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Cyber Six

Adjusting her glasses, a tall and lithe blonde with stringy hair--parted to one side with the bangs bouncing off her cheek--walks confidently along the street to her apartment, glad to be away from the office for the day and nearer to home; but for no simple reason of relief from the stress and grind of office work, but for another, wholly selfish and carnal reason. As she turns a corner onto her street, feet carrying her absent-mindedly along her daily routine, her mind wanders already to what awaits in her innermost sanctum, at the computer tucked away in a small nook of her study: Sector X, that private and unmoderated region of virtual cyberspace built for deviants just such as she. Already the door is locked behind her, and already her clothes are off, the loose, buttoned-up pant suit gone in favor of a lively number meant for bedroom viewing; and in only a moment she's plugged into the cyber world, her virtual reality goggles displaying the welcome screen just long enough to make her impatient.

Log in, she selects, and her next selection is the script she wrote for accessing the backdoor to Sector X, complete with her custom configuration settings. Tapping a finger with a sigh, she waits until the view changes before relaxing, sinking down into her chair as the interface takes hold, allowing her total control over her avatar as its classical senses and limbs flare to life in her mind; and she's in. Here, in Sector X, she is without her glasses, without her neatly-pressed suit, and without her well-kept hair; here, her hair is voluminous and flowing, and her suit replaced by a taut, black leather catsuit that accentuates all her womanly curves, its form pressing tightly down and lifting her full, round breasts up to greet her eager admirers, with a crotchless groin and holes over her erect nipples. The street around her is busy already with passers-by--an abundance of persons from nationalities near and far--each strolling about or stopped for an early evening rendezvous, some arm-in-arm with their partners, and some already publicly copulating, giving no care to the eyes watching them in passing. The moans and grunts of the lovers are immediately exciting, and she licks dry lips in anticipation of her own pleasure to come.

It is a fantasy life she lives here, where she and her partners can explore all the erotic and taboo carnal pleasures denied in the real world, with all of the exquisite joy and none of the physical consequences; you cannot get the mind pregnant, nor can you damage the body. Her heels are already clicking along the concrete, and soon she enters an abandoned warehouse near the public district, one built and maintained by herself and her men; and there, patiently waiting, are her five studs gathered about a wicked-looking steel table, with chains and straps attached on all sides of it. A fresh and warm swell flushes through her loins, and a brief skip in her heart causes her to breathe in sharply, but her outward demeanor is calm and catlike, and she approaches with even, measured steps, letting her heels click sharply over the floor until she stands by the contraption ... and there, surrounded by her lovers, she is immediately set upon, their hands reaching in and groping, caressing, and fondling her from neck to cunt; their fingers pushing into and around her exposed clit and rectum while one hand strokes and chokes her throat alternately.

Her breath comes in faster and shorter gasps, escaping her lips finally as moans when they grip, pinch, and tug on her nipples, when gruff hands push her back into the table and quickly go about strapping and chaining her down. She breathes faster, but not of fear--but of excitement. Soon they work a lever, and the table lifts and rotates, until she is rolled forward such that she hangs parallel to the floor, facing it while they gather about her. A fleeting rush of cold joy runs through her in anticipation of what comes next, when her voice is taken away by a fat cock plugging her mouth, and a heavy pressure heaves into her ass and plunges down until a solid mass presses against her cheeks. She breathes a muffled moan, and the cocks begin pumping and pumping; slowly at first, then faster and faster until their balls are slapping against her chin and ass, and she breathes a sharper, more excited moan against the cock on her tongue when she feels a stiff, powerful weight pushing her cunt, its many sharp and blunt features unmistakably telling of the fist forcing its way into her womanhood. She feels it ram and shove mercilessly into her body, until the crook of an elbow stops its travel and the fist clenches and turns inside her womb--having penetrated to maximum depth against her body's better wishes--and the unforgiving strength of his arm causes cold shivers of arousal to shake her chest as her juice sprays all over him.

In and out they pump, her mouth stretching about the fat cock in it, her ass sore from the pounding inside it, and her cunt roaring with pained fire from the fist ramming and twisting within her, until her increasingly excited and growling moans cause the two men to orgasm, spilling their seed until she drinks the cum in her mouth and the dick milk in her ass spills out wetly about the edges and drips off her vulva. They finally pull out, just as she edges painfully close to her own orgasm, causing wet pops to sound and a string of cum to slide from her tongue; there she gasps, panting and quietly moaning, when they rotate the table in the opposite direction, spinning her now to face upward ... where she waits but a moment for a fresh cock to plug her face, and another to plunge into her freshly-loosened cat. Again they pump, mercilessly pounding and grunting and moaning, and the arm returns to her body, forcing its way into her ass this time and stretching the tight thing relentlessly around it until it again buries itself to the elbow; and again she is helpless and prone, able only to moan to them her pleasure and excitement as they pound and ream her body, every second of pain amplifying the fire in her loins and her sore clit until she edges closer and closer to orgasm, when their load again explodes into her mouth and cunt, forcing her to stop and drink while her building release throbs and ebbs, stopping just barely shy of exploding through her senses.

They're good, she marvels, and again they pull out of her orifices, letting cum dangle in strings for just a moment before stepping away. Already shivering and panting from exhausted excitement, she can only breathe and wait while they spin her back to an upright position, then work levers which raise her legs to a seated position; and now, at long last, the fifth and starring partner steps forward, with a dick sized for a horse and balls big enough for her to palm. What he had done to hack the system she could never figure out, but she loves every inch of his cock, and is glad to have it all to herself ... and she knows he is glad to punish her with it. He approaches with a pair of long, gleaming knives, however, and a fearful skip in her heart precedes a flash and a fiery pain in her breasts, causing her to cry out sharply as he embeds the blades hilt-deep in her nipples, the guards flattening down against her flesh and pressing her breasts into taut, smooshed-up balls. The mental image of blood dripping off the exposed tips pointing from her back only excites her, however, as does the sight of him greedily piercing her breasts, and the pain of him twisting and yanking and grinding the blades within her flesh only causes a carnal lust to flush through her veins, gathering as a series of sharp twitches in her cunt as he works his cock up towards it; and, finally, plunges it in.

Slowly at first he forces his way inside, pushing and pressing with measured power, and once he has worked her loose he begins humping, gripping and pulling on the knives for added leverage until he can force his cock relentlessly down to the bottom of her womb, until his manhood is ripping and tearing and hammering away at her gut. She breathes in choking gasps and coughs, when a chain wraps around her neck and pulls, forcing her head back against the table; and though she can't see, she can hear them work the chain into a winch and begin ratcheting, the chain pressing down tighter and tighter until it crushes her neck and cuts off her air supply. An unbelievable excitement flashes through her, and her burning loins throb and swell with a welling orgasm just wailing to be released as her gigantic partner's cock rips and tears into her womb, forcing blood out from her pussy and onto his crotch in startlingly thick sprays and splurts ... but it's a searing and tormentous pain that only fuels her arousal as they shred and ravage her helpless womanhood, and her own powerlessness to stop them does everything to feed her hunger and excitement.

With a crunch she feels the last of her air escape her chest--her windpipe finally crushed by the relentless force of the chain--and as blood wells in her mouth and throat she feels herself beginning to retch and black out from lack of air and from the joy, when suddenly a warm and powerful orgasm seizes her cunt, forcing down first as a series of tight and mighty clenches about the humongous cock inside her; a clenching that causes him to finally blow his own load, exploding into her as a powerful shot of cum that works its way into her rent gut and sends a chillingly cold liquid spilling into her flesh, and as cum sprays from her cunt onto his member she coughs blood in a failed attempt to scream her pleasure, while unseeing eyes roll back in her head as the last of the roaring orgasm sends her to unconsciousness ...

Awakening in her chair with a start, she finds herself staring at the blank screen of the goggles, devoid of anything except a singular, blinking message: Connection Lost: Avatar Slain. Panting and weak, she removes the goggles with one, tired hand and lets it drop onto the desk, sitting back to look down at her wet lap, covered now in her own cum from cunt to knee; and with a contented sigh she slides down in her chair, where she passes out to enjoy the last, trembling shakes of her orgasm.



Wow, nice one! I love consensual kills, especially when it doesn't really kill. The VR flavored immortality is always a gold mine, yeah?


You know it. (-:


Fuck, that was excellent! +1 on consensual kills being super hot. And this one is totally victimless! :P


Nice! VR should definitely be done more often.

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