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Long time lurker, first time storyteller. All stories here take place in what I'm tentatively calling the Frumpverse, as all stories here adhere to the same ruleset through wildy different universes and settings.
My Arrowverse stories are by far the most detailed and give the most info, si I'll start with them.

While I'm pretty sure I don't actually have to say this but I will anyways just in case. I think it'll become pretty clear where I stand on a certain politician, but don't care to discFuss it, so if you don't have anything to say about my stories, it would be best if you said nothing.

And without further adieu...


I'll try to be as inclusive as possible with tags, but let me know if I missed something.


slavery, non/consensual, racism, exhibitionism, cannibalism

“So do you want to explain to me what is with the the nose rings?”

Oliver was in the limo with his mother coming from the hospital. “You remember there was an election coming up before you disappeared? Donard Frump won despite saying and promising a lot of inflammatory things, including building a wall on the Mexican border and inadvertently created a trade war with China so the country was basically broke. Nobody had the cash to give the government and the EU couldn't help either. So President Frump introduced the Female Reclassification Act and created the Department of Female Affairs. In a nutshell, the FRA strips all women within the borders of the US of our human rights and declares that we are now a commodity, property just like a car, house or boat.”

“So, you’re saying that all the women in America are now sex slaves?” Oliver asked doubtfully.

“Essentially,” Moira said. “But some more than others. And now that women could be bought and sold, every female is issued a Female Identification Number, which is included along with our complete FRA file on the ring for ease of transaction and identification. In addition we are assigned a unique four-digit Personal Serial Number instead of a surname. Legally, I am known as Moira-0567. Anyone can scan them with an app to get our FIN, PSB, price, etc.”

“So, who own you then?” Oliver asked, clearly discomfited by even asking the question.

“You remember Walter Steele, your father’s CFO? Because Thea and I had no direct male relatives we were put up at auction, where Walter bought us.”

”You are really calm about this.”

Moira shrugged. “It’s not a new thing. I’ve had time to adjust.”

Silence stretched for a minute. “So every woman. Every single one in America? Including…”

“Your former sister, Thea, Laurel… any girl you’ve known, they all have one of these,” the blonde said, flicking her nosering.

Oliver shook his head, looking out the window. “This… is gonna take some getting used to.”

“We will all be here to help you however we can, Oliver,” Moira assured him.


incest, but only talking about it

Thea didn't take long to make an appearance once the arrived, appearing at the top of the grand staircase. She rushed down, hugging him. When he pushed her back to examine her, he noticed that she had a gold nosering, just like their mother.

“So Mom wasn’t kidding when she said everyone was…” he trailed off gesturing at her ring.

Thea gave Moira[Calle Moira not!mom] a questioning look. “I explained it, but seeing is believing,” she said.

“Yes, well, Moira-0567 was right. Meet the new and improved Thea-0211.”

Oliver shook his head. “I’m sorry, this is a lot to take in. I’m gonna-” but whatever he was going to say was interrupted by the arrival of Tommy Merlyn.

“Oliver! I heard the news but I wasn’t believing.”

Oliver reciprocated the hug, patting Tommy on the back. “Damn, dude, whatever happened to you on that island got you jacked,” Tommy said in an impressed tone, running his hands down Oliver’s biceps.

Oliver gave him a tight smile, flinching ever so slightly. “Yeah, it was pretty rough. Lots of running, lots of hunting.”

“Anyways, we gotta get you out. Show you how the city’s changed.”

“That would be fantastic.”

When Oliver got back that evening, he went to take a shower and had just taken off his shirt when the door opened behind him and Thea entered. He immediately covered up, or tried to because Thea had somehow already crossed the room and had her hands on his back.

“What the- How did you get these? This looks like you got shot and cut up. These don’t look like plants or animals made them.”

“Thea, what are you doing? You can’t just barge in here!” Oliver said, pulling his shirt closed with a sharp tug.

“Actually, yes I can. How much did Moira explain to you?”

“Not much, just the basics, I guess. The FRA, the rings…”

“Okay, well let me ask you something then, what do you think when you see this?” Thea asked as she unbuttoned her shirt.

“Thea! What the hell are you doing?” he asked, turning around.

“Showing what you’ll be owning soon,” Thea said calmly, stepping back into his view. “Here’s the thing: I’m not your sister, I’m your slave, your bodyslave more precisely seeing as you don’t have any other slaves. You need to forget this,” she said waving her hand in front of her face “and see me as a set of tits cunt and ass,” she said tweaking her nipples, running a finger down her stomach and under her skirt, slapping her ass. “You need to learn that females aren’t people anymore, we’re a commodity. I'm not your sister, I'm an asset in your taxes. Forget the words mother, wife, aunt, sister, niece, daughter. There are men and there are slaves. You either have a cock or you’re property. This isn’t an offer either. You’re a long lost billionaire, you’re gonna inherit a lot of slaves.”

“So I'm gonna have slaves whether I like it or not?” Thea nodded. “Well, what if I just freed everyone then?”

“You can’t. A woman, no matter how fugly or useless is still worth money so it will always revert to someone’s possession even if that means being picked up off the corner of the street. Now I get this is all a very big
change for you so I’m going to set some rules. First, you will only refer to me by my PSN, Thea-0211. Second, as you don’t have any other property yet, I will be moving into your room with you so I can help you get dressed, bathe and satisfy your sexual needs. Third, I won’t be wearing clothes here in the mansion until I feel you are a proper owner.”

“A proper owner? What is that supposed to mean?”

“When you start treating me like what I am. Making me do things you wouldn’t as your sister. Like letting me suck you off or selling my virginity.”

“You mean-”

“I’m property, in every conceivable way of the word. Sex is just one way a female serves her owner.”

Oliver frowned. “You are very bossy for someone who’s supposed to take orders, not give them.”

Thea shrugged. “Then give me some and make me obey them.”

“How am I supposed to do that? You just said you won’t.”

“That’s up to you, but corporeal punishment is a good start.”

“I’m not gonna abuse you.”

Thea rolled her eyes. “It’s not abuse, its discipline and it’s the best thing you can do for a female. Studies have shown that females are happier when subjected to regular corporeal discipline. Did you know not a single female has taken her owners life since the FRA?”

“You mean killed a man?”

“That, and her own. A females life isnt hers, its her owners,so what was called suicide before.”

“This is a little overwhelming. I need some time to myself.” He started walking to the door and Thea followed. “No, you need to stay here,” he instructed firmly.

Thea smiled. “That’s a good start,” She said folding her hands in front.

Oliver briefly considered saying something but then thought better of it, simply turning around and leaving.


That's a good start.


Getting tired of all this plot? Well luckily for you, there's actually some porn in this one!

Seeing Oliver on the tv and seeing him walk into CNRI was something else. She supposed there was no avoiding this but it was awkward all the same.

“Hi Laurel,” he said quietly when she got close enough.

“Oliver,” she replied in kind.

“Is there somewhere we could talk?”

Laurel nodded, leading him to the conference room. “How’ve you been?”

“Good, I guess. It’s definitely been an adjustment, what with the…” he trailed of, gesturing at the ring in her nose. “I gotta say, Thea has really embraced the whole FRA thing. She won’t put any clothes on.”

“I assume Walter transferred her title to you?”

“Ah, not yet.

“Well, she’s getting you adjusted. Has she explained to you what a PSN is?”

“Yeah, girls have numbers instead of last names.”

“Yes. I’m Laurel-0142, not Laurel Lance anymore. It doesn’t matter right now because it’s just us, but you should get used to using PSNs. It’s considered rude to address someone else’s property only by her personal designation. And Thea-0211 is only 17 so I’d be surprised if she was certified as anything other than a sextoy.”

“What do you mean certified?”

“Has nobody explained it?” He shook his head and she sighed. “One of the clauses in the FRA deals with how to value females and that’s done by certification. Once out of high school the DFA offers tests females can take in lieu of going to college. For example, I’m certified as a level 2 legal assistant.”

“I figured you would’ve been a lawyer by now.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I can’t. Females are restricted from just about any position with administrative, executive or supervisory responsibility. Basically anything that might put a female in a position of authority over a man.”

“That’s pretty… extreme.”

“It sounds worse than it is. Even though I can’t become a full lawyer my second level certification means I’m the next best thing. The only thing I can’t do is start my own law firm.”

“What about Thea? You said she was probably only certified as a sextoy? I know women are supposed to be considered… things but seriously, certified as a sextoy?”

“First of all, females aren’t ‘considered’ things, we are things. Second, yeah, a female’s primary biological functions are reproduction and sexual gratification so the first thing we are taught to do is fuck.”

“Even you?”

“I have a vagina so yes Ollie, I am certified as a sextoy.”

“So if I said I wanted to have sex with you, you would have to do it?”

“That’s where things get a little gray. You aren’t my owner, so I can’t offer, but I can’t say no either. If you came around often enough to interfere with my work, a complaint could be filed, but the most that could happen there is you could get fined.”

“But Thea said-”

“I said I’m only allowed to offer myself to clients. I don’t have an exclusivity enhancement on any of my certs, so if you want to fuck, just say so.”

“Then… yes.”

Laurel didn’t offer a verbal reply, simply guiding him to sit down in one of the high-backed swivel chairs. Kneeling down between his legs, she unfastened his belt and pants, pulling them down his legs. “At least the island didn’t do anything to you down here,” she said, more to herself than Oliver. Not waiting for a reply, she opebned her mouth and wra[[ed her lips around the head of his cock. Swirling her tongue, she bobbed her head, slowly taking more of him in her mouth.

She let him guide her when one of his hands finally grabbed the back of her head, only years of practice suppress her gag reflex when he pushed her head down so her nose was brushing his pelvic bone, dick halfway down her throat.
She closed her eyes and let him face-fuck her for what was probably no more than five minutes but felt much longer to her.

“That all?” she asked when he let go of her, sitting back on her haunches.

“If I asked-”

“Oliver, don’t ask, just tell me what to do.” Despite everything she had said, she was still very angry at Oliver for everything he had done to her, even if she wasn’t allowed to express that anger. She had no idea what had been done to him on the island he’d been stranded on, but she wished he would get over this ambivalence so he would fuck her and get on with his day.

“Take off your clothes and get up on the table,” Oliver instructed, tone firming.

She was wearing a white oxford under her suit jacket and a black pencil skirt that matched the coat. Shrugging out of the jacket, she folded it and set it to the side, the rest of her clothes joining in a moment. She wasn’t wearing any underwear of course, so that left her in her stockings and heels.

“Leave them on,” Olli said when she started to roll the stockings down. She tugged them back up into place and hopped up onto the table, leaning back on her hands and spreading his legs.

Oliver seemed momentarily stunned, but shook himself when she made a little coughing noise.

He had gotten harder, if possible, at the sight, so he wasted no more time. Licking his fingers, he rubbed them over her labia a couple times, pressing two fingers inside her to loosen her up. Feeling she was sufficiently lubricated, Oliver grabbed her hips and tugged her a little closer to the edge of the table, so that a bit of her ass was hanging off.

Laurel suppressed the gasp that rose when she felt him press against her entrance, though such restraint was quickly lost. She closed her eyes and laid back on the table, her breath instinctively synchronizing to his rhythym, inhaling and exhaling as he fucked her. Oliver, for his part, quickly let go of any restraint. Still not quite believing everything he had been told, that he was actually fucking the one girl he was sure he’d never know in this way again, he started slow, taking his cock in one hand and rubbing it over her slit. He was a little surprised when he felt her responding, her breath quickening and her secretions adding to the wetness from her mouth. Satisfied that she was both wet enough and that she wouldn’t retract permission at the last moment, he pushed into her. No matter how many other girls he fucked, Laurel was always special. Even barely having entered her, he was as hard as he’d ever gotten.
Pulling back, he teased her again with the head of his cock, pushing in a little more this time, maybe half his length.

“Fuck, Laurel,” he groaned, the words only half conscious. She was as tight as he remembered, the wet, silky heat making his eyes roll into the back of his head. He pulled back, almost all the way out, filling her with his entire length on his third thrust. Laurel’s arms gave out as he did, splaying herself out on the table in a sight that had haunted his dreams for five years. Picking up the pace, he reveled in the soft squelching and much louder slapping noises their bodies made as they came together. Laurel writhed on the table, tweaking her nipples and giving panting exhortations of ‘more.’ Taking one hand off her hips, he dug his fingers into her skin, leaving trails of red as he rediscovered her body. Her breasts still filled his hands perfectly as he kneaded her left one for a moment before rolling her nipple with a thumb and tracing abstract patterns into her skin with his other fingers.

With one breast occupied, the other suddenly looked absolutely irresistible, leaning down to wrap the nipple with his lips. He didn’t miss the sharp inhalation Laurel made when he flicked the nub with his tongue, or when he nipped the
pink areola. Oliver was only given a second to wonder what part of her body he should attend to next when he detached his mouth from her breast because Laurel used one hand to grab him by the back of the neck and mash their mouths together. It was a clumsy, messy kiss, fueled by lust, teeth scraping for a moment before Laurel opened her mouth and sucked his tongue in.
He came a moment later, collapsing on her as his dick softened.

“Shit,” he swore as his head cleared. “Sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“It’s fine, Oliver. Everyone here is on birth control,” Laurel informed him calmly, making no move to part, waiting patiently for him to get off and pull out of her.

“Hold on,” she said as he sat back in the chair. “Let me clean you up. Can’t be sending you home with sticky underwear.” Laurel returned to her knees, using her tongue to lick him not-quite-dry, but certainly cleaner.


“So nothing. Don’t take this to mean I’m still in love with you” (though to be honest with herself, she wasn’t sure.) “That wasn’t a I-love-you-kiss, that was a fucking-kiss. And if you want to have sex with me again, you should look into retaining me as your lawyer.” She said this as matter-of-factly as she had anything else, as if they hadn’t just fucked as intensely as they ever had.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you around,” Oliver said as he hitched up his pants.

Laurel didn’t give a reply, just a little grunt of acknowledgment.

Most of the women gave knowing looks and smirks as they stepped back into the main area. Back before the FRA, Laurel might have been embarrassed knowing that everyone knew she’d just fucked her ex-boyfriend, but this was a new era, so she wasn’t.

That wasn’t to say that she wanted to spread the details though, groaning internally as JoAnna swooped in with a lascivious smile.

“So was he as good as you remembered?” the brown-skinned girl asked.

“Still nine-and-a-half inches, yes.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

“It’s all the answer you’re getting. You want to know more, find out yourself.”

“If only I could,” JoAnna replied. “You’ll have to get him to come around again so I can get the chance.”

“We’ll see,” was all Laurel said.


Awsome! I love stories with legal female slavery


Seems promising so far, can't wait to see what you'll come up with.


Seems someone's stealing my name...

That's okay. This is pretty good so far.

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