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The Fool's Baron

Alight with sound and music and gaiety, the festival rang with laughter and cheer as the King's new harlequin set herself to work, juggling and dancing and cracking wise with equal dexterity in every act as her audience heckled and cheered playfully. With some luck she had happened on the work, having been discovered by one of the king's servants when about town on an errand, and with much gusto she performed and acted and pranced, deriving a certain joy from entertaining her captive audience ... and deriving a certain joy and excitement as she felt ogling eyes on her body.

Wrapped in taut leathers and a colorful bodice of scarlet, with a tightly-drawn black corset and tall heels clicking on the floor as she moved, she knew that her dress would be sure to draw attention, and her admirers--man and woman alike--made little effort to hide their lust as they took in the show, and the fetching young lady performing it. Each high step, each demonstrative gesture caused her full breasts to jiggle, and she delighted in noticing each of their leering gazes; until she spun about in a dance and stopped before a tall and broad man, and paused. He was a mountain, a wide and strong man in sharp dress and wearing a long and pointed beard of the finest grooming. She could see quite immediately he was an important figure, and so stopped to wave a hand in bowing low, crossing one foot over another politely and bowing so low as to nearly touch the ends of her jester's hat on the floor; and when she rose again, the painted-white surface of her face creased just a bit as she winked but briefly at him. Quickly she turned and went back to her work with a neat cartwheel, and at the center of the floor she paused to again bow to the audience ... keeping her back to her admirer, and bowing low again; low enough to pinch her vulva between her thighs and present herself to him for a longer moment than was necessary to salute the crowd.

The night dragged long after that, and thoughts of before pushed away from her mind as she focused on the excited prospect of a midnight rendezvous; thoughts and questions, too, of what had happened to the previous harlequin, and those before her. As the hour grew late the party finally dispersed, dismissed by the King who had sated his palette on beer and wine and fine cuts of meats until he had lost his appetite for entertainment for the evening; and with a light and airy bounce in her step the jester left from the room to retire herself ... and yet, it was a sad and long walk to her quarters, though they were not far. She had expected to meet her admirer after the party, and yet he was scarce to be found in the hall. The corridors turned an angle, and she soon entered her quarters to begin to undress, when the door swung shut behind her.

She hopped about with a start--having not closed the door herself--and gasped when a large and broad form loomed in the shadows, only to step out to reveal itself to be her admirer. Swallowing a catch, she breathed and waited for him--equal parts excitedly aroused and fearful that he could let himself into her room--but when he approached and lifted his hands, smiling with silent entreaty, she laid her hands in his to feel his gentle touch and warmth. Carefully she lifted her face towards him--the fool's own baron--until their lips met for a quiet kiss, then another, and still deeper and fuller kisses as their arms found their way over each other's bodies, up and down and under clothing until his jacket was off and her breasts squeezed in his strong and wide palms, each driven by a primal urge to copulate and make on good on their mutual, unspoken desires. Hungrier and hungrier they grew, a lust both carnal and powerful shared between them, and soon his hands ran down her waist and over her full buttocks to latch onto her pants, where he grabbed and pulled and tore on the tight fabric until he had ripped the seat open wide enough to expose her crotch.

And then, in one mighty heave, he grabbed her by the asscheeks and lifted her up over his waist. Breathing a gasp, his little plaything felt her pulse race excitedly at his strength, and as he balanced her aloft--aided by her legs about his waist and her breasts mashed against his chest--she reached down between his legs and undid his trousers, reached into his clothing, and removed his long and stiff pole so she could pet and rub and caress the throbbing member; feeling his warm strength and sex in her hands. He groaned a hungry growl, then positioned her over himself to rub the tip against her vulva, a tickling and gentle sensation that caused her to gasp again and moan expectantly, when he pushed himself inside her and plunged her down onto his manhood, the long and stiff thing reaching into her body until it forced itself against her flesh.

Her moans grew suddenly sharp and pleasured, and their mutual lust grew fevered as he lifted and dropped her onto himself, smacking his balls against her ass as her breasts rolled up and down over his chest. She could feel the tiny and warm bits of cum shooting up into her, but as her own juice slicked his member and she felt an orgasm welling in her loins he suddenly turned and flung her onto the bed, where she bounced and rolled in surprise until he straddled over her. A bit unnerved by his abrupt aggressiveness, she nevertheless grew carnal again as he kissed and caressed her neck, her shoulders, and her breasts, and her hands slid up and down his back and head as he removed a sash from his clothing.

She remained unaware of the sash until he rolled her over, plunged his dick in her cunt, and began to wrap the cloth about her thigh. His strong hand on her neck kept her in place, and though unsure of his intent, she nevertheless submitted to his strength, even as he wrapped the cloth about her neck, and even as he wrapped it again about her other thigh. Soon he was rocking in and out of her cunt, and the powerful force of the blows sent her puss into an overwhelmingly carnal fire that burned with desire; and so she gave little thought when he gripped the sash at the small of her back and near her neck, restraining her against him. She breathed tiny and choked gasps, moaning with pleasure as the tightened grip forced her more tautly against him, and coughed as the air in her throat grew tight and thin and the fire in her loins grew painfully hot ... until her breath grew too short, sending her into an abrupt panic.

She clamored to loosen the noose about her neck, but he demonstrated his power again by lifting and turning with her until she fell from the bed onto the floor. A mad scramble ensued, but even in the struggle her desire only burned hotter, and she found herself torn between utter terror and utter ecstasy as he manhandled her body, pushing and lifting and slamming her against the floor until her limbs flailed uselessly against his strength; and then, against all of her sense and logic, she abruptly climaxed, spraying cum into his groin in the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced, and as a warm and exciting flush coursed throughout her body her vision slowly faded to black while an oddly calm and serene sensation commanded her senses. Heaving, inaudible gasps of terrified joy erupted in her throat, choked by the collar about her neck, and her weakening body grew increasingly limp and flaccid as her strength left her, until her eyes glossed and her flailing ceased, with a single bell draping over her face onto the floor. Only then did he quietly and slowly release her, laying her lifeless corpse down on the floor, and gathered himself together to leave.

And so he put a quiet and final end to the fool's bearing.


Ok, that was hot, but more dubish than con


I had trouble figuring out which tag to put so I just defaulted it there since she's not being technically raped, per se.


He tore the outfit! :(

BTW, whatever your proofreading workflow is, it's amazing.

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