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"Her name was Faith. Her ass was red. So was her face.
Her wrists were bound to her opposing elbows in a straight jacket. What else. Oh. And her tits were small, but her nipples. Jeeze. Big and long."

"The one with holes for her breasts, that one?"

"Yeah except this time, dig this, they were that small. She was flat chested, I mean the boob fat was there... barely. We decided to tie her nipples."

"Her fault for not having boobs. So what did they do before you showed up, with her ass like that."

"Well, they spanked her. A lot. But they saved her for me to rape."


"That wasn't originally their intention, ha, no. No, it cost me quite some rounds. But you know them, more about the process of inflicting pain than anything. Psycho cultists. I just enjoy being alive!" The 2 men laughed, along with various consorts, though one was a naked young blobde girl forced to laugh.

"Call it what you will. You know sadism is the point."

The redhead girl they were sitting on cried. "Please sir. - ow....." She was interrupted by a single spank. Her own ass was red, not from spankings. Red from blood, it had many needles poking out of it. Her bottom had become a pin cushion.


Her ass shook. Her whole body shook. Her arms gave in and she fell. The man sitting on neck stood up, pressing his boot into her neck, especially throat side. The other man, who was still sitting on her lowerback, presses a cigar into her anus. She screamed. Her feet pounded the floor.

"PLEASE PLEASE SIR I'M SORRY AHHHH OH I'M SOK SORRR EE WAAHHAAA!" She was met with another spank to the side of her ass, needles bouncing inside of her. Her backhalf fell to the ground as well. The man sitting on her squat in place for a moment then forcefully slammed his ass on her tailbone.
"OWWWwwW" She howled.

She was the only one fully naked, save for the blonde girl she didn't see, and thought she was the only one there to suffer, not realizing the laughter of one girl was forced.

"Start the stove." The man with his foot on the girl's throat commanded the other nude girl.

"Stove?!" The redhead instantly imagined herself being cooked. "NOOO! GOD NOO PLEASE NOO NOO NOOO OH NOO HOO HOOOHHH!" Her screaming ans shouting melted into sobbing cries "OHHH oh nooo noo!"

The blonde walked through a set of double doors, and for the first time crossed the view of the redhead being stepped on. Her ass was also red, but only from spankings, though probably with tools.

"Carry her." He stepped off from her throat and 4 other women, even prettier than the hot redhead, each grabbed either a wrist and elbow or a knee and ankle. The girl thought her limbs were going to snap and she was right.

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