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A Recipe for Pasta Sauce

 "Oh, come in, come in!" Aey exclaimed, motioning in the beautiful young woman standing just outside her front door. "You're a bit early, but that's fine. Dinner won't be ready for a while, though."

 "I know I'm early, sorry." Bea replied. "But I've been looking forward to tonight so much, I just couldn't help myself. I hope it's not a bother."

 "No bother at all." Aey said, smiling reassuringly at her date and patting her on the arm. "In fact, this will work out just fine. You can help me prepare dinner, if you like."

 "That sounds fun." Bea replied, returning Aey's smile. "What are we having? You wouldn't tell me over the phone."

 "Oh, just some pasta and buttery garlic bread." Aey said.

 "Ah.. I see.." said Bea, her smile fading slightly. "I thought you said it was going to be something special..?"

 "Oh, it will be." Aey replied, with a light, unconcerned laugh.

 "The sauce is what is going to make it special." she continued, giving her companion a sly little wink. "Follow me."

 Aey lead Bea through her house, which was a modern place with few walls. Each room, such as they were, was open and easily visible from most of the rest of the house, creating a bright, airy atmosphere throughout the entire interior. The kitchen, large and contiguous with the dining room, was set against one outside wall, and was where their short journey came to a halt.

 "Who's that?" Bea asked, her surprise easily evident from the set of her features as she took in the sight of a third person already in the kitchen.

 The person she was referring to was a nude man, fairly large and well built, who was bound to an "X" shaped frame. The sturdy frame was set into rails attached securely to the floor and ceiling of the kitchen.

 "He's dinner." Aey said, her tone both pleased and satisfied.

 "Dinner?" Bea said.

 "Well, part of dinner, anyway." Aey amended. "I picked him up at the market earlier today. He's what's going to make our sauce so special."

 "How's he going to do that?"

 "Well, the secret to making great pasta is making great sauce, and you can only make great sauce if you have the proper ingredients." Aey said, as she lead Bea around the trussed and gagged man to his front side.

 "And these." Aey stated, as she leaned down and cupped the man's generous, semi-tumescent penis and large, pendulous testicles in her slim hands, hefting them in frank and appreciative appraisal. "Are just the ingredients we need."

 The recipe, as Aey described it to Bea, was fairly simple. The base was fresh tomatoes, of course, with a generous amount of tomato paste added to help thicken the pasta sauce. Next up was the usual variety of spices and herbs to add flavor: fresh basil, oregano, marjoram, and parsley, among others. Of course, one couldn't forget the onion, garlic, and green sweet pepper, all finely minced, as well as a tablespoon or two of olive oil, without which one could hardly call a pasta sauce a pasta sauce at all.

 And, since their sauce was going to be meat based, they also needed some fresh sausage as well.

 They started with the onion, garlic, meat, and sweet peppers, which all needed to be cooked and browned a little first in the olive oil, before the other ingredients could be added.

 "Do you want to mince the vegetables, or do you want to get the sausage ready?" Aey asked of her guest and dinner date. "We need it to be nice and plump, as hard as possible, when we add it to the pan."

 "I'll take the sausage." Bea replied, licking her lips as she eyed the large cock hanging from the bound man. "Mincing onions always make my eyes water terribly."

 "Hah, right?" Aey replied, grinning. "I was totally hoping that you'd take the mincing."

 So, while Aey went to work mincing up the veggies, laughing even as her tears streamed freely, Bea spent her time making sure that their sausage was properly prepared. She even managed, while she fluffed it up to its full potential, to make a thorough taste test of the soon to be cooked cock.

 "Mmm.. If this thing is half as good cooked as it is raw, then I think that we're going to be in for a treat." Bea reported a few minutes later, as she finished with her task. The penis she had been enjoying was now at full mast, throbbing and pulsing in time with the bound man's heartbeat, still slick with the girl's saliva.

 "Yeah, he's a tasty one, alright. That's why I got him in particular." Aey replied. "I had to taste test dozens before I finally found one right for this recipe."

 With that, Aey started the oil to heating over a medium flame, then added in the minced vegetables a minute later. She inhaled and sighed, delighted at the aroma that erupted from the pan at the burst of sizzling adding the fresh ingredients caused.

 "Okay, ready for the sausage." Aey said. "Pull the locking pin next to his left foot, then slide him on over to the sauce pan here, please."

 Bea did so, ignoring the muffled noises of protest that began issuing forth in a steady stream from the gagged man. As she pushed the X frame nearer the burners, Aey pulled a meat fork out of a drawer, and used it to steady the bobbing penis as it came to rest just over the top of the pan.

 "Mmm.. I can hardly wait." Aey said, licking her own lips in apparent anticipation, as she used the fork to press the cock turned sausage down firmly into the pan.

 The fresh burst of sizzling at the moment of contact between searing oil and throbbing meat was accompanied by a particularly vigorous outpouring of noise from the bound man, as well a frankly alarming amount of wiggling and thrashing.

 "Bea, be a dear and put the locking pin back in, would you please?" Aey asked, as she did her best to both steady the X shaped frame and keep the meat pressed down into the oil. "Otherwise he might knock over the pan, and then we'd have to start all over!"

 Once the frame was secured, both girls were able to relax and enjoy their task. They watched on with fascinated interest as the sausage in the sauce pan first reddened, then began browning. Aey and Bea took turns with the meat fork, turning the sausage back and forth, rolling it over as much as they could, to try to get it seared evenly all over. They also used the sharp tips of the fork's tines, poking holes in the meat, releasing the mouthwatering smell of the boiling juices that bubbled up out of the cooking cock.

 "I think it's just about ready." Aey said, after a few more minutes had passed.

 "Really?" Bea asked, her tone skeptical, as she used a serrated knife to cut part way into the sizzling sausage. "He's still pretty raw on top. See, pink."

 "That's alright. It'll finish cooking while the sauce is simmering." Aey said. "Plus, if we don't add the tomatoes soon, the vegetables are going to start burning."

 "Okay, you slice up the sausage, Aey, and I'll get the diced tomatoes." Bea replied, as she handed over the meat fork and knife.

 Aey, after turning down the heat a bit in the sauce pan, pinned the half cooked penis down with the meat fork, then began cutting pieces off the end. She took the head off whole, then made discs of meat out of the shaft of the cock, each one about a third of an inch thick. The bound man made a pathetic sort of whining noise, while shaking his head vainly back and forth, at each new wound the serrated knife inflicted on his abused flesh. The cock, due to its size, wound up creating quite a few such aromatic and delicious looking discs, much to the delight of Aey and the pained chagrin of its now former owner.

 "Finished?" Bea asked, as she brought over the bowl full of dices tomatoes. "Should we slide him back? He's kind of in the way, now."

 "Not yet." Aey said, as she set aside the knife and fork. "We're not quite done with him."

 After the diced tomatoes were added, in went the tomato paste, which immediately thickened up the sauce considerably.

 "What else is left?" Bea asked as she looked down into the sauce pan, which was slowly coming back to a boil.

 "We just need to add a little more flavoring, something meaty, savory, and rich, then let it all simmer for a half an hour or so." Aey replied happily.

 "More meat?" Bea asked, her brows arching a little in surprise.

 "Yes. Just a moment." Aey said, as she rummaged around in another drawer for a moment before pulling out a device.

 "What's that, a garlic press?" Bea asked, as she peered at the thing with interest. "It's a little big, isn't it?"

 "Close." Aey allowed, nodding. "It's pretty much the same design as a garlic press, but it's a bit larger because it's made specifically for these."

 Aey reached over with her free hand and cupped the bound man's testicles, which looked a little odd hanging by themselves from his groin. She bounced the large orbs in her hands several times, as if weighing them speculatively, then let them drop.

 "I'll just remove his sack, then we can use the press to add the meat of his balls to the sauce." Aey continued, as she set the testicle press down and took up the serrated knife once again.

 The sack of thin, protective skin took only half a moment to slice free from the bound man. A quick circular cut around the top was all it took, and it then slid off easily, revealing the two glistening orbs of the bound man's large testicles, each of which remained attached to him still by their connective cords of blood vessels and nerves.

 "Rather a big set, aren't they." Bea commented, as Aey picked up the press, opened it up, and popped one of the slick balls of meat into it.

 "Yeah. They're almost too big." Aey replied. "They only just fit into the press."

 "What happens if you get a pair of balls that actually are too big?" Bea asked, curiously. "Mince them up instead?"

 "You could." Aey said. "But I'd just use a cheese grater, I think. It'd probably be easier, even though holding on to the slippery things long enough to grate them would be a pain, than trying to mince them up fine enough. Okay, here we go."

 Aey closed the press on the orb trapped within it, then, holding the end of the device over the sauce pan and using both hands, she gripped the handles and began squeezing them together. She appeared to be in no hurry, only slowly forcing them to their fully closed position.

 The bound man, who had seemed to be in a state of insensate shock, even as his scrotum was sliced free of his body, suddenly went berserk. He thrashed against the X frame madly, issuing forth what would have been a loud, keening scream if he hadn't been muffled, as his testicle was slowly crushed inside the press.

 "Any moment now.." Aey muttered quietly to herself, as she focused on her task.

 "Do you have to go so slow?" Bea asked, eyeing the large bound man with an expression that mixed amusement with alarm.

 "No." Aey said, grinning cheekily. "It's just more fun."

 "Hah." Bea replied, merely snorting out a little laugh in response.

 "Ahh, there we go." Aey sighed in pleasure, as something in the bound man's testicle seemed to finally give way.

 There was a small popping sound, followed by a burst of the most frantic struggling from the man yet, and then a thick, meaty paste began extruding out of the perforated side of the press. Aey finished closing the handles, forcing the last of the crushed and pulped remains of the testicle out through the tiny holes. Both girls watched as the testicle meat dripped down into the bubbling sauce below.

 "Perfect!" Aey declared, as she scraped the last shreds of meaty paste free. "I dunno why, but I love the pop that always happens right there at the end. Do you want to do the other one?"

 "Yeah, sure." Bea agreed. "That did look kind of fun."

 Aey handed the press over to her date, then watched as Bea repeated everything the girl had just seen Aey herself do. Bea opened the press and loaded the second testicle, which happened to be last remaining portion of the bound man's manhood, into the device, then slowly closed the handles together. The man's thrashing and wails as this occurred were blithely ignored by the two girls, who were both focused solely on the slowly closing press.

 "Oh, that does feel.. nice." Bea commented, when the inevitable finally happened and the second testicle burst inside of the crushing press. "Will this really add to the flavor of the sauce?"

 "Oh, definitely." Aey replied. "You'll notice the difference, for sure."

 They set the sauce to simmer, then moved the now completely unconscious former man back from the burners, as his part in their meal preparations was now finished. Bea then spent the next few minutes cleaning the knives, cutting boards, testicle press, and other kitchen utensils they had dirtied, while Aey began prepping the pasta and garlic bread.

 A half an hour later, the girls added the last of the seasonings, which was all of the freshly cut herbs, to the already delicious smelling sauce. Twenty minutes after that, the pasta, sauce, and garlic bread were all done and served, and the two girl chefs finally got to sit down and have a taste of what they had spent the last several hours preparing.

 "Oh. My. God." Bea said, as she let the first mouthful of sauce doused pasta rest on her taste buds.

 "Right?" Aey agreed, around the mouthful of her own pasta she was chewing up slowly and savoring with obvious relish.

 "This is amazing." Bea replied, her entire posture and expression a picture of perfect gastronomic bliss. "It's the sauce, too. It is absolutely the sauce."

 "Here, try some of the sausage." Aey instructed, as she lifted the cock head she had sliced from its former owner less than an hour before, speared on the tines of her fork, up towards Bea's mouth.

 Bea allowed her dinner companion to feed her the cooked cock meat, and actually shivered and trembled in delight when she tasted the gush of flavor that flooded across her tongue as she began chewing it up.

 "Ohh.." Bea finally said, after she swallowed. "Oh, wow. That was so good. I think I just came with my mouth."

 "Hah." Aey replied, delighted. "I'm glad you approve."

 "I'm completely serious." Bea continued, as she ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth, leaving her eyes closed, her expression transcendent. "It felt like I orgasmed with my mouth a little. I didn't even know that was possible."

 "Well, do me, girl. I'd like a taste, too." Aey said, as she closed her own eyes and opened her mouth expectantly.

 "Oh, you're right, that is good!" she exclaimed, after Bea had laid a disc of cock sausage on top of her dinner date's waiting tongue. "It gave me the shivers, even."

 They took turns like that, feeding each other bites of pasta, sauce, and cock meat, laughing and talking together, in utter contentment, until their meal was finally finished.

 "That was, without a doubt, the best meal I have ever had the privilege of eating." Bea said, a few minutes later, as she and Aey washed and dried the dishes they had dirtied together.

 "In no small part thanks to the company you had while eating it, I hope." Aey replied, her laughter tinkling merrily.

 "I think that the company was the best part, actually." Bea replied, gazing at her companion happily. "Thank you. Tonight has been wonderful, Aey."

 "Well, it doesn't have to be over yet. The night is still young." Aey said, looking back directly into Bea's eyes.

 "Aey.. I.."

 "Oh, shut up and kiss me, you fool!"

 After the kiss, which seemed to last forever, Aey leaned back a little as Bea gasped for air, suddenly feeling very overheated.

 "Hey, um.. Do you want to go to the bedroom?" Aey asked, hopefully.

 "I thought you'd never ask." Bea replied, as she leaned in for another kiss.

 "What are you going to do with him?" Bea asked, as she and Aey passed by the man, still unconscious and bound to the X frame, who had provided, at least in part, the exquisite flavor of the pasta sauce they had eaten that evening.

 "Oh, well, I'm probably going to part him out tomorrow." Aey said, as she ran one hand appreciatively up and down his well muscled flank. "There's a lot of good meat on him still. Wanna help?"

 "Ooh, I dunno." Bea hedged, looking warily at the bound man. "I don't like blood and messy stuff much."

 "It's not that bad." Aey replied. "If you do it right, there's hardly any mess at all. And, once you get past the innards, it's just like working with any other piece of raw meat."

 "Granted, he'll be a bit more meat than you're probably used to handling at one time, but that's why it's nice to do it with two people. It makes it much easier." she continued.

 "Well.." Bea said, looking a little less wary.

 "Come on, I'll give you some of the meat." Aey promised, smiling. "Just look at that rump and tell me it doesn't look delicious!"

 "You're right, it does. It totally does." Bea replied, relenting. "Okay. Did you want to do it first thing in the morning?"

 "Well, maybe not first thing.." Aey answered, grinning as she draped one arm around Bea's waist, then slid it downwards to blatantly grope the other girl's bottom.

 "Oh!" Bea replied, blushing as she cleared her throat. "Oh, well. That's alright then."

 They made it to the bedroom a few minutes later, even if most of their clothes didn't.

 "Hey, when do you want to do pasta, again?" Aey asked, just before they lost themselves to mutual pleasure entirely.

 "Soon." Bea answered, from her position nibbling her way down Aey's neck.

 "Definitely soon."


Author's note:

 I'm quite happy with this one. I'm trying to work on making my stories shorter and more compact, so I can hopefully write out more of the many, many fun and perverse ideas bouncing around the inside of my mind. I've got dozens and dozens of them, and if I keep writing forty or fifty page monstrosities for each one, then I'll never have enough time and energy to get even a tithe of them written up and posted.

 Also, I am now really, really craving some pasta. Mmm..


that was good detail. loved it


Nice. I like the implication of further cannibalism (I enjoyed Milkmaids but I thought they rather wasted food at the end of that!) Keep it up!



Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.



Solid story, definitely a good one on the objectification angle.

The details on the grilling were also quite nicely done.

Any chance of seeing a version where the meat donor enjoys the process? ;o)



I've got a story in progress that is pretty much the opposite of my usual reluctant/noncon themes. It is very consensual, and both parties are going to enjoy the process quite a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it and post it in the nearish future. I think you'll enjoy it when I do.



I check your HF page often, looking forward to an update!

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