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Mostly written for myself, but I figured I'd post it here in case anyone else finds it enjoyable.

Chihiro Fujisaki was a student of Hope's Peak Academy for a fairly long while. He was enrolled as the "Ultimate Programmer", due to his unmatched expertise in the field. This was what allowed him to enroll in the first place, as the academy only accepted students that are the best of the best at what they do- a.k.a. "Ultimate" students.

Chihiro met a boy named Makoto Naegi, the "Ultimate Lucky Student", shortly after enrolling in the academy, and the two immediately hit it off. Makoto was about a year older than the programmer, but he was much taller. Eventually, Chihiro became comfortable enough with him to reveal his secret- that he was a male.

Because Chihiro was a crossdresser, who'd posed as female from day one.

When Makoto found out the truth, he just smiled and said "I'd never have guessed." Their relationship only got stronger. Nobody was surprised when the two became a romantic couple about two months later, on Chihiro's 19th birthday.

The programmer had a very special birthday wish, and he worked up the courage to tell his beloved about it. At around 2:00 PM that afternoon, the two of them met up in Makoto's dorm room, sitting next to each other on his bed.

"So..." The taller boy began. "Did you bring it?"

Chihiro nodded slowly, presenting the video camera he'd promised to bring along. His face was a deep red, and his heart was pounding out of fear and excitement. Upon seeing the camera, Makoto smiled wide and reached down under the bed, retrieving the revolver he promised to have.

"How'd you sneak it in...?" The crossdresser asked quietly.

"I have my ways." Makoto teased. "Ready to begin?"

"Yeah, I'm ready." Chihiro smiled. He truly wasn't ready- not at all. He was terrified. But that just made him so much more excited. His fantasy was finally coming true, and he couldn't back down now. After all, once it was over, he'd never have to worry about it again. Well, he'd never have to worry about ANYTHING again.

Chihiro set up the camera on a tripod, pressing the "record" button and sitting back on the bed next to his lover.

"Hello, everyone. If you're watching this, I'm already dead." Chihiro started, biting his lip. He felt himself becoming aroused (and horrified) at the thought of his own death. "For my 19th birthday, my lovely boyfriend Makoto has agreed to kill me while we have sex."

The shorter boy began to pant as Makoto waved and smiled at the camera. He'd never been so horny before, but it'd always been his fantasy to be killed during sex. Not just any death, though, he wanted to be shot in the head. He never questioned why he wanted this, he never talked about it (before he met Makoto). He just really, really wanted it.

"Ready, babe?" The taller boy asked. Chihiro blushed.

"I'm ready. T-thank you for everything."

"Of course. I'll miss you." Makoto said cheerfully, sliding his shirt off. The other boy nervously did the same. The two held each other close as they lied on the bed, their lips locked together in view of the camera. After warming up for a few minutes, they'd finally gotten rid of their clothes.

"I'm gonna go inside now, o-okay?" Makoto asked. The younger programmer nodded- he liked being on bottom, and it meant that Makoto could still use him after he died, if he wanted. Chihiro was still in disbelief, though, that the lucky student had agreed to the plan. Again, he didn't question it (fearing that he'd have second thoughts), but he found it to be odd.

Chihiro stopped trailing off in his thoughts as he felt Makoto moving inside him. He was facing up at the taller boy, watching him moan softly as he pushed himself deeper into the boy.

"M-Makoto, you're pretty big..." Chihiro gasped. "It always s-surprises me..."

"I'm n-nothing special..." Makoto smiled, his face just as red as the other's. He leaned in, pecking the smaller boy on the lips as he reached for the gun on the nightstand next to the bed.

Chihiro immediately grabbed his own cock, stroking himself as Makoto pushed his length deeper into his ass, biting his lip hard to sustain from moaning out. "God, I'll miss your tight ass, Chi..." he muttered, grabbing one of the programmer's asscheeks.

"Y-you're embarassing me, M-Makoto..." The younger one said. "C-can you tell me again, about the plan? I j-just wanna hear you say i-it..."

The lucky student smirked, leaning forward as he rammed himself into Chihiro, whispering into his ear with a shaky voice:

"I'm not sticking to the plan, though..."

The crossdresser's eyes widened. "W-what do you mean?" he asked, his heart rate increasing.

"Oh, my beloved Chihiro..." A despair-filled Makoto began, slowing his pace just a bit. It seemed that Chihiro was more focused on dying than the sex- and hey, he expected that anyways. "I can't kill you, I love you too much."

"B-but, I..." Chihiro's lip quivered. "I wanted t-to-"

"Die?" Makoto whispered again. "That's fine, you can die. But I want you to do it yourself. Do it for me, it'd be so hot, you know..."

Immediately, the smaller boy began to breathe heavily, staring at the gun. "I'm s-scared..."

"Don't be." Makoto replied. "You won't even feel it. You'll die instantly." Chihiro opened his mouth to reply, but Makoto covered it, and began to ram himself inside of the programmer's ass. He groaned loudly as Chihiro's weight was pushed against the bed, the smaller boy's pleasured sounds suppressed by the lucky student's hand.

Makoto uncovered his lover's mouth, panting as he felt himself nearing orgasm. Chihiro, too, felt his orgasm coming along. "G-god, Makoto, I'm g-gonna..."

"D-do it, Chihiro, f-for me!" Makoto shouted, forcing a gun into Chihiro's hand. "B-blow your f-fucking brains out!"

"M-Makoto, I love you! I'll do it!" Chihiro moaned out as he began to cum. "A-ahn, I'll d-"

The gunshot made Makoto's ears ring as chunks of the smaller boy's brains spilled out onto the pillow. Just as his cumshot had begun to release, he'd pointed the gun at the roof of his mouth and pulled the trigger. He died instantly, but instinctively made a "guh-" sound before his body completely shut down. Blood was pouring out of his nose and mouth, and of course, the exit wound on his head. He had killed himself in a horribly gruesome way.

Chihiro's death made his body lock up, and his asshole clenched tight around Makoto's length. The lucky student shouted out as his orgasm arrived, releasing his cum deep within the dead programmer's ass. He panted, smiling at the horrible sight in front of him. Chihiro's eyes were only half-open, and the color was already draining out of his face. Blood was everywhere. Makoto took the bloody gun from Chihiro's hands, looking into the wound to see his lover's destroyed brains. He giggled, happy to have fulfilled both Chihiro's fantasy of death during sex, and his own fantasy of seeing his lover commit suicide.

Of course, it also filled him with depression, which he'd expected. He looked at the camera again, waving and smiling. Then, he pointed the gun to his head and shot himself, spraying his brains out onto the wall and dying instantly.

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