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I've been writing breast-destruction guro stories for ages now but have recently been trying my hand at some evisceration action too.

...which is something that can be found in a fair number of my stories, but this is the first to really focus on it.



Sarah's eyes bugged as she stepped through the door and into a party that was absolutely packed with toned, and nearly-naked, beauties.

Not just toned, her brain added as she ogled, these babes are fucking ripped!

Sarah blushed as a busty blonde beauty with a smoking six-pack caught her staring and grinned at her.

"Sorry... I totally didn't mean t-*Glomph!*" Sarah's embarrassed apology was cut short as the fit beauty locked lips with her.

"Oh please, stare away." The blonde beauty purred as she guided one of Sarah's hands towards her toned abs.

"Oh wow..." Sarah breathed, voice trailing off as she caressed the fit blonde's rock-hard abs.

"Mmm... I love when a babe puts her hands on my bod." The blonde purred, wriggling her hips and licking her lips as she stretched her toned form and let Sarah explore it.

"And what a bod!" Sarah exclaimed, feeling a warm rush at having the toned blonde's hard body pulled tight against her own fit form.

"Mmm... I'd love to have you enjoy it." The toned blonde replied, biting her lip as Sara groped her.

Not believing her luck as she pulled the fit blonde close, Sara locked lips with the beauty and was amazed at the girl's hungry ferocity.

Sarah moaned with pleasure as she groped and squeezed the hardbodied blonde - from her ripe breasts to her sculpted six-pack and the lengths of her toned thighs.

Before Sarah knew it, she was on top of the blonde on a couch and grinding against her - both of them writhing passionately as they kissed and groped each other.

"Grrr... Girl you're delicious. I want to bury something in you!" Sarah growled, thinking back to the strap-on she had, tragically, left at home.

"Oh yes - do it!" The hardbodied blonde urged, eyes alight with hungry need as she stretched her toned body out long & lean to present her six-pack abs to Sarah.

"Sorry babe, I didn't bank on getting lucky so I left my toy at home." Sarah replied.

To Sarah's surprise, there was a tap on her shoulder and a slim blade thrust in front of her face - offering it to her.

"Wh-what?" Sarah muttered, surprised at the interruption.

"Oh yes!" The fit blonde gasped, nipples surging eagerly at the sight of the blade.

"Wh-what?" Sara exclaimed, blinking at the proferred blade.

"Figured I'd help you have some fun." Grinned a lean redhead as she presented the blade, handle-first, to Sarah.

Sarah blinked at the blade, following the length of the slender blade to where the point seemed aimed at the redhead's sculpted abs.

"Want to?" The redhead invited, leaning forward as though to present both her taut belly and the slender blade.

"I'm all yours - go for it!" The fit blonde gasped, her sculpted abs flexing deliciously as she arched her back to present them to Sarah.

"Wait, what? Like, stick the knife in you?" Sarah asked, eyebrow rising as a mix of curiosity and, she hesitated to admit it but, arousal, flooding her.

"Mmm... Yeah. Right into some nice, tight, abs." The curly-locked redhead purred, giving an eager wriggle as she stood, blade tip aimed at her own abs, eagerly offering it.

"That... sounds kinda hot." Sarah muttered, slowly taking the blade from the redhead.

"Doesn't it? I bet it would feel AMAZING!" The redhead gushed, bouncing eagerly and seeming to thrust her own lean abs towards the blade as she let Sarah take the slender weapon.

"This is a bit nuts..." Sarah muttered as she examined the blade.

"Know what's nuts? Going to an Evisceration Party and not slicing open an eager babe or three!" The redhead laughed, continuing to bounce and gyrate eagerly, her lean abs barely an inch from the blade in Sarah's hand.

"Yeah... that would be, um, mad wouldn't it..." Sarah muttered, slowly bringing the knife to the hardbodied blonde's sculpted abs.

"Absolutely! You've got to dive in and have some fun." The blonde gasped, eyes locked on the blade.

"So you're... gonna be fine with this?" Sarah asked the blonde, one eyebrow raised uncertainly.

"Oh fuck yes... I'm going to love it!" The blonde moaned, biting her lip and writhing sensually as Sarah pressed the tip of the blade to her abs - just above her glistening cunt.

Taking a deep breath, Sarah moaned as she dragged the tip of the blade down the center of the fit blonde's abs.

"Mmm... These are so nice..." Sarah breathed, leaning in to lick the girl's smooth skin.

"All ripe and ready for you..." The hardbodied blonde moaned, leanly-muscled form glistening with sweat as she flexed and writhed enticingly.

"For me to..." Sarah breathed, pressing the tip of the slender blade to the girl's abs, just above her glistening cunt.

"Oh yesss... Put it in me..." The blonde moaned, hips shuddering in anticipation as Sarah held the blade ready to plunge into her.

Hand steady as she applied pressure, Sarah moaned as the babe's glistening skin dimpled at the kiss of the blade. Holding the toned beauty close, Sarah thrust.


"Unnnh!..." The toned blonde groaned, writhing in Sarah's grip as the blade plunged into her.

"Ohhh..." Sarah moaned, her cunt pulsing as she forced the slender blade through the blonde's gorgeous abs and into her guts.

"Unngh!" The toned blonde grunted, abs tensing as the blade thrust into her. "Unh... Unh..." She began to pant, eyes going wide.

"Are you ok?..." Sarah asked, a flash of concern as she glanced from the blade buried inches deep into the fit girl to the girl's wide eyes as the beauty began to shudder in her arms.

"Unh... Unh... ..." The blonde grunted, whole body tensing as she stared at the ceiling and emitted a low groan.

"A-are yo-"

"UNNGHH!!!" The blonde cried out, low and lusty, hips shuddering as an orgasm set her gorgeous form to shuddering and convulsing in Sarah's arms.

"Oh? Oh! Oh yeah!" Sarah exclaimed, smiling and leaning in to nip at the girl's ripe tits as the blonde beauty shuddered in her grip.

"D-d-DEEPER!" The blonde cried, hands scrabbling at the back of Sarah's head to pull her closer to her stiff-nippled tits and writhing form.

"Oh fuck YES!" Sarah exclaimed, gripping the blade tight and thrusting it, hilt-deep, into the blonde's gorgeous body.

Feeling the blonde's fingers grab at her hungrily, pulling her closer for more, Sarah felt a rush. Shifting her grip on the blade she stroked it up & down, slicing up through the blonde's rippling abs and opening the gorgeous girl's sculpted body up.

With each slice, the blonde's guts began to bulge against the growing slit - pushing up and out of her lean body as though released by Sarah's blade.

"UNNNLLGHhh!..." The blonde cried, half-animalistic noises coming from her throat as she shuddered in another apparent orgasm as her well-muscled form was sliced open.

Groaning with pleasure as she tore the blonde open, Sarah sliced up all the way to the blonde's sternum. Then she set her blade aside and plunged one hand into the girl's guts.

"HURRNnnngh!..." The hardbodied blonde grunted as her innards were violated. Staring down at Sarah's arm she panted and flexed her toned form, writhing around Sarah's hand as she gave another orgasmic shudder.

"Like it do you? Good! But how about this?" Sarah cried, balling her fist around a squishy mass of innards and pulling, hard. There was a wet ripping sound as she hauled a great gob of innards out of the gorgeous girl and held them up for the beauty to stare at.

"Ohh.... Yess..." The blonde breathed, eyes wide and staring at her own innards. Giving a low moan she shuddered in orgasm one last time before her eyes rolled back in her head.

"Damn that felt good!" Sarah exclaimed as the blonde beauty collapsed in her arms, spent & nothing more than a gorgeous corpse.


You can find this posted, with some art, on my blog at:


You stories are excellent regardless of the forum. Looking forward for the rest since, as you know, fans can be so demanding...


Good story.

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