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Melony awoke, yet she had immediately regretted it, her head throbbed with a deep ache, clutching her temples with a pained groan, the night was a blur, coming together in fragments. She peered about her bed, pulling back her sheets to find it was empty, if she was waking up alone, the night did not end well, a waste of renting a large bed for the night.

Something did not feel right, it was the suspicion she had forgotten important, her mind trying to piece the fragments of last night together. There as a sudden need to check her things, pushing herself up, sitting amidst a tangle of downy covers, tight ringlets of chestnut brown hair spilling over bust.

She reached for the bedside, snatching up a leather pouch with a slap of her hand against the stiff dark oak of the nightstand. The lack of any weight in her hand made guts twist in worry, reaching inside it, only to have that sensation tighten into a cold knot of dread. She was broke, not a coin to rub between her fingers, yet she kept reaching inside the pouch in desperation, cursing under her breath in disbelief.

With a growl of contempt, she whipped the empty coin purse against the wall, the foggy memories settling in of where her money had gone. Vaguely recalling she had bet it all on a hand of poker, even her fucking horse left her possession that night.

She began to dress herself pushing her arms through a satin undershirt fastening up the front buttons, closing the frills of her garment over her chest. She wrapped her midsection in a black leather corset, pulling the strings taut, feeling the leather compressing around her body.

No money meant she would have no way to pay for this luxurious room, she could suck the innkeeper’s cock until it was smoother than polished marble, and she would barely even settle her drinking tab at best.

She wrapped her open skirt around her waist, the loose pleats of the white diaphanous fabric hanging at the midpoint of her thigh. As she dressed herself, she was thinking of the best way to get out of this mess, sitting back on the bed, pulling her silken black thong up her legs, and hitching it under her skirt.

As she pulled tall riders boots over her calves until they were over her knees hugging her low under the thigh. She was peering out her window, gauging just how far a drop it was, sighing that it had to be like this. She tugged the laces that ran up the side of her expensive boots, tying a tight bow in the strings until the supple leather was gripping her toned legs like a second skin.

Then she vaulted from the window.


The morning was still young, fronts of fog curling through the buildings, but light enough to not struggle to navigate, the grey cloying mist aiding her in her flight from the town. Time was of the essence, her presence was not going to go unnoticed for long, she liked her breakfast in bed, already the first rays of warmth were cutting through her cover.

She cursed her foul luck, a horse would have made this escape trivial, wouldn't have been the first time she ducked out before paying her dues, why did she bet her animal away. Her strides were quick cutting the straightest path to the gates, not wanting to seem like she was in too much of a rush, no need in having a bystander pointing her out when they went looking.

When she got past the open gates, she broke into a sprint, choosing the wild of the woods over the better-traveled paths, curling fingers of fog parting around her. The air was cold as it washed over her, her dress not suited for the crisp morning air, her body too pampered by her high living standards.

She was exhausted by navigating the uneven terrain, her strides slowing to a crawl, every stick and rock felt through the soft leather of her boots, not meant for the rough roads, but the stirrups of a horse. When she found a roughly cut path in the woods, she took it, following the meandering trail in the woods, heedless to where it was going to take her.

Then she heard the sound of heavy hooves, thumping at the soft ground in front of her, her body froze, unsure for a moment if was a highwayman. Since there was no baying of hounds, chances were good it was a passer by, this was her chance.

She needed to persuade him to get her out further away from the city, all she needed was to give him the right motivation to want to help her. Acting quickly, she employed her weapons of seduction, unfastening the buttons of her blouse, pushing her mountainous cleavage through the gap in her shirt, perching herself against a tree, thrusting the generous swell of her hip to further extenuate the curve of it.

When he got closer she saw the silhouette of a man on a very large horse, but then she quickly noticed the body was too far forward, also the complete lack of a horse’s head to speak of. Even though it was her first time seeing such a creature, she definitely knew the name people called then in the common tongue, a centaur.

She didn't know much about the rare race, she had never cared much for the fey lore, it seemed like something she would never need, yet now she desperately wished she had a sliver of information about them.

“Hello there!” The beast man called to her, hand held high in a wave, she was elated by his greeting, returning it with a friendly greeting in return.

When he approached, his dusky features came into light amidst the fog, his human half was ruggedly handsome sharp chin, high cheekbones, his tanned lips framed with a dark goatee. The upper torso was exposed and oiled under a vest of homespun cloth, abs clearly defined, pecs large and hard looking.

He was getting closer to her, his height making him so much more imposing, her head would just be under his human chest. Her head tilted to gaze into his piercing blue eyes, her nethers tensing up with desire, then her eyes wandered to the animal half of him.

The equine features of his body she found equally impressive to an equestrian like herself, forgetting that she was looking a sentient creature. inspecting him like a draft animal. His furred chest was broad, standing tall, his charcoal fur glossy and well brushed the midsection wide and showing good health, then her eyes were wandered lower, she even tilted her body to look past legs. It was his chuckle that had her realize what she was doing, her cheeks flushing hot in embarrassment.

“Oh… oh, my… I am so sorry.” She recoiled in mortified shame, her body burning hot all over she was doing such a thing. “I-It’s... just… I have never met a centaur before.”

“So… you always look to the penis of the creatures you encounter?” His accent was thick, his voice deep, but smooth and pleasing to her ears, grinning mischievously at her, finding awkward discomfort she expressed amusing. “By all means, look, touch too if you wish it.”

Her mouth parted from his brazen invitation, unsure of how she should respond, curiosity got the best of her peering between his legs when he shifted his long body to the side. Her eyes bulged, watching the fat his horse penis pushing from its sheath, his long cock hanging low, big black orbs for nuts in a taut looking sack, the skin rooted in fat veins.

“You like what you see?” He chuckled while clearly showing off to her is equine member, arms crossed over his chest, striking a dashing pose for her.

He was huge, barely even hard and already thicker than her wrist, the fat head bobbing in the air, his animal dick did not fit into her plans at all, hell she doubted it could fit into anything. Her heart was jackhammering in her chest, knowing he was expecting something from her, causing herself one mess, only to fall into another.

“Uhh, actually… I was wondering… if… if maybe you could give me a ride to the next town.” She stammered her words, easily avoiding looking at the monster between his legs, hoping desperately he would be content with just helping her.

His tail flicked at her words, his face was passive, but it was a verbal smack to his face to make such a request, like he was just some kind of gelded pack horse.

“You wish to ride me?” He stated flatly, the words pushed fast from his mouth like they were uncomfortable to say. “Fine… but I ride you first.”

At first, she was elated, only to have it snatched from her, there was no playful tone to his voice, he laid it down hard at her feet, he wanted to fuck her. Her eyes wandered back to his member, trying to gauge if the cost was worth the complete abandon of all her dignity, yet she had already accepted there was going to be a carnal price to pay.

“C-can I just use my mouth on it?” She bargained with him, her tone soft and beseeching, licking her pouty lips so they were nice and glossy for him.

“Fine… but I get to play with your hole.” He shrugged his shoulders, his demeanor casual like they were bartering over the price of bread, but at least he was content with her offer.

“Ok… you can play with me… but please be gentle.” She relented to his desires, there was nothing wrong with a little foreplay for herself, at least she would get some kind of pleasure out of it.

She watched him pull his saddle pack off his back, placing it on the ground, then dropped his great body onto his side. His human torso showing surprising flexibility, still standing high to look at her, one arm propped up over his flank hind legs spreading wide in invitation for her to come pay her price.

She reluctantly began to strip, loosening the strings of her corset, tenderly draping it over a felled log, she was unfastening the buttons of her blouse when he called to her.

“Turn around, show me everything… slowly.”

She peered over her shoulder to him, he was smiling at her with a crooked smirk, then she turned, plucking one button after the other. Slowly she pulled her shirt open exposing perky globes of olive skin, their caps colored like dark chocolate, her chubby nipples stiff in the cool morning air.

He bit at his bottom lip in approval, her shirt falling into crooks of her arms, her stomach tight, showing the soft definition of abs, her waist narrow, enhancing the impressive curve of her hips. She dropped her shirt to the log, then unfastened her skirt, his curiosity growing as it too fell away from her, exposing the bare raised mound, between her thighs a pouty pair of caramel colored lips, forming a tight split.

She was staring bare to him, only her boots remaining, his eyes raking over her curves, almost like he was appraising her body, the way he smiled showing he approved. Then he pat his belly, beckoning her to come to him, as she walked, she could take her eyes off his lazily hanging cock, waiting for the affection of her mouth.

“H-how do you… want me?” She needed to ask, trying to figure out how she was going to pleasure him.

“Lay upon me.” He told her simply.

She gulped her nervousness away, moving in to straddle his broad belly, her tits spreading over the heat of his furry hide, her ass in arms reach, his cock was so long she would have no trouble pulling it to her mouth.

He was stroking his calloused palms over the thickness of her ass cheeks, admiring the round shape of them, spreading them her open to gaze upon the tiny openings of a human female. On the other end, her face was wrinkled in disgust, his animal stink was overwhelming, reaching for his mottled black pink shaft, stroking the satin softness, the veins throbbing under her fingers.

He reached onto one the leathered saddlebags not far from him, pulling from it a small decanter, spreading its contents all over his dominant hand, then bringing it to her pouty pussy lips. She gasped when he slid those slick fingers into her pussy, those surges of pleasure only rising higher with the movements of his hand.

Then it started to feel amazingly good, a lusty moan spilled from her pouty lips, a heat was spreading over her nethers, a steady pulse of pure euphoria washing over her body. The lids of her eyes grew heavy with desire over the way he was massaging her pussy, that wonderful warm feeling washing over her body as her body rocked over his belly from the manipulation of his hand.

He was rock stiff before her mouth, a huge blunt stopper of horse meat twitching at her face, those reservations she felt towards it were quickly melting away by his touch. Her mouth kissed over his foul smelling cock, unable to take such a huge organ past her lips, ignoring the potent animal flavor of him.

The centaur was not teasing her pussy with just a few fingers, his entire fist was buried into her slick cunt, her meaty lips hugging around his forearm. He was punching at her slick hole, so wet it squished and squelched, hard knuckles gouging her walls, her request for gentile play completely ignored.

He had laced his hand in the aphrodisiac of his kind, to make mares a little more receptive to a bout of sex, the effects on a human woman, far more debilitating. She was moaning like a slut in heat, her tongue washing over the stiff leathery crown of his cockhead, worshipping his member with her sloppy kisses of drugged affection.

He watched in amusement as she debased herself on is cock, gagging on the mouthfuls of pre slime he was giving her. Gulping it back before returning for more, moaning while tonguing at the rigid tube of his opening, eagerly coaxing more from him.

“I will ride you now.” He said matter of factly, pulling his fist from her sopping wet hole, then shoving her off his body, making her yelp in surprise.

She giggled as her head spun, barely able to focus on where he was guiding her, her body felt so hot, her pussy aching without his attention, the restrictions of their deal forgotten. He laid her on the flat shelf of a boulder, shoving her legs far back, folding her until her massive tits rested between her thighs, her knees almost touching her shoulders.

“Spread yourself for me.” He commanded, his voice desirous, gazing with hunger over her tanned figure.

She didn't even hesitate, reaching under her hips, hands grabbing the cheeks of her ass spreading open the round asscheeks, her deeply tanned seam parting, flashing him her drooling pink entrance. It was all the temptation he could handle, mounting the rock she lay upon, bringing his immense breeding organ to her slit.

In her pleasure induced stupor she had no comprehension of his size, even as his cockhead dwarfed her sex when it pressed against her, she continued to hold herself open to receive it. The moment her damp seam kissed his tip, he lunged at her, shoving his hardness against her plush flesh, feeling it spreading against the flat end of his cock.

Yet he was not inside her, her warm velvet only teasing him, struggling to swallow him, his hips haunched again, squeezing inside with a pitched pussy fart. His rough entry pushed a shocked squak from her, the pampered pussy lips deformed around his heavily veined shaft, the mound of her sex swollen with his girth.

She was gasping, body shaking uncontrollably, her pussy squeezing him like a vice, shocking him with those contractions. He tried to withdraw from her human love trap but felt stuck inside, her sex obscenely bulging from the grip it had on him, leaving him only one other choice.

He began to savagely rut into her, treating her human pussy like he would a female of his kind, smashing his fat stopper at her shuddering passage. Bit by bit, he was splitting her softness open to him, her fuck tunnel squished and belched around his organ, gushing her sticky sap over his shaft.

Her cries were wild with lust, begging him to fuck her harder, the drugs warping the pain of being spread open by his massive cock into pure pleasure. Her gorgeous green eyes were drinking in the sight a deformed lump in her midsection, pushing higher and higher, she could never enjoy a human penis after taking a centaur inside her.

The white hot bolts of raw pleasure blasted into her gray matter, one orgasm after another ripped through her body, groaning in drunken bliss. Her head fell back, losing her mind to the relentless assault, limbs quaking from her overstimulation, struggling to hold herself open to take the horse cock punching at her cunt.

He was pulping her juicy hole, the unyielding crown scraping over her plush velvet, he had already packed the human female to the brim with horse meat, but was selfishly giving her more. Her groans of pleasure only deepened while he bashed his organ at her limits, force feeding her hungry pussy fresh inches, reaching far inside.

A small part of her knew it was too much, her mouth moved to tell him to stop, but no words were coming out, only mindless moans spilled from her lips, encouraging him to keep pushing. He wouldn't have stopped anyway, merciless in his conquest, the deformation of his cock rising higher past the naval, nearly touching the underside of her heavily bouncing tits. He could hear her guts churning from the brutal renovation, shoved aside to make room for his hard spire, but he didn't care if she broke, either way, his lusts will be slaked inside her, living or dead.

His cockhead was flaring, expanding into steely meat, the shape of it entrenched cockhead becoming a much more prominent bulge under her olive skin. She was hyperventilating from the sensation of his engorged plug coring out her cunt, her pink passage was stuck on him, rolling past her thinly spread lips before he shoved it back inside.

His head tilted back with a groan, fucking his flare through the entire length of her passage, bulging the deformed lips of her cunt with his stopper, only to better slam it right at the barrier to her womb. Over and over he slammed into her, the pace quicker and more powerful, she was no longer making noises for him, her mouth was hanging slack, tongue flopping over the stone, eyes screwed back, staring vacantly into her skull over his abuse.

He erupted into her with a groan of euphoria, a hoof sharply clapping against the stone close to her head, almost braining her in his bliss. With each flex of his cock, he would jab into her, firing sticky gobs of his molten seed inside, splashing it over her cervix.

She was barely conscious when her stomach shuddered from the power of his release, body gurgling from the endless tide of roiling spunk, her breaths ragged while being into the centaurs cum dumpster. His nuts contracting to give her more, bloating her belly with his cum, the round shape of her stomach rising over the high points of her tits, before it shifted off to one side from the weight of his massive load, her taut flesh sagging against the rock.

He felt drained, loins aching with his release, the length he failed to cram inside her softening, hanging low, yet his stopper was stuck, her pussy still refusing to release him. He had to give it a tug, pulling it out of her with a messy slop, her legs falling forward to hang limply over the boulder when his plug ripped free. Then a long bubbling cum fart rumbled from her ravaged cunt, his steaming hot load pouring out of her, her stomach compressing to a more normal size, but couldn't fully recover from such a stretching.

He stepped back to see the stupid expression frozen on her face, drooling profusely, darkening the stone around her mouth. Her body twitching erratically from what little sparks remained in her fucked senseless head. Her mind had been completely blasted away by one bout of sex with a centaur, but his cock was already stiff for more pleasures a human woman could provide him.

He flipped his fuck doll onto her stomach, rubbing his throbbing hammer over the crack of her voluptuous ass, then spread the cheeks of her ass around the head of his slime glazed cock. He groaned just from grinding into her silken cleft, prodding between her rounds of meat for her puckered asshole.

He had barely felt that little ring, but he pushed at it without care for the gross difference of what he was trying to cram inside, with a demanding shove, his cock slipped away, his spire surging past her ass. Her back door was resisting him, but he was stubborn, again and again, he pressed into it, prying at her taut ring with greedy bucks of his equine hips.

He felt her opening up to him, eager to get inside he bore down into her, his cock bending from the weight of his body behind it, wanting to feel her asshole break open. Her anal ring yielded with a shudder, the broad club of his cock was devoured between her cheeks, he was inside her slimy bowels, groaning from the sensation of turning her asshole into a cockring.

He banged his cock up into her squishy guts, turning them into a sock for his pleasure, raking his hard flesh over her thinly spread membranes. She was limply rocking back and forth her caramel ring of muscle stuck on his churning piston, the only sound she made was the breathless huffs of a centaur destroying her backdoor.

He was in deep up her ass, the hard ring of his sheath slipping past, yet he kept pushing in deeper, forcing her to take all of him inside until his heavy nuts were flopping against her silken thighs. He sighed out from the feeling of being balls deep in the human, it was such a wonderful thrill his cock was flaring again to celebrate with another release inside her.

When he started to pump inside, her stomach was lifting her body with its expanding girth, his cock slime surging through the maze of her guts, even overflowing into her stomach, giving her a full breakfast of beast man jizz from the backdoor. He held himself inside until every last drop was spent in her ass, shuddering mighty from his long release his limp cock slopping from her ruined back door.

He didn't just leave her used up on the stone after two rounds, no she had more give, he plucked the busty human and threw her across his back. She was spread out over the length of his equine body on her belly, bouncing a little with his trotting, finally getting the ride she had asked for.

He was intent on taking her somewhere else, taking her back to a camp of rogue male centaurs, ones with no mare's or harem to call their own, sharing her around with the other studs. They laid her out over a stubby rounded rack where they would drape their saddle packs over, her tits spread out over the rough splintered wood, her hanging with no support. Her arms and legs were bound tightly to the four posts by roughly threaded ropes.

Then one by one they started having a turn with her, violently raping Melony, using her like nothing more than the camp sex doll, taking any hole they pleased. Morning gave way to afternoon, the afternoon turned to evening until the night was falling, yet there had always been an equine cock shoving into her throughout the day.

The drugs had worn off long ago, the mental fog of pleasure had peeled back, leaving her agonizingly aware of her situation, but when she did beg for mercy, they only abused her more fiercely. She was fucked into submission, pleasureless orgasms burst her in her skull, groaning like a wounded animal while, quivering around an endless stream of horse cock.

By the time night fell over the camp, there was a massive pool of cum under the rack, churned into a brown muck with the dirt. Her holes gaping, red and raw from overuse, the cold breeze a welcome balm to the hot ache of her nethers. The lips of her pussy were bruised purple, hanging slack. her ass cheeks fared no better, purple lashes where they spanked her with rods when she pleaded for them to stop.

Another set of cum and mud caked hooves slammed down around her head, shocking her awake, the potent reek of booze coming off the horny centaur deeply worrying her. His cock was slapping at her sore cunt, struggling to aim it right, but then he was deep inside, plowing at her ragged cavern. She whimpered from the force of his equine hips, the rack was tiling under him from the force of his thrusts, wringing startled cries out of her, fucking her more recklessly than the others.

He was smashing his dick against the tenderized barrier to her womb, growling as he did so, wanting to claim something that hadn't been fucked a hundred times before him. Her yells were frantic, pleading for him to stop, pulling at the bonds of her wrists, feeling his intent far too keenly against her cervix.

Then it gave way with a shudder, his hard cudgel smashing at the spongy walls of her baby chamber, the beast man chuckled deeply when he broke her pussy with his cock. She gurgled her agony, body wracked with convulsing spasms, eyes twisting frantically in their sockets when he fucked her womb under her ribcage.

She couldn't breathe when she took him to the hilt, his cock punching the air right out of her lungs, her heart throbbing against his dick every time he pushed into her. Then his cock was flaring in her chest, this was it, horrified by the knowledge she was going to die under him, yet her pussy was spraying her warm arousal all over his nuts, a final sweet release before he snuffed out her life.

The drunk centaur pumped inside her womb lodged in her chest, her ribs expanded, pushing all her vital organs aside for his thick deposit, her heart shuddered its last throb, from the pressure. She went limp under him, her eyes staring vacantly at nothing, the last breath a wheeze from the air being squashed out of her lungs, pissing herself as she died.

He ripped his spent dick out of the dead woman, tail flicking happily from his orgasm, oblivious to what he had done to her in the dark, only caring about his satisfaction. Another drunken male was already stepping in behind her staggering to mount her as well, skewering her slack cunt with a sloppy queef, churning his kin’s cum into a froth while he fucked the corpse.

Without taut living muscle to push their seed out, their cum remained inside, and when he came, her narrow torso rounded out. Her stomach began to sag heavily around the wood frame after another came inside her, bloating beyond the limits of her flesh, red fissures splitting over her olive skin.

They didn't care she had died, fucking her warm holes, until she burst seed gore spilling to the ground, leaving her midsection an empty cavity. Yet some of the more depraved continued to fuck her, still finding pleasure in her slack mouth and the plush cheeks of her ass, pumping their flared cocks into her hollowed out torso.

Melony had given them all a good taste of what pleasure can be found from a human slut, her body discarded in a crumpled heap in the underbrush.

The next morning they had already had a new blonde bimbo drugged and strapped to the rack still oozing with gore, the pale pussy lips already wrapped around a horses cock, caked in dried blood, soon her flowing nectar. Her lusty cries of pleasure, drawing in a crowd of horny beast men, one was not willing to wait and corked off her cries with his cock.

This fresh one was not even going to make it to the afternoon.


Well, that was fucking hot. I love monsters and huge cocks.


Eyy, Tsade!

Recognize ya from the /efg/ thread!


Hiya! Gurochan would best be called my second home since a bulk of my commissions come from here and they don't mind my more extreme tastes.

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