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Dick Girl Incest, Impregnation and Snuff
A Dick Girls of Gahoul Story
Herm, inc, preg, snuff, implied can

Pixie and Trixie were twins. Identicle twins basically. But everyone on Gahoul was identicle with their line. Pixie and Trixie were Snowflakes; one of the four races of dickgirl on their planet. All the dickgirls were beautiful, large tits, tight pussies, and above that, a nice big cock.
Now the four races cooperated most of the time, but when it came mating time each month, they hunted down and fucked each other. And the sex always ended up with a pregnancy.
So Pixie and Trixie were identicle, but they were also twins. They had shared a womb together, which made them sisters.
It was almost mating time, and the two had a very kinky plan.
"Damn, you look hot, Pixie."
"Thanks Trixie, you look good enough to eat."
Trixie giggled at the double entendre.
"Come here you little slut," said Pixie, bending over.
Trixie looked at the sight of her sisters wet pussy, with its large cock and balls hanging in front of it, and quickly made her way behind her sister. Sliding in her own hefty cock, she inserted her tongue in the hole behing Pixies neck and down to her honeypot.
"Hey," protested Pixie, "You weren't supposed to do that!" But since her sisters cock was balls deep in her, she wasn't able to move or resist.
Trixie, for her part, was just enjoying the fun. Slowly grinding her cock in her sister, she drank her fill of honey. Dickgirls can only drink a little bit at a time, to prevent them from gaining too much, or losing too much when they were fucked.
"Sorry, it just tastes so good. Besides, it's not like you won't get it back."
"Yeah...pant...I guess...pant...your right." Pixie was close to having her own orgasm from feeing her sisters cock in her. The thought of her getting pregnant by her own sister was so taboo that it had them both close to orgasm.
"Oh yeah sis, gonna knock you up good. You're gonna have my baby."
"Oh goddess, yes! Do it! Knock me up with your little incest baby!"
Suddenly Trixie stiffened and buried her cock balls deep in her sister. Holding her hips tight to keep her buried to the hilt, she shot her load deep in her sister.
"Here's your baby sis! I'm knocking you up right now!"
"It's so hot, I can feel your cum in my pussy! God I love this feeling!" Pixie came hard feeling her sister knock her up, shooting her useless load on the ground. She realized that she would have to do this more often; even though she knew what that meant. Dickgirls who got fucked more often then not, got smaller and smaller, until they sprouted a pair of wings. Usually at that point they got swallowed by larger dick girls for the little amount of honey they had.
That thought brought her back to reality, namely the reality of what was going to happen to Trixie.
Ok sis, I held up my end of the bargain, now time for you to.
Trixie was having definate second thoughts.
"I'm not sure I want to go through with this. How about I just let you knock me up next time?"
"No deal sis, I'm hungry."
Trixie was looking around for an escape route, but her sister was too fast. She quickly reached down and shoved her hand in Trixies cunt. Now it was Trixie who couldn't move. With her one free hand Pixie tied up Trixie and secured her to the picnic table outside.
"Please don't, I changed my mind, I don't want to die!" Trixie was in tears, begging for her life, but Pixie was not having it.
"Don't be a little bitch. The fire is already on, and this pole is going through you and then you are going over the fire."
"I'm scared. What if it hurts?"
"Oh, you silly little slut, of course it will hurt."
Trixie was full on bawling now, and Pixie was tired of hearing it, so she took the pole and brutally shoved it in her sisters pussy. Feeling the cold steel made her cock stand up at attention, and when it ripped open her cervix and thrust into her womb, it seemed to get harder.
Trixie could hardly believe she was turned on by this. It hurt so bad but her cock was rock hard. When the pole tore a hole in the top of her womb and began punching its way through her guts, she was almost out of her mind with pain, screaming and crying; but so, so hard.
Suddenly her screams were cut off, the pole had reached the back of her throat. She obediently tilted her head back as the tip began to come out her mouth. Her teeth clicked on the metal as she stared at the foot and a half protruding from her mouth.
Pixie opened the little holes that would let air in and suddenly Trixie could breath again. The anal stabilizer suddenly stretched her ass, and slid home, hitting her prostate. Then she felt her feet being tied to the pole.
She felt the pole being lifted by the pully and she was swung over the fire. The heat was painful, but she had some relief when Pixie wrapped a wet towel around her head.
Suddenly she begain to realize that she was fucking herself on the pole. There she was, dieing by being spit roasted by her own sister, in terrible pain, and she was getting off on it. With a moan she felt herself cumming on the pole, her pussy clamping down on her instrument of death and her cock spurting into the fire, making a hiss as her cum was vaporized.
She stayed hard and came two more times before the heat claimed her.
Pixie watched her dieing sister and rubbed her belly, feeling where her sisters baby would be growing soon.

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