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"Hey," he said, lifting himself up to a nearly seated position, his cock still inside of her, "can we try something new?"

"Sure, I'm always up for that."

"I want to see what you look like inside while I'm fucking you."

"You mean, like with a camera?"

"No, I mean I want to cut your belly open and see your vagina while I'm inside it."

"I guess we could do that. Won't it make a mess?"

"It can't be so much worse than regular sex, at worst I'll need a new mattress. Besides, I can get the knife nice and hot to keep you from bleeding too much."

"Well, okay, just as long as you don't mess up anything inside of me."

"Of course not," he said as he pulled out and practically skipped out of the room to fetch a knife.

He returned a few minutes later with a sharp paring knife in his hand, its blade glowing a soft orange having been heated in a stove flame.

"Lets hurry up before it cools off. Get ontop of me, cowgirl style."

He rolled into the bed, and she knelt down over his crotch, dragging her pussy up his rock-hard shaft, then sitting down, feeling the tip between her lower lips.

He wasted no time, jabbing the knife into her navel, causing her to gasp, biting her lip. Then he pulled down, cutting deep all the way down, splitting her pubis mons, and coming right up to her vulva. It hurt so much and felt so good at the same time. Blood beaded and dripped ever so slowly from the cauterized sides of the gash, but the flow was far from enough to be dangerous. Even now it was starting to clot.

"How's it feel?"

"Crazy," she said, "I've never felt anything like it. … I think I like it."

"Great! This is so hot!" he replied, reaching his hands into the gash. He pulled the walls of her lower abdomen apart, opening it up to make everything visible inside. The sensation was like stretching, but more. She was very wet now.

Through the gash - really a hole now, her innards were clearly visible, nested in yellow fat and red-grey muscle, her intestines still held up behind a translucent membrane, and her uterus and ovaries front-and-center.

"Can I get your bladder out? It's kind of in the way."

"Do you have to?"

"Pretty much, your vagina is kind of back behind it."


He thrust his hand in, gripping the organ, and squeezed it in a death grip. She immediately felt her bladder emptying with force like she'd never known, the spray soaking both their crotches and the bed beneath. Then he tugged. It hurt so much, but it tugged on her vagina too. She screamed and orgasmed as the organ came free of its restraints and her urethra tore free from the back of her vulva.

He simply tossed the now shriveled organ into the trash can and grabbed her hips to position his dick inside her.

Gathering her wits again, her crotch burning with pain and pleasure, she pulled open the hole in her belly wide with her hands, revealing most of her vagina from the inside, and allowing her guts to push out a little way into the opening as he pressed himself into her.

His penis now deep inside her, she started to fuck him, raising her hips, up and down and fore and backward. Her vaginal walls bulged to accommodate his member each time she brought her hips down. Watching it was mesmerizing.

After a few glorious minutes of this, her belly open, flooded with sensations of hot and cold, pleasure and pain,

"Hold up, I want to try something," he said.

He reached one hand into her open belly and slipped his fingers all the way around her vagina. She gasped as the muscle holding it in place tore under the pressure of his finger tips. She knew what he was going to do.

He began masturbating himself using her body, driving his fist and her vagina up and down on his shaft. It felt like nothing else. It was excruciatingly painful as her vagina and even her sex organs began to be torn away from their mountings in her body by the force of his passion, but it also felt so good. There was so much pleasure both in the physical movement of her body between his, and in the feeling of having such an intimate part manhandled.

As he began to reach the point of no return, her uterus tore free and simultaneously pulled open the membrane that had prevented her guts from falling out onto his belly. They reached climax together as her womanhood and much of her intestines fell out to embrace him. She fell forward on top of them, leaning in and kissing him passionately.

After a long moment like this, she pulled herself up, and he extricated himself out from under her.

"Sorry, I guess I got a little carried away," he said as she surveyed her mass of innermost parts laying out in front of her.

"It's okay," she replied, "I'm glad I got to experience that."

"So am I. I wish it was something we could do more than once."

"Yeah, it doesn't look like I'll survive this," she stated, matter-of-factly, scooping some of her entrails into her arms and getting off the bed. She did her best to get them to stay inside her body without needing both hands.

"Where do you want my body?"

"How about the tub? Easy to clean then."

"Okay. I'll empty myself out so it's less of a mess. We've already ruined your bed, no need to do the same to your bath. Will you cut my throat when I'm done so I don't have to wait around to bleed out?"

"Of course," he said, following her to the bathroom.

She sat down on the toilet, intending to clear out her bowels, but her ruined muscles didn't do what she wanted.

No problem, she thought, extricating and dropping her loose entrails to the floor beside her with a slap, and reaching into herself to find her colon behind the mass of the rest of her innards, seeking escape. She simply squeezed like a tube of toothpaste, feeling the shit slide out. She wiped and flushed, feeling his eyes watching her, then stood, part still on the ground.

"Could you empty your stomach too, please?" he asked sheepishly.

"Awwww, I don't like throwing up!"

"Just cut it open and dump it then." He gave her the now cool knife.

"Oh, okay. Much less nasty."

She inserted the knife into her gash and slid it up to her breastbone. This time it bled more, but not as much as she would have expected. With most of her entrails falling out of her, her stomach was easy to find. She knelt over the toilet and quickly slashed into it. She momentarily retched, but everything inside simply poured out into the toilet. She quickly flushed it away, despising the smell.

"All good now?" she asked chidingly, standing again, catching her breath, her body hanging open, breastbone to vulva.

"Yeah, lemme just get all this in the trash," he said as he gathered up the organs that were falling out of her. He reeled them in until only her intestines were attached, then cut them free at the top and tugged until the bottom came free, tearing her anus in a wonderfully pleasant way.

He tossed the entrails into the garbage and looked at her, now a bloody and hollow, spread open like a flower, both the slit between her legs and the one up her torso.

"Help me into the tub?" she asked.

He obliged, one arm around her shoulders, the other hand grasping her, using her crotch as a handle, and lifted her into the tub.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

"Yes. Go ahead. … I love you."

"I love you too," he replied softly, smiling as he pushed the knife into her throat. He cut sideways, opening her artery, then took the knife to the other side and matched his cut.

In her last moments, she felt herself lifted free of her body, her throat placed over his still-hard cock, and she surveyed her headless, empty corpse twitching in the bathtub she had shared with him so many times, bathed in her own blood.


That was HOT


Great story! I really enjoy these casual scenarios.


Oops, I accidentally in ur base. /deadmeme


Wow, this story never fails to turn me on. It's nice and quick.


oh my god this story is wonderful


I like this kind of content, but it is disappointing that story itself is practically same length as the list of tags and dialogue has not much related to what is happening.
I like casual guro but this was a bit too casual and felt not as if she does not even care about being gutted but that she is willing to do anything just to avoid conversation.
there should be more discussions and more detailed descriptions of what is going on.




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