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I've been writing debreasting stories for years now but, being an omnivorous pervert, I've also been writing the occasional story featuring guys getting stuff done to them. From guttings to de-dickings and more. But, I haven't posted them much.

So, here we go with one. This story is cock-vore erotica and features a few dudes having some fun with their dicks. It's inspired by the original Boobfish story, so give that a read too if you like this. (www DOT literotica DOT com/s/the-boobfish)

Jordan moaned excitedly as he dropped anchor near the famous Boobfish Reef - home to school after school of the famous fish. It was a popular hangout and drinking spot for the local studs looking to dip their dicks in a boobfish for the incredibly erotic experience of having the fish's muscular stomachs milk the cum from their cocks as they tried to digest them.

A nearby dock had three guys lounging on it, two with their big spent cocks hanging out of their swim trunks, slathered in a healing salve that helped them recover from the boobfish digestion. Popular with horny guys, the salve let them dip their cocks into boobfish even longer, withstanding the digestive acids for two or even three cums without losing their precious members. Jordan grinned as he spotted a fourth guy in the water by the dock, eyes shut and hanging on with one hand as he writhed gently - cock no doubt enveloped in a hungry boobfish.

His own hefty member stirring at the thought of a boobfish swallowing it down, Jordan stood up and stretched his lean muscular body as he got ready to go for a swim. Two of the guys on the dock waved at him and he waved back, smiling as he heard an orgasmic moan from the fourth. Peeling off his shorts, Jordan grinned as the guys on the dock stared at his impressive 12" cock.

"That's one hell of a piece of boobfish meat!" Called one of the guys with a glistening cock.

"Thanks! Yours looks juicy too - gonna let them take another go at it?" Jordan called back.

"Oh yeah, Mike and me are double-dipping." He called back, giving his cock a stroke.

"Maybe even triple, if Jessie's cock feels tough enough." The other guy called back.

Smiling, Jordan slathered a handful of salve on his cock. He worked it into his member, pumping it to a full erection before tucking the small tub of salve away. Looking into the water he spotted a school of boobfish under his boat and moaned with anticipation as he slipped into the water with them.

The hungry fish swam around him, their breast-like forms moving lazily even as he stroked them. Teasingly thrusting his cock out, Jordan let a few of the boobfish suck at his massive member, but shooed them off before they were able to suck it into the pink folds of their toothless mouths.

"You'll need to find a big one for that meatstick of yours won't you?" Jessie called out. Splashing into the water he swam over to Jordan and pointed down through the crystal clear water to a coral patch near where the dock was anchored. "Down there is where the big ones live. Come on, we'll need to lure one out and it'll be easier with two pieces of bait." Grinning he indicated their thick cocks before taking a deep breath and diving down.

Jordan took a breath and followed, swimming down nearly 40 feet deep to catch up to Jessie. At the bottom, Jessie pointed to where a half-dozen boobfish could be seen lazily drifting through the tight maze of coral. Jordan followed him to the edge of the coral and both guys thrust their cocks out, letting their thick dicks bob temptingly near the edge of the coral. As he held his position and teased the boobfish coral with his cock, Jordan suddenly felt Jessie's hand grab the base of his dick and pull him to one side. He flailed momentarily, then followed Jessie's pointing finger to where a massive boobfish lurked inside a coral cave. Nodding, he thrust his cock out and gently drifted towards the large fish.

Feeling a tightness in his chest, Jordan was almost ready to head for the surface when the boobfish fluttered towards him. He glanced over to Jessie for advice on what to do, but saw that he'd already lured a smaller boobfish from the coral and was headed for the surface with it on his tail. A sudden caress made Jordan realize the huge boobfish had taken his bait. Kicking away, he smiled as the boobfish followed him. He began rising and felt a tingle of eager anticipation as the big boobfish followed his bobbing cock up, up, up, all the way to the surface.

Breaking the surface, Jordan sucked in a great lungful of fresh air. He glanced around in time to watch Jessie moan with pleasure as his thick cock was sucked into the boobfish he'd lured to the surface.

A tentative nibble at his groin made Jordan moan and look down at where his huge boobfish was nuzzling his cock with its fleshy maw.

"Oh wow, that's a big one..." Gasped Mike from the nearby dock.

"Mmm... yeah. I hope it's hungry for a nice big piece of meat." Jordan moaned as he thrust his cock out, poking at the boobfish's unfurling mouth with the throbbing head of his member. "Ahhh!..." He gasped as the boobfish sucked the tip of his dick into its mouth, grabbing and squeezing it.

"Oh! Here we go..." Mike exclaimed from atop the dock, his own dick standing at attention as he and the other guy watched the massive boobfish slowly envelope Jordan's 12" cock.

"Unnnghhh... Ohh..." Jordan groaned with pleasure as his cock was slowly pulled and squeezed by the muscles of the fish's stomach.

"Nnng... Oh, it feels so good doesn't it?" Jessie groaned, grinding his hips into the boobfish on his cock.

"Hell yeah, ohhh... Oh! Ung! Oh yeah!" Jordan cried out as he felt the last of his massive cock get pulled into the boobfish. He grunted as it clamped its mouth down on the base of his member and the writhing flesh of its stomach stroked and caressed his shaft, filling his cock with an incredible sensation.

"Nyyeaaugh!" Jessie cried out from nearby, his cock pumping cum into his boobfish as the sensation of having his shaft in the belly of the creature drove him to orgasm. "Ohhh..." He moaned as the orgasm rippled through him, flooding his toned body with pleasure. Clinging to the edge of the dock in a blissfull daze, he quickly recovered and pried the hungry boobfish from his now-reddish cock with a pained hiss. "Oooh! That stings a bit. Your turn Mike." He called as he clambered up onto the dock.

"Awesome, time to feed it some meat." Mike chuckled, stroking his thick cock as he slipped into the water and thrust it out at the boobfish. He grunted as the fish immediately sucked his shaft into its maw. "Oh yeah, god this feels even better the second time." He moaned as his cock was stroked.

"How's it feel to have that massive shaft of yours buried in a nice big boobfish?" Jessie asked Jordan as he gingerly applied salve to his partially-digested cock.

"Unngh! It feels so damn good!" Jordan gasped as the tender meat of his dick was sucked and stroked by the boobfish's stomach muscles. "Finding one big enough to swallow my whole meatstick is such a rush." He moaned, holding onto the dock with one hand as he revelled in the sensation of having his thick cock massaged by the boobfish. "Oh! Oh! OHHH!" He gasped, eyes wide as the sensation in his cock became too much and he shuddered as the incredible pleasure hit him. He arched his back, groaning and shuddering, his dick pumping a thick stream of cum into the boobfish's belly.

"Oh yeah..." Jessie grinned, "that looked like a good one. Now why don't you bring that big dick of yours on up here before it starts tingling. I'll put a bit of salve on it. You'll be able to double-dip that beast, no problem, and maybe even get a third!"

"Mmm... Ohhh, I can feel the tingling..." Jordan moaned, his cock still stiff as he felt the tingling sensation of the boobfish's digestive juices going to work on his thick shaft.

"So come on then, pull out and get your stick waxed." Jessie called, his joking tone turning to a concerned note.

"Unnng... Oh no, the tingling is the best part." Jordan groaned, hips rocking back and forth as he ground his tingling cock into the depths of the boobfish's stomach. The squeezing sensation of the boobfish's muscles against his massive cock, plus the erotic tingling, were pushing him towards an even bigger orgasm!

"Are you crazy?!?" Jessie shouted, his glistening cock bobbing erectly as he stood up on the dock and stared at Jordan. "That's it digesting your cock, pull out before you lose that fine meatstick of yours!"

"Mrmm... Yeah, it is. God it feels so good. Like it's licking the way to the center of a meat lollipoOOOoOP!!!" Jordan gasped, back arching and body tensing as the incredible sensation pushed him into another intense orgasm.

The sight of Jordan's toned body bucking and writhing in the grip of a massive orgasm as a huge boobfish digested his massive cock was too much for Mike. Mixed with the sensation of his own thick shaft in the belly of a boobfish, it drove him to orgasm and he found himself shuddering with pleasure.

"Ohhh..." Jordan moaned, shaking his head to clear it as he hung from the dock by one hand. He smiled up at Jessie woozily as he felt the tingling in his cock grow stronger. "Mmm... this feels so fucking good." He purred, caressing the huge boobfish latched to his cock and moaning with pleasure as he thrust his tender shaft into its belly to be digested.

"You're gonna let it do it aren't you?" Jessie muttered in shock as he watched Jordan writhe in pleasure.

"Do what?" Mike asked as he hauled himself onto the dock and grabbed the jar of salve. Hissing gently as he rubbed a dollop onto his stinging cock, he glanced over at the huge boobfish still attached to Jordan's cock and his eyebrows shot up. "Wha?..."

"Oh... Oh, now it's throbbing..." Jordan moaned, using both hands to squeeze the boobfish tight to his crotch so he could thrust deeper into its hungry maw.

"Holy shit..." Jessie breathed, watching in amazement as Jordan fed his 12" cock to the fish.

"Oh god, yes, yes... Nnng! Fuck yeah, eat me up you beast!" Jordan gasped, rutting against the boobfish and driving his cock into its mouth. "Take my cockmeat, go on and eaAAAT MEEE!!!" He howled, cumming a third time and pumping yet more thick white cum into the boobfish's belly as his balls churned and his huge cock throbbed.

"Fuuuck... That's hot." Jessie whispered, his tender cock rising again as he watched.

"I'll say..." Mike nodded, licking his lips as his aching dick rose to full erection and twitched in anticipation.

"That's three, we can't let him get more dips than us can we?" Jessie half-asked, half-urged.

"No way, nobody gets their cock-off more than us." Mike nodded, noticing the crowd of boobfish gathered around Jordan as the big fish fed on his meaty shaft.

"Here fishy-fishy..." Jessie cooed, slipping into the water and thrusting his cock towards a group of boobfish.

"Yeah, come get some meat." Mike added, eagerly thrusting his own meaty rod at a hungry looking boobfish.

Both young guys moaned with pleasure as boobfish quickly sucked their cocks down, burying the shafts in their stomachs and stroking them as they began digesting the throbbing meat.

"Whooo..." Jordan breathed, holding onto the dock with one hand as he sprawled in the water with the huge boobfish latched onto the 12" length of his throbbing cock. "Oh, it feels so hot to know my fat cock is getting digested." He moaned, biting his lip as he gently rocked his hips to make his aching meatstick shift around inside the boobfish. As he did, he felt his cock shudder and shift as the juicy flesh began to surrender to the boobfish's digestive juices. "Nnng... Oh, not much longer for my dick now." He groaned.

"Ohfuck, he's right - the tingling feels incredible!" Mike gasped, staring at the boobfish that had latched onto his cock and was busily giving him the sensations of a lifetime as it digested his thick shaft.

"Unnh... No kidding, gods this is fantastic." Jessie groaned as he ground his cock into a boobfish, relishing the erotic sensation of having his flesh digested.

"Hrnnng! Here I go aGaIN!!!" Jordan cried, his agony-wracked cock shuddering and pumping cum a fourth time. He gasped and shuddered as his balls clenched and the wave of pleasure rippled through his toned body. A loose sensation followed the mind-blowing pleasure and he groaned in delicious anticipation as he felt his cock shudder. "Oh god..." Gazing down at his crotch he watched in amazement as the massive boobfish gave a shudder and pulled away. The faintest of tearing sensations accompanied it, then he was staring down at the bare flesh of his now dickless groin.

Two more groans of intense pleasure joined his and Jordan looked up to see Jessie and Mike bucking and heaving in orgasm, hips shuddering and cocks spurting in the final seconds before their boobfish slid off their now-bare groins.

There we go - thoughts? Comments? Noises of revulsion/excitement?

Fire away to or hit my blog for more nonsense, gory stories, and art commissions at FrictionByBill DOT blogspot DOT com


That was a fun, playful story. It was also nice and hot. Thank you!


That has got to have been the hottest thing I have ever read. Thank you so much for posting this succulent story.

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