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This is more a script than a story, for a possible drawings sequence that one day someone could realize.


A group of three male soldiers and a female soldier patrols on the streets.
Two young female girls crossed their line and they recognized them as enemy recruits.
They were dressed in thight, olive green t-shirts cropped just below their breasts and khaki shorts low on their hips, leaving the whole belly naked and exposed. A pair of military boots and an army cap complete the garments. Their military clothes showed the group of experienced soldiers, that this two girls weren't professional soldiers yet.
The Soldiers watched the two young girls closely to recognize every movement of them. On of the soldiers said unhappy: "They are so young. It's a shame to waste such sexy bodies."
"I know, but they are old enough to take arms against us. They are indeed enemies. said the woman and the soldier, who had spoken at first thought, that her comrade was ready to kill the two girls already.
The Asian soldier announce loudly that the woman was right and she wished more of them got killed. So the woman say that they have no other choice but to kill the girls. She then call for an officer to direct the execution process (there is a military protocol for that). Then arrives the female officer and she states (like reading a death warrant) that the girls are found accomplice to rebellion and therefore are to be considered enemies of the state, and shall immediately executed with a bayonet in the naked belly, since int is the execution protocol fitted for enemy girl recruits wearing such garments.
The blonde-haired girl began to cry and begged for her life: "Oh, no please, I don't want to die. I promise to become a good girl!"
The officer come close to her, hugging her by the side with one arm around the shoulder, and reply "I'm sorry dear, but you two have choose the wrong side, therefore is my duty to assure these naked, youthful rebel bellies of yours get what they deserve" and she pressed a finger in the girl navel like imitating a bayonet.
While two soldiers are each tying one girls hands behind her bare backs, the man and the woman talk each one to the victim they are going to pierce. The whole platoon know the girls deserve such fate, but they still remain polite with them. The woman say to the blonde to be brave, to take it like a woman and she suggest her to thrust forward her belly when the time comes (like a sexy penetration). While saying so she try to "relax" the girl, to distract her a bit, with one hand in the girls shorts, triggering her, and with the other hand tweaking one nipple.
The other man is talking with the Asian brunette. He ask if she is Chinese. She answer him she is Vietnamese. He tell her that is not the first time he kill a Vietnamese teenager like her. He tell her he was in 'Nam and had to kill soldier girls just like her to survive, how he had to put cold bayonet steel in their hot slender bare bellies and that she was only another young sexy belly that have to be pierced. "Right here" he said putting a finger an inch below her innie. "You'll die like your kind did before".
At some point the officer say "It's time. Prepare your bellies girls. Platoon, get ready!" Then they takes position. The girls are lined up with one man each that hold them to the soldier doing the killing. Those soldiers are lined up to be in front of the girl they have to kill. The officer is apart so she view the two soldiers on one side and the condemned plus the others on the other side. Then she command "Fix bayonets". They do. "Aim!" and she raise high an arm preparing to signal. The two soldiers level the rifles horizontally so the bayonet point directly at the belly button of the condemned.
The officer let go down her arm and ordered: "Thrust!"
The woman lunge forward, but with a slightly upward thrust. When the blade penetrate the blonde's belly, she grunted "EEEEEEK". The slightly upward thrust cause the girl to thrust forward her belly, impaling herself further on the blade, and to lift on her tiptoes. The body is arching back against the soldier holding her.
The man lunge forward and stick the blade in the sexy Asian belly. She bend over and horrible pain spreaded out in her belly. She grunted "GAAAAAK" and her eyes got big in surprise.
The officer command "Twist!" and the soldiers give a vicious twist with the rifles making the blades inside the girls bellies to rip their intestines, as they grunt loudly again.
The dying ladies start to get weak and take to slide down softly on the ground, accompanied by the soldiers holding them. The killing soldiers follow them down with the rifles as the blades are still inside the girls guts. As soon as they lay on the floor, the officer commands to take out bayonets and let them die.
After a certain time, a military nurse check the victims, one by one, pronouncing the blonde dead, but the Asian one still alive. Indeed she is still weakly cursing soldiers that one day they shall die all by rebel hands. Then the officer command to give her the coup the grace: it's not a bullet to the head/heart. Why wasting bullets anyway?
The soldier who stabbed her with his bayonet kneeled down and extract his comabat knife from his boot. "You don't want to die honey, uh? Then I have no choice but disembowel your sexy rebel belly." And than starts to gut her like a fish. After he finished he stay with her until she dies. "Die, honey. Die."
During the whole execution, the men got hard between their legs for the situation, and the female officer starts triggering herself in her shorts during the bayonetting.


In the end the bodies are displayed for all to see as a memento for the others.


I would like to specify that I'm not against Vietnamese girls. I find Asian girls among the most sexy in the world.

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