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This is a commission of mine which is a parody of a well-known daytime television. Perry Signer had a fantastic idea for getting the ratings of his show up, he was going to snuff eight porn stars on television.


Perry Singer took a deep breath to calm his jumping nerves. There was close to three hundred people sitting in the audience seats in front of the stage and they were all anxious for the show to start. He had done this type of show five days a week, fifty weeks a year, for three years now. It was easier in the beginning, he could just scrape some rural scum that slept with his daughter and throw them on the stage. Then they had to escalate. It wasn't just guys sleeping with their daughters, it was mothers fucking their son's son's and teachers who moonlight as strippers while blowing presidents.

The advertisers loved it. Everyone was rolling in money.

But, as time goes on, so does competition. There were two other shows that did the same thing in his time slot and the ratings were dipping. He hoped today's show would help with the hemorrhaging ratings and set the bar much higher for the bastards on the other networks.

He glanced behind him. The crew of the show were all running around making sure the lights were on, the sound was properly running, and even the two sets of guests were lined up and ready to pranced on the screen. It was going to be a full guest list today and a lot of things going on for an hour-long show. If they pulled it off, it would shoot their ratings through the roof.

If it didn't, he was sure his lawyers would keep him from death row.

He glanced at the notes in his hand before looking toward the back stage. There were a lot of props that obscured his vision, but he looked past the blades, spikes, and ropes to the women beyond.

There were two groups of four each. They were all beautiful, with bountiful breasts, lips made for fucking, and outfits just shy of offending the bribed censors. It wasn't a surprise, though, all of his guests today were porn stars. Each of them was also past the peak of their careers and looking for the next big score.

Of the eight, he had six of them on videos in his extensive porn collection. He was pretty sure the other two were there also, but he didn't have them properly categorized.

Perry chuckled and felt a prickle of excitement hum along his senses. He peered through the crowds of staff and guests to the back dressing area where a pair of young men were speaking quietly with one of the porn stars. To an outsider, it looked like counseling but Perry knew that both of them were thousand-dollar-an-hour hypnotists with a far more profitable motive in mind.

The music swelled and years of habits kicked in. His breathing calmed down and he felt a peace spread across his mind. Pulling his trademark smile on his face like a mask, he surged out of curtain with his hand up high. "Good afternoon! Are you ready to see our Great America!?"

The "cheer" light lit up and the roar of the audience beat against him. He raced from one stage to the other, holding out his hands so the faceless crowds could slap his hand. He could feel countless sweaty smack against his skin.

When he finished, he discretely shoved his hand into his pocket where he had an alcohol wipe hidden. After clearing off his palm, he pulled it out and gestured to one curtain and then the other. "Today on Perry Singer, we have only a single question to ask..."

He paused for effect.

The crowd shifted, the interest growing rapidly. They had no clue what to except but they all knew it would be a shock.

Perry raised his eyebrows and then leaned forward as if he was telling a secret. "... are porn stars just prostitutes?"

The "gasp" light flashed on but the audience were already giving the appropriate response. Some women fluttered their hands as they laughed nervously. The men were whooping loudly, they knew that "porn" in the question meant someone was going to be taking their tops off.

Perry grinned. "We all know it. They prance up on screen, shake their tits and asses, before throwing their bodies on a bed with legs spread for some guy. Are they only doing it for the money or do they actually enjoy fucking?"

The network censor paled but he was going to have a bad day anyways. Fortunately, the heavy stack of hundred dollar bills in his pocket would help.

Charging forward, Perry grinned and gestured toward the back. "Let's find out? Are they willing to give it them all or do you have to put money on the dresser before they put out?"

There were catcalls and boos. A couple guys near the front were still whooping for tits but they would see them enough.

"Let's find out!" snapped Perry, silencing the audience.

In the stunned silence, he gestured to the right curtain. "Today we're going to ask eight lovely ladies their opinions. Now, these are classy bitches, so let's welcome our first guest, Baily Love!"

The audience stood up cheering as the curtain parted and Baily came out.

A roar of excitement rose up and he knew that the first one was already walking on stage. It was Bailey Love, a lovely woman in her early forties with a large rack and an ass so firm they bounced quarters off it in *Ass Licker 2*. Her blonde hair fluttered around her as she walked in wearing a dark gray suit and bright red, fuck-me pumps. It set off the curve of her buttocks perfectly as did the low-held camera that danced right on the edge of being an upskirt; the cam was displayed on the two large screens to both sides of the stage.

Perry turned to pull Bailey into a tight hug. He loved how her body reflexively ground against him and her skirt pressed against his growing erection before she slipped away. He led her to her chair and sat her down. "So, my first guest needs no introduction but let's do this anyways. Bailey Love has been in over sixty different videos this year alone and has won thirteen AVN awards including a Lifetime Achievement."

A wave of applause raced across the audience.

Bailey smoothed over her skirt. She had sat down with her legs crossed but she slowly switched legs revealing that she didn't wear any underwear. The large screen in the back of the audience so he could see what he looked like gave a perfect view of her shaved pussy lips; they were already glistening with her excitement.

The stunned silence, wide eyes, and sharp gasps told him more than a few noticed. One guy let out a whoop but then looked around guiltily when no one else joined him.

She smiled directly at Perry. "Thank you for having me, Mr. Singer." For having repeated scenes of her face fucked, she had a very cultured and precise way of speaking.

"It is lovely to have you too, Miss Love."

They made small talk for a moment before Perry got to his real question. "So, down to the question of the day. Are porn stars just prostitutes?"

Love flipped her long hair over her shoulder and pushed her breasts out a little. The opening of her suit splayed open to reveal a generous amount of cleavage with no hint of a bra or even a camisole. She was naked underneath her suit and her action made sure the audience knew it. "Well, Perry, it isn't being a prostitute. We have bills to pay just like everyone else. Should we work for free just because someone saw us get gang-banged on video and wants a blow job themselves?"

Uncomfortable laughter, right on cue. It was a bit forced though and he could feel tension rising in the air.

Perry fought the smile on his face. He gestured to her. "You have to admit, a lot of guys have seen you take dick in every single hole of yours. Millions have downloaded your videos."

"Half of them just grabbed it off a torrent site."

"Doesn't matter. They see you day after day, taking it up every slutty hole of yours. They seen thousands of hours of you naked and humiliated. What is the first thing they ask when they finally meet you?"

Bailey pull back her hair with her finger to tuck it behind her ear. She let one leg slip off the other, it spread open giving the audience a perfect view of her shaved pussy. "They usually want to fuck me."


Perry smiled. Bailey was right on schedule. "What do you say?"

"No, of course. Do you know what would happen if I said yes to every one? I'd spent my entire day on my knees or on a bed." Her cheeks grew flushed with her excitement. "I couldn't do any more shoots because I'm be in an endless gangbang day in and day out."

"So charging money is just to slow the tide?"

Her eyes grew sharper.

A prickle of fear raced down Perry's spine.

The eyes unfocused. "Yes, a thousand dollars a night cuts down on the riffraff."

The audience light for "booing" lit up but there was no noise. Only a stunned silence as everyone stared at her with slack jaws.

Bailey looked at the audience and shrugged. "What? A thousand gets you anything you want. I'm not going to be stingy, there just needs to be a little quid pro quo."

Perry gestured to the side of the stage. "Well, I have someone who disagrees. Why don't we introduce our second guest, Tara Crane. We have our busty babe---"

His words were interrupted by the audience regaining their senses and bursting into cheers. Catcalls rose up sharply.

Even though his guest was in her early fifties, there was no question she was one of the crowd's favorites as she strode into view wearing a mini-skirt and a short jacket that strained around her large breasts. Her long, reddish hair flowed behind her as she twirled around. Then, she pranced over to Perry's chair, planted one hand on each of the arm rests, and bent over.

Perry glanced at the monitor behind the audience to see that the cameras had zoomed toward Tara's ass. The hem had ridden up over the curve of her cheeks and exposed her naked, shaved pussy for everyone to see. It was a perfect view, timed and planned but somehow looking perfectly natural as she spread her legs a little to expose the pink opening of her cunt.

This time, the roar of the audience was overwhelming. They were cheering and whooping as Tara rocked her ass back and forth a few times. She was grinning broadly as she straightened long enough to shake her pussy at Bailey before parking her ass on the couch opposite to Bailey.

Perry turned toward her. "Thank you for coming, Tara."

"Thank you for having me, Perry. When I heard that Bailey was going to tell all our fantastic fans they have to pay for it, I had to come on the show."

"So you disagree?"

"Fuck yeah!" she said with a grin. "If some fan comes gushing up to me, I'm going to make sure he's gushing inside me. What's a little blow job around the corner or a quickie bent over a car hood."


Bailey snapped back. "You would, Cow. Have you shot anything recently?"

Tara blinked slowly. "You and I have the same number of scenes for AVN last year, Sweetie. I just have a good time with ten times as many followers on Twitter."

"You would, if you gave out that much."

Tara smiled and stretched her arms over her head. Her large breasts strained at the top and then the nipples popped into sight in the cleavage of her bra. The dusky tips were thick and perfect for sucking.

It was also brought into full focus by the cameras.

Tara made a little moan and then lowered her arms. "At least my fans walk away satisfied."

"So do mine," snapped Baily.

"Yeah, they can smile all the way to bankruptcy court."

The two women went back and forth for a little while. They got more animated as they did, practically screaming at each other as they unconsciously spread their legs or unbuttoned their tops. By the time Perry knew he had to interrupt them, Bailey's tit was out of her top and Tara's skirt was up on her hips as she kept her knees far apart.

Perry cleared his throat. "Excuse me, ladies, but we have more guests for tonight."

He lifted his gaze to the camera. "After our commercial break, see where our other six other ladies stand on this issue. Give it up for the fans or charge them for the ride of our lives. We'll see you right after these messages."


great stuff, looking forward to the continuation and seeing that tease of bloodshed to come paying off


Chapter 2: The Other Ladies

"And welcome back to our show." Perry smiled broadly from the camera. "Today's topic is: are porn stars nothing more than prostitutes or are they willing to give it up to anyone who asks?"

He gestured to Bailey Love and Tara Crane who sat on opposite couches.

Bailey was messing with her hair which caused her large breasts to rise up out of her jacket. Her nipples were erect and her lips were freshly painted.

Tara, on the other hand, was tugging down on her shirt to reveal her cleavage. She had one knee resting against the arm of the couch and the other far enough away that the cameras got a good look at her shaved cunt visible in the shadow of her thighs. She caught sight of the camera light and grinned only a second before spreading her legs a bit more; the miniskirt rode up along her trim thighs.

Perry let the audience drink in the sight of the two sluts before gesturing for the camera to focus on him. We've already heard from two of our ladies, but we have four more. So let's bring our next guest, Michaela Giovanni!"

The audience roared to life. Michaela was popular no matter which medium. Her statuesque body was iconic in the porn world. When she came out, the sound grew louder if possible. She wore a dark blue silk blouse and a black miniskirt. There was no doubt she was bra-less as her large breasts bounced and jiggled with every step as she pranced across the stage and sat down next to Bailey.

"So," Perry said, "I take it you think a little payment is in order?"

"Of course. Do you know how many want to fuck me?"

"Like every one in this room," Tara said with a smirk.

Michaela glared at her. "Really? Like you?"

"I've had you, honey. You were sweet and lovely but not worth the money."

The newcomer started to stand up but Bailey rested a hand on her shoulder. Bailey smiled. "Don't let her---"

"Fuck off, Love."

There was a gasp across the audience.

Bailey just slid her hand between Michaela's thighs and leaned over to kiss her.

Michaela resisted for a moment and then kissed back.

"Isn't that sweet? How many of you want to see them making out?"

He grinned as the audience jumped to their feet. They didn't need the prompt lights any more, they were going right on cue.

The two women continued to kiss and stroke each other. Bailey slid her hand into Michaela's blouse and pulled it open, the buttons snapping to reveal the large swells of the young woman's beautiful mounds.

The audience screamed and whooped, cheering for more as the kiss grew more passionate.

Perry had to wait a few beats longer than normal for the noise to die down before he could speak. He cleared his throat. "Well, that was exciting."

A wave of noise ran across the audience.

"Before they strip off their clothes, why don't we bring the next guest? Everyone loves her, it's Ann Jury!"

Ann was a bouncy blonde in her late forties. She twirled on to the stage and made her way to the front. The audience stood up and continued to roar as she tugged on a silk robe wrapped around her body. When she reached one corner of the stage, she peeled it open to reveal her sleek naked body underneath.

At the sight of her large, fake tits, the cameras zoomed on her large nipples while the gazes of everyone locked onto her body. She had just a little fringe of hair over her vulva.

One of the audience members reached out.

She willingly stepped forward so his hand rested against her breast. "You like that?" she said with a moan.

Perry couldn't hear the response.

Ann looked over to the man's friend. She reached out and grabbed his hand. With a gentle hand, she brought it over to her pussy and pressed his palm against it. "Better?"

More hands reached out for her and she stood there, spreading her robe wide open to give everyone within reach access to her naked form.

Perry's cock grew hard for a moment as he enjoyed the sight of the robe sliding over her firm buttocks. He had to fight the urge to reach out himself and touch her. "Ann?"

Ann looked over her shoulder and then stepped away from the groping hands. At the catcalls and disappointed sounds, she gave them a wink. "Later!"

She bounded to the couch and practically laid across Tara's lap. "Hi, Beautiful!"

Tara smiled and leaned down to kiss her.

The room roared with the cheers, but except for a grope and a little tongue along the nearly naked woman, there wasn't anything more.

When they broke, Ann's robe had slid off her body and exposed half of her body. It should have infuriated the censors but Perry knew they would stay bribed long enough to get the show on the air. Ann smiled and looked at him. "Giving it all up, Baby. Anytime, any person, anywhere."

Perry smiled through the roars from the audience. He kept one hand in his pocket to stroke his cock, but his excitement didn't come from the naked women but his plans for the second half of the show.

He had to gesture for the crowd to quiet. "I know, I know. This is getting a bit steamy in here."


"We have more, though. We're only half done. Our next guest is Kristina Mocova, a sexy little thing---"

It didn't matter what he said after that. The twenty-something porn star stole the show. She came out in a black skirt and a bikini top. Her firm breasts bounced as she ran around the room, showing off her firm ass cheeks and the occasional flash of her swollen, naked sex.

She sat down primly on the couch next to Tara. She had a blush on her cheeks as she glanced at the two kissing women.

Tara smiled and reached out for her.

Kristina leaned into her and let her hands be pulled from between her knees to rest against Ann's thighs. Automatically, she slid her palms over the smooth leg and delved her fingers up into Ann's pussy.

Ann moaned and spread her legs.

Kristina seemed hesitant but she was a porn star. She twisted slightly and began to finger-bang the slut on hers and Tara's lap.

Perry chuckled. "Well, while those three are making up. Why don't we bring Veronica Vagnozzi out? This lovely lady is..."

He stopped talking as the audience grew even more frenzied. They were standing and jumping. With a sigh, he grabbed the cord of his microphone and swung it around.

Veronica was a dark-haired beauty. She was wearing even less than Kristina, with a two-piece bikini with a few gaudy rings holding the fabric to her hips and one in her cleavage. She rocked her hips back and forth as she circle around the couches.

She came up to Perry. Before he could respond, she pressed her firm body up against his and hooked one knee up against his ass. He could feel the heat from her pussy seeping into the leg of his pants.

Veronica rested her hand on his erect cock. With the faintest of grins, she said, "You know how much I cost."

Turning around, she made her way to the couch with Baily and sat down lightly. She lifted herself up just enough to hook one foot underneath her ass and came down, the fabric of her bikini stretched taunt across her pussy.

She made no effort to speak or say anything else.

Perry had to clear his throat. "Why don't we bring our final two guests out, shall we?"

At the applause, he gestured for the remaining two women to come out.

Katarina Kika was a twenty-something beauty wearing high heels and a translucent robe. It did nothing to hide her perky breast and naked pussy. She twirled on the stage before heading over to Baily's couch.

On the other side came Mercedes Carretero, a Latin beauty with firm tits and long dark hair. She wore a pair of cut-off jeans that did nothing to hide her swollen labia or her generous ass. Her tank-top gave a vast expanse of side boob that perfectly set off the large nipples.

Katarina held out her arms for a hug.

Mercedes flicked Katarina off.

Katarina only frowned with confusion.

The two split apart and headed toward the individual but crowded couches. Katarina headed toward Bailey's but Mercedes walked past Tara's to plant her ass directly into Perry's chair.

Perry raised an eyebrow. "That's mine."

She answered by lifting one knee and hooking it over the arm of his chair. Her eyes sparkled as she slowly lifted the other and rested it on the opposite side, spreading her pussy wide and exposing the pink insides to the hungry gaze of the audience and the cameras. The thin blue denim strap did nothing to hide her glistening sex.

He was thrown by the unexpected action. He knew the hypnosis would make them tenable to almost any command, including the final plans with the women, but Mercedes was embracing the mental conditioning.

"S-So, you are for giving it up?" Perry cleared his throat as he tore his eyes away from her slick and puffy folds. "Anyone who asks?"

She dropped her hand to her pussy and ran a fingertip along her slit. It was a poignant answer and also one that would get the show off the air. Of course, the leaked videos would ensure the show's fortunes until the end of time.

With a purr, she said, "*Sí*."

A roar of laughter brimming with lust filled the audience. He was disturbed by it but also excited. It was working better than he expected but he had a show to continue. "Out of my seat."

Mercedes slowly closed her legs and lifted herself out of the chair. Wiggling her ass, she got up and headed over to Tara's couch. She slithered into the press of female flesh and joined with the kissing and fingering.

Perry sat down in his seat, it was slightly damp from her ass and pussy. He chuckled and adjusted himself. Lifting his gaze to the camera, he said, "Now that we have our eight guests, why don't we ask our question? Are porn stars whores or sluts?"

"They are nothing more than whores," said Tara as she fingered Ann's pussy.

"And you're a fucking slut," came Baily's response. She was cupping both Michaela and Katarina's breasts with her hands.


Perry held up his hands and they both silenced. "As much as I'd love to see you fight, how about a wager instead?"

All eight women perked up, their breasts pushing up, their backs arching, and legs spreading slightly. At the same time, their eyes grew hazy from the mental conditioning that brought them out on the stage that day.

His cock twitched with the anticipation.

"So, Bailey, let's start with you. As long as they pay for it, you'd be down for anything?"

"Fuck yeah," Bailey said. "If you pay me, I'll go down like there is no tomorrow."


Tara pushed herself up from the bench. The legs across her leg slipped off, giving a flash of bare pussies and perfect asses. "Going down is easy, you skank."

Bailey's mouth opened slightly in surprise.

"A few dollars and you're kissing sack. I'd do that for free and I'll willing let him and his friend blow their load." Tara smiled sweetly. "You probably charge for each of your holes, don't you?"

"What is wrong with that? At least they got top-shelf pussy instead of some cunt that's taken the entire neighborhood. I'm willing to do a lot more than suck off guys, they want to ride my ass, throw in a few quarters and I'll take them on a ride."

Tara snorted. "Yeah, pay per pump. It takes you what, sixty or so strokes on some---"

"Fuck you!" snapped Michaela. "Once we get paid, we stay paid. You hand the cash, you get all this ass." She rolled over and smacked her buttocks.

The audience roared as they surged to their feet.

The girls snapped at each other for a few seconds before Perry had to quiet them down. He stood up and held out his hands.

Slowly, the din quieted.

Perry grinned and gave the audience a slow look that he perfected after many years. They knew he was about to lead up the twist for the episode.

The audience quieted as expected, a hush settling over the crowd as they held their breaths.

He turned to Michaela and smiled.

She straightened up, her breasts thrusting out as she arched her back.

"You said as soon as someone pays, their ass is yours?"


The audience cheered.

"How far would you go for payment?"

Bailey answered for her. "Mouth, pussy, ass, you name it?"

Perry chuckled. "Everyone does that. How much further? A train?"

Bailey shrugged. "Why not?"

Tara, right on cue, spoke up. "How about a gangbang? A dozen guys pounding your sloppy holes"

"I can take it, you still willing to give it up for free? Any guy want to bend you over some bar stool?"

Tara moaned and sighed. "Oh, I love that. Being choked fucked?"

She stroked her fingers along her throat. "Will you do that for a few bucks?"

Bailey's hand fluttered up to her neck. Her eyes started to focus but then grew hazy again. "Yeah... I'm game for a bit of choking. Can you handle it?"

Tara moaned. "Of course, Sugar."

"What about rougher stuff?"

"Bondage, Baily? Please, I've been tied up and had these tits," she hefted her breasts and thumbed her nipples, "beaten with a cane. Just because someone asked me too. Frankly, Sugar Nips, I can handle anything my fans are willing to give me."

There was a ripple of noise along the audience.

Baily sat up, pushing Michaela's legs off her. She stood up and straightened her suit bottom. The dark fabric had ridden clear up to her thighs and there was just a hint of bright red panties before she shoved it back into place.

After she got her suit back in order, she waggled a finger at Tara. "Listen, you ass-sucking little cunt, I will do anything at all to make my fans happy."

Tara shoved her way out of the nearly naked women on her side. She didn't bother straightening her outfit and her bare pussy was on view for everyone to see. "Yeah, as long as they pay. At least I'll let them do anything they want and they don't have to hand over a single dollar!"

"Yeah, you'd choke the first time they give you a horse cock."

"I'd take your horse and see you a fucking S&M scene!"

"I can take it, Princess," snapped Bailey. "I'll let them choke me out!"

As they got into their screaming fit, only fifteen seconds late, Perry watched with growing excitement. When he suggested this episode to the producers, they told him it would never happen. But then he got a chance to see the hypnosis in action and they got behind it. Now, he watched it working full bore and it was a beautiful thing.

The screaming fight escalated quickly. They were resisting fighting each other but it didn't take long before half of them were standing and threatening each other while the other half masturbated on the couches.

"I'll let them impale me on a fucking spike and give them a show!" It was Bailey, legs slightly spread and her fists on her hips. "For the right price, I'll fuck myself on it!"

Tara stepped up until her breasts were ground against Bailey's chest. She was only an inch shorter than than Bailey but no less beautiful or statuesque. "Listen, you little fuck tart, I will let them rip my guts out of my fucking ass and I'll do it for free. I'll spread my cheeks and tell them to plow into me. All because they asked. You, you little whore, would dance on a spit but only if they throw money at your bloody corpse."

There was stunned silence in the audience.

Perry stood up, hoping his erection wasn't too hard. "So! I don't think we can top that. What do the rest of you say? Are you willing to prove how far you'd go for your fans if you were paid," he gestured to Bailey's couch, "or just because you were asked?" His hand swept to include Tara's side.

Michaela said, "Fuck yes!"

On the other side, Ann nodded. "Anything those bitches do for money, I'll do for free."

After the rest of them agreed to horrific deaths and tortures, Perry stood up. He held out his hands and gestured to the audience.

They stared back at him, slack-jawed and stunned.

"There we go, ladies and gentlemen. Eight beautiful women who just agreed to be snuffed right here on public television. What do you say? Do you want to ask?"

The applause light lit up but no one responded.

Perry cleared his throat. "I said, do you want to see these eight beautiful ladies give it there all for you? Don't you want to see their naked bodies spread out on national television?"

He winked. "I'll let some of you lucky guys get a chance to participate. A little hands-on?"

It was as if a switch was thrown across the audience. They surged to their feet and roared approval. It beat against the walls and Perry could feel it against his face and chest. The sound rolled over him, leaving a rush of excitement pulsating through his veins.

He waited until the sound died down. He grinned broadly and then gestured to the eight women behind him. "After our commercial break, let's see how far they will go."

A roar of the audience.

Perry held up his finger. "One thing, we have to pay half of these ladies for the night. Let's see....."

He grinned and made a show of digging his wallet out of his pocket. Turning to Baily he held out his hand, "So, how much will you charge?"

Baily looked at the girls around her and then grinned. "Oh, a dollar. For all of us!"

Another silence.

She shrugged. "What? We didn't want to price ourselves out of the market!"

Perry grinned and made a show of pulling out his wallet. He opened it up and pulled out a single dollar bill. Flipping it over, he handed it to Bailey.

She coyly tucked it into her shirt and gestured to the women near her. "Good enough. Our asses is yours."


Chapter 3: Kristina Mocova

By the time the commercial break ended, they were ready for the first slaughter. The couches had been pushed to the side with Perry's chair a little off center.

In the center of the stage was a large wooden door taken off some church. It was old and beat up, not to mention stained dark. A set of wooden blocks kept it lifted off the ground so it looked like a splintery wooden bed. One that had four huge rings mounted at each corner.

Despite the medieval torture look they were going for, it was surrounded by shimmering black cameras set up to capture every sight from the look on the first victim's face and every orifice. A pair of cameras had been mounted above the stage, poised to get every angle.

Perry strode out into the light. "And welcome back after those fascinating messages. Before our show, our eight guests have agreed to demonstrate exactly how far they'll go for their fans or... the ones paying for it."

He walked around the table, tapping it with his knuckles. "While we were out on commercial break, a number of our guests have been enjoying the more erotic talents of our lovely guests."

Perry gestured out to the audience where a third of the guests were in the back rooms fucking their once in a lifetime. They would all pay for the videos of course, it would be a nice boost to the bottom line.

"While the others are getting their rocks off, you get to see something that has never been seen on network television before."

A ripple of cheer, they were probably all still in shock.

"Well, why don't we bring out our first lovely lady? Give a round of applause for Kristina!"

This time, the audience stirred and the applause rose. It didn't subside like he thought it would and soon all the men and women watching were pounding their hands together as Kristina came stepping out from the stage.

The young starlet circled around the stage, showing off her tight little ass and perky breasts. She wore a bikini top and bottom. From his vantage point, he could see a fleck of cum on the corner of her mouth. Her inner thighs glistened from the half dozen guys who fucked her.

She hopped off the stage and walked through the audience. Hands reached out to touch her. They quickly got bolder, slipping into her swimsuit and up between her legs. The fabric fluttered off somewhere after the first bank of seats and the camera drank in the sight of her naked body as she made her way across the stands and back up on the stage.

Perry held out his hand and she took it. Slipping into his grip, she pressed her tight, sexy body up against his chest before smiling at him.

"I'm ready."

His cock was harder than it had ever been before. He turned her to the audience. "So, how should we end this lovely lady? What is the deepest secret in your life? How have any of you imagined snuffing some beautiful young lady?"


No, it wasn't silence. It was a low moan of a hundred people imagining killing the sexy young woman that had her arm wrapped around his waist. A thousand fantasies washed over their faces..

It was an old man, maybe in his fifties, who spoke first. "C-Cut off her arms and legs." He gulped and looked around guilty. "Please?"

A stunned ripple raced along the crowd. People stared at the old man but it was more shock that he spoke first than his request. Most of them were obviously thinking of something more violent.

Perry put on his prize-winning smile. "Well, I think we can do that."

He looked into her hypnosis-glazed eyes. "What do you say, Darling? Ready to get amputated?"

She looked around. "Is it going to hurt?"

"Just a little," he said as he guided her naked body to the table. "Come up, get in the middle."

He let his hand slide along her beautiful backside. He could feel the moist heat of her pussy against his palm before she crawled into place and rolled on her back.

The cameras drank in the sight of Kristina as she spread herself out on the door. The rough wood was a beautiful contrast to her smooth skin and body.

As a number of stage hands rushed out to tie her to the eyebolts, Perry addressed the the older man who made the offer. "Sir, would you like to do the first blow?"


The audience members inhaled sharply as they realized they may be participating on the slaughtering of the porn stars.

Perry held out an ax that one of the hands gave to him. "What do you say? A pretty arm? A leg?"

The older man brightened. "Yes! I mean, yes."

He stumbled as he came down. As he did, he took off his jacket and carefully folded it before setting it on the edge of the table. When he came up, he held out his hand for Perry. "T-Thank you, sir."

"Enjoy," Perry said as he handed the old man the ax.

Kristina squirmed as she looked at him. Her splayed body was sexy as hell as she arched her back and then lowered it. Her hips rocked back and forth as she tested her bounds.

"Sorry about this," said the old man in a whisper.

"Don't be," she responded, "it won't hurt that much. And you wanted this?"

"Oh, yes," he said with longing.

"Then cut it off."

The old man shook as he reached out and stroked her leg. His wrinkled fingers ran up from her ankle, to her knee, and then to the moistness of her cunt. He cupped her for a moment and then drew his finger down a few inches down from the joint.

Still trembling, he lifted the ax with both hands and held it over his head.

The room grew hushed.

The old man grunted as he got a tight grip. Then he swung down. The blade flashed before slamming into the taut leg of the porn star. The muted crack of bone was interrupted by the powerful thud of the blade burying deep into the wood.

Blood spurted around the ax, splattering the old man and painting the wooden door.

Kristina let out a high-pitched scream as she jerked away. The severed end of her leg pulled away from the blood and more blood sprayed out across the stage in a crimson wave.

She jerked violently, her leg thumping loudly against the board. More blood sprayed out across the ground as she shuddered.

Perry and the old man stared for a moment as Kristina squirmed and sobbed.

Then, without prompting, the old man yanked the ax out of the door. He held it high as he stepped over.

"No, no, it hurts! Hurts!" Kristina cried as her gaze sharpened. Just as Perry thought she was going to break out of her hypnosis, her tone changed and she went back to writhing against her bonds. "My leg! Do my other leg, please!"

The old man gulped. As he walked around the table, he had an erection. He flipped the ax in his hand for a moment, obviously growing more confident with every passing second.

The audience stared with slack-jawed surprise. Perry could see many of them moving their gaze from the scene in front of them to the large video screens that displayed other shots as the old man positioned himself.

The room grew hushed as he swung the ax back and then slammed it forward. The blade punched through the delicate skin and snapped bone. With a crunch that sent a bolt through everyone including Perry, the young girl's leg was severed. It rolled to the side as blood splashed out from behind the blade.

"Yes!" screamed Kristina. Her hips lifted off the wood and the two ends of her severed legs flailed around, spraying blood everywhere before she slumped back down.

Panting, she looked at the old man. There was a smoldering look of lust in her eyes. "Keep going. Please."

The old man groaned but he stepped over. Reaching out, this time with a steady hand, he stroked along her arm. His fingertips traced down to her armpit and then up to the soft mound of her breast. He whispered something, his lips moving only for a moment.

Then he hefted his ax. Swinging it around, he slammed it right into her joint. Beautiful flesh split apart, spraying blood everywhere as the muted crack of bone shot through the audience.

Perry jerked at the sound. It was awe-inspiring.

The old man yanked the ax blade out of the ground.

Kristina writhed as she screamed out in an orgasm. Her blood-streaked nipples were rock-hard as she twisted. "Yes, yes!"

After a few seconds. She looked up at the old man. "Please, Baby, just two more."

"T-Two? Oh, yeah!" He cleared his throat. He almost ran around to the other, swinging his ax. He slowed and braced himself on the door to steady himself.

There was no hesitation as he groped Kristina's body, his fingers mauling her breasts before he stroked along her arm and hand. He seemed to enjoy himself for the long moments before he pulled the ax back.

There was a sense of anticipation as the ax sparkled in the stage lights.

Perry watched with rapt attention. He was getting into it just as much as the rest of the audience. The muscles in his shoulder tensed as he waited for the blow.

When it came, it was a beautiful thing. A perfect arc that swung down. It slammed into Kristina's arm right next to the shoulder. The bloody blade drove deep into the wood as bone snapped and flesh parted.

Kristina let out a scream of pleasure. "Yes!" as she writhed her armless and legless body. Her perfect pussy drooled with her excitement as she flailed around for a few moments.

Blood splattered all over the wooden door. It dripped off the edges and splashed to the ground. Except for the moans of the young porn star, it was the only noise across the stunned audience.

After a few minutes of thrashing, she finally calmed down. Panting, she smiled. "Thank you. That was beautiful. Please? Come here?"

The old man leaned over.

She lifted her head, her helpless body barely able to pull her blood-streaked hair from the wood. "Kill me."


"My head, Papa, please. Right at the neck." She lifted herself higher and kiss him. "Kill me. Right now. Please. You want it, right?"

"Yes," he whispered and kissed her back.

"Thank you, Papa."

"Good girl," he said. Pulling back, he hefted the ax.

She moaned, staring up at it. She tilted her head back, exposing her delicate throat.

The audience gasped with anticipation.

"Do it, Papa. Please, do it!"

The old man got a good grip on his ax. He was panting with excitement as he swung it back.

Every camera focused on him and his target.

It came down with a powerful blow, smashing into her throat and snapping her spine. Her severed arteries sprayed blood everywhere as her head rolled back, teetering on the edge of the door before falling to the ground.

Her entire body spasmed and shook, twisting back and forth as she shuddered with what appeared to be the ultimate orgasm.

The old man groaned and leaned into her, his hands slipping off the ax.

For a moment, Perry thought it was having a heart attack.

A wet spot soaked the front of the old man's pants as he reached out and grabbed the headless corpse, holding it tight as both of them shook violently.

The studio grew silent as the twitches of the young woman faded. The cameras switched to her body to her head to the old man and back again. It was a perfectly executed set of transitions that gave the full impact of the first execution on network television.

The audience surged to their feet, cheering loudly. There were yelled suggestions for what to do with the next stars but it was only a wave of noise that pummeled against Perry's chest.

He smiled and held up his hands; he knew he wouldn't be able to talk for the long minutes it took for the audience to calm down. As he waited, he looked at the decapitated corpse and admired her. There was only a few moments of hesitation but otherwise the hypnosis held completely.

It was going to make him famous.

Finally, the audience died down but didn't sit down.

Putting on his broadest smile, he addressed them. "Did that get your attention? Well, we have seven more beauties willing to give their all. Right after these messages."


Chapter 4: Michaela Giovanni

Perry came out with his trademark smile on his face. They had a long episode ahead of him but he wanted to make sure each execution was given maximum camera time and attention for the ratings.

The audience greeted him with a standing ovation. Any hint of their surprise and shock had faded after Kristina's death. It had taken the stage hands about twenty minutes to clean up the door and for Perry to wander through the audience shaking hands and hearing their slyly whispered requests.

He waited for it to die down. When it did, he grinned and gestured to the center stage. "So, I'm thinking we should get right into our next lovely lady. Why don't you give Michaela a round of applause?"

The audience remained standing as they brought Michaela in from the side.

She was wearing only a silk robe that fluttered around her wide hips as she strode forward. Her large breasts, famous on so many different videos, lead the way as she purposefully strode across the stage and then into the audience.

More than a few fantasies were fulfilled as she sat on laps and made her way through the seats until she came up on the other side. Prancing up, she walked sexily over to Perry and gave him a tight hug.

"Hello, Handsome," she said with a purr. With her other hand, she squeezed his ass.

"Hello, Michaela, are you ready for your fans?"

"They paid for this ass, they get it." She smacked her rear.

"Well," Perry said with a grin. "I heard that a certain someone was interested in something a bit more... forward than your ass. In fact---"

"My tits?" she said hefting her large mounds. They were magnificent breasts, begging to be sucked or wrapped around someone's cock.

There were moans from the audience. Perry could tell that most of them were staring at her naked chest.

"Oh, those lovely tits are exactly what Mrs. Castile wants. At least that is what she told---"

A squeal rose up as Dixie Castile came rushing up. She was a short woman, five feet if she was lucky, with small breasts and thick glasses. She bounded cheerfully up on the stairs, skipping two of them at a time, before rushing over to give Michaela a powerful hug.

The porn star hugged back as if they were best friends.

"Dear me, you are just as gorgeous as I thought." Dixie stepped back long enough to heft Michaela's breasts with both hands. She rolled Michaela's nipples with her thumbs.

Michaela moaned. The cameras zoomed in to every lust-filled sound that slipped from her lips.

"I've wanted to lop these puppies off for so many years. Ever since Pa and I were watching your videos."

Perry grinned and stepped back.

"Anything you want, Sweetie," said the glazed-eye porn star. "How do you want to do it?"

"Just a knife, sweetie. I want to feel these right in my palms." Dixie was almost cheerful as she mauled Michaela's tits with her hands.

Perry stepped forward and held out a knife. It was a eight inch chef's knife, an expensive one with a blade sharp enough to slice through hairs. "Well, I happen to have this blade."

"Oh, thank you, Sweetie. You are a handsome man but go away now." Dixie's touch was light as she plucked the blade from his hand. She turned and hefted Michaela's right breast.

A ripple of laughter filled the room.

Perry bristled briefly but calmed himself enough to obey.

Dixie stared down at the large breasts in her palm. She rolled it around, stroking her fingers along the smooth skin. She focused her attention on the nipple in her palm. Trailing her finger around the aureole, she teased it into hardness.

The cameras focused on the nipple and the blade. The dusky skin was growing darker with every second as Dixie continued to tease them until the skin wrinkled and it stood out pert.

"They are such lovely gumdrops, you know that?" Dixie said without looking up.

"They would look better on the floor."

"No, Sweetie, I wouldn't disrespect these lovelies at all. Mind if I get started?"

"Please do."

Dixie flipped the knife and held it with her fingertips at the middle of the blade and the handle resting against her palm.

Perry thought there was something strange about how easily she handled the blade but the cameras weren't on him so he remained silent.

The old woman brought her thumb up against the nipple and pushed it up to her sight. It was swollen and rose-colored as the Michaela's moan filled the air. Dixie brought the knife down and rested it right against the crinkled edges of the aureole.

"Do it," whispered Michaela. The large monitors caught the movement of her lips perfectly.

"I'm going to, sweetie." Dixie drew the blade across the dusky circle. It sliced easily through flesh and blood welled up from the cut.

The audience gasped, they didn't need prompting anymore.

To Perry's surprise, Dixie didn't cut the nipple off right away. Instead, she drew the blade around in a neat, almost perfect, circle. The cut was shallow, only enough to bring blood.

Michaela hissed with pain. Tremors raced through her body and her breasts shook. She seemed pinned in place by the old woman's fingers. The only part that moved was her fingers clenching into tight fists. The smell of her pussy wafted across the stage.

Perry loved the slightly glazed look in her eyes, the haze of her mind control.

Dixie brought the blade up again and cut another circle, slicing a little deeper into the flesh until blood poured out over her hand. She used her thumb to rotate Michaela's nipple around, pulling the cut apart in wider circles as she continued to slice with methodical precision.

The audience drank it up. All Perry could see were hands stroking crotches and slack jaws. Their eyes were all locked on the screens or on the body.

Michaela moaned as she forced her fingers to relaxed. She stroked her hips, trembling with every movement. The blood sheeting down her breasts bubbled over her digits. She smeared it against her skin down between her legs.

Dixie hummed cheerfully as she circled the nipple again, cutting deep. The blade sliced through the flesh easily, the blood dribbling down to the tip. She brought the blade back up with a flash on the other side.

Michaela moaned in pleasure, her body trembling.

Dixie pulled back her thumb and the nipple came with it. She pulled back her bloody hand and looked at it. "Oh, this is lovely."

"You want it?"

The old woman glanced up at Michaela and smiled. "I'm getting everything, aren't I?"

The porn star nodded. "Everything you want."

Dixie reached out for Perry, holding the nipple. "Hold this, boy."

Perry bristled again but pulled out a bright white handkerchief. He cupped it in his palm and took the bloody nipple. Painfully aware of how bright the blood was on white, he made a show of taking it.

The old woman winked and returned to her task. She cupped Michaela's bloody breast. Her thumb circled around the gaping wound before she pushed it inside.

Michaela let out a cry, her body trembling with emotions. She dragged her fingers along her hips. There was blood on them from the cuts and her action left reddish smears against her beautiful skin.

"Don't worry, sweetie. I'm just going to take this." She cupped Michaela's breast tighter. She rested the blade against the upper edge of beautiful mound.

Almost as one, the audience let out a low gasp of their own. They were still as they held themselves with anticipation.

Dixie brought the blade through the skin. The flawless flesh parted underneath the blade, peeling back as she expertly sliced around the most perfect breast Perry had ever seen. The knife was steady as she cut deeper with slow but precise strokes.

Perry stared in shock as the old woman deftly cut Michaela's breast off. It was only a few seconds of cutting but with the movements, it seemed like forever before the delicate skin parted completely and the heavy mound peeled away.

"Now, doesn't that feel better?"

Michaela grinned, tears in her hazy eyes. "Yeah, do the other?"

Dixie held out the large breast to Perry. "Hold this."

Perry hesitated.

"Take it, boy. Can't even handle a part of a woman?"

He cleared his throat. "No, I can---"

"Just take my tit," snapped Michaela.

Stunned, Perry took the still warm breast. Blood dripped down his palm, ruining his suit. He looked around helplessly for a moment until a stage hand ran out and grabbed it.

By the time he looked back, Dixie was already cutting into the other breast. She cut in a smoothly line, spiraling through the soft breast in a bloody red line that traced from the nipples toward the base. It looked disturbingly like a spiral-cut ham. It was also one of the most erotic sights Perry had ever seen.

Michaela moaned with every cut. Her body shook from the pain but she kept herself amazingly still despite the gaping wound in her chest and the slow agonies of being debreasted.

Dixie's cheeks were flushed as she gripped the breast tighter. She twisted the blade around, keeping the cut almost perfectly even. She reached the base of Michaela's tit.

She held the blade perfectly still for a moment and then cut deep. The sharp blade didn't even dimple the skin as it cut into yellow fat. Perry was sure she missed even nicking the ribs or a large artery.

Slowly, Dixie pulled her hand back. Michaela's breast pulled apart at the neat cuts, unspiraling in her hand. Blood poured out on the stage, splattering loudly as the breast peeled away from Michaela's chest.

Michaela let out a long moan.

Dixie caught the coils of fatty breast in her hand. When she held up her hand, it was almost intact mound of a perfect breast with a hard nipple sticking out between her wrinkled fingers.

The porn star gasped with the pain. She clenched her fists again until her knuckles were white.

A few audience members clapped.

Dixie smiled and then held out the breast for Perry without looking at him. It was a commanding gesture that brought the live camera lights to life as they focused on her bloody hand and the perfectly spiraled breast that quivered on it.

This time, he was prepared and took it delicately. He lost himself caressing the sliced ridges of the magnificent tit. His body shook with tiny quivers of excitement as he realized he was holding the breast of one of the most beautiful woman he had known.

Michaela reached up tried to cup her severed breasts. Her hands pressed wetly against her gaping wounds. She shuddered and held up her hands, the blood dripping down her palms. "How are you going to end it, mother?"

A ripple of noise ran along the audience.

Dixie smiled. "Like all good pigs should be ended, gutted and on your knees."

The porn star moaned and rocked her hips. "Thank you." She glanced at Perry and then at the countdown clock; they were already supposed to be on the commercial break but there was no way they were going to cut the cameras. "Make it fast?"

Dixie smiled. She reached up with her free hand and caressed Michaela's neck before grabbing a handful of hair. Even thought there was easily a foot difference between the two women, the old woman easily pulled Michaela as she stepped around her. In a heartbeat, Michaela's gorgeous body was presented full to Camera Five with her gaping wounds where her breasts were and the knife blade resting on the puffy and swollen lips of her pussy.

Perry's cock throbbed as the Dixie drew up, slicing through the clitoris and the tip of Michaela's slit. Blood splattered to the ground as the old woman drew the tip of the blade up the puffy stomach, around the navel, and then straight up.

Michaela moaned, her eyes growing even more hazy as she shuddered. Every part of her arms and legs were tight, straining against the agony. He could hear her knuckles cracking as the blade sliced through her skin.

Blood oozed out of the cut before the wound spread open. Coils of intestines and organs welled out of the parting wound. One large loop flopped out, smacking against her thigh.

The entire audience was silent as Dixie continued to draw the blade up. As she did, all the strength seemed to flee Michaela and she slowly sank to her knees. Together, they moved in perfect harmony as Dixie continued to cut up across Michaela's sternum and clear up to her throat.

Michaela's knees hit the stage with a thump. With the impact, the strands of inner connective tissue keeping her guts in place snapped. A wet slurp filled the air as her organs poured out of her body, slopping into a bloody puddle between her knees.

Dixie pulled the blade away with a flick, splattering blood across Perry's suit and face. Before he could respond, she brought it back and drew it across Michaela's throat. The sharp blade easily cut through the arteries.

Michaela's final moan filled the air before a spray of blood drenched the front of the stage. She let out a shudder as her eyes rolled up in a final organs.

She was dead before the last of her organs poured out of the gaping wound.

A muted silence filled the stage, punctuated only by the steady drip of the gutted corpse in the center.

It took all of Perry's willpower to move. "Well, Dixie, that was probably the most amazing butchering I had ever seen."

Dixie stepped back and looked down. Except for her blood-soaked hands, there wasn't even a spot of blood on her dress. She looked up and smiled. "Thank you, Perry."

A stage hand handed her towel which she used to clean herself, demanding two more before she would let Perry get closer.

"How did you ever...? That is some skill."

"Honey," said the old woman, "I've been butchering pigs since I was ten. I've been dressing deer just as long Long pig isn't that much different."

"Well, how about we send some of Michaela home with you?"

"Her tits," came the immediate reply.

"I mean you---"

"Her tits." Dixie waggled a finger before heading back to her chair.

Perry watched her for a moment and then forced himself to respond. He looked up until he could focus on the camera with the red light on it. "Well, that was inspiring. Let's see what the next star has after these messages."


Chapter 5: Katarina Kika

It was a short break, they didn't have much time and there were already lawyers circling around. Having a live show meant that everything was going to go well or it was going to set the entire studio in flames. Perry knew---hoped occasionally---that the show would work out but it was still nerve wracking to hear the producers talking.

None of that showed on his face as he trotted out on the stage. "Welcome back!"

More of the seats were filled now that three of the women weren't being gang banged. There were a lot of happy faces but he knew one audience member was about to have the time of his life. His eyes glanced over to section three, where a slender-looking man cheered with the others.

"We have to keep this going. Should we see if the next girl is willing to give her all for a few dollars?"

The audience burst into applause.

The roar died down when the stage hands wheeled in the next segment's torture device. It was a heavy wooden chair, just like they used for executions. Thick leather straps dangled from the arms and the ankles. There was also a thick band for the waist. To complete the stereotypical electric chair, a final band rested over the top of it where it would hold the poor victim's head in place.

The cameras panned to the alterations on the chair. The middle of the seat had a slot cut out down the middle. The freshly cut wood was bright compared to the dark stained wood of years of use in a Texas penitentiary. Between the wood was two metal dildos. They were both thick and mounted on flexible arms that would allow them to be positioned. A few globs of KY Jelly glistened along both of their lengths.

Perry strode across the stage. "Well, you can probably guess how our next star is going to prove her worth. Right here on the stage, you are going to see your own live execution with a twist. A porn twist, wouldn't you say?"

From the opposite side of the stage, Katarina came striding out. The slender beauty wore only a pair of black heels. Her beautiful body was slender with high breasts, relatively narrow waist, and legs that he could lick for hours. Perry wondered, once again, if he should have taken up the two hypnotists offer to let him fuck one of the girls.

Like the others, she strolled across the stage before coming up to Perry. Her shapely leg rose up against his thigh until her knee brushed against his hardened cock. Pressing her soft breasts to his side, she kissed him. "I'm ready," she whispered into his microphone.

Her lips were warm against her cheek but her breasts and hips were warmer. It was hard to concentrate with his hardness throbbing in his suits but he had to pretend he wasn't going to fuck the girls.

"So, which lucky person picked your poison?"

The audience hushed.

Katarina smiled. "Not be poison, electric. Elec... electricity. And the lucky guy be John." Her Russian accent caressed his senses but she mispronounced John by missing the first letter.

"Well, let's bring John Kell down here?"

The slender man in the audience looked up in shock. The woman next to him, probably his mother, smacked his arm and gestured for him to go. John struggled out of his seat and stumbled down the stairs.

Around him, the audience grew wild.

Katarina stepped away from Perry to meet him. She wrapped one leg around his waist as she kissed him deeply.

A agile stagehand slipped up and clipped a microphone to John's collar before stepping away.

"Ready to be snuffing me?" asked Katarina. The microphone picked up her sultry voice.


"Well, you help me then? I need to get into chair, yes?"

She took his hand and lead him to the chair. The cameras zoomed into her tight ass and the hint of her pussy with every step. When she approached it, she turned to show her bare cunt and guided John's hand down between her legs. "Now, there be two of those things. One of them is going into my ass. You know ass?"

"Y-Yeah. I like... know your... y... ass."

She smiled. "Well then..." She gripped his hand and slid it between her legs. Cameras mounted beneath the dildos came to life and displayed his fingers trailing along her slick pussy to her tiny asshole. She guided his fingers to circle around it for a few times until his digits were glistening with the lubrication of her tight ring.

Katarina took a deep breath and stepped back until the backs of her legs were against the chair. "Now, you be guiding it into my ass," she breathed as she sank down. It was a slowly, beautiful movement of someone who knew her body well. She lowered herself until the smooth end of the dildo caressed her firm cheek.

The audience stared in shock and awe at her pussy and ass displayed on the large monitors.

She guided John's finger to spread her cheeks and worked her way down until the dildo was pressed against the glistening hole. With a moan, she pushed down. "Okay, now you be guiding other one?"

Gulping nervously, John slipped his fingers from the tightly stretched sphincter to her pussy. On camera, Perry could see as he fingered her a few times before spreading open her vulva with his fingers. He dipped another finger into her slit.

Responding off stage, one of the hands caused the pussy dildo to rise up. The thick member was off slightly but John managed to pull Katarina's body forward to cause it to slid into her pussy. He pulled back as it slipped inside, the smooth length slipping deeper into her body until it was a few inches inside her.

The both dildos moved up. Katarina lifted her body with them until she was about eight inches off the seat. Her body quivered as she looked at him. "Now, you push them inside."


"You put hands on my hips, yes?"

Trembling, John did. His fingers spread out across her flawless skin.

"Push down as hard as you want."


"Push down. I need to be stuck so I don't pull off."

John didn't need a second encouragement. He got a deep breath, clenched, and then shoved forward. The weight drove Katarina onto the dildos, driving them deep into her ass and pussy even clear down to the large knots near the base.

She let out a cry, half in pain and half in ecstasy, as her pussy and asshole strained to take the thick bases. Then, they slipped into her body with a wet slurping noises that sent a bolt of quivering across the entire audience.

Katarina let out a shuddering breath. "I be stuck now, yes?"

John tried to pull her up but couldn't. He gripped her hips tightly but the two dildos were firmly embedded into her orifices.

She interrupted him with a kiss. "Good. You paid me, so strap me in?"

Perry had to adjust himself discretely as John strapped Katarina into the chair. He worked each strap until she was firmly and completely in place.

She moaned and twisted fetchingly, moving her slender body to the limits of her bondage until he had her completely strapped in. Her full lips were parted as she looked into the camera, an orgasm painted across her face.

A stage hand brought up the next part of her bondage, electrodes. There were three of them.

John took them and started to work. He hefted her small breast to the camera and then clipped one to each of her nipples. The tight alligator clips made a satisfying click as they snapped on the tender flesh, as did the cute little moan she made when he tugged on them.

The cameras zoomed into the final clip on her clitoris. John took his time to tease it out of its hood. It looked tender and swollen when he brought the sharp teeth to both side. The wire obscured part of the view but that didn't matter.

When he released the end, it clipped into place with a snap.

Katarina jumped in pain. "Oh!" she gasped.


"Don't be," she said after getting control of herself again. "It will hurt a lot more soon."


"I like it hurt."

As they talked, a stage hand brought in a prop gauge. It was taken from a show about a cruise ship. They had painted the numbers over to just be a colored gauge from green to red. A transmitter controlled the amount of voltage that would be pumped into the bound porn star.

The camera on Perry lit up. He smiled at it and addressed the audience. "So this lovely star has someone asking if she was willing to be electrocuted in front of national television. She is bound properly and all hooked up. All it takes is for John here to pull the level."

John nodded and waved to the cameras. He seemed more confident with the passing moments. If they gave enough time, Perry was sure John would be dragging out the execution for at least an hour. But they didn't have enough time for that.

"So, Katarina, are you willing to be fried on camera?"

"You paid for it."

"But, it is being electrocuted to death."

"You pay," she said with a glassy-eyed smile.

"Well," Perry said to John, "why don't you start with the lever?"

John nodded and grabbed the over-sized handle. He pulled it slightly. It made a thunk noise and then a loud buzz.

Katarina jerked in her bounds as her eyes widened. "Oh! That tingles!"

Perry smiled and the cameras drank it in. Her body was jerking and clenching as the electric surged through her from her pussy and ass along her insides into her nipples and clitoris. On screen, close-ups caught the hairs on her arms and on her head standing up as the power flickered. One of the special effects guys even managed to cause the stage lights to flash; it was a nice touch.

John lowered the power for a second and then brought it back up.

Her body jerked, her back arching and her breasts thrusting forward. A few sparks danced along her nipples as she let out a choked moan. Sweat along her brow shimmered for a moment but they were gone when Perry blinked.

The young man backed down the power and then brought it up.

Her body thrashed in her bonds. The individual strands of muscles bunched up as she tried to pull her arms and legs free but couldn't. The cameras looking at her pussy and ass caught every clench as they clamped down on the metal dildos impaling them.

John increased the power.

The sweat from her body began to mist off her. Her pussy and asshole clenched tightly and there was a darkening of the flesh. More of it began to redden her nipples and clitoris. Katarina loud moan filled the studio, a gasping sound of ecstasy and agony.

The audience, once again, was staring with fascinating.

The smell of hot pussy filled the air. There was a current of something else, the smell of roasting meat. It was sweet and savory, a scent that teased Perry's nose.

John continued to step up the power. The light flickered ominously.

Katarina's body tightened even more, her muscles clenching painfully tight. Her sphincter clamped down on the hard thing, pulsating as he rocked the power back and forth. With each pulse of power, the skin darkened until it cracked. The blood bubbled off the metal dildo as he threw the lever.

She screamed out again, a choked gasp that shook Perry to the core. Her beautiful body was smoking, simmering in her own juices. When John had the power on, she couldn't move, every muscle was locked into place. But when he released it, she slumped forward and cried out.

John didn't give her a chance to form a coherent word as he wracked her form with pulses of electricity. The burnt smell filled the room as he dialed up the power to inhuman levels and then pulled back.

Her eyes were blood-shot as she panted for breath.

He pulled the lever to half way.

Katarina screamed out as her body locked into place. The flesh around her straps were streaked with blood as she tried to break herself free. Her stomach, beautiful and flat, clamped down tight enough to see the outline of the thick dildo in her cunt through the skin. Sparks ran along the beads of sweat, vaporizing them as the house lights dimmed ominously.

Perry glanced at the countdown click for the segment. They were almost out of time. He gestured to John to hurry up.

John nodded. Instead of cranking up the power, he actually threw the lever to turn itself off.

The sight of Katarina slumped into the chair, her sexy body trembling with surges of electricity and the raw torture of being electrocuted made Perry wonder if John would be stealing his show like Dixie. There was something about her splayed open pussy lips and burnt sphincter that was erotic.

Katarina looked at John, her eyes glassy and her chest heaving. She tried to speak but she seemed to be having trouble with her tongue. She gulped and then gave a broken smile to him.

"Ready?" asked John.

She nodded.

He threw the lever completely over.

Ten thousand volts poured into Katarina. Her scream echoed in the studio as every muscle in her body tightened into painful but erotic rigor. Her breasts were thrust thigh into the air as she jerked against the two metal dildos that burnt flesh as they cooked her alive. Steam poured off her body, rolling from her eyes, nose, and mouth. More of it gathered around her cunt and asshole as her insides were cooked alive by the electricity.

There was a muted crack noise as the tortured muscles snapped bone. Muscles jerked and it looked like she was having one final orgasm. She thrashed violently, her body helplessly jerking from the electricity flowing through her.

Then there was a loud pop. Her entire body spasmed one final time before the lights in the studio blew out. Sparks flew down from the ceiling and Perry had to step out of the way.

A single safety light came on, highlighting the smoking chair. Katarina's burnt corpse was slumped into it, her eyes no longer seeing and her chest no longer heaving. Burnt circles surrounded her nipples, clitoris, and he was sure her other orifices but it was impossible to see without power.

He tapped his microphone; the thump told him it was still alive. He glanced to the side and saw the hooded lights backstage. They still had power, just not to the stage and audience.

"And that was our beautiful Katarina! Give an applause for her final show!"

The audience roared as they applauded, the sound of it beating against the walls of the studio. Without the sound systems, it was still overwhelming.

John reached out for Katarina but pulled back. With a grin on his face, he headed back to his seat with everyone trying to clap his back or shake his hand.

Perry cleared his throat. "While we get the power back on, enjoy some refreshments. We have five more ladies ready to prove how far they will go."

He headed off the stage. As soon as he was out of sight, he turned off his microphone. "Whoever just blew the power gets a raise!"


Chapter 6: Ann Jury

After making a big show of repairing the electrical systems, Perry was ready to go on. The next segment was going to be simple but had a lot more audience participation. He thought it was going to be his favorite of the scenes and couldn't wait for the large breasted blonde to die on his stage.

Coming out of the curtain, he addressed the audience. "Are you having fun?"

They cheered in response.

"Ready for more?"

He got a standing ovation from that question. He smiled and headed down into the audience to shake hands and make a point of talking to a few folk. It was only thirty seconds before he returned to the stage. As his polished shoes tapped on the stairs, the room quieted.

Perry looked up to see Ann Jury coming out. The large-breasted bombshell was prancing out in high heels and a high-cut pair of white panties. The lace did little to hide her shaved pussy or the split of her lips. It was a fetching picture of a woman about to be snuffed.

His eyes rose to her large breasts. They were easily larger than his hand and he ached to grab onto the thick nipples. But, he had a show to put on and many women to snuff before he went off the air.

Clearing his throat, he circled around Ann before stepping up to her. He slipped his arm around her bare waist and held her warm body close to hers.

His eyes scanned the audience. Most of them had stripped off most of their clothes over the last few segments. He saw hard cocks and wet pussies even from his position. There were a number fucking on the back chairs and a few hand-held cameras watching that action no doubt for additional cut scenes.

Perry smiled. "How far will they go? That's the question we are asking today on Perry Singer. Will porn stars give it up to their fans, no matter what asked, or are they nothing more than prostitutes."

"Anything," Ann said with confidence.

He smiled. "Well, let's see how far. Could you get that cart for me?"

Ann frowned for a moment but then nodded. She headed over to the side stage. Hand-held cameras followed after her, capturing every angle of her bared breasts and barely covered pussy and ass. On the large monitors, it was a beautiful thing.

She got the cart and brought it back. It was a simple cart but the important part was the large pile of swords that rested on both shelves. There were four dozen of them, each one about a yard in length and a few inches think. There was a nervous look in her eyes as she stopped next to him.

"What do you think?"

"T-They are very sharp looking," she whispered.

Perry inched closer. "What?"

"They are very sharp," she said.

He looked closely into her eyes. They still had the glassy appearance of being hypnotized but he could almost sense a hint of hesitation. For a second, he considered pulling off the segment. It would have ruined part of the show.

After a second, he decided there was a better choice, to finish her quickly. Bringing the microphone back up, he asked her another question, "What do you think we're going to do with these?"

"I... I... skewer me?"

"That's right. There are quite a few fans who really want to see your body impaled. Is what you said true? You'd do anything for your fans?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Well, then let's bring them up." He turned to the audience. "Who wants to see this beautiful piece of ass impaled by a sword?"

Hands snapped up.

"Come on up. First come, first---"

There was a scramble of people racing for the stage. The ushers were already prepared for it and they guided the rapid line to the left most stage.

Perry turned to look at Ann, scanning her eyes as he looked for signs of her breaking her hypnotism.

She smiled back but gave no other sign.

"Ready to give it up to your fans?"

Ann smiled brightly. "Of course! Just let me takes these off." She reached down and grabbed the sides of her panties. Slowly, she drew them down her trim legs before stepping out of them. She picked them up and tossed them into the audience where an older man caught them.

Perry enjoyed the sight of her bare pussy knowing it was going to be skewered in a matter of minutes.

By the time the cameras pulled back to her, the line was fully formed.

The first person in line was an older man. He picked up one of the swords and walked toward her after a little guidance from the stage hand.

Perry guided Ann over to him. "Good afternoon, sir."


"You want to stick that sword somewhere?"

"Where?" asked the older man.


"In her tits? Can I put them there?"

"Of course!" Perry said.

The old man reached out with his spare hand. His palm cupped Ann's breast. "So soft," he whispered.

Perry grinned.

The old man nodded and then caught Ann's nipple with his finger.

Ann moaned loudly. She reached out and slid her hand along the older man's chest.

He looked at her, tears in his eyes.

"Go for it," she said. "Please spike me."

With a nod, the old man reached up with the sword and pressed the tip of the blade against the side of her large breast. When Ann moaned with anticipation, he shoved it into the soft, fatty part of her body.

Blood dripped from the wound as the sword sank into her flesh.

She shuddered with the pain but held still as the blade slipped through.

"Does it hurt?"

Ann moaned. "Yes, but keep going." As if to encourage him, she cupped her other breast and ground it against the skewered mound.

The old man inhaled sharply before pushing further.

Pain blossomed across Ann's face but she held still until the tip of the blade pushed out of her other breast, the sword skewering both of them together. With a sigh, she leaned against him and smiled. "Yes."

The old man shoved the sword clear to the hilt before stepping back.

Perry guided him toward the far side even as the next person came up holding the sword.

It was a younger man, maybe in his twenties. His eyes were focused on the blood trails that marred her perfect skin. They were dribbling down the side and already puddling on the ground between her toes.

"Anywhere?" asked the young man.

"You gotcha," replied Perry.

The young man pressed the tip of the blade against Ann's abdomen. It was angled to cross through her stomach and come out near her left kidney.

Ann inhaled but managed to reach down to hold his hand. "Go for it---oh god!"

Her words were interrupted when the blade slipped into her stomach. It was sharp and easily sank into her belly. Her grip tightened on the young man's wrist. "Harder," she hissed.

The young man had a huge erection as he slipped his other hand around her waist and put his weight into the sword. It slid in deeper, not unlike a cock deflowering a virgin. Blood dribbled down from the cut.

Ann clutched him as the blade skewered her. When it came out the other side, she let out a coo of relief.

The young man shoved it clear to the hilt before pulling away.

Ann swayed but then held out her arms for the next person. It was a young woman who carried the sword with both hands wrapped around the hilt.

"Hi, beautiful," said Ann.

The girl didn't say anything. She just peeled her hand from the hilt and reached down, cupping Ann's pussy.

Ann moaned.

The audience member brought tip of the sword down and then up between Ann's legs.

The porn star obediently spread her legs slightly.

Using her fingers in Ann's pussy as a guide, the young woman pushed the sword into Ann's cunt.

Ann inhaled sharply, her body trembling. She nodded with approval.

The girl tried to bring the sword up but it only went a few inches before stopping. Blood almost immediately began pouring out from Ann's cunt.

A flash of pain crossed Ann's face but she managed to keep her feet down.

"S-Sorry," whispered the young woman. She knelt down and grabbed the hilt with both hands. With a grunt, she pulled up, forcing the blade deep into Ann's pussy.

Whimpering, Ann clutched a nearby stage hand's shoulder with one hand and the young woman's with the other. The muscles in her stomach tightened as the blade shoved deep into her. It came out her back a few moment later.

The blood was sheeting down the blade down, soaking the audience member's hands and wrists completely.

"All the way... in, baby."

The woman shook but stepped away, leaving a foot of the blade sticking out of Ann's pussy. Blushing hotly, she ran off the stage with one hand against her crotch and the other smearing her face.

The next one, on the hand, didn't have any compulsions. It was a middle aged man who reached down, grabbed the woman's sword, and then slammed it completely home.

Ann let out a choked shriek as the hilt slammed against her pussy.

The audience member chuckled and then brandished his own sword. He aimed it down and then shoved it right below Ann's sternum, driving it home until the hilt smacked against her chest.

Ann's grip on the stage hand tightened as she swayed back.

More audience members came, skewering her with sword after sword into her body. They impaled her pussy and ass. They jammed them into her sides, her collar, and many across her breasts. It only took minutes before Ann looked like a porcupine standing in an ocean of crimson. The blood poured down the blades and splashed loudly on the floor.

When they got to the last sword, there were three hands helping her remain upright. She coughed and winced. Blood dribbled down the sides of her mouths and stained her lips. Her body shook with every pulse of her heart. There were wet streamers of blood pouring out of her; she only had minutes, if not seconds, to live.

The last one was a middle-aged woman. She limped slightly as she brought the sword up. "You look like my lover, you know."

Ann gave a blood-flecked smile. "T-Th..." No more word come out.

"I always liked to see her deep throating a guy. You mind?"

Ann shook her head and then tilted her head back.

The audience member held the sword by the middle. She brought the tip to Ann's lips and then let it slip through her hands.

Ann gagged loudly on the sword. Her porcupined body shuddered as the blade cut against her esophagus. She swayed, no doubt cutting her insides even more, but the two hands reached up and steadied her head so the audience member could guide the sword deeper into her gullet.

Perry stared with awe as the blade sank deeper and deeper into Ann, easily impaling her throat. There was a moment hesitation, about where the tip would be impaling her stomach.

The woman released the blade and it stuck out of Ann's mouth by a foot and a half. It wasn't for long though, as the woman got another grip higher up on the blade and shoved further down.

Ann spasmed, her eyes rolling up her head.

The audience member grabbed the hilt and drove it down, shoving the blade far into Ann's body until the hilt clicked against Ann's teeth.

"And that is---"

The woman surprised Perry by grabbed the blade and suddenly twisting hard. There was a wet ripping noise as it tore open Ann's throat, lips, and stomach. A wet gurgle filled the stage.

She twisted the blade the other way, a short brutal movement.

Ann shook and collapsed, her corpse slipping from the hands of her helpers and smacking loudly into the puddle of blood at her feet.

The woman wiped the blood from her hands and looked directly at Perry. She gave a grim smile. "The bitch left me."

There really wasn't anything for Perry to say. He turned and headed off stage.


Chapter 7: Veronica Vagnozzi

Perry to himself as he paced back and forth behind the curtain. His hand was balled into a fist but he couldn't relax to even fake a smile or unclench his aching fingers. In his head, the conversation with the producer continued to play over and over; the risk-adverse bastard had threatened to pull the plug on the show. Apparently having beautiful woman slaughtered on the stage was enough to turn his stomach.

He rolled his eyes. The show was going to be fantastic and pull in more rating than any other one in history. It would cement their status as the gold standard, but only if the producer would relent.

"Mr. Singer?" It was one of his assistants, a meek-looking girl who made a fantastic cup as cappuccino and knew how to give a proper blow job.


"Mr. Gray has a message for you." She held out a scrawled piece of paper.

Perry's eyes narrowed as he took it. It was short, "If we get sued, it's your ass."

He smiled. Turning to the assistant, his smile grew wider as a surge of lust ran along his cock. "Go tell the hands to get Veronica's bit ready. And then go tell Gray that I agree."

"Yes, sir."

Perry let out a sigh of relief. Why did things have to be so hard? Turning around, he glanced across the far emptier stage to where the last few women were remaining. Their bodies strained against inappropriate bikini tops or spilled out of robes.

The next victim, Veronica Vagnozzi, was the one in a bikini. The yellow fabric did nothing to hide her hard nipples or contain her breasts. They also accented more than covered her bare pussy. The fabric had nestled between her swollen lips which still glistened from her recent cleaning after being gang banged for almost an hour. She had a beautiful smile, which she currently was favoring on the makeup artist brushing the cum out of her hair.

He turned and headed for the stage. "Are we about ready?"

"Yeah," said the laid-back stage hand. "We got the table and saw out as soon as we saw him passing notes instead of firing you."

Perry tensed but then chuckled. The stage hands knew which side their money was buttered, most of them were looking at a discrete bonus from Perry himself if the show succeeded. "Thanks, man."

"No problem, go nail that bitch."

With a grin, Perry patted the hand on the back. "Wouldn't that be saw?"

"Yeah, didn't sound good." With deft fingers, the hand slid the levers and the stage lights grew brighter. "You're on."

"Good job." Perry strode out from behind the curtain and headed next to a large circular saw set on the middle of the stage. It was huge, with at least eight feet of table on either side of a comically large blade. It was off, of course, but he already knew there was a 220-volt motor powering the blade. When it was turned on, it would chop through a car hood like butter.

The audience lights flashed and the applause rolled across the stage. It beat against his chest and he felt the familiar thrill of being the center of attention. He held up his hands to slowly quiet the clapping.

"Sorry about the time, folks, we had a few technical difficulties we had to work on. Apparently something this powerful requires a few permits."

It was a lie but it brought a ripple of gasps and moans across the audience. Most of them had returned after fucking the stars. That didn't stop all of them though, he saw more than a few folks on their knees between the legs of others. To his delight, there were men and women giving head. The smell of sex was a perfume in the air, it cut the scent of death nicely.

"We are half done with these lovely ladies and not one has backed out at the last minute. I guess they really will do anything for their fans but let's see if that continues, shall we?"

Applause answered him.

"Our next star is the lovely Veronica Vagnozzi."

About half the audience rose up to clap loudly. The others were still fucking.

"What will our extreme fans ask of her?"

It was obvious they already knew, there was an industrial saw in the middle of the stage. There was also plastic covers for the first three rows of the audience. Despite that, the crowd was ecstatic as they stomped their feet and waved their hands in the air. "Cut her in half!"

He grinned broadly, it was always great when the guests were easily lead to where he wanted them to go. On the right side of the seats, he could see a young man in his late twenties almost bouncing out of his seat. His short dark hair fluttered with every movement and he had a wife-beater shirt for the current presidential asshole. It was one of the two who made the suggestion before and no doubt the guy thought he was going to be it.

"Do you want to see who suggested what we see here? Who are Veronica's favorite fan."

The guy stood up out of his seat, clutching the edge like an anchor.

"Well..." Perry drawled for a moment, "there were actually two. Jason Nebis---"

The young man practically screamed as he threw himself out of the chair.

"---and Mary Janet. Why don't you come down here and get your chance!"

Mary was a sweet-looking girl with a rounded face and brilliant green eyes. She also had a killer rack barely contained in a tight sweater. Unlike Jason, she was demure as she walked down to the stage and then up the stairs.

Jason flew past Perry toward Veronica who was just walking out from the curtains.

Mary, on the other hand, came up to Perry. "Thank you," she whispered and gave him a kiss. It was soft and she smelled of cherries.

The monitors were focused on Jason who was hugging Veronica tightly. His hands were already underneath the string of her bikini bottom, stroking her ass with wide fingers as he fingered her right on television. The cameras drank it up, with three of them capturing every detail.

Perry slipped his arm around Mary and guided her around the saw blade. "So, Jason and Mary both said they would love to see Veronica cut in half. Though I think he was hoping for a hand saw, I thought a table saw would be far more fitting."


Mary slipped away from him to return to the saw. He turned and watched as she reached out with a trembling hand to stroke the blade. Her other hand rose up and cupped her breast as she traced her fingertip along the sharp edge. Perry would have bet a thousand dollars that she had a sloppy cunt already.

He couldn't dream of watching Mary on the saw. Instead, he returned to Jason and Veronica. "How are you doing?"

Veronica shrugged but said nothing. She hadn't said a word since she came on stage. Perry looked into her eyes and saw the tell-tale glazed look of the hypnotized woman but there was something else, she just wasn't excited or terrified.

"So Mary and Jason want to see your pretty body naked on that saw. What do you say?"

"Sure," came the soft reply.

"Well, Jason, want to help her get out of her clothes?"

The young man jumped at the offer. He tore at her bikini top, leaving red marks across her skin as he yanked it off. With a moan, he grabbed her large breasts and mauled them. The perky nipples stuck out between his fingers.

She gasped and clutched his shoulder but didn't do more than lean into the movement. It was erotic, but after seeing the previous four women, it felt muted. She would scream just as well when the time came, so it didn't matter.

Jason shoved his hand down the front of Veronica's bottom and fingered her obscenely. As he did, he shoved the fabric aside and the cameras zoomed in as he fingered her roughly.

"So, Jason?" asked Perry.


"You think Mary wants a chance?"

The young man didn't move out of the way.

Mary walked past Perry. "It's okay."

She headed around the two and came up behind Veronica. She slipped her arms around the porn star's narrow waist and ground her chest against Veronica's back. Without a word of her own, she reached around to cup the large breasts.

There was something different about how the two people mauled Veronica's breasts. Where Jason attacked, Mary was almost methodological in how she squeezed and stroked.

Mary's actions worked and some of the excitement returned to Veronica's eyes. She leaned back and turned her head to kiss Mary. Soft moans filled the stage, interrupting the occasional moans and cries of the fucking audience.

Perry let it go on for a moment and then interrupted them. "Come on, we need to get going. Jason, would you be willing to lead her over?"

Jason jammed his fingers into Veronica's cunt and pulled her toward the saw. He was grinning as he practically shoved her into the metal.

Veronica hissed at the cold metal.

It was Mary who held her hand and helped her up.

Seeing the two putting Veronica was a study of contrast. Jason was rough and demanding, Mary was sweet and kind. It wasn't long before Veronica was stretched out on the saw with the blade between her ankles. Her hips rose and fell in time with Mary's tracing of her pussy lips from tip to bottom.

Jason had returned to mauling her breasts.

The audience was watching with rapt attention. Even the fucking had stopped as the cameras swung in to capture every view of Veronica's death. There were close-ups of her nipples, Mary fingering her pussy, and even her nipples rolling in Jason's hands.

He watched with his aching hardness. He drank in the sight of Veronica twisting and writhing, moans from Mary's manipulations and gasps from Jason's. Finally, Perry knew it was time to continue.

Clearing his throat, he interrupted them. "Why don't we start up the blade?"

Jason said, "Yeah!"

Mary looked around and found the comically large switch. She flipped it on.

The blade spun up, dimming the lights thanks to a talented electrician, before the whine filled the air. The wind blew past the blade and fluttered their hairs.

Mary gasped and looked at the blade. "It's beautiful," she whispered too quite for the microphones to pick it up. There was lust in her eyes, a hunger to be on the table instead of just having it.

Perry grinned and his lust grew. He stepped up. "Do you want to start it?"

"Hey, why not me?" snapped Jason.

Perry looked at him.

Jason backed off.

Mary was staring at Perry. "I can?"

Perry gestured for her.

With a gasp and a moan of her own, Mary looked around and then wrapped one hand around Veronica's ankle and the other against the firm belly. With trembling hands, she pulled the porn star toward the blade.

The dolly made it easy but time still seemed to slow down as the blade worked its way up between Veronica's spread thighs and up toward her pussy.

Four cameras focused on the point of the first cut, displaying them on screen.

There was no noise except for the whine of the blade. Veronica's writhing was silent and welcoming as the blade came up. It caught the first fold of her labia, just a bit of flesh that vaporized in a splatter of blood.

Veronica gasped. A tremor shook through her body.

Mary tugged her further down. Jason helped by pushing Veronica by her breasts.

The blade sliced into Veronica's pussy, tearing into flesh. Blood shot up high into the air, a spray that struck the second row of seats.

The porn star screamed out in agony, her voice rising up over the whine but it didn't matter.

Mary and Jason continued to feed her into the blade. Every inch peeled back flesh and exposed bone. The powerful blade snapped through Veronica's pubic, sending shards of bone in all directions. The blood was a thick spray that soaked the audience.

Perry felt a few splatters against his face.

The cameras caught as the blade left a bloody valley in Veronica's body. Organs were liquefied and torn out, wrapping a few times around the axle of the blade before tearing apart. Her legs shook violently as they were forced further apart.

Jason had an insane look his face as he pushed Veronica further into the blade. He was up on the saw blade, straddling Veronica's face as he did.

Mary stroked and teased Veronica as she pushed back on Jason's effort, slowing the cutting blade as it tore through a taut stomach.

The porn star's spine was utterly destroyed by the blade. She was screaming higher and higher pitch as she was ripped apart, slaughtered by the powerful cutting device.

The blade reached Veronica's sternum and began to tear into the ribs. Her screams became a gurgling gasp and then grew silent. She was still trying to move but her body was bisected from cunt to shoulder-blades and her actions only left her flopping on both sides.

Mary pulled her hands back, releasing Veronica with one last caress of her nipple before the saw cut along her cleavage.

With only Jason pushing, the rest of Veronica's body flew through the blade. It was wet and sloppy as a spray of blood covered almost the entire audience. Flecks of organs, bone, and soon brain were splattered against their faces but they were only applauding and cheering as they watched. It was surreal, an army of blood-covered people lost in their lust cheering for the death.

The blade finished cutting through Veronica's skull. The two sides of the porn star fell away, smacking loudly on the sides of the table as the whine of the blade died down.

Perry panted for a moment.

Jason snorted and slipped off the table. "Fuck that was good."

Mary said nothing, only stroked Veronica's body. Then, she reached up and closed the one eye facing her. The young woman was flushed as she turned back to look at Perry. "Thank you."

"Thank you, young lady."

As Mary headed back to her seat, Perry leaned over while he discretely turned off his microphone. "See me after the show," he said.

Mary looked up and there was a strange understanding between them. He knew what she wanted and he suspected she would be riding the saw in a private show for him.

His cock surged with the lust and he almost came.

The moment passed and she was heading back to her seat.

"That was..." Perry remembered to turn on the microphone. "How about that amazing generosity of Veronica Vagnozzi?"

The cheer light went on and everyone obeyed it.

"Well, right after this break, we'll find out if Mercedes is willing to follow in Veronica's footsteps... don't worry, if you didn't get doused in blood before, you will after her! Now, a few messages from our sponsors!"


Chapter 8: Mercedes Carretero

"Welcome back to Perry Singer! Today we are asking of porn stars are nothing but whores who give out to the highest bidder or are they willing to go the extra mile without being paid an arm and a leg?"

The audience was still stunned by the previous scenes but they obediently applauded when the light went on.

Perry glanced over at the center of the stage. The hands had set up a tarp underneath a massive industrial grinder. The logo had been painted over and replaced with a Perry Singer one. It was a nice touch. There were also a lot more cameras focused on the top.

The opening was large enough to drop a full-sized cow into the steel funnel. At the bottom were four rows of rollers covered in sharp blades easily six inches large. It looked like the ones on the videos chewing up computers, hard drives, and even cars. Of course, it would be working with a lot softer material today.

The engineers for the show had altered the side of the device to have a Plexiglas opening that revealed the additional cutters and grinders inside. A couple covered lights ensured that everything would be visible even when it was stuffed full of cunt and tits.

With the monitors panning around the grinder, Perry strode in the opposite direction and addressed the audience. "Our sixth star is the incomparable Mercedes Carretero! This beautiful thirty-something has been in over three hundred films and is a living legend in the Latino communities."

"You better fucking believe it!" said Mercedes as she rushed out from behind the curtain. She was only wearing a pair of heels and her entire body had been slicked down with oil. She glistened with every step, her breasts bounced and jiggled in the perfect way as she came up to face Perry. Her chest rose up as she planted her fists on her hips.

Perry smiled.

She smelled of sex and olive oil. She also had a fire in her eyes that made him worry, the others were glassy-eyed but she wasn't. "What's shoved up your ass, gringo?"

He kept the smile on his lips as he stared into her eyes. For a moment, he wondered if she was going to ruin everything.

"What asshole is going to snuff me?"

Surprised, Perry couldn't say anything for a moment.

Mercedes turned to the audience. "Which one of you fucks wanted to shove me into that thing?"

"Drop," said Perry.


"We're going to drop you into it. Feet first." He gestured up to a pulley already set up above the grinder.

"Well, that is more like it. And who's the cunt who gonna snuff me?"

Perry chuckled. He looked out at the audience. "Why don't we have Mr. Moles head on up here?"

Mr. Moles was an older man in his forties with a bald spot and a neat suit. His tie was bright red and matched his shoes. He left his bowler hat on his seat, Perry wished the man brought it along.

By the time Mr. Moles was up on the stage, he was gasping with exertion. "T-Thank you!"

"No problem. Why don't you give Mercedes a hug?"

She looked over Mr. Moles and shrugged. "He fucked my ass earlier but why not?"

Perry had to admire her effort though. When she hugged him, she had one hand on his crotch and the other holding him against her firm breasts. His mouth was practically on her nipple, but she did nothing to pull it away.

"Well, shall we get started?" asked Perry.

Mercedes lead Mr. Moles over to the grinder. One of the stage hands rushed out and handed some rope to Mr. Moles.

The excited man wrapped the rope around Mercedes' wrist but it easily slipped off the oiled skin. Coils of it hung from the ceiling and puddled around his feet. He frowned and tried again but her naked body was too slick to keep the rope.

"Got a problem?" asked Perry. He could see another stage hand holding hooks right off stage.

"Y-Yes. The rope keeps coming off."

"Think we should use something better?"

"Like what?" asked Mr. Moles.

Perry gestured for the hand.

The young woman in black came out and handed Mr. Moles the large butcher hooks. each one was ten inches long with sharp points.

Mr. Moles had a huge bulge in his pants as he looked up at Mercedes and then at the hooks.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. Holding out her wrists, she smiled. "Come on, you little prick. Shove it in."

With shaking hands, Mr. Moles grabbed her right wrist and pressed the hook up to the join. The cameras picked up as her skin dimpled and then a droplet of blood dripped off the top.

The audience sighed with lust as it displayed on the monitors.

Mercedes let out a hiss of pain but held herself still. "Come on, shove it in. Harder, harder," she whispered.

Mr. Moles did, shoving the sharp point into her delicate flesh. It sank deeper into her as he guided into to the hard point between her arm bones and below the wrist.

After an eternity, it came out the other side.

She shuddered as it pierced the skin.

Mr. Moles gripped tighter and shoved it completely into place, seating it firmly into her joint.

The other hand took just as long. It was erotic and tender how he shoved the meat hook into place. When he finished, he pulled back and adjusted his cock.

Mercedes shuddered and Perry could see the pain diminishing her fire for a moment. But she bit her bottom lip before holding her pierced wrists in front of her.

This time, Mr. Moles easily threaded the rope into the eye holes of the hook and tied them tightly into place. He grabbed the other end of the rope and began to draw it up, quickly at first but slower as it grew taut.

Mercedes slowly lifted her arms above her head, the effort flattening her breasts and straining her muscles. It was a tabla of beauty before Mr. Moles pulled the rope even tighter. He had to draw out a large amount of rope, but he could easily pick Mercedes off the ground.

Her red, fuck-me pumps dangling from her delicate feet as Mr. Moles continued to pull the rope, drawing her higher. She kicked her feet, giving the audience flashes of her well-fucked pussy and trim legs.

A pair of stage hands up on the lights came over and pushed the pulley over to bring Mercedes to dangle over the grinder.

She continued to kick out. Blood ran down her abused wrists as she clasped her hands in an apparent effort to relieve her pain. Perry was sure she was in agony but she didn't do anything more than gasp as they stopped with her right above the grinder.

Mr. Moles held the rope with both hands. He inched to the front to look through the Plexiglas shield of the grinder.

Perry stepped forward and addressed the audience. "What do you say? Should we turn it on?"

They didn't need any prompting. As one, they jumped to their feet and began to cheer. "Grind! Grind! Grind!"

The grinder turned on. Unlike the saw blade, it was a deep guttural sound that shook the stage. The bass speakers underneath it didn't hurt as the entire floor shook from the synthesis and the vibrations. The grinder was powerful, Perry had seen how easily it could chew through wood and metal and he couldn't wait to see it ravage Mercedes' beautiful legs.

Mr. Moles had the same idea. He let the rope slip a little through his rope.

Mercedes' feet dipped toward the spinning wheels. Wind fluttered her hair as it blew past her. A droplet of cum dripped from her pussy lips and splashed against the blades.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Perry said, "why don't we get a little messy? You may want to put the plastic sheets up."

Most of the audience rushed to do so, though there were a few folks in the front row still enjoying their blow jobs and fucking that didn't bother. They were probably going to get off when they were splattered.

Perry started to say something but Mercedes' scream ripped across the stage. He looked around sharply to see that one foot had already caught in the grinder. The other was only inches above it, the blades shredding her shoe. Blood splattered as flecks of bone and flesh plastered against the Plexiglas.

Cameras zoomed into show the ragged end of her leg. The blades had already torn her up to her ankle, the cutting almost liquefying her flesh as it chewed through her lower leg bones.

Mr. Moles had an intense look of lust and desire on his face as he lowered her further into the grinder and then pulled her up to reveal the ragged, dripping ends of her legs. Shards of bone stuck out of the shredded flesh, the white tips flecked with the rivers of crimson that poured out of her.

Mercedes continued to scream and writhe. No matter how much hypnosis managed to control her, there was nothing that would stop the agony.

Mr. Moles lowered the rope again, slowly feeding her thrashing body into the slicing grinder. He jerked and pulled the rope, giving her only microseconds of relief from the blades before lowered her again.

The grinder didn't even slow as it tore through her thighs and rapidly traveled up toward her bloody sex.

The cameras zoomed as far as they would go.

Mr. Moles surprised Perry when he slowed down just millimeters away from the blades tearing into her cunt. He let it slip slightly, the blades ripped into the labia and splattered it against the front rows of the audience. When he pulled up, there was nothing to hide the blood, ragged wound that was her sex.

He lifted his hand and her body sank into the blades. Her right leg was ripped free of her body and sucked into the machine. Blood spurted everywhere.

When Mr. Moles pulled up again, there was exposed organs beginning to swell out of the holes in her body. She was screaming but her throat was raw. She thrashed violently, which only sent sprays of blood across the audience.

The rope lowered and her body sank further into the grinders. It tore through her belly, ripping her intestines and organs out of her chest in a matter of seconds. Bones flew in the air.

She managed to survive longer than Perry expected, but there was no more light in her eyes when the blades reached the bottom of her sternum. Her insides were liquefied and pouring out the other end of the grinder, a thick tube of raw meat, the remains of a sexy woman.

That didn't stop Mr. Moles from continued to raise and lower her into the blades. He took his time to grind up her body. By the time he was done, the entire stage was drenched in blood, the audience covered in gore, and Perry was left marveling at the skill the older man demonstrated.

Too soon, it was over. The grinder turned off and came to a halt.

The stage was silent except for the drip of blood and the soft moans and gasps of the audience.

Perry thought of a thousand things to say. None of them felt right. He cleared his throat. "We'll continue after these messages."


Goddamn. This is a thing of beauty.


Chapter 9: Bailey Love

Perry came out on the stage. "Six lovely stars in the last two hours. How has that been?"

The applaud light flashed and the audience cheered with a bit less enthusiasm than he hoped. They were distracted though, many of them still fucking and sucking in the audience chairs. There was a younger woman getting gang-banged in one of the aisles and there were at least three guys waiting in line to shove their hard cocks into whatever hole presented itself.

He could see blowjobs and ass fucking everywhere. The sight of seeing six stars snuffed on television apparently removed many of the audience's limitations and they were going at it as if the world was going to end.

Perry chuckled to himself. That was an unexpected bonus for him. The cameras were discretely catching all the audience going at it always. It would make a good video to sell on the side; after all, they all consented to be recorded when they entered the studio.

He let the cameras pan over the orgy for a moment and then signals for them to come back. Rolling the microphone in his hand, he looked out across the stage. "Well, we aren't done yet."

There was a noticeable quieting of the applause.

"We seen decapitations and spikes. We've seen a buzz saw soak the stage."

The cameras panned to the folks with blood still on their face.

"Hell, we've seen some of the ultimate fucks. But is it too far? Is there something that these stars won't do for a few bucks or just because the fans ask? Well, our next one on the stage has said she would do anything for a dollar, here is Bailey Love!"

The audience stopped fucking as Bailey came out on the stage. To Perry's surprise, she had a fair amount of clothing on. But it didn't stay on long as Baily strode across and began to strip. A rousing beat flooded the studio as she shook her tits and hips before dragging each piece of clothing off her body and tossing it into the audience.

Perry couldn't help but nod along with the beat as he watched her beautiful breasts slipping into view and then later her bare pussy. The puffy mound looked almost good enough to eat. Of course, it wouldn't be by the time they were done but they didn't have to know that.

Bailey swung around and shook her bare ass and pussy out at the audience. The bold ones reached up for her and she obediently lowered her body until they could slip their fingers into her glistening cunt and sphincter. No doubt a hundred guys had fucked her holes but they looked just as tight as they were fingered up on the big monitors.

He had to adjust his cock slightly.

After the appropriate time for Bailey to move along the entire stage to get fingered, he gestured for her to come to him.

She did, the faint haze in her eyes still perceptible to those who knew to look for it. Coming up, she pressed her soft breasts and body tight against his. It was warm and hot, tickling his skin even through his suit. "Hi, Sexy."

Perry smiled. "Bailey, you've seen the rest of your group willing to do anything for a little pay."

Brushing her hair out of her eyes, she beamed a smile at him. "Not really, I was being fucked pretty hard in the back stage."

A ripple of laughter.

"Well, you heard it at least."

"I also saw the results."

"What did you think?"

"I don't think I have ever seen anything sexier. She gave the fans exactly what they paid for, every last bit."

"So, are you willing to do the same thing?"

There was the briefest of hesitations, her eyes almost coming into focus.

A hush from the audience.

Bailey smiled. "Of course, sugar!"

"So, a couple in the audience members have a request."


"They want to see you impale yourself on a spike, a big thick spit actually."

She inhaled. "That sounds... fantastic."

"They'll pay you extra, of course. After all, you'd do anything for fans who pay, right?"

"Of course!"

"Well, why don't we bring down the John and Chloe Cooper?"

The Coopers were a middle-aged couple. John had balding hair but looked like worked out. His pectorals were visible through his gray t-shirt. His wife was a stunner, she had a compact body but wide hips and large breasts. She had a matching t-shirt on which highlighted the peaks of her nipples. Together they came down to the stage while holding each other's hands.

Bailey greeted them like an old friend. "Hello, sugars!"

The couple groped and stroked along Bailey's body, their eyes bright withe excitement as they explored her curves and crannies. The cameras drank it in as Chloe fingered Baily with a soft gasp. "So warm."

While they made out, the stage hands brought Bailey's fate onto the stage. It looked like a short staircase, only a dozen steps, but it was split in half so there was a slot down the middle. The steps were pretty steep, so the top was easily six feet off the ground. There was no railing.

The audience silenced immediately. Between the two sets of stairs was a single eight foot long spit. About a inch thick of proper American steel, it ended in a sharp point. Along the length were tick marks to measure every inch. It looked like a giant, obscene ruler.

There was no question what she was going to do. Perry knew it, the audience knew it. However, seeing it on the stage, ready and waiting was an intense rush that Perry couldn't deny. He wanted to throw Bailey on the spit himself after fucking her one last time.

Clearing his throat, he brought the cameras on them. "Well, John and Chloe, I think you should pay Bailey and let's get going."

The couple dug into their pockets and each one pulled out a tattered dollar bill. It took the stage hands a while to find the money and give it to the Coopers during the audience break, but it made a good show as they handed them to her.

Bailey smiled and kissed both of them. She handed the money to Perry before leading the Coopers to her fate. "Come on, sugars, time to see what I can do."

The couple had their hands all over Gaily as they helped her up on the stairs. She had to work her way around the spit. John took a few steps up himself to keep Bailey balanced as she carefully stepped over the tip of the spit and planted her high-heeled shoes on each side.

The tip of the spit was only inches from her glistening exposed pussy.

Chloe crawled up the steep stairs to hold Bailey's other hand with both of hers. She was flushed and excited. One of the cameras got a good shot of her rear where her pussy had soaked through her jeans.

"Well, what does everyone say?" Perry asked.

No one was talking as they watched John stroke the spit, running his hand up and down a few times before sliding his fist up to the tip and stretching his digits up to spread open Bailey's pussy.

"Oh, that feels good, love," gasped the porn star.

He fingered her a few times, plunging his fingers deep into her pussy before drawing them out. A few artful droplets of her juices clung to his digits as he spread her labia wide open. "Down a little?"

Chloe held Baily's hand tightly as the porn star slowly lifted her foot from the step and started down. Her body sank down on the spit, guided by John's hand. There was a moment of hushed anticipation as the point passed between John's outstretched fingers.

"Oh," gasped Bailey and she shuddered. Her foot dangled over the edge, an inch away from the next step.

John strained to hold her up. "Come on, just a little further."

With a gasp, she pushed her foot down and the spit sank down deeper. The inches disappeared into her pussy. She stopped for a moment, a tear in her eye, and then she stamped her foot down.

"How does that feel?" whispered Chloe.

"It hurts, it cut me."

Chloe moaned.

John spoke up. "Do you want to stop?"

Bailey shook her head. "You paid for this."

A droplet of red blood ran down the spit.

The couple stroked her a few times before Chloe held up her hand. "Ready for the next step?"


Baily lifted her foot and started down. Another inch sank into her pussy. A shudder coursed along her insides, tightening her trim muscles, but she managed to step all the way down before a dribble of blood joined the first.

Both of the Coopers were flushed with lust as they reached up to stroke the junction of the spit and star. Their fingers came away bloody. They looked at each other before Chloe nodded.

"Another one," said John. He held Baily's hand up to give her balance.

Baily moaned in agony and lust as she stepped down. Four inches of the spit shoved deep into her pussy. It was no doubt piercing her vagina or even into her womb. It didn't matter, it was sexy as hell.

Perry stroked his cock discretely as he watched the Coopers encourage another step from Baily. The spit sank deeper into her as she seated it firmly inside her.

"How is it?" asked John.

"The ultimate fuck," gasped Baily. "It hurts but it is so thick. It feels good."

The spit was soaked with her blood but the cameras could easily see the inches sliding into her as she took another step. Each one was slow, painfully, and erotic. Each one slipped past her blood-slicked pussy and forced the point deeper into her body.

One of the stage hands had found a laser pointer or something. A red dot flashed up against her body right where the point was. It bobbed for a second then stopped moving; Perry could see someone tying it down to a railing behind the audience.

"Well," Perry said with broken voice of his own. "shall we continue?"

The audience clapped, a scattered applause as they watched with open-jawed shock.

The Coopers had to take a step down themselves. Chloe cupped Bailey's pussy, her fingers pressed against the bloody opening. John grabbed her breasts, mauling it with one hand as he held her hand with his other.

"One more," encouraged Chloe.

Shuddering, Baily took another step. It was slow and she seemed to hang for a moment before suddenly stepping hard. She shook as tears ran down her cheeks. The laser pointer showed that the point as entered into her stomach.

Another step brought it up to the bottom her ribs. Her breasts were slick with sweat, her pussy splayed open on the thick metal. Blood ran down both sides, frothing at the opening as Chloe fingers and teased her around the metal.

Perry held his breath.

John encouraged Baily to take another step. "Come on, one more."

Baily, tears in her eyes, nodded obediently. She planted her hand on John's shoulder and then lifted her foot. Her body rose up on the spit, leaving a bloody smear, but then sank down further as the metal drove deep into her rib cage. Her entire body shuddered.

They moved faster, guiding her down another step and then another. Each one sank deeper into her body as the laser pointer showed the spike traveling up past her beautiful breasts.

Chloe reached up to tilt her head back. Her fingers left bloody smears on Bailey's neck as they helped her down the last step.

The cameras zoomed in just as the spit pushed out past her plump lips. It was n erotic sight seeing the bloody point hovering in the air, impaling the porn star completely from lips to lips.

"Fuck," gasped Perry knowing that the censors would beep that out. It didn't matter that they were going to snuff another woman on stage, it was the principle. He flicked off the microphone and moaned.

The Coopers seated Bailey firmly on the spit. She was standing in a puddle of blood on the ground. Her thighs were bloody and her body shook violently from being impaled. She was breathing, barely, but her breasts heaved and shook with the last of her dying breath.

There was an applause, at first only a few people but soon the audience was cheering.

He waited until it died down. "Well now," Perry said. "Now some of you might be thinking we faked this. John? Will you do the honors?"

John reluctantly tore his gaze away from the spitted porn star. His cock was swollen and soaking into his pants also. He looked in confusion before realizing that one of the stage hands held out a knife for him. He took it. "Oh!"

Chloe snatched the blade from his grip. "I get to do this."

John moaned and smiled.

The wife took the tip of the blade and pressed it against Bailey's spasming belly, right above the navel. Without much hesitation, she jammed it into the taut belly of the porn star.

Baily managed to shudder in pain.

Chloe cut open the star's belly, first slicing up until the blade was stopped by her ribs. Then she took a deep breath and shoved down, widening the cut until the blade seemed to get stuck her pelvis. Her cheeks flushed with excitement and smeared with blood, she cut to the side and back again, widening the cut until coils of intestines and other organs swelled out of the opening.

Then, with a sucking noise, Bailey's guts began to pour out onto the floor.

Chloe dropped the knife and shoved her hand in, burrowing past the falling organs to grab something.

It only took a moment to see past the blood-soaked hand and the pouring organs to see that Chloe had grabbed the spit inside Bailey and was pumping it like a large cock.

John joined it, grabbed intestines and yanking them out. He wasn't gentle either, he shoved great handfuls and pulled them out in a long swoop. Blood splattered across the stage as he violently, animalistically disemboweled the expiring porn star.

The wet splatters of organs and guts hitting the ground was an appropriate way to end the segment. Perry didn't have to do anything, just signal for the lights to dim and for him to walk off stage.


Chapter 10: Tara Crane

"Welcome back to Perry Singer. Today, we are asking the question, are porn stars just paid whores on television or do they really love their fans? So far in our show, we've seen both sides of the stories. Some prefer to get paid to enjoy their fans while others are willing to give it their all if simply asked."

He smiled to the blood-streaked audience. The smell of sex was heavy in the air as was blood, death, and cum. "When asked that question, they have given it their all but we have one more guest left for today. How about we give a big hand for the woman who started it all, Tara Crane!"

The audience surged to their feet as Tara came out from the opposite side of the stage. Her naked breasts shone with a light sheen of oil. Her body moved in all the perfect ways as she strode around the stage on a pair of red fuck-me pumps. She wore nothing else and wasn't shy about giving everyone a display of her bare pussy, lovely ass, and magnificent breast.

Being the last segment on the show, Perry was willing to give a little more time for the introduction. As his gesture, she headed down the short steps of the stage and into the audience.

Hands reached out for her, grabbing her breasts and sliding up between her legs. Her delighted moans filled the air as she was fingered and touched. A pair of hand-held cameras followed as they took in the literal porn scene that took almost twenty minutes to get across one end of the audience to the other. It would be cut, of course, but Perry was sure almost every single person got a chance to shove something into Tara's ass and pussy.

When she returned to the stage, he held out his arm and she came to give him a tight hug. The oil they used to make her body shimmer would ruin his suit but he enjoyed the press of a hot woman against his body and the way she cupped his growing hardness with one hand while kissing him.

"So, Tara, what did you think of the show so far?"

"It was fantastic. I got to see... and touch so many fans!" She smiled and squeezed his balls. "Seeing the rest of the ladies demonstrating their love for the audience has really inspired me and I can't wait to see how you want to finish with me."

"You know we're going to kill you, right?"

There was a hush over the audience.

"Is it going to hurt?"

He looked at her for a moment. "Yes, probably more than anything else in your life."

You could hear a pin drop in the audience. It was one thing to pretend that the cruel actions were a side effect of putting on a show, but to hear it said blatantly on the air had an impact Perry couldn't imagine.

Tara smiled. "Good. I want to feel every little bit if that is what my fans want." She turned her gaze to the audience. "Is that what you want?"

A few started to clap.

"Do you want to hear me scream on the audience? Do you want to see me snuffed right here in front of you?"

As she spoke, more and more stood up and the clapping grew louder. There were cheers and hoots.

"Come on, louder! Who wants to see me killed right here!"

The applause beat against Perry's chest, the sound of lust and hunger beating against his body. It was overwhelming and he felt dizzy with the intensity. He smiled broadly as he watched the cameras panning across the cheering folk.

He waited until it died down and then gestured for the hands to bring out the last prop. It was a set of stocks, stained dark wood with holes for her head and arms. There was also a wide wooden stool stained with the same color. Both the stool and the stocks were heavily used and smooth of years of usage, though most people wouldn't guess there was a bondage studio down the hall that let them use it.

Tara looked at it and smiled. "Public flogging?"

"No, better," Perry said with a smile.

A stage hand brought out the last part of the scene, a heavy copper tub. It was an antique like the rest but the rich oranges of the tub and tarnish were a perfect fit for the rest of the prop.

Tara looked at it with a growing smile. "So, what does my greatest fan want from me?"

"Well," Perry said, "let's put you on and find out."

With a bounce in her step, Tara walked around the stocks until she was standing behind it facing the audience. She bowed her head and started to kneel.

"No," he interrupted her.

"No," she asked as she straightened. "Other way?"

He nodded.

Tara strolled around the stocks, making a point of swaying her hips as she did. She pressed her body up against it and then slowly bent over, spreading her legs and giving a perfectly frame shot of her slick lips as a pair of hands helped her nestle her head and wrists into the holes of the stocks. The top went down over her with a satisfying thunk and one of the hands used a padlock to seal it.

"Now, she is put into place." Perry said as he strolled over. He was hard but didn't care. Casually, he took the stool with one hand and dragged it over.

Her body was warm against his body as he levered the stool underneath her hips and pushed up.

With a moan and a gasp, Tara lifted herself up on her toes until he could maneuver it underneath her hips. He pulled it back until she had to hook her thighs up on the edge and her ankles dangled off of each side. The position effectively stuck her ass out in the audience with nothing to obscure her splayed open pussy and clenching asshole to the cameras.

When he finished, she was completely supported on the stool but it almost looked like she was kneeling. It had to be an uncomfortable position but either Perry or Tara minded for different reasons.

Stage hands came rushing out. Two knelt down to tie her thighs and ankles to the stool. Others went around to set up cameras on the other side so one monitor was a closeup of her face and the other was a large display of her ass and pussy. By the time they pulled away, she was stretched out between the stocks and the stool, completely helpless.

Perry rolled the microphone in his hand. "For our last segment, I've had a special request by a Dr. Kerry Green."

An older man in the back row of the audience stood up and started to make his way down.

"After forty years of being the small town OB/GYN, he got a chance to retire. Actually, his retirement party was only last week and he is currently here in LA to celebrate with his beautiful, young wife."

There was a chuckle, his wife was almost seventy but that didn't matter.

"His secret desire, after so many years of seeing pussies in his face, was to do more than just pap smears and cervical exams. Today, we're going to let him do a bit of impromptu surgery on our last guest."

"Oh, god," moaned Tara. Her hips rose and fell but she could barely move in her confines. Her asshole clenched. Perry glanced up at the monitor and there was no mistaking the look of lust in her eyes.

Kerry reached out and shook Perry's hand as he came up. "Thank you."

Perry guided him to Tara's upturned buttocks. "So what do you think of her?"

With a trembling hand, Kerry reached out and ran his hand along her smooth butt. "She has the most beautiful asshole I had ever seen."

"What do you want to do?"

The audience was hushed as they wanted for the response.

"I want. I want to cut it out."

Applause rippled through the studio, it was hesitant at first but grew wider.

An assistant wheeled out a rolling tray covered with a thin green cloth. A camera followed as the assistant stopped next to Kerry and pulled the top cloth away to reveal a neatly lined set of scalpels, clamps, and other devices. Perry didn't know the name of half of them but it looked just like something out of a medical drama show.

Another hand brought out a chromed, adjustable stool and set it behind Tara's pert ass.

Kerry looked at them and then at Perry. His eyes were shimmering with unshed tears. "T-Thank you."

"Please, enjoy and let us see what our doctors secretly want to do to us."

Kerry wasted no time. He sat down and pulled on a pair of latex gloves. They snapped into place and a shudder raced through the audience. He took a moment to adjust the height and then reached up to caress Tara's ass and pussy.

On the monitor, Perry could see her look of delight. She clenched and unclenched he hands. "Feels good," she said.

"Not for long," Perry added.

Tara smiled at him. "Tease."

Kerry continued to stroke and push, sliding his finger into her lubricated ass and then to her pussy. He spread them wide to show the audience the bright pink of her insides before letting it close up. With a sigh of pleasure, he reached up and pressed his thumb against her sphincter.

On screen, in front of the studio audience, he slowly forced his thumb into her ass, twisting and sliding it into place. It was obscene, it was lewd, it was going to make Perry millions.

Kerry wasn't interested in fucking her. He jammed it deep and then hooked his thumb. With his other hand, he reached over to caress the scalpels before picking one up. His eyes glittered as he brought the blade up to the flawless skin around the puckered opening.

Tara moaned. "Keep going."

The blade touched.

She jumped, her eyes growing wide.

Perry leaned over to look at her. "Still want more?"

A droplet of blood formed underneath the sharp instrument.

"Yes!" she screamed.

Kerry did. He sliced into the flesh of her buttocks. Blood welled down around the cut but it didn't seem to bother him as he began to cut through her skin. The blade went up and over her tailbone and then down the other side. He had to change positions a few times to slice deeper into the skin. Working steadily, he cut across the perineum before finishing the circular cut.

Tara's eyes bulged out as she screamed, "Yes, yes!" Her entire body shook no doubt from the agony of being sliced open. Her knuckles were white.

Kerry tugged for a moment and then cut again, sliding the blade deeper into the bleeding cuts to cut through muscle and connective tissue. The cameras caught every spurt of blood and every tear as he pulled and tugged the wounds open by maneuvering the thumb in her ass.

Tara cried out, shuddering. Her feet flopped against her bounds, jumping up and down as she sobbed with pleasure and helplessness.

Perry could only watch on the large screen as he watched the doctor surgically cut out the beautiful woman's asshole. It was a marvel to see the blood blossoming but still see the twitching porn star underneath.

When Kerry suddenly pulled and the hunk of flesh pulled away, Perry jumped with surprise. The doctor had cut out Tara's asshole and the rectum was still connected. It looked like a pale tube or worm as he tugged the sphincter free and then pulled further. Connected organs swelled in the bloody opening.

Tara moaned and writhed as much as she could. It looked like she was having an orgasm.

Kerry reached in with his gloved hands and pulled out a large organ. Perry didn't care what it was, he couldn't look away as Kerry began to pull the intestines and bladder out through the opening. He guided it to the copper tub before slicing it away.

Setting the severed anus on the table. he grabbed Tara's intestines and began to pull them out of her ass. It was slowly, he was taking his time, but every slurp and splash send a shudder of excitement through the audience. When Perry looked over, they were staring in shock and excitement.

Kerry began to pull the coils of intestines out. When there was resistance, he would reach in and pull something, snapping it free. Each time, his hand went deeper into her body. Soon, his bloody gloves were dripping with her insides as he dropped more organs into the tub.

He stroked her pussy for a moment before reaching deeper into her ruined asshole, grabbing a handful of guts before puling them free.

Tara's stomach tightened and she cried out. There were tears in her eyes.

Perry walked over. "Tara, is this what he wanted?"

"Y-Yes!" she said, looking up as if she was in the middle of an orgasm.

"How are you feeling?"

"M-More! More!"

Kerry shoved his hand into her ass. Cameras caught sight of his fingers on the inside of her stomach, pushing out like a horror movie.

She sobbed with lust. "Please, more!"

Kerry jerked and twisted like a puppet. He pulled out another orgasm and dropped it into the tub.

It didn't take long for her to start fading. Her eyes were glazed over as her voice grew weaker. She shuddered and mouthed more encouragements, the lust on her face displayed on the large monitor.

Perry stared into her eyes as she was being gutted. A small part of him wondered if he went too far. A larger part, the one attached to his aching cock, encouraged him to keep watching as Kerry finished pulling her organs out of her ruined ass.

With each wet splat, there was a moan in the audience. They were fucking again, pounding each other in a cannibalistic orgy. They didn't care about partners, marriages, or anything else. It looked like a sea of naked bodies, cocks, and pussies. All of them were watching the screen but they were fucking at the same time.

Kerry was shoulder deep into Tara's body. His fingers deformed her skin as he quested for the last of her guts, grabbing them and pulling them free of the moorings of tissue, veins, and arteries that kept them in place. His bloody hands dripped as he pulled his arm free and dumped her insides into the bucket.

The only thing left was the beautiful shell of a former porn star.

Her eyes fluttered one last time.

And then she was gone.

Perry took a deep breath and let it out. He had come in his pants but didn't care. It was probably the most beautiful shot of the entire show, the show that will make him famous.


Very nice concept.
I can't say I liked all the victims, but I did enjoy the detail of the snuffing procedures :)


Any chance of a follow up with Mary, from chapter 7?


Not so far. I've finished the draft of the sequel, but it focuses on eight more porn stars (as the commissioner's request).


This is absolutely amazing.

A real tour-de-gore and sexy crawl through debauchery and mayhem. Complete with a few side-entanglements that really bring it to life.

Great work t'Sade!



Chapter 11: Ratings

A week later, Perry sat in a chair in front of the producer, John Gray. "So, do you have it?"

"I have six lawsuits going on and an FCC investigation. That is what I have," snapped the older man. He was sweating and kept reaching for a folder on his desk before pulling away.

"Yeah, but they still let it air."

"They let it because I had to bribe someone a million dollars to put it on the feed. Most of the show got cut off at the stations though."

Perry shrugged and sipped his coffee. "Yeah, but you had pay-per-view sites up and running. You were thinking about moving the show to the Internet anyways. Screw the FCC."

The producer sighed. "Yeah."

"So do you have it?"

"You cost me a lot of money."

With a smile, Perry shrugged. "Really? How much in advertising have you gotten?"

John looked away for a moment. He worked his jaw for a moment. "Fifteen million yesterday. I have close to a hundred million from this week alone."

"So ten million goes to the lawsuits, who cares. Now the question is, do you have the ratings?"

Reluctantly, the man pulled out a pad of paper and pushed it over.

Perry grabbed it and looked for his show. It was the first item on the page. Ninety-eight percent market share. He had the highest number of viewers ever. He set it down and smiled. "Let me tell you about the next one...."

The End

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