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I decided to make a thread for my stories that are too short for their own thread.

This first one is a a Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls story. At one point, the two playable characters are put into a battle against each other. It's heavily implied that Toko's holding back during the fight, so the idea of a story when she didn't came naturally. I tried to stay true to the game, with most of the dialogue taken from what the girls say during the battle.

Komaru Loses a Fight (F, slashing, debreasting, snuff)

“Guess there’s no other way… by force if I have to…” Toko Fukawa commented with a note of sadness.

“…Force?” Komaru Naegi repeated, not understanding what the other girl meant. She understood when Toko moved her stun gun to her head, and shocked herself. Komaru had seen the transformation into Genocider Jack enough times recently, so she knew what was coming. Still, she wasn’t expecting that Toko would attack her.

Genocider opened her eyes, and looked at the girl opposite her. Toko had been travelling with her for the past few days, and she even began to like the girl a bit. Still, she knew what she had to do.

“Gotta kiiill! Kill kill kill kill! I got no choice, I gotta start slicin’!” She screamed with a deadly laugh as she took her sc issors out of the holsters on her legs.

“Toko!?” Komaru cried out, terrified.

“If you don’t get serious, I’m seriously gonna kill ya!” – Genocider Jack commented as she started running towards Komaru.

„Stop it already, Toko!” – Komaru screamed as she turned back and ran towards the entrance to the Shrine.

“I won’t let you escape, Komaru Naegi… It would be troublesome if you didn’t play your role.” The Servant’s voice told her what she was already expecting – that the entrance to the shrine was locked now.

Toko got to her, and started slicing away. With a few quick slices, Komaru’s white shirt was completely destroyed, and it fell to the ground in shreds. It also gave her a few cuts, but nothing really dangerous yet. Komaru rolled away and started running in the opposite direction, while begging for Toko to stop doing this. ”What are you doing? Stop!”

As Komaru ran, suddenly Jack jumped over her and landed on one of the lanterns. A battery for her stun gun appeared there. She switched it in, then shocked herself again.

“If Future Foundation made that stun gun, then my Hacking Gun should be able to…” Komaru thought to herself as she aimed her megaphone towards Toko, and shot.

“Yes! It works on the stun gun!” The schoolgirl called out as one of her bullets hit the device in Toko’s hands. It stopped her only for a moment though, and when Genocider got to her this time, Komaru realized that doing so only angered the serial killer even more. And even worse, she seemed to be going for the hacking gun this time.

Jack’s rapid slashes with her scissors gave Komaru no chance to avoid them. They cut into her hands, and she was forced to let go of her megaphone. It fell to the ground, and Jack kicked it away from her, then called out gleefully:

“See? Now what are you gonna do?” She winced in pain as she realized the megaphone was a gift from master Byukuya, but she remembered she was doing it for him anyways.

That thought reignited her passion. A mad grin crawled onto her face as she sliced towards Komaru again. The brown-haired girl tried to get away, but she only took a few steps before Toko caught up to her. She sliced away without aiming for anything this time, and Komaru’s abdomen was covered in slices as her blue skirt was cut apart. Her hands moved to hold it so that the scraps didn’t fall off, but Toko stabbed her through her hand so that she let go of it. And as it fell, she also sliced through Komaru’s white-and-blue panties for good measure.

As the shreds of Komaru’s panties slid down her legs, another battery fell in front of Jack. She grabbed it, and refilled her shock gun again. Komaru tried to get away from her again, and after Toko shocked herself again, Jack decided that the high-schooler’s constant running away was too annoying, She dashed towards her, and stabbed a few of her knives through the back of Komaru’s knee. She fell down, unable to feel or move the leg from the knee down. She still didn’t give up, though. She tried with all her might to crawl towards the hole in the ground that contained the secret passageway.

Jack was amazed by Komaru’s endurance, realizing she was a lot like her brother. However, that wasn’t going to save her now. Jack got to Komaru, and flipped her over so that she lay on her back. “Please, Toko! Stop this!” Komaru begged her with tears in her eyes. Fire lit up in Jack’s eyes as she heard that, and she straddled Komaru’s body. She knew she could just kill Komaru now, but her begging only worked Jack up.

She pressed her cold scissors against Komaru’s chest, and cut through her white bra, then pulled it away. It was the first time she could see fear and despair welling up in Komaru’s eyes. Jack knew her host was jealous of Komaru’s rack, which was bigger than Toko’s, and an idea flashed up in her twisted mind.

Jack grabbed one of Komaru’s breasts by the nipple, and pulled it upwards. With her second hand, she opened one of her scissors and pressed them against Komaru’s skin just under the breast. Komaru still didn’t know what was coming, only squealing in pain from the abuse of her nipple, and Jack almost felt bad for her. In one quick move, she sliced upwards with the scissors, cutting through Komaru’s flesh easily. The younger girl screamed in pain as her breast was cut off. Jack put the sliced off breast on the ground, then grabbed the remaining one and repeated the process. Komaru continued screaming all the way while she did so, but it didn’t stop her and soon the high-schooler’s chest was a lot lighter with both of her breasts gone.

At this point Jack decided it was time to finish Komaru off. She sliced through the skin between the stumps on Komaru’s chest, then pulled the wound open to reveal Komaru’s rapidly beating heart. Jack’s eyes locked onto the organ with a bit of fascination, but she quickly resumed her work. With a few more cuts and slices, she carved the heart away from Komaru’s chest. She watched the girl trash on the ground beneath her as she could hear piss soaking from her naked pussy. When Komaru finally stopped moving, Jack placed the heart over Komaru’s belly and stood up.

The Servant emerged from the shadows from which he was watching the two girls fight. “Guess she wasn’t fit to be a vessel of hope after all. What a disappointment.” He commented, then the two of them left the shrine.


Oh look, I wrote another Danganronpa fic O.o

Maki's Last Assassination (MM/F, non-con, rape, necro, beheading, impalement)

Maki Harukawa sighed as she threw the bag over the fence, then climbed over it herself. having made sure no one was around to notice her. Since according to her intel the security here was pretty low, she didn’t bother changing from her school uniform into something more fitting of the Ultimate Assasin. Because of that, her skirt was caught by the top of the fence, and as she came down her black skirt was torn just at the crack of her butt, leaving parts of her shapely ass exposed. The sharp pull backwards sent her off-balance, and she rolled onto the ground to regain balance. Rolling over a few sharp stones, she hurt her legs, her red overknee socks cut in a few spots. She got up, pretty annoyed, and wiped the dust off her red shirt, then checked if her knife was still in its place. Since it was, she took out the crossbow out of her bag and assembled it, then moved out. Her two long black ponytails flowed freely behind her as she began the search for her target.

She walked around for a few moments, staying out of sight of any guards that she noticed. Her map seemed to give her the correct layout of the residence, so after making sure of that she began to make her way towards the living quarters of her target. With how late it was, she was pretty sure he'd be there. However, as she approached the corridor to the main lobby, she heard loud voices.

“One of the outer guards noticed some bloody marks near the fence - an intruder might be inside the complex.” She peeked over the corner, and counted the number of guards in there. There were a few too many for her liking, but she decided it was nothing she couldn't handle. According to her intel, that was pretty much all of the security anyways, so taking then all out would mean no more stealth would be necessary.

She aimed her crossbow at one of the guards, and pulled the trigger. The bolts were covered with a fast-acting poison, one that caused enough pain to knock out usual people. She shivered as her mind went back to her training, and how she was forced to endure the poison until she became able to stay conscious after being injected with it.

She watched as the man fell to the ground, his face twisted in pain. The others saw what happened to him, but still didn't know where she was. She loaded another bolt, silently cursing herself for not changing into a more stealthy outfit. As she shot another guard, they finally noticed her and all ran towards her, hoping to overwhelm her. After letting go of her crossbow, Maki easily knocked out the first few ones that approached her throwing them into walls or the floor with her martial skills, showing other guards that they should treat her seriously. As a few of them began to draw their guns, starting to aim in her direction, she launched herself into the group. She easily brought another pair of guards down, knocking the handguns away from those she didn't with well aimed punches and kicks.

She could see the guards were now afraid of her, with more of them backing away and either drawing their guns as well or escaping. Fortunately, no one thought to ring the alarm or call for reinforcements. She quit dashed towards the last few that were still in battle spirits, and she disarmed them as well, causing them to run away in fear.

With all of them gone, she turned towards the door. She carefully approached it, and after quickly checking for traps, unlocked it. She knew she had to hurry now, before the guards reorganised themselves. As the door opened, however, she was greeted with another group of guards - that all had their guns pointed straight at her chest. She froze, taken off-guard by their sudden appearance - she was told there wouldn't be that many of them!

Knowing she’d die if she tried anything, she slowly raised her hands above her head. Two of them approached her, and grabbed her by one shoulder each.

“Our employer wishes to meet you, girl. That's the only reason you're still alive.” She didn't respond, and let them lead her further into the building - straight towards her target. Her mind was already brimming with ideas of how to break free, but for now she decided to let them do that.

They walked in silence, but one of the men leading her groped her ass with his free hand. She blushed heavily as his hand moved through the hole in her skirt and squeezed her ass heavily. With her double life as a student and an assassin, she had no time for a boyfriend, so it embarassed her to be felt up like that. The man’s hand moved along her ass, delving between her butt-cheeks and pulling on her white panties. He withdrew his hand just as they walked through the door. Maki immediately recognized the man waiting for her - it was the man she had been hired to kill.

“Hello, girl. I’m sure you know who I am. Your show of skills earlier has told me one thing - you must have been sent here to kill me. Now, I know it’s just business to you - so I’ll offer you a chance. If you tell me who hired you, I’ll let you walk away - after I let the guards to pay you back for the pain you inflicted on them. I’ll also pay you double the price you got for the hit on my head. If you refuse… Well, I’m sure you were prepared to die when you first became an assassin.” Her target spoke to her in a conversational tone, but the ruthlessness in his eyes told her he was telling the truth.

Maki remained silent. She didn’t know who ordered the hit on that man - she was just doing what she was told. And even if she knew, she wouldn’t tell - her employers took pride in providing only the best assassins, and she didn’t want to break that imagery. Well, any more than what she did now - failing an operation like that already was quite bad. Her orphanage wouldn’t get any money now that she failed - she just hoped they could manage without it.

The man correctly understood her silence as her refusing his proposition. With a bit of sadness, he spoke again. “Too bad. You’re still so young - your school uniform is best proof that you could have a wonderful life ahead of you. But not anymore. Since you’re not willing to speak, there’s another way to get something out of you. Strip her!” He commanded the guards forcefully.

The blush returned to her face as rough hands began to undress her. She gave the man a deadly glare as one man tore her red shirt in two, exposing her flat belly and her white bra. The man that groped her ass earlier grabbed at the hole in her skirt with both hands, and pulled it in opposite directions, tearing it in half. The torn skirt slid down her long legs, and her panties were revealed - white panties with straps and a tie on the side. A hand grabbed the clasp of her bra and hastily undid it, and her breasts bounced a bit as they were freed from the bra. The cold air in the room quickly got her nipples to stiffen as she blushed heavily. Her hands moved to cover herself instinctively, but a quick slap made her drop them again. She felt a hand on her hip, close to the strap of her panties, but her target cut in:
“Stop, I want to do it myself. Prepare the thing I spoke about earlier.” The man walked over to her, and she couldn’t help but feel disgusted as she saw him stroke his already erect cock. His fingers quickly undid the strap, and she felt her panties slide down her legs as well. Her face turned even more red as her virgin pussy was exposed. Her pussy had a small patch of dark hair over it, but the man ignored her as he threw her to the ground and forced his cock into her virgin slit.

Maki felt sharp pain as her hymen was pierced by the man’s thick prick. Her blood covered his cock as he slid in and out of her, each thrust watering down her usual calmness. Eventually, she began to moan in pain, her mind fighting again the pleasure that was growing in her pussy. She considered using her superior physical strength to do something to him, but all the guards surrounding them discouraged her from trying that. The man continued to hammer his dick inside her, using her breasts as handles to go harder at it. His hands played with her breasts as he raped her, squeezing and molding them while he pounded her.

Maki’s legs started to shake as she caught sight of what the guards were preparing. It was a katana! Why did it have to be a katana! Her mind went back towards her last failed assassination - one that went wrong because she picked a katana as her weapon then. Painful memories of how she was punished for that failure resurfaced, but before she could focus on them, she noticed a guard walking in, carrying her crossbow. Almost immediately, the guard aimed it towards her, and a bolt buried itself in her shoulder. She screamed in pain as the poison started to affect her, her entire body suddenly burning with terrible pain, the pain from her violated pussy also multiplied by the poison. Unfortunately for her, her training made her able to withstand such pain, and she just continued to suffer as the man was starting to near his climax - her pain made her pussy tighten even more, and in a few more thrusts he came, sending his load deep inside her slit.

As his cock shot the final ropes of cum inside her, he let go of her breasts and took the katana in his hands, and stabbed her through her chest, piercing one of her lungs. Another layer of pain was added to Maki’s suffering as she coughed out some blood. Her target stood up, pulled up his pants and began to leave. “You can do as you please with her now.” He told the guards that were gathered before leaving.

Within mere moments of him leaving, several men were already on her. One grabbed her head and was forcing his cock between her lips. Maki considered biting it off, but she found no strength to do so. Another man went between her thighs and forced his cock into her unused asshole, while two more grabbed one of her feet each, took off her boots and started to rub their cocks against her sock-covered feet. The others were either waiting for their turn with her, or just jerked themselves off, shooting their cum onto her chest or belly after finishing.

Maki’s condition continued to worsen as more and more men violated her body. She could feel more and more blood gathering in her punctured lung, but with her mouth constantly filled with cocks it just stayed there, contributing to her troubles with breathing. Between that, all parts of her body being in pain because of the rape or the poison, and countless men still waiting to take advantage of her body, Maki found herself wishing for freedom in death. But before she would get it, her rape would continue for some more time.

As another load was sent into her stomach, Maki went into yet another coughing session, blood from her pierced lung appearing from her lips. She was now staring blankly at the ceiling, the rape and the pain finally getting to her sanity. A final shiver went through her entire body, and she finally died.

Her deathly spasms caused the man that was currently filling her pussy to cum. The next man to approach her head noticed she was dead, and pulled the katana out of her chest. He slowly moved it towards her neck, careful not to cut any of her hair as he sliced through it. When her head was cut off, he handed it to another of the guards as he forced his cock into her neck stump. Rarely did they get such a lovely girl with no limits on what could they do, so now they wanted to make full use of Maki’s body. Her head as quickly impaled by another guard’s cock, with the tip of his cock coming out of his mouth. One man wrapped his cock with her ponytails, and used her silky hair to masturbate.

Eventually, all guardsmen were completely spent. All of Maki’s holes were oozing with semen, and her naked, headless body was covered with a layer of it as well. Her clothes have been taken as souvenirs by some of the guards. Her body was soon disposed of, but her head was cleaned and preserved. The man mounted her head on the wall in his study, acting both as a trophy and a reminder to himself that he should always watch out for assassin. And also as a stress reliever to cum if necessary.

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