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This is one of my recent Futa-centric gory stories that features a lot of dick-removal.

This story is one of my first to use a new device I call a 'De-Dicker'* and that I had Hitori the Artist draw up for me. So, I advise checking that out first to see what it looks like:

Lauren purred as she walked into the pounding atmosphere of the club with her smooth, black, wrench-like De-Dicker in hand. She purred eagerly as, immediately, she had a half-dozen eager eyes on her.

"Welcome to the-Oh!" The blonde babe at the coat check blurted, eyeballing the slick toy in Lauren's hand. "Oh! You've got one?!? Well, you're ready for a fun time now aren't you?" She grinned, one hand absently dropping to stroke the shaft of her 14" cock as it rose up and peeked above the height of the black counter she was sitting behind.

"Eager girl..." Lauren cooed, brandishing the wrench-like device and slipping the metal loop at the end down over the head of the blonde girl's erect cock.

"Oh! Ah! Ummm... Er..." The pretty coat check girl muttered, biting her lip and wriggling uncertainly in her seat even as her cock throbbed eagerly at having the metal loop slid down its length.

"Such an eager bunny aren't you? Or, is it just your cock that wants to play?" Lauren teased as she slid the De-Dicker down to the base of the girl's cock and snugged it up against her hips.

"OHhhh... Ohmygod! Ohh... oh yes! Go on an-"


The blonde girl's blathering stopped short as the De-Dicker hummed and its metal loop began to tighten around the base of her erect cock.

"There we go, like that do we?" Lauren teased, stroking her fingers down the girl's full chest and lean belly as the babe shuddered noiselessly.

Then the De-Dicker emitted a *beep* and a green button lit up.

"Oh! Time for the fun - you ready babe?" Lauren teased, curling one cool hand around the blonde girl's slowly purpling member and giving it a smooth stroke.

The blonde simply groaned, thrusting her cock out hungrily.

"Oh yes, yes you are." Lauren purred, pressing the button with her thumb.

The device made a whirring noise as a blade along the side spun to life and began, slowly, advancing on the base of the blonde's trapped cock. The pretty coat-check blonde had time to gasp, then the blade bit into the base of her erect dick.

"Nngh!" The girl grunted, slim body tensing but making no move to save her full cock from the blade.

Lauren cooed, gently stroking the blonde's bust and tweaking her erect nipples as she watched the razor-sharp blade slowly slice through her rock-hard member until, with a low groan from the pretty girl, her dick tumbled onto the desk in front of her amidst a hip-shuddering orgasm that left her spurting cum and blood onto the desk and all over the impressive meat of her now-severed cock.

"Mmm... All done, did you enjoy that?" Lauren purred, pulling the device away from the blonde's now-dickless crotch.

"Unnnhhh... Ohhh wow, babe, so worth it..." The blonde moaned woozily as she sunk back down into her chair - still bleeding heavily from her new wound.

Smiling, Lauren turned towards the lights and sound of the club proper. As the pulsing music washed over her she spotted a handful of well-hung babes staring at her and the De-Dicker in her hand. Brandishing the de-dicker and striding forward into the midst of the gaggle she cooed in delight as their eyes followed her and their big dicks swelled eagerly.

"Y'all only servicing staff or y'got some time for a party-lovin' filly with a cravin'?"

Lauren found herself staring at a busty blonde cowgirl decked out in an impressive cowboy hat, leather vest open to let her large breasts thrust out, tanned leather chaps and an oversized 16" cock thrusting out in front of her - eagerly bobbing towards Lauren's device.

"I'm equal opportunity." Lauren purred, wrapping one hand around the cowgirl's member and brandishing her device in the other.

"Well don't that make me just the happiest filly on the farm then?" The cowgirl grinned, licking her lips as Lauren eased the metal loop over the bulbous head of her cock.

"I do aim to please..." Lauren smirked, settling the metal loop snug against the base of the cowgirl's great big dick and flicking on her device.

"Nnnhhh... Oh yeah, that's the stuff." The blonde girl moaned as the loop tightened around her thick dick - making the impressive member swell even larger and turn an impressive shade of purple.

"All set, you feeling ready?" Lauren asked as the button on her device lit up.

"I'm feeling fantastic pretty girl," the cowgirl replied with a slow pleasure-laden drawl, "and I'm waiting for you to make me feel even better."


"Ohhh... Oh yeah..." The cowgirl moaned, hips shuddering as an orgasm churned through her at the advance of the merciless blade.

As the spinning steel touched the cowgirl's cock she erupted in an exultant cry and launched a gout of thick, white, cum from her great big cock as the blade cut into the base of the proud member.

"Mmm... Delicious!" Lauren laughed, eagerly stroking the cowgirl's massive shaft as it jerked and spasmed in orgasm even as the blade slowly sliced it off.

"Nnnngh! B-best on the farm!" The cowgirl gasped proudly as she surrendered her massive cock.

Both girls gave a final cry of delight as, with a lurch, the cowgirl's huge cock was sliced free and tumbled to the floor to land with a heavy *thud* amidst a puddle of blood and cum.

"Oh YEEEE-HAW! DAMN Yeah!" The cowgirl cried, eyes wide as she stared down past her great big boobs to where her severed cock lay on the floor.

"Happy little filly?" Lauren asked with a grin.

"The happiest!" The cowgirl replied, shuddering through the last of a massive orgasm. "Oh wow - girls!" She cried, waving at a nearby group of gorgeous girls.

"Ummm..." Lauren muttered as the group sauntered over, a mix of curious and eager looks on their faces.

"These babes are my posse." The cowgirl explained. "Girls, this hot thang has the sweetest toy - y'all have GOT to try it out."

"And lose our dicks?" Asked a buff goth babe with a huge pale rack as she nudged the cowgirl's severed dick with her foot.

"Oh yeah... So good." The cowgirl purred, wriggling her hips and stroking her bloody crotch as she continued to gush blood onto the floor. Meanwhile, a Staffgirl with spiky black hair stepped up behind her, readying to catch the increasingly woozy beauty.

"I think you've got company." Lauren giggled, pointing at the chesty Staffgirl.

"Don't mind me," the Staffgirl smiled, "I'm just here to haul the dead meat to the processing bin."

"That's going to be me isn't it?" The cowgirl asked, woozily gazing at the impressive puddle at her feet.

"Aaany minute now." The Staffgirl nodded, quickly adjusting her footing and deftly catching the cowgirl as she crumpled. "Got her! Carry on with your fun, I'll be here for another few before my shift's over." She smiled as she calmly dragged the cowgirl's fine form to a nearby bin full of gorgeous flesh.

"I'm in - de-dick me!" Spoke up a lean brunette with big boobs and short hair as she stepped forward and thrust out her nice long cock.

"My pleasure!" Lauren grinned, smoothly sliding her device down the brunette's long shaft and setting it firmly against the base of her dick.

"Mmm... Feeling good so far." The brunette muttered, nipples stiffening atop her firm breasts as her long cock rose, eager for whatever may come.


"Ohhh..." The brunette moaned as the metal loop tightened around the base of her cock.

"How about now?" Lauren asked, grinning.

"Nnngh... Oh that's nice." The brunette groaned, hands on her hips as she gazed down at the snug metal loop around the base of her cock.

"Ready?" Lauren asked, thumb on the bright green button.

"Oh, yes please." The brunette nodded, licking her lips as her erect cock slowly reddened.


"Ooohh..." The brunette cooed as she watched the blade spin up and glide towards the base of her cock.

"Here we go..." Lauren purred.

"Unnhhh..." The brunette groaned, biting her lip as the blade bit into her flesh.

"That's it, good girl..." Lauren cooed, gleefully watching the brunette lose her long penis.

"Oh! Ohhh! OHHHH!!!" The brunette gasped, eyes wide, as the blade slowly sliced through the base of her long cock - slicing it free even as she came and sprayed a jet of cum into the air.

*thup* went the brunette's cock as it hit the ground to lay in a puddle of blood.

"Mmm... I love it!" Lauren exclaimed, eyes alight as she turned to the pack of busty babes.

"Ok, wow. That was hot." The stacked goth babe remarked, her own thick, pale, 20" dick rising up at full mast. "Ok, I'm in. Do me." She urged, folding her powerful arms under her large breasts and thrusting her cock out.

"Oh wow, what a beast!" Lauren gushed eagerly as she made to ease her metal loop over the throbbingly huge head of the goth babe's humongous cock, only to realize that the girl's dick was, unbelievably, too big to fit.

"I can help with that." Spoke up the pretty Staffgirl as she tossed Lauren a bottle of lube before quickly catching the falling brunette.

"Now we're talking!" Lauren enthused as she drizzled lube along the goth babe's impressive shaft and began massaging it in with one hand.

"Oh yeah. Mmm... That's good stuff." The goth babe moaned, rocking her hips gently as he huge shaft was stroked. "My dick to big for you to lopp off without some help?" She asked proudly.

"Got that right - you're packing a monster!" Lauren replied as she pumped the goth babe's huge shaft and worked lube along the full 20" length. "Don't worry though, we'll be ready any second now..."

"Ready to chop my cock off, right?" The goth babe asked, glancing down past her looming breasts to where Lauren was stroking her giant, pale, cock. "Mmm... It's going to feel amazing. Are you ready to chop my cock off now?"

"Not yet," Lauren replied as she started working the metal loop over the bulging tip of the goth's huge dick, "but this beast will be a helpless piece of meat as soon as I get this thing on."

"Mmm... Good. I want to feel it and know my nice big cock is doomed." The goth nodded, grunting as the metal loop slipped past the bulging head of her monstrous dick and began sliding down her great pale shaft.

"Here we go - we'll have this in position to carve off your dick aaany second now." Lauren said as she slid the metal loop towards the base of the goth's colossal dick.

"NNnngh... God that's nice and tight - this club is the best!" The goth groaned as the metal loop snugged up to the base of her humongous dick.

"Ready for it?" Lauren cooed.

"Oh yeah, so ready." The goth nodded, grunting as Lauren clicked the button and the metal loop grew even tighter. "Oh CHRIST." She gasped.

"Mmm... Yeah, it's going to be so tight for you." Lauren nodded, grinning as she caressed the goth babe's rock-hard shaft.

"Ggghhh... Good. I want it to hurt so much." The goth babe grunted, fists clenched and cock throbbingly eager.

"Light's on babe, time to de-dick that beast of yours!" Lauren chirped eagerly as she rested her thumb on the bright green button.

"Oh yeah, one click and my dick is done, right? With your thumb on that button my meatstick is completely helpless?" The powerful goth babe asked as she gazed down at the engorged mass of her humongous cock.

"Utterly. It's my plaything now and I'm going to break my toy." Lauren grinned as she pressed the button.


"Hnnngh! Oh yeah, my cock is toast!" The goth babe crowed as the spinning blade bore down on her throbbing shaft.

"No, your cock is meat." Lauren replied, wrapping a hand around the pale shaft. "Ripe, juicy meat!"

Then the goth babe grunted in pain as the blade bit into the base of her thick cock. Her huge 20" shaft lurched upwards eagerly as the blade slowly carved into it and the powerful goth girl roared in pleasure and pain as she slowly surrendered the meat of her great big member.

"Hrnnngh! Oh fuck yeah! Take my cock right the fuck OFF!" The goth babe snarled, huge breasts thrust out and nipples hard as rocks as she surrendered her prized cock to the spinning blade.

Blood spurted from the base of the goth's massive cock as the spinning blade slowly sliced through the thick shaft until, with a grunt from the pale beauty, a mix of thick white cum joined the blood and spurted from the engorged head of her doomed cock.

"OHhhh! YES! Take it!!!" The goth babe roared, hips rocking and huge cock bobbing as an orgasm ripped through her.


*thup* Went the goth's huge cock as it tumbled to the floor to land in a puddle of blood & cum.

"...done!" Lauren cried exultantly, beaming as she rose up to face the pale goth babe.

"Ohhhh... That was AMAZING!" The goth babe moaned, hands caressing her huge globes and stroking down her rippling six-pack abs to tease at the patch where her cock had been, even as rich blood continued to pump from the wound.

"Worth it?" Asked a nearby club beauty.

"Mmhmmm." The goth nodded. "Every damn inch." She moaned, licking her lips and shuddering as she pumped blood onto the club floor.

"Oooh..." The pretty girl cooed as she watched the goth beauty sway, stumble and collapse into the arms of the waiting club staffgirl.

"Have I mentioned I love my job?" The staffgirl grinned as she groped the goth babe all the way to the floor. "It is getting a bit messy by the entry though..." She muttered, looking at the bloody mess so close to the club entrance.

"My fault." Lauren grinned, brandishing her De-Dicker.

"Maybe you and your 'fault' could have fun a little more out of the way?" The club staffgirl asked.

"Like over at my table with my friends?" The brunette club beauty asked, brushing her long hair back from her impressive breasts as she not-so-subtly presented her hips and the large bulge she was sporting. "Maybe I could help you show how your 'fault' works to my friends." She asked, offering her hand.

Lauren grinned, taking the girl's hand and letting herself get lead onwards.

"I think, this is going to be an awesome evening..." She purred.

Thoughts? Comments? Recipes for quiche? Fire away!

Also, this story, plus a few others like it, are lurking at my FrictionByBill blogspot blog.



I have a criticism: it's always "one and done", they always die after the removal of this one particular part. They never survive to have more fun, or lose more parts, or even just go on with their lives.


I always figure its something like borderlands, with "respawn" tech. Die wake up in new body with all memories.


I agree.
This kind of story looks as a description of the industrial process.
Girl comes, says something random, chop chop , repeat with another.

The problem is not that they die but that they get out of the game as long they are done.

it would be more interesting to read about dickgirl explaining her experience while she is being fucked by another dickgirl whose tits are getting removed.

There was potential to write about one of them masturbating using her own dick as a dildo.

I would even include some failures for comical relief as o of those dick girls has the dick so big or so hard that De-Dicker breaks/or doesn't fit and they have to use some other way.
Or some of those blondes are so stupid that they only remove half of the dick and then complain that it does not work as expected.


I appreciate the feedback!

I'm a bit overly-focused in a lot of my writing and, while I have a bit of a knack for coming up with interesting ways to do things, I don't always see beyond the *thing* I'm writing about.

So, I really like a few of these ideas. Part of me wants to cram them all into a single story, but another part of me is going to file them and incorporate them into stories one or two at a time.

On that note, my latest Dickgirl Boardgame 2 story does have all the girls sticking around through the full story. So, I'm already inching towards some of the above.



Well, -I- think this story is fantastic right the way it is, and people who like other stuff can go read other stuff :P
my favorite parts were:
- the realistic inevitability of death: anatomic accuracy just gives the story that little additional oomph;
- the fact that everyone involved was aware of this: sane and consensual, people! ...ditching the 'safe' part...
- the fact that nobody made a big deal out of it and was even specifically aroused by the fact it was an irreversible decision;
- as well as by the pain in the process;
just, damn. Consensual casual guro done RIGHT.
(If there's one thing I question, it's the increasing ridiculous sizes of dicks. Then again, I'm not into futa, maybe that's the norm. Either way I was fully ready to read about, like, another dozen girls taking their turns with the thing...)


I'm with the post above me, but I suppose freakishly large dicks are just the way the erotica world is these days :\
I also suppose that if your dick really is 20 inches long, it does make sense that you'd bleed to death from losing it. A survivability advantage for the reasonably-hung ^^


MORE OF THIS PLEASE! I'd love to see a girl beg to be fucked while she's bleeding out.


Actually, survival is pretty likely if your dick was cut off. The fact that the ones in this are ridiculously large and erect at the same make it less likely, but people cut survive worse dismemberment's without medical treatment.


In fact, thinking further, these overly-hung futa's would likely be less likely to die, as the mechanisms used to get and hold an erection are largely the same as the ones to prevent bloodloss. The fact that they can have and maintain such large erections means that said mechanisms would be stronger as well.



i know a few people who've gotten a penectomy fetish done for real. they survived.

like yea if you like the stories with them dying fair enough but i dunno lets not pretend realism is your concern here


I mean, if you actually bandage it etc, then of course you can survive no problemo, but that requires injecting medical care into carnage and that's just not fun ^^


except they didn't bandage it... and survived anyway.

that wire that is mentioned in the dedicker? that's pretty much what they did. so i see no reason why they wouldn't survive. you can look up "trent eunuchmaker" on google. no bandage or immediate medical care involved.

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