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Okay, so from time to time somebody would create a thread looking for an old story, asking to repost it. Sometimes here on /lit/, sometimes in /req/ which seems more right according to the rules, but I bet threads in /lit/ have more chances, I think I've even seen one or two in /dis/. So it ends up:
- All over the place and sinks quick.
- Each request takes a whole separate thread.
- When a story is reposted in a separate thread, it takes up one more thread.
- When a story is reposted in the same thread it was asked for, while it saves a thread, is makes it harder to notice judge it from the title which would still be saying 'looking for a story' instead of having its title and tags for it.

So, what I suggest is let's have a dedicated thread (this one) for repost requests like we have for ideas. It will:
- Keep it all in one place and it will preserve better, meaning someone with that story saved on their hard drive will be able to notice your request even after, say, half a year, and can still repost this story, and you won't need to ask for it again once in a while in case they haven't noticed it before it sunk.
- Take only one thread for all requests.
- When reposting a story, please repost it in a separate thread with proper title and tags, then give a link in this thread to the new thread.
- If a story is hosted elsewhere, you can also reply to this thread with a link to it.

Okay, so I'll start. There was a short story I've read here on gurochan some years back, I don't remember the title or the author, but it was about a brother and his older sister. They were going to enter some room where the sister said a bunch of man waited for them and the boy asked excitedly if the men would kill them, and IIRC the sister said "i dunno" and the boy said "would be nice if they did". Then they entered the room and the men started fucking them hard to their pleasure and in the end tore their heads off (maybe their limbs too?) and the heads were flying all over the room and they were totally happy.
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The Temple of Agony


The landing craft touched down in a wide bowl of porcelain, made from human bone and decorated with intricate dark red drawings in blood, depicting all manner of torture and atrocity. As the jets of the landing craft touched these drawings, they instantly ignited and burned away, leaving a pall of sickly sweet smoke. The ramp in the crafts belly opened after a minute, and the three passengers disembarked, and were lead by one of the senior brothers to a metal portal overlooking the bowl. As soon as the door had closed, the landing craft took off again, and another door opened. A brother emerged, followed by two robotic, walking frames to which were strapped a 10 year old boy and a 9 year old girl, each in an obvious state of distress. The brother walked out to the centre with the frames, then he opened his leather pouch of tools, containing a variety of paintbrushes and scalpels. He walked over to the girl, and made a shallow cut across her belly. She screamed as he dipped the paintbrush in it and began to paint a new design.
The visitors were led down a long, gently sloping corridor towards a reception area. Like every part of the temple, the walls were decorated with human remains: bones, leather and plasticized corpses, all artfully arranged, the agony of their deaths clearly written into their faces.
The reception room was a wide, circular chamber set all around with high gothic arched windows, filled with stained glass scenes depicting various methods of torture, killing, rape, mutilation and so forth. Men and women of all ages were shown being dismembered, whipped, sodomised, branded, dissected, drowned in filth or devoured alive by beasts or by brothers and sisters of the order of agony, whose natural teeth were extracted and replaced with razor sharp, unbreakable artificial fangs bolted directly into their gums.
The sister superior was obviously getting on in years, even with rejuvenation treatments. Her robe would have been pure white when she was a novice, but was now stained almost black by years of spilt blood, vomit, excrement and who knew what else. Her face looked almost kind, topped by short grey hair, if had not been for her rows of even, needle sharp teeth, and the fact that her eyes, as was the custom with her order, had been tattooed black. She wore no ornaments apart from a thin gold chain round her waist, to symbolise her rank, which gleamed even though it was crusted with dried blood in places. She was accompanied by two novices, their robes only lightly spattered, who carried her tools in rolls of human leather.
“Ah, Count, pleased to meet you.”
“The honour is mine, your holiness” Count Glacondo said, bowing as graciously as his ornate coat would allow. His two companions, his recorder and personal bodyguard, nodded their heads.
“I must say it is as a pleasure to have such a distinguished visitor. I am afraid to most of the ruling council what we do here is seen as a…’necessary evil’” she chuckled “Though all seem to appreciate the necessity of what we do here, few ever pay us a visit”.
“As you know, your holiness, what goes on here is not for most people. It takes a very special breed of person to do what you and your brethren do, and an equally special breed to ah” he licked his lips “enjoy it.”
The sister superior smiled “You are an admirer of the foul arts?”
“Oh indeed, since a young age. That is what has prompted this visit really, to tell you the truth. Otherwise our business might have easily been conducted over commlink.”
“And what is your business, if you don’t mind me asking?”
“Well, that is simple enough. We are taking decisive actions against the rebels in the northern spiral arm, and we want you to step up production”
The temple of agony was, in fact, the most potent weapon in the empires armoury. In deep space, most battles are fought via psychic warfare, by attacking and burning out the minds of others over vast distances, overwhelming them with fear, pain and despair. Unfortunately, most people, even the best trained psychic warriors, find themselves hard pressed to create images and sensations of sufficient power to reliably assault any enemy. In the early days, soldiers had been carefully selected for their perverse appetites, and had constantly consumed the most depraved pornographic material imaginable to prepare them for battle. However, even hardened as they were, many of them were damaged themselves by the indescribable filth they were constantly bombarded with, and grew more open to enemy attacks.
The breakthrough came with the perfection of the psychic transmitter and the psychic battery, which could store psychic impressions till they were ready to be used. The first experiments were done with enemy prisoners. By attaching a transmitter to a prisoner, and then threatening him, beating him, etc. And then routing this through a system of batteries and transmitters, you could create violent bursts of negative psychic energy that could be directed by a psychic warrior, without burning out their mind. Necessity provoked further, more extreme experiments. Mortal terror, rape, torture and unwilling death were all found to be extremely potent. But the supply of prisoners was not infinite, so a new source would be required.
The solution was the temple of agony. It stands alone on a remote, barren world. In its vast underground networks of cells, human beings, created from cloned stock, are bred in unimaginable filth and squalor. With psychic transmitters placed in collars round their neck, every agonising instance of their lives, as they are tortured, raped and ultimately killed in an infinite variety of ways, is collected and weaponised for the empires military forces. The quality of the pain and its variety being of utmost importance, the temple is also used to solve a social problem. It’s brothers and sisters are among the most depraved and perverted psychopathic killers and rapists from all over the empire. The temples existence is, of course, not known to the majority of people; they have no idea of the nature of the ‘prison planet’ their most hated criminals are sent to.
“How much?”
“We’re going to require at least a thousand more hours of real hardcore stuff every day. Nothing minor: we want some really nasty death agonies. It’s going to be a tough fight.”
“Hmn, that can be done. If we flood holding area 6 with offal, put a few batches into the pit…yes it should be easy enough. Consider it done.”
She clapped and one of her novices turned and exited the room, presumably to relay instructions.
“Now…” she grinned “Pleasure?”
“I shall give you the tour…”

The lobby was high and arched. It’s floor was apparently cobbled, but Glacondo had the strong suspicion that they were in fact the tops of hundreds, if not thousands of skulls. Along the wall were niches, maybe thirty to each side, filled with glass tanks. The room was filled with the sound of muffled banging and screaming.
“This room is quite a personal favourite of mine.” Said the sister superior. “As you can see, each of these tanks contains a single animal, normally in its late teens, but the tanks are large enough to accommodate any age. It is actually part of a series of identical rooms, each stacked one on top of the other. This is the second one down. Each of these tanks is connected via pipes to one above it. At the top, we feed in solid and liquid waste from the temples plumbing system. The piss and shit drains down, level by level, invariably being joined by that of the animals, not to mention their vomit, and blood as they skin their knuckles trying to break out of the armoured glass. Those at the bottom drown first of course, followed in turn by the ones on each level. It normally takes about a week for the whole system to fill up. During that time many of the animals resort to eating faeces or drinking urine, which is a common enough thing for them anyway. Once the system has filled, and all the animals expired by drowning in filth, we let it stand for a day, and then drain it off and start again. The smell of the corpses and the slurry is absolutely indescribable.”
“What do you do with the slurry afterwards”
“We use it as fertiliser, or feed it to the animals. Most can’t keep it down though.”
Glacondo moved closer to one of the tanks. Inside was a naked girl of about seventeen, with pale skin and grey, despair filled eyes. She was so caked in filth that it was impossible to tell the colour of her hair. Her skin was only visible around her eyes, were tears had washed some of it away, and around her cunt, which had clearly been cleaned by her own terrified pissing. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and clawing futilely at the glass. All her nails were broken and there were streaks of blood mixed in with the shit on the inside of the tank. Glacondo admired the way her shit-caked breasts jiggled, and the surprising pinkness of her cunt. He suddenly became aware that the sister superior, standing beside him, was quite clearly masturbating under her robe. He raised an eyebrow at her.
“Not your thing?” She enquired
“Well, it’s alright. I’ve never really been that much interested in plumbing. Foods more my thing. Could you show me the kitchen?”
“Why, of course” She smiled evilly.

“We often consume the flesh of our animals raw, of course, but variety is the spice of life, as they say”
The kitchen was a large stone room, filled with steam and activity. Apart from a few side dishes and stuffings, most of the food being prepared was, of course, people. Every cut and every method of preparation was on show, not to mention screaming victims being butchered right before the counts eyes. He walked over to one of the butchering areas, pausing as a brother stooped in front of him to open an oven. Inside was a youngish man, his skin bronzed beautifully from the oven, just beginning to crack. His cock had been secured in an erect position with a piece of wire around the base and pinned to his abdomen, and his swollen testicles appeared to have been stuffed, as had his stomach. A little of the stuffing leaked out around the butternut squash lodged in his anus.
Past this lay a butchering and preparation area. A slightly chubby girl of about sixteen, was screaming and strapped to a heavily notched table. Her guts, feet and one of her hands lay in a pair of buckets beside her. As they came up, a brother cut off the remaining hand with a single blow of his cleaver and tossed it in the bucket with the others.
“Why are the arms and legs fitted with tourniquets?”
“To prevent the animal from bleeding out too quickly. We try and cook as many animals alive as we possibly can, and to enhance the fear and agony further we use stimulant drugs to keep them as aware of the process as possible. The psychic transmitter collars are practically indestructible, and easily survive the rigours of cooking. This animal here is being prepared for roasting. Observe the extra fat. It gives meat a good flavour, especially the breasts, which melt as they are cooked and baste the animals ribs and heart from the inside. You really must try some.
“How long will this…animal take to cook?”
“Apart six hours sir” said the brother, who had just cauterised the girls wounds, and was now cutting apart her hands and feet whilst a heavily pierced sister who had just arrived with a bowl of stuffing began to ladle it into the gaping hole in her stomach.
“Well, I’m sure I can find enough here to keep me amused for six hours, shan’t I your holiness”
“Oh indeed”

“You may be interested in our guards, Count”
They stopped at a large metal door. The handle was intricately fashioned out of eight human phalluses; the sister superior had explained to him earlier that the moulds were obtained by casting the genitals of living humans in lead. Unfortunately, she had told him, they had plenty of spares, and so it would be unlikely that he could see the process being conducted, unless it especially interested him.
“Yes indeed. Although generally the temple is utterly escape proof, we sometimes allow some of the animals to think that they have found some loophole and to make it into the terrain outside the temple. Then, after we give them a few days to become dehydrated, we send the guards after them. That brief glimmer of hope makes their death agonies absolutely exquisite”
She opened the door, and led him and his retinue through into a large, circular chamber. The door opened on to what amounted to a wide gantry-way, surrounding a central pit. Striding over to the edge, which was protected with vicious arrays of blood-caked spikes, all pointing downwards, the Count could see that the pit contained the guards.
Whether the guards had originally been male or female could be told only by their genitals. The males had real penises, albeit studded with crude piercings, all of which ended in vicious looking hooks and barbs, turning their throbbing, permanent erections into lethal weapons. The females had equally lethal looking dildos, over a foot long, literally welded into their cunts. Both genders had breasts, of a sort; they had obviously been hacked off either their original owner or, in the case of the men, some other unfortunate, and then plasticised. They had then been artfully sculpted by the brethren and stapled viciously back on to the guards chests. Some resembled grotesque flowers, others had been carved into clusters of alien cocks, or screaming skulls, all carved out of petrified human flesh. The guards arms and legs had been removed, and replaced with cyborg appendages; the lower limbs were like the hind legs of a goat, with long sickle blades curving out the back of the ankle, and heavy, steel hooves. The arms ended in two fingered hands, with each finger and thumb ending in a two foot long, razor sharp talon. These limbs were bolted to a barbed steel spine that looped out their backs. Their heads were shaved, and each sported a tattoo of some demonic creature simultaneously raping and eating a screaming, gore-caked victim, cavorting over the guards misshapen, scarred skulls. Some had no ears, just gruesome lumps of scar tissue. Others had ears that were so full of heavy piercings that the flesh looked like cobwebs. Instead of eyes they had brass mechanisms crudely implanted into their flesh, with a single soulless black lens in the front. The flesh had been carved away from their mouths, revealing gaping maws filled with hundreds of needle-thin steel teeth, with springs and pistons bolted directly to the bone on either side, which the count guessed would allow their jaws to open unnaturally wide and close with the force of a guillotine blade.

“Very impressive”
“We select the candidates for the position of guard only from those animals which display the most selfless love and care for their fellow beings. The surgery, which is conducted without anaesthetic or sterilisation procedures, kills around 80% of the candidates, and generally drives the rest to the brink of complete insanity. What you can’t see is the brain implants. Whilst the guards continue to truly love and cherish their fellows, and wish no harm to anyone, except occasionally us brethren, the chips and electrodes we plant in their brains forces them to rape, mutilate and devour any animal they see, and to experience incredible sexual pleasure from these acts, which of course revolts them utterly. Their psychic impressions are among our finest work. Would you like to see them fed?”
“Oh, indeed I would”
The sister superior clicked her fingers and a brother I had not even seen before hurried forward from some alcove and bowed deeply in front of her.
“Feed the guards, would you?”
“At once, sister superior” He scurried off back into his alcove, and the count heard him back up some sort of communication device and begin whispering into it. There was a loud mechanical clank from inside the walls. The sister superior used her finger to direct the counts attention upwards. A hatch had opened in a ceiling, and a curious contraption was dropping through it.
It was an armoured glass box, with two holes in the bottom and one on either side. Inside it was a terrified looking woman of about thirty who the Count would have described as Indian in appearance, had he known his earth history. Her legs stuck out the two holes in the bottom of the box, and her arms out the two holes in the side. Slowly, and steadily, the box began to lower. The guards, who had been standing stock still up to this point, raised their heads as one. Their claws and cocks twitched suddenly. As the box rose lower, they began to circle, flicking their attention back between the other guards and the box. One, an enormous male who had more scar tissue than flesh, moved towards the centre.
“He’s the alpha” explained the sister superior. She glanced down and noticed the bulge in the front of the counts embroidered leather trousers. “Would you like an animal to service you?”
“Very generous of you, your holiness. A young boy perhaps?”
“Consider it done” The sister superior snapped her fingers, and before the box had dropped another six feet a sister holding a cattle prod had entered the room, driving before her a pretty, fair haired child of about nine, naked and unblemished except for the fact that he had no fingernails or teeth, and unnaturally large genitals for someone his age. The Count undid his fly, freeing his throbbing cock. The boy needed no instructions and without further ado had wrapped his soft, warm toothless mouth around the Counts prick and begun to perform expert fellatio on him.
“ugh, you train them well your holiness, I’ve had whores and royalty of both sexes and every age, right across this galaxy, willingly and unwillingly, and I can’t remember the time I felt a more skilful tongue”
“With the perfection of pain comes the perfection of pleasure, Count. Ah…almost there”
The count diverted his attention from the pretty young sex slave and back to the guard pit. The girls dangling legs, now running with bright streams of fresh urine, were nearly within reach of the guards. The big brute underneath her opened his mouth to drink her piss, and let out a ghastly, robotic screech. The count could see that his tongue, and presumably those of the other guards, had been removed and replaced with a segmented thing like a robotic snake, with a cruel arrowhead barb on its tip. Suddenly, it moved like lightning, both of its arms shooting upwards. A claw pierced each of the girls ankles and her screams took on an entirely new tone. Mechanical joints whined as the alpha guard pulled down with all his might. He was not stronger than the chains and pulleys though. For a brief moment he was lifted a few centimetres off the ground, before his considerable weight tore the girls ankle joints apart in a spray of blood. One foot was torn clean off. Two guards jumped for it at the same time, clawing at each other, inflicting ghastly wounds that neither seemed to notice, before they both had the foot in their teeth and tore it in two. The sounds of bones being splintered filled the arena. The other guards had clustered into the centre, their jaws working like steam engines, their tongues lashing out to try and catch the falling blood. Suddenly the flow became less.
“There are automatic tourniquet mechanisms built into the box” the sister superior explained “We don’t want them to bleed out too quickly. Besides, if the wound isn’t healed the moment the legs come off the guards just stick their claws and pricks inside and rip the animal to shreds.”
The girls legs were disappearing in huge chunks now as she came fully in range of the claws and teeth. The guards were a writhing mass of machinery and flesh beneath her. Suddenly there was a loud pop. The alpha emerged from the struggle clutching an entire thigh, torn straight out the pelvic joint. A metal plate sealed over that leg instantly, and soon the other one as well. A hiss and blast of smoke inside the box showed where electric arc currents had crudely and painfully cauterised the wounds.
“The animal is pumped full of stimulants, of course” the sister superior explained. “we’ve not had one faint on us for years.”
By now the arms were in range. Quick jaws snapped off and crunched fingers. Suddenly, one of the females leapt up and grabbed on to the side of the box. She thrust a claw up through the arm, emerging from just behind the armpit, then almost instantly she thrust her barbed steel cock into the wound and began to fuck it like a jackhammer. Suddenly, the guard gave an unearthly shriek and dropped back to the floor, where it lay twitching for a few seconds before standing back up again.
“Pain delivered directly via nerve induction. Punishment for bad behaviour. The animal would have been dead in seconds had she not been stopped.”
Shortly, the arms too had been devoured and sealed. The girl, a limbless torso, was now contained entirely within the glass box, its insides smeared with blood, and also some shit where she had lost bowel control. There was a clank from above, and the box began to rise back towards the ceiling at the same pace it had lowered.
“Just a little, to give a glimmer of hope, and…”
The bottom of the box suddenly swung open, and the girl dropped into the waiting guards.
Within seconds she had been disembowelled. As she fell to the floor, one of the females got its cock up her arse and began to tear it apart. Others grabbed at the spilling intestines, seeming unsure whether to eat them or use them as masturbatory aids. Most did both. The girl was flipped over. Flashing metal teeth tore off her breasts, and then she disappeared beneath the guards. Blood and bits of flesh flew everywhere. Suddenly, a lithe male guard emerged from the maelstrom. His phallus was decorated with the girls severed head, his barbed penis forced up her throat so the tip emerged from her mouth. The Count distinctly saw her blink, seconds before two other guards literally tore the head in half.
He orgasmed powerfully into the sex animals mouth, taking a good ten seconds to empty his balls. The boy swallowed every drop eagerly, then gently slid the Counts penis back into his trousers and did up the fly. The Count punched him in the head as hard as he could, which given the counts long and distinguished military career, was very hard indeed. The boy fell shocked to the floor, and the count kicked his steel toed boots into the childs groin with enough force to lift him off the floor and slam him into the gantry wall.
The count mopped his brow.
“I did not give you permission to swallow my cum, nor did I give you permission to touch my trousers.”
The boy seemed almost like he was about to protest, as futile as he must have known such a thing to be, but the count cut off any reply with another strong kick to the stomach. The boy blacked out for a second, and came to just as the count had lifted him above his head. He screamed.
The counts aim was good, for such an unwieldy projectile, not that the alpha would let such a choice morsel go. He caught the boy out the air, lacerating his arms and chest smoothly, and in one smooth motion slammed him down on his massive, red, spike encrusted prick. The scream was absolutely unearthly. The alpha didn’t bother to move himself, but simply shook the boy in his hands, pulling him up and down his member. Blood and shit cascaded to the ground as the guard began to emit a low, mechanical whine. Finally, he roared, and vile, yellow coloured semen spurted out of the child’s destroyed anus. Then, without even breaking the motion, the guard brought his head down and bit the boys skull in half. Then the others moved in.
“I’m dreadfully sorry about the cocksucker, your holiness…”
The sister superior laughed shrilly.
“Oh count, the lives of these creatures means less to me than the life of a germ dying on my handkerchief. I’d have been a little upset if its death hadn’t been so wonderfully agonising of course.” She smiled, showing her nightmarish teeth “Now that I have seen you in action, Count, I am convinced we should go somewhere a little more…hands on.”
“Of course your holiness. Becherel, Nadzia, come!”
Becherel was the Counts bodyguard, and Nadzia the counts recorder. The latter was outfitted with enhanced cyborg senses and a memory slot in her skull, that allowed her to record everything she saw for later playback in any format, including full Virtual Reality. Although it would not have done for her to be seen to be masturbating, she had had the foresight before arriving to slip a vibrating egg mind-linked to her sexual impulses into her cunt, and she was just replaying some highlights in her mind whilst she recovered from the aftershocks of a powerful orgasm. No one lasted long in the counts employ who did not share his utterly perverse tastes. As she followed the party off into another part of the temple, she wondered whether the Count would allow her and Becherel a little play. They were such loyal servants after all…

(story was never finished)


I remember there being a few stories about anna and else on her and can only find a few of them. I remember on where a lookalike of one of them as a child is roasted first.


There is a story that was on old Gurochan called "I Spy a Guillotine". It was written by an author named B.S.A.A. and featured three main characters named Louise, Claire, and Madeleine. They were three busty female spies in France who end up being guillotined in the midst of the Revolution at the end. I could literally recite passages from this story yet cannot find it anywhere online. Does anyone have it?


There was a story posted on old Gurochan called "I Spy a Guillotine". It was written by a user named B.S.A.A. and was set during the French Revolution. The three main characters were spies named Louise, Claire, and Madeleine, and all three end up being beheaded. I can literally recite passages from this story yet google has turned up empty time and time again.


Sorry for the double post. Internet fucked out on me and I thought the first one didn't go through


That would be my Eaten story, you can find it in my thread here:



Isn't blogspot going away soon? you should save that.





The story started with a woman picking up a hitchhiker from a rural area. After bringing him to her home for the night she introduces her family - three daughters- young twins and an older one. He sleeps with the older daughter (no guro I think) and in the morning they spitroast the mother for breakfast. The story was consensual and the man was a stranger to the family. I think I read it the middle of one of the treads here but I may be mistaken. I will be very grateful if anyone can help me out finding it.



BASG wrote a story by that title. I don't know where you can find it, but BASG can still be found here:



Daisy and the cunt flower?


I'm looking for short story, which, if I remember correctly, was named "Tree".

It was about guy having catgirl (or maybe bunnygirl, I'm not sure) living in the cage, deciding it's time to kill her and hanging her from nearly tree. It was written from POV of the girl.


>>16212 That must be it. I just misremembered their name. Thanks


Now this is an old one, so my memory is really fucking fuzzy. All I remember with certainty is the setup, some pseudo-Frankenstein situation, with the point of view being the person who was selected to provide the brain.
That's it. It might even be wrong. But I figure better try at all.


I'm trying to find a story. In it a woman ends up on an alien world and runs into an alien. It ends up pulling out her entire vagina and womb an eating it.


Anyone have Dante's stuff? Especially the stories that end with or include busty female decapitation (e.g. Televised Snuff Show)?


Found this. Author is unknown.

[unknown author] Xeno story [repost from 2017]

*Scan Complete*

I let out a breath of relief as the computer finished it's task. I had been out on the northern ridge for the entire day, mapping and cataloging everything. It was exhausting work spending so much time in a mechanical suit, but the colony needed all the resources we could find as it expanded. I had asked to be assigned to catalogueing and managing the library. All my life I've loved to read. They'd declined my request. They wouldn't say it directly, but wanted me to be a breeder. We needed to expand the population. I swore and punded my hand against the inside arm of the suit, achieving nothing but bruising my knuckles in the process. I shook my smarting hand and sighed. I didn't even want kids.

I started back down towards the treeline, the heavy metal legs of my suit clomping gracelessly through the underbrush. I released the right arm controls and wiped the sweat from my forehead. The powered armor made traversing the forest a cinch and provided excellent protection against all form of predators on this planet, but damn it could get stuffy being in a metal box all day long. I considered opening the chassis just to take a breath of fresh air, but safety regs said we weren't allowed to do that. If anyone checked the logs I'd get chewed out tomorrow.

I needed to pee. Preparing to relieve myself, I flicked the button for waste disposal. An amber light came on alerting me to the fact that it was full. "Fuck!" I swore, realising I had neglected to empty it the previous day. I sighed. "Fuck it."

I shut down the suit, throwing me into near darkness and pressed the release lever. A crack of natural light appeared as fresh air rushed in and I took a deep, grateful breath. The cockpit opened and I stepped out into the forest, using one of the knees as a step. I was going to relieve myself in a natural environment for a change. To hell with the regs.

I took the opportunity to peel my tank top away from my skin where dampness was causing it to stick, then did the same to my panties. I wasn't wearing anything else. I'd have died of heatstroke in the flight suit we were meant to wear. I took a few steps behind a bush, looking for a spot of privacy, not that anyone was around to see me. I was miles from the colony, one of a dozen surveyors, each of us dotted around the region tasked with exploring.

I brushed aside a vine as I walked past it and suddenly it lashed out! I screamed in shock as I felt something pierce my wrist and the vine - not a vine but an animal - slithered away into the brush. A wave of dizziness washed over me, and I stumbled. I tried to cry out but my voice caught in my throat as I collapsed backwards against a tree, my limbs splaying out awkwardly.

I lay there trying to move, but my body didn't respond. Cursing myself for my stupidity, I willed my rapidly beating heart to slow down and tried to regulate my breathing. I wasn't concerned, I knew what had bitten me. A small alien much like a snake, it's venom paralysed prey, but it wasn't fatal to a human. It would last maybe fifteen minutes at the most, and then I'd be able to get back to my suit and never speak of this to anyone.

My arm itched where I had been bitten. My muscles were relaxed and unresponsive, but my sense of touch was unchanged, so I was going to have to put up with it until I could move my arm. Mentally cringing, I realised I still needed to pee. I felt like a bigger idiot than before.

Suddenly there was a rustling in the brush. Had the alien returned? They usually fled from humans, since we were too big for prey. The creature crawled out from the bushes.

My heart stopped for a second and I felt my entire body go cold. It wasn't the same alien as before, and this one was incredibly dangerous. They had been known to kill people. About the size of a very small cat, with four legs going up to a slightly oval body. It had no head, the front of its stocky body a large set of sharp teeth, not covered with lips. It gave the effect of a permanent grin. These monsters were blind, having no eyes, and even if I had been able to move I would haze been frozen from fear. They were rare, and classified as endangered, but the colony often caught them and sent them to a preserve where they couldn't do any harm. We had done everything we could to rid the area of them to the point they were almost never seen anymore, but I was at the edge of our explored territory.

It started to scamper across the clearing in front of me. If it kept heading in that direction it would eventually move away. I started to relax, and then started to feel a trickle of moisture between my legs. No, no, no no no. I tried to hold my bladder. My heart was thudding so loud that I was sure the xeno would hear it. The trickle had increased to a flow now, the paralytic preventing me from being able to hold it in.

The xeno stopped and sniffed the air. I was watching a disaster unfold before me, unable to take any action to avoid it. I pleaded to the universe to not let this be happening, but the xeno turned and started towards me. It made its way between my legs, attracted to the smell. These things tracked their prey by the scent of its urine.

It approached my urine-soaked panties, and I could see it sniffing. My heart leapt into my mouth as it suddenly struck, tearing into the fabric and violently ripping my underwear from my hips. I winced as the elastic snapped, stinging my skin. The xeno attacked the panties like a dog with a chew toy, reducing it to shreds, but it lost interest quickly when it realised they weren't meat. It stopped and looked back at my exposed genitals.

This was it. I knew it was going to eat my pussy. I struggled to move, to flee, anything, but my limbs just lay there uselessly as it shuffled close to my unprotected sex. The xeno opened its mouth and a long slimy tongue extended, probing me gently, testing to see if my vagina seemed edible. The perverted touch made me shiver in response as it dragged it's tongue across my pussy. It licked my sensitive flesh a few more times experimentally, unintentionally giving me what I knew would be the last bit of of pleasure I would ever feel from down there. I wanted to sob.

Satisfied that my pussy was edible, it withdrew its tongue and opened its jaws, the shiny bone glinting in the fading light through the canopy. I felt the hard smoothness of its maw brush against my damp lips as it nibbled lightly, and watched, terrified, as it positioned its teeth around the bundle of flesh at the top of my slit. Those threatening jaws were poised around my clitoris and hood, along with a portion of my labia. Any second now, it was going to… Without warning it bit down and I saw blood spill as my pussy flesh disappeared into its mouth. I shuddered in shock, pain engulfing me as half of my vulva was violently bitten off. I wanted to scream, trying to buck my hips in agony, but I just let out a strangled gasp and my pelvis shuddered slightly.

I felt blood running down my poor pussy, and stared in horror at the xeno. I could see my lovely sexual parts turning to mush in its mouth as it chewed, lacking any lips to hide the desecration of my beloved sex. I was experiencing more pain than I had ever thought possible, but worse was the reality that my femininity had just been stolen from me. My precious clitoris and labia, gone! The xeno swallowed its mouthful and I let out a pained gurgle as it took another bite of my pussy lips. It had decided its prey wasn't going anywhere and was taking its time to enjoy making a meal out of my genitals.

It swallowed the last of my inner lips and pushed its mouth into my pussy again, biting deep into my outer labia this time and tearing a huge chunk of soft pussy meat out of my crotch as it yanked its head back. Tears were running down my cheeks now. My lovely pussy was gone, leaving only a bloody crater of ripped flesh.

It went for another bite, and this time it latched on to the ragged end of my vagina and pulled. I felt sick as I saw the cylindrical tube of flesh start to slide out of the bloody hole between my legs. The xeno began to alternate between tugging the organ out of my body inch by inch and chewing it, and to my dismay I could feel every painful bite it took as it devoured more and more of my vagina.

After what seemed like an eternity, it reached the back end of my birth canal. My entire vagina was gone too, now, nourishment for this beastly alien! It wasn't done yet though, as it continued to pull on the meat caught in its jaws. Suddenly I felt the most surreal sensation… a tugging, nauseating movement inside my abdomen. Despite my paralysis, my eyes widened as I saw what could only be my uterus starting to come out of my body. The xeno put its legs on my thighs and used them for leverage and I felt a tearing sensation as it pulled out my entire womb, trailing a pair of ovaries.

I felt dizzy as I watched it happily dig into the pile of my womanhood. It wolfed down the slick crimson flesh, its tongue gliding over its teeth as it finished to mop up every last bit of me. Then, without further ado it turned around and started to shuffle off. It was done, its hunger sated by my reproductive system. My leg twitched as I lay there in disbelief at what had just happened to me. The paralytic was starting to wear off.

Eventually I managed to regain enough motor control to crawl back to my powered suit, leaving a trail of blood behind me. I hadn't lost a fatal amount; for some reason the xeno's evolution had given it's saliva coagulent properties. Amazingly I hadn't gone into shock either, despite just having some major body parts eaten off me. I ached as I climbed into the suit, wincing as the ruined hole between my legs brushed against the seat. My abdomen felt so empty with those organs missing. I went straight for the medical kit, injecting myself with a large amount of field-med painkillers before spraying my nether regions with medical gel.

On the way back I radioed ahead to let the colony know I needed medical attention. When I told them what had attacked me they knew what my situation was without me describing exactly what had happened. Those creatures had a reputation after all. The colony would send out a hunting party to catch the xeno, but I knew I wouldn't be a part of it. I needed to get my wounds sewn up.

As it turned out, being attacked by the xeno was a mixed blessing. Now that I was unable to bear children for the greater good, my request for a transfer was approved. I was reassigned to the main city on this planet. The library here is fantastic, I can spend my time doing what I was always meant to, caring for the wealth of knowledge we'd built up over the centuries. My sex life is mostly nonexistant, of course, but there was one time I went to a bar as an experiment. The guy I took home was pretty shocked when he saw my smooth, featureless groin, but he was pretty happy to fuck me in the mouth and ass. It felt good, but I didn't really get aroused by it, so I've given up on that.

Honestly though, I couldn't be happier. My life has turned out great.


This is all what I have by Dante.


Looking for a story written in the first person, from the prospective of an Amazon that encounters a boy with a strange black sword. She underestimates him, gets mortally wounded and fucked by him before she dies.


There used to be a story on an older gurochan about a teacher choosing a pair of students and cutting them open in front of everyone, including the head teacher. The teacher herself and a male teacher were also nude and to be cut open. It was called something like 'practical demonstration', I think. Everyone in it was enthusiastic and aroused. It ended with the female teacher cutting her stomach open with no pain meds… I wish I could remember more.


Practical Instruction by Anon [2012]

"Alright everyone, enough talk! We need to get started."

Despite the excitement in the room, the pre-class chatter died off almost instantly and 32 bright young faces swivelled towards Miss Tomoko. The boys and girls of Class 7 had been anticipating this day for months and now that it was here they weren't planning on missing a moment.

Miss Tomoko felt a shiver run down her spine and she quickly adjusted the pencil that was holding up her dark, ash brown hair and tweaked her dark rimmed glasses in the hopes it would hide her nervousness from her class. Although she hated to admit it, she'd been anticipating today almost as much as her class had been. 23 might have seemed a little young to retire but the payout would be excellent and her sister could really do with the cash for her new restaurant. Besides, there was worse ways to have your job terminated…and with Jim… Tomoko shivered again.

"Ok class", Tomoko began, "Now I know everyone's excited about today and we'll get started as soon as Mr. Porter and Ms. Klaassen makes it here but first I need to set some ground rules." She paused momentarily, ensuring she had every child's full attention and continued.

"Rule 1. You must pay close attention during the demonstrations today. You'll have plenty of time afterwards to try out what you've learnt but I really need you all to stay focussed when we're up here at the front as we won't be able to repeat things."

"Rule 2. Don't be afraid to ask questions at any time. We've lots of time so if you want to ask something raise your hand. If you think of a question later, Ms. Klaassen should be able to answer them for you." She saw a the eyes of a couple of the boys light up and had to stifle a smerk when she momentarily pictured what they'd be asking Tatiana Klaassen to help them with in about an hour.

"And finally, rule 3. Relax!" A few grins began to show in front of her. "Today's class can be pretty intimidating but it is also a lot of fun. Relax and make the most of it. Everyone will enjoy it all the more."

A knock on the door was followed by the entrance of Jim Porter and Tatiana Klaassen. Mr. Porter was the school science teacher these days but he took gym as well until last year. 38, a handsome face, always a smile, a wisp of grey at the temples and that slight outline of muscle under his polo shirt. Jim had caught the eyes of Tomoko when she first started here and she'd noticed he caught the eyes of a lot of female staff. And almost all of the female students.

Ms. Klaassen looked immaculate as always. Shoulder length red hair in the slightest of bob cuts, a tight white blouse with faint pinstripes served to at once highlight and demurely hide a bust that Tomoko would sometimes have given anything to possess and a dark grey wool pencil skirt outlined the rest of her curves. Tomoko thought she was in her early 30s but she didn't really know, sometimes Tatiana could play the stern elder lady of the school, sometimes she showed a playful streak that would have made her seem more at home in a uniform. She flashed Tomoko a cheeky grin for just a moment.

"And here's my help, right on time!" Tomoko clapped the exclamation, almost jumping for joy. No turning back now she thought.

Mr. Porter perched himself on one of the steel tables at the front of the class and Ms. Klaassen made her way to a spare desk right up the back of the class.

Tomoko turned, nodded at Jim and wrote one word in large letters on the blackboard, Anatomy. Tomoko squeezed her eyes shut tight, drew a somewhat ragged breath and held it for a moment. "Showtime" she thought.

"Children, Ji–Mr. Porter and I will be the adult models for today's class but -" she smiled as the suspicions of her class hit home bringing smiles and even the odd look of lust. Cindy in the front row had been staring at Mr. Porter since he walked in and Tomoko saw her squeeze her thighs together and ever so slightly tremble. "- but we also need two volunteers from the class. Everyone was given permission forms to take home and sign and I've made my choices."

There was a momentary murmor before Tomoko said "Bill. Could you come up front please." A quiet young man in the third row promptly went beet red.

Bill was always a quiet kid but he worked hard and had endeared himself somewhat to Tomoko. Normally that would have meant she wouldn't have singled him out to be pulled up in front of class to be poked and prodded but when she read the plee to be chosen he'd written on the back of his permission form she could hardly say no. Getting towards 5'8" already, lean and cute he'd make a good subject.

He was still staring at the floor as he shuffled past Tomoko. She subtly grabbed his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze and was rewarded with a sheepish smile.

"And as the other subject, I've chosen Kirsten."

The reaction couldn't have been more different. Kirsten, a stunning, sharp featured and athletic young brunette who was just beginning to bloom into a seriously gorgeous young woman, stared Tomoko straight in the eyes, mouth open…and came. Hard. The ten fingers and white knuckles digging into her desk couldn't stop a couple of pens clattering to the floor and the class erupted in giggles.

"Hey!" Tomoko snapped "We're all excited here and I'm sure a few more of you will be doing that later." The class fell silent and Kirsten made her way to the front with a wet patch visible clear through her plaid skirt. Jenny, Kirsten's best friend ran a finger through the pool of liquid left on her classmate's seat and quietly sucked it clean.

"To begin, all of us subjects will be stripping so you can get a close look at us. Everyone scoot up as close to the front as possible, make sure you've got a clear view and get ready to take some notes."

With that Tomoko pulled the pencil out her hair, shook it out slightly and unzipped her skirt and shuffled it over hips. Before she could even bring her hands up to her blouse she could feel the warmth of the class as they all crowded to the front. After unbuttoning that she folded the blouse and skirt carefully on a chair, reached behind her back and, with just a touch of theatre, slowly let a bra fall away. She may not have had the biggest tits but she was fiercly proud of the two firm, upturned handfuls and the little, rapidly hardening, nipples that could cut glass in the heat of passion. She looked up to see every eye in the room fixed on her and blushed. Even Ms. Klaassen was transfixed from her vantage point at the back of the class and Tomoko noticed she had hitched her skirt up and was already massaging an impossibly pink little pussy whilst the classes attention was elsewhere. Panties, it would seem, didn't factor greatly into Tatiana's dresscode.

Finally Tomoko looked down and began to slide her own panties down of her hips revealing her pussy and it's little trimmed tuft of soft brown fur. She was grateful that they had remained dry. She was excited as hell but she also desperately wanted to show the class how a pussy responded to stimulation. She momentarily thought about her heels and stockings but decided to leave them figuring she was neither particularly tall nor would a pair of thigh high stockings interfere with anything planned for the class.

The sound of a couple of zippers made Tomoko's head jerk up and she glared at a couple of boys who had already pulled out their cocks and were stroking away gently. Mark had even enlisted the aid of Isobelle who's delicate little fingers where wrapped around the base of his prick.

"That's allowed" Tomoko growled "but make sure you don't lose your heads just yet. I need you all to pay attention."

Turning her attentions to Mr. Porter she noticed he'd already slipped his polo top over his head and she thought she'd grab the opportunity to help with his pants.

As she slipped her fingers under his belt Tomoko whispered "All good?"

"No problem, Tommi." came the reply as Jim dropped a hand onto her hip. "Looking forward to it."

The belt unfastened and Tomoko knelt as she slid Mr. Porter's jeans and boxers down as one, admiring the firm, lightly tanned chest and stomach inches away from her face as she went. As the pants dropped further Tomoko nearly squealed as Jim's cock was revealed inch by inch. Nearly 6 inches and he was still completely soft. This boded well for…well a couple of things really.

Jim stepped out of his pants as Tomoko stood up and, noticing that both Bill and Kirsten were still standing fully clothed and staring at the two teachers, she plonked her hands on her hips firmly knowing it would give her tits a nice jiggle and pursed her lips slightly.

"Now that will never do…" she jokingly corrected her two volunteers. "Jim, you help Kirsten. I'll do Bill."

Striding over to Bill she grabbed his shirt and noticed the poor kid was visibly trembling.

"You still want this don't you?" She asked.

A nod.

"Then try to relax, we'll go nice and slow."

Another nod.

Unbuttoning his shirt she quickly drapped it over a nearby chair and dropped to one knee to undo his pants. She noticed a tiny damp spot on the front of the fly and no sooner than she had undone the button and zip Tomoko found herself nearly slapped in the face by Bill's glistening, throbbing cock and a sack already drawn up close and twitching. At nearly 6.5" it was incredibly impressive for a boy so young and so hard that even though he was uncut, the foreskin was pulled back and almost taught. A bead of precum glistened on its head.

"I'm going to need to take care of that…" thought Tomoko.

Meanwhile a kneeling Mr. Porter had been helping Kirsten out of her blouse and he reached behind her to undo her bra. Leaning back he revealed a pert little pair of A cups with nipples the colour of cotton candy and an impossibly thin little waist.

Nervously, Kirsten rested a hand on Mr. Porter as he unzipped her blue plaid school skirt and let her step out of the damp garment. He smiled as he saw the state of Kirsten's panties and looked up at her reassuringly. She was soaked, her white cotton panties almost translucent and glued to her lips and a few trickles making their way a couple of inches down the inside of the girls milk white thighs. He ran a thumb over the front of them and Kirsten, who'd been passive until now, almost leapt out of her skin as a new stream emerged from under the left seam of her panties.

"Sir…" she half hissed, half moaned.

"Let's get you out of these." replied Jim and begun to tug the panties down. The gusset remained stuck firmly in place until the last possible moment until it peeled away revealing a perfect little innie, slick with Kirsten's excitement and trailing a few shimmering strands of it, and crowned by a tiny little triangle of the very faintest peach fuzz.

Tomoko glanced over and seeing the condition of Kirsten was as desperate as her own charge she figured they could add an extra activity.

"Kirsten. Bill. Hop up on the big desk here and we'll begin with a demonstration of human arousal and oral sex. Bill lie back on the desk and Kirsten, straddle him so you can suck his cock and Bill can lick your pussy."

"Class, as for Mr. Porter and I, we'll be demonstrating what happens as a person becomes aroused. Bill and Kirsten here are obviously already very excited so I'll need you to pay attention to two things at once."

Tomoko took a seat on one of the steel tables and spread her legs, Mr. Porter sat on the other and Bill and Kirsten were on the big wooden desk up front positively shivering with anticipation. The lab mirrors gave everyone a clear view of everything that was about to happen. Tomoko felt herself beginning to ooze.


"Ready!" the class chimed. Mr. Porter nodded, still soft. His self control was admirable. Tatiana on the otherhand looked to be well on the way to her first orgasm of the day and squeezing one huge tit through her blouse, still completely undetected by Tomoko's transfixed class.

"Ok Kirsten and Bill. Do you two need any help?"

"No." Bill managed to gulp staring at the exquisite pussy Kirsten was presenting to him as she knelt over his face, back arched. Kirsten merely shook her head.

"Well, take it away." said Tomoko and immediately saw Mr. Porter's cock twitch in the corner of her vision.

Kirsten squatted down dropping her pussy on to Bill's open mouth and leaned forward to kiss the tip of his cock. Instantaneously she was rewarded with a fountain of cum as Bill's pent up urgency finally found its escape. Jerking back surprised she rasped her clit over Bill's tongue and joined him in ecstasy, flooding his mouth while rope after rope of his cum found a home on her little tits, her shoulders, a few even finding her face, mouth and hair.

"Well that was inevitable." murmured Tomoko before addressing the class.

"Well, that was a good example of a male and female orgasm. Note the force with which Bill's cum was ejaculated and the amount of fluid Kirsten produced. This is quite normal for two young, fit people who've been waiting on release for a while."

Tomoko reached down and dug two fingers between the lips of her own pussy and spread them for the class to see her own arousal.

"As you can see, this display is making us teachers quite turned on as well. My vagina is lubricating itself quite nicely and you'll notice that it's starting to flush a darker red colour. Mr. Porter is also getting quite har-" Tomoko gasped as she looked across at Jim and the 8" cock that pointed skyward from between his legs.

"Err…Mr. Porter is getting quite hard as well. Notice how his cock is getting thicker as well as longer?" Tomoko though it must have been as thick as her wrist by now.

"Don't stop!" groaned a desperate and still rockhard Bill and Kirsten quickly came to her senses, lent forward and began to slobber and suck on the head of Bill's cock as she ground her pussy into his frantic tongue.

Tomoko could smell Kirsten's pussy from where she sat and the stimulus made her gush a little. The boys who had their cocks out were now stroking faster and several of the girls had begun rocking themselves against the edges of chairs with a few of the more daring rubbing themselves through their panties. Isobelle on the other hand was pounding Mark's cock at a furious pace and he had reached a hand behind her as they stood and was clearly fingering her, the occasional telltale buckle of Isobelle's knees really giving the game away. At the back of the room, Tatiana, her legs now spread wide with her feet on nearby desks, pinched her clit and threw her head back in a silent orgasm. Tomoko felt herself gush again.

"Ahhh…like that Bill!" Kirsten gasped before diving down again on Bill's knob, one hand pulling his foreskin and balls back tight, the other flying up and down the bottom few inches of shaft in a blur.

"Yef…YEEEEEEFFF!" she mumbled around the cock as she began to shudder in another orgasm, Bill trying desperately not to be drowned as he suckled on her pussy.

"See how Bill's balls are becoming tight class? This mean he's about to cum." commented Tomoko and right on cue Bill groaned into Kirsten's cunt and unloaded into her mouth. Two of the masturbating boys and several of the girls joined the pair on stage. Isobelle finally buckled completely, falling back against Mark and screaming into the side of his neck as she came, a few telltale drops spattering on the floor between her legs. Mark meanwhile turned the chin of a young blonde called Jessica who'd been sitting in front of him open mouthed and slightly shellshocked at the scene up front. As soon as she was facing him Mark came, jets of cum hitting her in the eye and nose before the rest found its way to her mouth and chin. Tomoko would have chided Mark had it not been for the immediate reaction of Jessica to start swallowing his cum before slamming Mark's cock down her throat for the final few spurts.

Up on the desk, Kirsten continued to slowly stroke Bill's shaft for a few seconds before sitting back, a lazy smile on her face, and swallowed Bill's cum before wiping a few stray drops from the corners of her mouth.

"Mmmm…" she lazily exclaimed as Bill, finally, wilted.

"This might be a good time to begin the next part of the class." said Tomoko.

"We'll move onto the dissection now class. From here on out, we can't repeat anything so gather around and watch closely. I will be doing the dissection so that means Bill and Kirsten will go first, followed by Mr. Porter and finally I'll do myself. Then we can move onto sex-ed!"

Tomoko was amazed how excited she was by all this. She could hardly wait to begin cutting into these two kids and the delicious body of Jim but then she'd get to finally cut into herself. She'd rubbed herself raw thinking about that moment for months and it was almost here. Suddenly light-headed, Tomoko stood up on very rubbery knees and directed Bill to lay down on the steel table next to her as a trickle of her own juices rolled down her thigh.

A slightly flushed Ms. Klaassen emerged next to Tomoko with a bag containing the necessary tools and some syringes of vital drugs.

"Now we're not interested in pain response for this class, we covered that when we flayed Chrissie last term, so I'll be injecting us all with a pain blocker. It lets us still feel what's happening, only the brain doesn't interpret it as pain."

With that she carefully slid the needle into Bill's arm, emptied it's contents and turned to pick up a scalpel. As she turned back she was greeted by Bill's cock standing erect yet again and scowled at the boy.

"Sorry, Miss. It's just…well the view from here is great."

Bill did indeed have an excellent view of his favourite teachers firm tits and soft bush as she stood over him with the knife.

"Careful." she warned. "I'm armed." she added with a wink. "Shall we start?"

"Yes Miss."

"Ok class, watch carefully. I'll make a quick little incision just below the sternum here to check that the drug worked."

The blade of the scalpel sunk in to Bill's chest and as she drew it down, an inch of deep red followed it. Bill didn't even flinch. Well, to be more accurate, nothing except his cock flinched.

"Looks like it's working." Tomoko observed dryly.

Working quickly now, Tomoko drew the knife down until about an inch from the child's pelvis and began to make a Y incision just above the tops of his hips. She noted there was very little blood, a side effect of the pain blockers, and set the scalpel down.

"Ok class, I'm going to open up Bill's stomach now and remove everything that's unrelated to sexual function or necessary for life."

She reached her fingers into the vertical slit and peeled Bill's flesh back in two big flaps. A few gasps and a quick scan of the room revealed her class was watching every move and she quickly began to remove Bill's organ's one by one, noting each as she proceeded.

Within minutes Bill's lower abdomen was largely empty, save for a prostate and deferens and a few essential blood vessels. Tomoko noted that the Bill's cock, still hard and now leaking precum again, meant she'd missed all the important nerves as well.

"Ok, that's Bill done. I'll now point out the various organs."

After instructing the class on what went where she looked at a pleading Bill and smiled.

"I'll move onto Kirsten now, could someone quickly take care of Bill for me?"

"Me, Miss!"

Eleanor, curly brown hair bobbing like springs practically elbowed her way to the front and began to climb up onto the table.

"Well…ok" said Tomoko "but make sure you watch we're doing on the other table El. And don't wear him out, he's got another demonstration to do in a few minutes."

Eleanor nodded, straddled Bill, flipped her skirt up, hoiked her panties to one side and plunged herself down on Bill's cock until she hit bottom and came almost immediately. Coming down from her orgasm, she leant forward, took the his hands and kissed the evicerated boy deeply before sitting back, her uniform bloodied, to begin slowly riding the boy to his own orgasm whilst working one of his fingers in and out of her tight little asshole.


"Ready Kirsten?" asked Tomoko as she gently stroked the girls hip. The obvious puddle the girl was sitting in suggested this was unnecessary to ask but Tomoko wanted to make sure.

Kirsten bit her lip and nodded. "Yes Miss, but can I ask a favour?"

"What would you like Kirsten?"

"Could I…Miss, I want…"

Kirsten looked down and her cheeks began to glow.

"I want to lick your pussy while you cut me Miss. I want to make you cum as you take me apart. I think it'll make me cum too…"

Before Tomoko could catch herself, she leant in and kissed Kirsten firmly. She'd never really been attracted to girls but the kid's earnesty caught her completely off guard.

"I could probably get fired for this" she thought "not that it will matter soon…"

Breaking the kiss, Tomoko beamed. "Of course, Kirsten. I'll just need to be careful."

"Can I help?" asked Ms. Klaassen.

"No thanks, I think I can handle it. Thanks…"

Tatiana sat next to one of the boys who'd been very obediently watching the demonstration despite an huge bulge in his pants and gently guided his hand to her crotch. The boy's surprise at his fingers finding wet, hot naked pussy waiting was only beaten by Ms. Klaassen unzipping the boys pants, extracting his prick and beginning to massage it.

"Sit back Kirsten and we'll get started."

Tomoko gently pushed the girl flat on the steel table before hoisting herself on top, straddling the young girl's face.

"I'll start the same way, with the injection."

Tomoko took the needle but instead of inserting it into a vein in Kirsten's arm she leant forward and slowly slid it into one right next to the girl's almost hairless pussy. Kirsten cooing under her, Tomoko felt the girl's hands grab her hips and pull gently down. The teacher obliged, lowering her cunt into the girl's reach and just as Kirsten found her teacher's clit, Tomoko pushed her thumb onto the syringe's plunger.

"Now - ah! - the incisions…" she paused to look up and saw again the class was paying attention. Commendable. Even Eleanor was paying attention as she rode Bill, clawing at his chest. Bill on the other hand was transfixed at the sight of his cock disappearing into and emerging from Eleanor's cunt above the open, red cavern that was his tummy. By now he had two fingers lodged in his partner's ass and looked to be working on a third.

"Oh well" thought Miss Tomoko, "it's not like he's going to be around to be tested on any of this."

Tomoko cut quickly. As she dug her fingers into Kirsten's tummy, the girl's back arched and she came again, a stream of her cum pattering on the steel table and dripping onto the floor. As Kirsten came, she accidently bit down on Tomoko's delicate lips and the sudden pain sent her over the edge into a mindblowing orgasm.

Tomoko came around and saw blood. Quite a bit of it. In her ecstasy she'd torn at Kirsten's flesh and ripped the flaps of skin back before flopping forward into her student's vicera. A quick check confirmed no real damage had been done and the frantic mouth work and squirming hips of Kirsten meant she was going strong.

Looking up she saw the class agasp, enthralled and insanely turned on. Every boy and girl in the class now had a hand on their, or a neighbour's, sex. Tatiana was almost fisting herself with one hand whilst she worked the fresh cum into the still hard cock of the boy sat next to her, now collapsed into Ms. Klaassen's shoulder. Eleanor, now with three fingers buried in her ass to the knuckles, was coming down from an enormous orgasm and Bill, sporting fresh fingernail scratches on his left pec, had obviously emptied a massive load that was now pooling around the opening of his partner's clasping cunt. Even poor Mr. Porter had finally broken down and was openly stroking his huge cock.

"Sorry everyone, must have gotten carried away." Tomoko jabbed a knee into Kirsten's side and added "Thanks kiddo but go a bit easier now. Eleanor, thank you for taking care of Bill. That will be fine for now."

Eleanor slid off the table and took a seat up front, cum oozing from her pussy, as Tomoko resumed the dissection. Kirsten's organs began filling a steel tray.

"I'll now make an incision in Kirsten's uterus so we can see inside during the next phase of the class." As Tomoko slid two fingers into the subject's pussy she said "You'll probably enjoy this, make sure I do too" and began grinding her hips against the kids face.

"Note how you can see roughly where my fingers are through Kirsten's vaginal wall" Tomoko commented as she slid the fingers up the cervix to stabilise the cut. Kirsten began to buck slightly and Tomoko masterfully made a quick opening in the face of the child's uterus just before she began cumming properly.

"Note - Ah! - The juices flowing up into the uter-AAAHHH!" Tomoko figured the students got the point and allowed herself to join Kirsten.

Mr. Porter helped a very flushed Tomoko off the table and towelled the worst of the blood of her tits and stomach.

"My turn now." he grinned, giving the very top of her pussy the slightest rub with the towel.

"Class, we'll do Mr. Porter and I standing up as we haven't got any more tables."

Mr. Porter leant himself against the wooden desk and braced himself with his arms. His cock stood out a proud 9" and Tomoko pointed out to the class how it bounced slightly with his pulse.

Taking the knife she slid in close to Mr. Porter and whispered…

"Ready Jim? Any requests?"

"Surprise me." he said and chanced a quick peck on Tomoko's cheek.

Tomoko took the syringe and injected its contents into Mr. Porter's arm before quickly grabbing the scalpel. Her back to her class she grinned wickedly at Jim and in one quick cut sliced him from sternum to pubic bone…before the drug had time to work.

It drew exactly the response she hoped, a moan of ecstasy escaped Mr. Porter and his cock leapt at the pain. Dropping to her knees in front of him, Tomoko dug her fingers hard into the cut, slurped the head of his cock into her mouth and pulled. Hard.

With a wet tearing noise Jim's flesh peeled back and his intestines began to fall forward over his cock and Tomoko's breasts. Her eyes went wide as the head of his cock seemed to double in size and she quickly found herself struggling to breathe for the amount of thick cum that had filled her mouth. She pulled her head back and caught spurt after spurt of it on her face, it dribbling down on to her bloody chest and dropping from her perky tits onto the pile of intestines and gore that filled her lap. The sight was incredible and she squeezed her eyes shut, letting it burn into her brain, and came feeling the different sticky messes Jim had made on her face, her tits, in her lap and adding her own as her pussy squirted all over the upturned soles of her feet.

She stood and was able to empty Mr. Porter of anything not needed for today's class before the man was fully aware of his surroundings. Finally he turned and looked at the gore soaked teacher who'd looked so innocent at the start of class.

"Wow…" is all he could manage.

"Wow yourself." thought Tomoko as she noted his still hard cock. "Only me to do now…"

Tomoko reluctantly turned on the sink in the corner of the class room and quickly washed the blood and cum off her. She'd have loved to have left it but it would have made it hard to see where she was cutting. This was going to be hard enough she felt. Her hands were already shaking.

"Ok class, any questions before we go on? I may not be much help from here on but Ms. Klaassen will be taking charge if need be."

She scanned the class, no one raised a hand. But she was pleased to see a good number of notepads with hastily scribbled annotations. Ok…so some had trailed off as the writer came or been smudged by a little semen here and there but overall her last class was doing great. She smiled as a little pride welled inside her.

Hopping up on the opposite end of the bench where Mr. Porter was now slumped in a post-orgasmic daze, Tomoko reached for the syringe of pain blocker and then though against it.

She liked being hurt. Well, she thought she did anyway. She'd cum many a time from sticking pins into her nipples or digging at her clit with the point of a knife. And she remembered little Chrissie who'd practically danced out of her skin when that last orgasm hit her last term…

"Tat…" started Miss Tomoko "if I can't cope, hit me with the drug." Ms. Klaassen smiled knowingly and nodded.

Hands shaking Tomoko picked up the scalpel, signalled for the classes attention and cut.

Her vision went white and Tomoko shrieked, her fingers gouging into the benchtop as her other hand worked the knife.

"CU-CUMMING!" escaped her mouth as she hit the bottom of her incision and started to her left. Somewhere the back of her mind she was aware that Ms Klaassen and several of the girls in the class came along for the ride and she felt a second building fast.

Shifting the scalpel to begin the right incision, she shoved four fingers into her sopping cunt and gouged at that little spot she knew so well with her fingernails. Dragging the knife across the base of her tummy she began to shake uncontrollably as she came.

"Oh god. Miss…" shouted one of the girls as her panties suddenly filled themselves with ooze.

Unknown to Tomoko her shuddering was forcing her intestines out. First a few inches, then a loop a foot or so long, then a cascade that dropped wetly to the floor and began to pool around the teacher's feet.

Ms. Klaassen sat in awe, grinding her knuckles into the underside of cunt. She'd never seen anything like this. She'd supervised this subject every year for nearly a decade and never was it like this. As Ms. Klaassen came she was dimly aware of one of the boys spraying her blouse and left cheek with cum. Normally she'd care. Today she didn't. Not now anyway.

After what felt like an eternity to her, Tomoko blinked her eyes open and surveyed the carnage she'd inflicted on herself. Her intestines were at her feet. Her last cut ended in a ragged lightning bolt of white across her hip bone.

"As you can see class, some women respond very well to pain." Tomoko croaked with a wry little smirk on her face.

"Tommi, that was amazing. You ok?"

"Yes thanks Tatiana. That was incredible…"

With that Tomoko reached inside her ruined tummy and began to slice through the blood vessels and connective tissue that held bits of her together. Bits she wouldn't be needing any more.

"I won't be needing any of it long." she thought as she finished up with a matching incision to the one in Kirsten's uterus "But I'll be needing these for just a little while yet."

Her gaze met Jim Porter's and holding onto it like it was life itself she snarled "Now class, Sex Education."


I was searching with an "Arya" tag from GoT, and stumbled across this excerpt. But sadly I can't find the full version here because apparently that thread wasn't transferred to the new server.

Does anybody happen to have it? From what I looked up on webarchive, it was posted around the 7th of feb 2018 and was called "Red Wedding"

"Second part

The delirious mists settled over her mind like a dark veil. It was a horribly pitiful state of mind, Arya completely bereft of any control and agency over her senses as she swam through the gloomy darkness of hazy unconsciousness, utterly at the mercy of that Frey soldier. And yet…she'd rather be trapped in bottomless pits of darkness than to directly feel the fear and agony of his beating.

Still his fists were raining down on her occasionally, finding her flat chest or smooth belly or grimy face. Distantly she could feel them battering her, knocking her left and right and deeper into the mud beneath her frame, yet thankfully her heavy unconsciousness dulled most of the actual pain.

At least until that penetration.

Arya had never noticed his struggles at finding her entrance, at his cock probing against her exposed girlhood or fingers trying to spead her open for him. She never heard his hoot at seeing her bare, hareless slit, barely more than a thin, rosy straight line between her legs, so pure and innocent compared to his own throbbing erection, his tool spotted with flecks of wildly sprouting dark hair around his balls and groin.

But gods, did she feel the penetration. That hazy delirium in her head may have been enough to block out the pain of the beating, perhaps some sort of instinctive self-protection mechanism kicking in to shield her against the ruthless nature of his savage treatment. Yet it all crumbled in the face of tiny cunt being spearheaded open. In time he had found her hole, started to slowly drive into her. And the moment his cock had finally found some sort of grip on her entrance, all that remained was the sheer strength to force it inside.

A savage tearing sensation drove through her core, knocking Arya straight out of her daze. She gasped like a drowned woman, her voice thin and strained as her torso involuntarily bucked up, her head rising to see the horror of the man kneeling before her, of her tight cunt lips obscenely spreading around his erection.

The pain was blinding. She had to stop it, she had to resist! If somebody attacked you, you had to defend yourself, that was obvious!!

Pushing through the agony in her face and between her legs, Arya violently lashed out. Her countless hours of waterdancing training had made her athletic and flexible. Once she had been just a scrawny stick of a girl, but now her body had grown m"


Looking for an MLP story called applebloom donates her limbs and other parts

Thanks in advance


Moving thread here:

A gothic chick goes to an all female asian massage parlor, gets butchered and cooked at a conveniently adjacent asian restaurant. Narrated from the victim's POV. I think it was on the old site before the site was lost.


Does anyone have queenslayer saved?


Somehow it seems I only have the old version, but here it goes:


To elaborate: Andlex rewrote the ending afterwards, but I didn't save it to txt because I was waiting for a pdf, and then I don't remember for sure either Andlex never posted one or I forgot to keep track of it…


Looking for another stories. It's about a guy who gets this weird packet that when combined with green jello it turns into a slime girl. In one of the later chapters, his girlfriend shows up and joins in.


Here's hoping you get this before it expires.


There was one I used to love called, I think, "The Crucifixion of Eleanor" about a young girl with a fetish for crucifixion who gets her wish!


>Crucifixion of Eleanor
Maybe this, from 2012 by Anon:

Sweet young Helena stood twirling her small tunic beside the edge of the road, peering up against the sun and gazing with rapt attention. Looming over her- a forest of crosses, each supporting its helpless naked victim, heaving and gasping in the heat. Crucifixion looked like so much work, an endless and futile struggle to remain alive while slowly suffocating above the pedestrians.

Sweat poured off the little boy nearest to Helena. His ribs pumped over his thin belly and he wiggled his way up the cross, gasping and struggling before gravity pulled his slender, feminine body back down. His small erection bounced with his movements, the cross demanded so much effort from him and he kept working, squirming his graceful form up and down, up and down.

Later Helena wandered among the crosses, gazing upon the helpless and struggling victims, all naked and all unable to rest until the cross inevitably finished its slow, suffocating work. Pretty girls her age wiggled and flexed their thin, pubescent bodies, nailed firmly to the wood and helpless to free themselves from the excruciating effort of breathing.

Helena's stiff, dark nipples tented her small garment and she shuddered with a strange and guilty thrill at their helplessness, and their slowly deepening misery. Knots throbbed in her nervous belly and wetness gathered between her soft young thighs, smooth and slender in her blooming youth. She moaned quietly and masturbated beneath the shade of a teenage girl's cross nearby.

Reaching the end, she knocked upon the executioner's heavy, towering door and stood patiently in the meager shade of the roof. Heat rippled along the horizon and she gulped with dread. Moaning boys and girls surrounded her, the door opened and a single guard ushered her inside.

"Hello?" she squeaked submissively, twirling her butt-length tunic again.

"Come in child," a voice called from the end of the columned hall.

"Sir? I'd like to be added to the forest."

"I am confused, who sent you here?"

"Myself sir, I want to go up there."

Eventually they met an understanding and the head of executions led her along the path. Helpless, exhausted victims moaned and heaved and their naked bodies thrilled Helena to the core of her slender body. They found an empty spot with a hole for the base of her cross, and the head of executions stopped his young guest with a hand to her thin, fluttering belly.

"I'm going to take your clothes off, so you can die naked and dishonored," he said.

She gulped and said "Yes sir," blushing a deep crimson. Soon the director would see her throbbing clitoris, and so would the rest of the town, including any friends and family passing along the road. She would now give up her freedom to join the doomed ranks of the naked condemned. No more dignity for poor Helena!

The executioner placed his hands on her slight shoulders and slid the straps of her tunic aside. The tiny garment fell off her thin body and her graceful, pubescent shape revealed itself. Her budding breasts pricked with perky excitement and she began to breathe heavily while the Executioner held her waist. "Pretty one, aren't you?"

"I suppose sir," she said softly.

"Let's get you up there with the rest ok?" He held her elf-like face in his hand and tilted her chin up to meet his gaze. She looked away but he said "Look at me" and she obeyed dutifully, lifting her chocolate eyes to meet his. He kissed her small mouth and she moaned with childish lust blooming on her face. "Good girl" he said, ruffling her hair and smiling.

She grinned bashfully while two guards held her nude body and spread her out on the horizontal cross, aligning her wrists and ankles where they'd soon be nailed into place. Helena looked at the hole where her cross would stand, and shuddered with dreadful excitement. The aroused little tween rubbed her smooth thighs together and whimpered quietly.

"You'll spend the rest of your short life nailed to this cross," the executioner said.

Helena moaned "Thank you," tensing for the agony of her nails. They hammered her in and she screamed, the finality of her decision settled upon her while waves of pain rippled through her attractive young body. Her fingers curled into claws, tensed by the nails through her tendons and nerves. "Oww!" she whimpered, panting in agony.

"Shh," the doctor whispered. "That's a good girl, we'll get you up there soon, be patient baby girl."

"It hurts!" she said.

"Those will hurt for the rest of your life, then you'll gently die. Our laws sentence all who would rescue you to death, do not hope for salvation but rather try to accept your slow, painful destruction. Your lungs will give out after two or three days struggling."

"I'm afraid," she moaned.

"As you should be, strange girl. This will be horrible." He gave her plump young pussy an affectionate slap, the pinned girl jumped slightly and wiggled on her cross, clenching her thighs together. The tender meat of her budding womanhood blushed a bright pink.

She moaned in despair as they began to lift her cross, raising her into the hot sun. Three days of tireless struggle lay ahead, then she would suffocate naked for all to see. Her cute little body slid down the wood, then with a shudder her cross slid into place and stood erect while she sagged from her pinned wrists, unable to exhale.

"Enjoy your stay, baby girl." The executioner kissed her pussy and with a cunning lick teased her throbbing clitoris. The naked child wiggled and tried to close her thighs, but the nails angled her feet so she could not force her knees to meet. All would see her virgin pussy while she slowly died.

Helena looked around at all the naked victims sagging around her, fighting for breath, sliding up and down their crosses and contorting their pinned bodies desperately. She'd just joined their ranks and would now die here like the rest, jeered at from the road and lusted after by shameless adults. The horny young child moaned and began to wriggle her way up the cross for the first of many tortured breaths.


Thank you :-D


Hey, I'm interested in finding a story posted on the original Gurochan, in the ballpark of maybe 2010 (I could be way off though). It seems to be in one of Wayback's blind spots. I think it had a title like "Auctioning Emily" or "Amanda's Auction", or something like that.

The plot is something along the lines of a girl falling behind on rent and so her landlord (or some debt collector) is arranging to have her auctioned off in pieces. It never really gets anywhere (author never finished it I think, basically just a prologue chapter) but it was still good, so if anyone has any better luck finding it, I'd be grateful.



Here it is:

[Anon] Auctioning Emily [2012]

"Guys!" the pretty college girl wiggled, "I'm losing circulation!" she grunted and swayed from the ceiling.

"So basically we're auctioning her off," Jake resumed, leaning on the wall and smiling at his guest. "Emily missed five months rent, but she's got a damn fine body huh?" He feigned nonchalance and shrugged his bathrobe over his shoulders. Emily's perfect, naked body dangled in the background and she moaned in dismay, shaking in her chains and kicking her feet above the floor.

"So what Jake, how does this work?" The raven-haired beauty cocked her head, scanning Emily's trim form, "We bid for specific body parts and you carve them off? Can I bid for the entire girl?"

"No no, Emily's going out in pieces. We can't legally sell the whole girl, that's slavery you know?" He smiled and Emily grunted angrily, red-faced with shame and frustration. Her boobs swayed like pert little melons, softly veined and sensitive. She breathed heavily, tender sex organs on display for the visitor's appraisal.

"I like her bald little pussy," the visitor smirked, wandering slowly closer to the squirming, whimpering meatlet. Velma ran her hands along Emily's belly and purred softly, "I always knew you'd have a pretty pussy, Emily. Those perfect hip proportions give you away sweety-pie." She gently nibbled the soft skin of Emily's belly, licking the belly button and chuckling with hot breath.

"Stop it Velma," Emily moaned.

"Listen to that voice!" Velma laughed, "See her gulping back tears! Emily you look so pretty when you cry, your little button nose blushes pink and those round eyes sparkle with baby tears," Velma cooed, gently toying with Emily's boobs. The humiliated girl wiggled uselessly, displaying her tender meat for Velma's enjoyment.

"Don't buy anything Velma!" Emily said, with shrill urgency in her childish voice.

"What part of this little girl…" Velma smiled and caressed Emily's body, "Shall I leave with? Her fat pussy lips maybe?" Velma brushed a thumb along Emily's mouth, stroking the girl's soft cheek and tracing the slender jawline. "Maybe we'll carve out that asshole huh? What do you say Emily, should I carve out your little asshole?"

"No," Emily whispered, softly swaying in her chains. "Please don't carve out my asshole Velma."

"I'll take her asshole Jake, fetch your equipment. I'm gonna order a few other things too, she's just too cute!"

"No!" Emily screamed, wriggling and crying tears of indignant shame. "You can't just do that Velma! You can't just carve me up like beef at the butcher shop! Jake!" Emily grunted and clenched her fists in their manacles, sniffling and trembling. "Tell Jake to put his stuff away, tell him Velma!"

Jake came back with a horrible, glowing blade and another, bizarre contraption festooned with screws and gears and serrated edges. The second one began to whirr and spin, machine sounds and grinding metal gnashing cold, steel teeth. Sparks flew.

"No no no! Jake!" Emily screamed, thrashing furiously. "Put that thing away!"

"What else do you want?" Jake said, "You pay by the pound or by the ounce, we'll grade as appropriate." Jake stood beside Velma, admiring Emily's wiggling body and nursing half an erection. "She is a real cutie, isn't she?"

"Jake," Velma smiled coldly, "I want her lower jaw too. Not the tongue, just her lower jaw." She laughed, "Let's leave her speechless!" Velma began to masturbate subtly through her short dress, breathing and moaning softly. "And I want both her thumbs."

"These are expensive parts you're ordering, some of the most valuable bits off a girl. You take her lower jaw and we can't sell the whole head anymore, I'll have to charge a lot. At least $400 for the jaw alone, another $200 for her asshole, and we'll say $40 for both her thumbs." Jake quietly cleared his throat, "And that's non-negotiable, Velma. Take the price or leave it."

Velma looked at Jake, and in the background Emily wiggled between their noses. "I'll pay your prices, Jake. I'll take as much of Emily's body as I can afford. I want to cook her asshole like calamari, and turn her thumbs into little vibrators." Velma placed her soft hand on Jake's shoulder and pulled him closer, smiling like a spider.

Someone knocked on the door. Jake left Velma and with a sudden smile greeted the bright hallway outside. "We heard you've got Emily for sale?" the nerdy male voice said quietly, almost too quiet for Emily to hear. "I know I'm jumping the gun a little," the Computer Science major squeezed into the room and loudly took off his coat, "But I'd like to place a bid on Emily's tits? Can I do that sir?"

Jake shrugged and their shadows shifted upon the wall, "Sure bud, Wallace was it?"

"And my friend Herby over here," Wallace said, ushering an overweight, long-haired fellow into the apartment. "We're bidding together," he smiled, then with a gesture declared "We want those tits! One for each of us!"

Jake laughed heartily, "Alright man, place your bids." Commotion built in the hallway, voices gathered. Emily felt many eyes on her naked body, some lustful and others hungry. Velma circled around and with a low sigh began to kiss between Emily's shoulder blades, nibbling slowly higher to breathe softly on the nape of Emily's neck.

Emily felt Velma's cool hands on her inner hips, slowly sliding down into the moist, pink plumpness of her girlhood. "Good girl," Velma whispered, "So good, so sweet…" She began to masturbate the dangling meatlet, kissing her neck and rolling her clitoris between expert fingers. Emily mewed and hung her head in shame. "Tasty little girl, so nervous and turned on," Velma purred, raping her adorable classmate with skillful hands. "Should have payed your rent baby girl."



Thank you!


Looking for a star wars fic where kylo rapes and kills his subordinates, and Phasma covers it up. Don't even know if it was ever posted here, but I cant find it anywhere at all.


I don't have it, sorry.


I want to find The Many Deaths of Julie, particularly The Lizards.



There were a couple I enjoyed a few years ago - one was called "Evelina's Redemption" and there was another by the same author about a small community's unorthodox solution to a meat shortage.


I love you


I have it from 2012^^


Looking for a story as well. I can't remember the name or the date, but I can explain what I remember of the plot. I'm not even sure it was posted here to be honest. Anyway, if someone had a link or even just a title, it would be cool.

It was about a teenager boy, young adult maybe, he was in a restaurant or fast-food with his parents but while they were here he somehow got in contact with a waitress through a mobile app. I think the main purpose of the app was to find suicide helpers of something like that. Anyway the protag leaves his parents after announcing them what's gonna happen, the mother was angry and wouldn't let him go until the father said that it was his choice, etc.


I think it is it^^

[Immortalsane] Ethel Gets A Tip

Ethel (it was her great-grandmother’s name) pulled her phone out of her pocket at the sound of a little chime. The distinctive tone was for a new hook-up app she’d downloaded a few days ago. Unlike the others she’d used previously, this one had the distinct advantage of getting right to the heart of her interests.

Hi, was all the message said.

The twenty-two year old waitress rolled her eyes. She flicked the screen to get a look at the profile. No picture, no profile, not even an age, just a preference list, and a screen name. She snorted in annoyance and shoved the phone back in her pocket. Her profile clearly stated that she didn’t talk to blanks, not that anyone ever read the damn thing. Well…some did. And those had been fun. But the vast majority had been a waste of time. If it weren’t for the happy few, she’d have deleted the app by now.

She stacked a plate on one arm, then another on the other, and then picked up one more in either hand before heading out to table fifteen to drop their order.

“Ok, folks,” she said with a practiced smile, “That’s one short stack with sunny side up and bacon, one double cheeseburger with seasoned fries, one Colorado omelet, and one Ceasar salad. Can I get you anything else?”

They shook their heads and thanked her for their meals. Well, most of them did. The boy kid, looked maybe thirteen and miserable with it, had his head buried in his phone. His fingers were flying across the screen and he seemed to be making every effort not to look at her. She suppressed a chuckle when his father reached over and waved a hand over the phone.


“Um, thanks, yeah, no I’m good,” he muttered. The offending hand pulled away from his phone as his father sighed. His fingers resumed flickering.

“Sorry,” the dad mouthed.

Ethel grinned and smiled to show she didn’t mind. She turned away to head back to the kitchen, and saw the boy’s fingers stop moving abruptly out of the corner of her eye.


She almost jumped out of her skin as the app sounded off again. She forced herself not to look over her shoulder until she was most of the restaurant away. The boy was watching her from under a fringe of bangs, face slightly red. Surely not…

She stepped into the kitchen and pulled her phone out, swiping the lock screen straight into the app.

Sorry, I meant to send more but my Dad wanted me to order something. I’m Josh, I’m thirteen, and I think you’re really pretty. I noticed on your profile that you don’t have a lower age limit, so I thought I’d message you. Sorry for being a blank profile, I just downloaded it today and haven’t set it up yet. Um, do you do any public? I’m down for anything you want to do. Oh, I’m the kid you just delivered a cheeseburger to. Sorry, I’m super shy.

Ethel grinned. Hmmm… as much as she wanted to, she was on shift… Sorry sweetie, she tapped out, it’s not that you’re not cute, but I’m at work.

She glanced over at the orders up and snagged a chicken fried steak for one of her tables. She delivered it, but her smile was a facade this time, and she found herself glancing in his direction. She hadn’t been lying about him being cute…

Her phone dinged again while she was making the rounds doing refills. She felt a little surge of anticipation, and realized with a private grin that she was open to being talked into a little action. Have to be a hell of a pitch, though.

It was ten minutes before she got a chance to check her phone again, but fortunately the restaurant wasn’t too busy, and her section was emptying out as tables cashed out. She said a private thanks to the universe that her job didn’t include cashiering, the owner preferring to have a trusted manager or hostess run the register rather than allow underpaid waitstaff the temptation of getting near money. Cynical as all hell, and a fairly rude assumption since it was the owner’s choice to pay slave wages, but at least it meant she didn’t have to be running up to the register in addition to everything else her job entailed.

She popped the app open, and grinned, relieved for once to someone hadn’t taken the first no. Now that things were quieting down…

Look, I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m really down for anything. My grades just came in and I heard my Dad talking about repurposing me if they drop any lower. I don’t want to end up in a butchery or working a road crew the rest of my life. Please? Help me go out on my terms?

Ethel felt a shiver of sympathy to go with a stiffening between her legs. The moment she’d heard about the government subsidized app SnuffMe, meant to hook up the adventurous, sadistic, or thrill seekers with those wanting assistance with self termination, she’d downloaded it. Up til then, she’d been trawling through various dating apps looking for her fix, but now, they came to her!

Her hand slid down to grip her stiffening hardon, and she grinned. And no more surprises there, either. The app actually had options for various stages of MtF transition, so partners seeking her out knew going in that they weren’t going to get any cunt in the bargain. She grimaced. Now, if only she could sidestep the folks that wanted to snuff an MtF, she’d be golden.

Pushing that thought aside, she tapped out a response. Careful, kiddo. “Anything” covers a lot of ground. What if I wanted to, say, dismember you?

She glanced out the kitchen door, and found Joshua’s table. She watched him look at his phone and tap out a response. She couldn’t tell if his face had changed or not, but his posture had grown a little straighter, she thought.

Her phone dinged and she looked down again.

*Gulp* Um, I mean…well, that’d be terrifying, tbh. But…I really mean anything I guess. I hope it wouldn’t hurt too much, but…I just don’t want to go home tonight. If they didn’t cost so much, and if there was one in walking distance, I’d use a term booth, but…beggars can’t be choosers. So…as long as I end up snuffed, I guess it doesn’t matter how you do it. But, um, if it could not hurt, that’d be awesome?

Ethel bit her lip, hand in her apron pocket, clutching her cock as it rose to full mast. The possibilities were immensely hot, but if she was honest, she didn’t really want to make the kid suffer. She just liked killing people. Although…

OK. Do you want me to come get you, or do you want to just meet me out back?

She stepped out of the kitchen and snagged Brett, one of the waiters on shift. “Hey, I’m taking my break, cover for me?”

Brett glanced at her section, which now comprised only three tables, one of whom was nursing a pot of coffee. “Oh, god, you want so much of me,” he deadpanned. “However will I cope.”

Ethel snorted. “Thanks, Brett”

“Hey, just gimme a smoke when I go on break and we’ll call it even,” he said with a grin.

“Jesus, Brett, don’t you ever buy your own?”

He laughed and started for the kitchen. “Hell no, those things are expensive!”

Ethel laughed and shook her head. Her phone dinged and she glanced down at the screen.

I’m too nervous. Come get me or I’ll never get up the nerve, please?

She nodded and stepped back in the kitchen, slapping her palm against the time clock long enough for it to register and clock her out for lunch, before heading for the drinks station. A minute later she set down three refills on the family’s table. “Doing ok, folks?” she asked, heart pounding.

They nodded. She took a deep breath. “Mind if I borrow him?” she asked pointing at Josh.

Blank stares met her question. The mother froze, fork halfway to her lips, and blinked. “I…beg your pardon?” she asked.

Ethel put on her best service smile. Her cock was twitching and pounding in her shorts at the thought of taking the kid away from his family, literally, with their full knowledge. “Oh, he’s been chatting with me on SnuffMe, the government hookup app for termies. I figure as long as we’re slow, I’ll take him out back and end him.”

They stared at her in shock for a moment, and the mother dropped her fork. “Joshua Andrew Matheson-”

“Felicity,” his father said sharply, placing a hand on her arm. She snapped a glare at him, but cut off her impending tirade. He looked at Josh measuringly. “Is it true?”

Josh nodded without looking up.


The boy cleared his throat, hands clenched together.

“He heard you might be repurposing him,” Ethel put in quietly.

His father glanced at her, and then back at Josh. “I see. And what, you decided to take yourself out first?”

Josh nodded.

His father stared at him, eyes narrowed, for a few heartbeats and then smiled a little. “I can respect that.”

Josh twitched and looked at his father for the first time. “You…really?”

“Michael-” Felicity began, the color draining from her face.

“Boy’s made a decision, Felicity,” Michael said firmly. “If he’s man enough to decide to go out on his own terms rather than making us argue and agonize over it while his grades keep dropping, then who are we to argue with him getting a little help going through with it.”

He held his hand out to his son, who took it, looking like he’d seen a ghost. Michael gave his son a firm handshake. “Goodbye, son. And good for you.”

Josh smiled shyly and squeezed his dad’s hand before standing up. He hugged his sister, who looked annoyed. “Bye, sis,” he said softly.

“You couldn’t have, like, done this at school or something?” she muttered.

He laughed. “If it makes you feel better, now you get my room. And your pick of my stuff.”

She grinned. “Fair enough. Later, lil bro.”

He stepped around the table and his mother caught his arm. She looked like she’d swallowed something nasty. “Couldn’t you…couldn’t you just hang yourself? Or maybe a term booth, we’ll pay.”

Josh blinked and reddened. “I…uh…”

Michael chuckled. “Felicity, the boy wants a beautiful woman to snuff him, not a bolt gun wielding robot.”

Felicity winced and gave Ethel a dark look. “Exactly what do you have in mind?”

Michael groaned. “Woman! That is between them!” He winked at Josh, and made a shooing motion. “Go. I’ll hold Her Smotherness off whilst you flee.”

His sister choked abruptly and began coughing into her hand while Ethel grinned and grabbed Josh by the arm, dragging the slightly stunned boy away from his spluttering mother, and saucily grinning father. She led him out the employee entrance at the back and into the alley way. She let go of him once outside and pulled up the legalese portion of the app on her phone.

“OK, I need you to…” She looked up to find him staring at the wall blankly. “Hey, hello? You still in there?” She asked, waving a hand in front of his face.

He jumped. “S-Sorry. I just…it’s been awhile since my Dad was proud of me.” His eyes took on an urgent look. “Um, listen, I’m not going back on it or anything, but if you happen to let it slip that you had your way with me and maybe forget to mention that you have a cock…” his eyes widened and he paled. “Not that I mind…I mean…and I don’t mean…I’m not expecting sex, I just…”

Ethel snorted and put a hand on his shoulder. “Relax, kid. I’m about to kill you, you’re not going to offend me. And I get it, ok? I’m perfectly fine with letting your dad think you went out a straight stud.”

He blushed. “Thanks,” he murmured. “Sorry for spazzing.”

“No worries. Now, you know how this works?”

He gulped and nodded.

“OK, so thumb on the reader,” she said, holding up her phone. He pressed his thumb to the little scanner and it pinged. “And again to confirm.” He repeated the gesture and it pinged again. “K, and now we just,” she held the phone to his shoulder and thumbed the scanner twice. It let out a little fanfare, which she thought was a tad over the top, and the screen showed that his citizen chip had changed status to ‘assisted self-termination’ and she grinned, “and you’re officially dead. Now we just have to actually do the deed.”

He paled and took a deep, shuddering breath. He firmed up his jaw and managed to keep his voice from quaking too badly as he asked, “How do you want me?”

Ethel reached up and ran her thumb over his lower lip. “Naked, for starters.”

Josh nodded shakily. He stepped out of his shoes and pushed his pants down to his ankles with sharp, jerky gestures. As he stepped out of his pants, he pulled his shirt up over his head, leaving him in just his sock and briefs. There was no art, no seduction to his movements, just a boy getting undressed who happened to be shaking a little. He reached down to pull off a sock and flailed for a second before she steadied him. He shot her a grateful look and then pulled off his socks one after the other. He took a deep breath and fingered his briefs for a second, before shoving them down with a determined movement, stepping out of them as well.

Ethel stepped back and looked him over with an appraising eye. He wasn’t muscular, but he wasn’t out of shape. He had a little pudge building up for a growth spurt, or left over after one, and it gave him a soft, boyish look. He was still mostly hairless, just a few wisps coming in over his cock. And that was standing half up under her gaze, a decent size for a boy his age. His hands twitched with the obvious urge to cover himself, and she smiled. She reached out and took his cock in her hand, rolling it and feeling it firm up almost instantly as he gasped.

“So,” she said with a grin, stepping forward and reaching up to entwine her fingers in his hair, “answer me honestly: was I just the first one to pop up on your radar, or did my cock have anything to do with your interest?”

He blushed. “Um…you were the first I was interested in who looked like you might do kids? And the fact that you had a cock was, um, I mean-”

Ethel grinned wider and tightened her grip on his hair, tilting his head back and leaning down until their noses touched. He shivered and his cock throbbed in her hand, his eyes widening. “Let me rephrase that: I’m going to get off in you. The question is, am I going to fuck your dying body, or fuck your dead body?”

Josh gulped. “Is, uh, I mean…I’d like…”

She arched an eyebrow at him and squeezed his cock, hard. He yelped and stuttered out, “F-F-Fuck me f-first p-please!”

She laughed and tilted his head, licking his jaw up to his ear. “Now, was that so hard?” she murmured in his ear. He shuddered as she used her grip on his hair to pull him down to his knees, letting go of his cock as she did so. She pulled her apron around her waist, sliding it until it fell behind her, and mashed his face into her groin. He gasped at feeling her hard on pressing into his cheek.

“Take it out,” she purred, heart racing at the sight of the cute kid on his knees in front of her.

He licked his lips and reached up to undo her shorts. He managed to get them unbuttoned and unzipped with only minimal struggling from his shaking hands, and tugged them down slightly to get at her panties. Since her apron covered her up, she tended to wear men’s bikini’s at work for comfort and the bright red underwear were already sporting a little wet spot. He reached into her waistband and gently tugged it out, lifting it over her cock, freeing it. It slid down to point straight out at his face, slapping him gently since she kept him from pulling away.

“You like it?” she asked softly, rubbing his face against it.

He blushed crimson and nodded.

“Good. Now, you’re going to suck it. And so you don’t half ass it, be aware that the entire thing is going in your ass, so it’s in your best interests to get as much spit on as much of it as possible,” she said with a wicked grin.

Josh shivered and nodded. He reached up and wrapped a hand around it. To be fair, Ethel privately admitted, some combination of early hormone treatment and genetics meant that it wasn’t a monster. It was only six inches long and about an inch and a half in diameter. A slender, ladylike cock. But the knowledge that she was going to kill the kid made it hard as nails, and she fully intended to fuck him good.

He licked his lips and took the head in his mouth and she hissed with pleasure. He had soft, full lips, and they felt and looked every bit as amazing as she’d hoped they would wrapped around her. She relaxed her grip on his hair slightly, giving him a bit more freedom of movement to see what he would do.

Josh suckled at the tip for a moment or two, belatedly bringing his tongue to the party with a hesitant swipe at the underside of her head. Then he let out a sharp breath and just fucking went for it. Ethel groaned as he reached up and grabbed her hips, pulling himself onto her cock in one motion, his nose tapping her smooth groin.

It was a mistake on his part, and one he realized immediately when he gagged sharply. Ethel let out a breathy laugh as he jerked back coughing. “Points for bravery,” she panted, grinning. “Try and swallow as it hits your throat.”

He coughed a bit more, nodding, and then gamely tried again. He went much slower this time, but that only meant he gagged sooner. Ethel grinned and held him in place, feeling him spasm around her cock, eyes drifting half closed as she enjoyed it. It wasn’t often she made someone gag with her cock, and she thoroughly enjoyed the sensation, sight, and sound of it.

“Mmm…actually,” she murmured as she pulled him back off to let him cough. “I think I’m just going to fuck your throat for a bit. Tap my leg if you think you’re going to toss, k?”

He nodded, opening his mouth wide even as he struggled to suppress the coughing. She shivered at his easy submission and slammed home again, groaning as his throat twitched and jerked around her. She fucked his face for a pleasant few minutes wit a dreamy smile on her lips while he gurgled and choked, staring up at her red faced with watering eyes, his hands on her hips. She was seriously contemplating whether she could choke him to death with her cock when she felt an urgent tapping on her leg.

She pulled out and let go of his head, skipping out of the potential line of fire. He fell to his hands and knees and coughed, trembling from head to toe. The coughing fit passed as she watched him, admiring the faint sheen sweat leant to his skin. “Better?”

He nodded and straightened up. She grinned at seeing his cock standing straight up against his stomach. She reached down and fondled it, whispering in his ear, “I think someone enjoyed being used as a fuck sleeve.”

Josh cleared his throat and nodded, his face red, though from the choking or embarrassment she couldn’t say.

She laughed softly. “Lay on your back and pull your knees up to your chest.”

He obeyed, and she stood over him, looking down at his soft young form, cock throbbing with anticipation. I’m going to fuck that, she thought, head spinning with lust, I’m going to be his first and last.

She reached behind her and fished in her apron, pulling out her smokes and a lighter. She lit up, and then reached down to fish amongst his clothes. She could swear…there! Triumphantly, she pulled a studded scene kid belt off his pants. Even better for her purpose, as she examined it she realized it had been customized. It had his name on the back, the steel studs painted with lurid red nail polish, and what looked like nerdy cufflinks were pressed through the unused holes. There were a couple of pendants hanging from rivets that were clearly added by punching into the leather, one a video game symbol she recognized, one some fan thing she didn’t.

He paled and bit his lip at the sight of it. She cocked her head in momentary confusion, and then chuckled. “Relax, kid, I ain’t goin’ to beat ya’.” She winced inwardly as her slight southern drawl came out in her excitement.

She kicked his clothes into a pile between his legs and knelt down on them. Then she tucked her smoke into her lips, and reached down to place the belt around his neck. His eyes widened in understanding as she settled the impromptu noose into place. “There we go,” she murmured with a smile. She took a few more drags off her cigarette, and then stubbed it out on the pavement beside them. With a wink to him, she tugged her shirt up, tucking it behind her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra, since her tits were fairly small, and he gulped at the sudden sight of naked woman flesh.

She sat up and spit on his exposed hole. She reached down and pushed her spit into him with a finger, watching him wince a little at the slight stretch. She spat a few more times, working her finger in and out a little more until she thought she could get inside him. Then she grabbed her cock and placed the tip at his entrance. She locked eyes with him, grinning fiercely, heart tripping out a mad staccato, and rolled her hips, forcing her way into him a few inches.

Josh yelped and his grip on the back of his knees tightened. He squirmed in place, biting his lip as she slid deeper and deeper into him. Ethel let out a soft moan of contentment when her hips met his ass, all of her encased in hot, tight, virgin boy. Josh’s head fell back, face screwed up and eyes closed. Ethel adjusted her grip on the belt and leaned forward to nuzzle at the join of his throat and shoulder. “You feel amazing, kiddo. I’m going to seriously enjoy feeling you die on my cock.”

Josh shuddered and his ass spasmed around her at her words. He opened his eyes and managed a small smile. “Th-thanks, I guess?”

She pulled on the belt, just enough to start the blood pooling in his head, and leaned up, nibbling at his ear. She lid a hand between them and encircled his cock, squeezing and tugging gently. He gasped at that and she smiled, starting to roll her hips, micro fucking him. “That turn you on?” she murmured in his ear. “Hearing me talk about killing you for fun?”

He shivered and whispered, “Y-yeah.”

She chuckled throatily, and licked at his jaw. “Good. Bet you never thought it would end like this, huh? Naked in an alley with a tranny cock up your ass, getting strangled with your own belt.”

His cock jumped and his ass clenched again and he started to pant. “No,” he whispered softly.

“Tell me,” she breathed as she started to lengthen her strokes. “Tell me what you wanted to be, what you thought life would be like?”

He shuddered. “I w-wanted t-to b-be a t-teacher.”

She groaned and sat up a little, stroking his cock in time with her thrusts, using it as leverage to start fucking him in earnest, pulling almost three quarters of the way out before bottoming out with each stroke, keeping an even steady pace. “Teaching what?”

He shivered and whispered, “E-English. I-I like w-writing.”

She arched her back and leaned down to suckle at one of his nipples, nipping at it as he gasped and squirmed. “Any good?”

Josh swallowed, his head starting to feel a little heavy from the belt around his neck. “I-I w-won a s-state e-essay contest this year.”

Ethel laughed breathily. “I’ve never killed an author. Matheson, right?” She sat up and kissed him gently on the lower lip, admiring the way his mouth gaped unconsciously in his darkening face. “I think I’ll have to hunt down that essay.”

His eyes widened. “R-Really?”

“Mmm,” she grinned. “Yeah. Print it out, cum all over it, and frame it on my wall.”

His cock jerked sharply in her hand and she chuckled. “Hell, I might cum just from reading it.”

He licked his lips. His face was brick red now, and his eyes were starting to flicker. She eased up on the belt slightly. Hot as the look was, she didn’t want to send him out accidentally. “Why?” he asked hoarsely.

She leaned down and nuzzled his face. “Because,” she whispered. “I’ll know that the kid who wrote it? The kid who beat out everyone else in the state for that award? The kid with all that potential? I fucked that kid to death in an alley.”

He gasped and shuddered, his cock pulsing and throbbing. His ass was sucking at her, and she knew he was getting close. She sat up and looked down at his face, a broad smile on her own, enjoying the slightly shocked, aroused look on he wore. “I love it,” she said softly, dreamily. “Knowing that all you could be, all you could have done, I took away. Before now, my favorite kill was a girl that failed her doctoral exam. All that potential gone when I slammed her cunt while I held her head under in a public pool, killing her while a lifeguard watched.”

He was panting and shaking now, and she could feel his orgasm coming. She leaned in closer, smile widening. “But you are going to be hard to top. You know why?”

Josh shook his head slightly.

Ethel tightened the belt again, feeling her own climax beginning to build. “At least she had a chance. You? You had all the possibility, all the potential in the world, and you’re never going to even get a chance to use it.”

She kissed his forehead, thrusts speeding up and she groaned out, “Because instead of becoming a writer, or a teacher, you…are going to be a nice, memorable orgasm,” she panted as she suddenly yanked on the belt, eyes locked to his as he strangled in earnest, “and then I’m going to throw your corpse in the dumpster and go back to work.”

He let out a faint, breathless keening noise, and shuddered. She felt his cock spasm sharply and his ass clamped down as little jets of boy cum hit her abdomen. She forced herself to keep her thrusting steady, watching for the moment the light faded from his eyes, wanting to cum as he died.

“And the…best…part,” she panted, grabbing his left leg as his grip loosened, pinning it to his chest and using it for leverage to keep fucking him, “is that…I’m going to…serve your mother drinks…” she whispered leaning down, eye to eye with him, “and the whole time…I’ll be thinking…about how I…fucked and strangled her kid…with the hands that pour her Coke.”

She watched as that last raised one final spark inside him. She felt another jet of boy cum spatter against her as his ass clenched weakly around her. His eyes went dark and she lost it, thrusting violently twice before shooting into him. She fought the urge to collapse, pushing herself up to sit on her feet. She shoved him off her cock and hauled on the belt, pulling him against her while keeping tension on the belt. Wouldn’t do to have him recover, after all. She scooted over to put her back to the dumpster, dragging his twitching body with her, and then looped the belt over her shoulder and down across her back bandolier style, so she could hold tension on it by keeping her her hand down at her side instead of pulling up and out. The position put his head on her shoulder, and she snuggled with her gruesome teddy bear as she fished a cigarette out and lit it.

She smoked contentedly, running her hands over his flesh, enjoying the feeling of life fading. He was already gone, his body just didn’t know it yet. She kneaded and stroked his skin, cupping his ass, waiting for…there. That moment when the vitality, the life vanished and his flesh turned from supple body to dead meat. She looked down at his face and Frenched his gaping, blue lips, tongue entwining with his limp one, and sat back to keep the pressure on until she finished her smoke. Overkill, maybe, but she owed it to him to make sure.

Five minutes later, she stood up, shoving the corpse off her. She hauled it up by the belt and a thigh, and rolled it over the edge of the dumpster. She meant to just drop it in, but at the last second, she grinned. She grabbed it by the hair and worked the belt loose, gasping softly at the sight of the deep grooves it made. She definitely wanted to kill that way again and, well, why buy a new killing belt when this one made such a distinctive trophy?

She gathered up the pile of clothes and used the shirt to wipe herself off, then tossed them in on top of the corpse along with the shoes. Then she slapped her forehead and pulled the pants back out, fishing through them to retrieve the phone she knew was in the back pocket. She whistled and congratulated herself on her foresight when she got a good look at it. This model had only been out a couple months, and it was a high end phone. The family would definitely want it, maybe to turn it back in and end a possible lease, or at least sell it onward if they didn’t keep it.

Ethel spent a moment straightening up, tucking everything back where it was supposed to be. On a whim, she slid the belt through the loops of her shorts. It barely fit, but it fit nonetheless. A sadistic impulse made her hike her apron down so the belt was visible before she slid the phone into her apron.

The door banged open and she turned to find Brett sticking his head out. “How much can you smoke, woman?”

Ethel laughed. “What makes you think I was just smoking?”

He cocked an eyebrow and looked at her closely. “Nice belt.”

“I like it.”

“You weren’t wearing it when you clocked on.”

“Why Brett, are you looking at my ass again?” she asked, playing coy, grinning in the flush of watching him figure it out. So exciting to know other people knew about her hobby, doubly so that it was perfectly legal.

A light went off in his eyes. “Wasn’t there a Goth kid at one of your tables wearing a belt like that?”

“Well, there was…”

“O…k…” Brett leaned against the door, eyebrows going up. “And he gave you his belt?”

“Sort of. He’s not using it anymore,” she said, reaching out and thumping her hand against the dumpster, a huge shit eating grin on her face.

Brett stared at her and then he laughed, shaking his head. “Gimme a smoke, woman, and I won’t tell the boss that you’re snuffing customers on break.”

She giggled and pulled out her pack, handing it to him as she walked to the door. “I swear I wasn’t going to, but then my section died, and god he was cute.”

Brett stepped forward and let the door fall closed a bit, blocking her way. He pulled out a smoke and lit it, puffing at it while eyeing her.

Ethel drew up short, watching him watch her. “What?”

“You snuff kids?”

She swallowed. “Look, I’m not-”

Brett grinned. “Chill, woman, I’m not calling you a monster.”

She felt some tension ease out of her shoulders. “Then what?”

He looked down at his cigarette. “I’ve got a cousin, sixteen, sweet kid. Not dumb, but she doesn’t try all that hard at anything.” He took a long drag and smiled at nothing. “Mostly because she’s got a deathwish. But, get this, she wants it to be special. Not as in, ‘I love you, please snuff me’ special, but special like, out of the ordinary.”

Ethel’s mouth twisted. “I’m not sure I want to be the one to snuff her because she thinks I’m freak enough.”

Brett snorted. “Ethy, I’m not saying you should snuff her because you’re trans, I’m saying you should meet her, and then figure out if you can go crazy enough to get her where she wants to go. Because it might be a good time for you, and the girl is crazy.”

“Oh. Reeeally,” Ethel said softly, mind turning. She arched an eyebrow. “And what makes you think I’m that crazy?”

Brett grinned and shrugged. “I don’t, necessarily. But you’re a good friend, and a nice person, and I think if you’re willing and able, I would rather she went out by someone I know would give a damn, and not some random asshole who happens to win her ‘who’s the biggest, nuttiest sadist I can find’ lottery.”

Ethel laughed. “Ok, fair. Look, we’ll do drinks and talk more about this maybe. Right now,” she glanced at her watch, “I’ve got two minutes to clock back in.”

Brett nodded and stepped aside, opening the door for her. “Place is dead right now anyhow, so the boss shouldn’t jump down your throat, but…”

She winked. “Better on the clock than yelled at.”

He laughed and nodded as she hustled through the door, making it to the clock and slapping her palm on the reader with a minute to spare. She glanced out at her section and her heart jumped at seeing the family was still there. Their drinks were still full, but…she fingered the phone in her pocket. She grabbed their check off the table by the door.

She stepped out and walked across the floor. The sister saw her coming first, and even better, she saw the teenager double take when she glanced down and saw her brother’s belt. That got her parents looking and Ethel crossed the last fifteen feet to their table with three sets of eyes on her, one curious, one locked on her waist, and one trying desperately to burn her to ashes by sheer force of will. She wasn’t entirely sure how this was going to go, but her inner exhibitionist was screaming at her to flaunt the fact that she’d literally just minutes ago snuffed their son and brother.

Before she could say anything, his sister piped up. “Is that Josh’s belt?”

Ethel’s hand fell to it and she stroked it lightly, possessively, her excitement at showing off making it almost a sexual gesture. “Yeah. It became really special to me recently.” She grinned. “I don’t normally take trophies, but…I just had to this time.”

She watched as the implications filtered in and felt a flutter of excitement as his sister turned red looking at it.

“But,” she continued with a grin, as she reached into her apron and fished out his phone, holding it out, “trophy laws notwithstanding, I’m not an asshole.”

His dad smiled and took it. “Thanks. It occurred to me that he took it with him about five minutes after he left, and I wasn’t looking forward to the thought of searching for it.”

Ethel inclined her head. “No problem. Can I get you folks anything else?”

Felicity twitched, her glare ratcheting up from why can’t I kill you by wanting it all the way to I will murder you with my bare hands and like it if you don’t go away very fast. “I think you’ve done enough,” she said flatly.

Michael winced and mouthed sorry before calmly shaking his head. “No, we’re fine. We just wanted to…well, thank you for bringing this back,” he finished lamely, patting the phone as his wife transferred her death ray to him. “Do we pay you?”

“No,” Ethel said with a saccharine smile, setting their check on the table. “The hostess takes care of that at the front.”

She nodded at them and walked back to the waitress station, leaning back against it to watch at they left. Felicity moved like Michael was in for a loud time of it the moment they got into the car, and Ethel felt a pang of sympathy for the man. The daughter cast one last lingering glance at her brother’s belt, and then hastily jerked her eyes away when she realized Ethel was watching, face going deep red.

They paid and left and Ethel relaxed. She probably wouldn’t have been fired if they made a scene, but in hindsight, showing off had been a bit dumb. Her cock twitched and she grinned. Exciting though.

She was fingering her phone in her pocket and thinking about doing a puzzle when the door opened. She straightened up and got her waitress smile on to greet a customer, only to blink as Michael Matheson came rushing back in. He speed walked over to the table and scooped up his son’s phone. Ethel frowned. How had he forgotten-

And then he looked around and spotted her, starting toward her at speed, and she got it. Deliberately, as an excuse.

She smiled at him as he pulled up in front of her. “Yes, sir?”

He fished in his pocket and pulled out a twenty. “Here.”

Ethel’s stomach fluttered and before she could stop herself, “Oh, you already gave me the best tip of the night.”

Michael blinked and for the first time all night, looked a little uncomfortable, sending Ethel’s heart into overdrive. She couldn’t take it back, so she just smiled and hoped.

He recovered and grinned, tucking the bill back into his pocket. “All right. Just,” he coughed and leaned in, “would you tell me…I don’t want details, but…did he go out…well?”

Ethel grinned and leaned in. “Like a real man,” she said with a wink. She couldn’t resist adding, “one of the best I’ve ever had.”

He caught it, and his face suffused with a hint of pride. “Really? I wouldn’t have thought he had it in him.”

Ethel almost choked on laughter as she honestly said, “Oh, he had it in him all right. He had it in him to the very end.”

He grinned wider. “Well. Huh.” He laughed softly. “Good for him.” He pulled the twenty out and set it on the counter next to her. “Thank you for taking care of my boy.”

And with that, he nodded to her and walked away with a spring in his step, obviously pleased at the thought of his son, the sexual dynamo. Ethel managed to wait until he was out the door before collapsing back against the counter, shaking with waves of silent laughter.

She kept the twenty though. Because twenty bucks is twenty bucks.


Ethel lay on her bed, one hand on her cock, the other on the touchpad of her computer, wearing nothing but her new belt. Cum lay splattered across half a dozen pages of printed paper, covered in serifed text, and she lay back closing her eyes.

Who knew it was possible to blast that hard to a discussion on terraforming?

She made a happy little murring sound as her cock softened in her hand, her other hand stroking her belt slowly. She was supposed to meet Brett to talk about his cousin tomorrow when they were both off.

Her phone pinged and she smiled.


It's the one ! Thank you. :)


Does anyone remember the story where a girl is restrained on a plant pot and the seed grew through and became one with her, all while the guy responsible for her fucks her however he can? Then he cuts off her limbs after she's impaled on the plant. I can't find it in the catalog, must have been stuck in the old Gurochan…

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