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 "So, if you'll follow me, I'll be explaining your new duties and responsibilities as I take you on a brief tour of the mansion and surrounding grounds." Elaine instructed, motioning the new girl to fall in beside her as she began walking.

 "You'll start out doing the most unpleasant chores, unfortunately. Sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, and other things of a similarly menial nature." the head maid said, as she led the way into the grand house. "The Mistress absolutely abhors dirt and dust, so you'll need to be very diligent in completing your tasks. Please believe me when I tell you that she WILL notice if you shirk."

 "Yes, ma'am." Citrie answered promptly, as she took in the lavishly appointed entrance hall, her mouth slightly open in amazement at the wealth she beheld there.

 "Now, now, there's no need to be so formal with me. I prefer that all we staff members refer to each other on a first name basis. The camaraderie helps us bond and fulfill our duties to our Mistress more effectively, I believe." Elaine said, while smiling genially at the young woman, who was really scarcely more than a girl, and who was also now the newest member of the household.

 "The Mistress, however, is another matter entirely. Failure to show her the respect due her station will quickly lead to a punishment session in the dungeons. Mistress loves to break in new girls like you by binding them to the rack and then switching their bare bottoms a few dozen times, until they're pleading and crying for mercy. She's always looking a reason to do it to any of us, in fact. So, don't give her a reason if you want your bottom to stay unmarked."

 "Um, y-yes, ma'am.. uh, I mean, yes, Elaine." Citrie replied, gulping a little and flushing at the thought of being so punished.

 "And, if you're the kind of girl who likes that sort of thing, which most of us do, at least a little bit, I'll admit, then she'll find some other devious method of punishment, one even more painful than the switch, which I promise you will not enjoy."

 "No, m.. E-Elaine." the girl said, her flush deepening even further.

 "Now, feel free to ask me any questions as we walk. There is a lot to learn, after all."

 "Um, well, I have been wondering about one thing.." Citrie began, as she peered around the opulent and rich entrance hall.

 "Why are there boys and men laying around on the floor of the house, and outside on the grounds even? And why are they bound up so?" she asked, as her eyes came to rest on the tightly wrapped figure of a young man laying right at their feet.

 The man was one of nearly half a dozen in the expansive entrance hall alone. Citrie had passed at least five times their number scattered around the outside of the house, even stepping over a few, on the brief walk up the drive and to the mansion doors. The men had been, each and every one, wrapped up tightly by what seemed to be broad bands of sheer, partially translucent cloth. The winding lengths of cloth covered them nearly completely, from head to toe, even as the revealing nature of the fabric failed completely to hide their obvious nudity. Indeed, their writhing forms, all fit, well muscled, appealing, and apparently completely helpless, were quite visible through the gauzy material as they squirmed and inched their way blindly around on the mosaic tile floor.

 Curiously, the only parts of them actually hidden from view were their heads and faces, which seemed to have received a few extra wraps of the cloth, obscuring their features and expressions. And equally curiously, the only part of them completely unencumbered by fabric was their bare genitals. Their erect penises and plump testicles, both apparently shorn completely free of hair, dangled from their wrapped hips and groins, exposed for all to see.

 "Ahh, you mean our Mistress' worms?" Elaine replied, with one eyebrow quirked up.

 "W-worms?" Citrie said, confused.

 "Yes, worms." Elaine confirmed, as the corners of her mouth quirked up into a small, amused smirk. "We don't refer to them as anything else. They're one of the Mistress' little fancies, which she keeps around in plenty for both our and her own amusement. Feel free to do anything you wish with them. Or to them."

 "I.. I don't understand, ma.. Elaine." Citrie said, as she gazed down, frowning slightly in apparent perplexion, at the worm laying on his side before them.

 "They're toys for us to play with, if we so desire, whenever our duties permit. The Mistress keeps a fairly large quantity of them on hand, to stock the house and grounds with. They're easily replaceable, so don't feel like you have to hold back when you play, either." Elaine explained.

 "I.. um.." Citrie stuttered, her earlier flush beginning to creep back over her features.

 "Allow me to demonstrate, dear." Elaine, as her smirk grew into a wicked little smile.

 The head maid stepped closer to the tightly wrapped young man, the worm, and extended her leg and high heel clad foot out towards him. She stroked the tip of her shoe along the length of his engorged cock for a few moments, causing him to issue a muffled gasp and buck his hips in surprise at the sudden, unexpected sensation. Then she moved her toe from his penis and held it over his plump, vulnerable balls, which lay loosely on the floor tiles.

 "Play as roughly with them as you like." Elaine said, as she slowly brought the pointed toe of her footwear down on one of the worm's testicles.

 The worm, distracted by the strokes on his penis, and encumbered by the wrappings binding him, was unable to move away as Elaine first trapped one of his testicles beneath her toes, then gradually put more and more of her weight onto that lone gonad. The worm began to writhe and squirm frantically, groaning in pain and growing panic, as his testicle began to deform under the relentless pressure.

 "Mmm.. I love this part.." Elaine mused, as she bit her lip gently in anticipation, before leaning nearly her entire weight onto her toes.

 Citrie gasped as she heard a small, squishy popping sound and saw the older woman's toes go flat to the floor, crushing the worm's gonad entirely.

 "Did.. Did you just..?"

 "Oh, yes." Elaine confirmed, as she kept boring her weight down on her toes, trapping the wriggling and squealing worm firmly in place. "I told you, they're replaceable."

 "Completely.." she continued, as she brought the toe of her other shoe down on the worm's remaining testicle.

 "Expendable." she finished, as she shifted her weight and popped that gonad as well.

 "Oh.. wow!" Citrie breathed, as she took in the visage of the elegant and beautiful head maid, clad in just a brief, form hugging shift, one only slightly more ornamented than Citrie's own plain white one, standing atop the crushed remains of the worm's manhood in fine high heels.

 "Once you've put in your time, and worked your way a bit further up into the household hierarchy, you'll be allowed to wear shoes like mine, if you wish, but for now, you'll be required to be barefoot at all times." Elaine commented, as she casually ground her toes against whatever might be left of the worm's balls, crushing them even further against the tiles. "Some of the best footwear, like mine, will even allow you to do things like this.."

 Elaine lifted one of her feet up, revealing the sad, flattened scrotum and crushed testicle beneath it. She then angled her ankle slightly, tilting the outer edge of her shoe downward, and brought the edge to rest across the base of the worm's cock. She pressed her weight firmly down on the still turgid flesh of his erection, then, after only a moment's hesitation, swiped her shoe backwards.

 The edge of her shoe, which was apparently quite sharp, bit easily into the meat of the worm's cock, and, after Elaine finished her quick motion, the organ tumbled free from the worm's groin, completely severed.

 "However, until then, you'll simply have to make do with your own bare feet." Elaine stated, looking down in satisfaction at the damage she had wrought upon the worm as she stepped back from him. His muffled wails were just as weak and pathetic as his fruitless efforts to save his manhood had been.

 "Oh, my god.." Citrie gasped.

 "So, why don't you try it out for yourself?"

 Citrie's heart sped up, and a flush of excitement thrilled through her, as she heard the other woman's invitation.


 "Yes, of course. You're one of us now, so you can do with our worms whatever you like, however often you like." Elaine said, smiling benevolently at the eager girl. "There are always more worms."

 The worm Citrie chose, who had obviously overheard, if not seen, what had just happened to one of his compatriots, tried to writhe away from her in utter futility. His testicles, which felt wonderfully warm against the smooth skin of her sole, fit perfectly within the little space between her delicate toes and the ball of her foot. She felt the soft orbs first squish and deform beneath her weight as she pressed herself down upon them, then, one after the other, burst.

 The little shocks of sensation as each of the worm's testicles gave way and popped thrilled up through her body, all the way from her toes to her ears, giving her gooseflesh and causing her to gasp in sudden, surprised arousal.

 "W-wow.." Citrie said, shakily, as she trembled in reaction, while ignoring the sudden cries of pain and misery from the worm beneath her.

 "Wonderful, isn't it." Elaine said, as her features broke out into a lazily contented and lascivious smile. "I love that feeling they give me, when they pop. It's just so.. mm.. amazingly erotic. Electric, almost."

 "Yeah.. um.. wow.." Citrie repeated, as she fought to control her breathing and her racing heart.

 "I.. I don't suppose I could do.. could do another, could I?" she asked, her voice hopeful, as she looked around the hall to the rest of the worms.

 "Of course, dear." Elaine replied, with a wicked little laugh. "Do as many as you wish."

 "There are always more worms."


Author's Note:

 While I'm afraid that there are no more open positions remaining for mansion staff, there are always opportunities available for reasonably healthy men who are not afraid of starting at the ground level. No previous skills or knowledge required. Interested applicants may apply at any time, simply by approaching any one of the stable hands working in the livestock barns, located on the southwestern corner of the manor grounds, to begin the induction and conversion process.


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