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Claire walked to the car with the sergeant who was her recruiter. At just thirteen years old she wouldn't have been able to join until congress, in another social expirement with the military lowered the recruiting age to anyone who had started high school. They reasoned, this would be just like military school, only with the actual military. It was a highly controversial move, but to Claire it was a chance to escape her home. She was constantly fighting with her mom, and her stepdad didn't seem to give two shits about her, except to check out her blossoming tits. She was a bit of a late bloomer, but had just graduated to a 28 B bra. at 5 feet even these still seemed a bit small on her and she was hoping they would grow still. She had olive skin, courtesey of her father, who was second generation Assyrian. Her mother was white, and she could definately pass for a white girl, just with a good tan. She was overall pleased with her appearance, several years of running cross country in junior high had toned her whole body, and she hoped, prepared her for the physical challanges of Parris Island.
At the MEPS, she went through the usual tests and paperwork, somewhat confused by it, but signed her name were the Gunny told her to. She noticed there were several other girls who looked about her age, and when she got a free moment went to talk to them. Most were joining the Army, a couple were Air Force and Navy, and one was joining the Marines, like her. Beverly 'Bev' was 14, with red hair and light skin. Also starting her freshmen year that fall, she wasn't trying to escape home, but had joined for adventure. They chatted nervously until it was time to go. As they had enlisted out of RS Atlanta, they did not get on a plane, but took a bus with 8 other kids, all boys to Parris Island.
After the initial shock, "GET OFF MY BUS! ON THE YELLOW FOOTPRINTS! RUN HERE! RUN THERE!" they found themselves inside a classroom, segregated from the boys they were in a room with about 45 other girls. Then a female drill instructor came into the room an informed them that the were 4th Battalion Oscar Company Platoon 4092 and that from then on, she was the mother.
The culture shock was complete. They were stripped of their clothes, issued standard camouflage utilities or cammies, and hearded to a squad bay full of metal bunk bed style racks.
Most of the girls in the platoon were seventeen or eighteen years old. But there were eleven of them that were thirteen and fourteen. You couldn't join midway through high school (something about differeing acedemic standards), it was an all or nothing deal.
Duran (Claire's last name) and Brown (Bev's last name) had managed to end up as rack mates. Through out that initial haze of recieving and pickup they remained together, scared, missing home (Brown more than Duran) and wondering what the hell they had gotten into.
Senior Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Williamson and the other DI's were constantly all over them, enforcing the standards and generating instant willing obedience to orders. After what seemed like two weeks, but was really only five days, they were informed that it was Friday night. They were permitted several hours to take showers and generally clean up. This was a welcome relief to the tired girls and young women, so used to the PT showers and the generally hurried life of a Marine recruit.
Saturday was coming and Duran and Brown whispered with some of the other young girls what that meant. They had heard rumors from the older girls about them getting fucked by the male DI's and Marines who had completed the Crucible. They did not realize it, but this was another of congresses "Good Idea's". Congress had gone through the Uniform Code of Military Justice and removed the sections about adultry and drastically altered the ones about fraternization. As long as you weren't in the same chain of command, consensual sex was totally decriminilized. Much like other things at boot camp, there were things that a Marine could not be required to do that recruits were. All the girls had to have sex with whatever Marine wanted them, male as well as female as long as it wasn't their Drill Instructor, they were fair game.
This was explained to them that night by the SDI, and she made sure the girls understood that refusal could only be made on medical grounds. The girls had all recieved a penicillin shot and had been tested for diseases when they entered, and men who wanted to participate were likewise tested and not permitted to join if they were sick, so the girls could not refuse on that basis. Basically they were going to get fucked, so they'd better get used to the idea. The next morning at reveille, as the girls woke up and stood on line, the Drill Instructors came out and detailed a working party to get supplies from the truck outside. Unused to working parties before morning hygine, the surprised girls knew better than to complain and quickley turned to. Bringing the boxes inside and opening them up revieled soaps, shampoo, lotions, and a wide variety of other beauty products. The girls were given three hours to prepare, and they took advantage of it. The older girls helping the younger ones with makeup, they dolled themselves up nervously. The older girls had been quite aware of this part of boot camp when joining, and their air of excitement was helpful in getting the younger ones, most of whom had only heard rumors, to prepare.
At 0830 the girls were back online for inspection.
The DI's had been on hand as the girls prepared and had made many on the spot corrections, so inspection went well.
At 0900 they were marched out to a new barracks near their old one and filed into the lobby. They noticed the Marines of the other platoon in Oscar Company, as well as both platoons from Papa Company were also present. They heard cadance outside as the 6 platoons of new Marines from Delta Company marched up. Officially it was called something very beaurocratic, and boring but the Marines called it the 'Warriors Fuck.' In addition to the recruits, there were a number of other Female Marines who had gathered to participate. These were ones that love to fuck that young cock fresh out of boot camp.
The Marines were given the command 'fall out' and they broke ranks, respectfully waiting to let their DI's have the first choice.
The young girls were a popular choice and Duran was immediately chosen by 30 year old Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Frank McCoy. As he motioned to her, she looked at her own Senior Drill instructor, who nodded, and she meekly went to him.
Grabbing the key card off the duty desk he offered his arm as he led her to the private room they would be using. She felt his muscles with her small hands and noticed how strong he felt. She felt safe with him. Before she had been nervous about the whole thing, but now she was nervous about being good enough.
As he opened the door for her she noticed the much nicer beds and furnishings in this barracks, and walked in slowly, unaccustomed to the niceties.
The DI took ahold of the girl from the back, feeling her young firm tits through her blouse, and beginning to undo the buttons on it. She shivered with nervousness as the older man undressed her.
With her blouse and skivvey shirt off, she was clad in her bra trousers and boots. He began to disrobe as he told her, "You'll probably be more comfortable if you take the rest of that uniform off."
She blushed at being partially naked in front of the older man, but did as she was told. She was quite a site, her olive skin standing out in start contrast to her white lacey panties and bra (they had been permitted this luxuory only on Saturdays.) Her perky B cup tits not needing the help of the bra that contained them. She had been hoping for a push up bra, but the female DI's, knowing that some of the men preferred younger girls had not provided her one. Her hair was pulled back into two pigtails, again to accentuate her young age, and with her perky upturned nose and high cheekbones, she was a very exciting site for the DI before her.
When he had removed his uniform he came up to the girl, cock stiff with excitement, and began to fondle her small tits through her bra. She blushed even harder as he reached behind her and deftly unclasped the hook. She'd had sex a few times before with high school boys, but never with a man with experience like this. She was very attracted to his toned physique, and felt quite nervous, wanting him to be attracted to her as well.
Her fears were being assauged by his actions though and she begane to be excited.
He laid her back on the bed and slid her panties down, now completely naked before this man he slowly slid his hands up her legs, pushing them apart as he went.
When her tight, almost hairless pussy came into view he slowly brought his face to the beautiful little slit and began to softly lick it's length. This caused her to softly moan, and he could taste her wetness. Her clit began to slightly peek out from it's hood and she gasped as he softly licked it as well. Her little nipples began to stand out rock hard as he continued his minstrations. After a few minutes, where he brought her to the brink of orgasm, he rose up and placed the head of his rock hard cock at her tight opening. Rubbing the helmet along her opening to gather some wetness, he slowly slid inside her welcoming pussy.
She gasped as his big cock began to dissappear inside her, running her hands along his back and sides and arms, she fought to contain the pleasure of being fucked by such a skillful lover, but was unable to. She squealed like the little girl she was as her orgasm over took her. He slowly stroked his cock inside of her, helping her ride out the most intense orgasm the girl had ever felt.
Enjoying the tight wet pussy hugging his cock he knew that he wouldn't last long. He pulled out and flipped the girl over and began to slide into her from behind. She felt his cock filling her pussy again from the rear, and was filled with new sensations of pleasure as he began to hit spots inside her that had been untouched so far.
She arched her back into him and he hugged her close as her young ass pushed into him. Twisting her head to the side he kissed her deeply as he began to unload his sperm deep inside her pussy. Feeling him cumming inside her drove her to her second orgasm of the day, and as they both came down from their sexual high, they collapsed. Him a satisfied man, and her a puddle of well fucked girl who was thinking that she could get used to this.

- - -

Brown saw Duran led off by the handsome Drill Instructor, she wondered what it was like. She did not have to wait long to find out. Almost immediately her curly red hair, light skin and 36 C tits combined with her flat tummy had many of the Marines eyeing her. She was immediately picked by another DI, this one was 32 Year old Drill Instructor Johnathan Washington. He was a 6'2" black man from Greenbow Alabama. He loved the contrast his huge black cock made on pale skinned white girls.
Brown felt a rush of butterflies in her stomache as he motioned to her. Like Duran, Brown was not a virgin either, but had never been with a black man. She felt scared, what if he had one of the huge black cocks everyone talked about? Well, she had no choice, she was going to find out shortly. While she was anxious about the man who was about to fuck her, she was also axious for him to be attracted to her. She had only been with her boyfriend who was a year older than her, being with a man nearly twice her age made her crave his acceptance and approval. While being picked had boosted her self-confidence, she was still very nervous.
As he held open the door and ushered her inside, she too was struck by the relative comfort of the room. Compared the the squad bay it was rather nice. She didn't have long to reflect on her surrondings however, as she felt him pick her up bodily and place her on the bed.
She felt that rush of butterflies again as he lifted her, almost as if she was a rag doll with barely any weight. Her 5'2" frame was only 115 pounds, but the large black man lifted it like it was nothing.
He placed her on the bed and ripped her blouse open, popping all four buttons off. He hadn't fucked since the last Saturday and was ready to go. Pulling his own uniform top over his head, followed by his skivvey shirt revealed his well muscled chest. The girl was quickly lost admirinig the outlines of his muscles under his skin that she barely noticed that he got his boots and trousers off; until his cock sprang into view. His member was only semi hard, but it was still a good 6" long, and growing. She gasped at the size.
He was in no mood to just stand there and let her admire him, he was hard up and wanted to fuck. He picked up the girl, spun her around, undid her belt and trouser buttons, and yanked them and her panties down to her knees. Pushing up her shirt as he bent her over the bed, he lined up his cock with her pussy. Fortunately for her, admiring his remarkable physique and feeling the way he manhandled her had begun to turn her on. He began to push in, barely restraining the urgency which drove his hips. His cock had reached it's full 9" of glory and was as thick around as the girls wrist. He was barely able to lodge the head inside her pussy before being stopped.
She felt a sharp pain in her pussy, which quickly subsided as she got used to his immense size. As her pussy got wetter by the way this man was taking her young body, she relaxed and he was able to slide more of his cock into her tight little pussy.
After a minute of rocking back and forth, slowly inching inside her he was able to sheath his entire cock inside her tight pussy. Taking a moment to admire the contrast their skin tones made, he began to move back and forth inside the young girl.
She felt his fucking begin in earnest, her body being rocked back and forth by his 230 pound frame, only the bed and his hand molesting her tits prevented her from being driven forward. She had never felt so full before, as his massive cock slammed into her pussy she felt like he was touching all of her at the same time. The pleasurable sensations from that began to crash over her and before she knew it she was overtaken by the most powerful orgasm of her young life. The black man felt her cumming and the tighness of her pussy in orgasm triggered his own, and he bellowed as he came deep inside the young girl, shooting so much cum inside her that it was forced up into her womb and even past there into her fallopian tubes.
All the girls attending boot camp were placed on the pill (mostly to prevend periods during training) but this girl had only been on it since she had arrived and it had not taken effect yet. Unbeknownst to her she was ovulating and this black man had just bathed her egg in his potent sperm, fathering a child with this little white slut.
The Marine Corps would not let recruits who were pregnant ship to training, but the ones who became pregnant were allowed to finish training and graduate. In Browns case they had noticed her pregnancy before the next Saturday.


The author sure did their research on the USMC, but when's the guro gonna show up? Will the girls die in combat after finishing bootcamp?


A cann scene would have been epic. Oh well.


Woah there! Dude, read the stickied post, then edit and repost this story. Walls of text are nearly unreadable.

And trust me, most people are not going to struggle through a story posted like this to see if it's any good.

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