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My first story is in response to this prompt in Killer and Victim: (

Party Killer – Midnight Stabbings

Snuff, pain, rape, ws

Friday night, and I once again went to a party uninvited; just noticed that there was a party going on as I drove around town, parked at a supermarket a few blocks over, and walked on in. Despite the fact that I was unfamiliar with the people there, and they were certainly unfamiliar with me, my presence went unnoticed. Pretty much everyone was intoxicated, too concerned with getting laid, or both. I busied myself with walking around and consuming whatever food and beverages didn’t contain alcohol or drugs; getting intoxicated myself just wouldn’t suit me at that time. Being a serial killer, my purpose was to find someone and make their night the last one they will ever experience.

After an hour of wandering aimlessly and glancing at scantily clad women to determine if they were the ones for the night, I found my prey. Two young ladies in their early twenties who just arrived caught my attention when one told the other that she would help her find a guy to take her virginity. In my years of raping and killing young women at parties, finding a virgin was rare; well, attractive virgins, are at parties are rare.

From observing their conversation I learned that the virgin, a somewhat curvy girl with long black hair and huge breasts, was called Nina. She was just wearing a green dress that displayed her monumental cleavage, and black high heels. Despite Nina’s appearance, I could also tell from the fact that she rarely spoke in the conversation, and that she seemed nervous when she did talk, that this is not what she enjoyed doing. She was probably used to staying in her room on a computer; probably playing video games or watching anime, if I had to guess. The innocence I could perceive made her made her a much more interesting target to me than the girls who were drunk and drugged up.

Her friend was a completely different person all together. Called Ariana, she was a petite black girl with shoulder-length neon hair. While not as massive as Nina’s, Ariana had a fairly large pair of breasts; whereas Nina’s were watermelons, Ariana’s were closer to a small cantaloupe. Ariana’s wardrobe consisted of a pink low-cut tank top that bared her flat midriff, and a black miniskirt. This one was also much more talkative, had a vivacious personality, and spoke with a English accent. While not as innocent as her friend, I knew I wanted her as well, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get both of them at the time.
I stayed within sight of Nina and Ariana as much as possible. I mostly listened to them talk while making the occasional glance towards them. I don’t know if either of them ever knew I was there, but I remember seeing Ariana look in my direction briefly. Other than that, neither confronted me.

After what was probably another half-hour, Ariana went off with some blonde muscular guy, leaving Nina by herself. Nina’s social anxiety became clear as she panicked about being left alone at a party full of strangers. Now I only had to get her isolated from the other party goers, and I would be in luck. My fortune was great, because less than two minutes after Ariana abandoned her, Nina left the party to take a walk. Unfortunately for her, I was not far behind.

I kept close enough to Nina that I wouldn’t lose sight of her, but far enough to decrease the chance of being caught. That was downside of stalking a woman who wasn’t in a mentally impaired, especially when the rest of the neighborhood outside of the party was rather silent at this time. If she screamed now the entire neighborhood would hear it, and, even with only the faint glow of the streetlights, I would run the risk of being caught. I could have just rushed her and slit her throat before she could scream, and then run off; that wouldn’t have suited me, since I wouldn’t have been able to rape her without worrying about someone, like a cop, driving by while I was in the act. Still, I was prepared to settle for a kill if I couldn’t get her to a secluded area before she turned back to the party.

That wasn’t going to be necessary, because her midnight stroll left the sidewalks of the suburban neighborhood and took us into a nearby park, where she followed a trail. The trees and bushes around the trail grew thick enough that it was impossible to see the streetlights, and the city clearly didn’t feel it was important to put some lights up along this trail. I knew that would be the best chance I would get to make the kill.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a switchblade. Before Nina registered that I was coming at her, I closed the distance and threw my left arm around her neck. She screamed, and squirmed in my grip, as I slammed the blade into her breasts several dozen times. I let her drop to her knees before pulling her back up by her hair, and stuck the entire length of the 12 centimeter blade into her throat. When I released her she fell to the ground clutching at her throat and spitting up blood.

While Nina writhed on the ground, I placed the knife in the grass, then pulled down my pants and boxers. Her dress was short enough that I only had to rip off her panties to expose her fuzz-covered pussy.

Her womanhood was already wet when I inserted my member, signaling that she probably pissed herself in sheer terror; perhaps she was just sexually excited, but I really didn’t care either way. Despite the fact that she had a plump ass, her cunt was quite a tight fit as my cock burrowed deeper. I soon broke through her hymen, and felt the warm blood trickling around my cock.

“Heh, guess you really are a virgin,” I grunted.

I went in and out of her sex, and each thrust forward went deeper. I felt the muscles inside of her hole tear as my swollen dick pushed further into her formerly-untouched sex. Nina tried to scream: to protest; but each attempt was an unintelligible gargle accompanied by spats of blood hitting the trail, and followed by convulsions of agony.

I ignored her death cries and continued fucking her pussy with increasing speed. With each passing second her attempts to protest grew weaker, until her only input was to occasionally cough up a slurry of blood onto the ground.

Shortly after Nina’s body convulsed violently one last time and stopped moving forever. I felt warm liquid around my cock and a musky smell rose into the air, as her bladder signified her body’s complete surrender.

“Too bad you didn’t last long enough to feel me cum in your womb,” I grunted at the corpse.

Feeling Nina die as I fucked her was the stimulation that I needed to take my arousal to the next level. Ecstasy washed over me and it only took twenty more thrusts to come. When the last bit of my sperm shot into Nina’s dead womb I collapsed on top of her corpse in exhaustion. I laid there for five minutes, catching my breath and trying to stay awake, before I mustered the strength to get up.

I regained my strength in time, because seconds later a familiar voice echoed around the park.

“Nina! Did you run into this park again? I found a boy who you might get along with! Let’s get back to the party,” Ariana’s voice boomed out of the darkness.

“Shit!” I spat.

I quickly grabbed my knife and hid myself in the foliage before she reached sight of me.

“Nina, I know you’re in… Nina?”

Ariana stopped as soon as she saw Nina laying on the ground. She ran over to her friend and dropped to the ground next to her. A few seconds later she jumps back several feet and high-pitched shrieks cut through the silence.

When I emerged from the bushes running at her she only stared, like a deer in headlights, as I covered the distance in less than five seconds. I buried the knife deep into her abdomen, and her screaming became grunts as the pain washing over her made it impossible for her to draw breath to scream. I swiveled the blade around in her belly, tearing internal organs, and looked into her eyes as her face contorted with pain. After two minutes I pulled the knife out and grabbed her by the head. I looked into her tear-filled eyes for a few seconds, before I drove the knife through her chin, going through the roof of her mouth, and all the way into her brain. Even in the darkness I could see the life fade from her eyes. I pulled the knife out and Ariana’s body crumpled to the ground; her panties turned yellow and a puddle of urine spread out underneath her body.

As much as I was ready to leave, there was a surge of lust that had to be satisfied first. I started removing her clothes one piece at a time, and laid her naked corpse spread-eagle in the middle of the trail. I started slowly squeezing her breasts in my hands, and kissing their soft flesh. I made sure to sample each nipple between my teeth a few times, and my hands pushed their way down to her ruined belly. My right hand moved slowly down her hips and across her thighs before cupping around her shaved labia. I inserted my left index finger into her hole and prodded around. Then I moved my right hand to my erect member and guided it to her entrance before inserting it.

My hands rested firmly on Ariana’s dead tits as my cock thrust in-and-out. After a few minutes I let out a long grunt when my seed ejaculated into her hole. When I finished, I gave her a long kiss on the lips before standing up.

I walked over to Nina’s corpse and removed her dress, just out of fairness. Despite being slashed to hell, I kissed her huge breasts and sucked on her nipples. Another long kiss on the lips and I made my way out.

I walked quietly back to my van and left town, before stopping at a motel three hours later. Around that time a huge rainstorm rolled into the town, and the bodies went undiscovered until three days later.


Here's a rewrite/completion of one started in Killers and Victims.

Early Morning Killing Spree

Snuff, Pedo, Gore, Piss, Necro

Ralph Holland sat in his car holding a .500 S&W Magnum in his hand, constantly fidgeting with it and turning it over in his hand. This is how Ralph spent the last hour; playing with the gun, even pointing it at his own head a few times, and thinking about one thing: Kaori Harada, and her new lover.

Kaori had been Ralph’s friend since she was only seven, shortly after her family immigrated from Japan. Over the years, as Kaori grew from a little girl into a woman, Ralph began to have feelings for her, and on more than one occasion Ralph found himself jerking off to romantic or lustful fantasies about her. It wasn’t hard to fall in love with her; Kaori was overtly kind, funny, and easy going. On top of that, she was attractive, with an average height and fit body, shoulder-length hair that was usually dyed red, and sizable breasts that she always seemed to show off with loose-fitting tops. Considering his feelings and their long-lasting friendship, Ralph was certain that they were destined to be together, whenever he got up the courage to ask her out.

His plans to make Kaori came crashing down the day before, however. She called Ralph and three other friends to lunch with her and her roommate, Nora Hampton, saying she had something big to tell them. She told everyone that she was a lesbian, and that she fell in love with a woman by the name of Karla Caldwell. Ralph and everyone else congratulated Kaori and assured her that she had their approval, and Ralph wasn’t even upset at first. However, after he got home and thought about the fact that it destroyed any chance he might have with being her boyfriend, and seething hatred welled up to consume his every thought.
He spent most of the night, unable to sleep, dreaming up ways to end Kaori’s relationship with Karla. Eventually the elaborate plans to get them to break up became plans to commit murder. At around four o'clock Ralph, deciding to act on his anger, climbed out of bed, put on a t-shirt and blue jeans, stole a gun from his dad’s gun cabinet, and drove off.

He parked out in front of Kaori’s apartment, since he’d need to get Karla's address from her first. At around five fifteen, Ralph got out of the car. He placed the gun in his right pants pocket, although he wasn’t expecting things to get too complicated at this point, and told himself that he just didn’t want anyone stealing it out of his car. He walked across the sidewalk and upstairs to her apartment. He rang the doorbell several times, and a minute later someone answered the door.

“Oh, good morning Ralph. What brings you here so early?”

Nora Hampton, a short, average, woman with wavy waist-length blonde hair, stood beaming at Ralph from the doorway. She had on a white t-shirt that wrapped tightly around her natural E-cup breasts and knee-length blue jeans shorts, and from the looks of it she just now put both of those on.

“Is Kaori awake?”

“Oh, uh, yeah. I think she’s getting ready,” Nora replied, not at all hiding the disappointment in her voice; Ralph knew that she liked him, but he was too focused on Kaori to consider her an option. However, he ignored her tone and moved on to why he was here.

“Call her in here, and tell her Ralph would like to talk,” and, realizing his tone was too harsh and demanding, he added “please?”

“Sure. Why don’t you come in and take a seat while I go get her?”

Ralph entered the apartment and sat on the edge of their red couch as Nora closed the front door and went into the other room.

While Nora grabbed Kaori, Ralph sat there adjusting his position frequently, and trying to think of what he was going to say when they came back. Lost in his thoughts, Ralph failed to notice the gun slipping further out of his pocket each time he moved.

“I don’t think you’ve ever visited me this early,” Kaori said sleepily.

Kaori entered the living room with Nora, wearing a pink see-through shirt that gave him a good view of the black bra underneath, and black pants. Her red hair was clearly just brushed, and a little damp; that, coupled with the smell of strawberries emanating from her body, suggested that she just emerged from the shower.

“So, what do you want to talk to me about?” She inquired.

“Well, I-um, I-I…”, Ralph closed his eyes and mentally banished any fear that was keeping him from asking his question, “ I wanted to know about Karla,” he said hastily, and once again sounded demanding.

“Karla?” Kaori asked, with surprise and even a twinge of hurt from Ralph’s tone.

Sensing that things were going to get heated, Nora immediately decided that she better not watch this. “I gotta be at work in an hour, so I better go shower and get ready,” she said before rushing off into the bathroom. Neither Ralph or Kaori paid her any attention.

“How did you meet her, anyways?”

“Karla?” Kaori asked again, which annoyed Ralph; although, he tried to hide it.

“Yeah, her. When and how did you meet her?”

“Well, Nora babysits her little sister sometimes, and occasionally I go over to bring them lunch. I met Karla during a few visits, and we quickly bonded.”

“And you never introduced or even mentioned her to the group?” Ralph raised his voice, and this time there was no regret or attempt to amend his tone.

“You’re not upset are you? I mean, you seemed perfectly fine yesterday.”

“I really didn’t think about it until I got home,” he said firmly, no longer even attempting to mask his emotions.

Tears filled Kaori’s eyes, although she tried to hold them back as she spoke, “I didn’t think you’d judge me for, well… for being who I am… you always supported me.”

“I have nothing against homosexuality or anything, but I always imagined, well…”

“Well… you always imagined what, exactly?” Kaori cut in as Ralph started stammering.

“I-I always imagined us together. You know? Since I was your first friend, after all.” After that, Ralph found himself unable to even look at Kaori.

She also didn’t know how to respond, and twirled a strand of hair in her index finger, before saying “I-I will admit that I once thought we’d end up together, when you never asked me out I gave up waiting for you. Then I started realizing that I found other girls attractive more than guys. I figured you wouldn’t be jealous, and just be happy that I’m happy.”

“I’m sorry I was too much of a coward to ask you out, but I’d like a chance. Can ya give me that much? Please?” Ralph begged.

“I’m sorry Ralph, but it’s just too late. I already have someone.”

“Then dump her.”

“I can’t do that to her just like that. No! I’m the first person she ever fell in love with! It would crush her if I just abandoned her like that. I just couldn’t hurt her like that.”

“But you can hurt your best friend instead?”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, though. I’m sorry,” she replied.

Ralph stormed up from the couch, about to yell at her, when the sound of something clattering to the floor froze both of them in place. Ralph looked down and saw that the gun had fallen out of his pocket. Kaori looked at it in terror, and at first she didn’t know what to say, not until Ralph reached down to pick it up.

“Why did you bring that? Are you planning to hurt me?” She asked.

“Just give me the address to Karla’s place and I’ll leave,” he demanded.

Kaori, without even thinking about it, shook her head. “No! E-even if you kill me, I will not let you murder an innocent woman just for dating me.” She looked at Ralph defiantly, and masking the fear of knowing he could kill her at any moment. When he didn’t, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. In the verge of crying, Kaori told Ralph, “I hate that you destroyed our friendship because someone made me happy. I also hate what I’m about to do, but I have to call the cops.”

Ralph, overwhelmed with anger and fear, and unable to think clearly, decided to shoot the phone out of Kaori’s hands. He pulled the trigger, and the thunderous crack rang out through the apartment. When Ralph realized what he had just done, he was aghast.

“Ka-Kaori?” He muttered nervously.

Kaori collapsed to the floor milliseconds after Ralph pulled the trigger. She laid there on her back writhing as blood poured from the front in back of her neck, from a hole going through it a few centimeters from the center. Kaori’s face, contorted with pain and soaked with tears, looked up at him; her mouth opened, but no words came out, just a wet raspy sound followed by a foam of blood and saliva.

“Kaori I-I am so sor…”

Nora rushed into the living room with a towel wrapped around her torso. Ralph, still confused by the flood of emotions, swiveled the gun towards Nora and fired three times. Each bullet slammed into her abdomen, and her body jerked back with each strike. The towel flew from her body as she stumbled backwards and crashed down onto her table, spread eagle with her bushy womanhood on full display. Her hands went to the holes in her belly, which bled excessively.

“Why did I do that?” Ralph screamed and dropped the gun.

As if just realizing that she had been shot, Nora drowned out Ralph’s outcry of guilt with screams of agony. “Help me! Please!” She yelled repeatedly, before the pain became too much and she couldn’t speak coherently anymore.

Ralph picked up the gun and walked over to Nora. She looked up at him with hate-filled eyes as he approached.

“I’m so sorry, Nora. Forgive me, but I’m going to ease your suffering. Forgive me…” He placed the barrel against her temple.

“Please,” Nora murmured; whether begging him to spare her or to end her suffering, he wasn’t certain.

He pulled the trigger; Nora’s head jerked back under the force and her blonde hair blew back as her brain matter splattered on the floor. Piss shot out of her urethra and formed a long, narrow, damp spot on the carpet.

“Kaori…” Ralph muttered and walked over to her.
Her body twitched sporadically, a huge red spot coated the carpet around her, and the crotch of her jeans was soaked with piss. Her mouth still opened and closed, fleetingly trying to take in air, but the raspy sounds were no longer audible.
Ralph was about to shoot her in the head to end her suffering, but a lustful urge overtook him. He held her in his arms and kissed her deeply, and he became so lost in the act that he didn’t even register the taste of blood as his tongue explored the inside of her mouth. He felt her body spasm in his grip, and when he finally pulled away, her eyes were vacant and her body limp.

For a few seconds a familiar sensation spread across his body, centered around his groin, and he felt the urge to undress Kaori and have sex with her corpse. He quickly shook the idea from his head, telling himself that he wasn’t a sicko. He turned away before the idea could return.

When he turned away, the first thought that went through Ralph’s head was that it would be fitting to press the gun up to his own temple and pull the trigger one last time. In fact, he did raise the gun for a brief second, and then realized that he didn’t have the nerve to go through with it.

Instead, he would take out his grief on the bitch who stole Kaori’s love from him in the first place. Although he was worried that he might have difficulty finding her, he eventually found her address in Nora’s phone after fifteen minutes of searching.

Karla didn’t live far, and the drive to her house only took six minutes. The place was a two-story suburban house, and he guessed that Karla still lived with her parents; or she was an older woman, but Ralph thought it was unlikely.

He pulled up to the driveway and walked up to the door.

“Hello? If it’s Kaori, you will have to wait, because Karla’s in the shower with Alice,” a woman’s voice yelled when he rang the doorbell.

Ralph ignored the woman and continued, not bothering to say a word.

“Hold the fuck on!” She yelled, and Ralph soon heard footsteps approaching the front door.

A petite woman with chin-length messy black hair answered the door in a pink nightgown; from the strands of hair sticking out underneath, it was safe to say that she wasn’t wearing panties. The woman appeared to be in her late twenties, although Ralph figured that mid-thirties was more likely.

“Do you know Karla Caldwell?” Ralph asked, even though he knew the answer.

“Yeah, I am here mother. Now, what is it you want?”

“I came to see her,” he replied.

“Karla doesn’t date guys, and she’s with someone,” she snapped, “and you don’t look like any of her friends, so go away.”

Before she could shut the door, Ralph pulled the gun from his pocket and waved it in her face. “I will see your daughter, whether you want me to or not, you fucking bitch.”

Astonished, the woman stepped several feet back with her eyes wide open. She stepped back further into the living room as Ralph advanced over the threshold. He shut the door and locked it before fully turning his attention to the lady, who only looked on in fear as he walked towards her.
“I wish I could let you live, but you would likely call the cops before I could pay your daughter back for ruining my life.”

Ralph aimed the gun directly at her face and pulled the trigger, splattering blood and brain tissue behind her and sending her flying back where she crashed to the floor with her legs spread out.

Ralph ascended the stairs to the upper floor, and the sound of running water brought him to the third door from the landing. He pulled a few more bullets out of his pocket and loaded them into the gun, then he grabbed the doorknob.

Unsurprisingly, since they thought that their mother was the only other person in the house, the door wasn’t locked. Ralph pushed the door opened quietly and entered the bathroom. Two figures could be seen through the shower curtains at the end of the long narrow bathroom, and it seemed they failed to notice Ralph’s intrusion. As he moved closer, the lights over the sink cast a shadow over the curtain, and the head of a young girl peaked around the curtain for the briefest moment before disappearing.

“There’s a man out there!” A terror-filled voice whispered suddenly.

“Don’t play jokes, I know it’s just mom,” another voice said.

He heard movement, but before the other girl could take a look, Ralph grabbed the curtain and yanked it hard enough that the curtain rod clattered to the floor. Two terrified naked girls stared at Ralph, knowing that something bad was about to happen to them.

The girl standing on right, possibly nineteen-years-old, had shoulder-length brown hair, and bright blue eyes. She was also petite; were it not for her fully-developed breasts and puffy nipples, even if they were small, and the trimmed bush around her lady bits, she could pass for much younger.

The other girl was clearly much younger; probably nine or ten, sporting long jet-black hair. Her preadolescent chest was flat and undeveloped, and her lady parts were hairless and untouched.

“I assume that you are Karla Caldwell,” Ralph said as he waved the gun in the brown-haired girl's face.

“Y-yes. What do you want with me? Please don’t hurt me,” she drew back against the wall as she answered, trying fruitlessly to get away from his gun.

“Kaori was supposed to be my girlfriend, but you stole her,” Ralph snarled.

“I didn’t even-”

“I don’t care about your fucking excuses. I want you to turn around and thrust your ass out towards me. You can get some dick before I kill you, which is more than Kaori got.”
“Wait! Kaori’s d-dead?”

“Yeah. If you hadn’t taken her she’d still be alive.”

“Kaori’s dead… Oh my God...” she repeated before putting her hands over her face.

“Quit bawling and present your cunt to me, or I’ll make sure that it can never be used.”

Karla mere shook her head and uttered something.

“What?” Ralph ordered.

Karla wiped her eyes, looked at Ralph defiantly, and said “I said 'no,' because I’m not into cocks. Just leave me alone.”

“I will shoot you if I you don’t obey me,” he warned her.

“I don’t care! Shoot me, because I can be reunited with Kaori,” and she closed her eyes, bracing for a bullet to the head.

However, instead of blowing her brains out, he lowered the gun before pulling the trigger. BANG! Karla screamed out as blood gushed from a hole that used to be her mons, and she slid down into the tub with her hands cupped over her ruined womanhood.

The little girl jumped out of the tub, screaming, as Karla’s blood streamed towards her.

“If you had cooperated, I was just going to blow your brains out afterwards and leave. But I think I’ll let you watch your sister die first.”

“Alice… run!” Karla grunted.

Alice did try to run, but Ralph grabbed her by the arm. Alice screamed and tried to pull away, but she didn’t have the strength, and he effortlessly put her on the counter with her ass in the sink.

“Let me go you creepy mot-mmhmmhmm”

Her words were cut off as Ralph shoved the barrel into her mouth. Tears drenched her face, and before Ralph even pulled the trigger Alice started pissing in the sink. Ralph waited a second for her to feel her own urine around her ass, and then he pulled the trigger. The mirror over the sink was instantly covered in red as the bullet blew the back of her head off. Alice’s body spasmed for another minute while piss continued to spray from her body.

Karla wailed louder than before, and called out her sister’s name hysterically over and over.

“It’s time to finish this,” Ralph told her as he replaced the used bullets and looked at her. “But don’t think you will be getting an instant death.”

Ralph pointed the gun at the girl’s left knee and blew out her kneecap. He then repeated the process with the right kneecap. The pain was overwhelming, and she collapsed onto her side. Then Ralph placed the barrel against each one of her nipples and pulled the trigger, before putting the last bullet into her throat.

Ralph looked over at Karla as she writhed in a tub of her own blood, yet somehow he felt she deserved to suffer more. So he turned off the cold water and turned the hot up to full blast. Then he plugged the drain before switching to the faucet; as Karla was directly underneath it, her face got the blast of scalding hot water. The pitch of her muffled screams intensified as the tub started to fill with hot water and blood. She died in less than thirty seconds, but those thirty seconds were filled with the worst agony of her life.

As he turned to leave, the sight of Alice’s untouched prepubescent pussy brought the same lust he felt in Kaori’s apartment. Perhaps because this little girl didn’t mean anything to him, or he heard police sirens in the distance and knew that this was his last chance to get laid, he wasn’t able to ignore the urge this time. Although he never thought he’d be turned on by a dead preteen, Ralph was going to give up his virginity to one.

He moved Alice’s body onto the floor for a less awkward position, and caused pieces of brain to cascade out of the back of her head. Ralph was amazed at how fragile the girl’s limp body felt in his arms, and the vacant eyes along with the crimson in her gaping mouth amplified her helpless appearance. When he laid her on the floor, her smooth undeveloped pussy seemed even more inviting.

Ralph unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock. He positioned himself over Alice’s body and guided his member to her girlhood; warm blood trickled around it as he tore through her hymen and penetrated her tight hole. Once in, he embraced her in his arms and pulled her up to his chest as he thrust all the way in.

Ralph grunted with discomfort as his cock tore through Alice’s tight girlhood, but he ignored the pain and continued until he hit he cervix. Ecstasy soon overpowered the pain as he continued to ram his dick into her pussy; his frequency increased every few seconds. He was so aroused that he didn’t last long, and after four minutes his ecstasy climaxed. He pumped his seed into Alice’s dead womb until he felt it spilling out around his cock.

After he squeezed out the last drop, he collapsed with Alice still in his arms. Instead of leaving, he just continued slowly fucking the girl as he tried to catch his breath.

It was too late, anyways. He heard cop cars outside and someone banging on the front door. Rather than run, he picked up the .500 S&W and fired a bullet through Alice’s head to get their attention. Just as he reloaded the gun he heard break down the door. With the gun aimed at the bathroom door, he continued fucking Alice as footsteps drew closer and closer.


Mother and Daughter Execution

Snuff, teen, masturbation, gore, explosive, ws, scat

There was simply no place in the world for Francine Myers, and according to the law she should never have been born in the first place.

Following the war with China, the parts of North America not destroyed by nuclear fire were overrun with bands of raiders or fell under the control of despots. One such despot, going as Cain the First, created his own kingdom in what was once the Northwest United States and British Columbia. To preserve resources, Cain decreed that every couple must get royal approval to reproduce. The punishment for having an unauthorized child was harsh: death. Not only that, but the unauthorized child would be executed first while the parents were forced to watch.

Fourteen years ago, Francine’s parents gave birth to her without royal approval. With the help of a friend with ties to the system, they managed to modify the database to make Francine’s birth seem legit. Then, six months ago, that man was arrested for an unrelated scam. In exchange for his own freedom, he told the authorities about several families he faked records for, including the Myers Family. When the police came to arrest them her dad gave his life so that she and her mother could escape, but his sacrifice was in vain. When they tried climbing out of the bedroom window into the backyard an officer spotted them and they were arrested.

Francine and her mother were placed in separate cells for the duration of their trials, which were decided in a week without them even making an appearance in court. Francine was sentenced to death, as was her mom, and it would be carried out the following week.

On her special day, Francine laid on the cold stone bed watching the cell door with a grim expression. She had to use her knee-length blonde hair as a pillow, as they didn’t provide her with one.

She only wore a thin white bra and matching thin white panties. Although she was given a light-brown shirt and a pair of pants, she chose not to wear them. Francine, since she was old enough to change her own clothes, only wore them when she had to, as she was most comfortable in nothing but her skin. She was also quite proud of her body, and starting at the age of nine she always wore the most revealing outfits she could get away with. Even with the end of her life being imminent, she found that her old habits were hard to kick. The prison staff never seemed to care when they came in to deliver meals or escort her to the shower.

The buzzer over the door sounded out and Francine sat up. The door opened and a woman with short black hair wearing an olive-green military uniform walked through the door.

“Miss Myers, your execution will take place in approximately one hour. I’m here to escort you to the showers so you may prepare yourself,” the woman droned grimly.

Francine held out her hands as the woman put her in handcuffs. Then she quietly followed the woman out of cell, where another guard waited, and down the long hallway. Since her arrival, Francine’s personality has become one of compliance, and, other than to answer a few yes or no questions, she hasn’t said much. Francine did cry quite a bit the first few days, and again when the guards told her that she had been sentenced to death, but otherwise she was quiet and seemed more apathetic than anything else. The sense of dread has sent her into a deep depression and, paradoxically, she just wanted this to be over: even if being over meant the end of her life.

The guards stopped Francine in front of a steel door while the blonde guard entered a password to open it. Once inside she removed the handcuffs and left the room.

The other guard, a curvy redhead, entered the room and unlocked a large cabinet along the right wall.

“When you get out, you may choose any outfit out of the Last Wardrobe instead of the standard lockers, if you’d like” the woman told her.

The Last Wardrobe contained nicer clothes, and was only opened for someone who was going to be executed; a way of allowing them to die with some dignity.

“You have up to fourty-five minutes to shower and get ready. When you’re done just press this red button,” and she pointed to a small red button on the wall next to the door, “and if you don’t come out in the allotted time, we will come in and remove you by whatever means necessary. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Francine uttered.

The two guards exited the shower room and locked the door.

“Well, guess this is it,” she sighed as she took off her bra and panties.

Francine stepped through the door at the other end of the room and went for the nearest shower head and turned it on. She just stood for ten minutes letting the warm water splash her face before cascading over her shoulders and down her long hair. Usually showers were in the evening, and Francine had to shower with at least a dozen other girls at a time; many, to her frustration, were not the least bit shy about slapping her ass and boobs. Because of that, Francine was joyous to shower alone for the first time in weeks, and she wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. When Francine did start applying soap she took another twenty-five minutes, most of which was washing the same body part over and over. Almost thirty minutes after stepping into the shower, she finally turned off the water and left.

Francine didn’t bother with the special clothes, or even the standard clothes. After drying herself off she pressed the red button signaling the guards that she was done.

The dark-haired woman remained as stoic as ever, but the redheaded guard was a little more than shocked to see Francine standing there naked.

“Aren’t you going to put some clothes on?” The woman asked as the other placed the handcuffs back on.

Francine looked at her with defiance and said, “I’d rather die in what I'm most comfortable in.”

“I suppose that’s somewhat… admiral. Although, I’m sure you know that this is streamed, right?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to make sure that my body could be enjoyed by guys across the nation.” Francine replied.

The black-haired guard coughed at Francine’s response.

Francine didn’t care. She was proud of her body, and didn’t see any shame in showing it off. She was petite with perky medium breasts, and a round, firm ass. She did expose one of her breasts to a boy at school, but no guy has seen her bottom parts yet; except for her father when he changed her diapers. So this was her last chance for boys to see all of her; however, there was a twinge of pain knowing that her assets would never be touched.

The guards didn’t say anything else as they escorted her to the execution ground.

They walked her out to a field behind the prison complex. Francine would have enjoyed the fresh air more if it wasn’t December; she stepped out onto the field the icy wind blasted any warmth from her wet skin, and the a powerful chill pierced her body to the bones. Her nipples stiffened and each step onto the snowy field brought a sharp gasp from her lips.

“I bet you wish you wore something now, don’t you?” The redheaded guard teased.

Francine ignored her and kept walking. The sun shining over a forest just on the edge of the field lifted her spirits a little, even if it was a little blinding. Her body quickly became desensitized to the cold, anyways, and she was able to ignore the discomfort.

“Francine! Oh my God!” A woman yelled out.

“Mom! Mom!” She responded, in what was probably the largest display of emotion in Francine’s life.

The guards tightened their grip on Francine’s arms to prevent her from running over to her. They were held at the same prison complex, but prisoners were segregated by age group, and the last time Francine saw her mother was the night they were arrested.

“Hey, that’s my daughter you bitches! Be gentle!” The woman tried to run at the guards, but the two responsible for guarding her restrained her before she could.

“Shut your fucking mouth. We’ll handle all prisoners as we see fit,” one of them said before slapping Francine’s mother in the head.

Ahead there was four camera crews and several other guards; all female, as the rest of the prison staff. A masked woman stood next to a giant tool cabinet and holding a tablet. Beyond her was a massive hole with a wooden bridge running across it.

The guards led Francine to the masked woman and removed the handcuffs.

“Now, if you make any attempts to run, you should know that we will shoot you down before you even finish thinking about making such an attempt,” the black-haired woman threatened.
Francine nodded in agreement, signaling her intents to comply.

“Good,” the masked woman began, turning their attention towards her, “now we can begin.”
She opened the tool cabinet and brought out a small tin box and opened it. After pulling out what looked like six ball bearings she closed the lid and returned the box to where she got it.

“Take these,” the woman said and handed them to Francine, “just place them in your mouth and swallow them like pills,” she continued when Francine expressed confusion.

She looked at them for a second longer. Each one was a metal sphere two centimeters in diameter, but she knew that she didn’t have much of a say. Grimacing, she placed each one on her tongue and, with painful effort, swallowed. By the time the last one went down she had a strong urge to vomit.

“Good, now go to the middle of the bridge and wait,” the woman ordered as she did something on her tablet.

Francine briefly wondered what that was for before deciding it would be easier if she didn’t know. Her thoughts than filled with the realization that she was walking to her death.

The hole was massive; easily three meters wide and about five meters deep. The bridge was only a meter wide and without railings, and dried blood coated much of it further to the center. Francine almost wanted to just let herself fall in to end it quickly, rather than face whatever horrible execution they have planned, but one look down changed her mind; at the bottom were the mangled corpses of other girls who, judging by their relative freshness, were executed earlier that day. Even through the cold, the smell of shit, urine, and decaying corpses brought the urge to vomit back, and Francine did gag before the feeling passed.

“Everything will be over soon, sweetie, and I’m sorry we let you down,” her mother called out before bursting into tears.

Francine didn’t respond, because she would break down too if she did. Instead she just turned around and smiled at her before she sat down.
Some of guards and camera women expressed surprise and even disgust as Francine spread her legs and placed her middle finger into her pussy. Francine didn’t care; she had to take her mind off of the situation, and this has been the only thing during her imprisonment that alleviated her depression. Her mother, surprisingly, was not even perturbed, because she knew that Francine got her sexual side from her. If they were at home she would have been pissed, but now she was just happy that her daughter could find some comfort.

In fact, not only did it calm her mind, it allowed her to replace the thoughts about her impending death with more pleasurable memories. She remembered that boy she showed her tit to two years ago, and when he showed her his cock. She imagined that was thrusting in and out of her girlhood instead of her middle finger, and she quickly entered a state of ecstasy. Her moans rushed out over the field as she lost herself in the act. She ran her tongue around inside of her own mouth and even licked her lips, exploring it, and imagining that boy's tongue. Then she imagined one the girls in her class, and that sent her over the edge.

Her orgasm didn’t get to fully unravel, because at that moment an intense pain erupted inside of her stomach. Her eyes shot open and she doubled over as blood exploded up her esophagus to be sprayed out in massive chunks. Blood also sprayed from holes that were just ripped open. Urine and blood poured from her crotch. The metal ball bearings she swallowed were actually tiny bombs, and they exploded all at once.

The pressure wave and bomb fragments obliterated her internal organs, and some of the fragments burst through her soft belly. If there wasn’t so much blood coming out of her throat, she would be screaming. Her mother was screaming when she saw blood pouring from her daughter like a fountain. When shit and blood gushed from her asshole that was it for her, and Francine fell unconscious seconds later.
One of the guards walked carefully across the bridge and approached Francine’s body.

“She’s still moving!” The woman yelled.

“Probably just postmortem spasms, go ahead and put her in the hole,” the masked woman replied.

Francine’s mother wailed when the guard placed her foot on her daughter’s body and shoved it into the hole.

“Ariel Myers will be executed immediately!” The masked woman said as she opened her tool cabinet again.

Ariel Myers, mother of Francine Myers, was only fifteen years older than her daughter. She shared the same petite physique and round that Francine had, but her chest-length hair was ginger and frizzy. Her breasts were larger too, with puffy nipples.

Ariel wasn’t an exhibitionist like her daughter, at least not anymore, and her outfit was relatively more conservative. She had a bright pink polo and knee-length purple skirt, and brown boots.
The guards walked her over to the masked woman and removed all restraints.

“If you are wearing panties drop them,” she demanded.

“I-I thought we could die with whatever we had on?” Ariel asked, alarmed.

“Just do it! You can pull them back up when I’m through with you. Now hurry up so you can reunite with your daughter and we can move on,” she snapped.

Ariel reluctantly followed the woman’s instructions, and lifted her skirt to push her white cotton panties down to her ankles.

“Good girl,” the masked woman said as she brought out a long box.

This time she pulled six metal cylinders, each ten centimeters across and three centimeters in diameter. Ariel flinched before the woman reached underneath her skirt, and had to bite her lip to keep from making noise as she inserted three of the cylinders into her pussy, and she did let out several audible gasps as she shoved one into her asshole. Then put the last two underneath Ariel’s shirt, sticking them into her cleavage.

“Now go and stand in the middle of that bridge,” the woman ordered.

Ariel sniveled as she walked to her doom. Each step, as her thighs moved back and forth, she felt the sticks inside of her, driving her insane. Still, she dreaded what the things were going to do to her more than anything else. When she arrived at the center of the bridge she stood as close to the edge as possible.

One minute later, and the devices exploded, shrouding Ariel in smoke, a mist of blood, and a flurry of pulverized flesh and bone. They obliterated her torso, and the remaining chunks rained down into the pit with the other bodies.

The camera crews and several guards approached the hole for confirmation, before the execution was officially declared a success.
Prisoners continued to be executed until midnight. Then the massive hole was filled in and the execution crews went home to prepare for next week’s executions.

Francine’s masturbation during her execution quickly gained popularity around the Kingdom. Cain himself viewed it, and promptly decreed that attractive women and girls could earn a painless death by masturbating during the execution.


An Eventful Afternoon

Snuff, torture, FF+, Blackmail, Necro, WS

Mary pulled her car into a neighborhood park to pay a visit to a resident several streets over. Most would consider this unusual, but Mary Bruin's choice of career brought plenty of unusual behaviors; she was a hired assassin, and this was her latest job. However, this job differed from the requests. Along with the two silenced 9mm pistols hidden beneath her skirt like normal, she also carried a small duffle bag with a high quality camera and a mask capable of disguising her voice. Filming during a hit was not particularly her style, but her client agreed to pay ten times more than any previous job to date.
The target was Alexis Ferguson: she was the eighteen-year-old daughter of an FBI agent who single-handedly brought down a sex trafficking operation that her client was in charge of. As payback, Mary’s client not only wanted his precious baby girl murdered, but also forced to perform a sexually explicit act on camera first before being snuffed out. After the job was done, she was to upload the video to Alexis's social media accounts and send her client a copy of the video. Essentially, Mary was hired to make a pornographic snuff video.
Mary arrived at the girl’s home fifteen minutes after getting out of her car. Her clients other contacts managed to obtain a key while researching the family, which was given to Mary. Using that, she unlocked the front door of the house; after stepping in, she locked the door behind herself to keep from arousing suspicion. As the reports said, nobody was home yet: Alexis and her younger brother would be at school for at least another hour, their dad at work until later that night, and their mother was at a family funeral in another state. Mary ran up the stairs and eventually found Alexis’s room where she waited in the corner behind the door.
The hour passed, and Mary heard movement downstairs. She donned the mask and stood up before turning the camera on. The first person to come upstairs was her little brother, whose footsteps rushed past the room Mary was hiding in and into the next bedroom. A few minutes later explosions and gunshots boomed through the house after the kid turned on his game system. Another five minutes and Mary heard footsteps coming up the stairs again, and this time she could tell that they belonged to more than one person.
The door swung open and two girls entered the room. The first one to enter was Alexis, who was a tall slender blonde with wavy hair that fell to her waist. She had on a pink blouse and black short shorts. The other girl had sleek hip-length hair that was dyed deep pink, and wore a black sundress.
“Finally, it’s the weekend!” Alexis shouted and threw her arms around the other girl. The two girls locked their lips together and kissed deeply, which surprised and intrigued the uninvited guest who they were still blissfully unaware of.
“Oh you two really should get a room,” a third girl said from the hallway.
The two broke off their kiss, and the pink-haired girl said, “but we have this room,” as the girl entered the room.
The third was a petite, yet busty, Indian girl with long chestnut brown hair wearing a black jumper over a green shirt, with blue thigh-length stockings, black leather boots, and glasses.
“You know you’d just be doing the same if you had a lover,” Alexis teased.
“Come on, let’s get our homework done and we can fool around until midnight,” the brown-haired girl said.
The pink-haired girl looked at her and seductively said “By fool around you mean a three-”
“I mean we tell jokes and prank call people, you pervert,” she rolled her eyes as she said it. “Besides, you know I’m not a lesbian,” she continued.
“Well, we could always get Richard in here. I know that he likes you, Harmony,” the pink-haired girl replied.
“My little brother? Eww, Rachael, I think Harmony could do better,” Alexis protested.
Harmony scowled. “Hey now, Rich is kinda cute, just…”
“… just twelve,” Alexis interrupted, giggling.
“Well, yeah, so maybe in like seven years. Besides, I want my first time to be with someone older than me,” she replied in agreement.
“Now can someone shut the door before he hears…” Rachael stopped abruptly when she noticed Mary standing behind the door.
“Hello sweethearts,” Mary said as she pushed the door shut, and turned the attention of the other two girls in the process.
“You girls too good to say hello?” Mary remarked indignantly, after they just gazed perplexed at the strange masked woman in Alexis’s room.
“Why are you in here?” Alexis stammered.
Mary didn’t say anything; she merely lifted her skirt and drew one of the guns strapped to her thighs: terror washed over them at the sight.
“Is… is that a real gun?” Rachael’s quivering voice gasped.
“Why don’t you tell me?” Mary pointed the gun at Rachael's head and pulled the trigger.
Alexis and Harmony screamed hysterically as Rachael tumbled and slumped backwards over the bed, with blood pouring over her face from a hole in her forehead.
Alexis threw her arms around Rachael’s torso and cried frantically, “Please no, you’re going to be okay, I promise.”
Harmony sobbed profusely, and let out a distraught whimper when Rachael’s bladder released its' contents onto the floor.
“She’s dead Lexi!” Harmony cried, and placed her hand on Alexis’s shoulder, “Why?” she asked, and glared at Mary.
“Well, technically I’m only here for Alexis, but I have to eliminate witnesses too,” Mary replied.
“Please don’t kill me, or Lexi,” Harmony cried feebly.
“I’m not going to kill you just yet. You two young ladies are going to put on a little show while I record.”
“Huh?” Harmony questioned, “what do you mean?”
Mary tapped the gun hard on Alexis’s back, “I want you to remove your clothes, now.”
“No!” Alexis sniveled defiantly.
“What, you little brat?” Mary growled.
“I said no,” Alexis repeated, and glared through teary eyes at Mary.
Mary aimed the gun at her face; Alexis flinched, but remained defiant.
“I suggest you do as I tell you, little whore,” Mary threatened.
“Why should I? You’re just going to kill me anyways, right?”
“I am, but consider your brother. I’m here to kill you, not him, but I might pay him a little visit before I leave. Would you like that?”
“Leave my brother alone!” Alexis snapped.
Mary laughed, “Don’t worry, he’s safe as long as you two cooperate. Now remove your damn clothes!”
“Fine,” Alexis said weakly.
She pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it aside. Alexis wasn’t wearing a bra, and Mary was delighted by the sight of her breasts; they were small, but almost perfectly-shaped, with small pink nipples at the end. Alexis stalled, suddenly self-conscious about her nude body being recorded and possibly viewed by strangers.
“Keep going,” Mary insisted when she noticed that Alexis had stopped.
“Who is going to see this?” Alexis queried.
“Don’t worry about it, sweety. Just keep undressing before I decide to kill your little brother.”
Alexis kicked her shoes and socks off before standing up. Before she could become nervous again, she pushed her shorts and panties, pink with rabbits, and stepped out of them.
“Very nice,” Mary praised, taking in sight of Alexis’s succulent pink pussy, which was covered in light neatly-shaved fuzz.
“Thank you…” Alexis replied nervously, and sounded more like a first-time lover than a girl who was at death’s door.
“Now,” Mary turned to Harmony, “don’t think you’re getting out of this. It’s your turn to strip. If you refuse, know that I will find out who your family members are as soon as they report this on the news.”
Harmony just sobbed and lifted her dress.
“But, leave the stockings and glasses, because you look hotter like that,” Mary asserted.
Harmony nodded and finished removing her dress then tossed it onto the bed, where it was quickly joined by her shirt. Harmony took a deep breath before removing her bra, letting her tremendous breasts plop out. Mary admired them and the dark puffy nipples on the end, as well as the smooth legs protruding from her pink cotton panties.
The girl looked pleadingly at Mary, before she pushed her panties down, and kicked them off along with her boots. Then she stood there shaking, with her hands cupped over her hairy pussy.
“Now, lift up the dead girl’s dress up and remove her panties,” Mary ordered.
Alexis laid Rachael’s corpse on the floor and the dress up over her midriff, revealing a pair of black nylon panties.
“Raise the dress further, I want to see her boobs. No, better yet, remove the dress entirely.”
“Why are you doing this to us?” Alexis sobbed.
“It’s none of your business, dear,” Mary replied.
“I… I just turned eighteen last month, I still have to graduate from high school, go to college, and so much more. I was going to marry Rachael this Summer. You… you… you just came in here to take all of that from us and you won’t even tell us why this is happening,” Alexis shouted as tears flowed down her cheeks.
“That’s just life. People die everyday without knowing why, and today you three will be among them. I’m not at liberty to tell you why, not that I would anyways.”
“If you were sent to kill me, why not let Rachael and Harmony go? Just kill me!” Alexis suggested weepily.
“Lexi… Please...,” Harmony whimpered softly.
“Sorry, but that option is not on the table. Both of you will die, so just shut up and undress Rachael before I decide to kill your family members as well,” she said flatly.
With melancholy, Alexis quietly lifted Rachael’s torso and removed her dress. Mary marveled at the dead girl’s small delicate breasts, and even Alexis felt the strong urge to wrap her lips around Rachael’s perky nipples and suck on them for hours. Finishing, Alexis just ripped off her girlfriend’s urine-soaked panties and Rachael’s smooth pussy on display for everyone in the room: plus anyone viewing the camera footage later on.
“Good girl. Now, place your lips over her cunt and eat her out,” Mary barked.
Alexis, for once, did not protest or hesitate to follow Mary’s order. Rachael girlfriend was dead, but Alexis still couldn’t resist the urge to make love to her one last time: so she crawled down on all fours and placed her lips over Rachael’s labia and inserted her tongue. She started exploring every bit of her dead girlfriend’s womanhood. It was moist, although mostly from urine, but she has eaten her out when she was on her period before.
“Now, your turn,” Mary smirked at Harmony, “you will eat Lexi’s pussy.”
“Wha…?” Harmony gasped. She waved her arms and stammered, “I cannot… please don’t make me. I…”
“You can, and I will make you. Don’t you love your family?”
“Yes, but I…” she stuttered.
“Then you better do it,” Mary cut in, “because I will find out who they are through the news tonight and kill every single one of them tomorrow evening, along with anyone else who shows grief over your death,” Mary promised.
“You are so cruel,” Harmony sobbed as she went to the floor.
“Uh… Lexi… um,” Harmony cringed up as she tried to wrap her arms around Alexis’s thighs.
“It’s okay Harmy, just pretend you’re kissing a boy or something,” Alexis reassured.
“Oh… okay… I’ll try…”
She managed to wrap her arms around Lexi, and placed her lips against her pussy. Harmony stuck her tongue between Alexis’s labia and, grimacing as she did, probe her friend’s sex. Alexis gasped in pleasure and started moaning.
“Now I have a game for you two. If Lexi has an orgasm before she stops licking Rachael, I will give her a quick death, and I will empty all but one bullet into Harmony’s cunt, then I’ll put the last one in her throat. If Lexi stops eating out her girlfriend, for any reason, then Harmony gets the quick death.”
Mary wasn’t sure if they paid any attention, but she didn’t repeat her advice. While they ate pussy, Mary made sure her gun was fully loaded and walked around filming their sexual acts.
Despite Rachael being dead, Alexis licked her pussy with enthusiasm, while it was clear that Harmony did not share the same enjoyment. She slowly licked Alexis’s pussy with a disgusted expression, although it was enough to stimulate her. Alexis groaned into Rachael’s cunt as Harmony’s tongue brushed around her hole. It took ten minutes, and there was a few times that Mary thought Alexis would come up for air, but she munched on Rachael’s pussy as ecstasy built up in her own body. Finally, Alexis moaned, almost screaming, and her legs clenched together as her orgasm unveiled. Harmony jerked her head back, as streams of pussy juice splashed onto her face.
“That’s that,” Mary said.
She positioned herself behind Harmony as she drew her other gun. Mary aimed it at the back of Alexis’s head, and pulled the trigger. A mist of blood sprayed from her head, and blood saturated her blonde hair as it gushed from the wound and cascaded down the sides of her face. Alexis fell forward, face-first into Rachael’s cunt as an arc of piss squirted from her crotch.
Mary aimed both of her guns at Harmony’s pussy and fired twenty-twenty-eight bullets into her womanhood, before the girl collapsed and rolled onto her side. Mary allowed Harmony to scream for a few seconds, before she fired the last bullet through the side of her throat. Her screams turned into wet mewling as blood filled her mouth.
Mary watched and recorded for thirty more seconds, as Harmony writhed in agony while blood poured profusely from her crotch and face. Her body jerked violently, urine flowed from what remained of her womanhood, and she fell silent.
Mary reloaded the gun and placed a single bullet into the back of Harmony’s head, just for insurance.
Mary turned off the camera and found Alexis’s laptop sitting on her desk. She connected the camera and uploaded the video, titled “An Eventful Afternoon”, to every account she could access, tagging all of her friends. Two hours later, Alexis’s brother would stumble on the horrific scene after several calls from friends and family members.

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