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Adele’s Ascension to Hell
by Regis

Adele leaned forward, her black bangs swinging in time with her ample breasts as she laced up her black leather spike-heeled boots. Those and the narrow, tiny tightly laced black leather girdle around her waist were her only costume. She wore decadent inch-and-a-half long eyelashes, and her lips were a rich red to contrast with the gleaming black of her luxurious hair and the polished leather of her boots and mini-girdle.

The lacing was on the outside of her legs, from the ankle right up to the flare six inches above her knees. The low point on her girdle was at the center of her back, and the sides curved up to a large chromed ring above her sternum, so that all it squeezed was her ribs.

The girdle's lacing was on her sides rather than up the back, and it was pulled so tight that the narrow strands of black leather thong dug deeply into her sides, bulging severely what could never be considered excessive flesh. The garment was impractical and uncomfortable, but it looked outrageous, which was its sole purpose.

The top edge of the minimal confining support garment consisted of two curved formed pieces of the same black leather as was used for the small back and front panels, that provocatively lifted while
not in the least obscuring her outstanding mammaries. Adele's beautiful long hair was brushed to the point that it shone as if oiled, and it was severely pulled back and tied in a tight bun in the rear, leaving her pretty ears, shapely neck and petite head fully displayed.

She was strikingly beautiful, and her insolent yet innocent sweet face, flamboyantly displayed impressive body and flagrantly exposed genitalia made the perfect contrast. She was perfect for both her contrasting roles she had chosen for her life. Adele was in every respect a total knockout!

By day the gorgeous 28-year-old was a successful account manager for a large Houston advertising agency. She attributed her high level of success in sales to the timely use of the red leather couch in her private office to close lucrative deals with wealthy clients. Her face, body, posture, clothing and attitude drew customers in, and clients to the man found her gripping vagina irresistible.

Only she knew that the quart-sized decorative German pewter beer stein with the silver lid sitting on her desk was more than half filled with the semen she had drained from her vagina, and occasionally from her rectum, after each satisfied client left. She was busy enough that the thick male product was never able to dry; fresh deposits were sometimes made into the ornate mug three times a day.

Adele had discovered that sales were closed the same way marks were achieved in middle school, high school and college. She had what men wanted, and she knew how to negotiate with the best of them. Adele was not only the most successful sales woman in the large advertising firm, but in the past three years she ranked in the top 5 saleswomen in the U.S.

Being the best in the business was only part of how she satisfied her driving obsession with dominance and winning. After nightfall she secretively spent three evenings a week at her favorite place, a private fight gym behind a sports equipment store where qualified women trained with professional personal fight trainers.

The manager of the tiny gym made a modest living from fees for the sessions he gave, in which the female fighters spent the first five minutes in ripping the clothes off each other, and then fighting nude for the amazement of the audience. He made much more when he arranged for the better fighters at his club special matches or unusual novelty events when they were ready.

Adele had been lucky enough to work some of the special gigs and fights at least once a month ever since she started nearly two years earlier. The jobs did not get much more frequent; she seldom did more than three in a month, but as she gained experience and the manager's trust she was sent out on much better paying assignments.

Her first fight had been a warm-up match, to get the audience going before the professional events in an extreme fight ring, but she and another inexperienced girl just boxed, topless. They wore lightly padded gloves, because it would never do to damage a beautiful female hand, and to ensure they were able to hurt each other the handlers had weighted their gloves under the thin padding with brass knuckles, ensuring a well-placed punch would really count, without too much cutting.

These metal enhancements to the gloves were invisible, but the audience loved the results they produced. Adele had done very well in that first fight, pounding on the other woman's big bouncing breasts, and giving the pretty bitch a swollen black eye and a nosebleed. The owner kept the fight going because the audience was enjoying it so much. She put her opponent on the canvas on her ass a dozen times, and knocked the gorgeous bitch out cold four times before the fight was finally stopped.

The only break in the hectic bitch-battle was while they used smelling salts to get the other girl back to consciousness and onto her feet. The third time she had put the disoriented woman down for the count it had taken nearly five minutes before she regained consciousness, but the bitch had been hoisted back up into a corner, supporting herself on the ropes, and to Adele's amazement the fight was allowed to continue. A series of concussions was not enough to satisfy the audience.

The pretty bitch was groggy but still perfectly capable of taking a beating. The first knockout had been while her opponent was on her feet, but the other times the girl had fallen but was still conscious, so Adele was allowed to go down on her and beat on her until she was knocked unconscious.

She made $400. for that fight that had been allowed to go on for more than an hour and a half. She was pleased she had been able to do so much damage to the other beauty’s brain that she was at fault in a head on collision driving home, in which there were no survivors. Adele was completely exhausted from fighting, almost non-stop, longer than any heavyweight fight.

She felt too weak to go home, and the club owner allowed her to stay in the crowded room, a converted welding shop, to watch the main card of extreme fighting. Adele was determined she wanted to learn the cool moves she saw and qualify to fight the really big time fights, and watching the pros seemed the best way to pick up on style, tips and moves.

In the professional fights the ladies almost always performed completely nude, except when they had to start the contest by ripping each other's clothes off, producing side bets. Most of the pro fighters wore expanding rings and collars inside their genitalia, causing them to stand grotesquely open, to give the audience an extra thrill.

At this particular club the professional level competitions were called the Red 5 fights, because blood had to flow from the nose, mouth, both damaged breasts and vagina before the winner was declared. All of the clubs around town had their own rules, but this was a fairly common competition.

Basically the private fight club owners designed their own rules and competitions, intended to make their establishment more attractive to the gamblers, and this served to up the ante and the risks taken as the sport progressed. There was no regulatory body, so the fights included anything the women who went into the ring were willing to do.

The owners were very demanding in their requirements of what the girls were required to do, always seeking an edge in audience appeal. This illegal backroom sport produced huge profits when a novel enhancement was made to how the ladies fought. This was private enterprise at its best. Continual changes in what was supplied to the gamblers and fight fans produced increasing demands, which fueled further extension of what could be seen, and how far the ladies went in their brutal competitions.

By staying to watch the professional card, Adele saw for the very first time that night a real fist-fuck. She had seen the steamy photos in men's magazines and online of women taking fingers and a hand into their wombs, sometimes their own, but this night when she stayed for the first time to see how the professionals worked, there was more to be seen and learned than she had imagined.

She witnessed a skilled fighter get her opponent down, one of her gloves off, and the inner expansion sleeve out of the downed bitch's cunt before getting her fist into her. The tough fighter pounded as hard as she could, battering deep against the uterus of the screaming and bucking bitch for so long that the victor's arm was streaked with blood as she withdrew it from her unconscious foe.

This was real fighting, and an impressive knockout attained without touching her opponent's head! Adele had no idea that the pain of a uterus pounding could put out a woman’s lights. She quickly learned that she would make much more for taking part in nude fights, was not in the least concerned about the damage that came with the territory.

She took steroid shots to her genitals to enhance their visibility, and to make it look like she was hot the moment she stepped into the ring. From the fights she watched at the fight clubs she regularly visited Adele saw that enhancement was much safer than putting rings and sleeves inside herself.

She saw several examples of how these metal and plastic inserts could cause damage if the fighter wearing them took a brutal beating to her beautiful cleanly shaved groin. Adele learned quickly, put her learning to work in her early fights, and became a hit in the fight ring. Whenever she was on the card attendance was up, soon making enough to give up her day job and concentrate on becoming the best female extreme fighter
in the state.

It wasn't easy work, but somebody had to do it, and she found the payoff in the rush she got beating another nude woman in the ring worth the scratches, bruises, and risk of serious damage made it all worthwhile.

Some of the girls in the fight business were picky, wanting only easy gigs, just in it for the thrill of being seen performing nude. They wanted the thrill and the glory without the risk, but Adele took every assignment that came her way. Some of them were unusual and not club fights, like the time she was hired to emasculate a mafia guy who had dishonored his boss.

Someone else was there to castrate the man at the mansion where it was done, but her job was to suck him to erection, and then punch him in the groin, driving her fists repeatedly into his testicles as he sat bound and helpless, his legs widespread. All she knew was that she was to start by getting out of her clothes, making a bit of a show of it to get cocks rising.

Then she was to pound the guy's family jewels until she had crushed them, and not to do it too quickly, to make sure he suffered. It sounded simple enough. He was terrified, but she managed to produce a raging erection on the bound man by sucking him up, and a drizzle of his pre-ejaculation fluid trickled down her chin as she moved to the second phase of her outrageous assignment.

Adele had kept her eyes on his screaming face as she pounded her bare fists into his large testicles, relishing the excruciating pain she was causing the bound man. He had ejaculated hard as his swollen nuts were being hammered, splashing her face and breasts, and when she caught the base of his erection with an errant fist he surprised her by ejaculating again, spurting his thick semen high in the air with a force she had not thought possible.

He lost his erection only when he finally stopped screaming as he slumped unconscious. Adele was elated that the damage she did with her fists on his swollen gonads was so severe it caused him to lose consciousness. She had never punished a man before, certainly not like this, and found it both exciting and sexually arousing.

Nobody had given her any specific instructions, so she kept pounding her bare fists into the bound man's swollen nuts after he passed out until the tenderized gonads were definitely crushed, no longer regaining their shape after each blow. She stopped only because she was certain the battered balls were actually fully crushed. It felt like his gonads had been converted from rocks to hamburger under her mercilessly pounding fists. That was what she had understood her assignment to be, and on that basis she had completed it.

Smelling salts brought him back to consciousness, and Adele watched with interest as the man's testicle sac was carefully removed, leaving the destroyed nuts dangling uncovered for the guests to inspect before the man with the razor-sharp knife removed the clam-like gonads as well. Adele wondered what those nuts had looked like before she had altered them permanently.

Their battered condition was more apparent when they were revealed, and Adele was impressed with her own work. Her fists were very effective in bringing about both pain and sustained damage. She was disappointed the operation on the hysterically screaming man did not also include removal of his now flaccid penis

Beating on a the gonads of a bound man was totally different from defeating another woman who was, depending on the assignment, sometimes able to fight back, but she found her work on the man’s nuts to be very satisfying, and was glad she had accepted the assignment.

She got her paycheck and left, not knowing how the evening would end, but not wanting to be around if they offed the guy. That kind of thing was way outside the limits, and she didn't want to be part of it, let alone witness it. Maybe they'd just tape him up and leave him a eunuch, which was probably what would happen, to make him an example to the rest of the hoods in the organization, but she didn't need to know, and wasn't ready for seeing someone killed, which with these criminal people she realized was more than a possibility.

On another unusual job, after she had much more experience, Adele took a giant step forward in her career. Her trainer and manager, knowing she was ready, introduced her to a couple of college girls, members of a very high end college sorority, who were arranging for a ladies night party. She met with the two self-assured young ladies for afternoon coffee at a Sunbucks.

They told her that what they would ask of her was quite unusual, but that they would make it well worth her while. Her assignment was to recruit another young woman, bring her to the posh sorority house, and on a lavish huge quilt spread on the floor of the fully developed basement, with 50 college girls surrounding them and watching, get nude and make out together.

They were provided with a number of lesbian sex toys of various sizes and devious designs. Adele was excited at the idea. She had never made it with a woman before, and she would get to pick her partner. She chose Kim, a pretty travel agent with luscious strawberry-blonde hair and a great figure who had worked a couple of other jobs with her and who didn't balk when asked to perform kinky acts.

Kim had been recruited by the trainer who managed Adele's career, who had been impressed with the cleavage the young travel agent displayed at her desk near the window of the travel company where she worked. Kim was not a great fighter, but she did very well on the sex party assignments she was given.

After a couple of drinks the shapely young woman was completely uninhibited, and always gave a great show. She took great care with her makeup and grooming, and always looked fresh and innocent, which proved not to be the case. They were instructed to take a cab to a subway station, and were met there by the two young women who had hired Adele.

They took them on a long drive into a suburb neither had ever visited, and at last arrived onto the State College Campus. She performed better than Adele had thought she would. Kim was a great choice, because she reveled in sex, and was a natural with another woman, so inventive that Adele simply followed her lead half the time.

Kim was very much into what Adele thought of as filthy acts, and at one performance, because the employer had requested it, she produced a small turd during the act and had displayed great relish in putting it into her mouth, sucking and then swallowing it. Adele was inspired to do new, excitingly degenerate and provocative things by Kim's outrageous performance.

As they approached the climax of their special woman-on-woman act she thrust a finger into Kim's rectum, and when she pulled out of the warm tight moist enclosure put the feminine index with the small brown stain between Kim's lips. Kim sucked it as she would a popsicle, and that inspired Adele to put her middle finger up into her own bum. She got a small dark smear, but also managed to dig out a firm peanut-sized lump.

Kim took that tiny firm lump of Adele’s fresh offal into her mouth and savored it as if it were her own, bringing a cheer from the college girls as she swallowed it whole after faking chewing it. She licked her puckered lips clean and then cleaned Adele's finger with her sensuous sucking.

Kim moved their encounter to a new level when she sucked Adele's nipple, then began to squeeze it between her teeth until she brought a scream from Adele. This was getting interesting, and going in the direction the college girls wanted to see. The gorgeous nudes on the huge floor quilt started to wrestle, and when she got the opportunity Adele swung over Kim and got her teeth into the fleshy meat of the moist and flared vagina.

She bit on the mound of flesh filling her mouth, and then slid her mouth upward to take the raised hood and its protected clitoris into her mouth. As she got a tooth-hold on the prominence of woman-erection, she felt Kim get an identical hold on her own clitoris. They were engaging in a tough clit-fight!

They bit down in unison, screaming at the pain they produced as much as possible without letting go their mouth-hold on the other's sex organ. This was a game known in the industry as the chicken dance. It was only a matter of time until one bit hard enough the other would chicken out, letting go to twist away if possible, but that was a dangerous move, because if the tooth hold was secure they would rip her cunt when she jerked away.

In this case it ended differently, because they both got a grip on the other's buttocks and dug a pair of fingers into the other's anus, pulling so hard that each found the pain in her sphincter exceeded the pain of the bite on her clit. Within another few moments they were making passionate love again, thrusting their tongues deep into each other's mouth and fondling the other's breasts and genitals.

After a couple of hours of steamy sex and dirty, even nasty deeds, four of the new members of the sorority physically put the love exhibition to an end by pulling the participants apart. They put Kim on her back in the middle of the floor and held her arms and spread legs while Adele was given and strapped on a nefarious device.

It was the kind of implement that women put onto their hips and used to fuck each other, except that instead of a dildo this
horrific apparatus was mounted with a sharp and gleaming 18-inch long curved and serrated blade. Adele was told her job now was to mount and fuck her beautiful young shit-eating associate to death.

Adele was shocked, and realized this was the kind of act that only jaded women could dream up and appreciate, the wives and daughters of wealthy families who had far too much time on their hands and needed high shock value to entertain themselves. Adele was certain this whole thing was a ruse, and that these spoiled college girls were just testing them both, to see how far they would go.

Thank God it wasn't her on her back, because she had no idea what kind of limits or boundaries Kim had, or how fixed they were. Nor did she know her companions moral standards, or how sure she could be the bitch would not cave in to the right kind of coercion and do something extreme, something they would both regret for the remainder if their lives.

It was far better that she was given the role of aggressor where the playing field was so severely tilted. She made a show of strapping on the big blade after first running its razor-sharp length gently along the seam of her passion-flared sex-lips while Kim screamed as she saw the deadly blade strapped to her nude companion's hips.

While she finished securing the tight straps holding the weapon to her pelvis she saw something very disturbing. In the background one of the young women who had hired her quietly opened a briefcase, pulled out a pistol and attached long narrow silencer to the barrel.

What the hell was this?!! It proved to be a deadly serious incentive for her to do exactly as she was told. Her own revulsion at what she was being required to do was part of the beauty of the event in the eyes of the young observers. They wanted to demonstrate that they could influence a woman to do anything with the right form and level of coercion; in this case the motive of self-preservation.

These young ladies, most of them 18 and the most senior no more than 21 year old, considered themselves expert in Psychology 101 in which all had gained a pass mark, and were quite interested in conducting a test of the limits of human destructiveness. There were using a pair of hired cunts to prove a point.

What better way than to bring a beautiful woman, within a couple of hours, to the point she would willingly and grotesquely fuck an associate to death in front of an audience of college girls? To convince Adele they were serious, the gorgeous young woman with the gun held the pistol over Kim's groin, then slowly moving it downward along her leg and dragging the silencer across the quivering flesh, she shot her, putting a bullet into the meat of her inner thigh.

The first series of Kim's shrill screams filled the room as she moved behind the kneeling Adele and pressed the hot silencer, still smoking, into the cleft between her buttocks. Adele instinctively thrust her hips backward to move the gun, but in that involuntary move gave the weapon the access it was seeking. With a rapid thrust the silencer on the barrel of the pistol slid through her rectum and invaded Adele's colon.

The beautiful ad agency executive-turned-extreme fighter was now about to lose the last of her innocence under the influence of the daughters of the most powerful men in the state. Few of them knew that the fathers of some of them had contributed to her impressive semen collection.

Nor did Adele, not a student of Psych. 101, know that their wealthy families influenced the actions of these students, and that their parents would unlikely object to how they conducted themselves in the privacy of the secure basement of their sorority house.

The girls were at university to get an education, and nothing was more educational than experimenting with freedom to do what they wanted. They were exploring their limits and discovering that as privileged upper class ladies the restraints of society were entirely artificial and could be freely violated. They just had to be careful in concealing their nefarious activities.

Now they wanted to prove the extent to which they could do anything they wanted to, no matter how extreme. They had planned this event down to the last detail, and knew it would be a total success. Their education was, in this case, at the expense of taking the soul of one woman and the life of another.

With the encouragement of a pistol barrel inside her colon, Adele willingly did what they wanted her to do, and gave up her soul. Aware that the college girls wanted to experience the nuances of the atrocity they required of her, Adele took more than 10 minutes to complete her nefarious task, on the violently bucking and hysterically screaming Kim.

Before she was finished she was sheathed in a sheet of sprayed blood from the base of her breasts to her knees, and the quilt was completely inadequate to protect the plush gold-colored carpet. The expensive flooring was as ruined as the carcass of the woman who had provided all that blood from her grossly violated cunt, and would have to be replaced.

In a city the size of Houston beautiful classy women were as common and easy to obtain as the most common prostitutes, and these college girls knew whores were for men and the lower middle class. They had no doubt that women of standing were much more satisfying to snuff.

When the girls had released Kim's arms and legs because of the slippery blood-slick and the strength of her struggles had faded, Adele continued the destructive fucking motion, bucking her hips forward until she had actually sliced open her associate's belly right up to her sternum between her heaving tits.

Kim was now fully opened, like a pig in the back room of a butcher-shop, revealing her tight tangle of bitch-viscera. It was only when she at last stopped the compelling bucking motion and gathered herself from the heat of horror and passion that she saw two of the young women busily photographing the heinously nasty action.

Adele felt a chill as she realized the serious implications of these young women possessing photos of her performing as she had just done. They could sell them to whomever they wanted to, or worse, post them on the Internet! The two young photographers finished shooting and, lowering their cameras, smiled at Adele.

There would be no need to kill her, because it was fine that she knew who and where they were. They had photos of her willingly butchering the woman she had recruited as a partner. She had given them more of a performance than they could ever have expected.

The two pretty teens with the cameras put them away, while most of the other girls had their hands under their clothing buried in their crotches, mindlessly masturbating at the gross obscenity of a beautiful educated woman performing such a gloriously degenerate act, for their education and amusement.

Adele rushed to the washroom and violently vomited. She had now made a huge leap in her career, having performed a staged killing in front of an audience. This was the direction she had been taking longer than she knew, and she realized she was now a fully qualified entertainment killer. From now on all of her shows would result in a death, and she knew her life depended on being the best killer in her boss’s stable. She had made the big time!


Great story. I hope Youll continue writing her adventures.


very nice storty, as always, thank you

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