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Necro-Pedo Feet, a vignette (Mgg, necro,snuff, pedo, foot fetish) by Basher (aka Looper) from asstr archives

(note: it goes without saying the author does not condone or endorse any of the contents of this story. It is a fantasy and nothing more)

Late morning. I yawned and stretched out on the mattress and lit a cigarette. Above me, in the middle of the room the naked eight-year old girl's body hung suspended from a chord at the neck. Her face was purple and fixed in a bloated, contorted look which was rather vulgar. Still, her body was beautiful. Porcelain- white and of lovely, skinny proportions: flat, white chest with all her ribs exposed, a slight pot-belly with the smooth, puffy opening of her little cunt beneath.

As she slowly, stiffly revolved I could see her meaty, pink bottom, which looked surprisingly ripe, given her pre-teen hips. Her skinny legs tapered down to her pretty little feet. Taking a wooden stool, I could sit beneath her and caress her soft, curvy soles and flex her cute little toes as I sucked and licked them. I ran my tongue over her smooth heels and rubbery, slightly wrinkled soles. Then as I hardened I locked her arches around my cock and by grabbing her ankles I made her floppy dead feet stimulate me until I came over them. I wiped my muck off and delicately painted her baby girl toenails in glittery pink varnish.

"Hope you hang around a while longer, baby," I smiled as I blew on her toes. "Meanwhile I'm going to play with your little friend."

The other girl I had abducted last night was still hogtied in the cellar. She had worn herself out struggling and had obviously tumbled into a fitful slumber from which I now roused her.

"Good morning little chicken," I grinned, licking my lips. The little girl moaned through her gag, and looked around confused. She began to wriggle again. Nothing sexier than watching her struggle.

My cock was already beginning to harden again, "Your little friend and I were playing some fun games together last night- sorry if I neglected you. Mmmm... now you have my full attention."

I squatted down next to her, "My aren't you a yummy little poppet." She was still dressed in her little t-shirt and shorts and plimsolls. I took her shoes and socks off...

It all began when I was a little boy. There was an accident at the end of our street. Mister Pearson at number thirty knocked little Izzy McCluggen off her bicycle when he was driving home from work. I missed the smash but my brother and me arrived in time to see the adults racing over to help.. and I could see Izzy's foot emerging from under the tangle of car and bicycle. Her foot was sort-of jolting and then it was still. There was this hush and then this wailing from Mr Pearson because Izzy McCluggen had just died in his arms. I felt kind of awful. Kind of sad. But also kind of excited by that jiggling foot as she was dying. Growing up I always had a foot fetish... but more than that, the fantasies that really got me off was imagining a girls feet wriggling and flexing as the girl died.

I wanted to do more than fantasize about this. I wanted to see it again. To experience that strange, queezy lust. That's when I began abducting and killing females just to enjoy that feeling. My favourite type was girls around the same age as Izzy had been. About eight-years old. A girls feet by then are very nicely formed, but still so soft and unblemished and their petite size makes them all the more adorable.

I lift this girl up and place her on the work bench. She is face-down. Whimpering now. hogtied so her ankles meet her wrists behind her. I work methodically. I have done this half a dozen times. There are a series of hooks on the long sides of the table through which thin rope can be attached. I tie one end of a piece of rope to one loop, then pass it across her back, beneath her arms and across to the other side of the table where I secure it again. She is now pressed to the table at the midriff. I repeat this across the back of her neck, then behind the backs of her knees. I uncuff her wrists from her ankles, then re-cuff each slender wrist to opposing table legs. To stop her kicking too much I secure another length of rope across the midway backs of her calves. Now, ten sweaty minutes later the little cunt is secured face down on the table, her soles upturned towards me at one end. I lick them up and down and then suck on her lovely little toes and her smooth round heels. She wriggles helplessly beneath my tongue.

I put on some nice classical musical to get me in the mood. Have a couple of tokes on a cigarette, then lowering her shorts and panties extinguish it on her rosy butt cheek. I stick a couple of fingers in her asshole, then sniff them. What a dirty little girl.

I walk around to face her and lift her head up by grabbing hold of her hair, One last look at the cute little girl, with her teary big, blue eyes and her delicate freckles and cute button nose who, like her friend in the next room, had not a care in the world only yesterday. The thought that I was about to murder her filled me with sick lust. I let her gaze upon my big, fat cock. "You poor child," I grinned, "you really have no idea what's going on do you? You have no idea how sexy you look right now". I stroked my cock in her face, then I put the clear transparent bag over her head and secured it with black tape.

Excitedly I rushed round to the other end of the work bench and held her feet by the ankles. I pushed my face into the soles of her feet to feel them squirming and jolting uselessly as she slowly suffocated. I gave her feet little loving bites and caresses as I felt her squirm. I put all her toes in my mouth and loved the feeling of them wriggling until finally she was still. I felt her become floppy. Her little mind fading away. I rubbed my hard penis against her upturned curvy, soft soles. Her feet were just twitching now. I took off the bag and masturbated in her contorted, purple face, spunking thick wads of hot cum over her bluish lips and protruding tongue and rolled- back bloodshot eyes.

I felt pretty exhausted and disgusted with my miserable self after that. It took a good, strong coffee and a hearty breakfast before I could get myself back in the mood for a little corpse- fucking. To be honest, it's the capturing and killing I like most. It's boring after a while if they don't struggle. Even if I play a soundtrack of girl screams while I'm squeezing my erection in its cool, tight anus. I know I'm getting greedy but I just want to get on the road and find my next preteen snuffling...






Loved it hope to see more


Awesome. This author had more stories similar to this, can't find them on asstr. Someone care to upload them here?


hi I was on as basher theres a couple more stories on there ;)




Enjoy your stories man. Do you still write?


Small but good, like that little girl! ;)



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