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Okay, so from time to time somebody would create a thread looking for an old story, asking to repost it. Sometimes here on /lit/, sometimes in /req/ which seems more right according to the rules, but I bet threads in /lit/ have more chances, I think I've even seen one or two in /dis/. So it ends up:
- All over the place and sinks quick.
- Each request takes a whole separate thread.
- When a story is reposted in a separate thread, it takes up one more thread.
- When a story is reposted in the same thread it was asked for, while it saves a thread, is makes it harder to notice judge it from the title which would still be saying 'looking for a story' instead of having its title and tags for it.

So, what I suggest is let's have a dedicated thread (this one) for repost requests like we have for ideas. It will:
- Keep it all in one place and it will preserve better, meaning someone with that story saved on their hard drive will be able to notice your request even after, say, half a year, and can still repost this story, and you won't need to ask for it again once in a while in case they haven't noticed it before it sunk.
- Take only one thread for all requests.
- When reposting a story, please repost it in a separate thread with proper title and tags, then give a link in this thread to the new thread.
- If a story is hosted elsewhere, you can also reply to this thread with a link to it.

Okay, so I'll start. There was a short story I've read here on gurochan some years back, I don't remember the title or the author, but it was about a brother and his older sister. They were going to enter some room where the sister said a bunch of man waited for them and the boy asked excitedly if the men would kill them, and IIRC the sister said "i dunno" and the boy said "would be nice if they did". Then they entered the room and the men started fucking them hard to their pleasure and in the end tore their heads off (maybe their limbs too?) and the heads were flying all over the room and they were totally happy.
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Does anyone have queenslayer saved?


Somehow it seems I only have the old version, but here it goes:


To elaborate: Andlex rewrote the ending afterwards, but I didn't save it to txt because I was waiting for a pdf, and then I don't remember for sure either Andlex never posted one or I forgot to keep track of it…


Looking for another stories. It's about a guy who gets this weird packet that when combined with green jello it turns into a slime girl. In one of the later chapters, his girlfriend shows up and joins in.


Here's hoping you get this before it expires.


There was one I used to love called, I think, "The Crucifixion of Eleanor" about a young girl with a fetish for crucifixion who gets her wish!


>Crucifixion of Eleanor
Maybe this, from 2012 by Anon:

Sweet young Helena stood twirling her small tunic beside the edge of the road, peering up against the sun and gazing with rapt attention. Looming over her- a forest of crosses, each supporting its helpless naked victim, heaving and gasping in the heat. Crucifixion looked like so much work, an endless and futile struggle to remain alive while slowly suffocating above the pedestrians.

Sweat poured off the little boy nearest to Helena. His ribs pumped over his thin belly and he wiggled his way up the cross, gasping and struggling before gravity pulled his slender, feminine body back down. His small erection bounced with his movements, the cross demanded so much effort from him and he kept working, squirming his graceful form up and down, up and down.

Later Helena wandered among the crosses, gazing upon the helpless and struggling victims, all naked and all unable to rest until the cross inevitably finished its slow, suffocating work. Pretty girls her age wiggled and flexed their thin, pubescent bodies, nailed firmly to the wood and helpless to free themselves from the excruciating effort of breathing.

Helena's stiff, dark nipples tented her small garment and she shuddered with a strange and guilty thrill at their helplessness, and their slowly deepening misery. Knots throbbed in her nervous belly and wetness gathered between her soft young thighs, smooth and slender in her blooming youth. She moaned quietly and masturbated beneath the shade of a teenage girl's cross nearby.

Reaching the end, she knocked upon the executioner's heavy, towering door and stood patiently in the meager shade of the roof. Heat rippled along the horizon and she gulped with dread. Moaning boys and girls surrounded her, the door opened and a single guard ushered her inside.

"Hello?" she squeaked submissively, twirling her butt-length tunic again.

"Come in child," a voice called from the end of the columned hall.

"Sir? I'd like to be added to the forest."

"I am confused, who sent you here?"

"Myself sir, I want to go up there."

Eventually they met an understanding and the head of executions led her along the path. Helpless, exhausted victims moaned and heaved and their naked bodies thrilled Helena to the core of her slender body. They found an empty spot with a hole for the base of her cross, and the head of executions stopped his young guest with a hand to her thin, fluttering belly.

"I'm going to take your clothes off, so you can die naked and dishonored," he said.

She gulped and said "Yes sir," blushing a deep crimson. Soon the director would see her throbbing clitoris, and so would the rest of the town, including any friends and family passing along the road. She would now give up her freedom to join the doomed ranks of the naked condemned. No more dignity for poor Helena!

The executioner placed his hands on her slight shoulders and slid the straps of her tunic aside. The tiny garment fell off her thin body and her graceful, pubescent shape revealed itself. Her budding breasts pricked with perky excitement and she began to breathe heavily while the Executioner held her waist. "Pretty one, aren't you?"

"I suppose sir," she said softly.

"Let's get you up there with the rest ok?" He held her elf-like face in his hand and tilted her chin up to meet his gaze. She looked away but he said "Look at me" and she obeyed dutifully, lifting her chocolate eyes to meet his. He kissed her small mouth and she moaned with childish lust blooming on her face. "Good girl" he said, ruffling her hair and smiling.

She grinned bashfully while two guards held her nude body and spread her out on the horizontal cross, aligning her wrists and ankles where they'd soon be nailed into place. Helena looked at the hole where her cross would stand, and shuddered with dreadful excitement. The aroused little tween rubbed her smooth thighs together and whimpered quietly.

"You'll spend the rest of your short life nailed to this cross," the executioner said.

Helena moaned "Thank you," tensing for the agony of her nails. They hammered her in and she screamed, the finality of her decision settled upon her while waves of pain rippled through her attractive young body. Her fingers curled into claws, tensed by the nails through her tendons and nerves. "Oww!" she whimpered, panting in agony.

"Shh," the doctor whispered. "That's a good girl, we'll get you up there soon, be patient baby girl."

"It hurts!" she said.

"Those will hurt for the rest of your life, then you'll gently die. Our laws sentence all who would rescue you to death, do not hope for salvation but rather try to accept your slow, painful destruction. Your lungs will give out after two or three days struggling."

"I'm afraid," she moaned.

"As you should be, strange girl. This will be horrible." He gave her plump young pussy an affectionate slap, the pinned girl jumped slightly and wiggled on her cross, clenching her thighs together. The tender meat of her budding womanhood blushed a bright pink.

She moaned in despair as they began to lift her cross, raising her into the hot sun. Three days of tireless struggle lay ahead, then she would suffocate naked for all to see. Her cute little body slid down the wood, then with a shudder her cross slid into place and stood erect while she sagged from her pinned wrists, unable to exhale.

"Enjoy your stay, baby girl." The executioner kissed her pussy and with a cunning lick teased her throbbing clitoris. The naked child wiggled and tried to close her thighs, but the nails angled her feet so she could not force her knees to meet. All would see her virgin pussy while she slowly died.

Helena looked around at all the naked victims sagging around her, fighting for breath, sliding up and down their crosses and contorting their pinned bodies desperately. She'd just joined their ranks and would now die here like the rest, jeered at from the road and lusted after by shameless adults. The horny young child moaned and began to wriggle her way up the cross for the first of many tortured breaths.


Thank you :-D


Hey, I'm interested in finding a story posted on the original Gurochan, in the ballpark of maybe 2010 (I could be way off though). It seems to be in one of Wayback's blind spots. I think it had a title like "Auctioning Emily" or "Amanda's Auction", or something like that.

The plot is something along the lines of a girl falling behind on rent and so her landlord (or some debt collector) is arranging to have her auctioned off in pieces. It never really gets anywhere (author never finished it I think, basically just a prologue chapter) but it was still good, so if anyone has any better luck finding it, I'd be grateful.



Here it is:

[Anon] Auctioning Emily [2012]

"Guys!" the pretty college girl wiggled, "I'm losing circulation!" she grunted and swayed from the ceiling.

"So basically we're auctioning her off," Jake resumed, leaning on the wall and smiling at his guest. "Emily missed five months rent, but she's got a damn fine body huh?" He feigned nonchalance and shrugged his bathrobe over his shoulders. Emily's perfect, naked body dangled in the background and she moaned in dismay, shaking in her chains and kicking her feet above the floor.

"So what Jake, how does this work?" The raven-haired beauty cocked her head, scanning Emily's trim form, "We bid for specific body parts and you carve them off? Can I bid for the entire girl?"

"No no, Emily's going out in pieces. We can't legally sell the whole girl, that's slavery you know?" He smiled and Emily grunted angrily, red-faced with shame and frustration. Her boobs swayed like pert little melons, softly veined and sensitive. She breathed heavily, tender sex organs on display for the visitor's appraisal.

"I like her bald little pussy," the visitor smirked, wandering slowly closer to the squirming, whimpering meatlet. Velma ran her hands along Emily's belly and purred softly, "I always knew you'd have a pretty pussy, Emily. Those perfect hip proportions give you away sweety-pie." She gently nibbled the soft skin of Emily's belly, licking the belly button and chuckling with hot breath.

"Stop it Velma," Emily moaned.

"Listen to that voice!" Velma laughed, "See her gulping back tears! Emily you look so pretty when you cry, your little button nose blushes pink and those round eyes sparkle with baby tears," Velma cooed, gently toying with Emily's boobs. The humiliated girl wiggled uselessly, displaying her tender meat for Velma's enjoyment.

"Don't buy anything Velma!" Emily said, with shrill urgency in her childish voice.

"What part of this little girl…" Velma smiled and caressed Emily's body, "Shall I leave with? Her fat pussy lips maybe?" Velma brushed a thumb along Emily's mouth, stroking the girl's soft cheek and tracing the slender jawline. "Maybe we'll carve out that asshole huh? What do you say Emily, should I carve out your little asshole?"

"No," Emily whispered, softly swaying in her chains. "Please don't carve out my asshole Velma."

"I'll take her asshole Jake, fetch your equipment. I'm gonna order a few other things too, she's just too cute!"

"No!" Emily screamed, wriggling and crying tears of indignant shame. "You can't just do that Velma! You can't just carve me up like beef at the butcher shop! Jake!" Emily grunted and clenched her fists in their manacles, sniffling and trembling. "Tell Jake to put his stuff away, tell him Velma!"

Jake came back with a horrible, glowing blade and another, bizarre contraption festooned with screws and gears and serrated edges. The second one began to whirr and spin, machine sounds and grinding metal gnashing cold, steel teeth. Sparks flew.

"No no no! Jake!" Emily screamed, thrashing furiously. "Put that thing away!"

"What else do you want?" Jake said, "You pay by the pound or by the ounce, we'll grade as appropriate." Jake stood beside Velma, admiring Emily's wiggling body and nursing half an erection. "She is a real cutie, isn't she?"

"Jake," Velma smiled coldly, "I want her lower jaw too. Not the tongue, just her lower jaw." She laughed, "Let's leave her speechless!" Velma began to masturbate subtly through her short dress, breathing and moaning softly. "And I want both her thumbs."

"These are expensive parts you're ordering, some of the most valuable bits off a girl. You take her lower jaw and we can't sell the whole head anymore, I'll have to charge a lot. At least $400 for the jaw alone, another $200 for her asshole, and we'll say $40 for both her thumbs." Jake quietly cleared his throat, "And that's non-negotiable, Velma. Take the price or leave it."

Velma looked at Jake, and in the background Emily wiggled between their noses. "I'll pay your prices, Jake. I'll take as much of Emily's body as I can afford. I want to cook her asshole like calamari, and turn her thumbs into little vibrators." Velma placed her soft hand on Jake's shoulder and pulled him closer, smiling like a spider.

Someone knocked on the door. Jake left Velma and with a sudden smile greeted the bright hallway outside. "We heard you've got Emily for sale?" the nerdy male voice said quietly, almost too quiet for Emily to hear. "I know I'm jumping the gun a little," the Computer Science major squeezed into the room and loudly took off his coat, "But I'd like to place a bid on Emily's tits? Can I do that sir?"

Jake shrugged and their shadows shifted upon the wall, "Sure bud, Wallace was it?"

"And my friend Herby over here," Wallace said, ushering an overweight, long-haired fellow into the apartment. "We're bidding together," he smiled, then with a gesture declared "We want those tits! One for each of us!"

Jake laughed heartily, "Alright man, place your bids." Commotion built in the hallway, voices gathered. Emily felt many eyes on her naked body, some lustful and others hungry. Velma circled around and with a low sigh began to kiss between Emily's shoulder blades, nibbling slowly higher to breathe softly on the nape of Emily's neck.

Emily felt Velma's cool hands on her inner hips, slowly sliding down into the moist, pink plumpness of her girlhood. "Good girl," Velma whispered, "So good, so sweet…" She began to masturbate the dangling meatlet, kissing her neck and rolling her clitoris between expert fingers. Emily mewed and hung her head in shame. "Tasty little girl, so nervous and turned on," Velma purred, raping her adorable classmate with skillful hands. "Should have payed your rent baby girl."



Thank you!


Looking for a star wars fic where kylo rapes and kills his subordinates, and Phasma covers it up. Don't even know if it was ever posted here, but I cant find it anywhere at all.


I don't have it, sorry.


I want to find The Many Deaths of Julie, particularly The Lizards.



There were a couple I enjoyed a few years ago - one was called "Evelina's Redemption" and there was another by the same author about a small community's unorthodox solution to a meat shortage.


I love you


I have it from 2012^^


Looking for a story as well. I can't remember the name or the date, but I can explain what I remember of the plot. I'm not even sure it was posted here to be honest. Anyway, if someone had a link or even just a title, it would be cool.

It was about a teenager boy, young adult maybe, he was in a restaurant or fast-food with his parents but while they were here he somehow got in contact with a waitress through a mobile app. I think the main purpose of the app was to find suicide helpers of something like that. Anyway the protag leaves his parents after announcing them what's gonna happen, the mother was angry and wouldn't let him go until the father said that it was his choice, etc.


I think it is it^^

[Immortalsane] Ethel Gets A Tip

Ethel (it was her great-grandmother’s name) pulled her phone out of her pocket at the sound of a little chime. The distinctive tone was for a new hook-up app she’d downloaded a few days ago. Unlike the others she’d used previously, this one had the distinct advantage of getting right to the heart of her interests.

Hi, was all the message said.

The twenty-two year old waitress rolled her eyes. She flicked the screen to get a look at the profile. No picture, no profile, not even an age, just a preference list, and a screen name. She snorted in annoyance and shoved the phone back in her pocket. Her profile clearly stated that she didn’t talk to blanks, not that anyone ever read the damn thing. Well…some did. And those had been fun. But the vast majority had been a waste of time. If it weren’t for the happy few, she’d have deleted the app by now.

She stacked a plate on one arm, then another on the other, and then picked up one more in either hand before heading out to table fifteen to drop their order.

“Ok, folks,” she said with a practiced smile, “That’s one short stack with sunny side up and bacon, one double cheeseburger with seasoned fries, one Colorado omelet, and one Ceasar salad. Can I get you anything else?”

They shook their heads and thanked her for their meals. Well, most of them did. The boy kid, looked maybe thirteen and miserable with it, had his head buried in his phone. His fingers were flying across the screen and he seemed to be making every effort not to look at her. She suppressed a chuckle when his father reached over and waved a hand over the phone.


“Um, thanks, yeah, no I’m good,” he muttered. The offending hand pulled away from his phone as his father sighed. His fingers resumed flickering.

“Sorry,” the dad mouthed.

Ethel grinned and smiled to show she didn’t mind. She turned away to head back to the kitchen, and saw the boy’s fingers stop moving abruptly out of the corner of her eye.


She almost jumped out of her skin as the app sounded off again. She forced herself not to look over her shoulder until she was most of the restaurant away. The boy was watching her from under a fringe of bangs, face slightly red. Surely not…

She stepped into the kitchen and pulled her phone out, swiping the lock screen straight into the app.

Sorry, I meant to send more but my Dad wanted me to order something. I’m Josh, I’m thirteen, and I think you’re really pretty. I noticed on your profile that you don’t have a lower age limit, so I thought I’d message you. Sorry for being a blank profile, I just downloaded it today and haven’t set it up yet. Um, do you do any public? I’m down for anything you want to do. Oh, I’m the kid you just delivered a cheeseburger to. Sorry, I’m super shy.

Ethel grinned. Hmmm… as much as she wanted to, she was on shift… Sorry sweetie, she tapped out, it’s not that you’re not cute, but I’m at work.

She glanced over at the orders up and snagged a chicken fried steak for one of her tables. She delivered it, but her smile was a facade this time, and she found herself glancing in his direction. She hadn’t been lying about him being cute…

Her phone dinged again while she was making the rounds doing refills. She felt a little surge of anticipation, and realized with a private grin that she was open to being talked into a little action. Have to be a hell of a pitch, though.

It was ten minutes before she got a chance to check her phone again, but fortunately the restaurant wasn’t too busy, and her section was emptying out as tables cashed out. She said a private thanks to the universe that her job didn’t include cashiering, the owner preferring to have a trusted manager or hostess run the register rather than allow underpaid waitstaff the temptation of getting near money. Cynical as all hell, and a fairly rude assumption since it was the owner’s choice to pay slave wages, but at least it meant she didn’t have to be running up to the register in addition to everything else her job entailed.

She popped the app open, and grinned, relieved for once to someone hadn’t taken the first no. Now that things were quieting down…

Look, I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m really down for anything. My grades just came in and I heard my Dad talking about repurposing me if they drop any lower. I don’t want to end up in a butchery or working a road crew the rest of my life. Please? Help me go out on my terms?

Ethel felt a shiver of sympathy to go with a stiffening between her legs. The moment she’d heard about the government subsidized app SnuffMe, meant to hook up the adventurous, sadistic, or thrill seekers with those wanting assistance with self termination, she’d downloaded it. Up til then, she’d been trawling through various dating apps looking for her fix, but now, they came to her!

Her hand slid down to grip her stiffening hardon, and she grinned. And no more surprises there, either. The app actually had options for various stages of MtF transition, so partners seeking her out knew going in that they weren’t going to get any cunt in the bargain. She grimaced. Now, if only she could sidestep the folks that wanted to snuff an MtF, she’d be golden.

Pushing that thought aside, she tapped out a response. Careful, kiddo. “Anything” covers a lot of ground. What if I wanted to, say, dismember you?

She glanced out the kitchen door, and found Joshua’s table. She watched him look at his phone and tap out a response. She couldn’t tell if his face had changed or not, but his posture had grown a little straighter, she thought.

Her phone dinged and she looked down again.

*Gulp* Um, I mean…well, that’d be terrifying, tbh. But…I really mean anything I guess. I hope it wouldn’t hurt too much, but…I just don’t want to go home tonight. If they didn’t cost so much, and if there was one in walking distance, I’d use a term booth, but…beggars can’t be choosers. So…as long as I end up snuffed, I guess it doesn’t matter how you do it. But, um, if it could not hurt, that’d be awesome?

Ethel bit her lip, hand in her apron pocket, clutching her cock as it rose to full mast. The possibilities were immensely hot, but if she was honest, she didn’t really want to make the kid suffer. She just liked killing people. Although…

OK. Do you want me to come get you, or do you want to just meet me out back?

She stepped out of the kitchen and snagged Brett, one of the waiters on shift. “Hey, I’m taking my break, cover for me?”

Brett glanced at her section, which now comprised only three tables, one of whom was nursing a pot of coffee. “Oh, god, you want so much of me,” he deadpanned. “However will I cope.”

Ethel snorted. “Thanks, Brett”

“Hey, just gimme a smoke when I go on break and we’ll call it even,” he said with a grin.

“Jesus, Brett, don’t you ever buy your own?”

He laughed and started for the kitchen. “Hell no, those things are expensive!”

Ethel laughed and shook her head. Her phone dinged and she glanced down at the screen.

I’m too nervous. Come get me or I’ll never get up the nerve, please?

She nodded and stepped back in the kitchen, slapping her palm against the time clock long enough for it to register and clock her out for lunch, before heading for the drinks station. A minute later she set down three refills on the family’s table. “Doing ok, folks?” she asked, heart pounding.

They nodded. She took a deep breath. “Mind if I borrow him?” she asked pointing at Josh.

Blank stares met her question. The mother froze, fork halfway to her lips, and blinked. “I…beg your pardon?” she asked.

Ethel put on her best service smile. Her cock was twitching and pounding in her shorts at the thought of taking the kid away from his family, literally, with their full knowledge. “Oh, he’s been chatting with me on SnuffMe, the government hookup app for termies. I figure as long as we’re slow, I’ll take him out back and end him.”

They stared at her in shock for a moment, and the mother dropped her fork. “Joshua Andrew Matheson-”

“Felicity,” his father said sharply, placing a hand on her arm. She snapped a glare at him, but cut off her impending tirade. He looked at Josh measuringly. “Is it true?”

Josh nodded without looking up.


The boy cleared his throat, hands clenched together.

“He heard you might be repurposing him,” Ethel put in quietly.

His father glanced at her, and then back at Josh. “I see. And what, you decided to take yourself out first?”

Josh nodded.

His father stared at him, eyes narrowed, for a few heartbeats and then smiled a little. “I can respect that.”

Josh twitched and looked at his father for the first time. “You…really?”

“Michael-” Felicity began, the color draining from her face.

“Boy’s made a decision, Felicity,” Michael said firmly. “If he’s man enough to decide to go out on his own terms rather than making us argue and agonize over it while his grades keep dropping, then who are we to argue with him getting a little help going through with it.”

He held his hand out to his son, who took it, looking like he’d seen a ghost. Michael gave his son a firm handshake. “Goodbye, son. And good for you.”

Josh smiled shyly and squeezed his dad’s hand before standing up. He hugged his sister, who looked annoyed. “Bye, sis,” he said softly.

“You couldn’t have, like, done this at school or something?” she muttered.

He laughed. “If it makes you feel better, now you get my room. And your pick of my stuff.”

She grinned. “Fair enough. Later, lil bro.”

He stepped around the table and his mother caught his arm. She looked like she’d swallowed something nasty. “Couldn’t you…couldn’t you just hang yourself? Or maybe a term booth, we’ll pay.”

Josh blinked and reddened. “I…uh…”

Michael chuckled. “Felicity, the boy wants a beautiful woman to snuff him, not a bolt gun wielding robot.”

Felicity winced and gave Ethel a dark look. “Exactly what do you have in mind?”

Michael groaned. “Woman! That is between them!” He winked at Josh, and made a shooing motion. “Go. I’ll hold Her Smotherness off whilst you flee.”

His sister choked abruptly and began coughing into her hand while Ethel grinned and grabbed Josh by the arm, dragging the slightly stunned boy away from his spluttering mother, and saucily grinning father. She led him out the employee entrance at the back and into the alley way. She let go of him once outside and pulled up the legalese portion of the app on her phone.

“OK, I need you to…” She looked up to find him staring at the wall blankly. “Hey, hello? You still in there?” She asked, waving a hand in front of his face.

He jumped. “S-Sorry. I just…it’s been awhile since my Dad was proud of me.” His eyes took on an urgent look. “Um, listen, I’m not going back on it or anything, but if you happen to let it slip that you had your way with me and maybe forget to mention that you have a cock…” his eyes widened and he paled. “Not that I mind…I mean…and I don’t mean…I’m not expecting sex, I just…”

Ethel snorted and put a hand on his shoulder. “Relax, kid. I’m about to kill you, you’re not going to offend me. And I get it, ok? I’m perfectly fine with letting your dad think you went out a straight stud.”

He blushed. “Thanks,” he murmured. “Sorry for spazzing.”

“No worries. Now, you know how this works?”

He gulped and nodded.

“OK, so thumb on the reader,” she said, holding up her phone. He pressed his thumb to the little scanner and it pinged. “And again to confirm.” He repeated the gesture and it pinged again. “K, and now we just,” she held the phone to his shoulder and thumbed the scanner twice. It let out a little fanfare, which she thought was a tad over the top, and the screen showed that his citizen chip had changed status to ‘assisted self-termination’ and she grinned, “and you’re officially dead. Now we just have to actually do the deed.”

He paled and took a deep, shuddering breath. He firmed up his jaw and managed to keep his voice from quaking too badly as he asked, “How do you want me?”

Ethel reached up and ran her thumb over his lower lip. “Naked, for starters.”

Josh nodded shakily. He stepped out of his shoes and pushed his pants down to his ankles with sharp, jerky gestures. As he stepped out of his pants, he pulled his shirt up over his head, leaving him in just his sock and briefs. There was no art, no seduction to his movements, just a boy getting undressed who happened to be shaking a little. He reached down to pull off a sock and flailed for a second before she steadied him. He shot her a grateful look and then pulled off his socks one after the other. He took a deep breath and fingered his briefs for a second, before shoving them down with a determined movement, stepping out of them as well.

Ethel stepped back and looked him over with an appraising eye. He wasn’t muscular, but he wasn’t out of shape. He had a little pudge building up for a growth spurt, or left over after one, and it gave him a soft, boyish look. He was still mostly hairless, just a few wisps coming in over his cock. And that was standing half up under her gaze, a decent size for a boy his age. His hands twitched with the obvious urge to cover himself, and she smiled. She reached out and took his cock in her hand, rolling it and feeling it firm up almost instantly as he gasped.

“So,” she said with a grin, stepping forward and reaching up to entwine her fingers in his hair, “answer me honestly: was I just the first one to pop up on your radar, or did my cock have anything to do with your interest?”

He blushed. “Um…you were the first I was interested in who looked like you might do kids? And the fact that you had a cock was, um, I mean-”

Ethel grinned wider and tightened her grip on his hair, tilting his head back and leaning down until their noses touched. He shivered and his cock throbbed in her hand, his eyes widening. “Let me rephrase that: I’m going to get off in you. The question is, am I going to fuck your dying body, or fuck your dead body?”

Josh gulped. “Is, uh, I mean…I’d like…”

She arched an eyebrow at him and squeezed his cock, hard. He yelped and stuttered out, “F-F-Fuck me f-first p-please!”

She laughed and tilted his head, licking his jaw up to his ear. “Now, was that so hard?” she murmured in his ear. He shuddered as she used her grip on his hair to pull him down to his knees, letting go of his cock as she did so. She pulled her apron around her waist, sliding it until it fell behind her, and mashed his face into her groin. He gasped at feeling her hard on pressing into his cheek.

“Take it out,” she purred, heart racing at the sight of the cute kid on his knees in front of her.

He licked his lips and reached up to undo her shorts. He managed to get them unbuttoned and unzipped with only minimal struggling from his shaking hands, and tugged them down slightly to get at her panties. Since her apron covered her up, she tended to wear men’s bikini’s at work for comfort and the bright red underwear were already sporting a little wet spot. He reached into her waistband and gently tugged it out, lifting it over her cock, freeing it. It slid down to point straight out at his face, slapping him gently since she kept him from pulling away.

“You like it?” she asked softly, rubbing his face against it.

He blushed crimson and nodded.

“Good. Now, you’re going to suck it. And so you don’t half ass it, be aware that the entire thing is going in your ass, so it’s in your best interests to get as much spit on as much of it as possible,” she said with a wicked grin.

Josh shivered and nodded. He reached up and wrapped a hand around it. To be fair, Ethel privately admitted, some combination of early hormone treatment and genetics meant that it wasn’t a monster. It was only six inches long and about an inch and a half in diameter. A slender, ladylike cock. But the knowledge that she was going to kill the kid made it hard as nails, and she fully intended to fuck him good.

He licked his lips and took the head in his mouth and she hissed with pleasure. He had soft, full lips, and they felt and looked every bit as amazing as she’d hoped they would wrapped around her. She relaxed her grip on his hair slightly, giving him a bit more freedom of movement to see what he would do.

Josh suckled at the tip for a moment or two, belatedly bringing his tongue to the party with a hesitant swipe at the underside of her head. Then he let out a sharp breath and just fucking went for it. Ethel groaned as he reached up and grabbed her hips, pulling himself onto her cock in one motion, his nose tapping her smooth groin.

It was a mistake on his part, and one he realized immediately when he gagged sharply. Ethel let out a breathy laugh as he jerked back coughing. “Points for bravery,” she panted, grinning. “Try and swallow as it hits your throat.”

He coughed a bit more, nodding, and then gamely tried again. He went much slower this time, but that only meant he gagged sooner. Ethel grinned and held him in place, feeling him spasm around her cock, eyes drifting half closed as she enjoyed it. It wasn’t often she made someone gag with her cock, and she thoroughly enjoyed the sensation, sight, and sound of it.

“Mmm…actually,” she murmured as she pulled him back off to let him cough. “I think I’m just going to fuck your throat for a bit. Tap my leg if you think you’re going to toss, k?”

He nodded, opening his mouth wide even as he struggled to suppress the coughing. She shivered at his easy submission and slammed home again, groaning as his throat twitched and jerked around her. She fucked his face for a pleasant few minutes wit a dreamy smile on her lips while he gurgled and choked, staring up at her red faced with watering eyes, his hands on her hips. She was seriously contemplating whether she could choke him to death with her cock when she felt an urgent tapping on her leg.

She pulled out and let go of his head, skipping out of the potential line of fire. He fell to his hands and knees and coughed, trembling from head to toe. The coughing fit passed as she watched him, admiring the faint sheen sweat leant to his skin. “Better?”

He nodded and straightened up. She grinned at seeing his cock standing straight up against his stomach. She reached down and fondled it, whispering in his ear, “I think someone enjoyed being used as a fuck sleeve.”

Josh cleared his throat and nodded, his face red, though from the choking or embarrassment she couldn’t say.

She laughed softly. “Lay on your back and pull your knees up to your chest.”

He obeyed, and she stood over him, looking down at his soft young form, cock throbbing with anticipation. I’m going to fuck that, she thought, head spinning with lust, I’m going to be his first and last.

She reached behind her and fished in her apron, pulling out her smokes and a lighter. She lit up, and then reached down to fish amongst his clothes. She could swear…there! Triumphantly, she pulled a studded scene kid belt off his pants. Even better for her purpose, as she examined it she realized it had been customized. It had his name on the back, the steel studs painted with lurid red nail polish, and what looked like nerdy cufflinks were pressed through the unused holes. There were a couple of pendants hanging from rivets that were clearly added by punching into the leather, one a video game symbol she recognized, one some fan thing she didn’t.

He paled and bit his lip at the sight of it. She cocked her head in momentary confusion, and then chuckled. “Relax, kid, I ain’t goin’ to beat ya’.” She winced inwardly as her slight southern drawl came out in her excitement.

She kicked his clothes into a pile between his legs and knelt down on them. Then she tucked her smoke into her lips, and reached down to place the belt around his neck. His eyes widened in understanding as she settled the impromptu noose into place. “There we go,” she murmured with a smile. She took a few more drags off her cigarette, and then stubbed it out on the pavement beside them. With a wink to him, she tugged her shirt up, tucking it behind her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra, since her tits were fairly small, and he gulped at the sudden sight of naked woman flesh.

She sat up and spit on his exposed hole. She reached down and pushed her spit into him with a finger, watching him wince a little at the slight stretch. She spat a few more times, working her finger in and out a little more until she thought she could get inside him. Then she grabbed her cock and placed the tip at his entrance. She locked eyes with him, grinning fiercely, heart tripping out a mad staccato, and rolled her hips, forcing her way into him a few inches.

Josh yelped and his grip on the back of his knees tightened. He squirmed in place, biting his lip as she slid deeper and deeper into him. Ethel let out a soft moan of contentment when her hips met his ass, all of her encased in hot, tight, virgin boy. Josh’s head fell back, face screwed up and eyes closed. Ethel adjusted her grip on the belt and leaned forward to nuzzle at the join of his throat and shoulder. “You feel amazing, kiddo. I’m going to seriously enjoy feeling you die on my cock.”

Josh shuddered and his ass spasmed around her at her words. He opened his eyes and managed a small smile. “Th-thanks, I guess?”

She pulled on the belt, just enough to start the blood pooling in his head, and leaned up, nibbling at his ear. She lid a hand between them and encircled his cock, squeezing and tugging gently. He gasped at that and she smiled, starting to roll her hips, micro fucking him. “That turn you on?” she murmured in his ear. “Hearing me talk about killing you for fun?”

He shivered and whispered, “Y-yeah.”

She chuckled throatily, and licked at his jaw. “Good. Bet you never thought it would end like this, huh? Naked in an alley with a tranny cock up your ass, getting strangled with your own belt.”

His cock jumped and his ass clenched again and he started to pant. “No,” he whispered softly.

“Tell me,” she breathed as she started to lengthen her strokes. “Tell me what you wanted to be, what you thought life would be like?”

He shuddered. “I w-wanted t-to b-be a t-teacher.”

She groaned and sat up a little, stroking his cock in time with her thrusts, using it as leverage to start fucking him in earnest, pulling almost three quarters of the way out before bottoming out with each stroke, keeping an even steady pace. “Teaching what?”

He shivered and whispered, “E-English. I-I like w-writing.”

She arched her back and leaned down to suckle at one of his nipples, nipping at it as he gasped and squirmed. “Any good?”

Josh swallowed, his head starting to feel a little heavy from the belt around his neck. “I-I w-won a s-state e-essay contest this year.”

Ethel laughed breathily. “I’ve never killed an author. Matheson, right?” She sat up and kissed him gently on the lower lip, admiring the way his mouth gaped unconsciously in his darkening face. “I think I’ll have to hunt down that essay.”

His eyes widened. “R-Really?”

“Mmm,” she grinned. “Yeah. Print it out, cum all over it, and frame it on my wall.”

His cock jerked sharply in her hand and she chuckled. “Hell, I might cum just from reading it.”

He licked his lips. His face was brick red now, and his eyes were starting to flicker. She eased up on the belt slightly. Hot as the look was, she didn’t want to send him out accidentally. “Why?” he asked hoarsely.

She leaned down and nuzzled his face. “Because,” she whispered. “I’ll know that the kid who wrote it? The kid who beat out everyone else in the state for that award? The kid with all that potential? I fucked that kid to death in an alley.”

He gasped and shuddered, his cock pulsing and throbbing. His ass was sucking at her, and she knew he was getting close. She sat up and looked down at his face, a broad smile on her own, enjoying the slightly shocked, aroused look on he wore. “I love it,” she said softly, dreamily. “Knowing that all you could be, all you could have done, I took away. Before now, my favorite kill was a girl that failed her doctoral exam. All that potential gone when I slammed her cunt while I held her head under in a public pool, killing her while a lifeguard watched.”

He was panting and shaking now, and she could feel his orgasm coming. She leaned in closer, smile widening. “But you are going to be hard to top. You know why?”

Josh shook his head slightly.

Ethel tightened the belt again, feeling her own climax beginning to build. “At least she had a chance. You? You had all the possibility, all the potential in the world, and you’re never going to even get a chance to use it.”

She kissed his forehead, thrusts speeding up and she groaned out, “Because instead of becoming a writer, or a teacher, you…are going to be a nice, memorable orgasm,” she panted as she suddenly yanked on the belt, eyes locked to his as he strangled in earnest, “and then I’m going to throw your corpse in the dumpster and go back to work.”

He let out a faint, breathless keening noise, and shuddered. She felt his cock spasm sharply and his ass clamped down as little jets of boy cum hit her abdomen. She forced herself to keep her thrusting steady, watching for the moment the light faded from his eyes, wanting to cum as he died.

“And the…best…part,” she panted, grabbing his left leg as his grip loosened, pinning it to his chest and using it for leverage to keep fucking him, “is that…I’m going to…serve your mother drinks…” she whispered leaning down, eye to eye with him, “and the whole time…I’ll be thinking…about how I…fucked and strangled her kid…with the hands that pour her Coke.”

She watched as that last raised one final spark inside him. She felt another jet of boy cum spatter against her as his ass clenched weakly around her. His eyes went dark and she lost it, thrusting violently twice before shooting into him. She fought the urge to collapse, pushing herself up to sit on her feet. She shoved him off her cock and hauled on the belt, pulling him against her while keeping tension on the belt. Wouldn’t do to have him recover, after all. She scooted over to put her back to the dumpster, dragging his twitching body with her, and then looped the belt over her shoulder and down across her back bandolier style, so she could hold tension on it by keeping her her hand down at her side instead of pulling up and out. The position put his head on her shoulder, and she snuggled with her gruesome teddy bear as she fished a cigarette out and lit it.

She smoked contentedly, running her hands over his flesh, enjoying the feeling of life fading. He was already gone, his body just didn’t know it yet. She kneaded and stroked his skin, cupping his ass, waiting for…there. That moment when the vitality, the life vanished and his flesh turned from supple body to dead meat. She looked down at his face and Frenched his gaping, blue lips, tongue entwining with his limp one, and sat back to keep the pressure on until she finished her smoke. Overkill, maybe, but she owed it to him to make sure.

Five minutes later, she stood up, shoving the corpse off her. She hauled it up by the belt and a thigh, and rolled it over the edge of the dumpster. She meant to just drop it in, but at the last second, she grinned. She grabbed it by the hair and worked the belt loose, gasping softly at the sight of the deep grooves it made. She definitely wanted to kill that way again and, well, why buy a new killing belt when this one made such a distinctive trophy?

She gathered up the pile of clothes and used the shirt to wipe herself off, then tossed them in on top of the corpse along with the shoes. Then she slapped her forehead and pulled the pants back out, fishing through them to retrieve the phone she knew was in the back pocket. She whistled and congratulated herself on her foresight when she got a good look at it. This model had only been out a couple months, and it was a high end phone. The family would definitely want it, maybe to turn it back in and end a possible lease, or at least sell it onward if they didn’t keep it.

Ethel spent a moment straightening up, tucking everything back where it was supposed to be. On a whim, she slid the belt through the loops of her shorts. It barely fit, but it fit nonetheless. A sadistic impulse made her hike her apron down so the belt was visible before she slid the phone into her apron.

The door banged open and she turned to find Brett sticking his head out. “How much can you smoke, woman?”

Ethel laughed. “What makes you think I was just smoking?”

He cocked an eyebrow and looked at her closely. “Nice belt.”

“I like it.”

“You weren’t wearing it when you clocked on.”

“Why Brett, are you looking at my ass again?” she asked, playing coy, grinning in the flush of watching him figure it out. So exciting to know other people knew about her hobby, doubly so that it was perfectly legal.

A light went off in his eyes. “Wasn’t there a Goth kid at one of your tables wearing a belt like that?”

“Well, there was…”

“O…k…” Brett leaned against the door, eyebrows going up. “And he gave you his belt?”

“Sort of. He’s not using it anymore,” she said, reaching out and thumping her hand against the dumpster, a huge shit eating grin on her face.

Brett stared at her and then he laughed, shaking his head. “Gimme a smoke, woman, and I won’t tell the boss that you’re snuffing customers on break.”

She giggled and pulled out her pack, handing it to him as she walked to the door. “I swear I wasn’t going to, but then my section died, and god he was cute.”

Brett stepped forward and let the door fall closed a bit, blocking her way. He pulled out a smoke and lit it, puffing at it while eyeing her.

Ethel drew up short, watching him watch her. “What?”

“You snuff kids?”

She swallowed. “Look, I’m not-”

Brett grinned. “Chill, woman, I’m not calling you a monster.”

She felt some tension ease out of her shoulders. “Then what?”

He looked down at his cigarette. “I’ve got a cousin, sixteen, sweet kid. Not dumb, but she doesn’t try all that hard at anything.” He took a long drag and smiled at nothing. “Mostly because she’s got a deathwish. But, get this, she wants it to be special. Not as in, ‘I love you, please snuff me’ special, but special like, out of the ordinary.”

Ethel’s mouth twisted. “I’m not sure I want to be the one to snuff her because she thinks I’m freak enough.”

Brett snorted. “Ethy, I’m not saying you should snuff her because you’re trans, I’m saying you should meet her, and then figure out if you can go crazy enough to get her where she wants to go. Because it might be a good time for you, and the girl is crazy.”

“Oh. Reeeally,” Ethel said softly, mind turning. She arched an eyebrow. “And what makes you think I’m that crazy?”

Brett grinned and shrugged. “I don’t, necessarily. But you’re a good friend, and a nice person, and I think if you’re willing and able, I would rather she went out by someone I know would give a damn, and not some random asshole who happens to win her ‘who’s the biggest, nuttiest sadist I can find’ lottery.”

Ethel laughed. “Ok, fair. Look, we’ll do drinks and talk more about this maybe. Right now,” she glanced at her watch, “I’ve got two minutes to clock back in.”

Brett nodded and stepped aside, opening the door for her. “Place is dead right now anyhow, so the boss shouldn’t jump down your throat, but…”

She winked. “Better on the clock than yelled at.”

He laughed and nodded as she hustled through the door, making it to the clock and slapping her palm on the reader with a minute to spare. She glanced out at her section and her heart jumped at seeing the family was still there. Their drinks were still full, but…she fingered the phone in her pocket. She grabbed their check off the table by the door.

She stepped out and walked across the floor. The sister saw her coming first, and even better, she saw the teenager double take when she glanced down and saw her brother’s belt. That got her parents looking and Ethel crossed the last fifteen feet to their table with three sets of eyes on her, one curious, one locked on her waist, and one trying desperately to burn her to ashes by sheer force of will. She wasn’t entirely sure how this was going to go, but her inner exhibitionist was screaming at her to flaunt the fact that she’d literally just minutes ago snuffed their son and brother.

Before she could say anything, his sister piped up. “Is that Josh’s belt?”

Ethel’s hand fell to it and she stroked it lightly, possessively, her excitement at showing off making it almost a sexual gesture. “Yeah. It became really special to me recently.” She grinned. “I don’t normally take trophies, but…I just had to this time.”

She watched as the implications filtered in and felt a flutter of excitement as his sister turned red looking at it.

“But,” she continued with a grin, as she reached into her apron and fished out his phone, holding it out, “trophy laws notwithstanding, I’m not an asshole.”

His dad smiled and took it. “Thanks. It occurred to me that he took it with him about five minutes after he left, and I wasn’t looking forward to the thought of searching for it.”

Ethel inclined her head. “No problem. Can I get you folks anything else?”

Felicity twitched, her glare ratcheting up from why can’t I kill you by wanting it all the way to I will murder you with my bare hands and like it if you don’t go away very fast. “I think you’ve done enough,” she said flatly.

Michael winced and mouthed sorry before calmly shaking his head. “No, we’re fine. We just wanted to…well, thank you for bringing this back,” he finished lamely, patting the phone as his wife transferred her death ray to him. “Do we pay you?”

“No,” Ethel said with a saccharine smile, setting their check on the table. “The hostess takes care of that at the front.”

She nodded at them and walked back to the waitress station, leaning back against it to watch at they left. Felicity moved like Michael was in for a loud time of it the moment they got into the car, and Ethel felt a pang of sympathy for the man. The daughter cast one last lingering glance at her brother’s belt, and then hastily jerked her eyes away when she realized Ethel was watching, face going deep red.

They paid and left and Ethel relaxed. She probably wouldn’t have been fired if they made a scene, but in hindsight, showing off had been a bit dumb. Her cock twitched and she grinned. Exciting though.

She was fingering her phone in her pocket and thinking about doing a puzzle when the door opened. She straightened up and got her waitress smile on to greet a customer, only to blink as Michael Matheson came rushing back in. He speed walked over to the table and scooped up his son’s phone. Ethel frowned. How had he forgotten-

And then he looked around and spotted her, starting toward her at speed, and she got it. Deliberately, as an excuse.

She smiled at him as he pulled up in front of her. “Yes, sir?”

He fished in his pocket and pulled out a twenty. “Here.”

Ethel’s stomach fluttered and before she could stop herself, “Oh, you already gave me the best tip of the night.”

Michael blinked and for the first time all night, looked a little uncomfortable, sending Ethel’s heart into overdrive. She couldn’t take it back, so she just smiled and hoped.

He recovered and grinned, tucking the bill back into his pocket. “All right. Just,” he coughed and leaned in, “would you tell me…I don’t want details, but…did he go out…well?”

Ethel grinned and leaned in. “Like a real man,” she said with a wink. She couldn’t resist adding, “one of the best I’ve ever had.”

He caught it, and his face suffused with a hint of pride. “Really? I wouldn’t have thought he had it in him.”

Ethel almost choked on laughter as she honestly said, “Oh, he had it in him all right. He had it in him to the very end.”

He grinned wider. “Well. Huh.” He laughed softly. “Good for him.” He pulled the twenty out and set it on the counter next to her. “Thank you for taking care of my boy.”

And with that, he nodded to her and walked away with a spring in his step, obviously pleased at the thought of his son, the sexual dynamo. Ethel managed to wait until he was out the door before collapsing back against the counter, shaking with waves of silent laughter.

She kept the twenty though. Because twenty bucks is twenty bucks.


Ethel lay on her bed, one hand on her cock, the other on the touchpad of her computer, wearing nothing but her new belt. Cum lay splattered across half a dozen pages of printed paper, covered in serifed text, and she lay back closing her eyes.

Who knew it was possible to blast that hard to a discussion on terraforming?

She made a happy little murring sound as her cock softened in her hand, her other hand stroking her belt slowly. She was supposed to meet Brett to talk about his cousin tomorrow when they were both off.

Her phone pinged and she smiled.


It's the one ! Thank you. :)


Does anyone remember the story where a girl is restrained on a plant pot and the seed grew through and became one with her, all while the guy responsible for her fucks her however he can? Then he cuts off her limbs after she's impaled on the plant. I can't find it in the catalog, must have been stuck in the old Gurochan…


After 5-min search i found it.
[Falquian] Mad Scientists' Paradise [2015]



The dim light filtered through the window panes of the greenhouse gave the white lab coat of doctor Mateson a yellowish tint while he did his evening inspection of the plant specimens that grew inside there. He went one by one, meticulously measuring leaf lengths and colours, fructification states, parasitic infestation rates, and hundreds of other apparently inconsequential parameters that would have bored anyone else to tears had they been forced to keep track of them. Not him, not Mateson, nor any of the other scientists that manned that secluded facility in the middle of nowhere. For doctor Mateson, like all his colleagues, was veritably crazy.

Not crazy in the sense of banging his head into walls, or hallucinate dragons. No, he would have passed each and every test the psychiatrists of the world could have thrown at him with flying colours. His was a different kind of crazy, the kind of crazy that made you disregard all ethics and morals and the suffering of your test subjects in the pursuit of science. He was an old school mad scientist and, in this place, he had found a government endorsed sanctuary where he was given "Carte Blanche" to perform any experiment that his devious mind could conceive.

Mateson was already a genius in his twenties. A biologist of world fame until he mysteriously disappeared, he specialized in botanic and genetics. Now he was pushing forty, and his intellect had increased alongside his age. A tall wiry fellow, he would have been considered handsome by most women, with short salt peppered brown hair, a neatly trimmed beard and brown eyes always behind a pair of glasses, he couldn't care less about those hypothetical women. He was married to his work, but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy some hot one on one action with whatever test subject was at hand whenever he needed to vent some stress.

He was nearing the end of his data collection round when he spotted Linda and his eyes warmed in affection as he approached the strange looking tree that extended its lush foliage to the ever decreasing light. Nobody outside that installation would have recognized that plant, nor the rows of similar ones that grew neatly ordered by its side. It's glossy green trunk had a diameter of twenty inches, and it grew taller than him in a collection of misshapen lumps that in a lower light could have even passed for a human female form. Its name was written in a plaque buried in the dirt that sustained it, partially obscured by the shadow that the leaves of the plant projected.

The strange tree, as well as its siblings, was an original creation of doc Mateson himself, brought to life by an unholy DNA splice coming from many plants and animals, including humans, in search for their most useful traits. Yet, they were all failures. None of them had brought him what he was looking for.

However, thanks to the government funding and the knowledge that all scientific breakthroughs took time to yield results, he was not worried at all. He tenderly stroked the soft trunk of the tree, making it shiver a bit, its leaves rustling as if in acknowledgement of his touch.

"Ah, poor Linda, I see that your water income is becoming deficitary. I will notice William so he can correct it" Mateson said, speaking to the plant as if it was a human.

He repeated the process with all the strange trees, calling them by their names and checking that their parameters were in order until a beep from the intercom of the greenhouse startled him. The voice of his assistant William resounded on the speakers of the facility.

"Doctor, the specimen you requested has arrived at the lab. We will transport it to the greenhouse as soon as it's prepared"

Excellent, thought Mateson, as his sight focused on a large pot by the end of the greenhouse. The batch of seeds that had sprouted the current inhabitant of the pot was particularly promising. He finished taking notes on his tablet while giving time to William to prepare the stage for his latest try.

Ten minutes later, the pneumatic hiss of the reinforced steel doors that led to the greenhouse signalled the arrival of William, pushing what appeared to be a wheeled stretcher to where Mateson awaited. William reminded him of his own youth and that was why he had chosen him for the post. Ego boost notwithstanding, the youngster was also a genius of world calibre by his won merits, and as deviant, sexual or otherwise, as himself.

As his assistant neared him, Mateson could see the test subject atop the stretcher. It was a small girl, no more than ten years old, her incredibly long red hair spilling to the sides of her temporary bed, skin pale as alabaster with freckles dotting it in good redhead fashion, her eyes closed in a deliciously looking sleeping face. She was the image of innocence, and he almost regretted what they were going to do to her.


After all, she had been born and raised for this moment and, if what he was trying to achieve bore fruit, most, if not all, of the illnesses of the world would be just bad memories for the future generations.

Taking a jar of a transparent greenish gel, he and William started to lather her unconscious tiny body thoroughly, rubbing the concoction across every inch of her unblemished skin. No place was spared, and Mateson smiled when his pants betrayed a raging hard on, similar to the one that his assistant had sported since he had entered the greenhouse.

"I see that you are pretty distracted by this little minx that you have brought, William" Mateson said

"I could say the same, doc!" William answered in good sports.

"It won't do to have our minds elsewhere while we ready the subject, don't you think, my dear William"

"Not at all, but what do you propose to ease this stress that is distracting us both, doc?" William asked as he winked at Mateson.

"I suppose it can't be helped, William. Science demand us to do whatever necessary to remain concentrated in our work" The elder one said loudly as he pointed a finger to the ceiling in a grandiloquent manner.

That exchange was a charade they both had learned to enjoy as they got to knew each other better. The two scientists knew exactly what they wanted from the very beginning and they lost no more time in going for it. Mateson and William quickly unfastened their pants and tossed their underwear aside, revealing a pair of cocks that would have been better suited to horses by the size of them. Almost thirteen inches long and three inches wide, their cocks were courtesy of a successful experiment of their colleagues of the department of animal physiology.

Soon they were buck naked except for their lab coats. Otherwise, how would anyone know that they were scientists? The little girl's flesh was soft and tender and inviting, glistening with gel and perspiration. William had injected her with a cocktail of powerful aphrodisiacs and muscle relaxants, and her body was unwittingly responding to them.

The little girl was no stranger to that kind of attention, of course. Having been born and raised at the facility, she had experienced all kind of sexual stimulus in her short life. The sixth daughter of an experimental subject on the human reproductive research facility, the prettty child was a highly fertile little girl conditioned since birth to be the perfect test subject for whatever experiment the scientists at the expansive facility could devise. Naturally masochistic and submissive as a result of the selective breeding performed on all the previous generations before her she, like dozens of girls and boys like her, was a lab rat in all but name.

Her undeveloped, although not virgin by far, cunny was like putty in the expert hands of doc Mateson, as his fingers pinched and probed the softest undeveloped labia and her inviting opening. Her miniature clit stood erect and a small gush of juices signalled her readiness.

Doc Mateson grabbed her by the ankles and slid her body until her crotch was flush with the edge of the stretcher, which incidentally put her ready snatch at the perfect height for his painfully erect cock to spear her. Meanwhile, William was furiously masturbating while his mouth sucked and bit her flat nipples.

Just for his amusement, Mateson flopped his monster equipment on top of the girl. The head of his rigid penis rested on her chest, just atop her solar plexus. If he penetrated her fully, he would almost reach her heart. Smiling at the size difference, he took his member again, positioned its head at the entrance of her cunt and, with no further ado, rammed his cock, full strength, into a flesh tube which was barely suited for that. He marvelled at the strength of the cocktail that coursed through her veins, developed in the facility, of course, that had allowed her to accept a full third of his manhood without too much difficulty. A small trickle of blood flowed around the impossibly stretched labia of the girl, which struggled to house the gigantic rod that had so thoroughly impaled her.

A penis shaped bulge deformed the girl's previously flat tummy, marking the place where his cock now rested, a bit past her navel. Mateson tenderly stroked the outline of his penis showing through the child skin and muscle, and marvelled at the incredibly taut flesh ring that her labia had formed where their genitals met. The little one was whimpering in her sleep at the monstrous intrusion, and Mateson took that as his cue to begin fucking her in earnest, with slow strokes as long as her body allowed.

William had decided on another approach. While he kept pinching and massaging the darker circles that passed for nipples in her flat chest with one hand, he used the other hand to guide his cock head near her puckered lips. The little whimpers subsided as she felt the glans of William's cock and her sucking reflex kicked in, making her try to fit her mouth around it to lick it, with the practiced motions of a lifetime of training.

Even with the boosts that they had received thanks to the myriad of chemicals and experimental operations, the sight of a ten years old sucking a horse sized cock while her stomach deformed rhythmically with the intrusion of a similarly sized one was too much for the two men, and both cummed at the same time. Mateson filled the womb of the child with baby batter almost to the point of rupture, making a small sized flesh balloon form at the tip of the cock shaped bulge of her abdomen, while William did the same in the girls mouth, overflowing it with semen, making it spurt from her nose and threatening to choke her.

While the girl unconsciously coughed and retched, the two spent men laughed merrily at the mess they had caused, quickly withdrawing their oversized penises from the little child. Mateson's one exited her body with a dirty wet sound that preceded a deluge of pink coloured semen overflowing from her gaping hole, clearly unable to close again. William cleaned carefully the girl's mouth and nose, allowing her to breathe normally again and wiped the tears from her face, the involuntary reflex triggered by their merciless assault.

It was time to return to work, though. The anaesthesia that kept her unconscious and pliable would wear off soon, and they had to make her ready. They didn't even bothered putting clothes on again. For their purposes, the lab coats and forearm length sterile gloves would suffice, as whatever little decency they may had had in the past was long forgotten, buried in the lax customs of the facility.

Both scientists cleaned the girl's body inside out and then resumed the gel lathering until she again regained the greenish tint of the substance. Then, wheeling the stretcher near the big pot that Mateson had prepared earlier, they both raised the limp form of the child and positioned her atop the rim.

The pot itself was akin in shape to a standard garden pot. Apart from the bigger than normal size that would have allowed to house a small sized palm tree, it sported some significant differences that set it aside from the common house variety. For starters, it was made in a near unbreakable alloy of graphene laced titanium.

Multiple cables and connectors fed the soil of the pot with water and nutrients, and measured many parameters like temperature, humidity or pH. Also, the rim of the recipient was moulded anatomically to easily support the girl's legs, fitted with manacles clearly designed to restrain a child sized human, like the one the scientists were positioning over it.

Mateson and William carefully placed the girl's legs until she was kneeling atop the pot, and restrained her with the manacles near her ankles and knees. Her arms were bent backwards until they too reached the rim and also similarly tied. A metal pole extending from the rim was positioned between them, resting in an padded top that supported her back and would keep her from slumping backwards.

The uncomfortable position warranted that the subject would not touch the soil and also wouldn't be able to move for the duration of the experiment, as well as positioning her nethers square atop the current inhabitant of the pot.

A purple bulb, nearly the size of the scientists glans crowned a thick green bumpy stalk almost ten inches tall and three thick. In fact, the scientists had had to carefully bend the flexible pole forward to mount the girl in the pot. Once freed again, the plant resumed its straight position resting at the girls' venus mons. From the base of the stalk sprouted a tendril of similar girth, albeit longer and even more pliant, capped with a pine cone looking brownish head and resting coiled around its parent.

Now, the previous fucking had not been just for the amusement of the two deviant paedophiles. Her little tender snatch still gaped open, arousal fluids leaking from it thanks to the aphrodisiac that flowed inside her, and Mateson took advantage of it to grab the stalk and gently coax it to fill the space his cock had vacated earlier.

The purple bulb, guided by the firm hand of the scientist, parted the delicate and raw folds of the little girl once again. Bit by bit, the huge mass of the bulb penetrated the vagina that would be its new home, helped by the lubrication the test subject was so helpfully dripping.

Once the head had disappeared through the child snatch and the labia had closed around it, the man kept pushing the plant inside until the head of the bulb rested again the girl's cervix and the stalk had returned to it's original upright position.

Meanwhile, William was busy uncoiling the longer sprout at the base of the stalk. Once completely unfolded, the flexible appendage was almost as long as his arm, and he aimed the vicious looking head at the girl's ass. Lubricating his fingers in the juices that run through the child thighs, he inserted two of them in the puckered hole and started pistoning slowly to loosen the tight orifice.

The muscle relaxants had done their magic in that place too, and soon he was finger fucking her with all his fingers sans the thumb. Once he was sure that her asshole was sufficiently dilated, he withdrew his hand and shoved the pine cone head into her gaping orifice, unceremoniously, with little to no regard for the child's comfort.

The poor girl was on the verge of awakening, and was fidgeting restlessly under the expansion of her nethers, mewling under the unfamiliar intrusions. It was the encouragement that William needed to finish his part before she involuntarily clenched her sphincters and make his task more difficult. Once the head was inside her hole, it resembled a particularly long and thick green turd emerging from her ass.

William stopped for a second to bask in that image before resuming his task. Inch by inch, he kept relentlessly feeding the long stalk into the girl's bowels, making it snake its way through the colon, and then the large intestine.

Finally the appendage was, like its parent, standing upright, fully embedded inside the girl's tummy, the head probably around the appendix, ready to enter the small intestine. It was a very erotic sight, both doctors thought, as William rubbed her swollen abdomen, pressing the skin here and there to expose the faint contours of both tendrils inside the girl's innards.

As if on cue, when the vegetable appendices were firmly in their final position, her eyes began to flutter and her moans became more coherent while she struggled to clear her mind from the effect of the anaesthesia. Both scientists looked at her with disinterested professionalism, more worried about the plant than the girl herself. William gathered her long red hair and began to braid it so it wouldn't be in their way while examining the development of the strange plant-human symbiosis.

Finally, the growing pain of her nethers, no longer dulled by the narcotics, fully awoke the restrained little girl in a cascade of cute sounds of discomfort.

What is happening? where am I?" she rambled incoherently for a while, until her mind cleared enough to notice the two naked doctors before her. Once she saw them, everything came back to her. She had been selected from her batch of brothers and sisters to become a subject of an experiment at another lab of the complex.

The girl had been sad to have been separated from her dear sister Chloe, whom she loved much, but after seeing over time how her siblings were taken away one after another, she had eagerly awaited for her turn to be a test subject herself. The excitement brought by the anticipation of her fate was enough by itself to bring her to orgasm every night at her quarters.

"What was your name, again?" asked absent-mindedly the older looking doctor while scanning a batch of papers in his hands.

"Rose" answered the girl without thinking twice, conditioned since birth to obey unquestioningly the authority of any adult.

"A truly fitting name" answered the older doctor with a friendly smile "I am doctor Mateson. Does your tummy hurt, Rose?" he said, patting her belly carefully.

"Yes, it hurts a bit" said Rose, noticing for the first time that her legs and arms were bound backwards and she couldn't move them. She wiggled her fingers to check if she could untangle herself, but to no avail. "I can't move" she added looking at the doctor.

"I know, we have restrained you" answered the doctor, still pushing and prodding her tummy.

"Why?" asked Rose, eager for answers.

"It's for your own security, if you move in your state you could hurt yourself" replied the doctor called Mateson "It seems that the bulbs have rooted well, William. This one is promising!"

William acquiesced silently and went to prepare the catalyst that would begin the experiment for real.

"What is that?" Rose asked again, looking down at the invader that was filling her young holes to capacity and then some more. The sensation was not alien to her, having been trained with dildos and cocks to perform sexually whenever asked for, but the size was surpassing the limit of pain.

"Your companion for the rest of your life, young lady".

"What is the experiment about? William and Greta didn't tell me anything about it".

"You are going to be a subject of a human-plant hybridization experiment" Mateson answered. However, seeing the look of incomprehension on her face he corrected his tone "this plant and you are going to become one, miss"

"What for?" she said, cocking her head. She was not scared, just curious.

"Don't worry about that, Rose, it's an adult thing and you wouldn't understand anyway" he said "What you should concentrate on is in becoming a beautiful flower befitting of your namesake."

To drive the point home, he began to slowly stroke her tiny clit with his hand while he talked. The lingering effects of the aphrodisiac cocktail had made her sexual organs very receptive to stimulation and she began to moan, falling easily into her well learned patterns of pleasure.

The pain in her coochie lessened under the doctor's tender touch, and was slowly replaced by a heat that made her body tingle all over in the most pleasant of ways. While she was panting in ecstasy, she saw doctor William return with a syringe full of pink liquid and then inject in in the base of the stalk that connected her to the pot.

At that moment, the older doctor pinched her clit hard and Rose let a scream that was part pain and part indescribable pleasure, her muscles spasming rhythmically to the tune of her orgasm. To her immature brain, the overwhelming sensation reinforced indelibly earlier imprints. She would become addicted to those kind of heightened climaxes if they repeated themselves too much, that much she could understand.

Post orgasm languor draped over Rose, relaxing her and dulling the stretching pains of her innards. The calmness allowed her to notice changes that she wasted no time in letting her handlers know about.

"The plant is moving!" she exclaimed in amazement.

"We know, Rose, it's doing what is supposed to do" Mateson said, placing his hand over her tummy and feeling through the skin the stirring of the vines inside her.

Both scientists began a mad rush, taking notes on their pads, adjusting switches and buttons on nearby machines and talking excitedly between them in terms that Rose wouldn't ever hope to begin comprehending. She was too concentrated on what was happening on her belly to pay attention to what the doctors were doing. Both the stalks, for she had at last noticed that her ass was also similarly occupied, were doing a strange dance inside her.

Unbeknownst to Rose, the injection that William had administered the plant had triggered a massive cascade of phytohormones, kicking the plant metabolism into full gear. The bulb inside her began to unfold itself, expanding even more her overstretched flesh, and a pinkish blunt tendril, roughly the size of a marker pen, began to poke and prod her cervix, sending painful electric jolts through her tiny body that made her clamp her mouth and grit her teeth.

The tendril, having reached its target, pushed relentlessly, mindlessly fixated on entering Rose's tiny womb to fulfil its purpose. To ease the passage, the appendage secreted a substance that numbed the muscular ring and made it strain and relax consecutively, widening the opening on each pulsation.

Rose relaxed once more as the pain disappeared again, this time replaced with a sensation inside her cunny not unlike clenching and unclenching her fist. Not really pleasurable, but no longer painful. Meanwhile, the tendril on her ass, thanks to the accelerated growth spurt induced by its genetically altered metabolism, was invading millimetre after millimetre of the girl intestines, already having filled the large intestine to capacity and now snaking its way through the coiled ropes of the small intestine. It was a slow progress, and it would take the vegetable tentacle many weeks to completely fill the girl's digestive tract, but it was already cramping her belly awfully, making her feel like she was taking the biggest dump ever.

She worked her abdominals in vain trying to expel the intruder that had triggered her rectum muscles into evacuation mode. The only thing she achieved, though, was a terrible headache. If she had to believe the doctors, that thing was never going to leave her ass, making her excited about the prospect of always feeling the need to poo without being able to actually do it.

Five minutes after the plant growth had begun, Rose's cervix was already soft enough for the tendril to snake inside her uterus and, in a particularly strong contraction, it finally slipped in. Once inside the moist sanctuary, the main body of the plant began pumping liquids up the stalk into that tendril. Rose's uterus began to swell alongside the appendage until a small bump became visible through her abdominal skin, locking plant and girl together even more firmly.

By that point, Rose was crying earnestly from the awful cramping of her cervix and intestines. To distract herself from the pain, she tried to catalogue the myriad of sensations, both familiar and unfamiliar, that radiated from her overstretched innards. It was no good, she thought, as her skin soon wetted with perspiration, the pain was too bad to allow her anything but whimper. Mateson and Williams, for their part, looked very satisfied with themselves, and the older scientist approached the nearly comatose girl, tenderly stroking her sweat drenched face.

"Rest well, Rose, this is just the beginning" he whispered to her ear.

With that, both men turned around and exited the greenhouse, retrieving their clothes in the way, leaving behind a dazed girl as the artificially created abomination slowly invaded her innards. They walked without looking back until the soundproof blast doors that closed behind them silenced her cries of pain from the reverse birth she was experiencing.


Rose awoke early after a restless slumber filled with nightmares where sinister shadows chased her through a jungle chock full of vines that tangled her and slowed her escape. Last night, after the doctors had left her alone, she had spent a full hour crying before exhaustion claimed her. Now that she was awake again, she noticed that the pain was much more manageable, almost at the level she was accustomed handling, back in the nursery. Even her arms and legs were completely numb from their forced immobility, an expected result of extended bondage sessions like those she had practised before.

As the first lights of the morning shined over her bound body through the translucent glass ceiling of the greenhouse, Rose felt how calmness suddenly enveloped her, so powerful that it seemed unnatural even to her young mind. That thought didn't linger in her mind for too long, because as strange as it might have seemed, it dulled the sensations radiating from her tummy.

Unbeknownst to her, the plant invading her body had reacted to the light by releasing a massive amount of different chemicals that soaked her digestive tract and vaginal lining and acted like powerful antidepressants and anxiolytics.

Now calm and sedate, she even had the presence of mind to look at the bulge that had formed in her lower abdomen. The tendril in her cunt stretched her labia taut almost to the point of rupture, a discoloured ring of flesh outlining the phallic invader. She felt stabs of pain there every so often, like when her teacher had taught the children of the nursery how to handle needle play.

Her ass was similarly on fire. The tendril there seemed to have grown over the night, if that was even possible, making her belly packed to the brim, like that time when she had received her first gallon enema. However, she had never felt so stuffed before, and the unfulfilled need to poo was almost overwhelming her.

The chemical cocktail secreted by the plant that now coursed through her veins was, however, slowly shifting her perception of that sensations. The painful stabs and awful cramping didn't go away, but she felt she could deal with, or at least ignore, them. Her training was kicking in, her naturally masochistic side coming to light.

Rose, however, noticed her bladder uncomfortably full, and that was something she could still control. If she was already in position, why shouldn't she make use of the pot so conveniently placed under her? It wasn't like she hadn't peed in public before, and dirt was dirt. She had heard somewhere that pee was good for the plants so, unable to hold it any longer, she shamelessly let her sphincter go, basking on the release of one source of pressure in her innards.

The golden stream seemed unending, and she was still in the middle of evacuating when she heard the hiss of the greenhouse doors and saw the two evil doctors heading to where she was. She should have felt embarrassed as the doctors approached and saw her pissing, but her drug fuelled disinterest had purged her from that particular feeling.

"Do you feel better now, Rose?" Mateson asked her.

"Yes. I needed to pee very much. There is no toilet here, and I can't move" she explained.

"Don't worry about it, dear. Whenever you need peeing, just do so like you have done now"

"Just like this?"

"Of course!" the doc laughed "It's pretty normal, given your situation, and we don't mind. In fact, you are going to discover that you need to pee more and more often from now on"

It was true, part of the changes she was unknowingly undergoing. The plant was feeding her an unnatural amount of liquids that were slowly changing her metabolism and DNA make-up to better integrate both organisms, but a side effect was a nasty liquid imbalance that would need frequent release.

Rose saw William move a portable x-ray scanner in front of her. While she guessed about the purpose of that strange machine, Mateson and his assistant looked at the image that the scanner revealed. Inside the girl's abdomen, the plant had begun colonizing her small intestine. At that rate, in less than two weeks, her whole digestive tract would be full of nothing but vegetable matter. Smaller tendrils sprouted from the main one as it grew, invading the surrounding tissues, assimilating them and feeding nutrients directly to her blood stream. Rose wouldn't have to eat or drink again if she didn't want to, but that didn't mean she couldn't feast on some other things. Things that the scientists would be very happy to provide.

The bulb nested in her uterus had sprouted two smaller protrusions that were filling her fallopian tubes, heading straight for her ovaries. That was the main reason why she had to be so awfully young. For the experiment to yield optimal results, the female subject needed to be prepubescent, as they had discovered after many failures that the hormonal and tisular changes brought by the oestrus rendered the fusion infertile.

Once that detail had been taken into account, the latest iterations of the procedure had produced seeds of a very high quality, such as the one that had birthed the plant that now invaded Rose, and they hoped that the seeds born from this particular unholy union would be the first ones usable to create the very first functional human-plant hybrids down the line.

Both scientists chatted excitedly and Rose, even if she didn't know the meaning of the scientific words they were using, deduced by their tone that everything was going according to their plan. What that meant for her in the end she didn't know and, truth be told, didn't mind. While she was curious about her fate, like any child would, she had been raised to be the perfect test subject for any experiment the scientists developed, or just to be a toy for their sexual relief, and she was happy to be of use to such intelligent and worthy people.

As the sun rose higher and the light bathing her bound body increased, Rose began to sweat profusely, squirming from an itch that wasn't truly an itch. That sensation wasn't strange to her, but it had never come with such an irresistible force behind it before. Mateson and William noticed the change immediately, and winked at each other as if they had been expecting it.

"How do you feel now, Rose?" William spoke to her for the first time.

"It's hot, and itchy, and feels funny down there" she pointed with her chin to her cunt.

"Do you want us to help you with that?" he asked.

"Yes please!" she panted.

Rose wasn't feeling more pain than what her abdomen, asshole and vagina constantly irradiated, but the new sensations growing within her threatened to overload even her trained mind. The memory of what happened last night when she orgasmed so strongly was also conspiring against her self control.

Hormones that lowered her inhibitions and increased her libido such as those the light was prompting the plant to produce were being discharged nonstop into her blood stream, slowly turning her into a sex crazed maniac. All within the parameters, of course, as she needed her reproductive system kicked into overdrive if the experiment was to have a chance of succeeding.

William positioned himself in front of her and started to carefully fondle her undeveloped nipple buds, tickling and rubbing and pinching the dime sized areolas. The sensation was incredibly pleasurable to young Rose, sending small bolts of electricity that made her chest muscles spasm in delicious waves that brought relief to her all consuming lust. The young doctor unfastened his pants and his cock sprang to life, resting its incredible length between Rose's flat tits and presenting the glans to the girl's mouth.

"Suck it, Rose, suck it like you have been trained to!" he commanded her.

Rose obediently kissed the purple head, staining her puckered lips with some of the copious amounts of transparent sticky precum that was already flowing. She licked them and found his taste salty but not unpleasant, definitely better than some of the boys she had fellated before. Even if she wasn't hungry or thirsty, she tried her best to fit his massive cock inside her mouth, in order to wring as much liquid as possible.

"Yes, that's how it's done!" William screamed, tugging at her non-existent teats as long and hard as the flesh allowed, making her yell in pain, so that he could stimulate as best as possible the length of his cock with the skin of her undeveloped chest.

Meanwhile Mateson had crouched between them, looking at the junction where the main tendril met her cunt and marvelling at the ring of taut flesh that her labia had formed. Her clit was very erect, a small crimsom bead beating with arousal. He lapped the nub, expertly peeling it from its hood with his tongue and exposing it to his ministrations. He had a lot of practice at oral sex, and Rose soon found herself moaning with pleasure, the sound muffled by a mouthful of cock.

The next five minutes, both men exercised their expertise in the amatory arts, refined through many test subjects, switching positions to extract the most pleasure from the little strumpet. She had already forgotten why they were doing that, her mind lost in pleasures so much greater than she had previously experienced. Rose sensed how the itch mutated, transformed, moved through her body in waves that found the painful places of her body, increasing in intensity and radiating more strongly, mixing pain and pleasure into the same ecstatic feeling.

With a shrill scream that reverberated through William's cock, buried in her mouth, Rose finally came, her body contracting in the spasms of a massive orgasm, the second one at the greenhouse and already dwarfing the incredible first one.

Her vocal manifestation of pleasure drove both men over the edge too. William filled her mouth in a deluge of cum while Mateson painted her body white in a sticky patina as she slumped forward as much as her restraints allowed, twitching uncontrollably.

Rose's mouth was full with cum, and she savoured the gooey, warm, bitter mass, rolling it through her tongue, scraping it from her teeth, and licking her lips hungrily for more. She always enjoyed how the sticky substance clinged to her throat as it travelled to her stomach.

One of the effects of the treatments they had been administered, apart from the spectacular cock growth, was an increased production of cum and both scientists smiled as they cleaned their members against the patches of Rose's alabaster skin that were still unsoiled. Her face was covered by ropes of the dense liquid, as was her torso and cunt. Mateson as well as William found the sight incredibly erotic, and decided against cleaning the mess. Coming every morning to the greenhouse to be greeted by a ten years old girl bound and covered from head to toe in a crust of dried semen held a strange charm over the two deviants.

"How was that, little Rose?" asked Mateson after regaining his breath "Did you like it?"

"Yes, doctor. Can I have more cum?" she pleaded with puppy eyes while she tried to reach with her tongue any unclaimed bit.

"Of course, semen is healthy for you, my dear Rose" he said, patting her head "We will give it to you everyday, as many times as possible"

"Yay!" she positively beamed.

While Rose relaxed, both men went on to their work monitoring the relevant parameters of the experiment, as well as the rest of experiments going on in their little realm inside the facility. As they moved from task to task, they answered Rose's questions and talked about the menial things of the day by day, or about her life before arriving there. Two more times they frigged Rose to orgasm and fed her with the cum she so craved.

Despite being unable to move, caked with cum in different stages of drying and with a mutant plant invading her body bit by bit, she had never felt so good in her life. Even that constant pain that throbbed in her cunny and the cramping of her bum just seemed to blend into one another, satisfying her lust for pain. If that was what being a test subject was about, she was happy for the brothers and sisters that had preceded her.

That night, when the doctors left, an exhausted Rose went to sleep almost immediately, the wonderful smell of their semen inundating her nostrils. That night she didn't cry in pain anymore, even if she had never stopped hurting. That night, in her dreams, she welcomed the jungle vines that tangled her.


DAY 10

The following days brought a radical change in Rose's behaviour. In just a few days, the morning neurotransmitter overdose from the plant and the orgasmic sessions from the doctors had made her so high that she didn't care that she couldn't move free or even feel her limbs. Only careful daily adjustments of her body chemistry by the scientists kept poor junkie Rose marginally sane.

In order to help keeping her anchored to reality, William had placed a body sized mirror next to the pot so she could see herself whenever she wanted. The mirror was a constant reminder of who she was, but also showed the extent of her progressive transformation. The vine that snaked through her small intestine had already filled it halfway, making her look pregnant with a nest of particularly big snakes.

Each morning brought a renewed growth spurt of the tendrils, and she had become somewhat adept at tracing their movements inside her innards. They were already four inches thick and, apart from filling her to the point of bursting, they had sprouted along her innards, painfully spearing her soft tissues and invading other organs. The doctors even showed Rose from time to time something that looked like an x-ray of her body, pointing what was hers and what was the plant's. Day by day there was a bit more plant and a bit less her.

When she looked at her skin, under the few patches that weren't matted with sticky cum, she could see that it was also slowly changing colour, from pure red-headed alabaster to dryad green. It was also becoming slightly see-through and, under a strong light, she could see on her reflection the faint outline of muscles and bones, as well as the ever increasing vines that criss-crossed them.

That particular day, she awoke with the first sunlight rays to find an exciting change in her body. Her nipple buds had grown through the night, and now resembled two fleshy cones emerging from the cum coating. When Mateson arrived to begin the work day, she swallowed the semen that had been macerating inside her mouth all night long and pointed the fact to him.

"I wondered when they would start showing" he said, fondling the extremely sensitive nubs.

As he stroked and rolled her tender rubbery nipples between his fingers, she could feel something like a hard bean inside them. The friction of her sensitive skin rubbing between doc Mateson fingers and the beans was something wonderful by itself and made her orgasm on the spot.

"I see we are feisty today, aren't we Rose?" Mateson joked

"Yes doctor. Hmm, that feels good, don't stop…" she purred "What are those?" she added, eyes closed in post orgasmic bliss.

"That's a surprise!" the deviant doctor said "One that I wouldn't want to spoil"

Mateson presented his white coated fingers to the girl's mouth for her to clean, a task she did with obvious gusto, and went to work.

That day went more or less like the previous nine. Doctors performing experiments and tests, both on her and on other things around the greenhouse, the daily renewal of the cum layer that coated her inside out, various lengthy pissing sessions, and multiple mind shaking orgasms whenever the scientists were on the mood. However, that evening, a new routine was going to be added to her daily schedule.

"How is the tisular exchange rate going William?" asked Mateson looking at a chart on her pad.

"Twenty percent as of yesterday" answered the younger fellow, taking notes behind a giant flower.

"That means elasticity should be around optimal…" mumbled Mateson "better if we start early before the conversion percentage increases".

Rose watched curiously as Mateson dove between her legs, expecting with a smile another session of mind boggling orgasms. However, the scientist had something else in mind.

He began, as he always did, fondling the child's oversexed clit. The hormones and daily stimulation had made a number on the sex organ. Apart from making it grow, a full inch long and proportionally thick, like a body-builder’s one, it had made it perpetually erect, pulsing crimson at the tune of her heartbeat. The hood had grown alongside it, making Mateson cringe at the unsightly view. He made a mental note to correct that oversight later: a clitoris so beautifully large should never be hidden from view.

Rubbing his index finger up and down, Mateson zeroed on his real target, Rose's peehole. As the child panted with pleasure, tongue lolling out and eyes rolled up, he observed with satisfaction the tiny hole puckering open. Seeing a small yellow trickle, he took a side step and watched how the stimulation made the girl pee herself again. When she finished, sighing in satisfaction, Mateson traced the contours of her labia and lubricated his finger in the juices that flowed between them and the stalk. Once thoroughly covered with the clear fluid, he shoved it unceremoniously inside the girl's peehole.

Rose screamed in shock before the unexpected intrusion. A place narrower than a soda straw had stretched to accept the index finger of a grown man in an instant, and the jolt that thundered through her body had surprised the little child. It hadn't really hurt after all, and the new feeling was akin to the one at her ass. She wanted desperately to pee again, but with such a thick appendage blocking the sphincter she couldn't. Mateson began to piston fuck her last virgin hole with his finger and waved William to come.

"Do you see this?" he pointed with his free hand.

"Hot" was the only answer of the assistant before he went to fetch the tall stool in order to practice what had become his favourite pastime with Rose.

Over the past two weeks, little Rose had struggled to accept more and more of the scientist's oversized cocks inside her mouth. Her goal was to be able to deepthroat them, like she could do with training dildos and normal cocks. Learning how to better perform sexually was what she had been doing since birth, and it felt natural for her to keep at it.

Thanks to the changes her body was undergoing, the feat didn't took long. The very same increased elasticity that allowed her innards to expand to the tune of the plant, or for Mateson to be fingerfucking her urethra, had also softened her throat. Just two days ago, Rose had finally felt William's glans break through the cardias and into her stomach.

Both doctors congratulated the little child profusely, telling her how sexy were her plump lips stretched like an "O" around William shaft, or the wonderful shape her throat took while the bulge of his mighty flesh rod stretched it. They even took photographs and videos of the event, and Rose felt cherished and loved while both men showed her the pictures of her cum coated body and called it beautiful.

While training to deepthroat them she also discovered that, although she could still breath like usually, she could also hold her breath indefinitely if she wanted to, at least during the day. Mateson had explained to her that now, her increasingly green skin acted like the leaves of a plant and gave her cells an oxygen surplus.

She didn't understand any of that, but not needing to breathe was a neat superpower for a cocksucker so proud of her skills like her, so she often made use of that ability, massaging both men's cocks with her throat without fear of suffocation. Once she discovered that fact, she also began keeping her mouth and nostrils full of cum for extended periods of time, enjoying the flavour and odour to the fullest without needing to vacate them. Unless it was to talk or suck cock, she would usually keep her lips shut and their semen inside.

In the wake of her training, William had developed a routine that allowed him to skullfuck Rose without needing to move her. He positioned a tall stool behind her and climbed it. The little girl saw him, smiled in anticipation and tilted her head backwards until her throat was flush with her oesophagus, opening her mouth as wide as she could.

The younger scientist wasted no time and, holding her head for leverage, plunged his full erection into the little minx's inviting hole, reaching the stomach in one thrust and feeling his glans slosh around all the cum stored there. He began skullfucking her in earnest and the sight of her tender throat bulging obscenely in the shape of his cock inflamed his passion, driving him into a frenzy.

Meanwhile, Mateson had added another finger to the mix, making poor Rose overwhelmed by the fierce assault from both ends. The doctor's fingers were stimulating her clitty like never before, rubbing the inside of it for the first time, letting her know about its hidden depths.

She felt her clit radiating the familiar pleasure waves from inner surfaces she didn't knew existed. While William's balls smacked rhythmically her nose, it dawned on her that her clit was like her plant, the roots were hidden from the view, buried in soil or flesh. Those roots were now sending her brain signals so strong that threatened to shut it down.

Before she went unconscious from the over-stimulation, Mateson buried his fingers to the hilt with gut wrenching force and pinched her clit with his free hand. Rose screamed her pleasure through her blocked throat, and the vibrations sent William over the edge. His cum overflowed her already filled stomach, burst upwards and shot from Rose's nostrils and the tight space between her lips and his cock.

Now spent, William withdrew his meat spear from her body and climbed down the stool to see what Mateson had done to her peehole. The previously tiny opening was now gaping and pulsing, spraying little streams of piss to the tune of Rose's orgasmic spasms. She slowly came to her senses and snorted the cum that blocked her nostrils, looking at the scientists with a big grin plastered on her white covered face. Bubbles of cum foamed in her mouth as she spoke.

"Can we do that again? Pretty please?"

DAY 20

Faithful to his own mental promise, some days after claiming Rose's urethral virginity, Mateson prepared the girl for a new modification. He had begun the day spraying Rose's face with a particularly large quantity of cum that had seeped into her eyes and painted her vision white. It wasn't a strange occurrence, though, and she was accustomed to the sting of the substance. She was fluttering her eyelashes madly to clear her eyes from the thick liquid that blurred her field of view and wasn't paying attention to what the doctor was saying.

"Can you repeat what you just said?" asked young Rose while her tears finished the job and her vision returned.

"I'm going to circumcise you, Rose" answered Mateson, re-sheathing his cock into his pants.

"Isn't that for boys only?"

"Not only for them. Here, let me show you" he said, bringing closer the mirror so that she could see her cunt hidden under her belly.

"This is your clit" he pointed grabbing the inch long appendage. It looked like a very small penis, the smooth glans peeking under the hood. "And this is the hood" he added, pinching the flap of skin, lifting it slightly from the clitoral shaft.

Rose was giggling with excitement. Even if Mateson acted all doctor-like and professional, he was still groping the most sensitive part of her body. She was so lucky that such good doctors had chosen her as their test subject.

"Pay attention, Rose!" he twisted her clit playfully, sending an electric jolt through her bound body that refocused her.

"The main body of the clitoris is hidden under the hood, the same way as the foreskin covers the glans of the penis" he continued.

"There is no foreskin on your cocks" she noted.

"Exactly, because we have had it removed just like I'm going to do to you. It's more pleasurable that way" he winked at her.

She nodded in acquiescence, winking in return, which glued her right eye shut and made her laugh. Whatever the doctors did was fine with her, so far all the things that she had experienced had felt good. She still had to live with the pain on her overstretched cunny, her belly still cramped awfully and the feeling of constantly being pooping never abandoned her, but she welcomed them now as much as the pleasure itself.

The older scientist brought closer a wheeled metal tray full of sharp looking steel tools and knelt before Rose's vaginal area. It was a straightforward procedure, thanks to the regenerative abilities that her body had acquired, and he wouldn't need William to assist. Mateson called him nonetheless.

When William arrived, he patted Rose's head in encouragement and knelt beside Mateson, taking care of not obstructing the immobile girl point of view. Mateson then took a clamp and a pair of sharp pointed scissors, abandoning any pretence at subtlety by that point. He used the clamp to take hold of the girl's hood and, lifting it as much as possible, switched to the scissors to cut around the perimeter of her clit, as close as the base as he dared.

Rose was enjoying the procedure. The sharp snips alongside her most sensitive part were no more painful than the myriad of pains that plagued her body constantly and she had learned to live with. The chemically forced rewiring of her brain had obliterated whatever little boundaries remained between pain and pleasure and had exacerbated her masochism to the limit, so while Mateson excised her flesh, she even bit her lip to suppress a growing bout of pain induced orgasms.

The small trickle of blood that flowed from the wound wasn't even red anymore, it had become an orange syrupy sap that hardened as soon as exposed to the air and closed the cuts almost as fast as Mateson made them. The result was that the procedure took less than two minutes and left her clit completely exposed for the first time in her life. Once the foreskin was excised, two more carefully aimed slices took care of the suspensory ligaments that anchored the clit to the labia minora.

The freed appendage now resembled a skinned penis, raw red and throbbing madly, so sensitive that even the slightest flow of air stimulated it. Liberating the clit from its sheath and anchors also made it gain half an inch of length, and without being restricted by the protective flesh, its state of erection made it rise proudly.

Mateson couldn't resist the invitation and swallowed the appendage whole, making Rose finally lose control and cum very vocally. While Mateson used his tongue to explore her feminine appendage, William silenced Rose with a french kiss, an activity that the little girl always enjoyed practising.

Poor Rose was in seventh heaven. The tongue of Mateson was exploring the shaft of her freed womanhood leaving no area untouched, while his teeth nibbled her flesh and added painful stabs to the array of sensations her clit was feeding her. She kept moaning into William's mouth, their tongues intertwining in the lewd dance her teachers had shown her.

The trio kept at it until it was clear that her mind and body couldn't cope any more. Both scientists whitewashed her torso and face with a new layer of their essence, carefully keeping the throbbing nub clean so Rose could enjoy it's sight the rest of the day.

Once she regained her voice she admired the results in the mirror. The painfully erect appendage was scalding hot, shiny with spit and vaginal juices and framed by a string of her own mutated blood, coagulated like sap. To her young mind, the ring of amber beads became a tangible proof of the doctors' love for her, a crown worth of a princess. The heat waves that radiated from the mauled organ flowed up to her brain and reinforced her chemically induced love for both scientists.

"It's so beautiful!" she managed to whisper before closing her eyes in a comatose post orgasmic state.

DAY 30

The weeks after the hoodectomy, William carefully implemented his plan to develop Rose's urethral elasticity. The deviant assistant had set her new goal to stretch her urethra until their cocks could penetrate it. What use was having a pretty naked under-aged girl, unwilling to resist your sexual advances, if you couldn't fuck her however you wanted?

Little Rose had become more a nimpho than she had started being, always starved for any kind of stimulation, so she took to this new lesson with renewed enthusiasm. She didn't have the same possibilities as with her mouth, given her state of immobility, but nonetheless, she tried her best to learn how relax her sphincter as much as she could, or how to use it to exert selective pressure to whatever traversed its length.

The scientists for their part procured some different sized sounds and vibrators from another lab and trained her peehole to accept longer and thicker insertions. Little Rose became giddy with excitement every time Mateson or William unveiled a bigger sized toy. The sensations produced by stretching that hole, and the pleasure it elicited as the progressively bigger phallic objects expanded her innards was indescribable.

The little child went ecstatic every time they shoved a vibrator up her urethra, broke through the sphincter and entered her bladder. She rolled up her eyes and her head collapsed backwards as all the nerves around the piss tube and the roots of her clitoris became on fire. She would often ask William to put his fingers inside to check how she had improved at using her muscles to give a massage.

As a result of the intensive training regime, Rose discovered a new pair of interesting things. The first one was that she had become functionally incontinent. The frequency of their fuckings made her urethra unable to return to its original size after each session, so a small trickle of piss always drained down her peehole unless it was plugged somehow.

The second one was that her bladder was stretching like a water balloon, at its maximum length resting somewhere around her navel. She knew that because she once saw the full contour of a flexible vibrator through the skin of her misshapen belly. Her hide was so taut and thin that she sweared she could distinguish the pink colour of the vibrator through the now semi-translucent layers of green flesh.

Her nipples had kept growing thanks to the beans, or whatever they were, inside them, and now they were the size of a pregnant mother's. Half an inch long, the cone shaped flesh mounds were a source of great pleasure to Rose. The friction on the inside of her flesh caused by those things whenever Mateson or William played with them was deliciously nasty, like picking on a scar, and the thought that something was on its way to exiting her body through there filled her with a childlike maternal pride.

That morning, Mateson had brought a pair of thin tweezers with him as he approached Rose. Her daily routine included a variety of measurements, blood sampling, injections and scanning, but that particular tool was new. The novelty factor always interested Rose, so she tried to focus on the doctor even as the latest vibrator plugging her bladder fed her orgasm after orgasm.

"What are those for?" she asked, her voice trembling in barely contained pleasure.

"You will see. You are becoming very impatient for a plant, aren't you?" retorted Mateson.

That was something that the doctors were insisting on a lot, lately. Well, she couldn't move, she was rooted to the soil of her pot, she didn't need to eat or drink, even if she could somehow digest semen, and sunlight made her very happy. Above all she had become green and, even if she still hadn't leaves or flowers, since all the process started her body had undergone so many changes that she believed it was just a matter of time.

Mateson approached her chest and used his trusty water soaked sponge to wipe clean it from the omnipresent dense coating of cum. Then, he placed the tweezers points dead center on her right nipple and began to push. The pore that had appeared when the nipples first started growing had become a veritable small hole, and the tweezers slipped inside once Mateson wormed a bit the metal tool.

Rose couldn't quite describe the sensation that the tweezers were eliciting inside her nipple. It wasn't painful, nor pleasant, but something hovering in-between. Definitely another interesting feeling to add to her ever growing catalogue of aches and pleasures and something to look for in the future. Once he was deep enough, Mateson released his grip on the tweezers, allowing the points to separate and forcing the small opening even wider, making Rose yelp in surprise.

The scientist then looked closer and a smile formed in his face.

"I see it's progressing well" he said, taking a hand mirror from a nearby tray and placing it so Rose could see it too.

"What is that?" she said, angling her head to see better.

Deep inside the hole, the tweezers had exposed something shiny, red and blunt tipped. She couldn't imagine what that red thing that nested inside her breast was, but before she could ask Mateson, the hole filled with a clear golden liquid that pooled into a drop at the very tip of the nipple.

The scientist scooped with his index the small amount of that mysterious liquid and tasted it with a look of satisfaction plastered on his face. Rose was bewildered by what was flowing from her undeveloped flat chest and, when Mateson re-coated his finger with the stuff and presented it to her mouth, she sucked it without thinking.

"Tastes sweet!" she said with admiration, barely remembering the last time something sweet had graced her palate.

"Indeed it is. This fluid will lubricate your nipple when it births that red thing you have seen, and its twin" he said while extracting the tweezers and repeating the operation on her left nipple.

"But what are they? You haven't told me yet" she pouted.

"All in good time. Remember that I promised you I wouldn't spoil the surprise?" he answered, as a fresh dollop formed on her now unblocked teat.

Once both nipples were dripping the golden liquid, Mateson did something that heavily amused little Rose. He latched on her right nipple and began sucking the sweet nectar as if he was a baby drinking milk from his mother. She felt the release of a source of internal pressure she hadn't noticed before, and sighed with satisfaction.

During a blissful moment, Rose felt like a mother feeding his child. She reminded how her own mom had always been available for her children whenever they felt like drinking milk, back in the nursery. Her oversized breasts, almost as big as her children were, always had one child or another latched into the teats, eagerly drinking the sweet white liquid.

Mateson finished draining her right nipple and repeated the operation with the left one. Once he had done both, he dove straight for her lips and kissed passionately the little girl. As their syrup coated tongues coiled and uncoiled in the dance of love, she thought that her new life couldn't be better.

DAY 40

From the day Mateson had unblocked her nipples, that sweet nectar hadn't stopped flowing. The constant trickle formed a pair of sticky paths that run straight to her hips and then dripped into the soil, diluting the perpetual cum coating on their way. From the distance it looked like she was dressed with a white t-shirt decorated with two vertical golden lines.

Every day, Mateson or William took a small sound and scraped the inside of her nipples, unblocking the tubes from the dried syrup that had accumulated during the night. Then, they relieved the girl from the excess liquid with obvious gusto, much to her chagrin at seeing the traditional roles of adult and child reversed.

The range of activities they indulged in was slowly expanding. However, both scientists always managed to find time for their pretty test subject, and playing with her ever growing clit, coating her on a fresh layer of cum or stretching her urethra never was out of their schedule.

Rose was, in fact, savouring the last load that Mateson had deposited inside her mouth when he saw William entering the greenhouse carrying an enormous bag. He closed on her place and with a loud "thud" dropped the bag to the floor, straightening while he massaged his kidneys.

"That bag weighted a ton! I must be getting old" he winked at her.

"What's inside?" she asked candidly.

"Oh, just plain ol' fertilizer for your roots, Rose. Nothing exciting this time, sorry" he apologized.

She was a bit disappointed, but the fun never really ended in the greenhouse and she was sure both of them would come with a surprising new experiment to try on her sooner or later.

William opened the bag and went for some gardening tools. Fortunately, the plant required little maintenance, and most of the nutrients needed soaked the soil regularly through the tubes connected to the pot. However, from time to time, it was necessary to renew the soil and add some substances that could not be delivered through water. It was, in fact, the first time such an operation had been performed, so Rose felt curious about it.

The foul odour of the fertilizer slowly started to fill the greenhouse. It was an earthy smell, deep and acrid, that remembered Rose of the diaper changing time, back at the nursery. That daily activity was so distant that it now seemed to have happened to a different girl. Unexpectedly, the stench stirred her bowels, and reminded her of a need she hadn't experienced since she had been planted there. She was suddenly hungry.

She didn't know what to think. How could that manure smell so appetizing? Fertilizer was food for plants after all, people didn't eat that. Immediately it dawned on her, it was so obvious that she would have slapped her forehead if she had retained the use of her hands. She was not human anymore, as the doctors insisted time after time, she was now a plant. When William returned with his tools and began to work with the dirt of her pot she didn't hesitate asking.

"Can I have some of that?" she said, looking at the opened bag "I'm suddenly very hungry"

William looked at her in a stunned silence for a moment. Then he nodded with his head.

"Sure, sweetheart. Let me finish this and I 'll let you try some"

William wasn't really shocked about Rose asking for fertilizer. He had been surprised that it had happened so soon. That could only meant that the process was more advanced than what Mateson and him had estimated. A good sign and an indicator that the specimen was of prime quality. Of course, her new needs, triggered by the appendage nesting in her stomach, opened a new batch of exciting activities that he had enjoyed very much with past test subjects.

Once he had finished renewing the soil that supported Rose's vegetable symbiont, he used a hoe as a spoon and scooped a small amount of the earthy substance from the bag, presenting it to the child. Rose licked the brown heap and chewed a little bit.

The taste was ten times worse than the smell, it flooded her mouth and nostrils and made her light headed. It was positively awful and stinky, and she liked it. She rolled the small amount through all the corners of her mouth, trying to extract as much flavour as possible from the fertilizer, pretty much the same she did with the wonderful semen.

William had observed her every reaction and, as soon as she swallowed that first sample, he moved the hoe closer to her lips. She opened her mouth wide and devoured all the contents of the gardening tool, a happy expression plastered on her face as she munched on the manure.

It was not perfect though, and she let William know.

"I like it very much, thank you!" she began "It's a shame it crunches so much on my teeth."

"Well, Rose, it's fertilizer after all. It needs to have soil mixed in"

"But it's so unpleasant" she protested, her teeth gritting with the little grains.

"Hmm" he started reflexively "I think the only way to avoid that is going straight to the source, before it has been mixed with dirt" he explained dutifully.

"The source?"

"Yes, you know what I'm talking about Rose, you are very intelligent. Where do fertilizer come from?" he asked.

"From poo?" she said, not very sure.

"Poo! Exactly! Very good, Rose" he congratulated her while stroking her inch long clitoris.

Rose felt very good with herself. Of course it was poo! how silly of her to not have thought about that sooner: the smell told it all.

"But how can I get poo? I haven't done it since I came here"

"Well, you have doctor Mateson and me" he said "I'm sure he will help you as well once I tell him"

"Really? Will you do that for me?" Rose yelled excitedly.

"Of course, darling, how could we refuse our precious plant girl?" he patted her head "In fact, I was going to go to the toilet soon. I have to dump a big one, do you want it instead?"

"Can I? For real?"

"Of course! let me fetch the stool"

He went to her backside to take his trusty stool that served him so well to skullfuck the little lady and secured it on front of her. The same way that his cock was level with her head whenever he climbed it put his asshole at the correct height. He dropped his pants and boxers and climbed the stool, this time presenting his asshole to her mouth instead of his cock.

It took a bit of manoeuvring to position himself correctly but, when he felt the tongue of the vivacious girl probing tentatively his ass, all the discomforts of his forced posture felt more than worth it. He spread his ass cheeks with his hands to give her better access, and saw doctor Mateson looking at them intently.

"Already?" was all he said.

"She is very precocious" William answered, moaning when he felt the tip of her tongue entering his puckered hole. No matter how many girls they experimented on, he never got tired of that.

"I wouldn't want to miss this for anything. Think she will want more once she is finished?"

"I'd bet on it, boss"

The stimulation of her wet, flexible tongue was too much for his sphincters to keep holding their cargo, so he relaxed and felt a big turd sliding down the chute.

Rose was delirious. Once she had taken the first licks, she became entranced by the musky aroma of his fresh shit. She dug into the hole trying to coax the tasty treat hidden inside, so she sucked and tongued and lavished his hole inside out as best as she could. Her efforts were soon rewarded when she felt something hard pushing against her tongue.

The fresh turd began his travel down and Rose opened her mouth as wide as possible to accept it into her waiting maws. When the tip touched her palate the foul flavour flooded all her taste buds and, closing her eyes, she felt how the slimy, thick turd began to slide effortlessly from his ass directly into her. The rope of crap wasn't as thick as their cocks, so she just relaxed her throat and let it flow continuously in an unbroken line straight to her stomach, closing her lips around it to better feel the texture of the log as it passed. Rose didn't dare to chew, she wanted it all and wasn't risking the turd breaking if she closed her mouth.

Mateson lost it when she kissed the turd and saw her throat bulging with its mass while she used her muscles to force its travel downwards. He was openly masturbating in front of the perverse scene, his eyes barely believing the pleasure he saw in the girl's face as she practically inhaled the fecal substance.

William's load was fairly substantial, but he finally finished dumping it and pinched his sphincter close. Rose took this as her cue to close her mouth around the tail of the shit snake and began chewing the morsel. Her teeth broke the soft material easily, aided by her copious salivation, and she enjoyed the bland texture a lot more than the grainy one of the manure. She kept munching the substance until her mouth was full of creamy shit, enjoying how the overwhelming taste and odour soaked her every fibre.

She only stopped when long ropes of cum launched from Mateson's cock landed straight on her face, covering her eyes and blinding her with the stinging bite of the semen. Looking at the older man through a veil of translucent white she smiled and dutifully swallowed the load, feeling how the tendril at her bowels writhed in response to the substance. Her plant symbiont celebrated the influx of nutritive material with a cascade of hormones that filled her brain with a satisfied languor.

"Can you give me some more? I'm still hungry" she said mischievously, her breath smelling like an open sewer.

DAY 50

Having a sweet mouth eager to accept their daily excrements, both scientists discarded the use of toilets altogether to have their assholes lavished by her flexible wet tongue. Rose didn't even object to rinsing her mouth with their piss after every feeding of either cum or shit and soon, whenever they needed to relieve themselves of solid or liquid waste, they reached for the little strumpet.

Now that the plant was receiving additional nutrients daily, its growth accelerated exponentially, changing her body more and more, in overt as well as subtle ways. With her mouth doubling as a toilet, it was not long until Rose felt one of such alterations.

It happened some days after that first session, while she was trying to down a particularly long and thick turd from doctor Mateson. It was so long and consistent that the beginning had firmly lodged itself at the bottom of her oesophagus and the end protruded slightly past her open lips.

Rose was chewing dutifully to try to soften the dark brown mass, while at the same time working her throat muscles, in the same peristaltic motions that both men liked so much when she deepthroated them, to ease the passage of the massive log. The vibrations of the latest toy stuffed in her urethra reverberated through all her body, distracting her from feeling the change at first, but when the turd finally decided to continue sliding towards her stomach she definitely noticed it.

"Doctor, I think my teeth are loose" she said sending a waft of foul fumes towards Mateson.

"Let me take a look then" he answered, having just finished injecting the girl with one of the many substances needed for the experiment.

Being a pervert without limits, Mateson found her new smell quite erotic, and he opened her filthy mouth to take a look at her brown caked teeth. Using his index finger, he prodded here and there, confirming what the girl had just said.

"Indeed, they are loose" he said "I think it's better if we remove them now, lest you swallow one by accident"

"Why are they like that?" Rose asked, unable to resist her tongue from probing one loose tooth after another.

"The calcium of you body is being redirected to other purposes, and their roots are withering away"

She gazed at him with a look of incomprehension, but also complete faith, in his words. The reasons were unimportant to her, all she wanted was reassurance that everything was proceeding as it should.

"Don't worry, it's all according to plan" he calmed her "I'll go fetch the pliers and we will get rid of them right now!" he finished, patting her head and making her flash a smile that soon would be devoid of white.

The tool rack nearby had a pair of pliers suitable for the work. He wouldn't need to take special cautions, or even disinfect the area. Her immune system was pretty much impervious to infection by that point. Mateson could have slashed her skin open and stuff the wounds with shit and nothing would have happened. Her improved regenerative abilities would shut down any bleeding almost immediately and, in less than twelve hours, her gums would be whole again.

Armed with the chosen pliers, Mateson went to the bound girl and commanded her to held her mouth open as wide as possible. He grabbed her upper left incisive and moved the tooth back and forth.

The excruciating process didn't even make the girl flinch. Worse pains plagued all her body all the time, and she had learned to accept them into every fibre of her being. She was the very definition of a perfect masochist, pain and pleasure holding the exact same meaning to her.

Once he felt it was loosened enough, Mateson suddenly tugged downwards with more strength and the tooth left her mouth in a swift and smooth movement. True to his words, the brown stained root was corroded as if it had been dipped in a strong acid.

He left the tooth in a nearby tray and looked at the hole he had made. The orange sap that had replaced the girl's blood was flowing slowly, already hardening around the wound.

Satisfied everything had proceeded so smoothly, he grabbed the pliers again and chose another tooth to continue the operation. After extracting all the loose pieces, Rose's smile had turned into the toothless grin of the older people.

"You have done very well, Rose" he complimented her.

"Zude I haf" she answered in the accent that now would color her every word, making her giggle at the strangeness of it. It would take her a while to acclimate herself to her new voice, but Mateson knew that her young and pliable mind would soon learn to compensate for the difference until it was barely noticeable.

While the scientist used the vibrator to fuck relentlessly her peehole in reward for her bravery, making her cum again and again, she tried to keep her mouth open to see the results in the mirror, exposing the brown cave dotted with orange spots as much as possible, and probing each and every corner with her shitty tongue. Like everything else done to her, she approved of the new style.

DAY 60

The daily deepthroatings went on to become even more pleasurable for both men, as Rose learned to use her bare gums to massage their cocks on their way in and out of her throat. The loss of her teeth had increased slightly the diameter of her mouth, allowing her to more easily accept their penises, making it seem that she breathed in the meat rods rather than swallowing them.

All in all, her mouth and throat had become the perfect sex sleeve, a condom of flesh to wrap around their monstrous dongs, soft and tender through all its length. Just like a second cunt, as the first one was in permanent use.

Her urethra was also well on its way to accept their oversized cocks, although that didn't stop the scientists enjoying it as much as possible. Day by day, the girth and length of the vibrators was increased, forcing the girl's sphincter to the absolute limits of its elasticity.

In fact, the rubber dongs, having reached and surpassed the boundaries of even her improved tissues long ago, were already tearing the urethra, making dozens of small cuts here and there when the flesh gave way under the relentless assault. Her piss tube stung fiercely with the friction of the fuckings and the constant flow of acidic urine, but small wounds like those healed almost instantly, increasing the diameter of the muscle on every iteration.

The consequence was that her peehole was always on fire, and she loved every second of it, as it synchronized wonderfully with the sensations that radiated from her clit whenever she cummed.

As days went by, the vines kept slowly growing inside her. The one at her ass had traversed all the digestive tract and now coiled inside her stomach, poking its walls from time to time and therefore adding the constant need to puke to the constant need to poo. She would usually retch partially digested mouthfuls of runny shit, mixed with a healthy amount of piss, cum and traces of nipple syrup. However, her naked body was so filthy with layers of those very substances that neither her or the scientists bothered cleaning them. She even came to enjoy the taste of the bile mixed into the foul cocktail when it came the wrong way.

Both tendrils had increased their girth as well as their length, and now, little Rose wouldn't have had the least difficulty in passing a baby through both holes without dilating first. The plant had continued to consume her bones for calcium and other micro nutrients, and it had made her hips warp around the thick tendrils. Even her ass cheeks were now doughnut shaped, wrapping around the woody invader.

That particular day, doc Mateson had busied himself thoroughly examining her arms and legs. The lack of use and the invasion of the ever growing tendrils had painlessly consumed the muscle and bone, and now they were just withered husks, ghosts of their former shape.

"They will never be able to move again Rose, I fear" he explained "although this was an expected result of the experiment"

"Well, if I have grown accustomed to not feeling or seeing them, I don't see any difference in having or not having them" she nonchalantly said, her toothless accent barely noticeable by that day.

"Do you want me to remove them?" he asked.

"Why not? I can't even see my legs because of my belly" she said, looking lovely at her bizarrely pregnant belly and the dildo that merrily vibrated the length of her bladder, slowly suffusing her body in an orgasmic haze that would have turned an unaltered woman's mind into mush.

"Al right then, I will remove them asap" Mateson said cheerfully "William, prepare the saws and the rest of the surgical equipment. Do you want anaesthesia, darling?" he asked, turning again at her.


"Your limbs are already dead for all that is worth, but maybe you don't want to see the actual operation"

"Then no, I'm having too much fun right now to go to sleep!" she flashed a toothless grin at Mateson.

While the mad scientist wondered at how her mind had changed so much in such a short period of time, he and William prepared the tools for the operation that would render Rose into a living torso. It wasn't a difficult operation, given their state of colonization, it was more like cutting the limbs of a tree than the limbs of a human.

Rose watched with curiosity the development, fluttering her eyelashes madly to remove a drop of semen that threatened to obstruct her vision. Mateson and William tied her braided hair in a top bun and cleaned the caked layers of cum and shit around the hips and shoulders, just to see what they were doing, not because they needed sterility. They would begin with her left arm, and the curious child turned her head as much as she could so as to not miss any of the action.

Using a small electric circular saw, Mateson began making deeper and deeper cuts around her left arm, as close to the shoulder as possible. No blood flowed from the cuts while Rose saw her limb slowly detach from her body, just the thick amber sap that she first saw when her clitoris was circumcised.

It wasn't painful, as doc had said, but she still somehow felt the cold unyielding steel of the saw penetrating deeper and deeper into her arm. The inside wasn't just red muscle and white bone as she could have expected, it included a tangled mass of hardened root-like tendrils that intertwined between her human parts and oozed that already hardening sap.

When the scientists were almost done, William took a paring knife and peeled a circular patch from the skin that was still attached to her body and, as Mateson dislodged the rest of the arm with a slight crunching sound, he used that skin flap to cover the circular wound that marked the place where her arm had been. The sticky sap clung to the flap and kept it in place, sealing the borders and making it seem like she had never had that limb to begin with.

Rose felt immediately lighter, as one of the bounds that had kept her in that forced position had been removed, and congratulated herself on allowing the doctors to detach her useless limbs. She could hardly wait for the remaining appendages to be cut.

The operations went as smoothly as they expected. In less than an hour, Rose had been relieved of her old motor appendages and was now supported just by the incredibly thick tendrils that distorted her hips and ass so much. She was standing straight for the first time since she had arrived at the greenhouse, and she enjoyed the sensation.

Doc Mateson displayed her arms and legs atop a tray in front of her. She thought that she should be feeling something when seeing body parts that not an hour ago still belonged to her, but the almost woody appendages that resembled human limbs did not feel like hers, and she didn't experience regret or remorse over having lost them.

"Now you are truly your namesake" said Mateson with finality.


DAY 70

The days after losing her arms and legs Rose regretted not having asked before. The stumps had healed very quickly and without scarring and now she just looked to had been born without limbs. Being only a torso she felt contradictorily freer, standing straight on her pot like a proper plant should. In hindsight, she thought she should have asked as soon as she was planted.

Her new body had also the added benefit of improving her sex life. Now that her limbs weren't in the way, William or Mateson could bend her still flexible body and trunk backwards to easily reach her mouth, without needing the stool to get to the correct height and angle.

William in particular had increased the frequency of his skullfucking sessions and, being better aligned for his cock when positioned that way, she could feel his meat sausage stretch her throat all the way down her stomach in an unimpeded straight line. That position allowed him to increase the strength with which he pounded her, and she enjoyed his unrestrained brutality as his balls smacked her nostrils and his cock left her throat raw.

The young scientist was in that way occupied, banging Rose skull in one of his idle hours when Mateson approached the stuffed girl from the front to check on the long dildo spearing her urethra. The outline of the soft rubber dong was perfectly visible, its shape traversing the mound of Rose's lumpy belly up to her ribcage.

Like a dog cock, in order to secure the toy inside her, a small inflatable bulb at its base kept the dildo firmly anchored inside her, so Mateson turned a knob at the bottom to let the air out and allow its removal.

With a dirty wet sound, Mateson withdrew the plastic appliance from the girl's piss tube, prompting a golden stream to flow leisurely from the, almost three inches wide, raw hole.

"I think she is ready" he commented.

"Do you think so, boss?" William asked.

"Only one way to find" Mateson smiled "it's not like she won't heal even if I'm wrong".

Rose's throat was massaging William's cock as expertly as always, the peristaltic contractions wringing it from the root to the head in the well practised motions that mimicked swallowing. That she didn't need to take a breath had increased her performance so much it seemed almost ridiculous.

While Mateson unfastened his pants, William came hard with a grunt just inside Rose's stomach, adding another serving of cum for the tendril inside to help digest. Totally spent, he slowly extracted his cock from the hot tight tube that for so long had doubled as her occupied vagina and asshole. Not anymore, if Mateson was right about her peehole.

As his gigantic cock left Rose's mouth, William could feel her tongue trying to clean every last trace of his essence mixed with her stomach sludge. Her gums tickled his glans on its way out, the rubbery texture pressuring his most sensible spots without making any damage, Rose having teased them with playful harmless bites.

"Are you going to put your dick inside my peehole at last?" she asked looking at Mateson, now that her mouth was vacated.

"Yes, right away, if William is so kind of keeping you in that position"

"Of course doc" he replied, putting his hands on Rose's shoulders, maintaining her almost horizontal position and, at the same time, inching his torso forward to avoid missing any of the action.

Mateson's cock was significantly thicker than the last toy he had just extracted, but he liked his holes tight and time was running low for him to enjoy this particular fetish. Rose had already passed the halfway mark of her transformation process, and her human flesh wouldn't last much longer.

Carefully, the old scientist angled his penis until the head rested at the very entrance of her piss chute, and lubricated his glans with the never-ending trickle of her urine. Once he was sure he was positioned just right, he warned the little girl.

"Prepare yourself, Rose".

Unwilling to wait a minute longer, he decided to ditch any semblance of care and rammed his rock hard cock to the hilt, full strength, in a single movement, making Rose gasp in shock at the brutal intrusion.

It was definitely thicker than all the previous training toys she had experienced. Her silent scream was the consequence of thousand of muscle fibres giving way and rupturing at the same time, the inner mucosa tearing alongside them in dozens of places and soaking in the highly acidic piss that coated the passage.

Mateson was just keeping his cock buried and her urethra already burned like all fires of hell. Her sphincter had been completely obliterated by the initial thrust, the ring of muscle shredded to pieces, never to close again. Her bladder had followed suit, taking on the shape of the scientist's cock, it became similarly ruined, the ureters almost torn apart from it by the extreme distortion of the organ. The top of her bladder was now buried past her flexible diaphragm, poking her fluttering heart and robbing her of the capacity to articulate any sound.

The mad doctor was just standing still, marvelling at how the beat of her heart stimulated his glans like a vibrator, enjoying the sight of poor Rose trying to scream uselessly. Unable to utter a sound, she just went for the next best, and vomited almost all the contents of her stomach on William's legs.

She kept retching for a long time, until her digestive tract had emptied itself of its foul contents and the muscles of her abdomen had settled. Having regained part of her wits, thanks in no smaller part to Mateson keeping mercifully motionless, Rose could raise her head again and winked feebly at her torturer in reassurance, even if her face was a mess of brown and yellow runny chunks that kept flowing from her mouth and nostrils.

The whole ordeal was painful as fuck, but for Rose that just meant enhanced pleasure instead of torture. Now that she could concentrate on the hot meat rod inside her innards, she couldn't suppress a smile of delight at how her belly had taken the shape of the cock, its tip touching her heart. It was the deepest connection she had ever felt with any human being, and it moved her to tears to have such caring scientists as her handlers. She was a very lucky test subject indeed, and she hoped her good sister Chloe would find someone as good as them.

Having confirmed that she had accustomed to the flesh spear, Mateson started to move his hips slowly at first, increasing the pace as the blood and pee lubricated his cock. He soon settled into a constant pistoning motion that threatened to drive little Rose mad.

The diminutive redhead was enjoying the ride of her life. Mateson's equine sized member, having stretched the passage past the point of rupture, moved in and out meeting absolutely no resistance. Even if she tried to clench her urethra to give the doctor more friction, her torn muscles wouldn't respond to her commands. Each movement of his penis scrubbed raw the fresh cuts, rubbing away the newest layer of healing blood sap and drenching them in piss once more. The fire that coursed through the length of the flesh sock that her urinary tract had become never relented, never waned.

However, her masochistic nature, reinforced over the last months, had taken over her psyche again. The pain mingled seamlessly with the pleasurable sensations that radiated both from his pubic mons smacking rhythmically her two inch naked clitoris body, and from tits overstimulated deep roots, stretched taut inside and around the opening of the urethra.

She experienced orgasm after orgasm, every new one piling atop the previous, multiplying exponentially until the sensory overload threatened to fry even her modified nervous system. When William regained his strength and thrust his own cock down her throat she barely noticed, allowing him unrestricted passage just from the force of habit.

Speared from peehole to mouth, Rose could feel how both scientists synchronized themselves until their cocks bumped at her heart from both ends simultaneously. She was so full of meat and plant that, for the first time, she saw herself as an empty vessel, a stuffed toy deprived of its filling. Only while the plant consumed her was she useful, only when the cocks penetrated her holes was she complete. If she had no plant or no cocks, she would deflate and be left in a corner, forgotten, useless.

Just as she was having that epiphany, the scientists finally cummed inside her. With one final earth shattering orgasm, exhaustion finally claimed her consciousness. She barely felt their cocks leaving her body and, as the after spasms of the brain melting orgasms suffused her body, she drifted to sleep with a satisfied smile plastered on her face.

DAY 80

"I wonder how I will look in the end" she said absent-mindedly once she had finished swallowing William's morning dose of shit, semen and piss.

"What do you mean?" asked the intrigued scientist.

"I'm going to become a tree, aren't I?" Rose answered, matter of factly.

Surprised by her nonchalant attitude at her fate, William warmed to the little green child and stroked her cum and shit stained cheek. Even if she had been conditioned to be an obedient test subject, like all her predecessors, Rose was, by far, the most cheerful about her destiny.

"Yes, that's true" he smiled at her "What has that to do with how you will look?"

"Well, trees don't have eyes, do they?"

"No, they don't"

"Will I have eyes?"

"No, you will lose them as well, I'm sorry" he said with genuine regret.

Rose nodded, seemingly unaffected by those news. Like the loss of her limbs, she was taking her dehumanization in stride.

"It was just that I would have liked to see how I will look in the end"

William felt another surge of empathy for the little girl but, seeing the leftover brown lumps of his shit that had fallen on her chest and clung to her sticky cum covered skin, he had a bout of inspiration, a wicked idea that stirred his loins.

"Maybe we can arrange something" he scratched his chin "Let me fetch Mateson, he still needs to dump his number two"

Rose licked her lips and looked at him curiously, but didn't say anything else while the young assistant went to look for the older man.

Mateson had been busy diluting some serums but, as soon as William shared his idea with him, he paused his work, swallowed a fast acting laxative from a nearby medicine cabinet and hurried to Rose's side.

"William has told me that you would like to see how you will look as a tree" he began.

"I was just thinking out loud. I can see trees all around me, after all" she answered, unsure about their intentions "William has explained to me that I won't be able to see after I am one myself, so it doesn't really matter, does it?"

"We have had an idea to fix that. William, will you please bend her?" he said, unfastening his pants.

Now Rose was really curious and when the assistant took her by her shoulders and slowly bent her body backwards again, she decided to just go along for the ride. The sensation of her vegetable filling shifting slightly as it bent with her always sent delightful shivers up her spine. Through the mirror, she could see her pulsing clit stand erect vertically, as if it was a red mountaineer ready to climb the mountain of her belly, and the mental image made her giggle.

Mateson, now pants less, used the stool to climb the pot and crouched above the horizontal form of her body, using her round belly as a support, and Rose saw his puckered anus clenching and unclenching, showcasing its readiness to expel its cargo. Her unnatural hunger made her want to attach her pretty mouth to his bum and suck all the delicious shit from his bowels, but William was keeping her in place so her object of desire was out of reach.

In short notice, though, Mateson felt the kick of the powerful laxative and, with a grunt of discomfort, a rope of brown soft shit emerged from his asshole. Gravity assisted its smooth travel through the short distance that separated it from her chest. The unbroken tube of waste coiled in a neat spiral pile between Rose's nipples and the lumpy mound of her belly until the tail of the shit snake appeared and the doctor clenched his hole in satisfaction.

As he climbed down the stool, Rose admired the fairly substantial amount of faeces that warmed her chest and stimulated her nostrils with their smell. Had she had arms, she would have scooped the faecal matter and stuffed her face with it, so strong was her newly found desire for shit.

Both scientists looked at her mouth and saw, to their perverse delight, that she was literally drooling at the prospect of eating the foul substance. This time, though, they had another use in mind for that waste.

While William kept her pinned, Mateson buried his hands in the smelly pile and began to thoroughly massage it into the little child skin. After so many years of unchecked depravity, both men were pretty much immune to the repulse that those actions would have brought to normal people.

The shit mixed well with the caked semen, giving it the consistency of mud, and easing Mateson's task. To Rose's amazement, her white coating turned light brown as the scientist moved his hands through every patch of skin, his expert fingers digging deeply into her leftover muscles, driving away cramps she had completely forgotten about. As the doctor worked his fingers deep into the flesh of her swollen abdomen, she felt the hard unyielding mass of the plant's tendrils that coiled inside her. Amused, she decided to relax and enjoy the massage, so she closed her eyes, revelling on his touch, the sensation of her hardened innards and the intoxicating smell.

Soon, all her front was completely painted and William released her carefully to grant Mateson free access to her back. The older scientist repeated the process on the rest of her body until not a single patch of free skin could be seen. Only her swollen clitoris remained shit free, as Mateson decided that he liked the contrast of shiny red against dull brown.

Even after spreading his load as evenly as possible through all the girl's skin, she had become so diminutive that his hands were still fairly full of the stuff, so he moved again in front of the girl, cupping her sweet, angelic face between them.

Rose, her eyes still closed, nodded in unspoken agreement, making Mateson proceed to cover her face with the runny mixture of faeces and semen. He worked the substance on her lips, between her eyelids, inside her nostrils and ear folds… until she was completely browned with the foulest make-up imaginable from which not even her hair was spared, the layers of shit making the braid stick to her back.

"You can open your eyes now" whispered Mateson to Rose.

The child took a long sniff with her shit filled nostrils, flooding her senses with the overpowering odour, and slowly opened her shit caked eyelids. Looking at the omnipresent mirror, she smiled in satisfaction at the reflection that the mirror returned. The brown crust had blended the color and texture of her skin with those from the trunk that anchored her to the pot. Save for her striking emerald eyes, she now seemed like a tree stump from the bottom to the top. Only a lush canopy of green leaves was absent to form the complete picture, but for an improvised mock up it was more than enough.

"I will be like that?" she asked after licking her brown stained lips.

"You will, in time. Maybe a little greener, though" Mateson answered, approaching his shit covered hands to her face.

Rose opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, accepting the invitation, and began licking his fingers and palms clean with obvious gusto. Seeing the lascivious girl worshipping his hands with such dedication made his dick hard again, and he resolved to put her peehole to use once more before the day was over.

DAY 90

Infected by the cheerfulness of Rose's reaction to her shit covering, they decided to let it stay like that, the same as they had done with the semen. The filth layer dried and crusted over time, giving it the appearance of proper tree bark, much to the child delight. As her "bark" flaked and peeled off, both madmen diverted some of the shit used to feed her to renew the coating that now mixed indistinguishably with her cum layer.

As for her urethra, the repeated brutal fuckings and the consequent sequences of tearing and healing, like ice expanding a rock, had moulded her urinary tract into a continuous tube of flesh, the sphincter that previously marked the frontier between urethra and bladder buried into the healed tissue, its length reaching past the diaphragm.

That morning, as Rose awoke, she felt a dull pressure inside her flat breasts that threatened to escalate into pain in the nearby future. The time was coming for whatever had grown inside her chest to come to the light, and she was eager to see them, whatever they were.

Pain was a welcomed lover to the little girl. Her vagina, ass and stomach had never truly stopped radiating sharp bursts through her body, or mitigated her constant pooping, peeing and puking needs. To her chemical addled and thoroughly trained brain, everything was one and the same, just part of what and who she was, a perfect test subject.

When Mateson entered the greenhouse that morning, the shit covered girl greeted him louder than usual.

"Doctor Mateson, I think it's happening now!"

"Already? Let's see"

Doc took a sponge and cleaned layer upon layer of dried crusty cum and shit until he could see both nipples poking through her green skin. Once he had scraped the plug of dried syrup that blocked the holes, he saw that they were gaping very slowly, contracting and expanding in barely noticeable pulses, remembering him of the labour contractions of the cervical ring. They were clearly trying to expel something, but at the sedate pace of plants, not the frantic one of humans. Even with the altered growth rate, the process would last at least until late evening.

"You are right, but it will take a long time until it's ready. I suggest that you enjoy it while it lasts" he said "meanwhile, William and I will prepare everything for that moment"

"Hooray!" she yelled "I can't wait to see what is it. Are you sure you won't tell me, doc?" she puppy eyed him again, a trick that almost always worked.

"You'll like it, child, believe me".

To prepare her for the rest of the day, Mateson and his assistant cleaned what remained of the girl's body from their effluences, and abstained from feeding her more cum, shit, piss or tit syrup, which frustrated her to no end. She could, however, see the body hidden under the perennial coat of filthy substances that covered her for the first time in a long while, so she decided to recap all the changes it had undergone to distract herself for a while.

Her skin was now a translucent dark green, the same hue as the tendrils that had so permeated her body. She could see underneath it the outline of the tangled mass of vines that criss-crossed her body from every conceivable direction.

Her misshapen belly, the result of the coils of her digestive tract being expanded by the tendrils, didn't let her see anything of her lower features, so big it had made her abdomen. In her tiny ten years old frame, it looked ridiculous and only the mirror allowed her to check what was below it.

She could still see the faint contour of her labia and her asshole around the invaders, but both orifices had become so big that almost occupied the whole of her hips. The flesh dividing them, the perineum and the lower parts of her labia and asshole, had long ago strangled and withered away between the cutting pressure of the growing twin trunks and now they were part of a single, continuous opening.

The only features that still marked a stark contrast on her cunny, were the big gaping hole that was her urethra, so wide that tennis balls could have been inserted with a bit of work, and the raw red sausage of her, now two inches long, clitoris. Over the weeks, the unhooded sex organ had grown considerably. It was constantly erect and throbbing, waiting with the same eagerness for the tender caress or the vicious slap of a human hand.

Even if the majority of that mass was lodged inside what had been her digestive tract, the smaller tendril had also been doing a number with her reproductive organs, transforming them to its purposes. The last internal scan she had seen of herself showed that her original entrails had been reduced to her slightly bloated uterus, the long stretchy bladder, stomach, lungs and her heart.

Looking closely at the digital picture, she could see that two tube-like appendices exited the sides of her uterus and climbed upwards her belly, ending in a flattened mass of spherical bulges that had replaced her budding breast tissue, too small to make an impression on her skin though, except from those topmost red "beans" she had seen lurking inside her nipples.

It seemed, though, that her lungs were the next organs in line, as they had begun to be colonized and would soon be lost to the green tide. Given that she didn't need to breath anymore, it didn't seem a great loss to her, although that advantage came with the side effect that she would be unable to speak, as Mateson had explained to her. Being a prized test subject, though, she knew she would be taken care of and wouldn't need to talk at all. Reflecting on her upcoming loss, she wondered for the umpteenth time how it would feel when she had been completely consumed by her plant.

When she finished inspecting her body, she decided to concentrate on the ongoing "birth" again. The pressure and her frustration kept increasing through the day, but both scientists avoided touching her so that she would not be distracted from that "once in a lifetime" moment.

The things that were inside her breasts grew even more, engorging her nipples and stretching her undeveloped chest into two pointy cones, putting tension on the holes, widening them bit by bit. A veritable deluge of syrup was also flowing from them, lubricating the passage, trying to aid the impossible task. That natural lube, though, did little to alleviate the pain, which kept increasing to a point that she began to cum just from the intensity.

Before that irresistible push, the nipples could do nothing but surrender, and slowly gave way to the round crimson beans that she had seen inside them, discolouring as their flesh grew thinner and thinner making the hole wider and wider to allow their passage.

The pressure became almost unbearable and Rose experienced the dichotomy of wanting the beans to finally exit her chest and hoping for that intense sensation to never end. Finally, the tips of the crimson beans began to poke past the flesh rings and then she understood at last that they were not beans at all, she was birthing blossoms.

As if it was jealous of those blossoms, the pine cone head of the tendril in her stomach decided to join the party too, and begun to grow upwards, spearing her cardias and filling to the point of overflow what remained of her digestive tract with the partially digested cocktail of shit, semen, piss and syrup.

Slowly, her oesophagus stretched around the tendril like if she was deepthroating William's cock in reverse and a column of that foul diarrhoea rose to fill the rest of the tube. When she tasted the unholy, delicious mixture at the back of her palate, Rose knew that she was approaching the last turning point in her short life.

It was late in the evening when the central, wider part of the bulbs crowned her nipples. The stark contrast between her overstretched nipples and the crimson blossoms looked very beautiful to her and, when the widest parts finally exited the holes, her nipples closed slowly, tenderly, behind them, enfolding the green stalks of the flowers soon to be, grateful of returning to something barely approximate to their original size.

She was literally beaming with pride. The pain had gone almost completely, and the petals were finally opening before her eyes. Both scientists approached her to witness the final stage of her procedure and Mateson stroked her head affectionately while the twin flowers slowly unfurled. Rose was crying with delight and barely paid attention to what Mateson was saying, but the entire event was being recorded for posterity, so he had to speak.

"Those flowers are the fruit of everything that has happened to you through the last three months, Rose. They bear some of your ovules, modified and transferred from your ovaries to the flower's. They will be pollinated from my own semen, and then the flower will transform into a fruit bearing the seeds that will continue the refinement process"

The tendril rising through what was left of her digestive tract was already obscenely bulging her throat, shutting her speech and making her gag painfully. She looked pleadingly at Mateson and he began to tenderly massage her neck in peristaltic upward motions to help its passage.

While the doctor squeezed her neck rhythmically, making her vomit a liquid shit discharge on each squeeze, she took a longing look at the twin red flowers that graced her flat chest. They were her own daughters, borne of the loving union between her plant and herself, and she was intent on burning their image in her memory. For the first time she regretted having no hands with which she could touch them, feel them, caress them.

Rose was soon gagging heavily, having no air with which cough the fresh discharges of brown diarrhoea that heralded the arrival of the tendril at her mouth. Tears flowing freely, unable to talk, she looked at William and Mateson one last time and then carefully arched her head backwards to let the growing stalk complete its travel through her body at long last. The pine cone head, much wider and greener than when it first entered her asshole, filled completely her mouth and, with a nasty, pitiful gurgle, forced the last remnants of gas to leave her body in a brown, creamy foam.

The bright green stalk, stained brown, finally emerged proudly past her lips, opening her jaw painfully, truly spitting her from end to end. She closed her lips tight around the four inches thick shaft, like she had done so many times before with both scientists' cocks, caressing the vine with a loving, perpetual kiss. The scarce remaining sludge, unable to go past her completely sealed mouth, overflowed through her nostrils and pooled around and inside her eyes, burning brown tears that marked the end of her ordeal.

"From now on, you will keep producing seeds for us, at least for some more years. Seeds that will grow to become plants like yours, seeds that will grace another girl like you" whispered Mateson to her ear "seeds that one day, will cure humanity of all its foolish ambitions".

Rose looked cross-eyed through the thin veil of diarrhoea at the thick stalk that kept growing past her mouth, gradually deflating her belly as it left her. Then, like its crimson sisters, it unfurled slowly into an array of lush green leaves, droplets of shitty liquid dripping on her face. The corners of Rose's overstretched lips curved slightly upwards in a satisfied smile and she closed her eyes for the last time, content and happy to have fulfilled her purpose in life.


Mateson looked at the pair of peach-like orange fruits that had replaced Rose's flowers and now dangled heavily from her stretched nipples. A month after the night of the emergence of the stalk, even if its growth spurts had slowed considerably, the girl was almost completely fused with her symbiont. Her bones, muscles and most of her organs had been consumed long ago, and her translucent green skin was tightly draped in a cylindrical shape over the previously twin, now single, trunk of the plant. A canopy of heart shaped green leaves shadowed gently her body.

Rose's hide stood higher than it had at the beginning, right below the first branches thanks to the growth of the trunk, still betraying the true nature of the vegetable. Her features were still perfectly distinguishable, despite being distorted by the disappearance of the bones of her skull. Her lips were stretched thin in a tight "O" around the whole circumference of the trunk, a faint pink line outlining the frontier between skin and bark. Her pretty emerald eyes had never opened again after that fateful night and, out of morbid curiosity, Mateson stood on his toes and raised carefully her eyelids. As expected, only dark brownish-green bark returned his gaze.

The scientist then inserted his right index and middle fingers under the eye sockets and wormed them between her flesh and the trunk, detaching some vascular bundles on their way up, until the tips reappeared past her lips. Making a hook with them, he made an experimental tug and confirmed that all that remained of her original body was her skin and the long braid of red hair hanging from her flattened, stretched facial features. He removed both appendices and closed mercifully her eyelids. The sticky sap that flowed from the severed connections glued them shut and the drops dried in the shape of beautiful golden tears at the corners of her eyes.

As her ears also remained, Mateson used to talk to her, imagining that his voice was still heard. It wasn't, not anymore. Nonetheless, Rose's brain was, unfortunately for her, quite active, even if it was already buried inside the trunk. Her nervous system would be the only thing, by design, to survive the transformation and he wondered, once again, what thoughts crossed the minds of his specimens.

Since darkness had claimed her the night of the birth of her floral daughters, Rose's consciousness had experienced changes that couldn't be explained with words. Sadly, those changes hadn't done much good to the little child's sanity.

Rose's brain had almost completely lost its characteristic shape. Free of the confining bound of her dissolved skull, its circumvolutions had unravelled and now laid spread across the folds of their cellulose prison. Despite that, the connections between neurons had remained, so her mind was still pretty much whole, even if that shape change and the shift in sensory input had eroded her consciousness implacably. Also, as her flesh had been assimilated, her nerves had spread alongside the trunk of the plant, dragged with its growth, so now she could feel the flow of her sap, the suction of her roots and the warmth of the sunlight on her leaves.

Those weren't the only things she could feel, though. Parts of her old flesh still retained their original nervous connections. Her lips, for example, were still pretty sensitive, and she felt how they kept enfolding the ever increasing width of the trunk, always hurting, always in the verge of rupture but never quite doing so. The smooth texture of the bark tickled them as it passed on its way towards the light. It was like deepthroating an elephant.

Her nipples had been stretched downwards by the weight of the fruits. She could only imagine the twin fruits dangling heavily from her chest, but she certainly could feel how they made her hollow breasts sway deliciously, brushing her tummy skin with their velvety softness. It was the closest she would ever be from being loved by her daughters and she dreaded the thought of anyone harvesting them from her body.

The rest of her skin still retained most of its feeling and she constantly, desperately yearned for the touch of a warm hand or the gentle flow of the air inside the greenhouse like a thirsty man in a desert yearned for water. Despite that, she was increasingly uncomfortable with it each passing day, as her fleshy outermost layer wasn't growing alongside the trunk. Rose felt more and more like a latex glove, stretched taut over the unyielding wood, and ached for release from that incredible pressure.

Rose's most sensitive part of her body was, by far, her obscenely swollen clitoris. Although its skin had hardened into the cerulean cover of a fruit and the sap slowly flowing inside the corpus cavernosum was concentrating into a bitter-sweet creamy filling, the nerves were still as sensitive as ever, and all that poor Rose could feel was the constant pulsion of that dense fluid through its length, making her live in a state of perpetual orgasm.

Alone in the unforgiving dark, the child latched unto those last forms of sensory input to stave the absolute nothingness one more day, screaming her unending pleasure, pain and sorrow with a silent voice no one would ever be able to hear again, waiting for complete insanity to finally claim her mind.

Mateson, of course, knew little and cared less about that. All he could think was that soon he would carefully skin the plant-girl and hand her empty pelt to William. The assistant would cure it and then hang the macabre remains on the wall of his office, like he had done many times before with his previous test subjects. The fixed scream of their distorted mouths and empty eyes was a fitting tribute to his genius, after all.

Amused, the mad scientist looked at her clitoris, the most striking feature of her cunt, as the gaping hole of her urethra had closed shut weeks ago due to lack of need and the incredible pressure of the ever growing plant. The ultra-sensitive crimson appendage shined glossy taut, having become the size, texture and color of a particularly big jalapeno. The penile analogue was now three inches long, and the skin around its base was slowly turning wooden-like, strangling the organ into a pepper-like shape.

He stroked and pinched it tenderly, hopefully rewarding the girl with an orgasm as an apology in advance. Rose's leaves fluttered as if a non-existent wind had moved them, making the scientist almost feel sorry for her. In a few more days, her nipple fruits and clitoris pepper would be ripe for harvesting, and his experience told him that they made a very tasty morsel, even eaten raw.

While he was occupied anticipating the culinary delight, the speakers of the greenhouse intercom chimed again, and the voice of his assistant made him grin deviously.

"Doctor, the new specimen has been delivered. I will prepare her right away"


Does anyone know where Edward Hyde's works went?
Is everything okay with him?
I have all stories. Just curious.



Yeah man what happened? If you could repost all would be great.
He was the best writer around.


I think he asked for all of his stuff to be deleted - I remember him making a goodbye post over here a little bit ago


as I understand he was too addicted to the gurochan so that he was unable to do any other work (he was complaining about that sometimes)
Eventually he decided to leave completely and erase everything to avoid temptation because his attempts to take vacations failed several times.
(he even went so far to ban cannibalism in his stories) LOL
I wonder if someone gave him ultimatum or he made that decision himself.

He seems to be fine besides some personal problems with his work caused by the lack of inspiration to do anything except writing loli cannibalism stories.
as he described himself, he thought that being on gurochan will give him some inspiration for his job but evidently it did not happen.
So I will not be extremely surprised if he will come back, although that would suggest he lost his job.


Not quite. Again, speaking for Edward having heard from him. He was still getting work done, but he had a busy life, and at some point, he realized that he had written the equivalent of a good sized book about terrible things happening to children, none of it able to be published outside of this very small, very niche community. It wasn’t an addiction, it was just too easy to fall back on instead of things that could bring him actual benefit. A choice between paying but more difficult work, and quickly scratching an itch, it’s WAY too easy to make the easy choice. Like exercise vs more snacks and a good show.

The outlawing of cannibalism was actually a storytelling device when he was still going strong. A break may have been worked in there, but his last story was set after it.

There was no ultimatum of any kind, his priorities and how he felt it impacted his life changed, but it was entirely personal. His work wasn’t even suffering for it, he just took stock of how much time and energy he put in to something where the ENTIRE return on investment is a few comments. If he comes back, then that’s great. If not, like I expressed on the other thread, anyone who saved the Pastebin versions of his stories has his blessing to post them

Sorry if this came across more curt, Edward just basically expressed that he doesn’t love when people who know little to nothing about him aside from what he chooses to post on a site where privacy is CRITICALLY important to most of us post ideas that something is wrong or it was more than ‘burn out on gory porn writing’ that actually happened. Nothing is wrong, he is just exploring a new path in life :)


I happened across a story featuring Harley Quinn a while back. She was stuck in jail, ended up luring the guard into her cell and seduced him. In it she soaked her stockings with chloroform to subdue him and (I may be misremembering on this last point) winded up breaking his neck in the end.

Does that ring a bell for anyone?


Well, you should already know that you should take pretty much all that I say with a sense of humor ;)

But what you say now is pretty different from what you posted the last time.
so maybe you could post his previous message as well for reference because it got deleted ;) It was you who posted that things are pretty bad and maybe even terrible for him in certain ways.
This new explanation does not sound very reasonable. It does not work that way. And it actually raised more interesting questions.


>>18999 >>18995
Thank you for this information.
I wish him all the best.


Onix, I can't find the one from last time. the posts to not conflict, just show different details. Edward Hyde had a significant shift in his mindset and priorities. he is not going through any kind of crisis, there is no third party at work, there is nothing wrong and nothing to worry about aside from a desire to step away from this corner of the Internet, temporarily or permanently, and reevaluate his desires, priorities, and personal life. he is fine, he will continue to be fine, but it is not my place to divulge any details. repost his stuff if you wish, but please don't spread theories about him. I'm sure you noticed, but in all of his long posts, he never revealed much of anything about his life outside of his stories, this was not an accident.


I am not sure if it is OK to discuss all that in public and I don't expect you to posy any details in public, but I can't do it in private with you as well because I have no way to contact you.

I can't recover that post either but from the memory, I can tell that he complained about his mental state, "not so good mentally" to the level where I started to worry about his life as if he was in the depression.(and after what you said now it makes me worry even more) he used gurochan to get some relief, "but it is not working anymore" The reason why he left was exactly to prevent from being dragged in back he said "I am not running from anyone but myself" he also said, "I did not want to be dragged back." so it was pretty clear nothing about reevaluating priorities and stuff. just as I described in my first post only changing words "don't want to be dragged back" into "addiction"
I will not argue with what you say now but it is the total opposite of that previous post and this makes me confused about what the hell is going on here and especially why this stuff has any importance for you at all to make you jump in and start arguing. You obviously have some interest here too.

Also, he actually revealed about himself way more than anyone else, including spicy details about his job ;)


Not sure what the confusion is? Not that I know the guy personally (I think I only read two of his stories - not really my thing but well written) but it looks pretty clear to me. He's got his personal demons to deal with like we all do and he felt he needed to leave here to deal with them so yeah maybe he is depressed or even suicidal (I hope not) but when Ellen says he's fine she means he's not in any sort of external trouble and nobody is giving him grief like Onix seemed to be suggesting. Fine can mean lots of different things. Onix I think Ellen is pissed at you for trying to sound like you know more than you do. If someone asks again where he's gone why not just say "He left for personal reasons" without trying to guess what those are?


Confusion is that Elen posted 2 conflicting posts:
one of them is where Edvard is not in the very good mental shape, and running from himself. and another here which is pretty much opposite of the first one.
You simply don't have her previous post as reference so it looks all fine and I also look like fool with this argument being unable to provide any evidence

>If someone asks again where he's gone why not just say "He left for personal reasons" without trying to guess what those are?

except that there is no need to guess. Elen actually provided his last message that got deleted I am merely repeating what was written in that message in my own words.

So maybe you can see how stupid is the suituation.


Either way the main point is that Edward left and deleted all his work here because he was afraid that it will drag him back into gurochan not because of some privacy issues or other reasons.

Make your own conclusions from that.


I think you missed my point. He can be in a bad mental state and still everything be technically "fine". I think it was what you said about someone giving him an ultimatum and if he comes back it means he lost his job that ticked Ellen off - it's certainly what I meant when I said about guessing. Oh well. Fact is he doesn't want to be here any more so why speculate?


I had a pretty good reason to suspect that it was an ultimatum because why else he would do it? being on gurochan and writing those nonsense stories was quite a lot of fun for him why bother with some shitty work if you can just spend time having fun? Only a woman can consider the idea that earning money is worth more than fun and calculate how much money you could earn if you work instead of engaging in your hobby.
From all of his comments and conversations, I got the impression that he has a similar personality to mine of not giving a shit about anything and being free of moral beliefs so this is why it is so strange.

And even stranger is why Ellen cares about what is being said, essentially about the fictional character? Edward is not a real name and he is not even here to read any of that stuff neither he even should care what we talk about his online persona what we speak here cannot harm him in any way at all.

He was just discussing the next story chapter and 10 minutes later demands to delete all his posts and gives everyone silent treatment. The only reason why he even made the last post is that he forgot the password.
So naturally, it is very interesting what triggered him to do it so suddenly and so radically. I even wonder if I could say something wrong myself to make him do it.
He already gave us some warnings that he is going to leave. sometimes even in the middle of the story saying "write your own endings" and later that cannibalism ban which terminated all stories at once.
Ellen said that was plot device but common, from which time Edward's stories have any plot at all? LOL

To clarify it a bit I am not discussing his personal reasons why he left, the main question is what made him do such dick move instead of just leaving gurochan like everyone else does if they get bored.
In fact for such behavior, he deserves some punishment as well. ;) It was extremely impolite and rude too because he not only deleted his own stories but all conversations of other people in those threads.

>Fact is he doesn't want to be here any more so why speculate?

This is not speculation we all already know why he is not here.
Speculation is only if he will come back or not. You should be interested in that too and maybe he is interested in that himself ;)

I was actually in a similar situation myself on f-list where I was spending way too much time and then left it because I was really forced to do other work. So it was sort of an "ultimatum" too.
I did not delete my account and maybe I will come back. but many people do delete their accounts.


>Only a woman can consider the idea that earning money is worth more than fun

Onix, please, stop. You're just making a fool out of yourself by this point.


Indeed. I've heard about a myth that girls don't shit, but this is the first time for me hearing boys don't need to eat.
(Says unemployed me, but that's another issue)


Anyone have a backup or link to >>15386 ?

I checked /lit/ but didn't find that story.


Sorry, I don't have it.


I upload all Edward's stories on mega.
It's too great to be erased:!1zJBwY4B!n6_LHFLYFOxbsz3FGZIXZhFxw-3nb_LKP3S3IGsyHYQ

I hope he din't find^^



You both totally failed to get my hint and went into a totally wrong direction than what I meant to say.
So let's forget it.

At least until someone with a proper sense of humor will come to gurochan LOL


File: 1574589912921.jpg (11.19 KB, 304x166, meme.jpg)


I can't seem to open them there. Ellen said he didn't mind them being reposted here. Maybe you could do a new post like an archive or something?

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