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Space Goo

"Holy shit! Jay Cooper! I can't believe it!" groaned Alice as she stood topless in the cheerleader changing room and adjusted her makeup.

"Believe it," said Jennifer with a smirk, "Tonight at Serene Lake Lookout. Full moon, clear sky, bright stars, perfect view of the meteor shower."

"The star quarterback that single-handedly won us the championship last year, and he's been available for six months. Who hasn't made a pass at him? What have you got that the rest of us don't?"

"Oh, gosh, I don't know. Maybe it's..."

"On second thought, don't answer that. Damn you, Jennifer. What do you eat to make your tits so big?"

Jennifer bounced her bare breasts in her hands. "Just good genetics, I guess."

"Well, you've got to tell us everything. Finally one of the cheerleaders is getting with him, so we're all going to want to know how it went."

"Oh come on. It's just a date, Alice. What are you expecting? An invasion of space aliens?"

"Tiffany heard from Sarah that Jay's cock is absolutely enormous."

"Don't tell me you believe a stupid rumor like that."

"Just find out if it's true and report back, okay?"

Hours later, with meteors streaking overhead, Jennifer and Jay only had eyes for each other. They lay in the back seat of his convertible with the top down, their lips pressed together, and his hands on her sweater. The park was dark at midnight and their clifftop vantage point meant that they were surrounded by stars on all sides.

She sat straddling him, slowly rubbing her crotch against his thigh while her hand stroked his muscular chest. She moaned and licked her lips as she pulled back to gaze down at him.

With a single smooth motion, she pulled her sweater off over her head. Her bare breasts bounced free, looking pale in the moonlight.

"Wow," gasped Jay, his blue eyes growing huge as he stared at her naked breasts.

She laughed and grinned down at him. "Yeah, these are boobs alright."

He rubbed the back of his head and grinned awkwardly. "Uh, you know I asked you out because I like your personality, right?"

"Liar." She rested her hands on her firm, round breasts. "For one, I asked you out. For another, everyone knows I've got the best tits on the cheerleading squad. You don't have to pretend you weren't thinking about them. I'm proud of them."

"You're like a movie star," he said breathily, the front of his pants pushing up from his erection, "They're like too good to be true. They are real, aren't they?"

"Oh yeah, they're real." Jennifer giggled and took his hands by the wrists to guide them to her chest. "Feel for yourself. Real and flawless."

With him squeezing her breasts, she lowered her hands to his jeans and unzipped him.

"Whoa," gasped Jennifer, "They weren't kidding! You're enormous!"

"Best hung in the locker room by a long shot," he said with a smirk, "I thought everyone knew."

"I'd never have believed your cock was this big without seeing it myself."

"Care to give it a test drive?"

"Hell yes!"

They scrambled out of the rest of their clothes, and she lay back on the seat so Jay could kneel between her legs with a hand on each of her thighs and the tip of his erection pressed against her vulva.

"Oh, holy shit! So big!" she moaned as he pushed into her.

The world exploded around them in a blinding flash of light and a roar of thunder as a meteor slammed into the cliff beneath them, blasting the car into the air.

Jennifer jerked awake lying face down and naked in a smoking crater.

"Jay? Jay!"

She scrambled to her feet. The ground was hot and cracked and she felt it crumbling under her bare feet as she walked.

"Whoa. What the...?" Jennifer blinked as she noticed a translucent green liquid bubbling up through a crack in the ground.

She backed away and started walking in a different direction, only to find her path blocked again by another flow of bubbling fluid.

"Okay... Weird. Hey, can anyone hear me?"

She started to run as more and more green goo appeared around her.

The earth crumbled beneath her foot and she tumbled forward, landing face-first on the ground and smacking her forehead.

Jennifer came back to her senses moments later to find her breasts buried deep in warm green goo.

She shrieked and pushed herself off the ground, climbing to her feet with a wobble. She gaped down at her slimy breasts.

"My tits!"

She tried to wipe the goo from her chest, but her fingers sank straight into her breasts, like warm, sticky gelatin.

She trembled as she watched the shadowy outlines of her fingers moving inside the gooey flesh of her breasts, causing the thick fluid to quiver and bounce.

She yanked her hands out, and thick lines of dripping slime clung to her fingertips, dribbling from her breasts.

Jennifer screamed as she shook the slime from her hands. "No! No, this can't be happening!"

She scrambled through the moonlit night, her gooey breasts bouncing wildly and dripping in globs as she went.

"This is a dream. It's all a dream, a very bad dream. I just need to..."

She yelped as the earth crumbled under her foot and she went sliding down a hill of loose, cracked soil. She screamed as she saw the deep pool of slime at the bottom.

Jennifer splashed feet-first into the pool, warm green fluid surrounding her completely, soaking into every inch of her skin and squirming its way up her butt and deep into her vagina.

Jay woke up on the ground with the car flipped over on top of him. He groaned and opened one of the doors so he could crawl out.

He dusted off his naked body and called, "Jennifer? Hey, where are you? Jennifer?"

"Shit. Where did my clothes go?"

He felt around in the darkness inside the car.

"Damn it. They must have been blasted somewhere."

He peered around the moonlight park and picked his way carefully through the darkness, trying to avoid sharp stones on his bare feet.

A giggle rang through the cool air and he spotted the shimmer of moonlight dancing across the wet body of a naked woman.

"Jennifer? Is that you? Hey, Jennifer!"

She ran away before he could get a good look at her, and giggled off into the night.

"Come back! Where are you going? Have you seen our clothes?"

His penis was quickly rock hard as he saw flashes of moonlight across her gleaming bare body. His massive shaft slapped heavily against his thighs as he ran.

"Jennifer? Jenn-"

He gasped, her name caught halfway in his throat as his eyes went huge. He saw a woman made entirely of thick, translucent green fluid, her body wet and shiny, dripping bits of itself onto the ground as she ran. Even her hair was just gleaming slime taking the shape of hair, jiggling in ways real hair never would.

"I must be crazy. This can't be real."

He followed the sound of her giggles to a grassy clearing and found her sitting on a smooth round rock at the end of a slime trail. She laughed and grinned at him, then reached up and cupped her large breasts as she wiggled her hips.

"You can't be Jennifer, but you look just like her. Those tits..."

The slime girl spread her gleaming translucent legs and raised her hips, showing her moist, dripping vulva.

"Holy shit," groaned Jay as he stared at her for a long moment, watching her wiggle in front of him.

Finally he took hold of his throbbing erection and stepped between her legs. His shaft slide into her so easily, her insides slick and translucent. He could see his shaft inside her by looking through her belly.

She had no vagina. His erection simply pushed through her gooey body like sinking into a moist and sticky pudding. It was very warm and the slime clung to his skin.

Jay tried to grab her breast, but his fingers sank into her instead. He quickly pulled his hand back and shook off the slime.

She squirmed and arched her back. He watched her beautiful shiny body as he pumped his shaft into her. It took only a few minutes before he groaned and felt his sperm rushing into her.

The slime girl giggled and sighed, grinning at him.

When he pulled his penis out of her, he gaped down at it and lost his balance, falling backward onto his butt.

"What?! No! No, no!"

He grabbed his penis with both hands, but his fingers sank into slick, translucent green flesh.

"My dick! No!" he sobbed.

The slime girl stepped from the stone and came toward him, her arms spread for a hug, a huge grin on her face.

"No! Get away from me!" he howled, and then ran off into the night as fast as he could go, slimy bits of goo dripping from his jiggling erection.

Jennifer giggled as she watched him run with translucent eyes, then she turned and walked back toward the crater. Soon she was surrounded by jiggling translucent trees dripping little rivers of slime from their amorphous leaves. She weighed her breasts in each hand and found that they had gotten smaller from all the slime she'd dripped. She reached into one of the rivers of slime and pulled out a handful, then she slapped the fresh slime onto her chest and began carefully sculpting larger breasts for herself.

Jay staggered up to a hospital, panting for breath and naked. His feet were caked with dirt and his erection was still as hard as ever, standing upright but jiggling like jelly.

"Help. Help me." His voice was weak and small, barely more than a whisper.

He fell to the ground as nurses rushed out to help him. He was put onto a stretcher and carried to the emergency room.

When Dr. Anderson saw him, her blue eyes grew huge. "What in the world?"

"Doctor, what is this?" said one of the nurses, gesturing to Jay's penis.

"Give him a mild sedative and put him in a private room. I'll figure something out."

Minutes later, Jay was lying naked and uncovered on a hospital bed, groaning softly. Dr. Anderson opened the door and stepped quietly into the room.

"Incredible," she whispered, and then started taking photos with her phone. "No one is ever going to believe this."

She pulled a ruler out of her pocket and set it along his shaft. "12 inches! Amazing!"

With trembling fingertips she gently touched his erection. The thick slime flowed around her touch, and her fingers slid inside him, then out the other side of his shaft, drawing out a trail of slime.

"Doctor?" moaned Jay, half-opening his eyes. "What are you doing?"

"Your penis feels amazing. What on Earth happened to it?"

"I don't know. I think it was an alien from the meteor. It was crazy. She looked like my friend."

"Try to relax. You're not making any sense."

The doctor unbuttoned her white coat to reveal a red blouse and short skirt. She climbed onto Jay's bed to straddle his legs and lean down to get a closer look at his shaft.

She put the fingers of both hands into his erection and started stroking through his length, stirring up the slime inside his shaft.

Jay groaned and arched his back, his muscular body tensing as his erection jerked and jiggled. "Doctor? What...?"

Dr. Anderson licked her lips and opened her blouse, revealing a flat belly and huge, firm breasts with small pink nipples.

"Holy shit!" groaned Jay, his mouth dropping open as he stared at her breasts.

Anderson laughed and squeezed one of her breasts. "You like these, don't you? Just relax while I examine your condition."

She put both hands back into his shaft, grinning and moaning in excitement as she squished and pulled and kneaded his slimy liquid flesh.

In moments Jay's body quivered and a jet of slime shot out from his erection spraying onto Anderson's breasts and covering her smooth skin with slick wet slime. As he slumped and panted for breath, Anderson pulled her hands back with bits of Jay's erection coming to pieces between her fingers. What was left of Jay's penis dripped into a puddle on his lap.

"Oops. Looks like I was too rough with it."

Anderson moaned and rubbed the slime into her breast as she climbed off the bed, squishing pieces of Jay's penis against her nipples.

"Wow. This slime feels amazing!"

"My dick! What have you done to me?"

"Sorry about that. You were beyond the help of medical science anyway," said Anderson as she went through the open door into the little connected bathroom to wash her hands.

As a mix of soap and slime washed down the sink from Anderson scrubbing her slender fingers, a slime-covered round object fell into the sink with a solid thump.

"Huh? What?"

Anderson picked up the object and found it firm but yielding when she squeezed it. She wiped off some of the slime and found writing on the object's otherwise translucent surface.

"550cc?" Anderson gasped and her eyes grew huge. "But this is...! No, no, this is impossible!"

She dropped the breast implant into the sink and staggered backward into the room, looking down at her slime-covered chest just in time to see her remaining implant slide out of her body a thump onto the floor.

"No!" she screamed and clutched her breasts, her hands sinking completely through the translucent green flesh to touch her flat chest beneath. "No, this is impossible! What have you done to me?"

Outside the hospital, a river of thick green slime was slowly flooding the streets.


I like it! Goo for everyone!


Frankly, they deserve this. Too stupid to live.

Well written tho

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