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Okay, so from time to time somebody would create a thread looking for an old story, asking to repost it. Sometimes here on /lit/, sometimes in /req/ which seems more right according to the rules, but I bet threads in /lit/ have more chances, I think I've even seen one or two in /dis/. So it ends up:
- All over the place and sinks quick.
- Each request takes a whole separate thread.
- When a story is reposted in a separate thread, it takes up one more thread.
- When a story is reposted in the same thread it was asked for, while it saves a thread, is makes it harder to notice judge it from the title which would still be saying 'looking for a story' instead of having its title and tags for it.

So, what I suggest is let's have a dedicated thread (this one) for repost requests like we have for ideas. It will:
- Keep it all in one place and it will preserve better, meaning someone with that story saved on their hard drive will be able to notice your request even after, say, half a year, and can still repost this story, and you won't need to ask for it again once in a while in case they haven't noticed it before it sunk.
- Take only one thread for all requests.
- When reposting a story, please repost it in a separate thread with proper title and tags, then give a link in this thread to the new thread.
- If a story is hosted elsewhere, you can also reply to this thread with a link to it.

Okay, so I'll start. There was a short story I've read here on gurochan some years back, I don't remember the title or the author, but it was about a brother and his older sister. They were going to enter some room where the sister said a bunch of man waited for them and the boy asked excitedly if the men would kill them, and IIRC the sister said "i dunno" and the boy said "would be nice if they did". Then they entered the room and the men started fucking them hard to their pleasure and in the end tore their heads off (maybe their limbs too?) and the heads were flying all over the room and they were totally happy.
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Not quite. Again, speaking for Edward having heard from him. He was still getting work done, but he had a busy life, and at some point, he realized that he had written the equivalent of a good sized book about terrible things happening to children, none of it able to be published outside of this very small, very niche community. It wasn’t an addiction, it was just too easy to fall back on instead of things that could bring him actual benefit. A choice between paying but more difficult work, and quickly scratching an itch, it’s WAY too easy to make the easy choice. Like exercise vs more snacks and a good show.

The outlawing of cannibalism was actually a storytelling device when he was still going strong. A break may have been worked in there, but his last story was set after it.

There was no ultimatum of any kind, his priorities and how he felt it impacted his life changed, but it was entirely personal. His work wasn’t even suffering for it, he just took stock of how much time and energy he put in to something where the ENTIRE return on investment is a few comments. If he comes back, then that’s great. If not, like I expressed on the other thread, anyone who saved the Pastebin versions of his stories has his blessing to post them

Sorry if this came across more curt, Edward just basically expressed that he doesn’t love when people who know little to nothing about him aside from what he chooses to post on a site where privacy is CRITICALLY important to most of us post ideas that something is wrong or it was more than ‘burn out on gory porn writing’ that actually happened. Nothing is wrong, he is just exploring a new path in life :)


I happened across a story featuring Harley Quinn a while back. She was stuck in jail, ended up luring the guard into her cell and seduced him. In it she soaked her stockings with chloroform to subdue him and (I may be misremembering on this last point) winded up breaking his neck in the end.

Does that ring a bell for anyone?


Well, you should already know that you should take pretty much all that I say with a sense of humor ;)

But what you say now is pretty different from what you posted the last time.
so maybe you could post his previous message as well for reference because it got deleted ;) It was you who posted that things are pretty bad and maybe even terrible for him in certain ways.
This new explanation does not sound very reasonable. It does not work that way. And it actually raised more interesting questions.


>>18999 >>18995
Thank you for this information.
I wish him all the best.


Onix, I can't find the one from last time. the posts to not conflict, just show different details. Edward Hyde had a significant shift in his mindset and priorities. he is not going through any kind of crisis, there is no third party at work, there is nothing wrong and nothing to worry about aside from a desire to step away from this corner of the Internet, temporarily or permanently, and reevaluate his desires, priorities, and personal life. he is fine, he will continue to be fine, but it is not my place to divulge any details. repost his stuff if you wish, but please don't spread theories about him. I'm sure you noticed, but in all of his long posts, he never revealed much of anything about his life outside of his stories, this was not an accident.


I am not sure if it is OK to discuss all that in public and I don't expect you to posy any details in public, but I can't do it in private with you as well because I have no way to contact you.

I can't recover that post either but from the memory, I can tell that he complained about his mental state, "not so good mentally" to the level where I started to worry about his life as if he was in the depression.(and after what you said now it makes me worry even more) he used gurochan to get some relief, "but it is not working anymore" The reason why he left was exactly to prevent from being dragged in back he said "I am not running from anyone but myself" he also said, "I did not want to be dragged back." so it was pretty clear nothing about reevaluating priorities and stuff. just as I described in my first post only changing words "don't want to be dragged back" into "addiction"
I will not argue with what you say now but it is the total opposite of that previous post and this makes me confused about what the hell is going on here and especially why this stuff has any importance for you at all to make you jump in and start arguing. You obviously have some interest here too.

Also, he actually revealed about himself way more than anyone else, including spicy details about his job ;)


Not sure what the confusion is? Not that I know the guy personally (I think I only read two of his stories - not really my thing but well written) but it looks pretty clear to me. He's got his personal demons to deal with like we all do and he felt he needed to leave here to deal with them so yeah maybe he is depressed or even suicidal (I hope not) but when Ellen says he's fine she means he's not in any sort of external trouble and nobody is giving him grief like Onix seemed to be suggesting. Fine can mean lots of different things. Onix I think Ellen is pissed at you for trying to sound like you know more than you do. If someone asks again where he's gone why not just say "He left for personal reasons" without trying to guess what those are?


Confusion is that Elen posted 2 conflicting posts:
one of them is where Edvard is not in the very good mental shape, and running from himself. and another here which is pretty much opposite of the first one.
You simply don't have her previous post as reference so it looks all fine and I also look like fool with this argument being unable to provide any evidence

>If someone asks again where he's gone why not just say "He left for personal reasons" without trying to guess what those are?

except that there is no need to guess. Elen actually provided his last message that got deleted I am merely repeating what was written in that message in my own words.

So maybe you can see how stupid is the suituation.


Either way the main point is that Edward left and deleted all his work here because he was afraid that it will drag him back into gurochan not because of some privacy issues or other reasons.

Make your own conclusions from that.


I think you missed my point. He can be in a bad mental state and still everything be technically "fine". I think it was what you said about someone giving him an ultimatum and if he comes back it means he lost his job that ticked Ellen off - it's certainly what I meant when I said about guessing. Oh well. Fact is he doesn't want to be here any more so why speculate?


I had a pretty good reason to suspect that it was an ultimatum because why else he would do it? being on gurochan and writing those nonsense stories was quite a lot of fun for him why bother with some shitty work if you can just spend time having fun? Only a woman can consider the idea that earning money is worth more than fun and calculate how much money you could earn if you work instead of engaging in your hobby.
From all of his comments and conversations, I got the impression that he has a similar personality to mine of not giving a shit about anything and being free of moral beliefs so this is why it is so strange.

And even stranger is why Ellen cares about what is being said, essentially about the fictional character? Edward is not a real name and he is not even here to read any of that stuff neither he even should care what we talk about his online persona what we speak here cannot harm him in any way at all.

He was just discussing the next story chapter and 10 minutes later demands to delete all his posts and gives everyone silent treatment. The only reason why he even made the last post is that he forgot the password.
So naturally, it is very interesting what triggered him to do it so suddenly and so radically. I even wonder if I could say something wrong myself to make him do it.
He already gave us some warnings that he is going to leave. sometimes even in the middle of the story saying "write your own endings" and later that cannibalism ban which terminated all stories at once.
Ellen said that was plot device but common, from which time Edward's stories have any plot at all? LOL

To clarify it a bit I am not discussing his personal reasons why he left, the main question is what made him do such dick move instead of just leaving gurochan like everyone else does if they get bored.
In fact for such behavior, he deserves some punishment as well. ;) It was extremely impolite and rude too because he not only deleted his own stories but all conversations of other people in those threads.

>Fact is he doesn't want to be here any more so why speculate?

This is not speculation we all already know why he is not here.
Speculation is only if he will come back or not. You should be interested in that too and maybe he is interested in that himself ;)

I was actually in a similar situation myself on f-list where I was spending way too much time and then left it because I was really forced to do other work. So it was sort of an "ultimatum" too.
I did not delete my account and maybe I will come back. but many people do delete their accounts.


>Only a woman can consider the idea that earning money is worth more than fun

Onix, please, stop. You're just making a fool out of yourself by this point.


Indeed. I've heard about a myth that girls don't shit, but this is the first time for me hearing boys don't need to eat.
(Says unemployed me, but that's another issue)


Anyone have a backup or link to >>15386 ?

I checked /lit/ but didn't find that story.


Sorry, I don't have it.


I upload all Edward's stories on mega.
It's too great to be erased:!1zJBwY4B!n6_LHFLYFOxbsz3FGZIXZhFxw-3nb_LKP3S3IGsyHYQ

I hope he din't find^^



You both totally failed to get my hint and went into a totally wrong direction than what I meant to say.
So let's forget it.

At least until someone with a proper sense of humor will come to gurochan LOL


File: 1574589912921.jpg (11.19 KB, 304x166, meme.jpg)


I can't seem to open them there. Ellen said he didn't mind them being reposted here. Maybe you could do a new post like an archive or something?


Any Holiday-themed stories anyone can recommend?


i'm looking for a story i read on gurochan archive long time ago. the story is like this: a girl named aoeba sasha are going to school, suddenly she got attacked by tentacles comming from bushess. later, she got her leg cut off and then she dies at the end of the stories. anybody know where to find this story ?


Looking for a thread about a girl who falls in love with a guy who tries to kill her. They end up together and end up going to a summer camp as councilors and setting off a death orgy. Anyone know what I'm talking about?



There's this kinda sweet consensual story: hxxps://


Thanks! :-)


i've been looking for an old evangelion story where somebody commits seppuku, any leads?


looking for a story where a girl finds a snuff forum and also finds out that her mom is also a member. They fuck and the mom snuffs her. I think I originally found it on a dolcett related forum, but I can't find it now


I just so happened to be reading that one this afternoon! Here you go!


what a pleasant coincidence! thanks.


Does anyone happen to have the pastebin versions of Edward Hyde's stories?


The one's in that mega seem like they might be missing some parts, and I think I remember someone mentioning that the pastebin versions were further edited. Also the ones in the mega seem to have an awful lot of randomly italicized words that I don't remember begin there when I read them the first time.


I am looking for a story that I cannot access here on /lit/. It comes up with an error when you try to view the whole thing, saying that it can't be found. Anyways, it's called shiteater and is about this futa girl named Lucy who has to take a shit and takes advantage of a young boy. If you search here on /lit/ for "Futa Lucy" the post comes up. If anyone can view it or has access to it, I would greatly appreciate it!


Honestly the edits were fairly minor - I edited them into single pieces of text rather than Part 1, Part 2 etc and corrected a few typos along the way. The biggest changes were I changed the name of one of the girls in an early story and re-titled some that I had never been quite happy with. Robblu did re-post a few on his Pastebin from my edits but not all of them. I've not seen the ones uploaded to Mega so can't comment on how complete they are.

I'm afraid I don't have copies - I did not keep them even when I was active before. I would simply type, upload and clear lol.


There are two stories that I've been searching for for ages but to no avail:

The first is something like "poke-vore park" from the original gurochan years and years ago. Basically the 4 main poke girls of the time go to a park to feed themselves various pokemon, with only one ir two of then knowing it's supposed to be nonfatal. However it opens up with a pair of girls going for a swim in the park and being swallowed and digested by a wild lapras or something, so the possibility that some or none of the girls making it out alive exists. To my recollection it was never finished.

The second is an old story from pulptoon/canntoon forums (I think it was before the name change). Story was about a pair of lesbians getting themselves roasted for a bbq of some kind, the twist being only they and the chef would know the food being served was girl meat as they'd be 69'ing inside of a hollowed out, spit roasting hog. Pretty sure the chick who wrote this one took it down only a few months after posting it, so Im not expecting anything to cone of it (sadly, it was a hot scenario)


I've managed to find all but one (the Halloween one) elsewhere so I'll do the compiling/editing again and pop them up on my Pastebin over the next few days :)

If anyone has my Halloween story, please let me know :)


I do have it. Mail me and I will send it to you.



I can't seem to work out how to open those :-(

Here is my pastebin as best I can do for now :-)

I'm missing:
Beach Banquet
Trick or Treat
Easter Snuff-Bunny (didn't want to upload pt2 without pt1)


It is just html single files in 7z archive.
On my pc they work in chrome edge or ie (redownload and cheked right now).

I will upload what you need as text tomorrow.


Thank you :-) I am not the most tech-savvy!



Lol wut?

Sorry, I only reposted this. I'm not the actual author. I don't even know who did, since I only saved the text of the post.


My apologies then.
I can't change or delete this. Maybe someone with admin rights can change author name in my post to [Anon].


Somehow it deleted.
Justice reaupload.

Poké vore Park

Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris plan to do some sight-seeing together on a tour of the islands south of the mainland for the first week of summer vacation. Several of the places there are almost uncharted, a perfect place for discovery and adventure. The four girls know each other through their shared time with one legendary Pokémon trainer, Ash Ketchum. The girls tried to get Ash and ever Brock to go with them, but each had other plans. Ash found an old trainer who also never evolves his Pokémon for some stupid reason. He left for that trainer’s home high in the northern mountains right when school ended. Brock found some scroll about rock Pokémon technics that he has been studying for the last few weeks. It must have been very important to turn down an invite from the girls.

All four girls end up finding a strange training flyer while staying on Shamouti Island. The resort there is nice, but the girls have already been there before and the crowd this year is huge. It also has little to offer if they wanted to train their Pokémon. The flyer is for a theme park that just opened up on an island south of the orange islands. The four girls never knew there was island south of that chain, save for Unova, which is south and mostly west. It sounds interesting, but the name did not make since, it must be in another language, or at least a word the girls did not know, something called “Vore”. The flyer promised a once in a lifetime experience for all girl trainers. Something else is odd though, it specifically states that no boys may come to the resort on the island. This made the girls even more interested. The front of the flyers show three beautiful tanned girls lying on a beach in very skimpy swimsuits laughing and sipping exotic fruit drinks. Behind them three Pokémon have their mouths opened wide as if growling or shouting maybe.

May thinks the flyer is for a special intense training for Pokémon while the girls can relax and catch some rays. Misty however is not so sure, by looks of it, to her at least, the Pokémon seem like they are about to do something like maybe shoot breath weapons. The three Pokémon shown cannot use breath attacks. Misty thinks it is a way to give Pokémon new abilities that most have never heard of. Dawn does not know what to think, but the beach on the flyer looks very nice and not crowded at all. The blue haired girl stares around at all the people on Shamouti Island and grumbles, “There are way too many people here this time of year. It’s almost like being at a public beach.” Iris fiddles with her hair a bit and looks at the rest of the girls who are staring at her. “What?” she asks, as if this did not really involve her. May asks her, “Well, what do you think Iris? Do you want to check it out?” The dark skinned trainer thinks for a second and smiles to the rest of the girls, “I think I’ve heard of this, but it is very adult, I don’t know if you girls could handle such a place.” Misty and Dawn look at each other as May makes a face, “What do you mean, we are all older now, we can handle whatever this island for girls can dish out.” Iris grins at her, “Well, I like this sort of things, but who knows if you girls do. It is what got me interested in dragon type Pokémon when I was a little girl.” Dawn questions her, “Well what is it… is it training?” Iris smiles and says, “No, it does feel good though, and if they have a park for it, then I think it would be interesting to see.” Dawn makes a face at her, “Why don’t you just tell us what it is?” Iris smiles back and laughs a little, “Dawn, you are such a kid.”

Although the other three have their doubts that Iris knows what the flyers is talking about, all four girls agree that this is probably a good place to check out, if nothing else than to taunt the boys due to the rules.

Later that day the get on board and set sail for Vore Island Theme Park on a ferryboat piloted by two middle-aged women. The older women do not say much, but they did have rules that the girls must not bring cameras or excessive amounts of luggage, mainly clothing. Dawn and May had to keep some of their stuff back in a locker on Shamouti Island. Misty and Iris always travel light and are very used to this kind of situation. As they go on towards the equator, the sun is hot and the girls decide to tan. Misty is busy watching the water and notes several water Pokémon that she enjoys observing. The girl has a pen and paper with her and she is taking notes, probably about the ecologies of free-ranged Pokémon in the sea.

The boat sails all throughout the night and in the morning; the girls find themselves at the shore of the island. It is tropical and there are few people around. The dock area has only a single woman operator who ties down their boat. The three older women talk to each other about the weather and other old people stuff. The four guests are in their swimsuits ready for fun. Dawn takes a lot longer to get ready for some reason and the other three are off the boat looking at the island map. They see the theme park is off in a remote area from the docks, but it does have a trail and a grounds service that can drive them to the park. After Dawn finally catches up to them they have already paid for the trip to the theme park.

The ride up to the park is calm and peaceful. The air on the island is heavy, but not very salty. Each girl seems to be admiring the landscape and the multitude of free-range Pokémon on the island.

The front of the park is like many others, accept for the large billboard, which shows several large Pokémon running after a girl in a swimsuit along with the “Poké Vore Park” logo. Dawn exams it closer and says to Iris, “That’s strange, is it training for both Pokémon and trainers? It looks like exercise.” Iris smiles at her and state, “No, it’s nothing like that, trust me, we’ll have fun.” Misty and May look at each other and realize that Iris is not going to tell them any more about it.

The girls pay their way at the front gate and the woman behind the counter smiles at them saying jokingly, “Enjoy your time inside!” Iris nods to her and smiles back.

The park is separated into three places, what looks like a hotel and restaurant area, a beach and swimming area, and finally what looks like a vast zoo that has several thousand Pokémon of very large size in it, every one of them a capable predator. Misty looks back at the girls and shows them a brochure that has a listing of all the Pokémon at Poké Vore Park. “Can you believe this guy? They have water Pokémon that are ultra-rare!” Iris looks further, “Wow, they have some rare dragon types as well.” May asks to see it, after flipping through a few pages she explains, “They seem to have almost all the larger Pokémon here.” Dawn is busy adjusting her hair in a mirror she brought with her.

May asks the group, “What should we do first? I’m kind of hungry, so maybe we should eat breakfast.” The other three girls agree. Even though they are in their swimsuits, they see other girls there also in swimsuits eating. The lodge is beautiful and the food is great. All four eat their fill and are sated. Dawn pats her stomach, “Should we go to the beach, it looks lovely, and not too crowded.” They agree and start to head there. At the entrance, they see a sign that says, “Nude Beach”. All four girls look at each other and pause for a bit. Iris smiles at them, “No boys, remember?” The dark skinned beauty starts to take off the top of her baby blue bikini. She looks over to the other three and smirks, “You girls are still children, aren’t you?” Dawn fidgets a bit and May thinks about undoing her top as well. Misty asks, “Are you used to this Iris?” The now fully nude girl picks up her baby blue bikini and nods, “Well, yeah, I often would run around nude in the jungle near my home. It felt great being so open around the Pokémon. Misty says, “Well, yeah, I bet all four of us ran around naked when we were really little, but we are older now and have curves.” May then looks at Misty, “But this is an only-girl island, so we don’t have to be worried about peeping toms like Brock, I kind of feel relieved actually, I mean, this might be fun.” She looks over to Iris who nods in agreement. May then takes off her sleek pink thong and top. “There, nothing to it,” May replies confidently. Misty looks at May’s nude body for a second and understands why May does not have any problems being nude in front of others. Her body is gorgeous. Misty sighs and looks down at her breast while turning away from the others. Sure, she has a nice body, but she is self-conscious about her breast. They are bigger now, but still, they are nothing compared to May. Misty then thinks that she must be larger than Iris, but it looks like a tie. Iris grins to her as Misty stares at her. Dawn asks, “Do we really have to go to this beach? Isn’t there another beach on the island?” Misty looks and says, “The brochure says that all other beaches are not patrolled and it is not recommended to swim anywhere else.” Dawn looks nervous and Misty lets out a sigh, “Fine, it might be nice to get a full tan and have no tan lines. Iris nods to Misty, “You’ll love it. It feels great.” May starts to fiddle with Misty’s white one-piece and gets the top down exposing Misty’s tender white breasts to the air. Misty sighs and grabs the rest and says blushing, “I can do it May.” Misty pulls down the rest of her swimsuit and finally takes a stand in front of Dawn, “Come on, if a fray-dee cat like me can do it, you can!” Dawn is not confident about this at all; although she puts up a good front, she really does not like this sort of thing. Iris however looks calm and accepting. She feels silly about her embarrassment. It is just like taking a bath at a public pool. “Fine, then let’s get a full body tan!” Dawn shouts! All four girls cheer at once and Dawn pulls off her purple bikini top, slides off her bottom, and holds them in her hand. Iris goes around to all the girls, gathers their clothes, and places them in her bag. She pulls out the suntan lotion and hands it to May. “Let’s look for a nice place near the water,” Misty interjects as the girls look around the beach. A few others have taken up spots near the water and they are all naked and tanning. Some of the girls are out in the ocean swimming and splashing each other. They see a lifeguard on duty that strangely resembles Officer Jenny. She is completely naked and holds a flotation device under her left arm. She has a whistle around her neck and an armband that says, “Lifeguard” on it and nothing else.

The four tan for an hour after rubbing each other thoroughly with lotion. Misty explains that Iris is a little too friendly with the lotion as she puts it. Iris explains that Misty should get lotion everywhere since she is so pale. Misty feels strange as Iris rubs lotion on her ass and between her legs and finally her crotch as well. Dawn does not seem to mind Iris’ full body massage. May asks Misty to rub the lotion on her. Misty is hesitant, but she accepts. She feels May’s breasts and rubs lotion on them in order to make sure they do not burn in the morning sun. Misty feels strange doing this, but at the same time, they are both girls, so it is fine. Misty is even more aware now at how differ they are in size though. She feels like a little girl still. Iris then asks if Misty can do her as well. She lays there on a beach towel with her naked butt pointed at Misty. Misty sighs and cringes a little at the girl’s eagerness. The water trainer gets Iris back a little for touching her in such naughty places. Iris cries out a cute sigh as Misty rubs her ass with lotion. Misty grumbles, “Stop it, you are making a scene!” While messing around though Misty pushes hard on Iris’ thighs and her finger goes a little inside the dark skinned beauty’s love pot. Iris does not say anything, and Misty retracts her finger quickly and tries not to draw attention to what just happened. “There, now we are even.” Misty says to Iris who just lies there. She sets down the lotion bottle next to Iris and then spreads her beach towel close to the water.

Two girls are out past the cones that mark the patrolled swimming area. One is a blonde with blue eyes and the other is a brunette with green eyes. They giggle to each other and talking about how they are excited that school is over. Both are very fascinated in the interesting services that this park offers. “To think that they would have a park just for girls and Pokémon…,” the blond says, and the other replies to her best friend, “and one where they are hungry! To think they train them to not hurt us… isn’t it cool?” The two girls are completely unaware of the danger this island holds if you do not play by the rules. The Lifeguard has noted that the girls are beyond her barrier. She is not supposed to do anything if something happens to them if they do not follow the rules. Lifeguard Jenny just shakes her head and sighs, “Silly girls, they are in so much trouble.” At this point, the Lifeguard needs a pair of binoculars in order to see the pair. Lifeguard Jenny adjusts her chest a little and sighs at the girls who are now out of sight. “I hope those girls don’t go out too far, this place is mostly uncharted.” A girl looks up at Lifeguard Jenny and asks, “Where should we leave our bags?” Jenny points over to the changing room, “It has lockers with combination locks and you give them to me I put them on this wall and give it back to you when you are done.” The short Asian girl smiles up to her and runs back to her friends. The girls giggle a few more times and then head over to the changing area.

A cluster of Remoraid whirls by the two girls as they venture further away from the safety of the shoreline. A few Basculin follow the adventurous pair. The girls giggle to each other and look under the water. They see the water Pokémon enjoying the tropical ocean waters as well. The brunette notices an evolved Pokémon swimming near them, it looks like it is chasing some of the Remoraid, perhaps playing. Her naive mind does not allude to the possibility of danger, a large Pokémon searching for nourishment. The brunette comes up for a breath of air and her friend stops her from going down again. The blond laughs, “Sherry, we should go over to those rocks by the coral.” Looking over at her friend she nods, “Sure Jamie, let’s check out the island from up there. Maybe we can see more of the park from up there on the tall rocks.” Their nude bodies put many scents into the ocean water and attract attention. The wild Gyarados swimming near knows this smell and remembers it. In fact, he has taken part in them from time to time when he is hungry enough for such a large meal. As luck would have it, today is one of those days.

The Gyarados stops chasing the fast moving fish prey and remembers the ease of hunting these pink, strangely shaped, soft and sleek meals. The nude human girls swim over to the large rocks near the coral line. If he is to eat well today, he needs to make his move, his prey are land mammals. Sherry climbs up out of the water onto the rocks slowly as her friend awaits her turn. Jamie looks up at her friend as she gets out of the water and sees something odd, “Geese Sherry, you even shaved off all your pussy hairs for today.” Sherry smiles down at Jamie looking in between her legs at her friend as she climbs on the rocks. “You just noticed it now? Well, we are here to try this vore thing out, aren’t we? I thought they’d like something slick and smooth, maybe I’ll be tastier, I don’t know…” Jamie smiles at her best friend, “I went all-natural, no shaving, I don’t even have suntan lotion on, I bet they are going to like that much better. I don’t want to take off any of my flavor for these guys.” Jamie rubs her chest, smiles at her friend, and licks her lips. Sherry laughs at her overly enthusiastic friend and turns to get out of the water. Just as Jamie lifts herself up by her hands, she is ready to lift her leg out when something stops her and pulls her back into the water. Sherry looks back at her friend who is still in the water, “What’s wrong Jamie?” In shock, she does not know what happened, but there is another tug at her leg followed by both of them feeling the same strange tugging. “I’m… I think I’m stuck on something… my foot won’t move.” Sherry looks past her nude friend’s ass and into the seawater and can make an outline of a large snake-like creature. Jamie suddenly pushes upward; a very large Gyarados has her by her legs. It bites down on them and sucks her in deeper. Sherry is in shock at first, but then realizes that they are here for just this sort of thing. Sherry laughs and jokes, “A hungry Gyarados approaches. He uses swallow whole on Jamie, it’s super effective!” Jamie is not as amused by her situation, “that was so lame Sherr.” She feels the water Pokémon suck her into its mouth up to her thighs. “Are they supposed to eat us all the way out here?” Jamie looks up at her friend with a worried look. Sherry laughs, “The whole park is made for this Jamie, I’m sure it’s okay.” Jamie sighs and tries to pull herself away from the hungry mouth. Sherry grins, “I don’t think he’s going to let you go… you must taste great.” Jamie looks down at the large predator getting a better grip on her. A probing tongue finds something soft, moist, and wet. It rocks her senses. Jamie shutters and lets out a heavy sigh as the Pokémon continues. Gyarados usually has to swallow his food quickly, but it seems as though his prey is not struggling at all. This is interesting to the large predator, so it takes the time to taste his meal fully. Jamie looks up at her neatly shaven friend, “Oh God, Sherry, he’s really doing it, he’s tasting me.” Sherry asks, “What do you mean, why are you sighing like that?” The blond shakes her head and lets out a few cries, “Sherry, he’s putting his tongue up somewhere!” The brunette stops and realizes that her friend is moaning because of sexual pleasure. “Oh wow, it really does feel like that? I knew this vore thing was going to be awesome!” Jamie cannot think straight and just rides out the waves of pleasure. Her breasts bounce up and down with each meaningful lick inside her womanhood. After a few more, she bucks and cries out in sexual release. The Gyarados has just conquered her. A new flavor comes from his prey; it is primal and tastes great. The large water Pokémon milks this new juice coming from its meal. “Sherry, you have to try this…” The blond says as the Gyarados continues his meal. “He’s biting me, but not hard, he’s sucking me in deeper… this is so… so erotic Sherry! He desires all of me… he wants me like nothing has before…” Jamie’s breasts are now on his lips and the water Pokémon drags its tongue across her sensitive nipples. The blonde yells out, “Eat me… eat me… oh God… yes… eat me…” Gyarados is more than happy to comply with her request. With each bite and swallow her head moves deeper inside and it rests on the large water Pokémon’s tongue. Jamie looks up at her best friend through the Gyarados’ small cave of teeth. They booth stare at each other, their minds locked on to each other. “Oh God…” is the last thing Jamie says to Sherry as the jaws come down. Jamie, trapped in dark wet flesh, feels the hungry Pokémon push its throat muscles all over her body and it swallows down hard. Her body slips down the fleshy passage. Unceremoniously, Jamie plops into the slimy stomach sack. From outside Sherry teases the Gyarados, “Was my best friend yummy? She is quite the nice bulge there in your tummy. You two looked like you really enjoyed yourselves.” A few squirms make their appearance from within the belly and Sherry sees them. “Jamie, how is it down there? It looks so natural from out here, as if you really are supposed to be his dinner…” A few contorts and moans from the belly make her joke, “What do you think? Maybe you should let him keep you. If nobody interferes now you know that’s just what will happen… your sexy body will be nothing more than nutrients for him.” Sherry giggles at her words, but then feels wet between her legs. She feels her pussy lips and rubs them cooing, “I can’t believe this is turning me on so much. I really want to try it too Jamie…” Some audible moans issue from Gyarados. They make Sherry feel extremely horny. Sherry rubs herself until she too moans like the Gyarados’ food. The water Pokémon’s attention turns towards the other prey animal. The sight of it masturbating in front of him makes his mouth water. Unfortunately, one girl seems like his limit.

From inside Jamie struggles against the stomach flesh, which is kneading her and moving her around. The constant movement on her nipples stimulates them and she feels horny again. She rubs her pussy lips and moans from inside the predator completely unaware of the danger she is in. Also unaware is Sherry, who thinks that all the Pokémon here have special training and are monitored by the staff at Poké Vore Park, unfortunately, this is not so. Pleased with the day’s hunt, Gyarados heads to leave. This sudden exodus makes the horny girl stop her self-pleasure. Sherry calls out to her friend inside the Gyarados, “I’ll see you two later! Don’t have too much fun Jamie!” From inside it is too late for Jamie she is already starting to digest. Although she is confused, she continues to enjoy it. Digestive juices tingle at her body making it feel raw. The feeling of his stomach acids on her body adds to her stimulation. “Sherry, he wants to digest me. Maybe he can tonight… if nobody saves me…” The lack of fresh air makes her mind cloudy as becomes more asphyxiated. With an excited cry, she closes her eyes while having one last orgasm. She feels like this is natural, how it is supposed to be. She is food for Pokémon. The naked girl’s body spasms with sexual delight as the large Pokémon yawns deeply. He takes his meal to the ocean bed, where they can have some private time alone. Every now and then Gyarados’ belly jerks a bit with Jamie’s final spasms. The sated water Pokémon is not bothered much by this since he knows that many other prey animals put up much more of a fight. These soft pink human girls are very easy to catch and easy to eat, the perfect prey. After several minutes, Jamie does not move and Gyarados can sleep. The blond’s body is delicious nourishment for the water Pokémon, after he is done digesting nothing will remain not even bones. Sherry rubs her pussy lips and feels her cum dripping out after a wonderful orgasm. The horny girl has no idea that her friend has just died while she was masturbating.

Sherry looks around at the water, “I wonder if there are any more hungry predators out here who would love some of this.” She twirls and poses for whoever wants to see her. Sherry pokes her head into the water and looks around. A few Lanturn swim near her along with some Chinchou and some more Remoraid; she sees a lone Octillery on the ocean floor as well. Sherry picks her head up out of the water and catches a breath. “All of you guys are just too small.” Even now, Sherry has no idea that her friend is dead and digesting. It is all part of the park’s fun in her mind.

A few rocks over, she sees some Totodiles and a few Croconaws. “Not big enough, but maybe there are some Feraligatr among them…” Sherry starts to swim over to the wild Pokémon. A few of the Totodile stop and look at her curiously. She smiles to them and sees that a few are swimming alongside of her. She finds a Croconaw and it too begins swimming behind her. After swimming near a few others, she finds a place to step up. A large rock jutting out of the ocean looks like a perfect place to suntan. She muses that all these Pokémon are just plain cute as two of the smaller Totodiles climb up on the rock and lay next to her. She lets out a sigh as they nuzzle up to her nude body. They quietly nod off.

Sherry is having a nice dream when she starts to feel ticklish. She moves around a little, but notices that the tickle will not go away. Her eyes open up and she yawns. The two Totodiles are still there next to her, but they are watching her with interest. “What is it?” She asks the pint-sized Pokémon. They look over at a very large Feraligatr. Its tongue is huge and every now and then, it licks her feet from her heel to her toes. “Wow, you are a big guy, aren’t you?” She grins to the Feraligatr, who responds by saying, “Feraligatr!” This could be her chance, this Pokémon surely looks large enough, and it seems to be interested in her body, her feet at least. Feeling sly Sherry turns on her front, rolls back on her knees, and points her ass right at the large crocodile-like monster. “I’m sure this tastes better than my feet. Why don’t you try some?” She waves her ass from side to side taunting the large predator. Taking the queue, it opens its mouth and comes down on her ass and pussy taking it all inside his mouth at once. This quick motion catches the girl off guard as she rises up off the rock held only by her crotch in the crocodile’s mouth. The feeling is very sexual to Sherry and she looks back at him with a sad pouting face, “Oh no… what am I to do?” The Feraligatr’s tongue brushes up and into her womanhood. She swoons in his voracious embrace building into a climax of sensations. She bobs up and down on the monstrous tongue. Sherry explodes as she feels the hardest orgasm of her life, and it will not stop. She cries out to her predator to slow down, she cannot take it anymore, but the Feraligatr continues. Her legs are bent straight upward and her face is smashed into her breasts. Her body contorts and convulses to the pleasure that will not stop. Her body feels the afterglow still from her orgasms, but she is able to talk finally. “Oh my God Feraligatr, you must really like the way I taste…” She sighs and tries not to move hoping to clear her mind. “That was incredible, better than I could imagine.” She feels the tongue move up to her breasts and she exhales calling out to her best friend, “Jamie, you are right this is so sexy…” The Feraligatr suckles on her body. She enjoys this lull in her consumption, but feels as though her predator has stopped. Sherry wiggles her ass a little on the crocodile’s tongue and she feels herself move slightly. “I think you need to get me wetter, maybe more saliva will help you swallow me.” The crocodile Pokémon does not understand what she is saying, but is ready to continue. The half-eaten girl rubs her ass against the Pokémon’s throat flesh. She goes in a few more centimeters. Her ass is now fully inside and she thinks he can do it. “Just a little more Feraligatr, I’m sure you can do it!” His food’s enthusiasm is out of place, but the crocodile is enjoying it more. Opening up its throat completely it uses his right claw to push on Sherry’s feet. “Oh my… so strong…” Her body pushes downward and Sherry moves deep inside. She feels her toes in the cool ocean air and then the warm hot breath of the crocodile Pokémon as it closes its mouth completely over her. “Oh my God, you did it. You ate me; you really ate all of me.” As her body slides slowly towards the crocodile’s first stomach she muses, “One tasty human girl for dinner!” Sherry giggles. She loves it. Vore is wonderful.

Sherry has little air to breathe inside her predator. The Pokémon sends the still living meat into his first stomach. His belly starts to gurgle and the Feraligatr lies down on its back and shows the world its latest conquest. From outside the girl’s body is visible at times as it moves around in the stomach. “Wow, I wonder if wild Pokémon have ever eaten trainers. It seems like it would be easy for them to eat us… we are so defenseless. Maybe next time I go into the wild to catch large Pokémon, I’ll go totally nude and see what happens. That would be hot, either I capture him or a lucky Pokémon will utterly defeat me and make me his meal. What a silly way for my life to end…” Sherry feels sexy again and rubs her hairless pussy lips as the stomach turns her around and coasts her with digestive enzymes. The frothy mixture is somewhat tingly on her naked body. The stimulation is great and Sherry orgasms several times while in the first stomach. After an hour, the girl feels the stomach contort and push on her from above. The sudden movement wakes her up from her half-sleep. Being sexually stimulated so much takes a lot out of a girl. Feraligatr, like other crocodiles have two stomachs, one that churns and one that burns. Unfortunately, Sherry is done with the first part. The new stomach is tight and she feels tingling around her ass, breasts, pussy, and toes. From inside Sherry is wondering what is going on. As digestion begins, she asks the belly, “Hey now, you aren’t supposed to do that! It sort of feels like you are trying to digest me.” Sherry cringes as more acids rub on her. “This is getting me worried now… I mean Jamie has been down inside that stomach for much longer than me… is she okay?” The girl gets scared as the acids become more distinguishable from the flesh around her. “Wait, you are from the park, right?” The stomach moves her around more and she starts to cry, “Oh God, Jamie, no! We are both going to end up as…” The muscular walls explain the situation clearly. She tries to push her way out of the Pokémon’s stomach, but she cannot get a hold of anything. Her body is full of slime and she is exceedingly slippery. “Feraligatr, I don’t want this! You are supposed to taste us, not digest us! Spit me out! I don’t want to die! Oh God… Oh God… I’m a human, I’m not food!” From outside, her muffled cries mean little. All of the smaller Pokémon around the large bloated one know she is his meal and accept it. Sherry’s thoughts drift to Jamie, of how she did not save her from digestion. She even encouraged Gyarados to eat her best friend. The acids become harsh and Sherry is in pain. “Ouch, ouch, it hurts Feraligatr, it hurts… please… stop digesting me… please…” Her senses become dull from constant pain and she is in and out of consciousness. The feeling of a full belly is very pleasing to the large mouthed Pokémon. The naked girl realizes that this is it; she is nothing more than a meal for the crocodile. Her last intelligible cries, heard by nobody are, “I’m so sorry Jamie…” Quietly, Sherry falls into the digestive muck. The Feraligatr licks his lips savoring this new nourishment. Such delicate flavors and savory curves give the Pokémon a bold idea. In a week’s time, he will swim closer to the shore where the smells of his newest prey are strong. His adventures will bring him to the nude beach at Poké Vore Park and he will be pleased with what he finds. A few more gurgles issue from the fat belly. Soon Sherry will reunite with Jamie in the afterlife.

Misty pokes the sunbathing May on her arm waking her up. “What is it Misty?”

“It looks like all the other people on the beach are going over there.” Misty points at the entrance to the zoo area.

Iris sees what the two girls are looking at and explains, “Looks like it is about to start, we should get going.” Dawn looks over at her, “We will need our suits back.” Iris shakes her head no. “Everyone else is going in there naked, we should as well, or else we will be out of place.” Dawn does not like her friend’s explanation. Iris winks to her, “Remember Dawn, it’s only us girls no need to worry.”

Indeed all the other girls there at the part are fully nude at a large stage. The logo and a few more pictures of large predator Pokémon are all over the stage. There is a single microphone at center stage, but nobody is there. A sign near the stage says, “The Poké Vore Park main event starts at 1 pm.”

“What time is it May?” Misty points to her bare wrist. May looks at her watch, “It’s about one. Looks like it will start soon; I wonder what they are planning?”

Dawn whispers to Iris, “Why is everyone still naked?” Iris points over to a few girls who did not go down to the nude beach, “I guess a few aren’t yet.” Dawn makes a fist at Iris, “Give me back my swimsuit now!” Iris giggles, “You won’t need it, trust me, this is going to be fun!”

A beautiful nude female announcer with breasts larger than May’s takes ahold of the microphone and shouts, “Welcome to Poké Vore Park, PVP for short!” The announcer waves her blondish brown hair in the breeze. “Within the grounds of this facility, you may experience something that few have only ever quietly thought about when nobody else is around, but here at PVP we can make that fantasy a reality!” Almost everyone is attentively listening to the beautiful announcer accept Dawn who is still mad at Iris.

“Yes ladies, through proper training and care we have made vore a safe and enjoyable experience for all you lucky patrons, and our Pokémon! And trust me girls, they love it!” After a cute wink the older woman continues, “Why are there no boys you ask? Well that’s simple; we ladies are much more appealing and preferred by our Pokémon!” Several of the audience members cheer and laugh. Misty moves closer to May, “There has to be over a hundred girls here, don’t you think?” May looks around, “about that many, yes, and if they all paid as much as we did for rooms and zoo access then there guys are making a lot of money each day.” Misty looks over at them and realizes that most of them are trainers and most of them are very young like them. “I wonder what this vore fantasy is; I mean we really should have researched it further before we came here. It sounds like an immense massage…” May smiles to her friend and explains, “Well, it’s too later for that now, we are just going to have learn it hands-on.”

The sumptuous announcer’s breasts jiggle, “Here at PVP we make sure that all of the Pokémon are inspected and treated with our super formula Repressor IV. Make no mistake girls; your safety is our number one priority. We do not want any more mishaps in the park or on the island. We are all here to have a good time and have a good time tomorrow and the next day.” The announcer pauses for a second; she looks out over the crowd. “Again, you must follow the rules of the park to help us help you. Make sure that you only take part in vore here in the zoo grounds and nowhere else. We cannot inspect all the Pokémon on the island. Those Pokémon not in our zoo do not have the formula Repressor IV treatment. With that said who wants to see a live demonstration?”

All the girls, Misty, May, Iris, and even Dawn now look up at the stage, as a large Pokémon is lead up on stage with the announcer. A huge Dragonite climbs up and onto the stage and lets out a bellow, “Drrrrrragonite!” Many of the girls cheer the Dragonite on. The announcer goes over to the Dragonite and pats it on his lower leg. It stands three meters tall, larger than most and it’s soft and innocent features make it look like a large puppy dog. It waves to the girls in the crowd. Many of the girls coo at this. The announcer grabs the microphone stand and talks into it, “Now my personal Dragonite will show you how it’s done.”

All the girls are sitting on the edge of their sets looking at what will come next. For Misty, May, and Dawn, they are completely shocked at what happens next. The loveable Dragonite grabs the announcer and opens its mouth up wide. Misty lets out a squeak and May grabs Misty’s arm. Dawn holds Iris’ arm. Iris smiles back to Dawn and nods. Dawn cannot believe how calm Iris is. The mighty Dragonite lifts up the announcer by her side and arms. His massive jaws part and drool hangs from his upper lip. Blondish hair enters the predator’s mouth along with the woman’s head then her large breasts fall onto the beast’s tongue. Those close enough hear the announcer let out a few sexual sighs as her breasts rub along the dragon’s flesh. Her body descends further until it stops at her pelvis. The moaning woman’s complete shaven pussy shows its desire to all those in the audience as it glistens in the sunlight with clear liquid. A long pink tongue curls up catching her clit. This small embrace against her womanhood cases her to scream down the Pokémon’s throat. The announcer’s legs kick like mad and the Dragonite grabs both of them and begins assaulting her pussy with its tongue. The woman’s pelvis dances uncontrollably as a huge orgasm hits her. Her legs, held tight in the dragon’s grip, only causing her more stimulation. Her body contorts and struggles against the extreme pleasure she is feeling. After a good minute, the half-eaten woman’s pelvis starts to settle down as her ass moves up and down with her heavy breaths. The announcer’s pussy appears to be dripping white fluid. It drips on the Dragonite’s taste buds. The hungry Pokémon gives pause as the flavor hits his tongue. It starts suckling at her body tenderly.

After another minute, the Dragonite opens its mouth up really wide. It uses its claws to push her legs into its mouth one at a time. After enveloping all of her body, the Pokémon closes its mouth over her still bucking pelvis. It suckles at her flesh for another minute, like a person sucking on a hard candy. The Dragonite opens up his mouth, and shows all the girls watching what he has in his mouth. The announcer woman is still inside completely steeped in glistening drool. The only things visible are feet and ass, and tucked deep within the woman’s swollen pussy is the dragon’s tongue milking her white cream. The audience cannot help but stare at what happens next. The Dragonite’s mouth closes completely and its small wings flap a little, and it makes a very loud gulping sound. After a few moments, the Dragonite rests and opens its mouth for the audience. Nothing is there in its mouth. Misty, May, and Dawn are speechless. They just witness a Pokémon swallow whole a fully-grown, very busty, human woman and it looks like she enjoyed every bit of it. The Dragonite rolls back on its feet and rubs its belly with its hands. A sly licking of his lips shows his approval. The audience is silent, but their minds and hearts are not.

At this point another naked and beautiful redheaded woman, younger than the first walks out onto the stage. “So girls, what a sight… am I right?” The audience stirs a little bit, as they witness the Dragonite’s belly move around and contort. The new announcer girl walks over to the belly, “Don’t worry everyone she has done this a thousand times. Her Dragonite loves her very much.” The Dragonite’s tummy gurgles slightly and a few muffled moans issue from the bloated belly, “Oh my you are a hungry one today. You better be careful in there Janet.” The new announcer pokes the Dragonite on the cheek and muses, “You probably want to keep her down for good this time don’t you?” The Pokémon pats his bloated belly happily and smiles to the crowd of nude young girls while shaking his head yes. “Oh my… well you’ll have to be a good boy and do a lot of convincing to have her spend the night with you…” The Pokémon looks at the red head announcer meaningfully and pats his belly. More soft moans come from the Dragonite’s food sack. “Looks like you are off to a good start… and if she does stay the night then I can be your new trainer.” The Dragonite grins at her and nods his approval.

The new announcer clears her throat, “Ahem… Well anyway, let us make sure our wonderful Pokémon can enjoy the experience as much as we do! All of us should be nude before entering the zoo, the Pokémon prefer it and then we have no issues with reactions from fabrics. And it is way more pleasing this way… especially for you girls.” The redheaded announcer’s jiggles her chest at the crowd. “The price of admission to the park may seem high, but that’s because of our security and safety measures. You are our number one concern here at PVP. We hope you keep coming back!” The stomach next to her again gurgles and a few more soft moans follow. “All of our customers here who are going to come back to us safely after today’s wonderful experience! The first time is always special, but once you do it, you’ll be hooked, we guarantee it!”

From beside her inside the Dragonite some soft moans echo. She grins over at the bloated belly, “Still trying to convince her are you? I’m pretty sure you won this time…” After a brief look at her audience, an audible shout issues from the muffled belly, “Yes, yes… oh yes… digest me tonight…” Only the members in the audience who are close to the stage hear her confession of intent. The red headed announcer looks flustered as if this is getting off script. She looks at the audience and sees their concern. “Well then… looks like you get to keep her down Dragonite, you finally swayed her into spending the night with you… I guess that means you will want to eat me next in the demonstrations… huh?” Sweat hangs from the announcer’s brow as she shakes her head. The Dragonite licks his lips at her showing his interest. The new announcer girl turns her attention to the audience, “I’m sure most of you are very interested in vore, but for those that are having second thoughts, please see me after this presentation. Moreover, this it is just a little vore-play we do every week; Janet is going to be fine after we get her out of there. So there is no need to worry.”

Another young blue haired girl walks up on stage and gives a wave to the new announcer. She nods back at the messenger and tries to hurry things along. “Most of our Pokémon in the zoo behave themselves and wait for you to offer yourself to them willingly. However, please keep in mind that some of our less popular predators might be extremely hungry and even predatory. Therefore, it is possible that if you separate from a larger group they will eat you without consent. This can also be stimulating since you will be unwilling and some Pokémon predators love that, it brings out the animal in them. Trust me girls, the chase is also invigorating! I was a patron to the park just like you girls, and having them chase me was what made me the hottest! After they corner me and take away all hope of escape…” The audience is attentively listening to her words, but the announcer becomes embarrassed and does not continue with her personal hook. She clears her throat and explains more. “After consumption, you shall stay within your Pokémon for the rest of the day until closing time, that’s 8 pm, just as it gets dark out. Do not worry, even though you will be inside of your Pokémon for the entire day, they will not digest you thanks to our patented formula! They also receive special breathing training that makes them fill not only their lungs, but their bellies as well.” The announcer thinks she is forgetting something and finally catches herself, “For those of you who wish to stay inside longer… well, you will have to meet with one of our specialists.” She looks around at the now excited crowd; her sight focuses on the girls who are not yet naked, “Again, if you have articles of clothing and jewelry they can be dangerous to the well-being of our predators. Those of you with watches and large bracelets and necklaces should keep those valuables in your rooms. At the table over there, we can accept your items and take them to your rooms later today. Small earrings and up to two rings are allowed. We hope you understand the reason behind this rule and take it as a bonus rather than embarrassing. Thank you everyone. Let’s have some fun today!” The audience is full of girls who are on the fence and the announcer knows they will need another talking. They do love to see repeat customers to the park, so they want to get these girls hooked on the joys of real life vore. Most of the girls that came dressed go over to the table and start to strip down. May and Dawn look at each other and decide they have stuff that goes against policy. May leaves her watch and Dawn reluctantly places her new phone in a bin for her room. Others leave bracelets, their phones, and other jewelry in tubs with their room number on them. After getting ready, the four friends see several of nude girls head out into the zoo area already. They do not seem scared at all, as most of that group is repeat customers.

Misty notices that she is hungry as her stomach gives out a slight gurgle. It is a strange feeling after seeing a woman eaten by a Dragonite. May looks at her and points over to the concessions stand at the front of the zoo area. It seems like May is thinking the same thing Misty was and they both smile at each other. Maybe both girls just wanted to get out of here; did they actually want to try it? The announcer girl seemed like she was having excessive amounts of fun for someone that being eaten alive. Both Misty and May pause and worry about their decision.

Dawn looks over at Iris, “This is crazy Iris, that girl is going to die!” Iris puts up her hand to get her friend to stop. “It is all part of the park, she’s going to be okay Dawn, the point is not to let them digest us, it’s to experience being eaten alive without the risk of dying. Dawn fumes for a bit and looks around her belt area for her phone. In times like these, she usually feels better if she can text someone or mess around with apps. She left her phone with her clothes at the beach and now it is most likely back in their hotel room, “Gosh, I feel completely naked without my phone…” Iris rolls her eyes at the blustering urban girl. Iris sighs, “You are naked Dawn.” The tanned purple haired girl looks over to Misty and May, “Are we going to grab some food before we venture out?”

Dawn, still angry about not having her phone, points at Iris, “Iris, you knew this was a weird place and you didn’t tell us?” Iris looks back at her, “It’s an interesting island, you don’t have to try it with us if you don’t want to, I’ll understand, it looks scary, doesn’t it?” Dawn plants one of her feet in front of her, “You said you knew what it was, this vore thing, and that you’ve tried it before!” Iris looks back at her slyly, “Well, yeah, but it wasn’t really consensual.” Dawn takes a step back, “You mean a real… Pokémon ate you?” She nods at Dawn, “yeah, when I was little, but as you can see, I’m okay.” Iris’ tummy rumbles now as she turns her attention to the menu board.

At the concession counter, they get some drinks and sandwiches. Many of the other girls also decided to eat following the staged vore performance, all of them are nude now eating and talking to their respective friends. There are rest rooms as well nearby. They appear to have showers in them since some of the girls come out dripping wet. A few park staff members offer towels to girls as the exit the showers.

As they sit down to eat, Dawn brings up the topic again, “What actually happened Iris?” In between bites, she says, “It’s not… a very… interesting story…” Since Dawn does not let up Iris tells her of her experience, “When I was little I went out alone to capture Pokémon in the jungle. A Fraxure, that’s an evolved Axew, like I have, cornered me in the jungle and ate me, simple as that.” Dawn puts down her drink, “Simple as that? But you are here with us alive, what happened after it ate you?” Iris takes a drink of soda. “It took me back to its cave to digest me. I was very scared and very sad. I think I cried all the while she carried me in his tummy.” Dawn insists, “How did you escape?” Iris shakes her head at her luck, “It looks like she ate some poisonous berries before she ate me… and well, the berries didn’t agree with her. She puked me out just as my clothes were melting off my body. As I lay there on the cave floor wondering what happened I saw the Fraxure on the floor next to me very sick. Well, for some stupid reason, I decided to help it. I found edible berries and nuts and brought it some water. I saw it had a baby and was trying to care for it and itself alone. Her baby is my Axew, who I love very much.”

Dawn asks, “What happened to the mom? The Fraxure?” Iris turns away, “She’s probably still around, but she also tried to eat me a second time so… I really didn’t keep in touch.” Iris sees that all three girls are listening attentively to her vore story. “The second time she tried eating me was when I was taking a bath out in the jungle with Axew. She lunged at me, bit down on my feet, and I tried to struggle. It was no use of course, she was about five times my size at the time and very hungry. I remember accepting it and just letting her continue. It felt ticklish and somewhat wrong, but it wasn’t as if she shouldn’t taste her meal, right? For some reason I was happy that she enjoyed me, she must have thought I was tasty and that made me feel good. As Fraxure’s mouth closed down on me I saw my Axew staring at us. It was curious maybe. Her mom was eating her friend.” Iris pauses and then continues, “She swallowed down and I was back inside her belly again. After a minute though, I felt the throat open up and my Axew was inside the stomach with me. Apparently, he pushed his way down his mom’s throat to be with me. I hugged him and waited for the end. Axew cried out to his mother, as it felt us digesting. His mother, not wanting to digest her baby, spit both of us out and then left. She never came around after that.”

Misty interjects, “What did it feel like?” Iris grins to her, “What did what feel?” Misty makes a face; you know what I mean, the eating and the swallowing. Iris smiles, “Well, I was really scared the first time you know, so I don’t remember much of it, but it wasn’t unpleasant. The second time though, I do remember it felt ticklish and stimulating. It was naughty and yet very sensual, another creature forcing its will on me… It made me feel sexy and wanted, like something desired all of me… and I was giving everything I was to them. Oh course though, I was really scared.”

May takes a long draw on her drink and then asks, “Are we really going to do this? I mean how safe is it?” Misty looks over towards the Dragonite who still has the blond woman announcer inside its belly, “Is she alive in there? I mean they did say we would be inside the bellies for the entire day, I’m worried about suffocating.” May responds, “I don’t know, want to check?” The two leave the table and head over to the Bloated Dragonite. Dawn looks at Iris, “Is this going to be fun?” Iris nods, “Adult fun! I think it will be great, you saw that Dragonite eat the announcer and how she was sighing. I find the whole thing very exciting. I wonder if it is possible to train my Dragonite like this…” Dawn is a little startled at her friend’s words, but then says in a soft unsure voice, “Well if we are going to do this, we better do it quickly because I might change my mind.” Her acceptance is so cute that Iris teases her. “Why Dawn, you really are deviant aren’t you?” The blue haired girl looks flustered, “Well, you guys are going to do it, so I don’t want to be left out.” Iris nods to her friend.

Misty and May are not alone on the stage with the bloated Dragonite. It purrs and makes cute faces at the other naked girls around it. Several of the girl up on the stage with the dragon Pokémon hold their ears up to his moving belly to hear what is going on inside. Many of them giggle after doing so. May thinks she also wants to listen to the Pokémon’s belly. May stops when the Dragonite licks his lips at her before she can even get closer. Unknown to her, the small girl’s pussy is moist with pre-cum and the Dragonite loves the taste of it. May takes a step back and states, “You silly Pokémon, you already ate.” The Dragonite appears excited and gets up on all fours, looks over at May, and opens his mouth. May squeaks and looks at Misty who shrugs. Dragonite pounces on May and sucks on her breasts. May lets out a reactionary shallow moan as it does so. Misty, surprised by the beast’s actions, looks around at all the other girls who also are in shock. The Dragonite finds the source of the yummy flavor and licks May’s crotch a few times, which makes the girl stop her protest, and her mind goes blank. Sparks of energy assault her mind with each touch of her pussy, the dragon Pokémon is enjoying himself. In between meaningful licks May finally gets out, “Dragonite, you silly boy, you already ate! You can’t eat me right now.” May is surprised at her words, as is Misty. The Dragonite finishes licking May’s breasts and underside she sits up completely raw and ticklish. She hides her breasts in her arms and pouts. “Now see here… you…” Her complaint cuts short as the dragon chomps down on her feet. She twists and turns over on her front and tries to grab something to help her get free. The poor girl cannot stand the ticklishness of her feet and starts crying out in laughter. “No, please, stop, I can’t stand it… no more… no more…” May is laughing like crazy as the Pokémon suckles at her feet. The Dragonite finally lets up a little and May takes in deep breaths. Her chest is moving up and down trying to get fresh air. She turns her body so she is sitting on her bottom. “Wow, this does feel really weird… I don’t know how to describe it… it’s like I want him to do more, but I’m scared.” Misty bends down near the Dragonite and says, “you already ate today, why don’t you let my friend go. I’m sure you don’t have room in there for both.” The Dragonite stops his suckling and lets May’s feet slip out of his mouth. Misty smiles and the dragon Pokémon turns its attention to her. Misty gulps as she sees a large opened mouth come closer to her. May stands up and sees the Dragonite show Misty how big his jaws are. The orange haired girl jumps off the stage and so does May. The Dragonite stays there, closes his mouth, and turns his attention to another girl up on stage with him, a cute little Asian girl who is with three of her friends.

Misty helps May back up to her feet and both friends slowly walk to the cafeteria. May tries to regain her composure, her feet still feel ticklish and are wet. “Wow, that guy sure took a lot out of you!” Misty smiles to her friend, not really knowing anything else to say. May nods and says, “It was so ticklish, but after a while it became really strange, like I wanted him to do it. I’m kind of scared.” Misty nods to her friend. “But you have to try it Misty.” Misty looks back at the other girls who are around the Dragonite and see it happen again. One of the other girls suffers mercilessly from the lick attacks. A black haired Asian girl contorts as the Dragonite lifts her closer to his head and bites down on her knees. The girl wiggles like mad and laughs uncontrollably. Misty and May shake their head and decide to walk back to the concessions area.

When they get back Misty asks, “So, does anyone have their heart set on anything?” The pause makes Misty speak up, “I think I want to find a large water Pokémon.” Iris nods, “That seems fitting for you, and of course I want to find a big strong dragon type.” Both girls look at Dawn. “I don’t really know,” Dawn replies. May sighs and explains, “At this point, I’m not sure either…” Misty sees that everyone has finished eating, “Well, let’s get going… and if we can, let’s try to find out more about this park’s Pokémon!”

As they walk along the main stone path May points out, “It seems so weird to be among people while in the nude. Everyone is just walking around like it is normal here.” Misty points out, “Well we did go to the nude beach.” Dawn notes, “Yeah, but we didn’t walk around the beach showing everyone our bodies.” Iris nods her head, “But ladies, there are no boys on this island… that means it really doesn’t matter.” Iris says softly, “I’m kind of used to it as well; I still walk naked sometimes in the Jungle when I think nobody else is around.” May smirks at her, “Even now? I think you tempt fate too much Iris.” Iris makes a face, “well, I did say that I thought vore was stimulating. Sometimes, I wanted to feel the rush of fear from being around wild Pokémon naked.” May’s face goes red as she remembers the Dragonite licking her. She looks back at Misty who smiles at her, May fidgets, “Yes, well… today is going to be wild, I can tell.” After they pause at a fork in the road Dawn grins, “Don’t worry, there’s no need to worry, right?” The other three stop in their tracks. Misty mumbles, “Whenever Ash says that phrase it’s a bad omen.” Each girl gets a slight chill.

At one point, all four girls realize that their Pokémon are in separate areas of the zoo. Dawn still has not decided so she tags along with Iris. Misty heads towards the marina area of the zoo where she sees several large Pokémon, but some of them already look full. A large Gyarados is sunning itself on a rock and it looks like its belly is full as it wiggles around a little. A Tentacruel, larger than any Misty has ever seen before also looks like its meal is resting quietly inside its belly. A beautiful Milotic already has at least two girls squirming inside it. Misty does not know if she would like that idea, multiple girls inside, another naked girl squishing around with her. That is just not her thing.

Misty is in time to see a young girl with blackish brown hair and Asian features being swallowed completely by a Mantine. The girl sounds like she is having a good time, which makes Misty again feel very flustered. Mantine swallows down hard and looks over to Misty. It hovers out of the water and grins to the trainer. It opens its mouth showing that it already swallowed the poor girl. Its belly appears distended with its feast. Misty pats the Mantine on the head and says, “Did you enjoy your meal?” The Mantine speaks up, “Shorrrrk!” in a chiming tone. The Mantine leaps back into the water and swims around a bit. At the far end of the pool, Misty sees a Wailmer opening his mouth and three girls all hop inside at once. Misty is amazed at this and she runs over to them. A few legs and some arms do not make it fully inside the large Pokémon’s mouth. A very large tongue circles its lips a few times and each time it is able to bring in more limbs until all of the girls are safely inside its mouth. From the closed mouth, Misty can hear the girls crying out. It seems like the Wailmer’s tongue is showing them a good time. Misty sits there and watches the Wailmer enjoy his meal. After some time the voices in his mouth grow quiet and Misty hears the audible swallowing of three large pieces of food. “Looks like you got them all down… good for you!” Misty smiles at the Wailmer who nods his large head to her. It then goes back in the water and sinks to the bottom. Misty encourages him, “You deserve a nice rest after a three course meal like that!”

It is getting difficult to find any Pokémon that do not have full bellies. It is like the girls that were here with them knew already what they wanted. “I wonder how many of these girls… are return customers,” Misty says aloud. From behind, a very eager Lapras is swimming slowly up to her. She thinks about her words for a bit. This gives the slower moving bulky Pokémon a good pouncing point. It looms over the nude girl and brings its open jaws down around her. Misty’s view turns pinkish and dark. She feels something wet all over her and she feels it close around her top. Her breasts and back squish against flesh and she realizes that something bit her, but what? She smells fish and feels wet warmth all around her. Obviously, a water Pokémon has just claimed her as dinner. It lifts her up off the ground by her upper body and her legs part and her pussy lips glisten with juice. The girl’s hands contort as her body is bit repeatedly and her upper torso goes deeper into whatever is eating her alive. Her arms are pinned at her sides and she kicks her legs out of desperation. After a while, though she gets tired and slumps in her predator’s mouth. A long tongue wraps itself around her body and her breasts feel its hungry advances. Drool hangs off her legs and ass. Her decent inside its body has slowed down and her ass is still outside of the Pokémon. Misty moves her body from side to side in order to lubricate it with saliva. The Pokémon loses its grip on the slippery meal and Misty falls out of the hungry jaws. She does not hit hard onto the soft marina foam sides of the pool as she feels her bottom with her hand. Moving her soaked hair aside she gazes up to see her predator finally, a huge and powerful Lapras, who gleams with a sea foam green shine. Normally, these Pokémon are blue, and a little smaller, but this one is beautiful.


She laughs a little; this is what the four of them came here for, right? “Oh my, you are a beautiful Lapras! Look at your shell; it is of the darkest greens I have ever seen, and your belly, so white and pure, like freshly fallen snow.” All the praise hits the Lapras’ ego and it understand her admiration for it, many girls have willing fed themselves to him, and this little redhead tastes wonderful. The Lapras comes closer and licks his lips. “So, you like what you see, I take it… you really scared me though, I wasn’t ready for it at all.” The water Pokémon turns his head and makes a face at her explanation. It reaches out with it jaws open and snags the girl by her midsection. She looks up at it wondering what is next. Lapras sit Misty down on his shell and starts to swim over to the deeper end of the marina. There Misty sees finds other large water Pokémon all with full bellies. “So, are these your feeding grounds?” A pair of Quagsire lay on the shore with bulging bellies and their contents evident. A few Gyarados rest at the surface of the water obviously sated from large meals. Down below them Misty sees a noble looking Kyogre at the bottom of the pool resting. She cannot tell if it ate yet, but she guesses that a Kyogre would have several fans as it were. It could probably eat three or more girls like her. As the Pokémon gets closer to the deeper end of the marina it stops and looks over at a girl and Pokémon making a scene. A large Kingler is busy eating a small brown-haired girl with silky white skin feet first using its large claw to guide her inside him deeper. The little girl cries out, “Oh God, I ate crab just yesterday, now I am paying the price… this is karma…” The crab’s mouth feelers rub against her middle and she collapses as the crab pushes more on her head. The crab is taking its time with her middle, giving her a full course of orgasms, making her body spasm for a minute as she cannot do anything but ride out her sexual experience. After slumping inside his mouth, she pleads, “Yes… yes… eat me… avenge all the crabs I eat… I deserve no less…” Forcefully, the large crab pushes her all the way inside his mouth. Its strange feelers clean its mouth with rhythmic motions clearing all the saliva away. The crab moves over to a nice dry area to enjoy the feelings of the girl struggling inside his food sack. Several moans issues from within the crab’s body as the eaten girl feels the stomach organ treating her like food.

Misty looks up at the Lapras, “I wonder if my friends are having fun right now.” The Lapras looks at her and smiles. Misty giggles as the Lapras licks her from crotch to head. “Now, now, do I really taste that good?” Her question answers itself as the voracious Lapras gives Misty full licks over her chest and then a long one around her back that snakes to her ass and between her legs rubbing against her love. The water trainer sighs, “I never knew Pokémon could be trained in this way, it seems so naughty.” Lapras goes back to tasting his next meal. His big pink gentle tongue wraps Misty in drool. She feels completely sexual right now and understands why this place is so popular. “One hundred girls today all ending up in Pokémon bellies, this is so strange, I didn’t even know this world of vore existed until today.” Misty falls on her ass as the tongue wraps around her feet. She is sitting on the large Pokémon’s shelled back. She looks up at him with sad eyes, “You are getting too excited! I know you want to eat me, but can’t we take this slowly?” The Pokémon answers by pulling her feet into its mouth. She swoons at his hungry advances. She turns this way and that and feels good everywhere she moves. She sees that she is now half inside and awaits more. Her hands rest on the Lapras’ nose and she looks deep into his eyes, “I wonder if I could be your trainer…” The Lapras suckles her body, her pussy responds to the stimulation easily, and she has several light orgasms in a row that are a part of one long stream of pleasure. “If I was your trainer, you could swallow me every day.” Her very long stream of pleasure slowly subsides. The water Pokémon sucks more on her glistening form. Misty’s natural sleek body combined with its saliva allows it to slurp her up easily and into its mouth in one swift motion. The Lapras’ jaws close down on her and she feels wetness all around her. He is still suckling at her body and she can feel it move. “Am I tasty? Because I…” The tongue comes across her breasts again and she smiles. Great waves of pleasure flow over her entire body. She rubs her pussy lips and feels her clit is raw and still wanting more. At this point, she actually does not care what Lapras does to her, she just loves being inside him like this. Her mind is hazy and her lust is at a high point. “If you want to… if you need to… you can take me… I can nourish you for a long time… with my body…” Her words are light and submissive. Misty does not seem to care about the terminal things she is thinking. It just feels so natural and right it is almost scary. She should be Lapras’ food. Lapras should keep her down the entire night and the staff at the park should let nature take its course. “Are we girls supposed to be your normal food?” Her body shutters as the Pokémon rubs his tongue across her pussy lips.

After accepting her feelings, she feels the flesh all around her push on her body. Another gulp follows more still, until she slides, on her back down the organic waterslide into the digestive sack of the water Pokémon. The feeling of her body used like food makes her tingle. It feels so right. In the dark confines, she feels around. It is only her there in his belly, but there could probably be one more. The stomach is about a meter wide and half a meter high. She lays a fetal position. Misty smiles and asks, “I wonder how many girls have you invited down here and how many you’ve kept…” The water trainer muses about it, but at the same time now that it is over she wonders just how safe she and the other girls really are, they are in the stomachs of living predators. Lapras settles down for a nap. The stomach starts working on Misty. Lapras’ belly gurgles, turns her around, and shrinks a bit. “I really am your dinner tonight, aren’t I? Is this really a one way trip?” Misty’s body pushes this way and that, but no stomach acids join her for this ride. The stomach continues the full body massage. “Is this why the announcer girl moaned so much on stage when Dragonite had her in his belly? Come to think of it, she is still inside it right now isn’t she? Not just her, but almost all the girls I saw today are deep inside a Pokémon’s stomach, waiting to be digested. Just like me… we are all just food…” Misty is hot and bothered by her words and still feels stimulated by the stomach muscles all around her pushing and pulling on her nude body. Her pussy feels the pleasure when her legs part and the stomach moves around her crotch and continues the massage. From outside Misty’s moans are almost inaudible. “This is so nice… I just want to stay down here forever… would you like that too Lapras?” She sighs at her words. “I eat food I like all the time; you should get to eat food you like too. I never have to spit out the food I like once I eat it… I hope all the Pokémon here don’t have to either…”

Meanwhile, May is having a lovely time strolling through the forested part of the zoo. The woods are extensive and have several Pokémon living in them. Many grass type Pokémon call this place home. “Iris is right, walking around in the wood naked is kind of fun.” The situation right now though, could be very scary. The fear of a predator while nude makes May feel excitement. She feels so vulnerable and that makes her hot.

On her walk, she saw several girls devoured by different types of Pokémon and sat by to watch a few that looked especially intense. All the girls seem to be in a state of ecstasy as they go down.

A monstrous Venusaur is munching on two girls at once. They must know each other because they are holding hands while they draw in deeper into the bowels of the powerful grass Pokémon. May watches them from behind a tree. He gets ready to finish them and unceremoniously swallows both girls at once. Done with his meal the Venusaur licks his lips with a very large tongue and nestles down for a nice nap. He starts to dig a little into the ground to hide his true nature. The floral on his back makes the predator look like part of the scenery. May decides to move in a little closer since the danger seems to be gone now because the sated Pokémon just ate. It does not seem to mind her coming closer. She gets up to its side, puts and ear up to its belly, and listens. May has read in Pokémon ecology books that Venusaur have large grapplers in their throat that can latch onto food when need be, but if that were true then it would be like having two extra tongues that would… her thoughts are cut short as she hears moans coming from inside the large dinosaur. The girl feels shaky, but at the same time, she cannot stop listening. It sounds like there is a lot going on inside the Venusaur’s belly. She feels some pushing against her and jumps back. “Wow, this is some pretty crazy stuff,” she explains to the Venusaur, who may or may not be listening. “I wonder if any of you Pokémon actually want to digest the girls you eat. That would be scary.” The Venusaur notices his visitor and yawns at her with an open mouth. “I cannot even tell that you ate those two girls,” May explains.

Visions of how Dragonite made her feel in front of those onlookers on the stage flash through her head. She becomes agitated and states to herself, “This cannot be right, I mean Pokémon are supposed to be used by children and we are supposed to battle and see who the best one is.” The trainer thinks about this, “Why do we need to prove ourselves by training monsters to fight against each other anyway? I mean we encourage children to do this, but why?” May is almost having an epiphany about her very existence when she hears a twig break off in the distance that makes her duck down behind the Venusaur. She looks around nervously, “I wonder what the other girls are doing right now…”

Little does May know that a stealthy predator is on her trail, one that has taken a liking to her scent. A pair of fiery red eyes gleam in the canopy as they pier down on the unsuspecting girl with predatory intent. Quickly the unknown hunter sniffs the air around him and its jaws part as it licks its lips. Not one for direct energy wasting assaults it buys its time waiting and watching. Its red and orange fur is not well suited for this wooded area, but he has been tracking his prey since the plains area of the zoo. Her soft pale curves and haunch look exceptionally tasty. Truly, she is a succulent meal for any Arcanine.

The special feed they give the Pokémon has made the Arcanine grow to about twice his normal mass, standing at an intimidating 3 meters tall and weighing 320 kilograms, it is one of the most powerful hunters the zoo has to offer. Not many patrons find the elusive Legendary Pokémon, due to it isolative nature. It prefers to hunt as its natural instinct tells him. His prey however has changed since it because a member of this strange park. The training has made him understand that the hunt is a game, a sensual game between it and human females. Having eaten many girls now, it has learned to enjoy their flavor. In fact, the Arcanine cannot remember eating anything else that is alive now. Human girls are its natural food source. It is without a doubt the most dangerous Pokémon the park has and in the past, it has been responsible for a few cases of crouching tiger hidden meal. It would eat and then wait as the staff of the park gathered up all the Pokémon in the park. As it did so, it would change its placement eluding the staff and on three occasions, it was successful in keeping its prey down for the entire process. Nothing thrills it more than the cries of its prey as it moves around in its belly. The girls he did digest were a sad loss to the park, although they have a good safety track record this particular Pokémon is responsible for half of the park’s unfortunate events. The victim’s families had little recourse against the park since each person entering signs a waver explaining they understand the innate danger of the park. May also signed the paperwork while just scarcely reading it. The staff will get rid of a Pokémon if they get three strikes. Unknown to the staff this Pokémon already has three strikes, but they only know of two instances. Still, a dangerous predator like this one should leave the park. The only one that is keeping him here is one of the staff who vowed never to let Arcanine digest another girl again. Her sister was lost to this particular Pokémon and she feels a strange attachment to it. Unfortunately, for May, the vicious Arcanine has acquired a liking for her scent.

May enjoys the scenery some more as the woods break into a lovely looking aviary where flying type Pokémon live. An amazing sight catcher her eyes, she sees a legendary Pokémon up on a perch with a swollen belly. The elegant Ho-Oh, or what looks like a Ho-Oh, rest after having a nice meal. It has similar markings to the unique Pokémon, but this cannot be the same one, or could it be? Does it stay here in Poké Vore Park when not out causing trouble? Whatever the case is, it is there before her eyes with a nice lump inside its belly. A pair of Tropius is on the ground a little farther up and May sees that they too have eaten well. For a moment, May sighs and exclaims, “It seems like all these guys have already ate, I’m not having any luck here…” In her frustration, she realizes that she does want to find a Pokémon and have it eat her. This realization makes her laugh and her strange behavior. “I cannot believe what I’ve experienced already today, it’s just too much. I wish I would have gone with Misty, or Dawn, even Iris.”

Now is the time. Arcanine is only meters away from its prey. May bends down and picks up a bracelet lying next to a very sated Tropius. She turns to it and asks, “I don’t suppose I could ask your dinner if this is hers…” May’s smiles leaves her face as her world turns upside-down in an instant. A heavy weight rests upon her arms and chest. The naked girl is lying on her back looking up into a blur of orange and red, with the occasional black stripe. A few seconds later she feels a wet, but rough tongue lick her legs and feet. The girl tries to stop her panic and make sense of what is happening. She looks over to her right arm and sees a large paw on it pinning it to the grassy floor. Turning her head to the left, she sees the same thing. Looking back up May sees the large head of a huge Arcanine licking her breasts and face.

“Oh my goodness, you are a big guy, aren’t you?” The Arcanine goes back down to May’s legs intending to enjoy its next meal. As another strong lick pushes against her legs and middle, she sighs asking, “Do I taste that good?” This warrants a pause and then another deep lick that brings the girl’s legs up near her head. Her pussy glistens in the sunlight and the Arcanine plants his taste buds on the girl’s patch of lower hair. May rocks back and forth with each lick and her toes cringe as the Arcanine finds even more to taste. Her body collapses at his advances and she just lets it happen now. This Pokémon is going to eat her today; she knows that already, instead of fighting now, she accepts her role. Looking away she sighs, “It’s kind of scary how easy it is for Pokémon to eat humans. I mean, we are just so vulnerable, aren’t we?” It suckles her breasts and then licks her nipples repeatedly. At first, it is ticklish and then it feels stimulating in another way. Just as May thinks the beast is going to bite into her it grabs her by the middle and lifts its head up high. It jumps up to the tree from where it pounced earlier. May feels her world rushing around her. The Arcanine jumps again and her body is secure inside its jaws. Another jump, and then another. May cries out, “What do you think you are doing? Do you want to show everyone here in the park that I am your meal? How could you embarrass me like this?” May notices though that Arcanine is avoiding all other patrons and even the staff of the zoo. She looks up at him with sad eyes, “Where are you taking me?”

Their trip ends at the mountainous region and May sees a cave near the top. Arcanine remembers that this is the cave that he was able to digest one of his unlucky meals, it could work again. It takes the staff a long time to reach this cave and sometimes they do not bother looking up here. Arcanine is careful not to let anyone see it enter the cave. It looks to the left and to the right all the while holding onto the flailing naked girl. The cave is dark and May is scared. How, on earth, did she get herself in this mess? The legendary Pokémon really likes the way this one tastes and it is not too big, not too small, but has very delicious curves. The girl’s eyes adjust somewhat to the cave. The large tiger-like Pokémon spits her out and she falls a few centimeters on her ass. “Ouch, what’s the big deal?” May’s next sentence cuts off as a pair of jaws comes down on her head. Only muffled screams echo from the flesh around her as she feels the Arcanine swallow her head and chest. It bites down on her and pulls at her flesh and she feels pain, but nothing too bad. Another pull, another bite, and her tummy rests on the predator’s tongue. May’s arms are pinned to her sides and she can only move her hands and kick her feet. The brown haired girl feels so utterly defeated at this point. Drawing more of the nude girl’s body inside, its tongue lines up perfectly with her womanhood. It ravishes her swollen clit and May’s legs thrash about. The Arcanine is holding her there between its jaws enjoying her flavor. It is too much stimulation or the little girl, she bucks and her ass moves side to side as she screams her sexual release down the Pokémon’s throat. Her legs are limp and her ass stops swaying inside of the monstrous maw. May is breathing so hard at this point that her entire body is moving up and down with each breath. Her ass also moves up and down inside of the Arcanine’s mouth. This meal’s enthusiasm is quiet nice. Her body is very truthful to her role in this world. The Arcanine is completely satisfied with this excellent meal. The great beast holds his head down and then points it upward and swallows down hard. May screams while forced headfirst down the tight esophagus. Her lower legs and feet go in without pause. The entire slide takes less than a second and now May, beloved trainer and friend too many is nothing more than a Pokémon’s meal. From outside May’s naked body travels a short distance to the waiting food sack. The Arcanine is sated, his belly is bloated with live girl meat and it is ready for a rest.

Inside May whines, “Yuck, there’s even more slime in your tummy…” The soggy girl lifts her hands out of the digestive enzyme muck. She feels her body and the tight stomach around her to get her bearings. “I hope the staff finds me up here in this cave…” She shivers at the thought of actually digesting alive. Her Arcanine predator drops down in a sitting position and licks his lips remembering the elicit flavors of his latest meal; there is no way he will let this one go. He slumps over onto one side and rests in the back of the cave under some brush and twigs hoping the staffs at Poké Vore Park overlooks him this time. He so loves eating girls and making them a part of him forever. Human girls are such easy prey and delightful, how can it be that there are so many on the planet still? His large eyes shut and he drifts off into dreamland. May’s sexual exploits have left her drained physically and mentally. “Oh no… what now?” May whimpers as the stomach muscles grip her tight and attempt to digest her. “Are all the girls that entered the park today inside a stomach like me?” May is worried. “What if the Pokémon here eat all the staff as well? It looks like they let them sometimes; just like the announcer woman… she’s still inside her Dragonite. She even said for him to digest her tonight… If all the staff is eaten then nobody is going to save us.” Gurgling echoes inside the belly and May sniffles, “Misty, Dawn, Iris, I hope you girls are okay, this guy sounds like he is too eager to show me his intestines.” From outside nothing more than a few muffled sounds come from the fire Pokémon’s belly. The stomach sack churns and squishes its next meal. This feeling is nice and May is trying to make sense of it all, but her mind is spent. “This feels nice… just like a full body massage. But it’s starting to make me…” The naked girl rubs her pussy lips gently as her body moves like food. She pleasures herself inside the stomach for another half hour. After countless bliss, she feels sleepy and catches herself from falling asleep a few times, but finally she cannot resist the feeling. “You really want me don’t you… you want me to stay in here forever… you think of me as food… as yummy delicious food. As dinner… as meat… as…” She doses off to dreamland. Her thoughts right before falling asleep flutter around the idea that it is okay that she stays with Arcanine and that he uses her how he wants. If Arcanine can elude the staff for another eight hours or so, he will be happy, and real digestion will begin, but unfortunately, May would become his third strike and he will get punished accordingly.

The entire lower half of the zoo area hold a high mountainous region exists. The shear difficulty of the cliff sides is a good deterrent for many of the park’s patrons. Up here however many powerful Pokémon make it their home. Iris stands on a plateau after have climbed for the past thirty minutes. The girl is stark naked and sweat glistens off her dark skin. She grins at her accomplishment and states, “Up here is where I’ll find a powerful dragon!” Out of all four girls, Iris is the most open about her feelings on vore. She loves it, she enjoys the idea of it and the primal elegance of the predator and prey relationship. It could be the incidents in her past, but she is sure that this fetish is completely natural. “No humans have to fear any predators, well that is just not right! We should accept that we are not at the top of the food chain and that we too are nothing more than food for those that are more powerful!” She grins to herself and laughs at the mountain breeze cooling her body. Someone has already come up here as Iris finds a bloated Charizard sunning itself up higher on a ledge. She pulls herself up the side and plants her naked butt down next to the fire Pokémon. “Oh please, if you are a dragon, then I’m the best trainer in the universe.” The sated Pokémon looks up at Iris standing over it acting superior to it in every aspect. This does not set well with the full beast. It growls at her and steps a little bit away from her. She sees its fear and she again laughs, “You are nothing more than an overgrown lizard, but I see you caught yourself a meal!” The Charizard spots paying attention to her and she agrees, “You are right; I’m not here to socialize.”

She climbs up higher above where she just was and her underside is in full view of the sated Charizard. The lovely sight mesmerizes him for a moment he thinks to make a grab for her ass, but then feels the sloshing of girl meat still in its belly, surely there is no room in there for one more. Exasperated, the fire Pokémon lies back down and occasionally looks up at the girl climbing overhead.

Another ledge gives way to a cave. Iris smiles and peeks inside. “Is anyone living in here?” There is no answer, so she goes in further. “I heard there are dragons up here, which are way more powerful than a little Pokémon trainer, like me… I’m just here so you can put me in my place…” As she turns around to leave, she sees a large Salamence landing at the entrance to the cave. Its wingspan alone appears double that of a normal one. Iris almost wets herself caught totally off guard. The Salamence has been watching Iris make the climb up here. It understands its role at this park, to eat the human girl patrons, but not hurt them. It is hard at times, but it usually is good about it. This dark skinned girl worked hard to reach him and it feels like it is time to introduce himself to the little naked girl.

Its eyes fix themselves onto Iris’ eyes. She is no longer stunned, but now she feels unable to move. Her mind focuses on one point and her body refuses to move. Is this what people call terror? On the other hand, it could be that human have forgotten the overwhelming presence of a predator. This is the feeling she is looking for, the feeling of being less than other beasts. She feels a great respect for this dragon Pokémon. It deserves to eat her.

Finally, Iris is able to say something, “Do you want to begin?” She turns her body to it, shows the Salamence her ass, and waves it at him. The dragon is still looking at her as if studying her body and movements. Iris does not feel in charge right now, and that feeling is humiliating and at the same time stimulating. “Why are you just standing there, am I not good enough to eat?” Iris stands over to one side of the circular cave. A little flustered she points out, “look, if you are not going to eat me, then I’ll find some other dragon Pokémon up here that will.” She sees the dragon smell the air and then take a step closer. Iris shivers. This behavior is excessively real for her. It is as if maybe this Pokémon is not a part of the park. “Are you a wild Pokémon? If you are then I’m in deep shit.” Salamence takes another step forward. “Am I really going to die?” Iris is scared now of what is going on. The dragon Pokémon is a great showman and it is evident here. Iris’ confidence has all but left her and she thinks that her life is about to end. She crumbles in the corner and tries to hide from the predator. “No, this can’t be happening; you aren’t supposed to be in this park if you aren’t a trained Pokémon! The staff wouldn’t let a wild Pokémon in here!” Although not entirely correct, there was one instance of a Pokémon getting into the compound and snatching up one of the patrons. It was a flying bird type Pokémon, which made it even more difficult to track. It took its prey, a young girl with blue hair and pale skin, back to its roost. If must have ate well that night since the patron was never seen again much to the dismay of her friends. Since then, they put up several scanners and precautions and can monitor foreign Pokémon much better in their zoo. Luckily, for Iris, if she knows it or not, this is a very well trained zoo pet, which has never shown any problems to any handler or to any of its would-be meals. Salamence opens his large mouth and shows where he intends to put the scared girl. He growls a bit and moves closer. Iris is shaking now and she cannot believe how frightened she is. All of her confidence is gone, replaced by terror. Another step forward and Salamence closes his jaws and opens them up wider this time. Iris looks down into the dark abyss that she is heading. Before she can ask anything else, the dragon’s mouth extends round her head and shoulders. It picks her up by her back and bites down on her flesh. She cries out as the Salamence cause her pain. This only adds to the realism of the situation. Salamence is rough with her and bites again and again, pulling her deeper down its throat. Iris loses control of her bladder and she pees onto the cave floor below her. The Salamence has experience this before. He is a good actor, so a few times his prey has lost it and peed. Iris feels completely ashamed now. This is too much for her and she screams for help. Her words are muffled and not very audible from outside the Salamence, but she hears herself and thinks that maybe others can as well. The nude girl’s voice echoes from the stomach below and she screams more.

Iris lies on her back in the Pokémon’s mouth with her head down its throat. Her arms are not caught enough to stop her from bring them inside with her. She tries to hold herself in place with her arms and for a few moments, it looks like it is working. The soft and pink tongue of the dragon Pokémon rubs her ass. For a moment, pleasure enters her mind, as she does love her ass touched and rubbed. Iris sighs down the dragon’s throat, “That is nice, are you trying to make me change my mind about this?” The tongue curls up past her asshole and finds her swollen pussy. Even though Iris has been so scared, her pussy has dripped the entire time as it would for a man. The nectar is slightly potent because of her previous release. Salamence cleans her pussy and suckles it. “No, no, that’s nasty, don’t taste that, I just peed. You are so yucky!” The dragon starts to chew on Iris’ pelvis. She feels the pressure comes and goes and the tongue grips her crotch and releases. Her body starts to buck in rhythm with it. Iris cannot believe what is going on. This Pokémon, is it wild or is it one of the island’s trained devourers? It feels so feral and yet it is giving her so much pleasure. A spark of hope flashes in her eyes she asks the flesh around her, “Maybe you are a good Pokémon who is really good at what you do.”

Iris comes to a high note and her pelvis bucks up and down and wiggles side to side as the girl rides out several waves of pleasure. The tongue allows her composure just long enough to stimulate her again. Her juices flow and the Salamence laps it up as if it was water. Minutes pass and she feels nothing but sexual pleasure. Her legs are sore and they slump. She breathes heavily and looks at the dark flesh deeper inside the Salamence. It looks inviting now, as if this is how it is supposed to be. Her chest heaves up and down as she pants at her sexy thoughts. “It doesn’t matter anymore, does it? If they find me tonight or not… If you need to digest me, then I am willing to be your next meal. I know that’s what you want…” Several other patrons to the park have said variations of those same words, girls in the thrill of sexual bliss giving themselves willingly to their predator. Iris pushes her pussy upward and downward as much as she can at her sexy thoughts. “Go on… eat me, it’s okay… a hungry Pokémon needs nourishment.” Iris giggles to herself and realizes that she is nuts. As if listening, the Salamence swallows after having ample amounts of saliva on her body. The girl’s legs kick out and go straight finally. They suck into the dragon like spaghetti and it closes its mouth completely and takes a final gulp sending Iris to its digestive chamber. It stretches its wing outward and takes off into the air. Iris feels the locomotion and thinks that it is leaving the park now, off to its real home where they can enjoy some alone time. Iris muses, “I wonder how far it is to your den.” She makes a pouty face, “Have you been able to capture meals like me often from this silly park filled with vore crazed girls?” The stomach walls become moist and Iris feels them. “What are you going to do when we get back to your lair?” Iris giggles at her silly question, knowing well that digestion is the intent of any stomach.

After a nice flight, the Salamence finds a place to rest. It is near the marina. In the tall grass, Salamence settles down and falls asleep. It has had a rough day. Iris waves her ass around and places her face down on the stomach floor. “I still don’t know if you are wild or not… are we back at your home, or are we still in the vore park?” The stomach rumbles a little and starts to move slowly. Iris thinks this is the end, so she just lets it happen. “Oh my… is it time?” She pauses and thinks aloud, “This reminds me of the last time I was eaten by a wild Pokémon… but this time there is nobody to save me.” Iris starts to rub her pussy lips intensively at her words. Soon she again orgasms and slumps letting the dragon Pokémon do what it must to her young a naked body. The stomach churns and squishes Iris’ bare meat. In her mind, she feels as though this is it. She is finally a Pokémon’s meal. That thought makes her somewhat happy. Her body will sate her predator for a long time. “All the other girls here should just accept it too. It feels so natural to be a Pokémon’s food. This is a perfect way to solve the population problem… you Pokémon can help us by culling our numbers… You can eat delicious girls every day! Wouldn’t that be great?” The stomach walls agree as she flips around helplessly. “I wish I was wearing something someone could identify as me when you are done using me at nourishment, then people would know I was digested by you… that I was your food. That I belong to you forever…” Time passes and Iris cannot believe how teasing this Pokémon’s digestive organs are. “Come on, seriously, you don’t need to keep making me orgasm over and over again. I already said it’s okay, just do it, I’m ready to be digested.” More of the same ensues and Iris just accepts it and eventually tires out. The stomach gently rocks her to sleep.

Dawn sits on an open meadow near the woods and plains area. She has seen over ten girls now snatched up by hungry Pokémon and eaten right before her eyes. One scary, yet stimulating feeding was seeing a beautiful green-haired girl attacked by a Lickitung and a Lickilicky. They fought over her as if she was the prize of the century. Both tongues were wrapped around her and neither one of the Pokémon would give the other quarter. It was not until her best friend, an orange-haired girl with glasses, tried to help her get out of the tongue attack. Lickitung released her best friend and then jumped onto the girl in glasses. It was a comical sight, but at the same time, they were fighting over who will eat who. In her mind, Dawn has fully accepted this park’s pretense and its fetish after seeing so many girls crumbling in ecstasy. She wants to experience this place as well, but for that to happen, she needs to find a Pokémon willing to eat her.

The trainer smells her arms and then her body; did she somehow get a strange scent on her that was acting like Pokémon repellent? Maybe she just is not as attractive as the other girls are. That makes Dawn a little sad. She feels as though she could probably make a good meal for a Pokémon. Several boys have complimented her in her bathing suit. Those same boys would jump at the chance to see her naked like this.

Dawn hears some rustling in the grass not too far from her. She finds a bloated Serperior lying in the sun gloating over its catch. The girl looks at it and pokes it in the face. “I don’t suppose you have any friends that haven’t eaten yet, do you?”

Another rustle from behind her shows an Arbok slithering towards her. “Oh wow, a snake Pokémon. I’ve only seen a few of these.” The Arbok moves closer and Dawn is a little scared now. Sure, it is a Pokémon, but at the same time, it is a snake. She does not like snakes! It hisses at her and its forked tongue smells the air. She takes a step back, “I know I did ask for a Pokémon that is willing to eat me, but I think I’ll have to pass on you.” The Arbok circles her and Dawn jumps out of the coil as it is about to squeeze together. “I’m serious, I know you are probably a great Pokémon, that has eaten several girls before, but I just really think I should find someone else.” Dawn realizes that this is just the kind of thing the announcer woman said this morning. Some of the less popular Pokémon are going to be hungrier and do not care about consent. She cannot imagine many girls who would want a snake to eat them. Picking up her bare feet Dawn takes flight. Arbok slithers after her. It looks like Dawn is faster though and after about five minutes of running she takes a rest and catches her breath.

“Stupid snake, nobody wants you…” The girl looks around her now and sees several stones that look like gems and crystals hanging from the trees here. She reaches up for one and brings it down to her eye level. It does not break off from the tree, but it does look a lot like a crystal. “This is strange, where am I?” Some of the crystals chime and make interesting noises in the breeze. Near another tree with crystals on it a Snorlax sits. It is not moving and looks asleep. Dawn cannot tell if it ate already since it is always fat like that. She knows them all too well. As the nude girl walks closer to the Snorlax, she sees it stir and its head looks up at her. Its eyes do not open, but is gives out an audible snoozing sound. “Where am I? Is this some sort of valley that I didn’t see before?” The Snorlax grumbles a bit and gets up on its back legs. It slowly walks over to Dawn, looks down at her, and makes that same audible snoozing sound. She realizes that this must be part of the park and she asks, “Have you eaten anyone yet Snorlax? I think I would feel safe with you.” If Dawn understood more about ecology of Pokémon, she would realize that this Pokémon has very powerful digestive juices, so powerful in fact, that it is immune to poisons. It does take a long time for it to digest though and because of this; it can safely be one of the park’s pets. It needs checking each day for prey. Another sad story about losing a patron comes from this very Snorlax. He was taking a nap after eating a very cute young girl with pigtails. After falling asleep, it did not wake up until the next day, and by that time, it was too late, nothing remained of that cute little girl, not even bones. The Snorlax, devastated by this, has not eaten another girl since. It spends this time in the crystal valley resting and snacking.

Dawn asks, “I’m sure you would love this.” She makes a pose that makes the Snorlax take note. “Not convinced yet, well how about this?” Dawn starts to dance erotically in front of the Pokémon. The sleepy Pokémon does not react much to it. She feels very silly now, but still does her dance for the fat monster. Snorlax sniffs the air and smells a familiar scent. Dawn is making herself turned on by doing such a naughty dance in front of Snorlax. The smell is pure and full. Snorlax wants to taste it again. After cutting himself off completely from eating girls, he has missed it greatly. This girl seems to want him to do it and he wants to do it. Snorlax opens his mouth up and reaches for Dawn just as she twirls around and stops facing the large glutton. Dawn squeaks at the sight, “Looks like my dancing made you hungry…” The famished Pokémon turns the blue-haired girl around and then grabs her feet and middle section. Her legs are bent and her pussy is in direct line of the fat Pokémon’s view. Embarrassed, Dawn pleads, “That is my private place. Don’t stare at it so much… I mean it!” The Snorlax does not see her as sexual; he only sees tasty food in front of him. At first, Dawn giggles like crazy when her feet enjoy some heavy suckling, but as more and more of her feet go inside she starts feeling very sensual. Her knees are inside and she feels the back of the fat Pokémon’s mouth. It crouches a bit and draws more of the girl inside its mouth. Dawn feels so naughty right now, as if she is doing something even crazier than sex. The Snorlax grabs her shoulders and arms and then her head and pushes her in deeper up to her pelvis. Snorlax remembers this sultry flavor. It playfully bites her butt and licks her pussy. A hand is still supporting her upper body and she looks back at her naked body halfway inside the Pokémon. “I can see why this is so popular.” She feels the tongue pierce her pussy and a sharp pain rips at her body. This Pokémon just took her virginity. In between pants, Dawn muses, “You naughty… boy…now you… are going… to have to… take… responsibility…” These words are lost on the fat Pokémon; it only acknowledges her edibility. Dawn’s pain subsides with soothing saliva that coats her pussy and makes things feel better. The girl rides the up and down pushes of the Snorlax’s tongue. “This has to be better than sex!” Dawn exclaims. The girl feels a rush of energy and then it builds and builds until her body moves on its own. She twitches and bucks inside the Snorlax’s mouth. “Oh, wow, this is…” Her mind does not finish her thoughts; she just concentrates on the pleasure. Torrents rip through her senses and she sighs for almost a full minute. Again, she can breathe and sees that both she and the Snorlax are both on the grassy ground and she looks back at him, “You have like no stamina, you know that?” The Snorlax lazily suckles her pelvis. “Well, aren’t you going to finish me? I mean that is why I came here, right?” She wiggles her ass more. “I do not want you to starve to death!” Dawn wonders about her choice of words.

The Snorlax is very tired. “Come on, do I need to help you out here?” The half-eaten girl wiggles her hips inside the fat Pokémon’s mouth. She lifts her breast off the grassy floor and looks behind her back at the Pokémon. The girl feels silly right now. “Come on, let’s help each other out. I know you need to eat me; I mean what else do you poor things eat? You have to eat the girls that come to the park. I bet all of us that came here today are going to digest tonight aren’t we?” The lines between fantasy and reality must have broken down for Dawn at this point, it is apparent that she does not understand the point of this park. It is not to feed Pokémon girls as their main source of food, it for girls with vore fetishes to live out their fantasy, safely. Dawn however has taken it to the next level. She thinks this park is a one-way trip and that she and all her friends have decided to sacrifice themselves openly to these poor hungry and abused Pokémon.

Finally, after squishing her body down a little more the Snorlax’s tongue snakes out of his mouth and moves freely over Dawn’s breasts. “Ah, there you go, taste those, that is what you like. Eat up!” Snorlax bites down and releases then gulps a little only able to get her in a few more centimeters. “You can’t give up now. I mean look, I am practically inside you! Just suck me in and you are past the hardest part!” The fat Pokémon uses his hand and places it on Dawn’s forehead. He pushes on her a little and she slides in deeper. “There you go; you almost have me.” She giggles, “I’m going to be a good dinner for you tonight.” Her face goes inside the Pokémon’s mouth and he finally shuts it. It tries to swallow down hard, but Dawn is still inside his mouth as it opens up for air. Dawn sees the sun’s light and she asks, “Can’t you even eat one defenseless girl? I mean I didn’t even put up a fight. I’m even trying to help you!” Her breasts rub against the Pokémon’s tongue and her nipples get hard. She feels sexual again, reaches down between her legs, and rubs her pussy lips. She masturbates there inside the Snorlax’s throat. Each successive swallow stimulate her breasts and she feels better each time. She climaxes shortly after it starts. Dawn’s fingers rub her pussy and stimulate her sexual lust. After another minute of afterglow, she realizes that she is completely soggy and not being put where she is supposed to go. “Snorlax, you need to make those swallows count… right now they are only making me horny. You have to try harder if you really want me for good.” Her encouragement starts several small waves, which she feels. The stomach sphincter finally opens up around her legs. Dawn feels her body moving down deeper. “That’s it! You can do it, just a few more hard swallows… and then…” Her slippery body finds the correct position and she glides down quickly into the fat creature’s stomach sack. From outside the Snorlax is pleased with himself. He usually only goes after the smaller girls, not ones as large as Dawn. Her flesh is wonderful and his belly has never been more contented. He rubs his belly meaningfully and Dawn feels it. “There you go, you finally got me down, and you sound pleased… Was I good? Are you a happy Snorlax now?” She feels her world move around a little as Snorlax sits up and rests down on its butt. “I’m so happy for you, not many Pokémon get to eat a girl as beautiful as me.” The stomach starts up and flips Dawn around a bit. She is kneading like dough. She is his now, her body is going to be one with him. She again starts more masturbation as her body moves against her will. “I guess this is it for me… it kind of cruel, but at the same time… it feels right. I hope I nourish you for a long time.”

From outside the Snorlax the Arbok rests. It was too late to claim Dawn as its meal today. In its primitive mind it still does not understand that no matter how many times it eats a human girl, the staff at the park are going to make it spit her out. It does not matter though, for the Arbok the hunt is the thrill.

It is true that when a Snorlax eats his fill, in this case Dawn, it sleeps until it completes digestion. Nothing can wake it up. Arbok, even though an animal, understands that this is true. If it could sneak inside the Snorlax’s mouth and go down its throat, then it could grab his prey swallow it and leave the same way it came. None would be the wiser. The snake slithers over to his soon to be prey. Inside Dawn is still alive and well even though she passed out due to exhaustion. Both of them are sleeping and Arbok dares to do what he wants to get back his prey. Snorlax’s mouth is slightly open and the snake slithers up and pokes his head inside. It slithers down the throat tube and comes to the very powerful stomach sphincter. The snake pushes on it several times but finds that it does not have enough advantage to get past it. Arbok fully enters the Snorlax’s throat with his entire body now. He uses this as a means of pushing through the tight sphincter. After some probing, he is finally successful. Its head pokes into the stomach sack and it is pleased to see Dawn’s naked body, unharmed and undigested. The girl is sleeping as the stomach gently rocks her back and forth. This is a perfect opportunity for Arbok.

Arbok slithers inside a bit more and reaches for the girl’s feet. He swallows them down and turns his body to follow her body up towards her knees, past her hips up and over her pelvis and slowly up her belly, but the snake’s typical habits including a probing tongue wakes the dreaming girl. Disorientation fills her mind. First, he is not dead. Second, she is not digesting. Third, she feels extreme tightness all around her lower body, as if bound with rope. Her eyes adjust and she feels something else living is inside of Snorlax with her. She cries out when she see the Arbok trailing up her middle and its mouth taking her inside him. “Oh my God, what are you doing? I’m Snorlax’s food, not yours!” Unfortunately, Dawn cannot speak anymore as the snake skillfully brings her to orgasm several times. After beating the fight out of the naked girl, the snake continues swallowing. The snake bites down hard and her breasts slip inside. Dawn slowly regains her fight, “No, no, no, no! I pick Snorlax, not you! I’m his dinner, not yours!” The snake gets some much-needed ground and Dawn’s head is down his throat ending her protesting. Powerful waves of flesh are all around her as the snake sends her deeper into his folds. The snake then slithers up the Snorlax’s throat and finds its way to the mouth and pushes on it and is able to slither out up to the point Dawn is. The girl’s size is making it hard to get out of the fat Pokémon’s mouth. It could get in okay, but coming out with a meal the size of Dawn, that is a different story. It tries moving this way and that. It struggles and pushes itself slowly out of the gaping maw of the sleeping Snorlax. Dawn is seriously mad at this point. She hits the side of the snake’s body. She pulls and pinches at the flesh around her trying to make the snake feel pain. Dawn yells, “You stupid snake I hope I give you indigestion!” Arbok, with Dawn inside it, slithers away and after finding a nice rock, it basks in the warm sun near the main trail. “Your stomach is all smelly and slimly, I hate it… there is no way I want to be in here…” Dawn finally settles down after the snake stops slithering. The nude girl starts feeling warm and then starts to sweat. She mistakes the sweat for digestive juices. “You thoughtless snake, even though I said no, you still ate me. You didn’t give up… so determined… Am I really that tasty?” The blue haired girl sighs and pushes her fingers in her love pot. “I guess your persistence paid off… here I am, inside your stupid belly… you better be grateful!” Arbok is completely thankful it was able to snatch up this girl from the belly of another Pokémon. A full belly always feels good. With delightful feelings, he eventually sleeps. Dawn smiles to herself as the stomach moves her around in mock digestion. The snake fought hard to have her and that feeling makes Dawn happy. “You wanted me this much huh? That is… rather nice… I suppose… but poor Snorlax has nothing now… but you need to eat too, right? I’m still not happy about this, but I guess being your meal isn’t so bad… such a persistent snake…” Dawn blushes as she thinks about it. Her fingers stimulate her sexual bubble until it bursts and she sighs quietly and waits for digestion. The occasional moaning from the snake’s belly marks her role in this world.

Dawn does not know how lucky she is right now that the snake ate her. If it did not the Snorlax would have digested her tonight. The staff forgot about checking him since he has not eaten in over three months, ever since the incident. The snake actually is an easy Pokémon to find since it suns itself after a meal.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the Park, a member of team rocket hides in the overgrowth. Jesse followed the twerpette brigade to this island alone. It seems that no males can come here so James and crew stay aboard their hot air balloon farther south of the island. Jesse has no idea what kind of place this is, or why the four girls came here. The rumor James told her is that there are specially trained Pokémon here and Jesse plans to capture at least one for her boss.

Jesse looks around the perimeter, which has a very good defense system with cameras and motion detectors. It is state of the art, Jesse will admit, but not something, that could prevent a clever girl from getting past. Of course, the security is not for humans like her, it is for Pokémon, wild Pokémon who might come into the park and take advantage of the patrons.

One of the park’s least favorite predators, the simpleminded Swalot has picked up Jesse’s scent the moment she went past the security screen. Jesse finds her way to the jungle part of the park and she does not know what to make of this place yet. It seems to have suitable living grounds for all types of Pokémon. Since the jungle is thick, it is not easy to see the paths or the other Pokémon around her. As she gets deeper into the jungle, she finds a Seviper lying on the ground with a large bulge in its belly. Jesse motions around the snake Pokémon and decides to leave it alone. Looking back the bulge moves a little indicating that the meal is still alive. Jesse cringes at this, “looks like they feed these guys live food. They must be special Pokémon indeed.” Further in there is a clearing where a Nidoqueen rests. Her belly looks full of prey as well. It lies on its side and does not pay any attention to Jesse. If this Nidoqueen were to stand up it would be taller than two meters easily. Jesse takes note of this and thinks back to the Seviper as well. It too looks very large in comparison to others she has seen.

While Jesse contemplates about capturing the sated Nidoqueen, the stalking Swalot finally catches up to his target. It is dismayed when it sees that Jesse has clothes on. Did that mean she was not for eating? Each of his other meals never has clothes on. The taste of synthetic materials makes Swalot sneer. It will take some work to get her ready for dinner. As Jesse holds up a high grade Pokéball in an attempt to capture Nidoqueen, from behind Swalot pounces Jesse. Her world goes purple and she feels her body pushed and pulled all around. Something unexplainable just happened. Jesse cannot get her barring and feels her world turning over and over. The Pokéball flies out of her hands and she feels her belt falling off. Her chest feels light and her arms as well. She finally is able to see light again as he falls out of the Swalot’s mouth. She feels the cool air against her now bare breasts. Her top is completely off and gone. The second thing Jesse sees is her attacker a very large Swalot that is ready for more. She does not have time to cry out or escape the jaws come down again on her upper half and she goes inside the hungry predator headfirst. Jesse, now more aware, struggles against her attacker’s advances, but while she fights against going inside deeper, the Swalot works on the rest of the woman’s clothing. It is slow going, but eventually her shoes, sox, and panties slide off her wet and squirming body. Using a free appendage the Swalot expels the tasteless garments in a satisfied belch sound. After some futile struggling and a quick break, Jesse realizes that she is fully nude. She is naked and inside a wild Pokémon’s mouth! She reaches for her Pokémon balls around her waist, but everything she had on is missing, even her belt. Swalot of course thinks the girl is here for the vore event so it quickly gets to work suckling and stimulating its meal. Jesse cannot describe what is going on, her mind is blank and that emptiness fills with sexual pleasure. She moans and sighs letting out cute squeaks as Swalot does what a Poké vore park trained Pokémon does. After she has a chance to catch her breath she asks the Pokémon who is eating her, “I’m not your natural prey you idiot, what on earth do you think you are doing!” Swalot answers her by rubbing her pussy lips fully with its long tongue. Jesse rides out the attack, crumbles, and her cum flows onto the Swalot’s advances. After a few minutes, the sexual assault lessens and Jesse can think again. “I wonder if those twerps got eaten as well. Is that why they came here?” She feels her attacker suckle her breasts. “What are you going to do now you stupid Swalot?” Jesse feels her world tilt back and her body slowly slides on the fleshy waterslide. “Oh no, you are not eating me, you stupid beast!” Her words do not match the situation for she easily slides down the small throat and rests comfortably in the digestive chamber. The angry woman is lying on her hands and knees and her back is being pushed down onto her and she feels the stomach working on her as if she was just another meal. Unable to accept her fate she pushes back on the flesh around her, but it is futile. The Pokémon is just too strong for her. “Stupid James, you could have cross-dressed and come here with me – then I wouldn’t be in this mess!” The digestive enzymes drip on her naked flesh and she laments, “What a way to go, eaten alive by an overly sexual Pokémon. Although, I must admit, it was very arousing. That thing you did with your tongue while I was bent over on my back was great.” Jesse gets mad at herself, “What the hell am I saying? I’m this idiot’s food now! This can’t be happening.” The backbone of team rocket pushes against her fleshy prison and finds the sphincter that leads into Swalot’s throat. She cannot even get one hand up past that powerful tight flesh. Stomach muscles greet her sigh, move her around, and get her hot and bothered again. She forgets her peril for a while as she rides out the forced movements on her naked body.

Swalot takes his meal for a nice walk and ends up climbing a tree in the jungle. It hopes the workers will take their time getting to it, or better yet, just overlook him this one time. That would be nice. Swalot’s meal keeps moving around and the locomotion reminds the simple Pokémon that human girls are delicious. It is able to rest finally that Jesse has stopped punching and kicking. The former member of team rocket looks like she accepts her fate. The staff at the zoo has a strict rule set, but nowhere in those rules does it say they have to save girls who did not subscribe or pay their way into the park. Jesse’s body is moving around like crazy in mock digestion. She is completely scared all alone in the dark belly of a hungry wild Pokémon. How will it end for Jesse? Right now, she is of little concern because it is getting time for the staff to check in on their guests.


Here we go.

[Edward Hyde]

“Wow! Everyone round here really seems to go all out for Halloween, huh?” Jenny enthused.

“Looks like it!” her brother Jerry agreed. “Makes our pumpkins look a little lame!”

“Yeah but at least we know for next year!” Jenny shrugged. “Come on, let’s see what we can go collect! If they put this much effort into the decorations, I bet they give out some pretty good candy too!”

The twins had moved into the cul-de-sac with their parents when their dad’s job got moved early in the summer. So far it had not been too much of a challenge, although setting into a new school and making new friends always took a bit of time. They had worried that, a thirteen, their neighbours might judge them a little old for trick-or-treating but they had been assured that this was a street that loved Halloween and they’d be more than welcome to join in the festivities.

Not long after they got home from school, they had noticed the top of the road being blocked off with barricades like the Police our council put out when a marathon or parade is going to pass through the middle of the city. They had asked their parents to keep the curtains closed while the neighbours set out their lawn decorations so they could take it all in as a surprise and that was certainly what they got! Emerging onto the street, Jenny dressed as a wicked witch complete with hooked nose and green facepaint and Jerry as a vampire, they had found themselves in the middle of something more like a street party or village fair! Not every house had decorations or displays on the lawn, of course, as some families were helping out others but even the houses that stood empty had a bowl of sweets on the porch for Trick-or-Treaters on the honour system.

There were many children of various ages, all in costumes that had obviously had a lot of thought put into them, running from house to house excitedly filling their bags and buckets. The twins were pleased to note that they were not the oldest to be joining in – they recognised a couple of the neighbours they knew to be at least two years older than them. With a wave to their parents who had stayed home to hand out sweets, at least for the first hour or so, they set off.

The first couple of houses just had unattended bowls so they took a couple of pieces each for their bags and continued on their way. On the next lawn, something far more interesting was going on! A guillotine had been set up and man that they recognised as Mr Jenkins, a colleague of their dad’s, was stood beside it dressed as a French Revolutionary, complete with red hat! Beside the guillotine was a cart on which a headless body, dressed as a noble, lay. What caught their attention far more, however, was the row of spikes beside it, five in total, one of which sported the obviously very real head of Emily Jenkins, his middle daughter.

“It was her idea so she volunteered to go first!” Mr Jenkins laughed, seeing their surprise. “She thought she might last a little bit longer than she did ‘though!” There was a giggle from the guillotine and the twins looked down to see another girl, around their own age, also dressed as a French aristocrat, with her head locked into it.

“Hi!” the girl grinned up at them, “Do you want to have a go?” Behind the guillotine stood three more similarly-dressed girls, all around the same age and all looking very excited to be there. Their hands were tied with rope but it looked pretty loose and was obviously more for effect than any real need for restraint. “It’s pretty fun!”

“A go?” Jerry asked, “What do you mean?”

“At the game!” the girl grinned. “It’s the ultimate Extreme Trick or Treat!”

“Maybe I’d better explain!” Mr Jenkins stepped forward again. “See here?” He pointed down the side of the guillotine where roughly twenty lollipops were sticking out of the wood. “Each time we raise the blade, the trigger moves to a random hole, even I don’t know which one, and it’s never the same one twice in a row. You each pull out a lollipop and if you happen to select the right one, the blade comes down and off comes Mandy’s head!”

“Wow that sounds cool!” Jenny gasped, “But isn’t it kinda scary for you?” she asked the girl who’s head was at risk.

“Nah it’s exciting!” she grinned. “Plus to make it fair, we’ve agreed that we’ll each stay in here for ten goes at a time, that way everyone gets a chance. Wouldn’t be much fun for the others if one of us was just in here all evening! Mind you, poor Emily went out with the second pick so she barely got to enjoy herself!”

“How many are you on right now?” asked Jerry.

“Seven.” Mandy replied after thinking for a moment, “You’d be seven and eight. So you going to try it?”

“Too right!” Jerry grinned. He stepped forward, looked carefully at the lollipops for a moment as if he may be able to tell something about them by looking, then selected one and quickly pulled it out. Nothing happened. There was an audible groan from the waiting girls.

Next, Jenny stepped up to take her turn. Figuring that the trigger would most likely be somewhere in the middle to make it harder to guess, she selected the lollipop in the top left-hand corner of the grid. As soon as she did so there was a click, then a whooshing sound. She leapt back in alarm and before she knew it, the blade had cut through the young girl’s neck, dropping her head into the waiting basket. The blood splashed onto the grass and Jenny’s shoes as Mr Jenkins hoisted the blade back up into position.

“Well done!” He congratulated Jenny, picking up the head out of the basket and ramming onto the spike next to his daughter’s before lifting the limp, decapitated body onto the cart. Jenny couldn’t help feeling a little guilty but absolutely nobody, including the beheaded girl, looked remotely upset! In fact her face was locked into a broad grin which she would not wear until her flesh rotted away, assuming the heads were to be left on the spikes. “As the one who triggered the blade,” Mr Jenkins explained, “you get to pick the next girl!” This was an honour Jenny was not entirely sure she wanted but the remaining three girls were all looking at her pleadingly, bouncing up and down in their enthusiasm to be picked.

“Umm… You!” Jenny pointed to a tall redhead with very pretty green eyes.

“Yes!” exclaimed the chosen girl as the rest sighed. Mr Jenkins untied the rope around her wrists and re-tried them behind her back then led her to the freshly-vacated guillotine, blood still dripping from the blade, and locked her in place.

“Umm… good luck?” Jenny wished her a little nervously, dropping the fatal lollipop into her sack and following her brother onto the next attraction. After a few more help-yourself houses they came to a lawn where a group of three teenage girls, all dressed as witches like Jenny, although having gone for a more glamorous interpretation, were stood around a large iron cauldron over a real fire. In the cauldron, which the “witches” were taking it in turn to stir, were three younger girls, aged between six and nine, all apparently naked and giggling as they squirmed around among the floating root-vegetables, trying to avoid the large spoon.

“Hi!” Jenny smiled at them. “Awesome costumes!”

“Thanks!” a dark-haired girl with purple eye-shadow that matched her striped stockings replied warmly. “You look great too! You going in for the trial later?”

“What trial?” Jenny asked, intrigued.

“The witch trial!” the brunette grinned. “Don’t you know about it?”

“Oh it’s SO much fun!” a blonde with bright orange lipstick and a very low-cut dress that Jerry couldn’t help noticing enthused, “Everyone who wants to go in for it has to be dressed as a witch and the witchfinders do all sorts of tests like they used to do in the olden-days to find witches, and decide which of us is the chief witch and the winner gets to be star of the show!”

“Wow that does sound kinda cool!” Jenny grinned. “I might just do that! Do I have to sign up somewhere?”

“No, just come when they make the announcement. I’ve done it three years in a row, hopefully it’s my turn this time!”

“Well good luck!” Jenny grinned, thinking it would be fun to get involved in local traditions and happy that her new neighbours were so willing to include her. “So what are you doing here?”

“Making Little Sister Stew!” a girl with light-brown hair, green makeup and fishnet stockings explained with a grin. “It should be ready in about an hour if you want some, just in time to enjoy a mug before the trial!”

“So you’re really cooking them?” Jerry asked, watching the happy little girls splashing around and giggling, “They do know, right?”

“Well duh!” The brunette in purple laughed, “It was basically their idea!”

“Hey, there’s some caramel apples here for trick-or-treaters if you fancy one to keep you going until the stew is ready?” The blonde handed the spoon to her friend and picked up a tray, offering it to the twins.

“They’re not poisoned or anything are they?” Jerry asked, laughing a little nervously.

“Nah, not this yeah!” The girl replied with a wink. He took one and bit into it with some trepidation but it was nothing but a normal, delicious caramel apple. Jenny took one too and began to munch happily as they waved to the witches and the girls in the pot before continuing on their way.


“What do you think’s going on here?” Jerry asked, peering with intrigue at a sign that said “Danger! Scientist at work” and an arrow pointing towards a garage beside one of the houses. The garage door was open and hanging from it was a heavy plastic curtain such as you might see in a hospital or abattoir. As they approached, a group of five small children ran out giggling. There was dramatic music coming from inside the garage and some theatrical smoke leaked out under the curtain. Otherwise there was nothing to indicate what was happening inside.

“Guess there’s only one way to find out!” Jenny grinned and led the way through the curtain, her brother following close behind. Inside, they were greeted by a boy and girl slightly older than the twins, wearing artificially stained white lab coats, thick goggles and grey, “mad scientist” wigs.

The inside of the garage was set up to look like a science lab with elaborate equipment, glass tubes filled with coloured liquids and Tesla coils arching and sparking. In the middle, however, was the main attraction – a wooden bench angled at forty-five degrees so trick-or-treaters could see what was on it. On the bench lay a naked girl of around fifteen, her body painted a mottled light green with her nipples a darker shade, the same as her lipstick and eye-shadow. At various points on her body were clearly superficial but very real cuts with big black stitches through them, making it look as if she was sewn together from various different bodies – clearly meant to represent Frankenstein’s monster.

She had a heavy metal collar around her throat and was strapped down by her wrists and ankles. Sharp metal probes had been inserted under her skin in various different places over her body with wires trailing from them. As the twins looked in awe, and not a small amount of arousal in Jerry’s case, she growled and thrashed around on the table, clearly very much enjoying playing her part and really getting into it.

“Wow! This is really cool!” Jenny exclaimed, then she recognised the girl on the table. It was not somebody she knew well but she recognised her from school. The girl was two years above her and was known to be one of the stars of the science club.

“Isn’t it just?” The boy scientist grinned, “She designed it all herself. We helped her build it ‘though, with a bit of help from my mum and her dad!” The monster girl continued to growl and made a show of struggling against her restraints.

“So what happens here?” asked Jenny.

“You have to pull the switch here.” The girl scientist indicated a large, sprung lever switch of the kind that might reasonable be expected in Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory or close to an Electric Chair in a prison. “Candy comes out underneath.” She explained, pointing to a small metal trough of the kind found at the bottom of slot machines. “As you pull the switch,” she continued, “a disc spins inside with different resistors. Wherever it stops, that’s the amount of electricity she gets. Could be anything from a mild tingle to a fatal shock. Wanna try it?”

“Sure!” Jenny grinned but her brother pushed in front of her.

“Sorry,” he said, “but with your track record, I want to go first! Otherwise you might finish her off before I get a chance.” The girl strapped to the table roared and snarled as he approached the switch but all very much in character. Jerry took hold of it with both hands and pulled it down. There was a whirring sound then what looked like quite a sizeable jolt of electricity was passed through the girl’s naked body. Her scream sounded very genuine and for a second Jerry was worried he had actually killed her which would be quite a shame so early in the evening but a few seconds later she began to thrash and growl once more.

Jerry collected his small handful of sweets from the trough and stepped back to let his sister take her turn. The switch had automatically sprung back up once he had released it and Jenny took hold of it, finding it stiffer than she expected and realising the smaller children must have had help, and pulled it down. The whirring sound came again and again the girl stiffened as the current was passed through her but there was no scream this time and she resumed her in-character protests almost immediately.

“So what happens if she survives the evening?” Jenny asked, retrieving her reward.

“Then I guess she has to get some proper stitches done at the hospital,” laughed the boy-scientist, “and she doesn’t have to come up with anything new for next year! Personally,” he chuckled, “I don’t think she will make it too late into the night. There’s only six possible outcomes every time the lever is pulled and we’re expecting a lot more people yet. It’s not just people who live here that come to see what we’ve laid on,” he explained, “this street is pretty famous all around the county and people come from miles away to check out our displays and games each year!”

“So what happens when she snuffs it?” Jerry asked, a little indelicately. “You just keep shocking her corpse?”

“She suggested dissection,” the girl scientist replied, “if she dies too early in the evening. You know, cut her head open and take out her brain, that sort of thing? Then, if there’s time we can stitch her back together and try to shock her back to life.” She laughed. “Otherwise we can put bits of her in pickling jars and use them as decorations next year!”

“Sounds like fun!” Jenny grinned. “Good luck!” She waved at the monster-girl who broke character for just a second to waggle her restrained hand in the closest approximation she could manage of a wave before very quickly returning to her in-character roaring and thrashing.

“Wow, that was pretty intense!” Jerry chuckled as they made their way back up the driveway to the street. “What do you think we’re going to find next?”


The next four houses all had honour bowls outside but the lawn display of the fifth one caught the twin’s eye. Two sets of gallows had been set up with a little girl hanging from each, one looked to be around ten years old and the other maybe eight. The older girl had her hair in twin braids while the younger’s was in a simple pony-tail. Both were naked except for long white socks. A pair of stools were placed just behind the gallows and the girls had clearly not been hanging for long as they were still giggling as they twisted around and fought for breath. What made the scene especially amusing were the signs specifying the terrible crimes for which they were being executed – the older girl was guilty of having terrible taste in music and the younger was condemned for her stinky feet! The twins were pretty sure the girls themselves had been the ones to specify each other’s crimes.

“Break time!” A mature woman, presumably their mother, who the twins had not noticed before, stepped forward and nudged the stools forward a little so the girls could stand on tip-toes and get a little respite. The girls, still giggling, made sighs of relief as they enjoyed the minute or so of recovery time they were allowed before their next dangle. “Here you go!” The woman picked up a large bowl of candy and offered it to the twins who took the fancy-looking wrapped chocolates gratefully.

“So they’re not actually going to die tonight?” Jenny asked, looking up at the sweaty little girls, their flat chests heaving and their hands tied behind their backs.

“Oh, sure they are!” the woman replied, setting down the candy bowl and checking her watch to see how long was left before she needed to take the stools away again. “Just not too quickly. They want to put on a good show for as many people as possible.”

“Ah, good for them!” Jerry finished up his caramel apple and looked around for somewhere to put the bare stick.

“I’ll take that, if you like?” The woman held out her hand and Jerry gave her the stick. “Right!” She checked her watch again. “If you’ll excuse me, it’s time for these two little reprobates to face justice for their crimes once more!” The girls gave little yelps, as much of excitement as fear, as the stools were taken out from under them and they found themselves twisting in the air once more.

The next lawn looked very appealing indeed to Jerry! A boy in his mid-teens, dressed in full theatrical costume and makeup as a vampire was sat on a kind of throne while either side of him, a naked girl was chained to a post with a thick metal slave-collar around her neck and her hands cuffed behind her back. Both were beautiful with long, black hair. One looked to be around twelve or thirteen while the other was around sixteen. It would be a fair guess that they were the older and younger sisters of the vampire boy. While the older girl obviously has the larger breasts, the younger girl was no late bloomer and seemed well on her way to a decent rack too. Both had trim figures with flat stomachs, shapely legs and nice round butts. Both were completely shaved from the neck downwards and their pale skin practically glowed in the warm orange of the street-lights, contrasting sharply with their black hair. At various points over their bodies were twin puncture wounds, some of which still had a little blood dribbling from them.

“Velcome, honoured guests!” The boy stood and greeted them with in an over-the-top Romanian accent, sounding more like the Count from Sesame Street than any character from a horror movie, “Velcome to my dark feast. You vill see zat ve have no candy to give you but I offer you somezing far sveeter. He stepped across to the older girl and opened his mouth wide, showing the high-quality fake fangs he was wearing. He bit into the flesh at the top of her arm, causing her to wince in pain but otherwise she made no complaint. He made a show of languidly sucking the blood that welled up around the wound.

“But please, you are my honoured guests!” He produced two small tools from beneath his cape. They were specially adapted garden tools – two-pronged forks sharpened to a fearsome point and with wide rubber corks pressed down onto the prongs to prevent the sharpened tips being pushed in any deeper than a little less than a centimetre. “Take, please!” He held them out, “Feast!”

“Umm, okay?” Jenny took the vicious-looking implement a little hesitantly.

“Can we drink from anywhere?” Jerry asked, his eyes practically glowing with excitement.

“Anyver below ze neck!” the vampire boy explained. “Their heads and necks belong to me!” He gave a classic, over-the-top vampire laugh.

Jerry approached the older girl, licking his lips and he looked at her surprisingly so-far unpunctured chest. Seeing that her brother had very quickly chosen which girl he wanted, Jenny went to the younger of the two and walked around her looking for somewhere to “bite” that would be quite easy and probably wouldn’t cause the victim too much distress. It was not as if she was not used to the idea of girls being killed and eaten or even used for entertainment, in fact she had indirectly killed one girl already that very evening and risked killing another but this was the first time she was being asked to inflict a wound directly, by her own hand, and she found herself feeling just a little squeamish.

She settled on the girl’s pleasingly round bottom, which already sported three sets of “bite marks”. She touched the metal points to the skin and tried to push.

“You have to do it with a bit of speed.” The bound young girl explained, “Kind of ram it in! Don’t worry,” She giggled, noticing Jenny’s shocked face, “we’ve both had quite a lot of alcohol before we started tonight, I can barely feel anything!”

“How does that work?” Jenny asked. “Wouldn’t pain-killers have been more effective?”

“Maybe but they might have messed up the taste of our blood.” The girl explained. “The drink, if it does anything at all to the flavour, should actually make it taste better! It also thins the blood so it doesn’t clot so quickly and you get a bit more from each hole you make so please, go ahead!”

“Well, okay?” Jenny looked at the tool in her hand then at the smooth, pale flesh of the girl’s right buttock. With a quick movement, she brought the tips of the tool down hard, piercing the skin and sinking in as deep as the corks would allow. With a slightly awkward yank, she pulled the spikes out and knelt down to suck the blood from the wound.

She had never tasted any blood other than her own before and was surprised how pleasant it was. Certainly there was the strange metallic edge to it but it was salty too with an almost fruity undertone, perhaps the result of the alcohol in the girl’s blood. Despite her protestations of numbness, the preteen had given a slight gasp of pain when the spikes went in but, from the sound of things, enjoyed the feeling of Jenny sucking the blood from the fresh wound.

Standing up and wiping her mouth, checking that the bleeding had more or less stopped, Jenny looked over at her brother who was greedily sucking the blood from the teenager’s left breast while cupping and fondling her right.

“Come on!” She laughed, “Leave some for the next people, eh?” Reluctantly, Jerry released the girl and stepped back, practically tripping over two small children who had just come onto the lawn to see what this game might be. He quickly apologised and Jenny knelt down to speak to them.

They were a girl and a boy, maybe two years apart in age and presumably brother and sister. The boy, who looked about five years old, was dressed in a chef’s uniform with an apron stained with obviously fake blood. He was gleefully wielding a plastic meat-cleaver. The roughly seven year old girl was stark naked despite the slightly chilly evening and covered in markings made with a felt-tip pen – dotted lines showing the various cuts of meat and words labelling them.

“Wow, you two look great!” Jenny grinned at the youngsters.

“Thanks!” The little boy grinned, proudly showing his cleaver to her, “I’m a butcher!”

“I can see that!” Jenny laughed. “And what about you?” she asked the girl with a cheeky smile, “Are you one of his customers?”

“No!” The girl giggled, “I’m his meat girl!”

“Oh of course!” Jenny chuckled as if this was a new revelation and she was very silly to have not noticed, “I should have realised. Well, you certainly look very tasty! Can I have your leg for my dinner when he chops you up?”

“No, silly!” The girl giggled even harder, “It’s just pretend!”

“Yeah! Look!” The little boy swung the plastic cleaver against his sister’s arm. “Chop! Chop!” he exclaimed as he did so. “See? It’s pretend!”

“Aww that’s a pity!” Jenny smiled. “Perhaps I can find someone else to eat later?”

“Probably!” The girl smiled. “Have a nice evening.”

“You too!” Jenny stood and ruffled the girl’s hair.

“Come on!” Jerry pointed excitedly to the garage of the next house which appeared to be decorated like a medieval dungeon. “Let’s go see what’s going on in there!”


The inside of the garage was straight out of a gothic horror movie. There were gibbet cages, an iron maiden, various chains and spiked implements hanging from the walls and the whole area was lit only with candle-light. Some of the candles were mounted on the walls while others were melted to the top of very real-looking skulls. Jenny couldn’t help wondering if they belonged to girls who had given their all to entertain in previous years and now got to be part of the festivities for ever more. It was quite a nice thought, in a way.

A low safety-fence made from spiked chain-link was set up to prevent visitors from walking too far into the garage and it was almost immediately apparent why! A huge iron pendulum, sharpened like an axe, hung from the ceiling, swinging back and forth. It was swinging not from front to back or side to side but rather corner to corner, making a deep, almost throaty swishing sound as it scythed through the air. Beneath it, strapped to what looked like some kind of altar, covered in red velvet, was a girl of maybe eleven or twelve with doll-like prettiness and a mane of curly golden-blonde hair. She was dressed in a kind of night-gown which was white but so sheer she may as well have been naked. He small breasts pointed up towards the ceiling like white-chocolate Toblerone segments as her chest heaved in a mixture of fear, arousal and anticipation.

“Behold the fate of the hapless maiden!” A sonorous voice intoned and a black-cloaked and hooded figure stepped out of the shadows. The hood was pulled so far forward that, in the dim light cast by the candles, the twins could only make out the vague outline of a chin. “See how she is condemned by the greed of others!” The ghoulish figure continued.

From the ceiling, on the public side of the chain fence, hung a fairly small cast-iron cauldron. The cloaked man put his hand on it and pushed down. As he did so, the twins saw the swinging blade raise a few inches away from the girl.

“With each treat that is taken,” the black-clad figure explained, “the blade sinks a little lower. When it falls low enough, the maiden shall be no more! Sliced in two like a common earth-worm beneath the gardener’s shovel. Will yours be the treat that spells her doom?” He removed his hand from the cauldron allowing it to rise back up a little and the swinging blade to lower. It was, however, still a clear foot from the girl’s taught belly and the twins were fairly sure the few sweets they took out would not be enough to make it fall so far. After all, they reasoned, the entertainment was supposed to carry on for a few hours yet and the family who had set up this macabre scene would not want their part of the entertainment to be over too quickly. Unless, of course, like Mr Jenkins the revolutionary, they had other girls lined up to take the place of the blonde should she be bisected too quickly! With a glance at each other, they decided it was worth the risk.

Reaching into the cauldron, they each took a small handful of sweets. The blade dropped by no more than half a centimetre. A fair few more visitors would be able to help themselves before the girl would be in any real danger. The spectacle was very intriguing, ‘though, and Jerry especially decided he wanted to come back later and see if he could catch the moment the blade dropped low enough to slice the girl in half. With hurried thanks to the black-cloaked ghoul, they turned and left, passing a small pack of werewolves on their way in as they did so.

The next house with a front garden display had taken a rather different approach. Instead of being based around a classic monster or Victorian chiller, they had taken inspiration from the movies from the couple of decades either side of the turn of the Millenium, when eating people of any kind had been illegal and families of cannibals living in remote areas were still something to base a horror movie around.

“Welcome, one and all!” a man dressed as a hillbilly exclaimed in an exaggerated deep-south accent as they approached. “Step right this way for the best barbecue and chilli this side of the Mississippi!” A stand was set up on the lawn like a wooden market stall. “Papa Sawyer’s Award-Winning BBQ’N’Chilli Hut” was written in big red letters across the top.

On the stall was a big pot of bubbling chilli and a hot-plate keeping warm some pieces of meat that had clearly once been part of a teenage girl. Very little effort had been made to disguise the meat, in fact one piece was clearly a hand and another very obviously a breast, but the twins supposed that was all part of the fun. A few bones could be seen bobbing around in the chilli pot and other bloody remains were scattered in a heap next to the stand.

Behind the stand, however, was what the twins found far more fascinating. Chained by their wrists and hanging from a metal rail which was probably a specially adapted clothes rail were two teenage girls, naked and smeared with what looked like blood but, judging by the slightly sweet, tangy smell, was far more likely to be barbecue sauce. They screamed and protested at theatrical volume, begging to be let go. For a second Jenny wondered if they really were as unwilling as they seemed but then one, horse from the yelling, began to cough causing the other to break character and start laughing.

“Sorry about that!” the girl who had coughed turned to the twins with a grin. “Don’t let that put you off, I’m quite healthy I promise! Just all the screaming, you know?” Jenny laughed while Jerry admired the lithe, naked and, essentially, basted bodies, particularly enjoying the way the girls’ perky tits jiggled as they writhed and pretended to struggle against their restraints.

“Why! Quite a noisy little one, aren’t you?” A woman in a tatty blonde wig and pink chiffon dressing gown, affecting the same red-neck accent as the man, pretended to chastise the girl who had broken character and talked to the twins. “Bubba? Where’s my baby boy, huh?”

Lumbering out from the porch of the house where he had been hiding came a large man with a big belly wearing a blood-stained checked shirt that was several sizes too small for him but most striking was his face which was covered with a mask made from sewn-together scraps of what looked like human skin – possibly from the girl who was currently providing the stock for the food stand?

Instead of the chainsaw which the twins had rather expected, he was carrying a rechargeable electric carving knife. Jenny couldn’t help but giggle when she saw this.

“So how’s about a bowl full of my famous chilli?” The first man suggested.

“It does smell really good!” Jerry admitted, “And I’m pretty hungry!”

“Me too!” Jenny apprached the stand with her brother.

“Well this oughta fill you up!” The man grinned, showing artificially blackened teeth, “Put some meat on your bones!” He ladelled two helpings of chilli into paper bowls, added a biodegradable plastic fork to each and handed them over. The twins took them gratefully and began to scoop the reddish-brown substance into their mouths. It tasted every bit as good as it smelled.

“Wow that was really good!” Jerry enthused, handing the empty bowl back to the man who dropped it into the bin hidden under the counter. “Old family recipe?”

“You know it, little buddy!” The man winked, clearly enjoying playing his character, “With one special, secret ingredient. Hey, Bubba!” He shouted over his shoulder, “Pots getting kinda low. Can you find me some more of that special meat we keep out back?”

“This is it!” Jenny heard the girl who had laughed whisper to the girl with the cough. Clearly neither of them were especially good at keeping in character but somehow that just made the whole display more charming. “Wonder which of us he’s going to choose?”

“Bubba” lumbered mutely over to the hanging girls and seemed to inspect them for a few moments, then he stretched out his free hand and squeezed the buttock of the laughing girl, a brunette of sixteen or seventeen. Apparently satisfied, he activated the knife and carved off a big chunk of meat. He scream was clearly genuine – however willing a girl might be to be cut up and eaten, having a lump of flesh carved off is always a painful experience. After pausing a moment as the girl gasped and tried to catch her breath, he turned to the other girl, a blonde around a year younger than the other, and carved off her right breast. Happy that he had enough meat, he lumbered over to the cook, presumably Papa Sawyer, who took a big knife and chopped the meat into small pieces before scooping them up and dropping them into the chilli.

“Be sure to tell your friends!” He called after the twins as they made they turned to leave with renewed energy thanks to the delicious chilli, “Best barbecue and chilli in town!”

“That was really funny!” Jenny observed to her brother as they collected candy from a few more unattended bowls. “It seems so weird they used to make horror movies about cannibals!” She laughed. “It’s just another kind of meat!”

“Yeah but people didn’t used to know that.” Jerry reminded her. “I hear there’s still some people who think it’s wrong to eat women and girls.”

“Well they don’t think we should start eating boys do they?” She made a show of retching and sticking her fingers down her throat. “That would just be gross!”

“Nah, they think it’s wrong to eat people at all!”

“Weirdos!” The young teen laughed again. “After all, if we’re not supposed to be eaten, why are we made of meat?”

“Very good point!” Her brother laughed. “But aren’t boys made of meat too?”

“Gross, chewy meat!” Jenny stuck her tongue out at him. “Might be okay for pet-food I suppose! Girls are made from tender, delicious meat!”

“Speaking of delicious meat,” Jerry interjected, “why don’t we go back and see how the witches’ stew is coming along?”

“You hungry again already? You just had chilli!” laughed Jenny. “Why don’t we check a couple more gardens first?

“I guess.” Jerry grumbled. “Hey, what’s that?” He pointed to a large shape neither of them had paid particular attention to before, so distracted had they been with all the displays, games and entertainments. It was a tall, conical structure, around ten feet high and covered in a huge sheet. If it had been a little later in the year, they might have assumed it was a Christmas tree.

“Probably something to do with the witch trial later.” Jenny suggested. “Look,” she pointed to the small stage and big wooden pool set up next to the covered object, a chair with some kind of mechanism beneath on the edge. “I’m sure I saw something like that in a movie about witch hunters once.”

“Ah right, that makes sense!” Jerry agreed. “So are you going to go in for that?”

“Yeah, I think so.” Jenny nodded. “Sounds like fun and we did say we wanted to get more involved in the local community if we’re going to be staying here a while.” They passed through a group of seven or eight teenagers dressed as zombies, all shambling along with their arms outstretched and groaning. It was a surreal and slightly unnerving experience, even after everything they had already seen that evening.

“Oh wow!” Jerry exclaimed as they entered the next garden. “What on Earth is going on here?”


“Wow!” Jenny exclaimed as they walked away, “Nobody would ever believe that if we described it to them!”

“I know, right?” Jerry was still reeling from the experience. “I never knew something could be so gruesome but so sexy at the same time.”

“I thought you were going to be sick at one point.” Jenny teased.

“I almost was!” admitted Jerry, a little sheepishly, “And I’m pretty sure I, you know,” he blushed, “in my pants.” Whatever else happened that evening, it was going to have to go a very long way to top the show in that garden. Whoever had come up with the mix of torture, sensual delight, blood and chocolate surely had an imagination wasted on neighbourhood street-parties and should have been working for some big entertainment company. Mind you, it was quite possible that they did. After all, industry professionals have to live somewhere and would surely welcome a chance to share their talents with friends and neighbours.

“I don’t even know how I would describe it if I tried!” Jenny mused as they wandered up the road, back towards the garden with the witches making Little Sister Stew. “I’m pretty sure reading about it would be almost as mind-blowing as watching.

“Part of me doesn’t even want to think about it as it was so disgusting,” Jerry thought out loud, “but an even bigger part of me wants to go and watch it all over again!”

“I’m not sure I could handle it a second time.” Jenny admitted, “But I’m pretty sure I’ll be thinking about it a whole lot next time I’m in the bath with the door locked!” She winked at her brother who blushed again.

From the screams and growls they heard as they passed the garage with the mad scientist lab inside, the monster-girl was still very much alive. Both twins had the same thought although they did not tell the other – they wondered if the girl strapped to the table was actually hoping to survive the evening or whether each time someone pulled the lever, she hoped it would deliver the fatal shock. Jenny couldn’t help but imagine herself in her place, naked and vulnerable, utterly at the mercy of the public and random chance. It was a far more exciting thought than she really wanted to admit.


[Edward Hyde]

It did not take the twins long to get back to the garden where the three teenage witches were still taking it in turns to stir the large cauldron. Only now, there were no happy little girls splashing around in it and, hanging from a small apple tree by their hair were three cute severed heads.

“Hey! Back for some stew?” The redhead grinned, taking a large paper cup and ladling some it. “It’s really good!” She held it out and Jenny took it while the witch prepared a second cup for Jerry. It was really more of as thick soup with small pieces of meat and vegetables floating in it. Jenny took a sip and agreed that it was, indeed, really tasty!

“How much longer did they last?” Jerry asked, tasting his own cup and enjoying it very much.

“About fifteen or twenty minutes, I guess?” the blonde witch answered. “It takes quite a while for the water to heat up but once it does it goes from kinda hot to boiling really fast! Once they passed out we cut their heads off and cut up their meat so it would cook quicker.”

“When they passed out?” Jenny asked, “So, were they dead or not?”

“Hard to tell really.” the witch shrugged. “They certainly were by the time we were finished.” Everyone laughed and Jenny conceded that head-removal was a fairly reliable way to diagnose death. Suddenly, they were all startled by a loud voice booming through a hand-held loud hailer.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” the slightly crackling, distorted voice intoned, “The witch trials will begin in fifteen minutes and will be followed by the community celebration and barbecue. Would any witches wishing to participate in the trials please make their way to the stage.”

“it’s time!” the blonde bounced up and down. “I just know this is going to be my year! You in?” She turned to Jenny with a broad grin. “You’re dressed for it after all!”

“Sure!” Jenny laughed. “Why not?”

A tall, attractive middle-aged woman, also dressed a witch but with a more elegant take on the look consisting of long, tight black dress, black opera cape, long silk gloves and the obligatory black pointed hat approached the girls.

“Go on.” She smiled at them. “You have fun. I’ll watch the stew.”

“Thanks, Mum!” the brunette grinned and the three teenage witches scampered off with Jenny following very close behind them.

“You should go and get a good place to stand,” the mother of the brunette witch and presumably of at least one of the little girls in the stew suggested to Jerry who was stood looking a little unsure of himself. “The crowd tends to form pretty quickly and you want to make sure you can see!” He and his sister had always been close but in the few short months since they moved they had done practically everything together, mostly because neither of them had made many new friends yet, but now she had gone off with a group of other girls for an activity he could not join in with. With a smile to the woman, he handed back him now-empty cup which she dropped into a bin-liner concealed from general view behind the cauldron and wandered off to find a space from which to watch the witch trials, whatever they may actually consist of.

There was indeed quite a crowd already gathered and he found himself close to the edge, next to where spits were being lit over freshly-lit charcoal pits. This was clearly for the community barbecue and he wondered what, or who, would be on the menu. He did not have to wait very long for an answer.

“Good luck!” He heard a young girl’s voice not too far from him and turned to see, just the other side of the fence around the cooking area, a girl of nine or ten, naked apart from a pair of cat ears and a choker, with dark blonde hair hugging a slightly older girl in a witch costume including an impressive bright red wig. Behind her was stood a girl of maybe thirteen or fourteen with curly, dark-brown hair, wearing only a little makeup and a pair of devil horns. He knew the etiquette when it came to meat-girls was to consider them simply as food but he was a teenage boy after all and couldn’t help eyeing her up and down, very much liking what he saw.

“You’d better not bloody win!” The dark-haired girl laughed as she warned the red-haired witch who was around her age but shorter and a little chubbier. “Otherwise people are gonna be hungry!”

“I won’t, I promise!” The witch laughed. “I just want to join in one last time, you know? And if by some freak chance all the other contestants are total wusses and I do win, I don’t think you’d be short of volunteers to take my place!”

“True!” The naked brunette laughed. “Break a leg, or turn into a toad or whatever it is witches say to each other!” With a wave and a giggle, the girl left her companions and made her way up to the stage where seven other girls were waiting, including Jenny and the three teens. Stood with them was an older teenager, maybe sixteen or seventeen years old, sporting a green and black wig and dressed in high boots, a black bikini with a neon green cobweb design on it and a sheer, black, cobweb-patterned cloak, topped of course with a pointy black hat but hers had a neon green plastic spider stuck on about half way up as if it was crawling. There was also a little girl of no more than six in an orange and purple fairy-tale witch costume with a green face and hooked nose like Jenny and finally a blonde girl of maybe ten in a dress that looked as if it had been made from an over-sized t-shirt cut to jagged points at the sleeves and rim, a thick, shiny black belt, purple and black striped tights and a home-made pointy hat made from black cardboard. She did not have any makeup or facepaint on but held a “Wicked Witch” plastic mask in her hand.

Jerry was curious about the competition but also quite keen to strike up a conversation with the leggy brunette with very nice perky little tits who was stood just a few feet away from him. It occurred to him he could combine both goals in one and, if he made a fool of himself with the girl, what did it really matter? In less than an hour she would be cooked.

“Hey!” He leant on the fence in what he hoped was a nonchalent manner and smiled at her.

“Hey yourself!” She turned and replied with a slightly cynical raised eyebrow.

“I’m Jerry.” He smiled and held out his hand. The girl stepped a bit closer, leaving the younger meat-girl to lean on her own section of the fence and watch as the witches chatted excitedly to each other, but did not shake his offered hand. After a few awkward seconds he retracted it.

“Courtney.” She informed him with a slight smirk, clearly finding his awkwardness amusing. Things were already not going as well as Jerry had hoped. “You must be pretty hungry, the way you were looking at me?”

“Umm, yeah.” Jerry replied, not needing a mirror to know that he was blushing furiously. He tried desperately get the conversation back on track. “So what was that about making sure she doesn’t win? What happens then? Does she have to over-see the rest of the festival or something? Surely she could get cooked just a little later?”

“You’re new around here, aren’t you?” Courtney laughed. “Obviously if she wins it means her meat goes to waste!”

“Wasted how?” Jerry was confused. Courtney pointed to the white cloth cone he and his sister had been pondering earlier. “What do you think’s under there?” The girl sighed as if Jerry was being especially dense. He starred at her blankly and she rolled her eyes. “The competition is to find out which one is the real witch, right?” She explained slowly as if she were talking to a five year old, “And what happens to witches?”

“They fly on brooms?” Jerry ventured, “They… oh shit!”

“Got it now?” laughed Courtney.

“The winner gets burned at the stake?”

“Yup! What a waste of a tasty little piggy, huh?”

“But that other girl seemed so keen to win…” Jerry’s mind raced. “Said she’d been trying for years…”

“Well yeah, being the Halloween Witch is a pretty major honour!” Courtney shrugged. “Personally I’d rather be cooked and eaten than burned but you probably guessed that already!” She gave him, finally, a genuine smile. “Each to their own and all that. Did you see that girl who was hooked up to all the electric stuff? Rather her than me!”

“Yeah I did!” Jerry was pleased that the conversation was starting to go a little better but now worried for his sister. She clearly hadn’t known what she had been signing up for – what if she were to win? “She did seem to be enjoying herself ‘though. Sorry,” He gave an apologetic smile, “I’d better go and warn my sister. She didn’t know what this game was about.”

“Too late.” Courtney indicated the stage with a tilt of her head. “They’re about to get started. Anyway, they’re all sharing tips and stuff, I bet the others will have filled her in by now and she still seems to be smiling!”

“True!” Jerry shrugged. Short of rushing up onto the stage and causing a scene, embarrassing his sister in front of the very people she had entered the competition to get in with, there was very little he could do but wait and hope that Jenny was not the winner. Although, as exciting as he had found the other attractions that evening, he could not help pondering what it would be like to watch his twin sister consumed by flames.

“Tell you what,” Courtney laughed, “if she does win, I’ll blow you to make up for it, how does that sound?”

“Umm, deal, I guess?” Jerry replied awkwardly, blushing even more furiously than before. The naked meat-girl licked her lips and winked at him, doing nothing to ease his embarrassment, before turning her attention, like everyone else, to the stage. Now Jerry could not help but be in two minds about his preferred outcome for the contest!

“Basically, it works like this.” The blonde witch was hurridly explaining to Jenny who had admitted she did not know what to expect but had not been the least bit phased by the potential outcome. She had secretly been pondering, as they had watched all the beautiful naked girls tortured and in some cases killed for their entertainment that evening, what she could do next year to join in. If she ended up burned at the stake, cheered on by all her new neighbours, then so be it – it would certainly be a great first impression! “All the tests are meant to be things that wouldn’t hurt a witch, so if you want to win, you have to act like it doesn’t hurt.”

“Okay?” Jenny gulped, a little nervously, “What about the ducking stool? I remember reading about those in school. Wasn’t it supposed to be that if you floated you were a witch and if you sank you were innocent?”

“In real life, yeah.” The girl explained quickly, knowing that they were nearly out of time, “But they flipped it around for these ones as it’s pretty hard to make yourself float more than someone else. When they tip you in, you’ll find a little metal ring on the bottom you can hold onto to keep yourself down. It’s pretty much a test to see who can hold their breath for longest.”

“I see!” Jenny exclaimed, “Has anyone ever drowned doing it?”

“Not as far as I know.” the older girl admitted. “It’s pretty much impossible to drown yourself anyway, your body won’t let you however much you want it. There’s been a few drowning games for trick-or-treaters other years, dunk-tanks and that sort of thing, but the girl getting drowned always has to be held down something, by a weight or chains or something and every single time, they start fighting at the end. It’s one of those weird things.”

“Okay,” Jenny nodded, a little reassured that she would not accidentally drown herself. “What about the other tests?”

“No time!” The girl whispered quickly. “Just remember to act like they don’t hurt if you want to win!”

“Okay.” Jenny said again, a little more resolutely, taking a deep breath and steeling herself for the ordeal to come. “Bring it on!”

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” cried the host who was dressed in the garb of a medieval Witchfinder, “Good folk of all ages! Draw close and bear witness as we seek to rid our community of Satan’s most insidious ally, the witch!” The crowed booed but in a good-natured way, as if they were watching a pantomime and the baddie had just come on stage. “First, let us meet our suspects!” The girls were told to line up and did so, but in no particular order. “Tell us your name, oh cursed ones, and how old you are!” He pointed to the ginger-haired girl from the lawn.

“Rose,” she stepped forward and gave a little curtsy, “I’m fifteen.”

“Katie.” The red-wigged meat-girl introduced herself. “I’m thirteen.” Then it was Jenny’s turn.

“I’m Jenny.” she smiled nervously at the audience, pleased to spot her brother and wishing that her parents knew she was joining in so they could come and watch too. She hoped someone would think to go tell them if she on, so they could at least watch her burn. “I’m thirteen too.”

“Miranda.” The blonde witch who had been advising Jenny and was desperate to win stepped forward and made a little bob. “Fifteen.”

“My name’s Gemma,” the smallest girl told the crowd, “and I’m six.” Up until now, the crowd had kept in character by booing and hissing each contestant as they introduced themselves but Gemma was just too cute and nobody could bring themselves too, instead there was a mixture of applause and awws.

“Hi everyone,” the oldest girl and most scantily-clad girl stepped forward, “I’m Rebecca and I’m seventeen.”

“Sam.” The little girl in the cheaply home-made costume introduced herself a little nervously. “I’m ten years old.” Finally it was the turn of the brunette from the lawn.

“Claire,” she introduced herself with a flourishing bow, “I’m fourteen.”

“So now we know each of our suspects.” The Witchfinder resumed, “Personally, I think we should burn them all to be on the safe side and let God and Satan take their own on the other side but Justice must prevail so we shall begin the trials. A second Witchfinder walked along the line taking the hats off the girls’ heads but leaving the wigs when one was worn and tied their hands behind their backs.

Looking over at the ducking tank with the mechanised chair, Jerry noticed that there was some sort of clock, like a giant stop-watch set up next to it. The Witchfinder General went and stood beside it and bellowed an order at his subordinate.

“Bring forth the first suspect!”

The girls were to be tried in the order in which they had introduced themselves. Jenny was quite pleased that she did not have to go first but was also rather grateful that her turn would come quite quickly and she wouldn’t have to watch in nervous anticipation as girl after girl were tried before her. On the other hand, she was not too thrilled about the idea of having to stand in soaking wet clothes on the rather chilly late-October evening but she supposed she would be able to tolerate it as long as the trials did not go on too long. She could always run home and change afterwards, assuming she did not win of course, at which point wet clothes might be a different kind of issue but probably the least of her worries. She wondered if that was part of the thinking behind Rebecca’s far skimpier outfit.

Rose was the first to be led to the chair. She side-stepped along the narrow plank and sat down, looking slightly nervous as if she was bracing herself for what was about to happen. The crowd happily counted down from five and, on zero, the Witchfinder General pulled a lever which both pitched the girl forward into the water and started the clock. There was a fairly big splash then nothing for a short time before the red-head burst out of the water, gasping for air.

“Twenty four seconds!” Bellowed the Witchfinder General, looking at the clock as Rose was helped out of the water by his assistant and the chair reset. The waiting girls all shuffled down the platform making room at the far end for the soaking-wet teen to rejoin them. She was shivering and hugging herself.

“It’s way colder than last year!” She muttered as Katie was led to the chair. The Witchfinder General recorded Rose’s score on a chalk slate before encouraging the crowd to count down again. Katie managed twenty six seconds and, more impressively in Jenny’s opinion, kept her wig on!

Now it was Jenny’s turn. Nervously, she side-stepped along the plank as she had seen the others do and sat herself down in the hard wooden chair. She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to hold onto the ring if her hands were tied behind her back. She supposed she might be able to grip it with her teeth but that did not sound especially safe. Then suddenly she felt the rope slacken and the junior Witchfinder winked at her before giving the signal that all was ready. It was then that she realised that both previous girls had had their arms loose when they climbed out of the tank and the rope was clearly just for effect.

Wondering if she would have as much success with her nose as Katie had with her wig and realising that her face-paint was probably a write-off, Jenny listened to the crowd counting down and braced herself, glad of Rose’s warning that the water was especially cold. The lever was pulled and she found herself plunged into the water which indeed felt icy. She could feel it soaking through her dress, tights, bra and underwear as she fumbled around trying to grab hold of the metal ring. She had not thought to start counting but did so as soon as she had hold. Apart from anything else, it provided a mental distraction from the increasingly urgent burning in her chest and she started to realise why it was all but impossible for a person to drown themselves without help. Reaching twenty seven, she finally gave up and pushed down with her feet, propelling herself as fast as possible to the surface and into the fresh air.

“Thirty two seconds!” Bellowed the Witchfinder General. This was clearly an impressive score and the audience could not help but applaud. Jenny realised that she may in fact stand a very real chance of winning the competition. Of course there were more tests to come so anything could happen but at least, she reasoned to herself, she would not disgrace herself by going out in the first round.

“You’re not going to be easy to beat, are you?” Miranda whispered, a hint or jealous irritation in her voice as Jenny walked past her to take her place, shivering alongside the first two “suspects”, at the end of the line.

“Sorry!” She replied with an apologetic smile before the blonde teen was led to the chair, achieving a score of thirty one seconds. Not quite as good as Jenny but surely enough to keep her in the game at least. Next was little Gemma’s turn and, to most people in the audience’s relief, she bobbed to the surface almost immediately and, as she was clearly not going to progress any further in the competition, sent straight back to her mum who was waiting with a warm, dry blanket and cup of hot little-sister stew. The crowd gave the little girl a second round of applause as a reward for having the courage to at least join in.

Rebecca achieved a score of thirty five seconds. Possibly, Jenny wondered, as she was older and more physically mature she had a better lung capacity. Ten year old Sam managed a surprisingly impressive twenty eight seconds and finally Claire who came up after twenty seconds but did not look as if she had been trying especially hard. Both Jenny and Jerry who was watching from the edge of the crowd, splitting his attention fairly evenly between the trial and Courtney’s bare backside, suspected that Miranda’s two friends had agreed to try to help her win, without making it too obvious.

Along with Gemma, Claire and Rose were declared innocent and sent down into the audience leaving the five remaining suspects shivering on the stage.

“And so concludes the ordeal by water!” Announced the Witchfinder General. “Now begins the trial by ice! Foul servants of the Devil, hold out your left hands, for,” he turned to impart this piece of trivia to the audience, “the left is the hand favoured by Satan and all those who perform his works!”

The junior Witchfinder picked up a bucket with a lid. Condensation escaped as he opened it. Taking a pair of rubber-tipped kitchen tongs, he went quickly along the line, dropping a ball of ice around the size of a golf-ball into each outstretched hand.

“This isn’t so bad?” Jenny whispered to Miranda, “I mean, it’s not nice as I’m already so cold but…”

“Just wait!” Miranda cautioned her, not unkindly.

“When I give the order,” the Witchfinder General instructed, “you are to close your hands and form a tight fist around the ice. The more evil and powerful your witchcraft, the longer Satan will protect you for. Now on the count of three. One. Two. Three!” The girls all obediently gripped the ice.

Almost immediately, Jenny realised why this was considered an ordeal. She knew that extreme cold could have a very similar effect to extreme heat and after only a few seconds, it started to feel not as if she was clasping a ball of ice but rather a ball of red-hot iron. She tried not to scream, willing her hand to stay closed. She felt a quick pang of relief as Rebecca cursed and dropped hers, shaking her hand as if trying to bring it back to life. Next to drop theirs was Katie. Clearly the contest would now be over for her but she did not mind as she had more important duties to attend to afterwards.

“The innocent have shown themselves!” The Witchfinder General announced. “You remaining servants of Satan may release the ice.” All three did so with extreme gratitude, dropping their ice-balls onto the stage where they rolled down onto the tarmac road at the feet of the crowd. “May they now be absolved of any guilt and live out their remaining time in the light of God.” There was polite applause as the two “innocent” girls left the stage.

“Now we have but three suspects remaining!” The Witchfinder General informed the crowd. “And for the next ordeal, it is required that they remove all clothing!” This came as a surprise to Jenny. She has not intended to show off her naked body to the neighbourhood on her first meeting with most of them but, she reasoned, she would be far from the only naked girl there that night and it would certainly be nice to get out of the wet clothes. To a mixture of boos, hoots, whistles and cat-calls, the three soaking-wet witches quickly removed their clothes and handed the soggy bundles to the junior Witchfinder who placed them carefully in piles at the corner of the stage.


“Hey, not bad getting that far!” Courtney hugged Katie as she came down off the stage and ducked under the barrier into the cooking area where her little sister and best friend were waiting for her.

“Yeah I’m kinda proud of that.” Katie admitted, giving the little blonde a hug too. “At least now I don’t have to get naked in front of everyone! Oh, wait!” She laughed at her own joke and the other two meat-girls joined in. “Just hope my hair isn’t too messed up under the wig?”

“I don’t think anyone’s that worried about your hair!” Courtney teased, pulling the wig off her friend’s head revealing dirty-blonde hair like the younger girl’s, tied up in a French plait, looking slightly darker than its natural colour due to being wet. At least none of the red pigment in the wig seemed to have leached out. “Honestly, looks pretty good still!” observed Courtney. “I’d leave it like that, don’t try taking it down or anything. It will keep it out the way while you’re cooking.”

“True!” Katie smiled. “Can you get this zip for me?” Jerry couldn’t help watching as the two naked meat-girls helped their companion to strip. The dress came off first and the thirteen year old unhooked her bra and slipped it off, leaving her in only bright orange underwear with a jack-o-lantern face on the front and striped red and black long socks. “Can I help you?” She saw Jerry starring and put her hands on her hips. “Dinner isn’t for another hour or so yet I’m afraid!” The horny teenage boy looked awkwardly down at the floor.

“There’s plenty of tits up on the stage too!” Courtney reminded him teasingly.

“Well yeah,” he muttered, “but two of them belong to my sister.”

“Oh I’m dreadfully sorry, your Holiness.” Courtney gave a low bow, making the other girls giggle. “I wasn’t aware the Pope had moved into our humble little street!”

“I’m just saying…” Jerry was feeling just a little irritated. It seemed pretty hypocritical for the girls to stand around stark naked and yet judge him for looking.

“Saying what?” Courtney pushed. “That you suddenly don’t like tits if they belong to your sister? Pretty sure tits are tits!” She laughed. “What are you gonna do if she doesn’t win but wants to get roasted one day? Make her wear a bikini on the spit? Get people to stand strategically so you can’t see some bits of her?”

“I’m kinda new to all this!” Jerry reminded her, a little exasperated. “Cut me a little slack? Everyone’s going to be looking at your bodies while you’re cooking so what does it matter if I take a little peek now?”

“Relax!” Courtney laughed, “I’m just yanking your chain. Or I will if you ask me nicely!” She winked cheekily and he blushed furiously, despite his annoyance. “Seriously ‘though, you don’t want to miss what’s going on on the stage. Our naked butts will still be here once they’ve lit the fire. I promise you can check them out as long as like then!”

Somewhat reluctantly, Jerry turned his attention to the remaining girls on the stage while Katie wriggled awkwardly out of the soaking wet socks and underwear, actually preferring the feeling of being naked, despite the chill in the air, to the feeling of having the clammy wet fabric against her skin. All three meat-girls turned to watch the stage with Katie’s little sister, who’s name was Mia, standing in front of her and sharing bodily warmth. Fortunately, the freshly-lit coals from the roasting pits were starting to give off very pleasant warmth and all three girls excitedly imagined how it would feel to be turning over them in a fairly short time.

Jenny could not help being a little envious of Miranda’s rather more mature body. She knew that she was not unattractive herself but her breasts were small and still clearly in the early stages of development whereas Miranda’s, while not especially large, were full and round. Whereas Jenny had not yet needed to trim the small tuft of light brown hair between her legs, Miranda had not only shaped hers into a heart but, far more eye-catchingly, dyed it bright orange to match her lipstick and eyeshadow which were clearly far more waterproof than Jenny’s face paint which dribbled in pale green streaks over her chest and down her pale belly. The nose had come off while she was in the ducking tank and she had decided there was little point in retrieving it.

If she was worried about Miranda pulling focus from her own body, however, she could be reasonably sure that there would be more eyes on her than on ten year old Sam who, while possessing a definite prettiness and being pleasingly cute, had no breasts to speak of and was still naturally hairless.

“Now three suspected servants of Satan remain!” The Witchfinder General bellowed to the crowd. “They have endured ordeal by water and ordeal by ice but now they are to endure ordeal by fire! Bring forth the tool of the Lord’s burning justice!” The junior witchfinder came forward carrying a metal bucket in one thickly-gloved hand and a thin iron poker in the other. His attention focussed on Miranda, the girl on the stage who’s exposed body most intrigued him, Jerry noticed a scar about the thickness of a human finger, running diagonally for about ten centimetres on one side of her belly, criss-crossing with an older-looking scar of similar size beneath it. Jerry gasped as his brain connected what he was seeing and the knowledge that Miranda had attempted to win this contest more than once in the past with the implement in the witchfinder’s hand.

He wanted to shout out and warn his sister but he restrained himself. She had endured all the challenges so far with stoic bravery and had the option of putting herself out of the running with any of them but the fact she seemed to be trying her best to remain in the competition reassured him that she would cope with whatever came next.

The bucket was set down, an orange glow radiating from it. The three shivering girls peered in nervously and, while Miranda seemed pretty relaxed with what she saw, having participated several times in the past, Jenny and Sam could not help but gulp. The junior witchfinder plunged the poker into the glowing orange coals, sending up a plume of embers.

“We have seen,” the Witchfinder General reminded the audience, “how the Dark Lord takes care of his own by preventing them from feeling pain. Only those most filled with his evil power could withstand the experience of hot iron pressed into their flesh. He looked into the bucket, checking that the poker was ready, then drew it out. The fifteen or so centimetres at the end were glowing red. He went first to Miranda. “Prepare yourself, Daughter of Darkness!” he instructed before pressing the poker against her belly, crossing over with the two scars from previous years that she had made it this far.

Although the pain was intense and she had to grit her teeth tightly together to endure it, Miranda not only managed not to cry out but to smile as the hot metal sizzled against her tender flesh. It was not quite as bad as she remembered it having been before and wondered whether this was because she was growing used to it, the poker was not as hot as last time or maybe the scars in the area where it was currently burning her were less sensitive and therefore protecting her from the full level of pain she should have been experiencing. Either way, it mattered very little. She was determined not to have to go through this contest another time. She breathed deeply in relief as the poker was pulled away, ripping away small chunks of seared flesh with it, but still did not cry out. In fact she grinned, winked at the audience and announced that it had actually be quite fun, earning her a dramatic but not especially hard slap across the face from the junior witchfinder’s glove.

“This harlot had shown herself to be a powerful disciple of darkness!” The Witchfinder General announced to the audience, placing the poker back in the coals to heat back up. “But is she the true Witch who has been terrorising our good village? That remains to be seen!” He drew the poker out again and Jenny stiffened, bracing herself on the assumption that she would be next but instead he went to little Sam. “Prepare yourself, Daughter of Darkness!” he instructed her as he had Miranda before pressing the metal into her slightly chubby young belly. Almost instantly, she cried out in pain and burst into tears. The Witchfinder General withdrew the poker immediately and brandished it aloft as he addressed the crowd. “Before you all, this fair young maiden has proven her innocence and she is now free to return to her life, he soul cleansed by the Fire of God!” The junior witchfinder led the tearful little girl down off the stage and through the crowd to where a small group of cheaply-dressed people, presumably her family, were waiting for her.

“Should this final Sister of Satan fail to be protected by her Dark Master,” the Witchfinder General put the poker back into the bucket a final time, “then our guilty party shall be made known to us and we shall proceed immediately with the burning, but if she too shows no pain, then there shall be one final ordeal to endure which will prove definitively which is the innocent victim of Satan’s framing and which deserves to be sent back to him in the fires of Hell! Finally, he drew out the poker and approached Jenny. “Prepare yourself, Daughter of Darkness!” he instructed as he had with the first two girls. As he brought the poker close to her skin, Jenny knew that in less than a second she would have a choice to make.

When the metal touched her skin she could scream as she would no doubt want to, and nobody would think any the less of her. After all, she had progressed this far in the competition and Miranda would get her wish of being burned at the stake with no further ado. Or she could try her best not to cry out, to endure it as Miranda had done although she was certain she would not be able to do so with a smile on her face! There would then be a final round and, although Miranda would almost certainly win, she would do so more proudly, knowing that she had faced strong competition. Of course there was always the outside chance that Jenny herself might win. Was she prepared for that? She was stood naked in front of all her new neighbours, preparing to endure torture for their entertainment, but was she ready to burn? It was true that, earlier in the evening she had begun pondering ways she could offer herself to be tortured, possibly to death, next Halloween but that was still a year away. Was she really prepared to die tonight? Annoying one of the closest things to a friend she had made so far in the process? The instant the metal touched her flesh, her mind was made up.

Jenny determinedly muted the cry of pain which formed in her throat to a soft hiss, exhaled through firmly gritted teeth, drowned out but the much louder hiss of hot metal sizzling soft and damp skin. She almost passed out from the pain. Her vision blurred and her knees almost buckled but she fought to stay conscious. The metal was, in truth, only held against for three or four brief seconds but for Jenny if felt as if the intense agony continued for hours. So intense was the pain that passage of time or even the knowledge that there had been life before this moment and would be after became concepts she could not wrap her head around. Finally, with a sickening rip, the poker was pulled away, taking with it the crispy skin and flesh beneath that had practically melted onto the iron.

“It would seem that Satan protects both these foul denizens of the underworld!” The Witchfinder announced triumphantly. “But which does he favour? Which of these two is his unholy bride, worthy to perish in the flames? To determine that, we must subject them to one, final ordeal!”

“You’re really going for this, hug?” Miranda whispered with more admiration than anger as Jenny blinked back hot tears and tried to return her breathing to a steady rhythm.

“Hey, you want an opponent worth winning against eh?” the younger girl managed half a smile. “That took pretty much all I had left, ‘though. Pretty sure you’re going to wipe the floor with me in the next round!”

“Let’s see, eh?” Miranda gave her a cheeky grin. “May the best, or worst girl burn!”

“Looks like your sister’s doing pretty well!” Courtney wandered back over to where Jerry was stood and leaned on the fence separating them, deliberately pushing her small breasts forward and her bum out behind her. “Fingers crossed, eh? You might get that blow job after all!”

“What do I get if she looses?” he asked cheekily, already feeling himself harden at the mere thought of any kind of sexual contact with the girl he would very soon afterwards have for dinner.

“Hmm!” Courtney put a thoughtful finger to her mouth, “We’ll have to discuss that if and when it happens! She watched the stage being set up ready for the next and final ordeal for a moment then over at her two fellow meat-girls. “Cute sisters, aren’t they?” Jerry nodded. “You know, it was Katie who volunteered first. Well, me really but Katie of the two of them. We’re best friends.” she explained, remembering that Jerry did not know anything about any of them beyond their names and how they looked in their birthday suits. “So we decided to go together, but then Mia said if Katie was getting cooked then she had to be too, so the organisers agreed.”

“Pity they don’t get to taste each other ‘though.” Jerry observed with a small chuckle, wondering again how he would feel if his sister, also his closest friend, were to volunteer her meat at some point in the future.

“Oh, girls don’t generally taste that different.” Courtney reminded him, standing up and sensuously running her hands over her own chest and down her belly to her thighs. “Although I’ve been working out to get my meat nice and toned. Think I’m gonna be tasty?” She posed with her hands on her hips and winked at him. He took in the lithe torso, long shapely legs, small but perky breasts, flat belly and smooth lips beneath, all hair removed ready for the spit.

“I think you’re going to be absolutely delicious!” He used the back of his hand to wipe away the small drip of saliva that had formed at the corner of his mouth, desperately trying to ignore the throbbing in his underpants.

“I hope so!” the brunette smiled. “Of course some things you just have to be born with, like a great butt! I mean, mine’s nice and all, I hope you’d agree?” Jerry nodded, hoping it was the right answer to give. “But those two…” She inclined her head towards the blonde sisters who were stood with their backs to them, leaning slightly forward on the fence watching the activity on the stage. She kissed the tips of her fingers before opening her hand, the way chef’s do in movies and cartoons to show that the food they’ve just prepared is absolutely delectable. Jerry followed her eyeline and could not help but agree. Both had round bubble-butts so juicy-looking that he felt like leaping the fence and taking bites out of them right then and there.

“Woah.” Courtney laughed, putting a hand on his chest, “There’ll be plenty to go around once we’re all cooked! Look!” she pointed up to the stage, “They’re about to start again.” To Jerry’s shock she reached over the fence, grabbed hold of his rock-hard member, which was at least twice its normal size, outside his trousers and gave it a playful squeeze! “Good luck!” She winked again before turning back to watch the show.


One the stage, a wooden frame had been brought out, like a larger version of something that might be found back-stage at a fashion show with the model’s outfits hanging from it although it was not clothes suspended from this rail. The two girls still in the contest had been tied with their hands above their head, roughly shoulder-width apart, and their feet spread, tied with ropes and pegged to the wooden floor of the stage.

Although she had actually quite enjoyed being stood naked in front of all her new neighbours and anyone else who had come to watch the show, which was apparently quite famous locally, being tied up like this made her feel extremely vulnerable and, for the first time, a little scared. Somehow the ropes around her wrists and ankles brought home the reality of the competition – the winner really was going to be tied to a post and burned to death! She wondered what the final ordeal could be and whether there was a way she could allow Miranda to win without making it too obvious that she was “throwing” the contest.

Miranda, on the other hand, looked positively blissful, tied up and exposed. Her head tilted back slightly and her
eyes were closed but there was a gentle smile on her lips. She was using the technique she had been practising since last Halloween to help her endure the pain. She pictured herself far away from her body and whatever was being done to it, sat on an otherwise empty beach with the warm, salty water lapping around her legs. She had heard this was a useful way to ignore pain and, from the small experiments she had made at home with pins and candle flames, it seemed fairly effective. Of course if she were to find herself on the pyre, she would want to relish every second of it that she could, letting the pain engulf her like the water of a warm bath at the end of a long day but, in order to get there, she had to avoid showing any reaction to the pain that would come before.

“And now, good people!” Bellowed the Witchfinder General, “We come to our final ordeal to prove which of these Daughters of Darkness is the Chief Witch and which is merely in her thrall!” The junior Witchfinder brought forward a pillow. Jerry strained to see what was on it but couldn’t at first, then the Witchfinder General picked up and brandished two long, thin metal skewers.

“Ooh I really love this bit!” Courtney sighed, close beside Jerry, “Kinda what made me agree to be spit-roasted!”

“Have you ever gone in for this before?” Jerry asked, curiously, without taking his eyes off the stage as the junior witchfinder blindfolded both girls with thick black scarves.

“Once, two years ago, but it was a bit embarrassing.” The meat-girl admitting. “I couldn’t hold my breath for very long and went out in the first round. Oh don’t worry, I’ve been practising since then!” Jerry glanced over at her an immediately blushed as he saw her making a crude gesture with her fist a little way from her open mouth and her tongue pushing out her cheek. She laughed at his embarrassment. “At least by volunteering like this I know exactly what’s going to happen to me. Just kinda sucks that I’ll miss the after-party. That’s always really wild!”

“What’s the after-party?” asked Jerry.

“You should have got an invite if you live on the street.” Courtney informed him. Casting his mind back, Jerry could remember his parents getting a card through the door saying that there would be a get-together later that night at number thirty two but he had not given it a lot of thought, assuming it would be one of those boring adult get-togethers where everyone just stands and chats awkwardly with a glass of cheap wine. Of course that was before he’d learned how his new community liked to celebrate this particular holiday. “The hosts always put on a great show and the families take it in turns. I hear the Bracewells have hired a giant python and they’re going to feed one of their daughters to it. I also heard something about a tank of piranhas!”

“Wow!” Jerry exclaimed for what felt like the hundredth time that evening. “That sounds like quite something!”

“Yeah the games are a little more exciting too.” Courtney explained fondly, “You know, a little riskier?”

“Riskier how?” Jerry was confused. All the games he had seen so far that night involved the potential death of severe wounding of at least one girl. What bigger risk could there be?

“Well you know how with the ones on the street it’s basically about whether the girl is going to get killed or not?” the lithe-bodied teenager explained patiently, “Well with the games at the after-party, it usually goes both ways and it’s just as risky to play them as to be part of them!”

“That does sound pretty exciting!” Jerry admitted. As a boy, he was excluded from being eaten or being used for snuff-games like the ones his neighbours had set up and, while he in no way actually wanted to die, he was a little jealous of the girls putting themselves in danger, of the adrenaline rush that must come from having your neck locked into a guillotine and only random chance to decide whether you lived or died, or to have a swinging blade ready to slice you in two should your peers choose to indulge their greed. The idea that there were games he could be an active part of at the after-party was quite exciting.

“Let your parents know you want to go, after you’ve had some food of course!” She winked at him and shimmied her small breasts. Jerry really could not tell whether the naked girl had any kind of genuine interest in him, as short-lived as any kind of relationship may inevitably be, whether the idea of getting cooked was making her horny and he was just the closest available boy or whether she was actually just making a game out of embarrassing him and making him blush!

His focus was drawn back to the stage by a collective gasp from the audience. The Witchfinder General had stepped behind the girls and driven a skewer into the buttock of each, driving it at least an inch deep. Neither girl cried out although Jerry could see that his sister was biting her lip and breathing quite fast while Miranda continued to look serene.

The Witchfinder general pulled the skewers out with a fast yank, splashing small amounts of blood onto the wooden stage. For a moment he held them aloft before plunging them into the girls’ thighs. This time, Miranda did show a small reaction as if she were experiencing discomfort but nothing worse. Jenny gritted her teeth and let out a slow hiss. She was not entirely sure why she was still trying not to react when she had already decided she would prefer not to win but there was something that made her continue to try, a sense of pride that would not allow her to simply quit.

Having the skewer yanked out was almost more painful than having it pushed in but it was the element of surprise thanks to the blindfolds, not knowing exactly where or when you were going to be stabbed, that presented the greatest challenge to Jenny as she tried to ignore the pain and not express the shock she felt. The next piercing, however, straight down through the breast, behind the nipple, was too much and Jenny let out a high-pitched shriek. As soon as she had done so, despite knowing that she would still have to endure the skewer bring removed, she felt the waves of relief wash over her.

The scream brought Miranda to her senses too, pulling her back into her conscious body from her internal safe haven. Waves of relief crashed over her too but for a very different reason, and hers were mixed with excitement and arousal. She was going to be declared Chief Witch and take meet her end among the flames.

“Oh well.” Courtney laughed as Jenny was untied and declared innocent of the charges against her. “I guess you don’t get your blow-job!” Jerry blushed and began to step away, planning to go meet his sister off the stage. “Hey! Where are you going?” Courtney grabbed the ruffle on the front of his vampire shirt and pulled him close. “I said you weren’t gonna get blown, but you want your consolation prize, don’t you?” She yanked him closer, pressing her mouth to his and exploring it with her tongue. As she did so, still holding onto his shirt with her left hand she slid her right down the front of his trousers and began to massage his cock which, while still relatively small due to his young age, was rock hard and the biggest it had ever been. So excited was he by the naked meat-girl’s touch, especially after the way she had been teasing him through the contest, he did not last long, exploding into her hand in less than a minute.

“Someone’s a gracious loser for sure!” Courtney laughed, drawing out her hand and seductively licking her fingers clean. Just then, they were joined by Jenny who had not bothered to put back on the soaking wet dress and stood naked apart from her witch’s hat.

“Hey!” She grinned. “You seem to be making friends!”

“Oh! Yeah…” Jerry stammered. “Courtney, this is my sister Jenny and Jenny this is…”

“Dinner!” Courtney cut him off before he could formally introduce her. “A few minutes more, once your friend there is dealt with,” she pointed to Miranda on the stage who was still tied up and now being smeared but both Witchfinders with a thick, bluish-black substance, “I’ll be going over the coals with my friends here. I guess we need to start prepping.” She smiled at the twins. “Nice to meet you, hope you enjoy your food and the after-party, try not to get swallowed by the python.” She winked at Jerry. “Oh and you just cost your brother a blow-job!” She prodded Jenny on her uninjured breast, “I guess you owe him!” With that, she turned and walked over to the naked blonde sisters who were talking to a middle-aged woman who was holding some kind of large tub in her arms.

“Wow, what’s happening now?” Jerry pointed up to the stage, desperate to change the subject. Jenny looked where he pointed and saw a narrow rubber tube being fed down Miranda’s throat, a funnel on the end, as she stood still restrained, her body now coated in the presumably flammable gel or oil or whatever it was. The closest thing either of the twins had seen to what was happening was in an old comedy movie they’d seen on TV about American college students where, at a party, some young man had stood on his head, head a tube like this pushed into his mouth and beer poured down it. As they watched, the junior Witchfinder held the funnel up while the Witchfinder General picked up a glass gallon jug of some light blue, transparent liquid and proceeded to pour the entire contents down the tube directly into Miranda’s stomach which bulged outwards as if she were in the middle stage of pregnancy. She coughed and spluttered as the tube was removed but managed to keep the liquid down. The ropes were untied and her black, pointed hat was placed back on her head.

She was then led, a little unsteadily, towards to white-covered cone. The sheet was pulled away to reveal a bonfire with a pole sticking up the middle and a set of crude steps leading up to the top. Miranda, pretending to protest and plead her innocence as the role demanded, was prodded and pushed up the steps and stood obediently with her back to the post as her hands were tied behind it and her feet secured.


The crowd cheered as the flames were lit and the Witchfinders retreated to a safe distance. Early experiments had shown that watching a girl getting burned to death the traditional way could actually be quite an upsetting experience even for an audience with an appetite for deadly entertainments. A few genuine screams could be exciting but when it continued, interspersed often with tearful pleading as the girl realised just how slow and painful an experience it was, it became quite distressing. Beyond that, it lacked spectacle also. Only those closest to the fire could really see the girl and for those further back it was just a typical bonfire.

Over the years, different ideas had been tried out to make the girl’s death quicker and the show more of a climax to the trials. In early years, the organisers had found that many of the visitors had wandered off out of lack of interest or left for their own peace of mind before the “Witch” was even dead. The trouble lay in trying to find a solution that both shortened the girl’s suffering and made for a better show – many of the suggested methods worked for one goal but not the other.

Fireworks had been tried, either secreted in the bonfire itself or stuffed into various orifices of the girl prior to burning but these could be a little unpredictable and either resulted in some quite messy debris as chunks of the girl’s flesh were blown off or posed a risk to the audience as they shot off at random angles, sometimes into the crowd.

Coating the girl in oil had been tried which meant she was consumed by the flames much faster but did nothing to improve the entertainment value. They had also tried having the girl hold a bag of gunpowder in her mouth with a discrete fuse leading up to it so her head would spectacularly explode before the smoke choked her or fire actually burned her to death but, however willingly the girls had participated in the contest and strived to win, they would often panic when the fire was lit and, of the three times this method had been tried, the bag had been spat out twice resulting in dangerous explosions, one of which had caused severe burns to a member of the public and a lawsuit had only very narrowly been avoided.

Eventually, the method used on Miranda was settled upon and had been used, with various tweaks and refinements, for the past two years. The naked teen’s screams were certainly genuine as the flammable gel that coated her body drew the flames up and around her, but it was as the liquid in her swollen belly began to heat up that spectacle truly occurred.

Miranda’s head was thrown back violently as the vapour forced its way up through her throat and ignited as it emerged and made contact with the orange flames, sending a plume of blue fire shooting up towards the sky. The audience oohed and aahed at the display but the most spectacular moment was still to come. As the flames ate through Miranda’s delicate young body, they finally reached her stomach and touched the liquid, most of which still remained in its original form inside her.

There was an explosion but more of a whooshing, popping sound like a Bunsen-burner being lit that the bang of conventional explosives. The blue fire plume stopped abruptly replaced by a glowing blue aura in an oval shape surrounding Miranda from crotch to head, her blackened bones clearly silhouetted against the blue glow which seemed to hang in the air for a good few seconds before collapsing in on itself after which the bones, stripped in an instant of any flesh, tumbled down into the fire, which continued to burn merrily, leaving her legs to slowly char and her forearms dangly limply by the wrist. The crowd burst into a spontaneous and enthusiastic round of applause, complete with whoops and cheers, none more so than the twins who had had no idea what to expect. Jenny couldn’t help reflecting how close she had come to being the one consumed by the blue light and wondered how it must have felt to be not just burned but obliterated in an instant.

“And thus is her soul cleansed of evil and returned to her maker in Heaven!” Announced the Witchfinder General before removing his hat and taking a sweeping bow, to the slightly more subdued applause of the audience.

“Do you think it’s okay if we go home and I get some more clothes before we do anything else?” Jenny asked. “I know some other girls are naked and I don’t mind that so much but I’m wet and cold. It would be really annoying to survive tonight just to die from pneumonia next week, you know?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Jerry replied a little wistfully, looking over the fence at the meat-girls who were coating each other in some kind of reddish-brown sauce or marinate. It was incredibly sexy to watch and he was reluctant to move away but he understood his sister’s need and also wanted to tell his parents about the after-party and how much he wanted to go. He thought about just letting his sister go on her own but there were far more people around now, not just neighbours, and he couldn’t help but feel a little protective over her. If they were quick, he reasoned, they might even be back in time to watch the spitting.

“What was that about blow jobs?” Jenny asked, a little incredulously, as they walked back through the increasingly busy celebrations to their house.

“She promised she’d blow me if you won the competition,” Jerry admitted a little nervously, “to make up for losing my sister.”

“Oh I see!” Jenny laughed. “Well, so sorry to survive and spoil your fun!” She was clearly teasing but Jerry still felt a little awkward. “So Little Miss Meat-slut reckons I owe you one now, does she?” She stuck out her tongue. “Does she mean I’m supposed to give you one myself? Would you even want that?”

“Eww no!” Jerry pulled a face, knowing even as the words were coming out of his mouth that they were a lie and hoping that he wasn’t making it obvious by over-reacting. It had been a good four or five years since the twins had been naked around each other and he was certainly impressed with the way his sister had matured. If Jenny was aware of the deceit, she did not call him on it. “Just get me one from someone else later if you can, huh?” Jenny laughed again.

“From witch to wingman!” she chuckled. They arrived back at the house and rang the doorbell as neither had thought to take keys out with them. Their mum answered the door holding a big bowl of candy, clearly expecting Trick-or-Treaters.

“Oh, hi!” She grinned, “I didn’t expect you back so soon! Is everything…” she trailed off as she noticed her daughter’s naked and soaking wet condition. “What happened to you? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” Jenny giggled. “Bit cold ‘though, as you can imagine! Jerry can explain, I’m going upstairs to change!” With that, she pushed past her stunned parent and ran up the stairs. Following her inside, Jerry explained to his parents how their new neighbours liked to celebrate Halloween and told them an edited version of what had gone on so far that night. Then he came to the after-party.

“Well,” his dad grinned, “that certainly does sound like a lot of fun and it’s a great way to meet the new neighbours! Just give us half an hour or so to change and we’ll come join you.”

“Do you mind if I head out and meet up with you later?” Jerry asked, fidgeting a little awkwardly. “Just I… I made this new friend, kinda, and I don’t want to miss her show.”

“Ooh! A girl, is it?” his mum teased affectionately. “Well make sure you introduce us to her later!”

“I… don’t think that’s going to be possible!” Jerry chuckled a little awkwardly. “But you might be able to try a slice or two!”



You're a gentleman and an absolute star! Thank you :-D


Do you need "Explosive Good BBQ" wich is continuation?

[Edward Hyde]

“Do I really have to be naked?” 14 year old Suzie whined. “Can’t I wear a bikini or something?”

“No, sweetie.” Her father Aaron chuckled, “We want to put on a good show for the neighbours don’t we? And anyway, it’s not like you have anything to be ashamed of with that tight little body of yours!”

“Then can I at least get rid of the ears?” she pleaded, “I feel so stupid!”

“You can’t be an Easter Bunny without ears!” Aaron pointed out, “Which reminds me, turn around!” The naked teen rolled her eyes and turned her back on her father. She felt something furry being pushed into the top of her butt-crack. It obviously has some kind of sticky pad or tape on it as it pulled on her skin uncomfortably. “There! Now you have a proper bunny tail too!”

It was the Saturday before Easter Sunday and the neighbourhood committee had decided to hold their regular party on the Saturday rather than the Sunday as many people would be out of town visiting family on the day itself and they didn’t want anyone to miss out on the fun. Aaron Jacobson was hosting and had roped in his daughter Suzie to assist with the entertainment. It could hardly be claimed that she was a willing participant but neither did she protest all that much, knowing that, short of running away from home and probably ending up getting raped and murdered on the streets, she didn’t really have a lot of choice in the matter.

“Hey! Looking good!” Her twin brother Brandon teased as he walked through the living room on his way to grab a drink out of the fridge. “If you like emo chicks that is!”

“Everyone prefers goth chicks over hippies!” she retorted, making sure to emphasise the word “goth”. Despite their many apparent differences, the twins were far more alike than either would care to admit. Both were metal-heads although Suzie was a goth while Brandon favoured the grunge look. Both had been born with light brown hair but while Brandon, who was in a band with a couple of his friends, let his grow wild and unkempt, Suzie kept hers straightened and dyed jet black. Even today, stark naked apart from a pair of bunny-ears and a stick-on tail, she was wearing black eyeliner and dark red lipstick. Brandon was trying to grow a beard on his chin but, being six months shy of his 15th birthday, it wasn’t going so well. Suzie had decided to shave all over for the occasion figuring that, if she was going to be humiliated and killed in front of the whole neighbourhood, she should at least look her best while she did so!

“So,” Brandon asked, wandering back over and sipping a cold can of Coke, “ready to go boom?”

“You’d better hope I do!” Suzie glared at him darkly. “Remember our bet!”

“Yeah I don’t think I have too much to worry about!” he chuckled, “I’ve seen what Dad’s got set up outside. You’re not gonna last one minute! Anyway,” he flicked her perky left nipple, “looks like you’re kinda looking forward to it to me!”

“It’s cold in here.” she muttered, not wanting to admit that she was indeed finding the thought of what was about to happen rather thrilling. Everyone had enjoyed seeing Vanessa blown up with fireworks at New Year but she had been a chubby, rather plain girl whereas Suzie was pretty, trim and athletic with a figure many of her friends were envious of. Surely people would enjoy watching her more than they had poor Vanessa and, unlike Vanessa, there was the slimmest of chances that she might actually survive her ordeal.

“Everyone’s here!” Their neighbour, Ted, stuck his head through the French windows. “Ready when you are!”

“I guess this is it!” Aaron grinned at his daughter. “Remember what you have to do?”

“Collect eggs, try not to blow up!” Suzie rolled her eyes again. It wasn’t as if there were really a lot of instructions to remember.

“That’s it!” her dad grinned, “Ready?”

He led the way out through the French window into the garden, Suzie following close behind and Brandon following, checking out his sister’s pert round backside as she walked. He’d honestly never really thought of his sister that way before, after all, she was his sister! But a naked girl was a naked girl and he had to admit she was pretty easy on the eye.

All the neighbours clapped and cheered as the family emerged. The Jacobsons had the biggest back yard on the street and Aaron had taken full advantage of it. On the massive lawn behind the house, he had marked out a square arena roughly fifty feet across. Around it were scattered various brightly-coloured eggs. As he reached the edge of the patio, his wife Karen handed him a whicker basket with what looked like a control for a model helicopter or something similar in it.

“Good luck, sweetie!” Karen kissed her daughter on the cheek and patted her bare behind.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” Aaron began, “As most of you know, the company I work for manufactures covert explosive devices for militaries around the world. I was lucky enough to be able to snag a few free samples to set up this afternoon’s entertainment for you.” There were hearty chuckles and a little more applause from those assembled.

“First of all,” he fished in the basket and pulled out a metal pellet about the size of a peanut in its shell, “I need you to swallow this.” He handed it to Suzie who did as she was told. “That pellet,” he explained to the onlookers, “contains a powerful explosive. Once I remotely activate it, it will begin to count down three minutes. The only way to deactivate it is to place the correct, pre-programmed weight on the scale in the middle of the arena.” He pointed to a shiny metal platform. “That will also disarm all the landmines. Oh?” He asked somewhat theatrically, watching Suzie’s eyes go wide, “did I not mention those? I’m afraid the arena is peppered with those and a few other surprises but you’ll find out all about those in due course. The scale is exactly calibrated to recognise this basket and ten of the Easter Eggs you see scattered around. If Suzie can collect ten and put the basket on the scale within three minutes then the pellet bomb and all the mines will power down. If she cannot, well, I’ll be sure to get her feet to send a postcard to her head!” There was more laughter. Suzie was beginning to feel incredibly nervous now.

“Don’t forget,” Aaron reminded his daughter, “you’re a bunny so you have to hop. Oh, and some of the eggs are boobie-trapped.” Suzie could feel her odds diminishing by the second. “To make things a little more interesting,” Aaron announced to the audience, “I have a couple of sniper-rifles we can pass around. They take a few seconds to reload so it’s really only one shot at a time and I know most of us aren’t too proficient but it should give our little bunny here and incentive to keep moving and not stay still for too long! Ready, sweetheart?”

“I guess so.” Suzie gulped. He handed her the basket and led her to the edge of the arena where there was a small opening in the fence. She stepped inside and took a few tentative steps forward.

“Okay!” Aaron held the large remote in front of him and hovered his thumb over a large red button. “Arming the explosives… NOW! Good luck, Bunny!”


“Here goes nothing!” Suzie muttered to herself, crouching down as instructed and taking a tentative hop towards one of the brightly-coloured eggs. There was a bang from behind her and a whistling sound as a bullet from one of the rifles passed worryingly close to her head. She knew she had to keep moving, mines or no mines. Another hop brought her close enough to the egg to reach. Quickly, she grabbed it and dropped it into the basket. So far, so good! She set her sights on a second one and hopped towards it. Another shot rang out but seemed to be nowhere near hear.

“Fuck!” Suzie swore under hear breath, hearing a tell-tale click and she lifted the second egg. Thinking quickly, she threw the bright green object as far as she could. It had not quite landed when it made a kind of damp popping sound and burst like a water-balloon. However, it was clear from the way the meter-wide circle of grass began to smoke and wither that it was not water in the egg but a rather nasty acid. Clearly she was going to have far more to worry about than just the time-bomb in her belly.

It was a risky move but Suzie knew, if she were to collect all the eggs in time, she would need to be able to test the ground in front of her. She took the bright red egg out of her basket and rolled it towards the next one. Nothing happened. Quickly, before whoever currently held the rifles could reload, she followed the egg and scooped the new one into her basket. There was laughter from the crowd as a metal spike shot up from beneath the soil, presumably activated by remote control, scratching her left buttock but thankfully missing its target of impaling her flesh. Swearing again, she rolled the egg once more. As it rolled towards its target, an explosive charge went off beneath it, scattering dry soil and turf. Miraculously, the egg seemed to have rolled on and was not damaged. Knowing that the clock was ticking, she quickly hopped forwards and gathered both eggs.

The next egg was in reach without moving but as she leant forward to grab it, there was another bang from the rifle and this time she felt a burning sensation in her shoulder as the bullet grazed her skin. That was not the worst part, however, as the sound of the gun had masked the tell-tale click warning her of a dangerous egg. This one, however, was not an acid bomb but a miniature grenade. The egg exploded, blasting her hand clean off. She cried out in pain but knew that, if she did not continue with her challenge, the device inside her would ensure that a missing hand was the least of her worries. If she survived, she could maybe look at getting some kind of prosthetic but for now she was simple grateful that the heat of the explosion had seared the flesh around the room and she would not bleed out.

“One minute to go, honey!” Suzie heard her father call out. There was no time left for being careful. She had three eggs and needed seven more if she were to have the faintest chance of surviving. Staying in a crouch but springing forward with first one foot then the other, she launched herself forward to grab another egg. This one held no nasty surprise and she went for the next. She rolled, head over-heels, somehow managing to keep the basket upright as a mine exploded behind her. The heat of the explosion scorched the skin of her back but she kept moving, collecting five, six, seven, eight eggs. Constantly moving avoiding the whistling bullets and cruel spikes erupting from the ground. One scraped a deep gash in her thigh that stung mercilessly but she knew she had to keep going. Fortunately, the adrenaline her body pumped out was enough to keep the pain in the background of her consciousness.

Another mine exploded just as she reached for an egg with her one remaining hand but Suzie managed to throw herself backwards. She wished she knew how many of the remaining eggs were boobie-trapped. She needed just two more.

The next one she picked up betrayed itself with the tell-tale click and she threw it away just as a ring of vicious spikes sprung from the centre. The next emitted a noxious gas and the battered, exhausted and panicked teen felt herself getting light-headed.

“Twenty seconds!”

Knowing there was no time to be careful any more, she leapt to and grabbed the final two eggs she needed.

“Ten!” The audience began to count down. She stood and saw the scale only a few feet away. She made the mistake of standing still for too long, however, and a bullet passed diagonally threw her right breast. She sprang forward, narrowly avoiding a spike which sprang up just where her left foot had been.

“Nine!” She was so nearly there, a few more steps.

“Eight!” A wall of fire sprung up around the scale, clearly triggered by her father’s remote.

“Seven!” She circled the fire vainly, looking for a gap.

“Six!” Another shot rang out, she flung herself aside but spilled her eggs in the process.


“Four!” Panicking now, Suzie gathered the eggs back into the basket.

“Three!” There was nothing else for it. Using her stump-arm to shield her face, she leapt forward, through the flames. The heat was intense, fed from below by gas jets. She could smell the ends of her hair burning but she was safely through at least. Now nothing stood between her and the scale but would it work and, even if it did, would her father keep his word?

“Two!” The crowd shouted in eager anticipation but then let out a collective groan as the entire system powered down. The jets of fire sank back into the ground revealing Suzie stood behind the scale. Battered, bloodied, drenched in sweat but triumphant.

“Let’s hear it for our Easter Bunny!” Aaron called out and the neighbours applauded politely. Suzie took a bow and walked towards the edge of the arena, confident that any mines below her feet were now inactive. She noticed that everyone seemed to be avoiding making eye-contact and it was clear that they had all been rooting for her to fail but they had not reckoned on her determination.

“Well done, sugar-pie!” Her dad chuckled, “Who knew you had it in you, huh?”

“I think there was the little matter of a bet?” Suzie asked, her remaining hand on her hip and her stump waving in the general direction of her brother who had suddenly gone incredibly pale.

“Oh yeah!” Aaron grinned, “Show’s not over yet, folks! Brandon here was so confident that we were going to be scraping little bits of his sister off the lawn that he made a bet with her for if she survived. Fortunately, I figured she might surprise us all so I have everything prepared out front. Time to pay up, my boy!”

“What?!” Brandon was panicking now, “That was just a joke! I’m not gonna really… you can’t expect me to…”

“Hey, a bet’s a bet!” his dad reminded him. “You gonna strip here or we gonna drag you out front and cut those jeans off you?”


“Okay, okay.” Brandon sighed, seeing two of his dad’s larger friends advancing towards him. The embarrassed and worried boy kicked off his trainers, slipped his open, baggy shirt off then pulled his rarely-washed Nirvana t-shirt over his head. Finally he unbuttoned and dropped his ripped jeans. “There!” he held out his hands, dressed in nothing but his boxer-shorts, “Happy now?”

“Come on, all the way!” his naked sister chided. “Fair’s fair after all!” Suzie could feel that her body was starting to go into shock as the adrenaline and competitive endorphins wore off but she was determined not to pass out – not until she had seen her brother get what was coming to him at least!

“Oh come on!” Brandon whined, still clinging to the hope that he was being set up in a cruel prank and that his father did not actually intend to hold him to his wager.

“Fair’s fair, like she said!” Aaron crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow at his son. Grumbling and swearing under his breath, Brandon lowered his boxers and pulled them off, along with his socks. He stood naked and angry, glaring at his father and sister.

Suzie’s mum had gone to find a first-aid box and was wrapping a bandage around the stump where her daughter’s hand had been. The exhausted teen knew she was probably going to need some serious medical attention but was determined that that could wait.

“Okay everyone,” her dad announced, “through to the front! Perhaps Brandon would like to lead the way?” Still glaring and covering himself with his cupped hands, the boy led the way down the passage beside the house to the front lawn. What he saw there made him stop and stare in horror.

“But how did you…?” he stammered, “Where did…? What…?”

“Not bad, is it?” Aaron laughed, patting his son on the shoulder, “Joe from number twenty-three knocked it up for me last week when I told him about your bet. I had a feeling Suzie might surprise us and I wanted to be prepared!”

Laying on the lawn close to a small, freshly-dug pit lay a large wooden cross, similar to those that often stand outside churches. Beside it was a mallet and some broad-headed iron nails.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Brandon was really starting to panic now. Not even his father would have gone to so much trouble for a simple prank. “Come on,” he almost pleaded, “You’ve had your fun. Can I put my clothes back on now?”

His answer came when the two large men he had noticed earlier grabbed him by the arms and practically dragged him towards the cross. One over it, one of them kicked the back of his knee, forcing him down. Once his arms were stretched out in position, Suzie came and knelt on his chest to hold him down. Brandon was almost in tears – the day was certainly not working out how he’d expected.

“Suzie?” he looked at her pleadingly. “If you say it’s okay I’m sure Dad will let me go. It’s a bet between us after all!” He tried to smile but was met with a dark glare from his goth sister. “Oh come on, it’s not like I was the one who put you through all that! It’s Dad you should be mad at, not me!”

“You seemed happy enough at the idea of seeing me blown to bits!” she reminded him, “And Dad’s not the one who was stupid enough to bet his life against mine! Now are you gonna cry like a little hippie bitch or are you going to take it like a man?”

Brandon knew there was no point in further argument.

“Fucking emo cunt.” he snarled at his sister.

“That’s goth cunt, thank you!” She corrected him, tossing her slightly singed black hair over her shoulder.

The men were still holding the terrified, angry boy’s arms against the cross-beam of the crucifix. His father took the mallet and one of the nails and, after lining it up carefully, lifted the hammer high and brought it down hard, driving the spike through the heel of Brandon’s left hand and into the wood. Two more thumps embedded it deeply. He then walked around and repeated the action with his right, pinning him securely to the wood. Suzie felt something brushing slightly damp against her ass.

“Hey!” She exclaimed, standing up and looking at his surprisingly large erection, the end glistening with pre-cum. Was it a response to the pain? Some kind of involuntary reaction of his body? The fact that he was naked in public or maybe even the fact that she had been kneeling on him stark naked herself? Remembering his treatment of her earlier, she flicked the tip. “Seems like you’re looking forward to this after all!” All the onlookers laughed and her brother blushed a deep crimson.

Suzie stood back as her father approached the other end with his mallet and the final nail. By now, Brandon’s spirit was broken and he offered no resistance and one foot was placed over the other and the nail driven through both. Once the naked boy was fully pinned, his father’s two friends helped him to lift the cross and slide it into the waiting hole that was deep enough to ensure that it stood upright.

A group of five girls who had been passing by, aged between 13 and 16 stopped to watch the show. Brandon couldn’t help but noticed, despite the pain and embarrassment, that they seemed to be looking admiringly at his proud member, pointing it out to each other and giggling. One even made eye-contact with him and licked her lips.

“Looks like you’ve got some admirers!” his dad teased as he filled in the earth around the base of the cross, fixing it securely in place. “Guess I should take our guests inside so they can give you a goodnight kiss?” He made air-quotes around the final word.

“Please let me down.” Brandon begged. “I’ll do anything you say just let me down. You’ve had your fun and these vultures got their show!”

“Not so funny when you’re the one being snuffed for their entertainment, it is?” Suzie asked pointedly.

“I know, I know,” Brandon spoke weakly, the pain in his hands and feet excruciating and the pressure on his chest almost too much to bear. “I get it, I do. Let me down?”

“You know,” his father commented conversationally, “I was reading the other day about Roman crucifixions, your little bet got me interested! It seems that it’s a pretty slow death. A healthy man could take four or five days to die! Now,” he chuckled, “you’re not exactly in peak physical shape, what with your pizzas and weed, but I’d say you’ve got another three days or so up there so how about this? You make it through tonight and tomorrow and we’ll talk about bringing you down before lunch on Monday? How does that sound? I know you wouldn’t want to miss a family barbecue!” Brandon nodded weakly. “So, ladies and gentlemen,” Aaron addressed the friends and neighbours again, “If you’d like to come through into the house, I believe my wife has prepared some drinks! Have fun, girls!” He winked at the girls who still seemed to have their eyes on Brandon’s exposed and conveniently-heighted manhood.

“You know,” he put his arm around Suzie as she walked with him into the house, “I’m glad you survived my little game.”

“Really, Daddy?” she asked, genuinely surprised, “I figured you’d be kinda disappointed?”

“No, no,” he smiled, “you’ve saved me quite a lot of hassle!”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if you’d got yourself blown up, I’d have had to go shopping Monday morning to find meat for the barbecue, but now I don’t need to bother!” He kissed her on the forehead and led her inside.


[Edward Hyde]

“Are you sure you can handle all the arrangements?” Melody’s mum asked her for what felt like the hundredth time. “There’s a lot of people coming and its quite a lot to organise!”

“Yes, of course, Mum!” The teenager rolled her eyes. “I’m nearly fifteen, not a baby! Plus its not just me, Megan’s helping too!”

“Okay, okay!” Mrs Oliver spoke in a placatory tone, backing out of her daughter’s bedroom. “Just wanted to check!”

“Don’t worry, Mummy!” Her younger daughter, eleven year old Megan grinned at her from the bed where she was sat, “We’re going to organise the best family party you’ve ever been too and people are going to remember it for years!”

Once their mother was safely out of the room and the door closed, Megan hopped off the bed and went to lean on her sister’s shoulder, looking over at the computer monitor. Melody had hurriedly minimised the page when she heard the door opening but now she opened it up again and the girls looked with awe at the products advertised for hire.

“Crap…” Melody muttered, reading the ordering instructions down the side of the page. “It has to be hired by someone over eighteen and a deposit on a credit card.”

“We could always do it in mum or dad’s name?” Megan suggested.

“No, they’d see the charge on the statement and work out what we were doing.” Melody sighed.

“Oh yeah…” Megan frowned, “Don’t want to spoil the surprise!” Both girls were quiet for a few moments, pondering the situation, before Megan had an idea. “What about Uncle Frank? I bet he’d help us out and he’s really good at keeping secrets!”

“Oh yeah!” Melody grinned. “I didn’t really want anyone to know but one adult has to be in on it then Uncle Frank is the best bet! I bet he’ll love the idea and be happy to help!” She opened Skype and saw that, luckily, Uncle Frank was online.

Frank was their mother’s brother, unmarried and fairly well-off. The girls weren’t quite sure what he did for a living but it was his own business and he worked from home a lot and was always fairly lavish with presents, often slipping the girls some cash too and telling them not to tell their parents. He was far and away their favourite relative.

“Hey! My two favourite nieces!” Frank grinned, answering the call and seeing their excited faces fill the screen. Both had long, dirty-blonde hair but while Melody straightened hers and wore it loose, Megan kept hers in a pony-tail from which messy wisps were constantly escaping. Neither of the girls were what anyone (with the possible exception of their parents or grandparents) would describe as stunners but they had a natural prettiness as most young girls do.

“We’re you’re only nieces!” Megan reminded him, teasingly.

“Yup! And you’re also my favourites! What can I do for you, girls?”

“We need to hire some stuff for Mum and Dad’s big party,” Melody explained, “but it has to be an adult that does it and they need a big deposit too. We don’t want Mum and Dad to know what we’ve got planned so we were wondering if you could help us out? But please don’t tell them!”

“No worries, honey.” Frank smiled, “I’m no tattle-tale. What is it you need?” Melody copied the link and sent it to him then both girls watched in anticipation as he read, almost holding their breaths. At first Frank looked a little puzzled then his eyes went wide as he realised what he was looking at. “You girls sure about this?” He asked.

“Of course!” Megan grinned, “We had the idea ages ago but we weren’t sure Mum and Dad would ever go for it so we persuaded them to let us organise this party. By the time they find out, it will all be arranged and I bet they’ll enjoy themselves!”

“Oh I bet they will!” Frank exclaimed, “Everyone else too. Sure I’ll help you out. I’ll help you on the day too as I reckon you’re going to need a bit of support. This isn’t the sort of thing you can do entirely on your own. I do have a suggestion, ‘though, if I may?”

“Sure!” Melody agreed, happy that their Uncle was being so understanding and willing to help out.

“Have the party at my beach house.” He suggested, “It’s not too far a drive and, at this time of year, the beach is a great place for a party like this. Plus, that way, you can get all the stuff delivered there and come down the day before and get it all set up. If you do it in your garden, your parents are going to guess and spoil the surprise.

“Great idea!” Megan agreed excitedly. The plan had sounded like fun in their back garden but would be even better on the glistening, golden sand near Uncle Frank’s beach house with the sound of waves crashing in the background. Maybe in the evening, once it got dark, there could be torches like in beach resorts and people could enjoy a swim in the sea, after their dinner had gone down, of course.

“That’s settled then!” Frank smiled warmly. “You’ve not sent the invitations out yet, have you? Make sure you change the address before you print them out or email them or whatever you’re going to do. I’m sure your Mum and Dad wouldn’t mind you staying with me the night before, it wouldn’t be the first time after all, then we can get everything ready and they can turn up just before all the other guests. Sound good?” Both girls nodded eagerly. “If you don’t mind, ‘though,” Frank sat back in his chair and rested his arms on the desk, “I’d love to hear how you came up with the idea!”

It had been Megan’s idea at first, after seeing a fun movie where a family had gone camping and their middle daughter had agreed to be barbecued for their dinner one of the evenings. She had found the scene very exciting and had wasted no time in searching the internet to find out if that sort of thing was really allowed – she had been delighted to discover that not only was it perfectly legal but there were restaurants and butchers that specialised in the meat of young girls as well as companies which hired out equipment for girls to be cooked at home!

At first she had wondered if she could persuade her parents to hire a spit and cook her as a Birthday present or even take her along to one of the restaurants and have her cooked there but, before she had got around to asking, they began discussing how it was high time for a big family reunion party. Realising that, despite being ever so slightly on the chubby side, she would not be enough alone to feed the entire extended family, Megan had told her sister Melody about her secret desire and asked if she would consider being cooked alongside her. By way of an answer, Melody had simply giggled and opened a folder on her computer filled with pictures of girls getting butchered and cooked, both real and simulated. There were even some stories she had written herself. It turned out that Melody had wanted to be cooked and eaten since around the age of four having watched a Bugs Bunny cartoon where “savages” stuck him in a big stew pot. Megan asked if the stew pot was still the way she would want to go but Melody had explained how her fantasies had become a little more sophisticated and, in a word, brutal, over time.

How come, Megan had asked, she had never sought to make her fantasies reality? Melody had explained that she had felt shy and nervous about admitting how badly she wanted to be eaten and had been holding out hope that one day her parents would just decide to have her cooked without her having to ask. She had even sent for brochures and publicity material from both restaurants and holiday resorts where girls were on the menu in her parents’ names but they always seemed to assume they were junk mail and threw them out more or less unread. Many of them, Melody had been able to fish out of the recycling bin later when nobody was looking and there was a large shoebox under her bed filled with the glossy flyers and promos.

The girls who, as is the way with sisters, so rarely agreed on anything, very quickly agreed that they wanted to be cooked and eaten at the big family party but then there was the hurdle of getting their parents to agree. There was always the risk that they would not trust the girls’ choices or may feel unsure about eating their own daughters, even if they may have been willing to eat other girls. Both were sure, however, that as soon as they got a whiff of the delicious cooked meat they would not be able to resist and would happily tuck in. The workaround they had come up with was to beg their parents for permission to organise the party. While they had been reluctant at first to leave such a big and important event in the inexperienced hands of an eleven year old and a fourteen year old but eventually they had conceded, giving them a list of names and addresses for people to invite, setting them a budget and, very reluctantly indeed, leaving them to it!

“Well, that’s quite a story!” Frank chuckled once the girls had finished bringing him up to date. “You know me, always happy to make a girl’s dream come true, especially if I get a good meal out of it too!” The girls giggled. Both were very happy to hear that Uncle Frank was looking forward to eating them and liked the idea of him enjoying their meat. “Can I take a look at that guest list?” Melody sent it over and waited while Frank ran his eyes over it.

“That’s a heck of a lot of people.” He said after pondering for a few moments. “I think you might need at least a couple more girls to make sure everybody’s well-fed.”

“Oh.” Megan sighed and both girls looked disappointed. “I don’t know who else we could ask?”

“Don’t worry,” Frank reassured them, “there’s a couple of local families who owe me a favour or two. I’m sure I can arrange something.”

“Great!” Melody exclaimed, grinning.

“So what exactly do you need me to hire?” Frank asked, studying the web page again.

“A spit for me!” Megan piped up happily.

“A grill and the frame… item 23A I think? For me!” Melody informed him. “Oh, and the set of knives they recommend to go with it.”

“Wow, that’s pretty hard-core!” Frank exclaimed in genuine surprise.

“Hey, I only get to go once, huh?” Melody grinned, “Might as well make it memorable!”

“I guess so!” Frank chuckled again. This was certainly not a conversation he has expected when he saw that his young nieces were calling him. Usually it was just for advice about homework or to persuade him to take them to a movie or buy something their parents had written off as too expensive, now here he was helping them plan to not only have themselves cooked and eaten but the kids of some of his friends and neighbours too! “I’m gonna go ahead and put another spit and a traditional pot on the list.” he informed them, planning who he was going to try to add to the menu. “But before I pay for this, you’d better just go check with your parents that they’re okay having the party at my place. I don’t see it being a problem but… you know. Best to check!”

Melody ran out of the room to talk to her parents while Megan took the opportunity to steal the chair and chat to her uncle.

“Have you ever eaten a girl before?” she asked, curious.

“A couple of times.” he admitted, “I’ve been to a few business dinners at that place… what do they call it? Cindy’s?”

“Sidney’s!” Megan corrected excitedly, “I’ve been reading all about it!”

“That’s the place!” Frank chuckled, “And last Summer one of my neighbours had a back yard barbecue and cooked their daughter and, if I remember correctly, her best friend from school. Never thought I’d be eating you two, ‘though!” he added truthfully.

“We’re hoping everyone will like the surprise!” Megan grinned. “Who are the other girls you’re thinking of?”

“Let me talk to them and their parents first,” Frank replied cautiously, “I don’t want any awkwardness if they’re not up for it, although somehow I don’t think it will be a problem.”

“Hey! You’re in my chair!” Melody burst back into the room.

“My chair now!” Megan giggled, spinning it around to assert her dominion over it.

“Fine! I’ll just sit on you!” The older girl declared, sitting down hard and leaning back, deliberately squashing the breath out of her giggling little sister.

“Okay! Okay! I’ll get up!” Megan squealed. Melody raised herself just enough to let the smaller girl squeeze out from beneath her.

“So?” Frank asked once the giggling has subsided. “What do they say?”

“They’re jealous that we’re letting you in on the plans but won’t tell them,” Melody admitted, “but they love the idea of having the party at your beach house! They say it’s a lovely setting and, in their words, they won’t get stuck with the clean-up afterwards!”

“A very good point!” Frank chuckled, “It’s not like you two will be much help by then! So,” he grinned, “I guess it’s a deal! I’ll get this stuff ordered now and have a chat with the rest of the potential meat over the next day or two. I’ll let you know how I get on! Right,” He smiled, “I have to get on with some work and you two have invitations to make and send out! Good luck!”


The invitations were sent out and the next weeks passed painfully slowly. Every day, Frank would find himself bombarded by texts, IMs and calls from the girls checking on progress as well as the occasional message from his sister or her husband trying to get some clue as to what was going on but he kept his promise to the girls, telling their parents nothing other than that everything was in hand and that the party was sure to be a success.

Eventually, the day before the party arrived. Uncle Frank had promised to pick the girls up and take them to the beach house to start preparations so both girls were up, showered and dressed before 7am, despite not expecting him until around 10.

The sisters spent the morning going over their plans in Melody’s bedroom, looking at the pictures of the cooking equipment online and speculating about the other girls that Uncle Frank promised he had found to join them on the menu. A text from Uncle Frank let them know that he was on his way so they found their shoes and gathered what little they would need for the rest of the day and that night.

“Are you sure you’ve got everything you need?” Their mum asked, looking at the very small over-night bags they had with them, waiting by the front door. “What about outfits and shoes for the party?”

“We’ve got everything we need!” Melody insisted. “Don’t worry!”

“Well, okay.” Their mum had said a little uncertainly. “You can always let us know if we need to bring anything else for you tomorrow.”

“Sure.” Megan chuckled, “If we think of anything else we need we’ll let you know. Looking forward to the party?”

“Yes,” Mrs Oliver conceded, “but I’m sure I’d be looking forward to it a lot more if I knew what you two had planned!”

“Aah you’ll just have to wait and see!” Melody teased. “What’s is it they say? Anticipation heightens the pleasure?”

“Uncle Frank’s here!” Megan squealed, waving frantically out the window. “Bye Mummy!” Both girls gave her a very hurried hug, “See you at the party tomorrow!”

“Shotgun!” Melody called, practically throwing herself through the passenger door of the car. Grumbling a little but not too upset as it would mean she had room to spread out, Megan got in the back, narrowly avoiding being hit by Melody’s overnight bag as she threw it carelessly over her shoulder onto the back seat.

“Excited?” Frank asked with a slight smirk as he pulled out of the driveway and waved to his sister through the window. Both girls looked almost ready to explode and were practically vibrating in their hyperactive excitedness. He honestly began to wonder if he was going to be able to handle them for the next 24 hours without becoming utterly exhausted or whether he should have asked a few friends over for backup.

“Has all the stuff come?” Megan asked from the back seat.

“Yup! First thing this morning. I’ve not unpacked any of it yet,” Uncle Frank explained, “I thought we could do that together?” The girls thought this was a great idea.

“What about other girls?” Melody asked, “Did you find some?”

“Oh yes!” Frank grinned. “We’ve got Anna and Helen from next door for the pot and Charlotte, the daughter of a guy who works for me, for the spit. She’s your age, Megan, I think. Does gym and dancing and is going to look so good on the spit!” Frank couldn’t help licking his lips at the thought and Megan felt a little sad. She was pretty enough, she knew, but bordering on chubby and was worried she wouldn’t be able to measure up to an athletic girl if cooked the same way. Frank noticed her face fall and realised her concern. “Hey don’t you be worrying, sweetheart.” He assured her, “Your type of meat and hers taste totally different anyway, plus you’re going to be cooked with my special barbecue sauce I only make for special occasions. She’s just an appetizer and a bit of eye-candy. You’re gonna be our special Hawaiian-style luau piggy!” Melody brightened a little and, rather than worrying whether or not she would be as tasty, began to look forward to helping prepare Charlotte.

“What about the neighbour girls?” Melody pushed. “What are they like?”

“Well you’ve got Helen who’s twelve and Anna who’s seven.” He explained, “Cute enough girls but not as cute as you two. I only asked for Helen but little Anna insisted it had to be both of them or neither so how could I turn that down? Nothing special about them really but they’ll make good stew meat! Don’t worry,” he grinned, “you two are definitely going to be the stars!”


Soon enough, they arrived at Uncle Frank’s house and the girls tumbled out of the car, eager to go look at the equipment that their favourite uncle promised them had been delivered.

“It’s all on the back porch.” Frank assured them, opening the front door to let them into the nicely air-conditioned beach house. Behind the property, hidden from the road, was a stretch of private beach where the girls had skinny-dipped several times in the past. It gave them a special thrill to know that it was also where they would be cooked!

The girls ran past Frank to the French windows which opened out onto the porch. They were locked from the inside but it was the work of seconds to unlatch and slide them open. Stacked on the decking, some leaning against the wooden fence, were a number of bubble-wrapped packages, some large and heavy-looking and others much smaller. Megan was especially excited to see two long pieces that she was fairly sure must be the spits, one of which she would very soon be riding!

“It’s looks heavy.” Melody frowned, “Are we going to be able to get it all down to the beach?”

“Don’t worry.” Frank reassured her, appearing in the doorway and smiling, “They left a trolley so it should be easy enough to move if we all work together. Plus we can always call on Jack from next door if we need extra help. It’s his girls who are going in the pot, after all, and that’s one of the heaviest pieces!”

“Can we get started?” Megan asked eagerly, “Will it be okay to set everything up today then leave it out? Nobody walks along here other than the neighbours, do they? And I don’t think it’s going to rain!”

“I think that’s a fairly safe bet!” Uncle Frank chuckled, looking out over the sea at the clear blue sky which extended as far as the eye could see in all directions. “And sure. I kinda figured we’d get everything set up today. If the guests are arriving at lunch time you’re going to want to start your appetisers cooking pretty soon after breakfast to make sure they’re ready in time.”

“When are they coming?” Melody asked, trying to think practically.

“Charlotte’s being dropped off first thing tomorrow, about 7,” explained Frank, “and the girls from next door can come over any time we’re ready for them.” As if on cue, there was a call from down on the beach. The girls leaned over the rails to see a man about Uncle Frank’s age accompanied by two girls who seemed to be wearing bath robes.

“Special delivery!” the man called out. “We saw your car pull up and the girls wanted to come help with setting up. Hope that’s okay?”

“Sure thing!” Frank smiled and gave an acknowledging wave. “Girls, why don’t you run down and say hi to your appetisers?” Excited by the sudden reality of the situation and the knowledge that, not only were they going to be cooked but that they would get to help cook some other girls first, Megan and Melody enthusiastically ran down the slope that led from the porch onto the white sand of the beach.

“Hi!” Melody greeted the two girls while Megan stood grinning warmly just behind her. “I’m Melody, this is Megan.” Her younger sister waved.

“I’m Helen.” The older of the two girls introduced herself.

“And I’m Anna!” the little one grinned. With no further ceremony, both girls removed their robes and handed them to their dad then stood there stark naked in front of the clothed sisters.

“We thought you might want to inspect our meat!” Helen explained. “And anyway, we thought it would be sensible to dress like this to get set up in case we need to test any of the equipment?”

“Good idea!” Melody agreed before turning to her sister. “What do you think? Should we inspect the piggies? We’re going to be serving them to our family after all. We’d better make sure they’re good quality!” All four girls giggled.

“Well, I guess I’ll leave you to it!” Jack, Helen and Anna’s father, smiled and waved up at Frank who was still on the balcony. “Just send them back over when you’re done for the day and I’ll make sure they’re here bright and early in the morning! Bye for now!”

“Will do!” Frank waved. “See you later!”

“So.” Megan put on a mock-serious voice and clasped her hands behind her back. “Let’s take a look at you.” Melody copied her sister’s mannerism and they began to circle the naked girls, looking appraisingly at their bodies. The meat stood obediently with their arms by their sides, enjoying being looked at just as much as the sisters were enjoying looking at them.

Both girls were brunette with long, wavy hair. Helen was just on the right side of chubby and, while little Anna was much slimmer, she carried enough meat in the right places. Helen had the beginnings of breast, bigger than Megan’s but smaller than Melody’s, possibly as much puppy-fat as actual breast tissue. Her belly was round and her pussy lips plump and juicy-looking. Anna’s chest was completely flat but she had a nice round belly. The blonde sisters stopped behind the meat to inspect their rumps, both of which were full and round.

“I think these will do very nicely, don’t you?” Melody asked.

“Indeed I do!” Megan replied formally. “I think we’ll take them! Girls?” She circled back in front of them. “You’re hired!” The keen meat-girls looked happy and relieved. “There’s lots of setting up to do. Shall we get started?”


“You know,” Frank observed as the four girls ran up the ramp to the porch to start unpacking the equipment, “I think these two might have the right idea! There might be bits you need to test while you’re setting up and I don’t know if there’s oil or anything on the metal pieces.”

“What do you mean?” Megan asked.

“Well,” grinned Frank, “it would be a shame if those nice clothes got spoiled! I know you’re not going to need them much longer but I’m sure someone would be happy to have them!”

“Oh!” Melody caught on first, “I get it!” She giggled and pulled her t-shirt over her head revealing her bright blue bra. Megan, following her sister’s lead, began to undress too. Melody wore a pair of pink knickers under her shorts, not caring that they didn’t match her bra. Megan did not yet need a bra so was naked a few moments before her sister and stood with her arms folded, tapping her foot impatiently as Melody wriggled out of her underwear.

“Don’t throw these out or give them away yet.” Melody warned, handing her bundled-up clothes to her uncle. “Once we’ve got everything set up to cook the meat, we need you to take us to the supermarket to get the rest of the stuff that we need. Don’t worry,” she assured him, “Mum and Dad gave us money, a lot more than we’re going to need in fact since we don’t need to buy meat!”

“Don’t worry,” he chuckled, “I wasn’t going to get rid of anything of yours anyway, that’s something for your parents to decide. So do you need any help moving any of this stuff?”

“We’ll unwrap it first and see what’s here,” Megan replied, looking thoughtfully at the selection of bubble-wrapped equipment, “don’t want to risk the plastic getting blown out into the sea or polluting the beach.” Frank couldn’t help but smile at his niece’s thoughtfulness and environmental conscience.

“There’s four of us so it shouldn’t be too difficult!” Melody mused. “But if we get stuck, we’ll give you a shout. Is that okay?”

“Sure!” Frank chuckled, “I have to go sort out some boring work stuff but I’ll be around if you need me. Have fun, girls!” Leaving the four naked girls to their exploring, Frank went inside and sat down at his desk, flicking on his computer. From where he sat, he could still keep half an eye on the youngsters. It was a very strange feeling, he pondered, feeling responsible for kids you were going to help kill the next day! Chuckling at the absurdities of modern life, he logged into his email and started the tedious process of sending invoices and replying to requests for information about his services that could have easily been found on his website if the potential client had bothered taking thirty seconds to look.

Outside, the four girls set to unwrapping the packages. Megan was, of course, most excited to see the spits. Tearing the bubble-wrap off the first one she gasped, seeing how sharp the end was, not to mention the thickness of the pole that would pass through her relatively small body.

“Wow that looks pretty awesome!” Helen grinned, looking over her shoulder. “Do you think we’ll still be alive when you get skewered? I’d love to watch it happen!”

“I don’t know,” Megan admitted. “But you’ll definitely get to watch us spit Charlotte, maybe even help if you want to?”

“Ooh could I?” Helen enthused, “That would be so cool!”

Anna was clambering around the larger packages looking for one that looked like a stew pot while Melody was reading the instructions that had been packed with the assortment of hollow metal poles propped up on the fence around her.

“What’s that?” Helen asked, helping Megan unwrap what seemed to be half the mount for the spit.

“I think it’s the frame for me.” Melody frowned a little at the instructions, “But I can’t really work out how it goes together.”

“My dad’s good at the sort of thing,” Helen offered, “I can ask him to come over and help if you’re stuck?”

“Thanks,” Melody smiled, “I really wanted to do it myself but it’s good to know there’s help out there if I need it.”

“So what exactly is it?” Helen was curious and so was Anna who, having located the pot had come to ask for the older girls’ assistance in moving it. “How are you going to be cooked?” Melody’s eyes twinkled with excitement as she explained.

“It’s pretty straight-forward but so cool!” she grinned. “I am chained inside this frame and there’s a grill, kinda like a normal barbecue, next to me with a couple of knives. People can just cut off whatever bit of me they want to eat and pop it on the grill to cook! That way, not only do I get to smell how delicious my meat is while it’s cooking but I get to watch people enjoying it too!”

“That sounds kinda painful!” Anna made a concerned face.

“Whatever way we go is going to hurt a bit.” Melody reminded her. “And I don’t mind pain. I was a bit worried that I’d bleed out too quickly and die after the first couple of steaks were cut off but Uncle Frank found this chemical he can inject me with that makes your blood go thick so wounds wouldn’t bleed very much. Of course I’d die from it in about two hours normally but I’m not expecting there to be much left of me by then!”

“That does sound pretty cool!” Helen agreed.

“Hey girls, I had an idea if you’re interested?” Uncle Frank appeared in the doorway again. “Kind of a question for Helen and Anna really.” The four girls paused what they were doing and looked at him with expectant curiosity. “I was thinking,” Frank continued, “would you two mind if you didn’t get cooked at exactly the same time, as long as you both end up in the pot in the end?”

“I guess not?” Anna glanced at her sister. They had assumed they would be taking their final bath together but if Frank had an idea that might make the party more fun then they were certainly prepared to hear him out.

“I was thinking, what if Anna gets in the pot around the same time you put Charlotte on to cook then you’ll be done by the time guests start arriving. Then Melody and Helen, we can get you kinda Hawaiian costumes, grass-skirts, flower garlands, that sort of thing, and you can carry Megan to the roasting pit on her spit, all basted and ready for the coals. Once she’s on, Melody can chain herself to the frame and let the guests have at it and Helen can get in the pot with the Anna stew and serve it to people from inside the pot while she cooks. I bet the guests would get a kick out of that!”

“That does sound like fun!” Helen agreed, pleased that she would be able to assist with not just one but both spittings. “Are you okay with that?” she asked her sister. Anna nodded.

“Sounds great to me!” Megan agreed while Melody nodded enthusiastically.

“Great! Then it’s a deal!” Frank grinned, pleased that the girls liked his idea. “I’ll leave you to it for a bit. There’s a costume store near the supermarket so we can get what we need there when we do the grocery shopping. Have fun, and remember to call if you need me.”

“We will.” Melody assured him with a smile before going back to studying the instructions, even more excited for the next day than she had been minutes before. Uncle Frank really did have a flair for showmanship!


“How’s it coming along?” Frank wandered down onto the beach to check on progress. It was already mid-afternoon and if there was shopping to be done then they needed not to leave it too much later. Thanks to the trolley supplied with the equipment, the four girls has managed remarkably well on their own.

Two roasting pits, complete with spit and mount, were set up side by side with a space dug out in the sand for the charcoal. The frame and grill were ready. The frame looked a little like a typical garden swing but inside of a plank on ropes, a pair of handcuffs hung from the top. There were also similar chains at the bottom to hold the girl’s feet.

The pot was the only piece of equipment that required gas to heat it rather than charcoal but the girls had come up with a quite ingenious solution of burying the gas canister in the sand, leaving only to hose and nozzle exposed, then piling stones up around the edge of the pot so it would look more natural. Inside the pot they had found more pieces of metal rod that slotted together and curved over at the top like a shepherd’s crook. They were not sure what it was for but had set it up next to the pot.

“Ah!” Frank explained when they pointed it out to him and asked if he had any clues, “I read about that on the website. Apparently it’s to help you cut the body up to stew better.”

“What do you mean?” Helen asked. She had been looking forward to being cooked alive and didn’t want to be cut up first.

“Well, the girl goes in the pot alive of course,” Frank assured her, “but sooner or later the heat gets too much and you die. Now, if you left the pot on a slow simmer for a day or two eventually your body would just fall apart in there anyway but most people want to eat a little quicker than that so they recommend, once the meat girl dies, take her out and hang her on that pole, cut up her meat and drop it back in, bones too. Cooks quicker that way!”

“Ah right!” Anna bounced over, grinning, “So I will go in first and once I die you’ll cut me up and put me back in with Helen?”

“That’s right!” Frank smiled, “Or Helen can do the chopping herself before she gets in. Maybe you and Melody can do that together once you’ve mounted the piggy?” He turned and smiled at Helen who seemed reassured by his explanation.

“Sounds like fun!” Melody joined them. Megan was still making some adjustments to the mounts of the spit that she would be roasting on very soon. “I think we’re as ready as we can be here for now. Shall we go do the shopping?”

“I was thinking that might be smart.” Frank glanced at his watch. There was still plenty of time to get everything ready for the next day but he didn’t like feeling rushed and wanted the girls to be able to take their time picking out what they needed.

“Great! Let’s go then! Are you coming too?” Melody asked the neighbour girls. “You might as well. We’re picking what we’re going to be served with and that includes you!”

“Sure!” Helen agreed as Megan finally joined them. “Sounds fun!” The four girls started walking up the slope towards the house.

“Umm, girls?” Frank called after them. “Don’t you think you’re forgetting something?” They all turned and looked at him, puzzled. “As nice as the view is out here, most shops in town tend to be a little picky about their dress-code!”

Suddenly, all four girls realised what he meant and began to giggle. They had go so absorbed in the work of setting up the cooking equipment and so used to thinking of themselves as meat that they had forgotten how relatively unusual it was to go about your day stark naked as they were!

“My two, your clothes are on the sofa.” Frank called up to them, “But you other two had better pop home and find something to put on. I’m sorry,” he chuckled, “I know you all like being little hippy naturists but it’s just for a couple of hours. See you back here in, say, twenty minutes?” The two sets of sisters exchanged hugs then the neighbours ran back down the ramp to head back along the beach to their house while Megan and Melody went inside to find their clothes. Frank followed them in and slid the French window shut, locking it from the inside. There was very little crime in the area but it seemed silly to invite trouble.

“So,” he asked as he watched the young sisters getting dressed, “do you have a shopping list?”


It was not long before the neighbours were back and all four girls piled into Uncle Frank’s car for the trip to the shops. It was a rather tighter squeeze than before, with three girls in the back instead of just one, but it was only a short journey so none of them complained too much. Once they reached the supermarket, Anna ran to fetch a trolley. The others were about to follow when Frank got a phone call.

“Hello?” He sounded a little worried as he answered. “Uh-huh…. Okay that shouldn’t be a problem! Sure… uh-huh… Yeah we’ll be back in an hour, maybe hour and a half… Yeah that should be fine. I’m pretty sure Jack’s home, he can let her down onto the beach if we’re not back by the time you get there… Uh-huh… Great! Well you have a great weekend! And thanks again.” He hung up and slipped the phone back into his shirt pocket.

“What’s up?” Megan asked, worried that there might be a hitch in their plans.

“Oh nothing too major.” He explained. “Remember Charlotte I told you about? My friend’s daughter who’s going on the spit?” The girls all nodded. “Well her dad was going to drop her over in the morning in time to get her on to cook but he and her mum just got offered tickets for a weekend spa break. Some friend had a last-minute emergency and couldn’t go or something like that. But they have to leave tonight so he was asking if he can drop her off this afternoon.”

“Oh great!” Melody beamed. “The more the merrier!” Megan was a little quieter – she was still feeling a little insecure about her fellow roaster, having seen how excited Uncle Frank had been at the prospect of eating her, and she wasn’t sure she wanted her around for longer than absolutely necessary. But, she reflected, on the other hand, getting to know her could be a good way to cure the jealously and she might actually come to see her as a friend rather than a rival by the time she spitted her. Even if not, she could not help smirking a little to herself, she was going to get to kill her in the morning and watch her cook for quite some time before she needed to go over the coals herself!

Just then, Anna returned with the trolley, proudly pushing it in a relatively straight line despite struggling to see over the handle. Her sister helped her out subtly but steering it with a hand on the front and the happy group made their way inside.

At Frank’s suggestion, Melody had made a shopping list and led the way down the aisles, picking things off the shelves and loading them into the trolley, being sure to ask for the other girls’ input when there was more than one option. They bought plenty of bread rolls, salad, various salad dressings, crisps, ketchup and BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, paper plates, plastic cups, disposable cutlery (she explained that, since they weren’t going to be around to help with the clean-up afterwards she wanted to make it as easy as possible for Frank and the others) and six large bags of charcoal. She had calculated that they would need four but Frank suggested taking the extra just in case. After all, he explained, it wasn’t something that went bad as long as it wasn’t left open and he could always keep any that was left over for another time. When he said this, Melody felt strange for a moment, realising that life would go on without her and her sister and that there would be future family parties that they wouldn’t be attending. But, she assured herself, the memory of the feast they were going to provide would linger in the memory of those who partook far longer than any regular beach barbecue! Finally, they selected several multi-packs of soft drinks and three large crates of beer along with several boxes of white wine and perry.

“Great!” Frank grinned once the groceries were all loaded into the boot of his car. “That’s the practical stuff out the way. Let’s go to the costume shop and get you girls kitted out!”


Back at the beach house, the girls carried the bags of food inside and started putting the perishables away in the fridge while Frank lugged the sacks of charcoal. It took three trips but eventually the car was unpacked. Frank checked his phone again and found a message he had missed from while he had been driving back to the house.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, “Looks like Charlotte’s here, waiting down on the beach. Why don’t you girls go introduce yourselves while I sort stuff out in here?” Curious and enthusiastic to meet the final ingredient of their banquet, the girls ran through the house and out onto the patio.

“Oh, hey!” A small figure was waving to them from the sea. The four girls quickly made their way down the ramp onto the sand. The figure came out of the water to greet them. Watching the girl walking up the beach was like watching some mythical sea-goddess emerging from the waves. All four girls understood instantly why Frank was so keen on the idea of eating this girl.

Charlotte’s naked body was a work of art – toned, sleek and elegant without being skinny the way some dancers and gymnasts are. It was almost as if she had deliberately cultivated her prepubescent body to be the finest possible meat. Her long blonde hair was tied in a ponytail and the sun glittered off her dripping form, making it appear like she glowed with a golden radiance. She paused and pushed her hands over her head, squeezing the sea-water out of her hair.

“Hi!” The newcomer grinned. “I’m Charlotte. I hear we’re going to be cooked together tomorrow!”

“Yup!” Melody grinned, stepping forward and holding out her hand. Even as she did so, it felt like an oddly formal gesture under the circumstances but, after all, this was the first time they had met and manners cost nothing. The other girls introduced themselves and Uncle Frank came down the ramp with a sack of charcoal over each shoulder.

“Hey Charlotte!” He smiled happily. “I see you’ve met the rest of the meat!” All five girls giggled. “Did you check out the equipment?”

“Yes, sir!” Charlotte grinned enthusiastically. “It all looks really cool!”

“Oh please,” he smiled, “called me Frank! Okay girls,” he turned to his nieces and neighbours. “Once we get the charcoal in the pits there’s not a lot else we can do until the morning. Charlotte’s going to stay over with us tonight, of course, and Helen and Anna can either stay or go home for their last night, it’s entirely up to them. But for now, why don’t you all go for a swim and get to know each other a little better?”


As the sky began to turn first red then a dark blue, the girls emerged from the sea to find Uncle Frank waiting for them on the beach with fresh towels. He had built a small camp fire a little way down the beach, away from the cooking area for tomorrow’s party and he and the girls settled around it, the girls all wrapped in their beach towels and enjoying the still-warm evening air.

“I know meat girls aren’t supposed to eat the day before they get cooked,” Frank observed, “but I figured there was no harm in a few marshmallows?” He produced a packet and handed them round along with bamboo skewers to toast them on. He also handed out chilled cans of strawberry and lime cider from an ice-packed cooler. The girls were mostly much too young to be drinking under normal circumstances but the alcohol content was fairly mild anyway and he wanted them all to be relaxed and get a decent night’s sleep.

“Hey, look!” Melody held a Marshmallow up in front of her sister and pushed the skewer through it. “It’s you!” All the girls giggled.

“Where does the spit actually go?” Charlotte asked, a litter nervously. While she had no objection to being cooked and indeed was proud that her athletic body had got her invited to this very exclusive party, she had taken no part in the planning and, other than checking out the equipment when she’d arrived, before the others were back from the shops, had no real idea what to expect.

“It can go in the pussy or the ass.” Megan, who was very well-read on the subject, informed her. “Then there’s a little stabiliser thingy that goes in the other hole.” She found that she had really warmed to Charlotte since they had actually met – it was true that the younger girl’s body was a work of art, as if carved out of marble by a sculptor, but she did not seem in any way “full of herself”. In fact, she seemed pleased to be asked to help out by joining the menu at the party. Although she had not said anything about it herself, the fact that her parents seemed very willing to sell her to Uncle Frank and were not even bothered about attending the party to taste her meat suggested to Megan that her home-life was not especially happy. Perhaps, Megan wondered, her fellow roaster had put so much effort into her dance and gymnastics as a way of distracting herself from her unhappy life. Perhaps she was really happy to be cooked not as a treat for her loved-ones as she and Melody were planning, but as a means of escape. She made up her mind to be as kind to her as she could over the next few hours and make sure her last day was a relatively happy one even if the days leading up to it had not been.

“Which are you gonna do?” Charlotte asked, trying to imagine how it would feel having the sharp metal rod forced into either of her delicate openings.

“I want the pole through my ass,” Megan explained, “as I want to be sure someone can enjoy my pussy and I don’t want it to get torn or burned on the metal. Plus I think that hole might be a little bigger. Which way do you want us to do you?”

“Hmm, can I think about it?” Charlotte asked.

“Sure!” Megan grinned.

“What time are you going to start cooking us in the morning?” asked little Anna. Melody took this question.

“The guests are arriving around twelve,” she informed her, “and they’ll be wanting to eat fairly soon after they arrive so I was thinking you appetisers should be starting to cook by ten. Then when they guests arrive, Helen and I will spit Megan and put her on to roast next to Charlotte, who should be close to being done by then and, if you’re ready, get you cut up so Helen can get in the pot and start serving your meat while she cooks.

“Sounds good!” Anna grinned. In truth, she was a little sad about not getting to meet the people who would be eating her but she satisfied herself by imagining how delicious she would be and how much they would enjoy her sweet and tender young meat.

The conversation continued with talk of cooking methods, how they all felt it would feel being cooked and which parts of their bodies were going to taste the best. Everyone, Uncle Frank included, was so absorbed in the conversation that they did not notice the time passing but eventually, seeing that the bag of marshmallows was empty and there were no ciders left in the cooler, Frank glanced at his watch and noticed that it was already a little past 11pm.

“Woah, it got later!” he exclaimed. “You girls have a big day tomorrow, it’s probably time to be getting up to bed!” He pondered for a few moments. “Your parents have probably already turned in for the night.” he reminded Helen and Anna, “Since you’re here this late they’re probably expecting you to spend the night, are you okay with that?”

“Sure!” Helen grinned and Anna nodded.

“Great! Well, as you know girls,” he turned to his nieces, “the bed in the guest-room is a king-size. Think you can all manage sharing it if you top-and-tail? I’ve got plenty of spare pillows!” The towel-clad meat-girls all agreed that they wouldn’t mind sharing the large bed. It was only for one night after all. “Great!” Frank grinned, “You girls head inside, take showers if you want to. There’s the en suite in the guest room, the main bathroom and I don’t mind if someone uses my en suite, just try not to leave the floor too wet, huh? Would be pretty inconvenient for tomorrow’s party if I slip and break my neck on the way to the toilet tonight!” The girls giggled. “I’ll get this fire safely covered over then bring you the extra pillows, okay?” Ever so slightly wobbly on their feet thanks to the fruit ciders, the girls made their way up the ramp to the house. Melody draped her beach-towel over the balcony and the others copied her, following her into the house stark naked.

“We probably should do as Frank says.” Melody remarked to the other girls, taking charge as she was the eldest and it felt appropriate. “Salt water can really dry your skin out and we don’t want to be all flaky and crackly tomorrow, do we?” The other girls conceded. “So there’s three showers and five of us. Should we take it in turns?”

“Why don’t we just buddy up?” Megan suggested, grabbing Charlotte’s hand. “It will speed things up a bit and, well,” she giggled, blushing a little, “make things a bit more fun!”

“Can I go with you?” Anna looked up at Melody excitedly, somewhat in awe of the older girl.

“Sure, if your sister doesn’t mind showering alone?” she looked questioningly at Helen.

“Are you kidding?” The chubby 12yo laughed. “I don’t think I’ve had a bath or shower on my own since she could walk! A bathroom all to myself will be total luxury!”

“That’s settled, then!” Melody grinned, taking Anna’s offered hand. “You can use the en-suite in the guest-room, we’ll use Uncle Frank’s and you two,” she indicated Megan and Charlotte, “can have the main bathroom.”

“Actually,” Megan grinned sheepishly, “do you mind if we use the one in Uncle Frank’s room?” Melody knew her sister well enough to know that she was up to something but knew better than to question her. Plus she was more than happy to be getting the main bathroom rather than a little en suite and had only offered it to the other pair out of politeness.

“Sure!” She grinned, then realised that the neighbours were probably not as familiar with the layout of the house as she and her sister were. “Can you show Megan to the guest room on the way?” Megan agreed happily. “Great!” Melody grinned at the others, “Go have fun, get all the salt off your skin and out of your hair and we’ll meet in the guest room in about half an hour?”


[Edward Hyde]

“I’m glad we got this one!” Anna grinned, walking just ahead of Melody into the main bathroom of Uncle Frank’s beach house.

“Not bad, is it?” the teenager smiled, checking that there were some clean-looking towels on the rack and bottles of shower gel in the shower cubical. “Bigger than the one we have at home anyway, but you should really see the one in Uncle Frank’s house in town. It’s massive and the bath is more like a proper hot-tub! Maybe you can… oh.” She caught herself. Neither she nor Anna nor any of the other girls had any future beyond the next day, apart from possibly as left-overs and possibly a keepsake or two. “Sorry.”

“No worries!” Anna said, brightly. “It’s easy to forget sometimes, huh? You know,” she clasped her hands behind her back, looked down and shuffled her feet a little awkwardly, “your uncle only wanted to buy my sister but I said if he wanted her he had to take me too!”

“Yeah, he mentioned that.” Melody smiled, “He seemed to think you were pretty keen to get cooked and eaten? How come you’d never asked your parents to cook you instead?”

“Honestly, I’d never thought about it until…” Anna exclaimed. “Oh, wait!” she put her hand on Melody’s arm as the older girl went to switch on the shower. “Do you think we can have a bath instead? I’d really like that!”

“Sure!” Melody smiled. “You’re doing me and my sister a big favour after all and we’ve got no other plans for this evening!” She turned on the taps, checked the temperature of the running water with her hand and poured in some bubble-bath which advertised itself as ‘stress relieving and muscle easing’. “So,” she sat on the edge of the bath, “you were telling me what made you want to volunteer?”

“Oh yeah!” Anna grinned, recalling her train of thought and sitting down next to the older girl while they waited for the tub to fill. “Well your uncle came over and was talking to my dad about what you had planned. I wasn’t in the room but I started to come downstairs to get a drink and could hear the voices so I decided to sit on the stairs and listen in and, as I listened I got really excited! I don’t really know how to describe it but it made me feel weird in my tummy and kinda tingly…” she blushed, “…down there, you know?” Melody smiled reassuringly. “Well as I listed I started wishing that I could be cooked for dinner too and started to plan a party like you’re throwing, wondering who I could invited. Anyway, your uncle started moving the conversation towards needing more meat because of all the guests that were coming. I found myself really hoping that he was going to ask for me. When I heard him ask for Helen it was like someone had just given me a massive icecream then knocked it out of my hand!”

“Oh, wow…” Melody put her hand on the little girl’s knee, wondering how she would feel herself if the party tomorrow was suddenly cancelled, if the law got changed over night or something like that and she would have to give up on her dream of being eaten.

“So anyway my dad came out into the hallway to shout for Helen and I pretended I was just now on my way down the stairs and, when she came down, followed her into the living room. The men looked a little nervous or awkward about me being there but pitched the idea to Helen anyway. When she said she was up for it I begged them to take me too. I guess your uncle decided there was no such thing as too much meat and Daddy was pretty pleased with the money he offered him so they both agreed!”

“Well I’m very glad!” Melody grinned, “I’m sure you will be a delicious addition to our menu tomorrow!” She was also intrigued that her uncle had offered generous amounts of money for the extra meat-girls. She had told him that she had a modest budget given by her parents to buy drinks and extras but never once had he asked to be reimbursed for the three girls he had bought to join them on the menu. She felt a warm glow inside at the idea that her beloved uncle was being so supportive of her dream.

“Looks like the bath is ready.” Anna remarked. “You get in first!” Melody stepped over the side of the tub and stretched her shapely legs out, enjoying the caress of the hot water. Anna climbed in after her but instead of sitting on her lap facing the same direction like Melody had expected, the way she had bathed with Megan when they were smaller. Anna straddled the older girl’s thighs and sat facing her.

“These are so nice!” The little girl looked admiringly at Melody’s small but nicely-shaped breasts, cupping them then giving a little squeeze. “Kinda jealous that I’m not going to ever have any. How do you think they’ll taste?”

“Pretty good, I hope, as long as they don’t get over-cooked.” Melody looked down appraisingly at her own chest, “I’ve read that they’re best cooked fairly lightly, like just seared on the outside and fairly raw inside.”

“At least you can warn whoever’s cooking them.” Anna fondled the breasts with a childlike curiosity. “Sorry!” She looked up, blushing a little, “Hope you don’t mind me touching them?”

“No, no, it’s fine!” smiled Melody, “Play with them all you like!”

“What part of you do you think is going to be the tastiest?” Anna asked, still running her little hands all over Melody’s shapely little tits as if committing them to memory, possibly by way of compensation for the fact that she would never have any of her own to play with.

“I don’t know,” Melody replied honestly, enjoying the sensation of the hands on her delicate breasts, especially when Anna’s fingers rubbed across her perky pink nipples. “Maybe my butt? I’ve heard that girl belly is really good too!”

“What about me?” the small girl asked, finally moving her hands away from Melody’s chest and running them down her belly before clasping her own chest where he breasts would be if she had any.

“Which part of you is going to be the tastiest?” Anna nodded. “Well,” Melody grinned, deciding that she was going to give the little girl a special treat for being so willing to volunteer her meat and help out with her party, “you belly looks tasty,” she ran her soapy hands upwards. Anna dropped her hands down to her sides and Melody caressed her chest, being sure to gently rub the little girl’s nipples, “and I’m sure your nipples will be delicious!” She ran her hands down over Anna’s ribs, down behind her back and grabbed her buttocks. “These are nice and firm! I bet they’ll be great!” she then slipped her hands around the front and slipped a finger teasingly between Anna’s smooth, soft lips. “I’d say this is going to be the absolutely best bit of you! In fact,” she bit her lower lip, “I’d like to get a little taste of it myself before we both cook!”


“Do you think your uncle will mind us using his en-suite?” Charlotte asked a little nervously.

“Of course not!” Megan grinned, “He offered, didn’t he?”

“True!” the athletic young girl smiled. “Why did you want this one so badly anyway? Did we get offered the bigger one first?”

“You’ll see!” Megan told Charlotte with a sly smile. “Why don’t you hop in the shower? I have something I need to do first!” With a shrug, Charlotte opened the glass door of the shower cubical and stepped inside. She turned the tap to start the flow and jumped back as the cold water shot out. After a few moments, she stuck her hand tentatively into the spray and decided it had reached an acceptable temperature.

Megan watched until she saw Charlotte step under the water where she’d be unlikely to be able to hear much of what was going on outside and put her plan into action. The first thing she did was gather up all the towels she could find and slipped out to dump them on Uncle Frank’s bed. Then she went to the door of the bedroom that Charlotte had taken care to close behind them when they came in, opened it and called down the stairs.

“Hey, Uncle Frank? Can you come up here a minute?”

“Just a sec!” Frank called back, wondering what the problem was and suspecting the girls were having trouble working the shower or getting it to the right temperature at least. Knowing that he was on his way, Megan left both the bedroom door and the door through to the bathroom open and went to join Charlotte in the shower.

“Here, let me do that for you!” she smiled, taking the bottle of shower gel that Charlotte was about to squeeze into her hand and squeezing it into her own. Charlotte seemed a little unsure. As an only child she wasn’t used to sharing showers and certainly not to being washed by someone else, not since she was very small anyway, but she supposed this was probably normal sisterly behaviour and that Megan was enjoying playing the big sister for once, even if she was only very slightly older.

“You know,” Megan explained conversationally as she moved down Charlotte’s back and began to soap her firm, toned buttocks, “I was kinda jealous at first when I heard you were going to ride the spit before me but then I realised that meant I got to watch you cook, for a while at least! I bet you’re gonna look super hot turning on the spit!”

“Thanks!” Charlotte replied with a little giggle. She was definitely proud that someone had thought highly enough of her body to ask to buy her specifically rather than just asking around for someone with an available girl.

Downstairs, Frank sat back in his chair and sighed, reading the news story on the screen. He checked his phone – it seemed to be the only topic of conversation on social media and he had emails from at least three different official sources, including one marked “High Priority” from the company from which he had hired the cooking equipment. There really was no way he could say he was unaware.

“Well crap…” he rubbed his eyes, knowing he was going to have to tell the girls and that they would most certainly not be happy. “Oh well, best get this over with!” He rolled his chair back and glanced at the glass-fronted wine and beer fridge next to his desk. It seemed well stocked which he considered as blessing as he was fairly sure he was going to need it later! He remembered that Megan had called to him so decided he had better go check on her and Charlotte first, then he could decide how he was going to tell them all the bad news.

At the top of the stairs he saw that his bedroom door was open. He pushed it open a little further and stepped in. The door to the en suite was open too and steam was pouring out. He noticed that all the towels had been piled on the bed, taken from their normal convenient hanging spots around the relatively small bathroom.

Megan had been listening for the door but Charlotte, who had just finished soaping up Megan’s rather chubbier body and finding how much she liked the feeling of caressing her immature curves with her soapy hands, didn’t seem to notice. A few moments later they were both rinsed off and Megan made a show of opening the shower and looking around for a towel. Finding nothing, as she knew she would not, she grabbed Charlotte’s hand.

“Come on!” she grinned at the surprised girl, “Let’s go find some towels. I bet Uncle Frank has one or two in his bedroom!” She practically dragged the dripping and confused Charlotte out of the shower, across the bathroom floor with its pleasant under-floor heating and into the bedroom.

“Hi girls!” Frank was sat on the edge of the bed. He smiled at them. “Looking for something?” He held out towels to both of them. Megan began to dry herself normally but, making it look like an accident, put her foot on the corner of Charlotte’s so her body remained mostly uncovered. All the girls had been naked for most of the afternoon of course, but there was something about the “just out of the shower” look that she really hoped her uncle would enjoy.

“Hey, can you both come sit down for a minute?” he asked and patted the bed. Charlotte immediately came and sat next to him but Megan looked a little worried. There was something in her uncle’s tone that worried her.

“Is something wrong?” she asked with genuine concern.

“Well, kinda.” He admitted. “I really need to talk to all of you. Do you know where the others are?”

“I think so?” Megan replied. Just as she did so, Helen appeared in the door way, wrapped in two towels – one around her body and the other a turban around her hair, looking for the others. Frank beckoned her in and she sat cross-legged on the end of the bed. “Want me to go find Melody and Anna?”

“Please.” Frank smiled, a little sadly. Wrapping herself in her towel for comfort more than modesty since it was lovely and soft, Megan took off down the corridor to find the final two. Since they were still in the bath and having quite a lot of fun, it took them a little longer to arrive but, once they did, they joined the others on the bed, both stark naked and not bothering with a towel. Charlotte was sitting on hers to avoid making the bed soggy but was otherwise similarly bare.

“There’s something I need to tell you all.” Frank spoke gently. The girls all leaned forward, worried. “Early this morning, as far as our time-zone is concerned, a documentary aired implying that the laws that allow cannibalism were actually based on lies and even a murder.” The girls gasped in unison. “Now, I don’t believe for a moment that it’s true but apparently there’s been enough of an outcry that the government have decided to suspend the laws and make cannibalism temporarily illegal again while they have an investigation.”

“WHAT?!” Megan yelled and the others looked horrified.

“So we have to cancel the party?” Melody asked, crestfallen. “Couldn’t we just say we didn’t know? That nobody told you until afterwards when it was already too late?”

“We might have been able to get away with that if it was just a small thing,” Frank sighed, “but with so many people coming, we can’t pretend that nobody knew and I could end up getting in a whole heap of trouble, not to mention everyone else at the party!”

“Is there really no way?” Megan pleaded. “What if we signed something to say we didn’t mind or something?”

“There’s only one caveat that we could maybe exploit.” Frank stroked his chin, “But we’d have to do it pretty much right away now and it would still mess up all the plans you have.”

“What is it?” Helen asked, leaning forward eagerly.

“Well the government have said that if anyone has any girl-meat at home that they’ve already bought or girls that have already been killed, it’s fine to eat those up. So the only way we could serve you girls tomorrow is if I kill you now and say I did it this afternoon once we were done setting up and before the law was changed.”

“I was really looking forward to being cooked alive ‘though.” Megan sulked.

“And I really wanted to see the excitement on people’s faces as they cut bits off me to stick on the grill.” sighed Melody, sadly.

“Well like I said,” Frank explained, “I’m pretty sure this is only going to be a temporary ban so we could always just delay the party until the cooking methods you want are all legal again?”

“I’d probably rather do that.” Megan pulled her knees up under her chin and rested her head on them. “But what about tomorrow with all the guests coming? What do we feed them?”

“Me!” Anna sat up straight and grinned at the others. “You were going to cut me into chunks for the stew anyway so why not do it tonight?”

“You sure?” Melody turned to the small girl. “You wouldn’t mind?”

“Not at all!” Anna giggled, “I’m just looking forward to being eaten!”

“Well if she’s in, so am I!” Helen chimed in. “But if you two are gonna wait until you can be cooked alive, maybe it would be better to cut me up ready for the grill? What do you think? I’m meaty enough, aren’t I?” She hopped off the bed and dropped her lower towel, showing off her freshly-adolescent young body.

“Well, yeah!” Melody couldn’t help but agree. In fact, it seemed like a method that would do justice to her meat far better than boiling if truth me told.

“I’m up for it too!” Charlotte grinned. “After all, how long to girls really live on the spit? Five or ten minutes before they pass out? I’d be just as happy to go on without my head! What do you think? Will there be enough meat for all your guests with the three of us?”

“I guess?” Melody looked uncertainly at Megan who simply shrugged. “Think you can pull it off, Uncle Frank? Kill them now and make it look like you did it earlier?”

“Should be able to.” Frank gave a deep exhale. “Nobody’s been on their phones, have they? Chatting to anyone or using their social media accounts?”

“Not since we were at the shops.” Melody promised. “We left them with our clothes.”

“Good, then it should be doable!” Frank pondered once more. “We should probably do it in the main bathroom, plenty of room in there and easy to wipe clean. Ideally I’d do it in the garage but can’t risk anyone seeing you girls alive outside. Wait here, I’ll go see what tools I have.” He left the room, leaving the girls looking at each other in dismay.

“Well, this isn’t exactly how I thought this evening was going to go…” Megan admitted. “But it certainly sounds like we’re about to have some fun!”


“This is kinda a weird feeling!” Helen flopped down onto the large bed, not bothering with her towel this time, leaving Megan the only girl who was in any way covered. “I knew tomorrow was our last day but suddenly going from, like, fifteen hours to live down to fifteen minutes is quite a jump!”

“I know what you mean.” Melody frowned, looking over to the window with its view of the sea. “I know it’s not quite the same but ever since we started planning this, I’ve not thought of my future extending beyond tomorrow, now who knows what’s going to happen?”

“One good thing, ‘though!” Anna squirmed onto the older girl’s lap and put an arm around her neck, “You get to find out how I taste cooked too!”

“Yeah!” Charlotte agreed, turning to Megan, “And you get to try a slice of my butt that you seemed so impressed with and hungry for in the shower!”

“That’s true!” Melody laughed. “I hope uncle Frank lets me have some, I think he’d keep you all to himself if he could!” Charlotte blushed. “What do you think I wanted us to use this bathroom?” Melody continued with a giggle, “I was trying to set things up to give both of you a bit of a treat!”

“Well,” Charlotte smiled a little coyly, “Frank’s busy but you could still give me a treat if you wanted to?” She inclined her head towards the end of the bed to show that Melody and Anna seemed to have wasted no time in resuming their interrupted bath-tub activities. Anna was sucking on Melody’s left nipple, massaging her right with finger and thumb while her other hand was between the older girl’s legs. Melody had at least two fingers deep inside Anna who humped them greedily, her cute little butt rocking back and forth with Melody’s other hand gently caressing it.

“I’m normally pretty good at taking turns,” Helen pulled the towel off her long, wet hair and crawled slowly across the bed towards Megan and Charlotte, “but it doesn’t sound like we have a lot of time so you think the three of us can fit a whole night’s fun into a few minutes?”

“We can certainly try!” Megan pulled Helen’s face towards her with a finger under her chin and kissed her passionately, at the same time and pushing Charlotte between her legs with a hand on the back of her head. As she explored Megan’s mouth with her tongue, Helen reached between Charlotte’s toned thighs, finding her tight hole wet and welcoming. Charlotte had never gone down on another girl before but understood instinctively what she needed to do. Now that her hands were free, Megan began to massage Helen’s small breast with one and slipped the other one inside her. Soon all three were moaning as they pleasured each other.

After a minute or so, Helen lay back, her head between Megan’s thighs. She tilted her head back and used her tongue on Megan while Charlotte busied herself between Helen’s own legs and Megan massaged both breasts. Charlotte them slid on top of her, rubbing her young body against Helen’s more mature form while she kissed Megan then Helen sat up and pleasured Charlotte with her tongue while Megan knelt behind her and used her skilled young fingers to ensure that Helen’s heart continued to beat hard and fast.

A bag of tools in his hand that he had managed to scrape together from what was in his kitchen and garage, Frank made his way up the stairs and was about to walk back into his room and let the girls know that he was ready but the sounds he caught just before pushing the door told him that they were having quite the party without him. He glanced at his watch. There was no particular rush to get on with the butchering so he decided to leave them to it for a few more minutes. Chucking to himself, he set his bag of butchering tools down and sat on the stairs to wait, occupying himself by reading the varying responses to the sudden cannibalism ban online.

He couldn’t help but shake his head a little and chuckle at some of the pearl-clutching outrage. People who had barely thought about cannibalism for the sixty-plus years it had been legal and, for the most part, had never known a world where it wasn’t a fairly common practice were proclaiming how abominable a practice it was while others were equally vehement in support of the practice, throwing around words like “tradition”, “freedom” and “body-autonomy” around like they were going out of fashion.

After maybe ten more minutes had passed, the sounds from the bedroom stopped and Frank decided it would be okay to go in without risking interrupting their fun. He pushed open the door to see a tangle of sweaty naked limbs and the girls lay, satisfied but breathless in a heap on the bed.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything!” He chuckled. “Looks as if you’ve been having fun anyway! I’ve got the tools to butcher those who are getting butchered tonight, if you’re all still up for that?” The girls gradually untangled themselves and sat up on the bed. There were furtive glances to check that nobody had changed their mind but it seemed that everyone was still up for the plan, even if it wasn’t what they had originally signed on for.

Frank held open the door as the naked girls trooped out and down the corridor to the master bathroom. Melody had taken the plug out of the bath when they left but the haze of steam and pleasant, fresh smell of the bubble-bath still hung in the air.

“So,” Frank set down the bag and began to lay out the tools which consisted of various large knives, two saws and something that looked like a large pair of pliers, “who’s going first?” The three girls who were going to be killed that night looked at each other. Anna slipped her hand into Helen’s and gave a little squeeze.

“Can I go first?” Helen asked, a little nervously, “I know I agreed to all of this before but…” She broke off nervously.

“What is it?” Frank asked, kneeling down in front of her and cupping the side of her face with his hand. “If you don’t want to be cooked that’s fine! It’s totally your choice!”

“Oh no I totally want to get eaten!” Helen assured him hurriedly, rather alarmed at the idea that he might have thought otherwise. “It’s just…” She looked over at her worried-looking little sister. “I don’t want to watch Anna die. So if you do me first, then I won’t have to. If that’s okay with you?” She gave her sister a slightly sad smile.

“Of course!” Anna squeezed her hand tightly. “I’m actually kinda excited to watch so I’d go last if I may?” Frank couldn’t help laugh at how different the sisters were.

“Sure!” He stood and ruffled Anna’s hair. “So I guess Helen goes first, if Charlotte has no problem with that?” Charlotte simply smiled and shook her head. “Great! So, Helen, I think it’s best if you lean over the side of the bath and I can cut your throat and let the blood flow into there. Then we can cut your body up.”

“Actually,” Helen clasped her hands and looked up shyly. “I wonder if you could do some of it while I’m still alive? If I don’t get to live-cook, I at least want to feel what it’s like to be meat!”

“Wow that’s going to be pretty intense and painful!” Frank warned her. “But if it’s what you really want?”

“It is!” She assured him. “It really is!”

“Well okay then, but however much you want it I don’t think you’ll be able to help struggling once I start. Maybe if Melody gets in the bath with you and hold your arms, if you don’t mind, Melody?” The teen stepped forward and held Helen’s hand as she climbed into the bath then climbed in behind her and knelt down before guiding Helen’s head back onto her chest then wrapping her arms through the younger girl’s to hold her, lovingly but firmly.

“Come to think of it,” he glanced around the room at all the naked girls, “this is going to get pretty messy. Anyone mind if I take my clothes off too?” Megan and Charlotte tried not to look too enthusiastic as they agreed. Nobody else had any objection. Quickly, Frank gathered up all the towels and bath-mats and dropped them outside the door then quickly stripped off his own shirt, trousers and, after a moment’s consideration, underwear. As he walked back into the room, every pair of eyes was on his toned torso and fairly large member.

Feeling a little awkward, he selected a kitchen knife and a saw then knelt beside the bath-tub. “Maybe it would be a good idea of Megan went the other side and held her other leg?” he suggested, “I don’t want to get kicked in the face while I’m doing this!” Megan did as she was told, pulling Helen’s leg out of the tub and to the side. Frank grabbed the other and gripped the knife. “Ready?” He asked. Helen nodded. “Wait! One more thing!” He went back out to the landing and pulled the leather belt from his trousers. Returning to the tub, he folded it over and put it in Helen’s mouth. “Bite on this when it hurts. I know the neighbours aren’t that close by but screams would really give the whole game away! Okay? Here we go!”

Using the knife, he cut deep into the flesh of her thigh. The blood spurted out and she bit hard on the belt, involuntarily thrashing about as he had predicted as he circled the bone. Once he had cut all the way around, he took the saw and set to work on her thigh bone. In less than five strokes he was through and her right leg came away in his hand. He handed it to Charlotte who started a little pile inside the shower where blood could easily be washed away.

He paused a few moments, very happy that he had taken his clothes off due to all the blood which now covered him from the chest upwards. As Helen sobbed from the pain, he stood and walked around to the other side. He knew he would have to work pretty fast if she wanted to experience it all before passing out from the blood-loss. Megan stepped aside and let him kneel by Helen’s left leg.

“You sure you want me to do this?” he asked the crying girl. “I can kill you right now if you prefer? Get it over with.” Helen shook her head violently despite her tears. “So I carry on?” She nodded. “Okay, here we go!” Moments later, her right leg was off and the legless girl flipped and thrashed around in the empty tub which was now slick with her bright red blood, like a caught fish dropped out onto the deck of a trawler.

“Arms next!” He told her, removing first her left then quickly afterwards her right the same way he had amputated her legs. Even if he were to walk away now, he was sure she had minutes left to live. By now, Melody was as soaked with blood as he was. “Thank you, Melody.” He smiled, “You can get out now.” The teen stood gingerly, trying not to slip in the blood, allowing Helen’s limbless torso to slide down and lay in the rapidly congealing blood in the bottom of the tub. Before stepping away, she leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek which was salty with her tears.

“Thank you.” She whispered softly, “For everything.”

Helen was too weak to scream now and let the belt fall from her mouth. Frank couldn’t help but notice the deep tooth marks in it and thought it testament to the quality of the leather that she had not bitten clean through it. Kneeling beside the bath, he took the knife and opened her up from groin to sternum then reached inside and pulled out what innards he could, cutting them loose and dumping them in the end of the tub. He was beginning to wish he had put plastic sheeting down but, since the cooking was now going to be less complicated and did not need to be started so early, he was confident his nieces would help him clean up before the guests arrived the next day.

“Okay,” he turned to the girls who were watching in awe and fascination. He could not help notice that Anna seemed to be touching herself watching her sister’s dismemberment and the other girls did not look like they hated what they saw either! “She’s still breathing but she’s not conscious any more. I’m going to cut her throat and leave her to bleed out.”

“Can I do it?” Anna stepped forward a little nervously. “I think I’d like to, like a final goodbye?”

“If you really want to.” Frank was a little uncertain but, having just done what he’d done he couldn’t really shake the “all bets are off” feeling so handed the knife to Anna. She knelt down in front of him and he guided her hand, embarrassed at the way her bare little bottom rubbing against him excited him. He could feel the beginnings of an erection. With Frank’s help applying a little extra pressure, Anna drew the blade across her sister’s throat. There was a bubbly, gurgling sound and the red blood foamed a little around the deep wound but within second, Helen lay still. She was dead.

Quickly, Melody helped Frank carry the carcass to the shower where the other body-parts were stacked. She turned on the shower to rinse the blood off both the meat and herself while Megan used the shower-head mounted on the bath taps to rinse out the tub. The small heap of guts she dumped into the sink. They could go through it later to look for usable offal.

“My turn!” Charlotte practically bounced forward once everything seemed to be reset.

“Right, now we do need to take your head off but I’m afraid I don’t have an axe,” Frank gave a little chuckle, “so I’m going to suggest you kneel over the side of the bath like Helen was going to then I can cut your throat and let you bleed out. Then I can use the other saw to finish taking your head off. Are you okay with that?”

“Sure!” Charlotte grinned. “But I do have a favour to ask!”

“Oh?” Frank asked with amusement, wondering if any slaughter that evening was going to be straight-forward.

“I know you’ve had your eye on me for a while,” she smiled coyly, “and you seem to be a little excited already.” She giggled, looking down at what had blossomed into a full erection at the thought, he was almost ashamed to admit, of cutting her throat from behind. “So I was hoping you’d fuck me and cut my throat when I cum? Would you do that?” Megan grinned and gave the athletic girl a double thumbs-up for asking.

“Well it would hardly be gentlemanly to deny such a polite request from a young lady!” Frank chuckled, not bothering to deny how much the idea excited him. “If you could please take up your position?” He gestured to the side of the bath. Charlotte unhurriedly walked over and knelt down, leaning her slender neck over the side and wiggling her bottom provocatively.

Taking a deep breath, Frank entered her from behind, her tight young pussy wet from excitement and eager to welcome him. He rocked back and forth, in and out, slowly at first then faster and faster. Charlotte’s blonde hair was still in a pony-tail and he grabbed it and began to pull as he rammed harder and harder into the young athlete. Her cries of pleasure grew louder and he felt her body trembling, he knew she could not be far from climax. Holding the blade close to her throat he gave a final, hard thrust and felt her convulse. As she screamed in ecstasy and he exploded inside her, he drew the knife across her throat ensuring that her happiest moment was also her last. As her bright red blood sprayed into the bath-tub, he gently pulled out and, still holding her hair to keep her in place, reached for the saw.

Soon, Charlotte’s pretty head was off and sat on top of the toilet cistern while her body hung by the feet from the towel rack, an old towel bundled up beneath to catch and absorb the last of her blood. This time, all three girls had pleasured themselves to the performance, as evidenced by the smears of other girls’ blood they all had around their smooth young pussies.

“So, I guess it’s your turn!” He turned to Anna, the youngest but also the most aroused of the three. “Any special requests?”

“I’d like Melody to hold me while I die.” She asked a little shyly, “But for it to be quick.”

“I’m sure we can arrange that.” He smiled and gestured to Melody who climbed into the bath-tub for the third time that day and stretched out her legs. Anna climbed in after her and sat on her lap. Knowing exactly what the young girl was hoping for, Melody reached around and began to stimulate her hard, pink nipples with her left hand and slid the other between her legs, sliding her fingers inside, lubricated by the mixture of blood and Anna’s own natural juices. The small girl squirmed and writhed in pleasure, moaning softly.

“Close your eyes, sweetheart.” Melody whispered to her tenderly before kissing her with passion and working her fingers a little faster. Anna did as she was told, loving the feeling of Melody’s tender caress.

Suddenly, there was a flash of burning white pain as Frank quickly drew the knife across her throat but this was quickly superseded by the most intense feeling of pleasure she had ever experienced, which was quite something, coming as if did at the end of an afternoon full of sexual discovery and delight. Anna was not even away of her spirit leaving her body, Melody had ensured that she was already in Heaven!

“You two should probably shower and get to bed.” Frank told Megan and Melody once Anna’s body had been parted out like her sister’s. The final butchering could be done in the morning – it was simply important to make it look as if the girls had been dead since the afternoon. “We have a lot of work to do tomorrow!”

After running up and kissing their still-naked uncle on the cheeks, the girls giggled and ran to the shower which had been cleared of body-parts.

“Oh, one thing?” Melody asked, peeping around the glass door and grinning cheekily. “Can we sleep in your bed with you tonight? This evening’s been pretty… intense!”

“Sure, sweetheart!” He grinned at her, “Whatever you want!” Frank couldn’t help thinking to himself he’d be damn lucky if he got any sleep at all that night as the girls clearly had other activities in mind, yet he was also damn certain that he didn’t care!


The buzzing of the alarm woke Frank at 7am. As he turned to hit the snooze button he was surprised to find something in his way, or rather, someone. Someone soft, warm and naked with a tangle of blonde hair. It took a further second or two to register with his half-asleep brain that he was sharing the bed with his two young nieces, which was the main reason he was feeling so tired now. As he had predicted, their “sleep-over” had involved very little sleeping!

At first the three of them had simply snuggled together in the large bed, discussing the events of the day and the sudden change of plans that had been required then talk moved more specifically the how the three girls they would be serving to their family in the morning had been slaughtered, especially the way he had fucked Charlotte from behind, killing her only when she reached her climax.

“Would you fuck any girl if she was going to be meat?” Megan had asked, running her fingers over his hairy chest, “Or did you just really fancy Charlotte?” He could not deny to himself that her tight, athletic young body had certainly been appealing to him on more than one level but he thought carefully before answering.

Despite the killing and eating of girls as young as six having been legal for far longer than his own lifetime, the laws surrounding sex with young girls were still irritatingly ambiguous. Technically the age of consent was still sixteen and nothing seemed likely to change in that direction any time soon but that law only applied to actual citizens – meat girls, who were technically not classified as human, were something of a grey area with the general consensus being that, as long as they were not distressed or made to suffer unduly, and you did not end up spoiling the meat, pretty much anything was allowed. Consent was still considered important, however, and there had been numerous publicity campaigns over the years reminding the public that meat girls were not sex slaves!

“She was a very attractive girl.” He admitted, “And I’m very much looking forward to eating her but, as far as fucking goes, it was what she asked for and I felt it was only right to give her what she wanted, seeing as how she was doing such a big favour for us!”

“Do you think I’m attractive?” Megan had asked, looking at him with a mixture of nerves and hope in her big dark eyes.

“Of course!” He kissed her gently on the forehead, “You’re both absolutely beautiful!” As he smiled at his younger niece, he had felt Melody’s hand snake around his body from behind and begin first to stroke his manhood then, when it responded to his touch, clasp it and begin to pump it rhythmically. He could feel her small, pert breast pushed into his back. He reached out and ran his hand down Megan’s arm and over her hip.

“Well, technically, we’re still meat-girls!” Megan had reminded him, “And as soon as all that legal mess is sorted out, I’m going to have a spit shoved through my pussy. It’s going to be really tight.” She smiled coyly. “Maybe you could help me out a little? I’m sure you can think of a way to stretch me out a little inside so it won’t be so uncomfortable when my time comes?”

Suddenly, Frank had felt himself pulled onto his back from behind and before he knew it, Melody was on top of him, straddling his belly, the sticky tip of his erect member probing between her butt cheeks.

“Sorry,” she grinned cheekily at her sister who did not seem annoyed but simply giggled, “for once I’m gonna call Big Sister privilege! I get to go first! Unless you don’t want to, huh Uncle Frank?” He looked up at her pretty face framed by the cascade of golden-blonde hair. Her hands were pushing on his chest, holding him down onto the bed. With the ceiling light behind her head giving her a glowing halo she appeared like some kind of angel or goddess.

“Not if it’s what you want!” He had smiled, honestly not quite sure if he was awake or dreaming.

“Hmm, let me see…” Melody had put her finger to her lips and made a show of thinking deeply. “I’m naked, you’re naked, we’re in bed and I’m on top of you. Nope, I don’t want this at all!” She giggled, leaned forward and kissed him with all the passion she had shared with little Anna, lifting her hips as she did so and lowering herself onto his waiting erection. She had ridden him hard and fast while Megan had looked on, her fingers making sure that she would be nicely warmed up when her turn came. As tired and spent as he was from the day’s activities, Frank had been still a fair way from climax when Melody threw her head back and cried out, her sweaty, golden body shuddering from the force of her orgasm. With a sly smile, she had slid off Frank and high-fived her younger sister, tagging her in as if they were a wrestling team. Megan had eagerly climbed on top of her uncle and, although her eyes widened a little as he entered her, she had quickly found her rhythm, rocking back and forth as she heart-rate quickened.

“What are you doing?” She has asked as Melody straddled Frank’s legs behind her and clamped her hands around her neck.

“Trust me!” Melody had whispered, tightening her grip as the young girl rode Frank harder and harder, grinding into him with a desperate ferocity. Frank could not help but worry as he saw Megan’s face turning a deep shade of red, close to purple. Did her sister really mean to choke her to death? But the moment she reached her orgasm, Melody’s hands released and Megan slumped backwards. Melody caught her and gently massaged her chubby little breasts, slowly pulling her off Frank’s throbbing cock.

“Looks like you still need a bit of help?” Melody had gently helped her sister lay down then mounted Frank once more but facing away from him this time, her ass and dripping pussy in his face as she leant forward, using her mouth to finally deliver the orgasm he was so desperately craving. While she did so, he held her round butt in his hands and licked the juices tenderly from her pussy, loving the taste and wondering how much better she would taste when cooked!

After that, the girls had pleasured each other for a time with fingers and tongues and eventually the three of them had drifted off to sleep. Megan, however, had woken twice in the night and demanded another ride on Frank both times while a half-asleep Melody often grabbed his hands and guided them to her intimate areas. Now Frank was waking up finding himself spooning Megan while Melody was draped over him from behind.

“Hey, girls?” He shook them both gently and sat up in bed. They looked at him bleary-eyed, sticky and sore from the night’s entertainment and caked in dried sweat and other bodily fluids. The bed-sheets were definitely going to need changing, Frank thought to himself with a wry smile. “Sorry to wake you so early but we’ve got a lot to do before the guests arrive.”

Slowly, grumbling, the girls woke up properly and sat up, cuddled close to him. It was a strange feeling waking up on the morning of what you had expected to be the last day of your life but was actually going to be a busy day of cooking and hosting!

“Why don’t you two go get a shower?” he suggested. “I need to chop up the meat a little more so no point cleaning up too much until after I’ve done that.” The girls reluctantly slumped out of bed and into the en suite to clean up while Frank simply pulled on yesterday’s jeans and underwear and went downstairs.

First of all, he opened the chest-freezer in the utility room and pulled out first Anna’s headless corpse, then Charlotte’s which lay beneath it, separated by an old sheet so that they would not stick together. Charlotte was going to be cooked whole so he lay her out on the floor, the sheet beneath her, and left her to defrost. Anna was slightly more of a challenge as he needed to further cut her up before putting her in the stew pot. An idea occurred to him. Laying a tea-towel over his shoulder so he wouldn’t burn his skin on the frozen meat, he carried the small body upstairs and laid her in the bath-tub where she’d had so much fun and ultimately met her end the day before. It was the same technique he had seen his parents use to thaw out Christmas turkeys when he was a boy. Making sure the plug was in, he filled the bath with luke-warm water and left the little girl’s frozen carcass to thaw.

Back downstairs, he checked the fridge. The chopped-up pieces of Helen were in there along with all three heads. He had an idea about displaying them for the diners, each one next to where their body was being cooked, so that the guests could see who they were eating. He was pretty sure he had some old cricket stumps somewhere, taller than usual as they were designed to be driven into the sand, that would work pretty well. Whistling to himself, he took one of Helen’s legs out of the fridge and laid it on the chopping board, ready to cut into smaller steaks.

“Hey girls!” He looked up from his work and smiled as his two nieces, still naked but at least now clean, wandered into the kitchen to see how he was getting on. “I’ve been thinking,” he grinned as they took seats at the breakfast bar and watching him deftly slicing the meat, “why don’t you two wear those costumes we got yesterday? If you don’t mind showing off a little, that is!” He winked. “I don’t think those grass skirts would leave much to the imagination, if you know what I mean? Of course you could always wear bikinis underneath but…”

“Nah!” Megan grinned, “If we don’t get to cook, we can at least be basically naked! I like the idea of the costumes ‘though. Sounds fun!”

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Melody asked, still trying to work out exactly what their role was going to be for the day now that they were no longer on the menu. Frank glanced up at the clock on the wall. He was nearly finished cutting up Helen ready for the grill that Melody had hired for herself so it was possible that Anna might be ready by now.

“Go up to the main bathroom,” he suggested, “and see if your little lover has thawed out yet. Bring her down if she has so I can get her ready for the stew!” Melody happily ran off, back up the stairs to check.

“I guess now we’re not being eaten today, we can have breakfast! I know I’m pretty hungry” Megan looked at the pile of freshly-cut meat on the counter. “Do you think we need all that for this afternoon or do you think we can sneak a few slices of belly?”

“I don’t see what not!” Frank grinned. “It’s only fair that we should try the meat before we serve it to our family and friends after all!” He gave a cheeky wink, “Who knows? It might be poisoned or really gross! I’d say it’s our duty to sample it!” Megan giggled happily. “Why don’t you go grab some eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms out the fridge,” Frank suggested, “and I’ll get working on the breakfast of champions!”


Once all the meat was cut and the breakfast of Helen-bacon with scrambled eggs, friend mushrooms and grilled tomatoes had been thoroughly enjoyed, the trio set to work cleaning up the bathroom which, following the events of the night before, more closely resembled an abattoir than any kind of bathroom fit for guests.

“I’m going to need another shower after this!” Melody grumbled as she used the lemon-scented spray to remove an especially stubborn patch of dried-on blood which had somehow splashed as far as the mirror beyond the sink. Frank was certainly happy that he had taken all the towels and mats out of the room before they’d started the butchering.

“I think we all are!” Frank focussed on the splashes that had reached higher than either girl was able to reach. The way Megan was bent over the bath to scrub it clean and Melody was now wiping the floor under the sink, her naked rump sticking up in the air, was quite distracting and, much as he would have loved to continue the activities from the bedroom, he knew that certain tasks were more pressing and needed to be done before the guests started to arrive. At least all the meat was now prepared.

Anna’s carcass had not been entirely defrosted when Melody brought it downstairs but with a bit of extra effort he had been able to cut her up sufficiently. The pieces didn’t need to be as neat as those of Helen as they were destined for the stew pot and therefore would not be subject to individual inspection. The small girl’s bones would also go in the pot along with those of her sister. The chopped stew-meat was currently resting in three large tupperware containers in the fridge alongside the clingflim-covered trays on which the Helen steaks were layed out. Charlotte’s body was still complete, with the exception of her head and innards, and lay in the utility room thawing out. Frank had opened up her firm belly and removed the offal before placing her in the freezer.

A pleasant cooking smell was seeping its way around the house, not only from the Helen bacon but from the chopped hearts, kidneys and liver which were stewing in a pan on the stove, ready to be minced up and mixed with breadcrumbs and herbs for stuffing to go inside Charlotte. Although cooking all the girls alive would undoubtedly have been more entertaining, it actually seemed like pre-butchered meat was actually going to provide a better meal. Frank decided not to mention this to his nieces, however, as they were still adamant they wanted to be cooked and butchered alive when their time came.

The bathroom had been hard work but, thanks to the pretty good cleaning products Frank had on hand and the fact that there were three of them working together, did not take too long and within an hour they were done. Fresh towels were hung up on the rack and Frank opened a new air-freshener to mask any lingering slaughter-house smell that might still be in the air. Although the girls were keen to shower off and very keen on the idea of Uncle Frank joining them as they did so, he suggested that they should get everything ready first, that way they would know how much time they had left for fun before the party. Grudgingly accepting that he was right, the girls followed him back downstairs to the kitchen where they had quite a lot of fun using the food-processor to make the stuffing which they then packed into Charlotte’s body. Once all the stuffing was in, Frank forced the two sides of her belly together and stitched them shut with metallic fishing line which would not melt and spoil the meat. Seeing the headless Charlotte laying on her back, stuffing-filled pot-belly sticking up, Megan began to giggle.

“I bet that’s the first time she’s had a fat belly since she was a toddler!” she laughed, patting her own fairly ample midriff. “I hope she doesn’t mind!”

“I bet she just wants to be as delicious as she can be!” Melody grinned, running her hands over the stuffed belly and wondering how it would be when roasted. Their sample of Helen’s meat at breakfast had given them quite an appetite and, now that her own cooking had been postponed, Melody was quite keen to fill her belly until it was fit to burst with delicious meat from the other three girls.

“What do you think Mum and Dad are going to think about all this?” Melody asked, standing with her back to the counter and resting her elbows on it, giving Uncle Frank a very good view of her nearly-fifteen year old body. “I’ve never heard them say they’re against eating girls,” she pondered, “but they never seemed that interested in it either.”

“I think they’ll enjoy it just fine!” Frank grinned. “I’m more surprised that we’ve not had ten phonecalls from your mum already checking that everything is in hand! I guess she trusts me to be a responsible adult or something!” All three chuckled. Frank may have taken far more care of them than a typical babysitter would be expected to but he had also arranged the extra meat for them, taken them shopping to get the other bits and pieces they needed and generally helped out in every way without stepping on their toes or taking over their projects.

“Right,” Frank glanced at his watch, “two hours until party-time. I guess that means we need to start the cooking in about half an hour. Why don’t you two go get cleaned up and put your costumes on? I need to find some more suitable party clothes too!” Although he had thrown on an old shirt so he was no longer only wearing jeans, Frank was still far from ready to play host, even in a background way.

“You need a shower too, Uncle Frank!” Megan took his hand playfully and began to pull him towards the stairs.

“That’s right!” Melody took his other, “You can’t greet our guests all dirty and smelly! We’re going to be looking our best so you need to too!”

“Okay, okay!” Frank laughed, allowing himself to be led by his two naked nieces. “But we really do have to keep an eye on the time! It would be a bit embarrassing if people started showing up and we had no food for them! Or worse, that we weren’t ready to meet them because we were too busy playing in the shower!”

“Why, Uncle Frank!” Melody looked over her shoulder at him and pulled a shocked face. “Whatever do you mean? We just think you need to get clean before the guests arrive, it’s only polite after all! Neither of us said anything about playing! That thought must have come right from your own head!”

“We wouldn’t dream of making you do anything you didn’t want to!” Megan assured him with a giggle, running her free hand over his denim-clad bottom and liking the feel for the firm muscle beneath. “But I guess, now we’re not being cooked, we’re going to have to go home with Mummy and Daddy after the party.”

“That’s right!” Melody agreed cheekily. They had arrived at the door to Frank’s bedroom. Frank found his hands released then the front of his shirt grabbed roughly as Melody pulled him in for a rather forceful kiss. “So if there’s anything private you want to… say to us,” she licked her lips teasingly, “you’d better do it now before they arrive!”

She practically pulled him into the bedroom, Megan following close behind and closing the door behind them. Once inside, Frank allowed himself to be pushed down onto the bed. Melody straddled him, crawling forward until her face was level with his before kissing him again. She then sat up and tore his shirt open. Frank was rather glad it was an old one as buttons went flying and there was a distinct ripping sound and she worked her way down, not that he was complaining of course. Reaching his waste, she unbuckled his belt and opened the fly of his jeans before lifting herself up a little so Melody, standing between his feet, could pull them down.

“Fair’s fair!” Melody leaned in close again, her young breasts pushing against his chest. “I got to go first last night so it’s Megan’s turn now.” She kissed her own index finger then pressed it to his lips. “Just make sure you save some for me! That breakfast has given me a lot of energy I want to work off!”


After the girls had taken exactly what they wanted from Frank and given him a fair few treats of his own, the three finally made it into the shower. Time was ticking down very rapidly so, for once, they simply washed and rinsed off.

“Do you think Helen’s costume is going to fit me?” Megan asked as the girls were drying and moisturising themselves in the bedroom and Frank, the only one of the three intending to wear actual clothes for the afternoon, rummaged through his wardrobe looking for a shirt and trousers that struck just the right “made an effort without being too fancy” note.

“There’s really not a lot to it!” Frank chuckled. “I don’t think they came in different sizes, it’s just an elasticated grass-skirt and some garlands of flowers.” Megan nodded slowly, glancing at herself in the full-length mirror and hoping people would think she looked pretty in next-to-nothing beside her more conventionally attractive sister.

While the girls had been unpacking and sorting through the salad, bread, sodas and other sundries they intended to be served with, Frank had taken the bag from the party store up to his room for safe-keeping. He rummaged under the bed and pulled it out. It contained two identical sets consisting of grass-skirt, flower garland and flower crown.

Having brushed and blow-dried their hair, both leaving their golden-blonde locks loose and flowing, the girls excitedly tried on the costumes. Somehow, Frank thought, the partial covering made them look more naked than when they had stepped out of the shower. There was something tantalising about the way certain parts of their lovely young bodies were only visible at certain angles or when they moved a certain way.

“Two perfect tropical beauties!” Frank grinned at them, buttoning his light-blue shirt. “Shall we go and check on the beach?” He buckled his sandals and led the way downstairs, the girls following barefoot behind him. The equipment set up on his private stretch of beach the evening before had not been disturbed. After checking that everything was in place, he helped the girls to light the gas under the stew pot and the charcoal under the spit and grill. Megan looked quite sad as he helped her dismantle the frame she had expected to be strapped to for her live butchering but he promised that he would keep a note of the site and rehire the equipment when it was needed. The same went for the second spit now that they only had Charlotte to cook.

Remembering his thought from earlier that morning, Frank searched in the long wooden trunk under the stairs linking his house to the sandy beach, the trunk where he kept games, a small barbecue grill and anything else that might be needed on the beach under normal circumstances. At the bottom, under assorted debris, some of which he could identify and some he could not, he found the three over-sized cricket stumps.

“What are those for?” Megan asked as he walked back over, brandishing them proudly.

“I thought your guests would like to see who they’re eating!” he explained with a grin before driving one deep into the sand next to each cooking set-up. He quickly climbed the steps back up to the house and returned with a large plastic sack. As the girls watched with amused grins, he produced the heads of the three meat-girls and rammed them onto the posts next to where their respective bodies would be cooked. Melody giggled, thinking that this was probably the cannibal equivalent of the little flags she had seen stuck into sandwiches and sausage rolls at fancy parties to let people know exactly what they were eating.

The next fifteen or twenty minutes was spent with multiple trips up and down the steps, back and forth to the beach-house kitchen. Eventually a delicious-looking spread of salad, bread rolls and potato-chips was set out on a long trestle-table along with paper plates, disposable biodegradable plastic bowls and picnic utensils. A smaller table stood empty, ready to receive the tray of Helen-steaks.

“Guess it’s time to get things started!” Frank glanced at his watch, seeing that guests would start arriving in less than half an hour. Deciding that it would be easier and more hygienic than trying to spit Charlotte down on the beach, he carried the spit over his shoulder, up to the kitchen where the athletic young girl’s headless body still lay on the counter. The one benefit to spitting live girls, Frank was aware, was the natural lubrication they provided, allowing the spit to slide quite easily into their vagina. In the absence of that, Frank massaged a liberal amount of cooking butter into Charlotte’s tight pussy, making the path of the spit that much easier. Once it was all the way through, the anal stabiliser was fitted and her hands and feet secured.

While Frank was working on the spitting, Melody and Megan had been chopping vegetables ready for the Anna stew. Once they were ready, Megan gathered them into a large basin to carry down to the beach while Frank and Melody carried Charlotte between them.

The spit-mounts were fitted with a motor and, once the occupied spit was in place, Frank flipped the switch and Charlotte’s luscious young, stuffed body began to turn over the coals while her pretty head seemed to watch, a cheeky smile still playing around her pale lips.

Two more trips to the kitchen later, the stew-pot contained all its ingredients and the table next to the grill bore a tray of steaks of varying sizes and shapes, ready for the diners to make their selection. The trio exchanged a group hug for support and waited excitedly as the first cars began to pull up in front of the house.



No, thank you. For some reason the Pastebin curator who saved most of the stories had uploaded that one but not this first one - maybe he only collects strictly cannibal stories? :-)

Hope you like today's additions btw


First time posting here.
I had really bad luck finding these stories on my own so maybe someone here will be able to help me.
I am actually looking for three stories but I am pretty sure they were all written by the same person and were on adult-fanfiction for a while.
One was about a female Drow spy getting nearly caught by her enemies so she played being dead. She hoped that the guys she was spying on wouldn't hurt her that way. Unfortunately for her, they had an ogre (?) with them who knew he could only have sex with dead people because otherwise he would just kill them during the sex and his handlers didn't want that. Sex with corpses was alright though. So he saw the Drow,thought she was dead, had sex with her and she was impaled on his cock and died. Because he was quite stupid he never realized the Drow was still alive at first.
The second story was about an elf princess who had to marry some guy. Unbeknownst to her that guy was actually a werewolf who raped and killed her and her servants on the way to his castle. I think he was daunting her and told her that he never wanted peace with her kingdom.
The third story was about this world where young girls were eligible to become girlmeat once they turned 18. I think it was called something like "Stacy's Barbecue" and Stacy, just turned 18, actually gets chosen so she decides to do the whole barbecue thing with her family and her boyfriend. I remembered that she had sex with her boyfriend and father before the barbecue. She gets spitted while alive and narrates the whole process.

I hope someone can help me.

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