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Over in /req/, there was a request for me to repost these stories of mine. So, here they are.

Gonna have to do a coupe posts worth, as there's 28 pages in my document.

“Hello! And welcome everyone to the Sailor Scouts Snuff Show! In every episode, we look at a request by you, our audience, and if we decide to go for it, well, you'll still have to pay!” The voice of Sailor Moon came over the moving sign advertising their services.

On the program, the five scouts stood relaxed in a line. “Thank you to our previous donor,” Moon said, bowing low and letting her hair fall past her head to the floor. “Your kindness was most appreciated.”

“And,” Mars said from beside the blonde. “You're welcome to do that to me again! I may have to try to talk Moon into giving you a discount!” She licked her lips, and ignored the roll of the eyes from her leader.

From left to right, the five were lined up in order of the position of their name sakes astronomically. Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter. The five Sailor Snuff Scouts! In a row, their white leotards were adorned with the bow ties and frilly skirts of their uniforms. Blue, yellow, gold, red and green.

“Well, now it's time for our next request,” Moon announced with a flourish. “I have it right here!” She pulled open the front of her uniform and reached down into it before pulling out a small slip of paper. “Here we go!”

She flipped it open and read it over quickly. “Patron 'H' writes: Mercury! As I have a party I must organize, where nothing but the best will suffice! Therefore, I invite you to attend as a beautiful ice sculpture!”

Mercury reached over and plucked the letter from Moon's hands. “Let me see here,” she said as she read it over professionally. “This seems simple enough. Patron 'H' desires that I pose as a nude for the banquet hall for the night.” She passed it back. “I agree.”

Moon smiled widely. “Very well then! Let's see here, that's one of us, nudity, transformation, no sex, no direct snuffing... But we are loosing out on the secondary benefits of selling videos... Hrm, here's the price!” She swept her hands across the bottom of the screen, where post-production would add in the final value. “Now remember, payment is due within 48 hours, or we move on to the next client!”

* * *

'H' circled his purchased woman. “So, Sailor Mercury, such a beautiful young woman.” He admired her small breasts and her neatly trimmed womanhood. In the back of his mind, he regretted not paying for some... afternoon delight, but knew that if he played his cards right, he would have much better company.

“Thank you sir,” the naked blue-haired girl said. She recognized him, of course. A man of some political power. But that wasn't why she was here. “How do you want me to pose?” Naturally, she had studied the poses of all the classic sculptures.

“Actually, it seems there was a slight miscommunication.” H said without guilt. “I will still require your body as a sculpture, but instead of being an upright display piece, would you be willing to lay flat and have food placed on you?”

“Body sushi?” Mercury went over the terms of the contract in her head, and found nothing against it. She was still to be transformed into ice, just the posture would be different.

“That is correct. And drinks kept cool.”

Mercury nodded. “That will be acceptable.” She looked around. “Where?”

“On the table here,” H said, leading her without touching to the long table already covered with a silk cloth.

Mercury climbed on, and felt the cool table under her was abnormal. “Cooling unit underneath?” she asked.

H nodded. “Yes. It would be a shame to melt.”

Mercury lay down on the table and spread out her arms and legs a bit to make room for the food. She looks to H for guidance, and he agrees with her position. “That will do. If my men cannot make due with what you offer, then that is there fault, and not yours.”

With that, Mercury turned to her magic and focused it on herself. After a moment, she whispered the words, and the world went blank.

H watched, fascinated as the symbol of her planet appeared on her forehead, where a circle of frost expanded from it. Before his eyes, the circle expanded, leaving behind a clear, yet with the slightest tinge of blue – ice. As soon as his first breath was completed, her entire head was frozen solid, and the wave of magic travelled down her body. Her tits went from soft and supple to frozen solid, the tips poking up even as her flesh stiffened. Then her abdomen, smooth flat transformed.

Her hips came next, her body refusing to move, or even recognize its transformation. Before H knew it, her cunt was frozen solid, the small hairs growing there now a fuzz on the ice. Soon her legs and feet were complete. Standing back, he admired the perfection his money had paid for. Now, it would be better!

H snapped his finger. “Get the carvers! The statue is ready!”

* * *

Princess Serenity followed her host that evening, the Minister was trying to wheel some diplomatic concessions from her as par for the course, when she decided she needed a refill on her drink.

With H in tow, she approached the drink table, and a soft gasp escaped her lips. Propped upright on the table was a perfectly carved torso and head of a young maiden. But the art wasn't what appealed to her. Someone had carefully drilled holes into the back of the ice-woman, and wine had been poured into them, into chambers behind each teat. The left was filled with red wine, which could be released through the careful twisting of a knob on the tip of the breast, while a white wine was in the left chest.

A clamp was wrapped around the waist of the sculpture, keeping it upright in the absence of any natural support. In front of it were four small piles of shaved ice, each topped with a petite frozen hand or foot.

“You like my art?” H said as he took advantage of the Princess' distraction to put one hand on her waist. Through her slim dress, he could not feel anything else, and let a small grin play over his face as he whispered in her ear. “She cost me a small yen.”

“I can believe it,” the Princess said as she carefully poured herself a bit of wine. With her free hand, she gently examined the statue. “So smooth!”

“Of course, your highness.” He saw her face flush a little, and moved to press his advantage with the young woman. “Perhaps I can tell you how I came by this piece in private?”

Serenity turned around, glass in hand. “Oh, Minister, I think you will tell me much more than that.” She stepped in, pressing herself against him for a moment. “Diplomacy in the bedroom is a speciality of mine.”

“Oh? And are you not betrothed?” H enquired for the sake of politeness more than anything else. Women had their urges as well.

“A political thing,” the Princess said as she threw back her drink hard. “Let me get some more ice and a drink, and perhaps we can discuss the details of any... transactions?”

H smiled. “Of course, your Highness. Whatever you say, your highness.”


“Hello! And welcome everyone to the Sailor Scouts Snuff Show! In every episode, we look at a request by you, our audience, and if we decide to go for it, well, you'll still have to pay!” The voice of Sailor Moon came over the moving sign advertising their services.

On the program, the five scouts stood relaxed in a line. “Now, for some bad news. Our previous donor exceeded their request, and I had to punish them.” Moon declared, sad. “While not violating the letter of our agreement, they did violate the trust involved. And as such, we know that person has now offered penance for their transgressions, and so do they.” She wiped away the somber attitude with a sudden smile. “But now, on with the show!”

From left to right, the five were lined up in order of the position of their name sakes astronomically. Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter. The five Sailor Snuff Scouts! In a row, their white leotards were adorned with the bow ties and frilly skirts of their uniforms. Blue, yellow, gold, red and green.

“Well, now it's time for our next request,” Moon announced with a flourish. “I have it right here!” She pulled open the front of her uniform and reached down into it before pulling out a small slip of paper. “Here we go!”

She flipped open the paper with a flourish and read it over quickly. There was a lot to read. “Patron 'T' writes: Moon! Your beauty captivates me! Hair like silk... blah blah blah... descriptive prose... blah blah blah... ah! Here we go!” She read the actual request itself aloud. “I desire to separate your head from your body, then I shall enjoy all the pleasures your body can offer!”

She folded the paper up. “So, a decapitation, then necro-sex. I don't see why not?”

“Why is it no one wants to fuck me after I'm dead?” Venus pouted. “It's always 'sex first, snuff after'.”

“Perhaps because you're the patron of love,” Mercury pointed out. “Your skill in bed is famous, and no one wants to ruin that.”

“Still!” Venus complained. “It's just not fair.”

“Anyways!” Moon stopped any further commentary. “Just little me, sex, snuff. Private show, but naturally we will set up cameras and make sure our Patron has their identity well protected, so we do have secondary income from the videos. Here's the price!” She swept her hands across the bottom of the screen, where post-production would add in the final value. “Now remember, payment is due within 48 hours, or we move on to the next client!”

* * *

On a blank stage, with white walls and white floor was a ring of 15 video cameras. Set at various heights, angles and positions, they could cover everything that happened in the middle of their ever-watching gaze.

What lay in the middle was three simple objects. The first was a covered futon, large enough for one adult to lay down comfortably on. The second was a small table, about two feet high and made of wood. The circular top was supported by a single shaft which spread out onto three feet in the bottom inches.

Lastly was a Chinese guillotine. The curved metal blade was raised up from the stock that had taken many lives before. The elegantly carved handle was formed into the shape of a roaring dragon, green paint gleaming against the shimmering metal.

From the darkness outside the ring of cameras, two people walked in. The first was a beautiful young woman with two long tails of hair flowing behind her. She was wrapped in a silk sheet which did very little to hide the curves underneath. The other was a near whale of a man, obese at all levels and wearing a large mask to cover his face. It was obvious why he had paid to slay the leader of the Sailor Snuff Scouts first, as no normal woman would take him alive.

“Hello! I am Sailor Moon,” the blonde introduced herself to one of the cameras set at head height. “And this is Patron 'T'.” The man bowed slightly, the rolls of fat preventing him from going as low as the lithe woman. “Shall we begin?”

“Yes,” 'T' said. With that, Moon dropped the silk sheet around her, letting the cameras take in her nudity from all angles. While middle-of-the-road in terms of sexual assets in her troupe, she was still a picture of beauty in the white light. At the sight of her, T started to come into an erection, already desiring to move on to the second act of the show.

She moved over to the guillotine and lay down on the mattress provided. Raising one knee to help keep her balance, she lowered her head down, moving past the sharp edge of the blade that would soon kill her without a second glance. Looking up, she winked for the camera hidden in the darkness between the lights just as the back of her neck touched the stock. With a flip of the hand, she moved all her hair above the neck line so it wouldn't be cut or damaged. “T, once you are ready, please remove my head and use my body as you wish. I shall prepare myself for your enjoyment.”

He moved to grab the long handle, and placed a firm grip on it as Moon reached between her legs and started to pleasure herself. Performing as much for the camera as she was to the hideous man in front of her, she closed her eyes and dreamed of another man – any other man who would prove their manhood upon her temple. As least she would be dead before that happened, and as much as she wanted to use her magic to keep herself alive to experience whatever he had planned for her body, she had decided against it in this case.

T kept careful eye on the pretty woman who did all this for money, but he didn't care behind his mask. Soon, he would ravage her body, and leave it ruined like the others, only this one knew what she was getting into, and was getting off on it! Such a slut! She moved one hand from her pussy to her breasts, squeezing them to etch out a little more pleasure before the inevitable, and in that moment, T decided he had had enough.

With a roar, he slammed down on the lever in his hand, and the sharp blade cut off the equally sharp gasp as it sliced into Moon's throat, through flesh and blood and bone and stopped when it hit the stocks. The force of the separation was enough to send her head rolling backwards, blood already draining from the neck. Her body spasmed as the commands from her brain were halted, and the flesh continued on with the last instructions it received.

T bent down carefully and grabbed Moon's head by the crown of hair. Her eyes still glittered, “It seems you have some life in you.”

He resolved to fix this sooner, rather than later. Using one hand, he pushed up the opulence of his belly and let his erection stand tall. With careful precision, he forced his cock up the throat of Moon's head, pushing aside the larynx and tongue that were never meant to handle that sort of penetration. If he looked hard, he might have been able to see his tip through her mouth, but could not, nor did he care to as he moved the head up and down on his shaft for the cameras.

A few strokes and he was done with the head, not willing to risk his load on something like that. He pulled it off him, ignoring the blood that sunk into the hair around his testes as he placed the head on the table facing a camera. The whore's vacant eyes pleased him as the remaining blood pooled around her neck.

Turning his attention back to the corpse, he licked his lips under the mask as he picked up her knees, dragging her body off the floor a bit. Standing over the warm body, he pulled her moist pussy to him and he found the unresisting flesh easy enough to part and push into.

Upright, he dragged the hips of the woman back and forth, enjoying the sight of her breasts flopping around without muscles or hands to guide them. She had done a good job of pre-lubricating her precious parts, and he took full advantage of that as he finally released his load into her womb. With a sigh, he relaxed and let the body slump, the white fluid dripping between her legs as they fell to the floor.

Crouching, he ran his hands over her limp breasts, already growing white with the loss of blood that now dripped over the edge of the mattress. With a small laugh, he caressed them gently and then walked off the set.

From start to finish, less than 10 minutes.


“Hello to all our viewers! Welcome to the Sailor Scouts Snuff Show! In every episode, we look at a request by you, our audience, and if we decide to go for it, well, you'll still have to pay!” The voice of Sailor Moon came over the moving sign advertising their services.

On the program, the five scouts stood relaxed in a line. “Now is the time to give our thanks to our previous patron! We've received a lot of orders for the video, so that's great! Thank you all who enjoy our wonderful productions!”

From left to right, the five were lined up in order of the position of their name sakes astronomically. Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter. The five Sailor Snuff Scouts! In a row, their white leotards were adorned with the bow ties and frilly skirts of their uniforms. Blue, yellow, gold, red and green.

“Allow me to present to you, our next request.” Moon announced as she retrieved the folded paper from under her leotard. “Here we go!”

She flipped open the paper with a flourish and read it over quickly. There wasn't a lot to read. “Patron A makes this request of us! Mars: My only son has recently come of age, but is not yet a man. I would commission you -” she paused to look into the camera “Commission? Really? Who says that?”

“Just finish it!” Mars demanded, knowing she was up.

“Right... commission you to teach him the ways of manhood for the duration of up to a single weekend upon which he will kill you in the method of your choosing as part reward for your services rendered.”

“So... the only difference between me and a prostitute would be I'm magical and I get killed at the end. Why isn't this Venus' request again?” Mars rolled her eyes.

“Because I object to that sort of thing? And besides, I've complained about this before!” Venus objected form the other side of Moon. “And come on! Look at it! The Patron isn't specific about how you get killed! Or when!” She waved her hands in the air. “Just think of the possibilities!”

“The possibilities that involve a young man who has spent the past couple days getting to know me in every sense possible,” Mars shook her head. “It would either have to be extremely intimate, or something so outlandish as to separate my death from the woman who was his pleasure slave for a couple days.”

“You also haven't been laid in weeks,” Jupiter spoke up with a slight grin. “Are you sure you'll be able to keep your heat in check long enough to teach the boy anything, or are you just going to use him as a fuck toy?”

“HEY!” Mars yelled, angry. “I'll be his fuck toy! I'll do it! But I don't want to hear any complaining from you the next time!”

“And there you have it! One sexual snuff slave for.. up to 48 hours! Lots of sex, a single snuff, and it seems like our Patron would like to have their son protected, so no secondary videos!” She swept her hands across the bottom of the screen, where post-production would add in the final value. “Now remember, payment is due within 48 hours, or we move on to the next client!”

* * *

Mars waited patiently for the young man to arrive in his bedroom. She had arrived earlier, and was escorted here by her Patron where it was explained to her that once her entered, the door would be locked behind him, and they would be stuck in his private quarters for the duration of the weekend. There was food and drink in the small fridge disguised as a cupboard, and an attached bathroom.

Once inside, she stripped out of her uniform, carefully burning the magic cloth to ash in the bathroom sink. This was to prevent the man from ordering her to put her clothes back on, as it seemed, thanks to a comment from her Patron, that he wasn't completely aware of the events of this weekend.

It would be a fine line between seduction and outright rape, and Mars knew she was one of the good guys. Thankfully, the Snuff Show ran in a fine legal grey area, and even better than that, the magics of the transformation made it impossible for anyone to recognize them in their other persona without serious effort. They could vanish into the general population while the heat died down.

Although to be honest with herself, she expected Venus to be the one who would go overboard. Girl had issues.

She crawled onto the bed, leaving her raised heels on. The brilliant crimson would be a nice contrast to her black hair, and besides, they were extremely durable. Arranging her long hair, she reposed on the bed and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Maybe she shouldn't have shown up this early. Or maybe his supper was taking too long. Friday night to Sunday night could be a while. She shouldn't get herself into a frenzy just yet.

She heard the door latch move, and took a moment to rearrange herself properly for display. Laying on her side, legs crossed, head resting on one arm, she was ready. The door opened, and a young man entered with his back to her, saying his good-nights to the person on the other side. He closed the door, and Mars hid her smile as she heard the faint sounds of the door being secured from the outside.

He turned around, removing his shirt when he spotted Mars on the bed. “Hello,” she said. “Surprise?”

“Who are you? How did you get in here?” His reaction was quite reasonable upon finding a naked (well, except for the shoes) woman in his bed.

“I'm Mars,” she introduced herself as she leveraged herself upright, letting him get a good look at her. “I'm yours for the weekend.”

“What?” He turned to try and open the door, but found it locked. He pointed on it, trying to get someones attention, but if there was anyone on the other side, they ignored him.

Mars waited for him to stop fighting with the secured door before speaking again, trying to sooth him down. It wasn't the first time she had to deal with someone who wasn't in on the event in question. Moon would have already had his pants off by now, such was her charisma when she applied it, and so would Venus, but without saying a word.

“We're both locked in here for the weekend.” She explained. “Neither of us can leave until Sunday evening.” She swung her legs off the bed and stood up, letting her hair fall behind her to frame her elegant body. “Let me guess, you had no idea?”

“No!” He said, looking at Mars warily. “You're really her, right? Not someone dressed up as that girl on the show?”

Mars confirmed her identity with a summoned ball of fire in her hand, which she extinguished with a snap of the wrist. “Yes, I am. I take it you're a fan?”

“I've seen one or two...” the young man turned away from her to at least try and pretend to maintain her modesty. “Why are you here?”

“Well, we got a request for me to spend the weekend here,” she said, taking in the room. Her arm movement was enough to catch his eye, which flickered to her before returning to something more neutral. “The payment has been received, so I can't back out now.”

“Payment for what?” He struggled to recall what he knew about the show. Not much, except that it was perhaps the most explicit webshow out there, where nothing was held back. “Are we on camera?” He looked around his room with worry, seeking the hidden recording devices that had to be there.

“No. No cameras,” Mars said as she stepped closer to him, her heels clicking slightly on the floor. “Private show, for your eyes only. As for the nature of the show, well, I'm here to make you a man, many times over. And when we're done, you get to off me!”

“What?” Once again, the truth was a shock to the poor guy.

“Sex. Snuff. That sort of thing.” Mars came within an arm length of him, but didn't reach out. Not yet. “I'm told I'll be your first,” she said very quietly.

“What if I say no?”

Mars shook her head. “If you really were going to do that, your parents would not have gone through all this trouble. You must want this.” She put one finger to her lip, pouting a little. His eyes flickered over her again.

“This has got to be a dream” he said soflty.

“Of course it is!” Mars exclaimed. “A full weekend with a beautiful woman who will service all your carnal desires while teaching you so much! It is heaven!”

“That's... not what I was expecting.”

Mars came a half step closer. Much more and she would be able to brush against him. And she was definitely close enough for him to notice her, no matter what. “No? You've never dreamed of something like this?”

He turned away, embarrassed, and Mars knew she had hit something on the head. The awkward shuffle was enough to tell her that his body was reacting to her presence the way she wanted, even if his mind had yet to catch up. She leaned over to whisper seductively into his ear. “A nude woman, with no complaints. No desires except yours. You want me, I can tell.”

“So what if I do?”

“Then you can reward yourself all you want,” Mars whispered some more. “I am yours to command, as long as it's sexual. Or perhaps you would like me to take the lead? I would command you?” She reached out with one arm to go past his head and against the wall. He looked her in the eyes, then looked down, then up again. “Just say the word.”

He finally gave up. This wasn't possible. And if it wasn't possible, then it wasn't real. And if it wasn't real, then he wasn't responsible either. He reached down and opened his pants, pulling down his underwear in the second motion.

Taking the hint, Mars kneeled down as he turned his hips toward her. She caught his dick in one hand, gently massaging it as she worked to pull down his pants all the way with the other. No words came from her as she opened her mouth wide, and began to take the long tube of flesh into her mouth. With her lips and tongue, she massaged it, drawing more blood into it, throbbing in her grasp.

He came with the second lick, filling her mouth with his semen. A muffled “Ah!” escaped his lips as she swallowed, sucking the penis of the excess fluid in the process.

“Feeling better?” she said, licking her lips and standing up. She put one hand on his shoulder, and one hand on his chest. Pulling him close, he didn't resist as she kissed him on the lips. “There, that wasn't so bad. And to think, we have so much more to do!”

Mars wasn't worried about his instant response to her blow job. He had time to drive up his pressure before hand, and it was obvious he had no experience, let alone practice.

The young man nodded. “What do you want to do now?”

“Strip,” she commanded as she started to unbutton his shirt. “Neither of us will need clothes this weekend.”

He fumbled a little bit in helping her, his body still shaking from their contact. As close as they were, he couldn't help but brush her skin as they moved, which elicited a casual acceptance from Mars. “Don't worry. You can touch me anywhere you want, as much as you want.” With his shirt open, but not off, she took one of his hands in hers and placed it over her left breast, squeezing gently.

His hand went with hers, pushing into her flesh. She grinned as he stared at her, then up to her face. “How about this,” she said as she let go of his hand, then raised her own above her head, clasping them together as far up as she could stretch. “Touch me, hold me.” She invited him to take advantage of her as his hand reflexively squeezed and released her breast before resuming pressure

With his other hand, he felt up her other tit at the same time. With both hands occupied with her chest, his fondling started to cause Mars to start panting, even as she tried to control herself. It wouldn't do her any good to take charge, pick him up, throw him into bed and mount him like a flag pole.

No, she would rather that he pick her up, throw her onto the bed, then mount her with his flagpole.

“Again,” he said, stepping back from her to display his erection. Had it really been that long, or was he just that eager.

“You want this?” Mars asked, pointing at her mouth. “Or this?” She lowered one hand to reach between her legs and gently pull open her pussy.

He stalled with indecision before his little brain made up his mind. He advanced on her, reaching out for her hand to guide her to the bed.

“Lay down,” she said as she pushed him gently onto the sheets. He did, knees hanging over the edge, feet touching the floor. It was easy enough for her to climb up on top of him to set her hips over his. With his head tilted forward to watch, she spread her legs as much as she could, her right hand between her legs, and her left holding his dick to guide him in. “Ready?”


She set the head of his manhood into her, and let the skin contract around it. Without any further words, she rolled her hips down, forcing penetration as far as he could go. Gasping at the sensations burning in her, she barely noticed that he had enough control over himself to not immediately cum.

After a moment to meet his eyes and smile, she rolled her hips back and forth again, eliciting another wave of personal pleasure, him hardening even more inside her.

The third wave was enough for him to lose control, and he throbbed inside her as she let him release his load. She wasn't worried about getting pregnant in the least, the better to enjoy everything. “Ah...” She moaned as she stayed in position.

“Are you hurt?” He asked. “You're bleeding.”

Mars looked down and saw a little bit of blood coming out of her. “Oh? That? Not a problem. Every time I die and get resurrected, it's with a new body. So, congratulations! You've taken my virginity!” She leaned forward, letting her hair flow down around her. “And you get all my experience in the process.” She kissed him on the chest as he huffed to control his breathing.

“Now, what shall we do?” She asked, lifting herself off him, then back down to rest on his chest.

“Now,” he said. “I think we take a shower.”

“Sure thing,” she agreed. “Just let me take off my shoes first.”

Rolling off him, Mars leaned down off the bed to kick off her ruby heels before standing upright. The young man followed, and she stayed within reach if he wanted to use his hands some more. He didn't, instead leading her into his private bathroom where she had incinerated her clothes earlier. They climbed into the western style shower stall, which also doubled as a bath, and he turned on the water. After a moment, they found a temperature they both agreed with and he offered her some soap.

“Want some help washing?” he asked innocently before he realized that Mars would refuse to take anything innocent. She raised her arms up to touch the railing that held the curtain and the tiled wall opposite. He started to lather up his hands and then began to wash.

Starting with her neck, he took care to actually clean off her body, more that just take the opportunity to put his hands on and in all her most sensitive areas. With careful consideration, he rubbed her arms, standing right up against her in the process. Mars thrust her chest forward just a little to make sure the contact was continuous as he finished with her upper limbs and started to work down.

First was her collar, and she obliged by raising her chin. Then he re-soaped his hands and worked on her breasts. With some force, he rubbed them all over, top and bottom, front and side. As he did, he kept an eye on Mars' face, watching her reactions. Long past the point of cleanliness, he kept at it until her face started to turn red and she wasn't paying attention to him. He may not have any real experience with these things, but he knew the value of stopping when he was ahead.

“You've got good hands,” she said as he started on her abs. “Or maybe it's just me?”

“It's me,” he said to take the credit. “I suppose this means I'll have to watch your show more often?”

“Perhaps,” Mars replied. “Not like you're going to see this on the little screen.”

“Oh? And what shows would you recommend?”

Mars looked down at him, the water running through her hair and plastering to her back. A disadvantage to having so much of it. “Oh? Are you tired of me already that you want more?”

“No!” He objected as he finished with her stomach. On his knees, he came face to face with her womanhood. “Here, let me demonstrate.” Without any further warning, he grabbed her hips and pulled his face into her private treasure. Planting his lips against hers, he started to kiss and lick it, sticking his tongue into the same folds she had opened for him before.

At the unexpected advance, Mars dropped her hands to hold onto his head. “Higher!” she commanded, and he obliged her, tilting his head back slightly to reach a bit more of her flesh.

Still flush from his work on her tits, Mars was already close to a proper orgasm. So far she had caused him to cum several time, but not once had she had her proper release. And here he was, taking the opportunity to give her what she had missed in doing what she had been hired to do.

A single lick was all it took to take her from groaning deep in her throat at the contact to screaming as her body shuddered with her first real loss of control. She leaned over the man, putting her hands on his shoulders to steady herself.

“That... was... good,” she admitted as the shower washed soap off her. He pulled his face back, letting the water between them rinse of his face of her own juices. “Do I get to wash you too?”

He grinned, and handed her the soap.

* * *

The two of them slipped into the bed from the opposite sides. The lights were down and in the faint light from outside, the two were little more than silhouettes to each other. Mars took the left side of the bed, while the young man took the right. There was enough room for one person on the bed with a little bit of extra room. With two, it was a recipe for constant contact.

In the darkness, Mars slid away from her edge, and closer to him. “Very tight,” she whispered so as to not disturb the night. “You want the top or the bottom?” She suggested a way to pass the time until they were tired, though she would last longer than him.

“Neither,” he said just as quietly. “If you don't mind, I would just like to... cuddle.”

Mars almost blushed. “Really? You can do anything you want with me, and it's just a hug?”

“Well,” the young man said. “It's that and be well rested in the morning for more fun and debauchery, or do more now when I can barely see what I'm doing. Or you, for that matter.”

It was a problem with such long black hair, she found. “Very well.” She turned her back to him and backed up, allowing him to wrap his arms around her. As he did, she adjusted one to cover her bosom, while the other slid down to her stomach. Soon, he was sleeping deeply against her, and she drifted off herself.

* * *

Mars woke first, a side effect of being still transformed. She took a moment to place her surroundings before slipping out of the man's grasp and out of the bed entirely. She quickly went to wash up before returning to the bedroom where, in the morning light, she could see him laying flat on his back, gently snoring.

She debated waking him in that manner as a glance at the clock showed that he hadn't had a full eight hours sleep yet. With that in mind, she lifted up the covers and slipped back under the covers. Even if he couldn't enjoy it, she could still take advantage of his position to wrap herself around him, one arm over his chest, her leg crossed over his, and her chest settling against his.

In that position, she waited for him to wake. Until then, she kept herself occupied by watching the dawning light and tracing figures on his chest with her finger. And thinking about how he should kill her. They still had some time, though. Plenty to decide on a method for her demise.

Although, now that she thought about it, wouldn't it be better if it was a surprise instead? She could use the anticipation to her advantage. But as she considered the options, she was confronted by the possibility that the man she lay against was still thinking of her for her sex. That they would peacefully go their own ways after they were done.

Convincing him to kill her would be a chore. Unless she wanted to commit suicide, but that wasn't her style at all. She much preferred her customers taking her life into their hands.

Maybe she could find a sharp knife, and cut open her chest so he could squeeze her heart? That was fun, and it would be quite personal... Except her ribcage would get in the way, and she was quite certain he didn't have any power tools nearby.

* * *

He awoke to comfort and discomfort. The latter was usual for him waking up in the morning, a quick trip to the bathroom was needed. The former was not as usual, given that there was a woman wrapped around him. “Awake?” Mars asked, skipping the 'finally' in the process.

“Yes,” he replied, becoming very awake, very quickly. “Um, can you let me go?”

“Why?” she purred as she pulled herself closer.

“Because I really need to go.”

That was all the explanation that was needed and Mars released her grip on him. He quickly got out of bed, hurried over to the bathroom, shut the door, and emerged a couple moments later with a flushed toilet and clean hands.

“Good,” Mars said as she stayed under the covers. “I don't do that sort of thing.” She made a disgusted face. “Coming back?”

“Actually,” he yawned a little, “I was hoping for some food.”

“Breakfast would be nice,” Mars agreed. “But we are kind of locked in here.”

“I'm sure you can break out,” he pointed out.

“I could, but where's the fun in that?” Mars dismissed the idea. “There should be something to eat in the mini-fridge.”

“You want anything?”

“No, I'm good.” Mars stated, watching him walk around as naked as she was. After he pulled an apple and some water out from the mini-fridge, he returned to the bed.

“So, a whole day of sex.” It wasn't a question, but a statement.

“Yes,” Mars agreed as she reached up with one hand to run over his chest. “I won't mind if you want to take a break or two in the meanwhile.”

His response was to place the apple to one side, then clamber back onto the bed, Mars allowing him to pin her down. “So, how does this go?” he asked as he pulled back his hands from her shoulders and down onto her chest. She grinned as they found a home on her tits, spreading her legs out in invitation.

“However you want it too.”

* * *

Mars reflected that he was getting better. So at least that part of the contract was fulfilled. He was laying on her chest, recovering from his latest bout with her womanhood when she raised the question.

“So, though about how you're going to kill me?”

He looked up at her. “I thought that was already arranged?”

“No,” Mars said. “We get to decide that, and you snuff me.”

“Oh. Well, how would you like to go?”

That wasn't what she was expecting at all. After his hesitance with the carnal pleasures, to find he was more comfortable with the snuff pleasures?

She mentally shrugged. It wasn't her decision to make. “I was thinking that there wasn't much to use around here,” she observed as he watched her carefully, “so you'll have to do it... personally?”

“What do you mean by that?”

She responded by reaching down and taking his hands into her and pulling them slowly up her body, tracing along her hips to her waist and further up past her stomach. He approved of this and swung around to slide over her chest as she dragged him further up.

Stopping at her neck, she leaned her head back and pressed his fingers into the sides of her throat. “This,” she said through a blushing face. “You have sex with me while choking me to death.”

“That's a thing?” he seemed surprised.

“What? You think that a woman's reaction to a good fuck is called 'The Little Death' for nothing?” She released his hands and wrapped hers around his back. “Want to practice?”

He considered this, but in the end, his own body determined his actions. The rise he got out of the imagination of conquering Mars was evident enough on his face that Mars decided to help him along. She moved her hands down his back and to his hips to pull him up further her own chest. With plenty of immediate experience, he was able to quickly penetrate her.

Mars offered up her throat again, and the young man took it in his hands, feeling with the tips of his fingers where the throat gave way to the blood vessels that ran up to her head. Finding what he wanted, he timed one of his thrusts with the escalation of pressure on her neck.

She choked out a gasp, a wicked smile on her face as she rolled her hips with his. Even as she felt the first burning sensations in her cheeks, she did nothing to dissuade him from doing what he wanted with her to enjoy himself.

He squeezed tightly, pinching off the veins, and putting pressure on her windpipe. Her response was aggressive in its sexuality as she pulled up her legs to pin him in place at the same time she released one of her hands to massage her breasts. With every rush into her womanhood, Mars found herself wondering – as much as she could think – why she didn't do this more often, she didn't know.

But when her lung started to object, she knew it was time for her to recover, so she tried tapping him on the back.

He ignored the signal as he kept his grip on her and his lust unsaturated. Mars tried to think of what to do, but two things were in her head. First was that there was nothing stopping him from killing her before the end of the weekend, and second was that for all his lack of skill, he was /really/ energetic where it counted.

And right now that last point was really winning out as well, so she forced her hand away from his back and gripped the bed tightly instead. If he got carried away, no fault of hers, really!

Of course, in the time she managed to get that straight, her vision was starting to grow fuzzy, and the energetic waves rolling through her seemed more dull. And no matter how she tried, there was no denying her body and the release it sought. She felt her loins explode with pleasure, even as the man refused to stop for anything.

It was getting hard for Mars to concentrate on anything now, as the pain in her neck and the refusal of her body to do anything other than respond to physical input prevented her from thinking straight. Not that she minded.

The young man watched as the life slowly drained from the eyes of the woman beneath him. She buckled with a strength that surprised him, but it was obvious she wasn't able to do much without leverage. Under his fingers, her pulse frittered away as her face stayed blue and her eyes turned upwards in their sockets.

He stayed like that for another minute or two, he wasn't sure before he was certain that the bitch under him was well and truly dead. Though he knew from her pillow talk about the show she was on that such a thing wouldn't keep her down for good.

Pulling himself off her, he walked to the bathroom to wash off. Once he was done with that, he returned to find one of the house servants standing there.

“Ah,” she said, looking at the body. “I presume this means you're done?”

“It is,” he replied. “What about you?”

“The Master has ordered that I dispose of this like the others,” the servant stated. She had dealt with many who had entered alive before, and would later. “The Master would also like to know if you enjoyed the carnal education?”

“I did,” he said, looking at the servant with a new eye. Would you like a personal demonstration?”

The servant looked thoughtful. “Perhaps later. First, I have to deal with that,” she said, pointing at the bed.

“Very well.”


“Hello! And welcome everyone to the Sailor Scouts Snuff Show! In every episode, we look at a request by you, our audience, and if we decide to go for it, well, you'll still have to pay!” The voice of Sailor Moon came over the moving sign advertising their services.

On the program, the five scouts stood relaxed in a line. “Thank you to our previous donor,” Moon said, bowing low and letting her hair fall past her head to the floor. “Your kindness was most appreciated.”

From left to right, the five were lined up in order of the position of their name sakes astronomically. Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter. The five Sailor Snuff Scouts! In a row, their white leotards were adorned with the bow ties and frilly skirts of their uniforms. Blue, yellow, gold, red and green.

“Well, now it's time for our next request,” Moon announced with a flourish. “I have it right here!” She pulled open the front of her uniform and reached down into it before pulling out a small slip of paper. “Here we go!”

“Ah! Our mysterious Patron 'A' has this request to make!” Moon read aloud from the single slip of paper. “Sailor Jupiter!” At her name being called, the tall brunette stood straighter, rolling her shoulders back to better present her best assets, other than her height. “Our Patron wishes for you to attend their dinner, where your limbs will be shorn from your body and served for supper. Afterwards, I shall hand you over to one of my precious guests for their personal and private use for the night.”

Jupiter seemed to think about that when Venus spoke up. “Hey, aren't these the same people that made this request of me a year ago?”

“Maybe?” Moon asked as she looked over at Mercury, who was busy checking her personal computer. After a moment, she nodded. “Well, it seems like we have a repeat customer!” Moon clapped her hands together with a smile on her face. “What was it like, if you don't mind?” She prodded her fellow into spilling any memories she could.

“Well,” Venus made a show of it, putting her hand on her head as she recollected those memories. “The supper was pretty good, but then again, we were talking about my body there.” She stepped out of line to reach out to Jupiter. “I mean, look at these arms!”

“I have meat on my bones!” The brunette said back. “More than you, that's for sure.” She slapped away Venus' hand with ease. “I'll do it!”

Venus returned to her spot.

“Well, now that that's out of the way, let's see. Repeat customer, sex, partial cannibalism... here's the price!” Moon swept her hand down, where post-processing would add the final tally. “Remember, payment is due in 72 hours!”

* * *

Walking into the kitchen, Jupiter's first sight was to the Chef. The middle-aged woman had a slight hunch to her back, and was wearing a white uniform, though past that there was absolutely nothing about her that was identifiable. Even her eyes would be hard to describe. But those eyes looked at Jupiter with all the passion of a butcher looking at another slab of meat, which was exactly what was going on. Jupiter had seen that feeling before, though it was much rarer than the other responses – lust, hunger, etc....

“Strip,” the woman commanded with a heavy, but unplacable accent. Jupiter complied, recognizing that she wasn't putting a show on for her. Pulling off her boots first, she tossed them to one side as her feet adjusted to the cool floor. Next, she removed her gloves, balling them up before tossing them to join the footwear.

The Chef was apparently unimpressed and her look was one that forced Jupiter to move faster. She quickly pulled the shoulders of her seifuku over her arms, where she was able to begin rolling it down over her large breasts and not-to-wide hips. Stepping out of them, she kicked it to join the pile of clothes to one side. This left her with just her tiara and the hair tie, neither of which needed to go if what Venus had told her was true. And the Chef didn't seem to care either.

With no sense of personal space, the Chef examined Jupiter's arms and legs, pressing and poking and pinching them until she was satisfied. “Good,” was the finale to her examination, apparently satisfied that the Sailor Scout kept herself in shape.

“Table,” she said in her inscrutable tone of voice. Jupiter followed her pointer finger and saw that a large metal table with a great many drainage holes had been laid out, one with six straps already arranged on it, though still open.

Jupiter climbed onto the table, and slid her legs into the lower and wider pair of straps. Once they were in position, she pulled the straps tight, letting her legs become immobile. She took a glance behind her, and saw that the Chef was preparing something with her back turned to her.

Unwilling to incur the Chef's annoyance – she knew from being on both ends of that how poorly it would end for the meat, Jupiter lay down on the table, wrapping the wast strap over her body, pulling it tight for the impending butchering. Once that was in place, she reached up and did the one for her neck, making sure it was secure, but not too tight. There was no sense in choking herself now.

She was about to secure the one arm she could with both of them free when the Chef returned. Over her cook's uniform was a leather apron, thankfully clean as a sign of her professionalism. In her hands was an electric saw, the blade gleaming in the lights. “Good,” she said. “I finish.”

The Chef put down the saw and snapped the straps over Jupiter's wrists. Now fixed into place, the Senshi couldn't move if she wanted to. Of course, the Chef also checked the other bands, and found them acceptable. Returning to Jupiter's left side, the Chef picked up the electric saw and activated it. “No die,” she said. “Know Magic.”

With that declaration, the Chef swung the saw down, slicing deep into the meat of Jupiter's leg. The Scout refused to give voice to the scream that rose up from her body as the nerves and muscles were alight with fire. The release died in her throat as her body adapted to the pain for just a moment before the bone was hit. This time, her body reacted as the saw's pitch changed and the sharp vibrations shuddered up her femur and into her hips, where it connected with her spine.


The Chef ignored the yell, and even the reaction of her body as the saw finished with the bone, and returned the far easier flesh. Only then did Jupiter notice that there was no blood, and no once did the Chef's hand move from where it held her down. It wasn't natural.

The old woman ignored all that as she removed the limb, Jupiter could see for a moment the raw meat of her leg, though apparently sealed before the Chef returned to her right side to repeat her actions.

This time, Jupiter was ready for the sensations, and the Chef cut off her other leg without undue complaint. It still hurt, but it wasn't a raw nor ragged cut. Part of her was disappointed still that this woman wasn't going to take advantage of this situation to make it as intense as possible.

Once again, the Chef preferred efficiency over torture or other, more time consuming methods. Her right arm was held down by the firm grip of the elder woman, and the saw made quick work of the much thinner limb. In fact, it was over so quickly, Jupiter was certain for a moment that it hadn't happened at all!

But even as she tried to process the quick severance, the Chef removed the arm from the cutting table, and soon returned for the last one. And just as quickly, it too was gone, leaving her a limbless torso and head strapped by the neck to the table.

She desperately wanted to pleasure her self in the moment, but nothing would come to deal with that, save her own will.

The Chef returned again, saw still in hand, and Jupiter wondered what was happening when the edge of it touched her neck. She panicked, thinking that the Chef was going to cut off her head as well, when the woman's face took on a look of confusion. “No head,” she muttered to herself. “Doll. Yes. Doll.”

The blade was removed, and Jupiter relaxed. She wanted to enjoy this, not spend the rest of this life as a head slowly loosing blood. Or would she, given that this woman obviously knew some magic?

She'd done the head thing before. It wasn't too her liking. She enjoyed her body, and intended to use it as much as possible, hence her agreement here – even though it meant losing arms and legs in the process.

The Chef vanished from sight, leaving Jupiter still strapped to the table.

The table itself wasn't cold, or anything like that. Rather, she just felt plain awkward as the sounds of food preparation reached her ears. Instead of fretting though, Jupiter relaxed against her bonds so as to not distract the chef.

It wasn't long though before another set of feet entered the kitchen. “Is that the ornament?” a male voice asked, to which the Chef made a sound of agreement. Jupiter swung her head around to see a middle-aged man walk toward her. “Ah, good body,” he said without a hint of desire. “I will have it prepared in an hour.” The Chef ignored him.

The man came over and did not introduce himself as he undid the straps still holding her in place. He slid his hands under her and lifted Jupiter up by her hips and shoulders, carrying her out of the Kitchen and into an adjacent room where a rolling table was set up. Obviously, this place was rich enough to afford one room for food preparation, and another for food presentation.

Although that wasn't her destination right away. Instead, she was taken to one side where she was put down into a sink and washed thoroughly by the man, who was equally professional as the Chef in the kitchen. He didn't take advantage of her body in any way, even when his hand scrubbed between her amputated legs, or over her ample breasts.

Once she was washed and clean to the satisfaction of the man, he took her over to the rolling table, and the raised pedestal on it. “Yes,” he said to himself, “this will work.” He put his hands under her shoulders and lifted Jupiter up onto the central platform of the rolling table.

She didn't notice the clear upright in the middle of the table until the man fitted her anus over it and shoved down. Jupiter bit back a sound of pain, taken by surprise at the insertion. He held her steady for a moment, then flipped up two semi-circles on the edge of the raised section to collar her hips in a thin metal band.

Jupiter looked down to see her body being held in place, an open display for anyone who wanted to reach over the table to touch her.

“No, no” the man said to himself. “Master desires flesh. Not stone this night.” He gave no sign of admitting that Jupiter heard him, even though her heart skipped a beat at the idea of being transformed into marble. While she had no problems with that, the results of that being done to Mercury without contractual permission were still being felt.

Instead, the man took the moment to put some sort of foam between Jupiter's skin and the metal belt, preventing her from tilting one side or the other too much, in addition to preventing any form of chafing.

While that was happening, the Chef came out of the kitchen, pushing a trolley of her own. Without looking at the propped-up Senshi, she started to lay out the meat around Jupiter. In front of her were her feet, uncooked, but garnished. Her fingers had been cut off, all the digits placed across the palm of her hand and given a slight drizzle of something dark.

Somehow, her legs had been reduced to slices of meat, and they were artfully arranged in a hemisphere to her right and left, while behind her, she could turn a little to see her arms laid out with the skin removed and the meat of them cut into a multitude of small segments ripe for the picking and dipping in the array of sauces that bordered them.

Various small other food stuffs – rice, vegetables, etc, filled out the rolling table, while another one was produced that had a variety of drinks on it, which she was sure was not for minors.

Now ready, Jupiter was rolled out by the Chef and the man out into the dining area of the mansion. There, she was presented to a small crowd of a half-dozen socialites. Or rather, the meal was. As ornamentation, she was completely ignored – much like the ones who prepared her.

The guests started to serve themselves of her offered flesh, taking them onto fine porcelain plates, and elegant silver utensils. They chatted about irrelevant things, speaking not to Jupiter, nor did she speak, instead smiling and making sure she stayed upright. To be seen and not heard, wasn't that the saying?

It didn't really matter to Jupiter as the meal wore on. She wasn't thirsty, nor hungry. But she did have time to think about things. Nothing serious though. This wasn't the time for that.

Eventually though, the party, such as it was, finished and the guests went away. Once they were gone, Jupiter took a look down at the surrounding plate. She didn't like the fact that there was still meat left, but had to admit that maybe they weren't all that hungry. Or saving room for dessert, whatever that may be.

She wondered if she would get some too before long. But then thought better of it.

“Ah, you must me my winnings,” a gentle voice spoke out from behind Jupiter. Turning to look at the person addressing her, she saw one of the guests walk around the table. A pretty woman in a red strapless dress circled the table, one hand on the edge. “I honestly do not understand what goes through his mind....”

Sensing it was time to speak, Jupiter greeted the woman. “Hello.”

“Ah! She speaks!” The red-clad woman replied in mock surprise, somehow not being sarcastic at the same time. “I wondered.” She stopped in front of Jupiter, looking up at her.

They looked at each other for a few moments before the woman spoke. “What does it feel like?”

“Like what?” Jupiter asked, not certain which condition was worth mentioning. The Plexiglas(?) rod up her ass, the whole 'Senshi' deal, or just her current predicament in general.

“No limbs.” She replied.

“That.” Jupiter thought about it. “It was painful, for a moment. Then nothing.”

The woman seemed to think about it. “I cannot imagine it. Nor does it appeal to me.”

Jupiter did not respond.

“Are you hungry?” She asked, picking up a slice of arm with a pair of clean chopsticks. “There is plum sauce, sweet-and-sour, and a peach.”

Taken aback that she was being offered pieces of herself, Jupiter at first refused through silence before recognizing that the woman wasn't being impolite. “I am too high up,” she said to cover herself. “I don't think you can reach me.”

“Oh!” The woman looked around before grabbing a nearby chair. “That would be a problem.” She pulled the chair closer then carefully climbed up onto it in order to reach Jupiter's mouth. “Here, try the plum sauce first. She offered a strip of meat to Jupiter, who in turn accepted the offering with an open mouth.

“Chewy,” she said after a moment of digesting her own self. She looked at the woman, who was already holding up another strip, this time with the light color of the peach sauce. “You know, this would be easier if I was let down.”

“That's right!” The woman hopped down and rushed about. “I will be right back!”

“W!” Jupiter was stopped from finishing the 'Wait!' because the woman had run off behind her.

“Chair!” She announced as she ran back to in front of the fixed-facing Senship. She climbed up, removing her heels in the process. Standing up, she was just a little higher than Jupiter now. “How do I get you off?”

Seeing as how there would be no help from elsewhere, Jupiter swung back and forth to check the band around her waist. “That has to go,” she said. “Though I'm not sure how.”

“Ah!” The woman said as she leaned down to examine it. “There's a catch. Shall I?”

“Be careful, I don't want to fall.”

The woman undid a latch hidden from Jupiter's view, and the two halves of the hoop fell away. Suddenly unsupported, Jupiter wobbled. Without arms to swing to regain her balance, and having been pretty much still for the last bit of time, she was unable to properly straighten herself out and started to tip over.

Her fall was arrested when the woman reached out to catch her, wrapping one hand around Jupiter's back, which meant that she fell forward. Onto the woman. “Oof!” she grunted as she shifted her weight to account for her new load.

“You're heavy!” She said as she awkwardly lifted Jupiter up off her pedestal and down to the chair she climbed off of.

Jupiter felt some sense of relief, being removed from the parts of the stand that forced her upright. She let out a breath of relief, relaxing for a moment even as the woman set her down. “Thank you.”

“You're welcome,” she replied. “Now, about that food....” The woman plucked the meat off the platter where she had left it and offered it to the reclining Jupiter. “Here you go!”

The Senshi wondered for a moment if the woman even recognized that she was offering her own meet to her. Then dismissed the concern as irrelevant. She opened her mouth, and the slip of meat we slid into it, where she pulled it with her tongue and began to chew.

Moist and sweet. The chef was a better cook than Moon, that's for sure.

“Do you like it?” she was asked. Jupiter took a moment to swallow before nodding.

“Ah! Good!” The woman looked at the table a bit more. “Did you want anything else? It must have been dreadfully impolite to eat while you were up there.”

“I was hired to be presentation,” Jupiter explained, in case the woman wasn't fully aware of the details, “then as companionship for the evening.”

The woman seemed surprised. “I was told I 'won' you. Is that what it meant?”

“Yes,” Jupiter confirmed. “If you were male, I fully expect I would have been nothing more than a fuck-pillow until morning.”

“Oh my!” The woman was aghast. “Is that true?”

“Yes,” Jupiter said. “But it seems like you have me and my body for the evening.”

The woman looked at Jupiter, as though seeing her for the first time as something more. “Truely?”

Jupiter nodded.

“But I have never slept with a woman like that!”

(If that's your concern,) Jupiter thought to herself, (then that's not mine). “Perhaps another piece of meat?”

“What? Oh! Of course!” she picked up a slice of leg and folded it carefully before offering it to Jupiter. She chewed carefully and when the opportunity presented itself, let a small spot of sauce dribble down out her mouth and onto her breast.

“Oh! You dropped something!” The woman bent to wipe away the sauce when her hand paused just away from Jupiter's flesh. “Oh, um....”

“Go ahead,” Jupiter encouraged her. “Fingers or lips, your choice.”

“Lips?” The woman was shocked at the suggestion, even as Jupiter held her gaze with a curled smile.

She looked down at Jupiter's bosom, then up at her encouraging face, then around to see that there was no one watching, then back down to Jupiter's body. Without any further warning, she knelt down and opened her mouth, taking Jupiter's teat into it, sauce and all.

For a moment, Jupiter was astounded that her ploy had worked. She figured she would have to do more cajoling before something like this happened. Then her thoughts stopped as the woman started to suck on her breast, licking the raised tip with her tongue before pulling back.

Jupiter's face was flushed with excitement from the unexpected intimacy. “Are you sure you've never done this before?”

The woman seemed coy. “Perhaps.” She licked her lips, even as Jupiter devoutly wished she still had hands. Even one of them would help. “Another slice of meat?”

“I don't know,” Jupiter narrowed her eyes teasingly. “Will it be fresh?”

“I think I can arrange something.” The woman slipped off the top of her dress, exposing her upper body. Sitting on the edge of the seat, she pushed Jupiter up against the backrest as she twisted to face her. Lifting one breast, she used the other to steady herself. “Would you like a taste?”


“Hello! And welcome everyone to the Sailor Scouts Snuff Show! In every episode, we look at a request by you, our audience, and if we decide to go for it, well, you'll still have to pay!” The voice of Sailor Moon came over the moving sign advertising their services.

On the program, the five scouts stood relaxed in a line. “We do apologize for our extended summer vacation,” Moon bowed in apology. “I can neither confirm nor deny that there is a tribe of cannibals in South America that has had a couple months of feasting.”

From left to right, the five were lined up in order of the position of their namesakes astronomically. Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter. The five Sailor Snuff Scouts! In a row, their white leotards were adorned with the bow ties and frilly skirts of their uniforms. Blue, yellow, gold, red and green.

“But now that we're back, it is time to return to our gracious requests! And so many of them have piled up over the summer!” Moon put one finger to her lips as she tilted her head in thought. “I mean, we could do one of those nice rounds where all five of us do something at once, but honestly, we just came back from that.”

The other Senshi nodded in agreement. “We do have a couple options...” Mercury said. “Were there any you were interested in?”

“Nothing with eating,” Jupiter said. “Had enough of that for a while.” The other Senshi agreed with motions of their heads, or their words.

“You heard her, Mercury.” Moon said. “Nothing like that please. Something simple, I think.”

“Alright,” the blue-haired Senshi replied as she tapped a few commands into her portable computer. “Here,” she passed it to Moon, who read it over. “Simple, quick, and painful. Probably.”

“I like it!” Moon said in triumph. “Dear Sailor Snuffettes,” she started to read aloud. “My friends and I are having a problem. Can you spit a live woman properly, and if so, which hole is the best? Thanks, M and A.”

“Sounds easy enough,” Venus said. “You know, I haven't been fucked like that in a while, I think I'll go!”

“We have Venus!” Moon announced, “Anyone else want to go with her? The request does say up to three.”

There was some murmuring, but in the end, no one else wanted to go. “Very well then! We shall contact M and A and arrange payment. Our next video will involve Venus getting spitted like a pig!”

* * *

Venus waited on the marble table for her killers. Above her, the stage lights shone down on her body, the long wait was for the cameras remotely operated by Mercury to do their thing. As she sat, waiting, she reached out to take into her hands one of the long poles that she could find herself riding very shortly. The aluminum rod was only an inch or so thick, as it was a common misconception that larger was better. Too big, and you would do too much damage on your way through, and smaller made it easier to lose track of the tip. The idea that they bent under the weight of the woman who rode them was folly, she knew from experience on both sides, as the mass of the meat was well distributed.

From behind her, she could hear approaching footsteps. She put on her best smile and hopped off the table to greet the people.

To her surprise, one of the approaching people was a woman. The two of them were all wearing body obscuring clothes, as well as a wrap to prevent people from getting a good look at their faces, not that Mercury would let her cameras get one. “Hello,” she said as she leaned on the pole. “Here to run this through me?”

The woman spoke up. “Yes we are. Thank you for agreeing to this,” she bowed politely.

Venus returned the gesture. “Have you decided how to go about this?”

The two looked at each other in confusion. “Not really,” the man said. “Strip.”

Venus, goddess of love, had a body to match, which is why she tried to stay covered up when not on the job. As she got around to removing her leotard, she noted the bulges from the man's crotch. It was a typical reaction, so she paid it no serious attention. And there was no need to make a performance out of it, so she quickly divested herself of everything else. “Do you wish some advice?” she asked as she put one hand on her hip, and let the other keep her long golden hair out of her face.

“What do you want to say?” the woman responded.

“Well, there are three ways to do a woman,” Venus said as she reclaimed her pole. She liked this one. “Mouth,” she pointed at hers, “cunt and anus,” she indicated the appropriate parts of her. “There are advantages and disadvantages to each.”

“Which are?” the man said this time.

“Well, if you start with the anus, you're running up against the spine pretty quickly,” Venus turned profile to them, and held the pole beside her to demonstrate. “Not to mention that unless you've done your work ahead of time – and I have, naturally – then you'll also be running this through the shitter, which means a whole host of possible problems.”

“Up the cunt,” she moved the pole forward just a bit, “is easy access from behind, as well as a nice long run before you start encountering resistance. “Problem there is, well, a lot of time, the guy doing it wants to have some fun as well, and it's not that easy to stick your dick where there's a metal shaft in the way. And,” she said with a tone of warning, “going in that hole keeps you away from any stabilizing bone structure until you reach the ribs. Too easy to get on a bad angle.”

“Finally the mouth.” Venus smiled with hers. “Easy access, nice and wide. And it makes sure the head is in the right position to start. However, you can choke your girl this way very easy, and the stress of the neck bending to accommodate the pole affects the rest of the body.” She drew a line across her throat. “Best way to deal with that problem is to remove the head before spitting. Also has the nice benefit of stopping all those pesky involuntary motions.”

“Not gonna cut off your head,” the woman stated. “And he's not gonna fuck you,” she indicated the man's bulge. “No matter how much he fantasizes about that.”

“That's alright,” Venus said with a sly grin, “if you want to take care of that before we begin, go right ahead.”

“That won't be necessary,” the woman said harshly. “We're going to do you up your pussy, so lay down.”

As she was commanded, Venus hopped back onto the table and lay face up on it. Her legs hung over the edge, allowing for easy access. In her hands she held the pole still, this time held on a line that went between her legs, between her breasts and touching her nose. “Like this?”

“Exactly,” the man said as he took a hold of the pole – and not without coincidence put his hands on her tits in the process. “Do we strap her down?” he asked the woman.

“No,” she replied. “This is practice, remember. You can hold her down, and I'll use the pole.”

Eager, the man put one hand back on Venus' chest, not disguising his enjoyment at groping the nude woman. The other hand found its way between her legs where he fingered her pussy for a moment before spreading it wide. Venus was aroused a little at the rough handling. So many times people treated her gently due to her beauty, it was nice to experience this.

“So, sharp end in,” the woman said from down by Venus' feet. The Senshi held herself still as she waited for the cool metal tip to touch her, and she didn't have to wait long as the spike quickly found its way into her love canal. “Push in constantly, or what?”

“Constant pressure is better, but you may need to apply force to break through the uterus,” Venus replied without hesitation. “I'm tougher than a normal person, so don't be afraid to...!” She hissed sharply as the woman slid the pole into her, cutting Venus slightly as the point scraped along her vagina. “Force it!”

The woman leaned into the pole, and it broke out of the vagina and into the uterus with a sudden pop. Venus gasped in pleasure and pain at the sudden change, her own arousal working wonders to keep it more of the former and less of the latter. “Keep going!” She said as the man tried hard to keep her in place.

Resetting her grip, the woman pushed on the pole, letting it slide through the small empty space inside Venus before reaching the upper wall. “Push!” Venus said, even as she felt like it was further in than it really was. Such was her sensitivity.

The woman did, straining against the slick metal, watching where the pole entered their willing victim and where blood and other fluids came out. “Almost...!” She grunted, then let go. “You're right, you're a tough bitch.”

Venus took the compliment well. “Enjoying the view?” She asked the man. “Helpless like this?” Her response was in the eyes. He was indeed.

There was no warning this time as the woman slammed the end of the pole with the palm of her hand, hammering at it, pushing it into the last barrier between it and Venus' internal organs. One more and Venus felt like the dildo between her legs was malfunctioning. But still going in.

Another hit, and she felt something pop inside her. “AAAhhHH!” she yelled out as she refused to react by thrashing. The woman returned to where she started and knelt to examine her work. Apparently not satisfied, the woman pulled out the pole a bit and then slammed it forward again, this time punching cleanly through Venus' uterus and into her intestines.

“You're right, this is easier,” she said as she slid the pole slowly but surely farther into her.

“Keep it low,” Venus said, feeling the pole threaten to poke into her skin from underneath. “You don't want to break out in my guts, do you?”

“No, I suppose not. You,” she told the man, “move your hand up from her cunt and fell out where the point is.”

He did as he was told, moving his hand up, tracing the dense line as best he could until his experimental poking found the tip. “A little to the left,” he said, and the woman responded by adjusting her angle slightly. “Good, now forward.”

The tip pushed further up, and Venus was ready to hold her breath as the guiding fingers found their way to her diaphragm. “Careful, you damage that muscle too much, and I start to breath with my chest, which makes the rest harder.”

“Understood. Hold her,” the woman said before pushing the pole again. She watched in fascination as Venus' body took the long shaft still, reacting like it was normal sex. It was odd, seeing the little orgasms from this angle, but she also knew why she was here. And it wasn't to play tourist.

She pushed the pole up, following Venus' instructions as best she could, until their paid volunteer called out “Stop!”

Venus knew this was the limit. There would be no more. “Any further,” she had to speak carefully through controlled breathing, “and I won't be able to talk.” She gulped to clear her throat. “You'll start to get in the way of the lungs. Once that starts, I'll start to suffocate as I won't get all the air I need. Keep the pole straight until it reaches my neck, then tilt my head back and slowly advance the pole up my throat. You do it right, and you'll see it compress my vocal cords before emerging out my mouth. It should pin my tongue in place, and my jaws should be kept open so you don't get caught on the teeth.” She rushed through her explanation knowing what was coming. “Once you see the tip come out, push another foot or so to clear everything, and you'll be done.”

“And what happens then?” the man asked, curious.

“I stay here until internal bleeding, or lack of oxygen kills me,” Venus admitted. “You get to watch and wait, or do your own thing, then leave.”

“Sounds slow,” the man observed.

“It is,” Venus admitted. “Very. Usually the woman is killed by this point, but you wanted to do this to a live partner.”

The woman responded with a lick of her lips. “Last words?”

“Yeah,” Venus said. “Next time, I'm going to share the fun!”

With that, the woman advanced the pole further into Venus, cutting off her hair supply as promised. The man held her down as she started to choke a little, but the ribs prevented the pole from puncturing the skin. Another length was inserted, and the man spotted the tip trying to push out at the top. “Lower it,” he said to the woman as he reached under Venus' neck to lift it into a straight line with the pole. He could see life in her eyes still, an eagerness to see this through to the end.

The spit slid cleanly up her throat now, guided the last few inches by the two working together until the tip emerged, covered in saliva and blood, from Venus' mouth. “Push another couple hands worth,” he said.

The woman did. She saw how every bit she put in was reflected in the same distance coming out less than four feet away. So much effort for such a short distance.

Then it was done. The two stepped back and watched as Venus' body heaved, trying to get more air. Her breasts were stiff and pointed, the blood flowing around her body engorging everything they could to keep them alive with oxygen, yet she did nothing else, even reaching out to touch the metal spit that was slowly killing her.

“So, that's a thing,” the man said. “Kinda easy, I think.”

“Well,” the woman said in return. “You think you'll be ready for me when we get home?”


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delightfull and delicious little stories, each..... though it would be nice to see a special episode with Chibiusa and/or saturn for some hot loli snuffings






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