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Okay, so from time to time somebody would create a thread looking for an old story, asking to repost it. Sometimes here on /lit/, sometimes in /req/ which seems more right according to the rules, but I bet threads in /lit/ have more chances, I think I've even seen one or two in /dis/. So it ends up:
- All over the place and sinks quick.
- Each request takes a whole separate thread.
- When a story is reposted in a separate thread, it takes up one more thread.
- When a story is reposted in the same thread it was asked for, while it saves a thread, is makes it harder to notice judge it from the title which would still be saying 'looking for a story' instead of having its title and tags for it.

So, what I suggest is let's have a dedicated thread (this one) for repost requests like we have for ideas. It will:
- Keep it all in one place and it will preserve better, meaning someone with that story saved on their hard drive will be able to notice your request even after, say, half a year, and can still repost this story, and you won't need to ask for it again once in a while in case they haven't noticed it before it sunk.
- Take only one thread for all requests.
- When reposting a story, please repost it in a separate thread with proper title and tags, then give a link in this thread to the new thread.
- If a story is hosted elsewhere, you can also reply to this thread with a link to it.

Okay, so I'll start. There was a short story I've read here on gurochan some years back, I don't remember the title or the author, but it was about a brother and his older sister. They were going to enter some room where the sister said a bunch of man waited for them and the boy asked excitedly if the men would kill them, and IIRC the sister said "i dunno" and the boy said "would be nice if they did". Then they entered the room and the men started fucking them hard to their pleasure and in the end tore their heads off (maybe their limbs too?) and the heads were flying all over the room and they were totally happy.


I found this story written by some unknown author in 2013. It was his first work and I think it was last. Here it is:


"Big sis! Stop!" I cried as my sister pushed me along towards the door.

"Quiet little brother, this is for your own good." she assured me, grabbing my dick and stroking it to make sure it would remain hard for what was to come. My penis was covered in precum and it stuck out of the red plaid skirt I was wearing. I was wearing a white bra over my nippled, and my sister held a leash that was attached to a collar around my neck.

She pushed me against the door, her big meaty body way heavier than mine. She pressed the strapon against my butthole, sticking the tip in. I whined as she stuffed it all the way in, my used up asshole taking it all quite easily.

"Big sis! Stop!" I cried, putting my hands against the door and pushing against it weakly.

"Shut up you girl. Take sisters dick and enjoy it. Don't you want to be a real girl?" She continued to stroke my dick quickly, the sticky sound of precum squishing between her fingers.

"Big sis, nooo!" I whimpered, her dick sliding in and out of my lubed up asshole. I was taking it deep like a real girl. The whole strapon fit inside my ass, and it felt like I had a pussy and it was getting fucked. My sister fucked me mercilessly, pushing in hard and fast.

"It's okay little brother. Cry if you want." she said, running her fingers through my hair softly. I started to cry a bit, but it was more of a whine. "Aw, poor baby." She said, kissing the back of my neck. "What's wrong little girl? Do you need some real dick?" She asked.

"Oh, yes, I need some real dick. Can you get some men to fuck me?" I really wanted some men to fuck me. The strapon was okay but I wanted to be filled up with cum. Only if I got some cum in my mouth and ass could I be a real girl.

"Okay, that's a good boy. I'll get some real dicks to fuck you, okay?" She assured me.

"Mmhm, okay, thank you big sis." I said, and then she pulled her dick out of me and slapped it on my ass a few times. She reached past me and opened the door and threw me in the room. I fell into the room, but I caught myself on some really big cocks. There were so many big men in the room with giant erect cocks, and they all wanted to fill me up. My penis got so hard and I almost came from the thought of being fucked by so many big dicks.

"Hey big boys. My brother really wants to be filled up with all your dicks. He wants to be a good little girl for you, so fuck him as much as you want. Be sure to be extra mean to him, because he really likes that." She told them with a big smile. "Have fun little brother. I hope you enjoy getting fucked a lot."

"But big sis! I want you to watch me get fucked like a real girl!" I told her, my dick pointed to her and covered in precum.

"Okay, I'll watch you get fucked, but only because I think it will be funny and I know you like to be laughed at by girls." I smiled.

"Thanks big sis!" I said. The dicks were all around me. They pressed up against my body and each muscular dick felt stronger than any part of my body. I just couldn't wait to be used by so many men. A dick pressed against my cheek and I rubbed my face against it. I took a big whiff of the big cock and I ran my tongue up it. I wanted that dick in my mouth so bad. "Please fuck my mouth!" I said, and the man grabbed me by the hair and I opened my mouth wide to take his dick. The other men lifted me up and started rubbing their dicks against my body, and one man forced my legs open and stuffed his big cock in my ass. His cock was so big, it pushed farther than anything I've ever felt inside my ass. I could see my belly expand where the tip of his dick was hitting. Being violated so thoroughly felt amazing. The other dick pushed deep inside my mouth and all the way down my throat, making me gag. I didn't even have to move as the men held me up in the air and fucked me. Dicks slapped against my skin and I stretched out my arms to take some dicks in my hands. I grabbed a hold of two meaty cocks and started to jerk them. My sister laughed as I got fucked by so many men.

"Little brother! You look so funny! You look like a real girl getting all used up by men!" She told me. Hearing this made me feel so happy. My sister said I looked like a real girl! I felt like one, that was for sure. "Are they hurting you? I hope so. I want to see you get hurt real bad by their big dicks."

"Mmhm!" I assured, my voice muffled by the big cock in my mouth. As the big cock pumped into my ass, I just wished that it could go even deeper. I wished it would go through my whole body and come out my mouth so my sister could see me get fucked so badly.

The man fucking my ass was grunting angrily, pushing so deep into me like he wanted to hurt me. All the men wanted to hurt me, and they pulled on my arms and legs really hard like they were trying to rip me apart. MY sister walked over and grabbed hold of my dick and started to jerk it. Dicks rubbed up against my sister too and she acted like it didn't matter. A few dicks went in and out of her ass and pussy as she looked at me.

"Oh little brother! You look so cute! Do you want to drink some of their cum?" She asked me, and I nodded eagerly. A few of the men came on my body, and both men came in my mouth and ass. There was so much cum coming out of their dicks, my mouth and ass were filled right up, and my body was covered from head to to. My hair was all full of cum, and my skirt got covered too. Some more men came on my sister, and we were both covered in cum. The men lifted me up above their heads and passed me over to some more men who still had some cum in their dicks. They grabbed my sister too and they passed her over too. The men were so strong they passed us around with ease, and their so many of them it made it even easier.

"Hey big sister, are these men going to kill us after?" I asked.

"I don't know. Do you want to die while being fucked by men?" She asked in response.

"Well, yeah, I do! As long as my big sister is watching, I'll be happy if these men fuck me to death with their dicks!"

"Okay!" She cried excitedly. "We can get fucked to death together, okay? This way you can die as a real girl!" I smiled because I was so happy to hear this from my sister.

The men lifted me up onto a dick and stuffed me down onto it. The dick went so far into me I thought I was going to break in half.

"Oh god big sis! I can't believe I'm getting fucked so deeply!" I cried out.

"Me too! I'm so happy for you!" The men lifted her up and put a dick in her ass too. Then he brought her over to me and stuffed my dick into her pussy. The man who was fucking me laid on the ground so he could make room for more dicks. Men kneeled down so their dicks could continue to touch us both. My mouth was refilled with cock and my hands grabbed hold of fresh meat sticks. My sister was getting as much dick as me, and I was just as happy to see her getting fucked as I was being fucked myself! Soon we were both getting fucked hard and fast, and at the same time I was fucking my own sister in her pussy. We were sharing dicks, and I was so happy. More men came all over us, and we were getting fucked so hard. Men pulled on my hair and my limbs really hard, so much that I started to cry. It felt good to cry because it made me feel more like a little girl.

"We're going to kill you now!" One of the men said, and I felt myself getting ready to cum. They were going to kill us?! I was so excited! They continued to fuck me so hard! Oh no! I'm going to cum! My dick exploded inside my sister and my eyes rolled back into my head. The dicks continued to pump in and out of my ass and throat, and more loads of cum sprayed all over us. "Time to die!" One man said. 'Okay! I'm ready!' I thought. I felt all the men pull on my limbs really hard, and they were doing the same ot my sister. 'Here we go!' I thought, and blood sprayed out of my stumps as my arms and legs were ripped right off! Yay! I'm going to die now! My sister cried as her arms and legs were ripped off too. The dick came out of my mouth and I could talk again.

"It's okay big sis. We're going to die now! Dying is okay! It feels good!" I said. My sisters limbless body fell on top of me. "Aren't you so excited to be dying?" I asked. The blood was pouring out of me and I started to feel really tired.

"We're going to rip your heads off now, okay?" One of the men said.

"Oh yes, please! Do it really roughly!" I begged. The men grabbed our limbless bodies and lifted us up. Just for fun, one of the men grabbed my dick and balls and ripped them right off! It didn't hurt because I just wanted to die so bad, I was happy for anything to happen! A couple of men grabbed my head and a few more grabbed my body. It felt good to be just a piece of meat for these big strong men to play with. They pulled really hard and... BAM! My head was torn right off! Yay! I looked down at my body and I was smiling on the inside. The men through my head around like a toy ball and I felt great! I was starting to get super tired and my eyes were closing. I'm dying now! I'm dying! I'm going to sleep forever! Weee! My head was thrown around from man to man, and some of them pressed their dicks on my face. I couldn't see my sister anymore. I hoped they were throwing her head around to. Finally I started to go to sleep. So tired... Goodnight everyone! This is such a good way to die! Weee! Goodnight!



Yup, this is it, thank you!


I'm looking for the story called "Tippy Toes". It is about a girl standing on her toes with her head in a wire noose before a web camera. She struggles for her life and tries to get out, but fails, and that excites her. She knows her toes won't hold forever, and eventually she will die.


Okay, I'll give it a try: there has to be a story about a slumber party of mostly or exclusively girls who start to talk about suicide and before long, they start to hang themselves with the help of each other ...


I'm still looking for Guro-Gal...



This one? Sorry if there are formatting issues. I tried to fix them, but I might have missed some.

Episode 1: Amy

It was 5:23 when Tommy heard the doorbell ring, and seeing how it was around the estimated time, he could only guess who it was, or what it was going to be. He had ordered this package about a week ago, and had been making a few preparations in that amount of time to make the experience more memorable. As he walked out of his basement, he mentally double-checked all the tools he had laid out: a few chains and clamps in the kitchen, a finely serrated saw, and a few extra hardware tools for what would follow after. Yep , he was ready for what was to come.

When he opened the door, Tommy stood in awe of his long-awaited prize: a Guro-Gal.

Tommy stared at his new toy, and was quite pleased at how she looked like everything he had expected. Well hi there, big guy! I m Amy, and I m your Guro-Gal for whatever it is you desire. Mind if I come in? Tommy moved away to allow her inside, and scanned her over as she passed by him. She was about a foot smaller than him, and by the shape of her bra, it seemed like she barely had any breasts at all. He looked down to her thighs and saw a tiny rear covered by black panties, and just above that was a barcode tattoo. She was a light build, and depending on her personality, would provide plenty of fun for tonight.

As Tommy closed the door behind her, she stopped walking and spun a full 90-degrees to face him. She gave a small wink, did a little pose and chimed, Well big boy, this is quite a place you ve got. There anything you plan on doing to me, because whatever it is, I don t care. Whether you love me, beat me, rape me, kill me, eat me, I won t mind a thing. It s just what I am. She s right, it was just what she was. From what Tommy could recall, a Guro-Gal was a specially created girl who treated pain as pleasure. A sub-synthetic creature that looked completely human (inside and out), and was willing to do the bidding of her master, and enjoy it. So, what will it be big boy?

As he took a moment to think, Tommy looked at her face, and saw just how cute she was. Her short, dark hair only made her look younger, and she wore a smirk just to add to the touch. Well, how about we go to the kitchen, first, he thought they might as well go there to begin his planned evening. He pointed in the kitchen s direction, and as she passed by him, and for the sake of his own curiosity, gave her rear a quick smack. She stopped, turned to face him, and smiled. I knew you were a dirty boy. As she left for the kitchen, Tommy looked at the hand he used, in a moment of realization, and quickly followed her to the kitchen.

So, this is your kitchen? Looks nice, if you re going for a more basic approach. So, what do you wanna do first, big boy? She stood there in the kitchen with Tommy, a simple kitchen with the basic counters and cupboards, with the only oddity being two clamps suspended by chains from the ceiling. It took no time whatsoever for Tommy to make up his mind on what to do next. He looked at Amy and said, Bend over, and use the counter as support. Amy smirked, and obliged to her master s order. I guess you re more anal than I thought. Tommy grinned, and walked up right behind Amy and told her, Shut up. You re my cunt, now.

He pulled her panties down, and grabbed her ass to find a means of arousal from her, to which she obliged by moaning softly. He fingered her asshole, and found that (much like the rest of her) it was quite small, hopefully not too small for his now growing member. He pulled his own pants down, in which his cock responded by jutting out of his boxers. He moved closer to her, and rubbed his dick all over her ass to make it thicker. Not wanting to wait any longer, he poked it into her anal-hole, and pushed forward. She thrust her head up and screamed in estacy, and Tommy grabbed her by the pelvis with both hands as he began to thrust repeatedly into her.

As he thrust more and more, he asked her, How does it feel to have your asshole penetrated by my dick, bitch? She responded, but paused from time to time as she moved forward and backward with his own movements, It feels . wonderful . to have my ass . violated .by your sweet . delicious cock!

He thrust more and more, and she screamed more and more, and they both went back and forth more and more, until Tommy began to reach the conclusion that this wasn t all he had planned for her this evening and should thus move on. Alright, I m done with the anal rape, you can rest for a bit. He pulled out of her, and left her holding onto the counter, panting and trying to stand up straight. She sighed, Wow, you re quite vicious, I ll admit that. I should have expected much, seeing how you re nothing but a dirty, little boy. He watched as she struggled to stand, and went over and groped her chest and said, For one, you re the dirty, little whore around here. And second, I m no boy, I m a foot taller than you, just incase you forget that. He helped her up so she could stand, and thought on what to do with her next.

He felt a strange feeling in his crotch, and took no time to begin his next phase of fun. He pointed down and said Kneel , to which she did immediately. As she smiled at him, Tommy walked over to her, with his cock still hanging out and said, How would you like to be my little Whore-Urinal? Her head stood up, and she replied, Nothing would please me more, my dirty little.. Before she could finish, he grabbed her head from behind, and thrust his cock into her mouth.

By the look on her face, it caught her off guard, but not as much as the first few drops of urine began to drizzle down her throat. As she smiled once again, Tommy let loose even more pee, and more poured into her mouth. Fearing she may choke, Tommy pulled out, but continued to urinate, which was now drizzling onto Amy s chest. Amy responded by stretching off her now urine-soaked bra, revealing her very, oh-so very ting breasts. To be honest, it didn t seen like there were any breasts to begin with.

As Tommy stood there watching, Amy lapped up whatever piss she could, while the rest drizzled all over her and the kitchen floor. So, how does my piss taste? It was difficult for her to respond, but she managed to say, It tastes like lemonade boy flavor . With that said, Tommy managed to finish off the last of his pee, to which Amy instead began to lick whatever piss was still on her and the floor.
Tommy waited and watched as she did this, and when she stopped a few minutes later, he looked at her with a wicked smile on his face. She only looked more pleased, Well, what are you planning on doing with me next, killing me off? Actually, that s exactly what I plan on doing . He looked over to the hanging clamps, and then looked back to her, and doing so only made him (and his cock) grow more.

Amy stood up on Tommy s orders, and doing as she was told, walked over and stood by the two clamps. Tommy walked over to her, and began his task of adjusting the chains and the clamps to her. The clamps were cushioned, and wrapped around each of Amy s armpits, holding her in place. Tommy was pleased with himself, the clamps held her just up enough from the ceiling that she was still standing, and still hold her in place.

Tommy then walked over to one of the cupboards, and as he looked for something, Amy felt compelled to ask what would happen next. So, if this is really how I m going to stand in the face of my *chuckle* demise, what exactly is that face going to look like? As Tommy found what he was looking for, he said, Well, all I plan on doing is a little bit of dismembering, is all. He grabbed a large, finely serrated saw, and began to walk towards her. First, I ll cut off your arm. Then your other arm. And finally, I ll cut off your pretty little head off. Your legs are fine just where they are, and I ll reattach everything later, but you ll be dead, and I m going to enjoy killing you.

As he stood in front of her, he examined her figure, and realized that he hadn t used her vagina yet. With the saw in one hand, he crouched down in front of her, and decided to give her womanhood a lick or two. She moaned a bit, saying I was wondering when you d use my cunt. After she said that, Tommy stopped, stood up, and exclaimed, So, shall we begin?

He grabbed her right wrist, and placed the blade close to her right arm. He manipulated her hand to his face, in which Amy began stroking it, and smiling the whole time. He smiled back at her, and not wishing to wait any longer, began sawing. She showed emotions of both pain and pleasure on her face, and her hand began lightly spasming against Tommy s face. The blade was quick, and as it finished cutting through the last bit of bone and flesh, the hand stopped moving, as all life seemed to fade from it.

Amy was panting, but still standing, as the part of the arm being held by the clamp still held her in place. Tommy was a bit surprised that not much blood was coming out of the wound; I guess girls like her don t bleed much, which was good on part of cleaning the kitchen up later. He looked down at the now dismembered arm he was holding, and just had to admire the delicate hand that was once a part of Amy, but now just a piece of flesh.

He tossed the arm onto the counter for later, and went back to standing directly infront of Amy. He went up to her ear and whispered softly, So my little whore, how does that feel? Her voice was a little weak, but she managed to reply: It felt as if my arm just faded away. Like it s no longer part of my being. Tommy was a bit surprised; he didn t expect her to be, well, metaphorical, at the least. He brushed it aside though, and pointed his free-hand down to his dick: Now, stroke it, bitch. She gave a coy little smile, and using her remaining hand, kindly obliged: Well, I guess we re back to dirty business, then.

She stroked fast upon his throbbing member, and as Tommy raised the saw above her arm, stroked even faster. Tommy was quick, and as the blade cut through her flesh and bone, the arm still stroked, but would stutter every now and then. To Tommy s shock, as he held up the now freed arm, the hand still stroked, only slower than before. Wow, I didn t know you girls were capable of this kind of stuff. Maybe I ll get another one like you in the near- future. Amy was panting heavier now, but showed she was more than willing on the idea: Yeah, and maybe she ll she ll fuck my dirty , little whore-corpse, if you plan on on saving it afterwards. Tommy looked back to her as he laid the now motionless arm on the counter next to her other arm: Oh I plan on saving it, and playing with it and raping it as much as I please.

But first thing s first, now I ve got to finish you off, and remove your head. She giggled as Tommy walked right behind her, grabbed her by her hair, and put the serrated teeth up to her throat. Well, any last words before I cut your fucking head off? Amy tried to face him, but couldn t manage thanks to the clamps, and at Tommy holding onto her hair: Fuck me. Fuck my little corpse after this, and slap my ass as much as you like. Despite what you ve done to me, and what you ll do to me, you will always be my dirty, li..

Before she could finish, Tommy began sawing faster than he had with the arms, and Amy s body shuttered in response. She tried to moan, but as her esophagus was cut through, it became hard to breathe. Her body shook, and her eyes darted everywhere, and as the blade finished cutting through her spine, her head was finally severed from her still twitching body. Tommy turned Amy s head to face him, and watched as her eyes darted towards his, and her face managed to give a weak smile. In an instant, he pushed her lips towards his, and began thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Her tongue stroked his own, and as he tasted the peculiar flavor of his piss from earlier, he knew that this girl of half a grand was a good deal. He then noticed that her tongue stopped moving around with his own, and pulled out to face the dull eyes of the now-dead Amy. He stared for a while, then took his finger, lightly pushed her tongue back into her mouth, and carried her head over next to her arms on the counter.

He couldn t help but notice how cute her face looked, and the cold and empty eyes added to the light open-mouthed smile she bore. As he placed her head down, he looked back to see that her body was still trying to make it. It behaved as if trying to struggle and move away, but the clamps kept her propped up and held her in place. Then, as the last little stutters of life ceased from her body, a gentle stream of piss trickled out of her vagina, and went down her legs. Tommy was pleased, and walked over to the armless, headless, and now lifeless body of Amy the Guro-Gal.

He loosened the clamps a little, and grabbed her body by the hip with both hands, and proceeded to carry it to the same counter as the rest of her. He propped her body up, and seated it next to the arms and head. Tommy looked for a moment to think on his efforts, and then felt the strange feeling again. Knowing what to do, he grabbed his cock, aimed upward, and sent a long and thick stream of yellow all over Amy s remains. He aimed towards her arms, towards her chest, and finally towards her mouth. This went on for a while, and as Tommy finished up, he knew Step 3 would now go into motion; Boy, have I got to clean this place up!

He was at his bench in the basement, and was finishing up the final touches on Amy s right arm. It looked the same as before, only a tiny metal clamp covered the stump. And, finished. He held the arm up to the light, and admired his long hour s work. He walked out of the basement, and proceeded to the living room where the rest of Amy was. She was propped up on the couch, both her arm and head reattached to her body, thanks to the clamps he had put on them earlier.

She wore both her panties and bra, and looked the same as she did alive, with that empty-eyed look still on her open-mouthed smiling face. He took the arm he held, put it against the stump on Amy s body, and twisted it to the metal clamp: Now, you re all back together. It s a good thing you girls don t decay, or else I would ve had to go through a lot more trouble to keep you around . It had taken nearly a day to put her back together, and he didn t want all that effort to just fall apart . He decided it was time for a quick test, and quickly slapped Amy s face. She didn t respond, but kept on smiling, and thus confirmed Tommy s belief that the clamps would still hold on.

Feeling satisfied and accomplished, he plopped onto the couch next to Amy, and grabbed the remote to turn on the TV. Oh, I almost forgot. He unzipped his pants, in which is cock burst through pretty quickly, and loosened Amy s panties off. As he lifted her up, sticking his dick into her open ass, he said, You can sit on my lap. So they sat there, with Tommy watching television, his cock impaling Amy s rear, and with the lifeless but happy Amy sitting on his lap, not caring in the least that Tommy s dick was analing her. Not one bit.


Yes, this is it! The best parts are the latest chapters with the Beta girl and the vials of drugs, though. If you have them, can you post it in a separate thread?


I'm looking for two stories, one is 'nurse's last day' which a lot of people didn't like but I thoroughly enjoyed, and have been kicking myself for not saving, and the other is one I found years back, possible on one of the previous sites, about a world in which snuff had become legal, and a is told from the perspective of a barman looking out at his bar during the course of a night (possibly two, it was years ago after all).

I remember that he had the head of a woman behind the bar behind him, and there was a teen girl that walked in and eventually got snuffed by being fucked unconscious and then grabbed by the feet and having her head smashed into a wall repeatedly.

I feel like that's probably enough detail for you to know what I'm talking about if you have it, but I remember a couple more things if you can think of two or more stories that applies to XD.


Finally I found all Guro-gal story, it's huge^^
It was posted there in 2013, I still remember most of it. Deep atmosphere.

Episode 2: Jessica & Emily

It was nearly two in the afternoon, and soft moans echoed through the one-story house located in the average small, suburban neighborhood of the mid-21st Century. The source of these moans didn’t originate from the bedroom bestowed with a collection of comic horror memorabilia, nor the living room with a couch and soft-chair facing a flat-screen ten years older than most TVs of this time, and not even from the kitchen where some time ago, “that” kind of thing happened right there. Instead of these usual spots, the moaning solely came from one place in the entire house: the basement.

Tommy lay on a soft, king-sized bed in a setup he built about two weeks ago down in the basement. He lay nude and faced the ceiling, moving his pelvis up and down repeatedly against the mattress. His member was sticking in the air, and was only welcomed by the envelopment of Amy’s soft cunt. He held onto her hip with both hands, and the moaning continued as he thrust into the girl more and more vigorously. As he felt his climax reaching a breaking point, he thrust faster, and the moaning grew greater along with it.

His thrusting was fast, his near-orgasment faster, and the now high-pitched moaning growing faster still. Amy bounced with the thrusting, her limbs dangling at her sides and flailing with the bounding of her body on Tommy’s crotch. And just as his moment was upon him, and as the moaning turned into a final scream of pleasure, Amy’s head popped off her neck and bounced against her chest, rolling to the edge of the mattress.

Tommy rested back onto the pillow, and listened as the sound of his seed drizzling out of the girl’s pussy mixed with that of the pleasurable screaming. He finally looked at the end of the bed, and noticed that the blank, lifeless eyes of Amy were staring at his own; Tommy spared a quick heavy breath to both swear and give a familiar huff, as if this had happened before. He reached over to the desk beside the bed to turn off the mp3 player, and all of the moaning and screaming ceased entirely.

Amy’s body fell forward, and was still being impaled by Tommy as he reached over and picked up the lifeless thing. He faced the stump of the head’s neck, and was in disbelief at the slightly bent metal clamps inside. “Damn it! This is the second time this thing’s worn out.” Indeed, since Tommy worked those clamps on Amy’s limbs about a month ago, they’ve been wearing down faster than he had anticipated. Whether he was being too rough on the thing, or if using metal as clamps on a body was a bad choice, Tommy knew that it had been too long since he last caught some “real” action.

He rotated the head to meet face to face, and looking at her only reassured Tommy that purchasing her in the first place was a great idea. With her having the same dull-eyed and smiling features since mid-March, she had been a really good girl; despite the fact that she was now just a dead fuck toy.

He held the head to his chest, and had it gaze upon all the hard work he completed at the beginning of the current month, April. It was practically a small bedroom, only if bedrooms were made of cheap wooden wall panels and took up a fifth of a large-sized basement. The walls were covered in white plaster, and the only means of furniture in the room was a small dresser(which also acted as a desk), a mirror, and a king-sized bed covered in crimson sheets and a single reddish-pink pillow.

“You’ve been pretty fun, Amy…”, as he faced the empty, smiling thing towards himself again, he finished the last of what he was going to say: “…but now it’s time for me to expand.” He pulled the head in for a small kiss, and placed her head gently on the bed.

As he was about to pull out of the dead girl’s “hip lips”, he noticed that her butt was sticking in the air, and a quick thought came into his mind as to what odd scenario would be left behind in the room. He pulled himself loose from the girl, and as cum dripped off his dick and left a trail to the dresser, opened it to find something useful for this bizarre picture. He pulled out a two-way battery-powered dildo, and proceeded to ram the thing into Amy’s anus. The second stick still stuck out, but was soon taken care of as Tommy took Amy’s head and did a reverse blowjob on the thing, with the pink tip of the rubbery dick visible in the back of her mouth. To sweeten the scene even more, Tommy flipped a switch on the midpoint of the toy, and watched as both Amy’s ass and head gently wiggled around together on the bed.

Tommy looked at the scene for about a minute, and then left through the makeshift door: “And now if you’ll excuse me Amy, I’ve got an important call to make!”

It was now about 5:14, and all Tommy could do was sit on the couch and watch a slasher film he recorded a few nights before. But his thoughts weren’t focusing on the screen as a woman was repeatedly being orally raped by the massive shaft of some demented farmer. Instead, he was remembering how strange and unusual the call he made about three hours ago went, and what exactly did it all mean.

As he was cleaning himself up due to the fun from before, he made the call to Guro-Gal for another load of fun to enjoy. Everything was the same as when he ordered Amy, Tommy introduced himself, stated his account ID, and listened to abit of the latest products. After listening to the lady talking to him (obviously a Guro-Gal herself designed for actual means of office work), he placed his usual order down and was about to add his specifications, when the phone cut-off all of a sudden. He tried calling again but couldn’t find a way through. He thought it was an electrical error or service issue so decided to check it out and found out there were no connection problems whatsoever: they deliberately ended his call.

As the teen onscreen finally lay dead of suffocation, with cum pouring out of her mouth and onto the floor of some torture farmhouse, Tommy was filled with a sense of worry as to why the company had done such a thing. Had he done something wrong without knowing it? Was the company merely teasing him as a means of the shittiest (and most stupidest seeing how it was two weeks ago) April Fools Prank ever? Did the government notice something off about him and simply blacklisted his name from any orders in general?

After some clearer thinking, he decided to put all those paranoid thoughts to rest thanks to one key fact; He had made his purchase, regardless of being specific or not, and he already paid with his own money, he gave his account ID and a transaction was immediately performed, so they had to give him something or else the law would say otherwise. The only real question worth all the worry was: What did he purchase?

As he was going to channel his noggin on answering that question, a sudden knock came on his door. Actually, it wasn’t one knock, but two distinctly different knocks. As Tommy lept off the couch, reached over to turn off the TV via remote control and made his pace towards the door, he knew the different knocks only meant one thing: two people were behind that door.

Again, the fear returned to him, and slowly lingered as Tommy steadied himself to open the door. But before turning that knob, Tommy reassured himself that no matter whom or what was behind that door, police or pranksters, he’d be ready to face it. He swung it open, braced himself for what awaited him, and ended up looking into two pairs of eyes; each belonging to a twin girl.

For nearly 12 seconds Tommy literally stood inside the doorway and stared with a sense of disbelief at the two young twins, who were each carrying a small cardboard box in their arms. Is this why his call had been discontinued, so they could surprise him with a full set of twins?

His thoughts were interrupted by the girl on his left; “Hey mister, are we going to stay out here forever”, then the twin on the right finished,” or can we come inside?” Tommy, who was still a bit speechless, nodded his head and stepped aside to allow the girls in. They came one after the other, with the left-hand girl entering first, and walked over to the living room area.

Tommy closed the door and watched as they passed by, and noticed that these girls were very different from that of Amy. Although the same height and build as Amy, they each sported medium black hair that was flat and was shaped up neatly at the sides of their faces. Their eyes didn’t share the same lustful look as Amy did, but instead their eyes looked soft and innocent, as if they had never had a filthy thought in their entire lives. But most distinctly, their wardrobe was different; they were fully dressed, wearing a yellow tank-top covered by an unbuttoned red jacket that reached down to a black skirt, and wore simple socks and school shoes. Their outfits actually looked normal, so normal that Tommy had the idea that these may not be Guro-Gals at all.

As the girls set the boxes down on the coffee-table, Tommy gathered his senses again, “Okay, stop for a moment.” The two girls faced him in exact synchronization, which threw Tommy off for a moment, and gave their full attention to him. “Wait a moment here, what’s going on? I didn’t order any twins, or any boxes filled with whatever, or heck I didn’t even make a complete order! How do I know you two are even Guro-Gals?” The one on his left smiled, and walked over to the one on the right; “But Mister Tommy, we are Guro-Gals. Here’s proof for yourself.” “Right-Girl” turned around and lightly bent a little forward as “Left-Girl” pulled the back of both the jacket and shirt up enough to show the barcode tattoo above the girl’s skirt. Indeed, they were Guro-Gals.

“As you can see Mister Tommy, we are Guro-Gals,…” , “…and we have been given to specifically you.” Tommy was about to put his worries at rest and be excited that he got a pair of twins when he noticed something was off; “Wait….how do you know my name is Tommy? I haven’t given it to you yet.” The twins turned to face one another, each giving off a faint smile. The girl on the right walked over to one of the boxes, popped open the top, and reached in to pull out a long sheet of paper. She walked over to Tommy, gave him a smile of her own and gently said, “I believe this, will explain everything.”

Tommy sat at the table in his kitchen, which had a clear view of the living room, and was in the midst of reading this paper he got. He looked over to the girls, who sat on the couch and, oddly enough, conversing with each other and giving a small giggle here and there. He pulled his attention away from them, and focused it on the paper at hand:


For nearly a decade, Guro-Gals has been offering and selling what is considered by many the #1 sex entertainment industry of its’ time, selling to dozens of thousands of customers worldwide the best in genetically engineered play and fun. And now, as of April 18th, 2052, Guro-Gals has fulfilled exactly one million orders and services, and all thanks to you, Tommy.

To show our complete gratitude and thanks to you, Guro-Gals is making a special offer exclusively to you:

•All orders on all products are now 25% off, and will be added along with any other discounts
•Offers to try out Beta-Gals, girls who are still in the testing stage and aren’t released on the market yet, before anyone else
•Two addon bundles filled with Guro-Gal “specialty” drugs and toys, to enhance your Guro-Gal experience, that can be replenished or replaced for free once a month
•Once every two months, a free Gal up to your specs on the house

And the best part about this, is that this is a LIFETIME OFFER, GUARANTEED!!

To get you started on your offer, we have given you your first Beta-Gal package: a pair of twins. Filled with 15% more self awareness than most other models, these two girls are at your disposal as a spotlight of what Beta-Gals can be like.
Thank you once again, for making our one millionth order, Tommy

Sincerely, Guro-Gal Corp.”

Tommy looked at the letter in a mixture of both disbelief and excitement, but was filled with a sense of pride that he managed to have this offer when there was a chance that he wouldn’t. He looked back over to the twins on the couch, who were still talking and giggling with each other. “Beta-Gals, huh? Well let’s see what they can do.”

As soon as Tommy stepped in the living room, all of the chatter between the two girls ceased, and their attention focused on him. When he finished sitting himself on the coffee table, he looked over the two girls for merely a minute. They both looked the same, each having the same innocent features as the other, and each expressing their own degree of cuteness and innocence, especially the one on his right for some vague reason.

“So, what do you wish to be named?”, to Tommy this was a good starter question, to see how well the girls could come up with their own answers with their own choices. The one on his left spoke first, “I want to be named Jessica.” The one on the right paused for a moment, thinking to herself on what she wanted; “I wish to be named Emily, Mister Tommy.”

Tommy gazed at Emily for a moment, who simply blushed and quickly looked away in response, and noted to himself about the way “Emily” answered that “Jessica” did not. “So Emily, Jessica, according to this letter you’re both my property now. How does that make you feel?” Emily was about to answer, but Jessica interrupted and spoke first, “It feels wonderful to be yours, Tommy. I can only imagine all the things you’ll do with, or to us.” A bit of silence followed that, then Emily gave her reply, “I don’t exactly know what to feel. But regardless of what it is, I’m glad to be yours, Mister Tommy.”

As Tommy stood up and gently lifted Emily off the ground by her chest, he whispered to her, “No need for the Mister, just call me Tommy.” Emily blushed fiercely as her face stood so close it his, and nodded in a yes as Tommy carried over to his bedroom, with Jessica following behind. When they got in there, he gently dropped down Emily, told Jessica to stand in front of the bed, and sat himself on a nearby chair. Jessica, who was extremely eager to get into play, asked Tommy what was to happen next. He looked at both of them, and then replied, “Emily, strip down Jessica.”

Emily nervously nodded, and walked over to the extremely happy Jessica to begin the strip-down. First, she pulled off her coat, which slid off her soft shoulders and crumpled to the floor. Now Tommy could see that the tank-top was yellow all over, and didn’t cover her shoulders. Emily reached down to the bottom of the top, and pulled it upwards as Jessica raised her arms to the air. There was a little trouble with the top, as Emily couldn’t fully reach the height to completely pull it off. When that was gone, Tommy realized for the first time that these twins surprisingly had bras underneath that clothing. It was brown in hue, and looked simplistic in design, except for the Guro-Gal logo in-between the cups.

Emily reached down to the black skirt, but stopped herself from going any further without approval. Jessica was too eager to wait; “Come on, Emily. Hurry up.” Emily looked over to Tommy for a response, “Tommy, is it okay if I continue.” Tommy was surprised she was even asking in the first place, but reassured her that it was okay. Her reddened head nodded, and slowly she pulled down the skirt to reveal a pair of basic panties, the same color as the bra. Tommy looked her over for a moment, noting the slender legs and the slim hips. Tommy told her to turn around, and with a giggle, Jessica turned.

Her rear was small, and fitted well with the legs she sported. Her back was soft in appearance, and just above her panties, was the barcode tattoo that identified her as a Guro-Gal. She hopped back around, with whatever small amount of flesh on her butt jiggling along with her. Jessica was excited beyond belief and, before either Tommy or Emily could respond, kicked her shoes and socks off her little feet. She rested her hands on her hips, and bent over a bit with a lustful look in her eyes; “So Tommy, do you plan on having some more eye candy, or do you want to get down and dirty?”

Tommy knew both that look and talk before, he remembered it from Amy. Her constant thirst for lust and her dirty talk that was prominent, even when he was dismembering her bit-by-bit. Those feelings he had expressed on her nearly a month ago returned to him, and as he stared at the wanting eyes of the now slutty Jessica, knew what he was going to do next.

“Emily, sit down somewhere.” Emily, who had been staring with a sense of disbelief at her twins’ little show, walked over to the bed, removed her shoes and sat down crisscross upon the mattress. Tommy, pointing to Jessica, said, “You, come here, and kneel down.”

Jessica’s eyes widened for a moment, not in a sense of fear or shock, but in pure excitement. “Of course, Master.” Master, she hadn’t used the word before, but it would definitely be the last. She was in front of Tommy’s chair, on her knees and nearly a foot away from Tommy’s now bulging crotch. He sat himself up for a moment, loosening the belt that held his worn-out jeans up, and pulling them down to his feet. When he fitted his member out of the hole in his grayish briefs, a gasp came from not Jessica, who was not more than a few inches away from its throbbing head, but from Emily, who gazed with bewilderment at the thing. Jessica stared, and gave a smirk; “I guess I know what to do now, huh?”

She sat there, waiting for the order to come, in which Tommy finally stated his command. “Suck my cock, Jessica. Start with the head, lick it down, and move in deeper.” Jessica didn’t even bother to respond to his command, but instead immediately stuck out her tongue and began to fiercely lick the head. Her pinkish tongue was soft and moist, stroking atop the head with brilliant speed and maneuverability. The squishy tip darted to the hole of his cock, and instantly Tommy gave a soft moan of pleasure. She spent what seemed like an eternity licking that thing, but in truth it was only a minute, in which she began going deeper down his flagpole.

At first, she was slow and gentle, the inside of her warm mouth gliding along the mere first third of his piece with amateurish skill. Then she was moving faster, her teeth nearly grazing along the top and bottom, and her tongue flapped excessively at the bottom. It took time, and a few moans from both parties here and there, before she finally managed to reach the base of his cock, her tongue squirming between that and his ball sacks.

She was, despite what was shoved up her throat, smiling with mere glee at the feat she had accomplished. Her moistening eyes gazed at Tommy for a sign of approval, and Tommy merely gave a nod of his satisfaction. Emily’s response to her sister’s feat, was more vocal; “Way to go sis”! Jessica was preparing to pull herself out of her newfound prize, when Tommy’s hand stopped her from doing so. Instead, he pushed her head forward, and kept it there as far as he could. “I’m sorry Jessica, but you’re not going to stop sucking my cock anytime soon.”

She muffled abit, her tongue now flapping not in a state of ecstasy, but in a state of panic. If she didn’t pull out and take a breath soon, she would suffocate to death, with the only sign of confidence being that it happened with her master’s cock, and nothing else. Emily, who was both shocked and nervous at the sight she was seeing, watched as Tommy took his belt, and tied it around Jessica’s throat.

Jessica was in more of a panic now, as the belt began to grow tighter and tighter, not only making it difficult to breathe but also pressing her throat even more around Tommy’s shaft. Tommy felt the pressure, and feeling a sense of pleasure in it only made him pull even tighter on the belt. Tommy felt an orgasm coming, but couldn’t focus on it as the girl upon him began flailing her arms against his chest, and kicking her feet against the carpeted floor. Her face was reddening, and her eyes grew watery as she began to choke on what she considered earlier her newfound plaything.

Tommy held the belt tight, and Jessica felt the last few measure of energy she had left fade away. Her movements weakened, slowing down to mere twitches of her limbs and body. And finally, as her body began to give up, and as the last moments of what she considered her life faded away, Tommy came. Whitish fluid gushed out of his member and poured down into Jessica’s now destroyed throat. As semen drizzled a little out of her still “blowjobing” mouth, her arms fell to her sides and her legs nearly gave in. Jessica, a sluttish twin and now Tommy’s new fuck toy, was now dead.

Tommy sat in that chair for half an hour, catching his breath from the wonderful thing that just happened to him and his body. He looked down at Jessica, who was still attached to his dick, and saw that her eyes now shared the same similarities to the girl he reminded him of. He then remembered that she was a twin, and that the other was still in the room, on the exact same spot she was in many minutes ago.

He gazed over to Emily, who was still sitting on that bed of his and staring at the slumped body of her sister. She then looked over to Tommy, and with a degree of weakness in her voice, asked “I see….you….you enjoyed her. Wi…will you be doing the same to me?” Tommy looked at the girl, and smiled as he loosened the belt around his dead partner’s throat, and allowed her to fall on her back as he stood up. Jessica’s head faced the ceiling with now lifeless eyes, cum pouring out of her opened and tongue-out mouth. He faced Emily, and walked over to the bed she sat on and plopped down right beside her.

Her face looked down at his ooze-covered shaft, and then quickly darted back up when Tommy spoke; “No, I think I’ll be keeping you around for a good while. You’ve been pretty decent, (pointing to Jessica) unlike your bitch of a twin over there. No offense.” She looked down at her broken twin, and redrew her focus onto Tommy; “So, you’ll keep me then, as a pet?” “As an assistant, even a lover if you want”, Tommy thought it was odd himself, giving such modesty to this “girl” who wasn’t even a real girl, “Just remember to behave and clean up after yourself, like right now.”

Emily, a little confused at what Tommy meant, looked down in the direction he was facing, and for the first time noticed the faint dark spot that appeared on her skirt. She gave a small noise of surprise, and covered herself in her embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Tommy. I’ll go change at once.” As she was about to leap off the bed, Tommy took her hand and pulled her in close.

Her face was gentle and innocent looking, her brown eyes looking directly into Tommy’s own. Tommy admired her appearance for a moment, and then gently drew her in for a soft kiss. She wasn’t stunned from the sudden move, but instead rose up her free hand and rested it on the back of Tommy’s head. They kissed for a while, and when they finished, came to a conclusion on what to say next;

“Do you…want…to be together now?” Tommy thought for a moment, gazing at the dark spot on her skirt, and decided that now was not the time. “Sorry, I’m too tired, maybe later. Go get something clean on, and later I’ll take you to your new room.” Emily was dumbfounded for a moment, she didn’t expect to have her own room, no less expect to even live. She got off the bed, walked out of the bedroom, and before she was out of his view, turned around and gave Tommy a faint smile. As she left, Tommy fell back on the bed, and fell asleep until the evening.

It had taken a while, but Tommy managed to clean up whatever messes were still in that basement bedroom of his. Emily stood at the “doorway”, now wearing a small t-shirt and briefs, which were both a bit too big for her size. As Tommy fixed up the last ruffle on the crimson sheets, he looked over to Emily with a smile and told her the news. “Okay Emily, this is your room now. You can go in here whenever I don’t need you, and if you want you can bring in one of the girls to play around with. Even your sister if that’s your thing.” She blushed at the statement, and couldn’t feel happier about her situation; “Thank you, Tommy. Is there any way I could repay you?”

Tommy was listening, but had his back turned to focus on cleaning up a small spot of old semen on the floor. He rubbed fiercely at the stain, and answered her question; “Well, you could be a good and obedient girl, and as long as you don’t get on my nerves you should be fi…” As he turned around to face her, and before he could finish what he was saying, Tommy was stunned to see Emily standing stark naked at the doorway. “What I mean Tommy is….is there any way I could repay you “now?”

Tommy slowly walked over to her, and was in marvel of her young and crafted beauty. He saw that her nipples, darkish pink dots on an extremely bare and flattened chest, were sheer signs of her young age. Her chest was petite along with the rest of her, matching with the slim pelvis she had. Her pussy lips was a soft, gleaming thing that lay above her slim-built legs, holding the appearance that they’ve never been pierced by the rod of any man. But Tommy knew, as well as Emily knew, that that would be no more.

Tommy gently lifted her up by her armpits, and drew her in for a quick kiss. He carried her in his arms, and was about to leave to the room when he looked back at the new toy he had slumped over on the wall of the basement. Jessica’s nude and limp body lay slumped over next to the fully attached Amy, her mouth (now clean of cum) slacking open and her wide empty eyes gazing over at nothing.

Tommy gave a smirk, and proceeded to walk over to have the night off with his newfound girl, who couldn’t be more than happy to still serve him.


I forgot to mention - author is Mingleward.

Episode 3: Valoria - Part 1

As the sun began to set on the cool Saturday evening, the last rays of the day’s sunlight seeped through the shutters of Tommy’s bedroom, and slowly made their crawl from the ceiling to the window. Tommy sat at the foot of the bed, bare-clothed and clenching his rod with the left hand, his right occupying a small, yellow-colored bottle with a syringe sticking out. Emily kneeled upon the white sheets and faced Tommy, her left hand holding a similar bottle but blue in hue, and her right hand wielding one of Amy’s arms, whose fingers were merely centimeters away from her pussy. “Emily, are you sure you want to do this?”, Tommy looked with a shadow of concern at his partner, whose reddened but anxious face only nodded in an answer of “Yes”.

After the past two weeks he spent with Emily, she had been explaining to him a little more about the goods she and her former twin-sister had carried in on that faithful day. One box contained toys, of all sorts of bizarre shapes, sizes and purposes; all of which Tommy put away for later use after one nearly killed Emily. The phallic thing, some segmented metallic tentacle, unexpectedly squirmed into Emily’s ass, and was attempting to go deeper in if it hadn’t been pulled out in the nick of time by Tommy. Poor Emily was terrified of the ordeal, and Tommy spent the next three days comforting her and engaging in no sexual activities with her whatsoever to help. Yep, Tommy would be saving those “things” for a girl he would actually enjoy disposing of.

The second box, the one Emily had been carrying, was filled with an assortment of small bottles. There were five colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink, and there were six bottles of each color. Emily said they were “specialty” drugs; chemicals designed to slightly enhance the experience with a Guro-Gal by altering her in some vague way. Tommy was shocked that any company could get away with deliberately selling customers drugs of any kind for their use, only to be corrected by Emily who said that the drugs can’t work on real people, and that they were designed to only function with a Guro-Gal. Tommy was relieved that such a thing was so when he accidentally injected himself with one, but was curious to exactly how these “drugs” enhanced play.

Well, seeing as he was going to use some now for the first time, he was dependent on Emily’s knowledge to see how the next three minutes would play out. But Tommy was worried, for if the drug he was going to inject in Emily was lethal, he’d lose her and only have her corpse to enjoy, and she was actually more enjoyable alive than dead in Tommy’s eyes. Emily, sensing a vague amount of her owner’s uneasiness, dropped the lifeless arm down on the bed, and stroked his chin with her now free-hand. “It’s okay Tommy, I won’t be going anywhere.” She gave a soft (and still reddish) smile, and held the arm next to her crotch again, ready for the event. She nodded to Tommy again, and he gave a sigh of anxiety as they both injected their needles.

Tommy’s needle went into the side of Emily’s pelvis, who stuck her needle into the detached limb. Tommy quickly set his bottle down at the foot of the bedpost, and Emily gave her bottle to him to be placed in the exact same spot. Tommy’s free hand reached over and held onto Emily’s, and they both waited for the drugs to take affect, which was a total waiting time of ten seconds.

Emily began to sweat, and started to breathe in soft, short huffs. She stroked her lover’s hand, and a soft, low moan echoed out of her throat. Her knees shifted a bit, and each shift made her moans increase in quantity. Tommy rubbed his dick fiercely as he watched this, watched as this slender, dark-eyed girl appeared to become more and more aroused with every slightest movement of her being. Her neat and smooth black hair barely shifted as her head moved up and down with the rhythmic dance of her fingers gliding along the hands of her owner. Tommy, as he placed his thumb at the tip of his rod and rotated it, tried to comprehend what kind of influence she was under. This, however, was cut short as her moans suddenly turned into screams of pleasure, and Tommy looked down and saw why.

It was strange to comprehend, but the arm, the arm that belongs to a dismembered and inanimate piece of sub-synthetic meat, was alive. Well, it was hard to say it was alive, but it would suit better to say that it was moving around and about upon the bed. Its’ wrist rotated however it could, and its’ girlish fingers were rubbing fiercely at Emily’s pussy, thus explaining her increased exclamations of pleasure. It was weird to Tommy, seeing this completely detached limb, which still looked the same as the day it was removed from its’ owner, rub and play around with the lips of his lover’s now sweat-covered frame.

For a solid minute the stroking, rubbing and screaming went on, until Emily decided that her body could take no more, and plopped onto her back in a sweaty and still-aroused heap. Through heavy breathing, she uttered, “I….I can’t take….take it anymore ….. Go …..go on without me.” As juices began to drizzle out of her cunt, thus completing her journey of arousal, she stared at the ceiling and spent a good while cooling and calming down. Tommy, who had not yet achieved such a thing, reached over to the still-moving arm, and began to have it finish his cock off.

At first, it had no idea what it was rubbing against, but after the fingers fiddled with the seemingly familiar stick of flesh, the arm (being held by Tommy now) grabbed onto the rod and started to stroke swiftly. As the hand moved quicker, Tommy could vaguely recall that this was the same hand that he had perform this handjob before, just as it was cut off from Amy’s whore-ish body. He felt something shift inside him, and as he looked down to face his cock, and watched as it finally sputter a steady stream of white fluid. It went all under the bed, against the wooden bed frame, and covered the still-stroking hand.

Tommy, now satisfied with accomplishing his goal, took the sticky arm, and had the hand graze upon his face. As the fingers suddenly touched his cheek, they stopped their stroking of thin air, and proceeded to gently touch along his face. As Tommy felt a moment of relaxation, a moment of brought back memories that were returned by a soft, gentle hand, it suddenly began to twitch. Tommy pulled the hand away, and watched as the fingers, wrist and entire limb twitched erratically before finally becoming still, and never moving again.

He dropped the lifeless thing down onto the floor, and with tiny droplets of cum still dripping out, lay back on the bed next to Emily, whose breathing was now a lot calmer. As they both gazed upward, Tommy decided to speak first; “So, the bottle that you used, somehow temporarily reanimates a non-living, or a part, of a non-living Gal?” Emily nodded, giving an “uh huh” to go along with it. “And the drug I gave you, makes a Gal extremely horney?” Emily faced him as she answered, “Close Tommy, but it actually increases the sensitivity of a Gal’s nerve-endings in order to make them respond with even the slightest touch in a more extreme way, if they have nerve endings to begin with.” That last part caught Tommy’s full attention, and faced Emily this time to be more direct; “What do you mean, “if they have nerve endings to begin with?” “Sometimes a customer will request that a Gal doesn’t have functioning nerve endings so they won’t feel anything. Kind of like a living doll, that doesn’t respond to anything no matter what it feels.”

Tommy had no idea customers could request something like that, but there were apparently a lot of things he didn’t know about Guro-Gals, such as providing drugs that could revive a dead Gal. His worries were set aside though, as Emily got off the bed, and helped pull Tommy up on his feet as well. She looked down between her legs, her face blushing as she noticed the juices trickling down them, and blushed even more as she stared down at the white smeared cock that now shrunk from exhaustion. Emily gazed up at Tommy, and with a weak smile said, “Wanna give each other baths?”

It was nearly 18 years ago, and unlike the still warming-up weather of now, it was blazing hot on a mid-July afternoon. The air was a seamless mix of buttered popcorn and seawater, and was populated by the voices of hundreds of people upon the boardwalk. It was at a summer carnival, and Tommy was with his parents to celebrate a business promotion his father had received. A good division of that day had been occupied by fair rides, mystery tunnels and confections, and they hadn’t even gotten to the roller coaster ride yet. It was a memorable day, but to the then seven year-old boy, one thing made it even more memorable.

He was walking along with one sticky hand holding onto his moms’ (his father was off getting them another round of corndogs), and the other holding onto whatever remained of his cotton candy. The two were just looking about in the arcade tent to see what kinds of entertainment they could enjoy, when out of the corner of his eye, he spotted something odd. In the midst of a collaboration of driving, FPS and skill crane machines stood a peculiar looking thing that seemed misplaced out of the older and more advanced machines around it. It was a woman, whose was adorned in a fancy garment with her face covered in a decorative veal, and was contained in a glass box with only the upper half of her body visible. As they got closer, he could see that her hands wrapped around a glass sphere that seemed to withhold lightning inside, and that above the roofed glass case were the words, in a fancy font, “Madame Valoria: The Amazing Fortune-Teller!”.

Her mother gazed at the machine and exclaimed, “Oh, it’s one of those fortune-telling machines. I haven’t seen one of those since I was a little girl.” She looked down at her son, and with her head bent over next to the side of his asked, “Would you like to give it a go, Tommy?” Tommy, who was a little busy still staring at the thing, turned over to face his mother with a bright smile, and gave a quick nod. His mother gently picked him up, and held him close to the thing as he reached into his left pocket, grabbed his last quarter, and put it in the coin slot.

The woman inside suddenly began to move, and as her head turned from side to side, she spoke in a soft accented and pre-recorded voice; “Ah, another dear soul wishes to hear their fortune told by the great Madame Valoria. Now, place both palms onto the imprints below, and see what shall be foreseen.” He looked down at the front of the box, and noticed two metallic handprints there, and turned to face his mother on what to do with the cotton candy he was still holding. His mother told him it would be fine if he dropped it, as long as he threw it away afterwards. Almost immediately, he let go of the cotton, and placed his sticky little hands against the much larger chrome imprints.

The woman inside began rubbing her hands against the crystal ball, but Tommy was not paying attention to her hands and instead focusing on her face. She looked beautiful, with long and curly brown hair with purple streaks coming out of the decorated headband she wore. Her eyes were a glassy green, and stood out against the soft, pale face that refused to move even as she spoke again; “My job is done, the fortune now told. Now gaze upon the card my love, to see what the future, shall behold.” As a card stuck out from a slot below, the woman never moved again.

His mom placed him down on his feet again, and he reached over to grab the card and see what the Madame had foretold, but he had a bit of difficulty reading it. “Of all the statues you shall collect, many of which you will break, only one you will not harm, for you see its’ worth as unique and loving.” His mother looked down to read it as well, but looked just as, if not more confused on what the heck it meant. Regardless, Tommy was happy, and begged his mom for another coin, when Tommy awoke from the memory in his bed.

He looked across to the table to see in the midst of the dark, the blue digital timing of “3:15 AM”. He looked down in front of him to see that, lying against his chest, Emily was asleep with his arm wrapped around her. As he scanned over the body of his little lover, Tommy could recall what took place a couple of hours prior. After he and Emily had “experimented” with the drugs, they both washed (and played with) each other, and got dressed for bed. He remembered how he himself dressed her nude, petite figure with only a thin, black pair of panties (probably Amy’s’) and her original yellow tank-top, and how she dressed him in return by (as slowly as possible) sliding on his only pair of dark plaid boxers. They then cuddled under the blanket and talked a little while before they both fell fast asleep.

As he listened to the soft breathing of the girl beside him, Tommy couldn’t help but continue thinking about that childhood memory of his. That was nearly 18 years ago, and it was an experience that helped shape who he was today, regardless of that being a good thing or not. As he kept dragging himself to this event, he remembered a bit of what Emily told him, about how some customers could make specific details about their girls. Tommy thought on this, and as he thought a little more a plan began to take form inside his head, and he knew that it must begin now.

Being careful not to awaken Emily, he pulled himself away from her and sat up on the left-hand side of his bed. He stood there, only in his plaid boxers, and thought up on what to do next. Before he left the room, he looked down at the girl that was still asleep upon his bed, and looked down at the little rear that was hardly protected by the thin black panties; Yep, definitely Amy’s. He thought of her for a moment and wondered, “Of all the statues I’ve collected, are you the one I seek?” He set that question for another time, and walked out of his room and to his garage with the intentions of work.

As a small pot of water boiled upon the stove, Emily stood on the tips of her toes in a vain attempt to reach for the sugar at the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard. A bit disappointed in herself, she walked away, only to come back with one of the dining room chairs. She could definitely reach the sugar now, and decided to bring the whole jar down with her for later use. As she got down from the chair, she remembered the pot of water, and put the jar of sugar on the counter with such haste that a small amount spilled onto the kitchen floor.

She quickly grabbed a mitten and moved the pot to an inactive heater, and then noticed the spilled mess. She sighed, and for a very odd reason, spoke her dismay with volume; “Shoot! I spilled the sugar! Guess I’ll have to bend over and clean it up!” She waited for a response, but to her disappointment, she got none. She wet a paper towel, and bent over to scrape up the sweetened granules. If someone was standing right behind her, they would have had the pleasure of seeing Emily’s ass, now covered by a pair of briefs with the panties still on underneath, sticking high in the air. If they were looking even lower, they would have noticed a glimpse of the small brownish bra that covered Emily’s near non-existent breasts underneath her hanging yellow tank-top.

But it saddened Emily as she stood back up and tossed the used cloth into the trash bin, for Tommy had not responded to her reply. In fact, Tommy has been working on something in that garage for nearly three days now, and he rarely ever came out for anything else, he hardly even talked to Emily. As Emily poured the warm water into a small mug, already occupied by a green-tea teabag, she kept thinking to herself on why Tommy had been so busy lately, and what he was busy on to begin with. She dipped a small spoon into the jar of sugar, sprinkled a small amount into her now brewing mug, and walked over to the dining room table, which housed two other guests.

As Emily pulled up a seat from the square table, she stared across straight into the lifeless eyes of her twin sister, Jessica. She was propped up on the chair across her still-living twin, her face still showing the stunned look she had on the day of her demise at Tommy’s hands. She was decently clothed in the same getup she had originally, and she looked the same as she had been alive, besides the bruise marks on her neck. Her arms hung limply at her sides, and her fresh appearance made her look more paralyzed than alive, in which she was not.

Emily removed the teabag and began stirring whatever sugar granules remained, all the while looking at her left to face the decapitated but “living” head of Amy. Amy’s head was set upright on the table, and was looking about with its’ pale eyes as if to find something of interest. Her lips moved continuously as if trying to speak, but due to no longer being attached to a body, not a single sound came out. It looked over to Emily, who blushed a bit as the cute thing gave her a weak smile, and began looking downward and licking its’ lips as if waiting to taste something. Emily realized it wanted the teabag, and promptly stuffed the thing into Amy’s mouth, which happily began sucking on the green-herb sack.

Emily sighed; she would have revived her sister to play around with as well, but when she looked into the box where the drugs were, she noticed that all of the blue-bottles were taken, minus the one she and Tommy had used three days ago. As a result, she only had enough of the drug to revive Amy, or to be specific, Amy’s head. As she took a sip of her tea, which still tasted bitter despite the added sugar, Emily watched as the head sucked happily on the teabag, all the while asking herself why Tommy would be using all of those bottles in his project. As the happy little head faced forward and continued to suck, it suddenly began to slow its pace, until finally it stopped moving all together and was back to being a lifeless piece of flesh.

Emily set her mug down, and picked up the head (still holding the teabag in its mouth), and pulled the wet sack out. She placed it on the table, and looked into the empty eyes of Tommy’s first Gal, until she looked down at the open mouth, and gave it a quick kiss. She stuck her tongue inside the soulless thing, and admired the taste of green-tea, questioning whether the taste came from Amy’s mouth or her own. She pulled away from the head, and as she pushed the tongue back in said, “Alright, time to take you back down where the rest of you is.”

She walked out of the dining room, made her way to the open basement door, and walked down the steps to return the head. When she reached the bottom, she gazed over at her mini-room, which she hadn’t been into for nearly a week thanks to Tommy’s company in his room. She walked over to where the rest of Amy was, and before placing it down in front of Amy’s pussy, she faced the head towards herself again for a quick saying; “I don’t know what Tommy’s working on, but I hope he finishes soon, for both our sakes.” As she made her way towards the steps, the doorbell rung above, into which Tommy yelled, “I”LL GET IT!”


Episode 3: Valoria-Part 2

As Emily closed the basement door behind her, Tommy passed by and was making his way towards the front door. Emily could see from the look on his face and the pace of his feet that whoever was at the door now, was critical to his little pet-project. Emily’s’ curiosity crept in as she asked, “What’s at the door?” Tommy looked at her with a face that she had longed to see of him in these past three days, a face of excitement, as he said, “Why don’t you ask her yourself .” He reached over to the knob, turned it, and pulled the door open to reveal his new Guro-Gal: Valoria.

Emily stood right next to Tommy, and looked with a sense of awe and disbelief as the beautiful woman, not girl, stepped into the house to face her new owner. She was elegant, slender, and was definitely the same height as Tommy. She wore a golden headband, with long and curly brown hair with purple streaks spilling out and dancing upon her bare shoulders. She actually, surprisingly to Emily, had C-grade breasts, that were mostly concealed by a golden-textured bra strap. She wore no panties, but a cloth that wrapped around her hips and flowed along her long and feminine legs all the way to her feet. She wore a decorative bracelet on her right wrist, and had a few small rings on her left hand.

As Tommy closed the door, the woman (who looked about 21 in age) gave a small bow and spoke in a soft, but fake accented voice, “Hello, Thomas. I am Madame Valoria, your custom exotic for the evening. And this must be one of the girls you had on your bonus package.” She bent down to get a look at Emily, and Emily was even more surprised when she realized just how beautiful Valoria’s face was. Her eyes were a bright pink, and stood out against the long and makeup-less face that shared the same tanned skintone as the rest of her body. Emily was so fixated at Valoria’s eyes, that at first she didn’t notice that her mouth moved: “What’s your name, young one?” Emily blushed as she answered the woman’s question, “E…Emily.” The woman, whose face stood inches from her own, reached a hand over to her face and began softly caressing it. “Emily, that’s a beautiful name, for a very, beautiful little toy.”

Tommy ceased the intimate tension of the moment to an abrupt close by speaking to the two girls, “Alright, you two. We can play around with each other later, but for now, we’ve got work to do.” Valoria was the first to respond by standing upright and nodding her head down in reply, Emily on the other hand, was still a little stunned from the moment that took place seconds ago. When she came back to her senses, a massive stream of her questions finally leapt from her mind and out of her mouth, “Tommy, I know you’ve been working hard on something for the past few days now, but how does this new-gal fit into all of it?”

Tommy paused for a moment, and then gave Emily an odd course of direction, “Emily, grab her butt.” Emily blushed as she expressed her confusion, but Tommy simply reassured her to grab Valoria’s butt. Emily was nervous, and stared at the tall beauty that stood before them for an opinion, who simply gave a soft smile at the young girl. Emily moved behind, and as she pushed aside the cloth to see both the barcode tattoo and the slim rear, quickly reached over and grabbed it tightly. She waited for a moan or reaction of some sort to come out of the woman, but she didn’t make a single sound, or even the slightest movement of reaction. She grabbed harder, and moved around the tan-toned ass, but no reaction came out of her.

At first confused, Emily then realized what was going on and gave Tommy a quizzing look, “You had her ordered with no nerve ending, did you?” Tommy nodded with a grin on his face and said, “It’s a key part of the project I’ve been working on, and if everything goes right today, you can play around with “that” and anything below it as much as you want!” Emily was now even more confused than before, but dropped it for now as the trio made their way to the living room, ready to do whatever it was they were going to do.

When they all entered the living room, Emily was the only one of the lot to give a single reaction, “Tommy, why’s everything been moved around?” Indeed, nearly everything in the room was moved around to make a large, spatial area in the center, with a two-sided cloth (the top sheet, the bottom plastic) covering the floor. As Emily looked about at the whole setup and noticed an odd-looking belt on the couch, Tommy abruptly and without warning, pulled his pants down, and off. Emily, her face a sudden red, said, “And what are you doing?” As Tommy kicked off his pants onto the floor, he gave her a wide smile and said, “I’m stripping down! And seeing as how messy things are gonna get, I’d suggest the two of you strip down as well!” Emily had given up on all the “wondering” by now, and was about to pull off her tank top when a group of soothing and mid-nailed fingers rested on her shoulders. “No need my child, I’ll take care of that, and in return you can do me, okay?”

Emily turned to face the calm and elegant voice of Valoria, and nodded as the woman began pulling off her flimsy, yellow top. The girl felt warm as she looked away from the beautiful, gypsy face and faced downward on her small, brown bra, whose size only seemed to shout how meaningless it was to begin with. Valoria still gave her calmly-toned smile as her hands unhooked the bra and let it slide to their feet, exposing the barely existent breasts of what she considered, a “cute, little doll”. Emily blushed as she now saw her nipples exposed for all (namely the preoccupied Tommy) to see, but gave a small yelp as Valoria pinched the side of her briefs and slid them to her ankles. Valoria gave a slight “Ooh” as she looked at the now revealed black panties, recalling them humorously as Emily’s “double protection”. To ease Emily anymore embarrassment, she left those alone and put her lips to the girls’ ear and whispered; “I’ve done my part, now you may do yours.”

Emily turned to face the woman, who was without a doubt much taller than her, and decided to start with the bottom first, before working to the top. She walked right behind her, and began untying the thin, silvery string holding it on, and pulled the cloth and all down to her ankles. Emily looked with astonishment at what she gazed upon before her; the pink lips looked amazingly soft and lubricated, and seemed much larger than the tiny thing she had between her own legs. Her butt was small, but fit her frame pretty well for a dancer. Looking down to see that her cunt was now exposed, she covered it up again by bending down to sit on her legs, knowing that it would be easier for Emily to remove her top. Like she did before, Emily began untying the back of Valorias’ decorative bikini top, until finally the toned, 34 C-sized melons were now open for all eyes (namely Tommy and Emily) to gaze upon. Valoria turned to face her undresser with keen pink eyes, and silently thanked the little helper for her work with a simple smile.

“Now if you ladies are done undressing each other, it’s time we get down to business.” Both Emily and Valoria turned to face their master’s voice, one giving the look of one welcoming a sight much missed in nearly three days, the other a newcomer, giving a look of solemn surprise at the glory she now stared upon. Tommy was fully nude, with his chest and body well-built for one such his age and sharing his similar lifestyle. His cock hung at the ready, and was thickening as its’ owner thought more and more upon the events that were to take hold.

As Tommy took all the clothes they had and plopped them onto a pile behind the couch, he picked up the strange-looking belt Emily saw earlier. Emily wondered, was this what he had been working on this whole time, a belt? Tommy, belt in hand, walked to the center of the room, and lay on the floor with is arms propping him up. “Valoria, come over here and sit up on my cock, and Emily, will you sit behind her?” Both girls got up immediately, and Valoria, with a questioning but still calmed expression moved her hips right on top of Tommy’s cock, and slowly let his shaft enter her womanhood. Emily sat behind Valoria, and watched as her owner gave slight huffs of breath as the woman in front of her never reacted at all.

When his pelvis finally made contact with his new dolls’, with her legs resting at the side of his, he took the belt around her waist and adjusted it while giving Emily another command; “Emily, grab onto Valoria’s chest, and hold on tight.” If Emily’s face hadn’t been red enough already, it practically turned into full crimson as she heard that order; regardless of how she felt though, she obliged to Tommy’s command and hooked her arms under Valorias’ and took hold of her soft and tender breasts. As Tommy finished adjusting the belt, which now divided her by an inch above the belly button, he turned a small knob which began to turn like an egg-timer.

“Now Valoria, thrust in and out of me, and Emily, keep holding on.” Emily’s grip tightened, and she motioned herself along with Valoria’s motions as her hips moved up and down along Tommy’s dick. Tommy, with his arms propping his chest up, watched and breathed heavily as the desert beauty slid in and out of his shaft, and waited anxiously for the timer to run out. Emily noticed it too; she began to hear the soft ticking of the egg-timer on the belt, and before she could merely begin to ask, the ticking stopped, and a small WHIIISSHH was heard. No one but Tommy realized what had happened at first, but as small droplets of blood began drizzling out from under the belt, the answer was now pretty clear; Valoria was now cut in half.

The expression Valoria made when she realized that her lower-half was no longer apart of her was at first confused, but when she finally understood what had happened her face returned to the relaxed and calmed look from before. Emily, who was a bit stunned from what just happened, suddenly fell backwards onto her butt, taking Valoria’s top-half with her and sending a spray of blood onto the trio. Emily was at first surprised as to still be holding the still-living half of what was a whole woman not moments ago, but soon her attention was diverted a few feet away to the lower-half, which was still kicking and fucking Tommy with quite the speed.

Tommy began to moan as the pelvis continued to thrust on and off of his dick, only it was a lot faster now that it was no longer held down by the weight of it’s former top-half. The legs tightened, and began to wrap around Tommy’s own as much as they could in their completely erratic movements. Blood continued to squirt out of both halves, but the quantity was now decreasing to a few drops a second. As the hips continued the command aimlessly, both Emily and the still living upper-half were watching the show.

Emily was intrigued, she didn’t know that “Nerve-less” Gals could last so long with this degree of damage to them. Her thoughts on the whole scenario were soon cut short as the weakening half turned to face her holder and asked, “Does….does this bring….bring interest to you… li….little doll?” Emily, now completely ignoring Tommy and the lower-half, stared into the face of that beautiful woman she mostly held, and for a moment wished she looked just like her. She saw that a few strands of brown, with purple in the middle, were blocking one side of that calm face, and parted it aside to admire the pink eyes, long face and soft skin. “I’m sorry, but I’m not the doll here.” Emily closed her eyes, and pushed her lips against those of a woman who was slowly dying, both wrapping their tongues around the other.

As the hips began to decline in speed, Tommy felt a sensation below, and knew that he could cum at any moment. The legs tightened and twitched, and the hips moved up and down, up….and down, up……and down, up………..and down. Finally, as the hip moved up for one last time, a stream of white fluid ejected out of the top and squirted out of the pussy, and them the hips slowly slid down Tommy’s shaft, never to go up again. The legs loosened their grip, and the feet twitched, until all motion was completely ceased. Tommy stood up, with the hips sliding off his cock and onto his legs, and watched as Valoria shared her final affectionate kiss with Emily.

Emily felt the tongue inside cease movement, and she pulled away to look into the dim eyes of Madame Valoria. She stared into the smiling and calm face of that desert goddess, and as she laid the lifeless half onto the floor beside her, a small tear escaped her eye and ran down her cheek. Tommy was a little stunned at seeing her so sad, and reached a hand over to stroke the tear away; “I’m sorry, Emily. I didn’t mean to push you away all of these days, but after tonight, I’ll finally be finished with this business. Then, I can spend the rest of this week, and next week with you, okay?” Emily looked at him, and simply answered by giving him a good smile. “Thanks Emily. Don’t worry about in here; I’ll clean it all up. Now as for you, I think you should wash yourself up and get something to eat, I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

Emily gloomily looked at the kitchen clock, and saw that it was now 7:37 PM; nearly three hours since Tommy had Valoria snuffed and left to work on whatever, carrying the upper-half with him. Since then, Emily had cleaned up the living room (the double-sided sheet helped a lot on that part), and had the lower-half of Valoria and herself get all washed and dry. She shifted in her seat and reached down to feel her girlhood past the briefs and panties as she remembered lathering her hands in soap and stroking down those long and tender legs, starting from the thighs and feeling her way down to the digits on her feet. She felt herself harder and started to moan softly as she recalled even further of rubbing and digging her soapy fingers into the well-worked cunt in order to remove any blood, or of Tommy’s leftover seed.

Emily immediately stopped pleasuring herself as questions of Tommy and his project returned to her mind. Why did Tommy snuff Valoria for his work, and why in the specific fashion that he chose? She pondered on this as she drank the last gulps of her green tea, icy-cold by now, while sitting at the dining room table. She stared across at the cold and lifeless eyes of her twin, who had not moved a bit since Emily sat her down hours beforehand. Emily stroked her hair and sat her mug down, deciding that she was tired of asking questions and not doing anything to get them answered. “I’m going to figure out what Tommy’s working on right now, sis. But first thing’s first, I’m going to take you back downstairs.

Emily got out of her chair and walked over to her sister, working her arms under the armpits in order to carry her sister around; partially carried anyway. As Emily walked backwards with her twin in her arms, Jessica’s feet dragged along the floor and bumped into whatever objects were in the way. When Emily got to the basement door, she laid Jessica down, opened the door, and flipped on the light. Emily adjusted herself on the steps, and grabbing her sister by the feet, gently dragged her down the stairs.

Emily continued to drag her by the feet as they made it to the bottom, dragging her body over to where Amy’s corpse (with the smiling head still lying against her own cunt), and now Valoria’s pelvis and legs. Emily propped her twin up next to the lower torso, and in a sense of amusement, took Jessica’s right hand and shoved it up Valoria’s womanly pussy. As she looked at the peculiar scene for a moment, she voiced out her own thoughts; “Now, while the rest of you enjoy yourselves, I’m going to get to the bottom of what Tommy’s been doing for the past few days.” As Emily made her way to the steps, Tommy called out, “EMILY, I’M ALL DONE! COME INTO THE GARAGE AND SEE WHAT I’VE MADE!”

Emily was at first stunned, but the instant she realized she could now get her questions solved, she bounded up the stairs and quickly made her way to the garage. As she ran down the hallway, she saw that Tommy stood in front of the garage doorway, and immediately slowed down to a paced walk. Tommy, who was in his clothes prior to Valoria’s demise, looked at her with not the energetic grin he displayed earlier, but with a soft smile that showed signs of exhaustion. “Okay Emily, are you ready to see what I’ve been working on for the past few days?” Emily, who now felt a sense of tension as to what this little project would be, gave a small nod. Tommy gently took her hand, and they both went into the garage.

A lot of stuff had been moved around and piled, with a vast range of tools setup on the workbench by the wall. Emily looked about the room, and as soon as she turned to her left, saw a strange and intriguing sight. It was Madame Valoria, well her upper-half anyways, propped up on a strange looking box. The box was wooden in texture, but had a switch embedded on the front of it; also, it made Valoria nearly a foot smaller than Emily. Emily could see that the woman was wearing her signature bra and headband, and her arms were folded as she faced the floor. As Emily got closer, she now saw that Valoria was smiling with her long and beautiful face, but her pink-pupiled eyes shared the same glassy quality that had been seen before.

“Tommy, what is this supposed to be?” Tommy continued the smile from earlier as he pointed to the switch on the box, seeming to beckon her to flip the switch. Emily walked over to the odd contraption, and bent down to pull the switch. But as she did so, however, she gave a slight yelp as Tommy got behind her and gently grabbed her butt. As she got up and looked back at Tommy, she gave a smile of her own as he had done what she had wished he’d do for nearly three days now. Her thoughts were soon interrupted as a pair of slender hands gently turned her head around to face the now living Madame Valoria, who was happy to give the surprised Gal a surprise kiss.

Emily’s eyes lightened up as the tongue of a woman she thought was dead hours ago now explored the familiar territory of her own mouth. After a few seconds of soft, oral embrace, Emily pulled away from the now-animate thing to face Tommy with just one last question, “How is she doing this?” Surprisingly it was not Tommy who answered, but Valoria herself, “My dear doll, why don’t you look behind me and see for yourself.” Emily walked behind the box upon which Valoria “stood” on, and was bewildered by all the fancy machinery her eyes lay upon.

A network of tubes and wires were connected to Valoria’s stump, and a lot of them flowed about all over the insides of the hollow box. Strands of wires were plugged under where the switch would be, and those trailed down to a group of small and all too familiar bottles. Tubes were shoved into each little bottle, and those snaked along a pair of pumps until they led all the way up into Valoria herself. Surely, the pieces began to fit together inside Emily’s head; the switch controlled the pumps, which controlled the flow of the blue bottles, and the drug would then be circulated back to the bottles to be flowed in again, keeping Valoria alive as long as the switch was set to “ON”.

As she paced over next to Tommy in front of what she assumed his “new toy”, she asked him on what gave him the idea in the first place. As he reached a hand over to grope one of Valoria’s covered breasts, who quietly giggled as she felt nothing, he said, “When I was a kid, my parents took me to a fair, that’s when I saw this fortune-telling machine. The night we tried out those drugs for the first time, I remembered it. This, isn’t an exact replica of that, but its close enough.” Absorbing it for a moment, Emily replied, “You’ve never mentioned your parents before.” Tommy let go of the gypsy’s breast, and as he flipped the switch to OFF and watched the smiling woman droop her head down to resume its lifeless state, he quietly spoke; “My parents died in a car-crash the day I graduated high school. I was old enough to live on my own, but my uncle occasionally visited to help me through the tough times. Now, I usually don’t think much on it.”

Emily paused for a moment in thought; although she never had parents, she could almost understand the pain Tommy was feeling. “I’m….I’m sorry, Tommy. I didn’t realize what this meant for you, after all those days of thinking of myself. I….I feel kind of selfish and I….” Before she could finish, Tommy reached under her tank top, and she moaned as he gently rotated her small nipples. Funny, even though she remembered to put on the panties, briefs, and yellow tank top, she completely forgot about the bra. As her soft moans continued, Tommy whispered in her ear, “Well, I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you for all these days. Now that I’m done working, I can spend more time with you, doing whatever pleases the both of us.”

Tommy let go of her and pulled out of her shirt, and rotated her around to face him. As she wrapped her arms around his neck for support, she gave him a look as if to question, “Can we do it here?” Tommy nodded, and she immediately pulled herself in for a kiss. As their lips met, and as their tongues coiled and danced about in each others mouths, Tommy looked behind her to face the inanimate fortune-teller he had built. As the two lovers gently kneeled to the floor, and before Tommy reached down to pull the lower wear off of his partner to ravage her in a motion of pleasure, he spoke to her, “Of all the statues I shall collect, many of which I will break, only one I will not harm, for I see its worth as unique and loving."


Episode 4:Mimi-Part 1

It was a Friday evening, and the dim patters of the rainstorm outside could be audibly heard from within the basement of Tommy’s home. For the past four days now the local area had been experiencing a continual downpour, and for just about that amount of time, Emily had been trying to find means of occupying herself without Tommy’s company. Now, at a quarter till 5, Emily was in the midst of a long play of Chess with Valoria, who since her completion about three weeks ago, had been moved out of the garage and into the basement with the rest of Tommy’s girls. Due to recent events, the mood wasn’t exactly a happy one, but instead one of apprehension, something Emily clearly held within herself.

“Is something in the wrong, my dear?”, Valoria’s question was filled more with curiosity than concern, for Emily had been in a constant state of misery since Tommy left a few days ago. As the young girl looked at the artificially alive woman and brushed aside a few locks of her hair, which had now departed from the neat cropped cut from before and was now showing signs of growing a bit of free-length, she reached her hand down to move a game piece. She herself wasn’t that invested in the current game, and as she adjusted her black panties to a more comfortable fit, she didn’t feel any sense of delight or joy in playing it.

“I’m just….not really that fond of chess, nor am I any good at it.” The first part was true, but the second part, was an obvious lie. “Oh nonsense my dear, you’re quite good at the age-old game. And if you weren’t, it would be you stark naked right now, not me.” Indeed, for in order to make the game feel more enjoyable, they decided to play “strip chess”. Whenever someone lost a piece other than a pawn, they had to discard some aspect of their clothing, and now Emily was just in a bra, panties and dark socks, while Valoria was completely nude. Even her lifeless torso and legs (who had been included in the game to par fair for Emily) lie slumped against the front of her box, exposing her soft and well-built womanhood.

Valoria wasn’t satisfied with Emily simply shutting herself out, so she set her (last) knight down, and pulled Emily’s hands across the table. Emily blushed fiercely as they were softly forced against the gypsy’s full and succulent breasts, and the woman manipulated them to rub and gently fondle her. Emily knew that Valoria was trying to comfort her, but Valoria was doing it in the only way she knew how: sexually. Despite how intelligent Valoria may be, she was simply a pleasure-thing, and down in her core she was made to think like such. Emily was not like that.

She remembered when she and her twin were created in those growth tanks in some Guro-Gal lab, and that they were given an enhanced degree of sentience. They were labeled as advertised, “A two-girl set with 15% more self-awareness”, but Emily knew this wasn’t fully so. The 15% was solely based on Jessica, in which the scientists assumed that since they were twins and had gone through the same process, that they both had the same number. Emily was 45%. But as her mind withdrew from her past, she refocused it on the “living” woman in front of her, and seemed to calm herself down as she felt the warm and squishy feel of her “relatives” lovely tits. “So, Emily, try to open up to me. Tell me what’s wrong.”

It was a bright and warm Thursday morning, one of the first for the month of May. Tommy’s birthday was coming in the following week, and already a sense of excitement was in the air, and a whole week early too. Emily, who truthfully had very little knowledge on birthdays, was trying her hardest to practice in all the fields of proper birthday-ing. She practiced wrapping a present (she wasn’t very skilled with paper), she tried singing the song (even singing to her dead sister made her nervous), and now, she was in the process of making a cake (which was the sole reason the kitchen was now in complete disarray).

A small pile of burnt and doughy lumps lay on the counter, all fruits of Emily’s tried but failed, attempts at first-time baking. Emily looked a mess, with her loose, black hair coated with bits of flower and her face (particularly the left-side) dotted with cake batter. The small white apron she wore had done a great deal of protection for her clothing, but suffered the price and now bore a long smear of haywire cake batter across the chest. Emily had abandoned another go at the cake a short time ago, and was typing with swift keystrokes at the laptop she had on the clean part of the counter.

If a customer requested it, they could send them a “special-delivery” for a special event; a gal who was specially designed for one thing only: to party, hard. It did cost some money though, but since Tommy was a special case; his respective discounts would cover the bulk of the price. Emily was now typing the specs on the laptop, a surprisingly old thing from nearly forty years ago, and was trying to conjure up in her mind what exactly Tommy would enjoy. It took some thinking, but the details gradually came to her mind: Small, Red hair, Freckles, and Bunny; that ought to bring Tommy some sort of fun.

Just as she finished sending the order, she heard the door open, and in a state of panic she held the “OFF” button and closed up the laptop. As the door closed, she quickly rushed over to the counter to give the illusion that she was stirring the batter. As she stirred the gooey blob she heard the work-shoed footsteps she enjoyed to hear, and then an even more likable voice, “Hey Emily, how was your Woah. What the heck happened in here?” Nervous, she didn’t respond, and simply continued to stir the wooden spoon around in the occupied bowl. She was so busy faking herself out that she didn’t hear the quiet patter of feet, and was startled as a warm face leaned on her left shoulder and whispered, “It seems my favorite little girl has been quite busy today.”

She stopped stirring and managed to give a short giggle from her messy but smiling face. “Hold on, you’ve got something on your face. Here, let me get it for you.” Emily tried to brace herself for what was to happen, but it was too late; she gave a surprised laugh when Tommy’s tongue quickly slid upon her left cheek to remove a drop of loose batter. She giggled with delight as she struggled to get away from the young man’s bear-like embrace, but found that difficult as she was lifted off her nimble feet. As Tommy held her in his arms, and as Emily enjoyed being held, they both stared at each other for the longest time. Finally, their faces slowly got closer, and as their mouths parted open to kiss…RING, RING!

They both stopped and gave a glance over to the wall phone, which was surprising as how the thing was hardly ever used compared to Tommy’s cellphone. Emily was gently placed back on her feet, and Tommy walked over to answer the unexpected call. Emily, slightly upset that such a moment was spoiled so suddenly, faced the counter and began to adjust and clean her flour-dusted hair, all the while listening to Tommy’s side of the call. “Hello? ….Yes, this is Tommy, who’s this? ……Well why would you be calling……..What?.............When?............Okay…………How soon?..............Alright, good bye.” As she heard the phone click (and the sound of a chair shifting), she spun around to resume what was to be “their-moment”; instead, she saw him slumped in a chair at the table, his back facing hers.

She could just tell from the posture, and the way his talking got quiet during the call, that something was seriously wrong. “Tommy”, she asked, as she slowly treaded her way to him. “Tommy, what’s wrong?” He still didn’t respond, but simply kept staring in the opposite direction. When she finally got behind him, she reached a hand over to his shoulder, and asked one last time, “Tommy, please, tell me what’s wrong?” When he turned to face her, she saw something that she had never seen from him before; a face, that bore sadness. She had seen him be happy, serious, angry (never towards her) and even nervous, but never had she seen him sad.

She didn’t know what to do, but before she could decide what, he rested his head onto her chest, and softly cried. Finding little else to do, she wrapped her arms around him for comfort, and waited for him to cry s few minutes out before asking anymore. She had seen him sad, and now, she had seen him cry. “Tommy, what’s happened?”

“His uncle died? That must have been terrible for him to hear.” Emily was nearly offended by Valoria’s response, but knowing that she (along with herself) had very little knowledge of “uncles”, she let it pass. “So, how did it happen?” Emily told Valoria what Tommy told her: He was working at a dock one day, when a net filled with its’ recent catch broke loose. It fell 50 ft. to the ground, falling straight onto him. He suffered tremendous head trauma, and before any medical help could arrive, he was already dead. “Tommy left for his funeral, and I don’t know when he’ll be back. I don’t even know if he’ll come back at all. His uncle was the last living relative of his, and now that he knows he’s all alone…”

Valoria now knew the great degree of fear that Emily was now displaying, and decided to defuse the situation to the best of her abilities. “Now who said he was all alone, my child? Surely not you, the sole one of us he decided to not only leave alive, but to also treat them with such care and love. No matter how many of us he’ll acquire, have sex with, kill and continue to have sex with, he will always love you, and no one else. Don’t worry, he’ll be back, and I can assure you that his love for you will be even stronger than before.”

Emily, who was in the process of crying before Valoria started, wiped away her tears and managed to break into a weak smile. The gypsy, despite her current condition, meant well to her. After all, when Tommy was away at work, she’d talk and play around with the woman in exciting ways, regardless whether she was turned ON or not. She silently nodded as thanks to her kind words, and decided that she needed to finish something she started a long time ago.

Setting her bishop down, she said, “You know what, I think I’m done playing this game.” She reached over to her pile of discarded clothes, consisting of her traditional yellow tank-top, and instead of a skirt she now wore something Tommy gave her before leaving: a pair of black short pants. After she managed to get those on, she bent over across the small table to Valoria, and the two tenderly made lip-to-lip contact. As their mouths parted, Emily reached her hand over and flipped the switch to OFF. Before resuming her existence as a realistic carnival machine, Valoria managed to say weakly, “Good night……my dear……..little……………..doll.” Her head slumped over, resting against her bare bosom, sporting a gentle but lifeless expression. As Emily made her way to the steps, and as she was half-way up, she glanced down and said, “I am no doll. And those aren’t my words, they’re Tommy’s.” She exited the basement and closed the door behind her, leaving the ‘true’ dolls lying around in the dark.


Episode 4:Mimi-Part 2
by Andlex

A thought occurred to Emily as she walked away from the basement door: she failed at making cakes consistently. Why, then, did she keep trying the exact same way time and time again? Why had it never occurred to her to use the laptop she had all set up and ready to look up and follow recipes?

If she was honest with herself, it was probably because she was preoccupied with other things. She went to the kitchen, and seeing that it hadn’t left its’ original spot a couple of days prior, she turned the laptop on. While it loaded its ‘primitive’ operating system, she gathered the supplies she had used in her previous efforts: this included a rolling pin, an apron, both vanilla and chocolate frosting tubes, and cake mix.

She returned to the laptop, now fully loaded and ready to go, and searched for instructions on making a cake properly. She clicked a link and began reading. Her eyes scanned over each appearing step, running each of them through her head until she got to step 5:

"Follow the instructions written on the box."

Now Emily just felt stupid. Blushing with embarrassment, she looked at the instructions on the box of cake mix, and as her long quest to make-a-cake started, followed them. Most of the ingredients she'd been trying to figure out on her own were already in the box, and she didn't have to do much more with it. She needed a pan, not a rolling pin. The frosting would come in handy later, when the cake itself was finished.

Ten minutes of slow progress later, she sat cross-legged in front of the oven. She watched her cake, cooking too slowly for her mind to follow. It smelled like cake, though, even if it looked rough. Its surface was uneven and there were holes in places she'd never seen holes in cakes before, but it was a real, legitimate cake, and she was proud of it. After failing for so long, she'd finally succeeded, just once, and it was beautiful; Imperfect, but beautiful.

The timer ticked so slowly.

Emily hadn't budged an inch when the oven finally gave its long beep. She rose to her feet (which had long since fallen asleep) and flipped down the oven door. Immediately, the smell and heat rushed out and washed over her like an ocean filled with sugar and chocolate instead of salt and fish crud.

She donned the hot pads recommended by the Internet page and removed the pan and set it on top of the oven. Now, it’s time to slap on the frosting.

The doorbell rang, and Emily stopped everything she was doing.

Was it Tommy at the door? She never imagined he’d get back so soon. Should she leave the cake out? No, it would be better left a surprise. She hurriedly stuffed the cake in the fridge, and with a few last sniffs, she reluctantly shut the door on it. She closed the laptop monitor down and made her way to the door. She turned the knob, but the door opened without her consent.

Just outside, in the middle of this terrible rain, stood a girl; a pale, freckled redhead of about fifteen dressed up in sweat pants and a sweatshirt. She had a hand on the doorknob on the other side and for a moment looked just as shocked as Emily did. Then she said, "Tommy?"

Emily only blinked, and to the girl, ‘that’ was a good enough answer.

"Hi, I'm Mimi. I’m the birthday gal for the special, little birthday boy. Can I come in?"

Emily stepped aside. "Yeah, come on in."

Mimi entered with a visible bounce in her step, causing little droplets of water to fall onto the hardwood floor. A few paces in, she spun around and faced Emily. Emily closed the door, her eyes not leaving Mimi’s for a moment.

"So, Tommy!" she said. "What's up first?"

Emily, ignoring the odd name mix-up, thought to herself. She'd ordered Mimi to cheer Tommy up, but Tommy wasn't home. After successfully finishing her first, “true” cake, she didn't need any cheering up herself, but...

"Mimi, what are you doing?"

"Well what does it look like I’m doing, I’m stripping."

Indeed she was. Her sweatshirt fell at her feet, revealing a decent set of breasts halfway covered only by the thin fabric of a skimpy, red bunny suit. She stepped out of her pants, and underneath, she wore dark tights on a beautiful set of legs. She knelt, and taking a red and white bunny ear headband from her sweatshirt pocket, she fitted it on her head. She smiled at Emily and ran her hands down her own body, all the way from her shoulders down to her hips.

"Am I what you ordered?"

"Yes..." Emily said. "But I'm not Tommy. Tommy's a boy's name."

Mimi stepped close to Emily and put her hands on her cheeks. Emily blushed, and Mimi leaned in closer and pressed her forehead against Emily's in response.

"You're cute," Mimi said. Emily blushed harder. "Can I kiss you?"

Emily at first considered refusing, since she'd ordered this girl for Tommy, but it wasn't like she was going to kill the pretty little redhead. She didn't see any reason to refuse, so she nodded. Mimi moved in and kissed her lips. Her arms slid under Emily's shirt and up her sides. Her nails brushed Emily's skin not quite hard enough to hurt, but just hard enough to feel good. Emily moaned inadvertently, and blushed fiercely as she realized Mimi was moaning too. Her kiss was messy and forceful. She pushed Emily against the counter and squeezed her waist, pulling their bodies close to one another. Mimi broke this kiss, and then let her lips and tongue run down Emily's face and neck. As she sank slowly to her knees, she pulled Emily's shorts down with her. Emily covered herself initially, but Mimi nudged her hands apart and looked up at her from between her legs.

"Enjoy yourself, Tommy," she said.

"Wait just a mi --"

Emily cut herself off and went silent as Mimi's lips touched her womanhood, who now proceeded with her tongue. Emily put her hands on Mimi's head, grabbing a clump of hair and holding on tight as Mimi pleasured her. Mimi reached around Emily's leg and pulled it up over her shoulder. Emily didn't resist, and instead she pulled the redhead in closer, moaning louder now and making no attempt to hide it.

"This is a little more than kissing, Mimi..." Emily managed to gasp out before a nibble on her clit made her start moaning again. She felt an orgasm building inside her and grabbed Mimi's ears. They came right off. Without missing a lick, Mimi reached up, plopped them back on her head, and continued as usual. Emily made sure to grab her hair this time, and at last she came in the redhead's face with a yelp. She fell to her knees, and sat face-to-face with Mimi. Mimi giggled, kissed her lightly, and reached around her for something.

"Frosting?" Mimi said, showing Emily the tube of vanilla frosting. Emily nodded. Mimi kissed her again, and then lifted her shirt over her shoulders. Emily sat there on her knees, naked, as Mimi popped the tube open and squeezed frosting out onto Emily's bare torso. She applied it heavily over her nipples and navel, and drew symmetrical, curving lines over the rest of her. She stared at Emily blankly for a moment, then squirted a tiny drop onto her nose and giggled. Emily giggled back; Mimi's energy was infecting her.

"You look delicious, Tommy," said Mimi.

"I'm Emily," said Emily. Mimi nodded.

"Emily should taste delicious as well, Tommy."


By now, Emily had recognized Mimi as a more….simple-minded kind of Guro-Gal. Not only had she refused Emily as Tommy(and along that line a boy as well), but despite Emily’s constant corrections, she ‘still’ called her Tommy. Mimi gave Emily a few seconds to think on this before digging in. She started at Emily's crotch, lapping up the frosting she'd poured over it, and moved up her belly. Emily gritted her teeth and sucked in the drool she only now realized was coming out. She felt herself quivering as Mimi slowly crawled up her body. Mimi licked and licked, and Emily decided somewhere in the back of her mind that she was going to have to use the chocolate frosting on Tommy's cake instead of vanilla.

When Mimi reached her nipples, Emily started moaning again. She grabbed the girl's hair once more, then her shoulders, and finally her breasts. She still hadn't removed her bunny suit. She reached Emily's head and they kissed again, tangled in each other's limbs. Mimi's breath tasted like vanilla, as did her tongue and teeth. Emily scoured her mouth for any remaining frosting, and Mimi searched Emily's mouth for... well, pleasure.

Eventually, Mimi sat up. She reached across Emily and opened the cupboard under the kitchen sink, presumably trying to find something else to get Emily off with. She pulled out a box Emily immediately recognized.

"Wait, Mimi," she said, getting to her knees. She hadn't even realized she'd been flat on her back for the past ten or so minutes. Mimi looked inquisitively at her.


"That's dangerous. That box. Don't open it."

Mimi blinked. "Dangerous?" she repeated.

"Yes. It's dangerous. It nearly killed me."

Why in the world had Tommy hidden it under the sink?

"This box almost killed you?"

"No," said Emily. "What's inside it did."

"Sounds like fun!"

"Wait, no!"

Mimi opened the box like a horny teenage version of Pandora. A segmented metallic tentacle flopped out, slid around on the floor, and eventually got its bearings. Emily was surprised the thing was even turned on; it must have been a result of all the moisture from the past few days. Mimi, whose simplistic mind held no knowledge whatsoever on the very products GG made, poked it curiously with her finger. It wrapped itself around and up her arm, almost like a vine. She smiled at it, and seeing no danger she opened her mouth to speak. The tentacle saw this opening and took it almost instantly. It shoved itself into her mouth and slid down her throat. Her eyes went wide with surprise and she started squirming around. Another tentacle made its way out of the box and turned what Emily assumed was its head around the room. It pointed in Emily’s direction, and in response she covered her crotch with her hands.

She was horrified, but she gathered well-enough nerve to sternly say "No, Down."

The tentacle backed off a bit and tried lowering itself closer to the ground, but it slipped out and hit the tile floor with a loud CLANK! Emily almost felt bad for it before remembering what it had done to her the first time. Taking no interest in her, it made its way toward Mimi instead. It tried futilely to penetrate the crotch area of her leotard, stopped, and tried again a little higher up. Mimi moaned against the first tentacle and ran her hands up and down it like she was jerking it off. Apparently it wasn't hurting her, but the second tentacle probably did. It tried to enter through her navel, but ended up giving her one, solid-metal punch to the gut. She gave a muffled yelp and fell on her side. The second tentacle merely watched her squirm for a moment, then seemed to get an idea and dove in through the gap between her breasts. It slithered down her suit and hesitated at her crotch before shoving itself inside.

Emily watched all this in fascination; horrified fascination, but fascination none the less. Mimi was wide-eyed and squirmed on the floor even more as the tentacle penetrated her lower half, but her hands still graced on the tentacles’ chrome-smooth surface. A clear liquid was now secreting through the flexible segments of the toys; a stage-of-play they never reached with Emily before. Mimi's skin and hair were soaked with both the tentacle fluid and her own sweat. Her leotard was damp enough that Emily could just see her nude form through the semi-transparent clothing.

A third tentacle extended from the box and wasted no time as it went straight for Mimi's mouth. It found the opening occupied and instead slid down her back and buried itself in her ass. Emily felt a little relieved that they weren't hurting her, but her heart kept racing in excitement as she watched what ‘could’ have been happening to her.. Dangerous or not, Mimi looked sexy with her skin shining with fluids and her leotard malfunctioning; one of her breasts was fully exposed now.

Then, something unexpected happened. Emily saw three bulges in Mimi's stomach through her leotard, then four, then five. That made no sense; there were only three tentacles, so why were there now five? She was vaguely aware that Mimi's moans had now turned into quiet screams. Her eyes were the same, but her eyebrows were angled in an expression of pain. Emily moved for the box, but stopped as Mimi looked directly at her and shook her head. Did she really want to go through with this? Emily watched with shock as Mimi's left arm started to move away from her body, and then burst off in a spray of blood and fragmented bone. Mimi closed her eyes and screamed into the tentacle occupying her mouth, which was now squirming spastically. She tried to clutch her bleeding stump with her remaining arm, but something happened to that as well. A steady bulge appeared along her bare skin and circled down to her wrist. Her arm broke itself at the elbow, then at the wrist. Like the last one, it then burst apart at the shoulder. Now in her state of panic, Emily could clearly see two smaller tentacles wrapped around the muscles and tendons in Mimi's detached arm, which slithered back up and into her torso.

Somewhere in the midst of all this, Mimi had died. Emily saw her moving one moment, and the next time she paid attention, she was completely limp. Now the only signs of life were only those caused by the tentacles, whose movements started to become erratic for some reason. Her leotard had fallen down to reveal both her breasts and the bottoms of her ribs. There was obviously something going on inside her chest, something Emily saw quite clearly when another small tentacle punched through her navel, slid up her torso, and drilled itself into her throat. It reemerged from her throat a moment later and slipped back into her navel again. In fact, all the tentacles did. All Emily could see anymore were the three in her mouth, pussy, and ass, holding her lifeless form face-up and dead over the box. Her body gave a sudden jerk, and then another. Emily heard one thing tear and then another snap. Then, right in front of her eyes, Mimi's body came apart. Her upper-half from the ribs and up tore off her lower half, trailing organs, intestines, blood, and gore-soaked tentacles as it fell to the floor five feet away. The tentacles in Mimi's lower-half stuck out and waggled around in the air. Several smaller tentacles emerged from around the tip of each of them, all looking for the body they'd just been submerged in. Mimi's top half jerked around and sprayed blood all over the floor and counters as the tentacles tried to reorient themselves. With a snap and a spurt, Mimi's head ripped itself from her shoulders, soared in the air for a second, then rolled to a stop against Emily's frozen feet.

Clear, thick fluids burst from the tips of all three tentacles. For a moment, there were three mucky fountains in the room, and then there was just Mimi's gory, dismembered corpse. The tentacles flicked around for a moment longer, but their sort-of ejaculation had finally taken their toll on the little machines. They sputtered to a stop, and didn't move again.

Emily copied their inaction for another minute, staring at Mimi's head as it stared at her knees with pale-blue eyes and whose torn neck-stump spurted blood all over her foot. Then she knelt, slowly, and picked up the dead girl's head. Her eyes and mouth hung open in death, and shared the mixed expression of shock and pleasure. Her bunny ears were somehow still attached, and despite the uneven tear in her neck, her head was fully intact.

She looked up from the head and observed the state of the kitchen. As entrancing as the performance had been, it would be one hell of a mess for her to clean up, but first things first. She set Mimi's pretty head aside and approached her naked, armless torso, still covered in the tentacles' imitation secretions. She picked up the tentacle that had previously been in her mouth and carried it over to the box. She dropped it inside, then slowly pulled Mimi's lower half from the tentacles. It came off with a long, wet sloshing sound. They hadn't gone straight up her holes -- they'd entered her leotard, and then came down. Amazingly, the bunny suit had survived the whole ordeal and was still in perfect condition. Emily stared at it for a moment; bloodstained as it was, she liked it. She carefully removed it from Mimi's hips, folded it, and set it aside on the cleanest counter left. Then, gathering all the cleaning supplies she’d need, she proceeded to wipe up all the blood and all the fluids. She scooped up Mimi's organs -- she found one lung, a liver, a kidney, and her heart -- and dumped them in a bag. Those would need to be disposed of properly if trouble was to be avoided. A special cleanup kit could be ordered to avoid those awkward situations where Guro-gals (or what remained of them), were mistaken for real gals.

Finally, after about an hour of hard work, all that was left in the kitchen was Mimi's dismembered corpse, still leaking a bit of blood onto several layers of newspapers. That and the box filled with the dead tentacle toys. Emily took the girl's corpse down to the basement, piece-by-piece, and then went for the box. She shoved it into a black trash bag, tied it shut, and then donned a long jacket to go dispose of the thing on the curb for the following days’ garbage truck.

Back in the warm comforts of the house, Emily washed the bloodied bunny suit by hand. Out of her own curiosity, she removed the jacket and tried on the suit herself. She set the ear headband over her head and looked at herself in a full-length mirror. She smiled and tried to walk with a bounce similar to the one Mimi had, but it was harder than it looked, and besides, Mimi's lovely chest had added a certain something to her walk. No matter what she wanted, that was something Emily couldn't replicate. Regardless, the outfit was sexy on her; she'd wear it for Tommy when he’d get home.

Returning to the basement to check if blood was still leaking out of the torn up corpse, she lifted Mimi's head and gazed at her lifeless eyes for a few moments. Without her ears, without her curvy body attached, and without her horny expression, her face looked surprisingly innocent, maybe even slightly fearful. Emily gave her one last kiss, then left the basement and shut off the lights. Now, it was time to finish that cake.


Episode 4:Mimi-Part 3

The rain had gone from a roar to a whimper a day after the “tentacle” incident, the same day that Tommy’s car drove up the driveway of his home. The vehicle, as new as it seemed, was merely a rental; he sold his older car when he learned of the opportunity that opened up in the event of his uncles’ death. As the engine died down, he rested his forehead on the steering wheel, recalling all that had happened since a little more than a week ago.

When given news of his uncle, he packed up what he would need, and left for the funeral. When he got there, the few people who knew his uncle had no idea he had any relatives left; a reaction he knew to expect. It was difficult, but he tried his best to not cry at the funeral, a task that was far tougher when he was called to the podium. What was worse was the now and darkly apparent fact of his existence: he was now the only member of his family left alive. If he died alone, he took his entire family line with him.

But, placing his mind back in the present, he knew he had to move on. For the next week or two, things were going to be busy, and he had to be strong, for both his and Emily’s sakes. As he stepped out of the rental, pulled his luggage from the back trunk and made his way to the door, he hoped deep within himself that Emily was alright. He had left her with very little word of reason, and he hoped that his prolonged absence had not distressed her greatly. No sooner had his better hopes be fulfilled, for the moment he opened the door, a familiar figure cried, “TOMMY!”, and leapt into his arms.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re home! I’ll help with the bags, they’ll be no trouble.” Tommy was glad that Emily seemed to be doing alright, but as she grabbed the luggage away from his hands, the first thing that he noticed as ‘odd’ was the coat she wore. It was far too large for her frame, and gave her the appearance of an awkward child who snuck into their parents’ wardrobe. He merely ruffled her hair in response, and as they walked along with Emily at lead (and the distinctive clicking of heels matching her steps) he told her, “Well I’m glad you’re in such a good mood. I thought that my sudden leave had upset you.” “It did at first, but now that you’re back, I think I’ll feel much better.”

As she continued to chat on, Tommy now knew that something was completely off. The first sign was the obviously over-sized coat Emily wore, for he knew that there were definitely coats more fitting to her somewhere around the house. The second was the fact that she wasn’t taking them to the living or bed room, but instead the kitchen, the last place anyone would want to put their luggage. It was obvious: she was plotting something related to his birthday. Before he had left, he had noticed all the half-burnt and deformed cakes in the trash, all obvious tries at baking courtesy to Emily. But, to give his lovely gal a drop of amusement, he decided to play along as completely “unsuspecting”.

When they entered the kitchen, as Tommy expected, the place was adorned with as many “birthday” themed decorations as possible. There was even a banner, hand-painted and hanging from the ceiling that boldly read, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY”. On the counter adjacent to the entryway, and standing alone and in plain-sight, was a large and smoothly coated chocolate cake, whose top was covered with dozens birthday candles. Before he could even respond, Emily dropped the luggage bag, spun around and threw aside her coat crying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY!”, and at the same time genuinely shocking Tommy with the only thing he did not foresee.

Emily, posing cutely with a smile on her face, was wearing a red bunny suit he never remembered getting her. Her legs were covered in dark tights, another thing he did not remember getting her, and added to the costume. The outfit seemed to fit her fine, but he noticed that it looked heavily adjusted and tightened around the chest area, giving him the hint that this costume was for someone a bit “bustier” than Emily’s frame. Noticing something was missing, she quickly plopped a red and white bunny-ear headband on her head, and thus completing the image. If Emily had wanted to surprise Tommy, than indeed she had done very well.

“I…..see that you really worked hard on this birthday of mine.” Emily nodded with approval, and pointing at the cake she said, “It took some time, but I managed to find twenty-six birthday candles somewhere in the cupboards.” Her investing such time in such a small matter meant a lot to Tommy, who replied, “I appreciate it very much, Emily. I’m very grateful that you went through so much trouble. But I do want to ask, where did you get the outfit from?” Walking over to the cake, Emily turned around and, with great difficulty at refraining herself from giving any details, said “It’s a……..long story, but let’s discuss it after I light this thing and you blow it out.”

Tommy strolled over to the dinner table, which was already prepped-up with the plates, knives and forks, and sat down. “Actually, before we do that, I want to talk something over with you first.” Emily looked over at him with both curiosity and worry, and carrying the plate with the cake on it (with matches tucked underneath), she set them down on table. Sitting on the chair next to Tommy’s, she awaited anxiously for what he had to say.

“When I left for my uncles’ funeral, I went there knowing how hard it’d be to see the last of my family gone, and to be the last of any family. For you see Emily, I am the last of my family line, meaning if I die, at this very moment, than I take what’s left of my family with me. But, my uncle, knowing somewhere deep down within himself that he’d be gone before I would, left something for me. After the funeral, I found myself called for his will, something only a mere fraction of the people that knew him were invited to. We were all given something, but out of all that were mentioned, I was given more than anyone else. My uncle had apparently been saving some of his earnings from his time at the docks for me, and that amount has grown since, now adding up to somewhere around three million dollars. Not only that, but he also had a private vacation home out of the country. It’s…’s a beautiful place; it would make living here seem a bit shameful. I thought about it to myself for awhile, and I believe that if we move there, together, we could have a far life better than here, and with far greater opportunities. I knew it would be much, so I wanted to ask you first. So, Emily, what do you say?”

The past near three minutes had been much for Emily to understand, but the one aspect of it she had troubles gripping with was the “last of family” part; although Emily had Jessica as a “sister”, she could never truly feel the complete loss of an entire family name. She knew well that if she were to die, another one (or more if desired) just like her could be made in her place. However, the connection between her and Tommy, once conceived as an “owner-to-owned” relationship on both parties, had slowly grown to a level far greater than that. And now, with her “owner” taking such far a degree as to allow her to decide a decision of such importance and scale, was a sheer sign of how greatly their bond had changed.

Gazing at the man beside her, a young, handsome man she came to love, and with words being too difficult to make, she merely answered with a nod of ‘yes’. With tears growing in his eyes, Tommy smiled, and reached over to hug the girl he loved back. They softly embraced for a brief moment, but eventually parted so Emily could light all twenty-six of the cakes’ candles. Emily was relieved that Tommy was okay if she didn’t sing, she never fully got the grasp of the tune in time. However, one small but strangely significant question still remained in her mind, and before Tommy could perk his lips to blow, she asked him, “I’m curious, but where is this vacation home located?” Tommy looked at her with care, and knowing she’d enjoy the answer he said, “Japan.”

Emily was silently filled with excitement and joy at such a thing, but she refrained from expelling it yet as Tommy blew out all of the candles on the cake. Emily clapped with enthusiasm, partially fueled by the revelation of their new home, and asked Tommy, “I know I shouldn’t ask, but what did you wish for?” “Well, I wished that you had some leftover chocolate icing. So later we have some ‘fun’, if you know what I mean?” Emily blushed as the hint was very clear; oh yes, there was plenty of leftover icing for them to have ‘fun’.

“Now, Emily, about where that costume came from.”


Episode 5:Harem-Part 1

“Tonight on APS News: Tuesday morning in the small town of Weskon, Illinois was going pretty smoothly, when the local track team discovered the body of a 12 year-old girl in a high school locker room. The girl was found with her neck broken and clothing removed, and showed signs of both sexual assault, and torture. Although in good condition with no signs of decomposition, the body could not be identified by anyone present, and shows no records of being a local member of the community. It wasn’t soon after at the town hospital, after a thorough autopsy, that the girl was in fact not real, but instead a genetically engineered sub-synthetic human. Since the perp responsible for the incident has yet to be caught, it is now the company that manufactured the sub-synth that is taking heavy fire. The company, a Japanese-based genetics manufacturer whose sub-synths are designed to be killed by their owners, has responded to the incident with great care and diligence. After a crucial meeting yesterday evening with the worlds other genetic corporation giants, they are willing to limit, and even restrict, all buyers of their product within US borders.” CLICK!

Tommy flicked the OFF button on the TV remote, not wanting to hear news of something that, if had happened two weeks prior, would have actually been worth his concern.

“As you can see Mr. Thomas, you were very lucky to get out of there in time, or else we would have had no choice but to restrict your services for now on.” Tommy stopped gazing at the television, a fine-grade flat screen sitting on one wall of a large living room area, and shifted his focus to the woman standing in front of him.

She was beautiful, standing at about his height with a much sturdier build. Her expression, oddly enough with the cute yellowish-pupils and long, youthful face, was very stern. Her crimson-hued hair was fitted into a ponytail, with the majority of it covered by a deep blue trucker’s hat. Her breasts were modestly sized and fitted well with the athletic physique she sported. All of these features, when put together with the workers jumper she wore, it gave her the overall appearance of a sexy but well-workable mechanic or delivery girl. A small nametag on the left-side of her uniform read “Molly”, with the signature GG logo sewn in above it.

“Well, Molly, how does this ‘little incident’ affect our current state on the whole Mister Millionth crap?” He honestly felt irritated, and not just by this, but by the whole stream of complications that resulted from this whole move here.

After his talk with Emily about the decision to move, and after she explained how she had gotten such a cute costume, the two of them rested (together at last) that night, with plans on how to do all of this prepped up for the next day. However, as soon as he notified Guro-Gals about this sudden event, and mentioned he was going to bring all his prior gals with him, the company began the process of prepping their move with (at times it felt like ‘for’) them; starting by sending Molly to help them out.

When he first met Molly, Tommy had no idea she was one of the company’s models at the time, he just thought that any employee positions would be done by genuinely real people. But as soon as she stated her pre-calculated suggestions and programmed plans on how to deal with such a situation, her artificialness was quickly revealed. Suggestion after suggestion, order after order, she turned an operation that was hard enough even harder than it needed to be.

But, as time went on, and as Emily did her best to cheer him up, Tommy knew well that the company was just being very careful with this kind of thing, as he was shown on the news just now. Emily explained that Japan was the Number ‘Uno’ buyer of GG’s in the whole world, namely due to the fact that Japan was the original founder of the company, and has since then kept it their base of operations for over a decade.. Also, the transportation of corpses and body parts, even if sub-synth in origin, across country borders was a tough process to go through.

This, sadly, resulted in Tommy giving up a good deal of his prior collection of Gals to company disposal. He lost Jessica, Mimi (as Emily called her), and sadly, Valoria; he couldn’t even keep Amy, his first Gal. They at least gave him the option to either get girls of equivalent value, or deliver duplicates of each gal with ‘replicated damages’ when the move was over, but even then the frustrating loss of all his paid-for goods was a bit much to handle.

But, despite the loss, he was grateful that they let him keep Emily, who was just as, if not more, grateful to not be separated from someone she no longer needed to call “Master”.

After more than a week of packing and shipping things off, having all customs checked and severing any final ties to the West, Tommy and Emily left together by plane to their new home. Once within Japanese borders, and after soaking up much of what would be their new culture, the company was much more free-handed on how they would manage their “settling-down”. With all their stuff at their new house, Emily and Tommy began the long process of unpacking everything and setting it all up, but the house made it all worth it.

It was a two-story, modeled after many of the more lavishing American homes from the end of the 20th Century. It wasn’t exactly mansion-sized, but it definitely felt larger than the rural Japanese homes in the area, if you drove almost two miles to find one. The whole place was setup midway up an old mountain, and although he didn’t own that, it made sure that no one would bother Tommy with complaints about his fun. The nearest city was about thirty miles away, with a vague glimpse of it possible from the view they had.

The inside of the home, was actually quite modest despite the size and location. It had a living room, two bedrooms and just about anything an average American two-story home would have. The bathroom was quite large, and so was the kitchen; nothing nearly as odd as the one thing truly out of place: the basement.

Boy was it huge, so huge that it seemed like the non-existent third floor of the place. From what he was told, and as evident from all the old shipping gear found down there, the basement acted as his uncle’s personal storage unit of goods and supplies. Tommy learned that in its heyday, the shipping yard he worked at got robbed pretty frequently, but the old basement (only known by his uncle) helped save a multitude of those thieving problems. Now, it could be used for the many ways Tommy could enjoy his new gals; if he had any.

But for now, the place had looked like a wreck, with all the boxes, bags and crates to all be unpacked and have their goods setup. Before they could enjoy this new and wondrous home, Tommy and Emily had to go though the long process of getting all their thing ready; but they wouldn’t be alone to do it.

The company sent a different Molly unit to assist them in their move-in, as both a Gal at their complete disposal, and as compensation for all their troubles. This was the same Molly talking to Tommy right now, and if it weren’t for the fact that this was not the same Molly who was an annoyance from before, Tommy would have snuffed her out as soon as he learned she was now his. But, for now, he let this Molly, ‘his’ Molly, continue her conversation.

“Actually, ‘Mister Millionth’, it improves on it. Buyers in Japan pay less for their Gals than buyers in any other country, particularly the US.”

Tommy knew that this made sense, largely due to all the shipping and handling crap this kind of stuff went through. Molly continued her statements, “Along with reduced costs, Gals also take less delivery-time for their customers, sometimes ranging to only a few hours.” Faster delivery, faster playtime, Tommy was really liking where this was going.

“So, basically I’m in a very good position right now because of all this.” Molly, still sporting that calm, neutral expression of hers, merely nodded in a “Yes”. “Molly, is there anymore you need to tell me?” Nodding no, the delivery-gal replied, “There is no longer any news or notifications to reply, Tommy. I am now completely at your use and disposal.” Looking over the cute-looking delivery-gal, Tommy weighed his options inside his head.

Honestly, what use for entertainment could she be? She was always emotionless, hardly felt a thing (a box on her toes revealed that while moving them up the stairs), and she basically was a computer in a girl’s body, a sub-synth that showed she was a sub-synth. He decided that Emily should find out what to do with her, she had better problem-solving skills in situations like these anyway.

Tommy gave one good look at Molly, and honestly to say, she did have a nice body. Out of both curiosity and an unrestful urge, he groped the woman’s breasts, determining their size to be roughly 34 Bs. Even as he did this, the only reaction Molly gave him was a blank stare and an even emptier response, “Do you wish for me to undress now Mr. Thomas?”

Yep; he was definitely going to get Emily’s help on this one.

When he got up the stairs and made it to the master bedroom, Tommy couldn’t help but lean on the doorframe and smile at the beautiful sight he was seeing.

Emily had fallen asleep sideways on the king-size bed, her little bare feet facing him. It was understandable why she’d be sleeping in the middle of the day; they had spent nearly three days unpacking and setting everything up, and Emily had worked as hard as her petite body would allow her to.

It was cute, both what she was doing and the outfit she was wearing. It consisted only of a large T-shirt (a size Tommy) too big to properly fit her, and her favorite grayish short-shorts. It wasn’t easy to tell from this distance, but her hair had grown a little since he first got her, with the once short and neatly shaped style now becoming free and reaching the tips of her shoulders. None of this detracted from her beauty; in fact, it seemed to enhance on it.

Slowly, and making sure not to awaken her, Tommy made his way into the bedroom, and carefully crept onto the sheet-less mattress. He was crouching above her sleeping form, with the girls’ poorly clothed chest facing upwards, and her head leaning off the edge of the bed. With his body now fully leaning over hers, and his manhood pushing hard against the fabric of his jeans, he made his move.

With the tip of his tongue touching the delicate skin of her neck, Tommy gently slid it down all the way to her shoulders. As an added bonus, he reached down and stroked her shorts covered crotch; the feel of the moist lips past the gray fabric hinted that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath. With a mixture of both yawning and moaning, Emily began to stir and, slowly but surely, awaken from her short-lived nap.

“Tommy. If I weren’t so tired……I’d enjoy you napping with me.” Removing his lips from her shoulders and planting them on her forehead, Tommy gently lifted up the girl, and positioned her onto his lap. She smiled as her back rested against that of the twenty-six year-old, and blushed as she felt the clothed bulge of his manhood pressing against her rear.

Her body frame was still quite wonderful after these past few months since he had her. It was difficult to realize at first but Emily, with her A-grade chest and petite body, was actually modeled after the designs of an eighteen year-old, and not a much younger age as Tommy had thought. She had learn a great deal since he first decided to keep her, and while she still kept her cute innocence completely intact, she was now just as adept at the sexual activities the two would get in together.

But for now, Tommy’s mind was too full of questions to admire and take the opportunity of such a cute thing upon his lap; for the time being, anyway.

“I know how tired you are from all the work you’ve been doing lately, and I’m sorry I woke you up regardless, but I have a few things I want to ask you before you nod off again.” As tired as Emily was, she was still obliging to help out her owner in anyway she could. “Okay; what do you need to ask me?” Her half-sleepy state made her adorable, but also worried Tommy on if she would be able to help him out. Oh well, he might as well get this over with before she fell asleep again.

“Well, you know how the company promised they can compensate us for disposing of my old Gals? I wanted to ask you, would you like to have the ‘old-crew’ back, or would you like to have a new pair of Gals for us to play with?”

As much as she was tired, Emily still felt sadness in remembering the loss of all their previous gals, and it meant as much to her as it did to Tommy. No longer would she have her sister to talk to, or someone’s reanimated head to play around with, and no longer would she have someone to play strip-chess with. But as much as she wanted to see those faces again, she knew it still wouldn’t be the same.

After producing a yawn she spoke, “Even though, I miss them very much, bringing them back wouldn’t make things the same again. They *yawn* may look the same, they won’t be the same. Besides, we need to see some new faces anyways.” Tommy had no issues with getting new gals to replace the old ones, and he’d take care of that as soon as possible.

“Next question; you know that sexy but soulless drone they gave us as a bonus to help with the move? What do you think we should do with her?”

Emily was in the process of dozing off again, and felt that the question seemed irrelevant at the moment. “Can we take care of that after I wake up, please?” Tommy said he was sorry, and agreed to wait until after she had her nap before taking care of that emotionless redhead.

“One last question: Do you like it here?”

As her head began to droop downwards, and with her focus fading off, Emily managed to give her answer. “Like it? I…….I love it Tommy.” With that said, she slumped against Tommy’s chest, and a soft breathing could be heard as she finally drifted off into sleep.

Doing his best to ease out from under the girl, and as he rested her limp form onto the softness of the mattress, he gave her forehead a goodnight’s kiss. Quietly making his way out of the room, he made his descent for the downstairs phone; He had a call to make.


Episode 5:Harem-Part 2

Emily found herself walking down what appeared to be a long, brightly-lit hallway. Around her dozens of doors, and she could see nothing but doors as far as her eyes would allow her, with no end ever to be in sight. For reasons unclear to her, she did not question her presence in this place, nor why this place had so many doors to be opened. Instead, she walked along the hallway and its multitude of doors, until she stopped by one that seemed to catch her attention.

The door, like every other door around it, was pitch-black and consisted of a shiny material, yet not one of metal. There was not a knob to be found, but she discovered that when touching it, a section of its surface would fade into a bold white, only to fade again to black when she removed her hand. Although closed, the door held some sort of attraction to her, and on that attraction alone, she pushed it aside to gaze what awaited inside.

She found without surprise that like the hallway, the room was also bathed in a bright-white glow, yet what truly caught her attention was the room’s sole occupant other than Emily’s: herself.

There she was, standing in the corner stark-naked with her bare back facing her; yet there she really was, standing by the doorway watching herself standing stark-naked in the corner with her bare back facing her. Yet in the confusion of Emily seeing a double of herself humbly awaiting in a room she had yet to enter, all that she could wonder was if her backside always looked like that.

Emily (all the while facing her unchanged duplicate) fully entered into the room, and closed the door behind her. This must have caught the duplicates’ attention, for it slowly turned itself around, and faced Emily from across the room, and indeed completely nude.

Emily couldn’t help herself but realize how pretty she figure truly was: even though she remembered herself as being short, it was hard to tell when the only one in the room to compare it to was her exact size. If there was anything that could have bugged her, it was her perky if not extremely small breasts, definitely an A-grade bust if not lower. Her legs, although not as tall as most girls she had seen, were of fair length. Her maidenhood, small and still hairless above, was something she felt genuinely proud of. Indeed, she did look beautiful, and her other-self seemed to agree.

The duplicate smiled at her, and with that smile belonging to an innocent face matched with fully-exposed ‘assets’, that smile appeared to be very welcoming. To her sudden surprise, the duplicate spoke, and it was indeed weird to hear yourself speak words when you were not the one speaking them, no matter how familiar they may seem.

“I believe this, will explain everything.”

In probably the only time since she was here, Emily was puzzled. She tried to ask Emily 2 what she meant, but upon trying with no luck and futilely grasping at her own throat, she found she was incapable of speaking. No matter how hard she tried, she found that not a single word could come out of her own lips; and thus could only watch as her duplicate slowly walked towards her, all the while continuing to speak.

“Do you want me to show you how this works?”

It was after this, that Emily noticed something was of with this girl. Emily saw something odd about her right arm, and looked with complete shock as it disconnected from her body, and plopped lifelessly to the floor. The other Emily did not seem to notice, and as faint drips of blue trickled out of the stump, she continued to slowly stride forward, all the while continuing her cryptic conversation.

“How long do you think you’ll be gone?”

Just as the stump of her right arm stopped leaking, her left arm did exactly the same, and yet the duplicate did not seem to care that now both her arms had fallen of. Emily pushed herself against the door, but as much as she tried pushing against it, it would not budge open. Now her armless, and still chatty duplicate, was even closer than before.

“Thanks for helping me carry this; I couldn’t have moved it on my own.”

Emily looked at the small drips of bluish fluid that came from both those stumps, and couldn’t feel anything but sad notions of sympathy as the poor (yet still beautiful) thing, and now saw that it stood merely a foot from where she was. And still, even with what hefty damage it had suffered, what wounds it now sustained, the armless duplicate continued to speak as if nothing was wrong.

“I’m sorry, but I’m just so tired right now. I think I’m going to take a na….”

For some reason Emily 2 did not finish her sentence, but as the real Emily saw a small trickle of the blue fluid trail down from her lips, she had a fair guess as to why. Indeed right on her hunch, Emily watched as the poor duplicates’ head plopped off her body, and landed perfectly into the unsuspecting arms of Emily.

As the body toppled backwards, a stream of blue gushed out of her neck, and soaked the poor Emily completely. It had all been so sudden, so surprise and without warning, that she could do nothing but focus on the decapitated head, her own decapitated head, that she now held in her hands. The eyes, a faint-brown in hue, were expanded and empty. The mouth hung open, slack-jawed and with bits of blue dripping from the stump of her neck. The hair, shaped into that of her younger self, was soaked in the blue-like stuff. It saddened Emily that this once pretty head, her own pretty head, was now lifeless and dead; or so she thought.

Suddenly, its eyes regained focus, and with blue pouring out of her throat, the head spoke something that Emily not only understood, but that she was terrified by.

“The life of this model……will soon expire.”

With a deafening scream forcing its way out of her lips, Emily fell off the mattress and onto the carpeted floor. She was startled, and could do nothing but look around the vague darkness of the bedroom around her. Her nerves gradually regained hold of themselves, and with a sigh from her breath, she came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong at the moment.

She had only been dreaming.


Episode 5:Harem-Part 3

It was strange for a sub-synth to dream; actually, they were very well capable of dreaming to begin with, if not on different kinds of dreaming.

Some girls were engineered in a way that gave them the illusion of dream capability, yet this was only a ruse as the ‘dreams’ were merely pre-installed bits and facts about the company as a means of having their customers buy more products. If a girl who was entirely your own dreamed that ‘buying this’ and ‘using that’ enhanced their play even more, wouldn’t you do it too?

Some customers however, ones who had the well-informed knowledge and common sense to see past such bizarre marketing tactics, found an unusual alternative to scrubbing by such drastic and strategically-placed ads: modding.

It was no secret that, especially in the seedy, city districts of Japan, customers could find a multitude of ways to modify or add-on to their genetically-crafted companions, and one particularly popular one was false dreams. With the right tools and the right guy, your gal could have the capability to dream whatever the customer desired, or if the customer wished, allowed them to dream nothing at all, to be an empty husk merely acting in the world around it and never truly aware of it.

That’s how most Guro-gals are, and that’s how Emily should have been; but she wasn’t.

Emily could remember well (memory was a common need for the GG experience) the time when she was born in a fluid-tank within the genetic labs of GG Corp., and how in that time she was not yet capable of dreaming. She remembered that being manufactured as a beta-gal, and the first in-tank twin set, she and her sister were originally to behave and act like any other G-gal around them: simplistic, and devoid of will.

But being a beta-gal meant some things must be changed too, that something must be different about them that kept them apart from any other girl they made. That is where the “15% more self-awareness” part came into play. Both Emily and her twin Jessica had been given fifteen-percent more sentience than any other gal around, an interesting choice as it was perceived that real twins had a special bond between them; this ‘bond’ would apparently make customer-play a very interesting experience.

But something had been off; a scale had been tipped, with the weight tipping over in Emily’s favor, and Jessica’s cost. Whether a glitch had happened in the ‘brain-programming’ process, or an enhancement chemical went one way and not both at the same time, Emily had been altered while Jessica had not. In fact, Emily had not been given double the original dosage of self-awareness, she had been given triple it, making Emily one of (if not) the most sentient creations Guro-Gal Corp. had ever made; and yet they never even noticed.

It was her first night of “life”, in one of many beds within the coldly-lit bunker room where (including herself and her sister) sixteen 18 year-old ‘special cases’ were stored before shipping the following day, when she dreamt for the first time. It was difficult for one who never dreamed before to tell a memory and a dream apart, but it eventually reached a point when the difference between the two was clear as crystal.

She was swimming, naked and alone within a vast sea of syrup-like pinkish fluid, the very substance she and her sister were born in. As she swam, doing so in an attempt to find something beyond this sea of pink and someone to take her beyond it, only to be a futile task for the sea did not end nor would ever end. Then, the color of the ocean shifted from a pinkish hue to a bright and glowing blue, with the viscosity of the fluid becoming quicker and much like that of water. Water, that’s what this stuff had turned into now, water.

The blue sea suddenly began to reside in its once powerful mass, now moving down and along Emilys’ nude figure until not even the toes were within the water. But no, the sea wasn’t getting smaller; ‘she’ was getting farther from it. She was flying, flying through the air and battling the soft breeze of salt and sun. She was laughing, and cried in joy as the glorious moment never seemed near to its’ end.

That end came with the cough of a girl within one of the bunks, pulling Emily out of what had been her first dream ever. As the coughing continued, she turned in the sheets of her bed with tears of happiness welling in her big, brown eyes, tears of what had been the most wonderful thing she had ever felt before.

But the dream she had just now was definitely not like the one Emily had those many months ago; no, this one had been a nightmare, a horrendous mish-mash of shattered bits and pieces from both her present and her past. But a dream (even when called a nightmare) was not without meaning, so the question remained: What did it mean?

She seated herself up on the mattress and tried to think things through, but it was hard for her to ignore the fact that it was a lot darker now than after Tommy had woken her; so dark, that no longer could any light be seen from behind the shutters of the bedroom window, and the only light-source she could find was that from outside the hallway and downstairs. She got off the bed, and with ‘bits of clumsiness’ here and a ‘bump to something’ there, she managed to find and flip on the light switch.

Her eyes squinted as the brightness hit them fiercely, but eventually they adjusted well-enough to recognize the bedroom lighting as somewhat cozy and pleasant. She looked again at the windows, and began to question to herself how long she had been out? The turned-over clock on the nearby dresser might be able to answer that, so she reached over, turned it over, and saw the simple digital-time of exactly 9:04. Now, if she remembered the time when she began to sleep, added on with the time since Tommy had awoken her, that means Emily had been asleep for nearly……

……nine hours.

“I’ve been sleeping for nine hours?! How did that happen?” Indeed she had, for Emily herself had now underestimated just how tired she really was, from all the moving and unpacking and setting things in place. Boy, that really did a number on her, had it?

Her mind soon stretched beyond the worry of her time dislocation and eventually treaded on the familiar grounds of questioning, such as: Where was Tommy? What had that whole nightmare from before been about? And why did her shorts feel funny? The shorts did indeed feel funny to her, and feeling down the crotch of her shorts, she understood why: they were soaking wet.

She blushed at the realization that she had wet herself in the midst of that nightmare she had, not a blush of shyness, but one of sheer and simply-understandable embarrassment. Looking down at herself only strengthened her urge to pee again, and urge she quickly sought to quench. Rushing over to the drawer and grabbing a spare pair of shorts and panties, she rushed out of the room and made a mad dash for the bathroom nearby, and slammed the door shut.

Taking no time at all, she slid her soaked shorts down to her ankles, sat her rear down on the cushioned toilet seat, and looked up with a moan echoing from her lips as she at last began to relieve herself. She had made it just in time; she had already made a mess of her shorts, she wasn’t planning on messing anything else up either.

Her eyes (first glaring up at the ceiling) trailed all around her, and she couldn’t help but admire on how big and beautiful the bathroom was. It wasn’t fancy or anything, besides the large bathtub sized enough to fit three (or four) people, but it was actually quite modest compared to the house it was part of. Eventually her eyes trailed down to her leaking womanhood, focusing on the thin stream of yellowish fluid that flowed out of her soft, twitching lips. It was here, watching herself urinate, that she began to think back to that terrible dream of hers.

Although it wasn’t clearly exact, she knew portions of the dream were familiar to her somehow, it’s just how they did so was what concerned her. The quotes she saw herself say, the way she was dismembered, the rooms, the blue-fluid………it was the blue fluid that struck the hardest cord of all.

She had seen that fluid before, on the night she had her first dream. Something on that night happened, on that first, wonderful night of her life, something so horrible, that it lay hidden and well receded within the suppression of her developed, young mind. She could not remember clearly what that something was, but she knew it was close to her, closer to her than anything had ever been before.

Watching as the final drops dripped out of her womanhood, she flushed the toilet, and fully removed the soaked garment of clothing dangling at her ankles. She reached over and pulled on the light-pink panties (now a size her own thanks to Tommys’ shopping), and covered them with her favorite kind of boy shorts: mid-grey.

Washing her hands by the sink, she looked across to her own reflection and told herself, “I need to tell Tommy what’s going on; I’m going to get passed this, but I’m not going to do it alone.” Drying her hands off, she left and made her way towards the downstairs, fully intent on explaining things to Tommy and asking for his help.

But the smell of something cooking drew her attention away, and all she could wonder now was, “What on earth is cooking down there?” Quickly now, she made her way down the steps.


Episode 5: Harem-Part 4

With a small THUMP, the soles of Emily’s feet made contact with the hardwood floor at the foot of the stairs. In her search for Tommy, Emily found herself in the well-lit living room, admiring to the fact that without all the boxes and packages, the place looked stunning; it was definitely an improvement when compared to their old one back at the US. Yet despite the comfy tone of the place, Tommy had yet to be found; the smells of something succulent cooking were a no-brainer on where to go next.

By the time Emily had entered the kitchen doorway, the lovely scent of finely cooked meat had become completely empowering. She would have checked to see the source of this wonderful aroma herself, but her eyes were too busy darting around and taking in the biggest kitchen Emily had ever seen in her whole life (no matter how short it was).

It was wide, with counters and cupboards lining up whatever walls weren’t occupied by the necessary appliances a good quality kitchen needs. There were not one but two fridges, each large and plated in a dull chrome. The stoves had no visible burners, but instead a flat surface with certain points capable of heating without any gas. The sinks appeared common in comparison to everything else around it, but it seemed to be occupied by something, something Emily couldn’t make out from where she stood. A massive island sat straight in the middle of the room, with plenty of space all around it. But what truly drew the young girls’ focus was the sole-source of that wonderful smell: the oven.

The thing was massive, so large in fact that it occupied an entire wall all to itself, despite only being large enough to take up half of that wall. Like the fridges, it used the same dull-chrome plating, only it seemed to be of much newer quality, with a large see-through panel consisting of most of the door. It was double, no, triple-layered; the thing was so big that one could manage to fit an entire person in there; and the more Emily looked at it, it seemed as if there already was.

“Hello Mistress Emily; May I help you with something?”

Emily had been staring at that oven for so long, that the sound of Molly’s voice from behind gave her quite a surprise. Yet to face the woman, Emily calmed herself down and answered her, “Oh, sorry Molly, you gave me quite the scare for a moment. I actually came in here looking fo……”

While speaking, Emily had turned around to face Molly and to answer more polite and directly. Yet her attention was swiftly thrown off course when she saw what the delivery-girl was wearing, or to be closer to the truth, what the cleaning-girl should be wearing. “Molly, wh….why are you wearing a….maids’ costume?”

It was true; Molly no longer wore the signature navy-blue jumpers assigned to all package-and-delivery class gals, and instead she was now in the full and complete getup of a common house maid.

What drew Emily’s intrigue about the outfit the most wasn’t the fact that it was just there (Emily didn’t remember them, or the entire house having any maids uniforms anywhere), but that the entire getup was actually quite decent when regarding to ‘what’ was wearing it. It’s obvious the outfit was based more on functionality in regards to the job it represented, than serving as mere ‘sex-appeal’; to prove the point, the skirt managed to conceal the woman’s knees finely, with the top of the outfit completely devoid of any cleavage whatsoever.

With little to no understanding of Emilys confusion, Molly entered the kitchen (with a mid-sized pot of water in tow) and coolly explained the reason for her attire. “A few hours ago, Mister Thomas left to get some things from the nearest city. When he returned, he assigned me as the houses new maid, and gave me the maids’ outfit he bought as my new uniform. Now he has assigned me to prepare the evenings’ meal.”

It all made sense to Emily now: if both her and Tommy were going to live in a big house together, they might as well have someone around to help clean them up. And it did make sense to use a gal not designed with procreation in mind, but instead work and physical labor to do such a task, and Molly was perfect for the job.

From what Emily remembered about the Molly-units, they were very capable (along with quite charming) workers. They were efficient and well-trained, built-in with ‘by-the-manual’ knowledge on how to do the common types of tasks the company needed done at home base. Emily remembered seeing quite a number of Mollys on her first days at the Creation facility she was born in, and she remembered them doing quite a number of jobs there as well. She remembered one labeling boxes packed with specialty drugs, she remembered two of them carrying a coffin-sized crate around, she remembered one that watched her urinate while cleaning the bathroom………..

She remembered one in the bunker-room on her first night of dreaming. It was in there, constantly dabbing a soaking mop into a janitorial bucket, and plopping it down on the ground again, trying its best to clean something up. Emily remembered it so well because, as the other fourteen girls (including her twin sister) lay resting within the comforts of their beds, Emily was completely awake, watching as the redhead worker-gal tried its hardest to clean that ‘something’ off the grey-tiled floor. As if realizing itself that the task was futile with the current tools it had, the Molly set its mop back in the bucket, and stared a few feet away at the only girl in the entire room who was not asleep.

It was of personal debate to Emily back then on whether the Molly could comprehend and take note on what she felt that night, but now she understood that the working-class ‘drone’ was incapable of knowing what Emily had felt for the first time that night: fear, genuine fear, and with that fear came the trauma that refused to set her minds at ease and let her sleep it off.

The Molly now stood in front of the young girl, whose feet dangled motionlessly at the edge of the bottom bunk, and proceeded to pull something out of the pocket of its jumper. Without batting an eye or reacting in the slightest way, it rubbed a clean rag lightly against the soft skin of her chin, wiping away what had once been splattered all over it.

But no matter how much the Molly wiped, it could never wipe away the memory of what Emily had seen. It had been everywhere; on her face, the floor beside her bed, and dragging all the way out the door and even further into the hallway.

With the stuff now gone, the Molly-unit returned the stained rag to her pocket, and proceeded to leave the room with equipment in tow. It took Emily a while, but eventually she managed to get herself a few hours of rest before being awoken for the next day. Although she barely forgot about what happened the night before, Emily could still remember the vague glimpse of that Molly returning the used rag back into her jumper pocket, now stained a mid-blue.

“Mistress, Mistress; I apologize for stating such a demand, but I need you to move so I may return this pot to the sink over there.”

Molly, the current and only Molly she could ever know to have worn a maids’ uniform, returned Emilys’ thoughts back into the present, only with a greater urge than before to find her beloved.

As she stepped aside to allow Molly through, Emily asked her without hesitation, “Where’s Tommy? It’s an emergency and I need to find him as soon as possible.” While setting the water-filled pot down into the sink, Molly gave her answer, all the while without detracting from what she was doing. “Mister Thomas retreated to the basement to begin work on something of interest to him, probably involving that Variety-Pack he ordered.” Emilys eyes grew wide with shock and awe at hearing such a phrase, a phrase that was so stunning to her that it made her forget her urgent message for Tommy at the moment.

A Variety Pack was a very unique and rarely-used service offered by the Guro-Gal corporation, namely because noone knew what the hell they were going to get the moment they ordered it. How it worked was this: the customer places the number of gals they want, and the rest is merely a matter of chance, with the range of girls one may get without restriction and without boundaries. You knew what you’ order but didn’t know what you’d get, either with or against you, or somewhere in the muddy between.

Molly, untouched by what she just said, continued to speak, “His Variety Pack of seven came here while he was out, and when he returned he examined them and had six of them join his company down in the basement. The seventh he had me prepare for tonights’ meal.”

If Emily wasn’t stunted before, despite already being shocked from learning about the Variety Pack in the first place, than the last part was definitely a heavy-hitter. With difficulty, she spoke, “Seven…..girls? With one of them… tonights’ meal? Surely you must be pulling my leg or something.” Oh, right, a worker-unit, devoid of any concept of humor.

“I am not pulling on anybodys’ leg Mistress Emily. If you wish to see for yourself, you may check in the oven over there to see how she’s doing.”

Being in a rush of urgency, Emily wasted no time in walking towards and checking out the contents of the oven. Grabbing the handle bar at the top of the flip-down door, she pulled it downwards, and got herself a good look at what occupied inside.

Emily had never seen a gal cooked before, and her first-time to do so took her breath away almost instantly. The body was skinny, a frame that bore the signs of great womanhood coming along its way, only to be too late. The limbs were folded onto themselves at the knees and elbows, bound together by thick-cords of cookery rope, and the hands and feet were cut off. The entire body was suspended from a hook latched onto the upper-grate of the oven, and showed into the throat of the headless neck.

But it was the color of the skin, which put awe on Emily the most: it was beautiful. Free of contact from the glowing-hot surfaces of within the oven, the body was allowed to cook evenly and thoroughly, with the skin turned into a nicely-roasted, golden-brown hue. Emily knew, that only a gal intentionally designed to be consumed, could be produced into such a fine meal; the aroma of steamy-flesh that arose from the sizzling skin confirmed that.

“Is the meat done yet?”

Closing the door upwards, Emily gave a smile to Molly and said, “I think it’ll be ready in a few minutes.” Molly confirmed with a nod, resuming her work of plopping bits of potatoes, onions and carrots into the pot of water. Surely this would make a nice meal and all, but Emily was only even more curious about the rest of Tommy’s Variety Pack; so curious in fact, that it made her forget her reason of urgency mere moments ago.

“I want to know more about this Variety Pack of Tommy’s. From what I remember, a folder with info on all the gals is delivered along with them, am I correct?”

Without pausing her work with the vegetables, Molly answered, “You are correct, Mistress. The folder is located in the lounge area under the girls’ head.”

As if getting the hint that Emily would ask whose head, she added on, “The girl I’m cooking right now.”

Emily understood, and with a small “Thank-You” for Molly’s assistance, she left the kitchen the way she came in the search for the lounge area. Molly did not remark to the kind girls’ ‘thank you’, and instead resumed her work at the kitchen sink without halt or haste; she was a maid, after all.

Emily, however, was on the search for the lounge. She didn’t see a folder or head in the living room area before, so it was safe to assume that the ‘lounge’ and ‘living’ rooms were not one and the same; to be honest, she didn’t do much exploring of the house while they were unpacking everything, and mostly spent her time in the upstairs areas.

When she found the lounge area, she was glad to know that unlike the rest of the house, this area seemed to be closer to ‘average’ or typical lounges one would see in a house; it even had the common objects one would find in a lounge. There was a worn-leather couch, a side-table, a wall-mounted flatscreen, and even a pool table; and on the pool table was the folder, with the girls’ head right on top of it.

Emily actually shuttered when she saw the head for the first time, and not because it was disfigured or anything (actually, the head was entirely undamaged), but because she didn’t expect it to have so much…….makeup.

The skin was covered completely in pasty-white makeup, rendering the ability for one to see any normal features to be near-impossible. The color of the lipstick it wore was a bold black; with the bright-pink flesh of the tongue sticking out limply and as far as it could naturally go. The eyes were a piercing bright-green, and stood completely out against the gothic-style makeup that surrounded them.

The still unsure Emily stepped slowly towards the head, afraid that the thing may still be alive; heck, it was part of a Variety Pack, anything could happen. But when she finally got to the pool table, and slowly reached a hand out to lift the head off the folder, everything seemed to be A Ok.

With the folder finally in her hand, she was about to seat herself and look into it, when she decided to set the folder down, and give the head an even further look.

She looked young, probably somewhere in her mid-teens, and despite all the makeup she had plastered on still looked cute in some way or another. Emily especially liked the long mane of dark-red hair flowing down, admiring the adorable if-not creepy skull clips it had here and there. She was definitely modeled after a gothic, which was strange seeing as how she appeared to be smiling. It was hard to notice with the white makeup covering everything, but one could faintly tell that her face showed an expression of happiness, and possibly pleasure. Emily was about to set the head down and focus on the folder, when she once again looked at that long tongue sticking out at her.

It had been awhile since she’d done so, and despite her futile attempts to resist, she eventually gave into her temptations and gave it a wet kiss.

Actually, it was more of her sucking on the tongue rather than her giving a full and ‘in-the-mouth’ kind of kiss. But none the less, she was enjoying it tremendously. It was difficult at first for her to realize it, but she grew a sort of ‘philia’ towards heads; so much so that when Tommy was away during the funeral, a great deal of her time was spent pleasuring herself to Amy’s decapitated head, whether it was ‘alive’ or not. This was something she had always kept to herself, and had yet to reveal to Tommy; maybe she could tell him after she found him.

Pulling her mouth away from the now lubricated tongue, she used her index finger to push it back behind the black lips, and afterwards cleaned the finger onto the rim of her (Tommy’s) T-shirt. Afraid she might wet her new shorts from so much excitement, she hastily set the head back onto the pool table, and plopped her rear down on the lumpy surface of the couch.

Flipping the vanilla cover of the folder open, she skimmed past the first few pages until she found the picture of the girl whose head she nearly came to, and began to read the bio.

Her name was Rosa, and was indeed modeled after an average 16 year-old American gothic girl. Merely 5’2” and weighing only 96 pounds, the skinny young girl was designed with the particular kink of extreme pleasure when being cooked alive; seeing as how her head showed signs of joy yet was completely untouched, she must have been partially roasted and then decapitated as to not damage it.

To Emily’s confirmation, she was in fact a “Gourmet” class gal, meaning her body was engineered to be completely capable of safe and easy consumption. Even though technically ‘all’ G-gals are designed to be eaten, only Gourmet-gals could both be eaten and taste delicious at the same time. Now the meal was going to taste far better than Emily had thought it would.

Emily looked back at the full-body picture of the gothic Rosa, and noticed that she originally had an outfit on her, yet didn’t remember seeing any of it on her trip here.

It was of the typical fashion associated with most goth-kids, with the black leather short-skirt and top doing a poor job of making her look decent, the red and black slippers on her small feet (Emily questioned why she had those on in the first place), the black thigh-highs that concealed the pale skin of her legs, and finally black fingerless gloves complete with red frills on them. As if the whole thing couldn’t get anymore ‘goth’, chains dangled from all over the outfit in any way they possible could.

Emily wondered where the outfit may be (heck, she was curious enough to try it on herself), and her best guess was that it was down in the basement with Tommy and the other ‘Varieties”. Closing the folder and stuffing under her left armpit, Emily left the lounge to resume her search for Tommy; but not before giving one last, long look at the lifeless head that lay there on the pool table.

With a soft moan echoing from her lips, Emily reached down, gave herself a soft stroke with her free hand, and went on her way.


Episode 5: Harem-Part 5

If what Molly said was true (what need would she have to lie?), than Tommy and the rest of the V-Pack were downstairs in the basement; the only part of the entire house Emily had yet to see.

As she opened what she assumed was the correct door, she was welcomed by the massive descent of dark, cement stairs leading downwards to an unusually well-lit bottom. With a sigh from her lips, Emily carefully made her way down the rough surface of the steps; she really wished she hadn’t done this bear-foot.

Emily wasn’t afraid of the dark; she was just annoyed by the darks’ tendency to hide things that were considered vital to move around without a hitch, like the metal hand-bars that were becoming difficult to hold onto. But none the less, she was able to reach the bottom without a hitch, yet she was amazed by how long the trip had been; she counted those steps, and it was nearly ‘twice’ as much on the stairs leading from the fist to second floors. As she wondered why the flight down to the basement had been so long, she looked around and above herself, and knew the very reason why: this place was HUGE!

When Tommy first told her about this place, he said that out of all the development and investment it took his uncle to make it his; and the sheer size and scale of it showed that clearly. It was large, and if it were any larger, it’d be half the size of a warehouse. The ceiling stood nearly twenty feet above her head, with lights dotting it in an even, well-spaced grid.

She gazed far down to the other side of the basement, and deemed that the wall was somewhere around fifty feet from where she stood; and looking at the walls from her sides, she deemed them to be about just as far. The floor and walls (and even the ceiling) were made entirely of smooth, solid concrete, a quality that made probably made the place very sound-proof; which could explain why Tommy didn’t hear her calling from earlier. The whole place seemed to be more of a private storage-bunker than an ordinary household basement, and remembering the story Tommy had told her on the way here, she knew that it wasn’t far from the truth at all.

On the plane-trip here, in which they found themselves lazing it out in first-class, Tommy told Emily about many of the classic stories that his uncle had enjoyed telling him; and one of them was a clear explanation on the scale of this basement.

In the years when his uncle was a heavy partaker in the life of a dockworker, and when the gen-tech industry was taking its first steps, the dock yards around the area were facing a heavy stream of robberies. At the time, he was the main source of ridicule and suspicion towards committing such a crime (being an American dock worker in a Japanese-based dock and all), but it wasn’t soon after until the true thief was found out. He must have been a real amateur, for it didn’t take long for the trail of stolen goods to be found and traced back to their base-of-operations up in the mountains. It appeared that the robber stored the goods in an underground storage unit built a decade prior, and with his prints all over the place, he was caught and arrested in no time at all.

As the years passed and as he came to own his own dock, and as his ‘fair-share’ of wealth began to grow, his intrigue of that ‘bunker’ remained and grew, until at last he decided to buy the property himself. Originally there wasn’t much use for the place, but with his uncle being a smart man, he decided to build his dream house, with the ‘bunker’ modified to act as a basement. The place was indeed nice and all, and he was well prepared to settle down and make it his home, until news was given to him of the death of his sister and brother in-law, with only one other of his kin left on the face of the earth.

After taking care of his nephew, along with making sure he was well-funded for both college and beyond, he made plans to go back to Japan; yet, he decided against it. With so much loss shrouding him, with the existence of his last and only family member comforting him, he decided to abandon the country of Japan, and stay in his home-country as a dockworker.

And although he was done with Japan, he still held onto that ‘dream-home’ of his, hoping someday Tommy might enjoy it.

Emily, who although had never met the man in her entire life (she was less than a year old after all), thanked him greatly for this gift, and wished him peace to wherever he was now. But as she turned the corner of the steps (which were jutting out of the wall she had yet to face), she was welcomed by the sight of something that said ‘anything’ but peace to beyond.

She was tall, blonde and big-busted, the kind of girl you’d find running around aimlessly in a Friday the 13th film; she watched one of those with Tommy once, and it scared her so bad she made sure it would only ‘ever’ be once. Her athletically-built frame was standing in a slouched position, fitting well in the cheerleader’s outfit she wore. Her mouth was wide open, revealing the perfect set of teeth in lips that one could only see as smiling. Her eyes, big-blue gems that stood out against the white, freckled skin of her face and body, were wide and filled with excitement. Her hands grasped tightly to her breasts, with no sign of them letting go visible at the moment.
Hardly pulling her gaze away from the girl, Emily thumbed her way through the folder until she saw what she knew as the correct file. Her designated (and full) name was Kandi the Cheerleader, and according to her specs, she was in fact modeled to be one of those victims of Vorehaas, or whatever Emily could remember him being called. She was a stereotypical blonde, one that was always dumb, and always horny; very, extremely horny.

Now, all of this would seem completely fine and normal for one to look at, and was of no real reason for Emily to be so shocked………if it weren’t for the fact that at the moment her entire body was being impaled by a long, metallic rod.

Indeed, Kandi the Cheerleader’s entire body was both impaled and propped up by a metal rod that appeared to be secured from the floor; and by the look in her eyes, she was in fact dead. Although much of her clothing was still on, all of it was soaked by the vast quantities of blood she must have lost. Her hands were clenching her well-sized breasts, and were held there by the large, single nails that kept them on, with the sharp, rusted metal piercing the nipples. In fact her nailed hands were all that was holding the arms onto her body, for they had all been severed under the armpits, with a pompom concealing the ragged and bloody stumps.

The entire sight shocked Emily greatly; she could never have imagined that Tommy could be so violent. And what really baffled her was the expression that this poor cheerleader had on her face: it was extremely aroused.

Looking even further, she noticed that her dim-blue eyes were not wide with fear, but wide with anticipation. Her open mouth (in which it was possible for Emily to see the pointed, metal tip of the impaling rod in the very back of Kandi’s throat) was shaped into a vague smile, with a mixture of both saliva and blood dripping slowly from the bottom lip.

To understand why she was like this, Emily returned her focus back to the folder, and was quick to figure it out. Apparently Kandi was designed with the common look of ‘pain as pleasure’ taken in an extreme route, and going so far as to treat pain like it was an orgasm. Also, her nerve-endings had been altered to continually treat any harm like it was a simple breeze, allowing the idiotic cheerleader to be oblivious to even the most drastic of wounds. Thus, she must have really enjoyed herself while not only when her arms were cut off and nailed to her boobs, but also as the cold rod pierced her womanhood, and made its way all the way through her body and up into her brain.

But as Emily once again looked at the photo of the now deceased girl, she realized she may have seen her somewhere before. At first, she thought the cheerleader must have been modeled after a real-life person like some base models were, but Emily felt that this wasn’t the case.

For a moment Emily thought she might have been in the same bunker room as both her and her twin sister, but she automatically knew this couldn’t be the case; at the Creation Facility gals were stored in bunk-rooms designated by age, and according to Kandi’s profile she was supposed to be 19 years in age, meaning she had to have been in a different bunk-room somewhere in the facility.

No, she must have seen her out in the hallways during shipment transport, or maybe when they had to be cleaned together in the massive sanitation rooms; those were one of only a few other times gals of different age-groups could make contact with one another. Either way, she had seen this girl somewhere before, and trying to think harder on ‘where’ only invigorated her desire to seek out Tommy as soon as possible.

Despite how gruesome this scene was to her, Emily wasn’t going to let it teeter her away from her search for Tommy; and just by the looks of how recent this scene was, he had to be somewhere near by. And just as if signaled by her suspicions, a noise was heard from the corner of the basement; it was also a very strange noise too, as if a rope had been snapped by something heavy. Emily moved on, leaving the horny yet dead cheerleader known as Kandi to her grisly but well-enjoyed display.

Yet, if she had stayed a little longer, by only just a few seconds, Emily would have noticed something important about why this cheerleader had been so memorable in the first place. Small drops of fresh blood trickled out of the ears, no doubt a result from the internal puncture of her skull, and with them came out something else entirely. It oozed out, and began turning the once-bright-red brain fluid into a much darker hue; a color that without a doubt, was blue.


Episode 6: Variety Snuff-Part 1

The room was bright and misty, and the warm and moistened air abundant in humidity. The sounds of running water spraying and hitting the tiled-floors was everywhere, and was only matched by the occasional giggles and moans of the room’s nine other occupants.

This was a typical day at one of the dozens of in-facility GG Corp. shower rooms.

Although they were of all the same age, no more or less than 18 on the dot, none of them was quite like the other. In fact, it was safe to say that most of them were completely unique from ‘any’ girl their age in the entire facility.

One girl’s shoulder’s, along with almost 70% of her nubile form, was covered with an assortment of tattoos, all oriental in design. Another, a chocolate-skinned brunette, had the distinctive features of small horns on her head, and an extra set of arms to match her extra set of E-grade breasts.

One had the resemblance of the Kitsune from Japanese lore, and with every brush of the soap-covered sponge against her triangular ears came the occasional waggle of her long and bushy tail. One girl in particular, secluded in the corner and pretending to deeply scrub away at herself, was, in actuality, secretly stroking the only masculine and now fully erect feature on her entire body.

Even though all of them were unique from each other in some strange way, one in particular seemed to stick out from the rest like a sore thumb: she was shy.

She was small in stature, and looked much younger than she actually was. This matter of size seemed to get to her, because as everyone (with the subtraction of the only clothed figure in the entire room watching them intently) around her was happily scrubbing away and occasionally giving their assets a good stroke or two, this girl in particular was bothered by every single asset she had on her.

Her bust was too small; almost non-existent compared to the B to Es that jiggled and bounced around and about her. Her frame was very light; a compliment to her already child-like physique that made her seem younger than the grown and mature young women around her. And as she looked down at her maidenhood, and watched as suds were washed away from the soft and hairless lips, she could safely assume that ‘that’, when compared to every other in the entire room, was just too tight.

She was alone, yet physiologically speaking wasn’t. Her sister was in the room too, energetically chatting herself away at the fox-girl (who realized long ago that completely ignoring her made her more productive) as they both washed themselves off. Yet, her sister was of a much simpler mind than her own, and as consequence didn’t suffer through the bouts of self-doubt and worry that she was going through right now.

It seemed that, as she had only started to rub the soapy wash-sponge against her delicate frame, that she would spend the remainder of “shower-time” alone.

“Hey there; need help washing your back?”

Before the nervous little girl could even answer, a figure from behind had taken gentle hold of her right shoulder, and with the other hand began stroking something rough and squishy against her back. Although startling at first, the girl soon embraced the gentle rhythm of the sponge against her, and relaxed even further when she turned around to face her holder.

It was a young woman, no doubt the same age as herself, but she was tall, very tall. By that it didn’t mean that due to her small stature that the woman was taller than her, but the woman was huge; a thin-framed giant that seemed to make short of every other occupant in the entire room by a few inches. But even with such an astonishing height, it did not betray her delicateness and beauty.

Although her body lacked muscle (but didn’t lack too much of it), it strongly held the more womanly features true to her nature. The hands were soft and gentile, for as one firmly but gently held onto her shoulder, the other was slowly and with great care scrubbing away along her entire backside. Although she couldn’t see her breasts, she deemed them to be about a modest 34” D, for she could feel them dangling and lightly pressing against the top of her flat and smoothly stylized hair.

“You have some beautiful hair; did you know that?”

The little girl blushed at the comment, but also took note that something seemed off with the feminine voice, like it sounded synthetic in some way. She decided to crane her head a little more to get a glimpse of the tall woman herself, and was awed in her subtle yet mesmerizing grace.

Her face was thin but soft, and was framed by a wild mass of muddy-brown hair that rested upon her own shoulders; from the sheer bulk of it, it must have also reached her back. The eyes, gentle and deep-pink in hue, stood out boldly against the tanned-peach skin. She smiled warmly at the little girl she was bathing, a smile that held not the focus of lust but the kindness one would share with a friend. It cheered the little girl up greatly.

She did notice, however, that she wore an odd looking thing around her neck. It was bulky and like a small collar, and something no other occupant in the entire room had. As the little one began to wonder what it was for, the answer came when that sweet yet artificial voice came out of it.

Without moving her lips to speak, the tall woman kindly asked, “Hi, I’m May. What would your name be?”

Trying with difficulty to hide her shyness, the little girl blushingly replied.

“I’m…….I’m Emily.”

Emily gasped for air, and when she managed to regain full control of her senses, she found herself slumped against the smooth-cement wall. She looked difficultly all around her, and as she saw both the overhead lights and the bloody backside of the impaled Kandi Cheerleader, she began to regain focus of where she was and what she was doing.

She was looking for Tommy to tell him something of great importance, and thanks to the insight of Molly (now a maid for some reason), her search had been led down to the long and vacantly-occupied basement. And although she found Kandi, who had come to quite a grisly demise in her opinion, she had yet to find who she was really looking for.

Pulling herself up from the wall, she looked all over herself to realize that she had been sweating immensely, the bottom of Tommy’s T-shirt completely soaked. Taking her hands (also covered in sweat), she managed to tie the bottom up into a thick knot; a setup that although didn’t reveal much of her thanks to its flatness, it did however expose the thin strap of her panties not covered by the boy shorts she loved so much.

“How long have I been out?”

As much as she began to ask herself on the sudden passage of time, the true reality was that everything she had remembered was glimpsed in only a matter of seconds. But the passage of time was soon a forgotten concern for Emily, for thoughts of her long-lost friend May brought upon her emotions of warmth and easiness.

She wondered why she had forgotten all about her long-lost friend, a person who for no genuine reason at the time befriended her, despite being the same kind of product as Emily was. The thoughts and feelings of her gentile friend embracing her in her arms again made her wish they could see each other again, but something inside told her that she wouldn’t see her again.

She knew that she could never se her again, ever, but she didn’t know why. As questions danced inside her head (which she now realized was lightly aching) as to why this was so, she decided to set it aside for another time; she had to find Tommy.

It was now, that she noticed the door.

It was firmly shut and alone against the barren wall, and whose wood was so glossy and out-standing against the dull grey of the concrete that she questioned herself why the heck she didn’t see it before. Pressing her ear against it, she could hear the faint sounds of something moaning inside; ‘something’ as opposed to someone because it sounded a lot like quiet gurgling too.

Although curiosity beckoned her to open the door at once, she also understood that doing so may be extremely rude on her part; a simple knock or two would be much more polite.
The gurgling continued on unbroken as a different voice, a familiar voice, called out from behind, “IT’S UNLOCKED!”

She had found what she had searched for.

Not wishing to wait a moment longer, she placed her sweated palm onto the smooth, silvery-gold doorknob (again, why didn’t she see it before?), gave it a turn and pushed the door aside.

Assuming she’d find Tommy firsthand, she spoke out, “Tommy, I’ve wished to se…”, and then halted herself at the sight of a young and unclothed girl hanging herself from the ceiling.

Well, ‘mostly’ unclothed would have been a better way of describing it, when counting the only garments, white-cottoned panties and black socks, that her tanned and otherwise naked body had on right now; which was a thing of beauty to look at. With every gurgle and light jerk the young girl gave, her modestly-sized breasts swayed and twitched lightly.

She seemed to be still alive, and as Emily looked further, she realized that the girl wasn’t too far off from the ground; in fact, if she really cared about her life, she could be supporting herself up right now with the tips of her sock-covered toes, but it seemed that for whatever reason, she had no desires to do so.

As Emily stepped into the room, to both get a better look at the bizarre scene going on now and to find Tommy, the door closed from behind, and the young man said,

“Emily, it’s good to see you up and about. Wanna help me make a snuff film?”


Episode 6: Variety Snuff-Part 2

In the instant she heard that wonderful and familiar voice, she quickly spun around to face its’ source, abandoning all attention from the currently chocking girl in the center of the room.

“TOMMY!”; with that said, she dashed over to embrace the young and decently-clothed man hiding behind the doorway, a task made difficult by the mid-sized camcorder he held on one shoulder.

“Hey Emmy, I was going to wake you up a couple of hours ago, but I’d thought it’d be rude to wake you up after doing such hard work and…”

“It’s alright, actually. I wanted to tell you something, but I found Molly first, and she explained everything to me; well, ‘almost’. But still, I need to tell you something, something important.”

But before she could begin to explain, she was muted out by the now desperate gurgles of the poor girl hanging on the noose; an event that beckoned Tommy to gently set Emily aside, so as not to lose the coming moment.

He aimed the camera, and with the lens zoomed and refocused, he had the shot entirely on the face of the soon-to-expire victim.

The poor things’ face was slightly contorted, with the tanned, gentile features framed by long black hair, sitting atop a stressed and thinly-bound neck. The blue and softened eyes, although not vaguely reddened like the face they were put upon, were looking around in every way they can, as if to seek aid from her fate.

A fate, she in truth, had secretly desired.

A secret that was soon no more, for as the last sputters of “life” began to leave her slimly-built frame, those soft-blue eyes of her rolled upwards, and a smile broke out on her face; and with that, and a drip of drool rolling down her chin, she was gone.

Emily gasped at the sight she now saw (she always did when it came to death), while Tommy had gone rock-hard, a thing that was tough to deal with while keeping the camera steady and unmoving the whole time. Soon though, he decided to pull the image off the lifeless visage and move it downwards at the real show-catchers.

Her breasts weren’t awfully big, yet they weren’t awfully small either; probably a size C. Despite this, they seemed to be quite developed for such a young girl like this, with the partially-tanned flesh (with ten-lines more similar to a bikini than a bra) firm to the touch.

The perked and fully-erect nipples were a good sign that this girl ‘loved’ to be hanged, but not as much as the unbound arms that rested at her sides.

He was about to give a few shots at the belly, but the sound of soft trickling caught his ear, and in one swift motion, he had the camera facing downwards at the recently expired gal’s womanhood.

A small stream of piss had managed to leak from the dead girl’s slit, with most of it hitting the hardwood floor, and the rest beating down on the partially-removed panties resting at her knees. Even if the leaking was over, the camera stayed.

Her vagina (although not like Emily’s) was beautiful in a way. A tuft of fine black hair sat at the top of the light-pink lips, which even now were still twitching. The skin around it was for the most part pale in tone, as evident from the tan-line that covered her bathing suit area, or more accurately, her panties.

Yet the illusion was broken by the company barcode that rested above the pubic hair, a detail that caused Tommy to zoom the camera outwards for a better view at the entire figure. But as he thought about the barcode, he thought to himself on what other features of this gal were “artificial”? Was the tanning on her entire body fake as well?

As his mind was to halt for seemingly further thought, a familiar voice from behind him broke the silence, along with the noise of paper flipping.

“Koko. Nationality: Japanese. Age: 14. Designation: School-girl.”

It was a no-brainer to Tommy on where Emily was getting this technical info from, but just for the heck of it he decided to ask anyway.

“I found the folder, with Rosa’s head. I was curious as to what you bought, so I kept it with me.”

Tommy couldn’t help himself but grin at the young girl smiling back at him for being so smart; and now that he looked at her, was she wearing one of his T’s? Regardless, he wanted Emily to get in this film in the only way he knew how:

“Emily, could you stand by Koko for a minute and give a little pose please?”

The request, as simple as it was, made the young gal blush; she had never been on camera before, none the less, a snuff film. But in her wish to please Tommy, she moved over and stood by the hanging corpse; and with the posing of her fingers, and an extra bit of cuteness, gave the deceased doll a pair of bunny ears.

Tommy was delighted at the little scene, and quickly changing the camera mode to ‘PHOTO’, to a picture of the little scene for keeps.

As badly as the young man wanted her now, he knew that he had to finish this snuff-film as soon as possible, a task that could now be made easier with Emily’s guided assistance. Speaking of which:

“Emily, what was that thing you wanted to tell me earlier?”

Emily (still standing beside the body) was excited that she could at last tell Tommy on the important thing she needed to tell him…….but as she tried to remember what it was, she made a horrible, horrible discovery: she couldn’t remember.

She thought as hard as she could, but no matter how much she tried, it just wouldn’t come back to her head. Why?

“I…..I can’t remember. Must have….forgotten it on the way down here.”

As much as she tried, it was no good hiding her worried face, a look that gave Tommy an equal amount of concern.

“Well, I hope you remember what it was, but in the mean-time, would you like to help me with this snuff film of mine?”

“Oh of course I would, I’d be delighted!” She was grateful that Tommy wouldn’t let her concerns hold her down. “Well, as long as I’m not one of the snuffers, or better put, the snuffees.”

“Oh, nothing remotely close to that. You’ll just pose with the aftermaths and maybe run the camera a few times, and that’s really it. You…do know how to operate a camera, right?”

Emily embarrassingly shook her head “no”; out of all the base knowledge GG may have embedded in her, I doubt ‘Camera operations’ was on the list of them. Tommy, realizing the reasons for her response, blushed along with her at his own ignorance.

“It’s easy. Come over here and let me show you.”

Emily moved away from Koko’s (still) hanging body, and stood herself right beside Tommy. Yet to her surprise, he wrapped his left arm around her shoulders, and with the other held the camera in front of them.

Emily blushed at the embrace, taking note of how the warmth of his chest brought comfort to her, and the grasp of his arms (even if it was to point and show her the camcorder screen) along her sides made her feel loved.

But as Tommy began to explain to her the display and all its controls upon the miniature flatscreen, a feeling began to once again, creep forward within her mind; the feeling that she had once experienced a similar, yet also different, kind of love.

“Okay, this button allows you to zoom in, and zoom out. But whenever you do this, you also need to remember to always readjust the…”

“Focus; ease your bodies, and repeat my movements as closely as possible.”

And with that said, the exercise woman began her routine of stretches and bends, and the exercise rooms’ thirteen other occupants joined her.

It was customary for the products of GG to be put through a variety of ‘tests’ before being considered suitable for sale; a small variety no doubt, but they did the trick when it came to gen-tech terms and policies. One of these tests was sub-synth fitness and well-being, a test that resulted in the creation of the exercise room.

Every day, roughly thirty-two times per day, thirty-two different groups of GG merchandise were put through an assortment of stretches, bends, and exercise routines similar along the lines of a typical public gym.

And because there was a large amount of these vigorous and slightly repetitive ‘tests’ every day, the task of ‘gym leader’ was given to something slightly more willing (if not more primitive) than a sub-synth.

“Alright, ease out those shoulders, spread out your feet, and follow me with 30 jumping jacks. Ready…..go.”

And with that, the workout android began her thirty precisely programmed jumping jacks.

Although she wasn’t very robotic, the pale-white skin and wall-mounted hydraulic arm connected to her back didn’t make her that much human either. She looked anatomically like any other woman, with her athletic frame clothed in a grey tank-top and black gym shorts, but if anyone desperate enough was to get a glimpse of what lay underneath, they would only be welcomed by the sight of breasts devoid of nipples, and a pelvic area smooth and absent of any womanhood.

Even though she wasn’t that desperate, Emily was pretty close to thinking so as she watched the dark pony-tailed coach in-front of the class easily breeze through JJ #21 without a hitch, while she herself was lagging behind with JJ #19.

Luckily though, the nurse at the front of the room wasn’t paying attention to her poor progress, namely because she was busy texting away at her cellphone.

Emily was relieved that a human was ‘watching’ them on their exercise exam; in fact, she was grateful that it was the first time that the “Beta 18” (as the human workers began calling them) got to use the exercise room. Because they were special cases, it was tough trying to fit them in the common schedule, and it was even tougher trying to get them all a proper means of evaluation.

You see, because they were betas, they were in some way different from the commonly produced guro-gals, with some of them having body constructions so complex that it required a different means of exercise to evaluate them.

Emily could see that, for as she gazed to the left (and once again was lagging on JJ #26), she noted the absence of three other girls from their group, including the multi-armed one present with her at the showers this morning. Yet there were several girls uniquely designed that were still present, one of them being the Kitsune from the morning, with a hole cut in her gym shorts to allow her tail to pop out.

As she looked to her right to see if the lizard-girl was also with them (even with a scaly tail so long it reached the floor, she was humanoid enough), she was unexpectedly welcomed by the sight of a familiar face; a face, that smiled back.

“I was wondering when you’d notice me.”

It was May from the shower room, and as it turned out, she had been standing right next to Emily the whole time.

Emily blushed at the sudden sight of the friendly woman she met this morning, but before she could respond, the calm and pre-recorded voice of the gym leader rang out.

“Now that we’re done with that, we shall move back to the basic stretches and poses. Ready….go.”

As the animatronic coach began her cycle of stretches and poses, the rest of the room followed along, yet that did not stop Emily and May from conversing for the first time since earlier today.

“How….how have you been? I haven’t seen you all day, not even in the other groups.”

With the aid of her electronic collar, May explained to her that she had been hopping around from lab-to-lab, something about a couple of “durability-tests”, yet it was mostly just her going through a few specialty-drug trials.

“That seems scary.” Emily never really liked the idea of being pumped up on a bunch of chemicals, no matter how enjoyable it may be.

“Well, it wasn’t that bad; they flushed out my systems after each trial, and they put me through every drug they had on market, all six of them.”

Emily was just barely managing to reach her toes when she heard about the drugs; all ‘six’ of them.
“I thought there were only five drugs; Well, I’ve only heard about five of them: Re-animator, Nerve-Duller, Nerve-Spiker, Frame-Freezer and Frame-Loosener. What did the sixth one do?”

Emily looked back at her friend in search of an answer, but she only got a pained face in response.

May was sweating intensely, intensity so fierce that it managed to near-soak her workout uniform (the same one the coach wore) in a matter of seconds. She too, had been bending over to reach her feet, when a sudden sensation of frightening pain had come over her. Before the worried Emily could even ask what the matter was, May had fallen over, and was now in the midst of a dreadful coughing fit.


With the shout of her friend’s name, Emily rushed over to her side to try helping in any way she could; if only she knew what was wrong with her. The scene had gotten the attention of every gal in the entire room, resulting in them ceasing their routine as they watched the two, while the forever oblivious workout drone continued her cycles uninterrupted.

The scene managed to get the attention of the room nurse, who rushed on over to see what the matter was. She made no effort to run, only walk, and by the time she got to the two of them, May was being picked and supported up by Emily and her twin sister, who had come over to help.

“Are you alright uh….SC18-7?”

Although she managed to hide it, she immediately disliked the human’s use of her friends’ serial “name”, especially in such a shrewd and forgetful manner. Yet May herself, being too exhausted from the now finished coughing fits and spans of pain, was too tired to even care as she weakly said,

“I’m……I’m alright, thank….thank you very much. But….I think that I may……may be done for today.”

The human, a young woman in the beginnings of her adulthood, already had plans for the night, and canceling these “ridiculous” exercise routines would only speed things up for her.

“Alright; All Special Cases, the workout’s canceled. Please follow me out of the room, and proceed to your designated cleaning facilities before returning to your holding dorm.”

As the girls began to file out of the room, the nurse managed to quietly say under her breath, “As if three showers a day wasn’t enough for you gene-freaks.”; a comment that, although unheard by a majority of the girls, was picked up by Emily.

She ‘really’ disliked this human, and she wanted to tell her exactly that, but the well-being of her friend was more important to her at the moment. With the aid of her twin, who had also heard the nurses’ rude comment yet could hardly care less, the two helped the weakened May out of the gym.

Doing such a task however, when it came to two small girls helping to support a woman who could have been twice their size if she wanted to, was easier said than done; And, as soon as Emily had turned her gaze to watch as her friend managed to cough something small out, the trio had accidentally bumped into a young woman making her way through the halls.

“Oh, I’m sorry for that.” But Emily’s apology had seemingly gone unheard, for the young woman, a big-busted blonde with freckled skin, had seemed to be completely oblivious to the accident; she didn’t even notice that she had stepped into whatever it was May had coughed out.

Emily had seen that girl before: she was a mass-produced g-gal for the American division, something related to the horror film industry or something.

Regardless, she, her sister and her friend moved on, making their best to not get left behind by the other girls.

But unknown to Emily at the time, it was only the beginning of her troubles.

“And that, is how you switch between PHOTO and VIDEO mode.”

Once again, Emily had blanked out, and by the looks of it the time was much longer than when it last happened. Luckily though, Tommy had not yet noticed.

“Emily, are you okay? You got cold all of a sudden.”

Emily, who now realized that just like before, was sweating again. Her skin was wet and riddled with goosebumps, and her now fully-dry clothes were once again soaked by the unsettling amount of sweat.

She was beginning to get worried on what had been happening to her this evening, yet she wasn’t going to let this ‘worry’ dampen her good-time with Tommy.

“I’m…..I’m alright. I guess I’m just….a little bit tired is all.”

Feeling he may need to give his girl a little bit of breathing room, Tommy let go of his grasp of her and stood beside her instead.

“Well, I hope you’re not too tired to help me out with this film of mine, because I’ve only got three more girls left before I’m finished. Do you think you’re up to it?”

Emily, who now felt a little better now, was ready to help Tommy with the rest of his snuff-film, and a smiling nod confirmed to him that.

“Great! Let’s go to the other room where the rest are held. I’ll carry the camera, and you’ll just follow me.”


Before she could even react, Tommy managed to plant a quick kiss on her lips before dashing out with camera in-hand, while she only stood there blushing at the sudden act of passion.

Her spirits were uplifted again, and as she made her way out of the room, leaving the (still) deceased Koko to hang alone, Emily told herself just one thing:

She was going to help Tommy with his little film, even if it killed her. Or them.


Episode 6: Variety Snuff-Part 3

“Okay Shauna, now I want you to bend back as far as you can, and please try not to use the wall as support this time.”

Without a moments’ hesitation, the buxom red-head obeyed, making sure to give herself distance between the wall and where she now stood. And, just like that, the youthful athlete had managed to bend so far back that the palms of her hands were now planted flat on the sand-coloured carpet.

Tommy paced to her side with camera in hand, and began scanning all over the girls’ well-worked figure. His shot panned from her feet to her head, yet somewhere in between he noticed how the exposed stomach stuck in the air more than any other part of her being. Out of his own curiosity, he loosened a hand, and pressed it firmly against the soft yet surprisingly stern belly. Although she held her position, a few heavy huffs of Shauna’s breath were all Tommy needed to ease off it. He returned to where he stood before, and continued to film as the athletic guro-gal held her position.

Tommy didn’t need a bio-sheet to tell this girl was a ‘natural’ contortionist at heart; About 10 minutes ago, he was just in the midst of making out with her on the living room couch, with her arms wrapped tightly around his back and her legs lifted up so high that her feet were practically rested against the sides of her head.

Now here they were, filming the second scene of his snuff film in one of the basements’ many hidden rooms, with each room occupied by any of the yet-to-be-snuffed girls he got that day; and after letting her pose however she wanted for the past few minutes now, he was ready to finish her off.

“Okay, that’s good for now, thank you. Return to your neutral position, please.”

Although difficult at first, the 21 year-old managed to raise herself upright again, and as she now stood normally again, she asked what was next for her.
“If you plan on snuffin me out anyway, can we just get it over with, or do ya plan on having another go at me?”

Tommy liked her Irish accent, and as he thought about how hot it was hearing out of thos luscious lips, he decided to take this opportunity to have the camera scan all over her body one last time.

She was the stunning symbol of what most athletic women should look like, with her sports-build framed in freckled but fair skin; the inclusion of a set of 32D-sized melons also were a nice touch. Her body was, to say the least, poorly dressed, with a silver-white negligee and thong doing very little to cover the well-toned figure they were sported on; the thong was so small and so tight that the lips of her vagina were practically sticking out, with the groin strap only concealing the entry to her thin-haired womanhood.

With the pin-up shoot finished, Tommy issued his final orders to her, and within the confines of his pants pocket, had the specialty-drug primed and ready.

“Sorry, but the next time I’ll make out with you, it’ll be when you’re a corpse. Now, do what you did before, but this time roll yourself all the way. I want to see you turn yourself into a wheel.”

With a small nod, she added, “One wheel, for you big boy.”

And just like that, the young contortionist laid herself flat upon the floor, and began the short but well thought-out process of shaping her limbs into a circle. With her belly resting on the carpet, she managed to crane her neck and chest as far upwards as possible, and as she raised her legs in such an extreme way as to be uncomfortable at first-sight, the soles of her feet began rising and declining until at last they now lay resting upon her shoulders.

All that needed to be done was to slightly raise her arms at her sides, while conforming to the shape of her waist, and Taddah!

The sexy redhead was now in the form of a near-perfect ring; the size of her bust, however, made it questionable as to whether she could be rolled around or not.

“A perfect ring, for you baby.”

Within the confines of his pants, a small droplet of cum managed to peek out from his cock, luckily barely enough to ruin his shorts.

“What now?”

Tommy was about to respond when the pressure on Shauna’s chest became so great the straps snapped off, exposing nipples erect and roughly the size of a pencil eraser; same color too. For a moment, Tommy felt like what was once a small drop would eventually reach to a full sploodge, but the feel of his shaft against the miniature bottle in his left pocket told him otherwise.

“Uhh…..turn your head around as far as possible, and either direction will do.”

Shauna chose the right, and with as much as the muscles in her neck would allow, a feat still remarkable in her position, she was now facing her right arm at approximately 80 degrees clockwise.

“Okay……what now?”

As Tommy replied, he had walked over to where she stood, and with the needle in-hand said, “Now…..all you need to do is relax.”

He stuck the needle in her left-wrist, and pressed the trigger. She didn’t even notice.

Tommy shuffled in-front of the posing girl, and as he asked her what she thought about death, he silently waited for the drug to take affect.

“Oh, I’ve never really thought about it before, but I’d think it’d be quite nice to die in such an obscene way. I usually think about all the poses I could do so it’s not on my mind that much. You see…”

Meanwhile, as the redhead rambled on about how skills and knowledge were processed and outputted in GG corp., Tommy had ignored her and was instead focused the camera on the previously revealed breasts, with the broken straps dangling downwards towards the floor. Curious as to see how solid the melons were, he reached a hand over (a difficult task when considering how now only one arm was holding the bulky camcorder), and gave the one on his left a tight squeeze; it was firm to the touch.

As he continued to fondle the freckled mound of flesh, he noted to himself that with these on, she definitely wouldn’t be rolling anytime soon. He thought of cutting them off, maybe cook them up with the rest of dinner into hamburger or something (was she even edible?), but the thought of getting rid of such succulent things was such a waste; he had already lost the opportunity to fuck the goth girl, with her being dinner and all, and he wasn’t going to lose the chance with this babe.

Around this time he had noticed that the rambling had stopped, and returning his attention to the contortionist, he saw that the drug must have finally taken its’ hold on her, with her face frozen mid-way in a speech about her early days in a ‘gym room’ or something; either way, her mouth was open kinda wide.

“Shauna? Are you still with me?” A motion of the eyes managed to say little, but was enough to convince Tommy it was okay to begin the final stage of this snuff show.

Setting the camera down behind him, he motioned to the left-hand side of Shauna’s unmoving figure, and double-checked to make sure the camera was in position to capture all that was to come.

With everything set, he rested his hands at the sides of her beautiful head, an action that caused her eyes to face him with as much loving affection a paralyzed face possibly could.

He liked her hair, with the orange-red strains tied into two thick, braided cords, each being felt by him at the sides of her head. It felt soft to the touch, with the individual fibers feeling smooth and sleek to his fingers.

He decided though that he could do this later, and with as much force he could possibly muster, he gave a sharp twist, turning her head from the previous 80 to a full a hundred and eighty degrees.

Her body shuttered yet held position, her pupils widening in a sense of disbelief with how she was now facing her legs in a way a contortionist like herself could not think possible. Her internally-decapitated head tried its hardest to look around, but with the severing of her spinal cord being so great, the pale-green orbs were darting in any way they could with little rhyme or reason. And just as they had been moving, they suddenly grew still; the pupils, once small and fickle, grew large, signifying the end of the guro-gals’ short-lived ‘life’.

Satisfied she was now dead, Tommy took a personal moment to admire his work. Reaching over at the camera, he readjusted the focus and zoom, and had it pan as many ways as possible all over the damage he had done, and the look of the one he had done it too.

The flesh around her neck was now twisted in such an awful way, with the fair-skin now stressed and bruised a vague purple. Small droplets of drool escaped from her partially-opened lips, and fell along her back, rolling downwards in-between the cheeks of her rear.

As he thought, the freezing drug had worked, thus explaining why she was still holding the ‘perfect-ring’ position she had made before. Now he could enjoy her posed as this in anyway he could.

But as he told himself before, the breasts would make it difficult to roll her body around, meaning he may need to find another means of entertainment with her stiff figure another time.

With his work done, he settled the camera back onto his shoulder, and was on his way out the room and onto the next scene, when suddenly an idea came to his morbid little mind.

He walked over to the corner of the room, where a small leather couch lay, solely occupied by a single box marked “TOYS”, and set the camera down beside it. Reaching inside, it didn’t take long for him to find what he sought for: a thick, pink-coloured battery-operated dildo; the same one he had used on Amy countless times.

Sitting himself behind the posed corpse of Shauna, he parted the strap that ‘concealed’ her pussy, and showed the long, rubbery shaft inside. It went in like a glove, with the black plastic end barely sticking out through the thick lips. To make it all complete, he pressed the center of the plastic, and the soft muffles of the vibrator could be heard from within.

As a final touch, he decided that the face needed to match the expressions of how a living girl would reach to this situation, and proceeded to adjust the shock-wide eyes into partially-opened ones, and slightly pulled her tongue out. Now she looked like she died in the midst of an orgasm; and a final trickle of saliva down the pinkish-tip of her tongue made the image all the more complete.

With his work ‘now’ done, he picked up his camera, and left the posing body to do just that: pose.

But, as he was on his way out the room, the once small droplets at last fulfilled their desires to be large globs. With a slight grunt, a stream of semen had managed to escape his dick, soaking the insides of both his boxers and jeans. Making careful the camera wasn’t following him, he shifted his gaze towards the crotch of his pants, taking note at how they were now dark and wet.

First thing’s first: Gotta go back upstairs and change into something else.


As the video-footage showed Tommy leaving the room, Tommy himself stopped the footage on the camcorder, and with an excited look on his face asked Emily,
“So, what do you think?”


This is last part of Guro-Gal that I have.

Episode 6: Variety Snuff-Part 4

Why couldn’t she remember?

It wasn’t that Emily had ignored the footage she had just seen on the small camcorder screen; no, that would have been too out of character for her. The truth was that she had stared at that footage for the near four and a half minutes it took from her posing to the wall, and Tommy leaving the room in cum-soaked jeans, yet trying to recall the entire scene had come to no result within her mind.

First she had forgotten to say something she had nailed onto her mind for nearly a half-hour, and now the last four minutes of her life had suddenly become a complete blur? What the hell was happening to her?

“Hey Em, are you doing alright? You’ve been feeling stiff since we sat down.”

With a light nudge to her side (or at least it intended to be light, yet it felt like a hot iron had just grazed her shoulder), Emily regained her focus to reality, and once again not wishing to give him worry, told him she was fine.

“Okay; well what did you think of the video, was the pacing good, or is there some other problem that needs to be addressed?”

Emily tried her best to give a straight answer, yet found it difficult as her feet had just fallen asleep.

“Uhh…….it was alright; I mean good! It was good Tommy. No problems at all.”

To hide her unsure response, Emily had resorted to glaring down at the environment she found herself in. It was the same room as in the video they just watched, and all that had been seen in there had remained untouched and undisturbed. The dirt-sand carpeting under the soles of her feet, the red-leather couch that groaned as both she and Tommy sat on it, the cardboard box marked “TOYS” resting at her sides (which seemed to burn her too), and the dead contortionist girl, frozen in an “O” formation with her head facing the opposite way a head should.

When they first entered that room, the sight had startled her immensely. She wondered whether the girl had been posing this entire time, and was about to greet her when Tommy told her the truth that she was a corpse; an examination of the body, particularly the neck, was clear that he was right. The eyes, half-opened and whose face was in a sculpture of ecstasy, made Emily wonder if she had enjoyed dying.

Also a strange rumbling noise was coming from her pelvis area, but before she could even question it, Tommy had plopped himself on the squeaking sofa, beckoning her to join him.

Funny; she could remember what happened nearly half an hour from now, but not less than five minutes ago.

Tommy had grown too concerned by now, and was up to the point where he had to look his girl directly into her eyes, and gently ask her,
“If something is wrong, if anything at all, can you please tell me?”

Now Emily had no choice; she had to explain everything to him right now, or who knows if there would be any going back.

“I…….. (sigh) I haven’t felt good since I woke up this evening. It must be unhealthy for a gal like me to sleep for so long. But regardless of how I feel right now, I’m well enough to help you with this video. Please, just let me help you.”

The two stared at each other for what seemed to be a minute or two, but despite the nervousness and stress she was under right now, it was (surprisingly enough) Tommy who broke gaze first, and with a sigh from his lips, he whispered “Okay” to her; a light kiss upon her forehead completed the conversation, but if only her brow wasn’t so sweaty.

The silence, which lasted another minute, was swiftly broken by Tommy as he said,
“Well, onto the next vid.”

And with that, the next sequence of footage began.

They had come into the room so Tommy could show her all that he had accomplished so far, and afterwards plan on what to do with the remaining girls. For half an hour they watched four separate videos of four separate gals getting killed in both the most subtle and over the top ways imaginable, from hanging until death to being dismembered and impaled alive, all of the deaths were grisly yet excitable to watch; Emily felt she was going to reach a climax when she saw Rosa being decapitated.

Unlike the others they had watched before, this video seemed, at first, quite simple.

In a room much like the one they were in now, Tommy was going to film Gabby, as the girl was named in the info file, doing a little dance; and that was it. The girl wasn’t even a good dancer, with her short yet intriguingly athletic frame moving about in a poor assortment of sways and motions; whoever was in charge of their programming at GG Corp., apparently had no desire to include ‘good dancing’ in the mix.

A Hispanic-American based model, the young woman was apparently designed after what the ‘popular crowd’ of young-adults in America were supposed to look like almost half a century ago, with her thick lashes and pink lip-gloss lips adding to the cheapness. With her long mess of red-brown hair flowing along with her loose spaghetti-top and multi-coloured skirt, the entire getup seemed like something out of an ancient music video; heck, her calf-high boots were the main reason why dancing was so hard for her in the first place.

Even as he watched this sad, sad display of body language in-front of him, it wasn’t the main thing Tommy had planned for this video. You see, if this was supposed to be the pinnacle parody of bad yet popular dancing idols, than it needed only one more thing to make it even more so: being filmed under the influence.

Tommy had planned on using one of the Specialty drugs on his little ‘dancer’ (and I do mean ‘little’ cause she was barely over 5 feet tall) to examine how she would function, but both the sight and his imagination were making him question as to which of the five he was to use.

The Nerve Duller (a fluid green in hue) wouldn’t offer much of a spectacle when the recipient is dancing; and the Nerve-Spiker would probably end up the same way.

He had seen what the red bottle could do to Shauna, and although the thought of watching this sad, little thing freeze in mid-motion no longer seemed to intrigue him. Now the pink drug would turn her into a limp noodle within a minute, and although the imagery of Gabby dancing until she ‘dropped’ would be quite entertaining, it also seemed too easy.

And of course, unless he had any desires to watch the undead thing dance until the ‘aqua life’ wore off, he wouldn’t be reusing the Reanimator anytime soon; besides, he didn’t bring a singe weapon into the room with him so he could force himself to be creative.

Each chemical had its’ pros and cons, yet it was still of debate on which of the five he’d use, and this dreadful music wasn’t helping him come any closer to a conclusion. It simply amazed him that anybody, even a simplistically constructed sub-synth such as this “ideal representation of dance stars long-gone”, could dance to such dreadful and repetitive noise!

Which one would he use? WHICH ONE WOULD HE U………….
“Wait; which ‘one’? Why not all of them?!”

Yeah, why not all of them?

He had gotten the chance to see every single one of the spec-drugs’ specific affects, yet the question now came to him on what would happen if all of the chemicals were used at once. As Tommy explained this to her while they watched, the sudden thought occurred to Emily that, she too, wondered what would happen to ‘said’ person.

Well, as Tommy shuffled himself over to the still dancing Gabby (who was ordered not to stop regardless of what was going on), he adjusted his grip on the camera to get a better hold of the contents of his jean pocket, and managing to hold all five bottles in one hand, he stabbed every needle into her shoulder in a single swat. A bottle or two dropped to the floor, but managed to roll away from the scene undamaged.

Now, as the Hispanic-girl continued her “dancing”, it was finally time to see what a spec-drug overload looked like; and what followed next, terrified Emily in a way she hadn’t felt in a very, very long time.

It should be interesting to note, that despite all the genetics, organics and ‘blood’ related compounds and techniques involved in the creation process, the sub-synthetic organism is very much like a machine, with the brain behaving very much like a main processor. And, like other machines, when an error or in more severe cases, a malfunction is occurred, the sub-synth reacts very much like a common computer would, if said computer had an entire body-structure to ‘illustrate’ what such events would look like.

Emily, who was ‘built-in’ with a basis collection on how her own kind function, had made the vague connection between sub-synth and machine along time ago, when she watched a porn video involving android girls of the underage type. A loli-bot was on the verge of ‘cumming’, when a faulty wire in her body snapped, sending the 9 year-old android into a complete blitz before she just fell to pieces. Emily liked the film, mostly for the part where the little girls’ head fell off and tried to continue functioning until it just gave up and powered down(a scene that has made her cum ever since), and would watch it just for that scene every chance she’d get alone, without a shadow of guilt or a scent of fear.

Yet a sub-synth observing a full-on synthetic falling apart is completely different than watching it happen to one of their own kind, especially when they had a high degree of sentience. To Emily, this wasn’t like her watching “Loli-bots Lose it” all over again; even though she didn’t know this ‘Gabby’ on screen now, it still seemed like she was watching an old friend die in a horrific and unimaginably painful way all over again.

The truth was, she already had.


I deeply sorry for big posts before, I should been post it in other thread.

Yet, there "Nurse's last day" by RollingBlunder it was his first story in 2016.

I woke up screaming as the electric wakeup call jolted me repeatedly. With a low hiss my box opened to the world outside. I scrambled off the plate of metal that was my bed as quickly as I could, landing with an oomph in a pile of girls attempting to do the same.

I stood, dusting myself off as I looked around. all the nurses of the morning shift where stretching out and yawning, our clean shaven bodies on display. I glanced back at the morgue like beds we came from and saw one hadn't opened and a muffled screaming coming from within.

Another nurse saw me looking "damn thing jammed again, it'll probably be a few days before the repair girls can get to it." she shook her head, blonde bangs drifting in front of her face as she frowned. The trapped girl screamed as she was electrocuted again. "hopefully they'll arrive soon enough her organs will still be good for harvesting."

I followed my cute new friend to the showers, we chatted amicably about meaningless things. I never got her identification number, but then again, what would be the point? Once clean, we moved on to the locker room where I got dressed. Our uniform was simple, thigh high stockings, a tight nurses outfit, high heels, and a cute little hat. On the way out we passed the giggling and chatting survivors of night shift, the four dozen or so girls barely a fifth of our number.

My first duty of the day was bringing in the spares. grabbing some other nurses we went to meet the truck at the loading dock, first passing some patient rooms where girls were working in groups of three. Two girls pulled a dead nurse from patients bed while the third crawled in to replace her. I felt some relief I didn’t get that duty, as the bed nurses usually needed replacing about three times a day. Once I reached the loading dock the jumpsuit clad driver girl hopped out of the waiting truck, clipboard outstretched and smiling at me.

" four hundred spares on the cheap." her grin was infectious, red hair messily tucked under a cap proclaiming the company that owned her. "Oh, yeah, the other truck called, she's going to be an hour late-"

"What's that!?" A gruff voice boomed out, cutting the girl off mid sentence, her green eyes widening in fear. "I come out here for a smoke break and I hear this SHIT? Do you have any idea how hard it is to run this place? These patients come here for 'mods because they expect the BEST service and you DARE!"

The rant went on as a muscular man wearing a doctor's outfit came storming up. He grabbed the delivery girl by the throat, hoisting her up with one hand as he angrily spewed abuse. I saw the backup driver lean out worriedly, brushing her hair back with her hand as she hopped down, picking up the clipboard where the other girl dropped it. I signed off on the spares as they where walked by. I kept stealing glances at the original driver as the abuse escalated, the girls mewing making me wet as I imagined me in her place. Eventually we finished, the backup smiling and waving goodbye as she stepped over the strangled and cum covered corpse of her friend.

After I called in the body to be scrapped by the morgue crew I went inside to help with the reprogramming of the spares. Places like this run through a lot of skilled labor, and it was both cheaper and more efficient to bring in new spare girls from the breeding factories and implant false memories that would make them into obedient and disposable labor, than it was to improve the safety of the nurses. Besides, there was customer satisfaction to think about.

The education process was also agonizing. I stood in the reprogramming center where the girls were lined on the wall, glancing fearfully around while one by one they were strapped down onto one of the examination tables scattered around, their bodies writhing in pain as their memories and personalities were stripped away and replaced.

While I was helping strap them down, I couldn’t help but grope the poor girls. While the breeding factories give them a bare bones education in obedience and man worship while they were being fast-grown, they still had to work as nurses, and some clung to useless instincts like self preservation. After the reprogramming they would realize that their lives only have the value that they were given. I smiled as I rubbed a girl who was thrashing against her bonds, her mouth open in a silent scream. She would soon learn to die on a man's whim was both exhilarating and our duty.

We finally finished and I grinned with pride as I watched as the new nurses, most of them replacements for night shift, leave. A short ding sounded, alerting all that it was midday. I quickly cleaned up my station before heading to the café, where the cooking crew handed out numerous filled with food, on each plate was a room number. The plate I grabbed was a steak and numbered 109. My stomach growled rebelliously at the wonderful smell. I shook my head and headed away to room 109. After all, why feed a nurse if she still had half a day to survive? I wondered if I would survive my second day.

The room housed a bony older man, his face twisted into what looked like a permanent smirk. I stepped into the room, carefully maneuvering around a pile of dead nurses. It was after I handed him the plate that I suddenly realized exactly how many bodies were in the room. at least 15 I guessed, glancing around. most of the bodies where haphazardly heaped by the door, but a few bodies lay scattered about, with one even hanging from the roof in a noose made out of her torn up uniform.

"Noticing my collection eh?" he said, chuckling to himself. "Your tight bodies, tight uniforms, ooh yeah." a sleazy grin now, and I felt both excited and scared. Was this where I would die?

He lifted his sheet, revealing the blonde nurse I had befriended earlier, dead with her nose pressed to his navel, which he gestured to. "My endurance 'mods are really something. Here, replace this fuckhole while I eat."

I obediently fell to my knees, gently pushing my dead friend off his dick. I took a breath before going at it with all the enthusiasm I could muster, swallowing his every load as he slowly ate, his attention on a large TV hung on the wall. eventually my vision began to darken as my air ran out, but I didn't let myself steal more air until he came one last time, and then when I tried to pull off I felt his hand gently on the back of my head. I knew what he wanted, I forced myself to go as deep as I could get him. My vision grew darker and darker until there was nothing.

A sudden jolt woke me. I coughed, a bubble of cum popping. I heard surprised talking as I flailed around, trying to find grip somewhere. eventually a hand grabbed mine, and I found myself pulled up. A cart, full of dead nurses. and suddenly the world came rushing back.

One of the nurses spoke, steadying me "Whoa there girl, take it easy. You must of been dead for a few hours at least!"

I coughed out in surprise "w-What?" I said, untangling myself from the limbs.

the nurse smiled, shaking her head "A real miracle there, shame it was wasted on a girl."

Suddenly I was hit with a feeling of something being wrong, but I couldn’t place what. After thanking the nurse, I picked up doing rounds, checking on patients. It seemed like some bed nurse crews had come by recently, so I was able to do my job safely. The whole time, I had a nagging feeling in the back of my head that something was wrong.

As I was finishing my rounds, I was pulled aside by the muscular doctor I had seen at the loading dock, along with a 2 other nurses who were grabbed at random. we were lead to the basement and then, through a hidden stairwell, deeper. Eventually we were shoved into a large room with a glass observation deck looking down into it. Two soldier girls were in the room with us, their uniforms stuck somewhere between a practical uniform and bondage gear.

The first soldier pulled out two syringes, and gave them to the other nurses to inject into themselves. After they had done that, the other soldier pulled on a gas mask. The first girl met my eyes as the intercom above spoke.

"begin test 734."

The soldier removed a ball from her belt, twisting it and letting it drop to the floor. Quickly a smoke began emitting from it. I glanced up at the observation booth, and saw the doctor and a military officer only half watching, chatting with each other while two soldier girls gave them blowjobs.

I pushed the intrusive feeling of wrongness back as the nurse next to me began to gasp for air, clawing at her throat as she fell over and convulsed uselessly. As I began to choke, I suddenly decided not to die without making show of it. I grabbed the soldier girl without the mask, pulling her close for a kiss, gripping her short hair tightly. After a moment of hesitation she returned the kiss, and we began exploring each other's bodies.

Our bodies began to shake, the lack of oxygen driving us further as our fingers began to dance. I burned oxygen moaning, gasping for air that wouldn't come before forcing myself back at it. I finally was nearing completion, and so was she. With a strained gasp we came, shuddering as we collapsed onto each other.

I found my darkening gaze drifting up to the viewing booth, the soldier girls being suffocated as they were facefucked by the observing men, who were obviously entertained by our show. Suddenly, as my vision slipped into darkness, I realized what had felt so wrong.


My message was kind of washed away with the long story, so forgive me for repeating ^_^'
I'm looking for the story "Tippy Toes".


Looking for a story entitled "True Love"(I think). Was about a younger girl named "Mouse" that got fucked by two guys. Then gave a (reluctant turned enthusiastic) last blowjob to the first guy while he held a gun to her head.



Do you mean this short piece with picture? The titel is "Is she going to die?" by Sir Snuff



True Love


I love sucking dick, Mouse thought. There were two big meaty cocks in front of her face at the moment, and her biggest issue was deciding which one to stuff into her mouth first. She opened her mouth wide.

"Ahh! Give me cock please!"

One of the men grabbed a handful of her short blonde hair and pulled her tiny mouth onto his cock. It felt so good inside her mouth. She whimpered in surprise as he stuffed it even deeper into her throat making her gag like a little pig slut.

Mouse was a tiny little girl of 15 years, and she had ear length blonde hair and a petite body. She put her hands on the ground and let her legs spread out, her shaved pussy dripping onto the floor. She stuck her ass out as much as she could, hoping the other man would pick her up and stuff his dick into it.

"You like cock, little girl?" The man asked, grabbing the back of her head and forcing his meat stick deeper.

"Mmhm!" She mumbled enthusiastically. Her big blue eyes looked up at him eagerly, practically begging him to face fuck her even deeper. The other man granted her secret wish and walked behind her, lifting her tiny little ass off the ground. The man in front grabbed her arms and pulled her up as well so that she was hanging in the air between two dicks.

"We're gonna fuck you silly, alright?" The man in front said. She was so tiny the held her in the air with ease. She was less than 100 pounds, and her chest was very flat. She almost looked like a little boy except for her cute girly face. She wiggled her ass best she could with the man's big hands around her waist. He took that as his queue and prodded her asshole with the tip of his cock.

"Gonna fuck you here, little slut. Get ready." He said. Mouse whined and moaned, the other cock continuing to stuff her face.

'Get that dick in me!' She thought. 'Get it in me right now!' The man spat on his cock and lubed it up a bit.

"Here it comes!" He said, then stuffed it deep into her tight asshole. Mouse squeeled. It hurt, but she liked it. He reached around with one of his hands and fingered her cunt, making the girl wriggle and moan.

'Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.' That's all she could think. Being squished between two cocks was the best feeling in the world. She felt like a helpless little girl and these cocks were going to take care of her. The cock in her mouth was like a pacifier. IT felt so good that she started to cry.

"Oh, you poor little slut. Do you need some cum to make you feel better?" the man in front asked.

"Mhmm!" She mumbled again.

"Oh yeah? I don't know. Show me how much you need it." He teased, giving her a sly smirk. She literally started to bawl, her tears dripping down onto his cock. Her eyes went puffy and red and her sobs were muffled by the thick cock that was invading her mouth. "Oh, give it up! Don't be a crybaby!" He said, patting her gently on the head. She continued to cry. "Alright, fill her up bud." He nodded his head to his partner at the rear.

"Alright girl, it's coming soon. You really want it?" She wiggled her butt for him. "Tighten up that asshole for me, will ya?" She did as told, clenching her butthole around his rod. "Here. It. Comes!" He shouted, giving her three hard pumps before finally unloading into her shithole. Her fingered her hard, stuffing four fingers into her tiny cunt. Mouse moaned and smiled as happiness flowed into her asshole. Nothing was better than being used and filled up with a man's cum. She came herself, juiced spraying out of her pussy all over the mans hand.

The man let her down, and she was on her knees again. Her legs spread out so much that her pussy was nearly touching the floor. Cum dripped out of her asshole. The cock had come out of her mouth and she was grinning widely. She stared up at the erect cock in front of her face and worshipped it with her eyes. The man behind her slapped his dick on top of her head, the last few droplets of cum leaking out into her hair. She giggled.

"I like dicks." She said, smilling widely.

"Yes you do! And you're such a good little girl!" The man in front said, ruffling her hair. She clapped her hands and bounced up and down a bit, her face beaming with joy. The man behind her bent down and hugged her from behind. His hand reached down and rubbed her pussy roughly, and she squirmed and giggled.

"You're such a good little girl! Yes you are! Yes you are!" He praised her like she was a little doggy, and she loved it.

"Can I have some more cum?" She asked, looking up at the man in front of her.

"Sure. Where do you want it?" She opened her mouth wide and pointed to it.

"Ah!" she said and stuck out her tongue. The man stuck the tip of his erection on her tongue, and she flicked it eagerly. Finally, she wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked. The man put his hand on her forehead and pulled his cock away. Mouse frowned.

"You sure you want it?" He asked.

"Yes! Gimme! Gimme!" She grabbed his dick and stuffed it back into her mouth.

"Even if it's the last dick you'll ever suck?" He asked, and she answered by continuing to suck. "Okay then." He reached over to an end table beside him and opened the drawer. He pulled out a pistol and put it to her forehead. She suddenly pulled her mouth off his cock and looked at the barrel cross-eyed.

"What are you doing?" She asked, switching her gaze between his eyes and the barrel of the gun.

"I'm going to kill you this time, alright? Don't worry, it will be fine." Mouse frowned deeply.

"But I don't want to die." She whined.

"I know, but I want to kill you." He said, pushing the barrel against her forehead and smiling.

"Why?" She asked, maintaining her whiny tone.

"Because I don't really like you, and I want to blow your brains all over the place."

"Why don't you like me?" Her eyes began to water.

"Because you're a useless little slut, and basically you just annoy me. I just want you to die, because no one really loves you anyway and it's better if you just stop living. Okay?"

Mouse started to cry. That was a really mean thing to say.

"Don't cry. Just take this cock in your mouth and everything will be fine, okay? Trust me." He gave her a reassuring smile. Mouse sniffed a bit, then opened her mouth just a little bit. "That's a good girl." He patted her head with his free hand and put the tip of his cock in her mouth. "Don't worry, we'll let you cum one last time." He nodded to his partner who knelt down behind her and cupped one hand over her pussy while rubbing the outside of her asshole with his fingers. She moaned and relaxed a little, and she started to get into sucking cock again. She took more of his shaft into her mouth, moving her head back and forth and slopping it up with her saliva.

"That's a good girl." He said. The man behind her lifted her up and put his cock between her legs. Mouse squeezed her thighs together and started to massage him with her hands. She rubbed her dripping cunt on the back of his shaft and whimpered with the cock still in her mouth. The man hugged her from behind, moving his hands all over her body and almost non-existant tits. Even though these men were about to kill her, she felt safe. She started to relax and suck the cock more eagerly. If this was going to be the last time she ever had a cock in her mouth, she wanted to make it a good one.

While keeping one hand on the cock between her legs, she put another one on the cock in her mouth. She began to stroke it while she sucked it, eagerly awaiting her last meal. She was still crying a bit, but they were more tears of affection. She pulled the cock out of her mouth and gave it a little kiss on the tip.

"I love both of you." She said with a small smile. The man pressed his cock against her face and she giggled a bit through the tears.

"We love you too, little piggy." He said, and she laughed. She started jacking him off again, the wetness from her saliva making little sloshing sounds.

"Can you fuck my pussy one last time?" She asked.

"Sure babe. I'll fuck you." The man behind her said, and he lifted her up and brought her down on his meaty cock. She gasped and moaned, the big cock filling her up completely. He continued to hug her and rub her body, making her feel happy and loved. As she bounced up and down on his erection, the other cock slipped into her mouth again. She let her arms fall to her side as the man used her mouth as much as he wanted.

"Let me know when you cum so I can blast you, okay?" The man said.

"Mhm." Mouse replied.

"You sure you're okay with that?"

"Mhm!" She squeeked happily.

"Good girl." He patted her head again, then with his other hand put the gun against her forehead. She completely ignored the gun, looking up at his eyes. As she bounced up and down on the other man's cock she felt herself ready to cum. A rush of fear and excitment went through her entire body. She pumped him faster and faster, moaning and whimpering as she looked up at her soon to be murderer. Her big blue eyes begged and pleaded with him, her brow raising in sadness.

"You just can't wait to die, can you? You really want to have your brains blown out?"

"Mmhm!" She moaned loudly.

"Even though you know you'll die when you cum, you keep fucking him harder and harder. You just want to have one more explosive orgasm and then BAM! It's over forever, eh?"

"Mhm! Mhm!" Her muffled noises had a mixture of panic and excitement in them. Soon she would be dead. This man would kill her when she came, and still she pumped that cock as hard as she could, racing towards her own wonderful death.

"I fucking hate you, bitch. You're so pathetic." The man said, grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling it roughly. Mouse started to cry again. "I can't wait to kill you." Mouse whined and moaned. "You're a bad girl." He said, growling and tugging her hair. The man behind her squeezed her tightly, nearly suffocating her.

'Kill me. Kill me please!' Mouse thought. 'I want to die so badly!' she sobbed desperatley onto the cock in her mouth. She continued to pump the cock in her pussy, getting closer and closer. Finally the man behind her grunted and he pulled her down on his cock.

"Ready to die?" The man in front asked.

"Mhm! Mhm! Mhm!!!" she bawled her eyes out, her face a mess of tears and snot. Finally, the man shot his load into her. The feeling of cum inside her shot her over the edge, and she sprayed juices all over the floor. She closed her eyes.

"Goodnight!" The man said, pulling the trigger.

"Mmph!!" The last noise to escape her lips. Her eyes shot open and BAM! It was done. Her brains flew out of her head. Bits of skull flew out of the exit wound and her eyes became empty. The man shot his load down her throat and it overflowed out of her lips. Mouse was no more. The pulled their cocks out of her and let her body fall limp to the floor. Her bowels evacuated themselves and that was it.

"That was a good fuck." The pistol wielding man said.

"Hell yeah!" His partner replied.

"Alright, get this mess cleaned up before it starts to stink up the place." He gave one last look at mouse's corpse and that was the end of it.




Yes! Thank you!


I think I remember, although rather vaguely, the story Hanneko is talking about an it is not this one. The story in question was posted on gurochan, was longer, and had the room walls be mirrors or maybe monitors that made the girl see her own struggles. Unfortunately I haven't saved the story back then.


Finally I found story about suicide bar.

Suicide Club by "a man" [2014]

Part 1: Introductions and a hanging
In all my years as manager for The Suicide Club, I know that Asians take death with the panache that put Westerners to shame. I'm conflicted, though, whether the acceptance or the fight against death is better. I want to live, but I like watching people die. I know that much, anyway.

I run The Suicide Club. It’s a neat little gin-joint down by the docks - you know which ones- that specializes in the brutal and showcased suicides of those too cowardly to hang a noose themselves. I serve several different kinds of alcohol and recreational drugs. Tips are appreciated, not required if you are of a savage nature or a suicidal one. Prices for watchers are doubled.

Tables are arranged around a bar that stretches halfway across the main room, but does not touch either wall. I am always at the bar. I do not remember leaving it. I like to think I was born at the bar, and will die if I ever leave. Bar stools and a ‘watchers section’ are the closest place to me. I have women serve drinks. Killing them is frowned upon, but we all know what happens in the heat of the orgies.

There are three classes of people. The Watchers, like yourself, who look but never touch, for if they touch, doors are opened, never to close. The Suicidal, who are here for one reason only, to enter doors opened. The Savage, who open the doors. The doors are a metaphor, for life. My door is locked against death.

I run this joint off of a loop hole in the ‘Suicide Assistance Bill’ that was rammed through, recently, after our beloved dictator drowned, ate and raped his daughters, then citing that it was their choice, with typed out, untraceable suicide notes to prove it. Ah, tyranny.

So now places like this exist. Some are clean, mechanical. A tasteless poison to see you on your way. A man who comes to your house to slit your throat when you least expect it. A powerful beam from an orbiting satellite. But those are for high rollers. The common man and woman and child who has no money, no choices, no hope, goes to a suicide club.

All around are paraphernalia of destruction. Right now, a manchild is strangling on a dildo stuffed down his throat. It’s too big for him, and stuck in. He can’t breathe around it. He had tried to rip it out, but that failed. Once the line is signed, there is no going back. Now he writhes about. The waitress who did that too him is riding his cock. She’s bouncing up and down as the boy in front of her turns blue in the face and begins to pass out. Before he does, he cums, the orgasm nearly tossing her off. I am watching this, masturbating with the severed head of Esmerelda, who no man has ever fully seen. The boy struggles a little more, and the waitress herself cums, squirting onto his body, and fellating the other end of the dildo. The boy spasms, grabs the waitress’s head, and slams it onto the dildo. She coughs, and springs back, spewing blood. Hilarious.

The boy ceases struggle, cum still leaking from his dick like a geyser. The waitress begins drowning in her own blood. Her sister comes over and tries to help, but it’s not good. The waitress dies. I summon her sister over using the head of Esmerelda. She dutifully drags the body. They had wanted to die together, hung in a double-noose, or the same one. The poor dear. She’ll have to die alone. As do we all.

The meat is dragged by sister meat to the cold storage. Alejandro will take care of it. He always takes care of it. Who else would, if not Alejandro?

The sister comes over and sits on the barstool in front of me. I pour gin from the mouth of Esmerelda, which I stuffed a tap into, after I finished. The sister is disturbed. She is not suicidal enough yet. The waitresses have no place but death, but love life and death too much to die now. I am not sure whether that is a blessing, or a curse.

This one’s breasts bounce in her sadness. She isn’t crying. Her sister died as she had lived, fucking young boys, but there is still the melancholy of death that was meant to be more. She drinks the gin and sighs. I do not speak to the wait staff. They know. Only Alejandro and Esmerelda have heard my voice. It is as I want it to be.

I pull out a noose from the place I pull things out of, and she shakes her head. Not yet. Not yet. But soon. A small girl walks in. Children are common during the day, when the parents care more about their careers than they do about safety. Cloning takes care of that, anyway. The child is placed on the lap of the non-deceased sister, and signs the forms. The death: Random.

I have the sister place a dildo into the tiny, hairless cunt. It’s a big fit, she squirms, but does not cry out. Her breasts are only beginning to grow. So young. They would have been magnificent. I take out a knife and cut a nipple off. It’s an easy cut, and the child cries out now, but it’s too late. I have the waitress who has no sister cut out the other nipple, and eat both. The child is crying in full now, the realization coming in. I indicate.

The waitress takes the crying, but not struggling child to a bar that hangs around the walls of the bar. It’s brass, and sturdier than the details and rich ornamentation would suggest. The child is hoisted up, and her feet are placed on the breasts of the waitress who is helping her kill herself. A strong rope is tied so that the girl will be held up by the brass bar. The waitress steps back and begins to masturbate the child with the overly large dildo.

The child kicks and turns purple, pissing or cumming very quickly, and multiple times. Every few strokes the child would shudder head to toe. The lithe body twitching and kicking. The hands kept to the sides of the child and the tongue protruding farther than it has ever gone before. The cunt begins to tear, and blood covers the hands of the waitress.

The child ceases kicking. A slow gurgle broke through the ropes that hung her from the brass. Her blonde hair went as limp as her legs. Her arms went up uncontrolled and claw-like. Female cum dripped and blood dripped between the dildo stuffed up her young pussy.

I leave the body, like all bodies, to Alejandro. The waitress attending me is looking at the body longingly. And that is fine. Some day a particularly rough biker by the name of Mickey George will take her in the heat of the moment and bash her skull in with a glass mug and fuck the senseless woman. She would begin to wake up, but realize that he had begun to strangle her with a spiked belt. It cut into her neck like a saw.

The Penis thrusting in and out of her would be beautifully juxtaposed against the great pain. The thrusting would take over and she would begin to move her own body in conjunction in his. The body would continue its dance as she would feel death’s tendrils in her mind and eyes. The blood flow constricted. The pleasure increased and pressure consumed her. She didn’t fight at all. Her juices flowing. She came again and again as the dick thrusted in her, until he came, and she felt it.

She cried in joy even as she choked. The body was tossed aside and Mickey sought another hole.

My gin may not be the finest, but finality doesn’t require great gin. It simply requires the loss of control.



Suicide Club by "a man" [2014]

Ch. 2 Night life.

A typical night begins with the first watchers and savages trickle in. Certain people, like the two death seekers I mentioned earlier, come in throughout the day. Some come in savages or watchers, and become ‘victims’. Sometimes I direct the motions of the orgies and suicides like a conductor, other days, I simply let it happens.

Tonight, as far as I can tell, is a rainy night. I can hear the drops on the streets and the roofs. A boat howls its foghorn and the older, the desperate and the broken come in. You can tell when someone is fucked in the head. They’re off. Humor, style and everything. Just a little off. Esmerelda agrees! Hoo hoo hoo. I don’t actually laugh out loud. If I did laugh, I like to think it would be like that.

Today, I had Alejandro arrange blunt instruments, ropes and small knives. Somedays, it’s a dancing competition, or a gladiator fight. Today, I want it up close and personal. Some enjoy it. The quiet touch in spilling blood or ending life. It makes them feel as close to love as they can. In a world that prizes beauty, and punishes the slightest failure. This is a refuge where they can touch and be touched. A deadly utopia for those unfortunates at the bottom. I pity them, though, I, after tasting the fruits, will not touch them again. They are a little dead, and cannot love. They act out here, because they are too cowardly, but rather, like beaten dogs than yellow cads.
The first one every night, Mickey George, is a regular. A widower, he’s been coming since the beginning, drinks gin straight. Then there’s Greg Occur, a coroner, ironically enough, scooping business and pleasure, drinks anything. Alanda Stuart, a pervert of particular tastes, does not drink, but does partake.

The debauchery begins at 8. Others are welcome to join, but I like to give warm up time to the supposed victims. Some alcohol helps the uncourageous our makes the courageous fool hardy. It’s fascinating.

An English woman came in. Brown haired, large breasted, full hipped, with hints of wrinkles. Birthed many children, but they’re gone. Greg, who favors any foreign woman, told her she was well preserved for all her labors. She smiled and slipped him a glance at her breasts. Actually, she was having herself cloned, and wanted to go out, believing her soul would transfer into the younger, less broken body, a lot do. Even had a brain scan done. It’s why parents don’t care much anymore. She began playing with Esmerelda’s hair as Greg ordered her a Gibson. Strong, but she seemed the type.

A teenager came in. She was under the table blowing someone almost as soon she signed the paper. I think I recognize her, but she was dead and if she lives now, what do I care?

A drunk stumbled in, signed the papers and began drinking himself to death. He paid in advance, though I tried to deny it through signs and puppeteering Esmerelda’s head to the Englishwoman’s and Greg’s amusement. I’ll say this right now, he succeeded.

At 8, the doors closed, but were kept unlocked. Alejandro is as much bouncer as butcher. I had him make Greg and the English woman some food. Tender flesh, cooked.

They begin. Watchers paying out the ass for live snuff pornography. Mickey and another regular are double penetrating the teenager. In out in out. I see her enjoy it, the search for breath, the violence. Mickey is not a gentle man. But that’s part of his charm. She cums, squirting. Her tits are very fine, and they are bouncing about. A fork is stuck in one. It only increases the perceived motion.

The girl is on painkillers and amphetamines. Maybe ecstasy? But that’s fallen out of favor recently. You can tell in the eyes. Her eyes are going up and up into her head. It’s not asphyxiation through the dick in her mouth, it’s the drugs and the physical pleasure.

Englishwoman and Greg are making out now. Greg always liked the the slow build up. There was a cruelty to that. Once, he spent a week playing with a woman before he killed her. Whereas Mickey is an equal opportunist, he is straight, and likes what he likes. He likes the mature woman, in attitude, body, at least one, and wants to appreciate death.

But this was to be quicker than normal. Greg does not enter the orgy directly, and despises masturbation. Kissing was quick and the petting heavy. He went for the boobs immediately, fondling them ravenously. She grinned, she was loving the attention. This was exactly what she wanted. I could see his hands move under her clothes, he was twisting her left nipple for all she had.

In the back, Alanda was bashing in the back of a man’s head on the brass railings. He was fucking her for all he had, and was struggling. If a Savage becomes a victim, it’s part of the unspoken contract. He had a hand on her throat and was gripping it tightly. One would die before the end, and both had a long way to go, Alanda was an amature swimmer, and the dude’s head was big with a lot of hair. His dick, I appreciated, was suitably large.

Mickey began to work his magic on the teenager repeat customer. He had bound her hands with a rope. He was going for the ass with wild abandon. Mickey is not a small man, for all the teen’s sexual experience, I’m sure it was exquisite. She was struggling and crying in pain and whatever else she’d feel with a giant cock up her ass. I decided I hated that teenager. Coming multiple times like that is cheating. Her legs and feet flailed about like whips.

The English Woman was naked. Her breasts were fantastic. Round, fleshy globes well preserved and nearly the size of her head. By the way she carried herself, I am sure her back hurt a little. Greg was receiving a tit job. Up and down on his cock, occasionally, her mouth would go down on his penis, sucking it for all its worth. He came into her eyes. She opened her left eye and allowed cum into the pupil. Greg then ripped out the spermless eye with one of the small knives. . She grunted harshly, suppressing a scream. In a few seconds, she began smiling again.

Greg pushed her over and ate her out for a few seconds. She was blind, so I didn’t mind her over the bar, besides, she wasn’t actually in the way. Watchers were only just beginning to order the next round. If she could see, I’d put her eyes out myself. I don’t like people with functioning eyes in my territory.

He fucked her, gently at first. His penis is of average size, but his mastery is excellent. His knowledge of anatomy is put to good use. He used to be a neurologist. Despite the pain, she was oooing at the thrusts and manipulations. She huffed and puffed, then screamed. Greg was carving geometric designs into her back. They were quite good. He started with a simple square, then a series of hexagons and then a face. He showed it to me, I nodded.

She was breathing heavy, her hair was covering her face. Greg began skinning her back. There was an art to it. A checkerboard of art pieces of blood. I can’t appreciate skill in art, though I do appreciate metaphor. Complexity from simplicity on the back of complexity. Not bad. I nodded again. She was crying a little, but she turned over and started making out with Greg.

She looked him in the eyes. He looked her in the eyes. Greg took the knife and began to saw at her neck. She started to cum. The pain must have been intense, but these people want death to be real. He pulled her down, He had sawed enough to get to her larynx. He began fucking the hole. His penis had been enlarged by his own pent up lust. I was sure she would bite off the glands, but they were moving to his thrusts. Her hands, to my surprise, were palpating his testicles and feeling herself up.

As she expired he came, sperm shooting up and onto her face. She died. I don’t really know what of. Asphyxia through a cut throat? Blood loss? The trauma? Eh. Greg was happy. He asked if he could take her back to his place for burial. I let him. She was fine meat, but there were plenty others. A lot of fat, I shouldn’t wonder.

I saw that Mickey George was smashing the teenager against the wall like an unwanted sack of rats. Her brains spread over the walls. Serves the bitch right.


Huh. I didn't realize that I left an impression. Glad to see someone remembered it after all these years.


Remember a story a while back where a girl was fucking another girl with the handle of a knife in one of their pussies and the blade in the other girl's. The other girl had taken a pill prior to make sure she wasn't killed by this. It was part of a series if i remember right. Would like to be able to read that series again


There was a story a while ago that I wish I had saved that might have been called "For the Dogs". In it, 3 girls went to feed some stray dogs, but one had forgotten the food. They decided to tie her and another out for the dogs to eat instead, which they did.


"Anything for the stray dogs!" by darksideofthesun on aryion:

"No, it's left. We have to go along the Third Night Avenue and then turn left by the red building to get there!" Ellie argued angrily. Even though her friends, Alice and Isabella, were good activists in 'Save the stray dogs Organization", they had no sense of directions. Sometimes they could even get lost on their way to home from school if they didn't pay attention. She always had to babysit them so they could get right feeding place.

"Okay, okay, don't yell for god's sake. I got it" said Alice, 18-years old redhead, as she turned the van to left and started driving along the Avenue.
"What is on our do-to-list today?" Isabella asked as they drove along the clearly neglected avenue. Paint of the old industry-type houses was decaying of the walls and most of the business signs seemed they hadn't been cleaned in decades. The state of the road was told by little thumps of the car as they drove. It was in the far end of the city, place where three young women had usually no reason to go.

"Usual stuff, we leave food racks for the stray dogs of the area and take notes of how much food we leave. We need new information about the stray count of the neighbourhood to know how much food we need for them. The count has probably been increasing in the past years because the social problems of the area, people need to use all of their money to feed themselves" Alice answered to Isabella, who was as uncertain about what was going on as some might judge by her blonde hair.
"Oh, yes of course. Where are we going to put up the racks?"

"There is old abandon factory, there is many dogs out there, so it is good place for feeding. And that is the red building by the way" Ellie joined the discussion and pointed one little more neglected and red building on right side of the road. Alice took the hint and turned the car right. Soon they arrived to the factory.

"This place looks creepy" Isabella said as she jumped out of the car to the field of the factory. The gray building shadowed the empty area surrounding it. Only few tufts of grass fighting against its crushing essence as other two girls jumped out of the car.

"I can't but agree. Those dogs must have hard time living here. Luckily we're going to help them!" Alice joined the Isabella.
"Let's put the racks up girls, I don't want to spend any more time than necessary here" Ellie shouted other girls as she opened the trunk of the van. Isabella and Alice took the order and started to putting up the food racks next to the oppressive building. They talked little light stuff as they put up two racks on which they would put the meats they had taken with them. The bad feeling started to go off as they were working and time started to go fast. They were joking about the new stupid tv-show as Ellie shouted from the van:

"Where is the meat for dogs?"

"There right in the back of the trunk!" Isabella shouted and run to the van.

"There is nothing here" Ellie said and showed an almost empty trunk of the van, with only few empty bags which had the racks.

"How is that possible. I swear that I got them with me..." Isabella said and started to throw the bags around like the meats could be under them without being noticed.

As throwing empty bags around the trunk of the van proved to be inefficient, she started to think. The meats... She had put them in the bags, brought them to her front door, leaved the house... "Shit" she cursed. "I forgot them into my house" she continued and blushed. She had failed her friends trust again.

"Excellent... We have no food for the dogs... And we have no time to get new food from the SSDO-office" Alice said and clapped her hands ironically few times.

"Maybe, maybe we could get some dog food from some local pet store..." Isabella proposed unsurely to make up her mistake.

"No! Do you know what they put into those industrial biscuits of death? They contain at least 20 non-natural ingredients! We want to feed stray dogs, not poison them" Ellie put down the offer, and all of the three girls started to think other possibilities.

"I don't figure out any way to feed them" Isabella said dispirited.

"Any way... Hmm... I may have an idea!" Alice shouted enthusiastically, making other two look her interested to hear more.

"We could... we could... We could feed ourselves to them" she continued.

"What?" Isabella said making sure she heard right.

"That's quite good idea. At least we won't contain any toxins, and we're also completely natural. I agree with your idea" Ellie answered Alice ignoring Isabella.

"Great! We have just two racks so we have to chose which two of us are going to be god food. And even if we had three, someone should take the van back to the office and explain the situation. I can volunteer as food, anything for the dogs!" Alice continued the plan.

"I could take the van to the office, in the end I know the way best" Ellie continued planning.

"So Isabella is going to be the second one to be food. So, let's get us on the racks?" Alice asked rhetorically and started to walk towards the racks.

"But, but I don't want to be food..." Isabella stuttered.

"Hey, we're doing this for the dogs. Do you remember our motto? 'Anything and everything for the dogs'. Even being food for them! And you were the one to forget the meats..."


"C'mon! Think about the puppies. Cute little puppies, they are hungry. You can help them! That's why we joined SSDO!"

"Okay then... I do it, for the puppies" Isabella resigned, trying to think about cute puppies. She just didn't like the idea of them eating her.

The girls walked to the racks, and Alice started to undress herself. Isabella started to undress too, more reluctant and slowly, so Alice had to wait few minutes for her. It was still summer, but the girls could feel the oncoming fall in the breeze of wind. Just few minutes after the discussion both of the girls were naked next to the racks and ready to be tied to them. Before tying they still moved the racks behind one of the big pipes of the factory, so they couldn't be seen from the road. They didn't want anyone to disturb the dogs as they ate.

"Now I have to get you on the racks. I'm going to leave you hanging under the rack, so dogs can get to eat all of you and you can't accidently harm them by your movement" Ellie explained the plan for the girls. "Let's start with Isabella."

"Go under the rack and give me your left feet" Ellie advised Isabella, who seemed unsure about the situation. After getting under the rack, which seemed quite like a clothes drying rack with the exception it was made from metal, Isabella gave Ellie her leg. Ellie tied the leg to the rack and continued with every other limb of Isabella, until she hanged quite uncomfortably under the rack about 50cm up from asphalt. She felt completely exposed, and she couldn't do anything to get off the rack, she was well bound to it. She could just swing a little in it. As she tried what she could do, Ellie tied Alice to the other rack next to Isabella. Soon both of them were hanging there, without protection of the environment and anything that would see them.

"Looking good, my dog treats" Ellie laughed admiring her work. Alice laughed among, but Isabelle was too anxious to give other than little unsure smile.

"I think I'll leave now and leave you do the job. See you, or at least what is left of you, in two days. Bye!" she farewell the girls as she drove away with the car.
After the voice of motor had gone away, it was quiet. Only wind made noise as afternoon sun warmed the girls backs. No signs of dogs were seen. Isabelle watched the surroundings carefully, looking for a sign of dogs, but nothing could be seen. After maybe 20 minutes of silence she opened her mouth: "Maybe there are no stray dogs in this area."

"I would doubt it, I have brought food here before. Usually they eat all of it, take even the bones. But I admit it is strange that we haven't seen any dogs yet. It would be shame if none would appear" Alice answered. Isabelle nodded as answer, even though she hoped no dog would appear.

After an hour Isabelle started to feel little cold. It was maybe 6PM and there were still few hours of sunlight left, but the temperature had already started to fall. Then Alice whispered: "Look, next to the main door of the factory" and nodded towards slightly open door leading to darkness. There was a Rottweiler standing in the open door. It sniffed the air a little and started to walk towards the girls.

When it get to the girls, it tilted it's head a little, confused about two humans hanging from racks it had gotten food before. It started to sniff Alice's downwards hanging breast mounds as she talked "Hey little boy, are you hungry? Yes, we're food, yes, food for you little boy". Her voice was the same as she would use to talk to her dog, but now she was offering herself for food. Dog didn't understand what the naked girl was saying, but it licked Alice's face. After that it suddenly barked few times and howled scaring the girls in process.

There were more dogs coming from the factory, all of them Rottweiler. There was 6 in total, 2 adults and 4 quite young puppies, maybe two months old. They all walked up to the first Rottweiler, who was clearly the head of the pack. They all started to investigate the mysterious girls. What were they for? They were hanging from meat place, but they didn't seem meat. Isabelle tensed her muscled nervously as they went around her, but Alice just laughed when their noses poked her. "Stupid little boys and girls, we're food! You don't seem to understand"

After few minutes of sniffing, the dogs seemed still confused. The head of them finally stopped sniffing and walked in front of girls and lied on its stomach. Other followed the example, and soon there was little pack of Rottweiler lying down in front of Alice and Isabelle. "Maybe they're not hungry" Isabelle said hopefully, getting strength of the fact that she wasn't god food, at least yet. "Maybe, but they will get hungry soon... Maybe then they understand why we are here" Alice answered, crushing Isabelle's dreams.

Sun had went down a little more when they heard sound. The Leader's stomach growled. It rise from ground and walked to the racks again. Where is the food? It wondered sniffing Isabelle this time. Then it licked her: the girl tasted great. It started to lick right breast of Isabelle more and more quickly. Other dogs started to watch what was happening. "No..." Isabelle whispered, fearing what might happen next.

The licking quickly turned to playful biting. The leader was still little confused: humans weren't usually food, but this human tasted so tasty. He was hungry and he wanted to eat, and this girl tasted good! "Good boy!" Alice said encouragingly as she watched the situation. The encouragement made its job and the dog bite with its full power, ripping a piece of Isabelle's right breast.
Isabelle screamed a little as the pain started in her breast. But she was only one feeling bad about the situation, The Leader gulped down the piece of breast, it was as good as the taste of the skin, even better. Other dogs came also closer and Alice praised the dog "Finally you understood! We're food!". It took another bite straight away, making Isabelle's pain even worse, and continued consuming the D-cup breast of blonde girl.

Other dogs walked also next to the girls, and started to lick them like the Leader had done. One of the other adults and three cubs joined the leader, but last adult and cub preferred Alice. As the leader had consumed 1/3 of Isabelle's right breast, the other adult licked her exposed belly. One of the puppies took little bites of Isabelle's right breast already, second licked her left breast and last licked here face.

"Please, no..." Isabelle said quietly to the dogs, who started to consume her, but they didn't hear, or care. At the same time Alice let out a cry as her adult dog took her breast to its mouth and ripped a piece off of it. One of the puppies also started to bite Isabelle's left breast. With little ripping it got a mouthful of her succulent boob tissue in it's mouth. Soon the puppy was after another bite.

Isabelle gasped loudly as the adult dog under her attacked her sporty belly. It took some of her skin in it's teeth and started to shake it right and left like it would do with dog toy. And Isabelle was a dog toy for it, very tasty dog toy. "Splat" was heard under Isabelle, and both of the girls turned their heads to see what happened. The Rottweiler had managed to ripe the belly open making the entrails of her to fall in a gorish pile under her. Isabelle watched horrified as the dog started to eat her intestines that were colouring the asphalt red. There is no feeling nerves in intestines, but she could feel the pain of her belly in addition to the pain in her breasts.

She turned her head away, and tried to forget where she was. The pain was horrible and invading, it moved to new places as the Rottweiler ate her. Try to concentrate to the sun, she thought. It was warming her quite cold body. She heard the wind and loud munching and slurping noises as her insides and outsides were being consumed. She started to become weak because the blood loss, but she still felt every bite. There was pain in her belly and legs, but she could feel her left boob anymore. She didn't want to watch if it was wholly eaten.
Suddenly small puppy walked right under her face. It was very cute, with little red around it's mouth. Where it had came from? Where she was? She didn't care, it was cute puppy. It started to lick her face and she smiled. Then it bite her bottom lip and ripped a piece of it off. She tasted her blood as the cute puppy munched part of her.

"They seem to like you. Only one is eating me" Alice said suddenly, waking Isabelle from her dying thoughts. It was true, her whole left breast was gone as half of the right breast. All of the fallen entrails were eaten, and one of the adults was taking bites what wasn't pulled by gravity. The leader was eating her right thigh and two of the cups were taking bites everywhere where they could. And of course the last pup was consuming her face bite by bite. Alice had only lost one breast and some meat from her arm, but now the dog was biting her tummy, trying to make it pop like Isabella's tummy. And it popped making splashing sounds, calling the three unoccupied puppies to eat.
"I said this was a good idea. See, they love you! They love your taste. You're probably the best meal they ever have had" Alice said smiling as the dogs ripped off pieces of Isabelle's belly, thigh and lip, not caring about that it was living human they were eating. It was just food for them, very tasty food.

"It... seems..." Isabelle answered quietly as her mind finally blacked out. Only big pile of dog food was left behind her. Alice took little longer as most of the dogs were eating Isabelle first, but even she died before next morning.

The dogs stayed next to the carcass for the two days. Finally it was Ellie's time to get the racks away for next dogs. She drove the car to the yard of the factory at noon. As she stepped out of the van she smelled blood. "Seems like some people have been good meals" she noted smiling curiously as she walked towards the place where she had left the girls.

"Aww..." she said as she saw the stray dogs, lying in sleep quietly next to the racks. There was only pile of bones left of Isabelle, but some of carcass of Alice was still left. The leader rose as Ellie walked towards them, followed with rest of the Rottweiler. They seemed little unsure of her, but soon the leader walk to her.

"It seems that you have had a good meal. Only bones left of... Isabelle it seems, and over half of Alice eaten. At least you're not hungry!" she talked as she padded the leader. The leader started to wiggle its tail as she did. "Well, I have to take the racks back to the van, and I can't leave those remnants back either" she talked mainly to herself as she packed the racks to the van. The dogs followed her eagerly, and as she started to put the skeleton of Isabella to garbage bag, like other waste, she throw the long bone of thigh for one of the puppies. It ran quickly to get it and in 5 seconds the puppy was back with the bone.

"You little cute doggie, how skilled you are!" she said as she took the trash bag to the van. Then she started to put the carcass to other bag, for some dogs at the office to eat. When she was ready and just going to the van, she saw the puppy before on it's back legs leaning to the van, clearly ready to go with her. It even had the leg bone of Isabella. She looked for the other Rottweiler, but she didn't see them anywhere. Only the pup was left.

"You little mastermind, you want to come with me?" she asked. The puppy wigged it's tail furiously as answer. "Well, jump in!" she opened the van door, and the puppy jumped in. "I'll call you David my little boy. Even though you seem so small, you're strong enough to kill, and devour, a woman! My little doggie" she patted David on his head as they drove away.


That was so fast. Thanks!


Anybody remember finding a story called "Magic Brothel"?
It starts out with a guy visiting a magic brothel, and he picks out a girl, and he's shown what the magic is.
The magic is that there are a bunch of tools in rooms, and there are two colors for the handles.
Green is for pleasure and retaining control, and red is for pain. There are also cloths for removal.
The first night ends with him decapitating the girl he chose, putting nails into her shoulders, and attaching her body to the ceiling fan, and fucking her like that while her head watches.
I can't find anything past that, but I remember a kind of "Choose your own adventure" story version that went further.


I'm looking a story by Kroz titled "Overkilling Defenseless Girls". It is basically a massacre story when a building full of girls are shot by machine guns or something.


Kroz - Overkilling defenseless girls thread [2013]

A black van stopped at the gate. Behind it were four Humvees with mounted Microguns. A man got out of the car and opened the gate, and the vehicles drove up to the building. The Humvees covered the front entrance. Out from the back of the van came 24 masked men disguised as FBI agents.

Four carried AA12 shotguns loaded with 32 slugs, four carried very short-barreled pump-action shotguns with five shells of #9 birdshot, and 16 of them carried MP5Ks loaded with Armor Piercing bullets. The MP5Ks fired 900 RPM (15/sec) and the AA12s fired 300 RPM (5/sec). The Microguns were supplied with crates of 5.56 mm Armor Piercing rounds. But the most exciting thing about them was that they fired 10,000 RPM (~166/sec). Each.

The masked men divided into four teams of six carrying an equal mix of weapons and shot and entered the building through the main entrance. The men had studied the blueprints of the building and knew every inch.

The poor receptionist in her early 20s immediately stood up in fear when the men came in. She was wearing a white, feminine business-style shirt that hugged her Blake Lively-sized breasts softly, and a sexy, black skirt. "W-What's going on?" she asked, all shook-up. Death comforted her as she received a 9 mm bullet as a goodbye present, planted perfectly into her beautiful forehead. She collapsed back into her office chair while three of the men started emptying their MP5s into her dead torso, shooting her tummy and firm, bouncy tits to pieces. Two seconds and 89 bullets later, a shredded mess of exposed white titty-fat and pink mammary glands remained of her chest and torn intestines flowed out. The elevator was on its way down. As it counted down, all the men positioned themselves in front of the elevator door. They heard girls laughing as it approached. "Ding."

The doors opened and revealed three perfect specimens of sluttishly dressed very well-endowed ~20-year-old human females, who were ripped to shreds in 2-3 seconds by 480 9 mm bullets, ~60 18.5 mm slugs, and ~7,000 2.03 mm pellets. The soft, female skin and juicy flesh reacted differently to the differently-sized bullets, slugs and pellets: The AP bullets went straight through the young women and made clean holes both coming and going. The fat slugs also made neat entry holes, but twice as big as the bullets', and tore off huge chunks when they came out. The birdshot pellets spread out about 20 cm from this distance and stopped ~7 cm in, instantly swiss-cheesing the impact-zone. The women jerked and shook as dozens of pieces of flesh were ripped off their torsos. Not only were all of them hit more than 150 times each by slugs and bullets, but they also absorbed all of the birdshot, drilling an additional ~2,300 tiny holes in each. Judging by the massive relocation of breast-tissue from female chests to elevator walls, it became evident that most of the men had been aiming at nipple-level. The insane bullet-barrage was over so quickly that all the women were still alive when their ruined bodies fell to the floor, their beautiful faces splattered with gory pieces of flesh.

The men reloaded and continued on their planned route through the building. One team went down to the shared showers in the basement. On her way up the stairs from the showers, this team encountered a hot 19 year old slut with wet, long auburn hair and a tight t-shirt. She had perfect handball-sized drop-shaped tits with enough meat on them to last quite a few holes. The men came down the stairs in a row, so they couldn't all pump her tits full of lead at the same time. Instead, they each fired a devastating burst at her as they passed her. First a shell of birdshot tattooed her tits and upper chest (~40 cm spread, from this distance) with ~585 tiny, cute holes. Then a burst of four slugs hit both her jugs, opening them up nicely while still leaving plenty of juicy chest-flesh to be jiggled around by the upcoming 9 mm bullets. She was then shot by two MP5s in succession: Her boobs jiggled madly as two full 30-round magazines were emptied into them in succession, and dozens of pieces of mammary-flesh detached from her chest.

The men reloaded and entered the wardrobe. They found four half-naked girls there and lit them up immediately. One 21 year-old blonde was wearing a tight tank-top and panties and was machine-shotgunned with slugs in her full Iga-Wyrwal-sized tits, making the thick breast-jelly ripple and bounce out of her torn bra. 17 huge 18.5 mm slugs ripped into her flawless bosom in 3.4 seconds, shooting most of her shapely tit-flesh off, crushing her insides, and splattering flesh and gore out of enormous wounds in her back.

A topless 18 year-old with massive, firm breasts took 60 9 mm AP bullets in the tits from two MP5s simultaneously. The men saw her nipples disappear and the bullets rip her jiggling tits to pieces, spitting white fat and pink mammary glands. Her huge tits still had a fair bit of flesh on them when the MP5s ran out.

A screaming 17 year-old in a snug t-shirt covering her Keeley Hazell-sized jugs got some attention, and got peppered real good with birdshot. The small pellets made up for their size in numbers as shell after shell after shell was pumped into her body. The tiny 2.03 mm pellets spread out over ~40 cm per shell and made 2,925 holes not more than ~5-7 cm deep in ~5 long, sweet seconds, turning her soft boobs into mincemeat: Her tits had turned into a mess of torn mammary fat and mammary glands. Strings and spots of torn breast-tissue laid splattered on and around her.

A very pretty, very freckled blonde 16 year-old in a tight t-shirt had a bit smaller boobs than the others, but they were still perky as hell until they met two remaining MP5s. The 60 bullets shot her cute, freckled tits up and mangled her ovaries, uterus and intestines in her once perfectly flat belly. She was full of neat holes, but her body was relatively intact - even the shape of her modest boobs was still recognizable.

The men reloaded and went inside the showers, determined to drill holes into more voluptuous female bodies, but they were in for a surprise: The shower was packed with 8 and 9 year-old girls! The men briefly looked at each other, and created a proper hail-storm of lead. A cute, little blonde got covered with ~585 cute, little holes in a heartbeat, barely spurting a drop of blood per hole in her sweet chest and soft belly. Immediately after, the same thing happened to the pretty brunette next to her, but hit a little lower and also decorated her fleshy pussy and thighs with holes. The birdshot-sprayer was on a roll: An additional three delicious, human female children were swiss-cheesed in the next two seconds - one of them smack middle in the face, covering her entire head with holes. Meanwhile, the slugger-splatter had started in the opposite direction of the shower and mercilessly pumped ~5 slugs into the chest, belly, thighs and/or pussy of each nude girl, until six ruined kids later when the magazine was empty. The slugs made huge, clean holes in their small, tight bodies, taking out a mix of young nipples, belly-buttons and pussy-lips, before crashing into the tiles behind the girls along with chunks of torn, gory child-flesh. The men with MP5s had also started shooting. Without meaning to, three of the MP5s were suddenly shooting at the same birdshot, freckled redhead simultaneously, covering her from nipple-level to her tight, virgin pussy lips - riddling her small body with 90 bullets that exited cleanly from her smooth back and ass. Already having 585 pellets in her, the 8 year-old now had 675 individual holes in her completely ruined body. The last MP5 blew the sweet brains out of the wounded birdshot and pussy-slugged girls with single-shots and short bursts. On their way back up to the entrance, they single-slugged the forehead of the wounded 17 year-old who'd been birdshot five times in the tits.

*UNFINISHED PARAGRAPH* The other three teams were by the packed swimming pool on the roof, and had by now already managed to kill or fatally wound ~20 of the half-naked bitches up there.

*UNFINISHED PARAGRAPH* 26 of the sluts managed to escape down the stairs, full boobs bouncing like crazy as they ran. When they reached the ground floor, they met the team coming back up from the basement, who instantly opened fire and brutally stopped six of them by remotely ruining their bodies.

About 20 of the girls, aged 12 to 21, managed to escape outside unharmed, but ended up as by far the most harmed when the four Microguns opened fire, emitting a steady sound of death. The relatively small AP bullets slid through the soft, female bodies with ease, but with a combined firing rate of 664 bullets per second, the sheer speed of the physical destruction was absolutely spectacular! The gunners swept back and forth and up and down across the pack of gorgeous, half-naked females, covering each and every chick with at least 80 bullets each per gun per swipe; Times four guns, times ten seconds of consecutive shooting, meant pumping a minimum of 300 bullets into each human female entity, but the prettiest were hit more often and easily received double that. The Microguns acted like remote blenders, transforming even the largest full, firm breasts to loose, uncohesive, flappy glandular fat on one chest-swipe and practically debreasting the target on the next chest-swipe.

A dazed and confused 16 year-old topless Pakistani babe with perky D's exited the building just after. She got the attention of all four Microguns simultaneously for about five full seconds, disintegrating her entire body from head to thighs with over 3,300 bullets. Her delicious, juicy boobs were torn to hell so quickly that they didn't even jiggle. Her arms fell off at the elbows right after her tits were all gone, and her chest started caving from the lack of skeletal support. Chopped-up intestines flowed out of gaping holes in her tummy, and her once beautiful face gradually disappeared. Her torso finally collapsed in on itself into a pile of fleshy pulp. Only her legs and feet remained intact, the rest of her looked like slimy porridge.


Kimmer Church gets machine gunned!
An Uzi is emptied into a 20 yr old size 8 (32d) brunette. Twice.

I brought the Uzi up, and cocked it and aimed at Kimmer. Her long brown hair flew and her 32d tits bounced madly under her yellow t-shirt as she ran for her life. I fired.
My bullets kicked up the grass, as they chased and within three seconds caught her. The 4'10" brunette's shins and knees were shattered as the bullets smashed her legs. Kimmer screamed and was almost blasted off her feet as the 9mm bullets hammered into her jeans clad ass, smashing into her hips and shattering her pelvis.
She stared down in horror as she saw them rip out of her belly thighs and cunt, taking most of her guts and female organs with them.
I kept firing, the stream of bullets continued to rip into her back at waist level. She watched her own blood and innards overtake her as they sprayed from her stomach, the bullets tearing large holes as they ripped out of the little 20 yr. old brunettes body, almost tearing it in half.
She staggered, blood pouring from her mouth as she clasped her hands over the massive ragged wound her stomach, in a vain attempt to prevent her guts falling out. The red coils oozed from between her fingers, as more bullets shattered her spine.
Still I fired, determined to empty the magazine into her. The line of bullet holes crept up her back, tearing through her nubile torso and driving spurts of blood from her bouncing 32d chest.
Kimmer's tits jiggled madly as her little size 8 body was shaken from the force of the bullets smashing into her.
Blood sprayed from her tits as bullets ripped out of them, reducing the wobbling mounds to ragged lumps of flesh.
She hung in the stream of lead for a second or two, buffeted by the force of the bullets.
Kimmer crashed to her knees, and I followed her down until the magazine was empty. Her left arm was severed above the elbow and fell to the bloodstained grass. She lay face up, her shattered legs under her and blood still spurting in red fountains from her body. She pleaded at me with her big brown eyes, watching me reload and aim at her exposed and shredded chest. I fired again.
The remains of her 32d tits jiggled and shook as the 9mm bullets tore through first the left then right, spraying blood and shredded tit flesh as I raked her chest a few times.
I gave a flick of the wrist and the line of bullets took an upward path, smashing her teeth and jaw and blowing off her nose as they hammered into her pretty lips, cheeks and jaw. A face which I had enjoyed raping for the past week. Kimmer's big brown eyes popped with a splash, as the bullets that smashed away most of the back of her head, burst them. Blood erupted from her face and neck, and the brunette’s bullet ridden head slammed into the ground, leaving a spurting neck.
I kicked apart her shattered legs, and with the muzzle of the Uzi only inches from her thoroughly raped cunt and arse, fired again.
Her shattered body danced as her abused holes were ripped to shreds by the stream of bullets, eradicating any of my D.N.A that might remain. You can't be too careful.......


Ali S
n gets machine gunned(1)
A 38dd chested 18 yr.old blonde versus TWO heavy machine guns.....

Ali's long blonde hair floated in the gentle breeze. It settled briefly on her naked shoulders and
trailed across her wobbling 38dd breasts. Her large tits swung and dangled as her nubile
18-year-old body teetered on tip toe, as she screamed and struggled against the handcuffs which held
her wrists to the thick wooden beam above her. Her pale blue eyes flashed, and suddenly widened as
she heard the click.
Ali couldn't tell whether it came from in front or behind. (In fact it was both! There were two
machine guns.) It was her last thought before the first gun fired.
Blood sprayed from the big-breasted teenager's abdomen as the 15mm dum dums ripped through her
thighs, hips and blonde curly triangle. She screamed in agony as the bullets shattered her hips and
pelvis, and shredded her guts and female organs.
Her legs flailed and thrashed as the bullets hammered into her. They ripped from her arse and lower
back, blowing huge chunks of flesh out as they left her. Her body was tossed and slammed against the
handcuffs, causing her swinging 38dd chest to shudder and slap.
Ali's guts slithered from an enormous ragged hole as the bullets tore into her, cascading in a red
and grey torrent, which was instantly chopped and shredded by even more bullets ripping through her
teenage body. The blonde’s 38dd tits quivered with every shot, as the bullets poured into her. Ali's
left leg was severed at the thigh, and crashed to the ground leaving a spurting stump. Her body
twisted, allowing the bullets to enter her from the side too. More blood sprayed as she was nearly
cut in half, leaving a few threads of skin which were unfortunately too weak to support the weight
of her remaining legs and hips.
Her lower half was ripped away by the force of bullets hammering into it, and it crashed to the
ground along with a torrent of her remaining innards.
The red threads joined her to the ground but continued to dance from the onslaught of lead tearing
through the red curtain. The blonde's upper half writhed in agony, 38dd tits slapping and swinging
madly and her mouth opening in now soundless screams.
The second gun fired, spitting its deadly stream of 15-mm dum-dums. Ali's dangling upper half was
blasted forwards by the bullets ripping into her back. They smashed her spine and ribs, burst her
lungs and heart before finally bursting from her swinging 38dd chest with an explosion of blood and
shredded flesh. The blonde's large tits virtually exploded as massive chunks were torn away by the
heavy bullets exiting, and splattered twenty yards over the concrete of the execution yard. What was
left of her gyrated uncontrollably, blood spurting in all directions as lead rained into her, each
bullet ripping a piece of her 18 yr. old body away.
The curtain of entrails danced as she bucked and shuddered with every hit.
Her left arm was blasted away at the elbow, leaving the teenager's dancing body hanging from one
Ali's eyes had long since rolled upwards into her head, and now her head lolled, blood pouring from
her once fuckable lips. A rogue shot hit her in the back of the head and smashed out through her
face, taking most of it away. The guns whirred, out of ammo.
Ali's body swung back and forth, trailing guts and threads of skin and smoked gently.

The End


Kroz - Overkilling defenseless girls thread [2013]


Christine's long dark hair bobbed and her huge 40-hh tits bounced crazily beneath her white blouse as she ran for the bus. She had seen it coming from her bedroom window and had rushed out without putting on her bra. (Now isn't that a surprise!!)Even though it was her last week of school she knew the teacher would be mad. She had already had two detentions in the three weeks since her 16th birthday, and now she had missed it again. She could have sworn the bastard was early again. Oh well she would have to walk again. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to give her a lift. She figured she would have to walk sideways though, one look at those tits and any man would stop. When a car came along this country lane, that is. She undid a couple of buttons to make sure.

She saw a van approaching and turned, showing the driver her huge chest contained beneath the white schoolgirl blouse.
As she expected the van stopped and the driver beckoned to her.

"Want a lift?"

"Yes please, thanks so much."

"You'll have to get in the back though, I'm not insured to carry any one up front. Nobody will see you in there."

She approached the open side door of the van, swung her bag inside and froze.

Before she could react or even draw breath to scream the man inside the van pulled the triggers of the stand mounted belt fed 15mm calibre machine gun.

Christine staggered back; blood spurting from the ragged holes that had appeared in her huge chest.

Shredded tit flesh sprayed up the side of the van as the heavy bullets ripped into her massive wobbling chest, and blew 3" wide holes in her back. The bullets had shredded the fabric of her blouse almost instantly and it was no match for her huge jiggling tits. It tore, freeing her huge swinging, spurting breasts that fell almost to the schoolgirl's waist. Instantly they were torn up by the 15mm dum dums ripping through her 16 yr. old body. She staggered back, bullets still slamming into her, tripped and fell onto the spiked railings atop the low roadside wall.

Christine couldn't see five of the tips rip out of her belly, each streaked with blood and entrails. She was too busy dying, her tits were too big in any case.(Tits can NEVER be too big….)

The bullets ripped through her stocking clad legs and thighs, severing her right leg at the knee with a spurt of blood.
Bullets thumped into her cunt, exposed by her flailing legs, tearing through all her female organs and bursting from her arse and lower back.

Christine's guts spewed in a red cascade as the stream of bullets opened her abdomen at both sides, spattering the 16yr olds guts for ten feet up the road.

Her bullet riddled tits gushed blood from hundreds of holes, as they flopped and jiggled with her bucking body. More blood and shredded tit spurted as he emptied more bullets into the huge fleshy mounds hanging by her sides. The soft mounds bucked and gyrated as the heavy bullets ripped them to shreds. The left one all but exploded at the renewed onslaught leaving her aureole and nipple hanging by a thread of skin. Splintered ribs joined with liquidised tit in sprays from her back and shoulders as the bullets exited. Some hit her under the chin, smashing her jaw and blowing her teeth and brains out of the top of her head.

The man stopped firing, his ammo exhausted. The door closed as the van pulled away. This lark was costing a fortune. A box of ammo per victim.

And he still had fill up the van with diesel……..



Woman Police Constable Nicola Latham's 40ff breasts bounced in the police issue bra, under her straining white blouse as her long legs, (sheathed in black stockings of course!) carried her down the street. Her long curly blonde hair was tied up into a bun at the back of her head, topped by her black and white cap.

The street was deserted except for a white van, but that was 200 yards away. The policewoman stopped at the crossing and pressed the button to stop the traffic.

The van pulled up as if to stop, but overshot the line. W.P.C Latham looked up as the side door slid open.
Her blue eyes opened wide in terror as she saw the heavy machine gun inside the van. It was aimed at her!
The policewoman reached for her radio as the man cocked the gun, and as she pressed the button on her Mic,
he pressed the trigger.

Nicola was almost blown in half as the 15mm dum-dum bullets ripped through her at waist level, splattering blood and her innards from the exit wounds the size of saucers.

She staggered backwards, the bullets slamming her into a telephone pole. Splinters of wood filled the air, and her shattered pelvis no longer supported her hips causing her shapely stocking clad legs to do the involuntary splits.
W.P.C Latham drew breath and screamed a bloody scream, her innards dangling between her fingers as she struggled (albeit briefly) to keep them in.

Although imprisoned in a bra, her huge chest wobbled and gyrated uncontrollably with the impact of each bullet slamming into her.

Blood spattered from her mouth with each hit, as though punched by an invisible hand.

Cartridge cases clattered on the floor of the van as the gunner kept the trigger pressed, trying his best it seemed to empty the box of ammunition.

The policewoman sank into the relentless stream of lead, each bullet ripping a ragged hole in her front and blasting massive exit holes in her back, splintering ribs and bursting both lungs. Nicola's scream turned red, as blood poured from her mouth and she sank into the stream of lead. The bullets smashed her hands and severed her arms, the stumps spraying blood as she writhed.

Nicola's huge wobbling left tit all but exploded as the bullets found it. Fountains of blood and shredded flesh spurted from the wobbling mound, as he raked her chest. The bullets ripped out of her back, along with fragments of bone and lung, splintering the pole, as the remains of her left breast hung like a burst balloon. The stream of lead had reduced her bra and tunic to rags, which were now not capable of restraining her large remaining breast. It sprung out, finally free and wobbling nearly down to Nicola's waist, only to be hit, a split second later by the stream of bullets raking across the blonde policewoman's chest. Her huge swinging breast burst as the bullets tore into it, sending pieces of the soft flesh spattering onto the sides of the van, and all over the gunner. He kept firing though, sending scores more bullets into her chest. Blood and flesh rained down, spattering onto the ground.

The policewoman's body began to crumple, bullets still tearing through her chest, and began to slip earthward. The gunner followed her down, his bullets tearing the last remains of her tits to shreds and shattering her already fragmented ribs.
Her green eyes looked up in sightless pleading, although she was already dead she would be shown no mercy. He kept firing, emptying the last of his bullets into her shattered body.

More blood sprayed as bullets raked across her shoulders, smashing fragments from her collar bone, and severing the stump of her left arm. Nicolas teeth were blown from her mouth as the bullets tore into her cheeks and jaw, shattering it. Fragments of cheekbone were driven from the exit wounds, taking half her face away. Nicola's head exploded as the last ten dum-dums smashed it back into the splintered pole. Her remains steamed as a river of blood and bodily fluids ran down the gutter and into a grating.

The van pulled away, its tyres leaving imprints in the layer of guts and shredded flesh covering the pavement and a few feet of road. Somehow one of her aurole, complete with the nipple and a chunk of tit had survived intact, that is until the rear wheels splattered it.

The End.


Clare screamed and struggled, wildly fighting against the bonds that held her wrists to the post in the execution yard.

Although she was only 5'3, her well-rounded body was full of power, as she arched and bucked in desperation.

She paused briefly to draw breath letting her MASSIVE tits settle, finally wobbling and shuddering into place. The huge fleshy bells hung nearly down to her waist, the lowest curves just passing her belly button. Clare's long blonde hair settled too, falling in golden rivers over her naked shoulders. Tears ran from her pale blue eyes, she knew she was dead.

Clare suddenly looked up as the execution yards two heavy machine guns suddenly sprung to life with a sudden click.

As she drew breath to scream they targeted her then fired turning her scream to blood.
Blood and bone sprayed as the 20mm bullets tore into Clare's belly, and blowing chunks of flesh and shredded guts from the huge exit wounds in her fat arse. Her large pelvis shattered as the bullets smashed through her
abdomen driving fountains of blood and shredded flesh before them. Clare's guts were shredded as they tumbled from her, the bullets tearing through the red and grey curtain, and ripping out of her back.

Clare's massive (and as yet un-hit) tits wobbled crazily with the impacts of the heavy bullets, swinging uncontrollably and slapping into each other and her naked chest.

Clare's legs gave out as a section of her spine was torn away, and she slumped into the relentless stream of lead.

The bottom third (including her nipples and aureole) of each massive tit exploded, blood and shredded tit flesh flying as the bullets tore through them, and her midriff, before ripping a four inch diameter exit wound as they left her. Even more innards cascaded from her, as her lower half hung on a few ribbons of flesh.

She sank deeper into the stream of bullets, (the computer aiming system now assigned one gun to each huge breast) more blood and flesh sprayed as two streams of bullets hammered into her massive wobbling chest, reducing the soft flesh to pulp. The smoking holes in her HUGE breasts, spurted blood and shredded tit as she was smashed back into the post. Her shredded lungs were propelled from the huge saucer sized exit wounds appearing in her back. Clare's GIGANTIC tits took the full onslaught, (one machine gun emptying into each), each hit like a punch to the dangling fleshy mounds. Blood gushed in red geysers from the ragged holes(in what now looked more like a pair of burst balloons) created by the heavy bullets. Her weakened body couldn't stand this punishment. Her lower half crashed to the ground, followed by a sudden cascade of guts that splattered onto the floor.

Amazingly Clare survived for a few seconds, her brain running on stored oxygen in her blood. The last image she saw as her head slumped was the blood spurting from her own breasts, as they were ripped apart by the bullets.

The bullets tore the remains of her chest to shreds, as they swept up, shattering her shoulder blades.

Blood sprayed as her neck was blown apart, propelling her head first upwards, then down dropping right into the stream of bullets. Clare's head exploded splattering her bullet ridden upper half with fragments of bone and brains. Still her headless top bucked and jerked with every impact, the ribbons of flesh ( all that remained of her MASSIVE tits) that hung from her chest jiggling crazily until finally the guns ran out of ammo.



Kate was in trouble now. She had disturbed the drug gangs loading another shipment, and drug gangs don't like police. Several men armed with machine guns were advancing. Unfortunately for the policewoman she was in a radio blackspot and her set was useless. W.P.C Dudman's green eyes opened wide in terror and her breathing quickened, causing her 38ee breasts to heave, straining her white blouse further.
She bumped into the wall of the warehouse as she backed away in terror, and realised she could go no further. This was it. They were going to kill her.
"Don' t kill me" she pleaded desperately," they WILL catch you. You won't get away wit…."
But they had already started firing.
Blood sprayed as the bullets ripped into the policewoman's stocking covered thighs. Chips of brick and bone flew as the bullets tore into her, smashing her femurs and hips and shredding her female organs. She clapped her hands over the wounds but more bullets shredded them.
The stream of bullets swept up, tearing through the black skirt and into the soft flesh of her belly. W.P.C Dudman's stomach was ripped open, and a cascade of guts poured out but was instantly shredded by the relentless stream of lead sweeping up her body. Her pelvis shattered, so Kate should have fallen, but the force of the impacts were holding her body against the wall. Her body danced, both large breasts gyrated madly under her uniform, (although held in a bra.) as she was blown to pulp.
She started to bend at the waist, blood trickling from her mouth. She drew breath for the last time to scream in agony.
Her scream died as two of the streams of bullets ripped into Kate's chest, the bullets shredded her uniform (and bra), causing her large naked breasts to flop out a split second before they were hit. The soft fleshy bells literally exploded as scores of bullets ripped into them, spraying chunks of flesh and blood. Blood sprayed from Kate's mouth as her lungs burst, splinters of ribs flying from the ragged holes. As the onslaught slammed her back against the wall, her hat fell and was blasted to ribbons before it hit the ground.
Bullets were still slamming into her at waist/hip level, shredding everything in their path. Her bullet ridden right leg fell sideways, blood pouring from her disintegrated hip. More guts slid from her, in a red and grey curtain down to her knees before they too were again instantly splattered to pulp.
Kate's left leg collapsed at the knee, leaving her hips and pelvis unsupported for a second or so before the lower half of her, now severed by the bullets, crashed to the ground. Her stocking clad legs lay at crazy angles on a steaming pile of her guts. The bullets shredded her intestines and stomach as they cascaded from her, landing in a splattery heap on her hips and legs. The policewoman's upper half was still held against the wall by the bullets slamming into her. Her bullet-ridden chest was doing its best to gyrate under the onslaught, each impact causing another spurt of blood and pulped flesh, and more of Kate's severed insides to flop out of her wrecked body onto the remains of her lower half.
Liquidised tit flesh sprayed from an ever-increasing number of holes in her bucking breasts, as bullets continued to tear into her. Shards of Kate's shattered ribs were driven out of the exit wounds in her back and sides, carrying with them shreds of most of the policewoman's heart and lungs. There wasn't enough of her left to support her body now, and she began to slide again.
Still they kept firing, emptying their machine guns into Kate's body as it fell. The bullets severed her left arm and shoulder, and as her head fell into the vacant space it was hit.
Kate's jaw and teeth were smashed, and carried up into her brain by the bullets, before they burst from the top of her head, splattering lumps of bloody hair and skull. Both eyes exploded as they were caught in the stream of lead, the liquid spraying out onto her bullet-ridden cheeks.
The men cocked their guns and turned away, leaving the policewoman's steaming remains in a spreading pool of blood and guts.



W.P.C Sue Moore was running for her life, her 38fff tits swung and wobbled uncontrollably, hanging through the tattered remains of her uniform, down to her waist. She could not cover herself because her hands were held behind her with her own handcuffs. Sue’s short blonde hair was matted with spunk from the six cocks that had come over her face (during her gang rape.) and was now drying on her cheeks, and still running from her cunt and arse. She knew these men now wanted her dead! (So do I!)
Sue ran into a doorway, and hid there panting, her massive chest heaving. She heard the men coming and started to run
in the opposite direction. Sue rounded the corner and was faced by the Phalanx gun (20mm cal and 20,000 rpm, that’s 333 bullets every second from each gun) mounted on a stand.
Sue screamed and turned to run, but she was too late. Before she could turn it fired.
Blood sprayed as the 20mm dum dums ripped into Sue’s body from two directions, but despite the large calibre the mass of her body ensured she remained in the streams of lead for several seconds. The heavy bullets tore into her at waist level, spraying shredded flesh and guts through the enormous holes they had created.
The stream of lead smashed into her stocking clad legs, hips and pelvis, and sending fragments of her black skirt flying, along with shattered bone and shredded flesh. She staggered back guts tumbling from her opened stomach, stumbling as her feet became tangled in the steaming coils. With each step it was as though Sue was being punched (what a great idea! I think I'll do a "beaten and raped" story), by a huge fist (!), each convulsion causing her massive tits to swing. The heavy bullets continued to rip into her, spattering her guts as they tore through the red curtain of innards hanging out of her. Sue's shattered pelvis collapsed, causing her bullet ridden, but somehow still stocking clad legs to divide and the upper half of her body to sink into the relentless stream of lead.
Sue’s huge breasts exploded (like water melons hit with a sledgehammer,) as the dum dums tore into her chest, blood, shredded flesh and splintered ribs erupted from the saucer sized holes they created in her back.
Sue puked blood as her lungs, stomach and heart were turned to mincemeat by the lead onslaught, the contents of her chest spurting out through shattered ribs and covering the now bullet ridden wall behind her.
Her shattered body began to collapse, but the stream of bullets continued, blasting more of her away with each impact and driving her into the wall. Her body sank further, more bullets smashing into the tattered remains of her breasts and shoulder blades, shattering them almost instantly.
Her neck vanished in a spray of blood, dropping her head into the relentless stream of lead.
Sue's blue eyes never saw the bullets that smashed into her head, flinging it against the wall. Sue's blue eyes exploded as bullets ripped through them on the way through her skull.
Her head was held for a few seconds against the bloody masonry before exploding in a shower of bone and brains.
The heat seeking guns re targeted on the largest area they could see, and put a burst into her as yet fairly undamaged legs, which jiggled and danced as the bullets ripped into them.
Sue's remains steamed.


With two silenced MAC-10's loaded with 9mm full metal jacket bullets in my hands, I was ready to crash the sorority. I rang the doorbell.

A stunningly beautiful blonde opened the door, wearing the cutest and tightest pink pyjamas ever! She had really perky C-cup breasts, a perfectly flat tummy, and a sexy, meaty ass. I felt my dick instantly growing when I saw her, and the butterflies in my belly went crazy over the idea of shooting her. She smiled and said something to me, but I didn’t hear a thing. I just lifted my MACs and opened fire, emptying both the 30-round magazines in her boobs in 1.5 seconds, with the amazing speed of 1 600 rounds per minute.

The hot lead ripped through her young, soft, thick, firm breasts, which made them quiver and shake wildly. Every hole spurted warm blood, and bits of wobbling tit-matter sprayed down her body and face.

She stumbled backwards as the bullets riddled her fleshy jugs; the gunfire seemed to be never-ending in her dying mind. She didn't feel any pain right away, but she saw that she was getting shot. Her only thought was: “What the fuck...” Then only pain.

She was so afraid of dying, and the bullets just kept ripping through her chest and breasts! Her breasts were literally being ripped to shreds by the bullets, and some of them exited out of her smooth back, tearing bloody shreds in her pink pyjamas to the front and back.

When the magazines were empty, she slumped down on her back. She wasn't dead yet, she tried desperately to breathe, but her lungs were minced and her spine was shattered. She was paralyzed. She stared at me in horror. She knew was dying, but she was so afraid.

I reloaded my MACs and went up to the terrified, dying girl, aimed one gun at her beautiful face, and pulled the trigger. A short burst went through her cute nose and intense, deep eyes and exploded out of the back of her head, blowing her brains out, killing her instantly. I lifted her shredded shirt, exposed her perfect belly, and emptied the mag into it, mincing her dead guts just for the hell of it.

The shower was on. The dead, bullet-riddled girl was lying on the floor, and blood and flesh had spurted everywhere. I had to kill the girl in the shower before she’d find her dead friend and scream to alert the rest of the girls.

I was looking forward to riddle her naked milky jugs with furiously hot lead and shoot them to god damn pieces!

I tried the bathroom door. It was open, I went inside. She didn't notice me, the shower was making too much noise, and she was behind a white shower curtain. I could see her shadow: She had a magnificent body, long hair, and a beautiful pair of fleshy mammaries.

I noticed her bra on a chair and checked her size. DD-cups. I smiled, threw her bra away, quickly slid the curtain to the side and pointed both my MAC's at her. Her big breasts were the most perfect I've ever seen. She gasped and raised her hands, and I could not think of a better pose for her to get shot in.

I was determined to empty the magazines in her boobs, so I moved the guns in small circles to hit every part of her naked and madly jiggling breasts. The holes sprayed down her chest with gore, but the running water promptly washed it away, clearing the visibility of the ragged wounds.

Her shoulders were jerking violently as the bullets were grinding her breasts to mincemeat, ripping off pieces of skin, flesh and mammary glands. This was so cool; here I was, shooting her fucking boobs off, and the girl couldn't do a goddamn thing about it!

The bullets exited out of her back and slammed into the tiles behind her, embedding her DNA in the wall. In less than 2 seconds I had riddled her breasts with so much lead that they were really just shreds of bloody mammary glands and torn skin.

The girl fell into the wall and slid down with a grimace on her face, leaving bloody trails with pieces of skin and flesh. She died before she reached the floor, and her face slowly relaxed and her dead eyes stared into the air.

The running water was still rinsing off her shot-up body, making her a very pretty kill with a considerable amount of missing flesh.

In less than thirty seconds, I had brutally shot and killed two beautiful, innocent girls. I was hungry for more. I went back into the hall where the first dead girl still lay and started checking for more victims.

I reloaded my MAC's and went towards a closed door. When I put my right ear into it, I could hear soft, female laughter and feminine voices. I knocked the door.

"Come in!" It was quiet in there now.

I aimed my MAC's at chest level, waiting for someone to open the door. I knocked again, and eventually, someone opened, sighing “I said, Come in!”

It was an adorable brunette. She had long hair, nice C-cup breasts, and a flat belly. She was wearing a tight, light-blue top, which did little to conceal the curves of her perfectly shaped breasts.

“Fuck you,” I said and opened fire, pumping her defenceless mammaries full of red-hot lead. Blood and flesh were rapidly spraying out of the holes, both to her front and back, and the four other girls inside the room were screaming. The girl was stumbling backwards, and I redirected my aim to her belly and peppered it full of lead with the rest of the bullets in both MAC’s. She gulped blood while shaking uncontrollably: It almost looked like she was shaking pieces off her tits by herself. A rather large chunk flew off her left boob, blowing it wide open.

The girl collapsed when the shooting stopped. I reloaded the MAC’s and peppered wildly at the chests of the remaining three girls. They were already screaming before the bullets hit their soft bodies, spurting blood.

Their tits jiggled and bounced out of their tops as their bras were shot up, revealing the ragged holes in their soft, firm jugs. Small bits of skin and flesh were torn off their boobs and chests, and some stray bullets hit smooth necks and pretty faces too. I blasted away until the magazines were empty. Both mags were empty at the same time. The girl who I'd shot first was silently resting with 60 bullet holes in her body.

What a fucking mess. Five girls lay blown to bits in random places of the room, heavily bullet-riddled. The walls were painted with gore and sprayed with a lot of flesh. Two of them had accidentally been shot in the head and were dead. However, two of the girls inside were not quite dead yet.

The two remaining girls were badly injured, and were whimpering and moaning softly in pain. Their soft tits lay splattered across the room. I walked up to the one whose boobs had been damaged the most, absolutely beyond repair, and teased: “Nice tits, bitch.” She whimpered louder as if she was more annoyed that I had destroyed her boobs than the fact that she was dying.

I reloaded my MAC's, aimed one of them at her belly and one at her chest and fired. Her body shook wildly as I peppered her in her boobs and belly, filling her soft tummy up with shredding lead. I stopped shooting when the mags were empty. The girl was now dual-machine-gunned with four mags emptied in her tits and belly. 120 bullets.

The last remaining girl had just seen three of her friends been shot to smithereens, and she knew she was next. She had mixed feelings of anger, relief, fear and curiosity about dying. She didn’t have the time to sort out these feelings properly before one single bullet hit her in the head and switched her off in less than a second. Gone. Then I shot her dead tits off.

I'd killed six young, defenceless girls. Shot them apart, riddled them with bullets, and blown them to bits. However, the killing was just getting started.

Several soft, young girls were waiting to be riddled with bullets. My dick was so hard and I was so damn horny now that I could go off any minute without even touching it.

There's such a kick to shoot a cute, innocent girl in her young, fleshy boobs! Girls seem to think that they can’t be shot in the tits, and they almost never show it in the movies because it’s taboo. This is reality.

I was right outside the door to the dorms, and I decided on a silent entry. I slowly opened the door.

A tall brunette was just walking by, topless, only wearing pink lace panties. Her milky mammaries were adorable, perfectly shaped, and topped with cute, erected, brown nipples. My guess: C-cups.

I grabbed her throat with my right hand, prevented a scream and held her steady while I emptied one mag into her jiggling jugs, sweeping back and forth, until it was empty.

The girl shook from the impacts, and her face was twisted in pain. Her tits were tattered from the holes, and little pieces of skin, flesh, fat and mammary glands had been brutally ripped off. I let go of her throat, and she clumsily took one step forward, looked down at her blood-soaked, bullet-riddled chest, and slowly sunk to her knees, before falling face down onto the floor.

I hid my guns and knocked a door. A stunningly beautiful teenage girl, maybe 17, wearing a tight, pink t-shirt with the sarcastic text “Look at my chest when I’m talking to you!” and white lace panties opened the door. She was a fertile, sensual creature with nice jugs, firm and perfectly rounded.

"Hey," the sexy, young girl said with a cute smile. I looked at her tits.

The girl giggled. She was proud that her boobs had caught the eyes of a cute boy. I wanted the girl to be conscious of her fleshy chest before I destroyed it.

”Nice tits,” I said and casually rose my guns. The girl gasped, and froze with fear and confusion. Why would anyone point a gun at her? She’d never done anything wrong in her whole, short life!

One gun aimed at each mammary, I pulled the triggers. Raking her tits, sweeping quickly back and forth, I was pumping no less than fifteen slugs through each of her fleshy mounds.

The cute girl jerked as bullet after bullet brutally tore through her soft, jiggling breasts, expanding in the soft flesh. They inflicted ragged holes spurting hot blood and bits of pink flesh and fabric, and pushing air out of her lungs. There was no milk, but a misty mixture of blood and jellylike fat was spurting out. Her upper arms were also inevitably riddled with bullets, and bits of skin and flesh flew off them too.

Her top was torn open, exposing her still-jiggling, bullet-riddled boob remains. When the bullet rain stopped, the girl took a few steps backwards, grabbed her mangled breasts, and collapsed. She landed on her back, writhing slowly in pain and gulping blood. She wasn’t dead yet, she was fighting for her life, but her vital chest organs were destroyed.

Juiced up on adrenaline, I wanted to pump more rounds into the soft, female body.


I sent another burst across her already torn tits, mutilating what was left of them further. Blood spurted along with chunks of flesh and bone as the girl jerked on the floor, pushing more gore out of her mouth and nose. She was fucking dead.



The Misadventures Of Sara Fielding

Consisted of multiple short chapters involving the titular Sara Fielding, a goth girl in various gurochan-appropriate situations.


A fallout story based off the White Glove society and how you can rescue their captive by offering up one of your companions to be cannibalized in their place.

Veronica gets cooked, but only after an assistant chef has played mind games with her, falsely offering to free her if she fucks him.


carnival dolcettberg


Pre-Teen Idol gets sold and killed by biggest fan?
Anyone remember this story?
The kid was some kind of pop idol sensation, had this complicated thing with their manager where they'd blow them to try to feel like someone cared about them, was probably never allowed to masturbate, then as their popularity waned, the manager sold the kid to their biggest fan, who lived in some mansion really far out. The dude was a total neckbeard who raped and killed the kid, then possibly ate them at the end? Not sure.
Regardless, PLEASE, if you all have any info, I'm trying to find it. Thanks.


"Shota pop star snuff" by unknown author.
It was reposted in 2015. Maybe title is unknown too.


This is a pretty rough story, just wanted to write something with death in it and shota. I modeled the character's looks and name after the most pretty shota I've ever seen. you liked or disliked anything about it, I'd love to hear it. Mostly I hope that at least someone can enjoy this.

My name is Loran. I was a pop star with a beautiful soprano voice. My fans loved me a lot, I thought it was due to my music but really it was because for a boy Im very pretty. I have dark skin thats very soft and smooth and Ive always looked pretty like a girl. My hair is a very soft white though, so my parents disliked me. My father thought my mom cheated on him and both were always very distant to me. Any time I did something abnormal they would scold me and lock me in my room.

Ive always admired girly dresses though. I really love the frou-frou ones, with lace and ribbons! It always made my heart beat so fast to look at them and I felt so envious. I like being a boy, but I like being pretty too. So one day when I was 8, I got my hands on a really pretty dress and paraded around my room in it. My parents caught me and threw me out, all I had was the dress. I felt really embarrassed at that point. I had never been so humiliated in my life as I walked around lost, not sure where to go since my parents didnt want me and too humiliated to tell anyone they didnt want me, or that I was a boy.

Eventually I found some people singing in the park and playing music on the corners for money. I tried to make myself look a little nicer and asked a few if I could sing while they played music and have some of the money. They thought I was a beautiful little girl with a great voice, so finally one agreed. On my 9th birthday my manager found me singing and he knew I would be super popular. I had already made a bit of money at that point, but I was still homeless and it was scary. I was so happy he wanted to sign me. I asked him if my parents would try to come make me stop, but he said he was in charge of me now, so I had nothing to worry about.

Later that night he took me out shopping for some beautiful dresses, just the kind that always got me excited and feeling good. He complimented me so much and I was used to people thinking I was a girl at that point, it was no longer awkward to hear how cute of a girl I was. I wondered how to explain to him that I was a boy, but that solved itself soon enough. In his car he began toying with the hem of my dress and his hand moved up my thigh. Before I could say anything, he was fondling me and I was totally humiliated.

I thought he would be angry with me, but he thought it was funny. He said we should tell everyone I was a boy and I was worried that I wouldnt be able to dress pretty. He explained that lots of people would like it, I would be edgy, I could still look pretty. After that he pushed my head down and made me give my first blowjob. I was totally upset with it, but he said I had to act like a girl, not just dress up and he made me suck as much as I could fit in my mouth. It was the most vile thing I had ever tasted, ever! Until he came in my mouth anyways and I spit all over his pants. He laughed at me again, he thought that was hilarious too. He made me lick every drop up while he reminded me how grateful I should be. I felt ill, I was pretty sure it had given me a tummy ache.

He didnt expect that kind of thing from me too often though, it was our little secret! Meanwhile I had plenty of fans and I started playing big concerts. People wrote my music for me, all I had to do was sing and smile. Sometimes the news said mean things about me, but I just thought they were jealous. They called me haughty, spoiled, a tranny, gay. My manager would reassure me that they really were just jelly, while he made me bob up and down on his cock. By the time I was 11, I got really good at giving BJs, but I still hated it. He taught me how to smile while I gave them though, so then I learned how to smile no matter what was going on.

Slowly my fans started to change though. There was less cute girls and more guys, bigger guys, fatter guys. Some of them looked like complete shut ins and nerds who were bothered to have to come out to my concerts to see me in person. My manager got angry with me and I would have to spend much more time on my knees, pleading with him and telling him how I loved to sing and show off even though I had no idea why he was upset. Merchandise we started to sell was much stranger, I was shocked to find that dolls they sold of me had upskirt, with a bulge in the panties.

One day one of my fans showed me a hankerchief I had given him once, doused in my perfume and signed as he requested. It was thoroughly stained, so I thought he wanted a new one. I found it a little odd that he had actually used it, but flattered he cared so much. He explained that he wanted me to touch it though, so I picked it up in my hand and it was moist. He told me that he had just jacked off into it and I looked down to see that his zipper was undone. I realized my sweet, girly scent was replaced with a repugnant smell of maleness and I let out the most girly shriek.

I cried for a day after and refused to see anyone, my popularity temporarily soared as the news reported on it. It went back down just as quickly though so that I had even less fans, perverts driven away by realizing that to be my fan was to be called a complete pedo.

Now Im only 12, Im almost broke, Im going to be homeless again! Worse yet, no one loves me anymore, not even my manager. He ignores me while I blow him and hes looking at lots of other stars. I feel so sad sometimes that it feels like my heart is going to break apart. When it feels like that I try to buy more cute outfits, but my manager gets angrier! He said he has a way to help me become a star again, or as he said a starlet.

If my pretty little self agreed to do things for perverts and make videos then I would at least get all my gross, nerd, loser fans back. I was absolutely disgusted with the idea, but he explained it really well like he always does. Those kinds of guys buy so much merchandise, even more than tween girls. Theyll pay way too much for stuff too. Plus, they really do like me, or else they wouldnt jerk off to me. Even if it made my skin crawl, I wanted to be popular so bad that it literally hurt. It hurt deep inside so that I would get stomach aches and my chest would hurt. I filmed a short video with my manager where he helped me put a better spin on it.

I faced the video camera and smiled brightly. I was done up really cute in ruffles and lace, just like I always loved. I had lipstick on that made my lips pouty, eyeliner to bring out my eyes as I batted my lashes at the camera. I played with my hair a bit and blew a little kiss to the camera. Im sooooo tired of concerts. They dont let me meet my fans hardly at all! Id much rather come to your home personally and sing to you. You know, no limits or anything, I said cheerfully. Then I sang a little bit and danced. At the very end of the video, my manager flipped my skirt without warning me and gave the internet the very first upskirt shot of me ever. The proof of my boyhood that my fans had been requesting from each other for so long.

I was so happy he shut off the video, because I couldnt stop crying right after. It felt so dirty and whorish. He didnt tell me he was going to do that to me, even if I knew that it was going to happen when I visited my fans. I felt stupid and empty!

The next few months I spent doing personal visits for obese perverts. They had me sit in their laps, pose for the camera. Some kissed me, which was disgusting. One practically attacked my face the way he jammed his tongue down my throat and slobbered all over me. After he did that, it became popular among these perverts to do what they called tonguefucking me. It was humiliating, every time one of them did something new, the others wanted to try it, soon they all wanted to do something with, to me that no one else had. I licked dried cum off a plastic figure of me, I masturbated in someones lap. Eventually they had me naked, they were putting fingers inside me, insulting me. I asked one if he liked me and after he had sex with me he told me he didnt. I was completely heart broken.

All through it I had been reading the message boards, like I had since the start of my career. At first the response to the tapes had been the most positive in a while, but it started to turn more sour as they abused me more.

I guess she really is a guy! Weird...
Woah. what a tranny slut. keystrokes.
Jeeze, shes still whoring herself? Who wants a used up pop star?
Hes sick! This is what happens when you let kids be celebrities!

Soon only the worst of the worst fans wanted to talk about me, fantasize about me. The things they wanted to do were horrible. Then it got reported on the news that I was doing these things and that they were investigating it. My manager claimed to know nothing, of course, he told me that he was bribing all the right people. I didnt care. All the money I had made was worthless, so that I even started to burn my own share and rip it up. I felt so awful that I didnt leave the house. No one who could pay requested my personal time anymore, especially with the police trying to stop my child prostitution and all. I knew it was a matter of time before they questioned me. My whole life was just completely ruined and my manager was clearly looking for a way to get rid of me.

I came to him one night and asked why it all happened. He said pop stars came and went. I asked him if maybe I should die, that I wanted to die because I couldnt take it all anymore. I watched lots of Law and Order and stuff, I knew that suicide was really hard. He looked disturbed at first, I thought I had angered him. Much to my surprise, he pulled me close and held me, he said hed think about it and not to do anything till then. Being held and reassured was the best I had felt in a long time, it was something no one had ever done for me. That made it easier to fight back the pain while he decided what to do. In the mean time I listened to my old songs and did dumb things like buy my own songs online to try and boost them to the top of the sales charts. My parents had tried to talk to me during the height of my popularity and I had been on my high horse and rejected them. Now I tried to message them, but they completely ignored me and publicly disowned me on TV.

After two weeks of growing agony, my manager finally came back to me. He apologized for being busy with his new stars. Much more wholesome, reputable boys who would help his image. He told me about how there were jokes suggesting that maybe his new boy stars were actually girls in disguise. I listened attentively and casually gave him a BJ while he talked to me. We had reached the point long ago where he didnt need to ask for one, I just knew what was expected of a washed up pop star like me. He seemed happy, so I felt happy, I thought there was good news. It had to wait till he finished cuming in my mouth though, which he felt the urge to do twice in a row.

While I choked each gooey load down with my best smile, he told me what we were going to do. He explained that I was washed up and no one liked me anymore. He knew I felt bad and suicide would be really messy for me. My heart started to sink as I realized that he didnt have anything particularly good to say to me. He told me that he found my very last fan to help me, that he wanted to be the one to end my career. I thought it was a good way to say kill me, since my career had been my life to me. He told me this fan loved me more than anyone else and wanted to give me a special goodbye.

I was in tears and I had to stop him so I could cry for a bit. He left me alone to bawl like a little girl and didnt come back until a while after I had stopped. He was a busy man. He told me that I was paid for, that I just had to wear my favorite outfit and put on some pretty makeup and be ready to greet the man tomorrow.

I had such mixed feelings about it that I didnt know what to do. I spent a good while asking him questions intended to get me out of it.

What will he do with my body? I was rather horrified to hear that he might eat me.
But what will he do with my skeleton? He said that maybe he would keep it somewhere.
I asked if my manager would miss me, he said I would always be special to him. I asked what would happen to my things and he said that he would probably sell them, but not tell anyone that they had been mine. No one wanted tweenage whore dresses, not even a tweenage whore 75 TV.

His life seemed to be doing so much better, I wondered why mine couldnt possibly get better. All I had to do was make the mistake of going on the internet again to be reminded how much everyone hated me. I made some anonymous posts pretending to be someone who liked me, but they just bashed the fictional people I had created.

So today is the very last day I am alive. I wrote an anonymous post with a picture of me from one of my favorite concerts. It said I just want you to know that ITS ALL YOUR FAULT! I HATE YOU ALL! YOU STUPID JERKS! I HOPE YOU DIE TOO. I HOPE YOU ALL DIE! I didnt feel better after writing it, instead I felt like the anger was eating away my heart.

I took a bath, since I always loved baths. They felt so good, now it felt like the only good thing I could ever feel. I had been given the humiliating instruction not to masturbate myself the previous night, but I did so anyways. It felt better to break the rules than actually tugging my dick did. It wasnt very big, even though it was uncircumcised. I didnt cum, which is probably all they wanted me not to do anyways. After I got bored of touching myself, I just rested my head on the side of the tub and cried, thinking about just ending it right there. I wanted to meet my special fan though, the only one left who loved me at all.

I thought about what he might be like. Hopefully sweet. I had given up hope on the idea he was going to be a girl, my manager had said pretty explicitly he wouldnt. Guess Ill never get to be with a girl I thought bitterly. I looked at the mirror lining the ceiling of my extravagant bath tub and crossed my legs to hide my boyhood. I humiliated myself by pretending to be a girl and flirting with myself. I hit on the me I was pretending to be a girl, uncrossing my legs when I was playing myself. We complimented each others, (my) outfits. I asked her if she had ever given a BJ and of course she had never done such a thing but would do so just for me! I masturbated again but couldnt cum and got extremely angry.

After an hour of sitting in the tub, the water had turned lukewarm. I dunked myself to wash away the tears and finish washing my hair. Once I got out of the tub, I dried off and dried my hair. It had been so long since I had a team of people to do it for me, I missed it so badly. I picked out a beautiful dress that had always been my favorite, beyond impractical even for concerts. It was a pale green, which went surprisingly well against my dark skin. The shoulders were bare, it hugged my flat chest. There were so many ruffles, so much lace, it was gorgeous. As I did my hair into an elaborate ponytail, I fantasized about meeting my fan. I fantasized that he was so taken with me that he didnt want me to die and we lived together instead.

The finishing touches were eyeliner and lipstick, with a bit of soft blush. I looked like a perfect girl and spent some time posing and giggling. My manager came in without knocking, like always, to find me dressed and giggling so hard that I was practically snorting. He seemed surprised and looked relieved. I thought he was more relieved to be getting rid of the increasingly crazy tranny he had a long history of having illegal sex with and whored out, rather than relieved I was happy. I kissed his cheek and told him I was ready to go.

We left without any fanfare, though I did get one last limo ride. He drove, but I stayed in back and looked at champagne bottles in the ice bucket. I wondered how they tasted, if I should be sad that I never would. I started asking my manager about things I would never get to do and if I should be sad, he got so uncomfortable that he rolled up the window that separated the compartments.

I was totally offended that he would do such a thing to me on a day like this, more important and special than my birthday even. I didnt cry, I was just happy I would never have to see him again and hoped that they caught him. I wished that I had left some proof of all the things he had done to me, that my parents had done to me, to make them all suffer.

When we finally pulled up and parked, he got in back with me to say goodbye. He apologized for rolling up the window and tried to say that there were things adults were just uncomfortable discussing with kids. I had to hold back a fit of laughter at his stupid, stupid, STUPID explanation. Then he pulled out his cock and I was completely appalled as I stared at it. He looked completely confused about why I wasnt sucking it.

He tried to put his hand on my head and I slapped it away with my gloved fingers. I got to play the games with him now. I waved my finger back and forth and smirked at him, looking what could only be described by one of his favorite words, haughty.

Nuh, uh. A dick from a nasty pervert like you would probably give me a stomach ache, I said as I opened the door for myself and stepped out of the limo. I winked at him and made a lewd gesture with my hand like I was sucking a cock as I walked off. Nope, none for you! He looked the most irritated I had ever seen him and I felt pleased beyond reason.

Remote wasnt the word for where I was at. This special fan must have owned a full city blocks worth of property. His house was a real mansion, not like mine which was just lots of glitz in a decent sized apartment that my manager owned. I wondered if maybe I could have bought a place like this with all my money as I wandered up to the door and run the doorbell. In the background I heard the angry slamming of doors as my manager drove off, leaving me alone to the final mercy of my fan.

When he opened the door I wasnt exactly let down, after all he was just like any other fan I had in the past 6 months. Obese and three times as big as me for it. He smelled funny and he was in a bath robe that certainly wasnt nearly as nice as what I had worn. It was clear that unlike me, he probably hadnt bathed in the past few days. He pushed up his glasses as he looked down at me. At first I wondered if it was him, but then I saw him grow hard at the sight of me and poke right out of the robe.

I greeted him in the only way I could. I curtseyed low, bending my knee in the most graceful motion I could. It brought my pretty face low, toward his cock, but I was in a humble mood and I figured hed like that. I didnt like it though, because his dick smelled. Unlike mine, it was cut, so I wondered how he could possibly have cleaned it improperly.

My lovely greeting was not enough for him though and both of his greasy hands pushed my shoulders down. I fell flat on my knees in his door step and he fed his cock right into my soft lips. I was disgusted. I was disgusted with myself, with him, with his cock. It tasted of putrid sweat that made my stomach churn, it tasted of masturbation which I had never once been able to enjoy in my life but all these deviants seemed to find endlessly entertaining. It smelled stale, so that my cute nose wrinkled up as I had to inhale it. He wasnt like the other men who often pretended like I was an inexperienced girl right till they could no longer deny it. He fed his surprisingly large dick right down my throat until my nose rubbed his dirty pubic hair. I was horrified when I saw crumbs, like potato chip crumbs in his pubes. I wanted to vomit, so instead I moved my eyes up to look at him and hoped hed like that.

He said that my talented mouth was the best he had ever had. He said it was better than he dreamed and that he had all my music. I just nodded at him as I tried to get him off as fast as I could so the disgusting dick would just get off my tongue. I was happy I hadnt eaten anything yet that day. His dirty hands bobbed my head at his pace, using me like I imagined he used one of those nasty sextoys. The sex toys you hump, that he had probably never cleaned after use for his nasty dick to end up so foul. I felt bumps on his dick as it brushed over my tongue and tried not to think about it.

Sing, he insisted.

I was a little confused since he was forcing me to give him head right there in the doorway of his mansion. He insisted several more times and pulled on my hair till it started to get messy though. I finally started trying to sing around his dick. It sent me into a fit of choking and gagging though. I couldnt do it no matter how many times he tried to make me sing, I could get out a few notes that seemed to please him and I would choke until I felt light headed.

He finally pulled back just as his cock began pulsing and throbbing. The vile jiz tainted my tongue, salty and absolutely bitter. It was the worst Id ever tasted and that made me feel vile too. I was a connoiseur of cock and dicksnot by that point in my short life. It was so gooey and thick too, running out of my mouth like molasses, slowly trickling down my chin and leaving a sticky mess. He shot ropes of it over my face and immediately ruined my makeup, plastered the bangs of my hair to my head, then jammed right back in my mouth.

I wasnt prepared for more down my throat and couldnt swallow. I put my hands to my mouth and pulled his dick out while I choked. It bubbled out of my nose so that I had to snort and spit several times to clear my mouth enough to breathe. More of the disgusting jizz oozed out, I could feel it between my teeth and under my tongue.

C-cant! I sobbed and quickly stumbled off the porch, tripping over my beloved dress. The flat chest of which was now stained with cum that had run down my neck. It ran down the insides of my dress, the outside, I could feel it showing brightly on my dark skin. I threw up pure jizz over the side of the porch.

It took several times of my body wretching forward and stomach pushing up the thick and dirty cum before I finally stopped throwing it up. It dripped out of my mouth and I just laid on my belly, gagging a bit more up. I had to try to breathe in fresh air for several minutes before I actually tasted any, instead of just inhaling more of the viscous substance that was supposedly human jizz.

While I tried to recover, he casually explained to me how he hadnt cum in days just so that he could blow his load in my mouth. I told myself that I couldnt hate him for it. It was the worst blowjob I had ever had to give, but he was going to help me. All my fans expected a BJ from me, he probably had never been with a human being who would tell him how bad he tasted. Of course, he didnt seem to pick up how bad it was from me vomiting it up over the side of his porch.

I just smiled up at him, a big smile that almost looked authentic if not for my teary eyes and quivering lips. From down on my hands and knees I raised the sides of my ruined dress again and said, Thank you.

He was completely thrilled. The look in his eyes was pure joy, like I had just completed a life long fantasy of his. He really does love me, I thought with some measure of happiness that I did have one fan left in the world.

You really are totally broken, arent you? I thought I would have to fuck your face till you threw up to get you to do that, although you threw up anyways, he laughed jovially.

What? Was all I could choke out.

You dirty little bitch! Acting like youre better than other people. You turn your noses up at people when youre just a little blowjob queen, he said with a clearly sincere tone. Then he lifted his semi soft prick up and let it smack me right in the face so that I had to jerk back.

I was stunned. I was in total horror and humiliation that I had been so ... So stupid! I felt angry at him now and angry that I had tried to be nice to him and thought he might be nice to me. I just wanted him to do what I was there for already. I started to get up and he shoved me back down.

Never get off your hands and knees, cocksocket, he commanded me with no regard for being basically outdoors. Of course his property was far enough removed youd need a telescope to be watching, but he had no shame.

IM A FU-FF-FFUCKING 12 YEAR OLD! I screamed at him indignantly, swearing for the first time in my life. I felt such genuine, pure rage that tears of anger were coming to my eyes and my hands balled up into fists.

He stunned me by simply hacking a glob of spit right into my eye. I screamed out as it stung and tried to wipe my eye out with my delicate, gloved hand. Instead I just smeared his noxious cum in so that it burned worse and my one eye was half sealed shut so I looked like a whore and a retard.

You go around turning your nose up at people, wearing those gloves like you cant be bothered to touch people. How does it feel to finally be in your place? He asked with a tone of superiority.

Empty, I answered with complete honesty and bitterness in my voice. He still didnt quit though.

Aww, my cock not enough to fill you up? You must really be gaping, you little tranny, he taunted and grabbed me by my hair that had taken almost a half hour to do.

He pulled me inside, forcing me to crawl and constantly trip over my dress just so he could shut the door behind us.

Just kill me! I screamed at him at the top of my lungs, my girly soprano shriek only seeming to amuse him.

Ill kill you if you be good. If you be a bad girl, Ill torture you for weeks, even months before I kill you, he said.

I felt a chill run down me and I just looked up at him. He really didnt like me at all, he hated me. He could see that I realized he hated me and seemed to smile more. I hung my head as I started to cry, everything I had done for nothing. My prettiest, best dress ruined already. My pretty hair messed up. My makeup ruined. I had humiliated myself in front of him and he liked that I was miserable.

You own all my music? I asked in one last frustrated plea for understanding.

He explained to me that he used it to make those terrible videos where recordings of my voice had been cut up to make me say vicious things. Those had hurt me so bad when I had first heard them, but of course I had said everything they had ever said and far worse by this point in my life so I was just left with a more emotional bad taste in my mouth. Thats on top of the awful taste of jizz that was still there.

He asked if I wanted a last meal and I said I didnt. He slapped me hard and said that I was being spoiled again, that I was a picky eater. It wasnt true at all, I loved all kinds of foods and always ate anything on my plate. I told him that desperately, trying to understand how he could hate me so much to just believe everything bad about me. He seemed to think about it before he tapped his cock and told me that my last meal would be the crumbs in his hair. He had been snacking while he teased himself and waited for me, so all in all it was my responsibility.

I was totally horrified, but he threw my words back in my face. He told me that I wasnt supposed to be a picky eater, that I cleaned my plate no matter what was on it. I regretted ever being born, ever singing, I hated myself so completely as I leaned in to start licking. I started around the pubic area, where the taste wasnt so bad. Some of his dried cum was there, sticking more crumbs to his hairs. I thought maybe I tasted Doritos, but they seemed stale. I forced the food into my mouth and made myself swallow. My face scrunched up since I had to concentrate to choke it down.

He made me look up at him, only really able to out of one eye due to the drying semmen on my face. He asked me if it was good and I nodded. I had given up on resisting, I just wanted to die so bad. I told him it was the best food I had ever had in my life. I told him of the most expensive, delicious food I had ever tasted and I said it was nothing compared to his. He laughed at me and let me continue.

I licked down toward his gross balls, where the taste of sweat was so thick it made me choke. The crumbs there were soggy, but I pulled them into my mouth as I tongued his balls. Hairs came off and got stuck to my tongue, it was awful. Worse yet, his cock was starting to harden up again from my attention to his balls. That could only mean that Id be getting another taste of it, or that hed bend me over for it. I just wanted it to end, so the thought of being the one responsible for prolonging it again made me more upset with myself.

I fully cleaned his balls so that they were probably the cleanest they had been since he was my age. Once more I praised his delicious cooking and he said that my bad acting was why I had never gotten those TV commercials, or movies. For someone who hated me so much, he sure seemed to know the ins and outs of my career!

Next he told me I was getting desert. He took his robe off and I had a pretty horrible idea that it somehow involved more of him. He pulled me by my totally destroyed ponytail over to a chair and made me kneel with my back to it. Then he made me lean my head back so that it rested on the seat and I was looking up. He casually zip tied my wrists and ankles to the chair leg, making me a semi permanent fixture to the chair and I knew what he had in mind.

Oh my gooood, dont, I said with complete despair as I saw his giant moon of an ass coming down on my face.

He sat right on it so that all I could breathe in was ass sweat, the moments I could breathe in at all. It totally covered my face and his asshole was right against my mouth. He faced the chair so he got to teabag my forehead. His fat belly kept me from having to look him in the eye while he did this to me. He told me to tongue his ass clean and I tried, but oh god it was horrible. Sweat tainted with a foul scent. It seemed like he had wiped clean enough, but he didnt bathe often enough. I kept trying, my tongue actually seemed to get caught in the mess of hair between his fat cheeks.

While I was forced to choke and eat his ass, my desert, he explained to me how my singing wasnt good at all. How my voice was like scratching nails on a chalkboard and every time I played on the radio hed think about how my voice was so terrible. He rolled his hips down, forcing his cheeks more firmly on my once pretty face and telling me to get my tongue inside his hole. He said that this would be an hourly, daily thing and that it was one of the conditions for him ending my miserable life. If I didnt learn to tongue his ass out then I would never die. I certainly couldnt kill myself while strapped to the chair.

I dont know how long it took and every second was torture, but I wiggled my tongue in and out of his ass like a pro with the reward of it all being over dangling in front of me. His ass tasted foul and I was sure if for some sick reason I lived, I would never be able to taste anything good again. He lamented over how I wouldnt be around to be the human toilet paper I deserved to be and I felt relief he really intended to end my miserable life.

When he finally got off my face, the air was still damn and dirty with the scent of his nethers. It felt heavy and moist all around my face. I saw some of the cum had smeared off onto his ass, but most of the gooey stuff had dried and hardened around my face leaving my dark skin with a pale coating of white.

He questioned me about rumors that I had taken drugs to look more feminine. I insisted I hadnt, not that I really cared what he thought anymore. He refused to believe me until I finally told him that I had taken them, that my parents had put them in my food, that I wanted to be a girl, anything he wanted to hear. I was rewarded with being called a shemale.

He finally tore away my dress, my precious and ruined dress. He literally tore it off my body so that it was shredded so I was left in my gloves, panties and stockings. I realized that somewhere along the way I had lost my heels and not even noticed. I couldnt help but giggle at the horrible situation. That didnt sit well with him. He hit me so hard between my legs that everything went white for a moment and I felt an ache all through my lower body before I finally slumped in my restraints. That time he laughed, saying how he was surprised I was man enough for that to hurt.

He told me to sing again. I felt angry, but I did it since I had no real choices. When I started to hit high notes, he suddenly grabbed my little balls. I hit new high notes that I could never reach before. He made it clear that I had better sing or hed finish turning me into a woman before he killed me. With an agonizing pain shooting through my balls, I sang 3 entire songs for him. He would alternate pressure on them depending on how high he wanted me to sing the notes. By the end of the last song I was so high it stopped even being singing, my voice was raw from practically screaming in agony.

I felt dizzy and woozy. I was beginning to hate my boy parts which were good for nothing but hurting me apparently. It was about that moment he started questioning me on my masturbation habits. I was so exhausted and dizzy that I couldnt keep up with everything he was saying. Somehow he still got a full history of when and how I masturbated from me, including the fact that I had never cum once in my life. That was when he went and got the fleshlight he told me had had so often imagined was me when he rammed it. I was sick to see that goo was still leaking out of it.

He put it around my little dick and began jerking me, but I really was little. It wasnt even a snug fit, especially after god knows how long of his disgustingly large one. He took that chance to berate me for having an obscenely small sissy dick. He played with my uncut foreskin and slapped my crotch several times, sending more agony and cramps through my small body. I was in so much pain that I wanted it to end, but apparently he still wasnt ready.

He began to jerk me with his fist, squeezing and pumping my tiny cock. My eyes shot wide open, at least as wide as the one could when the eyelid was cemented with his gross cum. He knew ways to touch me that I had never even imagined. I was so ashamed, in seconds he had done to me what I hadnt been able to do to myself in the year since I had started been getting hard. I felt pleasure welling up in my aching balls, my tiny cock throbbed and twitched with excitement.

Yesssss, I cried out, startling myself. My hips seemed to buck and jerk as much as they could while I was restrained and I realized there might be something good I could have in the last bit of my life.

I was wrong though, he wouldnt let me have that. He stopped and began to just stroke my dick with the tip of his fingers while he looked right in my eyes. He asked me how good my clitty felt, then berated me for not knowing what one was. After my anatomy lesson I was thoroughly humiliated and thoroughly teased. I pleaded with him to give it to me and he said that I would never cum, I would die without cuming.

I was in complete disbelief that he could finally show me something good and refuse to ever let me have it. I let out a whine that actually sounded slutty and felt the urge to kill myself practically becoming unbearable. I wished I could rip the zip ties free and kill us both for all the awfulness he was inflicting on me. He spent an hour teasing me, toying with my itty bitty clit, as he called it. He told me all about how great it would feel, just so I could know what I would never have. I felt smug at the end of the teasing session though, because I knew that my body was going to go off if he touched just a little more.

Once again he showed me not to be such a haughty bitch as he pulled his hand away. He knew I was that close and I felt more frustrated to have all that pressure boiling over inside of me. Sweat was running down my body and I was panting with my tongue out. He took one of his zip ties and put it around the base of my cock, putting a foot on my flat and arched tummy so that he could use it as leverage. He yanked the zip tie so tight that it made the skin around it bulge at the base and made my eyes almost bulge out. I writhed and began spasming as he trapped the blood inside my aching cock and ensured nothing was squeezing out my clamped urethra.

My torment still wasnt over. He reached down between my legs and began to finger me. He asked how much my boypussy could take as he put in one finger, then two. At three he was finally stretching me and making my hole burn from it. But he worked all three fingers in and out before he found the bump that was just behind my aching dick. I didnt understand what he was doing, but he started to grind on it and it drove me crazy. I screamed at him to stop, that he was evil, that he was making me insane. He took advantage of how helpless I was to grind that new, special spot till it felt like the cum was going to find a way to squeeze past the zip tie and burst out like a geyser.

It still wasnt over though! The evil man seemed to instantly appear with a golf club. I wondered how long I had spaced out for, but it didnt matter. I could easily see what he intended to do. His heavy foot was pushed down on my ribs for balance and he tapped the club against my balls. Just the lightest tap to them sent jerks and twitches through me, so I knew this was going to hurt.

He raised the golf club back like he was going for a real swing and all I could do was shake my head in protest. All I felt was my poor ball immediately bust as the club hit it and sent it backwards so that it slammed on my rear and bounced back several times. I knew right away it was ruined and something was wrong, the pain was the most intense I had ever felt. It finally matched all the horrible pain I had inside me for the past months.

My vision went white and I passed out, then woke up, then passed out again. I could barely keep conscious, which was good because I saw it coming down again. He destroyed my other ball, taking away the most important and really the only aspect of manhood I had. The pain was so awful I was sure I felt it even while I passed out and jerked around so hard the chair tipped over. I foamed at the mouth as I seized and the last cum I would ever had dribbled out of my tip, making its way out in slow, burning drips with none of the promised pleasure. I saw the world shaking around me in and out of black outs until I finally woke up on my back, laid out on the floor.

I still twitched and jerked, I felt drool running down my chin. My legs were spread wide and my ruined balls still hurt. The zip tie hadnt been removed from my cock and it looked like it had blood trapped in it for too long. It was engorged and I was afraid of losing it too. It must be what they talked about being hard for too long in those stupid pill commercials. I felt sick all through my stomach and turned my head to the side so I could throw up again.

I could barely remember where I was at first, but after a while it came back to me. Time still seemed to disappear on me, since I never noticed the man coming or going. It wasnt until he was standing over me with a nylon noose that my vision cleared enough to see him.

For me? I rasped out in my permanently soprano voice.

He nodded to show it was as he looped it around my slender neck.

Quick? I asked sadly, so happy it was finally time.

He chuckled and shook his head, saying that he would never give me a quick death. He told me he would film it and I would die as slow as possible so everyone else who hated me could watch the video and enjoy. Then he began to drag me by the noose. I felt it tighten hard around my neck and choke me as I was dragged out of the room. I couldnt even lift my arms to hold onto the noose, they were so sore from being locked to the chair for hours. I hated that I wanted to stop the noose, but it hurt so much as it bit into my soft skin. I was dragged over every bump and floor until he got to the nondescript room with nothing but a beam on the ceiling and a camera set up.

I couldnt do anything but gargle as the noose stayed tight even while I wasnt being dragged. It wasnt enough to cut off my air completely, just enough to really hurt. I was getting a taste of how I would die and it was terrible. He loosened the noose so that I didnt expire too early on accident and there was a red mark around my neck from where it had bit in. He made me kneel and tied my wrists behind my back, not that I could do much moving on my own by that point. He made me look to the camera and tried to get me to smile, but I didnt even have the energy to fake it at that point. He substituted by using his fingers to pull the corners of my mouth into a grin.

I wondered why he wasnt immediately hanging me, but I understood once I felt his gross dick at my boypussy. He fit in with ease, which added to how much I hated myself. He didnt take me easy though, he got up a steady rythm of pumping me. As I felt him pushing me up to stand on my knees before pulling back so I could sit on them, I was starting to wonder why noose me. Then he began to pull the noose when he wanted me to lift up. I would feel it pull me by my neck and choke me hard just to force me onto my knees. Then he would give it slack and let my girly, used up butt slam down on his cock. Once he put that together with the thrusting I was really in hell.

He choked me and screwed me in a horrific way I had never imagined possible when I had asked for it all to just end. The choking made me gargle and hurt my neck, he kept using it to make me ride him. My engorged and seriously damaged cock bounced with every of my movements, adding more pain to my destroyed maleness. I cried my eyes out, it was all I could do as my body naturally struggled for air even though I tried to will myself not to breathe. I would just end up holding my breathe and getting it shoved out of me when I dropped down on his cock.

He didnt want it to end so soon though, so he finally loosened the rope and just forced me to sit on his cock as he recovered. His arms around me, he had me in a disturbing hug that I hated.

Make... stop... end... I rasped out, my voice which had been so precious to me seriously damaged now.

He turned my head to look at him and then recoiled at my breathe, berating me for having whore breathe. I felt lower than low. He asked me if I thought I was going to go to heaven and all my problems were going to be over. I nodded, since it was the only way I could communicate anymore. His laughter surprised and hurt me though. Did he not think I would get into heaven? I felt a little panicked at the thought, quickly realizing I might not get into heaven! I was a dirty whore, I did so many gross and awful things! I started to sob.

He asked if I was going to hell and I nodded, but he grabbed my head and made me shake it no. I was confused, but he explained it to me.

Theres no heaven or hell. Im going to rape your body a few times and then whatever I do with it is all thats left of you. Ill probably put it in a hole outside and use it for a bathroom while I remodel mine, he explained with joy.

I was overwhelmed at the new and awful thought wracking my brain. I was just going to be a messy body, dead and laying there. He was going to spew his piss and waste on me and that would be all there was to me. The thought was so disgusting that I almost vomited again, having lost track of how many times that day.

I started trying to shake the noose off my head because I needed time to think. He pulled it taught though, he started making me ride him again.

Youre gonna rot in my toilet hole, shemale popslut, he taunted.

I felt my eyes bulging out of my head and my lungs tightening up. I tried to scream for him to wait, I wasnt read yet. He wasnt supposed to kill me if I wasnt ready! I needed to think about it, but all I could do was choke. I realized I was choking to death because he wasnt giving the cord anymore slack. Instead I was rising up off his cock and onto my feet, onto my toes. I jerked at the restraints on my wrists, more zip ties biting in painfully. I started to try to stand on my weak toes, staring horrified into the camera.

I gagged and spit wetly, trying to lift my head up. The noose was squeezing into my skin. I felt his tip back at my hole and felt totally enraged. I didnt want this, I didnt want it like this! It was supposed to be peaceful and make all the awfulness stop! Instead I hated myself even more and felt like my insides were going to tear themselves open. I didnt know what to do, I didnt want to be a worthless, soulless corpse! No heaven, no being happy ever, my boyhood broken forever, my body broken forever.

Noohhg hoole! I managed to choke out as my eyes bulged. My face stated to discolor as much as it could with my dark skin. He lifted me all the way off my feet and just casually bumped his cock into me.

As I felt the last bits of life draining out of me I felt dizzy and nauseous. I felt too weak to even struggle anymore and I tried to look for the light. Everything around me was going black, no light, nothing but awful pain. My insides, my lungs, my throat burned so much. I let out one more choked gargle as spit rolled down my face. I was terrified as I felt my consciousness leaving my body. It was like I was scattering to dust. The last thing I felt was his disgusting warmth spewing inside me and I wondered if I was dead and he had started using me already. I was so confused and then everything was gone.


True to his word the popstars body was dropped in a shallow hole. It was used for nothing more than a bathroom and to be picked at by animals. The last bits of horror were cemented on his ruined face. The video was passed around, the only thing left of him aside from his rotting body were the memories of what a whore he had become at the end of his short life. Just a few days shy of his 13th birthday and no one was left to miss him.


Looking for two stories:
1st one: In a Dolcett like society, a woman is processed not in the fancy high class facility of her desire, but a rural establishment after being found slightly overweight. After witnessing some botched conversions, she urges the sadistic female owner to take her advice how to do it right. She ends up spitted on a fire pit, I remember an assistant was skinned alive and a young nerdy woman being cooked in a pot. Might have been called "County Abbatoir" (or country), but I may be wrong on the title.
2nd Story, different author, Hanging is the general theme: Woman goes to a club to meet some friends. They have fun together, and one of the women decides to have her Skandinavian slave girlfriend hanged. There is a substance called "SensoBlast"(?) applied to the hanging victims for increased pleasure. I recall that some of the womens names were rather uncommon. Afterwards they watch several games taking place in the club, which are also hanging themed (at least in the part that I read before I accidentially erased it while trying to format for more convenient reading.)


Hi fellas
There was a story named "Red vs. the Pack" here once and it was awesome. Can someone please repost it? I can still see it in archives, but the thread doesnt open


Does anyone have the Julie stories? Only one still on the list is the torture story.


Title of your story #2 is "Hanging Out". I've seen it credited to "Yppiz", but I believe the author has recently posted here as "FrictionByBill". At least one of those posts has a link to a Web site with more stories.


I approve that 2nd story is Hanging Out by Bill (Yppiz). You can buy it
on his site.


I have another one

"Julie's Anatomy Lesson" by BloodLust

Julie was eight years old when she had her first encounter with death. A boy in her class named Vinny had failed to make grades, and one day he was there, picking his nose and playing tag in the playground, and the next he was just gone. Since he failed honestly and was thus spared a public execution, Julie did not witness his death, nor did any of her classmates, but they were all duly informed of his execution, and her instructor was quick to point out that it had been painless. This, however, did not dampen the poignancy of his absence in her classes, and the finality of death made its impression on her.

She obsessed over it for months after that, her mind continuously returning to an interaction she had with the boy in the second grade. Julie had been a portly girl at that age, not fat but chunky, and most of the other kids ridiculed her relentlessly, calling her thunder thighs or tubby or bubble butt. Had she been born fifty years earlier, she might have been spared this torment. In those days students attended school from home and interacted with each other as they would a teevee. The system worked beautifully until a hacker known as Quantom developed software that "attended" school for you, aced your tests, did your homework, and allowed you to play hookie and still pass with flying colors. Alas, virtual classrooms were scrapped in favor of traditional schooling, and students had to trudge off to schoolyards where bullies were given free reign.

One day, after a particularly nasty confrontation that left Julie steaming with hot red cheeks and tears in her eyes - eyes which were as enchanting and captivating as ever; sparkling blue jewels that shimmered with intelligence and vivacity and expression - Vinny had taken her hand, wiped away her tears, and smiled at her so sweetly that she was instantly filled with good cheer, her troubles forgotten. That boy, who had been so warm and kind and thoughtful, was now gone forever. She found it simultaneously terrifying, fascinating, and strangely exhilirating.

Her next encounter with death came at the age of thirteen. A fifteen year old blonde girl from Parker High, a school across town, had been caught cheating on an exam. They said her name was Taylor Henning, but that no longer mattered. Once they caught her cheating, she was nothing more than dead meat walking. They put her in the pit, and the event was broadcast in Julie's school as a warning against immoral behavior.

Taylor was a well built girl, her waist trim and lean but with a strong core, wonderfully bouncy, budding young breasts bulging from her chest, and thick, well-toned legs that culminated in firm, shapely buttocks supporting her base. She was sent into the pit naked, as was custom, and a pack of five dodgerines, an aptly named genetic invention that took most of its traits from bulldogs, badgers, and wolverines, was set loose on her. They stood just over one foot tall and measured twenty inches in length, and the brutal inefficiency of the creatures was both horrifying and astonishing. They were bred and trained to not outright kill their prey, but rather to focus the brunt of their considerable wrath on their victim’s soft underbelly.

They converged on this poor girl and did what they were designed to do. In the blink of an eye they had ripped her midsection open and spilled a feast of guts at her feet. Although there was no hope, Taylor fought them for her insides with admirable pluck and grit. As she tried to scoop up bits and pieces of her entrails she received vicious bites and deep gashes on her arms and hands, but she didn't stop until she lost a couple fingers to the cause. Blood sprayed and spurted grotesquely, soaking these vile engines of death in gore. Eventually losing the strength to combat them, Taylor sat and watched helplessly as her insides were gobbled up, and Julie saw it all unfold in 3D technicolor. It took over thirty minutes for the blonde girl to finally die, and it was horrific.

No one spoke out against the violence; Julie and her classmates all pretended that what they saw was just, for fear of arousing suspicion and earning a similar fate. Life was cheap, particularly at their age when they had yet to contribute anything to society, and they could be frivolously disposed and discarded.

It hadn't always been this way, but ever since the human race's mastery of the genetic processes responsible for aging, the government of Pandora had taken prohibitive measures to maintain a sustainable population. All female residents were required to partake in a procedure that would halt their menstrual cycles indefinitely, and when the population reached a certain level women were allowed to apply for the right to procreate. A predetermined number of offspring would be permitted, and at the appropriate age they would begin schooling. In order to ensure these children became productive members of the community, those with incurable birth defects were killed outright, and any who failed to make grades were quietly and efficiently eliminated.

This presented an obvious problem, in that death was a particularly undesirable condition, especially since religion had gone the way of the dodo, and children were prone to do whatever was necessary to avoid it. Thus, a deterrent even more unappealing than the death that awaits failure was needed to combat cheating. It was left up to each school district to resolve this issue as they saw fit, resulting in some imaginative, and excruciatingly painful methods of execution, and in most cases these inventive killings were performed in public as an example to others.

That aside, life in Pandora was surprisingly pleasant. People remained youthful and in good health - the oldest known resident was well over seven hundred years old, and had the appearance of a man in his twenties - and modern medicine had conquered cancer, heart disease, brain damage, and all sorts of less serious illnesses. Violent crime was rare, and poverty was non-existent. It was a wonderful time and place to be alive, provided you made the cut. Fortunately, Julie needn't worry. She was no genius, but she was a bright girl, her father owned a chain of thirty-seven restaurants, and her mother was a world renowned actress. They were an exceedingly wealthy family.

This provided solace in the coming nights when she repeatedly woke from horrid nightmares in which she was brutally slaughtered in a variety of fashions. Invariably, upon awakening she would masturbate until reaching the most intense orgasms. Julie never could understand why, but the image of that blonde girl dying in gruesome agony not only haunted her dreams but fueled her libido immensely. She would imagine herself in that situation, facing the horror of imminent death and prolonged amounts of pain, and it drove her mad with lust.

Julie’s third and final encounter with death came at the age of sixteen, and it is this encounter with which this tale concerns itself.

"God, you're beautiful."

"God's a mythological construct, no more real than fairy godmothers or vampires."

"Funny how certain phrases stick with us, even after the meaning behind them is outdated and obsolete. You are beautiful, though."

It was true, Julie’s baby fat melted away with the arrival of puberty, and in its wake stunningly sensual, feminine curves were formed. Her face developed into a mesmerizing spectacle of such extraordinary radiance, most of the boys in her school could not peel their eyes off her. Never-the-less, Julie remained humble and grounded, remembering her younger years when she had been ostracized and targeted by bullies. It was this humility, coupled with her appreciation for the plight of the disfavored that led to an unlikely friendship with this short, unfortunately proportioned boy named Philip.

Julie giggled and blushed. “You’re sweet.”

“I’m tired, let’s take a break,” Phil said.

“Okay,” Julie agreed, and she tossed the basketball through the hoop one last time, then let it bounce and roll up against the wall of the gym. Her father had built this gym for her because she so loved the thrill of sinking jump shots, and she and Philip were just wrapping up a friendly game of one on one. A game dominated by Julie, naturally. “So what do you wanna do?”

“Let’s go back to your room, watch some teevee or something.”

For Julie, "watching teevee" meant strapping into a chair equipped with cybernetic goggles and neuro censors, and immersing oneself in a virtual world that was almost indistinguishable from reality. One could either become a part of this deceptively authentic existence, or simply be a silent observer. Julie usually chose to interact, preferably with an environment packed with action and brimming with extreme peril. Today, however, she deferred to Philip. "What do you feel like watching?"

"I don't know, you feeling adventurous?"

Julie beamed, "Always!"

"How about one of those classic Westerns?"

Genuinely delighted, Julie agreed, "I love it."

Part of the interactive experience involved signals transmitted neurologically to the participant’s brain, thoroughly immersing them in this fantasy life. While subconsciously the mind was aware that what it was perceiving was not true, thus preventing the participant from suffering any physical damage, the experience was practically seamless. The participant would be furnished with a full set of memories suitable to the program they’ve chosen, superseding their real life experience, although their personal quirks and feelings would remain. Julie found herself transformed into an orphan girl turned outlaw, forced to rob banks and turn the occasional trick to make ends meet. Phil was her childhood friend who chose to cut ties and run with her when she struck out on her own in this cold, harsh world. And so their program began.

“You ready?” Julie wore her hat low on her brow, shielding her angelic face when she tilted her head, a creamy white corset accentuated her ravishing figure, and a beige skirt hung down to her knees. Twin colt revolvers dangled from hips, and a menacing smile played upon her lips.

“Let’s do it,” Phil nodded, his boorish stature clothed in rigid jeans, hardened by dust, a beige shirt and a tan leather duster. He wore his hat in similar fashion, and he had a Winchester rifle slung over his shoulder and .45 at his waist. The pair strolled into the First National Bank of Tombstone as fearless and bold as a pair of honey badgers, and Julie pulled leather on the teller before he even knew she was there. She tossed a couple of burlap sacks through the window at him.

“Fill ‘em up,” she demanded, a command that went unquestioned. The only other patron in the bank was a middle aged woman whom Phil held at gun point, and she did not appear too keen on causing them any trouble. This is going perfectly, Julie thought, her heart thundering in her chest. While she knew stealing was wrong, it gave her a certain thrill, the articulation of which was difficult to pin down. The closest she could come was that it made her feel... alive.

The teller passed back two bags filled with gold bars, which Julie tossed to Phil, who in turn slung them over his shoulder. The teen bandits fled the bank, mounted up, and rode out of town without meeting any resistance. It was no coincidence that the sheriff was tracking a gunman who had killed two men in a card dispute the previous day, leaving his deputy in charge of keeping the law, a man noted for his honesty, not his bravery.

The next scene took place the following morning, at a creek fifty miles out of town where Julie and Phil made camp. For the viewers, this jump in time was fluid and indiscernible, as the program filled in the gaps in their memories accordingly.

"I'm going down to the creek to wash up," Julie remarked, stretching her hands over her head and arching her back in an awesome display of her exuberant young physique. Phil was cooking a breakfast of bacon and eggs over a small fire, and he paused to cast a hungry eye in her direction, then nodded stoically.

Stripping down naked once she was out of Phil's view, Julie waded into the cool, refreshing water and rinsed the dirt from her body. She dipped her neatly cropped, soft brown hair under the surface and combed her fingers through her silky locks, then splashed water in her face. Once she felt cleansed of the dust, she made her way to the creek bank and, without drying off, she slipped on her skirt, put on her boots, fastened up her corset, which was the fashionable sort, not the sort that sought to alter a woman's shape by squeezing her waist like a ripe piece of fruit, and fixed her holsters on her shapely hips. The intoxicating aroma of sizzling bacon wafted on the morning breeze, and Julie's stomach growled as she climbed the embankment.

"Is breakfast ready?" she called out just before breasting the acclivity, and immediately wished she could recant those words. Deputy Johnson, from the good town of Tombstone, and a posse of six men, occupied her camp site, and Phil was already fettered with ropes. The attention of the seven lawmen was now fixed squarely on Julie, thanks to her big mouth. Surrender was not an option, as that would surely result with her dangling at the wrong end of a rope, so she stood sharp, her pistols at her finger tips, and steadied her nerves. She had been in gunfights before, or so the program told her, and the key to coming out alive was to stay calm, keep a cool head, and pick your targets wisely. Sizing up the opposition, Julie focused her attention on a hard looking man saddled up on her right.

Fast as greased lightning she drew down and banged two shots through the man, knocking him off his mount. The response to her attack was faster than she had hoped, men on all fronts going for their guns. She turned to the man closest to her and put a bullet in his noggin, just above his right eye. This instilled doubt in at least two of the men, as they cut tail and ran, finding the sanctity of cover more appealing than a shoot out right here in the open. Encouraged, Julie picked out her next target, but as she pulled the trigger a slug punched through her right shoulder, spoiling her aim, and she only winged him. Still, her courage and accuracy had apparently spooked her opposition, as the next two shots they fired whined past her, missing their mark.

Wounded but not shaken, Julie put down two more men with a couple quick shots, one in the chest of Deputy Johnson and one in the cheek of the man next to him, leaving only Julie and the man she clipped in the clearing, but before she could finish him off she caught a round in the left side of her belly, succinctly followed by another in the right side of her belly. These shots did not come from the wounded man, but from the pair of cowards that had taken refuge when things got hairy. They now fired at her from behind a dune and behind a stone, leaving her without a clean shot to return fire.

Recognizing that she was outmaneuvered, Julie stumbled back and allowed herself to tumble down the embankment, coming to a rest beside the stream. "Shit, I can't believe I've been gut shot," she muttered as she drug her bleeding body into the water. Drawing a deep breath, she went under and let the current take her downstream. From somewhere far behind, the sound of gunshots could be heard, muffled by the creek, and then all she could hear were the sounds of the water rushing through the river bed, eroding the rock. Her lungs screamed for air, but she stayed down, not daring to surface. When it felt as though she would pass out from extreme oxygen deprivation, she forced herself to count to ten, then finally came up to breathe.

Looking back, she saw no sign of her pursuers, and the section of the stream in which she had bathed only minutes ago was nearly one hundred yards behind her now. Julie decided to ride the current for a while, as it was easier than walking and harder to track.

Again, the program skipped ahead, picking up with Julie pulling herself to her feet, some five miles down the shore from where she stood her ground against the lawmen. She peered down at the two holes in her stomach; both continued to spill blood down the front of her at a worrisome pace. The pain spawning from that region had originated as a numbing pressure, then slowly graduated to a dull ache, and now had escalated into something more akin to an unbearable, fiery furnace flaming in her guts. Back in reality, there were settings on her chair that adjusted the amount of sensory input one can feel while interacting with the teevee, and although the instructions strongly advised against it, Julie kept hers on par with real world sensations. This was due to her masochistic tendencies, as once she returned to her true reality she brought with her the memories of this pseudo existence, and the authenticity of her experience made her ensuing orgasms all the more pleasurable. Oblivious to the pleasant life and the pinnacle of sexual experience that awaited her, Julie was left in agonizing pain and hopelessly terrified.

Sloshing in her boots, she clutched herself and headed south, away from the stream. She had no horse, no hat, and she was likely bleeding to death, but she did not give in or give up. The town of Sierra Vista was some thirty miles from Tombstone. Perhaps there she could hide out and seek medical attention for her wounds. Her previous route, prior to the disastrous confrontation with Deputy Johnson, had taken her fifty miles west of Tombstone, which put her approximately fifteen or twenty miles north of Sierra Vista. She could conceivably reach town by nightfall. Something of a montage followed, tracking Julie’s arduous trek south through the desert. In a matter of minutes Julie travelled six miles, although to her manipulated mind this was equivalent to the passage of several hours wrought with suffering.

She had fallen to her knees for the umpteenth time and was struggling to rise back up, when an arrow whizzed through the air and embedded itself in her firm left buttock. Julie fell forward, bracing herself with her hands, and glanced over her shoulder. At least three Indians were fast approaching on horse back, two of them with arrows notched and their bows drawn. "Oh shit," Julie mumbled. She scrambled to her feet with a bit more urgency and limped forward as fast as she could, but she didn't get far before two more arrows stuck in her, one in her left hamstring and one in her lower right back. Arching her spine and reaching for these latest projectiles jutting from her flesh, Julie once again sank to her knees.

Still refusing to halt her inane attempt to flee, she shuffled forward on her knees. The clip clap of hooves thundering across the ground gained volume by proximity, and seconds before the horses galloped past an arrow struck her near the center of her back, just a little high and to the left. "Ahhhh," Julie cried out, her eyes widening in fear. The mounted natives circled their horses around in front of her, Julie noting that there were in fact four of these heartless killers, and two of them loosed arrows that found their mark in her soft, young teenage body, one narrowly missing her navel and the other thudding into her chest, just below her right breast.

"Please stop," Julie gasped, and a harsh cough sent blood spraying from her lips. Heedless of her pleas, another brave shot an arrow into her belly, then another. As the third arrow pierced her midsection, Julie drew iron with her right hand. She thumbed back the hammer and squeezed the trigger, but the pistol misfired. The damned ammunition was wet. "Huh," Julie grunted as she accepted an arrow in her upper abdomen, then another in her right breast. Squeezing the trigger again, Julie was rewarded with the crack of a pistol shot and one of the braves bit the dust.

It was little deterrent to his companions, who stood their ground and reloaded their bows. Julie tried the trigger again, and was met with another misfire. Further misfortune ensued, as three arrows thumped into her torso in rapid succession, two in the left side of her chest and one a couple inches above her belly button. Her strength left her and she slumped over, coming to a rest on her back, forcing the arrows in her posterior up through her body. She managed to lift her head high enough to watch the arrow tips poking their way through her abdomen and thigh, but the one in her upper back jammed up against her rib cage and the tail end snapped under her weight.

The three remaining braves seemed content with the damage they had inflicted and rode off for the horizon, leaving Julie to die. The next fifteen minutes were extremely unpleasant for her, choking on blood and wallowing in unimagineable mental anguish - she wasn't actually dying, but the program tricked her into believing she was. Vultures circled the sky, anticipating a bountiful banquet, and when they finally roused up the courage to land and begin picking flesh from her bones, Julie was not yet fully gone. Her consciousness lingered, rendering her alert enough to know that she had effectively been reduced to buzzard meat.

Then, from out of the blue, the report of a rifle shot carried across the desert, one of the buzzards exploded in a spray of feathers and blood, and the rest took to the air, chased from their meal. Julie was unable to lift her head and spot her rescuer, but she knew it was Phil who rode over to where she lie and dismounted. As he knelt beside her, Julie murmured, "They got me, Phil." Her body was a pin cushion, her belly had been pulled apart by hungry scavenger birds and a loop of intestines lay in the dirt, pecked from her guts.

"Sweet Jesus, Julie," Philip gasped.

Julie tried to speak, but words would not come. Instead she coughed up some blood and felt the focus go out of the world. I'm dying, was the last thought she had before the program ended and she awoke in her teevee chair back in reality.

"Holy shit, that was intense," Julie remarked, her shocking blue eyes peering over at Philip. She smiled, feeling tremendous relief wash over her as she realized that she was still alive and well, with very little possibility of any change in that condition for at least the foreseeable future.

"Fuck, that was crazy. Are you alright?" Philip answered her, genuine concern evident on his face.

Julie looked down at herself to confirm that she was in fact in one piece, even lifting her shirt to examine her smooth, flat belly. "Looks like it," she said. Mindful of the hungry look in Philip's eyes, and the warmth spreading through her loins, Julie pulled her shirt all the way up over her head and tossed it aside. Her breasts remained tassled beneath her sports bra, which she proceeded to liberate from their binding. "I'm nipply," she said with a giggle, and flicked her left mammilla to demonstrate this fact. With the coinciding decline of religion and STD's, modesty had decreased in importance while promiscuity gained popularity. Julie didn't give a second thought to offering up her body to this young friend of hers, despite the fact they were not engaged in a formal relationship.

Philip was equally lacking in restraint, as he lowered his trousers to expose a full erection.

Without a word, Julie followed suit and pulled her shorts down, inviting Philip to mount her right there on the teevee chair. There was no foreplay, no planning or questions asked, Philip climbed on top of her and slid inside her warmth, where she was already dripping wet. Julie moaned in delirium as she accepted his pulsing meat, her astonishing eyes rolling back in her head with transcendent rhapsody. Her hands went to her breasts, squeezing the flesh and pinching her pert nipples, and together their hips found a rhythm.

“Ahhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh!” Julie cried with each thrust of her pelvis, the mounting pinnacle of human elation growing ever stronger, until her entire being seemed to explode with uncontainable delectation. “Oh fuck, oh fuck me!” Julie screamed, while Philip grunted with content satisfaction. They came in tandem, as so rarely occurs, and collapsed in each other’s arms. After some time, the teens awkwardly separated and dressed themselves.

“Wow,” Philip said breathlessly.

“That was… also intense,” Julie remarked, smiling.

“Right." That's when Philip noticed the position of the knob on Julie's chair. "Fuck, Julie, you had your teevee sensory input set to real life equivalency?”

“I can handle it, I’m a tough chick,” she told him, shrugging nonchalantly.

“I guess you are,” Phil replied. “So you know how that blonde chick felt, you know the one who got caught cheating?”

“Taylor Henning.”

“Was that her name?”

“It was.”

“How does it feel, fucking animals eating your insides, thinking you’re gonna die?”

“It’s hard to describe." Julie searched earnestly for the right words, "The pain is crazy, worse than you can imagine, but that’s nothing. The worst part is knowing that you’re dying. It’s just, so… utterly hopeless. It’s literally the end of fucking everything. You’re lying there, trying to wrap your head around the fact that each second you’re getting closer to your last, scared out of your mind. It’s enough to drive you insane. But then when you wake up in this chair, it’s such an incredible feeling, you feel so… so… sanguine. So alive!”

“Yeah, sanguine,” Philip said, smiling out of the corner of his mouth. “If that's what you wanna call it.”

Julie giggled. “Shut up, you fuck.”

Philip's smile faded as his mind drifted. “So I guess Taylor will never get to experience that, “sanguine,” feeling.”

This sobered Julie up. “No, I guess not.”

“Would you ever consider cheating?”

“If I knew I was gonna fail, I don’t wanna die, so sure,” a confession Julie wouldn’t dare make in the company of any other living soul. “I’d risk it... to at least have a shot at living.”

"What about cheating to help someone pass?"

"Would I risk my life for someone else?" Julie almost replied with a hasty hell no, but the thought of Vinny stopped her.

"Damn, well I guess it depends on who I'd be helping, and how sure I am that we wouldn't get caught."

"Okay, then let's say I'm failing Calculus, and I have a surefire way for you to send me answers on a quiz without getting caught."

"Then I'd say fuck yeah, I'd help you. We're still just talking hypothetically here, right?" Julie raised her eyebrows. "You're not gonna suddenly disappear on me, are you?"

"Yeah, hypothetically."

"You know, it's ironic. They make us pass their tests so they can be sure we'll be productive members of society or whatever, put the community first and all that bullshit, but then they punish us for helping each other out."

"Well, the tests are useless if we're allowed to cheat."

"Maybe there's more than one way to gauge a person's value. Vinny, for instance. Vinny was a sweet kid, he would have given his right arm if it would help the community. He was the perfect example of what we're taught to be, but they killed him because he didn't score high enough on some stupid test."

"That's true, Vinny was a good kid."

"You're fucking right he was.”

"Soooo, you'd risk your life for me, huh?"

"I don't know about that, in your hypothetical situation you said you had a surefire way to avoid getting caught. Not much risk there. What about you, would you help me cheat if I was failing?"

“Sure, I guess, I mean it’d be kind of a dick move to say no, especially after you said you’d help me.”

“Aww, you’re so sweet, so you’d risk your life for me?”

“Well, I dunno, I mean…”

"Ha, you totally love me," Julie cooed.

“Shut up, no I don’t. I wouldn’t want you to die is all. Does that mean you love me? Cuz you’d help me cheat?”

"Ewwww, no, you spaz." And with a giggle, Julie signed her own death warrant.

The day of her death Julie awoke much like she did any other – full of good cheer and optimism for that day and all the days she was sure would follow. She slipped on a pair of faded and tattered jeans, pulled a white halter top tee over her head, and applied some lip gloss. Her hair was neatly trimmed in a cute bob cut, which required very little maintenance, and she had no use for makeup. It would be impossible to improve upon the radiance of her already stunningly perfect face.

She went happily to the transport that carried her to school, without any of the angst she once felt when bullying and torment were familiar foes. These days, everyone was nice to her. A result, she supposed, of her blossoming beauty, which could speak poorly for humanity. On second thought, however, such was the way of nature. In a wide variety of species, animals with desirable traits received preferential treatment. It was even a basis for the law of evolution, as Julie understood it.

Bearing this in mind helped absolve the guilt she felt as the recipient of undue kindness, as did her attempts to balance the scales. Julie's unwavering friendship with Philip, for example, despite the fact that lately he had been... awkward... around her. The poor kid had it rough, and anything Julie could do to ease his passage in this world was an endeavor she would happily undertake.

This included surrendering her body for his enjoyment, which she had done a total of eight times since they became intimate months ago. For Julie, there was no pleasure in sex with Philip, obviously because he did nothing to stimulate her. Their first time together had been inspired by an incredibly erotic and romantic death in teevee-land, but each engagement henceforth was spurned on by Philip's insatiable hormones and nothing more. Julie suspected Philip picked up on her lack of enthusiasm, and it was this failure to connect on a physical level to which she attributed his recent awkwardness.

Still, she stood loyally by his side, and when she arrived at school on the last day of her life to find Henry Jergen and his gang of hooligans harassing Phil, she rushed to his defense. They had him hemmed up against a wall, four of them in a circle, employing all the old familiar taunts.

"You're such an ugly fuckling," Henry was telling him, "why don't you just do everyone a favor and kill yourself?"

"Fuck you," was Phil's tentative reply.

Henry slapped him on the side of the head, grabbed his ear, and yanked and twisted it.

"Ouch, stop it!" Phil cried.

"Ouch, stop it!" Henry repeated mockingly. His lackeys stood around chortling, yucking it up at Phil's expense.

Julie stormed up to the group, took hold of Henry's hand and wrenched his arm behind his back.

"Ah, hey!" Henry cried indignantly.

Julie let him go and gave him a little shove as an expression of her displeasure. "You're such a dick, Henry, why don't you go fuck off?"

Retaining his cocky demeanor, Henry looked at Phil and sneered, "You gotta have a chick fight your battles for you, queer boy?"

"He didn't ask me to step in, dick weed," Julie fired back at him.

"What do you see in this loser, Julie. You ought to be with a stud like me."

"Unlike you, Phil has personality. And he's sweet." Julie grabbed Phil's crotch before adding, "and sexy."

With a snort and a dismissive wave of his hand, Henry turned away and left, his gang in tow.

"You don't really think I'm sexy," Phil said, almost a question.

"I think you're sweet," Julie answered him.

"And you don't love me."

"I like you, as a friend... and right now you're creeping me out a little, so just be cool, okay?"

"I'm sorry, Julie. You've been a good friend to me."

"I'll always be your friend, silly."

Three hours later, at the start of biology class, Julie’s world came crumbling down around her. As she strolled nonchalantly into the classroom her instructor, Mrs. Darcey, surveyed her with guarded attentiveness, and a security guard stood by the door raising suspicions amongst the students.

Once they had all taken their seats, Mrs. Darcey addressed her class. “Today we have a very special treat for you. You will be learning about the human anatomy in detail through the process of vivisection.”

There was a collective intake of breath in the class, the realization dawning that one of them was about to die, and before any of them could bolt from their seats the security guard raised a pistol and fired a micro dart into Julie’s left breast. Julie wailed in surprise, her eyes lowering to her chest where the dart was imbedded, and quick as a fox she grabbed the projectile and ripped it from her bosom. The effects were nearly instantaneous, as she felt her strength abating even as she plucked the dart from her flesh, but she managed to rise shakily to her feet and stumble towards the exit. On the way she lost her balance, clutched Henry Jergen’s desk and pulled it to the ground with her. She was struggling to pick herself up when another dart bit into her left buttock, definitively knocking the fight out of her.

Henry cackled gleefully. “Looks like you’re in deep shit, Jules!”

Mrs. Darcey and the security guard converged on Julie, removed the dart from her ass, flipped her over, and stripped off her T-shirt. With her glorious bust bare for all to see, there were several cat calls from the class. Appalled by her peers' complete lack of empathy, and powerless to resist, Julie watched as her captors continued to disrobe her. Once fully nude, she was drug over to a steel table equipped with leather straps, which were then fastened around her wrists and ankles, fixing her to the metal slab with her appendages fully extended. The table was slanted forward at a thirty degree angle, so she was not staring straight up, but rather she could see the eyes of everyone in the class fixated on her naked body.

"Julie has been found guilty of conspiring to commit academic fraud, and will be our subject for today's vivisection," Mrs. Darcey announced. Julie could scarcely believe her ears. Her instructor produced a syringe and before injecting Julie she explained it's purpose to the class. "This will cause the specimen's brain cells to retain an excess of oxygen, which they can then draw upon once the specimen's vitals begin to fail. It will keep her alive long after her body ceases to function." There was a pinch in her shoulder, and Julie knew the shot had been administered. Then Mrs. Darcey produced a second syringe, and again she provided an explanation. "This will influence the specimen's nervous system, countering the muscle relaxant previously introduced by the darts, and will ensure she remains alert and conscious for the duration of the vivisection. It also induces nervousness and paranoia, and will greatly magnify the specimen's perception of pain, making this a most decidedly uncomfortable experience for her."

The class murmured in the appropriate amount of respect as Mrs. Darcey administered the second injection.

“Ok, so who would like to make the first incision?”

Philip’s hand shot up like a rocket. “I would, Mrs. Darcey.”

“Very well, come on up, Philip.”

Henry loved this. “Hoho, sweet little lover boy Phil is gonna cut open his girlfriend,” he sneered. Philip ignored him and made his way to the front of the class.

Julie was just beginning to put it all together. Philip had turned her in for agreeing to help him cheat in his hypothetical situation, most likely because of a perceived slight Julie had committed against him in the past couple of months. This would explain his recent discomposure in her presence, particularly the peculiar exchange he shared with her that morning after she came to his defense.

"Mrs. Darcey," Julie managed. "I'm innocent. I can explain."

"You are a lot of things, young lady, but innocent is not among them," Mrs. Darcey replied.

"I wasn't gonna cheat, I swear. Phil and I were just bullshitting around."

"That may be, Julie, but if so, you should have chosen your words more carefully. Now keep quiet or we'll remove your tongue."

Julie's head was spinning, she couldn't believe this was happening to her. She wished she could convince herself this wasn't real, that it was just another teevee episode ending in her demise, but she knew better. In all her teevee interactions, she never had any memory of her previous adventures in the virtual world, but strapped to this steel table, Julie could recall each of her seven fantastical deaths in vivid detail. There was no doubt about it, this was reality.

"Before you begin, Phil, put this in the subject's anus," Mrs. Darcey handed Phil some steel cotton coated with petroleum jelly. "It will prevent her from fouling the table." The table had a run off that began at Julie's crotch, and beneath this Mrs. Darcey placed a pan designed to catch her urine.

"I'm potty trained," Julie joked lamely, but she was too horrified to laugh. Were they really going to slice her apart like she was an insect or a bug or something? She felt the coldness in her rectum as Philip inserted the oily butt plug, then sucked air over her teeth as his fingers brushed over her clitoris.

"I think she's turned on by this, Mrs. Darcey," Philip remarked, and to demonstrate his claim he caressed her nipples, feeling their stiffness. "Her tits are hard."

Up until now the terror had superseded her sexuality and Julie hadn't realized how insanely horny she was, but Philip's touch reminded her of her intense arousal at the thought of her untimely death. As she blushed brightly in shame and embarrassment of her deviant lusting, Mrs. Darcey explained it away.

"Yes, Phil, death is a powerful aphrodisiac for most people." She took Phil's fingers and returned them to Julie's crotch. "Feel how wet she is down there," and Julie's biology instructor slipped her fingers inside her vagina, and Phil joined her. Against her will, Julie gasped and moaned in ecstasy, but it was short lived. Mrs. Darcey removed her fingers and those of her pupil abruptly, then declared, "We won't be providing any sexual service to our subject. She deserves no pleasures, however petty and insignificant they might be."

And without further ado, Mrs. Darcey handed Philip a paring knife and told him, "Let's begin." Then, to the class, she said, "We won't be using lasers for this project, so things might get a bit messy, but we do not want to spare our subject any amount of pain. We will start by examining the abdominal cavity. Philip."

Phil took just a moment to feel Julie's soft, flat, smooth belly, holding his palm against it to enjoy her warmth.

"Oooooo fuck. Fuck fuck fuck," Julie whined in anticipation of the sting of the blade.

"Here goes, Julie," Phil said and he slid the knife into her tender midriff.

Julie’s jaw dropped and her mouth yawned in a silent scream. The pain hit her like a tidal wave, immediate and forceful, far worse than she had expected, evidently a result of the drugs Mrs. Darcey had administered. All her tortuous encounters in virtual reality had not prepared her for this.

The knife had pierced her roughly two inches above her navel, and Philip pulled the instrument downward through her guts, slashing her open. The blade passed neatly through her belly button and continued its progress down to her groin. It did not feel as if the knife cut her, but rather as if it violently ripped a furrow through her flesh in a hellish blaze. Julie was only able to articulate her agony through a series of guttural grunts, her wonderfully blue eyes bulging in their sockets.

Once he was finished, Philip withdrew the knife from her belly and looked at the gaping wound it had left in its wake. A few coils of intestines were already squirming their way through the incision, and gouts of blood sprayed Phil, soiling his clothes.

“Oh, God, Philip, what did you do?” Julie gasped.

“God’s a mythical construct, no more real than dragons or fairy tales.” Julie’s own meme, thrown back at her by her best friend.

“I wish that weren’t true,” Julie replied.

“If there was a god, it would take no pity on your soul, my dear,” Mrs. Darcey chimed in. Then, addressing the class, she remarked, “As you can see, the jejunum has already begun to spill from the specimen’s abdomen. However, it will not completely dislodge from her belly because it remains mostly held in place via the mesentery. Philip, make two horizontal cuts at the top and bottom of the incision so we can further expose the specimen’s abdominal cavity. We will then cut through the mesentery and remove the full extent of both the large and small intestines.”

Julie whimpered, bracing herself for the additional carving of her flesh, and Philip did as instructed, stabbing her in the upper left side of her stomach, then slicing sideways through her body, traversing the initial wound, until he had left a six inch laceration perpendicular to the vertical gash in her midsection. He then did the same to her lower abdomen, the finished product being a pair of flaps that could be lifted to reveal Julie’s insides. A steady pulse of blood continued to spurt from her belly, soaking Phil, but he didn't seem to mind. Mrs. Darcey, however, decided it was a problem that should be addressed.

"It appears the superior mesenteric artery's been cut," she remarked, and she proceeded to tie the blood vessel off with surgical string.

Julie was amazed to discover there were still new levels of pain previously unreached, and wondered how much worse it could get. How would she bear it when they began fumbling around inside of her, ripping her apart?

In the name of education, Mrs. Darcey pointed to the severed edge of one of the flaps of Julie’s dissected abdomen. “Look here. There are three layers of abdominal fat, the first being this dense layer here, which is packed with nerves and blood vessels. Just beneath it you have the extra-abdominal fat layer, which as you can see, although the specimen is only slightly overweight and her stomach is flat, this layer of fat is relatively thick. The third layer is called visceral fat, and its function is to protect and cushion the abdominal organs.”

"I'm not overweight," Julie breathed.

"You are just a little pudgy, Jules," Philip told her. "But it's a cute pudgy."

"I guess I'll be a lot thinner when this is over," Julie quipped, eliciting a chuckle from several of her classmates, and she forced a weak smile for their benefit. Her sense of humor was the only thing keeping her sane.

"Let's get to work on that, shall we?" Mrs. Darcey declared, pulling back the flaps of Julie's serrated flesh. "Does anyone else want to take a turn with the knife?"

Henry practically jumped out of his chair at the opportunity. "I do, Mrs. Darcey."

"Very well, come join us."

Henry bounded to the front of the class and rudely claimed the knife from Philip.

"Now we're going to be cutting through the visceral peritoneum, but be careful not to cause too much damage to the intestines. We'd like them largely in tact before we begin examining their interior." Mrs. Darcey instructed. Henry went to work on Julie with savage enthusiasm, manhandling her organs and sawing through tissue like a dog chews gristle. Again Julie marveled at the seemingly limitless amount of pain she was capable of experiencing, suffering through agony that was heretofore unimaginable. She strained against her restraints and gnashed her teeth as bits and pieces of her were stripped away, until at last Henry held a fully liberated tangle of slippery guts.

"Still feel like calling me a dick weed?" Henry sneered with a grin.

"Dick weed," Julie croaked defiantly.

"Thank you, Henry, now help me spread them out," Mrs. Darcey said, ignoring Julie and Henry's antics.

Philip, Henry, and Mrs. Darcey unraveled Julie's intestines and stood away from each other, allowing the class to look upon the full length of her bowels.

"So as you can see, the small intestine, although generally longer in females, is on average between 6 and 7 meters in length, almost half of which is comprised of the jejunum, which is this middle section here. This is where most of your body's nutrients are absorbed. This section here, which connects to the large intestine, is the ileum, which is where vitamin B12 and bile salts are primarily absorbed, and this short section here which leads to the specimen's stomach is the duodenum." Mrs. Darcey pointed to each bit of Julie's entrails as she identified it, and Julie looked on with morbid fascination.

"If you look closely at some of these lesions in the serous membrane, you'll see some of the specimen's fecal matter seeping through. Before the medical advances of the twentieth century, stomach wounds were very often fatal because of the infection that would result from a ruptured intestine." Henry's overly aggressive surgical procedure had left dozens of nicks in Julie's plumbing, and there were multiple examples of what Mrs. Darcey described.

"Moving on to the subject's colon, or large intestine, which appears to be of average length, generally about one and a half meters, you have the ascending colon here, which connects to the ileum and is located on the right side of your body, and this leads to the transverse colon, and here you'll see more of the specimen's feces leaking through a laceration Phil appears to have made as he was slicing our subject open."

"I have a name, you know," Julie murmured from the table.

"You are living meat, no longer worthy of human treatment, and will be referred to as however I deem fit," Mrs. Darcey snapped back at her. Then, without skipping a beat, she continued, "Now this segment on the left side of the body is the descending colon, and it leads to the sigmoid colon, which in turn connects to the subject's rectum. The colon's main function is to extract water and salt from your excrement before it is eliminated from the body.

"With the subject's bowels and much of the peritoneum out of the way, we can see the stomach, liver, spleen, gallbladder, and pancreas, and down here you can see her bladder and her uterus and ovaries, which is where she would produce ova, or eggs, were she to be granted permission to reproduce. Obviously that won't be happening. Henry, cut through the specimen's jejunum and let's take a look at a bisection of her small intestine."

Henry was happy to comply, and Julie discovered there were nerve endings in her intestines that when severed triggered pain from within her belly, even when they were outside of her body. It was a bizarre experience.

"So here, this canal through which the specimen's food travels as it completes the digestion process is called the lumen, and it is surrounded by the mucosa, sub mucosa, muscularis externa, which are the muscles that propel your food through your gut, and the serosa. One of the great things about a vivisection is that, although we have removed the intestines, you can still see them at work, and you'll notice that the specimen's muscularis externa continues to force her chyme, or partially digested food, forward through the lumen."

"Great, very educational," Julie remarked, "but now that we've all seen what my insides look like, what do you say we put them back inside of me and stitch me back up?" Of course this was sarcasm, but Julie wasn't entirely joking. She still had not completely come to terms with the fact that she was dying.

"Oh no, dear," Mrs. Darcey answered earnestly, "we're far from finished, but don't worry, once you've expired and we're done examining your body, we'll sew you back up and let some of the boys have some fun with you. It'd be a shame to let such exquisite beauty go to waste." Henry's face lit up at this revelation, and Julie envisioned him pounding away inside of her corpse. It took some work to avoid vomiting as the mental image formed involuntarily in her head. Mrs. Darcey winked at her, then got back to business.

"Next I'd like to remove the subject's stomach and have a look inside. Any volunteers?"

When no one spoke up, Henry said he'd be happy to continue carving Julie up, and Mrs. Darcey approved. They piled Julie's intestines in a waste bin that had been positioned next to the table for the purpose of storing her discarded body parts, and continued their mad operation.

"You'll need to cut through the duodenum and the esophagus, but put these on before you begin." Mrs. Darcey handed Henry a pair of rubber surgical gloves. "The stomach contains powerful digestive acid, primarily hydrochloric acid, and it can burn your skin upon contact."

Henry eagerly snapped on the gloves, and asked, "What'd you have for breakfast, Julie?"

"I guess you're about to find out," Julie told him.

Henry delved into Julie's abdomen with reckless disregard, cutting right through her duodenum and esophagus just as instructed, and plucked the bulky organ from her body. Julie realized that everything up until this point was mere child's play, her body wracked with ferocious pain well beyond anything she had yet endured. Blood flooded the back of her throat and she found herself gagging on the stuff. Bright crimson passed over her fine, sensuous lips and spilled down her chin and her pale, velvety cheeks. "Hyyyyaauuuhhhhh," she gasped as her insides were violated in ways nature never intended.

"No more cheeseburgers for you, Julie," Henry said with a sadistic laugh.

Spurts of blood sprung from several ripped blood vessels, and Mrs. Darcey used her surgical string to tie them off one by one. Once this task was completed, she swiped blood from her face and said, "Nice work, Henry, now let's cut it open and have a look inside. Hold it over the specimen's abdominal cavity so any spillage runs off onto her innards."

Julie watched with wide-eyed, self-deprecating interest as her stomach was opened up in front of her, and felt the sting as acids meant to be contained within the organ spattered on her exposed guts. The last meal she'd ever eat - eggs over easy, bacon, sausage and hash browns - was mostly gone and unrecognizable.

The lesson plan continued. "Okay, so this part here that was attached to the esophagus is the cardia, this upper curve is called the fundus, the main, central area here is known as the body, and this tail end here that leads into the duodenum is the pylorus." Mrs. Darcey went on to explain the functions of each section, and break down the cross section of her stomach lining as she did the small intestine earlier.

This procedure was repeated with her liver, her gallbladder, her spleen, and as her organs her were methodically destroyed right before her eyes, Julie was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain her sanity. Mind-numbing fear continued to swell in her heart, and she was beginning to understand that the damage being done to her was irreversible. She was actually dying, and it was a terrible thing to come to grips with.

While the class was learning what the inside of her kidneys looked like, Julie gurgled, “Phil… Phil… I… I’m scuh… sc… scared. I duh… d… doh… don’t… wanna… duh… die. Heee… huhh… ah fu… uck… ah fuck… I… I’m… duh… dying…”

“Yeah, of course you’re dying, most of your organs are in the trash can, what do you want me to do about it?” Phil answered coldly.

Julie truly didn’t know what she expected him to do, but she wished with all her being that it wasn’t so. “Huh… hole… hold muh… me…” was what she managed to stammer. It was her final plea for mercy, for some small, meager act of kindness and humanity, and it would go ignored and unanswered.

“I’m not gonna hold you, you crazy bitch.”

Julie couldn’t understand his hostility. She had been nothing but nice to this boy, had gone out of her way to please him and make his life a little more enjoyable, and in return he had betrayed her and he now spoke to her as if she was less than dirt. She would have asked him why, but the ability to speak eluded her just then and Mrs. Darcey was determined to proceed with her lesson.

“As you can see, delirium is setting in as the grim reality of death looms large for our subject, and it can inspire one to make all sorts of absurd requests. But don’t let her rambling bother you, let us press on.” Julie's bladder and ovaries were removed and dissected, then the sadists moved on to her thorax, slicing open her rib cage with a bone saw.

She was amazed that she still clung to both her life and her consciousness when her beating heart was removed from her chest and held up in front of her. It's the drugs, she thought, keeping me alive. Still, the pain was finally fading and she could feel herself slipping. It wouldn't be much longer, and Julie fought with everything she had for each passing second. No matter how terrifyingly bleak and painful her existence might be, she knew that it was better to exist than to not exist at all. This fierce resistance to her inevitable ending carried on for ten more minutes, long enough for her chest to be hollowed out, leaving her entire torso empty of all vital organs.

When she was finally gone, Mrs. Darcey held true to her word and had Julie sewn back up with filling for her insides, and then let the boys take turns banging her lifeless corpse.

Like Julie, Philip found the death of Taylor to be surprisingly erotic, and it left a permanent imprint on his life. He no longer fantasized about women in sexual situations, something with which he never found much appeal anyway. When he suggested he and Julie watch the teevee that fateful day, when Julie confessed her willingness to cheat, he had very specific hopes for their program, and his hopes were surpassed in ways he had never imagined possible. While his concern for Julie as his friend was genuine and heartfelt, he could not help but feel incredibly aroused when he found her dying in the desert, her body full of arrows and her guts strewn about in the sand. The sex that followed was beyond his wildest dreams, something likely akin to the heaven of which the ancients used to preach.

He then had secretly recorded his conversation with Julie, in which he meticulously posed his question with regards to cheating. Julie had provided precisely the answer he sought after, but he had not yet made up his mind to use the recording for his ultimate goal. After all, he had very real feelings for Julie and they had enjoyed some great times together, but when she laughed at the idea of loving him, and she offered him her body but not her heart, he eventually made the decision to betray her in order to watch her die.

It meant the end of a wonderful friendship. He would never again be able to spend time with her or laugh with her, but the look on her face when she finally expired was worth every lost second.



"Red vs. The Pack" by Grimm

Red entered the woodland clearing silently, careful not to disturb even the smallest twig. An average wolf could be roused from sleep with even the slightest noise, and the pack she was hunting possessed a better sense of both hearing and smell than the average wolf. After all, these weren't common canines, they were werewolves.

As she carefully pushed past a low tree-branch, the hood of her long red cloak dropped back to reveal a gorgeous eighteen year old face framed by wavy red hair. Her nose was small, her lips full and pink, and her eyes an emerald green, the very picture of young beauty. Slowly her hand dropped to her hips, pulling back her cloak and revealing the silver handle of a long dagger, one of
two twin blades she wore about her waist. Beneath the thick leather belt holding her daggers, Red wore skin-tight leather pants which hugged every glorious curve of her perfectly rounded backside. On top she wore a white-cotton blouse that struggled to contain her more than ample breasts, milky white and perfect, just like the rest of her.

Still moving cautiously, Red made her way towards the opposite end of the
clearing, where large flat rocks and boulders leaned against each other forming shelter against the elements. Red's face took on a determined look as she continued her slow journey towards the rocks.

For three long months she had been searching for the pack that had killed her adopted father, a woodsman who
had raised her after her mother, father and grandmother were murdered and eaten by a particularly powerful werewolf. The woodsman had taught her how to care for herself in the wild, as well as the secret to killing these creatures: silver. Unfortunately for him, he had been caught while sleeping under his favorite tree while out scavenging. Red had found what was left of his body the next day, and that gore-soaked memory haunted her still. Since that day, it had become her mission to find his killers
and make them pay.

Red caught sight of her first victim, a girl who most likely was only a few years older than herself, sleeping completely nude under the shadow of a large boulder. Red drew her first dagger and moved quietly up the the sleeping teen. The girl was gorgeous, long blonde hair fell in loose curls around her shoulders and framed a face that might have belonged to a faerie princess. Red did not stop for even an instant to admire her; with a jerk she grabbed the woman by her hair, lifted her head, and dragged the
blade across her neck. Without so much as a cry, the Woman's head separated from her shoulders. For a brief second blood gushed from the stump of the woman's neck, but then smoke began to rise from the wound, and it grew dark like a burn. Silver was a powerful tool against these creatures. "One down, two more
to go ", Red thought to herself. Behind her the woman's severed head blinked frantically as her legs kicked and then lay still.

Not to far from the blonde woman's corpse, Red spotted her next target: Another woman, also nude, but this one was older, a woman in her prime, perhaps thirty years old, with brown hair, and a voluptuous body. It was obvious to Red that this was the pack-mother. As Red approached she realized that although the woman's eyes were closed, she was not asleep, her hand was between her thighs stroking her snatch, and as Red inched closer she could hear moans of pleasure escaping the woman's lips.

Red did not hesitate, she surged forward, knowing that she might have only a single chance to kill the she-wolf without a serious fight that could attract the Pack-Alpha. Her last four steps she took carefully as she unsheathed her second dagger. Once both weapons were in hand she charged up the slope towards the woman. Adrenaline took over and things seemed to happen at a lightning pace: a twig snapped under her boot and the she-wolf looked up. As their eyes met the woman began to change: dark fur sprouted from her body, her arms and legs extended and changed, claws the length of knives grew from her hands and feet,
and her face contorted into the long snout of a wolf. With a snarl the
once-woman-now-werewolf charged at Red, fangs bared.

Within seconds the beast made it's first move, swinging wildly with one arm in an attempt to rip Red apart. The teen dropped backwards under the swipe, sliding on her knees as the beast's talons sliced through the air above her head. At the same moment Red brought her daggers upward, and was rewarded with the satisfying feeling of metal sinking into flesh and the cry of a wounded animal. As Red rose from her knees and spun around she saw the beast clutching a stump where it's right arm had been only a moment ago. Smoke coiled out between the creature's claws and it's amputated arm fell to the floor at it's feet, shrinking back to human-size a second later.

Red charged forward, hoping to plunge her daggers into the she-wolf's neck, but was surprised when the creature spun towards her and lashed out with its good arm. Red tried to turn, but was too late; the beast's claws dug into her right side then continued across her chest, tearing her blouse completely off and shredding through the flesh of her young breasts. Agony erupted across her torso, but Red ignored it and lunged forward, jamming both daggers hard into the she-wolf's gut just below the naval. The monster howled and then locked it's huge, clawed hand around both of the teen's wrists. Werewolf flesh popped and sizzled as Red's blades began to cook the creature's insides. Red pushed upwards as hard as she could against the beast's vice-like grip. For a second it held her fast and the knives didn't budge, then the she wolf pulled back it's lips, snarled and snapped down with it's jaws. Before its teeth could snap closed around her neck, Red drove her knee up into the she-wolf's cunt. There was a howl of agony as Red's knee-cap crushed the tender flesh of the beast's pussy, and the grip that held her loosened. With a grunt she slammed both daggers upward. Silvered-blades tore through skin, muscle and guts leaving two gaping, crimson wounds in their wake. Torn intestines and viscera pushed through the openings and Red's face and chest were instantly soaked in a spray of gore as the beast's organs spilled out onto the forest floor.

A sick sense of satisfaction filled Red as thick coils of the she-wolf's guts piled out of her. Her dagger had carved a path upwards all the way through the bitch's ribcage, The once towering beast began to change again, it's fur disappearing, it's snout shrinking. Red savored the look of fear on the face of the woman in front of her as she desperately tried to hold onto her insides with her one remaining hand. More and more slipped out, wriggling past her shaking fingers, but it was no use; the bitch clutched at the two gaping wounds one last time and then folded awkwardly in half at the middle, falling face forward into a pile of her own steaming insides. "Two down, one to go" Red muttered as she wiped the dead woman's blood from her eyes.

Red looked down to check the damage she had taken and nearly puked. The flesh of her right breast was badly cut, three long, gaping wounds ran across it and her once-perfect skin hung loosely from the openings like torn clothes. To make matters worse it was weeping blood quite badly. Her left breast wasn't as badly injured, three scrapes drew lines across it but the bleeding was much less severe. Red knew how bad blood loss could be and needed to do something about it. She tore away a long piece of her red cloak and tied it tightly across her chest, grimacing as the cloth compressed the wounds.

Red spun as she heard a long and mournful howl, it was the sound of an animal in pain, and it was coming from where she had only minutes before made her first kill. When the howl stopped she readied her daggers and assumed a fighting stance, the Alpha would be coming to avenge his pack, and she would be ready for him.

When the attack came from behind her and her hood was yanked backwards with tremendous force she was completely unprepared for it. It was like an explosion of little white lights inside her head as her back and skull collided hard with the rocky ground. Through the haze of her blurred vision and ringing ears she
saw the monster looming over her.

He was the largest of his kind she had ever seen. His fur was a dark grey with patches of white and his entire body was crisscrossed with scars. He had only one eye, the other was just a closed lump of scar tissue. He stood at least nine feet tall and his muscles form was as wide as a barn door. For the first time in all her years hunting these creatures, Red was truly terrified.

Despite her terror and the blood now pooling behind her head, Red managed to quickly roll to one side and get to a knee. The next instant she lunged at the beast, the dagger in her right hand slashing towards it's throat. She expected to feel the sweet sensation of blade meeting flesh, but instead her arm was yanked backwards from behind, a black furred claw gripped her wrist. Before she had time to think she was once again thrown to the ground. A second beast now stood over her, not quite as big as the first, but obviously much younger, a wolf covered in Jet black fur. Unlike the Alpha this wolf did not hesitate. She screamed in agony as the beast closed its impossibly powerful claw around her wrist. the bones of both her radius and ulna cracked and then shattered and as the monster twisted hard. Jagged shards of bone tore out of the skin and she dropped her dagger as her hand was turned completely backwards. Seconds later she screamed again as the black wolf picked up the weapon and thrust it through her now-useless hand, pinning it to the forest floor. She immediately tried to slash at the beast with her left hand only to
find herself in agony once again as the Black wolf simply grabbed her left arm and yanked it hard, pulling it out of it's socket. Her second dagger dropped harmlessly to the floor next to her, her hand no longer able to form a fist to grip it.

She began to sob. "This is it, I'm going to die here", she thought to herself. She was completely helpless. She lay face up on the forest floor, one wrist
crushed and her hand impaled by her own blade, and the other arm dangling loosely next to her. As she contemplated her fate the beasts began to circle her. "They're probably trying to decide which of them get's to eat me, maybe I'll get lucky and they'll end up fighting each other over–" her train of thought derailed as she noticed something extending between the legs of the old white wolf. Between it's thighs the most massive cock she had ever seen began to protrude, a great red phalus at least 18 inches long and thicker
around than most men's forearms; Red gasped.

She was still in shock when the beast straddled her, sinking to it's knees over her stomach. It's enormous cock bobbed up and down as it moved into position. She was overcome by the horrible stink of it, this massive, red rod, now dripping with precum. A blob of the stuff dropped from the tip onto her neck and a smell like curdled milk and rotten fish invaded her nostrils. Red turned her head and puked violently. The beast gave
her no time to recover, grabbing her jaw in it's clawed hand and yanking down hard. With a crunch she felt the bones dislocate from her skull, and a deep and horrible cry escaped
her now wide-open mouth. The old wolf wasted no time at all, it quickly tore away the scrap of cloth she had tied around herself, revealing her badly wounded chest. It pressed it's thick member between her tits and then smashed them around the shaft, completely ignoring her screams of pain and protest. As the werewolf's claws dug into her torn right breast she could see puss and fat ooze out between it's fingers. She tried to bite at the monster's cock, but any attempt to move her jaw was excruciating, and she gave up. Red nearly puked again as the slippery red tip of it's cock began to rhythmically slap her across the face as it began to slowly fuck her tits. Her blood acted as lubricant as the old wolf pumped faster and faster. She tried to close her eyes and block everything out, but every time she did its slimy cock managed to hit her across the face and agony erupted from her dislocated jaw. As it continued to violate her chest, she couldn't help but notice how monstrous the creature's balls were, each one was at least the size of a large grapefruit, and they were so hot, she thought she could feel them
pulsing as her tit-rape continued. Suddenly, a deep animalistic groan came from the beast and a massive gout of foul smelling semen spurted across Red's face. She tried to look away, but another spurt erupted from the cock and blinded her, then another and another. The beast howled in pleasure and then gripped her ruined tit in one of it's claws. Red moaned in pain as it ripped her milky white orb away from her chest. Skin stretched and tore and fat dribbled down the creatures wrist as it yanked it completely free . Without a moments hesitation the monster popped the lump of flesh into it's mouth and began to chew. The entire time it's half-hard cock continued to dribble and spurt semen across Red's face and open mouth. When it was over, her entire head was covered in thick, white, wolf-sperm. It coated her hair and face completely and much of it had found it's way between her lips. She had no choice but to gulp the foul liquid down.

Red assumed it was finally over, but began to shriek pitifully as the beast lifted her up off the forest floor. As her body rose, the broken skin and muscles around her right wrist gave way and her right hand was torn off, leaving a jagged stump and her severed appendage pinned to the forest floor. As groans of pain rose from her mouth they were suddenly silenced as the great wolf shoved
it's now half-hard member down her throat.

She tried to cough, tried to scream, but the beast did not stop. He pushed past her tongue and she felt his member extend all the way down her esophagus. As the throat-fucking began she struggled feebly, but then grew frantic for breath, she smashed the stump of her right arm against the beast and agony exploding up her arm. His enormous cock was thick enough that it completely blocked her airway, she choked and gagged, fought for breath and squirmed against him, but it was no use. As the light began to fade from her eyes she was suddenly saved as the beast unleashed another huge torrent of cum straight down into her gut, even after all the jizz he had blasted across her teen face even more filled her belly. Suddenly he pulled out, spraying even more sperm across her face. Red's head rolled to the side and she vomited for what felt like over a minute, a thick stream of white, sticky, ooze spilled down her lips and ran off the bottom of her dislocated jaw. She coughed pitifully and emptied the last of it onto the forest floor.

He let her go and she fell backwards hard, landing on her dislocated left
shoulder, she was beyond screams now, and didn't even flinch at the enormous pain she felt as the bone was pushed roughly back into the socket. The wolf didn't seem to notice as she flexed her fingers, it was now preoccupied sniffing between her thighs. With a flash of movement the creature clawed at her
trousers, tearing the crotch and some of the surrounding fabric away and
exposing her pussy. At the same moment she noticed the other werewolf looming over her, stroking it's own monstrous dick.

The younger wolf moved in first, kneeling next to Red's face, it grabbed her head in both hands and started cramming it's giant member down her already badly abused throat. Seconds later she felt the wet slap of the bigger wolf's cock against her pussy lips. All at once she was overcome with a sensation of absolute fullness as the bigger wolf drove his 18 inch cock all the way into her, pushing past her cervix
and into her womb. If her vision hadn't been blocked by the young wolf's giant, black balls slapping against her eyes and forehead as he began to ravage her mouth, she would have seen the outline of the older wolf's cock pressing up
inside her abdomen. At first she could only focus on the pain inside her, but soon the fear of asphyxiation became her biggest concern. The younger wolf had more stamina than it's elder, and she began to grasp at the forest floor with her one remaining hand, hoping to find anything she could use to fight her attackers. Just as she felt herself losing consciousness, her fingertips found the handle of her second knife, the one lost when her arm had been ruthlessly dislocated…

Ending 1: Red's Dead

… As her hand gripped the handle tightly she felt to the younger wolf had completely stopped. "Oh fuck", she thought to herself as it yanked it's cock free of her throat. looking upward she saw the wolf was staring straight at her left hand, now holding the knife. The older wolf stopped as well, although it didn't pull out of her snatch. Red feebly slashed the knife out towards the young wolf, but she was far too slow, it grabbed her wrist in it's left hand and with its right
hand it viciously stabbed into Red's shoulder. The talons at the end of its long, black fingers pushed through the skin, muscle and tendons between her chest and shoulder-blade. With her chest now pinned to the floor, the beast adjusted its hold and grabbed her by her upper arm. All Red could do was watch in terror as it slowly began to tear her left arm off. Muscles popped and skin stretched like leather as Red's impaled flesh began to separate around the wolf's fingers. Muscle and tendon ripped and tore, and with a final, powerful yank the beast lifted the severed arm above his head. Red screamed long and pitifully, and in response the Old wolf began to fuck her again, this time doubling his pace. She was in shock now, blood poured from the ruined stump at her shoulder, and she began to shiver uncontrollably. Looking to her right she saw the young wolf had pulled the dagger from her left hand,
and wrapped the dead fingers of her severed arm around his shaft. It began to masturbate it's long
red cock with the limb and before long it's balls began to twitch. Aiming
the end of it's cock at Red, it shot it's load. Semen poured across Red's wounded chest and doused the red ruin that once was her right breast. The next stream of cum splattered over the stump of her left shoulder. If she hadn't been losing so much blood it might have stung…

Having finished shooting it's load, the young wolf brought it's head down
over Red's chest. It sniffed her bloody stump and then brought it's jaws down over her collar bone, it's teeth bit deeply into her left breast.
At the same moment the old wolf began to buck harder and harder; she felt incredible heat rising up in her womb. Her insides were being torn apart by the vicious fucking. The alpha adjusted it's grip on her hips and its long thumb nails dug into her navel. Blood streamed out of her tummy as it tore the skin and muscle apart with it's claws. All at once it slammed into her deeper and harder than ever before, and it's monstrous cock tore through her tummy. Her eyes opened wide in shock at the sight of it's gore covered member protruding from her body. That's when the monster came for the third time. As it spilled its seed over her in a fountain, as it came it dug it's
claws in deeper and pulled back hard. At the same moment the young wolf yanked back it's head to tear off Red's right arm and shoulder, but instead Red felt a terrible pressure in her middle.

The next second it was all over, the old wolf yanked her back towards itself as the young wolf pulled in the opposite direction with it's
teeth. Red's stomach split like a broken piñata, and her intestines burst out onto the forest floor. A second later the pressure and pain were suddenly gone as her spine broke in two above her hips and her upper and lower halves separated completely. More organs fell from her torso, kidneys, liver, stomach, everything spilled out and stained the ground. She felt a slight pinch in her chest as the young wolf started to chew apart her remaining tit. Red's vision began to fade to black, and the last thing she saw was the old wolf pulling her lower half off his cock. He tore her legs in two and began to devour them. The young wolf loomed over her upper half and then snapped his jaws down on her throat. Red was finally, mercifully, dead...

Ending 2: Little Red Riding Hood "The Wolfslayer".

When Red's hand touched her dagger adrenaline immediately kicked in, she knew she probably only had one shot at this, so she had better get it right. Despite her dislocated jaw, she bit down with all her might on the young wolf's obscenely thick cock. She felt a crack as her jaw somehow clicked back into place, and suddenly the taste of blood filled her mouth. Her jaw however, was took week to sever the wolf's member, and instead the pain of the bite sent him over the edge and he began to cum, powerful squirts of jizz fired down Red's throat. The beast let out a terrible howl and Red brought her knife up over her head and then scraped it downward against the
beasts lower abs, dragging it straight through it's cock and grapefruit sized
balls. it's huge oversized testicles dropped straight onto Red's face and landed with a plop before sliding to the forst floor. The wolf staggered backwards as blood and jizz showered down on Red. She would have felt some relief if she hadn't still been choking, the beasts
severed member was still halfway down her throat. As the cock began to shrink back down to human size Red felt herself swallow involuntarily, and was disgusted as the wolf's
cock slid down her esophagus. Looking up, she realized the big wolf
hadn't noticed and was now fucking her wildly, it's heavy balls slapping against her thighs and ass painfully. With a grunt the great beast grabbed her by the hips with both hands and shoved it's member all the way into her womb. At the same moment it's cock began to spasm in orgasm and it gripped tightly with both hands,
Red felt the razor sharp nails of it's thumbs slice through her abdominal
muscles and as the first huge load of sperm entered her womb, her intestines started to slip out through the newly created opening. A scream of rage escaped her lips as she slashed across both of the Big wolf's arms, slicing cleanly through
it's elbows.

The beast opened it's eyes, now filled with fear not rage, and jumped backwards off of Red, it's cock exiting her cunt with a sickening pop, semen continuing to pump out and over her body as it stumbled backwards. Red jumped up after it, and as she did a large pile of intestine slipped out of her wound and dropped down over her pussy like a loincloth of gore. She knew she
couldn't let pain stop her and charged in to finish the job. With one brutal strike the battle was over, and red held aloft the severed head of the beast, now just the head of an old bearded man. Turning around she saw the young black wolf squirming in pain and clutching the wound where it's genitals had once been, she limped over to it's prone body and swiftly finished the job. It was finally over.She turned to leave the clearing and fell to her knees in pain and exhaustion.

A few minutes later when she managed to regain her senses a little, Red tied what remained of her hood into a makeshift pouch and wrapped it around her middle,
hopefully it would keep her guts in, a bit more cloth she managed to tie above her severed right
hand, and then she began a slow and painful walk towards the road she had left when she entered the forest. A hour later she could no longer walk, and fell face down. Somehow she managed to crawl on her hands and knees for almost a mile
before she completely lost consciousness.

The next day a small group of dwarves were returning from their work in the local mines when they nearly stumbled over the body of a beautiful red-headed teen. She was completely naked except for leggings made of leather, torn open at the
crotch. Her pussy was a bright and ravaged red color, and a huge pool of
congealed semen had formed under it on the forest floor. One of the dwarves rolled her over to check for a pulse and gasped in disgust. One of her tits was just gone, replaced with a gaping red wound filled with dirt and twigs, what was worse was that her guts were hanging out of a wound in her stomach, and it looked like she had been dragging them for a while,
a strand of intestine lead away from her body and back into the forest. Aside from the copious amounts of blood covering her, the dwarf was horrified to see that her face was completely caked with dried sperm to the point where her features were hardly visible. He pressed two fingers against her throat…

"Holy shit guys! This bitch is alive!". The dwarf yelled to the others. "You
think you can fix her up Doc?". The oldest dwarf looked her over and replied. "I don't know, looks pretty bad, grab as much of her guts as you can boys and throw everything in the cart, I'm going to be busy tonight…"

Months later Red left the small house in the middle of the woods. Her scars had healed, and the dwarves had helped her replace her right hand with a long silver blade. She was finally ready to begin her hunt again!


Thanks, Hanging out was the correct title, and also thanks for the link to the blog site. It appears that this story was released in 2010 and the first 6 chapters can be accessed on the linked blog for free as well.

Anyone got an idea where to find the other one?
In a Dolcett like society, a woman is processed not in the fancy high class facility of her desire, but a rural establishment after being found slightly overweight. After witnessing some botched conversions (through cracks in the door from a shed she and other women are held captive), she urges the sadistic female owner to take her advice how to do it right, so the victims live longer and not die quickly. She ends up spitted on a fire pit, I remember an assistant was skinned alive (later on limbs chopped off) and a young nerdy woman with glasses being cooked in a pot (that one actually hoped for a quick end, but did not get her wish due to the advice). Might have been called "County Abbatoir" (or country), but I may be wrong on the title.


does anyone have 'Hannah's Dance'? It was on this really old site, Rusnecro I think? The hanging of a little Indian girl. I think the girl was real, can't remember her last name, but it was a fetish story. I remember it being cute, but after that site died, I haven't been able to find it. probably the better part of 10 years since then.


I am so miffed at myself that I didn't siterip Riwa's old library before he took it down and started from scratch a few years back. There were some gems that are simply not around anymore, especially some nc-hanging oneshots.


Bump, still looking for the rest of this story!


It was a story from GUROchan a number of years ago. I think it was just called "The Restaurant" or something like that. It was purely descriptive, no dialogue or anything. It was about a college town restaurant where there was a (not completely random) chance of getting selected for meat upon exiting. Employees got automatically selected if they quit. I don't remember much else, sorry.


I'm looking for a story and I believe I might have read it on Adult Fanfiction. I'm not entirely sure.

The story takes place on an alternate world where life has very little value. The "reader" went to a School Festival where they drown, rape, kill, anyone they want.

I think the first scene was drowning a girl. You know those carnival games where you hit a target and someone sitting on pedestal falls into the water? Yeah, that. In the scene the girl was unlucky enough that someone managed to hit the target just right, causing her to drown. The prize the man gets is the body, where he proceeds to fuck her in the open.

The second scene is on a maid/butler cafe, where you order burgers and shit. You can even order any of the maids you want to either eat or fuck. You can also provide the meat, which is what this scene is. A family of 3, a dad, a wife, and a girl decide to offer up the girl so they could eat her. The mom and dad fucks their daughter, while the girl enjoys it and as she cums, her dad slits her throat while the mom bathes in her blood. The cafe then proceeds to cut the girl up and cook her meat as a burger patty, which they serve to customers who want it.


I saw this story years ago on gurochan, either this or a previous incarnation, that was basically a Final Fantasy death battle (not sure if that was the actual title, it may or may not). It had like a bunch of Final Fantasy girls imprisoned and forced to fight duels to the death in a huge arena, (with some of them of course getting off on the killing/dying); I believe the plot later developed to center on Lightning and Terra, but the arena bits are probably the more memorable ones (and I think it was reasonably long too).




This author also published here:
second cycle there on gurochan (if you missed it):



[Sean] Restaurant [2015]

There is a college in a growing town. It is a popular college, so there is no shortage of students trying to get into it. As a result, the college keeps a very long wait list and is always trying to expand its size. Thanks to this college, the town is on its way to becoming a city. This town also has plenty of people who are not attending or working for this college. After all, all these people need to eat, shop, have fires put out, be protected, and so on. There are also those who stay in this town after finishing college to start businesses, which has further accelerated this town's growth as more people fly in to work for these growing start ups.

One of these businesses is a restaurant near the campus. It is conveniently located, open twenty four hours a day, and has free WI-fi, making it a very convenient place for late night studying. It is also very cheap, making it particularly enticing to the college students. There are two dining sections. One of them is full of booths with high backs that help increase privacy and minimize distractions. This section is ideal for romantic dates or studying. The other section has many freestanding tables, more light, a bar, and a few televisions. This section is better for celebrating or socializing.

The restaurant only allows people over the age of eighteen. By doing so, they can allow nudity and even permit sex between patrons. There is no shortage of hormone filled young adults happy to take advantage of this policy. The restaurant's employees are mostly naked as well. Each employee wears a thin gold colored chain around their neck with an engraved name tag on the front. The worker behind the take out counter also wears a white butcher's apron. The wait staff each wear a white belt with pockets that rest on their hips for things like straws and napkins. The cooks wear white hats with the restaurant's logo on the front of them. The managers wear additional gold chains around their wrists. The bartenders, hosts, hostesses, and bussers do not wear any additional clothing. All positions are open to people of all genders, and the employees with penises are provided a generic Viagra pill before their shift to keep them erect while they work. Despite the nudity of the employees and the open sex policy, sexual acts with the employees are actually against the restaurant's rules.

Since patrons may be naked, the restaurant provides lockers that they may use to store their clothing or other items. The restaurant has even gone as far as to integrate these lockers into their systems. Each locker requires that you insert a state issued ID. If the ID does not show that the person is at least eighteen years old, it will be rejected. The lockers also require that you insert the credit card that you plan to pay with when you leave. If multiple people are dining on one card, then the person who inserts the card into their box can enter other box numbers that they are paying for, which causes those boxes to unlock with just an ID. Occasionally, someone who feels particularly generous will enter another random box or two onto their card, and when someone later chooses to use that box, they will be surprised with a free meal, paid for by some random stranger.

To move from this lobby full of lockers to the main restaurant, one walks into the revolving door, inserts their locker key into the center, and puts their hands and ankles through the leather straps. The leather straps are adjustable to fit different sizes of people entering the restaurant. The host stand has the output of a video camera that is focused on this door. When the person is in position, the host or hostess taps the screen to tighten the straps, and taps again to rotate the door. A pane of thick glass then lowers around the revolving door, and the whole thing rotates clockwise one hundred twenty degrees (one third of a circle) revealing the restaurant. Once locked into this new position, the glass lifts back up and the straps loosen to release the customer. Straight ahead from here is a display of various cuts of meat, with a person behind it for to-go orders. To the right is the stand that the host and hostess stand behind with menus and silverware that have been pre-wrapped in napkins. Behind that stand, straight ahead, is a hallway that leads to the section that only has high booths. To the right before that hallway is the section with the bar.

There is a console that must be used to unlock the lockers for use. People use it to input the quantity of people in their party. They can also add additional information, like wanting a booth or a seat at the bar or whatever. If this is available, locker numbers are given to the group to use (one per person). If this is not yet available, the system prompts for a cell phone number to call when it is, and will reserve lockers for that group for when they arrive. There is a copy of this console on the host stand above the lobby camera feed for the host to use. If someone is unable to or does not want to enter their information themselves, they can press a button to speak to the host or hostess to have them enter the information for them. There is always one host and one hostess working at any time. They take turns seating people and one of them is always behind the host stand to watch for people enterring the restaurant and to help people in the lobby. Also, having two of them tends to keep them honest about making sure the straps are used properly and consistently.

The to-go section has the same menu as the rest of the restaurant, but you can also get raw cuts of meat to cook at home. This is the primary reason for displaying a variety of cuts of meat. Someone who is dining in can also use it to select the specific cut they wish to order. The meat displayed is red with yellow fat, as it's human meat. The restaurant does not explicitly mention that it is serving human meat, but the fact is known. On the menu, the meat is referred to by the type of cut, without mentioning the animal it came from. Most of the cuts are no longer shaped in a way that make their origins obvious. There are various steaks, ground meat, ribs, etc... There are a few that are very obvious, however. There are whole breasts displayed, which are primarily rendered down to cook other cuts of meat in the liquefied fat. There are also cocks, which are tied off at the base to keep them erect after death. Cuntsteaks are a thicker steak cut that includes the area around a woman's pussy, as well as the pussy itself, from the cervix to the clitoris. By including the interior walls of the pussy, the steak has an odd shape, like it has a thick tail. Balls are also sold, with some being attached to the cocks and some not.

Most patrons don't order those cuts of meat. They are only usually ordered by those who are aroused by cannibalism. The cuts people tend to like the best are primarily thigh and rump cuts. The restaurant also serves plenty of things that are not meat. These are mostly sides, but there are even a few vegan entrees and a few desserts. One of their stranger options is a steak-topped pizza. Rather than small pieces of meat scattered across the top of the pizza, there is a steak cut horizontally into eight slices, with each slice being plopped onto the middle of one of the slices of the pizza. These are arranged carefully to be evenly spaced. The customer gets to choose what cut of meat they want used for this as well as how done they want it cooked. If the customer chooses a cut of meat that is not a steak, then the arrangement is a little different. For ribs, eight ribs are separated, deboned, and the rib meat is placed where the steak would be. For a cuntsteak, two are used. The "tail" section is cut off, cut in half longways, unrolled during cooking, and put on two slices with the inside facing up. The front of the pussy is cut carefully in half vertically to divide even the clitoris between them and put on two slices next to each other between the two slices that have the inside of the pussy. Another cuntsteak is used for the other half of the pizza. For cocks, the ones with balls still attached are used. They are cut in half vertically, from the urethra down the frenulum with one testicle on each half. The cut edge is placed against the slice of pizza with the head of the cock pointing towards the center, with the two halves being on adjacent slices. Four cocks are needed for this, with the left halves being on every other slice and their right halves between them. When complete, it looks like eight cocks are all in side view, with each one pointing towards the center, and every other one being upside down. Nipples are another option, which get fried and scattered across the pizza like pepperoni, each one pointing up. If they specify female nipples, there will be fewer nipples used, but they will be bigger, the reverse is true for specifying male nipples, and they will get a mix of both if they don't specify. Nipples tend to be very chewy and difficult to eat though. If the customer chooses ground meat, then it is scattered over the pizza like any other topping.

In the lobby, where all the lockers are, there is a sign above the door that reads "We reserve the right to serve anyone." This is because, when leaving the restaurant, there is a random chance of being selected for butchering. When leaving, the customer inserts their locker key into the middle of the revolving door, puts their hands and ankles through the leather straps, and the host or hostess taps on their console to tighten the straps and to rotate the doors. If someone is in the doorway in the lobby, but not strapped in, they will wait to rotate the doors. The same goes for the reverse situation. When the door rotates one hundred twenty degrees, there will be a hallway in front of them. The doors pause, allowing them to wonder for a moment if they have been selected or not. If they are lucky, the doors will rotate again to the main lobby, where they can insert their key, and get back their ID, their credit card, and anything else they put in there, then leave. When this is set to happen, it flashes on the host stand console to tap to rotate again. There are two reasons for this. They do not want to automatically rotate the door because someone might be in the doorway on the restaurant or lobby side, and it makes the wait time random while looking at the hallway.

If the customer is not lucky, then the glass will open and the anchor points of their leather straps will move along a conveyor to the right wall of this hallway, then move slowly down the hallway and around the corner. A new set of straps will move into place on the door before it is allowed to rotate again. During this process, the button to rotate the door will be grayed out on the host stand. The customer is now livestock to be butchered, usually within an hour or two of their selection. When people go one after another through the doors, which is common for groups, the next few people to exit after someone is selected can see who was selected. Most people know about this chance when they enter the restaurant, but there are plenty of people who enjoy this kind of thrill, especially among young adults. Many of them use the phrase "YOLO" when talking about it, which is ironic, since that stands for "You Only Live Once" and if you only live once, gambling your life is kinda stupid.

The algorithm is also not completely random. It takes into account a variety of factors about a person's visit and what cuts of meat are lacking. The state issued ID lists the customer's age and height. When entering the restaurant, the revolving doors have sensors that measure the customer's weight, and if they are female, measure their bust size to subtract it from the BMI calculation. A younger and healthier person makes for better meat. There are also a lot of other factors. If a customer is complaining or sending things back, then they might give the restaurant a bad review, so their chances of selection are increased. A happier customer's chances of selection are decreased. Also, a customer is going to have a lower chance of selection if they have spent more money and a higher chance if they have not ordered any meat. The waiter or waitress can enter an optional opinion of the customer that skews their chances very slightly. Knowing this much about the system, if a waiter or waitress particularly dislikes a customer, they will sometimes mix their pee into the customer's drink, hoping that they complain about it tasting strange and send it back, increasing their chances of selection. The formula they usually follow is to fill the customer's glass one quarter of the way up with urine before adding the ice and the drink, and adding a lemon wedge if it is normally a clear drink, like water. This usually works, but occasionally this backfires, with a customer actually liking the difference and getting a decreased selection chance.

To-go customers are not there for very long, but they still have the same risk of selection when they leave. If selected, a person's belongings become property of the restaurant. Cash is pocketed by the owner, anything worth selling is put on eBay, and anything else is donated to charities for the tax write off. If the person selected was leaving with a raw cut of meat they just purchased to cook at home, it is simply put back in the display case. If they are leaving with a to-go order from the menu, it will be given to the employees to enjoy. When a customer opens their locker, they enter the tip percentage or the specific amount they would like to leave for a tip. Lockers of those who are selected are set to an automatic fifty percent tip.

The collars that the employees wear have chips in them that disable the revolving door's selection algorithm. Being immune to these doors is the bonus that the employees get instead of getting a discount on food. When an employee quits or is let go, however, their selection as they leave the building is guaranteed. Obviously, they don't know this fact ahead of time or they would not work there. It is common for college students to start working for the restaurant to help pay for college expenses and to quit when they graduate with big plans to go up in the world. The owner makes sure to only hire people who are healthy and would be good meat later. If he notices their meat quality start to slip, he fires and butchers them before they go bad. Also, people get paid each week for the previous week, so even if someone quits by phone and mails their collar to the restaurant, they still have to come in for their last paycheck. This is done to guarantee that they come in one last time. No college student is going to give up an entire paycheck, and they are told that they will be immune to selection while picking it up (which is a lie).

When an employee leaves, the owner will make sure to butcher them himself. He gets very turned on by murder and cannibalism, so he does a lot of the butchering, but he can't do all of it, so he does hire someone to do some of it. He also eats all of his meals there, his favorite order being a blue rare cuntsteak with cum in it. This could be a cook's cum, a waiter's cum, the host's cum, or any other guy's cum. He prefers that it is many guy's cum, but he usually only gets one cumshot, occasionally two or three. Shoved into the cuntsteak, after the cum, is a blue rare cock and balls, like it is fucking the pussy. To drink, he orders urine, which could be anyone's piss, male, female, or a mix of both. When inside the restaurant, if he sees someone that he wants to fuck in the ass, pussy, and/or mouth, or any cocks, pussies or asses that he would like to give oral sex to, he will just do so without asking. He often will need to move the person into position and hold them there until he is finished. If they do not like being raped, this is entered into the system and adds a lot to their selection chance when they leave, guaranteeing that they are selected. If they seemed to enjoy the surprise sex, that decreases their chance slightly. The owner also wears a ring that has a chip in it that keeps the door's selection mechanism disabled for him and usually pretends he is just a customer when in the dining area.

When butchering, the owner will sometimes decide to rape the person first or give them oral sex. Usually, if receiving oral sex, the person is pleasantly surprised until right after they cum or the owner decides that they are taking too long to cum, when he starts biting extra hard and yanking to tear off bites of their labia or the head of their cock. Obviously, that cut of meat does not get put in the display to sell, but that is not a big problem since it is one of the cuts of meat with the lowest demand. He eats what he can of their cuntsteak or cock and balls right then and finishes eating it during the butchering process. It is not uncommon for him to fuck some of the people he butchers posthumously. Hired butchers tend not to rape the meat at first, but after being there a while, will almost always start to give in to this perk occasionally. They tend to only rape a few of the women though, as most of the hired butchers are straight men. There have been gay men in this position occasionally, and once there was a particularly Dominant bisexual woman who got special permission to wear a strap-on at work.

Even the hired butchers get butchered when they leave. When that woman finished her master's degree in business and quit the restaurant for a rather promising job at a growing tech company, the owner left the strap-on on her while butchering her and cut it off like he would have cut off a cock. He usually slices people's femoral arteries and lets them bleed out before cutting out cuts of meat, but occasionally enjoys doing more cutting while they are alive just for the Sadistic pleasure of doing so. This was one such case. He started by clamping the major arteries in her limbs at the joints, then one by one he cut off her tits, then her arms, then her legs, and her silicone cock. He cut her arms and legs into their appropriate cuts of meat before cutting a circle around her anus and then slicing her belly open vertically to remove her intestines. It was at this point that she finally died and he threw out her strap-on.

The employees are trained that when there is a dispute between customers, and one of them is clearly not selectable for butchering, to side with that customer, no matter how ridiculous doing so may seem, as it is more important for someone who is definitely leaving to be happy when they can just increase the other person's chance of selection by a bunch.

The restaurant has video cameras throughout the restaurant. Rather than all being up high and pointing down, most of them are in good positions to record the people fucking in the restaurant. If the security person watching the cameras thinks a particular recording would do well on the restaurant's porn site, Final Fucks, then he marks this in the system, which increases the selection chance for the people fucking. If they are all selected, the video is put online. If one of the people fucking is the owner, then only the other people in the video need to be selected for it to be put online. If they are not all selected, but those who are not selected return to the restaurant, they keep their higher selection chance and if selected, their video could still be put on the internet. Final Fucks has one free sample video, which changes each month, and members can access the full site's archives.

In one such video, there is a couple on their first date. The guy is a freshman who has not been on many dates before. The girl is a regular at the restaurant. After they order, she suggests that they sixty-nine on the table while waiting. He has never licked pussy before. She tells him not to think to much, just don't go right for the clitoris until he's been going for a bit, and if she does not like what he's doing, she will just touch her teeth lightly against his cock. He agrees and lies on the table. She climbs onto him and starts sucking his cock as he licks her. She looks around while sucking and notices another guy. She motions with her hand for the other guy to come over, and she lifts the knees of the guy she came with, parting his butt cheeks and revealing his anus. The other guy comes over, and as he's sticking his dick into the first guy's ass, the first guy stops licking the girl's pussy to complain, but she squeezes her legs around his head to hold his face against her pussy and bites down hard on his cock. His screams are muffled. When she starts to rock her teeth back and forth slightly, he starts licking again and she goes back to simply sucking him off, but continues to hold his head in place with her legs. The guy is clearly in pain and not enjoying himself. As the second guy gets close, he pulls out of the first guy's ass and she sucks him clean, swallowing the second guy's cum. The first guy's cock never gets to cum and has a couple of drops of blood on it.

Both of those guys were selected that day, but being a regular, her chance of selection was lower. She came back the next day with another new guy, another freshman that had never licked pussy before. She recognized the first guy's cock in the meat selection case, chose to have that as her entree, and repeated the scene she had the previous evening, using the first guy's cock as a dildo that replaced the second guy. This time though, the guy she came with came at the end. This video is listed on the site as a sequel to the first. Having a second video chosen increased her chances of selection by enough that she did not get to leave the restaurant that evening.

Most of the people butchered are students at the local college. Since they have such a large wait list anyway, they don't really care. It allows them to accept more students every semester than they otherwise could, and have more lower level classes than upper level classes, which are cheaper to hire professors for. No one else really notices people disappearing because so many more new people are appearing in this town every day. There has been occasional outcry against the restaurant, but it never lasts long or gets much attention. The few who participate in this outcry have a tendency to disappear. Sometimes, when someone in a group is selected, someone else in the group will go back in to complain or ask for their friend/lover/daughter/whoever back. This guarantees that they get selected as well when they leave again. The local cops know that murder and cannibalism are illegal, but since so many people seem to be perfectly happy with this restaurant's existence, they don't do anything to try to interrupt it. Rarely, someone comes in and volunteers to be selected. The code to guarantee selection is to enter and exit the restaurant seven times without using their key on their locker. If the door still fails to select after that, then it has found the person to be completely ineligible for selection for health reasons.

If a woman is lactating, her odds of selection are much higher. If selected, she will be kept for a while and milked. This milk is used to make some of the restaurant's dairy products, like their ice cream and their chocolate milk. She is fed whatever food does not sell well and is kept until she either stops lactating or her meat quality starts to decrease. At that point she gets butchered. If she is pregnant when she gets butchered, the fetus is simply discarded. If she gives birth while there, the baby is left at a nearby orphanage. The restaurant still purchases most of their cheeses though. To find out whether or not women are lactating, the restaurant offers a "Mother Discount" to lactating women. All they have to do is demonstrate that they are a recent or soon-to-be mom by squirting out a few drops of their own milk.

The straps that are used in the revolving door and on the customers who are waiting to be butchered or milked are made from human leather. Lactating women are put on a treadmill every once in a while to keep them in shape for when they are butchered. The seats throughout the restaurant are also upholstered with human leather. They always keep a certain amount of human leather in back stock to replace anything that tears. There is also a woman's full hide spread out on the floor in front of the to-go counter, similar to a bear rug, but human. Along the high walls is a long row of mounted human heads that have been saved and taxidermied over the years. The rug and the heads are replaced as they get worn out and are never made from ex-employees, since the owner does not want the current employees to know their fate. The best looking skin and faces are chosen for these things.



I'm looking for two stories and I have no idea where I read them.

The first is a Scooby-doo story, they go to some kind of lumber or wood processing place to solve some mystery. Once they get there the girls are knocked unconscious and wake up alone. They get raped and snuffed by faceless people and in the end of the story you find out that it was Shaggy, Fred, and Scooby that did it. I think that Velma is sawn in half.

The other one is about a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater that actually exists and likes to eat females. It is eating some girls and one of them convinces it to spare her and she starts to help it get other girls to eat or something like that.


I'm looking for an old pokemon story, trainer goes into the mountains and gets caught by a hypno which makes her dream of getting raped by large dicked pokemon. Hypno might've belonged to another trainer, can't remember.


I am looking for a story I believe to be one of Aoi Hikari's It was something to the effect of Renamon choosing to be roasted willingly.


Still looking for the story called "Tippy Toes". It is about a girl standing on her toes with her head in a wire noose before a web camera. She struggles for her life and tries to get out, but fails, and that excites her. She knows her toes won't hold forever, and eventually she will die.


You probably believe wrong, as I'm sure I've never written any digimon stories except for one unfinished that I never posted, but it doesn't feature Renamon anyway. I'd say the story you are looking for might be by TheVisitorBlack or Jim Sugomi, try checking their pages on Hentai Foundry.


Looking for stories written by "balloonchan" that were posted here years ago and then fell off. One was about a weight-loss camp where the girl who loses the least gets eaten. The other was about a bratty kid who is disciplined by being cooked and eaten.



[Balloon-chan] Fat Camp Blues [2012]

Mr. and Mrs. Moore parked in the dirt parking lot to the camp. It had been two full months since they saw their daughter when they dropped her off at Hartman Physcial Fitness Camp for the Young, a long way of saying it was a fat camp. It came very well reviewed, showing a wide variety of results with kids of all sizes and ages. Their daughter, Hannah, was obese at 11, and they were hoping sending her there would allow her to lose weight and get proper eating and exercise habits. Both of her parents were keen on what they fed her, but she still found ways to sneak in candies and soda and other such sweets, and getting her away from the TV was quite the challenge.

Before the parents were to take their kids home, they would have one last camp-wide dinner with the parents to end it all out. Parents could see how much thinner their kids had gotten and have one last big, but nutritious and balanced, meal before heading home.

The couple went up the reception building. Parents were all around with name badges, some kids in their uniforms there to greet them, some not. Hannah's parents went up to the reception and talked to the lady there.

"Hello, whose parents are you?" the smiling lady asked.

"We're Hannah Moore's parents," Mrs. Moore said smiling. The receptionist looked surprised at first, but then gave a nervous smile.

"Right, Hannah's parents. Hannah has a special place at dinner, and she'll probably be there preparing for most of the day. You'll be able to meet her at dinner," the receptionist said, handing them name tags.

"Hmm, is she helping to cook dinner? You sure we can't visit her?" Mrs. Moore asked, confused.

"Well, not exactly. She just has a task that takes a lot of... concentration. You'll see her at dinner. In the meantime, you can meet her cabin-mate, Isabel. Her parents couldn't make it for dinner so she might appreciate the company. She's in Cabin 14."

Hannah's parents just figured she was part of the ending ceremony in some way, maybe she did so well she's gettin an award then? In any case, it all seemed very secret so they just made their way into the camp and looked for Cabin 14. They eventually found it in the cabin area and walked in to find a slightly chubby redhead in the cabin, still packing up her stuff on her side. The other side looked empty, just a footlocker where all of Hannah's stuff was.

"Hi... are you Hannah's parents?" Isabel said as they walked into the cabin.

"That's right... you must be Isabel. Hannah must have packed up before hand. I'm glad, she's so messy sometimes," Mrs. Moore said as she sat on the bed. "So can you tell us what big thing Hannah is involved in for dinner? Seems like such a secret," Mrs. Moore said, hoping to get some answers out of Isabel. She didn't look that eager to talk about it, looking down.

"Well, we're not supposed to talk about it. You'll find out at dinner," Isabel said, nervously smiling just like the receptionist.

"Oh, I see... well, how did she do here? Did she lose a lot of weight? She was quite sad when we left her, but we were hoping she could make some close friends here," Mrs. Moore asked.

"Well, I was really her only friend, and even we weren't that close. I don't think she really dropped that much weight... she didn't do any big activities, hated all of the food and snuck stuff in..."

"Hmm... this method must not have worked on her, then," Mrs. Moore said sadly as she heard Isabel explain it. They were split on sending her here, it was more out of desperation than anything else.

"It's not like she had no support... I encouraged her and told her to just try and stop fighting, because she knew that if she didn't lose weight... well, let's just say we tried our hardest to push her. She just spent all of her time in here, talking about how it wasn't her fault and she just wanted to die..."

"Oh, dear. Maybe we should get her to a therapist when we get back home, then. Maybe the problem was worse than we suspected," Mrs. Moore said, looking at Mr. Moore sadly.

"Yeah, you go ahead and try that, now... I'm sure it'll work better than this..." she said with almost a cynical smirk. "Anyway, pretty much everyone else here lost weight. I lost over 30 pounds in 2 months, and there are kids who lost even more. You shouldn't really blame the camp for it," she said more normally.

"Now I want to see Hannah even more than before. I guess it's only about an hour and a half until dinner anyway," Mrs. Moore said. "Take her footlocker and load it up in the car, dear, me and Isabel will talk a little," she said.

Isabel talked casually with her about the camp and all the different activities, general schedule and what kind of stuff they ate. She kept avoiding any topic regarding Hannah or her special job for dinner, even she was determined to keep it a secret until dinner. She didn't know what could be so important, but it would only be a few minutes until they found out as they made their way to the dining hall.

They were greeted by the Camp's Director on the way in, and given a seat close to the front. They looked around for any sign of Hannah, but could find her anywhere in the hall, and they figured she could be back in the kitchen some place. They were close to the kitchen than most other people and delicious smells came from the back. It wasn't regular crappy camp food, they sure were cooking up something delectable. It was meant to reward all the kids for their hard work over the last two months.

The dining hall become full with parents, children, and staff alike, getting the fullest it possibly could. They felt lucky to have a seat so close to the front, and a table mostly to themselves, with Isabel off eating with a group of friends and their parents.

The Camp Director came to the front and talked through a microphone to start the event.

"Hello, campers, parents, and staff who have worked so hard to make this summer a success for over 100 campers. Promotion of healthy lifestyles is our goal here at the camp, and we would now take this time to hand our awards to those who were able to turn around their unhealthy lifestyles the best. While every single camper sitting here tonight has lost weight this summer, these kids have lost the most..."

Mrs. Moore was expecting the kids to come out of the back, but they all came from the dining hall, there didn't seem to be any special prize or event that would require time to prepare. Once all the awards were given out, the Director started talking again.

"Now here at the camp, we not only believe in healthy lifestyles, but we also believe that motivation is very important in achieving your goals. Sometimes, we all need a little push, some driving reason to make us do what is truly good for our bodies and our lives. As such, our special meal for tonight was the thing that drove a lot of our campers to try extra hard to lose weight. If you would, chefs, bring out the main course..."

After the Director said that, a group of chefs wheeled out a large silver platter that was covered with a lid. They put it in the center of the front buffet area and the projector up top had it on camera so that the people in the back could see. The Moore couple were close to where the platter was placed, only a few feet away.

The Director moved behind the platter and quicly pulled the lid off. Mrs. Moore's eyes went wide and Mr. Moore looked genuinely confused as the roast was exposed. It was a girl, glistening, hairless and roasted to a reddish brown. Her belly was stuffed to the brim, making her look very pregnant, and her genitalia on display with a cucumber sticking out of her anus and a carrot sticking out of her vagina. An apple was shoved ceremonially in her mouth with her eyes staring lifelessly up at the ceiling, clouded and cooked themselves like hard-boiled eggs. Steam poured out of every pore in her roasted body and claps came from around the dining room. As Mrs. Moore looked at the dead, roasted girl, there was no mistaking it. It was Hannah.

It was the first day of camp, and all the kids who had been registered were led into what seemed like the giant dining hall to start orientation. Sad faces adorned most of the campers gathered there, including Hannah, who hated her parents for forcing her to go this camp. She was obese, but she felt like she couldn't help it, eating was the only way she could be happy, and the more people who teased her for it or called her out for it, the more she felt like eating. A man walked up to the podium near the front and got on the microphone.

"Welcome, campers. I know many of you may not have chosen to come here, and many of you might not be too enthusiastic about the months to come, but we will do everything we can to make healthy living and physical fitness fun and beneficial for you. That beings said, here at this camp we have a special way to motivate you to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We want every camper to lose at least 10 pounds while they are here, if any camper does not meet that threshold will be in danger of receiving a special punishment at the Farewell Feast at the end of the summer. The camper that loses the least will be chosen for this punishment, so long as they lose less than 10 pounds. If everyone crosses the theshold, there will be no punishment. We made a video of what this punishment entails, and we would like you all to watch..."

The lights dimmed in the dining hall as the projector screen came down and the projector itself flickered on. Hannah wasn't sure what to expect. They would punish you if you didn't lose enough weight? She was getting increasingly nervous as she watched the video.

It started with a dark-haired girl with glasses who was perhaps about the same size as Hannah, maybe a little smaller, who was being weighed a week before the end of camp, and came up 4 pounds short of losing 10 pounds. She was taken out back, behind the dining hall into what looked like an open-air pigsty with only two pigs in the sty. Apparently there were some kind of camp pets, at least that's what Hannah thought at first.

The girl, who they named "Jane" in the video, had her clothes taken off outside the pen as she cried. They shaved her head as she was outside, leadving only stubble up top before replacing it with what looked like rubber pig ears and strapping it to her head. Then they strapped a similarly rubber pig nose. Her hands and feet were covered with fake rubber pig hooves before they fitted her with a clear strap that went around her side that made it look like she had a large pig's tail above her butt. She was taken inside the pen and a rope was tied around her neck and to a post in the center of the pen before just leaving her there.

The next scenes were short clips of Jane's life in the pen, she was kept there 24/7, having nothing to eat but the swill and trash left over by the dining hall. The girl was kept out in the rain, having nothing but a small wooden overhang to shelter her. Naturally the rain made the pen muddy. They showed her getting repeatedly having sex with the two male pigs in the pen with her.

Gasps and murmers could be heard around the dining hall as all this unfolded in front of their eyes, and Hannah herself was terrified, but she also felt funny, tinglies spreading throughout her body as she saw the girl being turned into a human pig. Hannah was often called a pig or sow by kids at school, even her siblings picked on her for it. Her eyes were glued to the screen when she watched one of the pigs penetrate her and hear Jane's painful, but somewhat pleasured grunts and yells.

After a few minutes of watch Jane being put in the pen like a pig, it then went to Farewell Feast day, and they brought her into the kitchen in the back and huge her by her wrists. Her pig accessories were taken off, but then two people came by and started hitting her all over with paddles, in a process they called "tenderizing". She yelled as her body started to look red and swollen all over.

While she was still hanging they started scrubbing her hard all over her body, including taking the rest of her hair off of her head and evrywhere else, making her body look shiny and pink all over. That's when they took a hose and stuck it up Jane's butt, pouring a lot of water in it before pulling it out and let the dirty brownish water come back out. They did it again, then another time, until the water that came out was relatively clear.

They pushed a strange instrument up her butt quite deep before Jane scream and they pulled the instrument out, and with it came a bunch of Jane's guts. They kept her alive somehow through injections that they gave her. They put the waterhose back into her and started cleaning her insides out again, her fatter belly blowing up like a balloon as she was now too tired to yell and scream.

They took her down from the hand restraints on the wall and laid her out on the preparation table, and started to tie her up on there. They stuck a different, wider hose in her butt and this time it poured stuffing into her, making her belly grow again as another one of the chefs started slathering her in some kind of sauce from head to toe.

They tied more ropes around her body when she completely filled up and covered in the reddish sauce. They then showed her being slid in a huge oven in the kitchen. There was a camera looking down on what was inside the oven, and the next scene showed her in the various stages of roasting. Jane thrashed against the ropes as the heat washed over and cooked her. It fast fowarded to a few hours later, and she was still alive and breathing, but not moving or moaning or anything.

When Jane finally became a true dead roast, they took her out and basted her while dressing her with pineapple slices on her body and face and sticking various round and phallic fruits and vegetable in her holes before putting her back in to roast some more.

The last scene was the unveiling of Jane at the Farewell Feast, seeing people clap and take cuts off of Jane's roasted carcass. It ended with her bones being gathered up and given ot the parents.

"Surely, no one wants that to happen to them. All of your parents signed contracts consenting us to do this to anyone who doesn't meet the requirements of the camp. We hope that we can roast a pig instead of one of you. Now go outside and meet the counselors so they can show you around the camp..."

Mrs. Moore looked somewhat in horror at Hannah's roasted body, especially since everyone was clapping around her. She knew this state not only legalized cannibalism but even made it so that minors could be killed if the parents consented. She then recalled the large size of the contract she was handed when she signed Hannah up for the camp. Most of the people who went to this camp came from this state, so it might not have been as shocking for them.

It did make sense as the Director explained it, and the two parents just looked at one another and decided to accept it. They had two other children, and they should have perhaps read the contract or did a bit more research on the issue. She would have lived had they not sent her to the camp and instead sent her to some kind of therapy, so they somewhat blamed themselves, but when they had some of Hannah's thigh meat, they didn't regret it so much. It was incredibly moist and juicy, which made sense as all of her stored fat would have melted into her meat and made it so juicy.

The dining room bustles for the next couple of hours as the campers and their parents were all given a piece of Hannah, some smaller for the campers than others. Hannah was slowly reduced to nothing but bones, and at a certain point they just cut off the rest of her remaining meat from her body and laid it out for people looking for seconds.

By the time night fell on the camp, Hannah was reduced to nothing but a dirty red skeleton, which was taken back and and boiled to make a broth before taken back out, cleaned, and put in a box for the Moores to take home.

Perhaps Hannah wanted it after seeing the video and failed on purpose, or maybe it was really just that she tried and failed, but she became the new "Jane", and her journey from becoming a girl to a sow for slaughter was shown at the next year's opening ceremony. The tradition would continue every year, and the camp's numbers would just keep going up and up.


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Does anyone have an old story called 'Hannah's Dance'?
The hanging of this little Indian girl. I remember it being pretty cute, but Rusnecro was the only place I have seen it, and that died off years ago.


Does anyone have the story about a girl who hears the metaphor of a pussy being a flower and becomes obsessed with literally turning hers into one with surgery body mod?


Great thread. I have two stories I am looking for.

I think the first one is still on the board here, but I cannot find it. It starts with a brother and sister fighting in the back of the car cutting of body parts. Other users continues the thread with their own stories where the sibling exchanges body parts and pull pranks by cutting of stuff I think.

The second story I am looking for is a pokemon futa ballbusting story, a really rare fetish that I love. Not 100% sure if I read that here on gurochan, does not contain any guro, just teasing and ballbusting.
The main characters are captured by Team Rocket and one is bound to the bars in the cell. In the end they escape.


The first one is called Car Fight, it is indeed still here:


I am looking for all kinds of stories with popular/famous characters. Preferably DC/Marvel superheroines and LoL/Warcraft female characters.

I have read a lot of stories on Depravity Repository, and I am wondering if there are more stories with famous characters than there. On DR there are a few but not a lot of them and even less with really busty characters, which I prefer.

So if you know any stories with superheroines link me some. I cant find any new ones.:/ Thanks!


I'm looking for a large series of stories written by one author in either one universe or a series of similar universes. I found them all on a large site I believe, although it may have been something like ASSTR where his stuff was all together but the whole site was much larger.

It was a free use universe and many of the stories had a dolcett style meat draft, I remember one story a man who works in a butcher shop tells his wife that the "exam" for leaving his apprenticeship was butchering her mother as brutally as possible, and that her left her, maimed but alive, in the hopper of the grinding machine to wait till morning when she would be ground up.

Another story had a woman go on a game show type thing where each challenge would be very likely to kill her, and the prize for winning was being able to either die painlessly or die in agony but be able to torture the runner up to death first.

I could keep going on but I'll just give one more in case someone's read it, this one was a house party being thrown by a family, and the daughter' subset friend rocked up with no teeth, which causes the mother to realise that the friend's parents intend to snuff the friend at the party, and didn't want her accidentally biting anyone in the excitement.


Well, if you're looking for pupular characters... try my stuff?

I pretty much write entirely using famous characters. If you're lloking for DC/Marvel? Mary Jane' Spitting Demonstration, Mary Jane: Snuff Double, Cass Milked and Fucked, Kitty Pryde: Robbed of Life, Lunchtime in the Danger Room, Argent Factory Processed, Pepper on Ice, Gizmo's Jinxed Gizmos, Argent Deep Fried, and Argent's Last Swim may be to your interest.


Thanks for whoever found my Red vs. the Pack story, if anyone had the early chapters of my “Soul Calibur: Temple of the Dark Gods” story and wants to re-post them I’d be in your debt. I’ve also been holding onto the 90% finished sequel to my Red vs. the Pack story. I’ll probably get around to posting it sometime soon.


There's a story I remember reading a while ago. The story involves a magic school with three characters, 2 girls and 1 boy, that are sent to the principals office for fighting in class. It starts with the main girl sitting outside of the principals office while the other two are being disciplined by the principal. When she's called into her office she soon notices the other two were being hanged as punishment, with the red headed girl near the end of her life, as the principal plans to revive the two sometime later. The principal also plans to hang the other girl for a certain amount of time, but she makes a deal with the principal to hang in short increments slowly working off her punishment.
I think i read it either on this site or thedarkspot, but can't remember which one or what thread it was in. I do remember someone had created a 3d model representation of the story.



It was originally posted on thedarkspot, but the illustrated version can be found at the artist's website:


I remember a story about a suicide hotline being on here within the past year or so. Does anyone have it? I was particularly wondering when it was first posted.





[Pussy Shooter] The Suicide Hotline [2016]

Part One: Lian the Chubby Asian

Lian. asian, chubby, depressed, obsessed with knives, parents are too demanding death looks like an escape

Lian sighed sadly as she hung up the phone. The chubby young virgin had been on the phone with the suicide help line. She now had the strength she needed, and an idea to help her.

'This would be the last time I ever do this... The hotline was right, this this kind of hot...'

She thought to herself as she started up her computer, her large collection of knives beside her. She quickly logged into a cam site and stripped, activating the camera on her bed. She smiled at it.

"Hi~ My name is Lian, and I have a special treat for you all~"

She practically moaned the line as she spread her legs. Her hairless teen pussy was already soaked from the thought of this.

'All of these people watching.... Do they know what they're watching?'

She thought to herself, getting even hornier. It was time. She let a hand glide between her legs and began rubbing her clit, which was a bit large compared to most girls. While rubbing her clit with one hand, she picked up one of her blades and teased her little slit carefully.

'Oh gods... The blade is cold... One slip and...'

She moaned loudly, slicing her own clit off as she began to squirt. The moan quickly mixed with the scream of pain and pleasure. She closed her legs as blood and cum sprayed, rolling onto her side so the camera could still see her cunt.

Ahhh~ Oh gods it hurts~

She shrieks, but regains herself enough to slide the sharp, jagged blade into her virgin slit. The blade shredded her vaginal walls, making her shriek again as it went in. Slowly she drove it to the hilt, then twisted. This completely destroyed her inner pussy before she removed the blade, panting.

"L-like what you see~? Did you enjoy watching this virgin kill her cunt~? The.. The show isn't over yet..."

She whimpered her lines as she showed the camera her badly bleeding, gravely wounded cunt. She retrieved a second blade from the stash next to her. With a sharper, smooth edge. For a clean cut. She smiled at the camera.

Being chubby had it's advantages. She actually had breasts. D cups, to be exact. She took the sharpened knife and slid it into the crease below her left tit with her right hand, holding the mound with the left. She took a deep breath, and sliced the globe off quickly, screaming in agony as she pissed herself this time.

She panted quietly, showing the breast to the camera before laying it aside and switching hands with the blade and repeating the process with her remaining breast. She showed them both to the camera, then lay one on each of her fluffy pink pillows. She looked at them sadly, then moved on.

"Now for the finally~ I've heard a lot of people like Asians having anal~"

She lay back on the bed, showing off her tight asshole, having never been used before. She stuck a finger in and moaned, slowly working a second in. After playing for a moment, she took her fingers out and drove the dagger up her virgin ass. She screamed and arched her back, spraying a final orgasm before collapsing, losing consciousness from blood loss.....

Three hours later her parents came home from the grocery store to find her bled out on the bed, a large dagger up her ass and her laptop showing the feed of her corpse from the camera they had bought her.....


[Eterya] Suicidal Hotline [2016]
in this thread>>13448


[Grimm] Soul Calibur: Temple of the Dark Gods [2014]
Just uploaded it here:>>13429


Sorry, I broke previous link^^, this must work:


also repair this link
[Eterya] Suicidal Hotline [2016]
in this thread


Does anyone remember the s Toru called 'The Cleaner?"

I believe it was a 2-story thread, the first involving a man sneaking into a household, then killing and fucking both the mother and child.

The 2nd was about a kid walking around shooting up a school while he fucked and killed two girls by my count.


Not my theme, but I just save everything^^

[Anon] Cleaner [2016]

Chapter 1
A Night-Time Snack

The window opened softly to the touch of his hands. He had done this many times before. His backpack came off his shoulder, he placed it by the window, and then went inside. The living room was pitch-black with parcels of light from the window coming from the night sky. He could make out a dining table, couch, and television. There was leftover pizza on the sink and he could almost smell the pepperoni from the dishes.

He playfully stuck his finger on a plate and licked the taste off from his gloves. Pepperoni? No, actually it was sausage. He had a giddy feeling in his heart. That excitement you get from being in a place you weren't supposed to be. Here he was the stranger. An anomaly. The danger that lurked beneath the bed, scaring little children at night. It was intoxicating, mesmerizing, and laughable. How would they taste? How would they smell? The more he thought about it the more his hands clenched into little white marbles.

His tongue began wagging disgustingly from the corner of his mouth. He immediately restrained himself, and returned to a calm shadow-like demeanor. No, not yet. It was too early for him to start to 'play'. He crept into the corridor, passing family photographs, taking each one with heightened interest. A family of three. A husband, wife, and their adorable little girl. Ah, this must be her graduation from elementary school.

And this must be her room.

A little pink bunny rabbit was stuck in front of an immaculately white door. It was so white it almost glowed in the dark. A grin passed up his face and he caressed the knob lightly before heading further down the hallway. There was an order to this that he had to follow. A sort of safety first guideline he made when he started this strange hobby. Big People First. Little People Later. Easy rule as long as you didn't get carried away.

The parent's bedroom gave off a more mature feeling. There was no lights. Just a light snoring. He carefully opened the door, and crept inside. The mother and father were sleeping on the bed, embracing each other blissfully unaware of his presence. His heart began to race as he approached the mother's side, before stopping just at the edge of the bed. He sat there for a bit, leaning on the bed and listening to her softly breathing in her sleep.

It was strangely calming in a way. To listen to this woman sleeping. He liked to think his mother was like this at some point in his life. A person that would make you feel safe just by being close to you. Or pat you on the head, saying she was proud of you. He never met his mother. So he could only guess and pretend. Pretend that she was singing him lullabies and holding him tight. Pretend she was worrying where he was going to at night. It was nice to pretend. It made him feel good.

He giggled silently to himself, and pulled out the knife from his pocket. It was a kitchen knife he had bought from one of those door to door salesmen. He made a really good pitch about it being able to cut through meat like nobodies business. And well? It did. There was a pained moan as the knife sank into the woman's armpit straight into her heart. She shuddered for a moment, and then relaxed as her heart was split in two. He had learned in history class this was how medieval knights used to dispatch their fallen foes. Painless it said. Easy it said.

He went over to her limp body, and sank his hands past her undergarments and into her breasts, gripping it firmly in his hands. It was a soft marshmallow feeling. He then placed his other hand over her mouth to keep her from spitting out the blood, and turned her body slightly using her breasts to face away from her husband so blood wouldn't spill over him.

Having finished the deed, he went over to the husbands side and finished him off the same way. Funnily enough the man actually started to spasm after the knife hit his heart. Like a zombie coming back from the dead. He smiled at the absurdity of it all and stabbed the husbands neck a few times to make sure he really was dead. He then lightly flipped the dead man off the bed before snuggling next to his dead wife covered in blood.

She was still warm and her breasts felt as though they were made of cotton candy even as he pulled up her shirt up and began sucking on them. He liked to twirl her nipple in his mouth, savoring the taste of it as he bit and squeezed it dry. He kept sucking on it before moving up to her chest and kissing her affectionately on her lips, taking in her motionless tongue and twisting it in his mouth.

Sucking her dry. Sucking the life out of her. He moved his fingers over her eyelids and pried them wide open so he could look at her expressionless face. Her vacant eyes staring at him as she was a doll. He fiddled around in her panties, prodding her clit, and sinking his fingers in her vagina. Yet, no matter what he did. She would return that same empty look. It was fun. It was hilarious. It was a game. He would touch every crevice, explore her in ways no one else could. His hands grew bolder, caressing, feeling, digging. She never changed, even as his fingers sank deeper into her flesh, becoming wet with her insides.

She looked at him as if he was a speck of dirt. An ant crawling on her thigh. Those empty eyes saw straight through him. He didn't exist. He was invisible. He was a nobody. He laughed softly to himself at the perfection of it all. Of the art he had created. His loins flared up as he brushed his dick up her leg gradually sinking into the sweet flesh tempting him inside. Perfect. It was so perfect. He could feel every quiver of her body as his dick plunged deeper and deeper. Her eyes began to roll back. Her hips rising up with the rhythm of his thrusts.

He tucked her arms around him like a blanket, curling her legs around his back in a lover's embrace. She was his, and he was hers. Her tongue falling out of her gaping mouth. He squeezed her breasts, clinging to them as if she was a raging bull. Thrust! And her arms would flail wildly. Thrust! And her legs would fall apart. A broken doll, a flesh doll. He clung to her tightly touching the deepest parts of her body. He was inside. Inside her mind. Inside her soul.

She couldn't resist him. She had to love him. He could feel her giving way. The contours of her flesh changing with each penetration. Welcoming it. Devouring it. He shuddered, pushing so deep that her legs came up over his shoulders. And then it all drained away. It was like a river passing into the sea. Seconds that seemed like hours as he lay atop her motionless body, quivering as sperm rushed into the very bowels of her being. He felt her uterus convulsing around his dick as a response, and juice spewed from her vagina. She came. She came even though she was dead.

He laughed, clutching her shaking legs. Even corpses can have orgasms. He breathed in deeply, and lay exhausted on her breasts. He bit on her tit playfully sucking on it, a bit bored. He kept his dick inside her, marinating in the sauces in her body. If she had been alive that stuff inside her might have actually become a baby. It was a funny feeling, churning life inside of a dead woman. If he stirred his dick fast enough would she still get pregnant? He giggled to himself, and caressed her hair, remembering all they had gone through to become one.

It was like this all the time. The ritual. The bonding. It was what made life worth living. He kissed the woman on the lips, and then blissfully lay on top of her. The only problem with his little hobby was that doing it with the same corpse became rather boring after a while.

Call it lover's remorse or the honeymoon phase. It was all the same to him. Bodies were like toys. It was only a matter of time before you needed a new one. He sighed and began mindlessly pounding her while thinking of his next idea. Her legs throbbing with each push of his hips. He twitched as he ejaculated inside her for the third time.

If she was smaller he could carry her around in his backpack, but she was too big. He could cutting her to pieces, but vaginas weren't really fun to play by themselves.

Another one night stand. How boring.

He slapped her butt. Her legs twitched beneath his weight. She had come again without him even noticing it. He pushed inside her one last time, kissing her affectionately, before releasing another load.

Her chest heaved mightily as everything went into her womb, filling her up.

"It was nice meeting you," he whispered into the dead woman's ear. He grunted pulling out, making sure that nothing spilled on the way out, closing her clit with his fingers, and placing her panties back over her privates. He playfully slapped the woman's boob, seeing her all dressed up, and zipped up his pants.

Now what about that little girl?

He sneaked out of the parents bedroom, and down the hallway. The immaculate bunny rabbit door which was once off limits now looked more inviting, tantalizing like a fruit that was about to ripen. He held his hands together giddy with excitement, and prodded the door open as quietly as he could. She was in there sleeping, not knowing her dad is dead and that he had just raped her dead mother. A grin turned to a smile. His hands reaching for her bedside, a creeping shadow in the dark. A blanket full of dancing ponies, and rainbow colored land.

He carefully stretched out his hands like a swath of ominous clouds, measuring her in every way. The lock in her hair, the soft whispers of her breath, the serene look that everything would be the same when she woke up. He smiles again. A new fresh body. A new wonderful game.

He barely contains the laughter in his voice as his hands gradually press down on her chest, groping her undeveloped breasts. Her face showing the slightest discomfort. An imaginary monster. She must be thinking. A nightmare. She must be feeling. He chuckles to himself, watching as her emotions materialize on her face. Is it nice and lovely? Is it wonderful and sweet? He moves his face two inches away for hers, seeing her slowly wake up as he molests her again and again. It isn't a dream. He is real.

It takes her two seconds to realize a stranger was in her room. She tries to scream, but it's too late. He grins maniacally as he kisses her before she can let out a word, smothering her with his body as she tries frantically to escape her bed. She tries again, turning her head away to scream, but he simply plows her face into the pillow muffling it entirely. Children were so easy. So simple. Scream all you want. It doesn't matter.

She struggles herself loose from the pillow, but that only makes him press on her throat with one hand, blocking her airway completely. She is losing it now. He can see it in her face. Please don't hurt me. Please stop hurting me. Her thrashing becomes more violent, but still he doesn't let up. He looks warily as his other hand rips apart her pajamas, and touches her panties. Ah, it is as good as he thought they'd feel. He sinks his fingers into her one at a time despite her tossing. But then her vaginal muscles start closing up, not wanting him to go inside.

She doesn't accept me. No. She doesn't love me.

He stares curiously at the girl, tightening his grip around her neck. Accept me. Love me. He wants to say but it only makes her fight that much harder. He pulls out his penis and begins ramming it into her vagina. It doesn't go in. It's locked up tight. He grins, finding it funny. He pulls back farther this time and rams it in harder. Her little body spasms violently, and he goes in a few centimeters deeper. He can feel her muscles contracting painful beneath his weight, but still she doesn't give up.

He pulls back even farther this time. A terrified face stares up back at him. She shakes her head not wanting it to happen. He smiles, slamming into her even harder. The child's bed creaks as her legs flail wildly at his side. Her arms start losing strength and her eyes roll into her head. Halfway in. He looks at his dick curiously, seeing if he can push it in deeper. She isn't moving that much now. He grabs her hip and tries to pull himself inside, but her muscles were still locked tight, bobbing her long hair up and down with every attempt.

Her legs wrap around his back, before he can try for a third attempt. Her body is trembling now. Her hands shaking, begging him to stop as she regains consciousness. He brushes her hair aside, staring at her beautiful face. She almost looks happy now. Relieved even as he loosens his grip on her throat. That is until he lifts himself up off the bed with her body in tow. He smiled, never leaving his eyes off her horrified face as he slammed both their bodies into the bed.

Her back grotesquely contorts at the impact and her legs tightened up around his back squeezing him tighter than humanly possible. He can feel her shaking beneath him, gurgling white foam from her mouth. He laughs quietly, kissing her face. He could feel it now. The deepest reaches of her body. They had finally become one. Together forever. He stroked her hips, pushing into her secrets, sharing in her life. She didn't have to be afraid anymore. He would always be here to protect her. To save her. He smiled, as his body trembled, ejaculating into her tiny womb.

He lay on top of her satisfied, stroking her hair. His hips still continuing to move, plunging in and out of her unresponsive body. As he whispered sweet things into the girl's ears he heard a strange banging noise from the floor below followed by a yell.

"Keep it down up there! Some of us are trying to sleep!"

He grins to himself holding the limp girl in his hands, feeling her tiny flesh wrapped around his dick. They don't even know what I did. That I am here. He giggles, lying motionless with his prize, her hips pumping rhythmically with her own. She is a doll, and I am the puppet master. He relieved himself inside her and then carried her up to her small desk by her bed.

Interestingly enough. She is small enough for him to carry around unlike her mother. He could make her his pet? Maybe, a cat? He manually bounced her body up and down his lap, moving it around to stimulate his dick inside her cervix. Her body was still spasming uncontrollably like a large vibrator. Her hair dangling precariously every time his dick struck her womb. It felt good. Painfully good. It was a pity he had came so many times inside her dead mother, otherwise his dick would still be shooting sperm. As it was he simply painfully ejaculated empty blanks. Still, it was always funny to see the girl spasming with every thrust of his penis.

He looked interestingly to some of the pictures the girl had drawn on her desk and picked up a crayon using her lifeless hand, and began drawing.

"This one is an elephant. And this one is a zebra," he whispered to her softly, bouncing her up and down his lap. He grunted again, pressing her body against the table, trembling as he ejaculated another blank into her still form.

"I think that's enough learning for tonight," he giggled, carrying her up with him. He took her up through the living room, and got a rope from his bag tying her ankles and her arms around his shoulder like a backpack so that his dick could be inside her all the time. She was now his human sex doll. Genius. Absolutely, genius. He lightly jogged, feeling her petite body banging on his dick with every step. One jump. One penetration. It was getting to the point where his dick felt more natural inside her body than outside.

He sat at the table, and poured himself some cereal. He had to admit all this sex had gotten him hungry. He maneuvered himself around his sex doll, allowing himself one thrust every two bites. Stroking her gently, he felt her unconsciously shaking as he ejaculated another blank into her body. Ah, he could never get rid of this lovely feeling. He grinned, putting on a jacket to hide her naked body, and slowly crawled out back through the window. Time to return home with his prize.

[Anon] High School Shooting [2016]

Avery Knudson fidgeted in his classroom going over the scene in his head. He was going to shoot them, every last one of them. The cheerleaders who bullied him, the jocks who beat him up, the emo kids for laughing at him, and the nerds for because they were assholes.

Everyone was going to die, and they were going to know that Avery fucking killed every last one of them. He pulled out a gun right as the bell rang. The rest of the students had started to sit down.

His teacher was the first to notice. She had a wide doe-eyed look as she saw the gun in his hand. She was carrying a stack of their tests that she had graded last night to pass to each of them in the morning.

“Avery! What are yo-”


He shot Mrs. Clayton right in the forehead. Dead. She fell to the ground, dropping all the papers to the ground.

“Holy shit! He’s got a gun!”

*bang* *bang*

He shot Phillip in the head and then in the chest. The kid dropped to the ground, with a bloody cavity in his body. The rest of the class went into a panic, running straight for the door.

*bang* *bang* *bang*

More shots into a crowd. Melanie Summers a cute girl with a white daisy dress was hit in the side of her head, blowing her brains out into the wall. Jeffery Coleman made it halfway out before getting shot in the stomach and head. Lori Rodriguez was hit in her back and fell down before even making it to the door.

She looked at Avery pleadingly, shaking her head as he walked over to her.


She was dead now. Twenty-three assholes left to go.

Thirteen of his classmates made it out the door before he could stop them, leaving ten of the slower ones hiding behind their desks.

“Yo, Avery! Stop! Man, this is crazy.”

“Quit hiding, Oliver.”

Avery looked over the desk trying to get a good shot.

“Just die already.”

“I don’t wanna die, man. Just don’t kill me. Don’t k-”


Oliver’s head peeled back as a new bullet hole made its way to his brain.


Tricia Henderson fainted on the spot.


Now, she was dead on the spot. Her legs twitched as she began to pee on the ground.

Avery turned around.


He shot Nathaniel Perry in the back of his head as he tried to sneak behind him. His white polo-shirt now ran red with his blood.

*bang* *bang*

William Aldridge and David Jackson were both hiding under the teacher’s desk. Their bodies slumped into the foot of the table.

Joshua Michie, Christine Taylor, and Clifton Regan tried to hide in the supply closet. He shot up the closet seven times, and opened it to make sure they were dead. They all were slumped inside, like a human tetris, leaning up against one another. He took a moment to reach inside Christine’s dress and fondle her boobs.

He had always thought she was the cutest girl in the class. She had these nice looking button up dresses with the frilly sleeves and long skirts. It was too bad she had to hang out with asshole Darren Young and Paul Hart. Maybe, then she wouldn’t have had to die.

Two more left in the classroom.

“W-Wait! Avery! N-No! Don’t kill me. I can have sex with you! I can suck you off! Don’t! Please! No!”

Avery turned over a desk and there was Tanisha Grey huddled down in a corner covering her face.

“Please! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to...please…”

“You got twenty seconds,” said Avery, feeling the hard-on on his dick. Fuck. If he was going to die after this he might as well have sex. “If you don’t make me cum in twenty seconds. I shoot you. Start now.”

Tanisha quickly scrambled to his pants and took in his dick in her mouth. She sucked him off as if her life depended on it. Her tongue licked his dick and worked its way to his ballsack.

He leaned back into a chair and sat down as the girl got up and pulled off her skirt. She wasn’t even wet. He could see a hint of pain on her face as his dick went straight raw into her vagina. He pointed the gun right at her head.

“Fifteen seconds.”

She embraced him. Pushing his dick as deep into her. Grinding her hips against him as quickly as possible.


There were tears on her eyes as he started to countdown.

“Eleven. Ten. Nine…”

“N-No. Please don’t shoot. Please don’t shoot.”

“Six. Five. Four.”

She kissed him. Her legs hugging him tightly, willing him to release his sperm.



He shot her. Her head knocked back at an odd angle, leaving her vagina twitching sporadically in shock. He tingled, feeling more pleasure than he had ever felt in his life.

“What the...oh..ah..”

The naked teenager was still sputtering in her death throes as her legs tightened around his waist. Her breasts beating against his chest as her brain lay spattered on the ground.

God. She was still breathing. His hand moved up her bra, revealing her nubile breasts. He squeezed it, gently hugging her, feeling the last vestiges of life draining away from her body.

*ba-dum* *ba-dum*

He was coming inside of her now. His penis spewing out hot cum inside of her womb. Her vaginal muscles twitching, accepting every drop.

*ba-dum…* *badum…*

Her heartbeat was slowing down now. He held her close, burying his face in her chest, sucking on her tit.


And then it was gone. He came inside of her as it slowed to into nothingness. Feeling her withering away in his hands. Her arms slacking down, lifeless to her side. Her legs relaxing over his hips.

Her waist shook as his dick tingled inside her vagina. She was finally dead. felt so good.

He let her drop to the ground after squeezing the last bit of sperm he had into her unresponsive body.

“Fuck,” said Avery, “If I knew it felt that good. I’d have sex sooner. Shit.”

He looked to the last girl in the classroom. Mitsuki Kukichi. She was hiding behind the last desk near the window, looking absolutely mortified.

“Come over here. Or I’ll shoot you.”


“I’m going to shoot you.”

“You...are going to shoot me anyway.”

“Hmm,” paused Avery, walking towards her half-naked “Yeah, you’re right.”


He shot her in the leg, causing her to scream.


“It would help if you start begging for your life.”


He shot her in the shoulder.


“Hurts doesn’t it?”


“Have sex with me.”


“Wrong answer.”

Avery punched her in the face and began to beat the shit out of her, leaving her bruised and bloodied on the ground. He looked up at the clock in the middle of the classroom. Five minutes had just passed. He had to find the rest of those assholes before the cops arrived.

He dragged Mitsuki up to a rolling desk and put her face down with her butt towards him. She was wearing a pair of jeans so it was harder for him to take it off. He unzipped her zipper and pulled it down to her ankles.

“They...are going to shoot you….fucking Knudson….cops..are gonna…uhh!?”

He stuck his dick into her before she could finish, pulling her panties off to one side.

“What were you gonna say Mitsuki? I couldn’t hear you.”

He pounded her from behind, watching her long hair thrust forward with the motions of his dick.


She couldn’t even finish a sentence as he fucked her. He rolled her out, fucking her as he carted the rolling desk into the hallway.

He heard the shooting bell ring through the intercom as he made his way to nearest classroom.

“Attention. Jefferson High. There is a shooter on campus. Remain calm and inside your classrooms. I repeat. This is not a drill. Lock your doors and remain in your classrooms until the all safe signal is given.”

“Well, damn it,” said Avery, fucking Mistuki. She lay in front of him as he pressed his dick back into her vagina. He watched almost gleefully as her legs were writhing underneath him, almost revolted by his touch.

She hated him. Oh, she hated him. And now he was fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

“Avery! Come in. There is a shooter-”


He shot Mr. Hamilton. His history teacher. The idiot actually opened the door. He pushed the cart into the history classroom, watching everyone scream as he walked in with a gun. That’s right. He was the master now, bitches.


Mitsuki tried to reach for everyone in the room who had ran to one corner of the classroom. Her hips still firmly planted in Avery’s dick.

“Shut up!”

He plunged his dick deeper into her body causing her to cough blood.

“I! Am! The! Master!” said Avery, fucking her with every word. Her hips moved in response, causing her body to lurch forward.


He swept his hand into her blouse and grabbed her small a-cup breasts, cupping her firmly onto his penis. He pointed the gun at her head, as he slowly pounded her while watching the rest of the class.

“Now...uh~ah~” said Avery, cumming inside of Mitsuki, again. “Where...uh~are the rest of those assholes in my classes.”


there was a story on here a while back, a schoolgirl at a religious school is hanged for having sex. very sad, very cute.




I have been looking for a story that used to be on here. It was called "The Message" it was about a girl that was kidnapped by the mafia as a message to her dad. Anyone have it?



[Devlin] Message [2016] [MMMg, loli, horror, rape, torture, gore, beastiality, extreme]

Chapter 1

"Do you know what rape is, little girl?"

Ten year old Alice Durant stared blankly ahead at the man who directed the question at her. He spoke with a thick Russian accent, but his English was fluent.

Alice did not know what rape was.

She was trembling in fear. She knew that this man was going to do bad things to her. She could feel it in her gut. But she did not what they were going to be. The man chuckled.

"Do you know what a penis is then?" he asked. "Or maybe a pussy?"

Alice again did not respond. She looked away towards the floor. He laughed again. This was going to be fun. He walked closer to the little girl and unzipped his pants, pulling his penis out and positioning it a few inches away from her face. Alice closed her eyes. She was starting to feel dizzy. The man chuckled.

"My name is Dmitri. Actually it is not my favorite name because it is quite common, but my mother gave it to me, so I cannot complain. What is your name, little girl?"

Dmitri knew her name already, but Alice still did not speak.

Alice had been kidnapped. Her father, Edward Durant, was an American businessman working in Moscow. Mr. Durant had been unsatisfied with the amount of money he was making in the shipping business and wanted to supplement his earnings with smuggled goods. This meant that he had to deal in the black market, and although his profits nearly tripled, he had to do business with the certain elements of the Russian mafia, or the Bratva in St. Petersburg. They called themselves the Pushkin clan, or the Pushkins, and not only were they a particularly brutal and violent group of individuals, they also had a lot of influence and ample amounts of control in the shipping in that region. Eventually, they wanted a larger cut of Mr. Durant's profits, but Mr. Durant was unwilling to give in to them and found ways to cut underhand deals with their competitors.

At the end of the day, the Pushkins found out that Mr. Durant was costing them a lot of money. And when they did realize this, they wanted to send a message to anybody else who dared to defy them. They figured capturing and killing Mr. Durant was not enough. After all, they had been doing this to people who defied them for years now, and people still double-crossed the mafia. They wanted to send a stronger message. Instead of taking him, they made plans to capture his ten year old daughter Alice instead.

The intended message was simple. If you mess with the Pushkins, it won't be you they'll be after. It'll be your family. And it was Mr. Durant's family they were after. Alice was Mr. Durant's only daughter and his only family. His wife had died in a car accident years ago. Alice meant the world to Mr. Durant.

So they made plans to take her. And they didn't want to go soft on Alice because she was a girl. They were going to do to Alice what they did to all their other male victims, which was make her suffer. And so they started to plan. There were a few in the Pushkins that disagreed with taking a girl. They felt it wasn’t right. But enough people wanted it to happen that the kidnapping was going to happen.

Besides, it was just this once. They were doing it so that fewer people defied them, and if fewer people defied them, they wouldn't have to punish as many people. In the end, they were actually decreasing the net amount of suffering they would have to give. They took this matter very seriously. They didn't want to have to do this all over again. They wanted to get it right on the first time, so they also made plans to capture on videotape the entire encounter, so that a record of what happened would always be available.

Grabbing the girl was easy enough. Alice only visited her father during the summers. She spent the school year in the states with her distant aunt. When her father was away for work, she was left alone in his apartment in Moscow.

Men from the Pushkins stormed her residence one day late in the morning after Mr. Durant had left for work. Alice had already gotten out of bed and finished breakfast. When she saw the men coming through her windows, she screamed, but before she could do much else, she was shot with a taser in the chest, and collapsed to the ground.

Chapter 2

After Alice was taken from her home, she was driven blindfolded in a black sedan. She had soiled herself following the taser attack and was sobbing wildly. After a few hours, Alice was pulled from the car and led into a strange building, where she was pushed from behind on her neck. She walked forward cautiously, turning only when pushed to the left or right. Eventually, the man grabbing the back of her neck released, and her blindfold was removed.

She looked around. She was in a dimly-lit room. Tears were streaming down her face. She had been crying for hours now. She was surrounded by strange men. The room was somewhat large. A few fluorescent lamps lit the ceiling, which was strangely covered every few feet with metal hooks. A few chairs and a small table were pushed over the far end of the room. The room had just one door. All the walls were solid grey. The room had no windows. At each of the room's four corners was a camera pointing directly towards the center of the room. A red light blinked every few seconds from the side of each camera.

Alice was deep underground in a facility located in the outskirts of Mosco. The facility had been built long ago by the military but sold to a private contractor years later, who then sold it to the Pushkins. The Pushkins used this building to conduct all sorts of shady business, like housing its kidnap victims, but in more recent times, it had been modified to as a safe place to torture its enemies. Its walls were thick, and its location was so remote that its victims screams were never heard. There were usually only a few cronies around to guard the compound, but today was different. There were no shortage of mafia henchmen today.

The mafia brought in every known sadist that worked in their organization. It seemed like all the worst men in Russia had gathered in this one place. The most hardened criminals, the most brutal, violent, and sadistic men the mafia employed. None of these men wanted to miss this opportunity. Though a criminal organization like the Pushkins had no shortage of sadists to call upon for their services, there was only one king.

His name was Dmitri, and he was lower-level boss. He did not have much power or authority in the organization, but his one true value, his sadistic nature, was hard to find and cherished by the top brass in the Pushkins. Dmitri had served them well over the years.

Dmitri looked at Alice and spoke, "My oh my, child. You are just the most beautiful little girl I have ever laid eyes upon. What beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes! Truly an angel. Pity your father decided to go against us."

Alice looked up again at Dmitri. She had no idea what he was talking about.

"I know that your name is Alice. What a pretty little name! Alice, your father has been a very bad man, and I'm sorry, but you are here today in his place to accept his punishment."

Dmitri seemed to be enjoying himself.

"We are going to rape you, little girl. We are going to tear your little cunt and your tiny ass and throat until they are bleeding from the inside. We are going to fill your little body with cum. Look at you. Poor thing! Do you even know what I am talking about? You don't even have tits yet. Do you know what fucking is? Ha! You will soon. Actually, I must admit. We usually don't get to hurt girls your age. I am looking forward to stretching that little pussy out. Pity that you are so young, because I suspect it's going to hurt. Bad. You'll see."

Alice understood little of what Dmitri was talking about. But she did catch between her sobs that he was going to hurt her, and she did not want that. Her knees began to wobble uncontrollably.

"It's very hard for me to explain what we are going to do to you, little girl. Really, the best way to explain is to show you," Dmitri smirked.

Dmitri paused for a second and then motioned to the four other guards in the room. One of them exited, returning just moments later with six other men. Many more were waiting outside in the hallway. These men did not typically work at this facility. They were here today for one specific reason only. He pointed to one of the men and ordered him to drop his pants. He complied with hesitation. Dmitri walked around and grabbed Alice's shoulders from behind. He shoved her towards him.

"On your knees!" Dmitri shouted.

Alice resisted, but was hit hard by Dmitri with the palm of his hand on her bottom. Alice fell to her knees.

"Open your eyes, girl! Do it now!"

Alice's eyes were still shut. She began to sob harder. Dmitri's patience was growing thin.

"Open your eyes, you little shit, or we are going to take off all of your clothes!"

Alice panicked. She wanted her clothes to stay on, so she opened her eyes. The man's penis was only inches away from her face.

"Lick it!" Dmitri ordered.

Alice kept her mouth shut.

"Do it, or we will hurt you!" Dmitri shouted. He was furious at this point.

Tears streamed down Alice's face. She kept her eyes closed and still refused to open her mouth. Dmitri grabbed her head and pushed it forward. Her tightly pressed lips touched the man's penis, who then grabbed his penis and rubbed it all over Alice's face. Alice pushed his penis away with her hands, but it continued to grow and enlarge with excitement.

Dmitri shouted something in Russian to his guards. One of the them walked behind Alice and grabbed the sides of both of her arms, lifting her up onto her feet. Alice kicked her legs, but both were soon they were both grabbed by another guard, who crouched behind her to restrain her lower half.

Dmitri produced a knife and displayed it a few inches from Alice's face, who eyes were now wide open. The little girl was screaming in panic. She desperately tried to move her arms and kick her legs, but she too weak to resist the men grabbing her and holding her limbs tightly to her body.

Dmitri then slowly cut open her shirt, revealing a small tank top underneath. He quickly sliced open the arm slots of the shirt, pulling the entire article of clothing off of her and tossing it aside. He then began to work on pants, first unbuttoning, and then unzipping it, revealing her pink panties underneath. A floral pattern embroidered on the front was revealed. He ordered the guards holding her legs apart to move them both back towards the center, and then, in one swift motion pulled her pants down. He struggled to fully remove her pants without getting kicked in the face, but after a few prolonged seconds managed to be successful.

Dmitri then backed up to admire the little girl, now clad only in her panties and spaghetti tank top. She had the perfect body. She was toned, but not too muscular. She was skinny, but not wire-thin. She was small, but did anybody expect? She was only ten years old. A gorgeous one at that. Dmitri wondered if she'd even survive her first night here.

He then moved back towards the frenzied child and cut the two straps of her tank top from her shoulders, which fell to her stomach, exposing her nipples. He studied her chest. She had barely begun puberty. She had no breasts, but she did have small breast buds. Her nipples were still small, but underneath them were small coin-sized mounds, signaling the initial stages of breast development. Dmitri smiled. Breast buds were tender and extremely sensitive on young girls.

Dmitri cut the rest of the tank top and threw it behind him. All that was left that clothed the little girl were her panties. And then he smelled something strange. The men started to laugh. He sniffed again and looked down at Alice's panties. She was soiling herself. The urine flowed down her right leg as the darkened wet spot on her panties grew larger.

Little Alice looked horrified. She tried to move her arms to cover her panties, but they were held firmly to her sides. All she could do was look down. She saw the growing puddle of liquid at her feet. She could hear the men all around her laughing. She had never felt more shame in her life, but could not stop her bladder from emptying. She more she tried to stop her stream, the stronger it came out.

Suddenly, she felt a slap across her face.

"Bad girl!" Dmitri said, as he slapped her across the face again. "Bad girl! Aren't you a little too old to be pissing yourself? Shouldn't you be potty-trained by now? Say that you're a dirty little girl. Say it!"

He slapped her again. The men in the room were laughing hysterically.

Dmitri grabbed her left nipple and twisted. Alice cried out in pain.

"Say it!" Dmitri shouted.

Alice continued to cry. Another slap landed on her cheek.

"I'm a," Alice sobbed, "I'm a, I'm a-"

Another slap landed.

"I'm a d-d-dirty little g-girl."

"Now say you need to be punished!"

"I-I-I," Alice stammered.

Dmitri pinched Alice's right nipple with two fingers and pulled.

Alice cried out.

"Say it!"

"I-I need to be p-punished!" Alice finally said.

Dmitri yanked Alice's panties down. He looked at her genitals. They were perfection. Her feminine lips were puffy and hairless, and because they were covered in urine, they glistened in the dim grey-blue light of the room.

Two of the men lifted the naked girl up and placed her flat on her back onto a small metal table, which had been moved so that it was now in the center of the room. They admired her tiny pre-pubescent body. Her creamy white skin was soft and smooth without any imperfections. She did not have a single hair on her body save for that on her head. They cuffed each wrist with thick leather cuffs and pulled them out sideways and above her head, anchoring them to the legs of the table with a thick metal chain. They did the same with her ankles. Alice was now spread-eagle on the table. They adjusted her restraints so that her bottom was closer to the end of the table and her legs dangled over the edge.

Then, they took turns tasting her.

Alice's shame only grew, but her shame quickly turned into suffering. The men used their tongues to lick and explore every inch of her. They licked her rosy-red and freshly slapped cheeks. They pressed their lips to hers, and sucked on her neck and earlobes. Then they began sucking and gently biting on her nipples, flicking them inside their mouths with their tongues. A few of the men even began licking her armpits. She had the softest skin, and the beads of salty sweat that percolated up into the surface of her skin made her that much more a delicious treat.

The first few men to put their lips on Alice's crotch savored her taste. She was a little salty, and the men sucked greedily on her vulva. They licked her mons, appreciating the ammoniated taste of even the small amount of urine still clinging to her skin. They ran their tongues up and down her fissure, probing deeply into her sensitive crevices. Her skin was soft, but the pink-red mucosa in the center was velvety slick and divine.

But in stark contrast to the pleasure the men were experiencing, Alice was in pain. Many of the men had facial hair, and the rough stubble rubbed painfully against her sensitive skin. And although they were just using their tongues to explore her, her young vulva was still so sensitive that their tongues rubbing up and down into her slit were causing significant discomfort. When they sucked on her clit and flicked it rapidly with their tongues, Alice arched her back and grunted. Some even tried to push the tips of their tongues as far as they could into her vagina, but the entrance to her hole was still guarded by her unbroken hymen. They even probed their tongues against her urethra, which stung considerably.

More than half an hour had passed, and Alice had been thoroughly tasted. The men were so riled up and frenzied that half of them had already undressed with pre-ejaculate dripping from their male organs.

They were ready to rape her.

Although Alice herself was dry as a bone, no lubrication was required for penetration. The men had produced so much pre-ejaculate, that the first rapist was able to get her little vaginal slit gleaming with slime by just rubbing his penile head in between her labia and milking his shaft.

He pushed, but her little hole was so small that his first few attempts were unsuccessful, despite him being rock-hard.

He pushed again, but this time, grabbed hold of her tiny hips and pulled towards himself. Alice screamed as her tiny hole gave way to his adult shaft. Her hymen had broken and she was now bleeding.

He pushed again, burying himself deeper into the child. Her thin, undeveloped vaginal walls gripped his member tightly. Alice howled in pain.

Alice was only a year or two away from starting puberty, and her vagina was still mostly pre-pubescent. It was shorter in length than an adult's, and its walls were beefy red and thin, unlike the thick, muscled layers of an adult vagina. Adult female vaginas following puberty had to change to be able to stretch and take considerable punishment. After all, they did allow passage of babies. Alice's vagina, on the other hand, was sensitive and tender. It was not meant to deliver babies yet, let alone undergo intercourse. Making insertion of an object extremely painful in prepubescent children was nature's way saying that these vaginas were not yet ready to be used.

But this man did not know this, and even if he did, he wouldn't have cared.

The shaft of his penis didn't even cover half-way before the tip of his member made contact with her cervix. He thrusted harder, pushing her cervix and tiny uterus deeper into her abdominal cavity, stretching the already thin vaginal walls to their limits to finally accommodate most, though not all, of his shaft.

And then he began to pump, slowly, at first. Alice was so dry and tight that even this was a tiny but painful for him. However, as more pre-ejaculate and blood lubricated the rape, he quickened his pace. As the rape progressed, the men undid the chain tying her ankles down so that her rapist could grab her legs and lift them above his shoulders. Alice's insides shifted slightly upon every thrust, and waves of force rippled from her crotch to her torso every time the man's thighs slapped loudly against hers.

It didn't take long for her first rapist to ejaculate into her, lubricating her walls and making entry for her second rapist much easier. It wasn’t until her second rape that Alice tore. Blood began to ooze from her vaginal opening. Her second rapist was rather well-endowed, and not only did he thrust with greater speed and force, he was also a bit more adventurous than the first. He decided mid-rape that he was going to be the first to sodomize her.

The man removed his penis from her vagina, covered in semen and blood. He pushed his finger into Alice's rectum and wiggled it around, causing Alice to react by squeezing her sphincter tightly. It took him several attempts and more than a minute, but he finally succeeded in pushing his penis into her anus, and with a firm pull on her hips, he had made it all the way into her rectum. Cheered on by his friends, he began alternating thrusts between her bleeding vagina and anus.

Alice screamed in anguish as she was raped by these men. Every thrust shook her tiny body, sending tiny waves of force that reverberated through her vocal cords, rhythmically interrupted her screams. She was so consumed with pain that she could not even register the attempts some of the men were making to get her to keep her mouth open. They decided they could not risk her biting down from the pain and during her screams, they slipped a ring gag into her mouth.

Two lines formed. One line was for raping and sodomizing the girl, and the other line was to rape her orally.

Alice was violently savaged for hours from both ends until all of the men had ejaculated several times and were too tired to continue. Some would leave the room to grab a drink or have a cigarette and return when they could muster the energy to get in line and continue. Dmitri was the most violent and sadistic of the men. He would slap Alice as he raped her, pinch her nipples and twist them with reckless abandon. And when he was finished, he would often just stand at the back of the room observing the rest of his men take turns on her, while he puffed his cigar.

Alice lost consciousness several times. The men who were raping her throat sometimes would forget to let the poor girl breathe. Dmitri, despite his cruelty, was ever vigilant to keep the men from suffocating Alice. When Dmitri would see the girl lose consciousness and cease all forms of struggle, he would pry the man orally raping her away and allow the girl to recover and catch her breath. As soon as Alice had enough time to breathe, Dmitri would allow the throat rape to continue.

The one-sided orgy lasted all day and all night. Long before its end Alice had already lost the will and energy to move or struggle. She had lost her voice as well. All told, nearly thirty men had had their way with the girl. The room had been so crowded that many chose to rest in the hallway outside. It was much cooler outside of the room anyways.

Those that were still in the room were either sitting with their backs against the walls, smoking cigarettes, napping, or chatting. Occasionally, one would get up with his buddy and the two would rape her, but because Alice was now covered in so many bodily fluids, was so bloodied and bruised, and was so limp and lifeless that most of the men were no longer interested or aroused.

Dmitri stood up to inspect the abused girl lying ruined on the table. She was leaking blood from every major orifice. She had lost quite a bit of blood. Layers of dried blood and semen had been smeared all over her body. Her ankle and wrists had been unbound hours ago because she stopped putting up a resistance.

Dmitri ordered his men to lift up her body and remove the table from underneath her, resting her down on the floor, which was covered in her own vomit, smeared with dirt from the bottom of his men's boots, and mixed in with more of the little girl's blood and their semen. Her hair was matted, dirty, and sticky. Her skin was covered in scratches and bite marks. Light bruising all over her body but especially around her breasts and genitalia were beginning to form.

Dmitri ordered all of the men that day to get in line and in one final act of desecration to this once heavenly angel, ordered them to take turns urinating over the girl. Urine splashed over her face, causing her to retch and cough, spewing pungent urine into the air. When they had finished, Dmitri ordered all but his own men away. The couple of guards that remained mopped up the mess.

Alice, who looked dead, was dragged out of the room and into the shower room, where she was hosed down with soap and water, scrubbed with a thick hard brush, dried, and finally covered in anti-septic ointment and bandages. She was then inspected inside and out by a doctor, who was always imprisoned at the facility. She had lost a significant amount of blood and needed several bags of fluid. Her vagina had several major tears that required immediate stitching, and her anus had also fissured in several locations, but it was determined that a surgical repair was unnecessary. In addition, her skin had been scratched and bitten in so many locations that the doctor examining her ordered for her to receive large prophylactic of antibiotics to fight inevitable infection.

A barely conscious Alice was placed in a stretcher and carried back to the room with the cameras where she was raped, where she was not even afforded the decency of a room or a mattress. In the corner of the room now appeared a six foot by six foot cubical cage that had been placed while she was being cleaned. The bottom was lined with a hard gymnastics-like blue mat. The guards tossed her in and locked her cage. Alice, thoroughly exhausted, quickly feel asleep.

After a brief shower, Dmitri himself visited the small cage that Alice was being kept in. The child's hair was clean again, though knotted, and her wounds were bandaged up. Although she had just been through hell, she looked so peaceful in her slumber.

Unfortunately, Dmitri thought to himself, if she survived over the next few days, this nightmare was just getting started for her.

Chapter 3

That night, Alice had nightmares.

When she woke, she saw Dmitri enter with a few of his assistants. They opened the cage for her.

"Crawl out, like a little doggie," said Dmitri.

Alice looked up at the man. She got on her hands and knees, and crawled out of the cage. Her knees hurt as they made contact with the hard white linoleum floor outside of her cage.

"Get up, but stay on your knees," said Dmitri.

Alice lifted her head and torso up straight. She kept her arms at her side. Dmitri walked up to her and wrapped a dog collar around her neck. He then grabbed from one of his assistants a dog bowl and placed it down on the ground in front of her, only a few feet away from her knees.

"Eat it, little doggie" Dmitri said to the little girl in front of him.

Alice was starving. She hadn't eaten in so long, at least for over a day. The dog bowl was filled with a brown pasty mush.

"Eat it," Dmitri repeated as he pointed towards a dog bowl placed in front of Alice.

"I made it myself, you know," Dmitri said. "If you don't eat it, I will be offended. And of course, you will be punished. This is what you will eat while you are here. It's a special mix of dry dog food and vitamins. You may be wondering why it looks so moist. Well, I have asked my men that work here to donate to me every day fresh semen, which for some reason they are more than willing to do so, and have lots of. With these ingredients, I blend it in. And don't worry. It's very nutritious. It might not look it, but it is a very balanced diet. But for today, I add something extra, something special for your first time."

Dmitri unzipped his pants and urinated into the bowl, covering the sides of the mush in the bowl with a pool of yellow liquid.

Alice looked at the contents of the dog bowl in front of her again. She was starving, but even then, she had lost her appetite to after what Dmitri just did. She looked at Dmitri again, who slapped her in the face hard.

Alice had no choice. She lowered her head, and opened her mouth. Her throat was still sore from the oral rapes yesterday. However, right before she took a bite, she took a whiff of the putrid mush and lifted her head.

She pleaded with Dmitri in a raspy voice.

"Please, mister. Please, don't make me eat that. I'll eat anything else but that."

Dmitri kicked her in the ribs and grabbed an electric cattle prod from one of his men.

"Eat it now, or I'll introduce you to my best friend."

Alice had no idea what the rod he was carrying could do, but she wasn't in a hurry to find out. She lowered her head once more and licked the mush. Instantly, she dry retched, and moments later, she felt a powerful jolt in her right thigh. The intense electric current burned and was extremely painful. The spot where she was shocked lingered with residual soreness.

"This is a cattle prod, little girl. It's normally used for cattle, which are several times bigger than you are. But here, this is used for bad little girls who do not follow directions. Like you. This time I want you to really swallow. If you vomit, I want you to keep the vomit in. I'm going to give you more time today to eat it than I will after today, but I do want to see this bowl clean when you are done. Again! Get on your knees! I want your face down into the bowl and I want to see you eating. Now!"

Alice felt another jolt, but this time it was on the side of her ribs. It hurt just as intense. She got on her knees and lowered her face.

"Ass in the air! Raise your ass into the air!" Dmitri shouted, tapping her butt with his prod.

Alice raised her butt into the air towards the ceiling. Dmitri lowered his prod so that the tip was touching her anus. Alice yelped and retracted her buttocks slightly in response to the intrusion.

"I want to see you swallow every last drop of it, or I introduce my friend to your cute little asshole here." Dmitri said, with an evil grin.

Alice held her breath and began to eat, taking huge gulps. She retched again, spilling what little she had eaten onto the floor, and without delay, lurched forward in agony from the powerful shock delivered to her anus, landing her chest onto the half eaten contents of the dog bowl and onto her own vomit.

"Clean it up!" Dmitri ordered. "I want you to clean up all of your vomit, and when you are done, I want you to finish what's in the bowl!"

It took nearly an hour of retching and subsequently getting punished with electricity, but Alice was finally able to lick up her vomit and clean up her dog bowl. Her throat was burning, and her anus was throbbing. She felt sick.

"Good," Dmitri said. "I know that yesterday was difficult, and frankly I am surprised you survived. You are a tough little girl. You lost a lot of blood. I was afraid that maybe we were going to kill you. I congratulate you for surviving, but you may be the unlucky one. You will pray for death long before it actually comes."

Alice's heart dropped.

"But today, will be different. In fact, for the next few days, you will get to rest. You little pussy is beaten up, for sure, and we cannot afford to have any of your stitches break. You little asshole was pretty torn up too. The doctor warned us that anytime we put you through this kind of stress that we give your body time to rest too. Something about your kidneys. I wasn't paying attention to that silly man. But my boss wants you alive and mostly well, so we will listen to the doctor this time. The last few men we have tortured seemed to die much too quick. I wonder if it was because we did not listen to the doctor? But we won't make that mistake this time. And we want you to last, so you will have some time off to heal."

"We will spend some time today going over the rules. You would do well to remember that you are nothing here. You are worthless. You are no better than the dirt underneath my boot, and the shit that my men squeeze from their asses. Do you understand?"

Tears welled up Alice's eyes.

"I want you to say you understand, and when you do, I want you to address me as master," Dmitri barked.

Alice hesitated. Dmitri lifted up the cattle prod.

"Yes, master."

"Yes, master, what?" Dmitri retorted.

"Yes, master, I understand."

"What do you understand?"

"That I am worthless," Alice sobbed.

"How old are you, little girl?" Dmitri asked.

"Ten years old."

"You are forgetting the magic word."

"Ten years old, master."

"Good. Now lay down on your back. That's good. Grab your knees and bring them to your chest. Good girl. Now, I am going to give you some anatomy lessons so that you may follow my directions better in the future."

"This here," Dmitri poked the tip of the cattle prod on the opening of Alice's vagina, "is a pussy or a cunt."

Alice looked down at her privates where the tip was making contact.

"This here," Dmitri poked the tip of the prod onto her anus, "is an asshole."

Alice retracted slightly.

"These are your tits."

Dmiti poked her chest with his instrument.

"This is your ass."

Dmitri lightly kicked Alice's buttocks.

"Ok, quiz. What's this?"

"My pussy," Alice responded.

"Good. Also called?" Dmitri asked.

"A cunt" Alice murmured.


"A cunt," Alice said louder.

"Good. These?"

"My tits."

"And this?"

"Ow. My asshole."

"Good. Now get back on your knees."

Alice got back up and kneeled in front of Dmitri.

"You will have two meals like this a day. I expect you to lick it clean every single time. If you do not, you will be punished. This of course, is obvious. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master."

"You will never talk balk. You will never show disrespect. You will always do as you are told, without protest or hesitation. If you do, you will be punished. Is that understood?"

"Yes, master."

"If you are good, you will be rewarded. But I will not lie. Most of your time here will be suffering. The purpose of your existence now is pain. You are my slave now. You are to do my bidding. You are an object. My property. Property of the organization I work for. If you try to escape, we will not only capture you, we will multiply your punishments. You are my little pet, my fuck-meat. Your pussy, your ass, your tongue, everything you feel, inside and out, everything you see, hear, and taste, are now under my control. You own none of that. Is that understood?"

"Yes, master."

"And when you are not servicing my men or being the little superstar of my little movie," Dmitri points to the cameras on the corners of the room, "you will be cleaning this facility. Is that understood?"

"Yes, master."

"Good. Come with me."

Alice got up. Two guards followed closely behind. It was painful to walk. Her groin was extraordinarily sore and it ached severely every step she took a step. She hobbled as fast as she could behind Dmitri.

She was led down the hallway and into a large restroom with urinals that lined the walls. A bucket filled with soap and water had been placed in the center of the room. Next to it lay a rag and a thick brush.

"You are to clean this restroom by the end of the day. I want all of the toilets spotless. I want the floor spotless. If they are not clean by the end of the day, I will be asking you to finish the job with your tongue. Is that understood, my little fuck-toy?"

Alice swallowed. She looked around the room in disbelief. The floor was disgusting. It was streaked with dirt, urine, and feces. The urinals looked like they hadn't been cleaned in years. Cigarette butts were piled so high that the men had given up on flushing and had resigned to urinate into the spent tobacco ends.

Alice saw Dmitri move towards her and place the tip of his cattle prod in between her legs.

"I said, my pretty cunt-meat, is that understood?"

"Yes, master, "Alice stuttered, "I understand."

"Good," Dmitri motioned to the two guards behind Alice, "You two, stay and watch her. Don't let her leave your sight."

Alice swallowed again. She watched Dmitri leave the room. She looked at the two guards beside the restroom door. They were staring greedily at her naked body. One of them had a massive erection under his pants. The other had produced a portable camcorder from a bag he was carrying at his side. It didn’t seem like there was going to be much time at all when Alice was not being filmed.

Alice turned back around to face the immensity of her task. She took a step forward, but slipped on the filth that lined the floor, falling on her buttocks. She got up, dirtied and bruised. She had never cleaned before. But the job looked simple enough. She started by grabbing the rag and wiping the floor with it. In no time, the rag had soaked up the filthy slime to its limit, and Alice had to make frequent trips to the sink to clean it up. Hours passed, as well as dozens of trips to the sink. Alice wished she had a mop. It was already painful enough to walk around, but her back was already getting sore from the constant alternating between crouching and standing. Her knees and buttocks were already filthy from falling on the floor several times.

Finally, when the floor began to look even somewhat clean, she began to work on the urinals, grabbing the urine-soaked cigarette butts with her both her hands and throwing them down the trash. At this point, she could care less what she touched. The putrid liquid that soaked the cigarettes butts drained down her forearms, dripping generously onto the floor. Exasperated, Alice reached down to grab the rag to clean up mess. She countered this problem by cupping both of her hands against her belly to carry the next handful of cigarette butts. The rancid yellow-brown liquid instead found its way between the cracks of her hands and trickled down her belly all the way down to her crotch, some of it dripping off her labia down onto the floor, and some of it flowing down her inner thighs.

Alice was starting to get frustrated. She no longer cared that she was getting dirty. But cleaning these cigarettes was ruining the work she had done on the floors. Suddenly, the idea dawned on her to simply move the trash can closer to the urinals. She could hear the guards behind her cackle.

The task was no joke. It did indeed take Alice all day to clean the restroom, and when Dmitri returned, the restroom still looked like a mess, though considerably improved.

Dmitri was impressed. He honestly did not expect this little girl to do such a good job. He half expected her to give up and sob on the floor the entire day. This little girl was a tough one. Tougher than most of his men. Tougher than most of his previous victims. However, Alice was filthy, and smelled of human decay and waste. He ordered his guards to take her to the shower room, but this time, instead of rinsing her with the water from the shower head, he ordered his guards to bring in a high pressure water hose. Just for fun, Dmitri thought.

Alice was blasted with high pressure cold water onto her chest. The water current was so strong, and Alice was so light in weight that she was instantly knocked down onto the ground onto her back. The water was unrelenting, that she tumbled backwards a few times before hitting the back wall of the shower room. Alice curled onto her side into a fetal position, using her back as protection. Dmitri found this to be an unacceptable solution and ordered that her arms be bound and pulled up to ceiling by a chain. In addition, a cuff was attached to her right ankle, and her right leg was pulled up as well, lewdly exposing her genitals.

The water was turned on again. Alice was sprayed head to toe. She choked and gasped for air when the current struck her face as she turned to the side, held her breath, and shutting her eyes tightly. When the current struck her chest, the pellets of water stung her skin. Collateral streams of stinging water sprayed in every direction, striking the underside of her chin. When the water hit her abdomen, it felt like she was getting punched in the gut. But it was unrelenting. Alice tightened her belly and fought back the urge to puke.

The worst part, however, was when the water struck her in the genitals. They were still sore from yesterday. But the water beat her wounded vulva with unremitting ferocity. But even then Dmitri was unsatisfied with the angle of contact the water was making with her genitals, so he ordered his men to lift Alice's remained leg off the ground by pulling her other ankle towards the ceiling. He made sure her legs were spread wide open by placing a spreader bar in between her ankles. Alice was now hanging from the ceiling by all fours, facing up. Her vagina and anus were now defenseless.

When the current was turned back on, the water pressure was so great that it hit every nook and cranny hidden between her labial folds with cruel force. Water spewed into her vaginal cavity and filled it, stretching it, and battering it from the inside out, eventually ripping open the sutures placed there the day before.

The water was hitting Alice with such force that it even began forcing its way into the opening of her urethra and even her anus. The water whipped her body ferociously, while simultaneously violating her.

Alice was pummeled with the high pressure current until Dmitri was satisfied. Many of her cuts from yesterday had reopened from the force of the water. He then ordered his men to scrub her thoroughly with thick bristled toilet scrubs. The soap suds began as white, but after only a minute of scrubbing, they soon turned pink-red. It didn't bother Dmitri one bit. After she was thoroughly scrubbed on the outside, Dmitri ordered his men to insert a soaped toothbrush into both Alice's vagina and rectum to clean her on the inside as well. When they were finished, Alice was covered in bloodied soap suds. Dmitri turned on the water again and blasted her body briefly with high pressure water to rinse her off.

When they were finished, Alice was dragged back to the infirmary. All of her cuts were once again covered with antiseptic ointment and bandaged. Her vaginal lacerations were stitched back up, and Dmitri was once again warned of using excessive violence with such a fragile creature. Alice was placed on the stretcher, and carried back to her cage in the room with cameras, where she curled up into a fetal position, fresh blood still slowly leaking from her nether orifices.

Chapter 4

For the next few days, Alice was placed under close observation. The doctor at the facility, an American ex-pat trauma surgeon named Dr. Dr. Gurkovsky Gurkovsky who had lived in Moscow for several years, was worried about her. Though no life-threatening injuries had been made, he worried that Alice needed to be given more time for her wounds to heal. Alice had so many cuts and bruises that blood loss was a significant concern for him, not to mention infection. He warned Dmitri not to be too excessive with his cruelty, but he too had to be careful not to offend him. He was a prisoner himself. His wife had owed the Pushkins a lot of money, and in exchange for clemency from the mafia for his wife, he had offered to work for them. What he didn't know was that they intended on making him a permanent employee.

Nobody went looking for him when he started working for the them, because the very next day a charred body was found inside his burnt car. His ID was found stuffed in the glove compartment, which had miraculously survived the fire, and the records at the morgue showed a perfectly matching set of dental records. Nobody suspected any foul play. The police were so corrupt and lazy that they accepted the evidence and forged dental records without even batting an eye. For all intents and purposes, he was dead to the world and a slave to the mafia. Not even his young daughter went looking for him. She too had accepted the circumstances surrounding his death.

Dr. Gurkovsky had been imprisoned at the facility and had served the Pushkins for several years now. He had treated all manner of injuries. Sometimes he would treat mafia henchmen injured in a fight. Other times, he would be treating their victims. He was warned that any offense or disobedience would be met with severe punishment. They often reminded him that they always knew where his daughter lived and went to school. Dr. Gurkovsky hated his life and cursed his oppressors, but he dared not cross them. The risks were too great. Even so, Dr. Gurkovsky was worried about this new young victim he had been caring for, Alice. He had taken care of many men before who had been tortured by the Russian mob. Each he felt pity for, but could no nothing to end their situation. But this was different. This was beyond atrocious. These men were now torturing a little girl.

She was a tiny thing who weighed no more than 70 pounds and was no taller than four and a half feet. The poor thing had not even started puberty, and was already getting raped by grown men. He remembered the first day he had to tend to the girl's wounds. This poor child was bleeding everywhere. Blood was oozing from her orifices. She was barely conscious. When Dr. Gurkovsky opened Alice's vagina to take a look, he identified severe internal lacerations that required suturing. Dr. Gurkovsky was given no anesthetic to work with, but despite no pain relief, when he stitched Alice's vaginal walls up, she did not move a muscle or make a noise. The poor girl had already been through so much that she did not even notice the needle threading in and out of her vaginal walls.

He checked up on Alice nearly every day. Dr. Gurkovsky had ordered at least six weeks of rest for the girl, far longer than what he felt these wounds required, but he had to over-estimate for the girl's sake. Dmitri paid no attention to him recommendations, however. He gave Alice two days to rest. The only thing Alice had to do those two days was to eat her brown mush given in the dog bowl twice a day. Dr. Gurkovsky insisted that the girl be given real food, more nutritious food, but when threatened by Dmitri that if he ever criticized the girl's diet ever again, that Dr. Gurkovsky himself would be eating the same slop that Alice had to eat.

After these two days of rest, Alice was put back to work again, cleaning the latrines and now even the kitchen. At least she wasn't being raped anymore, Dr. Gurkovsky thought to himself.

Two more weeks elapsed, and finally Dmitri decided that Alice was OK to service men again. It wasn't that he himself was eager to start tormenting the girl again. It wasn't even that he was horny. Sample recordings of her gang rape on her first day had made it to those in the mafia who had ordered her capture in the first place. No one had imagined how pretty Alice would be or how intoxicating it was to witness her suffering. They couldn't get enough of the little girl. They even couldn't get enough of watching Dmitri dominate and recklessly punish her. They wanted more, but before they damaged her body anymore, they wanted to milk her beauty and youth for all it was worth.

Alice was precious cargo now. When higher ups in the organization weren't visiting her to rape her, they selling her off to the highest bidder. The demand for Alice was unlimited. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Ivory-white skin. The prettiest and cutest face with a firm supple body. And not only was this girl in their possession, nothing was off limits. Soon, the richest men from around the world were lining up to have a taste of this little American girl.

Men would pay the Pushkins top dollar to spend a day with her. Some of these men were gentle, would touch her, kiss her, hug her, and brush her hair. They would make love to her gently while tonguing her mouth deeply, pretending that she was their lolita lover. They would tell her they loved her and that they would take her home with them, but the top brass in the organization would not allow it. Alice could not leave.

Other men were cruel. These men had to pay double, triple, even five times the going rate with Alice for just a few hours with her. These men did not kiss her or hug her. These men were watched closely at all times by Dmitri to ensure they did not damage her permanently, but there were still creative ways to make Alice suffer and satisfy their need for gratuitous sexual violence. Some of them would tie her up in the most vulgar positions, slap her until she was red and swollen, squeeze her and twist her breast buds until they leaked a sticky white fluid, before raping her viciously. Some others brought with them electric batons that they would use to sodomize her. With the device deep in her rectum they would turn the current on and watch the poor girl thrash about on the floor clenching her buttocks and screaming to high heaven. Some men preferred to use Alice as a toilet and urinate all over her. They would defecate over her body, force her to smear the fecal matter over herself, and then make her lick their anuses clean with her tongue.

Dmitri always kept a strict eye on these men. He had rules, and if they were broken, they were never invited to do business with the Pushkins again. No punching or kicking. No biting. Bruising was be kept to a minimum. No severe whipping or caning, as these tended to leave permanent scars, but Dmitri did permit light flogging and open hand striking. Sometimes these sessions were so rough that Dmitri would stop the encounter prematurely, shoo the offender out of the room, and be forced to give Alice a few days to physically recover.

And then there were those days that Alice hated most, when men would bring their animals. Alice had never felt more sub-human than on those days. Some men would bring their dogs so that they could watch their pets mount Alice. These sessions were very painful for her, as she was often clawed and sometimes even bitten, and regardless of whether they forced Alice into having vaginal or anal sex with the beasts, they often resulted in her getting hurt. Medium-sized dogs like Collies would mount Alice, and after pumping her for a minutes, the base of their penises would swell into a knot the size of a tennis ball inside her, simultaneously tearing and trapping her in the process. Alice would be helpless and the two creatures would be interlocked because the knot would be too large to pull out. This would usually last for half an hour or so until the dog's penis returned to normal. Larger dogs had longer penises, and the base of their penis would usually stop at the entrance of her orifice unable to enter, which Alice preferred, but these dogs were much rougher with her. When they pumped, the tips of their penises struck her cervix or colon with great force, and her entire body would shudder as they thrust rabidly. Oftentimes, in addition to being forced to offer her bottom to these dogs, Alice was also forced to give fellatio to their dogs. Some men would even bring in small ponies to rape Alice. No matter the scenario, rarely did she ever leave these sessions without injury.

Alice also hated it when men would bring snakes and eels. Sometimes they would try to thread the snake into her vagina. It was a terrible experience feeling them squirm inside of her. Others would try to push these creatures as far up her rectum as possible. They would thrash about in her colon and cause her significant cramping until they ran out of oxygen and died. In one instance, Dr. Gurkovsky had to pull a snake out of her body that had died and become trapped inside her colon.

Probably the most exotic animal that was shoved inside her was an octopus, although when the creature finally made it inside her vagina, she could feel nearly nothing but a sensation of fullness. The walls of her vagina had gripped the creature so tightly that it could not move. Still, it was beyond disgusting. She made it a point, however, to try to react as little as possible when these men experimented with her body in the most perverse ways. Most of the time she was successful in maintaining some semblance of control, but sometimes she would lose complete control, give in to the pain or humiliation, and sob or wail through the experience.

More than two months passed by for Alice, living this way. The Pushkins had profited quite a bit already from her, enough to actually offset the losses the organization suffered from her father. Those in charge of the situation ordered that enough whoring had been done, and that it was time to continue with their original plan. Finally, Dmitri, thought to himself. He was allowed to work again.

Alice woke up one morning to the scraping of a metal chair being dragged into the center of the room, next to her cage. The metal chair looked odd, however. The bottom had a large hole in it. It looked like a cross between a toilet and a chair. Alice did not have a good feeling about this. She looked to the cameras in the corners of the room. Their red blinking lights indicated that they had already been started. The next thing that was brought in was a large rusty pump, followed by a large tank of clear liquid. Alice's heart beat faster. What were they going to do to her?

Dmitri ordered one of his men to attach a flexible metal tube to the pump, but the other end of the tube looked strange, like it had a deflated ball at its end. Dmitri muttered something to the man standing next to him, who opened Alice's cage. Alice crawled out slowly.

Dmitri looked at Alice, "Turn around, and stay on your hands and knees. I want you to also push your little asshole out."

No surprise to Alice. They were planning on pushing the tube into her butt. She studied the tube from the corner or her eye. It was large, but it didn't look impossible. Some of them men she had serviced had put even larger objects in her already.

She grunted when the head of the tube was being pushed in. It didn't have a dome top and was not smooth, so it hurt quite a bit going in, but as Dmitri shoved it in, he used plenty of lubrication. Alice guessed that tearing her asshole wasn't what he wanted to do just yet today.

And then she felt something strange. When the tube went in as far as it could, Dmitri started pumping up the end of the device, which held the deflated ball. The more he pumped, the more the ball inflated, and soon, Alice was truly in pain. It felt like a baseball was now lodged inside of her rectum, not unlike the feeling she felt when she was being raped anally by the dogs. She had a powerful urge to defecate, but was unable to expel the object. And then, they turned the pump on.

Alice's colon quickly filled with the warm saline water. Within minutes, her lower abdomen had dilated and Alice was already beginning to cramp. She wanted to curl into a ball and lay on her side, but when she did so, Dmitri barked at her to stay on her hands and knees. He gave her a shock with the cattle prod on her side for good measure as well. A few more minutes passed and soon the liquid started to trickle into her small intestine. Before long, Alice's belly was full and taut. It looked like she was 30 weeks pregnant. When the water had no more room to go in her small intestine, it forced its way into her stomach, causing her to retch, spilling putrid stool-tinged fecal water all over the floor in front of her. The pump continued to run, and Alice continued to vomit. Not only was Alice suffering from the pain in her stretched rectum, but she was also sick to her stomach. Her entire abdomen had been stretched outwards and her intestines grotesquely dilated internally, causing her severe cramping throughout her midsection. Round after round of acrid bitter water passed through both her mouth and through her nostrils as she vomited, until soon the water was no longer brown in color. When the water was running clear, the pump was stopped, and the tube clamped.

Alice was then lifted up by Dmitri's assistants, despite still vomiting saline, and placed onto the chair. The tube protruding from her anus had been threaded carefully through the hole on the bottom. They then tied her ankles down to the front legs of the chair, spreading her legs apart. Alice's arms were bound behind the chair. A ring gag was placed into Alice's mouth. Dmitri then ordered his assistants from bring in a table and place it next to Alice's sitting in her chair. After they brought the table, they brought in a large metal box with multiple dials and knobs. One of the guards carried with him a bag, which he placed next to the device. Dmitri walked over to the table, removed an armful of wires from the bag and began connecting them to the metal box. He then removed handfuls of metal clamps with jagged teeth from the bag as well.

Dmitri began clipping these metal clamps all over Alice's body. He began by clipping her nipples, then her tongue and upper lip, and then the soft fleshy skin of her armpits. In addition, he clipped an electrode on her index fingers and her big toes.

He then moved down to work in between her legs. Dmitri clamped one onto her clitoral hood, and two each on her labia majora. He went back into his bad and grabbed from it a metal dildo with retractable barbs. He inserted this into her vagina. After the dildo was inserted, the barbs were released, lodging themselves and cutting into her girl flesh, securing the metal dildo firmly in place. And then, to finish it off, a large alligator clamp, like the kind that attaches to car batteries, was firmly attached to the flexible metal tube protruding from her anus.

After the men mopped up the mess on the floor that Alice had made by vomiting, Dmitri started the device. The first wave of current from the device struck her in the vagina and tongue. Alice was hit by so much pain so suddenly that she could not scream. She tightened the muscles around her vagina, cutting the walls of her sensitive channel deeper into the barbs of the dildo. She gurgled into her gag.

The current hummed and fluctuated in intensity, peaking in intensity every second. And then it began to jump and alternate rapidly between her vagina and tongue. The pattern that the electricity used to attack her body seemed entirely random, and lasted for nearly three minutes. Alice was starting to sweat profusely. Droplets of sweat formed on her forehead. Her chest glistened with perspiration.

A second current hit her, this time striking her nipples and anus at maximum intensity. Alice clenched her butt cheeks and squeezed her shoulders together. Alice began to lose control and panic. Her eyes widened. She shrieked like a wild animal and thrashed about in her restraints. And then the current disappeared for a few seconds, only to return on her armpits and toes. This continued for ten minutes, always striking at random intervals, always unpredictable.

Dmitri had programmed this machine not just to hit different parts of the body randomly, it also did so at a random intervals, with random patterns, and at random frequencies. Alice would be unable to guess what struck her next, and therefore would be wholly unprepared for whatever pain was in store for her next.

Hours passed, and the floor underneath Alice was now puddled with her bodily fluids. Alice was dripping sweat from her forehead, chest, and armpits. It streamed down her body, following her every contour, and bathing her every fold. Alice was also unable to control her bladder anymore. Urine squirted from between her legs during the more powerful sessions of current. Alice had vomited a few times, but still, the liquid was clear in colr. A constant stream of tears fell from her eyes down her cheeks. Saliva from her mouth had already connected with her chest to form an unbroken stream of sticky liquid. Her hair was matted, and already, she looked exhausted and spent.

A fresh session of current passed into Alice, searing her clitoris and anus. Alice was now too tired to scream. She only moaned when the current hit, and continued to moan when it jumped from her clitoris to her left nipple, from her left nipple to left big toe, from big toe to her anus, from her anus to her right labia, from her labia to her upper lip, from her lip to her right armpit, and from her right armpit back to her clitoris. She was in so much agony, that she was in her own world now, with no awareness of her surroundings whatsoever.

Dmitri had filled her abdomen with saline water on purpose. Normally, intense sessions of electric torture required frequent rehydration with IV fluids because it's subjects would perspire so greatly. This was his first time trying this, but he hoped that there was no need to do so here. As Alice sweated, vomited, cried, drooled, and urinated from the intensity of her torture, her body would absorb simply replace any lost fluid it from her gut. The torture was over when her belly returned to a normal size. Dmitri was rather proud of himself for thinking of this. He only hoped that it was going to work.

It took nearly 13 hours for Alice's belly to fall back to normal size and the liquid inside her gut to make its way onto the floor through sweat, tears, and urine. Alice was a wilted mess. She seemed delirious.

Dmitri removed the clamps from her body. He deflated the balloon and pulled the metal tube out. He retracted the barbs from the dildo in her vagina and pulled that out as well. She was slick with sweat. Her untied her wrists and ankles and laid her lifeless body down onto the ground, where she lay motionless in a giant puddle of fluid. This was how he wanted to take Alice. He could not help himself, nor did he want to.

Dmitri unzipped his pants and crouched over her face, pressing his erect member against her lips. With the ring gag still in place, he did not need to fear her biting him. He pushed his penis in all the way to her throat, stopping when the base of his testicles rested neatly on Alice's nostrils. She opened her eyes, still somewhat delirious. She looked at Dmitri and then to the side. She made no noise or movement, and then when she realized that she could not breathe, began to squirm, however, she was too weak to struggle or even push Dmitri out of the way. Dmitri pumped in and out of Alice's throat until she lost consciousness, at which Dmitri ejaculated into her throat. Alice awoke in a coughing fit, spewing semen into the air. And when the semen had cleared her throat and she could breathe normally again, she fell back into a deep sleep.

She was not taken to the shower and washed that day. The men simply dragged her sopping wet body back into her cage. Dmitri motioned to one of the guards to turn off the cameras and to fetch the doctor. They were done for the day. Satisfied with his work, Dmitri walked toward the door and into the hallway, past Dr. Gurkovsky who was just now rushing into the room with his stethoscope to check up on Alice.

Dr. Gurkovsky was relieved when he put his stethoscope to Alice's chest. Alice's heart was beating just fine, and though her breathing was labored, she was OK. He looked at the heinous devices surrounding the cage. The chair with a hole the bottom. The electrical box with its dozens of wires. The water pump and its metal tube. Dr. Gurkovsky's feet were wet. He had stepped into a rather large puddle of clear liquid in the center of the room next to the cage. But the liquid had a strong odor. Like a combination of urine and sweat. He didn't want to guess what had just happened, but whatever it was, it had to be terrible.

Dr. Gurkovsky put his hand over Alice's forehead, stroked it, and began to cry, his tears falling and splashing into the ground below. Somebody had to pay for what they were doing to this poor girl. But who dared to?


Chapter 5

Alice was given one week to recover from her last session of torture and assigned to cleaning duty only.

She was starting to enjoy cleaning. She didn't mind the stench anymore. At least she wasn't being hurt. It gave her time to be with her own thoughts. She would daydream of what life was like prior to her kidnapping. What it was like to be back home with her friends and spend her Fridays watching movies with her friends over. She remembered going over to her friends' houses to have sleepovers to talk about boys. Boy, were they fun. She wondered if would ever have another sleepover again, with hot chocolate and pajamas. Alice and her friends would giggle all night. She couldn't even remember what they even talked about. She looked down at her feet and sighed. Pajamas. She wondered if she was ever going to wear clothes again. She wondered if she was ever going to giggle again.

She looked into the mirror next to the urinals. How long had she been here? She couldn't even tell. It felt like years. She was only ten and she was starting to get bags under her eyes. She looked at the emptiness in her eyes. She tried to smile, but she couldn't. Alice could only frown these days. She looked at her body. She only had a few bruises on herself now, mostly almost healed. Her cuts had all healed. She touched her nipples. Still sore. She ran her fingers over her skin. From the looks of it, nobody would even know the amount of pain and torture she had already endured. Her skin was still quite smooth and unblemished.

And then one day, right after Dr. Gurkovsky had given her a quick physical, Dmitri walked in with three other men. They dragged in a heavy device on wheels. Dmitri had on a bag slung over his shoulder, and when the device was in place, he placed the bag on the table next to Alice's cage and took out a large black canister and a hot curling iron. He looked straight at Dr. Gurkovsky.

"You," he said sternly, "You stay this time."

Dr. Gurkovsky looked at the device. It appeared strange, but he could not see a clear purpose for it on first glance. He looked at the black canister and then at the curling iron. Were they going to give Alice curls?

Dmitri put on a pair of gloves, shook the black canister, and sprayed out a white foam onto the curling iron. He rubbed the foam all over the curling iron. Dr. Gurkovsky was confused. Was this some sort of hair product? Dmitri smiled cruelly at Alice and then at Dr. Gurkovsky. He directed one of his men to hold Dr. Gurkovsky from behind. Dr. Gurkovsky was startled. What were they going to do? Why were they holding him back? Dmitri then signaled for the other two men to get behind Alice.

"Hello, my fuck pet. I want you to get on your back, and I want you to do it now," said Dmitri with a twisted smile.

Alice got on her back and lay face up on the cold hard floor.

"Now spread your legs. Good. Bring them up into the air. Very good. Now grab your ankles with your hands."

The two guards behind Alice grabbed onto each arm and leg. Alice's genitals were now obscenely on display. Dr. Gurkovsky looked away. He could not bear to watch. Dmitri plugged the curling iron in, and within a minute, it became quite hot. It was at this moment that Alice figured out where the curling iron was going to go. She bucked her hips to escape, but could not. Dmitri yelled for another guard to come and help to hold down her hips. Dmitri smiled as he brought the hot curling iron close to Alice's face. She felt the heat emanating from the device. He then lowered it slowly, letting her feel the heat the travel down her body. When he got to her crotch, he pulled apart her labia with his left hand, and in one swift motion, pushed the iron deep into her vagina, searing the top layer of her channel.

Alice wailed in anguish as the iron burned the insides of her sensitive feminine flesh. Dmitri did not want to leave the iron in there for too long lest he risk permanent damage. After a few seconds he quickly yanked the iron out and unplugged the device. He waited a few minutes for it to cool, reapplied it with foam from the canister, and shoved it back inside Alice. Alice howled again.

"Military-grade mace, or pepper spray," Dmitri said. "Actually, it's foam. Pepper foam. We used to use pepper spray in our interrogations, but of course, the spray got everywhere in the room. Prisoners and interrogators alike would be coughing and crying. It was quite stupid, actually. But you can thank this foam for that not happening anymore. All I have to do is wear gloves. You see, not only will this shit hurt bad on your pussy, it's going to hurt much worse because I just burnt it too. Hopefully no permanent damage was done, but we'll see."

Dmitri sprayed more foam onto his gloved hands and rubbed it generously all over Alice's vulva and anus, even inserting his finger into her anus and rubbing some of the foam inside her rectum. He made sure that the foam reached every crack and crevice between her feminine slit, even taking care to rub his finger over her urethra. Alice was out of control. Her vagina felt like somebody had set it on fire. She was screaming, bucking her hips wildly, and flopping on the floor like a fish out of water. Dr. Gurkovsky had had enough. He fought to gain control with the guard holding him back, but succeeded only in getting a hard punch to the stomach. Within minutes, Dr. Gurkovsky's wrists were cuffed and secured to a chain attached to a ceiling hook. They were going to force him to watch.

Alice was released by the guards for a moment. She was rolling and writhing on the floor, and grunted in between breaths. Her legs were twisted together and her hands were grabbing her crotch. She trying to catch her breath, but was given no time to rest, for almost immediately, she was lifted up towards the device in the center of the room.

At the very center of this device was a long grey metal pole with a smooth domed top. The pole itself seemed quite thick, nearly two and a half inches in diameter. One of the soldiers lifting Alice up looked a bit confused. The pole seemed too large for a small girl like her, but he said nothing and positioned Alice above the pole.

In addition, intersecting the pole through its very center was a flat vertical metal board. This vertical board a little less than an inch thick. Its top edge was smooth and round, and was located six inches below the tip of the pole's top. At the very base of this device was a flat adjustable platform.

Alice was lifted underneath her armpits and positioned so that she sat on top of the pole. More of the pepper foam was sprayed onto the pole, and even though the pole was positioned directly under her vaginal introitus, still, it did not enter Alice, who was still unrelentingly squirming from the intense pain. Guards on both sides had to hold her feet apart, while another guard had her in a bear hug from behind.

Dr. Gurkovsky could not believe what his eyes were witnessing. He looked at the little girl in front of him with her legs pulled obscenely apart, sitting on top of a pole as thick as a soda can. It was even thicker than her arm. There was no way she could fit around that thing.

It was becoming increasingly clear that even Alice's own weight was not enough to penetrate herself on the huge pole. Dmitri made sure that the domed tip of the pole was at least parting Alice's labia and that the pole itself was adequately coated with pepper foam before he gave the order for the two guards holding her legs to pull down on them. Several attempts were made to pull her down into the pole, and although they elicited bone-chilling cries from the girl, they were mostly unsuccessful. It wasn't until the guard behind her began to force some of his weight slowly onto the girl's hips that without any warning, Alice suddenly slid quickly down the pole, hitting the round edge of the vertical board with the full force of her weight directly down the center of her slit, crushing her pudendal cleft and bisecting her perineum, which had torn violently from the pole's girth. She wailed in anguish. The top of the pole had also violently struck her cervix, which was also now supporting some of her weight. Blood began to trickle down the metal board.

Alice was not left full-weight on this crotch-crushing device just yet. Dmitri wanted her secured firmly on the device before he began his fun. He raised the platform below her feet so that her toes could just barely touch it, giving the flesh between her thighs some time to rest from their hideous trauma.

The men worked quickly around her to secure her to this insidious device. They anchored her ankles to rings on each side of the platform, forcing her to spread he legs. Then, they tied her wrists together and pulled them directly over her head. They then pierced her nipples, which caused Alice to jump just a little, but who was clearly more focused on the searing pain between her legs. It wasn't just the extreme thickness of the pole, which stretched her vaginal walls and tore her introitus, that was causing her untold levels of agony. It was also the fact that her sensitive tissue had just been burnt and smeared with a searing irritant reserved for crowd control.

After the men fitted her with nipple rings, they secured them to a chain that was attached the the front of the vertical board, effectively locking her torso in place. She would be unable to bend backwards due the chain attached to her nipple rings, or lift herself off the massive pole penetrating her, not that she was strong enough to do so in the first place. In addition, she would be unable to bend too far forwards due to the fact that her arms were suspended and locked in place over her head.

When Alice was locked in position, the platform that she had been resting her toes on was lowered once again, just beyond the reach of her outstretched toes. And in a few seconds, the entirety of Alice's weight was once again now resting painfully in the region between her labia. Alice pulled herself up by her wrists, but her relief was short-lasting. She quickly lost the strength to support her weight and once again, was supported only by the flesh between her feminine lips.

And although Alice's legs initially dangled wildly in a struggle against the pain, she learned that the struggling only made the pain worse. The pain was so intense that she could barely think. She felt as though she was dying. Alice's eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her breathing was rapid-fire. The torment was unbearable. Only a few minutes passed before she lost consciousness from the hyperventilation, only to be greeted moments later upon awakening to the searing pain that radiated from between her legs.

Dmitri watched Alice grunt from the severe pain, and in between grunts rapidly inhale and exhale. He watched her chest rapidly rise and fall. He chuckled to himself each time she lost consciousness, head falling forward, held up only by her arms that had been pulled over her head.

Half an hour elapsed, and not wanting to risk serious injury from the ischemia building in the tissue between her legs, Dmitri raised the platform below her legs so that Alice's feet could begin to support her weight. Alice instantly felt relieved, and experienced a marked decrease in the level of pain that had been hammering her crushed genitals. But the platform did not stop at Alice's feet. It continued to rise.

As the platform rose, Alice went from a standing position to one that resembled more of a seated position, except she had nothing to support her bottom. When her knees were level with her hips, the platform stopped moving. Alice's legs were bound to the platform, which also forced her to keep them spread. She shuffled her feet forward a little in order to reduce the strain she felt in her hip joints. Her relief was short indeed, and within a minute her thighs were aching and trembling from the strain. When her thighs gave, Alice tried with her arms again to pull herself up, but she did not last long. It wasn't long before Alice was once again resting all of her weight on her crotch, too weak to support herself. Her legs burnt like acid from the strain, as did her arms. Her nipples ached from the tension she put on it when she bent back. And her crotch. Well, that was ground zero. No words could describe the torment she was experiencing there.

Dmitri let her struggle in this position for a while until he was satisfied, and after a few long minutes, lowered the platform, stopping this time at her toes. Once again, Alice was forced to use a different set of muscles to support her weight, and although she held out for quite some time on her toes using her calves and soles, eventually they buckled and gave, resigning her to fate to the object that split her neatly down the middle.

Dmitri was cruel and exacting in his method. He raised and lowered the platform repeatedly, testing and wearing out all of Alice's young muscles, until no part of her, not her arms, not her legs, nor her core, had any strength left to defend her from the onslaught suffered by her groin. Alice struggled when she had the strength, but when she did not, she sat full weight on the device. There wasn't a moment of respite from her suffering. Her entire body burned like fire, from the inside and out. Alice had lost consciousness a few times during the first hour of her torture, but as her torture wore on and she became more acclimated to the pain, her breathing normalized, and she was afforded no more such luxuries. Perspiration covered her young body and dripped to the bloody platform below.

Dr. Gurkovsky himself was in a state of shock. He could not bear to watch this horror show. The screams and the cries of the little girl impaled on the device before him were enough to convince him that this room was the embodiment of Hell itself. He could not fathom how a human being could endure such torment. How was it that God allowed such pain to be dealt to a mortal, pain that surely surpassed that which was experienced by his Son on the cross? Dr. Gurkovsky was furious. But he could do nothing. He only watched helplessly in immense horror and sorrow.

It took only a few hours before Alice was entirely fatigued. Her eyes were closed and her breathing had lengthened. She was no longer struggling nor crying. It was then that Dmitri ordered the guards remove Alice from the monstrous apparatus and lay her down on the floor. Seeing the pool of blood at the base of the device, Dmitri turned to Dr. Gurkovsky.

"Doctor, please fetch a bag of blood for the girl. And an IV. Now!"

Dr. Gurkovsky, enraged shouted back at Dmitri, "I will do no such thing! You are a monster! You're inhuman! You're a sick piece of scum and you deserve to be burned in Hell!"

Dmitri laughed.

"May I remind you," Dmitri smiled, "that I know where your daughter is. Do you really hate your own daughter so much that you wish a similar fate for her?"

Dr. Gurkovsky's soul sank. His face turned pate white. He immediately regretted his outburst.

Dmitri ordered the guards to release Dr. Gurkovsky, who left the room and arrived minutes later with several bags in his arms. Despite his trembling hands, he was able to find Alice's vein, replacing some of her blood and fluid volume.

And then they waited. Dmitri began puffing his cigar once again. Two of the guards lit cigarettes, and after urinating on Alice, one dared the other to try raping her. Chuckling, one of the guards unzipped his pants, exposing his erect member. He looked over at Dmitri, who shrugged his shoulders. The guard then got down on his knees over the motionless girl, and inserted his penis into her bloody vagina, followed only seconds later by a loud cry of pain, immediate removal of his organ, and a doubling over with his hands grabbing his crotch. The pepper foam on Alice was still quite active and was searing his member.

Alice opened her eyes. She turned her head to look at the guard, bent over in pain. She looked to the other side to see both Dmitri and the other guard cackling. She took a deep breath and struggled to get up. She lifted her head and turned her body over to her side, using her hands to brace herself. Dmitri stopped laughing. Seeing movement from Alice, he motioned to the guards, who grabbed her, dragging her once more back to the device.

"Please," Alice begged, "Please, no more. Please, please, please, I can't take it anymore. Please, no more. It hurts so much, I can't do it. Please, just kill me. Just kill me please."

Ignoring Alice's pleas, the guards lifted her up. Urine trickled down her legs. Another guard reapplied the pepper foam to the pole. This time, Alice slid down with little additional effort from the men. Alice moaned and sobbed. How much more of this were they going to force upon her? How much more of this could she take?

Alice's restraints were reapplied, but despite receiving fluid and more blood, Alice's strength gave out within an hour. Dmitri was disappointed that she lasted so much shorter this second round. He had his men detach the chains from her nipple rings and pull Alice up by the large leather cuffs attached to her wrists. Satisfied that enough time had elapsed to prevent permanent damage to her groin, he would lower her back down, crushing her between her legs. Alice continued to cry and whimper.

He did this over and over again, raising and lowering Alice onto the device, until Alice stopped responding and once again appeared unconscious. No longer entertained by the girl, Dmitri had his men remove her from the device one final time. The girl was given one more bag of IV fluids and sent to the shower room to be scrubbed and washed, while the device was wheeled away and the puddle of sweat and blood mopped up.

When she returned, Dr. Gurkovsky, whose eyes had sunken and his movements without life, sewed up the tear in her vagina, which had torn past her perineum and even reached edge of her anus.

Dr. Gurkovsky sobbed throughout the entire procedure. There was blood everywhere. Alice had bled a lot. He struggled to keep his hands steady as he stitched up the child's vagina. When he was finished, he was dragged away by the guards, as was Alice, but back into her cage, where she was allowed to rest for the night.

Chapter 6

For a period of time, Alice was unable to walk.

The injuries she sustained during her last session were much more severe than Dmitri had planned. She had survived a pretty serious tear and some pretty significant blood loss. He was lucky Alice was still alive.

But Alice, though weak, could still crawl, and she was relegated to cleaning the floors. And because her vagina and anus were so damaged, she could give the men fellatio. Dmitri had to be more careful. He had more plans for her, and to have her this debilitated like this was risky. Luckily for Dmitri, Alice was a fast healer.

After only two weeks she was able to hobble around again, and a week after that, she was able to walk normally again. Dmitri breathed a sigh of relief. He had Dr. Gurkovsky check her vagina daily. The lacerations were healing beautifully. She was nearly fully healed, despite there being a nasty scar on her perineum.

Alice was in a deep depression. She had no hope that this was ever going to end for her. She sought ways of killing herself, but she was being monitored at all times. Her cage lacked anything sharp. She only handled soap and water to clean with, and when she tried to swallow the soap and water the guards only forced her to vomit it back up. She tried to drink the water in the toilet and urinals, but again, because she was under constant surveillance, she had to force it back out. She tried hitting her head into the wall, but only succeeded in knocking herself out once. She woke up to a cattle prod lodged deep into her vagina, and was repeatedly shocked there until she was convulsing in her own excrement. The next time she wanted to bang her head into the wall, the thought of what happened the last time she rammed her head into the wall was enough to prevent her from trying again.

She even asked Dr. Gurkovsky if he could help. She waited after breakfast during one of her physicals to ask him. Dmitri had stepped out briefly to converse with one of his guards.

"Doctor," Alice begged, "Please help me."

"My dear girl," Dr. Gurkovsky responded, "I am doing by best."

Dr. Gurkovsky looked down at the ground. He was lying.

"Please, doctor, "Alice continued, "Please, if you can't stop this, I want you to kill me."

Dr. Gurkovsky's eyes were fixed on the ground, "I can't OK? Please, you can't ask me to do this. I just can't."

"Why not?" Alice asked again, "Please, you're a doctor, you can help me."

"I can't," Dr. Gurkovsky pleaded, "Please, I just can't. Look, we're not even supposed to be talking. I am very sorry, my child. I am truly very sorry. Nobody deserves what you are going through. You poor thing."

Dr. Gurkovsky's eye's began to tear up. He wanted to do something, but he couldn't risk endangering his daughter.

"Look," Dr. Gurkovsky whispered, "I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, you hang in there, OK? Don't give up on me. I'm going to try and find a way." Dr. Gurkovksy wasn't sure what he could even do. He too was a prisoner here.

Alice looked into Dr. Gurkovsky's eyes. He looked just as defeated as she. He looked like he was getting thinner every day.

Dr. Gurkovsky looked back at Alice. She had lost some of her beauty since arriving at the compound. Her face was sadder and her eyes were forlorn. She seemed to carry a perpetual frown. But she was still so young that not even the tortures she endured seemed to have a significant effect on the rest of her. Even though she was being fed predominantly dog food and semen, she was getting adequate nutrition, and even though she was in captivity, she was getting plenty of daily exercise from having to clean the facility.

The only thing that worried her was that she seemed to be losing quite a bit of hair. He noticed that when he would run his fingers through her hair that small clumps of hair would collect between his fingers. He reported this to Dmitri in hopes of lightening the amount of stress and injury the girl would have to endure. It seemed to work. Dmitri looked concerned. He didn't want his star victim to be losing hair. That was unattractive.

She needed to be better taken care of during her times of rest. Dmitri decided that it would be a good idea to have Alice start applying lotion on herself. He loved to admire the young girl as she rubbed the lotion all over her body. Her young body was so creamy white and soft. And then one day Dmitri caught Alice pleasuring herself, with her two fingers covered in lotion rubbing over her clitoris.

Dmitri was displeased. Alice wasn't allowed to pleasure herself without permission, and he certainly had no plans to give her permission any time soon. He needed to punish her.

"Spread your legs, cunt."

Alice protested, "Please, master, nothing happened! I'm begging you, please, don't hurt me! Nothing happened!"

"I won't ask again," barked Dmitri.

Alice spread her legs. Dmitri got on her knees and balled his right hand into a fist, while holding Alice's inner thigh with his other hand. He positioned his fist underneath Alice, who began to tremble, and in a mighty thrust struck Alice with all his might, landing his fist with a sickening thud into her groin. Alice cried out and doubled over, hands over her crotch and falling to her side in a fetal position.

The next day, Alice was not allowed to apply lotion to herself. Dmitri didn't want to do it, but the upkeep of her skin was important. He was rough with her. He began by grabbing her neck and twisting her nipples. He would then dip his finger into the lotion and push it into her anus, and when she no longer elicited a response to his intrusion, he then pushed two fingers up her vagina and roughly fingered Alice, flicking her clitoris with his other hand in order to maximize her squirms. He then slapped her a few times on the face, and gave up on the whole process entirely, ordering Alice to apply the lotion herself, but warning her to never again touch herself. He had absolutely no interest in such trivial chores.

Two more weeks passed, and then one morning, Alice woke up, with the feeling that something was wrong. She knew something was strange when after her breakfast Dmitri left and returned with two men carrying a table into the room. Her heart dropped into her stomach. She knew it. They were going to torture her again today.

"Get on the table," Dmitri ordered.

Alice began trembling, urinated on her leg, and proceeded to climb onto the table.

"Lay on your back."

Alice lay on her back. Urine was still dripping from her.

Dmitri had the guards cuff her ankles and wrists. Chains were attached to the ceiling. Her left ankle was attached to her left wrist, and her right ankle was attached to her right wrist. Alice's legs were now wide open. Guards then attached a chain to her right ankle and wrist, pulling them up towards the ceiling, repeating the same for her other side. Alice's crotch and anus were now fully exposed without impediment.

Dmitri walked out of the room and returned with several jars. Alice screamed when she saw what was in each jar.

"This one, contains cockroaches," Dmitri said, lifting up one of the jars to the light. It was rather large.

Many large, brown roaches crawled over one another on the bottom of the jar. Dmitri shook the jar. The hard shells of the roaches bounced off the glass walls. Their bristled legs could be heard scratching against the glass as they scurried around restlessly in no particular direction.

"And this one," said Dmitri as he grinned and grabbed the other jar, "contains tarantulas."

Alice was now shrieking with panic. She hated all insects, but she especially hated spiders. These eight-legged creatures were the worst kind of spider. They were both furry and fearsome. Their legs alternated between light brown and black. They seemed rather docile inside their jar, however.

"And this one," Dmitri boasted as he held up the last jar, "has centipedes."

He seemed especially proud of this last jar. The creatures inside this jar were monstrous and terrifying. They were each around eight inches long, an inch thick, with multiple thick black body segments and sharp segmented red legs with tips like daggers. Two long yellow antennae protruded from the front of each animal.

"These were hard to get. These are centipedes I think from somewhere in South America. I had to order these online. Can you believe it? Now, these have been de-fanged, so they're not poisonous anymore, otherwise I'm afraid they might kill you. But look at them! Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?"

Alice was going wild. She hated centipedes. She had had nightmares of these creatures before. She had had nightmares of all of these creatures before. She took another look at the jar and jerked wildly in her restraints.

Dmitri continued talking.

"Tarantulas are also poisonous, but unfortunately it was much harder to remove their fangs. so we will just have to take a chance that you don't get an allergic reaction to any of my pets."

Dmitri looked over to Alice. It was becoming increasingly difficult to speak over her screams, but he added one last comment anyways.

"I think you can guess where they will all be going."

Alice screamed again.

Dmitri grabbed a ring gag from his pocket and quickly pulled it over Alice's mouth, which was still wide open from the screaming. He then opened the jar containing the cockroaches and picked one up with his fingers. He held it in front of Alice's eyes, which widened hysterically. He dropped the roach onto her chest, and watched it quickly scurry off onto the table. One of the guards tried to catch it, but the roach was too quick and hurriedly made its way to one corner of the room. Dmitri laughed.

He grabbed another roach from the jar, and once again, held it up in front of Alice's eyes. He then slowly lowered the roach into her mouth, watching her tongue swing wildly in an attempt to block its passage into her oral cavity. As soon as the tips of the roach's legs met Alice's tongue, Dmitri let go of the insect. Alice quickly pushed her tongue out as far as she could, but the insect just sank further into her mouth. She retracted her tongue, coughed forcefully, and pushed again, this time, successfully expelling the insect, which scurried from her mouth, grateful to escape alive.

Dmitri laughed as her cupped his hand around the not-so-lucky cockroach. He quickly plopped the insect back into Alice's mouth and cupped his hand over her mouth, preventing its escape, while grabbing another roach with his other hand. Alice felt the roach squirm in her mouth. She closed off the entrance to her throat with the back of her tongue, but could feel the sharp legs of the roach prick all around her tongue as it too panicked and circled between the underside and topside of her tongue. Alice then felt Dmitri quickly raise the hand covering her mouth and plop another roach in, increasing the number of legs poking her oral cavity by a multiple of two. And then he added another, and another, until Alice's mouth was teeming and packed with cockroaches. She could feel their every movement. She could feel their sharp prickly legs on the insides of her cheeks and under her tongue. She could feel their smooth wings rub up against her gums. She could even start to taste their feces as they defecated in panic in her mouth. Alice wanted to throw up, but before she did, Dmitri rolled a layer of duct-tape over her open mouth, preventing the escape of insect or vomit.

It mattered not. Alice threw up anyways, and despite the tape over her mouth, most of her vomit and the roaches were ejected from her body. Dmitri was disgusted and somewhat frustrated with himself. Why did he have her eat breakfast this morning? He should have expected this. He pondered for a moment. Eventually she would run out of vomit, he reasoned. So he kept on shoving in roaches. He had a lot to spare. And he was right. Alice didn't stop retching, but soon she was dry heaving, and Dmitri almost had her mouth filled. Finally, after wiping her face off, he taped her mouth closed, adding several layers to ensure that it didn't come off this time. Alice was prevented from biting down and killing the roaches by the ring gag. And she couldn't swallow them either since they were so large. All she could do was block off her throat with the back of her tongue and hold the roaches in her mouth as they run amok in her mouth and defecated in terror. It seemed that Dmitri's plan worked after all. This little girl was in for a long day.

Dmitri then moved on to the moment he had been looking forward to all week. He grabbed a dildo from his bag, a rather large one actually, but not as large as the one that tore her vagina open the last time. This dildo was unique, actually. It had on a cylindrical hollow thick wire frame, that was crisscrossed in pattern. The wire frame was strong, but had significant spacing, at least one square inch, in between each crisscross. Dmitri lubricated the dildo lightly, and forcefully inserted it into Alice's vagina. She jolted, jerking her rear end briefly up from the table surface. Dmitri then smiled and removed the dildo, but left the thick wire frame inside Alice, which held the shape of the dildo, leaving a gaping hollow cavity inside the little girl. Dmitri wanted Alice to feel these animals without killing them. If he had dropped these insects inside of her and let her walls collapse, fat chance they would even be able to move, let alone survive for an extended period of time. This was his way of ensuring that her torment would last.

Dmitri then opened the jar containing the tarantulas. He grabbed one with a pair of forceps and positioned it a few inches from Alice's eyes, who only increased her struggling. He then pushed on Alice's lower back to raise the angle of her vaginal introitus, and slowly dropped one, two, then three tarantulas into her sex. Alice began to hit her head repeatedly on the back of the table hard. She was trying to knock herself unconscious. Dmitri motioned for one of the guards to hold her head still. Alice was delirious with panic and fear. Not only did she have a mouthful of cockroaches, she could feel the large spiders moving around inside her vagina. Dmitri dropped a few more and when he was satisfied, he duct-taped her vaginal opening closed. Alice was going berserk. The wire mesh meant that the tarantulas were exposed to her bare vaginal walls. She could feel these arachnids pricking her intimate flesh and it drove her mad.

Dmitri was ecstatic. He could hardly wait for the last round. He covered the dildo he just used to open up Alice's vagina with yet another wire frame, lightly lubricated the dildo once again, and pushed it firmly up Alice's bottom. He quickly removed the dildo, leaving the frame behind. Grabbing a pair of large tweezers, he picked up the largest centipede, and after showing it briefly to the little girl who was no longer paying any attention to him, slowly lowered the creature into her rectum. He was able to fit in three more before he duct-taped the opening to her anus.

Dmitri spent the next few minutes reinforcing his duct tape barriers, making sure that the tape around her mouth wouldn't come off because it wound around her head. The tape between her legs securing her nether orifices rode up high between her buttocks and all the way up to her belly button. He then wrapped many layers of tape around her waist, creating a rather dilapidated duck-tape version of Japanese fundoshi underwear. And finally, as a final touch, he poked several holes into each orifice to ensure adequate air supply to the creatures struggling inside of her.

He then instructed the guards to unshackle her ankles and remove the table from underneath her, leaving only her arms still bound to the chains pulling them above her head. Her feet were allowed to touch the floor. There was nothing Alice could do to escape.

She squeezed her vaginal and rectal walls, but the wire frames were too strong. It only aggravated the spiders and centipedes inside. The tarantulas, though normally non-aggressive creatures, were in a frenzied state while they were trapped inside of her. They stabbed at her canal with their abdominal urticating hairs and bit with their fangs, stinging her painfully. The centipedes, though defanged, were still aggressive and active creatures. They wriggled frenetically in her rectum and distal colon, and as they squirmed, their dagger sharp legs dug into her flesh, eliciting significant discomfort in Alice.

Alice couldn't scream either, lest she risk opening up her throat to the roaches. All she could do was moan, writhe, and twist in her restraints as the roaches, tarantulas, and centipedes wriggled restlessly inside her cavities. It was a sight to behold. The guards masturbated vigorously as they watched the child buck and gyrate her hips, twist and untwist her legs together, and curl her toes doing whatever she could to cope with the disgusting creatures thrashing about in her insides. They ogled at the girl and stared in sickening trance as they watched her chest puff in and out, her abdominal muscles tighten, and her forward-dropped head sway left to right as she moaned loudly. They had never seen a ten year old girl, dripping with sweat, move so lasciviously before.

Alice was trapped in a violent erotic dance as Dmitri and the guards watched.

Over the next few hours, Alice (and the creatures inside of her body) began to tire, and she moved less and less as she became drained of her energy. Dmitri ordered his men to remove the cuffs on her wrist. Dmitri carefully removed the tape around Alice's head, which was dripping with saliva through the air hole he had punctured earlier. Out fell all of the cockroaches he had placed earlier, but they had all died, either from a lack of oxygen or from drowning in a mixture of her saliva and expelled stomach acid.

He repeated the same process with the duct tape underwear he had made for Alice. As he uncovered the entrances to her vagina and anus, the creatures fell out. Most of the tarantulas had died, also likely from suffocation, but the centipedes were still alive and well, and when they fell to the floor they scurried about in random directions, unsure of what to do with their newfound freedom.

Alice was in terrible pain. The tarantulas in their distress had injected venom all throughout her vagina, which burned terribly. Her vagina had also swollen, pushing hard into the metal frame holding her cavity open. Dmitri was not done yet with the girl. He walked out of the room again, returning moments later with yet another jar, this one filled with ants, and another jar, with several broad-leafed leaves on the inside.

"OK now," Dmitri announced, "Here in this jar I have ants, as you can probably tell. But these ants are special. They are from South America again, and are called bullet ants. They are called bullet ants because it is said that a bite from one of these ants feels like being shot with a bullet. They are rumored to be the most painful insect bite on the planet. I for one do not wish to find out, but you, my little pain slut, will have the pleasure of doing so."

"This other jar," Dmitri continued, "contains a plant called gympie gympie. This was very, very difficult for me to get. But luckily, we in the mafia deal in the black market, and although it took me weeks to get this delivered from Australia, I have it in my possession now, and I got it just for you. This plant is rumored to have the most painful plant sting in the world. There are stories of people committing suicide after being exposed to this plant because the pain was too intense to bear. Again, I'm not willing to confirm any of these stories, but you, my unlucky princess, will have said opportunity."

Dmitri smiled cruelly and said something to his men in Russian. They each put on gas masks, as did Dmitri. Dmitri put on a pair of gloves as well. He grabbed a pair of tweezers while Alice was grabbed from behind and thrown back onto the top of the table. She was then tied spread eagle, her limbs pulled taut. Dmitri used his tweezers to grab a furious ant from the jar. Again, he displayed the angry insect in front of her eyes, allowing her to appreciate where her suffering was going to originate. The ant was large and black, with incredibly large mandibles. It was wriggling on the tweezers and clearly unhappy about its current predicament. And when it was lowered onto Alice's right nipple, it voiced its displeasure by grabbing onto her nipple with its jaws an stinging her repeatedly.

The initial pain was searing and sharp, and Alice cried out in pain. Dmitri watched in fascination, but was disappointed in her reaction, which did not resemble one that followed a gunshot wound. He grabbed another ant and applied it again to the same spot, on her right nipple. He wanted to make sure an good amount of venom was delivered to his choice locations. As each ant stung, Alice's pain grew. The initial pain was sharp and biting, but the pain only grew as time passed. By the time Dmitri had stung her right nipple with the fifth ant, not only was Alice's nipple was on fire, her entire breast felt like it was on fire as well, accompanied by a deep penetrating ache. By the time Dmitri had repeated the same ritual on her left nipple, both of Alice's breasts felt like they were being crushed by hammers. Dmitri could see on her face that perhaps with enough bites, the name given to these ants was indeed appropriate.

He then repeated the same procedure with her clitoris. Alice had never felt such concentrated pain on her clitoris before, not even when it was being crushed by the device she suffered on weeks ago. As this venom from these ants settled into her feminine nub, she felt as if all the forms of pain were washing over her flesh, rising in waves after each passing minute. Her genitals felt like they were being crushed, burnt, and broken all at the same time. Alice had never felt such pain before. Her nipples and the tissue surrounding her areola swelled to twice their size. Alice screamed at the top of her lungs.

Dmitri stepped back and took a moment to enjoy this little girl's pain, but this wasn't it. According to accounts from other people, the pain from these ants would last no more than a few hours, and he had more in store for her. He removed the leaves of the gympie gympie from his jar. He had on a gas mask because the leaves were rumored to be so toxic, that one could choke just from breathing too closely to the plant. He had a special place for this plant. He rolled up the leaf into the shape of a cigar and moved it in between the little girl's legs. Alice was in too much pain to even notice him doing so. And in a deliberate motion, inserted the leaf into her vagina, taking care to press it firmly against the entire rim of her vagina, even rubbing it between her slit. He removed another fresh leaf from the jar, rolled it into a cylinder, and this time inserted it into her anus, taking care to press and rub the leaf firmly into the rim of her anus. After he was done, he removed the metal frames holding her orifices open, and took a third and final leaf and rubbed it vigorously in between Alice's slit. Dmitri knew that the plant's effects would take a while to kick in, but he knew that the bites from the bullet ants would more than suffice to fill in that gap. He didn't know how long the gympie gympie sting would last, but that it was rumored to last for days on end.

The pain from the plant was not instant, and certainly while Alice was dealing with the sting of the bullet ants it was barely even noticeable what Dmitri was doing. But the pain she was dealing with from the ant bites was truly unbearable. Alice screamed until she lost her voice. She drifted in and out of consciousness but was always brought back to consciousness by the searing pain. When she could no longer scream, she moaned, and when she could no longer moan, she grimaced. The pain in her breasts and in between her legs was so intense that Alice could think of nothing else.

Hours passed, and although the pain from the ant bites were starting to subside, the pain from the gympie gympie was just starting to climax. It felt like hot acid had been poured into her vagina and anus. The waves of pain increased and seemed to peak after six hours. Dr. Gurkovsky had been called in to monitor her. Alice was totally incapable of following his commands, or even responding to him. She seemed to be trapped in her own world of pain. He wasn't even sure whether she was even at full mental capacity, as he couldn't even get her to open her eyes willingly. When he opened them forcibly, her pupils would dart rapidly in all directions, indicating that unfortunately she was still conscious. Dr. Gurkovsky had to supply her with a constant source of IV fluids, as Alice would not drink. Her vagina had also started to severely swell. Her lips puffed up to twice their size and were as red as cherries. The swelling and pain was so bad that she was unable to urinate or defecate without a catheter.

Although the pain seemed to improve slightly over the next few days, it would simply not subside. It was so intense and so constant that it stretched time itself. What Alice would feel over the next few days felt like decades. Alice was unable to sleep, eat, or drink. Because of this, she was fed with food directly into her stomach with a tube, and given fluids by IV.

After several days, the swelling in her breasts, vagina, and anus had resolved. Alice was finally now capable of eating and drinking, albeit only in between moans and with great effort. She still had to be catheterized in order to urinate and defecate, because it was still too painful to do those by herself. It was unclear whether Alice was even capable of sleeping yet. Dr. Gurkovsky warned Dmitri that periods of prolonged sleep deprivation can eventually lead to serious damage. Dmitri allowed Dr. Gurkovsky to administer a very high dose of morphine, which seemed to sedate Alice enough to let her rest. But when Alice awoke from her medicated slumber, she awoke to the pain once more that emanated strongly from her nether region.

After one week, Alice had improved by leaps and bounds. She was able to walk again. The pain was now just a dull throb. Her breasts, not having been stung by the gympie gympie, were unaffected. It was just her vagina and anus that were still throbbing. But Alice, for the most part, had successfully survived. Alice was despondent. Why couldn't they have just let her die?

She spent the next few weeks returning to her role as a child whore for sale, but since the gympie gympie, every time she was raped or sodomized, it felt like she was being violated by red hot nails dipped in acid.

Dmitri could start to see it. Alice's flame was burning out fast. She was only ten, but she had suffered so much. The dark bags under her eyes grew even larger still. Her face grew longer and longer. Her hair even started to fall out at a faster rate. Dmitri knew that his time with this girl was coming to an end.

He waited a few more weeks for her to recover, but soon it came time to give Alive her final trial of torture.

Chapter 7

Alice grabbed onto the chains above her head to try to pull herself up and support at least some of her weight, but it was no use. Her arms were too tired already. She could feel the blood dripping down her body all the way to her toes. She looked to her right and to her left. Both arms were punctured with needles. Her left arm was connected to a bag of saline, and her right arm was connected now to her second bag of blood.

She tried to look down, but her view was obscured by her chest, which had been skewered in both breasts by large meat hooks, which hung from the ceiling and bore most her weight. The other part of her body that supported some of her weight was her vagina, which was penetrated deeply by a thick wooden cone. She couldn't see this cone below her, but she could feel the large object digging deeper into her vagina. It had already penetrated a few inches into her and torn her introitus. The tear would only worsen the next time they pushed the cone up higher and added even more weights to her ankles.

Alice was done screaming. She was even past crying. At this point, and she knew it well by now, she was in a zone of pure pain. She felt delusional and mostly unaware of her surroundings, but strangely, she was still conscious. She hadn't drifted out of consciousness this time as much as she usually did. Maybe she was getting used to the pain.

She heard Dmitri order the guards to add more weight to her ankles and push the cone up higher, driving the cone further into her vagina. The hooks piercing her breasts stretched the flesh around the her entire torso. The skin around her nipples protruded several inches away and were being pulled thin.

Maybe this time she was going to die. She could feel the blood dripping to the floor from her toes. She was used to seeing her blood by now, used to feeling it run off her body, even smelling and tasting it, but this time, she felt as if she was losing a lot more blood, and at a much quicker pace too.

Every fifteen minutes, the men would add more weight to her ankles and push the cone up further, until suddenly, she could feel the flesh on her breasts rip open and the full weight of her body land onto the cone, splitting her open and widening the tear on her perineum.

It was at this point that Dr. Gurkovsky was emergently called in to stop the bleeding.

"She's losing too much blood," he said to Dmitri.

"Then give her another bag of IV fluids and more blood. I want you to stop the bleeding and I want you to patch her up," Dmitri replied.

The procedure to patch Alice back up lasted nearly an hour. Her breasts were never going to look the same again, and neither were her genitals. This tear had torn straight through into her anus, merging together the two holes into one.

"You have to stop, or she will die. No more must be done to her today. In fact, I refuse to do anything anymore," Dr. Gurkovsky said to Dmitri.

"I knew you would say that," Dmitri said, "In fact, if she dies today, then she dies. That is none of your business, and should be the least of your concerns. All I get from you it complaining. I am sick and tired of hearing you complain and tell me what to do. Because of that, you are going to be punished. You'll see."

Dr. Gurkovsky fell silent. He had already said too much.

Dmitri whispered something to one of the guards next to him, who left the room. He returned moments later with a young girl, who appeared to be in her early teens.

"No, you monster!" shouted Dr. Gurkovsky as he saw his only daughter Katherine being dragged into the room.

"I need you to pay attention very closely," said Dmitri, "Because if you don't I will be forced to hurt your daughter."

While Dmitri spoke, one of the guards began forcibly removing Katherine's clothes, who struggled. Dr. Gurkovsky was furious. He rushed towards Dmitri with the intent to kill, but two guards held him back. Dmitri walked closer to Dr. Gurkovsky and continued to speak.

"I need you to do as I say. Or else, she will suffer," Dmitri said as he pointed to Katherine, who was now fighting with the guard to keep her jeans on, "I need you to open Alice up."

Dmitri motioned to one of his guards, who wheeled over a table, on top of which lay a full set of surgical tools.

Dr. Gurkovsky went pale in the face.

"Why? What for?" he asked.

"I don't need to explain myself," Dmitri said, "Do you want your daughter to be punished? To pay the price for your constant disobedience? If I have to tell you to do something again, it will be her, not you, that will receive punishment."

Katherine was now naked and hysterical. The guards had already attached a spreader bar in between her ankles and bound her wrists, which had been pulled up by a chain hanging from the ceiling. Two large alligator clips, the kind reserved for car batteries were clamped onto each of Katherine's vaginal lips. Two more were clamped onto each of her nipples.

"Your daughter has a hairy pussy, yes?" Dmitri quipped, "I like her tits too, they're nice and perky."

Dr. Gurkovsky lost his mind. He lunged at Dmitri again.

"Big mistake," Dmitri said, smiling.

Dmitri motioned to the soldier who was operating the electrical box these clamps were attached to, and within second, Kat was convulsing violently from the current coursing through her breasts and vagina.

Dr. Gurkovsky was in a state of shock.

Dmitri continued to speak as the doctor's daughter Katherine continued to convulse, "Doctor, you will do as I say, or your daughter will be fried to a crisp. Look at her. How much longer do you think she can take of this? Listen to me. Tell me you understand."

Dr. Gurkovsky looked blankly back at Dmitri. Tears were running down his face, "Please, Dmitri. Shut it off. I will do as you say. Whatever you do, please just stop hurting my daughter."

Dmitri motioned to the guard, who shut the current off. Katherine slumped in her restraints.

"I want you to open this little girl up," Dmitri said as he pointed to Alice, who was still restrained spread eagle on a metal table, "I want you to open her up so that we can see her womb. Think C-section, yes? I want you to do that. I want you to do surgery on her."

Dr. Gurkovsky's hands shook violently. He hesitated. Once again, a powerful electrical current coursed through his daughter's body, sending her into yet another violent convulsion.

"Look at your daughter, doctor." Dmitri said coldly, "Look at her. What a mess. She shit herself already. Can you see that? How much more of this are you going to do to her?"

Dr. Gurkovsky could not bear to look. Instead, he grabbed his scalpel and positioned himself over Alice's body. Alice looked up at Dr. Gurkovsky. Why did he have a knife in his hand?

Dr. Gurkovsky lifted his scalpel and brought it down to Alice's lower abdomen. He made a shallow vertical cut just underneath her belly button. Blood filled the cut. Alice bucked her hips, and tried to scream, but had lost her voice hours ago. Dmitri ordered his guards to retrieve extra rope, and with some guidance from Dr. Gurkovsky, they were able to firmly secure her hips and legs firmly down onto the table. Dr. Gurkovsky swallowed, lifted his scalpel again and cut, this time more deeply. Alice howled in pain as the knife cut her lower abdomen even deeper. Blood spewed out from under her skin. Dr. Gurkovsky, in his panic, forgot to set up the soldering device and had to apply pressure to slow the bleeding. Once the bleeding stopped, he worked to connect a soldering device and activated it, cauterizing all her active bleeds.

He cut deeper and deeper into Alice, just like his days back in a rural hospital, except this time, his patient was awake, and he was operating in an area he had little experience in. It had been so long since he assisted in a cesarean section, but he did the best he could. He even had Dmitri put on a pair of sterile gloves to retract and hold Alice's abdomen open. Alice was writhing and her limbs were shaking violently. The pain she was going through had to be inhumanely intense.

Dr. Gurkovsky could barely think. Which muscle was he supposed to pull apart? What blood vessels was he supposed to avoid? And how was he going to sew her back up? He dug deep into his memories to try to remember how these procedures were done. He felt light-headed. His ears were ringing. He felt like he was blacking out. Dr. Gurkovsky turned away from the table and vomited.

Nearly half an hour had passed. Dr. Gurkovsky was successful in isolating Alice's uterus. It was so different performing surgery on a live patient. He could see her muscles twitching and her organs shifting from her constantly squirming. It was then that Dmitri ordered one of his men to remove from his bag a blowtorch and a metal rod, which had on its end the insignia for the Pushkins. The rod was heated till it was red hot, and slowly lowered into Alice's abdominal cavity until it touched the front part of her uterus, branding it with the symbol of the Russian mob. Alice's entire body convulsed violently.

"You can close her back up now," Dmitri said to Dr. Gurkovsky, who was more than happy to do so.

"Wait," Dmitri said.

Dr. Gurkovsky paused.

"Actually, this here," Dmitri said as he pointed to Alice's ovaries, "Are these the ovaries?"

Dr. Gurkovsky shrugged, but he knew Dmitri was right. Those were the ovaries.

"Yes, I think these are the ovaries," Dmitri repeated, "I wonder what happens if I do this?"

Dmitri squeezed on Alice's left ovary. Alice twitched in her restraints. Dmitri laughed. He grabbed her other ovary and squeezed that one too. Alice twitched again. Dmitri was clearly pleased with himself. Dr. Gurkovsky turned his head to vomit again.

Alice was given two more bags of blood after Dr. Gurkovsky had successfully sewed her back up. He felt her pulse. It was weak. He watched her breathe. He could barely see her chest rise. He was strongly suspicious that Alice would not make it this time. Knowing what she had told him before, he even hoped that she would not make it. No person deserved to live through such horrors.

He looked to his right at his daughter. She had witnessed the entire operation on Alice. She appeared to be in a state of shock. Katherine was just staring blankly ahead, and even when she was released and the clamps removed from her body, she was motionless and speechless, even when her father grabbed her to embrace and console her.

Dr. Gurkovsky was released that very day. His first day of freedom in years. He and his daughter were dropped off on the side of the road, several miles from town. What was he going to tell his wife? What was he going to tell the world what happened to him? He dared not speak the truth. He looked at his daughter Katherine. He did not want her to suffer the same fate as Alice. You are not to speak of this to anyone, he told his daughter. She sobbed when she heard her father tell his this. They know who we are, and if we speak of this, they will find us again and do unspeakable things to us. He asked his daughter if she understood. She did not respond, but she seemed to understand. He touched her face as she stared blankly ahead. Things would never be the same again. The doctor grabbed his daughter by the shoulders and gently nudged her forward, as they both walked towards town.
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Chapter 8

"It is a good video, Dmitri. You are OK, of course, if we speak in English? These days, I need to practice more. So many people do business in English. Pity, that we need to know it, even in Russia."

"Yes, sir. English will be fine, sir." Dmitri said to the bald fat man sitting in the large brown leather chair behind his mahogany desk, "And thank you, sir."

"I think people will not try to cheat us anymore, no?"

"No, sir," Dmitri responded softly, "This story will definitely send a message."

"Where is Mr. Durant now these days?" the man asked.

"Actually sir, we sent him the video of his daughter. He killed himself shortly after. I think he shot himself in the head with a gun," replied Dmitri.

"It is a little long, yes? The video? Can you shorten it? Ten hours is much too long!"

"Yes, sir, I can. Actually, sir, the ten hour version has already been shortened many times. There is just so much good content," Dmitri chuckled.

The man behind the desk chuckled with Dmitri.

"But if you wish, I can make it much shorter." Dmitri quietly explained.

"Yes, that's good. I mean, I still want all of the video available to me, I mean, how much do you have? At least a hundred hours, yes? I want all of that. But we need a shorter video to distribute to our members and even to our enemies. This is proof that the Pushkins do not fuck around, right? That's how you say it?"

"Yes, sir, you are quite right," Dmitri responded, "We do not fuck around."

"Good. And what of the girl?"

"Sir?" Dmitri asked.

"The girl in the video. You will kill her, right? Dispose of her body? We cannot let her live. This girl is liability, yes?"

"Uh, yes sir, yes sir I agree. I'll take care of that right away." Dmitri quietly replied.


An awkward pause passed between the two men.

"Is there anything else?" the bald fat man asked.

"Uh, no, sir. Nothing else. Thank you, sir, I will be leaving now." Dmitri said as he turned around and walked slowly out of the dark office.

Dmitri drove home.

It was still very early in the morning. Why he had to meet with his boss so early was beyond him.

He exited his car and walked towards his front door. It was so cold in the middle of winter. Despite being alone, he lived in a very large house, far from the city. After he entered, he went to the kitchen and began making himself a cup of coffee. He turned on the television and watched the morning news for a bit as the coffee dripped quietly into the pot.

Dmitri poured the coffee into his cup and sipped it slowly. He liked his coffee black and bitter.

Dmitri walked towards the other end of his kitchen where he stood in front a door. It led downstairs to his basement cellar. He opened the door and turned on the lights inside. It was still dim. Dmitri then walked down the stairs, and made his way towards a small refrigerator, opening it and pulling out a bag, dumping its contents into a large dog bowl.

"Here, doggie! Come on, doggie!" he whistled as he walked deeper into the back of his cellar. Dmitri placed the bowl filled with brown mush down in front of a small six foot by six foot cubical metal cage. And there she was, naked, wearing only a collar, sitting in middle of the cage, with her arms wrapped around her knees.

Alice turned her head and looked up at Dmitri, who smiled cruelly back.

"Time to eat!" he exclaimed.

"Yes, master," Alice quietly replied.

It was time for her breakfast.


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The Willing Meal

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In the Twilight of the Kitsona Kingdom, Sam, a young twelve year old, long-haired blonde girl awoke still on top of her closest friend, Megan; who was also twelve, but with short brunette hair.

The two were both naked, on the large, extravagant bed they currently shared inside their very decorated room of Imelo Castle.

Sam slowly sat up on Megan’s body, sitting on her waist as she yawned; she then looked to her left out the window and smiled upon see that it was still light out, Twilight actually…

“Oh, I have just enough time to visit Kitsu Forest!” stated Sam happily before looking down to Megan’s sleeping face. “I’ll be back soon Meg.” Added Sam as she removed herself from her friend.

Sam walked to the door of the room and opened it a little and peeked her head out and frowning upon seeing two royal guards down the large hallway. Being naked as she was, she wouldn’t get far, there were a LOT more guards on the path out of the castle.

Sam knew if she put on clothes she’d have less of a problem leaving, but where she was going, the clothes would be quickly destroyed.

“Wait a sec…” comments Sam as she returned her head inside her room. “I can just wear something old…”

Sam then headed to her closet and opened it, displaying a large number of expensive, unique and beautiful dresses. After sifting through a few, Sam frowned a little…

“Their all too pretty for where I’m going… … … Wait a sec…”

Sam then pulled free a short, thin white gown, like everything else, it looked expensive, the neck line of it was trimmed in gold with lines reaching out like sun rays, the ends of the sleeves and bottom edge of the small dress was also lined in gold, the white fabric glittered from the light.

“Yeah, this is perfect! It’s almost nighttime after all.”

Sam then quickly put on her night gown and headed out and quickly encountered one of the female royal guards as she turned the corner, who smiled at her.

“Good evening Princess.”

“Good evening.” Replies Sam returning the smile.

“You wouldn’t happen to be heading to the forest again would you?” asks the guard as she places her right hand on Sam’s head, who just smiled. “Well, make sure your back soon ok, you know the king doesn’t like you outside at night.”

“Yeah I know, dad worries too much. There’s nothing to worry about now since Meg’s dad put that spell on us.” Replies Sam as she walks past the guard.

“A father will always worry.” Comments the guard smiling.

Sam managed to avoid the next two guards on her way out of the castle and upon leaving the castle grounds, which was identified by large stone wall directly in front of the castle and a short distance along it’s side, Sam quickly turned right and headed directly to Kitsu Forest, which was pretty much directly next to the castle.

Upon entering the forest and walking along a naturally made trail, Sam noticed the forest was rather calm, which was no surprise, like the people of Kitsona, the forest seemed to sleep at night.

“I hope the forest isn’t sleeping yet…”comments Sam as she slowly walks along the trail, trying to listen for any sounds of the creatures here.

After a few long, uneventful moments, Sam started to get worried, the darkness was coming quick and she hadn’t found anything. Not wanting to have to return to the castle on her own power, Sam veered from the trail and into the thick of the forest.

After just a minute, Sam thought she saw something on the ground ahead of her in the growing darkness and eagerly headed towards it. Upon closing the gap to about two yards, Sam discovered what she saw and smiled happily.

“Oh! A Rencor!”

A Rencor was a plant-type creature, it’s tube-like mouth exposed above the forest floor, with black tentacles lazily hanging out, also two tentacle/antenna’s came from the top of the mouth. The large, circular stomach of the plant was below the ground.

Sam happily walked towards the Rencor, but carefully looked around for it’s Trapper Tentacle, a very large tentacle that came from the ground which it used to grasp pray and bring it to the mouth, but with the rapidly growing darkness, and the fact that the Trapper Tentacle could blend into the environment like a chameleon, it was impossible to see.

Sam stopped just two feet from the Rencor’s mouth, her bare feet just inches from the tentacles exposed from it’s mouth.

“Come on, don’t tell me you’re sleeping already…” groans Sam.

Sam quickly discovered though, that the Rencor was very much alert as she suddenly felt it’s large trapper tentacle wrap around her waist and lift her up into the air.

“Ah! Hehe, you just wanted me to get closer!” states Sam happily.

With Sam’s lack of struggling, the Rencor rather calmly placed Sam on her back with her feet right at the mouth, where the small, but numerous tentacles there tickled her feet as they wrapped around them, covering them with a special fluid that penetrated her skin, which quickly effected Sam’s pain receptors, which would make any painful action done to her extremely pleasurable which would quickly come into effect soon. The Trapper Tentacle also ripped off her nightgown.

Sam giggled excitedly as the numerous tendrils pulled her body into the mouth. Once The Rencor had her up to her waist, the tendrils began to explore her young, royal pussy, releasing a cry of pleasure from Sam as she felt the tendrils explore her, covering the inner walls of her pussy with the special fluid.

As Sam was now devoured up to her chest, an orgasm suddenly claimed her as she moaned out loudly and her body tensed and trembled as the small numerous tendrils continued to explore her body and spasming pussy while they also pulled Sam further inside.

As Sam was coming down from her climax, her chest was now engulfed, leaving her head and hands left to be swallowed while the tendrils danced over her nipples, a few even grasping them while Sam continued squirming in the continuous pleasure being forced upon her willing body.

As the tentacles reached her face, Sam closed her eyes before the mouth of the Rencor quickly took in her head, then her hands shortly after. Another orgasm claimed her as she slowly traveled through the mouth, causing her to squirm around slowly in the throws of orgasm while the tentacles violated every part of her little body.

As Sam came, she felt herself lower, feet first, into the stomach of the Rencor, a rather large circular area absolutely covered in tentacles so much that the walls weren’t visible. Along with the small tendrils that lined the mouth, bigger, stronger tentacles shared this area, a few of them, grasping Sam’s arms and legs and spreading them so her body formed a wide ‘X’ before one plunged into her pussy and a second into her a*s, releasing a hard gasp of pleasure from Sam as she threw her head back with her mouth open, which was quickly filled by two of the larger tentacles and began thrusted into her throat.

Sam went limp in their hold of her body as she continually moaned in pleasure as the tendrils thrusted into her body, as orgasm after orgasm claimed her. As this continued, a number of the smaller tentacles found Sam’s urethra and quickly thrusted into the tiny hole, which Sam’s only reaction to this was a sudden moan as her open eyes appeared blank from the pleasure. The tendrils in her urethra began thrusting into the tiny tunnel while more small tentacles grabbed at Sam’s erect clit and pulled on it, drawing a longer moan from her.

The tentacles pulling on her clit pulled with such force that it would’ve been very painful, but thanks to the earlier coating of the special fluid on her body, it only brought her immense pleasure as she came again, while the tendrils pulling her clit managed to stretch the small nub to a half-inch length and growing.

A few minutes more of this, and Sam was now limp as a wet noodle as her clit was now stretched to an inch in length and the tendrils stroked the lengthened sex organ as Sam’s body trembled in what seemed to be a continuous orgasm.

Sam was now just a shell to pleasure, time seemed to slow to a stop for Sam, her eyes were now completely void of the youthful spark, but she was still well aware of the pleasure being given to her as her continuous orgasm still flowed through her body. Sam hardly had a reaction from a number of the small thin tendrils invading her eyes, snaking their way under her eyelids and exploring her eyes sockets.

After a few more minutes of this, the tentacles thrusting into her body and eye sockets began to spray out acid, Sam was now thoroughly incapacitated from the pleasure and it was time for the Rencor to dissolve Sam’s body for nourishment.

As a budge quickly grew on Sam’s stomach from her bladder and uterus being filled with the quick working acid, Sam’s eyes started to bulge from their sockets as the acid in her skill pushed against them. Sam quickly lost her vision as the acid made short work of the optical nerves, the pleasure from this increasing the pleasure of her still running orgasm before her eyeballs soon bulge out enough to simply roll out of her skull and fall to the bottom of the Rencor, which contained a pool of acid.

Next, Sam’s belly was now stretched out from the acid filling her womb and bladder, but just a few moments into this, the acid in her womb quickly traveled her fallopian tubes and filled her ovaries, which the acid quickly ate through and the two swollen balls burst, spilling out the acid into her body, this was quickly followed by the acid in her bladder, having eaten through the walls there and spilling out, this caused Sam’s stomach to deflate as the acid quickly spread through out her body.

With the acid also being sprayed into her stomach and intestines, her organs didn’t last long against the powerful acid. The acid in her skull was already eating away at brain, which brought out a loud moan from Sam as it strengthened her already powerful orgasm. It didn’t take long before the acid reached the vital parts of the brain and dissolving them, afterwards, Sam’s trembling from her orgasm stopped, signaling the end of Sam’s consciousness, now leaving her body as an empty shell while the acid continued to pour into it, eating away at the insides.

Before long, the empty body was full of the dissolved soup that was Sam’s organs, but before the acid started it’s work on the muscle and bone of the arms, the back was quickly eaten away as a whole formed and the acid, mixed with the organ soup drained from the body to the floor, which was joined by the acid in the skull as it had eaten a hole at the back of the head and draining out.

A tentacle then wrapped around the stomach and pulled, separating the dissolving body into two halves, the top half quickly falling to the acid pool and sinking as it was quickly eaten away. The lower half of the body was still treated to some fun though as the larger tentacles continued to through the pussy and a*s into empty air. The tendrils that continued stroking the lengthened clit slowly stopped and started pulling again, quickly pulling the sex organ from the body and dropping it to the acid pool where it dissolved within seconds. The tentacles thrusting into the two remaining hole thrusted with such vigor that the weakened skin simply fell apart and the two legs were now separate.

A number of tentacles then invaded the bloody stumps of the legs and began to thrust into the muscle and spraying acid. From the thrusting with the acid, the muscles didn’t last long and soon the skin of the legs became limp from the lack of support and the vigorousness of the thrusting also tore away at the skin and it dropping to the acid pool, where the last of Sam’s body dissolved.


A few minutes later, Sam’s body magically reappeared laying on her bed, sleeping on her back nude. After a few minutes, Sam leaned onto her right side as she continued to sleep.



Does anyone have "toph suprise" by Dokariss? I've been looking everywhere, but all links are dead.



[Dokariss] Toph surprise (F/f, Loli, Guro, Snuff, Canni) [2015]

Hey everyone! Here's another Loli story. Altho... Is Toph even considered a loli? If she is, she's a badass one. Hope you enjoy!

Toph was humming a battle hymn as she pulled her blind bandit outfit from the floor. The girl had had to bow and simper all week because of all the appointments her mom kept making for her and she was about to blow from all the pressure. “I am going to DESTROY my first opponent,” the black haired girl said with a wide smile.

The smile fell off Toph’s face when she felt the soft footfall of her mother coming toward her room. With a groan of annoyance, she threw her battle outfit back in the floor cubby and used earthbending to seal it shut. The blind girl gave herself a once over to make sure she was presentable and sat on her bed just as her door opened.

Poppy Beifong entered the room like an empress, not even bothering to knock. The high class woman looked around, inspecting everything, before her eyes fell on her daughter. “Good day, Toph. What are you doing just sitting on your bed?”

“I just took a walk and needed to rest a little before I started on my knitting.” The black haired girl said in a submissive tone that would have amazed anyone who knew the real her.

Poppy nodded and went to sit down beside her handicapped child. “I have good and bad news. The bad is that all the suitors we tried to marry you too ended up refusing. Even with our wealth as bait, none of them wanted to have to take care of a blind wife,” the woman said sadly.

Toph seethed inside but did her best to not let it show. ‘Sorry for being such a nuisance for everyone! I would not want to indispose all those limp wristed fops!’ she screamed in her head, only then realizing that her mom had not stopped talking.

“Which brings me to the good news. I finally found a way for you to bring much honor to our family. My contacts told me that the Avatar is coming to visit us!” the regal woman almost squealed in a rare display of emotions, before continuing. “We are going to prepare him a meal fit for a king. And the main dish will be you,” Poppy said proudly, placing an arm around her damaged daughter.

“What!” Toph yelled, forgetting her etiquette training in her surprise. “You want to cook me!”

“Calm down Toph. Don’t you see? This will be perfect. You’ll catapult our family name to the stars. The Avatar will be so amazed that we served him our only daughter that he’ll make us more powerful than ever. Hopefully, he does not know that you’re disabled as that would probably ruin his appetite,” the rich woman mused.

The young earthbender could not believe her ears. “This can’t possibly be legal,” she tried.

“Oh it’s quite legal. Since the times of Chin the conqueror, parents can cook their children as long as they are not of legal age,” Poppy explained with a smile, patting the agitated girl’s head in an effort to calm her down.

Toph had never wanted to show her parents what she could do in the fear that they would make her stop but she knew that it was now or never. The small girl shrugged out of her mother’s embrace and stood directly in front of her. “There’s no need for any of that, mother. I can bring honor to our family like this,” she said as she fell into the wide stance of an earthbender.

The black haired girl took a second to fuss with her dress as it was presently constraining her movements but that is all the time Poppy needed. Quick as a snake, the enraged woman grabbed her misbehaving child by the ear and almost lifted her off the ground by it. As Toph squawked in pain and surprise, the woman started dragging her towards the door.

“I thought I taught you better than that young lady. A woman of breeding should never open her legs like that. It’s disgraceful and gaudy,” the high class woman chastised her wayward daughter. Continuing talking over the child’s objections all the way to the kitchen.

Her mother knew each and every soft spots in her mental defences and used them all with such unstoppable strength that Toph stopped struggling halfway through the trip, not that the woman let go of her throbbing ear or stopped ranting. The blind girl felt like crying. Her parents wanted to kill her because she was such a weight around their necks. Toph could feel her mind start to melt as she momentarily surrendered to the matriarch’s will. It felt so safe when she was just a little girl that did not need to make any decisions.

The heat that hit her face when they entered the kitchen snapped the blind girl’s mind back to what was happening. Toph heard her mom lock the door behind them before she let go of her tortured ear. As she tried to massage the pain away, the black haired girl felt that both her mom and the house cook had moved away from her and were talking about the upcoming dinner.

Knowing that this was probably her last chance to prove her worth, Toph move as far as she could from the room’s two other occupants and resumed her earthbending stance. “Mother! You may have locked the door but no stone can contain me!” the small girl declared.

As Toph started to apply her will to the closest wall, she could FEEL her mom’s disappointed stare wash over her. The big cook’s laughter at her antics also did not help. Trying to rally as much of her flagging willpower as possible, the blind girl gestured toward the stone structure but found that the stone did not bend to her.

Toph tried again and again but it felt like she was trying to tunnel through solid earth with a wet towel. Tears started to prick the corner of her eyes when she heard her mom apologize on her behalf for wasting the cook’s precious time.

“That is enough, Toph. You had your fun now come over here,” Poppy said in an exasperated tone.

“I can do this! Just give me a minute and I can prove it,” Toph said, hating that she sounded like she was begging.

When she heard her mom take a step toward her, the blind girl scrambled away, hitting pots and pans as she tried to summon her earthbending vision and failed. Toph was so surprised that she was actually blind that she did not notice the cook until his big arms lifted her off the floor.

The slight girl tried to squirm away but she was no match for the large man as he brought her to the table and started to rip her dress and undergarments off. The blind child tried to fight but she was once again laughably overpowered and was soon naked and shivering in the warm room.

Poppy shook her head and followed. “I find such a good way for you to contribute to our family and you repay me by humiliating me in front of our employee. Seems like we’ll have to use severe methods to make sure you behave,” the woman said in a threatening tone.

The cook, free to talk now that the young mistress had stopped struggling, said, “Are you sure ma'am? This will change our plans.”

The house’s matriarch nodded as she patted the machine. “Yes I am sure. I thrust that you can do something with the meat.”

“Actually, I do. It will not be a problem,” the man agreed in a happy tone as he sat the little girl on the edge of the table.

Toph, who was completely disregarded by the other two, thought about trying to escape or prove herself again but the betrayal from her earthbending and her mom’s continuous mental attacks had left her numb. She roused a little when the cook grabbed both of her legs in one arm and dragged her until her feet touched something cold.

The mystery of what was going on sent spikes of fear into the little girl's’ heart. She had not felt so defenceless in years and was having trouble holding back her tears. She did not want to start bawling and disgrace herself even more in front of her mother.

A mechanical noise brought her attention back to the present and from the man’s movement as he still held her legs with one arm, she could guess that he was turning a crank with the other. Toph was about to ask what was going on when the cook inched her forward and her feet caught in the grinder’s blades.

The howl of pain nearly deafened all the room’s occupants. Toph tried to kick out of the big man’s embrace but it felt exactly like when she had recently tried to open the wall. The black haired girl babbled pleas, threats and offered bargains but everything fell on deaf ears as the cook slowly but surely fed her legs into the uncaring machine.

Toph tried to block the pain as she felt the last of her feet leave her body but the bone grinding agony would not be denied. She could feel each blade as it ripped her flesh and pulverised her bones into fine powder.

Crying her eyes out, the black haired girl thought she was going to go insane as the machine started eating her shins when she felt a hand pat her hair. When another one wiped her tears, Toph clung to it like it was a lifeline. The blind girl mewled in pain as her mother wiped her sweat and whispered sweet nothings in her ears. The woman’s ministrations did nothing to block the torment of her legs being shredded into minced meat but Toph felt safe in her mommy’s embrace.

Finally, when she could only feel her legs to above her knees, the cook stopped with a tired sigh. The man quickly tied ropes on the blind girl’s stumps to make sure she would not simply bleed out. What had felt like days of torture to the youngster was in reality only a minute.

Toph whined when the man lifter her away from her mother but stopped immediately when the matriarch asked her to.

The big man deposited the light child on a big stove pan and went back to get his prepared ingredients. “Since we now have stuffing meat, we’ll be able to do something I hear is the tastiest meal of all,” he enthusiastically said as he added various spices to what, just a minute ago, had been legs.

Poppy stepped beside her daughter and continued to caress her hair, enjoying the feeling of the little girl pushing back against her hand and smiling up at her. Finally, her wayward child had decided to behave.

Poppy had to school her expression to not show annoyance when the cook came back and broke the moment. The big man carefully put down all he was carrying and turned toward his employer. “Now, I am going to stuff her vagina and womb full of her meat. From what I hear, it makes the meat take on a delicious taste that is impossible to replicate. Are you ok with that, ma’am?”

The regal woman looked down at he daughter. Putting things in there sounded highly inappropriate but this was for the Avatar and if the cook was right, this would be a treat that he probably would have never tasted before. The house’s mistress looked back at her employee and said, “That will be fine.”

Toph listened to the discussion, not talking as this would be bad manners. They were going to put things in her? At least she was going to find out what that felt like before the end. The black haired girl still did not want to die but her mommy was making sure she would experience as much stuff as possible before she went. And for that, the delirious child was thankful.

At her mother’s urging, Toph reached down and opened her sex to help the cook work. It felt weird to do something like this for a virtual stranger, and with her mom standing right beside her, but her mommy knew best. The slight girl even gave the man her best smile and parted her stumps even though her legs felt like they were on fire.

“Thank you deary,” the man said as he peered in her hole. He reached in and prodded for a bit.

Toph had to hold in the moan that wanted to escape. The cook had huge fingers and it was the first time that the small girl had anything in there. The pleasurable sensation mixed in with the pain and dimmed the agony a little.

The big man withdrew his fingers and turned to his employer. “Great news. She’s a virgin with an intact hymen. That means that we can be sure that the meat that we’ll place inside her will not be spoiled by foreign tastes.”

Poppy glared at the man. “Of course she’s a virgin. She never left this house unless she had a chaperon. What kind of ship do you think I run?” she snapped.

The cook, realizing that he had stepped on a landmine, tried to backpedal but was stopped by a curt gesture from his mistress.

“Let’s just forget this incident. We have more important things to do right now,” the regal woman declared, making the man slump in relief.

Quickly picking up a metal dildo looking object, he turned back to the reclining girl. “Now, deary, I am going to use this thing to remove your cervix so that I can stuff your womb,” he said as he did something on the base and the rounded tip opened up into sharp looking teeth. The man than did something else and the wicked teeth started spinning with a whirling noise. Making the device go back to it’s unthreatening rounded state, he continued, “This will hurt a lot and you can’t flop around or I might destroy something important. Should I restrain you or do you think you can take it?”

Toph looked up as she felt both adults look at her. They were asking her opinion. She had a choice she could do. Wanting to impress her mother, the girl put on a resolute expression and said, “I can take it.”

The blind girl was glad of her choice when her mommy patted her shoulder. She felt the cook line up the device with her hole and push it in. Toph wished he would’ve went a little slower as the large thing stretched her out but quickly forgot about that as she felt a painful tearing inside of her.

For a second, Toph thought that the device had already went to work when she remembered that she was a virgin. The young girl was a little sad that a cooking implement had taken her cherry but the feeling of something touching her all the way in there took over.

This time, Toph could not hold in the moan as the metal dildo fully stretched out her pussy for the first time. She even bucked her hips a little to feel it more. A painful finger flick on the black haired girl’s ear brought her back to earth. She flushed from head to toe at the shameful display she had made of herself in front of her mommy and lowered her hips back on the pan.

The cook hid his smile as the obvious pleasure he was bringing the young girl. He wished he did not have to keep harming the poor child be there was no way he could pass up the once in a lifetime chance to do this dish. Cooks would quite literally kill to take his place. When the big man felt the dildo hit young mistress’ cervix, he sighed inwardly and twisted the base to bring out the teeth.

Toph gritted her teeth as she felt the instrument open inside her. Her hands trembled as she still kept her pussy opened as big as possible for the man to work. The blind child did not know what a cervix was but she could bet that if it was in there, it was going to hurt. The little girl started whining in fear, looking in her mom’s direction for comfort.

Poppy smiled down at her daughter and cradled her head. “Be a big girl for mommy. It’s just a little pain. I’ll be really pleased if you can take it with poise.”

Toph was about to nod when the cruel device activated. The torment of the little teeth chewing through her reproductive organ was so severe that, for a moment, the young girl felt like she was looking down on her body. The sight was quite the picture. Her mom was patting her hair, praising her for not moving. Her body was taut with strain, her eyes almost popping out of her head. And the big man between her legs was working away as blood dripped out of her just devirginized vagina.

Much too soon, the ex-earthbender slammed back into her body and screamed at the incredible pain. She did not know how she did it but she remained in place as the torture device destroyed her gate and popped in her womb.

The big man managed to avoid nicking the womb as he blasted through and pulled the device back. He was amazed that the child was still holding herself opened as he shook the dildo over his hand and the cervix fell out. The cook took a moment to look at it, never having seen one, before turning to the ladies. “Cervix properly removed. Here it is in all it’s glory,” he said as he presented it.

Poppy pulled back at the offered bit of flesh but Toph let go of her pussy for a moment to reach out. The man placed the useless meat in her hand as he turned back to his ingredients.

Toph felt the spongy, yet tough, material with her fingers for a while before popping it into her mouth. She had no clue why she did it but it felt like this thing should be inside of her. The black haired girl started chewing as her mother squawked in disgust. It did not taste very good but Toph kept chewing the rubbery material as she reached down and once again spread herself open for the cook.

The man brought the meat over and took a great handful. “Really spread it, child. I have big hands.”

Toph groaned around her mouthful as she hooked her fingers in her pussy and pulled with all her strength. She remembered those big hands as they held her down to grind her legs. The blind girl had no clue how those were supposed to fit in her tight little slit.

The black haired girl started to pant as she felt the monstrous hand part her. The only thing making her stay in place as she kept chewing was her mommy’s hand on her shoulder. She felt her little hole stretch to it’s limit and beyond as the man’s big mitt inched forward. Finally, she felt the meat being pushed inside her unprotected womb and the hand started to retreat.

“No bad. Her vagina ruptured a little but that’s unavoidable. It’s nothing that will be visible when she’s cooked,” the cook told his employer proudly. He turned to the little and said, “You’re doing very good. We just need to do this about another 10 times and we’re done with this part.”

Toph nearly fainted at the number but was soon distracted by the gargantuan hand as it entered her again. At about the 6th entry, she had finally chewed her cervix into paste and she regretfully swallowed it. The taste had grown on her and she wished she could eat something else to distract herself from the sensation of being split in two.

When the cook was finally done, the little girl was covered in sweat and felt like she was nine months pregnant. She reached over to her belly and was amazed that there was a large bump there. Toph giggled when she realized she was pregnant with her own legs.

The cook’s voice brought her attention back to what was going on.

“I’ll seal her with this orange to add some more taste and make sure that everything stays in there,” he said with a grunt of effort as he pushed the large fruit in the formerly tight passage.

Toph did not think that she could feel anymore stretching pain but as the fruit pushed past her tired lower lips, she had to bite her tongue to keep from crying out.

Panting from her ordeal, with her sex screaming in protest, the black haired child listened to the adults talk.

“Now this next step is optional but it supposedly unlocks most of the flavor,” the man said in an evasive tone.

When she saw that he was not continuing, Poppy snapped, “Well? Out with it.”

The cook chuckled nervously. After all he did to the poor child, this should not be a problem but he felt awkward having to say it to the mistress. “Yes, well. If the child experiences an orgasm, she will impregnate the meat with her taste. I hear it’s exquisite.”

The house matriarch bemusedly looked down at her child. “Don’t you think this boat has sailed? How is she supposed to orgasm after all this trauma?”

“Quite easily, I think,” the cook said, finally getting over the awkwardness. “As you remember, she was almost humping the cervix removing device and I had just grinded her legs a moment before. I think she’ll respond if I stimulate her.”

Poppy thought about it for a moment. That the man had to touch her daughter’s intimate parts while preparing her was one thing but she could not let this lowborn man sexualy touch a blue blood child. “I’ll do it. You go prepare the next step while I see to this unpleasantness.”

Toph did not know what to think as she felt her mother’s long graceful fingers on her clit. Pain was radiating from every part of her lower body but the cool fingers were like a balm. The little girl stopped questioning how she felt about her mother giving her a hand job and simply enjoyed it. Humping her hips to get more friction.

Poppy was amazed at how much her daughter was getting into this disgusting act. She soon just made a fist and let the little girl grind on her knuckles to her heart’s content.

Toph could feel her orgasm building. “Thank you mommy. I’m a good girl. I’ll be the best daughter. I love you mommy. I love daddy too,” she babbled.

The regal woman melted a little at the show of devotion. Uncurling her hand, she started helping again. Her skillful fingers, honed from many a night that her husband had to work late, were soon bringing the young child to heaven.

Toph could feel some tears escape as she reached orgasm. Her mommy loved her enough to give her this gift of ecstasy. She did not let the man do it because she wanted to give her beloved daughter her last pleasure. Wrapped up in this delusion, Toph cried out as the delightful feeling just kept climbing forever.

Poppy could not help being a little jealous as she wiped her hand on a towel. She was pretty sure that she had never orgasmed that hard in her life. Her child was barely conscious and, even a few minutes later, was still getting pleasure convulsions.

Toph was in her happy place. The pain and pleasure was now one big mix of a complex feeling that defied all description. She had never felt so at peace. That is, until a new blinding pain blossomed in her belly.

The cook easily held down the yowling girl as he eviscerated her. “You might want to look away, ma’am. The insides are not a pretty sight,” he said as he finished cutting the blind girl from pelvis to ribcage.

Poppy did indeed want to turn away from the gruesome sight but held fast. She once again moved to her daughter’s head and soothed the child as the man removed all the non-essential organs.

The big man was amazed at the power this woman wielded on the little girl. The black haired youngster had stopped struggling the moment her mother had started patting her head and meekly let him remove her organs.

When he was done, the cook reached in the cavity and picked up an ovary. After making a knot in the fallopian tube, he cut off the orb before doing the same thing with the other one.

Toph was not sure if she was in pain anymore. It felt like she should be but her body was just numb as she basked in her mother’s love.

As the cook was busy candying the egg sacks for a unique desert, Poppy addressed him. “I assume that we’re about ready for the cooking now?”

“Yes ma’am. After I am done with these, I’ll pop her in the stove.”

“Could we remove her eyes? I want to make sure that the Avatar does not know that she was blind.”

“It will make for a weird presentation to have her eyeless… Oh, I know! We can pop these in the empty sockets after she comes out of the stove,” the cook said as he held up the ovaries.

Toph listened to the back and forth with a frown. Her damn eyes had always caused nothing but trouble, both for her and her family. She decided that she would be glad to be rid of them.

The big man, done with the desert, skipped over and picked up a spoon. He turned the child’s head toward him and was surprised that she was smiling at her next trial. Steeling his will, the cook managed to see her as meat again and expertly inserted the spoon in the first socket without scratching the eye. With a flick of his wrist, the orb popped out and he quickly threw it in the trash.

While Toph wanted this to happen, it did not stop the pain. The little girl had to grit her teeth to not scream as she felt her first eye leave her body. When the spoon plunged in her second socket, only her death grip on her mom’s hand gave her the courage to remain in position.

As the tool scrapped in her head, the black haired girl could not help reaching up with her free hand and probe at the vacant hole. It felt weird to be able to touch that deep in her face. Every place she touched bloomed in agony but she could not stop exploring.

With a touch on the questing hand, Poppy gently admonished her daughter to cease her gruesome act.

With a chastised expression, Toph lowered her hand. “Sorry mommy,” she apologised.

After harvesting the second ocular orb, the cook sent it to join its twin before picking the tray on which the child rested and shoved her in the scalding heat of the stove.

“I love you mommy!” Toph yelled. She liked to imagine that her mom returned the feeling but the loud creaking of the stove door as it closed made it hard to hear.

The intense heat of her tomb was quickly sapping the remainder of the black haired girl’s strength but she decided to help one last time with her mother’s dinner. With a groan of effort, Toph rearranged herself on the tray. It felt like moving in molasse but she managed to power through it.

‘I am a good girl,’ was the last thing that passed through the ex-earthbender’s mind.


Aang was really uncomfortable at the lavish table. He was afraid to touch anything and messing some kind of etiquette. Which is why he was once again happy that Katara was with him. The dusky skinned beauty seemed to be at ease as she chatted with the rich couple and took most of the pressure off him.

Sokka did not seem to have the same problem with shame. The boy had eaten both his entree and Katara’s and was now poking various table decorations to see if they were edible or just meant for beauty.

The matriarch, probably annoyed at the boy’s bad manners, finally declared that the main course would now be served.

Aang was doubly happy at this. Not only was he starving but that would mean that the conversation would lull as everyone would be busy eating.

A large man entered, carrying an equally large covered tray. The high class woman introduced him as the cook and the man demonstrated his agility by bowing without upending his load.

The cook then put the tray in the middle of the table and, with a flourish, removed the dome. “Voila! Toph Beifong. Stuffed and grilled.”

Aang was frozen for a moment. He heard Katara gasp but he could not tear his eyes away. The young girl’s legs, or what was left of them, were fully parted, giving the whole table a perfect look at her orange stuffed… thing. The cooked girl’s hands were grabbing her elbows behind her back, making it arch like she was offering her meat to the dinners. Her eyes seemed to have been replaced with candies but most disturbing to him was the big smile frozen on her angelic face.

When his mind kicked back into gear, the airbender tried to get up and back away at the same time, causing him to get entangled in the chair as it fell. Only his reflexes and skills saved the boy from cracking his skull on the marble floor as he created an air cushion under himself and rolled to his feet.

Poppy and her husband also jumped to their feet at the Avatar’s reaction. The man opened his mouth to talk but she beat him to the punch. “What’s wrong Avatar Aang? This is a meal that a king would envy. Our daughter gave her life to please you,” the regal woman said in a haughty tone.

Aang looked again at the served girl and hid a shiver. “Humm…. I am a vegetarian?” he ventured.

Twins looks of dismay crossed the faces of the hosts.

‘How could I have been so stupid,’ Poppy thought as she remembered her history lessons about air nomads. Quickly taking charge again, she clapped her hands. “Throw that in the trash and bring in some fruits and vegetables!” she ordered the cook.

The big man had to hold in his tears as he picked up his creation and ran out. He was severely tempted to bring it in his room and eat it himself but the mistress had been clear. And as mad as she seemed, the man did not want to displease her more.

With a heavy sigh, he threw the smiling girl into the trash heap in the back. He noticed a few dogs sniffing around and for the first time, envied the mutts. The cook could already hear the chewing noises as the door closed.

Back inside, the people were trying to do some small talk to smooth out the moment as they all waited for the cook to come back. Katara was trying her best to be civil, even though she wanted to kick the hostess’ head in, when she heard a crunching noise beside her. Looking over in dread, the brown haired girl spotted her brother, with juices running down his chin, popping the last piece of candy in his mouth.

When he notice the dirty look his sister was giving him, the boy gave a weak shrug and said, "what? I’m hungry, and she tastes delicious!"


Looking for a story called Snuff Airlines where airstewardesses served customers with their own blood? Didn't get to finish reading it, so thats just what i recalll


This it?

First Class Service (Snuff Airline)
by Honda

©Copyright 2002 Honda-Matic, All Rights Reserved. This story may be reproduced only in its full, original, unedited and unmodified posting where: 1) full credit is given to its author and, 2) no commercial gain of any sort is realized as a result of its reproduction. No permission is granted, actual or implied, to reproduce a modified version of this story, in whole or in part, without the express consent of the author.

“Welcome on board flight SA667, the best serviced airline in the world. This is Head Stewardess Karina speaking on behalf of captain Ricardo and the entire flight crew. We all hope you will enjoy your flight with us. For your safety, please remain in your seat with your seatbelt fastened at all times during the flight. If you require any service please do not hesitate to call upon the services of our lovely stewardesses. For those who are traveling with us for the first time, let me give you a quick overview of our services. For your convenience, you are not required to walk to the toilets for relieve. In fact we do not have conventional toilets for passenger’s use. If you require relieving yourself, please call a stewardess who will be glad to let you relieve yourself into her mouth. Passengers flying in first or business class also receive complementary blowjobs. Passengers in economy class can get a blowjob for $5 dollars. We have also selected two BDSM movies for your viewing pleasures on the main screen. First and Business Class passengers can choose individual movies from our snuff movie selection on your personal viewer. Also, let me assure you, that we only serve fresh meat on our flights unlike other airlines. We do not use frozen foods except for the vegetables and I am sure most of you place much more emphasis on the freshness of the meat anyways since most of you have cannibal cuisine as your preference. For information on the girl that is butchered for your dining pleasures please consult the information brochure found in the front section of your seat. Have a pleasant flight and don’t hesitate to call upon our lovely stewardesses to help you with anything you may require.” The head stewardess announced.

Then another flight attendant took her place and continued: “Before take off, it is important that you acquaint yourself with our emergency procedures. Please pay special attention to these instructions since our procedures differs greatly from other airlines. The emergency exits are clearly marked with a row of lights, which will turn green in an emergency. The exits are along side them and the crew will open them for you. Lifejackets and oxygen masks will be automatically fitted onto you in an emergency provided you are sitting in your seat with your seatbelt firmly fastened. If you have any problems, please ask a stewardess for assistance. Also, be familiar with the brace position in case of an emergency. For our customers in first class, a stewardess will serve as your airbag and cushion. Your safety is our first priority. Our stewardesses are dedicated to ensuring your safety and comfort. In case your emergency stewardess is unavailable for your protection, please press the red emergency button on your armrest and you will immediately receive a replacement. Also, please note that this aircraft is equipped with anti-terrorism and anti-hijacking protection. Offenders can and will be executed immediately by our security system for your safety. We also have our own radar and guidance systems in case of emergencies. The airplane is also equipped with state of the art anti missile launchers in case we come under attack. Please rest assured that you will be completely safe whilst onboard this aircraft. Again your safety is our number one priority. Thank you for flying with Snuff Airlines. We hope you enjoy your flight.”

Edwin had listened to the announcement with quite some interest. It was his first flight with Snuff Airlines. He had never expected something like that was possible before joining Snuff Inc. as an executive manager. But here he was onboard one of the newest and most expensive airplanes of the world, and he was traveling first class as well on his company’s expensive. In fact, his boss had insisted on him flying first class and it was as he found out a company policy to only fly with Snuff Airlines. This was partly due to the fact that his company was a major shareholder of Snuff Airlines.

“Mr. Howard, Sir, would you like some refreshment?”, a pretty stewardess in a tight uniform asked him.

“Certainly, what do you have?”, he asked.

“We have our special pure and fresh blood or a wide range of alcoholic beverages.”, the pretty girl replied in a sweet voice.

“Can I have both?”, he inquired.

“Naturally, Sir. Which one do you want first?”, she inquired patiently.

“I’ll try the blood first and then I’d like some Vodka Martini.”

“Right away, Sir”, the stewardess replied and hurried away.

A few seconds later she reappeared followed by another girl who was barely dressed. The girl then walked up to Edwin and knelt in front of him with her head tilted backwards exposing her slender sweet throat. The stewardess who had been serving him then stepped up and placed a knife at the girl’s throat and placed a nice crystal cup underneath her neck. Then she slid her throat and blood started to spurt out and she skillfully caught it all in the cup without spilling a drop on his clothes. When the cup was full, she expertly bandaged the wound and the bleeding immediately stopped. Amazingly the girl was still alive and quickly hurried away while the stewardess placed the cup full of blood in front of Edwin.

“Here is your blood drink, Sir. Would you like your vodka martini served now or later?”, she inquired politely.

“Oh yeah, serve it now, please”, Edwin replied awkwardly and little bit excited. He could hardly believe what had just happened in front of his eyes. It was absolutely unbelievable. He was extremely aroused by what had just happened and it was very obvious from the bulge in his pants had anybody looked that direction. Luckily for him, nobody was looking and the stewardess who was serving him had moved on to the next passenger.

Edwin then tried out his drink. He first sipped at the cup. The blood had a warm and soothing taste. He could almost understand why vampires craved for it. It was quite delicious and tantalizing. He took another bigger sip and soon enough he had emptied the whole cup. Then he lifted his armrest and brought out his personal entertainment system, which was available for every first class passenger. It was quite easy to navigate, almost as if the device could read his mind and did things by itself.

Edwin pressed a button and his seat slowly bend backwards into a comfortable and leaning in which he relaxed and leisurely selected a movie from the on-flight entertainment system in front of him. He eventually decided on a title called ‘Snuff Wars’ which was about a technologically advanced cannibal civilization trying to survive against the attacks and onslaught of their mundane neighbours.

The flight continued eventless and Edwin was enjoying his movie while slowly sipping on his drink. Eventually he had finished his glass and felt the urge to relieve himself. Remembering the announcement earlier, he called for a stewardess. Promptly, the same stewardess who was serving him earlier was kneeling by his side ready for his request.

“How may I help you Mr. Howard, Sir?”

“I’d like to relieve myself”, he said hesitantly since he had never done it before in this way.

“Certainly, Sir”, the young woman said and began to unzip his fly and carefully took out his rock hard cock.

Edwin was not sure what to do and carefully glimpsed at the other passengers who did not take any notice of what he was doing nor what was done to him. Meantime, the stewardess had carefully popped his cock into her mouth and was waiting for him to piss into it. She stared him patiently into the eyes. Oh, those sweet eyes. He could not control himself anymore once he looked into them and did not care anymore either. He just started to piss and she eagerly drank and gulped down all his hot piss. When he was finished pissing she tenderly licked the head of his penis and sucked on his cock without being asked to. Edwin could not hold back anymore and moaned silently while his cock was being pampered. After sometime of this heavenly treatment, he felt like in heaven and relaxed. Then he moaned loudly and shot all his cum deep into the girl’s mouth, which she hungrily swallowed. Then she licked his cock clean making sure to suck out the last remaining drop of cum from his cock head.

Then the stewardess stood up and straightened her clothes. “Can I do anything else for you, Sir”, she asked with a smile.

“No, thank you”, Edwin replied slightly embarrassed.

“Lunch will be served soon, Sir. Would you like another drink before lunch?”, she inquired politely.

“Thanks, I think I’m fine.”, he replied.

Edwin then resumed watching the movie until lunch was served.

“Excuse me, Sir, would you like to have lunch?”, a very pretty woman with a slender figure and a set of firm breasts interrupted him. “Am I to your liking, Sir?”

“Pardon me?”, he said puzzled and starred at her with some bewilderment. She was quite cute. He somehow felt like wanting to bite into her. There was a certain kind of scent coming from her, which awakened such a strange feeling and urge.

“Do you think I look good enough?”, the pretty woman rephrased her question.

“Oh yes, you look absolutely fabulous”, he complimented her.

“Thank you, Sir. What would you like to eat?” she said while pushing out her chest so that he could see some more cleavage.

“What do you have?”, he asked while starring at those beautiful breasts.

“Well, Sir, you could have these”, she gestured while cupping her breasts with her hands, “or this steak” she continued while rubbing between her legs. Then she turned around so that her butt was close to his face
“or maybe you would like to have these”, she said while lifting her dress to reveal her naked ass to him. “Please Sir, feel free to inspect the meat before you make your choice.”

Edwin hesitantly placed his hands on her buttocks and began to knead it. They were really firm and in perfect shape. That was going to be a tough choice. Then he poked a finger into her cunt and also squeezed her nipples and felt her breasts for firmness. He would had loved to eat every part of this lovely morsel, but he knew he could never finish her all by himself, he had to decide on which part of this delicious lady he was going to eat for lunch. Finally after lots of thinking, grabbing, pinching and kneading, he made his choice.

“I’ll take the cunt steak.”

“Excellent choice, Sir. How would you like to have it prepared, Sir.”

“Hmm, I am not sure… Do you have any suggestions?”

“I would suggest our flamboyant grilled steak. The preparation is quite a show.”

“Yeah, I’ll take that.”

“How would you like your meat cooked?”

“Make that medium rare.”

“Certainly. Sir. If you would excuse me for a while, I’ll get the grill. Would you like me to bring you any drink as well?”

“A lemon squash will do.”

“Right away, Sir.”

With that the pretty woman hurried away. Edwin did not have to wait long until she returned with his drink and a transportable grill. This grill, however, was very special. It was designed exclusively for grilling cunts. The girl spread her legs revealing a neatly trimmed blonde bush between her legs. Then she sprayed it with what she told him was red wine. When she finished soaking her hair and the surrounding area, she ignited her hair with a sparkle gun. A beautiful big blue semi sphere formed around her pubic area at once and transformed it into a smooth bald pussy.

Then the woman, or the chef, since she was doing the cooking prepared something that looked like a big iron dildo. It was in fact a part of the pussy grill. The steel rod was welded with equal lines of rows surrounding it. Scattered all over the rod were also many tiny holes through which tiny little needles would be ejected once activated. The internal of the rod was hollow with several valves that served to pump in heating gas and oxygen, as well as the marinate, which was ejected through the tiny needles. The woman was holding this implement and inquired whether Howard would like to insert it.

Without hesitation he grabbed it and felt that it was quite warm. Then he slowly pushed the big rod into the woman’s vagina while she softly moaned. Once he had fully inserted it, the woman activated a switch at the main grill.

“Soon the rod will heat up rapidly and cook my cunt from the inside.” She explained to Edwin. Then she pressed another button and winced a bit in pain. “I have just injected the marinade to flavour the steak for you”.

Edwins attention was then drawn to the main grill which was more like a control box with a few buttons and a piece of rectangular metal plate that was gloving hot and was striped with hollow lines through it. The girl then used a pair of pliers to pick up the hot piece of metal and placed it vertically into a curb that was just at the end of the metal rod that was sticking out of her pussy. When it was firmly seated in the curb, she pushed another button and the hot metal plate was pushed against her bare pubic area, covering it completely. It sizzled when it touched her skin and he could see her wince in pain and bite her lips. It obviously was very painful. Edwin wondered how she could endure it without screaming out loud or fainting. He noticed that she was sweating heavily and drops of sweat were forming on her forehead. A few minutes later, she pushed yet another button and the metal plate retracted from her pussy and the steel rod was also being slowly pulled out. The woman then retrieved a plate filled with a few vegetables from the bottom of the grill and placed it onto Edwin’s table and then neatly arranged the cutlery for him. Once that was done, she pushed the grill back and moved forward with her roasted pussy leaning slightly over the top of his plate. Then she slowly cut out the nicely roasted cunt steak and placed it onto his plate. Once that was done, another stewardess helped her walk away since she was almost unconscious by that time.

Edwin grabbed knife and fork and began to enjoy his meal. He carefully cut out a pussy lip and devoured his first morsel and found the meat delicious. Soon the stewardess returned and inquired whether he was enjoying his meal and also offered him another drink and he decided on another cup of fresh blood.

When he finished the steak, he found that desert was brain pudding. He was served the brain of the woman whose cunt he had just eaten. The pudding was served from the woman’s shaved skull and he could recognize her cute face.

After the sweet desert, he decided on some coffee. He was given a cup and with hot coffee.

“Would you like some sugar and milk as well, Sir”

“Two teaspoons of sugar and some fresh milk.”

“Certainly, Sir.”

The stewardess put two teaspoons of sugar into his coffee, and then she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal two big tits. She then grabbed her left tit and pointed her nipple at his cup and squeezed. White milk started to squirt out right into his cup. She continued to squeeze until he signaled her to stop.

“Would you like anything else, Sir”, she inquired.

“No, thank you dear”, he replied while taking up his cup for a sip. She politely bowed quickly and then hurried away.

When Edwin finished his coffee, he watched another snuff movie and after that they arrived and the plane landed safely without any problems as was expected. It had been an interesting and enjoyable first time experience for Edwin with Snuff Airlines and he was very much looking forward to flying with them again. But now it was time to disembark and go to his hotel.


I am looking for the TWO kinds of story:
1. huge monster or animal ,just like big horse, fuck girl to death.
2. girl's belly be cut or stab ,and be guttied ,slowly die.
wish your help, thx


Yup thats it! Thanks so much. You got a link to the authors site too?


A couple of years ago, back on, there was a story "Backyard BBQ" or "Fourth of July BBQ" or something like that where a guy gutted and impaled his wife to cook and she helped out with her own butchering.

Does anybody have a copy of it? I can't find it in the Wayback archives.


Anyone know where I could find Hanging of a Sinner? religious school, girl hangs for having sex or something. the author has another story on here, but I can't find THAT one.


I am looking for a story where a brother disassembles his sister with a strange device, before cooking her in an oven. She's alive and eating herself throughout the story.

Also does anyone have an archive of Berty's Watch?




[Anon] Fourth of July Barbecue [2016]

Mark and Kathy were excited as they got out of bed that morning. They were
having their annual 4th of July Barbecue. Kathy had spent the last month
sure all of the details were perfect. They are to have a dozen of their best
friends there. Kathy jumped in the shower and spent the next hour cleaning
herself. Today was a special day and wanted to be squeaky clean. She then
out and gave herself five enema. For the last two days she had drank nothing
but water so there was not much to clean out. She went to the kitchen, still
naked and got out the barbecue sauce and all of the spices that would be

Noon arrived and so did the guest. Kathy's best friend Jan was the first
to arrive. Her long black hair was tied back for a casual evening. She had
the blue thong bikini Kathy had given her for Christmas. "Hi Jan, the bikini
looks great on you. You are going to turn the guys head in that one. Kathy

"You are the one that is going to turn." she said laughing. Then Jan turn
serious for a moment, " Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

Kathy smiled, "You bet, I have been looking forward to this for the longest
time. I just want you to take care of Jim after the barbecue."

Jan replied, " You can trust that I will. It will be just as if you were
still here."

Kathy called out, "Jim, its time. We don't want to keep our guest waiting."

Jim came in and kissed his wife, took her by the hand and led her out to the
patio. The other guest already had the barbecue pit going. Kathy called out,
"you guys sure have some good coals going there. You must be really hungry."

Every shouted they were ready and patted their tummies. No one paid much
attention to Kathy's nude body since they had seen it many times. omeone
handed Kathy a glass of wine. She gulped it down and then four more after
that one. As she finished the last glass of wine Jim grabbed her left arm
stuck a needle into it. This contained blood clotting agents that she would
need. The drug was so strong that it would kill but for today it did not
matter as long as Kathy lasted through the barbecue. Jim asked Kathy, "Are
sure you want to do this."

Kathy replied, " Jan has already ask me that and I am positive. I want to do
something special for my friends and you. Lets get started before I get so
horny and have to fuck you."

Jim led Kathy to the picnic table and lay her on it. Kathy spread her legs
wide and called a couple of men over to help Jim. Jim picked up the spit
was two inches in diameter and about seven feet long. Jan aimed the sharp
point of the spit at Kathy's pussy. She worked the end of it into her
pussy. Kathy let out a small gasp as the cold steel entered her pussy. Kathy
was so wet the spit slid in easily. Jim pushed the spit till it stopped
moving. There was about eight inches of the spit in his wife's pussy. Jim
paused and spoke to his wife, " it feels like I have hit bottom, honey."

Kathy replied, "It is, I feel it against my cervix. The next push and we
be started. I hope the drug works so I don't miss much of the party."

Jim pushed hard on the spit and felt it tear into the back of Kathy's pussy.
Kathy let out a small yelp as the first pain hit her. The going was tough
and one of the other men grabbed the end of the spit to help push. They
managed to get the spit through her sex organs and then into her intestines.
The spit was easy to push now since no organ was actually being
pierced. The spit pushed the slippery intestines aside. With pain in her
kathy said, "I feel the spit at the bottom of my stomach. When you get the
spit in my stomach I want you to go ahead and gut me. I want to be able to
talk as long as possible."

Without saying anything Jim pushed on the spit andfelt it tear into the
empty cavity of her stomach. The spit force a little of the wine out of
Kathy's mouth. There was no blood yet so that was a good sign the drug was
working. Jim smiled when he saw his wife's pussy pulling on the spit. He new
she was enjoying the experience. He had someone hold the end of the spit,
giving instructions to keep it straight. He did not want to cause his wife
any unnecessary injuries. Jim Rolled Kathy on her side and asked if she was
ready. Kathy bit her lip and said yes. Jim took out a sharp filet knife and
touched the steel to his wife's flat tight belly. She wince as the knife cut
through her skin. He worked the knife up to her breast bone, being careful
to cut the internal organs. He then cut down to her pelvic bone. Jim could
there was pain in his wife's eyes. He thought about asking her if she was
all right but knew the answer, she was in a lot of pain. He could not
she was not screaming in agony. The meditation lessons were paying off. Jan
brought over a pan and Jim put his hand inside of his wife's open stomach.
slid the spit back enough to slip the stomach off of the spit. He could see
Kathy's pussy juices mixed with blood on the spit that had come out of her
pussy. Kathy spoke for the first time since opening her belly, "Honey, don't
forget the wet towels to keep my head cool. I don't want to miss anymore of
this than I have to. I won't be able to speak once the spit is in my throat
and want to tell every one to have a good dinner. I hope I turn out good.
Be sure to use plenty of barbecue sauce."

Jan spoke up,"I am in charge of the cooking. I'll make you're so tender you
melt in my mouth."

Kathy smiled and said, " Lets get this show on the road. The more time we
waste the less I have."

Jim reached inside of his wife and guided the spit to her esophagus. He took
over control of the spit and begin to push. Kathy was using a finger to
out the position of the spit as it moved through her. She pointed to her
throat nd she tilted her head back. The spit slipped easily out of Kathy's
mouth. He then slid a piece over the spit that entered her empty ass. Her
stretched easily to accept the three inch diameter rod. This would keep
from slipped around on the spit as she turned over the coals. Jan brought
the bowl of stuffing Kathy had prepared. Jan slipped a finger into it and
tasted the stuffing. She looked at Kathy and said, "This is delicious. I
you have the recipe in the kitchen."

Kathy wiggled her head trying to let Jan know she had but the spit
restricted her movements. Jan filled her friends open belly with the
and then sewed it up with roasting string. Her once flat belly was now
starting to slightly distend. Jim tied Kathy's arms behind her back and then
the legs to the spit.

Several of the men helped jim carry his wife to
the pit. Before placing her over the coals Jan brushed barbecue sauce over
friend. She then took a wet towel and soaked her friends face and long blond
hair. She then tied the hair around the spit to keep it out of the flames.
set the spit on to holders over the pit. Kathy felt the intense heat
Kathy hung facing the coals while Jim attached the motor that would turn
Kathy felt her nipples start to burn and hoped she would be turning soon.
Kathy heard the whine of the motor and she began to rotate over the fire.

Jan grabbed Jim by the arm and led him in front of Kathy and said, "Now is
the time to give Kathy her last request."

Jan pushed jim's shorts down and knelt and took his cock in her mouth. She
worked his cock good, giving Kathy a good show. Jim stopped her and set Jan
the table. He stuck his cock in Jan's hungry pussy and began to fuck her.
Kathy could only see the action when she was face down. Since time was short
Jim let go and shot hin cum into Jan's waiting pussy. Jan licked his wet
clean and then went over to put more barbecue sauce on Kathy.

Jim pointed to Kathy and said, "Put a little extra on er nipple, they look
like they might be starting to burn."

Kathy felt the barbecue brush moving over her body. The cool sauce
took away some of the heat and she would feel relief. The heat was worse
than she had imagined. Kathy would regret this if it were not for the
thought of everyone enjoying her cooked meat. She smiled inside at the
of the other girls trying to top this barbecue.

Kathy was turning brown but her mind was still able to keep working. The wet
towels had kept her head clear longer than she had thought. She knew now she
would live till her blood boiled and burst her heart. The smell of her flesh
cooking was even making Kathy hungry.

Jim and Jan held hands as they watched Kathy cook. Everyone, even Kathy,
the two would be a couple after the barbecue. This is what Kathy wanted.
died about an hour before she was done. She died knowing she had made the
fourth of July barbecue ever.

When Kathy had finished cooking they took her off of the coals and put her
a large carving board. Jim slid the spit out of his wife's mouth. She
on the board like a roast. Jim could not resist and cut off a piece of her
lips. He took a bite and put the rest in Jan's mouth. They both licked their
lips, satisfied Kathy had cooked up perfect. jim carve pieces of meat off
Kathy's large ass and put them on plates. Jan passed the plates around to
guest. Jan got a lot of compliments on the texture and taste. Jim sliced off
Kathy's medium sized breast. He place one on a plate for himself and the
one he gave to Jan.

The barbecue was a success. Everyone ate till they were stuffed and there
even enough for leftovers. Jim and Jan would enjoy Kathy for a while to
The head had not suffered any damage from the heat. Jim had a friend to
the head and he hung it on the wall.

The night after the barbecue, Jim and Jan made love most of the night. When
they were laying in bed enjoying the after math of the terrific sex Jim
noticed a srange look on Jan's face and asked, "What's wrong honey."

With a sullen look Jan replied, " I am going to miss my best friend but I am
also a little jealous of her. Sometimes I wish I had been the one over the
coals instead of her. Maybe next year we may have to host the barbecue again
with me as the main course."

Jim licked his lips and said,"Those big tits of your sure look like they
be tasty."

The End



[Loke] The Hanging of a Sinner [2016]

”Come on, it’s time to go” the woman dressed in long black robes said to me. I was standing in the hallway of the most prestigious Christian private school for girls in the country, naked and with my hands bound behind my back. It was just before lunchtime and the hall should have been bustling with activity at this time, but today every student at the school had gathered in the courtyard for today’s very special event; my execution. I had committed one of the worst sins a girl at my age could commit, at least in the eyes of this extremely conservative school. I’d had sex before marriage, which was punishable by death. Of course I’d heard of many girls that had done it anyway, the only difference between them and me was that I was stupid enough to get caught. For me, it meant that at the age of fourteen, my life would shortly come to an end.

All the students stood along the walls of the main courtyard looking at the gallows that had been set up in the middle of it. It was late September and the autumn had made its appearance with a chilling wind and a light drizzle falling from the sky. As the cold rain hit my bare skin the nipples of my pert breasts stood at attention. Being naked in front of everybody made the situation worse and I felt myself blushing heavily. Even though I was freezing my face was bright red and I kept my gaze planted in the ground as I made my way to the centre of the courtyard. I didn’t see them, but I could feel everybody’s eyes staring at me, judging me as the sinner they thought I was.

The scene was eerily silent as I arrived beside the noose that would soon end my life. The headmaster was standing there too, and after giving a short speech about the sins I had committed he signalled for the hanging to begin. The same woman who had escorted me from the hallway placed a small stool below the noose and I stepped up on it. The headmaster then placed the noose around my neck, adjusted it and fastened it to the frame of the gallows, so that the rope would catch me when they removed the stool. The woman said a short prayer, and after a collective amen from the audience she kicked the stool from under my feet.

I fell only a couple of inches before the rope caught my neck and forced my throat shut, and by instinct I gasped for air as hard as I could. I managed to suck in a tiny amount of air but as my windpipe was crushed by my own weight it became impossible to breathe. My feet were searching for something to stand on and found nothing. In desperation I kicked aimlessly hoping to somehow gain enough leverage to escape the tightness of the rope for just a second, but that did not work either. I must have given the onlookers a good view of my nether parts in the process, and as I kicked I felt my breasts bouncing in response to my movements.

My lungs soon started to burn and added to the sharp aching pain coming from my neck. I was really panicking by then as I realised that there was no way out and that my death was imminent. I opened my eyes for the first time since the drop and saw the headmaster standing there, his gaze moving up and down my young body while his lips formed a sly smile. I felt the hate against him flowing inside me and I became very frustrated that I was powerless to do anything about it.

The burning pain in my lungs was spreading though my whole body, each cell screaming for oxygen. I felt my strength slowly leaving me, and my frantic kicks were getting weaker every second. Surprisingly, a familiar feeling slowly made its appearance between my legs; the same feeling that had gotten me into this trouble in the first place. Desperate for relief from the pain and without much time left to live I tried to rub my thighs together to pleasure myself. Somehow it worked, and it wasn’t long before I could feel an orgasm building up inside me. At that point I didn’t care if I did it in front of all my teachers and fellow students, the only thing that mattered to me at that point was to get away from the immense pain I was in.

As my orgasm was approaching I tried to relax the best I could. I didn’t want to pass out before it came, and apart from my thigh rubbing my whole body was limp.

Suddenly, the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced hit me. The incredible pain mixed with the immense pleasure into a new, extraordinary feeling. Wave after wave rolled through me, spreading from my pussy to my whole body causing every muscle I had to spasm uncontrollably. I wanted to scream out in ecstasy, but I couldn’t make a single noise.

When my orgasm started to fade, I felt the pain disappear as well. I opened my eyes again, but I could hardly see anything, only vague shadows in black and white. My strength was leaving me and my limbs felt like they weighed a hundred pounds each. I felt nothing apart from a warm calmness inside me, and an ice-cold void outside. I could feel myself loose consciousness, and as I did so I lost control of my bladder, and shortly afterwards my bowels. I would have been embarrassed, but where I was heading now there were no feelings, no sights and no impressions, there was only calmness, peace, and an endless void of nothing.



[BlackRaven] Dinner is Served [2016]
It's gift story for Melatonin (Poguemahone).

[Melatonin (Poguemahone)] Berty's Watch [2016]
All I found in my gurochan archives is this 7 chapters (I checked couple threads):


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I could use some help, I've been searching for a couple of stories and have recently come up empty-handed -
Both involve an island tribe where the largest-breasted woman rules and have a tit-fight centric theme. I can't remember where I first found them.
The first story has a challenger lose, then defeat the current leader by poisoning her breasts overnight.
The second story is based off the first, and has an expedition party seek out the same sort of tribe. This one is much more violent, and culminates in the tribe leader's breasts being seared against the superheated rocks of the island. I specifically remember the term "vomited out" being used to describe her breasts pulling apart as she tried to back away.


Hi, anyone know stories about Brain drain/ Intelligence drain and stuff like that? And also 'con, loli, snuff'.


Looking for this story, Vagina Maggots (13)
Anyone can help?





Still looking for the story "Tippy Toes" about a girl standing on her toes in a wire noose before the camera.



I'm looking for a series of stories but I don't remember the name. It was in 2013 or maybe 2014 but it was about a lesbian serial killer. I don't remember a ton of it but I know the second story of it involved a home invasion with the killer hitting the victim over the head with a bat or something which made them not able to think correctly and then she made her cum multiple times so eventually she couldn't think straight before she ultimately strangled her to death making her cum one last time before she died, I remember the killer saying at the end that it was a good kill or something like that because she enjoyed it so much.

One of the later stories involved the killer meeting up with a 'fan' of sorts who wanted to be killed along with her girlfriend but the girlfriend didn't know about it. The girlfriend ends up tied up and hanged while both the killer and the fan play with her body while she dies and then the killer snuffing the fan as well after the girlfriend had died. There were several other stories but I don't remember them that well, I remember the first one ending with the killer using some kind of vibrator on the victim and was going to let her come once more before she ran out of air but the vibe falls out of her pussy and the killer mocks her for really wanting to cum before she died. One of the last stories before the site went down at the time I think was about the killer meeting up with some aggressive girl who thought she was going to be the top with some casual sex but the killer eventually turns things on her.


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I think I remember this story.
Spent all day but can't find it anywhere.


Some time ago I somewhere read a story called „Daddy's game went horribly wrong, but that was his plan“, about a man abusing his daughter from the day she was born, and killing her on her fourth birthday by fucking her pussy and ass and inflicting fatal damage by doing so.
Can't find it anymore, does anyone have it?




Waaay back in the day there was a science fiction story posted here about a facility where people were tortured so their suffering could be psychically projected as a weapon.


I remember seeing a kinda long botw cann story like a year ago, could someone repost it?


I have to put this up. I'm sure many people are looking for it.

CIA chief Lawson stared at the tape in front of him. He knew what it contained. Two weeks prior, their top female agent had been compromised during a highly dangerous drug sting. Agent Nova Steele spent months infiltrating the network of the cocaine kingpin "Abuelo". The day she was finally going to bring him down, she disappeared after entering his heavily guarded Mexican border compound. Four days later, a few bums found parts of her cum-soaked corpse in a dumpster. The American bombshell had been decapitated and dismembered. Her naked torso was found bisected crudely from her pussy lips to her neck stump. Flies and maggots infested her bloody organs, which spilled into the dumpster like day old spaghetti. Over the next few days, about half of the poor girl was eventually found and pieced together. Her pretty head and rest of her body were never found, likely kept by her rapists and murderers as trophies.

The Chief felt bad for the girl. No one could have suffered a more cruel and sadistic fate. But his pure lust for the 26 year old brunette babe had also been building for the past 3 years. Nova was the hottest girl he had ever seen in the CIA. She had been a petite girl with huge tits and long smooth legs that she wasn't shy about showing off. Her bronzed hourglass figure was eye candy to the whole agency. Most of her outfits had plunging necklines that generously revealed her pushed up tits. Despite Agent Nova's often advertised hooters, the Chief was lucky to glimpse her areolas and nipples only one time, when her top opened as she bent over. It drove him into a sexual frenzy that made him f**k the sh*t out of his wife that night.

After Nova's body was found, the Chief jacked off dozens of times to the crime scene photos of her nude corpse. Her tits and pussy were everything he imagined, even in their battered state clinging onto a rotting half torso. He felt immense jealousy that in the end, he didn't get to have sex with her, but the most vile druglord in the state was able to use and discard her like a human fuckdoll. He could only imagine the cruelty and depravity the big tittied bitch had to go through before her life was ended. He was about to find out in explicit and graphic detail.


The man known as "Abuelo" looked up at his surveillance monitors as his gate buzzer rang. A moment of confusion washed over him as he looked over the brunette babe on the screen. The high class hooker he had ordered wasn't supposed to arrive for another couple of hours. The camera's position gave an amazing view of the woman's ample cleavage, and it took a moment before he finally noticed the briefcase she was carrying. Holy f**k, he thought, this is the snooping CIA bitch he's heard so much about. His men had said she was a walking wet dream. "Abuelo" had f**ked some of the hottest whores and junkies around town, but this female copper was in a class of her own. He buzzed her in and picked up the phone to cancel the expensive whore for the night. He was about to get something much better.

The drug kingpin watched on different cameras as Agent Nova headed towards the mansion. Her curvy body gyrated as she walked in her black stilletos. Her skin tight black microskirt threatened to ride up her luscious ass with every step, making her tug it back down every few yards. The crime boss's mind flew with ways he was gonna f**k and destroy this bitch. He made sure all of his video cameras were on and recording, then opened the front door.

Seeing the stunning Nova in person, Abuelo could not help whistle in amazement. She was the complete package - a gorgeous model-like face with blue piercing eyes and full red lips, long dark brown cascading hair, and silky almond skin. "Welcome to my mansion," Abuelo said.

"Pleasure to meet you, senor." Nova replied and walked in. Her voice had a slight British accent. Abuelo wondered if it was real or faked, and if that was something they taught her in CIA training. As she walked by, the druglord stared unabashedly at her tits. She was wearing a thin black suit jacket with nothing but a cream-colored, lacy demi bra underneath. Her jacket was buttoned snugly at her petite waist, which made the front completely open up in front of her cantaloupe-sized tits. When she passed, the druglord's eyes automatically zeroed in on her shapely ass outlined by her thin skirt. Her long, thin legs were further accentuated by her heels. Abuelo could not wait to spread them in the air and point them at the ceiling. He wondered if she was a screamer, and if she would beg for her life. They usually do.


CIA special agent Nova Steele rose through the ranks of the Agency with amazing speed, not in small part due to her stunning looks and gorgeous body. The CIA was like any other institution, where to get ahead you have to get noticed. She knew exactly what to wear and when to show a little more skin to get on her boss's good side. Nova was promoted to full agent in record time, no longer being a paperwork grunt or backup lackey. The swift promotions and honeyed words of her colleagues made her bold and somewhat deluded. She came to believe that she had exceptional talent, when all she was to her coworkers was eye candy and a source for their spank bank.

When she was finally greenlighted to pursue her own investigation, Nova chose as her target one of the most elusive and cold-blooded men on the wanted list. His real name was not known, but everyone called him "Abuelo". He was responsible for over half of the cocaine and heroin imports into New Mexico, and was believed to be behind over twenty murders. His female victims were usually found as mutilated corpses doused in gasoline to destroy biological evidence.

Numerous investigations turned up futile as "Abuelo" was always too careful to be entrapped. Nova saw this as her opportunity. With her assets, she could get close to him and take him down. She was partially right. It didn't take long for her to get acquainted with all the dealers and soldiers, and eventually the officers of the Abuelo cartel. She never wore a wire, as she usually had on too little clothes to hide it, but she knew to keep safe. CIA agents were entrenched during every buy and meeting with a set timer on when to intervene. As her cred in the cartel grew, she planned for the final sting, with the drug boss himself as her target.

Chief Lawson had disapproved of sending Nova into such a dangerous operation from the beginning. However, his attraction and lust for the hot little cocktease grew to unbearable levels every time he saw her. His mind was filled with lurid thoughts on how to f**k her, how to rape her. He wanted the bitch to have a violent end. With her investigation progressing, a dark and twisted idea came to his mind. He knew the druglord Abuelo was capable of things he could only dream of in his darkest fantasies. After much thought, Chief Lawson picked up a phone and left some very important information for a very crooked dealer...


"Why don't you make yourself comfortable," Abuelo cooed. Agent Nova's body stiffened as she felt his hands on the small of her back. Abuelo dragged his hands around her tiny waist and stepped in front of her. Nova was frozen in place as his hands unbuttoned her jacket one by one. This is a man who has raped and murdered dozens of people. She knew she may be in big trouble, and wondered how many minutes until her backup arrives. As with all of her previous meetings, CIA agents were supposed to be stationed in the street with a twenty minute timer to storm the compound. Little did Nova know that on that day, Chief Lawson deliberately failed to inform the agency of her private little venture.

Abuelo slid the open jacket over the female agent's shoulders and let it drop to the floor. He stared straight down at her tits and his cock raged in his pants. Nova's olive areolas peeked from the top of the demi bra, making her feel more exposed than even being naked. She looked away, then noticed two muscular black men standing guard in the room. One of them winked at her and licked his lips. Nova instinctively used one arm to try to cover her tits.

"Now, now, don't be shy. We want to make our clients comfortable," Abuelo said with amusement in his voice. "But I have to check you for a wire. Standard precautions, you understand." Nova wasn't surprised. She has underwent many "wire checks" in her undercover work, and she knew the lowlifes just wanted to cop a feel. She wanted to just get it over with.

Abuelo reached for her glossy hair and parted it behind her shoulders to get an unobstructed view of her chest. He slid his hands down the agent's slender neck, sending chills down her spine. His hands slow traced the generous swells of her breasts and cupped her tits through her cream colored bra. He pushed them upwards, loosening her mounds and making her perky nipples pop out. They stiffened instinctively in the cold air, much to Nova's humiliation.

"Turn around and bend over and touch your heels," Abuelo commanded. "Wha-" The female agent started to say. "Standard precautions," Abuelo winked. Nova fired back a look of disgust but could only do as he said. She couldn't wait to nail this pervert.

Nova's black skirt slid up her ass as she bent forward, revealing her matching cream colored g-string. The thin floss hid only part of her a**hole. Her round, tight sphincter was soon to give the men in the room the best f**k of their lives. Her pussy mound was also partially exposed, and the druglord took a moment to admire her lingerie before sliding it to the side, showing the cameras and his bodyguards her bare pussy. Nova gasped in surprise as his cold fingers entered her cunt. Abuelo took ample time to probe her tight fuckhole. Her natural juices lubricated his digits as he continued, and came out as sticky streaks as he pulled out. The kingpin sucked his wet fingers. "Tastes like Grade A pussy," Abuelo said out loud, leading to the other men in the room to snicker.

Abuelo slapped Nova's ass to signal the end of the search. The flustered agent stood up and hastily tried to readjust her bra and skirt to cover up her tits and ass. She picked up her briefcase full of bills and sat down on the couch, trying to move the transaction forward. Abuelo followed her and sat right next to her, placing his left hand on her bare leg. "Tell you what, let's play a little show and tell, and I'll charge you half the price for the coke," Abuelo said while staring at her barely covered tits. He could tell she was getting nervous as her breath quickened, making her breasts rise up and down deliciously. Nova wished she had put her jacket back on.

"We had a deal-" Nova stammered before Abuelo's face completely changed, striking terror in her heart. "That wasn't a question, you stupid f***ing cunt. Now stand up." The female agent's mind was in a daze as she fearfully obeyed. "Take off your skirt."

Nova's heart fluttered as she reached behind and started pulling down her miniskirt. It was so tight she had to wiggle around, giving Abuelo and the guards a heavenly showing of her squirming ass. When she finally got it off, Abuelo continued. "Now take off your bra." Nova turned around to protest but one glare from the cold-blooded murderer shut her mouth. She reached for her strap and slowly removed her bra. The men could not believe how perfect her tits were - big, round, luscious and perky, with medium sized areolas and naturally erect nipples. Nova tried to use her arms to cover her tits, giving Abuelo the perfect opportunity to grab her waist with his hands. He pulled the startled girl towards him until she was standing between his legs. Slowly, he peeled her flimsy g-string down her hips. After the cream panties reached past her asscheeks, he let them drop to the ground around her black stilettos. They were the only things she was still wearing.

Nova's pussy was exquisite, perfectly pink and shaved, like a teenaged girl's. Abuelo knew the babe had tight fuckholes but first he wanted to skullfuck her gorgeous face. The two black bodyguards stepped behind the terrified and humiliated girl, boxing her into the druglord's lap. "Now, be a good girl and get on your knees. Grandpa may just give you an even bigger discount today." Nova could feel the lecherous stares of the black bodyguards on her nude body. She knew she had nowhere to run and what was coming. As she knelt on the cold marble floor, Abuelo undid his belt and started pulling down his pants. His massive erection sprung free as he slid off his underwear, thick precum oozing from the cockhead.

Nova was disgusted at the sight and smell of Abuelo's throbbing dick and tried to turn her head. The druglord grew impatient and grabbed the girl by the hair, shoving her face onto his dick. He rubbed his dick cheese on her pretty face, smearing her carefully prepared makeup. Nova squeezed her eyes shut, with tears, mascara, and cum starting to stream down her cheeks. Her tits dangled from her chest, pressing against Abuelo's thighs. He could feel her firm rubbery nipples on his skin. "If your teeth even as so touch my dick, I'm gonna blow your brains out, bitch." He placed his cock at her slightly parted lips. Abuelo's cockhead slowly entered the girl's warm, wet mouth. The sensation was incredible as he slid his shaft deeper and deeper. Nova's gag reflex started to trigger as he reached the back of her throat, and she started to squirm. Abuelo used his hands to lock her head in place and continued the penetration. His cock entered further and further until finally resting in the beautiful girl's esophagus, suffocating her. The girl's gagging and jerking massaged Abuelo's cock along its entire length, flooding him with pleasure. Nova tried to scream but could not get the air. Her lungs burned and her vision grew blurry as her strength slowly faded away. When she became limp on the verge of losing consciousness, Abuelo pulled out his dick and lifted her head. He stared at her gorgeous, semen glazed face as she started gasping for air. Abuelo could not believe he was face f***ing the hottest bitch he's ever seen in his life.

Before Nova could catch her breath, the druglord shoved his cock back into her mouth. He started pumping her head up and down his shaft, smearing her red lipstick on his dick. A wet slurping noise filled the air as he pistoned rapidly in and out her pretty mouth. "Mmmm, mmmphh, mmmmughh" the agent was reduced to uttering as she initially tried to resist the pounding. But the harder she fought, the tighter Abuelo gripped her head with his hands. Nova's neck muscles eventually fatigued from the battering and she ended her struggling, letting the jackhammer her mouth like a cocksheath. The bodyguards stroked the massive bulges in their pants as they watched the back of Nova's head bob up and down between their boss's legs, her naked ass and pussy exposed to the air right in front of them.

Abuelo could feel his inner pelvic muscles starting to tighten in preparation for ejaculation. The veins in his biceps and chest bulged as he quickened his pace and depth of penetration. He felt the start of his climax and let out a mighty yell. The first cock contraction squirted a jet of hot semen directly down Nova's throat, giving her the last protein meal of her life. Abuelo pulled out as his cock continued to spasm, depositing more cum into the girl's mouth, then exiting and shooting sperm straight between her eyes. Nova reflexively tried to wipe away the burning liquid, but the druglord violently yanked her hair back and continued to plaster the rest of her upturned face. Streams and streams of thick semen landed on her forehead, nose, cheeks, and lips. A mix of tears and cum ran down her chin, dripping into her deep, caramel colored cleavage. As the druglord finished blowing his load, he rested his cock on the top of the busty babe's breasts. He grabbed her dangling tits and pushed them over his dick, wiping it clean with her soft flesh.

When Abuelo finished, he leaned back into his couch and admired the mess he made on the beautiful girl in front of him. Nova knew this temporary lull might be her only chance she'll ever have. It was already over the time limit for her backup to intervene. Something was wrong. They should have been storming through the door minutes ago.

The female agent shed all pretense of composure and tried to make a dash for the front door. The men watched mesmerized at her giant tits bounced on her lithe frame. Unfortunately for her, she had forgotten that she was still wearing six inch stilettos. After a few steps she started to wobble on the impractical heels, then sprawled forward with limbs flailing into the ground. She looked back with fear as the bodyguards approached her, and tried to crawl desperately the last few feet to the door. It was all over for her when one man grabbed her ankles and started pulling her back towards the rape room. The panicked girl tried to claw into the ground to resist, but could only find smooth, hard marble.

If there was one thing the men loved, it was struggling girls.Nova's thin legs kicked wildly in the air trying to get free. The bodyguard at her feet lost patience and split her legs wide open with sudden force, almost dislocating her hips and making her scream in pain. He had the added bonus of now staring straight down at her completely exposed pussy and puckered anal sphincter. The other bodyguard grabbed her arms by the wrist and held them down flush to the floor. The busty agent was now spread eagled with her ass in the air. Abuelo got off of the couch. His dick was hard again from watching the sexy agent's desperation. He stood over the prone girl, then straddled her thighs, resting his erect cock between her soft asscheeks. With three men holding her down, Nova knew the futility of the situation and stopped her resistance. Abuelo used his hands to caress the trembling girl's golden, tanned back. He traced her natural curves from the sides of her pressed breasts to her tiny waist to her ample hips. Her perfect skin felt like silk. He squeezed her firm asscheeks over his cock, f***ing the crevice a few times. He was now fully hard and erect. It was time for the main course.

Abuelo raised the girl's hips slightly and parted her ass. He guided his cock to her ass sphincter. She was tightly contracted, and he couldn't enter with such a huge cock. Abuelo used his fingers to pry her open, first inserting his pinkies, then index fingers, then two fingers. He pulled her shithole apart with all his might, making small vertical tears that made the girl scream in pain and relax her puckering. The druglord seized the opportunity and plunged his cock into her ass. He thrusted with all his might, forcing his entire rock hard dick into her virgin rectum, enlarging the tears in her sphincter. Blood seeped from the wounds, lubricating Abuelo's cock as he jackhammered the girl from behind. It was the tightest hole he's ever f**ked in his life. The girl's glorious screams and cries of pain added to the excitement and humiliation. Abuelo held onto her hips and pulled her into his dick while thrusting, making sure he f**ked her to the hilt. When he reached a steady rhythm, he leaned forward and pressed his body flush against the small girl's back, pancaking her tits into the floor even more. He grabbed her by the head and forced her face towards him, almost snapping her neck in haste. The pretty girl's face was in agony from the brutal sodomization, her mouth opening to shriek with each violent thrust. Abuelo hungrily enveloped her mouth with his own, kissing her deeply. He jammed in his tongue, probing her oral cavity wildly. The bitch was as delicious as she looked.

"Yeah, bitch, you love prancing around with that sweet ass and those milky tits, don't you? But I bet you never imagined getting your shithole ruined by such a dirty Mexican." Abuelo laughed in the pinned girl's face. The smacking sounds of Abuelo's hips against the girl's soft, full ass quickened as he increased both the speed and strength of his f***ing. The female agent's asscheeks turned pink and then red from the pelvic spanking. Abuelo was on the verge of cumming. He grabbed the girl's hair and started slamming her face into the marble floor in rhythm to his thrusts. The pain made the female agent involuntarily tighten her anus with each synchronized impact. Spots of blood grew on the floor from her increasingly cut face. "f**k yeah... Ahhhhhhhhh..." Abuelo screamed as his whole body contracted in pleasure. Thick semen poured from his dick into the petite girl's rectum and intestines, giving her the sensation of having warm diarrhea. He dumped all of his load into her anal depository, defiling the gorgeous girl's virgin a**hole. As he finished his last pump and pulled out, he admired his handiwork. The sprawled, broken girl in front of him would never sh*t right again.

Abuelo stood up and walked back to his couch for a break. The men didn't even have to hold the girl down anymore. She was a sobbing, wet, trembling mess on the floor. The black bodyguards grabbed her by the arms and dragged her to face the druglord.

"Please, stop this now. I am a federal agent. They will be looking for me soon," Nova pleaded on her knees. Mascara stained tears and thin streaks of blood ran down her face. Cum slowly dripped out of her a**hole, collecting in a small puddle on the floor. Abuelo laughed with delight. "God, I just love watching whores beg on their knees." He nodded to his bodyguards, who reached behind the couch and pulled out two wooden baseball bats. "Oh God, please, no, stop-" Nova's hysterical babble was promptly cut off by a mighty swing to the back of her head. A sickening, dull crunch was heard as the bat shattered part of her cranium. Her brain bounced in her skull, giving her a temporary concussion. As she fell forward limply, the other man swung his bat in an upward arc, smashing directly into her pretty face, ruining it forever. Her nose, orbits, and cheeks were fractured into irregular shards. Multiple vessels in her brain began to hemmorrhage from the blunt trauma. Nova's head fell backwards onto the floor. Abuelo's men continued to pound her head with their bats, smashing her face into a bloody pulp.

Abuelo's cock began to grow rock hard again from watching the brutality inflicted on the big tittied cocktease. He patted his naked lap to his men. The black bodyguards stopped their beating and lifted the half-conscious girl over his thighs. One man grabbed a fistful of her hair to keep her upright. Abuelo grabbed his revitalized cock and slid it into the dazed girl's wet pussy. He thrusted his hips up and down, bouncing the skinny girl on his dick. He grabbed her big flopping tits with both hands, the soft weightless flesh enveloping his tight grip. With his right hand he pulled one breast forward and enveloped her areola with his mouth. His tongue licked her erect nipple and the slightly bumpy glands around it, while his lips formed a seal. He greedily sucked as much of her breast into his mouth as he could. Abuelo's massaging and squeezing became rougher and rougher, and after some time he was pleasantly rewarded with squirts of warm, sweet milk from the female agent's teat. It was the freshest milk he ever tasted.

Abuelo f**ked the 26 year old babe to the hilt, her tight pussy taking in and lubricating his entire dick. The sexual assault on her body made her regain some of her senses. The sensations from her broken face and skull flooded in, making her emit pathetic grunts and cries of pain. Abuelo's breath quickened as the pleasure of deepfucking the brunette bombshell overtook every nerve in his cock. "FINISH THIS f***ing WHORE," he yelled to his men. The man holding Nova's head scooped up the rest of her hair and pulled her straight up, exposing her slender neck. One of the bodyguards reached for a hand axe. He stepped behind Nova and started his wide backswing. Nova tried to turn her head. "N-noo-," she reflexively uttered, but it was already too late. The axe blade sliced through her neck, severing her esophagus, trachea, and tendons in one fell swoop. Nova's head fell between Abuelo's outstretched arms, which were still grabbing tightly onto her jiggling tits. Abuelo ignored the decapitated head, which rolled onto the floor. He had no more use for such a mutilated butterface. Nova's blood spurted in jets from her severed neck, spraying the druglord and his men with hot liquid. The dying agent's convulsing pussy brought Abuelo to an earth shattering orgasm, his whole body tightening to dump out every last drop of his sperm. He flooded Nova's cunt with semen, impregnating the ovulating babe's dying body in a mockery of conception. Nova's fertilized egg, much like her mission, would never come to fruition.

When the druglord finished emptying the last of his cum into the dead girl's pussy, he stood up, throwing Nova's headless corpse off his dick. He dumped her unceremoniously on the cold marble floor. "Have fun," Abuelo said to his men as he prepared for a cigarette. The two black bodyguards grinned and started approaching what was left of the girl. They couldn't wait to sample the mouth watering fuckmeat in front of them.


The entire snuff video lasted over twelve hours. Word had spread quickly through the cartel that it was open season on the female CIA agent's made-to-be-f**ked body. Every street dealer, soldier, and lieutenant who met the brunette beauty during her undercover work arrived at Abuelo's mansion, awaiting their fun with her well-endowed corpse. Over eighty men groped, violated, and f**ked Nova Steele's every nook and cranny. Her deep, tight cleavage between her juicy, world-class hooters was rubbed absolutely raw by the unending line of dicks tittyfucking her. Nova's breasts became increasingly bruised and scratched from the men's pinching, biting, and squeezing. Cum was dumped into her every open hole, both natural and newly made, filling her like a cream doughnut. After some time, Nova was chopped into smaller pieces for the frenzied men. Her limbs and appendages served as masturbatory tools while they waited for another turn at her fuckholes. In the end, it took the cleanup crew four hours just to scrub all the bits and pieces of the poor girl off the floors and furniture of the room.



The video recordings from Abuelo's mansion spread like wildfire from one mobster to the next, and within a month every lowlife in the state found out exactly what happened to the pretty and busty little CIA agent who tried to bring down Abuelo's cartel. Abuelo wanted to thank the informant who made the night of entertainment possible. He knew exactly how he was going to repay the mole, and reached for a copy of Agent Nova Steele's first and last porn film...


Does anyone have a story about two female assassins who meet up and then one kills the other while they are having sex/recounting their prior missions?

There was a smoking fetish element to it, and I recall that the one assassin who killed the other ended up doing it by lacing her cigarette. The lacing made her really horny and she begged to be killed while they were having sex. I also believe that the assassins tales included them killing women, so it may not have been a pure lesbian story.

It may have been on the EMCSA (erotic mind control story archive),, or but I've never found it when looking again. I also checked the archive but nothing.


There was a great long Star Wars one with Finn and Rey. At some point he decapitates her in her sleep. Anyone save it?


hey all I am looking for a story I read a few years ago.
it was about a female convict that was sent into a asteroid mine to discover more about a worm creature inside. the worm engulfed her and slowly broke her apart while directly interfacing with her brain to give her hallucinations.

I would love if someone could point me in the right direction.



Was it "Breakfast of the Wild" by EvilFuzzy9?

If so, it's available on Hentai-Foundry:

As for me: I've been searching for ages for a Harry Potter story where Nagini vores Hermione. I remember that Hermione strips and hides under the Vanishing Cloak, and waves to Harry before she's totally consumed? It's been several years.


It was, thanks ^^ I already found it in the site archive since then, but thanks anyways :)


There was someone on Archive of our own named "KinkyKinky" who wrote (mostly) consensual snuff fics, mostly using Twilight characters, and usually in lesbian (but open to being fucked/snuffed straight) relationships. A couple months ago, they, and all their fics, disappeared. Does anyone have them backed up anywhere?



There was one story I remember reading a long time ago but forgot the name. The only thing I remember was that it was a gameshow where girls had to hide in a school for a set amount of time while men would look for them and rape and torture and kill them, there was pussy shooting, and if the women survived for a certain amount of time they got to live, and got a large amount of money. I forgot everything else about it, does anyone know what story I'm talking about?


Looking for a story and accompaning art I found on here a few days ago about a submissive letting her mistress slowly crush her to death in a trash compactor, I recall how she was trying to stay silent so her mistress would make her into condoms post mortem.


I’m looking for a story (and accompanying illustration) I read a few days ago on gurochan. It was from a sub’s perspective as she let her mistress crush her to death in a trash compactor. I remember the sub trying to stay silent so her mistress would turn her into condoms after she died.


I’m looking for a story (and accompanying illustration) I read a few days ago on gurochan. It was from a sub’s perspective as she let her mistress crush her to death in a trash compactor. I remember the sub trying to stay silent so her mistress would turn her into condoms after she died.


DarkKuroi - Do you have archived any other consensual snuff stories?
KinkyKinky Did amazing job.


Yes I have. I literally try to save any guro/snuff story/content on net when I lurk. Therefore I have around 5000 stories sorted by sites and authors and around 20000 unsorted. I think 90% of them are consensual (I do not lurk noncons). Maybe I upload a temp archive on mega.



Please do.



You know if you have any of the early Potter stuff that has vanished over the years?


Andrea Potter or Harry Potter?
You can find the former's work on WWOEC using Wayback.



Hea, I meant Harry Potter stuff, I vaguely remember reading some stuff years ago that isn't on the list in the Harry Potter thread, on aryon, or hentai foundry and was curious if he had any of that.


I am looking for a old story. I think it started with a woman picking up a hitchhiker who was running away from the government (our mc) He then has sex with the daughter and splits the mother in the morning. I think it was something to do with hypnosis but I can't remember. Story was completely conns (i think).


I'm looking for a story I think is called "The rainbow machine" or something like that. I think I read it at one of the sites of t'Sade, but I can't find it anymore.

It's a pretty casual story about a girl who tricks a friend into getting strapped in the machine and burned (in rainbow color), and turned into a pile of ash. There are more chapters with more burning girls. Thanks!


Hi all, I'm looking for a story. I think it was called 'Cross the Line' or something like that. It was about this woman who went on vacation to a tropical island, while she was taking a walk around the island she sees two girls playing chess and some men setting up a wooden tower or something with a line painted near the top. One of the girls lose and now has to up the platform/tower thing and jump down to something or other that kills the girl. A large crowd gathers and they decide to have a bbq. Story continues and others are also killed and turned to meat to eat.


Crossing the Line

MF, Ff, cons, semi-cons, snuff, cannibalism, oral, girls as meat

Karen had never seen a market as diverse as the one she was in now. It was her first time on

the Rich Filipino's private island getaway, and she was loving every minute of it. There were

very few taboos here, and she felt a luxurious tingle in adopting the local inhabitants' attitudes

towards nudity.

She was enjoying her new freedom by showing off her full breasts, naked in the summery air,

and had stopped wearing underwear altogether. She wore a pair of jeans that had the crotch

torn out, so if anyone looked closely, they could see her brunette bush above two very slick

cunt lips. The children and the adult men all stared at her, and she knew her beauty aroused

them. Man of the little boys' cocks were pointing straight up through the flies of their jeans…

She was walking through one of the island's many marketplaces, when she stopped and

surveyed her surroundings, as she appeared to be in a cul-de-sac.

"What is that?" she wondered to herself, looking at a wooden construction that loomed in the

distance, at the end of the bazaar. "It must be the entrance to one of the squatter's homes that

are above the marketplace" she thought… but as she got closer, she still couldn't figure out what

it's purpose was.

It seemed to be a scaffold with a ramp, much like the ones that led to carnival attractions,

except that it was made of sturdy wood and bamboo, and not metal. The ramp leveled off at

about seven feet above ground, and was around fifty feet long. However, instead of leading to

a carnival ride, the ramp abruptly dropped off at the end. At that point the "ramp" ended, there

were two almost vertical staircases that dropped steeply down, on either side of the dead-

ended ramp.

"What could that be used for?" she wondered. "It must be some kind of loading ramp, for

trucks." But that couldn't be right, because nothing could be easily wheeled up the narrow ramp

that made a ninety-degree turn halfway through. Also, there was no place to park a truck in

front of the drop-off. "It must be a walkway of some kind", she deduced.

She watched from a distance, as two strong-looking bare-chested men in blue jeans picked up

a metal pole of some kind, and began screwing it into the ground where the walkway ramp

dropped off. "Were they building something?" …No, it wouldn't make sense to build the

entranceway to a building without the building itself…

Her curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to take a closer look. As she neared, she

realized there was a small roped-off section in front of the ramp, where there were three card

tables set up. The card tables had a few board games and card sets on them. All of the tables

were empty, except one, where two young Filipina girls sat, playing a game of chess.

It appeared that the white men had finished screwing the pole into the ground, and now it stood

bolt upright, just after the drop-off. She realized that the pole was slightly tapered at the top,

forming a point at the very tip.

As she got closer, she realized that the men who had screwed the pole into the ground were

both standing over the table where the two girls were playing chess. They both seemed very

excited, and one of them seemed really nervous. They were both sweating due to the warm,

sunny weather, but the one who seemed to be more nervous seemed to really be sweating

bullets. Her hand trembled as she reached for one of her castles, and a drop of sweat fell off of

her nose.

As Karen got closer she realized several things at once. First, she realized that the girl who

seemed nervous had lost her queen, although the game seemed fairly even, besides that… She

also noticed that the two muscular white men had left their flies unzipped, and their penises were

erect, and dripping pre-cum. "Hi! Pardon me…"

The two men looked up, and the one closest to her smiled and raised a finger to his mouth.

"Shhh! …This is a very high stakes match!", He whispered.

Karen decided to continue looking about the structure to see if she could figure out what it was

used for. So much of the island was alien to her down-home Connecticut sensibilities. Before

coming here the attractive young English major from Yale would never have imagined that such

places existed. "Alien, but exciting!" she told herself.

She noticed that there was a sign that was almost invisible looking straight on at the side of the

ramp. It stood next to the ramp at a point fifteen feet from "the drop-off". She noticed that an

orange line was painted out from the bottom of the sign that crossed the ramp. She stepped

back so she could read the sign. It appeared to be translated into several different languages. It



She was startled by a delighted laugh from the table behind her. When she looked back at the

girls' game, the girl who appeared to be winning was placing her black queen in one of the

squares, and lifting a white rook off of the board. She leaned in and whispered something to her

nervous-looking opponent in Tagalog, and giggled again. As the girl raised off the seat, Karen

realized that there was a big vibrator in her cunt that was hidden when she was sitting on it!

Whatever the stakes of the game were, she realized it must be very hard to concentrate with a

vibrating dildo in the pussy! Karen was really interested in this strange game now, because the

girl who had just captured the rook was rubbing her little clit and moaning. Both girls seemed

excited though, which was strange… after all, the loser seemed both frightened and turned-on…

"Maybe they're going to tie her to the pole and whip her if she loses.." Karen thought. That

would explain the nervous excitement! Karen was bisexual, and the child's public masturbation

excited her. She decided that the game's wager must be sexual in nature, and the thought of the

two innocent-looking girls making up and licking each other afterwards made her cunt tingle.

She realized that several other market-goers had wandered over behind her, and were also

watching the game. A Japanese family was right behind her, and only the man was wearing

clothes. He had a rather large dick for a Japanese man, and it dangled semi-erect from his open

fly. She noticed that they had three little daughters, all completely naked, that were playing near

the entrance to the ramp. The man leaned over to her and smiled when she turned around, and

asked her, in somewhat broken English "have you seen before?"

"No," She smiled; relieved to find someone who might tell her what was going on… "What is the

object of the game?"

The man smiled, and replied, "Watch, the big piece, the king, when the king is taken then the girl

is rost!"

Karen was going to ask what he meant by "lost", but she caught a sudden motion from the

corner of her eye. She realized that the couple's girls were edging up to the line on the ramp,

pushing one another towards it, and then jumping back. Also peculiar, she thought, was that

one of the muscular "ramp attendants" (as she had come to think of them) was now standing

right next to the orange line, looking down. He seemed to be watching to see whether any of

the girls actually crossed the line.

She turned around and saw with some surprise that the Japanese man's wife was squatting in

front of him, with the tip of his cock in her mouth, as she furiously fingered her wet pussy.

Karen looked him in the eyes, and smiled, aroused by the situation. "What happens when

someone crosses the line?" She asked.

"Ahh. The rine is for vorunteer." He replied, as if this knowledge should be enough to satisfy

her. She guessed that he was assuming that she knew the details. She watched as the couple's

young daughters were joined by a cute young black girl (who was really sweating bullets!). The

little girl pranced up to the line, like she was going to cross it, and then turned around and ran

when she was a foot away.

Karen looked back at the two girls playing chess, and gestured. "No, I mean, what happens

when one of them loses?"

The man looked down at his wife who moaned around his cock. "Mikiko, can you show rady

what happen if you cross rine?"

The young wife started fingering herself faster, and moaning louder when he suggested this. He

suddenly gripped her nipples between his thumbs and clenched forefingers and painfully pulled

her up. Just as fast, he had spun her around, and shoved his spit-slicked cock up her ass. He

was fucking her in the ass, as she bent over and put her hands on the ground, her big tits

flopping back and forth with each thrust.

"Rady, I show you what happens to vorunteer!" He said, as he thrust hard into his sexy big-

breasted wife, causing her to stumble forward a single step. She cried out, and seemed to be

begging him to stop, in Japanese. The man grabbed her hips, and began walking her a few

steps closer to the ramp, with every thrust. As they neared the entrance to the ramp, the little

girls who were playing at approaching the line ran out the entrance, presumably so they wouldn't

be trapped between the narrow rails and "Mikiko" and pushed forward…

Karen was fascinated now, and realized that there was a crowd of people watching, as the man

pushed his anally impaled wife between the ramp's guardrails. "Mikiko" seemed to be begging

him to stop, but also moaning in pleasure. As her hands were pushed (wheelbarrow style) up

the first few feet of the ramp, she grabbed one of the guardrail's vertical posts, and pulled herself

up, so she was supporting herself with both hands on the guardrails. As her husband pushed

her forward, still thrusting into her ass, she grabbed the vertical post, and he had to pry her

fingers off…

Karen was rubbing her pussy, and when she looked behind her, she was surprised to see that

the crowd that was watching was all masturbating! Some of them were shooting pictures and

even videotaping the scene with camcorders! This was so exciting!

What was going to happen to the pretty, big-titted Mikiko?

As the man pushed her nearer, the two chess players even took pause from their game to look

up, both of them clearly nearing orgasm from the vibrators that hummed silently in their little

cunts. The girl who seemed to be losing shivered; her cone-shaped nipples were stiff with

sweat. Karen couldn't tell if it was in orgasm or fear…

As Mikiko neared the orange line, Karen felt spurts of semen squirting against the back of her

thighs, and moaned in pleasure without even looking back. She was so caught up in the

moment that she didn't even care if she was splattered with cum without her permission. Seeing

Mikiko pushed around like a piece of meat was a real turn on!

Karen felt a tongue on her right buttock, and when she turned around, one of Mikiko's

daughters was licking the anonymous cum off of her ass. She suddenly felt more submissive,

glancing over her shoulder with a red face, and realizing she was being caught on video since

she was at the front of the crowd.

She also noticed that someone had set up what looked like a hot-dog stand and a grill, several

feet to the left of the pole. A few people from the crowd had formed a line in front of it, but it

didn't seem to be selling anything yet…

Mikiko's hands were almost at the point on the railing above the orange line. She writhed in

orgasm then, pissing herself in fear or excitement… or both. As her husband came deep in her

rectum, his thrusts caused Mikiko's sweaty hands to slide over the orange line. The crowd

began cheering as this happened, and Karen could also hear the noisy orgasms of parents and

their children in the crowd behind her. Mikiko shuddered and gasped, moving her hands to her

pussy, still pissing in spurts, as the two attendants grabbed her under her hairy armpits.

At first Karen thought they were just steadying her, before they began pulling her forward.

Mikiko leaned back into their arms, still rubbing her pussy…

Karen's stomach flip-flopped as it finally dawned on her what was about to happen. The

thought shocked her, but it also turned her on! She was already masturbating, and her finger

continued swirling over her erect little clit! Her bush was soaking wet!

Mikiko was shivering in lust and fear, as she fingered herself. Her husband watched from

behind the orange line, his throbbing dick still slick with her juices. He continued to masturbate

as the men pulled Mikiko to the point where the ramp dropped off, taking their places before

the steep ladders on both sides of the pole.

They each grabbed one of her thighs, as they wrestled her writhing body into position above the

seven-foot tall steel spit. The men were firm but gentle as they lowered Mikiko's wet pussy

over the spit, letting her juices ease the death instrument into her body. They hoisted her

struggling body up and down several times, getting the tip of the spit slick with her lubrication.

Then they each took a step down their ladders!

Mikiko shrieked in orgasm and then pain, as the spit tore through her womb. She could no

longer even attempt to hold back her bladder or bowels, as the last of her piss spurted out, and

a thick turd slid out her ass. Mikiko was going into convulsions; her large stiff-nippled breasts

jiggling like jell-o!

Karen had never been more aroused in her life! She noticed that Mikiko's daughters were

sucking each other off in a tangle of arms and legs on the dirty trampled ground in front of the

pole… And when she looked back up, blood was gushing out of Mikiko's mouth, and over her

pendulous breasts, as the tip of the spike made its way out of her upturned mouth. Her body

was still, except for the dripping blood, and its slow movement down the ever-increasing girth of

her spit. The sight sent Karen into an orgasm that lasted for nearly a minute!

When she had calmed down from her big cum, Karen turned to a nude black girl that was being

butt-fucked behind her. "Wow! That got me so hot! It's the first time I've ever seen a real


"I know!" the girl answered, "I imagined it was me being pushed up the ramp!" The white

English college-boy who was fucking the black girl smiled, gesturing towards the 'hotdog stand',

"Wait till you see what happens next! Look!"

The spit holding the impaled meat that was once Mikiko was being unscrewed from it's mount.

As the spit was unscrewed, her arms and legs flopped lifelessly, flinging off droplets of blood.

A big blood bubble slid down between her breasts.

The women who had set up the 'hot-dog' stand had also set up two spit-mounts, and the smell

of lighter fluid and charcoal drifted into the crowd. The two strong men carried the spit over to

the mounts, and secured Mikiko's body above the coals. A Filipina woman wearing an apron

had also started a grill, since there were already so many people in line. She quickly cut off

Mikiko's arms, and one of her breasts, and dropped them onto the grill. She began cutting

bicep meat off of the arms, and rotated them with a pair of metal tongs.

Karen looked around for anyone who might recognize her, and then took her place in line. She

had never tasted woman meat, and was dying to satiate her curiosity.

While she was in line, she realized that Mikiko's husband was standing behind her. She smiled

and turned to face him.

"My name is Hiro Mishima!" He smiled and extended his hand.

"I'm Karen Hill, very pleased to meet you!" She smiled, and blushed, suddenly aware of how

naked she was.

"You're very attractive Ms. Hirr… Would you rike to share some cuts of Mikiko with my

daughters and I? I get first choice since I'm her husband… But I warn you, if you eat her meat,

you might be tempted to be my next vorunteer!"

Karen's knees felt very weak, but her pussy felt really wet…

"I'd love to, but first I'd like to sample her juices…" Her knees weakened and bent, until she was

kneeling in front of Hiro. His slimy dick pumped upward, until she tasted the last of Mikiko's

pungent pussy juices on her lips.

As Karen swallowed the head of Hiro's cock, she felt two tiny mouths on each of her nipples,

and a little tongue lapping at her soaking wet crotch. Every few minutes, she was forced to

waddle forward a few feet, closer to the wonderful aroma of barbecuing cunt. She was almost

at the front of the line when she heard cheering, and looked over at the ramp. A trembling,

skinny brown-skinned girl was being escorted away from the chess board, towards the entrance

to the ramp. Her opponent was squatting over the vibrator that stuck up into her young cunt,

bouncing up and down and laughing as her opponent was led away to become her dinner.

The winning girl was excited, because she almost never got to eat a nice big, juicy cunt steak.

The taste of Mikiko's cunt-juice filling her mouth, and his daughters mouths on her nipples and

cunt brought Karen closer to her second mind-blowing orgasm of the day. Before she knew it,

she was at the front of the line, and Hiro had sat her on the edge of the serving counter. She

was watching the girl being lifted off the ramp, as her mouth was stuffed with delicious, freshly

cooked meat. She playfully nibbled at the tiny fingers that poked the meat into her mouth. As

she chewed, she recognized the feel of a tender clitoris being ground between her teeth.

As she swallowed the chewed flesh of Hiro's previous cunt/wife, he leaned over her, his cock

sliding between her puffy cunt lips. Her stiff nipples pressed into his chest.

"I am going to roast one of my daughters next. I need to make another daughter to replace her.

I want you to be my next wife."

Her cunt spasmed as Hiro shot his seed into her womb.

"Ooooh! Yes! I'll marry you!" She screamed, as she saw a dying teenage girl open her mouth,

to make way for the tip of a long bloody spit.

She felt so sick, so dirty, like a cheap cut of meat!

She felt Hiro's spent cock deflating under the contractions of her leaking cunt. She imagined

taking Hiro's youngest daughter out of the oven, freshly roasted with her steaming little nipples

sticking up in the air!


I'm looking for a story of a babysitter who babysits 3 boys. First, they're thirsty,so they milk her tits. Then I think they want to do something violent to her, but she distracts them with letting them fuck her ass. They argue over who will get to fuck her and end up fucking the one fucking her ass in his ass while he's fucking her. As you may have guessed from this short summary, it's a wonderful piece of art which I really hope someone has stored. tyty



There was a old series about rita from digimon tamers I think being convinced to be spit roasted for her moms favorite cooking show.




The Temple of Agony


The landing craft touched down in a wide bowl of porcelain, made from human bone and decorated with intricate dark red drawings in blood, depicting all manner of torture and atrocity. As the jets of the landing craft touched these drawings, they instantly ignited and burned away, leaving a pall of sickly sweet smoke. The ramp in the crafts belly opened after a minute, and the three passengers disembarked, and were lead by one of the senior brothers to a metal portal overlooking the bowl. As soon as the door had closed, the landing craft took off again, and another door opened. A brother emerged, followed by two robotic, walking frames to which were strapped a 10 year old boy and a 9 year old girl, each in an obvious state of distress. The brother walked out to the centre with the frames, then he opened his leather pouch of tools, containing a variety of paintbrushes and scalpels. He walked over to the girl, and made a shallow cut across her belly. She screamed as he dipped the paintbrush in it and began to paint a new design.
The visitors were led down a long, gently sloping corridor towards a reception area. Like every part of the temple, the walls were decorated with human remains: bones, leather and plasticized corpses, all artfully arranged, the agony of their deaths clearly written into their faces.
The reception room was a wide, circular chamber set all around with high gothic arched windows, filled with stained glass scenes depicting various methods of torture, killing, rape, mutilation and so forth. Men and women of all ages were shown being dismembered, whipped, sodomised, branded, dissected, drowned in filth or devoured alive by beasts or by brothers and sisters of the order of agony, whose natural teeth were extracted and replaced with razor sharp, unbreakable artificial fangs bolted directly into their gums.
The sister superior was obviously getting on in years, even with rejuvenation treatments. Her robe would have been pure white when she was a novice, but was now stained almost black by years of spilt blood, vomit, excrement and who knew what else. Her face looked almost kind, topped by short grey hair, if had not been for her rows of even, needle sharp teeth, and the fact that her eyes, as was the custom with her order, had been tattooed black. She wore no ornaments apart from a thin gold chain round her waist, to symbolise her rank, which gleamed even though it was crusted with dried blood in places. She was accompanied by two novices, their robes only lightly spattered, who carried her tools in rolls of human leather.
“Ah, Count, pleased to meet you.”
“The honour is mine, your holiness” Count Glacondo said, bowing as graciously as his ornate coat would allow. His two companions, his recorder and personal bodyguard, nodded their heads.
“I must say it is as a pleasure to have such a distinguished visitor. I am afraid to most of the ruling council what we do here is seen as a…’necessary evil’” she chuckled “Though all seem to appreciate the necessity of what we do here, few ever pay us a visit”.
“As you know, your holiness, what goes on here is not for most people. It takes a very special breed of person to do what you and your brethren do, and an equally special breed to ah” he licked his lips “enjoy it.”
The sister superior smiled “You are an admirer of the foul arts?”
“Oh indeed, since a young age. That is what has prompted this visit really, to tell you the truth. Otherwise our business might have easily been conducted over commlink.”
“And what is your business, if you don’t mind me asking?”
“Well, that is simple enough. We are taking decisive actions against the rebels in the northern spiral arm, and we want you to step up production”
The temple of agony was, in fact, the most potent weapon in the empires armoury. In deep space, most battles are fought via psychic warfare, by attacking and burning out the minds of others over vast distances, overwhelming them with fear, pain and despair. Unfortunately, most people, even the best trained psychic warriors, find themselves hard pressed to create images and sensations of sufficient power to reliably assault any enemy. In the early days, soldiers had been carefully selected for their perverse appetites, and had constantly consumed the most depraved pornographic material imaginable to prepare them for battle. However, even hardened as they were, many of them were damaged themselves by the indescribable filth they were constantly bombarded with, and grew more open to enemy attacks.
The breakthrough came with the perfection of the psychic transmitter and the psychic battery, which could store psychic impressions till they were ready to be used. The first experiments were done with enemy prisoners. By attaching a transmitter to a prisoner, and then threatening him, beating him, etc. And then routing this through a system of batteries and transmitters, you could create violent bursts of negative psychic energy that could be directed by a psychic warrior, without burning out their mind. Necessity provoked further, more extreme experiments. Mortal terror, rape, torture and unwilling death were all found to be extremely potent. But the supply of prisoners was not infinite, so a new source would be required.
The solution was the temple of agony. It stands alone on a remote, barren world. In its vast underground networks of cells, human beings, created from cloned stock, are bred in unimaginable filth and squalor. With psychic transmitters placed in collars round their neck, every agonising instance of their lives, as they are tortured, raped and ultimately killed in an infinite variety of ways, is collected and weaponised for the empires military forces. The quality of the pain and its variety being of utmost importance, the temple is also used to solve a social problem. It’s brothers and sisters are among the most depraved and perverted psychopathic killers and rapists from all over the empire. The temples existence is, of course, not known to the majority of people; they have no idea of the nature of the ‘prison planet’ their most hated criminals are sent to.
“How much?”
“We’re going to require at least a thousand more hours of real hardcore stuff every day. Nothing minor: we want some really nasty death agonies. It’s going to be a tough fight.”
“Hmn, that can be done. If we flood holding area 6 with offal, put a few batches into the pit…yes it should be easy enough. Consider it done.”
She clapped and one of her novices turned and exited the room, presumably to relay instructions.
“Now…” she grinned “Pleasure?”
“I shall give you the tour…”

The lobby was high and arched. It’s floor was apparently cobbled, but Glacondo had the strong suspicion that they were in fact the tops of hundreds, if not thousands of skulls. Along the wall were niches, maybe thirty to each side, filled with glass tanks. The room was filled with the sound of muffled banging and screaming.
“This room is quite a personal favourite of mine.” Said the sister superior. “As you can see, each of these tanks contains a single animal, normally in its late teens, but the tanks are large enough to accommodate any age. It is actually part of a series of identical rooms, each stacked one on top of the other. This is the second one down. Each of these tanks is connected via pipes to one above it. At the top, we feed in solid and liquid waste from the temples plumbing system. The piss and shit drains down, level by level, invariably being joined by that of the animals, not to mention their vomit, and blood as they skin their knuckles trying to break out of the armoured glass. Those at the bottom drown first of course, followed in turn by the ones on each level. It normally takes about a week for the whole system to fill up. During that time many of the animals resort to eating faeces or drinking urine, which is a common enough thing for them anyway. Once the system has filled, and all the animals expired by drowning in filth, we let it stand for a day, and then drain it off and start again. The smell of the corpses and the slurry is absolutely indescribable.”
“What do you do with the slurry afterwards”
“We use it as fertiliser, or feed it to the animals. Most can’t keep it down though.”
Glacondo moved closer to one of the tanks. Inside was a naked girl of about seventeen, with pale skin and grey, despair filled eyes. She was so caked in filth that it was impossible to tell the colour of her hair. Her skin was only visible around her eyes, were tears had washed some of it away, and around her cunt, which had clearly been cleaned by her own terrified pissing. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and clawing futilely at the glass. All her nails were broken and there were streaks of blood mixed in with the shit on the inside of the tank. Glacondo admired the way her shit-caked breasts jiggled, and the surprising pinkness of her cunt. He suddenly became aware that the sister superior, standing beside him, was quite clearly masturbating under her robe. He raised an eyebrow at her.
“Not your thing?” She enquired
“Well, it’s alright. I’ve never really been that much interested in plumbing. Foods more my thing. Could you show me the kitchen?”
“Why, of course” She smiled evilly.

“We often consume the flesh of our animals raw, of course, but variety is the spice of life, as they say”
The kitchen was a large stone room, filled with steam and activity. Apart from a few side dishes and stuffings, most of the food being prepared was, of course, people. Every cut and every method of preparation was on show, not to mention screaming victims being butchered right before the counts eyes. He walked over to one of the butchering areas, pausing as a brother stooped in front of him to open an oven. Inside was a youngish man, his skin bronzed beautifully from the oven, just beginning to crack. His cock had been secured in an erect position with a piece of wire around the base and pinned to his abdomen, and his swollen testicles appeared to have been stuffed, as had his stomach. A little of the stuffing leaked out around the butternut squash lodged in his anus.
Past this lay a butchering and preparation area. A slightly chubby girl of about sixteen, was screaming and strapped to a heavily notched table. Her guts, feet and one of her hands lay in a pair of buckets beside her. As they came up, a brother cut off the remaining hand with a single blow of his cleaver and tossed it in the bucket with the others.
“Why are the arms and legs fitted with tourniquets?”
“To prevent the animal from bleeding out too quickly. We try and cook as many animals alive as we possibly can, and to enhance the fear and agony further we use stimulant drugs to keep them as aware of the process as possible. The psychic transmitter collars are practically indestructible, and easily survive the rigours of cooking. This animal here is being prepared for roasting. Observe the extra fat. It gives meat a good flavour, especially the breasts, which melt as they are cooked and baste the animals ribs and heart from the inside. You really must try some.
“How long will this…animal take to cook?”
“Apart six hours sir” said the brother, who had just cauterised the girls wounds, and was now cutting apart her hands and feet whilst a heavily pierced sister who had just arrived with a bowl of stuffing began to ladle it into the gaping hole in her stomach.
“Well, I’m sure I can find enough here to keep me amused for six hours, shan’t I your holiness”
“Oh indeed”

“You may be interested in our guards, Count”
They stopped at a large metal door. The handle was intricately fashioned out of eight human phalluses; the sister superior had explained to him earlier that the moulds were obtained by casting the genitals of living humans in lead. Unfortunately, she had told him, they had plenty of spares, and so it would be unlikely that he could see the process being conducted, unless it especially interested him.
“Yes indeed. Although generally the temple is utterly escape proof, we sometimes allow some of the animals to think that they have found some loophole and to make it into the terrain outside the temple. Then, after we give them a few days to become dehydrated, we send the guards after them. That brief glimmer of hope makes their death agonies absolutely exquisite”
She opened the door, and led him and his retinue through into a large, circular chamber. The door opened on to what amounted to a wide gantry-way, surrounding a central pit. Striding over to the edge, which was protected with vicious arrays of blood-caked spikes, all pointing downwards, the Count could see that the pit contained the guards.
Whether the guards had originally been male or female could be told only by their genitals. The males had real penises, albeit studded with crude piercings, all of which ended in vicious looking hooks and barbs, turning their throbbing, permanent erections into lethal weapons. The females had equally lethal looking dildos, over a foot long, literally welded into their cunts. Both genders had breasts, of a sort; they had obviously been hacked off either their original owner or, in the case of the men, some other unfortunate, and then plasticised. They had then been artfully sculpted by the brethren and stapled viciously back on to the guards chests. Some resembled grotesque flowers, others had been carved into clusters of alien cocks, or screaming skulls, all carved out of petrified human flesh. The guards arms and legs had been removed, and replaced with cyborg appendages; the lower limbs were like the hind legs of a goat, with long sickle blades curving out the back of the ankle, and heavy, steel hooves. The arms ended in two fingered hands, with each finger and thumb ending in a two foot long, razor sharp talon. These limbs were bolted to a barbed steel spine that looped out their backs. Their heads were shaved, and each sported a tattoo of some demonic creature simultaneously raping and eating a screaming, gore-caked victim, cavorting over the guards misshapen, scarred skulls. Some had no ears, just gruesome lumps of scar tissue. Others had ears that were so full of heavy piercings that the flesh looked like cobwebs. Instead of eyes they had brass mechanisms crudely implanted into their flesh, with a single soulless black lens in the front. The flesh had been carved away from their mouths, revealing gaping maws filled with hundreds of needle-thin steel teeth, with springs and pistons bolted directly to the bone on either side, which the count guessed would allow their jaws to open unnaturally wide and close with the force of a guillotine blade.

“Very impressive”
“We select the candidates for the position of guard only from those animals which display the most selfless love and care for their fellow beings. The surgery, which is conducted without anaesthetic or sterilisation procedures, kills around 80% of the candidates, and generally drives the rest to the brink of complete insanity. What you can’t see is the brain implants. Whilst the guards continue to truly love and cherish their fellows, and wish no harm to anyone, except occasionally us brethren, the chips and electrodes we plant in their brains forces them to rape, mutilate and devour any animal they see, and to experience incredible sexual pleasure from these acts, which of course revolts them utterly. Their psychic impressions are among our finest work. Would you like to see them fed?”
“Oh, indeed I would”
The sister superior clicked her fingers and a brother I had not even seen before hurried forward from some alcove and bowed deeply in front of her.
“Feed the guards, would you?”
“At once, sister superior” He scurried off back into his alcove, and the count heard him back up some sort of communication device and begin whispering into it. There was a loud mechanical clank from inside the walls. The sister superior used her finger to direct the counts attention upwards. A hatch had opened in a ceiling, and a curious contraption was dropping through it.
It was an armoured glass box, with two holes in the bottom and one on either side. Inside it was a terrified looking woman of about thirty who the Count would have described as Indian in appearance, had he known his earth history. Her legs stuck out the two holes in the bottom of the box, and her arms out the two holes in the side. Slowly, and steadily, the box began to lower. The guards, who had been standing stock still up to this point, raised their heads as one. Their claws and cocks twitched suddenly. As the box rose lower, they began to circle, flicking their attention back between the other guards and the box. One, an enormous male who had more scar tissue than flesh, moved towards the centre.
“He’s the alpha” explained the sister superior. She glanced down and noticed the bulge in the front of the counts embroidered leather trousers. “Would you like an animal to service you?”
“Very generous of you, your holiness. A young boy perhaps?”
“Consider it done” The sister superior snapped her fingers, and before the box had dropped another six feet a sister holding a cattle prod had entered the room, driving before her a pretty, fair haired child of about nine, naked and unblemished except for the fact that he had no fingernails or teeth, and unnaturally large genitals for someone his age. The Count undid his fly, freeing his throbbing cock. The boy needed no instructions and without further ado had wrapped his soft, warm toothless mouth around the Counts prick and begun to perform expert fellatio on him.
“ugh, you train them well your holiness, I’ve had whores and royalty of both sexes and every age, right across this galaxy, willingly and unwillingly, and I can’t remember the time I felt a more skilful tongue”
“With the perfection of pain comes the perfection of pleasure, Count. Ah…almost there”
The count diverted his attention from the pretty young sex slave and back to the guard pit. The girls dangling legs, now running with bright streams of fresh urine, were nearly within reach of the guards. The big brute underneath her opened his mouth to drink her piss, and let out a ghastly, robotic screech. The count could see that his tongue, and presumably those of the other guards, had been removed and replaced with a segmented thing like a robotic snake, with a cruel arrowhead barb on its tip. Suddenly, it moved like lightning, both of its arms shooting upwards. A claw pierced each of the girls ankles and her screams took on an entirely new tone. Mechanical joints whined as the alpha guard pulled down with all his might. He was not stronger than the chains and pulleys though. For a brief moment he was lifted a few centimetres off the ground, before his considerable weight tore the girls ankle joints apart in a spray of blood. One foot was torn clean off. Two guards jumped for it at the same time, clawing at each other, inflicting ghastly wounds that neither seemed to notice, before they both had the foot in their teeth and tore it in two. The sounds of bones being splintered filled the arena. The other guards had clustered into the centre, their jaws working like steam engines, their tongues lashing out to try and catch the falling blood. Suddenly the flow became less.
“There are automatic tourniquet mechanisms built into the box” the sister superior explained “We don’t want them to bleed out too quickly. Besides, if the wound isn’t healed the moment the legs come off the guards just stick their claws and pricks inside and rip the animal to shreds.”
The girls legs were disappearing in huge chunks now as she came fully in range of the claws and teeth. The guards were a writhing mass of machinery and flesh beneath her. Suddenly there was a loud pop. The alpha emerged from the struggle clutching an entire thigh, torn straight out the pelvic joint. A metal plate sealed over that leg instantly, and soon the other one as well. A hiss and blast of smoke inside the box showed where electric arc currents had crudely and painfully cauterised the wounds.
“The animal is pumped full of stimulants, of course” the sister superior explained. “we’ve not had one faint on us for years.”
By now the arms were in range. Quick jaws snapped off and crunched fingers. Suddenly, one of the females leapt up and grabbed on to the side of the box. She thrust a claw up through the arm, emerging from just behind the armpit, then almost instantly she thrust her barbed steel cock into the wound and began to fuck it like a jackhammer. Suddenly, the guard gave an unearthly shriek and dropped back to the floor, where it lay twitching for a few seconds before standing back up again.
“Pain delivered directly via nerve induction. Punishment for bad behaviour. The animal would have been dead in seconds had she not been stopped.”
Shortly, the arms too had been devoured and sealed. The girl, a limbless torso, was now contained entirely within the glass box, its insides smeared with blood, and also some shit where she had lost bowel control. There was a clank from above, and the box began to rise back towards the ceiling at the same pace it had lowered.
“Just a little, to give a glimmer of hope, and…”
The bottom of the box suddenly swung open, and the girl dropped into the waiting guards.
Within seconds she had been disembowelled. As she fell to the floor, one of the females got its cock up her arse and began to tear it apart. Others grabbed at the spilling intestines, seeming unsure whether to eat them or use them as masturbatory aids. Most did both. The girl was flipped over. Flashing metal teeth tore off her breasts, and then she disappeared beneath the guards. Blood and bits of flesh flew everywhere. Suddenly, a lithe male guard emerged from the maelstrom. His phallus was decorated with the girls severed head, his barbed penis forced up her throat so the tip emerged from her mouth. The Count distinctly saw her blink, seconds before two other guards literally tore the head in half.
He orgasmed powerfully into the sex animals mouth, taking a good ten seconds to empty his balls. The boy swallowed every drop eagerly, then gently slid the Counts penis back into his trousers and did up the fly. The Count punched him in the head as hard as he could, which given the counts long and distinguished military career, was very hard indeed. The boy fell shocked to the floor, and the count kicked his steel toed boots into the childs groin with enough force to lift him off the floor and slam him into the gantry wall.
The count mopped his brow.
“I did not give you permission to swallow my cum, nor did I give you permission to touch my trousers.”
The boy seemed almost like he was about to protest, as futile as he must have known such a thing to be, but the count cut off any reply with another strong kick to the stomach. The boy blacked out for a second, and came to just as the count had lifted him above his head. He screamed.
The counts aim was good, for such an unwieldy projectile, not that the alpha would let such a choice morsel go. He caught the boy out the air, lacerating his arms and chest smoothly, and in one smooth motion slammed him down on his massive, red, spike encrusted prick. The scream was absolutely unearthly. The alpha didn’t bother to move himself, but simply shook the boy in his hands, pulling him up and down his member. Blood and shit cascaded to the ground as the guard began to emit a low, mechanical whine. Finally, he roared, and vile, yellow coloured semen spurted out of the child’s destroyed anus. Then, without even breaking the motion, the guard brought his head down and bit the boys skull in half. Then the others moved in.
“I’m dreadfully sorry about the cocksucker, your holiness…”
The sister superior laughed shrilly.
“Oh count, the lives of these creatures means less to me than the life of a germ dying on my handkerchief. I’d have been a little upset if its death hadn’t been so wonderfully agonising of course.” She smiled, showing her nightmarish teeth “Now that I have seen you in action, Count, I am convinced we should go somewhere a little more…hands on.”
“Of course your holiness. Becherel, Nadzia, come!”
Becherel was the Counts bodyguard, and Nadzia the counts recorder. The latter was outfitted with enhanced cyborg senses and a memory slot in her skull, that allowed her to record everything she saw for later playback in any format, including full Virtual Reality. Although it would not have done for her to be seen to be masturbating, she had had the foresight before arriving to slip a vibrating egg mind-linked to her sexual impulses into her cunt, and she was just replaying some highlights in her mind whilst she recovered from the aftershocks of a powerful orgasm. No one lasted long in the counts employ who did not share his utterly perverse tastes. As she followed the party off into another part of the temple, she wondered whether the Count would allow her and Becherel a little play. They were such loyal servants after all…

(story was never finished)


I remember there being a few stories about anna and else on her and can only find a few of them. I remember on where a lookalike of one of them as a child is roasted first.


There is a story that was on old Gurochan called "I Spy a Guillotine". It was written by an author named B.S.A.A. and featured three main characters named Louise, Claire, and Madeleine. They were three busty female spies in France who end up being guillotined in the midst of the Revolution at the end. I could literally recite passages from this story yet cannot find it anywhere online. Does anyone have it?


There was a story posted on old Gurochan called "I Spy a Guillotine". It was written by a user named B.S.A.A. and was set during the French Revolution. The three main characters were spies named Louise, Claire, and Madeleine, and all three end up being beheaded. I can literally recite passages from this story yet google has turned up empty time and time again.


Sorry for the double post. Internet fucked out on me and I thought the first one didn't go through


That would be my Eaten story, you can find it in my thread here:



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The story started with a woman picking up a hitchhiker from a rural area. After bringing him to her home for the night she introduces her family - three daughters- young twins and an older one. He sleeps with the older daughter (no guro I think) and in the morning they spitroast the mother for breakfast. The story was consensual and the man was a stranger to the family. I think I read it the middle of one of the treads here but I may be mistaken. I will be very grateful if anyone can help me out finding it.



BASG wrote a story by that title. I don't know where you can find it, but BASG can still be found here:



Daisy and the cunt flower?


I'm looking for short story, which, if I remember correctly, was named "Tree".

It was about guy having catgirl (or maybe bunnygirl, I'm not sure) living in the cage, deciding it's time to kill her and hanging her from nearly tree. It was written from POV of the girl.


>>16212 That must be it. I just misremembered their name. Thanks


Now this is an old one, so my memory is really fucking fuzzy. All I remember with certainty is the setup, some pseudo-Frankenstein situation, with the point of view being the person who was selected to provide the brain.
That's it. It might even be wrong. But I figure better try at all.


I'm trying to find a story. In it a woman ends up on an alien world and runs into an alien. It ends up pulling out her entire vagina and womb an eating it.


Anyone have Dante's stuff? Especially the stories that end with or include busty female decapitation (e.g. Televised Snuff Show)?


Found this. Author is unknown.

[unknown author] Xeno story [repost from 2017]

*Scan Complete*

I let out a breath of relief as the computer finished it's task. I had been out on the northern ridge for the entire day, mapping and cataloging everything. It was exhausting work spending so much time in a mechanical suit, but the colony needed all the resources we could find as it expanded. I had asked to be assigned to catalogueing and managing the library. All my life I've loved to read. They'd declined my request. They wouldn't say it directly, but wanted me to be a breeder. We needed to expand the population. I swore and punded my hand against the inside arm of the suit, achieving nothing but bruising my knuckles in the process. I shook my smarting hand and sighed. I didn't even want kids.

I started back down towards the treeline, the heavy metal legs of my suit clomping gracelessly through the underbrush. I released the right arm controls and wiped the sweat from my forehead. The powered armor made traversing the forest a cinch and provided excellent protection against all form of predators on this planet, but damn it could get stuffy being in a metal box all day long. I considered opening the chassis just to take a breath of fresh air, but safety regs said we weren't allowed to do that. If anyone checked the logs I'd get chewed out tomorrow.

I needed to pee. Preparing to relieve myself, I flicked the button for waste disposal. An amber light came on alerting me to the fact that it was full. "Fuck!" I swore, realising I had neglected to empty it the previous day. I sighed. "Fuck it."

I shut down the suit, throwing me into near darkness and pressed the release lever. A crack of natural light appeared as fresh air rushed in and I took a deep, grateful breath. The cockpit opened and I stepped out into the forest, using one of the knees as a step. I was going to relieve myself in a natural environment for a change. To hell with the regs.

I took the opportunity to peel my tank top away from my skin where dampness was causing it to stick, then did the same to my panties. I wasn't wearing anything else. I'd have died of heatstroke in the flight suit we were meant to wear. I took a few steps behind a bush, looking for a spot of privacy, not that anyone was around to see me. I was miles from the colony, one of a dozen surveyors, each of us dotted around the region tasked with exploring.

I brushed aside a vine as I walked past it and suddenly it lashed out! I screamed in shock as I felt something pierce my wrist and the vine - not a vine but an animal - slithered away into the brush. A wave of dizziness washed over me, and I stumbled. I tried to cry out but my voice caught in my throat as I collapsed backwards against a tree, my limbs splaying out awkwardly.

I lay there trying to move, but my body didn't respond. Cursing myself for my stupidity, I willed my rapidly beating heart to slow down and tried to regulate my breathing. I wasn't concerned, I knew what had bitten me. A small alien much like a snake, it's venom paralysed prey, but it wasn't fatal to a human. It would last maybe fifteen minutes at the most, and then I'd be able to get back to my suit and never speak of this to anyone.

My arm itched where I had been bitten. My muscles were relaxed and unresponsive, but my sense of touch was unchanged, so I was going to have to put up with it until I could move my arm. Mentally cringing, I realised I still needed to pee. I felt like a bigger idiot than before.

Suddenly there was a rustling in the brush. Had the alien returned? They usually fled from humans, since we were too big for prey. The creature crawled out from the bushes.

My heart stopped for a second and I felt my entire body go cold. It wasn't the same alien as before, and this one was incredibly dangerous. They had been known to kill people. About the size of a very small cat, with four legs going up to a slightly oval body. It had no head, the front of its stocky body a large set of sharp teeth, not covered with lips. It gave the effect of a permanent grin. These monsters were blind, having no eyes, and even if I had been able to move I would haze been frozen from fear. They were rare, and classified as endangered, but the colony often caught them and sent them to a preserve where they couldn't do any harm. We had done everything we could to rid the area of them to the point they were almost never seen anymore, but I was at the edge of our explored territory.

It started to scamper across the clearing in front of me. If it kept heading in that direction it would eventually move away. I started to relax, and then started to feel a trickle of moisture between my legs. No, no, no no no. I tried to hold my bladder. My heart was thudding so loud that I was sure the xeno would hear it. The trickle had increased to a flow now, the paralytic preventing me from being able to hold it in.

The xeno stopped and sniffed the air. I was watching a disaster unfold before me, unable to take any action to avoid it. I pleaded to the universe to not let this be happening, but the xeno turned and started towards me. It made its way between my legs, attracted to the smell. These things tracked their prey by the scent of its urine.

It approached my urine-soaked panties, and I could see it sniffing. My heart leapt into my mouth as it suddenly struck, tearing into the fabric and violently ripping my underwear from my hips. I winced as the elastic snapped, stinging my skin. The xeno attacked the panties like a dog with a chew toy, reducing it to shreds, but it lost interest quickly when it realised they weren't meat. It stopped and looked back at my exposed genitals.

This was it. I knew it was going to eat my pussy. I struggled to move, to flee, anything, but my limbs just lay there uselessly as it shuffled close to my unprotected sex. The xeno opened its mouth and a long slimy tongue extended, probing me gently, testing to see if my vagina seemed edible. The perverted touch made me shiver in response as it dragged it's tongue across my pussy. It licked my sensitive flesh a few more times experimentally, unintentionally giving me what I knew would be the last bit of of pleasure I would ever feel from down there. I wanted to sob.

Satisfied that my pussy was edible, it withdrew its tongue and opened its jaws, the shiny bone glinting in the fading light through the canopy. I felt the hard smoothness of its maw brush against my damp lips as it nibbled lightly, and watched, terrified, as it positioned its teeth around the bundle of flesh at the top of my slit. Those threatening jaws were poised around my clitoris and hood, along with a portion of my labia. Any second now, it was going to… Without warning it bit down and I saw blood spill as my pussy flesh disappeared into its mouth. I shuddered in shock, pain engulfing me as half of my vulva was violently bitten off. I wanted to scream, trying to buck my hips in agony, but I just let out a strangled gasp and my pelvis shuddered slightly.

I felt blood running down my poor pussy, and stared in horror at the xeno. I could see my lovely sexual parts turning to mush in its mouth as it chewed, lacking any lips to hide the desecration of my beloved sex. I was experiencing more pain than I had ever thought possible, but worse was the reality that my femininity had just been stolen from me. My precious clitoris and labia, gone! The xeno swallowed its mouthful and I let out a pained gurgle as it took another bite of my pussy lips. It had decided its prey wasn't going anywhere and was taking its time to enjoy making a meal out of my genitals.

It swallowed the last of my inner lips and pushed its mouth into my pussy again, biting deep into my outer labia this time and tearing a huge chunk of soft pussy meat out of my crotch as it yanked its head back. Tears were running down my cheeks now. My lovely pussy was gone, leaving only a bloody crater of ripped flesh.

It went for another bite, and this time it latched on to the ragged end of my vagina and pulled. I felt sick as I saw the cylindrical tube of flesh start to slide out of the bloody hole between my legs. The xeno began to alternate between tugging the organ out of my body inch by inch and chewing it, and to my dismay I could feel every painful bite it took as it devoured more and more of my vagina.

After what seemed like an eternity, it reached the back end of my birth canal. My entire vagina was gone too, now, nourishment for this beastly alien! It wasn't done yet though, as it continued to pull on the meat caught in its jaws. Suddenly I felt the most surreal sensation… a tugging, nauseating movement inside my abdomen. Despite my paralysis, my eyes widened as I saw what could only be my uterus starting to come out of my body. The xeno put its legs on my thighs and used them for leverage and I felt a tearing sensation as it pulled out my entire womb, trailing a pair of ovaries.

I felt dizzy as I watched it happily dig into the pile of my womanhood. It wolfed down the slick crimson flesh, its tongue gliding over its teeth as it finished to mop up every last bit of me. Then, without further ado it turned around and started to shuffle off. It was done, its hunger sated by my reproductive system. My leg twitched as I lay there in disbelief at what had just happened to me. The paralytic was starting to wear off.

Eventually I managed to regain enough motor control to crawl back to my powered suit, leaving a trail of blood behind me. I hadn't lost a fatal amount; for some reason the xeno's evolution had given it's saliva coagulent properties. Amazingly I hadn't gone into shock either, despite just having some major body parts eaten off me. I ached as I climbed into the suit, wincing as the ruined hole between my legs brushed against the seat. My abdomen felt so empty with those organs missing. I went straight for the medical kit, injecting myself with a large amount of field-med painkillers before spraying my nether regions with medical gel.

On the way back I radioed ahead to let the colony know I needed medical attention. When I told them what had attacked me they knew what my situation was without me describing exactly what had happened. Those creatures had a reputation after all. The colony would send out a hunting party to catch the xeno, but I knew I wouldn't be a part of it. I needed to get my wounds sewn up.

As it turned out, being attacked by the xeno was a mixed blessing. Now that I was unable to bear children for the greater good, my request for a transfer was approved. I was reassigned to the main city on this planet. The library here is fantastic, I can spend my time doing what I was always meant to, caring for the wealth of knowledge we'd built up over the centuries. My sex life is mostly nonexistant, of course, but there was one time I went to a bar as an experiment. The guy I took home was pretty shocked when he saw my smooth, featureless groin, but he was pretty happy to fuck me in the mouth and ass. It felt good, but I didn't really get aroused by it, so I've given up on that.

Honestly though, I couldn't be happier. My life has turned out great.


This is all what I have by Dante.


Looking for a story written in the first person, from the prospective of an Amazon that encounters a boy with a strange black sword. She underestimates him, gets mortally wounded and fucked by him before she dies.


There used to be a story on an older gurochan about a teacher choosing a pair of students and cutting them open in front of everyone, including the head teacher. The teacher herself and a male teacher were also nude and to be cut open. It was called something like 'practical demonstration', I think. Everyone in it was enthusiastic and aroused. It ended with the female teacher cutting her stomach open with no pain meds… I wish I could remember more.


Practical Instruction by Anon [2012]

"Alright everyone, enough talk! We need to get started."

Despite the excitement in the room, the pre-class chatter died off almost instantly and 32 bright young faces swivelled towards Miss Tomoko. The boys and girls of Class 7 had been anticipating this day for months and now that it was here they weren't planning on missing a moment.

Miss Tomoko felt a shiver run down her spine and she quickly adjusted the pencil that was holding up her dark, ash brown hair and tweaked her dark rimmed glasses in the hopes it would hide her nervousness from her class. Although she hated to admit it, she'd been anticipating today almost as much as her class had been. 23 might have seemed a little young to retire but the payout would be excellent and her sister could really do with the cash for her new restaurant. Besides, there was worse ways to have your job terminated…and with Jim… Tomoko shivered again.

"Ok class", Tomoko began, "Now I know everyone's excited about today and we'll get started as soon as Mr. Porter and Ms. Klaassen makes it here but first I need to set some ground rules." She paused momentarily, ensuring she had every child's full attention and continued.

"Rule 1. You must pay close attention during the demonstrations today. You'll have plenty of time afterwards to try out what you've learnt but I really need you all to stay focussed when we're up here at the front as we won't be able to repeat things."

"Rule 2. Don't be afraid to ask questions at any time. We've lots of time so if you want to ask something raise your hand. If you think of a question later, Ms. Klaassen should be able to answer them for you." She saw a the eyes of a couple of the boys light up and had to stifle a smerk when she momentarily pictured what they'd be asking Tatiana Klaassen to help them with in about an hour.

"And finally, rule 3. Relax!" A few grins began to show in front of her. "Today's class can be pretty intimidating but it is also a lot of fun. Relax and make the most of it. Everyone will enjoy it all the more."

A knock on the door was followed by the entrance of Jim Porter and Tatiana Klaassen. Mr. Porter was the school science teacher these days but he took gym as well until last year. 38, a handsome face, always a smile, a wisp of grey at the temples and that slight outline of muscle under his polo shirt. Jim had caught the eyes of Tomoko when she first started here and she'd noticed he caught the eyes of a lot of female staff. And almost all of the female students.

Ms. Klaassen looked immaculate as always. Shoulder length red hair in the slightest of bob cuts, a tight white blouse with faint pinstripes served to at once highlight and demurely hide a bust that Tomoko would sometimes have given anything to possess and a dark grey wool pencil skirt outlined the rest of her curves. Tomoko thought she was in her early 30s but she didn't really know, sometimes Tatiana could play the stern elder lady of the school, sometimes she showed a playful streak that would have made her seem more at home in a uniform. She flashed Tomoko a cheeky grin for just a moment.

"And here's my help, right on time!" Tomoko clapped the exclamation, almost jumping for joy. No turning back now she thought.

Mr. Porter perched himself on one of the steel tables at the front of the class and Ms. Klaassen made her way to a spare desk right up the back of the class.

Tomoko turned, nodded at Jim and wrote one word in large letters on the blackboard, Anatomy. Tomoko squeezed her eyes shut tight, drew a somewhat ragged breath and held it for a moment. "Showtime" she thought.

"Children, Ji–Mr. Porter and I will be the adult models for today's class but -" she smiled as the suspicions of her class hit home bringing smiles and even the odd look of lust. Cindy in the front row had been staring at Mr. Porter since he walked in and Tomoko saw her squeeze her thighs together and ever so slightly tremble. "- but we also need two volunteers from the class. Everyone was given permission forms to take home and sign and I've made my choices."

There was a momentary murmor before Tomoko said "Bill. Could you come up front please." A quiet young man in the third row promptly went beet red.

Bill was always a quiet kid but he worked hard and had endeared himself somewhat to Tomoko. Normally that would have meant she wouldn't have singled him out to be pulled up in front of class to be poked and prodded but when she read the plee to be chosen he'd written on the back of his permission form she could hardly say no. Getting towards 5'8" already, lean and cute he'd make a good subject.

He was still staring at the floor as he shuffled past Tomoko. She subtly grabbed his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze and was rewarded with a sheepish smile.

"And as the other subject, I've chosen Kirsten."

The reaction couldn't have been more different. Kirsten, a stunning, sharp featured and athletic young brunette who was just beginning to bloom into a seriously gorgeous young woman, stared Tomoko straight in the eyes, mouth open…and came. Hard. The ten fingers and white knuckles digging into her desk couldn't stop a couple of pens clattering to the floor and the class erupted in giggles.

"Hey!" Tomoko snapped "We're all excited here and I'm sure a few more of you will be doing that later." The class fell silent and Kirsten made her way to the front with a wet patch visible clear through her plaid skirt. Jenny, Kirsten's best friend ran a finger through the pool of liquid left on her classmate's seat and quietly sucked it clean.

"To begin, all of us subjects will be stripping so you can get a close look at us. Everyone scoot up as close to the front as possible, make sure you've got a clear view and get ready to take some notes."

With that Tomoko pulled the pencil out her hair, shook it out slightly and unzipped her skirt and shuffled it over hips. Before she could even bring her hands up to her blouse she could feel the warmth of the class as they all crowded to the front. After unbuttoning that she folded the blouse and skirt carefully on a chair, reached behind her back and, with just a touch of theatre, slowly let a bra fall away. She may not have had the biggest tits but she was fiercly proud of the two firm, upturned handfuls and the little, rapidly hardening, nipples that could cut glass in the heat of passion. She looked up to see every eye in the room fixed on her and blushed. Even Ms. Klaassen was transfixed from her vantage point at the back of the class and Tomoko noticed she had hitched her skirt up and was already massaging an impossibly pink little pussy whilst the classes attention was elsewhere. Panties, it would seem, didn't factor greatly into Tatiana's dresscode.

Finally Tomoko looked down and began to slide her own panties down of her hips revealing her pussy and it's little trimmed tuft of soft brown fur. She was grateful that they had remained dry. She was excited as hell but she also desperately wanted to show the class how a pussy responded to stimulation. She momentarily thought about her heels and stockings but decided to leave them figuring she was neither particularly tall nor would a pair of thigh high stockings interfere with anything planned for the class.

The sound of a couple of zippers made Tomoko's head jerk up and she glared at a couple of boys who had already pulled out their cocks and were stroking away gently. Mark had even enlisted the aid of Isobelle who's delicate little fingers where wrapped around the base of his prick.

"That's allowed" Tomoko growled "but make sure you don't lose your heads just yet. I need you all to pay attention."

Turning her attentions to Mr. Porter she noticed he'd already slipped his polo top over his head and she thought she'd grab the opportunity to help with his pants.

As she slipped her fingers under his belt Tomoko whispered "All good?"

"No problem, Tommi." came the reply as Jim dropped a hand onto her hip. "Looking forward to it."

The belt unfastened and Tomoko knelt as she slid Mr. Porter's jeans and boxers down as one, admiring the firm, lightly tanned chest and stomach inches away from her face as she went. As the pants dropped further Tomoko nearly squealed as Jim's cock was revealed inch by inch. Nearly 6 inches and he was still completely soft. This boded well for…well a couple of things really.

Jim stepped out of his pants as Tomoko stood up and, noticing that both Bill and Kirsten were still standing fully clothed and staring at the two teachers, she plonked her hands on her hips firmly knowing it would give her tits a nice jiggle and pursed her lips slightly.

"Now that will never do…" she jokingly corrected her two volunteers. "Jim, you help Kirsten. I'll do Bill."

Striding over to Bill she grabbed his shirt and noticed the poor kid was visibly trembling.

"You still want this don't you?" She asked.

A nod.

"Then try to relax, we'll go nice and slow."

Another nod.

Unbuttoning his shirt she quickly drapped it over a nearby chair and dropped to one knee to undo his pants. She noticed a tiny damp spot on the front of the fly and no sooner than she had undone the button and zip Tomoko found herself nearly slapped in the face by Bill's glistening, throbbing cock and a sack already drawn up close and twitching. At nearly 6.5" it was incredibly impressive for a boy so young and so hard that even though he was uncut, the foreskin was pulled back and almost taught. A bead of precum glistened on its head.

"I'm going to need to take care of that…" thought Tomoko.

Meanwhile a kneeling Mr. Porter had been helping Kirsten out of her blouse and he reached behind her to undo her bra. Leaning back he revealed a pert little pair of A cups with nipples the colour of cotton candy and an impossibly thin little waist.

Nervously, Kirsten rested a hand on Mr. Porter as he unzipped her blue plaid school skirt and let her step out of the damp garment. He smiled as he saw the state of Kirsten's panties and looked up at her reassuringly. She was soaked, her white cotton panties almost translucent and glued to her lips and a few trickles making their way a couple of inches down the inside of the girls milk white thighs. He ran a thumb over the front of them and Kirsten, who'd been passive until now, almost leapt out of her skin as a new stream emerged from under the left seam of her panties.

"Sir…" she half hissed, half moaned.

"Let's get you out of these." replied Jim and begun to tug the panties down. The gusset remained stuck firmly in place until the last possible moment until it peeled away revealing a perfect little innie, slick with Kirsten's excitement and trailing a few shimmering strands of it, and crowned by a tiny little triangle of the very faintest peach fuzz.

Tomoko glanced over and seeing the condition of Kirsten was as desperate as her own charge she figured they could add an extra activity.

"Kirsten. Bill. Hop up on the big desk here and we'll begin with a demonstration of human arousal and oral sex. Bill lie back on the desk and Kirsten, straddle him so you can suck his cock and Bill can lick your pussy."

"Class, as for Mr. Porter and I, we'll be demonstrating what happens as a person becomes aroused. Bill and Kirsten here are obviously already very excited so I'll need you to pay attention to two things at once."

Tomoko took a seat on one of the steel tables and spread her legs, Mr. Porter sat on the other and Bill and Kirsten were on the big wooden desk up front positively shivering with anticipation. The lab mirrors gave everyone a clear view of everything that was about to happen. Tomoko felt herself beginning to ooze.


"Ready!" the class chimed. Mr. Porter nodded, still soft. His self control was admirable. Tatiana on the otherhand looked to be well on the way to her first orgasm of the day and squeezing one huge tit through her blouse, still completely undetected by Tomoko's transfixed class.

"Ok Kirsten and Bill. Do you two need any help?"

"No." Bill managed to gulp staring at the exquisite pussy Kirsten was presenting to him as she knelt over his face, back arched. Kirsten merely shook her head.

"Well, take it away." said Tomoko and immediately saw Mr. Porter's cock twitch in the corner of her vision.

Kirsten squatted down dropping her pussy on to Bill's open mouth and leaned forward to kiss the tip of his cock. Instantaneously she was rewarded with a fountain of cum as Bill's pent up urgency finally found its escape. Jerking back surprised she rasped her clit over Bill's tongue and joined him in ecstasy, flooding his mouth while rope after rope of his cum found a home on her little tits, her shoulders, a few even finding her face, mouth and hair.

"Well that was inevitable." murmured Tomoko before addressing the class.

"Well, that was a good example of a male and female orgasm. Note the force with which Bill's cum was ejaculated and the amount of fluid Kirsten produced. This is quite normal for two young, fit people who've been waiting on release for a while."

Tomoko reached down and dug two fingers between the lips of her own pussy and spread them for the class to see her own arousal.

"As you can see, this display is making us teachers quite turned on as well. My vagina is lubricating itself quite nicely and you'll notice that it's starting to flush a darker red colour. Mr. Porter is also getting quite har-" Tomoko gasped as she looked across at Jim and the 8" cock that pointed skyward from between his legs.

"Err…Mr. Porter is getting quite hard as well. Notice how his cock is getting thicker as well as longer?" Tomoko though it must have been as thick as her wrist by now.

"Don't stop!" groaned a desperate and still rockhard Bill and Kirsten quickly came to her senses, lent forward and began to slobber and suck on the head of Bill's cock as she ground her pussy into his frantic tongue.

Tomoko could smell Kirsten's pussy from where she sat and the stimulus made her gush a little. The boys who had their cocks out were now stroking faster and several of the girls had begun rocking themselves against the edges of chairs with a few of the more daring rubbing themselves through their panties. Isobelle on the other hand was pounding Mark's cock at a furious pace and he had reached a hand behind her as they stood and was clearly fingering her, the occasional telltale buckle of Isobelle's knees really giving the game away. At the back of the room, Tatiana, her legs now spread wide with her feet on nearby desks, pinched her clit and threw her head back in a silent orgasm. Tomoko felt herself gush again.

"Ahhh…like that Bill!" Kirsten gasped before diving down again on Bill's knob, one hand pulling his foreskin and balls back tight, the other flying up and down the bottom few inches of shaft in a blur.

"Yef…YEEEEEEFFF!" she mumbled around the cock as she began to shudder in another orgasm, Bill trying desperately not to be drowned as he suckled on her pussy.

"See how Bill's balls are becoming tight class? This mean he's about to cum." commented Tomoko and right on cue Bill groaned into Kirsten's cunt and unloaded into her mouth. Two of the masturbating boys and several of the girls joined the pair on stage. Isobelle finally buckled completely, falling back against Mark and screaming into the side of his neck as she came, a few telltale drops spattering on the floor between her legs. Mark meanwhile turned the chin of a young blonde called Jessica who'd been sitting in front of him open mouthed and slightly shellshocked at the scene up front. As soon as she was facing him Mark came, jets of cum hitting her in the eye and nose before the rest found its way to her mouth and chin. Tomoko would have chided Mark had it not been for the immediate reaction of Jessica to start swallowing his cum before slamming Mark's cock down her throat for the final few spurts.

Up on the desk, Kirsten continued to slowly stroke Bill's shaft for a few seconds before sitting back, a lazy smile on her face, and swallowed Bill's cum before wiping a few stray drops from the corners of her mouth.

"Mmmm…" she lazily exclaimed as Bill, finally, wilted.

"This might be a good time to begin the next part of the class." said Tomoko.

"We'll move onto the dissection now class. From here on out, we can't repeat anything so gather around and watch closely. I will be doing the dissection so that means Bill and Kirsten will go first, followed by Mr. Porter and finally I'll do myself. Then we can move onto sex-ed!"

Tomoko was amazed how excited she was by all this. She could hardly wait to begin cutting into these two kids and the delicious body of Jim but then she'd get to finally cut into herself. She'd rubbed herself raw thinking about that moment for months and it was almost here. Suddenly light-headed, Tomoko stood up on very rubbery knees and directed Bill to lay down on the steel table next to her as a trickle of her own juices rolled down her thigh.

A slightly flushed Ms. Klaassen emerged next to Tomoko with a bag containing the necessary tools and some syringes of vital drugs.

"Now we're not interested in pain response for this class, we covered that when we flayed Chrissie last term, so I'll be injecting us all with a pain blocker. It lets us still feel what's happening, only the brain doesn't interpret it as pain."

With that she carefully slid the needle into Bill's arm, emptied it's contents and turned to pick up a scalpel. As she turned back she was greeted by Bill's cock standing erect yet again and scowled at the boy.

"Sorry, Miss. It's just…well the view from here is great."

Bill did indeed have an excellent view of his favourite teachers firm tits and soft bush as she stood over him with the knife.

"Careful." she warned. "I'm armed." she added with a wink. "Shall we start?"

"Yes Miss."

"Ok class, watch carefully. I'll make a quick little incision just below the sternum here to check that the drug worked."

The blade of the scalpel sunk in to Bill's chest and as she drew it down, an inch of deep red followed it. Bill didn't even flinch. Well, to be more accurate, nothing except his cock flinched.

"Looks like it's working." Tomoko observed dryly.

Working quickly now, Tomoko drew the knife down until about an inch from the child's pelvis and began to make a Y incision just above the tops of his hips. She noted there was very little blood, a side effect of the pain blockers, and set the scalpel down.

"Ok class, I'm going to open up Bill's stomach now and remove everything that's unrelated to sexual function or necessary for life."

She reached her fingers into the vertical slit and peeled Bill's flesh back in two big flaps. A few gasps and a quick scan of the room revealed her class was watching every move and she quickly began to remove Bill's organ's one by one, noting each as she proceeded.

Within minutes Bill's lower abdomen was largely empty, save for a prostate and deferens and a few essential blood vessels. Tomoko noted that the Bill's cock, still hard and now leaking precum again, meant she'd missed all the important nerves as well.

"Ok, that's Bill done. I'll now point out the various organs."

After instructing the class on what went where she looked at a pleading Bill and smiled.

"I'll move onto Kirsten now, could someone quickly take care of Bill for me?"

"Me, Miss!"

Eleanor, curly brown hair bobbing like springs practically elbowed her way to the front and began to climb up onto the table.

"Well…ok" said Tomoko "but make sure you watch we're doing on the other table El. And don't wear him out, he's got another demonstration to do in a few minutes."

Eleanor nodded, straddled Bill, flipped her skirt up, hoiked her panties to one side and plunged herself down on Bill's cock until she hit bottom and came almost immediately. Coming down from her orgasm, she leant forward, took the his hands and kissed the evicerated boy deeply before sitting back, her uniform bloodied, to begin slowly riding the boy to his own orgasm whilst working one of his fingers in and out of her tight little asshole.


"Ready Kirsten?" asked Tomoko as she gently stroked the girls hip. The obvious puddle the girl was sitting in suggested this was unnecessary to ask but Tomoko wanted to make sure.

Kirsten bit her lip and nodded. "Yes Miss, but can I ask a favour?"

"What would you like Kirsten?"

"Could I…Miss, I want…"

Kirsten looked down and her cheeks began to glow.

"I want to lick your pussy while you cut me Miss. I want to make you cum as you take me apart. I think it'll make me cum too…"

Before Tomoko could catch herself, she leant in and kissed Kirsten firmly. She'd never really been attracted to girls but the kid's earnesty caught her completely off guard.

"I could probably get fired for this" she thought "not that it will matter soon…"

Breaking the kiss, Tomoko beamed. "Of course, Kirsten. I'll just need to be careful."

"Can I help?" asked Ms. Klaassen.

"No thanks, I think I can handle it. Thanks…"

Tatiana sat next to one of the boys who'd been very obediently watching the demonstration despite an huge bulge in his pants and gently guided his hand to her crotch. The boy's surprise at his fingers finding wet, hot naked pussy waiting was only beaten by Ms. Klaassen unzipping the boys pants, extracting his prick and beginning to massage it.

"Sit back Kirsten and we'll get started."

Tomoko gently pushed the girl flat on the steel table before hoisting herself on top, straddling the young girl's face.

"I'll start the same way, with the injection."

Tomoko took the needle but instead of inserting it into a vein in Kirsten's arm she leant forward and slowly slid it into one right next to the girl's almost hairless pussy. Kirsten cooing under her, Tomoko felt the girl's hands grab her hips and pull gently down. The teacher obliged, lowering her cunt into the girl's reach and just as Kirsten found her teacher's clit, Tomoko pushed her thumb onto the syringe's plunger.

"Now - ah! - the incisions…" she paused to look up and saw again the class was paying attention. Commendable. Even Eleanor was paying attention as she rode Bill, clawing at his chest. Bill on the other hand was transfixed at the sight of his cock disappearing into and emerging from Eleanor's cunt above the open, red cavern that was his tummy. By now he had two fingers lodged in his partner's ass and looked to be working on a third.

"Oh well" thought Miss Tomoko, "it's not like he's going to be around to be tested on any of this."

Tomoko cut quickly. As she dug her fingers into Kirsten's tummy, the girl's back arched and she came again, a stream of her cum pattering on the steel table and dripping onto the floor. As Kirsten came, she accidently bit down on Tomoko's delicate lips and the sudden pain sent her over the edge into a mindblowing orgasm.

Tomoko came around and saw blood. Quite a bit of it. In her ecstasy she'd torn at Kirsten's flesh and ripped the flaps of skin back before flopping forward into her student's vicera. A quick check confirmed no real damage had been done and the frantic mouth work and squirming hips of Kirsten meant she was going strong.

Looking up she saw the class agasp, enthralled and insanely turned on. Every boy and girl in the class now had a hand on their, or a neighbour's, sex. Tatiana was almost fisting herself with one hand whilst she worked the fresh cum into the still hard cock of the boy sat next to her, now collapsed into Ms. Klaassen's shoulder. Eleanor, now with three fingers buried in her ass to the knuckles, was coming down from an enormous orgasm and Bill, sporting fresh fingernail scratches on his left pec, had obviously emptied a massive load that was now pooling around the opening of his partner's clasping cunt. Even poor Mr. Porter had finally broken down and was openly stroking his huge cock.

"Sorry everyone, must have gotten carried away." Tomoko jabbed a knee into Kirsten's side and added "Thanks kiddo but go a bit easier now. Eleanor, thank you for taking care of Bill. That will be fine for now."

Eleanor slid off the table and took a seat up front, cum oozing from her pussy, as Tomoko resumed the dissection. Kirsten's organs began filling a steel tray.

"I'll now make an incision in Kirsten's uterus so we can see inside during the next phase of the class." As Tomoko slid two fingers into the subject's pussy she said "You'll probably enjoy this, make sure I do too" and began grinding her hips against the kids face.

"Note how you can see roughly where my fingers are through Kirsten's vaginal wall" Tomoko commented as she slid the fingers up the cervix to stabilise the cut. Kirsten began to buck slightly and Tomoko masterfully made a quick opening in the face of the child's uterus just before she began cumming properly.

"Note - Ah! - The juices flowing up into the uter-AAAHHH!" Tomoko figured the students got the point and allowed herself to join Kirsten.

Mr. Porter helped a very flushed Tomoko off the table and towelled the worst of the blood of her tits and stomach.

"My turn now." he grinned, giving the very top of her pussy the slightest rub with the towel.

"Class, we'll do Mr. Porter and I standing up as we haven't got any more tables."

Mr. Porter leant himself against the wooden desk and braced himself with his arms. His cock stood out a proud 9" and Tomoko pointed out to the class how it bounced slightly with his pulse.

Taking the knife she slid in close to Mr. Porter and whispered…

"Ready Jim? Any requests?"

"Surprise me." he said and chanced a quick peck on Tomoko's cheek.

Tomoko took the syringe and injected its contents into Mr. Porter's arm before quickly grabbing the scalpel. Her back to her class she grinned wickedly at Jim and in one quick cut sliced him from sternum to pubic bone…before the drug had time to work.

It drew exactly the response she hoped, a moan of ecstasy escaped Mr. Porter and his cock leapt at the pain. Dropping to her knees in front of him, Tomoko dug her fingers hard into the cut, slurped the head of his cock into her mouth and pulled. Hard.

With a wet tearing noise Jim's flesh peeled back and his intestines began to fall forward over his cock and Tomoko's breasts. Her eyes went wide as the head of his cock seemed to double in size and she quickly found herself struggling to breathe for the amount of thick cum that had filled her mouth. She pulled her head back and caught spurt after spurt of it on her face, it dribbling down on to her bloody chest and dropping from her perky tits onto the pile of intestines and gore that filled her lap. The sight was incredible and she squeezed her eyes shut, letting it burn into her brain, and came feeling the different sticky messes Jim had made on her face, her tits, in her lap and adding her own as her pussy squirted all over the upturned soles of her feet.

She stood and was able to empty Mr. Porter of anything not needed for today's class before the man was fully aware of his surroundings. Finally he turned and looked at the gore soaked teacher who'd looked so innocent at the start of class.

"Wow…" is all he could manage.

"Wow yourself." thought Tomoko as she noted his still hard cock. "Only me to do now…"

Tomoko reluctantly turned on the sink in the corner of the class room and quickly washed the blood and cum off her. She'd have loved to have left it but it would have made it hard to see where she was cutting. This was going to be hard enough she felt. Her hands were already shaking.

"Ok class, any questions before we go on? I may not be much help from here on but Ms. Klaassen will be taking charge if need be."

She scanned the class, no one raised a hand. But she was pleased to see a good number of notepads with hastily scribbled annotations. Ok…so some had trailed off as the writer came or been smudged by a little semen here and there but overall her last class was doing great. She smiled as a little pride welled inside her.

Hopping up on the opposite end of the bench where Mr. Porter was now slumped in a post-orgasmic daze, Tomoko reached for the syringe of pain blocker and then though against it.

She liked being hurt. Well, she thought she did anyway. She'd cum many a time from sticking pins into her nipples or digging at her clit with the point of a knife. And she remembered little Chrissie who'd practically danced out of her skin when that last orgasm hit her last term…

"Tat…" started Miss Tomoko "if I can't cope, hit me with the drug." Ms. Klaassen smiled knowingly and nodded.

Hands shaking Tomoko picked up the scalpel, signalled for the classes attention and cut.

Her vision went white and Tomoko shrieked, her fingers gouging into the benchtop as her other hand worked the knife.

"CU-CUMMING!" escaped her mouth as she hit the bottom of her incision and started to her left. Somewhere the back of her mind she was aware that Ms Klaassen and several of the girls in the class came along for the ride and she felt a second building fast.

Shifting the scalpel to begin the right incision, she shoved four fingers into her sopping cunt and gouged at that little spot she knew so well with her fingernails. Dragging the knife across the base of her tummy she began to shake uncontrollably as she came.

"Oh god. Miss…" shouted one of the girls as her panties suddenly filled themselves with ooze.

Unknown to Tomoko her shuddering was forcing her intestines out. First a few inches, then a loop a foot or so long, then a cascade that dropped wetly to the floor and began to pool around the teacher's feet.

Ms. Klaassen sat in awe, grinding her knuckles into the underside of cunt. She'd never seen anything like this. She'd supervised this subject every year for nearly a decade and never was it like this. As Ms. Klaassen came she was dimly aware of one of the boys spraying her blouse and left cheek with cum. Normally she'd care. Today she didn't. Not now anyway.

After what felt like an eternity to her, Tomoko blinked her eyes open and surveyed the carnage she'd inflicted on herself. Her intestines were at her feet. Her last cut ended in a ragged lightning bolt of white across her hip bone.

"As you can see class, some women respond very well to pain." Tomoko croaked with a wry little smirk on her face.

"Tommi, that was amazing. You ok?"

"Yes thanks Tatiana. That was incredible…"

With that Tomoko reached inside her ruined tummy and began to slice through the blood vessels and connective tissue that held bits of her together. Bits she wouldn't be needing any more.

"I won't be needing any of it long." she thought as she finished up with a matching incision to the one in Kirsten's uterus "But I'll be needing these for just a little while yet."

Her gaze met Jim Porter's and holding onto it like it was life itself she snarled "Now class, Sex Education."


I was searching with an "Arya" tag from GoT, and stumbled across this excerpt. But sadly I can't find the full version here because apparently that thread wasn't transferred to the new server.

Does anybody happen to have it? From what I looked up on webarchive, it was posted around the 7th of feb 2018 and was called "Red Wedding"

"Second part

The delirious mists settled over her mind like a dark veil. It was a horribly pitiful state of mind, Arya completely bereft of any control and agency over her senses as she swam through the gloomy darkness of hazy unconsciousness, utterly at the mercy of that Frey soldier. And yet…she'd rather be trapped in bottomless pits of darkness than to directly feel the fear and agony of his beating.

Still his fists were raining down on her occasionally, finding her flat chest or smooth belly or grimy face. Distantly she could feel them battering her, knocking her left and right and deeper into the mud beneath her frame, yet thankfully her heavy unconsciousness dulled most of the actual pain.

At least until that penetration.

Arya had never noticed his struggles at finding her entrance, at his cock probing against her exposed girlhood or fingers trying to spead her open for him. She never heard his hoot at seeing her bare, hareless slit, barely more than a thin, rosy straight line between her legs, so pure and innocent compared to his own throbbing erection, his tool spotted with flecks of wildly sprouting dark hair around his balls and groin.

But gods, did she feel the penetration. That hazy delirium in her head may have been enough to block out the pain of the beating, perhaps some sort of instinctive self-protection mechanism kicking in to shield her against the ruthless nature of his savage treatment. Yet it all crumbled in the face of tiny cunt being spearheaded open. In time he had found her hole, started to slowly drive into her. And the moment his cock had finally found some sort of grip on her entrance, all that remained was the sheer strength to force it inside.

A savage tearing sensation drove through her core, knocking Arya straight out of her daze. She gasped like a drowned woman, her voice thin and strained as her torso involuntarily bucked up, her head rising to see the horror of the man kneeling before her, of her tight cunt lips obscenely spreading around his erection.

The pain was blinding. She had to stop it, she had to resist! If somebody attacked you, you had to defend yourself, that was obvious!!

Pushing through the agony in her face and between her legs, Arya violently lashed out. Her countless hours of waterdancing training had made her athletic and flexible. Once she had been just a scrawny stick of a girl, but now her body had grown m"


Looking for an MLP story called applebloom donates her limbs and other parts

Thanks in advance


Moving thread here:

A gothic chick goes to an all female asian massage parlor, gets butchered and cooked at a conveniently adjacent asian restaurant. Narrated from the victim's POV. I think it was on the old site before the site was lost.


Does anyone have queenslayer saved?


Somehow it seems I only have the old version, but here it goes:


To elaborate: Andlex rewrote the ending afterwards, but I didn't save it to txt because I was waiting for a pdf, and then I don't remember for sure either Andlex never posted one or I forgot to keep track of it…


Looking for another stories. It's about a guy who gets this weird packet that when combined with green jello it turns into a slime girl. In one of the later chapters, his girlfriend shows up and joins in.


Here's hoping you get this before it expires.


There was one I used to love called, I think, "The Crucifixion of Eleanor" about a young girl with a fetish for crucifixion who gets her wish!


>Crucifixion of Eleanor
Maybe this, from 2012 by Anon:

Sweet young Helena stood twirling her small tunic beside the edge of the road, peering up against the sun and gazing with rapt attention. Looming over her- a forest of crosses, each supporting its helpless naked victim, heaving and gasping in the heat. Crucifixion looked like so much work, an endless and futile struggle to remain alive while slowly suffocating above the pedestrians.

Sweat poured off the little boy nearest to Helena. His ribs pumped over his thin belly and he wiggled his way up the cross, gasping and struggling before gravity pulled his slender, feminine body back down. His small erection bounced with his movements, the cross demanded so much effort from him and he kept working, squirming his graceful form up and down, up and down.

Later Helena wandered among the crosses, gazing upon the helpless and struggling victims, all naked and all unable to rest until the cross inevitably finished its slow, suffocating work. Pretty girls her age wiggled and flexed their thin, pubescent bodies, nailed firmly to the wood and helpless to free themselves from the excruciating effort of breathing.

Helena's stiff, dark nipples tented her small garment and she shuddered with a strange and guilty thrill at their helplessness, and their slowly deepening misery. Knots throbbed in her nervous belly and wetness gathered between her soft young thighs, smooth and slender in her blooming youth. She moaned quietly and masturbated beneath the shade of a teenage girl's cross nearby.

Reaching the end, she knocked upon the executioner's heavy, towering door and stood patiently in the meager shade of the roof. Heat rippled along the horizon and she gulped with dread. Moaning boys and girls surrounded her, the door opened and a single guard ushered her inside.

"Hello?" she squeaked submissively, twirling her butt-length tunic again.

"Come in child," a voice called from the end of the columned hall.

"Sir? I'd like to be added to the forest."

"I am confused, who sent you here?"

"Myself sir, I want to go up there."

Eventually they met an understanding and the head of executions led her along the path. Helpless, exhausted victims moaned and heaved and their naked bodies thrilled Helena to the core of her slender body. They found an empty spot with a hole for the base of her cross, and the head of executions stopped his young guest with a hand to her thin, fluttering belly.

"I'm going to take your clothes off, so you can die naked and dishonored," he said.

She gulped and said "Yes sir," blushing a deep crimson. Soon the director would see her throbbing clitoris, and so would the rest of the town, including any friends and family passing along the road. She would now give up her freedom to join the doomed ranks of the naked condemned. No more dignity for poor Helena!

The executioner placed his hands on her slight shoulders and slid the straps of her tunic aside. The tiny garment fell off her thin body and her graceful, pubescent shape revealed itself. Her budding breasts pricked with perky excitement and she began to breathe heavily while the Executioner held her waist. "Pretty one, aren't you?"

"I suppose sir," she said softly.

"Let's get you up there with the rest ok?" He held her elf-like face in his hand and tilted her chin up to meet his gaze. She looked away but he said "Look at me" and she obeyed dutifully, lifting her chocolate eyes to meet his. He kissed her small mouth and she moaned with childish lust blooming on her face. "Good girl" he said, ruffling her hair and smiling.

She grinned bashfully while two guards held her nude body and spread her out on the horizontal cross, aligning her wrists and ankles where they'd soon be nailed into place. Helena looked at the hole where her cross would stand, and shuddered with dreadful excitement. The aroused little tween rubbed her smooth thighs together and whimpered quietly.

"You'll spend the rest of your short life nailed to this cross," the executioner said.

Helena moaned "Than