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My real life story (from an alternative universe)

Hi There
I am Jeremy, 36 & this is my true story that occurred in an alternate universe.
I 1st met Alison when she way 19 in the noughties at a Goth/Fetish club in Sydney. We were both uni students, I was studying computer science & she was an arts French history major on a student visa from the USA.
We really hit it off both having very compatible tastes in music fashion & kinks. My thing is, having a very tiny prick (I’m hesitant to call it a cock) & being exposed to hard core porn at an early age working in my father’s video shop where I was required at 13 to serve perverts their wank material, that I was introduced to fisting. It was a golden age of porn flic called Candy Stripers that had me hooked, seeing women take 1 & 2 hands in their pussies, convinced me I could pleasure them that way. I first fisted someone at 17 & being curious as to how it felt took my 1st at 18 from a woman.
For the next few years I searched for the perfect woman for me, often having to compromise with big toys & hooker’s hands.
So, after Alison & I got to know each other, we were hanging out at my place where she stumbled upon my huge collection of VHS fisting vids. It wasn’t all fisting, but the bulk was. I probably have the largest collection in the southern hemisphere. She confessed to me how much she loved this shit. We got to talking about it a lot, I told her everything & she told me when she was 14 she had a kid that tore her during birth so her cunt was never tight again & only fists & more could make her cum.
We became best friends & lovers but we still both liked playing with others & shared everything. Alison decided she wanted to stay in Australia when her visa was coming to an end so we got married in a small ceremony for family that from her side only her brother came over for the wedding (there was another ceremony for friends but that is another story). She hadn’t spoken to her parents for years, them from being very strict southern sect and did not approve of the marriage.
After graduation Alison moved into academia and teaching I join the intelligence community where I became a specialist in cyber warfare which would often have many away from home for extended periods.
Due to the nature about marriage this wasn’t really a problem as Alison have plenty of friends to play with given that we were swingers and into the fetish scene. After a few years our first child arrived Alice and three years later another child this time of boy Bernard. Due to the nature about marriage this wasn’t really a problem as Alison have plenty of friends to play with given that we were swingers and into the fetish scene.
While the kids were growing up, I was away from home a lot on deployment but Alison coped raising the kids and juggling career with the help of our friends Gina & Jean, a couple transsexual ‘s who we both love playing with a lot doing all sorts of the naughty things. Really there was nothing we didn’t do, coming to think of it I can’t say that one or both the kids don’t belong to them.


CH 2

Ch 2.
The Modern day
Fast forward 10 years the kids are now growing too wonderful atypical kids. Alice, now a 14 yo Emo chick who has inherited her mums sluttiness, while Bernard at 11 has grown into a very girly boy.
Work still has me away from home for a large part of the year, however the trannies have moved in with us into the granny flat and we have a very open four-way relationship and I am allowed to play away from which often sees me in Baths and saunas laying in a sling are you.
For the times I was on deployment we had set up a web cam stream from the granny flat so the guys could show me everything I was missing out on. Alison getting double fucked and fisted by the trannies and all the random dykes, trannies and queens they would bring home for bareback orgies that ended with everyone filled with everyone else’s cum. We were all on prep so this didn't concern me and I was taking just as much from random trannies and lady boys when I was away.
A lot of my deployments were to south East Asia where I trained the local forces counter intelligence to combat infiltration of Islamic extremists. As such we got to play with all the cool gadgets. That is when I wasn't playing with the lady boys.
One weekend while I was at home Alison received some bad news for my brother Greg. Their father Louis was near death and only had a few weeks left he wanted to make amends with her and meet his grandchildren. Allison was reluctant to go, but I convinced her this will be the last chance she may have and if she missed it would never get another go.
We booked the family on a flight to Los Angeles and then to Atlanta. Her father 50yo Louie was still in hospital in Atlanta when we arrived, Allison’s mom Victoria 47yo was waiting at the hospital well. Her brother Greg 35 was out at the family farm with his wife Eva 31 and the twins 11 an hour’s drive from Atlanta. There were 2 houses on the farm, one for the parents & the other Greg's.
As it was late when we arrived in Atlanta and passed visiting time, Victoria met us at the hotel and mother and daughter had an emotional Reunion.
Victoria was a stunning tall slender blonde, without an ounce of fat on her. She was dressed in all black and had a few tatts and I could see where Alison got her aesthetic from.
Victoria told us but Louis had terminal cancer that would be discharged tomorrow so he can go home. To avoid disruption at the hospital I would spend a day with the kids in Atlanta and Alison take her father home to the farm where we would meet up.



After a full day with the kids doing the tourist shit in Atlanta like going to the world diabetes headquarters at Coca-Cola we drove our rental car back to the farm. We were running early as we weren’t expected until dinnertime but when we arrived the sun was still up and the kids wanted to see the horses so went to take a look at them. I knocked on the front door there was no but there was no answer, however it was unlocked and I let myself in in.
I heard some voices coming from upstairs assuming everyone was with Louis I went up to say hi. What I saw there blew my mind, Alison and Victoria were both naked playing with each other’s breasts & pussies while on the bed was a young transsexual in her teens riding the large cock of Alison’s emaciated father bareback. Having not being noticed I quietly went back downstairs grabbed the kids, and knocked very loudly at the front door announcing us.
We heard a voice from upstairs tell us to come in and help ourselves to a drink from the kitchen and I’ll be down in the second. A few minutes later Alison, Victoria and the transsexual now wearing a nurses uniform appeared. Victoria introduced the nurse as Violet or Vi for short, and that she was Allison niece and Greg’s daughter.
My head was swimming with questions from that scene but I saw that was just so hot but I knew I would have to tread carefully.
We had a lovely dinner, Vi Took a plate up to Louis as it was too ill to join us at the table.
I was told tomorrow Greg and his wife Rosie along with the twins would be coming to visit and stay at farm. The rest of the evening played out like a normal evening for normal family and Alison made no mention what I saw which was surprising as we’ll always be open about everything.
The following morning Greg and his family arrived, and it was decided but Rosie and I should take the kids horse-riding so that Louis and Victoria could talk with Allison and Greg. I made an excuse to get out of horse-riding but the others happily went. I was supposed to go into town to get some supplies so that I could put on the traditional Aussie barbecue. However once Rosie and the kids have taken the horses I doubled back to the house.
Sneaking in, I heard sounds coming from upstairs again and quietly made my way up. A game what I saw completely blew me away even more this time there was a large tarpaulin on the floor, laying down were Alison and her mother Victoria while Vi, Greg and Louis stood around pissing on them. After they had finished pissing they turned around and presented their Arses to the women, Alison get behind her father while Victoria spreads Greg’s arse cheeks and Vi bends over & spreads her own. Both women dive in face first to the man cracks while Vi begins digging 3 fingers in her hole and bringing them to her mouth & repeating it with her fingers going to Greg & Louie’s mouths too.
After a couple of moments, the guys moaning from being rimmed turns to grunting while it looks like the women are starting what looks like chewing with their faces imbedded in the men’s cracks. Vi reached between her legs and her puffy abused hole begins to open & a long hard turd appears & drops into her hand, which she brings to her mouth & the 2 men lean in to & join her in a very shitty kiss.

Mother & daughter release their oral clasp of the men's nether regions & embrace in their own shitty kisses. After a few moments of this Greg gets behind Vi & reached under her thighs as to pick her up in a sort of foetal position while spreading her legs to give easy access to Louie to penetrate from the front while he enters from behind to make a standing incest sandwich.
Alison & her mother get into a 69 where they begin fingering & licking each other's arses, savouring all the shit they can. Soon they both begin shitting & what they don’t eat they begin fisting into each other's cunts.

I take note of the time & realise I will be missed soon, so after quickly having a wank, go get the supplies I have to & wonder wtf I am to do next.

That evening my bbq was a hit. I got to finally officially meet everyone. Alison’s brother Greg is a doctor working at the CDC infectious diseases unit in Atlanta. Eva his wife is a research assistant in his department. The twins, a boy Nicky and his sister Vicki attend a special religious school not far from the farm. Vi his ‘daughter' is studying nursing at college.
Louis tells me the cancer is nearly finished with him but he isn't worried as it is just the next step on his journey. As an atheist i just accept this as a coping mechanism that the entire family seem to share. Victoria spends all night dotting over Alice and Bernard, trying to get in a decade's worth of grannying at once. She has the same gaunt appearance as her husband but is a lot more energetic. The similarities are definitely uncanny between them.

The following day Louis needs go to the clinic so Alison joins him and Victoria. Greg takes all the kids with him to Atlanta and I say I need to login to work for a project that needs doing. In my line of work I never travel without my espionage tools so I decide to get to the bottom of what is going on here.
I plant a number of hidden wireless cameras in different rooms around the house and in my travels, discover a very heavy door to the basement locked. A lock is no barrier to a trained spy and I am soon downstairs and not quite believing what I am seeing. In the middle of the far wall is a black altar. About 4 feet long. Above it a pentagram made of bones. In the far corner is the household furnace, a very old coal one by the looks. The floor has a large pentagram covering it with the lines made of shallow exposed drain that meets the middle of the altar at the top point.
This must be the religious thing Alison was running away from when we met but her behaviour of the last 48 hours indicates anything but.
That evening at dinner I inform them that work requirements don’t allow me to access the top-secret network over the internet and I need to access secure military systems. As an Australian major working with the 5 eyes intelligence program I have access to any allies’ systems. So I am able to get on the naval base south of Atlanta to monitor my secure spy setup. I tell them to expect me back in a couple days.


CH 4a
The following day, as I fibbed about going to work, I check in to a motel in town before noon and verify all the camera streams are working from the secret server I left at the house. I was not expected back until the following evening so I made myself comfortable
Not long after, Alison, Victoria, Vi & louis return from the clinic, although as it turns out the clinic is actually the name of a tattoo parlour. Vi is still excited about her new tattoo.
“How does it feel baby” asks Victoria, “Numb & tingly” replies Vi “but now I have the same marking as you & grandad, What do you think of my new tattoo mom?” Vi asks while lifting up her nurses tunic to show above her hairless cock a biohazard symbol superimposed over a pentagram. “We all have them around here” says Louis dropping his pants & exposing his tattoo above his cock while Victoria slipped off her dress & displayed the same tattoo above her clit. “it is a symbol of our faith & shows that we are fully initiated into the congregation” Victoria said.
Alison looked Vi into the eyes, while running her fingers over the new tattoo and said “ it is beautiful baby” before grabbing the back of her head and pulling her close into a passionate kiss, and just what did Vi mean by mom when talking to Alison?
With this her mother dropped to her knees behind her to start licking her anus whilst starting to wank her husband to get him hard. Victoria once Louis was nice and hard, stopped her fluffing & allowed him to approach & mount his daughter from behind while she retrieved & put on a huge 14 in strapon, that she then mounted Vi with while they remained in a tonged tied embrace.
I could see from the camera angle Louis’ back as he fucked his bare cock into my wife, his daughter’s arsehole at least a dozen or so purple lesions on his back. They fucked hard and fast for about 5 minutes, Vi had in this time gone to her hands & knees, still being fucked by Victoria hard & was eating Alison while she way sodomised by her sick father’s massive cock. As the 4 of them reached a crescendo, Louis yelled “Do you take this seed of Satan my daughter?” to which Alison screamed “fill me with Satan’s toxic cum daddy!’
They all came together & louis removed his cock dripping with his cum and daughters bloody shit, which Vi took into her mouth to suck clean, while Victoria, barely giving Alison a moment to recover moved around behind her, & using her own pussy juice, dripping from how horny she way from the buggering she gave Vi, pushed her right hand inside Alison’s Arsehole half way to the elbow.
Alison just grunted out “DEEPER” to which Victoria smiled evilly, twisted her arm and pushed it in until she was elbow deep in her daughter’s intestine. Louis was pleased to see his wife and daughter trying their hardest to occupy the same point in space-time, and told Vi to assume the position in front of Alison and said, “let’s make this a circle” then moved into position between Vi and his wife.
Alison reached back so her mother could lube up her arm with the bloody shitty slime coming out of her arse and started feeding 4 fingers then her thumb into what was once Vi’s tight arsehole but now resembled a very unsuccessful boxer’s face. Vi required no lube for Victor as his sphincter had been destroyed for years and he needed to wear an xxl butt plug to stop him shitting himself in public (really he wanted to save it for home and fun). Vi used both hands to stretch his grandfather hole enough to fit most of her face in to get her tongue in his colon.
Louis like he had done countless times before, curled his hand into a fist, pulled back and punched her date with full force, resplitting her ruined hole causing her to bleed like a stuck pig from her hole and lunge forward driving her arm another 6 inches into their daughter and part her elbow. Vi pulled her face back and replaced it with her arm that went elbow deep with no resistance at all. Within a few minutes each of the were armpit deep in the arse in front of them and the fisting frenzy continued for another 15 minutes until everyone was covered in everyone else’s blood shit and cum, totally spent.
After they had sufficiently recovered, Alison said "Well that IS what I call a home cumming" and they all laughed & giggled. Louis replied "And I expect you will be coming back to church with us" Alison answered with "what do you think daddy after what we have done the last 2 days?" "Still a little mouthy smarty-pants aren't you" Victoria Interjected.
Alison looked at Vi, cupped her cheek with her hand and said "Baby Im sorry I haven't been here for you all those years when you were growing up, I can never get that time back but I hope we can try and make up for it"
WTF, Alison is Vi's mom, I shouldn't be surprised her brother got her pregnant when she was 13.
"Yes mom, you did miss a lot of important milestones in my life like the 1st time gramps fucked me when I was 8 and it should have been you fisting my 12yo hole. Thank the lord Granny was there to do it, but it was nice you were there for my initiation tattoo today. It really was painful getting the tatt their but the way you and granny held my hands tight with your pussies really helped, thank you" "We love you baby, anything for you" Victoria said.
"Still" Vi said "I wish you were there for the pozzing ceremony"
" So do I baby, but I will make it up for you by letting you be the one to poz me" Alison replied .
" You are telling us after all that you are neg?" Said Louis
"Jeremy & I are on PrEP" said Alison
"Not for much longer mommy" smirked Vi
Alison smiled wickedly.
"What do you want to do about Jeremy?" Victoria asked
"He's a man whore mom, flash him your cunt & you will have him lapping at it in no time" replied Alison.
"And the kids?" Asked Louis
"Well I keep finding my dildoes in Bernard's bedroom spotlessly clean, & I always leave them covered in shit. When Alice was 12 I caught her being licked out by her dog, Patrick, & nowadays she is an Emo & spend all her time in her room cutting herself all over. Her sheets sometime are totally red. Apparently all the kids are doing it these days. They will be easy to bring to the flock." Alison replied.

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