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This will be a collection of drowning stories written by me. I will post the first one soon. Tags will be posted with each story.


A Prime Target
Loli, Drowning, Watersports
Here it is, the first one. Hope you like it.

 The assassin Vera slowly stalked towards the manor’s perimeter. Her target was somewhere inside. “This is too easy,” she scoffed. She had been assigned the task of breaking into this manor, and murdering the family’s youngest daughter. The reasons weren’t important to her, but if she had to wager a guess, this was someone’s plan to put some rich doucebag in their place.

 Walking up to the manor’s wall, she scaled the stone barrier, mounting it and getting a look at the interior. She immediately spotted her target; a young girl, no more than 11 years old. She stood close to a window, her naked body exposed to the outside world. She appeared to be preparing for a bath.

 “Perfect,” Vera whispered to herself, dropping into the courtyard. She quickly closed the distance between herself and the window. She proceeded to watch in secret as the little girl ran some hot water for her bath. Vera got a good look at her features. Her skin was pale and smooth, with breasts as small as you would expect someone of her age. Her auburn hair was cut short, and had a remarkable sheen, shining in the bathroom lights. Her cheeks were rosy and merry, with a smile adorning her face as she waited for the tub to fill. All in all, a beautiful child any parent would be proud of. Vera almost felt sorry for the kid.


 She watched the girl lower herself into the bath, submerging most of her body in the steamy water. The water stopped at her neckline as she reclined, relaxing herself as she soaked. With her eyes closed and her face filled with bliss, she looked as though she was sleeping.

 Vera took out her trusty lockpick, using it to undo the window latch. It open with a soft click, but it was enough to get the girl’s attention. Her upper body lifted out of the tub, looking to see what had made the sudden noise. The assassin knew she had to act fast. In the blink of an eye, she launched herself through the open window, and was immediately upon her target. The next thing the little girl knew, she was staring up at a mysterious woman’s face through a hazy film of water. And she couldn’t breathe.

 Vera knelt beside the bath, using just one hand to hold the girl below the surface. Her hand was now nestled comfortably between the kid’s prepubescent breast, pressed against her beating heart. Vera felt it speed up as her target realized the peril she was in. The girl cried out in shock, only to be silenced by water. Her mouth continued to make little, pleading noises as she struggled to breach the surface.

 Vera felt her small hands grasp her arm, trying to force it off her, to no avail. Her legs kicked wildly, splashing water all over the tile flooring, but in the end, it did nothing to aid her survival. The girl’s squinted eyes stared up into Vera’s, and the assassin could she her fear. She knew she was dying.

 As the girl’s struggles continued, Vera felt her little heart beat faster and faster. She knew it wouldn’t be long; a girl this young wouldn’t be along to hold her breath for more than a few seconds. And just as she predicted, the little girl broke, screaming as her lungs expelled her air. With her mouth wide open and her lungs empty, there was nothing she could do but breathe in.

 As the girl breathed the warm bath water into her fragile lungs, her previously animated body suddenly seized up in shock. For a brief moment, she was frozen stiff, as though her mind was processing what had just happened. Then she panicked.

 The drowning child coughed wildly, trying to purge the water from her lungs. Her arms and legs flapped wildly, trying anything that might save her. Vera could feel her chest swell as she took in more water, and watched the girl’s mouth open and close repeatedly as she gulped it down. The fast-beating heart beneath her hand began to slow.

  Within seconds, the girl’s body ran out of fight. Her limbs fell limp in the water, unable to move, save for a few errant spasms as her brain continued to fight. Her mouth was no longer gulping down water to filled her tiny lungs; instead, she seemed to be ‘breathing’ the water, in and out, in and out, as her body mimicked the life-sustaining action. Her eyes stared blankly through the surface, the light in them quickly fading. Vera caught sight of a yellowish cloud forming between the little girl’s legs as her bladder failed.

 A few more seconds passed, and Vera felt the girl’s heart slow to a halt. Her body was still, save for a few twitching muscles as her nerves fired off sporadically. Satisfied that her target was dead, she gingerly lifted the little girl’s corpse from the water. She dripped with water, her head falling limply to one side as a trickle of water escape her open mouth. Urine continued to drip down her dangling legs as her bladder voided the last of its content.

 Vera smirked, proud of her handiwork. She laid the drowned cadaver haphazardly on the tiles, left there to be a message for the parents. They would return not to the bright, smiling face of their young daughter, but the dead stare of her waterlogged corpse.

 Vera crawled through the window and disappeared into the night. She would have more work soon.

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