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CBT Shorts, Number 1

Four short stories: Pool Party, Glory, Softballs, and Cleaver, with a general theme of casual male genital abuse and destruction, usually with implied cannibalism.

1 - Pool Party

 Jeremy opened the door to the backyard and peered out at the lawn and pool a bit apprehensively. His sister was having all of her friends over for a pool party, and she had absolutely forbidden him from going back there this particular afternoon. She had told him, quite emphatically, that he wasn't to try to speak to any of her guests, to disturb them in any way, or to even sneak looks out at them through a window. She had seemed rather firm on the subject, too, glaring at him through narrowed eyes as she'd spelled out exactly what dire fate would befall him should he breach the sanctity of the backyard during her party.

 So, with thoughts of the potential consequences to his life and safety foremost in his mind, he decided to wait until he was noticed by his sister, rather than to try to draw her attention to himself by yelling for her. He figured that he could minimize the chances for earning her ire if he broke as little of the spirit of her commands as possible, while breaking the letter of them.

 The girls who had been invited over by his sister were, one and all, gorgeous. Of an age with his slightly older sibling, they seemed to him to be glorious angels of feminine beauty, descended from on high. Granted, his perceptions were probably more-than-slightly colored on the issue, considering that most of the girls were wearing rather skimpy one or two piece bathing suits and nothing else. The fact that they were glistening and sparkling in the sunlight, slick and wet from multiple dips in the cold, refreshing water of the pool, only helped emphasize the allure that their taut and toned teenage bodies held for him.

 Finally, his sister noticed him lurking in the doorway and trying not to stare, and she stalked over to him. Her suspicious, rather severe frown made him gulp as she approached.

 "What do you want?" she said to him, her lip curling up in apparent disgust at the mere sight of her younger brother.

 "S-sorry to bug y-you, Jenna." Jeremy replied, stuttering a little in trepidation, while wondering just how to properly phrase his next few words. "But, umm.. I, uh.."

 "Spit it out or get lost, you little creep." Jenna instructed, her tone icy despite the warm, sunny day. "Actually, why don't you just get lost, period."

 "My.. My penis is missing!" Jeremy exclaimed, as his sister began to turn away from him and return to the party.

 Judging by the look of confusion that flashed across Jenna's face as she stopped mid-turn, his sister had definitely not been expecting him to say that.

 "What? Your penis..?" she said, raising her eyebrows at him as her mouth dropped open in incredulity. "..What?!"

 "It's missing." Jeremy repeated, looking worried and slightly panicked. "Missing! It was in the refrigerator earlier, and now it's gone!"

 "In the.." Jenna said faintly, disbelievingly. "In the refrigerator..?"

 "Yes, and now it's gone missing! I don't know where it is." Jeremy affirmed, his tone growing insistent. "Have you seen it anywhere?"

 "I.. No, of course not!" Jenna replied, as her reddening face grew flustered and embarrassed, due to unexpected and bizarre nature of the conversation she was having with her brother. "Why would you think that I had?!"

 "Well, someone had to have taken it. It didn't get up and walk off on its own!" Jeremy said, a bit hotly.

 "And.. And WHY exactly was your penis in the refrigerator in the first place?" Jenna asked, as she shook her head in consternation.

 "Wait.. Wait, wait, wait." she interrupted, holding her open hands up at Jeremy just as her brother opened his mouth to answer her. "You know what? I don't care."

 "I don't want to know what is, I am sure, the idiotic reason that your stupid penis was in the dumb refrigerator." Jenna continued, as she kept her hands raised, palms out toward her brother, as if they might be able to ward his idiocy away. "I. Don't. Want. To. Know. Just go away and look for your penis somewhere else and leave me and my friends alone, okay? Please?"

 "But.. But what if one of them took it?" Jeremy said, gesturing toward the girls around the pool. "And even if they didn't, they might have seen it laying around somewhere. Could you ask them, please?!"

 "Oh, my god." Jenna replied, as she closed her eyes, apparently horrified by the idea. "I am not asking all my friends if they've seen your dick!"


 "No!" Jenna replied, shaking her head in utter disbelief. "God, how are you my brother? You are so, so.. Weird!"

 "But, there's no one else home today!" Jeremy cried. "If you didn't take it, then one of your friends must have! There's no other way it could have gone missing!"

 "No one took your stupid penis! Why would they even want to?!" Jenna said, as she raised her hands to her hair, tugging at it in frustration. "No one has even left the back yard!"

 "But.." Jeremy said, looking defeated. "No one? Really?"

 "No! No one's left the pool or the yard since the party started." Jenna answered. "No one at.. at.."

 "Oh, wait." she said, pausing and frowning in apparent thought. "Hmm.."

 "What?" Jeremy asked, hopefully. "What is it?"

 "Well, I asked Amy to go get the hot dogs out of the refrigerator a little while ago." Jenna said. "We needed them for lunch, for the weenie roast. Maybe she grabbed it then."

 "Could.. Could you ask her, please?" Jeremy asked, eagerly.

 "I.. I suppose.." Jenna allowed, looking pained. "God, this is gonna sound so weird to her."

 Jenna called out to the girl, getting her attention and waving her over from where she was standing by the edge of the pool. Jenna was muttering to herself, in apparent thought, while she did this. She, like Jeremy before her, was wondering just what might be the best way to initiate a dialog with another girl about a penis that had gone missing.

 "Amy, my brother's penis was in the fridge." Jenna stated, apparently deciding that just being completely forthright was probably the best way to approach the issue. "Did you grab it by mistake when you got the hot dogs earlier?"

 "..No?" Amy replied a moment later, laughing a little in amused disbelief, as she came to stand next to Jenna and Jeremy.

 "Are you sure?" Jenna asked, before her brother could.

 "Yes?" Amy said, giggling in earnest now. "Are you guys serious? I'm pretty sure I would've noticed a penis in the refrigerator."

 "It was on the middle shelf!" Jeremy said, his eyes large and hopeful. "Please, are you sure you didn't take it?"

 "Why.. Why was your penis in the refrigerator, anyway?" Amy inevitably asked, while holding her hand over her mouth to try and stifle her laughter.

 "God, I don't want to hear it." Jenna said, shaking her head and looking up towards the sky, before her brother could answer. "You just grabbed the hot dogs in the packages, Amy?"

 "Yes. I just grabbed the hot dogs." Amy confirmed, smiling. "The ones in the two packages, and the one lone dog next to them."

 "Wait, lone hot dog? What lone hot dog?" Jenna asked, frowning. "The only hot dogs in the fridge were the ones in sealed packages.."

 "That must have been it!" Jeremy said, excited.

 "No, it couldn't have been.." Amy said, frowning doubtfully. "It was just a hot dog. I'm almost sure of it."

 "Why?" Jenna asked.

 "Well, it was just way too small, you know?" Amy said, waving one hand back and forth through the air. "Way, way too small to be a penis. So, it had to have been a hot dog, right?"

 Jenna snorted, while Jeremy actually winced, and looked a little like someone who had been punched in the stomach unexpectedly.

 "Was it on the middle shelf?" Jenna asked.

 "You know, I think it might have been." Amy replied, tilting her head quizzically and sounding surprised. "You don't think..?"

 "Yeah, that was probably it." Jenna confirmed, looking a little grim.

 "Oh, I'm so glad." Jeremy said, sounding very relieved. "Can I have it back, please?"

 "I'm afraid not, little brother." Jenna said, her tone serious.

 "What? Why not?"

 "Because we finished cooking the hotdogs and ate lunch about fifteen minutes ago." Jenna replied, ruefully, while rolling her eyes and shaking her head at her brother.


 "Yeah." Amy confirmed, pointing to the grill on the little patio a small distance away. There were open condiment jars and plates stacked neatly on a little table next to it, along with an empty tray and a few lonely, leftover hotdog buns. "I think Julie grabbed the last hotdog just a few minutes ago."

 "There she is, over there." Amy said, pointing out a girl from among the crowd.

 All three teenagers watched as the girl, Julie, casually popped the final piece of what had been the last hotdog into her mouth. As she chewed it up, she noticed the gazes of both her friends and Jeremy on her, and she gave them a cheerful little wave of acknowledgement. A moment later, she swallowed her mouthful down and and grinned happily, before turning and rejoining another group of girls in conversation.

 "Oh, no..!" Jeremy exclaimed in shock, going pale, as he realized the implications.

 "Huh. I guess that's that, then." Amy said, shrugging her shoulders. "Tough break, Jeremy."

 "But.. but.." he sputtered, looking aghast.

 "Ugh." Jenna sighed, sounding disgusted. "Then that means that one of my friends ate it, I suppose. Yuck."

 "Or you." Amy replied, grinning evilly at her friend. "You ate just as many hotdogs as the rest of us."

 "UGH! Don't remind me." Jenna said emphatically, holding her hands over her stomach and looking a little queasy.

 "You know, I'm still not convinced that it was a penis that I grabbed with the hot dogs." Amy mused, as both she and Jenna turned away from Jeremy, apparently dismissing him and intending to return to the party. "Seriously, I don't think they actually come that small, do they?"

 "They do, unfortunately." Jenna said, with a dark look over her shoulder at her brother.

 "W-wait!" Jeremy cried, his voice plaintive and desperate.

 "Oh, don't even start." Jenna said, turning back to her brother and frowning at him. "This is your own fault, you know."

 "What?" Jeremy asked, looking taken aback. "H-how is this my fault!?"

 "Look, if you didn't want your stupid penis to end up cooked, eaten, and digesting in the stomach of one of my friends.." Jenna began.

 "Or in your own, Jenna." Amy interjected, cheekily.

 "Or in mine." Jenna continued, through clenched teeth. "Then you should have left a note on it. Any food left in the refrigerator without a note on it is fair game. You knew that, you idiot."

 "Now, go away so I can try and enjoy the rest of my party." she finished, dismissing him once again.

 With that, Jenna and Amy went back to the poolside. Jeremy's last sight of them, just as he was dejectedly closing the door as he retreated from the backyard, was of Amy, glancing over her shoulder back toward him. She saw him looking at her and grinned knowingly at him, then winked. Finally, she laughed and stuck her tongue out before turning to chat happily with another one of his sister's friends.

END Pool Party

Author's Note:

 What, you might inevitably ask, led to Jeremy's detached penis being in the refrigerator? I like to think that my reader's imaginations are better suited to answering that particular riddle than I am, and, honestly, I also think it's funnier if we don't know how exactly his penis wound up in the fridge. One of life's little mysteries..

2 - Glory

 "Have we got enough?" asked Andi, the girl holding the bucket.

 "Not quite yet." answered Delia, who was holding the knife. "We need a few more."

 "Okay, I guess." Andi replied. "Could you hurry it up, Jess? This bucket is heavy, and my arms are getting tired."

 "Jeez, give me a minute to work." Jess said, from her position on her knees. "These things don't get erect by themselves, you know."

 "Yeah, they do." Delia replied, with an amused sniff, as she watched Jess work the large, half engorged male member nearly all the way down her small throat. "The wind blows on them the right way, and they're stiff as a board."

 "Alright, alright.." Jess said a few seconds later, rolling her eyes. "He's ready now, more or less."

 Indeed, the cock sticking out from the hole in the wall of the bathroom stall had grown, in the space of only a few moments, completely turgid and erect.

 "That's a nice one." Andi commented, as she lifted the bucket up further, placing it directly under the hole. "Ready."

 "Yep. Not bad tasting, either." Jess agreed, as she held on to the penis firmly by the plump, purplish end. "Ready."

 "Okay, here I go." Delia said, as she took a one handed grip of her own on the thick dick, just above the root.

 She brought her knife to the base of the cock, and began, with no further warning, to saw away at it, paying no mind to the squawk of surprise from its owner. The knife she was using had clearly seen better days, as it appeared to take quite a bit of effort to push the relatively dull and chipped edge through the male meat. Slow cutting as it seemed, though, it took only a moment or two before the blade passed through the thickest portion of the cock, and then only another moment to slice through completely.

 "There, done." Delia said, as she and Jess released their holds on the now severed cock, dropping it into the bucket.

 The chunk of bleeding meat hit the pile of nearly identical pieces already in the bucket, causing Andi to grunt slightly.

 "They aren't all that big." said Jess, ignoring the increasing amount of noise that was beginning to emanate from the stall next to theirs. "The bucket can't be that heavy, Andi."

 "Well, they add up!" Andi protested. "I haven't been keeping count of how many we've done, but it sure feels like a whole bunch!"

 "Wanna trade?" Jess volunteered. "I'll carry the bucket and you fluff the next one up, okay?"

 "Will you? Thanks!" Andi replied, as she gratefully handed over the dripping pail of male flesh to her comrade. "Be careful not to get any on you. They're a bit messy, and it'll stain."

 "Cocks're always messy, one way or another." Delia said, absently. "I think we should go over to the truck stop, next. It's only a block or so away and has a bunch of stalls. We'll probably be able to finish up this bucket there, I think."

 "Are we going to be done for tonight, after that?" Jess asked, hopefully, then added. "Wow, this thing IS kind of heavy."

 "Well, we could be. But.." Delia said, as the three girls filed out of the gas station bathroom, all unconsciously relaxing as the closing door cut off the moans and wails of pain that always seemed to follow in their wake.

 "But..?" both Jess and Andi asked together, looking at their friend curiously.

 "The boss wants to expand the operation, which means she needs more of those." Delia said, motioning towards the heavy bucket. "She's offering a bonus to anyone who brings in extra, above their normal quota."

 "So, we can either finish up this bucket and be done for the night.." Delia continued. "Or, we can go for the bonus."

 "What do you girls think?" she finished, pausing and looking at both her friends, raising an eyebrow questioningly. "Bonus?"

 "Bonus!" all three girls chorused together, smiling at each other, pumping their fists and whooping joyously, before they took off in the direction of the truck stop.

END Glory

3 - Softballs


 Zhara's swing connected, but not well. The less than optimal swing resulted in a less than optimal drive, which ended up foul.

 "Come on, girl!" Zhara's coach, Miss Smith, yelled encouragingly. "You can do better than that! Keep your eyes on the balls!"

 Practice had been going well for Zhara today, at least until it came time to bat. For whatever reason, she couldn't seem to get a nice, solid hit with any of her swings. Sighing, she swung her wooden bat back and forth a few times, loosening up her shoulders a little, while the ball girls drug her latest bleating and crying failure off the field. A moment later, they returned and casually pushed the next boy forward toward the plate.

 "Come on, come on!" both girls cajoled, as they attempted to get him into place. "Get your balls up on the tee. Don't dawdle!"

 The boy, his hands bound behind his back, looking wide eyed, a bit frightened, and more than a little unsure, finally eased his testicles onto the plastic and rubber upright. The tee would hold his balls, which were still encased within the minor protection of the thin skin of his scrotum, perfectly in place for the girl(in this case, Zhara once again) about to take her turn at bat. His penis was held up and out of the way against his stomach by a bit of tape. In a real game, it would of course be tied up rather than taped, as was proper, but since this was merely practice, just tape was good enough.

 He gulped as he watched Zhara step back up to the plate, trembling slightly and obviously nervous. The girl took a few practice swings first, stopping just short of actually hitting his testicles, getting her body and bat perfectly lined up. Finally, the girl brought the bat up to her shoulders, narrowed her eyes in concentration, and inhaled deeply, preparing to swing for real.

 The boy, seeing Zhara tense up, turned his head away and mashed his eyes closed shut tightly, as if not being able to see what was coming would somehow stop it from happening. At the last moment, however, he peeked with just one eye, as if unable to help himself.


 Zhara swung hard, for all she was worth, exhaling powerfully as she did so. Her swing was true, and the bat connected squarely with the boys balls perched precariously on the tee. The skin of his scrotum gave way, the force of her swing easily bursting his balls from within their normal confines. She blasted them on a high parabolic trajectory deep into the outfield, earning her several cheers from her teammates in the dugout.

 "Great job, Zhara!" Coach Smith said, congratulating the girl. "That was a good one. If you had gotten them any deeper, it would have been a home run!"

 Zhara, smiling happily, accepted the cheers and praise from her friends and coach, while the boy whose balls she had just batted across the field fell backwards onto the grass, crying out in pain and anguish. Soon enough, the ball girls had hooked their elbows under his armpits and, ignoring his feeble writhing, wails, and sobbing, drug him from the field. They returned with another boy, one even more hesitant and fearful seeming than the last, whom they pushed roughly into place at the plate, setting Zhara up for her next practice swing.

 "Okay, let's do it again, Zhara!" Coach Smith said. "Really knock 'em out there, this time!"

 As Zhara lined up her swing, her mind went, as it often did, to thoughts of her hero. Mila Santiago was widely considered one of the best, if not THE best, softballs player in the nation, and Zhara absolutely adored her. She read every article and watched every news clip about the professional softballs player that she could find, and eagerly lapped up every scrap of advise and knowledge that the pro player let slip. One of those tidbits was the fact that Mila practiced harder and longer than anyone else on her team, and the part of practice she said was most important was, of course, batting practice.

 Mila Santiago had probably batted more softballs in practice than any two or three other players, and it showed. Nearly every time she went up to bat, she hit long, hard, and deep, often scoring home runs. Zhara would do anything to be like her, especially when that thing was practice, practice, practice the game she already loved anyway. All Zhara had to do was hit enough balls.

 Happily contemplating a future as a pro player, Zhara swung once again, confident that, if she tried and trained hard enough, she would be able to accomplish anything.


END Softballs

4 - Cleaver


 The man at the block, the one two steps ahead of Jerry, jerked. But, steadied by the girl behind him who was holding him firmly in place, he wasn't able to move much more than that. He let out a muffled yell as the large cleaver, hefted and swung by the other girl, chopped his bound cock cleanly from his body. The cleaver girl pulled the crude, but highly effective, implement from the wood of the block with a grunt, then used it to carelessly brush the now severed organ out of the way. The still hard bit of male meat tumbled off the block, into a large, wooden barrel, with a small plop.

 The first girl turned the now dickless man in place and, with a grunt of her own, pushed him away from her. His arms, bound just as his cock had been, were unable to stop his stumble and fall down a wide, deep chute that was placed conveniently to one side of the block. He tumbled, with yet another muffled yell of protest, down the chute, disappearing into its dark, unknown depths.

 The first girl's ease at holding a fully grown man in place as his penis was removed, even one bound up so well as he had been, was revealed to be at least partly the work of the extremely large wooden phallus protruding from her groin. The strap-on was glistening and slick with lube, and she used both it and the not inconsiderable strength of her arms and shoulders to lever the next man towards the block. Once he was in position, she speared him in place with the strap-on phallus, ignoring his violent, wiggling protests at the unwelcome intrusion, sliding the thick wood deep into his bottom.

 The strap-on girl thrust her hips forward, burying the wooden rod as deeply as possible, while also pulling back on the man's bound arms. This caused the man, who was desperately trying to escape the mighty faux phallus that was plundering his booty, to thrust out his own hips over the butcher's block, leaving his tied and tumescent cock dangling dangerously beneath the other girl's cleaver.

 "Ready." reported the strap on girl, as she strained to hold her charge in the proper position.


 Jerry watched as the man, who was the last one remaining between himself and his own turn at the block, was cruelly and casually separated from his member. The severed cock, and the now former man, were sorted into their places, the barrel and the chute, respectively. Then, it was Jerry's turn.

 He, like all the other men before him, tried to struggle. His efforts came to naught, however. His hands and arms were bound behind him, cruelly tight. Similarly, his knees were tied together, and only his lower legs had any freedom of movement, so he could shuffle-walk himself to his cock's fate at the block. His mouth was gagged, denying him even the ability to beg, and, perhaps worst of all, his penis had been bound in its erect state, so as to give the butcher girl with the cleaver the most meat to work with.

 "Hey, this is a big one." Cleaver girl commented, poking Jerry's bobbing and waving penis with the blunt end of her cleaver for emphasis, as strap-on girl sank her wooden cock into Jerry's formerly virgin hole.

 Jerry, predictably, tried to escape the probing monster by bucking his own hips forward, but only managed to buy himself a fraction of a second's reprieve. The only thing that prevented the thick wooden rod from rupturing his internals completely was the generous amount of fatty lubricant coating it. As it was, his howls of surprised pain at the burning sensation of his end being stretched far, far in excess of its design were muffled into easily ignored groans by his gag.

 "You're right." Strap-on girl agreed, as she looked around Jerry's shuddering shoulders. "Wanna do his balls, too?"

 "You know I'm not supposed to.." Cleaver girl said, hesitating. "They can't get as much work out of the completely gelded ones."

 "Oh, come on. No one is going to notice if one or two of them have a little less meat left than the rest." Strap-on girl said. "If you do this one and another, we can sneak their bits out and have ourselves a nice dinner tonight."

 "Well, I dunno.." Cleaver girl mused, waffling. "I get such nasty, passive-aggressive notes from management every time we do something like this.."

 "Ooh, whiny little notes!" Strap-on girl sing-songed, mockingly. "Come on, it'll be fun. We can make a whole night of it."

 What seemed to decide the cleaver girl was the lurid, not-subtle-at-all wink that strap-on girl gave to her as she said this last.

 "Alright, alright. It does sound like fun." Cleaver girl said, blushing a little. "Hold him steady, then. I'm going to have to swing a little harder than usual to get all of his meat cleanly."

 Jerry, hearing this, tried to shout and scream in protest, to no avail. All his vocal efforts were reduced to mere grunting by his infernal gag, and so he watched, horrified and helpless, as the butcher girl's cleaver was raised up high, ready to take his cock and balls, which were mere meat being offered out by the incessant grinding of the strap-on girl's thick wooden cock.


 For about half a second, nothing felt different to Jerry. He stared down, in utter disbelief, at his severed manhood, unable to accept what had happened. Then, the pain rolled over him. It began like a wave, seemingly small at first, but then quickly surging up to sweep him off his feet and engulf him entirely in its hot embrace.

 He scarcely noticed as cleaver girl swept his organs not into her barrel, but into a lunch pail she was surreptitiously holding up to the block. The feeling of the massive wooden phallus being withdrawn from his rectum was also barely noticeable, compared to the pain of his sudden, crude, and complete nullification. The last thing he heard, as he was pushed aside and discarded into the darkness of the chute meant for former men such as he, was the two girls clucking over the size of their next victim's equipment.

 "Should we do this one's balls, too?" Cleaver girl asked.

 "No way." Strap-on girl said, as she used her implement to once again to immobilize another squirming man. "I want another big one!"

 "Just cut off this one's dick."

END Cleaver

END CBT Shorts 1



Incredibly hot. Your penectomy stories are always amazing.



Just to add, it would be amazing to read a story similar to Pool Party, where the man is hopeful after finding his penis. Unfortunately, he realizes that it's already been cooked and is useless now. Resigning to his fate, he willingly offers it to be eaten (and perhaps they'll be nice enough to share it with him).


Good job, I love the first one the most. Detachable dick has always been one of my favorite fetish. Funny to think they ate his dick without even noticing.

Would be fun seeing a story where the girl(s) talk or trick the boy into making his dick detachable. Perfect setup for an unfortunate accident :P

CBT Shorts 1... "1" does that mean there's gonna be more?


>"1" does that mean there's gonna be more?

I hope so! This is my favorite author for this fetish.


I'm glad you guys liked them. There is a very high probability that there will be more stories like this in the future.

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