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Frat Snuff Party
M+g(12), MF, torture, debreasting, womb removal, incest, snuff

Clara pulled up at the frat house and turned to her daughter. "You sure you want to do this?"
"Yes, mom I'm old enough to make my own decisions now."
Sara was 12 and starting to look more like a woman than a little girl. Perky B cups, spreading hips, long legs and a skinny waist on the 4'11" girl. Dressed in a short tank top that threatened to show off some underboob if she moved too quickly, and cut off jeans that barely covered anything, she looked like a tease. She, however loved sex and most men who were bold enough didn't get a tease, they got to fuck the little tart. Her mom had gotten her condoms, but she loved the feel of bare cock inside her, and loved when men came deep in her pussy.
The frat house they had pulled up to was gearing up for Friday night and Sara was eager to get passed around and fucked all night long.
Clara on the other hand, had had enough of her daughter risking pregancy, she didn't mind her being a slut, but didn't want any little babies running around.
She headed back home, knowing that she wouldn't see Sara again.
Sara headed into the party smiling at the approving looks she got. When she got to the door a young college student opened it for her. She smiled provocatively at him ad stepped inside. She was immediately grabbed by two other students and brought dowstairs to the basement. She reveled at the manhandling, she loved being 'forced' and did not resist much. They roughly removed her clothes and laid her on a table and strapped her down; this was kinky, but she did not mind. When she felt the first cock at her drooling pussy she was almost panting with excitement. As the upperclassman pushed himself into her tight young pussy, she mewled and whimpered with pleasure.
Overcum with the eroticness of fucking a 12 year old, he soon came, and was replaced by another. She came hard feeling his cum deep in her slutty little pussy.
Grabbing a beer he moved around to the head of the table. He bagan to fondle her little titties, and leaned down to suck on one.
She loved having her tits sucked, and moaned into it.
Her pleasure was cut short when he visciously bit down on her nipple, provoking a scream from the girl. Her cunt clamped down on the man inside her causing him to spray his cum deep in the little slut.
As the older boy pulled away from her tit, she looked down to see bloody toothmarks around her nipple. It seemed like he was trying to rip it from her body. This was not what she was expecting.
Her breath froze in her throat as she saw the glint of the cutting edge of a hunting kife. The senior had pulled it out of somewhere and was bringing it down to her chest. Tied up as she was she was unable to do anything but watch as he brought the sharp end under her uninjured tit. Sara was scared now.
She screamed again as he brutally grabbed her breast and started sawing it away from her body. The sharp knife made quick work of that tit, and then he brought it to the other. Soon that one joined it's sister on the floor.
Staring down at the gaping holes where her perky tits had been she didn't notice that men kept fucking her. She was in a world of pain that she didn't think could get any worse. She wondered how she would explain this if she ever saw her parents again.
Suddenly she was jerked back to the present. She had not noticed her iner labia being pulled out, but she definately noticed when that knife began removing them from her body. Slowly cutting up one side, stopping just under her clit, then moving to the other side and equally slowly slicing that to just under her clit. Then taking both labia in hand he pulled them out, and with a flick of his wrist, severed her clit from her body.
She had screamed herself hoarse from this abuse, but found a new voice when the knife was plunged into her belly and drug across it. Reaching in, the senior pulled her womb up and carved it out of her belly.
She was losing blood rapidly at this point, and barely even moved when she was stabbed in the pussy. The upperclassman stood back and watched as the young slut bled to death. He decided that their new dungeon was definately christened the right way.

Back home Clara walked in and Ben looked up at her. "Did you drop her off?"
"I sure did."
"I didn't know if you were going chicken out."
"Nope, if the little slut wants to get fucked, she's gettig fucked all the way."
Ben smiled, remembering how Sara had sucked his dick to be allowed to go.
"Well, you know the deal"
Clara nodded, already undressing. She and Ben headed out back, and she got down on all fours, as Ben eased into her, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. When he approached his climax, he jerked his knife across her throat. The spasms of her pussy as she died sent him over the edge and he sprayed his cum deep inside Claras cunt.
As he lay on top of her cooling body, he couldn't help but think that of all his sisters, Clara was definately the kinkiest


We need more incest/snuff stories! Great writting btW


Great little story.


fantastic work

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