he was doing it he noticed Yuna with a hand inside her pussy licking her dead pussy clean from both him and her cum, but keeping her head in a way that she could also see what was he doing. Soon he came again, the remains of her brain mixed with his sperm surging out through the wound.

She waited for him to finish, her orgasm finished just before he emptied his load into her brain. She waited patiently, her fingers mindlessly caressing the skin around her pussy. After she was sure he was finished, she asked him: „Are we going to head home now?” She didn't want to stay here any longer now, a bit guilty about making Rikku apparently what seemed losing her mind. He nodded in answer, and the pair headed home.


They were now living a happy life. Yuna, as a High Summoner loved by the people, could always get anything they needed. It has continued like this for a few months, until they were visited by a certain woman...


Terra's Aftermatch

Terra walked through the portal, feeling herself materialise on the plains near the village of Mobliz. She looked around, surprised Serah didn’t trick her, feeling the crystals pulsate in her hand. She looked at them, realising they shouldn’t be able to work in a world without magic, and she looked at it. She decided to test it, trying to send some energy to summon Celes. She felt the air condensing, and in a few moments her blonde friend materialised on the field.

„How could you work with that freak like that?” Celes shouted at her the moment she saw the ester girl. „I didn’t mean to at first, but the power over the lives of all those girls felt amazing! Too bad you can’t try it out for yourself.” Terra told her back, thinking that telling her she found pleasure in killing and torturing wouldn’t be the best idea. Ruling them, however, was something Terra hoped Celes would understand - she was a general herself some time ago.

“Also, I got crystals we can use to bring any of us back no matter what ever happens. If someone like Kefka tried to pull such things off, it will certainly help.” Celes looked at her, not sure what to say. She remembered her tines as an imperial general didn’t show her in a good light, so she understood that she should just Terra so easily. She settled for a test if some sorts. „Can I get my crystal?” She asked, and Terra just threw it at her. Celes caught it, fully convinced that nothing was wrong with her friend, that it was just a momentary weakness. She smiled at Terra, and her esper friend smiled back, before looking around again. „We’re close to Mobliz?” She asked, and Terra nodded. „Then I will go.” With that, she quickly ran away. Terra watched her depart, then decided to go back home. She wasn’t sure how Celes was planning to travel naked, but she was sure the kids wouldn’t have any problems with it - they have already seen her in esper form, so there was nothing more they could see.

She quickly walked to the village. She smiled as the children there ran out to her, delighted to see their „Mama” was back. She hugged the ones that got closest to her, happy to return to them.

After some time she walked to her house. There she looked at the wardrobe with her dresses. She took one out and put it on for a moment, but the feeling of finally wearing clothes was too uncomfortable, and she put it back quickly, then tried to cast a spell that would burn the furniture along with its content. She cried out in pain as she felt energy leaving her, and nothing happened. She realised with terror that the world still had no magic source, meaning no spells would work. The terrifying revelation left her sobbing and curled up on the bed. She realised the best thing she could do about it would be killing herself. She didn’t belong to this world. If saving the world from Kefka came at a price of forcing her into madness, then she would gladly accept it and end her life.

She found her trusted sword, and walked to a mirror on the side of her bedroom. She looked at her nude body, enjoying the sight of her sexy breasts and legs for the last time, and felt she needed to at least have one final orgasm if she had to die. She moved the hand with the sword to her pussy, the other hand taking turns at fondling either of her breasts. She started to force the sword inside her hilt first, moaning loudly as the sword was getting further and further. Finally she came, her moan of pleasure sounding loud around the village. The children ignored it, busy playing a game of some sorts, but some of them noticed and were happy their „Mama” was enjoying herself, even if they didn’t understand how yet.

Terra was calming down after the orgasm it was more powerful than her usual orgasms when she masturbated, and she regretted she found out such an amazing method so late. She returned her gaze to the mirror, looking into her own beautiful blue eyes.

She placed the blade on her shoulder, letting the cold steel lay against her skin. She enjoyed the sensation, knowing it was one of the last this sure works every feel. Then, in one quick move, she pulled the sword to her other shoulder, cutting easily through her neck. She watched in the mirror as her head slid down from the neck, before falling to the ground close to her feet. She saw her body twitching, spurring blood in all directions as the hand without control released the blade. It fell to the ground, sinking a bit into it as its tip was facing the ground. She felt her mind being pulled away, and she let go, thinking it was a perfect way to die...

Terra opened her eyes. She looked around, seeing she was back in her bedroom. She saw her body in a bloody pool on front of the mirror, her mind completely dumbfounded - why was she alive again?

She looked around, and noticed the green glow emitted by the crystal. Was it possible that it meant it resurrected her even that there was no magic left on the world? She assumed it was true, add it was the only explanation.

A few weeks passed. She still enjoyed caring for the children. Her suicides didn’t kill her but they gave her extremely powerful orgasms.

One day she looked around, noticing it was going to rain again. Before she had a chance to worry about it, a shout from the outside made her mind focus on other things. She ran out, the sword in her hand, only to see one of the children crushed down beneath a tree. She rushed to it, and only one look was enough to see there was nothing to be done to help the child. She could only watch as a life slipped away. She broke into tears, and all the children around her joined her. Just as her mind was starting to put all the guilty thoughts inside her head, she felt a wonderful sound:

“Mama, why are you crying?” Terra turned around to see the girl that had just died standing in front of her. She stared at the child, her mind rapidly processing what happened. She needed one more confirmation to be sure.

She pointed at one of the boys from the group. She had chosen more of a teenager than a child, about 16 years old.

„Follow me.” She told him. She led him to her home, and as soon as he passed the door she dropped to her knees and pulled his pants down. She’d never had sex yet, but she craved for more after what happened earlier today.

She saw his cock spring free, quite satisfied with the size and the fact her body turned him on enough to make him hard already, and she got up, walking to her bedroom stroking his cock as they walked. They boy didn’t question her, he was sure „Mama” would never hurt him.

She got him to lie on the bed, then climbed on him and started riding his cock. While she did she started moaning loudly again, and the boy did too feeling the pleasure. Soon Terra grinded herself to an orgasm, but that didn’t mean the end for her as she was still riding him. She grabbed her sword, and when he started releasing his load inside her, she cut at his neck. She continued to ride the dead body to another orgasm, and just as she came she heard his voice:

„Mama, what are you doing?”

She turned around and saw him standing in the door. She smiled at him. „Nothing important. Go play with the others now.”

As he watched him leave, she came to a conclusion her suspicions were true: killing the Goddess of Death stopped people from dying. She imagined countless possibilities it could create, then realised that it had to be fixed. „But what could fix it?”

She wondered, and then she realised her world - no, all worlds - needed a new Goddess of Death. They needed a replacement. But how could she make it? She decided to go and ask Yuna. As much as their rivalry was heated, Yuna killed the goddess along with Serah so asking her should be the best idea.

She wondered how to get to Yuan’s world, and she managed to come up with an idea - she would go to the arena and use the portal there. She remembered where the arena was, and sent her energy to the crystal, hoping it would take her there.

She felt her body dispersing. For a moment she found herself in a sea of nothingness, but before she could Tracy she rematerialised on a beach. She looked around and noticed Yuna and the blonde guy who she resurrected before leaving the arena. She smiled as she saw them fucking, and just stood in a distance and watched them, her hand finding its way to her snatch.

She started to moan quietly, so that they won’t notice her. Soon enough she saw Tidus closing his hands around Yuan’s throat. She felt her orgasm approaching, and when Yuan’s body sent limp she cried out loudly in an orgasm. Tidus didn’t notice her as he was having his own orgasm.

When she was ready she walked to him, smiling at him when he noticed her.

„Hi, I’m Terra. Yuna might have told you about me. Anyways, I need to talk to her now. But first...” She got close to him, and stopped over his body. He moved invitingly, but Terra didn’t notice that. She summoned her sword, and brought it down through his cheat with both hands on the handle. As she used the sword not to collapse, she heard a shout behind her.

“What the fuck have you just done?” Yuna screamed at her. Terra turned back to see her, and when Yuna saw her she immediately rushed at her, summoning a sword on the run. She got quickly to her, and started attacking. Unfortunately for her Terra pulled out her swore from Tidus's chest and reflected the first slash. She didn’t even let Yuna try another one, her sword sinking deep into Yuan’s arm, eventually cutting it off.

„We need to talk.” Terra told the summoner, and although Yuna hated it she nodded.

„What do you want?” She snapped at Terra.

„Just wait for a few more minutes; I’m fairly sure that you will see what I mean then.” Terra replied, the esper girl hoping she was right.

Indeed, just a few minutes later Tidus appeared on the beach. „See? That was my point.” Terra said as Yuan’s eyes widened at the sight.

„What has just happened?” Yuna asked in shock.

„I think that the fact you and Serah killed the Goddess of Death might have meant no one will die from then. My point is that the Goddess of Death is needed, so I came to you. I except to grab Serah too, and together we will have to think of something.”

Yuna sighed. It wasn’t something she’d ever expected, but she knew Terra was right. They needed to bring balance back.

„So, what do you want to do?” She asked Terra, trying not to sound as annoyed as she was.

Let’s grab Serah first, and then I will just tell it to the both of you. Say goodbye to your lover for now, I’m not sure when will we be back.” Terra answered Yuna, and then grinned as she watched the couple share a long kiss. When she was sure they were over, she channelled her energy into the crystal. She closed her eyes. When she opened them, they both were standing on some grass in a garden of some sorts. They looked around, noticing a noose hanging from a tree. Upon getting closer the girls realised it was Serah's body! She was smiling, her hand still stuck inside her pussy. They’ve also noticed she was covered in cum.

„It seems both you and her are really enjoying themselves. Maybe I should find a man for myself too?” Terra commented as they walked past it. Yuna grinned at her, thinking about her lover.

The two girls turned towards the house, and quickly walked there. When the crossed a certain line, Serah walked out with a bow, aiming at the intruders. She saw it was them, and the put the bow down. She was as nude as the both of them, and her entire body looked sweaty, probably cause she had sex just before.

„Hey, girls. Why are you here?”

Terra smiled in answer. „There’s a certain problem caused by you and her killing the goddess of death. We want to discuss what to do with it” Serah listened to her, and when Terra finished she answered: „Come in then.” Both girls walked in and followed her. She led them to a table, and the three girls sat around it.

„She came to my world and killed my lover, but he reappeared just a few minutes later!” Yuna started.

„A girl was crashed down by a tree, but just a few moments later she was alive asking me what happened. We need to do something about it.” Terra continued.

„Do we have a way of replacing her?” Serah just asked them. „I think we will find something in the books by the Voice. How to decide who would be the next goddess?”

The trio thought for a moment. Eventually, Yuna came up with a suggestion. „What about making another, last tournament?” At first it sounded weird, but in the end they decided it wasn’t that bad, better then letting the dead come back again and again. They’ve agreed to meet in the arena building next day and discuss the details. Then, Terra and Yuna both got a chance to see Snow, as when Serah was leaving the room she threw herself on him. Both left the house, before teleporting to their own worlds.

The next day, the trio met in the arena. They’ve agreed to let one girl from each world into the tournament. They would teleport a letter to each of the girls they had given the crystals to, telling them what to do, then they would just get them from the spots they told them to go to. The first was Rosa, with the crystals of Rydia and Porom.


The FF4 Tournament

Rosa was walking in the forest. She felt a bit aroused by what she did to Porom, and it make her feel a bit scared: did she want to feel like that? As she was not sure where she had to be, she just stopped in a clearing. She remembered she also was to bring Rydia's crystal, so she took it out, realising it would be best to get her here now. She also wanted to test the feeling of killing her again. She used the crystal, and waited. A silhouette materialised on the grass a bit further. Rosa noticed the girl was nude, and apparently before she called her here Rydia was kissing someone, also caressing the person’s face with one hand. The other one was busy fondling her breasts. When she was fully there, she fell forward, using the arm in front of her to support herself, her eyes snapping open violently. Rosa saw the girl was covered in cum and sweat, coming to a conclusion she called the summoner while she was in the middle of having sex.
Her suspicions were confirmed as Rydia returned herself to a kneel and started masturbating furiously, her tits swinging as she buckled her hips against her arm. Rosa already had the bow drawn, arrow aiming for Rydia’s head, but she waited, wanting to enjoy the sight. As soon as Rydia’s body was shaking in an orgasm, Rosa released the arrow, it piercing through Rydia’s skull and brain, the tip sticking out of the forehead. Rydia’s body started convulsing on the ground, and Rosa felt arousal again.

As she was staring there, her feelings clearly visible for anyone watching her, Serah teleported herself in some trees away. She just walked to the only sound that she could hear, and soon she got to Rosa.
„I will take you back to the arena.” And told her and both girls were gone.
After teleporting, Rosa saw the two girls that sent her away and a green haired girl she recalled too but couldn’t place her.

„Since there are three of you from your world, you will fight 3 duels together. If you want anyone to spectate, like your husband, just tell us and we will get him here.” Rosa was terrified to hear the girls were going to force them to fight again.
„My husband Cecil, and I think Rydia would like Edge to watch, too.” She answered, hoping to gain some more time. Was there any way she could get out of it? As she couldn’t think of anything, she sighed and prepared mentally to fight her friends. She watched as Serah disappeared, probably to get the men she mentioned.
She stood there for a moment, and then Yuna asked her: „Can you give us the crystals?”
Rosa reluctantly walked to the two girls and handed over the crystals.
She closed her eyes, and when she opened them she cried in shock. Warm sand beneath her toes, her body nude again, and her bow in her hand - they moved her to the arena, already prepared for the fight. She took a glance sideways, and noticed both Edge and Cecil sitting in alcoves on opposite sides of the arena. She could tell Cecil was growing hard at the sight of her.

It was cold in the arena, and aye could feel her nipples hardening because of it. She tried to ignore the feeling, knowing she had to be fully focused. She watched as Rydia and Porom materialised, both girls also nude and probably mad at her.
„First, Rosa is going to fight Porom. We will send you the weapons you used the last time in a moment. You are allowed to cast any spells you want, no magical limitations this time.” Sarah’s voice sounded over the arena.
Rydia suddenly found herself on the alcove with Edge. She grinned at her husband, who was already hard from watching them, and he smiled back. She walked to him and mounted him, enjoying the feeling as they both watched the fight that was about to begin. She felt his hands fondling her breasts, and she moaned loudly as she watched both girls drawing the bows and aiming at each other.

„Three... Two... One... Fight!” Yuna shouted, counting down the same way as always.

Both girls immediately drew their bows, Rosa feeling a staff materialising on her back too. Both of them knew the other was experienced with bows, so as soon as they had the arrows flying they both went straight down to avoid them. It turned out Rosa wasn’t fast enough, an arrow tearing through her left collarbone.
She screamed in pain, and placed a hand on it after shot hit the ground. She tried sending energy to heal it, but nothing happened.

„On second thought, healing spells are not allowed - your fight would be too boring with it.”

Sarah’s voice confirmed what Rosa feared, and the blonde woman got to a kneel, gritting her teeth as her entire left arm hurt. She aimed the bow again, and just looked in Porom's direction, then focused on the spell that made her shots never miss. She cast it, then released the arrow, watching with satisfaction as it buried itself in Porom’s belly. She quickly drew another arrow and let it go, hoping to hit Porom when the girl was in pain. As she watched this arrow fly too, she didn’t see Porom shooting, and only noticed when the arrow got through her wrist, severing her left hand from the rest of her body.
She watched it fall with terror, knowing that she couldn’t use the bow anymore. She grabbed the staff from her back, and took off in the direction of Porom.

Now she could see that her third arrow went through Porom’s leg, close to the girl’s pussy, making her unable to move around. „At least I didn’t screw up completely like before.” Rosa thought as she saw Porom raise her bow once again. She braced for impact, knowing she had no chance of getting to her in time to stop her. As she saw Porom letting go of the string, Rosa instinctively swung with her staff, knocking the arrow out of the air. Porom stared at her for a moment, then realised the other girl was dangerously close now. She drew her bow once more, this time aiming for Rosa’s right side, knowing she would have more problems deflecting an arrow going there.
From that short range Rosa had no time to react, and she screamed in pain as the arrow pierced her abdomen. It didn’t stop her though, and she got to Porom, knocking the bow out of her hands and the girl to the ground before pinning her to the ground through her crotch, pressing at it with her entire strength. Porom could only cry in pain as she felt her womb being crushed, and she endured the pain for a few more moments. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and her hand snapped in a desperate effort to free herself. She tried casting Flare, she remembered her brother doing it a lot. As she couldn’t control Black Magic, instead of going where she wanted it too, the glowing ball of energy flew at her abdomen, and a moment later the explosion tore both her legs off, destroying her lower torso from the crotch to right under her breasts, guts spilling from the wound.
Rosa didn’t come out of it unscratched, too. The Queen of Baron got her both feet blown off, and her staff was reduced to just a short stick. She tried crawling around the sand, as Porom was blown quite a bit away, and noticed arrows lying on the ground. The sand rubbing against her breasts aroused her as she crawled, but it didn’t stop her from taking one arrow with her only hand. When she got to Porom, the pink haired mage looked at her with teary eyes full of surrender, but Rosa ignored her and slammed the hand with the arrow at Porom’s throat, cutting through it and ending her life. She kept lying on the ground, panting, the battle really having exhausted her, when she was transported to her husband, her body magically healed. She immediately embraced him, needing physical contact. Only now she realised she killed her, a wave of heat surging down her abdomen. She hugged him for a moment more, gave him a kiss, then turned around, mimicking Rydia’s pose from before.
In the arena, she could already see Rydia and resurrected Porom. Rydia was holding her usual whip, striking it at air to try it out. Porom was holding the same bow as before, looking at the green haired summoner.

„Three... Two... One... Fight!” This time it was Terra who shouted it, and both girls immediately got to action.

Porom drew her bow and shot an arrow, watching it fly. Rydia just stood there, waiting for it, until she felt it was close enough, then outstretched her palm, throwing a fireball right at it, reducing it to ashes. It was now time for Porom to dodge, but the your girl didn’t react quickly enough and it flew above her arm, giving her a burn there and setting her hair on fire. She started screaming, trying to quench the flames, feeling the heat on her face grow stronger and stronger.
She called some energy and pressed her hand against it, and the spell she cast worked... only to get the hand along with her cheek pierced by an ice spike.
She screamed in pain as she felt the hand freezing itself to her head. She tried moving her head, and saw Rydia just a few meters close now. Porom pulled on her hand, breaking it off along with a part of her face. She knew she had no time to act, but somehow she pulled the bow with that hand and shot. Rydia wasn’t expecting it, and the arrow took her right in the nipple. Rydia just moaned in pleasure, and Porom could picture her pussy leaking already. Before she had a chance to fire another arrow, Rydia swung her whip, shattering her frozen hand and making her drop the bow. The weird thing was Porom felt no pain from there. She just stood waiting, knowing Rydia was going to have some fun with her. She felt her arousal building, not caring about the two older men who sure thought she was a good girl till now.
Rydia also saw it, and smiled. Her needs were satisfied at the moment, having spent the entire battle earlier riding her lover’s cock. She was now thinking what would be the best way to abuse Porom. She called a flame to her hand, forming a knife from it, then walked towards Porom. She gave her a slash on her ass, the wound immediately cauterised so that she wouldn’t die too fast. She scratched the knife against Porom’s back, tearing the skin there away, exposing red flesh. She grabbed a muscle from Porom’s back, and pulled hard on it. Porom could feel some problems with standing straight, but the painful pleasure she was in made her ignore it. Rydia pushed her chest forward with one hand, the other one holding her by her shoulders. She sent a quick shock through her both hands to keep Porom from moving, then walked around, and used the burning knife to cut both Porom’s breasts off.
She grabbed one and showed into her mouth, enjoying the taste, and threw the second one to her lover. She looked at Porom’s body again, and decided to kill her. She struck her a few times with the whip, then got a knife made of thunder and pushed it into her abdomen, straight through Porom’s womb. Rydia could see her eyes widening, but otherwise Porom was quiet. Then she took a step back, and cocooned herself in a cloak of flames, feeling the heat on her skin. When she was sure the flames were hot enough, she called out for a summon. Odin, in his form of the old Baron King appeared, and charged at Porom, cutting her head off in a single slash. The head flew to Rydia, who now dropped the spell, feeling she was hot enough. She walked to the Eidolon, then bowed. „As a manner of thanks for your help, I offer you my body as a payment.” She said, and the knight immediately grabbed her, impaling her on a cock that came out of his armor.
She felt him pump inside her, and in just mere moments the knight was done. She felt his cum hitting the edge of her womb with such strength she was sure he would break it, but her body, accustomed to sex with Eidolons, managed to withstand it. She had an orgasm right when Odin beheaded her, and through magic she was still conscious when he shoved her entire body inside him, enjoying the taste of her roasted body. He put the head inside his sack, then disappeared.

„Rydia won, and as soon as we bring her back she and Rosa will fight.” Both men relaxed, wanting to watch their wives in action again.
The summoner materialised on one side, and Rosa found herself standing on the opposite side. She grabbed her bow and prepared to fight, seeing just standing Rydia relaxed.

„Three... Two... One... Fight! The usual countdown caught her off guard, but she had the bow in her hands it didn't cause her to lose a lot of time. It let Rydia cover a bit of the distance, and Rosa cursed silently while aiming her weapon. She shot, Rydia eagerly jumping in the direction of the arrow. It hit her in her belly, without hitting any major organs.

Rydia pulled out her whip. Her old friend was not suited for close combat, and she grinned madly thinking what she would do to her. Another arrow went flying, and Rydia just struck it down with her whip. The feeling of having her flesh torn was arousing, but thinking about winning the battle was even more arousing, and she couldn't let Rosa get a lucky hit.
As Rosa was preparing another arrow, Rydia decided to stop her for real. She pulled her left hand closer, clenching it into a fist, then outstretched it in the direction of Rosa. A lightning bolt flew from her fingers to Rosa's bow. The white mage cried in pain as she was electrified, and she dropped the weapon. Rydia quickly covered the few last meters and kicked the bow out of Rosa's reach, enjoying the little shock that it send up her thighs. She saw Rosa looking at her, fear clearly visible in her friend's green eyes. Rydia gave her a quick strike of the whip. A small red mark appeared on Rosa's thigh. Rydia struck Rosa a few more times, giving her breasts a pattern of red cuts.

She took a step closer and knelt, then inserted her hand inside Rosa's pussy. She started to fist the white mage, while conjuring a flame to her hand. Rosa started to buck against her hand, if she was abused she could at least got her pleasure from it, and she moaned as Rydia roasted her pussy from the inside.
Rydia could feel Rosa was getting closer and closer to an orgasm, so she started gusting her more and more violently. She felt the white mage's body spasm as her cum poured over her arm, sizzling and vaporising from the heat soon after. After a while, Rydia decided to end the pleasure, and started to tear her womb out. The heat made it come out easily, and Rosa just mumbled in pleasure and a bit of pain as her mind was still clouded. She got it fully out, then threw the whole thing to Edge, who started jerking himself off with it. She looked back at Rosa, and grinned.

Rosa finally stopped shaking in orgasmic pleasure. She looked at Rydia, and a thought crossed her mind. „Holy!” She said quietly, hoping Rydia wouldn't notice. She didn't, and Rosa felt a powerful surge of energy flying at Rydia. The summoner turned just in time to get hit by a barrage of white balls of energy, throwing her over the arena. Rydia's entire arm vaporised, along with her whip.
Rosa watched her fly, then tried walking but she could only stumble in eye direction where her bow was.

Rydia hit the ground painfully. The balls left a lot of burns at her body, and she felt she was really badly damaged. She knew she had to do something quick, but she was sure if she tried walking in that state Rosa would get to her now quicker. She realised she had to summon someone quickly, but the energy taken to roast Rosa's cunt and being hit by the spell took her a lot of energy. She closed her eyes, concentrating on the summon. She felt the remnants of her energy go, and she waited. In just a few moments, the six armed woman appeared close to her.

„Asura, can you heal me?” Rydia asked her politely. „Of course, my dear child. But you know you will have to repay it one time.” With that, Asura sent healing energy at Rydia.
The summoner moaned, the feeling of receiving energy was quite pleasant. „Of course, I will show up at dinner when I'm next in Feymarch. Can you let me take your sword? I'm sure you will get it back later.” She grinned at the implication of her promise, and outstretched her arm towards Asura. The six armed woman placed one if her swords there, then disappeared, saying: „We all look forward to your visit.”

Rydia smiled just thinking about what will happen then, then realised Rosa was still crawling to her bow. She ran to where Rosa was, and kicked her in the hand just as she was grabbing the bow. Rosa could only watch as the green haired woman cut down with the sword, going through her right arm. Rydia kicked her again, and the arm stayed as Rosa moved a bit. She knew by now she would die, so she prepared for anything Rydia could do to her.
Rydia moved to the other side and repeated the process, cutting the second arm away. She knelt at Rosa's chest, and started beating the woman up, slamming her fist against her face. After a moment, she turned around and buried her sword up Rosa's crotch, it entering easily here her womb once was. Rydia grabbed Rosa's breasts, and started ripping the apart, piling on the small cuts her whip inflicted earlier and powering her hands up with magic. When in place of both breasts there were only bloody mounds, Rydia decided it was time to change the target. She moved up to Rosa's face, and started clawing at her eyes, trying to pull them out. She succeeded in getting one out, leaving the other so Rosa could see what was happening. She got the eye to her mouth, enjoying the unusual taste, then grabbed the sword. She pulled up, and Rosa's belly was cut open. Rydia got the sword completely out, then slid her left hand's fingers inside the eye socket.
She pierced through the skull, and started scratching the brain.
Rosa was slowly losing consciousness, so Rydia knew she had to finish her off before she blacked out. She wanted her to feel it, even if only for a while. She grabbed the sword, and cut down on the neck, careful not to cut herself. The head clearly came off, and Rydia grabbed her by the hair, then stood up. She placed the head between her thighs and started sending electricity through it so that the tongue moved. As she was getting off, she was transported to where the three organisers were waiting.

She ignored them and just enjoyed herself till she came. When she was done, age opened her eyes and looked at them.

„Rydia, you have won the fights with your world's girls. We will get you there when we're done with other worlds. We will teleport you all back now.”
Before she could say anything, everything was gone and she was suddenly looking at her husband as they were standing naked in the plains close to Eblan, Rosa's head still between her thighs. She grinned at him, and asked seductively: „You liked it all?” He smiled in answer, then showed her what was he holding - Rosa's womb still stretched by his cock. The pair looked with love at each other, then slowly started to walk towards their castle. They both knew what was going to happen that night. Then... perhaps she should let him go with her to Feymarch next time?


FF5's and FF6's Duels

Serah was sitting on the ground. She was waiting for Lenna to walk to the spot they ordered her too, but the young queen wasn't coming. Serah started playing with her pussy to pass time some time ago, but even despite that she was slowly getting annoyed. How much longer would she have to wait?

Finally she saw Lenna approaching. More specifically, she saw her making out with another girl as they walked. Serah's first instinct was to shoot them both, but she controlled herself and just watched. Her hand started moving faster, both sisters - she figured the second girl was Faris - were giving her a perfect look at their sexy acts. Serah got herself to cumming just as both girls started working in each other’s pussies. When she came to both girls were getting close. Serah quickly got her bow and shot arrows at both, piercing both hearts and enjoying the shock in their faces. She then quickly emerged and ran to them, changing the bow into a sword and beheading them both, but having dying Lenna watch Faris getting her head cut off.

She knelt, and found the crystals, then grabbed the heads and transported herself to the Arena. There, she got to Terra and Yuna, then summoned the two sisters. Both girls materialised in the arena, looking around with a bit if confusion, and also recognition.

„Welcome, girls. You will fight now, the winner getting to fight more later. We're sending you your swords right now.” Faris felt the sword materialise in her hands, also a belt with two knives appeared around her waist. She looked down and grinned, seeing it, then looked at Lenna. Two sisters caught eye contact and Faris knew Lenna was going to let her win. Well, if she wanted it, then they both could get some pleasure from it. Both girls pit the hands between their legs, and started getting themselves off. Yuna watched them, feeling her own arousal grow, and started counting down:

„Three... Two... One... Fight!” Instead of the usual fast reaction, both sisters started to walk towards each other with their hands still between their thighs. Yuna watched them for a moment, then spoke again.

„Since I see you're both masturbating, I decided to give you both a gift.” Both girls felt invisible forces pushing at their entrances, so they withdrew their hands and let it thrust inside. The pleasure only intensified, and both girls started moaning as they ran the last few meters.

They both started to attack, their swords flashing as they crossed the air. They connected, sending sparks as both girls tried yet again to attack. They tried attacking each other for some time, but it was no use. They knew each other too well, knowing each and every trick the other could pull off. The other girls also noticed it, and Terra shouted at them: „Start fighting for real, or we will force you!

Faris realised she needed to act now. She pulled away, then ran at her sister, slamming into her and getting them both down to the sand. When she got the ground, her hand was painfully forced inside her sister's pussy, pushing the invisible energy that was in there even deeper. Faris instinctively started moving it, getting cries of pleasure from Lenna. Just as she was to stab her with her sword, an arrow pierced her hand inside Lenna's body.

„You're supposed to fight, not fuck each other!” Serah shouted at them while aiming another arrow. Faris tried pulling out, but it was no use. Lenna tried pulling the arrow out, but it was stuck inside her. Faris gritted her teeth and grabbed her sword with one hand, then swung hard at her second arm, cutting it off at the elbow, leaving it inside Lenna. Faris crawled away a bit, then used the sword to support herself to get up. Lenna was already waiting for her, and both sisters clashed again.

Faris was doing worse this time, having to use her left hand now. She was losing ground, and she knew it. She knew she had to finish it quickly or she would lose. She knew Lenna would never let her forget it if she lost. She ran closer, and Lenna surprised her by pulling her head even closer and kissing her. She slid her left hand inside her, and Faris kissed her back. Suddenly she felt a stab of pain at her abdomen, but she ignored it, her mind filled with list and pleasure. Then the barrage of bullets fired by Yuna got to her. The summoner didn't expect to see Lenna stab her sister in the belly, and she couldn't stop the bullet she already fired. She could only alter their course, so she sent them all at Faris. They completely destroyed her lower body, along with Lenna's hand that was inside, tearing both legs away. Her torso didn't all only because she was held by Lenna. The pink haired queen didn't come out of it unscratched. The series fired by Yuna tore through her sister and reached her, opening her belly and letting some guts to slip out.

She finally let go of Faris, and the pirate fell to the sand only then realising something was wrong. Lenna knelt beside her, and grabbed the sword once again. She pointed it at Faris's throat, and started to cut the moment Faris tried to say something, turning her voice into gurgles that only aroused Lenna. She cut deeper, eventually getting to the other side, careful not to cut even a strand of Faris's hair. She grabbed the head and kissed it, then stood up.

„I killed my sister. What now?” She asked the three girls that were watching their fight.

„We will send you back now, and contact you again later.” Lenna found herself in the same clearing she and Faris were making out before getting to the arena. She held the head in her right hand, finding her left hand regrown. She looked at her castle and grinned. That was a really good day.

Terra looked at the two other girls.

„Do I really need to go through it?” She angrily asked them both.

„Yes, it's not like we can excuse any of the girls that were here. Besides, you are going to fight only once, while both I and Serah have other girls from our worlds each.” Yuna replied, and Serah continued: „You should better get going, or one of us will go and make sure to kill that girl in the most painful way possible. Besides, aren't you going to enjoy hurting her?” Serah asked Terra with a smile. The green haired women sighed, then said: „Fine. I will do it.” With a flash of energy, she transported herself to her world.

She yet again materialised at the plains of Mobliz, this time knowing what to do. She put a cloaking spell on herself, and started to run. She knew where Celes was, so she just had to get there. The cloaking spell also made her move faster, and she wore covered through distance to the city she knew Celes was in.

Some more running, and she found the house Celes was staying in. She quickly entered, and stopped as she heard moans coming from one of the rooms. She grinned as she thought what was happening, then walked slowly towards the sounds and looked inside the room. There, she saw Celes and Locke having sex. Terra smiled, then got one of her hands close to her pussy and started to finger herself. The sight was too arousing to simply let go of. She remembered to keep quiet, and after a few more minutes she saw Celes's orgasming, Locke blowing his load inside her. Frustrated she still hasn't orgasmed, she waited for him to leave, and the moment he did, probably to wash himself, she walked forward and beheaded Celes, getting herself over the edge from watching the blood and the expression of complete shock and surprise. As she was shaking from an orgasm, spreading her love juices all around the floor, she sensed Celes getting summoned by the crystal.

She quickly readied herself, disposing if the cloak and jumping on the bed. Celes appeared, and she smiled at her. „We need to talk.”

„Did you just cut my head off?” Celes screamed at her. Terra regretted doing it, but she knew the pleasure was worth it. She couldn't say that though, so she replied instead:

„I did it to show you the problem. I didn't summon you. No one can die for real now. A few girls in the arena managed to kill the goddess of death, and without her balance is lost.”

Celes calmed down a bit, but was still angry. „What the hell does it have to do with me?”

„I, along with those girls, am trying to solve the problem. At the moment we're doing a few fights to check some things out, and it happened that we need to fight there.”

„What!?” Celes just shouted, and Terra continued. „We will be given swords, and are allowed to use magic. If you want, you could take someone with you to watch. From what I just see”- Terra smiled knowingly at her blonde friend -”You will probably want to take Locke with you.”

Celes opened her mouth to reply, them closed it. „She must have watched us have sex!” She thought, but aloud she said: „Yeah, why not? So, when do those friends of yours want us to fight?”

„Right now. If you don't have any objections, I'm gonna take us there right away.” The world around her spun, and when it stopped she was standing on the familiar sand. She saw Locke, surprised, watching them from an alcove above the arena. She looked at Terra, only then realising they both were nude all the time. Her instincts told her to cover herself immediately, but she realised that it was just her lover and her best friend watching her, so she ignored it and got in a battle stance.

She felt her sword materialise in her hands, then looked around again. She realised Locke was staring at Terra's nude form, his hand stroking his cock already. She felt a pang of jealousy, then compared their bust sizes as she never had a chance to. „Wow, she has so much bigger tits! What if Locke leaves me for her?” As she was thinking it, a new desire was born inside her head. A desire to kill the bitch that was trying to steal her man. „She must have staged all of this. She will kill me here and then seduce him. I must stop her!” As she was thinking that, she could hear a voice counting down:

„Three... Two... One... Fight!” The moment Serah's melodical voice stopped, Celes rushed at her friend, eager to attack her for what she thought she was doing.

Terra looked at her blonde friend that was rushing at her, surprised by the anger she saw in her eyes. She moved to attack her, and stopped just at the last moment, deflecting a blow from Celes. The ex-general was swinging her sword at her madly. Terra just parried and dodged her attacks, thinking what to do. She wanted to attack, but she knew Locke was watching them. She planned to return to her world after it was all over here, so she couldn’t let anyone say she was crazy. That made the way she wanted to fight in Impossible to use for her. She needed to think of anything else she could do. She looked around the arena, noticing Locke was looking at her nude body. She smiled seducingly at him, then threw a fireball at Celes, who was approaching her.

Celes was becoming desperate. That bitch was looking at her man in a way that left no room for any thoughts, and she still couldn’t get any attack to connect. All she did was tiring herself out while slamming the sword at Terra’s defences. She jumped out of a way from an incoming fireball, just feeling the heat on her chest, then outstretched her arm and cast an ice based spell to attack Terra. If the bitch wanted to play with magic, then she would certainly go along with her.

Both girls started madly shooting spells all over the arena, colourful blasts of energy flying in all directions, as the two girls jumped and dodged their way around them. They both had no time to approach the other and attack with their weapons, so Terra decided to let go of her sword so it didn’t get in her way. She laid it down on the sand, then conjured energy for a stronger spell. She unleashed it with both her hands, the spell burning its way towards Celes. The young general had no time to react, and the spell hit her straight in her face. She closed her eyes and screamed in pain, the fire eating up at her skin. She pressed her both hands against her face and tried to heal herself, or at least to stop the pain. The fires died out, stopped by her white magic, leaving a terrifying sight – all the skin on her face was gone, leaving just some meat on the bones. She calmed down, and saw Terra was sending yet another spell at her while slowly approaching her. She rolled off the way, then sprinted at her, seeing she had no sword to protect herself. Terra barely had time to step back as Celes’s sword flashed just in front of her face, cutting down through her breast. She screamed as she felt her left breast being cut off, her right breast being cut in half. The pain was intense, but she also felt a gigantic surge of pleasure. She knew she had to control her urges, but her mind was suddenly overcame with rage. She grabbed one of Celes’s breasts, and pulled at it with all her strength, sending magic into it too.

She grinned as saw her face being torn by pain, then she felt her whole body being overwhelmed by familiar energy. She felt her chest wounds close, her hair getting longer as her entire body turned pale. She realised what was happening – Instead of an orgasm, her body resulted to the mixture of pain and pleasure with transforming her to her Esper form. She grinned yet again, showing her fangs, then launched herself at the other woman who was still shaking in pain. She drove her hands at Celes’s chest, drawing blood, and she foolishly rose one of her hands to her mouth. The moment the blood touched her tongue, she completely lost control of herself. She could only see her arousal getting higher and higher as she watched what her Esper body was doing. Her sharp claws were tearing their way though Celes’s body, destroying her lower torso completely while cutting it open. She pressed her restored breasts against Celes’s back, then bit into her neck. At that moment Celes could only scream in pain, not able to do anything. Terra drove her knee up, slamming it into Celes’s crotch, making her bend over. She quickly rose her hands, cutting up through Celes’s torso to her shoulders, sinking them fully in exactly at the joint there. She pulled there, and soon Celes’s arms were both torn off. As she let go of her, the blonde woman just fell to her knees, sobbing. The pain was completely destroying her. Terra kicked her from the side, then entered Celes’s pussy with her foot. It had some problems getting in, but her claws were sharp down there too. She knelt on Celes’s chest, and grabbed her head up.

“He will... never... love you...” Celes managed to mutter out only these words, and only Terra could hear them. She felt control return to her body, and she showed her teeth again.

“If you say so, I will certainly try. As for you...” She leaned in closer for a kiss, feeling Celes’s pussy erupting with an orgasm, and she tore her foot out of it. She still was kissing her when her claws cut through her neck, removing the head from the rest of the body. She stood up, getting the head with her.

“I believe I won. Now girls, if you excuse me, I have other things to do.” With a snap of her finger she and Locke were back in the house she took him and Celes from. He looked at her, and she just smiled. She was still covered in blood, and they were both naked. She put the head she was still holding down, then walked to him and kissed him. They kissed for a while, Terra feeling her arousal peaking, and he pulled off.

“If I agree, you won’t tear my head off?” He asked her, and she smiled.

“I promise” She said, then, as she couldn’t wait any longer, get them to a bed and started riding his dick.


The FF7 Slaughter

Yuna and Serah looked at each other. The two have been sitting in their spot over the arena, waiting for Terra to return.

„How much longer is she going to take?” Yuna moaned in anger. She was pacing around the room, while Serah was sitting on one of the seats there.

„She will be back, eventually she will. If you can't just wait, you can go and fetch the next group of girls.” Serah replied, not really caring as she was fingering herself.

„I'm going, then.” And with that, Yuna disappeared. Serah looked for a moment at the place Yuna had been standing at, and then resumed her activities. She was massaging her breasts with one hand thinking of her lover's hands. Just how much longer was she going to wait to meet him again?

Yuna just waited, having sent the letter to Tifa. She hoped that the martial artist would arrive shortly.

It didn't take her long to get there, so soon Yuna saw the girl she told to come approaching. The other girl was also naked, and Yuna noticed she was carrying the crystals, as well as a phone.

„I see you have come. Good, that means I don't have to go to your house and pull you out of there.” She walked a bit closer and gestured at Tifa to give her the crystals. She looked at them and saw several things were odd. Firstly, one crystal was completely dark. She sensed inside and found it completely empty. Another crystal was burning bright with extreme light, and she could sense a really powerful presence inside. The third crystal looked normal, but Yuna realised there was supposed to be four of them. She shrugged, thinking of asking about it later. She returned to the dark crystal.

„This one was supposed to call the redhead? The one fighting with shurikens?” She asked Tifa.

„Yes, but I didn't do anything to it. It was like that when I received it.” Tifa said, fearing Yuna might blame her for it.

„Oh I know, it was me who did this to her. Your crystal is the normally looking one?” The summoner replied, and Tifa nodded.

„Yes, that one is mine. The golden one is Aerith's. Yuffie should get here shortly with her crystal.”

Yuna called for the girl from the golden crystal. A being of light appeared, taking the form of a young woman. She had long brown hair, and she wielded a staff to support herself. She realised she was naked, and then brushed it off, such earthly maters no longer were important to her.

„I'm Aerith, the Voice of the Lifestream. What do you want from me? I sense you caused me already a great deal of trouble with all the people coming back from dead.”

Yuna looked at her, then smiled: „We're trying to fix it, but to do it we need to get all the girls and their crystals back to the arena.” She wanted to say more, but was interrupted by Aerith.

„I sense a lot of evil inside your soul, fighting the battle against the restraints you put on yourself. I can help you control them.”

Yuna realised the other girl was too powerful there, and she has no intention of leaving. It also seemed she was threatening her now, so Yuna knew she had to strike first. She unleashed a surge of energy to stun both girls, then started dancing and jumping all around them, synchronising the movement of her staff with her whole body. She radiated with energy from her whole body, sending it through the staff too. Tifa fell to her knees, seaming in terror, so Yuna walked to her and touched her with the staff, removing the spell from her, knowing she couldn't be distracted now.

She returned her eyes to Aerith, who was rolling in pain on the ground. Yuna grinned, and her moves became even more rapid. She was leaving a trail of energy as she moved, her hair sticking out, electrified, her nipples becoming stiff, her braid swinging madly around her as she danced the finishing steps of the sending ceremony. She cried in absolute pleasure, feeling the energy leave her body, and she felt a powerful orgasm hitting her just afterwards.

Aerith was suiting in pain, her body dispersing into pyreflies, as age tried to hold it together. Her body was shaken by another surge of pain, making her let go as the remaining parts of her dissolved. Yuna looked at the crystal, seeing it was losing all its color and shine quickly. It was becoming pale, just as Cissnei's crystal did. She walked to Tifa, and kicked her to make her get up.

„That's what happens if you don't listen to me.” As she finished, a shuriken sunk deep in her arm.

„I saw what you did to Aerith, bitch! I'm gonna make you pay!” Yuffie shouted; having watched the whole thing from a cliff above. She was crouching on the edge with another shuriken in her hand, and she fired a ball of flames at Yuna from above. Since she was prepared now, she easily jumped out of the way, getting her guns to her and turning to aim at Yuffie. The ninja jumped to another rock above, and threw her second shuriken, the first one still buried in Yuna's arm.

Yuna had her guns aimed at Yuffie, and she pulled the triggers the moment she saw her throwing the second shuriken. She watched with satisfaction as her both bullets cut deeply into Yuffie, leaving two bloody wounds at her chest. She knew she couldn't avoid Yuffie's weapon now. The shuriken crashed into her, throwing her to the ground, making her fall on the first one, which, using the energy of the fall, cut her left arm off.

The second one was sticking out of her back, and she could feel it grazing her bones. She got to her knees, and saw Yuffie falling from the rocks, her gunshot wounds more dangerous than the ninja girl thought. She crashed against the ground, breaking bones as her head twisted in a weird way. Yuna raised her remaining arm, and pointed at Yuffie's head. She pulled the trigger, making sure she was dead as her brain was splattered all around the ground. Yuna closed her eyes as she rose to her knees. Her mind was conjuring all sorts of images to her head, and she was turned on by them, thinking how getting a mind blown away must feel. She slid her hand between her thighs, moaning as she compared her visions to Yuffie's dead body lying I'm front of her. She quickly managed to get herself off, and she knew she probably had to go home. She looked around, her gun held in her hand following the movement of her head.

Just as she was sure everything was alright, she felt a terrible pain in her surviving arm. She looked to her side and saw Tifa, her eyes burning with anger and demand for vengeance as she was putting the leg down after a vicious kick. Yuna could feel her arm was dislocated, and she knew the situation was pretty bad. She opened her mouth, and closed it while spitting blood as Tifa kicked her in her face.

„I will make you pay for what you did to my friends!” She shouted at Yuna before kicking her hard in her abdomen. Yuna closed her eyes and focused, calling her energy to use her final chance: summoning an Aeon. The Aeon she chose was Ifrit, and she felt her body becoming hotter and hotter before bursting into flames. She felt them licking her whole body, aroused by the tickling of her nipples and her pussy, not feeling pain as she slowly burnt.

Tifa kicked Yuna again, and jumped away as she felt the flames. Before she could think what it could mean, she heard a growl behind her. She turned around, and saw what looked as the fire sum mm on she used, only more beast-like in looks. She realised the other girl must have summoned it, so she called for a summon of her own, then realised she had no Materia with her. She saw Yuffie's shuriken on the ground close to her, and she went for it as Ifrit threw a rock at where she stood. She tried calling the summon from the shuriken, but before it worked, Ifrit got to her and swung his claws at her. She felt her breasts and abdomen being torn, and then Ifrit sent a barrage of flames at her, her body bring blasted to pieces. He held her head by the hair, setting it on fire, before walking to Yuna.

„Oh! The Great Spirit of Flame, hear my words! I wanted to show you my gratitude for your help, and as a sign if it, you can now use my body in any way you want.” Yuna moaned at him, and he removed the piece of cloth that was covering his monstrous cock. He wasted no time, thrusting himself all the way in immediately. He was pounding against the walls of her womb so fast, she couldn't even yell between the thrusts. Soon the walls of her womb gave in, and he started setting fire to her intestines, as well. She started to moan now, grinding down at him as she wanted an orgasm before her pussy completely burns out. She managed to get one, her pussy juices immediately vaporising from the heat. As she was riding her orgasm, Ifrit broke through the side of her abdomen, his cock lubricated by the blood. Yuna could only prepare for death now, so she waited. Ifrit took his dick back inside her, and thrust upwards.

It took him just one thrust to get into her ribcage, and it git him over the edge. First her heart was flooded with burning cum, then it spread to her while body. Yuna closed her eyes, smiling as her body burned and her life was fading away. The idea she got from Rydia seemed to work really well.

She awoke quickly after, standing on a rock above the place she and the other girls fought. She wondered why the other girls were still dead, then realised sending them must have stopped them from coming back even with the Goddess dead. She jumped to the bottom of it and started the Sending, wanting to get rid of both Yuffie and Tifa for good. She was dancing even more viciously than before, and when the girls cans back to life they immediately fell to their knees, unable to do anything. Yuna enjoyed watching them suffer, and the cries of anguish as she finished were all the reward she needed.

She grabbed the four crystals and looked at them. They were all blank, she couldn't summon any of the girls. She grinned, seeing her idea was working. She returned to the Arena just in time to see Terra arriving too. She was sweaty and covered in cum. Yuna sighed, suddenly yearning for her lover's embrace, then walked to Serah to talk what to do next.


FF8's Tournament and FF9's Duel

Serah stood in a forest, frustrated. The girls from this world were pretty normal, so it was not surprising they didn't want to go back to the arena. She was waiting at the spot she wrote in the message, but no girls came there. Another thing was the fact she missed her lover. She knew that after just a few more worlds she would be able to see him, so she wanted it to be over as quick as possible.

Just as she was to get moving again, a group of people emerged from the woods. She saw the girls she wanted, but also some guys were walking with them. She shouted at them:

„You guys all wanna watch?” And the group immediately tensed. They saw her, noticing she was alone, calming down. One girl surely couldn't take on them all. The guy at the front shouted back.

„They aren't going anywhere!”

Serah looked at him, and at the black haired girl, suddenly understanding.

She smiled at him, and replied, this time simply speaking as they were close enough.

„I will make sure you can watch.”

„What?” Squall shouted. Her smile broadened.

With a gesture age raised Squall in the air, quickly removing his clothes then tossing him at a tree.

„Anyone else has any stupid things to say?”

Since no one said anything, she sent a fireball at the group, just to burn girls' clothes. They shouted in anger, but couldn't do anything as another movement of her hand immobilised all of them.

Serah pulled the three girls closer to her, then sent a ball of energy at Squall, while teleporting the girls to the arena.

Squall found himself in an alcove. Down beneath it he could see an arena filled with sand. What scared him, was the fact Rinoa and Selphie were standing on opposite sides of it, with their weapons ready as they faced each other. Quistis appeared in the alcove, and walked to him.

„Three... Two... One... Fight!” The usual countdown wasn't a surprise, and both girls immediately started to attack. Rinks launched her weapon, send a metal projectile at Selphie, and started to prepare an ice spell while the brown haired girl ran to her, swinging her nunchaku to warm herself up.

The shuriken caught Selphie in her leg, making her fall to the ground. She cried in pain as her body crashed against the sand, the shuriken tearing its way through her leg before flying to Rinoa. Squall was so caught up with watching the fight, that he didn't even notice when Quistis started to give him a handjob, quickly bringing his cock to its full length and then taking it inside her mouth.

In the arena, Selphie managed to get up, only to be hit by a blast of ice in her chest, sending her fingers back and along her fall again. Rinoa took a few steps back and waited for her weapon to return, which she immediately launched when it got to her. She started charging a fire spell, slowly walking towards Selphie. She stood up once again, this time seriously angry. She charged at Rinoa, and the black haired girl just smiled as she swung the nunchaku. It connected with Rinoa's ribs, throwing her to her side, but the moment it did, her shuriken slammed with great force through one of Selphie's arms, and she unleashed her spell on the other one, effectively cutting both of Selphie's arms off. Rinoa fell, but got up immediately ignoring the pain in her chest, knowing she needed to stay out of her legs reach now. Her shuriken returned, but she realised killing her using only it wouldn't be effective nor fun. She turned around, and asked:

„Can I get a gunblade?” The trio in control smiled at each other, a girl deciding to make the kill more entertaining was always a good thing to see. Rinoa heard no answer, but the weapon that materialised in her hands, that looked just like her lover's weapon did, was enough to tell her the women in charge approved. She walked to Selphie, and slammed the gunblade into her leg, pulling the trigger and severing one of the legs off. Satisfied that it worked, she stabbed Selphie in the chest a few times, shredding her breasts but being careful not to cut into anything important. She finally decided to end it, so she first stabbed Selphie's abdomen and shot it, destroying most of her womb, and then cut her open vertically, all the way up from the crotch to the top of her head. Squall, focused on his love killing a girl with his weapon, came hard inside Quistis, filling her mouth with it and causing his semen to drop from her mouth, staining her breasts. The girl was suddenly called away then, and Rinoa got to him, immediately jumping on him and kissing him while she guided his cock to her pussy. He moaned, exhausted, and sent a surge of energy to revitalise his dick.

Meanwhile, the cum-stained teacher appeared in the arena, facing Selphie that was in shock as she was just returned back to life. She was still holding her nunchaku, and Quistis on the other side was holding a whip.

„Three... Two... One... Fight!” The usual countdown wasn't a surprise, and both girls started to run towards each other. As they ran, Quistis cast a simple frost spell, sending an icy crystal towards Selphie. The girl ducked as it flew to her, stopping as the freezing spell grating against her back, sending shivers down her whole body as she tried to run again. The cold slowed her down, and Quistis was easily able to get to her and strike her with her whip without letting Selphie do anything dangerous. The whip crashed against Selphie's hand, forcing her to drop the nunchaku, but she grabbed it with her second hand.

Before Quistis had any chance to react, Selphie delivered a quick strike to Quistis's torso, sending the blonde girl backwards, stumbling as the pain from some broken ribs made her scream. Selphie quickly moved, shaking away the last bits of ice as she came down on Quistis's hand, nearly tearing it away from her body as all the bones there shattered, letting go of the whip as she screamed in pain. Selphie kicked her in the jaw, enjoying the sight of Squall's cum mixed with blood as Quistis let out a muffled scream.

Selphie looked at her enemy's beaten up form, and decided it was enough. She wouldn't even now think of attacking her, so she could enjoy having her way with her. As she thought about it, a memory surfaced. A memory of when she was first in the arena, and that green haired bitch made a point of killing her ad cruelly as she could.

Suddenly she realised she didn't want to be like that, so she just grabbed her nunchaku with both hands, and delivered a blow to Quistis's throat, crushing it. Another swing, and the head was torn off, ending the life of the young instructor.

„Selphie wins!” Serah shouted, then looked at the other girls. „What now?” She asked them, and Terra smiled. „I think we can let her go, right? She won her fight in the end, and I think Rinoa's gonna fuck up that blonde bitch pretty badly, making her our girl from that world.”

Yuna cut in: „Only if we keep her crystal, as we did with all the others who died recently. It's enough that we're letting the survivors keep their crystals!”

Serah frowned. She didn't agree with Yuna on that, but she had a point. She nodded to show she understood, then transported Selphie to her world. She looked at the arena again, and noticed Rinoa was done with fucking her lover, her pussy dripping with cum as she breathed heavily. Serah smiled, thinking of Snow, and transported the girl to the arena.

There, she was surprised when the gunblade materialised on her hand as the shuriken machine appeared on her arm, Quistis only having her whip.

„Three... Two... One... Fight!” Yuna shouted in an angry voice.

Rinoa immediately fired a shot from her usual weapon, aiming holding the gunblade calmly as her enemy ran towards her. Moments later she sent a lightning from her hand, forcing Quistis to dodge it, sending her right into the shuriken's way. It struck her deep in her left arm, cutting at the top of it, very close to the shoulder, effectively making her unable to use it. She grit her teeth and charged forward with a shout, eager to get her revenge. Rinoa waited, preparing another powerful spell. Quistis while getting close fired a spell of her own, and Rinoa unleashed her powerful icy blast, destroying the bolt of fire her opponent summoned and stopping her in her tracks.

Rinoa's shuriken forced out of the wound as it kept the momentum of Quistis's body. It flew back to her and she immediately fired it again, running towards Quistis after it. She hit the shuriken with her whip as it flew, bringing it down, but it didn't stop Rinoa and Quistis's outstretched arm was a perfect target, so Rinoa cut at it. She was surprised at how well it worked, and Quistis's right arm was cut off along with the weapon. Using the shock that it caused, Rinoa kicked her in the cunt, and Quistis fell to the ground rolling in pain. Her mad thrashing caused her to roll over her left arm, weakening it even more. Rinoa enjoyed watching her like that, so she just waited until Quistis stopped.

„You... are... a... bitch... at... least... I... fucked... your... man...” Quistis choked out those words as Rinoa was preparing to finish her off. Hearing it, she froze, then cut down with her gunblade furiously and shouting:

„Fucking my man? I will show you how he can fuck! Squaaaaaaall!” Her lover suddenly was transported from his place above the arena to her, just as she cut Quistis's left arm off.

„Show the bitch just how rough you can be!” She asked him, then sat on Quistis's chest, pinning her down as Squall started pounding in and out of her. Rinoa stabbed her through the belly with the gunblade, then closed her hands around her throat, while raising her ass and letting Squall lick her pussy. Quistis was slowly strangled to death as the two lovers were having their fun.

Soon, Squall's tongue and Quistis squirming under her were enough, and an orgasm rocked through Rinoa's body, giving her unbelievable pleasure and forcing her grip on Quistis's neck even tighter. As the blonde teacher finally died, Squall erupted in her pussy, sending his seed directly through her womb as he experienced an extremely powerful orgasm.

„That was extremely entertaining to watch. Thank you, Rinoa. We will send you two home immediately.” The two lovers suddenly found themselves at their bedroom back in their world. Though they were both tired, they immediately started having sex, Rinoa's crystal glowing on a nightstand, giving them both many sexy ideas. Above their room, in a ventilation vent, Selphie was watching them while masturbating, the sight being extremely arousing for her.

Terra smiled as she saw the two women approaching. The queen of Alexandria and her main defender were showing up on time, as a nice change from the last girls she had to take care of.

„You seem to have come on time. Good. Now, I'm going to take you to our destination.” She said while standing up and walking towards the pair. She wasn't surprised when the brown haired woman pulled out her sword.

„If you want to take Garnet somewhere against her will, you will have to go through me!” Beatrix shouted as she ran towards her. Terra just sighed and conjured her sword, then waited as Beatrix closed on to her.

When she was just a few steps from her, Terra moved, sending a wave of energy at Beatrix while attacking her with her sword. As expected, Beatrix dodged both attacks and swung her sword at her neck.

Terra just bent forward, letting the strike go over her, and pressed her left hand to Beatrix's chest, sending ice energy through it and freezing her. Beatrix stopped her hand mid-air, and Terra slipped away and walked towards Garnet. „I don't mean you harm, girl. If you just come with me, everything will be easier.” Terra told the young summoner, but she only laughed and finished her summoning spell. As the creature Garnet wanted to summon began to materialise, Terra grinned and channelled some energy to the banishing rune she got from Yuna. She threw it at the still forming creature, then audibly quickly ran to Garnet and slashed the girl with her sword, leaving a huge bleeding wound going through both her breasts, letting fat and blood cover her sword. As the black haired girl screamed in pain, Yuna pulled her towards the frozen form of Beatrix, and the moment she got there she transported both girls into the arena.

There, effects of their small fight with Terra were removed: Beatrix was again able to move and Garnet's breasts weren't sliced open anymore. Both women let out a breath of relief that was soon cut short:

„You are here to fight. Only one of you will leave this place alive. I'm sending you your usual weapons right now.” Serah's usual routine as the announcer continued for another day. She could see Beatrix wanted something, so she contacted her telepathically.

„What is it?” She asked, and the general replied: „I request you send me another sword.” Serah smiled, more weapons meant the fight was going to be more interesting. Beatrix felt another sword materialise at her hip, the first one held steady in her hands.

„Three... Two... One... Fight!” The usual countdown wasn't a surprise for them, and both women were ready to fight the moment Serah went silent.

Garnet looked at her general and felt despair. There was no chance she could defeat her. There was a reason Beatrix was known as the best warrior of their world. She decided to end it quicker, and ran towards her older friend.

Beatrix was standing, thinking what to do. It seemed there was no way to get them both out of here alive, so the only thing she could do was to accept her fate. She noticed Garnet was running towards her, so she sent energy into the second sword, sending it flying towards Garnet, hoping it would slow her down. Without looking back, Beatrix grabbed her sword with both hands, and impaled herself on it. She bit her tongue not to scream, and then cut up.

The sword easily cut through her flesh, quickly reaching her chest. She could hear Garnet shouting something, probably asking her to stop. She turned around, and saw Garnet impaled in a similar way, realising her young queen must have wanted to do the same. She quickly pulled out the sword, knowing she had to act quickly, and with some magical help she cut with the sword at her neck; cutting her own head off. As her head was falling, she could see Garnet was starting to cry, and then her world turned black.

„Garnet is victorious!” Serah shouted, and after a moment added: „Or isn't she?” And looked at the other girls in her room. „I didn't like it. A fight that was turned to who kills herself quicker isn't a good fight.”

„Yes, I agree. We could resummon her, but what would it change?” Terra commented, and Yuna suddenly grinned.

„I know what we can do! Let's resurrect Beatrix, and replace her memories, making her a mercenary or whatever. She is sure to listen to us then, meaning we will get a fight.” She looked at the others' faces, but Terra didn't seem to agree.

„Garnet is still going to try to kill herself.” Yuna sighed.

„That's why we won't give her a weapon she can do it with. Honestly, we all know Beatrix would win this fight no matter what, so it doesn't really matter what Garnet can fight with.”

Both girls agreed to that, and soon healed Garnet was standing in one side of the arena, and resurrected Beatrix in the other, her mind a bit clouded but with one clear thought: she had to kill the black haired cunt that was standing on the other side.

Garnet looked with fear at Beatrix. Her friend showed no emotions she had earlier, as if she forgot about her. She was staring at with absolute hatred in eyes, and Garnet knew she wasn't going to kill herself this time.

„Three... Two... One... Fight!” This time Serah's voice was showing more emotion, she was eager to watch the death that was going to take place now.

Beatrix immediately started running towards her, and Garnet shivered in fear, grabbing her staff weakly and preparing to defend herself.

In no time, the older woman was attacking her. Garnet somehow deflected the first strike, and Beatrix ran past her, swinging her sword in and horizontal strike that caught her in her left leg, just above her foot. The force of the blow threw her to the ground, her severed foot flying somewhere further.

Beatrix turned around, and walked back to her. She kicked Garnet in the side, enjoying the pain she saw on Garnet's face. Grabbing the sword with both hands, she walked to Garnet's belly, and brought the sword downwards, piercing all the way through it and burying it in the sand, the handle just a bit above the flesh of Garnet's belly.

The young summoner screamed in pain, then felt an energy surge as her body started to glow purple. She realised that last attack must have forced her to enter Trance, and before Beatrix could react, she screamed at the top of her lungs: „ALEXAAANDEEEEEEEEEEEER!”

Immediately a gigantic metallic construct appeared. It grabbed Beatrix by her waist, taking her up into air, and then pulled the sword out of Garnet's body.

„You called, my lady?” He asked, and despite the pain Garnet managed to smile.

„Yes I did. Please, kill this traitorous bitch! And make her suffer, while doing that.” Her vengeful mind added the second part, and her summoned robot replied:

„As you wish, my lady.”

A window opened in the front plating, and both women's eyes widened as they saw what emerged. It was a gigantic metallic dick, as wide as Garnet’s leg, and it had barbs on the whole length. The robot placed Beatrix on the tip of it, and then pulled her down on it, causing her to scream in pain. The robot started to rape her fully, pulling her up and down the artificial cock with both of his robotic hands. Her insides were getting shredded, the robot easily making it easy through her cervix, then the womb, and through its walls to her stomach.

It destroyed all in its path, and as Beatrix was losing the strength to shout, the spell that was placed on her mind also began to fade. Slowly she was regaining her old consciousness, the pain even greater as she realised what she did earlier.

Alexander decided it was time to end it, and he charged an electric surge that he released through the cock, imitating a human orgasm.

The energy tore its way through her upper body, and Beatrix's ribcage was blown apart as her head flew away and landed close to her.

„Anything else, mistr-” before he could say anything else, the robot was banished with Yuna's magic.

„Garnet is victorious again! Honestly, that was unexpected. Congratulating girl, you will live a bit longer. For now enjoy your life, we will summon you again soon.” With those words, Terra sent Garnet away to her city.


The FFX Tournament

Yuna woke up, slowly coming to her senses. She felt get head was resting on something warm, so she turned a bit to see what it was. She realised it was Tidus, and that she just felt asleep on him yesterday. After the unexpected victory of Garnet, the three girls decided to end it for now and each of them returned home. She had a good time catching up with her lover, and she suspected the others did too. That was the reason she was so exhausted now. She realised she had a job to, and tried getting up. She realised she couldn't, Tidus was holding her with his hand and successfully prevented her from going away.

"Tidus, love..." She said, hoping to wake him. When it didn't work, she raised her voice: "Tidus!" That seemed to wake him up, and he moved his head towards her. "Whaaaaat?" He asked, yawning as he did. "Can you let me go? I need to get going now, but I will come for you later today." He slowly withdrew his hands, but not before giving her breasts a squeeze and pulling her for a kiss.

After he let her go, Yuna quickly jumped out of the bed and stood for a moment, thinking. She had Rikku's crystal, and Lulu lived next door, but she had no idea where Paine could be at the moment. She finally decided to try summoning her with her usual magic, hoping the time she held the crystal let at least some of its magic slip onto her, and she could use that bit to summon her. She didn't bother putting on clothes, just cast an invisibility spell on herself and took off, first going to talk to Lulu. She quickly explained she needed her help somewhere, and the black mage quickly agreed to help her, returning the crystal to her so that she could call her for help. She then ran to the empty island she returned to first when the arena was over. She remembered that was the place she used the crystal, so some of its magic must still be there, and she had the other three crystals to help her. Some summoning spells later she managed to cast the right summon, and soon Paine appeared in the clearing.

"What's up, Yuna?" The black haired warrior asked.

"I need your help. Rikku went missing and I think I know where she is. I think I can handle those guys myself, but in case I need help, I wanted to get your crystal so that I can summon you.

"Haven't you just done it?" Paine asked her, and Yuna replied quickly: "Yes, but it's connected to the place we're in, as your crystal was already used here. What I did can't be done anywhere else, and that's why I need your crystal."

Pains seemed to be thinking for a moment, then finally agreed: "Okay, but take care of it, okay?" She handed the crystal to Yuna, and she nodded. "Don't worry, I will." Yuna smiled at her, then with another spell sent her back.

Yuna was now ready to go. She used the teleportation spell and went to the arena. Both Terra and Serah were already there, and they both seemed physically satisfied, so she smiled mentally knowing she was right.

"What took you so long?" Serah asked.

"I've had some troubles finding one of the girls, but I found her and here are the crystals." She handed her the three crystals, obviously keeping her own for herself.

"Summon only that one for now, I have an excellent idea that will break the other two." She asked Terra. "While you're calling her, I'm gonna call my lover, he always seemed eager to watch those fights."

With quick summons Tidus appeared in the usual spectator place, and Rikku in the arena below. Yuna quickly jumped down to her, and waited for Terra to start counting down.

“Three... Two... One... Fight!" She waited for the usual countdown to end, checking if her guns were as ready as usual. When Serah was finished, Yuna looked in the direction of Rikku... and she screamed in pain as Rikku's knives dug deep into her shoulders, the Al-Bhed girl slamming into her as she ended her run. Yuna realised she must have been running ever since she saw her enter the arena, ignoring the countdown.

Yuma crashed down on the sand, Rikku falling on top of her. The knives successfully stopped her from using her arms, as they were pushed deeper into her during the fall. The good thing about it was the fact that Rikku had no weapons now, but her own guns might become ones if she managed to take them from her. Fortunately her hands clenched on her guns, and even if she couldn't feel it she could be certain Rikku won't get them out.

But that still didn't help her in breaking free. Rikku was still pinning her to the ground, trying to keep her down while she struggled with her hand. Yuna tried to shake her off, but it didn't work and Rikku only shifted to get an even better position on her, although it meant she had to bend forward. That left Yuna only one option. She closed her eyes, then using her mind she summoned a flaming sphere. It materialised just between her and Rikku, and before the blonde thief could react, it blew up.

Rikku was thrown away from Yuna by the explosion, so Yuna got what she wanted, but it came with a price. Her marvellous breasts were turned into a burning mess, flesh and fat burning where the once great orbs were. It also three her deeper in the sand, tearing both arms away from her as they stayed with the knives and guns. Some of her skin was also burnt, but with great troubles she managed to get up to a sit.

Rikku didn't escape the explosion unscratched, obviously. Her breasts were as badly damaged as Yuna's, maybe even more since her rack wasn't as big. It left her stunned too, but it didn't cause any more major damage. After a few moments, she managed to get up and look in the direction of her enemy, who despite being armless managed to stand up and now was walking towards her. Rikku looked around and saw her knives behind her enemy, then realised she could just run past her and grab them, then cut the bitch of a cousin up. She broke into a run, running on an arc that war going to take her to her knives while avoiding Yuna. She only watched her as she did so, walking again in her direction as Rikku knelt at the hole Yuna get up from. She tried pulling her knives out, and was surprised when they didn't come out. She pulled harder, but it still didn't work. She moved both of her hands to one, and pulled with all the strength she could muster.

As she could feel the knife was starting to slide out, a terrible pain exploded in the back of her head. She fell over to the sand, and after another explosion of pain she blacked out.

Yuna let out a breath of relief as she saw Rikku slumping down to the ground. The situation was getting dangerously c loo or to Rikku being able to defeat her, but now it was back under control. With some magic she managed to summon herself an ethereal arm with which she grabbed the knife. As the spell was going to last a really short time, she immediately knelt down besides Rikku's body and slit her throat with it, making sure she won't be able to get up from the blackout.

"Yuna wins! You had us worried for a moment, but apparently you can easily deal with such problems." Serah's calm voice sounded over the arena, and Yuna replied: "Before you summon them, there are some more things I want to do. Can you wait?"

Not waiting for an answer, she immediately called Tidus to her. Her lover jumped down from his watching place, and she smiled at him with love. "Dear, can you come here and fuck me?" He grinned and walked to her, entering her as she lay down on the sand, spreading her legs. "Be careful not to cum!" She warned him, then the pair fucked with only their moans sounding in the arena. When Tidus was getting close, he pulled out of her and looked at her with anticipation. "Good, now please cover both mine and hers bodies in cum. I've cast a spell that will make you keep cunning until I say you're done." Tidus did as he was told and in mere moments both virus bodies were covered in his semen. Yuna smiled and ended the spell, then conjured his sword for him, also summoning two long wooden stakes that came out of the ground in front of them. "Now please whack both our heads off and place them on these poles, and that will be all. I assume you girls will summon might afterwards, so see you in a moment, love."

He immediately cut down at her throat, cutting the head off. He forced his cock into her neck stump and slid it in and out of it a few times. He remembered what she also wanted him to do, and placed her head on the wooden stick that was closer to her body, then took a step to the side and came down on Rikku's neck, having an even easier job since her throat was slit. He grabbed her head and placed it on the second pike, then took a step back to look at his work. Both girls looked as if they were ravaged by some barbarians, raped all over and then mercilessly killed. He was getting hard again just looking at his lover's body, so he looked around and it seemed the girls that were running the arena got the hint as he found himself in his alcove again, and Yuna was already waiting for him there. "I've cast a spell that hides us from their view, but we can still enjoy watching as Lulu and Paine are fighting to death." He walked to her and kissed her again, and as they started to fuck again Terra summoned the black mage and the warrior to the arena.

Both Lulu and Paine screamed in shock when they saw the dead bodies of their friends. Then they realised they were nude, and they started to fear as they realised how badly ravaged the bodies were. They looked at each other with fear, afraid of what was going to happen.

"Welcome, girls. You have been brought here to fight to death. In a moment we will send you your weapons." Terra paused and allowed her works to get to them. "Oh, and don't even think about suicide. There's no easy way out of here, and your demise then would become really painful." As she said that, Paine felt her sword materialise in her hand. She shook her head to clear her mind, then concentrated on the coming fight. She could see Lulu was holding some voodoo doll, and remembered the black mage was going to fire a barrage of powerful spells at her unless she managed to stop her somehow.

"Three... Two... One... Fight!" Another usual countdown, and as soon as it was over Paine broke into a run, hoping she could get to Lulu before she can cast too many deadly spells. The black mage looked at her, the cast an animating spell at the voodoo doll and made it run towards Paine while she fired some fireballs. They all attacked Paine, and the silver haired warrior found herself in a crazy sequence of dodges, that ended abruptly when she tripped over the voodoo doll. A fireball hit her straight on the chest, and she growled in agony as her breasts were set on fire.

With fury, Paine swung at the voodoo doll, cutting it in half, then charged once again.

Lulu felt pain as the doll she was bonded with was cut in half, close to what she would have felt if it happened to her. It made her stop throwing the fireballs, allowing Paine to get closer.

After a few moments Lulu regained her mind and blasted at the warrior with gravity. The dark balls pulled her in the air, but Lulu didn't realise it was a mistake, while Paine immediately saw how it was going to help her. Each of these explosions attached her by draining her by a set percentage of energy, but it also pulled her in the direction of Lulu. After enough dark blasts, that weren't rely hurting her in the end, Paine made a rapid jump to the side, letting the sizzling ball of dark energy fly past her, and she jumped at Lulu, hoping to finally land a blow at her. The mage had just enough time to notice the attack, and then Paine's sword buried itself deep in her bowels. Paine pulled out the sword, ignoring hey cross of pain, then an idea surfaced in her mind. She made a horizontal cut, and cut straight through Lulu's belly, cutting her in two halves and letting the top half of her fall to the ground.

"Paine is victorious! Great job girl, but now you're going to face a tougher challenge." Yuna jumped down from the alcove she and Tidus were concealed in, landing in a crouch. Her pussy was dripping with cum, and while having sex with Tidus she made him cum all over her again, all to continue convincing Paine staying there wasn't a good idea. Now she looked at her, showing madness in her eyes, or at least hoping she did.

"Please... Kill... Me..." She tried to sound like her voice was shaking from the abuse. A crack of lightning and she felt her body struck by a lightning bolt, letting her smile inside, knowing the girls up there finally realised what was she trying to do.

"Quiet, slut, or you will learn what true pain means. You remember what happened last time?" Paine's eyes went to the two pikes where the two ravaged bodies were lying, and shook in fear.

"It will be far more painful next time. Now, let's get the two of you to fighting. You have your weapons now, the wounds you received earlier were healed, so we can start." Serah finished her sentence, and Terra picked it off:

"Three... Two... One... Fight!"

Paine immediately started running towards her, and Yuna just stood, thinking. Then she got yet another idea, and dropped to her knees, bursting into tears. Paine stopped next to her, not wanting to attack her now.

"What's wrong?" She asked her.

Yuna looked at her through the faked tears. "If you kill me, they will torture you for months! They've manipulated time here, only to stretch agony more! I don't want you to embrace the same fate I did, yet I can't fight you to stop you from doing thaaaat." She sobbed, and Paine asked her while thinking intensively: "So what do you want me to do?"

Yuna stopped the fake sobbing for at moment, then outstretched her neck allowing Paine to cut through it perfectly if she wanted. "Kill me now, and free me from this madness! Or you could give me your sword, and maybe then I would be able to attack you... then facing more punishment for this whole talk, but they won't resurrect you for that. They never did. So, decide now." She finished and Paine was left with the decision.

Finally she concluded: "It's a noble offer Yuna, but I think I will have to decline. I want to face against those powerful overlords you spoke so highly of." She cut down with her sword, aiming to cut through the exposed neck, and Yuna laughed. "Fine. So be it."

With a sudden explosion Paine was thrown back, and Yuna emerged from the smoke. All traces of tears were gone, and she was grinning crazily.

“The whole story was made up, except for one thing." Yuna fired a shot at her and Paine moaned in pain as she couldn't avoid it. "There really was a gruesome death coming fir you if you didn't agree to my offer. I only didn't mention it will be me who will deliver it." With another crazy laugh she started firing spells at Paine, bolts of energy crossing the air along with her bullets. None of them actually hit their target, as Paine started evading them in some more crazy dodging skills. She was also getting closer, and at some point Yuna realised it won't work on her, then discarded get weapons and summoned her lover's sword, which she used as hers during the time when he was gone. She quickly run towards Paine, along with the final wave of spells. She attached her with an angry yell, and both girls started exchanging attacks with their swords. Yuna knew Paine was better than her, but her sphere hunter times left her with a lot of skills and she was holding her own against her.

Paine was getting frustrated. She expected to easily defeat Yuna, but apparently her shock after such a betrayal was stopping her from using her full potential. She angrily attacked Yuna a lot of times, but the glowing blue sword was always there to stop her black one. She understood she couldn't win this easy, so she was trying to think of something. "If Yuna gets bored, she will just summon something and then I'm dead for sure."

Yuna was enjoying the fight so far, especially watching Paine getting more and more annoyed, up to the point she wasn't really thinking how to end the battle. Since she was expecting Paine to take her offer, she didn't plan much for the fight, but so far it wasn't working that bad.

Their fight took them all around the arena, and as Paine looked around she saw the two ravaged bodies that see still there, and her mind began to wonder.

"What will happen to me if I kill her? She said all the torture were lies, but I don't see how they could change her so quickly. And just looking at these bodies I can tell they're real, and I don't believe she would ever agree for that to be done to her. Maybe she was right about letting her win? If I kill her it might change me as it apparently changed her. I can't help her anymore, so maybe I should just save myself from that? Seeing how they changed her I have no doubt that they could do the same to me. It's terrible that I have to die to protect myself from it, but it's probably better if I lived and became a person such Yuna is now." Tears sparkled in her eyes as she came to that conclusion, and even the next attack from Yuna came, she didn't raise her sword to block it, maybe even moving in a way that let Yuna's strike kill her right away. She felt the blood bursting from her cut neck, and as her mind was filled with pain, she felt her head hitting the sand. The pain slowly drifted away and everything went dark...

Yuna's eyes widened in shock as Paine didn't block her attack. It might have been her imagination, but the silver haired warrior seemed to have let her win, and as her head was falling Yuna furiously started hacking away at the headless body, while shouting angrily. "Her death was supposed to be painful!"

"Well it didn't really work the way you wanted, but you have killed all the girls we needed from your world." Terra answered her, and Yuna seemed to have calmed down. She looked at Tidus, and spoke again.

"Sorry, love, but I'm gonna stay here for some more time. We have to deal with two more worlds, but when we're done you can be sure I will get home immediately." With a small flick of her hand, she transported Tidus back to their world, and herself to the room the three ruling girls were usually in.


The FFXII Tournament

Ashe was growing tired of running her kingdom. All she did was taking care of some boring affairs that no one should give a damn about. She tried fighting bored in many different ways. From dragging random Royal Guardsmen to her bed to discretely capturing and torturing woman from various places. Nothing worked though, no guards could replace her dead lover and random girls became boring after some time.

When she got the mail from the Arena girls, Ashe was happy that finally something interesting was going to happen. She was a bit worried about her friends that she was asked to get to go with her though, as she really cared for them and didn’t want anything bad to happen to them. Even though she let them go the moment she got home, it was easy to track them down again, and a few days after receiving the letter they were all standing in a seemingly empty warehouse in some of the poorer districts of Rabanastre. A few moments after they entered the building, they all could feel a magical ward being placed over it, and suddenly their clothes were gone. At the same time, Ashe heard a familiar voice.

“I’m glad you all came here, it saved me some time that I’d spend getting you here by magic. I’m now gonna teleport you to the arena again, and you are going to fight to death. No coming back this time, so you will be forced to do your best.” Terra surprised the girls, and then cast a spell of transportation, moving all of them to the arena.

“For the first fight, Penelo is going to fight Fran. You are allowed to cast any spells and other magic that you are capable of and we will send you your favourite weapon.” Penelo grabbed her knives strongly, her mind recalled the last time she was there, and quite similarly, she was fighting a girl with a bow. “I need to be quicker this time. No going soft just because she is my friend.”

The bunny eared girl knew that killing Penelo will be hard. She saw her fight countless times, so she knew how quick she was, also knowing her usual tricks what meant she’s probably not going to use them. She grinned as her favourite bow materialised in her hands, and walked to the line on the sand with newly found courage and waited to get to the firing stance.

“Three... Two... One... Fight!” The usual countdown wasn’t a surprise for any of them, nor for Ashe that was watching them from an upper alcove, her hand circling her pussy.

Penelo knew she had to be the quickest she could, so the moment the fight countdown was over she started to run. While on the move, she cast Haste on herself, hoping it will give her even more speed.

Fran started aiming the moment she could, launching her first arrow only moments later. She knew she had to stop Penelo, since she knew hire deadly the blonde girl was in close combat. They both knew nearly all the tricks the other could do, so she aimed specifically for the body parts she knew Penelo had always problems with. To her surprise, Penelo seemed even faster than usual and just jumped out of the way. A bit annoyed, Fran tried again, this time letting go a few arrows that were going in such directions they must have stopped her.

Penelo laughed as she ran between the arrows, them being as slow to her as if they weren't even there. She grabbed one flying, and kept it as she approached Fran.

Fran was scared. Nothing seemed to work on that girl! In some final desperation she unleashed yet another storm of arrows, but Penelo just ran straight to her without slowing down. If anything, it only made her laugh as she jumped between them, her small breasts swinging a bit as she did. Her face still filled with laughter, she finally got to Fran and started stabbing her rapidly, her knives turning completely stained red with blood in mere seconds. Fran realised she couldn’t use her hands only after they fell down along with the bow, and then the pain hit her. As she started screaming, Penelo stopped for a moment, then cut at her throat, causing the screams to turn to mere gurgling, then resumed her stabbing, opening numerous small wounds in her body. Her body was also getting coated in Fran’s blood, and she was starting to feel a weird sensation in her abdomen as her attacks were slowing down. The spell wore off, and Penelo looked at Fran’s body. She was surprised to see how much damage she caused so quickly, and it seemed Fran was still alive. Another gurgle came from her blood filled throat, and the sensation in Penelo’s thigh intensified. It reminded her of how she usually felt with Vaan when they were having sex, but he was nowhere around. She knew she needed release, and she remembered what Ashe did when she thought they were sleeping, so she thrust the bloody fingers of her left hand inside her pussy, and the surge of pleasure confirmed what she was doing was good. She noticed Fran was staring at her with shock, but she ignored her stare and focused on pleasure while watching her bleed out. As she saw the light leaving Fran’s eyes, she came, her pussy juices flowing freely down her legs and on the sand.

“Penelo is victorious! You can have some time to rest now, and Ashe is going to fight Fran again as soon as we bring her back.” Ashe and Penelo magically switched places, with Ashe receiving her sword as she looked at Fran’s body from close, enjoying the sight of a well done kill.

The body Ashe was staring at dematerialised and Fran reappeared on the other side of the room, her face bearing an expression of shock and pain.

"What did just happen? We have fought so many battles together with Penelo, I thought of her as my friend, and now she's been masturbating while I was dying? How fucked up is this? At least Ashe is normal and she's gonna fight honorably even if I lose again." The bow appeared in her hands, and she looked at it with hope. She could kill Ashe and get out of here, she knew she could.

"Three... Two... One... Fight!" Fran immediately fired an arrow, it flying towards Ashe that was already running. She didn't try evading it, wanting to feel the thrill of the battle and some pain was obviously needed for it. It hit her in the arm, and she stumbled a bit, realising they might stop her from getting to Fran if she lets more to hit her like that.

Since the next few ones were already going towards her and she had no time to evade them, she raised her left hand, sending a pillar of flame out of her hand and burning a few arrows as she ran. She didn't catch all of them though, and her hand was soon pierced by one of those arrows, stopping her from using it to burn a way through them. She looked at the distance between her and Fran, then at her sword. She thought about the possibilities in the short time between evading the next two arrows, and then she broke out into a rush. She was running at her full speed, swinging her sword in seemingly random directions, knocking all the arrows out of her way. Finally, she crashed into Fran, knocking the bow out of her hands. Before Fran could do anything in reaction to it, Ashe cut down with all her power at Fran's right arm, cutting through it and making it fall to the ground, cut off.

Finally it was something that caused Fran to react. She tried moving back, but it didn't stop Ashe from cutting her second arm off too, and then with a strong kick she made her fall too. As Fran was lying on her back, Ashe cams down with her sword for the last time, stabbing through Fran's belly, the sword coming out of her back and deep into the sand.

Fran knew she was going to die now, so she looked at Ashe, expecting her to pull the sword out and deliver the killing blow. Instead of that, Ashe did something extremely weird; she walked to where the sword was and stood over the sword. As she began to move up and down on it, the remaining bits of sanity Fran had that were left after what Penelo did began to die, and she started screaming madly. It didn't help her, and Ashe continued to use the sword as a sex toy until she had an orgasm. Since Fran was still alive then, a short bolt of lightning ripped from Ashe's hand and severed Fran's head from the rest of the body.

"Ashe has won! Stay there for a moment; we'll get you two to fight soon." A simple spell later both girls were standing on the opposite sides of the arena. They had their weapons ready, and they were looking at each other with a mixture of fascination and disgust. Neither of them suspected the other to be so perverted, and both girls wondered what it meant for them if they lost. Ashe thought of her kingdom, and realised how much she longed for rest. She realised if she lost it might mean she finally could, and looking at her recent behaviour she realised her people might be deserving someone who’d care about them and not just about satisfying her urges. “If I kill her, then it’s no use thinking about it, but if she defeats me, I must make sure she can succeed me.”

"Three... Two... One... Fight!" Ashe started to run and saw Penelo doing the same. Both girls wanted to get to each other as fast as possible, to finish the fight quickly. They’d both decided against using any spells during the run, as it’d make them lose focus and they knew they needed to be fully prepared for anything the other might try. A couple of seconds later they were in each other’s range.

Ashe attacked first, swinging her sword aiming in the direction where Penelo was, knowing she’d evade it anyways, at the same time turning in a way that she hoped protected her from getting cut by Penelo’s counterattack. She acted as Ashe predicted, not getting hit but also missing her own attack, allowing Ashe to cut her with her sword. The sword cut deep into Penelo’s side, hitting her hard in her ribs and making her scream out in pain. She fell to the sand and rolled away a bit, her side hurting as she did. She knew she was too careless, so she decided to plan her next attack. She looked at Ashe that was slowly walking towards her and an idea jumped to her head. She gathered some sand into her hands, and when she was sure Ashe couldn’t evade it, threw it in her face. It clearly surprised the young queen and as her eyes were struck with sand she took a step back, momentarily blinded. Penelo quickly ran around her, slamming hard into her back with her body and forcing her to fall. She pushed her knives into her armpits, and the force of the fall pushed them deeper in, cutting through the joint inside Ashe’s shoulder. Penelo stopped Ashe from getting up by striking her in the back of the head, then cut with her daggers again – completely cutting both Ashe’s arms off. She stood up, sure she’d won, and flipped Ashe so that she was lying on her back. As Penelo was looking down at her nude form, she felt a familiar feeling starting in her abdomen. Before she could do anything about it, Ashe started to speak, knowing it was just the situation she thought about before the fight.

“Penelo, listen to me.” Penelo looked at her confused.

“Since I’m not coming back, I realised my people will need a new ruler. You are a pretty good person for that anyways, so I’m gonna pass the queenship to you, along with some other things you’ll sure enjoy.” Penelo thought about it, and realised Ashe was right. If she was just to disappear, their world would just become consumed by war.

“OK, I agree. What should I do?” Ashe smiled, and directed her sight to her breasts.

“I know you’ve been always jealous of them. Since I won’t be needing them anymore, I can at least gift them to you. Use my sword to cut them off.” Penelo’s eyes widened as she heard it, but she did what Ashe asked, causing her to scream in pain as she did.

“Good, now use some fire magic to heat them and eat them.” This command surprised her even more, but she did what Ashe asked, noticing the breasts tasted weirdly good. As she was eating, she felt a pulling at her chest, and to her surprise, she saw her breasts were growing. When she was finished, they grew nearly to the size she was always jealous of.

Ashe was glad to see the magic she used was working on Penelo, as she wasn’t sure before that it’d work. “Now, stab my abdomen. You have to cut out my pussy, my womb, and my ovaries, all of the things there.” Penelo smiled, knowing that if it’d work the same as with the breasts, she was in for more fun.

In a few minutes she was done. Ashe didn’t scream this time, she knew she had to preserve her strength not to bleed out. When Penelo pulled all she cut off out, it immediately burst into flames, turning into ash in mere seconds. Again, as it happened, Penelo felt a weird feeling in her abdomen. This time the change was not visible on the outside, but the pleasure she was already feeling from there was making her sure the spell worked. “It’ll give you a lot more sexual pleasure now, also helping with maternity I think. Be sure to test it with Vaan later, but now it’s time for the final spell.”

Penelo looked at her again, the pleasure a clouding her mind a bit. “You need royal blood to be the queen. The last spell is gonna make your blood royal. Don’t ask me how now, it’s written in one of the books in the Royal Library. Now, cut my heart out.” Penelo walked to her, and as she stabbed her in the chest, Ashe knew she was starting to die. As she felt the heart leave her, she spoke for the last time.

“Remember to enjoy your life...” As her world was turning black, she knew she was finally going to reunite with her lover.

Penelo looked at the lifeless body of her friend, feeling another wave of weird energy flowing through her. The heart dissolved in her hands, but she knew the spell worked.

“Penelo is victorious! Well girl, it seems like you have a legacy to live up to. Go and do it for now, we will summon you in a few days again for the last time.” Ashe’s body disappeared from her sight, and Penelo found herself in the Royal Palace of Rabanastre.


The FFXIII Tournament

Serah and Lightning were sitting in Lightning's house. The two had a bit of a reunion after the time Serah spent at the arena, and now were just sitting in her bedroom. They were both naked, but they didn't really have sex yet, as Lightning seemed more reluctant than usual, but they masturbated a lot to the stories she told. Serah didn't try to push, but after just a couple of hours she realized she needed to get on with her job. Just getting the crystal didn't seem right for her, as Lightning finally seemed peaceful now. Apparently all the things that happened changed her, and Serah suspected she won't be willing to go back to the Arena one more time.

"Light, there's something I need to ask you. As you know, I was busy running the arena one last time, but one thing remained. We agreed we had to choose one girl from each of those worlds, and after we're done they are gonna fight each other soon. We also gather all the crystals, as we decided we are going to need their energy. So, I have to ask: Do you want to come back to the arena?"

Lightning looked at her, surprised by the question. She actually wanted to stay here, to keep it just a memory, but she knew it was necessary. People coming back from the dead weren't something that was supposed to happen, and from what Serah said it was happening everywhere, not just because of the crystal magic. Yes, it needed to be stopped. Just as she was opening her mouth to reply, another thing hit her - one of those eight girls was going to become the new Goddess, and she didn't want it.

"Sorry Sis, but I have to refuse. Even though I want to feel the thrill of fighting again, and the pleasure of killing as the victim is being raped, but there's no way I'm gonna agree to a chance of becoming the Goddess. You can take the crystal, but I'm gonna stay here." As she was saying that, she got the crystal from some shelf and handed it to her. Serah looked at her with disbelief, but it was soon replaced by the familiar arousal. She sighed, and then spoke again.

"I didn't want it to come to this, or maybe I secretly hoped for it to happen? I have to bring all four of us to the arena, and since you don't want to come..." Serah jumped at her sister, calling her weapon on the fly. She slammed into her, pushing her down on bed, and cut with the sword at her neck.

Lightning felt a familiar pang of pleasure and pain as her head was cut off, and as her world was going black she could see her sister masturbating again...

After having an orgasm, Serah grabbed the crystal and walked out of the room. She has two more girls to find before she could return. Since she knew where they lived, it didn’t take her long to get there and ask them to come with her. Though they were both reluctant, remembering what happened to them each time they were in the Arena, each time they died it was more painful than before. Then they both realized that they were going to fight their own friends, so even if they died it probably wouldn’t be that painful. She didn’t tell them they won’t be able to come back this time, and as they left their house, she teleported the three of them to the arena, holding the crystals they willingly handed over.

She arrived at the place they usually were during the fights, and both Yuna and Terra were already there. “I have the crystals, and two girls are already in the arena.” She told them, and they both smiled at her, satisfied that she did her job.

“Let’s get started with it, right?” Yuna asked her, and Serah nodded. Since Terra agreed too, she called out with an enchanted voice:

“Vanille and Fang! You are now going to fight each other to until one of you dies! We are sending you your weapons now. You can use any magic you wish, and anything else you think will give you an edge. “ Fang grabbed her spear as it materialized in front of her, and on the other side she could see Vanille holding her rod.

“Three... Two... One.. Fight!” The usual countdown was quickly over, and Fang found herself charging at her oldest friend with her spear held defensively do deflect any oncoming attack.

Vanille of course did swing her rod, and the blades flew through the air towards Fang. She actively swung her weapon at the flying blades. They tangled around it, and Vanille pulled on her rod, hoping to tear the weapon away from Fang’s hands.

That was just what Fang hoped for, and she jumped towards Vanille, using the pull as a way to propel herself forward. She flew through the air, and Vanille found herself unable to free the blades, as they had tied themselves too tightly around Fang’s spear.

Since she couldn’t use her weapon, Vanille turned to magic. She quickly created and threw a ball of ice at her friend. It struck Fang in her right arm just as she landed, freezing it cold and making her fingers go numb, which made her drop her spear. As it was falling down, Vanille quickly pulled on her weapon, pulling the spear away from Fang’s reach and closer to herself.

Fang knew she couldn’t let Vanille get her weapon, so as she watched the weapon being pulled away from her, she realized she had to act now. With her left hand she created a great ball of destructive energy, and threw it at her weapon, hoping to destroy both it and Vanille’s weapon because it was connected to it. A great force pulled the rod out of Vanille’s hands, making her stumble forward. The redheaded girl could only watch as their weapons were vaporized, the heat reaching her face and breasts, making her feel weirdly comfortable. She looked around, hoping to find anything she could use to her advantage, but all that was around them was the sand. Maybe she should summon her Eidolon? Just as she was to do that, Fang interrupted her:

“Don’t even think about it. You told me how it worked out the last time, and we both know we don’t want to repeat it.” Vanille grinned, and replied:

“Maybe I do? A shot at winning like that is better than trying to wrestle with you and that’s all I could think of.”

“That’s a nice reason, but if you try to summon Hecatonheir again, I’m gonna call my Eidolon here. And we both know you don’t want to be blasted apart in an explosion caused by the most powerful dragon in history.”

Vanille realized that Fang was right. Fang’s Eidolon was so much more powerful than what she could call, that bringing them to battle would equal committing suicide. That didn’t solve the problem, though. What else could she use to fight her then?

Fang looked towards Vanille, then broke into a dash, hoping to get to her before she decided what to do. Vanille saw Fang running, and she panicked, so her spell she threw at Fang to stop her flew over her, not even close to affecting her in any way. Before she could cast another one, Fang crashed into her, throwing them both down with her on the top. She made an effort to crash down on Vanille with her full body weight, stopping her from escaping and hopefully preventing any dangerous spells. As soon as they hit the ground, Fang sat on Vanille to further prevent her from escaping. The art that Vanille hit with a spell earlier hurt, but she ignored it.

Vanille was stunned by the fall, so she couldn’t attack back, and when she could finally act again, she found on the ground lying under Fang that was now preparing to cast some kind of a spell. She did the only thing she could think of to stop her: She fired another spell to attack her, this time a lightning one. It hit Fang in the chest, and the shock caused her right arm to go limp. She couldn’t feel it anymore, and the impact threw her backwards, letting Vanille move away. She didn’t stop her to cast her spell though, and when she got up after hitting the ground, an icy dagger materialized in front of her. She quickly grabbed it, hiding it from view. It seemed Vanille didn’t notice what she did.

Fang once again decided to run at her enemy, hoping to stop her from doing any more things that were dangerous for her. She saw Vanille throwing yet another blast of energy at her, and this time she evaded it, jumping to her side and letting it fly past her. She got to Vanille, and stabbed her in the gut, making her eyes go wide with shock. She pulled out the knife, and then hit with it again, this time a bit higher and cut up to the ribcage, and took a step back to check what she did.

With Vanille’s belly cut open, Fang decided it was time to kill her. She wasn’t paying attention to her anymore, trying to hold her guts and looking down to control how’s she doing. While doing so she was perfectly exposing her neck, so Fang with a quick slash slit her throat, then grabbed the head so that she could look into her friend’s dying eyes. Somehow she found herself kissing the dying head, and Vanille kissed her back as the life was leaving her. She saw the life leave Vanille’s eyes, and she let go of her, letting the body fall to the ground with her ass high in the air. Fang looked at it, then felt a pang of pleasure along with pain. She used the hand she could still feel to summon Bahamut, then started to finger herself. Bahamut appeared, not questioning what his master was doing, but Fang could tell that if the beast could be aroused, then it certainly was now.

“Bahamut! You can take this body and do whatever you want to do with it!” Fang shouted, and the dragon looked at Vanille’s dead body, then grabbed her and exposed his enormous dick. Fang felt another extremely powerful pang of pleasure as she saw Vanille’s body being slid down on it, the head of it coming out of her mouth. The dragon started to jerk himself off with it, and Fang, thanks to her connection to the beast, could feel his pleasure along with her own. After some time she could feel them both approaching an orgasm, and when they came, the dragon covered her fully in his spunk mixed with Vanille’s blood. The Eidolon dematerialized soon after, Vanille’s deformed body falling to the sand.

“ You won, Fang! Now you have to wait for a bit, while I’m fighting my sister, but you can comfortably watch us from above.” Fang could hear Serah’s voice, and she suddenly found herself in an alcove above the arena, still looking at Vanille’s body.

Close to it, she could see Lightning materializing. She looked around the arena, and saw Serah jumping down to it from a place she couldn't see. Serah opened her mouth, and her voice could be heard all over the room:

"Hey, sis'. We're gonna fight now, and since we both know the rules better than anyone, I can skip the explanation." She stopped for a moment, and Fang could see the two characteristical weapons materializing in both girls' hands - A gunblade for Lightning, and a bowsword for Serah.

"Three... Two... One... Fight!" Serah immediately drew an arrow, firing it immediately she had it aimed at Lightning. The older girl just stood there, thinking. She didn't react even though she saw the arrow going at her, and it buried itself in her belly. Even that didn't bring any response from her, she just stood there as if nothing happened.

Serah, surprised by her sister's behavior, drew another arrow and while pointing it at Lightning she took a few steps forward, ready to shoot if anything suspicious happened. Since Lightning was still not doing anything, Serah let go of the arrow and started to prepare yet another one.

When the arrow was just to hit Lightning, she shouted. A white aura surrounded her, the arrow bouncing off to the side. She jumped towards Serah, shooting from her gunblade as she was flying. Serah was obviously surprised, but she managed to roll away from the line of fire, while changing her weapon to the sword form. Since she had a bit more time before her sister got to her, she threw a piercing bolt at her, to test how the shield worked. Her magic crashed against it, and she could see the shield was weakened. She quickly increased the power and cast another one, hoping to destroy it before Lightning got any closer. It seemed to work, and Lightning landed while the shield dissolved, the pink haired girl immediately starting to run at her sister.

Lightning got to her, immediately swing her sword at her to which Serah pulled up her own. The blades clashed, and as they both took a step back they could finally enjoy their first and only real fight against each other, for all the others were decided even before starting.

Without any rest they both attacked again, fighting in a crazy display of swordsmanship, both swinging their swords at each other with unnatural speed and strength. As Fang watched them, it seemed it could last forever, neither of them ever failing to stop any single attack.

Finally, though, Lightning stopped attacking, then before Serah could react cast a spell on her blade. She swung her sword with all her might, and when Serah blocked the attack, the spell caused her weapon to shatter, shard of it cutting into her chest and breasts as she looked with shock at a long cut on her arm. She then looked at Lightning, and she could finally see a reaction from her, as she was smiling.

"You know your weapon well, sis, and you are a skilled mage. I was happy to leave this behind, and I've already told you what I think about coming back. This fight was fun, but I don't want anything like that anymore."

Lightning threw her weapon to Serah, and she caught it, fully knowing how to use it from all the times she saw her sister using it.

"Consider this a victory for yourself, Serah. But know one thing - don't try to come to me until you are fully done with the whole arena - if you come earlier, I will just kill you while taking all the pleasure I can, for I still remember how to do it. And I will know if you did, for there is still much you don't know about this place. Like that spell I used in the end. Goodbye, Serah."

Before Serah could react, Lightning just disappeared, and both she and Terra and Yuna were equally dumbfounded at what had just happened.

"I guess we can count that as a win for me?" Serah asked, and before she got an answer, Lightning appeared in the control room.

"I just couldn't resist doing that." She said, before cutting Terra's head off with her gunblade.

She disappeared again, and Terra was soon summoned back by the crystal.

"I think I'm glad she decided to leave, so I can agree." She said, and Yuna just nodded, her body still recovering from an orgasm she had while watching Lightning chop Terra's head off.

"That leaves just the two of us to fight." Serah said while looking in the direction of where Fang was sitting. Fang was still shocked by how powerful both Serah and Lightning were, but she decided not to give up so easily, still hoping she could somehow win. She quickly got down, and nodded in response. Serah saw how eager she was, and smiled at her while giving them both weapons. She of course had her bowsword, while Fang got her flexible spear.

"Three... Two... One... Fight!" The countdown was quickly over, and Fang immediately started to run towards Serah. The pink haired woman just grinned while pulling the string of her weapon. Fang's behavior was a bit surprising, but she certainly liked the way she acted.

Fang easily deflected Serah's first arrow, and evaded another one. Serah knew by then she wasn't going to win so easily, so she changed her attacks and started throwing spells at Fang. It proved to be more effective, as Fang was struck in her leg by a lightning bolt, followed by a frozen spike cutting through her left arm. As Fang was too close to feel safe now, Serah changed her weapon into a sword and ran to reach Fang quicker. The two girls met, and as they clashed Serah realized Fang's weapon was much better for that, functioning more like two connected blades than a simple spear.

It didn't take long for Fang to simply overwhelm Serah, and she pierced Serah's belly with one of the endings of her weapon. Since it meant her getting closer than usual, Serah let go of another powerful explosion, throwing them both away from each other, charring Fang’s breasts just as she destroyed Vanille's earlier, pulling the spear out of Serah's belly in a splash of blood and guts as the weapon flew somewhere towards Fang.

Despite the pain, Serah immediately changed her weapons back to a bow and started firing, hoping to hit Fang as she was getting back her weapon. Fang didn't notice that at first, and an arrow pierced her left hand as she tried to grab her spear. She jumped away, thinking how to deal with such a problem. She ran around the arena trying to draw Serah's aim away from the spear, and after a few more small wounds she managed to get hold of her weapon again. She immediately jumped at Serah, using her spear to propel herself higher, before crashing down with her spear pointing down at the spot Serah was standing.

The pink haired girl could only go a step back, but the spear tore into her abdomen again, tearing the earlier wound down all the way to her crotch. Before she could react, Fang spun around, knocking her in the head with her weapon. She fell to the ground, momentarily stunned, and Fang looked at her hurting body. Another feeling awakened in her, and she called out: "BAHAMUUUUUUUUT!"

The enormous dragon appeared, and she jumped at him while Serah was recovering. She had just enough time to notice what was happening and put some kind of a shield on herself as Bahamut breathed his beam of death at her. When the blinding light was gone, Fang jumped down from the dragon that then flew away, disappearing as he did.

She looked at Serah, and nearly squealed with delight - the shield she had put up only stopped the beam from killing her, protecting her chest and head, but both her arms and legs were vaporized, the cut from the crotch nearly reaching her chest now. Fang threw Serah's still living body up in the air, then, as it was falling, thrust her spear against it impaling her from the nearly destroyed ass up to her mouth. As the body was sliding down, she sticked the spear in the sand.

"Fang is victorious! That dragon of yours is sure powerful, girl! We will teleport you back home any minute now." Terra was a bit shocked, but she didn't show it as she was speaking, transporting Fang to her house on her world.

Serah was resurrected soon after, and the three girls in the control room looked at one another. "We have eight girls now. Let's get them here and finish our job."


The Final Tournament - Day 1

A few days passed since the fight between Fang and Serah. Serah, Yuna and Terra all agreed to take a few days off, knowing it might as well be their real last few days living. After they’ve all had their free time, they came again back to the arena. Yuna brought Tidus with her, knowing her lover was going to enjoy watching her fight, no matter the outcome. Serah didn’t get Snow there to watch, as she wasn’t going to fight, only oversee and control that everything happens correctly. Terra also didn’t bother bringing Locke with her, as she just considered him a toy she just used for pleasure and didn’t care about him otherwise.

The girls were arriving one by one, as they’d told them to. Rydia arrived with her ninja husband, Edge, who had already been there with her the last time. Lenna arrived alone, and they all noticed she was really apathetic. Rinoa arrived with Squall, and as he looked at the other girls there he actually hoped Rinoa asked him to help her kill one of them again. Garnet came alone, as she didn’t want her husband to get involved in it. Penelo arrived alone too, much for the same reason as Garnet did. Finally, Fang arrived alone as she didn’t have anyone she could take with herself.

When they all gathered, Serah spoke up:

„Okay girls, here’s what’s gonna happen now: we fight in usual battles, but if you die we will just send you back to your world. The girl that wins is getting a really special prize, one we can’t tell you about yet. Let’s start the fights now.”

„For the first fight, Garnet and Terra are going to fight. The weapons are a rod for Garnet and a sword for Terra. Prepare yourselves!”

Both Terra and Garnet suddenly were transported to the arena, looking at each other. Garnet was a bit afraid, fully aware her fighting skills aren’t good enough to let her win in a normal battle.

“Three… Two… One… Fight!” The countdown sounded the same, yet it felt a lot different than usual, having some tone of finality this time. They both shrugged it off and went on to fighting.

Terra immediately started running towards Garnet, who just stood there, waiting. While running, she was slowly transforming into her esper form, as she knew becoming resistant to most spells and being faster could only help her.

Garnet prepared to cast some spells, hoping to overcome Terra’s defense just by sheer amount of them. Then a thought struck her, and she tried to somehow contact one of the girls that were running the arena, asking for a dagger so that she could actually try to use the weapon instead of having a rod she wouldn’t even be able to swing in time. They must have heard her, because she felt a dagger materializing in her hand. As Terra was really close to her now, she threw the rod at her, hoping to surprise her and maybe even actually hit her.

Terra surely didn’t expect Garnet to throw her weapon away like that, so it actually worked even better than Garnet hoped it would, hitting Terra straight in the head as she didn’t react to it flying at her. It stunned her for a moment, letting Garnet continue with her plan, blasting all the spells she prepared at her immobilized opponent. For a few moments, Terra was completely covered by the energy, explosions, ice and all the other things Garnet threw at her.

When all of it died down, Garnet’s heart sunk as she saw Terra had survived. She didn’t live through it unscratched though, with burns on most of her body and some chunks of it torn away, if only giving her an even scarier look with her pale blue skin. She was really angry now, and ran even faster at Garnet, not caring about all her wounds. Garnet grabbed her dagger even harder, knowing she needed to land a lucky strike if she was to win. As Terra was really close now, Garnet just closed her eyes and stabbed blindly in her direction.

Once again, Terra completely didn’t see it coming, and once again it worked much better than Garnet expected, going deep in the esper girl’s flesh. Terra screamed in pain, but even despite the pain she knew she needed to press on. She moved a few steps closer, cutting herself open with the knife, the started to hack away with her sword. In just a few slashes Garnet was made to release the knife, then a few more later she was completely cut into a few pieces, each of them falling to the ground. Even though her corpse fell to the ground, Terra continued to cut it, turning it into a bloody mess.

“That… Was… Close…” she muttered before passing out.

“Terra is victorious! She’ll bleed out soon and then we’ll just summon her again, but now it’s time for the next battle.” Serah waited for a moment, and then continued. “Rydia and Fang, you’re going to fight each other now.”

Fang eagerly jumped down to the arena, wanting to fight as soon as possible. Rydia broke off her lover’s embrace after giving him a final kiss, and then readied herself. Both girls were moved to the arena, and Serah sent them their weapons – a whip for Rydia, and a spear for Fang. When she knew they got them, she started counting down:

“Three… Two… One… Fight!” Fang immediately started running towards her enemy, while Rydia decided just to walk towards her. As they were approaching each other, they both tried to throw some spells at each other, with neither of them actually scoring a hit as they could just dodge the attacks. In a few moments, they were close to each other. Rydia could attack with her with from further than Fang could, though, so the moment she knew she could reach Fang, she started to attack, swinging her whip with great force. It hit Fang in the chest, leaving a bloody cut on her left breast and causing her to slow down.

Rydia knew she had time for one more attack before Fang was on her, so she attacked the same spot again, making the wound deeper and cutting the breast open nearly in half. Fang screamed in pain, but it didn’t stop her and she could finally attack Rydia. She hit her with her spear in the hand she was holding the whip in, knocking it out of Rydia’s hands. Rydia sure didn’t expect it, and as her weapon was falling away she blasted a spell at Fang, searing the already open breast wound. Fang only grit her teeth and pushed forward with her spear, piercing Rydia’s belly. She left it inside with one hand on it, the spear stopping Rydia from running away, and heated her hand with magic. She pressed it against Rydia’s breast, and with a vengeful and sadistic pleasure she pulled on it, tearing it away. Rydia didn’t show that she was enjoying it, but deep inside she was burning with masochistic pleasure.

When Fang was done, she kicked Rydia, further cutting her insides out as her weapon was forced out of the belly wound. Rydia fell to the ground, and Fang was immediately on her. She pushed both end of her spear through Rydia’s shoulders, and looked at Rydia again. Just as she was to kill her, a fresh pang of pain from her burning breast struck her, and she changed her mind. She wanted the bitch to suffer!

“Bahamut!” Fang called out, and felt a surge of energy going through the arena as the great dragon began to materialize over the arena. Rydia’s eyes flashed with new light as she heard it – was she actually trying to kill her with an eidolon? As she saw the shadow of a great dragon moving on the ground. She looked at him, and grinned. It was really Bahamut, the king of all Eidolons, and she had summoned him herself quite a few times. His attack wasn’t that painful though, and she felt disappointed – if this was the last time she could die she’d have wanted it to be more painful.

“Hail The Hallowed Father Of Eidolons!” She shouted, trying to get his attention. Fang ignored her, looking at her Eidolon that was about to land now. She tried to jump at his usual spot at his neck, but when she jumped, he turned his head and bit her.

Fang’s world was falling apart as the fangs shredded her thigh, the dragon eating her both legs and cutting her abdomen open, his fangs still piercing it. He shook his head, throwing her away and tearing her further, all the way up from her crotch to her chest. She hit the ground with a painful thud, and couldn’t even get up from the place where she fell.

“RISE, MY DAUGHTER, AND TEACH THE IMPOSING SUMMONER A LESSON SHE WILL NEVER FORGET!” Bahamut’s breath wasn’t deadly this time, and Rydia felt her wounds healing. She got up, then ran to the place Fang’s torso was, and reached inside her chest through the opening. Fang could only stare at her while she was searching her chest until she finally got to her heart. Rydia pulled it out, and quickly stuffed it inside her mouth, then walked to Fang’s her and give her a kiss on the lips, leaving her blood on her lips. Fang’s tongue moved to taste it as she died, then her eyes went blank.

“Thank you, Father. Is there anything I could ever do to repay you?” Rydia asked Bahamut, not failing to notice the great dragon’s dick that she could see was hardening as the dragon was looking at her. She realized he considered her to be a real Eidolon because of the time she spent in Feymarch, so maybe he wanted to take her as his mate?

“COME TO ME ONCE YOU ARE DONE HERE DAUGHTER, THEN WE SHALL TALK ABOUT YOUR PAYMENT.” Bahamut disappeared, and Serah felt it was time for her to come in.

“Rydia is victorious in this fight! Go back to your lover, and we will carry on with the fights. In a few moments it’ll be time for Lenna and Yuna to fight!”

Lenna moved upon hearing her name. The last few days were filled with painful loneliness for her, so she was eager to fight to at least for a moment distract herself, but she knew she couldn’t live like that much longer.

Yuna let go of Tidus, but not before giving him a reassuring smile – she wanted him to know she would easily handle her and get back to him. He smiled back at her, and she happily jumped to the arena. As she was falling, she felt her guns materializing in her hands, and she could see Lenna was holding her sword in both hands.

As soon as Serah saw her land, she knew she was ready, so she started the usual countdown.

“Three… Two… One… Fight!” Yuna slowly raised her gun, aiming it at Lenna who was slowly walking towards her, clearly not sure what to do. Yuna just smiled to herself and pulled the triggers, sending a wave of bullets at her enemy. It seemed to wake her up from some calm state, as she started moving quicker, deflecting some of the bullets with her sword and evading the others. It made Yuna’s smile even broader – an enemy that is actually fighting back is a lot more fun. She tried to shoot her a few more times, increasing the power and number of bullets each time, but each time Lenna wasn’t hurt. As she was now too close to feel safe, Yuna threw her guns away and conjured a sword for herself. Lenna was surprised by the change, but she just got close enough to attack and the two girls started exchanging attacks.

They continued to fight like that for some time with neither of them gaining an advantage. The rapid pace of their fight gave neither of them a chance to cast any spell or try to make up some kind of a strategy. Finally, Yuna decided it wasn’t going to work – if they kept fighting like that the outcome would just depend on who of them was more lucky, and Yuna didn’t want that. There was so much at stake that losing like that wasn’t an option. She attacked even harder, pushing Lenna a bit backwards and earning a moment of breath for the both of them. Yuna thought for a moment, forming a plan. As she had it done, she knew Lenna was probably doing the same so she blasted a few spells at her to check if she was paying attention. It turned out she didn’t and she noticed just as the first ball of energy was to hit her. She could only watch as the balls of energy hit her, throwing her back and burning her body in various places. As she hit the ground, she knew she had to end it soon or she’d die. She got up, not without a lot of pain, and ran at Yuna again, not holding anything back this time.

Yuna didn’t expect her spells to work like that, and she knew she had to be careful now, as Lenna was probably going to get reckless now. She rushed at her and let go of a powerful series of attacks, each one hitting stronger than the earlier one, but Yuna just hold her ground, waiting for Lenna to make the mistake she was bound to make.

Before making any mistakes though, Lenna managed to cut with her sword at Yuna’s leg, making her fall to one knee while looking at her with anger. Now, convinced she was having the upper hand, she started hacking at the kneeling Yuna, who just used her sword to deflect them. Lenna was putting more and more strength into her attacks, until one of them was so strong, that when Yuna deflected it, Lenna tripped over as her arm pulled her down. Yuna took the opening, striking at Lenna’s exposed body. She cut from the side, her sword going about half the way though Lenna’s body just above her waist. Yuna grinned, pulling the sword out and cutting again before Lenna could recover, cutting her body in half. Both halves of the body fell to the ground, and, just to finish her off, Yuna drove her sword down through Lenna’s chest, straight through her heart. As she did, she could see Lenna was smiling at her.

“Yuna is victorious! I’ll get you to your lover now, and once you’re there, we can go on to the final fight – Rinoa is going to fight Penelo. Good luck girls!” Serah’s voice was a bit warmer this time, as both of those girls weren’t accustomed to fighting in the arena as much as the earlier winners did. Rinoa let go of Squall’s hand and got down, while Penelo got down with a confident grin. As the girls were walking, Serah sent them their weapons – a pair of knives for Penelo and the shuriken thrower for Rinoa. After thinking a bit, Serah also gave Rinoa a gunblade, as she remembered the girl used it in the last two fights.

“Three… Two… One… Fight!” Serah’s shouts echoed over the Arena, and both girls focused on each other as she was counting down. As soon as the countdown was over, Penelo started running, while Rinoa aimed her weapon at her, not comfortable with using the gunblade from such a range. The shuriken went flying towards Penelo. She didn’t expect such an attack, but the small shuriken didn’t look intimidating to her, so she just ignored it assuming she’d easily deflect it. Of course, it didn’t work the way she wanted, the shuriken crashing into her gut before she could react. She bend over, stopping immediately, but the force she was running with forced it deeper into her belly. Even though in pain, she remembered Rinoa didn’t have any ammunition belts or additional shurikens, so if she managed to keep this one it’d disable one of her weapons. She tried to walk towards Rinoa again, but the shuriken made it hard for her to move. She looked at her belly, thinking, then pulled it out, her hand coated in flames to stop the blood. As soon as she felt it was out, she increased the energy going through her hand, bending the shuriken I a way she hoped it’d make impossible for it to fly again. She then threw it away, and turned back towards Rinoa who was now charging at her with the gunblade in her hands.

As Rinoa was running, she recalled everything she remember Squall used to do while fighting. Penelo noticed her, but Rinoa hoped she couldn’t react before she got to her, and she fired a shot at her as soon as she was sure it’d hit her. Penelo managed to dodge it, but not completely and the bullets scraped against her left arm. As she saw Rinoa wasn’t really good with the weapon, she ran straight at her, hoping to attack her before she could react. As Rinoa was swinging the sword again, Penelo ran under her arm and stabbed both of her knives into her armpit . The strength of it, combined with the force of Rinoa’s swing carried the daggers all the way through the arm, and Rinoa’s arm was suddenly falling to the ground along with her weapon. In desperation she called for her shuriken, making it fly back with magic. Penelo turned around, watching her attack work even better than she wanted, and she walked back, knowing she’d probably won now. She grinned at Rinoa, who was now watching her with fear, her left arm clutching the stump that was in place of her right arm now. She walked the few last steps towards her, careful if Rinoa wanted to cast some spells at her, but she didn’t. Penelo touched her cheek, wanting to feel her skin, then with a quick move of her dagger she cut one of Rinoa’s breasts off, enjoying the sharp stab of pain she could feel going through Rinoa. She quickly pushed it into her mouth, enjoying the taste and coating her lips in blood. At this point, she pulled Rinoa closer, giving her a kiss on the lips, and Rinoa hesitantly kissed her back. As she did, Penelo moved her hand to Rinoa’s ass, and pushed the knife in, again feeling the shock going through Rinoa’s body. She moved the knife around, cutting through her insides, but as she did, Rinoa’s shuriken came back, it’s deformed form not going for the device on Rinoa’s left arm, instead crashing into Penelo’s arm, pinning it to Rinoa’s back. They both were surprised by it, but what surprised Penelo was that she could feel Rinoa shaking in orgasmic pleasure now. Apparently the destruction of her asshole only turned the girl on, and Penelo smiled inside, raising her second hand and pressing it against Rinoa’s throat. She could see the fear in her eyes clearly then, but it was clouded by the pleasure at that point. She ran the knife across her throat, staring into her eyes intensely, trying to capture the moment life left her body. As she watched her die, she let go of the knife and tried to use up the pleasure that was building in her abdomen, timing her orgasm with Rinoa’s death.

“Penelo is victorious! That’s all the fights for today, you girls can stay in the rooms here or go back to your worlds, just remember we will get you back here tomorrow.” Penelo let go of Rinoa’s body, pulling the shuriken out and feeling Serah’s magic heal her wounds as she ran to the portal to return to her world, if only for a night. She saw Yuna and Tidus heading off to one of the rooms, and Rydia and Edge going to another one, while Terra went for the portal with her.


Loose Ends

Lenna opened her eyes and looked around. She was in her bed back at her castle. This place seemed emptied than usual… Then she remembered. She killed her sister, and she wasn’t going to come back this time.

She tried to get up, but the feeling of loss overwhelmed her, and she fell back between the sheets. Then she realized – no one knew she was here! If she sneaked out now, everyone would still think she’s still on the search for Faris she used as an excuse when she went to the Arena. Sneak out, and never return – that seemed like a good plan to her.

She slid out of bed, not caring that she was naked, then soundlessly moved through the castle’s secret passages, going through her home for the last time. Finally, she jumped out through a secret entrance, landing on one of the fields that surrounded her castle.

“What do I do now?” Lenna wondered. “I can go to Bartz and tell him what happened, he will surely help me decide what to do.”

The idea sounded pretty reasonable to her, and she quickly searched for him with some magical spells, transporting herself to him. The first thing she felt was heat – Bartz was currently exploring a volcano!

“Baaaaaartz!” She shouted, and she saw him turn around.
“Lenna? What are you doing here?” He replied, surprised by her sudden appearance.
“I was looking for you. I need your help.” She walked to him, and asked:
“Is there any place to seat nearby? It’s a long story.”

She knew he was staring at her breasts, and only smiled inside – he deserved it for what she was about to ask him. He just pointed to a pair of rocks they both could sit at, and then they walked there.

When they got there, Lenna started describing what happened to her and Faris over the last few months. As she was talking, a solution started to form in her mind – a perfect way to solve all of her problems! She continued with the story finally getting to the last final day.

“Sooo I decided to find you, as you are the person I’ve though would be most likely to help me come up with a solution, but as I talked an idea came to me.” She stopped, and Bartz replied
“That’s great! You told quite a sad story there, but if you think you can still make it better then I’ll be happy to help!” That was Bartz, always helping anyone who asked.
“The solution I’ve came up with is pretty simple.” She drew a deep breath.
“Kill me.”
“What!?” Bartz certainly wasn’t expecting that.
“Kill me. Throw my body into lava. No one will ever know what happened to me. I will just disappear.”

After the initial shock, Bartz started to think. To convince him Lenna added:
“Before you kill me, we can of course have sex. If you want that, that is. And I guess if you kept a small part, like my head, to remember me, no one will know anyways.”
Bartz looked at her, making a decision.
“Is that what you really want?” Lenna moved closer to him, and whispered in his ear:
“Fuck me. Snuff the life out of me. Take my head.” As she talked, she used a spell to remove his clothes. She was already naked, and as she finished Bartz immediately grabbed her by her throat and slammed against the stone.

His dick was as hard as she remembered it, and the pleasure of having him inside was even greater than usual as she knew this was the last time. He kept his fingers on her throat as he pushed in and out, gradually tightening the grip on her throat. She found it harder and harder to breathe.

She felt an orgasm going through her body, taking her ability to think with it. She was now feeling pure pleasure, something she never felt before. Her vision started to flicker, but before she passed out, she felt some of his seed burning its way up her womb.
Bartz came like he never had before. Lenna’s deathly throes aroused him a lot more than he thought they would, and it felt extremely good as he pumped his load inside her dying body. After he was done, her eyes were empty. He let go of her neck, looking at the stains on it where his hands were.

He grabbed a sword and cut straight through her neck, but leaving the marks on the part he cut off. He then kicked the body out from the ledge, and watched it plummet down into lava. Finally, he grabbed the head, and looked into her eyes.
“Oh love, I wanted to do it for so long.”

Zidane walked toward his quarters after another day of hard work. His wife, Garnet, was already waiting for him there as she only recently returned from some journey and was still tired because of it so she just rested there.

As he walked, a servant girl stopped him. He remembered seeing her every day for a few days recently, and he recalled each day she was wearing more and more revealing clothes. Even though he wasn’t going to cheat on his wife, he certainly enjoyed it.
“Wow! I’m so honored to meet our hero and king in person!” She began, then bowed deeply, letting him notice her perky ass and take a look at her breasts beneath her skimpy outfit.

“What’s the matter, girl?” He smiled at her.
“I’m really taken by your strength, master. I’d like to pay you back for it.” She swung her ass suggestively.
“Then I’ll of course let you!” He grinned at her, not noticing that the girl put a charm spell on him.
“Then follow me.” She led him to some unused storage room, and then looked at him:
“I will be right back.” She said as she was to leave. Before she left, she could feel Zidane giving her ass a slap.
“Unacceptable!” She muttered as she left the room.

With Zidane out of her way, the girl quickly ran to the rooms the Queen was currently resting in. She entered without knocking, and her luck had it that Garnet had just finished undressing, probably because the girl was going to put on another one. Too bad she would never get the chance.

“Zidane! How many times I have told you to knock!” Garnet shouted in her direction, then turned back to look at her.
“Who are you? And what are you doing here?” Garnet’s voice immediately changed, going from playful to hostile in just one sentence.

She didn’t reply – the few weeks she spent here were more than enough to confirm her suspicions, and she could just proceed to kill the girl because of that. She just ran towards her, enjoying the surprise slowly turning to terror on Garnet’s face.
She just grinned and swung the sword she had at Garnet. The girl tried to stop it with her arm, and her arm felt to the ground, cut off neatly. Garnet screamed in terror. To silence her, she just cut with the sword at her neck. Garnet’s head hit the ground coating her in a fountain of blood for the neck. She took Garnet’s head and put it between her thighs, bringing herself to an orgasm. As she finished, she saw Zidane running through the door, her spell having worn off. She blew him a kiss, and teleported away.
“This job is really entertaining for sure!” She thought as she disappeared.

Squall and Rinoa were lying in their bed. They’ve returned from the arena two days ago, and they were slowly getting back to their old lifestyle. The couple has just finished having sex, and Squall got up and walked to another room to look at the things they were supposed to do today. As the commander he had quite a flat available to him.

What he didn’t know was that the ventilation of the building was connected, and that someone could sneak through it from room to room, or just spy on them through the vent. Which was just happening now – Selphie was watching them fuck as she wanted something she could masturbate to.

Right now she was watching Rinoa choose her clothing. Apparently they weren’t planning to go out today, since she just took a transparent dress and some lacy stockings just for Squall to enjoy. She was looking so sexy that Selphie, despite just having come, started to finger herself again. As she was doing that, balls of shady energy started to circle her. She didn’t notice them and just continued, while the balls continued to grow.

The moment she came, the balls both touched her body and merged with each other. For a moment she could feel both pleasure and pain beyond anything she felt before. And then the balls exploded.

The explosion tore all her limbs from the body, along with her head. It also caused the ceiling to collapse, bringing it down on Rinoa’s head. Squall immediately run there, only to see his lover’s crushed body beneath all the rubble, and Selphie’s similarly destroyed body on the top of it with dark energy strands flowing away from it.

He ran to help Rinoa, but all he could do was look into her eyes as she was slowly dying. He knew no magic could save her. Her body was placed neatly at the edge of the rubbish, with her head easy to access. He could stare into his love’s dying eyes, the sight of which aroused him even more than in the arena. He pulled out his cock and pushed it into her mouth, and despite the pain Rinoa sucked him off the final time. When he came down her throat, she was no longer moving.

“Goodbye, love.” As he said those words, some movement from Selphie’s body caught his eye. HE looked at her, and saw what could only be her soul being torn away. He watched in terror, hoping whoever did this wouldn’t do the same for his now dead lover. The magic finally died down, with Selphie’s body being completely indistinguishable now. Since nothing followed it, he looked at Rinoa’s body again, deciding to preserve it after he got it out from under the rubble.

Fang opened her eyes. For some reason Serah resurrected her at her house, so she’d have to travel a bit before reaching her own.

When she arrived there, she felt something was wrong, but she shrugged it off and tried to think what she could do now.

As she was standing there, a girl burst through the door. Fang obviously didn't like that, and threw a spell at her.

The spell hit the girl on the chest, shredding her bloodstained clothes.

"Unacceptable!" She muttered, then spoke up:

"I'm investigating a potential breach into the celestial realm. As I've been attacked, it allows me to use lethal force while retaliating. Surrender or die!"

"I'd like to see you try, bitch." Fang replied, sure of her fighting skills.

The girl only smiled, then jumped at her with inhuman speed. Before Fang could react she stabbed her through the chest. As Fang was staring in shock at her, she leaned closer and kissed her.

"A pity. You looked quite nice." With a turn of her sword the attacker could feel Fang dying on her. She pushed her dead body from the sword, and masturbated at the corpse.

When she was done, she cast a spell that immediately burned the body, leaving no trace that Fang ever got there.
"Now to check the biggest breach..." She said to herself as she teleported away.


The Final Tournament - Day 2

Penelo spent the night with Vaan, but even as she did, she couldn’t stop thinking about the girls she killed, the pleasure it was taking lives, watching the life slip away from the eyes of dying. She never felt it the way she did in the arena even though she killed quite a lot people by herself, so the arena must have triggered something in her. As soon as the night was over, she slipped out of bed, not bothering to get clothed, and went to the arena using a special spell she was taught.

When she got there, she saw the other girls were as eager as she was, waiting for fights to start. Both Yuna and Rydia seemed pretty happy after a night spent here, but Terra was nowhere to be seen. She ran to her spot she watched the fights from yesterday, then turned and looked at the portal just in time to see Terra coming out.

The green haired girl ran to her spot. When she reached it, Serah spoke to them.

“Let’s get it done, shall we? The first fight is going to be between Terra and Yuna. I know you girls have fought already twice, but you both killed each other once, so I’m giving you a chance to settle it once and for all.”

Both girls immediately moved to the arena. Yuna, as if remembering something, moved her hands to her braid and set it on fire, knowing it caused her death once. Her hair started burning, but she didn’t care, waiting for the fight to start with a sword with one hand and her guns in a holster on her hips.

Terra saw what Yuna was doing, and prepared herself. She transformed into the Esper Form, still holding the sword in one hand while her body changed.

“Three… Two… One… Fight!” Serah spoke quietly, knowing both girls knew perfectly when to attack.

Serah's countdown didn't surprise them. Yuna aimed her guns towards Terra and started shooting. Terra was already running at her, and she dodged the shots without problems. Her body was helping her, magic flowing through her.

As she ran, she attacked Yuna back with some spells. They were empowered by her body, and Yuna was forced to stop her attacks. She had to dodge the missiles herself, so she couldn't shoot at the same time.

She discarded her guns. It let her gracefully evade them, her body moving continuously in some kind of a dance, as if she was performing a Sending. While she weren't doing that, she was using the dance as a way to power up her own attack, inspired by the Sending taking energy from her dances.

When she was ready, Terra had nearly reached her. It meant she had no time to react when a powerful magic attack crashed into her. If it wasn't for her Esper body she would have been obliterated.

Yuna fell to her knees, panting. The spell drained a lot of her energy. She looked at Terra. She was similarly exhausted and resting. Even though it was tiring, Yuna forced herself up. She took out her sword, knowing she had to finish it. The spell on her hair finished, leaving nothing left of her braid, so she knew Terra couldn't abuse it this time.
She walked to Terra, whose light blue body was slowly changing back into a human. She closed her eyes as the transformation finished. When she opened them, she knew exactly what to do. She felt her body aching because of Yuna's spell. As Yuna took another step, Terra sprung to action.

Even though her body still hurt her chest and burned even after the transformation, she ran straight at Yuna. A few quick swings didn’t do any good, as Yuna blocked them all, also attacking a few times. Terra knew they both enjoyed he exchange, equally powerful at least in that aspect. She tried to think of anything to do. She came up with an idea – one that it was worth taking a shot at.

She suddenly ran away, and then started throwing spells at Yuna again. Yuna chased after her, the magic never hitting her. As she chased her around she passed over one of her guns and grabbed it. As she did, a spell hit her. It threw her back, but she managed to roll before the next ones hit her. As she evaded the magic, she got to a perfect shooting position. Terra’s belly was ripped open in a small flush of blood. She paid no mind to it, throwing spells as she ran back towards Yuna.

They clashed again, this time both wounded and not fighting perfectly. They both made mistakes that left them with bleeding cuts all over their bodies. Still, neither of them was winning, they were still equally good. They started to weave small magical attacks between the sword swings, each one hitting as they were so close.

The fight was entering its final stage. Both girls were now visibly tired, as various injuries have taken their toll on them. They only barely defended themselves from the attacks. Even though tired, both girls were satisfied with the fight. Finally, Yuna stopped and looked at Terra.

“You want to keep fighting like that? We are not going to settle this down like that, we’re just both too powerful, and this would go on for too long. We both can’t use our summons to end this quickly, but I could just perform the Sending on you when we were fighting. I don’t want to do that, as it would be too painful and I don’t think it would be fair. But since I can do that, while you don’t have any way of killing me, and I don’t want to Send you unless you make me to, I’m giving you a chance to give up. Will you take it?” The speech surprised Terra, and the Esper girl only smiled. She knew what to do.

She ran at Yuna, surprising her, and as she began to move, Terra rammed the sword through her elbow, cutting the arm there. She pulled the sword out as Yuna looked at her in shock, then cut through her neck, her blade going straight through Yuna’s throat.

“That’s my answer, bitch.” Terra smiled as she watched Yuna collapse. With a quick move she cut the head off completely. She put it between her thighs, quickly getting off with it. Afterwards, she threw the head to Tidus.

He easily caught it and started to jerk off with it. He wasn’t concerned with his lover’s death, he knew she’d come back. When she did, she helped him go off, and then smiled with a note of sadness.

“I’ll stay until it’s over as my magic will be needed. Go home, I’ll return tomorrow.” He nodded, so she kissed him goodbye and sent him away.

“The second fight will of course be between Rydia and Penelo. Girls, please go to the arena. Rydia, you get a whip, and Penelo, you get a pair of knives.”
Rydia walked to one side of the sandy field, while Penelo watched her from the other side. Penelo’s fighting the day before surprised Rydia, as the first time she watched Penelo fight she got easily killed. She knew something changed in her, and that she’d have to be careful now.

“Three… Two… One… Fight!” The countdown, so usual for them, for Serah was a mark their search was coming to an end – She’d have Yuna say it the final time tomorrow.

Penelo went running right away. She knew the sooner she attacked, the less time Rydia’d have to summon something that would not only kill her, but also ravage her body. Rydia just threw fireballs at her. Penelo easily avoided them, getting closer and closer.

Once Penelo got close enough, Rydia stopped the magical onslaught and just swung her whip. Penelo managed to get out of the way, but just barely. Another swing and Penelo could feel the skin of her arm ripping apart. She screamed in pain, the pain causing her to let go of one her knives. She immediately got down picking it up, but that gave Rydia another clear strike of the whip. Penelo cried in pain as one of her nipples was clearly cut in half. Despite it, she rose and jumped at Rydia.

Rydia smiled preparing for the pain. She knew exactly what to expect now. As the knives slid into her belly, cutting it open, she ignored the pain. She lit both of her hands on fire and pressed them both against Penelo’s face. She backed off immediately, not wanting to be blinded, but it still stunned her for a moment. It gave Rydia time to swing with the whip one more time. It struck Penelo in the hand, making her drop the knife again. Rydia had no time to attack again, so to push Penelo back she kicked her in the abdomen.

Penelo stumbled back, and Rydia followed, kneeling to grab the knife from the ground. It exposed her to Penelo for a moment, so she stabbed with the knife at her. The knife sunk into Rydia’s shoulder, grazing the bone. It places her pussy right in front of Rydia’s face, and she stabbed with the acquired knife up Penelo’s exposed snatch. The blood covered her face as Penelo cried in pain. Rydia twisted the knife, causing more pain, and then with a sideways swing hit Penelo on the side of her head. The blonde shook as she knew she’d die now, not able to do anything.

Rydia stood up, cutting Penelo open with her own knife. She cut clearly all the way from her crotch to her ribs, stopping just short of her heart. Penelo still tried to stab her one last time, but Rydia just laughed as the knife cut into her breast. She took a step back, pulling Penelo that was still holding the knife forward. The girls fell on her breasts while cutting down Rydia’s stomach with the knife.

As soon as she fell, Rydia pounced on her back and tied both her hands with it, finally taking the second knife away. She licked her blood from it, and then got off to flip Penelo over. Now, staring directly into her eyes, she could finally kill her. A quick stab through the neck with both knives severed Penelo’s head from the body.

“Rydia is victorious! You and Terra are going to fight tomorrow, so now you can do whatever you want.” Rydia could tell Serah was really excited now, but she ignored it while walking to the portal as her body healed. She should probably go repay Bahamut for his help now… Her pussy fired up just thinking about being stuffed with the giant dragon’s cock.

Penelo woke up in Ashe’s bedchamber, or what was now her bedchamber. Vaan was asleep close to her, and she woke him up by stroking dick so she could ride him. She needed her lover, and she was determined not to waste the chance Ashe’s sacrifice has given her.

“Tomorrow’s the last day.” Serah spoke as Yuna got to the control room.
“Yes, and hopefully we can all return to our lives when it’s all over.” Yuna smiled at her, and they both headed to separate rooms they could sleep and wait.


That's all I have.

All thanks goes to M for this great story.

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