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I discovered a bunch of Chinese death related guro stories and was translating them but backup failed, depression set in and only now mustered enough to get back at it.

I hope to one day be able to support myself with translations so any comments and suggestion is highly appreciated.
Dovakiin Simple Meal

Tatatata. Metallic heels taps Lord of Falkreath's longhouse floor, that is a pair of golden high heels, pure gold pair of sky high heels, the better to let the woman wearing look taller, but even so, it's owner is a small lovely person.

The guard swallows; even if carrying a magic totem with the emblem sun's golden ring floating in mid air, the brightened back and shoulder blades can be completely seen, the oiled skin and the white dragon tattoo and unique dragon words gives this prettiness an added mystique.

Connecting to the totem are two hanging blue drape accessories giving the back view only blue and the girl's white buttocks, plump thighs, and a pair of tied hands.

Those small white green onion like fingers seems to purposefully teasing the guards behind, occasionally massaging those soft buttocks, the bouncy skin, seducing the loyal guards making them imagine pinching that meaty rear.

That fluffy soft gold tinged hairy tail swishes left and right hiding and showing the butt.

And those who look from the front would be worse off.

Gold hair with two braids tied in front, a pair of fox ears popping out of the hair, a small round face with loli characteristics, and a young girl's maturity, the mouth corners creating a enticing faint smile and her ruby eyes make this delicate face a delight to view.

More captivating is her body, though of petite height but it is a fully ripe unshameful fruit , you can even say a body bursting with hormones.

This figure doesn't hide, although wearing a boot, but the leg ring with gold lace to the high heel boot doesn't cover anything, the gold bracer with white lace has similar accessory affect.

Her pair of bountiful breast flesh, seemingly capable of squeezing out at anytime milk stream, but on the areola are glued only two silver open discs, the erect pink peaches emerging from the center hole secures the discs.

From each nipples' base is a gold chain connecting to the material that hides her private - one long string of gold beads hiding her mound; it doesn't go between her buttocks.

Perhaps, maybe, possibly, one end of this string enter her anus.

She feels all the men in the great hall staring at her with their lust filled eyes. This feeling makes her smile more mesmerizing.

She took slow cat steps toward the lord, every man's vision following her bouncy tit meat and butt flesh, feeling their vision the girl stops in front of the lord, legs tight together, slowly kneel to the ground.

Then her body leans forward, lowering her upper body.

That pair of erect tit meat following gravity to slowly press against the wood floor, then pressed by their master into two meat patties.

Everyone's attention centers on this kneeling pretty meat so they even forgot what to do next.

"Guards? Aren't you forgetting something?" She asks with her sweet voice.

"Oh! Since it's miss Dovahkiin then we can dispense the rules right?"

Falkreath's lord chats, although that is the rule, and he does want to enforce the rules, but the pretty meat lying on the floor is not a common female adventurer, she is the Dovahkiin, Elin race's Anniritz, Skyrim's strongest warrior.

"That won't do, because I am the Dovahkiin so I should more precisely adhere to the law no?" She smiles, tantalizingly swaying her body, like trying to shift to a comfortable position, or also purposefully trying to sell her body's beautiful meat.

"Guards!" The lord swallows and orders.

The guards quickly pick up the equipment, they are going to limit this Dragonborn girl.

Skyrim's law concerning females, particularly strong and beautiful female adventurers, are unmercifully harsh.

For a commoner who wants to see the lord, though they can not be like female adventurers entering as they please, but there won't be too many rules, they can stand answering the lord's question, and don't have to worry about the lord using made up reasons to punish them with death... but not so with female adventurers.

First they need to kneel at a designated position, if it's a wealthy city then there's a dedicate space to set up "reception" facility, but a city like Falkreath can only set up temporarily.

Iron U shape rings are put on her lower legs, and the guards nail them into the wooden floor immobilizing her lower legs.

Four iron U rings secures her legs and a small wood block with a trough is fastened under her neck.

When a blade with a switch is connected this turns into a simple guillotine, if Anniritz have 'unjust intention' such as escaping the lord's punishment, refusal to follow orders, then the guard can quickly behead her - of course, whether this is effective to the Dovakiin is unknown.

"Unfortunately, I thought Falkreath known for it's funerals would have more interesting punishment tools. Just a simple guillotine...." Anniritz quietly voiced.

"Geh.... Miss Anniritz, why did you come see me at this hour?"

"Illustrious lord, I have completed the mission you assigned me, those bandits have been purged by me. I think your court mage already told you." Anniritz answers lying on the ground.

"Yes, I have confirmed it... Mm, according to promise, this is your reward. 200 gold." The guard places the bag, in the lord's great hall female adventurers can not use their space ring or they would be immediately put to death, Anniritz is no exception.

"Lord highness, I don't need gold, can you reward me with something else?" Anniritz states.

"Such as...." She immediately shows a seductive face, her unbound tail lightly sways, the entire alluring meat transmitting a desirous hunger, this makes the lord unbiddingly remember the night she accepted the mission.

He knows how those gold beads are secured, pulling them out from her anal flower would make Anniritz orgasm; her lustful pussy's internal temperature, he still remembers.

"Then are you willing to dine with me?" Once again he offers this invitation.

"......." Anniritz' petite figure shivers, then slowly nods.

Both understand what this invitation mean, tonight Anniritz will be taken to the lord's dungeon, under each torture tool's punishment sweetly wail, then this man injects his burning hot semen, finally at dawn be thrown outside into the snow.

This was their play from the last time, but thinking this lascivious torture-fetish-constituted beautiful girl is going to leave, and may never return, the lord feels regretful...

He wishes to forever lock this dragonborn girl in his dungeon, play, and then....

and then treat her as a livestock and butcher?!

This devilish thought grabs him, the lord stands up, looking down at the lying beautiful meat, Anniritz also feel that invading stare!

She purposefully advertise her lewd body, shaking her rear, grinding her nipples on the floor, her mouth eliciting a low moan, she can feel those eyes, everyone is expecting, curious at what she will do next.

Nipples rubbing on the rough floor, her excited lewd body is capable of enduring these sensation, but at this point she doesn't want to - this isn't the dangerous outside, this is the lord's grand hall.

So she allows her beautiful flesh drunk on lust, finally, she shivers, letting out a low suppressed sweet wail, like a dying female beast roaring, then her body relaxes.

From her wet pussy squirts out honey on the beads, from behind her the lord sees Anniritz' cum drip on the floor, just a simple masturbation and this lewd pretty flesh squirts climaxes?

Woman like this.....

Woman flesh like this...

Girl meat can not....

Can not be missed, I should butcher her here!

That impulse finally catches him, the lord looks at the west floor, and then declares: "Miss Anniritz, you've dirtied my floor!"

"Ahhh... ahhh... apologies, illustrious noble lord, I apologize... please punish me, I am willing to accept any punishment.... any."

The round butt and the fluffy tail sways together, this alluring meat is like a bitch in heat, her word 'any' was filled with seduction.

"Any punishment? Then... Miss Anniritz, I think only death can absolve your crime, so Miss Anniritz, I in the name of Falkreath Lord sentence you to death, immediately, do you accept?"

"Ah! Ah!!" Just when he ends, this lewd girl climaxes, her peachy rear shiver, the pussy parted by the beads squirt out honey, then she loses all strength and falls there, letting her body be supported only by the equipment.

"Yes... I accept... I accept death sentence."

"Then Miss Anniritz, I sentence you to impalement, you will be impaled then roasted to death. According to law, all your wealth will be confiscated, but in recognition of your contribution to Falkreath, I grant you the glory to be my dinner's main course, Miss Anniritz, are you satisfied with this punishment?"

Accompanying the lord's voice, Anniritz's sensitive hearing could discern metal banging, she knows without looking back, from the fire pit when entering, that bronze roast spear is taken down.

"It is... my honour."

A rough hand touches her private, fingers massaging her hole, and she listens as the lord state: "This is such a good labia steak... it's starting, Miss Anniritz, are you ready?"

"Please.... Ah!!" Before she agrees the beads were forcefully pulled out of her anus, a sudden pleasure assaults her beautiful flesh, Anniritz once again squirts out cum, wetting the lord's hand.

"You lewd girl meat..." He says as he heavily spanks Anniritz' meaty buttocks, then she feels the hot metal spear nearing her honey hole.

That hot steam cooks her anus, she doesn't know when he'll impale, but she knows, her time is short.

So she quiets down, silently waiting for that moment.

"Goh!!!" She groan once, the steam hot metal spit is like a brand, not just opening her anus but burning her alluring meat, for a time the long house fills with enticing meat fragrance, her perfect body quality's fragrance receives nods and applause.

She feels her organs being messed by the fiery hot metal pole, intestines pierced, womb burned, the lord test a few times to pierce her stomach, that burning heat feeling give her abdomen a period of climax, one more cum squirts onto the floor, but this can not make her heinous crime any heavier.

The guards removes the guillotine and lifts her body up a bit, then places a wooden bucket under her stomach, Anniritz immediately understand the meaning, but she has not room to think more.

She feels her breath carrying the scent of blood and heat, the spear pierces her chest cavity and following her esophagus slides into her throat.

"Ah! Cough koff..." She screams once then the metal blocks her throat, she can no longer give voice anything, only straightening flat out and open her small mouth...

Her mouth is filled full, and the burning hot metal with bits of fresh blood and pieces of organ stabs out.

And connected the secondary spit entering her womb stimulates her but she can not voice that beautiful moan!

Even if the chef following the spit to her womb fills it with ingredients stimulating her she still can't give any sound.

Meat bits, yeasts, vegetables and eggs are put into her womb, then she felt a sudden pain from her abdomen, someone is using a small knife to cut her abdomen, the wood bucket beneath her became her organs' holding container, and soon she can feel her abdomen empty, feeling lighter, and a bit dejected.

The bucket is taken out, and almost like purposefully showing off, the lord places the bucket in front of her.

"Don't worry, Anniritz, my cooks will use you offal. Ho ho."And the beautiful meat on the spit returns a seductive smile.

The womb full with ingredients, the cooks flips her on the ground, then fills her empty abdomen with a whole duck, and then haphazardly sews shut - since they don't need to worry about healing, and the cooks aren't doctors right?

At this point Anniritz is lying on her back on the ground, her legs open M-shape, a bit shakily raises both hands, her mofumofu fox tail and ears twitching at times, like a played broken beautiful dog girl-

Of course, at this point Anniritz is played broken, but the lord doesn't intend to let her go, he knows, a powerful girl meat like Anniritz wouldn't die this simply.

"Miss Anniritz, can you please crawl to the roast grill?" She nods, struggling to crawl, waiting until after the cook attaches the magical collar that protects her neck, then she arches her body and crawls.

The impaled Dovahkiin girl didn't efficiently crawl, but she bites and persists, or maybe the surrounding men's lewd obscene stares fill her body with excitement and strength!

Like a bitch crawling into the fire pit, the magic protecting her for a time from harm, she slowly straighten her legs, adjusting the spit to hang herself, then pulls her legs tight and then rest parallel on the spear.

Then cook wearing heat gloves ties her leg on the spear.

The totem on her back and lace on her hand are removed, but the gold high heel sandal, the bracer and leg brace were not removed, the gold metal would not affect roasting, and Anniritz's body quality doesn't need too many flavouring.

Roasting a girl meat need some time, and butchering a female meat like the Dovahkiin girl, it must require a banquet, the lord invites all the nobles on his territory--

Barons and knights, everyone gathers at the lord's long house, drinking aged wines, eating desserts, admiring the dragon born girl's impaled pornographic figure!

Their stares let the girl climax from the vision rapes, this climax makes everyone carefully admire Anniritz, and this wanton stimulate makes her slightly not want to die...

"Cook why isn't it ready?" Finally someone's patience ends, since Anniritz's life force is very strong, and, this vision rape and impaled roasting stimulation gives her incomparable enjoyment!

This allowed her to live this far, but now Anniritz is no longer some dragon born heroine, just a piece of roast meat, a banquet's main course, hurrying to be served, and eaten on time, that should be the natural.

At least the cook is experienced, he brings out a sharp metal tube. Noticing something about to happen Anniritz looks at the chef with expecting curiosity, guessing a cruel torture about to be inflicted on her.

The rotating spit stops with Anniritz lying sideways to the chef, the short tube pokes Anniritz's belly, at this point she is about roast through so she does not feel anything, and pierce her belly.

The cook brings a syringe and sucks from a bucket full of bubbling hot fat, that fragrance fat oil has a extreme temperature!

Anniritz watches with anticipation and encouragement as the syringe connects to the tube then then hot oil rushes into her body!

Her insides remaining uncooked alluring flesh feels this fatal heat!

Anniritz understands!

This is borrowing the hot oil's heat to boil her.

Boiling death!

This fresh method creates her expectation!

Huge amount of burning oil injects into Anniritz, these fat is distilled from previous butchered girl live stocks, although those girl stocks quality are mixed but the fat distilled girl oil has a high quality, so using it on Anniritz is compatible.

The burning hot oil gives her a last stimulation, Anniritz's body fills with fat, the overflowing girl oil drip from her mouth and anus and creates a fire pillar!

Anniritz emits a suppressed moan, although the spit blocks her mouth, but that indiscernible groaning transmits her pain and joy!

But this too soon ends, her lungs are burned through!

Her heart too turns into a piece of meat, like this, her ruby eyes became red glass, this beautiful meat bound on a spit, and never moves again.

Like this for a while and Anniritz is finally taken from the grill.

She is put on opulent golden plate, the chef removing her clothing, her nude skin already turned from tender white to crispy gold.

The honey juice and the ingredients in her womb is cooked into a thick soup; cutting open her belly the cook lights up the oil in her body and does a second round cooking of the ingredients and internal meat.

The duck and ingredients marinated with Anniritz's meat scent is very well received!

People happily discuss while using utensils to cut the dragonborn girl's exquisite meat!

Soon, Annritz the fleshy meat fox is carved of every meat, heels, soft bone, tendons, are all eaten, even the bones are smashed and marrow sucked!

When the banquet ends, on a disordered table, only Anniritz' head remain complete, sleeping with a lewd yet satisfied smile.

The lord places the Dovahkiin's head on a pole, it'll be like his favourite hunting trophy become a decoration for the great hall, and Anniritz' remaining bones are swept into the trash and burned alongside other organic trashes.

The Dragonborn Anniritz's butcher took a while to spread, although it is regretful, but everyone regrets more that they couldn't enjoy her exquisite meat, since, that is Skyrim's highest girl meat.


Oh I forgot to give credit.

It's written by 永夜者, he is currently writing a r15 book with similar themes involving Dark Souls and some anime. Occasionally he'd write r-18 stories, some independent, Fallout, and a few on his Dark Soul series. He has a bunch of stories I plan on translating first then eventually other authors.

I did receive his permission to translate.

I need to proof read more, only after posting and reading did I find some stuff I missed when I proof read in text note.


I love this story. It's so unabashedly pornographic, with every other sentence sexualizing the main girl and using fun words to describe her body.

I also have a thing for consensual, and a thing for super-powerful heroines meeting their makers.

I'd love to see more translations--this author writes right up my alley.


agreed. Please do fallout, I've never read fallout guro before

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