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The Hanging of Martha Lyam

The tall oak gallows that served four towns,and which was overseen by the regional executioner was located under a circular grove of tall,old trees in a shaded glade,near the borders of three of the towns.It was painted a flat,dark brown,that contrasted with the somberness of the black uprights and crossbeam of which the gallows itself was comprised..The uprights were ten square-inch oak,each nine feet tall,surmounted by an oak crossbeam of the same thickness,but which was twelve feet in length..A trapdoor that would accommodate the hanging of one prisoner,was located beneath the crossbeam at the mid-point of it's length,but most of the hangings were carried out in the manner of the gibbet ,rather than by use of the trap and drop.The traditional thirteen steps,with a rail on each side that led to the platform,,were also black and were wide enough for the condemned to be brought up the stairs by two assistants of the executioner if the subject was struggling--a common enough occurrence.The space around the gallows was large enough for several hundred onlookers on each side,although the usual total numbers were only three-five hundred, consistent with the size of the population of the area.Executions by hanging,and by beheading on the block,the executioner using a wide axe,were well-attended by both men and women,and were witnessed with enthusiasm.Public whippings and public floggings were also carried out for more minor offenses. Men who beat their wives,petty thieves-men or women-and the like,could expect to be taken to the scaffold,bound to the waiting post,stripped nearly naked,and then lashed well as all looked on.Usually,two dozen lashes were inflicted with a long,wide heavy strap to render the skin and the muscles beneath exquisitely tender and painful,then the knotted cat-o-nine tails was taken from it's leather bag,the tails made wet with salt brine,and the guilty victim well-flogged for his or her crime.The executioner used a nine-tailed cat with three-foot long tails of 1/2 inch width leather.A dozen small,hard knots graced the tails.Two dozen lashes of the strap across the naked back and buttocks,followed by a severe,no-nonsense flogging of two dozen lashes was punishment so excruciating,that many offenders were unable to control their bodily functions as it was being inflicted,this to the applause of the onlookers.There were few second-time offenders at the whipping post.After the flogging had been administered,the bleeding cuts were stanched with raw alcohol,,rinsed with salt brine and salt rubbed in to insure continued suffering for the guilty.The victim was left in shame for a full two hours before being cut down and released. Flogging before execution was also mandatory for the punishment of some crimes such as rape and molestation.

Crimes were well-punished and justice was swift and certain for the guilty.The specter of the scaffold and the public executioner insured that the law was observed by most,and that any and all lawbreakers were justly punished for the public good in a public place.The gathering of the community to see justice done on the high scaffold was a unifying event,drawing it together physically and spiritually,and affirming it's beliefs regarding crime and punishment.The use of the public whipping post,as popular as it was with men,was even more enamored of by women. Women of all ages smiled and laughed openly,and exchanged enthusiastic comments as whippings were being carried out--the grim walk up the steps,the binding to the stout oak post,the reading of the sentence aloud to those assembled,the baring of the flesh of the back and buttocks(the latter causing shrieks and squeals from women in their late teens to elderly women in their 80's.The lowering of the skirt or trousers to bare the cheeks for the singing lash,the flesh jigging uncontrollably as the victim anticipated the excruciating pain while below,the women squealed and the men controlled their grunts with varying success). The shame of suffering public whipping or flogging tied to the post,while two to three hundred men and women looked on with pleasure,was severe psychological punishment that greatly intensified the suffering caused by the well-knotted flogging cat,as it was drawn back and administered by the unsympathetic executioner.

Beheading in the traditional manner,at the high block with the condemned man or woman kneeling obediently at the block,the throat resting on the grooved portion,hands bound behind the back,and the ankles spread wide apart and tied off,drew large numbers of the populace whenever beheadings were carried out, Two years earlier a criminal gang of three men and a woman were executed by beheading at the block,the woman was beheaded third,sobbing and struggling,the leader beheaded last,also struggling desperately.The first head fell at 5:24 PM and by 5:28PM,all four heads had been chopped off and mounted on spikes,one each on the four lonely corners of the scaffold.There they remained for three days and nights. Hangings were also carried out at the pleasure of the sentencing judge and the regional high executioner. Occasionally,the hanging was carried out by the drop method with swift,harsh effect,but most often,the condemned man or woman was gibbetted in some form--twisted off a ladder,or drawn up slowly,or the small platform on which he or she stood was pulled suddenly away.The noose was positioned with great care so that the victim's weight was borne by the jaw and the side of the neck as much as possible and not the windpipe,this to prolong the procedure as long,and as painfully as was possible.The large,life-sustaining arteries and veins in the neck were also largely spared,this also lengthening the time of hanging while fully conscious and suffering severely,both mentally and physically.

The regional executioner performed his office over a forty by fifty mile area,and was always busy,either going to conduct an execution or travelling from one.He was sixty-eight years old and had officiated as the high executioner at more than three-hundred and fifty public executions over nearly thirty years..Seventy-three were of women,and of those,fifteen were beheaded,all but two with a single stroke of the axe,and fifty-eight were hanged,only four by the drop method.The rest were gibbetted and their hangings painfully prolonged. Many danced on the scaffold for twenty-two minutes or longer.The longest was that of a twenty-seven year old woman who kicked for twenty-nine minutes,then spasmed and twitched violently for several more.Of the two-hundred-eighty men,forty-one were beheaded,thirty-two with one stroke,the rest with two strokes.Two hundred-thirty-nine were hanged,only nineteen by the drop method,the rest by slow gibbetting,the longest was a forty-three year-old man who danced for just less than thirty-one minutes,then twitched badly for two or three more.His execution was still spoken of years later as the cruelest hanging in the region in thirty-eight years,but at the same time,very richly deserved.Those present enjoyed the hanging thoroughly and it was spoken of frequently for years after he danced.

The condemned prisoner who would next mount the thirteen steps to face him was a woman of forty-nine,a murderess who was going to die on the gallows the following evening to pay for her crime.Two women from several towns away would assist the executioner in carrying out his office.All three would wear hoods to conceal their faces as tradition allowed,indeed dictated.All three now stood upon the gallows platform,and the assistants were given their final instructions by the executioner.Both women,one twenty-nine,and the other fifty-five,had assisted him numerous times before. The consensus was that the condemned woman,genteel and well-educated as she was,who admitted her guilt and who accepted her sentence,would go bravely at the end. lf she faltered,the assistants would be sure she complied.No one thought she would struggle badly,but until the terrible moment of her judgement was upon her,no one would know with certainty.The following afternoon,the assistants would enter her cell and prepare her for the ordeal of judicial hanging as punishment for her heinous crime--the crude cropping of her hair,the donning of a long,dowdy-white ankle-length dress,long-sleeved,and with a modest yoke,revealing the upper half of her beautifully-shaped breasts.Her hands would be bound behind her with her wrists crossed,first with a wet ,narrow cloth strip,and then a narrow leather strap wound crossways around and over. A heavy leather strap would then be placed on one upper arm,across her back,and bound tightly to the other arm.,her bound hands first pushed up ,to hold them tightly to her body.Her ankles would then be tethered,allowing only 18-20 inches of play as she danced high and pretty to pay her debt.The hangman would make it a point for her suffering to be maximized.Her height was five feet-seven inches,and her weight only one-hundered and ten pounds,with a fairly stout neck-not masculine,but better developed than most women-the executioner knew she could be made to do an awful dance with so little weight pulling on the neck..Hundreds would watch the beautiful woman swing before them,thrashing,gurgling and kicking with violent abandon,as the knot tightened,and her neck was stretched and torn,fiber by fiber,with agonizing slowness,in retribution for her crime.

After a time,the executioner nodded to the assistants.They departed the gallows,each aware of the details of Martha Lyam's well-deserved hanging.The woman would swing for her sins in twenty-five hours.Four to five hundred onlookers were expected to attend to watch her dance-a passionately delivered solo dance, done with her whole body as it swung from the stout hemp rope. The day ended and the stars rose in the night sky and a new day began. It would be the shortest day of Martha Lyam's life and it would end at 6pm on the regional gallows,witnessed by half a thousand men and women.

Martha woke with the rising of the sun,which was heavily obscured by dark clouds.She swallowed and stared through the high bars of her cell at the patch of sky that was visible there.She knew she would pay in only a matter of hours for what she had done.She had witnessed executions carried out on the same scaffold where she would receive her punishment for committing murder.She knew it to be a good high scaffold with a good gallows from which the condemned were hanged.Her hand went to feel her neck without her realizing her own movement,when she imagined the heavy,black,oak crossbeam from which she would kick for her sins.She brought her hand down from her neck in a flinging motion when she thought of the noose being put around it and made snug and tight by the hangman.She had seen the executioner perform his office numerous times before.She knew him to be competent and dedicated. She never imagined she would suffer by his harsh hand.It was his duty to punish the wicked,and he was known far and wide as a severe executioner.She had righteously enjoyed the hangings of numerous women,going nearly limp with arousal as they swung and the crowd applauded the executioner. She knew she would swing for a very long time,and the thought made her dizzy.She lurched onto her cot,and tried to catch her breath.She began sweating profusely and her legs trembled. Her chest heaved in brief jerks.She truly feared the hangman and the gallows,but knew that her hanging was a righteous act of the society she had sinned against. She was truly guilty,and would be truly punished.She dreaded the noose,but admitted to herself that she needed it to pay her debt,and to rid her soul of guilt.She wept quietly knowing she was doomed,and that she must put herself in the hands of her hangman so that he would use the hemp noose to make possible her atonement.Only her gruesome death would give her release--she had unwittingly made that the only possibility. She wept bitterly.She was trapped,and she was going to hang--high and long and horrible and with all dignity abandoned.She shook open a large floral handkerchief and blew her nose again and again.

At a little before five o'clock,she was limp with fear and worry.Outside,she could hear people going by her cell in the direction of the scaffold. She cried again as she imagined being marched up the gallows steps in front of so many,who were there for the sole purpose of watching her being hanged in utter shame,unable to stop thrashing and unable to control her most private functions.She could hear their voices as they walked past,one older woman saying how much she hoped it would be a slow,slow hanging,and a chorus of younger women laughed and agreed. Martha began trembling anew as the awful events continued unfolding,almost as if everything was happening beyond herself and she was an observer,rather than a participant.She waited for the hangman to enter her cell.,but was not surprised when his two assistants arrived instead,both women with forbidding black hoods over their heads.She fairly leapt to her feet when they entered,but a moment later her legs wouldn't hold her upright and she fell back on her cot,trembling,her voice unable to be summoned.One of the women came and held her shoulders steady while the other helped her remove her blouse and skirt,then her shoes and panties.She was quite naked as one took a crude shears in her hand and cut off her hair down to a stubbly patchwork.She put down the shears and slipped a dark burgundy mob cap onto her head,pulling it down snugly to cover her ears. A dull,white penitent's gown was drawn over her head quickly,and pulled down to her ankles,first fitting her arms through the long sleeves.She asked for a few moments in private,that she might put on a diaper to avoid the intense embarrassment that would occur when she couldn't control her bodily functions any longer as she dangled. The women ignored her,and one took her by the shoulders and pinioned her arms by gripping the upper arms firmly and keeping them that way as the other assistant seized her wrists,crossed them,one over the other,the palms facing outward,then wrapped them tightly together with a long strip of narrow cloth,wet to make the tying stronger.She next took a long narrow strip of leather and wrapped it around her bound wrists,first crossways,then around and around.A heavy leather strap was then affixed to her left upper arm, passed across her back to the other arm and pulled tight and double-buckled in place.She took the shears and slit the back of her gown,behind,at the neck,but only for a couple inches.On the scaffold,the high executioner would stand behind her,and unceremoniously tear the slit longer and then pull the top down,off her shoulders,and bare most or all of her breasts.She would swing smartly for the hangman,and she would swing as a woman. She pleaded,almost tearfully for a diaper,thinking that another woman would understand and show mercy.The cloth of the gown was not gauzelike,but it was thin,and would not conceal the awful soiling she would do. "It happens to everyone who hangs",the younger of the two women informed her,"lf you ask again,l'll tie your hands high to the bars of this cell and flog your bare buttocks thirty lashes before you go to the scaffold.Martha swallowed;it was going to be awful,and she turned plum purple with humiliation and embarrassment as she was told.She fell to her knees,sobbing and pleading tearfully for the mercy of the diaper.The assistant who had warned her of the consequence of asking again,drew back her hand and slapped her hard across the face,,then,she and the older woman took the sobbing woman,now struggling to the bars of the cell.Her ankles were immobilized as she stood on a footstool,and her hands untied and rebound high above her head. Her gown was raised to her shoulder blades as she cried quietly.The older woman took her own soiled handkerchief from her sleeve,and stuffed it into Martha's mouth to quiet her while the lash fell.,then yanked away the footstool,leaving the suffering woman on the tips of her toes.She then took the knotted flogging cat from it's leather bag in front of Martha,now wide-eyed and pale with fear at the sight of the cat--a superb flogging cat,well-knotted,and with thin tails,so that the guilty prisoner would be truly punished for her sins.The younger woman,who was about to flog her,draped the cat over her own shoulder,drew a large black hood from the same bag in which the cat was kept,and slipped it over her head.The older woman put her hand on Martha's shoulder,and squeezed it in comfort,but a moment later,she counted the first awful stroke.The punisher drew back the cat,holding it out high behind her at arm's length, and then brought it down and across Martha's buttocks,lashing both her writhing cheeks with such severity that the other woman turned away.Both squirming buttocks were welted each time the lash fell,and by the fifteenth lash,the skin was covered with small,blleeding cuts,which increased in number as the flogging continued.Martha could not control her bladder and wet herself late in the flogging.The hood was snatched off Martha's head,and she was made to see the small table on which were the items used to do the post-flogging care of the well-flogged buttocks-- a jar of raw alcohol to stanch the bleeding,salt,salt brine,and several small instruments,scissors and small and large pincers to seize and cut off any small pieces and shreds of tattered skin,which were left hanging after the last lash was administered.Both assistants used the alcohol liberally,and roughly snipped away the many small pieces of bloody skin as Martha hung by her hands suffering terribly,crying with pain throughout the cleaning up,as pieces of skin were seized crudely in the pincers and pulled to tear away the shreds and tatters and the scissors used to cut off the edges when the pincers pulled the skin in a strip.Martha howled in agony as the procedure was carried out,finally ending with a red-hot iron to stanch the bloody drippings from 15-18 different spot.A final rinse with raw alcohol was done,sending a horrible rasping sound from the guilty woman's throat that went on for a long time. She hung limply by her hands,her buttocks well-flogged for her remark,and twitching uncontrollably,as the indescribable pain continued."If you ask for a diaper again,madam",said her punisher,"l will have the pleasure of flogging you again on the scaffold,over the horse,and 450 men and women will watch it done before you do your rope dance.--your decision".

The older woman produced a length of hemp rope and re-tethered her ankles,so that she could take only limited steps,then she went to Martha's clothing chest and took out two large handkerchieves,and returned to the woman as she hung fearful,and bound to the bars.She shook one of them open and held it against Martha's nose to blow,first pinching off the left nostril,then the right,as the suffering prisoner soaked the handkerchief.When she was done,the handkerchief was placed in the assistant's cleavage.Martha would have no further use for her handkerchieves.She shook open the second one-a large burgundy print with black roses and a black crocheted border.She put it in her hands to hold.It would give her something to do with her hands for the severe anxiety she was going to experience. The older woman went back to the chest and put the rest of Martha's handkerchieves-about a dozen and a half,in her personal bag to keep and use as her own.She came over to Martha and said that she would use them often in remembrance. Martha nodded,tearful,and again with a full nose.Her hands were cut down from the bars and retied behind her back as they had been before.Her gown was lowered to her ankles.The back was bloodied,and stuck to her buttocks.The mood suddenly became quiet and somber.Outside,the clouds had darkened ominously and a breeze had sprung up.Martha swallowed,her eyes wide,but downcast so that she would not see what happened next,whatever it was.She moaned long and painfully.Her handkerchief fluttered rapidly in her sweating hands.Her knees wobbled,but she was determined to walk by herself.The pain across her buttocks,still severe,provoked a steady stream of tears. The women took her,one on each side to steady her,and began the first grim steps that would terminate in front of the noose,she nodding at her hangman,as he reached out and positioned her for the rope.She was walked outside,going past a few officials associated with her execution--the district magistrate,an assistant lawyer and the judges assistant--the only people between her cell and the horsedrawn cart in which she was to be transported. She was sweating profusely and her gown had begun to cling to her in several places.Outside,the breeze had carried with it,a brief drizzle,and as she stepped into the cart,it began to lay a film of wetness on her gown,that quickly soaked in,causing it to cling all over.She was suddenly the incarnation of Charlotte Corday being brought to the guillotine,her clinging crimson gown,and white mob cap,cutting a figure that no man could resist,or many women.Martha stood,facing forward as the younger assistant took the reins and set a pace of a slow canter,to begin the fifteen minute trip to the scaffold.Tears streaked Martha's cheeks,and she desperately needed to blow her nose.She remained standing,ready to face her executioner when they had arrived at the scaffold. She knew that in only ten minutes,she would be marched up the steps and given over to the hangman.She asked if she were to be hanged by the drop method,but both indicated "no" with slow back and forths of their heads.The younger assistant told her cheerfully and frankly that she was going to swing high and handsome for the pleasure of the public for what she had done,and for the purpose of discouraging others from disobeying the law.A half mile from the scaffold the cart passed a few remaining people making their way there. Only a single turn remained before the dreaded wooden platform was visible.Martha moaned,her eyes glued by fear to the curve of the road.She felt the weight of the inevitability of the noose,the humiliation of squirming on the rope,the hideous contortions of her face as the knot tightened,and she kicked,her neck stretching and tearing,muscle by muscle.

The sounds of the people in the glade could be heard before the scaffold itself rose as a low buzz,enthusiastic,almost celebratory,and became louder quickly.Finally the dreaded moment came. She saw the edge of the scaffold,and could feel the blood drain from her face as though a plug had been pulled.She swooned against the high railing of the cart and the assistant caught her by the upper arms,then slapped her face hard to startle her to more alertness.There were hundreds gathered to see her execution.Above them,on the high scaffold where she was going to die,was her executioner.Next to him was the sentencing judge-Magistrate Hamilton.She saw the noose hanging from the crossbeam and paled,her bound hands twisting and pulling her handkerchief behind her back,as the cart brought her ever closer to judgement and to her doom.On the left side of the platform were two punishment horses,each with a young man bound in place with his bare buttocks exposed.Two young thieves had just been flogged for their crimes,and were being cleaned up by a local woman,first rinsed with alcohol to clean the cuts,and then a vigorous salting,well-rubbed in,after the tattered bits and shreds of flogged skin were crudely snipped off with scissors and pincers.Both were gagged,but both cried out in severe,continuous pain as they were rinsed and salted,and the tattered shreds of dripping flesh were seized crudely in the pincers and then snipped off.Martha watched in horror remembering her own severe flogging less than an hour earlier,and still in terrible pain from the lash,the brine and salt, and the hot iron used to stanch the persistent bleeding vessels.Martha's thin gown was stuck to her buttocks across much of the surface and seen from behind it was a patch of dark red that bespoke the swift justice of the hangman's assistant and the well-knotted cat. Martha moaned,but stood straighter,aided by the assistant,as the cart arrived at the scaffold.The crowd became quiet as it stopped and the assistants began immediately to take the condemned woman from the cart. The breeze had abated and the drizzling had stopped.She was walked up the wet steps,pale as parchment,and looked upon her executioner who stood by the noose,arms folded over his chest.The back of Martha's white gown was patchy red with blood,and some of it stuck to her skin from the awful flogging she had been given by the hangman's assistant.The crowd was pleased she had suffered so terribly,regretting only that it had not been done in front of them.The assistants pressed her forward,and when she stood before the noose,the hangman seized her shoulders,turned her to face the front of the scaffold.The crowd fell silent as he read from a single page the grim sentence of death.When he had finished,he turned the page toward her to see,and to note the stamp of Edna Hamilton,the thirty-four year-old sentencing judge,who specified a gibbet hanging be carried out.Martha nodded,and the Magistrate turned to her and said,"You are truly guilty,are you not?" Martha nodded,now choking up and close to sobbing.'I am guilty and my remorse will not give me peace-that will come in a moment.You are right to sentence me to death.I pray that any young women who watch me hang will think carefully before taking a life". The judge turned to the hangman and told him to hang her high and slowly that all present might bear witness.She went down the steps and joined her husband at the foot of the scaffold,an excellent vantage point from which to witness the hangman's skill.The women continued to hold her steady as she stood upon the trapdoor.The hangman produced a folded black cloth,opened it partially,then draped it over the loop of the noose.Fully opened,it would be the hood that would be drawn over her head.The noose was a superbly tied traditional,cylindrical hangman's noose.The noose was fashioned from a fine,three-strand,Italian hemp rope that had first been boiled in salt brine,then hung with a five-hundred pound weight.As it dried,the trap was sprung numerous times to stretch the rope as much as possible,so that there would be no play or stretching when the hanging took place.Hanging as it was from the oaken crossbeam,it had a forbidding appearence,and to look upon it was to see the distillation of crime and guilt and it's necessary punishment,all converging before the hooded public hangman.He asked if she had anything she wanted to say before he hanged her."Madam,l will shortly hang you high in front of these good people,but you are allowed to speak first". She tried,but nothing would come out.She could only sputter.Finally,with great effort she spoke,saying that she was sorry for what she had done and that she was ready to pay for her crime.The crowd listened silently,but would only be satisfied when she had paid the full price for her wicked act.A few wept quietly,moved by her suffering,but most knew that she was truly guilty and they would enjoy watching her suffer,minute by minute,as she strangled on the cruel,hemp rope,her face turning purple-black beneath the shameful hood.The hangman seized her shoulders again as soon as he had finished,positioning her on the center of the trap,the hood and noose in front of her to look upon while she was readied.She was instructed to place her feet together,then her legs were bound together just above her knees with a heavy leather strap.The faces of the people below were trained on the pale,sweating ,fearful woman who was only moments from dancing for all to see.Some had never seen a woman hanged,and the dread of it and the severity of it and the awful suffering of it were clearly on their faces and minds.Others were appalled by the murder and for them she couldn't kick long enough or high enough or hard enough.Some of the younger woman looked on her plight and wanted to see how she would act in front of the crowd,especially with so many women present.Many hoped she would go with a terrible struggle,sobbing and battling her executioners.Some wanted the pleasure of seeing her mental suffering increased,while others wanted to see her flogged as punishment for not going quietly.The executioner would severely flog any prisoner who struggled.He took the offender straight to the oak whipping post and secured him or her to it so that their backs and buttocks were bound immovably.A sound traditional strapping,of not less than two dozen lashes across each bare cheek,followed by a harsh,brine and salt flogging of not less than two dozen lashes was a longstanding way to insure a more obedient and more cooperative prisoner.

The noose was run over a pulley at the top,center of the crossbeam,under which Martha now stood.There were two more to guide the rope along the way to where it ended on the left-hand upright at chest height,near the capstain,around which the end would be tied while she strangled slowly.She would be drawn up slowly the rope tied off and she would be left to dangle until justice had been served.Then she would be left swinging for three days and nights after she stopped flailing.She stared at her hangman's eyes,visible in the opening in the front of the hood. She said she would never do again what she had done if he spared her,her head waving back and forth for emphasis.He wanted her nose blown before the hanging,to prolong her dance by clearing her breathing passages,and allowing her to get a little more air.He ignored her plea,then had one of the assistants blow her nose for her into the handkerchief she was twisting behind her back.Some of the women in the crowd were amused at her plight--having her dripping nose blown for her in public.One woman turned away laughing and said she would die of embarrassment if hundreds of people saw her having her nose blown for her like a child.The hangman took the hood from the loop of the noose,and,standing in front of her,finished unfolding it. The assistant put her handkerchief back in her hands,and snatched off Martha's mob cap and put it in her own bag,leaving the hideous cropping of her hair open to be seen by all present.Many of the women gasped aloud upon looking at the shredded stubble.The hangman seized the top of her gown at both shoulders and tore it hard,then pulled the sides down baring her shoulders and breasts,leaving the tattered upper gown on both sides.Already plum-purple with embarrassment because of the state of her hair,she remained that way when her breasts were displayed. He located the wide opening of the hood and holding it out to the side suddenly and elegantly drew it over her swiftly she failed even to blink as it was done.She drew in a long,drawn gasping breath after she was hooded. She thought hooding to be truly shameful and degrading,and turned crimson a moment after her own hood was drawn over her head..When she had witnessed hangings before,she had always squealed as the victim was hooded. She would now see nothing more. He straightened the bell-shaped hood,pulling it down snugly and smoothing the excess cloth evenly on her shoulders.Martha's breathing became faster and at her mouth,the cloth sucked in and blew out with every breath.Her knees wobbled again,this time badly.Those very near to her heard her say,"Oh God,oh God--please don't let me hang-oh God,oh God-l'll never do it again! Oh God,mercy! Please oh my God,not the noose,not the noose"! The hangman leaned close to her ear and said,"No madam-you will surely not do it ever again."

The hangman bade his assistants hold her steady as he took a fresh,knotted cat from the rack and stood behind Martha,who was first turned so that her flogged buttocks were visible to the crowd.The hangman stepped forward,and crudely raised her gown to bare her buttocks before the delighted crowd.Cries of "Flog her,flog her!!" had issued from the crowd here and there since she had mounted the thirteen steps of the scaffold,most coming from younger women.When the hangman took up the cat,the crowd applauded as one.The hangman positioned himself behind Martha,already moaning in pain from when her gown was torn from her lashed,bloody buttocks.He announced that she would be given twenty-four lashes by traditional flogging,brined and salted for each stroke of the cat.Martha heard the count of "One!" and felt the women 's steel grip on her shoulders to hold her steady for the flogging.The pain of the stroke was indescribable,and the sound of the leather tails and knots striking the brined and salted flesh made the crowd wince,then applaud the hangman's skill.Martha cried out,and felt the pain across across both cheeks from top to bottom,from two inches above the buttocks to four inches below,the tails and knots skillfully spread with each stroke.The crowd's applause of the hangman continued as the second lash was inflicted.Martha farted loudly and urinated in full public view as her suffering continued unabated,and the women screamed and squealed as each lash fell.Her buttocks were flogged bloody and would continue dripping as she danced.Some of the skin hung in shreddy tatters and gave testament to the cruelty of a traditional flogging.She was held on her feet almost entirely by the two women.Her gown was lowered to her ankles when it was done.

The crowd held it's breath as the moment came for the hangman to seize the noose and position it carefully around her neck in a manner that the windpipe would be spared any direct pressure.A prolonged and painful hanging would then result,with dangling and kicking for at least twenty minutes,as her soft,white neck,was bruised and twisted and stretched.She twisted her handkerchief desperately and felt her shoulders steadied by an assistant as the hangman put the noose around her neck.She gasped loudly,a long shuddering breath that was almost like a death rattle.A moment later it was pulled snug and tight on the left side of her neck .There were suddenly gasps and cries from the onlookers below as she wet herself badly and the whole front of the gown turned yellow.She slumped briefly,then stood straighter,her head and neck still.The assistants drew the woman up on tiptoe as the hangman adjusted the placement of the knot to his satisfaction,then nodded,indicating they were to hold the condemned woman steady while he came to take the rope. Keeping her on tiptoe,he took the rope and drew it around the capstain while Martha struggled,on the edge of panic,her breath coming quickly,her belly leaden and sinking. He snatched out a huge white handkerchief and dried his hands before seizing the lever that would spring the trap beneath her.He approached the lever,flung his handkerchief onto his left shoulder seized the lever and yanked it with a vengeance.The trap fell and the leaves, attached to sandbags,slammed to the sides.leaving Martha hanged and dangling for all to see. Martha Lyam,aged forty-nine,murderess,hooded and noosed and urinating down her legs and off her toes,and twisting her elegant handkerchief in her fingers,hung by her neck for all to see.Justice was served.He then took the rope in his hands and drew her high,pulling her up until she was left writhing and squirming hideously a full five feet above the platform floor,farting loudly and long,her bound legs preventing it's quick escape.The crowd gave it's approval immediately.The squeals and screams of the women,particularly the younger women were heard amidst the cheers and applause,as the guilty woman was drawn up swiftly and smoothly to suffer death by hanging,an exceedingly harsh,cruel punishment,practiced since antiquity. But the shame,the embarrassment and the pain had only just begun.And it would get far worse.

She did not move at all at first, when the executioner drew her high,praying she would be cut down because she had just sworn righteousness.It was an instant later,that she knew for a certainty that that would not happen.The fear and panic were like nothing she had ever experienced.The cries and shrieks of the women and the cheers from the onlookers as she felt her neck being painfully stretched were real.She had truly been hanged for her sins.It was done and she would now suffer for her crime.Panic gripped her and fueled her terror.Her heart pounded furiously and she began to kick,setting off a wave of squeals from many of the women and cheers from both women and men.The pain of her neck stretching slowly,beneath her whole weight as it pulled downward was unbearable,and she tried to scream to no avail.She felt her eyes bulging from their sockets,and she thrust out her tongue to widen her throat to get more air.Her drool poured from her mouth and soaked a portion of the hood.She became grotesque.Beneath the black hood,her neck was slightly cocked to the side,and the hangman had positioned the base of the knot at her ear,so that it was immovable.Her tethered feet began to kick wildly,then pointed straight down and flapped furiously back and forth as she sought to find the last support under her feet,before it had been taken away.Her breasts bounced on her chest,jiggling pitifully as she thrashed in agony.She knew she was swinging high above the scaffold floor,but was so terrified and desperate,she kicked to find support for her feet anyway.Her frightening dance fueled the shrieking and screaming of the crowd as her body turned one way and then another while she kicked and flailed and thrashed.All watched entranced and wide-eyed,as Martha wiggled and danced continuously..She could only get air with intense effort,and gurgled hideously as she strangled and choked,every muscle of her chest and belly struggling to bring in air.Her head felt squeezed,like it was in a vice and the pain of her neck being slowly stretched became worse and worse.She thrashed to shift the noose--anything to lessen the pain--but it made the pain worse which caused her to thrash more,making the stretching worse.She was locked in a circle of thrashing,and stretching and worsening pain and could not break out of it.In his wisdom and with his skill,the hangman had been the architect of her pain.She finally understood that execution by hanging was meant to punish the guilty with excruciating pain for what they had done and that it was just and right for it to be witnessed in public.She had never imagined when she cheered for the prisoner to kick lively when she had witnessed hangings,that they were suffering so.She could hear and feel the skin and muscles in her neck being torn,and she could feel the wetness of the blood on her skin as it was slowly stretched asunder.Gobs of thick snot gushed from her nostrils and were clearly audible as a disgusting gurgle which sent many in the crowd to giggle with looks of disgust on their faces.Her terror and her panic fed each other and her pain became unimaginable, Her legs kicked and flailed and flapped as she gurgled and choked.She clutched her handkerchief in her hands,finally ripping it in half,one piece in each hand.A gasp went up from the crowd when they heard the sound of the tearing cloth.The sky had gone dark and the clouds moved slowly,driven by an unseen wind .In the far distance came the muffled sound of rolling thunder.Dangling high on the scaffold ,swinging wildly in the most excruciating suffering,Martha bucked and writhed,her torso thrusting and twisting violently as she gurgled and farted again and again then was unable to control her sphincter. She felt it go entirely lax and thrashed in horror and agony as she evacuated her bowels uncontrolably into the white dress,made sheer and gauzy by the rain.The men grunted loudly as the upper gown bulged and sagged beneath the weight,and a spreading brown discoloration soiled the wet, white cloth.Dozens of scented handkerchieves were snatched out quickly from between breasts by giggling ladies who covered their mouths and noses to breathe pleasant cologne rather than the unholy stench that now filled the air near the front of the scaffoldThe sight of the beautiful woman,thrashing and unable to control her most private functions was not cause for sympathy for most onlookers,although some wept quietly as they watched her writhe,and winced and turned away occasionally as her stomach muscles tried to squeeze in more air,in a gasping,agonizing breath.As her neck became more elongated,the hood rose a little,off her shoulders,testament to the cruel stretching of her neck. Her hips and torso contorted as a thousand sensations arose from deep within her belly and culminated in an orgasmic climax,such as she had never known.Her legs and pelvis rocked and twisted as it continued,side by side with her indescribable suffering. Her hips convulsed and finally stiffened,and her back arched like a cat,then there were a series of spasms and twitches as it ended slowly,but the pain of the hanging continued unabated.She stopped kicking only after twenty-two minutes had passed,and then spasmed horribly as consciousness faded.Finally she hung completely limp,swinging gently in the breeze that still bore the reek of her shame,her bowels emptied before the crowd.Patches of red,yellow and brown,soiled the white gown,and a glob of white cum could be clearly seen near the yellow.The black hood was bloodied on the left side where her neck had been most cruelly stretched and the right side was dripping her sticky drool onto her shoulder.The front was fairly dripping with thick,gelatinous yellow snot issuing from both her nostrils.The applause given the executioner and his assistants was thunderous.Many of the women wept quietly,not for Martha herself,but because she had been so superbly flogged and so beautifully hanged.

The assistants,both with scented handkerchieves over their faces, cut her down three days later,and buried her in a pine coffin,her hands and legs still bound.The hood was yanked off her head and they saw the death mask of the hanged,the open,staring still bulging eyes,the stiff black tongue,protruding grotesquely from her mouth,the lips bloodied from being bitten while she had kicked.Hideous dried globs of snot encrusting her face from nose to chin. She was buried and no marker was left.Her execution was noted in the official register,and her name was spoken no more,except when the topic of her hanging was discussed.


March to the Noose

The Scottish woman smiled to the other matrons as the march to the noose began.Allis felt her legs shake as soon as she took the first step following the binding of her hands behind her back.The hangman used a long,leather strap,wrapping it quickly and tightly around her crossed wrists.,while a matron immobilized her upper arms with a tightly bound strap across her chest and secured it with a double buckle to her upper arms. lf she struggled,she would have scant leverage,and could be easily subdued.Miss Woodward carried a concealed length of rope,one end fashioned into a noose to draw Allis's legs together at the shins if she became wild and hysterical,and had to be subdued. A wide leather strap would then be placed on her ankles and another just above her knees,and the noose removed.Miss Woodward had resolved to noose Allis's legs quickly so that the awful punishment she was to receive would not be prolonged.It would be a more merciful thing to subdue her quickly and stand her,supporting her by the shoulders,properly mounted upon the dreaded trap,so that the hangman could perform his office efficiently.

Sometimes the prisoner could barely walk,but when supported on both sides by the matrons' firm grip as they were brought forward could remain upright enough to cross the space to the waiting noose.Allis began to moan fearfully about ten feet from the noose and her legs wouldn't support her.The two women at her side seized her shoulders tighter,and Miss Woodward leaned close to her ear,and whispered that it would soon be over,and that she needed to be brave for just a few moments more.Allis moaned and tried to twist her hands free,but the hangman,having bound the hands of so many before her,had bound her well,allowing no movement or play. The strap around her chest allowed only enough space to breathe.She could only flap her fingers and move her head.Nothing else above her hips was able to budge.She began to groan loudly and tried to lean back hard to avoid her grim destination--anything to make the procedure go slower,but her legs were pressed forward by the two women and she sobbed pitifully upon arriving before her hangman.She looked fearfully at the awful noose that would be put around her neck,and looked at the slack,placed in a coil and held in place high on the rope with two pieces of thread.Allis swallowed hard,sobbing anew and now pleading for mercy before the hangman.The Scottish woman smiled in contempt.Miss Woodward leaned close to Allis's ear and whispered that she was here to pay for her sins,and that her hanging was just.Miss Woodward said quietly,"I am sorry that you are going to hang,but l would have found you guilty and would have recommended death by hanging on the gallows had I been on the same jury.You are guilty and you must receive the wages of sin for the terrible thing you did".

Once,during the days of waiting,Miss Woodward had stroked her cheek tenderly,and whispered quietly to her that the rope that she would hang from was a very fine Italian hemp,first boiled in salt brine by the hangman,then stretched as it dried by hanging from it a weight twice that of the prisoner.During the drying period the weighted rope was dropped through the well-oiled trap,to remove any remaining slack.When fully stretched and dried,ten inches of one end was unraveled,the strands spliced onto the pear-shed metal plate to create the noose. A sliding ring would be slid down to hold the knot as the hangman placed it. Miss Woodward held her quietly as Allis began to cry,sobs wracking her body,as she thought of the harshness of death by swift judicial hanging.Miss Woodward said she would hang high for her crime,but that the hangman took great care to dispatch the guilty with mercy,and Allis had cried harder still.Miss Woodward held her tight,rocking her in her arms until she was calmer. She told Allis she had bought some good black linen,of handkerchief-weight quality,and had sewn a large black hood to be drawn over her head before the noose was put around her neck and tightened. Allis thanked her,sobbing,grateful for the efforts on her behalf.

The hangman was a man of fifty-five,about five feet,nine inches tall and,somewhat portly.He steadied Allis with his hands on her shoulders as he positioned her quickly and just-so upon the wooden trap as the prison warden read the death warrant aloud to those attending the gallows. One of the matrons in back came forward and took Allis's shoulder to allow Miss Woodward to step in front of the trembling prisoner about to hang for her sins.Allis's knees were slightly buckled as Miss Woodard took the black cloth hood in her hands,shook it open,and slipped it swiftly over Allis's head.At the same time,the hangman took the noose and started to bring it up.Allis,shaking and wide-eyed,began to speak,but was unable.She saw Miss Woodward raise the terrible black hood in one swift movement,and gasped horribly,making the Scottish woman smirk with pleasure. She turned to the matron next to her,and said,"Oh ,my God,l hope she kicks for an hour and shits in her diaper until it sags to her knees",just as Miss Woodward hooded the terrified woman before her.Allis wet herself into her diaper immediately,then farted loudly as she felt the matrons strap her legs together quickly.The hood was smoothed down,covering her head,neck and shoulders,and the uppermost part of her chest and back.Miss Woodward had fashioned a superb execution hood.Allis would see nothing more.Miss Woodward always perfumed her handkerchieves and Allis could smell it on the hood too.As Allis had requested of her,Miss Woodward remained near the side of the trap,to be able to see fully the drop and the end of the drop,missing nothing.Allis wanted to know she was near when the final gruesome moments unfolded.

An instant after the hooding ,the hangman drew the noose over her head,tightened it quickly with the metal rim of the knot snugly positioned just beneath her left jaw.An instant after that,he slid down the ring. Allis moaned loudly as he fitted the noose,shaking visibly,full of terror and panic.Her breathing became even more rapid,and globs of yellow mucous issued from both nostrils,dripping and bubbling beneath the hood.The Scottish woman licked her lips,eyes grinning as she watched the suffering prisoner,quaking on the trap.Miss Woodward,although she had participated in the hangings of well over a dozen women,from nineteen to seventy-four.,was overcome,crying softly into a huge scented ladies' handkerchief,black with burgundy roses.She shook it open as the hangman walked to the lever to spring the trap.Allis heard Miss Woodward blow her nose into her handkerchief as the hangman pulled the lever sharply.It had been only sixteen seconds since her hands had been bound and she was marched to the noose.Allis's heart hammered in her chest,sweat dripped down her sides from her armpits.Miss Woodward gasped as the trap was sprung.There was the sound of the two bolts being withdrawn from below,then the crash of the leaves as they were pulled down and to the sides by the sandbags attached to them.Allis cried,"Oh God mercy!!!" and began to drop.A gurgly sound rose from her throat as she dropped to her doom. She prayed the drop would be effective and that she would not hang in shame,kicking on the end of the stout hemp rope and suffering unimaginably for all to see.

The hangman calculated her drop very carefully so that she would suffer a striking force of a thousand foot-pounds against her beautiful neck,soft,white and guilty,begging for the salvation of the hangman's knot,upon hitting the end of the drop itself,and causing it to break and stretch beneath the hood.The drop was superbly clean,and Allis fell five feet,four inches straight down,remaining visible to everyone on the plaform,with her head at the level of the trap when it was done.She lost all control of her sphincter as soon as she felt the trap withdrawn beneath her,and drew in a last shuddering breath as she fell to receive her richly deserved neck-stretching.She emptied her bowels loudly into her diaper,causing it to sag beneath the sudden,sheer weight of the huge turd.,and farted loudly at the same time.In that awful microsecond before the breaking,when the slack is gone,the neck and head held immobile in the cruel and merciful noose,the victim knows in that instant what they will suffer in the next.The head held fixed,the body continues to fall,the neck is pulled sharply and abruptly back on a severe angle. The severe force breaks the victim's neck with the cruelest and most elegant of mercies.The second cervical vertebra,is broken in two,the sharp edges of the broken bone severs the spinal cord.If the victim has not previously emptied her bowels,she shall now,and her bladder is evacuated as well.The structure of the neck gone,the muscles and tendons are stretched and torn severely,from their anchorings and the victim's neck is hideously lengthened by four to five inches.

Allis froze in utter fear when she fell,then a moment later,felt the excruciating pain of the punishment of hanging if only for a moment.Her neck was broken severely by the well-positioned noose,crushing the second cervical vertebra,and breaking the first in two.The sharp bone fragments severed the spinal cord completely,and her neck was stretched an excruciating four inches.Her left jaw was severely broken an instant before her neck,and her drool drenched the hood on the right side.Miss Woodward winced at the sound of the woman's neck and jaw cracking,the sheer striking force crushing the bones as she hit the end of the drop.Her head,slammed sharply to the right as it was stretched. Miss Woodward's black hood rose off her shoulders to accommodate her well-stretched neck,giving the appearance of one whose neck has been wrung as severely as a chicken's.The left side of the neck was badly discolored from blood spreading under the stretched skin,but the skin itself was barely torn,and concealed the ripped and torn tendons and muscles beneath.Her hands and feet spasmed and twitched uncontrollably and a long,protracted fart slowly escaped from between her bound legs.Miss Woodward looked away,covering her nose and mouth with her black,perfumed handkerchief.As the Scottish woman had wished,Allis's diaper sagged under the weight of her evacuations and only the tight strap around her upper legs prevented it from dropping further.She had lost all control of her anal sphincter as the trap was sprung,soiled herself terribly as she suffered the drop,then the diaper performed it's function to contain even more at the end of the drop. Allis's face was unmarked and her neck broken with such harshness,that the expression on her face was of one at peace,when she was cut down twenty-four hours later,and washed by Miss Woodward who removed her black,ankle-length dress and her heavily soiled diaper,first pinning a pretty,flowered handkerchief over her face to cover her nose and mouth while she removed the diaper,then washed her well.When it was done,she put Allis in a white linen burial shroud,her hair combed and pinned.She took a large,flowered handkerchief,dampened it and cleaned Allis's nose where it had dripped and become encrusted.,then placed the handkerchief into her hands,crossing one over the other.She leaned down and kissed her cheeks tenderly before she left.She remembered Allis evermore..


The Garrotte So Tight

The sound of the staff striking the floor three times in succession resulted in immediate silence,and heralded the appearance of the presiding judge.She strode quickly to her raised bench,sat,and rapping her gavel,bade everyone sit.She was a commanding woman in her late thirties and she oversaw the regional court with wisdom and skill.

"We are gathered here now,to address the appropriate sentence for the woman now sitting in the docket". She raised her hand in the prisoner's direction,and the woman was quickly stood up and made to look upon the judge,that she would hear sentence passed upon her.She was a statuesque woman,at five feet,ten inches tall. and weighing one hundered and forty-five pounds.She was thirty-three years of age. Her hands were bound behind her with stout hemp rope,and her feet attached by hemp rope at her ankles with only three handwidths of slack.Her hair was past her shoulders and was as black as her crimes.She wore a satin,fuschia blouse with a high collar,and a black satin skirt that went to just above mid-calf.Dark brown,above-the-knee boots adorned her long,and shapely legs that seemed to end at her waist. She was,in every way,a beautifully proportioned woman.An elegant bearing gave her the look of one whose origin was regal.Her cheekbones were high and patrician,setting off her beautiful face.But at her trial,she had been found guilty of twenty counts of fraud and grand larceny,as well as perjury,in flagrante.The prosecutor demanded the severest possible penalty.She had stolen from hundreds of citizens,and caused utter havoc in all their lives.

The judge faced the guilty woman,regarding her severely as she began to speak."You have been found guilty,and Madame Prosecutor's contention that you should suffer severe punishment for your crimes,is my contention as well.You are sentenced,therefore to be taken to the public scaffold and there put to death,within eight-and-forty". The condemned woman's legs began to shake,and she paled noticeably,as the judge turned to the right and bade the public executioner stand.A tall woman of about forty-five,her hair in a tight black kerchief,and her face black-veiled,stood and faced the judge.She bowed and asked her how she might serve the court.The judge said that she was to take this wicked woman to the scaffold and to execute her by very slow garrotte.The pronouncement was greeted with gasps,and then cheers and applause.The executioness assured the judge that she would prolong her punishment for some hours,before the coup-de-grace was done.It was to be a gruesome garrotting.Regal bearing or not,she would be garrotted in shame and agony,and be unable to control her bodily functions.All in full view of hundreds of onlookers.The judge nodded,pleased that the woman would serve as an example,strangled with infinite slowness by a skilled executioness before a wide-eyed crowd.Cries came from the onlookers in the court," God bless the judge"!, and "Praise the Executioness"! The condemned prisoner,trembling and pale was led to the holding cell where she would await the dreaded trip to the high public scaffold.She was led past a ladies auxilliary group that had attended her lengthy trial,and whose members had applauded and cheered when she was found guilty,and were ecstatic that she would now suffer a cruel garrotting for her crimes.

The executioness came to her cell that evening to prepare her as much as possible for the grim ordeal she was about to suffer.She set the execution for the following evening at 6 pm "You will mount the steps to face me,and the matrons will bring you up the steps if your legs fail.You will be brought to the chair in which you will die,seated and secured in place,your skirt removed first and your panties lowered to your ankles.Your blouse will be ripped in half and bound off to the sides to bare your breasts, before me,and before the crowd".The condemned woman was tearful as the procedure was described,each grim detail meant to be mental torture and to cause intense suffering before the execution itself.She described the collar and how she would tighten it until the woman's face turned purple-black and her eyeballs bulged,and her tongue thrust wildly from her mouth.It would then be loosened and she would be allowed to recover briefly and then the collar tightened again,in an ongoing cycle,over and over,for almost two full hours.The terrible coup-de-grace was the "driving of the spike",a procedure she would not describe,to let the woman's imagination run wild with fear. The terrible mental cruelty inflicted by the executioness was dreadful by itself and would make the physical pain maximally felt and suffered.The condemned woman asked to wear a diaper at her execution,but was denied on the spot."Oh God,please don't let me soil and wet myself in public in front of all those people".She was told there was a hole in the garroting chair to "accommodate your bowel and bladder evacuations.There will be sawdust spread on the scaffold floor beneath your buttocks in lieu of a diaper.Crime does not pay,madame.It will be a pleasure to carry out your execution whilst so many watch". She said that the matrons would return the next day at 5:30pm to bind her hands behind her and walk her to the scaffold nearby.Two matrons would act as the assistants of the executioness throughout the execution. She left the condemned woman on her knees,still pleading for the mercy of the diaper,but hearing back only the receding footsteps of the executioness..

The condemned woman slept poorly,in snatches of half an hour,and wept quietly at times. She knew she was going to be punished for her sins,and she hoped the crowd had many young women who would be deterred from crime,once having seen the garrotte inflicted. At 5 o'clock she began to dress for her execution--her satin blouse and skirt freshly pressed,and her boots.She left her hair down,but knew it would be kerchiefed or cut off so that the wide,metal collar of the garrotte would fit properly and insure intense suffering.She wore little make-up and no lipstick.She wished she had a black blouse as she would surely bite her lips and tongue bloody,and the blood would drip all over the front of the one she wore,easily visible.She hoped the matron would gag her before she mounted the scaffold to keep from biting her tongue and lips,a horrid site to be sure.

The executioness prepared the scaffold for the garroting,and for the hanging of a forty year-old man,and for the beheading of his accomplice in crime,a twenty-three year-old woman.All three would serve as examples,each by a different method of execution,to instill in the populace,a respect for the law and for other citizens.The dread of execution would doubtless deter many from committing crimes.She tied a traditional coiled noose to hang the guilty man,sharpened the edge of the sword she would use to chop off the woman's head,and placed a basket to receive it when it fell.A large sack of sawdust sat at the rear of the scaffold,this to be put down to catch the several quarts of blood that would squirt from the beheaded woman's severed neck as she lay squirming on the scaffold floor.Lesser amounts would be put down beneath the dangling man who was to dance before the crowd with his trousers lowered to his ankles.Some would be placed under the buttocks of the garrotted woman. On a small table near the sawdust was a variety of pre-measured hemp rope segments of various lengths used to restrain the prisoners-a rope to hold the hanging man's legs together above the knees,a piece to secure the beheaded woman's wrists to her ankles,and another to immobilize her upper arms.The ropes were all of the finest quality Italian or Portuguese hemp,and had been pre-stretched to allow no play.The executioness was superbly efficient at her tasks. When all was ready,it only remained,to bring the prisoners to the scaffold and see justice done.She stood on the top step,surveyed the preparations,and then descended. A crowd was beginning to gather in front of the scaffold.A woman ran up to her and knelt and took the hand of the executioness in hers,kissing it ardently and thanking her for her valuable service.She brought her to her feet and thanked her in turn.In only an hour,the crowd would swell to hundreds.The public square at the scaffold would hold six hundred-six-hundred and seventy-five onlookers comfortablyThe matrons were already at the holding cells.She gave a long sigh and began to walk there.The guilty man and his guilty accomplice would be brought to the scaffold first,and executed.When it was done,the matrons would bring the condemned woman remaining,to face the public executioness.

The matrons had already entered the cell of the woman who was to lose her head,and bound her hands behind her,wrists crossed.Her hair was bound up in a tight black kerchief,and her ankles connected with rope,only allowing eighteen inches of play.She was made to kneel,head bowed.The executioness arrived as they exited the cell and together,all three went into the cell of the condemned man.He leapt to his feet,fearful and his knees shaking.The executioness turned him to face the older matron,and quickly bound his hands behind him,then bound up his hair in a snug,black kerdhief to bare his neck for the stout hemp noose.During the kerchiefing he began to tremble,then wet himself badly. He was led out immediately,and joined by his accomplice,then the five began the grim walk to the scaffold.Out of the courtyard,and into the street,then a turn to the right after sixty yards and there the scaffold stood,a short few steps away.

The scaffold was an imposing structure painted a dull black.A stout oaken crossbeam would accommodate a single drop-hanging,or three-at-once in the manner of the gibbet,done without a drop,either twisted off a ladder or drawn up slowly to dance in homage before the Goddess of the Noose. A heavy,stand-up whipping post ,and a,sound punishment horse also graced the scaffold floor.A wide-based chopping block,that tapered just slightly as it rose,rested near the horse,but would not be used today. The crowd had grown quickly and there was a low buzz of talk as the procession approached the scaffold steps.Suddenly the chatter died down as the executioness began to ascend the steps.Both prisoners began to moan audibly as they started to mount the stairs,first the man,still trembling noticeably,then his partner,now as pale as parchment,and sobbing,her nose running badly.Both were urged along by the women,and moments later the man was stood next to the ladders that leaned against the high crosspiece of the gallows. He stared at the hemp noose the hangwoman had prepared for him.The suffering woman was put on her knees,facing him at an angle.The man's shirt was drawn down over his shoulders to bare his upper chest and back.A large black hood was slipped over his head,causing him to mewl aloud,amid cheers from the crowd.The twenty-three year-old condemned woman about to suffer the swift sword stroke of the executioness sobbed,her breath coming in short,desperate bursts,her dripping nose bubbling in and she watched in utter terror the superb skill and confidence of the executioness.Strands of thick snot hung down from her nose,some finally dripping onto the scaffold floor below her face.He was then noosed,and with the hangwoman climbing the back ladder,rope in hand, pulled him up and walked him up on his ladder,until she affixed the rope to the crossbeam,tying it cruelly tight,without any slack, until he stood on near-tiptoe.As he mounted each higher rung,his hands twisted and struggled behind his back.His legs,weak and trembling,were barely able to comply,and both matrons had to push him upward with each step.His trousers,drenched from his uncontrolled urination,were drawn down and folded inward neatly.A rope was tied three turns around his legs just above his knees,but his legs were left tethered at the ankles to kick and flail.He stood on the leaning ladder a full six feet above the scaffold floor,the noose carefully positioned on the side to spare the airpipe and the large arteries from damage and pressure and make the hanging long and cruel.A horrific hemp dance of fifteen minutes length,the condemned man thrashing violently,would be far from unusual.

The hangwoman descended her ladder and a matron lay it down at the back of the scaffold.The executioness pronounced formal sentence,then quickly seizing his ankles in a firm grip,whilst the younger matron gripped the ladder,she twisted them off in a swift,clean motion of only a few inches as the matron pulled away the ladder and lay it down.He had become panicked when he felt her grip his ankles to perform her office,and his hood sucked in and blew out with each full breath.He cried out,then a moment later he was dancing for the Goddess.The guilty man,penis-erect,as he was hanged,to the sobbing of his guilty accomplice,and the cheers and giggles from the more than three-hundred women present would now pay for his crimes.He was immobile for only a moment,then began to kick and flail wildly,his legs frantic,and his toes trying to point to where the ladder had been to find support.Beneath the hood,his face became purple,then nearly black,and his eyes bulged in their sockets as he kicked.The crowd responded with applause and cheers and comments flew from men and women as he danced for the hangwoman.Some minutes later,his torso began to buck in and out vigorously and continuously.The executioness snatched her large,scented,black linen handkerchief from between her breasts,shook it open,found a clean patch,and wrapped it over his tip and shaft then held it there.Moments late,he came in abundance,squirting gobs of sperm and milky fluid onto the black linen and blood-red roses of her handkerchief as he thrashed. Women in the crowd watched,entranced,some moaning and others squealing loudly as the wet,black cloth pulsed in rhythm as he squirted into it,the handkerchief held firmly over his penis in the hand of the hangwoman.She took it off when it was done,and opened it fully to examine his ejaculations,She folded it in half then half again,then,sniffed the cloth delicatelyand kept it in her hand,sighing quietly,her eyes partly closed.Shortly after,he farted long and loud and then evacuated his bowels uncontrollably onto the sawdust below,his accomplice,watching in horror as almost a yard of fresh turd issued forth as he flailed in the air,choking ang gurgling. He kicked maniacally for thirteen minutes,then began to slow,finally ending with spasms and convulsions,and a large urination squirting everywhere as he kicked in the air,all hideous to watch.The expert placement of the noose caused his neck to be well-stretched,and the sheer violence of his thrashing was testament to his suffering.His partner was made to see it all and she knelt sobbing throughout his execution.

When it was over,the executioness readied the young woman,now crying openly,her eyes wide with fear,and instructed her to sit back on her feet,knees apart,feet together.She gaped at the executioness,uncomprehending,not hearing the words spoken to her. The older matron stepped up and placed her feet as the executioness had instructed.The condemned woman looked around,mouth open,and unable to move or speak.A length of rope was affixed to her wrists and the loose end pulled tight to join the wrists and ankles .Another rope was used to immobilize her upper arms.She was rendered completely helpless and unable to move. The executioness pronounced sentence,then faced the terrified woman,standing on her left side.Her sword was handed to her by the younger matron,who held the long sheath whilst the executioness drew forth the sword in front of the woman.The sound of the sharp,metal sword being withdrawn from it's sheath caused the woman to shudder,emitting a nervous squeal.She stared helplessly at the sword,then looked upon the executioness. " For thy wickedness,shall l chop off thy living head from thy shoulders". The matron stepped forward,covered the woman's face with a large white handkerchief from forehead to chin,then brought her head forward and positioned her trembling neck as the executioness bade. The other matron positioned the basket carefully to receive the terrible fruit of execution,so soon to be harvested..The sword was raised high,and the matron stepped back,her fingers lingering on the woman's face to hold her head in place,as the sword flashed once in the sunlight of dusk.

There was a gentle flutter of the executioness' veil as the sword fell,then a barely audible hiss as the blade severed the guilty woman's neck in a clean lop-slash.There was the ping of the sword as it chopped off her head for all to see.The head of the guilty woman,remained in place for the briefest of moments,then fell into the waiting basket beneath.It moved only slightly as the head fell into it.Gasps issued from the crowd,then unanimous applause as the woman's body remained in place,still kneeling,as if in obedience,blood squirting in a continuous stream from the severed arteries of the severed neck.The head had been chopped off cleanly just at the jawline,leaving the woman's long,slender neck fully intact.Blood poured from the cruelly violated vessels as the woman's body slumped where it knelt,the front of her white gown now drenched in urine,then several seconds later,toppled over convulsing and writhing vigorously.The hands and feet struggled against the hemp ropes that bound them, and she passed a long noisy fart that drew a flurry of giggles from the younger women.Her body lay squirming,as if possessed of a life of it's own,the fingers and toes flexing and stretching, moving in random twitchings,while her limbs strained against the strong,stout hemp.The executioness stepped back,handing the sword to one of the matrons,then reaching into the basket before the now-hushed crowd,she retrieved the woman's severed,bleeding head by it's hair through the kerchief that bound it,and then pulled off the handkerchief covering her face,Cries of "Ooooo" were heard from the crowd as the woman's head,still alive,was held up high at arm's length,blood fairly pouring from the fresh,raw stump.The executioness turned the woman's head to face her writhing body as it lay on the scaffold floor,continuing to squirt horribly from the stump,then tapering back toward her neck in short,pumping squirts.The eyes beheld the sight in horror,then moved,darting in jerks,in response to the sounds of the crowd.The gleaming white bones of her severed neck surrounded the spinal cord as it spasmed and twitched,her air and foodpipes plainly visible as she lay twisting in shame near the feet of her executioness.A few pulsing dribbles of undigested,now-liquid food issued from her severed foodpipe onto the scaffold floor,mixing with the growing puddle of dark red blood.Some in the crowd turned away as the patchy brown fluid came forth.As her head was held high,her tongue and lips moved purposefully,but futilely as she formed soundless words..Along the front of the scaffold,as tradition dictated,scores of women and more than a few men,had laid handkerchieves on the scaffold floor to be baptized with blood dripping from the severed head as the executioness walked near the edge,displaying it.The bloodied handkerchieves were kept and used by their owners as souvenirs and conversation pieces when they were taken out for use.The splotchy rust-colored stains that remained were a gruesome reminder of public execution by beheading.Two passes over the handkerchieves were done by the executioness and all were well-bloodied to the enthusiastic squeals and screams of the onlookers. When someone cried out,"God bless the exeutioness"!,the woman's eyes turned sorrowfully to the sound,then a look of utter despair,tinged with terror,covered her face.The executioness held her head before her and slapped her face hard several times to keep it alert.The eyes which had been starting to close,opened widely,hurt and indignant,whilst the look of horror persisted.It had only been half a minute since the chopping-off. Blood continued to issue from the stump,and the severed muscles and nerves twitched visibly along the painfully raw surface.Her a ghostly white,lips trembling and her tongue brushing over her lower teeth, looked out upon the cheering crowd.The executioness showed the woman's dripping head on the three sides of the scaffold that faced the onlookers below. A dull,barbed spike was seated on the cornerpost of the scaffold that faced the street access,Still dripping badly,the wretched,twitching stump was poised over the spike.The executioness cried out,"Behold the head of the guilty"! Then,gripping the head firmly,she pushed it down hard,and skewered it cruelly onto the barbed spike.The eyes opened,agape and staring,in apparent agony,lips and tongue and bleeding nerves and muscles all a-twitch at once.None of this went unnoticed by the crowd,and there were little shrieks and gasps when the woman's head was skewered alive onto the spike for public display,where it would remain for three days before being taken down,placed in a coarse cotton sack and buried. The executioness looked toward the matrons and nodded."Bring her to me now,that justice may be done on the unmerciful garrotte.".They both descended the scaffold and went to the cell of the condemned woman. It was 5:40pm when they turned the corner and went out of view. The executioness looked toward the dreaded garrotte as she walked to it,and then stroked the tightening wheel and backpiece. She put a large mound of sawdust beneath the open seat on which the all-but-naked woman would sit undiapered to receive the terrible wages of her crimes.

The matrons arrived at the cell of the condemned woman,and entered immediately. Both had put up their hair in tight,black kerchiefs and their faces were concealed by wide,black veils that draped down as far as their upper breasts--all in the same manner as their revered executioness.The younger of the two was in training under the tutelage of this executioness,and would be given her own large region to minister to,in which any necessary executions needed to be carried out, in only six months.She would be given the title of Lady High Executioner just before her twenty-seventh birthday.She was already proficient in several types of hanging,and several of beheading,and she carried out highly skilled whippings and brandings.She had administered eight public beheadings,and only two required a second stroke. After each of the two botched beheadings,the executioness had flogged her in public,the judge in attendance and a few women of the village council,as well as about three-hundred townsfolk.Both botched beheadingds were carried out on the high block,and both of the condemned- a twenty eight year-old man,and a fifty-five year-old woman had been well-positioned as they knelt,but their heads had almost,but not entirely been chopped off with the first stroke.Both heads dangled off the block,held only by a tendon and a small patch of unsevered skin and twitching muscles,as the bodies first slumped then convulsed on the scaffold floor writhing wildy.The assistant had sprung forward quickly in each instance,seized the head by it's hair,and with a sharp knife severed the head cleanly from it's neck before the body collapsed off the block. "A good swift chopping-off,carried out with a single stroke is the duty of the executioner. If that is not done,l will have you flogged". It was necessary to encourage excellence on the scaffold and to punish her for reflecting badly on her mentor.

Since her identity was always concealed on the scaffold,she was marched up the steps in shame-the same steps she had mounted to take her position at the block-- already hooded--and sentenced for "petty thievery".The judge passed sentence of flogging,and she was given three dozen superb lashes that left her buttocks striped and bloody.She was marched quickly up the steps by the executioness and the same assistant with whom she was today working.The executioness placed her over the horse,and immobilized her torso,upper body and legs,then gagged her mouth well.Before the gagging she asked the executioness to do her duty and to "raise the cat high".The assistant had brined and salted her buttocks,then flogged her unmercifully a dozen lashes on both occasions and then handed the knotted cat-o-nine tails to the executioness,who inflicted the remaining two dozen lashes.Her subsequent beheadings were administered well,each head cleanly chopped off with a single stroke.She had also carried out four flawless drop hangings,that resulted in the severe neck-stretching of each guilty victim,the severing of the spinal cords and the crushing of at least one vertebra.Her gibbet hangings were long and exceedingly agonizing for the guilty man or woman.She had inflicted three superb garrottings that drew much praise from her executioness-mentor. The second matron was in her forties,and had assisted at more than a hundred executions,and more than fifty whippings and brandings. She had hanged six,and beheaded three,and had inflicted dozens of whippings and brandings.

The older matron turned her by the shoulders and held her gaze,while the younger pinioned her hands behind her.The condemned woman again pleaded for the mercy of the diaper,but she was ignored and her hands were swiftly pinioned and bound.A black kerchief was produced,and her hair was bound up to bare her neck and throat for the metal collar of the garrotte.The younger matron smiled,then traced around the woman's neck with her fingers,where the collar would fit,causing her to shudder. The older matron laughed and said,"It's always such a profound thing to see them shit themselves on the scaffold in full public view with everyone watching it fall--onto the ground when they're swinging,in their pants and panties whilst they're being noosed or garrotted.Oh my sweet God! I would DIE of embarrassment"! Without further ado,the suffering woman,now more fearful than ever having heard the matron's thoughts on the subject,was pressed forward,trembling visibly,and marched to the scaffold to die.

The executioness stood near the dangling man,and began to hear the crowd buzzing as the condemned woman was marched to the scaffold,and then straight up the dreaded thirteen steps to the waiting executioness.The condemned woman saw the hooded,hanging prisoner swinging gently in the breeze,and then turned her head away,grimacing when she saw that he had emptied his bowels while he had kicked .She smelled the huge,brown pile as she was being brought to the garrotte,and began to struggle when she saw the sawdust under the garroting seat where she was to sit.The beheaded woman lay where she had toppled over,curled up and still fully bound,the raw stump still oozing tiny tricklets of blood,flies buzzing around it and occasionally lighting on it.The area near her was covered with blood-drenched sawdust,a yard-long line of blood straight out from where she had knelt when her head was chopped off,and next to the wide stump atop her neck,a puddle of dark red blood as large as a small platter.The woman's severed head,neckless,and harshly mounted on the cornerpost spike,the mouth agape,filled her with terror.Flies buzzed around the dripping stump,her tongue dangled limply from her mouth,her face a stark,bloodless white,her eyes open and staring out at the crowd from the post.

The three women conducting the business of the scaffold had doused their veils with perfume before mounting the scaffold steps,and a small bottle sat on the table nearby if a reinforcement was necessary.The matrons seized the struggling woman quickly and the executioness pulled off her satin skirt in front of the crowd,and lowered her panties to her ankles,twisting them so that they would remain on her foot and wave shamefully as she kicked her legs.She was lifted physically,still sobbing and struggling,and seated on the wooden chair,her hands first drawn up behind her,over the back of the chair and the post,so that they remained bound as she was seated in position.A heavy strap was placed across her chest to immobilize her upper body,then her blouse was crudely torn down the center,causing the buttons to fly off.The blouse was pulled in to the sides,and her breasts bared for the crowd to see.Wide straps were put around her uppermost legs,and buckled tight to the back,so that she would remain upright and be unable to slide down when the garrotte was administered and she was struggling with the strength of a demon.Her lower legs were left untied and her panties,black with abundant lace remained on her left ankle Her head was kept held in place with a wide leather strap across her forehead,and two small wooden wedges,one on each side of her face prevented any lateral movement.She could look straight ahead,and somewhat to both sides to see what was going to be done next.Ropes were bound to each spread-apart knee,and the ends tied off below.The condemned woman looked out upon the faces in the crowd as she sobbed.Her nose ran badly,some running into her mouth,while some dripped off her chin,and onto her chest,in long sticky strands.She began to shudder as the executioness passed formal sentence to the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd.She blanched into a gray-pasty color,then drenched the chair with a huge gush of her urine.It covered some of her seat,and some dripped off the sides,while some dripped down through the hole which purpose was to accommodate her uncontrolled bowels.The crowd cheered afresh when she wet herself,and her color became the plum-purple of the most intense embarrassment.She sobbed and struggled to no avail,unable to move except for flailing and kicking her lower legs,her lace panties flapping with each fresh kick.

The matron-executioness stood by the table as the executioness nodded.She picked up the metal collar on the table and held it aloft briefly to the cheers of the crowd,then knelt before her mistress,her head bowed and offered her the collar laying in her open palms.The collar was a circular loop of good well-tempered steel,about two inches wide,with flanges at the ends of the loop that fit immovably onto the turning mechanism to allow the most precise strangulation of the guilty prisoner.The condemned woman watched in horror,and began to sob and moan to the delight of the hundreds of onlookers.The executioness,now standing behind the short post into which the back of the chair blended as it rose nodded and took the collar in her capable hands.She placed the loop of collar around the woman's throbbing white throat,and then secured both flanges to the turning mechanism and brought up the slack by slowly rotating the wheel.The woman continued to sob and then,upon feeling the initial tightening of the cold collar against her throat,began to panic and struggle desperately,her legs,the beautiful,boots and black panties still on,kicked furiously to the squeals and shrieks of the younger women in the crowd.The executioness tightened the collar until it was snug,then cried out,"Behold the payment of the wages of crime"! The older matron stepped forward and gagged the woman's mouth so that she would not bite her tongue and lips off as she suffered.She held it there in place as the executioness turned the wheel with cruel slowness,tightening the collar as the woman's legs flapped and she struggled to twist her hands,all to no avail.She first turned red,then a splotchy,red-purple,then a hideous dark purple-blue.Her torso strained and she farted,as her eyes,gruesomely bloodshot,watering,and bulging grotesquly,seemed near to bursting.The executioness pressed the master release mechanism on the collar and the suffering woman was allowed a long breath,then returned to the agony of strangulation by garrotte. Snot poured from her nose in globs,bubbled out of each snotty nostril,and she drew in air for only a moment,then felt the release disengaged and the collar retighten in an instant. She farted again and only a moment later,lost all control of her sphincter,and graced the sawdust beneath her squirming buttocks with a long turd that reached nearly to the scaffold floor before it broke off. The collar was tightened until her face was blue-black,then unturned slowly until she was able to recover.

Shortly after,the matron gagged her again and the executioness tightened the collar slowly until she was again blue-black,having gone through the same facial changes and horrible colorations as before.The flailing and flapping of her legs continued as she kicked in agony before the crowd.Finally,the collar was released slowly and the woman's gag was removed.She drew in air as fast as she could,in gasps and rasping gulps like one starving.Her eyes were a bloodshot red and bulged in their sockets.She farted loudly as she writhed. Then the collar was tightened again and she thrashed in torment.A piece of freshly produced turd,firm and wide,sprang out from her anus six to eight inches,and then hung there,hovering grotesquely over her previous evacuation,which caused a wave of squeals,mostly from the women,who giggled continuously,then cheered loudly when the turd finally fell,joining the hideous mess below.

The executioness conducted the garrotting with great skill and it was only after an hour and forty-five minutes,that the woman was near to succumbing.She was made to suffer a last horrific collar tightening.At the height of it,the matron yanked out the woman's gag,and after only a moment,the thrashing woman bit her tongue nearly in two.Blood gushed from her mouth and down her chest and torso and onto the chair.The crowd gasped at the sight.The matron quickly stuffed her gag back into her mouth,as the collar was loosened and the woman struggled for air.The younger matron went to the table and picked up a metal spike about fourteen inches in length,brought it behind the post and inserted it into a deep hole in the garroting post going from back to front at the level of the woman's mouth.The tip was a sharpened segment shaped like an arrow-tip,with the rest of the narrow shaft behind it of smooth metal.The tip of the spike now resting against the back of her neck,all was ready for the dreaded "driving of the spike". The matron placed an additional leather strap over the lower jaw at the chin cleft,and buckled it tightly at the back of the post,Blood dripped from her mouth,the gag now soaked..Her eyes rolled in her head as the final tightening of the collar was done.The executioness locked the wheel and took up a broad-headed mallet as the crowd watched in silence,holding it's breath as one..She raised the mallet high as the woman reached the most terrible moment of her suffering.A gush of urine and splashes of diarrhea issued forth as the mallet came down with righteous vengeance.The spike was driven through her neck,severing the spinal cord in two,and continuing out the woman's mouth.The blood-drenched gag and the front half of the woman's tongue,nearly bitten off,and now severed completely by the force of the spike were pushed out of her mouth,and dropped into her lap,fallling into the puddle of urine that remained.Her body convulsed,the limbs still well-bound,as the executioness removed the collar.

A second barbed spike awaited on the next cornerpost to receive the woman's head.The executioness nodded to the younger matron,who stepped forward,the sword of the executioness in her hands.She held out the sword to her mistress,eyes averted,as the executioness took the sword,then stood before the garrotted woman,somewhat to the side. She raised the sword high,then brought it down and across in a clean,swift stroke.The woman was beheaded just below her jaw,and her body slumped slightly downward as her bleeding neck and head remained strapped to the post.The gruesome spike continued to protrude from her mouth,several of her lower teeth broken by the terrible force of the spike and mallet.Her heart remained beating erratically and blood shot upward from the stump,while more dripped in abundance from the severed stump above.She was fairly drenched in blood. The crowd cheered and applauded as the straps were removed and the executioness seized the woman's severed head by it's hair through her kerchief and then held it high to be viewed.She took the dripping head to the barbed spike,then positioned it carefully at the center of the bleeding stump,pushed it down hard three times until it was firmly mounted.The sight of the woman's severed head,bleeding and dripping,the eyes staring garishly toward the crowd,the cruel spike protruding from her mouth,the nerves and muscles of the stump twitching hideously were all that remained.The two heads were to be left on their spikes for public viewing,and the hanged man would swing from the hemp rope as a grim reminder of the wages of sin.


Thirteen Steps to the Garrotte

A hush fell over the cold,stone walls of the ancient room,which was lighted only by candles.The townspeople stood,listening quietly while the footsteps of the members of the Tribunal echoed ominously as they approached the bench to render their judgements.Each sat down at the long table and looked straight ahead while the chief judge raised her hand and spoke,ordering the condemned prisoner to be brought before her.Two guards stepped forward seizing the tall,elegant woman to whom she referred.She was thirty-two years-old,one-hundred and seventy-five centimeters tall in her stocking feet,and weighed fifty-five kilograms.She was exquisitely beautiful,with compelling green eyes.Her buttocks were beautifully shaped and firm.The woman's hands were bound behind her,and she was dressed in exquisite black satin.She wore a pair of tight and shiny,highwaisted black pants made of a thick,firm polyester/satin,lined in silk,the pants tucked into her black,knee-length,high-heeled boots.Her black satin shirt was perfectly cut and nearly covered breasts that were small and very beautiful.She wore a light purple scarf,done in a band,and arranged under the collar of her shirt like a necktie,done in a boyish knot..Her hair was just past shoulder length and of darkest,softest brown.Her teeth were even and white,and her skin flawless.She had an aristocratic manner,reflected in her deep green eyes.A Rolex watch with a black leather band graced her slender left wrist,and black three-quarter length satin gloves adorned her hands,beneath the hemp rope that bound them.A black leather handbag with a long strap hung from her left shoulder,the rope binding her hands behind her,tied to the bag as well,so that it wouldn't slip.Her feet were in iron shackles over her black boots.The members of the Tribunal regarded her with righteous contempt.The chief judge spoke,facing and addressing the prisoner.

"You came here,apparently unaware of our customs.It has been so,by law,for centuries--violations of theocratic law cannot be allowed.Alex Price,you have been found guilty of all charges brought against you,and for your sins,shall you be taken to the public scaffold to suffer the slowest of deaths by the garrotte.The Tribunal finds overwhelming evidence of your being a wretchedly poor wife,insensitive to your husband's needs,and utterly unmindful of the sanctity of your own marriage.May your suffering be your salvation.before God,and may He show you mercy on the terrible Day of Judgement ".Now officially sentenced,knew she would face the High Executioner.Alex fell into her chair,sobbing quietly,as the judge motioned with her hand to the public executioner,a nun of the same religious order as the members of the dreaded Tribunal.

Her name was Sister Nora.She was a woman of perhaps forty-three,with a pleasant enough face,not fat,but portly rather than burly.She was devoted to the convent and to her position as public executioner.She had carried out three previous garrottings on the high scaffold,and it was her hallmark as a saver of their souls that she cause the condemned to suffer severely for their sins in order to atone for them.Her official title was the Madame High Executioness.She and the specially trained novices who were her assistants,carried out their work on the high,black,oaken scaffold that stood in a quiet glen at the edge of the small town which Alex now regretted she had visited,then married in.Sister Nora listened to the confessions of the condemned before their executions,and encouraged them to repent of their sins before God and to accept the judgement of the Holy Tribunal.As a religious woman,and public official she was charged to inflict the most terrible,but most just punishment,before Heaven itself.She offered Christian comfort as much as judicial execution.

Madame,the Executioner bowed deeply and long before the Tribunal,raising her head only after the Chief Judge addressed her."Take this sinful woman to the town scaffold and let her suffer for not less than two and one-half hours on the terrible garrotte before the crowd ". There was a deep,shuddering gasp from Alex as the words were pronounced.The executioner nodded,bowing deeply,then turning to face the sobbing victim,said it would be so. "Madame Judge,she will have the metal collar put in place on her neck at 6pm and she will feel it tightened and loosened dozens of times before she feels the mercy of the end,at just before 9pm.Justice will be harsh and excruciating.Let our holy laws prevail".The hundreds of onlookers in the room cheered her as she finished speaking.Two novice executioners,both women in their late thirties,took swift charge of the trembling Alex,put her immediately on her feet,and brought her to the death cell to await the gruesome events of the day to follow.

Shortly afterwards,the High Executioness mounted the scaffold steps with one assistant to prepare the garroting apparatus,position it on the scaffold floor,and then lock it into place.Sister Nora had purchased the garrotte in Paris herself two years earlier when she was visiting the city prison to witness the public guillotining of a criminal she had known some years earlier.The instrument consisted of a heavy post, twenty centimeters square,and one-hundred and fifty centimeters high.The post was held immovably with heavy brackets on all four sides.Alex would be seated on a square,heavy chair,her black boots and shackles half a foot off the scaffold floor. The chair fitted onto the post,and was locked there when the garroting was being carried out.The executioner could secure her feet near the base of the chair,or they could be drawn back and bound to the post itself.or they could be left free to kick and thrash violently.The wheel was attached to the screw mechanism which was precision-fitted onto the post itself,and allowed the executioner to strangle the victim very slowly,millimeters at a time,and with excruciating pain once the collar was made snug.She adjusted the seat to accommodate Alex' height,then readied the metal plates that would hold her head in place on both sides,in the manner of a vice.At the level of her mouth,a simple hole in the post ran from front to back.The hole was used to house a long metal spike,sharpened to a wide point,which at the whim of the executioner could be sent through the back of the victim's neck to sever the spinal cord,then exit through the victim's mouth.The long spike would be placed in the hole,then would be driven through Alex' neck and out through her mouth with a single blow of a heavy mallet--a grim ,but dramatic end to an excruciating punishment.

Both nuns worked carefully and efficiently,rope segments were coiled,and laid where they would be within easy reach of the executioners when it was time to inflict the grim sentence.A large,black linen hood,lined with black satin was fitted over the uppermost back of the tall post,to be ready to draw over Alex' head after the collar was adjusted snugly on her throat.A pommel on the garrotting seat was put in place to keep her from sliding down.It would press against her damp,dark fur as she struggled in agony,her clitoris rubbing against it unavoidably,as she writhed in her seat,strangling and choking for hours to the shrieks and squeals of the sanguine crowd.When the preparations were done,they departed,but not before they knelt and prayed fervently that the garroting would be well-attended by the townspeople,and that the guilty woman would long for salvation as she suffered.They prayed for her soul. In her cell,Alex paced anxiously,occasionally tearful,fully aware that she was to suffer so,before the large crowd that would surely gather to see her thrash..The sun set and the moon rose.The night was long.

The crowd began to gather at the scaffold early the following morning,as many arrived to seek a good vantage point to watch the execution.There were slightly more women than men,but all were eager to see the gruesome dance that Alex would do.Their eyes beheld the imposing scaffold,and the ropes,the garroting chair and the sawdust under the open seat.The garroting collar was in the possession of the High Executioner.By 5pm,the crowd had swollen to more than six-hundred onlookers.More would trickle in,so that by 6pm,nearly seven hundred men and women would eagerly await the execution.At 5:50pm,the Madame High Executioness slowly climbed the steps of the scaffold,and then knelt to pray at the garroting chair,her hands clasped together as she readied herself mentally to perform her office.Many in the crowd quietly joined her.There was adequate viewing space on three sides of the scaffold,and behind the scaffold the view was poor,but above the platform,any of the proceedings could be seen from windows and overhanging porches that faced the scaffold from that side.Some of the windows were small and high,and the occupants inside could not be seen from anywhere outside.Younger men and women often witnessed the executions below,and one often fondled and brought to climax the other,as the hanging or beheading or garroting or whipping or flogging or branding was being carried out.The practice was widely observed by many whenever it was possible.Often,a man might stand at the window watching a condemned man mount the gallows ladder,see his neck put in the noose,and then see Sister Nora twist his feet off the ladder as her assistant removed the ladder,leaving him to kick before the crowd.Unseen,as he watched it and described it aloud,was a wife or girlfriend or fiancé who took his swollen manhood in her mouth,and brought him to rapture as he witnessed the victim thrashing by his neck.Women were equally pleased to witness an execution,and enjoy their lover's hands inside their panties as the guilty man or woman danced on the rope.

Alex went behind her privacy curtain in her cell and lay down on the simple cot.She lowered the blanket first,then lay on her back,drawing the blanket up only to her knees,and lowering her pants to her knees too.She closed her eyes,and gently slipped her hand into the damp space between her lacy,black,satin panties and her tender,furry mound,glistening under her probing fingers,and the gently pressed heel of her hand. She massaged her little,pink clitoris,and it soon began to throb and cry out with ten thousand insatiable voices.Her torso began to writhe in rhythm on the cot and her fingers became more insistent in their exploration until she was soon dripping wet where she lay,her hips turning in small circles,her head thrown back,her throat exposed,vessels pulsing,a foreshadowing of the garrotte,her belly languid and heavy.Her other hand reached up slowly and began to massage her breasts in tender circles with three fingers held together.She imagined being seized by her executioners and forced,into the heavy garroting chair as she struggled,her hands bound behind the post by the two assistants,the wrists crossed.while Sister Nora tried to calm her,urging her to suffer with dignity each time the garrotte was tightened.She caught the sounds of rapture and terror and held them in her throat,as her swollen clitoris cried out in unimaginable ecstacy,as she envisioned the cold metal collar beginning to press against her throat.Her torso rose off the cot,and,her breath came in short,quick grunts.Her shackles clanked together rhythmically.She twisted and squirmed and her fingers probed everywhere,now,dripping abundantly as she finally cried out in the last moments of her lingering pleasure,her back arching like a primeval cat,as she began to lay back down,exhausted. Above her dripping wet labia,her sweet,swollen clitoris throbbed even now.She squirmed slowly on her cot,eyes gently closed,hands on her breasts,her black,lace,satin panties sopping with the musky perfume of damp,August nights. She swallowed,and waited for her executioners to arrive to prepare her,and take her to judgement on the high scaffold.

At 5:40 pm,Sister Jeanne and Sister Letitia entered the death cell to prepare the condemned woman to mount the scaffold.Alex was allowed to wear her black,satin,tight pants,and black shirt,and her boots,still shackled,and gloves,her Rolex still on her left wrist. Her hands were immediately bound behind her with stout hemp rope,wrists crossed.She was allowed to carry her bag and the rope binding her hands was used to tie it in place as well.She moaned as they were bound in place,and then moaned again as a wide,brown strap was placed around her over her bound arms then tightly buckled in back to immobilize her upper body entirely.She watched as Sister Jeanne folded a large black kerchief,placing the folded edge at her forehead and letting the rest hang down the back.She brought together the two corners at the sides and drew them tight together before placing a very tight but simple knot at the nape of Alex neck.All her hair was tucked snugly underneath,forming a snug,tight kerchief that left bare Alex' slender,white neck to receive the cold metal collar of expertly forged steel.The collar had been forged by the High Executioness herself,and was curved to accommodate the curvature of the victim's neck. It had a width of six and a half centimeters to cause agonizing suffering,that,at the same time,would not easily crush the airpipe.She made it intentionally cruel.The collar had been used on three previous occasions to execute a women and two men.All had suffered terribly before the final twistings of the wheel,and the inevitable tightenings of the collar,that with infinite slowness,crushed their airpipes as they thrashed and twisted and writhed and choked. The two novices took her arms and began to lead her through the cell doors to go the short distance to the high oaken scaffold,the nuns praying quietly as their steps brought Alex closer and closer to her doom.Her legs wobbled,but the firm hands of the two nuns kept her upright and walking forward.They made a last turn to the right and there ahead was the scaffold,the crowd,and the Lady High Executioness.

The scaffold was painted a dull,flat black that contrasted forbiddingly with the dark brown of the heavy oaken gallows.Alex turned chalk-white,and began to slump in the arms of her executioners.They reached the scaffold steps as the crowd looked on intently.Above,waited the High Executioness,her arms folded across her chest,her face expressionless.She wore black pants,a long-sleeved white shirt,and a long white apron that covered her from breasts to shins,and which was wrapped snugly around her and tied off in back..She took a deep breath,ready to do her duty.The crowd fell silent as the condemned woman was brought forward,to mount the steps,dressed in elegant,black satin,tight pants,her hair bound up in a black,knotted kerchief,her light purple,satin scarf setting off her black satin shirt.She was a compelling sight.Her height,her beauty,her bound hands,her pale,bloodless countenance,and her helplessness combined to arouse profound feelings as she was seen climbing the steps of the scaffold to die for her sins.This was a woman who would soon be made to suffer agonizingly for what she had done and for what she had not done.On the side of the scaffold that abutted the dwellings,dozens of men and women watched from above,from porches and windows.

The nuns urged her upwards and partly carried her,as her gait became unsteady and she began to moan,trying to hold back,but only weakly as her executioners pressed her ever upwards to face Sister Nora and the inevitable garrotte.The sight of the regal woman,her hands judicially bound behind her back,the strong,brown hemp rope bound over and around her black satin gloves,aroused sympathy in both men and women,but they were few in number.The wide,brown strap that bound her arms tightly to her body seemed excessive to some,but the previous woman who had been garroted,arrived on the scaffold floor,and began to struggle demonically when she was marched to the garrotte.The heavy strap that she too had had put on,allowed the executioners to quickly subdue her and strap her to the chair immediately.

The crowd cheered when Alex,her eyes wide and her body trembling in fear,was handed over to Sister Nora at the top of the thirteen steps.In the middle of the scaffold,the dreaded garroting chair waited,fully prepared,to receive the guilty woman.Sister Nora and Sister Jeanne seized her quickly,and she began to struggle in desperate earnest,trying to dig in her feet to keep from being taken to the chair.The struggling Alex,still chalk-white,looked at the chair in horror,taking in the ropes,the metal plates that would hold her head immobile for the collar,the black hood that was drawn over the post that would cover her face as she suffered.The crowd watched her struggle,delighted that she was so fearful.Sister Nora nodded to her assistants,and the terrified Alex was lifted off the platform floor bodily,and seated in the chair,still struggling as best she could,her feet now off the scaffold floor. Sister Letitia took a long,wide retaining strap,put it over the condemned woman's belly and quickly tightened it and buckled it to hold her in place,then took another and put it around her chest,just below her breasts.Sister Nora bent quickly and seized the woman's left knee while Sister Jeanne took the right,and they bound them to the heavy chair,Alex sobbing desperately as the gruesome preparations continued.Sister Letitia pushed back her head to meet the post,and Sister Nora brought the two metal plates into line and tightened them to render the victim's head immovable.The suffering woman,sobbing and now distraught could only move her eyes.Her hands,bound behind her,were released and she began struggling anew,her lower legs flapping grotesquely,the sound of the iron shackles smashing against the chair legs,and her hands flailing every which way to no purpose,alternately grabbing the sides of the metal head plates,then pulling on the belts across her belly and chest,as the crowd cried out it's approval,watching the panicked woman struggling vigorously.The three nuns,working together,rapidly subdued her arms and retied her hands behind the wooden post,placing the hemp rope right over her three-quarter length satin gloves,while Alex cried out,twisting in the chair.The crowd applauded as one when she was fully bound and ready.The clock on the church tower read 5:57.

Sister Nora produced a small carved box,similar to a music box,and opened it to remove the contents.She took out a small leather pouch,bearing the Seal of her order,then opened the pursestring and reached inside.She stepped to the front of the scaffold,raising her hand to show to the crowd the steel collar she had taken from the pouch,and with which she would execute the guilty woman seated in the chair before them.It was a curved piece of well-tempered steel,a half-circle of smooth,polished metal with a narrow slit at each end to fit onto the reverse flanges of the tightening rod attached to the turning wheel.She held it high while the crowd watched,and Sister Letitia read the formal sentence of death in a clear,steady voice.Sister Nora turned when the sentence had been read,and walked to the post behind the prisoner.She reached down,and put the collar against the condemned woman's throat,then fitted the metal holding flanges through the slits on the end of the collar.Still holding the collar,she turned the wheel slowly until all the slack was taken up and the collar was well-seated.The victim moaned aloud in short bursts as the collar pressed against her throat ever more firmly,her eyes turned,trying futilely to see the nun's hands as they did their work.She squirmed in the chair,twisting in terror as the crowd held it's breath.Sister Nora intoned,"May God have mercy on your wicked soul,madame". The condemned woman's eyes rolled fearfully,trying to look behind her,as her head was kept immovable by the unyielding head plates.Sister Nora nodded to Sister Jeanne,and the younger nun reached up and removed the black hood from the top of the post.Some in the crowd turned away.Sister Jeanne stood before the victim,readying the dreaded hood in her hands,then bringing it forward,she gave it a brief snap to the side,then drew it over the victim's head and the metal plates in a single merciful swoop,pulling it down and arranging the edges so that the prisoner would see nothing more.Alex shuddered and then wet herself uncontrollably,soaking her already sopping,wet panties.Her urine dripped through through her satin panties,and through her satin,black pants,onto the scaffold floor wetting the sawdust beneath.Gasps and laughter rose from the crowd as the victim's face reddened beneath the hood in utter humiliation,Sister Nora took the tightening wheel in her hands,and started to turn it slowly.

The clock in the church tower read exactly six o'clock.Looking down from a single,small window were two younger townspeople,a man and a woman,both breathless as they watched the execution unfolding below."Oh my lord!",exclaimed the woman,unable to keep from laughing,"She just wet herself--she's sitting there dripping from her pretty panties all over the scaffold floor.Oh my God!" The man moved behind her and held her breasts firmly as he looked down upon the scaffold and the bound prisoner.The woman moaned softly as his hands moved from her breasts to her buttocks and fondled her sweating flesh passionately.She saw Sister Nora reach up to seize the wheel,and she moaned again as the prisoner stiffened in the chair,struggling desperately.The woman moaned anew as the man placed his hands inside her skirt and massaged her furry,raised mound,now damp with excitement,and beginning to become moist.She rolled her head,eyes half-closed as his hands touched her musty,evening dew.Alex continued to struggle as the wheel tightened further.Unseen behind the window above,a spasm rose in her belly as the woman felt his hands exploring her.The prisoner strained against the ropes and straps,and her legs began to flail violently before the eager crowd."Oh my God",moaned the woman behind the window,her voice rising and becoming tremulous,"Look at her kick,Oh my God,LOOK at her KICK!" The man moaned aloud as he watched the suffering prisoner thrashing on the garrotte,and heard his lover's voice becoming suddenly hoarse.He reached over and took her trembling hand,and put it inside his pants so that she would take his swollen member and fondle it vigorously.Down below,Sister Nora continued to perform her office before the hundreds of onlookers.

Below them,on the high scaffold,the slack was gradually reduced until the collar began it's awful pressure..Beneath the black hood Alex' eyes widened,and she began to struggle for air as Sister Nora turned the wheel and increased the unyielding pressure of the collar.Alex' sweating hands twisted behind the post,her wrists held by the same unyielding hemp that had held behind her,the hands of a guilty woman thrashing by her neck on the high gallows,only a few days earlier.She tried to move against the belly strap and the chest strap,but they were utterly immovable as she writhed in terror.Sister Nora,,turned the wheel slowly,and the victim felt the metal band begin to crush her airpipe with ease.Shrieks and cries issued from the crowd as it sensed the condemned woman's overwhelming panic.Her upper legs strained against the knee straps,then her lower legs started to flap and kick in every panicked direction they were able,the iron shackles clanking horribly as she suffered.Sister Nora tightened the collar with a quarter turn more of the cruel wheel,closing the suffering woman's air passage almost entirely.Alex thrashed hideously,and she emitted a very loud,prolonged belch of gas from her bowels that drew gales of laughter from the crowd,especially from the younger women.Sister Nora turned the wheel another eighth of a turn and left it there to make the suffering victim suffer even more. Her legs thrashed in agony,flailing the air,as her buttocks writhed on the chair,and she squirmed in indescribable pain before the cheering crowd. As Alex began to slump in the chair,Sister Nora slowly and expertly turned the wheel back,allowing a tiny amount of air to be gasped in through the narrowed opening of the air passage,then after a minute or more,she tightened it back again.The prisoner suffered for another two minutes,then Sister Nora released the wheel entirely,allowing the terrified victim huge gulps of air.Her chest heaved hungrily as she sucked in breath after breath and partially revived herself.But it lasted only seconds.High above the scaffold,the two lovers embraced again.The woman fell to her knees,as her lover continued to watch the garroting,and fumbling with her lover's pants,lowered them hastily and took all of him into her mouth.

Sister Jeanne bent close to Alex' ear and asked if she would now repent of her sins before the end,but before she could speak even a raspy syllable,Sister Nora turned the wheel anew,and began to tighten the collar again.Alex,sensing that the next part of her suffering was now upon her,began to thrash in earnest,legs kicking violently,and hands twisting desperately behind the post.Sister Letitia bent forward and whispered to her that no one had ever broken away from 'Sister's good,stout hemp'.The collar was tightened even more and the airpipe was all but obliterated beneath the pressure of the savage garrotte.Her torso stiffened suddenly and she felt her wet clitoris,still bulging and exquisitely sensitive from her moments on the cot,seeking the pommel.She writhed continuously as her legs kicked in agony,and she again released a long,loud sputtering belch from the seat of the chair..More laughter ensued from the crowd,the women enjoying the victim's embarrassing plight without sympathy,and commenting to each other in whispered,but spirited asides,punctuated with giggles.She pressed herself against the pommel while her legs thrashed,and she struggled to draw in tiny gasps of air.Sister Nora cruelly turned the wheel a full half turn,and Alex screamed in silent torment.Sounds of satisfaction came from the crowd as the wheel was turned and the collar tightened,and the condemned woman reacted violently.It was impossible to draw air in,and her chest felt crushed and near to exploding at the same time,as she flailed and bucked in utter terror.Her head felt like it was being crushed between the metal plates holding her in place.Sister Nora finally released the collar,but very slowly and allowed the victim to recover before continuing.Even when the collar was not crushing her throat,her panic and fear overwhelmed her with horror.Her twisting hands continued to struggle,the coarse hemp wearing through the satin of her gloves until her wrists were raw,the skin worn away.Above the scaffold,behind the window,the woman brought her lover to rhapsody in heavy,pulsing waves,as he thrust forward and back,and in and out,finally filling her soft mouth.Sister Nora reached up again and took the wheel in her hands.She began to turn it,but very slowly.Alex stiffened,moaning beneath the black hood.The collar began to tighten,and pressed inexorably against her throbbing airpipe.She thrashed grotesquely before the crowd,the iron shackles clanking, and her face,unseen,became contorted and hideous.Behind the window,the woman smiled at her lover as they watched together the scaffold below .She swallowed all he had given her.She put his hand inside her skirt to feel her dripping panties.On the scaffold,Sister Nora turned the wheel a cruel,half turn.The victim convulsed in agony as she received the grim wages of her sins.The woman and her lover became more and more aroused,she,finally throwing back her head,as the pleasure of his hands and mouth overcame her.She took in short,jerky,halting breaths as her ecstasy swept over her in rising waves.She moaned as her throat became thick and she was unable to speak.She watched the scaffold floor below her and saw the suffering Alex thrashing.Her eyes widened as she saw the woman suddenly thrust uncontrollably against the pommel in small battering movements,her shackled legs flailing above the scaffold floor.She thrust back and forth in quick,short spasms,struggling terribly as Sister Nora held the wheel steady,and regarded the condemned woman as she suffered.Sister Jeanne looked at Sister Nora with admiration for her stalwart courage and commitment to administering justice to the wicked.Sister Letitia whispered,"Justice be done".A moment later the wheel was turned back,and the collar loosened.Alex slumped in the chair,now weak and exhausted from the ordeal of the garrotte. The crowd cheered as she moaned in pain,trying to get more air,her breathing shallow and rapid.

After a few minutes,Sister Nora again took the wheel,and Alex felt the collar become quickly snug,then tighter,then tighter still.Her panic rose immediately as she suffered the slow,indescribable tightening of the metal collar.Her torso thrust against the pommel yet again,and waves of the sweetest pleasure swept over her at the same time as her suffering.Her clitoris had never been so sensitive.The slightest movement sent spasms of agonized rapture through her belly.Her labia dripped into her sopping black,satin panties.Her legs kicked before the onlookers.The lovers above,behind the high window,fondled each other without cessation,or respite.Another loud,belch,again long and sputtering,rose from the chair as the victim continued to writhe and squirm.The crowd laughed as one,and then gasped when she lost all control of her sphincter,and emptied her bowels into her waiting,wet panties.The woman and the man behind the window heard the dreadful sounds of her evacuation,and laughed as much as the onlookers in the crowd. "Oh God!",cried the woman,"I'm glad l'm not wearing those panties! What an awful messing".Her lover laughed,and said,"I'm glad you're not wearing them too",which caused her to laugh all over again.The onlookers at the scaffold reacted similarly,with laughter and comments to each other.

The garroting continued until just before 9 o'clock. Sister Nora loosened the collar for the last time at 8:45,allowed the nearly limp woman to recover briefly-not fully,for her airpipe was almost rubbery from having been almost crushed nearly thirty times as the crowd looked on.Sister Jeanne looked at Sister Nora and nodded and smiled quietly.Sister Nora took the wheel for the last time,and tightened the gleaming,curved,steel collar on Alex' throat until it was snug enough to produce a frightened moan.The woman's whole body tensed,and she started to moan continuously,but Sister Nora turned the wheel until she was completely silent,then left it in place while Alex thrashed.After several minutes,she turned the wheel with infinite slowness until the suffering woman was near expiration.Sister Letitia came forward and felt for the pulse,and indicated it was nearly the end.Sister Nora nodded to Sister Jeanne,who produced a long,thick,metal spike,sharpened at it's wide tapering tip,and inserted it into the front-to-back hole in the post.She checked from the side to make sure the victim's mouth was properly aligned with the spike,then nodded to Sister Nora.The crowd held it's breath as the Madame High Executioness put out her hand in front of her to receive the heavy mallet from Sister Letitia,then turned to face the victim from the side.She pushed the spike in until it touched the woman's uppermost neck,at the base of her skull. Sister Jeanne yanked off the suffering woman's black hood. Alex looked out upon the crowd,her mouth agape and her vision starting to fade,but her head held in place by the metal plates.Then with a look of cruel resolve upon her face,Sister Nora raised up the mallet high above her head,and then brought it down with a vengeance.The mallet struck the spike and sent it straight through the victim's neck,severing her spinal cord,then passing through her foodpipe,her airpipe,and continuing straight out through her open,gaping mouth.The dead prisoner began to convulse uncontrollably,everywhere she wasn't tightly bound.Her legs shook and flopped and her hands still twisted. After a minute or more she became quiet,her sins cleansed.The crowd slowly dispersed,as Alex remained in place,hands and feet still twitching in tiny spasms.The moon rose over her seated body,and the breeze wafted gently over the scaffold.







Justice on the Scaffold

She began to regain consciousness,but very slowly,as if drifting to the surface from the depths of a vast sea.Her head throbbed with a kind of dull pain that alternated with sharp,and she felt as though she'd been drugged.She could feel her feet and lower legs inside her boots,but they felt weighted down and heavy,and her arms felt the same way,sluggish and unresponsive.She opened her eyes,but could see nothing.She thought the room must be dark and without windows or doors,but then she realized her face had been covered with a black hood.She could feel the cloth over her whole face,and the cloth of the hood on the back of her head interfered with the usual movement of her hair.She tried again to move her limbs but then realized her arms and legs were bound to some kind of wooden device at each joint-ankles,knees,wrists and elbows,as she lay over it face down.She struggled to free herself,twisting this way and that to no avail.Her blue denim short shorts felt differently than they usually did,but she was too groggy to figure out how.Later it would dawn on her that her khaki web belt had been removed.That pissed her off and she vowed that whoever had been brainless enough to pilfer it,would pay in spades when she had an opportunity to unleash her wrath.But that anger paled next to that which would fuel the vengeance she would wreak on the one who had put her in her present position.Her gloves were still on her hands and her tank top was still on too.The twin shoulder holsters that had held the matching handguns,but which,now,did not,were still in place.She shook her head furiously to unhood herself,but it wouldn't budge.She grunted angrily and cursed.She began to feel the pressure on her bladder a few minutes later.It became unbearable within an hour and she let go,cursing furiously as she wet herself uncontrollably shortly after.She heard the urine dripping onto the floor off the wooden frame. Hours passed and she didn't try to call out to whoever had captured her.She tried to remember the events before she found herself bound to the wooden frame,but she was mentally foggy and not thinking clearly.She had a vague memory of waiting for an elevator,and holding a drink in her hand,but couldn't recall anything more.Sightless and sound-deprived,and with nothing to smell or taste,she was becoming disoriented quickly.She began to talk to herself,cursing for stimulation,to fend off early madness
She finally heard a key turning in a lock.It was a klunky sound,as if a heavy key were being inserted into an old-fashioned lock.Rattly and clanky. Footsteps followed,perhaps those of three or four people,walking briskly but not hurried.The sound rose in volume until it ended a few feet from her. She said nothing.A moment later the hood was snatched off her head. Before her stood two men and two women,all facing her without speaking,their faces expressionless

Revy looked around and found that she was bound to a heavy wooden punishment horse in a large room with a low ceiling and stone walls.The floor was dirt-covered,but otherwise the room was bare.It had the look and feel of a medieval dungeon.The men and women facing her remained without expression.One of the men came forward a step and she recognized him.
He was head of a crime organization,Clemenza,and she had assassinated two of his capos a year ago with a sniper rifle from nearly 500 yards away--both clean shots,both dead before they heard the sound.She was proud of the hits-difficult shots.The only thing that pissed her off was that some kid had wandered into the kill frame between the first and second shots,and got behind her second target.The round took out the capo and the kid both.The little brat ruined her kills.She liked them clean.The kid was the son of the man who now stood before her.He began to speak,his voice even,his eyes trained on her.without moving.The others were doing the same. She regarded them all with smouldering contempt.
"You know who l am",he said,"and these are people who in one way or another,been adversely affected by you." His arm came up as he gestured in their direction,then turned back to face her."You have been brought here to die because you,and several of your colleagues-five,in fact,are loose cannons in our work-realm.We don't involve children EVER,and we don't involve family EVER,and we don't involve the public EVER--but have your own rules of engagement.That will now end.All six of you are going to die for what you've done.You cannot escape from here.You are in a castle in Europe without a living soul for 15 miles in any direction". He stopped,and moved closer to her,tipping up her chin with two fingers.She shook him off,snarling as she did so.He stepped back and snapped his fingers to someone behind her.There was the sound of someone coming forward quickly,then stopping behind her.The two women went around behind her and one pulled down her wet shorts and panties to bare her buttocks.Revy heard Clemenza say ,"Six if you please".,then a woman's voice said, "Six it shall be". A heavy cloth gag was stuffed into her mouth as she struggled back desperately,and then a knotted bit-gag was used over it to keep it in place.The black hood was put over head in a single motion,swift and deft.She didn't have time to blink.

Revy heard a woman's voice count "one",then a swishing sound.At the end of the swishing sound,she felt an excruciating pain as her buttocks were lashed.She cried out then cursed beneath the gaggage.The second stroke was administered perhaps 7-8 seconds after the first,then the third with the same gap between lashes.She was surprised to hear "seven" counted shortly after,then realized she was going to suffer six dozen,not six.She twisted and squirmed to free herself to no avail.The lash-a long,wide,heavy,leather strap continued to fall for three dozen lashes,then was changed to a long,well-knotted cat-o-nine tails for the last three dozen.She could feel her buttocks being wet down with brine,then salted to make the flogging truly excruciating.When the 37th lash fell,the pain covered all of both her buttocks.The woman carrying out the whipping was expert at the art and craft of the whipping post.The flogging was indescribably agonizing as the knots and tails flogged her buttocks red raw with welts and countless small,bleeding cuts.She wet herself on the 53rd lash and soiled herself badly on the 65th,to the applause and bemusement of the witnesses,as the mess fell onto the floor suddenly in several large sized pieces.The sawdust beneath her superbly flogged buttocks was drenched with urine and piled with stool When her sentence was done,the onlookers came back around to face her while Clemenza spoke again.
"You and your colleagues will all be executed over the next several days and you are to go last.The methods used will be the guillotine,the chopping block and axe,the garrotte and the gallows.Any of you who suffer beheading will be hanged first and cut down before expiring.Or the garrotte may be used or both.The whipping post will be used liberally with all of you.You will all pay for sins,l assure you." He stepped forward a few steps and seized her head by her hair through the hood,then nodding to the woman holding the strap in her hand,said "two dozen Gabrielle,if you please."He snatched off her hood,and nodded to Gabrielle to begin.The onlookers all smiled and chose to watch her face as the strap was raised high at arm's length,then brought down in a clean,cruel arc and vigorously applied across both writhing buttocks.All the onlookers enjoyed the strapping,lash by lash,and applauded the punisher for her work when it was over.She thrashed violently and cried out loudly beneath the heavy gagging,as each stroke was inflicted across her bruised and bleeding buttocks.

Clemenza began to speak after those present settled down.Largely,he addressed Revy,who was now beginning to grasp the hopelessness of her position,both now as she lay bound to the punishment horse,and in the long-term,which,in reality,would be the short-term for her and her colleagues.
He asked Gabrielle and her two assistants to come forward.Gabrielle was forty-three,and had the distinction of having a grandfather who had been the regional executioner in Northern Austria for over thirty years.He had been proficient with the gallows,the block and axe and later,the guillotine.He had also garrotted two women and three men--all slow,gruesome executions.He described many of the executions to his granddaughter after she was older,and why they had been carried out.She had been hired by several crime organizations to carry out the executions of the six offenders for various violations of the criminal code.She had made suggestions to the representatives of the involved organizations that the guilty suffer traditional punishments-hanging,beheading,garrotting,and any corporal punishments,such as branding,flogging and castration.Gabrielle and her two assistants,both attractive women in their mid-thirties,outlined punishment for each of the guilty,Jeanne and Letitia,were well-read and well-coached by Gabrielle,and were eager to do their part to see justice done to the wicked--three men and three women to answer for their crimes.All were to be flogged daily and hanged or garroted daily,then cut down or unclamped before death happened,to receive further punishment the following day.All six would suffer for two days,Revy would suffer for three.One of the men was going to have his genitals slowly severed in front of the mother of a boy he had molested. Gabrielle would carry it out and Letitia would assist her.All the guilty would look on as well as a number of others while it was being done.Gabrielle began to laugh--"l must remember to gag monsieur well for his cutting-off." The following day,at dawn,the march to the scaffold would begin for Revy and her cohorts.

The scaffold had been built according to Gabrielle's specifications.The traditional 13 steps led to a platform where justice would be carried out.The scaffold floor held the guillotine,tall and austere,painted a dull black and used for twenty-three years in southern France,on the right,the basket a few feet from the front edge,and the bascule several feet from the side,in back,so that the preparation of the guilty could be fully viewed.The heads of seven guilty women,and twenty-nine guilty men had been severed into the basket and held up,bleeding for the crowd to cheer,a rising swell of voices looking in awe at the suffering faces of the victims,the women rushing forward eagerly to hold floral handkerchieves under the dripping stump as the head,still alive,was carried along the front and both sides of the scaffold to be viewed by all present.On the far left was a traditional wooden chopping block-the high block-at which the guilty would kneel to face Gabrielle and the heavy axe she would use.Behind it was the garroting chair on which all would suffer and on which two would die.In the center was the gallows crossbeam from which two would hang until dead,one,a man,drawn up slowly to dangle and fart,and the other,a woman,a clean drop through the trapdoor-7 feet,8 inches,to crush the second cervical vertebra and stretch her neck not less than four inches,and on which all would suffer multiple agonizing hoistings.In front of the trapdoor was the heavy,wooden whipping post on which all would be strapped and flogged across buttocks and back.The scaffold would be a busy place--a place of traditional retribution visited on the truly culpable who had stepped far out of the bounds of accepted rules and had become too dangerous and erratic to be allowed to continue.Gabrielle knew she would be truly satisfied with each execution and each separate other punishment.She and her assistants all liked flogging a great deal and all were expert at inflicting it. They were ready to mete out justice to the six killers and would enjoy doing it.They were ready now.
They assembled at the scaffold at 4:30 in the morning and three of the prisoners were brought up the scaffold steps shortly after,as Gabrielle had ordered,two struggling badly,but futilely.All three were put kneeling beneath the crossbeam of the gallows as the remaining three were brought in and put kneeling below. Revy,her hands bound behind her,her buttocks and back exquisitely tender from the floggings,watched as the three were stood up and noosed then each drawn slowly up to kick for all to see-a woman,Chandelle,and two men-Wolf and his henchman assistant Rolf .It wasn't a pretty sight.

The three,all of them naked,did a lively dance in front of everyone,all kicking with incredible violence.Each noose had been placed well to the side to prolong their suffering,and much of each one's weight was borne by the jaw to avoid pressure on the airpipe. Both men became erect only moments after they were left swinging freely 4 feet off the scaffold floor,and would therefore not lose the contents of their bladders just yet,but Chandelle lost hers almost immediately-it fairly poured out,first down her legs in a torrential gush,part of which was flung several feet in every direction as her toes were soon dripping with urine. It was flung visibly as she twisted and kicked for all to see. A minute and a half into the hanging,she came uncontrollably,her torso writhing in pleasure and agony,then thrusting rapidly back and forth as she dangled.Both men began to come shortly after,torsos thrusting.Gabrielle went over to Wolf,the man on the right,reached up,and before he could come,she wrenched his scrotum,squeezing his testicles as hard as she could.After he was cut down and flogged,he was going to the garroting chair to choke painfully while Gabrielle and Letitia removed his genitals.Even though he was gasping as he strangled on the rope,he reacted to Gabrielle's cruel twisting of his scrotum.A deep scream,muffled by the noose gurgled and rumbled in his throat.The other man--known as Hawk--twisted and writhed and his torso thrashed rhythmically. A moment later there were milky squirtings pulsing from his penis as he dangled.Jeanne snatched a large black,floral handkerchief from her cleavage ,opened it with a quick snap and held it over his penis as he squirted into it,then kept it there firmly milking it until he was dry. A few of the women watching the awful dance from their chairs below the scaffold,their laps covered with sweaters or jackets,slipped their fingers into their damp panties,and breathed and sighed for the terrible sweetness of such beautiful justice.All three of the guilty were lowered down after five minutes of suffering,but left on tip-toe,and their hands retied in front of them so that Gabrielle could flog them well.They were each given a dozen lashes across the bare back,then a dozen more across the bare buttocks. After their floggings,Wolf was dragged to the garroting chair struggling desperately,as the other two were put on their knees nearby to watch the awful punishment he was going to receive. Revy watched from below,knowing that she too would be severely punished before her final moments of execution took place. The mother of the molested boy mounted the scaffold steps,brushing Revy as she walked past. Gabrielle smiled at the woman as she came to stand before the guilty man.Letitia held her hand briefly and promised her it would be awful.

When everyone was settled and Wolf had been bound to the garrottting chair,Gabrielle said she would pronounce sentence on Wolf and Chandelle,and that after numerous corporal punishments,both would be executed late the following day while thirty onlookers watched. Wolf would be flogged,hanged and finally garroted slowly over a period of one -two hours,alternating tightening and loosening of the metal collar until the final tightening that would crush his larynx and airpipe as he struggled and thrashed,his eyeballs red and bulging, his face plum-purple and his tongue purple-black protruding horribly,saliva pouring from his mouth and the floor beneath his buttocks covered with urine and shit.Chandelle was to suffer the same awful garroting,moment for moment,but would not die on the garrotte.She would be cut down,gagged,and her hands bound behind her,then brought to the right side of the scaffold to face the guillotine.She was to be strapped to the bascule immediately,tipped forward and lunetted,and a basket put under the block to receive her head when justice was served. Gabrielle had six spikes ready to receive the heads of the six men and women who were being executed.By whatever method they were executed,the head of each would grace the spike.Chandelle,who became agitated at even the utterance of the word "guillotine",was taken to it and flogged on it,tied to the bascule twice daily.with the raising of the blade and the dropping of the blade being done as she suffered a severe Jeanne or Gabrielle flogging,staring in terror at the beveled steel blade which would soon chop her pretty head off in front of thirty men and women,and three punishers.
Next Wolf was sentenced to lose his genitals for his crimes,and that was going to be done without further adieu.He watched in horror as a medium-sized glass jar with a clear fluid,about 3/4 full was set on a small table,with various metal instruments,and sharp and dull knives.The metal collar was tightened to the point of snugness only. His arms had been drawn behind the thick,wooden post and nailed to it with large nails through each palm and each wrist.He could not cry out because he had become hoarse from the floggings and hoistings.Instead,he made a horrid rasping sound.His feet were nailed down as well.The seat on which he sat was open beneath his buttocks to accommodate his messings when he lost control of his functions.His genitals,however,lay on good solid wood,and it would serve as a workbench for the two was going to be done slowly and he would not be able to budge as much as an inch as it was being carried out. Both women sat on stools to do their work,while everyone else stood to watch,except Chandelle and Hawk.Gabrielle nodded to Letitia and they began.

Wolf's eyes widened and he was sweating profusely.He was squirming in earnest,completely panicked,but couldn't move as much as a hair's breadth,so securely and tightly was he bound and nailed.His voice came out as a gurgly rasp,faster and faster as Gabrielle gatherd his scrotum in her hand and squeezed as hard as she could,sending him into paroxysms of pain.She did this several times then Letitia stroked his penis until it became erect.She then gripped it firmly as Gabrielle took a dull knife from the table and cut it off slowly tearing the flesh as she sawed it off where it met the scrotum.Blood poured from the wound as it was done then urine gushed out from the bloody stump.Letitia seared the stump,bleeding and raw, with a small, red-hot iron,but leaving the center alone so that he could still urinate.The same dull knife was then heated red-hot and Gabrielle used it to remove his scrotum and testicles over several minutes.When it was over she held up his genitals for all to see,then dropped them into the jar of alcohol,first splashing the gaping wound.She snatched a large,dark floral handkerchief from her cleavage and dried her hands with it--a bloody souvenir to remember her work whenever she used it to blow her nose.She next looked right at Revy,and motioned that she be brought up.
Her assistants went down the steps and over to Revy.They seized her quickly,Letitia slapping her hard across the face,then gripping her under her bound arms,brought her to her feet with Jeanne. She was marched up the steps and brought to Gabrielle,who stood by the gallows,the middle noose in her hand. She was turned to face the onlookers below as the noose was put around her neck and tightened on the side.She was brought up on tiptoe,farting loudly as she was slowly hoisted by Gabrielle and Letitia,then there was a panicked scrabbling of her feet and legs as the floor of the scaffold receded and she dangled sweet and pretty,four feet off the platform floor.There was a frantic kicking,legs thrashing wildly and her torso bucking in every direction as she danced for all to see.Urine ran down her legs and stool fell onto the floor in large lumps beneath her twisting buttocks.She was left to kick for six full minutes,then cut down and flogged a dozen of Gabrielle's finest lashes across first,her bare buttocks and then a dozen more aross her bare back. She was next rehoisted while the cuts were salted and rinsed with alcohol,thrashing violently as it was done..Gabrielle took her time,massaging in the salt vigorously,then rinsing her clean with rubbing alcohol,salt,blood and flecks of bloody flesh rinsed away.Revy kicked demonically until she was cut down at the minute mark,gasping for breath,her chest heaving as she knelt in front of Gabrielle.A few minutes later she was taken back to the horse in her cell and tied to it. A large black hood was drawn over her head.Gabrielle said that tomorrow she would be flogged again on the scaffold,then garroted for an hour and a half--tighten-release--over and over,her hands,wrists and feet nailed in place.

Chandelle and Wolf were brought to the scaffold early the following evening,their last trip up the dreaded thirteen steps.Both were put kneeling under the crossbeam of the gallows,naked, as thirty onlookers watched.Both were noosed and then,struggling horribly,drawn up high to kick for five full minutes.Puddles of urine soon covered the floor beneath each of them as they thrashed in agony,their necks stretching with infinite slowness.Revy was marched naked up the steps while they danced,her hands bound behind her,cursing.Gabrielle slapped her across the face and warned her that "a single syllable more from your mouth and l will cut the tongue out of your head without so much as another thought".There was immediate applause from the onlookers below,so much so, that Gabrielle assigned Jeanne to carry it out anyway at a later time,of her own choosing.Jeanne said she would put her in the garroting chair after the executions of Wolf and Chandelle,immobilize her head and cut it out with pleasure.Gabrielle nodded and the onlookers applauded again.A string of obscenities poured from Revy's mouth.Gabrielle gagged her with help from Letitia,brought her,struggling to the remaining noose,and a moment later,hanged her high to the delight of the witnesses as Revy kicked for all to see,her face purple,her eyes bulging terribly,and her tongue which would soon be severed,protruding badly from her mouth,purple-black and stiff. Drool poured from the left corner of her mouth onto her shoulder and chest.
Wolf and Chandelle were cut down after five minutes and Wolf taken to the garroting chair where he would pay the supreme penalty for his crimes,while Revy was left kicking until five full minutes had passed.Chandelle knelt gasping for breath and sobbing.After Wolf had been garrotted,she would be bound to the guillotine and beheaded by Gabrielle.She was terrified of guillotining,but so subdued by the floggings and hangings ,and so weak,she would be unable to struggle.She would try,but pointlessly.She imagined the awful moment when the blade would kiss her neck,chopping off her head into the waiting basket,still alive when Gabrielle held it up in her hand at arm's length,and still alive and still conscious when it was skewered onto the spike that awaited at the edge of the scaffold.She was made to watch as Wolf was bound to the garroting chair,rasping horribly,his eyes wide'His hands were drawn behind him and renailed to the post through his wrists and palms,and two large nails through each foot immobilized him well.The collar was affixed around his neck ,and Gabrielle began.Wolf moaned and wet himself and lost all control of his bowels just as she began to compress his airpipe.He would suffer by her hand for over an hour and a half. Chandelle watched,knowing that she would be guillotined as soon as he was dead,a cold chill crossing the back of her neck,so soon to be kissed by the blade of Gabrielle.

Wolf's garrotting was masterfully done,first the terrifying tightening of the collar over several minutes as he struggled to breathe against it's pressure.Whenever there was even the faintest exhalation,the collar was given a partial turn,making the collar tighter and making the next inhalation a gasping struggle,as his feet,hands and wrists,all well-nailed wiggled and twisted painfully against the spikes that held them immovable.Revy watched from below,knowing that she would suffer the cutting out of her tongue when he had expired and the guillotining of Chandelle had been carried out.She swallowed,truly fearful as the collar on Wolf's neck was loosened slightly for only two quick breaths and then tightened anew.His eyeballs,now raw-red,were fairly bulging from their socket,the drool from his mouth poured off one side then off his chin and down his chest,the dribble mixed with his sweat.His tongue,purple-black,swollen and stiff,protruded from his mouth as he gasped,and wet and dried,crusted snot ran from his nose into his mouth. Over and over,to the delight of the onlookers,he paid for his crimes with the tightening and loosening of the garrotte collar around his bruised and swollen neck. Finally Jeanne nodded to Gabrielle,and she prepared to administer the coup de grace.She went to the back of the post at the level of his mouth and inserted a long,heavy spike through the back of the post,from front to back until it went just to the back of his neck.She tightened the collar slowly until his airpipe was crushed and his face purple-black.He stiffened in his final agonies as she reached for the hammer.Jeanne held his head immobile and Gabrielle drove the spike completely through his neck and out his mouth.The onlookers stood and applauded the three executioners as he went limp.Letitia turned to face Chandelle,then rolled her eyes slowly in the direction of the guillotine.Chandelle passed out right where she knelt.Revy swallowed and moaned fearfully.As soon as Wolf's body was removed she would be placed in the chair and readied for her punishment. Chandelle was slapped conscious,and brought struggling to her feet by Jeanne and Gabrielle.She resisted the forward motion of the two women,moaning fearfully as she was brought to the back of the guillotine,trying to drag her feet as they went,twisting her body with every step.

Wolf's body was removed after Jeanne had taken an axe and chopped off his head,then skewered it onto the spike-one of six that would grace the edge of the scaffold-on the far left. His eyes bulged hideously,red and bleeding and his face,below his nose,was encrusted with dried snot.At the base of the spike was a jar containing his genitals.
When Chandelle was being brought to the guillotine,she shrank back,twisting her shoulders violently to slip from the grasp of the two women,sobbing pitifully as she was dragged to the bascule and pushed against it,still thrashing as much as she was able with her hands bound behind her.Heavy straps were used to bind her to the plank-at her lower shins,across her bound hands,just above her wrists and across her shoulders.She was left naked, standing,strapped tightly in place,while Revy was brought up the scaffold steps,her mouth gagged,struggling demonically with Jeanne and Letitia,her hands bound behind her and her upper arms immobilized with a heavy strap.Gabrielle came down the last few top steps to help her assistants when the struggle became difficult.She seized Revy's hair and pulled hard to guide her to the chair.She flailed like a madwoman and when she was finally subdued and bound in place with nails and rope,the onlookers applauded.The metal collar was affixed around her neck and tightened until she breathed only with difficulty. Then she was left,writhing painfully while the beheading of the terrified Chandelle was addressed.Gabrielle smiled at her as she raised the mouton and it clicked into place at the top.. lt would remain ready until she released it by pulling the lever sharply,sending it to the block below. The suffering Chandelle,sobbing pitiably,was no longer a heartless killer,but a remorseful woman,seeking mercy from her accusers and her executioner.Jeanne reached up with a pair of shears and crudely cut off Chandelle's hair-all but a scraggly tuft of now matted hair,covered in dirt and sweat-a grotesque haircut that would leave only an ugly patch on top for Gabrielle to seize to pluck it bleeding from the basket. Chandelle turned her head in the universal gesture of pleading for mercy.The two women tipped her forward,the terrified victim still struggling and writhing as she wet herself,urine pouring off the edge of the bascule to the amusement of all present. She was brought forward,positioned beneath the blade and the lunette dropped on her neck to hold her head in place. Gabrielle bent down and whispered to her that she would now have the pleasure of chopping off her head while all looked on to see it done.Chandelle sobbed,a long,sorrowful wail.Gabrielle murmered,"Jusice be done". Silence filled the space. A woman of about 25,sitting near the back with her female lover stood and covered her mouth with a lace handkerchief,and waited for Gabrielle to carry out the sentence. A moment later,she stepped to the side to avoid the awful spray and squirting of blood that was about to occur,then grasped the declit firmly in her hand,and looked upon the guilty victim with complete unsympathy.

There was a final hysterical sob from Chandelle as she lay bound,and struggling, to have her head chopped off,tightly fastened to the bascule,and white with fear. Jeanne saw the pallor on the suffering woman's face,reached down and seized the ugly tuft of hair atop her head,and slapped her harshly across both cheeks,over and over causing her to cry out beneath the gags,and her face to redden from both the slapping itself and the shame and embarrassment of a good,mean slapping in front of an enthusiastic audience with the hands tied as it was done.Gabrielle knew that she would remain conscious longer after the guillotining if the blood supply to her head was good.Her mental suffering,so great and so acute,would be worse as she was shown the severed neck on her body and the sharp metal spike which would receive her head while still it lived.The spiking or skewering of the head often left the victim's mouth agape,and the eyes full of mental anguish and physical suffering.Chandelle's guillotining would be dramatic.Her awareness of her own beheading would fill her with horror and the look of agony would cover her face as Gabrielle slapped it and carried the woman's head to the front of the scaffold,held aloft at arm's length.
Gabrielle again seized the declit,and pulled it sharply releasing the mouton.Chandelle shrieked when she heard the click of the declit.The blade severed both the sound,and the woman's head with the swiftest and most terrible of mercies,and Gabrielle was applauded before she could reach down and seize the still-living head.Blood shot from the severed neck as it lay on the block,first going out in a continuous stream,then tapering back quickly,then pumping in violent squirts as the heart continued beating ,entirely on it's own.She reached into the basket and grasped the head by it's hair tuft,and brought it up quickly,holding it aloft in her hand to be witnessed.,blood pouring from the raw,twitching stump,eyes staring,the cheeks tear-streaked.Revy watched with rising anxiety,knowing her moments with her own tongue were numbered.It would be cut out for all to see.She would be garrotted and then unable to keep her tongue in her mouth.It would be seized with pliers and stretched out,then cut off at the very base with red hot knives that stanched the bleeding as it was done.Gabrielle would do it as slowly as possible. Chandelle's head was quite alive when it was placed on the spike,first rested on it,then a moment later pushed down hard,causing her mouth to fly open and the drool to pour from it,as it was cruelly and very firmly mounted onto the spike.Her eyes were wide with horror as consciousness finally left. Gabrielle turned to face Remy,,now pale and fearful, then turned back and nodded to Jeanne and Letitia that they could begin.Remy wet herself a moment later,adding to the puddle left by Wolf.

Revy could not move her head at all since it was fitted into a vice as it lay back against the post.She followed her executioners only with her eyes,now wide with fear.Jeanne put the lip of a metal clamp over her lower jaw in the middle of her mouth, pulled it down hard to open her mouth as wide as it would go, and tied it off below.Her tongue could now be cut out,with her head and jaw unable to budge even a hair's breadth.Letitia tightened the collar of the garrotte,forcing Revy to stick out her tongue a few seconds later.Jeanne seized it firmly with large wide-mouth pliers,pulling slowily until it revealed the very base of the tongue at the top of her throat.She kept tension on the pliers,then took a red-hot scissors and slowly sliced her tongue straight up the center,as Revy gasped and shrieked,the bleeding tongue seared as it was cut.She cut about halfway back,then went to the very base of her tongue and cut across from left to right.At the mid-point,she cut back to thefront,cutting off the entire left half of the tongue.She stood and displayed it,still crunched in the pliers,the muscle fibers twitching at the charred edges..Jeanne turned and held the gruesome flesh a few inches from her eyes.Letitia came around,and began to sever the other half as Revy continued to shriek.Jeanne tightened the collar and Letitia reached in to grasp the remaining stump in the plier's grip.She pulled back as Jeanne had done,sliced up the center to the base and then cut across to sever it completely.Revy defecated and lost control of her bladder.She tried to howl when the collar was loosened,but was hoarse from screaming so much since her time on the scaffold began.Her tongue was dropped into the same kind of jar that held Wolf's genitals and placed next to the last spike which would soon bear her severed head. Revy was taken back to her cell,barely able to stand.She was seated in a chair and tied to it,then a tube threaded through her nose,down the back of her throat into her stomach to keep her hydrated and nourished for her remaining two days.Then she was put over the horse for the night.Two more would die the next day,and Revy would be flogged while hanging by her neck.

The following morning the former operative known as The White Queen was brought to the scaffold for the last time.With her was her co-conspirator,known as Hawk.Both would die for their crimes,she by beheading on the block,a fate that she dreaded and feared,he by the noose. Watching them struggle would be as enjoyable as the moments when her head was chopped off ,and he danced on the high rope.Their heads would occupy the third and fourth positions on the row of spikes.Both were hanged high and flogged as they dangled,then while they both continued thrashing Revy was hanged as well and her buttocks lashed as she kicked three feet above the scaffold floor. Hawk was cut down and allowed to recover,while the two women were left kicking violently above. He struggled furiously but was quickly subdued and prepared for his final moments.Kneeling before the hooded Gabrielle,his neck was noosed by the firm hand of Letitia,who positioned him just so beneath the crossbeam for the hangwoman.She and Jeanne took the rope while Letitia shook out a large black hood,then standing before him,she pronounced formal sentence then drew the hood over his head for all to witness.His hands,bound behind his back,twisted and writhed ,still trying to break free.The women were applauded for their work as he was drawn up high and left to thrash until death. Both dangling women were cut down and Revy,blue and struggling to gasp in a breath was placed facing the wooden block where The White Queen was to be beheaded in only a few moments.The latter was dragged to the block,moaning and sobbing,still trying to resist,knowing her severed head would soon adorn the fourth spike,her eyes wide and full of the most abject terror.Letitia was in no fit frame of mind to do combat with the struggling victim,and she slapped her hard across the face,then continuing to grip the suffering woman's hair,pulled her throat onto the block,and held it there Gabrielle again raised the axe,and brought it down with great force,chopping off the woman's head,all but a small patch of flesh at the throat,and clipping off her last cry.Her head dangled from the block as blood poured from the raw stump in a long stream that shot out several feet from the block. Letitia seized her hair and stretched it out,then cut back and forth with a long sharp knife until it was severed.Her head fell with a thud onto the scaffold floor,did a half roll-turn and came to rest,the eyes agape and her tongue licking her lips as if in preparation to speak.Gabrielle picked it up and turned the face to look at the squirting stump of her neck.The eyes looked on in horror and then widened further as she was shown the dreaded spike.The head was turned to face the onlookers,positioned atop the fourth spike,and then skewered onto it.The mouth flew open and tears trickled down her cheeks as the drool ran from her mouth and off her chin. Revy watched transfixed with pain and fear.ln twenty-four hours,her own head would be mounted on the last spike to the applause of the onlookers.

Gabrielle reminded her that she and her remaining cohort would be executed at dawn,he to die first for his many heinous crimes,and she,shortly after.Both would hang for not less than five minutes,then he cut down and taken to the garroting chair and put in place while she continued to swing high. When he was prepared,she would be cut down and put kneeling by the chair to watch him suffer for not less than a full hour--tightening it until purple,then the collar loosened to allow brief breathing.Over and over,until the final time.Gabrielle looked right at Revy.There would be more.

The tube was left in place through her nose,ending in her stomach to keep her well-hydrated and nourished.The stump of her tongue was constantly painful and she often choked on her own saliva,because her ability to swallow was dependent on her having a tongue,but hers had been slowly and painfully cut out by Jeanne and Letitia,while her head was held immobile in the garrotte vice,and her lower jaw easily pulled down and weighted to allow the executioners to do their awful duty.The tongue itself,held in the firm grip of the pliers was pulled tight for the red-hot scissors Jeanne and Letitia had used.Revy's eyes widened in horror as she saw the hot metal instruments picked up,and brought to her immobile mouth. After the executions of Viper and the White Queen,Revy had been taken back to her cell,and put over the horse.After her arms and legs were fully bound,Letitia drew a black hood over Revy's head,took a long,wide leather strap,and whipped her buttocks vigorously three dozen harsh lashes across each cheek,Revy's torso writhing and squirming and twisting as the lash fell.It was a superbly carried-out strapping that made Gabrielle wince and smile as each stroke was administered.Letitia strapped her slowly,waiting for the pain to fade before the next stroke was inflicted,this to prolong the punishment.She stood behind the victim on the side,raised the strap high at arm's length,then brought it down in a swift,clean,unhesitating stroke,lashing the cheek.With each lash came the sound of the strap falling,a sharp,quick whooshing sound of the leather traversing the arc of the stroke,then the sound of the leather striking the upturned cheek,followed by the cry of the suffering victim.Typically,a well carried-out,traditional strapping will leave the guilty man's or woman's torso writhing and squirming on the end of the horse,and Revy was no exception.She twisted with each lash,and made continuous grunting sounds since she was unable to speak.When the strapping was finally over,her buttocks twitched and spasmed for nearly fifteen minutes,testament to the severity of Letitia's strappings.Revy sobbed in pain and frustration as the strap fell,and wet herself in a flood after receiving the thirtieth stroke.

On the final day of the executions,just as the sun was rising,Revy was brought,naked,her hands bound behind her,to the dreaded scaffold.All the onlookers watched as she was brought before them,most smiling,some laughing,some utterly serious.She struggled desperately as she was dragged up the thirteen steps to face Gabrielle.Beneath the crossbeam from which she was about to hang yet again,was the other remaining conspirator,Cerberus,his head bowed in supplication to the women.He would swing as well--both together,then he would be cut down,his genitals severed,and his head chopped off and mounted on the fifth spike.Letitia and Jeanne brought Revy to the crossbeam and Jeanne noosed her expertly,while Letitia drew her up on her very toetips.Gabrielle took the rope as Revy moaned and sobbed,only her eyeballs moving as Gabrielle began to raise her high,her eyeballs now bulging hideously from their sockets,her face turning a gruesome purple-black. Revy's legs were strapped together above her knees,but her lower legs kicked and flailed wildly,four feet off the scaffold floor,drawing a variety of responses from the witnesses.Cerberus was drawn to his feet,noosed and his legs bound as Revy's were,then Gabrielle drew him high and left him kicking vigorously next to Revy.Letitia and Jeanne flogged them both as they danced for their crimes before the onlookers.Both guilty victims lost all control of their functions,and the scaffold floor was covered with urine,and mounds of feces beneath each dangling prisoner.After five full minutes,Cerberus was cut down and dragged to the garroting chair,gasping for breath,his face blue-purple from the hanging.Revy was left thrashing,and Jeanne continued to flog her with a superb,well-knotted cat-o-nine tails as she danced.

Cerberus was immobilized in the garroting chair,each of his feet nailed down with two,wide-headed nails,both thick,heavy spikes,causing agonizing suffering.His hands were brought behind the post and each nailed twice as well--one through each palm and one through each wrist.His knees were spread apart,and tied off.He watched in horror,still gasping,as Gabrielle spread his genitals before him on the wooden chair.She addressed the onlookers and asked all the women to come up and witness punishment.His genitals were to be cut off by one of his victims,the young woman now standing next to Gabrielle.Cerberus struggled terribly as the woman approached him,then stood facing him."You raped me in the hotel stairwell several years ago.Remember? I do.In New York.With a gun at my head-your gun,while l pleaded with you and you laughed". She glared at him,as he looked back,terrified.

Revy was cut down before she could expire,but suffered a severe,seven-minute hanging before she was lowered. Cerberus moaned fearfully,almost a long,low howl as the woman who had just spoken,bent over his genitals with a wide-lipped pliers She stroked him erect then seized his penis quickly and held most of the tip tightly with the pliers,causing him to scream in agony."My name is Catherine--you didn't bother to ask even my name".He watched as she took a dull,serated-edge knife and pushed.....

She pushed the dull knife slowly through his penis at it's very base,causing Cerberus to howl in pain.A long turd issued forth and remained hanging from his anus,poised over the floor beneath,causing several of the women to snatch out scented handkerchieves to cover their mouths and noses.The women watched as the blood seeped around the knife edges,and began to spread.She gripped the pliers tightly,crushing the tip flat,then slit him up the center pushing and slicing slowly as she went,a thin smile on her face."Do you remember the stairwell"?,she asked him,as he watched in horror.She then seized his testicles,each with the pliers, and using a thick nail and a hammer,nailed each crushed testicle to the wooden board on which he was immobilized.The dangling turd fell as more came out and again,remained dangling.Cerberus screamed in agony as each testicle was nailed.The women watched as she returned to the pliers and took them,firmly,pulling the mangled penis as blood continued to pour from the severed flesh.She took the knife and severed his penis in excruciating slices,first the tip,then reapplying the pliers each time to seize the raw stump,continued to slice off more and more,as he screamed non-stop.The pieces were deposited in the jar of bloody alcohol.Turning her attention to his testicles,she smashed each with the hammer,until he shrieked like an animal in front of her,then using her pliers to grip them tightly cut each one off in pieces,searing as she went with a red-hot iron.When she was done,he remained screaming,looking down at his groin,now completely absent of his genitals.eyes wide,barely able to breathe between screams.One of the women bent down and picked up the bloody jar and held it before him to see--more than fifteen pieces,severed in agony for his crimes.

Revy watched in horror,knowing that her own moments were indeed numbered.Gabrielle put the garrotte collar around his neck and the women remained on the scaffold to watch her strangle him slowly for his crimes.She kept him alive for over an hour,his tongue purple,his eyes bulging hideously from their sockets when she administered the coup de gras and chopped off his head with a single clean stroke.She seized his head by it's hair,held it aloft to be witnessed,then mounted it still,alive and bleeding,onto the heavy spike at the front of the scaffold.She rested the head on the spike then pushed it down hard to skewer it.His eyes rolled and his tongue protruded in response as the onlookers applauded.Only Revy remained.All eyes were upon her as Letitia and Gabrielle brought her to her feet,struggling desperately.Only one spike remained to be filled.

Revy continued struggling but was no match for her executioners,and she was quickly subdued,and stood,tied to the whipping post for her last flogging.Her hands were tied high above her head and her feet spread far apart.,She was then flogged unmercifully by Gabrielle,who raised the cat high and brought it down and across to flog the suffering flesh of her back,buttocks and legs.She screamed aloud as each stroke fell,but only raspy sounds were produced,and her tongue,having been cut out of her head,made any speech impossible.Letitia kept her skin wet with salt brine to heighten her agony.The skin had been tattered by the knotted cat and some hung in little bloody strips on her back,buttocks and legs.After the flogging she was again hanged by her neck,the noose carefully positioned to spare the airpipe as much as possible.Revy kicked violently,her legs flailing wildly in the air as she danced,her eyes bulging and red and watering,urine pouring down her legs first,then she lost all control of her bowels to the shrieks and gasps of the onlookers,leaving a long,grotesque turd hanging from her anus as she thrashed in front of them.

She was cut down as she lost consciousness,then brought to the front of the scaffold for her final moments,and put on her knees to face her accusers and her judges.Her hands were bound behind her back and her knees spread apart.Her wrists were bound tightly to her ankles.She was gasping for breath and suffering unimagineably from her flogging and hanging.Gabrielle approached her from behind,her sword in her hand as she came nearer,and took her position.A woman in the crowd below raised her hand and said,"I will have her ears,please".Letitia motioned for her to mount the scaffold,and the woman came up slowly,her eyes never leaving Remy's.She was given the same dull knife and pliers that had been used to sever the genitals of Cerberus,and a glass jar with alcohol in which to put Revy's ears.Revy began to struggle when the woman approached her,but was made steady as the woman came to her side and quickly seized both Revy's ears and wrenched them cruelly while Gabrielle and Letitia kept her from moving her head.The woman reached down and seizing Revy's left ear severed it in several pieces,Revy howling in pain and rasping hideously as it was slowly done.She severed her right ear slowly,and in several pieces like the left,leaving a dozen and a half pieces of the bleeding flesh sitting in alcohol when she was done. Alcohol was poured over the gaping gashes that were now where Revy's ears had been,causing the guilty woman to squirm and writhe in agony.

Gabrielle nodded to Letitia and the assistant seized Revy's head by the hair and pulled it tight and forward.Gabrielle raised her sword.The onlookers all stood.Gabrielle brought the sword down in a long,horrific arc,the blade shing in the early light.There was a hiss as the sword severed the woman's head from her body.It was chopped off cleanly,high on Revy's neck,and then fell with a thud onto the scaffold floor,blood issuing from the bleeding stump. Her body remained kneeling,blood squirting forth in a continuous stream,then tapering back quickly to the twitching stump.She toppled over to the side and lay convulsing,hands and feet straining at their bonds.Gabrielle smiled as she bent to grasp the hair on top of Revy's head.She held it up high to be witnessed,Revy's eyes still seeing and her lips twitching,her head was put atop the gruesome spike.Gabrielle pushed it down hard and mounted it on the spike.Justice had been done,and the guilty punished.All six heads looked out upon the crowd.The assassins were no more.


Bikini hang

The gallows were ready. Four women were about to be executed. There were multiple witneses. Some were government oficials. Some were lawyers or members of legal profession. There were others there as well. The warden and prison oficials were present.

Witneses had sat down in the witness gallery. They could see the scafold. Some seemed excited about the event. Almost like going to the movies or the theater or a rock concert. It was like a sporting event not an execution.

Others were More stoic. They were serious. Many were quiet. Some were reading materials perhaps government documents. Others were talking. Some seemed to just be was a surreal experience for everyone.

This was not that unsual. Execition had become fairly common. A right ring law and order party had taken over the government. They were cracking down on coruption and crime. They passed laws that made every crime serious. Several crimes caried stiff penalties. The death penalty had been exstended for several crimes.

The ruling had generated controversy. Cival libertarian groups and civil rights groups disliked the exceses of the party. Averege citizens responded favorably to the action of the government. Crime was at an all time low. Organized crime had been almost entirely eviscerated. The government had produced results. The government was popular.

Executions were caried out fairly regular now. Gone were the days of twenty years on death row. The time from formal sentencing to the sentence being caried out was usauly a mounth to three mounths. No less then six months. It was usualy closer to a month.

The guest were seated. The gaurds had secured the area. Thw gaurds had everything in place. The head gaurd informed the warden. The warden and the head gaurd conversed back and forth and the two dispersed.

“If i can have your attention please! We are a nation of laws. We took a firm and aggressive stance on crime and unlawfulness. No crime will be tolerated. No crime will go unpunished. No lawlessness not delt . we will root out crime, corruption and decadence. We will not rest until we have accomplished that. ” the warden said.

“Bring in the prisoners! ” the warden ordered. The door opened there were four young ladies. One was in a poney tail. One had her hair up. Abother had it down and the other had it in a bob. They were surrounded by armed gaurds.

The condemed were shackled. There hands ,feet and waist were in restrants. All four were wearing bikinis. It was the brain child of the attorney general to have women being executed wearing a bikini. They liked the idea of having the condemned being put to death in skimpy swim wear.

The four women were led to the galows. They were scared. Two were crying. One found it hard to walk. One was stoic.

Belinda was convicted of repeat shop lifting. A judge angery at her recidivism and his belief that she was incapible of being cured. The judge gave her the ultimate penalty. She would hang by the beck until she was dead.

Erica was concicted of making a false allegation. She charged a boss of rape. The whole thing was made up. She recanted the story. An angery prosecutor ordered her arested. A jJudge tired of false accusations gave her the ultimate penalty.

Next is jeny. Jeny was convicted of sedition. She protested aganst the government. She was a colege student who disliked the aceses of the government. She was non violent. She tried to keep it peacefull. The government was still irritated. They felt they gave her plenty of breaks. They ofered her a full pardon if she agreed to stop her political activities. She declined.

Lastly was lori. Lori was convicted of kiling an intruder. She incisted it was self defence. The evidence was that it was self defence. Prosicutors did not want to encourage self defence or vigilantism. They felt that it would be a deterrent to people taking the law into there own hands.

The women were brought to beae rhe galows. They were visibly shaken when they saw the instrument of death. They tried to stay calm. There shackles were removed.

Benca was the first to have the rope put around her neck..she cried as her hands were placed on her back. Erica had a look of dread as the gallows was placed on her neck. Lori was resolute even defiant. Jen was sad but not crying.

They did not alow satements..they wanted to get on to it.the warden read the death warrent. He gave the go ahead. The lever was pulled.

They fell though the trap door. They struggled to survive. They knew that it was a losing battle but they knew that. Bienca struggled to breath. Her legs kicked up and down. It got harder. After a time she peed. The urine went down her leg.

Next was erica. Erica was fighting a losing battle. She started to lose ground. She felt weak. She peed and died.

Lori felt horney. She felt erosed. She organism and moaned. She peed her bikini botom. Her breef looked soaked and full of poop stain.

Last was jenny. She held on the longest. She kept fighting. Eventually she seemed to stop moving. They left her on for a time. Then she was pronounced dead.

They were cut down. They were put on a gurney. They were taken to the morgue. Tomorow four more women were set to be put to death. The execution was considered a sucess.

The women were taken to the morgue.then they were buried in the prison cemetery. Justice was served.

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