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Ebony- 3ft creature with large, droopy ears, ivory skin, a large mouth vertically down her center, and 4-fingered hands and 3-toed feet. She is a the chosen of an old one known as the Hungerer, is in a constant state of hunger, feeds off of others as they eat, and her limbs are more like tendrils. She is a cook, preparing and making meals to feed people and animals so she can feed, and cannot die unless her old one does not want her to live again.
Emiko- Artist emikochan has volunteered herself to be Ebony's meat ingredient for a skewered meat dish.

// Part One//
"I use three knives as my main cooking utensils, but, sometimes, I use other pieces of equipment. This," Ebony said as she pointed out the large stainless steel rod, "is my unspoken fourth." She added as she walked around it.

Emiko smiled as she watched the cook examine and admire the rod. "And you're going to live-cook me with it?"

The rod was not very intimidating, standing straight as it was, but it did not leave much to the imagination of what would happen to Emiko.

"The client asked for a whole human sow, live and edible, and lightly coated in soy with the brain exposed and seasoned with lemon and soy and a splash of sake." Ebony informed as she made sure the rod was in place.

Less than three feet tall itself, the rod was mounted to the ground and virtually immovable, and it was easy to see that Emiko would not be able to be impaled unless she sat down in a cross-legged fashion.

"So that's why the table is VIP only." Emiko noted.

Ebony looked up at her and nodded. "Yep! Gutting, cleaning, preparations, stuffing, and serving are all done here, and video taped upon request." She added before producing a menu from under the bench of the table. "But this is the only VIP room, since it's too far away for me to benefit from." She explained.

The table was built with a small charcoal grill in front of and behind where the meat would be impaled, a small selection of condiments and toppings available, and a bench to the left and right of the meat for up to three people on each to sit comfortably.

Currently, it was all covered in thick plastic to keep it clean and fresh for when the clients came in, the polished smooth wood nearly reflective, and the grills empty of fuel but available in rough paper bags.

"Would you like something to eat before we start? Rice, pudding, pasta, and rolls would be excellent pre-stuffing, along with corn, potatoes, and dumpling for your soon-to-be empty chest cavity." Ebony offered with a cheerful smile and causal tone.

Not being human, but once being human and now something more, Ebony wanted her meat, animal or human or otherwise, to be comfortable before being slain. Cloning, something she knew Emiko known to do often, did nothing to stop Ebony's moral code.

She did not kill unless the meat was happy, willing, and fulfilled. She was not a murderer, a killer, or an executioner or anything of the such.

She was a chef, her passion and purpose to cook, and she enjoyed nothing more than feeding other people.

Emiko smiled and nodded. "Rice and dumplings sound good." She said, and so Ebony began preparing this Emiko's last mean.
The process began with anal gutting, the length of intestines being tied off every eight inches into a sausages to be filled later, and the meat laying on her belly with her legs weakly holding her like jelly.

Emiko's head was on its side, tongue lollin out of her mouth and breathing heavily. There was a mess of juices on the floor and along her legs, as well as some blood, from the orgasmic pleasure she had just experienced under the skilled and practiced hands of her cook.

"Warm water comes next, and then you get to mount the rod." Ebony said. "You just rest there for a bit Emiko, and I'll get the water barrel and bucket." She added leaving for the kitchen.

She returned a few minutes later with two metal oil barrel on wheels, a hose with five ridges on it (each one larger as they got further from the end of the hose), and a 5 gallon polypropylene plastic bucket with a head harness attached to it.

First, Ebony climbed onto the table and fixed the harness and bucket to Emiko's head; she was recovered enough to sit up and help the smaller chef as needed.

Next, the hose was anally inserted into Emiko, one ridge at a time, until the fourth one, and then it was screwed into the bottom of the barrel.

Finally, Emiko laid on her side on the table, one leg on top of the other, and her upper body turned so she could, put simply, vomit into the bucket her head harness was attached to.

And then Ebony turned it on and let the water flow from the hose into Emiko's body, and out of her mouth and into the bucket.

As the water flowed, Ebony did massage Emiko to help the water clean her body out. She had to turn the water off for a minute, remove the harness, slide her arm into Emiko's mouth and down her throat, reaching around until she was able to turn her partially inside out (stomach and esophagus), and then turned the water back on.

The flow was better, although the choking and gutting and inside-out-turning caused Emiko to pass out for several minutes... after Ebony was done cleaning her and massaging the stomach and esophagus for a side dish.

"Wh... -cough-" Emiko began, but had to stop and start coughing.

Ebony was quick to come to her aid and helped her, placing her hands and feet on Emiko's chest to help compress and force her to take deep breaths.

When the coughing stopped, and Emiko began breathing normally again, Ebony looked at her with a concerned expression. "Feeling better?" She asked.

The dark skinned woman nodded and tried to steady herself on the table with one arm as she held her throat with her free hand. "I think so..."

Ebony smiled then. "Okay! Take a few minutes to recover while I put these away and get the stuffing. You can lay down if you want." She said.
Several minutes later, Ebony returned with three bowls of stuffing, a folding table tray, and a selection of bottles of sauces. The bowls were for oral insertion with the table allowing for easy access, but the bottles were in three: one for drinking to keep the stuffing moist, one for rubbing into the skin, and the last one was unique.

Ebony picked up the two unique ones. "I've never been one for chemistry, biology is what I'm more familiar with, but liquid cooking has been fun now that I've figured out how to not burn myself with overexposure." She admitted as she sat the two bottles away from the others.

Emiko looked at them with a curious expression. "Those will cook me?"

"Over time, yes. The idea is to rub these into your skin, let you eat some stuffing, and then you get to mount the rod as I set up the table so you can continue to eat and drink some of the moisturizing seasoning." Ebony explained as she held up one of the bottles labeled 'Yum'. "The labeling is my own." She said.

The other ones were labeled similarly: 'Cooking' for the two bottle sat aside and 'Moist' for the season moisturizer.

"For stuffing, there is fried rice with corn and potatoes, spaghetti with red, white, and cheese sauces and butter rolls, and chicken dumplings. If you want something sweet, there is milk and white chocolate; no dark chocolate sadly." Ebony offered as she removed the lids to show the contents.

The stuffing was not the way one would think, but instead mixed together like it was about to be stuffed into a turkey.

"The fried rice and dumplings sound good." Emiko said, and Ebony offered her the bowls.

As Emiko ate, Ebony took one of the 'Cooking' bottles and opened it to begin rubbing it into the dark-skinned girl's skin.

The ivory-skinned creature had no desire for love, but she understood that gentle touches and shows of affection were comforting and appreciated by the meat she used; human, anthro, animal, and other.

Given her unique physique and limbs, Ebony was able to make full use of her small body as she crawled around Emiko's body, using hands and feet to rub the cooking oil into the human's body.

Moans, giggles, and a bit of special sauce were added to the menu, Ebony's fingers and arms moving and stretching as though with minds of their own; getting every inch of Emiko's skin coated with the cooking oils.

Already, Emiko could feel her skin beginning to heat up and turn red. The pressure underneath her skin very slowly becoming noticeable, but it would never become anymore than uncomfortable with how slowly it increased. It was a chemical blend that of Ebony's own making, with help from friends she had met over her existence, and she liked using it for live-cooking like this one.

After nearly five minutes, Ebony crawled off of Emiko, who was now looking like she was in mindless bliss from the tireless rubbing as Ebony rubbed the oil into her skin and massaging the stuffing she ate, Emiko was ready for the rod and the last of the preparations.


// Part Two //

Ebony took care of the cleaning as Emiko was left to lay on the table to doze, rest, and find some release in self-pleasure.

The plastic on the table and benches were removed, the stuffing was replaced with fresh and steaming fried rice and chopped vegetables, the clients were called in as their meal was nearly finished, and, finally, appetizers were quickly prepared and served (Emiko's medium rare grilled stomach and chicken and rice with choice of sauce stuffed into intestines and esophagus).

The clients were, for the most part, average and the number was enough that, to Ebony, there would be few to no leftovers other than scraps. As a chef who lived to cook, this was a good thing to Ebony; to say nothing of her need to feed on the sated hunger of others.

Greetings, words, and compliments were tossed around between clients, chef, and meat, and then seats were taken and Ebony helped and directed Emiko with the final preparations.

Emiko, her legs still shaky but not as bad as when she lost her intestines, stomach, and esophagus, was stood over the tip of the rod with her anus aligned with it. With Ebony's help, she slowly lowered herself onto it, Ebony pushing on Emiko to cause the stuffing to push her remaining organs out of the way of the rod, until she was on her knees.

She was not completely down, thighs were not against her legs, but Ebony had her own ideas of how this would go.

Ebony applied seasoning oils to Emiko's legs and thighs before lightly pulling her down again until her thighs were resting on her leg.

Emiko let out a gasp as she was guided in lowering herself, slowing to a stop to grip at her throat with one hand until Ebony helped with that as well.

"Open your mouth." Ebony said, and Emiko did before she was lowered until the rod's tip was just past her lips. "Good girl." Ebony cooed. "Now, to finish the stuffing." She said.

As the clients enjoyed their appetizers and the show, Ebony took one of her knives, one she had not used before with Emiko, and drew the blade along Emiko's chest, just below her breasts.

There was only a trickle of blood, the knife enchanted to be less harmful and difficult to kill anything, and the skin and muscle was easily parted, opened Emiko's chest cavity so Ebony could scoop stuffing into and fill her.

Ebony did not completely fill Emiko, leaving some room for her to massage and mix the stuffing and to keep lungs and heart pumping, but, for added effect, Ebony did put in enough stuffing for the juices to drip out when massaging. She even added a full bottle of season as she massaged and worked he stuffing around.

When the appetizers were finished, Ebony completed her work on Emiko by tying her arms behind her back with two belts (wrists and elbows) and rubbing in a mixture of cooking and seasoning oils into Emiko's face, keeping a finger's distance from her eyes and nose but using the oils to make her hair slick and easier to tie into a bun.

With that done, Ebony left the clients to their meal, cut and pick, while she went to wash herself off with a rinsing shower before returning to act as waitress, filling drinks, conversing, serving helpings, and taking care of Emiko.

The slowly fading meat girl was left to moan and whimper from the pleasurable pain. She seemed to be enjoying her current state, Ebony helping her find some release by using her unique physique to push her into an orgasm with one foot.

Approaching the next state of the meal, Ebony made sure Emiko was still alive before crouching down behind Emiko, standing on one foot and holding on the her waist with her hands.

Ebony playfully looked felt her way to Emiko's sensitive vagina, her eight fingers teasing and pulling the lips before pulling them apart, spreading them, as she moved her free foot up from between her legs.

Her three toes curled into fist before pushing, fisting really, itself into the human, prompting her to weakly squeal and moan.

Deeper and deep her foot went, the tendril-like appendage stretching and snaking, forming a bulge as it traveled, until it reached her cervix, and then opened to slider her toes in.

Ebony waited for a moment, moving her leg around inside of Emiko to give her one last orgasm, and then gripped the inside of her womb before she began to slowly but surely pull it and her sex canal from her body. Her hands spread the human's lower lips as much as it could be, allowing for as much room as possible, until the sex organ was brought out with a wet plop sound.

Ebony carefully sat the organ down on the table, it cooked and dripping with sex fluids and stuffing juices, and moved her hands to the fleshy tunnel, straightening it with her hands and her foot until it looked appeasing to her.

"Now to prepare the dessert." Ebony said, mainly to the clients as she guessed Emiko might have become unconscious again.

Regardless, she crawled up Emiko's body and sat on her shoulders with her feet on her breasts.

Eye open, but no one was home; perfect for her.

Ebony took out two of her knives, placing one in her left foot and taking the other in her left hand. Simultaneously, she began to carve off Emiko's breasts, taking enough of her chest with it so the fat would not spill or drip out, as she pulled Emiko's head up, over the rod's point, and turned it forward; allowing the rod to pierce into Emiko's cranium to cut into her head and expose the brain.

Breasts cut off, heart and lungs exposed, top of the head along the hair line removed, and brain exposed, Ebony reached for a bottle of seasoning with one hand, put her knife away with the other, and used the one in her foot and her feet to begin cutting away at Emiko's neck and throat into strips.

Emiko was dead now, but the meal continued.

When all of the preparations were finally finished, Emiko had no neck and the rod was firmly through her skull and seasoned brain, breasts were tastefully sitting before her body with her heart and lungs appetizingly inside her chest in a steaming mixture of stuffing.

Ebony, covered in sweat, juices of various kinds, and happy, though not tired in any way, took the time to clean her knives as her clients ate their meal. Beside her was a towel, meant to clean her up slightly, but she was already thinking about her next meal, the recipe used, and wondering how many clients she'd have to feed off of next.


fantastic work <3 Thankyou so much ^_^


a lovely little story. always fun and sexy to see emiko die in new and exiting sexy ways, esepcialy when she ends up as food.


Now this is nice.

I love that the snuff is not just consensual, but pleasurable and exciting as well. That, and one of my favorite guro artists is the meal!


A story with a wonderful artist here - that's really wonderful ^_^


Hey Emiko

People sure love to prepare a girl like you.

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