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On John's browser there was a new message from one of the ads that he had posted on those internet classifieds. These ads were for an adult modeling gig, placed in various cities, not his own. It read,

Hello sir, my name is Amy Beth, and I am interested in the modeling gig. I actually live in a small town about 60 miles from Miami. Attached are some pictures of me. I hope this will be just the thing I need to get out of this nowhere town and on my way to becoming a star.

The attached pictures were of a blonde girl with a baby doll face, smallish breasts, and a bit of a butt. John liked what he saw, and thought to himself, this was going to be fun. He immediately began planning his trip to Florida.

John opened his laptop to reply to Amy.
I'll be flying in to Miami tonight. I hope you’re ready for filming tomorrow. I've rented a location for the shoot. Its an old warehouse, I'm attaching a map so you know where it is. See you tomorrow.
He sent the message off into the void of the internet, before closing the laptop. He laid back in the motel bed, anticipating the events of the next day.
Though he told Amy that he was flying in tonight, in reality, he had been in town for the better part of a month, scouting out locations, buying and assembling his equipment. The last thing to do was to book his train back home, before the fun began.

Amy Beth opened the email from the man that she hoped would help propel her to stardom. She couldn’t help but feel excited and nervous at the same time. She loved sex, so much so, that she wouldn’t keep a high school boyfriend, moving on to the next guy once she was bored. She had never been filmed before, and that was, she assumed, the source of the butterflies in her stomach. John had been telling her that this would be a BDSM shoot, and that the genre was gaining traction in the industry due to a certain series of books and film. She had tried being tied up before, and rather enjoyed it. This was going to be a breeze.

It was still dark out when John arrived at the abandoned warehouse. Checking his watch, it looked like he had a few hours until Amy was to arrive. He spent the time adjusting lights, testing the AV equipment, and generally making sure he got everything the way he wanted it.

The time flew by for John, and before he knew it, there was a knock from the outside. Well shit, he thought, was it that time already? He opened the rusty door revealing the young blonde girl. She wore a plaid blue, long sleeve shirt, tied at the waist, that revealed the white wife-beater tank top underneath. Skin tight Daisy Duke jeans adorned her legs, while she stood in white sneakers. “You must be Amy.” he greeted her.
“Yes, I must be.” She replied, snark in her voice.
“Right this way.” John locked the door, and showed her towards the set he had prepared. “Please have a seat on the on the crate. We'll begin shortly.”

Amy took her seat on the crate, and began to look around impatiently. It had already been a long morning for her. She had gotten up at 3 a.m. to primp, she needed to look good, this was her debut after all. She began to notice the rusted metal of the neglected equipment, the various chains and pulleys that were suspended from the high ceiling, the lights and recording equipment making up the makeshift set, then, a few things caught her attention. Off to the sides of what made up the set, were a couple of black sheets, each covering something, one apparently twice as tall as the other.

“Okay!” John announced, “We're ready to get started.” He hit the record command on his laptop. “And, we're rolling.” Turning to the blonde, “Welcome, could you please tell our audience, your name, age, and why we're filming today?”
“Hello, my name is Amy Beth, but everyone just calls me Amy. I'm 18 years old, just graduated from high school, and I'm here today, because its my first film. I'm going to show you all a really good time.”
“Excellent, lets get you into your first outfit then begin.”

The outfit that had been selected for the first scene consisted of a Stetson-style hat, a red leather collar with several D-rings, a two piece American flag bikini, and red stilettos. While Amy was getting changed, John removed the black sheet covering the smaller of the two objects, a wooden BDSM sawhorse. A sturdy looking thing, it had four solid legs, a pair of rings on either end of it, and the wedge was capped with what looked like sheet metal, riveted into place. “Come and pose for a few photos before we have you take your ride.” he instructed.

Amy finally got a look at what was under one of the sheets, and it didn’t look like it would be comfortable at all. She took a deep breath, then stepped in front of the horse, posing as seductively as she knew how to. She tossed the hat away, before slowly undoing the bikini top. Next came the bottom, she faced away John, spread her legs a bit and bent over at the waist. Pulling the strings on either sides of her hips, she undid the knots holding the material in place, and let it fall to the ground. After several more poses, John stopped snapping pictures and came back with a length of rope, and proceeded to bind the girl's hands and arms behind her back, before picking her up and placing her on the horse.

She felt the cold steel on her bare slit as she was placed on the horse. A moan of discomfort escaped her lips as she sat straddling the wedge. John bent the teen's legs back and bound her ankles to her thighs, insuring that Amy would not be able to reach the ground. Next, he retrieved a leather flogger, and ran it over her bound thighs, before bringing it across the girl’s chest. ‘fwap' The heavy leather straps stung the pair of young tits and Amy let out a bit of a yelp that was part surprise, part pain. As John continued to lash the blonde's tits, her moans got more and more pronounced, soon her breasts had turned beet red. Amy's was breathing hard, trying to catch her breath while John stopped to get another length of rope. He came back and passed it through the front loop of her collar. He pulled the girl slightly forward, and a deep groan escaped her, as her weight shifted, so that she was placing her weight directly on her pussy. Next, he tied the rope to the front of the horse, holding her in position.

John walk around back of the girl, before sending the leather strips into her rear. She yelped in a bit of pain and jumped. That was bad news for Amy, as she was caught by the hard metal edge of the horse. Over and over, the leather bit in to the girl's ass, each blow with increasing force. With her butt an angry red, John stopped, and just filmed the teen for a few moments before turning off the camera.

He unbound the blonde and helped her off of the wooden horse. “Oh my god,” Amy muttered, “that was way more intense than I expected.”
“How are you feeling?”
“Everything just feels… sore.”
“Relax a bit, while I prepare the next scene.”

Amy went over to a waiting chair and tried to get a bit of rest. Her breasts and butt both felt like they were burnt, but her cunt was still in the most pain. She watched as John moved things around to set up the next scene. A wooden chair was being bolted to the floor, and a rolling table was brought out. John called out to the teen, “When you're ready, change into the next outfit I've prepared for you, then have a seat and we'll continue.”

About 20 minutes pass before Amy got up to get dressed. All the outfit was, was a white, lace, side tie panty. Her heeled feet stepped into them before she pulled them up. With that done, she made her way over onto the set. Sitting down she waited as John began to bind her to the chair.

He looped a rope under the girl's arms a few times before securing it to the chair back, forcing her shoulders back, and in turn, her breasts out. Next John bound the girl's forearms together, her elbows bent in a 90 degree angle. He passed another rope under the chair and over the teen's thighs several times, before cinching it down. Moving the wheeled table, he placed it in front of Amy, over her legs. Next, he placed several boards on the table, until they were at breast level. John then started the cameras recording.

John retrieved a pair of rat traps from his bag, and brought them over to the table. Amy's eyes widened in terror as she noticed the traps. “This scene is called ‘The Nipple Trap'.” explaining as he set the pair of traps and set them down.

“Oh my God, what are you doing?” Amy asked, panic clearly in her voice. John slid the trap into position, the teen's pink nipples were now resting in the kill zone of each trap. As he split a set of chopsticks, “I'm sure you've already figured it out.” a sadistic smile appeared on the man. “No, please don’t!” She desperately begged.
“Please don't what?” he asked mockingly, “I have no idea what you don’t want me to do.”
“I'll do anything you want! I promise! I’ll suck your cock, you can fuck my ass, please! Just don’t crush my nipples in those traps!”
“What I want right now, is to watch your face contort in pain and hear you scream, when those traps snap shut.”

John placed the first half of the chopstick on the trigger, and paused there for a moment. Amy had turned her head away and shut her eyes tight in anticipation of the pain to come. When it didn't, she opened her eyes and looked down at her breast. “SNAP” The teen saw stars in a flash of pain and began to thrash desperately, howling in agony and trying to back away from the table holding the other trap, a futile effort. Eventually, the pain subsided and Amy calmed down. “One more to go.” John announced, “We wouldn’t want your other titty to get jealous from missing out on the fun!” The teen once again turned away and braced herself, but this time, he didn’t hesitate. “SNAP” Amy's screams once more filled the abandoned warehouse, as she thrashed about again.

Once the pain had come down to more manageable levels, Amy sat and whimpered as tears began to stream down her cheeks. John took hold of the traps and yanked them away from girl, who yelped as they came free. Now done with the table, he rolled it away, off camera, before moving over to the second item covered by a sheet. The teen finally got a look at what was under the sheet, a table that was in a vertical position, the table top looked like an inverted “T”, with leather restraints hanging off the edges.

Amy did not like the look of that table. All she wanted to do at this point, was to just go home. “Lets get you out of that chair so you can relax a bit before the next scene.” John told her as he began to untie the ropes binding her to the chair.

Once freed, Amy took off running straight for the exit. She futilely tried to turn the locked knob, when John slammed into her. Quickly, he slipped his arm under her chin, and put her in a choke hold. A minute later, she slipped into unconsciousness.

Amy groggily awoke to find herself laying on her back, looking up at the high ceiling and bright lights beaming down on her. As she tried to sit herself up, she found that her arms were bound above her head. Her senses slowly coming back to her, she then realized that her legs were spread uncomfortably wide. Suddenly she remembered where she was. The panic quickly returned when she realized that she was strapped into that inverted “T”. “Oh my god! Please let me go!” she shrieked, “I just want to go home!”
“Ah, you're awake.”
“Please, let me go. I don’t want to be a part of this anymore.” Tears started to well up in her eyes. “What will it take for you to let me go?!” she pleaded.
“What could you possibly offer me that would be worth letting you go?”
“I don't know, I could get you money, I could suck you off, you could fuck me..”

John cut the girl off, “Your offers aren't that different from last time, and that didn't appeal to me then.” He wiped away a tear from the teen's face with the back of his finger. “No, I like to break pretty things, and my patrons enjoy watching me break them. And you, my dear, are very pretty.” In that moment, John could see the hope fade from Amy's eyes.

The girl started sobbing uncontrollably. “I'm going to die, I'm going to die…” she began muttering to herself.

“Oh, I'm not going to kill you,” John said, trying to be soothing, “at least not if you be a good girl and cooperate.” She looked up at him again, trying to decide if should she let herself hang on to a hope that she would survive.

“I'll make a deal you,” he continued, “all you have to do, is read the lines on the cue cards when I tell you to, and I'll make sure you survive this ordeal. I'll even call for aid on your behalf.”

Realizing that this was the best that that she could get, and her only real chance at survival, Amy quickly nodded her head in agreement.

“Excellent! Let's begin.” He pressed a switch on the side of the table, and the head began to elevate. When he was sure that the teen could see the camera's in front of her, he stopped, leaving her at an incline of about 30 degrees, then went over to start the recording.

The cameras came to life, all trained on the young blonde laying on the inclined table, her legs strapped wide open. John walked on to the set and turned to address his audience behind the lenses.
“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this installment of our Pussycution series. It is my privilege to present, to you all, this episode's victim, the pretty Amy Beth, and her 18 year old pussy!” he undid the bows on the lacey underwear and dropped the front, before pulling it away and tossing it off set. Under the hot lights, her sex was on full display to the unblinking eye of the cameras. “As a reminder, we are filming today in multiple views.” He continued, “First, we have the full body cam. You will be able to see every inch of our lovely victim. Second, we have the face cam. You will be able to see every twinge of pain, and every tear that trickles from her eyes. And last, the fan favorite, the pussy cam. A close up view of Amy's, soon to be not so pretty, pussy. All cameras , of course, are recording in glorious high definition, to capture every last detail, for your maximum enjoyment.” He looked down at Amy, “Is there anything you'd like to say to your admirers?”

Fear was clearly evident in Amy's voice as she began to say the lines her captor has prepared…
“Thank you all, for tuning in to witness my Pussycution…
I would like to ask you all to take a long, last look at my doomed pussy…
It won't ever be the same again…
Please enjoy yourselves, and cum a lot, while my pussy is destroyed for your viewing pleasure.”
By the time the teen got through the lines, the tears were freely flowing from her eyes.

While the camera's got their fill of the pussy about to be sacrificed, John went to gather the tools for the first part of the horrible show he had planned. He returned to the set and opened a small jewelry box, and showing a small captive bead ring, a diamond was imbedded in the bead and it sparkled brilliantly under the bright lights. He set the open box down on the teen's stomach, facing the camera. Next he produced a pair of large binder clips and clipped them on the helpless Amy so that they would pull the hood away from the girl’s clit, exposing the milky pink nub to the cameras. Next, out came a piercing needle, which he touched to the side of the sensitive little piece of flesh, before slowly skewering it. The teen screamed in agony as the cold steel pushed through her. John slid the ring into place and installed the gleaming bead. “All dolled up for the end.” He remarked, as he pulled out a modified clover style clamp. Instead of the contacts being flat, John had filed them down to a dull edge. Tugging on the ring, he stretched her nub a bit before attaching the modified clamp between the ring and the rest of her pussy. Amy moaned from the dull pain from the squeezing of her little bundle of nerves. Finally, he attached the end of the clamp to a chain suspended from the inky blackness beyond the bright lights. The ring was now being pulled upwards, stretching the blonde's clit. John then left the stage to get the next tool.

Returning to the stage, John had a large dildo in his hand, as he moved towards the girl, it shimmered under the bright stage lights. Showing it to both Amy and the camera, he began to explain, “This device is named ‘The Evicerator'. Normally, this would be more than enough to fill up any woman and bring her to ecstasy. However, we've altered its function by adding a new feature.” Amy's eyes opened wide in horror as she was able to get look at what made the Eviscerator shimmer in the light. “Dozens of sharp needles, all angled downward toward the base.”

John began to work the head of the Eviscerator along Amy's slit. Her body eventually began to betray her, as the stimulation coaxed her juices out in anticipation of something wonderful. Then, he slid the cruel dildo in and Amy whimpered in fear. As he began to pull the phallus out, he could feel the resistance as the needles began to bite into the teen's flesh. She began to moan in pain as the spikes slowly began tearing her inside. It wasn't long before blood began to appear, and spurred on by this, John increased the vigor of his thrusting. Amy's moans of pain quickly changed to screams of agony. The more she was violated by the cruel device, the harder she clamped down on it. “Let’s make sure we get every inch of you.” John said laughing sadistically, before beginning to twist the Eviscerator. Amy could have sworn that the torture being inflicted on her was lasting for hours, but only a few minutes had passed. Once convinced he had thoroughly scoured the teen inside, he pulled the dildo out and held it up to show the pussy gore hanging on the spikes, blood dripping off and onto the floor. “Pretty little Amy will, most likely, never be able to use that ruined fuck hole without pain ever again!” he announced, as the blonde just sobbed. Her only consolation was that she thought her ordeal was over.

John brought out the next tool, a simple looking riding crop. Once Amy realized that there was more pain to come, she began to shake in fear once again. That thing doesn't look nearly as bad as that last one. She thought to herself.

“We've ruined this pretty pussy inside,” he started, “time to make sure that the rest of that pussy matches!” a big smile appeared on his face as he walked over to the girl. “This riding crop seems normal, from this side, but” he turned it over to show the barbed spikes on the opposite side. “I've installed fishing hooks in it!” Amy shook her head, she wanted no part of that thing. “Now,” he continued, “its time to turn what's left of this pussy, into ground cuntburger!”

He raised the crop high in the air, before bringing it crashing into Amy’s helpless pussy. She yelped in pain as the leather impacted her. John let go of the crop, letting it just hang by the barbed spikes for a few moments before taking it in hand once again. Slowly lifting it up and away, the barbs began to tear as the teen moaned in painful protest. He continued to strike then pull away slowly, each time, bloodying her sex more and more. Soon he increased his pace, and the warehouse was filled with the sound of the wet impacts of the crop, and Amy's pain wracked screams. The barbed spikes shredding tender pussy flesh. 70, 80, 90 times the crop landed in the mess of blood and gore. Once convinced his job was done, John presented the gore riddled crop to both the cameras and Amy. “One order of freshly ground cuntburger.” He announced, laughing sadistically again.

I'm totally ruined, she thought, what more could he possibly do to me? Amy couldn't imagine any more horrible things to happen. This was not a problem for John, for he had one more thing in store for his victim.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, and especially Amy,” he began once again, “may I direct your attention to the bundle of weights I have suspended in the back. I have 300 pounds of weights suspended in that bundle. That bundle is attached to the chain holding the clamp on our victim's clit. When I release the weights, normally, the clamp would just slide right off, however, the ring will prevent that from happening and Amy will have that little clit torn out.” Laughing, he turned back to the wreck of a teen on the table. “We're almost done,” with a Cheshire grin on his face, “now, just look into the camera, and in a loud, clear voice, say ‘goodbye' to your clit.”

There were tears streaming from Amy's eyes. His promise that this ordeal would be soon over held comfort, but the knowledge of the horrible thing about to happen was petrifying. She took several deep breaths to try and coax the words out of her mouth, but shook her head as she couldn't. “We're not going anywhere until your pussycution is complete.” She took a deep breath, looked right into the camera, “Goodbye my clit!”

John released the weights, 300 pounds versus Amy's clit possibly the most mismatched tug-of-war of all time. Crashing to the ground, while the clamp was sent skyward, Amy screamed and thrashed as her nub was brutally ripped out.

Once the girl stopped her trashing, John collected the riding crop and the Evicerator. He placed them in a ‘V' on Amy's chest, her pussy gore still hanging on some of the spikes. Next he collect the teen's newly severed clit, hanging from the clamp above. He placed it in the middle of the ‘V', the diamond imbedded captive bead ring still attached. John lifted her head from the table and pointed her tear soaked face at the camera. “Smile for your fans.” He whispered before announcing, “18 year old Amy Beth, your pussycution is complete!” In a stupor from the torture, she unconsciously followed John's order, and smiled for the cameras.

Having completed his task, John picked up the captive bead ring and placed it in a vile to keep the attached clit fresh. Next he gathered up the laptop with the video data and packed it away. Finally he pulled out a cell phone and dialed 911, and dropped it next to Amy's head. “I’ve got to run doll, don't want to miss my flight.” He exited the building, got into his rental car, then proceeded to the train station.

In a cabin, in the middle of the woods, on the side of a mountain, in the middle of nowhere, there is a glass case that is illuminated by bright lights. On the top shelf, there is a Blue-Ray case titled “The Pussy-cution of Amy Beth” on the left of it, a picture of the young blonde in the American flag bikini, and a picture of her exposed pussy, prior to its demise. On the right, a picture of the teen's tear filled eyes as she looked at the camera while the tools and her severed clit rested on her chest, and a picture of her bloody, ruined hole. And in front of the Blue-Ray, in the center of the shelf, in a clear acrylic cube, sat the captive bead ring, with Amy's severed clit still attached.


I'd like to thank Astrid P. and others for helping me write this story. This was my first real attempt at writing, I hope its guro enough for you all. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged, as I would like to improve myself.

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