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Milked and Harvested - A Vespah Story

A boy's sister grows tired of his incessant erections, and his subsequent requests for relief from them by her hand. So, she Vespahs (Vortex Extracted Semen and Penis Automatic Harvester) him. Just how long can he and his manhood last, under the relentless machine's draining influence, before it takes everything from him..

1 - The Final Straw

 "Ah, sis? S-sorry to interrupt you, but do you suppose that you could..?" James asked, his voice a bit tentative.

 Julie, who was relaxing comfortably on the living room couch, laying out along its length with her shoulders and head propped up on one armrest, looked away from her book and up to her brother. She arched an eyebrow when she saw him, standing before her with his shorts around his ankles, and with his penis, quite rampantly erect, pointed almost directly at her. His hopeful expression faded a bit when Julie's eyes narrowed as she regarded both him and his erection.

 "I took care of you this morning, James." Julie replied, her brows coming together in a mild frown. "It's mom's turn now. Go ask her."

 "I.. I know, and I did." James replied, biting his lip a little and looking worried at his sister's darkening expression. "She's busy making dinner, and said she didn't have time to do both before she had to leave for work."

 Julie's frown deepened as she looked down from her brother's face to his tumescent cock, and she didn't immediately reply.

 "I know it's a bother, and I'm sorry to have to ask, but I really need your help." James said, his face and his tone of voice becoming a bit pleading.

 "Please?" he asked, practically begging, while dipping and raising his body a little. This made his penis bobble up and down at her, in what he obviously thought might be an inviting manner.

 Julie's expression turned a little sour, then she sniffed dismissively at her brother and rolled her eyes up towards the ceiling, in apparent exasperation.

 "Oh, very well." she finally agreed, sighing and shifting her book to her left hand. "I suppose we can't have you running around in such a state. Who knows what sort of trouble you might get into."

 "Jeez, thanks a bunch, sis!" James said, beaming a relieved grin down at her.

 He stepped forward to stand next to his sister, thrusting his erect cock out to meet her raised right hand. Julie grasped his member, her slender fingers feeling soft and warm as they wrapped around him, and began to gently run her loosely gripped fist up and down his shaft.

 "Let me know when you're about to finish." Julie said, her tone of voice mild, as she settled her arm into a steady, slow rhythm. She continued to regard her brother's penis, only inches from her face and bobbing in time with her strokes, for a moment longer, then she went back to reading her book.

 "S-sure." James replied, his voice a little trembly and unsteady from the wonderful sensations his sister's movements were creating within him.

 "Umm, w-what book are you reading?" he asked, after a few moments, his hips beginning to rock slightly in time with her strokes.

 Julie sighed and rolled her eyes again, before looking back up at her brother.

 "The book I'm trying to read, despite the constant interruptions by a certain someone, is Dragonriders of Pern." she replied. "Now, if that is all, I'd quite like to continue it. If you don't mind, that is?"

 "S-sorry!" James said, placatingly, as his sister's grip tightened almost painfully around his flesh for a moment, in evident irritation.

 Julie sniffed again, then returned her gaze to her book, apparently dismissing her brother from her mind as she resumed both reading it and absently stroking his erection.

 James stood there, beside his sister, quietly basking in the feel of her slow, gentle manipulations for several minutes. He tried to be as quiet as he could, so as not to distract her from her reading, but couldn't help the occasional groan or sigh of pleasure from escaping his throat. If his sister noticed them, she didn't seem to mind. Or, perhaps, she simply didn't care.

 Despite her initial irritation at his request, Julie wasn't in any apparent hurry to finish her chore, and her brother, off, if her slow pace was any indication. The only thing that interrupted her steady rhythm was when she would, every few minutes, take her right hand from his member in order to turn the page of her book. If she hadn't immediately replaced her hand on his cock and resumed her masturbatory ministrations of him, James might have thought she had forgotten him entirely.

 It wouldn't have been the first time, he reflected, as his hips began thrusting slightly more, matching the movements of his sister's hand. Julie had been helping him out for quite some time. Ever since he had started getting such inconvenient and often ill-timed erections, in fact. His sister had grown so accustomed to attending to his needs, now, that it seemed like she scarcely needed to pay any attention to the process of relieving him at all anymore.

 This thought led him, inexorably, to the fondest memory he had of his sister. It was, perhaps, probably his favorite memory, period.

 Whenever his sister or mother (though it was usually his sister, what with his mother being so busy with work these days) relieved him of one of his erections, they usually directed his ejaculate into the nearest beverage container. "After all, why waste it?" his mother had said, when he had first started getting erections. She was an unrepentant tea addict, and, for whatever reason, actually seemed to prefer her beverage of choice when it was leavened with a measure of her own son's semen. His sister, who usually drank either water or fruit juice, followed in their mother's example as well, and James' cum often flowed directly into either her small water bottle, which was a constant companion to her, or a cup of which ever flavor of fruit juice she was drinking (such as the one currently held between her slender thighs, and which he expected to be adding to shortly), whenever she was the one to relieve him.

 If no handy beverage container was available, though, his ejaculate could end up in a wide variety of places, depending on the situation. It wasn't at all unusual, for instance, for his mother to top either her own, or her daughter's, plate of food with James' semen, if he happened to need her help with an erection while she was cooking or serving a meal. His cum had graced many dishes in the house, from pasta to potatoes to pizza, and even garnished salads or been used in place of, or in addition to, mayonnaise in the sandwiches his sister took with her to school for lunch.

 Very occasionally, if nothing else was available and they were in a particularly accommodating mood, his mother or sister might even take his semen into their mouths directly. They would take the head of his manhood between their lips and then suckle on him gently as he came, their tongues tickling and flicking at his tip, collecting, pooling, and then swallowing his essence as it pulsed into their mouths in time with his orgasm. Often, when this happened, and if their attention wasn't otherwise occupied, they maintained eye contact with James while this occurred. Their large, luminous eyes, twinkling in amusement at his state, would bore directly into his as he panted, moaned, and writhed in thrall to his ecstasy.

 His favorite memory was of one of these such occasions. His mother had been absent from the house at the time, so it had been up to his sister, Julie, to provide the relief he had so desperately needed. Unfortunately, it had seemed at the time, she had been engaged in playing her favorite computer game, which had required both of her hands and her complete attention. She had been in no mood to put her own enjoyment on hold in favor of, yet again, seeing to her brother's erection.

 He would have waited, if he could have, so his sister could continue to play her game, but his need had been particularly dire that day, and it had compelled him to seek relief from it as quickly as possible. His sister had been adamant, though, refusing to interrupt her game for even the relatively few minutes it would have taken to bring her brother to orgasm. Finally, a compromise had been reached, as Julie, ever the clever one, had come up with a solution that would allow both of their desires to be served. She had simply turned her head slightly to the side, never taking her eyes off her game, opened her mouth, and instructed her brother to "Stick that silly thing in, so we can get this over with."

 James, surprised at this, but not at all displeased, had hesitated for only a moment, then had eased the end of his cock into his sister's open, inviting mouth. She, in turn, had then closed her mouth, which had been amazingly warm, soft, and moist, over his head and begun to suck on him, all the while continuing to play her game.

 It had quickly became apparent to James, though, that while his sister had been technically helping him with his erection, most, if not all, of her attention had returned to her game. Her soft, absent suckles had often paused, for moments that sometimes ran into minutes, as she concentrated on particularly challenging portions of gameplay, and had only resumed during the brief lulls that occurred whenever the computer had loaded a new area of play.

 Rather than be disappointed by his sister's evident lack of enthusiasm, James had actually been quite elated. Most of the time, when one of the women in his household relieved him, they tried to be as quick and efficient about the process as possible, so they could get back to whatever they had been doing before James' erection had interrupted them. He couldn't blame them for their usual haste, but cherished the occasions when they took a slower approach to relieving him, and he hardly ever got to experience the joys of his sister's or his mother's mouths. Even when he did, it was always only briefly, after he had been brought to the brink by normal hand stimulation. To be able to spend so long in Julie's mouth had been heavenly, even as it had felt like the sweetest torture, being repeatedly stimulated and then ignored by her soft lips and warm tongue.

 Unfortunately, all good things have to eventually come to an end, and, after nearly half an hour of intermittent licking, sucking, and slowly building tension, he had finally released himself into his sister's mouth, gasping quietly as he did so. He'd trembled in pleasure as she had worked her mouth around his cock head, her tongue pressing it firmly against the roof of her mouth as she'd swallowed his ejaculate, and he had closed his eyes and sighed, in utter contentment, as she had given his penis a few final soft suckles.

 And then, she had given him a few more.

 And then a few more, along with several slow caresses from her tongue.

 James had blinked in surprise at this, opening his eyes as he came back to himself, beginning to recover from his orgasm. He had expected Julie to spit his member out as soon as he'd finished in her mouth, glad to be done with the task of relieving him, but she'd continued on as she had before. It was as if she hadn't, in her video game induced distraction, even noticed that he had come at all. Scarcely believing his luck, James had left the head of his cock in place inside his sister's mouth, and she had dutifully, if irregularly, continued to suck and lick at it. His penis had never even had the chance to go flaccid.

 His second orgasm had taken even longer to achieve than the first, much to James' delight. Additionally, his sister's game had evidently become increasingly difficult, if her frequent groans of disappointment, or hums of pleasure at accomplishing some challenging task, had been any indication. Each time she had made such an exclamation, her throat and mouth had vibrated deliciously, surrounding the tip of his penis in exquisite sensation that had sent shivers shooting up and down him, throughout his body. She had even, during one particularly hard segment, brought her teeth together around his penis, as if she had meant to grit her teeth in concentration. Thankfully, she had managed to restrain herself somewhat, but the feel of her small, strong teeth trapping his flesh between them, just behind the flared ridge of his cock head, had been amazing, and had been accompanied by a particularly powerful series of sucks and hums.

 This, finally, had pushed him over the edge for the second time, and he had again shot pulse after pulse of his semen into his sister. He'd sprayed his cum all over the roof and back of her mouth generously as he had ejaculated, due to the additional force the pressure of her teeth on his shaft had created.

 This, apparently, had been enough to finally remind Julie of what she'd been doing with her mouth. She had blinked up at him in surprise, her mind still obviously distracted by her game, then had seemed to realize that her task was complete. She'd swallowed around his cock head again, gulping down her brother's cum once more, had given his penis tip a final suckle and lick to make sure it was clean, and had then released it from between her teeth, letting it slide from her mouth.

 "Geez, that took forever." she'd grumped, after clearing her throat several times.

 "God, Julie.." James had said, weakly, as his trembling legs had given out from beneath him and he'd plopped down on his bottom in front of her, his knees spread wide.

 "Th.. That was amazing." He'd said, as he shook his head, trying vainly to clear it of the after effects of his second, even more powerful orgasm. "Thank you!"

 "Oh." Julie had replied, apparently pleasantly surprised, and a little amused, by the obvious sincerity of his gratitude. "Oh, well, you're welcome, James."

 James always tried to show his appreciation of his sister's efforts, since she was usually so accommodating of his needs, but he had felt that, on this occasion at least, mere thanks weren't sufficient.

 "Is.. Is there anything I can get you? Do you for you?" he'd asked, as he had looked up at her from the floor, blinking his eyes blearily.

 Julie had stiffened slightly in her chair, caught off guard by his offer. She'd gazed down at him for a moment, as he had been then, sprawled half naked at her feet with his legs akimbo, erection slowly subsiding, then she had grown slightly pink in the cheeks and ears, for some reason. She had shaken her own head, as if to clear it of an unwanted thought, and then had shifted in her seat a little, bringing her legs closer together and pressing her thighs tightly against one another.

 "Ah, j-just a glass of water, I guess, to clear my throat." she had finally replied, her flush deepening.

 James, who had been slightly confused by his sister's apparent distress, but eager to please, had rushed off to get her what she asked, while she had returned to playing her game.

 A particularly powerful shiver of pleasure coursed through him, bringing James back to the present, where his sister was concentrating on reading her book, while also absently stroking his erection. Julie's grip and pace had remained steady while he had been reminiscing, and it was bringing him inexorably closer to release.

 He focused his attention, as much as he could anyway, through his building orgasm, on his sister's form. He wasn't sure that it was appropriate for him to do so, and it made him feel a little funny to think on it, but she really was quite an attractive girl. Beautiful, even.

 Though a bit older than he was, Julie was now beginning to lose the race for height with him. Her body, like their mother's, was slight. It wasn't so much skinny as it was slim, gracefully so, and her lean, coltish limbs and slender torso were balanced by appealing, feminine curves. Her face was quite pretty, as well. Nearly elfin, in fact, with soft, pouty lips; a cute, pert little snub of a nose covered by a small spray of freckles; and eyes that seemed almost too large for her face; all framed by loose, naturally glossy locks of idly curling hair.

 All of this was on generous display by the casual dress the girl had adopted, for her lazy Sunday afternoon's reading. She wore a brief pair of thin, tight cotton shorts, which James was fairly sure were called "boy shorts", for some reason (he had only ever seen girls wearing them, so the name seemed a bit odd to him), that showcased the smooth skin of her long, lean thighs and shapely calves quite nicely. Her top consisted only of a loose, shortened tank top that did little to conceal her upper torso or taut abdomen.

 In fact, James realized, the small pair of shorts and the short tank top might very well be the only clothing his sister was wearing at all. He could easily see the tops and sides of her shapely, if smallish breasts(the diminutive size of which might be considered the girl's only fault by some, but which James actually thought quite nicely complemented the rest of her body), which her top did a rather poor job of concealing, and the way the tight fabric of her shorts was stretching made him think that she might not be wearing anything beneath them, either.

 Feeling an odd thrill, James leaned in a little closer over his sister, his eyes questing curiously over her body. He could, if he moved his head just right, see almost completely down her top. Her soft breasts rose and fell gently with her every respiration, and, on each exhale, he could, just barely, see a tantalizing hint of their pink tips.

 Distracted by the fascinating display of his sister's lovely form before him, he quite forgot to give the reading girl the warning she had requested at the beginning of their session. Abruptly, surprising James nearly as much as Julie, his hips bucked sharply and he began spurting semen, quite forcefully, all over her.

 "Gah!" Julie exclaimed, disgusted, as the first surge of ejaculate splattered over her cheek and into her right eye.

 The girl, taking another spurt across her nose and lips before she could flinch away, instinctively raised her free hand, the one holding her book, to shield herself from her brother's spraying cum. The remaining streams of semen, each jet a little less powerful than the last, thoroughly coated the tome's cover, before eventually trailing off. The last few feeble, pathetic squirts only managed to dribble out onto her chest, some on her tank top, and the rest onto the bare tops of her breasts.

 Julie, her brother's cock in one hand, still holding the book before her as a shield in the other, sat, completely stunned, for a few moments. Finally, her shock at her unexpected soaking subsiding, she angrily spat out a blob of semen and glared up at her brother, who's face was still slack in post orgasm rapture.

 "James, you jerk!" she exclaimed, her growing outrage obvious by the flush beginning to creep across her cum splattered face and chest. "I told you to tell me before you finished!"

 "I.. uh.." James stammered, trying to collect himself. "S-sorry, Julie.. I.."

 "Sorry?" Julie practically shouted. "You got it all over me, you.. you.."

 Apparently unable to come up with appropriately heinous insult, the girl settled for whacking her brother across the penis with her book, using her grip around his organ as leverage to make the strike hit home even harder that it would have without.

 "Ah! Ow! Julie, please!" James begged, as his sister whacked him on the cock several more times. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

 "And this is a borrowed book!" Julie raged, as she raised the object in question for another strike. "Alice is going to be thrilled to get this back with cum-stains all over it, you stupid jerk."

 Julie's final blow, right on the tip of her brother's penis, with the stiff spine of the book, was enough to make the boy collapse, in pain, backwards onto his butt. His manhood pulled free from his sister's grasp as this happened, and James quickly scrambled backwards, away from her and her biblio-bludgeon, desperately apologizing.

 His attempts to stand were thwarted by his shorts, which were tangled around his ankles. Finally, though, he managed to fumble himself upright, and, with one last fearful backward glance and another hasty apology, he awkwardly fled the room.

 Julie sat on the couch sputtering in outrage, glaring after her brother with just one eye, as the other was squinted shut against the irritating sensation of being bathed in semen. Her brother's cum was beginning to ooze downwards across her skin, sliding its way down her cheeks and nose, over her lips, and into her mouth. The splatters on her bare chest were running as well, most slipping along the slopes of her breasts into her modest cleavage. With a final noise of disgust, she flung her book down and got up off the couch. She stalked out of the room, fuming all the while, obviously intent on finding the nearest shower and a change of clothes.

2 - Dinner Conversation

 Dinner, which consisted of sausages, potatoes, and salad, just a few minutes later, was awkward for James. Julie was staring daggers at him from across the table, freshly showered and still apparently incensed, and even his mother seemed a little cold towards him.

 "Julie told me what you did to her earlier, James." Their mother finally said to him, breaking the tense silence.

 "Umm.." James started, blushing in embarrassment and shame. "I-it was an accident, really. I didn't mean to do it."

 "Well, whether or not you intended for it to happen, it still happened." James' mother said, her voice disappointed and disapproving. "You need to apologize to her, I think."

 "I did.." James replied, his voice trailing off and growing faint when he saw the level, unamused look his mother gave him as he spoke.

 "Apologize properly." She instructed, firmly, while cutting off a piece from her grilled sausage. She then speared it with a fork, before popping it into her mouth and chewing it up, looking at her son steadily the whole time.

 James gulped, then turned to his sister.

 "I.. I'm sorry, Julie." he said, fumbling the words a little. "I shouldn't have done.. done what I did to you."

 "What was it, exactly, that you did to her? What is it that you're apologizing for?" James' mother prompted, before chewing up another piece of sausage.

 "I'm sorry for.." he said, his flush growing deeper. "..f-for coming all over you."

 Julie said nothing to this and continued to glare at him, apparently unmoved by his words.

 "It was rather rude of you, James. Julie was going out of her way to help you, after all, and it was a very poor way to repay her for her efforts on your behalf."

 "Yes, mom." James agreed, glumly.

 "Well, this also brings us along to the other thing I wanted to discuss, before I have to go to work tonight. Your teacher, Mrs Stevens, called me today." James' mother said, frowning at him. "Apparently, you've gone to her three times this week, during lunch breaks, for relief."

 "Uh.. yeah, I guess so.." James said, a little timidly.

 "Well, while Mrs Stevens is happy to help out a student on occasion, when they haven't any other convenient alternative, her primary job is to teach you, James." James' mother stated, her tone becoming a bit severe. "Not to attend to your every silly little erection. She wanted me to ask you to start being a little more proactive in getting help from your female classmates and peers, rather than going to her and taking up her valuable lunch time every day."

 James blushed, looking away from his mother's eyes, and picked at his salad unhappily.

 "Well?" his mother asked.

 "It's just.." James began, looking a little frustrated and flustered. "It's just that she's so much better at it than most of the girls in my class. And the girls who are pretty looking.. er, I mean, good at it, are usually swamped by all the other boys each lunch."

 "Ugh, I know what that's like." commented Julie, pulling a face at her brother. "Every lunch and recess, a dozen penises get stuck in my face. Like I haven't got anything else I'd rather be doing. And then, I have to come home to my stupid brother and his stupid penis, too."

 "Some of the girls don't hardly ever get asked to do it. So lucky.." Julie finished, trailing off with a jealous pout, while picking at her sausage forcefully.

 "Think of it as a compliment, dear." their mother said, placatingly. "Those other girls probably don't get asked for a reason. Besides, a lady must always be accommodating."

 "Unless, of course, the one they're accommodating proves to be so boorishly rude that they don't deserve help." James' mother said, looking pointedly at her son, who ducked his head, shamed. "Now, finish up your dinner quickly, James. Your sister wanted to talk to me in private before I go to work in a few minutes."

 "Yes, mom." James responded, not looking up from his food.

 A few minutes later, after he had rinsed his plate and cutlery off in the sink and just as he was leaving the dining room, he glanced back at his mother and sister. They had their heads together and were talking in low voices, glancing at him occasionally and frowning.

 He wondered just what they might be talking about.

3 - The Last Breakfast

 Unfortunately, he got another erection right before he went to bed that night. He tried to approach his sister with it, hoping that she had perhaps forgiven him his earlier lapse, but was quite firmly rebuffed by the girl.

 "No way, you dumb jerk." Julie had yelled at her brother, as he stood timidly in her doorway, his pajama bottoms pulled down to reveal his erect cock. "Go take care of it yourself!"

 "I.. I can't!" James protested, pathetically. "You know I can't. I'm not allowed to!"

 It was true, too. When he had first started getting erections, he had, not knowing any better, taken care of them on his own, reveling in the new, amazing sensations his maturing body could now produce. His mother had eventually caught him, however, and been quite severely disappointed in him. She had demonstrated her disappointment by taking up one of her hairbrushes and giving him the first, and so far only, paddling he had ever received in his life.

 She hadn't paddled his bottom though.

 No, it was far worse. She had bent him over, clenched her hand around his testicles and still erect penis, tugged them out from between his legs, and whacked him, and them, sternly with the flat side of her hairbrush, over and over, until he was bawling, crying, and begging for mercy. It hadn't taken many wacks.

 The lesson had been harsh, but it had stuck with him. Especially since he hadn't been able to wash himself without wincing for over a week afterwards, and had still been walking a little funny, bowlegged and slow, for even another week after that.

 He wasn't, besides while urinating or during a shower or bath to clean himself, allowed to touch his manhood in any way. Nor were any of the other boys he knew allowed to do so either, as they all had shared with him stories similar to his own. The lucky ones had had mothers who had warned them before hand what would happen should they touch themselves, but the majority, like James, had learned the hard way.

 His sister's sympathy for his plight was nonexistent, however, and she bounded up off her bed and slammed the door to her room in his face. She did it so suddenly, in fact, that he only barely got his penis out of the way in time. It nearly got caught between the door, as it snapped shut loudly, and the jam.

 So, he went to bed that night with an erection, one fueled by the memory of his sister's lovely little breasts, and pink tips of which he had caught so brief a glimpse of. An erection which he could do absolutely nothing about. He was able to sleep, eventually, but it had been an uncomfortable ordeal, waiting for the turgid rod of hot flesh standing up from his groin to subside on its own.

 It returned the next morning, of course, rising with the sun like always, much to his dismay.

 His mother was home again but fast asleep, and would be for hours still, since she had worked so late into the night. That meant, if he wanted to get rid of his erection any time before the morning break at school, that his only alternative was to ask his sister. She was, however, still quite unhappy with him.

 She looked at him with narrowed, calculating eyes, from across the dining table, over her freshly poured bowl of milk and cereal.

 "Ugh.. I suppose." she finally said, with an aggravated sigh and a shrug of her shoulders. "Get up on the table and kneel down on your hands and knees. I want this to be as easy as possible for me."

 She muttered something else to herself, of which James could only make out a part of, as he climbed onto the table. What he did manage to catch sounded worryingly like " last time."

 James did as his sister asked, with his bottom facing her and his feet and ankles hanging off the edge of the table to either side of her. His erect cock and hanging ball sack dangled down between his legs, exposed and easily accessible for his sister.

 Julie, still sitting in her chair at her place, grasped her brother's member firmly in hand and began pumping it. It immediately became apparent that she wasn't in any mood coddle him or his organs. Judging by the strong, almost painful grip she had his cock in, and the speed at which she was running her hand up and down it, she was trying to get him to orgasm and ejaculate as quickly as possible, whether he found the process particularly enjoyable or not.

 Indeed, she was pumping his member so forcefully and quickly that it was causing his hanging scrotum to bob up and down, quite rapidly, as well. Unfortunately, it was bouncing in counterpoint to his sister's motions, which meant that as her fist, closed around his shaft, was coming up, his balls were headed downwards. After a few seconds of this, it began to feel like his sister was slapping, or even lightly punching, his testicles with her every rapid pump of his shaft.

 If the slapping of her brother's balls against her knuckles didn't alert her to his predicament, then the pained grunts James started issuing in time with her movements did. Sighing again, Julie moved her free hand to support the organs, holding them in the cup of her hand. Her loose grip quickly firmed around them though, and rather painfully, as James wayward testicles continued to try to bounce and bobble around.

 James was now starting to reconsider his request, feeling that perhaps dealing with an errant erection for a few hours might not have been so bad after all, compared to the rough treatment he was currently receiving at the hands of his sister. He wondered if she, in her continuing ire at him, was going to "waste" his semen when it came, letting it shoot out and splatter onto the table top or floor, rather than into a beverage as usual. She had done so a few times in the past, letting his cum go to waste. One of his more unusual relief sessions with his sister, and another one of his favored memories, was of just such an occasion.

 He had approached Julie then, just like he had the evening before, with an erection only a bit before bedtime. His sister had been in the bathroom, and his tentative knock on the door had been answered by an aggressively annoyed sigh, audible even through the wood of the closed door, and her voice saying: "Oh, come in, I suppose."

 She had apparently bathed and showered just a few minutes before hand, because she had been wearing only a rather thin, rather damp, white towel, which had been wrapped securely around her torso and tucked into itself just above her modest bosom. The towel had been small enough that it had only barely reached her thighs, the bottom edge resting only a inch or two below the meeting point of her lean legs and her rounded bottom, and it had done little to hide her lovely form from view.

 She had been holding her spread hands out before her, blowing carefully on the nails of her fingertips, obviously trying to dry the shiny, wet, colorful polish she had just applied to them.

 "I suppose you'll be wanting me to do something about that, then." Julie had said, quirking an eyebrow up questioningly as she had glanced down at her brother's jutting erection.

 "Uh, please." James had replied, while gulping at the humid heat of the bathroom, as well as at the sight of his sister, hair damp and combed back, so fresh from the shower.

 "Well, I can't use my hands right now." Julie had said, as she had flipped her hands around to show her brother the newly applied nail polish.

 "Um.. Perhaps you could..?" James had begun to suggest, hopefully, while looking meaningfully at his sister's mouth and lips.

 "I don't think so, buster." Julie had replied, with an amused smirk and narrowed eyes. "I've already brushed my teeth for bedtime, and I don't want to have to endure your aftertaste for the rest of the night. So, we'll have to do it some other way."

 "Oh." James had replied, with a frown of consternation. "Um, how do you want to do it, then?"

 Julie had just stared at him, and at his erection, for a few moments, apparently considering, before her smirk had grown into a grin.

 "I've had an idea. Sit on the floor." she had instructed.

 "What? Why the floor?"

 "Just do it." Julie had said firmly, while rolling her eyes in exasperation.

 James had complied, a little hesitantly, lowering himself to the tiled bathroom floor.

 "Now, spread your legs nice and wide, then lean back on your hands a little."

 James had done so, feeling distinctly vulnerable, sitting on his bare bottom on the floor, at his sister's feet, with his crotch and legs spread wide before her, leaning back onto his hands. His testicles, in that position, had rested lightly on the smooth tiles of the floor, which had actually felt surprisingly warm. His turgid cock had jutted out over them, parallel with and slightly above the level of the floor.

 "What.. What are you going to do?" James had asked, with a worried frown creasing his brows, as he had looked up past his sister's long, bare legs and damp towel-covered torso to her grinning face.

 "Just hold still." Julie had instructed.

 Then she had stepped on his penis.

 She hadn't used much of her weight, barely a fraction of it, in fact, but it had surprised James, nonetheless. He had yelped and jumped a bit, startled, but the pressure of his sister's foot pinning his cock to the floor had prevented him from moving away.

 "Quit squirming, you whiner." Julie had said, as she leaned a little more of her weight onto her brother's flesh, her grin breaking into an open smile, one which showed a lot of teeth. "You're the one who asked for this, after all."

 Then, she had begun stroking her small foot back and forth along his length, while keeping the downward pressure on him steady, masturbating him against the tiles of the bathroom floor.

 The sensation, the feel of the soft bottom of his sister's delicate foot crushing his erection against the hard floor, the pressure of her weight on his most sensitive flesh, had been amazingly intense, and utterly overwhelming. The only thing he had been able to do, as his sister began to lean more and more of her weight on his cock, was to look incredulously back and forth between his trapped manhood and her form looming dominantly over him.

 Julie had looked, from that angle, clad in only the thin, damp towel, exquisitely feminine. Her long, bare legs, the muscles of her thighs and calves rippling attractively beneath her skin as they flexed and contracted to maintained her balance upon him, were a sight so alluring that it had instantly burned itself into his memory. Her hips, hugged tightly by the wet towel, which only barely reached down to cover her pubis, had rocked and shifted mesmerizingly, back and forth, in time with her shifting weight. Her slim arms had been held out gracefully, also helping to keep her balance, and her small, shapely shoulders and heaving bosom had been quivering with suppressed laughter. She had been nearly giggling, her amusement at his state quite evident, at the effects her efforts were having on her him.

 James himself had been, by that point, shuddering and shivering, almost uncontrollably, as his sister's weight had bore down upon the head and shaft of his penis. Almost her entire mass, slight as she was, had been all resting on him, and she had still been shifting her foot back and forth, stroking his member. The pain of the pressure his flesh had been under, though less than he would have expected, had actually added to, and significantly increased the intensity of, the pleasure he had also been experiencing.

 After only a few minutes of this treatment, sitting at and under Julie's feet, he had gasped and bucked, heaving his torso forward and wrapping his arms around his sister's thighs. He had hugged his chest to them tightly, and buried his head against her towel covered crotch, as he had come. His semen had burned hotly inside of him, as it had tried to escape past the crushing weight holding his urethra almost entirely shut. Only when Julie had leaned back a bit onto her other leg, relieving some of the stifling pressure on his cock, had his cum finally been able to bubble weakly out of him, to pool thickly at the end of his penis as his orgasm began to subside.

 After another minute or two, during which time the only thing he had been able to do was gasp weakly and shiver, holding himself upright only by his grip around his sister's thighs, James had finally released her legs and leaned back once more onto his hands. He had looked up to his sister's face, which had an expression of amused triumph to complement the hot flush spreading over it, while his own features had been still loose and slack in shocked reaction to the power of the orgasm he had just experienced.

 "Well, I'd say that's done it." Julie had said, her tone smugly amused. "You got cum all over the bottom of my foot though, James."

 "S.. Sorry.." James had replied, while shaking his head, his words a little slurred.

 "Oh, that's all right, I suppose." Julie had replied, her tone airily and unconcerned, still grinning. "Hold still while I clean it off."

 Then she had raised her foot, the one that had been still pinning his shrinking cock to the floor, and pressed it firmly against her brother's chest. James had fallen onto his back at the pressure she exerted against him, voicing a weak, surprised noise of protest. Then, she had shifted her weight forward, and used the skin of his still slightly shivering and heaving chest to wipe the bottom of her foot clean of his semen.

 "Make sure to clean your mess up." Julie had commanded, while smirking down at him, before she had walked OVER him to leave the bathroom. The last sight he had seen of his sister that night had been the quickest flash, just a bare glimpse, really, of what had been hidden beneath her towel.

 A pang of pain brought him back to the present, out of his pleasant reverie, as his sister's dual grips on both his testicles and shaft strengthened even further.

 "Ah, Julie, please..!" He protested, shifting his hips a little, as if to try to escape his sister's grasp.

 "Quiet, you." Julie replied, her tone pitiless, as she ignored his whimpers and kept up her rapid pumping of his cock.

 Despite the pain, James could feel his climax approaching, and his hips began rocking even as his breathing started coming a little heavier. Julie must have sensed it too, because she gave a short snort of disgust, then heaved a resigned sigh, and released his testicles from her iron grip. She used her now free hand to re-position her bowl of cereal just beneath the tip of her brother's penis, before moving it once again to steady and squeeze his bouncing balls.

 "Of course, you had to ask AFTER I poured the milk in." She grumbled quietly, evidently mostly to herself, as she regarded her cereal. "I'll bet it's all soggy and gross by now."

 After a few more minutes, James finally came. Though it wasn't as pleasant an experience as usual, due to his sister's casually brutal treatment of his flesh, it was still a relief to feel his semen spurting out of him and into her bowl. Julie, still pumping his member, though a bit more slowly and carefully now, guided each separate pulse of his cum to a new location on the surface of her cereal, apparently trying to ensure an even coating of her brother's seed on her breakfast.

 James, after a spending several minutes recovering from his orgasm, eventually sat down at his place at the table and poured a bowl of cereal of his own, and then spent the rest of breakfast avoiding his sister's steady gaze. She just stared at him, with her eyes narrowed and an inscrutable expression on her face, as she slowly ate her meal.

4 - Vespah'd

 Thankfully, and mostly due to a little lingering soreness from Julie's morning ministrations, James managed to go most of the rest of the day without getting an erection. It was only on the way home from school, with his day beginning to look up, that his penis finally decided to rear its head once again. He knew that Julie would probably not be in the mood to help him with it, but he thought that his mother might be a little more understanding and accommodating. He hoped, anyway.

 Alas, it was not to be, though. His mother was quite absent from the house when he got home. His sister had beaten him home by several minutes, but it was readily apparent to him, from the single annoyed glance she shot his way as he entered the house, that he could expect no sympathy or help from her that afternoon.

 He sighed in disappointment, and had just about resigned himself to spending the rest of the afternoon struggling to ignore the demands of his penis, when there was the thump of steps at the front stoop, and then the door bell rang.

 It turned out to be, when James answered the door a moment later, a delivery service driver, holding a clipboard and a moderate size package with an odd logo emblazoned across it. The delivery girl held out the clipboard, which James dutifully signed and returned, then handed him the box. Before she left, she glanced down at the box, apparently taking in the labeling, and then looked back up to James. Then she smirked, obviously amused by something, and told James, while giving him little a wink, to "Have a nice day."

 James, mystified, watched her walk away down the driveway, chuckling quietly to herself, before he shrugged and returned to the inside of the house, carrying the package with him.

 "Hey, Julie!" He called out, his voice loud enough to carry to the rest of the house. "We got a package. Did you order anything, or is it something of mom's?"

 His sister, appearing in the doorway to her room, looked at him with an unreadable expression.

 "It got here already, huh?" She commented, her voice curiously neutral. "That was quick."

 "What is it?" James asked, peering at the box with interest as he handed it to his sister.

 "You'll find out soon enough." She replied, with another inscrutable look at him, then she retreated to her room along with the mystery package.

 "Soon enough" turned out to be less than half an hour later, when Julie appeared, the now opened box cradled in one arm, at the doorway to James' bedroom.

 "Alright, let's take care of that erection." She said, with a small, odd smile playing around the edges of her her mouth.

 "Umm.. Okay. Thank you." James replied, as he rose from his bed with his eyebrows arched in surprise. "What's with the box?"

 "I'm tired of taking care of your penis, brother." Julie stated simply, as she patted the side of the open box. "This is going to relieve me of that burden from now on. Mom, too."

 "What do you mean?" James, raising his eyebrows even further, as he looked skeptically at the box.

 "And, what's a.. a Vespah?" he asked, finally deciphering the stylized label that was plastered all over the package in his sister's hands.

 "An acronym. It stands for Vortex Extracted Semen and, um, something, something..." Julie replied, frowning and waving her hand dismissively. "I forget the rest, but it isn't as important as the first part, anyway."

 "It's an automatic penis milker." she said, beaming happily down at the open top of the box. "It means I won't have to be bothered by your silly cock ever again!"

 "Umm.." James replied, his look of skepticism deepening.

 "I heard about them from one of my friends." Julie said, as she walked over to her brother. "She told me that it worked great on her own brother. So, I figured, let's try it out on you, too."

 "Can't.. Can't we just do it the normal way?" James asked, his voice a little plaintive, as his sister pushed him back down into a sitting position on his bed.

 "No." Julie replied, shortly, as she knelt down before him. "Now hold still."

 "This thing is supposed to be simple to set up, but I don't want you wiggling around to mess it up somehow." she continued, as she began extracting the content of the box.

 What came out first was a small stack of papers, stapled together at the top corner, that looked like assembly instructions. Julie tossed them carelessly onto the bed, apparently uninterested in them.

 "I already read those, so don't worry about them." she instructed, when James reached out for them.

 The device itself came out next. Or, at least, its pieces did. The first piece was a fairly thick band of steel lined with rubber. It was divided into two halves, which were connected together by a sturdy looking hinge, which allowed the halves to close into a full circle. The second piece was a semi-transparent sheath of plastic, which had what looked like circuitry wires, as well as other, less easily definable things, running all through it.

 The third and final piece, and also the largest, was a tube made up of heavy duty, woven steel wire mesh. The mesh was made of flattened, smaller, braided cords of wire, all woven tightly together, so that there was no gaps between them and nothing could be seen through it. The tube was open on one end, and closed on the other, with a small, transparent plastic tube coming out of the closed end. The smaller tube ended in a medium sized phial, which was clipped to one side of the larger, steel mesh tube.

 "Okay, the plastic inner sleeve goes on first." Julie said, after she finished lining up everything between her brother's spread legs, directly in front of his erect penis. "It should be pre-lubricated, so let's see if it fits right."

 Grasping hold of the base of her brother's cock with one hand, and taking up the odd plastic sheath with the other, Julie slipped the open end of the sleeve over the head of James' penis.

 "How's that feel? Is it lubed up enough?" She asked James, as she slid the limp plastic tube all the way to the base of his cock.

 "Uh, it's.. It's alright, I guess. A little cold.." he replied, as he frowned down at the plastic covering his penis.

 "Good. Okay, next is the ring." Julie said, as she picked it up.

 "Um, if that's supposed to go around my dick, I think it's a little too big." James said, as he eyed the device warily.

 "It doesn't go around just your penis, but also your testicles, as well. All the way at the base, so that's why it's so big." Julie replied, as she took a firm grip of her own around her brother's entire manhood.

 She settled the open ring around his flesh, then pushed it as far down towards the base of his penis and scrotum as she could. She then, with her index finger and thumb, pressed the circle closed. It latched together, quite tightly, with a firm little click.

 "Ah..! That's.. a bit too tight, Julie." James complained, as he reached down with one hand and tugged at the circle now trapping his manhood.

 "Stop that." Julie instructed, as she batted his hands away. "It's supposed to be snug, otherwise it'll come off when you go flaccid."

 They both peered down at James' sheathed and encircled manhood for a moment. The rubber lined steel band had settled over the open end of the plastic sleeve, locking it in place along the top and sides of the base of James' penis.

 "Okay, all that's left is the outer sheath. It should hook up to the base ring." Julie said, as she picked up the final part of the Vespah.

 The mesh tube, which seemed to be lined on the inside with something much softer than steel wire, slipped easily over the length of James' already plastic covered penis. Julie lined its open end up with the steel band, pressed firmly against it and twisted the mesh tube clockwise, and the outer sheath clicked solidly home. As it did, it settled its not inconsiderable mass and weight onto James's manhood, tugging gently against the encircled flesh of his cock and balls.

 "Perfect!" Julie said, happily, as she leaned back to take in her accomplishment.

 "It's.. kinda heavy." James said, as he prodded the device now attached so thoroughly to his genitals.

 "That because it's a good, quality milker, not some single use, plastic piece of junk." Julie replied, looking at her brother's groin in satisfaction. "Let's turn it on!"

 Julie fished out one final piece from the box, a small, oddly shaped thing that she clipped to the underside of the mesh tube, just below the small plastic tube and phial, at the base of his cock.

 "Whee, there she goes!" Julie exclaimed excitedly, as the Vespah came instantly to life once its battery clicked home.

 "W.. Wah!" James nearly shouted, as his whole body jumped in reaction to the device that felt like was suddenly squirming around on his cock.

 For Julie, aside from a small green light that lit up on the tip of the machine, there was little to see from the outside. Only the occasional subtle shift or pulse in the outer sheath of the Vespah gave any indication that the thing was active at all, but from the way James suddenly started gyrating and gabbling, it was certainly doing SOMETHING to the boy.

 "Hey, how's it feel?" Julie asked, as she leaned forward to look closely at her brother's suddenly bucking hips and groin.

 "Gah! W-w-wait, thing, wait! Ah, hold on a.. a s-second!" He sputtered, apparently taken completely by surprise, as he tugged fruitlessly at the machine hooked to his manhood.

 "Wow, I guess it feels pretty good." Julie said, mildly amused, as she observed her brother's frantic gyrations. "You never wiggled around this much when I was the one to relieve you."

 "J-Julie, how do you turn this thing off? W-where's the off switch!?" James asked, almost begging, of his sister.

 "Hah, there isn't one!" Julie replied, with a snort of amusement. "The only way to get it to stop is to let it finish."

 "W-w-what!?" James asked, incredulously, as he flopped back onto his bed, still writhing, with his hips beginning to buck faster, almost uncontrollably.

 "Hmm, looks like it isn't going to be much longer, in any case.." Julie murmured, as she stood up off her knees and looked down at her brother.

 Indeed, the boy's wiggling and bucking were building to a frenzied peak, and finally, after only a bare few minutes under the influence of the Vespah, he suddenly gasped, and arched his back, hips, and legs completely off the bed. He came, with his groin thrust up as far as he possibly could, while clenching his bed covers desperately with his hands, his head twitching spastically to one side, with his eyes rolled up into his head. The only noise he made as he orgasmed was a sort of staccato, hitching grunting, as if even his diaphragm and lungs were locked up rigid ecstasy along with the rest of him.

 Julie was able to observe, during the long few seconds when her brother was bowed up into an almost completely motionless, rigid arch, the flow of pearly fluid out of the end of the Vespah. It pulsed through the transparent tube and down into the phial lined up below, and along the underside of, James' mesh covered penis.

 A few seconds later, his ejaculation and orgasm coming to an apparent end, James collapsed back onto his bed, and the green light at the tip of his mesh sheathed penis turned off. His body was still twitching faintly, shivering and trembling in reaction to what the Vespah had just forced him to endure. It took him several more minutes to recover enough to hear his sister's repeated questions.

 "James? James, are you in there?" Julie asked, for what was apparently the second or third time, as she waved a hand back and forth in front of his face. "Well, how'd it feel?"

 Julie's question was a simple one, but, for her brother, its answer was definitely not. The fact of the matter was that it hadn't felt quite like anything he had ever experienced before. Oh, sure, there were familiar elements, such as the insistent suction that had immediately surrounded his entire member, and what had felt like hands, several all at once, grasping and stroking up and down his flesh as well. But the majority of the sensations he had felt had been entirely new and alien to him. For several moments at the beginning, his penis had felt like it was surrounded by pins or needles, each poking into, but not actually piercing, his flesh, then currents of intense sensation and heat had begun to flow back and forth across, as well as up and down lengthwise, his entire cock, from tip to base. The sensations had extended beyond the part of him that was trapped within the Vespah, even, seeming to travel down his shaft and into the very root of his manhood, causing it to tingle and flutter, and making his cock throb and swell larger than it ever had before.

 Even his orgasm and ejaculation had felt odd. The Vespah, it seemed, was not content to merely let his body express his semen as normal, in its usual thick pulses pushed out by his clenching prostate, but actually seemed to suck the cum right out of him. Towards the end, as the machine had tried to extract as much of his essence as it could, his trapped flesh had begun to feel less like a penis and more like a straw, his cock becoming merely an inconsequential conduit for the fluid the Vespah wanted to draw out of him.

 "Gaaghh.." James managed to gurgle, when his voice finally returned to him. "I-it felt.. good."

 "Well, I could tell that much for myself." Julie replied, while rolling her eyes at him.

 "N-no, it felt amazingly good. TOO g-good." James said, as he tried, and failed, to sit himself up.

 He only managed to prop his upper body up on his elbows, and he looked, from that position, down his torso to the gleaming steel machine that still had his cock and balls held firmly within its grasp.

 "I don't think I can take another one like that." he said, while shaking his head emphatically. "Julie, we have to get this thing off me!"

 Julie snorted, covering her mouth with the back of one hand, then began giggling.

 "I'm afraid not, little brother." She said, shaking her own head in mock sadness.

 "Wh.. What? Why not?" James asked, a little desperately.

 "Because they don't come off, ever." Julie replied, gleefully. "At least, not without the key. Which doesn't come with the basic starter package, which is what we got."

 "I-it doesn't come off!?" James said, his desperation growing, as he looked down at the device, horrified.

 "Nope, never ever!" Julie stated, her delight quite evident. "Er, well, at least until.."

 "Until?" James asked, his face becoming hopeful. "Until what?"

 "Don't worry about it." Julie said, waving his question away as she bent down towards her brother's crotch.

 She ran her hands curiously over the Vespah, feeling the strong wire mesh that now covered her brother's penis, and tugged gently on the ring trapping him within it, testing its hold on his flesh. Then she cupped his testicles, which, though still encircled by the ring at the base of his manhood, were otherwise unencumbered.

 "I'm so happy right now. You simply have no idea." Julie said, as she began rolling James' testicles around in their loose sack, fondling him gently.

 "W-why?" James asked, his eyes wide as he at his sister.

 "I'm never going to have to be bothered by your dumb penis, or the gooey, sticky semen these," she replied, as she gave his balls a firm little squeeze, "silly things make ever again. Vespah really IS the best invention. I'll bet that, from now on, I'm going to have a whole hour more of free time each day!"

 "Do.. Did I really take up so much of your time?" James asked, looking a bit unhappy at the thought that he had been inconveniencing his sister so much.

 "I've had to take care of this thing for you at least twice each day, and sometimes three or four times a day, or even more, for ages now. Mom helps when she can, but she has to work so much these days.." Julie said, as she continued to hold her brother's balls in her warm hand.

 "So, this really is for the best, brother." Julie finished, as she bent her head down over his testicles.

 She gave him a couple of soft kisses, on the smooth skin covering each of his sensitive orbs, before releasing his testicles and standing up away from him.

 Perhaps it was the feel of his sister's hands on his balls, for what might be the final time, or, perhaps more likely, it was the sensations of her fluttery breath and farewell kisses against them, but James felt himself, despite the powerful orgasm he had just been compelled to experience only minutes before, begin to grow turgid and erect once more.

 The Vespah hummed quietly, its green light turning on once again, and came back to life.

 "W-what!?" James gasped, as his body spasmed in reaction to the sudden influx of sensations flowing through it. "Again?"

 Julie stood back from him, her hands propped on her slender hips, and threw her head back in glee, as her tinkling laughter filled the room.

 "Every time you get an erection, James!" she said, through her laughter. "Every time! The Vespah will take good care of you from now on."

 With that parting statement, and with a final, satisfied glance back over her shoulder at her squirming and writhing brother, she left him to the tender mercies of Vespah, shutting the door to his room behind her.


5 - Learning about Vespah

 James, who had lost count of the number of times Vespah had had her way with him the afternoon and evening before, awoke the next morning to the sensation of his penis being, yet again, milked by the seemingly tireless device. The incessant machine forced its pleasure upon his flesh, then drew all it could out of his body, and left him limp, in more than one sense, shaking, and feeling quite weak.

 He had begun to recover from his most recent milking, and had started contemplating what the rest of the day might be like, when his sister and a stranger entered his room.

 "He's in this room." Julie said, not bothering to knock before she came in, over her shoulder to the visitor.

 The stranger turned out to be another woman, or perhaps girl, as she appeared to be only a scant few years older than his own sister, wearing light shoes, khaki short shorts, and a polo shirt bearing the colors and logo of the box Vespah had come in. She was carrying a small nylon work bag, which was open at the top and apparently full of miscellaneous tools and parts.

 "Oh, good. I see you've already got it set up and installed on him." the girl said, without bothering to introduce herself, or even give James more than a passing glance, before she peered down at the device strapped to his manhood. "Let me just give it a quick once over, to make sure it's securely attached, and that the fit is right."

 Without asking permission, she sat down on the edge of James' bed, and began pulling and tugging on the Vespah, peering intently down at it.

 "W-what's going on? Julie, who IS this?" James asked, his voice a bit squeaky in shock, as he tried to squirm away from the strange girl poking around on his groin.

 "Hold still, boy." The woman said, sternly, as she batted James' feeble attempts to cover himself up with his hands aside. "I can't work with you squirming around like that."

 "James, this is Lucy. She's our Vespah.. ah, representative?" Julie said, ending her introduction with a questioning glance at the other girl.

 "Technician." Lucy corrected, absently, as she took hold of James' mesh covered penis, flipped it up on his stomach, and began fiddling with the now exposed phial and battery.

 "Okay, everything looks good here." she said, as she detached the phial, which was nearly full, and replaced it with an empty one. "You'll want to make sure that you replace these before they fill up completely. Every eight hours or so ought to be enough. First thing in the mornings, and again after he gets home from school, and just before he goes to sleep each night."

 "We store them in the refrigerator, right?" Julie asked, watching Lucy work with keen interest.

 "Yep. They'll probably still be okay even if you don't, since there is a little bit of preservative pre-loaded into each phial, but it's better if you do." Lucy replied, as she shook the full phial back and forth, looking at its contents closely. "The cold helps keep it fresh and light. I'll be along to collect it about this time every morning."

 "The battery will need to be replaced too, once a day. It might last longer than that, maybe even several days, but you don't want to take the chance of it going dead mid-milking." Lucy said, as she popped off the battery and replaced it as well.

 "How come?" Julie asked, before James could voice the same question.

 "If the battery dies, or is removed, during a milking session, the Vespah will immediately go into final harvest mode, using the internal reserve battery." Lucy said, as she finished her work on the Vespah.

 "Oh, okay." Julie said, nodding in understanding.

 "Final harvest mode?" James asked, with his eyebrows raised.

 "Okay, let's give it a test. It obviously works, but I want to see it in action, to make sure there aren't any other problems that might not become apparent until activation." Lucy said, ignoring James' question. "Give me a second to switch it to manual mode."

 Lucy fished a small tablet out of her work bag, swiped it on, then fiddled with it for a moment.

 "Okay, I'm turning it on.." Lucy said, as she tapped on the screen one final time.

 James gasped, as his Vespah came to life for the second time that morning. His penis was still quite limp and flaccid, after his earlier milking only minutes before, but apparently that didn't matter much to the device.

 "Oh, no, not again!" he wailed, thrashing weakly at the flood of sensations that began flowing through him.

 "Hmm.. Good response time." Lucy muttered absently to herself, as she watched, with clinical dispassion, as the Vespah forced James fully erect, and then on to orgasm and ejaculation, in just a scant few minutes.

 "Alright, everything seems to be in perfect working order, so I'll switch it back to automatic." she proclaimed, after James finally ceased bucking and writhing in orgasmic ecstasy. "Did you have any other questions before I go?"

 "Yeah." Julie said, nodding her head. "What exactly do you do with all the semen that the Vespah collects?"

 "Oh, well, it can be used for all sorts of things, such as medicine and cosmetics, and even in certain kinds of glues and adhesives, but we process most of it into food additives." Lucy replied.

 "Food additives?" Julie said, frowning a little in thought. "I knew it was edible, but I don't think I've ever seen it in anything prepackaged I've eaten before."

 "Sure you have." Lucy replied, smiling. "They just don't call it "semen" or "cum" though, in the ingredient lists."

 "Then what do they call it?" Julie asked, perplexed.

 "Natural flavor." Lucy replied, with a little laugh, as she made air quotes with her fingers for emphasis.

 "Wait, I've seen that in pretty much everything!" Julie said, her eyebrows raising in surprise. "Is that really true?"

 "Yep, although it's not like they just dump semen, in its raw form, into whatever they're making. It gets processed quite a bit before hand."

 "I see." Julie said, then she nodded to her brother, who was still recovering from his latest forced orgasm. "Um, how long do you think he'll last? I mean, how long will he produce for?"

 "Well, it varies." Lucy said, while squinting down at the boy speculatively. "Most last for at least a month or two, and I think several months is the average. Some, however, barely last a week before they get harvested. Those're hardly worth the trouble to set them up for milking in the first place."

 "What's the longest he might go?"

 "A few manage to make it to a year, or even longer, though that's pretty rare. Usually quality starts dropping off after a couple of months in most boys, but some seem to just keep producing and producing."

 "What.. What do you mean, by "harvested"?" James asked, his voice a little weak, but fairly steady, as he looked up at the pretty Vespah technician.

 The woman looked down at him, and really looked AT him, for the first time, when she responded.

 "It means that Vespah takes your manhood, boy." Lucy said, as a coldly amused little smile crossed her lips.


 "Yep. Snip, snip." Lucy confirmed, making scissoring motions with her fingers. "After you run dry, that is."

 "Wh-Why!?" James asked, while looking down at the machine attached to his groin in horror.

 "It's part of the standard Vespah lease contract." Lucy said, shrugging. "All of that would have been explained to your mother when she ordered it yesterday. I mean, it's even in the name, for goodness sake: Vortex Extracted Semen and Penis Automatic Harvester. Vespah."

 "Why is it p-part of the standard lease con.. contract!?" James almost shouted, incredulously.

 "Well.. let me see if I can explain it right.." Lucy replied, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "Okay, so, basically, when your mom signed the lease contract, she and Vespah, Inc. entered into a business partnership together. She provides the raw resource, we provide the tools and expertise to capitalize on the resource, and, in the end, everyone profits."

 "B-but why does my penis have to get cut off afterwards!?"

 "Oh." Lucy said, looking a little stumped. "Um, try looking at it this way. If your mother had a piece of land, which had, uh, trees and minerals and oil and stuff on it, then Vespah, Inc. would have the equipment and knowledge to extract and sell those resources, for a profit. Your mom agrees to let Vespah cut the trees down, and mine the minerals and oil and such, and in exchange, she receives a share of the profit from them too."

 "But, once all the trees are cut down, and all the oil and iron or gold or whatever is gone, the land isn't worth hardly anything to anyone anymore. So, Vespah agrees to take the now useless land off your mother's hands, for a pre-arranged price. The company does this because, even though the land no longer has any value to your mom, Vespah knows that certain people, say, um, land developers or whatever, might still be willing to pay something for it. Selling the used up land to them, no matter how little the land developers might pay for it in the end, generates a little more profit for the company."

 James just looked at her, his mouth completely agog, hanging open in shock.

 "Uh, that's not the best analogy, I guess." Lucy said, shrugging again, sheepishly. "But that's why I'm just a tech, and not in sales. Hah ha."

 "Also, it's probably not just your penis that Vespah'll take, but also your testicles too. If your mother went for the standard contract, that is?" Lucy finished, directing the last part of her statement to Julie, who nodded affirmatively.

 "Bu.. Bu.. B-but.." James stuttered, going pale as he continued to look back and forth between Lucy, his sister, and his Vespah.

 "Don't worry too much about it." Lucy said, dismissively, as she reached down to pat James' exposed scrotum and testicles gently. "As long as these keep producing decent enough quality semen, and as long as it doesn't take Vespah too long to extract it from you, you'll be just fine."

 "T-take.. Take this thing off of me!" James exclaimed, as he began tugging on the steel machine fruitlessly once again.

 "No way, José." Lucy said, smirking. "You're under contract, boy. Break the contract and we'll take back our Vespah, AND your cock and balls, and leave your mother with none of the profits. I don't think she'd be very pleased with that, do you?"

 "How much will we be making off all this, anyway?" Julie asked, ignoring her brother's continuing sputters of fearful outrage.

 "Well, it isn't actually all that much, I'm afraid." Lucy replied, flipping one hand back and forth in a "so-so" gesture. "We pay at the end of each week, and it'll depend heavily on how well he's been producing, but it will probably be enough to treat you and your mother to nice lunch at a respectable restaurant every Saturday or Sunday."

 "Is that everything?" Lucy asked, standing up from James' bed as Julie absorbed her response. "I've got other boys to get to on my rounds today."

 "Just one more question. How does the Vespah take his cock and balls, when.." Julie said, before altering her question when her brother looked at her fearfully and pleadingly. "Ah, I mean, IF the time comes?"

 "Oh, well, it's pretty simple. There's a coiled strand of razor wire looped around the inside of the base ring, between the metal outer shell and the "rubber" inner seal." Lucy answered, pointing towards the part. "When the Vespah detects that his semen quality has dropped below certain acceptable levels, or he takes longer than an hour to bring to ejaculation, it activates the wire."

 "The wire tightens, cutting first through the "rubber" seal, and then the flesh being harvested. At the same time, Vespah passes a small electric current through the "rubber" seal, which isn't actually rubber, by the way, which catalyzes a chemical reaction within it. The circular seal, which has just been cut into inner and outer halves by the razor wire, contracts quite spectacularly, sealing both sides of the harvest cut in strong, if temporary, tourniquets. The boy doesn't bleed to death, and the freshly harvested penis and testicles stay nice and plump."

 "Wow." Julie said, as she regarded her brother's crotch.

 "Yep, it's pretty clever." Lucy said. "Though, I hear the next model they're planning might have a laser cutter instead of the razor wire."

 "Laser cutter?" Julie asked, her eyebrows rising up with interest, as she turned and started walking out of her brother's bedroom. "Ooh, that's neat."

 "Yeah, it'll be pretty cool, I thi.." Lucy confirmed, following Julie, her response getting cut off by the door she shut behind her.

 They left James, who was nearly in tears, behind them, with only his fears, and his Vespah, to keep him company.

6 - Living with Vespah

 His Vespah was apparently self cleaning, as James found out a bit later that morning. As soon as he stepped into the shower, and the first splash of water washed over both his skin and the Vespah at his groin, it came to life once again.

 He had thought, at first, that it was trying to milk him again, but had realized, after only a few moments of new, unfamiliar sensations emanating from the device, that what it wanted of his flesh wasn't more semen, but simply to clean it. The machine beeped at him a few times, as though waiting for something, then its green light turned yellow, and it began to squeeze down on his penis so hard that it hurt. When, after a few more moments of that treatment failed to prompt James to give the Vespah what it wanted, its yellow light started blinking, and James felt the rubber seal around the base of his manhood begin to tighten, frightening him into the only action he thought might prevent what he was sure was his impending "harvesting".

 He angled the shower head so that it was pointed directly at his crotch, soaking the Vespah in water. At this, the machine beeped once more, the light returned to its steady, cheerful green color, and the pressure against his flesh lifted. He spent the next few minutes watching and feeling the machine as it cleaned itself and his penis, using the water that seeped into it through its tightly woven outer mesh, and then expelling the dirty water through a new revealed port at its tip. Once finished, its light once again went out, leaving him to continue his normal shower routine in relative peace. Well, aside from the elevated heart rate and knot of fear in his gut, as he realized how close he had probably come to losing everything to the device before he had figured out what it had wanted.

 He also learned, in his first shower wearing his Vespah, that his pee would simply pass right through the device. He was worried that the machine might take offense to his urine, and perhaps punish him for it, but his need to release his bladder was simply too great, so he grit his teeth, closed his eyes, and, a little fearfully, simply let it flow. Apparently, the Vespah could tell when he was about to urinate, because the same little port that had drained the water used for washing his penis opened up and allowed his urine to escape into the shower drain.

 He had been quite relieved, both that his bladder was empty and that nothing had happened to his penis, right up until the machine shot a small jet of water up his urethra just as he finished. Vespah wanted to clean it out of any lingering urine, apparently. His Vespah had then sucked the water right back out of him, and expelled it from the waste port as well.

 Shaking slightly in reaction, he finished his shower, toweled off, dressed, then joined his sister for breakfast. Julie shot him a single knowing smirk as he sat down, then proceeded to ignore him, even when his Vespah decided to activate once more and milk him right at the dining table while he tried, vainly, to eat.

 He was almost late to school, but managed to arrive at his classroom just before the bell starting first period rang. He thought he was safe, at last, from the machine strapped to his manhood, until, while up at the whiteboard diagramming a sentence for Mrs Stevens, it activated once again. He had always thought that his teacher was quite beautiful, and even just being near her at the front of the room, while she watched him work on the sentence she had provided for him, was enough to make his heart, and cock, flutter a little in excitement.

 Vespah sensed this, apparently, because it turned on while James was in mid marker stroke, causing him to jerk violently in surprise, dragging a jagged score across his whole diagrammed sentence. He then spent, to his utter embarrassment, the next few minutes leaning up against the whiteboard, grasping at it desperately in an effort to stay on his feet, while gasping and shivering. His Vespah brought him to full erection, stimulated his trapped flesh until he thought he might pass out in ecstasy, then sucked him dry as he orgasmed powerfully, while the entire class, along with Mrs Stevens, looked on.

 He came back to himself, as he recovered from his orgasm, to find that he was leaning up against the white board still, the sentence he had been working smeared and unreadable, with Mrs Stevens shaking her head and clucking reproachfully at him.

 "Really, James." She said. "If you can't control yourself and stop disrupting class, you'll just have to sit back down."

 She was frowning severely at him as she said this, pointing a single slim, well manicured finger towards his desk, but she was also, he could tell, fighting to keep an amused grin from her quivering, twitching lips, her eyes twinkling. The rest of the class felt no such need to hide their amusement at his expense, and he walked, face flushed and with his head bowed down in shame, back to his desk amid the laughter and giggles of his peers.

 As he slumped into his chair, sliding down into it as far as he could in an effort to hide from the view of his classmates, he thought and hoped that his ordeal with Vespah might be over for the day. His hopes proved to be in vain though, because Vespah next activated while he was standing in line for lunch. This caused him to nearly knock over the full lunch trays of several girls, as they walked past him to find seats at the lunch tables, while he was convulsing in yet another forced orgasm.

 And then it activated again during P.E. class.

 And yet again during his walk home.

 "Please, Julie, I can't go on like this." James begged, as his sister changed out Vespah's phial, full from his day of near constant milking, for an empty one. "It won't leave me alone! Every time I get an erection, or even start to get an erection, it's there, pestering me!"

 "Well, now you know how I, and all the other girls, feel." Julie replied, as she finished with her task. "A little taste of your own medicine, right? Every erection an inconvenient time waster."

 James' heart fell, and his bottom lip trembled slightly, at the smug look on his sister's face.

 "P-please, Julie.." he begged again, his voice small and his eyes downcast.

 "That's the best thing about Vespah, really." she went on, cheerfully amused at his pathetic pleading. "It turns an inconvenience into an asset!"

 "Only a small asset, to be sure." she finished, smirking down at her brother's groin. "But, an asset nonetheless."

 Then, her smirk turning evil, she cupped his exposed testicles in her warm hand, and, while rolling them around gently in her grasp, leaned in towards her brother. She tugged on the neck of her shirt, pulling it out as far as she could, while putting her lips next to her brother's ear.

 "Take a look, brother dear. I know that you want to.." she whispered to him, as she thrust her small chest out towards him. "I'm not wearing a bra today."

 James, despite himself, looked down his sister's shirt.

 Yet again, his Vespah activated. Julie just stood over him, grinning in triumph, as she watched his helpless writhing. He was forced to orgasm yet again, grasping desperately at his manhood trapped within the relentless machine, while kneeling at his sister's feet. The beseeching, pleading way he looked up at her only seemed to, much to his dismay, increase her enjoyment of his plight.

 As time passed, he began to lose track of, well, nearly everything. His life, after that first day, had only two possible states: either being milked by his Vespah, or waiting to be milked by his Vespah. All the rest was washed out into a blurred haze of forced orgasmic pleasure and ecstasy. Soon, he couldn't even tell or remember how much time had passed, as every day felt like the same day. He'd wake up to Vespah milking him, shower while Vespah cleaned him, and then try to eat breakfast as Vespah milked him again. Then, he'd try to pay attention in class as Vespah milked him, and try to eat lunch while Vespah milked him, then try to do his homework, or to watch television, or to read a book, while Vespah milked him. Then, finally, he'd go to sleep for the night, as Vespah milked him yet again.

 Even in his dreams, he couldn't escape from the device, as it apparently worked on him all throughout the night as well. It caused his night time mental fantasies to warp and skew, as each normal dream he had was inevitably pushed aside by a Vespah induced wet dream. These were usually about the women in his life, and most often of all, his sister, standing over him, or on him, laughing with dark pleasure, as he orgasmed helplessly. Their succubus natures only grew more powerful, even as he grew weaker, with every pulse of forced pleasure that erupted out of him.

 Meanwhile, as it felt like he was slowly losing him mind to his Vespah, his sister and mother, apparently taking their Vespah technician's, Lucy, advise to heart, had begun treating themselves to a lovely lunch every Sunday, courtesy of the profits from James' collected semen. Sometimes they even took James along with them.

7 - Harvested

 His mind clouded by constant orgasms, James had nearly forgotten what his Vespah had in store for him, should his manhood fail to produce adequate quantities of quality semen for it to devour from him. Until, that is, the day the little green light at the tip of the machine turned yellow during a milking session for the first time. He had been in bed, about to go to sleep, waiting for Vespah to finish with him yet again, after a long day of nearly continuous forced orgasms, when it happened.

 The cheerful green color of the light flashed out, to be replaced virtually instantaneously by yellow.

 A warning yellow.

 He had felt, in that instant, a spike of fear shoot down his spine and through his guts, as he remembered what could happen. His penis, however, apparently interpreted his fear reaction as simple excitement, and his orgasm, which had been longer in coming that particular session than any before, finally exploded out of him shortly after that. The yellow light had returned to green, then winked out, as his Vespah shut down and left his penis in peace once more.

 What didn't leave James, though, was the little knot of fear and apprehension that had settled in his gut, as he thought of the yellow light, and what it meant, when he fell asleep that night.

 After that, he began seeing the yellow light more and more often, usually towards the end of each day, as his increasingly sore and tender cock took longer and longer for Vespah to bring to orgasm. Eventually, when nothing untoward happened to his manhood, despite the ever increasing lengths of time it was taking him to ejaculate, his fear began to subside a little.

 Which was when the yellow light started blinking angrily at him. The longer he took to cum each day, the faster and faster it would blink.


 He was sitting on his bed, looking down at his groin in a growing panic, staring at the yellow light, which was blinking, in a steadily increasing tempo, faster than ever before, when his sister walked into his room.

 Whatever she had been intending to see him about, it must not have been very pressing, because instead of asking him whatever question she'd had on her mind, she just stared down at the flashing yellow light too, her mouth falling open in surprise.

 "Julie!" James cried, when he saw his sister. "Please, help!"

 "How.. How long has this been going on for?" she asked, after she closed the door to his room and knelt down in front of him, keeping her eyes fixed firmly on the flashing light.

 "It's been flashing for nearly five minutes!" James blurted, as he started to hyperventilate. "Oh, god, please do something!"

 "Oh, dear." Julie said, as she reached for his Vespah covered penis. "There's not much time left then, I'm afraid."

 "Ahh!" James cried, upon hearing this news. "P-please, help me!"

 Without answering him, Julie took his penis in one hand, then flipped his member up and out of the way, exposing his bare testicles to view. She took them into her other hand, and began rolling and fondling them gently, apparently trying to coax out whatever semen they still had left within them.

 "Well, there's not much I can do.." Julie said, quietly. "Your balls are the only thing accessible to me."

 "Although, perhaps if I.." Julie continued, musing to herself, as she apparently got an idea.

 Keeping her eyes on her brother's, she bent down and gently took his hanging testicles into her mouth. Sucking on them softly, she used her tongue to roll them gently back and forth. While doing this, she moved her hand and pressed it firmly into her brother's perineum, massaging him there with her fingers.

 The feel of his sister's mouth on his balls, in addition to the new, unexpected but pleasurable sensation of the pressure of her fingertips on the flesh just below his scrotum, was enough, barely, to bring James over the cusp of orgasm.

 "Oh, god, Julie..!" he cried, his voice drawing out into a moan, as he wrapped his hands around the back of his sister's head and pulled her against his crotch, as his hips bucked outwards.

 James came, just in time, and his Vespah sucked every drop from him, as usual. Afterwards, shaking and trembling, with his chest heaving and nearly sobbing in relief, he collapsed backwards onto his bed, releasing his sister as he did so.

 "Th.. Than.." he tried to say, as he shuddered all over.

 "Thank you.. Julie.. Thank you." he finally managed. "I'm.. I'm sorry I.. pulled on you.. so hard."

 Julie, who was standing once again, her smirk of amusement slowly returning as she regarded her brother, shook her head ruefully.

 "That's alright, little brother. I suppose we're just lucky I happened to come along when I did." she said.

 "Y-yeah." James replied, looking shakily down at his groin and gulping in fear. "A-another minute or two, and it would have been too.. too late."

 "Yes." Julie confirmed. "I would have hated to miss it."

 "Wha.. What?" James asked, as he looked up at her, his confusion evident.

 Instead of answering, Julie went over to her brother's desk, grabbed his chair there, and drug it back across the floor towards the him. She placed it in front of her brother, who was still sprawled on his bed, and then stood in front of it, directly before him.

 A flush had come over her features, and there was an odd, excited expression glinting in her eyes, as she regarded him while biting her lower lip gently.

 Then she pulled her shirt off, over her head, completely exposing her slender, bare, bra-less chest. Her small, well formed breasts, their nipples pert and hard, heaved excitedly as her breathing picked up.

 "What are.. what are you doing?" James asked, his mouth hanging open, as he took in the full glory of his sister's nude torso for the first time.

 Julie ran her hands up and down her body a few times, still biting her lip, her eyes fastened on her brother, apparently reveling in the feel of the air on her bare skin, then sat down in his chair. Her fingers came rest on her nipples, and she began slowly stroking and caressing them, the sensations of their arousal causing her flush to deepen even further as she continued to look at him.

 "Julie..?" James asked, as he continued to look as his sister, amazed.

 Without replying to him, his sister slowly slipped one of her hands down across her taut tummy, then dipped it below the waistband of the pair of boy shorts (which were probably the same pair that she had been wearing when James had got himself into this whole mess). Her slim fingers came to rest just above a slight damp spot, and she began gently rubbing herself, every movement easily visible through the thin fabric, in small circles.

 Vespah came to life around James' manhood, for what, he felt sure, would probably be the final time.

 "Ah!" he exclaimed, looking down at the device in shocked realization. "Oh.. oh, no. Oh, no, no!"

 "Oh, yesss.." his sister replied, her whole body shivering visibly, as she watched his panicked reaction.

 "Julie, please.." James said, looking to his sister, who was beginning to writhe liquidly in his chair, undulating her body in apparent ecstasy. "I.. I don't have anything left.. Nothing! The Vespah won't stop this time.. Please, s-stop that.. Help me.. D-do something!"

 "I am doing something, little brother. Ah!" Julie replied, with a pleased gasp as she rolled one of her nipples between her fingers. "Although.."

 "Although?" James asked, desperately. "Although, what!?"

 "Well.. Mmm.." Julie moaned, as she continued to pleasure herself. "I guess I do.. hah.. have a key.. to your Vespah."

 "You.. You do?" James asked, his blossoming hope making his voice thicken with emotion.

 "Mmyep." Julie nodded, biting her lip again, as she lowered her face, looking at him demurely through her eyelashes. "Why, do you.. mm.. do you want it?"

 "Oh, god. Please, yes, Julie." James begged.

 "Well.." she hedged, drawing out her response as another shiver ran through her. "I suppose I could go get it for you.. But, you'll have to do something.. mm.. for me in return."

 "What is it? What do you want?" James asked, his panic starting to return as he watched his sister's obvious enjoyment at his desperate plight. "I'll do anything for you, please!"

 "Spread your legs out more." Julie instructed, her eyes gleaming.

 "That.. That's it?" James asked, incredulous.

 "Mmm-hmm.." Julie replied, sliding down a little in the chair, spreading her own lean legs out in demonstration, drawing the taut fabric of her shorts out even more tightly over her hand and sex. "Just spread your legs out, so I can see better."

 "Oh-okay.." James replied, his voice shaky with fear, as he did as his sister asked.

 "There.. Will you go get the k-key now, please?" he asked, once his sister had smiled her approval at his action.

 "Nnn.. Not yet." Julie sighed, happily, as she continued to stroke herself.

 "Why not?" James demanded, his voice growing hot.

 "Whaa.. ooh.. What's the rush?" Julie answered, as she slipped a finger or two into herself. "We've nearly an hour before Vespah.. mmm.. harvests you. There's no hurry, and I want a little time to enjoy this.. hah.."

 "But.. But, Julie.." James pleaded. "Puh.. pl.. please.."

 "Shhh.. Sh.. Shh.." Julie replied, shushing her brother while smiling heatedly at him. "Just let me have this for a while.. Then, I promise, I'll go get the.. the key."

 So James, for nearly the next hour, sat, his fear and terror growing with each passing second and minute, watching his sister slowly masturbate herself to the idea of his impending harvesting. His limbs, already weak from his repeated forced orgasms that day, felt watery and limp, and he was trembling so hard that, in his current, panicked state, he doubted he could even stand himself up.

 Julie, who seemed to be enjoying his escalating panic nearly as much as the idea of his approaching harvest by his Vespah, was lust incarnate, poured into the body of a beautiful, writhing, mostly nude girl. She had wrapped her own legs around the legs of the chair, curling her bare feet and toes inwards against the supports. This gave her the leverage to thrust out her slim hips, while leaning heavily against the back of the chair, and not slip off the piece of furniture entirely. Those hips, which twitched and bucked slightly every few moments, were still graced by the thin, tight, and now quite damp, pair of boy shorts, which did very little to hide the motions of her hand against her cleft. She rubbed her clit in little circles with her thumb, while slowly sliding her fingers in and our of herself, her eyes locked on her brother's Vespah entrapped manhood the entire time.

 She was issuing forth a constant stream of pleasured moans, sighs, and little shivery bits of delighted laughter, as well. When the light at the end of James' Vespah shifted from green to yellow, at about the forty minute mark, she inhaled sharply, then closed her eyes, bit her lip, and pressed her legs together tightly.

 "Oh, that was close.." she said, while trembling in arousal. "But.. not yet.. not just yet.. I want to wait until.."

 She trailed off, smiling wickedly at her desperate brother, then slowly resumed her gentle self stimulation.

 After fifty-five minutes, when the warning yellow light began to blink, slowly at first, but with increasing speed, she shuddered all over.

 "Julie, please!" James begged, looking down at the light in horrified fascination. "Th-there isn't much time left! Please, go get the key!"

 "Shh.. Shh.." Julie responded, her eyes bright, as she watched his crotch intently.

 "Oh, god.." James said, his heart fluttering in panic in his throat.

 "James.." Julie said, after another couple of minutes had passed, with the yellow light blinking ever more insistently. "I've.. ohh.. I've got a confession to make."

 "W-what? Julie, please, go get the key. Please!"

 "Well, about that.." she replied, before trailing off and smiling wickedly at him once more. "I.. uh.. I don't actually have.. mm.. the key. There is no key."

 "Wh.. wh.. what!?"

 "Sorry.." Julie said, sounding completely unrepentant, before she giggled.

 "Oh.. oh, no." James said, as he started to hyperventilate again. "Oh, no!"

 "Just a few more seconds, I.. ahhh.. I think." Julie murmured, staring intently at her brother's manhood.

 "Oh, no. Oh, no." James blurted, as tears began running down his cheeks. "Oh, no, oh no oh no nono!"

 The yellow light, which was flashing almost non-stop by now, turned red. A solid, ominous, permanent red.

 "Yess.." Julie breathed, her body beginning to shudder all over.

 "Oh, no!" James cried, as the Vespah, which had been trying to coax him to orgasm for the entire last hour, gave up on its efforts.

 The razor wire, which had been waiting for its chance this entire time, activated. It began to tighten, slowly at first, and then with increasing rapidity. It squeezed down on the rubber-like substance that made up the seal around the base of James' manhood, and perhaps this pressure, the last thing he would ever feel with his male flesh, was what caused his body to give one, final, desperate effort. Without even the beginnings of an orgasm, he felt a pulse of his semen begin to spurt feebly from him, only for it to be cut off by the tightening wire. Even as his body tried to ejaculate one final time, the wire clamped down on him, cutting easily through the rubber and then slicing just as easily into his flesh. His cum, trapped behind the cutting wire and the rubber-like seal substance, which was even now beginning to contract viciously around his flesh, burned impotently inside of him.

 Finally, the razor wire, after only a moment's more of effort, finished its task. The loop closed completely, severing James' entire manhood, his still erect penis and both testicles, from his body. The red light at the end of the Vespah turned green again, briefly, before it went out for the last time. The rubber-like seal finished constricting, sealing both sides of the cut up quite neatly, and the Vespah, with James' penis still entombed within it, fell free from his groin.

 "Ohh, yesss...!" Julie moaned, as her strokes and caresses over her own flesh reached a fever pitch, bringing her rapidly growing orgasm to a crescendo.

 She came, while watching her brother's manhood roll limply from his body, with her whole body bucking and writhing in desperate pleasure, so hard that she broke his chair. Her legs, lean, but fit and very strong, flexed so powerfully against the chair's legs that, one after the other, she broke the wooden supports. The chair collapsed, dumping Julie onto the floor with a yelp of surprise, followed by giggling laughter, even as she continued to pleasure herself and orgasm powerfully.

 Finally, she began to come down from her climax. After a few more moments, she stood up slowly, legs wobbly and unsteady, and looked down at her brother.

 He was still sitting on his bed, in exactly the same position that he had occupied while his sister had masturbated herself for the past hour, looking down at his severed organs in utter shock. He didn't even seem to be in any pain, just yet, as the enormity of what had just happened to him slowly sank in.

 "N-no.. No." James said, in vain denial.

 "I'm afraid so, little brother. Uh, woah." Julie said, her voice condescendingly sympathetic, as she wobbled and almost fell over again.

 "We.. we have to.. to go to the hospital." James said, his voice, though weak and shocky, beginning to firm. "The hospital. They can save it, put it back on!"

 "Why would they bother?" Julie asked, snorting skeptically, as she reached between her brother's legs and picked up the Vespah, and his manhood, by his still attached and dangling ball sack.

 "I need it!" James cried, wincing. "I need it, and they can save it! Please, Julie, take me to the hospital. Please!"

 "You don't need to go to the hospital." Julie said, rolling her eyes at him, as she inspected his severed organs curiously. "That's what the tourniquet is for. You're in no danger. Um, probably."

 "But, my penis! My balls!" James said, desperately. "They can save them there!"

 "Well, yeah. But, why would they bother?" Julie repeated. "It's only a cock. And balls. They'd probably just dump 'em in the bio-waste bin, give you an aspirin, and send you back home."

 "Julie.." James cried, his voice breaking.

 "I'm going to go put these in the 'fridge, so they don't spoil." Julie said, waving his manhood in the vague direction of the kitchen.

 "W-wait!" James said, as he tried to get up.

 His movements aborted almost before they began, as it became apparent that the pain he wasn't quite feeling yet had finally begun to assert itself. He let out a shocked grunt and went deathly pale, then collapsed back onto his bed, before finally curling up into a fetal position.

 "Whew, that was a great one." Julie said, as she looked about the room distractedly, and then found her shirt and shrugged it back on. "Um, sorry about your chair, by the way."

 "Wait.." James called out weakly, as his sister left his room, his manhood held casually in her hands, shutting his door behind her.

 "Wait.." he repeated again, as tears began to fall down his cheeks once more.


8 - Final Collection

 James awoke the next morning to pain. The sheer volume of it, which spiked up even higher whenever he moved, confused his sleep muddled brain for a few moments, before he remembered just why he hurt so much in the first place.

 Slowly, with mounting dread, he pulled back his covers, which he didn't remember pulling over himself before he had passed out the night before, to look at his groin. Right up until he saw the empty spot where his manhood should have been, he had hoped, despite the pain radiating up from it, that his crotch was okay. That it had all been just a dream, or a nightmare, or something.

 Unfortunately, it had not been a dream. The nightmare was all too real, and his cock and balls, so precious to him, were gone.

 It took him nearly an hour, moving slowly to prevent the pain from overwhelming him, to get off his bed, shuffle across the floor, while avoiding the smashed remains of his chair, and open the door to his room. He had tried to get dressed, but the pain, while he fumbled slowly and clumsily with his clothes, had been simply too much. So, still quite naked, he left his room. He walked, with tiny, careful steps, along the hallway wall, grateful for whatever extra support it could provide him, and made his way to the kitchen and dining room.

 His sister, dressed in her usual casual and revealing weekend clothes, sat at the table, munching her way through a bowl of cereal, when he entered the dining room. She watched, smirking slightly and saying nothing, as he made his slow, painful way over to the refrigerator.

 When he opened the fridge, gulping in apprehension as he did so, his manhood, still bound within the Vespah, was revealed. It sat between the carton of eggs and the half empty jug of milk, the gleaming steel of the machine encasing his cock looking rather out of place among all the food, with his testicles hanging sadly to one side. The small amount of his severed flesh he could see had all turned rather blue, and looked very cold.

 Tentatively, he reached out for it and withdrew it from the fridge. Holding it carefully, he looked down on his severed male parts, feeling deep, almost unidentifiable swells of loss and sadness welling up and roiling around inside of his chest and guts. With his eyes watering, and his bottom lip trembling, he turned to his sister. Whatever he was going to say to her, though, whatever plea for aid and mercy he might have voiced just then, was interrupted when another person entered the room.

 Lucy, their Vespah tech, strode confidently into the room. She was still wearing her Vespah polo shirt, and her hair was pulled back into a businesslike ponytail.

 "Oh. Well, I suppose that's that, then." she said, her tone matter of fact, as she took in the tableau in the room before her. "I figured it would be happening soon."

 Ignoring James' surprised, feeble protest, she plucked the Vespah, along with his severed cock and balls, right out of his hands. Then she peeked into the fridge, obviously looking for something in particular inside of it, and, apparently not finding it, then glanced questioningly at Julie.

 "No phial today? Usually there's at least a little that gets milked out before the final harvest." she asked.

 "Uh.. well.." Julie said, looking a little sheepish. "There was one, but, I.. ah.. I drank it, actually."

 "Sorry." she continued, shrugging apologetically.

 "Heh, that's alright." Lucy replied, grinning. "He was getting pretty thin this past week or so, anyway. Hardly worth the bother to collect, really."

 "Hmm.. You know, I thought it was more watery than I remembered." Julie said, frowning. "I couldn't help myself, though. I just wanted one last taste of him."

 "Well, I don't blame you." Lucy said, smiling. "I won't mention it in the final report, when we close your account out."

 "Thanks. You know, it's almost a shame." Julie said, glancing down at her brother's manhood, held casually in Lucy's hands. "He tasted pretty good, compared to a lot of the other boys I know. I'll probably miss it, a bit."

 "Well, at least you got paid for it, right?" Lucy replied, as she started to leave the room. "Speaking of which, want to come out to the van for a minute? I'll add up your totals for this week, close out your account, and give you your final check."

 "Okay. That sounds good." Julie agreed, as she moved to follow.

 "W.. wait." James protested, as both girls left, taking his manhood with them.

 He followed after them, as quickly as he could, despite the fact that he was still entirely naked, and also despite the pain that shot up through his guts with every step he took. He found them, when he caught up, by a small commercial van, which was barely larger than a regular minivan, that was parked at the end of the driveway. Lucy was just climbing into the opened rear doors.

 "Oh, neat!" Julie exclaimed, as she poked her head into the van and looked around, with obvious interest. "Are those more Vespahs? They look different than the one James had."

 James joined his sister at the side of the van, leaning against the door frame heavily, as he caught his breath and tried not to vomit from the pain he was experiencing.

 "Yep." Lucy replied. "We've got all sorts of different models. You got the long term milking model for your brother, but we've got Vespahs that can do all kinds of neat things, depending on what options the customer picks."

 The inside of the van contained, James discovered, as he leaned his own head into it, a rack along one wall, which was covered in what appeared to be Vespahs and parts for Vespahs. The opposite wall was dominated by a refrigeration unit and a small desk. The desk had a laptop and small printer on one side, and an open work space, with storage racks for tools and parts, on the other. Lucy had carelessly dumped the Vespah, and James' penis and testicles, on the empty part of the table.

 "Let's get your account settled up and closed." Lucy said, as she tapped her computer to life. "It should be easy enough, since the only change from yesterday will be the severance fee, for your brother's harvested cock and balls."

 "Oh." Julie replied, as she took in the contents of the van. "How much will that be?"

 "It's weight based." Lucy said. "Given that your brother's equipment was about average sized, it'll probably come out to about ten dollars."

 "That seems kind of low.." Julie said, frowning a bit, as James began sputtering in shock.

 "It's the most we can give you, while still being able to make a profit ourselves." Lucy explained, absently. "Hold on just a second. I'll pop the Vespah off and weigh everything out."

 Picking up a tool that wasn't much more than a normal, flat headed screwdriver, Lucy fiddled with the Vespah for a brief moment. There was a small clicking sound, and then the device came easily apart. James' penis, revealed for the first time, was just as blue and cold looking as his testicles were. Lucy picked up the now unneeded Vespah and dumped it into a small crate that was marked "Returns", which was nearly full of other Vespahs already. Then, she placed James' severed manhood on a digital scale, and dutifully entered the number it reported to her into her computer.

 "Okay, your severance fee is.." she said, as she did a few quick calculations. "Eleven dollars and thirty-two cents, which I'll just add to your total for your final check. Now, give me a moment to print it out, and you're all set!"

 "Eleven dollars!?" James asked, incredulous. "I.. I've got eleven dollars you can have. Let me have my penis back. Please!"

 "Sorry, boy, no buybacks allowed." Lucy said, with an amused snort. "We've got orders to complete, and if we let every whiny little boy buy his meat back, we'd never get them filled."

 "Besides, it's not worth just eleven dollars to US." Lucy continued. "That's just what we're willing to pay your mother for it."

 "What do you do with them, anyway?" Julie asked, her curiosity piqued.

 "Clean them, package them up, then sell them on to people who want them, mostly." Lucy replied, as she picked up James' manhood once again.

 She opened the refrigerator, which took up a sizable portion of the interior of the van, revealing its contents to Julie and James. There were rows and rows of phials, all of which were mostly or completely full of pearly liquid, lining the inside of the door and most of the shelves. The one spot that was empty of phials or places for phials was occupied by a transparent plastic tub. Lucy dropped James' penis and testicles into this tub, on top of was looked to be at least a dozen more such sets of severed male parts. Most, like James', were full packages, cock and balls both, but a few were just individual penises, which looked a little lonely without their usual partners.

 "Please.. Please!" James cried, when he saw his manhood get added to the pile in the tub. "If I can get to the hospital, maybe.. maybe they can still put them back on.. reattach them! Please let me buy them back from you!"

 "Boys.." Lucy said, rolling her eyes in amusement at James' pleading. "Okay, first off: even if I let you have your cock back, I really don't think they'd even bother trying to reattach it to you. Doctors have waaay better things to spend their time on. Second, even if they were willing to actually put it back on you, it wouldn't matter, because it's too late, boy. Way too late."

 "Your dick is dead. Period." Lucy said, with no remorse or pity in her voice, her tone completely matter of fact. "It's not even a set of cock and balls anymore. It's just meat now. Our meat."

 "Wow, that is a lot of cocks and balls.." Julie said, wonderingly, as she peered into the refrigerator. "Is that just from this morning?"

 "Hmm? Oh, yes, that's just today's harvest. So far." Lucy confirmed, as she looked back to Julie, ignoring the tears beginning to leak from the corners of James' eyes. "I'm running a little above average on them, but not by much."

 "Who do you sell them to?" Lucy asked curiously.

 "Oh, all sorts." Lucy replied, waving her hands vaguely. "Actually, here, let me just show you. I can pull up a list of outstanding orders that still need to be filled."

 Lucy tapped for a few moments on her laptop, bringing up a list on her screen, which she began to read from.

 "Let's see.. This first one is an order for a dozen full packages for.. some girl's birthday." Lucy reported, peering down at the small text on her laptop. "Apparently, it's her sweet sixteen, and her parents wanted to treat her and her girlfriends.. That's nice of them."

 "The next one is.. another girl's birthday party. Looks like she's turning twenty-one." Lucy said. "There's gonna be a big party for her at her sorority house, sounds fun! They want a dozen and a half cocks, no balls."

 "Oh, neat!" Julie said, enthusiastically. "What do you do with the extra balls?"

 "Well, some orders are just for testicles, specifically, so it usually about evens out." Lucy replied. "Umm.. Like this one here. A woman ordered three dozen sets of balls for her next bridge club meeting. She's local too, just down the street from here.. I'll bet they're doing barbecued Shish kebobs. Balls are great for Shish kebobs."

 "If we have extra balls even after filling all our orders, we send them off to a soup company. They've got a long term contract with us, and take off our hands every testicle we don't sell to anyone else. Apparently, dried and powdered testicles make great bullion cubes and soup bases." Lucy finished.

 "Do the cocks and balls get, I don't know.. graded, or something, before you sell them?" Julie asked.

 "Yeah, there's a quick grading process. It's mostly just a pass/fail sort of affair." Lucy said, nodding. "I mean, a penis is a penis, right? One is pretty much the same as any other. Even the "failures" aren't much different, they're just the particularly unattractive ones, which customers might not want to buy. In fact, the fails from the previous day get put on a rotisserie each morning in the staff break room. Why waste them, right? By the time lunch rolls around, they're perfect! All us girls like them so much that there usually aren't even any leftovers."

 "That sounds pretty good.." Julie said, swallowing a bit, her mouth apparently starting to water.

 "Of course, a few really, really nice ones, way less then one percent of all the harvested cocks we take in, actually, are picked out for Realdo conversion." Lucy said.

 "Realdo?" Julie asked, confused.

 "You know, like a dildo, but made out of a real cock." Lucy replied. "Seems kind of redundant to me, but they're actually pretty big sellers, and quite profitable for the company."

 "That sounds kinda fun.." Julie said, thoughtfully.

 "Like I said, they're big sellers." Lucy said, nodding.

 James, weeping openly, left the two girls to their conversation. He didn't want to hear any more of it. He wasn't getting his manhood back, ever. He penis and testicles, which he had cherished so much before his sister had brought Vespah into his life, were dead. They might, at this very moment, be only a few yards from him, resting, cold and still, in the refrigerator in the van he was slowly retreating from, but they were already as good as gone.

 He made it back into the house and as far as the living room before he collapsed. The pain he was experiencing, along with the tide of despair that was washing over him, simply made it impossible for him to go on. He crumpled slowly to his knees, holding his hands over his mutilated groin, then fell forward onto his face, with his chest pressed against the floor. The position, with his rump still stuck up in the air, was uncomfortable, but he couldn't summon up even the small amount of willpower needed to move himself to a less awkward position.

 He just lay there, weeping, until his sister returned.

 "That sure was interesting." she said, cheerfully, as she shut the front door behind her and regarded her brother.

 Julie moved around his prone form, then sat on the couch. She eyed him for a few moments, then spoke again.

 "Hey, James."

 "James?" she repeated, after he didn't answer her the first time.

 "W-what?" he finally replied, he voice bleak, and a little rough, from his crying.

 "Come over here."


 "Just come over here." Julie said again, rolling her eyes in exasperation.

 "I can't. It hurts.." James replied weakly.

 After a few moments however, he pushed himself up, onto his hands and knees, and moving very slowly, he crawled over to his sister. He stopped before her, still on all fours, and looked up at her, his face a broken, smeary mess.

 "Do you know why Lucy only ever called you boy?" Julie asked, as she looked down on her brother. "I asked her, you know, because I was curious why she never bothered to use your name."


 "She told me that she always calls her.. ah, "clients", boys, because, once they get a Vespah, that's all they're ever going to be." Julie said, her voice quiet, but intense. "You're never going to become a man, now, James. All you'll ever be is a boy."

 James' chest hitched, and he let out another little sob of despair.

 "You know, it's actually kind of a shame that I talked mom into getting a Vespah for you." Julie mused, as she continued to regard him. "I didn't know that there were other options available. Just imagine what could have been.."

 "Did you know, for example, that you can take a boy down to the Vespah building, have him milked dry and his penis harvested right there in front of you, and then have it made into a Realdo while you wait?" she asked. "They'll even leave his testicles, if you want. Imagine if mom had let me do that to you. You could be right where you are now, only still with your balls, which would be achingly full, while you got to watch me use what used to be your cock to do this.. to myself."

 As she spoke, Julie began undressing. It didn't take her long, considering that she only had to pull off her loose top and slide her small shorts from her hips and down her legs. Then, she began to stroke and caress the soft skin of her breasts and sex, pleasuring herself once again in front of her brother.

 "Mom told me never to undress in front of you, because it might give you the wrong idea.." Julie said, as she spread her legs, revealing the delicate folds of her moist, aroused cleft to James. "But, I guess none of that matters now, does it? It is too bad about you losing your penis like this, though, because it would have been so much fun to use your Realdo cock on myself while you watched, frustrated and helpless to do anything about. But, I suppose that I could always just go buy one of the other, nicer Realdos I'm sure they have in stock. It's like Lucy said: one penis is pretty much the same as any other, right?"

 "I'm kind of jealous, too." she continued, as she cupped both of her breasts and ran her thumbs across her erect nipples. "Jealous of whichever girl gets to eat your cock. Just think, by this time tomorrow, or maybe the next day, someone will be preparing your penis and cooking it, like any other piece of meat, just so a girl can eat it all up. Maybe for her sweet sixteenth birthday. Or maybe Lucy will be the one to eat your cock tomorrow for lunch, if they decide that it isn't even good enough to sell. I wonder what you'll taste like?"

 "Julie.." James said, his chest heaving, as his tears began to flow more freely. "Julie, why..?"

 "Shh.. Shhh.." Julie said, shushing him. "You know, it occurs to me, just now, that you owe me."

 "Owe.. owe you?" James asked.

 "Yes. Yes, indeed. I mean, I helped you out, all those times." Julie said. "Every time you got an erection, I was there for you. Every time you got aroused, I made you come."

 Julie, her eyes sparkling, spread her thighs out even wider as she scooted her bottom to the edge of the couch. James, despite the pain he was experiencing, despite the loss and despair he was still undergoing, was captivated, his eyes locked on his beautiful sister's slim, graceful form, which was gloriously exposed as she sat nude before him. He even felt the stirrings of what would have been an erection, deep within the remnants of what was left of his manhood, which only heightened his pain even further. Still, he couldn't look away from her.

 "So, I think that it's.. mm.. only fair that, since now I'm the one who might enjoy a little.. help.. and relief.." Julie continued, a wicked, lascivious smile coming to rest on her gorgeous features. "That you be the one to provide it."

 James stared up at her, his mouth open, without moving for a few moments.

 "Well, boy.." Julie insisted, drawing out the diminutive with relish. "What are you waiting for?"

 Julie had to guide him, giving him constant instructions on what to do, where and when to lick, or to suck, or to nibble. Eventually, though, while pulling his face tightly against her sex, with her fingers tangled in his hair and her inner thighs pressing so hard against the sides of James' head that he thought she might crack it open, she came. She panted, she shivered, and she cried out in ecstasy, orgasming beautifully, as her nullified little brother used the only thing he could to help her, the only thing he had left: his mouth.

 "Mmmm.. Good boy.." Julie purred, a minute or so later, after she recovered enough of herself to speak once again. "Very, very good boy."

 James, with the evidence of his sister's pleasure smeared all over his mouth and chin, collapsed backward onto his heels, then to his side, laying down before her. He shivered and trembled, his body shaking and his chest heaving, in confusion, in pain, in despair, and in exhaustion. He was spent, emotionally and physically, and had nothing left to give.

 As he began to drift off, his consciousness fading out slowly, he felt his sister place her feet atop him, using his prone, helpless form as a footstool.

 "Oh, Vespah.. Thank you for this.." Julie said, her voice lost in dreamy happiness. "We should have done this ages ago. It's simply the best thing ever."

 The last thing James heard, before he lost consciousness completely, as he lay in his new place at his sister's feet, was her repeat herself, quite emphatically, and with no small measure of satisfaction in her voice.

 "The.. Best.. Thing.. Ever."

9 - Epilogue

 "You're late." the lady behind the counter in the school office said, informing James of something he was already quite aware of.

 "Y-yes. Umm.. here, my mother gave me this note to give to you.." he replied, handing over the folded piece of paper to the young woman.

 The woman, who must have only just graduated from college, and been hired by the school within the past year or so, frowned at him, then used a letter opener to cut the tape holding the note closed. She opened it, read it, then paused for a moment and read it again.

 "Huh." she mused, while tapping her chin thoughtfully. "Hey, Katie? Should I send this along to the boy's teacher, or just announce it to his entire class?

 James, who didn't know exactly what the note said, leaned heavily on the counter and waited, as patiently as he could. He was late because it had taken him much, much longer to walk to school than normal. Which wasn't all that unexpected, considering that he had lost his penis and testicles just two days previously. He had hoped that his mother might drive him to school, but she was once again sleeping late, after having to work yet another late shift. She had given him the note the previous evening, to give to the school when got there.

 Another, slightly older woman, who must have been Katie, came over and read the note, then snorted to herself in amusement.

 "Just announce it to his class. Saves Mrs Stevens the trouble of having to do it herself." she instructed.

 "Okay. Give me a sec." the first woman said, as she turned to the school's old intercom system and began flipping switches.

 Finally, satisfied with the device's settings, she leaned down to the microphone and, eyes on the note, began speaking into it.

 "Excuse me, please. Could I have your attention. To all the students of Mrs Stevens class, please be advised that your classmate, James, has just had his penis removed. Oh, uh, and also his testicles, too. His mother asks that you be extra careful around him for the next week or so, and to try not to jostle him, bump into him, or knock him down, as he's going to be a bit sore for awhile."

 James, his eyes wide and with his mouth hanging open in shock, listened in horror as the woman continued on with her announcement.

 "I repeat, your classmate James no longer has his penis or balls.. er.. I mean, his testicles. Please don't bump into him or knock him down. Thank you for your attention."

 The young woman leaned back up from the microphone, looking pleased with herself, before she caught sight of James' horrified expression. Frowning in consternation, she then looked over to her coworker, Katie, who was just rolling her eyes and shaking her head ruefully.

 "You had it on school-wide, again." Katie said, with an amused little smile.

 "What?" the first woman said, surprised. "No, I didn't!"

 "Did so." Katie contradicted, her grin widening.

 "No way.. I.. Uh.. Oh. Hmm, I guess I did, didn't I.." the young office woman said, as she looked down at the intercom system's settings. "Umm.. Oops?"

 "That's, what, the third time this week?" Katie said, while shaking her head. "You're such a ditz."

 "Wha..! I am not!"

 "So ditzy.." Katie sighed, as she glanced over to James. "You run along to class now, James, okay?"

 James, leaving the two women, and their ensuing argument about ditziness, behind, walked slowly out of the office, still in shock at what he had just heard be broadcast to the entire school. He saw, as he walked carefully down the hallway, several girls, a few years younger than he was, at the drinking fountain by the restrooms. They saw him at about the same time he saw them. They goggled at him for a moment, then broke out in a torrent of giggles, and darted, as a group, towards the girl's restroom, laughing the entire way.

 James sighed miserably, and made his slow, painful way to class, wondering just how many "dickless" jokes he would be hearing over the next week or so. Or, for that matter, over the course of the rest of his life.

 He had a rather strong feeling that it would be quite a lot.


Author's Note:

 Whew! This one took awhile to finish, but I sure am happy with it. It was one of those story ideas that just wouldn't leave me alone, so I had to finish it, just to get it out of my head.

 The idea for the Vespah device comes from a story (more of a transcript, really) that I read on the Eunuch Archive, by the author Wan. I was going to post a link to it, but it's actually short enough, at least compared to this monstrously sized thing that I've just created, that I'll just append it here at the end.

 Anyway, the device, as described in the story by Wan, is simple enough, but I wondered how it would feel to be wearing one long term. Wondering how long your poor penis could possibly last, with such a machine constantly sucking on it and draining it. Fearing that each new erection would be your final one. That the machine, after it had coldly and mechanically taken from your aching testicles everything it could get out of them, would decide that your manhood now had more value as meat, then it did by remaining attached to you.

 Seriously, I'd come so hard each night, as I thought of what I had already written, and what I planned to write the next day, imagining just what it might feel like to have a penis trapped within such a diabolical device. Imagining the smug, knowing smirk of the girl who had put it on you, as she watched it suck the last load you'd ever make out of you, and as it harvested your now spent and useless meat, reducing you to just another pathetic little nullo boy. One only worth keeping around because of his talented mouth and tongue.

 On another note, I've never really been one who's much interested in incest stuff, but it just seemed to fit, and surprisingly well, for this story. I may be a bigger fan of it that I ever realized, and I think that I'll probably use it again in the future, with some of my other ideas.

 Finally, one person asked, in a comment on my Milkmaids story, for a prequel of sorts, to explain how men wound up in the position they occupy in that story. Well, this story may serve as something along those general lines. It's not a direct prequel, but more of a precursor story, showing a midpoint between something like the societies that exist in our real world, and the kind of society that would treat men as literal livestock, utterly disposable and useful only for their milk and their meat, such as exists in the Milkmaids story.

 As always, thank you for reading. If you care to leave comments or questions, I'd love to read them. Criticism is always welcome.

10 - Vespah, by Wan

 Everything past this point is written by the author Wan, not by me. I simply copy/pasted the text from an html page I saved years ago. Hopefully the formatting is alright.

VESPAH - Vortex Extracted Semen and Penis Automatic Harvester
By: Wan

 Many years ago, long before the Eunuch Archive was founded, some of us used to chat on IRC. In those days, bboy, chris19, flybyte, I and others used to chat about our penectomy fantasies. Many of those discussion involved an automated device that milked semen, then cut off the cock. This device has been used in many of the archive's stories.After more than 15 years, I have finally brought this device to life. This vid, posted at Slammer's Dark Spot, is dedicated to those early pioneers in castration and penectomy fantasy.The spelling and punctuation errors in the story are purposeful. They helped the voice synthesizer pronunciation. I decided to leave this in it's original form.


 Welcome to this demonstration, of the new, Vortex Extracted, Semen and Penis, Automatic, Harvester. Vespa!

 Vespa is design, to harvest both semen and penis, quickly and efficiently, while minimizing stress, on the livestock.

 The key to vespa's efficient operation, is the Harvesting cylinder. This cylinder, features a specially design laser scalpel, that provides for quick, clean, penis harvesting. The laser's cauterizing action, minimizes bleeding.

 The semen harvesting port is designed to maximize recovery, during the semen extraction process.

 Vespa, comes with a variety of harvesting cylinder styles and sizes. Proper sizing of the cylinder to the penis, is crucial to the success of both the semen, and penis harvesting. Harvesting cylinders are available in clear, for those who want to fully experience the harvesting process. And, opaque, for the livestock that might be a bit stressed by the sight of loosing its organ.

 A semen collection cup, accumulates the harvested semen during extraction. Once the semen cup is filled to the predetermined level, the penis-harvesting phase, is automatically initiated, and the laser scalpel, is activated.

Harvesting Preparation.

 The harvesting process begins, by attaching Laser Activated, Vespa Harvesting Tape, around the base of the Penis.

 This, vespa exclusive, eliminates the need for elastic bands, that can slip off during operation, causing damage to the harvested penis.

 Within moments of application, the Harvesting Tape softens and expands to become virtually undetectable. This eliminates interference with the semen extraction, until the laser activates the tape, causing it to contract. This supports the penis stump, and seals the organ's root, to minimize unwanted bleeding, and keep the organ, fresh.

 The penis can now be fitted with the proper size-harvesting cylinder.

 Harvesting cylinder size, must match the size of the penis, in order to obtain an efficient harvesting operation.

 The semen collection cup, is now inserted into the machine, just below the vortex port.

 Finally, the harvesting cylinder is inserted into the vortex port, aligning the semen port, with the semen collection cup.

 And now, Vespa, and the livestock, are ready, to begin the harvesting process.

Introduction and Milking.

 The penis is exposed, and the livestock is bound, to the Vespa restraining rack.

 Frequently, the excitement and fear, cause an involuntary erection. This aligns the penis with the harvesting cylinder.

 Once vespa is activated, the vortex action, quickly sucks the penis into the harvesting cylinder. Once fully inserted, the penis, cannot, be removed.

 While some range of motion is possible. The penis, can only be withdrawn, until the glans reaches the laser scalpel device. Then increased vortex action, makes removal of the organ, impossible.

 Within minutes of insertion, convulsions of the first orgasm, sends waves of semen into the harvesting cylinder.

 The vortex pools the semen, toward the harvesting port, cleaning it from the harvesting cylinder.

 The semen, is harvested, air-rated, and then, accumulated, in the semen collection cup.

 The incessant vespa, continues. The vortex prevents loss of erection, and in no time, the penis is shooting another load, to be collected into the semen cup.

 Each ejaculation takes a little longer, but vespa is insistent. Load after load of semen is extracted and collected. Semen continues to collect in the semen cup. Bringing the level ever closer, to the trigger point.

 With a combination of pain and pleasure, the penis finally gives up enough semen to fill the collection cup. This tells vespa, the penis is ready to be harvested.

The Harvesting.

 The laser triggers, in a burst of light. The penis, is severed. The Vortex collects the penis for processing.

 Some swelling occurs, but, the stump is held tightly by the harvesting tape which facilitates healing, and minimizes bleeding.

 Cleanup, is just as easy, as preparation. The harvesting cylinder is dishwasher safe! Which also sterilizes it for the next use.

 Vortex aeration, insures the semen is fresh and light, eliminating the need for aeration prior to processing.

 Vespa! The only harvester you will ever need, for light-duty, to, high-volume semen and penis harvesting.



Not actually a kink of mine, but damn! Very well done.

That sister is a dirty minx.


Thank you, and yes, I had a lot of fun with Julie's character.

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