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Story by MackieMesser:

I picked her for her beauty, this sweet looking little child, this 12 years old girl. Life was ahead of her and I was about to rip it apart for my own personal sexual pleasure. The most arousing thing that I could think of in my life, is using a young female preteen child in order to fulfill the raging lust fantasy of a grown man for murder and rape. That's what I am, a grown man lurking for a sweet little girl to undo.

She laid there in my lair, a scheduled little shack in the middle of nowhere. Capturing her wasn't an easy task, but here she was, at my mercy. Mercy? I wouldn't have any for her. I was resigned to consider her as meat for my own enjoyment. All her feels and all of her dreams would soon vanish with her bloody death. I was going to murder her, I was going to rip everything out of her.

She was a 4 foot 7 brunette with brown eyes, and pale rosy skin. I could read the fear into her eyes. She was looking with her petrified, watery eyes at the face of her antichrist, the man who would ruin and degradate her. Her rosy skin was arousing me, I could literally see the blood that I was going to spill, her translucent skin was showing me her veins that I was about to tear into. She was tied and gagged on a bed; the light was very bright, and a snowstorm raged outside. Her chest was moving in rhythm from up and down, her tiny budding breasts being obvious to my sight. Her breasts were perfectly shaped, with pink little girl's nipple on top.

I started fondling her nipples, pinching and massaging them. They became erect, and I put my mouth on them, since I couldn't help it while looking directly into her eyes. A grown man nursing on the nipple of a child. I started sucking and nibbling on her preteen nipple, licking every inch of budding womanhood on this child's body. She started moaning a little, her nipple were fully erect and wet. I then looked at her private parts, her sweet little preteen pussy. She had a very sexy little outtie, her clit was erect.

I opened her slit with my hand, she moaned again, I couldn't tell if it was a moan of terror, a moan of pleasure; or both. I looked carefully into the hole of this soon to be woman, gazing at the pinkness and the texture of her insides. The skin on her tied arms and legs were smooth; her fingers and hands were slim; and her toes and feet were broad. I gently massaged every arousing part of her being, hands, breasts, legs, arms, feet and finally, her pretty face.

A sweet 12 years old girl's face on the verge of tears and full of terror. I pulled my cock out and put it right in front of her face. Her gaze was wonderful, I guess she'd never seen a man's meat that close to her face. I went down on her, putting my mouth on her immature genitals, licking and sucking on her tiny piece of girl flesh. I felt her lips growing, her body was enjoying it. Her moans were a mix of pain and pleasure. After dining at her small child's Y, I approached my male meat next to her nono, while looking into her eyes.

My cock gently slide into her, slowly tearing apart her virginity. A few inches at first, she didn't seem to mind. However, once I managed to pass through the hymen, she started to make louder noises. Once I was going in and out in full force, the rhythm of her screams matched the way I was pounding her. The gross sound made by our genitals fighting each other were arousing as hell. When I came inside her, it was the most beautiful thing I ever felt, the cry of pain from this child was marvellous. When I pulled out, a big watery sound was made, the child made a painful sound, almost like an underage and illegal orgasm, and then a lot of blood followed the extraction of my penis out of her vagina. My cock was bloody red. I was so happy that my own penis was used in order to take the virginity out of a little girl; my seed deep into her womb. I rested a while on the side, while my little girl laid on her bed, in shock, trying to process what happened to her.

When I stood again, I decided that it was time to enter the second phase, the really dirty phase. I opened the drawer where I kept all of my tools for this event. I noticed that the girl was looking at me, full of terror. She was probably wondering what sick and twisted additional things I could do against her. Even if her imagination was vivid, I doubt she could have conceived what I was about to do to her.

The first thing I took out were the needles. Sharp and pointy metal sticks, I hold her small breasts and began poking in her nipples. Loud screams came out of her mouth. I poked both of her nipples, but unfortunately, not a lot of blood came out. So I took the needles out of her right nipple, as she was crying gagged, and started sucking hard on it. My tongue was delighted by the taste of the blood coming out of her nipple while she was crying loudly. A grown man, nursing on the bleeding breast of a preteen girl. My lust got the best out of me, and like an animal, I started to bite harder and harder into her pink flesh.

I ended up tearing of her right nipple with my teeth, blood bursted on her chest and on my face. My little girl was in so much pain... it was delightful. I swallowed her soon to be mammary gland; it was still warm and tasted really good. I couldn't wait to taste another part of her being. I stuck around 10 needles into her remaining tit; she provided me with lustful terror scream all along. It was now time to really start undoing her. I presented her with my electric drill, she was horrified by the sight of it.

I got close to her feet, and began massaging and kissing her broads toes and ankles. After being done, I pierced through her ankles with my drill. The electrical sound, mixed with her scream of terror and the sound of blood and gore coming out of her feet were orgasmic. I dug two hole into both of her feet and kept the nails in there, she would be unable to walk for the rest of her life. I untied her completely, since she wasn't going anywhere. She was breathing loudly, she was in deep shock. I took both of her arms in my hand, and started poking two holes in both of her wrists. I saw her childish veins being torn apart by my drill. She was crucified for my own pleasure, 4 limbs aparts, blood coming out of her tiny body. Since the nails were still in her wounds, it was not fatal, but she seemed to suffer a lot.

The sight of her in such great suffering raised my rape meat high and up, I was ready for another pounding. I slammed hard into her vagina again, but I didn't came into her. After pounding her sweet meat with my hard rod, I wanted something else, something more twisted. I pulled out again, making another bloody mess with my cock, and I got close to her pretty face with a pair of pliers.

As I opened her mouth and took off the gag, I stared at her perfectly shaped teeth. One by one, with the determination of a true sadist, I took all of her teeths out. Her screams, and the amount of blood coming out, were fuel to my lust. Her face was red with blush and blood, so my lust naturally commended me to punch her in the face. I punched her, again and again, making loud noises as I bruised her preteen face. The sight of this young girl's face collapsing from my hard hitting fists was gorgeous. I stuck my cock into her toothless mouth and came inside her. After being deep into her womb, my seed was now inside her violated mouth. Her face was so perfect, and I ruined it, but I could do so much more...

I noticed her cute brown eyes, looking at me, telling me to either spare her or end it right now. I put both of my thumbs over her eyes, I wanted to see more desperation on her face. After all this suffering, she still managed to scream as I poked her eyes in. I didn't push all the way through in order to no kill her yet, I just wanted her to suffer. I opened her eyelids with force, her eyes were now red. I turned this cute little girl into a horrific demon.

Now it was time to finish her off. I took a very long knife out of my drawer. I was going to penetrate her in the most intimate way. I wanted to stab this little preteen girl in her most private organ. I excitedly approached my huge knife close to her pink vagina, and was about to strike. The first stab dug into her young labia, and I started to push the knife in. As I tear through her vaginal opening, she still managed to delightfully scream. The metal blade was tearing her soft girly parts while blood came out. I hacked harder and harder, loudly screaming as my lust consummated me. Her pussy became blood and flesh flying through the air; while gross gutting noises were made.

Her growing uterus was now facing me. Her most precious organ, the underdeveloped organ which made her a female, the Gral of my lust. The girl stopped screaming, but she was still breathing, looking at me with her evil eyes. I stabbed her womb multiple times and tried to tear it out of her. The girl was having a seizure; she was dying from shock, as I ruined her female organ. As I tore her womb out of her, a geyser of blood came out. I had sectioned one of her arteries, buried deep inside of her.

I watched her die, as I took her womb in my hands. I started biting and nibbling on her most private sex organ; this preteen girl's ultimate goal in life was to give me pleasure, as I murdered and raped her.

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