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Just a short moment ago, he was at the bar, alone. Pounding back his own pathetic sorrows with vodka and gin, ever ashamed of his inability to ever find the right person and have sex. His friends teased him back at the university: “virgin.” Which, ordinarily would not have bothered the man much, but he was quickly on the path to twenty-four and he was ever aware of his age combined with his lack of experience.

Lucas Ledford, known to his friends as Luke, wasn’t exactly unattractive. He had an uncontrolled brown mop for a hairdo and didn’t put much effort into his wardrobe, but he had strong features. Dazzling blue eyes, a boyish upturned nose, and full lips lightly surrounded by little blonde whiskers. It took him awhile for puberty to really set in (his voice only just broke at seventeen) but his looks were starting to settle in. Unfortunately for the young man, he was also rather short at only 5’7” – and his tiny dick didn’t help matters much.

One could imagine his surprise, then, when someone came on to him that night. Luke could have sworn he had hit the jackpot. A woman approached him at the bar, a beautiful woman, that bought him drink after drink after drink. She had the most dazzling features – crystal-like blue eyes, gorgeous black hair, the most luscious lips imaginable, and the most perfect body form he’d ever seen. This woman was older, for sure, and he thought that maybe that was why she refused to tell him her name. But the youth was ever so turned on by this woman’s charm (and the drinks were helping, too) that he couldn’t resist asking her to follow him to his apartment. She accepted.

Now, here they were, her smiling at him teasingly as he stripped down to his Hanes white briefs. He was worried that that might turn her off – after all, most of the guys his age had “graduated” to something higher than the most basic of basic. But the woman rose from her seat on the bed and gently placed her hand on the cloth that just barely protected his privates. He was slightly embarrassed at the wet precum that soaked through his briefs instantly as she touched him.

“Luke,” she whispered into his ear, nibbling a little bit at the lobe. The young man moaned as his lips parted in a delicate smile. That was the first time anyone had said his name right – such delicate desire, copious amounts of sensuality that was enough to give him a permanent hardon. “Luke,” whispered the woman again, her hand slightly bending back the tight briefs that protected his bulging manhood.

“Oh,” he groaned softly as her finger slid underneath his foreskin, tugging it up and down across his head. The young man knew he had to be careful – as a virgin, it was likely for him to reach orgasm with even the slightest bit of stimulation. Resist, he begged himself, bucking his hips in place as she played with his member curiously. “B-Be careful,” warned Luke, turning his head to face his lover.

“Of what?”

“I’m a- uh- a virgin,” whispered Luke so low that he wasn’t even sure she heard him. There was a quick silence between the two before the woman started giggling. He blushed at the sound of her voice and squirmed a bit as she placed her hand firm on his ass.

“In that case, let’s do things a bit differently,” she giggled, fingering her index finger deep into his ass. Luke gasped and resisted at first but soon relaxed, smiling at the pleasure he began to feel. With her free hand, she pulled a strap-on out from her purse and rubbed it against his thigh. Luke bit his lip as he saw that monster of a cock – a dildo – and was slightly embarrassed when he realized that the thing was much bigger than his own.

“Relax,” whispered the woman, as she brought the dildo up and placed it snuggly into the crack of his ass. “If you just let it happen, you’ll experience pleasure like you could never imagine.”

The boy normally would have been to afraid to try something so risqué. He was a traditional man that had never even once played with his own ass – why would he let some woman he had never met before impale him with one of those things? But the alcohol was starting to take over, subduing his inhibitions, and yearning for that special kind of pleasure she promised.

He allowed her to place herself behind him – the way the man normally would – and allowed her to slip the dildo into his ass. Luke screamed out at first, tears forming in his eyes as he took the unexpected pain, but after that thing started to get going, he couldn’t deny that that pain had a certain arousing quality to it.

Luke moaned as the dildo slid in and out of himself, choking back a cry here and there as she clung to his naked self from behind. It was a feeling he had never experienced before – a certain lust and fulfillment as the fake cock pressed against his insides, striking hard on his prostate. Luke screamed as he brought his face to hers, smiling happily, whispering in her ear that he was about to come. “I-I’m gonna-“

But before he could finish his sentence, Luke saw a small blade enter his peripheral vision. He didn’t think much of it at the time – and closed his eyes as he prepared to spill his seed as she continued to fuck him. He screamed out in pleasure as he felt his body release; but that cry soon turned to one of horror as he saw blood mixed with his own come fly into the air and splash him in the face. The blade had sliced through Luke’s penis and severed it instantly. His groin suddenly felt cold, damp, missing.

Luke howled in agony as the blade was brought down. Even with his eyes closed, the sound of the heavy chop was enough to make him scream like a child. There was blood – he could feel the slow but steady pool of blood pump out of the stump. He couldn’t open his eyes just yet, he couldn’t acknowledge this most scarring mutilation. His pride and joy had been sliced off in less than a second – he wouldn’t ever be able to experience the warmth of his hand around his cock, nor would he ever feel the pulse of another around his own.

The youth cried out as a searing fire pressed down on his cock stump, smoldering smoke and the smell of his own burning flesh enough to make him vomit. Luke opened his eyes and saw the hot end of a burner exit from his groin -which was no longer bleeding- and saw his amputated penis twitching on the floor a few feet ahead of him, remains of semen trickling out of his slit. “No,” Luke cried out, hobbling down on his knees and reaching out for his prize.

“We wouldn’t want our prize to bleed out,” the woman laughed as she knelt down and scooped up the severed dick in front of him. She wasted no time and pressed the hot end of the burner against the severed edge of his mangled manhood. The penis twitched uncontrollably in her hand, acting as if it were still trying to pump out a juice that no longer existed. Luke cried out in horror as she tossed the dick over to him, landing right onto his lap, completely stiff and firm as a result of the cauterization. He clasped his left hand around his cock, his right delicately squeezing his frustrated balls, weeping as he foolishly tried to reconnect his genitals. The woman laughed at his pathetic display.

That was when he realized that it was over – that was his last orgasm in tact, possibly the only one he’d have with another human being for the rest of his life. His manhood had been destroyed; all that remained was a firm relic of the tissue that had once given him his most joy. It had only just been this morning that his hand was wrapped around his cock, pumping gingerly into the air, moaning as his seed spilled into the air as he fantasized about the latest woman stuck in his mind. That would never happen again.

He weeped for hours before he finally began to lose consciousness. The woman that had mutilated him disappeared into the night, never to be heard from again. Room service quickly discovered the poor youth and called for his family and friends as he was rushed to the emergency room. Though the surgeons did what they could for Luke – he had about an inch remaining when fully erect and didn’t need a reroute - the cauterization of his penis made them unable to reattach his most prized possession.

Sometimes, Luke wished he still could have remained a virgin.

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