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Dana watched, transfixed as her sister Holly was snuffed by her brother. She wasn't sure, but she thought she saw her sister cumming as she died. She definately came watching it, climaxing when Virgil slit Holly's throat. Dana was definately aroused by the thought of being snuffed, but she knew she had to have children first. She had been doing her best, fucking whenever she got the chance. She had not gotten pregnant yet. She had just had her most recent period a week ago. It had started to come regularly, so she was hopeful she could have her first baby soon.
That night Dana crept into Virgil's room, sliently the naked elevin year old slipped under the covers with him and began to stroke his cock. Virgil woke up from a half sleep to find his young sister playing with his cock. He smiled and pulled her up on top of him. Leaning her head down she began to kiss her brother, an act which he wholeheartedly reciprocated. As the two siblings kissed his cock rose to full hardness. He reached down and moved it to the entrance to his sister's pussy, and she began to push back on it. They kept on kissing as she slid completely back on Virgils hard shaft, and he rolled her over.
As he began to slowly thrust in and out she looked up at him and said, "I love you Virgil."
He smiled back, "I love you too, sis."
She felt a shiver run down her back at the mention of them being related. She began to think how sexy it would be to have her brothers baby, and how sexy it was to have his bare penis inside her.
The girl was young, her hips had only just begun to widen, and her titties were tiny. But that was ok with Virgil, he loved to fuck young girls, their pussies were so tight that he couldn't help but cum in them.
"You're so sexy Dana."
All of a sudden Virgil started to really force his cock deep with sharp strokes, she felt her brothers cock twitch and giggled a little as she knew that he was cumming inside her.
Her sated brother rolled off of her and onto his back, and she curled up next to him, throwing one leg over his and pressing her pussy against his thigh. As the two lovers drifted off to sleep she thought about how much she loved her brother.
The next morning at breakfast she came down in one of his tank tops and boxers. Her father noticed and smiled approvingly. He was glad she was taking care of her brother.
"Virgil, now that you've started fucking Dana, are you going to get her on birth control."
"No dad, I love feeling bare fertile pussy on my cock. It just feels so good to knock up a little slut."
Dana blushed since she knew they were discussing her. Virgil reached over and pulled her to him, sitting her on his lap. Reaching up he turned her head to him and kissed her. She felt like a toy as her brother manhandled her, but she liked the feeling. He reached up to feel her slightly budding chest and the young girl leaned back into him.
Virgil could take no more and picked up his baby sister and carried her to his room. Laying her down on his bed, he pulled off the shirt and boxers she had on. Looking down on her naked form, he thought how lucky he was to have such a sexy little vixen for a sister. Pulling off his clothes, he lay down on top of her, kissing her again, as his cockhead began to slide along her hairless pussy lips. She grabbed it with one hand and guided the head into her tight young, pussy.
"I love you Dana"
"I love you too big brother," she coyly said up to him.
The mention of their relationship made his cock get even harder, and he began to slide into her depths, using his cum from last night as lube.
When his cock was fully inside his sister he began thrusting back and forth, kissing and feeling her tight young body. Soon he felt his orgasm rising, and he pushed his cock deep, until the head of it was kissing her cervix. She felt him hold her tight and push himself as far as possible inside her. She embraced him deeply and stroked his back as she felt each powerful spurt of sister impregnating cum flow deep into her pussy. She felt a shudder as her big brother did his best to impregnate her.

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