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There's no gore in this first post.


"I hate them. I want them to suffer." Aron, my friend and coworker, had just witnessed his lab vandalized.

"You want to kill them?" I poured him more wine.

"Ha! I wish I could! I want to hurt them forever and ever!"

"I know how it is. I've been beaten, violated, lied to and about." I downed another glass. Drunk tongues speak sober thoughts. "Yeah, you're not the only one."

"You boys need to get over yourselves." Eli the redhead cuddled with her raven-haired girlfriend, Shenaa, who was also Aron's girl. Both lean and curvy, with firm asses and big tits.

"Hey, it's not impossible. We've all talked about it before. It's why I came to this field."

"To torture people?" Shenaa had grown very tired of yet used to her boyfriend and I ranting about all the ways it could be done. We were working with stem cells afterall. Shenaa was also well versed in physics, like myself, but all of us focused on biology.

But really, we pushed drugs. We were able to make several times our legal funding, as long as we didn't bite that hands that fed. My 3 coworkers didn't know I had other friends with scarier connections. Without them, I wouldn't have been anyone, and without me, my coworkers wouldn't have made any real progress.

"To make people last forever," I drank and slammed my glass, "for better and worse." I could feel everyone thinking back on my loss, several years ago, that I'll never be over.

The room was quiet. As angry as my innocent friend Aron was, nobody had anything like my hatred. I walked over to the immortal rat,who had grown rather fond of us despite discomfort now and then.

"How long are you going to just stare at him? Tell me again that you'd never hurt him." Eli voiced her concern again.

"No, I won't spell it out for you as I have before. I love this mouse."

"It's a-"


They were quiet. Eli tood up and left. Shenaa sighed and went with her, looking back at me and saying "Really?" before walking out.

"Douchebag!" Eli yelled from outside as she lit cig. I hardly shrugged. Aron just stared at me.

"What was that?" He stood up. "You're going to scream at my girlfriend? dude, you're a-"


"What? No-"

"Follow me." I walked outside. Aron was simply appalled.

"You suck so bad." He said as I passed the ladies. "If I'm dead, he killed me." He told them.

"Where are you guys going?" Shenaa raised an eyebrow.

"Don't go with him." Eli demanded.

"Come with me." I told them. "All of you." I got in the car and neither girl had moved and Aron was standing outside of it. "Or don't." I started driving, and they immediately started shouting and waving. The 3 trio caught up.

"ughhh." Eli sighed. "Where are we going?"

"To see the Illuminati." I half-joked.

The ride was long.

"Are we going to the lab." Shenaa asked as we neared it.

"Not ours." Ten minutes later we passed it.

We approached a large building with armed guards wearing all black. Everything was black except the bright white lights shining at us.

"Darius, I'm scared!" Yes, I know.

"It's OK, Shay." A guard came up to me and I showed him my I.D.

"Darius Perlni, its been some time. Who are they?" the guard recognized me. I had trouble placing him. Not my fault they all worse black everything and blended with the walls.

"A joint operation, I want to speak with Alexander. They can wait here, if you wish."

No way." Aron had questions. "Where are we? What is this place? Who's Alex?"

"Get out of my car." I told them.

"Are you shitting me?"

"Do it." They were all still. "NOW!" Event eh guard was taken aback. They all jumped out.

"Was that really necessary?" The trio looked at the armed doorman speaking in their defense.

"I'm sorry, truly. I'm just short of patience right now." I walked to the gate and was let through. I had no doubt they'd actually get along fine.

Ah, these cold halls. One checkpoint after another. Private ventures were a beautiful thing. And everything here was technically legal. Probably.

Okay, there was occasionally drug use and sodomy or other petty crimes.

While my team was focused on biological improvement, this place was where cybernetics took place. Particle physics, lasers, many other things.

"Darius, what's this about? Do you know the hour?"

"Alexander, happy to see you too my friend!"

"I'm working." The old German immigrant was gruff as always. He had the same hatred I did.

"You're always working." I tucked my hair behind my ears. "I want to know how molecular mastery is coming along. We have rat that won't die."

"You interrupt my research for a rodent? I'm not an exterminator!"

"I'm going to hire kidnappers. I want to keep a lady alive indefinitely. I want to protect her cells from being destroyed too quickly. I have not the hear to torture this mouse."

He was quiet and then sighed. "Those days are behind me."

"Oh, come on friend, remember all those backstabbing wenches we had fun hurting!" I recalled the days we had police departments kidnap rebellious girls who stole my pot, promised to fuck me in exchange for drugs and then ran off.

He stared at me. "Follow me." We went to his darkest, deepest lab.

He flipped a light switch on. There was a giant gun. A big fucking cannon, pointed at a wall. In the entire room was a single button and a dense square about foot wide and half an inch thick.

"Wear these." He handed me some goggles.

After I had them on, he pressed the button and it was, of course, a giant laser. Not the most powerful I'd ever seen, but strong enough to melt almost anything. He slipped it off only after what felt like a year but was only minutes. Hardly a millimeter dent was made.

"If we can find a way to wrap this material around internal organs..."

"You could survive a moment dunked in acid, if your skull is made of it. This is an invincible material. Here..." He brought me to another room, which appeared to be an armory filled with prototypes. "This is similar. Not as strong, but still powerful, and far more flexible. I've pondered its use as clothes." He gave me a skeptical look. "you really think you can pull that off? Inside of a belly?"

"We can only try... Tell them not of my plans, but I have 3 co-"

"Yes I heard. Bringing them unannounced like this... ugh." We stared at each other, me smiling. "Fine."

Aron, Shenaa, and Eli were all escorted. They were red eyed.

"Were you crying? It's okay guys..."

"No the guard smoked us out..."

"Oh good, then you'll be more amiable to what we can do. I want you guys in on this. We're going to do some insane surgery."

And that was the beginning of the end...


Oh alright, this is gonna be good.


I'm intrigued! More?


Would be nice if that laser was involved in the surgery >:)


"This is far from what I'm well versed in..."

"Again, that's why they're here. We're not asking you for... I'm not asking you to do our jobs, we need electric and magnetic shields. Something only specialized potential weapons that you make might resemble."

Alexander took me aside, leaving my friends in his lab with the laser.

"You know there's a reason I don't allow phones or other tech in here."

"You mean, you're paranoid."

"The government and wanton hackers have proven themselves credible threats."

"And your biggest clients. Still, I take your point. You're worried that if you show me a thing and I use it, eventually others will get a hold of it. That's why we're bringing it to you." I turned to the door. "Let me bring the trio down here. Another day, we'll have prisoners they don't understand. They'll come around."

"Darius, I'm not okay with talking people into something they want to not do." Alex was always keen on avoiding unwarranted risks.

"They're on board, they just don't know it yet. One grew up being raped, just around the corner from where we grew up." I recalled Eli telling of a time she was groped.
"Another hates her home town, wants nothing more than to eradicate it." The last part maybe was an exaggeration, but Shenaa had seen some fucked up shit, being a mutt in a bad place. It definitely left its mark.
"Alex, you know... we both want to push this. We want immortality. If we can get some shields and repairs on this nanoscopic level... We can become anything, maybe gods, a hundred years from now. Before anyone can just buy this, before the corporations' labs or the intelligence agencies or the other dedicated scientists. We're in the midst of a many fractioned technological cold war and have our own personal ambitions. Will you really let faceless monsters-"

"Like us? No. But now you're talking about besting others."

"I'm not saying we have single handedly defeat every other person with the same ambitions, who knows, maybe we'll work with some current rivals. But for now, just the power to hurt lesser beings who think themselves greater than us is a power we have, and the power to keep them and our loved ones alive is a power perhaps within reach." I grabbed the doorknob. "I'm meeting with my friends outside, so give us clearance or consider yourself not in this project."

"Fine, they can join, but I'll tell them nothing, and be sure you tell them not too much."

"They'll see our collection of corpses. One day." Within the week.
They were all really into horror and truly seemed the sort... but it's always hard to predict how someone will act their first time.

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