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New to guro fiction, experimenting with flash fiction (1000 words or less.) Feel free to leave a comment/feedback


Wet slaps punctuated the silence of the chamber, mingling with the sobs of the naked bitch beneath him.

"Quit your whimpering, cunt. You're dead no matter how much crying you do."

Kimiko, the whimpering cunt, was bound to the guillotine, on her knees, head and hands thrust through a stockade above which a wide steel blade hung ominously overhead. Her body shuddered with each thrust of his hard dick and her yellow skin was slick with perspiration. He grabbed a handful of her plump ass, reveling in the way her flesh quivered and bounced from his pounding.

He peeked over the stockade at the tripod-mounted camera. The lens was angled downward at her face to capture every moment of her anguish in high-definition. There were no spectators on the other end; only after he was finished would his fans get to enjoy the footage. The guillotine's trigger was connected to the nerve on the underside of his dick and he had been teaming her hole for close to a half-hour. He'd have to do a bit of editing.

"Don't worry," he said. "I'm almost done."

"Please..." she whimpered. "Let me free. I won't tell a soul. Please..."

"It's a little late for that, you dumb bitch. Be a quiet fucktoy, would you kindly?"

Fresh sobs wracked her but despite her crying, her cunt was soaked through. "Enjoying this, huh? If you're lucky, maybe you'll cum."

He picked up the pace of his thrusts, snaked his hand between her legs. She coated his fingers in a slippery cream and as he rubbed her swollen little nub, fresh secretions trickled from her hole.

For the longest minute of her sorry life, he pounded her, until her asshole clenched around his dick. His length swelled to its full girth, a thick load gathering in his head. With a harsh growl, he pumped her full of hot, sticky ropes. The blade fell just as the second spurt splattered against her anal cavity, severing her head from her body in a violent spurt of blood. The stump of her neck sprayed the wall with a crimson splatter and the headless corpse shuddered from post-mortem throes. He felt her cunt clench around his fingers as she gushed and it wasn't long before cum have way to warm, salty piss. He stayed inside of her, to enjoy her body's last quavers before he pulled out, smearing his glistening head against her sweat-slick ass.

Kimiko's head had rolled up against the wall across from the guillotine, stewing in a puddle of blood. He grabbed a tuft of silky black hair and held it up to the camera lens. Her eyes were wide, bloodshot, transfixed in final terror, spittle dripping from a protruded tongue down a slack jaw. He turned the head toward his stiff dick and guided the reddened tip to her left eye.

A sickening squelch bounced off the concrete chamber walls. He felt his dick stab through the wet layer of the cornea, the iris and the lens, coming to rest within the cradle of the vitreous body. White and red spunk dribbled down her cheek as he fucked the punctured socket with a hard thrust of his hips.

He pulled out just before the moment he came, shooting ropes of sticky white across her face and into her hair. His balls empty, he held her ruined face in front of the camera once more. "Another close shave," he mocked and let the video linger on her expression before ending the recording.

Done with the severed head, he tossed it aside, glancing at the guillotine and the cooling corpse. "Time to clean up," he announced, with a contented sigh.

He slapped her ass, watched it jiggle one last time. "Thanks for playing, sweetheart.


I love it, I love how he told her to shut up, she doesn't matter to him, only getting himself off does, I'd love to read about some more of his victims


Hey, im a new to writing in general, i was wondering about a few of the choices you made while writing this. Email me if i can pick your brain. Thanks.

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